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THE CAMPAIGN FOR FIU Next Horizon—The Campaign for FIU is the University’s groundbreaking fundraising effort. The campaign’s $750 million fundraising goal is ambitious and representative of just how high FIU has set its sights. The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum–FIU plays a critical role in achieving this goal. Through the campaign, we will secure the investment necessary to improve the future of every FIU student, our Miami home, and those we reach across the world through our research, forward-thinking exhibitions, and educational programs at the Frost Art Museum. The Next Horizon of discovery and innovation; health and society; environment and resilience; influence and enterprise; and community, arts, and culture will be achieved by focusing on two pillars—student success and research excellence—and attracting investments in the following campaign objectives:






WE WILL TRANSFORM LIVES THROUGH ART, CONNECTING OUR COMMUNITY WITH CULTURES AND IDEAS FROM AROUND THE WORLD. At the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum–FIU, we want all visitors to celebrate art as a strong, positive force in their lives; we work to achieve this vision every day. Free to the public, the Frost Art Museum is often a visitor’s very first museum experience. Our engaging educational programs introduce students of all ages, families, and community members to the wonder of the visual arts. Fueled by FIU’s $750 million Next Horizon campaign, we will expand our reach and our reputation. We will link our collection to FIU’s academic mission in new ways, engage more people in creative inquiry, and use technology to open our exhibits to visitors across the globe.



Our permanent collection includes more than 6,000 objects.


We welcome more than 35,000 visitors annually.



In 2018, we marked our 10th anniversary in our beautiful 46,000square-foot building, designed by Yann Weymouth and situated in the heart of FIU’s Avenue of the Arts.


Frost Art Museum Next Horizon Goal Mario Eraso, PhD, School of Computing & Information Sciences, peruses the permanent collection to select an art focal point for his talk on integrating STEAM learning in education.

THE PATRICIA & PHILLIP FROST ART MUSEUM The Frost Art Museum is Florida International University’s on-campus cultural and creative hub. A center for learning about the visual arts, the Museum teaches and trains students to study their disciplines in new ways and exposes them to widely divergent perspectives. As a free museum, we give our Miami community access to world-class art that spans cultures and time periods. We broaden horizons through phenomenal arts education programs both on campus and in public schools throughout Miami-Dade and Broward counties. The Frost Art Museum’s exhibition schedule is as diverse as Miami. We showcase artists from around the world and across cultures, disciplines, and genres. In addition to renowned painters, sculptors, potters, and printmakers, the Museum also features emerging and established local artists in select exhibitions throughout the year. Over the past decade, the Museum has grown to become a major cultural destination in Miami, one of the foremost artistic centers in the world. As an art museum, we are Miami’s only Smithsonian affiliate, a partnership that supports sharing collections and educational strategies. We are also one of just two art institutions in Florida chosen for inclusion in Google Arts & Culture. This online portal allows users worldwide to view works from our collection through the power of Google Street View technology. Through the campaign, we seek partners to amplify our impact. Your support will expand the Frost Art Museum’s outreach, making art accessible to students of all ages, families, and the entire community. With your help, we can continue to pursue ambitious, innovative, and creative projects that enrich lives throughout South Florida.

“Next Horizon–The Campaign for FIU strengthens the Frost Art Museum’s financial future and helps us secure our role as a leader in engaged learning and innovation in the arts.” ― JORDANA POMEROY, PHD Director, Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum–FIU


KEEPING ART ACCESSIBLE “As a student, I have been given many opportunities through the Frost Art Museum. The Museum provides students with a safe, inclusive environment to learn about art. The exhibitions showcase artists based in Miami with Hispanic influences and also bring in works from other time periods and regions. “Providing students with artwork created by artists from different backgrounds gives a sense of connection to the world by showing that people share similar cultural, social, religious, and political ideas. Not only this, but as a student worker the Museum has given me priceless experience that most other museums are not willing to give to an undergraduate. This has furthered my education and possibilities for my future career.” — Liliana Figueroa ’19 BS Art History, Collections & Registration Program Assistant


FIU’s Most Impactful Research Programs Preeminent Programs at FIU are multidisciplinary and collaborative endeavors that the University recognizes for their extraordinary success in providing unique learning opportunities, pioneering research, real-world solutions, and best practices. Emerging Preeminent Programs at FIU address critical issues of growing national and global concern. Their distinctive merits, strengths, and successes make them strategically important, with high potential to earn preeminent designation. The Frost Art Museum is part of The Wolfsonian Public Humanities Lab, an Emerging Preeminent Program. This lab positions FIU as a leader within the evolving field of public humanities by leveraging the resources of the University’s three museums, along with the research, teaching, and creative capacities of College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts; the College of Arts, Sciences & Education; and the Public History Program in the Steven J. Green School of International & Public Affairs, where this initiative is based.

Andrea Jean Queeley, PhD, Associate Professor of Anthropology and African and African Diaspora Studies, speaks on the panel at the opening of Relational Undercurrents: Contemporary Art of the Caribbean Archipelago, alongside the exhibition’s curator, Dr. Tatiana Flores.


PRIORITY INITIATIVES EXPANDING EXHIBITIONS Each year, the Frost Art Museum presents special exhibitions in all media and on a variety of topics. As a learning laboratory, we model inclusion and access, working with the local art community while also providing a window to history and global cultures. Such exhibitions allow us to further engage with FIU as a research institution, drawing on the expertise of faculty to present lectures and contribute to exhibition publications. Special exhibitions allow us to remain relevant to a diverse audience, address timely topics, strengthen analytical thinking, and advance research. These are, however, labor intensive and expensive. It takes an average of three years to find sponsors and organize a major exhibition. The campaign provides an opportunity to raise funds for exhibitions, including seed money for the research and development of exhibitions that contribute to FIU’s reputation as a top-tier research institution. We will be able to host international exhibitions as well as organize exhibitions that build cross-cultural understanding and sustain on-campus learning. The ultimate beneficiaries will be the viewing public—the vast majority of whom are first-time museum visitors—who will be able to engage with a world of ideas right here in Miami.

STRENGTHENING THE COLLECTION The Frost Art Museum’s permanent collection is the heart and soul of the Museum. Comprising more than 6,000 objects from pre-Columbian civilizations to the contemporary art world, the collection has grown primarily through donations. The campaign provides a unique opportunity to strategically build our collection and improve its care for future student and faculty use. ACQUISITIONS Our collection is notable for its strong representation of photographs, prints, and paintings, as well as a growing collection of contemporary work by artists from the Caribbean. Your investment will allow us to build these areas and those that align with the research interests of professors and with programs at FIU. CONSERVATION As a museum, we make a commitment to serve as caregivers of the works of art we hold. Your investment will enable us to serve as good stewards of the collection—cleaning and restoring works of art—so that we can continue to exhibit works for the enjoyment of future generations.

ADVANCING ART EDUCATION As the art museum at South Florida’s only public research university, we afford primacy to our role as educators. Each year, we provide free learning opportunities that complement our exhibitions. These programs ensure that the many audiences we serve have an enriching experience every time they explore the collection. Our signature education programming includes the following: LECTURES AND WORKSHOPS – Presentations by artists and art professionals, lectures, and workshops encourage participants to explore new concepts and ideas by expanding on themes in the exhibitions. DRAWING SALONS – Drawing Salons are guided by art professionals and offer visitors of all artistic levels the opportunity to develop skills in an inviting gallery setting. ARTFUL PLAYDATES – Artful Playdates provide Pre-K children and their families with fun activities that promote language development, reading, and collaborative play. FAMILY DAYS – The Museum’s collection and exhibitions come to life on Family Days, fostering a love of learning in children and allowing families to spend quality, creative time together. Through the campaign, we seek investments to support these programs. Your generosity will give us the flexibility to identify more ways to integrate the collection into on-site educational programs and those based in schools. Such a fund will also allow us to develop digital resources. These include web-based 3-D tours of exhibitions for online classes and virtual visitors as well as on-site interactive technology to enhance the enjoyment of the art.

“I had the chance to participate in a workshop at the Frost Art Museum given by Glexis Novoa, a renowned Cuban artist from the 1980s. We learned about his career and how his art has matured and developed. We talked and laughed together and even had a chance to visit his studio. “How privileged were we? We took all that knowledge with us and now can share it with our students. We can show our kids art of contemporary artists from whom we have first-hand knowledge. This is a unique opportunity the Frost Art Museum gives to us as art teachers.”

— ELIZABETH CAMBEYRO MS in Art Education ’09, BFA ’03, Middle School Art Teacher at Dr. Rolando Espinosa K-8 Center

5,381 Children visited the Museum in 2017-18, including 4,642 K-12 children participating in tours and school visits and 739 Pre-K children.


Dean Tomรกs R. Guilarte


ENDOWING POSITIONS At the core of any university museum are professionals whose credentials distinguish the institution among all others. The campaign provides the opportunity to invest in the Frost Art Museum by creating endowments for the Museum Director and Chief Curator positions. Campaign support for an endowed directorship is a strategic gift that will enable the Museum to attract and retain esteemed directors capable of sustaining the Frost Art Museum’s engagement with the University and its vitality in our community. Responsible for guiding the acquisition and interpretation of works of art and curating exhibitions, the endowed Chief Curator position will ensure that the quality of our collections and exhibitions endures.

“Providing an idea of the shapes and colors living within the organization and structure of the brain is a great way to communicate these ideas and connect art to science. And though genetics matter, it appears that art is exceptional for our minds and our longevity.”

— TOMÁS R. GUILARTE Dean Tomás Guilarte of FIU’s Robert Stempel College of Public Health & Social Work presented colorful images of brain cells as he discussed his research on the detrimental effects of environmental pollutants on neurological and mental health at “Beauty and the Brain: Connecting Art to Science,” part of the Frost Art Museum’s Mixtape Mondays lecture series.

JOURNEY WITH FIU TO THE NEXT HORIZON Visual arts make a tangible difference in our community. We know this because we see the impact the Frost Art Museum has on visitors every day. Through our rich collection of art and cultural objects, changing exhibitions, and expansive educational programming, the Museum is an extraordinary place for learning and discovery. We open minds to the arts and cultures of the world right here in Miami, for the enjoyment of all. Now we seek the passion and philanthropy of FIU alumni, family, and friends to take our work to new heights. With your generous support, we will strengthen collections. We will present cutting-edge exhibitions and educational programming to affirm the Museum’s role as an essential partner in the enterprise of higher education. We will build a firm financial foundation so that we can continue to be an incubator for innovative ideas and evolve with our dynamic community.






• E xpanding Exhibitions • S trengthening the Collection • C onserving the Collection • A dvancing Art Education

• E xpanding Academic Exhibitions • E ndowed Director • E ndowed Chief Curator • Emerging Preeminent Programs • T he Wolfsonian Public Humanities Lab AND OTHERS

“Besides its outstanding collection of prints and Latin American art, the Frost Art Museum has brought great exhibitions to our community. I especially enjoyed Xu Bing’s ‘Book from the Sky’; ‘The Art of Video Game’ was truly innovative and nostalgic at the same time; the ‘First Folio’ exhibit mesmerized my entire family; and I have not stopped raving about the ‘Dangerous Women’ exhibit! “I cannot thank the curators at the Museum enough for bringing such inspiring and incredible ideas to Miami. My life in this corner of the world would be totally different without the Frost Art Museum. It has changed the way I perceive art and its relationship to the community.”

— ELISA M. RUANO High School Teacher of AP Art History, AP Spanish Literature and Culture, and Spanish for non-native speakers; and Frost Art Museum member.


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Next Horizon Campaign Florida International University Updated April 16, 2019

Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum–FIU Case Statement  

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