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December 2016



Fake It Until You Make It Divergence Jazz Orchestra’s new CD

2017 Artists-in-Residence Streeton Trio

2017 Kruger Scholar Frances Madden






Join us for the special event of the year... the decade... when legendary pianist Martha Argerich makes her long-awaited Australian debut performing Beethoven’s spirited Piano Concerto No.1.

Tan Dun is at the helm for a night of spectacular and colourful music held on the final night of the Chinese New Year.

19 –20 May

HÉLÈNE GRIMAUD PLAYS BRAHMS French pianist Hélène Grimaud is renowned for her independent spirit and bold interpretations. She joins the SSO for Brahms’s monumental D minor piano concerto,

“Hélène Grimaud is ‘a reinventor of phrasings, a taker of chances’”

Illustration: Gabby Malpas

29 June–1 July



25–30 October

JANINE JANSEN RETURNS Sibelius & Mahler Dutch violinist Janine Jansen returns to Sydney to play Sibelius’s great Violin Concerto in a program with Mahler’s sublime First Symphony.

The New Yorker


Ashkenazy’s Shostakovich Tribute


10 –13 November

DRAMATIC SHOSTAKOVICH Shostakovich’s bravely epic Fifth Symphony – tagged ‘A Soviet Artist’s Reply to Just Criticism’ – restored him to (precarious) favour. Ray Chen performs the First Violin Concerto, full of nocturnal musings and stirring virtuosity.

15–18 November


Robertson conducts Tchaikovsky 5 Brahms’s Violin Concerto is an undisputed masterpiece and the perfect vehicle for Maxim Vengerov’s long-awaited return to the SSO. Then, Chief Conductor David Robertson conducts Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No.5.

One of Shostakovich’s greatest creations, his Cello Concerto No.1, and the powerful Eighth Symphony show how great artistry emerges from tragic experience.

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All concerts at the Sydney Opera House Tickets also available at: 9250 7777 Mon–Sat 9am–8.30pm Sun 10am–6pm

from the chair


The holiday season is upon us!


And, something new coming your way this Christmas. One of our presenters and the Chair of the Under 30s Committee, Michael Field, has prepared a Christmas variation of the station’s on-air theme or ‘sting’ he composed a couple of years ago.  This musical Christmas card will make its way into your email inbox within the next few weeks, so do make sure we have your email address if you would like to receive it. We invite you to share this with your friends and family. You will be able to forward it or post it on your Facebook page. 

Sydney Youth Orchestra. New ventures in 2017

4 My Most Memorable Christmas

We invited 5 internationally known musicians

to narrate their most memorable Christmas.

7 Fake It Until You Make It

Divergence Jazz Orchestra’s new CD

9 2017 Kruger Scholar - Frances Madden

On our web page you’ll find a You Tube clip introducing Fine Music. Our thanks to the volunteers and supporters who gave of their time to share their feelings towards Fine Music and particularly to Dimitri Tsahuridis, a Creative Principal of Red Zeppelin, who devised, directed, filmed and edited the project. We would be delighted if you would share this widely to make more people aware of what Fine Music offers.

10 2017 Artists-in-Residence - Streeton Trio 11 What’s On – Sydney and surrounds 12 New Australian Music for HSC - Jason Noble

We would like to welcome our 2017 Artists-in-Residence, Streeton Trio, and congratulate our 2017 Kruger Scholar, Frances Madden. Those Fine Music patrons who were able to join us for our Celebration of Fine Music in the Mosman Art Gallery were privileged to hear the Australian classical piano trio, violinist Emma Jardine, pianist Benjamin Kopp and cellist Umberto Clerici perform. Singer, songwriter, pianist, Frances Madden performed a fun duo with 2016 Kruger Scholar Rebecca Gill and then sang.

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Listening highlights on 102.5FM include the complete Nutcracker Ballet on 10 December, Bach’s Christmas Oratorio on 24 December and Christmas with Jakub Ryba on 11 December, all at 3pm. We’ll also be featuring Two Othellos, one by Rossini, the other by Verdi. We’ll end the year with the 2016 New Year Concert from Vienna at 10pm on 31 December. Wishing you an enjoyable Festive Season, filled with music, love

1974 - 2014 and laughter.

Janine Burrus Chair of Fine Music

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This Christmas, give the Gift of Music. Visit to order gift subscriptions for your family and friends. December 2016

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Sydney Youth Orchestra

Before joining SYO, Alfonzetti was External Relations Manager at the Sydney Conservatorium and prior to that she held a most illustrious position as Head of Classical 2

December 2016

fineMusic 102.5

Music at the Sydney Opera House. These experiences gave her a unique insight into music making, and interests, in Sydney, to the Conservatorium as a venue and to the need for youth music education. All these she brought to the SYO offices along with one more crucial thing; gumption. The SYO Summer School, a weeklong ensembletraining program for primary school children, was launched within months of her becoming CEO. As Alfonzetti explains, ‘I hadn’t been at SYO for very long so it was one of those crazy things where we just said ‘let’s just do it!’ In a lot of places you talk and talk about something for a really long time, but I knew there was a gap and even though SYO is a small organisation we’re really busy and we have really good processes and connections so we were able to pull it off very quickly.’

The Sydney Youth Orchestras (SYO) is like Hogwarts for young classical musicians. An acceptance letter arrives in the mail (following an audition, of course) and you wait out the summer to enter a world where you are among peers, no longer the only cellist in your school, or town even, but part of a section, a symphony. Your skill, the “magic” that made you stand out, is now respected and honed, shaped to a craft that brings joy and fun through its work. A woman who knows this first hand is Yarmila Alfonzetti, SYO’s new CEO. Growing up in Katoomba, she imagines she was the only kid in her primary school that liked classical music. When she transferred to Sydney, she found herself in a classroom where everyone was talking about Mozart. All these years later (and amidst a very distinguished career) she still describes it as ‘just the best’. Alfonzetti spoke with Fine Music to discuss SYO’s new ventures in 2017. But new as they may be, they are still led by SYO’s guiding principle of being a home for classical music and its musicians.

a cohort of kindred spirits…

That ‘gap’ was a lack of an orchestral summer course for students, surprising for a city blessed both by music and a long summer. Down in Victoria, Melbourne Youth Orchestras (previously Melbourne Youth Music) has run a Summer School for over

40 years. MYO’s CEO, Dorian Jones, was thus in a good place to give Alfonzetti some starter’s advice. Alfonzetti recalls their long conversation and the decisions she made in what to keep from MYO’s model and what to change. One thing she was inspired by was the fact that students come from far further than metropolitan Melbourne to attend the school. Alfonzetti aims to incorporate this into her future plans for the Summer School, a tribute to the success of the SYO State program this year. At the beginning of 2016, SYO announced a three-year commitment to Central West NSW. With Dubbo chosen as the Regional Hub, SYO pledged to visit the region annually, performing concerts and offering workshops. Alfonzetti was inspired. She tells Fine Music how, ‘we took two orchestras this year and we did orchestral workshops and played along side by side with 80 local kids sitting in with our Philharmonic Orchestra. It was so fantastic because those are the kids who come from local schools and they’re the only kid playing cello at their school. That child doesn’t know what it’s like to be in a cohort of kindred spirits, and that’s when it’s so fantastic because then the child comes to us and says “Wow! I just played Tchaik 5

and it’s so great.”’ It is therefore Alfonzetti’s ambition to facilitate more regional students attending the Summer School. The SYO has, for so long, been integral to NSW music making – many alumni have gone on to become notable musicians – but the weekly rehearsals are inaccessible for regional students. Local students, too, are often unable to attend, be it due to school or religious commitments. As Alfonzetti explains, ‘the Summer School is our way to open up SYO to a lot more people. What I like to say is that we are elite but not elitist. So we look for the best, we expect the best, but there’s something in our program for everyone. Which is great because we ALL love classical music!’ Laughing as she says that, Alfonzetti knows that it’s more a hope than reality but in good businesslike fashion, she has a solid answer for why everyone should love classical music. ‘I think there’s something about classical music today for young people which I only just discovered (since I’ve been at SYO) and it sounds a bit facile but it’s the value of productivity. What happens when kids come to us is that they are busy and they are working hard to achieve something, and the satisfaction is addictive. It’s actually very different from rote learning for your exam at the end of the year because there’s a creative element and every switched on parent knows that a combination of a creative pursuit and a physical pursuit is an absolute gold mine and this is the sort of combination that classical music provides. I think what happens when young people do this orchestral training program, that we have, is they understand the satisfaction that comes from hard work. And often in our society we shy away from this. I say to the students all the time, this is a lifetime pursuit and it’s a pursuit of passion. You have to put in the time and effort and you have to try really hard but the rewards are there.’ Like all of SYO, the Summer School promises to be that perfect mix of hard work and fun. ‘It’s fascinating how kids rise to the challenge,’ Alfonzetti says. ‘They’re placed in an ensemble that’s matched to their ability. One day I can imagine it being not one week but two and we’ll have different programming streams in there.’ Knowing Alfonzetti, it happening is a certainty. If the Summer School sets the students a challenge, SYO has also set themselves one of their own. In 2017 the organisation will launch its 12th orchestra, the Western Sydney Youth Orchestra. Based in Parramatta, it hopes to draw high-school students from Greater Western Sydney (GWS) to form

faces. The world is marvellous, new and exciting, and most importantly one where they belong. SYO provides that marvel for classical musicians. Be they young children at the Summer School, high-school students in Parramatta or young adults touring Europe with the Flagship orchestra, SYO promises to nurture them as musicians. ‘For so many students,’ Alfonzetti concludes, ‘their favourite day of the week is when they come to SYO. At SYO you can express how much you love this ‘thing’ that to teenagers is not always so cool.’ It’s the chance for students to step out of their own world and into the world of Mozart and Mahler. What magic!

- Nicky Gluch

EVENT CEO Yarmila Alfonzetti. Image – AMP Capital the first, full youth orchestra in the region. Alfonzetti is under no illusions as to the challenges that lie ahead. ‘It’s going to be difficult. When you expand into a new area, it takes a lot of time, it takes a lot of work, and that’s what we found. We’ve spent the best part of a year going into GWS talking to people, meeting with music teachers, going in to schools and really laying the groundwork and what we’ve realised is that there’s a lot of good youth music making happening in Sydney. There are a lot of great teachers, there are a lot of great schools… but where there’s a gap is in orchestral training.’ Orchestral training is the cornerstone of SYO (would a wizard go to Hogwarts if not to learn spells) and in order to be successful requires the right leader. To conduct Western Sydney, SYO have therefore selected James Pensini. Having grown up in the area, Pensini may always have been considered for the job but this should not detract from the skill set he brings. As Alfonzetti explains, ‘he has a way of getting the best out of kids. It’s that funny line where they’re a little bit scared of him but they love him. James has that amazing ability, he puts kids on the spot, you have to play this in tune, and they’re so scared but for some reason they want to live up to his standards so they do it. I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an absence from his (other) orchestra. I think he’s a great choice for Western Sydney as he’s passionate about teaching and he’s also got a very good capacity for pastoral care. In a new venture, you can’t go in guns blazing. We have to have some understanding, some empathy.’ Pensini is sure to provide that. Students at Hogwarts (as the movies have shown) arrive with wide eyes and expectant

Term 4 Family Concerts Saturday 10 December 2016 Verbrugghen Hall, Sydney Conservatorium of Music The Family Concert series provides a friendly performance opportunity for members of all ages. With performances from ten SYO ensembles from across the SYO program, the Term 4 Family Concerts allow students to experience performing in a professionally staged concert environment. Musicians have the opportunity to celebrate the progress they have made in 2016 and to demonstrate their achievements to parents, friends, relatives, tutors and teachers. We encourage all performers to stay and support their peers at our final Family Concerts of 2016. 10:30am Concert Symphonic Wind Orchestra John Hopkins Orchestra Chamber Strings Camerata Vibrata Peter Seymour Orchestra 2:30pm Concert SYO Philharmonic Speer Orchestra Sinfonietta Cameratissimo TangoOz BOOKING DETAILS: Concert 1; 10:30am – 12:00pm Concert 2; 2:30 – 4:00pm Ticket Prices Adult – $15 | Concession/Child – $10 December 2016

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MY MOST MEMORABLE CHRISTMAS We invited 5 internationally known musicians to narrate their most memorable Christmas. These are their individual stories...

Warwick Fyfe, bass-baritone, is currently performing Albrecht for the OA’s Ring Cycle production in Melbourne. Christmas 2015 Ruth (my wife) and I spent in New York. The unseasonably warm weather was bordering on surreal and had people down to their shirtsleeves. My singing teacher is a Jewish New Yorker and his wife said that on Christmas Day, Jews in New York have a Chinese meal and go to the movies. So Ruth and I decided that we’d be honorary Jews for a day. Alas, the Chinese restaurant was booked out but we were able to eat there on Christmas Eve instead. We DID go to a movie - 45 Years with Charlotte Rampling. The cinema was packed and we were probably the

Warwick Fyfe

Emma Matthews is one of our leading coloratura and lyric sopranos. She’ll be spending Christmas in Sydney with family. A memorable and favourite Christmas of mine and husband Stephen’s is the Christmas of 2004. My eldest son Jack was almost 2. We were staying at our dear friends, Scott and Barbara’s, house. This was before they had their own kids, and before our youngest, Brendan came along. Jack had seen the Buzz Lightyear games in the shops. On Christmas Day when he opened the present his face lit up, and he started shaking. And saying over and over

José Carbo José Carbo is a well-known bass-baritone. He’ll be performing at the Sydney Opera House on New Year’s Eve. 4

December 2016

fineMusic 102.5

only gentiles in the audience. It was like a Woody Allen film - which was a good thing because I adore Woody Allen. Prior to that we went on a cruise on the Hudson. Sold a ticket by a spruiker, our hearts sank when we found the jetty and beheld a colossal, seething, angry queue. After much jostling and queue-jumping by folk who arrived well after us, we were herded on board like cattle. Soon we were assaulted by a pre-recorded commentary, replete with cheesy jokes in a Babel of languages. It kept inviting us to observe various landmarks. We got a fairly good look at the Statue of Liberty but when the disembodied voice suggested we might like to gaze in wonder at the Manhattan skyline, all we could see was impenetrable fog. So I took a photo of the fog and posted it on Facebook with the caption: “Look! Manhattan!”

again Buvv Lightyear.. Buvv Lightyear. He was surrounded by so much love - and spoilt. It was just very special. Such love. Then there are the Christmases when I was a child in Vanuatu. Going to the bush and dragging back to the house, a fallen coconut palm. We’d decorate it with hibiscus and shells... and a toilet roll and a cotton wool Christmas Angel on the floppy top. My 3 sisters and I would get a couple of presents each and it always involved something to do with swimming. I was one of those kids who managed to open all my presents before the day was over. I’m still a bit like that now. For me, Christmas is

about family, it’s about forgiveness and love, and especially about all my nieces and nephews. It’s a treasured time.

The Christmas I remember most vividly was that of 2010 in Seattle. I was rehearsing for a production of Il Barbiere and I remember walking out of the opera house after an orchestral rehearsal to a fresh dusting of the first snow of the season. It was magical!! I was the only person walking along the streets on my way home and every step I took made that characteristic crunch as each footstep sank into the snow. Seattle that

night was picture perfect. I will never forget being totally alone in a city of hundreds of thousands of people and not being able to hear anything but the falling of snow as it tumbled from branches far too slim to sustain its weight. There wasn’t even a breeze. The stillness and silence were heavenly. I walked home the long way just so I could take in as much of those precious moments. I’m sure the memory will be the last I have before destiny takes me from this earth. I hope at least to get sufficient warning to be able to recall it.

Emma Matthews

Alexander Briger AO, is one of Australia’s best known international conductors. He founded the Australian World Orchestra. He’ll be spending part of December in Paris and also part with his family in Sydney. When I was 12 years old, for an entire year my father kept disappearing every Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday. As a young boy this of course upset me as I really wanted to spend time him during the weekend. However, my mother and he always said he had to work. For some reason I was suspicious as I knew he was downstairs in his “room”, but there was nothing I could do about it. To make matters

Alexander Briger AO worse, as Christmas approached he started disappearing more often! Christmas Day arrived and I was led downstairs by the entire

family. to the “room”’ There in front of me lay the most enormous electrical trainset. It had mountains and houses and farms and a huge European train station with many tracks and different trains. My father had been building it all by hand for the entire year! He had painted every house and building, all the electrics, and the mountains. It was vast. It was without a doubt the greatest Christmas gift I have ever received and my father and I spent many hours together playing with this incredible train set. I will never forget it.

Simone Young AM, is an internationally renowned conductor. She’ll be performing with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra in December and spend Christmas with family in Sydney. It was our fifth or sixth year in Hamburg and the city was turning on a magical Christmas – plenty of snow, all the family gathered around, and three days of doing nothing but eating, drinking, board games and just a little cricket on the telly at odd hours of the night….. In Germany, Christmas time, and Christmas Day in particular, are very popular days for going to the theatre. Performances on the 25th and 26th are packed. Fledermaus was due to be performed at 6pm on the 25th. The day before, “Heiliger Abend”, everything is closed, as this is the evening when German families celebrate . So on the 23rd, much chocolate was distributed, hands were shaken and many a “Merry Christmas” exchanged as the lucky ones, yours truly included, headed to our fireplaces and kitchens to prepare for the family celebrations. On leaving that day, I had tossed off a facetious “well if someone gets sick, you know where I am” and thought nothing more of it. Famous last words! At 2:30 pm on the 25th, the turkey was on the table and moi, the chef, was already at least 2 or more glasses into the big Henschke red saved just for the festivities. The phone rang. Me (very cheery) “Hello? Merry Christmas!” – Toni (my head of company office) “Simone, we have a problem……” All that lovely snow, that was so nice to look at through the windows with the fire on and a glass of red in one hand, had wreaked havoc with the travel plans of the day’s conductor – who was languishing in Munich, not knowing when his plane for Hamburg would be able to take off.

Simone Young AM. Image: Berthold Fabricius “So you need me to start the show?” “Sure!” says I, with Barossa-fuelled confidence. Husband Greg took the glass out of my hand and replaced it with strong coffee and I set out to locate my Fledermaus score. As I opened it I realised that it had been only about 11 years since the last time I had performed it – OOPS! Nothing like that sort of adrenalin to sober you up fast! I closeted myself in the bedroom with the score, studied it for about 2 hours then set out for the theatre. The announcement of the conductor’s delay, and of our emergency solution, was met with great delight by the crowd, and off we went.

I can only say that it was great fun! After about 30 mins, the scheduled conductor snuck into the pit, we did a quick baton-change in one of the dialogues and that was it! I hung around to take a curtain-call at the end of the act and it was with great relief that I took a cab home and rescued my plate of turkey and trimmings! And my lovely family had even left me a little of the Henschke red……… Frohe Weihnachten!

- Randolph Magri-Overend December 2016

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Divergence Jazz Orchestra’s new CD

Divergence Jazz Orchestra There’s bands, and then there’s big bands (or jazz orchestras as they are known now). They all started back in the 1930s when swing dancing was all the rage and have since evolved from being a vehicle for dancing and enjoyment to an orchestra capable of performing art music. The sound of the big band is mostly associated with America, where you can hear jazz orchestras almost every night of the week (including the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra and Maria Schneider’s jazz orchestra). However, it would seem you don’t have to be in New York to hear great jazz orchestras, and Sydney is home to one of the greats, Divergence Jazz Orchestra. Divergence was formed in 2012 by trombonist Paul Weber and composer/conductor, Jenna Cave. Since that time they have released two recordings, and their most recent, Fake It Until You Make It was launched a few weeks ago to a sold out crowd at Foundry 616. The album is an eclectic mix of styles, from classic swing (Sammy Nestico style, to funky grooves, as well as tender, reflective moments that make you melt like butter). The orchestra was put together with the idea of a community in mind. Cave wanted it to be a vehicle where a group of talented and dedicated people could come together and make new music. The album features an eclectic mix of original compositions by Jenna Cave, Brendan Champion, Luke Davis, Paul Murchison and Miroslav Bukovsky. “It is a collection of some of our favourite material that we have performed over the last 3 years,

including two very old pieces of mine written 10 years ago,” Cave says. “When Paul and I established the band we wanted it to be a place where we could play music composed by myself and other members of the band, as well as from other composers in our networks; in doing so strengthening a sense of community and collaboration for composers as well as all the performers getting together.” The idea of this community also extends beyond the orchestra. In 2016 Divergence commissioned new works from Paul Cutlan and Jenna Cave, and a new arrangement of an existing piece by Brendan Champion. This was made possible with the assistance of the Australian Cultural Fund and their fundraising platform and the generous patrons who donated funds. Divergence were awarded a Sydney Conservatorium of Music New and Contemporary Classical & Jazz Music Performance grant in 2013, and to date have performed and promoted original music by 16 Australian composers including William Motzing, Rafael Karlen, Elliot Hughes, Judy Bailey, Cam McAllister, Jessica Wells, Nadia Burgess and others. On their CD launch night at Foundry 616 they also premiered a piece by Jessica Wells called “Bonnie and Clyde” and a new piece by Paul Cutlan. For jazz composers, the challenge of writing for a jazz orchestra might be one of the biggest that there is to face. Cave relishes in this challenge, and like her fellow composers and band members is excited to partake in the creation of new material for this medium.

“There is just so much great musical energy there with 18 instrumentalists and a conductor coming together to create something as one, it can be a breathtaking and humbling experience standing in front of Divergence as they play. As a composer I find that when writing for jazz orchestra there are just so many sounds you can get, it’s like a journey of discovery writing for them with so many colours to play with and endless combinations and possibilities,” she explains. “I think I pretty much approach composition from the heart, and let that dictate the music,” explains Cave. “For me jazz is so joyful and expressive, so I like to draw on the stylistic aspects of this music that move me the most when writing for Divergence - the feel, groove, rhythm, expression and great melodies,” she adds. So, what drives a group of talented young jazz musicians to record an album you might ask? “Recording albums of course does help with our “commercial” success with a few CD sales and opening up more performance opportunities. But that’s not why we do it. We record because of the artistic fulfillment, the need we feel to get this music captured and share it with people,” says Jenna Cave. What remains to be said about Divergence is that it enjoys an obvious advantage over most other contemporary jazz groups and like its very name it diverges from the crowd, it has its own rules and doesn’t follow trends. And so what we have is a group of young, fresh and exuberant composers and musicians who have joined forces to create their own exciting take on the world of jazz. There’s certainly no faking it here. - Samuel Cottell Divergence Jazz Orchestra’s new album Fake It Until You Make It out now and can be purchased at: https://divergencejazzorchestra. for more information visit: December 2016

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December 2016



BOOK NOW ACO.COM.AU | 1800 444 444 fineMusic 102.5

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Frances Madden about what I was hoping to achieve with my music and why I thought that was relevant to Fine Music and the Kruger scholarship. There must have been something that appealed to the panel in there.


s e.

Q: What you are looking forward to about the scholarship?

h of d

A: I’ve had an association with the Station for a few years now and I’m Frances Madden - 2017 Kruger Scholar really looking forward Fine Music 102.5 recently announced to working together the recipient of the prestigious Kruger more closely on various projects next year. Scholarship program offered by the station Of course, the financial and in-kind support en annually. Proof of the late Stefan Kruger’s that comes with the scholarship will be very love for music is the generous bequest helpful in producing the album and then in launching and promoting it. But I’m also that makes possible an annual scholarship ics looking forward to working with people from valued at $15,000. the station and in the Fine Music network so The Kruger Scholar for 2017 is vocalist and I can get input into my music and continue pianist, Frances Madden. to develop. I also hope there will be a s but what makes her a real stand-out are her chance for me to give back and contribute Fine Music spoke with Frances about the Legendscholarship to the station in various ways. I’m sure it is going to be a partnership of sorts. And of Q: How did it feel to receive the course, I have ruly a creative force not just in the jazz idiom, butto admit to being just a little scholarship? bit excited about playing next year in Live Music 102.5 FM from the Joan! A: I was thrilled when I found out I’d been selected by the Station for the Kruger I can bring some joy to Fine Music’s qualityScholarship in one so young. A dynamic andI hope gifted but I also felt really honoured listeners next year and beyond. And also as a jazz musician in particular. live up to the faith that the board have Q: What works and proposals did you submit to be considered? Sydney’s most talented young

shown in me.

musicians. With Biography Described byand ABC Jazz’s Mal Stanley as a A: The project I proposed is to record mysax, trumpet ouble bass, drums, guitar, tenor talented young vocalist and pianist and ‘one second studio album and in my application nd production talents to her performances. to watch’, Changes Frances is one of the classiest I included links to a few of the tracks that young entertainers Australia has produced Frances performing ballads solo to the whole band I’ve already written and which I’ve tried out

in recent times. Her sophisticated mix of with live audiences. There was a swinging vocal jazz, blues and re-interpreted pop tune called Dancing in the Rain that could classics has been selling out the best jazz have been lifted from a 1950’s movie with venues, night clubs and festivals around the Gene Kelly Doris Day. In There waspast one year, Foundry616 inand Sydney. the they have country. She has also established herself as quite earthy blues, Change in Your Eyes, audiences Sydney’s iconic venue The Basement. a contemporary songwriter of note. and theat other one a whimsical Christmas called Boogie Woogie Santa. I was Festivalsong and also enjoyed successful tours to been compared to a young While she’s conscious of the difference between Diana Krall and Norah Jones, Frances at Jazz classical Club and Dizzy’s Jazz Club. Other recent music, which I originally trained captivates her audiences with a combination y Porterin, in and playing to a fullofhouse at warm stage presence andSydney jazz. So I also included a statement her genuinely

how for the Fine Music 102.5 FM 40th Anniversary z Club in Shanghai in October 2017.

together with a voice and style that is uniquely her own. She is also a talented and engaging original composer so when she performs her own swinging tunes, beautiful ballads or smokey blues, they merge seamlessly with the timeless classics she re-interprets. Frances’ regular band is an eight-piece that includes some of Sydney’s most talented young musicians. With Frances on vocals and piano, her line-up normally includes double bass, drums, guitar, tenor sax, trumpet and two backing vocals. Frances also brings her own arranging and production talents to her performances. Changes in tempo and in the combinations of people on stage – from Frances performing ballads solo to the whole band swinging together – give her live shows nuance and variety. Frances and her band perform regularly at their ‘home club’ Foundry616 in Sydney. In the past year, they have twice performed their ‘Jazz Blues & Classics’ show to sellout audiences at Sydney’s iconic venue The Basement. Frances has appeared at Manly Jazz Festival, Devonport Jazz Festival and also enjoyed successful tours to Melbourne playing venues including Birds Basement, Paris Cat Jazz Club and Dizzy’s Jazz Club. Other recent highlights include supporting Grammy Award winner Gregory Porter in Sydney and playing to a full house at Sydney Town Hall where Frances and the band opened the show for the Fine Music 102.5 FM 40th Anniversary Concert & Simulcast. Frances will play at the respected JZ Jazz Club in Shanghai in October 2017. Frances completed her degree in music performance at AIM in Sydney in 2010 and has been working full time as a professional musician since. A few years into her career she began to write her own material, some of which was heard by Judi Morrison, wife of James, who invited Frances to record some demo tracks at James Morrison Studios in Sydney. That led to an album titled If This Were a Dream featuring eight originals written by Frances as well as five classic covers. The album debuted at #5 on the ARIA Jazz Album charts in December 2014 and has been selling consistently since. December 2016

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Streeton Trio

Streeton Trio. L-R Umberto Clerici, Emma Jardine & Benjamin Kopp Fine Music has always encouraged local music and musicians support. That was formalised in 2014 with the offer of Artist-inResidence status to the Omega Ensemble and Acacia Quartet. From 2016 this was offered annually, giving recipients access to studios for recording, sound engineers, rehearsal facilities, promotional support, and more. The two recipients of Artist-inResidence last year were flautist Bridget Bolliger and the Acacia Quartet. Fine Music is thrilled to announce the 2017 recipients for Artists-in-Residence are the Streeton Trio.

Biography Described by Musica Viva as “Australia’s most internationally successful piano trio,” the Streeton Trio was formed in 2008, in Geneva, Switzerland, from three young Australian musicians. In 2010, the trio was selected to be a part of the prestigious European Chamber Music Academy, where it was in residence for three years. Now based in Sydney, the trio has studied intensively with the world’s leading chamber 10

December 2016

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musicians (Gabor Takacs-Nágy, Hatto Beyerle, Avedis Kouyoumdjian, Johannes Meissl, Ferenc Rados, Erich Höbarth, Philippe Graffin, Pascal Devoyon, Mihaela Martin) and has performed extensively across Europe, UK, Scandinavia, Asia, New Zealand and Australia. Named after the Australian Impressionist painter, Sir Arthur Streeton, the trio has received great acclaim for performances in venues such as Wigmore Hall, Het Loo Royal Palace (Holland), Shanghai Oriental Arts Centre, Melbourne Recital Centre, Trondheim Festival, Apeldoorn Festival, Pablo Casals Festival (Prades) and Bangalow Festival. Winner of the 2011 Music Viva Chamber Music Competition, the Streeton Trio has been laureate of several prestigious international competitions, and has won scholarships from Australia Council for the Arts, Arts Victoria and Ian Potter Cultural Trust. In 2012, the trio was featured as Musica Viva’s Rising Stars ensemble. The trio’s debut CD (Ravel Brahms), released in 2011, is broadcast frequently

across Australia and Europe. The CD has received rave reviews. The trio’s schedule has recently included performances across the United Kingdom, China, Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Holland, Lithuania, Norway, Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland. In 2015, the trio welcomed Umberto Clerici, principal cello of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, as their new cellist. © Streeton Trio

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Mosman Concert Series The Other Side Of The Orchestra 18 December 2016 Tickets: Tickets at door only Information: PORGY AND BESS Gershwin’s Opera in the Concert Hall Fri 2 Dec 7pm Thu 1 Dec 7pm Sat 3 Dec 7pm Booking Details: call 8215 4600 Chief Conductor David Robertson brings us a semi-staged performance of Gershwin’s masterpiece – Jazz, Spiritual and Broadway meeting in a musical drama of enormous emotional power. Its unforgettable characters sing such beloved showstoppers as ‘Summertime’, ‘It ain’t necessarily so’, ‘I got plenty o’ nuthin’ and ‘Bess, you is my woman now’. Artists David Robertson - conductor Alfred Walker - Porgy Nicole Cabell - Bess Eric Greene - Crown Karen Slack - Serena Julia Bullock - Clara Leon Williams - Jake Jermaine Smith - Sportin’ Life Sydney Philharmonia Choirs

Mosman Concert Series is delighted to present its now biennial, “the Other Side of the Orchestra”, with its ten-piece ensemble of Sydney Orchestral Musicians, mostly SSO, with a program of light classics, including, by popular request, St-Saens’

Carnival of the animals, with a new set of verses by Sydney soprano, Clare Heuston, and featuring one of Sydney’s most exceptional pianists, David Miller AM. The afternoon also includes MCS’ own absorbing music/movie/tv quiz with prizes attached, lucky door prizes and the drawing of the MCS Annual Raffle, also with its own nine substantial prizes, all followed by refreshments including some Christmas Cheer. All for $25, $20 for seniors, and children are free.

Haydn’s Passion Australian Haydn Ensemble Dr Erin Helyard - Guest Director and harpsichord 18 December, 2.30pm and 19 December, 7pm Tickets: $30 - $75 Bookings and information: or Ph. (02) 9250 7777 To finish the year, we venture to the dramatic side of CPE Bach and Haydn in a concert directed by Dr Erin Helyard from the keyboard. The program contains four works reflecting the 18th century ‘storm and stress’ movement. Often discussed in the context of literature, such musical works are often in minor keys and exhibit dramatic characteristics. CPE Bach’s Flute Concerto D minor, one of his most virtuosic and colourful, will showcase the exquisite and pure sounds of Australia’s leading period instrument flautist, Melissa Farrow. The Harpsichord Concerto G minor will be performed by our esteemed colleague, Dr Erin Helyard, preceeded by a stormy

E minor symphony for strings and winds. As the finale of our 2016 season, we present Haydn’s La Passione Symphony. This is his only orchestral work in the key of F minor, and one that illuminates the darker side of this otherwise sunny composer. December 2016

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Jason Noble

Jason Noble Fine Music has launched series 2 of the radio programs called New Australian Music for HSC. The programs are designed to enhance the study of the HSC Senior Music core topic, Music of the Last 25 Years (Australian focus). The series is hosted by Australian clarinettist and music teacher Jason Noble who has led this project for Fine Music with assistance from the Australian Music Centre. ‘As a performer specialising in new music and an educator, I feel I have a relatively good

grasp of what is out there in terms of new Australian clarinet music. Yet when a Year 11 student inevitably turns up with the comment: My classroom teacher told me to choose an Australian piece for the core HSC topic, I still find the amount of time deliberating over what repertoire to choose timeconsuming. Was there anything out there to make this process easier?’ said Jason Noble. “I put two and two together, combining my performing and teaching skills, and came up with New Australian music for the HSC. I see the development of this radio program as being a valuable resource for music teachers and students, as well as the general public”, said Mr Noble. Works chosen for broadcast must have been composed in the last 25 years by an Australian composer for solo and duo works. Some of the more established composers,

such as Ross Edwards and Elena KatsChernin will be heard alongside lesser-known artists in an attempt to make students aware that there is an abundance of new works written for their instrument. Students studying the HSC Music 1 course could also find some interesting pieces to select should they choose the Australian Music elective or even the topic An Instrument and its Repertoire. There will be works presented to cater for a range of student abilities. Clarinettist Jason Noble is a core member of Ensemble Offspring and has premiered countless new Australian works. He has also taught music at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Gondwana Voices, Moriah College, and in the public school system. His practice has also taken him to Kabul, Afghanistan, where he volunteered at the Afghanistan National Institute of Music. The programs are available by visiting

Acappella Central Tours presents

The Saronic Chamber Music Festival Tour History, Culture & Chamber Music in the Greek Islands 23 JULY  6 AUGUST 2017 The Saronic Chamber Music Festival is presented by The Leondari Ensemble. These are some of the finest chamber and orchestral musicians working with the top orchestras of Europe and North America. They come together once each year to play their favourite music and enjoy the hospitality and lifestyle offered by the people of Poros and the islands of the Saronic Coast.

Athens • Nafplio • Epidaurus • Mycenai • Poros • Hydra • Spetses

Bookings and Information: E: Ph: 0414 869 352 12

December 2016

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21/10/2016 12:52 PM

CD Reviews Land of Gold Anoushka Shankar DGG 479 5459


Sitar master Ravi Shankar had two beautiful, musical daughters: singer Nora Jones, and sitar virtuoso Anoushka – who you will remember from Concert for George. Land of Gold has its origins in the ongoing humanitarian tragedy of refugees fleeing warfare and persecution, which found a tragic symbol in the small, lifeless body of a Syrian boy washed-up on a Turkish beach: Aylan Kurdi. Shankar had recently



Conductor of the Ghislieri Choir & Consort founded in 2003, Giulio Prandi graduated at the Italian Universities of Pavia and Milan and he developed an expertise in Italian sacred music of the eighteenth century. REVERIE The Australian Voices Gordon Hamilton Conductor

✶✶✶✶✶ Founded in 1993, the group is dedicated to championing new Australian vocal music. The ensemble is well known to millions across the globe through its programme of new works intended specifically for performance on YouTube. Gordon Hamilton, a leading light in the new generation of composers and conductors, joined the group in 2009 and has maintained the group’s vibrant performances. Reverie is a collection of twelve works that bring together themes both banal and transcendent, juxtaposing music that is by turns deeply lyrical and ecstatically

given birth to a second child and was moved by the contrast between her ability to provide security for her family while others could not. Her playing is so eloquent, you feel she is speaking to you – and it’s a compassionate voice. How do you capture in music the fragility and desperation of fleeing people? Amazingly, there are moments on this album where she achieves this: Last Chance has a vehement urgency that refugees must feel; Say Your Prayers seems to capture the vulnerability of all humanity; and isn’t that shared vulnerability the reason we must care for each other? Given the context of this album, I’d like to be positive about everything here, but

Jump In (Cross the Line) uses the rapper M.I.A. and Dissolving the Boundaries has a theme with minimalist insistence; and it’s my fervent belief that rap and minimalism should never be labelled ‘music’. Reunion begins tentatively but eventually becomes a celebration, resolving a work that is the product of much sincere thought. Interesting that her husband is Director, Joe Wright (Pride & Prejudice, Atonement, Anna Karenina) because this album would make a good film score. Regardless, Anoushka proves she’s not merely an accomplished musician, but someone with a heart. Her late, dear father would have been very proud. - Michael Muir

Dixit Dominus is Handel’s psalm setting consisting of 20 solo and choral tracks. The work completed in April 1707 while Handel was living in Rome is written for five singers with a second soprano part, chorus, strings and continuo. The work was premiered on 16 July 1707 in the Church of Santa Maria in Montesanto. At the very end of 1706, not yet 22 years of age, George Frideric Handel arrived in Rome. “Having shown off his skills to the amazement of everyone” on the organ of St John Lateran the young talent from beyond the Alps immediately established himself in the lively cultural fabric of the city. The compositions recorded on this CD here gave rise to the earliest masterpieces by the

Saxon, as German musicians were often called in Italy. By the first weeks of the year, Handel was already caught up in a dense network of aristocratic patronage and found himself playing the dual roles of composer and performer at the keyboard in a plethora of occasions when he worked alongside such established colleagues as Corelli and Alessandro Scarlatti. There is no doubting that members of the Choir and Consort produce a quite exquisite ambience of sound, the textures are pure and always balanced, the rhythm forward thrusting, crisp and persuasive. We will look forward greatly to hearing much more from these musicians.

ludicrous. A highlight of the album is a setting of Hamilton’s Elegy – In memoriam Rupert Brooke, written by Australian digger, Frederick Septimus Kelly, on the battlefields of Gallipoli and set to words by Kelly’s close friend Rupert Brooke.Total Political Correctness fast-forwards to politics of the 21st century, presenting Donald Trump’s statements on women set to music by Robert Davidson – which sits alongside Not Now, Not Ever!, a setting of then Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s Misogyny Speech – a parliamentary condemnation of sexism.

first of two guest artists, in his own composition Underwater Basket Weaving; percussionist Claire Edwardes features in Graham Lack’s titular A Reverie of Bone. Reverie is a deeply engrossing journey through a kaleidoscope of contemporary culture, politics and sensibility; it’s also a celebration of the humour, nuance and sheer beauty of the human voice. Lots of originality, undisguised creativity and pleasure, and well worth the cost of the CD.

The absurd becomes even more literal than Trump himself in Isabella Gerometta’s Words That Turn Into Other Words – a list of words and phrases linked by sound alone. Jazz trumpeter James Morrison is the

- Emyr Evans December 2016

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Jazz CD Reviews Bravo Nino Rota The Umbrellas Armchair Records


Nino Rota was an Italian composer, pianist and conductor who is best known for his film scores most notably for the films of Federico Fellini and Luchino Visconti. He also composed the first two films of Francis Ford Coppola’s Godfather trilogy, receiving the Academy Award for Best Original Score for The Godfather Part II with the American Film Institute ranking Rota’s score number five on their list of the greatest film scores ever. This album focuses on Rota’s work for Fellini’s most popular films Amarcord, La

Wednesday’s At M’s The Andy Sugg Group Independent release


Weave Leigh Carriage Independent release

✶✶✶✶ 14

December 2016

fineMusic 102.5

Strada and La Dolce Vita plus Juliette Of The Spirits and Otto e Mezzo.Rota could write a great tune and his driving force was a unique sense of melody combined with elements of folk, circus music and opera. He embodied these elements with lush orchestrations, marching bands and Italian swing whereas The Umbrellas approach is more of a salon chamber ensemble incorporating bits of wild saxophone, playful trombone and pocket trumpet. But there’s also vibes and marimba, mezzo - soprano voce and drum and bass to enjoy, all being accompanied by the piano, organ and accordion of maestro Peter Dasent who did all the arrangements.This recent re-issue of this 2001 recording of Rota’s

music is a potpourri of sonic magic extracted by the band from Rota via Fellini via Dasent in their unique way giving it new breath and continuous life. For happy music on a summer’s day it is highly recommended. - Barry O’Sullivan

Andy Sugg is a leading saxophonist and band leader based in Melbourne. His musical influences are eclectic and he performs in a range of styles from post-Coltrane jazz, world music and avant - garde contemporary music.The title of his latest recording is derived from a performance space in the trendy and hip Lower East Side of New York. It was here in a month in 2015 that Andy created most of the music on the album. He utilised a classic jazz lineup of saxophone, piano, bass and drums and adding synthesiser and the expertly accomplished guitar work of fellow Melbourne musician Ben Eunson. He also utilised the talented inputs of ex patriot Australians Sean Wayland and Matt Clohsey, alongside the New York based

drummer Nate Wood.The album’s theme is acoustic fusion, with moods ranging from the richly tonal to the aggressively avant-garde, laced with the superbly played tenor of Sugg most prominent on the tracks Hemispheric Parts 1,2 and 3 while on tracks like Mandela and Manhattan Beach it’s the piano of Sean Wayland that shines just as brightly. Throughout this recording each of musicians involved contributes solidly to create a musical collection of unique status executed by highly creative players with something to say both as soloists and as members of a collective. - Barry O’Sullivan

Weave is a collection of ten original heartfelt songs representing key events and milestones in the Byron Bay vocalist Leigh Carriage’s life. This poignant and beautifully crafted collection of original compositions subjecting nature, complicated love, atonements to dear friends and a tragic event that changed her life, make up her fifth album. This album follows on from the success of her highly acclaimed Mandarin Skyline. Woven into the fabric of this album is the musical input from an extremely impressive line up of mainly Melbourne based top flight musicians to compliment Carriage’s creative output. With Steve Russell on piano, Steve

Magnusson on guitar, Danny Fisher on drums, Frank Di Dario and Brendan Clarke alternating on bass there are also outstanding contributions from the horns of Julien Wilson,Carl Mackey, Phil Noy and Angela Davis plus numerous others on strings and vocals.The album emanates feelings of joy, passion and pain and an overall mood of introspection. On the outstanding tracks Blank Slate and Catapult (dedicated to fellow Byron Bay musician the late saxophonist Dave Ades) Carriage attains her star status vocally with faultless technique, sublime control and some very fine scatting. - Barry O’Sullivan

Thursday 1 DECEMBER

Simon Rattle 0:00 CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE 3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Simon Moore 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Two’s company Prepared by Michael Morton-Evans Beethoven, L. Notturno, op 42 (1796). Nobuko Imai, va; Roger Vignoles, pf. Chandos CHAN 8664 29 Czerny, C. Concerto in C for piano duet, op 153. Liu Xiao Ming, Horst Göbel, pf; Brandenburg State O/Nikos Athinäos. Christophorus CHE 0140-2 31 Schubert, F. Fantasy in C, D934 (1827). Dong-Suk Kang, vn; Pascal Devoyon, pf. Naxos 8.550420 24 10:30 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Michael Morton-Evans

Stephen Cleobury. Credit: Paul Grover 13:00 WATER MUSIC Prepared by Alison Hardy

19:00 THE NEW JAZZ STANDARD with Frank Presley

Strauss, J. II On the beautiful blue Danube, op 314 (1867). Vienna PO/Willi Boskovsky. Decca 478 2826 9

20:00 LIVE AND LOCAL Australian String Quartet Recorded by George Hilgevoord for FINE MUSIC

Liszt, F. To sing on the water, after Schubert (1838). Stephanie Mc Callum, pf. ABC 472 763-2 4 Wessman, H. Water under snow is weary. Gondwana Voices; Geoffrey Collins, fl; Anna McDonald, vn; Alice Evans, vn; Brett Dean, va; Peter Morrison, vc; Stuart Riley, db; Sally Whitwell, pf; Mark O’Leary, cond. ABC 472 822-2 4 Handel, G. Suite in G, from Water music, HWV350 (1717). Australian Brandenburg O/ Paul Dyer. ABC 434 720-2 10 Debussy, C. La mer (1903-05). Berlin PO/ Simon Rattle. EMI 5 58045 2 24

Haydn, J. Quartet in E flat, Hob.III:64 (1790). 18 Mozart, W. Quartet in D, K575, Prussian (1789). 25 Dvorák, A. Quartet in F, op 96, American (1893). 28 Haydn, J. Sonata no 2, from The seven last words from the cross, op 51 (1785). 6 Australian String Quartet (all above) 21:30 AN ENCHANTED INTERLUDE Prepared by Maureen Meers Fujikake, H. The enchanted forest; Tokuyama lullaby; Love song. 11

14:00 THE BALTIC INFLUENCE Prepared by David Brett

Trad. Children’s play song; Song of the deep forest; Love song; Cherry blossom. 14

Sibelius, J. Karelia suite (1893). Royal PO/ Charles Mackerras. Tring TRP013 15

James Galway, fl; Hiroyuki Fujikake, synthesiser (2 above) RCA 78663 5 7893-2

Glazunov, A. Karelian legend, op 99 (1912). Moscow SO/Igor Golovschin. Naxos 8.553839 22

Rautavaara, E. Isle of bliss (1995). Netherlands RSO/Eri Klas. Naxos 8.557009 12

22:00 DIFFERING PATHS OF THE 20TH CENTURY Prepared by Calogero Panvino

Ibert, J. Divertissement (1930). Paris Conservatoire O/Jean Martinon. Decca 478 2826 15

Klami, U. Sea pictures, op 23 (1926-32). Turku PO/Jorma Panula. Naxos 8.553757 21

Gounod, C. Symphony no 2 in E flat (1856). Academy of St Martin in the Fields/Neville Marriner. Philips 462 125-2 31

Rautavaara, E. Cantus arcticus, concerto for birds and orchestra, op 61 (1972). Lahti SO/ Osmo Vänskä. BIS CD-1038 17

Strauss, R. Deutsche Motette, op 62 (1913). BBC Singers; Choristers of King’s College, Cambridge/Stephen Cleobury. Collins 14952 19

12:00 JAZZ, PURE AND SIMPLE with Maureen Meers Covering the many aspects of jazz from Swing to Mainstream, with the Great American Songbook making regular appearances

Sibelius, J. Symphony no 2 in D, op 43 (1901). Adelaide SO/Arvo Volmer. ABC 476 3945 43

Riisager, K. Fools’ paradise, suite no I, op 33 (1936). Helsingborg SO/Thomas Dausgaard. Marco Polo 8.224082 16

16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Debbie Scholem

Strauss, R. Frühling; September; Beim Schlafengehen; Im Abendrot; from Four last songs, op posth (1948). Anna TomowaSintow, sop; Berlin PO/Herbert von Karajan. DG 474 281-2 20 Stockhausen, K. Stimmung (1968). Songcircle/Gregory Rose. Hyperion CDA66115 December 2016


fineMusic 102.5


Friday 2 DECEMBER 0:00 CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE 3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Janine Burrus 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Only strings Prepared by Frank Morrison Hoffmeister, F. Double bass quartet no 2 in D. Ernö Sebestyén, vn; Helmut Nicolai, va; Martin Ostertag, vc; Norbert Duka, db. Naxos 8.572187 19

Jean Martinon

Signorelli, C. Sonata for mandolin and lute. Caterina Lichtenberg, mand; Mirko Schrader, gui. Schwann 3-6435-2 9

Khachaturian, A. Excerpt from Ballet: Gayané (1942). USSR Radio & Television SO/Jansug Kakhidze. LP Melodiya C 10-10531-6 15

Schumann, R. Cello concerto in A minor, op 129 (1850). Yo-Yo Ma, vc; Bavarian RSO/ Colin Davis. CBS M2K 44562 25

Schubert, F. String quintet in C, D956 (1828). Bernard Greenhouse, vc; Guarneri Quartet. Philips 432 108-2 54

Tchaikovsky, P. Onegin, Act III ballet (1879; arr. Stolze). Sydney SO/John Lanchbery. LP HMV OASD 7600 12

Klughardt, A. Symphony no 5 in C minor, op 71 (1892). Anhaltische Philharmonie Dessau/Antony Hermus. cpo 777 693-2 39

10:30 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Elaine Siversen Strauss, R. Suite from Der Rosenkavalier (1911). Sydney Youth SO/Stuart Challender. Fine Music Tape Archive 23 Rojas, D. Chamber concerto for marimba and orchestra (c2013). Claire Edwardes, mar; Metropolitan O/Sarah-Grace Williams. Fine Music concert recording 24 Dvorák, A. Symphony no 8 in G, op 88 (1889). St Lawrence O/Neil McEwan. Fine Music Tape Archive 35 12:00 A JAZZ HOUR with Barry O’Sullivan 13:00 BALLETS FROM OPERAS Prepared by Randolph Magri-Overend Wagner, R. Overture and Venusberg ballet scene from Tannhäuser (1845). Royal Scottish NO/Neeme Järvi. Chandos CHSA 5077 20 Verdi, G. Ballet music, from Otello (1887). Berlin PO/Herbert von Karajan. DG 474 617-2 7 Gounod, C. Ballet music from Faust (1859). Royal Opera House O/Georg Solti. Decca 480 0952 16 Verdi, G. Ballet music from Don Carlos (1867). Monte Carlo National Opera O/ Antonio de Almeida. Philips 422 846-2 16 16

Massenet, J. Ballet music from Le Cid (1885). Israel PO/Jean Martinon. Decca 476 2742 18 15:00 SAINT-SAËNS AND THE CONCERTO Prepared by Chris Blower Saint-Saëns, C. Le rouet d’Omphale, op 31 (1872). French National RO/Jean Martinon. apex 8573 89244 2 8 Alkan, C-V. Chapeau bas! seconda fantasticheria (1872). Stephanie McCallum, pf. Toccata TOCC 0158 8 Bizet, G. L’Arlésienne suite no 1 (1872). Melbourne SO/John Lanchbery. ABC 456 669-2 18 Saint-Saëns, C. Cello concerto no 1 in A minor, op 33 (1872). Yo-Yo Ma, vc; French NO/Lorin Maazel. CBS M2K 44562 19 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Brendan Walsh 19:00 FRIDAY JAZZ SESSION with Sally Cameron Focus on the current Sydney jazz scene mixed with a range of international jazz stars and a weekly a cappella item

Mendelssohn, F. String quintet no 1 in A, op 18 (1826/32). Roland Glassl, va; Henschel Quartett. NEOS Classics NEOS 30901 30 22:00 BAROQUE AND BEFORE A musical journey through the 1720s Prepared by Susan Bell Marcello, B. Psalm 10: In the Lord I shall find refuge, from Estro poetico-armonico (pub. 1724). Cantus Cölln/Konrad Junghänel. Harmonia Mundi HMG 901696 9 Zelenka, J. Sonata no 6 in C minor (172223). Ensemble Marsyas/Monica Huggett. Linn CKD 415 15 Bach, J.S. Cantata, BWV42: Am Abend aber desselbigen Sabbats (1725). Gerard Lesne, alto; Howard Cook, ten; Peter Kooy, bass; Collegium Vocale/Philippe Herreweghe. Harmonia Mundi HML 5908357.59 26 Couperin, F. Neuvième concert: Portrait of love, from Nouveau concerts ou les goûtsréunis (pub. 1724). Trio Sonnerie. Harmonia Mundi HMT 7907081 20 Babell, W. Concerto no 2 in D. Dan Laurin, rec; Van Wassenaer O/Makoto Akatsu, vn & dir. BIS CD-985 7

20:00 THE ROMANTIC CENTURY Prepared by Robert Small

Roman, J. Suite in G minor, Invalid’s music (1727-28). Swedish National Museum CO/ Claude Génetay. Musica Sveciae PRCD 9047 25

Klughardt, A. Concert overture: In the spring, op 30 (1869-73). Anhaltische Philharmonie Dessau/Antony Hermus. cpo 777 693-2 13

Reutter, G. the younger Dura legge, from Archidamia. Olivia Vermeulen, mezz; Nuovo Aspetto. Accent ACC 24275 6


Saturday 3 DECEMBER Delius, F. On hearing the first cuckoo in spring (1912). Adelaide SO/Carl Pini. ABC 481 1143 6 Doppler, F. Idylle, birds of the woods, op 21. Daniele Ruggieri, fl; Andrea Toschi, harmonium. Brilliant Classics 95011 6 Sibelius, J. The swan of Tuonela, from Four legends of the Kalevala, op 22 (1896). London PO/Paavo Berglund. LPO Live LPO 0065 9

Patrick Thomas 0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT 6:00 SATURDAY MORNING MUSIC with Stephen Wilson 9:00 WHAT’S ON IN MUSIC Our weekly guide to musical events in and around Sydney 9:05 ORCHESTRAS AROUND THE WORLD Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra Prepared by Brian Drummond Beethoven, L. Overture to Leonore no 3, op 72a (1806). Claudio Abbado, cond. DG 435617-2 15 Gounod, C. Ballet music, from Faust (1859). Herbert von Karajan, cond. Decca 478 5630 18 Shostakovich, D. Symphony no 1 in F minor, op 10 (1924-25). Simon Rattle, cond. EMI 3 58077 2 32 Strauss, R. Till Eulenspiegel’s merry pranks, op 28 (1894-95). Herbert von Karajan, cond. DG 474 281-2 16 Berlin PO (all above) 10:30 SMALL FORCES Mozart, W. Quartet in B flat, K370 (1781; arr. Rechtman). Israeli Wind Virtuosi. Koch 3-7401-2-HI 16 Fauré, G. Élégie, op 24 (1880). Alexander Baillie, vc; Peter Evans, pf. Unicorn-Kanchana UKCD 2017 7

11:30 ON PARADE Music that’s band Prepared by Owen Fisher Jenkins, K. A troika? Tidy! David Childs, euphonium; Cory Band/Robert Childs. Doyen DOY 239 6 Ball, E. Torchbearers. International Staff Band of the Salvation Army. Doyen DOY 221 6

Alyabyev, A. The nightingale (arr. Orgeni). Edita Gruberova, sop; Tokyo PO/Friedrich Haider. Nightingale Classics NC 090560-2 6 Ravel, M. Suite from Mother Goose (1908). Simon Tedeschi, pf; Kevin Hunt, pf. ABC 275 2052 12 Respighi, O. Suite: The birds (1927). BBC PO/Patrick Thomas. Carlton Classics 15656 91372 18 15:00 OPERETTA IN THE AFTERNOON Prepared by Elaine Siversen

Strauss, J. II Tritsch tratsch polka. WilliamsFairey Engineering Band. Delta 60357 3

Lehár, F. The merry widow. Operetta in three acts. Libretto by Viktor Léon and Leo Stein. First performed Vienna, 1905.

Reisteter, S. Cherubim. Sue Moll, hp; Allentown Band/Ronald Demkee. AMP 228173A 7

HANNA GLAWARI: Cheryl Studer, sop BARON VON ZETA: Bryn Terfel, bass VALENCIENNE: Barbara Bonney, sop COUNT DANILO DANILOVITSCH: Boje Skovhus, ten CAMILLE DE ROSILLON: Rainer Trost, ten Monteverdi Choir; Vienna PO/John Eliot Gardiner. DG 479 1044 1:20

Gould, M. Porch swing on a summer evening. Allentown Band/Ronald Demkee. AMP 20059 3 12:00 URBAN JAZZ LOUNGE with Leita Hutchings 13:00 FLIGHTS OF FANCY Prepared by Stephen Wilson Coates, E. Bird songs at eventide (1926). Thomas Allen, bar; Malcolm Martineau, pf. Hyperion CDA67290 3 Handel, G. Organ concerto no 13 in F, HWV295, Cuckoo and the nightingale (1739). Nicholas Parle, org; London Baroque/Charles Medlam. EMI CDC 7 49799 2 13

Handel, G. Fitzwilliam sonata (arr. Dart). Jérôme Simonpoli, ob; Daniel Matrone, org. BMG Classics 29892-2 6

Westlake, N. Do emus dream of flying? from the soundtrack of Paper planes (2015). Hannah Coleman, rec; Melbourne SO/Nigel Westlake. ABC 481 1477 4

Boccherini, L. Sonata no 4 (1781). Galimathios Musicum. Brilliant Classics 93363 13

Haydn, J. String quartet in C, Hob.III:39, The bird (1781). Quarteto Casals. Harmonia Mundi HMX 2962022.23 19

Haydn, J. Divertimento no 1 in B flat, St. Antoni Chorale (bef. 1784). Stuttgart Wind Quintet. Pilz 160119 10

Liszt, F. St Francis of Assisi preaching to the birds, from Two legends (1863). Marilyn Meier, pf. Mala-Daki MAM 29464 11

Eager that the vast fortune of the widow, Hanna Glawiri, should not be lost to povertystricken Principality of Pontevedra, Baron Zeta, the Ambassador to Paris, is anxious to marry her to Count Danilo. Hanna and Danilo were once in love but were prevented from marrying because she was poor. Danilo objects to the scheme because she is now rich and also it is rumoured that she is about to marry the French Comte Camille de Rosillon (who is in fact involved in a flirtation with the Baron’s wife, Valencienne). All ends happily, after enormous complications, with Hanna and Danilo confessing their love and agreeing to marry. Excerpts from The land of smiles. Helen Donath, sop; Brigitte Lindner, sop; Siegfried Jerusalem, ten; Martin Finke, ten; Bavarian Radio Ch; Munich RSO/Willy Boskovsky. EMI CDM 7 69597 2 50 17:30 STAGING MUSIC with Angela Cockburn Planes December 2016

fineMusic 102.5


Saturday 3 DECEMBER 18:00 SOCIETY SPOT Folk Federation of NSW 19:00 THE MAGIC OF STAGE AND SCREEN Prepared by Annabelle Drumm 20:00 INFLUENCES AND CONNECTIONS Franz Schubert Prepared by Katy Rogers-Davies Salieri, A. Overture to Les Danaïdes (1784). Czecho-Slovak RSO/Michael Dittrich. Naxos 8.554838 6 Schubert, F. Overture to The devil’s pleasure castle, D84 (1813-14). Prague Sinfonia/Christian Benda. Naxos 8.570328 9 Zumsteeg, J. Hagars Klage. Caroline Melzer, sop; Ulrich Eisenlohr, pf. Naxos 8.572036 11 Hummel, J. Piano quintet in E flat, op 87 (1802). Schubert Ensemble of London. Helios CDH55427 21 Schubert, F. Hüttenbrenner variations, D576 (1817). Sviatoslav Richter, pf. Notes PGP 11011 14 Beethoven, L. Romance no 2 in F, op 50 (1798). Vienna Mozart Ensemble/Willi Boskovsky. 9 Schumann, R. Und wüssten’s die Blumen, die Kleinen, from Dichterliebe, op 48 (1840). Thomas Hampson, bar; Geoffrey Parsons, pf. EMI 5 75187 2 1 Lachner, F. Symphony no 1 in E flat, op 32 (pub. 1828). Singapore SO/Choo Hoey. Marco Polo 8.220360 35 22:00 SATURDAY NIGHT AT HOME Prepared by Rex Burgess Respighi, O. Suite for strings (1902; rev. D.Vittorio). New York CO Ottorino Respighi/ Salvatore di Vittorio. Naxos 8.572332 28 Bottesini, G. Gran duetto no 2 (1880). Ernö Sebestyen, va; Wolfgang Güttler, db. Schwann 311 042 H1 18 Bach, C.P.E. Cello concerto in A, Wq172 (1753). Anner Bijlsma, vc; O of the Age of Enlightenment/Gustav Leonhardt. Virgin VC 7 90800-2 19


Sunday 4 DECEMBER 0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT 6:00 SUNDAY MORNING MUSIC with Terry McMullen 9:00 MUSICA SACRA Prepared by Barrie Brockwell Bach, J.S. Jauchzet, frohlocket, auf, preiset die Tag, from Christmas oratorio, BWV248 (1734). Monteverdi Choir; London Oratory Junior Choir; English Baroque Soloists/John Eliot Gardener. Archiv 439 885-2 8 Manfredini, F. Concerto grosso in C, op 3 no 12 Pastorale per il Santissimo natale, (pub.1718). Collegium Musicum 90/Simon Standage. Chandos CHAN 0634 9 Chadwick, G. Noël, from Symphonic sketches (1895-1904). Indianapolis SO/ Raymond Leppard. Decca 458 157-2 8 Gounod, C. Choral mass in G minor (1887). Charlotte Müller-Perrier, sop; Valérie Bonnard, cont; Christophe Einhorn, ten; Christian Immler, bass; Lausanne Ch & O/ Michel Corboz. Mirare MIR 129 27 10:00 THE CLASSICAL ERA Prepared by Barrie Brockwell Bach, J. Christian Symphony for double orchestra in E flat, op 18 no 1 (1779). Academy of Ancient Music/Simon Standage. Chandos CHAN 0540 14 Bach, C.P.E. Fantasia in A (1781). Geoffrey Lancaster, fp. ABC 432 248-2 6 Boccherini, L. Symphony no 4 in D minor, La casa del diavolo (1771). Ensemble 415/ Chiara Banchini. Harmonia Mundi HMG 501933-34 25 Mozart, W. Or sai qui l’onore, from Don Giovanni, K527 (1787). Birgit Nilsson, sop; Prague National TO/Karl Böhm. DG 431 107-2 3 Assmayer, I. Wind octet in E flat. Consortium Classicum. Schwann 310 002 H1 18

Borodin, A. Trio in G. Alexander Detisov, vn; Alexander Polonsky, vn; Alexander Osokin, vc. Brilliant Classics 94410 19

Haydn, J. Menuet; Polonaise, from Baryton trio in D, Hob.XI:97, Birthday (c1766). Munich Baryton Trio. Claves 50-609 5

Saint-Saëns, C. Violin concerto no 3 in B minor, op 61 (1880). Itzhak Perlman, vn; Paris O/Daniel Barenboim. DG 479 1928 28

Beethoven, L. Piano concerto no 2 in B flat, op 19 (1795). Martha Argerich, pf; Royal Concertgebouw O/Neeme Järvi. Radio Nederland RCO 08005 30


12:00 SYDNEY JAZZ CLUB PRESENTS Speak easy, swing hard with Richard Hughes The Golden Era of jazz, as seen through the knowledge and experience of one of Australia’s leading exponents 13:00 WORLD MUSIC: Whirled Wide Showcases diverse music from cultures around the world, both traditional and modern, featuring musicians from all corners of the globe, including Australia 14:00 BIRDS AND THE BEE Prepared by Randolph Magri-Overend Offenbach, J. The birds in the hedgerows, from The tales of Hoffmann (1881). Patricia Petibon, sop; Lyon Opera Ch & O/Yves Abel. Decca 475 090-2 7 Liszt, F. Saint Francis of Assisi preaching to the birds (1863). Nikolai Demidenko, pf. Hyperion CDA66616 11 Respighi, O. Suite: The birds (1927). Bournemouth Sinfonietta/Tamás Vásáry. Chandos CHAN 8913 20 Nyman, M. Where the bee dances (1991). Amy Dickson, sax; Royal PO/Mikel Toms. Sony 88697376792 16 15:00 SUNDAY SPECIAL The zodiac: Composers born under Sagittarius Prepared by Ron Walledge Lully, J-B. Enfin, il est en ma puissance, from Armide (1686). Guillemette Laurens, sop; La Chappelle Royale O/Philippe Herreweghe. Harmonia Mundi HMX 2908150.52 5 Beethoven, L. Sonata no 8 in C minor, op 13, Pathétique (1797-98). Wilhelm Kempff, pf. Regis RRC9010 16 Donizetti, G. Salut à la France! from The daughter of the regiment (1840). Kathleen Battle, sop; Paris Opéra-Bastille Ch & O/ Myung-Whun Chung. DG 479 1116 9 Berlioz, H. Overture to Benvenuto Cellini, op 23 (1836-38). Montreal SO/Charles Dutoit. Decca 452 480-2 10 Franck, C. Les djinns (1884). Aldo Ciccolini, pf; Belgian NO/André Cluytens. EMI 5 65153 2 12 Falla, M. de Dances from The threecornered hat (1919). John Williams, gui. Sony 88697529852 6 Kodály, Z. Hungarian rondo (1917). Christopher Warren-Green, vn; Philharmonia O/Yondani Butt. ASV DCA 924 9

Sunday 4 DECEMBER Sibelius, J. Five songs, op 37 (1898). Anne Sofie von Otter, mezz; Bengt Forsberg, pf. BIS CD-457 11

0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Robert Small

Rodrigo, J. Zarabanda lejana y Villancico (1929). Asturias SO/Maximiano Valdés. Naxos 8.555844 8

9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC A year in retrospect: 1877 Prepared by Di Cox

Britten, B. Four sea interludes, from Peter Grimes, op 33a (1944-45). Philharmonia O/ Carlo Maria Giulini. EMI CZS 7 67723 2 17

Minkus, L. La Bayadère (1877). London SO/ Richard Bonynge. Decca 452 767-2 12

17:00 HOSANNA Prepared by Stephen Matthews Hymns: In dulci jubilo; O come all ye faithful; Silent night, holy night. RIAS Kammerchor/ Uwe Gronostay. Harmonia Mundi HMG 501794 9 Ryba, J. Pastorelas: O you charming nightingale; O come all ye faithful; How sweet and lovely with baby Jesus. Magdalena Kozená, mezz; Capella Regis Musicalis/Robert Hugo. Archiv 477 8305 10 Schien, J. For unto us a child is born. Hans Mammel, ten; O L’arpa Festante. Carus 83.373 5 Handel, G. For unto us a child is born. Combined church choirs; Sydney Messiah O/Tim Chung. HM 2015 4 Eybler, J. Excerpts from Christmas oratorio. Alsfelder Vokalensemble; Bremer Domchor/ Wolfgang Helbich. cpo 999 667-2 16 Haydn, J. Run ye shepherds to the light; Holy night. Wiener Kammerchor/Robert Kovacs. 4


Charles Dutoit Stamitz, J. Viola concerto in G. Prague Philharmonia/Jirí Belohlávek. Supraphon SU 3929-2 21 Zelenka, J. Capriccio no 5 in G (1718). Camerata Bern/Alexander van Wijnkoop. Brilliant 93785 18 Bach, J.C.F. Symphony in B flat (c1792). Neues Bachisches Collegium/Burkhard Glaetzner. Brilliant 94780 24 20:30 NEW HORIZONS Prepared by Paul Cooke Whitacre, E. The seal lullaby (2007; arr. Omordia). Julian Lloyd Webber, vc; Catrin Finch, hp. DG 479 1482 4 Ryan, J. The linearity of light (2003). Vancouver SO/Bramwell Tovey. Naxos 8.572765 11

Rimsky-Korsakov, N. Trombone concerto (1877; orch. Lindberg). Christian Lindberg, tb; Tapiola Sinfonietta/Osmo Vänskä. BIS CD-568 10 Saint-Saëns, C. Mon coeur s’ouvre à ta voix, from Samson and Delilah (1877). Maria Callas, sop; French National RO/Georges Prêtre. EMI 5 67701 2 5 Liszt, F. The fountains of the Villa d’Este, from Years of pilgrimage, bk 3 (1877). Jorge Bolet, pf. Decca 411 803-2 8 Strauss, R. Trio no 1 in A (1877). Amelia Piano Trio. Naxos 8.570896 16 Lalo, E. Cello concerto in D minor (1877). János Starker, vc; London SO/Stanislaw Skrowaczewski. Mercury 432 010-2 23 Sullivan, A. The lost chord (1877). Stuart Burrows, ten; Ambrosian Singers; Martin Neary, org; Wyn Morri, cond. Decca 468 810-2 4 10:30 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Sheila Catzel

Dixon, J. Giverny idyll, op 27 (2007). Julia Ryder, vc; David Miller, pf. Wirripang WIRR 033 7

Luther, M. Vom Himmel hoch (arr. Johannsen). Kay Johannsen, org. 2 Carus 83.369 (2 above)

Arensky, A. Suite no 2: Silhouettes, op 23 (1892). Danish National RSO/Neeme Järvi. Chandos CHAN 8898 19

Zaimont, J. Stillness (2004). Slovak NSO/ Kirk Trevor. Naxos 8.559619 20

18:00 THE BRENDEL LEGACY Prepared by Meg Matthews

Olofsson, K. Higgs boson: Capriccio for string sextet and electronics (2008). Uppsala Chamber Soloists. Phono Suecia PSCD 190 13

Bortkiewicz, S. Piano concerto no 1 in B flat, op 16 (1912). Stephen Coombs, pf; BBC Scottish SO/Jerzy Maksymiuk. Hyperion CDA66624 36

Haydn, J. Excerpts from Sonata in G, Hob. XVI:40. Decca/Philips 478 9053 12 Mozart, W. Excerpts from Rondo in D, K382 (1782). Decca/Philips 478-9033 10 Beethoven, L. Piano concerto no 4 in G, op 58 (1806). Vienna PO/Simon Rattle. Decca/Philips 478 9077 33 Alfred Brendel, pf (all above) 19:00 SUNDAY NIGHT CONCERT Prepared by Stephen Matthews Linek, J. Sinfonia pastoralis in C. Alto ALC 1251 15

Edwards, R. Clarinet concerto (2007). David Thomas, cl; Melbourne SO/Arvo Volmer. ABC 476 3768 23 22:00 AFTER HOURS JAZZ with Kevin Jones

Haydn, J. Symphony in D, Hob.I:31, Hornsignal (c1765). Philharmonia Hungarica/ Antal Doráti. Decca 425 905-2 26 12:00 SWING SESSIONS with John Buchanan Featuring bands of the 1930s swing era and the dance bands of the 1920s taken from radio broadcasts, transcriptions and recording sessions 13:00 MOZART’S MASONIC MUSIC Prepared by Rex Burgess Mozart, W. Overture to The magic flute, K620 (1791). Australian Opera & Ballet O/ Richard Bonynge. ABC 434 140-2 7 December 2016

fineMusic 102.5


Monday 5 DECEMBER Adagio and rondo in C, K617 (1791). Herbert Weisenberg, fl; Manfred Kautzsky, ob; Jürgen Greise, va; Wilfred Tachezi, vc; Peter Maag, celeste. 10 Adagio in B flat, K411 (1785). Alfred Rose, cl; Josef Ortner, cl; Richard Schönhofer, bshn; Erich Webner, bshn; Hans Hajek, bshn. 7 Vox CDX 5055 (2 above) In diesen heil’gen Hallen, from The magic flute. Matti Salminen, bass; Lahti SO/Eri Klas. BIS CD-520 4 Adagio and fugue in C minor, K546 (1788). Tasmanian SO/Ola Rudner. ABC 472 806-2 8 Freemason cantata: Laut verkünde uns’re Freude, K623 (1791). Kurt Equiluz, ten; Rudolf Resch, ten; Leo Heppe, bar; Vienna Folk Opera Choir & O/Peter Maag. Vox CDX 5055 14 14:00 FOLK MUSIC TRANSFORMED Prepared by Elaine Siversen Trad. Swedish folk music suite (arr. Andersson). Marais Project/Jenny Eriksson, Tommie Andersson. Move MCD 512 10 Weiner, L. Hungarian folk dance suite, op 18 (1931). Philharmonia O/Neeme Järvi. Chandos CHAN 9029 28 Vaughan Williams, R. English folk song suite (1923). Royal Northern College of Music Wind O/Timothy Reynish. Chandos CHAN 9697 15 15:00 FROM THE 19TH CENTURY Seldom heard compositions Prepared by Frank Morrison Volkmann, R. Serenade no 2 in F, op 63 (1870). German Chamber Academy/ Johannes Goritzki. cpo 999 159-2 12 Holmès, A. Trois petites pieces (1897). Laura Chislett, fl; David Miller, pf. Walsingham WAL 8018-2 7 Czerny, C. Capriccio à la fuga, op 89 (1826). Martin Jones, pf. Nimbus NI 5872/3 5 Loewe, C. The innkeeper’s daughter, op 1 no 2 (1824). Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, bar; Hartmut Höll, pf. apex 0927 44767 2 4 Bache, F. Piano concerto in E, op 18 (1856). BBC Scottish SO/Howard Shelley, pf & dir. Hyperion CDA67595 25 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with David Brett 19:00 JAZZ NICE ‘N EASY with Ken Weatherley 20:00 STORMY MONDAY with Austin Harrison and Garth Sundberg 22:00 THE AUSTRALIAN JAZZ SCENE with Susan Gai Dowling and Peter Nelson 20

Tuesday 6 DECEMBER 0:00 CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE 3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Julie Simonds 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Artist of choice: Barry Tuckwell Prepared by Paul Cooke Poulenc, F. Elegy in memory of Dennis Brain (1957). Daniel Blumenthal, pf. Etcetera KTC 1135 9 Weber, C.M. Horn concertino in E minor, op 45 (1809/15). Academy of St Martin in the Fields/Neville Marriner. EMI 5 69395 2 17 Reinecke, C. Trio in A minor, op 188 (1887). Ingo Goritzki, ob; Ricardo Requejo, pf. Claves 50 803 28 Knussen, O. Horn concerto, op 28 (1994). London Sinfonietta/Oliver Knussen. DG 449 572-2 12 Koechlin, C. Sonata, op 70 (1918-25) Daniel Blumenthal, pf. ASV DCA 716 14 Barry Tuckwell, hn (all above) 10:30 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Gerald Holder Handel, G. Overture to Semele, HWV58 (1743). Australian Brandenburg O/Paul Dyer. ABC 456 689-2 7 Locatelli, P. Violin concerto in C minor, op 3 no 2 (pub. 1733). Elizabeth Wallfisch, vn; Raglan Baroque Players/Nicholas Kraemer. Hyperion CDS44391/3 19 Mendelssohn, F. A midsummer night’s dream (1826/43) Kathleen Battle, sop; Frederica von Stade, mezz; Judi Dench, narr; Tanglewood Festival Ch; Boston SO/ Seiji Ozawa. DG 439 897-2 56 12:00 JAZZ RHYTHM with Jeannie McInnes An eclectic blending of agreeable rhythm and melody from the New Orleans jazz roots through to recent decades, including many Australian bands 13:00 THE ORCHESTRAL CLARINET Prepared by Oliver Shermacher Kodály, Z. Dances of Galánta (1933). Philharmonia Hungarica/Antal Doráti. Decca 443 006-2 15 Tchaikovsky, P. Suite no 4 in G, op 61, Mozartiana (1887). Scottish CO/José Serebrier. ASV DCA 719 25 Puccini, G. E lucevan le stelle, from Tosca (1900). Plácido Domingo, ten; New Philharmonia O/Zubin Mehta. Sony 88697526902 3


Respighi, O. Symphonic poem: The pines of Rome (1924). Cleveland O/Lorin Maazel. Decca 478 2826 21 Copland, A. Clarinet concerto (1947-48). Martin Fröst, cl; Lucy Reeves, hp; Benjamin Martin, pf; Australian CO/Richard Tognetti. BIS SACD 1863 16 14:30 HEROES Prepared by Rex Burgess Gluck, C. Ah! non turbi il mio riposo, from Telemaco (1765). 3 Hasse, J. Pallido il sole, from Artaserse (1730). 4 Handel, G. Where’er you walk, from Solomon, HWV58 (1744). 4 Mozart, W. Venga pur, minacci e frema, from Mitridate, K87 (1770). 7 Gluck, C. Che farò senza Euridice? from Orpheus and Eurydice (1762). 4 Andreas Scholl, ct; O of the Age of Enlightenment/Roger Norrington (all above) Decca 466 196-2 15:00 TWO OF A KIND Prepared by Emyr Evans Franck, C. Sonata in A (1886). Jennifer Pike, vn; Martin Roscoe, pf. Chandos CHAN 10667 28 Rachmaninov, S. Sonata no 2 in B flat minor, op 36 (1913). Vladimir Ashkenazy, pf. Decca 414417-2 26 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Andrew Dziedzic 19:00 THE JAZZ BEAT with Lloyd Capps Smooth small group jazz from the 50s on, and with a visit from Miles Davis each week 20:00 RECENT RELEASES with Michael Field 22:00 CHAMBER SOIRÉE Prepared by Phil Vendy Grieg, E. Sonata no 1 in F, op 8 (1865). Lydia Mordkovitch, vn; Elena Mordkovitch, pf. Chandos CHAN 9184 25 Foerster, J. Piano trio no 1 in F minor, op 8 (1883). Janácek Trio. Supraphon SU4079-2 30 Byrd, W. Fantasy. Nancy Hadden, fl; Catherine Mackintosh, viol; James Tyler, viol; Jane Ryan, viol; Robert Spencer, pandora, lute; Julian Bream, lute. RCA RD87801 2 Leighton, K. Serenade in C. Kenneth Smith, fl; Paul Rhodes, pf. ASV DCA 862 12 Borodin, A. Sonata in B minor (1860). Ottó Kertész Jr, vc; Ilona Prunyi, pf. Marco Polo 8.223172 22 Romberg, A. Clarinet quintet, op 57 (1819). Members of Consortium Classicum/Dieter Klöcker. Orfeo C314 941 A 20

Wednesday 7 DECEMBER 13:00 THE HUMBLE RECORDER Prepared by Mariko Yata Anon. Istampita Aquila altera. Little Consort Amsterdam. Etcetera KTC-1005 2 Kats-Chernin, E. Re-inventions nos 1 and 2. Genevieve Lacey, rec; Flinders Quartet. 9 Holmboe, V. Seven folk ballads (1983). Bolette Roed, rec; Jesper Siveboek, gui. Dacapo 8.226143 6 Rostislav Dubinsky 0:00 CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE 3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Peter Kurti 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Music of the 18th century Prepared by Rex Burgess

Berio, L. Gesti (1966). Erik Bosgraaf, rec. Radio Nederland MCCP124 4 Vivaldi, A. Recorder concerto in C, RV443, mvt 2 and 3. Piers Adams, rec; Musica da Camera. Collins D 26012 7 Westlake, N. Flight research; Do emus dream of flying? from the soundtrack of Paper planes (2015). Hannah Coleman, rec; Melbourne SO/Nigel Westlake. ABC 481 1477 8

Bach, J.S. Brandenburg concerto no 3 in G, BWV1048 (1713). Brandenburg Consort/Roy Goodman, vn & dir. Hyperion CDA66611 12

Chopin, F. Variations on Non più mesta, from Rossini’s Cinderella (arr. Adams, Giacomantonio). Genevieve Lacey, rec; Karin Schaupp, gui. ABC 476 524-9 7

Bach, W.F. Harpsichord concerto in A minor (1733). Richard Egarr, hpd; London Baroque/Charles Medlam. Harmonia Mundi HMC 901558 15

Eyck, J. What shall we do in the evening? from The flute’s garden of delight (pub. 1654). Eric Bosgraaf, rec. Brilliant Classics 93391 6

Bach, J.S. Cello suite no 1 in G, BWV1007 (1720). Edgar Meyer, db. Sony SK 89183 17

14:00 SCHUMANN 160 YEARS ON Prepared by Frank Morrison Schumann, R. Trio no 2 in F, op 80 (1847). Rostislav Dubinsky, vn; Yuli Turovsky, vc; Luba Edlina, pf. Chandos CHAN 8832/33 31

Bach, C.P.E. Magnificat in D minor (1749). Elizabeth Watts, sop; Wiebke Lehmkuhl, cont; Lothar Odinius, ten; Markus Eiche, bass; RIAS Chamber Choir; Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin/Hans-Christoph Rademann. Harmonia Mundi HMC 902167 38 10:30 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Denis Patterson Mozart, W. Serenade no 13 in G, K525, Eine kleine Nachtmusik (1787). Orpheus CO. DG 431 689-2 17 Britten, B. Violin concerto in D minor, op 15 (1939/58). Gil Shaham, vn; Boston SO/ Juanjo Mena. Canary Classics CC12 33 Harty, H. An Irish symphony (1904/15/24). NSO of Ireland/Proinssías O’Duinn. Naxos 8.554732 31 12:00 JAZZ SKETCHES with Robert Vale Jazz of many colours, some old, some new and all designed to inform and stimulate the senses

Aus den hebräischen Gesängen, from Myrthen, op 25 (1840). Nellie van der Sijde, sop; Kelvin Grout, pf. Globe GLO 5025 5 Arabeske in C, op 18 (1838). Maurizio Pollini, pf. DG 479 0908 6 String quartet in A, op 41 no 3 (1842). Takács Quartet. Hyperion CDA67631 27 Berg und Burgen schaun herunter, from Liederkreis, op 24 (1840). Olaf Bär, bar; Geoffrey Parsons, pf. EMI CDC 7 54027 2 4 Symphony no 1 in B flat, op 38, Spring (1841). Bavarian RSO/Rafael Kubelik. Sony SBK 48 269 35 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Tom Forrester-Paton

19:00 JAZZ STARS AND STRIPES with Peter Mitchell The stars of American jazz from bebop on, mainly small group low temperature jazz 20:00 AT THE OPERA Prepared by Colleen Chesterman Rossini, G. Otello. Opera in three acts. Libretto by Francesco Maria Berio. First performed Naples, 1816. OTELLO: José Carreras, ten DESDEMONA: Frederica von Stade, sop IAGO: Gianfranco Pastine, ten RODRIGO: Salvatore Fisichella, ten ELMIRO: Samuel Ramey, bass Amrosian Opera Ch; Philharmonia O/Jesús López Cobos. Philips 432 456-2 2:33 Otello, an African general in the service of Venice, returns victorious from a battle against the Turks. He secretly weds Desdemona, daughter of his enemy, Elmiro, who has already promised her to Rodrigo, son of the Doge. Iago, another frustrated lover of Desdemona and a secret enemy of Otello, pretends to support Rodrigo’s courtship, in order to stir up trouble. A letter from Rodrigo is intercepted, which Iago gives to Otello, leading Otello to believe his wife is unfaithful. He plans to kill his wife and stabs her after breaking in to her bedchamber. After finding out the deceit of Iago and the innocence of his wife, Otello descends into madness. Memento homo (1857-68). Marco Sollini, piano. Chandos CHAN 10520 7 23:00 EARLY 20TH CENTURY ENGLAND Prepared by Frank Morrison Coleridge-Taylor, S. Petite suite de concert, op 77 (1910). RTE Concert O/Adrian Leaper. Marco Polo 8.223516 16 Clarke, R. Morpheus (1918). Paul Coletti, va; Leslie Howard, pf. Hyperion CDA66687 6 Holst, G. Quintet in A minor, op 3 (1903). Christopher O’Neal, ob; Julian Farrell, cl; Christopher Blake, hn; Richard Skinner, bn; Anthony Goldstone, pf. Chandos CHAN 9077 17 Ireland, J. Mai-dun, symphonic rhapsody (1920-1). Eric Parkin, pf; London PO/Bryden Thomson. Chandos CHAN 8461 14

December 2016

fineMusic 102.5



20:00 LIVE AND LOCAL Ku-Ring-Gai Virtuosi in concert Recorded by Kerry Joyner for FINE MUSIC

3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Simon Moore

Crusell, B. Quartet no 1 (c1803). Carl Pini, vn; Georg Pedersen, vc. 22 Basden, D. Spiral dance (1999). 28

9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Two’s company Prepared by Emyr Evans

Deborah de Graaff, cl; Anne-Louise Comerford, va (2 above)

Villa-Lobos, H. Assobio à jato (1950). Renate Greiss-Armin, fl; Martin Ostertag, vc. Bayer BR 100118 11 Hindemith, P. Concert music, op 49 (1930). Mary Walter, hp; Patrice Lockhart Jenks, hp; Theodor Lichtmann, pf; Summit Brass. Summit DCD 115-2 25 Arnold, M. Concerto for two pianos, three hands, op 104 (1969). David Nettle, pf; Richard Markham, pf; Royal PO/Vernon Handley. Conifer 75605 51240 2 14 Maxwell Davies, P. An Orkney wedding, with sunrise (1985). Nancy Crutcher Tunnicliffe, bagpipes; Max Hobart, vn; Boston Pops O/John Williams. Philips 420 946-2 14 Bach, W.F. Concerto a duoi cembali concertati. Rafael Puyana, hpd; Genoveva Galvez, hpd. Mercury 478 5092 13 10:30 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Paul Cooke

Max Hobart Coward, N. Begin the beguine. Noël Coward, voice; Peter Matz, pf; O/Carl Hayes. Sony MDK 47253 4 Grainger, P. Fantasy on Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess (pub. 1951). Bilder Duo. Grand Piano GP633 21 Trad. Widdicombe fair (arr. Langford). King’s Singers. Signum SIGCD150 4 14:00 DOWN BY THE RIVERSIDE Prepared by Randolph Magri-Overend Weber, C.M. Overture to Peter Schmoll und seine Nachbarn (1803). New Zealand SO/ Antoni Witt. Naxos 8.570296 10

Parry, H. Overture to an unwritten tragedy (1894). English Northern Philharmonia/David Lloyd-Jones. Hyperion CDA66515 11

Wagner, R. Siegfried’s Rhine journey, from Götterdämmerung (1869-74). Birgit Nilsson, sop; Wolfgang Windgassen, ten; Vienna PO/ Georg Solti. Decca 476 2457 21

Moscheles, I. Piano concerto no 4 in E, op 64 (1823). Tasmanian SO/Howard Shelley, pf & dir. Hyperion CDA67430 26

Smetana, B. The Moldau from My country (1874-79). Sydney SO/Edo de Waart. ABC 462 013-2 12

Glazunov, A. Symphony no 3 in D, op 33 (1890). London SO/Yondani Butt. ASV DCA 903 46 12:00 JAZZ, PURE AND SIMPLE with Maureen Meers 13:00 ON THE LIGHTER SIDE Prepared by Susan Briedis Walton, W. Suite no 1 from Façade (1926/38). London PO/Jan Latham-Koenig. Chandos CHAN 9148 12 Offenbach, J. Doll song, from The tales of Hoffmann (1881). Emma Matthews, sop; Monte Carlo PO/Brad Cohen. ABC 476 4991 5 Sousa, J.P. Humoresque on Kern’s Look for the silver lining (1922). Royal Norwegian Navy Band/Keith Brion. Naxos 8.559397 6 22

Shostakovich, D. Satires, op 109 (1960). Adele Johnston, sop; Natalia Sheludiakova, pf. 14

Gould, M. Suite from ballet, Fall River legend (1947). Eastman-Rochester O/ Howard Hanson. Mercury 475 6274 21 Gross, E. Song of the Darling River; The shearer’s dream; Address to a toothache; Epitaph on holy Willie (1970). Alan Light, bass; Sydney SO/Eric Gross. Jade JADCD 1039 12 Arnold, M. Suite from The bridge on the River Kwai (1957). London SO/Richard Hickox. Chandos CHAN 9100 29 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Marilyn Schock 19:00 THE NEW JAZZ STANDARD with Frank Presley


Schumann, R. Quartet in E flat, op 47 (1842). Carl Pini, vn; Anne-Louise Comerford, va; Georg Pedersen, vc; Natalia Sheludiakova, pf. 27 21:30 JOHN WILLIAMS GOES TO SPAIN Prepared by Gael Golla Granados, E. Spanish dance no 5 (c188090; arr. Williams). 4 Rodrigo, J. Fandango (1954). 4 Tárrega, F. Recuerdos de la Alhambra. 4 CBS MK 44794 (3 above) Turina, J. Fandanguillo, op 36 (1926). Sony 88697529852 5 Albéniz, I. Córdoba, op 232 no 4 (1896; arr. Williams). CBS MK 44794 7 John Williams, gui (all above) 22:00 DIFFERING PATHS OF THE 20TH CENTURY Prepared by Phil Vendy Khrennikov, T. Piano concerto no 3, op 28. Tikhon Khrennikov, pf; Moscow Radio Tchaikovsky SO/Vladimir Fedoseyev. Brilliant Classics 9448 20 Hyde, M. Sonata in G minor (1941-44). John Martin, pf. Wirripang WIRR 052 25 Larsen, L. If I leave all for thee. Arleen Auger, sop; members of Saint Paul CO; Minnesota O/Joel Revzen. Koch 3-7248-2 5 Turner, R. Sonata (c1956). Jack Glatzer, vn; Delores Jerde Keahey, pf. Eckhardt-Grammatté EGF 200D 19 Banks, D. Prologue; Night piece; Blues for two (1968). Nigel Westlake, cl; David Bollard, pf. Tall Poppies TP004 6 Grechaninov, A. Symphony no 4, op 102 (1927). Russian State SO/Valery Polyansky. Chandos CHAN 9559 35


16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Lloyd Capps

3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Janine Burrus

19:00 FRIDAY JAZZ SESSION with Sally Cameron 20:00 THE ROMANTIC ERA Prepared by Katy Rogers-Davies

9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Only strings Prepared by Di Cox

Schubert, F. Ballet, from incidental music to Rosamunde, Fürstin von Zypern, D797 (1823). CO of Europe/Claudio Abbado. DG 431 655-2 7

Britten, B. Simple symphony, op 4 (1934). Northern Sinfonia/Steuart Bedford. Naxos 8.557205 16 Fossa, F. de Guitar trio no 1 in A, op 18 (1808). Martin Beaver, vn; Bryan Epperson, vc; Simon Wynberg, gui. Naxos 8.550760 26 Haydn, J. Baryton trio in D, Hob.XI:97, Birthday. David Miller, va; Fortunato Arico, vc; John Hsu, baryton. ASV GAU 104 17 Gershwin, G. Bouquet for harp solo. Sylvia Kowalczuk, hp. Hungaroton HCD 31550 7 Mozart, W. String quartet no 5 in F, K158 (1772). Festetics Quartet. Hungaroton HCD 31443-45 13 10:30 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Rex Burgess Smetana, B. Overture to The bartered bride (1866). Buffalo PO/JoAnn Falletta. 7 Respighi, O. Roman festivals (1928). Cleveland O/Lorion Maazel. Decca 478 3156/67 26 Ravel, M. Shéhérazade (1903). Barbara Hendricks, sop; Philippe Bernold, fl; Lyon Opera O/John Eliot Gardiner. EMI CDC 7 49689 2 16 Britten, B. Symphony for cello and orchestra, op 68 (1963). Mstislav Rostropovich, vc; Moscow PO/Benjamin Britten. EMI 5 62827 2 33 12:00 A JAZZ HOUR with Barry O’Sullivan 13:00 FEATURING THE HORN Prepared by Gael Golla Poulenc, F. Elegy (1957). André Cazalet, hn; Pascal Rogé, pf. Decca 443 968-2 11 Mozart, W. Horn quintet in E flat, K407 (1782). Barry Tuckwell, hn; Kenneth Sillito, vn; Kenneth Essex, va; Ian Jewel, va; Kenneth Harvey, vc. Decca 421 393-2 19

Ilya Gringolts Hindemith, P. Sonata (1943). Larry Strieby, hn; Theodor Lichtmann, pf. Summit DCD 115-2 11 Arnold, M. Horn concerto no 2, op 58 (1956). Alan Civil, hn; Bournemouth Sinfonietta/Norman Del Mar. EMI CDM 7 63491 2 13 14:00 THE ROMANTIC VIOLIN Prepared by Derek Parker Boccherini, L. Sonata in B flat for piano, violin and cello, op 12 no 5. Galimathias Musicum. Brilliant Classics 94386 8 Sarasate, P. de Spanish dance, op 33 (1889). David Oistrakh, vn; Igor Oistrakh, vn; Vladimir Yampolski, pf. Brilliant Classics 8402 6 Paganini, N. Moses-fantasie. Ilya Gringolts, vn; Irina Ryumina, pf. BIS CD-999 9 14:30 HAYDN’S CONTEMPORARIES Prepared by Stephen Wilson Philidor, F-A. Overture to The sorcerer (1764). Prague CO/Christian Benda. Naxos 8.557593/94 9 Bach, J.C.F. Trio sonata in F for two violins and basso continuo. London Baroque. BIS BIS-1995 9 Schobert, J. Keyboard concerto in G (1765). Eckart Sellheim, fp; Collegium Aureum. EMI CDC 7 47527-2 23 Bach, J. Christian Aria: Cara, la dolce fiamma, from Ariano in Siria (1765; arr. Ross). David Greco, bar; Australian Haydn Ensemble/Skye McIntosh. Fine Music concert recording 10

Skryabin, A. Polonaise in B flat minor, op 21 (1897). Vladimir Sofronitzky, pf. Brilliant Classics 9241 7 Liszt, F. Symphonic poem no 4: Orpheus (1853-54). New Zealand SO/Michael Halász. Naxos 8.553355 11 Schumann, R. Three romances, op 94 (1849). Christian Ferras, vn; Pierre Barbizet, pf. DG 480 6655 10 Chopin, F. Nocturne in G minor, op 15 no 3 (1833). Brigitte Engerer, pf. Harmonia Mundi HMG 501430.31 5 Mendelssohn, F. Overture: The Hebrides, op 26, Fingal’s Cave (1830). Tasmanian SO/ Sebastian Lang-Lessing. ABC 476 773-6 10 Saint-Saëns, C. Étude in the form of a waltz, op 52 no 6. François-René Duchâble, pf. EMI 5 72356 2 4 6 Berlioz, H. Symphonie fantastique, op 14 (1830). Sydney SO/Willem van Otterloo. ABC 476 595-7 49 22:00 BAROQUE AND BEFORE Prepared by Andrew Dziedzic Handel, G. Overture to Admeto, Re di Tessaglia, HWV22 (1727). Akademie Für Alte Musik. Harmonia Mundi HMC901685 6 La Resurrezione, HWV47 (1708). Annick Massis, sop; Jennifer Smith, sop; Linda Maguire, mezz; John Mark Ainsley, ten; Laurent Naouri, bass; Les Musiciens du Louvre/Marc Minkowski. Archiv 00289 479 1045 1:49

Soler, A. Fandango in D minor. Scott Ross, hpd. Erato 2292-45435-2 12 Beck, F. Symphony in E flat, op 3 no 4 (c1762). Toronto CO/Kevin Mallon. Naxos 8.570799 17

December 2016

fineMusic 102.5


Saturday 10 DECEMBER 12:00 URBAN JAZZ LOUNGE with Leita Hutchings 13:00 IN A SENTIMENTAL MOOD with Maureen Meers Nostalgic music and artists from the 30s, 40s and 50s and occasionally beyond, in a trip down many memory lanes 14:00 A TOUCH OF THE MOON Prepared by Randolph Magri-Overend

Mikhail Pletnev 0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT 6:00 SATURDAY MORNING MUSIC with David Garrett 9:00 WHAT’S ON IN MUSIC Our weekly guide to musical events in and around Sydney 9:05 ORCHESTRAS AROUND THE WORLD Montreal Symphony Orchestra Prepared by Randolph Magri-Overend Rossini, G. Overture to Semiramide (1823). Decca 460 590-2 12

20:00 INFLUENCES AND CONNECTIONS Ernst Dohnányi Prepared by Rex Burgess

Beethoven, L. Sonata no 14 in C sharp minor, op 27 no 2, Moonlight (1801). Radu Lupu, pf. Decca 478 2826 17

d’Albert, E. Overture to Esther (1888). Moscow SO/Dmitry Yablonsky. Naxos 8.553728 13

Strauss, R. Moonlight music, from Capriccio, op 85 (1942). Lucia Popp, sop; Walter Zeh, bar; Bamberg SO/Horst Stein. Eurodisc 258938 23 15:00 NUTCRACKER Prepared by Chris Blower

Prokofiev, S. Suite from Lieutenant Kijé, op 60 (1934). Decca 430506-2 20

Tchaikovsky, P. The nutcracker, op 71 (1892). Montreal SO/Charles Dutoit. Decca 440 477-2 1:28

Gershwin, G. A symphonic portrait of Porgy and Bess (1935/43; arr. Bennett). Decca 425 111-2 24 Montreal SO/Charles Dutoit (all above) 10:30 SMALL FORCES Prepared by Paul Hopwood Schumann, C. Trio in G minor, op 17 (1846). Joseph Silverstein, vn; Colin Carr, vc; Veronica Jochum, pf. Pro Arte CDD 395 28 Beach, A. Quintet in F sharp, op 67 (1907). Martin Roscoe, pf; Endellion Quartet. ASV DCA 932 27 11:30 ON PARADE Prepared by Robert Small Dreyfus, G. Rush; Liaisons; Mates; Euroa holiday; Larino; Safe haven; You’re remembered well, Clive Douglas; Waterfront; Festival music for the Gutenberg year (1974-89). Symphonic Wind Ensemble of the Johannes Gutenberg University/George Dreyfus. Move MCD 166 23 Fanfare for a new dome (pub. 2003). Kew Band/Tom Paulin. Move MD 3248 3

Vladimir Ashkenazy

Schubert, F. To the moon, D193 (1815). Bernarda Fink, mezz; Gerold Huber, pf. Hamonia Mundi HMC 901991 3

Ravel, M. Boléro (1928). Decca 478 2826 15

Debussy, C. Prélude à l’après midi d’un faune (1894). Timothy Hutchins, fl. Decca 4783691 11


Addinsell, R. Warsaw concerto, from Dangerous moonlight. Royal PO/José Serebrier. Sony 88697161052 9

Piano trio in A minor, op 50, In memory of a great artist (1881-82). Borodin Trio. Chandos CHAN 8975 50 17:30 THE VOICES, THE ROLES with Angela Cockburn Very loud tenors

Liszt, F. Après une lecture du Dante, fantasia quasi sonata, from Years of pilgrimage, bk 2 (1837-49). Stephen Hough, pf. Virgin 7 5922 2 16 Dohnányi, E. Quintet in E flat minor, op 26 (1914). Martin Roscoe, pf; Vanbrugh Quartet. ASV DCA 915 23 Brahms, J. Variations on a theme by Haydn, op 56a (1873). Scottish CO/Charles Mackerras. Telarc CD-80450 17 Kodály, Z. Ode to Liszt. Lajos Miller, bar; Hungarian RT Ch/János Ferencsik. LP Hungaroton SLPD 12352 8

18:00 SOCIETY SPOT Organ Music Society of Sydney Prepared by Andrew Grahame

Dohnányi, E. Violin concerto no 2 in C minor, op 43 (1949). Michael Ludwig, vn; Royal Scottish NO/JoAnn Falletta. Naxos 8.570833 31

19:00 THE MAGIC OF STAGE AND SCREEN Prepared by Maureen Meers

22:00 SATURDAY NIGHT AT HOME A suite of suites Prepared by Elaine Siversen

Romberg, S. Excerpts from The new moon (1927). Kylie Gonyea, Maureen Francis, Stephanie Carlson, David Craig Starkey, voices. Indre Classics IND90152 19

Sullivan, A. Suite from Pineapple poll (arr. Mackerras). Tasmanian SO/Marc Taddei. ABC 481 1143 20

Friml, R. Excerpts from The vagabond king (1925). Gordon MacRae, Lucille Norman, voices. Vintage Music 2011 14 Romberg, S. Excerpts from The desert song (1927). Lucille Norman, Robert Sands, Gordon MacRae, voices. Hallmark 707902 17


Grieg, E. Suite no 1, op 46, from Peer Gynt (1876). Vienna PO/Herbert von Karajan. Decca 478 5630 15 Strauss, R. Suite from Whipped cream, op 70 (1924). Detroit SO/Neeme Järvi. Chandos CHAN 9606 50 Tchaikovsky, P. Suite no 4 in G, op 61, Mozartiana (1887). USSR Academic SO/ Yevgeny Svetlanov. Olympia OCD 109 28

Sunday 11 DECEMBER 0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT 6:00 SUNDAY MORNING MUSIC with Robert Small 9:00 MUSICA SACRA Prepared by Francis Frank Kallstenius, E. Cantata, op 32, Sångoffer (1944). Olle Persson, bar; Swedish RSO/B. Tommy Andersson. Musica Sveciae PSCD 701 16

15:00 SUNDAY SPECIAL Christmas with Jakub Ryba Prepared by Stephen Matthews Ryba, J. Czech Christmas mass (1796). Capella Regia Musicalis/Robert Hugo. Archiv 477 8365 39 Flute quartet in F. Jan Ostry, fl; members of Nostitz String Quartet. Naxos 8.557729 18

Paisiello, G. Mass. St Petersburg Capella Soloists, Ch & O; Brass Ensemble Guy Touvron; Vladislav Chernushenko, cond. Koch 3-1208-2 36

Litaniae Laurentanae (1812). Corus Cameralis Pragense; Puellarum Pragensis O/Leos Svárovsky. Argentura AC 0003-2 2 3 1 16

10:00 THE CLASSICAL ERA Prepared by Di Cox

String quartet in D. Nostitz String Quartet. Naxos 8.557729 10

Bach, C.P.E. Sinfonia in A (1773). English Concert/Trevor Pinnock. Archiv 415 300-2 12

Shepherds’ carols. Magdalena Kozená, mezz; Capella Regia Musicalis/Robert Hugo. Archiv 477 8365 10

Mozart, W. Sonata in D, K448 (1781). Christoph Eschenbach, pf; Justus Frantz, pf. DG 435 042-2 24

Mass in E minor. Coro di Praga; New Czech CO/Jiri Belohlávek. Multi Sonic 31-0200-2 10

Danzi, F. Wind quintet in B flat, op 56 no 1 (pub. 1821). Biedermeier Quintet. Globe GLO 5114 15

17:00 HOSANNA Australian choirs sing Christmas Prepared by Meg Matthews

Haydn, M. Der Morgen im Lenz; Die Elfen. Die Singphoniker. cpo 999 333-2 6

Various. Il est né, le divin enfant; Walking in the air; A flock of stars; Gaudete. Gondwana and Sydney Childen’s Choir/Lyn Wiliams. ABC 476 6956 13

Spohr, L. Clarinet concerto no 2 in E flat, op 57 (1810). Karl Leister, cl; Stuttgart RSO/ Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos. Orfeo C 088 201 A 26 Haydn, J. Symphony in G, Hob.I:92, Oxford (1789). Vienna PO/Leonard Bernstein. DG 413 777-2 28 12:00 SYDNEY JAZZ CLUB PRESENTS Classic jazz and ragtime with John Buchanan The early days of jazz and ragtime as recorded during the first 30 years of the 20th century 13:00 WORLD MUSIC: Whirled Wide 14:00 AMERICAN BARBER Prepared by Lyn Chong Barber, S. Overture: The school for scandal, op 5 (1931). Baltimore SO/David Zinman. Argo 436 288-2 8 Agnus Dei. Australian Brandenburg Ch & O/ Paul Dyer. ABC 481 2176 7 Piano concerto, op 38 (1962). Abbott Ruskin, pf; MIT SO/David Epstein. Pantheon D 14104 28 Canzonetta for oboe and strings. Stéphane Rancourt, ob; Royal Scottish NO/Marin Alsop. Naxos 8.559135 9

Various. Nuit, from In navitatem Domini Canticum; Ríu, ríu, chíu; Swete was the song. Sara Macliver, sop; Brandenburg Choir; Australian Brandenburg O/Paul Dyer. ABC 472 606-2 10 Various An Australian carol; See amid the winter’s snow; Czech carol; Infant holy (arr. Jeffcoat). Choir of St John’s Cathedral, Brisbane; Christopher Cook, org; Rupert Jeffcoat, cond. St John’s Cathedral Choir 11 Es ist ein Ros entsprungen; Tomorrow shall be my dancing day; The virgin Mary; Away in a manger (arr. Willcocks). Choir of St Peter’s Cathedral, Adelaide/Leonie Hampton. St. Peter’s Cathedral, Adelaide 11

(1796). Heinz Holliger, ob; Eduard Brunner, cl; Klaus Thunemann, bn; Hermann Baumann, hn. Decca/Philips 478 9097 29 Liszt, F. Excerpt from The Christmas tree (1872-74). Decca/Philips 478 9106 4 Alfred Brendel, pf (all above) 19:00 SUNDAY NIGHT CONCERT Prepared by Frank Morrison Ravel, M. Sheherezade, fairy overture (1898). Lyon NO/Jun Märkl. Naxos 8.570992 16 Brahms, J. Double concerto in A minor, op 102 (1887). David Oistrakh, vn; Mstislav Rostropovich, vc; Cleveland O/George Szell. EMI 5 66902-2 33 Prokofiev, S. Symphony no 7 in C sharp minor, op 131 (1951-52). Scottish NO/ Neeme Järvi. Chandos CHAN 8442 31 20:30 NEW HORIZONS Prepared by James Nightingale Kirkland Snider, S. Daughter of the waves (2010). yMusic. New Amsterdam Records NWAM032 9 Rautavaara, E. Manhattan trilogy (2004). New Zealand SO/Pietari Inkinen. Naxos 8.570069 18 Saariaho, K. Terrestre (2003). International Contemporary Ensemble. 11 Kerry, G. Making signs (2014). Syzygy Ensemble. Syzygy Ensemble 11 Abrahamsen, H. Let me tell you (2013). Philippa Davies, fl; Lucy Wakeford, hp; Helen Tunstall, hp; Hugh Webb, hp. Winter & Winter 910 232-2 33 22:00 AFTER HOURS JAZZ with Kevin Jones

The little drummer boy; Unto us is born a son (arr. Willcocks). Choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle/Philip Matthias. 5 Unto us is born a son. Anthony Jennings, org. 4 Chartreuse 313842 0022 (2 above) 18:00 THE BRENDEL LEGACY Prepared by Meg Matthews Haydn, J. Sonata in E flat, Hob.XVI:52 (1794). Decca/Philips 478 9053 21 Beethoven, L. Quintet in E flat, op 16

December 2016

fineMusic 102.5


Monday 12 DECEMBER

Howard Shelley

Gerd Albrecht 0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with James Hunter 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC A year in retrospect: 1727 Prepared by Francis Frank Bach, J.S. Trio sonata in G minor, BWV527 (c 1727). Palladian Ensemble. Linn CKD 036 15 Barsanti, F. Sonata in C, op 1 no 2 (1727). Il Giardino Armonico. Nuova Era 6789 8 Bach, J.S. Ebarme dich, from St Matthew Passion, BWV244 (1727). Aafje Heynis, cont; Wolfgang Schneider, vn; Vienna SO/ Hans Gillesberger. Philips 464 631-2 7 Roman, J. Suite in G minor, Sjukmans Musiquen (1727-28). National Museum CO/ Claude Génetay. Musica Sveciae PRCD 9047 25 Vivaldi, A. Violin concerto in A minor, from La cetra, RV358 (pub. 1727; arr. Chandler). Nicola Benedetti, vn; Scottish CO/Christian Curnyn. Decca 476 4342 8 Graupner, C. Das Licht scheinet in der Finsternis (1727-28). Veronika Winter, sop; Franz Vitzthum, alto; Jan Kobow, ten; Markus Flaig, bass; Das Kleine Konzert/ Hermann Max. cpo 777 572-2 15 10:30 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Derek Parker Moniuszko, S. Overture: Bajka, The fairy tale (1848). Warsaw PO/Antoni Wit. Naxos 8.572716 13 Dvorák, A. Piano concerto in G minor, op 33 (1876). Garrick Ohlsson, pf; Czech PO/Jirí Belohlávek. Decca 478 6757 40 26

Dutilleux, H. Symphony no 2 (1959). BBC PO/Yan Pascal Tortelier. Chandos CHAN 9194 29 12:00 SWING SESSIONS with John Buchanan 13:00 BAGATELLES Prepared by Oliver Shermacher Beethoven, L. Six Bagatelles, op 126 (182324). Stephen Kovacevich, pf. EMI 5 62700 2 17 Ligeti, G. Six bagatelles (1953). Canberra Wind Soloists. ABC 434 718-2 11 Nielsen, C. Humoresque-bagatelles, op 11 (c1890). Elisabeth Westenholz, pf. BIS CD-167/168 6

Violin concerto no 8 in A minor, op 47 (1816). Elizabeth Wallfisch, vn; Brandenburg O/Roy Goodman. Hyperion CDA66840 19 Symphony no 10 in E flat (1857). Swiss Italian O/Howard Shelley. Hyperion CDA67802 26 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with David Brett 19:00 JAZZ NICE ‘N EASY with Ken Weatherley 20:00 STORMY MONDAY with Austin Harrison and Garth Sundberg 22:00 THE AUSTRALIAN JAZZ SCENE with Susan Gai Dowling and Peter Nelson

Dvorák, A. Bagatelles, op 47 (1878). Charles Castleman, vn; Julie Gigante, vn; Pamela Frame, vc; Barbara Harbach, harmonium. Albany TROY 041 16 Walton, W. Five bagatelles (1971). Craig Ogden, gui. Nimbus NI 5390 14 Beethoven, L. Bagatelle in A minor, WoO59, Für Elise (1810). Stephanie McCallum, pf. ABC 476 688-9 3 Finzi, G. Five bagatelles, op 23a (1943; arr. Ashmore). Robert Plane, cl; Northern Sinfonia/Howard Griffiths. Naxos 8.553566 15 14:30 A FORGOTTEN MASTER Prepared by Stephen Wilson Spohr, L. Overture to Jessonda, op 63 (1821). Berlin RSO/Gerd Albrecht. LP Schwann VMS 1620 7 Nonet for strings and winds, op 31 (1813). Consortium Classicum/Dieter Klöcker. Orfeo C 155 871 A 28



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Tuesday 13 DECEMBER

Marie-Luise Neunecker 0:00 CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE 3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Julie Simonds 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Artist of choice: Maria Kliegel Prepared by Anne Irish Schumann, Camillo. Konzertstücke, op 20. Francesco Piemontesi, pf. Naxos 8.572314 12 Lalo, E. Cello concerto in D minor (1877). Nicolaus Esterházy Sinfonia/Michael Halász. Naxos 8.554469 28 Fauré, G. Elégie, op 24 (1880). Nina Tichman, pf. Naxos 8.557889 7 Schubert, F. Sonata in A minor, D821, Arpeggione (1824). Kristin Merscher, pf. Naxos 8.550654 28 Saint-Saëns, C. The swan, from The carnival of the animals, op 43 (1886). Bournemouth Sinfonietta/Jean-François Monnard. Naxos 8.553039 4 Maria Kliegel, vc (all above) 10:30 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Denis Patterson Mendelssohn, F. Overture: Calm sea and prosperous voyage, op 27 (1828). Slovak PO/Oliver Dohnányi. Naxos 8.554433 14 Grieg, E. Old Norwegian melody with variations, op 51 (1890/1905; orch. 1900). Cologne WDR SO/Eivind Aadland. Audite 92.669 23

Leonard Bernstein Liszt, F. Piano concerto no 2 in A, S125 (1839/49/61). Lazar Berman, pf; Vienna SO/ Carlo Maria Giulini. DG 478 4234 22 Pleyel, I. Symphony in D minor (1791). London Mozart Players/Matthias Bamert. Chandos CHAN 9525 23 12:00 JAZZ RHYTHM with Jeannie McInnes 13:00 LEGENDARY SINGERS with Randolph Magri-Overend 14:00 CLASSICAL JUKEBOX Prepared by Randolph Magri-Overend Lehár, F. Dein ist mein ganzes, from The land of smiles (1929). Plácido Domingo, ten; O del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino; O del Teatro dell’Opera di Roma/Zubin Mehta. Decca 478 2826 4

22:00 CHAMBER SOIRÉE Prepared by Francis Frank Giuliani, M. Gran duetto concertante, op 52. Mikael Helasvuo, fl; Jukka Savijoki, gui. BIS CD-411 15 Boccherini, L. Quintet in B flat, op 17 no 4 (1773). Alexandre Magnin, fl; Janácek Quartet. Naxos 8.553719    10 Glinka, M. Trio pathétique in D minor (1832). Oistrakh Trio. Brilliant Classics 9272  16 Mozart, W. Duet, from The marriage of Figaro, K492 (1786). Wolfgang Schulz, fl; Hansjorg Schellenberger, ob. DG 423 611-2 13

Mahler, G. Five Lieder on poems by Friedrich Rückert (1902). Thomas Hampson, bar; Vienna PO/Leonard Bernstein. DG 477 8825 22

Herzogenberg, H. Trio, op 61 (1889). Albrecht Mayer, ob; Marie-Luise Neunecker, hn; Markus Becker, pf. Decca 478 3564 22

Strauss, R. Four last songs, op posth (1948). Jessye Norman, sop; Gewandhaus O/Kurt Masur. Philips 411 052-2 25

Danzi, F. Wind quintet in B flat, op 56 no 1 (pub. 1821). Biedermeier Quintet. Globe GLO 5114 15

Rachmaninov, S. Symphony no 2 in E minor, op 27 (1906-07). Sydney SO/Vladimir Ashkenazy. Exton EXCL-00018 1:00

Hummel, J. Die Eselshaut (1814; arr. Sedlak). Albion Ensemble. Helios CDH55037 15

16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Derek Parker 18:00 SYDNEY SYMPHONY 2016 Produced by Andrew Bukenya LOGO What’s on in concerts during the next month 19:00 THE JAZZ BEAT with Lloyd Capps 20:00 RECENT RELEASES with David Ogilvie

December 2016

fineMusic 102.5


Wednesday 14 DECEMBER 0:00 CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE 3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Peter Kurti 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Music of the 18th century Prepared by Richard Verco Hoffmeister, F. String quartet in F, op 14 no 1 (1791). Aviv Quartet. Naxos 8.555952 18 Kraus, J.M. Vienna flute quintet in D (1783). Lena Weman, fl; Jaap Schröder, vn; Per Sandklef, vn; Björn Sjögren, va; Kari Ottesen, vc. Musica Sveciae MSCD 415 22 Clérambault, L-N. Cantata: Orpheus (1710). Julianne Baird, sop; Music’s Re-creation. Meridian CDE 84182 19 Gluck, C. Ballet: Semiramis (1765). Tafelmusik/Bruno Weill. Sony SK 53119 21 10:30 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Chris Blower Coleridge-Taylor, S. Suite from incidental music to Othello, op 79 (1909). RTE Concert O/Adrian Leaper. Marco Polo 8.223516 10

14:00 OPUS 9 Prepared by Randolph Magri-Overend Berlioz, H. Overture: Roman carnival, op 9 (1844). Philharmonia O/Herbert von Karajan. EMI CDM 1 66434-2 9 Schumann, R. Carnaval, op 9 (1833-35). Wilhelm Kempff, pf. DG 435 045-2 26 Sibelius, J. Symphonic poem: En saga, op 9 (1892/1901). Scottish NO/Alexander Gibson. Chandos CHAN 6524 18 Sor, F. Variations on a theme by Mozart, op 9 (c1814). Slava Grigorian, gui. ABC 472 224-2 9

To the distress of her father, the water nymph, Rusalka, wishing to become a mortal for love of a prince, agrees to the price imposed by the witch Jezibaba: loss of the power of speech. Also, if the prince is faithless, they will both be damned. The prince takes Rusalka to his castle. His servants fear that he is under a spell and he finds the silent Rusalka unresponsive to his passion. He turns to a foreign princess, although he fears Rusalka’s magic. The princess leaves him to his fate. Jezibaba gives the abandoned Rusalka a knife: she will be saved if she kills the prince. But she is unable to do so. He comes in search of her. Changed into a will-o’-the wisp, she kisses him as he dies and begs for divine mercy for him.

Glière, R. Horn concerto in B flat, op 91 (1952). Richard Watkins, hn; BBC PO/ Edward Downes. Chandos CHAN 9379 24

Albinoni, T. Concerto in D minor, op 9 no 2 (pub. 1721). Maurice André, tpt; Württemberg CO/Jörg Faerber. EMI CMS 7 69880-2 13

Brahms, J. Serenade no 1 in D, op 11 (1857-58). Scottish CO/Charles Mackerras. Telarc 80522 48

Korngold, E. Six simple songs, op 9 (191113). Barbara Hendricks, sop; Philadelphia O/ Franz Welser-Möst. EMI 5 56169 2 10

23:00 FOCUS ON BARTÓK Prepared by Emyr Evans

Barber, S. Symphony no 1, op 9 (1935-36). Detroit SO/Neeme Järvi. Chandos CHAN 8958 22

Hungarian folksongs (1930). Slovak Philharmonic Ch/Miklós Szabó. Hungaroton HCD 31047 12

16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with James Hunter

Concerto (1940). Nelson Freire, pf; Martha Argerich, pf; Jan Labordus, perc; Jan Pustjens, perc; Concertgebouw O/David Zinman. Philips 416 378-2 27

12:00 JAZZ SKETCHES with Robert Vale 13:00 NOT ONLY FOR CHILDREN Prepared by Frank Morrison Ziehrer, C. Children of the General (1912). Slovak State PO/Christian Pollack. Marco Polo 8.225332 8 Mendelssohn, F. Children’s pieces, op 72 (pub. 1847). Benjamin Frith, pf. Naxos 8.550940 8 Kálmán, E. Dorfkinder, village children. Berlin SO/Robert Stolz. Eurodisc 258 667 6 Rachmaninov, S. To the children, op 26 no 7 (1906). Robert Tear, ten; Philip Ledger, pf. Belart 461 6262 4 Prokofiev, S. Peter and the wolf, op 67 (1936). Ralph Richardson, narr; London SO/ Malcolm Sargent. Decca 478 5616 26 28

Adrian Leaper

19:00 JAZZ STARS AND STRIPES with Peter Mitchell 20:00 AT THE OPERA Prepared by Angela Cockburn Dvorák, A. Rusalka. Opera in three acts. Libretto by Jaroslav Kvapil. First performed Prague,1901. WATER SPRITE: Bruce Martin, bass RUSALKA: Cheryl Barker, sop JEZIBABA: Anne-Marie Owens, mezz PRINCE: Rosario La Spina, ten Opera Australia Ch; Australian Opera and Ballet O/ Richard Hickox. Chandos CHAN 10449 2:33


Overture to The king and the charcoal-burner (1871). CSSR State PO/Robert Stankovsky. Marco Polo 8.223272 9

Bartók, B. Dance suite (1923). Jenö Jandó, pf. Naxos 8.554718 15

Thursday 15 DECEMBER Bach, C.P.E. Cello concerto in A, Wq172 (1753). Asa Akerberg, vc. 18


Handel, G. Dove sei? from Rodelinda (1725); Sento brillar, from Il pastor fido (1715/34). Christina Högman, sop. 11

6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Simon Moore

Grieg, E. Holberg suite, op 4 (1884). 20

9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Two’s company Prepared by Michael Morton-Evans

Nils-Erik Sparf, cond (6 above) Australian CO (all above)

Schubert, F. Duo in A, D574 (1817). Pieter Wispelwey, vc; Paolo Giacometti, pf. Onyx 4046 22 Prokofiev, S. Sonata in C, op 56 (1932). Janine Janssen, vn; Boris Brovsyn, vn. Decca 478 3546 16 Grieg, E. Sonata in A minor, op 36 (1883). Steven Isserlis, vc; Stephen Hough, pf. RCA 09026 68290 2 25 Waghalter, I. Sonata in F minor, op 5. Irmina Trynkos, vn; Giorgi Latsabidze, pf. Naxos 8.572809 20 10:30 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Michael Morton-Evans Glinka, M. Overture and three dances, from Ivan Susanin (1836). USSR SO/Yevgeny Svetlanov. Melodiya SUCD 10-00166 25 Mendelssohn, F. Piano concerto no 2 in D minor, op 40 (1837). Jean-Yves Thibaudet, pf; Gewandhaus O/Herbert Blomstedt. Decca 468 600-2 21 Rachmaninov, S. Capriccio on gypsy themes, op 12 (1892/94). Queensland SO/ Vladimir Verbitsky. ABC 438 880-2 20 d’Indy, V. Saugefleurie, op 21 (1884). BBC NO of Wales/Thierry Fischer. Hyperion CDA67690 17 12:00 JAZZ, PURE AND SIMPLE with Maureen Meers 13:00 CITIES Prepared by Randolph Magri-Overend Bernstein, L. New York, New York, from On the town (1944; arr. Brown). Philharmonia O/ David Zinman. Sony SK89358 2 Villa-Lobos, H. Erosão, origem do Rio Amazonas (1950). Czecho-Slovak RSO/ Roberto Duarte. Marco Polo 8.223357 20 Respighi, O. The pines of Rome (1924). Leslie Pearson, org; Philharmonia O/Yan Pascal Tortelier. Chandos CHAN 8989 22 Piazzolla, A. Buenos Aires symphony, op 15 (1951). Daniel Binelli, ban; Nashville SO/

21:30 WIND INTERLUDE Prepared by Brian Drummond Stephen Hough Giancarlo Guerrero. Naxos 8.572271 26 Coates, E. London again suite (1936). Czecho-Slovak RSO/Adrian Leaper. Naxos 8.554710 17 Mozart, W. Symphony no 31 in D, K297, Paris (1778). Concertgebouw O/Nikolaus Harnoncourt. Teldec 8.42817 23 15:00 DOUBLE SHOT Prepared by Lyn Chong Poulenc, F. Figure humaine (1943). Groupe Vocale de France/John Aldis. EMI 5 65151 2 17 Prokofiev, S. Sonata in C, op 56 (1932). James Ehnes, vn; Amy Schwartz Moretti, vn. Chandos CHAN 10787(2) 14 Bruch, M. Concerto, op 88a (1915). Martin Berkofsky, pf; David Hagan, pf; Berlin SO/ Lutz Herbig. LP Turnabout TV 34732 23 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Sue Jowell 19:00 THE NEW JAZZ STANDARD with Frank Presley

Arnold, M. Clarinet sonatina, op 29 (1951). Michael Collins, cl; Ian Brown, pf. Hyperion CDA66172 8 Bach, C.P.E. Pastorale for oboe and bassoon. Fiati con Tasto. cpo 999 508-2 6 Françaix, J. Divertissement for oboe, clarinet and bassoon (1947). Members of Aulos Wind Quintet. Musica Mundi 310 022 H1 10 22:00 DIFFERING PATHS OF THE 20TH CENTURY Prepared by Robert Small Debussy, C. La mer (1905). Pascal Rogé, pf; Ami Rogé, pf. Onyx ONYX 4117 24 Britten, B. Violin concerto in D minor, op 15 (1939/58). Janine Jansen, vn; London SO/ Paavo Järvi. Decca 478 2826 33 Martinu, B. The parables (1958). Czech PO/ Jirí Belohlávek.. Supraphon 10 4140-2 21 Sculthorpe, P. The fifth continent (1963). Peter Sculthorpe, narr; Barbara Jane Gilby, vn; David Pereira, vc; Joseph Ortuso, ob; Bruce Lamont, tpt; Vanessa Souter, hp; Mark Atkins,didjeridu; Tasmanian SO/David Porcelijn. ABC 481 1293 30

20:00 LIVE AND LOCAL Swedish soloists with the ACO Recorded by FINE MUSIC Bach, J.S. Brandenburg concerto no 3 in G, BWV1048 (c1712). Lars Brolin, va; Nils-Erik Sparf, vn & dir. 12 Roman, J. Lord God, heavenly king, from Swedish Mass (c1752). 4 Kraus, J.M. Your life was but a chain, from Funeral cantata for Gustav III, Begravingskantat (1792). 2 Roman, J. We praise thee, from Swedish Mass. 2 Christina Högman, sop (3 above)

December 2016

fineMusic 102.5


Friday 16 DECEMBER 0:00 CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE 3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Janine Burrus 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Only strings Prepared by Emyr Evans Bach, J.S. Double concerto in D minor, BWV1043 (bef. 1730). Oscar Shumsky, vn; John Tunnell, vn; Scottish CO. Nimbus NI 7031 15 Vivaldi, A. Violin concerto in D, RV230 (pub. 1711). Café Zimmermann. Alpha 193 8 Prokofiev, S. String quartet no 2 in F, op 92 (1941). Chilingirian Quartet. Chandos CHAN 8929 20 Ellington, D. Solitude (1934; transcr. Gould). Detroit SO/Neeme Järvi. Chandos CHAN 241-44 4 Rääts, J. Concerto for strings, op 16 (1961). Moscow CO/Rudolph Barshai. Brilliant Classics 9286 13 Zádor, E. Divertimento for strings (1954). Budapest SO/Mariusz Smolij. Naxos 8.572549 17 10:30 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Melissa Evans Saint-Saëns, C. Orchestral suite in D, op 49 (1863). Paris Orchestral Ensemble/JeanJacques Kantorow. EMI 7 54913 2 19 Mozart, W. Piano concerto no 24 in C minor, K491 (1786). London Mozart Players/ Howard Shelley, pf & dir. Chandos CHAN 9326 30 Sibelius, J. Impromptu for string orchestra, Andante lirico (1894). Gothenburg SO/ Neeme Järvi. BIS CD 312 8 Tchaikovsky, P. Ballet suite: The sleeping beauty, op 66 (1890). Royal PO/Charles Mackerras. Telarc 80151 25 12:00 A JAZZ HOUR with Barry O’Sullivan 13:00 BEETHOVEN’S BIRTHDAY Prepared by Di Cox Beethoven, L. Overture to Coriolan, op 62 (1807). Berlin PO/Herbert von Karajan. DG 445 112-2 9 Piano concerto no 4 in G, op 58 (1805-06). Gerard Willems, pf; Sinfonia Australis/Antony Walker. ABC 980 046-5 34 30

An die ferne Geliebte, op 98 (1816). Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, bar; Gerald Moore, pf. Orfeo C 140501 A 13

Roskilde Cathedral; Gabrieli Consort and Players/Paul McCreesh. Decca 480 6933 7

Romance no 2 in F, op 50 (1798). Gidon Kremer, vn; CO of Europe. Teldec 9031-74881-2 8

Bach, J.S. Bereite dich, Zion, mit zärtlichen Trieben, from Cantata for the first day of the Nativity, from Christmas oratorio, BWV248 (1734). Carolyn Watkinson, cont; Lausanne Vocal Ensemble & CO/Michel Corboz. Erato 2292-45865-2 5

Symphony no 3 in E flat, op 55, Eroica (1804). Royal Concertgebouw O. Radio Nederland RCO 08005 46 Nikolaus Harnoncourt, cond (2 above) 15:00 SAINT-SAËNS AND THE CONCERTO Prepared by Chris Blower Chabrier, E. Larghetto (1875). Ronald Janezic, hn; Vienna PO/John Eliot Gardiner. DG 447 751-2 10 Bizet, G. Overture to Carmen (1875; arr. Pasquini, Zuvadelli). Pietro Pasquini, Francesco Zuvadelli, org. Brilliant Classics 94954 4 Debussy, C. Prélude à lápres-midi d’une faune. Karlheinz Zoeller, fl; Berlin PO/ Herbert von Karajan. DG 479 0540 10 Saint-Saëns, C. Piano concerto no 4 in C minor, op 44 (1875). Idel Biret, pf; Philharmonia O/James Loughran. Naxos 8.550334 30 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Brendan Walsh 19:00 FRIDAY JAZZ SESSION with Sally Cameron 20:00 THE ROMANTIC CENTURY Prepared by Frank Morrison Donizetti, G. String quartet no 12 in C (1821). Revolutionary Drawing Room. cpo 999 279-2 21 Paganini, N. Violin concerto no 2 in B minor, op 7 (1826). Salvatore Accardo, vn; London PO/Charles Dutoit. DG 437 210 2 31 Smyth, E. Quintet in E, op 1 (1884). Joachim Griesheimer, vc; Mannheim String Quartet. cpo 999 352-2 26 Cliffe, F. Violin concerto in D minor (1896). Philippe Graffin, vn; BBC NO of Wales/ David Lloyd-Jones. Hyperion CDA67838 32 22:00 BAROQUE AND BEFORE Prepared by Elaine Siversen Part 1: For the Nativity Praetorius, M. Puer natus in Bethlehem. Boys’ Choir and Congregational Choir of


Müller, M. Sonata per il Natale. Annerös Hulliger, org; Andrea Marcn, org; Philip Swanton, org. Schwann 3-1047-2 5 Schütz, H. Christmas story (1660). Concerto Vocale/René Jacobs. Harmonia Mundi HMX 2971310 33 Part 2: The glory of Venice Albinoni, T. Trumpet concerto in B flat, op 5 no 1 (pub. 1707). Maurice André, tpt; Academy of St Martin in the Fields/Neville Marriner. Erato 2292-45062-2 8 Stelle ingrate, from Astarto (1708); Selvagge amnentià, from Engelberta (1709). Andreas Scholl, ct; Accademia Bizantina/Ottavio Dantone. Decca 475 6569 7 Sonata in D, op 6 no 2 (pub. 1708). Locatelli Trio. Hyperion CDD22048 11 Recorder concerto, op 9 no 2 (pub. 1722). Michala Petri, rec; Kremerata Baltica. OUR 8.226905 11 Vien con nuova orribil guerra, from La Statira (1726). Maria Keohane, sop; Niklas Eklund, tpt; Jeffrey Segal, tpt; Wasa Baroque Ensemble. Naxos 8.555099 6 Double concerto in G, op 9 no 6 (1722). Anthony Camden, ob; Alison Alty, ob; London Virtuosi/John Georgiadis. Naxos 8.553002 11

Saturday 17 DECEMBER 0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT 6:00 SATURDAY MORNING MUSIC with Stephen Wilson 9:00 WHAT’S ON IN MUSIC Our weekly guide to musical events in and around Sydney 9:05 ORCHESTRAS AROUND THE WORLD Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra Prepared by Frank Morrison Beethoven, L. Overture to The ruins of Athens, op 113 (1811). Colin Davis, cond. CBS MDK 44790 5 Dvorák, A. The wood dove, op 110 (1896). Rafael Kubelik, cond. DG 469 550-2 19 Pärt, A. Kyrie; Gloria, from Berlin mass (1990/97). Bavarian Radio Ch/Peter Dijkstra. BR Klassik 900511 8 Janacek, L. Taras Bulba. Raphael Kubelik, cond. DG 429 182-2 22 Spohr, L. Symphony no 6 in G, op 116, Historical (1840). Karl Anton Rickenbacher, cond. Orfeo C 094-841 A 26 Bavarian RSO (all above) 10:30 MUSIC FOR SMALL FORCES Prepared by Francis Frank Kuhlau, F. Introduction and rondo concertante, op 98 (1830). Peter-Lukas Graf, fl; Zsuzsanna Sirokay, pf. Jecklin 577-2 9 Nielsen, C. Wind quintet in E, op 43 (1922). Canberra Wind Soloists. ABC 456 357-2 23 Alkan, C-V. Piano trio in G minor, op 30 (1840). Dong-Suk Kang, vn; Yvan Choffoleau, vc; Olivier Gardon, pf. Timpani IC 1013 21 11:30 ON PARADE Music that’s band Prepared by Owen Fisher Gould, M. Red cavalry march. Allentown Band/Ronald Demkee. AMP 20059 4 Sousa, J.P. King cotton march. Band of HM Royal Marines. EMI 8371882 3 James, H. Trumpet blues and cantabile. Buy-As-You-View Band/Robert Childs. Doyen DOY 195 3 Saint-Saëns, C. Softly awaits my heart. Phillip McCann, cornet; Sellers Engineering Band/Roy Newsome. Chandos CHAN 4521 6 Morton, T. Buddy Bolden’s blues. New York Trumpet Ensemble. Summit DCD 113 7

12:00 URBAN JAZZ LOUNGE with Leita Hutchings 13:00 THE WACKY WORLD OF MUSIC with Randolph Magri-Overend 14:00 ALPHABETICAL CONDUCTORS The P, R, S, T and Ys Prepared by Randolph Magri-Overend Mahler, G. I have lost touch with my world, from Five songs on poems by Friedrich Rückert (1902). Magdalena Kožená, mezz; Berlin PO/Simon Rattle. DG 479 0065 7 Mussorgsky, M. Prelude to Khovanshchina (1872-80; compl. and orch. RimskyKorsakov). London SO/Georg Solti. Decca 478 2826 5 Prokofiev, S. Suite from Lieutenant Kijé, op 60 (1934). London PO/Klaus Tennstedt. EMI CDD 7 64105 2 20 Strauss, R. Ich danke, Fräulein, aber der Richtige, wenn’s einen gibt, from Arabella (1933). Natalie Dessay, sop; Felicity Lott, sop; Royal Opera House O/Antonio Pappano. Virgin 5 45705 2 9 Wagner, R. Prelude to Tristan and Isolde (1859). West Australian SO/Simone Young. ABC 476 6811 11 15:00 OPERETTA IN THE AFTERNOON Prepared by Derek Parker Offenbach, J. La Périchole. Opéra bouffe in two acts. Libretto by Henri Muller and Ludovic Halévy, after La Carosse du SaintSacrément by Prosper Mérimée. First performed Paris, 1868. LA PÉRICHOLE: Teresa Berganza, mezz PIQUILLO: José Carreras, ten DON ANDRÈS DE RIBEIRA: Gabriel Bacquier, bar Toulouse Capitole Ch & O/ Michel Plasson. EMI 1 73093 8 1:27 Two street-singers in Lima, La Périchole and her friend Piquillo, attract the attention of the Viceroy, Don Andrès de Ribeira, who offers the former a position as lady-inwaiting. Finding that favourites of the Viceroy must be married, Piquillo offers himself as husband to the unknown lady-in-waiting and is too drunk to notice that he is marrying La Périchole. She is too intoxicated to believe him when he tells her he will certainly be an unfaithful husband. Piquillo is imprisoned as an unwilling husband, but, sober and aghast when he discovers his wife is La Périchole, he escapes and eventually the couple win the approval of the Viceroy.

FÉ-NI-HAN (Anastase): Rémy Corazza, ten KO-KO-RI-KO: René Terrasson, bass Philippe Caillard Chorale; Jean-François Paillard O/Marcel Couraud. LP Erato DUE 20240 40 The action takes place at the palace of the Emperor Fè-ni-han who is facing an insurrection. It seems, through not speaking Chinese, he has accidentally impaled the five most virtuous people in the land. He is in fact a Frenchman, Anastase Nourrisson. In order to avoid execution, he was forced to assume the role of Emperor. Also involved in the action are two other French persons. Kéki-ka-ko who is the Viscount Alfred Cérisy, once shipwrecked on the coast of China, captured, tortured and condemned to only repeat the rebels’ song Ba-ta-clan. Fé-annich-ton is a singer, Virginie Durand, who was captured by the soldiers of Fé-ni-han. Having met, they decide to run away but are captured and sentenced to death. Fè-ni-han (Anastase) now decides to run away with Virginie and Alfred. Ko-ko-ri-ko, the leader of the insurrection, is also of French origin and he is ready to provide the means for their escape in order to become Emperor. All ends happily with a reprise of the Ba-ta-clan anthem, and Anastase, Virginie and Alfred depart for France. 17:30 STAGING MUSIC with Angela Cockburn Outer space 18:00 SOCIETY SPOT Classical Guitar Society Prepared by Sue McCreadie Castelnuovo-Tedesco, M. Prelude and fugue no 13 in G, from The well-tempered guitars, op 199 (1962). Duo Tedesco, gui. Schwann 3-1224-2 5 Tansman, A. Variations on a theme of Skryabin (1972). Marcin Dylla, gui. Naxos 8.572060 9 Segovia. Eliot Fisk, gui. MusicMasters 01612-67174-2 3 Stravinsky, I. The soldier’s tale (arr. Manangakis). Elena Papandreou, gui. Naxos 8.554001 7 Krenek, E. Suite, op 164 (1957). Michalis Kontaxakis, gui. Naxos 8.570191 6

Ba-ta-clan. Operetta in one act. Libretto by Ludovic Halévy. First performed Paris, 1855.

Falla, M. de Homage to Claude Debussy. Eduardo Fernández, gui. Decca 466 128-2 3

FÉ-AN-NICH-TON (Virginie): Hugette Boulangeot, sop KÉ-KI-KA-KO (Alfred): Raymond Amade, ten

Cubana, from Four Spanish pieces (1909). Slava Grigoryan, gui; Leonard Grigoryan, gui. ABC 481 1965 4 December 2016

fineMusic 102.5


Saturday 17 DECEMBER Milhaud, D. Segoviana, op 366 (1957). Ricardo Gallen, gui. Naxos 8.554832 4


Castelnuovo-Tedesco, M. Sonatina canonica, op 196 (1961). Amadeus Guitar Duo. Naxos 8.573442 10

9:00 MUSICA SACRA Prepared by Paul Cooke

19:00 THE MAGIC OF STAGE AND SCREEN Prepared by Sue Jowell 20:00 INFLUENCES AND CONNECTIONS Germaine Tailleferre Prepared by Paul Cooke Bach, J.S. Brandenburg concerto no 3 in G, BWV1048 (1720). Amsterdam Guitar Trio. Newton 8802093 12 Koechlin, C. Sonata, op 75 (1920). Leone Buyse, fl; Fenwick Smith, fl. Hyperion CDA66414 8

6:00 SUNDAY MORNING MUSIC with Paul Roper

Knüpfer, S. Ach, Herr, strafe mich nicht in deinem Zorn (c1670). King’s Consort/Robert King. Helios CDH55393 12 Pergolesi, G. Salve Regina (1736). Julia Kleiter, sop; O Mozart/Claudio Abbado. Archi Produktion 477 8465 11 Villa-Lobos, H. Bendita Sabedoria (1958). Corydon Singers; Corydon O/Matthew Best. Hyperion CDA66638 11 Talbot, J. Santiago, from Path of miracles (2005). Tenebrae/Nigel Short. Signum Classics SIGCD078 18 10:00 THE CLASSICAL ERA Prepared by Sheila Catzel

Tailleferre, G. Concertino (1927). Gillian Benet, hp; Women’s PO/JoAnn Falletta. Koch 3 7169 2H1 16

Philidor, F-A. Symphony no 27 in G (1761). Prague CO/Christian Benda. Naxos 8.557593/94 13

Ravel, M. Sonata (1923-1927). Christian Tetzlaff, vn; Leif Ove Andsnes, pf. Virgin 5 45122 2 18

Benda, G. Trio sonata in E. David Oistrakh, vn; Igor Oistrakh, vn; Vladimir Yampolsky, pf. DG 463 616-2 15

Milhaud, D. Saudades do Brasil: dance suite, op 67 (1921). London PO/Bernard Herrmann. London 443 897-2 27 Tailleferre, G. Hommage à Rameau (1964). Aldo Orvieto, pf; Renato Maioli, pf; Támmitam Percussion Ensemble/Guido Facchin. Dynamic CDS 97 10 Honegger, A. Symphonic movement no 3 (1932-33). Royal PO/Hermann Scherchen. Westminster 471 245-2 10 Chaplin, C. Smile. Martin Fröst, cl; Roland Pöntinen, pf. BIS BIS-SACD-1823 4 22:00 SATURDAY NIGHT AT HOME Wagner, S. Happiness, symphonic poem. RSO Frankfurt/Dimitrij Kitajenko. Koch-Swann 3-1421-2 29 Bach, J. Christian Bassoon concerto in E flat. George Zuckerman, bn; Württemberg CO/Jörg Faerber. Mediaphon 25407-109 23


Sunday 18 DECEMBER

Soler, A. Sonata in D. Alicia de Larrocha, pf. Decca 433 920-2 6 Kuhlau, F. Grand trio in G, op 119. Wolfgang Schulz, fl; Matthias Schulz, fl; Madoka Inui, pf. Naxos 8.570309 15 Stamitz, C. Double concerto in B flat. Koji Okazaki, bn; Nicolaus Esterházy Sinfonia/ Kálmán Berkes, cl & dir. Naxos 8.553584 24 Schubert, F. The shepherd on the rock (1828). Elen Xanthoudakis, sop; Jason Xanthoudakis, cl; Clemens Leske, pf. Move MCD 472 12 Haydn, J. Symphony in B flat, Hob.I:68 (c1779). Philharmonia Hungarica/Antal Dorati. Decca 425 920-2 21 12:00 SYDNEY JAZZ CLUB PRESENTS Speak easy, swing hard with Richard Hughes 13:00 WORLD MUSIC: Whirled Wide 14:00 WHEREFORE ART THOU? Prepared by Yola Center

Krommer, F. Partita in B flat, op 45 no 2. Michael Thompson Wind Ensemble. Naxos 8.553868 19

Berlioz, H. Love scene, from Romeo and Juliet, op 17 (1839). Polish State PO/ Kenneth Jean. Naxos 8.550231 16

Schubert, F. Symphony no 10 in D, D936a/708a (1828). PO Liège/Pierre Bartholomee. Ricercar 023003 42

Tchaikovsky, P. Romeo and Juliet fantasy overture (1869/70/80). Willoughby SO/ Nicholas Milton. Fine Music concert recording 18


Prokofiev, S. Suites from Romeo and Juliet (1936, 1947; arr. Wells 2013). Claire Edwardes, perc; Flinders Quartet. Fine Music concert recording 17 Bernstein, L. Tonight, from West Side story (1957; arr. Tycho). Lisa McCune, sop; David Hobson, ten; Tasmanian SO/Guy Noble. ABC 482 3700 2 15:00 SUNDAY SPECIAL Master key: E minor Prepared by Anne Irish Bach, J.S. Prelude and fugue in E minor, BWV879 (1738-42). Angela Hewitt, pf. Hyperion CDA67741/4 7 Mendelssohn, F. Album leaf in E minor, op 117 (c1837). Sebastian Knauer, pf. Berlin BC 1637 5 Bruch, M. Double concerto in E minor, op 88 (c1912). Paul Meyer, cl; Gérard Caussé, va; Lyon Opera O/Kent Nagano. Erato 2292-45483-2 19 Villa-Lobos, H. Prelude no 1 in E minor, from Five preludes (1940). Fabio Zanon, gui. Music Masters 01612-67188-2 5 Chopin, F. Nocturne in E minor, op 72 no 1 (1827). Louis Lortie, pf. Chandos CHAN 10588 5 Reinecke, C. Harp concerto in E minor, op 182 (1884). Nicanor Zabaleta, hp; Berlin PO/ Ernst Märzendorfer. DG 463 648-2 22 Shostakovich, D. Prelude and fugue in E minor, op 87 no 4 (1950-51). Vladimir Ashkenazy, pf. Decca 466 066-2 9 Elgar, E. Cello concerto in E minor, op 85 (1918-19). Jacqueline du Pré, vc; London SO/John Barbirolli. EMI CZS 5 68132 2 30 Rachmaninov, S. Moment musical in E minor, op 16 no 4 (1896). Scott Davie, pf. ABC 472 671-2 3 17:00 HOSANNA Prepared by Richard Munge Hymns: Come, thou long expected Jesus; It came upon a midnight clear. Cathedral Singers/Brett McKern. 6 Carol: Gabriel’s message. Stacey Yang, org. 2 TCS 03 (2 above) Hymns: A great and mighty wonder; Creator of the stars of night. Choir of Christ Church St Laurence; Peter Jewkes, org; Neil McEwan, cond. CCSL 05 7 Stanford, C. Villiers Magnificat; Nunc dimittis in C, op 115. Choir of St Paul’s Cathedral; Christopher Dearnley, org; John Scott, cond. Helios CDH 55401 9

Monday 19 DECEMBER

Sunday 18 DECEMBER Ord, B. Adam lay ybounden. 1 Carol: A virgin most pure. 3 Tranchell, P. If ye would hear the angels sing. Matthew Sandy, ten. 2 Carol: God rest ye merry gentlemen. 4 Choir of King’s College, Cambridge; BenSan Lau, org; Stephen Cleobury, cond (4 above) King’s College KGS 0001 Woodward, G. Carol: Ding dong merrily on high. 2 Rutter, J. Candlelight carol (1985). 4 Cornelius, P. The three kings. 3 Choir of Canterbury Cathedral/David Flood (3 above) Dubois, T. Toccata. 7 Michael Harris, org (4 above) York 109 18:00 MASTERS OF THE KEYBOARD Prepared by Emyr Evans Grainger, P. Ramble on love, from Der Rosenkavalier (1926-27). Marc-André Hamelin, pf. Hyperion CDA66884 7 Stravinsky, I. Trois mouvements de Pétrouchka (1921). Freddy Kempf, pf. BIS SACD-1810 15 Mendelssohn, F. Variations sérieuses in D minor, op 54 (1841). Murray Perahia, pf. CBS MK 42401 11 Sibelius, J. Six impromptus, op 5 (1893). Erik T. Tawaststjerna, pf. BIS CD-153 15 Brahms, J. Intermezzo in E flat, op 117 no 1 (1892). Clifford Curzon, pf. Decca 417 641-2 5 19:00 SUNDAY NIGHT CONCERT Prepared by Rex Burgess Debussy, C. Nocturnes (1897-99). Middle German Radio Choir; Lyon NO/Jun Märkl. Naxos 8.570993 25 Edwards, R. The heart of night (1995). Riley Lee, shakuhachi; Melbourne SO/Arvo Volmer. ABC 476 3768 18 Tavener, J. The protecting veil (1987). France Springuel, vc; I Fiamminghi/Rudolf Werthen. Telarc 80487 39 20:30 NEW HORIZONS Prepared by Nev Dorrington Johannson, J. Orphee (2016). Johann Johannsson; Air Lyndhurst String O. DG B01GG3049G 45 Kenniff, K. Famous places (2010). Keith Kenniff, pf. Western Vinyl B003TTZT4Q 41 22:00 AFTER HOURS JAZZ with Kevin Jones

13:00 SERENITY Prepared by Ross Hayes Beethoven, L. Piano concerto no 3 in C minor, op 37, mvt 2 (1804). Christoph Eschenbach, pf; London SO/Hans Werner Henze. Brilliant Classics 94602 11 Bach, J.S. Preludio , from Partita no 3 in E, BWV1006 (1720). Richard Tognetti, vn. ABC 476 805-1 3

Bjarte Engeset 0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Robert Small 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC A year in retrospect: 1875 Prepared by Paul Cooke Taneyev, S. Overture in D minor (1875). Novosibirsk Academic SO/Thomas Sanderling. Naxos 8.570584 15 Davidov, K. Ballade, op 25 (1875). Vyautas Sondeckis, vc; Lithuanian CO/David Geringas. Naxos 8.554381 5 Duparc, H. Symphonic poem: Lénore (1875). Toulouse Capitole O/Michel Plasson. EMI 5 55385 2 13 Paine, J. Sonata, op 24 (1875/1905). Joseph Silverstein, vn; Virginia Eskin, pf. Northeastern NR 219 17 Grieg, E. Ballade in G minor, op 24 (187576; orch. Tveitt). Royal Scottish NO/Bjarte Engeset. Naxos 8.557854 20 Chabrier, E. Larghetto (1875). Ronald Janezic, hn; Vienna PO/John Eliot Gardiner. DG 447 751-2 10 10:30 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Anne Irish Liszt, F. Symphonic poem no 3: Les préludes (1848/53). Suisse Romande O/ Neeme Järvi. Chandos CHAN 9360 15 Chopin, F. Piano concerto no 1 in E minor, op 11 (1830). German SO/Vladimir Ashkenazy, pf & dir. Decca 460 019-2 39 Hill, A. Symphony no 3 in B minor, Australia (1951). Queensland SO/Wilfred Lehmann. Marco Polo 8.223537 27 12:00 SWING SESSIONS with John Buchanan

Brahms, J. Symphony no 1 in C minor, op 68, mvt 2 (1855-76). Vienna SO/Wolfgang Sawallisch. Decca 478 5609 9 Farnon, R. The Westminster waltz. New London O/Ronald Corp. Hyperion CDA66968 3 Bruckner, A. Symphony no 7 in E, mvt 2 (1881-83). Vienna PO/Herbert von Karajan. DG 439 037-2 23 Mozart, W. Soave sia il vento, from Così fan tutte, K588 (1790). Rosa Mannion, sop; Amanda Roocroft, sop; Carlos Feller, bar; English Baroque Soloists/John Eliot Gardiner. DG 478 4236 3 14:00 FOREST SCENES Prepared by Rex Burgess Geminiani, F. Ballet: The enchanted forest (c1752). Milan Angelicum O/Newell Jenkins. LP Nonesuch H-71151 31 Schumann, R. Forest scenes, op 82 (184849). Mitsuko Uchida, pf. Decca 478 5393 24 Mussorgsky, M. Kromi forest scene, from Boris Godunov (1874). Bolshoi Ch & SO/ Alexander Lazarev. Erato 4509-91723-2 7 Wagner, R. Forest murmurs, from Siegfried (1856-71). Philharmonia O/Yuri Simonov. Collins 12072 8 Vaughan Williams, R. In Windsor forest (1931). Bournemouth Symphony Choir; Bournemouth Sinfonietta/Norman Del Mar. EMI CDC 7 497382 18 Glazunov, A. The forest, fantasy, op 19 (1887). Moscow SO/Alexander Anissimov. Naxos 8.554293 21 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Michael Field 19:00 JAZZ NICE ‘N EASY with Ken Weatherley 20:00 STORMY MONDAY with Austin Harrison and Garth Sundberg 22:00 THE AUSTRALIAN JAZZ SCENE with Susan Gai Dowling and Peter Nelson December 2016

fineMusic 102.5


Tuesday 20 DECEMBER 0:00 CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE 3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Julie Simonds 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Artist of choice: Geoffrey Collins Prepared by Elaine Siversen Weber, C.M. Trio in G minor, op 63 (1819). David Pereira, vc; David Bollard, pf. 19 Chopin, F. Variation in E on a theme by Rossini (1824; pub. 1955). Ian Munro, pf. 4 Ravel, M. Chansons madécasses (1926). Fiona Campbell, mezz; Bernadette Balkus, pf. 13 Fine Music concert recording (3 above) Shankar, R. The enchanted dawn. Alice Giles, hp. Tall Poppies TP031 13 Hanson, R. Flute sonata, op 10 (1939-40). David Miller, pf. LP MBS 6 20 Goossens, E. Suite, op 6 (1913). Richard Williamson, vn; Anthony Maydwell, hp. LP ABC AC 1016 10 Geoffrey Collins, fl (all above) 10:30 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Sheila Catzel Fesca, F. Overture in C, op 43 (1825). North German Radio PO/Frank Beermann. cpo 999 889-2 8 Scharwenka, X. Piano concerto no 4 in F minor, op 82. Stephen Hough, pf; City of Birmingham SO/Lawrence Foster. Hyperion CDA66790 39 Schumann, R. Symphony no 3 in E flat, op 97, Rhenish (1850; arr. Mahler). Bergen PO/ Aldo Ceccato. BIS CD-394 33 12:00 JAZZ RHYTHM with Jeannie McInnes 13:00 ANIMAL KINGDOM Prepared by Oliver Shermacher Vaughan Williams, R. The lark ascending (1914/20). Janine Jansen, vn; Royal PO/ Barry Wordsworth. Decca 475 011-2 15 Rossini, G. Comic duet for two cats (1816). Victoria de Los Angeles, sop; Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, sop; Gerald Moore, pf. EMI CDM 1 66417-2 3


Herbert von Karajan Cantata, BWV208 (c1713). Magdalena Kožena, mezz; Musica Florea/Marek Štryncl. Decca 478 8583 4

Regrets, Bohemienne, op 40 (1864). David Frühwirth, vn; Henri Sigfridsson, pf. Avie AV0042 16

Sibelius, J. The Swan of Tuonela, op 22 no 2 (1895/97). Berlin PO/Herbert von Karajan. DG 413 755-2 8

Glazunov, A. String quartet no 1 in D, op 1 (1881-82). Shostakovich Quartet. Olympia OCD 157 21

Saint-Saëns, C. The carnival of the animals (1886). Nash Ensemble. Virgin 5 61782 2 22 14:30 SIXES AND SEVENS Prepared by Derek Parker Glinka, M. Septet in E flat (1823). Alexander Koreshkov, ob; Alexander Petrov, bn; Igor Makarov, hn; Alexei Bruni, vn; Mikhail Moshkunov, vn; Erik Pozdeev, vc; Rustem Gabdulin, db. Olympia MKM 76 20

Rimsky-Korsakov, N. Quintet in B flat for piano and winds (1876). Capricorn. Hyperion CDA66163 29 Zemlinsky, A. Piano trio in D minor, op 3, op 3. Beaux Arts Trio. Philips 434 072-2 28

Stravinsky, I. Septet (1952-53). Columbia Chamber Ensemble/Igor Stravinsky. Sony SM3K 46 291-302 12 Poulenc, F. Sextet (1932). Les Vents Français. Warner Classics 48634 17 Tchaikovsky, P. String sextet in D minor, op 70, Souvenir de Florence (1890/91-92). Paul Neubauer, va; Colin Carr, vc; Emerson Quartet. Sony 88725470602 34 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Andrew Dziedzic 19:00 THE JAZZ BEAT with Lloyd Capps 20:00 RECENT RELEASES with Robert Small 22:00 CHAMBER SOIRÉE Prepared by Sheila Catzel

Prokofiev, S. Sneaky Pete, from Peter and the wolf. Peter Schickele, nar; Atlanta SO/ Yoel Levi. Telarc 80350 25

Stravinsky, I. Suite from The soldier’s tale (1918). Dimitri Ashkenazy, cl; European Soloists Ensemble/Vladimir Ashkenazy. Decca 473 810-2 14

Bach, J.S. Sheep may safely graze, from

Vieuxtemps, H. Three pieces: Romance,



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Wednesday 21 DECEMBER Prokofiev, S. Summer day, op 65 (1941). Scottish CO/José Serebrier. Resonance RSN 3069 15 Tchaikovsky, P. Symphony no 1 in G minor, op 13, Winter daydreams (1866). USSR SO/ Yevgeny Svetlanov. Melodiya 74321170922 42 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Tom Forrester-Paton 19:00 JAZZ STARS AND STRIPES with Peter Mitchell 20:00 AT THE OPERA Prepared by Colleen Chesterman

Monica Huggett 0:00 CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE 3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Peter Kurti 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Music of the 18th century Prepared by Jennifer Foong Rossini, G. The meet for four horns: overture in the style of Dampierre (1828). Horns of the Leipzig RSO. Berlin Classics 0012882BC 4 Donizetti, G. Concertino in G for English horn and orchestra (1816). Camerata Budapest/Lászlo Kovács. Marco Polo 8.223701 11 Danzi, F. Wind quintet in F, op 68 no 2 (pub. 1824). Vienna-Berlin Ensemble. DG 423 591-2 19 Haydn, J. The ewie wi‘ the crooked horn, Hob.XXX1a:116bis (1800). Lorna Anderson, sop; Jamie MacDougall, ten; Haydn Trio Eisenstadt. Brilliant Classics 92542 3 Beethoven, L. Sextet for string quartet and two horns, op 81b (c1795). L’Archibudelli. Sony SK 48076 17 Kuhlau, F. Concertino in F minor for two horns and orchestra, op 45 (1821). Ib LazkyOtto, hn; Frøydis Ree Wekre, hn; Odense SO/Othmar Maga. Unicorn-Kanchana DKPCD 9110 23 10:30 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Michael Field Respighi, O. Brazilian impressions (1927). Cincinnati SO/Jésus López-Cobos. Telarc 80356 19 Finzi, G. Cello concerto, op 40 (1955). Yo-Yo Ma, vc; Royal PO/Vernon Handley. Lyrita SRCD236 41 Saint-Saëns, C. Symphony no 2 in A minor, op 55 (1859). Vienna SO/Georges Prêtre. Erato 2292-45695-2 23

12:00 JAZZ SKETCHES with Robert Vale 13:00 THE INSTRUMENTAL BAROQUE OF RAMEAU AND TELEMANN Prepared by Albert Gormley Rameau, J-P. Deuxième concert, from Pièces de clavecin en concert (pub. 1741). Lars Fryden, vn; Nikolaus Harnoncourt, va da gamba; Gustav Leonhardt, hpd. Vanguard 08 2023 71 12 Telemann, G. Sonata no 1 in A (1730). Wilbert Hazelzet, fl; Monica Huggett, vn; Sarah Cunningham, va; Mitzi Meterson, hpd. Virgin VC 7 91450-2 12 Rameau, J-P. Concert no 1 in E flat, C minor, C major (pub. 1741). Ryo Terakado, vn; Kaori Uemura, va da gamba; Christophe Rousset, hpd. Harmonia Mundi HMC 901418 12 Telemann, G. Concerto in E. Masahira Arita, fl; Hans Peter Westermann, ob; Andrew Manze, va d’amore; La Stravaganza of Cologne. Denon CO-78933 16 14:00 NIGHT AND DAY Prepared by Randolph Magri-Overend Suppé, F. Overture to Morning, noon and night in Vienna (1844). Montreal SO/Charles Dutoit. Decca 414 408-2 8 Sullivan, A. Brightly dawns our wedding day, from The Mikado (1885). Valerie Masterson, sop; Peggy-Ann Jones, mezz; Colin Wright, ten; Michael Rayner, bar; Royal PO/Royston Nash. ABC 480 4510 4 Mussorgsky, M. St John’s night on Bald Mountain (1867; arr. Rimsky-Korsakov). Berlin PO/Claudio Abbado. DG 445 238-2 13 Berlioz, H. Summer nights, op 7 (1840-41, orch. 1843-56). Anne Murray, sop; Royal Concertgebouw O/Bernard Haitink. Radio Nederland RCO11004 29

Vivaldi, A. Ercole sul Termodonte. Musical drama in three acts. Libretto by Antonio Salvi. First performed, Rome, 1723; reconstructed 2010 by Fabio Biondi. ERCOLE: Rolando Villazón, ten TESEO: Romina Basso, mezz MARTESIA: Diana Damrau, sop IPPOLITA: Joyce DiDonato, mezz ANTIOPE: Vivica Genaux, mezz ALCESTE: Philippe Jaroussky, c-t Santa Cecilia Chamber Choir of Borgo San Lorenzo; Europa Galante/Fabio Biondi.. Virgin 50999 6945450 9 2:24 To atone for killing his children, Ercole (Hercules) must perform twelve labors, the ninth of which is to travel to Termodonte and capture the sword of Antiope, the Queen of the Amazons. Amazons were female warriors who put all their male children to death. Ercole is accompanied by 3 other heroes, including Teseo, prince of Athens and Alceste, king of Sparta. They attack an Amazon hunting party and capture Martesia,the daughter of Queen Antiope. Teseo is concerned about attacking women, but rushes to help an Amazon attacked by a bear. It is the queen’s sister Ippolita and the two are attracted. Ippolita then prevents Antiope from sacrificing Teseo when he is captured. When Ercole indicates to Antiope that he will take only her weapons fighting ceases. The marriage of Ippolita with Teseo and of Martesia with Alceste are celebrated. Salve Regina, RV616. Andreas Scholl, ct; Australian Brandenburg O; Paul Dyer, dir. ABC 466 964-2 16 23:00 TWO OF A KIND Prepared by Emyr Evans Beethoven, L. Sonata no 9 in A, op 47, Kreutzer (1802-03). Zino Francescatti, vn; Robert Casadesus, pf. CBS MPK 44852 31 Fauré, G. Sonata no 1 in A, op 13 (c1877). Augustin Dumay, vn; Jean-Philippe Collard, pf. EMI CMS 7 62545 2 23 December 2016

fineMusic 102.5


Thursday 22 DECEMBER 0:00 CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE 3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Simon Moore 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Two’s company Prepared by Elaine Siversen Albinoni, T. Double concerto in C. Maurice André, tpt; Lionel André, tpt; Jean-François Paillard CO/Jean-François Paillard. Erato 2292-45062-2 11 Anon. Concertino in G. Philip Swanton, org; Annerös Hulliger, org. Schwann 3-1284-2 13 Mozart, W. String duo no 2 in B flat, K424 (1783). Arthur Grumiaux, vn; Arrigo Pelliccia, va. Philips 422 513-2 20

Brumby, C. Ballad for Saint Cecilia (1971). Cathy Weber, sop; Patricia Price, mezz; David Galliver, ten; Alan McKie, bar; Adelaide Singers; Adelaide Philharmonic Choir/Patrick Thomas. LP ABC RRCS 1467 23

Krommer, F. Concertino in C, op 65 (c1810). Peter-Lukas Graf, fl; Heinz Holliger, ob; English CO. Claves 9-8203/3111-1 22

Debussy, C. The martyrdom of Saint Sebastian (1911). Paris Choir and O/Daniel Barenboim. DG 435 069-2 26

Ravel, M. Alborada del gracioso (1905; arr. Safri Duo). Sam Walton, mar; Colin Currie, mar. EMI 5 72267 2 4

Britten, B. Hymn to Saint Cecilia, op 27 (1942). Corydon Singers/Matthew Best. Hyperion CDA66333 10

Pleyel, I. Duo in F, op 24 no 2. Lola Bobesco, vn; Jerrold Rubenstein, vn. LP Pavane ADW7090 9

Saint-Saëns, C. Motets au Saint Sacrement (1857). Flemish Radio Choir; Bart Cypers, hn; François Saint-Yves, org. Glossa GCD 922210 32

10:30 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Frank Morrison

15:00 NORTHERN STRINGS Prepared by Albert Gormley

Brahms, J. Tragic overture, op 81 (1880/81). Berlin PO/Claudio Abbado. DG 429 765-2 13

Sibelius, J. Violin concerto in D minor, op 47 (1903/05). Shlomo Mintz, vn; Berlin PO/ James Levine. DG 419 618-2 32

Dohnányi, E. Piano concerto no 2 in B minor, op 42 (1946-47). Martin Roscoe, pf; BBC Scottish SO/Fedor Glushchenko. Hyperion CDA66684 30 Mozart, W. Symphony no 36 in C, K425, Linz (1783). Prague PO/Jirí Belohlávek. Harmonia Mundi HMC 901891 39 12:00 JAZZ, PURE AND SIMPLE with Maureen Meers 13:00 WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IN Prepared by Randolph Magri-Overend Liszt, F. Saint Francis of Assisi’s Canticle of the sun (1881). Leslie Howard, pf. Hyperion CDS44525 11 Bizet, G. C’est toi ... Au fond du temple saint, from The pearl fishers (1863). Plácido Domingo, ten; Thomas Hampson, bar; Philharmonia O/Eugene Kohn. EMI 5 55554 2 8 36

Jirí Belohlávek

Grieg, E. Sonata no 3 in C minor, op 45 (1887). Henning Kraggerud, vn; Helge Kjekshus, pf. Naxos 8.553904 23 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Marilyn Schock 19:00 THE NEW JAZZ STANDARD with Frank Presley 20:00 LIVE AND LOCAL Members of the Australia Ensemble Recorded by George Hilgevoord for FINE MUSIC Mozart, W. Trio in G minor, K498, Kegelstatt (1786). Catherine McCorkill, cl; Irina Morozova, va. 20 Brahms, J. Hungarian dance suite (185269). Geoffrey Collins, fl; Catherine McCorkill, cl. 13


Schubert, F. Introduction and variations on Trock’ne Blumen, D802 (1823). Geoffrey Collins, fl. 18 Bruch, M. Four pieces, op 83 (1910). Catherine McCorkill, cl; Irina Morozova, va. 18 Ian Munro, pf (all above) 21:30 BAX INTERLUDE Prepared by Elaine Siversen Bax, A. Mater ora filium (1921). Choir of King’s College, Cambridge/Stephen Cleobury. EMI 5 65595 2 10 Harp quintet (1919). Nash Ensemble. Hyperion CDA66807 15 22:00 DIFFERING PATHS OF THE 20TH CENTURY Prepared by Paul Cooke Pizzetti, I. Rondo Veneziano (1929). BBC Scottish SO/Osmo Vanska. Hyperion CDA67084 24 Dreyfus, G. Sextet for didgeridoo and wind quintet. George Winunguj, didgeridoo; Adelaide Wind Quintet. LP HMV OASD 9565 16 Musgrave, T. Horn concerto (1971). Barry Tuckwell, hn; Scottish NO/Thea Musgrave. Lyrita SRCD.253 22 Dutilleux, H. Piano sonata (1947). John Ogdon, pf. EMI 5 65996 2 26 Banks, D. Nexus (1971). Keith Stirling, tpt; Judy Bailey, pf; Don Burrows Quartet; Sydney SO/John Hopkins. LP ABC RRCS 1465 20

Friday 23 DECEMBER

Malcolm Martineau 0:00 CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE 3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Janine Burrus 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Only strings Prepared by Sheila Catzel Albrechtsberger, J. Double concerto in F (1771). Fritz Mayr, jew’s harp; Dieter Kirsch, mandora; Munich CO/Hans Stadlmair. Orfeo C 035 821 A 18 Vivaldi, A. Concerto in A minor for string orchestra, RV522 (pub. 1711; arr. Franko). Isaac Stern, vn; David Oistrakh, vn; Philadelphia O/Eugene Ormandy. Sony SM2K 66 472 11 Paganini, N. Guitar quartet no 1 in A minor, op 4 (1806-16). Anthea Gifford, gui; Mozart String Trio. Denon CO 77069 22 Vaughan Williams, R. Partita for double string orchestra (1946-48). London SO/ Bryden Thomson. Chandos CHAN 8828 20 Puccini, G. Chrysanthemums for string orchestra. Australian CO/Richard Tognetti. Sony SK62855 8 10:30 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Di Cox Liszt, F. Symphonic poem no 3: Les préludes (1848/53). Gewandhaus O/Kurt Masur. EMI CDM 1 66431 2 14 MacDowell, E. Piano concerto no 2 in D minor, op 23 (1884-6). Seta Tanyel, pf; BBC Scottish SO/Martyn Brabbins. Hyperion CDA67165 27 Mozart, W. Serenade no 9 in D, K320, Posthorn (1779). Cleveland O/George Szell. CBS MYK 45509 39

Bryden Thomson 12:00 A JAZZ HOUR with Barry O’Sullivan 13:00 BE AFRAID Prepared by Gael Golla Mussorgsky, M. St John’s night on Bald Mountain (1867; arr Rimsky-Korsakov). Vienna PO/Valery Gergiev. Philips 468 526-2 12 Orff, C. O fortuna, from Carmina Burana (1937). Sydney Philharmonia Motet Choir; Sydney Philharmonia Symphonic Choir; Sydney Philharmonia O/Antony Walker. ABC 465 684-2 3 Berlioz, H. March to the scaffold, from Symphonie fantastique, op 14 (1830). San Diego SO/Yoav Talmi. Naxos 8.557930-31 5 Schubert, F. Der Erlkönig, D328 (1815). Bryn Terfel, bass-bar; Malcolm Martineau, pf. DG 479 0494 4 Saint-Saëns, C. Danse macabre, op 40 (1874). French NO/Lorin Maazel. CBS MYK 42610 7 Liszt, F. Totentanz (1859). Michel Béroff, pf; Gewandhaus O/Kurt Masur. EMI CZS 7 67214 2 15 Jarre, M. Main theme, from Ghost. Royal PO/Tolga Kashif. Sony 88697161052 5 Verdi, G. Dies irae, from Requiem mass (1874). Sydney Philharmonia Motet Choir; Sydney Philharmonia Symphonic Choir; Sydney Philharmonia O/Antony Walker. ABC 465 684-2 4 Rachmaninov, S. The Isle of the Dead, symphonic poem, op 29 (1909). Melbourne SO/Markus Stenz. ABC 465 681-2 21 14:30 FRENCH CHAMBER Prepared by Oliver Shermacher Ravel, M. Introduction and allegro for harp, flute, clarinet and string quartet (1905). Louise Johnson, hp; Australia Ensemble. Fine Music Tape Archive 10

Couperin, F. Premier concert royal. Les Folies Françoises/Patrick Cohën-Akenine. MBF 1108 9 Françaix, J. Little saxophone quartet (1935). Netherlands Saxophone Quartet. LP CBS 71087 7 Debussy, C. String quartet in G minor, op 10 (1893). Alban Berg Quartet. EMI 5 67551 2 23 Poulenc, F. Trio for oboe, bassoon and piano (1926). Arcadia Ensemble. Fine Music Concert Recording 12 Saint-Saëns, C. Septet in E flat, op 65 (1881). Nash Ensemble. Hyperion CDA67431/2 17 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with James Hunter 19:00 FRIDAY JAZZ SESSION with Sally Cameron 20:00 THE ROMANTIC CENTURY Prepared by Phil Vendy Humperdinck, E. Piano quintet in G (1875). Andreas Kirpal, pf; Diogenes Quartett. cpo 777 547-2 30 Tchaikovsky, P. Variations on a rococo theme, op 33 (1876). Mstislav Rostropovich, vc; Royal Concertgebouw O/Kyrill Kondrashin. Radio Nederland RCO 06004 18 Bériot, C-A. de Violin concerto no 2 in B minor, op 32 (1835). Edith Volckaert, vn; Belgian RTCO/Edgard Doneux. LP EMI 4C 161-96986/989 30 Fibich, Z. Symphony no 1 in F, op 17 (1883). Razumovsky SO/Andrew Mogrelia. Naxos 8.553699 35 December 2016

fineMusic 102.5


Friday 23 DECEMBER

Willi Boskovsky

Giuseppe Sinopoli 22:00 BAROQUE AND BEFORE Prepared by Rex Burgess Vivaldi, A. Concerto no 26 in C, RV479. Daniel Smith, bn; English CO/Philip Ledger. ASV CDQS 6177 8 Cavalli, F. Motet: O quam suavis et decora (1645). Phillipa Hyde, sop; Timothy Roberts, org. Motet: O bone Jesu, O Jesu (1656). CarysAnne Lane, sop; Rodrigo del Pozo, hn; Elizabeth Kenny, theorbo; Fred Jacobs, theorbo. 8 Hyperion CDA 66970 (2 above) Canzon, from Musiche sacrae (pub. 1656). Palladian Ensemble. Linn CDK 015 6 Strozzi, B. Appresso ai molli argenti (1654). Emmanuela Kalli, sop; Ensemble Galilei/ Paul Beier. Stradivarius STR 33487 12 Gallo, D. Sonata no 7 in G minor. Parnassi musici. cpo 999 717-2 6 Fontei, N. Pianto D’Erinna. Montserat Figueras, sop; Ton Koopman, hpd. Alia Vox AV9810 8

Anon. Quiconques veut d’amors joïr. 5


Dufay, G. Je requier a tous amoureux. 2


Gothic Voices/Christopher Page (2 above) Anon. Mais qu’il vous viegne a plaisance. Rogers Covey-Crump, ten; Andrew Lawrence-King, medieval lute; Christopher Page, medieval hp. 2 Tenorista, P. Sofrir m’estuet et plus non puis durer. 3 Anon. Quant voi le douz tans; En mai; Immolatus. 4 Porta, J. de Alma polis religio; Axe poli cum artica. 5 Gothic Voices/Christopher Page (3 above) Anon. Je languis d’amere mort. Margaret Philpot, cont; Charles Daniels, ten. 2 Jacob de Senleches En ce gracieux tamps joli. Rogers Covey-Crump, ten; Leigh Nixon, ten. Hyperion CDA66463 3 Andrew Tusa, ten (2 above) Hyperion CDA66463 (8 above)

Buonamente, G. Suite, from Book III (pub. 1626). Palladian Ensemble. Linn CDK 015 8 Gabrieli, G. Audite principes (pub. 1615). Monteverdi Choir; Philip Jones Wind Ensemble/John Eliot Gardiner. Decca 443-482-2 7 Ricecar sopra Re fa mi don a 4 (1608). Hespèrion XX/Jordi Savall. EMI 8.265521 2 5 Albinoni, T. Oboe concerto in F, op 9 no 3 (pub. 1722). Pierre Pierlot, ob; Jacques Chambon, ob; I Solisti Veneti/Claudio Scimone. Apex 0927490202 11 38

Saturday 24 DECEMBER


9:00 WHAT’S ON IN MUSIC Our weekly guide to musical events in and around Sydney 9:05 ORCHESTRAS AROUND THE WORLD Staatskapelle Dresden Prepared by Di Cox Schubert, F. Overture to The magic harp, D644 (1820). Willi Boskovsky, cond. EMI 1 66445 2 10 Sibelius, J. Violin concerto in D minor, op 47 (1903). Anne-Sophie Mutter, vn; André Previn, cond. DG 447 895-2 32 Mozart, W. Mentre ti lascio, O figlia, K513 (1787). Olaf Bär, bar; Hans Vonk, cond. EMI CDC 7 49565 2 7 Strauss, R. Metamorphoses (1944-45). Giuseppe Sinopoli, cond. DG 480 0478 29 Staatskapelle Dresden (all above) 10:30 SMALL FORCES Prepared by Frank Morrison Fibich, Z. String quartet no 1 in A (1874). Talich Quartet. Calliope CAL 3332 23 Beethoven, L. Fourteen variations in E flat, op 44 (c1792). Pinchas Zukerman, vn; Jacqueline du Pré, vc; Daniel Barenboim, pf. EMI CMS 7 63124-2 15 Martinu, B. String sextet (1932). Kenneth Sillito, vn; Malcolm Latchem, vn; Robert Smissens, va; Stephen Tees, va; Stephen Orton, vc; Roger Smith, vc. Chandos CHAN 8771 15 11:30 ON PARADE Prepared by Chris Blower Lovelock, W. Processional march. Concert Band of RAN/G.D.C. Coxon. LP EMI SCXO 8015 7

Saturday 24 DECEMBER Bach, J.S. Cantata, BWV91: Blessed art Thou, Jesu Christ (1724). Gerlinde Sämann, sop; Petra Noskaiová, cont; Christophe Geenz, ten; Jan van der Crabben, bass; La Petite Bande/Sigiswald Kuijken. Accent ACC 25314 18 Bach, W.F. Fugue in G minor. Philip Swanton, org. FSM FCD 96 506/07 XVII 2 Bach, J. Christian Symphony in E flat. Hanover Band/Anthony Halstead. cpo 999 487-2 9 Zoltán Kocsis Rimmer, W. March: The Australasian. Hawthorn Band/Ken MacDonald. Walsingham WAL 9000-2 5 Kozhevnikov, B. Symphony no 3 for military band, Slavyanksay (1950; ed. Bourgeois 1977). Sydney Defence Wind O/Howard Ward. Fine Music concert recording 11 12:00 URBAN JAZZ LOUNGE with Leita Hutchings 13:00 IN A SENTIMENTAL MOOD with Maureen Meers Nostalgic music and artists from the 30s, 40s and 50s and occasionally beyond, in a trip down many memory lanes 14:00 NOT ONLY FOR CHILDREN Prepared by Frank Morrison Bizet, G. Children’s games, op 22 (1871). Scottish NO/Alexander Gibson. EMI CDM 1 66424 2 11 Bartók, B. Ten pieces from For children (1908-09; arr. Maros). Il Quartettone. Giulia GS 201013 10 Debussy, C. Children’s corner (1906-08). Zoltán Kocsis, pf. Harmonia Mundi QUI 903006 15 Grechaninov, A. The lane: 5 children’s songs, op 89. Elisabeth Söderström, sop; Vladimir Ashkenazy, pf. Decca 476 2511 9 Elgar, E. Dream children, op 43 (1902). Welsh National Opera O/Charles Mackerras. Decca 452 324-2 7 15:00 CHRISTMAS ORATORIO Prepared by Elaine Siversen Bach, J.S. Christmas oratorio, BWV248 (1734). Lisa Larsson, sop; Elisabeth von Magnus, cont; Christoph Prégardien, ten; Klaus Mertens, bass; Amsterdam Baroque Ch & O/Ton Koopman. Erato 0630-14635-2 2:13 17:30 THE VOICES, THE ROLES with Angela Cockburn Mezzos: Relatively speaking

18:00 SYDNEY SCHUBERT SOCIETY Prepared by Ross Hayes Schubert, F. Der Mondabend, D141 (1815). Daniela Sindram, mezz; Ulrich Eisenlohr, pf. Naxos 8.557833 3 Ten variations in F, D156 (1815). Leonard Hokanson, pf. Northeastern NR 233 16 Mass no 2 in G, D167 (1815). Vienna Boys Choir; Ch Viennensis; Rudolf Scholtz, org; Vienna SO/Uwe Christian Harrer. Philips 468 312-2 24 An die Nachtigall, D196 (1815). Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, bar; Gerald Moore, pf. DG 477 5765 2 Fernando’s entry aria; Duet Fernando and Eleanor, from Fernando, D220 (1815). Edith Mathis, sop; Heiner Hopfner, ten; French Radio Ch & O/Lothar Zagrosek. LP Orfeo S 109 841 A 7 19:00 THE MAGIC OF STAGE AND SCREEN Prepared by Maureen Meers Strouse, C. Excerpts from Annie (1977). Andrea McArdle, Reid Shelton, Sandy Faison, Robert Fitch, voices; members of the original cast. Columbia SK 60723 19 Herman, J. Excerpts from Mame (1966). Angela Lansbury, Frankie Michaels, Beatrice Arthur, Charles Braswell, voices; members of the original cast. Columbia SK 60959 19 Menotti, G. My Christmas (1987). Members of Nashville Symphony Ch; Nashville SO/ George Mabry. Naxos 8.669019 12 20:00 INFLUENCES AND CONNECTIONS C.P.E. Bach Prepared by James Nightingale Bach, C.P.E. Symphony in E flat (1757-62). Akademie für Alte Musik. Harmonia Mundi HMG 501711 11

Quantz, J. Flute concerto in A. Collegium Musicum 90/Simon Standage. Chandos CHAN 0541 12 Bach, C.P.E. Heilig ist Gott (1776). Wiebke Lehmkuhl, cont; RIAS Chamber Choir; Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin/Hans Christoph Rademann. Harmonia Mundi HMC 902167 8 Symphony in D, no 1 (1780). English Concert/Andrew Manze. Harmonia Mundi HMX 2908601.30 11 Haydn, J. Keyboard sonata no 61 in D, Hob. XVI:51 (1794-95). Alfred Brendel, pf. Philips 411 045-2 6 Mozart, W. Symphony no 40 in G minor, K550 (1788). Freiburg Baroque O/René Jacobs. Harmonia Mundi HMX 2908409.16 26 Bach, C.P.E. Weihnachtslied. Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, bar; Jörg Demus, tangent pf; Colin Tilney, clvd. Archiv 453 168-2 2 22:00 SATURDAY NIGHT AT HOME Prepared by Paul Cooke Mendelssohn, Fanny. Piano trio in D, op 11 (1846). Oliver Butterworth, vn; Michael Evans, vc; Frank Wibaut, pf. Hyperion CDH55078 27 Larsson, L-E. Pastoral suite (1938). Helsingborg SO/Okko Kamu. Naxos 8.553115 12 Scott, C. Sonata no 1 in C, op 59 (c1908). Clare Howick, vn; Sophia Rahman, pf. Naxos 8.572290 29 Hatzis, C. Overscript: Concerto for flute and chamber orchestra, adapted from J.S. Bach’s concerto in G minor, BWV1056/1 (1993/2012). Patrick Gallois, fl; Thessaloniki State SO/Alexandre Myrat. Naxos 8.573091 42

December 2016

fineMusic 102.5


Sunday 25 DECEMBER

0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT 6:00 SUNDAY MORNING MUSIC with David Garrett 9:00 CHRISTMAS MORNING with Heather Middleton 12:00 A JAZZ NATIVIT with Maureen Meers 14:00 CHRISTMAS AFTERNOON with Sue Jowell

17:00 UNTO US A CHILD IS BORN A celebration of Christmas Prepared by Jeremy Hall 19:00 CHRISTMAS EVENING AT FINEMUSIC with Robert Small 22:00 AFTER HOURS JAZZ with Kevin Jones


THE PERFECT GIFT IDEA! This Christmas, give the Gift of Music. It’s not too late to order your last minute subscriptions for family and friends. Visit for details.

with Michael Morton-Evans 1. Which 19th century French 5-year-old was writing compositions his hands were too small to play? 2. Was Michael Balfe of “I dreamt I dwelt in marble halls” fame Irish, Welsh or English? 3. Which member of The Mighty Handful, or The Five as it was also known, was a general in the Russian army? 4. Which French composer died from a brain tumour in 1937? 5. What is the nickname given to Gustav Mahler’s eighth symphony? 6. Why was Antonio Vivaldi known as The Red Priest? Was it because he had red hair, was a Cardinal in the Church or had communist leanings? 7. How many cantatas make up JS Bach’s Christmas Oratorio? 3, 4, 5 or 6? 8. Who wrote the oratorio “Christ on the Mount of Olives?”



Monday 26 DECEMBER 0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with James Hunter 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC A year in retrospect: 1814 Prepared by Derek Parker Beethoven, L. Overture to Fidelio (1814). Mahlder CO/Claudio Abbado. Decca 478 2551 6 Schubert, F. Fantasy in C, D605 (1814; compl. Munro). Ian Munro, pf. Tall Poppies TP079 10 Lhoyer, A. de Duo concertant in A, op 31 no 1 (1814). Matteo Mela, gui; Lorenzo Micheli, gui. Naxos 8.570146 14 Weber, C.M. Variations on a Russian song, Schöne Minka, op 40 (1814-15). Stephanie McCallum, pf. ABC 462 763-2 17 Rossini, G. Ho da fare un dramma buffo, from Il turco in Italia (1814). Mariano Stabile, bass; La Scala Ch & O/Giandrea Gavazzeni. Naxos 8.558097100 3 Danzi, F. Sinfonia concertante in B flat, op 41 (1814). Paul Meyer, cl; Franz Liszt CO/ Jean-Pierre Rampal. Denon CO-78911 20 Beethoven, L. Finale, from Fidelio (1814). Nina Stemme, mezz; Jonas Kaufman, ten; Falk Struckmann, bass-bar; Peter Mattei, bass; Arnold Schoenburg Ch; Mahler CO; Lucerne FO/Claudio Abbado. Decca 478 2551 14 10:30 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Derek Parker Hummel, J. Overture: Freudenfest in D (1814). London Mozart Players/Howard Shelley. Chandos CHAN 9925 6 Massenet, J. Piano concerto in E flat (1903). Stephen Coombs, pf; BBC Scottish SO/Jean-Yves Ossonce. Hyperion CDA66897 31 Peterson-Berger, W. Symphony no 2, Journey on the southerly winds (1910). Norrköping SO/Michael Jurowski. cpo 999 564-2 45 12:00 SWING SESSIONS with John Buchanan 13:00 MORNING NOON AND NIGHT Prepared by Randolph Magri-Overend Suppé, F. Overture to Morning, noon and night in Vienna (1844). Montreal SO/Charles Dutoit. Decca 414 408-2 8

Holst, G. The morning of the year, op 45 no 2 (1926-27). Joyful Company of Singers; BBC NO of Wales/Richard Hickox. Chandos CHSA 5069 21 Dvorák, A. Symphonic poem: The noon witch, op 108 (1896). Czech PO/Charles Mackerras. Supraphon SU 4012-2 14 Donizetti, G. Orrida è questa notte, from Lucia di Lammermoor (1835). Jerry Hadley, ten; Thomas Hampson, bar; Welsh National Opera O/Carlo Rizzi. Teldec 9031-73283-2 11 Verdi, G. Già nella notte densa, from Otello (1887). Renata Tebaldi, sop; Mario del Monaco, ten; Vienna PO/Herbert von Karajan. Decca 470 280-2 11 Debussy, C. From dawn to noon on the sea, from La mer (1905). London SO/Charles Mackerras. Centaur CRC 2090 9 Berlioz, H. Summer nights, op 7 (1840-41; orch. 1843, 46). Janet Baker, mezz; New Philharmonia O/John Barbirolli. EMI 5 62788 2 31 15:00 A CLASSICAL HOUR Prepared by Maureen Meers Schubert, F. Overture to The devil’s pleasure castle, D84 (1813-14). Prague Sinfonia/Christian Benda. Naxos 8.570328 9 Hummel, J. Trumpet concerto in E (1803). Håkan Hardenberger, tpt; Academy of St Martin in the Fields/Neville Marriner. Philips 420 203-2 18 Pleyel, I. Symphony in C, op 66 (1803). London Mozart Players/Matthias Bamert. Chandos CHAN 9525 23 16:00 FINE MUSIC HOLIDAY including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Stephen Wilson 19:00 JAZZ NICE ‘N EASY with Ken Weatherley 20:00 STORMY MONDAY with Austin Harrison and Garth Sundberg 22:00 THE AUSTRALIAN JAZZ SCENE with Susan Gai Dowling and Peter Nelson

Tuesday 27 DECEMBER 0:00 CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE 3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Julie Simonds 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Artist of choice: Pablo Casals Prepared by Jennifer Foong Bach, J.S. Suite no 5 in C minor, BWV1011 (c1720). LP HMV RLS 712 22 Schumann, R. Five pieces in folk style, op 102 (1849). Leopold Mannes, pf. LP Music for Pleasure CFP4035 17 Haydn, J. Trio in G, Hob.XV:25, Gypsy (1795). Jacques Thibaud, vn; Alfred Cortot, pf. Naxos 8.110188 13 Brahms, J. Sonata no 2 in F, op 99 (1886). Mieczyslaw Horszowski, pf. Naxos 8.110949/50 29 Pablo Casals, vc (all above) 10:30 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Michael Field Sibelius, J. Incidental music to Pelléas et Mélisande, op 46 (1904/05). Bournemouth SO/Paavo Berglund. EMI 5 69773 2 28 Shostakovich, D. Piano concerto no 2 in F, op 102 (1957). Dimitri Shostakovich, pf; I Musici de Montréal/Maxim Shostakovich. Chandos CHAN 8443 18 Schumann, R. Symphony no 2 in C, op 61 (1846; orch. Mahler). Bergen PO/Aldo Ceccato. BIS CD-361 37 12:00 JAZZ RHYTHM with Jeannie McInnes 13:00 THE KING DANCES Music for King Louis IV Prepared by Derek Parker Lully, J-B. Ballet des Plaisirs (1655). Aradia Baroque Ensemble/Kevin Mallon. Naxos 8.554003 13 Excerpts from Persée (1682). Cyril Auvity, ct; Bruno Rostand, bass; Les Talens Lyriques/ Christophe Rousset. Ambroisie AM 167 18 Couperin, F. Premier concert royal. Les Folies Françoises/Patrick Cohën-Akenine. MBF 1108 9 Visée, R. de Les sylvains de Couperin. Hopkinson Smith, theorbo. LP Astrée AS 38 7 La Barre, M. de Suite in G, L’Inconnuë. Rachel Brown, fl; Mark Caudle, bass viol; James Johnstone, hpd. Chandos CHAN 0544 8 Forqueray, A. Excerpts from Suite no 2 in G (pub. 1747; transcr. J-B-A Forqueray). Mario Raskin, hpd. Pierre Verany PV794051 13 December 2016

fineMusic 102.5


Tuesday 27 DECEMBER Charpentier, M-A. Ballet music from La descente d’Orphée aux enfers (c1686). Les Arts Florissants/William Christie. Erato 3984-26129-2 5 Ballard, R. Trois ballets des princes (arr. Bataille). Lutz Kirchhof, lute. Sony SK 48250 3 14:30 A TRIP TO PRAGUE Prepared by Gael Golla Milhaud, D. Music for Prague, op 415 (1965). Czech PO/Darius Milhaud. PRAGA PR 250 012 16 Rak, S. Remembering Prague. Stephan Rak, gui. Chandos CHAN 8622 5 Dvorák, A. Prague waltzes (1879). Budapest FO/Ivan Fischer. Philips 464 647-2 8 Kabalevsky, D. Piano concerto no 4, op 99, Prague. Kathryn Stott, pf; BBC PO/Neeme Järvi. Chandos CHAN10384 12 Dvorák, A. Fanfare for the festive opening of the Regional Exhibition in Prague (1891). London Gabrieli Brass Ensemble/ Christopher Larkin. Hyperion CDA66470 2 Mozart, W. Symphony no 38 in D, K504, Prague (1786). English Sinfonia/Charles Groves. IMP PCD 892 36 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Derek Parker 19:00 THE JAZZ BEAT with Lloyd Capps 20:00 RECENT RELEASES with Charles Barton 22:00 CHAMBER SOIRÉE Holzbauer, I. Quintet in B flat. Members of Concentus Musicus Vienna/Nikolaus Harnoncourt. Teldec 8573-89360-2 15 Marais, M. Sonate à la Marésienne (pub. 1723). London Baroque/Charles Medlam. Harmonia Mundi HMA 1901 105 12 Bach, J.S. Minuet in D minor. Karl-Heinz Passin, fl; Walter Heinz Bernstein, hpd. LaserLight 14038 1 Brahms, J. Sonata in F sharp minor, op 2 (1852). Idil Biret, pf. Naxos 8.550 351 26 Galuppi, B. Sonata in G. Members of Parnassus Ensemble. Accent ACC 47806 D 10 Smetana, B. String quartet no 2 in D minor (1883). Trávnicek Quartet. Point Classics 267187-2 18 Moscheles, I. Septet in D, op 88 (1832). Walter Hermann, cl; Christoph Moinian, hn; Mayumi Shimizu, vn; Jaap Zeijl, va; Christoph Groth, vc; Volker Donandt, db; Caroline Weichert, pf. Koch Schwann 3-1178-2 30 42

Wednesday 28 DECEMBER 13:00 THE LOVE OF DIMINISHING REFRAINS Prepared by Yola Center Donizetti, G. Sextet: Chi mi frena in tal momento? from Lucia di Lammermoor I (1835). Luisa Tetrazzini, sop; Joesphine Jacoby, mezz; Enrico Caruso, ten; Angelo Bada, ten; Pasquale Amato, bar; Marcel Journet, bass; Walter B Rogers, cond. RCA GD 60495 4

Paul Dyer 0:00 CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE 3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Peter Kurti 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Composers of the 18th century Prepared by Chris Blower Handel, G. Flute suite in G, HWV350, from Water music (1717). Australian Brandenburg O/Paul Dyer. ABC 434 720-2 10 Marais, M. Suite in G minor (1725). Marais Project. Move MCD 424 12 Bach, J.S. Suite no 4 in D, BWV1069 (1725). Brandenburg Consort/Roy Goodman.. Hyperion CDA66502 21 Rameau, J-P. Suite from Dardanus (1739). O of the 18th Century/Frans Brüggen. Philips 420 240-2 25 Gluck, C. Suite du divertissement, from Iphigenia in Aulis (1774). Rhenish CO/Jan Corazolla. Christophorus CHE 0064-2 10 10:30 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Elaine Siversen Gluck, C. Ballet: Alessandro. Musica Antiqua Köln/Reinhard Goebel. Archiv 479 1045 24 Bach, C.P.E. Double concerto in F (1740). Tini Mathot, hpd; Amsterdam Baroque O/Ton Koopman, hpd & dir. Erato ECD 75396 25 Beethoven, L. Symphony no 5 in C minor, op 67 (1807-08). London Classical Players/ Roger Norrington. EMI EMI CDC 7 49656 2 34 12:00 JAZZ SKETCHES with Robert Vale


Wagner, R. Blissful as the sun of my happiness, from The Mastersingers of Nuremberg (1868). Catarina Ligendza, sop; Christa Ludwig, mezz; Plácido Domingo, ten; Horst R. Laubenthal, ten; Dietrich FischerDieskau, bar; German Opera O, Berlin/ Eugen Jochum. ABC 480 8016 5 Verdi, G. Bella figlia dell’amore, from Rigoletto (1851). Joan Sutherland, sop; Huguette Tourangeau, mezz; Luciano Pavarotti, ten; Sherrill Milnes, bar; London SO/Richard Bonynge. Decca 4807014 4 Strauss, R. Marschallin’s meeting with Sophie; Trio; Final duet, from Der Rosenkavalier. Elizabeth Söderström, sop; Régine Crespin, sop; Hilde Gueden, sop; Hienz Hole ek, bass; members of the Vienna State Opera Ch; Vienna PO/Silio Varviso. LP Decca JB57 19 Bizet, G. C’est toi ... Au fond du temple saint, from The pearl fishers (1863). Plácido Domingo, ten; Thomas Hampson, bar; Philharmonia O/Eugene Kohn. EMI 5 55554 2 8 Bellini, V. Casta diva, from Norma (1831). Joan Sutherland, sop; Elizabethan Sydney O/Richard Bonynge. ABC 465 687-2 11 14:00 MUSICAL NICKNAMES Prepared by Randolph Magri-Overend Schubert, F. Piano quintet in A, D667, Trout (1819). Jacqueline Cronin, va; David Campbell, db; Seraphim Trio. ABC 476 4741 38 Beethoven, L. Sonata no 14 in C sharp minor, op 27 no 2, Moonlight (1801). Gerard Willems, pf. ABC 465 077-2 16 Ibert, J. Symphonic suite, Paris (1930). Montreal SO/Charles Dutoit. Decca 440 332-2 13 Tchaikovsky, P. Symphony no 6 in B minor, op 74, Pathétique (1893). Gothenburg SO/ Neeme Järvi. BIS SACD-1348 44

Wednesday 28 DECEMBER 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Trisha McDonald 19:00 JAZZ STARS AND STRIPES with Peter Mitchell 20:00 AT THE OPERA Prepared by Elaine Siversen Verdi, G. Otello. Opera in four acts. Libretto by Arrigo Boito. First performed Milan, 1887. OTELLO: Plácido Domingo, ten DESDEMONA: Renata Scotto, sop IAGO: Sherrill Milnes, bar CASSIO: Frank Little, ten Ambrosian Opera Ch & Boys Ch; National PO/ James Levine. RCA 88697448202 2:14 Iago hates Otello for having promoted Cassio as captain over his head. He lures Cassio into a drunken fight. Otello demotes Cassio. Otello and Desdemona celebrate their happiness. Iago rouses Otello’s jealousy by hinting that Cassio and Desdemona are lovers. When Desdemona asks Otello to reinstate Cassio, Otello refuses. He complains of a headache, but when Desdemona offers a handkerchief, Otello’s first love-token to her, he throws it to the ground where it is snatched by Iago. He continues to undermine Otello’s faith in Desdemona, claiming to have seen Cassio with the handkerchief, then letting Otello overhear a supposedly suspicious conversation with Cassio. Desperately jealous Otello strangles Desdemona and learns too late of Iago’s deceptions. He kills himself, kissing Desdemona as he dies. 22:30 PIANO PLUS ONE Prepared by Gael Golla Chausson, E. Andante and allegro (1881). Charles Neidich, cl; Pascal Devoyon, pf. Hyperion CDA67028 9 Mendelssohn, F. Sonata no 2 in D, op 58 (1843). Richard Lester, vc; Susan Tomes, pf. Hyperion CDA66478 26 Chaminade, C. Flute concertino, op 107 (1902). Paul Fried, fl; Robert Thies, pf. Golden Tone GTCD 005 8 Rossini, G. Prelude, theme and variations for the horn, from Sins of old age (1857). Peter Damm, hn; Peter Rösel, pf. Berlin Classics 0012882BC 9 Franck, C. Sonata in A (1886). Gil Shaham, vn; Gerhard Oppitz, pf. DG 429 729-2 28

Thursday 29 DECEMBER 0:00 CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE 3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Simon Moore 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Two’s company Prepared by Chris Blower Saint-Georges, J. Sonata in E flat. Amélie Michel, fl; Sandrine Chatron, hp. Ambroisie AM 179 9 Bottesini, G. Gran duo concertante (1880). José-Luis Garcia, vn; Thomas Martin, db; English CO/Andrew Litton. Naxos 8.570397 15 Prokofiev, S. Schubert waltzes suite (1923). Aglika Genova, pf; Liuben Dimitrov, pf. cpo 999 599-2 9 Mahon, J. Duet no 4 in B flat. Colin Lawson, bshn; Michael Harris, bshn. Helios CDH55261 8 Bax, A. Sonata (1928). Lorna McGhee, fl; Alison Nicholls, hp. Naxos 8.554507 18 Strauss, R. Duet concertino (1947). Joy Farrall, cl; Julie Andrews, bn; Britten Sinfonia/Nicholas Cleobury. EMI 5 65581 2 20 10:30 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Paul Hopwood Balakirev, M. Overture on three Russian themes (1858-81). Philharmonia O/Yevgeny Svetlanov. Hyperion CDA66586 9 Parish Alvars, E. Harp concerto in G minor, op 81. Marielle Nordmann, hp; Franz Liszt CO/Jean-Pierre Rampal. Sony SK 58919 29 Wordsworth, W. Symphony no 2 in D, op 34 (1947-48). London PO/Nicholas Braithwaite. Lyrita SRCD 207 44 12:00 JAZZ, PURE AND SIMPLE with Maureen Meers 13:00 BY ARRANGEMENT Prepared by Francis Frank Handel, G. Overture to the occasional oratorio, HWV62 (1746; arr. Pearce). Robert Ampt, org. Move MD 3148 10 Ravel, M. Suite from Mother Goose (190810; arr. McIntyre). Canberra Wind Soloists. ABC 434 718-2 14 Coward, N. This is a changing world, from Pacific 1860 (1946; arr. Gamley). Joan Sutherland, sop; Ch & O/Richard Bonynge. Decca 475 7981 6 Puccini, G. Garret scene; final pas de deux, from La bohème (arr. Hocking). West Australian SO/Dobbs Franks. ABC 476 1999 20 Giuliani, M. Concerto no 1 in A, op 30

(1808). John Williams, gui; Australian CO/ Richard Tognetti. Sony SK 63385 30 14:30 FRENCH CLASSICAL CHAMBER Prepared by Phil Vendy Devienne, F. Sonata in G minor, op 24 no 5 (c1785). Frances Eustace, bn; Jennifer Ward Clarke, vc; Paul Nicholson, fp. Amon Ra SAR 35 9 Balbastre, C-B. Harpsichord sonata no 1 in B flat (1779). Concerto Rococo. Pierre Verany PV794043 20 Pleyel, I. Trio in C (1791). Trio 1790. cpo 777 544-2 21 Gebauer, F. Wind quintet no 3 in C minor. Le Concert Impromptu. Pierre Verany PV793112 30 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Sue Jowell 19:00 THE NEW JAZZ STANDARD with Frank Presley 20:00 LIVE AND LOCAL Warrawee Ensemble plays Mozart and Fauré Recorded by FINE MUSIC Mozart, W. Quartet in G minor, K478 (1785). Rachel Valler, pf; Warrawee Ensemble. 27 Duo in G, K423 (1783). Donald Hazelwood, vn; Peter Pfuhl, va. 17 Fauré, G. Quartet no 1 in C minor, op 15 (1879). Rachel Valler, pf; Warrawee Ensemble. 34 21:30 NO STRINGS ATTACHED Prepared by Stephen Wilson Danzi, F. Quintet in G, op 67 no 1. Michael Thompson Wind Quintet. Naxos 8.553570 15 Octet no 2 in E flat. Sabine Meyer Wind Ensemble. EMI 5 55512 2 10 22:00 DIFFERING PATHS OF THE 20TH CENTURY Grawemeyer winners, part 1 Prepared by James Nightingale Lutoslawski, W. Symphony no 3 (1972-83). Los Angeles PO/Esa-Pekka Salonen. Sony SK66280 31 Ligeti, G. Etudes, bk 1 (1985). PierreLaurent Aimard, pf. Sony SK62308 20 Penderecki, K. Symphony no 4 (c1989). Polish Sinfonia Iuventus O/Krzysztof Penderecki. Dux 0897-0901 31 Ung, C. Inner voices (1986). American Composers O/Dennis Russell Davies. Argo 444 560-2 20 Tower, J. Wings (1981). John Sampen, sax. Capstone Records CPS-8636 10 December 2016

fineMusic 102.5


Friday 30 DECEMBER 0:00 CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE 3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Janine Burrus 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Only strings Prepared by Melissa Evans Fossa, F. de Guitar quartet no 2 in E (c1826). Kenneth Sillito, vn; Ian Jewel, va; Keith Harvey, vc; Simon Wynberg, gui. LP Chandos ABRD 1109 24 Carulli, F. Guitar sonata, op 21 no 3. Richard Savino, gui. Naxos 8.553301 15 Barber, S. Adagio for strings, op 11 (1936). Kronos Quartet. Nonesuch 979 181-2 7 Berwald, F. Duo concertant in A minor (1816). Tobias Ringbor, vn; David Bergstrôm, vn. Naxos 8.554286 24 Dittersdorf, C. Divertimento in D. Viennese String Trio. Calig CAL 50876 9 10:30 MORNING CONCERT Bizet, G. Overture: Patrie, op 19 (1873). Melbourne SO/John Lanchbery. ABC 456 669-2 13 Crusell, B. Clarinet concerto no 2 in F minor, op 5 (1808). Emma Johnson, cl; English CO/ Conrad Schwarz. Brilliant Classics 99497 25 Brahms, J. Symphony no 1 in C minor, op 68 (1876). NDR SO/Günter Wand. BMG 74321 20284 2 44 12:00 A JAZZ HOUR with Barry O’Sullivan 13:00 COURT COMPOSERS Prepared by Albert Gormley Lully, J-B. Dormons, dormons tous, from Atys (1786). Florian Deuter, vn; Musica Antiqua Cologne/Reinhard Goebel. DG 463 446-2 8 Haydn, J. Symphony in D, Hob.I:101, Clock (1793-94). Royal PO/Thomas Beecham. EMI 1 66449 2 28 Bach, J.S. Keyboard concerto no 1 in D minor, BWV1052. Vladimir Ashkenazy, pf; London SO/David Zinman. Decca 476 2729 24 Handel, G. Concerto grosso no 10 in D minor, HWV328 (1739). Academy of Ancient Music; Andrew Manze, vn & dir. Harmonia Mundi HMU 907228.29 15 Bach, J.S. Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland, BWV659 (arr. Friedman). Piers Lane, pf. Hyperion CDA67344 6 14:30 OVERLOOKED COMPOSERS Franz Xaver Scharwenka Prepared by Stephen Wilson Scharwenka, X. Excerpts from Polish national dances, op 3 (1869). François Xavier Poizat, pf. Naxos 8.572637 11 44

Trio no 1 in F sharp minor, op 1 (1869). Lydia Mordkovitch, vn; Colin Carr,vc; Seta Tanyel, pf. Collins 14482 25 Spanisches Ständchen, op 63 no 1. Stephen Hough, pf. Hyperion CDA67565 5 Serenade, op 70 (1895). Lydia Mordkovitch, vn; Seta Tanyel, pf. Collins 14482 8 Piano concerto no 3 in C sharp minor, op 80 (1889). Alexander Markovich, pf; Estonian National SO/Neeme Järvi. Chandos CHAN 10814(2) 32 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Brendan Walsh 19:00 FRIDAY JAZZ SESSION with Sally Cameron 20:00 THE ROMANTIC CENTURY Prepared by Chris Blower Kuhlau, F. Suite from Elverhøj, op 100 (1828). Odense SO/Othmar Maga. Unicorn-Kanchana DKP(CD)9132 33 Bizet, G. Suite from L’arlésienne no 1 (1872). London SO/Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos. IMP PCD 905 17 Widor, C-M. Suite, op 34 (1898). Sharon Bezaly, fl; Love Derwinger, pf. BIS SACD-1639 17 Massenet, J. Orchestral suite no 6: Scènes de féerie (1879). Monte Carlo Opera O/John Eliot Gardiner. Erato 2292-45858-2 18 Tchaikovsky, P. Suite no 4 in G, op 61, Mozartiana (1887). Ruggiero Ricci, vn; Suisse Romande O/Ernest Ansermet. Decca 476 2723 26 22:00 BAROQUE AND BEFORE The class of ‘16 Rore, C. de Calami sonum ferentes, à 4 (1555). Huelgas Ensemble/Paul van Nevel. Sony SK 48065 4 Froberger, J. Toccata no 2 (1699). John Toll, hpd. EMI-Electrola CDM 8 26534-2 4 Rore, C. de Missa Praeter rerum seriem à 7 (c1547). Gabrieli Consort/Paul McCreesh. Archiv 471 333-2 30 Giardini, F. Sonata in E minor/major, op 1 no 3 (1751). Elizabeth Wallfisch, vn; Richard Tunnicliffe, vc; Paul Nelson, hpd. Hyperion CDA 66583 12 Froberger, J. Suite no 2 in A (1656) Kenneth Gilbert, hpd. Archiv 437 080-2 7 Rolle, J. Ach! ach! dass du den Himmel zerrissest und führest herab, from Christmas oratorio (1769). Gundula Anders, sop; Britta Schwarz, cont; Wilfried Jochens, ten; Dirk Schmidt, bass; Michaelstein Chamber Choir; Telemann CO, Michaelstein/Ludger Rémy. cpo 999 514-2 47


Saturday 31 DECEMBER

Tom Bennett 0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT 6:00 SATURDAY MORNING MUSIC with Arek Sinanian 9:00 WHAT’S ON IN MUSIC Our weekly guide to musical events in and around Sydney 9:05 ORCHESTRAS AROUND THE WORLD Simon Bolivar Orchestras Prepared by Derek Parker Beethoven, L. Overture to Egmont, op 84 (1809-10). Simón Bolívar SO of Venezuela. DG 479 0250 9 Castellanos, E. Symphonic suite: Santa Cruz de Pacairigua. DG 477 7457 16 Carreno, I. Margariteña (1954) DG 477 7457 13 Stravinsky, I. The rite of Spring (1913). DG 477 8775 34 Ginastera, A. The land workers dance; The peons of the hacienda dance, from the ballet, Estancia, op 8 (1943). DG 477 7457 5 Simón Bolívar Youth O of Venezuela (4 above) Gustavo Dudamel, cond (5 above) 10:30 SMALL FORCES Prepared by Derek Parker Pleyel, I. String quartet in C, op 2 no 2 (1784). Enso Quartet. Naxos 8.557496 18 Bach, J.S. Concerto in F, BWV971, Italian (1735). Glenn Gould, pf. Sony 88697417292 13 Saint-Saëns, C. Sonata no 1 in D minor (1885). Guido Rimonda, vn; Cristina Canziani, pf. Chandos CHAN 10510 22

Saturday 31 DECEMBER 11:30 ON PARADE: University Wind Ensembles of the USA Prepared by Robert Small

Rachmaninov, S. Isle of the dead, op 29 (1909). Philadelphia O/Sergei Rachmaninov. Fidelio 8830 18

Whitacre, E. October. Youngstown State University Symphonic Wind Ensemble/ Stephen L. Gage. Naxos 8.570946 7

Tchaikovsky, P. Symphony no 6 in B minor, op 74, Pathetique (1893). Russian Federation State SO/Yevgeny Svetlanov. Emergo Classics EC 3624-2 46

Bryant, S. Dusk (2004). University of Kansas Wind Ensemble/Scott Weiss. Naxos 8.572129 4

17:00 COMPOSED IN 1779 Prepared by Francis Frank

Gorb, A. Awayday (1996). University of Georgia Wind Ensemble/John P. Lynch. Naxos 8.572231 6 Giannini, V. Prelude and allegro (1958). University of Houston Wind Ensemble/Tom Bennett. Naxos 8.570130 7 12:00 URBAN JAZZ LOUNGE with Leita Hutchings 13:00 A SOJOURN WITH SCHUMANN Prepared by Georgina Giannikopoulos Schumann, R. Sonata in F minor, Variations on a theme of Clara Wieck, op 14 (1835-36). Nikolai Demidenko, pf. Hyperion CDA66781/2 10 Cello concerto in A minor, op 129 (1850). YoYo Ma, vc; Bavarian RSO/Colin Davis. CBS M2K 44562 25 Scenes from childhood, op 15 (1838). Cristina Ortiz, pf. IMP PCD 899 18 In der Nacht, op 74 no 4 (1849). Kathleen Livingstone, sop; Neil Mackie, ten; John Blakely, pf. Unicorn-Kanchana UKCD 2009 6 Arabeske in C (1838). Joshua Tsai, pf. Fine Music Tape Archive 8 Fantasiestücke, op 111. Vladimir Horowitz, pf. Philips 456 838-2 11 Symphony no 4 in D minor, op 120 (1841/51). Vienna PO/Georg Solti. Decca 417 799-2 30 15:00 FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE Prepared by Randolph Magri-Overend Balakirev, M. Overture on Russian folk themes (1858). Tasmanian SO/Shalom Ronly-Riklis. ABC 838 903-2 8

Cimarosa, D. Overture to L’infideltà fedele (1779). Nicolaus Esterházy Sinfonia/ Alessandro Amoretti. Naxos 8.570508 5 Boccherini, L. Quintet in G minor, op 29 no 6 (1779). Ensemble Explorations. Harmonia Mundi HMC 901894 20 Haydn, J. Missa brevis Sancti Joannis de Deo in B flat, Hob.XXII:7, Little organ mass (1779). Jennifer Smith, sop; Choir of St John’s College, Cambridge; John Scott, org; Academy of St Martin in the Fields/George Guest. Decca 430 160-2 19 Benda, G. Harpsichord concerto in C (1779). Antonin Novák, vn; Vojtech Jouza, vn; Karel Spelina, va; Frantisek Sláma, vc; Frantisek Posta, db; Josef Hála, hpd. Supraphon 11 1001-2 15 Gluck, C. Cette nuit ... O toi qui prolongeas mes jours, from Iphigénie en Tauride (1779). Régine Crespin, sop; Suisse Romande O/ Alain Lombard. Decca 440 844-2 7 Haydn, J. Symphony in A, Hob. I:87 (1779). Heidelberg SO/Thomas Fey. Hänssler 98.268 24 Bach, J. Christian Symphony for double orchestra in E flat, op 18 no 1 (1779). Academy of Ancient Music/Simon Standage. Chandos CHAN 0540 14 19:00 THE MAGIC OF STAGE AND SCREEN Prepared by Sue Jowell 20:00 INFLUENCES AND CONNECTIONS Aram Khachaturian Prepared by Elaine Siversen Debussy, C. Prélude à l’après midi d’un faune (1894). Timothy Jutchins, fl; Montreal SO/Charles Dutoit. Decca 4783691 11

Mussorgsky, M. Songs and dances of death (1875-77; orch. Aho). Martti Talvela, bass; Finnish RSO/Neeme Järvi. BIS CD-325 17

Ravel, M. Introduction and allegro for harp, string quartet, flute and clarinet (1905). Ursula Holliger, hp; Die Kammermusiker Zürich. Claves 50-280 11

Rimsky-Korsakov, N. Suite from Milada (1889-90). Seattle SO/Gerard Schwarz. Naxos 8.572787 18

Myaskovsky, N. Sonata no 3 in C minor, op 19 (1920/39). Murray McLachlan, pf. Olympia OCD 214 13

Khachaturian, A. Trio (1932). Nigel Westlake, cl; Dene Olding, vn; David Bollard, pf. Fine Music concert recording 15 Prokofiev, S. Sonata in C, op 56 (1932). Mayumi Seiler, vn; Richard Tognetti, vn. Fine Music concert recording 15 Shostakovich, D. Passacaglia, from Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District, op 29 (1934). Matthias Havinga, org. Brilliant Classics 9269 7 Rimsky-Korsakov, N. Overture on Russian themes, op 28 (1866/79-80). Seattle SO/ Gerard Schwarz. Naxos 8.572788 12 Borodin, A. In the steppes of central Asia (1880). Ukraine National RSO/Theodore Kuchar. Naxos 8.557456 8 Khachaturian, A. Suite from Gayaneh (1942/52/57). Armenian PO/Loris Tjeknavorian. ASV DCA 773 14 22:00 SATURDAY NIGHT AT HOME New Year in Vienna Prepared by Chris Blower Stolz, R. March of the United Nations. 3 Strauss, J. II Treasure waltz, op 418 (1885). 8 Violetta, from The merry war, op 404 (1881). 4 Pleasure train, op 281 (1864). 3 Ziehrer, C. Viennese girls, op 388 (1888). 10 Strauss, E. Express mail, op 259 (1868). 2 Strauss, J. II Overture: A night in Venice (1883). 8 Strauss, E. Out of bounds, op 168. 2 Strauss, Josef. Harmony of the spheres, op 235 (1868). 10 Strauss, J. II Singer’s delight, op 328. 4 Strauss, Josef. On vacation, op 133 (1863). 2 Strauss, J. II Princess Ninetta, from operetta, Fürstin Ninetta (1892). 3 Waldteufel, E. España, op 236 (1886). 6 Hellmesberger, J. I Ball scene. 5 Strauss, J. I Sighs galop, op 9 (1828; arr. Dörner). 2 Strauss, Josef. The dragonfly, op 204. 5 Strauss, J. II The Emperor waltz, op 437 (1889); At the hunt, op 373 (1875); At the double, op 348; The blue Danube, op 314 (1867). 26 Strauss, J. I Radetzky march, op 228 (arr. L. Weninger). 3 Vienna PO/Mariss Jansons (all above) Sony 88875174772

December 2016

fineMusic 102.5


The following composers have works of at least five minutes on the DECEMBER dates listed Abrahamsen, H. b1952 11 Addinsell, R. 1904-1977 10 Albéniz, I. 1860-1909 8 Albinoni, T. 1671-1751 14,16,22,23 Albrechtsberger, J. 17361809 23 Alkan, C-V. 1813-1888 2,17 Alyabyev, A. 1787-1851 3 Arensky, A. 1861-1906 5 Arnold, M. 1921-2006 8,9,15 Assmayer, I. 1790-1862 4 Babell, W. c1690-1723 2 Bach, C.P.E. 1714-1788 3,4,7,11,15,24,28 Bach, J. Christian 1735-1782 4,9,17,24,31 Bach, J.C.F. 1732-1795 4,9 Bach, J.S. 1685-1750 2,4,7,1 2,15,16,17,18,24,27,28,30,31 Bach, W.F. 1710-1784 7,8 Bache, F. 1833-1858 5 Balakirev, M. 1837-1910 29,31 Balbastre, C-B. 1727-1799 29 Ball, E. 1903-1989 3 Banks, D. 1923-1980 8,22 Barber, S. 1910-1981 11,14,30 Barsanti, F. 1690-1772 12 Bartók, B. 1881-1945 14,24 Basden, D. b1957 8 Bax, A. 1883-1953 22,29 Beach, A. 1867-1944 10 Beck, F. 1734-1809 9 Beethoven, L. 1770-1827 1, 3,4,10,11,12,16,19,21,24,26 ,28,31 Bellini, V. 1801-1835 28 Benda, G. 1722-1795 18,31 Bériot, C-A. de 1802-1870 23 Berlioz, H. 1803-1869 4,9,14,18,21,26 Berwald, F. 1796-1868 30 Bizet, G. 1838-1875 2,22,24,28,30 Boccherini, L. 1743-1805 3,4,9,31 Borodin, A. 1833-1887 3,6,31 Bortkiewicz, S. 1877-1952 5 Bottesini, G. 1821-1889 3,29 Brahms, J. 1833-1897 10,11,14,19,22,27,30 Britten, B. 1913-1976 4,7,9,15,22 Bruch, M. 1838-1920 15,18,22 Bruckner, A. 1824-1896 19 Brumby, C. b1933 22 Buonamente, G. d 1643 23 Burkhard, W. 1900-1955 13 Carreno, I. 1919-2016 31 Carulli, F. 1770-1841 30 Castellanos, E. 1915-1984 31 Castelnuovo-Tedesco, M. 1895-1968 17 Chabrier, E. 1841-1894 16,19 Chadwick, G. 1854-1931 4

Chaminade, C. 1857-1944 28 Charpentier, M-A. 16351704 27 Chausson, E. 1855-1899 28 Chopin, F. 1810-1849 7,9,19 Cimarosa, D. 1749-1801 31 Clarke, R. 1886-1979 7 Clérambault, L-N. 16761749 14 Cliffe, F. 1857-1931 16 Coates, E. 1886-1957 15 Coleridge-Taylor, S. 18751912 7,14 Copland, A. 1900-1990 6 Couperin, F. 1668-1733 2,23,27 Coward, N. 1899-1973 29 Crusell, B. 1775-1838 8,30 Czerny, C. 1791-1857 1 d’Albert, E. 1864-1932 10 d’Indy, V. 1851-1931 15 Danzi, F. 1763-1826 11,21,26,29 Davidov, K. 1838-1889 19 Debussy, C. 1862-1918 1,10,15,16,18,22,23,24,26,31 Delius, F. 1862-1934 3 Devienne, F. 1759-1803 29 Dittersdorf, C. 1739-1799 30 Dixon, J. b1945 4 Dohnányi, E. 1877-1960 10,22 Donizetti, G. 1797-1848 4,16,21,26 Doppler, F. 1821-1883 3 Dreyfus, G. b1928 10,22 Dubois, T. 1837-1924 18 Dukas, P. 1865-1935 13 Duparc, H. 1848-1933 19 Dutilleux, H. b1916 12,22 Dvorák, A. 1841-1904 1,2,12,17,26,27 Edwards, R. b1943 4,18 Elgar, E. 1857-1934 18,24 Eybler, J. 1765-1846 4 Eyck, J. c1590-1657 7 Falla, M. de 1876-1946 4,13 Fauré, G. 1845-1924 3,13,21,29 Fesca, F. 1789-1826 20 Fibich, Z. 1850-1900 23,24 Finzi, G. 1901-1956 12,21 Foerster, J. 1859-1951 6 Fontei, N. d c1647 23 Forqueray, A. c1672-1745 27 Fossa, F. de 1775-1849 9,30 Françaix, J. 1912-1997 15,23 Franck, C. 1822-1890 4,6,28 Friml, R. 1879-1972 10 Froberger, J. 1616-1667 30 Fujikake, H. b1949 1 Gabrieli, G. c1556-1612 23 Gallo, D. 1730-? 23 Galuppi, B. 1706-1785 27 Gebauer, F. 1773-1845 29 Geminiani, F. 1687-1762 19 Gershwin, G. 1898-1937 9,10 Giannini, V. 1903-1966 31

Giardini, F. 1716-1796 30 Giuliani, M. 1781-1829 29 Glazunov, A. 1865-1936 1,8,19,20 Glière, R. 1875-1956 14 Glinka, M. 1804-1857 15,20 Gluck, C. 1714-1787 14,28,31 Goossens, E. 1893-1962 20 Gorb, A. b1958 31 Gould, M. 1913-1996 8 Gounod, C. 1818-1893 1,2,3,4 Grainger, P. 1882-1961 8,18 Graupner, C. 1683-1760 12 Grechaninov, A. 1864-1956 8,24 Grieg, E. 1843-1907 6,10,13,15,19,22 Gross, E. b1926 8 Handel, G. 1685-1759 1,3,6,9,15,28,29,30 Hanson, R. 1913-1976 20 Harty, H. 1879-1941 7 Hatzis, C. b1953 24 Haydn, J. 1732-1809 1,3,4,5,9,11,18,24,27,30,31 Haydn, M. 1737-1806 11 Herman, J. b1932 24 Hill, A. 1870-1960 19 Hindemith, P. 1895-1963 8,9 Hoffmeister, F. 1754-1812 2,14 Holmboe, V. 1909-1996 7 Holmès, A. 1847-1903 5 Holst, G. 1874-1934 7,26 Holzbauer, I. 1711-1783 27 Honegger, A. 1892-1955 17 Hummel, J. 1778-1837 3,26 Humperdinck, E. 1854-1921 23 Hyde, M. 1913-2005 8 Ibert, J. 1890-1962 1,28 Ireland, J. 1879-1962 7 Janacek, L. 1854-1928 17 Jarre, M. b1924 23 Jenkins, K. b1944 3 Johannson, J. b1967 18 Kabalevsky, D. 1904-1987 27 Kallstenius, E. 1881-1967 11 Kálmán, E. 1882-1953 14 Kats-Chernin, E. b1957 7 Kenniff, K. b1981 18 Kerry, G. b1954 11 Khachaturian, A. 1903-1978 2,31 Khrennikov, T. b1913 8 Kirkland Snider, S. 20th c 11 Klami, U. 1900-1961 1 Klughardt, A. 1847-1902 2 Knüpfer, S. 1633-1676 18 Knussen, O. b1952 6 Kodály, Z. 1882-1967 4,6,10 Koechlin, C. 1867-1950 6,17 Korngold, E. 1897-1957 14 Kozhevnikov, B. 19061985 24

Key Music duration is shown after the record and citation SO: Symphony Orchestra PO: Philharmonic Orchestra NO: National Orchestra RO: Radio Orchestra FO: Festival Orchestra CO: Chamber Orchestra TO: Theatre Orchestra RSO: Radio Symphony

Orchestra RTO: Radio & Television Orchestra Prom O: Promenade Orchestra Ch & O: Chorus & Orchestra NSO: National Symphony Orchestra alto: male alto ban: bandoneon


bar: baritone bshn: basset horn bass: bass bn: bassoon bass-bar: bass-baritone cl: clarinet clvd: clavichord cont: contralto cora: cor anglais ct: counter-tenor db: double bass

Kraus, J.M. 1756-1792 14 Krenek, E. 1900-1991 17 Krommer, F. 1759-1831 17,22 Kuhlau, F. 1786-1832 17,18,21,30 La Barre, M. de c1675-c1743 27 Lachner, F. 1803-1890 3 Lalo, E. 1823-1892 5,13 Larsson, L-E. 1908-1986 24 Leighton, K. b1929 6 Lhoyer, A. de 1768-1852 26 Ligeti, G. 1923-2006 12,29 Linek, J. 1725-1791 4 Liszt, F. 1811-1886 3,4,5,9,10,13,19,22,23 Locatelli, P. 1695-1764 6 Lovelock, W. 1899-1986 24 Lully, J-B. 1632-1687 4,27,30 Lutoslawski, W. 1913-1994 29 MacDowell, E. 1860-1908 23 Mahler, G. 1860-1911 13,17 Mahon, J. c1749-1834 29 Manfredini, F. 1684-1762 4 Marais, M. 1656-1728 27,28 Marcello, B. 1686-1739 2 Martinu, B. 1890-1959 15,24 Massenet, J. 1842-1912 2,26,30 Maxwell Davies, P. b1934 8 Mendelssohn, F. 1809-1847 2,6,9,13,14,15,18,28 Mendelssohn, Fanny. 18051847 24 Menotti, G. 1911-2007 24 Milhaud, D. 1892-1974 17,27 Minkus, L. 1826-1917 5 Moniuszko, S. 1819-1872 12 Morton, T. 1916-1983 17 Moscheles, I. 1794-1870 8,27 Mozart, W. 1756-1791 1,3,4,5,6,7,9,11,15,16,22, 23,24,27,29 Musgrave, T. b1928 22 Mussorgsky, M. 1839-1881 17,19,21,23,31 Myaskovsky, N. 1881-1950 31 Mysliveek, J. 1737-1781 29 Nielsen, C. 1865-1931 12,17 Nyman, M. b1948 4 Offenbach, J. 1819-1880 4,8 Olofsson, K. b1962 4 Paganini, N. 1782-1840 9,16,23 Paine, J. 1839-1906 19 Paisiello, G. 1740-1816 11 Parish Alvars, E. 1808-1849 29 Parry, H. 1848-1918 8 Pärt, A. b1935 17 Penderecki, K. b1933 29 Pergolesi, G. 1710-1736 18 Peterson-Berger, W. 18671942 26 Philidor, F-A. 1726-1795 9,18 Piazzolla, A. 1922-1992 15

dbn: double bassoon elec: electronic eng horn: English horn fl: flute fp: fortepiano gui: guitar hn: French horn hp: harp hpd: harpsichord mand: mandolin mar: marimba

Pizzetti, I. 1880-1968 22 Pleyel, I. 1757-1831 13,22,26,29,31 Poulenc, F. 1899-1963 6,9,15,20,23 Praetorius, M. c1571-1621 16 Prokofiev, S. 1891-1953 10,11,14,15,16,17,18,20,21 ,29,31 Puccini, G. 1858-1924 23,29 Quantz, J. 1697-1773 24 Rääts, J. b1932 16 Rachmaninov, S. 1873-1943 6,13,15,23,31 Rameau, J-P. 1683-1764 21,28 Rautavaara, E. b1928 1,11 Ravel, M. 1875-1937 3,9,10,11,17,20,23,29,31 Reinecke, C. 1824-1910 6,18 Reisteter, S. 20th c 3 Respighi, O. 1879-1936 3,4,6,9,15,21 Reutter, G. the younger 17081722 2 Riisager, K. 1897-1974 1 Rimsky-Korsakov, N. 18441908 5,20,31 Rodrigo, J. 1901-1999 4 Rojas, D. b1921 2 Rolle, J. 1716-1785 30 Roman, J. 1694-1758 2,12 Romberg, A. 1767-1821 6 Romberg, S. 1887-1951 10 Rore, C. de c1516-1565 30 Rossini, G. 1792-1868 10,28 Ryan, J. b1962 4 Ryba, J. 1765-1815 4,11 Saariaho, K. b1952 11 Saint-Georges, J. 17391799 29 Saint-Saëns, C. 1835-1921 2,3,5,9,16,17,20,21,22,23,31 Salieri, A. 1750-1825 3 Sarasate, P. de 1844-1908 9 Scharwenka, X. 1850-1924 20,30 Schobert, J. 1740-1767 9 Schubert, F. 1797-1828 1,2,3, 9,13,15,17,18,22,24,26,28 Schumann, C. 1819-1896 10 Schumann, Camillo. 18721946 13 Schumann, R. 1810-1856 2,7,8,9,14,19,20,27,31 Schütz, H. 1585-1672 16 Scott, C. 1879-1970 24 Sculthorpe, P. b1929 15 Shankar, R. b 1920 20 Shostakovich, D. 1906-1975 3,8,18,27,31 Sibelius, J. 1865-1957 1,3,4,14,16,18,20,22,24,27 Signorelli, C. 1731-1815 2 Skryabin, A. 1872-1915 9 Smetana, B. 1824-1884 8,9,27 Smyth, E. 1858-1944 16

mezz: mezzo-soprano narr: narrator ob: oboe org: organ perc: percussion pf: piano picc: piccolo rec: recorder sax: saxophone sop: soprano tb: trombone

ANSWERS: 1. Camille Saint-Saens. 2. Irish. 3. César Cui. 4. Maurice Ravel. 5. The Symphony of a Thousand. 6. Red hair. 7. Six. 8. Beethoven.


December 2016

fineMusic 102.5

Soler, A. 1729-1783 9,18 Sor, F. 1778-1839 14 Sousa, J.P. 1854-1932 8 Spohr, L. 1784-1859 11,12,17 Stamitz, C. 1745-1801 18 Stamitz, J. 1717-1757 4 Stanford, C. Villiers 18521924 18 Stockhausen, K. b1928 1 Strahan, D. b1935 13 Strauss, J. II 1825-1899 1,31 Strauss, Josef. 1827-1870 31 Strauss, R. 1864-1949 1,2,3,5,10,13,17,24,28,29 Stravinsky, I. 1882-1971 17,18,20,31 Strouse, C. b 1928 24 Strozzi, B. 1619-1664 23 Sullivan, A. 1842-1900 10 Suppé, F. 1819-1895 21,26 Tailleferre, G. 1892-1983 17 Talbot, J. b1971 18 Taneyev, S. 1856-1915 19 Tansman, A. 1897-1986 17 Tavener, J. b1944 18 Tchaikovsky, P. 1840-1893 2, 6,10,16,18,20,21,23,28,30,31 Telemann, G. 1681-1767 21 Tower, J. b1938 29 Turner, R. b1920 8 Ung, C. b1942 29 Vaughan Williams, R. 18721958 5,19,20,23 Verdi, G. 1813-1901 2,26 Vieuxtemps, H. 1820-1881 20 Villa-Lobos, H. 1887-1959 8,15,18 Visée, R. de c1660-c1720 27 Vivaldi, A. 1678-1741 7,12,16,23 Volkmann, R. 1815-1883 5 Waghalter, I. 1881-1949 15 Wagner, R. 1813-1883 2,8,17,19 Wagner, S. 1869-1930 17 Waldteufel, E. 1837-1915 31 Walton, W. 1902-1983 8,12 Weber, C.M. 1786-1826 6,8,20,26 Weiner, L. 1885-1960 5 Westlake, N. b1958 7 Whitacre, E. b1970 31 Widor, C-M. 1844-1937 30 Wordsworth, W. 1908-1998 29 Ysaÿe, E. 1858-1931 13 Zádor, E. 1894-1977 16 Zaimont, J. b1945 4 Zelenka, J. 1679-1745 2,4 Zemlinsky, A. 1871-1942 20 Ziehrer, C. 1843-1922 14,31 Zumsteeg, J. 1760-1802 3

ten: tenor timp: timpani tpt: trumpet treb: treble voice va: viola vc: cello vle: violone vn: violin

PERSONNEL MUSIC BROADCASTING SOCIETY OF NEW SOUTH WALES CO-OPERATIVE LTD Owner and operator of Australia’s first community operated stereo FM station, 2MBS-FM now known as Fine Music 102.5. The Objects of the Society are primarily to broadcast fine music and operate one or more FM broadcasting stations for the encouragement of music. Another is to be part of Sydney’s cultural landscape networking with musical and arts communities to support and encourage local musicians and music education and to use our technical and broadcast resources to further this aim. Our mission is to be Sydney’s preferred fine music broadcaster. Member of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia. DIRECTORS Janine Burrus – Chair, Lloyd Capps – Deputy Chair, Andrew Dziedzic - Secretary, David Brett, Ian Dunbar, Jeannie McInnes, Simon Moore, Stephen Wilson STAFF Sue Ferguson - Financial Administrator, Michael Guilfoyle- Production Coordinator, Steve-Marc McCulloch - Program Coordinator, Morgan Merrell - Sponsorship Manager, Liza Smith - Communications Manager. COMMITTEE CHAIRS Programming - Chris Blower, Presenters - Ross Hayes, Technical - Roger Doyle, Volunteers - Sue Nicholas, Finance - David Brett, Jazz - Jeannie McInnes, Library - Susan Ping Kee, Work Health and Safety - Dennis Oppenheim FRIENDS OF FINE MUSIC ADMINISTRATOR Allen Ford MAGAZINE DISTRIBUTION Sissi Stewart INTERNSHIP COORDINATOR Heather Middleton PROGRAM SUBEDITORS Jan Akers, Chris Blower, Di Cox, Colleen Chesterman, Amal Fahd, Noelene Guillemot, Gerald Holder, Susanne Hurst, Elaine Siversen, Halyna Van Ewyk, Jill Wagstaff, Teresa White VOLUNTEER PHOTOGRAPHER Raymond Horsey LIBRARIANS Jan Akers, Gaby Brown, David Hilton, Helen Milthorpe, Mike Marchbank, Phillip McGarn, Susan Ping Kee, David Richardson, Gary Russ, Mark Renton, Manfred Stauber, Anne Wiseman, Maria Gorelik, Helen Dignan, Lynden Dziedzic, Dawn Jackson VOLUNTEER RECORDING ENGINEERS Peter Bell, Roger Doyle, George Hilgevoord, John Ingham, Jayson McBride, Tim Saddler, Greg Simmons VOLUNTEER PROGRAMMERS AND PRESENTERS Meena Ahn, Charles Barton, Peter Bell, Susan Bell, Chris Blower, David Brett, Susan Briedis, Barrie Brockwell, John Buchanan, Andrew Bukenya, Rex Burgess, Janine Burrus, Sally Cameron, Lloyd Capps, Vince Carnovale, Sheila Catzel, Yola Center, Lyn Chong, Andrew Clark, Angela Cockburn, Liam Collins, Sam Collins, Paul Cooke, Angus Cornwell, Marc Cottee, George Coumbis, Di Cox, George Cruickshank, Nick Dan, Kate Delaney, Nev Dorrington, Susan Gai Dowling, Annabelle Drumm, Brian Drummond, Ian Dunbar, Andrew Dziedzic, Emyr Evans, Melissa Evans, Michael Field, Richard Fielding, Troy Fil, Owen Fisher, Jennifer Foong, Tom Forrester-Paton, Francis Frank, Carole Garland, David Garrett, Georgina Giannikopoulos, Robert Gilchrist, Nicky Gluch, Harry Godber, Gabi Goddard, Gael Golla, Albert Gormley, Andrew Grahame, Jeremy Hall, Alison Hardy, Austin Harrison, Ross Hayes, Andre Hayter, Gerald Holder, Paul Hopwood, Richard Hughes, James Hunter, Leita Hutchings, Anne Irish, Paul Jackson, Kevin Jones, Rhiannon Jones, Sue Jowell, David Knapp, Peter Kurti, Ray Levis, Christina Macguinness, Linda Marr, Meg Matthews, Stephen Matthews, Randolph Magri-Overend, Sue McCreadie, Trisha McDonald, Jeannie McInnes, Terry McMullen, Maureen Meers, Heather Middleton, Peter Mitchell, Simon Moore, Frank Morrison, Michael Morton-Evans, Richard Munge, Gerry Myerson, Peter Nelson, Adam Newman, James Nightingale, David Ogilvie, Josh Oshlack, Barry O’Sullivan, Calogero Panvino, Derek Parker, Denis Patterson, Peter Poole, Frank Presley, Katy Rogers-Davies, Paul Roper, Darryl Rule, Genji Sato-Fraser, Marilyn Schock, Debbie Scholem, Jon Shapiro, Oliver Shermacher, Julie Simonds, Arek Sinanian, Elaine Siversen, Robert Small, Manfred Stäuber, Garth Sundberg, Anna Tranter, Robert Vale, Phil Vendy, Richard Verco, Ron Walledge, Brendan Walsh, Ken Weatherley, Alastair Wilson, Stephen Wilson, Glenn Winfield, Chris Winner, Bella Woods, Carmel Wright, Mariko Yata, John Yates, Orli Zahava, Tom Zelinka MEMBERSHIP The Music Broadcasting Society of NSW Co-Operative Ltd is registered under the Co-operatives Act 1992 (NSW). Annual membership fee is $22 and members are entitled to vote at Society general meetings. Enquiries - VOLUNTEERS Fine Music’s many volunteers are supported by a small team of staff. To find out how to join our volunteers visit or call 9439 4777.

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December 2016

fineMusic 102.5


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December 2016

fineMusic 102.5

arts on screen YO U R V I P T I C K E T S T O T H E W O R L D ’ S B E S T.

................................................................................................................................................................................... A stunning series of big screen events in Sydney’s most elegant cinemas. Great stage performances captured live in London, breathtaking tours of international galleries, spectacular Bolshoi Ballet productions , the world’s finest Opera presentations from the Metropolitan, New York and film festivals of new international films and retro classics.

JOIN OUR EMAIL CLUB FOR SPECIAL OFFERS! ORPHEUM.COM.AU The Hayden Orpheum is delighted to announce the 2016/17 season of The New York Metropolitan Opera. Featuring 4 new productions, 2 productions captured live in high definition for the very first time, a New York Met premiere and the finest performers to be heard at Lincoln Centre, the greatest opera company in the world presents a new season that is not to be missed. TRISTAN UND ISOLDE (WAGNER)

Simon Rattle conducts Nina Stemme and Australian Stuart Skelton. Nov 5/6/10.

RUSALKA (Dvorak) Kristine Opolais and Brandon Jovanovich. New production. April 22/23/27

DON GIOVANNI (MOZART) Simon Keenlyside stars with Hibla Gerzmava. Dec 3/4/8.

LA TRAVIATA (Verdi) Sonya Voncheva with Michael Fabiano. May 20/21/25

L’AMOUR DE LOIN (Saariaho)



EUGENE ONEGIN (Tchaikovsky) Anna Netrebko with Dmitri Hvorostovsky. July 15/16/20

Met premiere. Susanna Phillips, Eric Owens, Tamara Mumford. Jan 28/29 & Feb 2 Placido Domingo stars with Liudmyla Monastyrska. Feb 18/19/23


Vittorio Grigola and Diana Damrau reunite in this new production. March 18/19/23

Matthew Polenzani with Elza van den Heever. June 17/18/22

DER ROSENKAVALIER (R.Strauss) Renee Fleming with Elina Garanca. August 5/6/10



Jewish International Film Festival 2016



Tickets on sale now for the exuberant and fun Eighth

Experience three or more concerts in 2017 and enjoy

Blackbird. Don’t miss this group of ‘supermusicians’

the best chamber music from around the world,

playing brilliant contemporary classics that have

presented right on your doorstep! Season to include

earned them multiple Grammy awards!

pianist Angela Hewitt, the much-loved Takács Quartet,

City Recital Hall, 2 Angel Place, Sydney Sat 25 February, 2pm & Mon 27 February, 7pm

the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment and more.

GET YOUR TICKETS (no booking fees) | 8256 2222


Fine Music Magazine - December 2016  

Fine Music Magazine - December 2016 The magazine of Fine Music 102.5 featuring classical music, jazz, interviews, a CD review and detailed m...