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HOT BLOODED AND FAST TALKIN’ Our cover artist – mezzosoprano Rinat Shaham


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British favourite Felicity Lott

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COVER STORY Opera Australia’s artistic director, Lyndon Terracini, talks with Randolph Magri-Overend and gives an insight into 2013 - one of the more ambitious seasons in recent memory. Letters to the Editor Simon Says Opera Australia – 2013 Season Profile – Felicity Lott Meet the ‘Harlem Tenor’ Friends with Benefits Youth Development What’s On CD Reviews Swinging on the Vine Program Highlights Program Directors, Committees, Staff Fine Music Friends Crossword and Trivia Quiz

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Christmas time. Hallelujah. Another reason to celebrate life, fine friends and fine music. But, what to buy to keep your friends and family entertained? If a subscription to this season’s Opera Australia landed in your Xmas stocking then you’d be in for one mighty fine year. Or, how about a trip to Melbourne for Wagner’s Ring cycle? Well, one can dream. Randolph Magri-Overend has previewed all the upcoming Opera Australia events including the glitzy New Year’s Eve extravaganzas (yes, plural). It’ll be a challenge to top 2012’s multi-award winning efforts but staging Carmen on Sydney Harbour is sure to be another hit with mass appeal for locals and a big tourism draw card for the city. This month’s cover features ‘Carmen’ - Rinat Shaham - lauded in the role the world-over. OA’s artistic director Lyndon Terracini eagerly welcomes back the colourful singer. Originally from Israel, Terracini describes her as ‘.. a hot blooded and fast talkin’ New Yorker. Rinat’s wild spirit makes her a perfect Carmen!’ Sydney audiences loved her in the role in 2011 when she appeared at the Opera House and Mazda Opera in the Domain and now says Terracini, ‘..she returns for her biggest stage yet, on Sydney Harbour!’ The glamorous, globe-trotting mezzo shares the title role with good friend and fellow singer, Milijana Nikolic. The gift of music never goes astray and in our review section you’ll find a good CD selection to choose from including a couple of special Christmas releases. If you’re deciding where to go to get into the festive spirit, you’ll find the answers in our What’s On pages. Among those celebrations is the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra’s Noël! Noël! concert. No one does joyous quite like their charismatic Paul Dyer. In his monthly column Simon Tedeschi writes on less appealing sounds… like mobile phones going off during a performance. A very amusing rant.

Merry Christmas! Lizzie

Support the earthquake-devastated Christchurch School of Music in New Zealand Mark Walton


Well known musician Mark Walton tells a touchingly personal ĨĂƐĐŝŶĂƟŶŐĂŶĚŚƵŵŽƌŽƵƐƐƚŽƌLJŽĨ ŚŝƐŵƵƐŝĐĂůũŽƵƌŶĞLJƚŚĂƚƐƚĂƌƚĞĚĂƚ the Christchurch School of Music. His early musical experiences gave Mark the strong belief that ĞǀĞƌLJŽŶĞƐŚŽƵůĚďĞŐŝǀĞŶƚŚĞ ŽƉƉŽƌƚƵŶŝƚLJƚŽůĞĂƌŶĂŶĚůŽǀĞŵƵƐŝĐ͘ ůůƉƌŽĐĞĞĚƐĨƌŽŵƚŚĞƐĂůĞŽĨ ͞,ŽǁŝĚdŚĂƚ,ĂƉƉĞŶ͍͟ go to the Christchurch School of DƵƐŝĐ^ƵƉƉŽƌƚdƌƵƐƚ͘ 0407 901 257 $29.95 incl p&p

FINE MUSINGS Happy Reading

Just a note to say how much we enjoy the Fine Music magazine and the music you broadcast. It’s a delight to read each month, with a great variety of interesting articles, and Simon Tedeschi is such a gem. It’s also good to see that it’s produced locally. Keep it up. It’s also good to see the smiling face of Lizzie on page 1. - Ken & Julie Phillips

Music Not Talk

I was astonished to read the comments of a subscriber, praising Julie Simonds in presenting the ‘Music for a New Day’ programs. I find her constant talking irritating which is shared by my many music lover friends. On a music station we expect music and not talk. I know that Julie does a lot for the station but this does not excuse her verbosity. I was also intrigued by Simon’s and Andrew’s opinions that Bach is the greatest composer ever. I think it is wrong to pick any of the great composers as a winner in a race. In my opinion both Mozart and Beethoven could be considered for this accolade but I would never name either of these as the greatest as this is a very subjective matter. - Irwin Imhof Editor: Listeners have varying opinions on ‘talk’ and the inclusion of interviews. While not everyone enjoys them, there is generally positive feedback after Julie Simonds’ interviews and we also receive requests for replays of In Conversation interviews (weekly Wednesday 3pm).  Below is some of the reaction to Julie’s recent talk with Dr Sarah Penicka-Smith. At Fine Music we value listener feedback. To have your say, visit our online Listener Poll where you can give a thumbs up, or thumbs down, to interviews.  See - Website Feedback - Diversity the Key This is, of course, my favourite radio station and I was really pleased to hear [Julie Simonds’] interview this morning with the Musical Director of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir. Fine Music 102.5 is to be congratulated for not only supporting the efforts of amateur musicians but also for embracing diversity. - Thomas Harding

Sydney audiences last experienced this opera in 1979. Now Vladimir Ashkenazy brings a concert version of Tchaikovsky’s tragic and passionate opera to the stage of the Concert Hall with internationally acclaimed Australian tenor Stuart Skelton (pictured) in the leading role. Sung in Russian with English surtitles.



Sat 1 Dec 7pm

Mon 3 Dec 7pm

Tickets from $35* Book Now! or call 8215 4600 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Tickets also available at 9250 7777 | Mon-Sat 9am-8.30pm | Sun 10am-6pm

*Booking fees of $7.50-$8.95 may apply. Pre concert talk before both performances.

Fantastic to hear the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir on air this morning and hear about their upcoming concert. Such a great sound from an unauditioned choir and great to hear all about them [on Julie Simonds program]. They do such a great job in their community performances performing to so many different audiences and performing different styles. Thanks so much for your coverage! - Mike Whalley

Letters to the Editor - 87 Chandos Street, St Leonards, 2065 – by 20th of this month for consideration in next issue. DECEMBER AT THE INDEPENDENT THEATRE - Exclusive ticket offer for Friends of Fine Music 102.5 Saturday 1 December 8pm Strelitzia Piano Trio: Lasting Impressions Sunday 2 December 3pm - *Graeme Bell Tribute Concert    Friday 7 December 7.30pm Ronald Thomas and Gregory Kinda in Concert   Courtesy of The Australian Elizabethan Trust, Friends of Fine Music (2MBS Friends) can access a generous discount - 10 percent less than advertised concessional price. Use promotional code ‘FM2012’ when purchasing a ticket to these concerts at The Independent. Visit or call 1300 302 604 for details and bookings. Friend’s card must be presented on ticket collection. *Discount does not apply to asterisked events.

Simon says:


...silence is the key mediator of dramatic tension…

While undeniably sad, this story does elucidate reaction to audience noise during a concert. Mobile phones are the worst. If I am performing a solo recital, I can turn the situation on its head by improvising on the stock Nokia ringtone (which I am very familiar with). Then there are the people who still wear watches that insist on beeping every hour (and sometimes,

Simon Tedeschi. Photo - Brendan Read

every half-hour). During a work such as a Bach Fugue, this is the spiritual equivalent of a screeching truck avoiding hurtling off a bridge. It may be horrible for the more considerate audience members, but for a performer it is unmitigated hell. It is our very sensitivity to sounds with discernible pitch – even bad sounds – that renders the mobile phone, or the beep, so gruesome. But, there is worse. What is it about classical concerts that bring out people’s latent bronchial complaints? Why must they wait for the 2nd movement, where silence is the key mediator of dramatic tension? I will happily confess to the stifling of violent, even sadistic tendencies in such situations. Only last week, a woman in the front row felt obliged to re-enact Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes with her lozenge wrappers during a difficult piece. Why are people noisy during classical concerts? Why is silence so impossible to attain? I tend to think that the situation is more complex than what it is usually attributed to (social networking age therefore less attention span, or classical music favouring the more aged in society and the throng of health problems that follow). I am reminded of a story I heard once about a mother and child who attended a concert at the Sydney Opera House. The child was incredibly

well behaved, but the mother wasn’t going to leave anything to chance. ‘Now, you sit still,’ she chided pre-emptively, ‘I don’t want any trouble during this concert. I want absolute silence. I have been waiting for this for months and your behaviour has to be perfect here.’ What do you think happened? After a short amount of time, the child let loose in a tantrum of unparalleled fury. The point of my story is that I feel that people, in their own quiet and insular way, are acting out. It is what shrinks call ‘reaction formation’ – the mind’s way of dispelling tension by reverting to the hypertrophy of the norm. If I am right, what can we do about this? For a start, relax. I regularly encounter venerable beasts in the audience who dislike people’s heads moving in accordance with the music during a concert. My view is that these people need to take a Bex and have a nice long lie down. Or not come to concerts at all. So, it looks like I’ve come full circle. Why are people noisy? I feel that at least a substantial part of the reason is because there’s so much pressure on them not to be.

Bach, Beethoven and Brahms can make us better people...

About two years ago, I was performing Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue – for the 300th time, or was it the 3000th? - with an orchestra in Philadelphia. Rhapsody in Blue ostensibly consists of three large cadenzas with tuttis in between. I was halfway through the second cadenza, certainly the longest of the three, when I heard a strange ticking noise. It was loud, emanating from the front of the audience and most disconcertingly, at a completely different meter to what I was playing. At one point I turned around and stared in an effort to shame the miscreant audience member into silence, but it just kept going. Later on, I asked the orchestra manager what the hell was going on. She went a little pale-faced and admitted ‘it was a pacemaker.’ When I die, there’s no name for the place I’m going.

When I die, there’s no name for the place I’m going…

Musical people - and I believe nearly everyone is musical - relate to music in a way that transcends the intellectual, even the aesthetic. Music is a spiritual (and I am not talking about supernatural), primed, even erotically charged force that takes hold of our bodies, down to the capillaries in our veins. To ask people to sit there, stiff-backed and sepulchral, is countermusical. Of course this must be balanced by the right to keep one’s decorum in public, but I am sure you know that that is not what I am talking about. If I am playing well on a given day, I want my concerts to be visceral, provocative and most of all, redemptive. I want people to listen to great music and challenge the very notion of who they are, what their beliefs are, the state of the world that we live in and their place in it. Bach, Beethoven and Brahms can make us better people, less passive in the face of iniquity and more caring about our fellow man. I don’t want them to be memorial services attended by the frozen chosen. - Simon Tedeschi

fineMusic FM 102.5



A GRAND NIGHT (OR TWO) AT THE OPRY! Lyndon Terracini is bullish about the opera season for 2013. And he has every right to be. As motivator, co-ordinator, creator and mentor of operatic events at the Sydney Opera House he is about to embark on one of the more ambitious seasons in recent memory. Oh, by the way he is also the artistic director of Opera Australia. But it is not only Sydney that concerns Terracini. He is also responsible for the happenings in Melbourne and specifically the three complete cycles of Wagner’s Ring which will take place at the Victoria Art’s Centre between 18 November and 13 December next year. Not for the first time, Melbourne is the venue for artistic events that have eluded the tender arms of Sydney’s cultural diversity. Suffice to say that Sydney gets to celebrate Verdi’s bi-centenary which must be putting Melbourne’s nose out of joint - more of that in a minute. But then Melbourne’s facilities according to Terracini are superior. ‘The Art Centre has 2000 seats,’ he explains, ‘and the Victorian government has allocated some money to increase the size of the orchestra pit which can now accommodate 110 players. Plus we have been very fortunate to find a wonderfully supportive sponsor in Maureen and Tony Wheeler.’ The singers imported for the Cycle include such luminaries as British soprano Susan Bullock, German tenor Stefan Vinke, Norwegian baritone Terje Stensvold and our very own home-bred bassbaritones John Wegner and Daniel Sumegi.

Ring Cycle launched at Sydney Opera House 4

fineMusic FM 102.5

But enough of Melbourne, let’s talk about the vibrancy of Sydney’s season. It starts off on New Year’s Eve with two (yes two) productions - the usual Opera Gala in the Concert Hall with musical goings-on from Verdi, Offenbach, Puccini and Bizet. Running simultaneously in the Opera Theatre is the popular Gale Edwards’ production of Puccini’s La Bohème with Nicole Car as the hapless Mimi and Italian tenor Gianluca Terranova as Rodolfo. The opera is repeated, on and off, till 3 March plus it is also the Mazda Opera in the Domain in February. Oh, and by the way, don’t forget the excellent vantage facilities the Opera House provides on New Year’s Eve to view both sets of fireworks. And so to Giuseppe Verdi and the operas to mark the bi-centenary of his birth. The productions comprise Il Trovatore, Falstaff, La Traviata and two new productions in the oft-neglected La Forza del Destino and the acclaimed La Fura dels Baus production of Un Ballo in Maschera. Trovatore features the rising stars of New York’s Met, tenor Arnold Rawls as Manrico, Daria Masiero as Leonora and baritone Michael Honeyman as Count di Luna. Falstaff’s cast includes a blend of Opera Australia’s rising and seasoned performers – Amelia Farrugia as Alice Ford, Lorina Gore as Nannetta, Domenica Matthews as Mistress Quickly and Andrew Jones as Ford. Look out for Ford’s outstanding soliloquy ‘O sogno? O realta?’ Elija Moshinsky’s production of Traviata has Emma Matthews

singing Violetta Valéry and includes Martin Buckingham as Alfredo and José Carbo as his pater, Giorgio.

La Traviata. Photo - Branco Gaica The new production of La Forza includes a ‘fantastic international cast’ according to Terracini. Top of the list is soprano Svelta Vassileva, fresh from New York’s Met making her Opera Australia debut as Leonora. Look out for her aria ‘Pace! Pace! Mio Dio!’ which should be a mandatory rallying cry for all politicians. Also in the cast is acclaimed tenor Riccardo Massi playing Don Alvaro and bass Giacomo Prestia as Padre Guardiano. The overture, played on the harmonica in Jean de Florette, is something to look forward to as well as the outstanding duet ‘Solenne in quest’ora’ between Don Alvaro and Don Carlos di Vargas, sung in this production by our own Jonathan Summers. The acclaimed La Fura dels Baus production of Ballo promises to be the highlight of the indoor productions. Notice I said indoors because obviously the highlight has to be the Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour production of Carmen – of which later. Ballo is different because it is being produced in collaboration with a Barcelona-based opera company responsible for staging operas at the Salzburg Festival and Paris Opera among others. ‘This is a world premiere,’ explains Terracini. ‘Since (agreeing to the collaboration) we have been able to secure some acclaimed international partners. These include La Monnaie in Brussels, Teatro Colon in Beunos Aires, Oslo Opera, Il Teatro Communale in Bologna as well as Barcelona.’ Basically the way it works is that all the partners contribute to the cost of the

OA production and also pay a commission for staging the opera in their own city. Also included in the package is a revolutionary OAdesigned computer programme that controls the movement of scenery and the stage lighting with the flick of a switch. It is currently being trialled in the Lucia di Lamermoor production. Also in the 2013 season is the hilarious Orpheus in the Underworld by Jacques Offenbach which marks the OA debut of song-and-dance artist Todd McKenny as Pluto/Aristeus, Emma Matthews as Eurydice, and audience-favourite Mitchell Butel. The director is Jonathan Biggins aided and abetted by the wit of Phil Scott. I am told that voting cards will be supplied for those who wish to rate McKenny’s performance! Only kidding. Let us not forget the return, by popular demand, of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s South Pacific featuring a ‘balding’ Teddy Tahu Rhodes and Lisa McCune who still hasn’t found a shampoo strong enough to wash that man out of her hair. Obviously he has!! Donizetti’s comedy Don Pasquale promises to be the surprise hit of the season and ‘tickets are selling very well’ according to Terracini. The new production by Roger Hodgman boasts the likes of Conal Coad, Rachelle Durkin, Ji-Min Park and Andrew Jones and is set in the era of ‘la dolce vita’. A word of warning - don’t expect to see Anita Ekberg frolicking in the

Opera Australia’s New Year’s Eve Gala Trevi fountain! Puccini’s Tosca is another new production and directed by our own John Bell who brings his Shakespearian talent for drama and vitality to the OA stage. John Wegner plays the odious Scarpia to the flirtations of Cheryl Barker’s (and Takesha Meshe Kizart’s) Tosca. Terracini says that ‘the audience will love it’ and that there will be no repeats of the last production ‘when it was staged virtually on one set and Cavaradossi wasn’t shot!’

To mark the centenary of Benjamin Britten’s birth the splendid 1976 production by John Cox of Albert Herring has been revived. The cast includes Karen Breen, Jacqueline Dark, Roxanne Hislop, Dominica Matthews, Michael Lewis and Conal Coad. And so to the Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour - Gale Edwards’ production of Carmen - running next year between March 22 and April 12. The artists include Israeli Rinat Shaham and Serbianborn Miljiana Nikolic who share Carmen, Ukranian-born Dmytro Popov, David Corcoran and Adam Diegel who share Don José, Andrew Jones and James Clayton who share Escamillo and finally Nicole Car and Sharon Prero who share Micaëla. Terracini’s enthusiasm bubbles over as he explains the logistics of this extravaganza. ‘There will be some wonderful surprises,’ he explains. ‘It is set in the Franco era and will once again feature a raked stage. The reason for the raked stage is that it allows every member of the audience a clear view of everything that happens on stage. Plus we’ve learnt from the previous production how to manage the people on stage. Carmen is a bigger opera and we have also increased the space for the orchestra pit. Tickets are selling fast.’ I wonder if tickets come with a complimentary, specially manufactured, cigar? - Randolph Magri-Overend

Orpheus in the Underworld

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SAT December 15 AT 11.30AM SUN December 16 AT 1PM THU December 20 AT 11.30AM

Mozart’s final Italian opera features a charismatic cast conducted by Baroque specialist Harry Bicket and led by Giuseppe Filianoti as the title character, a Roman emperor. Cast: Lucy Crowe (Servilia), Barbara Frittoli (Vitellia), Elīna Garanča (Sesto), Kate Lindsey (Annio), Giuseppe Filianoti (Tito)


SAT January 12 AT 11.30AM SUN January 13 AT 1PM THU January 17 AT 11.30AM

Verdi’s vivid drama of jealousy and vengeance will be seen in a new production by acclaimed opera director David Alden, returning to the Met for the first time in more than 20 years. Cast: Sondra Radvanovsky (Amelia), Kathleen Kim (Oscar), Stephanie Blythe (Ulrica), Marcelo Álvarez (Gustavo III), Dmitri Hvorostovsky (Anckarström)

MET OPERA 2012 - 2013 SEASON

Aida (Verdi) - Sat/Sun January 26/27 & Thu 31 Les Troyens (Berlioz) - Sat/Sun February 9/10 & Thu 14 Maria Stuarda - Sat/Sun February 23/24 & Thu 28 Rigoletto - Sat/Sun March 23/24 & Thu 28 FOR FURTHER INFO VISIT W W W.O R P H E U M .CO M . AU 6

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Fine Music 102.5 programmer, Randolph Magri-Overend, catches up with Dame Felicity Lott, one of Britain’s best-loved sopranos. Dame Felicity Ann Emwhyla Lott, DBE, FRCM (let’s not forget she is also a member of the French Legion of Honour) must be one of Britain’s most entertaining and versatile classical singers. Take some time to look at the footage on You Tube of her appearance at the 1996 Last Night of the Proms and you’ll readily agree. On that night she shared the stage with mezzo Ann Murray (now also a DBE) and both sang one of the most hilarious versions of Rossini’s Cat Duet with a bearded Andrew Davis at the piano. Later Dame Felicity sang an aria from Offenbach’s La Grande Duchesse de Gerolstein and flirted outrageously with Andrew Davis who was laughing uncontrollably while also trying to conduct the BBC Symphony Orchestra. Currently performing in Donizetti’s La Fille du Regiment at The Opera Bastille in Paris, I ‘converse’ with her via email. Initially we talk about her affinity with France. ‘It comes from my mother,’ she explains. ‘She’d been on exchange visits (to France) as a teenager and loved the language. When I had to choose my year away (as part of) my French degree from London University, I chose the mountains (of France) and

became Assistante d’anglais at the Lycee Mixte in Voiron, near Grenoble.’ She also enrolled at the local conservatory and eventually decided to pursue her talent for singing at the Royal Academy of Music back in London. ‘Everyone in the family sang. Mother had a really lovely voice and worked in a dress shop in Cheltenham until she married and then helped my father in his accountancy practice. She was better at maths than he was! Dad played the piano by ear (wonderful for parties) and they took part in concert performances. I used to hear them rehearsing downstairs when I was in bed.’ Dame Felicity doesn’t feel comfortable with Italian opera ‘goodness knows why’ so began her career singing oratorio and songs and opera evolved from there. Following several unsuccessful auditions for the chorus at Glyndebourne, ‘out of the blue (I was) offered the role of the Countess in Richard Strauss’ Capriccio on the tour of 1976. I would have to say that Strauss is my favourite composer and both the Countess and the Marschallin are my favourite parts. Recently I discovered

Offenbach and have had a ball trying to be young and sexy singing his joyous music.’ As for favourite conductors and musical personalities: ‘I had the great privilege of singing Rosenkavalier with Carlos Kleiber which was an experience way up at the top of my list.’ Other favourites include Bernard Haitink, Andrew Davis and Armin Jordan but it is accompanist/musical coach Graham Johnson she is keen to acknowledge. ‘I met Graham when we were students at the Royal Academy and he has been with me all my life - we still work together and are great friends after more than 40 years, oyveh!’ Some of the many musical highlights include, of course, the 1996 Last Night and singing at Prince Andrew’s wedding in 1986. ‘Singing at the Last Night was terrifying and wonderful. I had just been ‘Damed’ and Ann Murray and I thought it would be fun to kick off the Cat Duet with me receiving a huge bouquet of flowers and Ann getting a few blooms! Singing duets with her has been one of the joys of my musical life. Singing at the wedding was a little complicated. A marvellous American singer Arleen Auger (she died in 1993) had been asked, but the Palace felt that as Kiri had sung for Prince Charles’ wedding it might be good to have a British singer. So Arleen and I both sang.’ I ask whether life has changed since becoming a DBE - does she, for example, automatically get the best table at restaurants? ‘I have never dared to try and get a table in a smart restaurant,’ she confesses, ‘but in Paris people sometimes recognise me on the bus, which is a bit embarrassing, but taking the bus makes me feel like a student again.’ And finally I ask for her favourite non-classical singers. Elvis was an early love and she enjoys two French singers who have passed away – Belgian singer-songwriter Jacques Brel and Italian-born Serge Reggiani. Then she adds ‘maybe Tony Bennett would top my list now, and he’s still going strong - which gives me hope!’ - Randolph Magri-Overend

Dame Felicity Lott. Photo - Trevor Leighton

Dame Felicity Lott’s Champs Hill CD release Elgar in Sussex with Joseph Middleton (Piano), the Gould Piano Trio and The Schubert Ensemble is available on fineMusic FM 102.5



American tenor Noah Stewart steps into this modern arena as one whose story might seem on the surface to be rags to riches. Clichés aside, it is the result of an almost mathematical equation that eludes all but a small proportion of mere mortals; Talent+Charisma+Solid Musicianship divided by Patience over Time & Luck = Success. Noah’s undeniably God-given talent is made all the more interesting when reading the various plaudits that have been following in his wake. The Guardian spoke of his ‘rich clarity of tone’ and Washington Post critic Anne Midgette spoke of his ‘white hot talent’.

In the wondrous myths that make up Greek mythology and have inspired countless writers and artists ever since, Athena goddess of wisdom sprang fully formed from the head of the mighty Zeus. Cut to the 21st century where the ubiquity of instant ‘God-making’ shows such as X-Factor, [insert country]’s Got Talent and The Voice etc give birth to talents that, if not yet fully formed (regardless of age) are on their way to celestial heights, aided and abetted by public support and the Olympian juggernauts that make up the industry.

...audiences around the world have been bewitched and inspired by him...

Noah - interviewed by Fine Music 102.5 opera presenter, Andrew Bukenya As Noah attested in a recent conversation prior to his Australian debut launching Universal Music’s international ‘Yellow Lounge’ Series in Sydney, these accolades were light years away when, having graduated from Juilliard, his talent seemed to fall on deaf ears and led to a dark night of the soul that lasted the better part of four years. Indeed after one audition where Noah felt that he had acquitted himself well, he was brought crashing down to earth when he was told by a conductor, ‘Noah I think you need to reconsider whether you want to have a career or not.’ Listening to his eponymous debut album Noah - which introduces his talent and aptitude for song and opera in Spanish, Italian, French and German, coupled with an innate feeling for melody and phrasing across a wide range of genres - this aforementioned criticism, in retrospect, might seem unbelievable to audiences around the world who have been bewitched and inspired by him in equal measure. For Noah at the time, it did precious little to encourage him

Noah as Radamès - Glimmerglass Festival production of Aida. Photo - Karli Cadel/ Glimmerglass Festival 8

fineMusic FM 102.5

To have a voice is perhaps the most precarious of musical instruments. One that is not

tangible, yet able to potentially touch millions. Equally, without some forethought, judicious planning and mentoring, it is something that can falter. History is littered with the carcasses of instruments and psyches that have been destroyed pursuing the journey to immortality. This period saw Noah in a space where not only was he silent, but ironically forced to try and articulate the why’s and wherefore’s of his art. What was it that people were not getting or hearing? Why was he stalling when his peers seemed to be progressing in leaps and bounds and the only door that was open to him, was the entrance of Carnegie Hall where he paid the bills as a receptionist? Noah speaks of a really dark period where he was just wandering ‘aimlessly’. For a selfconfessed day dreamer, the conductor’s words were nothing less than heartbreaking. Looking back though, he concedes that not having the answers immediately to hand was in itself inspiring, particularly when his mother whom he relied on for direction and words of guidance in practically every area of his life thus far, faced with her son’s crippling self-doubt said, ‘ I don’t know what else to tell you’. He is candid about this period of his journey, which also included

bouts of laziness, yet his determination to either get up or give in eventually overrode this barrier when he successfully auditioned for San Francisco Opera’s young singers scheme, the Merola Program One interesting thing I found about Noah was his awareness and love of other artists. His gifts for musical languages started with a deep love of jazz instilled by his mother, and his formative years were spent at the renowned La Guardia School in New York performing back up for Mariah Carey, Coolio and Hootie and the Blowfish. He absorbed a love of soul, rock and hip hop along the way, cementing a passion for music and imbuing him with a deep sense of musicianship. Coincidentally, an eye opening experience of listening to Leontyne Price in Verdi was the catalyst in showing him the path to where his gifts actually lay, and ultimately choosing a far more challenging, yet personally rewarding career. It is abundantly clear that Noah sees himself as a vessel for great art, whether it be at Covent Garden where he recently made his debut in a piece by the lauded contemporary composer Judith Weir or, in the more intimate surrounds of Deutsche Gramophon’s Yellow Lounge Series which aims to bring classical music performers to diverse audiences in urban settings who might be put off or unable to go to larger well known venues where quite often the distance between the performer and listener (especially a newcomer) can seem vast and unwelcoming. This initiative, whilst hardly new, (Musica Viva here in Australia and the UK’s Orchestra of the Age of Englightenment have made great strides in this area) enables performers of Noah’s ilk to connect with an audience they see themselves as very much a part of.

the Evangelist in Bach’s Passions or the tenor solos in Mendlessohn’s Elijah.

while he was undoubtedly talented he would never sing Don Jose.

Quite often, singers that experience the career trajectory that Noah has, are showcased in pieces that highlight the drama inherent in Italian and French romantic opera with the big orchestral backing that is a pre-requisite. But much like screen actors who truly shine when they are on the stages of Broadway, the West End or closer to home here in Sydney (Cate Blanchett or Philip Seymour Hoffmann for example), oratorio and art song performances showcase a different aspect of their art. The ‘unplugged’ settings, with no scenery or makeup to hide behind, and sometimes just a single instrument for company, take the listener on a journey requiring a leap of imagination that a fully staged opera does not - and is all the more thrilling for the feeling one is left with at the end.

So what does the future hold for Mr Stewart? Already his musical versatility has been noted on the opera stage in music from Handel to Philip Glass and beyond, backed up by some pretty solid acting chops. The majority of us would be hard pressed to find the financial wherewithal to afford the cost of a decent seat at La Scala, Covent Garden or the Met. Living in the age of breath-taking visuals and multifaceted technology, I have become a fan of peformances of operas from different parts of the globe, beamed to me in HD at local cinemas and offering a ringside seat for a fraction of the price. Perhaps, big screen performances for such a charismatic, telegenic performer will feature at some point, ushering in new audiences in a way not to dissimilar to one of his illustrious idols, Mario Lanza.

It seems hard to go past articles on Noah without reference to his ethnicity and his UK number 1 classical chart-topping album being the first for a person of colour. Whilst these should not be overlooked, I am also interested in seeing how his achievements can be inspirational here in Australia where the opera and concert platforms are still bereft of black and indigenous performers. The fantastic work of Australian soprano Deborah Cheetham is going someway towards redressing this balance but, as Noah pointed out to me, it was fairly recently that an opera goer concluded that

Noah’s hope is to inspire others of different backgrounds, who do not see themselves represented, to follow the road less travelled. As he says, ‘It is far easier to stay with the pack than break away from the herd,’ and his achievements to date show the hard won fruits of his labours. To paraphrase Rodgers and Hammerstein’s operatic jewel, climbing every mountain will undoubtedly allow his gifts to be seen and heard by many more as he scales the peaks to eventually find his dream. – Andrew Bukenya

Noah’s album does what perhaps one might expect of a debut and shows us the depth of his musical personality through his choices: Massenet’s lyric tenor masterpiece Pourqoui me Reveiller tenderly yet powerfully delivered, rubs shoulders with Mason’s Nearer My God To Thee and Gounod/J S Bach’s evergreen Ave Maria together with Brodsky’s I’ll Walk with God raises his voice to the Creator. Noah’s faith is at the very centre of his art and the church underpinnings of his training are highlighted in his take on Cohen’s Hallelujah against a velvet canvas provided by the Harlem Gospel Choir and in a sense brings him back home musically and emotionally to the place of his childhood. In the interview, Noah spoke of his love of the oratorios of Mendlessohn, Handel and Bach. One hopes that Sydney audiences do not have to wait too long to hear his interpretations of

Performing at Universal Music’s Yellow Lounge launch at The Loft in Sydney

fineMusic FM 102.5


Friends With Benefits Fine Music 102.5 values our Friends for their support and commitment to the station. The contribution of our Friends is the primary reason we have been able to broadcast across Sydney continually for nearly 38 years.

assisting young Australian performers and composers in following their dreams to become professional musicians. These important programs also encourage a passion for classical music building audiences for the future.

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SIMON SAYS What makes a great piano?

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The value of competitions

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Youth Development Talent of Tomorrow – Young Sopranos Meet sopranos Rhian Saunders and Rachael Fullston, two artists selected by Fine Music Young Performer adjudicators to feature as Emerging Young Artists in December broadcasts. Winner of the prestigious Australian Entertainers ‘MO’ Award in 2010, Rhian Saunders is studying for a Bachelor of Music, performance major, at Sydney’s Australian Institute of Music. Under the guidance of celebrated Armenian Bel Canto performer of 35-years, Arax Mansourian, Rhian has continued her vocal training over the last five years and followed her passion - singing classical and operatic repertoire in the Bel Canto style.

Sarah Brown in Guys and Dolls, and Ruth in Ruddigore. She has a Bachelor of Music Theatre from the Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music and her singing development continues under the direction of musicologist and mezzosoprano Dr Prudence E Dunstone, pianist Maryleigh Hand and répétiteur Ingrid Sakurovs. Over the last two years Rachael has performed in the chorus - and was chorus captain - in Pacific Opera’s Hansel and Gretel and The Magic Flute - under the guidance of noted artistic director Christine Douglas.

Edith Lam

Rhian received a scholarship to sing a major role in the ‘Opera Boot Camp - Overboard’ production with Simon Kenway and Wendy Dixon. Her performance roles have included ‘Queen of the Night’ in the Australian Institute of Music’s production of The Magic Flute, ‘Dido’ in Dido and Aeneas and ‘1st Lady’ in The Magic Flute with Tim Collins Productions.

In 2013, for the first time, the Young Performer Awards will be open pipe organists - a long overdue inclusion says Judy Deacon: ‘The standards in the Organ Music Society of Sydney competition were particularly high this year and that convinced us that pipe organ entries would be a great, and probably long overdue, addition. We’re fortunate that Sydney has several very good venues where our concert-goers can look forward to hearing brilliant and, to many, unfamiliar works. Music written for the organ is extensive and beautiful – including Australian works which are mandatory in competitors’ repertoire.’

A soloist at many major events, she has also led national anthems and performed at the Duke of Edinburgh Youth Talent Concert for His Royal Highness, Prince Edward. This year Rhian won the Sydney Eisteddfod Joan Sutherland Memorial Scholarship Award (for 17-20 years) along with other wins at Penrith, Orange, Ryde and St George Eisteddfods.

Rhian Saunders 

A classically trained soprano, Rachael Fullston has sung in the roles of Fiametta in The Gondoliers and Aldonza in Man of La Mancha - both with the Rockdale Opera Company. Rachael’s talent has taken her around the world - as a singer and dancer on-board the Olsen Cruise liner MS Balmoral. Other credits include - Phyllis in Iolanthe, Yum Yum in The Mikado,

Pipe Organ - A New Feature

Rachael Fullston 2012 Wrap Up


Youth innovations this year included collaboration with the North Sydney Symphony Orchestra to offer a soloist concert performance to the winner of the Young Performer Award. In November the 2011 state and national winner - violinist Anna Da Silva Chen - became the first to benefit and made the most of her opportunity receiving a lengthy standing ovation. ‘Her fingers moved like lightening, she’s so virtuosic and very musical,’ said Youth Development Manager Judy Deacon, ‘Her performance captivated the audience in every aspect. It was magical.’

1pm Wednesday 12 December Andrew Bukenya presents highlights from the Sydney Eisteddfod Alf and Pearl Pollard Memorial Awards.

Next year, the state winner, pianist Bo An Lu, gets his opportunity to perform with the orchestra. Young performers benefited from financial patronage of the Family Frank Foundation, the Sydney Conservatorium Association and the NSW Doctors Orchestra. Ongoing partnerships with the Sydney Eisteddfod, the IFAC Australian Singing Competition and the Organ Music Society of Sydney contribute to the support and exposure of emerging artists.

1pm Wednesday 26 December - David Nutting presents Emerging Young Artists Rhian Saunders and Rachael Fullston and selections from the Younger/Even Younger Performers. Recorded by Greg Ghavalas and Greg Simmons at St Catherine’s School, Waverley. Coming Up 2pm Sunday 2 December - Steven Hillinger conducts the North Sydney Symphony Orchestra in their final concert for 2012 - The Family Concert at Sydney Girls High School cnr Myrtle St and Pacific Highway. Further information – contact Judy Deacon fineMusic FM 102.5


What’s On


Saturday 8 December 7pm Sunday 9 December 2pm Sydney Opera House, Concert Hall Tickets: $32-$90 Bookings: 9251 3115 This Christmas season the combined choirs of Sydney Philharmonia and the Sydney Philharmonia Orchestra with soloist Andrew Goodwin present Britten’s festive classic  Saint Nicolas, alongside a glorious assortment of special English carols. Celebrate the season with a traditional English musical feast of festive songs! And meet the real Santa Claus – with not a red suit or a white beard in sight. The legend of Saint Nicolas dates back to the 4th century, but it has a deliciously Roald Dahl feel to it, with pickled children being served up to travellers for dinner. But fear not: the saint makes everything come out right, and Britten’s enchanting music will captivate you with its gentle wit and simple beauty. The conductor is Brett Weymark and soloist is tenor Andrew Goodwin.

CONCERT THE 7 SOPRANOS - JOYEUX NOEL Friday 30 November 5.30pm Sunday 2 December 5.30pm Art Gallery of NSW, Art Gallery Road, The Domain, Sydney Tickets: $185 Bookings: 132 849 Celebrate Christmas in song and style with The 7 Sopranos Joyeux Noel Christmas Concert. Expect breathtaking voices and high glamour from The 7 Sopranos accompanied

CONCERT CHRISTMAS AT SYDNEY TOWN HALL 18 December 8pm Sydney Town Hall Tickets $15 Bookings: 8256 2222 Celebrate Christmas with the whole family in the glorious splendour of Sydney Town Hall. Experience the thrill of singing your favourite carols led by the mighty Grand Organ, the Royal Australian Navy Band and combined adult and children’s choirs. Enjoy the true meaning of Christmas through a heart-warming pageant of music and readings at the majestic Sydney Town Hall. Tickets: $249-$379 (show only) Bookings: 9318 8200

OPERA IN CONCERT NEW YEAR’S EVE OPERA GALA Monday 31 December 8pm Sydney Opera House, Concert Hall 12

fineMusic FM 102.5

by conductor Simon Kenway. Highlights of these carols and moving melodies include Ave Maria, Rachmaninoff’s Vocalise, Brahms’ Silent Night and Danny Boy. Enjoy a private viewing of the Francis Bacon exhibition, a welcome glass of champagne and a stunning performance by The 7 Sopranos of all your favourite Christmas carols and moving melodies, surrounded by one of the finest collections of 19th Century Art in the country. There’s also the chance to mix and mingle with the 7 Sopranos by including the ‘Sofitel Sydney Wentworth two-course dinner’ option in your ticket purchase.

The Opera Gala brings music-lovers and revellers to the heart of the drama and to one of the best vantage points in the city to experience soaring arias and a sky-rocketing fireworks display. Join the Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra under the baton of Andrew Greene as a selection of Opera Australia’s best-loved artists perform some of the most popular arias from operatic masters including Verdi, Offenbach, Puccini and Bizet. Featured artists are Milijana Nikolic,

Arnold Rawls, Diego Torre and José Carbó. To really bring in the New Year with style, choose a Platinum Package, which includes the pre-performance dinner, the very best premium seats to the performance of your choice, the Midnight Party, a glass of French champagne at interval and a program, from $1040.  The pre-performance dinner is held in the Northern Foyer of the Concert Hall from approximately 5:30pm and is $359* per person. New Year’s Eve also sees Opera Australia stage La Bohème  directed by the acclaimed Gale Edwards.

SYMPHONY TOTALLY TCHAIKOVSKY Thursday 6 December 1.30pm Friday 7 December 8pm Saturday 8 December 2pm Sydney Opera House Tickets: $35-$139 Bookings: 8215 4600

FILM/SYMPHONY DOCTOR WHO SYMPHONIC SPECTACULAR / THE METROPOLITAN ORCHESTRA 15-19 December Sydney Opera House, Concert Hall Tickets: $54-$159 Bookings: 9250 7777 Get ready for an invasion as Sydney Opera House opens its doors to Doctor Who in a musical celebration of the iconic BBC series. Presented by special guests Alex Kingston (‘River Song’) and Mark Williams (‘Brian Williams’), try and keep pace with the Doctor on the big screen whilst the concert hall is overrun by hordes of monsters - watch out for the Silence, Daleks and Cybermen! The Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular, which sold out in Melbourne, features Murray Gold’s captivating music from the last two seasons of Doctor Who performed by The Metropolitan Orchestra, conducted by Ben Foster. Anticipating the 50th anniversary of the sci-fi phenomenon in 2013, the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular brings the music and craziness of the show’s fiends to the stage. The mammoth production requires The Metropolitan Orchestra’s 80 musicians and a 60-member choir.

ORCHESTRAL Noël! Noël! AUSTRALIAN BRANDENBURG ORCHESTRA Wednesday 12 December 7pm Saturday 15 December 5pm & 7pm City Recital Hall Tickets: $37-$107 Bookings: 8256 2222

The Second Piano Concerto and the fateful Fourth Symphony; Tchaikovsky speaks to the heart with candid feeling, he caresses the ear with glorious melody, he lifts the soul with buoyant rhythms. And yet he lived a tragic life. Perhaps, says Sydney Symphony’s principal conductor Vladimir Ashkenazy, it was his suffering that gave the world such great music. This concert, with star pianist Garrick Ohlsson (pictured below), is a Tchaikovsky immersion, beginning with his Second Piano Concerto in its original uncut version. This concerto is known for an exquisitely intimate moment - just the piano, a violin and a cello - that nestles like a pearl in its flamboyant surrounds. The concerto shares the program with Tchaikovsky’s greatest symphony, the Fourth, with Fate at its dramatic heart. Preconcert talk by Yvonne Frindle in the Northern Foyer, 45 minutes before the performance.

On Christmas Eve in 1818, in the Austrian village of Obendorf, one of the most celebrated Christmas carols was written. In the church of St Nicholas, preparation for the midnight mass had been thrown into chaos with the discovery that the church organ had broken down. Faced with the possibility of a silent night, the parish priest and organist hurriedly wrote a work for the remaining instruments, guitar and voice. The work they performed was Stille Nacht, now better known as Silent Night, which has since been translated into 300 languages around the world. Performed by the Brandenburg Choir in the original German and accompanied on the theorbo, Stille Nacht is just one of the many Christmas choral delights revealed in past  Noël! Noël! concerts. Artistic Director Paul Dyer’s joyful tribute to the festive season is an inspiring mix of the ancient and the modern.

OPERA RAMEAU’S CASTOR & POLLOX Thursday 6 December 7.30pm Saturday 8 December 7.30pm Sunday 9 December 5pm Monday 10 December 7.30pm City Recital Hall, Angel Place, Sydney Tickets: $80-$125 Bookings: 8256 2222 Pinchgut Opera presents Castor & Pollux  Rameau’s finest creation and a masterpiece of the French Baroque. It’s a story based in mythology about the self-sacrificing love between two brothers. Castor is mortal and his twin brother Pollux is immortal. When Castor is killed defending his beloved Télaïre from an attempted abduction, Pollux resolves to give up his immortality and take Castor’s place in the Underworld. After a passionate debate over who will live and who will die, the brothers are eternally reunited and invited into the Zodiac as the star constellation Gemini. The music goes straight to the heart. With some of the most beautiful vocal and orchestral writing of the period, the opera was an instant hit when it was first presented. Now Australian audiences will hear Rameau’s Castor & Pollux for this first time. Jeffrey Thompson is ‘Castor’, Hadleigh Adams ‘Pollox’ and Celeste Lazarenko is ‘Télaïre’.

CHORAL NEW YEAR’S EVE AT ‘THE CON’ Monday 31 December 6pm-1am The Conservatorium of Music, Macquarie Street Tickets: $175-$295 Bookings: 8256 2222 The Conservatorium of Music and award-winning caterer Forte Catering & Events, present an exclusive evening of fine music and exquisite food to celebrate the past and usher in the new. Set in the various levels of the Conservatorium building, you will enjoy cocktails on arrival and be invited to explore the various locations throughout the Atrium where Forte’s food artistry will offer a huge variety of gourmet delights. The glorious Verbrugghen Hall will be the venue for a concert of well-loved classical music, and a few surprises, performed by the talented musicians of the Conservatorium. fineMusic FM 102.5


the idea of north

the idea of north

THIS CHRISTMAS The Idea of North with James Morrison and Joy Hague ABC 476 5169

This Christmas 476 5169


cd reviews This Christmas The vocal group The Idea of North was formed in Canberra in 1993 and although it does not classify itself as a jazz group its music sounds as though it has been influenced by that genre. That does not mean that this album of Christmas songs is entirely taken up by jazzy themes or harmonies. Admittedly Have Yourself a Merry Christmas is

VOICE FROM ASSISI Friar Alessandro Brustenghi Decca 4765014

½ The story goes that Friar Alessandro was discovered by Mike Hedges (U2, The Cure, Manic Street Preachers) while in Italy searching for the ‘next Italian Tenor’. He found Alessandro singing in a church. Further, we are told that Alessandro studied music at his local conservatory but finding he had a religious vocation, decided to join the Franciscan order at Assisi. He was advised to complete his musical diploma before entering the ministry, which he duly did. Forgetting the hype, Friar Alessandro’s

China Wind Move Records MD 3351


In this new release from Australian label Move, Robert Schubert plays the clarinet music of Chinese-Australian composer Julian 14

fineMusic FM 102.5

more dixie-ish than the traditional yuletide fare but Mary’s Boy Child (with James Morrison on trombone playing obbligato riffs) is calypsoinspired, This Christmas has a 60s/70s pop feel and Angel surely has its roots in Country and Western. The group’s best efforts, however, are when it allows itself to utilise its talents in closeknit harmony songs. Mel Tormé’s The Christmas Song (also known as Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) and the duet between Sally Cameron and Joy Hague in the Australian carol The Silver Stars Are in the Sky are excellent examples of

what they do best. Their final number on this album I’ll be Home for Christmas is sublime – it’s simple, it’s poignant and it’s very effective. Ultimately, given a choice between listening to The Idea of North as an a-cappella group and an album of this ilk, I’d plump for the former. But sometimes in an attempt to be all things to all people, groups find themselves being neither to nobody and proverbially straddled between two stools. The Idea of North have enough talent to overcome this. - Randolph Magri-Overend

voice isn’t half bad. It certainly is not a tenor voice and his highest notes are taken in a falsetto voice but it does have the potential of developing into one. At the moment, it sounds like a thicker-voiced version of Andrea Bocelli. His repertoire on this album is mostly religious but steers away from being a showcase for hymns, oratorio etc. It does contain Schubert’s Ave Maria, Cesar Franck’s Panis Angelicus and a Bellini arrangement of Tantum Ergo but it also includes the song used in the film on St Francis, Brother Sun, Sister Moon and Gabriel Fauré’s Cantique de Jean Racine. All tastefully sung and worthwhile listening to. By the way we are also informed that Friar Alessandro, having taken a vow of poverty, is donating the proceeds from the album to the Order of the Friars Minor for its charitable work. One can

honestly state that the charity’s coffers will be kept alive not only by prayer but also by the sound of music! – RMO

Yu. Melbourne-based clarinettist Schubert has been an admirer of Yu’s music since they first met in 1996 at the Melbourne International Festival of the Arts. Schubert has since commissioned a number of works from Yu with the support of the Australia Council. China Wind is the fruit of their collaboration. Each piece on the discs reflects characteristics of the composer’s native China and aspects of the featured wind instrument, the clarinet. The Concerto on Chinese Themes for clarinet and strings incorporates melodic material from northern Chinese instrumental music for wind and percussion. The music is bright and exciting, with tuneful melodies and striking rhythms of wide appeal. The Lamentation of Micius for clarinet quintet expresses an array of emotions such as fear, anger, sadness

and hopelessness. It is inspired by the ancient philosopher Micius, who lamented that when people mix with the world, they take on the ‘colours’ of their environment, losing their innocence. In Atanos for flute, clarinet and string trio, Yu adopts the Chinese method of ornamentation to great effect. Sol Do La Re for clarinet and string trio, written as an exercise in counterpoint, is a work of great beauty and passionate intensity. Silent and Alone for clarinet, piano and string quartet, is a setting of three poems by the last emperor of the Tang Dynasty, Li Yu (937-978); Since We Parted, Silent and Alone, and Lingering Thoughts. This disc, with the accomplished clarinet playing of Schubert, is highly recommended. - Paolo Hooke


½ The nineteenth century Italian guitarist/ composer Mauro Giuliani was the first to write a virtuoso guitar concerto. At its Vienna debut Giuliani and his concerto met with great applause and enthusiasm, though one sceptical critic proclaimed that the guitar should be put ‘back in its place’. In the twentieth century Segovia decided the guitar’s place was in the concert hall and set about commissioning new repertoire, including several concertos. The first to respond to his call was Castelnuovo-Tedesco, writing his melodious and civilised Concerto in D in 1938 as he was poised to flee Mussolini’s

Italy for Hollywood. Ponce’s Concierto del Sur and Rodrigo’s legendary Concierto de Aranjuez followed within two years. Villa Lobos added one a decade later. This four CD compilation contains all these and more, including three Australian offerings. Ross Edwards’ concerto makes use of his signature maninya style, Philip Bracanin’s by his own admission is ‘unashamedly neo-classic’ and Shaun Rigney sends the guitar a ‘love letter’. Australian guitar virtuosi feature prominently alongside international guitarists Eduardo Fernandez, Pepe Romero and Nicola Hall. Slava Grigoryan gives enjoyable performances of Weiss, Fasch and (with brother Leonard) Vivaldi concertos. Early music purists might prefer the more pungent soundworld of ‘historically informed performances’, but the

Perhaps this CD re-issue is the easiest and the hardest job ever given to me as a reviewer: the easiest because this is perhaps amongst the very most beloved in my collection; the hardest because it is hard to do it justice with so few words.

BACH ARIAS & DUETS: Sara Macliver; Sally-Anne Russell; The Orchestra of the Antipodes/ Antony Walker ABC 476118-3

ROMANTIQUE Elína Garanca (mezzo-soprano) Deutsche Grammophon DG 479 0071 One hasn’t, up to now, particularly associated the fine lyrical mezzo Elína Garanca with the great romantic operas – she has impressed particularly in Mozart and Rossini, though certainly her Carmen, at the Met in 2010 and later on record and around the world, confirmed a broader and richer palate than might originally have been expected. Now she has recorded for DG a disc of romantic arias from opera, and very well selected they are, such obvious choices as the languorous ‘Mon cœur s’ouvre

The concept of blending a collection of solo arias and duets from Bach’s cantatas (and also one from the St Matthew Passion and one from the Christmas Oratorio) for the soprano Sara Macliver and the contralto Sally-Anne Russell was a brilliant one, especially when teamed with the seamless expertise of the Orchestra of the Antipodes conducted by Antony Walker. Amongst the many highlights I never tire of hearing the duet Wir eilen schwachen, doch emsigen Schritten (We hasten with faint, but eager steps) from Cantata 78, in which the two soloists’ voices at times rush ahead of one another, then at other times blend so expertly as to constitute a new third transformative

à ta voix’ from Saint-Saëns Samson et Dalili and ‘D’amour l’ardente flamme’ from Berlioz’s Damnation de Faust actually outnumbered by less familiar numbers from more obscure operas by Tchaikovsky, Gounod, Vaccai, Lalo and others. These are not always particularly striking, and rather support the notion that obscure works are frequently obscure because they deserve their fate. However, the choice seems to indicate that Ms Garanca intends to move steadily into heavier roles in opera. In this disc she has certainly set down a marker on the way to Verdi and Puccini, her voice now not only lyrical and mature, with a warm timbre and a vibrato well under control secure enough to add warmth where it is required, but substantially dramatic, each number fully characterised as it

Grigoryans are firmly in their element with the Rodrigo double concerto and Rigney. Karin Schaupp’s playing on the Aranjuez concerto with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra is in turn agile and ethereal. Gramophone magazine recently listed twenty-nine recordings – hers is up there with the best of them. With 14 concertos showcasing the many sides of the guitar, this collection is both good value and superb quality. - Sue McCreadie

voice - thus brilliantly implementing Bach’s intentions in reflecting the many-layered meanings of the libretto. Amongst the several excellent contralto arias, the beloved Ebarme Dich (Have mercy) from the St Matthew Passion stands out for its dignity and measured grace, while the very slow measured parts of the soprano aria Weichet nur, betrübte Schatten (Hence, dismal shadows) from Cantata no. 202 are masterfully handled by Macliver and the oboe soloist If you don’t have this recording already, it’s the best Christmas present to put by for anyone but make sure you put by a copy for yourself! - Andrew Dziedzic

would be within the operas from which it comes. The Bologna orchestra under the Canadian conductor Yves Abel accompanies tactfully and supportively, though the acoustic is rather too resonant for comfort in the heavier passages. On the whole, a disc which will please admirers of this fine artist, and suggest interesting developments in the future. – Derek Parker fineMusic FM 102.5


JAZZ CD REVIEWS Discourse with Kevin Jones


This is the band Artie Shaw formed on medical advice to get his life back in order after being discharged from the United States Navy in February, 1944 with battle fatigue. Drummer Dave Tough and trumpeter Max Kaminsky,

DON’T LOOK BACK Mary Stallings Highnote HCD7224 Little did I realise when I heard Mary Stallings make a cameo appearance singing Stevie Wonder’s My Cherie Amour with Count Basie and his Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House 40 years ago that today at 72 she would be recognised as the consummate jazz singer. Stallings, who gave up her career to bring up her daughter before resuming it on her own terms, is no longer jazz’s best kept vocal secret. Her blues-inflected warmth, tone and phrasing are second to none; the evidence: the way she emotionally enriches a lyric and her harmonic sophisticated sensitivity. It’s all

THE COMPLETE FIFTIES STUDIO RECORDINGS Jack Teagarden and Bobby Hackett Phoenix 131523


fineMusic FM 102.5

both members of the clarinettist’s navy band, The Rangers, were also medically discharged after a harrowing time in the Pacific war theatre including Guadalcanal. The band lasted only 12 months, Shaw disbanding in October, 1945 in an unsuccessful attempt to make a go of his marriage to Hollywood screen star Ava Gardner. Because of Shaw’s battles with RCA executives over having artistic control on what the band recorded, many of its records were never released at the time. But as these five broadcasts from military installations show it was a first-class unit with one of the great trumpet soloists in Roy Eldridge, future modern jazz stars in guitarist Barney Kessel and pianist on her latest album, another superb effort in what has become the ideal musical partnership with pianist and arranger Eric Reed with whom she first recorded in 2001 (Live At The Village Vanguard). This third pairing even surpasses the stunning Dream recorded two years ago. Their musical simpatico is on a par with other such great partnerships as Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, and Frank Sinatra and Nelson Riddle. Although there are bows to the Great American Songbook - the Goodbye Medley (Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye and Goodbye) is worth the price of the album alone - she also explores compositions by Reed (a sassy Mary’s Blues), Benny Carter, Ahmad Jamal and Mal Waldron. She makes Carter’s Key Largo her own even stepping out from the shadows of previous performances by Sarah Vaughan and Dianne Reeves if not eclipsing them. I envy anyone who gets a chance to hear this two-fer for the first time as it features two of jazz’s great instrumentalists at their peak - Jack Teagarden, who has no peer as a trombonist, and cornetist Bobby Hackett, whose tasteful, melodic improvisations made him the logical successor to the legendary Bix Beiderbecke. Both musicians had played at the 1955 Dixieland Jubilee in Los Angeles when the first of the albums, Coast Concert, was originally recorded for the Capitol label on October 18 and 19 with such veterans as clarinettist Matty Matlock (and how good to hear him again), drummer Nick Fatool and trombonist Abe Lincoln whose brashness only accentuates Teagarden’s stature. Except for the ballads, New Orleans and I Guess I’ll Have To Change My Plan, the numbers are traditional warhorses from the 1920s which are swung in time-honoured

Dodo Marmarosa, and fine tenor soloists in John Walton, who had been with Benny Goodman a few years earlier, and a teenage Herbie Steward who would be part of Woody Herman’s original Four Brothers saxophone section in 1948. Add Shaw’s superlative clarinet playing to the mix and you have a band its members still recall with enthusiasm. The book was a mixture updated arrangements from Shaw’s pre-War years (Stardust), originals (Bedford Drive) and the best from The Great American Songbook (S’Wonderful). For me the highlight, as always, is the effortless yet naturally melodic and swinging playing of this great clarinettist.

Reed, especially, with bassist Reuben Rogers and drummer Carl Allen provide the perfect backing.

fashion. Hackett is brilliant on the opening track (Struttin’ With Some Barbecue) and with his lyrical solo overshadows all others on Basin Street Blues. Teagarden’s flawless mastery dominates the second of the ballads with a gorgeous introduction and delicate coda. I’ve always thought the second album, Jazz Ultimate recorded in New York September 16, 1957, was better - the rhythm section included the Condonites pianist Gene Schroeder, bassist Jack Lesberg and drummer Buzzy Drootin and the front line was strengthened by addition of the topflight pair, tenor saxophonist Peanuts Hucko and baritone saxophonist Ernie Caceres who shared the clarinet duties. The group swings at any tempo - and was there ever a better match in tone, technique and lyricism than these two? Timeless.


‘Beat out that rhythm on the drum,’ I roar spluttering red wine all over the sleeping form of Rocco in my Hunter Valley hideaway as the sound of the Duke Ellington band in full cry fades away as Louis Bellson begins his long solo. I laugh as Rocco sits up, shakes his head with a dazed expression on his face and glares at me. The empty chianti bottle falls from his right hand as he looks desperately around for the half-eaten salami, pickle-filled long roll which had been in his left when he slumped into an alcohol-induced sleep. Little J, the epitome of innocence, snores contentedly in the corner, no doubt dreaming piggy dreams of gluttony. Cheerful as ever, I roar through a pink haze: ‘Remember the all black movie Carmen Jones. Pearl Bailey sang it as the great Max Roach, the dean of modern jazz drummers, beat out the rhythm!’ Rocco continues to glare at me. ‘No time for sleep, you’re wasting good drinking time.’ Passing him the last bottle of chianti, I continue: ‘You are privileged. Not many people get the opportunity to be awakened by the sound of Louis Bellson and Skin Deep!’ Louis Bellson, recognised with Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich, as one of jazz’s three great showman drummers; who Duke Ellington not only called ‘the world’s greatest drummer’ but also ‘the world’s greatest musician’; who broke the colour barrier as the only white musician in the Ellington band which his drumming helped

revitalise but also by marrying Pearl Bailey against the wishes of an angry father. And an all round nice guy whose dynamic drumming from the driving seat powered some of the best big bands in the history of jazz and popular music - Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, Harry James, Ellington and, briefly, Count Basie. I smack my lips in appreciation after taking another long drink of shiraz (we’re on the good stuff now), telling Rocco that although Bellson first recorded Skin Deep with Ellington in 1952, he actually wrote the drum showcase while with Tommy Dorsey in 1947. Not many drummers could match the skill, coordination and sense of musical drama Bellson displayed on that recording, a solo which lasted several minutes and became a ‘must’ for sound fanatics in the early days of hi-fidelity records in the 1950s. The thundering sound of twin bass drums, his own innovation, endangered the loudspeakers of radiograms from Los Angeles to London, from London to Sydney. It became the most famous recorded drum solo in history, replacing Sing, Sing, Sing, Krupa’s 1937 showcase with Goodman. In the early 1950s it served as a rallying call for anarchy and youthful exuberance. ‘That was our time Rocco, our time!’

Bellson being of Italian descent - he was born Louis Ballasoni in Rock Falls, Illinois in 1924 appreciated the bounty of the grape, drinking wine with dinner every day from an early age. As with some of the other things for which he had an early liking he never let alcohol interfere with his playing. ‘I never drank whisky or beer myself. As my dad used to say you’ve got to have a clear mind and clear body to play music - and I believed him. Liquor was tempting at times, just like the drug situation, but I saw at an early age what happened to beautiful people like Charlie Parker and Billie Holiday. What a waste that was.’ ‘Just as well we don’t play an instrument,’ I slur opening another bottle. Little J opens one eye gazing at his empty bowl. I fill it. When with Goodman in 1943 Bellson’s nonplaying role was as a minder for his room-mate, the veteran trombonist Miff Mole who wasn’t allowed to go to the bar and have a single drink after being warned by his doctor: ‘You take one drink Miff and your dead.’ Bellson and Mole had many discussions. ‘I was 17 and he was over 60. He used to tell me about (pioneer drummer) Baby Dodds and those early guys.’ It was during World War Two when finding replacements for musicians was not easy. Bellson recalled one night during a stand at the Hotel New Yorker - ‘I looked up at the trombone section - it was Miff, Jack Jenney (who recorded his most famous solo on Artie Shaw’s great version of Star Dust) and Jack Teagarden.’ Bellson’s audition for the job with Goodman was in a Hollywood movie playing in a quartet, just one tune, after which he said to him: ‘Okay. I’ll see you Thursday. We’re leaving for New York.’ He had nothing but praise for Goodman: ‘He was really the guy who gave me my framework and helped me with my foundation. He taught me how to listen, how to play in a big band, and how to swing.’

Pearl Bailey and Louis Bellson. Photo – courtesy Corbis-Bettmann

‘We’ll drink to that, eh Rocco.’ There is no reply. Little J is breathing heavily but Rocco? As Dizzy Gillespie would say, he is in the Land Of Oo-Blee-Dah. Woody Herman’s Fourth Herd is swinging nicely through Sleep as, legless, I prop myself up in the corner, the shiraz bottle in my hand. ‘Once a neanderthal, always a neanderthal!’ The Voice has returned. – Patrick D Maguire fineMusic FM 102.5

















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Oscar winner ANG LEE directs this screen version of the international best seller

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December Program highlights THE PIANO KING Wednesday 19 at 1pm

Roger Woodward Australian pianist, Roger Woodward celebrates his 70th birthday on 20 December. He was born in Chatswood and studied music at the NSW State Conservatorium of Music: conducting with Eugene Goossens, piano with Alexander Sverjensky and composition with Raymond Hanson. In 1964, he won the piano section of the ABC Instrumental and Vocal Competition. He later earned a Doctorate in Music at the University of Sydney. A year later went to Poland to study with Zbigniew Drzewiecki making his debut there with the Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra and later in London with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Renowned Soviet pianist, Sviatoslav Richter, invited him to appear at many European festivals and he has since performed at over 100 festivals around the world. Roger Woodward rose to international prominence as the result of his collaborations with acclaimed composers and musicians such as Olivier Messiaen, Pierre Boulez, Toru Takemitsu, Luciano Berio, Leo Brouwer, Iannis Xenakis, Arvo Pärt and Karlheinz Stockhausen.

and Fugues were released to exceptionally high praise from critics worldwide. He has also received high praise for many of his other recordings, including chamber works with the Arditti, Alexander and Tokyo String Quartets.

Suite. Professional musicians call him the king of contemporary orchestra, having in mind the utmost expressivity of sound that is present in his music, along with an utmost concentration and economy of means.”

Since 1992 Woodward has been founding director and professor of the School of Music and Dance at San Francisco State University but he has also been the Founder and Patron of United Music Teachers’ Association NSW (1975 to the present), Founder and Artistic Director of Music Rostrum Australia (1975-76) and Patron of 2MBS-FM and 4MBS-FM.

Shchedrin’s early compositions are tonal, colourfully orchestrated and often include some elements of folk music while some later works use serial techniques. His extensive production reflects his constant search for new possibilities of artistic expression. His works are often related to those of the great Russian classics such as those of Dmitri Kabalevsky and Dmitri Shostakovich. From Sergei Prokofiev, who also strongly influenced Shchedrin’s way of composing, the latter has inherited the tendency towards marked rhythms.

As one of Australia’s finest pianists, has spent most of his career living and working overseas but returns to Australia every few years for performances. He has a particular commitment to performing in regional areas and many of his concert venues have been in leagues clubs and community halls. His latest recital tour has taken in Taree, Canberra, Brisbane and the Chatswood Concourse. The interviewer, Philip O’Brien who has called Woodward ‘the piano king’, on asking him whether he would he ever contemplate living in Australia again, received this answer: ‘’Given the right circumstances, yes. I am first and foremost a musician, although those of us who live elsewhere still dream about the inspirational qualities of Australia and its ravishing, transcendental beauty. How is it ever possible to forget such a place?”


Join us on Wednesday 19 at 1pm for Roger Woodward’s birthday celebration. – Elaine Siversen

Tune in to these programs to hear music associated with Christmas, both sacred and secular:


Concerts he has performed in Sydney include a benefit concert in 1975 which he organised with fellow musicians to assist people made homeless by Cyclone Tracey (for which the City of Darwin awarded him an honour) and a series of concerts at the 1983 Festival of Sydney in which he performed the complete works of Chopin. These were recorded by our sound engineers and preserved in our archives. We will be broadcasting one of these concerts after the opera on Wednesday 5th at 11pm. Woodward’s recording of J.S. Bach’s The WellTempered Clavier was Editor’s Choice for The Gramophone’s February 2010 publication, with German and UK critics describing this recording release as ‘setting a new standard after Gould and Barenboim’. He was awarded the prestigious Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik for his recording of the Bach C minor and E minor Partitas and is a recipient of the Goethe Prize and Diapasion d’or by the German and French critics for recordings of works dedicated to him by Morton Feldman. Current recordings of the Debussy Préludes and the Shostakovich Preludes

The best known of his works outside of Russia would be the ballet, Carmen Suite (1967), based on the opera Carmen by Georges Bizet. This project had been turned down by both Shostakovich and Khachaturian. Shchedrin’s composition is uniquely scored for percussion and strings. On Monday 17th at 2.30pm we celebrate the 80th birthday of Rodion Konstantinovich Shchedrin, who was born in Moscow on 16 December, 1932. – ES

Hosanna on Sundays on 2, 9, 16, 23, 25 and 30 at 5pm New Horizons on Sunday 9 at 9pm Sydney Philharmonia in Concert on Saturday 15 at 4pm Beyond Romanticism on Tuesday 18 at 10pm On Parade on Saturday 22 at 11.30am Celebrating the Nativity on Wednesday 19 and Friday 21 at 11. Morning Concert on Monday 24 at 10am A Bruch Christmas on Monday 24 at 11.30am Motets for Christmas on Tuesday 25 at 11.30am Christmas Around the World on Tuesday 25 at 4pm

CONTINUING SERIES The Best of Decca: Thursdays 6 and 20 at 2pm
 Kawai Piano Series: Friday 14 at 1pm
 At the Opera- Legendary Met Performances: Wednesdays at 8pm (Verdi’s Attila on 12th; Donizetti’s La Fille du Régiment on 19th)

Rodion Schedrin Mstislav Rostropovich, who has done much to popularise the composer’s work in the West, has said of Rodion Shchedrin: “His ingenuous sensation of orchestral colour has manifested itself not only in the immensely popular First Piano Concerto, Naughty Rhymes and Carmen

Mea culpa: In October, I incorrectly wrote that Jon Vickers was an Australian and was recently deceased. He is in fact still living and is Canadian-born. I was confusing him with recently deceased Jon Weaving and I offer apologies to any who may have been offended. - ES fineMusic FM 102.5


Saturday - 1st December 13:00 CHINESE MOSAIC + POSTCARDS FROM SHANGHAI Prepared by Paolo Hooke

Chopin, F. Polonaise no 11 in G minor; Polonaise no 12 in B flat (1817). Nikolai Demidenko, pf. Hyperion CDA 66597 5

9:00 WHAT’S ON IN MUSIC Our weekly guide to musical events in and around Sydney

A monthly exploration of the best of Chinese classical, traditional and film music, incorporating material specially provided by Shanghai East Radio

Schubert, F. Polonaise mélancholique, D599 (1818; arr. Tausig). Dennis Hennig, pf. Etcetera KTC 1086 8

9:30 SPOTLIGHT ON EDWARD MACDOWELL Prepared by Ron Walledge

14:00 MUSICAL EXPLORATIONS Bridges between the centuries Prepared by Judy Ekstein

MacDowell, E. Forgotten fairy tales, op 4 (1897). Naxos 8.559019 7

Saint-Saëns, C. Piano concerto no 2 in G minor, op 22 (1868). Stephen Hough, pf; City of Birmingham SO/Sakari Oramo. Hyperion CDA67331/2 22


Three songs, op 11 (1883). Steven Tharp, ten. Marco Polo 8.223866 6 James Barbagallo, pf (2 above) Witches dance, op 17 no 2 (1884). Stephen Prutsman, pf; National SO of Ireland/Arthur Fagen. Naxos 8.559049 3 Suite no 2, op 48, Indian (1891-95). Ulster O/ Takuo Yuasa. Naxos 8.559075 30 Woodland sketches, op 51 (1896). Marco Polo 8.223631


Eight songs, op 47 (1893). Steven Tharp, ten. Marco Polo 8.223866 13 James Barbagallo, pf (2 above) Romance, op 35 (1888). Aisling Drury Byrne, vc; National SO of Ireland/Arthur Fagen. Naxos 8.559049 4 Piano concerto no 2 in D minor, op 23 (188486). André Watts, pf; Dallas SO/Andrew Litton. Telarc CD-80429 26 11:30 ON PARADE Music that’s band Prepared by Owen Fisher Shostakovich, D. Festival overture. Black Dyke Mills Band/Michael Antrobus. LP Chandos BBR 1011



Stanhope, D. Rufford Park poachers. Elder Conservatorium Wind Ensemble/Robert Hower. Tall Poppies TP 107 6 12:00 JAZZ THEN AND NOW with Michael Cooper A diverse range of jazz from days gone by up to the present, with wonderful Australians featured 20

fineMusic FM 102.5

Taneyev, S. Overture to The oresteia, op 6 (pub. 1897). Philharmonia O/Neeme Järvi. Chandos CHAN 8953 18 From country to country, op 10 (1897-99); 12 Choruses, op 27 (1909-11). Moscow State Chamber Choir/Vladimir Minin. DG 474 241-2 24 15:30 MUSIC FOR WORDS Prepared by Rex Burgess Charpentier, M-A. Actéon, opéra de chasse (1683-85). Agnès Mellon sop; Jill Feldman, sop; Françoise Paut, sop; Guillemette Laurens, mezz; Dominique Visse, ct; Les Arts Florissants/William Christie. Harmonia Mundi HM 901095 40 Saint-Saëns, C. La princesse jaune, op 30 (1871). Maria Costanza Nocentini, sop; Carlo Allemano, ten; Cantemus; Swiss Italian O/ Francis Travis. Chandos CHAN 9837 44 Ravel, M. L’enfant et les sortilèges (1925). Soloists; Maîtrise Choir; French RT NO/Lorin Maazel. DG 423 718-2 43

Sibelius, J. Finlandia. Allentown Band/Ronald Demkee. AMP 27183 7 Gershwin, G. Rhapsody in blue. Desford Colliery Band/Ernest Woodhouse. LP Astor GGS 1420

Sonata in E flat, op 167 (1921). Richard Hosford, cl; Ian Brown, pf. Hyperion CDA67431/2 16

Sonatine (1903-05). Jean-Yves Thibaudet, pf. Decca 433 515-2 11 18:00 EARLY POLONAISES Prepared by Denis Patterson Bach, J.S. Polonaise in F, BWVAnh 117; Polonaise in G, BWV119 (1725). Geoffrey Tozer, pf. Tall Poppies TP 001 1 Bach, W.F. Polonaise no 1 in C; Polonaise no 12 in G minor (c1765). Steve Barrell, clvd. Globe GLO 5035 10 Hummel, J. La bella capricciosa, polonaise, op 55 (c1810). Howard Shelley, pf. Chandos CHAN 9807 13 Beethoven, L. Polonaise in C, op 89 (1814). Mikhail Pletnev, pf. DG 457 493-2 6

Chopin, F. Polonaise in A flat, op 53 (1842). Roger Woodward, pf. Warner Music 450990318-2 7 19:00 THE MAGIC OF STAGE AND SCREEN Prepared by Derek Parker Künneke, E. Excerpts from Der Vetter aus Dingsda. Erika Köth, sop; Helga Hildebrand, sop; Anneliese Preuss, cont; Rudolph Schock, ten; Manfred Schmidt, ten; Walter Hauck, ten; Wilhelm Streinz, bass; FFB O/Werner Schmidt-Boelcke. LaserLite 16 048 11 Millöcker, C. Excerpts from Gasparone. Anneliese Rothernburger, sop; Heinz Hoppe, ten; Hermann Prey, bar; Kurt Böhme, bass; Gärtnerplaz Theatre Ch, Munich; Graunke SO/ Carl Michalski. LaserLite 16 047 19 Stolz, R. Excerpts from Venus in Seide. Margit Schramm, sop; Rudolph Schock, ten; Ferry Grüber, ten; Berlin SO/Robert Stolz. Eurodisc 258 366 18 20:00 LIVE AND LOCAL Selby and friends Produced by Tim Sadler; prepared by Peter Bell RECORDED BY FINE MUSIC Gade, N. Trio movement in B flat major (1839). Sophie Rowell, vn. 11 Chopin, F. Cello sonata in G minor, op 65. 27 Stravinsky, I. Suite Italienne (arr. Dushkin). 18 Mendelssohn, F. Trio in D minor, op 49 (1839). 30 Sophie Rowell, vn (2 above) Julian Smiles, vc; Kathryn Selby, pf (all above) 21:30 BAROQUE SELECTIONS Prepared by Christine Scharzenberger Bach, J.S. Brandenburg concerto no 3 in G, BWV1048 (1720). 13 Gluck, C. Dance of the furies, from Orpheus and Eurydice (1762). 4 Vivaldi, A. Violin concerto in D, RV230, from L’estro armonico (pub. 1711). 7 Australian Brandenburg O/Paul Dyer (3 above) ABC 434 720-2 22:00 AFTER HOURS with Kevin Jones Laid back late night music to give a wonderfully smooth end to a busy day; lay back, relax and enjoy.

Sunday - 2nd December 0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT 6:00 SUNDAY MORNING MUSIC with Terry McMullen 9:00 CELESTIAL NOTES Prepared by Rex Burgess Mozart, W. Church sonatas: no 15 in C, K328 (1779); no 17 in C, K336 (1780). István Ella, org; Corelli CO/István Kertész. Hungaroton HCD 12866-2 8 Hasse, J. The pilgrims at the tomb of Our Lord (1742-33). Rachel Elliott, sop; Valerie Gabail, sop; Michael Chanee, alto; Peter Harvey, bass; Il Seminario Musicale; Gerard Lesne, alto & dir. Virgin 5 45329 2 1:15 10:30 CHAMBER MASTERWORKS Prepared by George Segal Haydn, M. Divertimento in E flat for viola, cello and double bass (pub. c1970). Members of the Salzburger Hofmusik/Wolfgang Brunner. cpo 999 230-2 15 Mozart, W. Flute quartet no 3 in C, K285b (1777). Members of Australia Ensemble. Tall Poppies TP029 15 Boccherini, L. Piano quintet in E minor, op 57 no 3 (1799). Les Adieux. Harmonia Mundi GD77053 15 Biber, C. Sonata in D. Paul Plunkett, tpt; Julie Hewison, vn; Lucinda Moon, vn; Jenny Ingram, va; Miriam Morris, vc; Linda Kent, org. Move MD 3127 6 Sculthorpe, P. Quartet no 8 (1968). Kronos Quartet. Nonesuch 979 111-2 14 Janácek, L. Sonata (1914-15/21). Ariadne Daskalakis, vn; Miri Yampolsky, pf. Naxos 8.570987


12:00 SPEAK EASY, SWING HARD with Richard Hughes The Golden Era of jazz as seen through the knowledge and experience of one of Australia’s leading exponents 13:00 FOCUS ON FOLK Folk Federation of NSW with John Milce 14:00 SUNDAY SPECIAL Bohemian delights Prepared by Frank Morrison Dussek, J. Piano concerto in G minor, op 49 (1801). Andreas Staier, fp; Concerto Köln. Capriccio 5072 31 Pichl, V. Sinfonia in B flat, Melpomene (17641803). Toronto CO/Kevin Mallon. Naxos 8.557761 19

Stamitz, J. Trumpet concerto in D (reconstr. Boustead). Håkan Hardenberger, tpt; Academy of St Martin in the Fields/Neville Marriner. Philips 420 203-2 16 Kraft, A. Cello concerto in C, op 4 (pub. 1792). Anner Bijlsma, vc; Tafelmusik O/Jean Lamon. Harmonia Mundi RD 77757 20 Smetana, B. Piano trio in G minor, op 15 (1855). Australian Trio. ABC 476 123-1


Benda, F. Violin concerto in D. Josef Suk, vn; Suk CO/Christian Benda. Naxos 8.553902 22 Dvorák, A. Wind serenade in D minor, op 44 (1878). Nash Ensemble. CRD 3410 26 17:00 HOSANNA Prepared by Meg Matthews Hymns: Hills of the North, rejoice; On Jordan’s bank; Of the Father’s heart begotten. Choir of Wells Cathedral; Rupert Gough, org; Malcolm Archer, cond. Hyperion CDP 12103 10 Byrd, W. Rorate coeli. Piccolo, A. Magnificat. Trad. Gaudete.

4 5 2

Boys and Men of Bath Abbey; Marcus Sealy, org; Marcus Sealy, cond (3 above) Priory PRCD 666 Gabrieli, G. Listen ye princes, motet for three choirs (1615). Monteverdi Choir; Philips Jones Brass Ensemble/John Eliot Gardiner. Decca 443 482-2 7

Edwards, R. Guitar concerto (1995). Karin Schaupp, gui; Tasmanian SO/Brett Kelly. 19 ABC 480 6462 (3 above) 19:00 OPERA HIGHLIGHTS Prepared by Shamistha de Soysa Barber, S. Intermezzo, from Vanessa (1958). Royal Scottish NO/Marin Alsop. 4 Naxos 8.559135 Bernstein, L. Glitter and be gay, from Candide (1956). Natalie Dessay, sop; London PO/Andrew Davis. 6 Virgin 363332 2 9 Britten, B. Grimes! from Peter Grimes (1945). Philip Langridge, ten: London Symphony Ch & O/Richard Hickox. 5 Chandos CHAN 10568(2) Korngold, E. Marietta’s Lied, from Die tote Stadt (1920). Cheryl Barker, sop; Queensland SO/Guillaume Tourniaire. 6 Melba MR 3011 29 19:30 SUNDAY NIGHT CONCERT Prepared by Chris Blower Glinka, M. Overture and suite from A life for the Tsar (1836). Armenian PO/Loris Tjeknavorian. ASV DCA 1075 34 Shostakovich, D. Symphony no 5 in D minor, op 47 (1937). Concertgebouw O/Bernard Haitink. Decca 478 3156-67 50 21:00 NEW HORIZONS French horizons Prepared by Phil Vendy

Esterházy, P. Four little Christmas cantatas, from Harmonia coelestis. Mária Zárdori, sop; Éva Lax, cont; Capella Savaria/Pal Németh. Hungaroton HCD12561 7

Connesson, G. A glimmer in the age of darkness (2005). Royal Scottish NO/Stéphane Denève. Chandos CHSA 5076 19

Saint-Saëns, C. Benedictus; Tecum principio; Alleluia; Tolli Te hostias, from Christmas oratorio (1860). Antonia Bourvé, sop; Gundula Schneider, mezz; Sabine Czinczel, cont; Marcus Ullman, ten; Jens Hamann, bar; Vocal Ensemble Rastatt; Les Favorites. Carus 83.352 12

Bacri, N. Flute concerto, op 63 (1999). Sharon Bezaly, fl; Tapiola Sinfonietta/Jean-Jacques Kantorow. BIS CD-1799 16

18:00 THE CLASSICAL GUITAR SOCIETY Great guitar concertos Prepared by Sue McCredie Weiss, S. Guitar concerto in D minor. Slava Grigoryan, gui; Tasmanian SO/Benjamin Northey. 9 Ponce, M. Concierto del sur (1941). Eduardo Fernandez, gui; English CO/Enrique Garcia Asensio. 24

Dubugnon, R. Quartet (1998). Illka Lehtonen, vn; Julia Knight, va; Matthew Sharp, vc; Viv Mclean, pf. Naxos 8.555778 21 Sancan, P. Theme and variations (1975). Isabelle Moretti, hp. Auvidis V 4779


Wolff, J-C. Symphony no 2 (1978). Wieslaw Kwasny, vn; Polish RTO/Szymon Kawalla. VMM 3001 18 22:30 ULTIMA THULE Ambient and atmospheric music: www. for detailed playlist

fineMusic FM 102.5


Monday - 3rd December 0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT

14:30 BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY Prepared by Randolph Magri-Overend

6:00 MUSIC FOR A NEW DAY including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with James Hunter

Smetana, B. Dance of the comedians, from The bartered bride (1866). London SO/Charles Mackerras. 6 Mercury 434 352-2

9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Inspired by opera Prepared by Di Cox

Mahler, G. Urlicht in D flat, from Des Knaben Wunderhorn (c1892). Jessye Norman, sop; Irwin Gage, pf. 5 Philips 426 642-2

Weber, C.M. Overture to Der Freischütz (1821; transcr.). Alexander Paley, Brian Zeger, pf. Naxos 8.553308 8 Rossini, G. Fantasy on William Tell (arr. Demerssemon, Berthélémy). Patrick Gallois, fl; Malcolm Messiter, ob; London FO/Ross Pople. DG 445 822-2 11 Paganini, N. Introduction and variations on Di tanti palpiti from Rossini’s Tancredi (1819). Livia Sohn, vn; Benjamin Loeb, pf. Naxos 8.570202 11 Verdi, G. Soldiers’ chorus, from Il trovatore (1853). Budapest Festival Ch; Hungarian State Opera O/Will Humburg. Naxos 8.553963 5 Handel, G. Overture and ballet music from Alcina (1735). Colin Tilney, hpd; Academy of St Martin in the Field/Neville Marriner. LP Argo ZRGA.686 15 10:00 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Giovanna Grech Offenbach, J. Overture to La belle Hélène (1864). Suisse Romande O/Ernest Ansermet. Decca 425 083-2 9 Khachaturian, A. Suite from Masquerade (1941). Philharmonia O/Aram Khachaturian. EMI CDC 5 55035 2 11 Shostakovich, D. Cello concerto no 1, op 107 (1959). Mstislav Rostropovitch, vc; London SO/ Seiji Ozawa. Erato ECD 75485 26 Saint-Saëns, C. Symphony no 3 in C minor, op 78, Organ (1886). Hans Fagius, org; Royal Stockholm PO/James DePreist. BIS CD 555 36 11:30 SLOW AND SUBLIME Prepared by Chris Blower Onslow, G. Piano trio, op 3 no 3, mvt 2 (1807). Trio Cascades. cpo 777 232-2 7 Hummel, J. Piano quintet in E flat, op 87, mvt 3 (1802). Schubert Ensemble of London. Helios CDH55427 2 22

fineMusic FM 102.5

Ferdinand Leitner Beethoven, L. Quartet no 15 in A minor, op 132, mvt 3 (1825). Tokyo String Quartet. Harmonia Mundi HMU 807481.83 16 12:00 SWING SESSIONS with John Buchanan Featuring bands of the 1930s swing era and the dance bands of the 1920s taken from radio broadcasts, transcriptions and recording sessions 13:00 MUSIC FROM HOLLAND Prepared by Frank Morrison Wagenaar, J. Overture: Cyrano de Bergerac, op 23 (1897). The Hague Residency O/Alain Lombard. Olympia OCD 504 15 Fesch, W. de Concerto grosso in E, op 3 no 3 (1716). Gordan Nikolitch, vn; Auvergne O/Arie van Beek. Olympia OCD 450 5 Blankenburg, Q. Cantata: L’apologie des femmes (1715). Maarten Koningsberger, bar; Academy of the Begynhof, Amsterdam. Globe GLO 5055 12 Wassenaer, U. Concerto no 2 in B flat for strings, from Sei concerti armonici. Combattimento Consort Amsterdam/Jan Willem de Vriend. NM Classics 92030


Röntgen, J. Motet: Wider den Frieden, Klage-, Anklage-, und Trostgesang (1920). Netherlands Chamber Choir/Uwe Gronostay. NM Classics 92039 8 Schenck, J. Sonata no 12 in D minor, from The nymphs of the Rhine, vol 2, op 8 (c1700). Susie Napper, bass viol; Margaret Little, bass viol. Naxos 8.554415 8 Vermeulen, M. Symphony no 3, Thrène et Péan (1922). The Hague Residency O/Ferdinand Leitner. Olympia OCD 504 20

Smetana, B. Vltava, from Ma vlast (1874). Prague RSO/Vladimir Válek. Supraphon SU 3916-2 12 Suk, J. Meditation, op 35a (1914). Suk Quartet. 6 CRD 3472 Dvorák, A. Symphony no 9 in E minor, op 95, From the New World (1893). London PO/ Mstislav Rostropovich. EMI 5 65705 2 49 16:00 KEEPING YOU COMPANY including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm Prepared by David Brett 19:00 A TWIST OF JAZZ with Andrew Piper An easy mix of jazz from yesteryear to today, with some exciting twists and turns along the way and an emphasis on vocals 20:00 STORMY MONDAY with Austin Harrison and Garth Sundberg 22:00 KEYBOARD CONTRASTS Prepared by Frank Morrison Mozart, W. Sonata no 14 in C minor, K457 (1784). Sviatoslav Richter, pf. Stradivarius STR 33343 24 Bach, J.S. Organ concerto in G after Johann Ernst, BWV592 (c1714). Marie-Claire Alain, org. 8 Erato 2292-45561-2 Rubinstein, A. Fantasie, op 73 (1864). Joan Yarbrough, pf; Robert Cowan, pf. Pantheon D 07183 38 Debussy, C. Clair de lune, from Suite bergamasque (1905). Stanislav Bunin, pf. DG 423 066-2


Strauss, R. Quartet in C minor, op 13 (1883-84). Menuhin Festival Piano Quartet. Ars FCD 368 312 33

Tuesday - 4th December Janácek, L. Dumka (1880). Ulf Wallin, vn; Roland Pöntinen, pf. BIS CD-663-4


12:00 JAZZ RHYTHM with Jeannie McInnes An eclectic blending of agreeable rhythm and melody from the New Orleans jazz roots through to recent decades including many Australian bands 13:00 DANISH ODYSSEY Prepared by Francis Frank

Arturo Benedetti Michaelangeli

Hermann Scherchen


Horneman, C. Overture to Aladdin (1864). Danish National RSO/Michael Schönwandt. Chandos CHAN 9373 11

16:00 KEEPING YOU COMPANY including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm Prepared by Brendan Walsh

6:00 MUSIC FOR A NEW DAY including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Julie Simonds

Nielsen, C. Pan and Syrinx, op 49 (1917-18). South Jutland SO/Niklás Willén. Naxos 8.557164 9

19:00 THE JAZZ BEAT with Lloyd Capps

9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Pianist of choice: Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli Prepared by Chris Blower

Pedersøn, M. Mass. Hilliard Ensemble/Paul Hillier. BIS CD-389 11


Buxtehude, D. Sonata in G, BuxWV253. Trio Sonnerie. ASV GAU 110 7

Chopin, F. Mazurka, op 33 no 4 (1837-38). Cetra CDAR 2002


Debussy, C. Images, bk I (1905). Memoria ABM 999-001


Grieg, E. Erotic, no 5 from Lyric pieces bk 3, op 43 (1886). Teldec 0630-13303-2 3 Beethoven, L. Sonata in C, op 2 no 3 (1796). Memoria ABM 999-001 27 Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, pf (all above) 10:00 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Sheila Catzel

Scheibe, J. Flute concerto in D. Irene Spranger, fl; Concerto Copenhagen/Andrew Manze. Chandos CHAN 0535 12 14:00 BORN ONE YEAR APART Prepared by Philip Lidbury

Margaritis, L. Youth, op 4 (1921). Apostolos Palios, pf. Naxos 8.572210 16

Trio no 2 in D minor, op 66 (1845). Renaud Capuçon, vn; Gautier Capuçon, vc; Nicholas Angelich, pf. EMI 3 58472 2 31

Constantinidis, Y. Suite (1948). Spiros Rantos, vn; Brachi Tilles, pf. LP Grevillea GRV 105 10

Myaskovsky, N. Cello concerto in C minor, op 66 (1944-45). Mstislav Rostropovich, vc; Philharmonia O/Malcolm Sargent. EMI 5 65701 2 28

Schumann, R. Overture to Faust (1853). Polish National RSO/Johannes Wildner. Naxos 8.550608 9

Myaskovsky, N. Sonata no 1, op 12. Truls Mørk, vc; Jean-Yves Thibaudet, pf. Virgin 5 45119 2 20

22:00 BEYOND ROMANTICISM The sound of Greece Prepared by Phil Vendy

Xenakis, I. Stratégie (1962). Yomiuri Nippon SO/Seiji Ozawa, Hiroshi Wakasugi. Varèse-Sarabande VCD 47253 13

Janácek, L. Suite for strings (1877). Janácek CO. Chandos CHAN 10678 19

11:30 CHAMBER ENCORE Prepared by Sheila Catzel

20:00 RECENT RELEASES with Derek Parker

Mendelssohn, F. String symphony no 4 in C minor (1821). Northern CO/Nicholas Ward. Naxos 8.553161 9

Symphony no 1 in C minor, op 11 (1824). Gewandhaus O/Kurt Masur. Teldec 2292-44933-2

Balakirev, M. Symphony no 2 in D minor (1900-08). BBC PO/Vassily Sinaisky. Chandos CHAN 0727 35

Smooth small group jazz from the 50s on and with a visit from Milers Davis each week


Requiem for Mignon, op 98b (1849). Eva Andor, sop; Katalin Szökefalvy-Nagy, sop; Zsuzsa Barlay, cont; Livia Budai, cont; György Korondy, ten; Jozsef Gregor, bass; Budapest Ch; Hungarian State O/Miklós Forrai. LP Hungaroton SLPX 1180 13 Concert piece for four horns and full orchestra, op 86 (1849). Canberra School of Music SO/Michael Mulcahy. Fine Music Tape Archive 17

Kalomiris, M. Five preludes (1939). Aris Garoufalis, pf. LP Concert Athens CP 925


Skalkottas, N. Piano concerto no 2 (1938). Georg Hadjinikos, pf; North German RSO/ Hermann Scherchen. Arkadia CDGI 768.1 22 Margaritis, L. Verses, op 10 (1923). Apostolos Palios, pf. 6 Naxos 8.572210 Dragatakis, D. Symphony no 1 (1959). Bulgarian RTO/Kamen Goleminov. LP Concert Athens 91043


fineMusic FM 102.5


Wednesday - 5th December 15:00 IN CONVERSATION with Michael Morton-Evans


What exactly does it take to make music? Leading musicians, composers and performers, both local and visiting from overseas, will be talking live on air telling us why they do it and how they do it.

6:00 MUSIC FOR A NEW DAY including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Troy Fil 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Aspects of baroque: Lesser known German masters Scheidt, S. Galliard, La battaglia; Canzona bergamasca. Brass Ensemble. Allegretto ACD 8702 6 Quantz, J. Flute concerto in G (c1744). PeterLukas Graf, fl; Zurich CO/Edmond de Stoutz. Brilliant Classics 99745/4 19 Krebs, J. Allein Gott in der Hôh sei Ehr (transcr). Dietrich Wagler, org. Motette CD 12451


Schwartzkopf, T. Suite in C. Joachim Schäfer, piccolo tpt; Bratislava Chamber Soloists/Anton Popovic. Christophorus CHR 77210 7 Bach, W.F. Sinfonia for strings in F, Dissonant (1755-58). Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach CO/ Hartmut Haenchen. Brilliant Classics 99785/6 13 10:00 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Stephen Wilson Bach, J.S. Orchestral suite no 3 in D, BWV1068 (c1731). Australian CO/Richard Tognetti. Sony SK 53356 21 Krommer, F. Clarinet concerto in E flat, op 36 (pub. c1802). Nicolaus Esterházy Sinfonia/ Kálmán Berkes, cl & dir. Naxos 8.553178 22

Jaap Schröder

19:00 JAZZ STARS AND STRIPES with Peter Mitchell

12:00 THE SOUND OF JAZZ with Kevin Jones

The stars of American jazz from bebop on, mainly with small group low temperature jazz

Jazz from the 1930s to the present day with tracks from the Downbeat magazine archives and recent releases

20:00 AT THE OPERA Prepared by Andrew Bukenya

13:00 TALES OF VIENNA Prepared by Randolph Magri-Overend Suppé, F. Overture to morning, noon and night in Vienna (1844). Montreal SO/Charles Dutoit. Decca 414 408-2 8 Strauss, J. II The spirit of Vienna, op 354 (1873). Johann Strauss Ensemble/Russell McGregor. ABC 476 4630


Liszt, F. Waltz-caprice no 7, from Vienna evenings (1852). Vladimir Horowitz, pf. DG 427 772-2


Schubert, F. Vienna evenings, D427 (1816). Gerard Willems, pf. MBS 40 CD


Strauss, J. II On the beautiful blue Danube, op 314 (1867). Vienna PO/Willi Boskovsky. Decca 478 3156-67 9

Kalinnikov, Vasily. Symphony no 2 in A (189597). Scottish NO/Neeme Järvi. Chandos CHAN 8805 37

Tales from the Vienna Woods, op 325 (1868). Queensland SO/Vladimir Ponkin. ABC 432 250-2 12

11:30 DOING THE KEYBOARD BLUES Prepared by Phil Vendy

14:00 SCANDINAVIAN CHAMBER Prepared by Francis Frank

Nancarrow, C. Blues (1938). Copland, A. Blues no 3 (1926-1948). .

2 3

Joanna MacGregor, pf (2 above) LDR LDRCD1004


16:00 KEEPING YOU COMPANY including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm Prepared by David Ogilvie

Rangström, T. Three dance miniatures for two violins (1934). Members of Holmen Quartet. cpo 999 689-2 6

Ingham, S. Long flat blues (1996). Ian Holtham, pf. Move MD 3239 7

Crusell, B. Divertimento in C, op 9 (1822). Sarah Francis, ob; Allegri String Quartet. Hyperion CDA66143 10

Tansman, A. Three preludes in blues style (1937). Margaret Fingerhut, pf. Chandos Chan 10527 8

Kraus, J.M. Trio in D (1787). Jaap Schröder, vn; Kari Ottesen, vc; Lucia Negro, fp. Musica Sveciae MSCD 415 20

Koehne, G. Blues. Ian Munro, pf. Tall Poppies TP146

Valen, F. Quartet no 2, op 13 (1932). Oslo String Quartet. Naxos 8.554384 16

fineMusic FM 102.5


Britten, B. Billy Budd. Opera in two acts. Libretto by E.M. Forster and Eric Crozier, adapted from the story by Herman Melville. First performed London, 1951. BILLY BUDD: Nathan Gunn, bar JOHN CLAGGART: Gidon Saks, bass CAPTAIN VERE: Ian Bostridge, ten London Symphony Men’s Ch; London SO/ Daniel Harding. Virgin 5 19039 2 2:46 During the Napoleonic wars, the merchant seaman Billy Budd is impressed onto a warship. His handsome appearance and good nature impress all except Claggart, the masterat-arms, who hates him for his virtues and contrives to bring an accusation of conspiring to mutiny against him. He is brought before Captain Vere and, prevented by a stammer from defending himself, hits out against Claggart who is killed by the blow. Vere reluctantly condemns Billy to be hanged but Billy forgives the Captain. 23:00 ROGER WOODWARD AT THE FESTIVAL OF SYDNEY RECORDED BY FINE MUSIC Chopin, F. Mazurkas: in A minor, op 17 no 4 (1832-33); in F minor, op 63 no 2 (1846); in G sharp minor, op 33 no 1 (1837-38); in A minor, op 68 posth. no 2 (1827); in C minor, op 56 no 3 (1843); in F minor, op 68 posth. no 4 (1849); in C, op 56 no 2 (1843); in D flat, op 30 no 3 (1837); in C, op 7 no 5 (1831); in C sharp minor, op 63 no 3 (1846); in A flat, op 41 no 4 (1840); in A minor, op posth., Notre temps (1841); in B minor, op 33 no 4 (1837-38). 29 Andante spianato in G, op 22 (1834); Prelude in A, op 28 no 7 (1838). 6 Waltzes: in A flat, op 69 posth. no 1 (1835); in C 9 sharp minor, op 64 no 2 (1847). Roger Woodward, pf (all above)

Thursday - 6th December 0:00 CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE

12:00 JAZZ, PURE AND SIMPLE with Maureen Meers


Covering the many aspects of jazz from Swing to Mainstream with the Great American Songbook making regular appearances

6:00 MUSIC FOR A NEW DAY including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Simon Moore

13:00 CAMELOT Prepared by Chris Blower

9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Composer focus Prepared by Michael Morton-Evans Kuhlau, F. Concerto in C, op 7, mvt 3 (c1811). Amalie Malling, pf; Danish National RSO/ Michael Schonwandt. Chandos CHAN 9669 8 Overture to The robbers’ castle (1814). Odense SO/Eduard Serov. Unicorn-Kanchana DKP(CD)9132 5

Purcell, H. Overture: Chaconne, from King Arthur (1691). Parley of Instruments/Roy Goodman. Hyperion CDA 67001/3 7 Gram, P. Avalon, op 16 (1917). Andrea Pellegrini, mezz; Danish PO/Matthias Aeschenbacher. Dacapo 8.224718 6

Sonatina in C, op 55 no 6 (pub. 1823). Jenö Jandó, pf. Naxos 8.570710 11

Elgar, E. Suite from King Arthur (1923). Cynthia Glover, sop; John Lawrenson, bar; Bournemouth Sinfonietta/George Hurst. Chandos CHAN 6582 23

Sonata in G minor, op 83 no 3 (bef. 1827). Uwe Grodd, fl; Matteo Napoli, pf. Naxos 8.555346 22

Houghton, P. Guinevere’s dream (1976). Saffire. ABC 476 5695 2

Overture to Elverhøj, op 100 (1828). Odense SO/Othmar Maga. Unicorn-Kanchana DKP 9132 6

Bax, A. Tintagel, tone poem (1917-19). Royal Scottish NO/David Lloyd-Jones. Naxos 8.557145 15

10:00 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Michael Morton-Evans

14:00 THE BEST OF DECCA Prepared by Ron Walledge

Holbrooke, J. Overture to The children of Don, op 56 (1912). National SO of Ukraine/ Andrew Penny. Marco Polo 8.223721 11

Borodin, A. Overture to Prince Igor (1869). London SO/Georg Solti. Decca 478 3199 11

Malipiero, G. Four inventions, Festa degli indolenti (1933). Veneto PO/Peter Maag. Naxos 8.555515 10

Barber, S. Violin concerto, op 14 (1939). Joshua Bell, vn; Baltimore SO/David Zinman. Decca 478 3161 23

Delibes, L. Scenes, from Coppelia (1870). Adelaide SO/José Serebrier. Concerto OQ 0008

Walton, W. Belshazzar’s feast (1931). Bryn Terfel, bass-bar; Waynflete Singers; Bournemouth Ch & SO/Andrew Litton. Decca 478 3205


Dvorák, A. Symphony no 5 in F, op 76 (1875). London SO/István Kertész. Decca 417 597-2 41 11:30 RUSSIAN VOICES Prepared by Elaine Siversen Sviridov, G. Four choruses (1980). James Bowman, ct; Holst Singers/Stephen Layton. Hyperion CDA66928 13 Shostakovich, D. Cantata: The sun shines over our motherland, op 90 (1952). Moscow Choral School Boys’ Choir; Moscow Philharmonic SO/Kyril Kondrashin. LP Melodiya C 01505-6 12

Jean Martinon 20:00 EVENINGS WITH THE ORCHESTRA Orchestral works of Dvorák Prepared by Stephen Wilson Dvorák, A. Slavonic dances, op 46 (1878). London SO/Jean Martinon. Decca 476 2742 36 Piano concerto in G minor, op 33 (1876). Jenö Jandö, pf; Polish NSO/Antoni Wit. Naxos 8.550896 40 Psalm 149, op 79 (1879). Prague Philharmonic Choir; Czech PO/Jirí Belohlávek. Chandos CHAN 8985/6 9 Symphonic variations, op 78 (1880). London SO/István Kertész. Decca 452 946-2 23 22:00 CHAMBER SOIRÉE Prepared by Win Thompson Krommer, F. Quartet in E flat, op 46 no 2 (1804). Eckart Hübner, bn; Johannes Lüthy, va; Stewart Eaton, va: Reinhard Latzko, vc. cpo 999 297-2 21 Bax, A. Harp quintet (1919). Nash Ensemble. Hyperion CDA66807 15


Mendelssohn, F. Symphony no 3 in A minor, op 56, Scottish (1842). London SO/Peter Maag. Decca 478 3184 38 16:00 KEEPING YOU COMPANY including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm Prepared by Debbie Scholem 19:00 JAZZ VIBES with Matt Bailey Contemporary and modern sounds of now in jazz from all corners of the globe

Schubert, F. Adagio and rondo concertante in F for piano quartet, D487 (1816). Melos Ensemble. Philips 442 9375 13 Stanford, C. Villiers Fantasy no 2 for clarinet and string quartet (1922). Robert Plane, cl; Mia Cooper, vn; David Adams, va; members of Gould Piano Trio. Naxos 8.570416 15 Beethoven, L. Sonata no 7 in C minor, op 30 no 2 (1802). Daniel Sepec, vn; Andreas Staier, pf. Harmonia Mundi HMC 901919 24 Lachner, F. Wind quintet no 2 in E flat (1829). Vienna-Berlin Ensemble. DG 423 591-2 24 fineMusic FM 102.5


Friday - 7th December 11:30 CHAMBER SONATAS Prepared by Paul Hopwood Bach, C.P.E. Trio sonata in D minor, Wq145 (1731). Le Nouveau Quatuor. Amon Ra CD - SAR 44 14 Rossini, G. Sonata à quattro no 2 in A (1804) Herrmann Klemeyer, fl; Hans Schöneberger, cl; Olaf Klamand, hn; Josef Peters, bn. Calig CAL 50850 12 12:00 NOONTIME JAZZ with Peter Mitchell Accessible in-the-hammock jazz to ease you into the weekend Paul Dean 0:00 CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE 3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 MUSIC FOR A NEW DAY including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Janine Burrus 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Small forces Prepared by Paul Hopwood Mozart, W. Trio in E flat, K498, Kegelstatt (1786). Paul Dean, cl; Brett Dean, va; Stephen Emmerson, pf. ABC 442 363-2 18 Haydn, J. String quartet in A, Hob.III:36 (1772). Quatuor Mosaïques. Astrée E 8784 17 Clementi, M. Sonata in C, op 14 no 1 (1786; rev. 1815). Genevieve Chinn, Allen Brings, pf. Centaur CRC 2046 18 10:00 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Angela Bell Beck, F. Sinfonia in G, op 1 no 5 (pub.1758). New Zealand CO/Donald Armstrong. Naxos 8.554071 11 Dvorák, A. Serenade in D minor, op 44 (1878). Winds of Prague Philharmonia/Jakub Hrusa. Supraphon SU 3932-2 24 Monn, M. Cello concerto in G minor. Jian Wang, vc; Salzburg Camerata. DG 474 236-2 19 Beethoven, L. Symphony no 1 in C, op 21 (1800). Northern Sinfonia of England/Richard Hickox. ASV CD QS 6066 27 26

fineMusic FM 102.5

13:00 SOUNDS OF LITHUANIA Prepared by Francis Frank Dvarionas, B. Introduction and rondino (arr. Traubas). Vyautas Sondeckis, vc; Lithuanian CO/David Geringas. Naxos 8.554381 7 Ciurlionis, M. Symphonic poem: The sea (1903-07). Slovak PO/Juozas Domarkas. Marco Polo 8.223323 27 Rachmaninov, S. Vocalise, op 34 no 14 (1915). Vyautas Sondeckis, vc; Lithuanian CO/David Geringas. Naxos 8.554381 5 Miskinis, V. Angelis suis Deus. Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge/Stephen Layton. Hyperion CDA 67747 13 14:00 ON A GRAND SCALE Prepared by Phil Vendy

Miriam Allan. Photo - Simon Tottman 16:00 KEEPING YOU COMPANY including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm Prepared by James Hunter 19:00 FRIDAY JAZZ SESSION with Sally Cameron A focus on the current Sydney jazz scene mixed with a range of international jazz stars and a weekly a cappella item 20:00 THE ROMANTIC CENTURY Prepared by Robert Small Spohr, L. Concertante no 1 in A, op 48 (1808). Henning Kraggerud, vn; Øyvind Bjorå, vn; Oslo Camerata; Barratt-Due CO/Stephan Barratt-Due. Naxos 8.570840 24

Crusell, B. Concerto no 2 in F minor, Grand (1808). Thea King, cl; London SO/Alun Francis. Helios CDH55203 25

Borodin, A. Symphony no 1 in E flat (1862-67). Seattle SO/Gerard Schwarz. Naxos 8.572786 34

Franck, C. Grand caprice, op 5 (1843). Stephen Hough, pf. Hyperion CDA66918 14

Servais, A-F. Cello concerto in B minor, op 5. Sen-Sinn Yang, vc; Munich RSO/Terje Mikkelsen. cpo 777 542-2 23

Giuliani, M. Grand potpourri, op 53 (pub. 1814). Mikael Helasvuo, fl; Jukka Savijoki, gui. BIS CD-413 10 Prokofiev, S. The grandmother, from Four portraits from The gambler, op 49 (1931). Scottish NO/Neeme Järvi. Chandos CHAN 8803 6 Raff, J. Grand sonata no 5, op 145 (1868). Ingolf Turban, vn; Jascha Nemtsov, pf. cpo 777 006-2 30 Boccherini, L. Symphony in C for grand orchestra, op 21 no 3 (1775). Paulo Pollastri, ob; Hélène Devilleneuve, ob; Sonig Tchakerian, vn; Bettina Mussumeli, vn; Glauco Bertagnin, vn; Gianantonio Viero, vc; Dagoberto Linhares, gui; I Solisti Veneti/Claudio Scimone. Erato 2292-45486-2 24

Saint-Saëns, C. Piano trio no 1 in F, op 18 (1863). Florestan Trio. Hyperion CDA67538 25 22:00 BAROQUE AND BEFORE Pinchgut Opera’s Griselda Prepared by Robert Small Vivaldi, A. Griselda, opera in three acts, RV718 (1735). Miriam Allan, sop; Caitlin Hulcup, mezz; David Hansen, ct; Tobias Cole, ct; Russell Harcourt, ct; Chistopher Saunders, ten; O of the Antipodes/Erin Helyard, hpd & dir. Pinchgut PG002 1:55

Saturday - 8th December 18:00 AUSTRALIAN COMPOSERS’ HOUR Prepared by Elaine Siversen

13:00 HISTORIC RECORDINGS Pablo Casals 1876-1973 Prepared by Elaine Siversen


Haydn, J. Trio in G, Hob.XV:25, Gypsy (1795). Jacques Thibaud, vn; Alfred Cortot, pf. Naxos 8.110188 13

9:00 WHAT’S ON IN MUSIC Our weekly guide to musical events in and around Sydney 9:30 SPOTLIGHT ON DANIEL BARENBOIM

Bach, J.S. Cello suite no 4 in E flat, BWV1010 (c1720). LP HMV RLS 712 22

Mozart, W. Piano concerto no 11 in F, K413 (1782-83). Berlin PO/Daniel Barenboim, pf & dir. Teldec 0630-13162-2 22

Schumann, R. Five pieces in folk style, op 102 (1849). Leopold Mannes, pf. LP Music for Pleasure CFP4035 17

Mahler, G. Nicht wiedersehen!, from Lieder und Gesäng aus der Jugendzeit (1887-90). Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, bar. EMI 4 76780 2 5

Pablo Casals, vc (all above)

Liszt, F. Après une lecture du Dante, fantasia quasi sonata, from Years of pilgrimage, bk 2 (1837-49). Teldec 9031 77340-2 16

Phone 9439 4777 or go to and follow the links to choose your music

Daniel Barenboim, pf (2 above)

Various. Excerpts from Singin’ in the rain (c1952). Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, Debbie Reynolds, voices/Studio O. Prism Leisure Plat CD 1260 29

Saint-Saëns, C. Cello concerto no 1 in A minor, op 33 (1872). Jacqueline du Pré, vc; New Philharmonia O/Daniel Barenboim. EMI CZS 5 68132 2 19 Chopin, F. Nocturne in D flat, op 27 no 2. DG 477 9519


Schubert, F. Rondo in B minor, D895, Rondo brillant (1826). Isaac Stern, vn. Sony SM2K 64528 16 Brahms, J. Vorschneller Schwur, op 95 no 5 (1883). Jessye Norman, sop. DG 459 469-2 2 Daniel Barenboim, pf (3 above) Beethoven, L. Fantasia in C minor, op 80, Choral (1807). German State Opera Ch; Berlin PO/Daniel Barenboim, pf & dir. EMI 5 55516 2 20 11:30 ON PARADE Prepared by Robert Small Zimmer, H. Barbarian horde, from Gladiator. 8 Conti, B. Gonna fly now, from Rocky. 2 Grimethorpe Colliery Band (2 above) RCA 74321 88393 2 Ball, E. Tournament. Williams-Fairey Engineering Band. Delta 60357

14:00 LISTENERS’ CHOICE with Christina MacGuinness

Porter, C. But not for me (1994). Elton John, voice. 3 Bennett, R. Rodney At the funeral, from Four weddings and a funeral (1994). John Hannah, voice. 11 Studio O (2 above) London 828509

Trad. Amazing Grace. Grimethorpe Colliery Band. Delta 60357 3 12:00 JAZZ THEN AND NOW with Michael Cooper A diverse range of jazz from days gone by up to the present with wonderful Australians featured


Hindson, M. Violin concerto. Lara St John, vn; Royal PO/Sarah Ioannides. Ancalagon ANC 133 30 19:00 THE MAGIC OF STAGE AND SCREEN Prepared by Maureen Meers

Sondheim, S. Excerpts from A little night music (1973). Glynis Johns, Hermione Gingold, voices; original Broadway cast. CBS Masterworks SK 65284 11 Loesser, F. Excerpts from Guys and dolls (1950). Robert Alda, Vivian Blaine, Stubby Kaye, Isabel Bigley, voices; original Broadway cast. Naxos Musicals 8.120786 19 20:00 LIVE AND LOCAL The Sydney Mozart Society presents the Seraphim Trio Produced by Kerry Joyner RECORDED BY FINE MUSIC

Lai, F. Theme from A man and a woman (1966). Francis Lai & O. 3 Petit, J. Theme from Jean de Florette. Paris O. 3 Nascente B00025K18Y (2 above)


16:30 MUSIC AT ST JAMES Produced by Debbie Scholem A preview of forthcoming concerts 17:00 COLOURS OF THE KING Program of the Organ Music Society of Sydney Prepared by Andrew Grahame


Carr-Boyd, A. Foxtrot (1993). Sydney Mandolins/Adrian Hooper. Jade JADCD 1070

Herman, J. Excerpts from Mame (1966). Angela Lansbury, Jane Connell, Frankie Michaels, Sab Shimono, Charles Braswell, voices; original Broadway cast. Columbia SK 60959 18

15:30 AT THE MOVIES Prepared by Howard Pritchard

Yared, G. Theme from Betty Blue (1986). Studio O. Virgin B000007WIY

Hughes, R. Xanadu (1954). Sydney SO/Myer Fredman. LP ABC AC 1078 18

Böhm, G. Prelude and fugue in D minor; Partita, Lord Jesus Christ, be present now; Chorale prelude, Christ lay in death’s dark prison; Prelude and fugue in C; Partita, Whoever lets only the dear God reign; Chorale prelude, Our Father who art in Heaven; Prelude, fugue and postlude in G minor. Christiaan Teeuwsen, org. Naxos 8.555857 48

Mozart, W. Piano trio in B flat, K502 (1786). 22 Beethoven, L. Piano trio in D, op 70 no 1 The ghosts (1808). 24 Mendelssohn, F. Piano trio in C minor, op 66 (1845). 29 Seraphim Trio (all above) 21:30 THE BAROQUE GUITAR Produced by Edda Filson FINE MUSIC PRODUCTION Bach, J.S. Chaconne, from Partita no 2 in D minor, BWV1004. Richard Strasser, gui. 15 Buxtehude, D. Suite in E minor (arr. Bream). Gregory Pikler, gui. 8 Bach, J.S. Sarabande and Double, from Partita no 1 in B minor, BWV1002. Richard Charlton, gui. 4 Fine Music recordings (all above) 22:00 AFTER HOURS with Kevin Jones fineMusic FM 102.5


Sunday - 9th December 0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT

Rubinstein, A. Don Quixote, humoresque, op 87 (1870). Slovak PO/Michael Halász. Marco Polo 8.220359 21

6:00 SUNDAY MORNING MUSIC with Robert Small 9:00 CELESTIAL NOTES Prepared by Francis Frank

Ravel, M. Don Quixote to Dulcinea (1932-33). Stephen Roberts, bar; Ulster O/Yan Pascal Tortelier. Chandos CHAN 9202 7

Wagner, R. How many beautiful songs, from Tannhäuser (1845). Thomas Quastoff, bass-bar; Berlin Opera Ch & O/Christian Thielemann. DG 471 493-2 7

Ruders, P. Thus saw St John (1858). Danish National RSO/Leif Segerstam. Chandos CHAN 9179 13

Rodrigo, J. Dulcinea’s absence (1948). Lilian Moriani, sop; Victoria Marchante, sop; Celia Alcedo, sop; Maria José Suárez, mezz; José López, bar. 12

Mozart, W. Exsultate, jubilate, K165 (1773). Barbara Hendricks, sop; Justin Sillman, org; Academy of St Martin in the Fields/Neville Marriner. EMI 7 49283-2 16

Strauss, R. Mein Elemer! from Arabella (1933). Jane Eaglen, sop; Yuri Gandelsman, va; Israel PO/ Zubin Mehta. Sony SK 60042 8

Gombau, G. Don Quixote keeping vigil over his armour (1945). 9

Bortnyansky, D. Sacred concerto no 10 (1790-95). Russian State Symphonic Capella/Valery Polyansky. Chandos Chan 9783 13 Verdi, G. Four sacred pieces (pub. 1898). Elena Filipova, sop; Hungarian State Opera Choir & O/Pier Giorgio Morandi. Naxos 8.550944-45 40 10:30 CHAMBER MASTERWORKS Prepared by Win Thompson Grieg, E. Sonata in A minor, op 36 (1883). Julian Lloyd Webber, vc; Bengt Forsberg, pf. Philips 454 458-2 29 Bruch, M. Octet in B flat, op posth, (1920). Zsolt Fejérvári, db; Kodály Quartet; members of Auer Quartet. Naxos 8.557270 25 Saint-Saëns, C. Piano trio in F, op 18 no 1 (1863). Trio Wanderer. Harmonia Mundi HMC 901862 27 12:00 RAGTIME TO SWING with John Buchanan 13:00 WORLD MUSIC: Whirled Wide with Anna Tranter Traditional and contemporary music from around the globe 14:00 SUNDAY SPECIAL The ingenious gentleman Prepared by Rex Burgess

Madrid Comunidad Ch & O/José Ramón Encinar (2 above) Naxos 8.570260 Purcell, H. Let the dreadful engines, from Don Quixote, Part 1 (1694). Maurice Bevan, bar; George Malcolm, hpd. Vanguard OVC 2002/3 8 Strauss, R. Tone poem: Don Quixote, op 35 (1897). Ulrich Koch, va; Mstislav Rostropovich, vc; Berlin PO/Herbert von Karajan. EMI 5 65701 2 44 17:00 HOSANNA Prepared by Heather Sykes Advent carols: Matin responsory, Veni Redemptor gentium; ’Twas in the year that King Uzziah died; Vox clara ecce intonat; Remember, O thou man. Choir of King’s College, Cambridge; Simon Preston, org; David Willcocks, cond. Belart 450 112-2 17 Advent responses and antiphon: Drop down ye heavens from above; Carol, I sing of a maiden; Hymn, Creator of the stars of night. Choir of Christ Church St Laurence, Sydney; Peter Jewkes, org; Neil McEwan, cond. CCSL CD05 11 Hymns and carols: Dixit Maria ad Angelum; Riu, riu, chiu; El cant dels ocells; Issay, issay! The Resonants/ Helen Swan. The Resonants 11

Telemann, G. Suite: Don Quixote. Northern CO/ Nicholas Ward. Naxos 8.554019 18

Vaughan Williams, R. Fantasia on Christmas carols. Hervey Alan, bar; Choir of King’s College, Cambridge; London SO. Decca 425 499-2 12

Barbieri, F. Don Quixote (1861). Fernando Cobo, ten. 10

18:00 SYDNEY SCHUBERT SOCIETY Prepared by Jan Brown

Román, J. Garcia The resurrection of Don Quixote (1993-94). Victor Arriola, vn.

Schubert, F. The wanderer, D493 (1816). Bryn Terfel, bass-bar; Malcolm Martineau, pf. DG 445 294-2 5


Madrid Comunidad Ch & O/José Ramón Encinar (2 above) Naxos 8.570260 Gerhard, R. Dances from Don Quixote (1947). Jordi Masó, pf. Marco Polo 8.223867 17 28

19:00 OPERA HIGHLIGHTS Prepared by Giovanna Grech

fineMusic FM 102.5

Fantasie in C, D760, Wanderer (1823). Leslie Howard, pf. Hyperion CDA67203


String quartet no 7 in D, D94 (1811). Kodály Quartet. Naxos 8.550592 22

Dvorák, A. Polonaise, from Rusalka (1901). CSSR State PO/Robert Stankovsky. Marco Polo 8.223272 5 Gounod, C. Salut! Demeure chaste et pure, from Faust (1859). David Hobson, ten; Tasmanian SO/ Marco Guidarini. ABC 461 677-2 4 19:30 SUNDAY NIGHT CONCERT Prepared by Angela Bell Heuberger, R. Overture to The opera ball (1898). Sydney SO/Patrick Thomas. Philips 411 143 8 Holst, G. Egdon Heath (1923). Royal Scottish NO/ David Lloyd-Jones. Naxos 8.553696 13 Grieg, E. Piano concerto in A minor, op 16 (1868). Leif Ove Andnes, pf; Berlin PO/Mariss Jansons. EMI 5 57486 2 29 Mussorgsky, M. Pictures at an exhibition (1874; orch Ravel). Vienna PO/Valery Gergiev. Philips 468 526-2 32 21:00 NEW HORIZONS Christmas celebrations Prepared by Troy Fil Chatman, S. Christmas joy (2005). University of British Colombia Singers; Stephen Smith, org; Quennie Wong, perc; A Touch of Brass/ Bruce Pullan. Centrediscs CMCCD 15509 12 Lane, P. Three Christmas pictures. Royal Ballet Sinfonia/Gavin Sutherland. Marco Polo 8.225185 12 Penderecki, K. Symphony no 2, Christmas (1980). Polish National RSO/Antoni Wit. Naxos 8.554492 34 Holloway, R. Christmas carol (2002). Choir of King’s College Cambridge; Ashley Grote, org; Stephen Cleobury, cond. EMI 5 58070 2 6 Menotti, G. My Christmas (1987). Members of Nashville Symphony Ch; Nashville SO/George Mabry. Naxos 8.669019 13 Valentine, J. Christmas cards (arr. Whitewell). Gondwana Voices; Sydney Children’s Choir/Lyn Williams. ABC 476 6956 6 22:30 ULTIMA THULE

Monday - 10th December

Neville Amadio. Photo - ABC Archives

Louis Sopr

John Mark Ainsley


11:30 A FLUTED ENCORE Prepared by Sheila Catzel

Mozart, W. Violin concerto no 5 in A, K219, Turkish (1775). English Concert/Andrew Manze, vn & dir. Harmonia Mundi HMX 2907541.45 29

6:00 MUSIC FOR A NEW DAY including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Robert Small

Mozart, W. Quartet no 3 in C, K285b (1777). Paul Fried, fl; Victor Romanul, vn; Robert Barnes, va; Ronald Feldman, vc. Gold Tone GTCD 003 16

9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Inspired by opera Prepared by Elaine Siversen Gluck, C. Suite du divertissement, from Iphigenia in Aulis (1774). Rhenish CO/Jan Corazolla. Christophorus CHE 0064-2


Hummel, J. Ten variations on a theme from Gluck’s Armida, op 57 (c1811-15). Richard Burnett, fp. Amon Ra CD-SAR 7 14

Respighi, O. Snuffbox suite (1930). Antonio Plotino, fl; Alberto Boschi, fl & picc; Paolo Bottini, ob; Sergio Dagnino, ob & eng hn; Gabriele Screpis, bn; Luigi Tedone, bn; Hector Moreno, Norberto Capelli, pf. Dynamic CDS 96 10 12:00 SWING SESSIONS with John Buchanan 13:00 OPUS FOUR Prepared by Bill Barry

Gluck, C. Dance of the blessed spirits, from Orpheus and Eurydice (1762). Australian Brandenburg O/Paul Dyer. ABC 434 720-2 7

Rózsa, M. Variations on a Hungarian peasant song, op 4 (1929). Philippe Quint, vn; William Wolfram, pf. Naxos 8.570190 9

Iphigénie en Tauride (arr. Triebensee). Albion Ensemble. Helios CDH55037 20

Handel, G. Harp concerto in F, op 4 no 5 (1735-36; arr. Zabaleta). Nicanor Zabaleta, hp; English CO/Garcia Navarro. DG 469 544-2 9

10:00 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Sheila Catzel Respighi, O. Suite: The birds (1927). BBC PO. Carlton Classics 15656 91372 18 Mozart, W. Flute concerto no 1 in G, K313 (1778). Neville Amadio, fl; Sydney SO. ABC 476 5957 25 Vaughan Williams, R. Symphony no 5 in D (1938-43/51). Adelaide SO. ABC 476 4565 39 Patrick Thomas, cond (all above)

Paderewski, I. Elégie in B flat minor, op 4 (1883). Karol Radziwonowicz, pf. Harmonia Mundi LCD 2781073/75


13:30 VAGUELY TURKISH Prepared by Stephen Wilson Rossini, G. Overture to The Turk in Italy (1814). National PO/Riccardo Chailly. Decca 400 049-2 8 Spohr, L. Notturno in C for winds and Turkish band, op 34 (1815). Consortium Classicum/ Dieter Klöcker. Orfeo C 155 871 A 28 Ippolitov-Ivanov, M. Turkish fragments, op 62 (1930). Singapore SO/Choo Hoey. Marco Polo 8.220217 14

15:00 TALES OF TROY Prepared by Michael Field Purcell, H. Dido’s lament, from Dido and Aeneas (1689). Jessye Norman, sop; English CO/ Raymond Leppard. 5 Philips 416 299-2 Berlioz, H. Prelude to Act IV, The Trojans (1863). Royal Opera House Ch & O/Colin Davis. Philips 456 387-2 10 Britten, B. The rescue of Penelope. Alison Hagley, sop; Catherine Wyn-Rogers, mezz; John Mark Ainsley, ten; William Dazeley, bass; Janet Baker, narr; Hallé O/Kent Nagano. Erato 0630-12713-2 36 16:00 KEEPING YOU COMPANY including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm Prepared by Tom Forrester-Paton 19:00 A TWIST OF JAZZ with Andrew Piper 20:00 STORMY MONDAY with Austin Harrison and Garth Sundberg 22:00 KEYBOARD CONTRASTS Prepared by Denis Patterson Rachmaninov, S. Sonata no 1 in D minor, op 28 (1907). Howard Shelley, pf. Hyperion CDS 44046 37 Copland, A. Fantasy (1955-57). Benjamin Pasternack, pf. Naxos 8.559184


Gade, N. Three pieces (1837). Anker Blyme, pf. Marco Polo DCCD 9115 13 Mendelssohn, F. Piano quartet in B minor, op 3 (1825). Domus. Virgin VC 7 91183-2 31 fineMusic FM 102.5


Tuesday - 11th December 0:00 CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE

12:00 JAZZ RHYTHM with Jeannie McInnes


13:00 PARTNERS IN TIME Prepared by Shamistha de Soysa

6:00 MUSIC FOR A NEW DAY including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Julie Simonds

Hahn, R. The water nymph (pub. 1955); Air. Susan Bickley, mezz; Graham Johnson, pf. Hyperion CDA67820 7

9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Pianist of choice: Annie Fischer Prepared by Barrie Brockwell Beethoven, L. Sonata no 13 in E flat (1800-01). Hungaroton HCD 31626 16 Dohnányi, E. Rhapsody in C, op 11 no 3 (190203). BBC BBCL 4054-2 5 Schumann, R. Fantasie in C, op 17 (1836-38). BBC BBCL 4141-2 30

Coleridge-Taylor, S. Little concert suite, op 77 (1910). RTE Concert O/Adrian Leaper. Marco Polo 8.223516 16 Glier, R. Six pieces, op 42. Joan Yarbrough, pf; Robert Cowan, pf. Pantheon D 20910 11 Kreisler, F. Prelude and allegro. Paul Coker, pf; Joshua Bell, vn. Decca 444 409-2 6

Annie Fischer, pf (all above)

14:00 KATHLEEN FERRIER Prepared by Jennifer Foong

10:00 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Angela Bell

Gluck, C. What is life to me without thee?, from Orfeo ed Euridice (1762). London SO/ Malcolm Sargent. 4

Boccherini, L. Sinfonia in D minor, op 12 no 4, La casa del diavolo (pub. 1771). Il Giardino Armonico/Giovanni Antonini. naïve OP 30399 19 Tchaikovsky, P. Capriccio italien, op 45 (1880). Bournemouth SO/Andrew Litton. Virgin VC 7 90761-2 16 Mozart, W. Piano concerto no 25 in C, K503 (1786). Ivan Moravec, pf; Czech PO/Josef Vlach. Supraphon SU 3809-2 30 Pichl, V. Symphony in D, Diana (1769-70). London Mozart Players/Matthias Bamert. Chandos CHAN 9740 17

Clarke, J. The Prince of Denmark’s March (1700). David Kinsela, org. Walsingham WAL 8030-2


Quilter, R. To daisies. Decca 417 192-2


Phyllis Spurr, pf (2 above) Handel, G. O thou that tellest good tidings to Sion, from Messiah (1742). London PO/Adrian Boult. Decca 475 078-2 6 Mahler, G. Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen. Vienna PO/Bruno Walter. Decca 421 299-2




14:30 ARMCHAIR CONCERT Prepared by Giovanna Grech Kuhlau, F. Overture to Lulu (1824). Odense SO/Eduard Serov. Unicorn-Kanchana DKP9132 8


Mozart, W. Alcandro, lo confesso … Non so, d’onde viene, K512 (1787). Fernado Corena, bass; Royal Opera House O/Argeo Quadri. Decca 432 300-2 5

Corelli, A. Sonata in C, op 5 no 3 (1700). Chiara Banchini, vn; Kathy Gohl, vc; Luciano Contini, theorbo; Jesper Christensen, hpd. Harmonia Mundi 901307 12

Sibelius, J. Violin concerto in D minor, op 47 (1903/05). Shlomo Mintz, vn; Berlin PO/James Levine. DG 419 618-2 32

fineMusic FM 102.5

16:00 KEEPING YOU COMPANY including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm Prepared by Michael Morton-Evans 19:00 THE JAZZ BEAT with Lloyd Capps 20:00 RECENT RELEASES with David Ogilvie 22:00 BEYOND ROMANTICISM Prepared by Oscar Foong Carter, E. Fantasy about Purcell’s Fantasia upon one note (1974). London Gabrieli Brass Ensemble/Christopher Larkin. 3 Hyperion CDA66517 Carter, E. Woodwind quintet (1948). Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet. 8 BIS CD-952 Harris, R. Chorale (1943). Christopher Bowers-Broadbent, org; London Gabrieli Brass Ensemble/Christopher Larkin. Hyperion CDA66517 13 Ives, C. Psalm 90. John Wiles, ten; Darlene Cluff, sop; Thad Anderson, bells; Graeme Francis, bells; Stephen Martin, bells; Jeff Otto, bells; Seung Won Cho, org; James Morrow, cond. Naxos 8.559299 11 Three quarter-tone pieces (1921). Pierre-Laurent Aimard pf. Apex 0927 59515-2 12 Ives, C. The circus band (1894) Robert Gardner, 2 bar; Eric Trudel, pf. The All-enduring (1896). Robert Gardner, bar; 7 J.J. Penna, pf.

Kathleen Ferrier, cont (all above)

Lazzari, F. Sonata à 6 in D (c1700). Crispian Steele-Perkins, tpt; Alison Balsom, tpt; Parley of Instruments/Peter Holman, org & dir. Hyperion CDA67359 6 Blow, J. Sing, ye muses, from Amphion anglicus (1700). Cantilena Singers/Peter Roennfeldt. Cantilena Singers CS12189

Schubert, F. Der Musensohn, D764 (1822). Decca 475 078-2 (2 above)

Trad. The stuttering lovers (arr. Hughes). Phyllis Spurr, pf. Decca 417 192-2

11:30 THE YEAR 1700 Prepared by Rex Burgess


Bruch, M. Symphony no 2 in F minor, op 36 (pub. 1870). Gewandhaus O/Kurt Masur. Philips 462 164-2 34

The camp meeting (1912). David Pittsinger, bass; 5 Eric Trudel, pf. The collection (1920). Lielle Berman, sop; Sara Jakubiak, sop; Tamara Mumford, mezz; Matthew Plenk, ten; Michael Cavalieri, bar; 3 Frederick Teardo, org. Aeschylus and Sophocles (1922). Laura Garritson, pf; Biava String Quartet. Naxos 8.559269 (5 above)


Overture: Robert Browning (1908-12). Nashville SO/Kenneth Schermerhorn. Naxos 8.559076 25 Orchestral set no 2 (1919). Malmö SO/James Sinclair. Naxos 8.559353 16

Wednesday - 12th December 0:00 CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE

ATTILA: Ildar Abdrazakov, bass ODABELLA: Violeta Urmana, sop FORESTO: Ramón Vargas, ten EZIO: Giovanni Meoni, bar LEONE: Samuel Ramey, bass Metropolitan Opera Ch & O/Riccardo Muti. Private recording 2:01

3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 MUSIC FOR A NEW DAY including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Stephen Wilson 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Aspects of Baroque: Well-travelled Germans Prepared by Philip Lidbury Telemann, G. Triple concerto in F, from Musique de table II (pub. 1733). Monica Huggett, vn; Alison Bury, vn; Roy Goodman, vn; Amsterdam Baroque O/Ton Koopman. Erato ECD 75394 13 Schütz, H. Siehe, es erschien der Engel des Herrn, SWV403, from Symphoniae sacrae III (pub. 1650). Maria Zedelius, sop; John Elwes, ten; Christoph Prégardien; ten; David Thomas, bass; Stuttgart Chamber Choir; Annette Sichelschmidt, vn; Ghislaine Wauters, vn; Musica Fiata/Frieder Bernius. Harmonia Mundi RD 77910 5 Fasch, J. Concerto à 8 in D. Mark Bennett, tpt; members of English Concert/Trevor Pinnock, hpd & dir. Archiv 449 210-2 7 Heinichen, J. Alma Mater redemptoris (1726). Axel Köhler, ct; Musica Antiqua Cologne/ Reinhard Goebel. Archiv 447 092-2 8 Telemann, G. Paris quartet no 6 in E minor (1738). Musica ad Rhenum. Radio Nederland MCCP123 19 10:00 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Derek Parker Rachmaninov, S. Symphonic dances, op 45 (1940). Berlin PO/Lorin Maazel. DG 410 894-2 34 Stravinsky, I. Ballet: The firebird (1910). Dallas SO/Eduardo Mata. Pro Arte CDD 443 49 11:30 SLOW AND SUBLIME Prepared by Chris Blower Vaughan Williams, R. Quintet in D, mvt 3 (1898). Nash Ensemble. Hyperion CDA67381/2 8 Ries, F. Sonata in B minor, WoO11, mvt 2 (c1801). Susan Kagan, pf. Naxos 8.572300


Beethoven, L. String quartet in F, op 18 no 1, mvt 2 (1800). Tokyo String Quartet. RCA 09026 61284 2 10

John Shirley-Quirk 12:00 THE SOUND OF JAZZ with Kevin Jones 13:00 YOUTH DEVELOPMENT HOUR Supported by St Catherine’s School, Waverley 14:00 DAWN TO DUSK Prepared by Stephen Wilson Wagner, R. Dawn and Siegfried’s Rhine journey, from Twilight of the gods, (1869-74). Cleveland O/George Szell. CBS M2YK 46466 12 Dvorák, A. Symphonic poem: The noon witch, op 108 (1896). Scottish NO/Neeme Järvi. Chandos CHAN 8798 13 Delius, F. Songs of sunset (1906-07). Janet Baker, mezz; John Shirley-Quirk, bar; Liverpool Philharmonic Choir; Royal Liverpool PO/ Charles Groves. LP EMI EMX 2198 30 15:00 IN CONVERSATION with Michael Morton-Evans What exactly does it take to make music? Leading musicians, composers and performers, both local and visiting from overseas, will be talking live on air telling us why they do it and how they do it. 16:00 KEEPING YOU COMPANY including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm Prepared by Andrew Dziedzic 19:00 JAZZ STARS AND STRIPES with Peter Mitchell 20:00 AT THE OPERA Legendary Met performances, 6 March 2010 Prepared by Michael Tesoriero Verdi, G. Attila. Opera in prologue and three acts. Libretto by Temistocle Solera. First performed Venice, 1846.

Invading Italy, Attila the Hun is smitten by a captive Odabella and gives her his sword. He rejects a compromise proposed by the Roman general Ezio who then opposes him. Foresto, Odabella’s lover, fears her infidelity, but she swears the sword is to avenge her father’s death. Marching to Rome, Attila is terrified by the sight of Pope Leo. Foresto plans to poison Attila. When Odabella foils this, wanting to kill him herself, Attila announces he will marry her. After resolving their differences, the three Romans attack the Huns and Odabella kills Attila. 22:30 CAPRICCIO Prepared by Bill Barry Glinka, M. Spanish overture no 1: Capriccio brillante on the jota aragonesa (1845). Armenian PO/Loris Tjeknavorian. ASV DCA 1075 9 Hummel, J. La bella capricciosa, polonaise, op 55 (c1810). Howard Shelley, pf. Chandos CHAN 9807 13 Strauss, R. Prelude, from Capriccio (1942). Tasmanian SO String Sextet/Barry Tuckwell. LP ABC L38548 12 Mendelssohn, F. Capriccio brillant in B minor, op 22 (1832). Stephen Hough, pf; City of Birmingham SO/Lawrence Foster. Hyperion CDA66969 11 Saint-Saëns, C. Introduction and rondo capriccioso, op 28 (1870). Alexandra Mitchell, vn; SBS Youth O/Matthew Krel. YME 1 9 Brahms, J. Capriccio in B minor, op 76 no 2 (1878). Evgeny Kissin, pf. Sony 88697301102 3 Rachmaninov, S. Capriccio on gypsy themes, op 12 (1894). Queensland SO/Vladimir Verbitsky. ABC 476 3510 20

Thursday - 13th December 0:00 CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE 3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 MUSIC FOR A NEW DAY including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Simon Moore 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Composer focus Prepared by Brian Drummond Dukas, P. Overture to Polyeucte (1891). Rotterdam PO/David Zinman. Philips 454 127-2


La plainte, au loin, du faune (1920). Margaret Fingerhut, pf. Chandos CHAN 8765 4

13:00 CLASSICAL SAMPLER Prepared by Brian Drummond

La péri (1912). Ulster O/Yan Pascal Tortelier. Chandos CHAN 8852 18

Beethoven, L. Overture to Leonore no 3, op 72a (1814). Philharmonia O/Herbert von Karajan. EMI CDM 1 66426 2 15

Prélude élégïaque (1908). Jean Hubeau, pf Erato 2292454212


The sorcerer’s apprentice (1897). Philadelphia O/Eugene Ormándy. Sony SBK 46 329 10 10:00 MORNING CONCERT Haydn, J. Cassation in F, Hob.II:F2. Hamburg Soloists/Emil Klein. Arte Nova 74321 27783-2 28 Weber, C.M. Bassoon concerto in F, op 75 (1811; rev. 1822). George Zukerman, bn; Württemberg CO/Jörg Faerber. Award AWPD 31950


Sullivan, A. Symphony in E, Irish (1866). Royal Liverpool PO/Charles Groves. EMI CDM 7 64726 2 36 11:30 SACRED VOICES Prepared by Elaine Siversen Nicolai, O. Psalm 97: Der Herr ist König. Essen Studio Choir/Konrad Haenisch. Schwann 3-1087-2 8 Liszt, F. Psalm 129: De profundis (1881). Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, bar; Rudolf Jansen, pf. Globe GLO 5070 9 Mendelssohn, F. Psalm 98: Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied, op 91 (1844). Gulbenkian Ch & O/Michel Corboz. Erato 4509-94359-2 8 12:00 JAZZ, PURE AND SIMPLE with Maureen Meers 32

Paul Dukas

fineMusic FM 102.5

Haydn, J. String quartet in D minor, Hob.III:43 (1785). The Lindsays. ASV QS 6145 14 Mozart, W. Piano concerto no 21 in C, K467 (1785). Camerata Salzburg/Stefgan Vladar, pf & dir. Harmonia Mundi HMX 2908601.30 25 14:00 THE FIVE B’S Prepared by Andrew Parker Bach, J.S. Double concerto in D minor, BWV1043 (1730-31). Itzhak Perlman, vn; Isaac Stern, vn; New York PO/Zubin Mehta. Sony SMK 66 471 16 Beethoven, L. String quartet no 16 in F, op 135 (1826). Guaneri Quartet. Philips 420 926-2 25 Bizet, G. Toreador’s song, from Carmen (1873-74). Teddy Tahu Rhodes, bar; Sinfonia Australis/Thomas Woods. ABC 476 6955 5 Boccherini, L. Cello concerto no 9 in B flat. Steven Isserlis, vc; Ostrobothnian O/Juha Kangas. Virgin VC 7 90805-2 19 Brahms, J. Symphony no 4 in E minor, op 98 (1884-85). Vienna PO/Leonard Bernstein. DG 410 084-2 44 16:00 KEEPING YOU COMPANY including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm Prepared by Marilyn Schock 19:00 JAZZ VIBES with Matt Bailey

Maxim Vengerov 20:00 EVENINGS WITH THE ORCHESTRA The symphonies of Tchaikovsky Prepared by Elaine Siversen Tchaikovsky, P. Piano concerto no 3 in E flat, op 75 (1893). Geoffrey Tozer, pf; London PO/ Neeme Järvi. Chandos CHAN 9130 16 Taneyev, S. Canzona (1883). Stanislav Jankovsky, cl; Novosibirsk Academic SO/ Thomas Sanderling. Naxos 8.570584


Tchaikovsky, P. Do you not hear the nightingale? (1869; compl. and orch. Taneyev). Suzanne Murphy, sop; Keith Lewis, ten; Scottish NO/Neeme Järvi. Chandos CHAN 8476 13 Souvenir de Florence, op 70 (1890/91-92). Academy of St Martin in the Fields/Neville Marriner. Decca 478 3156-67 27 Symphony no 6 in B minor op 74, Pathétique (1893). Philharmonia O/Charles Mackerras. Signum SIGCD253 46 22:00 CHAMBER SOIRÉE Prepared by Angela Bell Mozart, W. String quartet no 22 in B flat, K589, Prussian (1790). Jerusalem Quartet. Harmomia Mundi HMC 902076 27 Beethoven, L. Sonata no 9 in A, op 47, Kreutzer (1803). Maxim Vengerov, vn; Alexander Markovich, pf. apex 8573 89079 2


Danzi, F. Quintet in D minor, op 68 no 3 (pub. 1823). Michael Thompson Wind Quintet. Naxos 8.554694 17 Koechlin, C. 14 Pieces, op 157b (1936). Fenwick Smith, fl; Martin Amlin, pf. Hyperion CDA66414 13 Beethoven, L. Piano trio no 10 in E flat, op 44, 14 Variations on an original theme (1802). Beaux Arts Trio. Philips 438 948-2 14

Friday - 14th December 0:00 CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE

Goldmark, K. Quartet in B flat, op 8 (1860). Fourth Dimension String Quartet. ASV DCA 1071 28

3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 MUSIC FOR A NEW DAY including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Janine Burrus

Flotow, F. Like a dream, from Martha (1874). Thomas Edmonds, ten; Adelaide SO/Henry Krips. 3 ABC 476 4621

9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Small forces Prepared by Sheila Catzel

Smetana, B. Prelude to Libuse (1881). BBC PO/ Gianandrea Noseda. Chandos CHAN 10518 10

Bärmann, H. Quintet no 3 in E flat, op 23. Dieter Klöcker, cl; Berlin Philharmonia Quartet. Orfeo C 213 901 A 20

Gounod, C. Symphony no 2 in E flat (1856). Academy of St Martin in the Fields/Neville Marriner. Philips 462 125-2 31

Brahms, J. Sonata no 2 in A, op 100 (1886). Krysia Osostowicz, vn; Susan Tomes, pf. Hyperion CDA66465 20 Rachmaninov, S. Piano trio no 1 in G minor Élégïaque (1892). Moscow Rachmaninov Trio. Hyperion CDA67178 13 10:00 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Shamistha de Soysa Britten, B. Variations and fugue on a theme of Purcell, op 34, The young person’s guide to the orchestra (1946). City of Birmingham SO/ Simon Rattle. EMI 5 55394 2 17 Cherubini, L. Symphony in D. Zurich CO/ Howard Griffiths. cpo 999 5212 34 Pizzetti, I. Concerto dell’estate (1928). Thessaloniki State SO/Myron Michailidis. Naxos 8.572013 30 11:30 PUPILS OF CHOPIN Prepared by Chris Blower Gutmann, A. Wakening of the birds, idyll, op 44. 4 Filtsch, C. Impromptu no 2 in B flat minor. 5 Mikuli, K. Polonaise in G minor, op 8 no 1. 5 Tellefsen, T. Four mazurkas, op 3. 9 Hubert Rutkowski, pf (all above) Naxos 8.572344 12:00 NOONTIME JAZZ with Peter Mitchell 13:00 KAWAI PIANO SERIES 2012 RECORDED BY 4MBS-FM Debussy, C. En blanc et noir (1915). Bartók, B. Sonata for two pianos and percussion (1937). Vanessa Tomlinson, perc; Tom O’Kelly, perc. Roy Howat; pf; Stephen Emmerson, pf (2 above)

14:00 FROM ROMANTIC RUSSIA Prepared by Frank Morrison

Saint-Saëns, C. Piano concerto no 5 in F, op 103, Egyptian (1896). Pascal Rogé, pf; Royal PO/ Charles Dutoit. Decca 478 3156-67 29

Borodin, A. Quintet in C minor (1862). Ilona Prunyi, pf; New Budapest String Quartet. Marco Polo 8.223172 23

22:00 BAROQUE AND BEFORE Celebrating good tidings! Prepared by Philip Lidbury

Lyapunov, S. Solemn overture on Russian themes, op 7 (1896). USSR SO/Yevgeny Svetlanov. Melodiya MCD 129 16

Schütz, H. Magnificat, SWV468, with Christmas interpolations. Boys’ Choir and Congregational Choir of Roskilde Cathedral; Gabrieli Consort and Players/Paul McCreesh. Decca 478 3640 16

Yevgeny Svetlanov

Dargomizhsky, A. Mad scene and death of the miller, from Rusalka (1856). Georgi Pozemkovsky, ten; Fedor Chaliapin, bass; London SO/Max Steinmann. EMI CDH 7 61009-2


Balakirev, M. Symphonic poem: Russia (186469). Philharmonia O/Yevgeny Svetlanov. Hyperion CDA66691-2 15 Glinka, M. Souvenir d’une mazurka, from A greeting to my native land (1847). Victor Ryabchikov, pf. BIS CD-979


Kalinnikov, Vasily. Symphony no 2 in A (1897). Ukraine NSO/Theodore Kuchar. Naxos 8.553417 40 16:00 KEEPING YOU COMPANY including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm Prepared by Brendan Walsh 19:00 FRIDAY JAZZ SESSION with Sally Cameron 20:00 THE ROMANTIC CENTURY Prepared by Denis Patterson Suppé, F. Overture to The jolly robbers (1867). Sydney SO/Patrick Thomas. Philips 411 143 7

Locatelli, P. Pastorale, from Concerto grosso in F minor, op 1 no 8, Christmas. Sirius Ensemble. 5 ABC 480 1489 Charpentier, M-A. Messe de minuit pour Noël, H9 (early 1690s). Annick Massis, sop; Magdalena Kozená, mezz; Eric Huchet, ten; Patrick Henckens, ten; Russell Smythe, bar; Jean-Louis Bindi, bass; Les Musiciens du Louvre/Marc Minkowski. Decca 478 3640 24 Schiassi, G. Sinfonia pastorale in D for Christmas. Northwest CO/Alun Francis. Helios CDH88028


Bach, J.S. Canonic variations on the Christmas carol: Vom Himmel hoch da komm’ ich her, BWV769 (c1747). Hans Fagius, org. BIS CD-439 11 Let our mouths be filled with laughter, from Christmas oratorio, BWV110 (1725). Collegium Vocale/Philippe Herreweghe. Harmonia Mundi HMX 2981594 25 Starzer, J. Dances. Eduard Melkus Ensemble. Archiv 427 122-2 19 fineMusic FM 102.5


Saturday - 15th December 0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT 6:00 SATURDAY MORNING MUSIC with Stephen Wilson

Mein Freund is mein, from Cantata, BWV140 (1731). Sara Macliver, sop; Teddy Tahu Rhodes, bass-bar; O of the Antipodes/Antony Walker. ABC 476 3871 6

9:00 WHAT’S ON IN MUSIC Our weekly guide to musical events in and around Sydney

Howells, H. A spotless Rose. Mark Donnelly, bar; Cantillation/Brett Weymark. ABC 2916 3


Handel, G. Rejoice greatly, O daughters of Zion, from Messiah (1742). Yvonne Kenny, sop; Melbourne SO/Vladimir Kamirski. ABC 476 4620 4

Beethoven, L. Adagio un poco mosso, from Piano concerto in E flat, op 73, Emperor (1809; transcr. Halliday). Anthony Halliday, org. Move MCD 452 8 Wellington’s victory, op 91 (1813). CzechoSlovak RSO/Ondrej Lenard. Naxos 8.570154-55


Tattoos: no 1 in F, WoO18; no 2 in C, WoO20; no 3 in F, WoO19. Netherlands Wind Ensemble. LP Philips 6527 117 9 15 Variations and a fugue on an original theme in E flat, op 35, Eroica (1802). Ronald Brautigam, fp. BIS SACD 1673 22 Symphony no 3 in E flat, Eroica, op 55 (1803). Simon Bolívar SO of Venezuela/Gustavo Dudamel. DG 479 0250 53 11:30 ON PARADE Prepared by Owen Fisher Mendelssohn, F. Overture: The Hebrides, Fingal’s Cave. Grimethrope Colliery Band/ George Thompson. LP Astor GGS 797 6 Respighi, O. The pines of the Appian Way. Grimethorpe Colliery Band/Garry Cutt. EMI 7243 5 21451-2 5 Boëllmann, L. Suite gothique. Black Dyke Mills Band/Roy Newsome. LP Astor GGS 1361 12

Head, M. The little road to Bethlehem (1946). Aled Jones, treb; Andrew Goodwin, org. ABC 476 3685 3 Adam, A. O holy night (arr. Gamley). Luciano Pavarotti, ten; National PO/Kurt Adler. Decca 475 9349 4 14:00 MUSICAL EXPLORATIONS Vienna: Mozart to Mahler and more Prepared by Stephen Schafer Reger, M. A romantic suite, op 125 (arr. Schoenberg 1920). Soloists of Lyon National Opera. Erato 0630-13541-2 26 Brahms, J. Symphony no 3 in F, op 90 (1883; arr.). Silke-Thora Matthies, Christian Köhn, pf. Naxos 8.554822 36 Schubert, F. Symphony no 8 in B minor, D759, Unfinished (1822). Das Neve O/Christoph Spering. Opus 111 OPS 30-192 20 15:30 FEATURING JOHN CARMICHAEL Prepared by Michael Ingamells

12:00 JAZZ THEN AND NOW with Michael Cooper

Carmichael, J. Puppet overture, from Puppet show; Ballroom nightmares, from MRK scenarios. 6 Bravura waltzes. 11 Jorop and jongo. 9

13:00 CLASSIC VOICES Prepared by Shamistha de Soysa

Carlos Lama, Sofia Cabruja, pf (all above) KNS A008

Britten, B. Corpus Christi carol, from A boy was born, op 3 (1932). Janet Baker, mezz; Gerald Moore, pf. EMI CDM 5 65009-2 3

16:00 SYDNEY PHILHARMONIA IN CONCERT The childhood of Christ Prepared by Peter Bell

Humperdinck, E. Evening prayer, from Hansel and Gretel (1893). Lucia Popp, sop; Brigitte Fassbaender, mezz; Vienna PO/Georg Solti. Decca 480 2594 3

Berlioz, H. The Childhood of Christ, a sacred trilogy (1854). Marilyn Richardson, sop; Gerald English, ten; John Stewart, ten; James Christiansen, bar; Noel Mangin, bass; Stephen Bennett, bass; Sydney Philharmonia Choir; O of Sydney/John Hopkins. SPS recording 1:36

Bach, J.S. Schlafe, mein Liebster, from Christmas oratorio, BWV248 (1734). Marilyn Horne, mezz. Decca 448 902-2 10 34

Comfort ye my people ... Every valley, from Messiah. Kenneth McKellar, ten; Royal Opera House O/Adrian Boult. Decca 448 902-2 7

fineMusic FM 102.5

18:00 KEYBOARDS, ANCIENT AND MODERN Prepared by Philip Lidbury Blow, J. Ground in G minor. Timothy Roberts, spinet. Hyperion CDA66646 5 Handel, G. Suite no 5 in E, HWV430 (pub. 1720). Alan Cuckston, hpd. Naxos 8.550415 11 Czerny, C. Introduction et variations concertantes, op 248. Andrew Clark, hn; Geoffrey Govier, fp. Helios CDH55074


Schumann, C. Piano concerto in A minor, op 7 (1835-36). Veronica Jochum, pf; Bamberg SO/ Joseph Silverstein. Pro Arte CDD 395 21 19:00 THE MAGIC OF STAGE AND SCREEN Prepared by Elaine Siversen Offenbach, J. Amours divin, from La belle Hélène (1864). Frederica von Stade, mezz; Scottish CO/Antonio de Almeida. RCA 09026 68116 2 4 Excerpts from La vie parisienne (1866). June Bronhill, sop; Suzanne Steele, sop; Cynthia Morey, sop; Anna Pollak, mezz; Kevin Miller, ten; Jon Weaving, ten; John Fryatt, ten; John Kentish, ten; Eric Shilling, bass-bar; Peter Tracey, bass; Sadlers Wells Ch & O/Alexander Faris. LP HMV OCLP 1468 50 20:00 LIVE AND LOCAL Ku-ring-gai Philharmonic Orchestra: 40 Years Onwards Produced by Kerry Joyner RECORDED BY FINE MUSIC Wagner, R. Prelude to The Mastersingers (1862.) 10 Isaacs, M. Invocations (2011). Julian Smiles, vc. 15 Brahms, J. Piano quartet no 1 in G minor, op 25 (1861; arr. Schoenberg). 37 Ron Prussing, cond (3 above) Ravel, M. Tzigane (1924). Monti, V. Csárdás (1904).

11 5

Chen Gu, vn; Henryk Pisarek, cond (2 above) Ku-ring-gai PO (all above) 21:30 EVŽEN BURDA IN RECITAL Produced by Edda Filson RECORDED BY FINE MUSIC Burda, E. Prague song; April song; Humoresque. Moravian suite. Mysterious lullaby; Fantasia for Joanne. Evžen Burda, gui (all above) 22:00 AFTER HOURS with Kevin Jones

6 10 3

Sunday - 16th December 14:00 SUNDAY SPECIAL The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra at the Concertgebouw By courtesy of Radio Netherlands Worldwide

18:00 A FIELD OF TALL POPPIES with Julie Simonds

Berlioz, H. Overture: Le corsaire, op 21 (1844). 8 Falla, M. de Suite no 1 from The threecornered hat (1919). 10

19:00 OPERA HIGHLIGHTS Prepared by Jan Brown

Ravel, M. Tzigane (1924). 11 Massenet, J. Meditation, from Thaïs (1894). 5 Simone Lamsma, vn (2 above) Karl Jenkins 0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT 6:00 SUNDAY MORNING MUSIC with Nicholas Chaplin 9:00 CELESTIAL NOTES Prepared by Elaine Siversen Tomkins, T. Great and marvellous are Thy works; My shepherd is the living Lord; Arise O Lord God, lift up thine hand; Above the stars my Saviour dwells (pub. 1622). Oxford Camerata/Jeremy Summerly. Naxos 8. 553794 16 Jenkins, K. The armed man: a mass for peace (pub. 2001). Tristan Hambleton, treb; Susie Parkes, sop; Elizabeth Witts, sop; Rachel Lloyd, mezz; Nicholas Merryweather, bar; Philip Shakesby bass; National Youth Choir; Guy Johnston, vc; London PO/Karl Jenkins. Virgin 8 11015 2 1:07

Fauré, G. Pavane in F sharp minor, op 50 (1887).


Netherlands Concert Choir (2 above) Debussy, C. Ibéria, from Images (1905-12). 22 Franck, C. Excerpt from Symphonic poem: Psyché et Eros (1887-88). 5 Strauss, R. Salome’s dance, op 54 (1904-05). 9 Yannick Nézet-Seguin, cond (all above) Mahler, G. Blumine (1884).


13:00 FOCUS ON FOLK Folk Federation of NSW


Mozart, W. Papageno, Papagena, from The magic flute (1791). Isobel Buchanan, sop; John Pringle, bar; Queensland SO/Richard Bonynge. 2 ABC 432 249-2

Purcell, H. Ayres and dances, from Dido and Aeneas (1689). Tasmanian Symphony Chamber Players/Geoffrey Lancaster. ABC 456 667-2 17

Ingo Metzmacher, cond (3 above) Rotterdam PO (all above)

Haydn, J. String quartet in G, op 64 no 4 (1790). Festetics Quartet. Harmonia Mundi QUI 903040/41 22

12:00 SPEAK EASY, SWING HARD with Richard Hughes

Rossini, G. Assisa a piè d’un salice, from Otello (1816). Cecilia Bartoli, mezz; Vienna Volksoper O/Giuseppe Patanè. Decca 425 430-2

Beethoven, L. Symphony no 7 in A, op 92 (1812).

Carols: Once in Royal David’s city; Sussex carol; In dulci jubilo; God rest you merry gentlemen. Choir of King’s College, Cambridge; Benjamin Bayl, org; Stephen Cleobury, cond. EMI 5 73693 2 13

Röntgen, J. Piano trio no 4 in C minor, op 50 (1904). Storioni Trio. Radio Nederland MCCP122 21

Mozart, W. Ecco il punto, from La clemenza di Tito (1791). Joan Carden, sop; Queensland PO/ Roderick Brydon. 9 Walsingham WAL 8026-2CD

19:30 SUNDAY NIGHT CONCERT Prepared by Stephen Wilson

17:00 HOSANNA Prepared by Keith Glendinning

Lachner, F. Wind quintet no 2 in E flat (1829). Vienna-Berlin Ensemble. DG 423 591-2 24

Rossini, G. Si, sperar voglio contento, from Semiramide (1823). Juan Diego Flórez, ten; Verdi Symphony Ch & O/Carlo Rizzi. 3 ABC 480 5512

Berg, A. Violin concerto, To the memory of an angel (1935). Julia Fischer, vn.

10:30 CHAMBER MASTERWORKS Prepared by Frank Morrison

Schulhoff, E. Concertino (1925). Fenwick Smith, fl; Mark Ludwig, va; Edwin Barker, db. Chandos CHAN 10515 15

A monthly program of recordings selected from the Tall Poppies label

Stanford, C. Villiers Evening service in B flat, op 10 (1879). Choir of Winchester Cathedral; Waynflete Singers; Bournemouth SO/ David Hill. Decca 476 2443 6 Bach, J.S. Magnificat, BWV243 (1723). Lucia Popp, sop; Anna Pashley, sop; Janet Baker, mezz; Robert Tear, ten; Thomas Hemsley, bar; New Philharmonia Ch & O/Daniel Barenboim. EMI 7 64634 2 30

Moscheles, I. Piano concerto no 4 in E, op 64 (1823). Tasmanian SO/Howard Shelley, pf & dir. Hyperion CDA67430 26 Stanford, C. Villiers Symphony no 6 in E flat, In honour of the life-work of a great artist: George Frederick Watts, op 94 (1905). Bournemouth SO/David Lloyd-Jones. Naxos 8.570355 37 21:00 NEW HORIZONS A Soviet postlude Prepared by Oscar Foong Shchedrin, R. Concerto for orchestra no 4, Khorovody (1989). Bournemouth SO/Kitill Karabits. Naxos 8.572405 28 Gubaidulina, S. Offertorium concerto (1980). Gidon Kremer, vn; Boston SO/Charles Dutoit. DG 427 336-2 36 Silvestrov, V. Symphonic poem (1984). Alexei Lubimov, pf; German SO/David Robertson. Sony SK 66825 18 fineMusic FM 102.5


Monday - 17th December

Valery Gergiev

Étíenne Péclard


11:30 SONATAS FOR TWO Prepared by Paul Hopwood

Humoresque (1959). Leonid Kuzmin, pf. Soundscapes SSCD 921


Beethoven, L. Sonata in F, op 17 (1800). Hermann Baumann, hn; Leonard Hokanson, pf. Philips 416 816-2 15

Ballet: Carmen suite after Bizet (1967). Ukrainian State SO/Theodore Kuchar. Naxos 8.553038


Boïeldieu, A. Sonata in E flat, op 8 (pub. 1818). Hans Rudolf Stalder, cl; Zsuzsanna Sirokay, pf. Jecklin 578-2 12

16:00 KEEPING YOU COMPANY including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm Prepared by David Brett

12:00 SWING SESSIONS with John Buchanan

19:00 A TWIST OF JAZZ with Andrew Piper

13:00 ROMANTIC CELLOS Prepared by Angela Bell

20:00 STORMY MONDAY with Austin Harrison and Garth Sundberg

Paganini, N. Variations on Rossini’s Moses in Egypt. Gary Karr, db; Berlin RSO/Uros Lajovic. LP Schwann VMS 2063 9

Offenbach, J. Suite, op 54 no 2. Roland Pidoux, vc; Étienne Péclard, vc. LP Harmonia Mundi HM 1043

22:00 KEYBOARD CONTRASTS Danish keyboards Prepared by Phil Vendy

Borodin, A. Daylight is fading, from Prince Igor (1890). Angelina Shvachka, mezz; Ukraine National RSO/Theodore Kuchar. Naxos 8.557456 6

Mercadante, S. La poesia for four cellos (pub. 1995; ed. Spada). Philharmonia Soloists/Pietro Spada. ASV CD DCA 936 6

Langgaard, R. Summer holiday in Blekinge, BVN123 (1916; partly arr. Marthinsen). Berit Johansen Tange, pf. Dacapo 6.220565 37

Wagner, R. Siegfried idyll (1870). Australian CO/Stephen Kovacevich. Fine Music Tape Archive 19

Grieg, E. Sonata in A minor, op 36 (1883). Jamie Walton, vc; Daniel Grimwood, pf. Signum SIGCD172 26

Buxtehude, D. Suite in G minor, BuxWV242. Lars Ulrick Mortenson, hpd. 8 Naxos 8.570580

Lalo, E. Cello concerto in D minor (1877). Maria Kliegel, vc; Nicolaus Esterházy Sinfonia/ Michael Halász. Naxos 8.554469 28

Gade, N. Sonata in E minor, op 28 (1839). Anker Blyme, pf. Marco Polo DCCD 9116

0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT 6:00 MUSIC FOR A NEW DAY including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with James Hunter 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Inspired by opera Prepared by Giovanna Grech Cimarosa, D. Overture to Li due baroni di Roccazzura (1783). Haydn Philharmonia/Ezio Rojatti. Nuova Era 6726 11

Saint-Saëns, C. Baccanale, from Samson and Delilah (1877). Paris Opera NTO/Georges Prêtre. EMI 1 66448 2 7 10:00 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Di Cox Schumann, R. Carnaval, op 9 (1833-35; orch. Ravel). Minnesota O/Eiji Oue. Reference RR-79CD 10 Henselt, A. Piano concerto in F minor, op 16 (1844). Marc-André Hamelin, pf; BBC Scottish SO/Martyn Brabbins. Hyperion CDA66717 30 Prokofiev, S. Excerpts from Romeo and Juliet, op 64 (1935-36). Rotterdam PO/Valery Gergiev. Radio Netherlands Worldwide RPHO2008-1 42 36

fineMusic FM 102.5

Berit Johanson Tange


14:30 RODION SHCHEDRIN’S 80TH birthday Prepared by Francis Frank Shchedrin, R. The frescoes of Dionysius (1981). Bolshoi Theatre Soloists Ensemble/Alexander Lazarev. Olympia OCD 108 12 Stihira: Hymn for the Millenary of the Christianisation of Russia (1987). National SO/ Mstislav Rostropovich. Erato ECD 75506 22


Barnekow, C. Fantasie in G minor. Christopher Dearnley, org. 9 Motette CD 10911 Kuhlau, F. Three rondos on themes from Mozart’s The marriage of Figaro (1823). Christian Lambour, pf. Schwann 310 120 15 Berwald, F. Quartet in E flat (1819). Joakim Kallhed, pf; members of Arion Wind Quintet. Naxos 8.553714 23

Tuesday - 18th December

Stephen Kovacevich

Samuel Wesley


Études-tableaux op 39 (1916-17): no 1 in C minor; no 2 in A minor; no 3 in F sharp minor; no 4 in B minor. Howard Shelley, pf. Hyperion CDS 44045 15

Paderewski, I. Symphony in B minor, op 24, Polonia (1903-08). BBC Scottish SO/Jerzy Maksymiuk. Hyperion CDA67056 1:14

12:00 JAZZ RHYTHM with Jeannie McInnes

16:00 KEEPING YOU COMPANY including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm Prepared by David Ogilvie

3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 MUSIC FOR A NEW DAY including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Julie Simonds 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Pianist of choice: Stephen Kovacevich Prepared by Paul Hopwood Beethoven, L. Sonata no 31 in A flat, op 110 (1821-22). EMI CDC 7 54896 2 19

Joaquín Rodrigo

13:00 18TH CENTURY ENGLISH MUSIC Prepared by Francis Frank Croft, W. Overture in D (1713). Michael Laird, tpt; members of Parley of Instruments/Peter Holman. Hyperion CDA66817 7

Mozart, W. Andante with five variations in G, K501 (1786). Martha Argerich, pf. DG 476 114-7 7

Linley, T. the elder Elegy II: Ye sportive loves, that round me wait. Invocation/Timothy Roberts. Hyperion CDA66698 6

Brahms, J. Variations and fugue on a theme by Handel, op 24 (1861). EMI 5 56440 2 26

Wesley, S. Symphony in D (1784). Bournemouth Sinfonietta/Kenneth Montgomery. LP EMI ESD 1060 241

Stephen Kovacevich, pf (all above) 10:00 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Jan Brown Tchaikovsky, P. Overture: 1812 (1880). Sydney SO/Stuart Challender. ABC CD5 434 715-2 15 Foster, G. Rhapsody. Mira Yevtich, pf; New Russia State O/Alexander Anissimov. Bel Air Music BAM 2041 24 Shostakovich, D. Symphony no 5 in D minor, op 47 (1937). Leningrad PO/Yevgeny Mravinsky. Audiophile APL 101.503 41 11:30 RACHMANINOV INTERLUDE Prepared by Elaine Siversen Rachmaninov, S. Songs, op 38 (1916-17): In the garden of my night; To her; Daisies; The pied piper. Elena Brilova, sop; Alexander Melnikov, pf. Harmonia Mundi HMC 901976 10


Arne, T. Cantata: Delia (1755). Emma Kirkby, sop; London Baroque/Charles Medlam, dir. EMI CDC 7 49799 2 6

19:00 THE JAZZ BEAT with Lloyd Capps 20:00 RECENT RELEASES with Charles Barton 22:00 BEYOND ROMANTICISM Christmas Prepared by Troy Fil Arnold, M. Commonwealth Christmas overture, op 64 (1957). London PO/Malcolm Arnold. Reference RR-48CD 19 Poulenc, F. Four Christmas motets (1952). RIAS Chamber Choir/Marcus Creed. Harmonia Mundi HMC 901588 12

Shield, W. String quartet in C minor, op 3 no 6. Salomon Quartet. Hyperion CDA66780 12

Vaughan Williams, R. Fantasia on Christmas carols (1912). Stephen Gadd, bar; Guildford Choral Society; Royal PO/Hilary Davan Wetton. Naxos 8.570439 12

Hebden, J. Concerto no 2 in C for strings (c1745). Cantilena/Adrian Shepherd. Chandos CHAN 8339

Bartók, B. Rumanian Christmas carols (1915). Dezsö Ránki, pf. Hungaroton HCD 31036 11


14:00 ON POLISH THEMES Prepared by Elaine Siversen Scharwenka, X. Excerpts from Polish national dances, op 3 (1869). François Xavier Poizat, pf. Naxos 8.572637 11 Chopin, F. Fantasy on Polish airs, op 13 (1828). Kun-Woo Paik, pf; Warsaw PO/Antoni Wit. Decca 475 169-2 15 Szymanowski, K. Four Polish dances (1926). Martin Roscoe, pf. Naxos 8.553867 10

Dyson, G. A Christmas garland (1959). Valery Hill, sop; Royal College of Music Chamber Choir; Royal PO/David Willcocks. Unicorn-Kanchana DKP 9057 20 Hindemith, P. Suite: Christmas fairy tale, op 36 no 3 (1922). Queensland SO/Werner Andreas Albert. cpo 999 527-2 19 Rodrigo, J. Retablo de Navidad (1952). Racquel Lojendio, sop; David Rubiera, bar; Madrid Comunidad Ch & O/José Ramón Encinar. Naxos 8.557223 23 fineMusic FM 102.5


Wednesday - 19th December 0:00 CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE

Bach, J.S. Schübler chorale: Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme, BWV645 (1748-49). Simon Preston, org. DG 435 381-2 4

3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 MUSIC FOR A NEW DAY including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Trisha McDonald

Liszt, F. Adeste fideles. Christopher Dearnley, org. Motette CD 10911 5

9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Aspects of baroque Prepared by Frank Morrison

12:00 THE SOUND OF JAZZ with Kevin Jones

Manfredini, F. Concerto grosso in C, op 3 no 12 (1719-1728). Les Amis de Philippe/Ludger Rémy. cpo 999 638-2 7

13:00 ROGER WOODWARD 70th birthday celebration Prepared by Jennifer Foong

Scarlatti, D. Cantabile, from Sonata in C, Kk132 (1749). Kenneth Cooper, hpd. Vanguard 08 9072 71

Chopin, F. Polonaise in A, op 40 no 1, Militaire (1838). Artworks AW 012 5

19:00 JAZZ STARS AND STRIPES with Peter Mitchell

Pergolesi, G. Salve Regina in C minor (1736). Mária Zádori, sop; Capella Savaria/Pál Németh. Harmonia Mundi QUI903011 11

Rachmaninov, S. Polichinelle, from Five fantasy pieces, op 3 no 4 (1892). Warner 9031774722

20:00 AT THE OPERA Legendary Met performances, 6 January 1973 Prepared by Michael Tesoriero

Marcello, A. Concerto in D minor for oboe, strings and continuo (pub. c1717). Kirsten Barry, ob; Australian Brandenburg O/Paul Dyer. ABC 476 2840 11

Prokofiev, S. Suggestion diabolique, op 4 no 4 (1908); Children’s suite, op 65 (1935). ABC 426 806-2 5

Donizetti, G. La fille du régiment. Opera in two acts. Libretto by A. Bayard and J.H. Vernoy de Saint Georges. First performed Paris, 1840.

Shostakovich, D. Prelude and fugue in D flat, op 87 no 15 (1950-51). LP RCA CRL2 5100 5

MARIE: Joan Sutherland, sop TONIO: Luciano Pavarotti, ten LA MARQUISE: Regina Resnik, mezz Metropolitan Ch & O/Richard Bonynge. Legendary Recorded Opera LRO 542 2:01


Locatelli, P. Concerto grosso in F minor, op 1 no 8 (pub. 1721). Capella Istropolitana/Jaroslav Krecek. Naxos 8.553446 13 10:00 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Frank Morrison Mozart, W. Overture to Lucio Silla (1772). London SO/Peter Maag. Decca 466 500-2


Tchaikovsky, P. Symphony no 6 in B minor, op 74, Pathétique (1893). Gothenburg SO/Neeme Järvi. BIS SACD-1348 44 11:30 CELEBRATING THE NATIVITY Prepared by Elaine Siversen Bach, J.S. Fugue on the Magnificat, BWV733 (c1717). Marie-Claire Alain, org. Erato 2292-45702-2 4 Bach, Johann Michael. In dulci jubilo. Piet Kee, org. Chandos CHAN 0520 3 Karg-Elert, S. Chorale improvisation on In dulci jubilo . Mark Quarmby, org. Choir STA CD 9401 7 fineMusic FM 102.5



Chopin, F. Mazurka in C sharp minor, op 63 no 3 (1846). Artworks AW 012 2

Prokofiev, S. Piano concerto no 3 in C, op 26 (1917-21). Vladimir Ashkenazy, pf; London SO/ André Previn. Decca 425 572-2 29


Debussy, C. L’isle joyeuse (1904). ABC 472 170-2

Gaetano Donizetti

Skryabin, A. Piano concerto in F sharp minor, op 20 (1896). Sydney SO/Edo de Waart. ABC 465 671-2 26 Roger Woodward, pf (all above) 14:00 LISTENERS’ CHOICE with Michael Morton-Evans Phone 9439 4777 or go to and follow the links to choose your music 15:00 IN CONVERSATION with Michael Morton-Evans What exactly does it take to make music? Leading musicians, composers and performers, both local and visiting from overseas, will be talking live on air telling us why they do it and how they do it. 16:00 KEEPING YOU COMPANY including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm Prepared by James Hunter

Marie, found abandoned and raised by the 21st Regiment, has developed tomboyish manners. She loves Tonio a young Tyrolean who joins the regiment in order to marry her. The Marquise shocked by her rough ways claims to be her aunt and whisks her away to be groomed as a lady. But Marie finds her life stifling and longs for her ‘family’, the regiment, who arrive to rescue her. The Marquise organises a grand marriage which Marie resists. But when the Marquise admits she is Marie’s mother, the girl feels she must obey. Seeing the misery of Marie and Tonio, the Marquise relents and blesses their union. 22:30 THE AUSTRALIAN CHAMBER ORCHESTRA Strauss, R. Le bourgeois gentilhomme, op 60 (1920). Christopher Lyndon Gee, cond. Omega OCD 1011 35 Sculthorpe, P. Sonata for strings no 1 (1983). ABC 454 504-2 13 Tchaikovsky, P. Sextet in D minor, op 70, Souvenir de Florence 1892; arr). Carl Pini, dir. Omega OCD 1010 35 Australian CO (all above)

Thursday - 20th December

Alexander Glazunov

István Kertész

Alfredo Casella


11:30 CHAMBER SONATAS Prepared by Paul Hopwood

19:00 JAZZ VIBES with Matt Bailey

Dussek, J. Trio sonata in F, op 20 no 3 (1793). Trio 1790. cpo 999 583-2 13

20:00 EVENINGS WITH THE ORCHESTRA Creative link: Latin influences Prepared by Judy Ekstein

Bach, J.S. Trio sonata in F, BWV529 (c1730). Palladian Ensemble. Linn CKD 036 13

Casella, A. Cello concerto, op 58 (1935). Andrea Noferini, vc; Rome SO/Francesco La Vecchia. Naxos 8.572416 21

3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 MUSIC FOR A NEW DAY including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Simon Moore 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Composer focus Prepared by Keith Glendinning Glazunov, A. Grand concert waltz in E flat, op 41 (pub. 1893). Leslie Howard, pf. Pearl SHE CD 9538 7 Scènes de ballet, op 52 (1894). USSR RSO. 16 Symphony no 6 in C minor, op 58, mvt 2 (1896). USSR Ministry of Culture SO.


Gennady Rozhdestvensky, cond (2 above) Melodiya MA 001 27 Minstrel’s song, op 71 (1900). David Pereira, vc; David Bollard, pf. Tall Poppies TP 010 4 Romantic intermezzo in D, op 69 (1900). USSR RSO/Odisseiy Dimitredi. Melodiya MA 00045 10 10:00 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Michael Morton-Evans

12:00 JAZZ, PURE AND SIMPLE with Maureen Meers 13:00 THE MATURE HOROWITZ Prepared by Denis Patterson Schubert, F. Sonata in B flat, D960 (1828). 39 Schumann, R. Kinderszenen, op 15 (1838). 17 Vladimir Horowitz, pf (2 above) DG 474 370-2 14:00 THE BEST OF DECCA Prepared by Ron Walledge Ravel, M. Pavane pour une infante défunte (1899). Montreal SO/Charles Dutoit. Decca 478 3171 7 Respighi, O. Roman festivals (1929). Cleveland O/Lorin Maazel. Decca 478 3185 26

Bernstein, L. Overture to Candide (1956/1988). New York PO/Leonard Bernstein. CBS MYK 44773 4

Rachmaninov, S. Piano concerto no 3 in D minor, op 30 (1909). Vladimir Ashkenazy, pf; London SO/Anatole Fistoulari. Decca 478 3158 43

Shostakovich, D. Piano concerto no 2 in F, op 102 (1957). Dimitri Shostakovich, pf; I Musici de Montréal/Maxim Shostakovich. Chandos CHAN 8443 18

Dvorák, A. Symphony no 8 in G, op 88 (1889). London SO/István Kertész. Decca 478 3179 35

Schubert, F. Symphony no 9 in C, D944, Great (c1825-28). Gewandhaus O/Kurt Masur. Philips 426 269-2 1:00

16:00 KEEPING YOU COMPANY including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm Prepared by Stephen Wilson

Chabrier, E. Habanera (1885; orch. 1887). Monte Carlo PO/Hervé Niquet. Naxos 8.554248


Casella, A. Heroic elegy, op 29 (1916). Rome SO/Francesco La Vecchia. Naxos 8.572415 17 Bériot, C-A. de Violin concerto no 2 in B minor, op 32 (1835). Philippe Quint, vn; Slovak RSO/Kirk Trevor. Naxos 8.570360 28 D’Indy, V. Symphonie italienne in A minor. Iceland SO/Rumon Gamba. Chandos CHAN 10660 37 22:00 CHAMBER SOIRÉE Prepared by Sheila Catzel Ries, F. Trio in B flat, op 28. Jürgen Demmler, cl; Markus Tillier, vc; Peter Grabinger, pf. Naxos 8.553389 23 Dvorák, A. String quintet in G, op 77 (1875). Duncan McTier, db; Chilingirian Quartet. Chandos CHAN 9046 33 Hahn, R. Quintet in F minor (1921). Alexandre Tharaud, pf; Quatuor Parisii. Auvidis V 4848 26 Gade, N. String octet in F, op 17 (pub. 1848). L’Archibudelli; Smithsonian Chamber Players. Sony SK 48307 29 fineMusic FM 102.5


Friday - 21st December 11:30 CELEBRATING THE NATIVITY Prepared by Elaine Siversen Bach, J.S. In dulci jubilo, BWV729 (c1708-17). Hans Fagius, org. BIS CD-439 2 Amann, V-A. The Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ. Pierre Pfister, org. Arion ARN 68069 16 Langlais, J. La nativité, from Poèmes évangeliques (1932). Andrew Lucas, org. Naxos 8.550955



Boyce, W. Trio sonata no 15 in D (1747). Parley of Instruments/Peter Holman. Hyperion CDD22063 14

6:00 MUSIC FOR A NEW DAY including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Janine Burrus

Corydon and Miranda, a pastoral interlude (1750). Opera Restor’d/Peter Holman. Hyperion CDA66935 17

9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Small forces Prepared by Jan Brown Spohr, L. Duet in G, op 3 no 3 (pub. 1833). Henning Kraggerud, vn; Øyvind Bjorå, vn. Naxos 8.570840 10 Mozart, W. Horn quintet in E flat, K407 (1782). Music from Aston Magna. Harmonia Mundi HCX 3957059 17 Bach, C.P.E. Flute quartet no 3 in G, Wq95 (1788). Les Adieux. DHM CD GD 77052 18 Beethoven, L. Piano trio no 8 in B flat, WoO39 (1792-95). Beaux Arts Trio. Philips 438 948-2


Wesley, S. Symphony no 6 in B flat (1802). London Mozart Players/Matthias Bamert. Chandos CHAN 9823 18 Dvorák, A. Symphonic poem: The hero’s song, op 111 (1897). Scottish NO/Neeme Järvi. Chandos CHAN 8597 21 Wagner, R. Overture and Venusberg ballet scene, from Tannhäuser (1845). Royal Scottish NO/Neeme Järvi. Chandos CHSA 5077 20 Gade, N. Symphony no 4 in B flat, op 20 (1849-50). Danish National RSO/Christopher Hogwood. Chandos CHAN 9609 22 fineMusic FM 102.5

Korngold, E. Piano concerto in C sharp (for left hand), op 17 (1923). Howard Shelley, pf; BBC PO/Matthias Bamert. Chandos CHAN 9508 28 Glück, das mir verblieb, from Die tote Stadt (1920). Beverly Sills, sop; London PO/Julius Rudel. DG 471 766-2 8 Suite from Captain Blood (1935). London SOAndré Previn. DG 471 347-2


14:30 DANISH ODYSSEY Prepared by Francis Frank

10:00 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Angela Bell


Cristóbal de Morales

13:00 IN TWO WORLDS Prepared by Elaine Siversen

Nielsen, C. Little suite, op 1 (1888/89). Danish National RSO/Ulf Schirmer. Decca 452 486-2 16 Buxtehude, D. Sonata in A, op 2 no 5 (pub. 1696). Members of Sydney Consort. Sydney Consort SC004 9 Pedersøn, M. Mass (1620). Hilliard Ensemble/ Paul Hillier, dir. BIS CD-389 11 Gade, N. Four hymns (1856). Danish National Radio Choir/Jesper Grove Jørgensen. Chandos CHAN 9767 8 Frohlich, J. Symphony in E flat, op 33 (1833). Danish National RSO/Christopher Hogwood. Chandos CHAN 9609 34 16:00 KEEPING YOU COMPANY including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm Prepared by Lloyd Capps

19:00 FRIDAY JAZZ SESSION with Sally Cameron 20:00 THE ROMANTIC CENTURY A celtic touch Prepared by Heather Sykes Stanford, C. Villiers String quartet no 1 in G, op 44 (1891). RTÉ Vanbrugh Quartet. Hyperion CDA67434 29 d’Albert, E. Piano concerto in B minor, op 2 (1884). Piers Lane, pf; BBC Scottish SO/Alun Francis. Hyperion CDA66747 44 Sullivan, A. Symphony in E, Irish (1866). BBC PO/Richard Hickox. Chandos CHAN 9859 36 22:00 BAROQUE AND BEFORE Spain: the Andalusian and the CatalanAragonese Schools Prepared by Elaine Siversen Vásquez, J. Soledad tengo de tí; O dulce contemplación; De los álamos vengo, madre. La Columbina. Accent Acc 95111 D 10 Guerrero, F. Missa de la batalla escoutez (pub. 1582). Song Company/Michael Noone. ABC 461 731-2 25 Morales, C. de Missa, Queramus cum pastoribus. Westminster Cathedral Choir/ James O’Donnell. Hyperion CDA66635 36 Flecha, M. the elder El fuego; La negrina; La justa. Huelgas Ensemble/Paul van Nevel. Vivarte SK 46 699 23 Aguilera de Heredia, S. Ensalada. Edward Tarr Brass Ensemble. Christophorus CHR 74562 5 Tiento de quarto tono de falsas; Toccata quarta del secondo tono. Timothy Roberts, org. 8 Hyperion CDA 66977

Saturday - 22nd December 0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT

Glanville-Hicks, P. Sonata (1952). Marshall McGuire, hp. Tall Poppies TP 112 10


Sitsky, L. At the gate: Collage (1992). Australian Youth O/Graham Abbott. 7 Tall Poppies TP 016

9:00 CARNAVAL TRANSFORMED Schumann, R. Carnaval, op 9 (1834-45; arr Glazunov and others). Suisse Romande O/ Ernest Ansermet. Decca 480 0038 27

Trad. Coventry carol; Sussex carol (arr. O’Boyle 1999). Yvonne Kenny, sop; Contemporary Singers; Adelaide SO/David Stanhope. 4 ABC 476 3682

9:30 SPOTLIGHT ON THE AUSTRALIA ENSEMBLE Prepared by Francis Frank Vine, C. Café concertino (1984). Tall Poppies TP 002

19:00 THE MAGIC OF STAGE AND SCREEN Prepared by Maureen Meers Nelson Riddle 11

Mozart, W. Quintet in E flat, K407 (1782; arr. from Horn quintet). Hartmut Lindemann, va; David Pereira, vc. ABC 438 199-2 15 Banks, D. Divertimento for flute and string trio (1951). Canberra School of Music CSM 25 11 Beethoven, L. Piano trio no 1 in E flat, op 1 no 1 (1794-95). Fine Music Tape Archive 27 Wesley-Smith, M. Fin/début (2000). Tall Poppies TP 200 Meale, R. String quartet no 2 (1971). Tall Poppies TP 016

14 28

Members of Australia Ensemble (all above) 11:30 ON PARADE A white Christmas with Grimethorpe Prepared by Paul Hopwood Curnow, J. Christmas triptych. 6 Berlin, I. White Christmas (arr. Freeh). 3 Bernard - Smith. Winter wonderland (arr. Langford). 3 Davis, K. The little drummer boy (arr. Sparke). 4 Marks, J. Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer (arr. Fernie). 2 Nelson - Rollins. Frosty the snowman (arr. Smith). 4

14:00 LISTENERS’ CHOICE with Christina MacGuinness Phone 9439 4777 or go to and follow the links to choose your music 15:30 AT THE MOVIES Prepared by Nicholas Chaplin Riddle, N. Soundtrack: Lolita (1962). Studio O/ Nelson Riddle. Sony Music 88697638712 48 Benjamin, A. Suite from The conquest of Everest (1953; arr. Caratelli/Schürmann.) BBC NO of Wales/Rumon Gamba. Chandos CHAN 10713 7 16:30 AT THE BALLET Prepared by Raj Gopalakrishnan Stravinsky, I. Three movements from Petrushka (1911-21). Michael Kieran Harvey, pf. Move MD 3286 15 Pavlova, A. Suite from Thumbelina (2007). Mikhail Shestakov, vn; Tchaikovsky SO/Patrick Baton. Naxos 8.579003 24 Tchaikovsky, P. Suite from The Nutcracker (1892; transcr. Pletnev). Simon Trpceski, pf. EMI 5 75202 2 17 Tubin, E. Suite from Kratt (1961). Bamberg SO/ Neeme Järvi. BIS CD-306 24

Grimethorpe Colliery Band/Peter Parkes (all above) Chandos CHAN 4550

18:00 AUSTRALIAN COMPOSERS’ HOUR Prepared by Janie Fitch

12:00 JAZZ THEN AND NOW with Michael Cooper

Vine, C. God rest ye merry gentlemen (1992). Australian Youth O/Graham Abbott. Tall Poppies TP 016 4

13:00 IN A SENTIMENTAL MOOD with Maureen Meers Nostalgic music and artists from the 30s, 40s and 50s and occasionally beyond, in a trip down many memory lanes

Merrill, B. Excerpts from Carnival (1961). Anna Maria Alberghetti; Jerry Orbach, voices; original Broadway Cast. Polydor 837 195-2 18 De Sylva - Brown - Henderson Excerpts from Good News. Kim Huber; Ann Morrison; Linda Michele, voices; National SO/Craig Barna. Ter/Orbis MUSC N54 13 Willson, M. Excerpts from The music man (1957). Timothy Noble; Kathleen Brett; Doc Severinsen, voices; Indiana University Singing Hoosiers; Robert Stoll, cond. Telarc CD 80276 18 20:00 LIVE AND LOCAL The Great Heritage concert Produced by Greg Ghavalas RECORDED BY FINE MUSIC Mendelssohn, F. Overture: The Hebrides, op 26, Fingal’s Cave (1830). 10 Kats-Chernin, E. Innocent clouds (2009). 5 Hummel, J. Bassoon concerto in F. 25 Bruch, M. Kol nidrei, op 47 (pub. 1881; arr.). 11 Kim Walker, bn (2 above) Duffy, J. Three Jewish portraits (1996): The golden age of Spanish Jewry; The Shetetl; The 9 Rabbi’s dance. Saint-Saëns, C. Danse macabre, op 40 (1874). 11 Woollahra PO/Anthony Clarke (all above) 21:30 FROM THE LATE SONATAS Prepared by Philip Lidbury Beethoven, L. Sonata no 32 in C minor, op 111 (1822). Vladimir Ashkenazy, pf. Decca 417 150-2 27 22:00 AFTER HOURS with Kevin Jones

Willcock, C. Southern star (2004). Choir of Trinity College, Melbourne; Marshall McGuire, hp; Michael Leighton Jones, cond. ABC 476 6349 25 fineMusic FM 102.5


Sunday - 23rd December 14:00 SUNDAY SPECIAL Philippe Herreweghe and Company Prepared by Stephen Schafer Bach, J.S. Magnificat in E flat, BWV243a (1723). Carolyn Sampson, sop; Ingebord Danz, cont; Mark Padmore, ten; Sebastian Noack, bass; Collegium Vocale, Ghent. Harmonia Mundi HMX 2971782                  34 Bruckner, A. Symphony no 7 in E (1881-83). Harmonia Mundi HMC 901857                    60 Andrew Lawrence-King 0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT 6:00 SUNDAY MORNING MUSIC with David Garrett 9:00 CELESTIAL NOTES Prepared by Heather Sykes Trad. Christmas carols for strings (arr. Bélanger). I Musici de Montréal/Yuli Turovsky. Chandos CHAN 9098 11 Padilla, J. de Mexican Mass (c1650-70). Ellen Hargis, sop; Tuuli Lindeberg, sop; Clara Sanabras, sop; Jennie Cassidy, cont; Veera Railio, cont; Julian Podger, ten; Ian Honeyman, ten; Paul Hillier, bass; Paul Willenbrock, bass; David Yacus, sackbutt; Julian Podger, gui; Keith McGowan, bajon, shawm; Adrian Rovatkay, bajon; Ricardo Padilla, perc; Helen Coombs, perc, org; Harp Consort/Andrew Lawrence King. Harmonia Mundi HMX 2907293 1:09 10:30 CHAMBER MASTERWORKS Prepared by Judy Ekstein Brahms, J. Sonata no 3 in D minor, op 108 (1886). Krysia Osostowicz, vn; Susan Tomes, pf. Hyperion CDA66465 21 Danzi, F. Wind quintet in F, op 68 no 2 (pub. 1824). Vienna-Berlin Ensemble. DG 423 591-2 19 Janácek, L. Quartet no 1, Kreutzer sonata (1923). Medici String Quartet. Nimbus NI 5379 18

Champs-Élysées O (3 above) Bruckner, A. Equale no 1 (1847); Ave Maria (1861); Christus factus est (1884); Equale no 2 (1847). La Chapelle Royale; Collegium Vocale; Ensemble Musique Oblique. Harmonia Mundi HMX 2981322                  13

19:00 OPERA HIGHLIGHTS Prepared by David Rossell Mozart, W. He’s left me ... Listen ... Ah, no! Let him go, from Così fan tutte (1790). Magdalena Kozená, mezz; O of the Age of Enlightenment/Simon Rattle. DG 477 6727-2 10 Handel, G. Let him move heaven and earth ... If you attain the shores, from Tamerlano (1724). David Hobson, ten; Sinfonia Australis/Antony Walker. 8 ABC 472 151-2

Philippe Herreweghe, cond (all above) 17:00 HOSANNA Prepared by Warwick Bartle

19:30 SUNDAY NIGHT CONCERT Prepared by Paul Hopwood

Advent carols: People, look east; Adam lay y bounden; Jesus Christ; The apple tree; Long ago prophets knew. Worcester Cathedral Choir; Worcester Festival Choral Society; Raymond Johnston, org; Donald Hunt, cond. alpha CDCA 966 9

Brahms, J. Tragic overture, op 81 (1880/81). Berlin PO/Claudio Abbado. DG 429 765-2 13

Poulenc, F. Four motets for Christmastide. Robert Shaw Festival Singers/Robert Shaw. Telarc CD 80236 10 Adam, A. O holy night. St Philips Boys Choir South London. Music Club MCCD 259 4 Handel, G. For unto us a child is born; Hallelujah; Worthy is the Lamb, from Messiah (1742), Cantillation; O of the Antipodes/Antony Walker. ABC 476 5965 11 Carols: In the bleak midwinter; It came upon a midnight clear. Cathedral Singers Sydney/Brett McKern, org & dir. TCS CD03 8 The almond tree; In the shadows of the night. Choir of the Christchurch Cathedral, Montreal/Patrick Wedd. Atma ALCD 2 1017 5

12:00 RAGTIME TO SWING with John Buchanan

Sumsion, H. Prelude on Adeste fideles. Jane Watts, org. Priory PRCD 775 5

fineMusic FM 102.5

A monthly program of music, news and interviews from the Sydney Conservatorium

Bizet, G. Here I am, alone in the night, from The pearl fishers (1863). Kiri Te Kanawa, sop; Royal Opera House O/Jeffrey Tate. 7 EMI CDC 7 49863 2

Hummel, J. Piano trio no 7 in E flat, op 96 (c1822). Borodin Trio. Chandos CHAN 9529 20

13:00 WORLD MUSIC: Whirled Wide with Josh Oshlack 42

Mahler, G. Songs from Des Knaben Wunderhorn (1892-1901). Sarah Connolly, mezz; Dietrich Henschel, bar. Harmonia Mundi HMX 2901920                  63

18:00 WHAT’S ON AT THE CON with Julie Simonds

Vanhal, J. Cello concerto in C (c1780-85). István Várdai, vc; Camerata Schweiz/Howard Griffiths. cpo 777 612-2 16 Schubert, F. Symphony no 9 in C, D944, Great (1825-28). Columbia SO/Bruno Walter. Sony SMK 64478 52 21:00 NEW HORIZONS Tremendous Faith Prepared by Robert Small Pécou, T. Tremendum (2005/2010). Ensemble Variances; Percussions Clavier de Lyon. Harmonia Mundi HMC 905269 22 Gellman, S. Musica eterna (1991). Andrew Wan, vn; Jonathon Crow, vn; Jethro Marks, va; Paul Marelyn, vc. Ottawa CAM 11001 17 McLeod, J. Rock concerto (1985). Eugene Albulescue, pf; New Zealand SO/Uwe Grodd. Naxos 8.572671 22 Whitacre, E. Three songs of faith. Eric Whitacre Singers; Eric Whitacre, cond. Decca 478 3640 22:30 ULTIMA THULE


Monday - 24th December 0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT 6:00 MUSIC FOR A NEW DAY including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Robert Small 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Inspired by opera Prepared by Elaine Siversen Massenet, J. Suite from Esclarmonde (1890). Hong Kong PO/Kenneth Jean. Naxos 8.555986 23 Offenbach, J. Barcarolle, from The tales of Hoffmann (compl. Guiraud 1881; transcr. Moszkowski). Geoffrey Saba, pf. IMP PCD 858 8

Barthold Kuijken

Friedrich Gulda

13:00 FLUTE PLUS Prepared by Jan Brown

Bizet, G. Suite from Carmen (1873-74; arr. Pepe Romero). Los Romeros. Philips 412 609-2 21

Mozart, W. Sonata in B flat, K10 (1764). Marc Grauwels, fl; Guy Penson, pf. Hyperion CDA66391 10

Grechaninov, A. Snowflakes, op 47 (1910). Ludmilla Kuznetsova, mezz; Russian State SO/ Valéry Polyansky. Chandos CHAN 9397 14

10:00 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Heather Sykes

Hotteterre, J-M. Suite in G (1717). Barthold Kuijken, fl; Frans Brüggen, fl. LP RCA RL 30425 18

Rimsky-Korsakov, N. Overture and suite from Christmas Eve (1895). Moscow SO/Igor Golovschin. Naxos 8.553789 26 Khachaturian, A. Dance suite (1933). Armenian PO/Loris Tjeknavorian. ASV DCA 964 23 Corelli, A. Concerto grosso in G minor, op 6 no 8, Christmas (pub. 1714). Ensemble 415/ Chiara Banchini, Jesper Christiansen. Harmonia Mundi HMX2978223 7 Fry, W. Santa Claus, Christmas symphony (1853). Royal Scottish NO/Tony Rowe. Naxos 8.559057 26 11:30 A BRUCH CHRISTMAS Prepared by Heather Sykes Bruch, M. Salute to Christmas, op 62 (1892). Gabriel Schreckenbach, cont. 18

Bach, C.P.E. Flute quartet no 1 in A minor, Wq93 (1788). Les Adieux. Harmonia Mundi GD 77052 17 Telemann, G. Concerto in B. Aurèle Nicolet, fl; Christiane Nicolet, fl; Heinz Holliger, ob; Louise Pellerin, ob; Jörg Dähler, hpd; Camerata Bern/ Thomas Füri. Archiv 477 500-2 12 Beethoven, L. Serenade in D, op 25 (1801). Susan Milan, fl; Levon Chilingirian, vn; Louise Williams, va. Chandos CHAN 9108 24 14:30 RAIN AND SNOW Prepared by Randolph Magri-Overend Rimsky-Korsakov, N. Suite from The snow maiden (1898). Czecho-Slovak RSO/Donald Johanos. Naxos 8.553247 13

Koehne, G. Rain forest (1982). Australian Youth O/Christoph Eschenbach. ABC 426 478-2 15 16:00 KEEPING YOU COMPANY including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm Prepared by Tom Forrester-Paton 19:00 A TWIST OF JAZZ with Andrew Piper 20:00 STORMY MONDAY with Austin Harrison and Garth Sundberg 22:00 KEYBOARD CONTRASTS Clementi, M. Sonata in C, op 37 no 1(1797). Donatella Failoni, pf. White Label HRC 092 17 Liszt, F. Sonata in B minor, S178 (1852-53). Alexei Orlowetsky, pf. Globe GLO 5076 30 Dussek, J. Quintet in F minor, op 41. Nepomuk Fortepiano Quintet. Birlliant Classics 93203 24

Charlton, R. Dances for the rainbow serpent (1990). Guitar Trek. ABC 442 508-2 10

Alkan, C-V. Nocturne no 1, op 22. Alan Weiss, pf. 6 Brilliant Classics 93568

Berlin Philharmonic Choir; Berlin RSO; Uwe Gronostay (2 above) Schwann 312 013 H1

Britten, B. Canticle III: Still falls the rain, op 55 (1954). Peter Pears, ten; Dennis Brain, hn; Benjamin Britten, pf. BBC BBCB 8014-2 11

Bach, J.S. Suite no 6 in E, BWV817, French (c1724). Christiane Jacottet, hpd. Point Classics 2650162 16

12:00 SWING SESSIONS with John Buchanan

Scott, B. Hey rain (arr. Sirocco). Sirocco. Jarra Hill CDJHR2015

Mozart, W. Sonata no 8 in A minor, K310 (1778.) Friedrich Gulda, pf. Aura AUR 112-2 18

Flight into Egypt, op 20 (c1858-64). Shihomi Inou-Heller, sop; Maria Luise Wilke, cont; Klaus Thiem, bar. 8


Debussy, C. Footprints in the snow, from Préludes, bk 1 (1910). Gordon Fergus-Thompson, pf. ASV DCA 720 4

fineMusic FM 102.5


Tuesday - 25th December 0:00 CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE

Saint-Saëns, C. The swan, from The carnival of the animals, op 43 (1886). Maria Kliegel, vc; Bournemouth Sinfonietta/Jean-François Monnard. Naxos 8.553039 4

3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 MUSIC FOR A NEW DAY including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Julie Simonds

Bizet, G. Petite suite: Jeux d’enfants (1871). Paris Conservatoire O/Jean Martinon. Decca 478 3156-67 11

9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Pianist of choice: Maria João Pires Prepared by Sheila Catrzel Chopin, F. Nocturne no 8 in D flat, op 27 no 2 (1835). 7 Nocturne no 13 in C minor, op 48 no 1 (1841). DG 470 962-2 (2 above)


Mozart, W. Sonata no 15 in C, K545, For beginners (1788). DG 427 768-2


Beethoven, L. Sonata no 14 in C minor, op 27 no 2, Moonlight (1802). Erato 2292-45079-2 13 Schubert, F. Impromptu in B flat, D935 no 3 (1827). DG 457 550-2 13

14:30 WINDS FROM THE NORTH Prepared by Stephen Wilson Dvorák, A. Wind serenade in D minor, op 44 (1878) Oslo PO Wind Soloists. Naxos 8.554173 23 Bruch, M. Eight pieces for clarinet, viola and piano, op 83 (pub. 1910). Amici Ensemble. Naxos 8.557347 36

Maria João Pires, pf (all above)

Berwald, F. Grand septet in B flat (1842). Gaudier Ensemble. Hyperion CDA66834

10:00 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Elaine Siversen

16:00 CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD Prepared by Michael Morton-Evans

Ippolitov-Ivanov, M. Caucasian sketches, suite no 2, op 42, Iveria (1896). Sydney SO/ Christopher Lyndon-Gee. Marco Polo 8.220369 24

Arnold, M. Commonwealth Christmas overture, op 64 (1957). London PO/Malcolm Arnold. Reference RR-48CD 19

Tchaikovsky, P. Variations on a rococo theme, op 33 (1876). János Starker, vc; London SO/ Antal Dorati. Mercury 432 001-2 16 Rachmaninov, S. Symphony no 3 in A minor, op 44 (1936/38). London SO/Neeme Järvi. Chandos CHAN 8614 43 11:30 MOTETS FOR CHRISTMAS Poulenc, F. Four motets for Christmas (1952). Joyful Company of Singers/Peter Broadbent. ASV DCA 1067 12 Gabrieli, G. Sancta et immaculata virginitas; O magnum mysterium; O Jesu mi dulcissime, from Sacrae symphoniae (pub. 1597). Gabrieli Festival Choir & O/Edmond Appia. Vanguard 08 2007 71 14 12:00 JAZZ RHYTHM with Jeannie McInnes 13:00 Pour les Enfants Prepared by Randolph Magri-Overend Prokofiev, S. Peter and the wolf (1936). Jay Laga’aia, narr; Tasmanian SO/Kenneth Young. ABC 476 3686 27 Debussy, C. Children’s corner suite (1906-08). François-Joël Thiollier, pf. Naxos 8.553291 18 44

Britten, B. Variations and fugue on a theme of Purcell, op 34, The young person’s guide to the orchestra (1945). English SO/William Boughton. Nimbus NI 5450/3 17

fineMusic FM 102.5

Respighi, O. The Adoration of the Magi, fromThree Botticelli pictures (1927). Bournemouth Sinfonietta/Tamás Vásáry. Chandos CHAN 8913


18:00 HOSANNA Prepared by Warwick Bartle Carols: Coventry carol; The first Nowell; While shepherds watched their flocks. Choir of Truro Cathedral; Christopher Gray, org; Robert Sharpe, cond. Regent REGCD 281 10 Carols: Christmas song of the 14th century; Silent night. British Columbia Boys Choir/ Donald Forbes, Gerald Van Wyck. BCBC 00194 5 Carols: Star carol; Infant holy, infant lowly; Lo, he cometh with clouds descending. Choir of St John’s Cathedral, Brisbane; Alan Moffatt, org; Robert Boughen, cond. Lodestar CD01 8 Carols: The holly and the ivy; Tomorrow shall be my dancing day; A shepherd’s carol. DG 413 590-1 11 Sumsion, H. Magnificat in G. Choir of St John’s Cathedral, Brisbane; Alan Moffatt, org; Robert Boughen, cond. Lodestar CD01 5 Handel, G. For unto us a child is born, from Messiah (1742). Cantillation; O of Antipodes/ Antony Walker. ABC 476 4958 4 Carols: O come, all ye faithful; Hark, the herald angels sing. Choir of Truro Cathedral; Christopher Gray, org; Robert Sharpe, cond. Regent REGCD 281 9 19:00 THE JAZZ BEAT with Lloyd Capps


Bruch, M. Salute to Christmas, op 62 (1892). Gabrielle Schreckenbach, cont; Berlin Philharmonic Choir; Berlin RSO/Uwe Gronostay. Schwann 313 013 H1 17 Vaughan Williams, R. Fantasia on Christmas carols (1912). John Barrow, bar; Choir of Guildford Cathedral; Gavin Williams, org; String O/Barry Rose. EMI 7 64131 2 12 Corelli, A. Concerto grosso in G minor, op 6 no 8, Christmas (pub. 1714). Collegium Musicum 90/Simon Standage. Chandos CHAN 0634 15 Dohnányi, E. Pastorale, Hungarian Christmas song (1920). Markus Pawlik, pf. Naxos 8.553332 6 Charpentier, M-A. Messe de minuit pour Noël (c1690). Alan Walker, treb; Alistair Flutter, treb; James Turnbull, ct; Ben Cooper, ten; Andrew Rupp, bass; Choir of St John’s College, Cambridge; Robert Huw Morgan, org; City of London Sinfonia/George Guest. Chandos CHAN 8658 30

20:00 RECENT RELEASES with Robert Small 22:00 BEYOND ROMANTICISM Prepared by Frank Morrison Janácek, L. Sinfonietta (1926). Czech PO/Jirí Belohlávek. Chandos CHAN 8897 23 Shostakovich, D. Piano trio in C minor, op 8 no 1 (1923). Trio Wanderer. Harmonia Mundi HMG 501825 12 Ginastera, A. Dances from Estancia, op 8a (1943). New World SO/Michael Tilson Thomas. Argo 436 737 -2 13 Martinu, B. Oboe concerto (1996). Heinz Holliger, ob; Academy of St. Martin in the Fields; Neville Marriner. Philips 434 105-2 17 Skryabin, A. Sonata no 9, op 68, Black Mass (1912-13). Stephen Hough, pf. ASV AMM 157R 10 Nielsen, C. Symphony no 5, op 50 (1921-22). Royal Concertgebouw O/Kyrill Kondrashin. Radio Nederland RCO 08005 32

Wednesday - 26th December 15:00 SOUNDS OF ESTONIA Prepared by Francis Frank Eller, H. Elegia (1931). Eluned Pierce, hp. Chandos CHAN 8525                      


Tormis, V. Overture no 2 (1959). Chandos CHAN 8656                      


Scottish NO/Neeme Järvi (2 above) Tubin, E. Double bass concerto (1948). Håkan Ehrén, db; Gothenburg SO/Neeme Järvi. BIS CD-337                                          18

Eduard Tubin

Ton Koopman

d’Indy, V. Symphony on a French mountain air, op 25 (1886). François-Joël Thiollier, pf; NSO, Ireland/Antonio de Almeida. Naxos 8.550754 26

0:00 CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE 3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 MUSIC FOR A NEW DAY including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Troy Fil

Delius, F. Paris: the song of a great city, nocturne (1900; ed. Beecham). Royal PO/ Norman Del Mar. Unicorn-Kanchana DKP(CD)9108 26

9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Aspects of Baroque Prepared by Paul Hopwood

11:30 SONATAS FOR TWO Prepared by Paul Hopwood

Hellendaal, P. Concerto grosso in D minor, op 3 no 2 (pub. c1758). Combattimento Consort Amsterdam. NM Classics 92019 11 Reincken, J. Sonata in A minor for two violins, viola da gamba and basso continuo (pub. 1687). Musica Antiqua Cologne. Archiv 437 089-2 15 Wassenaer, U. Concerto no 1 in G for strings, from Sei concerti armonici. Amsterdam Baroque O/Ton Koopman. Erato ECD 75395 12 Schenck, J. Sonata no 1 in B minor for two viole da gamba and basso continuo (c1700). Les Voix Humaines. Naxos 8.554414 15 10:00 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Derek Parker Offenbach, J. Overture to La vie parisienne (1866; arr. Dorati). Sydney SO/Patrick Thomas. LP Philips 410 377-1 5 Mozart, W. Symphony no 31 in D, K297, Paris (1778). Concertgebouw O/Nikolaus Harnoncourt. Teldec 8.42817


Bach, C.P.E. Sonata in D, Wq83 (c1747). Alain Marion, fl; Daniele Roi, hpd. Fonè 89 F 02-26 CD 14 Debussy, C. Sonata (1915). Christopher van Kampen, vc; Ian Brown, pf. Virgin VC7 91148 2 12 12:00 THE SOUND OF JAZZ with Kevin Jones 13:00 YOUTH DEVELOPMENT HOUR Supported by St Catherine’s School, Waverley 14:00 VARIED SCHUBERT Prepared by Philip Lidbury Schubert, F. Rondeau brillant in B minor, D895 (1826). Adele Anthony, vn; Jonathan Feldman, pf. Naxos 8.554148 15 The miller and the stream; The stream’s lullaby, from Die schöne Müllerin, D795 (1823). Ian Bostridge, ten; Mitsuko Uchida, pf. EMI 5 57827 2 11

Pärt, A. After the victory (1996-98). Elora Festival Singers/Noel Edison. Naxos 8.570239                                


16:00 KEEPING YOU COMPANY including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm Prepared by Brendan Walsh 19:00 JAZZ STARS AND STRIPES with Peter Mitchell 20:00 AT THE OPERA Prepared by Brendan Walsh Jommelli, N. Armida abbandonata. Opera in three acts. Libretto by Francesco Saverio de Rogatis, based on Gerusalemme liberata by Torquato Tasso. First performed Naples, 1770. ARMIDA: Ewa Mallas-Godlewska, sop RINALDO: Claire Brua, sop TANCREDI: Giles Ragon, ten UBALDO: Patricia Petibon, sop DANO: Cécile Perrin, sop Les Talens Lyriques/Christophe Rousset Ambroisie AMB 9983 2:52 Armida has bewitched the Crusader Rinaldo. His friend Tancredi fails to break the spell. The knights Ubaldo and Dano free Rinaldo from Armida’s power. In her fury and anger she destroys her own palace. The Crusaders have to build engines to free Jerusalem from the magic spell placed on it. Rinaldo fights the illiusions Armida has conjured and cuts down the myrtle in the forest which is the source of her magic. 23:15 WITH THE DON Prepared by Chris Blower Strauss, R. Tone poem: Don Quixote, op 35 (1897). Ulrich Koch, va; Mstislav Rostropovich, vc; Berlin PO/Herbert von Karajan. EMI 5 65701 2 44

Symphony no 1 in D, D82 (1813). Royal Concertgebouw O/Nikolaus Harnoncourt. Teldec 4509-91184-2 28 fineMusic FM 102.5


Thursday - 27th December Onslow, G. Piano trio, op 26, mvt 2. Trio Cascades. cpo 777 232-2


12:00 JAZZ, PURE AND SIMPLE with Maureen Meers 13:00 FROM THE NORTH Prepared by Stephen Wilson Roman, J. Suite in G minor, Sjukmans Musiquen (1727-28). National Museum CO/ Claude Génetay. Musica Sveciae MSCD 417 25


Svendsen, J. Symphony no 1 in D, op 4 (186566). Thomas Dausgaard, cond. Chandos CHAN 9932 35

6:00 MUSIC FOR A NEW DAY including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Simon Moore

Nielsen, C. Clarinet concerto, op 57 (1928). Niels Thomsen, cl; Michael Schønwandt, cond. Chandos CHAN 8894 26

9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Name the composer Be the first to identify the mystery composer and win a CD. All other correct answers go in a draw for a second CD: 9439 4777

Danish National RSO (3 above)

10:00 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Anne Irish

Eyck, J. Prince Rupert’s march, from the Flute’s garden of delight (pub. 1654). Eric Bosgraaf, rec. Brilliant 93391 3

Tchaikovsky, P. Fantasy overture: Romeo and Juliet (1869/79,80). Oslo PO/Mariss Jansons. EMI 5 74113-2 19 Gade, N. Violin concerto in D minor (1880). Christina Åstrand, vn; Tampere PO/John Storgårds. Dacapo 6.220562 27 Mozart, W. Symphony no 41 in C, K551, Jupiter (1788). Tasmanian SO/Sebastian Lang-Lessing. ABC 476 4561 36 11:30 SLOW AND SUBLIME Prepared by Chris Blower Haydn, J. String quartet in B minor, Hob.III:37, mvt 3 (1781). Quarteto Casals. Harmonia Mundi HMX 2962022.23 7 Beethoven, L. Sextet in E flat for two horns and string quartet, op 81, mvt 2 (1799-1800). Nury Guarnaschelli, hn; Signum Quartet. Capriccio C 5059 3 Mozart, W. Quintet in in A, K581, mvt 2 (1789). Ludmila Peterková, cl; Bennewitz Quartet. Supraphon SU 4061-2 6 46

Sibelius, J. Tone poem: Tapiola, op 112 (1926). Leif Segerstam, cond. Chandos CHAN 9083 21

fineMusic FM 102.5

15:00 RENOVATIONS March and sonata Prepared by Brian Drummond

Walton, W. Coronation march: Crown Imperial (1937; arr). Eastman Wind Ensemble/ Frederick Fennell Mercury 432 009-2 10 Bach, J.S. Sonata in A, BWV1032 (c1736). Frans Brüggen, fl; Gustav Leonhardt, hpd. LP RCA RL 30426 14

Csaba Onczay Brahms, J. Piano concerto no 1 in D minor, op 15 (1854-58). Stephen Kovacevich, pf; London PO/Wolfgang Sawallisch. EMI CDC 7 54578 2 48 Reger, M. Ballet suite, op 130 (1913). Norrköping SO/Leif Segerstam. BIS CD-601


Beethoven, L. Symphony no 4 in B flat, op 60 (1806). Scottish CO/Charles Mackerras. Hyperion CDS44301/5 32 22:00 CHAMBER SOIRÉE Beethoven, L. Sonata no 3 in A, op 69 (1808). Csaba Onczay, vc; Jenö Jandó, pf. Naxos 8.550478 26 Barsanti, F. Sonata in C minor, op 1 no 4. Barnaby Ralph, rec; Louise King, vc; Huguette Brassine, hpd. 9 Naxos 8.557944 Schubert, F. Quartet in E flat, D87 (c1813). Zagreb String Quartet. Zyx CLS 4179 19

Brahms, J. Sonata no 2 in F, op 99 (1886). Steven Isserlis, vc; Stephen Hough, pf. Hyperion CDA67529 26

Hindemith, P. Sonata (1939). Mariko Anraku, hp. EMI 5.85710 2 12

16:00 KEEPING YOU COMPANY including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm Prepared by Marilyn Schock

Medtner, N. Quintet in C, op posth (1951). Dmitri Alexeev, pf; New Budapest Quartet. Hyperion CDA66744 25

19:00 JAZZ VIBES with Matt Bailey

Templeton, A. Sonata no 1. Deborah de Graaff, cl; Len Vorster, pf. Walsingham WAL 8017-2 CD

20:00 EVENINGS WITH THE ORCHESTRA Nationalist composers: Germany Prepared by Denis Patterson Weber, C.M. Overture to Der Freischütz (1821). Vienna PO/Carlos Kleiber. Artists FED 013/14 10


Stamitz, C. Oboe quartet in E flat, op 8 no 4. Salzburg Soloists. Masters of the Millenium MM 2081 12

Friday - 28th December

Béla Drahos

Ferdinand Hérold


12:00 NOONTIME JAZZ with Peter Mitchell

3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 MUSIC FOR A NEW DAY including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Janine Burrus 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Small forces Bach, C.P.E. Sonata in E, Wq84 (c1749). Béla Drahos, fl; Zsuzsa Pertis, hpd. Naxos 8.550513 18 Giuliani, M. Rondo, op 66. Pieter Pieters, gui; Micheline Dumortier, gui. Brilliant Classics 92452 16 Mozart, W. Piano trio in C, K548 (1788). Trio Kreisleriana. Mediaphon MED 72.118 20 10:00 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Giovanna Grech

Marin Alsop Brahms, J. Variations on a theme of Haydn, op 56a, St Antoni chorale (1873). London PO/ Marin Alsop. Naxos 8.557430 19

13:00 SELECT YOUR CLASSICS with Stephen Schafer

Tchaikovsky, P. Suite no 4 in G, op 61, Mozartiana (1887). Prague SO/Jirí Belohlávek. Supraphon 11 0969-2 26

15:00 A TALE OF TWO SYMPHONIES Prepared by Stephen Schafer Hérold, F. Symphony no 1 in C (1813). SwissItalian O/Wolf-Dieter Hauschild. Dynamic DM8028 21 Wagner, R. Symphony in C (1832). Royal Scottish NO/Neeme Järvi.


16:00 KEEPING YOU COMPANY including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm Prepared by Derek Parker 19:00 FRIDAY JAZZ SESSION with Sally Cameron

Smetana, B. Grand overture in D (1848). BBC PO/Gianandrea Noseda. Chandos CHAN 10413 8

20:00 THE ROMANTIC CENTURY Tributes by arrangement Prepared by Chris Blower

Massenet, J. Lamento d’Ariane, from Ariane (1906). National PO/Richard Bonynge. Decca 452 767-2 6

Glinka, M. Divertimento on themes from Bellini’s La sonnambula (1832). Bolshoi TO Soloists/Alexander Lazarev. Le Chant du Monde LDC 288 068 13

Chopin, F. Piano concerto no 2 in F minor, op 21 (1829). Jorge Bolet, pf; Montreal SO/Charles Dutoit. Decca 425 859-2 33 Sibelius, J. Symphony no 6 in D minor, op 104 (1923). Danish National RSO/Leif Segerstam. Chandos CHAN 8965 32 11:30 DVORÁK IN SONG Prepared by Elaine Siversen Dvorák, A. Gypsy songs, op 55 (1880). Anne Sofie von Otter, mezz; Bengt Forsberg, pf. DG 463 479-2 13 Five songs, op 27 (1878). Lund University Male Choir/Janåke Larson. Caprice CAP 21423 13

Liszt, F. Fantasy on themes from Mozart’s The marriage of Figaro (1842; arr. Busoni). Vladimir Horowitz, pf. Larrikin CD DDC 931 14 Bottesini, G. Duo concertante on Bellini’s I Puritani (1851). Moray Welsh, vc; Thomas Martin, db; London SO/ Franco Petracchi. Naxos 8.570398 14 Schubert, F. Fantasia in C, D366, Wanderer (1822; orch. Liszt 1852). Philip Thomson, pf; Hungarian State O/Kerry Stratton. Hungaroton HCD 31525 22

22:00 BAROQUE AND BEFORE Charpentier, M-A. Canticum Zachariæ, H345. Le Concert Spirituel/Hervé NIquet. Naxos 8.553175 16 Marais, M. Les folies d’Espagne (1701). Eckart Haupt, fl; Monika Rost, gui. edel 0059-2 13 Rameau, J-P. Excerpts from Zoroastre (1749). Lou Ann Wyckoff, sop; Nancy Deering, mezz; Bruce Brewer, ten; William Workman, bar; Hamburg CO/Richard Kapp. Vox MWCD 7158 16 Attaignant, P. Parce Domine after J. Obrecht; Sanctus and Benedictus; Magnificat quarti toni. Joseph Payne, org. Naxos 8.553215 10 Lully, J-B. Miserere (1683). Le Concert Spirituel/Hervé Niquet. Naxos 8.554397


Machaut, G. de Lasse! Comment oublieray; Hoquetus David. Early Music Consort of London/David Munrow. 7 Archiv 415 292-2 Couperin, L. Duo; Fantaisie. Joseph Payne, org. 5 Naxos 8.553215 Boismortier, J. de Music from Don Quichotte chez la Duchesse (1743). Philharmonia Virtuosi/ Richard Kapp. Renaissance RO 107 20 fineMusic FM 102.5


Saturday - 29th December 0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT

12:00 JAZZ THEN AND NOW with Michael Cooper


13:00 PEGGY GLANVILLE-HICKS 100th Anniversary Prepared by Oscar Foong

Weber, C.M. Quintet in B flat, op 34 (1815). Consortium Classicum/Dieter Klöcker, cl & dir. Orfeo C314941A 27

Glanville-Hicks, P. Gymnopédie no 1 (1934). Stables Ensemble. Wirripang Wirr 037 4

9:30 SPOTLIGHT ON DANIEL BARENBOIM Prepared by Barrie Brockwell

Concerto da camera (1948). Tall Poppies Ensemble/David Stanhope. Tall Poppies TP133

Wagner, R. Prelude, from The mastersingers of Nuremberg (1866-67). Chicago SO/Daniel Barenboim. Teldec 4509-99595-2 10

Schubert, F. Overture in C minor, D8 (1811). 9 Mass no 2 in G, D167 (1815). Pascal Herington, ten; Paul Goodwin-Groen, bass; Sydney University Graduate Choir. 21 Salve Regina in A, D676 (1819).


Elke Hook, sop (2 above) 9

Magnificat in C, D486 (1815). Sydney University Graduate Choir. 10

Sonata (1950). Marshall McGuire, hp. Artworks AW036


Chopin, F. Fantasy in F minor, op 49 (1841). DG 477 9519 14

Sonata (1952). Susanne Powell, pf; CSM Percussion Ensemble/Michael Askill. Canberra School of Music CSM 24


Brahms, J. Four songs, from Gypsy songs, op 103 (1887). Jessye Norman, sop. DG 459 471-2 6

Letters from Morocco (1952). Gerald English, ten; Tasmanian SO/Antony Walker. Tall Poppies TP112 15

Mass no 4 in C, D452 (1816). Elke Hook, sop; Agnes Sarkis, mezz; Pascal Herington, ten; Paul Goodwin-Groen, bass; Sydney University Graduate Choir. 23

Daniel Barenboim, pf (2 above)

Come sleep. Jane Edwards, sop; Marshall McGuire, hp. ABC 476 9108

Sydney University Graduate O/Christopher Bowen (all above) SUGC recording

Saint-Saëns, C. Cello concerto no 1 in A minor, op 33 (1872). Jacqueline du Pré, vc; New Philharmonia O/Daniel Barenboim. EMI CZS 5 68132 2 19 Mendelssohn, F. Songs without words, bk 1, op 19b (1842-44). DG 453 061-2 15 Schubert, F. Rondo in B minor, D895, Rondo brillant (1826). Isaac Stern, vn. Sony SM2K 64528 16 Daniel Barenboim, pf (2 above) Beethoven, L. Fantasia in C minor, op 80, Choral (1807). German State Opera Choir; Berlin PO/Daniel Barenboim, pf & dir. EMI 5 55516 2 20

Haydn, J. March for the Prince of Wales, Hob.VIII:3. Netherlands Wind Ensemble. LP Philips 6527 117


Jacob, G. Concerto for timpani and band (1984). Tristan Fry, timp; City of London Wind Ensemble/Geoffrey Brand. LDR LDRC 1001 12 Beethoven, L. Tattoos: no 1 in F, WoO18; no 2 in C, WoO20; no 3 in F, WoO19. Netherlands Wind Ensemble. LP Philips 6527 117 9 fineMusic FM 102.5


14:00 MUSICAL EXPLORATIONS Influences and Connections Pepared by Elaine Siversen Fuchs, R. Quintet in E flat, op 102, mvt 4 (1914). Paul Meyer, cl; Carmina Quartet. Denon CO-78801 10 Korngold, E. Sonata no 2, op 2, mvt 2 (1910). Geoffrey Tozer, pf. Chandos CHAN 9389 8 Zemlinsky, A. The mermaid, orchestral fantasy after Andersen, mvt 3 (c1903). Buffalo PO/JoAnn Falletta. BPO 14 Korngold, E. Moderato, from The snowman (1908; orch. Zemlinsky 1910). BBC PO/Matthias Bamert. Chandos CHAN 9631 4

11:30 ON PARADE Prepared by Elaine Siversen


15:30 MUSIC FOR WORDS Part I: Heavenly Schubertiade Produced by Greg Ghavalas

Tantum ergo in C, D461 (1816); Psalm 23, D706 (1820). Sydney University Graduate Chamber Choir. 11

Part 2: Poetic inspirations encore Produced by Greg Ghavalas Debussy, C. L’apres midi d’un faune (1876). 10 Bowen, C. Sweet silence after bells (2010). 10 Songs of the heart (2011). Robert Alexander, narr. 31 Sydney University Graduate Choir (2 above) Sydney University Graduate O/Christopher Bowen (3 above) SUCG recording 18:00 TO THE FOUR WINDS Prepared by Elaine Siversen Ponchielli, A. Capriccio (pub. 1880). John Anderson, ob; Gordon Back, pf. ASV WHL 2100


Marietta’s song, from The dead city (1920). Kiri Te Kanawa, sop; London SO/Stephen Barlow. ABC 480 5629 5

Françaix, J. Divertissement (1942). Robin O’Neill, bn; Gaudier Ensemble. Hyperion CDA67036


Mendelssohn, F. Excerpts from A midsummer night’s dream, op 61 (1842). Slovak PO/Anthony Bramall. Naxos 8.554433 20

Saint-Saëns, C. Romance in E flat, op 67 (1885). Barry Tuckwell, hn; Daniel Blumenthal, pf. 9 Etcetera KTC 1135

Korngold, E. Suite from Captain Blood (1935). London SO/André Previn. DG 471 347-2 14

Brahms, J. Trio in A minor, op 114 (1891). Alan Hacker, cl; Jennifer Ward Clarke, vc; Richard Burnett, pf. Amon Ra CD-SAR 37 24 fineMusic FM 102.5


Saturday - 29th /Sunday - 30th December 0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT 6:00 SUNDAY MORNING MUSIC with Eleonore Fuchter 9:00 CELESTIAL NOTES Prepared by Di Cox Graun, C. The death of Jesus (1754-55). Mária Zádori, sop; Márta Fers, sop; Martin Klietmann, ten; Klaus Mertens, bar; Cantamus Chamber Choir, Halle; Capella Savaria; Pál Németh, cond. Harmonia Mundi QUI 903061 1:19 Bach, J.S. Chorale: O Mensch, bewein’ dein’ Sünde gross, BWV622, from Orgelbüchlein (1713-15). Marie-Claire Alain, org. 6 Erato 2292-45701-2 Stephen Sondheim

Paul Stanhope. Photo - Jason Catlett

19:00 THE MAGIC OF STAGE AND SCREEN Broadway singles Sondheim, S. Putting it together, from Sunday in the park with George (1985). Julie Andrews, Stephen Collins, voices. RCA Victor 4

Russell, W. Tell me it’s not true, from Blood brothers (1982). Petula Clark, voice. Gallo Records ESP 049 4 Rado, J. Good morning starshine, from Hair (1967). Elaine Paige, voice. WEA Records WIXD 45 3

Leigh, M. The impossible dream, from Man of La Mancha (1965). Brian Stokes Mitchell, bar. 4

Sondheim, S. Send in the clowns, from A little night music (1973). Frank Sinatra, voice. BIEM LC 00699 4

Brooks, M. We can do it, from The producers (1968). Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, voices. 4

Allen, P. Everything old is new again, from The boy from Oz (1998). Hugh Jackman, voice. Decca 986 1184 3

Loesser, F. Standing on the corner, from Most happy fella (1956). Shorty Long, John Henson, Alan Albert, Roy Lazarus, voices. 3 Sony BMG (3 above)


Schönberg, C-M. The last night of the world, from Miss Saigon (1989). Joanna Ampil, Peter Cousens, voices. Gallo Record Company ESP049 4 Strouse, C. Tomorrow, from Annie (1977). Andrea McArdle, voice. Sony BMG Lloyd Webber, A. As if we never said goodbye, from Sunset Boulevard (1993). Barbara Streisand, voice. Columbia COL 3544



Larson, J. Seasons of love, from Rent (1988). Broadway Cast. 3 Rice, T. Someone else’s story, from Chess (1984). Dennis de Young, voice.

20:00 LIVE AND LOCAL Musical futures Produced by Greg Ghavalas


Gallo Records ESP 049 (2 above) Loewe, F. How can I wait, from Paint your wagon (1951). Julie Andrews, sop. Columbia CK 44375 2

10:30 CHAMBER MASTERWORKS Prepared by Rex Burgess Couperin, F. Nouveau concert no 8 in G, In the theatrical style (1724). Aurèle Nicolet, fl; Christiane Nicolet. fl; Heinz Hollinger, ob; Marie-Lise Schüpbach, ob; Manfred Sax, bn; Thomas Brandis, vn; Chiara Banchini, vn; Josef Ulsamer, va da gamba; Christiane Jaccottet, hpd. Archiv 459 484-2 22 Cherubini, L. String quartet no 2 in C (1839). Melos Quartet. DG 429 185-2 27 Chausson, E. Trio in G minor, op 3 (1883). Philippe Graffin, vn; Pascal Devoyon, pf; Gary Hoffman, vc. Hyperion CDA67028 30 Speer, D. Sonata in E minor for three trombones. Members of Triton Trombone Quartet. BIS CD644

Walton, W. Death of Falstaff; Touch her soft lips and part, from Henry V (1944). 6 Tchaikovsky, P. Suite from Sleeping Beauty, op 66a (1899). 21 Stanhope, P. Fantasia on a theme of Vaughan Williams (2004). 18

12:00 RAGTIME TO SWING with John Buchanan

Grieg, E. Piano concerto in A minor, op 16 (1868). York Yu, pf. 30

13:00 DANCING Prepared by Elaine Siversen

Ku-Ring-Gai PO/Rowan Harvey-Martin (all above) Paganini - Liszt. La campanella. York Yu, pf. 5 21:30 SHORTER SYMPHONIES Prepared by Rex Burgess Mahler, G. Adagio, from Symphony no 10 (1910). Gustav Mahler Youth O/Bernard Haitink. Radio Nederland transcription 25 22:00 AFTER HOURS with Kevin Jones


Antill, J. Dance to the evening star, from Corroboree, symphonic ballet (1950). Sydney SO/John Lanchbery. 4 EMI CDOASD 793060 Carmichael, J. Bravura waltzes (1990). Antony Gray, pf. ABC 476 6191 11 Brumby, C. Two exotic dances (1961). Jane Rutter, fl; Louise Johnson, hp; Brian Nixon, perc; Ian Cleworth, perc. ABC 476 6475

fineMusic FM 102.5

5 49

Sunday - 30th December Stanford, C. Villiers Te Deum; Jubilate in A. Choir of Ely Cathedral; Jeremy Filsell, org; Paul Trepte, cond. Heritage HTGCD 219 12 Carols: Veni, veni, Emmanuel; God rest ye merry gentlemen; Silent night. Ten Tenors. Warner Music 5101112212 10 Henschel, G. Tantum ergo sacramentum. 3 Hymn: Hail to the Lord’s anointed. 5 Choir of Christ Church St Laurence, Sydney; Peter Jewkes, org; Neil McEwan, cond (2 above) CCSL CD 05 Dubois, T. Toccata. Michael Harris, org. York CD 109 Julia Kleiter Askill, M. Lemurian dances (1990). Michael Askill, perc; Synergy. Vox Australis VAST 001-2 11

18:00 SYDNEY SOCIETY OF RECORDER PLAYERS Marion Verbruggen plays Vivaldi Prepared by Robert Small

Theodore Kuchar 19:30 SUNDAY NIGHT CONCERT Prepared by Jan Brown

Koehne, G. Tivoli dances (2005). Tasmanian SO/Richard Mills. ABC 476 6502 21

Vivaldi, A. Recorder concerto in C minor, RV441. Philharmonia Baroque O/Nicholas McGegan. Harmonia Mundi HMU 907040 11

14:00 SUNDAY SPECIAL Europeans with London connections Prepared by Philip Lidbury

The four seasons (1725). Flanders Recorder Quartet. Harmonia Mundi HMU 3957153 37

Mozart, W. Divertimento in B flat, from London sketchbook, K15 (1764). Academy of St Martin in the Fields/Neville Marriner. Philips 464 940-2 10

Marion Verbruggen, rec (2 above)

Haydn, J. Symphony in D, Hob.I:104, London (1795). Collegium Musicum 90/Richard Hickox. Chandos CHAN 0655 27

Cilea, F. Io son l’umile ancella, from Adriana Lecouvreur (1902). Grace Bumbry, sop; Stuttgart RSO/Stefan Soltesz. Orfeo C 081 841 A 3

Clementi, M. Rondo in B flat, Wo8. Howard Shelley, pf. Hyperion CDA 67850 4 Haydn, J. The Creation, Hob.XXI:2 (1796-98). Julia Kleiter, sop; Maximilian Schmitt, ten; Johannes Weisser, bass; RIAS Chamber Choir; Freiburg Baroque O/René Jacobs. Harmonia Mundi HMC 902039.40 1:41 Pleyel, I. Clarinet concerto in B flat. Paul Meyer, cl; Franz Liszt CO/Jean-Pierre Rampal. Denon CO-78911 23 17:00 HOSANNA Prepared by Richard Munge Carols: O come all ye faithful; Ding dong merrily on high; Candlelight carol; O little town of Bethlehem. Choir of Canterbury Cathedral; Michael Harris, org; David Flood, cond. York CD 109 16 50


fineMusic FM 102.5

d’Indy, V. Symphony on a French mountain song, op 25 (1886). Duncan Gifford, pf; Tasmanian SO/Sebastian Lang-Lessing. ABC 476 192-8 27 Kalinnikov, Vasily. Symphony no 2 in A (1897). Ukraine NSO/Theodore Kuchar. Naxos 8.553417 40

19:00 OPERA HIGHLIGHTS Prepared by Giovanna Grech

Donizetti, G. Poor Ernesto!. I’ll seek some far-off land, from Don Pasquale (1843). Roberto Alagna, ten; London PO/Richard Armstrong. EMI 5 55477 2 8 Handel, G. Sibilar gli angui d’Aletto, from Rinaldo (1711). Samuel Ramey, bass; Philharmonia O/Donato Renzetti. Philips 420 184-2

Glazunov, A. Spring, op 34 (1891). Moscow SO/Igor Golovschin. Naxos 8.553838 14

21:00 NEW HORIZONS Aussie holiday Prepared by Troy Fil Meale, R. Cantilena pacifica (1980). Erica Kennedy, vn; Tasmanian SO/Richard Mills. ABC 476 3221


Dreyfus, G. Gold Coast, 1990, I, II (1990). Methodist Ladies’ College Chorale/Jane EltonBrown. 5 Move MD 3129


Carr-Boyd, A. Shoalhaven suite (1999). John Martin, pf. Jade JADCD-1103 14

Rossini, G. Ah, donate il caro sposo, from Il Signor Bruschino (1813). Della Jones, mezz; Richard Hickox Singers; City of London Sinfonia/Richard Hickox. Chandos CHAN 8865 8

Beath, B. Indonesian diptych (1994). Moravian PO/Ruben Silver. Vienna Modern Masters VMM 3031 10 Lumsdaine, D. Lake Emu (1983). Tape realized by the composer. Tall Poppies TP092 44 22:30 ULTIMA THULE

Monday - 31st December 0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT 6:00 MUSIC FOR A NEW DAY including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with James Hunter 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Inspired by opera Prepared by Chris Blower Barret, R. Fantasy on Donizetti’s Lucrezia Borgia (arr. Price). Bert Lucarelli, ob; Manhattan String Quartet. Price-Less D 21062 10 Servais, A-F. Caprice on melodies from Le Comte Ory, op 3. Smithsonian Chamber Players. EMI CDC 7 49009 2 9 Beethoven, L. Variations on Mozart’s Là ci darem la mano, WoO28 (c1796). Marilyn Zupnik, ob; Kathryn Greenbank, ob; Elizabeth Starr, cora. ASV QS 6192 9 Rimsky-Korsakov, N. Suite from Sadko, op 5 (1867). Bergen PO/Dmitri Kitaienko. Chandos CHAN 9229 13 Hugues, L. Grand concert fantasy on themes from Verdi’s Un ballo in maschera, op 5. JeanPierre Rampal, fl; Claudi Arimany, fl; John Steele Ritter, pf. Delos .DE 3212 9 10:00 MORNING CONCERT Prepared by Elaine Siversen Reger, M. Four tone poems after A. Böcklin, op 128 (1913). Royal Concertgebouw O/Neeme Järvi. Chandos CHAN 8794 25 Mahler, G. Symphony no 1 in D (1885-88). Royal Concertgebouw O/Riccardo Chailly. Radio Nederland transcription 57 11:30 REGER FOR ORGAN Prepared by Elaine Siversen Reger, M. Prelude and fugue in C sharp minor, op 85 no 1 (1904). Bernard Haas, org. Naxos 8.553926 10

Chorale fantasia on Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott, op 27 (1898). Martin Welzel, org. Naxos 8.570455 16 12:00 SWING SESSIONS with John Buchanan

Brahms, J. Alto rhapsody, op 53 (1869). Kathleen Ferrier, cont; London Philharmonic Ch & O/Clemens Krauss. Decca 421 299-2 16 Chabrier, E. Rhapsody: España (1883). Montreal SO/Charles Dutoit. Decca 421 527-2

13:00 THE AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT What is a baryton? Prepared by Philip Lidbury Telemann, G. Viola concerto in G. Collegium Musicum 90/Simon Standage, va & dir. Chandos CHAN 0593 12 Haydn, J. Octet in G for baryton, horns and strings, Hob.X:4 (c1775). Members of Haydn Sinfonietta/Manfred Huss. BIS CD-1796/98 18 Beethoven, L. Music for a knightly ballet, WoO1 (1790-91). Nicolaus Esterházy Sinfonia/ Béla Drahos. Naxos 8.553431 13 Haydn, J. Canons, Hob.XXVIIb (1790s): No 10, I have lived; no 17, Three things; no 36, Two kinds of enemies; no 27, The coward; no 44, God in one’s heart; no 35, Court fools. Györ Girls’ Choir; Miklós Szabó, cond. LP Hungaroton SLPD 12890 10 Baryton trio in C, Hob.XI:101 (c1770-1773). John Hsu, baryton; David Miller, va; Fortunato Arico, vc. ASV CD GAU 104 8 Rosetti, A. Symphony in D, K112 (1780). London Mozart Players/Matthias Bamert. Chandos CHAN 9567 18 14:30 RHAPSODY Prepared by Randolph Magri-Overend Alfvén, H. Midsummer vigil, Swedish rhapsody no 1, op 19 (1903). Stockholm PO/ Neeme Järvi. BIS CD-385 14


Enescu, G. Rumanian rhapsody, op 11 no 1 (1901). London SO/Antal Dorati. Mercury 432 015-2 12 Dvorák, A. Slavonic rhapsody in A flat, op 45 no 3 (1878). Scottish NO/Neeme Järvi. Chandos CHAN 9002 12 Gershwin, G. Rhapsody in blue (1924). Columbia SO/Leonard Bernstein, pf & dir. CBS MYK 42611 16 16:00 KEEPING YOU COMPANY including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm Prepared by David Brett 19:00 A TWIST OF JAZZ with Andrew Piper 20:00 STORMY MONDAY with Austin Harrison and Garth Sundberg 22:00 KEYBOARD CONTRASTS Prepared by Judy Ekstein Schubert, F. Sonata no 20 in A, D959 (1828). Mitsuko Uchida, pf. Philips 475 6282 42 Szymanowski, K. Études, op 33 (1916). Martin Roscoe, pf. Naxos 8.553867 13 Shostakovich, D. Trio in E minor, op 67 (1944). Dene Olding, vn; Julian Smiles, vc; David Bollard, pf. Tall Poppies TP052 29 Beethoven, L. Sonata no 32 in C minor, op 111 (1821-22). Wilhelm Kempff, pf. DG 429 306-2 24


Music duration is shown after the record and citation SO: Symphony Orchestra PO: Philharmonic Orchestra NO: National Orchestra RO: Radio Orchestra FO: Festival Orchestra CO: Chamber Orchestra TO: Theatre Orchestra RSO: Radio Symphony Orchestra RTO: Radio & Television Orchestra Prom O: Promenade Orchestra

Ch & O: Chorus & Orchestra NSO: National Symphony Orchestra alto: male alto ban: bandoneon bar: baritone bshn: basset horn bass: bass bn: bassoon bass-bar: bass-baritone cl: clarinet clvd: clavichord

cont: contralto cora: cor anglais ct: counter-tenor db: double bass dbn: double bassoon elec: electronic eng horn: English horn fl: flute fp: fortepiano gui: guitar hn: French horn hp: harp

hpd: harpsichord mand: mandolin mar: marimba mezz: mezzo-soprano narr: narrator ob: oboe org: organ perc: percussion pf: piano rec: recorder sax: saxophone sop: soprano

tb: trombone ten: tenor timp: timpani tpt: trumpet treb: treble voice va: viola vc: cello vle: violone vn: violin

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The following composers have works of at least five minutes on the December dates listed Aguilera de Heredia, S. c1565-1627 21 Alfvén, H. 1872-1960 31 Alkan, C-V. 1813-1888 24 Amann, V-A. 1834-1889 21 Arne, T. 1710-1778 18 Arnold, M. 1921-2006 18,25 Askill, M. b1952 30 Attaignant, P. c1494-1552 28 Bach, C.P.E. 1714-1788 7,21,24,26,28 Bach, J.S. 1685-1750 1,3,5,8,13,1 4,15,16,20,23,24,27,30 Bach, W.F. 1710-1784 1,5 Bacri, N. b1961 2 Balakirev, M. 1837-1910 4,14 Ball, E. 1903-1989 8 Banks, D. 1923-1980 22 Barber, S. 1910-1981 6 Barbieri, F. 1823-1894 9 Bärmann, H. 1784-1847 14 Barnekow, C. 1837-1913 17 Barret, R. b1959 31 Barsanti, F. 1690-1772 27 Bartók, B. 1881-1945 18 Bax, A. 1883-1953 6 Beath, B. b1932 30 Beck, F. 1734-1809 7 Beethoven, L. 1770-1827 1,3, 4,6,7,8,11,12,13,15,17,18,21,22,24,2 5,27,29,31 Benda, F. 1709-1786 2 Benjamin, A. 1893-1960 22 Bennett, Richard. b1936 8 Bériot, C-A. de 1802-1870 20 Berlioz, H. 1803-1869 10,15,16 Bernstein, L. 1918-1990 2 Berwald, F. 1796-1868 17,25 Biber, C. 18th c 2 Bizet, G. 1838-1875 13,23,24,25 Blankenburg, Q. 1654-1739 3 Boccherini, L. 1743-1805 2,7,8,11,13 Boëllmann, L. 1862-1897 15 Böhm, G. 1661-1733 8 Boïeldieu, A. 1775-1834 17 Boismortier, J. de 1689-1755 28 Borodin, A. 1833-1887 6,7,14,17 Bortnyansky, D. 1751-1825 9 Bottesini, G. 1821-1889 28 Bowen, C. b1956 29 Boyce, W. 1711-1779 21 Brahms, J. 1833-1897 13,14,15,18,23,27,28,29,31 Brahms, J.
 1833-1897 13,14,15,18,23,27,28,29,31 Britten, B. 1913-1976 2,10,14,24,25 Bruch, M. 1838-1920 9,11,22,24,25 Bruckner, A. 1824-1896 23 Burda, E. 20th c 15 Buxtehude, D. 1637-1707 4,17,21 52

fineMusic FM 102.5

Carmichael, J. b1930 15,30 Carr-Boyd, A. b1938 8,30 Carter, E. b1908 11 Casella, A. 1883-1959 20 Chabrier, E. 1841-1894 31 Charlton, R. b1955 24 Charpentier, M-A. 1635-1704 1,14,25,28 Chatman, S. b1950 9 Chausson, E. 1855-1899 30 Cherubini, L. 1760-1842 14,30 Chopin, F. 1810-1849 1,4,5,8,18,25,28,29 Cimarosa, D. 1749-1801 17 Ciurlionis, M. 1875-1911 7 Clementi, M. 1752-1832 7,24 Coleridge-Taylor, S. 1875-1912 11 Connesson, G. b1970 2 Constantinidis, Y. 1903-1984 4 Copland, A. 1900-1990 10 Corelli, A. 1653-1713 11,24,25 Couperin, F. 1668-1733 30 Couperin, L. c1626-1661 28 Croft, W. 1678-1727 18 Crusell, B. 1775-1838 5,7 Curnow, J. b1943 22 Czerny, C. 1791-1857 15 d’Albert, E. 1864-1932 21 D’Indy, V. 1851-1931 20,26,30 Danzi, F. 1763-1826 13,23 Dargomizhsky, A. 1813-1869 14 Debussy, C. 1862-1918 3,4,16,19,25,26,29 Delibes, L. 1836-1891 6 Delius, F. 1862-1934 12,26 Dohnányi, E. 1877-1960 25 Donizetti, G. 1797-1848 30 Dragatakis, D. 1914-2001 4 Dreyfus, G. b1928 30 Dubois, T. 1837-1924 30 Dubugnon, R. b1968 2 Duffy, J. b1926 22 Dukas, P. 1865-1935 13 Dussek, J. 1760-1812 2,20,24 Dvarionas, B. 1904-1972 7 Dvorák, A. 1841-1904 2,3,6,7,12,20,21,25,28,31 Dyson, G. 1883-1964 18 Edwards, R. b1943 2 Elgar, E. 1857-1934 6 Eller,H. 1887-1970 26 Enescu, G. 1881-1955 31 Esterházy, P. 1635-1713 2 Falla, M. de 1876-1946 16 Fasch, J. 1688-1758 12 Fauré, G. 1845-1924 16 Filtsch, C. 1830-1845 14 Flecha, M. the elder 14811553 21 Foster, G. b1945 18 Françaix, J. 1912-1997 29 Franck, C. 1822-1890 7,16 Frohlich, J. 1806-1860 21 Fry, W. 1813-1864 24 Fuchs, R. 1847-1927 29

Gabrieli, G. c1556-1612 2,25 Gade, N. 1817-1890 1,10,17,20,21,27 Gellman, S. b1947 23 Gerhard, R. 1896-1970 9 Gershwin, G. 1898-1937 31 Ginastera, A. 1916-1983 25 Giuliani, M. 1781-1829 7,28 Glanville-Hicks, P. 1912-1990 22 Glazunov, A. 1865-1936 20,30 Glier, R. 1875-1976 11 Glinka, M. 1804-1857 2,12,28 Gluck, C. 1714-1787 10 Goldmark, K. 1830-1915 14 Gombau, G. 1906-1971 9 Gounod, C. 1818-1893 14 Gram, P. 1881-1956 6 Graun, C. 1704-1759 30 Grechaninov, A. 1864-1956 24 Grieg, E. 1843-1907 9,17,29 Gubaidulina, S. b1931 16 Guerrero, F. 1528-1599 21 Hahn, R. 1875-1947 11,20 Handel, G. 1685-1759 3,8,10,11,15,23 Harris, R. 1898-1979 11 Hasse, J. 1699-1783 2 Haydn, J. 1732-1809 7,8,13,16,27,30,31 Haydn, M. 1737-1806 2 Hebden, J. 1712-1765 18 Heinichen, J. 1683-1729 12 Hellendaal, P. 1721-1799 26 Henselt, A. 1814-1889 17 Herman, J. b1932 8 Hérold, F. 1791-1833 28 Heuberger, R. 1850-1914 9 Hindemith, P. 1895-1963 18,27 Hindson, M. b1968 8 Holbrooke, J. 1876-1958 6 Holloway, R. b1943 9 Holst, G. 1874-1934 9 Horneman, C. 1840-1906 4 Hotteterre, J-M. 1674-1763 24 Hughes, R. b1912 8 Hugues, L. 1836-1913 31 Hummel, J. 1778-1837 1,10,12,22,23 Ingham, S. b1950 5 Ippolitov-Ivanov, M. 18591935 10,25 Isaacs, M. b1958 15 Ives, C. 1874-1954 11 Jacob, G. 1895-1984 29 Janácek, L. 1854-1928 2,4,23,25 Jenkins, K. b1944 16 Kalinnikov, Vasily. 18701927 5,14,30 Kalomiris, M. 1883-1962 4 Karg-Elert, S. 1877-1933 19

Offenbach, J. 1819-1880 3,17,24,26 Onslow, G. 1784-1853 3,27

Scott, B. 20th c 24 Sculthorpe, P. b1929 2,19 Servais, A-F. 1807-1866 7,31 Shchedrin, R. b1932 16,17 Shield, W. 1748-1829 18 Paderewski, I. 1860-1941 Shostakovich, D. 10,18 1906-1975 1,2,3,6,18,20,25,31 Padilla, J. de c1590-1664 23 Sibelius, J. 1865-1957 1,11,27,28 Paganini, N. 1782-1840 3,17 Silvestrov, V. b1937 16 Pärt, A. b1935 26 Sitsky, L. b1934 22 Pavlova, A. b1952 22 Skalkottas, N. 1904-1949 4 Pécou, T. b1965 23 Skryabin, A. 1872-1915 19,25 Pedersøn, M. c1580-1628 4,21 Smetana, B. 1824-1884 2,3,14,28 Penderecki, K. b1933 9 Sondheim, S. b1930 8 Pergolesi, G. 1710-1736 19 Spohr, L. 1784-1859 7,10,21 Lachner, F. 1803-1890 6,16 Pichl, V. 1741-1805 2,11 Stamitz, C. 1745-1801 27 Pizzetti, I. 1880-1968 14 Lalo, E. 1823-1892 17 Stamitz, J. 1717-1757 2 Pleyel, I. 1757-1831 30 Lane, P. b1950 9 Stanford, C. Villiers 1852Ponce, M. 1882-1948 2 Langgaard, R. 1893-1962 17 1924 6,16,21,30 Ponchielli, A. 1834-1886 29 Stanhope, D. b1951 1 Langlais, J. 1907-1991 21 Poulenc, F. 1899-1963 Stanhope, P. b 1969 29 Lazzari, F. 1678-1754 11 Starzer, J. 1726-1787 14 Linley, T. the elder 1733-1795 18,23,25 Stolz, R. 1880-1975 1 Prokofiev, S. 1 891-1953 18 Strauss, J. II 1825-1899 5 7,17,19,25 Liszt, F. 1811-1886 Strauss, R. 1864-1949 Purcell, H. 1659-1695 6,9,10,16 5,8,13,19,24,28 3,9,12,16,19,26 Locatelli, P. 1695-1764 19 Stravinsky, I. 1882-1971 1,12,22 Quantz, J. 1697-1773 5 Loesser, F. 1910-1969 8 Suk, J. 1874-1935 3 Sullivan, A. 1842-1900 13,21 Lully, J-B. 1632-1687 28 Rachmaninov, S. 1873-1943 Suppé, F. 1819-1895 5,14 Lumsdaine, D. b1931 30 7,10,12,14,18,20,25 Svendsen, J. 1840-1911 27 Lyapunov, S. 1859-1924 14 Raff, J. 1822-1882 7 Sviridov, G. 1915-1998 6 Szymanowski, K. 1882-1937 Rameau, J-P. 1683-1764 28 MacDowell, E. 1860-1908 1 18,31 Rangström, T. 1884-1947 5 Machaut, G. de c1300-c1377 Ravel, M. 1875-1937 Taneyev, S. 1856-1915 1,13 28 1,9,15,16,20 Tansman, A. 1897-1986 5 Mahler, G. 1860-1911 Reger, M. 1873-1916 15,27,31 Tchaikovsky, P. 1840-1893 11,16,23,29,31 Reincken, J. 1623-1722 26 11,13,18,19,22,25,27,28,29 Malipiero, G. 1882-1973 6 Telemann, G. 1681-1767 Respighi, O. 1879-1936 Manfredini, F. 1684-1762 19 9,12,24,31 10,15,20,25 Marais, M. 1656-1728 28 Tellefsen, T. 1823-1874 14 Riddle, N. 1921-1985 22 Marcello, A. 1684-1750 19 Templeton, A. 1909-1963 27 Ries, F. 1784-1838 12,20 Margaritis, L. 1894-1953 4 Tomkins, T. 1572-1656 16 Rimsky-Korsakov, N. 1844Tormis, V. b1930 26 Martinu, B. 1890-1959 25 1908 24,31 Tubin, E. 1905-1982 22,26 Massenet, J. 1842-1912 Rodrigo, J. 1901-1999 9,18 16,24,28 Roman, J. 1694-1758 27 Valen, F. 1887-1952 5 McLeod, J. b1934 23 Román, J. Garcia b1945 9 Valentine, J. 20th c 9 Meale, R. b1932 22,30 Röntgen, J. 1855-1932 3,16 Vanhal, J. 1739-1813 23 Medtner, N. 1880-1951 27 Vásquez, J. c1510-c1560 21 Rosetti, A. c1750-1792 31 Mendelssohn, F. 1809-1847 Rossini, G. 1792-1868 Vaughan Williams, R. 18721,4,6,8,10,12,13,15,22,29 1958 9,10,12,18,25 3,7,10,16,30 Menotti, G. 1911-2007 9 Verdi, G. 1813-1901 9 Rózsa, M. 1907-1995 10 Mercadante, S. 1795-1870 17 Rubinstein, A. 1829-1894 3,9 Vermeulen, M. 1888-1967 3 Vine, C. b1954 22 Merrill, B. b1921 22 Ruders, P. b1949 9 Vivaldi, A. 1678-1741 1,7,30 Mikuli, K. 1819-1897 14 Millöcker, C. 1842-1899 1 Saint-Saëns, C. 1835-1921 Wagenaar, J. 1894-1971 3 Miskinis, V. b1954 7 1,2,3,7,8,9,12,14,17,22,29 Wagner, R. 1813-1883 Monn, M. 1717-1750 7 Sancan, P. b1916 2 9,12,15,17,21,28,29 Morales, C. de c1500-1553 21 Scarlatti, D. 1685-1757 8,19 Walton, W. 1902-1983 6,27,29 Moscheles, I. 1794-1870 16 Scharwenka, X. 1850-1924 18 Wassenaer, U. 1692-1766 3,26 Mozart, W. 1756-1791 2,3,7,8 Scheibe, J. 1708-1776 4 Weber, C.M. 1786-1826 3,13,27,29 ,9,10,11,13,16,18,19,21,22,23,24,25, Scheidt, S. 1587-1654 5 Weiss, S.1686-1750 2 26,27,28,30 Schenck, J. 1660-1712 3,26 Wesley-Smith, M. b1945 22 Mussorgsky, M. 1839-1881 9 Schiassi, G. 1698-1754 14 Myaskovsky, N. 1881-1950 4 Schubert, F. 1797-1828 1,5,6,8, Wesley, S. 1766-1837 18,21 Whitacre, E. b1970 23 9,15,20,23,25,26,27,28,29,31 Willcock, C. b1947 22 Nicolai, O. 1810-1849 13 Schulhoff, E. 1894-1942 16 Willson, M. 1902-1984 22 Nielsen, C. 1865-1931 Schumann, C. 1819-1896 15 Wolff, J-C. b1946 2 4,21,25,27 Schumann, R. 1810-1856 Xenakis, I. 1922-2001 4 4,8,11,17,20,22 Zemlinsky, A. 1871-1942 29 Schütz, H. 1585-1672 14 Schwartzkopf, T. 18th c 5 Zimmer, H. b1957 8 Khachaturian, A. 1903-1978 3,24 Koechlin, C. 1867-1950 13 Koehne, G. b1956 24,30 Korngold, E. 1897-1957 2,21,29 Kraft, A. 1749-1820 2 Kraus, J.M. 1756-1792 5 Krebs, J. 1713-1780 5 Kreisler, F. 1875-1962 11 Krommer, F. 1759-1831 5,6 Kuhlau, F. 1786-1832 6,11,17 Künneke, E. 1885-1953 1

Wagner in Munich

Wagner’s Ring Cycle in Munich Bryn Terfel

Nina Stemme

Juha Uusitalo

Kent Nagano

July 11-19, 2013 $5,950, twin share, land content only $950 supplement for sole use of double room Celebrate the 2013 Wagner bicentenary in style, with top category tickets to an outstanding production of Der Ring des Nibelungen at the Staatsoper in Munich. The world-class cast includes Bryn Terfel, Nina Stemme, Stephen Gould and Juha Uusitalo. Performances are conducted by Kent Nagano. Accommodation is at the centrally located Torbreau Hotel. As well as the four performances, there are excursions to the castles of Wagner’s patron, Ludwig II, in the Bavarian countryside and visits to Munich’s leading galleries and museums.

Also available: Wagner’s Ring Cycle in Paris Just four places remain on our 12-day sojourn in Paris, attending performances of the Ring at the Opera Bastille, with excursions outside Paris and visits to leading galleries and museums. Prices from $8,800 per person.

tailored small group Journeys › Expert tour leaders › Maximum 20 in a group › Carefully planned itineraries

Tour leader Robert Gay has 25-years’ experience designing and leading music and cultural tours around the world. He will provide insightful background talks on the music and lead post-performance discussions.

For detailed itineraries and bookings Plus details of 32 special interest cultural tours in 2013.

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VOLUNTEER RECORDING ENGINEERS – Peter Bell, Roger Doyle, Greg Ghavalas, Kerry Joyner, Jayson McBride, Tim Saddler, Greg Simmons VOLUNTEER PROGRAMMERS AND PRESENTERS – Matt Bailey, Bill Barry, Warwick Bartle, Charles Barton, Angela Bell, Peter Bell, Chris Blower, David

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Book & CD fair

Thousands of books and CDs for sale!

• Thursday 22 November Opening Night 6-10pm • Friday 23 November – Sunday 2 December 9am-6pm Balmain Town Hall, 370 Darling Street, Balmain • Thursday 17 January Opening Night 6-10pm. • Friday 18 January – Sunday 28 January 9am-6pm
 Crows Nest Centre, 2 Ernest Place, Crows Nest Call our pick-up line for cd and book donations on 9487 1111. There is something for everybody at the Book & CD Fair, so come along and pick up a bargain! 
 Over 22 years the Book & CD Fair has grown in popularity and is a key fundraiser for Fine Music 102.5 thanks to generous donations of books and cds received each month.


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crossword Down 1 Quite falsely, it’d bring us to regard it as upsetting (10) 2 Precious stone clumsily surrounds Her Excellency - pity it’s serrated ! (6) 3 Religious group in secret most places, but not Ireland (4) 4 Double slice bikini (3-5) 5 Perhaps ring and showed how pleased you are ! (4) 6 Very conservative Colonel has second level leg infirmity (5) 8 Point surrounding short mixed-up cave dweller’s gentle pace (3-4) 12 Corn husk can be misused as badinage (5) 14 Dangerously, car mycosis beams from outer space (6,4) 16 Echo diatomite if you want to, but the party’s off (7) 17 Popeye’s adopted baby son added bar to become fragrant climber (5-3) 21 Disconcert Sir Simon of the concert podium (6) 22 Lulu pinnatifid has blooms on lengthy spike (5) 24 Regulations can be mistaken for legendary material (4) 25 Forever, it seems, reverberating in the same order-” European community holds on “ (4)

Across 6 Sizeable Army force somehow a bridge too far (7)

7 Rare leader in open countrysideour celestial home (5)

9 Pop off bar and become slimmer (4)

10 Liveliness needs top clobber followed by timely departure (3-2-3-2) 11 Here and there, surprisingly, picadors fill the bill (8) 13 Play it again, Coreen ! (6) 15 Consequently, King Island will involve Australasian connection (4) 17 Mould quiet primate (5) 18 Area- to my ears a faculty (4) 19 Once a wooded hollow, now a minor prang (6)

Compiled by Nevil Anderson


20 Confirmable, if one excludes the male, but definitely aggressive (8)

Address: _____________________________________________

23 Fortification thoroughfare condemned as the heart of greed (4,6)

Tel:______________ Email_______________________________ To go in the draw to win Simon Tedeschi’s new CD release - Gershwin and Me - send your answers to the address below by 20 December. Please include your name and address on the back of the envelope. The Crossword, 87 Chandos Street St Leonards NSW 2065

26 Entranced, or maybe birthday gift ready to go (4) 27 East Ireland really weird (5) 28 Happy and care-free - could be hallucinatory if ritual is foregone (7)

Crossword Solution -November 2012

MUSICAL TRIVIA with Michael Morton-Evans How well do you know the world of classical music? Test your knowledge with these musical brain teasers from Fine Music 102.5 presenter, Michael Morton-Evans.

Across: 1 Disciplinarian, 10 Hi-fis, 11 Fabianism, 12 Eurasia, 13 Dry-eyed, 14 Drama, 16 Desultory, 19 Antivirus, 20 Seeks, 22 Resells, 25 End user, 27 Odourless, 28 Broom, 29 Incommensurate.

1. Who was the aristocratic composer who kept a small clavichord in his Rolls Royce and dyed the pigeons on his estate in all the colours of the rainbow? 2. Which of Mozart’s operas was alternatively titled “The Dissolute One Punished?” 3. Jazz pianist Errol Garner was well-known for humming along audibly with his playing. Which classical pianist was also known for this habit? 4. Which French composer died of gangrene after piercing his right foot with this conducting staff? 5. What is an enharmonic interval? 6. Who of the following was NOT a member of the Russian group known as The Mighty Handful? Balakirev. Tchaikovsky. Cui. Rimsky Korsakov. 7. Which piece of music by Gustav Mahler was made fampus by its use in the film “Death in Venice?” 8. And while we’re at the movies…. Which piece of music is used at the start of the Stanley Kubrik film “2001: A Space Odyssey?” 476 5169

This Christmas

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 2.58 The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire) Candlelight Carol 3.31 Mary’s Boy Child (feat. James Morrison) 2.39 This Christmas 3.37 Angel 4.40 The Silver Stars Are In The Sky 2.43 Christmas Medley 3.25

9. 10. 11. 12.

A Child Is Born 3.17 Poverty 2.49 Mary’s Boy Child (band mix) I’ll Be Home For Christmas


Once In Royal David’s City God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Hark The Herald Angels Sing

3.17 1.30

the idea of north

fineMusic FM 102.5

ʋ2012 The Idea of North © 2012 The Idea of North. Distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Universal Music Group, under exclusive licence. Made in Australia. All rights of the owner of copyright reserved. Any copying, renting, lending, diffusion, public performance or broadcast of this record without the authority of the copyright owner is prohibited.


4 76 51 69

NOVEMBER TRIVIA ANSWERS 1. Ludwig van Beethoven, 2. Jeremiah Clarke, 3. Francis Poulenc, 4. A now obsolete brass wind instrument belonging to the bugle family patented in 1821, 5. Bedrich Smetana, 6. Ruggero Leoncavallo; Giacomo Puccini, 7. Maurice Ravel, 8.Thirty 56

the idea of north

This Christmas

The Quiz Master 87 Chandos Street St Leonards NSW 2065

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

the idea of north

To go in the draw to win The Idea of North’s This Christmas CD, send your answers to the address below by 20 December. Please include your name and address on the back of the envelope.

Down: 2 Informant, 3 Costs, 4 Puff adder, 5 Imbed, 6 Amaryllis, 7 Icily, 8 Name day, 9 Shield, 15 Ad valorem, 17 Suspenses, 18 Overshoot, 19 A priori, 21 Shrimp, 23 Stoic, 24 Suede, 26 Debar.

This Christmas

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