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Riley Finds Her


The Intersection of

Art & History

A Legacy of


engaging people

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is committed to

in the arts and civic life to build enriched, vibrant communities.

A Note From Leadership Six years after the first guests were welcomed through the gates at Bethel Woods, we continue to celebrate personal and artistic expression and to educate new generations about the transformational decade of the 1960s. We expose audiences of all ages to exciting cultural opportunities that engage them in the arts and civic life. We delight in seeing the impact of our work in ways large and small. You will see a glimpse of that influence throughout the pages of this magazine. As the curtain opens on our seventh season, we have reached over 1.14 million people through 239 performances and events. In many ways, Bethel Woods has renewed a rural outpost in the foothills of the Catskills with hundreds of jobs and millions in tourism dollars. It has given new purpose to supporters from around the globe who share an abiding passion for the matchless intersection of art and history that resides at Bethel Woods — a unique legacy that must be preserved for generations to come.

Alan Gerry

Darlene Fedun


Chief Executive Officer

“Bethel Woods is an American treasure. We are proud to be a part of this dynamic celebration of music, art, culture, and history.” — William Kaplan and Family


Bethel Woods Center for the Arts 200 Hurd Road Bethel, New York 866.781.2922 Board of Trustees Alan Gerry, Chairman Darlene Fedun Kathy Frommer John Galanti Jeffrey Gerson Ronald Greenberg Paul Guenther D.W. Porto Stuart Salenger Keith Suehnholz Darlene Fedun Chief Executive Officer Eric P. Frances CFO and General Manager Founded in 2006 by the Gerry Foundation to bring the arts, history and economic vibrancy to the region, Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is an award-winning, not-for-profit cultural and civic center, located on 800 acres surrounding the site of the 1969 Woodstock festival. Bethel Woods is published by Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. One Cablevision Center Liberty, New York 12754 845.295.2500 Audrey Garro Editor Barbara Gref Contributing Editor FisherMears Associates Creative Direction Michael Bloom Photographer Talya Shlang Production Assistant Š 2012 Bethel Woods Center for the Arts



ast spring

...a busload of sixth-graders from the Preston School in northeast Pennsylvania traveled to Bethel Woods to attend a special performance of The Magic Flute.

The show was so powerful many of the students later reported that the music, the acting, and the story behind Mozart’s fabled opera of enlightenment transformed them. Riley Barton, whom you met on the front of our report, was one of those students. The performance emboldened her. What she did next was to pour her heart and soul into a tryout for the school musical. She landed the big role. Riley is like many 13-year-olds, she does a lot. She plays oboe, sings in the chorus and loves playing basketball. She also starred in her middle school play — thanks to the inspiration she found at Bethel Woods. The impact of Bethel Woods can be felt in many ways. What came to life for Riley Barton was something within her, that small voice that said, “I can do this.” When she says she found a greater love of the arts at Bethel Woods and a new appreciation for what it really takes to be successful, it might sound like Riley is talking just about herself. But in the long run, she’s talking about us all.

“Having been to the performance, now I see things differently and I try to achieve at everything I do...” — Riley Barton November 2011



RAMWELL TOVEY’S Bethel Woods moment came in 2006.

The New York Philharmonic had asked him to arrange and orchestrate the Jimi Hendrix classic “Purple Haze.”

“We then played it as an encore at our very first concert at Bethel Woods. To think that this song, made famous on this legendary site, was now being played by the

full forces of the New York Philharmonic was certainly a special feeling.” To New York Philharmonic conductor, Bramwell Tovey, the “Purple Haze” performance was legendary and somewhat epic. Whether it is the London Symphony highlighted by the consummate performer Sting or the Classical Series featuring world-renowned ensembles, Bethel Woods continues to expand cultural offerings by presenting live music both outdoors and in our intimate Event Gallery. As a cultural center, events like these will always be a mainstay of what we present.


“Bethel Woods has become a North American entertainment icon.” — Bramwell Tovey New York Philharmonic April 2012


Elton John...


Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Ringo Starr, Brad Paisley, Phish, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Chicago, Tim McGraw, Dave Matthews Band, Tony Bennett, and more. What comes to life on the stages of Bethel Woods is that underscore of history and the electric sense that what once happened here is still happening. It is a marriage of art, nature, music, and the indelible importance of the course of human events.

Michelle Branch did not mince words when she addressed her audience of thousands at Bethel Woods in the summer of 2011. A suggestion? Maybe. Or perhaps she meant it as homework for the masses. “Wouldn’t it be nice,” she implored, “if we all went home tonight and thought about what peace and equality is all about?” It was the assignment Carlos Santana had been doing for the past 40 years when he returned to Bethel Woods in 2010 for the first time since 1969. Welcome, he told the sold-out crowd, to “ground zero for peace and love.” • 600 performers appeared in 38 shows on the Pavilion and Event Gallery Stages in 2011 alone. • 186,000 guests attended pavilion and event gallery performances in 2011


Jeff Allison has volunteered at




AT BETHEL WOODS since 2008 and helped to develop The Museum’s Docent Program. Nine volunteers researched The Museum’s galleries and its artifacts and then put that material into a tour and guide that promotes civic dialogue and engagement while adding even more meaning to each visitor’s experience.

Bob Knox returned to the place he remembers as a 16-year-old mired in the mud and traffic of Woodstock. The importance of preservation inspired him to loan his rare “Wallkill” Woodstock poster to The Museum. To Bob, Bethel Woods preserves part of his personal history, and it also commemorates an extraordinary time in human history.


The Museum preserves an enduring piece of human history “I hope that visitors have fun, learn a lot, and most importantly, are inspired to be creative and to become involved in their own communities.”

— the 1969 Woodstock festival —

— Jeff Allison, April 2012

of people each year.

and serves as the cornerstone of a venue, attracting tens of thousands

It’s an immersive, multi-media experience including changing exhibits that explore the Sixties through art, artifacts, installations, special events, engaging films, concerts, speaker events, school programs and family activities, where generations come together and draw meaning from a past that is relevant to our lives today. In 2011, special exhibitions like Spaced Out! — produced by Experience Music Project of Seattle — illustrated America’s fascination with space in the Cold War years as seen through the filter of album cover art. STRANGE KOZMIC EXPERIENCE — a traveling exhibition of The Grammy Museum at L.A. LIVE — featured a collection of personal items and private thoughts, by Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, B.B. King, and The Doors… all of which served to humanize these legends.

Complementing the physical collections, the Woodstock Alumni Registry has collected over one thousand first-hand accounts of Woodstock festival attendees. to share your story, visit: 10

Innovative learning at the center of new pilot programs — more opportunities to engage youth directly with arts and civic engagement • Teen Art Beat combines

arts and journalism with

hands-on arts advocacy

projects. • Youth Opera Experience,

in partnership with the

Delaware Valley Opera will

include set design,

music, dance, and song.

A series of youth arts

workshops offer theater

exploration activities for

for elementary through

high school students.

• E2=E2 (Exposure and

Experience = Expression

and Engagement) is a

secondary school

arts-based learning

initiative. The TD

Charitable Foundation will

underwrite the first pilot.



ICKY CASEY makes student trips to Bethel Woods a tradition.

The Eldred High School history teacher knows that it is crucial that her students are exposed to both current cultural experiences and to the historic aspects that Bethel Woods brings to life in so many ways. The site and museum provide students with an eye-opening understanding about why the ‘60s and the festival were so important to our culture and society.

“Every visit to Bethel Woods is a new opportunity for my students to stretch and grow.” — Vicky Casey, April 2012

Bethel Woods connects people of all ages to events and activities year-round through: • Ticket Access Program • Interactive field trips • Community and Education Initiatives • World Stage Series performances including two with NYC’s JazzReach


the harvest festival

Celebrates the bounty, talent, and beauty of the region.

Community and a mission to support sustainability are at heart of this early Autumn tradition which hosts nearly 100 farm and craft vendors each weekend. Over the last 14 years the Festival has presented a venue for area farmers, artisans and performers. An abundant farmers market, craft village, special events, live performances, a children’s area with community and education programs including arts and crafts, as well as corn and hay mazes, and pony rides make the Harvest Festival an opportunity to gather and form relationships in ways that are absent from traditional retail experiences.

“Art helps to build relationships, educate the public, and expand our thinking.” — Rachel Bertoni, jeweler, Harvest Festival Rachel Bertoni makes gold and silver jewelry using a lost wax technique. Her art is something that connects her to people wherever she and they find themselves.

From the Alpaca Festival, Earth Day in Autumn and Live Well, Be Well, Rustic Craft Show to a Wine Festival and Annual Holiday Market, Bethel Woods connects growers and artisans with the community and provides an opportunity for shoppers to buy local and support a regional economy.


“Bethel Woods represents everything good about community and our country. It is a world-class cultural center that embraces its unique history. It is now our turn to ensure the ongoing success of this unique treasure.“ — Kathy Frommer Trustee, Bethel Woods Center for the Arts


SeeBelieve what com

“This is where we

peace is possible in a lifetime.”— Carlos Santana, Bethel, NY July 2010 In 1969, something began here that, today, we still seek to understand. One thing is clear, what happened at Woodstock in some way defines what should be and what can be. As the conservators of a special history and as stewards of a future that embraces that unique legacy, we feel a responsibility to a moment in time that is now a hallmark of possibility. Keeping that alive is what we do at Bethel Woods. It’s what you help us do.

“Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is preserving a transformative era in American history. There is no better place to lead a national dialogue on the arts and its impact on learning and creativity.” — Paul Guenther Trustee, Bethel Woods Center for the Arts


mes to life.




Aside from playing lead guitar on the main

stage, there’s not a lot that Alan Kesten hasn’t — or wouldn’t do — for Bethel Woods. The way he sees it, this is a team effort. A longtime community volunteer and Sullivan County born and bred, you could say it is in his genes, but it’s also in his actions. Look beyond ticket sales, look beyond museum admissions. Look to the history, the education and to the unique venue that Bethel Woods provides. “That,” says Kesten, “is where we all come in.” Individual philanthropy — personal giving — is what he’s talking about. Since almost day one, Kesten has been a Bethel Woods member. He has been a box holder. He has been a self-appointed ambassador, but that is not all. Kesten has also stepped up as a donor to financially support special exhibitions at The Museum at Bethel Woods. In one way, Kesten is a phenomenon of giving and involvement. In another, it’s just his nature.

In attendance at almost every pavilion concert for the past six years, Alan Kesten is among a cast of thousands who help make Bethel Woods what it is today.


On any given day at Bethel Woods, there’s a good chance you’ll be greeted by Alan’s mom, Charlotte Kesten, who at 81 spends many of her summer days and evenings as a volunteer. For both mother and son, it’s an extension of the philosophy that when you give, you get something back.

“We’re all in this together.” — Alan Kesten, March 2012


Our Donors

send a strong message about supporting the arts and how Bethel Woods helps to build an engaged, more vibrant and sustainable community.

“In addition to TD Bank’s sponsorship of this world-class and historic venue that brings appealing and diverse performances to the community, we are pleased that the TD Charitable Foundation is able to help fund the important work of Bethel Woods and its positive social and economic influence on the region.” — John Rath, Senior Vice President, TD Bank 19



Gerry Foundation Granite Associates Richard O. Ullman Family Foundation SNR DENTON US LLP

Sponsorship support increased by 35% with eight new sponsors joining the Bethel Woods family in 2011.

PROGRAM SUPPORT Mr. and Mrs. Nick Davatzes FisherMears Associates Larry and Shain Fishman Jeffrey and Giselle Gerson The Grillo Family Dr. and Mrs. William H. Harris Cindy and Blaine Schwadel and family Regina H. Stem Zubatkin Owner Representation




















Alan Kesten – Yellow Cab Catskill Regional Medical Center Dancing Cat Saloon & Catskill Distilling Company Jeff Bank Lazy Pond Bed & Breakfast Liberty Environmental Management SUNY Sullivan Thompson Sanitation Van Gorders’ Furniture

Forty-nine businesses representing lodging, dining, shopping, and other regional services supported Bethel Woods and enjoyed increased visibility through the Business Partners Program.


Our Members, through their generous support, help inspire life-long engagement in the arts. FOUNDER Richard O. Ullman Family Foundation SNR Denton US LLP PRODUCER Robert and Wendy Andreala Don and Kathy Beeler Biondo Investment Advisors The Center for Discovery The Collins Family The Corr Family Crystal Run Healthcare Jerry and Gail D’Agostino Dumain’s Haven Farm Dupee & Monroe, P. C., Attorneys at Law The Fedun Family John Galanti and Virginia Smith Garigliano Law Offices, LLP Annelise Gerry and Family Robyn Gerry and Family The Guenther Family Jacobowitz and Gubits, LLP The Kaplan Family David and Shirley Kaufman/ Steven B. and Paula Kaufman Rachelle and Lewis Klugman Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Leonard Lonstein Law Offices, P.C. John Luedke Family M & M Auto Group/ H & D Braunstein Majestic Drug Co., Inc. Manhattan Beer Distributors The Martello Family MARTCO Marcelle Matthews, Esq. Mediacom Communications Corporation Murray’s Free Roaming Chicken Newburgh Windustrial Company/ Dean and Terry Lucas Orange County Trust Company Partners In Safety, Inc. Ross Electric RVBC Shortlines Coatings Corp. Stuart Salenger Joan and Daniel Silna and Family SNR Denton US LLP The Suehnholz Family Sullivan County Crane Service/ Yellow Cab Sullivan Fire Protection/ Gold Family Ed Sykes, Inc. Craig and Sue Van Cott/ Unadilla Laminated Products Deidre and Brad Wiener Woodstone Companies DIRECTOR Camp Chipinaw Ric and Karen Coombe Jeffrey and Giselle Gerson The Korn Family Ann and Mitch Lowenthal Mr. and Mrs. Emil C. Motl DW and Christine Porto/ Alta East, Inc. Robert Green Chevy Olds, Inc. 21 Rondout Electric

Cindy and Blaine Schwadel and Family PATRON David Brittenham and Carolyn Summers Contractors Line and Grade South, LLC Robert Delio Kenneth and Margret Fritze Brad Burnett and Robin Geiger Bill Goodman and Joanne Sherman Steven M. Herfield, Metropolitan Companies Inc. Andrew Jacobson and Rochelle R. Taylor Susan and Steven Marton Moore Insurance Agency Gary and Mary May Schmidt Arthur Sinensky and Debra Oremland Mike and Gail Tambasco Andrew R. and Julie Wilshinsky DIAMOND Anonymous Carl and Patricia Allison A. Alport & Sons, Inc. Armistead Mechanical Inc. Associated Mutual Insurance Cooperative Stuart Berg Madeline and Mel Bienstock Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bowes Jeff and Pamela Boyd Lance and Susan Briggs The Captain’s Table of Monroe NY, Inc. Richard Cass Coombe, Bender & Company, LLC Richard and Phyllis Coombe Philip and Sue-Anne Dropkin Michael and Diane Egan Ken and Chris Emery Fallsburg Lumber Co. Joan Farrow and Family Eric Frances Linda C. Hartley and Robert Bruce Cobb Charles and Cynthia Johnston JSM Advisory Just-In-Time Contractors Susan and Lewis Kaufman Nick and Diane LaHowchic Dr. Robert Lerch and Family Laurie Letvak and Barry Shoot Erin and Allan Lipsky Mr. and Mrs. Alan Madnick Stephen and Cynthia Margulies S. and N. McDonald Misner Benefits, LLC Monticello Motor Club Andrew Palmer Geoffrey Persten and Jill Leonhardt Physicals Unlimited Christine and John Rada Ora and Charles Ramat Valerie and Chuck Rennert The Rhulen and Loughlin Family Mikki Ryan

Joe, Kara, Emma, and Claudia Silverstein Anthony Sinacore and Shirley Sinacore Glenn L. Smith, P. E. Dr. Neil and Ruth Smith R.J. and Liz Smith Sullivan County Democrat Susan and Lee Tirella Valuation Consultants, Inc. Carolyn and Harold Wachtel Jonathan and Beth Weiss Dr. Maureen and Mr. Robert Whipple Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Wayne and Mary Zanetti PLATINUM Anonymous A.O.K. Construction LLC, Pres. Greg Karpinsky Dr. Allan and Carole Abramson Jill and Sam Alecci Josh and Jaed Altman Peter and Danielle Andruszkiewicz Argenio Brothers, Inc. Pamela Armstrong and Gene Scheiman BashaKill Vineyards Bedik Communications Sheila and Sheldon Bellovin Berentsen’s Campground Dan and Linda Berkowicz Steve and Kathy Beseth Thomas J. and Mary Blaney Susan and Anselmo Bondulich Brey’s Egg Farm/Daniel and Nancy Brey Frank and Susan Brown Lloyd Brucher and Valerie Fersch Carmel Winwater Ida and Charles Cardona Connie and Charles Carlsen Clear-Rite Pools & Spas Inc. Brian M. Cogan and Robin E. Keller Barbara L. Collins and Margaret McCourt Philip and Carolyn Coombe County Petroleum Products, Inc. and The Blank Family Michael and Kathy Davidoff Eileen and Lee Delvecchio Janette and Ernest Dicker Jonathan and Paula Drapkin and Family Holly and David Eikszta Erts Plumbing & Heating Randi and Lowell Feldman Rolling Stone Ranch Bethel, NY Diane N. Ferri Steve and Pat Fetner Dolly Fineman Mr. and Mrs. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Larry Flansburg Caryn and Bill Freilich Ron and Ronnie Galletly Sandi Hecht-Garcia and Michael Garcia Gasko & Meyer, Inc. Carol and John Geron Marilyn and Irwin Gitlin

Gina Givone and Mike Herrero Andrew and Judy Gold The Raymond and Dr. Brian Gold Family GTN TECH Tom and Gail Guarino Dr. William Haas Hambletonian Auto Spa C. Bruce Hamburg and Stephanie B. Hamburg Charles and Sara Herbstman Congressman Maurice D. Hinchey Dr. M. Howard-Golladay International Contractors Corp. Christiaan Irlbacher and Mia Irlbacher Irwin Siegel Agency Jeffrey Janker Helen and Peter Johnston E. Danielle Jose-Decker, Ricciani & Jose, LLP Jane and Alan Kalleberg Cindy and Eric Kashan Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Kelson Sharon L. Kewley and Stanley Tessel Hope D. Kotlarich Leslie and Irwin Kumer Lechner’s Propane Inc. Burton Ledina Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Luck The Magazanick Family Malek Properties Sam and Carol Malovrh Frank and Sharon Marrs Michael and Corinne McGuire Michael and Shari Mednick C. Miele (V) Steve and Beverly Mills Richard and Roxanne Mirch Cathleen Neidnig The O’Dell Family OMNI Medical Care, Glen S. Kay, MD, FACEP Orange County Golf Carts, Inc. Gerald, Virginia and Kirk Orseck Packer Associates Andrew and Sherri Pavloff Marie and Michael Pillmeier Bill and Adelle Reynolds Mr. Sean Rieber Herm and Lynne Rosh Paul and Marianne Rouis Dr. Monte Sachs and Ms. Stacy Cohen Drs. Harry and Sandra Sacks Mark and Laura Saltamach Paul and Greta Salzberg Ed Sammis Michele Sapanaro Ms. Dorothy Satenberg and Rev. William Scafidi Scancarello & Sons, Inc. Addie and Milt Schiffman Jamee and Michael Schleifer Karen and Steven Schlussel Karen and Allan Scott Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sharoff Gary and Judy Siegel Lou and Mary Siegel/ Smells So Good, Inc. Rosemary and Jerry Skoda

Daniel Skooglund and Ms. Hogan Dennis and Nancy Solow Glenn and Patti Sonnenschein Mr. and Mrs. Moses Stein Steingart Printing Stoloff & Silver, L.L.P. Ronald Stronzcer and Eileen Liska-Stronczer Doug Stroup and Steve Porter Maleyne Syracuse and Michael Trenner Toshiba Business Solutions - NY Gary and Mona Tugender/ County Fountain Supplies United Rentals Laura Van de Laar Matthew Van Houten and Jerry Johnson Vandermark Consulting, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Walski Raymond and Nancy Walter The Walzak Family Howard and Elsie Wasserman Brendan and Kathleen Weiden Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Wiles WILLCARE James Willow and Karen Johnson Dr. Jedd Wolchok and Karen Popkin Woodbourne Lawn and Garden, Inc. The Law Offices of M.L. Zager Paul and Connie Zanini GOLD Anonymous Ernie Acampora and Family Aro Kha’jong Gerard Aitken (V) Gary and Donna Amsterdam Susan Apgar Donalette and David Appel Howard and Judi Aronson and Family Michael and Colleen Barber David and Miriam Baskin Bastin Advisory, Inc. Helaine and Rick Beckerman Gerard and Bonnie Bell-Curran Eddie and Karen Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Warren Bergstrom Barbara Bivins and Victoria D’Orazio Dennis Bivins Eugene H. Blabey Geri and Paul Bloch Eric Robbins and Barbara Bloom Marlann, Paul, Steven and Michael Blutman Brian Boland Ida and Gary Borer Paul Brooks Leonard Brown and Linda Brown Mr. and Mrs. Cirino M. Bruno Dr. Kris Bungay and James O’Sullivan Sharon, Dennis, Adam and Jason Burke Tom and Rose Burns Paul Carlucci Anthony Cicio

Jill Seelig grew up on Long Island, lives in Manhattan, and is a Hearst Company vice president as the publisher of O, The Oprah Magazine. It’s no shock that the mountains and lakes of the Catskills are her escape. Bethel Woods became the icing on the cake. With her love of rock concerts, and all that the Sixties meant on a small and large scale, Bethel Woods is the place that brings her home.

“It takes me back to my roots, and there’s pride in that.” — Jill Seelig, April 2012 Steven and Lisa Clark Claudia Jacobs Designs Eva and Brad Cobert Ira Cohen and Family Karen and George Cooke Richard De Rose Richard and Bonnie Decker Susan Degidio Ramon Delgado and Family Joe and Nancy Dickinson Ryan Doherty Dave and Maggie Dolack Donnelly Family Loretta Duarte and Rod Conrow Deborah and Richard Dudek Jeanne Dutcher and Dave Jersey Elizabeth and Bill Ebert Melvin and Mary Eck Vivian and Jerrold Ehrlich Susan and Ron Elinoff Dr. Charles Episalla Lee and Diane Erdman Expedition Log Homes Jeff Farnell Feinman Family Hope Feller and David Newman Honorable Josephine V. Finn Ari and Linda Fleischer Steven and Harriet Fleissig Don and Pat Follette Filis Forman in memory of her father Fred Barbara and Marvin Frank T. Galloway Maureen Garrels Dawn and Russell Garris Richard Gebel Scott D. Gibson, LCSW Arleen Glass Global Horse Transport Global Natural Foods Marian and Michael Goldin Donna Oglio Goldoff and Robert Goldoff Dr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Goldstein Ramon and Susan Gonzalez Arthur and Lynn Goodman Jack and Susan Goodreds (Susan-V) Richard and Jane Gordon Arlene and Harvey Goss Naomi Griffin Brian Grim Dr. Barbara Hackett-Blakey Norma and Paul Handsman Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hecht Andrew and Alice Herzog Howard and Pamela Hirsch Deborah and John Hoerst

Hopewell Auto Parts Margaret Hotchkin Sal and Helene Indelicato Anthony and Rosemarie Jaccarino Kenneth L. Jackson Bill and Joan Jaeger Dr. Paul G. and Jessica Jones Jeffrey and Rita Kaplow Sharon Kazansky Green and Family Joe and Linda Kenny John W. Kiefer Darin Kinney,Nicole Kinney and Family Robert D. Kippel Jennifer Koch Susan E. Kohler Carl and Lilith Kornell David and Barbara Korngut Bernard and Susan Kozykowski Kristt Company Bryan and Theresa Kulak Landscape by Design Jerry and Grace Lanuti Sidney and Roberta Laufer Dr. Joseph and Mrs. Liz Lauterstein John and Naomi Lawrence Eric and Germaine Lenza Anatoly Leytin Linde Corporation, B. Linde Leo and Elaine Lipkowitz Adam and Denise Lipson Dr. Ira Lipton and Sharie Graham William K. Litzenberger Jeffrey Allison and James Lomax (V) Dr.and Mrs. Donald Magidson Claudia and Eric Martin Wade and Lee Ann Martin H. Robert and Caran Mattis Patrick and Carolyn Mattson Martin McCarthy Tim and Stephanie McVey Dona and Neal Meddaugh David Meenen Howard M. Mensch Michael Merkur Michel Farms - Bill and Fred Michel Betsy and Sam Militello Monticello Casino & Raceway Ava and Barry Mopper Zane and Janet Morganstein Doris Motl Lois and Raymond Myruski Marcy and Michael Needle Rob and Mary Nicoletti

Anna M. Niemann, CPA Dr. Jamie Noeth Mrs. Aggie Obrien Sean Obrien Jayne and Jim O’Malley Robert W. Parsons Family Dr. and Mrs. Manuel C. Perry, Jr. Frederick Petrone Greg and Meg Pieper The Pirone Family Stephen and Donna Plotkin Charles and Annette Preda Wendy Prince Angelo Provenzano Marvin and Denise Rappaport John and Deb Rath John and Lynne Rathgeber Tara, Paul and Floppy Reifenheiser Michael Rettagliata Bobbie Rich and Gail Harris Henry Richmond James and Cynthia Roche Cherly Roeper Doug and Carol Rohrback Carl and Nancy Rosenstock Jack and Joyce Rubenstein Tom Saltarelli Howard Schnee Leonard and Laurie Schwartz Mark Segelman Mr. and Mrs. David M. Semmel Ron and Janine Shanley Dorothy Shapiro Gene and Martine Shelly Isaac and Judith Sherman Dr. Richard and Mrs. Judith Silverman Ellen Singer and Don Simkin Bill and Ginny Sipos Lynn Skolnick Joan and Tom Smith Ed Sobeich Karen and Nick Speranza Richard and Jill Spitz Jeanne and Steven Stellman Liliam and Peter Stettner Steve Dodd Plumbing and Heating Inc. Jim and Joan Stevenson Stone Hearth Manor Sunshine Studios Christina Suraci and Family Robert and Joanne Tabick Sue and Cy Tansey, Jr. David F. Thomson Karen Tooma and Patrick Westfall Col. And Mrs. Bill Vecsey (Ret.)

(V) Denotes Volunteers


In 2011, our 1,400 Members contributed $1,284,250. John D. Veleber The Vineyards Wine Shop Henry and Gail Vriesema Keith Eisenstark and Mary Beth Walsh (Mary Beth-V) Paul and Patricia Walsh Janet L. Warren and George Wagner D. Warmbrand Roger W. and Robin A. Weeks Timothy and Pamela Welch Jonathan Whetstone Winston Day Camp/ The Landman Family Wolons/Salvucci Zan and Tim SILVER Anonymous Patricia Abbott (V) Robert L. Agnew Dr. and Mrs. Carlo Annese Mona and Dan Baker Edward and Catherine Behrens Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Belafsky Marc and Susan Bellack Giovannina Bellino Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Berg Debbie Biccum Colleen and Gary Blake Dr. and Mrs. Robert Blank Mr. Fred Bleakley and Ms. Jane Berentson Ivy Booksin and Jamie Kaufman Ron Borchert and Family Martin Borell Dr. Arthur and Arlene Boshnack Steve and Amber Bradley Jeffrey Brand and Michael Labbe Dara Breitkopf Karen and Marc Bushell Sharon Byrne and Family Roger N. Calhoun Paul Calogerakis John and Stacey Calta Judy Carton and Barbara Macfie John and Karen Celidonio Craig Cerone Amanda and David Chapman Suzanne Clare and David Slemmer Carol and Bernard Cohen Stephen Connolly Tony and Donna Corrado Diane and Doug Cruikshank Richard and Angela Dalton Robert and Nancy Davidson Glenn and Carolyn Davis Brenda and Donald Derfner Bernard H. Deutsch Elizabeth M. Di Maio Mary and Nicholas Dispenzieri Norman Dorf The Double E Alpaca Farm Mr. and Mrs. John J. Driscoll III in Memory of John Driscoll, Jr. Linda Drollinger David B. Dunn The Eagle Institute Darren Englert Anne and George Fatzynytz Armin A. Finger James and Sue Fitton Doreen Fitzpatrick and Fred Schwab Mary and Bill Flynn Kevin Foley Kathy Foreman Bernice and Joe Fowler Randy Frankel Louis Fraulo George A. and Carroll Freestone Paul and Candy Gatta 23 The Gershberg and Labelson Families

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Stan and Linda Pestka Sue Petak Bruce and Monica Pollock Henry and Janice Ponti Marc Posnock Edwina Pratt Sharon and Julian Price Rosemarie Privitera Laurie Ramie Evelyn and Dennis Raymond (V) Ann Reed-Valand and Ted Valand Val and Pam Reinhardt Patty Restivo Kevin Riley River Valley Family Medical Services P.C. Myron and Regina Rock Mr. and Mrs. Charles Romer Deanna and Arthur Rosenshein (Deanna-V) Cynthia Rosmilso Barbara Rowan Stan and Joan Rubin Rick and Evelyn Ruppert Georgia Russo Rob Salzberg Patrice Samuels Rocco Sangervasio Pasquale and Lucie Santoro Nancy and Peter Saretsky Karen and Alan Scharfstein Margaret and Michael Schiffer Denise and Richard Schlau Dana and James Schmidt Carol and Steve Schulman Joe and Nicole Schultz Jr. Susan and Jack Scully Charles and Patricia Segar Debby and Tom Siccardi Jack and Rhonda Siegel Len Silverstein and Judy Regan Michael B. Simon Elena Skolnick, Ph.D Leon and Ginger Smith Fred Sorrentino David Spedden John and Carolyn Steen William Stout Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Strober Richard and Gertrude Sturdevant Samantha Sweeton Helen and Paul Tennenbaum Alan and Rosemary Thomas Curt and Diane Thompson Patricia Trask Huggins Lorraine M. Truncellito Mr. Lawrence Tuczynski Ken and April Voorhis Laurie and Gerald Wagner Stanley and Myrna Want Arlene Magid Weber and Harvey Weber, MD Karen Weissman and Alex Lee Pam Wilson Barney Woythaler Brian Wunderlich SUBSCRIBER Anonymous Mary Ackerman Jim Agneta Arily Airedales Jerry Albertie Ms. Janet Alfieri (V) Allan Algazi Faye and Gary Altman Dr. Walter Alvarez and Morey Herman Anthony Ambrogio Barbara Ammons Dr. Harold Appel and Ms. Angela Fremont-Appel Jacqueline Appel Donna Arnett

Captain Arnum Evelyn August John Austin April Averill Michael Avis James M. Ayers C.D. Azzarella Joel Babas Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Babit David Back Warren Baker Dwight Balaun Gene Ballou Drew and Maria Bartosch Maria Basile Ralph and Cindy Bassignani Larry and Mary Battersby Judy and Bernie Beck Bill and Debi Becker Brian and Claudia Behonick Chris Belden Morris Benjamin J. Benoit Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Benson Matthew Berger Mary Bermudez M. Berrigan Bethel Country Builders, LLC Frank Beyer Jason Bierwas Carolyn Bivins Marvin E. Black Blue Hills Farm (Jane Luchsinger-V) The Boivin Family Catherine M. Bookey Siri Borg William and Joan Borkowsky John Bottaro Darlene Bover Joni and Artie Branndenburg Arlene Bregman and Ronald Burakoff Sally Bregman Tim Brooks Patrick Brophy Ann and John Brosnan Joseph l. Brought Donna Reid Brown Shelly J. Brundage John Bruno and Family John Buckley Barbara Burge Imran and Aubrey Burki Mrs. Shelly Karic Burko Robert Burns Larry Butts C & M Barragato Norman and Louise Campbell Al Canonico Daniel Caputo Allie Carson Catskill Mountain House Bed & Breakfast Eduardo M. Cazorla Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cellini Certified Dental Lab Fay Cerullo Michael Chaness Donna Chapman and Martin Hunley Lisa Chesney Brian Clark John P. Cloke Roger Coffin Andrea and Gil Cohen Paul and Victoria Comeau Barbara-Anne Conner Kenneth H. Conners William and Tiffany Connolly Brandt Conrad Jimmy Conway Alan and Marianne Cooper Rose Coppola and Eileen Goldberg

Catherine M. Corbin Marshall Cowen (V) Mitch Crasson Matthew Crichley Sonny Croughn Judith Cucinotta Dawn J. Curreri Kenneth Cuttita Eileen Daly Laura Damone David M. Danahy Michael Davoli Dan DeBarr Melody DeBlock Kelly DeCamp Andrew Decker Irene Decker The DeCosmo Family Kate DeGroat Mr. Richard Delia and Mr. Ron Greco Mr. and Mrs. Michael De Luca Florence Demain Karen Depolito Gary V. DeSantis David Deutsch and Donna McLaughlin Sandra Dickson Ruth Dickstein The DiGovanni Family Bob DiSanza Tony Disarro Dispoz A Blade Jacqueline DiStefano Cheryl Diverio Michael A. Dodson Steven and Debbie Domber Frank Donohue John C. Doran John B. Dougherty Sean Duerr Ray Duffie Patricia E. Dunn Zack and Dina Eidman Tracey K. Elberth Michele Elliott and Family Matt and Deborah Ellis Dennis and Nancy Elsas John Paul Endress Steven and Nan Eschenberg Family Katherine Esposito Herman and Dot Esselman Family Smile Center Hazel and Mike Farrell Roseann Farrow John Feingold Deborah C. Feld Ellen and David Feller Jeffrey Ferretti and Shari Ferretti Ashley Finamore Christina Finnigan Rob Fisher Steven J. Fishman, M.D. Theresa Fitzgerald (V) Regina A. Fitzpatrick, Esq. Thomas Fleischman Bruce Flesland and Catherine Poluzzi Barry Foxman Alfred Frances Bill Francese Samuel and Philomena Freed Ann Friedman Dr. Marvin and Mrs. Barbara Frogel Robin Fuller Dave and Kim Fulton Michael Furman John and Darlene Gaal Fran Gager Gailie Family Katherine Gallagher Dale Gallucci Mark Gambacorta

Anita Garbar Mark Gebert Paulette Geoghegan Arlene and Ron Gerstman Calico Gicewicz Robert S. Giglio Donna Goddard Jessica Golden Marc Golden Ted and Joanne Goldman Marianne and Arthur Goldman Adam Goncalves Todd Gormley Leslie and Glenn Green Lorraine and Burt Greenberg (V) Ellen Greenebaum Sharon Gries Justin Griffiths Martha Grill Arthur Grodner David A. Gross Eric Gross Mat Guido Laurie Guzda Frann and Berry Hafkin Claudia and Rob Hahn Haiman Family Leigh Haley Brad Haller Susan Hamlin Dr. Ulrich Hammerling Allison Heaney Matt Heit Elisabeth Hellwege Dorothy Henry Michael Henry Lindsay Hereth Judy Hildebrand Michael A. Hildebrandt Gary Holmes Honor’s Haven Resort and Spa John Hope-Ross Josh Horvitz Ben Howard Kurt and Irene Huhner Linda and Terry Hulse Seth Hunsicker Charles Hunter Richard Hyland Paul and Linda Ignelzi Philip Indik Micki Jablonski William Jackson Ed and Deborah Jacobsen Edward and Ellen Jacopino Herb Janow Anne Jarema Cynthia M. Jones Kathy Jones Robin Jurechko Matthew Kahn Shayn Kail Franklin Kaiman Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kaiser Doug Kane Susan Kantor Leonard and Elaine Karpel Lynne and Harvey Katz Alan Kaufman James Kaufman John and Deanna Keats Melissa & C. Jay Keller Beth Kellogg Beverly Kelly J. Robert and Delcye Kelz Thomas and Kathy Kennedy Amy D. Kenny Thomas P. Kern David Kerstein Ryan Kimberley Mary Kimelman Sandra and Russell King Carol Klein Robin Klein Paul Kleinman John Kocijanski Kocyla Family

Nicholas Kontzamanis Dr. Robert and Mrs. Heidi Korngut Minnette Kramer Robert and Lannette Krikorian Lois D. Kroff Emma and Robert Kruger Barry and DeeBee Kula Civia and Richard Kuntz Sally and Gary Kurtzman Sharon Kurz Mike Kutik Russell Labar Susan Lacey Bruce Lafky Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lamb Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lanzillotti Joseph and Janice LaRocca Risa Lax John and Cindy Layton Peter and Deborah Layug Lazy Pond Bed and Breakfast Richard Lee Mitchell Leff Shelia Lesensky Vance Levin Marilyn Levin-Cuff and Walter Cuff George Levy Suzanne M. Levy Alan Lewis Barbara Lewis Drs. Carol and Martin Lewkowicz Earl and Sharon Jean Lilley Paul Lindgren/Michele Lindgren (Michele-V) Logstock of Woodstock Barbara A. Long Robert Ludlum Paul Lumpkin Colleen M. Joe Magnan Tommy and Janine Maher Constance Manalio Patricia Mangan Sharon Mania Phyllis Marando Roseann and George Marchant Midge Maroni Frank and Kathy Marshall, Jr. Mike Martocci Mascara Family James Masi Dr. Mark Mason Scott Matison Raymond and Aileen Matthews Dr. Larry and Nancy Mauer David Mazorra Colleen McAvoy Tess McBeath Cynthia McCallion-Mas Robin McClernon (V) Arlene and Steve McCrudden Ann Linden and Mark McDougle Dan McKnight Martin Mclaughlin Patrick A. McManus Jeffrey McRae Eileen McShane Allan Mears John M. Megyesi Deborah I. Meyer Susan Miccio Denise Michelini Mickey Karen and Mike Minogue Michele Mitchell Robert and Lorraine Mochnacz Greg Mondello Keith Monteleone Charles Moran Steve and Eileen Morey (Eileen- V) Morgan Outdoors Bob Morris Rodney Morris and Sharon Cron

Suzanne Morris Gary Mosberg Patricia Mpazicos Carolynn Mulligan Erin Murphy Napier Family Bill and Linda Napolitano Joseph Nazitto Blair Nelson Marvin Newberg Ellen and Irving Newman Goldie and Erwin Newman Carla Ngo Ray and Joan Nicolette Bruce Nober Noel Vincente Salon R. O’Brien Terry O’Brien Patrick O’Connor Christine Odonoghue Bill O’Keeffe Lona Olejniczak Randall ONeill Richard Ool Amy Orange and Steve Liebertz Orange County Ironworks, LLC Wendy and Herb Orlansky Bruce A. Ortwine Cynthia L. Osborne Laura Palleschi James Parillo Charles and Jeanne Parrella Jeff Pechenik Virginia C. Pecknold Tristan Pelham-Webb Tommy Perdue Norm and Nancy Peters Gerard and Audrey Jessica Phillips Photos by Cheryl Laura Pietropaolo Clark and Peggy Pitcairn John Plexidas Ms. Renee Pollack (V) Ponyexpress Antiques, Liz Gears Raymond P. Porada Susan R. Powell Richard Prescott Scott Probeck Frank and Annette Prykowski Steven Puleo Laura Quigley Makenzie Quinn Helen Rados and James Goldfarb Stephen Radovanovich David Rajwan Jamie Rankin Kevin Reggero Bernadette Reichle Patrick M. Reilly Debora Reimer Joan Reisman-Brill John and Heidi Resk Andrew Resler, DPM Patrick Reynolds Joe Riccardi Ryan Rich Loretta Richner David Riley James Riley Karen Rippe Joseph Rizzo Kathleen A. Robbins-Pomeroy Julius Robinson Timothy Rocha and David Rocha-Wohlstadter Susan Rockwell Patricia Roggero (V) Ronald Rollings Ben Roscoe Myra and Joyce Rosen Fran and Sonny Rosen Rita and Joel Rosenshein The Rotondo Family Therese Rowcroft Greg and Tina Rowe Jack and Joan Rubin

Alex E. Ruda Rupert Family Lois Ruppert Jackie Rutledge Chris Ryan Lisa Ryman Donald Rysdyke Adriana Sacchi Jim and Liz Sallusto Mr. and Mrs. Robert Saltzman Linda Sandler Perry Sarkisian Helene Schaffhauser Garrett Schanck Robbie and Stan Schecter Dr. Barry Scheinfeld Adrienne Schick Brian Schiebel Vickie and Armond Schiff Schoelig Family Oliver Schrage James Schultz Mark Schuman Barbara Schwalb and Marion Windt Andy and Shelly Schwartz Colin Schweizer G. Scott Jeff Scott Rebecca Scott Brian Seger Michael Seiden Laura Seidl Thomas and Lynn Selkirk Scott Seltzer Ellen Seminario James Shaw Ira Shechter Jim and Joyce Shelley (James-V) Susan Rose and Leslie Shenkel Pamela Shimer Lance and Leonora Siegel Ed Silverstone Mr. and Mrs. Hal Simon Ronnie Siriani Barbara Smith William R. Smith Neal and Ann Smoller Emma Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Solimena Michael J. Soltis Daniel Sopchak Madeline Sorrentino Robert J. Spencer Spiro & Spiro Inc. Shelly and Sheila Spivak Ronald P. Stabile, Jr. C. Stack Craig Stauber Anastasia P. Stekas Regina H. Stem (V) Alice Stephens The Sternkopf Family (Marianne-V) Gretchen Stinavage Rich Stoler Mr. and Mrs. Howard Strachman Ray Straub Sterling Sanitary Supply Corp. Sandy and Diane Strauss Missi Strub Stacey Stump Gregory M. Sullivan Phil Sullivan Swiader Family Benjamin Switzer Sanjay Thakkar Lisa A. Thayer Dona Thornton Joseph Tierney III Tobey Family Richard and Beryl Tobin Erin Tompkins Anthony Tramuta Carol Travis (V) Diane Tregerman Patricia Tripken

Theresa Tsounis Howard Turoff Richard Tuske Karen Ufret Erik and Jane Unhjem Mr. and Mrs. Bill Urbin Mark Van Etten Scott Van Gorder Donna Vandermark and Kevin Reggero Steven Vasalka Curtis Velie Robert Velton Robert F. Veteri The Vinolas Family Ronnie Vorhies Dave Vozza Jennifer L. Wagner Nancy and Peter Warth Charles C. Watson Mr. and Mrs. Ron Weathers William Webbe, Jr. Rusty and Ginny Welchman Daniel and Kathleen Welton Family Amy Wen Gary and Mimi Werner (Gary-V) Laurie West Kenneth Whalen Salleyann Whalen Leonard Wheat Tom Willi Jane Wise The Wojcik’s Maryann Wood Kathryn Young Tom Zak Ellen Zawacki Alan and Tana Zeigler Rudolff Zigray MEMBERS OF THE MUSEUM AT BETHEL WOODS Gary and Donna Amsterdam Barbara Appleby Maggie and George Baxter John Boccardi and Mary Foster Paul O. Boger Thomas J. Bonita III Joni and Artie Branndenburg Robert Burns Paul and Victoria Comeau Jimmy Conway Judy P. Cotter David DeMarco Vivian and Jerrold Ehrlich Mr. and Mrs. Fisher Denise Frangipane and Dr. William Pammer Stephen and Barbara Froehlich Robyn Gerry and Family Dr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Goldstein Irene Gordon Lorraine and Burt Greenberg (V) Shirley and George Hornbeck The Kobrick Family Laurie Letvak and Barry Shoot Leo and Elaine Lipkowitz Charles Maloney Sharon Mania Adrian Martinez S. and N. McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Al Pace Frank and Annette Prykowski Mr. and Mrs. Satine Jamee and Michael Schleifer Sheri and Richard Smith Howard and Elsie Wasserman

(V) Denotes Volunteers


The Legacy of Richard O. Ullman Richard Ullman started out as a pharmacist in northern New Jersey. He became a success through his pioneering work as an entrepreneur and was chairman











benefit support

organizations like Bethel Woods, and he was especially enthusiastic about sharing visits with friends, family and business associates. The Bethel Woods family was deeply saddened by the passing of Mr. Ullman in the fall of 2011. His loss was felt by staff and leadership at Bethel Woods who had the pleasure of his charming company and optimistic outlook. With the support of his family we are delighted to acknowledge his generosity by creating the Richard O. Ullman Memorial Fund. This Fund will carry on his legacy while continuing to support cultural offerings at Bethel Woods. Contributions to the Fund will also be matched by the Gerry Foundation Challenge Fund for Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, doubling the resources available for affordable access to the highest-quality arts experiences. To make a contribution to the Richard O. Ullman Memorial Fund, please contact the Development Office, at 845.295.2556.

“Dad enjoyed Bethel Woods and admired Alan Gerry. We hope that the creation of this special fund will encourage other donors to follow his example by contributing to Bethel Woods both in his honor and as a show of their shared belief in the Center.” — Richard A. Ullman


Richard O. Ullman, rear left, enjoying family time with his children and grandchildren.

Through Bethel Woods’ first fundraising appeal, “The Campaign to Build a Vibrant Community,” 100 donors added their philanthropic support to help extend the generosity of the Gerry Foundation and our many members and box holders. Together, they contributed nearly $18,000 to support Bethel Woods’ Education and Community initiatives.



Edie Downs, one of 200 volunteers,

is a former pre-school teacher and a canoeing enthusiast who has also volunteered on-air for local public radio. Bethel Woods volunteers served 14,270 hours at Pavilion concerts, The Museum, Event Gallery, and special events including films, the World Stage Series, and Harvest Festivals. Behind the scenes, volunteers also perform a variety of administrative duties. More than half volunteer year-round, and more than a third are employed full-time. Their service hours equate to an estimated financial contribution of $304,807.

Fifteen Bethel Woods interns gained valuable experience in the areas of accounting, production, museum management, fundraising, sponsorship, marketing, and operations.

“Working with Bethel Woods has allowed me to see more clearly what I want to do with my future.� — Mikayla Mendels, Intern 28

2011 As the

financial results illustrate below,

our ability to provide world-class entertainment, cultural, education, and community programming is dependent on support beyond the proceeds from ticket sales. More than 41% of our operating budget is derived from individual, corporate and foundation support, of which $4.9 million was generously provided by the Gerry Family. Bethel Woods and its newly established Board of Trustees will continually seek to broaden the base of support, ensuring the vitality of mission-driven programming.

Bethel Woods 2011 financial overview 2011 Operating revenue*

2011 Operating EXPENSES*

$17.3 million

$17.3 million


Individual, Corporate & Foundation Support 41%









*Unaudited and excludes contributed services, contributed rent, and other non-operating activities such as interest expense.




performers, visitors,



vendors, audience

employees, volunteers, members,

it is a matter of giving and then appreciating results that can change a weekend or a lifetime. Bill Bertholf, one of 65 full-time Bethel woods employees

Estimated Economic Impact • $20.84 million from operations in 2010 •

467 on-site jobs in 2010, including 402 part-time jobs and 65 full-time jobs paying 46% more than the median for Sullivan County, where the poverty rate is higher than the rates for NYS and the Catskill Region

• $8.3 million in direct and indirect FTE wages and salaries in 2010 • $807,024 in operational tax revenues, special assessments, and voluntary PILOT payments to NYS in 2010


One cablevision center liberty, ny 12754

Celebrate the

Creative Spirit

that began here in 1969:


Bethel Woods 2012 Report to the Community  

2012 Annual Report to the Community

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