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26 Years November 20-December 5, 2012 • Volume 26, Number 22

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Prime Minister Harper in Manila

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The Manitoba Filipino Business Council recently held their inaugural Awards Gala at The Gates. Over sold-out awards gala featured 35 nominated Filipino businesses in seven business award categories. The evening marked a historic day in the ever-growing Filipino-Canadian community in Winnipeg. Congratulations to all the award winners, nominees and volunteers that made this evening possible.



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2 Filipino Journal

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987

November 20-december 5, 2012

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november 20-december 5, 2012

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987

Filipino Journal 3

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4 Filipino Journal

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987



November 20-december 5, 2012

Kuya Arnie, Your Kababayan Car Guy

Arnie Calixto Fluent in English & Tagalog


Qualifying Vehicle 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan

Qualifying Vehicle 2012 Dodge Ram 1500

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november 20-december 5, 2012

Filipino Journal

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987

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Filipino Journal


BSP joins appeal for review of gold tax


unresolved, the BSP is proposing to adjust the method of computing the taxes on gold sales as against the call of legislators for the removal of the gold tax Guinigundo added that congress and BIR would have to work out a practical, acceptable, realistic base rather than the gross amount of gold on which to apply the tax rates. The BSP is authorized to buy gold mined within the country

where proceeds are charged a 5-percent creditable withholding tax and a 2-percent excise tax computed based on the gross amount of gold sales Gold from mining sites is sold from one trader to another. The last trader nearest to one of the BSP’s gold-buying sites and the final seller of the gold to the BSP is the one charged by the BIR with the taxes totaling 7 percent. Currently there are BIR offices in all of the five gold-buying sites of the BSP namely, Baguio City, Quezon City, Naga City, Davao City and Zamboanga City. The Mine and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) for its part said

all the government had to do was to give a little encouragement to small-scale miners and tighten up against the illegal mining of

Thank you for making t his t he newest FILIPINO COMMUNIT Y

the precious metal. MGB director Leo Jasareno said BSP had started meeting with small-scale miners to urge them to sell their gold to the government.


! at uyers lame B Sall Hom


N Ph ow a Se se lli 3 ng

angko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Deputy Governor Diwa Guinigundo said there’s merit to the proposal from the Bureau of Intvernal Revenue (BIR) to soften its stance on the gold tax as BSP has joined the clamor for a review of the 7-percent tax on gold sales. Believing that the smuggling of the precious metal out of the country could become even more rampant if the tax issue remained

November 20-december 5, 2012

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987

Terra Commons

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november 20-december 5, 2012

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987

by Dr. Eusebio Koh

The Vatican II after Fifty Years


he year 1962, fifty years ago, was a very memorable year. In April of 1961, the United States with Cuban rebels launched the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba with the intention to rid the North American continent of the presence of communism. The USSR under Nikita Kruschev decided to arm Cuba with nuclear missiles to prevent future invasions. Those missiles could hit Washington D. C. in fifteen minutes if launched. The missiles were discovered by American U2 aircrafts in October, 1962 which led to the thirteenday Cuban Missile Crisis. The United States under President John F. Kennedy was prepared to confront and block Russian ships from reaching Cuba. Fortunately, diplomacy won out and the tension was defused. That was probably the closest we came to nuclear war. But the year 1962 was memorable for a most pleasant event – an event that enriches the world, specifically the world

of the Catholics which today number over a billion. The Second Vatican Council (informally called Vatican II) is one important happening in the Catholic Church. It opened up the Church to the modern world. The council, a bright idea of Blessed Pope John XXIII, convened on 11 October 1962 and closed under Pope Paul VI on 8 December 1965. Pope John passed away in June, 1963 and Pope Paul reopened the council upon his election to the papacy. The popes who succeeded Pope John, namely Pope Paul VI, Pope John Paul I, Pope John Paul II and the present Pope Benedict XVI were participants in the Vatican II. In talks before the Council actually met, Pope John had said that we needed to open the windows and the doors of the Church to take in some fresh air. He was talking about ecumenism, renewal, reform and getting lay involvement in the liturgy and other aspects of the Church. He invited the Protestant and

Trash Talk: MMA’s Future?


n his last fight, Chael Sonnen lost via TKO in round two against UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva. Shortly after that loss, he announced his move up in weight to the light heavyweight division. As of right now, Sonnen is coaching opposite Jon Jones on UFC’s reality TV staple. The Ultimate Fighter. Once the show is done, Sonnen will get a shot at Jones’ light heavyweight championship. So how does a one lose at middleweight, move up a weight class and immediately get a TUF coaching spot and a title match? How does Chael Sonnen bypass the light heavyweight division’s top contenders like Dan Henderson, Lyoto Machida and Shogun Rua? There are a few angles to take on this, such as injuries and timing.

However, the bottom line answer to those questions is... Sonnen’s mouth. Chael Sonnen is known for his legendary trash talking. With a uncanny ability to push the right buttons and get himself in the spotlight. When you breakdown his win/ loss record beside the records of the elite 205lb UFC fighters, clearly, Sonnen shouldn’t be considered the number one contender. Yet, since Jon Jones has all but cleared out his division with wins over Shogun Rua, Lyoto Machida and Rashad Evans and others. Dan Henderson would have been the final nail in the 205lb coffin. But an injury to him and the fight being turned down by others, Sonnen was able to talk himself right into a title shot and a TV show.

Eastern Orthodox Churches to send observers to the Council and they accepted. There were also lay and women observers during the council meetings. Personally, I think it was Pope John who was the fresh air for through the Vatican II he brought the people closer to the Church and to the Lord Jesus Christ. There were numerous documents approved by Council. A Synod of Bishops was established to preserve a close cooperation of the bishops with the Pope. There were decrees on religious freedom, decrees on missionary activity, on the life of persons in religious orders, education for the priests, and the role of the laity. One important document stated that the Jews of today are no more responsible for the death of Christ than Christians. A most accommodating document was on the dogmatic constitution on the Church. While claiming to be the “one, holy, catholic, and apostolic” Church of Christ, the document acknowledged that “many elements of sanctification and of truth are found outside its visible confines.” Perhaps the most notable with immediate effects on individual Catholics was the decree to allow the celebration of the Mass in vernacular languages with greater participation of lay persons in the liturgy and the celebrant facing Is this good for the future of the UFC and MMA? At this point, the UFC has to stay entertaining. All too often, fair weather fans will be turned off by “boring” matches. Ratings for The Ultimate Fighter are at an all time low and the Sonnen vs Jones TUF season could be the spark it needs. Already we are seeing lesser know fighters talking trash against their opponent. Trying to manufacture a rivalry and put their name and match under the spotlight. Although this could hurt MMA’s fight to be widely accepted as a legitimate sport, you only have to look at the NFL and how popular their division rivalry games are. True, heated rivalries are great for the sport. Just look at Ken Shammrock and Tito Ortiz or Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir. Those fighters truly disliked one another and it made for great drama. Personally, I have no patience for manufactured trash talk. A big problem with lesser known fighters doing it, is that they are terrible at it, making their trash talk seem like amateur hour. At least Chael Sonnen is entertaining to the point you want to see him get just desserts inside the cage. He’s like a throwback to heel pro wrestlers. Though, let’s face it, the last thing UFC wants to be compared to, is “fake” professional wrestling.

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Filipino Journal

the congregation. Latin of course was not abolished as the liturgical language of the Roman Rite and is still the basis of translations as in the case of the new Roman Missal. Here and elsewhere, traditionalists can still attend Latin Masses. Vatican II opened the Church to modern times and also reached back to biblical times by stressing the central role of the Sacred Scripture in our devotion. Bible study continues to be part of the activities of priest and parishioners. For senior citizens like me, Vatican II has made changes in what and how the Church has become to us: 1. The Church is no longer some unapproachable Kingdom of God. We are part and parcel of the Church; we are the Church. 2. The Church has become less absolute in its relationship to non-Catholics and even nonChristians allowing that there are religious truths and aspirations outside the Church.


3. The Church is now understandable in its mission with the priest facing us and speaking our vernacular language. 4. The Church has invited us to be involved in the liturgy and the Eucharist. It has given value to us as thinking participants and listened to our opinions considering the increase of educated Catholics with advanced degrees in the arts (including theology) and sciences. 5. The Church has become a church of love, not of fear and coercion. It has given us freedom to act according to our clear conscience. To mark the fiftieth anniversary of Vatican II, Pope Benedict XVI had declared the period from October 2012 to the end of November 2013 a "Year of Faith" and told parishes and religious institutions to find ways to celebrate and reaffirm the Creed. Either the Apostles’ Creed or the Nicene Creed is a statement of the Christian belief.

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Filipino Journal

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987

by aLfie vera mella

Meeting the New Wave Band New Order in Toronto October 23, 2012 Morning Inna and I got up early to ensure that we had packed everything we needed for our three-day trip to Toronto, Ontario. The roughly two-hour plane trip was smooth; we were among only about 20 passengers. We arrived at Toronto Pearson International Airport at around 8:30 a.m. We had breakfast at Tim Horton’s. From the airport, we rode Bus #129, which took us to the subway’s Kipling Station, a roughly 45-minute trip— fare was $3.25 per person. At Kipling, we boarded the subway

train—$3-token—and alighted at Bloor-Yonge junction—about 30 minutes’ trip. The area of the streets Bloor and Yonge may be regarded as the heart of Downtown Toronto; Eaton Centre is there and countless other business and commercial establishments— boutiques, specialty shops, restaurants, hotels, and offices. If one is planning a trip to Toronto or any relatively nearby cities such as Mississauga, Markham, or Scarborough, Downtown Toronto is a must-see—a very animated and pleasantly bustling community.

Lunch Time When we got out of the subway station and began to walk the streets of downtown, it was almost midday. Our first stop was the record store Sunrise Records (784 Yonge St.), where I bought some vinyl records. Then we had lunch at Hue's Kitchen (774 Yonge St.), an Asian restaurant serving Indian, Thai, and Vietnamese dishes. I had lamb curry and Jasmine rice; Inna had deluxe wanton noodle soup. After lunch, guided by the tips of some friends about "artist stalking," Inna and I proceeded to the New Order concert’s venue, Sony Centre for the Performing Arts (1 Front St. East), via subway train. There would be two shows—in the evening of that day and of the next day. And although we were watching the second show, we thought of going to the venue on the first day because there was a big possibility that New Order would arrive early for the customary sound check. We arrived at the venue’s back door at around 2 p.m., where we waited patiently. It was drizzling and a bit cold but tolerable. About 3:30 p.m., the two vans parked by the back door in front of us left. We got excited; obviously the drivers were already picking up the members of the band from the hotel they were billeted. Around 4, one of the vans came back and parked

November 20-december 5, 2012

again in front of us—drummer Stephen Morris, keyboardist Gillian Gilbert, guitarist Phil Cunningham, and bassist Tom Chapman got out of the door! While the other four fans who were also there waiting immediately milled around Morris and Gilbert, having their vinyl records autographed by the couple, Inna and I approached the ignored Chapman and Cunningham. We got pictures with them and had a little chat. We then approached Gilbert and Morris for our turn for pictures with them. After about 30 minutes, the other van arrived—with vocalist/ guitarist Bernard Sumner in it. He seemed in a hurry, so I approached him right away and asked to sign my CDs and Inna and I had our pictures with him. We left Sony Centre very happy and contented—our mission in our trip to Toronto was half-accomplished! We’re ready for the actual concert the next day. I don’t attribute our chance to have met the members of New Order, one of my favorite New Wave bands, to luck. We got to meet them because of resourcefulness, patience, good interpersonal skills, confidence, strategy, and of course, tips from friends who are fellow music enthusiasts.

Final Note Joy Division was a Postpunk band formed in 1977 in Manchester, England, by Bernard Sumner (guitarist), Peter Hook (bassist), Stephen Morris (drummer), and Ian Curtis (vocalist). They released two albums—Unknown Pleasures (1979) and Closer (1980) and produced several singles that included “She’s Lost Control,” “Atmosphere,” and the fanfavorite “Love Will Tears Us Apart.” When Curtis committed suicide in 1980, the three pursued the band but changed their name to New Order, recruited Morris’s girlfriend Gillian Gilbert to become the band’s keyboardist, and adopted a more Pop-oriented New Wave sound. Hook quit the band. New members Phil Cunningham and Tom Chapman were added. In their 32 years of onand-off existence, they released eight studio albums—Movement (1981), Power, Corruption & Lies (1983), Low-Life (1985), Brotherhood (1986), Technique (1989), Republic (1993), Get Ready (2001), and Waiting for the Sirens' Call (2005)—and countless successful singles that included "Dreams Never End," “Age of Consent,” “Leave Me Alone,” “Love Vigilantes,” “The Perfect Kiss,” "Bizarre Love Triangle," “True Faith,” “Blue Monday,” “Regret,” “Crystal,” and “Krafty.”


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november 20-december 5, 2012

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced new initiatives to promote economic growth in the Philippines MANILA, Philippines – Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced support for an initiative that will promote economic growth and employment in the Philippines . The announcement was made during the Prime Minister’s visit to the country earlier this month.

“The Philippines is making real progress towards achieving sustainable economic growth and our Government remains committed to helping them reach this goal,” said Prime Minister Harper. “The initiative being announced today will help facilitate private investment in

Prime Minister Stephen Harper inspects the honour guard with Benigno Simeon Aquino III, President of the Philippines, at the Malacañang Palace.

the country’s infrastructure and promote economic opportunities for young people in the Philippines – especially in the tourism sector.” The Fostering Inclusive Growth initiative will be managed by the Asian Development Bank and will help national and local government agencies in the Philippines improve tourism and labour regulations. It will also promote public-private

Filipino Journal

partnerships in infrastructure development, and assist youth in gaining employable skills that meet industry requirements. The Fostering Inclusive Growth initiative complements previous Canadian initiatives in the Philippines , such as the Canadian International Development Agency’s Local Governance Support Program for Local Economic Development,


The letter dated Nov. 9 containing the demand for an apology was circulated over the weekend via several networking sites It was reportedly authenticated by RFK Center Senior Communications Strategist Meaghan Baron with GMA News on Monday. Sotto refuses to react on the charge and has defended the speech by saying he didn’t copy from Kennedy’s speech, adding that the late US Senator doesn’t even know how to speak

Photos by Jason Ransom (PMO)

in Tagalog. He also said that the statement could have been invented by internet professional manipulators who are out to discredit him. However Kennedy finds his rationale lacking saying the Sotto’s argument has no ethical merit and speaks of a clear case of plagiarism. Sotto ultimately found an ally on Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile who pointed out that Sotto is covered by parliamentary immunity.


Aquino congratulates Obama


resident Benigno S. Aquino III sent a letter which was transmitted to the White House congratulating President Barack Obama’s victory over his rival Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. In a statement, presidential spokesman Edwin Laciera said Aquino wrote that the American people has given Obama a new mandate because they have trusted him to continue harnessing the voices and ideas of the American people. Aquino also said that the Philippines looks forward to deepening the cooperation between the two countries under the second four-year term of Obama. Vice President, Jejomar C. Binay also expressed confidence

that the warm and productive relations between the Philippines and the United States will continue with the reelection of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) likewise joined the

which addresses the tourism sector, as well as the Improving Business Climate project, which is improving business registration at the national and local levels. Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced support of $15.5 million over four years, starting in 2013 and ending in 2016, for a project that will promote economic growth and employment in the Philippines.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, his wife Laureen and Senator Tobias Enverga climb aboard a Jeepney, an iconic Filipino bus.

RFK’s daughter hurls plagiarism charge against Sen. Tito Sotto

he latest plagiarism charge against Senator Tito Sotto was hurled by no less than the daughter of the late US Senator Robert F. Kennedy (RFK). Referring to Sotto’s Sept. 5 speech that apparently contains lines similar to that given by her father in South Africa in 1966, Kerry Kennedy, founder and president of the New York-based RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights, urges Sotto to apologize for his unethical, unsanctioned theft of Robert Kennedy’s intellectual property.


world in welcoming the victory of President Obama. Ghazali Jaafar, the MILF’s vice chairman for Political Affairs, hopes that Obama’s second term would also mean more support for the search for peace and economic development in Mindanao.

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Éditique docket 4652 Manitoba Indochina News The Journal Philipine Times Ang Peryodiko O Mundial 4 X 5”

10 Filipino Journal

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987

by aLfie vera mella

Sabog Ka Na Naman Ba—o Sabog Ka Lang Mag-isip? (On Growing Old and Dying Gracefully)


sa ka ba sa mga taong makikitid ang pag-iisip upang ipilit na ang lahat ng mahilig sa Rock music at lalo na ang mga miyembro ng isang Rock band ay merong bisyo? Naniniwala ka ba na bago maging ganap na musikero ang isang tao e dapat e matuto muna siyang uminom,magyosi, at mag-droga? I'm turning 42 this January 2013. I may still feel very youthful as ever but I admit that I could

already feel the literal pains of adult age. I no longer jump the stairs nor run very fast like a child just for the heck of it, because I knew that one crazy twist or fall may result in a broken bone or at the least a sprain that will never heal easily just like when I was still a child. But I'm conscious that one reason I have reached this age still with a considerable functional body and mind is because, ever

since, I never smoked, drank, nor dabbled with drugs—despite the fact that I was an active character in the Philippine Alternative Rock music scene. I never believed that Rock music should be accompanied with the so-called drugs and vices. And I know damn well that this has helped my body age gracefully. The only true prerequisites in becoming a Rockstar are creativity, musical skills, and the passion for music—that's all—not drugs nor smoking nor drinking nor assuming that macho and careless character. In the annals of Rock music, often elevated to iconic status were the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Keith Moon, Brian Jones, Sid Vicious, and whole lot more who didn't even reach their prime age. Sorry but I don't regard these Rockstars as my idols. While I love the music that their bands created, I never admired

November 20-december 5, 2012

their lifestyles. Besides, there are much more admirable music icons whose tickets to proficiency and prolificity are their pure creativity and talents and not an irresponsible lifestyle—artists who become old to be able to realize their fruits of passion and labor. Not to disrespect the memory of these artists, but may their lifestyles and early deaths serve as lessons to fellow artists and musicians, especially those who are younger than I am. There is so much more that lies ahead of our future. Let's just think of our children or your future children and families. We should live for them and we will inevitably be their first role models. To die at a very young age because of illnesses and diseases secondary to the use and abuse of drugs and other vices is a sad way to meet one's death. But I don't consider this tragic.

Why? Simply because this is preventable. While you're still young or your body is still able to recover, may you stop dabbling in vices that do nothing but overwork and wear your body organs. Yes, all humans die anyway, but everyone can choose to grow old and die gracefully. I know that many of my fellow artists and musicians will raise their brows for this post of mine, but the heck! I'm just bursting the delusional bubbles of those who think that they are invulnerable and their bodies powerful to withstand the ill effects of drugs and all the other vices. Sa Madaling Salita Ang tangi mong kailangan upang maging isang ganap na musikero o artista sa anumang larangan ay pagkamalikhain, imahinasyón, kakayanan, hilig, at tiyaga na matutunan pang maige ang pasikut-sikot ng napiling sining—hindi ang pagkalulong sa masasamang bisyo na pulos katarantaduhan lamang na ang karaniwang resulta lamang ay sakit at maagang pagkamatay o pagkasira ng ulo. Or, in Simple Words The requirements in becoming a musician or artist are creativity, imagination, skills, passion, and willingness to learn more the aspects of the art one has chosen—not engaging in all these body-deteriorating and minddestroying vices whose likely results are illnesses or early death.

Pinoy filmmaker is best director in US film festival


nother Filipino is fast making a name in the international field of filmmaking. Will Fredo was named Best Director in the ongoing International Film Festival Manhattan (IFFM) in New York City which runs until Nov. 15 at the Quad Cinemas, 34 West 13th Street, New York. Will Fredo earned his feat for the movie “The Caregiver,” which tells the story of an injured “sepaktakraw” player and his male caregiver. The two eventually developed an unlikely attraction that had the caregiver thread an unexpected discovery of his real self. Fredo, who is known for disturbing and provocative films, is the only Filipino winner of the Merit and Juried awards handed during the award night which coincided with the opening ceremonies on Nov. 8. Other winners were Stefan Immler for “Oxygen for Ears” (Best US Documentary), Tetsu Shiratori (Japan) for “Inori” (Best Global Documentary), Daren Press for “Theresa is a Mother” (Best US Narrative) and Nikolay Iliev (Bulgaria) for “The Foreigner” (Best Global Narrative).

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november 20-december 5, 2012

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987

Filipino Journal


Atlantic Medical Centre 1054 McPhillips Street Winnipeg, MB, R2X 2K9 Phone : (204) 505-1580 | Fax: (204) 505-1584

Walk-in Clinic Sport Injury Clinic Family Physician Clinic Laboratory

Pharmacy X-ray & ECG Physiotherapy

We would like to welcome our new family physician, DR. ANNEPA ANTON. She will be accepting new patients starting on November 26, 2012

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12 Filipino Journal

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987

November 20-december 5, 2012

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november 20-december 5, 2012

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987

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Filipino Journal 13

14 Filipino Journal

November 20-december 5, 2012

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987





The pulse of the Filipino Community in Winnipeg!

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november 20-december 5, 2012

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987

Filipino Journal 15


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2013 Hyundai Elantra GT SE


’ve been impressed with the recent design and style changes across all Hyundai cars over the years. My perceptions have changed considerably since riding in my friend’s Hyundai Sonata back in my university days in the mid-1990’s. Hyundai cars have changed considerably since then and I like what see. Last month, I was able to give the 2013 Elantra GT SE a

November 20-december 5, 2012

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987

quick spin over a weekend to see why it was selected as the AJAC Best New Small Car (over $21k). AJAC is the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada and to have received that designation already says quite a bit for the small 5-door hatchback. All Elantra GT models comes with a 1.8-litre, four-cylinder engine providing 148 horsepower and 131 ft.-lb. of torque and

offered as a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission. Over a weekend of what I would describe as normal driving habits, I was able to get about 9.9L/100kms. The published EnerGuide fuel efficiency report is listed at 7.3L/100kms (city) and 5.0L/100kms (highway). The Elantra GT SE also features Hyundai’s new Driver Selectable Steering Mode (DSSM). The system features three distinct modes: Comfort, Normal and Sport. In Sport mode, you can feel the heavier steering wheel through turns and bends along the road. In Comfort mode, the steering wheel feels loose and nimble and suited for long drives along most of Manitoba’s flat and straight highways. Different

driving conditions would easily warrant using the different driving modes. Hyundai is packing in all the features with the GT SE Tech Auto package. Noteable features include cooled glove box, 8-way power driver’s seat, 17” aluminum alloy wheels, front fog lights, mirror mounted turn signals and a secret rear view camera. The secret rear view camera flips open from the Hyundai emblem on the back of the vehicle when the car is in reverse gear. It’s a great little feature and keeps the rear view camera clean and there’s no need to jump out of your car to clean the camera lens. The Elantra GT is available in three trim levels: the base model GL ($19,149), GLS ($21,349) and

the SE ($24,349) and comes with two transmission options: 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic with Shiftronic control. Sadly, there were no paddle shifters on the GT SE road tester model which came with the Tech package and listed at $26,349 in Volcanic Red. The Elantra GT is in against some stiff competition in a very crowded compact car marketplace. Other vehicles in the segment include Subaru Impreza, Honda Civic, Toyota Matrix, Kia Forte, Mazda 3, Ford Focus, VW Bug and Chevrolet Sonic. The 2013 Elantra GT SE with the tech package was provided by Birchwood Hyundai on McPhillips.

Happy 1st Birthday!

Birchwood Hyundai celebrated their first birthday back in September with a customer appreciation BBQ along with a huge cake to commemorate the weekend.

Photos by Ron Cantiveros | Filipino Journal













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26 Years Inaugural MFBC Awards Gala celebrates Filipino entrepreneurial spirit and excellence


he Manitoba Filipino Business Council celebrated thirty-five businesses nominated in seven different business categories at a gala awards dinner at the Gates on Roblin. In it's inaugural year, the Awards Gala was a sold out event

and was the hottest event ticket in Winnipeg with an audience of over 250 community leaders, business professionals and entrepreneurs. There was a tremendous amount of work involved to bring this high calibre event together in such as short period of time.

The gala awards evening provided local Filipino businesses the opportunity to share thier unique stories and honour those businesses doing exceptional work in our community. The Awards Gala gives entrepreneurs and smaller Filipino businesses something to aspire to.

By all accounts, this year's MFBC Awards Gala was a resounding success. When 250 seats are sold out and 35 businesses are nominated, the MFBC can only expect those numbers to grow. A bigger venue and more companies striving for growth and excellence.

It's an exciting time to be Filipino, especially in Manitoba. It's an exciting time to be part of the membership that makes up the MFBC dynamic. Members feed upon each other's successes, make new business connections and grow current business relationships.

MFBC Exceptional Small Business Award:

Filipino Journal - Rod Escobar Cantiveros, Publisher/VP Marketing & Ron Cantiveros, Publisher/Photographer. I am dedicating this award to my late mother, Mrs. Rosalinda Natividad-Cantiveros for starting the Filipino Journal over 27 years ago. Her passion for our community is why you are reading this newspaper. She believed in the unique stories that our community continues to share in each and every issue. My parents started the Filipino Journal to give our people in our community a voice. They wanted to make a difference in our community, not win awards. We thank our advertisers for their business and support. To our team of writers, photographers, and volunteers, this award would not have been possible without your contribution. To our readers, keep reading, keep sharing and keep patronizing the businesses that support the Filipino Journal. –Ron Cantiveros

Award presented by Mr. David Palubeski, President/VCEO - Lombard North Group.

Photos by Rob Bueneventura

Photos by Rob Bueneventura

26 Years MFBC Exceptional Medium Business Award:

Bueno Bros. Supermarket - Mrs. Carmen L. Bueno together with her son, Patrick Bueno and her daughter Eliza Bueno Three decades ago my father, Ely Bueno had a vision. He took his family by hand and laid down a foundation to build what we are so proud of today. On behalf of the business, we extend our most gracious thank you. Our friends, our family, our employees, and of course our customers, are what have made the Bueno family complete. We couldn’t have done it without you! We look forward to sharing the next 30 years! Happy holidays, salamat po! On behalf of my mother, Carmen and my brother, Patrick and myself. We thank you again. - Eliza Bueno

Award presented by Mr. Felix Pao, President/CEO, Sunnyday & FCP Smart Builder.

Photos by Rob Bueneventura

26 Years MFBC Exceptional Large Business Award:

Tim Hortons’s (Singh Enterprises Inc.) - Mr. Roy Kamta Singh

Thank you to the MFBC for this award and for an excellent evening. Congratulations to the other winners and nominees. I wish the MFBC and its members continued success. Award presented by Ms. Paulina Leung, Business Development Manager - Emterra Environmental.

Photos by Rob Bueneventura

26 Years MFBC Young Entrepreneur of the Year: Ms. Golda T. Ferrer - Lindenwood Stylists Salon

For where your heart is, there your treasure is also. I accept the award for MFBC’s 2012 Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award humbly and with humility. To be recognized as an ‘’Entrepreneur” in a room of other amazing entrepreneurs still seems like a stretch; all I did was open up a hair salon! Thank you to everyone involved with this award, especially to my parents for constantly reminding me to believe in myself.

Award presented by Mr. Larry Vickar, President & CEO – Vickar Automotive Group

Photos by Rob Bueneventura

26 Years MFBC Business Executive of the Year (Female): Mrs. Marites (Tes) Aeillo - RBC

This recognition is truly an honour which I credit to the amazing support of my RBC and MFBC colleagues. Both organizations hold similar values which are important to me – community, respect, trust and integrity – which make it easy for me to strive for and achieve excellence in business. Thank you!

(Presenter: Ms. Holly Toupin, Regional Vice President - RBC)

Photos by Rob Bueneventura

26 Years MFBC Business Executive of the Year (Male):

Mr. Jose Randy Viray - Randy Viray Financial Services Inc.

I would like to thank my family for their continued support helping me succeed in my business,to MFBC for helping businesses to succeed in their field and giving me an award that I think a lot of business in our community deserves as well. Congratulations MFBC for a job well done.

Award presented by Ms. Holly Toupin, Regional Vice President - RBC

Photos by Rob Bueneventura

26 Years Award of Merit: Exceptional Small Business

PROVICI Cosmetics - Ms. Tia Provici Polvorosa Because of YOUR love, loyalty & growing support, my team & I had the surprising honor to be given “The Award Of Merit for Outstanding Small Business of The Year”. WOW! MARAMING SALAMAT EVERYBODY! From my heart, Mama, Pops, John, Dan, Lenore, Landen, Liam, & Lexi. You ALL define unconditional love - THANK YOU! This is OUR achievement!

Award presented by Dr. Asim Ashique, President & Co-Founder - Canadian Islamic Chamber of Commerce.

Photos by Rob Bueneventura

26 Years Award of Merit: Exceptional Medium Business

Mosaic Funeral Cremation & Cemetery Services - Darin Hoffman and Zeny Urbano Thank you to the MFBC, President Jon & Cynthia Reyes and the support received in the Filipino community as we serve your families at the time of need. Here we are awarded the Merit for Medium Size Business, congratulations to all the winners and nominees.

Award presented by Ms. Marina James, President & CEO - Economic Development Winnipeg

Photos by Rob Bueneventura

26 Years Award of Merit:

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Melissa Cadelina & Rebecca Couto- Everyline Design - Noel Cadelina, the father, accepted the award.

We are honoured accept MFBC’s Award of Merit as Young Entrepreneur of the Year. This would not have been possible without the help, support, prayers, and encouragement of our family, friends, and church mates. All glory belongs to the Lord for blessing us with wisdom, strength, and favour.

(Presenter, Mr. Scott Fielding, City Councilor - St. James Brookland Ward)

Photos by Rob Bueneventura

26 Years MFBC Filipino Community Service Award:

Vickar Automotive Group - Larry and Tova Vickar with the Vickar Automotive Group team members It was my honor and pleasure to accept this award. For over forty years my wife and partner in business and in life, Tova have been friends with and in the automotive business serving the Manitoba Filipino community. We consider it our duty to give back to those who honor us. It is our intent with our Vickar Automotive team to continue to serve in this way into the future. Thank you again to the MFBC for hosting this prestigious award evening.

Award was presented by. Jemy Delas Alas, Branch Manager – TD Bank Group.

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987

President’s Message

2012 Awards Gala Nominees

As the President and founder of the Manitoba Filipino Business Council Inc. (MFBC), I along with MFBC members and guests who attended the first ever MFBC Awards Gala at the Gates on Roblin, could not be any happier with a sold out event; recognizing the achievements of our businesses within our community. All the businesses were very well deserving of their nominations and should be proud of their accomplishments and contributions to the business community. The MFBC has found our signature event and we look forward to next year’s Awards Gala. On behalf of the MFBC Board, MFBC Awards Gala Committee and our members, I would like to thank our sponsors, friends from the community and distinguished guests for coming and supporting our first ever MFBC Awards Gala. It was truly a memorable night and history in the making! Prosper! Progress! Pinoy!

Exceptional Small Business: Amazing Cruises and Safaris (John and Natalia Van Houdt), Crown Specialty Products (Paul de Castro), Filipino Journal (Rod and Ron Cantiveros), Ginno's Automotive (GinnoBains), JOCRI Windows and Doors Manufacturing (David Laudato), Melo's Balloon (Adrian and Miriam Beuna), SikaranArnis School of Martial Arts (Dante Solomon Alambra), Sugar Blooms and Cakes (Genevieve Melegrito), UPS Store Kenaston Common (Cynthia and Jon Reyes)

Jon Reyes President of the MFBC Inc. Owner - The UPS Store Kenaston Common Member of the Manitoba Football Officials Association

Exceptional Medium Business: Bueno Bros. Supermarket (Carmen Bueno), Coast to Coast Mortgage Group (Paul Singh and LitoLorenzana), Gelyn's

Chairman’s Message

Filipino Journal 27

Wedding Lounge (Linda Ramos), Young Entrepreneur Sarte Heating and Cooling Ltd. of the Year: Golda T. Ferrer (Lindenwoods (Sammy James Sarte) Stylists Salon), Melissa Cadelina& Rebecca Couto Exceptional Large Business: Designs), Bien Blue Jay Building and Cleaning (Everyline Services Inc. (RamilRamilo and Marasigan and Max Marisigan Ronald Grecia), Tim Horton’s (Inkster Heating and Cooling), (Singh Enterprises Inc.), Vickar Sarah Mariano and Marlette Automotive Group: (Larry and Mariano (Paperdoll Clothing) TovaVickar) Filipino Community Business Executive of the Year Service Award: Cynthia and Jon Reyes (The (of Filipino Heritage) Carmen Bueno (Bueno Bros UPS Store Kenaston Common), Solomon Alambra Supermarket), Marites (Tes) Dante Aiello (RBC), Randy Viray (SikaranArnis School of Martial (Randy Viray Financial Services), Arts), Jerry Medina (Valour Road Reynaldo Lozano (Aldo Formal Convenience Store), Larry Vickar Wear), Tess Newton (Tess (Vickar Automotive Group), Newton Financial Services Inc.) Linda Ramos (Gelyn's Wedding Lounge), Pier Chiapetta (Jim Gauthier Chevrolet Ltd.), Ronald Cantiveros (Filipino Journal)

Congratulations to all the nominees for your business success to date and special congratulations to all of the award recipients who have been honoured. You will stand as trailblazers, role models, and serve as entrepreneurial inspiration for tomorrow’s business leaders! Like everyone else in the room, I got choked up on Ron Cantiveros’ tribute to his mom as he accepted the award for the Filipino Journal. That was such a great and memorable event that will be forever remembered. In fact, the Filipino community in Manitoba has reached a point of maturity where the MFBC annual awards gala resoundingly celebrate the successes and achievements of Filipino businesses for years to come. Planning this evening would not have been possible without a committed, focused and dedicated team of outstanding volunteers and entrepreneurs. I want to extend a personal thanks to MFBC President, Jon Reyes, Golda Ferrer, Tia Provici, Tess Aiello, Steven Minken, Kristine Daaca, Sammy Sarte, Ginno Bains, Cynthia Reyes, JR Albin and of course my lovely wife Minas Pagtakhan who pulled out all the stops to make this gala possible. A special thank you to our Gala emcee’s Mrs. Bettina Pogson and Mr. Maui Zamora. Mabuhay! Mike Pagtakhan MFBC Awards Gala Chair City of Winnipeg Councillor – Point Douglas

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Photos by Rob Bueneventura


Filipino Journal

Photos by Rob Bueneventura

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987

November 20-december 5, 2012

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november 20-december 5, 2012

Filipino Journal

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987








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Filipino Journal

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987

November 20-december 5, 2012

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november 20-december 5, 2012

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987

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Filipino Journal

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987

November 20-december 5, 2012

Lara, Marco now proud parents of a baby boy


recious Lara Quigaman gave birth to a seven-pound baby boy in the early morning of Nov. 10 via caesarean section at the Asian Hospital and Medical Center in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. A photo on Instagram posted by the beauty queen-actress after giving birth showed her husband actor Marco Alcaraz cradling their first born Noah Lamar. Another photo which she called their first

family picture, showed her with Marco and Noah. Meanwhile, Marco couldn’t contain his excitement and gratitude over being a father. He added that the arrival of Noah is an early Christmas gift and a blessing to him and Lara. The couple plans to have Baby Noah baptized this year before Lara’s mother returns to Canada.

US-based Pinay fashion designer turns dreams to reality


ne of the biggest, self-made immigrant millionaires in the US is a Filipino. Fashion designer Josie Natori who manages the familyowned Natori Company, recently gained recognition from finance publication Kiplinger as an immigrant who excelled in the field of fashion designing. Natori’s company earned a spot on the Kiplinger list when, in 2011 it earned $150 million in retail sales after teaming up with mass retailer Target for a budgetfriendly line of lingerie and loungewear. Born Josefina Almeda Cruz, Natori is the daughter of construction tycoon Felipe Cruz. In 1964 she moved to the US to

Google co-founder and director of special projects, Russian Sergey Brin; and Salvadorans Carlos Castro, president and study economics. After working CEO of Todos Supermarket and in the corporate world for a while, Jose Wilfredo Flores, owner and she and husband, Ken, decided founder of W Concrete. to put up their own business. She eventually landed into high-end lingerie design business. .The Natori Company now employs nearly over 400 employees. The 64-year old entrepreneur said her company is unique in the design world because of its East-meets-West aesthetic brought about by her background and heritage. The Kiplinger’s list also includes Jamaican Lowell Hawthorne, founder and CEO of Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery and Grill; Austrian Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger; Indian Shama Kabani, founder and CEO of the Marketing Zen Group;

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november 20-december 5, 2012

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987

OFSAM celebrates 35th anniversary


he officers and members of the Original Filipino Senior Association of Manitoba (OFSAM) were all prepared and excited to celebrate its 35h foundation. Florencio Tony Antonio, OFSAM president, writes in his message:"Thirty five

years ago, our founders ensured that we have a strong foundation to build on. Previous boards through the years have made significant contributions in building our association. We have reached our 35th year intact and solid. We look forward to our 40th year in

2017 with confidence and with the blessings of Our Lord." And Prime Minister Stephen Harper addresses the seniors in his message: "This special celebration provides you with an opportunity to reflect upon the many and varied contributions made by the Filipino Canadians over the course of their history in Canada. Since its inception, your organization has worked to meet the needs of

Filipino Journal

its members while promoting a greater understanding of the unique character and traditions of your community." The program during the celebration focused on the well being of the senior citizens. Some dance exhibitions were held and followed by public dance. The executive officers for 2012-2014 include Florencio "Tony" Antonio, president; Andres "Jing" Asperin, vice-prez; Estelita "Letty" Antonio, secretary; Juanita

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Limon, asst. secretary; Lorenza Fernandez, treasurer; Marcelina Cuaresma, asst. treasurer; Estrella Gabriel, auditor; Felixberta "Auring" Cleofas, pro; Benigno Flores and Red Alfonso, peace officers; Arlene Simon, adviser; board of directors are Emilio Briol, Emma Ibanez, Norma Intac, Angelita Maduro, Mila Briol, Emilia Pagaduan, Rosie Ringrose, Flordeliza Rembon, and Vicky de Jesus.


Filipino Journal

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987

November 20-december 5, 2012

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november 20-december 5, 2012

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987

by Bob Gabuna

Arctic, the region beyond the last frontier of the world


UNAVUT - A significant number of our kababayan are adventurous enough and dared to thread where others are stymied to try. I am presently residing in the land that others just talk about---in the land that is known to some as the place of the Polar Bears, the Arctic Char, Walrus, Seals, Caribou, Ravens, and Igloo living, which material is made of snow. The vast land claimed by the Queen of the British Empire as Crown Lands, is rich in mineral resources and "rare earth metals" critically need to make cellphones and other electronic devices operational. There are no trees, neither green grass that grow. But boulders of rocks and sea pebbles abound. Nonetheless, one can make a bed out from the hard surface since the rock is covered with mosses that soften its stiffness. The oldest rock in the world is found in this place. There is no garden soil to plant vegetable, or fruit garden. But blue and black berries sprouts all over the place where one could recline and pick the berries singly,

or scoop it with fingers and eat it without fear of contamination. To others the place maybe bland; but, in Spring, wild flowers abound in rainbow colours that leaves the beholder speechless to describe how wonderfully the land was made. One can feast with their eyes the rainbow of colours from Lavender, to Rose, to Yellow, and Lily White Daisies that makes a curious soul wonder how could these delicate flowers grow on hard rocks? Gold, Diamond, Silver--name the minerals found in our body, it is found too in the Arctic. Even fossil oil is found under the seabed of the Circumpolar Region that is bounded by Russia, Denmark, and, yes, the Territory of Nunavut. Seventy-five percent (75%) of the world's source of fresh water is in this place. Century old Glacier Mountains--solid pure fresh water---float over the salty sea at the Arctic Ocean. The land is twice bigger than Australia, or as big as the geographical size of Western Europe. It has three time zones if you travel from point to point----

East to West. But, the number of people inhabiting the land is far less than the number of Filipinos doing window shopping at the Mall of Asia during the weekend. Imagine the land is several times bigger than the birth land, yet, its population is only about 35,000? The Capital City, where I am appointed by City Hall as member of the newly created Public Safety Committee to help draft the Community Safety Plan, have no buses that ply around, except school buses. But in the homes of the Inuit’s, all sorts of vehicles are parked in their yards: four wheel drive trucks, Snowmobiles, ATV (All Terrain Vehicle), speed boats mounted in car trailers and many more. From the jaundiced eyes of people who grew up in busy metropolis down South, the land looks barren. But, if one spends time to climb up the perch of the mountains and view the vastness of the Northwest Passage, one could not help it, but kneel in humility before the presence of the unseen GOD to ponder how wonderfully He made the land, but forsaken by many. When I wake up in the morning, I could see the rising of the sun from the Tundra that by the sheer glorious beauty of the morning mist I am constrained to utter silent prayers, but exultant how grateful I am the Author of Life granted me another new lease of life. Somehow, when dusk comes and in the pitch darkness of the night sets in, before creeping

Filipino Journal 35

on my bed, I look towards the wide pane window longingly looking toward the East and murmur a prayer with moist eyes, "Tomorrow, the Philippines". Home is where our heart is. (Editor’s Note: Bob Gabuna resumes his column writing commencing this issue. Bob, is an active contributor since 1988, but was interrupted momentarily when he resettled back in the Philippines to fully recover from Leukemia. He was diagnosed to die in six months; providentially, however, he survived. While in the Philippines, Bob pursued the commercial cultivation of cassava for various industrial uses, i.e., feeds for livestock, food for human consumption, and fuel for the transportation industry. His five year stint in the old homeland resulted in the creation of GMA Cassava Program under the Department of Agriculture to oversee the propagation of the sunshine industry, formation of the Philippine Tapioca Board to act as the single voice for cassava stakeholders, and the erection of a PhP250 Million Pesos distillery plant to process cassava chips into ethanol. In July 2010, Bob, returned to Canada, but chose to settle in the North of 60 to join his wife, Judy Grace. Bob worked for a while with the newly created Territorial Crown Corporation assisting the head of the organization in the area of organizational transition, change and management).

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Rico Blanco treats fans with a gig during album launch


inger-songwriter Rico Blanco launched his second album “Galactik Fiestamatik” by letting the music do the talking instead of the usual press con. The one-hour show showcased Rico’s ingenuity as an artist as he did everything from writing the songs to the arrangements in which he used unorthodox musical instruments. The former Rivermaya frontman dished out a 10song set, complete with dazzling laser lights and a marching drumline. The songs in the album include topics on relationships, social commentaries, and even discarding one’s personal problems. Rico also performed his earlier singles such as “Your Universe,” “Antukin”, as well as a medley of some of Rivermaya’s previous hits that include “Posible,” “Liwanag Sa Dilim,” and “HinahanapHanap Kita.” He encouraged young and upcoming artists to continue composing original music and never stop honing their craft “Galactik Fiestamatik” is distributed by Warner Music Philippines and is available on iTunes as well as in local record stores.


Filipino Journal

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987

November 20-december 5, 2012

Horoscope - You are a bit bored today. This is a good time to make a list of all the activities you can remember that get you excited or make you feel good. Today, help yourself out by taking a break from all the deliberations! Let go of worry and free yourself from making yet another list of pros and cons. You’ve been objective about things long enough. Instead, you should think with your heart.

This is a good time to work on large project that is important but try to avoid any situation that requires the assistance of others. Nothing can slow you down today -- your energy is booming and people are climbing all over each other to line up and see what you’ve got to offer! Take the opportunity as some business doors will also open for you at the same time.

You are better than ever at looking at complicated situations and making them simple. Any other tasks that require a great deal of your focused brain power are good, too. This is a time period of gradual maturing of your attitudes and overall approach to life. The day would be encouraging in personal front.

Today will give you quite a few opportunities to make business connections. Be sure to follow up! Romantically, someone who cares about you is intent on making you understand just how much. A day where you feel emotionally distant but you would actually prefer to be more involved. This could be the start of a new phase.

There would be mixed trends on the career front. This is an excellent time to take the initiative or to begin a project that you have been considering. ACTION is the theme for today. If you are a more relaxed, easy-going person, you will simply feel more energy and drive than usual.

While there are some planetary challenges affecting your right now, there is also an abundance of energy headed straight for your professional life. It will be necessary for you to step out, shake hands and use your charm to win over new associates. Even if you can’t take things all the way there are still actions you can make that will move you forward. You’ll be able to prioritize your life.

Spiritual activities may give you relief for the day. You will find it interesting that you have made a difference in a person’s life by saying a few encouraging words to them. The surprising thing about this is that what you suggested to them is common sense to you.

Life is not a race, it’s an experience. There is no need to rush around from one adventure to another, trying to fill your days with action! You’re likely to absorb energy like a sponge which could result in some sort of unpleasant feelings. If you see someone negative moving towards you on the horizon, turn around and walk in the opposite direction.

This is a time for withdrawing your energy, attention, and efforts from the outside world and external goals in order to replenish yourself. Today, reach out to other people and you will be able to touch the energy that’s floating out there and bring it closer to your heart. Making connections with special people will be very easy right now, as well as rewarding.

Today you will want to treat yourself to something special. This is an excellent idea and something that we have to remember to do every once in a while or else we feel neglected, almost to the point of depression. Always maintain a positive attitude and avoid undue worry and stress.

Effective communication is a strong suit for you and you will need to make the most of this skill right now. Make sure you get some good quality time by yourself and remember to treat yourself to something that puts a smile on your face. You are your own best friend and you need to show it to yourself once in a while.


You will get tantalizing close today. Yep, your plans will come together perfectly, and you could win some admirers along the way. Your drive is admirable, but if you focus too much on what could be better, you will miss out on all the things are that working so well. You may reluctantly go out and actually surprise yourself on what a good time you end up having.


Sudoku Puzzles are games of patience, numbers and genius! The satisfaction of solving a challenging Sudoku Puzzle is one of the greatest accomplishments any sudoku game player can experience. Here is the puzzle. Good luck! Solutions for Palaisipan & Sudoku will be posted online

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november 20-december 5, 2012

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987

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Filipino Journal



Filipino Journal

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987

PEREZCOPE by Perry Diaz

How did the Fil-Ams Vote?


nce again, the FilipinoAmerican vote did not show on the radar screen during the recent presidential election. Yes, unlike in past presidential elections, the Fil-Am vote was virtually invisible this year. There were no organized national efforts from the Fil-Am Democrats and Republicans. And if there were, I didn’t see them. In a survey conducted by the National Asian American Survey (NAAS) last summer, FilipinoAmericans comprised the largest bloc of the Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) racial group who would vote for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney with 38% to 32% for President Barack Obama. This is a tectonic shift from the 2008 elections when Fil-Ams voted 50% for Obama to 46% for McCain. What is interesting to know is that the survey showed that among Fil-Ams, 27% identify themselves as Republicans, while 24% identify themselves as Democrats and 45% identified themselves as independent or non-partisan. Exit polls On Election Day, the exit polls taken were astounding! Among African-Americans, they voted 93% for Obama vs. 6% for Romney. Among Latinos, they voted 71% for Obama vs. 27% for Romney. Among Asian Americans (AAPI), they voted

73% for Obama vs. 26% for Romney. The question is: Why did Fil-Ams shift to Romney in 2012? Or, did they? But before we address this question, it might help to ask if a large number of Fil-Ams register or change their registration to Republican? If so, that would be a massive registration effort targeting the Fil-Ams. I didn’t see that happen, though. If that had happened, it would have been done by an organized effort supported – and paid for -- by the Republican Party. But that was not the case. The Republican Party concentrated its registration drive in white or suburban communities in the battleground states. Would they set up registration tables in areas where there are large concentration of minorities… and risk registering Democrats? The only plausible explanation that I could come up with is that the number of Fil-Ams who voted in 2012 increased substantially. But these are not newly registered voters but the independent or nonpartisan voters. While it can be surmised that those who identified themselves as Republicans (27%) would vote for Romney and those who identified themselves as Democrats (24%) would vote for Obama, it would be reasonable to presume that a majority of the independents and non-partisan would vote for Romney to make

up to the 38% total vote for Romney and a smaller number would vote for Obama to make up to the 32% total vote for Obama. Now, back to the question: Why did Fil-Ams shift to Romney in 2012? Also, what motivated them to vote for Romney? Since they were not registered Republican or Democrat, these independent or non-partisan voters didn’t appear on the political radar screen and as such the candidates weren’t able to reach them with their mailers and campaign materials. Therefore, they were less informed on the issues in the campaign. And any bits of information they got would have to come from the grapevine… from relatives, friends, and the likes. Misinformation In this age of information, it’s so easy to spread or propagate lies and hoaxes in the Internet. The amount of misinformation that was created in the Internet during the presidential campaign was mind-boggling. And they were there for one reason: to destroy Obama’s credibility. In my article, “Romney’s ‘Romnesia’ ” (October 25, 2012), I wrote: “With no clear definition of what he stood for and no specifics on how he is going to improve the economy, Romney has to resort to playing games to mislead the voters. Indeed, by feigning ‘Romnesia’ and flooding the airwaves and networks with untruthful infomercials and attack ads against Obama, he just might be able to hoodwink the voters into buying the snake oil he’s peddling. “And there is the underground campaign that’s hitting the Internet and bombarding millions of emails with lies and hoaxes about Obama. This reminds me of Adolf Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels, whose

November 20-december 5, 2012

mantra was: ‘If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people eventually come to believe it.’ ” It did not then come as a surprise that Fil-Ams who were exposed to these anti-Obama “hit pieces” were led to believe that he was what the character assassins depicted him to be: socialist, communist, foreigner, antiAmerican, anti-religion, atheist, liar, etc. The truth is: none… I repeat… none of these were true. I fact checked them and they were either a lie or a hoax. But sad to say, it played into the psyche of a lot of people who believed every word hook, line, and sinker. As the election got closer, the intensity increased. The detractors changed their tactic to mongering fear among voters. Some of the detractors even invoked God and recited passages in the Bible. They claimed that Obama was the anti-Christ! Then, came the finale. The documentary “2016” was posted in the Internet. It was the “grand demolition job,” which was intended to sow fear that if Obama were re-elected, he would change America to a socialist state by 2016. Victory Election Day came and Obama was re-elected. Obama won the majority of women, Blacks, Latinos, Asians, married women, single women, and single men. Among Asian Americans, the exit polls showed that Democrats had a 34% to 18% advantage. However, a majority (51%) were “Independent or do not identify with the U.S. party system,” which is higher than the national average of 40%. It was also reported in the news that 77 million Americans did not vote on Election Day.

This brings the question: How did the Fil-Ams vote then? Sadly, there were no exit polls specifically for Fil-Am voters. They were lumped with Asian Americans that gave Obama the second highest percentage (73%) of votes next to the AfricanAmericans. We’ll probably never find out how the Fil-Ams voted. But based on pre-election NAAS surveys, there was only a 3% difference between FilAm Republicans (27%) and Democrats (24%). However, if the large number of independents and non-partisan voters (45%) voted on Election Day, I would venture to say that they would probably have voted for Romney as a result of the misinformation campaign against Obama. But I have a visceral feeling that in this historic election, a large number of Fil-Ams stayed home… just like in previous elections. In my opinion, fear of a candidate would not compel a person to go out to vote for the other candidate. It just doesn’t work that way. Some 30 years ago, the late political leader Melecio Jacaban once told me, “Until we have Filipino-Americans elected to Congress, we have not yet arrived in Washington, DC.” Today, we may have one or two members of Congress who are of Filipino descent, but with close to four million Filipino-Americans, we are underrepresented on Capitol Hill. But there is good news in California, where half of the nation’s Fil-Am population resides. Finally, the first Fil-Am, Rob Bonta, was elected to the California State Assembly. Finally, a Fil-Am broke the glass ceiling at the Capitol in Sacramento.

Dagsa Music Festival features Filipino artists


he first ever Dagsa Music Festival featuring an assortment of Filipino artists was recently held in Dumaguete City which is now considered as a new music hub outside Manila. Roxas Boulevard of this charming city became the site for rows of food stalls, dining tables and chairs, and open concert combined in celebration of Original Pilipino Music (OPM). The crowd enjoyed the performances of Artstrong and DJs Soul Flower and Red-I with reggae tunes. The former was later joined by veteran group Tropical Depression with performances of “Kapayaan” and “Ang Himig Natin.” Quest joined the fun by incorporating his own lyrics into parts of the Black Eyed Peas’

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singles “I Gotta Feeling” and “Where Is The Love?” The singersongwriter also performed his hit “Sige Lang” and collaboration with Loonie, “Tao Lang.” Former Eraserheads drummer and now Sandwich frontman Raimund Marasigan and South Border’s Jay Durias shared the stage with Pedicab, of which the former serves as keyboard/synths player. Rico Blanco was also present complete with “galactic fiesta” regalia. He performed songs from his solo albums as well as those from his days as Rivermaya frontman. YouTube sensation Bogart the Explorer displayed his skills as drummer of Giniling Festival. Elmer Dado and Gruppo Tribale infused the performances with their tribal party mixes.

november 20-december 5, 2012

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987

by Gem and Lita Anis

A Journey of Faith to Fatima, Portugal


t was a beautiful April morning when our plane from Los Angeles landed at Lisbon where we`re welcome by our tour guide named Maria Da Bagao. After checking in at the Hotel Cinquentenario Maria took us on a panoramic sightseeing tour of the capital and largest city of Portugal, Lisbon. Located on the estuary of a river, the Tagus, is the Monument to Discoveries (Padrao dos Discobrimentos) built in 1960 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the death of Prince Henry the Navigator. The landmark is a replica of a 3-sailed ship prepared to depart with the sculptures of important historical figures of Portugal - explorers such as Ferdinand Magellan, Vasco da Gama and Cabral, poet Camoes, crusaders, monks, cartographers, and cosmographers. The city`s icon and a Unesco World Heritage Site is the Belem Tower (Torre de Belem), a fortress to guard the entrance to Lisbon`s harbour. Belem is famous as the starting point for many of the expeditionary voyages of discovery of the unknown during the Age of Explorations in the 15th and 16th centuries. We visited Santarem, one of the world`s oldest cities, walked through its narrow streets to the Church of St. Stephen to see the 750-year old Holy Eucharistic Miracle, a relic of the Bleeding Heart. Later we heard mass at Santo Antonio Padua church built on the site where the patron saint of lost objects was born. The last two days of our pilgrimage were spent in Fatima,

the major Catholic pilgrimage site in Portugal, about 80 miles north of Lisbon. The name Fatima evolved from the Arabic name Fatma, name of a Moorish princess. Yearly some 4 million people visit Fatima drawn by the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary as seen by the three children, Lucia dos Santos and her cousins Jacinta and Francisco Marto, while guarding their sheeps in the Cova da Iria. The apparitions started on 13 May 1917 (on every 13th day of six consecutive months) and culminated on 13 October 1917 with the Miracle of the Sun (the sky appeared to open up and the sun seemed to race toward the earth) witnessed by the 70,000 people including reporters from anti-religious media gathered in a torrential rainstorm. Sent by God with a message of prayer, repentance and consecration, The Lady of the Rosary, as she called herself, confided to the children three secrets - a vision of hell; a prophecy of the end of WW I, start of WW II, calling for the consecration of communist Russia; and a vision of death of the Pope and other religious leaders. Our Lady is enshrined at the Basilica of Our Lady of Rosary with its quiet atmosphere and beautiful grounds. With 15 church altars, the basilica is built at the site of the Marian apparitions and contains the tombs of Francisco and Jacinta. At the very heart of the basilica is the Chapel of Apparitions. A marble pillar holding the statue

of the Blessed Virgin Mary marks the exact location of the apparitions. Nightly we joined pilgrims from all over the world in the candlelight procession to pray the rosary. In the hamlet of Aljustrel and Valinhos we saw the two homes

Filipino Journal


of the little shepherds, Stations of The following morning we the Cross, site of the first and third left Fatima, crossing the border visit of the Angel of Peace, site of into Spain. our Lady`s fourth apparitions and stopped at the parish church where the three seers were baptized and at the cemetery where Francisco and Jacinta were once buried.

The Basilica of Our Lady of Rosary, Fatima

Rossio Square, Lisbon

Our Lady & the shepherd children

Gem & Lita at Lucia da Santos’ home, Aljustrel

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Filipino Journal

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987

November 20-december 5, 2012

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november 20-december 5, 2012

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987

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Filipino Journal



Filipino Journal

Model: Kim Ho Written by: Alana Klein


inter is one of those seasons when you don’t know what to do with your makeup look. Your skin is dry and therefore your makeup doesn’t go on the same. You don’t know what to do to keep looking fresh and glowing but still keeping it natural. For starters you will want to use a good moisturizer and a hydrating foundation with lots of minerals in it. Read along to see which products we suggest.


To Get The Look:

November 20-december 5, 2012

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987

Artist: Tia Provici Photographer: True Charisma Photography -

STEp 4

STEp 5

Once your foundation has been applied you may feel washed out because you have taken all the color out of your face. So you want to warm up that skin again. Apply Bronzelite Bronzer all over the entire face using a large blush brush and focus more on the cheeks for extra color. Using a bronzer is a great way to subtly add color to the face and can be used a blush as well.


Then once you have powdered the face you can go and add a few coats of Lush Black Mascara.

STEp 6

To finish off the look apply PROVICI’S new hydrating dual action Lip Stain & Gloss in Burlesque Pink.

products used

STEp 3

STEp 1

The first thing you want to do before starting your makeup is to hydrate your skin really well. Winter is the one season you for sure need to invest in a good moisturizer because it makes such a difference for your foundation. Tia used the Hydrating Crème Concentrate, which is a moisturizer that helps teach your skin to naturally rehydrate itself over time.

STEp 2

While the moisturizer is soaking in, then you want to start with your eye makeup. For a fresh brightening look apply a wash of Sandstone eye shadow all over the entire lid and brow bone to soft luminosity. Then line your eyes to give more definition.

Now that the moisturizer is well absorbed you can apply your Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation. The LPMF foundation is a richly hydrating, self setting foundation and powder in one that has vitamins and minerals in it. You will want to apply this using your foundation brush for a flawless look.

Purchase any eye PROVICVI eye shadow for $15 and receive our Glamour Eyes Palette (a perfect all in one cheek and lip quad) for ONLY $10 -- a sensational savings of $19!!! Please present this coupon at time of purchase. Expires Dec 18, 2012. Not valid with booked appointments. Tia’s image-consulting firm, PROVICI, has attracted a loyal following in the entertainment and business communities. She has recently styled individuals for print media and live entertainment, and for awards shows such as the Junos and the Grammys. Check out Tia on Shaw TV channel 9 on Tuesday evenings, and Wednesdays before noon. Kung meron kayong questions, comments or suggestions send an e-mail to She welcomes your questions and is available for personal appointments. Just log onto or visit Tia at PROVICI Cosmetics, now located at 233 Mc Dermot Ave. or call (204) 957-1544 for more info.

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november 20-december 5, 2012

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987

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Filipino Journal 43


Filipino Journal

The Pulse of the Filipino Community Since 1987

November 20-december 5, 2012

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Filipino Journal Winnipeg Volume 26 Number 22  

Nov. 20 - Dec. 05,2012

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