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THE CAMPAIGN FOR FIU Next Horizon—The Campaign for FIU is the University’s groundbreaking fundraising effort. The campaign’s $750 million fundraising goal is ambitious and representative of just how high FIU has set its sights. The Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management plays a critical role in achieving this goal. Through the campaign, we will secure the investment necessary to improve the future of every FIU student, our Miami home, and those we reach across the world through our teaching and research in the Chaplin School. The Next Horizon of discovery and innovation; health and society; environment and resilience; influence and enterprise; and community, arts, and culture will be achieved by focusing on two pillars—student success and research excellence—and attracting investments in the following campaign objectives:






WE WILL SEIZE OPPORTUNITIES CREATED BY SHIFTING PARADIGMS, BECOMING A STRATEGIC AND FUTURE-FORWARD HUB FOR THE INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM INDUSTRY. Airbnb. Ecotourism. 3-D printed food. Food waste and sustainability. Consumer data analytics. Technology, the sharing economy, and limited natural resources are disrupting the hospitality and tourism industry, forcing its reinvention from the ground up. Located in Florida—where tourism is the state’s leading economic driver—and in China as America’s first entrant with the Marriott Tianjin China Program, FIU’s Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management is at the epicenter of these changes. We are building on our strength in producing top hotel and food and beverage managers by sharpening our focus on educating socially responsible professionals, minority hotel owners, and hyper-competent hospitality professionals in leading-edge areas. These include food and beverage science, food recovery, hospitality data analytics, real estate development, and hotel entrepreneurship. We are redefining hospitality management education for the industry of the future. Fueled by FIU’s $750 million Next Horizon campaign, we will become the global resource for talent and solutions for the hospitality and tourism industry, here in Miami and around the world.



The first American hospitality and tourism school in Tianjin, China (2006), the Marriott Tianjin China Program is ranked No. 1 in Hospitality Management in China.


The Chaplin School is No. 1 in the U.S. in awarding hospitality management bachelor’s degrees to Hispanics and African Americans. Celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian, right. FIU students gain incredible exposure to industry at the Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival.

$50M Chaplin School Next Horizon Goal


Gerry Lattin Dean, 1971–1982

Anthony G. Marshall Dean, 1982–1998

Joseph J. West Dean, 1999–2009

Mike Hampton Dean, 2010–2017

Faculty 1982. Front row, from left: Ted White, Rocco Angelo, Steven Moll, Irving Sicherman, Elisa Moncarz, Leonard Berkowitz, Fritz Hagemeyer, and Tony Marshall. Middle, from left: Percival Darby, Dennis Marzella, Richard Hughes, and Mike Hurst. Back row, from left: David Grier, Phillip Parrott, Lendal Kotschevar, and William Morgan.

From left: Rocco M. Angelo and Dean Tony Marshall.

Since its inception in 1972, the Chaplin School has been distinguished as one of the top hospitality programs in the United States, one built by hospitality legends, taught by notable faculty, and elevated by innovative industry partnerships and renowned events. Through the Next Horizon campaign, we will build on our legacy as a leadingedge school and create the future of the hospitality and tourism industry.

Groundbreaking, from left: Wayne Chaplin, Dean Tony Marshall, Harvey Chaplin, and Mel Dick.

From left: faculty member Mike Hurst, Dean Tony Marshall, alumnus Regynald Washington ’74, and Associate Dean Rocco M. Angelo presenting Regynald with an FIU award at the National Restaurant Association Convention in Chicago (late 1980s).

REDEFINING HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT EDUCATION The Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management is recognized as one of the top hospitality programs in the United States. Every year, nearly 2,000 undergraduate and graduate students from across the nation and around the world choose FIU for its outstanding reputation, advantageous location, expert faculty, rich curriculum, and fast-track career opportunities in the international hotel, food and beverage, and tourism industries. Hospitality and tourism today is quickly changing. Industry demands a diverse workforce of strategic decision makers— in every position, department, and location—who understand how their actions shape the consumer experience. Current and future professionals must be able to adapt and thrive in evolving industries and markets. They must be able to secure, analyze, and interpret data. They must be able to apply multidisciplinary approaches and a broad range of competencies to problem-solving, from technical skills to interpersonal communication. We are pivoting to capitalize on these changes, preparing graduates who can deliver the hospitality and tourism experiences of tomorrow. Through the campaign, we seek partners to strengthen the Chaplin School’s focus on competency-based learning, entrepreneurial thinking, and data analytics for the global hospitality and tourism industry. Your philanthropy can accelerate our progress as a force for change in the industry. Your support will advance the entrepreneurial activities and research that increase the economic vitality of this critical industry in Florida and around the world.

“Your support will have a lasting impact on our future leaders of the hospitality industry. We have a great program, and our momentum is strong. At the same time, we have a great responsibility as the leading hospitality management program to continue innovating. We are redefining hospitality education, and we want you to be part of it. Your support, together with our alumni, industry partners, and faculty, will ensure that our graduates are wellpositioned, with the necessary competencies and soft skills to excel.”

― MICHAEL CHENG, PHD, CHE Interim Dean, Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management


Carnival Gold Scholars 2018 (from left): Tyriq Askew, Jorge Gutierrez, Tatiana Molina, Kayla Abad, and Tameria Benjamin. For the fourth consecutive year, the Carnival Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Carnival Corporation & plc, awarded five of the Chaplin School’s most accomplished undergraduate students full scholarships, including room and board.


PRIORITY INITIATIVES INCREASE SCHOLARSHIPS AND STUDENT SUPPORT Everything we do at the Chaplin School is about fueling students’ passions, enabling their dreams, and launching them on to fulfilling futures. Through the Next Horizon campaign, you can help us in these efforts by strengthening funding for scholarships and student support. SCHOLARSHIPS AND ASSISTANTSHIPS: We want to attract the best and brightest students to develop a diverse and highly qualified pipeline of future leaders and innovators in hospitality and tourism. Through the campaign, we will create merit-based scholarships to reward stand-out undergraduates and retention scholarships to support students at the critical sophomore-to-junior year junction. Increasing the number of graduate assistantships will allow current master’s students to help faculty with their research—vital in advancing the school’s reputation. STUDY ABROAD SUPPORT: The hospitality and tourism industry is international by nature, making study abroad critical. Campaign investment will allow us to establish a fund to help students cover the additional expenses of life-enhancing experiences such as Semester at Sea, our Marriott Tianjin China Program, and study abroad focused on ecotourism and sustainability. STUDENT EXPERIENCE FUND: Chaplin School students are talented, eager to challenge themselves by entering national and international competitions. Campaign support will help fund these enriching activities as well as the expenses associated with attending and presenting at industry conferences.

CONCIERGE CLASS EXPERIENCE Committed to student success, the Chaplin School seeks to create a Concierge Class Experience that brings together student support services currently housed on different floors: advising, internship and volunteer placement, and career development. The Concierge Class Experience will have space for student collaboration and socializing, with one-stop access to those services that optimize the student journey―from recruitment through an array of skill-building experiences and on to a successful career. Campaign investment will fund a Concierge Class befitting a school on the cusp of bold changes in hospitality management education. Concierge Class Experience

OPTIMIZE 21ST-CENTURY TEACHING At the Chaplin School, we are breaking the mold in higher education, changing what we teach and how our students learn.

COMPETENCY-BASED CURRICULUM We are creating a revolutionary new model: a curriculum optimized for real-world experience, designed to attract and serve the millennial generation and beyond. Ultimately, we see this as a path to producing graduates and lifelong learners who are ready to lead in the experience economy. The world’s first student-driven consumer experience curriculum, it will be built on competencies, designed around advanced modalities, and personalized through customizable micro- and stackable credentialing, unbundling, and on-demand and portable learning. To advance this initiative, campaign investment will provide the resources necessary for faculty to develop and pilot modules for our novel competency-based curriculum.

PATHWAY TO ENTREPRENEURSHIP: HOTEL OWNERSHIP We are also creating new opportunities in hotel entrepreneurship for our majority-minority student population. By blending modules in our hotel operations program with new hotel ownership modules, we will create opportunities for graduate students to gain the skills and competencies sought by equity funds, ownership groups, and real estate firms. We will give them access to a pathway to hotel ownership. Campaign investment will endow a directorship to lead this innovative program. With your support, we will endow professorships to attract top faculty to teach the program curriculum.

#1 ranks the Chaplin School’s online hospitality management program No. 1 in the U.S.

REINVENTING HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT EDUCATION “I am currently working on redesigning the Restaurant Management course to more closely align what we teach with the competencies for restaurant managers recommended by the National Restaurant Association. This alignment will allow our students to excel and be more productive from the outset of their careers. In conjunction with the alignment, I am also breaking up the single three-credit course into three one-credit offerings. This will allow our millennials to structure their academics around their work, family, and other school obligations. This flexibility should enhance their ability to graduate on time with the knowledge and skills they need for success.” ―Andrew Moreo, PhD, Assistant Professor of Hospitality Management, who is developing a competency-based curriculum and badging system for restaurant management


FOOD WASTE AND RECOVERY Through the mission of the renowned Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival (SOBEWFF®)―EAT. DRINK. EDUCATE.―Chaplin School students have the unique opportunity to volunteer at the Festival and gain hands-on work experience alongside industry experts. All proceeds from the Festival benefit the Chaplin School, and coordinated food rescue efforts benefit the community. Thousands of guests from SOBEWFF® enjoy delicious gourmet creations while raising funds for the Chaplin School and helping feed those in need. Behind the scenes, carefully coordinated food rescue efforts―led by Hospitality Management Professor John Buschman―make certain that anything that is recoverable helps feed the homeless and needy through a partnership with the Miami Rescue Mission. Driven by Buschman and his students, the Festival’s food rescue efforts encompass multiple events and help provide as many as 20,000 meals. “Recovery from some of life’s problems can start with getting a hot meal in your stomach,” says Buschman, who has been recognized by more than a dozen organizations for his leadership in the advancement of sustainable practices in the meetings and events industry. Source: FIU News and interview


ADVANCE A VIBRANT, HEALTHY MIAMI In the United States, an estimated 30 to 40 percent of the food supply is wasted. And as much as 40 percent of food waste occurs in restaurants, hotels, and supermarkets. Many in the hospitality, restaurant, and events industries are intervening as a matter of corporate social and environmental responsibility and humanitarian concern for populations who go hungry. Faculty at the Chaplin School have extensive expertise in reducing post-harvest and post-consumption food waste. Together with students, they have run logistics for nearly 20 events’ food rescue interventions, including at the Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival in Miami. Our students developed the PantherChow app to repurpose food from events and redistribute it to FIU students in need. Through sustained food rescue efforts at the Chaplin School, we are reducing food waste and providing sustenance to homeless and food-insecure populations in South Florida and around the United States. Through the Next Horizon campaign, we will build upon our leadership in this area and leverage expertise at FIU’s College of Arts, Sciences & Education and Robert Stempel College of Public Health & Social Work to address issues in food waste and supply chain. Your investment in a Food Rescue Professorship will enable the Chaplin School to attract and retain leading research faculty in this area. The Food Rescue Professor will research and develop best practices in food rescue, engage in advocacy, and help the hospitality industry adopt corporate social responsibility programs. Food rescue program support will enable us to expand our corporate social responsibility curriculum and hands-on activities, equipping more hospitality students with the skills and mindset to carry these practices forward into the field. Together, we will nourish our communities and create a more sustainable future.

#1 BizBash named the Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival, started by the Chaplin School, as the No. 1 food and restaurant industry event in the U.S.


ACCELERATE RESEARCH AND DISCOVERIES The Chaplin School has deep expertise in food and beverage research and discovery. Your investment through the campaign will further our leadership by helping us capitalize on several new opportunities. It will also enable us to grow our expertise in emerging and high-demand hospitality fields.

GLOBAL FOOD & BEVERAGE INNOVATION PROGRAM OF EXCELLENCE Enhancing our existing excellence in food and beverage, this new program is envisioned as a hub and solution center that will empower FIU to develop its global niche as a producer of disruptive technologies, patents, and cutting-edge research. Led by the Chaplin School, the program will provide a home for all food and beverage activities, research, and initiatives. Housed within the Global Food & Beverage Innovation Program of Excellence, we will create new and expanded laboratory facilities. With campaign investment, we will develop

a brew science program for the burgeoning craft brewery sector;

a coffee and tea teaching lab—a natural for a hospitality school at the gateway to Latin America;

a wine experience lab, to expand wine testing that incorporates 4-D, full sensory; and

• a 3-D food printing lab for products such as pasta, chocolate, and fondant—a collaboration with the Innovation Lab in FIU’s College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts (CARTA).

Students performing a wine sensory evaluation


Harvey R. Chaplin Eminent Scholar’s Chair in Beverage Management, Dr. Barry H. Gump, discussing brewing technology with students in the Brewing Science Laboratory. Many of Dr. Gump’s former students are at the forefront of the growing craft beer industry in South Florida.


ENDOWED FACULTY POSITIONS Chaplin School faculty members combine strong academic credentials with excellent teaching skills and extensive executive-level industry experience. You can invest in faculty through the campaign by helping to establish endowed chairs, professorships, or visiting professorships. Endowed positions will give us a competitive edge, allowing us to attract international talent and develop even greater depth in strategic areas like experience design, global tourism experience, hotel ownership and investment, hotel real estate development, lodging operations, sustainability, food waste and recovery, targeted food and beverage research, event management, global hospitality education, and the changing landscape of hospitality management education.

ESCALATE DISCOVERY TO ENTERPRISE We will build on the Chaplin School’s reputation as a forward-thinking, living laboratory, drawing thought leaders from across the industry and around the world to create the future of the hospitality and tourism industry and engage in industry-academy collaboration.


Collaboration Areas

High-level conversations and cross-pollination between industry and the academy will happen through three distinct efforts: COLLABORATORY – The Collaboratory space at the Chaplin School will be designed to promote serendipitous discoveries and partnerships among students, faculty, industry, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. It will have an open floor concept with dedicated shared workspace for industry. An investment in the Collaboratory will create the physical space and fund a Directorship to curate the interactions and manage the space, fostering academyindustry community, dialogue, and intersections that will drive discovery and accelerate research. HOSPITALITY X – Hospitality X is an intimate, invitation-only gathering of hospitality professionals to discuss the future of the hospitality and tourism industry. We envisage roundtables bringing together thought leaders, influencers, and pioneers from the hospitality industry and academia. Hospitality X will define roadmaps for research and teaching across a terrain shaped by disruption from various forces such as augmented reality, experience design, and cryptocurrencies. They will conceive new products and services that industry does not yet know it needs. Campaign investment will fund these exchanges and faculty release time to pursue new ideas generated by these discussions. EXECUTIVE IN RESIDENCE – With campaign support, a rotating roster of corporate executives in the hospitality and tourism industry will take residence at the Chaplin School. Both students and faculty will benefit from their expertise; while on site, these leaders will deliver talks, lead conferences, consult on industry-infused curriculum development, and mentor students.

Among many opportunities students have to learn from industry leaders, CEO of Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits Wayne Chaplin (center, left) visits the class of wine expert and instructor Chip Cassidy (right) every semester to discuss the three-tier alcohol distribution system in the U.S. and other aspects of the beverage industry.


StartUP FIU Food


VENTURE FUND FOR HOSPITALITY ENTREPRENEURS Next Horizon investments will transfer discovery to enterprise by establishing a Venture Fund for Hospitality Entrepreneurs. This fund will provide micro-grants and seed funding for hospitality and tourism students with promising ideas being developed through either StartUP FIU or StartUP FIU Food, FIU’s two incubators and business accelerators. This support will provide the resources our students need to turn their ideas into new commercial ventures.

$500K As the first and only university to serve as a Citi Foundation Community Progress Maker partner, the Chaplin School received a $500,000 grant to help local food entrepreneurs transform their businesses through a partnership with StartUP FIU Food.

“Community Progress Makers combine fresh ideas and approaches with a first-hand understanding of their communities’ challenges and resources. Florida International University embodies that.” ― BRANDEE MCHALE President, Citi Foundation

JOURNEY WITH FIU TO THE NEXT HORIZON There is no school in the world like the Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management. Simply put, innovation is in our DNA. We are radically changing the way hospitality management students are taught and blazing new paths to shared prosperity by developing a hotel ownership program at one of the nation’s largest public majorityminority institutions of higher education. We are addressing the global need for food security through industry-community engagement in food rescue and a commitment to grow our expertise and impact in this area. Yet we press on still to discover new frontiers. Now we seek the passion and philanthropy of FIU alumni, family, and friends to realize our vision. With your generous support, we will sharpen our focus on curricular reinvention, research and development, entrepreneurship, and thought leadership. The Chaplin School’s foresight and agility will enhance our visibility within the industry, improve worldwide rankings, and prepare a stream of graduates who will become the most desired leaders and innovators in the hospitality and tourism industry the world over.






• F irst-Generation Undergraduate Scholarships •M  erit-Based Undergraduate Scholarships • E mergency Assistance Scholarships • T ransfer and Retention Scholarships • U ndergraduate and Graduate Research and Fellowship Awards

• Internships and Career Readiness Programs • Study Abroad Support • Student Enrichment Fund  ROMOTE STUDENT SUCCESS THROUGH P THE CHAPLIN SCHOOL

• Concierge Class Experience OPTIMIZE 21ST-CENTURY TEACHING

• C ompetency-Based Curriculum • D irectorship for Pathway to Entrepreneurship: Hotel Ownership Program


• F ood Rescue Professorship • F ood Rescue Program Support

• Food & Beverage Innovation • G lobal Food & Beverage Innovation Program of Excellence

• Brew Science Program • Coffee Teaching Lab • Wine Experience Lab • 3-D Food Printing Lab • Endowed Chairs and Professorships FOSTER INTERDISCIPLINARY COLLABORATION

• Environmental Impact Studies Assimilation • Cybersecurity and Technology Innovation • Sustainability/Supply Chain ESCALATE DISCOVERY TO ENTERPRISE

• Collaboratory Space • Collaboratory Directorship • Hospitality X Events • Hospitality X Faculty Innovation Support • Executive in Residence • Venture Fund for Hospitality Entrepreneurs


FIU FOUNDATION, INC. MMC 11200 SW 8th Street, MARC 5th Floor Miami, FL 33199 305-348-6298 Publication Print Date: March 2019

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Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management Case Statement  

Next Horizon Campaign Florida International University Updated April 16, 2019

Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management Case Statement  

Next Horizon Campaign Florida International University Updated April 16, 2019