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RAY CHEN’S VIRTUOSITY His Impact on Audiences

GRIEG’S CONCERTO A Sesquicentenary Event

BRUCKNER’S SYMPHONIES The Man behind the Music

KOECHLIN REVISITED A Fresh Look at his Works



Stephen Hough plays Rachmaninoff Stephen Hough’s sparkling virtuosity is perfect for the keyboard pyrotechnics of Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini. Mendelssohn’s Reformation Symphony ends with a festive and triumphant finale. Julian Kuerti conductor ∙ Celeste Lazarenko soprano Stephen Hough piano

4 JUL, 6.30PM / 5 JUL, 1.30PM / 6 JUL, 11AM Sydney Opera House

Mozart’s Horn Concerto No.3 & Linz Symphony Classical to the core, with music by Schubert, a Mozart horn concerto and the spirited Linz symphony. Andrew Haveron violin-director Ben Jacks horn

THU 12 JUL, 7PM City Recital Hall

Pictures at an Exhibition

Spanish Nights


Higdon Violin Concerto with Benjamin Beilman The brilliant Benjamin Beilman makes his SSO debut with a new showpiece violin concerto in the classic Romantic style. Then enjoy the vivid and exhilarating Pictures at an Exhibition, a true audience favourite! Giancarlo Guerrero conductor Benjamin Beilman violin

The acclaimed Steven Osbourne returns to perform Falla’s evocative Nights in the Gardens of Spain and a new piano concerto in a program of gorgeous symphonic impressions of Spain. Ludovic Morlot conductor Steven Osborne piano EMIRATES METRO SERIES



18, 20 & 21 JUL, 8PM Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

sydneysymphony.com Call (02) 8215 4600 (9am–5pm Mon–Fri)

Booking fees of $5-$8.95 may apply depending on method of booking.

Tickets also available at:


sydneyoperahouse.com 9250 7777

cityrecitalhall.com 8256 2222

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From The Chair Many thanks to all those listeners who have contributed to our end-of-financialyear appeal. We are very grateful for all the support you have shown and for the many accompanying messages of goodwill. It is deeply reassuring to know our broadcasts are valued by so many. If you have not yet donated, and are reading this before June 30, there is still time to make a tax-deductible donation for 2017/18. Just go to our website (www.finemusicfm.com) and click on the donate button. Of course, you are always welcome to make a donation at any time of the year. July not only marks the start of a new financial year, but also the sixmonthly review of our programming schedules. There are no major realignments this time round, but please check out the details of program changes on page 4. If I may be allowed a personal promotion, on Evenings with the Orchestra at 8pm on the third Friday of each month, I will be presenting a series featuring the symphonies of Ralph Vaughan Williams with much related orchestral music. This is a tribute to the great English composer as we mark the 60th anniversary of his death in August. As we move into winter, the Sydney classical music scene is very busy. Talking about England reminds us that among many highlights will be visits by two wonderful British musicians. The Sydney Symphony welcomes back brilliant pianist Stephen Hough for a series of performances of Rachmaninov’s ever-popular Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini, while renowned cellist Steven Isserlis joins the Australian Chamber Orchestra to perform Shostakovich’s Cello concerto no 1. So, whether it’s live music or Fine Music broadcasts on 102.5 and DAB+, enjoy a great month of music and many thanks again for your support.

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Ray Chen

Photo: Keith Saunders

What is it that makes a young person turn on the radio, flick past the ‘pop’ and rock channels and settle on classical music?


it: at the movies. As classical music lovers, we can only hope that they’ve been hooked!

It’s a question we often ask ourselves here at Fine Music. Working with the UNSW Medical Orchestra last year, the students hinted at a possible answer: movies. Sure, soundtracks have an allure and orchestras and radio stations have had to adapt to that demand. In this case, that wasn’t what they meant. They were talking about symphonic movements, dances or songs which to them are inextricably linked with a certain scene in a film: the tango in Scent of a Woman or perhaps Bach’s Passacaglia in The Godfather.

Welcome to the 21st century, an age where the visual and sonic have become so incredibly entwined. We add music to still images, slideshows to symphonic works. Facebook allows us to livestream performances, our recitals reaching family across the globe, and YouTube (and its offshoots) have made videos a currency. For many musicians, this new reality has precipitated changes in how they reach their audience and broadened the definition of who this audience might be. Few, however, have succeeded as well in this domain as Ray Chen.

Ironically, to a classically informed audience, these pieces may have less impact. Our brains register them as works by a known composer, background music in the film to the ensuing action, but it is not the same for those for whom this is a first encounter. They’ll want to hear the piece again because of where they heard

When Chen plays, he dazzles. He has a virtuosic technique, a rich and inviting sound and an assuredness which gives him a true stage ‘presence’. All this is the result of years of hard work and training. From his home in Brisbane, Chen headed to the USA at 15 to study at the Curtis Institute of Music. He

July 2018

came to prominence after winning the Yehudi Menuhin Competition in 2008 and then the Queen Elizabeth Competition the following year. It’s what Chen has done with this success, however, which makes him unique. It may help that he looks like a movie star, but Chen has, to quote his own biography, redefined ‘what it means to be a classical musician’. Chen is an icon, a celebrity in the true sense of the word. At concerts, he interacts with audiences through social media. His online following reaches millions; he has appeared in the TV series Mozart in the Jungle; has a partnership with Giorgio Armani; and is currently releasing his own design of a violin case because, why not!? Throughout all this, Chen maintains an impressive touring schedule. He has played with many of the world’s best orchestras, is featured at gala events and, in August, will return to Australia to tour for Musica Viva. The concerts are for violin and piano and Chen

will tour with his long-standing accompanist, Julien Quentin. The French pianist is renowned for his musicality, playing with a sensitivity which commends him as a chamber musician. It is his poise which suits him as a collaborator with Chen, Quentin providing the foundation for Chen’s expressivity. Although the Australian tour may be somewhat more intimate than concerts performed abroad, Chen’s philosophy is sure to stay the same. With his goal of reaching younger audiences and a commitment to music education, Musica Viva is Chen’s perfect touring partner. As Mary Jo Capps, Musica Viva’s CEO, and Carl Vine, the organisation’s Artistic Director, are both stepping down this year, it is fitting to pay tribute to their contributions to this vital organisation. Musica Viva is not only the largest presenter of chamber music in the world, but also, perhaps, the largest disseminator of music across some of the largest distances in the world. Through their state offices, Musica Viva reaches Ray Chen primary schools across Photo: Keith Saunders the country, educating and enthusing youth about classical music. The organisation has its roots in immigrants who fled Europe in 1938-39, known as ‘38ers’. (You can read about another ’38er’ who had a special impact on Fine Music in next month’s magazine.) These immigrants brought an understanding of European music culture, an essential thread of the organisation to this day, but to this Capps and Vine have paired a uniquely Australian identity. Thus, visiting ensembles find themselves playing premieres by Australian composers. For Chen’s tour, the commission went to Matthew Hindson, who was free, as Musica Viva writes, ‘to create a work with no technical limitations’. It is the common piece in Chen’s two programs, testament to the importance of a commissioning organisation, as much in our time as in that of Beethoven. New commissions aside, part of Chen’s allure is that he excels at staying within safe boundaries. There is a thought that young audiences may connect with more contemporary classical music, an idea which should be progressed with caution. Musically literate youth, especially those

who are engaged in contemporary music making, may indeed lean towards a newer sound world. The uninitiated, however, seem to prefer ‘old’ favourites. It comes back to this idea of where they might have heard the music. Movies make use of Classical repertoire but usually Romantic pieces, intended as they were to ignite the passions. They complement the visual as if by design.

For the second program, Chen and Quentin open with a Chaconne allegedly by Tomaso Vitali. The question of authenticity arises as a piece of supposedly Baroque origins has attributes which make it quasi-Romantic. No matter its origins, it has always been loved by performers, Jascha Heifetz even choosing to perform an arrangement to open his New York debut in Queens Hall.

The Romantic era has another feature which endears it to youth: it was the age of virtuosity. Instrument design was being refined, technical ability was being pushed and people considered a life without limitations. Its echoes reverberate in our world today. The Australian Music Examination Board trains young musicians to be recitalists. The pieces Chen will play are also the aspirations of many young violinists. This is not to say that it’s the limit of their music connection. In an age when classical music has to fight for an audience, it is a very useful entrée.

The next two pieces make a happy pair, for César Franck’s Violin sonata in A (featured in the film Rosenstrasse) was written for the wedding of Eugène Ysaÿe, the third composer on the program. Not only did Ysaÿe perform the Franck sonata for his wedding guests but he and his wife’s sister-in-law also gave the public premiere. The four movements alternate between slow and fast and it is perhaps the last which best fits the wedding theme. With the piano and violin playing in canonic imitation, building towards a triumphant conclusion, it suggests two voices (or people) becoming one.

What then will dazzle the audiences? In the first program, Chen and Quentin open with Beethoven’s Violin sonata, op 12 no 1. In its day it was considered a daring work with Beethoven pushing the limits of key convention. It has now become one of the cornerstones of the violin-piano repertory. The next piece is by Grieg, his Second Violin Sonata written at a time when he’d become more confident about embracing Norwegian music. It begins sombrely but becomes cheerful, the second movement seeing the piano imitate a strummed guitar and the third movement evoking a peasant dance. After the Hindson comes the beloved arrangement of Manuel de Falla’s Suite populaire espagnole. Violinist Paul Kochanski arranged this suite from six of Falla’s vocal songs. A folk-dance sits between a lullaby and a lament as audiences tour Spain and its emotions. The final work is a Hungarian dance, Csárdás, by the Italian composer Vittorio Monti. Its seven sections shift in tempo and key and this, combined with extreme dynamics, makes it a wonderful showpiece (put to great use in the 1984 film Unfaithfully Yours).

Ysaÿe’s work is for solo violin, reminiscent of the playing style of his friend George Enescu. The gypsy-like qualities in this work are then recalled in the last work on the program, Tzigane by Maurice Ravel (you can find it in the film Alongside Night). Although perhaps not authentically Romany, Ravel’s piece has the quality of exoticism so popular in his day. It was commissioned by Jelly d’Arányi, the great-niece of the famed 19th century violinist Joseph Joachim, and fittingly, Chen will perform it on the violin once owned by Joachim. This is all part of Ray Chen’s sparkle and charm. A talented musician combined with a brilliant instrument and unique media acumen: it’s picture matched with sound. Chen can be an inspiration for our youth, proof that classical music can be as ‘cool’ as it is classy. He can remind us that music is there to move and entertain. Hopefully he can make people turn on the radio, flick past the ‘pop’ and rock and tune into classical. It’s Musica Viva’s mission, it’s Chen’s and it’s ours at Fine Music. EVENT RAY CHEN, VIOLIN JULIEN QUENTIN, PIANO Program 1: Beethoven, Grieg, Hindson, Falla, Monti Program 2: Vitali, Franck, Ysaÿe, Hindson, Ravel VENUE City Recital Hall DATES Program 1: Saturday 18 August 2pm Program 2: Monday 27 August 7pm BOOKINGS Musica Viva website or 1800 688 482 July 2018


PROGRAMMING CHANGES FROM JULY From July there are some new domains on Fine Music 102.5. The greatest changes are on Thursday and Saturday nights but there are also some new themes for Diversions in Fine Music at 9am on weekdays. On Tuesday mornings from July, a new program, Colours of the Keyboard, will be joining the 9am Diversions in Fine Music schedule. This program is devoted to keyboard music: solo, duo and chamber works for piano, harpsichord, organ and more. The development of these instruments over the history of Western music has been so important in facilitating new musical directions. From Bach to Thomas Adès, the keyboard has been the instrument of choice for so many wonderful composers and this program will give you the opportunity to enjoy the full spectrum of beautiful keyboard music. Also joining the Diversions in Fine Music schedule is The Music Salon on Thursday mornings. From the days of courtly music, through to the Victorian music salon and

Piano quartet

even to the music clubs of the 20th century, music has been written for small groups of connoisseurs, and for amateur and family performance within the home or small chamber. A wealth of song, chamber and keyboard music was composed with the express purpose of sharing among kin and social groups. The Music Salon will give listeners a chance to feel at home and enjoy this music designed for private enjoyment. The other new domain to join the Fine Music schedule in July is called The Word Transformed on Saturday nights at 8pm. This program is dedicated to works which

bring the written word to life in music. As well as being a program for song cycles, it’s also for music based upon a single word, a poem, a book or a novella. Berlioz’ Harold in Italy, Liszt’s Faust Symphony and Reinecke’s Undine Sonata, are all examples of the ways in which the written word has inspired beautiful works of musical imagination. Thursday night has the greatest change in programming with Musical Portraits moving to 8pm and Showcasing Australian Artists following at 10pm. Showcasing Australian Artists will now be a focused two-hour program in which to enjoy the greatest musical personalities of Australia’s Classical Music world. Recordings of live concerts previously found in this domain will now be scattered throughout the broadcast schedule. Please join us in July to enjoy these fresh programs on Fine Music 102.5. Fine Music Programming Committee

CHARLES KOECHLIN REVISITED REX BURGESS EXPLORES HIS VISION AND CREATIVITY The 150th anniversary of the birth of one of France’s most interesting, versatile and rather unjustly neglected composers was marked on 27 November 2017. CharlesLouis-Eugène Koechlin (1867-1950), whose students included Milhaud and Poulenc, was a forward-looking but by no means extreme teacher. A devotee of Bach, Koechlin was also a scholarly theorist, trusted orchestrator of works by Fauré, Debussy and others, and a most prolific composer. His output was both large and diverse, his corpus of over 220 opus numbers covering almost every major genre, with opera the only significant exception. This article focuses on the origins of his creative approach, sources which were further extended and enriched as he progressed, but still remained fundamentally unaltered throughout his long composing career. Here is Koechlin, writing about himself: “The tree grows from the seed, and the child is father of the man”. Childhood visions, when a succession of chords evoked silvery moonlit nights, imaginary characters like the Little Mermaid, his conception of Mowgli and his world, always within the context of landscapes and the contemplation of nature: these were his stimuli, keenly felt, expressed and observed throughout. “His dream remained constant, always with the 4

July 2018

sense of distant imaginary horizons — of the infinite of the mysterious night, and the brilliant triumphs of light.” (Étude sur Charles Koechlin par lui-même, 1941, pub. 1981). Many examples of these thematic ideas may be mentioned, for instance in his nocturne, Vers la voûte étoilée, Berceuse phoque, the four Jungle Book symphonic poems, the piano and orchestral versions of Les heures persanes and the important late orchestral work Le Docteur Fabricius. Coinciding with the rise of the motion picture, in the 1930s Koechlin extended his contemplation of ethereal bodies to include stars of a different kind, being those of the silver screen. He developed an especial fascination for Lilian Harvey, to whom he dedicated a large number of songs and other pieces, albeit her reaction remained one of disinterest. Besides Harvey, in Charles Koechlin his Seven stars’ symphony Koechlin presented his conception of six other stars, including a number of first recordings, including Garbo, Dietrich and Chaplin. several of which will be featured in a series Some works have yet to be recorded, but this of Koechlin programs to be broadcast over is steadily being remedied, most recently by the next three months. The series begins the release of two seven-CD compilations on Tuesdays 3 and 17 July at 1pm.


“In the clanging chords of the opening, he was in brilliant form. A few minutes later, he seemed to be bending close to the piano, listening. Then his left hand fell from the piano, his head almost touched the keys. A second later he rolled off the stool on to the floor. It was a cerebral haemorrhage.” – TIME Magazine, April 1951 There are several iconic Romantic piano concertos in the repertoire but few can claim to be both popular and responsible for seeing off their soloist in the middle of a performance. Enter: Edvard Grieg and his evergreen Piano concerto in A minor, op 16. The unfortunate pianist in question was Russian virtuoso Simon Barere, performing at Carnegie Hall, with Eugene Ormandy conducting the Philadelphia Orchestra. Doctors rushed to the stage but they could not save Barere. Within ten minutes, he was pronounced dead. Grieg’s concerto claims another unique, albeit less grisly, place in music history. In 1909, pioneering German pianist Wilhelm Backhaus recorded an abridged version of the concerto for The Edvard Grieg Gramophone Company/HMV. Lasting a mere six-and-a-half minutes due to the technological limitations of the era, this was the first recorded performance of Grieg’s concerto as well as the first-ever recording of any piano concerto. During the northern summer of 1868, the 25-year-old composer travelled with his family to Søllerød, Denmark. It was here that Grieg, in the midst of idyllic and tranquil surroundings, began writing his only piano concerto. What sets it apart from many concertos of the period is Grieg’s command of his orchestral palette, infusing elements of Norwegian dances and folksongs while deftly balancing poetry and tension in the soloist’s part sparkling with Lisztian brilliance. Structurally, the work follows a traditional architecture with two fast movements bookending an ethereal adagio of serene beauty. While he was studying in Leipzig in 1858-62, Grieg had heard Clara Schumann playing Robert Schumann’s Piano concerto in A minor, op 54. Much has been written about the parallels between this work and Grieg’s concerto: they share the same key; both feature

Liszt was one of its earliest admirers and after sightreading the concerto, he exclaimed to Grieg, “You carry on, my friend. You have the right stuff in you. And don’t ever let them frighten you!” However, the work was not without its detractors. Debussy, who famously derided Grieg’s oeuvre as ‘pink bonbons filled with snow’, wrote sarcastically in 1903, “Has anyone noticed how awful people from the north become when they try to be Mediterranean?” He added that “[Grieg] is nothing more than a clever musician, more concerned with effect than with true art”.

sudden entrances of the piano in the opening movements; and neither composer completed another concerto for this instrument. Although Schumann’s concerto served as a model for Grieg’s composition, the latter’s concerto inspired a generation of composers including Rachmaninov, MacDowell, Delius and Sinding. Grieg’s concerto was an immediate success at its Copenhagen premiere in 1869, effectively launching his international profile. Curiously, several publishers refused to print the full score and it remained unpublished until after the work’s first Leipzig performance in 1872. The concerto was revised no less than seven times from 1868 to just six weeks before Grieg’s death in 1907. This amounted to over 300 alterations, described by the Henle publishing house as ‘an editor’s nightmare’ while preparing a new edition of the score. The changes mainly involve the dynamics and instrumentation of the orchestral part (for example, doubling the number of horns from two to four in the final version), new tempo indications and refinements to the solo part.

Moving into the 20th century and beyond, Grieg’s work became one of the archetypes for the ‘romantic concerto’. Its opening timpani roll and descending passage in the piano has been quoted or parodied in numerous films, television comedy sketches and Broadway musicals such as Song of Norway and How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying. It also formed the basis of a popular rock and roll song titled Asia minor, which was banned by the BBC in 1961 for violating its broadcasting standards and was deemed to be ‘[distorting] melody, harmony and rhythm’. Grieg’s Piano Concerto remains a perennial favourite with audiences for its abundance of attractive melodies, dramatic flourishes and exuberant rhythms. It, too, has been performed and recorded by successive generations of virtuoso pianists, from Sviatoslav Richter to Lang Lang. The concerto’s enduring popularity has seen it remain in the repertoire since its premiere and it continues to be frequently heard in concert halls and on radio. To mark the 150th anniversary of the composition, we will hear the original 1868 version of Grieg’s concerto, along with Schumann’s concerto and other works by composers who have modelled their concertos on that of Grieg. Listen to Sunday Special at 3pm on 15 July. July 2018


THE ECLECTIC OMEGA ENSEMBLE CATHERINE PEAKE REVEALS ITS PASSION AND DIVERSITY The purchase of a plastic Yamaha clarinet from a shop in Pitt Street led David Rowden, at the age of nine, into learning to play the instrument. With the encouragement of his musical grandparent and his family’s interest in music, it was inevitable that David would begin performing in school concerts and later move to Europe to further his studies and pursue a career in music. This also led to his establishment of the Omega Ensemble in 2005 on his return to Australia after performing in Europe and the United States. The Omega Ensemble reflects Rowden’s passion for the clarinet and his aim of bringing together top national and international performers in wide-ranging and eclectic programming. Its July concert ‘Love’ will encompass pieces from the established chamber repertoire as well as a newly commissioned work from Australian composer Gerard Brophy. Rowden says that his musical development was assisted by mentor Paul Meyer, possibly the most recognised clarinettist in the world today. Rowden first met Meyer at age 14 when he obtained Meyer’s autograph after hearing him perform with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. While he was a student at the Royal Academy of Music in London, Rowden met Meyer again at a masterclass in France. The masterclass was a pivotal moment, described by Rowden as ‘a lifechanging experience’ for him.

concerts, and it has worked with guest artists including Paul Meyer, Dimitri Ashkenazy and Kathryn Selby. Omega Ensemble is based in Sydney and he mentions that Sydney has a lot of talented principal musicians who also enjoy the challenge of playing the extended repertoire on stage that the Ensemble offers. As Rowden says, “There is nowhere to hide in chamber music. Every instrument has its own voice”. The Ensemble has a stable corps of performers who appear in most of the concerts, but as we have come to expect from the Omega Ensemble the concert in July will be the showcase for more than one exceptional invited artist. Rowden says that the nature of chamber music means a changing mix of musicians and with the chamber repertoire so large and diverse the Ensemble tries to be as broad and inclusive as it can. The July concert will include two pieces for clarinet, with Rowden performing in the Weber Quintet for clarinet and strings in B flat major, op 34. The Sydney premiere of Gerard Brophy’s 2017 composition We two boys together clinging will feature virtuoso clarinettist Lloyd Van’t Hoff, winner of the ABC Young Performer of the Year Award in 2015. The piece is a joint commission with Four Winds Festival and was written for sextet, a unique combination of instruments. In further programming in the concert, Omega Ensemble co-artistic director and pianist Maria

Raspopova will perform César Franck’s Sonata for violin and piano in A major with Alexandra Osborne, currently a violinist with the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington. The Omega Ensemble has a regular program of commissioning new music from Australian composers. It has commissioned over 30 new Australian works and includes new music in its programs wherever possible. Omega is collaborative in its approach and communicates closely with the composer in the development of new works. In addition to Gerard Brophy, other composers with whom the Ensemble has worked include Daniel Rojas, Mark Isaacs, Elena Kats-Chernin and Anne Boyd. Omega Ensemble released a CD on ABC Classics last year, generously supported by Buffet Crampon, which encompasses the diverse programming for which the Ensemble has become known. The repertoire covers three centuries of music. The Ensemble performs regularly in the Utzon Room of the Sydney Opera House as well as at the City Recital Hall. It has undertaken tours to country towns around New South Wales, and in 2017 the Ensemble toured China. Omega Ensemble is also currently developing its On Demand site featuring recordings of many of its live performances. This is regularly updated and can be accessed on the internet. It is also uploaded quarterly to Qantas.

Rowden now plays a clarinet produced by leading instrument maker Buffet Crampon and is one of its official artists. Buffet Crampon has been a great influence on the Omega Ensemble, as Rowden attests. “It is a great honour to be a Buffet Crampon artist. The company was founded in 1825 and is most well known for its clarinets. As a Buffet Crampon artist, I am invited to give masterclasses in Australia and sometimes overseas and, of course, endorse their products, which is quite easy for me to do, as I simply could not imagine playing on a better instrument. Buffet Crampon is one of Omega Ensemble’s sponsors, and has enabled collaborations with artists like Paul Meyer.” Rowden also regularly gives masterclasses at the Newcastle Conservatorium of Music where he joined the staff in 2017 to teach clarinet. Rowden states that Omega brings together musicians from both Australia Omega Ensemble and overseas to perform in their Photo: Keith Saunders July 2018





























BRUCKNER AND HIS SYMPHONIES DAVID OGILVIE REVEALS THE MAN BEHIND THE MUSIC I’ve never been a fan of Bruckner’s music. This stems partly from ignorance (how often do you hear Bruckner’s music on the radio or in concert?) and partly from the perception that all his works are a tribute to his devout Catholicism (true, although his Ninth Symphony is the only one that’s explicitly dedicated to God). Like Robert Stove (in Anton Bruckner and God), I agree that Bruckner’s music is something people either love or loathe, although in my case it wasn’t loathing, just indifference. His symphonies are also very, very long, although you may be surprised to learn that Mahler’s are longer. There used to be a stock response at Fine Music to the nervous question of the first-time presenter, “What shall I do if I’m alone in the station late at night and the next presenter fails to show?” Answer: “Stick on a Bruckner symphony!” Almost everyone who ever knew Bruckner reports that he was seriously weird. He died a virgin, not surprising when we learn he had a habit of proposing marriage to ladies whom he scarcely knew, not to mention keeping lists of teenage girls he fancied. There are apocryphal stories about his death-obsession. As well as becoming a frequent visitor at funeral parlours and cemeteries, viewing the bodily remains of total strangers, he ‘fingered and kissed the skulls of Beethoven and Schubert’ when their corpses were exhumed and moved to Vienna’s Central Cemetery. From our modern perspective, it’s clear that Bruckner suffered from a form of OCD, a condition that led him not only to write down the prayers he said each day, but to count the bricks and windows of buildings, even the numbers of bars in his gargantuan orchestral scores, making sure their proportions were statistically correct. Bruckner spent his youth helping his school teacher/organist father, although he succeeded more as an organist than as a school teacher. After exhausting the teaching resources of the nearby monastery at St Florian, he sought out a formidable Viennese polyphony professor named Simon Sechter, who in some ways was as obsessive as Bruckner, having written 5,000 competent but extremely boring fugues. By his late 30s, Bruckner had become a superb organist and had composed Ave Maria. This is the piece where he stopped being a student and started being a master. Unfortunately for Bruckner, he was not any more famous in his late 40s than in his early 20s. He had already written several symphonies, including two that remained unknown until

Anton Bruckner long after his death: the so-called Symphony no 0 (Die Nullte) and the Symphony no 00. Die Nullte is, in certain passages, about as light-hearted as Bruckner’s style ever became. These symphonies were not being performed or published and he had made nothing to speak of from his choral efforts. Then something totally unexpected happened: he discovered Wagner’s music. To the amazement of all who knew him, Bruckner tracked down Wagner at his home, showing him two scores he had written, the Second and the Third Symphony. The Second Symphony left Wagner unimpressed, simply telling Bruckner, ‘Very nice’, and leaving it at that. To quote Bruckner himself: “It did not seem bold enough for him ... Then he took the Third Symphony, and with the words ‘Look! Look! I say! I say!’, he went through the whole first part, mentioning most particularly the trumpet.” This was unsurprising, because if any Bruckner piece was going to appeal to Wagner, the Third Symphony was it. For one thing, Wagner, like Bruckner, was haunted by the opening of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony in the same key. The indeterminate muttering of the strings, the atmosphere of expectancy and of menace, and above all the use of just one chord stretching on and on as if it would never stop: this was Wagner’s favourite Beethoven

passage and it was also Bruckner’s. In Bruckner, Wagner recognised a kindred spirit. The Guardian’s music critic Tom Service argues that Bruckner’s peculiar brand of musical obsessiveness opened up a new musical and spiritual terrain and produced visions of grandeur that are at once ancient and modern. “You hear that in the opening of the Fourth Symphony’s final, fourth movement — a chilling, dehumanised orchestral landscape in sound; in the emotional desolation of the Seventh Symphony’s slow movement, a tribute to the recently dead Wagner; and throughout the three completed movements of the Ninth … the music has the irresistible power of a force of nature rather than a subjective, personal scream.” For newcomers to Bruckner’s orchestral oeuvre, there is also the question of editions. During his lifetime, Bruckner’s symphonies were often cut or edited, leading to numerous revisions and the existence of various editions. There are five symphonies (nos 1 to 4 and 8) for which there is effectively more than one version. Unfortunately, a detailed discussion of each symphony is beyond the scope of this article. Find out more about Bruckner’s symphonies by listening to the twicemonthly series beginning on Friday 6 July at 3pm and 20 July at 2.30pm. July 2018



A 20-part series based on his comprehensive book on the development of jazz in Australia

9:00 MUSICA SACRA Prepared by Robert Small Barber, S. Agnus Dei (1967). Corydon Singers/Matthew Best. Hyperion CDA66219


Charpentier, M-A. Psalm 83: Quam dilecta (1675). Barbara Schlick, sop; Nancy Zijlstra, sop; Kai Wessel, ct; Dominique Visse, ct; Christoph Prégardien, ten; Harry van Berne, ten; Peter Kooy, bass; Klaus Mertens, bass; Amsterdam Baroque O/Ton Koopman. Musifrance 2292-45822-2 20 Poulenc, F. Gloria (1959). Françoise Pollet, sop; Choir of Radio France; French NO/ Charles Dutoit. Decca 478 3640 22 10:00 THE CLASSICAL ERA Prepared by Sheila Catzel Weber, C.M. Overture to Der Freischütz, op 77 (1817-21). Berlin PO/Herbert von Karajan. DG 419 070-2 11 Hummel, J. String trio in E flat (1799). Viennese String Trio. Calig CAL 50876


Krommer, F. Flute concertino in C, op 65 (c1810). Peter-Lukas Graf, fl; Heinz Holliger, ob; English CO. Claves 8203 22 Pugnani, G. String quartet no 3 in A. Ensemble L'Astrée. Symphonia SY 93S21

12:00 A HISTORY OF JAZZ IN AUSTRALIA Prepared by Bruce Johnson


Boccherini, L. String trio in F, op 47 no 6 (pub. 1793). Trio L'Europa Galante. OPUS 111 OPS 41-9105 11 Pichl, V. Symphony concertante in D, op 6, Apollo. Oradea PO/Romeo Rîmbu. Olympia OCD 434 23

13:00 WORLD MUSIC: Whirled Wide Showcases diverse music from cultures around the world, both traditional and modern, featuring musicians from all corners of the globe, including Australia 14:00 MUSICIANS OF CANADA Prepared by Elaine Siversen Robinovitch, S. Four Sephardic folk songs. Michael Daher, gui; Skender Sefa, gui; Ryszard Tyborowski, gui; Jay Stoller, perc. Marquis 774718 1389 2 7 13 Chatman, S. Voices of earth (2004). Vancouver Chamber Choir; Linda Lee Thomas, pf; Jon Washburn, cond. Centrediscs CMCCD 13608

Eckhardt-Gramatté, S-C. Piano sonata no 1 (1923). Marc-André Hamelin, pf. Centrediscs CMCCD 168611 12 Burge, J. Upper Canada fiddle suite (1997). Mary Elizabeth Brown, vn; Sinfonia Toronto. Marquis 774718 1383 2 3 19 15:00 SUNDAY SPECIAL Master key: B flat minor Prepared by James Nightingale Bach, J.S. Prelude and fugue in B flat minor, BWV867 (1722). Richard Egarr, hpd. Harmonia Mundi HMU 907431 5 Donizetti, G. Una furtiva lagrima, from L’elisir d’amore (1832). Plácido Domingo, ten; Sherrill Milnes, bar; London SO/Nello Santi. Sony 88875123122 5 Brahms, J. Intermezzo in B flat minor, op 117 no 2 (1892). Eileen Joyce, pf. Pearl GEMM 9022 4 Dohnányi, E. Violin sonata in B flat minor, op

CONTINUING PROGRAM SERIES Rossini 150: At the Opera, La Cenerentola or Cinderella prepared by Angela Cockburn Wednesday 11 at 8pm Sunday Special, Master Key prepared by Anne Irish and James Nightingale: Sunday 1 at 3pm Musical Families prepared by Jennifer Foong: Tuesdays 3, 17 at 2pm Sunday Special, Simply Shostakovich prepared by Paolo Hooke: Sunday 8 at 3pm Died for Love: At the Opera, I Capuletti e Montecchi (Bellini) prepared by Colleen Chesterman: Wednesday 25 at 8pm

NEW SERIES Evenings with the Orchestra,The Symphonies of Vaughan Williams prepared by David Brett: Friday 20 at 8pm. Look for the article in August Fine Music Magazine.


July 2018


Nikolai Demidenko

8 (1899). Bernard Gregor-Smith, vc; Yolande Wrigley, pf. ASV DCA 796 26 Shostakovich, D. Prelude and fugue in B flat minor, op 87 no 16 (1951). Alexander Melnikov, pf. Harmonia Mundi HMC 902019.20 10 Szymanowski, K. Study in B flat minor, op 4 no 3 (1902; orch. Fitelberg). Warsaw PO/ Antoni Wit. Naxos 8.570722 7 Bowen, Y. Piano sonata no 6 in B flat minor, op 160 (1961). Danny Driver, pf. Hyperion CDA67751/2 15 Tchaikovsky, P. Piano concerto no 1 in B flat minor, op 23 (1875/79/89). Nikolai Demidenko, pf; BBC SO/Alexander Lazarev. Helios CDH55304 35 17:00 HOSANNA Prepared by Stephen Matthews Tallis, T. If ye love me.


Rorem, N. Breathe on me breath of God. 2 Elgar, E. The spirit of the Lord is upon me. 7 Choir of Jesus College, Cambridge/Mark Williams (3 above) Signum SIGCD409 Pärt, A. The woman with the alabaster box. Elora Festival Singers/Noel Edison. Naxos 8.570239 5 Bach, J.S. Excerpts from St Matthew Passion, BWV244. Bach Choir; Thames CO/ David Willcocks. Decca 475 7987 9 Telemann, G. Excerpts from Cantata: Daran ist erschienen die liebe Gottes. Collegium Vocale Siegen; Hannover Hofkapelle/Ulrich Stötzel. Hanssler 98.624 9

Sunday 1 July

Monday 2 July

Stanford, C. Villiers Te Deum; Jubilate. Choir of Rochester Cathedral/Barry Ferguson. Priory PRCD 934 12 Howells, H. Holy Spirit, ever dwelling. Choir of Lincoln Cathedral/Colin Walsh. Priory PRCD 454 2 18:00 MUSIC FOR VIOLIN AND FRIENDS Prepared by Paul Hopwood Elgar, E. Violin sonata in E minor, op 82 (1918). Marcia Crayford, vn; Ian Brown, pf. Hyperion CDA66645 25 Weill, K. Concerto for violin and wind orchestra, op 12 (1925). Chantal Juillet, vn; Berlin RSO/John Mauceri. Decca 452 481-2 29 19:00 SUNDAY NIGHT CONCERT Prepared by Frank Morrison Beethoven, L. Overture no 3 to Leonore, op 72b (1806). Bavarian RSO/Colin Davis. CBS MDK 44790 16 Dittersdorf, C. Viola concerto in F. Petr Pribyl, va; South Bohemia Chamber PO/ Ondrej Kukal. Campion RRCD 1342 25

0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Robert Small 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC A year in retrospect: 1876 Prepared by Di Cox Ponchielli, A. Dance of the hours, from La Gioconda (1876). Czecho-Slovak RSO/ Ondrej Lenard. Naxos 8.550081 8 Tchaikovsky, P. Variations on a rococo theme, op 33 (1876). János Starker, vc; London SO/Antal Dorati. Mercury 432 001-2

Riccardo Chailly 16

Rimsky-Korsakov, N. Quintet in B flat for piano and winds (1876). Capricorn. Hyperion CDA66163 29 Smetana, B. Vendulka’s Lullaby, from The kiss (1876). Nicole Car, sop; Australian Opera and Ballet O/Andrea Molino. ABC 481 2371 4 Franck, C. Les éolides (1876). Belgian NO/ André Cluytens. EMI 5 65153 2 10

Lehár, F. Vilja, from The merry widow (1905). Joan Sutherland, sop; Ambrosian Light Opera Ch; New Philharmonia O/Richard Bonynge. ABC 468 513-2 7

Sarasate, P. de Concert fantasy on Flotow’s Martha, op 19 (1876). Tianwa Yang, vn; Markus Hadulla, pf. Naxos 8.570192 11

Prokofiev, S. Suite no 2, op 64b, from Romeo and Juliet (1935-6). Armenian PO/ Loris Tjeknavorian. ASV DCA 885 31

10:30 CONCERT HALL Prepared by Stephen Wilson

20:30 NEW HORIZONS Prepared by Calogero Panvino Fredericks, I. Violins in space (1999). Ian Fredericks, vn source sounds. Sidereal Records SRCD02 6 Henze, H. Prison song (1971). Stomu Yamash’ta, perc. Decca 430 005-2


Fredericks, I. Some quiet graveyard (1984). Electroacoustic music. Sidereal Records SRCD02 12 Corigliano, J. Symphony no 3 for large wind ensemble (2004). University of Texas Wind Ensemble/Jerry Junkin. Naxos 8.559601 36 Fredericks, I. Requiem for a planet, from Trilogy of the mist (1994-95). Electroacoustic music. Sidereal Records SRCD02 22 22:00 AFTER HOURS JAZZ with Kevin Jones

Rossini, G. Overture to Maometto II (1820). Academy of St Martin in the Fields/Neville Marriner. Philips 473 967-2 12 Tortelier, P. Concerto for two cellos and orchestra (1950). Arto Noras, vc; Maud Martin Tortelier, vc; BBC PO/Yan Pascal Tortelier. Chandos CHAN 9898 26 Tchaikovsky, P. Symphony no 1 in G minor, op 13, Winter daydreams (1866). Concertgebouw O/Bernard Haitink. Decca 478 5867


Mozart, W. Excerpts from Don Giovanni, K527 (1787; arr. Triebensee). Munich Wind Academy. Orfeo C 063 841 A 11 Hubay, J. Fantasie brilliante on Bizet’s Carmen. Gil Shaham, vn; Akira Eguchi, pf. DG 447 640-2 9 Haydn, J. Divertimento in F for winds, Hob. II:15 (1760). Péter Pongrácz, ob; Bertalan Hock, ob; Tibor Fülemile, bn; András Nagy, bn; András Medveczky, hn; Deszö Mesterházy, hn. Hungaroton HRC 155 8 Goldmark, K. String quartet in B flat, op 8 (1860). Lajtha Quartet. Hungaroton HCD 31556 29 14:30 WITH ORCHESTRA Prepared by Barrie Brockwell Corelli, A. Concerto grosso in F, op 6 no 9 (pub. 1714). Tafelmusik Baroque O/Jean Lamon. DHM RD 77908 9 Haydn, J. Cello concerto no 2 in D, Hob. VIIb:2 (1783). Daniel Müller-Schott, vc; Australian CO/Richard Tognetti. Orfeo C 080 031 A 25 Arriaga, J. Agar. Rosamund Illing, sop; Melbourne SO/Heribert Esser. ABC 434 898-2


12:00 SWING SESSIONS with John Buchanan Featuring bands of the 1930s swing era and the dance bands of the 1920s taken from radio broadcasts, transcriptions and recording sessions

Brahms, J. Symphony no 4 in E minor, op 98 (1884-85). Gewandhaus O/Riccardo Chailly. Decca 478 5344 38

13:00 MUSIC FOR A FEW Prepared by Barrie Brockwell

19:00 JAZZ PULSE with Chris Wetherall

Dohnányi, E. Serenade in C for string trio, op 10 (1902). Mayumi Seiler, vn; Douglas Paterson, va; Jane Salmon, vc. Hyperion CDA66786 21

16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Brendan Walsh

20:00 STORMY MONDAY with Austin Harrison and Garth Sundberg 22:00 THE AUSTRALIAN JAZZ SCENE with Susan Gai Dowling and Peter Nelson July 2018


Tuesday 3 July

Dmitry Sitkovetsky

Paul Watkins

Huw Watkins


12:00 JAZZ RHYTHM with Jeannie McInnes An eclectic blending of agreeable rhythm and melody from the New Orleans jazz roots through to recent decades, including many Australian bands

Beethoven, L. Piano quartet in E flat, op 16 (1801; arr. Beethoven). Marianne Thorsen, vn; Laurence Power, va; Ian Brown, pf. Hyperion CDA67745 27

3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Julie Simonds

13:00 KOECHLIN SHOWCASE Prepared by Rex Burgess

9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Colours of the keyboard Prepared by Rex Burgess Bach, J.S. Concerto no 1 in D, after Vivaldi, BWV972 (1713-14). Nicholas Parle, hpd. MBS 26 8 Mozart, W. Violin sonata no 35 in A, K526 (1787). Dmitry Sitkovetsky, vn; Konstantin Lifschitz, pf. Hänssler 98.252 24 Beethoven, L. Grosse fugue, op 134 (1827; arr. for piano four hands). Paolo Dirani, Carlo Argelli, pf. Fonè 93 F 26 18 Alkan, C-V. Prelude no 9 in D flat, from 11 Grand preludes, op 66 (1867). Nicholas King, org. Symposium 1059 10 Janácek, L. Capriccio for piano left hand and seven wind instruments (1928). Matthew van Emmerik, euphonium; Janis Cook, pf; Australian Chamber Brass/Fabian Russell. Summit DCD 539 20 10:30 CONCERT HALL Prepared by Paul Hopwood Beethoven, L. Overture no 3 to Leonore, op 72b (1814). Philharmonia O/Herbert von Karajan. EMI CDM 1 66426 2 15 Parish Alvars, E. Harp concerto in G minor, op 81 (1842). Marielle Nordmann, hp; Franz Liszt CO/Jean-Pierre Rampal. Sony SK 58919 29 Alfvén, H. Symphony no 3 in E, op 23 (1905). Stockholm PO/Neeme Järvi. BIS CD-455 12


Koechlin, C. Seven songs for Gladys, op 151 (1935). Claudette Leblanc, sop; Boaz Sharon, pf. Hyperion CDH55163 10 Outdoor happiness, from Album for Lilian, bk 1, op 139 no 5 (1934). Michael Korstick, pf. SWR Music 19047 3 Seven stars’ symphony, op 132 (1933). German SO/James Judd. Sony 88875192992


14:00 MUSICAL FAMILIES Paul and Huw Watkins Prepared by Jennifer Foong Purcell, H. Chacony in G minor (1680). Emerson String Quartet. Decca 4815204


Martinu, B. Variations on a theme of Rossini (1942). Paul Watkins, vc; Huw Watkins, pf. Chandos CHAN 10602 8 Turina, J. Sextet for viola and piano quintet, op 7, Scène Andalouse (1912). Nash Ensemble. Hyperion CDA67889 12 Vaughan Williams, R. Merciless beauty (1921). John Mark Ainsley, ten; Leo Phillips, vn; Elizabeth Wexler, vn. Hyperion CDA67168 6 Rubbra, E. Piano sonata in G minor, op 60 (1946). Huw Watkins, pf. Chandos CHAN 10818 23 Bennett, Richard. Reflections on a Scottish folk song (2004). Philharmonia O/Richard Hickox. Chandos CDA 10389 26


Paul Watkins, vc (4 above) 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Andrew Dziedzic 19:00 THE JAZZ BEAT with Lloyd Capps Smooth small group jazz from the 50s on, and with a visit from Miles Davis each week 20:00 RECENT RELEASES 22:00 CHAMBER SOIRÉE Prepared by Paul Cooke Bassi, L. Fantasy on themes from Verdi’s Rigoletto (1885). Seunghee Lee, cl; Arlene Shrut, pf. Summit Records DCD 276 13 Janácek, L. String quartet no 1, Kreutzer sonata (1923). Lindsay String Quartet. ASV DCA 749 17 Ullmann, V. Piano sonata no 7 (1944). Michael Tsalka, pf. Paladino Music pmr 0035


Romberg, A. Flute quintet in D, op 41 no 2. Vladislav Brunner, fl; Victor Simcisko, vn; Milan Telecky, va; Ján Cút, va; Juraj Alexander, vc. Naxos 8.554765 26 Arensky, A. Piano trio no 1 in D minor, op 32 (1894). Australian Trio. ABC 476 123-1 32

“Music is the art which is most nigh to tears and memory.” — Oscar Wilde

Wednesday 4 July 0:00 CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE 3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Troy Fil 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Composer focus Prepared by Frank Morrison Dukas, P. The sorcerer's apprentice (1897). Philadelphia O/Eugene Ormandy. Sony SBK 46 329 10 Villanelle (1906). Barry Tuckwell, hn; Daniel Blumenthal, pf. Etcetera KTC 1135 6 Symphony in C (1895). Monte Carlo PO/ Lawrence Foster. Claves 50-9102 39 Prélude élégïaque sur le thème proposé (1908). Margaret Fingerhut, pf. Chandos CHAN 8578 5 Ballet: La péri (1912). Cincinnati SO/Jésus López-Cobos. Telarc 80515 18 10:30 CONCERT HALL Prepared by Elaine Siversen Thomson, V. Acadian songs and dances, from Louisiana story (1948). New London O/ Ronald Corp. Hyperion CDA66576 15 Gottschalk, L. Symphony no 1, A night in the tropics (1859). Utah SO/Maurice Abravanel. Vanguard OVC 4051 19 Copland, A. Concerto for clarinet, harp, piano and orchestra (1947-48). Janet Hilton, cl; Scottish NO/Matthias Bamert. Chandos CHAN 8618 17 MacDowell, E. Suite no 2, op 48, Indian (1891-95). Ulster O/Takuo Yuasa. Naxos 8.559075 30 12:00 JAZZ SKETCHES with Robert Vale World-wide contemporary jazz including contributions from Australian artists & those from culturally emerging nations 13:00 OPERA IN CONCERT Prepared by Giovanna Grech Rossini, G. Overture to The barber of Seville (1816). Academy of St Martin in the Fields/ Neville Marriner. Philips 473 967-2 7 Bizet, G. De mon amie ... Leïla ... Dieu puissant, le voilà, from The pearl fishers (1863). Anna Netrebko, sop; Rolando Villazón, ten; Dresden Staatskapelle/Nicola Luisotti. DG 477 6457 9 Bellini, V. Vi ravviso, o luoghi ameni, from La sonnambula (1831). Samuel Ramey,

bass; Ambrosian Opera Ch; Philharmonia O/ Donato Renzetti. Philips 420 184-2 5 Verdi, G. Triumphal march, ballet music and chorus, from Aïda (1871). RTE Philharmonic Choir and others; Irish NSO/Rico Saccani. Naxos 8.553963 12 Thomas, A. Connais-tu le pays? from Mignon (1866). Denyce Graves, mezz; Monte Carlo PO/Marc Soustrot. Fnac 592056 6 Leoncavallo, R. My fate is in your hands ... then will you say why you have enslaved me, from Pagliacci (1892). Cheryl Barker, sop; William Dazeley, bar; London PO/David Parry. Chandos CHAN 3161 12 14:00 IN CONVERSATION with Michael Morton-Evans Each week we meet one of the world’s great musicians, singers, composers or conductors, along with up-and-comers and some of the men and women who influence the arts landscape. The program goes live to air so you never quite know what’s going to happen. 15:00 HANDEL EXPLORED Part 1 Prepared by Michael Morton-Evans Handel, G. Oboe concerto in G minor, HWV287 (1703-05). Frank de Bruine, ob. 8 Suite from Almira, HWV1 (1705; arr. Holman). 13 Parley of Instruments/Peter Holman (2 above) Hyperion CDA67053 Vedrai s’a tuo dispetto. Emma Kirkby, sop; Brandenburg Consort/Roy Goodman. Hyperion CDS44271/3 5 Open ye gates of Hell, from The Resurrection, HWV47 (1708). Cecilia Bartoli, sop; Les Musiciens du Louvre/Marc Minkowski. ABC 442 9812 5 Mattheson, J. Sonata in G minor for two harpsichords. Attilio Cremonesi, hpd; Alessandro de Marchi, hpd. Harmonia Mundi HMC 905235 6 Handel, G. Overture to Rodrigo, HWV5 (1707). Freiburg Baroque O/René Jacobs. Harmonia Mundi HMC 902077 5 Scarlatti, D. Harpsichord sonata in E, Kk206. Rafael Puyana, hpd. Harmonia Mundi HMC 901164/65 9 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Tom Forrester-Paton 19:00 JAZZ STARS AND STRIPES with Peter Mitchell The stars of American jazz from bebop on, mainly small group low temperature jazz

Saverio Mercadante 20:00 AT THE OPERA Prepared by James Nightingale Mercadante, S. Don Chisciotte alle nozze di Gamaccio. Opera in one act. Libretto by Stefano Ferraro. First performed Cádiz, 1830. DON CHISCIOTTE: Ugo Guagliardo, bass SANCIO PANSA: Domenico Colaianni, bass GAMACCIO: Richard Mirabelli, ten BASILIO: Hans Ever Mogollon, ten BERNARDO: Giulio Mastrototaro, bar CHITERIA: Marisa Bove, sop DON DIEGO: Filippo Polinelli, bass San Pietro a Majella Choir; Czech Chamber Soloists/Antonino Fogliani. Naxos 8.660313-3 1:42 Synopsis at finemusicfm.com/Opera Boismortier, J. de Don Quixote and the Duchess. Opera in three acts. Libretto by Charles Favart. First performed Paris, 1743. DON QUICHOTTE: Stephan van Dyck, ten SANCHO PANZA: Richard Biren, bar ALTISIDORE: Meredith Hall, sop DUKE/MERLIN: Paul Gay, bar Le Concert Spirituel/Hervé Niquet. Naxos 8.553647 1:01 Synopsis at finemusicfm.com/Opera 22:30 FRENCH INSPIRATION Prepared by Yvonne Laki Chausson, E. Poème de l'amour et de la mer, op 19 (1882-90). Jessye Norman, sop; Lane Anderson, vc; Monte-Carlo PO/Armin Jordan. Erato 2292 45368-2 27 Saint-Saëns, C. Introduction and rondo capriccioso, op 28. Leila Josefowicz, vn; Academy of St Martin in the Fields/Neville Marriner. Philips 454 440-2 9 Ravel, M. Trio in A minor (1914; orch. Tortelier). Ulster O/Yan Pascal Tortelier. Chandos CHAN 9114


Debussy, C. Suite bergamasque (1905). Zoltán Kocsis, pf. Philips 456 874-2 17 July 2018


Thursday 5 July

Carl Reineke

Friedrich Kuhlau

Elena Kats-Chernin


Covering the many aspects of jazz from Swing to Mainstream, with the Great American Songbook making regular appearances

20:00 MUSICAL PORTRAITS Brides Prepared by Rex Burgess

3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Simon Moore

13:00 19TH CENTURY FRENCH MUSIC Diverging traditions Prepared by Albert Gormley

9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC The music salon Prepared by Paul Cooke Weber, B. Horn sextet no 2 in F. Horns of Czech PO. Supraphon 11 0780-2 9 Chabrier, E. Toutes les fleurs (1889). Alice Coote, mezz; Graham Johnson, pf. Hyperion CDA67962 5 Godard, B. Suite in three parts, op 116. Sharon Bezaly, fl; Love Derwinger, pf. BIS SACD-1639


Franck, C. Symphonic variations (1885). Pascal Rogé, pf; London FO/Ross Pople. ASV DCA 769 17 Fauré, G. String quartet in E minor, op 121 (1924). Parrenin Quartet. EMI CMS 7 62548 2 25

Chaminade, C. Piano sonata in C minor, op 21. Peter Jacobs, pf. Hyperion CDA66846 19

Franck, C. Symphony in D minor (1887-88). Czech PO/John Barbirolli. Supraphon 11 0613-2011 38

Schubert, F. Viola, D786 (1823). Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, bar; Gerald Moore, pf. DG 477 5765 13

15:00 BALTIC ROUNDABOUT Prepared by Francis Frank

Haydn, J. String quartet no 63 in B flat, Hob. III:78, Sunrise. Kodály Quartet. Naxos 8.550129 23

Kuhlau, F. Overture to Lulu (1824). Odense SO/Eduard Serov. Unicorn-Kanchana DKP(CD)9132 8

10:30 CONCERT HALL Prepared by Sheila Catzel

Buxtehude, D. Sonata in G, BuxWV271. Musica Antiqua Cologne/Reinhard Goebel. Archiv 427 118-2 7

Elgar, E. Overture: In the South, op 50, Alassio (1903). BBC PO/Edward Downes. Conifer CDCF 187 22

Koppel, H. Duo for volin and guitar, op 116 (1987). Kim Sjøgren, vn; Lars Hannibal, gui. OUR 8.226902 9

Paisiello, G. Keyboard concerto no 1 in C (1780-83). Pietro Spada, pf; Santa Cecilia CO. Brilliant Classics 94224 24

Kuhlau, F. Grand sonata in E flat for flute and piano, op 64 (1824). Peter-Lukas Graf, fl; Zsuzsanna Sirokay, pf. Claves 50-8705 26

Reinecke, C. Symphony no 3 in G minor, op 227 (c1890). Brandenburg State O/Heribert Beissel. Christophorus CHE 0162-2 35

16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Debbie Scholem

12:00 JAZZ, PURE AND SIMPLE with Maureen Meers 14

Fauré, G. Piano quintet no 1 in D minor, op 89 (1906). Cristina Ortiz, pf; Fine Arts Quartet. Naxos 8.570938 31

19:00 THE NEW JAZZ STANDARD with Frank Presley


Smetana, B. Overture and dances from The bartered bride (1866). London SO/Geoffrey Simon. LP Chandos ABRD 1149 24 Sibelius, J. The rapids-rider’s brides, op 33 (1897). Jorma Hynnenen, bar; Gothenburg SO/Jorma Panula. BIS CD-1906/08 9 Dvorák, A. Cantata: The spectre’s bride, op 69 (1884). Simona Šaturová, sop; Pavol Breslik, ten; Adam Plachetka, bass-bar; Vienna Singakademie; ORF Vienna RSO/ Cornelius Meister. Capriccio C5315 1:18 22:00 SHOWCASING AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Prepared by James Nightingale Kats-Chernin, E. Torque (2002). Tamara Anna Cislowska, pf; Australian CO/Richard Tognetti. ABC 476 102-6 15 Franck, C. Prelude, fugue and variations in B minor, op 18 (1860-62, arr.). Piers Lane, pf. Fine Music concert recording 13 James Crabb, accordion (2 above) Mozart, W. Violin sonata no 21 in E minor, K304 (1778). David Saffir, vn; Albert Landa, pf. Fine Music Tape Archive 12 Bruch, M. Pieces for clarinet, viola and piano, op 83 (1910). Paul Dean, cl; Brett Dean, va; Stephen Emmerson, pf. ABC 442 363-2 21 Howells, H. In green ways (1915). Yvonne Kenny, sop; London SO/Richard Hickox. Chandos CHAN 9557 18 Shostakovich, D. Piano quintet in G minor, op 57 (1940). Dmitry Onishchenko, pf; Flinders Quartet. Fine Music concert recording 32


129 (1850). Yo-Yo Ma, vc; Bavarian RSO/ Colin Davis. CBS M2K 44562 25

3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Janine Burrus

Elgar, E. Imperial march, op 32 (1896-97). Royal Liverpool PO/Charles Groves. EMI CDC 7 47511-2 5

9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Something borrowed Prepared by Elaine Siversen Ernst, H. Othello fantasy, after Rossini, op 11 (1839). Ilya Gringolts, vn; Ashley Wass, pf. Hyperion CDA67619 15 Bantock, G. Old English suite, after Gibbons, Dowland, Bull, Farnaby, Byrd (1909). CzechoSlovak State PO/Adrian Leaper. Naxos 8.555473 15 Godowsky, L. Symphonic metamorphosis on Künstlerleben, after Johann Strauss II (1905). Marc-André Hamelin, pf. Hyperion CDA67626 15 Bach, J.S. Suite in A minor, BWV995, after BWV1011 (c1721; arr. Williams for guitar). John Williams, gui. Sony SBK 89964 21 Mozart, W. Wind quintet after Piano sonata in B flat, K570 (1789; arr. Pikler). Guy Henderson, ob; Sydney Wind Quartet. Fine Music concert recording 14 10:30 CONCERT HALL Prepared by Di Cox Massenet, J. Ballet music from Le Cid (1885). City of Birmingham SO/Louis Frémaux. EMI 5 65150 2


Ravel, M. Piano concerto in G (1931). Pascal Rogé, pf; Montreal SO/Charles Dutoit. Decca 410 230-2 22 Mozart, W. Symphony no 41 in C, Jupiter, K551 (1788). Symphony Nova Scotia/Georg Tintner. Naxos 8.557239 40 12:00 A JAZZ HOUR with Barry O'Sullivan


15:00 THE SYMPHONIES OF ANTON BRUCKNER Prepared by Ron Walledge Bruckner, A. Mass in C (c1842). Ludmila Kuznetzova, mezz; Ludmila Golub, org. Chandos CHAN 9863 12 Ave Maria (1861). City of Birmingham Symphony Ch/Simon Halsey. Conifer CDCF 192


Symphony no 00 in F minor (1863). Royal Scottish NO/Georg Tintner. Naxos 8.554432 37 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Peter Kurti 19:00 FRIDAY JAZZ SESSION with Christopher Waterhouse An hour of the best in jazz with a weekly 'album of the week' feature and a guide to upcoming live jazz gigs in Sydney 20:00 EVENINGS WITH THE ORCHESTRA Adelaide Symphony Orchestra Prepared by Robert Small Koehne, G. Powerhouse; Unchained melody (1993). David Porcelijn, cond. 22 Nocturne 1: Twilight (1993). János Fürst, cond. 11 ABC 442 349-2 (2 above) Sibelius, J. Symphony no 2 in D, op 43 (1901). Arvo Volmer, cond. ABC 476 3945

Mussorgsky, M. St John’s night on Bald Mountain (1867; orch. Rimsky-Korsakov 1886). Royal Liverpool PO/Charles Mackerras. Virgin VC 7 91174-2 11 Debussy, C. La mer (1903-05). Detroit SO/ Neeme Järvi. Chandos CHAN 9072 24


Schumann, R. Cello concerto in A minor, op

Josef Ulsamer Anon. Early Renaissance dances: Trotto, Istampita; Saltarello; Basse danse; La Brosse-tripla-Tourdion; Basse danse; La Magdalena; Ungaresca-Saltarello; Ronde; Branle de Bourgogne; Branle de Champagne. Ulsamer Collegium/Josef Ulsamer. DG 469 244-2 16 Dowland, J. Pavan Lachrimae amantis (1604). Christopher Wilson, lute; Fretwork. Virgin 7 90795-2 4 Susato, T. Dances from Danserye: Rondo; Bergeret sans roch; Bergerette; Pavan: La Dona; Le joli boys; Basse danse: Entré du fol. Joculatores Upsalienses. BIS BIS-CD-3 10


Martinu, B. Oboe concerto (1955). Jirí Tancibudek, ob; Elyakum Shapirra, cond. ABC 461 703-2 16

13:00 FAVOURITE CLASSICS Prepared by Ron Walledge

Copland, A. El salón México (1934-36). Detroit SO/Antal Dorati. Decca 414 273-2

Stravinsky, I. The rite of Spring (1921). Concertgebouw O/Eduard van Beinum. Decca 4783729

Meale, R. Viridian (1979). David Porcelijn, cond. ABC 446 477-2 14 Adelaide SO (all above) 22:00 BAROQUE AND BEFORE Dance music from Medieval to Baroque Prepared by Susan Foulcher Raimbaut de Vaqueiras. Kalenda Maya. 5 Anon. Dances: Double estampie; Imperayritz-Verges sespar; Saltarello. 10 Pastance (2 above) Move MCD 071

Holborne, A. Cradle pavan; Galliard no 17. Christopher Wilson, lute. Naxos 8.553874 6 Arbeau, T. Dance sets from Orchésographie: Branle set; Pavan/Galliardes/La volte; Moresques/Canarie/Les Bouffons (pub. 1588). Broadside Band/Jeremy Barlow. Harmonia Mundi HMC 901152 15 Praetorius, M. Dance sets from Terpsichore: Passameze/Gaillarde; Bransle de la torche; Voltes (pub. 1612). New London Consort/ Philip Pickett. L’Oiseau-Lyre 414 633-2 9 Dowland, J. Songs from A pilgrim’s solace: Shall I strive; Stay time (1612). Emma Kirkby, sop; Anthony Rooley, lute. Virgin 5 62410 2 5 Playford, J. Dances from The English dancing master: Grimstock; Upon a summer’s day; The Spanish gipsy; Rufty, tufty; Gray’s Inn mask; Bobbing Joe (pub. 1651). Broadside Band/Jeremy Barlow. Harmonia Mundi HMC 901152 14 Gabrielli, D. Balleto, op 1 no 4 (1684). 3 Vitali, G. Balleto (1686). 2 Corelli, A. Ciaccona, op 2 no 12 (pub. c1700). 5 Musica Antiqua Latina/Giordano Antonelli (3 above) DHM G010003430298B July 2018


Saturday 7 July 11:30 ON PARADE Music that’s band Prepared by Owen Fisher Trad. Mexican hat dance. Cory Band/Robert Childs. Doyen DOY 264 5 Hérold, F. Overture to Zampa (1831). Harry Mortimer, cornet; Foden’s Motor Works Band/ Fred Mortimer. LP EMI DUO 130A 6 Trad. Fantasia on British sea songs. Band of HM Royal Marines. ABC 278 0272 9

Fanny Mendelssohn 0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT 6:00 SATURDAY MORNING MUSIC with David Garrett 9:00 WHAT'S ON IN MUSIC Our weekly guide to musical events in and around Sydney

Telemann, G. Suite in G, des nations anciens et modernes. Collegium Musicum 90/Simon Standage. Chandos CHAN 0593 19 Marais, M. La sonnerie de Sainte Geneviève du Mont de Paris (pub. 1723). Musica Antiqua Cologne/Reinhard Goebel. Archiv 415298-2 8


Duphly, J. La Félix, from Pièces de clavecin, bk 2 (1748). Diana Petech, hpd. Giulia GS 201011 3 Zelenka, J. Concerto à 8 in G (c1723). Collegium 1704. Supraphon SU 3858-2


Bach, J.S. Overture no 2 in B minor, BWV1067 (c1739). Jirí Válek, fl; Suk CO/ Josef Suk. Vanguard OVC 7002/03 20 10:30 SMALL FORCES Prepared by Stephen Wilson Myslivecek, J. Octet no 2 in E flat. Sabine Meyer Wind Ensemble. EMI 5 55512 2 10 Mendelssohn, Fanny. String quartet in E flat (1834). Erato Quartet Basel. cpo 999 679-2 20 Brahms, J. Trio in A for clarinet, cello and piano, op 114 (1891). Peter Schmidl, cl; Teodora Miteva, vc; Madoka Inui, pf. Naxos 8.557232 24 16


Sousa, J.P. Bullets and bayonets (1918). Allentown Band/Ronald Demkee. AMP 90151


12:00 URBAN JAZZ LOUNGE with Leita Hutchings

9:05 PERIODS AND THEIR PEOPLE Late Baroque 1700-1759 Prepared by Brian Drummond

Handel, G. Overture to Rinaldo, HWV7a (1711). English CO/Richard Bonynge. Decca 440 844-2

Vinter, G. Blazon. All Star Brass/Harry Mortimer. LP EMI DUO 130B

13:00 FAVOURITE CLASSICS Prepared by Ron Walledge Brian, H. Comedy overture: The tinker’s wedding (1948). Charles Mackerras, cond. EMI CDC 7 49558-2 7 Finzi, G. Eclogue for piano and string orchestra, op 10 (c1949). Piers Lane, pf; Vernon Handley, cond. EMI 5 65742 2 10 Royal Liverpool PO (2 above) Tchaikovsky, P. Suite no 1, op 43 (1878-79). Detroit SO/Neeme Järvi. Chandos CHAN 9587 35 Vieuxtemps, H. Violin concerto no 5 in A minor, op 37 (1861). Sarah Chang, vn; Philharmonia O/Charles Dutoit. EMI 5 55292 2 19 Beethoven, L. Symphony no 5 in C minor, op 67 (1807). Vienna PO/Carlos Kleiber. DG 479 4110 34 15:00 OPERETTA IN THE AFTERNOON Prepared by Elaine Siversen Chabrier, E. L’étoile. Operetta in three acts. LIbretto by Eugene Leterrier and Albert Vanloo. First performed Paris, 1877. KING OUF I: Georges Gautier, ten HÉRISSON DE PORC-ÉPIC: François Le Roux, bar TAPIOCA: Antoine David, ten PRINCESS LAOULA: Ghyslaine Raphanel, sop ALOÈS: Magali d’Amonte, mezz LAZULI: Colette Alliot-Lugaz, sop SIROCO: Gabriel Bacquier, bass Lyons Opera Ch & O/John Eliot GardIner. EMI 7 47889 8 1:35 Synopsis at finemusicfm.com/Opera


Offenbach, J. Excerpts from Orpheus in the Underworld (1866). June Bronhill, sop; Cynthia Morey, sop; Anna Polak, mezz; Jon Weaving, ten; Eric Shilling, bar; Sadler’s Wells Opera Ch & O/Alexander Faris. EMI 3 89163 2 15 Friml, R. Excerpts from Rose-Marie (1924). Anna Moffo, sop; Rosalind Elias, mezz; Richard Fredericks, bar; William Chapman, voice; Ch & O/Lehman Engel. LP Readers Digest/RCA RDS40 19 17:30 STAGING MUSIC Prepared by Angela Cockburn Adaptations: As you like it 18:00 SOCIETY SPOT Folk Federation of NSW 19:00 THE MAGIC OF STAGE AND SCREEN Prepared by Annabelle Drumm 20:00 THE WORD TRANSFORMED Prepared by Paul Cooke Janácek, L. Incidental music to Hofmann’s Schluk und Jau (1928). Slovak PO/Libor Pesek. Naxos 8.555245 9 Wagner, R. Wesendonck Lieder (1858). Tamara Takács, mezz; Jenö Jandó, pf. Naxos 8.550400


Howell, D. Tone poem: Lamia (1950). Karelia State PO/Marius Stravinsky. Cameo Classics CC9037 15 Finzi, G. By footpath and stile, op 2 (192122). Roderick Williams, bar; Sacconi quartet. Naxos 8.557963 23 Meale, R. Scenes from Mer de glace (1991). Adelaide SO/David Porcelijn. ABC 446 477-2 20 Muldowney, D. Suite from The Brontës. Northern Ballet TO/John Pryce-Jones. Naxos 8.553495 24 22:00 SATURDAY NIGHT AT HOME Prepared by Randolph Magri-Overend Schumann, R. Kreisleriana, op 16 (1838). Radu Lupu, pf. Decca 440 496-2 32 Mendelssohn, F. Incidental music to A midsummer night's dream, op 21 (1826), 61 (1842). Arlene Saunders, sop; Helen Vanni, mezz; Inga Swenson, narr; James Stagliano, hn; Boston Symphony Ch & O/ Erich Leinsdorf. RCA Victrola VD87816 48 Elgar, E. Variations on an original theme, op 36, Enigma (1898-99). BBC PO/Edward Downes. Conifer CDCF 187 31

Sunday 8 July 0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT 6:00 SUNDAY MORNING MUSIC with Robert Small 9:00 MUSICA SACRA Prepared by Richard Verco Du Mont, H. In nativitate Domini ad matinum. Les Petits Chanteurs de Saint-François de Versailles. Jade JACD 004 9 Maclean, C. Christ the King (1984). Sydney University Chamber Choir/Neil McEwan. LP ABC/Festival L 38676 10 Dufay, G. Missa: Se la face ay pale. His Majestys Sagbutts and Cornetts; Chiaroscuro Ensemble/Nigel Rogers. Nuova Era 6741 35 10:00 THE CLASSICAL ERA Prepared by Richard Verco Albrechtsberger, J. Concertino in D (1985). Michael Scott, picc; Sydney Mandolins/Adrian Hooper. Jade JAD 1124 14 Beethoven, L. Fantasia in C minor, op 80, Choral (1807). German State Opera Choir; Berlin PO/Daniel Barenboim, pf & dir. EMI 5 55516 2 20 Beck, F. Sinfonia in G minor, op 1 no 1 (pub. 1758). New Zealand CO/Donald Armstrong. Naxos 8.554071 12 Weber, C.M. Clarinet quintet in B flat, op 34 (1815). Gervase de Peyer, cl; Melos Ensemble. EMI 5 65995 2 24 Spohr, L. Sonata in B flat for violin and harp, op 16 (c1805). Sophie Langdon, vn; Hugh Webb, hp. Naxos 8.555364 20 Carulli, F. Concerto in G for flute, guitar and orchestra. Jean-Pierre Rampal, fl; Alexandre Lagoya, gui; Franz Liszt CO/János Rolla. CBS MK 42130 22 12:00 CLASSIC JAZZ AND RAGTIME with John Buchanan The early days of jazz and ragtime as recorded during the first 30 years of the 20th century 13:00 WORLD MUSIC: Whirled Wide 14:00 MAGICAL MOMENTS IN MUSIC Prepared by Yola Center Mussorgsky, M. St John’s night on Bald Mountain (1867; arr. Rimsky-Korsakov). Berlin PO/Claudio Abbado. DG 445 238-2 13 Dukas, P. The sorcerer's apprentice (1897). French NO/Lorin Maazel. CBS MYK 42610 12

Stravinsky, I. Suite no 2 from The firebird (1919). Budapest FO/Iván Fischer. Hungaroton HCD 31095 20

Byrd, W. Agnus Dei, from Mass for four voices. Tallis Scholars/Peter Phillips. Gimell CDGIM 345

Britten, B. Now the hungry lion roars, from A midsummer night’s dream, op 64 (1960). Elizabeth Harwood, sop; Alfred Deller, ct; London SO/Benjamin Britten. ABC 480 7301 5

Duruflé, M. Sicilienne, from Suite of variations on Veni creator. Philippe Lefebvre, org. FYCD 100 CYD 85 6


Helena! Hermia! Demetrius! Lysander! from A midsummer night's dream. Elizabeth Robson, sop; Anne Howells, sop; Kenneth McDonald, ten; Delme Bryn-Jones, bass; Royal Opera House O/Georg Solti. Decca 480 0952 5

18:00 MUSIC FOR VIOLIN AND FRIENDS Prepared by Paul Hopwood

15:00 SUNDAY SPECIAL Simply Shostakovich Prepared by Paolo Hooke

Schumann, R. Piano quintet in E flat, op 44 (1842). Augustin Dumay, vn; Renaud Capuçon, vn; Gérard Caussé, va; Jian Wang, vc; Maria João Pires, pf. DHM 479 5964 30

Shostakovich, D. Preludes and fugues, op 87: no 1 in C; no 24 in D (1950-51). Tatiana Nikolaeva, pf. Melodiya 74321198492 19 Symphony no 8 in C minor, op 65 (1943). Leningrad PO/Yevgeny Mravinsky. Melodiya/BMG 74321 29406 2 1:04 Symphony no 9 in E flat, op 70 (1945). Moscow PO/Kirill Kondrashin. Melodiya 74321198462


17:00 HOSANNA Prepared by Meg Matthews Hughes, J. Guide me, O thou great Jehovah. Cantillation/Brett Weymark. 3 Bach, J.S. Jesu, joy of man’s desiring, from Cantata, BWV147. Sydney Philharmonia Choir/Antony Walker. 3 Anon. Praise to the Lord, from Stralsund Gesangbuch. Choir of King's College, Cambridge/Stephen Cleobury. ABC 476 284-1 (3 above) Byrd, W. Kyrie: Gloria, from Mass for four voices. Tallis Scholars/Peter Phillips. Gimell CDGIM 345 8 Zelenka, J. Magnificat (1725). Lenka Cafour Ková, sop; Ensemble Inégal; Prague Baroque Soloists/Adam Viktora. Nibiru 01612231 9 Rossini, G. Kyrie, from Petite Messe solennelle. Ambrosian Singers; Craig Sheppard, pf; Paul Berkowitz, pf; Richard Nunn, harmonium; Claudio Scimone, cond. Philips 412 548-21 7

Beethoven, L. Violin sonata in D, op 12 no 1 (1797-98). Itzhak Perlman, vn; Vladimir Ashkenazy, pf. Decca 421 453-2 23

19:00 SUNDAY NIGHT CONCERT Prepared by Simone Vitiello Brumby, C. Festival overture on Australian themes. West Australian SO/Richard Mills. ABC 442 374-2 9 Tchaikovsky, P. Piano concerto no 1 in B flat minor, op 23 (1875/79/89). Emil Gilels, pf; New York PO/Zubin Mehta. CBS 36660 35 Beethoven, L. Symphony no 6 in F, op 68, Pastoral (1808). Sydney SO/Willem van Otterloo. LP RCA VRL4 0190 39 20:30 NEW HORIZONS Prepared by James Nightingale Greenbaum, S. Two interludes in space (2000). Anna McMichael, vn; Claire Edwardes, vibraphone; Bernadette Harvey, pf. ABC 481 4828 11 Smalley, R. Concerto for cello and 17 players (1985-96). Raphael Wallfisch, vc; members of West Australian SO/Roger Smalley. ABC 980 047-5 17 Boyd, A. As I crossed a bridge of dreams (1975). Ars Nova Copenhagen/Paul Hillier. Ars Nova 6.220597 11 Wesley-Smith, M. White Knight and Beaver (1984). Charisma. Great White Noise GWN002 9

Duruflé, M. Ubi caritas (1947). Ensemble Vocal Audite Nova de Paris/Jean Sourisse. Erato 2292-45230-2 2

Mackey, S. Blue notes and other clashes (2016). Prism Quartet; So Percussion. Xas Records XAS 102 33

Gjeilo, O. Ubi caritas (2001). Phoenic Chorale. Chandos CHSA 5100

22:00 AFTER HOURS JAZZ with Kevin Jones


July 2018


Monday 9 July

Charles-Marie Widor

Johan Svendsen

Noriko Ogawa


Rachmaninov, S. Piano concerto no 1 in F sharp minor, op 1 (1891). Mikhail Pletnev, pf; Philharmonia O/Libor Pesek. Virgin VC 7 90724-2 27

Glinka, M. Variation in E flat on a theme from Mozart’s The magic flute (1822). Tatiana Loguinova, pf. Phaedra 292026 9

Bizet, G. Symphony in C (1855). French National RSO/Thomas Beecham. EMI CDC 7 47794 2 28

14:00 A NORWEGIAN CAVALCADE Prepared by Rex Burgess

6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with James Hunter 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC A year in retrospect: 1868 Prepared by Madilina Tresca Strauss, J. II Tales from the Vienna Woods, op 325 (1868). New York Vocal Arts Ensemble/Raymond Beegle. Arabesque Z 6586 6 Saint-Saëns, C. Piano concerto no 2 in G minor, op 22 (1868). Stephen Hough, pf; City of Birmingham SO/Sakari Oramo. Hyperion CDA67331/2 22 Duparc, H. Sérénade; Soupir (1868). Paul Groves, ten; Roger Vignoles, pf. Naxos 8.557219 5 Berwald, F. Overture to The Queen of Golconda (1868). Royal PO/Ulf Björlin. EMI CDM 5 65073 2


Widor, C-M. Airs de ballet, op 4 (1868). Paul Rickard-Ford, pf. RIAX RICA-2881 14 David, Felicien. String quartet no 1 in F minor (1868). Cambini-Paris Quartet. Ambroisie AM206 25 10:30 CONCERT HALL Prepared by Derek Parker Copland, A. Suite: Appalachian Spring (1943-44). Melbourne SO/Benjamin Northey. ABC 481 0863 25

12:00 SWING SESSIONS with John Buchanan 13:00 THE MAGIC FLUTE Prepared by Stephen Wilson Clementi, M. Piano sonata in B flat, op 24 no 2, Magic flute (c1781). Nikolai Demidenko, pf. Hyperion CDA66808 12 Mozart, W. Overture to The magic flute, K620 (1791). Tasmanian SO/Sebastian LangLessing. ABC 481 0616 7 Beethoven, L. 12 Variations in F, from Mozart’s The magic flute, op 66 (1798). Xavier Phillips, vc; François-Frédéric Guy, pf. Evidence Classics EVCD015 9 Sor, F. Introduction and variations on a theme by Mozart, from The magic flute, op 9 (c1814). Stephanie Jones, gui. 5MBS 2014 Finals 7 Liszt, F. Song of the two armed men, from Mozart's The magic flute (c1870s). Leslie Howard, pf; Philip Moore pf. Hyperion CDS44544 3 Berio, L. Variations on Papageno’s aria Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen, from Mozart’s The magic flute (1956). Milan Giuseppe Verdi SO/ Riccardo Chailly. Decca 476 2830 3

Svendsen, J. Cello concerto in D, op 7 (1870). Truls Mørk, vc; Bergen PO/Neem Järvi. Chandos CHAN 10711 19 Grieg, E. Holberg suite, op 40 (1884). Oslo Camerata/Stephan Barratt-Due. Naxos 8.557890 19 Sinding, C. Suite in A minor, op 10 (1889). Itzhak Perlman, vn; Pittsburg SO/André Previn. EMI 5 66060 2 12 Halvorsen, J. Symphony no 2 in D minor, Fate (1924-28). Oslo PO/Karsten Andersen. Norwegian Cultural Centre NKFCD 50014-2 32 Saeverud, H. Piano concerto, op 31 (1950). Noriko Ogawa, pf; Stavanger SO/Alexander Dmitriev. BIS CD-962 27 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Michael Field 19:00 JAZZ PULSE with Chris Wetherall 20:00 STORMY MONDAY with Austin Harrison and Garth Sundberg 22:00 THE AUSTRALIAN JAZZ SCENE with Susan Gai Dowling and Peter Nelson


efore Johan Halvorsen became a prominent figure in Norwegian musical circles he spent time in Sweden, Leipzig (with the Gewandhaus Orchestra), Aberdeen, Helsinki, St Petersburg, Berlin and Liège. After returning to Norway, he conducted a theatre orchestra, the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and the National Theatre Orchestra in Kristiana. Halvorsen wrote incidental music for over 30 plays, three symphonies and two well-known Norwegian rhapsodies in a romantic national style marked by innovative orchestration. He orchestrated some of Grieg’s piano works and also married Grieg’s niece.



Tuesday 10 July

Ferdinand David

Myer Fredman

Arnold Schoenberg


12:00 JAZZ RHYTHM with Jeannie McInnes

Sibelius, J. Pohjola's daughter, op 49 (1906). Gothenburg SO/Neeme Järvi. BIS CD-312 13

3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Julie Simonds

13:00 OPERA IN CONCERT Prepared by Giovanna Grech Berlioz, H. Love scene, from Romeo and Juliet, op 17 (1839). Sydney SO/Robert Pikler. Chandos CHAN 6587 17

9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Colours of the keyboard Prepared by Paul Cooke Chiesa, M. Sonata in G (c1770). Agnes Szakály, cimbalom; Marta Gál, hpd. Hungaroton HCD 31571


Schumann, R. Three fantasy pieces, op 73 (1849). Mischa Maisky, vc; Martha Argerich, pf. DG 469 524-2 10 Hässler, J.W. Piano sonata V in F. Michele Benuzzi, pf. Brilliant Classics 95225 7 Martinu, B. String sextet (1932). Raphael Ensemble. Hyperion CDA66516 16 Wesley, S.S. Introduction and fugue in C sharp minor (1836). Jennifer Bate, org. Hyperion CDA66180


Tailleferre, G. Piano trio (1978). ClementiTrio Köln. Largo 5112 14 Debussy, C. Estampes (1903). Roger Woodward, pf. ABC 472 170-2


10:30 CONCERT HALL Prepared by Elaine Siversen Masek, V. Sinfonia in D sharp (c1780s). Prague CO/Frantisek Vajnar. LP Supraphon 1110 2809 G


David, Ferdinand. Violin concerto no 4 in E, op 23. Hagai Shaham, vn; BBC Scottish SO/ Martyn Brabbins. Hyperion CDA67804 26 Grofé, F. Grand Canyon suite (1931). Cincinnati Pops O/Erich Kunzel. Telarc 80086


Puccini, G. Ore dolci e divine, from La rondine (1917). Leontyne Price, sop; New Philhamonia O/Edward Downes. RCA RD 85999 5 Delibes, L. Prendre le dessin d'un bijou, from Lakmé (1883). Alfredo Kraus, ten; Welsh National Opera O/Carlo Rizzi. Philips 442 785-2 5 Giordano, U. Ecco l’altare, from Andrea Chénier (1896). Renata Tebaldi, sop; Mariano Caruso, ten; Mario del Monaco, ten; St Cecilia Academy O/Gianandrea Gavazzini. Decca 470 280-2 8 Massenet, J. Entr’acte, adagio and waltz, from Le roi de Lahore (1877). London SO/ Richard Bonynge. Decca 452 767-2 7 Wagner, R. Wie duftet doch der Flieder, from Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg (1866-67). Bryn Terfel, bass-bar; Berlin PO/Claudio Abbado. DG 449 190-2 7

Ravel, M. Piano concerto for the left hand in D (1931). Alicia de Larrocha, pf; London PO/ Lawrence Foster. Decca 478 6966 19 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Derek Parker 18:00 SYDNEY SYMPHONY 2018 Produced by Andrew Bukenya

What's on in concerts during the next month 19:00 THE JAZZ BEAT with Lloyd Capps 20:00 RECENT RELEASES 22:00 CHAMBER SOIRÉE Prepared by Mariko Yata Haydn, J. String quartet in C, Hob.III:77, Emperor (1797). Emerson String Quartet. DG 445 598-2 24 Carmichael, J. Aria and finale. Kyle Horch, sax; Pamela Lidiard, pf. ABC 476 156-1 16

14:00 OBJECTIVITY AND NEOCLASSICISM 1900-1950 Prepared by Albert Gormley

Rimsky-Korsakov, N. Piano trio in C minor (compl. Maximilian Steinberg, 1939). Oistrakh Trio. Brilliant Classics 9272 37

Bax, A. Symphony no 3 (1928-29). Sydney SO/Myer Fredman. LP ABC/Festival L 33227 47

Poulenc, F. Wind trio (1922). Daniel Mendelow, tpt; Robert Johnson, hn; Ronald Prussing, tb. Fine Music concert recording 7

Bridge, F. Oration, concerto elegiaco for cello and orchestra (1930). Alexander Baillie, vc; Cologne RSO/John Carewe. Pearl SHE 9601 32

Schoenberg, A. Suite, op 29 (1924-26). Schoenberg Ensemble/Reinbert De Leeuw. LP Telefunken 6.42195 28 July 2018


Wednesday 11 July Water music suite (c1717; transcr. Stokowski). BBC PO/Matthias Bamert. Chandos CHAN 9930


16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with James Hunter 19:00 JAZZ STARS AND STRIPES with Peter Mitchell 20:00 AT THE OPERA Prepared by Angela Cockburn Alberto Ginastera

Roger Norrington


12:00 JAZZ SKETCHES with Robert Vale


13:00 SYMPHONISTS Beethoven and Schubert Prepared by Brian Drummond

6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Troy Fil

Beethoven, L. Symphony no 1 in C, op 21 (1800). Vienna PO/Simon Rattle. EMI 5 57445 2 25

9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Composer focus Prepared by Randolph Magri-Overend Ginastera, A. Pampeana no 2, op 21 (1950). Mark Kosower, vc; Jee Won Oh, pf. Naxos 8.570569 9 12 American preludes, op 12 (1944). Fernando Viani, pf. Naxos 8.557911


Glosses on themes of Pablo Casals for orchestra, op 48 (1976). London SO/Gisèle Ben-Dor. Naxos 8.572249 18 Dances from Estancia, op 8a (1943). New World SO/Michael Tilson Thomas. Decca 467 603-2 13 Three pieces, op 6 (1939-40). Fernando Viani, pf. Naxos 8.557911


Guitar sonata, op 47 (1976). Franz Halász, gui. BIS CD-671 12 10:30 CONCERT HALL Prepared by Frank Morrison Goldmark, K. Overture: In Italy, op 49 (pub. 1904). Irish NSO/Stephen Gunzenhauser. Naxos 8.550745 12 Arensky, A. Piano concerto in F minor, op 2 (1882). Alexander Cherkassov, pf; USSR RSO/Alexander Alexeev. Melodiya MEL 45002-2 29 Mozart, W. Serenade no 9 in D, K320, Posthorn (1779). Cleveland O/George Szell. CBS MYK 45509 39 20

Schubert, F. Symphony no 5 in B flat, D485 (1816). Stuttgart RSO/Roger Norrington. Hänssler 93.288 29 14:00 IN CONVERSATION with Michael Morton-Evans 15:00 HANDEL EXPLORED Part 2 Prepared by Michael Morton-Evans Handel, G. Sinfonia, from Agrippina, HWV6 (1709). English Concert/Trevor Pinnock. Archiv 479 1932 4 Ogni vento. Lorraine Hunt, mezz; Philharnonia Baroque O/Nicholas McGegan. Harmonia Mundi HMU 907056 5 Let me weep, from Rinaldo, HWV7 (1711/31). Yvonne Kenny, sop. ABC 476 3335 4 Cara sposa, from Rinaldo. Graham Pushee, ct. ABC 446 272-2 9

Rossini, G. La Cenerentola or La bontà in trio. Operatic dramma giocoso in two acts. Libretto by Jacopo Ferretti after Cendrillon by Charles Perrault. First performed Rome, 1817. ANGIOLINA/CINDERELLA: Cecilia Bartoli, sop DON RAMIRO, Prince of Salerno: William Matteuzzi, ten DANDINI: Alessandro Corbelli, bar DON MAGNIFICO: Enzio Dara, bass CLORINDA/TISBE: Gloria Banditelli, mezz ALIDORO: Michele Pertusi, bass Bologna Communale Theatre Ch & O/ Riccardo Chailly. Decca 436 902 2 2:28 Synopsis at finemusicfm.com/Opera Herz, H. Non più mesta: variations on themes from Rossini’s Cinderella. Earl Wild, pf. Vanguard OVC 4033 10 23:00 THE MANY FACES OF PERCUSSION Prepared by Elaine Siversen Hovhaness, A. Fantasy on Japanese woodprints, op 211 (1965). Robert van Sice, mar; RTE SO/Colman Pearce. Etcetera KTC 1085 13

Australian Brandenburg O/Paul Dyer (2 above)

Robinovitch, S. Four Sephardic folk songs. Michael Daher, gui; Skender Sefa, gui; Ryszard Tyborowski, gui; Jay Stoller, perc. Marquis 774718 1389 2 7 13

Birthday ode for Queen Anne, HWV74 (1713). Iestyn Davies, ct. 3 Sinfonia, from Amadigi di Gaul Act III, HWV11 (1715). 1

Pärt, A. Fratres (1977). Antal Eisrich, perc; Miklós Kovács, perc; Strings of Hungarian State Opera O/Tamás Benedek. Naxos 8.558182-83 9

Alison Balsom, tpt; English Concert/Trevor Pinnock (2 above) Warner 0 19162 2 Air and doubles, from Suite no 5 in E, HWV430, The harmonious blacksmith (pub. 1720). Wanda Landowska, hpd. Naxos 8.111055 4


Capdevielle, P. Dance for Salome (1966). Peter Clinch, sax; John Seal, timp. LP Move MS 3041 4 Jacob, G. Concerto for timpani and band (1984). Tristan Fry, timp; City of London Wind Ensemble/Geoffrey Brand. LDR LDRC 1001 12

Thursday 12 July 19:00 THE NEW JAZZ STANDARD with Frank Presley


20:00 MUSICAL PORTRAITS Enemies of Rome Prepared by Elaine Siversen

6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Simon Moore

Saint-Saëns, C. Overture: Spartacus (1863). Orchestral Ensemble of Paris/Jean-Jacques Kantorow. EMI 5 55587 2 15

9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC The music salon Prepared by Brian Drummond Bach, C.P.E. Trio sonata in A minor. Belinda Webster, fl; Heather Stewart, vn; Hellen Scott, vc; Günther Holler, hpd. Fine Music concert recording 10 Telemann, G. Sonata in E flat (pub. 1728). Kim Walker, bn; Clena Stein, db; Darryl Nixon, hpd. Gallo 337 8 Quantz, J. Trio sonata in D. Mary Oleskiewicz, fl; Jean-François Beaudin, fl; Stephanie Vial, vc; David Schulenberg, hpd. Naxos 8.555064 13 Rameau, J-P. Le berger fidèle (1728). Isabelle Poulenard, sop; Daniel Cuiller, vn; Thérèse Kipfer, vn; Marianne Müller, bass viol; Yannick Le Gaillard, hpd. Le Chant du Monde LDC 278 774 14 Frederick II. Flute sonata in C. Collegium Musicum 90/Simon Standage. Chandos CHAN 0541


Bach, J.S. Suite no 3 in G minor, BWV808, English (bef. 1725). Gustav Leonhardt, hpd. Virgin 5 61400 2 14 Graun, C. Horn trio. Ricercar Consort. Ricercar RIC 049027


10:30 CONCERT HALL Prepared by Giovanna Grech Cimarosa, D. Overture to I due baroni di Rocca Azzura (1783). Haydn Philharmonia/ Ezio Rojatti. Nuova Era 6726 11 Beethoven, L. Piano concerto no 1 in C, op 15 (1795). Vladimir Ashkenazy, pf; Vienna PO/Zubin Mehta. Decca 411 900-2 37 Dvorák, A. Symphony no 3 in E flat, op 10 (1873). Slovak PO/Stephen Gunzenhauser. Naxos 8.550268 34 12:00 JAZZ, PURE AND SIMPLE with Maureen Meers

Barbara Bonney Unterm Fenster, op 34 no 3 (1840); So wahr die Sonne scheinet, op 37 no 12 (1840); Tanzlied, op 78 no 1 (1849); In der Nacht, op 74 no 4 (1849). Jan DeGaetani, mezz; Leslie Guinn, bar; Gilbert Kalish, pf. Nonesuch 7559-71364-2 12 Three romances, op 94 (1849). David Nuttall, ob; Larry Sitsky, pf. Tall Poppies TP041 15 Spanische Liebeslieder, op 138 (1849). Barbara Bonney, sop; Anne Sofie von Otter, mezz; Kurt Streit, ten; Olaf Bär, bar; Helmut Deutsch, Bengt Forsberg, pf. EMI 5 55430 2 21 Forest scenes, op 82 (1848-49). Andreas Staier, pf. Harmonia Mundi HMC 901989 19 14:30 SPANISH CONCERTOS Prepared by Gael Golla Scarlatti, D. Concerto grosso no 7 in G minor (arr. Avison 1744). Academy of St Martin in the Fields/Neville Marriner. Philips 438 806-2 12 Balada, L. Concerto for four guitars and orchestra (1976). Versailles Guitar Quartet; Barcelona SO; Catalonia NO/Colman Pearce. Naxos 8.557049 21 Soler, A. Concerto no 2 in A minor for two clavichords. Bernard Brauchli, clvd; Esteban Elizondo, clvd. Titanic Ti-152 12 Falla, M. de Concerto for harpsichord, flute, oboe, clarinet, violin and cello (1923-26). Members of New York PO/Pierre Boulez. Sony SMK 68 333 13

13:00 SCHUMANN FOR SMALLER FORCES Prepared by Rex Burgess

Rodrigo, J. Summer concerto for violin and orchestra (1943). Michael Guttman, vn; Royal Philharmonic O/José Serebrier. Resonance RSN 3069 22

Schumann, R. Papillons, op 2 (1829-31). Andrei Gavrilov, pf. Philips 456 787-2 15

16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Marilyn Schock

Khachaturian, A. Suite no 1, from Spartacus (1943). St Petersburg State SO/André Anichanov. Naxos 8.550801 26 Suite no 3, from Spartacus (1943). Armenian PO/Loris Tjeknavorian. ASV DCA 773 24 Elgar, E. Excerpts from Scene 2, Caractacus, op 35 (1898). Stephen Roberts, bass. 16 O my warriors, from Scene 4, Caractacus. 4 Scene 6, from Caractacus. Judith Howarth, sop; Arthur Davies, ten. 24 David Wilson-Johnson, bar; London Symphony Ch & O/Richard Hickox (3 above) Chandos CHAN 9156; 7 22:00 SHOWCASING AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Prepared by Paul Cooke Hyde, M. Nightfall and merrymaking (1955). Josef Hanic, ob; James Muir, pf. Walsingham 2WAL8036-2 8 Strauss, R. Marie Therese, it is a dream, from Der Rosenkavalier, op 59 (1911). Régine Crespin, sop; Helen Donath, sop; Yvonne Minton, mezz; Otto Wiener, bass; Vienna PO/ Georg Solti. ABC 470 241-2 13 Zelenka, J. Capriccio no 2 in G (1729). Camerata Bern. Archiv 469 842-2


Respighi, O. Three preludes on Gregorian themes (1919). Sonya Hanke, pf. Marco Polo 8.220176 17 Bloch, E. Two last poems (1958). Laura Chislett, fl; David Miller, pf. Walsingham WAL 8018-2 14 Beethoven, L. Notturno, op 42 (1803; arr. Kleinheinz for viola and piano). Paul Coletti, va; Leslie Howard, pf. Hyperion CDA66946 28 Lovelock, W. Saxophone sonata (1974). Peter Clinch, sax; Trevor Barnard, pf. diversions 24120 17

July 2018



Strauss, R. Le bourgeois gentilhomme (1912). Australian CO/Christopher LyndonGee. Omega OCD 1011 35

3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Janine Burrus

Yates, S. Love reconciled, or The rewards of evil (2003). Marais Project. Move MCD 424 11

9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Something borrowed Prepared by Chris Blower Rossini, G. Overture to La gazza ladra (1817; arr. Carulli). Debra Wendells Cross, fl; Robert Alemany, cl; JoAnn Falletta, gui. Virginia Arts Festival VA901 10 Mozart, W. Piano concerto no 12 in A , K414 (1782; arr. Mozart). Rachel Valler, pf; Hazelwood Quartet. Fine Music concert recording 27 Dukas, P. The sorcerer’s apprentice (1897; arr. Schottstädt). Sabine Meyer, cl; Alliage Quintett. Sony 88875190972 10 Vaughan Williams, R. Fantasia on Greensleeves (1934; arr. Hooper). Sydney Mandolins/Adrian Hooper. Fine Music concert recording 5 Barret, R. Fantasy on Donizetti's Lucrezia Borgia (arr. Price). Bert Lucarelli, ob; Manhattan String Quartet. Price-Less D 21062 10 Stravinsky, I. Suite italienne (1933; arr. Dushkin). Sophie Rowell, vn; Julian Smiles, vc: Kathryn Selby, pf. Fine Music concert recording 17 10:30 CONCERT HALL Prepared by James Nightingale Salieri, A. Sinfonia, Veneziana (from 1786). London Mozart Players/Matthias Bamert. Chandos CHAN 9877 10 Meale, R. Lumen (1998). Tasmanian SO/ Richard Mills. ABC 481 1210


Mozart, W. Piano concerto no 27 in B flat, K595 (1791). Imogen Cooper, pf; Australian CO/Richard Tognetti. Philips 476 209-5 PM3 31 Debussy, C. Images (1905-12). Ulster O/Yan Pascal Tortelier. Chandos CHAN 8850 34 12:00 A JAZZ HOUR with Barry O'Sullivan 13:00 IN THE BAROQUE AND RENAISSANCE STYLES Prepared by Mariko Yata Enescu, G. Suite dans le style ancien, op 3 (1898). Josu de Solaun, pf. Grand Piano GP707 20 22

Poulenc, F. Suite française. Swedish Saxophone Quartet. Chamber Sound CSCD 96015


Kats-Chernin, E. Re-invention no 1 for descant recorder (2004; based on Invention no 8 in F, BWV779, by J.S. Bach). Genevieve Lacey, rec; Flinders Quartet. Flinders Quartet 12081 4 14:30 BORN IN HUNGARY, DIED IN THE USA Prepared by Frank Morrison Mussorgsky, M. Pictures at an exhibition (1874; orch. Ravel, 1922). Chicago SO/Fritz Reiner. RCA 0902661958 2 33 Debussy, C. Cello sonata no 1 in D minor (1915). 11 Weiner, L. Hungarian wedding dance, op 21 (1936). 4 János Stárker, vc; György Sebök, pf (2 above) Mercury 478 5092 Rózsa, M. Variations on a Hungarian peasant song, op 4 (1929). Jennifer Pike, vn; BBC PO/Rumon Gamba. Chandos CHAN 10674 10 Romberg, S. You will remember Vienna, from Viennese Nights (1930). Shirlee Emmons, sop. 5 April snow, from Up Central Park (1945). Lois Hunt, sop; William Diehl, bar. 5 O/Sigmund Romberg (2 above) Naxos 8.110886 Smetana, B. Three dances, from The bartered bride (1866). Cleveland O/George Szell. Sony SBK 48 279 11 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Lloyd Capps 19:00 FRIDAY JAZZ SESSION with Christopher Waterhouse 20:00 EVENINGS WITH THE ORCHESTRA Let’s dance! Prepared by Katy Rogers-Davies Adams, J. The Chairman dances (1986). City of Birmingham SO/Simon Rattle. EMI 5 55051 2 13


Georg Christoph Wagenseil Smetana, B. Dance of the comedians, from The bartered bride (1866). Berlin PO/Herbert von Karajan. DG 474 617-2 6 Dvorák, A. Slavonic dances, op 72. Scottish NO/Neeme Järvi. Chandos CHAN 8406 34 Bartók, B. Rumanian folk dances (1917). Chicago SO/Georg Solti. Decca 478 3706 6 Kodály, Z. Dances of Galánta (1933). London SO/István Kertész. Decca 480 4873 16 Rachmaninov, S. Symphonic dances, op 45 (1940). Sydney SO/Vladimir Ashkenazy. Exton EXCL-00018 34 22:00 BAROQUE AND BEFORE Baroque sinfonias and sonatas Prepared by Andrew Dziedzic Zelenka, J. Sinfonia à 8 in A minor (1723). Camerata Bern. Archiv 469 842-2 24 Rosenmüller, J. Sinfonia prima in F (pub. 1667). Hespérion XX/Jordi Savall. Astrée E 8709 10 Richter, F. Sinfonia à quattro in C, La melodia germanica (c1750). New Dutch Academy CO/Simon Murphy. PentaTone PTC 5186 029


Lalande, M-R. de Sixth suite, from Symphonies for the king’s supper. Paul Kuentz CO/Paul Kuentz. Archiv 453 169-2


Marini, B. Violin sonatas 1 to 4 (1620s). Catherine Mackintosh, vn; Monica Huggett, vn; Consort of Musicke/Anthony Rooley L’Oiseau-Lyre 478 0020 24 Wagenseil, G. Sonata no 3 in C, Suite des pièces (1764). Piccolo Concerto Wien/ Roberto Sensi. Accent ACC 24242 19

Saturday 14 July 0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT 6:00 SATURDAY MORNING MUSIC with Stephen Wilson

can, from Orpheus in the Underworld (arr. Pearce). Geoffrey Brand, cond. Chandos CHAN 6539 4

9:00 WHAT'S ON IN MUSIC Our weekly guide to musical events in and around Sydney

Black Dyke Band (all above) 12:00 URBAN JAZZ LOUNGE with Leita Hutchings

9:05 PERIODS AND THEIR PEOPLE Late Baroque 1700-1759 Prepared by Chris Blower

13:00 IN A SENTIMENTAL MOOD with Maureen Meers Nostalgic music and artists from the 30s, 40s and 50s and occasionally beyond, in a trip down many memory lanes

Bach, J.S. Brandenburg concerto no 6 in B flat, BWV1051 (1720). Suk CO/Josef Suk. Vanguard OVC 7002/03 17 Vivaldi, A. Fonti di pianto, from Orlando Furioso, RV728 (1727). Marilyn Horne, mezz; I Solisti Veneti/Claudio Scimone. Erato 0630-13819-9 9 Handel, G. Harp concerto in B flat, HWV294 (1735-36). Marielle Nordmann, hp; Auvergne O/Jean-Jacques Kantorow. FNAC 592099 17 Boismortier, J. de Flute sonata no 2 in G minor, op 91 (1742). Masahiro Arita, fl; Chiyoko Arita, hpd. Denon CO-75957/8


Bach, C.P.E. Cello concerto in B flat, Wq171 (1751). Anner Bijlsma, vc; O of the Age of Enlightenment/Gustav Leonhardt. Virgin VC 7 90800-2 25 10:30 SMALL FORCES Prepared by Frank Morrison Debussy, C. Cello sonata (1915). Bernard Gregor-Smith, vc; Yolande Wrigley, pf. ASV DCA 796 12 Hill, A. String quartet no 6 in G, The kids (1927). Dominion Quartet. Naxos 8.572097 15 Paganini, N. Sonata no 1 in E (c1828). Luigi Alberto Bianchi, vn; Maurizio Preda, gui. Dynamic CDS 34 11

14:00 FEATURING THE VOICE Prepared by Chris Blower Bach, J.L. Trauermusik: Secunda pars. Anna Prohaska, sop; Ivonne Fuchs, cont; Maximilian Schmitt, ten; Andreas Wolf, bass; RIAS Chamber Choir; Akademie für Alte Musik, Berlin/Hans-Christoph Rademann. Harmonia Mundi HMC 902080 18


Offenbach, J. Barcarolle, from The tales of Hoffmann (1883; arr. Langford); Can-

Liszt, F. Après une lecture du Dante, fantasia quasi sonata, from Years of pilgrimage, bk 2 (1837-49). Leslie Howard, pf. Hyperion CDS44581 18

Ravel, M. Gaspard de la nuit (1908). Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, pf. Memoria ABM 999-001 24

15:00 MARCO SPADA Auber, D-F-E. Ballet: Marco Spada, ou La fille du bandit (1852-57). Paris National Opera TO/Michel Queval. Cybelia CY 1502/03 1:30 Debussy, C. Khamma, dance legend (1916). Ulster O/Yan Pascal Tortelier. Chandos CHAN 8903 20 Grieg, E. Symphonic dances, op 64 (1898). Academy of St Martin in the Fields/Neville Marriner. Hänssler 98.128 31

18:00 SOCIETY SPOT Organ Music Society of Sydney Prepared by Andrew Grahame

Fauré, G. Pavane (arr. Langford). Roy Newsome, cond. Chandos CHAN 4533

The beloved colour, from Die schöne Müllerin. Ian Bostridge, ten; Mitsuko Uchida, pf. EMI 5 57827 2 4

Brahms, J. Song of destiny, op 54 (186871). London Philharmonic Ch & O/Klaus Tennstedt. EMI CDM 1 66425 2 18

11:30 ON PARADE Prepared by Robert Small


Schubert, F. Das Wandern; Mein! from Die schöne Müllerin, D795 (1823). Olaf Bär, bar; Geoffrey Parsons, pf. EMI CDC 7 47947-2 5

Vaughan Williams, R. The lark ascending (1914/20). Nigel Kennedy, vn; City of Birmingham SO/Simon Rattle. EMI 5 62813 2 18

17:30 THE VOICES, THE ROLES Prepared by Angela Cockburn

Debussy, C. The girl with the flaxen hair, from Preludes, bk 1 (arr. Parkes). Philip McCann, cornet; Peter Parkes, cond. Chandos 4501

20:00 THE WORD TRANSFORMED Prepared by Melissa Evans

Alfvén, H. At the turn of the century, op 12 (1899). Lena Hoel, sop; Royal Philharmonic Choir, Stockholm; Gävle SO/Stefan Parkman. Sterling 1036-2 18

Haydn, J. Piano trio in G, Hob.XV:25 Gypsy. Vienna Piano Trio. Nimbus NI 5535 15

Chabrier, E. Cossack patrol; España (arr. Langford). Geoffrey Brand, cond. Chandos CHAN 6539 9

Styne, J. Excerpts from Darling of the day (1968). Patricia Routledge, Vincent Price, voices; members of the original Broadway cast. RCA Victor 09026 63334-2 18

That’s the tenor; he must be the hero

19:00 THE MAGIC OF STAGE AND SCREEN Prepared by Maureen Meers Kander, J. Excerpts from Woman of the year (1981). Lauren Bacall, Harry Guardino, voices; members of the original Broadway cast. Masterworks Broadway 88875 09800 2 19 Rodgers, R. Suite from Oklahoma (1943). O/ Richard Hayman. Naxos 8.578039-40 12

Bloch, E. Schelomo: Hebraic rhapsody for solo cello and large orchestra (1915-16). Truls Mørk, vc; Radio France PO/Paavo Järvi. Virgin 5 45664 2 23 Copland, A. Excerpts from 12 Poems of Emily Dickinson. Jane Sheldon, sop; Nicole Panizza, pf. Phosphor Records PR0002 16 22:00 SATURDAY NIGHT AT HOME Youthful composers Prepared by Elaine Siversen Korngold, E. Excerpts from The snowman (1908; orch. 1910 Zemlinsky). Peter Manning, vn; BBC PO/Matthias Bamert. Chandos CHAN 9631 23 Mozart, W. Mass no 3 in C, K66, Dominicus (1769). Barbara Schlick, sop; Ulla Groenewold, cont; Markus Schäfer, ten; Klaus Mertens, bass; Cologne Chamber Choir; Collegium Cartusianum/Peter Neumann. Virgin 5 61303 2 40 Hummel, J. Piano sonata no 1 in C, op 2 no 3 (1792). Ian Hobson, pf. Arabesque Z 6564 17 Mendelssohn, F. String octet in E flat, op 20 (1825). Andrew Haveron, vn; Simone Röggen, vn; Airena Nakamura, vn; Annina Wohrle, vn; Amanda Verner, va; Ada Meinich, va; Paul Stender, vc; Birgit Böhme, vc. Fine Music concert recording 32 July 2018


Sunday 15 July 0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT 6:00 SUNDAY MORNING MUSIC with Paul Roper 9:00 MUSICA SACRA Prepared by Rex Burgess Purcell, H. Te Deum laudamus in D (1694). Choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford; English Concert/Simon Preston. Archiv 459 487-2 14 Byrd, W. Mass for four voices (1592). Choir of Ormond College/Douglas Lawrence. Move MD 3104 23 Debussy, C. The martyrdom of Saint Sebastian (1911). Paris Choir & O/Daniel Barenboim. DG 435 069-2 26 10:00 THE CLASSICAL ERA Prepared by Frank Morrison Haydn, M. Symphony in F (1789). London Mozart Players/Matthias Bamert. Chandos CHAN 9352 15 Donizetti, G. String quartet no 11 in C (1821). Revolutionary Drawing Room. cpo 999 279-2 17 Kraus, J.M. Töne Leise, goldne Saite, from Zum Geburtstage des Königs (1782). Barbara Bonney, sop; Drottningholm Court TO/ Thomas Schuback. Musica Sveciae MSCD 424 7 Hummel, J. Septet no 2 in C, op 114, Military (1829). Capricorn. Hyperion CDA66396 31 Krommer, F. Oboe concerto in F, op 52 (1805). Sarah Francis, ob; London Mozart Players/Howard Shelley. Hyperion CDA 66411 20 Weber, C.M. Concert piece in F minor, op 79 (1821). Alfred Brendel, pf; London SO/ Claudio Abbado. Philips 456 733-2 17 12:00 A HISTORY OF JAZZ IN AUSTRALIA Prepared by Bruce Johnson 13:00 WORLD MUSIC: Whirled Wide 14:00 BAROQUE FLUTE Prepared by Gael Golla Quantz, J. Trio sonata in D. Mary Oleskiewicz, fl; Stephanie Vial, vn; David Schulenberg, hpd. Naxos 8.555064


Hasse, J. Cantata: Sweet Phyllis, my beloved. Julianne Baird, sop; Nancy Hadden, fl; Erin Headley, bass viol; Malcolm Proud, hpd. CRD 3488 14 24

Dieupart, C. Suite no 2 in D for flûte à voix and harpsichord (1701). Ruth Wilkinson, rec; Linda Kent, hpd. Move MD 3161 10 Bach, J.S. Suite no 2 in B minor, BWV1067 (c1739). Emmanuel Pahud, fl; Berlin Baroque Soloists. EMI 5 57111 2 20 15:00 SUNDAY SPECIAL The romantic archetype Prepared by Raj Gopalakrishnan

Rutter, J. Pie Jesu, from Requiem (1985). Edward Saklatvala, treb; City of London Sinfonia/Stephen Cleobury. 4 Vaughan Williams, R. Gloria, from Mass in G minor (1920-1). John Eaton, treb; Nigel Perrin, ten; Robin Doveton, ten; David van Asch, bass; David Willcocks, cond. 4 Brahms, J. How lovely is thy dwelling place, from A German Requiem, op 45 (1865-68). Evgenia Rubinova, pf; José Gallardo, pf. 5 Stanford, C. Villiers Coelos ascendit hodie, op 38 no 2. 2 Stephen Cleobury, cond (2 above)

Schumann, R. Piano concerto in A minor, op 54 (1841-45). Maurizio Pollini, pf; Berlin PO/ Claudio Abbado. DG 479 0908 31 Rachmaninov, S. Two pieces, op 2 (189192). Truls Mørk, vc; Jean-Yves Thibaudet, pf. Virgin 5 45119 2 10 MacDowell, E. Hamlet and Ophelia, op 22 (1884) Ulster O/Takuo Yuasa. Naxos 8.559075 13 Delius, F. In the garden of the seraglio; Irmelin rose; Summer nights, from Seven Danish songs (1897). Yvonne Kenny, sop; Piers Lane, pf. Hyperion CDA67594 7 Sinding, C. Suite in A minor, op 10 (1889). Itzhak Perlman, vn; Pittsburg SO/André Previn. EMI 5 66060 2 12 Grieg, E. Butterfly, op 43 no 1 (1867). Edvard Grieg, reproducing pf. Naxos 8.110678 2 Piano concerto in A minor, op 16 (1868-72). Love Derwinger, pf; Norrköping SO/Jun'ichi Hirokami. BIS CD-619 30 17:00 HOSANNA Prepared by Richard Munge Hymns: Praise to the Lord, the almighty; The King of Love my Shepherd is; Immortal, invisible, God only wise. Combined Choirs of Worcester Cathedral; Worcester Festival Choral Society; Paul Trepte, org; Donald Hunt, cond. Griffin GCCD 4024 8 Psalm: no 75, We give you thanks O God. Choir of York Minster/Philip Moore. Priory FCM 1 3 Darke, H. Magnificat; Nunc dimittis in F. Geoffrey Shaw, bar; Choir of St Paul’s Cathedral; Christopher Dearnley, org; John Scott, cond. Helios CDH 55402 10


Fauré, G. In paradisum, from Requiem, op 48 (1887). John Wells, org; New Philharmonia O/David Willcocks. 4 Choir of King’s College, Cambridge (5 above) EMI 9 68957 2 Hymns: Ye choirs of New Jerusalem; Jesus lives, thy terrors now. Choir of St Paul’s Cathedral; John Scott, org; Barry Rose, cond. Guild GMCD 7106 6 Mendelssohn, F. Allegro, chorale and fugue in D. John Scott, org. Hyperion CDD 22029 8 18:00 MUSIC FOR VIOLIN AND FRIENDS Prepared by Paul Hopwood Brahms, J. Piano trio in B, op 8 (1853/89). Itzhak Perlman, vn; Lynn Harrell, vc; Vladimir Ashkenazy, pf. EMI 7 54725 2 35 Copland, A. Violin sonata (1942-43). Glenn Dicterow, vn; Israela Margalit, pf. EMI 5 55405 2 18 19:00 SUNDAY NIGHT CONCERT Prepared by Denis Patterson Shostakovich, D. Ballet suite no 3 (1952). Royal Scottish NO/Neeme Järvi. Chandos CHAN 7000/1 16 Rubbra, E. Viola concerto in A, op 75 (1952). Rivka Golani, va; Royal PO/Vernon Handley. Conifer Classics 75605 51225 2 25 Brahms, J. Symphony no 4 in E minor, op 98 (1884-85). Scottish CO/Charles Mackerras. Telarc CD-80450 39 20:30 NEW HORIZONS Prepared by Nev Dorrington Zimmer, H. Suite from Gladiator (2001). Lisa Gerrard, sop; Lyndhurst O/Hans Zimmer. Decca Music 44001 31922 48 Gerrard, L. Film soundtracks (2000). Lisa Gerrard, voice. Gerrard Music 44001 31922 38 22:00 AFTER HOURS JAZZ with Kevin Jones

Monday 16 July

Tomaso Albinoni

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

Tasmin Little


Albinoni, T. Recorder concerto in D minor, op 9 no 2 (pub. 1722). Michala Petri, rec; Kremerata Baltica. OUR 8.226905 11

14:30 WITH ORCHESTRA Prepared by Barrie Brockwell

6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Robert Small 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC A year in retrospect: 1934 Prepared by Rex Burgess Prokofiev, S. Suite from Lieutenant Kijé, op 60 (1934). Queensland SO/Vladimir Verbitsky. ABC 476 3510 22 Britten, B. Holiday diary, op 5 (1934). Stephen Hough, pf. Decca 478 5364


Koechlin, C. Les confidences d'un jouer de clarinette, op 141 (1934). Dirk Altmann, cl; Sibylle Mahn Haas, hn; Gunther Tueffel, va. SWR 19047 18 Shostakovich, D. Passacaglia, Interlude, from Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk, Act II (1934). Boston SO/Andris Nelsons. DG 479 5059 8 Castelnuovo-Tedesco, M. Sonata in D, op 77, Homage to Boccherini (1934). Norbert Kraft, gui. Chandos CHAN 9033 16 10:30 CONCERT HALL Prepared by Denis Patterson Liszt, F. Symphonic tone poem no 2: Tasso (1849/50-51). London PO/Bernard Haitink. Philips 438 751-2 21

Rachmaninov, S. Symphony no 2 in E minor, op 27 (1906-07). Tasmanian SO/Patrick Thomas. ABC 476 4570 47 12:00 SWING SESSIONS with John Buchanan 13:00 MUSIC FOR A FEW Prepared by Barrie Brockwell Schmelzer, J. Sonata à 7. Haarlem Trumpet Consort. Teldec 8.42977 ZK 5 Spohr, L. String quintet no 1 in E flat, op 33 no 1 (1813-15). Sándor Papp, va; Danubius Quartet. Naxos 8.555965 31 Telemann, G. Trio sonata in C minor. Peter Bree, ob; Hans Dusowa, va; Dries Munnik, vc; Christian Lambour, hpd. Etcetera KTC 1083 10 Schumann, C. Liebst du um Schönheit; Ich stan in dunklen Träumen; Walzer. Stephen Loges, bar; Eugene Asti, pf. Hyperion CDA67249 8 Brahms, J. Violin sonata no 1 in G, op 78 (1880). Renaud Capuçon, vn; Nicholas Angelich, pf. Erato 7243 5 45731 29

Weber, C.M. Overture to Oberon (1826). Staatskapelle Dresden/Gustav Kuhn. Brilliant Classics 99935


Coleridge-Taylor, S. Violin concerto in G minor, op 80 (1912). Tasmin Little, vn; BBC PO/Andrew Davis. Chandos CHAN 10879 32 Hindemith, P. Symphonic metamorphosis on themes by Weber (1943). London SO/Claudio Abbado. Decca 466 271-2 20 Mendelssohn, F. Scherzo; Intermezzo; Nocturne; Wedding march, from A midsummer night’s dream, op 61 (1842). Slovak PO/Anthony Bramall. Naxos 8.554433 20 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Brendan Walsh 19:00 JAZZ PULSE with Chris Wetherall 20:00 STORMY MONDAY with Austin Harrison and Garth Sundberg 22:00 THE AUSTRALIAN JAZZ SCENE with Susan Gai Dowling and Peter Nelson


aul Hindemith’s Symphonic metamorphosis on themes of Weber was originally intended as a ballet for dancer and choreographer Léonide Massine. The project did not eventuate because Massine wanted more strict arrangements of Weber’s music and Hindemith disliked one of Massine’s ballets which he attended. The work was composed in the United States in 1943 and, although its thematic material belongs in the European tradition, Hindemith had in mind the virtuosity of American symphony orchestras and titled it in English. German translations were never sanctioned by the composer.

The Weber themes are taken from incidental music written by Weber in 1809 for a play by Carlo Gozzi based on the same Turandot legend used by Puccini in his opera. Hindemith and his wife used to play Weber’s music for piano four-hands, and Hindemith used some of these little-known pieces for the themes of some movements. Later the work was choreographed as a ballet, Metamorphosis, by George Balanchine and premiered in 1952 by the New York City Ballet. July 2018


Tuesday 17 July 0:00 CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE 3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Julie Simonds 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Colours of the keyboard Prepared by Frank Morrison Boccherini, L. Piano quintet in E minor, op 57 no 3 (c1799). Riccardo Caramella, pf; Zagreb String Quartet. Nuova Era 7160 18 Mozart, W. Piano sonata no 15 in C, K545, For beginners (1788). Brian Chapman, pf. Tonart TPCD 950531 12 Couperin, F. Les fastes de la grande et ancienne (pub. 1717). Blandine Verlet, hpd. Astrée E 7754 7 Field, J. Piano sonata in C minor, op 1 no 3 (1801). Miceál O'Rourke, pf. Chandos CHAN 8787 16 Bach, J.S. O innocent Lamb of God, BWV618 (1713-15). Anton Heiller, org. Vanguard 08 9085 72


Haydn, J. Piano trio in A, Hob.XV:18. Vienna Piano Trio. Nimbus NI 5535 15 10:30 CONCERT HALL Prepared by Di Cox Liszt, F. Symphonic poem no 3: Les préludes (1848/53). Gewandhaus O/Kurt Masur. EMI CDM 1 66431 2 14 Weber, C.M. Clarinet concerto no 1 in F minor, op 73 (1811). Janet Hilton, cl; City of Birmingham SO/Neeme Järvi. Chandos CHAN 8305 21


12:00 JAZZ RHYTHM with Jeannie McInnes 13:00 KOECHLIN SHOWCASE Part 2 Prepared by Rex Burgess Koechlin, C. Horn sonata, op 70 (1918-25). Barry Tuckwell, hn; Daniel Blumenthal, pf. ASV DCA 716 3 The caravan, from The Persian hours, op 65 no 2 (1913-19). Michael Korstick, pf. SWR 19047 8 26

Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari

Seven rondels of Théodore de Banville (1890-95). Claudette Leblanc, sop; Boaz Sharon, pf. Hyperion CDA66243 11

Doppler, F. - Doppler, K. Valse di bravura, op 33 (arr. Lehto). Kazunori Seo, fl; Sinfonia Finlandia/Patrick Gallois. Naxos 8.570378 10

The storyteller, from The Persian hours, op 65 no 14 (1913-19). Michael Korstick, pf. 8

Kalinnikov, Vasily. Symphony no 1 in G minor (1895). Ukraine NSO/Theodore Kuchar. Naxos 8.553417

Wind trio, op 92 (1924). Tatjana Ruhland, fl, Dirk Altmann, cl; Libor Sima, bn. 11 SWR 19047 (2 above)

Holland, D. Piano miniatures no 2 (1975). Muriel Cohen, pf. Jade JADCD 1029 6

Sibelius, J. Symphony no 2 in D, op 43 (1901). Iceland SO/Petri Sakari. Naxos 8.554266

Neeme Järvi


16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Andrew Dziedzic

14:00 MUSICAL FAMILIES Kalinnikov and Doppler brothers Prepared by Jennifer Foong Kalinnikov, Vasily. Overture to Tsar Boris (1899). Scottish NO/Neeme Järvi. Chandos CHAN 8805 10 Doppler, F. Andante and rondo, op 25. JeanPierre Rampal, fl; Claudi Arimany, fl; John Steele Ritter, pf. Delos DE 3212 8 Kalinnikov, Vasily. Hymn to the Mother of God. Dmitri Hvorostovsky, bar; St Petersburg Chamber Choir/Nikolai Korniev. ABC 3709935 1

19:00 THE JAZZ BEAT with Lloyd Capps 20:00 RECENT RELEASES 22:00 CHAMBER SOIRÉE Prepared by Sheila Catzel Finzi, G. Five bagatelles, op 23 (1938-43). Gervase de Peyer, cl; Gwenneth Pryor, pf. Chandos CHAN 8549 14 Schobert, J. Piano quartet in F minor, op 7 no 2 (1764). Chiara Banchini, vn; Véronique Méjean, vn; Philipp Bosbach, vc; Luciano Sgrizzi, fp. Harmonia Mundi HMC 901294 13

Doppler, F. Idylle: Birds of the woods, op 21. Daniele Ruggieri, fl; Andrea Toschi, harmonium. Brilliant Classics 95011


Kalinnikov, Viktor. Radiant light. Holst Singers/Stephen Layton. Hyperion CDA66928

Rimsky-Korsakov, N. Quintet in B flat for piano and winds (1876). Capricorn. Hyperion CDA66163 29


Wolf-Ferrari, E. Piano trio no 2 in F sharp, op 7 (1900). Ilona Then-Bergh, vn; Gerhard Zank, vc; Michael Schäfer, pf. MD+G L 3310/11 26

Doppler, F. Casilda fantasy (arr. Zamara). Robert Aitken, fl; Erica Goodman, hp. BIS CD-320 11 Kalinnikov, Vasily. The king was old. Sergej Larin, ten; Eleonora Bekova, pf. Chandos CHAN 9906 4 Doppler, K. The recent Hungarian music pearls; The most popular Csardas, bk 2 (pub.1863). Claudi Arimany, fl; Márta Gulyás, pf. Capriccio C5296 11


Dvorák, A. String quartet in F, op 96, American (1893). Takács Quartet. Decca 476 280-2 Although he is a lesser-known composer, Johann Schobert was a signifcant influence on the young Mozart.


Wednesday 18 July Handel, G. Bramo te sola, from Floridante, HWV14 (1721). Nathalie Stutzmann, cont; Hanover Band/Roy Goodman. Newton 8802094 5 Overture to Julius Caesar, HWV17 (1724). New Zealand CO/Donald Armstrong. Artworks AW029 3 Sorge infausta, from Orlando, HVW31 (pub. 1733). Dmitri Hvorostovsky, bar; Academy of St Martin in the Fields/Neville Marriner. Philips 456 543-2 4

François Devienne

Claus Peter Flor


12:00 JAZZ SKETCHES with Robert Vale


13:00 FINAL WORKS Prepared by Gael Golla

6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Troy Fil

Strauss, R. Im Abendrot, from Four last songs, op posth (1948). Renée Fleming, sop; Munich PO/Christian Thielemann. Decca 478 0647 8

9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Composer focus Prepared by Jennifer Foong Devienne, F. Symphonie concertante for flute, bassoon and orchestra, after J-B. Bréval (1783). Marc Grauwels, fl; Alain De Reijckere, bn; Walloon CO/Bernard Labadie. Naxos 8.555918 21 Devienne, F. Flute concerto no 4 in G. Swedish CO/Patrick Gallois, fl & dir. Naxos 8.573230


Trio sonata in G minor, op 24 no 5 (c1785). Frances Eustace, bn; Jennifer Ward Clarke, vc; Paul Nicholson, fp. Amon Ra SAR 35 9 Oboe sonata in C, op 71 no 3 (1799). Burkhard Glaetzner, ob; Christine Schornsheim, pf. Berlin 0012852BC


Flute quartet in A minor, op 66 no 1. Alexis Kossenko, fl; Quatuor Cambini. MBF 1108 15 10:30 CONCERT HALL Prepared by Michael Field Ravel, M. Suite from Ma mère l'Oye (1908). Zurich Tonhalle O/Lionel Bringuier. DG 479 5524 18 Czerny, C. Piano concerto in C, op 153. Liu Xiao Ming, Horst Göbel, pf; Brandenburg State O/Nikos Athinäos. Christophorus CHE 0140-2 31 Elgar, E. Falstaff, symphonic study in C minor, op 68 (1913). Royal Scottish NO/ Alexander Gibson. Chandos CHAN 6607


Pergolesi, G. Stabat Mater doloroso, from Stabat Mater (1736). Simon Keenlyside, bar; Bryn Terfel, bass-bar; London SO/Barry Wordsworth. DG 477 5563 4 Dvorák, A. Overture to Armida, op 115 (1904). CSSR State PO/Robert Stankovsky. Marco Polo 8.223272 6 Requiem aeternum; Lux aeterna, from Requiem, K626 (1791). Chamber Choir of Europe; Pforzheim CO/Nicol Matt. Brilliant Classics 94412 10 Bartók, B. Piano concerto no 3 (1945). Martha Argerich, pf; Royal Concertgebouw O/ Claus Peter Flor. Radio Nederland RCO11004 23 14:00 IN CONVERSATION with Michael Morton-Evans 15:00 HANDEL EXPLORED Part 3 Prepared by Michael Morton-Evans Handel, G. Chandos anthem no 4: O sing unto the Lord a new song, HWV249 (171718). Lynne Dawson, sop; Ian Partridge, ten; The Sixteen Ch & O/Harry Christophers. Chandos CHAN 0504 15 Love in her eyes sits playing, from Acis and Galatea, HWV49b (1718). Kenneth McKellar, ten; Royal Opera House O/Adrian Boult. Decca 448 9022 7 Bononcini, G. Mio caro ben Astarto, from Astarto. Joan Sutherland, sop; Richard Conrad, ten; New SO of London/Richard Bonynge. Decca 448 594-2 4

Pepusch, J. The lass of Patie’s Mill, from The beggar’s opera (1728). Patrizia Kwella, sop; Paul Elliott, ten; Broadside Band/Jeremy Barlow. Harmonia Mundi HMC 901071 5 Handel, G. Violin sonata in D minor, HWV359a (c1725). Andrew Manze, vn; Richard Egarr, hpd. Harmonia Mundi HMX 2907259


16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Tom Forrester-Paton 19:00 JAZZ STARS AND STRIPES with Peter Mitchell 20:00 AT THE OPERA Prepared by Camille Mercep Massenet, J. Don Quichotte. Opera in five acts. Libretto by Henri Cain. First performed Monte Carlo, 1910. DON QUICHOTTE: Ferruccio Furlanetto, ten DULCINÉE: Anna Kiknadze, mezzo SANCHO PANÇA: Andrei Serov, bass-bar JUAN: Dmitry Koleushko, ten Mariinsky Theatre Ch & O/Valery Gergiev. Mariinsky MAR0523 1:52 Synopsis at finemusicfm.com/Opera Meditation, from Thais (1894). Anne-Sophie Mutter, vn; Lambert Orkis, pf. DG 479 2949 7 J’ai versé le poison dans cette coupe d’or, from Cleopatra (1914). Reneé Fleming, sop; Mariinsky TO/Valery Gergiev. Decca 475 8070 5 Suite from Cendrillon (1899). Hong Kong PO; Kenneth Jean, conductor. Naxos 8.555986 10 22:30 GERMAN MODERNISM Mahler and Strauss Prepared by Albert Gormley Strauss, R. Metamorphoses (1945). West Australian SO/Simone Young. ABC 476 6811 28 Mahler, G. Symphony no 1 in D, Titan (1885-88). Royal Concertgebouw O/Leonard Bernstein. Radio Nederland RCO 08005 57 July 2018


Thursday 19 July 0:00 CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE 3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Simon Moore 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC The music salon Prepared by Chris Blower Wallace, V. Fantasie brillante on themes from Verdi’s La traviata (pub. 1856). Rosemary Tuck, pf. Naxos 8.572774 12 Wolf, H. Lieder (1890): Auch kleine Dinge; Mir ward gesagt; Ihr seid die Allerschönste; Gesegnet sei, durch den die Welt entstund. Elly Ameling, sop; Tom Krause, bar; Irwin Gage, pf. Globe GLO 2-5008 7 Clementi, M. Piano trio, op 21 no 1 (pub. 1788). Trio Fauré. Dynamic CDS 93 13 Lemmoné, J. Three caprices: The elves; Minuet; Fantasie (1916). Paul Curtis, fl; David Miller, pf. Tall Poppies TP068 18 Hummel, J. Clarinet quartet in E flat (1808). Fabrizio Meloni, cl; Andrea Pecolo, vn; Luca Ranieri, va; Mario Finotti, vc. Naxos 8.554280 30 10:30 CONCERT HALL Prepared by Frank Morrison Horneman, C. Overture to Aladdin (1864). Danish National RSO/Michael Schönwandt. Chandos CHAN 9373 11 Krommer, F. Clarinet concerto in E flat, op 36 (1803). Emma Johnson, cl; Royal PO/ Günther Herbig. ASV DCA 763 22 Skryabin, A. Symphony no 3 in C minor, op 43, The divine poem (1902-04). Stockholm PO/Leif Segerstam. BIS CD-475 49 12:00 JAZZ, PURE AND SIMPLE with Maureen Meers 13:00 EUROPEAN NOSTALGIA Prepared by Yvonne Laki Berlioz, H. Harold in Italy, op 16 (1834). Rivka Golani, va; San Diego SO/Yoav Talmi. Naxos 8.553034 41 Ravel, M. Violin sonata (1923-27). Viktoria Mullova, vn; Bruno Canino, pf. Philips 426 254-2 17 Shostakovich, D. Jazz suite no 1 (1934). Royal Concertgebouw O/Riccardo Chailly. Decca 433 702-2 8 28

P.D.Q. Bach

J.S. Bach

Dvorák, A. Symphony no 9 in E minor, op 95, From the New World (1893). Melbourne SO/ Tadaaki Otaka. ABC 476 4598 42

Auric, G. Suite from film Orphée (1949). Slovak RSO/Adriano. Marco Polo 8.225066 22

15:00 LAUGHING OUT LOUD Prepared by Mariko Yata Schickele, P. Fuga meshuga, from The musical sacrifice, by P.D.Q. Bach. Peter Schickele, narr; members of New York PickUp Ensemble. Telarc 80520 6 Mozart, W. Divertimento in F, K522, Musical joke (1787). Orpheus CO. DG 431 689-2 22 Donizetti, G. Les bonnes âmes du pays ... Le jour naissait dans le bocage, from The daughter of the regiment (1840). Joan Sutherland, sop; Heather Begg, mezz; Gregory Yurisich, bass-bar; Elizabethan Sydney O/Richard Bonynge. ABC 472094-2 11 Satie, E. Embryons desséchés (1913). Roland Pöntinen, pf. BIS CD-317


Arnold, M. A grand grand overture, op 57 (1956). Hoffnung SO/Malcolm Arnold. EMI CMS 7 63302 2 8 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Sue Jowell 19:00 THE NEW JAZZ STANDARD with Frank Presley 20:00 MUSICAL PORTRAITS Death Prepared by Raj Gopalakrishnan Saint-Saëns, C. Danse macabre, op 40 (1874). Royal Stockholm PO/James DePreist. BIS CD-555 8 Schubert, F. Death and the maiden, D531 (1817). Andreas Scholl, ct; Tamar Halperin, pf. Decca 478 4696 2


Caplet, A. Conte fantastique (1908). Laurence Cabel, hp; Ensemble Musique Oblique. Harmonia Mundi HMC 901417 17 Tcherepnin, N. Le destin, three symphonic fragments on a ballad by Edgar Allan Poe, op 59 (1938). Musica Viva O/Alexander Rudin. Olympia OCD 640 27 Holst, G. Savitri, op 25 (1908). Janet Baker, mezz; Robert Tear, ten; Thomas Hemsley, bass; Purcell Singers; English CO/Imogen Holst. Decca 430 062-2 31 22:00 SHOWCASING AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Prepared by Melissa Evans Sculthorpe, P. Kakadu (1988). Sydney SO/ Stuart Challender. ABC 434 715-2 15 Mozart, W. Litanae lauretanae de Beatissimae Mariae in D, K195 (1774). Jennifer Bates, sop; Anne Fisch, cont; Christopher Bogg, ten; Stephen Bennett, bass; Sydney Philharmonia Cantata Choir; David Miller, org; Australian CO/John Grundy. Fine Music concert recording 28 Bach, J.S. Keyboard concerto no 1 in D minor, BWV1052 (pub. c1837). Angela Hewitt, pf, Australian CO/Richard Tognetti. Hyperion CDA67307 23 Donizetti, G. Mad scene, from Lucia di Lammermoor (1835). Joan Sutherland, sop; Rinaldo Pelizzoni, ten; Robert Merrill, bar; Cesare Siepi, bass; Santa Cecilia Academy Ch & O/John Pritchard. Decca 475 7981 16 Kats-Chernin, E. Eliza aria (2007). Tamara Anna Cislowska, Elena Kats-Chernin, pf. ABC 481 2625 5 Chopin, F. Piano sonata no 2 in B flat minor, op 35 (1839). Roger Woodward, pf. Fine Music concert recording 25

Friday 20 July Symphony no 0 in D minor (1863-64/69). Saarbrücken RSO/Stanislaw Skrowackewski. Brilliant Classics 92084 45 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Peter Kurti 19:00 FRIDAY JAZZ SESSION with Christopher Waterhouse 20:00 EVENINGS WITH THE ORCHESTRA Symphonies of Vaughan Williams Prepared by David Brett Gustav Holst

Charles Ives


Trio; Gewandhaus O/Kurt Masur. Decca 478 6962

3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Janine Burrus

Bach, J.S. Toccata and fugue in D minor, BWV565 (transcr. Reger). Antony Gray, pf. ABC 476 5171 10


Schumann, R. Kinderjahr, op 68 (c1847; arr. Adorno). Royal PO/Dirk Joeres. BIS 1055 14 Holst, G. Japanese suite, op 33 (1915; arr. Lasker). Anthony Goldstone, pf; Caroline Clemmow, pf. Divine Art 25024 11 Strauss, J. II. Emperor waltz, op 437 (1889; arr. Schoenberg). Alban Berg Quartet. BBC Music 17 Rossini, G. Cantata: Giovanna d’Arco (1832; orch. Sciarrino). Clara Mouriz, mezz; BBC Scottish SO/Andrew Gourlay. BBC Music 17 Wild, E. Improvisation on Gershwin’s Someone to watch over me (1990). Xiayin Wang, pf. Chandos CHAN 10626 13 10:30 CONCERT HALL Brahms, J. Overture: Academic Festival, op 80 (1880). Gewandhaus O/Riccardo Chailly. Decca 478 5344 9 Beethoven, L. Concerto in C for piano trio and orchestra, op 56 (1803-04). Beaux Arts

Parry, H. Overture to an unwritten tragedy (1894). English Northern Philharmonia/David Lloyd-Jones. Hyperion CDA66515 11 Stanford, C. Villiers Clarinet concerto in A minor, op 80 (1904). Janet Hilton, cl; Ulster O/ Vernon Handley. Chandos CHAN 8991 19

12:00 A JAZZ HOUR with Barry O'Sullivan

9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Something borrowed Prepared by Paul Cooke

Kats-Chernin, E. Revolving doors (arr. Andersson). Fiona Ziegler, baroque vn; Tommie Andersson, theorbo; Jennifer Eriksson, va da gamba. Move MCD 481


Ives, C. Symphony no 2 (1897-1901/09). Los Angeles PO/Zubin Mehta. Decca 478 2826 37

Vaughan Williams, R. Norfolk rhapsody no 1 in E minor (1905-06). Academy of St Martin in the Fields/Neville Marriner. Decca 442 8341 11

13:00 SERENADES Prepared by Gael Golla Mozart, W. Serenade no 8 in D, K286, Notturno (1776-77). Capella Istropolitana/ Martin Turnovsky. Naxos 8.550092 15

Vaughan Williams, R. Symphony no 1, Sea (1903-09/23). Yvonne Kenny, sop; Brian Rayner Cook, bar; Roderick Elms, org; London Symphony Ch & O/Bryden Thomson. Chandos CHAN 8764 1:06

Jolivet, A. Serenade for wind quintet (1945). Bergen Wind Quintet. BIS CD-291 17

22:00 BAROQUE AND BEFORE Incidental music for plays Prepared by Elaine Siversen

Schubert, F. Ständchen, D920 (1827). Olle Persson, bar; Lund University Male Choir; Marianne Jacobs, pf; Janåke Larson, cond. Caprice CAP 21423 6 Sibelius, J. Serenade no 1 in D, op 69a (1912). Anne-Sophie Mutter, vn; Staatskapelle Dresden/André Previn. DG 447 895-2


Giuliani, M. Serenade in G for flute and guitar, op 127. Mikael Helasvuo, fl; Jukka Savijoki, gui. BIS CD-412 16 Dohnányi, E. Serenade for string trio, op 10 (1902). Donald Weilerstein, vn; Atar Arad, va; Paul Katz, vc. Pro Arte D 238 19 14:30 THE SYMPHONIES OF ANTON BRUCKNER Prepared by Ron Walledge Bruckner, A. Mass no 2 in E minor (1866/82). Vienna State Opera Ch; Vienna PO/Zubin Mehta. 34 Christus factus est (1884). John Alldis Choir/ John Alldis. 5 Decca 425 075-2 (2 above)

Purcell, H. Overture to Abdelazer (1695). Bournemouth Sinfonietta/Ronald Thomas. Chandos CHAN 8424 6 Rameau, J-P. Incidental music to Molière’s The Princess of Navarre, Act II (1745). Marilyn Hill-Smith, sop; Eiddwen Harrhy, sop; Frances Chambers, sop; English Bach Festival Baroque O/Nicholas McGegan. LP Erato STU 71283 14 Grabu, L. Incidental music for Rochester's play Valentinian (1684). Parley of Instruments Renaissance Violin Band/Peter Holman. Hyperion CDA66667 12 Charpentier, M-A. Incidental music to Les fous divertissants (1680). New Chamber Opera; Band of Instruments/Gary Cooper. ASV GAU 167 39 Locke, M. Incidental music for Thomas Shadwell's operatic version of The tempest (1674). Parley of Instruments Renaissance Violin Band/Peter Holman. Hyperion CDA66667 16 Handel, G. Incidental music to The alchymist, HWV43 (1710). Michael Borgstede, hpd; Musica ad Rhenum/Jed Wentz. Brilliant Classics 94600 19 July 2018


Saturday 21 July 0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT 6:00 SATURDAY MORNING MUSIC with Peter Bell 9:00 WHAT'S ON IN MUSIC Our weekly guide to musical events in and around Sydney

Gershwin, G. Medley: An American in Paris; Rhapsody in blue; Cuban overture. Allentown Band/Ronald Demkee. AMP 23192 8

9:05 PERIODS AND THEIR PEOPLE Late Baroque Prepared by Frank Morrison Veracini, F. Ouverture no 1 in B flat (1716). Musica Antiqua, Cologne/Reinhard Goebel. Archiv 439 937-2 14 Handel, G. Concerto grosso in D minor, op 6 no 10 (1739). Emanuel Hurwitz, vn; Raymond Keenlyside, vn; Keith Harvey, vc; Leslie Pearson, hpd; English CO/Raymond Leppard. Philips 426 465-2 16 Telemann, G. Quartet in E minor for flute, violin, cello and lute (1730). Jean-Pierre Rampal, fl; Isaac Stern, vn; Mstislav Rostropovich, vc; Mathias Spaeter, lute. Sony SK 44568 9 Bononcini, G. Per la gloria d’adorarvi, from Griselda (1722; ed. Bonynge). Joan Sutherland, sop; Philomusica of London/ Granville Jones. Decca 475 6302


Bach, J.S. Orchestral suite no 2 in B minor, BWV1067 (c1739). Capella Istropolitana/ Jaroslav Dvorák. Naxos 8.554043 19 10:30 SMALL FORCES Prepared by Paul Hopwood Borodin, A. String quartet no 2 in D (1885). Borodin Quartet. Le Chant du Monde LDC 278 793 29 Ravel, M. Piano trio (1914). Eeva Koskinen, vn; Jean Decroos, vc; Danièle Dechenne, pf. Ottavo OTR C28922 26 11:30 ON PARADE Music that’s band Prepared by Owen Fisher Sousa, J.P. With pleasure. Allentown Band/ Ronald Demkee. AMP WWFM 2 3


Webb, J. Share my yoke. Black Dyke Mills Band/James Watson. Doyen DOY 060 4 30

12:00 URBAN JAZZ LOUNGE with Leita Hutchings 13:00 DIVERSE STRINGS Prepared by Rex Burgess Strauss, R. Metamorphoses (1945). West Australian SO/Simone Young. ABC 476 6811 28 Vallet, N. Suite for lutes. Jakob Lindberg, lute; Robert Meurier, lute; Paul O'Dette, lute; Nigel North, lute. BIS 341 10 Mendelssohn, F. String symphony no 6 in E flat (1821). London FO/Ross Pople. Hyperion CDS44081/3 12 Casella, A. Harp sonata, op 68 (1943). Naoko Yoshino, hp. Philips 446 064-2

Corelli, A. Concerto grosso in C, op 6 no 10 (1712). Philharmonia Baroque O/Nicholas McGegan. Harmonia Mundi HMU 907015 11

A hunting melody. Foden’s Motor Works Band/Fred Mortimer. LP EMI DUO 130A

Rossini, G. Excerpt from The barber of Seville. British Motor Corporation Band; Fairey Aviation Band; Foden’s Motor Body Works Band/Harry Mortimer. LP EMI DUO 130B 7


Van Bree, J. Allegro moderato for four string quartets (1845). The Hague Residency O/ Ferdinand Leitner. Olympia OCD 502 12 Schoenberg, A. Verklärte Nacht, op 4 (1899). Walter Trampler, va; Yo-Yo Ma, vc; Juilliard String Quartet. Sony SMK 62019 29 15:00 OPERETTA IN THE AFTERNOON Prepared by Elaine Siversen Romberg, S. Maytime. Operetta in three acts. Libretto by Rida Johnson Young and Cyrus Wood. First performed New York, 1917. Ohio Light Opera cast, Ch & O/Steven Byess. Albany TROY 808/809 1:19 Synopsis at finemusicfm.com/Opera Excerpts from The new moon (1928). Lucille Norman, sop; Gordon MacRae, bar; O/Paul Weston. Vintage Music 2011 17 Excerpts from My Maryland (1928). Lillian Cornell, mezz; Lawrence Brooks, bar; Warren Galjour, bar; Robert Shaw Chorale; O/ Sigmund Romberg. Naxos 8.110886 14 Excerpts from Blossom time (1921) Mary Ellen Pracht, sop; Sara Endich, sop; William Lewis, ten; Richard Fredericks, bar; George Gaynes, Arthur Rubin, Kenneth Smith,


voices; Ch & O/Lehman Engel. LP Readers Digest/RCA RDS40


17:30 STAGING MUSIC Prepared by Angela Cockburn Adaptations: Much ado about nothing 18:00 SOCIETY SPOT Classical Guitar Society Prepared by Darryl Rule 19:00 THE MAGIC OF STAGE AND SCREEN Prepared by Sue Jowell 20:00 THE WORD TRANSFORMED Prepared by James Nightingale Schmitt, F. Le palais hanté, op 49 (1905). São Paulo SO/Yan Pascal Tortelier. Chandos CHSA 5090 14 Schumann, C. Three songs for mixed choir on poems by Geibel (1848). Heidelberg Madrigal Choir/Gerald Kegelmann. Bayer BR 100 041 10 Brahms, J. Four songs, op 96 (1884). Olaf Bär, bar; Geoffrey Parsons, pf. EMI CDC 7 49723 2 11 Williamson, M. Suite from Our man in Havana (1963). Tasmanian SO/Richard Mills. ABC 476 3218 20 Boulanger, L. Les sirènes (1911). Amanda Pitt, sop; New London Chamber Choir; Andrew Ball, pf; James Wood, cond. Hyperion CDA66726 6 Liszt, F. The Lorelei (1861). Tamara Anna Cislowska, pf. ABC 476 6301 7 Zemlinsky, A. Symphonic fantasy, The mermaid (1903). New Zealand SO/James Judd. Naxos 8.570240 41 22:00 SATURDAY NIGHT AT HOME Prepared by Stephen Wilson Wirén, D. Serenade, op 11 (1937). Strings of Melbourne SO/Leonard Dommett. LP ABC/RCA VRL1 0115 14 Reinecke, C. Harp concerto in E minor, op 182 (1884). Elsie Bedleem, hp; Brandenburg State O/Heribert Beissel. Christophorus CHE 0162-2 24 Tchaikovsky, P. String quartet no 1 in D, op 11 (1871). Australian String Quartet. Fine Music concert recording 27 Respighi, O. Rossiniana (1925). West Australian SO/Jorge Mester. ABC 442 348-2


Borodin, A. Symphony no 3 in A minor (1882; 1886-87; compl. Glazunov). Bolshoi Theatre SO/Mark Ermler. Brilliant Classics 94410 20

Sunday 22 July (1832). London SO/Richard Bonynge. Decca 452 767-2


Arnold, M. Overture: Tam O’Shanter, op 51 (1955). Scottish NO/Alexander Gibson. Chandos CHAN 10412X 8 Goossens, E. Tam o’ Shanter, op 17a (191819). Melbourne SO/Andrew Davis. Chandos CHSA 5119 4 Davies, P. Maxwell An Orkney wedding, with sunrise (1985). George McIlwham, bagpipes; Scottish CO/Peter Maxwell Davies. Unicorn-Kanchana DKP(CD)9070 12 Roman Válek 0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT 6:00 SUNDAY MORNING MUSIC with David Garrett

d’Albert, E. Piano concerto No 2 in E, op 12 (1893). Joseph Banowetz, pf; Moscow SO/ Dmitry Yablonsky. Naxos 8.553728 19 15:00 SUNDAY SPECIAL Sydney University Graduate Choir concert

9:00 MUSICA SACRA Prepared by Di Cox Zelenka, J. Requiem in D minor (1721). Helena Pellarová, sop; Magdalena Kozená, cont; Ladislav Richter, ten; Michal Pospísil, bass; Czech Chamber Choir; Ensemble Baroque 1994/Roman Válek Supraphon SU 0052-2 231 42

Mozart, W. Hai già vinta la causa, from The marriage of Figaro, K492 (1786). Haotian Qi, bar. 5 Mozart, W. Un’aura amorosa, from Cosi fan tutte, K588 (1790). 5

Bach, J. Christoph Be not afraid.


Gounod, C. Ah! Lève-toi, soleil, from Roméo et Juliette (1867). 5

Bach, J.M. Keep what thou hast.


Joshua Oxley, ten (2 above)

Cantus Cölln/Konrad Junghänel (2 above) BMG 05472-77305-2

Meyerbeer, G. Nobles seigneurs, salut, from Les Huguenots (1836). 5

10:00 THE CLASSICAL ERA Prepared by Andari Anggamulia

Mozart, W. Parto, parto, from La clemenza di Tito, K621 (1791). 7

Devienne, F. Oboe sonata in C, op 71 no 3 (1799). Burkhard Glaetzner, ob; Christine Schornsheim, pf. Berlin 0012852BC 18

Barbara Jin, mezz (2 above) Mass in D minor, K626, Requiem (1791). Morgan Balfour, sop; Anna Yun, cont; John Longmuir, ten; David Greco, bass. 49

Schubert, F. String trio in B flat, D581 (1817). Grumiaux Trio. Philips 438 700-2 20

Schubert, F. Mass no 4 in C, D452 (1816). Elke Hooke, sop; Agnes Sarkis, mezz; Pascal Herington, ten; Paul Goodwin-Groen, bass. 23

Hummel, J. Trumpet concerto in E (1803). Håkan Hardenberger, tpt; Academy of St Martin in the Fields/Neville Marriner. Philips 420 203-2 18

Sydney University Graduate Choir (2 above) Sydney University Graduate O/Christopher Bowen (all above) SUGC recordings

Ries, F. Trio in B flat for clarinet, cello and piano, op 28. Jürgen Demmler, cl; Markus Tillier, vc; Peter Grabinger, pf. Naxos 8.553389 23 Haydn, J. Symphony in G, Hob.I:92, Oxford (1789). Vienna PO/Leonard Bernstein. DG 413 777-2 28 12:00 CLASSIC JAZZ AND RAGTIME with John Buchanan 13:00 WORLD MUSIC: Whirled Wide 14:00 GHOSTS, SCOTS AND WITCHES Prepared by Elaine Siversen Løvenskjold, H. Excerpt from La sylphide

Brahms, J. Geistliches Lied. Corydon Singers; John Scott, org; Matthew Best, cond. Hyperion CDH55346 5 Mozart, W. Gloria, Sanctus, Benedictus, Agnus Dei, from Missa brevis in F, K192. Cologne Chamber Choir; Collegium Cartusianum/Peter Neumann. Warner Classics 0284582 12 Tomkins, T. When David heard. Cambridge Singers/John Rutter. Collegium COLCD 113 5 Gjeilo, O. Evening prayer. Phoenix Chorale; Ted Belledin, sax; Ola Gjeilo, pf; Charles Bruffy, cond. Chandos CHAN 5100 6 18:00 MUSIC FOR VIOLIN AND FRIENDS Prepared by Paul Hopwood Mozart, W. Piano trio in G, K496 (1786). Augustin Dumay, vn; Jian Wang, vc; Maria João Pires, pf. DHM 479 5964 28 Beethoven, L. Violin sonata in G, op 96 (1812/15). Rotraud Schneider, vn; Daniel Herscovitch, pf. Fine Music Tape Archive 27 19:00 SUNDAY NIGHT CONCERT Prepared by Rex Burgess Dukas, P. Overture: Polyeucte (1891). BBC PO/Yan Pascal Tortelier. Chandos CHAN 241-32 15 Bottesini, G. Gran double bass concerto in F sharp minor (c1878). Thomas Martin, db; English CO/Andrew Litton. Naxos 8.570397 23 Shostakovich, D. Symphony no 15, op 141 (1971). Vienna SO/Eliahu Inbal. Denon CO-78948 43 20:30 NEW HORIZONS Prepared by Lyn Chong Brouwer, M. Aurolucent circles (2002). Evelyn Glennie, perc; Royal Liverpool PO/ Gerard Schwarz. Naxos 8.559250 27

17:00 HOSANNA Hymns: Angel-voices ever singing; Jerusalem the Golden; Lord, enthroned in heavenly splendour. Choir of Wells Cathedral; Rupert Gough, org; Malcolm Archer, cond. Hyperion CDP12102 8

Schoenberg, Adam. Reflecting light. American Brass Quintet. Summit DCD 553

Wood, C. Magnificat and Nunc dimittis in F. Choir of St Paul’s Cathedral; Christopher Dearnley, org; John Scott, cond. Hyperion CDH55401 9

Stanhope, P. Three geography songs (1997). Sydney Chamber Choir/Paul Stanhope. ABC 476 3870 14

Expectans expectavi. Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford/John Harper. Alto ALC4001


Moravec, P. Tempest fantasy (2002). David Krakauer, cl; Trio Solisti. Naxos 8.559323 29

22:00 AFTER HOURS JAZZ with Kevin Jones

4 July 2018


Monday 23 July

Thomas Hampson

Frederica von Stade

Eugene Istomin


Weber, C.M. Symphony no 1 in C (1807). London Classical Players/Roger Norrington. EMI 5 55348 2 24

14:00 SINFONIETTA Poulenc, F. Sinfonietta (1947). French NO/ Charles Dutoit. Decca 476 2181 28

6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with James Hunter

Spohr, L. Violin concerto no 9 in D minor, op 55 (1820). Ulf Hoelscher, vn; Berlin RSO/ Christian Frölich. cpo 999 232-2 27

9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC A year in retrospect: 1816 Prepared by Derek Parker Rossini, G. Overture to The barber of Seville (1816). Prague SO/Christian Benda. Naxos 8.572735 7 Schubert, F. Abschied, D475 (1816). Christian Gerhaher, bar; Gerold Huber, pf. Sony 88883712172 5 Violin sonata no 3 in G minor, D408 (1816). Midori Seiler, vn; Jos van Immerseel, pf. Harmonia Mundi ZZT060501 16 Bishop, H. Spirits advance, from A midsummer night’s dream (1816-21). Mark Tucker, ten; Chorus; Musicians of the Globe/ Philip Pickett. Decca 470 381-2 6 Donizetti, G. Cor anglais concertino in G (1816). Camerata Budapest/Lászlo Kovács. Marco Polo 8.223701 11 Weber, C.M. Divertimento assai facile, op 38 (1816). Martin Maria Krüger, gui; Klaus Schilde, pf. Calig CAL 50912 15 Field, J. Romance in E flat (1816). John Khouri, pf. Entr’acte ESCD 6503


Beethoven, L. To the distant beloved, op 98 (1816). Thomas Hampson, bar; Geoffrey Parsons, pf. EMI 5 75187 2 15 10:30 CONCERT HALL Prepared by Derek Parker Beethoven, L. Excerpts from The creatures of Prometheus, op 43 (1800-01). Scottish CO/ Charles Mackerras. Hyperion CDA66748 11 32

Schubert, F. Symphony no 3 in D, D200 (1815). Chicago SO/Carlos Kleiber. Artists FED 013/14 20 12:00 SWING SESSIONS with John Buchanan 13:00 FRENCH ART SONGS Prepared by Gael Golla Poulenc, F. Les chemins de l’amour (1940). Mady Mesplé, sop; Gabriel Tacchino, pf. EMI 7 47550 2 4 Fauré, G. Aurore, op 39 no1 (1884); Automne, op 18 no 3 (1878). Thomas Allen, bar; Roger Vignoles, pf. Virgin 5 45053-2 5 Chaminade, C. L’été. Anne Sofie von Otter, mezz; Bengt Forsberg, pf. DG 471 331-2 4 Chausson, E. Le colibri, op 2 no 7 (1882). Ann Murray, sop. 3 La caravane, op 14 (1887). Philip Langridge, ten. 6 Virgin VC 7 91179-2 (2 above) Duparc, H. Invitation to the journey (1870). Sarah Walker, mezz. Hyperion CDA66323 5 Roger Vignoles, pf (3 above) Ravel, M. Don Quichotte to Dulcinea (193233). José van Dam, bar; Dalton Baldwin, pf. EMI 5 69299 2 7 Debussy, C. Ariettes oubliées (188687/1903). Frederica von Stade, mezz; Martin Katz, pf. BMG Classics 09026 62711 2 17


14:30 IN CONCERT Freedom Prepared by Albert Gormley Mendelssohn, F. Overture: Calm sea and prosperous voyage, op 27 (1828). Slovak PO/ Oliver Dohnányi. Naxos 8.554433 14 Beethoven, L. Piano trio in C minor, op 1 no 3 (1794-95). Isaac Stern, vn; Leonard Rose, vc; Eugene Istomin, pf. Sony SM2K 64510 30 Mendelssohn, F. Symphony no 3 in A minor, op 56, Scottish (1842). Tasmanian SO/ Sebastian Lang-Lessing. ABC 476 3623 39 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with David Brett 19:00 JAZZ PULSE with Chris Wetherall 20:00 STORMY MONDAY with Austin Harrison and Garth Sundberg 22:00 THE AUSTRALIAN JAZZ SCENE with Susan Gai Dowling and Peter Nelson In Greek mythology, Prometheus created man from clay. Later he defied the gods by stealing fire and giving it to humanity thus enabling the progress of civilisation. As a result he was sentenced to eternal torment. In the Western Classical tradition, Prometheus became a figure representing human striving for knowledge. The creatures of Prometheus was Beethoven’s only full-length ballet. He based the fourth movement of his Eroica Symphony and his Eroica Variations on the main theme of the ballet’s finale.

Tuesday 24 July

Paul Badura-Skoda

Guy Johnston


13:00 GREETING THE NEW CENTURY Works from 2000 Prepared by Gael Golla

6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Julie Simonds

Torke, M. Corner in Manhattan (2000). Ying Quartet. Quartz QTZ 2003 20 Sculthorpe, P. Song for a penny (2000). Tamara Anna Cislowska, pf. ABC 481 1181

9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Colours of the keyboard Prepared by Jennifer Foong Beethoven, L. Piano trio no 10 in E flat, op 44 (1802). Beaux Arts Trio. Philips 438 948-2 14 Haydn, J. Andante and variations in F minor, Hob.XVII:6 (1793). Paul Badura-Skoda, fp. Astrée E 7714 15 Schubert, F. Adagio in E flat, D897, Notturno (c1827). Beaux Arts Trio. Philips 438 700-2 13 Mozart, W. Violin sonata no 23 in D, K306 (1778). Henryk Szeryng, vn; Ingrid Haebler, pf. Philips 462 185-2 22 Glinka, M. Trio pathétique in D minor for clarinet, bassoon and piano (1832). Leopold Wlach, cl; Karl Öhlberger, bn; Paul BaduraSkoda, pf. Westminster RC 8808678121735 16 10:30 CONCERT HALL Prepared by Michael Field Alfvén, H. Suite from The prodigal son (1957). National SO of Ireland/Niklas Willén. Naxos 8.555072 19 Rossini, G. Bassoon concerto. Karen Geoghegan, bn; BBC PO/Gianandrea Noseda. Chandos CHAN 10613


Smetana, B. Festive symphony, op 6 (1854/81). ORF SO/Lothar Zagrosek. Marco Polo 8.223120


12:00 JAZZ RHYTHM with Jeannie McInnes

Maurizio Pollini Bruch, M. Kol nidrei, op 47 (1881). Gerald Moore, pf. 10


Palmer, G. Vocalise (2000). Andrew Robson, sax; Jonathan Zwartz, db; Matthew McMahon, pf; Cove CO/Stephen Williams. ABC 476 261-2 5

Dvorák, A. Waldesruhe, op 68 (1891). Chicago SO/Daniel Barenboim. EMI CZS 5 68132 2 (2 above)

Elgar, E. Cello concerto in E minor, op 85 (1918-19). London SO/John Barbirolli. EMI CMS 7 63283 2 30 Jacqueline du Pré, vc (all above) 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Derek Parker

Previn, A. The giraffes go to Hamburg (2000). Renée Fleming, sop; Renée Siebert, fl; André Previn, pf. DG 471 028-2 11

19:00 THE JAZZ BEAT with Lloyd Capps

Stanhope, D. Olympic fireworks (2000). Sydney Brass. Tall Poppies TP199

22:00 CHAMBER SOIRÉE Prepared by Brian Drummond


Westlake, N. The starry messenger; Shrine of the sun goddess, from Solarmax (2000). Riley Lee, shakuhachi; Satsuki Odamura, koto; Studio O/Nigel Westlake. ABC 476 3658 6 Kats-Chernin, E. Page turn (2000). Daniel del Pino, pf. ABC 461 651-2 6 Matthews, D. Cello concerto in Azzurro, op 87 (2000-02). Guy Johnston, vc; BBC PO/ Ruman Gamba. Chandos CHAN 10487 24 14:30 THE ART OF JACQUELINE DU PRÉ Prepared by Ron Walledge Fauré, G. Élégie in C minor, op 24 (1880). Gerald Moore, pf. EMI CZS 5 68132 2 7 Beethoven, L. Piano trio in E flat, op 1 no 1 (c1794-95). Pinchas Zukerman, vn; Daniel Barenboim, pf. EMI CMS 7 63124 2 28



Chopin, F. Polonaise brillante in C, op 3 (1829-30). Maria Kliegel, vc; Bernd Glemser, pf. Naxos 8.553159 9 Schumann, R. Piano trio no 1 in D minor, op 63 (1847). Borodin Trio. Chandos CHAN 8832/3 35 Liszt, F. Piano sonata in B minor (1852-53). Maurizio Pollini, pf. Philips 456 937-2 29 Bruckner, A. Intermezzo in D minor (1879). Ronald Hoogeveen, vn; Rami Koch, vn; Zoltan Benyacs, va; Prunella Pacy, va; Henk Lambooij, vc. Globe GLO 5078 9 Debussy, C. String quartet in G minor, op 10 (1893). Australian String Quartet. ABC 476 690-4 27 Paula Brusky, PhD. considers Glinka’s Trio pathétique an incredible work because he hadn’t yet had any formal composition lessons. July 2018


Wednesday 25 July 0:00 CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE 3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Troy Fil 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Composer focus Prepared by Rex Burgess Alkan, C-V. Concerto da camera no 1 in A minor, op 10 (1832). Dmitry Feofanov, pf; Razumovsky SO/Robert Stankovsky. Naxos 8.553702 14 Nocturnes, op 57 nos 2 and 3 (1859). Constantino Mastroprimiano, pf. Brilliant Classics 94341


Funeral march for a dead parrot (1857). Ensemble 2E 2M/Paul Mefano. Adda 581285


Fantasy on Mozart's Don Giovanni (1844). Anthony Goldsone, Caroline Clemmow, pf. Symposium 1037 13 Cello sonata in E, op 47 (c1856). Christoph Henkel, vc; Huseyin Sermet, pf. Auvidis V 4680 33 10:30 CONCERT HALL Prepared by Paul Hopwood Alfvén, H. Suite from The mountain king (1916-23). Royal Stockholm PO/Neeme Järvi. BIS CD-585 15 Bach, C.P.E. Flute concerto in A minor, Wq166 (c1750). Konrad Hünteler, fl; Amsterdam Baroque O/Ton Koopman. Erato ECD 75536


Balakirev, M. Symphony no 1 in C (1897). Philharmonia O/Yevgeny Svetlanov. Hyperion CDA66691-2 44 12:00 JAZZ SKETCHES with Robert Vale 13:00 ON THE STREETS OF MADRID Prepared by Stephen Wilson Glinka, M. Spanish overture no 2: Memory of a summer night in Madrid (1851). Armenian PO/Loris Tjeknavorian. ASV DCA 1075 10 Lara, A. Madrid (arr. Silvetti). Plácido Domingo, ten; VVC Symphonic O/Bebu Silvetti. Sony SK 62625 Müller, I. Le château de Madrid, op 79. Friederike Roth, cl; Erika le Roux, pf. Naxos 8.572885



Barbieri, F. Preludio: Dicen que en el pardo, from El barberillo de Lavapiés (1874). Alicia 34

Joan Sutherland

Vincenzo Bellini

de la Victoria, sop; Carlo del Monte, ten; Jose Antonio Viñe, ten; Spanish RTV Ch & SO/Igor Markevitch. Philips 432 824-2 7

Music for the royal fireworks, HWV351 (1749). Le Concert des Nations/Jordi Savall. Astrée E 8512 23

Boccherini, L. Guitar quintet no 9 in C, La ritirata di Madrid (1798). Alexander Schneider, vn; Felix Galimir, vn; Michael Tree, va; David Soyer, vc; Alirio Diaz, gui. Vanguard OVC 8006 23 14:00 IN CONVERSATION with Michael Morton-Evans

Handel, G. Coronation anthem no 1: Zadok the priest, HWV258 (1727). Sydney Philharmonia Choir & O/Antony Walker. ABC 442 9812 6 He gave them hailstones, from Israel in Egypt, HWV54 (1739/56). Monteverdi Choir; English Baroque Soloists/John Eliot Gardiner. Philips 456 502-2 2 Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion, from Messiah, HWV56 (1741). Yvonne Kenny, sop; Melbourne SO/Vladimir Kamirski. ABC 476 4620 4 Hallelujah! from Messiah, HWV56 (1742). Sydney Philharmonia Choirs & O/Antony Walker. ABC 476 3335 4 Let the bright seraphim, from Samson, HWV57 (1743). Joan Sutherland, sop; Royal Opera House Ch & O/Francesco MolinariPradelli. Decca 414 450-2 6 Sound an alarm, from Judas Maccabaeus, HWV63 (1746). David Hobson, ten; Cantillation; Sinfonia Australis/Antony Walker. ABC 476 3335 4


19:00 JAZZ STARS AND STRIPES with Peter Mitchell 20:00 AT THE OPERA Died for love Prepared by Colleen Chesterman

15:00 HANDEL EXPLORED Part 4 Prepared by Michael Morton-Evans

Fantasia in A, HWV406. Academy of St Martin in the Fields Chamber Ensemble. Philips 412 603-2

16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Trisha McDonald


Bellini, V. I Capuleti e i Montecchi. Opera in two acts. Libretto by Felice Romani. First performed Venice, 1830. ROMEO : Agnes Baltsa, mezz GIULIETTA: Edita Grubverová, sop CAPELLIO: Gwynne Howell, bass TEBALDO: Dano Raffanti, ten LORENZO: John Tomlinson, bass Royal Opera House Ch & O/Riccardo Muti. EMI 7 64846 2 2:10 Synopsis at finemusicfm.com/Opera Oboe concerto in E flat (pub. 1941). Diana Doherty, ob; Queensland SO/Werner Andreas Albert. ABC 456 681-2 7 22:30 QUINTETS Prepared by Gael Golla Rimsky-Korsakov, N. Quintet in B flat for winds and piano (1876). Les Vents Français. Warner Classics 0825646231850 28 Boccherini, L. Guitar quintet no 4 in D, Fandango (1798). Karin Schaupp, gui; Flinders Quartet. ABC 476 4435


Franck, C. Piano quintet in F minor (187879). Richard Friedman, vn; Steven Smith, vn; Christopher Wellington, va; Ross Pople, vc; Pascal Rogé, pf. ASV DCA 769 34

Thursday 26 July 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Marilyn Schock 19:00 THE NEW JAZZ STANDARD with Frank Presley

Béla Bartók

José Serebrier


13:00 A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC Prepared by Gael Golla


Holst, G. A song of the night, op 19 no 1 (1905). Lesley Hatfield, vn; Northern Sinfonia/ Richard Hickox. Chandos CHAN 9734 9

6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Simon Moore 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC The music salon Prepared by Frank Morrison Smetana, B. String quartet no 2 in D minor (1882-83). Manfred Quartet. Pierre Verany PV795041 20 Schubert, F. Das Geheimnis, D793 (1823). Thomas Allen, bar; Graham Johnson, pf. Hyperion CDJ 33016 6 Bartók, B. Ten easy pieces (1908). Peter Frankl, pf. ASV DCA 687 17 Mozart, W. Abendempfindung, K523 (1787). Olaf Bär, bar; Geoffrey Parsons, pf. EMI 5 55345 2 4 Kodály, Z. Esti dal (1904). King’s Singers. Signum SIGCD297 3 Mendelssohn, F. Piano trio no 1 in D minor, op 49 (1839). Isaac Stern, vn; Leonard Rose, vc; Eugene Istomin, pf. Sony SMK 64519 28 10:30 CONCERT HALL Prepared Giovanna Grech Korngold, E. Overture to a drama, op 4 (1911). BBC PO/Matthias Bamert. Chandos CHAN 9631


Wolf-Ferrari, E. Cello concerto in C, op 31 (1945). Gustav Rivinius, vc; Frankfurt RSO/ Alun Francis. cpo 999 278-2 22 Beethoven, L. Symphony no 6 in F, op 68, Pastoral (1808). New York PO/Leonard Bernstein. CBS MK 42222 44 12:00 JAZZ, PURE AND SIMPLE with Maureen Meers

Schubert, F. Wayfarer's night song II, D768 (1815). Bryn Terfel, bass-bar; Malcolm Martineau, pf. DG 445 294-2 2 Delius, F. Summer night on the river (1911). BBC SO/Andrew Davis. Teldec 4509-90845-2 6 Chopin, F. Nocturne in D flat, op 27 no 2 (1835). Lang Lang, pf. DG 477 9014


Purcell, H. An evening hymn: The night is come (1688). Concerto Vocale/René Jacobs. Harmonia Mundi HMC 901133 4 Falla, M. de Nights in the gardens of Spain (1909-15). Joaquín Soriano, pf; English CO/ José Serebrier. ASV DCA 775 24 14:00 ACCESSIBLE MODERNISM Prepared by Albert Gormley Pärt, A. Cantus in memoriam Benjamin Britten (2012). English CO/Nigel Short. Decca 4806386


Symphony no 3 (1971). Gothenburg SO/ Neeme Järvi. DG 457 647-2 25 Zwilich, E. Images (1986). Read Gainsford, pf; Heidi Louise Williams, pf. 18 Millennium fantasy (2000). Jeffrey Biegel, pf. 20 Florida State University SO/Alexander Jimenez (2 above) Naxos 8.559656 Tavener, J. The protecting veil (1987). France Springuel, vc; I Fiamminghi/Rudolf Werthen. Telarc 80487 39

20:00 MUSICAL PORTRAITS Cinderella Prepared by Chris Blower Coates, E. Cinderella, a phantasy (1929). BBC PO/Rumon Gamba. Chandos CHAN 9869 15 Martinu, B. The tale of Cinderella, from Spalícek (1931-32). Anna Kratochvílová, sop; Miroslav Kopp, ten; Richard Novák, bass; Kantiléna Children’s Ch; Kühn Female Ch; Státní PO; Brno PO/Frantisek Jílek. Supraphon SU 3925-2 18 Strauss, J. II Ballet: Cinderella, Act II (1901). National PO/Richard Bonynge. Decca 430 852-2 28 Reade, P. Excerpts from Cinderella (1992). National Youth Ballet O/Neil Thomson. ASV WHL 2084 54 Prokofiev, S. Suite no 1, from Cinderella, op 107 (1944). Ukranian State SO/Theodore Kuchar. Naxos 8.550968-9 30 22:00 SHOWCASING AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS Prepared by Chris Blower Grieg, E. Lyric pieces bk 3, op 43 (1886). Gerard Willems, pf. ABC 481 1702 11 Bruch, M. Violin concerto no 1 in G minor, op 26 (1868). Niki Vasilakis, vn; Tasmanian SO/ Sebastian Lang-Lessing. ABC 476 923-7 27 Trad. My love is like a red, red rose; I know where I'm going; My Lady Greensleeves, from Robert Burns poems. Lauris Elms, cont; Pikler Ensemble/Robert Pikler. Chartreuse CRCD 1393 8 Carmichael, J. A little night music. Roger Armstrong, fl; John Carmichael, pf. ABC 476 156-1 10 Mendelssohn, Fanny. Was ist eins Mensch?; Warum verbirgst du dein Antitz; Leben und Wohltat, from Job (1831). Sydney University Graduate Chamber Choir & O/ Christopher Bowen. SUGC recording 11 Mompou, F. Variations on a theme of Chopin (1938-57; arr. Lovelady). Slava Grigoryan, gui; Leonard Grigoryan, gui. ABC 476 6088 25 Edwards, R. Oboe concerto, Bird spirit dreaming (2002). Diana Doherty, ob; Melbourne SO/Arvo Volmer. ABC 476 3768 18 July 2018


Friday 27 July 0:00 CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE 3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Janine Burrus 9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC Something borrowed Prepared by Di Cox Gottschalk, L. Overture: Young Henry’s hunt, after Méhul (1861; reconstr, ed. Rosenberg). John Contiguglia, pf; Richard Contiguglia, pf; Angela Draghicescu, pf; Chin-Ming Lin, pf; Joshua Pepper, pf; Hot Springs Festival SO/ Richard Rosenberg. Naxos 8.559320 11 Ernst, H. Fantaisie brillante, op 11, after Rossini’s Otello (1839). Ilya Grubert, vn; Russian PO/Dmitry Yablonsky. Naxos 8.557565 15 Hoffmeister, F. Flute quartet in A, after Mozart’s K331, Alla turca. Israel Flute Ensemble. CDI 18809


Müller, I. Trio for clarinet, cello and harp, after a theme from Rossini’s Armida (c1828). Dieter Klöcker, cl; Martin Ostertag, vc; Edward Witsenburg, hp. Schwann CD 310 001 H1 11 Franck, C. Variations on a favourite rondo after Auber’s Gustav III, op 8 (1834-35). Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden, pf; Belgian RTV New SO/Edgard Doneux. Schwann 311 111G1 14 Anon. Brigg Fair (1906; arr. Grainger). Ormond College Choir/Douglas Lawrence. Move MD 3109 3 10:30 CONCERT HALL Prepared by Sheila Catzel Cherubini, L. Overture to Medea (1797). Tuscan O/Donato Renzetti. Europa 350-221


Britten, B. Piano concerto in D, op 13 (1938/45). Steven Osborne, pf; BBC Scottish SO/Ilan Volkov. Hyperion CDA67625 32 Czerny, C. Symphony no 2 in D, op 781. Brandenburg State O/Nikos Athinäos. Christophorus CHE 0140-2 41 12:00 A JAZZ HOUR with Barry O'Sullivan 13:00 IMPRESSIONISM AND EXPRESSIONISM Prepared by Gael Golla Webern, A. Four pieces, op 7 (1910). AnneSophie Mutter, vn; Lambert Orkis, pf. DG 469 503-2 5 36

Debussy, C. Prelude to the afternoon of a faun (1894). Royal Concertgebouw O/ Bernard Haitink. Philips 438 742-2


Schoenberg, A. Friede auf Erden, op 13 (1907). Cologne Radio Choir/Hermann Scherchen. Arkadia CDGI 769.1


Dukas, P. Villanelle (1906). Barry Tuckwell, hn; Daniel Blumenthal, pf. Etcetera KTC 1135 6 Berg, A. Nacht (1905-08). Anne Sofie von Otter, mezz; Bengt Forsberg, pf. DG 437 515-2 5 Ravel, M. Rhapsodie espagnole (1907). Ulster O/Yan Pascal Tortelier. Chandos CHAN 8850


14:00 SLOW AND SUBLIME Prepared by Chris Blower Vaughan Williams, R. Quintet in D for clarinet, horn, violin, cello and piano, mvt 3 (1898). Nash Ensemble. Hyperion CDA67381/2 8 Ries, F. Piano sonata in B minor, WoO11, mvt 2 (c1801). Susan Kagan, pf. Naxos 8.572300 7 Beethoven, L. String quartet in F, op 18 no 1, mvt 2 (1800). Tokyo String Quartet. RCA 09026 61284 2 10 14:30 BORN IN HUNGARY, DIED IN THE USA Prepared by Frank Morrison Bartók, B. Concerto for orchestra (1943). Seattle SO/Gerard Schwarz. Delos DE 3095 37 Dohnányi, E. American rhapsody, op 47 (1953). BBC PO/Matthias Bamert. Chandos CHAN 9647 14 Respighi, O. The fountains of Rome (191416). Minneapolis SO/Antal Dorati. Mercury 478 5092 15 Liszt, F. Hungarian fantasia (1853). Cyprien Katsaris, pf; Philadelphia O/Eugene Ormandy. EMI CDM 1 66431 2 15 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with James Hunter 19:00 FRIDAY JAZZ SESSION with Christopher Waterhouse 20:00 EVENINGS WITH THE ORCHESTRA Italian made Prepared by Frank Morrison Corelli, A. Concerto grosso in G minor, op 6 no 13 (pub. 1714). Tafelmusik Baroque O/ Jean Lamon. DHM RD 77908 14


Barbara Strozzi Paganini, N. Violin concerto no 1 in B, op 6 (1815). Boris Belkin, vn; Israel PO/Zubin Mehta. Decca 476 7488 38 Casella, A. Serenata for small orchestra, op 46a (1930). Villa Marigola FO/Giuseppe Garbarino. Nuova Era SP 108 21 Cherubini, L. Symphony in D (1815). Zurich CO/Howard Griffiths. cpo 999 5212 34 22:00 BAROQUE AND BEFORE Alessandro Stradella and Italian contemporaries Prepared by Paul Cooke Stradella, A. Sonata di viole (c1716). O of the Age of Enlightenment/Catherine Mackintosh. BBC Music


Cavalli, F. I live for you ... sweetest kisses, from La Calisto (1651-52). Fiona Campbell, mezz; David Walker, ct; Ironwood/Neal Peres da Costa. Vexations 840 840-1101 5 Strozzi, B. Hor ch’Apollo (1664). Maria Christina Kiehr, sop; Concerto Soave. Ambronay AMY025


Cesti, A. Cantata: Mia tiranna. Concerto Vocale. LP Harmonia Mundi HM 1018


Corelli, A. Concerto grosso in F, op 6 no 2 (pub. 1714). Chiara Banchini, vn; Jesper Christensen, hpd; Ensemble 415. Harmonia Mundi HMG 501406.07 12 Stradella, A. Oratorio: San Giovanni Crisostomo. Francesca Cassinari, sop; Arianna Lanci, sop; Christine Marconer; cont; Carlo Vistoli, ct; Alessio Tosi, ten; Renato Dolcini, bar; Harmonices Astronio, cond. Brilliant Classics 94847 1:06

Saturday 28 July 11:30 ON PARADE Prepared by Paul Hopwood Sedaka - Cody. Solitaire.


Mozart, W. Overture to The magic flute, K620 (1791; arr. Kenyon). 7 Walters, H. Trumpets wild.


Webb, J. Share my yoke.


Meyerbeer, G. Coronation march (arr. Jakeway).


Lloyd Webber, A. Love changes everything. 4 Rolls Royce Coventry Brass Band (6 above) Gay, N. There’s something about a soldier. Regency Noble Footwear Band. 2

Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre 0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT

Soho SOHOCD051 (all above)

6:00 SATURDAY MORNING MUSIC with Stephen Wilson

12:00 URBAN JAZZ LOUNGE with Leita Hutchings

9:00 WHAT'S ON IN MUSIC Our weekly guide to musical events in and around Sydney

13:00 IN A SENTIMENTAL MOOD with Maureen Meers Nostalgic music and artists from the 30s, 40s and 50s and occasionally beyond, in a trip down many memory lanes

9:05 PERIODS AND THEIR PEOPLE Late baroque 1700-1759 Prepared by Mariko Yata Handel, G. Organ concerto in F, op 4 no 5 (1735-36). Daniel Chorzempa, org; Concerto Amsterdam/Jaap Schöder. Decca 478 5623 9 Bach, J.S. Cello suite no 4 in E flat, BWV1010 (c1720). David Watkin, baroque vc. Resonus RES10147 24 Jacquet de la Guerre, E-C. Cantata françoise, bk 1 no 4, Jonas (1708). Judith Nelson, sop; Bay Area Women’s PO/JoAnn Falletta. Newport Classic NCD 60102 19 Zelenka, J. Capriccio no 4 in A (1729). Camerata Bern. Archiv 469 842-2


10:30 SMALL FORCES Even numbers Prepared by Brian Drummond Demersseman, J. Fantaisie sur un thème original (1866). Guido Bäumer, sax; Aladár Rácz, pf. Odradek ODRCD337 7 Wolf, H. Italian serenade in G (1887). Sydney String Quartet. Fine Music concert recording 7

14:00 FEATURING THE VOICE Prepared by Chris Blower Verdi, G. Hymn of the nations (1862). Francesco Meli, ten; Teatro Regio Ch & O/ Gianandrea Noseda. Chandos CHAN 10659 13 Brahms, J. Five songs for mixed choir, op 62 (1874). RIAS Chamber Choir/Marcus Creed. Harmonia Mundi HMC 901592 14 Gade, N. Three sacred choruses. Danish National Radio Choir/Jesper Grove Jørgensen. Chandos CHAN 9767 14 Vaughan Williams, R. Serenade to music (1938). Vancouver Bach Choir; Vancouver SO/Bruce Pullan. CBC SMCD 5121 13 15:00 CINDERELLA Prepared by Di Cox Prokofiev, S. Ballet: Cinderella, op 87 (1945). Russian NO/Mikhail Pletnev. DG 445 830-2 1:58 Bortkiewicz, S. Four pieces, op 3 (1906). Stephen Coombs, pf. Hyperion CDA67094 19

Poulenc, F. Sextet for piano and wind quintet (1932-39). Ian Brown, pf; Nash Ensemble. Hyperion CDA67255/6 18

17:30 THE VOICES, THE ROLES Prepared by Angela Cockburn Girls will be boys: Mezzo travesty

Beethoven, L. Wind octet in E flat, op 103 (1792-93). Albion Ensemble. Helios CDH55037 21

18:00 SOCIETY SPOT Sydney Schubert Society Prepared by Ross Hayes

19:00 THE MAGIC OF STAGE AND SCREEN Prepared by Maureen Meers Bricuse - Newley. Excerpts from The roar of the greasepaint, the smell of the crowd (1965). Anthony Newley, Cyril Ritchard, Sallay Smith, Joyce Jillson, Gilbert Price, voices; members of original Broadway cast. RCA Victor 60351-2-RG 18 Lloyd Webber, A. Suite from The phantom of the opera (1986). O/Richard Hayman. Naxos 8.578039-40 12 Wilson, M. Excerpts from The music man (1957). Timothy Noble, Kathleen Brett, Doc Severinsen, voices. Telarc 80276 19 20:00 THE WORD TRANSFORMED Prepared by Elaine Siversen Haydn, M. Incidental music to Voltaire’s Zaire (1777). German Chamber Academy Neuss/ Johannes Goritzki. cpo 999 512-2 28 Chausson, E. Poem of love and the sea, op 19 (1893). Janet Baker, mezz; London SO/ André Previn. LP HMV/WRC R 05532 27 Fauré, G. Suite from Pelléas et Mélisande, op 80 (1898). Ulster O/Yan Pascal Tortelier. Chandos CHAN 8952 17 Debussy, C. Interlude: Vous ne savez pas où je vous ai menée ... C’est au bord d’une fontaine, from Pelléas et Mélisande (1902). Colette Alliot-Lugaz, sop; Didier Henry, ten; Montreal SO/Charles Dutoit. Decca 460 805-2 10 Sibelius, J. Pelléas et Mélisande, incidental music to Maeterlinck’s play, op 46 (1904/05). Bournemouth SO/Paavo Berglund. EMI 5 69773 2 28 22:00 SATURDAY NIGHT AT HOME Prepared by Rex Burgess Bach, J. Christian Sinfonia concertante in C for oboe, violin and orchestra. Richard Adeney, fl; Peter Graeme, ob; Emmanuel Hurwitz, vn; Keith Harvey, vc; English CO/ Richard Bonynge. ABC 475 070-2 22 Sarasate, P. de Balada, op 31. Tianwa Yang, vn; Markus Hadulla, pf. Naxos 8.557767 10 Britten, B. A simple symphony, op 4 (193334). Sydney Bach O/Alan Holley. 17 Haydn, J. String quartet in C, Hob.III:77, Emperor (1797). Hazelwood Quartet. 26 Fine Music concert recording (2 above) Mozart, W. Piano concerto no 22 in E flat, K482 (1785). Piers Lane, pf; Queensland SO/ Johannes Fritzsch. ABC 481 0248 35 July 2018


Sunday 29 July 0:00 CLASSIC-ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT 6:00 SUNDAY MORNING MUSIC 9:00 MUSICA SACRA Prepared by Elaine Siversen Purcell, H. My heart is inditing (c1685). Chanticleer; Capriccio Stravagante/Skip Sempé. Teldec 2564 60290-2

Dvorák, A. Romantic pieces, op 75 (1887). Kazimierz Machala, hn; Susan Teicher, pf. Denon CD PAJ 101 22 16

Schubert, F. Mass no 2 in G, D167 (1815). Elke Hooke, sop; Pascal Herington, ten; Paul Goodwin-Groen, bass; Sydney University Graduate Choir & O/Christopher Bowen. SUGC recording 21 Brahms, J. Warum ist das Licht gegeben den Mühseligen, O Heiland, reiss die Himmel auf, op 74 no 1 (1863-77). RIAS Chamber Choir/Marcus Creed. Harmonia Mundi HMC 901591 16 10:00 THE CLASSICAL ERA Prepared by Di Cox Rossini, G. Overture to Il Signor Bruschino (1813). National PO/Riccardo Chailly. Decca 400 049-2 5 Giuliani, M. Guitar concerto in A, op 30 (pub. 1808). John Williams, gui; English CO/ Charles Groves. CBS M2YK 45610 22 Hummel, J. Piano sonata no 3 in F minor, op 20 (c1807). Ian Hobson, pf. Arabesque Z 6566 21 Baguer, C. Symphony no 12 in E flat (c1790s). London Mozart Players/Matthias Bamert. Chandos CHAN 9456 15 Kraus, J.M. Non temer. Barbara Bonney, sop; Claes-Håkan Ahnsjö, ten; Drottningholm Court TO/Thomas Schubacka. Musica Sveciae MSCD 424 8 Haydn, J. String quartet in C, Hob.III:77, Emperor (1797). Emerson String Quartet. DG 445 598-2 24 Crusell, B. Bassoon concertino in B flat (1829). Karen Geoghegan, bn; BBC PO/ Gianandrea Noseda. Chandos CHAN 10613 17 12:00 CLASSIC JAZZ AND RAGTIME with Jeannie McInnes 13:00 WORLD MUSIC: Whirled Wide 14:00 ROMANTIC HORN Prepared by Chris Blower Strauss, F. Theme and variations in E flat, op 13. Jean-Jacques Justafré, hn; FrançoisRené Duchable, pf. Pierre Verany PV793091 12 38

Czerny, C. Fantasy no 3, from Three brilliant fantasies after Schubert, op 339 (1836). Barry Tuckwell, hn; Daniel Blumenthal, pf. Etcetera KTC1121 19

15:00 SUNDAY SPECIAL Anniversary celebrations Prepared by Elaine Siversen Dreyfus, G. Trio for flute, clarinet and bassoon (1956). Diane Ridell, fl; Marla Swift, cl; George Dreyfus, bn. Move MD 3071 15 Mary Gilmore goes to Paraguay, from And their ghost may be heard (1975). Melbourne SO/George Dreyfus. Move MD 3098 14 MacDowell, E. Woodland sketches, op 51 (1896; arr.). Eugene List, pf; Vienna State Opera O/Carlos Chávez. BMG Records MCD 80086 19 Brahms, J. Cello sonata no 1 in E minor, op 38 (1862-65). Leonard Rose, vc; JeanBernard Pommier, pf. Virgin VJ 7 91571-2 28 Tchaikovsky, P. Violin concerto in D, op 35 (1878). Ruggiero Ricci, vn; Netherlands RPO/ Jean Fournet. Decca 417 687-2 32


Blow, J. Psalm 121: I was glad when they said unto me (1697). Robin Blaze, ct; Rogers Covey-Crump, ten; Marc le Brocq, ten; Andrew Dale Forbes, bass; St Paul’s Cathedral Choir; Parley of Instruments/John Scott. Hyperion CDA 67009 9 Psalms: No 46, God is our refuge; no 121, I was glad. Winchester Cathedral Choir/David Hill. 5 Handel, G. Anthem for the Foundling hospital (1749). Judith Nelson, sop; Shirley Minty, cont; James Bowman, ct; Martyn Hill, ten; David Thomas, bass; Choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford; Academy of Ancient Music/Simon Preston. L’Oiseau Lyre 421 654-2 29


Pergament, M. Little suite (1972). Lina Åkerlund, rec; Eva Hagberg, rec. BIS CD-57


Valkare, G. Exchanges (1995). Swedish Recorder Quartet. Caprice CAP 21687 11 Roman, J. Flute sonata no 12 in D, BERI 212. Paradiso Musicale. SACD BIS-2155 9 Lyne, P. Concerto for recorder and strings. Sundsvall CO/Niklas Willén. BIS CD-685 17 Dan Laurin, rec (2 above) Vaughan Williams, R. Suite for pipes (1939). Swedish Recorder Quartet. Caprice CAP 21687 10 19:00 SUNDAY NIGHT CONCERT Prepared by Stephen Matthews Telemann, G. Concerto in B flat. Musica Antiqua Cologne/Reinhard Goebel. Archiv 413 788-2 10 Graupner, C. Bass cantata: Frohlocke gantzes Rund der Erden. Klaus Mertens; bass; Academia Daniel/Shalev Ad-El. CPO 777 644-2 13 Mozart, W. Divertimento no 17 in D, K334. Camerata Academica Mozarteums Salzburg/ Sandor Vegh. Capriccio 7024 45 Abel, C. Symphony, op 17 no 3. Hanover Band/Anthony Halstead. CPO 999 214-2 11

17:00 HOSANNA Prepared by Meg Matthews Psalms: No 24, Ye gates lift up your heads; no 46, God is our refuge. Scottish Philharmonic Singers/Ian McCrorie. SCS CD2830

18:00 SOCIETY SPOT Sydney Society of Recorder Players Prepared by Susan Foulcher

20:30 NEW HORIZONS Dreams from 2010 Prepared by Robert Small Carmichael, J. Fantasy sonata (2010). Sylvie Leprohon, fl; Antony Gray, pf. Wirripang WIRR 071 16 Gregson, E. Dream song (2010). BBC PO/ Bramwell Tovey. Chandos CHAN 10822 21 Terracini, P. Concerto for brass (2003/10). Sydney Brass/Paul Terracini. Tall Poppies TP224 14 Daugherty, M. Mount Rushmore (2010). Pacific Chorale; Pacific SO/Carl St Clair. Naxos 8.559749 32 22:00 AFTER HOURS JAZZ with Kevin Jones

Monday 30 July

Josef Suk

Stefan Parkman

Aaron Copland


12:00 SWING SESSIONS with John Buchanan

14:30 CELEBRATING SPRING Prepared by Gael Golla

6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Robert Small

13:00 THE MYSTERY OF SILENCE Prepared by Emyr Evans

9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC A year in retrospect: 1892 Prepared by Frank Morrison Arensky, A. Suite no 2, op 23, Silhouettes (1892). Moscow SO/Dmitry Yablonsky. Naxos 8.553768 17

Bairstow, E. Let all mortal flesh keep silence (1925). Choir of St Paul's Cathedral; Andrew Lucas, org; John Scott, cond. Hyperion CDA66374 4

Broadstock, B. In the silence of the night. Linda Kouvaras, pf. Rachmaninov, S. Piano trio élégïaque no 1 in Move MCD 042 10 G minor (1892). Moscow Rachmaninov Trio. Rachmaninov, S. In the mysterious silence Hyperion CDA67178 13 of the night, op 4 no 3 (1890-93). Dmitri Leoncavallo, R. Qual fiamma! from I Hvorostovsky, bar; Oleg Boshniakovich, pf. pagliacci (1892). Renée Fleming, sop; Philips 432 119-2 3 London PO/ Charles Mackerras. Decca 467 049-2 5 Kats-Chernin, E. Blue silence (2006). Acacia Quartet. Brahms, J. Intermezzo in A minor, op 118 no Vexations840 840-1202 7 1 (1892). Radu Lupu, pf. Decca 417 599-2


Suk, J. Serenade in E flat for strings, op 6 (1892). Los Angeles CO/Neville Marriner. Decca 466 459-2 24 Skryabin, A. Piano sonata no 2 in G sharp minor, op 19 (1892-97). Daniel Gortler, pf. Soundscapes SSCD 922 11 Elgar, E. Dream children, op 43 (1892). English CO/Paul Goodwin. Harmonia Mundi HMG 507258


10:30 CONCERT HALL Prepared by Frank Morrison Adam, A. Overture to Giralda (1850). New Philharmonia O/Richard Bonynge. Decca 466 431-2 8 Gershwin, G. Piano concerto in F (1925). Peter Donohoe, pf; City of Birmingham SO/ Simon Rattle. EMI CDC 7 54280 2 32 Saint-Saëns, C. Symphony in F, Urbs Roma (1856). French RTO/Jean Martinon. Brilliant Classics 94360 41

Reger, M. Three six-part choruses: Silence; Evening song; A glimpse of spring, op 39 (1899). Danish National Radio Choir/Stefan Parkman. Chandos CHAN 9298 14

Kantor, D. Night of silence. Yvonne Kenny, sop; Contemporary Singers; Adelaide SO/ David Stanhope. ABC 465 427-2 6 Handel, G. The hunter stalks his prey in silence, from Julius Caesar in Egypt, HWV17 (1724). Graham Pushee, ct; Dominic Harvey, baroque hn; Australian Brandenburg O/Paul Dyer. ABC 476 3335 7 Balakirev, M. Let all mortal flesh keep silence. Holst Singers/Stephen Layton. Hyperion CDA67756


Bach, J.S. God, thou art praised in silence, BWV120 (1726-29). Collegium Vocale/ Philippe Herreweghe. Harmonia Mundi HMC 901690 20

Beethoven, L. Sonata no 5 in F, op 24, Spring (1805). Joseph Szigeti, vn; Claudio Arrau, pf. Vanguard 08 8063 74 22 Delius, F. On hearing the first cuckoo in spring (1912). Bournemouth Sinfonietta/ Norman Del Mar. Chandos CHAN 6502


Head, M. By the river in spring (1964). Kenneth Smith, fl; Paul Rhodes, pf. ASV DCA 768


Moeran, E.J. Songs of springtime (1930). Finzi Singers/Paul Spicer. Chandos CHAN 9182 13 Piazzolla, A. Porteño spring, from Four porteño seasons (1969). Macquarie Trio. ABC 980 678-0


Copland, A. Appalachian spring (1943-44). Seattle SO/Gerard Schwarz. Delos DE 3154 24 16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm with Brendan Walsh 19:00 JAZZ PULSE with Chris Wetherall 20:00 STORMY MONDAY with Austin Harrison and Garth Sundberg 22:00 THE AUSTRALIAN JAZZ SCENE with Susan Gai Dowling and Peter Nelson

Rachmaninov wrote two piano trios called Trio élégïaque. The first may have been a homage to his friend and mentor, Tchaikovsky. The second trio, written two years later, was the true ‘elegiac’ work mourning Tchaikovsky’s death. July 2018


Tuesday 31 July

Joaquín Rodrigo

István Kertész

Franz Schubert


Rodrigo, J. Concierto de Aranjuez (1939). Marco Socías, gui; Orquesta Ciudad de Granada/Josep Pons. Harmonia Mundi 2908530.34 23

Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos. Decca 466 128-2


Brahms, J. Symphony no 2 in D, op 73 (1877). Vienna PO/István Kertész. Decca 448 197-2


3:00 CLASSICAL TILL DAWN 6:00 FINE MUSIC BREAKFAST including Arts Calendar at 7.30am with Julie Simonds

Rimsky-Korsakov, N. Scheherazade, symphonic suite, op 35 (1888). Samuel Magad, vn; Chicago SO/Daniel Barenboim. Apex 2564 67429-0 48

9:00 DIVERSIONS IN FINE MUSIC The colours of the keyboard Prepared by Rex Burgess Weber, C.M. Flute sonata no 6 (1810). Emmanuel Pahud, fl; Eric Le Sage, pf. naïve V 4863

12:00 JAZZ RHYTHM with Jeannie McInnes 7

Beethoven, L. Piano concerto no 3 in C minor, op 37, mvt 1 (c1810; arr. Alkan). Thomas Wakefield, pf. Symposium 1062 19 Bull, J. Chromatic pavan. Nicholas Parle, virginals. MBS 26 CD 6 Rachmaninov, S. Suite no 2 for two pianos, op 17 (1900-01). Martha Argerich, pf; Gabriela Montero, pf. EMI 3 58472 2 22 Granados, E. Piano trio, op 50 (1894). Beaux Arts Trio. Philips 446 684-2 25 10:30 CONCERT HALL Prepared by Rebecca Zhong Mendelssohn, F. Overture: The Hebrides, op 26, Fingal’s Cave (1832). Scottish NO/ Alexander Gibson. Chandos CHAN 10412X 10

16:00 FINE MUSIC DRIVE including Arts Calendar at 5.00pm 19:00 THE JAZZ BEAT with Lloyd Capps 20:00 RECENT RELEASES

13:00 AUSTRALIAN CHAMBER ORCHESTRA Produced by Simon Moore

22:00 CHAMBER SOIRÉE Prepared by Rex Burgess Bach, J.S. Flute sonata no 1 in B minor, BWV1030. Vernon Hill, fl; Jodie Ring, pf. 21

Highlights and previews of the month's concerts including interviews with the key players

Mozart, W. Violin sonata no 32 in B flat, K454 (1784). Dene Olding, vn; Kathryn Selby, pf. 22

14:00 FAVOURITE CLASSICS Prepared by Ron Walledge

Fine Music concert recordings (2 above)

Vaughan Williams, R. Overture to The wasps (1909). Academy of St Martin in the Fields/Neville Marriner. Decca 442 8341 9

Schubert, F. Sonata in A minor, D821, Arpeggione (1824; arr. Kranz). Richard Yongjae O’Neill, va; Jong-Ho Park, gui. DG 480 0271

Koehne, G. Powerhouse, op 2. Sydney SO/ Edo de Waart. ABC 462 012-2 12

Schumann, R. Drei Fantasiestücke, op 73 (1849; arr.). Diana Doherty, ob; Ben Martin, pf. Fine Music concert recording 11

Gershwin, G. Rhapsody in blue (1924; arr. Grofé). Peter Donohoe, pf; London Sinfonietta/Simon Rattle. EMI CDC 7 54280 2


Falla, M. de Nights in the gardens of Spain (1909-15). Alicia de Larrocha, pf; London PO/



Schoenberg, A. Transfigured night, op 4 (1899). Janine Jansen, vn; Boris Brovtsyn, vn; Amihai Grosz, va; Maxim Rysanov, va; Torleif Thedéen, vc; Jens Peter Maintz, vc. Decca 478 3551 30

ikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade, is based on One Thousand and One Nights. The symphonic suite has particularly dazzling orchestration and follows the Russian interest of the time in orientalism. The main character in the book is Scheherazade who spins a tale every night to the Sultan whose first wife was unfaithful to him. In order not be betrayed again, he resolved to marry a new virgin each day after executing the previous day’s wife. He had killed numerous wives by the time Scheherazade began to tell her tales. Each night she stopped halfway through and said she would finish the next night but each night she would begin another tale and stop before the end. After 1,001 nights, the Sultan had fallen in love with her and could not bear to be parted from her.



The following composers have works of at least five minutes on the July dates listed Abel, C. 1723-1787 29 Adam, A. 1803-1856 30 Adams, J. b1947 13 Albinoni, T. 1671-1751 16 Albrechtsberger, J. 1736-1809 8 Alfvén, H. 1872-1960 3,14, 24,25 Alkan, C-V. 1813-1888 3,25 Arbeau, T. 1519-1588 6 Arensky, A. 1861-1906 3, 11,30 Arnold, M. 1921-2006 19 Arriaga, J. 1806-1826 2 Auber, D-F-E. 1782-1871 14 Auric, G. 1899-1983 19 Bach, C.P.E. 1714-1788 12,14,25 Bach, J. Christian 1735-1782 28 Bach, J.L. 1677-1731 14 Bach, J.S. 1685-1750 1,3,6,7, 12,14,15,19,20,21,28,30,31 Baermann, C. 1810-1885 22 Baguer, C. 1768-1808 29 Balada, L. b1933 12 Balakirev, M. 1837-1910 25,30 Bantock, G. 1868-1946 6 Barber, S. 1910-1981 1 Barbieri, F. 1823-1894 25 Barret, R. b1959 13 Bartók, B. 1881-1945 13,18,26,27 Bassi, L. 1833-1871 3 Bax, A. 1883-1953 10 Beck, F. 1734-1809 8 Beethoven, L. 1770-1827 1,3, 7,8,9,11,12,20,22,23,24,26, 27,28,30,31 Bellini, V. 1801-1835 4,25 Bennett, Richard. 1936-2012 3 Berlioz, H. 1803-1869 10,19 Berwald, F. 1796-1868 9 Bishop, H. 1786-1855 23 Bizet, G. 1838-1875 4,9 Bloch, E. 1880-1959 12,14 Blow, J. 1649-1708 29 Boccherini, L. 1743-1805 1,17,25 Boismortier, J. de 1689-1755 4,14 Bononcini, G. 1670-1747 21 Borodin, A. 1833-1887 21 Bortkiewicz, S. 1877-1952 28 Bottesini, G. 1821-1889 22 Boulanger, L. 1893-1918 21 Bowen, Y. 1884-1961 1 Boyd, A. b1946 8 Brahms, J. 1833-1897 2,7, 14,15,16,20,21,22,28,29,31 Brian, H. 1876-1972 7 Bridge, F. 1879-1941 10 Britten, B. 1913-1976 16,27,28 Broadstock, B. b1952 30 Brouwer, M. b1940 22 Bruch, M. 1838-1920 5,24,26 Bruckner, A. 1824-1896 6, 20,24 Brumby, C. 1933-2018 8

Bull, J. c1562-1628 31 Burge, J. b1961 1 Burgmüller, N. 1810-1836 22 Buxtehude, D. 1637-1707 5 Byrd, W. 1543-1623 8,15 Caplet, A. 1878-1925 19 Carmichael, J. b1930 10,26,29 Carulli, F. 1770-1841 8 Casella, A. 1883-1959 21,27 Castelnuovo-Tedesco, M. 1895-1968 16 Cesti, A. 1623-1669 27 Chabrier, E. 1841-1894 7,14 Chaminade, C. 1857-1944 5 Charpentier, M-A. 1635-1704 1,20 Chatman, S. b1950 1 Chausson, E. 1855-1899 4,28 Cherubini, L. 1760-1842 27 Chiesa, M. c1725-c1799 10 Chopin, F. 1810-1849 19,24,26 Cimarosa, D. 1749-1801 12 Clementi, M. 1752-1832 9,19 Coates, E. 1886-1957 26 Coleridge-Taylor, S. 1875-1912 16 Copland, A. 1900-1990 4,6,9,14,15,30 Corelli, A. 1653-1713 2,21,27 Corigliano, J. b1938 1 Couperin, F. 1668-1733 17 Crusell, B. 1775-1838 29 Czerny, C. 1791-1857 18,27,29 Darke, H. 1888-1976 15 Daugherty, M. b1954 29 David, Felicien. 1810-1876 9 David, Ferdinand. 1810-1873 10 Debussy, C. 1862-1918 4,6,10,13,14,15,23,24,27,28 Delibes, L. 1836-1891 10 Delius, F. 1862-1934 15,26,30 Demersseman, J. 1833-1866 28 Devienne, F. 1759-1803 18,22 Dieupart, C. c1667-c1740 15 Dittersdorf, C. 1739-1799 1 Dohnányi, E. 1877-1960 1,2,20,27 Donizetti, G. 1797-1848 15,19,23 Doppler, F. 1821-1883 17 Doppler, K. 1825-1900 17 Dreyfus, G. b1928 29 Du Mont, H. 1610-1684 8 Dufay, G. c1400-1474 8 Dukas, P. 1865-1935 4,8,13,22,27 Duparc, H. 1848-1933 9 Duruflé, M. 1902-1986 8 Dvorák, A. 1841-1904 5,12,13,17,18,19,24,29 Eckhardt-Gramatté, S-C. 1899-1974 1 Edwards, R. b1943 26 Elgar, E. 1857-1934 1,5,6,7,12,18,24,30

Enescu, G. 1881-1955 13 Ernst, H. 1814-1865 6,27 Falla, M. de 1876-1946 12,26,31 Fauré, G. 1845-1924 5,14,24,28 Field, J. 1782-1837 17 Finzi, G. 1901-1956 7,17 Franck, C. 1822-1890 2,5,25,27 Frederick II. 1712-1786 12 Fredericks, I. b1943 1 Friml, R. 1879-1972 7 Gade, N. 1817-1890 28 Gerrard, L. b1961 15 Gershwin, G. 1898-1937 21,30,31 Ginastera, A. 1916-1983 11 Giordano, U. 1867-1948 10 Giuliani, M. 1781-1829 20,29 Gjeilo, O. b1978 22 Glinka, M. 1804-1857 9,24,25 Godard, B. 1849-1895 5 Godowsky, L. 1870-1938 6 Goldmark, K. 1830-1915 2,11 Gottschalk, L. 1829-1869 4,27 Gounod, C. 1818-1893 22 Grabu, L. fl 1665-1694 20 Granados, E. 1867-1916 31 Graun, C. 1704-1759 12 Graupner, C. 1683-1760 29 Greenbaum, S. b1966 8 Gregson, E. 20th c 29 Grieg, E. 1843-1907 9,14,26 Grofé, F. 1892-1972 10 Halvorsen, J. 1864-1935 9 Handel, G. 1685-1759 4,7,14,18,20,21,25,28,29,30 Hasse, J. 1699-1783 15 Hässler, J.W. 1747-1822 10 Haydn, J. 1732-1809 2,5,10,14,17,22,24,28,29 Haydn, M. 1737-1806 15,28 Head, M. 1900-1976 30 Henze, H. 1926-2012 1 Hérold, F. 1791-1833 7 Herz, H. 1803-1888 11 Hill, A. 1870-1960 14 Hindemith, P. 1895-1963 16 Hoffmeister, F. 1754-1812 27 Holborne, A. fl c1584-1602 6 Holland, D. 1913-2000 17 Holst, G. 1874-1934 19,20,26 Horneman, C. 1840-1906 19 Hovhaness, A. 1911-2000 11 Howell, D. 1898-1982 7 Howells, H. 1892-1983 5 Hubay, J. 1858-1937 2 Hummel, J. 1778-1837 1,14,15,19,22,29 Hyde, M. 1913-2005 12 Ives, C. 1874-1954 20 Jacob, G. 1895-1984 11 Jacquet de la Guerre, E-C. c1666-1729 28 Janácek, L. 1854-1928 3,7 Jolivet, A. 1905-1974 20 Kalinnikov, Vasily. 1866-1901 17 Kalliwoda, J. 1801-1866 22

Kander, J. b1927 14 Kantor, D. 20th c 30 Kats-Chernin, E. b1957 5,24,30 Khachaturian, A. 1903-1978 12 Kodály, Z. 1882-1967 13 Koechlin, C. 1867-1950 3,16 Koehne, G. b1956 6,31 Koppel, H. 1908-1998 5 Korngold, E. 1897-1957 14,26 Kraus, J.M. 1756-1792 15,29 Krommer, F. 1759-1831 1,15,19 Kuhlau, F. 1786-1832 5 Lalande, M-R. de 1657-1726 13 Lehár, F. 1870-1948 1 Lemmoné, J. 1862-1949 19 Leoncavallo, R. 1858-1919 4 Liszt, F. 1811-1886 14,16,17,21,24,27 Lloyd Webber, A. b1948 28 Locke, M. c1621-1677 20 Lovelock, W. 1899-1986 12 Lyne, P. b 1946 29 MacDowell, E. 1860-1908 4,15,29 Mackey, S. b1956 8 Maclean, C. b1958 8 Mahler, G. 1860-1911 18 Marais, M. 1656-1728 7 Marini, B. c1587-1663 13 Martinu, B. 1890-1959 3,6,10,26 Masek, V. 1755-1831 10 Massenet, J. 1842-1912 6,10,18 Mattheson, J. 1681-1764 4 Matthews, D. b1943 24 Meale, R. 1932-2009 6,7,13 Mendelssohn, F. 1809-1847 7,14,15,16,21,23,26,31 Mendelssohn, Fanny. 1805-1847 7,26 Mercadante, S. 1795-1870 4 Moeran, E.J. 1894-1950 30 Mompou, F. 1893-1987 26 Moravec, P. b1957 22 Mozart, W. 1756-1791 2,3,5, 6,9,11,13,14,17,19,20,22,24, 28,29,31 Muldowney, D. b1952 7 Müller, I. 1786-1854 25,27 Mussorgsky, M. 1839-1881 6,8,13 Myslivecek, J. 1737-1781 7 Offenbach, J. 1819-1880 7 Paganini, N. 1782-1840 14,27 Paisiello, G. 1740-1816 5 Palmer, G. b1947 24 Parish Alvars, E. 1808-1849 3 Parry, H. 1848-1918 20 Pärt, A. b1935 1,11,26 Pepusch, J. 1667-1752 18 Pichl, V. 1741-1805 1 Playford, J. 17th c 6 Ponchielli, A. 1834-1886 2

Poulenc, F. 1899-1963 1,10,13,23,28 Praetorius, M. c1571-1621 6 Previn, A. b1929 24 Prokofiev, S. 1891-1953 1,16,26,28 Puccini, G. 1858-1924 10 Pugnani, G. 1731-1798 1 Purcell, H. 1659-1695 3,15,20,29 Quantz, J. 1697-1773 12,15 Rachmaninov, S. 1873-1943 9,13,15,16,30,31 Rameau, J-P. 1683-1764 12,20 Ravel, M. 1875-1937 4,6,10,14,18,19,21,23,27 Reade, P. 1943-1997 26 Reger, M. 1873-1916 30 Reinecke, C. 1824-1910 5,21 Respighi, O. 1879-1936 12,21,27 Richter, F. 1709-1789 13 Ries, F. 1784-1838 22,27 Rimsky-Korsakov, N. 1844-1908 2,10,17,25,31 Robinovitch, S. b1942 1,11 Rodgers, R. 1902-1979 14 Rodrigo, J. 1901-1999 12,31 Roman, J. 1694-1758 29 Romberg, A. 1767-1821 3,21 Rosenmüller, J. c1619-1684 13 Rossini, G. 1792-1868 2,4,8,11,13,20,21,23,24 Rózsa, M. 1907-1995 13 Rubbra, E. 1901-1986 3,15 Saeverud, H. 1897-1988 9 Saint-Saëns, C. 1835-1921 4,9,12,19,30 Salieri, A. 1750-1825 13 Sarasate, P. de 1844-1908 2,28 Satie, E. 1866-1925 19 Scarlatti, D. 1685-1757 4,12 Schickele, P. b1935 19 Schmitt, F. 1870-1958 21 Schobert, J. 1740-1767 17 Schoenberg, A. 1874-1951 10,21,27,31 Schoenberg, Adam. b1980 22 Schubert, F. 1797-1828 5,11,14,20,22,23,24,26,29,31 Schumann, C. 1819-1896 16,21 Schumann, R. 1810-1856 6,7,8,10,12,15,20,24,31 Sculthorpe, P. 1929-2014 19 Shostakovich, D. 1906-1975 1,5,8,15,16,19,22 Sibelius, J. 1865-1957 5,6,10,17,20,28 Sinding, C. 1856-1941 9,15 Skryabin, A. 1872-1915 19,30 Smalley, R. 1943-2015 8 Smetana, B. 1824-1884 5,13,24,26 Soler, A. 1729-1783 12 Sor, F. 1778-1839 9 Spohr, L. 1784-1859 8,16,23

Stanford, C. Villiers 1852-1924 1,20 Stanhope, P. b 1969 22 Stradella, A. 1644-1682 27 Strauss, F. 1822-1905 29 Strauss, J. II 1825-1899 9,20,26 Strauss, R. 1864-1949 12,13,18,21 Stravinsky, I. 1882-1971 6,8,13 Strozzi, B. 1619-1664 27 Styne, J. 1905-1994 14 Suk, J. 1874-1935 30 Susato, T. d c1561 6 Svendsen, J. 1840-1911 9 Szymanowski, K. 1882-1937 1 Tailleferre, G. 1892-1983 10 Tavener, J. 1944-2013 26 Tchaikovsky, P. 1840-1893 1,2,7,8,21,29 Tcherepnin, N. 1873-1945 19 Telemann, G. 1681-1767 1,7,12,16,21,29 Terracini, P. b1957 29 Thomas, A. 1811-1896 4 Thomson, V. 1896-1989 4 Tomkins, T. 1572-1656 22 Torke, M. b 1961 24 Tortelier, P. 1914-1990 2 Turina, J. 1882-1949 3 Ullmann, V. 1898-1944 3 Valkare, G. b1943 29 Vallet, N. c1585-c1642 21 Van Bree, J. 1801-1857 21 Vaughan Williams, R. 1872-1958 3,14,20,27,28, 29,31 Veracini, F. 1690-1768 21 Verdi, G. 1813-1901 4,28 Vieuxtemps, H. 1820-1881 7 Vivaldi, A. 1678-1741 14 Wagenseil, G. 1715-1777 13 Wagner, R. 1813-1883 7,10 Wallace, V. 1812-1865 19 Weber, B. 1766-1842 5 Weber, C.M. 1786-1826 1,8,15,16,17,23,31 Webern, A. 1883-1945 27 Weill, K. 1900-1950 1 Wesley-Smith, M. b1945 8 Wesley, S.S. 1810-1876 10 Westlake, N. b1958 24 Widor, C-M. 1844-1937 9 Wild, E. 1915-2010 20 Williamson, M. 1931-2003 21 Wilson, M. 1902-1984 28 Wirén, D. 1905-1986 21 Wolf-Ferrari, E. 1876-1948 17,26 Wolf, H. 1860-1903 19,28 Wood, C. 1866-1926 22 Yates, S. b1957 13 Zelenka, J. 1679-1745 7,8,12,13,22,28 Zemlinsky, A. 1871-1942 21 Zimmer, H. b1957 15 Zwilich, E. b1939 26

Key Music duration is shown after the record and citation Orchestra Ch & O: Chorus & RTO: Radio & Television Orchestra CO: Chamber Orchestra Orchestra RTV SO: Radio and FO: Festival Orchestra Television Symphony NO: National Orchestra NSO: National Symphony Orchestra SO: Symphony Orchestra Orchestra PO: Philharmonic Orchestra TO: Theatre Orchestra alto: male alto RO: Radio Orchestra ban: bandoneon RSO: Radio Symphony

bar: baritone bshn: basset horn bass: bass bn: bassoon bass bar: bass baritone cl: clarinet clvd: clavichord cont: contralto cora: cor anglais ct: counter-tenor

db: double bass dbn: double bassoon did: didjeridu elec: electronic fl: flute fp: fortepiano gui: guitar hn: french horn hp: harp hpd: harpsichord

mand: mandolin mar: marimba mezz: mezzo-soprano narr: narrator ob: oboe org: organ perc: percussion pf: piano picc: piccolo rec: recorder

sax: saxophone sop: soprano tb: trombone ten: tenor timp: timpani tpt: trumpet treb: treble voice va: viola vc: cello vn: violin

July 2018


GOLDBERG VARIATIONS 2 – 16 August | Tickets from $60* Newcastle, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Wollongong

An illuminating journey through Bach’s keyboard masterpiece, directed by Richard Tognetti. Richard Tognetti Director & Violin Erin Helyard Keyboards


*Booking fee of $7.50 applies. Prices vary according to venue and reserve.





Ah, night! That mystical time through which we all must pass to reach tomorrow. It means less to us now, perhaps, than in a time without electricity when the setting sun really did mark the end of a day. Different too, for us, than for those in Europe where night fluctuates: all light, then all dark, and back again. Night matters, though, for those who cannot sleep: insomnia stretches out the night just as jollity can shorten it. In One Thousand and One Nights or The Arabian Nights, Scheherazade spun tales to see the light of day. So, in another legend, the Russian ambassador to the court of Saxony was plagued by sleepless nights. He requested that a young man, Johann Gottlieb Goldberg, come to play for him in his bedchambers. The ambassador, Count Kaiserling asked Johann Sebastian Bach to compose cheering music, smooth but

premiere) is by Bernard Labadie, a Québécois composer and conductor specialising in Baroque music. What Labadie wishes to bring to light is how common transcriptions were in the 18th century. His work, then, is not a new invention but a revisiting of a musical philosophy now forgotten: recycling. “Bach,” he explained for the piece’s 1997 premiere, “wrote two or three versions of every composition, constantly reusing his own music, transforming it to an extent that would be unthinkable to modern musicians.” In a similar way, Labadie has taken Bach’s work and, although keeping it true to form, has made it something uniquely for strings. The process is musicologically fascinating, a contemplation of the differences between the keyboard and strings, each with the capacity to play its own part. The result is a work that stands alone. It is at once new and familiar, richer and more

Australian Chamber Orchestra Photo: Nic Walker somewhat lively, to ease the endless dark. Bach settled on a set of Variations, a form he normally eschewed and so one of the most famous pieces throughout history was born. Goldberg was a harpsichordist and as Bach’s piece is written for the double-manual version of the instrument, the legend holds. Over the years, many harpsichordists and pianists have produced admirable interpretations but the temptation has persisted to arrange it for something more than keyboard. It is thus in a string ensemble form that the Australian Chamber Orchestra will perform it this August. The arrangement (an Australian

muted. It is beloved music given a new day. Some music, however, slumbers. Locked away in an attic, hidden in drawers or amongst the pages of a book, it is fortune which sees it reawakened. The ACO opens the concert with one such work: Canons on a Goldberg ground. In 1974, Bach’s personal copy of the Goldberg variations was discovered. In it lay an appendix of 14 canons built on the first eight bass notes in the Goldberg theme. These Richard Tognetti has arranged for string ensemble and thus audiences will get a true insight into the way the transcriber’s voice comes to be attuned with that of the composer.

Stravinsky’s Three pieces for string quartet is next on the program. Composed in 1914 and revised in 1918, the pieces have an echo of the First World War. They were written at a time when Stravinsky still spent summers in Russia and winters in Switzerland, something the War prevented. The returned soldiers who may have heard this work would have had a very different perspective of night. To them night brought a reprieve from the terror of the day. And so night must fall. As the prelude to the Variations, the ACO has selected Thomas Adès’ Nightfall from his work for string quartet, Four quarters. In the piece, Adès charts the diurnal cycle, from Nightfall through day to the Twenty-fifth hour (as he calls it). The chosen movement is beautiful with the instruments set on two planes. The upper voices play harmonics while the lower voices play slower and in harmony; there is a celestial quality, shimmering stars across the night sky. With the stage set, the ACO will then turn to the title work: the Goldberg theme and its 30 variations. Bach’s genius was to compose them in such a way that they unfold. Like Scheherazade’s tales, each leaves you wanting something more. Dances alternate with canons, rapid variations with those of a more contemplative tone. The final variation is comedic, based on German folk songs combined to form a quodlibet. It makes the return of the theme, the Aria da capo, all the more nostalgic. As the musicologist Peter Williams, wrote: “... no such return can have a neutral Affekt. Its melody is made to stand out by what has gone on in the last five variations, and it is likely to appear wistful or nostalgic or subdued or resigned or sad, heard on its repeat as something coming to an end, the same notes but now final”. Night falls, day breaks, then night falls again: with it, music comes to beautify the silent hours.

July 2018



SNIPPETS OF USELESS INFORMATION COMPILED BY ELAINE SIVERSEN When we say something has ‘given us the willies’ some of us will recall the hapless maidens of the ballet Giselle by Adolphe Adam. In this ballet, Giselle, after being deceived by her lover, loses her reason, kills herself and joins the Wilis, the ghosts of maidens who have died before their wedding day. Puccini uses a similar plot in his opera Le Villi. Another ballet with a supernatural element is Herman Løvenskjold’s La Sylphide, set in Scotland. The story revolves around a woodland sprite who ensnares a Highland lad. Most interestingly, the male dancers are required to wear the kilt!

the dance of a pretty witch dressed in a ‘cutty sark’ (a very short slip of coarse Paisley cloth), which would have been quite shocking in Burns’ time. Eugene Goossens portrayed this scene in a puckish and fantastic orchestral scherzo that depicts the witches pursuing Tam as he rides away on his grey mare, Meg. The bagpipes, an ancient instrument, are not usually associated with a symphony

Staying in Scotland, there is jollity in Malcolm Arnold’s overture based on the Robert Burns 1792 poem Tam O’Shanter. The story revolves around the adventures of a drunken layabout who clashes with a crowd of witches in a churchyard. Orchestrally the bassoons and trombones lurch and stagger while strings impersonate the bagpipes. In addition a piccolo plays a cheeky tune simulating Piper in the Highlands


July 2018

orchestra and most would agree that they are best heard in a full pipe band or from a lone piper in the open air, across a loch, by an old castle, in a Highland glen or on the wild moors. Musical history was made when Scottish composer Ian Whyte wrote a special part for bagpipes in his ballet Donald of the Burthens, produced at Covent Garden in 1951. Later Peter Maxwell Davies used the pipes in his An Orkney wedding with sunrise. Here the bagpipes depict the long walk home across the moors after a night of jollity celebrating a wedding. Another Scottish connection is the composer Eugène d’Albert. He was born in Scotland of Italian and French parentage, was German by adoption and died in Russia. His career as a virtuoso pianist took him all over Europe. This very busy international figure found time to compose 20 operas while getting in and out of six marriages. Some of this music can be heard at 2pm on Sunday 22 July.



When we think of the Russian greats, names such as Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov and Stravinsky spring to mind. Vasily Kalinnikov certainly merits a place among these giants but his story is a tragically short one, and his death from tuberculosis at the age of 34 means we will never know what amazing music he could have written in later years. Still, his legacy includes some beautiful melodic pieces, among them two symphonies and several piano, vocal, choral and orchestral works. Through his music he portrayed rural Russian life, using colourful orchestrations, melodies and rhythm to evoke traditional folk songs.

Although he is mostly remembered today for his works featuring the flute, Franz was celebrated as a composer of popular ballets and operas, and for his brilliant orchestral arrangements and transcriptions, notably of Liszt’s six Hungarian rhapsodies.

Victor Kalinnikov

Vasily Kalinnikov

He was championed by Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov and his music was immensely popular during his lifetime; but poverty caused him to find work playing the violin, bassoon and timpani with theatre orchestras, and as a copyist. His teacher, Krugilov, provided financial help, and in 1892 Tchaikovsky recommended him as conductor for the Maly Theatre and later the Moscow Italian Theatre. However, his worsening health forced him to resign a year later. He moved to the warmth of South Crimea in search of a cure and here he completed both of his symphonies and a variety of instrumental works. Rachmaninov continued to provide financial relief and arranged for the publication of some of his works. Sadly, Kalinnikov died before he was able to benefit from most of these arrangements. Vasily was survived by his younger brother Viktor, who was one of the most gifted composers of church music at the Moscow Synodal School. At the school, which was famous for its choir of men and boys in the first two decades of the 20th century, he was part

of a group of young Russian composers who were encouraged by Tchaikovsky to explore ancient Russian chant as a source of musical identity. Here he created sacred choral works of ‘textural richness, timbral variety, and profound spiritual reverence, always maintaining the preeminence of the sacred liturgical text’. His musical output was not prolific, but his 24 short sacred settings for the Russian Orthodox All-Night Vigil and Divine Liturgy composed between 1922 and 1926 caused one modern-day critic to hail him as representing ‘the zenith of Russian sacred music’.

Welsh brothers Paul and Huw Watkins are classical musicians who have been performing together ever since they were big enough to reach the piano keys. Acclaimed for his inspirational performances, Paul first came to attention as a cellist, but has also developed a distinguished career as a conductor and chamber musician. His younger brother Huw balances his time between composition and the piano, primarily playing chamber music. His first commission was at the age of 17, when he composed an organ piece for his brother’s wedding, but his breakthrough as a composer came in 1999 with the premiere of his Sonata for cello and eight instruments, composed for Paul. Since then his growing body of work includes orchestral works, chamber music, chamber operas and vocal works.

Musical Families will be heard on Tuesdays 3 and 17 July at 2pm.

Like many other 19th century musicians, brothers Franz and Karl Doppler enjoyed dual careers as performers and composers. They made an important contribution to the birth of national Hungarian music, and helped found the Hungarian Philharmonic Orchestra in 1853. Many of their compositions, sometimes written together, reflect Romany musical influences. The brothers gained fame touring Europe with their flute duo recitals and became quite a sensation, with the left-handed Karl holding his flute ‘backwards’, creating a mirror image of his right-handed brother when together on the stage. They both spent decades as flautists and conductors in Austrian and Hungarian theatres before Franz became the conductor Franz and Karl Doppler of the Vienna Court Opera, July 2018


What’s On MUSICA VIVA COFFEE CONCERTS PRESENT: Finalists of the Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition Wednesday 11 July, 11am Complimentary morning tea at 10am Independent Theatre, North Sydney Bookings: Musicaviva.com.au or 1800 688 482 The winners from the highly acclaimed Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition are coming to Sydney and you’re invited! This special concert showcases the very best of talent to emerge from the prestigious competition, held every four years to provide a platform for the next generation

of musicians to reveal their talents at home and around the world. Unsurprisingly, the event has become synonymous with unearthing a prodigious array of exciting and emerging performers of the future.

is open to string quartets and piano trios of all nationalities whose members are under the age of 35. This rare performance of the winners of this competition in Sydney is an occasion not to be missed!

After a rich history which first began in 1991, Musica Viva is proud to be coproducing this year’s competition, which

Dixon Advisory has been a proud sponsor of the Musica Viva Coffee Concerts since 2015.

ENJOY, LEARN, DISCUSS SERIES: Musical Creativity and Mental Illness Presenter: Debbie Scholem Sunday 15 July, 2.30pm Fine Music Centre 72-76 Chandos St, St Leonards Bookings and information: 9439 4777 or finemusicfm.com

Debbie Scholem’s topic is of both musical and medical interest. She discusses whether creative people are more prone to psychopathology than any other group? We know that some composers, like Schumann, suffered from bipolar illness, but other lesser known composers had distinct neuroses which made their lives much more difficult. During this talk, you will hear examples of wonderful works written during the most challenging times of these composers’ lives.

In Beethoven’s superlative Violin Concerto, the Willoughby Symphony proudly presents the sensational young Australian violinist, Courtenay Cleary, who exploded onto the classical music scene in 2017 with a spectacular performance for the British Royal

Family at Westminster Abbey. Courtenay’s masterful rendition of this divine concerto will make this concert a triumphant and moving occasion in the stupendous Concert Hall at The Concourse, a venue which could not be more perfect for this repertoire.

FREEDOM The Concourse, Chatswood Saturday 28 July, 7pm; Sunday 29 July, 2pm Bookings: 807 1111 or theconcourse.com.au/tickets

Willoughby Symphony concerts featuring Chief Conductor and Artistic Director, Dr Nicholas Milton AM are always keenly anticipated as artistic highlights of the concert season. In FREEDOM, the fourth subscription program of the year, Nicholas and the orchestra traverse the wild, verdant landscapes of Scotland in Mendelssohn’s haunting tribute. This fabulous symphony, the so-called Scottish, is resplendent with heavenly melodic turns and surprising and delectable harmonies that are awakened by an orchestration that is endlessly varied and striking. 46

July 2018

Classical CD Reviews LINE DRAWINGS

Music of Jacob van Eyck Genevieve Lacey, recorder ABC 481 6480


Sunday afternoon visitors to the expanses of Utrecht’s Janskerkhof churchyard. Genevieve has chosen an equally brash, even piercing, instrument for the recording which I believe is a close copy of van Eyck’s own little recorder, made from the tusk of a narwhal.

Genevieve Lacey gives brilliantly played, note-perfect performances of 11 tunes from van Eyck’s collection Der Fluyten Lusthof of around 120 “… mostly variation sets on popular tunes of the period both loved and feared by professional recorder players today. The music, technically demanding, bears unmistakable witness to Jacob van Eyck’s own virtuosity” to quote Thiemo Wind. Any recorder player attempting Der Fluyten Lusthof will be inspired by Genevieve’s performances which are forceful and projected, as befitting music to be played outdoors to entertain

Listening to the CD at home and travelling in the car I had to conclude that van Eyck played forcefully on a brash recorder needs to be heard ‘outdoors and several miles away’, to appropriate Thomas Beecham’s famous line on brass bands. In the context of an indoor performance of van Eyck, I think there’s a golden opportunity to use both a variety of instruments with some softer palettes (to suit the gentler tunes), and big variations in dynamics to bring out the rhetoric so often present in his works.

Andrew which gives the CD a striking appearance; however, I was disappointed that the notes, written by Genevieve, give so little information, and critically neglect to mention the maker of her recorder which is a real ‘cracker’ in every sense.

The sleeve features the art of Brook

Robert Small


Debussy’s String quartet no 1 in G minor, op 10 is an excursion through the senses which takes the expected classical form and structure and burns it to the ground. From the ashes rises a harmonic and rhythmic escapade which challenges the listener to look deep within the four lines of writing to discover an exotic cocktail of harmonic and rhythmic delights. Of particular interest is the pizzicato section towards the end of the second movement written in the irregular 15/8 meter where the instruments bounce playfully between triple and duple time within the same bar. His initial statement revolves around a ‘motto’ theme which carries weight throughout the piece, presenting itself in different guises in all movements except the incredibly emotional slow movement,

which conveys a prayer-like aura through expansive, yet thinly veiled, accompaniments. Ravel’s String quartet in F major benefits from a coherent structure and a more translucent fluidity of the music across the four instruments. The atmospheric qualities of the first movement give way to an elegant pizzicato-based interlude which contains a multitude of aesthetically pleasing moments before a sombre sparsely written third movement again changes the overall direction of the work. The fiery finale, in quintuple time, evokes brashness and energy and provides plenty of excitement to round out a very fresh and well-engineered disc.



Works by Othmar Schoeck Christoph Croisé, cello Chamber Orchestra I TEMPI/Gevorg Gharabekyan


“All music … is song” declared Swiss composer Othmar Schoeck (1886-1957). As the composer of about 300 songs, song cycles and opera, Schoeck’s philosophy carries over into his orchestral music. This is not to say that it is all sweet melody but it is melody with a distinctly modern feel. While there are lyrical sections there are also dissonant harmonies and vibrant, rhythmic chordal progressions, reminiscent of Prokofiev’s music. On this disc is Schoeck’s most successful orchestral work Summer night, op 58, a pastoral intermezzo for string orchestra (1945). There

Frank Shostakovich

are also two major works: Suite in A flat for strings, op 59 (1945) and Concerto for cello and strings, op 61 (1947). The orchestra and conductor were previously unknown to me but, as this is only their second recording, this is not surprising. Gharabekyan has absorbed influences from his meetings with conductors such as Panula, Järvi, Muti, Zinman and Rozhdestvensky and the standard of playing is exceptional. The cellist, Christoph Croisé sent this disc to Fine Music magazine from Switzerland. He debuted at Carnegie Hall at the age of 17 and, at the age of 25, has already appeared with many major European orchestras and been awarded numerous competition prizes. He plays Schoeck’s concerto with great empathy for its lyricism but also with muscularity in the more forceful passages.

The music is thoroughly enjoyable and an eyeopener for those of us who were unfamiliar with the music of Othmar Schoeck. With almost five hours of his music already in our record library, I will be investigating further. Elaine Siversen July 2018


Jazz CD Reviews YOU’D BE SO NICE TO COME HOME TO Alexis Cole Venus VHCD 1046

::::: Here is the supreme stylist at the height of her powers. No need to look any further for the next great jazz singer: this album is the proof, if any were needed. The title track, where Alexis Cole is backed by One For All, is worth the price of the album alone. This brilliant group, inspired by Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers of the 1960s, is named after the drummer’s final Blue Note recording in 1990 at the age of 71. Under the nominal leadership of pianist David Hazeltine since 1979, it sizzles through the Cole Porter standard spotlighting the talents

of the leader, trombonist Steve Davis, tenor saxophonist Eric Alexander, bassist John Webber and drummer Joe Farnsworth, and an inspired Cole more than matches them. Compared with Carmen McRae after Cole’s 2013 debut album, The Sultry Sound of Jazz with the trio of pianist John DiMartino, it is interesting to compare their versions of All the things you are. Originally written as a ballad by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II, I enjoyed McRae’s 1957 recording on first hearing it but Cole takes her Latin-inflected version to even greater heights. Yet this is only one of the many highlights; Cole Porter’s So in love swings nicely, Cole sharing the spotlight with Davis, a soloist of the highest class. Surprisingly only one ballad! You’ve changed, just another highlight as trumpeter Jim Rotondi


Paul Derricott’s Coast Band AAC084

::::: The ensemble Coast was formed with the mission statement of exploring complex rhythmic structures and textures in a jazz and improvising manner. Its recently released selftitled debut album is high in energy and full of dynamic instrumentals, sparkling in the variety of its timbres and the diversity of its colours. The title takes on an additional meaning in this context because it translates the relationship that this album bears to the sound source: the waters of the shorelines of Australia. On the aptly titled tracks, Tide, Blackline and White water, Peter Koopman’s guitar


The Haywain Metropolis Music Company CD074

::::: For me, Belgrade was an unlikely focal point for jazz. Brainchild of guitarist Igor Miskovic, Hashima is a Belgrade-based quartet with its second album attracting serious international attention. I am using my newly minted phrase ‘horror jazz’ as a term of endearment to describe this album as a shuddering triumph. Taking inspiration from the Serbian classical composer Vasilije Mokranjac and Hieronymus Bosch’s The Haywain Triptych (Museo del Prado), these five original pieces are a confronting work that shocks, scares then lulls you into a state of serene relief with the use of haunting moments of silence before 48

July 2018

complements Cole’s sophisticated delivery sublimely. The search for the next great jazz singer is over. This album is the proof. Kevin Jones

playing is texturally dominant but it does marry harmoniously with Michael Avgenicos’ saxophone and Shannon Stitts’ keyboard playing, deftly juxtaposing electronica, funk, jazz and ‘prog’ rock. Pulsating like some mysteriously precise metronome, completely free of the rigidity that belongs to merely functional time, is the imprint of Paul Derricott’s drums, a true fist of iron inside this record’s velvet glove. Yet there’s no grandstanding in this team effort. Each member, with the inspired addition of Giorgio Rojas on congas on favourite track Dance 35, contributes equally to the rhythmic and harmonic textures, thus creating an impressive panoply packed with musical bravura. Barry O’Sullivan

jolting your senses into a super groove. Screaming guitar, wailing saxophone, thunderous bass and thrashing cymbals with the addition of special guest, Portuguese trumpeter Susan Santos, bring this music from aural temptation to theatrical ‘fright night’ using elements of Balkan folk, Pink Floyd and Croatian Punk tempered wonderfully by underscored moments of lucid jazz sensibility. Yes, the arrangements make for glorious suspense but the exceptional musicianship along with enlightened production, which somehow make the soloists stand out like illuminated silhouettes in the night, all combine to elevate this album into masterpiece territory. If I had to reluctantly choose a highlight it would be Ray of the microcosm inspired by Bosch’s left panel where man is created, portrayed by the stark echoes of Miskovic’s

single plucked strings before Todorovic’s arco bass brews up a storm when mankind falls into sin, characterised by Srdan Mijalkovic’s pensive, yet tempestuous tenor sax. Frank Presley


MAUREEN MEERS DESCRIBES THE TOWN AND THE EVENT For most of the year the wealthy enclave of Montreux has a sleepy, olde-worlde atmosphere, but for two weeks each July it wakes up with a bang when world-class musicians from every category of modern music come to play. Jazz, of course, is a main feature on the festival’s musical menu. So where is Montreux, and how did this festival begin? Home to the Montreux Jazz Festival, this small Swiss town in the Canton of Vaud is located on the north-eastern shore of Lake Geneva (also known as Lac Léman) facing the spectacular Dents du Midi mountains. There’s a fork in the Roman road from Italy over the Simplon Pass. Here the roads to the Roman capital of Aventicum and the road into Gaul through Besançon separate and nestled in this fork is Montreux which was an important settlement in the Roman era. However, the earliest recorded settlement in the area is a Late Bronze Age village at nearby Baugy. Viticulture was introduced to the region in the 12th century, and the sunny slopes of the lakeshore from Lavaux to Montreux became important for wine growing. Today, vineyards still line the shore between Montreux and Geneva at the other end of Lake Geneva. A trip between the two gives a wonderful memory of the vineyardcovered hillsides overlooking the lake. The Dukes of Savoy once had claims on the modern Canton of Vaud, but their rule was cut short in the 15th century when, during the Protestant Reformation, it fell under the occupation of the Swiss Bernese. Under Bernese rule Montreux belonged to the bailiwick of Chillon and modern visitors to the area usually visit the old castle at Chillon perched on the shore of the lake. The Reformation made the area around Montreux an attractive haven for the Italian Huguenots who brought their artisanal skills to the region and set up workshops

and businesses. Napoleon liberated the region in 1798 from the Bernese and in the late 19th century the tourist industry became a major commercial outlet, with the grand hotels of Montreux attracting the rich and cultured from Europe and America. In 1967, three jazz enthusiasts: Claude Nobs, Géo Voumard and René Langel, with the assistance of Nesuhi Ertegun of Atlantic Records, founded the Montreux Jazz Festival. The first festival, held at Montreux Casino, almost exclusively featured jazz artists. The highlights of this era were artists such as Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett, Jack DeJohnette, Bill Evans, Soft Machine, Weather Report, The Fourth Way, Nina Simone, Jan Garbarek and Ella Fitzgerald. In the 1970s the festival broadened its scope. Jazz still remains an important part of the festival, but today the festival presents artists of nearly every imaginable music style, including blues, soul and rock artists such as Marianne Faithfull, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, Deep Purple, Canned Heat and many others. In the late 1970s the festival started including music from all continents (with special emphasis on Brazilian music) and the festival lasted three weeks. When Deep Purple came to Montreux in December 1971 to record Machine Head, the band’s famous song Smoke on the water tells of the events of December 1971 when a Frank Zappa fan, with a flare gun, started a fire that completely destroyed the Montreux Casino where they had planned to record the album.

In the 1980s the festival grew dramatically to include an even wider variety of music styles. Jazz remained important, as did Brazilian music, but more and more rock and pop artists were invited. Miles Davis came to Montreux several times, British hard rock band Deep Purple was invited as headliner eight times, and Status Quo has headlined the festival twice. Today, the Montreux Jazz Festival has become a world music festival. Quincy Jones co-produced the festival from 1991 to 1993 and the festival, having outgrown the Casino, moved to the larger Convention Centre. There was also an ‘off-festival’, which developed on the lakeshore promenades and in the cafés of Montreux. The event now attracts a quarter of a million people. The initiator and, until his tragic death in 2013, the head organiser, Claude Nobs, managed to bring an array of artists, established and new, to Montreux. Following Claude’s death the organisation of the festival was handed over to Mathieu Jaton. This year the festival, the 52nd, runs from 29 June to 14 July and promises once again to be world class. The lineup of musicians includes Queens of the Stone Age, Massive Attack, Nine Inch Nails, Van Morrison, Tyler, The Creator, Alice In Chains, Ben Howard, Aloe Blacc, Portugal, The Man and Jamiroquai. You can hear some great jazz musicians in highlights from previous Montreux festivals in Jazz Pure and Simple on Thursday 5 July at 12 noon and on DAB+ on Sundays 8, 15, 22 and 29 July at 7pm. July 2018



The 90th birthday of an Australian composer and the 100th anniversary of the births of three eminent American musicians are being celebrated in music this month. After Kristallnacht in Berlin in 1938 when Jews were targeted by the Nazis, George Dreyfus, born on 22 July 1928, found safety in Melbourne. His parents were able to obtain immigration visas for their children who were sent to a boarding school until the parents could follow in 1939. George studied at the Melba Conservatorium becoming a bassoonist and later a composer of mainly film and television scores. He has also written a great deal of chamber music, much of it for his own performance with the bassoon. His first composition, Trio for flute, clarinet and bassoon, op 1 (1956), won the APRA Serious Music Award in 1986. While he has composed operas, it has been a struggle to have them performed. His compositions have won him many awards but it was his music for the television series Rush which brought him public acclaim. At the APRA Music Awards of 2013 he was recognised for his Distinguished Services to Australian Music.

Philharmonic. He soon followed a career as a solo cellist and chamber musician. With violinist Isaac Stern and pianist Eugene Istomin, he formed a much-acclaimed piano trio. His teaching has produced numerous musicians who have filled the ranks of major orchestras, some of whom have attained international status as soloists. They include Lynn Harrell, Yehuda Hanani and Yo-Yo Ma.

Eugene List the Soviet Union and no one in the USA had seen it before. His dazzling performance was greatly acclaimed and, as the only pianist in the country who knew the concerto, he was soon offered engagements with other major orchestras. This led to an illustrious career as one of the foremost concert pianists and teachers of his generation. The celebrated cellist and teacher, Leonard Rose, was born on 27 July 1918 in Washington DC. His parents were immigrants from Ukraine. After he studied at Philadelphia’s Curtis Institute of Music he began his career as an orchestral musician. He joined Arturo Toscanini’s NBC Symphony Orchestra at age 20 and almost immediately became Associate Principal. At 21 he was Principal Cello of the Cleveland Orchestra and at 26 was the Principal of the New York

George Dreyfus Of Russian parentage, Eugene List was born in Philadelphia, USA, on 6 July 1918. The family soon moved to California where Eugene’s striking musical gifts became apparent while he was a child. At the age of 12, he performed Beethoven’s Third Piano Concerto with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. After studying at the Philadelphia Conservatory and the Juilliard School in New York, the 16-year old List was given a stunning challenge. Six weeks before a scheduled performance with the renowned Philadelphia Orchestra, Leopold Stokowski asked him to play the premiere of Shostakovich’s Piano concerto no 1. The score had just arrived from 50

July 2018

Leonard Rose

Another child prodigy, born in California to Italian immigrants on 24 July 1918, was the violinist Ruggiero Ricci. His parents, being patriotic to their new country, first named him Woodrow Wilson Rich and his brother, who became the well-known cellist George Ricci, was named George Washington

Ruggerio Ricci Rich. Ruggiero debuted in public at the age of ten, playing works of the great violinistcomposers Wieniawski and Vieuxtemps. A year later, he played the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto and soon after made his debut at Carnegie Hall. In 1947, Ricci was the first violinist to record, in their original form, the complete 24 Caprices, op 1 by Paganini. Aside from performing over 6,000 concerts in 65 countries during his 70-year solo career, Ricci also made over 500 recordings on every major label. He also taught at some of the most prestigious music schools in the USA as well as at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria. Ricci owned many precious instruments, including the Guarneri del Gesù violin once owned by master violinist Henri Vieuxtemps. Celebrate the 90th birthday of George Dreyfus and the musicianship of Eugene List, Ruggiero Ricci and Leonard Rose in Sunday Special on 29 July at 3pm.

Dedication, Digital and Dogs SUE JOWELL TALKS TO MELISSA EVANS

volunteering at Fine Music was the ideal way of augmenting her studies. What she may not have realised is that, in addition, she would learn new skills such as programming and editing sound waves for digital (DAB+) broadcasting. She would also widen her social horizons and reap the benefits of working as an integral part of a team. Her dedication to the task of digital editing has meant that she could share her acquired knowledge by teaching visiting work experience students.

Regular listeners to Fine Music will be familiar with the call sign ‘You are listening to Fine Music 102.5 broadcasting on FM and on DAB+’, but few may have paused to consider what DAB+ actually means. DAB+ is Digital Audio Broadcasting, a radio channel broadcasting simultaneously with FM. Behind it is a dedicated digital editing team made up of volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure that Fine Music keeps up to date with the latest in broadcasting trends. Melissa Evans is a member of this team and dedication is her byword. Melissa grew up in Wollstonecraft, attending North Sydney Demonstration School. She began playing the piano at the age of six. “My first performance was in grade one at the year-end concert my teacher gave for her students. I played River flows in you by the Korean composer Yiruma.” Some four years later, dedication again paid off as she passed her first music exams with flying colours. Since then she has performed often, utilising her talents by playing with others, accompanying the singing or violin

Melissa is equally dedicated to animals, especially to her small poodle Teenee and to those canines she meets as a dog walker. Melissa Evans playing of her friends, assisting her teacher at recitals or performing at family events. In 2016, the year when Melissa began studying for her Bachelor of Journalism degree, she realised that, with her love of music and her piano playing talents,

Melissa’s mission in life is to make an impact, and clearly she is well on the way to achieving this. “My career goal is to become an investigative journalist, reporting on issues of social and animal rights.” To counterbalance these serious issues, Melissa maintains her equilibrium by reading mystery and humorous novels and, of course, listening to her favourite Romantic music on Fine Music 102.5 and Fine Music DAB+.

PERSONNEL MUSIC BROADCASTING SOCIETY OF NEW SOUTH WALES CO-OPERATIVE LTD, registered under the Co-operatives Act 1992 (NSW); owner and operator of Australia’s first community-operated stereo FM station, 2MBS-FM now known as Fine Music 102.5; annual membership fee is $33 and members are entitled to vote at Society general meetings. Enquiries: admin@finemusicfm.com VOLUNTEERS Fine Music 102.5 is run by volunteers supported by a small team of staff. To find out how to join our volunteers, visit finemusicfm.com or call 9439 4777. DIRECTORS Chair: David Brett; Deputy Chair: David James; Secretary: Christopher Waterhouse; Lloyd Capps, Andrew Dziedzic; Jeannie McInnes, Simon Moore, Katy Rogers-Davies COMMITTEE CHAIRS Management: David James; Programming: James Nightingale; Presenters: Ross Hayes; Jazz: Barry O’Sullivan; Technical: Stephen Wilson; Library: Susan Ping Kee; Volunteers: Sue Nicholas; Finance: Norm Chosid; Work Health and Safety: Dennis Oppenheim; Emerging Artists: Rebecca Beare PROGRAMMERS AND PRESENTERS FOR JULY Andari Anggamulia, Charles Barton, Peter Bell, Nina Beretin, Chris Blower, David Brett, Barrie Brockwell, John Buchanan, Andrew Bukenya, Rex Burgess, Janine Burrus, Lloyd Capps, Vince Carnovale, Sheila Catzel, Yola Center, Colleen Chesterman, Lyn Chong, Andrew Clark, Angela Cockburn, Liam Collins, Paul Cooke, Di Cox, George Cruickshank, Nick Dan, Nev Dorrington, Susan Gai Dowling, Annabelle Drumm, Brian Drummond, Andrew Dziedzic, Emyr Evans, Melissa Evans, Sepehr Fard, Michael Field, Richard Fielding, Troy Fil, Owen Fisher, Jennifer Foong, Tom Forrester-Paton, Susan Foulcher, Francis Frank, Carole Garland, David Garrett, Robert Gilchrist, Nicky Gluch, Gabi Goddard, Gael Golla, Raj Gopalakrishnan, Albert Gormley, Andrew Grahame, Giovanna Grech, Jeremy Hall, Austin Harrison, Celeste Haworth, Ross Hayes, Gerald Holder, Paulo Hooke, Paul Hopwood, James Hunter, Leita Hutchings, Bruce Johnson, Kevin Jones, Rhiannon Jones, Sue Jowell, David Knapp, Peter Kurti, Yvonne Laki, Ray Levis, Krystal Li, Christina MacGuinness, Linda Marr, Meg Matthews, Stephen Matthews, Randolph Magri-Overend, Trisha McDonald, Jeannie McInnes, Terry McMullen, Maureen Meers, Camille Mercep, Heather Middleton, John Milce, Peter Mitchell, Simon Moore, Frank Morrison, Michael Morton-Evans, Richard Munge, Gerry Myerson, Peter Nelson, James Nightingale, David Ogilvie, Barry O’Sullivan, Calogero Panvino, Derek Parker, Denis Patterson, Peter Poole, Frank Presley, Karoline Ren, Katy Rogers-Davies, Paul Roper, Darryl Rule, Marilyn Schock, Debbie Scholem, Jon Shapiro, Julie Simonds, Elaine Siversen, Robert Small, Garth Sundberg, Rob Thomas, Anna Tranter, Madilina Tresca, Robert Vale, Richard Verco, Simone Vitiello, Ron Walledge, Brendan Walsh, Christopher Waterhouse, Ken Weatherley, Chris Wetherall, Stephen Wilson, Glenn Winfield, Chris Winner, Mariko Yata, Orli Zahava, Tom Zelinka, Rebecca Zhong. PROGRAM SUB-EDITORS Jan Akers, Chris Blower, Di Cox, Colleen Chesterman, Paul Cooke, Amal Fahd, Ana Ferreira, Noelene Guillemot, Elaine Siversen, Jill Wagstaff, Teresa White LIBRARIANS Jan Akers, Paul Belfanti, John Clayton, Helen Dignan, Lynden Dziedzic, Peter Goldner, Elizabeth Grey, David Hilton, Dawn Jackson, Michael Marchbank, Phillip McGarn, Judy Miller, Rachel Miller, Helen Milthorpe, Susan Ping Kee, Mark Renton, Gary Russ, Jonathan Wood, Ricky Yu STATION OPERATIONS Transmitter: Max Benyon, John Shenstone; Studio operations: Roger Doyle, Robert Tregea; Live broadcasts and recordings: Jayson McBride; IT: Alice Roberts STAFF Station Manager: Rebecca Beare; Marketing Manager: Mona Omar; Program Coordinator: Sophie McCulloch; Financial Administrator: Sharon Sullivan; Administration Assistants: Krystal Li, Joe Goddard July 2018


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EUGENE ONEGIN (Tchaikovsky) Anna Netrebko with Dmitri Hvorostovsky.

JULY 15/16/20

DER ROSENKAVALIER (R.Strauss) Renee Fleming with Elina Garanca.

AUGUST 5/6/10

A stunning series of big screen events in Sydney’s most elegant cinemas. Great stage performances captured live in London, breathtaking tours of international galleries, spectacular Bolshoi Ballet productions, the world’s finest Opera presentations from the Metropolitan, New York and film festivals of new international films and retro classics.


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