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NEW BREED OF LOUNGING Sweat away your layover at Helsinki Airport with a sauna. Finnair’s Premium Lounge in the non-Schengen area is the perfect spot to relax before a flight.


“A great sauna leaves you glowing for hours,” says Carita Harju, author of a new sauna guidebook.



Skating up a storm STEAMY ENCOUNTER

Sauna guru

IT WOULD BE a crime – or at least a crying shame – to visit Finland without a relaxing steam in a traditional sauna. The proper way to perform the steamy ­ritual is explained in a new book in Finnish, ­English, and German, Sauna: The Finnish Way of Life (Kirjakaari 2016). Blue Wings shares mind and body cleansing tips from the book’s author, Carita Harju, executive director of Sauna from Finland. Q: What destinations would you recommend for sauna-lovers? A: Our organisation grants certificates of authenticity to high-quality saunas. Top

spots include the Sauna Tour in Kuusamo, Varjola Guesthouse in Central Finland and Metsäkyly Forest Retreat in Rovaniemi. I personally love any wood-burning sauna. Q: What defines a real Finnish sauna? A: Löyly, the water thrown on the stove. It creates moisture and heat. After a good steam, you feel clean, beautiful and reborn on the inside. Q: What should you never do in a sauna? A: Every sauna has its own house rules, but if you go to a public sauna, always ask your fellow bathers before throwing löyly.


Cactus vs. coconut

HEALTH BLOGGERS have finally discovered what keeps cowboys looking fit – and not only when stranded in the desert. Cactus water is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, but with a lower calorie count than “last season” coconut water.


At least 65,000 spectators from around the world will descend on ­Helsinki’s Hartwall Arena for the World Figure Skating Championships this March. The organisers promise a holistic experience never seen before at a sports event. “The venue will be more reminiscent of a theatre than an ice hockey arena,” says spokeswoman and former competitive figure skater Mila Kajas-Virtanen. “The opening show on ice on March 29 will feature a top ballet choreographer, two world-class ballet dancers, and other stars from the entertainment scene,” she says. “The World Figure Skating Championships gather fans from all around the world to Helsinki. We are happy to be a part of this wonderful event,” says Johanna Jäkälä, vice president for brand, marketing and loyalty at Finnair, a national partner for the event. World Figure Skating Championships March 29  –  April 2

Blue Wings Kindness issue February 2017  
Blue Wings Kindness issue February 2017