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FIM Europe and FEMA together in favour of Motorcyclists

FIM Europe at «Motodays» in Rome

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Moto-tour Training Course in Barcellona

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MXGP Academy in Russia

FIM Europe Management Council at Fiumicino FIM EUROPE MAG

Chief Editor: Fiammetta La Guidara Photos: Dorna, F. La Guidara, Youthstream,, R. Pairan, M. Zanzani FIM EUROPE Via Giulio Romano, 18 00196 - Rome Italy E-mail: Ph. +39 06 3226746 FIM Europe MAG #2 March-April 2018 The articles published in this magazine do not necessarily reflect the official position of FIM Europe. The content of this publication is based on the best knowledge and information available at the time the articles were written. The copying of articles and photos even partially is forbidden unless permission has been requested from FIM Europe in advance and reference is made to the source (©FIM Europe)

From left, Rolf Frieling (FEMA), John Chatterton Ross (FIM Europe), Silvio Manicardi (FIM Europe Second Deputy President) Francesca Marozza (Working Group Chairman), Ian Churchlow (FEMA), FMI President Giovanni Copioli, Maria Nordqvist (FEMA), Dolf Willigers (FEMA General Secretary), Jesper Christensen (FIM Europe)

FIM Europe and FEMA together in favour of Motorcyclists The Spring meeting of the Working Group between FIM Europe and the Federation of European Motorcyclist’s Associations (FEMA) was held in Rome (Italy) on March 21st and 22nd. The Group, with the intention of carrying forward the requests of motorcycle users, has focused on some topics of common interest to bring them to the attention of the European institutions and to raise awareness among as many motorcyclists as possible. The work took place in the offices of the Italian Motorcycling Federation, where its President Giovanni Co-

pioli and the Secretary General Alberto Rinaldelli welcomed the delegation, while the following day the working group moved to the offices of FIM Europe. Among the topics covered, the performance of semiautomatic vehicles and self-driving cars and their impact on vulnerable road users, including motorcyclists, since the tests show that they are not always visible and yet less perceptible. The Working Group then analyzed the innovations regarding the new standards being defined to test motorcycle protections, the

evolution of electric vehicles in the world of motorcycles, and critical issues regarding infrastructures. The FIM new platform dedicated to motorcycling and road safety expertsn was presented ( Finally, the program of the Mobility and Road Safety Conference was presented, which will be held at the end of June in Nantes, on the occasion of the FIM Europe Congress. During the two days, the delegates visited the traffic operations center of the Municipality of Rome (photo3). ÂŤThe FIM Europe / FEMA 3


The meeting in the FIM Europe office of Rome (Italy)

meetings continue with the aim of harmonizing in the best possible way the various positions on the different topics to bring the demands of the powered two-wheeler world to the main meeting tables at European level where both mobility and road-safety are discussed», stated Silvio Manicardi, FIM Europe Second


Deputy President. «Taking the opportunity of having FIM Europe and FEMA meeting in Rome, and considering the good relationships with the local Authorities, a meeting was organised with the Agenzia della Mobilità di Roma Capitale (Mobility Agency of the City of Rome). During the meeting the technical re-

presentatives of the Agency introduced problems and solutions of handling traffic in the Municipality of Rome, which has over 4 million inhabitants and the largest concentration of powered two-wheels in Europe, with over 600,000 units».


FIM Europe at «Motodays» in Rome From 8th to 11th March 2018, the Rome Fair is hosting the tenth edition of Motodays, Motorbike and Scooter Show in the Center-South of Italy, an event that in a short time has managed to establish itself in the sector of the trade fair, becoming second fair in Italy for the powered two-wheeler universe. Among the thematic areas, the "Motorcycle Touring” one. Great news, for the 10 years of the event, is the "International touring exchange on two wheels", with the participation of many foreign companies which propose their dream offers for a two-wheeled adventure. In this context, the presence of FIM Europe was added with its space dedicated to its Touring activities. The 2nd FIM Europe Moto-Tour Assistant Training Course and the FIM Europe Recommended Hotels and Campings were presented on the stand and in the periodic interventions on the stage. The purpose of the 2nd FIM Europe Moto-Tour Assistant Training Course is to organize a Training Session for a pre-selected group of Tour-Assistants (TAs), which will be allowed to attend a professional training

course for Moto-Tour Assistants supplied by FIM Europe, in cooperation with Honda Safety Institute, Barcelona (Spain) h t t p : / / w w w. h o n d a The FIM Europe Recommended Hotels and Campings offer the opportunity to explore Europe by motorcycle, finding great roads, rides, routes, exciting destinations and staying at the Recommended Hotels and Campings designed for motorcyclists. At Motodays the 2nd Deputy President Silvio Manicardi, the Secretary General Alessandro Sambuco, the Press Officer

Fiammetta La Guidara, Silvia D'Amico and Andrea Diamantini from the Secretariat were present. «It is not the first year that we are close to Motodays, having offered the FIM Europe Patronage and being present in 2013 to introduce the European Motorcycling Senior Activity Conference and this year presenting these two important initiatives in our Touring Area», stated Alessandro Sambuco. «In my opinion it is an important way to show what we are doing in favour of our Member Federations in the Touring activities at European level».


Freddie Spencer at FIM Europe event at Roma Motodays Motorcycle Show The three-times world champion Freddie Spencer was the protagonist of a FIM Europe event during the Roma Motodays Motorcycle Show, in Italy. On the stage with Silvio Mani6

cardi, FIM Europe second vicepresident, the American champion’s speech dealt with moto-touring and safety. «In 29 years of racing on track I have been learnt to under-

stand and even anticipate situations, feelings that I always try to transfer to young motorcyclists both for track use and to ride in a safer and more careful way on the road», stated FIM Europe Mag 2/2018


Freddie Spencer. «I was particularly pleased with the presence of Freddie Spencer at the FIM Europe speech on touring an d safety», stated Silvio Manicardi. «For

FIM Europe Mag 2/2018

this great American champion teaching safe riding has become a real mission and during our meeting he shared his experience and showed great inte rest in the programs that

FIM Europe presented at Roma Motodays, both for the recommended hotels and for the Moto Tour Assistant courses».


FIM Europe Management Council at Fiumicino 8

FIM Europe Mag 2/2018


From the left, Silvio Manicardi, Jean-Marc Desnues, Jan Stovicek, Nina Birjukova, Tapio Nevala, Michal Sikora, Dr Wolfgang Srb, FIM Europe President, Juhani Halme, Alessandro Sambuco, Andrea Diamantini, Silvia Monatti, Laurent Delbroek, Martin de Graaff and Rodolfo Romeo

FIM Europe Mag 2/2018



Above, the Management Council. Aside, from the left, the Auditors Tapio Nevala and Laurent Delbroek

The FIM Europe Management Council meeting was held in Fiumicino, near Rome (Italy). Many important topics have been discussed, like the report of the President, the report of the Secretary General, the report of the Chairman of the Sporting Council, the report of the Chairman of the Non-Sporting Council, as well as various reports from the other Vice-Presidents. During the FIM Europe Management Council meeting, special attention was given to the report of the Treasurer, as well as the 10

report of the Auditors. The 2017 Balance-Sheet was unanimously approved and so was the 2018 Budget. The preparation of the FIM Europe Congress in Nantes, France (June 29th-July 1st 2018) is proceeding according to plans. The event was preceded by the annual meeting of the Auditors for the usual internal auditing, which took place on March 16th at the premises of the General Secretariat in Rome. «During the meeting, we verified the very good results for FIM Europe in 2017, and its perfect or-

ganization in financial matters. There is a very good cooperation in the team», stated Laurent Delbroek, President of the FIM Europe Auditors. «The accounting system gives us a lot of information and this is helping us very much in our job», added Tapio Nevala, member of the FIM Europe Auditors. «Also this year, thanks to the work of the whole Staff, we have obtained a positive result regarding our 2017 balance sheet», said Alessandro Sambuco, FIM Europe Secretary General. «I have to say once again thanks to FIM Europe Mag 2/2018


the Staff and to the Management of our Organization for the achievement». «To see the efforts of a whole working season realized – for the control of expenditure and the creation of the right conditions to get new income – represents undoubtedly a great satisfaction and source of motivation to do always better and better». «The Management Council has taken some urgent decisions before the season is starting», stated Martin de Graaff, chairman of the Sporting Commission. «After the meeting of the Sporting Commissions in October/November, there are always developments and new ideas coming up for the next season. From now on, we will FIM Europe Mag 2/2018

see many events on our sports calendars with good rules and good decisions. We wish all riders and organizers a lot of success». «Particular attention was given to our position in Brussels, on all the upcoming threats and opportunities and to the tourist activities which have such a big role in motorcycling in Europe», stated Silvio Manicardi, chairman of the Non-Sporting Commission. «About financial issues FIM Europe is on the right way, arrangements for the Auditors were perfect. We received the correct, full replies to all our questions and also the book-keeping system is very clear and informative», stated Laurent Delbroek, President of

the FIM Europe Auditors and Tapio Nevala, member of the Auditors Commission. «I am very happy with the results of the meeting», stated FIM Europe President Dr Wolfgang Srb. «Sporting as well as Non-Sporting activities develop very well, European Federations, organisers, clubs and volunteers are working very hard to achieve their goals. They deserve a lot of respect and credit. «This was the last meeting before the Congress in Nantes and the right occasion to say thank you to the members of the Management Council as well as the staff for an excellent cooperation in the past four years», concluded Dr Wolfgang Srb. 11


FIM Europe Moto-Tour Assistant Training Course Second edition in Barcelona On proposal of the FIM Europe Touring Commission, FIM Europe launched the 2nd FIM Europe MotoTour Assistant Training Course, which took place in Barcelona (Spain) on the 14th April at Honda Safety Center. The event was particularly successful: it saw the attendance of 18 trainees from Greece, FYROM, Latvia, Finland and Turkey, which means that the Moto-Tour Assi12

stant Training Course managed to attract a cross-European participation. The last edition, held two years ago, had seen the participation of 10 trainees from Greece, Lithuania, Poland and The Netherlands, which was however a good number of participants considering that it was the first initiative. «Despite untypical weather conditions for Spain, with rain and low temperatures, the group was very

excited to participate at all the activities starting with theory lectures and finishing with different motorcycle riding exercises», stated Nils Freivalds, Chairman of the FIM Europe Touring Commission. The second Moto-Tour Assistant Training Course also included a first-aid training lecture, which was provided by Dr Strecko Margetic who is the member of the FIM FIM Europe Mag 2/2018



Europe Medical Panel. «The attendance of another FIM Europe Commission or Panel is a valuable cooperation and could be developed among other Sports or, in our case, Non-Sports Commissions», commented Nils Freivalds. «Tour Assistants appreciated the FirstAid subject as an important part of their future duties when guiding motorcyclists tours. Tour Assistants emphasized the First-Aid issue and hoped there will be a

possibility to train or provide more knowledge on this vital issue, so that Tour Assistants gain wider expertise and confidence on how to handle such matters in case of necessity». The new group of Tour Assistants highly appreciated this training opportunity and the FIM Europe Tour Assistant Certificates issued now will serve as quality and professional expertise credits when

selected to organize tours, as it already happened in the past with the participants to the first edition of the Course. «FIM Europe and the Touring Commission also hope there will be more and more successful stories in future when the Tour Assistants are hired, thus promoting and facilitating the efforts made in the field of Moto-Tourism», concluded Nils Freivalds.



FIM Europe MXGP Academy in Russia

In preparation of the Russian round of the Motocross World Championship MXGP in Russia from 29 to 31 March the international training and sports seminar "FIM Europe MXGP Academy" was held at Orlyonok, for instructors (coaches) and athletes. The seminar was attended by specialists 16

from different regions of Russia, ready to learn from the world experience in the organization of the training process, to be trained and receive an official certificate. Among them, there were 36 coaches and 26 riders, and the youngest of them was only eight years old.

On the first day of the seminar, the coordinator and coach of MX Academy Martin Van Genderen told the Russian specialists about the development of a new system of classification of coaches and athletes, comparing it with obtaining belts of different colors in karate.



professionals are trained in the necessary competencies. We are solving these problems now». The President of Russian Motorcycle Federation Alexander Dzheus is a motorcyclist and has a MX bike. To judge what was taught to the riders during the Academy, he asked the MX-

«MX Academy will train and improve the skills of professionals and motorcycle racers», Martin Van Genderen stated. «As in the past year, such training will be conducted within the framework of the Russian stage of the Motocross World Championship in Orlyonok. The new system will lead to a stronger motivation for professional development for both coaches and athletes. As if they were in a computer game, they will move from level to level, increasing their theoretical knowledge and practical skills». The seminar began with theoretical training, but the next day its participants went to the track, for practical experience. At the end of the theoretical training, Martin Van Genderen together with the President of the Russian Motorcycling Federation, the Director of the VDC Orlyonok Alexander Dzheus awarded the participants with certificates of conformity of coaching MX Academy. «We have to raise the athlete discretely – step by step to teach him to be not just a good motocross men, but to be able to control their physical training, eat right, interact with sponsors, to 18

have a good relationships with team and mechanics», commented the President of the Russian Motorcycle Federation Alexander Dzheus. «MX Academy teaches these simple truths. We are also planning to hold a large seminar for mechanics, because now the level of our athletes is quite high, the technique is complex, and in Russia, unfortunately, there are few trained specialists, which also hinders the development of motocross. Motorcycles have difficult settings that depend on the type of track, weather, weight of the rider, features of ride. Motocross is a very complex and synthetic sport, which requires that

Trainer Jan Postema to give him some instructions in a short training while he was riding his Motocross motorcycle. The organizers of the seminar FIM Europe MX Academy were the Motorcycle Federation of Russia, VDC Orlyonok and the Yakhnich Motorsport Team. «Since last Thursday, 36 Federation trainers have been certified with MX-A and B certificate as trainers», Martin van Genderen added. «These trainers, all over Russia, can start working with their certification system, so that at their turn they can certify MX riders on the local tracks of the FIM Europe Mag 2/2018

motorcycle clubs they are connected with. With this we increase the FIM Europe MX GP Academy database of trainers we’ve passed the number of 123 trainers – up to this moment who can work with this system, in over 14 countries. «We also where happy that the President of the Russian Motorcycle Federation Alexander Dzheus visited the seminar and motor training and was willing to hand out the trainer and riders certifications at the spot. Children and trainers were really surprised with this visit and action. Vice President of the Russian Motorsport Federation Nikita Tepper also attended the event and with him and Russian Federation member Evgeny Parshin, we had a few open discussions on how we can improve the cooperation in the future in a constructive way». «The goal was to work from scratch and we like to learn teach riders to ‘enjoy’ training and not to see it as a race», stated MX-Trainer Jan Postema. «What we saw at the beginning of the first training was that young riders want to show us ‘how good’ they already are. We appreciate it of course, but we were here for a basic training to FIM Europe Mag 2/2018

start with and to shift to higher level when things are properly learnt. Riders understood it so they enjoyed the training as. We saw many smiles on their faces, which was the most important thing after teaching new skills». «The MX Academy team organized in close cooperation with the Russian Federation a perfect training for young riders and trainers as preparation to many activities and to the Russian MXGP», stated Martin de Graaff, FIM Europe First Deputy President. «In the long range of Countries and Federations Russia is now added to the list. FIM Europe thanks the Russian Federation for this initiative and for the invitation to this important activity». The Russian round of the Motocross World Championship will be held on April 30th and May 1st on the track of the sports and technical complex VDC "Orlyonok"

(Krasnodar region, Tuapse district). The guests of MXGP of Russia 2018 will have an unforgettable weekend in which they will see 8 exciting races: MXGP and MX2 in the World Championship, as well as EMX250 and EMX300 in the European Championship. Real fans will have the opportunity to visit the paddock and see how the World class machinery is preparing for the competitions, and also to snatch an autograph from the stars of the World and Russian motocross and take a picture with them. And in the entertaining MXGP Village there always will be the chance to have a snack and buy souvenirs.



From left, Eric Eggens (Yamaha MX Racing Manager), Patrick Steinvoorte (Tiffany’s), Stefano Avandero (MXGP Italy Organizer), Dacio Castillo (HE Ambassador Honduras WTO), Dr Wolfgang Srb (FIM Europe President), Philippe Boissonnas (IRP General Secretary), David Luongo (Youthstream Vice-President), Giuseppe Luongo (Youthstream President)

Yo u t h s t r e a m a n d F I M E u r o p e suppor t IRP at Ba l de P rintemps The 20th edition oft he prestigious ‘Bal de Printemps’ event was held on 19th of March at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland where both Youthstream Group and FIM Europe took part. Organized by IRP (International Foundation for Research in Paraplegia), the charity evening is an annual event to collect funds for the research of Paraplegia. Youthstream has partnered with IRP since 2016 and continue to help raise funds for their important work. The mission of IRP is to provide funds for basic and clinical research in the field of paraplegia in 20

FIM Europe Mag 2/2018

On top, Dr Wolfgang Srb, FIM Europe President, with Philippe Boissonnas, IRP General Secretary, and Giuseppe Luongo, Youthstream President. Aside, Dr Wolfgang Srb and Giuseppe Luongo with Marc Ristori, 60 and 80cc Swiss champion and three-times Swiss Champion in Open Motocross

order to contribute to improve the lives of people affected by injuries to the spinal cord. IRP organizes numerous activities and projects throughout the year aimed at: • Raising funds for financing projects in the field of paraplegia; • Identifying the most promising research teams and projects, both in Switzerland and abroad; • Encouraging young scientists to focus their work on research into paraplegia; • Promoting the exchange of information and cooperation between researchers in Switzerland and abroad; • Increasing public awareness of the progress of research and its applications; • Working with other institutions, especially universities, pursuing the same goals; • Providing support for other activities related to paraplegia, which are otherwise neglected. Giuseppe Luongo, President of Youthstream, said, ‘IRP’s work is impressive and already the scientists are making encouraFIM Europe Mag 2/2018

ging steps forward. I invite eve- deserves our full attention and rybody to visit IRP’s web-site permanent support. A lot has al( to see what they ready been achieved; however, do more in detail. Youthstream there is still so much more work is very sensitive to these impor- to be done. Research is going on tant researches which IRP is and one day the dream will doing and we will do our best to come true: to stand up and walk continue to support them. We again». are very proud to be a partner of this active foundation and we are also proud to be partners with Wings for Life and Road 2 Recovery. Dr Wolfgang Srb, President of FIM Europe, stated: «This is a most important initiative which The Yamaha sold for CHF11,000


Above, from left, FIM Europe President Dr Wolfgang Srb and FIM Europe Secretary General Alessandro Sambuco

The FIM Europe President Dr Wolfgang Srb and the Secretary General Alessandro Sambuco, attended on 22nd and 23rd March the EU Sport Forum 2018 held in Sofia on the occasion of the EU Council presidency semester of Bulgaria. As declared by the European Commissioner for the Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Mr. Tibor Navracsics “The EU Sport Forum is an opportunity to promote sport as a means of building a better Europe – but also as an instrument to forge strong relationships with our partners across the globe. I look forward to learning about fresh ideas on how we can take our joint work forward.”


The EU Sport Forum is the main platform for structured dialogue between the European Commissions and sport stakeholders. The Forum’s main objective is to take stock of progress achieved in implementing the EU agenda for sport and to seek stakeholders’ views on current and planned/possible future activities. The message of the Forum “Sport in Europe, investing for future generations” says more than any other doctrine about the need to develop and promote physical activity. At the end of the Forum, FIM Europe President Dr Wolfgang Srb stated:

FIM Europe at the EU Sport Forum 2018 in Sofia

“It is important for us as motorcycle sport to attend this conference and to meet many top representatives from other sports and European countries. All in all, we all share the same values: promote the sport, support athletes, clubs and volunteers and work together with all relevant authorities and partners. Legacy and sustainability are key elements”.

Aside, Dr Wolfgang Srb, FIM Europe President, with Graham Stoker, FIA Deputy President for Sport. Below, with Alessandro Sambuco,FIM Europe Secretary General


Above, the rendering of the Circuit KymiRing. Below, on the occasion of a visit of Finland FIM Europe President Dr Wolfgang Srb congratulates SML President Tapio Nevala

Construction work of Finnish MotoGP circuit KymiRing goes ahead Government to invest 6,5 million Euros The construction work of KymiRing motorsport centre in Finland continues as planned. Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture approved the 3,5 million Euro grant for KymiRing. The amount is based on the supplementary allowance granted by Finnish Parliament in 2017. The term of the allowance was that KymiRing will get private funding for the project that has now been organized and accepted. KymiRing has provided Ministry of Education and Culture the decisions of private financers and the plan of overall funding which enabled the Ministry to accept the grant. Ministry of Education and Culture had already earlier allowed 3 million grant for the project. Therefore, the whole allowance from Finnish government for the project is 6,5 mil-


lion Euros and the share of other investors is 10 million Euros. Minister for European Affairs, Culture and Sport Sampo Terho is pleased that the project is moving on. «KymiRing Motorsport centre is a unique project. It gives boost for the Finnish motorsport and enables that we are able to get great international events like M o t o G P races to Finland», stated Terho.

The president of the board of KymiRing Oy Kari O. Sohlberg is also happy that the government understands the impact of the KymiRing for Finland. «Finland is famous of many suc-


The construction work of the new circuit in Finland

cessful motorsports people but we haven´t had proper circuit that meets the requirements of high class international events. KymiRing area is suitable for many events and races and it will have a great impact not only for the spectators but for the general interest of our disciplines», Sohlberg says. The owners of KymiRing are AKK Sports Oy (owned by Finnish Mo-

torsport Federation), Finnish Motorcycling Federation SML, Real Estate company A. Ahlström Kiinteistöt Oy and Municipality of Iitti. «This is a big moment for Finnish motorsport», stated Tapio Nevala, SML President. «We have have been working very hard for this project for 10 years and now it has become reality. The KymiRing circuit makes it possible to

have MotoGP in Finland». «I am very happy about the news», stated Dr Wolfgang Srb, FIM Europe President. «I know how hard the Finnish Federation has worked to make the dream come true. KymiRing will be the top circuit in Scandinavia, with the opportunity of national and other international competition beside MotoGP».


The group of participants and, aside, the PZM hotel which hosted the event and the speech of Dr Wolfgang Srb

FIM Europe at the General Assembly of MACEC in Lublin The General Assembly of MACEC (Motorcycle Association of Central European Countries) was held in Lublin in the hotel of the Polish Federation PZM (Polski Zwiazek Motorowy). The following member Federations, of seven affiliated, were present: BFMS - Belarus, LMSF - Lithuania, PZM - Poland, FRM - Romania, SMF - Slovakia and FMU Ukraine. ACCR - Czech Republic attended as a guest. 26

MACEC President Andrzej Grodzki opened the meeting and expressed his satisfaction that the General Assembly was held for the third time in Poland. PZM President Michal Sikora welcomed all the participants among them FIM Europe President Dr. Wolfgang Srb, FIM Europe 1st Deputy President Martin de Graaff and FIM Vice President (as well as PZM Honorary President) Andrzej Witkowski.

President Grodzki underlined that MACEC was founded 2003 on the occasion of the UEM Congress in Amsterdam by the Federations of Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine and was happy about the 15th anniversary. MACEC is one of the six successful Regional Associations of FIM Europe (Alpe Adria, Mediterraneenne, Baltic, Balkan, Nordic and Central European). They all organize Regional ChampionFIM Europe Mag 2/2018


ships at affordable costs without traveling too long distances. During the meeting the results of the 2017 MACEC Cup in the disciplines of Speedway - individual and team, Motocross (65cc, 85cc, MX2, MX1) and Trial (Group A, Group B) were evaluated and approved, as well as the calendar and the MACEC Cup Regulations for 2018. FIM Europe President Dr. Wolf gang Srb gave an update on the FIM Europe Mag 2/2018

current development in FIM Europe and invited everybody to the 2018 FIM Europe Congress from 28 to 30 June in Nantes (France). FIM Vice President Andrzej Witkowski informed about the situation in FIM and encouraged to participate in the 2018 FIM General Assembly and Gala from 30 November to 2 December in Andorra la Vella. PZM President Michal Sikora said: «I am really happy that on the

occasion of the 15th anniversary of MACEC we meet so many delegates and friends of this important organization. I trust that the city of Lublin which hosts the MACEC meeting for the second time has met all the expectations». FIM Vice President and PZM Honorary President Andrzej Witkowski said: «When we signed 15 years ago the agreement on creating MACEC we wanted to 27


have an organization of friends and neighbours for whom the motorcycle sport is very important. Today I am proud to say that MACEC has become a better and better association in all these years». FIM Europe 1st Deputy President Martin de Graaff said: «It is good to hear from all Presidents of the MACEC Federations how many events will be organized in their Federations. Also the number of national and interna-

tional licenses is amazing. It was easy to produce the 2018 MACEC sporting calendar in a nice atmosphere». FIM Europe President Dr. Wolfgang Srb concluded: «It was a pleasure to attend the General Assembly of MACEC in Lublin. The Federations carry out an excellent job and work very hard to achieve their goals. Congratulations to all of them, their clubs, organizers, volunteers, riders and teams. I also like

to thank PZM for being an excellent host».


Some moments of MACEC General Assembly



Photos ©Youthstream

MXGP of Turkey Delegates Make Trentino Trip Earlier this evening at the Pietramurata circuit a special event was held by Youthstream and delegates from the Organization of the MXGP of Turkey. Invited were various members of the MXGP community, from international media to teams, sponsors and more.

Youthstream President Giuseppe Luongo: «This is a little preview of the MXGP of Turkey, we already had another preview when they made a presentation in Istanbul, which was outstanding and very unique. I am very satisfied about

how they work, from what we have seen they will clearly be a candidate for the best organizer and all of you will be impressed with what you will see there. The track will be outstanding but the infrastructure, activity around,

The aperitif and meet and greet was held in the MXGP VIP Skybox restaurant where Youthstream President Giuseppe Luongo, Youthstream Vice President David Luongo, FIM Europe President Dr. Wolfgang Srb, TMF Vice President Mahmut Akulke, TMF Vice President Ogun Bay San and Afyonkarahisar Municipality Representative Huseyin Ozturk among 24 Turkish delegates along invited the MXGP paddock and industry figures to join them in Afyon this 1st and 2nd of September for MXGP’s return to Turkey. 30

FIM Europe Mag 2/2018


and the involvement of all the authorities and celebrities it will be something incredible. This is very important for our sport as Turkey is a very big country and their motorcycle market is growing, so as always, it is important to follow the market and go where it is growing. Turkey is one of the best places in the world to be so we will be very proud to be there and everyone in the MXGP world will also be proud». FIM Europe President Dr Wolfgang Srb: «I have been in motocross for quite some years but coming early in January this year to Istanbul and seeing the presentation of the Turkish MXGP in Afyon we were really very surprised at how big the presentation was and you could feel the support of the government. The presentation was the best I have ever seen in all my years in this sport and as I said before it has been quite some years. I hope that all of you will be there, it will be outstanding!» TMF Vice President Mahmut Akulke: «We are very happy to host MXGP once again in 2018 as FIM Europe Mag 2/2018

the Federation of Motorcycle Turkey. This is such a great area and such a great organization, but we are a candidate this year to carry out one of the best organizations in Turkey, Afyon. We have many surprises for both the sportspeople and the spectators this year, we are so happy to see you all here and to be a part of this organization. Hopefully we are expecting all of the MXGP family in Afyon, Turkey this year».



Seminar of Enduro Bajas Tout Terrain Commission A seminar of Enduro Bajas Tout Terrain Commission was held at Bacau, in Romania, last March. The spirit of this seminar was - following one of the core business of FIM Europe - to give attention to the activity and to be present and near the organizers of motorcycling events. The seminar was organized perfectly by the Romanian Motorcycling Federation with the support of the Motoclub X-Cape, organizers of enduro events. The goal of the seminar was to inform about the Bodies that govern the Sports, from IOC to FIM, FIM Europe, Regional Associations and Federations. The core of the meeting was especially to analyse the job, responsibility, and so on for the Clerk of Course, but also for any other official in charge in each event. Also the updated Rules of Enduro, Baja and TT rally were examined, with attention on each 32


work, sector of job. Object of the meeting was also to teach who will be C.o.C. in one competition and in generally people in charge of one FMNr or a Motoclub that must be able to build an international event. 17 persons attended the seminar, mostly interested in enduro, but also some in TT Rally and Baja. «It was a very long day, with many questions and speaking, all in all very interesting», reported the Chairman of FIM Europe Enduro & Rally Chairman Mr. Marco Bolzonello. FIM Europe Mag 2/2018


FIM Europe Dragracing Seminar

A FIM Europe Dragracing seminar was held at Arlanda, in Sweden, last February. The seminar was hosted by the Swedish Motorcycle Federation (SVEMO) and the seminar instructors were Palle Lind and Job Heezen of the FIM Europe Dragracing commission. «Participants came from Nordic Zone such as Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and FIM Europe Mag 2/2018

Lithuania», stated Peder Eneroth, of the FIM Europe Dragracing Commission. «During the presentation of all participants we realized that there was a total of over 300 years of drag race experience in the room. With that amount of experience in the room there were a lot of interesting discussion during the day. «After the seminar we had

new and old stewards of thirteen Clerks of the course and five technical stewards. «Now we can just hope that these clerks and stewards will be able to use their newly acquired knowledge for FIM Europe Championship rounds in the Nordic Zone soon», concludes Peder Eneroth.

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Moto-Friendly Hotels Program by Nils Freivalds, Chairman of FIM Europe Touring Commission

FIM Europe is the leading organization  in  the  field  of  Moto-Tourism covering 48 Nations all over Europe and beyond. I think anyone would agree that the key element of tourism is accommodation and anyone when planning one’s own itinerary would firstly look for available accommodation, especially when it is a motorcycle touring.  Numbers  of  motorcycle  travellers are increasing and motorcycles now have reached a significant share of 10-15% of seasonal travellers, furthermore, the number of registered powered two wheelers in Europe reaches 40 millions. Motorcycle travellers  are  expecting  the  services that differ from those travelling by other means of transport.  FIM  Europe  Touring  Commission 34 34

has been developing the Motorcycle-Friendly Hotel and Camping Program  and  has  put  an  effort  to launch a program that meets Motorcycle Touring needs.  Hotels  and  Campings  should  provide just some but important services  to  motorcyclists,  such  as laundry  or  provide  information and/or assistance to fix a motorcycle,  etc.  We  are  also  delighted  to learn the Hotel/Camping program has  already  been  successful  business in hospitality field, such as a hotel in Riga.  This Program will definitely be a key focus of our Commission to further promote  and  establish  a  FIM  Europe and Hospitality business collaboration.  We  encourage  all  FIM Europe National Federations to re-

focus from their routines to this valuable Program and support us to form a Europe-wide Hotel and Camping network for our soul brothers and  sisters  on  roads.  FIM  Europe Motorcycle  Friendly  Hotels  and Campings are promoted via FIM Europe’s network and they all listed and publicly advertised on our website: fim-europe-recommended-hotels/ We’ve interviewed one of the 155 among FIM Europe Recommended Hotels and Campings in 14 Countries. The four star Superior category Bellevue Park Hotel Riga is proud of its service and individual approach to all guests. Moreover, our hotel is a proud  FIM  Europe  MotorcycleFIM Europe Mag 2/2018 FIM Europe Mag 2/2018

Friendly  Hotel  title  holder  since 2016. The National Federation proposed us a new type of mutual cooperation, providing a new concept - motorcycle touring that we have not thought about before. Our hospitality business also notices that moto-touring becomes more popular  and  there  are  many  motorcyclists  visiting  our  city  of  Riga. Undeniably, the motorcycle travellers have changed our mindset a bit as well after joining this program. We  realized  the  motorcyclists  require additional services to those we  usually  practiced.  They  might need motorcycle (e.g. maintenance and  care  assistance)  services  our staff is now able to provide information about, which is another surFIM Europe Mag 2/2018 FIM Europe Mag 2/2018

plus to our hotel services.  Bellevue Park Hotel Riga every next season  accommodates  increasing numbers of motorcyclists from all Europe and we believe it is since we joined the Motorcycle-Friendly program and are listed among the FIM Europe recommended hotels. We appreciate  being  the  member  of

the Motorcycle-Friendly hotel and do hope we provide quality services to moto travellers can rely on. One of the Bellevue Park Hotel Riga main assets is its convenient location  next  to  picturesque  Victory park  and  within  walking  distance from Riga’s Old Town.  35 35


FIM Europe Environment Commission Meeting in Warsaw The first meeting of the year of the FIM Europe Environment Commission was held last weekend in Warsaw (Poland). On Friday, the Commission made a revue of the activity of the Commission itself during the second part of the 2017 and the two first months of 2018 analysing the visit in site, the situation with the online check list program and the Green Class held during the FIM CIE Seminar in Frankfurt and Rome. Moreover, to continue the change of the Commission objective, from control to proposal and help, the new program called “What’s new in Environment” was deeply analysed. The Commission decided to concentrate in this program all the news in environment with a te36

chnical value and to start with a new project called “Environmental Highlights” dedicated to all the activities related to the environment made by organizers, Federations, and other bodies involved in the Motorsport world. The Commission also planned the day by day activity from today up to next meeting which will be held during the FIM Europe Congress in Nantes. On Saturday, the Commission joined the FIM CIE Seminar to hold a Green Class dedicated to show to the participants the activity made by the Commission and the way in which they have to act when operating as Environmental Stewards in FIM Europe Events. The Green Class was quite important and saw the

attendance of 40 participants coming from 15 different Federations. Silvio Manicardi, FIM Europe Second Deputy President and Chairman of the Non-Sporting Council, stated: «I am particularly pleased that in addition to the enviable work that is being done to ensure respect for the environment in the various competitions of FIM Europe, the Environment Commission also intends to focus on news with a technical value, with the ‘Environmental Highlights’, so as to increase the know-how of FIM Europe on these aspects, which are so important for the survival of our sport».

FIM Europe Mag 2/2018


MXGP of Russia Sta rts with A mazi ng Orly on ok Open ing For the second year in a row the MXGP of Russia was kick started by an impressive Opening Ceremony. The Russian Children’s Center Orlyonok hosted the MXGP of Russia’s media event which invited the top riders of the World and European Motocross Championship along with various media and guests from the MXGP Paddock. Riders joining the event included Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team’s Clement Desalle, Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Max Anstie and Gautier Paulin, Kemea Yamaha Official MX2 Team’s Vsevolod Brylyakov, Jago Geerts, and Ben Watson, FIM Europe Mag 2/2018

Orlyonok summer camp. Starting off the event was a traditional dance performance from the students and immediately after the performers fellow classmates presented the riders with sea shells from the Black Sea. The riders were then gifted bracelets tied in knots for good luck. The eager students then took in their chance to receive autographed posters and take photos with the athletes. To conclude the media event last year’s MXGP of Russia overall winner, Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Upon arrival to the venue the Team’s Clement Desalle, rang athletes were welcomed by a ship bell and then joined the many students between the rest of the riders and the chilages of 11 to 16 years from va- dren for a family photo. rious regions of Russia at the Team HRC’s Calvin Vlaanderen, TM Factory Racing’s Max Nagl and Samuele Bernardini, Wilvo Yamaha Official MXGP’s Shaun Simpson and Jeremy Seewer, BOS GP’s Evgeny Bobryshev, iFLY JK Racing’s Ivo Monticelli and Manuel Iacopi, KTM Silver Action’s Stephen Rubini and Gianluca Facchetti, Team Honda Redmoto Assomotor’s Arminas Jasikonis, Petar Petrov, Alberto Forato, and Mathys Boisrame, Gebben Van Venrooy Kawasaki’s Alessandro Lupino, and many others.



From the media event the riders, children, and media made the short walk to the main square of the Orlyonok campus for one of the greatest opening ceremonies in the MXGP series. First the officials including Youthstream Vice President David Luongo, FIM Europe President, Wolfgang Srb, FIM/CMS Director Tony Skillington, Motorcycle Federation of Russia (MFR) President, Alexander Dzheus, Russian Ministry of Sport Deputy, Anton Antonov, Deputy Minister of Sport of Krasnodar Region, Vadim Permyakov, and Russian motocross superstar BOS GP’s Evgeny Bobryshev were introduced and took their place on stage. Putting together a series of astonishing traditional dances and performances were the children of Orlyonok. And after a traditional Russian gift of bread

and salt was given to both riders and officials the opening speeches took place. Youthstream Vice President David Luongo said: “It’s amazing to see the energy and the passion you have here for us. On behalf of Youthstream I share our happiness to be here and I wish to say a personal thanks to Alexander Dzheus for the passion and effort he has put in the Organization of this event which was noticeable since the very first moment we met 3 years ago. I’m sure we’ll have a great race and I want to express our pride to have this event in the MXGP calendar. We hope to be back here for many more years to come” FIM Europe President Wolfgang Srb stated: “On behalf of the FIM and FIM Europe I share our


honor to be here. I wish to thank all who made this event possible, we can feel the hard work that is invested. But my special thanks today goes to the children of Orlyonok. This Opening Ceremony is outstanding, you let us see something special that we cannot find anywhere else in the world and this is just the beginning of what we can expect in the next days of racing”. FIM/CMS Director Tony

Skillington: “This place and this atmosphere is very unique and special for us. To each and everyone involved in the Organization of the media event and the MXGP of Russia thank you; I wish the best to all the riders standing in front of me for the next days of racing.” To conclude the event aspiring Russian motocross riders rode into the square and joined the current MXGP stars and officials. To-

gether with the riders and officials students of Orlyonok released white pigeons into the Russian sky before taking a family photo. The event set the tone for the epic racing on the picturesque Black Sea circuit which kicks off will MXGP and MX2 Qualifying along with the first races of EMX250 and EMX300 presented by FMF Racing. All photos ©Youthstream 39


FIM Europe MAG 2 2018  

Official magazine of FIM Europe, the Continental Union recognised by FIM (Federation International de Motocyclisme), that represents 47 Nati...

FIM Europe MAG 2 2018  

Official magazine of FIM Europe, the Continental Union recognised by FIM (Federation International de Motocyclisme), that represents 47 Nati...