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#04 | 22 October • November • December



Chief Editor: Dalila Agrati

Photo Credit: Dorna, Infront, Jarek Pabijan, Robert Pairan, Yamaha.


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Dalila Agrati

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End of the year is approaching fast and we definitely finished the season with such important events as Motocross of European Nations in Spain, Enduro European Championship in Germany and Moto2 and European Talents Cup in Spain. Annual meeting of Sporting Commissions took place in Fiumicino and this time we able to meet face to face with almost all members.

From beyond sport activities, at the beginning of October, the 3rd Moto Tour Assistant Training Course was successfully held in Barcelona, in the facilities and in collaboration with the Honda Safety Institute.

Beginning of December was marked with special event for our Championship. The 2022 Enduro European Champions have

been invited by the European Parliament to its headquarters in Brussels for an important ceremony with the theme “Sport as a key to access to brotherhood and friendship between people, social inclusion and exchange between European cultures and young people”.

We ended the year with final meeting of Management Council. During the long day we had a chance to evaluate various proposals from Sporting Commissions. We had also a chance to talk about activities during next year, first drafts of the calendar and about FIM Europe Congress in Zaragoza.

I take this occasion to wish our readers Merry Christmas and safe and successful season 2023!




Here we are at the end of this incredible season.

This 2022 has been a new beginning, a return to what it was before the pandemic.

Finally, almost all championships and cups had their races and after two years of stop FIM Europe Congress took place in Romania, in the amazing city of Bucharest, thanks to the great organization and work of the Romanian Federation.

It was a special weekend, where we all tasted the freedom of traveling again and meet each other.

It was like returning to real ordinariness, the kind that had been missing from our lives for a long time.

Thanks to the efforts of everybody it has been an exciting sporting season, full of events, meetings, competitions and above all emotions.

There is still so much to do: I’ll continue to give to the FIM Europe a new and updated image and the best communication.

Waiting for the beginning of next season I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a thrilling new 2023!

Read, be curious and stay tuned!



The organisation of the 2023 FIM Europe Congress in Zaragoza, Spain, started on Sunday, 23rd October with the inspection held at the Hotel Hiberus by the FIM Europe President Michal Sikora, the Secretary General Alessandro Sambuco and the RFME Marketing and Communication Director Jorge Torrecillas.


“I’m really looking forward for coming Congress in the beautiful city of Zaragoza, which unique architecture will be a fantastic journey for everyone. Hiberus Hotel offers a great accommodation and services as well as very good dining. And last, but not least, the professionalism and engagement of RFME is on the top level and guarantees a Congress to remember”.


FIM Europe Secretary General

“A team has already been created for the organization of the Congress, that will see the resources of RFME, FIM Europe and Hotel Hiberus connected to each other, in order to put as soon as possible our FMNs in a position to choose the options that best suit their needs and organize the trip well in advance with limited expenses”.



“In 2023 we will celebrate the centenary of our Federation, the RFME. This is the best occasion to invite the FIM Europe to hold the Congress in our country. We are proud to host the Congress in Zaragoza, the city where our Federation was founded. Zaragoza is one of the most important cities in Spain and it’s a very relevant logistic site due to its privileged location. It’s also an important motorsport location, as the MotoGP Circuit Motorland Aragon is just one hour away. We gladly invite all FIM Europe members to enjoy all best attractions Zaragoza offers, its very interesting monuments, spectacular landscapes and delicate gastronomy”.


“It has been a pleasure to receive our FIM Europe colleagues in a city as emblematic for us as Zaragoza, the place where the Spanish Federation was founded 100 years ago. We have been analysing the hotel for the next congress in detail and we believe that the attendees will like it very much, due to its qualities and location. We are already working to make next July’s event a success”.

From left: Alessandro Sambuco, Michal Sikora and Jorge Torrecillas



The Management Council met face to face for its last meeting of the year in Fiumicino, Rome, on 13th of December.

It was a long day with a lot of topics to discuss. During the meeting the usual points were on the agenda, including the Reports of the President, 1st and 2nd Deputy Presidents, Treasurer, Vice Presidents and Secretary General.

After the Sporting Commissions’ Meetings of October and November, many proposals were presented by Manuel Marinheiro, FIM Europe 1st Deputy President and Chairman of the SportingCouncil.

The Beyond-Sporting Commissions’ meetings will take place in Fiumicino in mid-January.

From left: Rodolfo Romeo, Francesco Carmelo Mezzasalma, Josè Ramon Garcia, Alessandro Sambuco, Michal Sikora (FIM Europe President), Roy N. Wetterstad, Juhani Halme, Manuel Marinheiro, Nicoleta Olariu, Stijn Rentmeesters, Jean Marc Desnues.



“We had met on final Management Council of the year. For new members of MC it was the first visit in FIM Europe office. During the busy day with full agenda, we had a chance to evaluate various proposals after Commissions’ meetings. We had also a chance to talk about activities during next year and first drafts of the calendar. Finally, we had a pleasure to appoint honorary members who will be awarded during next FIM Europe Congress in Zaragoza”.



The first session of the FIM Europe Sporting Commissions’ meetings took place on October 22nd, in Fiumicino (Rome). A great opportunity to meet and discuss face to face current topics and future plans after the last meetings in occasion of the Congress in Bucharest, held from Wednesday 29th June to Saturday 2nd July.

Almost all members were able to attend in person the meetings, of course the FIM Europe President Michal Sikora, the Secretary General Alessandro Sambuco, the 1st Deputy President Manuel Marinheiro and Paola Bianchetti and Silvia D’Amico, responsible for sport matters in the office.



“We are just after first session of new sporting commission meetings. This time only three commissions met. Unfortunately, not all the members were able to arrive here in Fiumicino because of many flight cancelations. But again, thanks to technology we were able to connect via video and carry on meetings in almost full squad. We had a chance to summarize the season, talk about problems which arise during the year and discuss about future. All Commissions’ members received new FIM Europe apparel”.


“We started the Autumn Sporting Commissions meetings with Drag Racing, Enduro & Rally and Trial commissions. Productive meetings to decide the present and the future of this disciplines and motivate all the commissions members to continue their important work for our sport. In November we will continue with the other seven FIM Europe Sporting Commissions and I expect the same commitment from the respective members”.



The commission had a good meeting. Maxim, promotor for the Enduro European Championship, was present, discussing many ways to improve the championship in the near future. We also talked about some new ideas like “Mini Enduro” on closed course for young riders (12-16 years) and also Hard Enduro. The commission also talked about TT Rally Baja, Cross Country and SuperEnduro.

“It was nice to meet the commission members and observers again and we had very good discussions. For next season it has been a little more work to find organisers because of the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and falling economy, but now seems we found good solutions for our series in 2023. We looking forward to the new season”.


“As always, we had a good meeting with good contributions from all members, even if only 3 of us were present due to a big airport general strike. Even via Zoom we had the occasion to discuss a lot of proposals and one of them was to introduce double rounds at every event with all classes, which is good for the riders and the organisers for more starts in the events”.


The Commission took stock of the season and had the chance to discuss about rules changes for 2023 series.

Chairman Trial Commission


A number of important issues have been dealt with. No many rules’ changes, but a lot of items came across the meeting that were caused by the Covid delay. In general, we are looking back at a satisfying season with four great events attracting huge numbers of spectators with a record number of 54.000 paying visitors in Hockenheim, Germany.

“Long and busy meeting for the Drag Racing Commission, from 9 am to 8 pm, with a general overview on the 2022 season. Good results in terms of activities, races, participation and engagement. If we can continue to stay on these uphill conditions, we will see a promising new season coming to us in 2023, hopefully with the extension to 5 races in the championship”.


TR2 Transponder


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“We have finished second session of Sporting Commissions meetings. This time almost 100% of members were present on spot and being face to face allowed to have good discussions and exchange of experiences and knowledge. Commissions were announcing that will present some changes to regulations and working strongly on 2023 calendar. I’m personally really happy that in such hard international situation, Motoball Commission is strongly preparing competitions for next year”.


“Autumn Sporting Commissions’ meetings finished with E-Bike, Motoball, Motocross & Snowcross, Road Racing, Supermoto, Track Racing and Vintage. Productive meetings to decide the present and the future of this disciplines and to motivate all the commissions members to continue their important work for our sport”.



The commission had a good meeting. The main topic was the 2023 calendars, with a focus on the ones of the EMX65 and EMX85, discussing also about the zones. New documents have been produced as supplementary regulations.


Chairman Motocross & Snowcross Commission

“That was my first meeting as Chairman of the commission. We had special guests as Antonio Alia Portela, CMS Director, Hans Martin Fetzer, Infront Representative, and Martin Vena, Quadcross European Championship promoter. The Management Council approved my proposal for the two vice-presidents”.


Chairman Road Racing Commission


The Commission took stock of the season approving 2022 results and had the chance to discuss about the new 2023 season. The meeting was really profitable as members went through a big agenda with many proposals for the Management Council.

“It was a long day in which we matched lots of point in order to improve our championships and cups. Very important are the events together with FIM and Dorna, as well as the new Women’s European Championship from next year. Mini Road Racing will race one event in Italy in 2023 and one event in Slovakia in 2024. A lot of work will be ahead of the working groups to harmonize rules for the new season in front of new technical conditions and security procedure”.


Chairman Track Racing Commission

“During the meeting we focused specially on the track safety, some improvements were discussed and will be implemented in harmonisation with the FIM-CCP Commission next season. The communication within the commission was improved and there are regular meetings of the working groups as well as the whole commission in between official FIME meetings. This helps to work more effective during the season and react within shorter time on upcoming topics”.


The Commission had the chance to discuss the upcoming season 2023. Some minor rules changes had been on the agenda as well as the calendar for next season. One of the proposals to the Management Council is to change the 250cc Speedway Cup to 250cc Speedway European Championship. The draft of the Allocations had been proposed to the Commission by the 4 Working groups and will be distributed soon together with the final version of the 2023 calendar.




“We had the chance to take the stock of the season and prepared the basis for the next one. In 2023 we want to develop the Supermoto Junior class in order to create new riders and expanding the coverage of the championship around more European venues, countries and organizers. It was a very important meeting which will outline the future activities of the commission”.


The commission meeting included a systematic analysis of the season 2022 and preparation for the upcoming season in regards of regulations and calendar. The main points of focus for 2023 will be the development of the Supermoto Junior class in order to create a solid base future Supermoto riders.



Chairman Vintage Commission


The commission had a good meeting. The main topic was the 2023 calendars, with a focus on the ones of the EMX65 and EMX85, discussing also about the zones. New documents have been produced as supplementary regulations.

“Great time: that was my first meeting as Chairman of the commission. We had special guests as Antonio Alia Portela, CMS Director, Hans Martin Fetzer, Infront Representative, and Martin Vena, Quadcross European Championship promoter. The Management Council approved my proposal for the two vice-presidents”.


“The Commission met for the first time and many topics were argued in order to promote the growth of this new discipline which has enormous potential. 2023 will be a crucial year for the championship to grow and new formulas have been studied to make the events more and more attractive for riders and spectators”.


First meeting ever for the E-bike Commission. This is a new discipline that will certainly be developed in the future.



“Good time for the commission, that had the chance to meet in person. We decided to create a new event called European Motoball Champions Cup (EMCC): it will be a similar format like the UEFA Champions League, where Champions of each Nation compete. In 2023 three events will be scheduled for the Seniors, while the Junior National Teams will determine their winner in the 2023 European Championship”.


Due to the war in Russia and Ukraine the 2022 European Championship for Juniors and Seniors originally scheduled in Vidnoe, Russia, has been cancelled. For the third year in a row Motoball had no events. Therefore, the Commission has decided to propose a new event called European Motoball Champions Cup (EMCC) with three competitions in three different countries.


Learn how Tor Poznań Circuit has become one of the most modern circuits in the world. The Automobillklub Wielkopolski has recently upgraded the Tor Poznan circuit in Poland, making it ‘one of the most modern circuits in the world’, says Bartosz Bieliński, president of Automobillklub Wielkopolski.

The circuit was updated through the installation and use of the full MYLAPS X2 Race Control solution. This includes Tracking, Marshalling, Advanced Track Management. The Marshalling module includes the newest addition to the system, the FIA & FIM grade 2 homologated light panels. The installation of the panels means that Poznań Circuit can now welcome more racing series at the circuit, wich is a great advantage to the track. An overview of the installation specifications follows.

The System

MYLAPS X2 Race Control is a fully integrated solution to control all the action happening on the track, using real-time data (GPS location and vehicle data) to enhance the safety of personnel and racers on the track.

X2 Race Control is a modular system, meaning that you can select the components that suit the needs of your circuit. The system consists of 4 pillars: tracking, marshalling, advanced track management and live data.

The Tor Poznan circuit

The Tor Poznań circuit has existed for over 40 years and has been welcoming racers from all around the world for many years now. Over the years, motorsport has seen many techni-

Learn how Tor Poznań Circuit has become one of the most modern circuits in the world

cal innovations and upgrades and the Poznań circuit had to decide when to upgrade their circuit, and to prioritize the adoption of new technology innovations. Following the installation of a new digital camera system in 2021, the circuit turned its attention to further improving track safety, together with enhancing the on-track driving experience. Following a review of the available technology they decided that the X2 Race Control system would achieve both goals. Their upgrade was successful and showed advantages right from the start.

like now. We have 238 transponders, 6 loops (start /finish, intermediate 1, intermediate 2, Pit entry, start / finish pit, pit out). In this case, we are ready to operate new racing series that we can handle without any problem.’’

These on-track advantages were visible, right from the first moment X2 Race Control was installed. Sławomir Pytlak, race director of Poznan Circuit, said: “I was the Race Director during the 1st and 2nd round of the Polish Motor Racing Championship at Poznań Circuit. The newest Race Management System from MYLAPS helped me in my duties as the Race Director. The system turned out to be very intuitive and fulfilled the expectations. The system helps to quickly detect threats and prepare safety procedures while receiving messages from marshals.’’

Because the marshals can work more efficiently and react faster to the action on track, the marshalling module could lead to marshall number reduction. This means lower operational costs.

Enhanced Racing Experience

said: “From year to year, new investments appear on our track, making it one of the best tracks in Europe, which will host the best racing series’’. Kędziora adds: “..we finally have the best timing system possible and the latest race management system. This is something I am very proud of and I hope for a long and fruitful cooperation with MYLAPS because they are pioneers in the motorsport equipment market.’’

Following a successful implementation before the start of the 2022 season, the representatives of the Poznań circuit are now very pleased with the use of the X2 Race Control. Alongside X2 Race Control, a complete installation of the X2 Timing system also was executed. Tomasz Kędziora, main timekeeper of Poznan Circuit explained the on-track advantages:

‘’I am very glad and proud that we signed a contract with MYLAPS and purchased the best possible professional timing equipment. In my over 20 years of career as a timekeeper I’ve never had the most modern system

Beside the advantages that the system has given to Poznań on-track, it also enhances the entire experience off-track. Tomasz Kędziora: “The Race Management impresses drivers and teams that come to Poznań for competition – they appreciate the highly increased visibility of the electronic light panels over traditional flags, and also the extra element of safety through our GPS tracking of positions on track’’.

Jakub Kędziora, timekeeper of Poznan Circuit and innovator of collaborating with MYLAPS,

But it’s not just the timers and race directors that are happy with the usage of X2 Race Control. Bartosz Bieliński, president of Automobilklub Wielkopolski, said:

‘’This year, Poznań Circuit opens another chapter in its more than 40-year history. We are proud to announce that Poznań Circuit has become one of the most modern circuits in the world. We have equipped our facility with the best available timing system and the latest Race Control system approved by the international federations FIA and FIM.

All marshal posts have been equipped with LED panels, wireless tablets for panels to be operated by marshals. The system is additionally expanded with GPS antennas with transmitters, thanks to which we will be able to track every car and motorcycle on the track. Everything is combined into one track and race management system’’.

It may seem that installing X2 Race Control and learning how to use the system is a significant time investment, as marshals have to get used to the controls and adjustments of a new system. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Sławomir Pytlak: ‘’The observation post marshals quickly learned how to use the new device and signaled the threat in a timely manner. I’m looking forward to the next racing weekend and the opportunity to interact with the system.’’

cuit. A basic setup offers you great advantages in your Race Control. The experience both on and off track is enhanced when adding more components. The setup in Poznań (both Race Control and Timing) consists of items in the visualization below; X2 Link Server, X2 BaseLinks, , X2 LED Panels, X2 RaceLinks GPS for positioning and live speed, X2 Race Control Manager software (pc), X2 LED Panel controller, Marshall button controllers, detection loops and decoders.

Future with X2 Race Control

The usage of X2 Race Control prepares the Poznan Circuit for the future of racing. Bartosz Bielinski:

’’It is a consistently implemented program of modernization of the only homologated racetrack in Poland, implemented by Automobilklub Wielkopolski, which aims to take a place among the top European motorsport facilities, and whose first effects are already visible. Recently Poznań Circuit was visited by representatives of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship. The visit was promising and it is possible that the track, apart from racing cars, motorcycles, karting and recently also rallycross, will gain another functionality’’.

The Poznan setup

Wondering what a full setup might look like?

The X2 Race Control System is modular, so there is always a suitable option for your cir-

For more information about X2 Race Control, or if you wish to discuss circuit specific needs then make sure to visit our website mylaps. com/timing-solutions-motorized/x2-racecontrol




FIM Europe, taking into consideration the big volume of motorcyclists traveling in groups, both amateur (friends, Clubs) and professionals (Motorcycle Touring companies & Tour guides), has created a Training Course aiming at educating potential Tour Leaders on the particularities of traveling by motorcycles in groups, from the initial planning of the journey to the smooth and uneventful return.

After a three-year brake due to the related to the pandemic travel restrictions, the course recommenced in Oct. 2022, in Barcelona, where 12 participants from 4 different countries were trained and eventually awarded the T/As certification.

The 2023 edition will soon be announced with an even wider range of training and evaluation. So far 41 participants of 8 nationalities from 11 countries throughout Europe have been certified as Tour Assistants.


The course consists of:

Theory on planning and executing a successful Mototour. Here the participants are introduced to the “secrets” of planning and executing a successful motorcycling tour, the do’s and don’ts of riding in groups, tips, discussions and exchange of experiences.

First Aid training

Focused mainly on road accidents related training, the participants are given the ability to have the correct reactions in the crucial first minutes in case such a need occurs.

On & Off-Road training & evaluation

The all-important “on the field” training as, even accomplished and experienced riders can always find new things to improve on their bike control and riding skills, both On and Off Road. Tuition is by certified Honda Safety Instructors, on specially modified bikes and all the necessary safety equipment provided by the Honda Safety Institutes, with all the fun that riding in a totally controlled and safe environment gives. The successful candidates are awarded the FIM-Europe Tour Assistant Certification.




Day 1

Day 1 of the Borilli Enduro European Championship in Rüdersdorf, Germany, saw the Belgian Erik Willems crowned champion of all classes. The eleventh overall position was enough for the Husqvarna rider to grab the title.

“It went pretty well at first, but then I had a heavy crash at the beginning of the second lap in the extreme test, which cost me a minute. From then on, it was really just a fight to actually make it to the finish in one piece".

In the E2 class, however, the fight for the title is once again postponed to the last day.

With a class win, Italian Alessandro Rizza could also already secure the title. A 23-point lead can no longer be caught by Martin Gottvald. The title is all the more remarkable as the victory was achieved with a 125cc bike.

Carlo Minot celebrated his title early in the Junior 1 class: with his class victory, he extended his lead over Simone Cristini, who was only sixth this time, to an unassailable 22 points.

The championship was also decided in the women's class: guest entrant Francesca Nocera from the Motocross World Championship won the day's

classification, but Briton Nieve Holmes was able to extend her lead in the championship ahead of Marie Vide Holt with a second place, so she took the title early.

At the top of the overall standings, however, it was all about other riders: Italian Enrico Rinaldi, fought with German Jeremy Sydow. Rinaldi, who had been European Champion in the Junior class last year, led the field by a narrow margin. But the GasGas rider had already twisted his ankle in the very first special test and struggled throughout the day not only with the competition but also with his pain. On the last lap, former Motocross rider Sydow was able to pass. In the very last stage, the decision was made in favour of Rinaldi: he won the overall classification after one hour and eight minutes of special test time, just 4.39 seconds ahead of Sydow.


Day 2

It got very dramatic in the Youth class for the under 21s. After a major crash on the first day of racing, Manuel Verzeroli, who had been leading the championship until then, slipped back to second place. As a result, Frenchman Clement Clauzier was leading the standings. Not only the championship, but after a slip by Verzeroli in the very first special stage, also the day's classification. But in the penultimate special test a crash by Clauzier dropped him to fourth place. This meant that Verzeroli won both the day's classification and the Championship. It was a tearful finish for the Frenchman, who had already had his hand on the title.

Defending champion Maurizio Micheluz finished second in the E1 class behind guest entrant Edward Hübner from Germany. This is the 14th time Micheluz has been European Champion, in the cubic capacity classes and even in the overall! But the 39-year-old is not thinking about quitting yet, why should he with this success.

The E3 class saw the duel between the Belgian Dietger Damiaens and the Frenchman David Abgrall. After the Briton Daniel Mundell had not started due to injury, Damiaens had a 7-point lead over the Frenchman. In the daily classification Damiaens had to admit defeat to guest starter Luca Fischeder from Germany, but in the end, he was at least 23 seconds faster than Abgrall and took the title.

In the E2 class, Erik Willems fought his way through the day once again: after the crash in day 1, he could only ride on Sunday with lots of painkillers even if he had already become Overall Champion. His rival Nicola Recchia from Italy, was only twelve points behind. In the day's classification Willems only came eighth, but Reccia was second behind his compatriot Giuliano Mancuso. This brought him 18 points and Willems still 8 points, so the Belgian on the Husqvarna could take home two titles.

The actual competition on this day was again won by Enrico Rinaldi from Italy, but this time ahead of another German, Luca Fischeder. However, Rinaldi was only there as a guest entrant, not least to support his team and the trophy.

A plan that worked out perfectly, because in addition to the individual rankings, the Nations Trophy was also held at the weekend: Italy won the Trophy ahead of the Netherlands and Norway. The Junior Trophy went to the young riders from France ahead of Italy and the Czech Republic.

In the senior category, host Germany won ahead of Slovakia, and in the women's category won Team Italy.

Riders, teams and officials agreed that this final proved more than worthy of an Enduro European Championship from a sporting and organisational point of view.




The last away of the Borilli Enduro European Championship 2022 ended with two beautiful days in Brussels at the headquarters of the European Parliament. In response to the invitation from Hon. Berlato, the 2022 European champions reached the Belgian capital for two days in the name of sport and friendship.

The trip opened with the Gala evening inside a characteristic restaurant located in the centre of Brussels. The 2022 European Champions Manuel Verzeroli, Carlo Minot, Lorenzo Bernini, Maurizio Micheluz, Erik Willems, Dietger Damiaens, Nieve Holmes, Ales-

sandro Rizza, Luca Piersigilli and Diligenti Racing, together with the 2nd deputy of FIM Europe Roy N. Wetterstad, the chairman of the Enduro and FIM Europe Rally Commission Robert Svensson, some delegates from the Belgian Federation including the President of the Sports Commission and FIM Representative Christian Dejassé, Stijn Rentmeester, Secretary General FMB and FIM Europe Bureau member, Hervè Cornellie, Secretary General FMWB and Thierry Klutz, FMB Technical Director, have created the perfect atmosphere for an evening of friendship and confrontation. A different opportunity than usual to spend unique and unforgettable moments.

European Champions in front of the European Parliament with Hon. Sergio Berlato

With the rise of a shiny sun, the European Parliament opened its doors to the protagonists of the Borilli Enduro European Championship 2022 for the heart of the event, namely the ceremony with the theme: ‘Sport as a key to access to brotherhood and friendship between people, to social inclusion and to exchange between European cultures and young people’. The words of the Hon. Berlato, Italian dele-

gate to the European Parliament, have kicked off this special event. “These young enduro champions have already learned to collaborate with each other, regardless of their differences or rivalry. It is something that warms the heart, from which we should take an example. Sport is a healthy way to raise our children, it teaches them values such as perseverance and sacrifice, but done with joy and to achieve their goals. Young people learn to respect the opponent, who is never an enemy. It’s an important lesson for everyone.”

Carrying out any discipline with dedication and commitment is synonymous with sacrifice and personal growth, and these values must be preserved and passed on to all generations. Tony Mori, promoter of the championship, later spoke thanking the Parliament for the invitation and collaboration that has been established since the beginning of the year and then continued his speech emphasising the values that Enduro, thanks to its uniqueness, is able to

2022 Enduro European Champions with Sergio Berlato
From left: Roy N. Wetterstad, Tony Mori, Erik Willems and Sergio Berlato


carry forward. ‘We celebrate within the highest European institution ‘the European Parliament’ the recognition of the 2022 Enduro European Champions and this thanks to the work and interest of the Italian Deputy in the European Parliament Hon. Sergio Berlato. ... At this point I believe that we can talk about social inclusion in sport and, as far as we are concerned in enduro, because sport is the most important instrument of inclusion and social cohesion, which in addition to teaching the basics of teamwork, coexistence, respect for the rules is the former of one's identity and the relationship with others."

The 2nd deputy of FIM Europe Roy N. Wetterstad then spoke highlighting how engines have always innovated the world, within a regrettable situation such as that of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, they have reminded us how sport could be a connection between people regardless of their religion, political and sexual orientation. Healthy rivalry between sportsmen promotes harmony and mutual respect. “Sport connects people regardless of race, religion, political and sexual orientation. Friendly rivalry among sportsmen leads them to get closer and promote respect and harmony between peoples.” The Chairman of the Enduro & Rally Commission of FIM Europe, Robert Svensson, then emphasised within his speech, how in enduro everyone is always available to help in case a problem arises and how it leads you to travel to non-reputable places allowing you to learn more about these realities. “Enduro is like a big family always willing to help themselves; if someone needs a spare part or has some problem with the bike there is always a friend ready to help him, regardless of nationality and this is what we mean when we talk about strong collaboration between the peoples of the European Union.” The last speech was by FIM Representative Christian

Enduro European Champions with Tony Mori
From left: Herve Cornellie, Stijn Rentmeester, Roy N. Wetterstad, Tony Mori, Sergio Berlato, Robert Svensson and Christian Dejasse

Dejassé who took up the concepts expressed by his colleagues, again highlighting how sport is much more than just a run for the best performance. It was then time for the 2022 European Champions to tell their experience within the championship and how it was a further enrichment for them. The comparison with riders of different nationalities and with the cultures of the countries that hosted the event has increased themselves. Enduro is a challenge first against yourself and then against others this allows you to improve race after race, training after training and to understand how only you can be the architect of your success and how to get to the top it is useless to go down to dirty games but indeed a victory won honestly acquires greater value. In the words of Erik Willems, European Champion Class E2 and Overall, the ceremony saw its conclusion. A rich buffet and a beautiful tour inside the European Parliament headquarters were waiting for all the participants. The morning then ended with the promise to meet again the following year with the same purpose.

The Borilli Enduro European Championship 2022 can be said to be officially concluded, its commitments for the current year have been completed and now all that remains is to think about the future always with the concept of friendship, peace and collaboration in our mind. Thank you for following us, the full video of the ceremony is available on our Facebook page; we invite you to also follow us on our Instagram page and on the official championship website so as not to miss the announcements related to the 2023 season.


Brussels – 7 December 2022

Honourable Hosts, European Champions and guests,

The motorized world is entering into a new era, and we can consider us lucky to be a part of the technical revolution that we are witnessing.

When motorized vehicles came into the world – it was a symbol of innovation and progress. In our time we need to move on and change from fossil fuels to emission free and environmentally friendly alternatives. Once again motorized vehicles are a symbol of innovation and progress.

Without pollution and noise, it will be opened new possibilities for motorsport. We can be back in urban areas and reach a lot more people with our activities in the future. This Historical turning point can make our sport even more relevant and attractive, and we can take the opportunity to become the winners when the worlds climate action plan is carried out.

We are here to celebrate our athletes in the Enduro discipline. Thank you to all of you for coming here. We are proud of you, and we will honour you one by one you for your achievements. Thank you also to the Borilli Enduro European Championship – the promoter Maxim and the MEP Mr Sergio Berlato for hosting this event.

At this occasion and in this time of war and conflicts, let us also remember what sport is about. Sports connects people regardless of race, religion, politics and orientation. Friendly rivalry on the sports arena brings us closer to each other and it promotes harmony and respect between people. When hopefully Europe’s wounds will be healed – sports, culture, trade and peaceful interaction between people – will be the most important recipe for bringing back normality.

On behalf of the FIM Europe I Congratulate the Champions and hope you all will be back to meet new challenges in the upcoming season.





The European Individual Grass Track raced its third and last event in Swingfield, a small and nice village located approximately 10 km north of Folkestone on the North Downs.

With heavy rain the day before the event, the Swingfield circuit was in excellent condition, ready to host the top eighteen Grass Track riders from across Europe. With three riders from Denmark, two from France, four from Germany, four from the Netherlands and six riders from the host federation the event was going to be a close fought battle.

On the morning of the event, a large crowd and riders alike were met with sunny autumn conditions, which lasted into the early afternoon, before the temperature dropped later in the day – but more importantly the rain held off, offering idea track conditions and a circuit that produced very close and fast racing.

The meeting was hotly contested throughout the four sessions of the qualifying heats, with “Flying Dutchman” Roman Hummel being unbeaten during his four rides.

Home riders and former European Grass Track Champion Zach Wajtknecht was close behind Hummel, dropping only one point in his second qualifying heat.

Having completed all their qualifying heats, the riders were then split into three finals C, B and A, with the winner and second placed riders from the B Final being elevated into the last two places in the A Final.

With rain forecast later in the afternoon, the pressure was one to ensure that the meeting was com-

pleted whilst the race circuit was in still in a great condition. However, in the A Final, Hummel was out gated by home riders Zach Wajtknecht and fellow Chris (Bomber) Harris, both of whom led out of the first corner. With the European title in his sights, Hummel passed Wajtknecht by the end of the first lap before overtaking Harris in the end of the second lap. After that Hummel set a fast pace and was unchallenged as he crossed the finish line added the 2022 FIME European Individual Grass Track title to his every expanding portfolio of successes.

Final classification

1. Romano Hummel, Netherlands 2. Chris Harris, Great Britain 3. Zach Wajtknecht, Great Britain

The FIM Europe would like to take this occasion to celebrate and greet the ACU Track Racing Secretary, Mrs. Tracey Cossar, who after this last race as Jury Secretary retires from her role in the ACU.

She began her adventure March 1981, working in the Licencing department. In 2001 she joined the Track Racing department, supporting British Grass Track, Long Track and Speedway as the ACU Track Racing Secretary for the past 21 years.

From the whole FIM Europe family, thank you for your commitment!




In the last round of the Supermoto SM Junior European Championship, raced in Carole, France, Matej Kokes (Husqvarna) was crowned new Champion at the end of a great day of racing. The young Czech rider finished ahead of Mathias Vatkin (TM) and Ramon Godino (Yamaha).

SM Junior Race 1

Matej Kokes (Husqvarna) pulled away at the start and opened a solid gap over rivals in the first laps. The Czech rider pushed hard in the first part of the moto without sparing himself while he took it easy in the last laps. Behind him Mathias Vetkin (TM), Jason Van Drunen (Yamaha) and Ramon Godino (Yamaha) battled it out and crossed the finish line in the same order. Thanks to the victory of the first moto Matej Kokes moved to the top of the Championship standings.

SM Junior Race 2

At the start of the final heat of the season Matej Kokes (Husqvarna) took the lead of the race, Ramon Godino (Yamaha) faced a tough start and lost several positions. The leader of the race opened a solid gap over rivals and, as he did in the first moto, found the right margin to rule the final laps and won the race as well as the Championship. Ramon Godino was able to move to the second spot but was too far to try to get closer to Kokes, Mathias Vetkin (TM) classified third. Matej Kokes won the Junior European Championship, Mathias Vetkin was second and Ramon Godino third.

SM Junior Overall Top 5

1. KOKES Matej (CZE, Husqvarna) Pts. 50 (25+25); 2. VETKIN Mathias (EST, TM) Pts. 42 (22+20); 3. GODINO Ramon (ESP, Yamaha) Pts. 40 (18+22); 4. VAN DRUNEN Jayson (NED, Yamaha) Pts. 38 (20+18);

5. BENVENUTI Andrea (ITA, KTM) Pts. 32 (16+16).






The 2022 Motocross of European Nations has concluded in Talavera de la Reina as Team France and Team Spain were crowned this year’s champions in the MXoEN and WMXoEN categories!

The morning of the race began with an opening ceremony with speeches given by José Ramón Garcia, FIM Europe Vice President, Jesús Bermúdez, President of Motoclub Talavera, and Patricia Maskarova, Infront Moto Racing’s MXoEN general manager, who also handed a special plaque to Mr Jesús Bermúdez as thanks for organising such a fantastic event.

At the end of the opening ceremony, the national anthem of Spain was played before everyone shifted their focus onto the racing.

Each group rode a total of two races, as they fought for the highest positions, in order to take the least amount of points, with the worst result not being counted. The grand total was added up and the team with the least number of points were declared the winner!


In the first EMX125/EMX250 race the holeshot went to Team Italy’s Valerio Lata who was the leading rider for the first three laps of the race. Team Slovenia’s Jan Pancar briefly led before being pushed back as Team France’s Quentin-Marc Prugnieres took over first place as Team Spain’s Gerard Congost moved into second.

Lata dropped back to fourth and then eventually did not finish the race due to a bike problem, while Prugnieres went on to win ahead of Pancar who fought back to second, while Congost and Anton Nordström Graaf of Team Sweden rounded out the top five.

In race two, it was Congost who took the holeshot ahead of Lata and Pancar, while Prugnieres started in fourth.

Congost led for six laps before being passed by Pancar, and then four laps later, the Spaniard was also passed by Prugnieres, as Lata dropped down the order to fifth where he eventually finished.

Pancar won the race ahead of Prugnieres, Congost and Nordström Graaf while Lata rounded out the top five in the group.was the winner ahead of Faure and Maindru, while Viktor Leppälä of Team Finland and Enzo Badenas of Team Spain were in the top five.


In EMX85 race one, the holeshot went to Team France’s Amaury Maindru with Team Italy’s Filippo Mantovani following closely behind in second. Team France’s Mano Faure started third, with Team Italy’s Nicolo Alvisi in fourth just behind. A lap later, Alvisi passed Faure to move into third all while Mantovani was able to take over the lead from Maindru, but only for a lap, as the Frenchman got himself back into the lead by the fifth lap and maintained first until the end of the race.

By lap seven, Alvisi managed to get around Mantovani for second, but just three laps later was passed back by his fellow countryman. In the end, Maindru was the winner ahead of Mantovani, Alvisi, Faure and Juan Izaguirre of Tram Spain.

In race two, the holeshot went to Faure, as Mantovani and Maindru pushed the Frenchman from behind. The top three opened up a nice gap to the rest of the field, as they focused on the battle among each other.

By lap five, we saw a change for the lead as Mantovani was able to take control of the race, but the trio continued to battle for much of the race. With two laps to go, Mantovani looked well in control, though Maindru was keen to push for the win from third on the final lap, though was not successful. In the end, Mantovani was the winner ahead of Faure and Maindru, while Viktor Leppälä of Team Finland and Enzo Badenas of Team Spain were in the top five.


In WMXoEN race one, it was Team Spain’s Gabriela Seisdedos and Daniela Guillen who got off to a strong start, with Seisdedos taking the holeshot. Team Netherland’s Lynn Valk was nestled in between the pair, before Guillen found her opportunity to get by both and take over the lead by the second lap.

After starting in the mid-field, Team Denmark’s Sara Andersen worked her way up the order and on lap six was in third behind Valk. But Guillen was in control around 12.521 seconds ahead of Valk who remained second.

In the end, Guillen took the race win ahead of Valk, Andersen, Team USA’s Jamie Astudillo and Malou Jakobsen of Team Denmark.

In the second race, it was Andersen who took the holeshot that time around with Valk, Guillen and Seisdedos just behind. Within the first two laps, the top three pulled away from the rest of the field, as Guillen passed Valk on lap three.

By lap six, Andersen began to fade which worked to Guillen’s advantage and just three laps later the Spaniard was able to pass for the lead. Guillen won the second race, taking a perfect 1-1 score for Team Spain, while Andersen crossed the line in second, putting Team Denmark on the third step of the podium, while third was Valk for Netherlands as the finished second overall on the podium and failed to defend their title this time.

Team Spain’s Daniela Guillen and Gabriela Seisdedos celebrated big with their team and local fans as they crossed the line as the 2022 Women’s Motocross of European Nations Champions!





The round at Brno Circuit concluded the 2022 season of the Supersport 300 Cup that saw Guido Berselli wrap up the title at the end of the race two.

The fifth and last event of the calendar, hosted in the Czech Republic, was raced in mixed weather conditions, as Friday’s free practice sessions were wet, while Saturday’s qualifying and Sunday’s races on a dry asphalt. This did not hinder the spirits of the fans who showed their support.

The strong result of Berselli, with a win and a second position, also meant that he secured the gold medal in the championship standings, while Patrycja Sowa tried until the last to grab the title. The Polish rider had to settle with the silver medal, despite the victory of race two and the second position in race one.

Double third for home rider David Filipin, third in the standing too, but out from the fight of the title.

Race 1 top three 1. Guido Berselli (ITA)

Patrycja Sowa (POL)

David Filipin

Race 2 top three

Patrycja Sowa (POL)

Guido Berselli (ITA)

David Filipin (CZE)

Top 5 championship standing

Guido Berelli (ITA) points 217

Patrycja Sowa (POL) pt 199

David Filipin (CZE) pt 82

Etien Kantar Bozic (SLO) pt 61

Alex Pahome (ROM) pt 56




The first, second and third round to the European Street Freestyle Championship was organized in the context of the famous INTERMOT exhibition at Cologne, Germany.

Riders from four European nations performed an exciting show for the large number of spectators present at the event.

Each day, a free practice, one Quarter Final, Semi Final and Final were organized in perfect weather conditions.

Day 1

In race 1 Hungarian riders ruled the competition: Balazs Herczeg confirmed his good shape winning in front of Vegh Tamas, second, and Kötel Istvan, third.

Day 2

Race 2 saw the major duel between the young Polish rider Rafal Kownacki and the Hungarian Kötel Istvan fighting for the second place, while the victory goes to Balazs Herczeg again. At the end second position for Rafal Kownacki ahead of Kötel Istvan. A great honor was granted during the podium ceremony by awarding of the Chris Pfeiffer Tribute Trophy to the winner. The Chris Pfeiffer Fairness Trophy was awarded to Dennis Jansen. Chris Pfeiffer’s wife Renate and his son Hannes joined the ceremony for the price giving.

Day 3

Race 3 was a spectacular competition, with Balazs Herczeg who took another win. The thrilling battle between Vegh Tamas and Rafal Kownacki for second place decided for Tamas, while Kownacki finished third.






It was a day where a dream came true for Lukas Tulovic (Liqui Moly Intact GP Junior Team) after the German secured the Moto2™ European Championship title thanks to victory in Race 1 at MotorLand Aragon, Spain. The Hawkers European Talent Cup title race goes onto Valencia after Guido Pini (AC Racing Team) and Casey O’Gorman (VisionTrack Racing Team) picked up the wins.

Moto2 European Champion

After keeping his 100% pole position record intact on Saturday, and with Alex Escrig (Yamaha Philippines Stylobike Racing Team) absent through injury, Tulovic knew a race win would hand him the 2022 Moto2™ European Championship crown. The 22-year-old made no mistake to win the opening race of the day from lights out to chequered flag in dominant fashion, as he then went out in Race 2 and repeated his superb performance to leave Aragon with two more victories and a European title to his name. Senna Agius and Promoracing teammate Xavier Cardelus claimed P2 and P3 respectively in both races in Aragon to signal a strong weekend for both riders and the team. In the Stock class, Dani Muñoz (Fifty Motorsport) and Juan Rodriguez (Cuna Campeones) shared the wins in Aragon.

European Talent Cup

The other title that could have been won at the penultimate round was the Hawkers ETC, but that battle is heading to Valencia. Pini emerged victorious for the first time in 2022 in Race 1 after edging out Maximo Martinez (Team Honda Laglisse) at the final corner, as Brian Uriarte (Team Estrella Galicia 0,0) picked up the final podium spot in the red flagged encounter. In Race 2, a fascinating five rider duel played out and again, it all came down to the final lap. This time, O’Gorman won the race to the line by just 0.008s to snatch his maiden Hawkers ETC win, as the Irishman fended off Pini in P2 and Joel Esteban (Aspar Junior Team) in P3. Heading to the final race of the season, Pini leads the title race by three points from Esteban.





The 2022 season of the Moto2 European Championship and European Talent Cup came to an end with the final round at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit.

Moto2 European Champion

In the Moto2™ ECh category, it was a fine display by Lukas Tulovic; the German rider, already crowned Champion and with a move to Moto2™ World Championship action in 2023, had to come from third on the grid but off the start, dropped to fifth place. He soon picked off Yeraz Ruiz (FAU55 TEY Racing) and Roberto Garcia (Cardoso Racing) to go third, before sitting behind Senna Agius (Promoracing) and Alex Escrig (Yamaha Philippines Stylobike Racing Team). Tulovic got ahead of them both in the final six laps, with Escrig chasing Tulovic once he cleared Agius but to no avail, as the German taking a seventh win of 2022, finishing inside the top two in every race throughout a memorable Championship campaign. Behind him in the standings, Agius was a proud second for Australia whilst Spanish rider Escrig took third. Consistency was key in the Stock class, as Daniel Muñoz (SP57 Racing Team) won again, but Marco Tapia (Easyrace Team) took the title.

European Talent Cup

It was a monumental day in the Hawkers ETC as history was made once more. With just three points between them, Guido Pini (AC Racing Team) started second whilst three points behind in the title race, Joel Esteban (Aspar Junior Team) went from fifth. In a race-long battle of swapping positions and trading paint, the two were doing battle in the lead group, which saw Casey O’Gorman (VisionTrack Racing Team), outgoing Champion Maximo Martinez (Team Honda Laglisse), Jesus Rios (MRE Talent), Brian Uriarte (Team Estrella Galicia 0,0) and teammate Rico Salmela fight it out. However, with a vital move towards the end, Pini placed himself in a perfect position and clinched the crown with P2, as O’Gorman won, whilst a dejected Esteban was third, missing out on the title by seven points. Irishman O’Gorman took third overall in the title behind Esteban and Champion Pini, the first Italian Champion in the class.





After firing to victory in Race 2, Italian youngster Emiliano Ercolani claimed the inaugural Yamaha R3 bLU cRU European SuperFinale title at the Algarve International Circuit in Portugal, earning him a spot on the 2023 Yamaha R3 bLU cRU European Cup grid with full support from Yamaha.

Having scored a podium finish in the opening race this morning, Ercolani edged ahead of France’s Evann Plaindoux in the final standings, with 2021 Yamaha R3 bLU cRU European Cup rider Kayla Yaakov impressing on her return to European racing in third overall.

Spain’s Unai Calatayud led the field away from pole position in Race 1, but was quickly demoted behind home hero David Da Costa and Ercolani, who traded positions out front throughout the opening lap.

As the race settled in, 15 riders battled in the front group, with FIM Supersport 300 World Champion-


ship Barcelona wildcard Calatuyad regaining the lead on the second lap. Da Costa then hit the front again, and was able to cross the line in first from lap four right until the chequered flag, seeing him become the first Portuguese rider to claim victory inside the FIM Superbike World Championship paddock since 1989.

That win didn’t come without a challenge though, with Plaindoux putting in a storming charge from 11th on the grid to narrowly miss out on victory by just 0.081s in second. Ercolani found himself at the back of the lead group in the final few laps, but managed to make his way back into third by the finish, with American young talent Yaakov following him through to take fourth.

Spain’s Javier Corral Arias made it five different nationalities in the top five positions, finishing ahead of pole-sitter Calatayud, who dropped half-a-second behind on the penultimate lap and was unable to recover. Italy’s Emanuele Cazzaniga was seventh and also lost out at the end, after challenging for a top three spot late on.

Natalia Rivera Resel came out on top of the second group of riders in eighth, with the Spaniard two seconds clear of Japan’s Teppei Kugawa and Brazil’s Kaywan Alves Freire da Costa.

The grid was reset for Race 2, which was shortened to eight laps following an incident in the WorldSSP300 race. Da Costa once again fought his

way to the front, ahead of Calatayud, with the Race 1 protagonists all back in the hunt throughout the second contest.

The #72 rider looked set to double up in the Algarve, but on the final lap at the final corner – a tricky high-speed downhill right-hander – Da Costa crashed, ending his hopes of winning the first Yamaha R3 SuperFinale.

There to capitalise was Ercolani, who jumped ahead of third-place finisher Plaindoux in the final standings to claim the overall victory. Yaakov led at several points throughout the race, crossing the line in second ahead of Freire da Costa.

The Brazilian was penalised a position for track limits on the final lap though, seeing Plaindoux promoted to the podium for the second time this weekend. It was a reverse of Race 1’s results for Spanish duo Calatayud and Corral Arias in fifth and sixth, while France’s Dorian Joulin made impressive gains from 14th on the grid to finish seventh. Cazzaniga was eighth, ahead of Rivera Resel and Saudi Arabia’s Mohammad Abdalaziz Binladin, both of which were able to run with the lead group in the second race, finishing just over a second from victory.

“I am very happy, I just tried very hard from the start and to finish with the victory is amazing,” Ercolani said. “I will of course be back next year in the Yamaha R3 bLU cRU European Cup, and thanks to Yamaha for offering this event and giving me support for the 2023 season.”






The third and last round of the European Handy Bridgestone Cup was hosted at Jerez de la Frontera Circuit, in Spain. Two races crowned the 2022 champions.

Race 1

Italian rider Samuele Bertolasio (Lesser Impaired 1000cc category) took the holeshot and with a great pace went straight to the win. Behind him the Frenchman Stephane Paulus followed by the Italian Emiliano Malagoli (1.000cc category) and the Czech Martin Horky.

In the 600cc category the Italian Maximilian Sontacchi led the way, followed by Christophe Bernard. A few corners before the chequered flag, the Belgian managed to take the lead and crossed as first the finishing line.

In the Lesser Impaired 600cc category Antonio Montoya confirmed the title. Thanks to the points gained, Emiliano Malagoli and Christophe Bernard are both champions.

Race 2

Samuele Bertolasio started from the pole and led a lonely race, thus winning the 2022 title in the Lesser Impaired 1000cc category. Behind him the

Italians Umberto Troisi, Ivo Arnoldi and Massimo Bacci.

The Czech Horky took the lead in the 1000cc. category, followed by his direct opponent Emiliano Malagoli and Alex Innocenti. The race finished in the same positions.

In the 600cc. category Maximilian Sontacchi led and win the race from the beginning to the end.

Final standings

Lesser Impaired 1000cc category

1. Samuele Bertolasio

1000cc. category 1. Emiliano Malagoli

600cc. category 1. Christophe Bernard

Lesser Impaired 600cc category 1. Antonio Montoya



Expert 75 up to 75cc

1) Federico FREGNAN, Italy 2) Axel KONSTROFFER, Germany 3) Luca SANTUCCI, Italy

Expert 75 up to 125cc 1) Massimo PESCIA, Italy 2) Gianfranco SPURIO, France 3) Julien EBERHARDT, France

Expert 75 over 125cc

1) Xavier Castey SOLER, Spain 2) Stefano TORRINI, Italy 3) Luigi MAZZONI, Italy

Classic 80 up to 75cc 1) Adriano MICOZZI, Italy 2) Ennio BONALDI, Italy

Classic 80 up to 125cc 1) Ole FLEISCHER, Germany 2) Fabio CASOTTO, Italy 3) Francesco BORRAS BORONAT, France

Classic 80 over 250cc

1) David GOMEZ CARRION, Spain 2) Jens OESTREICH, Germany 3) Mario GRAZIANI, Italy

Open 89 up to 80cc

1) Daniel DELOMENEDE, France 2) Laurent RAPHANEL, France 3) Mauro VARASCHIN, Italy

Open 89 up to 125cc

1) Martin NOVELLA, Germany 2) Riccardo TERRANOVA, France 3) Antonio GIORDANO, Italy

Open 89 up to 250cc 1) Ricard MARTINEZ, Spain 2) Jose Ramon PALAU SEGURA, Portugal 3) Eric CYFFKA, Germany

Open 89 over 250cc 1) Peter ZINK, Germany 2) Gabriele MECHI, Italy 3) Albert FIGULS CANAL, France




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