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Volume 7, Number 3 • March 2014

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Artists Emerge 2014 Hip Hop Dance Competition

17th Hiyas (GEM) Award Recognizes Outstanding Filipinos

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An evening with The Hunk, The Diva, and The Best

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The pulse of the Filipino Community in Alberta, Canada

March 2014









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2012 #1 Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Jeep and Fiat Dealer in Canada

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Artists Emerge 2014 Hip Hop Dance Competition By Jun Aller


rtists Emerge, a 3 day dance competition, celebrated its 10th year in Edmonton showcasing diverse hip hop dance culture. It was held last week at the usual venue, Jubilee Auditorium from March 06-08, 2014. Produced and directed by Edmontonians, Luke Geldert and Mark Ward, it has been participated by various dance organizations throughout the country. This year, participants came all the way from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and BC dance studios with various categories starting from the novice (beginners, intermediate, and advanced), juniors and seniors, and up to Professional Crews/All Stars ranging from solo, duet/trio, small, large, and X-large groups.


The pulse of the Filipino Community in Alberta, Canada

March 2014

Edmonton’s 3rd Street Beat Dance Studio teaching hip hop dance to local students for many years. The other group, 247 Company also from Vancouver, which placed 2nd this year (3 years in a row since This year, the organizers 2012) is also composed of many increased the grand prize to $10,000 from $2,000 last year, which resulted to an increased no. of participants throughout the country. It has been observed that there are many Filipino-Canadians (FilCans) among other cultures in the competition. In fact, the grand prize winner for the last four years (2011, 2012, 2013 and this year), i.e. The Faculty (from Vancouver, BC) is composed of Filcans, two of them originally come from Edmonton before moving to Vancouver. They are Carlo Atienza (son of Art and the late Miche Atienza), and Jake Aller (son of Jun and Jean Aller). Both of them are former members of

FilCans to include Carlo and Jake (2012/2013). The two groups have already participated in many dance competitions not only locally but also internationally, again a proof of Filipino talents showcased

throughout the world in many areas of competition wherever they are. Below is a photo of Carlo and Jake’s group, The Faculty, who won this year’s grand prize Artists Emerge hip hop dance competition.

LET’S TALK ABOUT YOUR WORK. The Government of Alberta invites your input on the Employment Standards Code, the basic rules for employers and employees. We are looking at things like:

Please tell us what you think:

· Employment of youth · Hours of work · General holidays and vacation pay · Special leaves · And more

· Use our online Discussion Guide and Survey at · Email your comments to · Or call 1-877-427-3731 to order a paper copy of the Discussion Guide and Survey

Deadline for feedback is April 11, 2014.

Jake Aller

Carlo Atienza


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The pulse of the Filipino Community in Alberta, Canada

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March 2014

March 2014

The pulse of the Filipino Community in Alberta, Canada

The Filipino Martial Arts in Movies: Now you see them…now you don’t!

By Oliver Salvador


e all love action movies, don’t we?! We love all of the car chases, explosions, and gunfights. But the one thing that we all love seeing is an awesome fight scene! There is nothing more exciting than seeing the protagonist in an action film in an all-out, knuckledragging, head-busting fight with the “bad guy(s)”. What most people don’t know, however, is that many of the fight scenes in these blockbuster action films are created using the Filipino martial arts! The Filipino martial arts are truly the chameleon of the martial arts world. As Diana Lee Inosanto (the niece of the late Bruce Lee, as well as a world-renowned practitioner of Filipino martial arts and Bruce Lee’s art of JeetKune Do) claimed in the Filipino martial arts documentaryThe Bladed Hand, the choreographers are able to “express” the Filipino martial arts to make them seem Japanese, Chinese or Indonesian. Burton Richardson, another noted Filipino martial arts expert in the documentary related that

many times people will claim what they do is “Special Forces” techniques, when in reality they are from the Filipino martial arts. It’s just that no one will admit to it. Even world-famous martial artist Steven Segal has trained in the Filipino martial arts and featured them in his fight scene with Dan Inosanto (Bruce Lee’s long-time friend and training partner) in the movie Out for Justice. Some of the popular movies that have had their fight scenes choreographed with Filipino martial arts include:  Hanna (Starring Eric Bana and Saoirse Ronan) 2011  Repo Men (Starring Forrest Whitaker) 2010  The Book of Eli (Starring Denzel Washington) 2010  Taken (Starring Liam Neeson) 2008  Big Stan (Starring Rob Schneider) 2008  300 (Starring Gerard Butler) 2007  The Bourne Trilogy (Starring Matt Damon) 2004-2007

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 Mission Impossible III (Starring Tom Cruise) 2006  Resident Evil: Apocalypse (Starring MillaJovovich) 2004 As one can see, the Filipino martial arts have a long history of being the choice of choreographers to create exciting and exotic fight sequences to thrill both the young and old. And just why are the Filipino martial arts capable of being so spectacular? The answer is because they are a purely concept art that can be molded to adapt to any situation or other martial art. By being rooted in combative motions and not techniques, the Filipino martial arts are able to assume the form of any martial art! That is why they can be “expressed”to resemble Karate, KungFu, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, or even Brazilan Jiu Jitsu! The Filipino martial arts are the original mixed martial art…the original chameleon of combat. In the more than three decades that I have practiced martial arts, never have I encountered another art like them that included both

weapons and empty hand skills right from the first day of training. And those with a trained eye can detect the Filipino martial arts when they see them in action films. Those without a trained eye simply see a great martial art they may think is from the Samurai, or Ninja, or Special Forces. The Filipino martial arts are very deceptive indeed. Now you see them…now you don’t!

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About the author: Oliver Salvador is a Master in the Filipino martial art of RutanoEstokada (Estokada is another term for Arnis, Eskrima or Kali) as well as a Guro in Modern Arnis. He has been studying and training in the Filipino martial arts for 38 years. He is the Founder of the Philippine Warrior Arts Society (Check it out on Facebook), and can be contacted at 587-708-2000 or by e-mail at He is the Head Instructor at OLS Philippine Warrior Arts,, (Check it out on Facebook).


The pulse of the Filipino Community in Alberta, Canada

March 2014

His name is Michael Christian Martinez

A maple-coated Filipino heart by Erlinda

Dolly Tan


writer looking for an inspiring subject doesn’t need to go far, here’s one very inspiring story that captivated not just the Philippines but the world. At least to those who watched the winter Olympics. Being a Filipino and a huge Olympic fan, it would be disloyal of me if this column will not pay tribute to one Michael Christian Martinez. It might take several generations to see another one like him. Michael is a 17-year old international figure skater from Muntinlupa, Philippines. He’s not only the first Filipino to compete

in men’s figure skating in a winter Olympics, but the first from a Southeast Asian country. He’s the first figure skater from a tropical zone where snow is just a dream. But that’s going too far of the story. Before the stardom were the sacrifices.

We can only imagine how many hours he spent watching and studying videos of world renowned figure skaters. He admitted to have watched videos of Canada’s famous Patrick Chan. Little did he know, one day he’ll meet the star and compete against him.

From humble beginnings Michael didn’t come from a famous family in the Philippines. Up until the winter Olympics last month, no one talked about him. He was born with a lung disease or asthma. Starting at two months old, he was frequently brought to the hospital for treatment. He started skating at the age of nine and for some reasons, the cold rink did wonders to his health. So his mother supported the hobby. She said it’s better to spend money on skating than in the hospital. While kids his age were biking outside and playing basketball, Michael spent hours and hours skating inside the mall. We can only imagine how many times he fell on the ice and hurt himself. To date, he has two torn ligaments on his ankle; one is a partial tear and the other a complete tear.

To bigger heights In 2008, about three years into his skating hobby, Michael competed at the Asian Junior Skating Challenge in Hong Kong where he won his first Gold. Same year he competed in Bangkok and won another Gold. Thereafter, he received medals after medals from different Asian competitions. In 2010, he began training in the US. Following year, he placed first in a skating competition in Sydney and second in San Francisco. He landed his first “Triple Axel” jump in 2012 at the Junior Grand Prix competition in New York where he finished fourth. In 2013, he finished fifth at the World Junior Championships held in Italy. He then moved to the senior level. His first Gold medal came from a competition in Romania. To qualify for the 2014 Sochi Winter

Olympics, he joined several other competitions. And he did qualify! In fact, he was the lone delegate and flag bearer of the Philippines. Financial challenges Skating is an expensive sport in the Philippines. A “day pass” at SM mall costs P300 for weekdays and P390 for weekends. That’s just rental of skates, no coaching yet. For basic coaching which includes six 30-minute sessions, the fee is around P3,000. But then, there’s a coach for spinning, jumping, footwork and other skills. If you practice three times a week with three different coaches, that’s not cheap anymore! Michael’s family doesn’t come from a well-off clan, they are middle class. His mother didn’t hide the financial challenges they went through. Although they received support from private sectors and from the Philippine Olympics Committee, the money wasn’t enough, she said. Coaches abroad are paid $100 to $150 per hour. What if you have three coaches working for you everyday for several hours? Before the winter Olympics, Michael’s mother tried to reach out to the President’s office for additional help. She didn’t get any. Later, a press secretary from Malacanang said they didn’t get the email and most likely it went to spam mail. What a lame explanation! What is the website for if it’s incommunicado? Not giving up, Michael’s mother mortgaged their house to pay for their Sochi trip. Although an examination of records at the Muntinlupa registry of deeds showed that no properties in the name of Michael’s family have been under mortgaged. But the ‘mortgage’ his mother meant could be a private arrangement with an individual, not with a bank.

the 24 figure skaters from around the world, he did an exemplary performance. He won! To Filipinos around the world he won, he is a champion and he is now everybody’s Michael. He left the country unnoticed on his way to Sochi. The airport was quiet, there wasn’t a single “good luck” banner for his departure. Maybe the person sitting next to him inside the plane didn’t even know who he was. But he returned an international star, an inspiration and a hero of hope to the youth. A motorcade from the airport to the Mall of Asia welcomed the country’s lone winter Olympian. Business tycoon and sports patron Manny Pangilinan gave him a bonus of $10,000 for “inspiring a nation and earning the world’s attention.” The senate adopted several resolutions, commending him for “bringing pride, joy and honor to the Filipino people.” SM mall had given him lifetime privilege to use their skating rinks. Well, they have to! After all, it was from their mall this Olympics mania all started.

Salute to the mother This column also pays tribute to the mother of Michael, Maria Teresa Martinez. The mother who believed! The mother who never gave up! Michael will not be where he is today without the persistence of his mother. Lack of training, lack of coach and lack of government support didn’t hinder Mrs. Martinez. Determination is an understatement if I tell you that she learned to skate along with him so she can coach him herself, to save money. This is called love, unconditional love. A very religious mother, she injected strong faith in her son. The day before Michael was to skate in Sochi, he posted on his Facebook page: “Please pray for me.” To Mrs. Martinez, mabuhay po Overnight sensation kayo and thank you for setting a very That’s why, when Michael good example. You are an epitome emerged from the TV screen of a true Filipino mother! carrying the Philippine flag during the Opening Ceremony of the winter Olympics, Filipinos around the world instantly loved him. He became an overnight sensation. Sympathy poured in. Even the international press was captivated. Social media wanted to raise funds for him. Here’s a kid who worked his way up to reach the Olympics. Here’s a kid who learned skating from the mall in a country without snow and without skating competitions. Here’s a kid who beat by Jairus Bilo asthma to be an Olympian. Here’s a kid whose outfit was donated by a designer in New York who saw the Facebook plea for proper Olympic waking up to cold static attire. Here’s a kid whose family had was just another past time to mortgage their house to pay for tradition of nowhere their Sochi trip. I stuck in The two nights Michael the malaise of competed in Sochi, the Philippines summer wanting watched with awe. Every time he before a long syndrome jumped for a spin, Filipinos around disfunction the world either grit their teeth or stopped breathing. Everyone felt could hardly be savoury the same, this was not Michael bitter sweet in fact performing in world stage, this as if sleeping was the country. Indeed, he put the in zombie land Philippines in world skating map. was a good excuse He didn’t win, he placed to freak away these nineteenth. But for an Olympic advent blues debut and for being the youngest of


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March 2014

A step forward for the former Centennial Planetarium Today marks an exciting step forward for the former Centennial Planetarium.Contemporary Calgary is the successful candidate in the Request for Expression of Interest process that sought ideas on arts, culture or heritage uses for the building. Contemporary Calgary is the amalgamation of the Art Gallery of Calgary, the Institute for Modern and

Contemporary Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art Calgary and its Expression of Interest proposed repurposing the vacant space into a public gallery for the visual arts. This iconic building, located at 701 11 Street S.W., has heritage status as well as symbolic and historic value to Calgarians. “We are excited to work with Contemporary Calgary to

Distraction Jewelry Thefts The Calgary Police Service is investigating a number of recent jewelry distraction thefts and robberies. In some of these cases, a man or a woman has approached a potential victim on foot, or after exiting a vehicle. They have distracted the victim by offering to sell them jewelry, or placing fake gold necklaces around their necks. In the process, they steal items of jewelry, usually necklaces, from the victims. In other cases, the suspects have told the victim they are experiencing financial hardship and offered to sell their jewelry at a reduced price. If the victims did not comply, the suspects have used physical force or threats to rob the victims of their money. It appears the suspects are travelling around the city. In some cases, victims have been elderly, and English has not been their first language. There have been 17 incidents in 2014. Ten of these have happened since Friday, March 7, 2014. Since May 2013, there have been a total of 52 reported incidents. Since last Friday, incidents have happened in various areas of the city, particularly north Calgary, including Castleridge, Sunridge, Coral Springs, Beddington, Forest Lawn, Manchester, Silverado, Panorama, Willow Park, Coventry Hills, Thorncliffe and Evergreen. The investigation indicates there are several culprits involved in the latest cases. Suspect descriptions are of both men and women, ranging from 18


The pulse of the Filipino Community in Alberta, Canada

to 60 years of age. They are described as Caucasian and of Middle Eastern descent. Some have been described as having Eastern European accents. The suspects have been driving a variety of vehicles. These incidents appear to be cyclical, which leads investigators to believe the suspects travel to various areas. Several incidents are usually reported during a short period of time, followed by little or no activity. Calgarians should be aware of their surroundings, and cautious of people they don’t know approaching them to sell jewelry. Buying jewelry from individuals on the street is not recommended, as it is difficult to confirm the authenticity of the items. People should be aware of people trying to touch them unnecessarily while trying to sell jewelry. If you feel you have been a victim of such a crime, call police at 403-2661234. Give officers as much information as possible, including descriptions of people and vehicles involved.

begin to explore the possibilities of transforming the Planetarium into a future art gallery,” says Manager of Culture with City Recreation, Sarah Iley. “In the upcoming months, we will assess the proposal’s potential in greater detail.” Contemporary Calgary is undergoing a reorganization to integrate its predecessor entities into a single organization with a sustainable operating model. This process is expected to take some time. In the meantime, Administration will explore interim cultural uses for the facility and bring recommendations back to Council.

The arts are vital to the health of our city and communities. A strong arts and culture sector stimulates creativity and vibrancy, enhancing the quality of life in Calgary and is an essential element in creating complete communities. “A sign of a great city is the strength of its cultural life. This Expression of Interest from Contemporary Calgary has the potential to enhance the diversity of arts and culture offerings for Calgarians, the community livability for downtown residents and the world-class experience we deliver to visitors,” says Iley.

The Centennial Planetarium, completed in 1967, was Calgary’s official project to mark the centenary of Canadian Confederation. It later served as Calgary’s Science Centre from the 1980s until the TELUS World of Science vacated the building in 2011. Because of its cultural and historic significance to Calgarians, it is hoped the facility will serve the community for years to come as a key recreational resource and cultural space. The timeline for repurposing the Planetarium will be determined as part of the negotiations with Contemporary Calgary.

Help us make connections to build a better Alberta! • Are you passionate and knowledgeable about your community? • Do you know how to build relationships and collaborate to get results? • Do you want to help drive social change? Human Services wants to recruit connected, community-minded Albertans to the new regional Family and Community Engagement Councils. The Councils will: • Listen to communities, identify social issues and work together on solutions • Offer Human Services advice, make recommendations and report on social-based outcomes • Be made up of Albertans from all areas of interest and capabilities • Include Aboriginal co-chairs to reflect the social and cultural perspectives of First Nations, Métis and Inuit Apply to become a Family and Community Engagement Council member at or call 780-422-5679 for more information. We thank all applicants for their interest. All applications will be reviewed. Only individuals selected for interviews will be contacted.

Call 911 to report a crime in progress. Anyone with information about these incidents, or the suspects’ identities, is asked to call police at 403-266-1234 or Crime Stoppers anonymously using any of the following methods: TALK: 1-800-222-8477 TYPE: TEXT: tttTIPS to 274637

Get ready to be active with spring and summer recreation Get ready to enjoy the benefits of a healthy mind and body with City Recreation. For the first time the Spring & Summer Program Guide is combined into one and is online and on stands now with registration starting Monday, March 3. There are more than 3,000 registered programs and 6,500 drop-in opportunities to choose from. Whatever your interest is, there’s something for you. “We continue to add programs to ensure there is a wide range of fun activities for everyone to enjoy,” says Michelle Tait, program and service coordinator in Recreation. “With warm weather just around the corner, it’s exciting to plan how you will get active and make the most out of your spring and summer.” The Spring & Summer Program Guide includes fun day camps to help parents ensure their kids stay active over the seasons. For example, you can register your children in Nature Discovery, Arts Smarts, Junior Golf Camp, or Swim & Fun. There are even sailing and soccer day camps, giving your children a great opportunity to try new activities. The guide is also filled with great opportunities from Wild Wednesdays at Village Square Leisure Centre, when admission is half price, to golf nights, art programs and special events such as

the city-wide Canada Day Party. “Recreation creates healthy individuals and families – the foundation for healthy communities,” adds Tait. “Making it part of your every day routine provides the opportunity to strengthen your body, meet new people and learn new skills.” With the new online My Rec Guide, registration has never been easier. It allows you to build your own customized guide based on your interests, location and age. In addition, it can be translated into 71 languages. So get active, get creative and have some fun with City of Calgary Recreation. There’s more than you think. Register Monday, March 3 online at or by calling 403-268-3800. The City of Calgary Recreation operates 12 arenas, two art centres, 12 athletic parks, eight golf courses, two leisure centres, 12 indoor pools, and a sailing school. We offer affordable recreation products and services, facilitate city festivals and events, invest in quality recreation amenities and public art, and partner with organizations to enhance sport, art, and culture within Calgary. The scope of our work directly contributes to our mission: Enriching the lives of Calgarians through recreation.

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Government o

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The pulse of the Filipino Community in Alberta, Canada

Mini Leagues Stand United A mini-league formed by Filipinos who work together in one company during weekdays and play basketball during weekends, keeps them fit and united. They valued sports to keep them mentally and physically fit. Basketball, as a sport, harmonizes the relationship among members; and keeps them together at work.

by Dr.

Eusebio Koh

Ode to My Wife I do work many years Bringing home the pay check But I have no eyes and ears And little above the neck I don’t see her working Nor do I hear her groan I’m all consumed with being The proud master on my own

From Left: Jeffrey Cortuna, JesrelPinat, Randy Patague, Joel Lumbala, Armin Naca, Jeffrey Legaspi, Richard David, Harold Paguirigan, Raymon Cruz, Dennis Ramos, Nestor Estrano, Daniel Sumabat,BernardBagot, ArnilLamorena, Aries Polinar, Rico Mojica,LowelBalandra, Wilson Espino, Efren Baguiwong, Julius Ursua, Rolando Leybag, Arthur Fronda, Samson Blaza, Dante Alcaide.

She’s up before the sun To look after the kids To nurse the hungry young one And ready the school needs She has our breakfast done With eggs and bacon too And not until we’re gone Before she uses the loo Her endless work goes on From dawn ‘til past bedtime She cares for me like a son With no reason or rhyme She carries my worries In whatever I do She’s like ten secretaries Watching my come and go I know I cannot function Without my little lady For every thought or action She stands firmly behind me My senses are now clear The pay I get from working Belongs as much to my dear Partner in everything To God I made the vow To love and honor her My dearest mate then and now My dearest mate forever

From Left: Jeffrey Cortuna, Randy Patague, Armin N., Richard David, Reynaldo Guiyab, Joel, Lumabala, Julius Ursua, Jeffrey Legaspi, Rolando Leybag, Raymon Cruz, Ed Cena, Dennis Ramos, JesrelPinat, Arthur Fronda, Daniel Sumabat, Aries Polinar, Wilson Espino, Nestor Estrano, Sam Balza, Dante Alcaide, Rico Mojica, Bernard Bagot, Efren Baguiwong, ArnilLamorena, Rex Guiyab, Lowel Balandra..

March 2014

Catch basins and warm weather With the ongoing snow melt, The City of Calgary Water Services crews are continuing their efforts to address problems with frozen catch basins and pooling. Additional crews have been brought on and other crews have been reassigned to take care of priority calls. Calgarians are asked for their patience as crews attend to those calls. The priority in which calls are responded to is as follows: • Property damage – water entering houses or garages or business causing damage • Accessibility – open manholes, playground zone, school zones, hospital zones, handicap access and bus zones • Flooded roadways including intersections Since Friday, March 7, 2014 Water Services has received approximately 1,200 catch basinrelated calls. Ten percent of the calls were property damage-related and 30 percent are considered high priority accessibility issues. There are approximately 48,000 catch basins in Calgary. If you find there is a problem with a catch basin, The City does not advise that you try to clear it yourself as you cannot see potential hazards under the water's surface. If Calgarians notice a problem with a frozen catch basin or flooding, they should contact 3-1-1. Melting snow can also impact your home and Calgarians are reminded of simple actions they can take themselves. Shovel snow away from your foundation and make sure your eavestroughs are clear of snow, ice and debris. Make sure your downspouts are pointed away from the house and not towards your neighbour’s.

Annual Youth Hiring Fair offers thousands of job opportunities Calgary’s only hiring fair exclusively for youth is getting geared up for this year. Young people between the ages of 15 and 24, in search of employment, are invited to the BMO Centre at Stampede Park, on April 8, to attend the Annual Youth Hiring Fair, where local employers will be looking to fill thousands of jobs. “We’re excited how things are shaping up for this year’s fair,” says Arlas Gillies, a Community Liaison

Ronald Cantiveros

Publisher/Chief Operating Officer VP-Business Development Managing Editor

with The City’s Youth Employment Centre. “We’re anticipating employers will be providing more than 5,000 opportunities for young job seekers, including full-time, part-time, seasonal and career opportunities.” Potential employers, from different industries, will be hiring in areas such as recreation, trades, logistics, hospitality retail, financial and more, all under one roof. There are still spots left for employers Published Annually

aLfie vera mella

Sales & Advertising

Jose (Jun) Angeles, Jr.

Official Photographer

Associate Editor/Marketing (403) 264-5605

Rosalinda Linsangan Natividad-Cantiveros

Founder, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief- Filipino Journal 1987-2008

Published Quarterly

Webco Leduc

A Division of Bowes Publishers Ltd. Leduc, AB Printer

Jose “Pepito” Magpayo

Fair is an initiative of Community & Neighbourhood Service’s Youth Employment Centre (YEC). YEC provides a variety free year-round career planning and employment services to people between the ages of 15 and 24 such as hiring fairs, one-on-one career counselling, resume and job search assistance. For more information including a list of companies attending the fair please

Associate Editor

Rod Escobar Cantiveros

Associate Publisher - Alberta 246 Lindsay St. Edmonton, AB T64 2T2 email: 1-780-988-8889 or 1- 780-916-7677.

interested in having a booth at the fair. “This is a fantastic opportunity for youth to find their ideal job,” says Gillies, “and it’s free for youth age 15-24 to attend!” Youth are encouraged to bring their resumes, be dressed to impress, and be prepared for on-the spot interviews. They will also have the opportunity to win an iPad mini at the fair. The Annual Youth Hiring

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Noli Granado Christopher & Nikki Richter

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Melanie Angeles Perry Diaz Jon Salvador Lito Mendoza Velasco Jerry Caingcoy Erlinda Dolly Tan

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March 2014

The pulse of the Filipino Community in Alberta, Canada

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The pulse of the Filipino Community in Winnipeg!

The pulse of the Filipino Community in Alberta!

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The pulse of the Filipino Community in Alberta, Canada

March 2014

TFWs who have worked 4 years or more in Canada have only a year left to obtain their PR File Number before April 1, 2015 occupations and work done under Implied Status. WP applications include a 10 year history of employment and the officer will verify this self-declared information against the client’s file recorded in the government computer database.

Immigration News by Columbio (Jon) Salvador, BSc.

Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant

(About the writer: Jon Salvador is a licensed immigration consultant and a member in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). He has more than 20 years of management and business experience in Canada. Prior to establishing his immigration consulting company, he worked for a U.S. based computer company and then at TELUS, the 2nd largest telecom company in Canada in various management positions. He is originally from Manila, Philippines and graduated from DLSU (De La Salle University) in Manila with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He also studied Business Management at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. If you would like to request articles on other immigration topics for future “Alberta Filipino Journal” publications, you can contact Jon at (403) 241-6276 or at or the publisher of this newspaper.

On April 1, 2011, the Canadian government introduced regulation R200 (3)(g) under the IRPR that established a four (4) year maximum duration for TFWs to work in Canada. This means that work permit (WP) applications of TFWs who have accumulated four (4) years of work in Canada from April 1, 2011 to April 1, 2015 will not be issued or extended. Since their WP will not be extended after April 1, 2015… the affected TFWs will have to leave Canada and only allowed to return after four (4) years. Rumors that this regulation will not be implemented are NOT true. So TFWs who want to stay in Canada should take action to make sure they submit their PR applications as soon as possible, before their time runs out. If your employer does not want to nominate you or promote you to a skilled job… then you should consider looking for another job that would make you eligible to apply for Permanent Residency. TFWs should keep detailed records to clearly document the time they have spent actually working in Canada. The worker must be able to provide to the CIC or CBSA officer documents that prove if there were any legitimate breaks from work during the time period covered by their previous Work Permits. Examples of legitimate breaks from work would include: □ Extended unpaid leave (letter from employer) □ Pregnancy or parental leave ( letter from doctor or hospital documents) □ Periods of unemployment (Record of Employment (ROE) slip, EI application, etc.) Before issuing new work permits, Officers will check the accumulated work duration of the applicants and will issue a work permit for a duration that brings the TFW to – but does not exceed – the four year maximum (unless the occupation falls into one of the exception categories). The exceptions to regulation R200 (3)(g) are listed below. All work performed in Canada will be counted All worked performed in Canada since April 1, 2011 will be counted – regardless of whether or not the work was authorized by a regular WP or the work is WP exempt under regulation R186. This includes work done while on an Open Work Permit, volunteer work, self –employed work, work in all NOC

Exempt TFWs from the four (4) year limit The following TFW workers will be exempt from the four (4) year cumulative duration regulation: a. TFWs in managerial or professional occupations (NOC: O and A) b. TFWs who have applied for permanent residence and have received: □ a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) certificate, if applying as a provincial nominee; □ an approval in principle letter, if applying under the Live-in Caregiver Class; □ a positive selection decision, if applying under the Federal Skilled Worker Class; □ a positive selection decision, if applying under the Canadian Experience Class. □ a Certificat de Sélection du Québec (CSQ) if applying as a Quebec Skilled Worker; c. TFWs who are employed in Canada under an international agreement, such as NAFTA, the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program, or another agreement. d. TFWs who are exempt from the LMO process, including: □ Spouses and common-law partners of international graduates participating in the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program; □ Charitable or religious workers; □ Entrepreneurs, intra-company transferees, researchers and academics; □ Others for purposes of self-support (refugee claimants) or humanitarian reasons (destitute students, holders of Temporary Resident Permits (TRP) valid for at least six months) □ Spouses of TFWs who are LMOexempt and whose spouses have jobs under (NOC 0 and A only). With R200 (3)(g), after a TFW work has reached their four (4) year cumulative duration limit, they will not be granted another Work Permit in Canada for the subsequent four years. The TFW has leave and exit Canada. After four (4) years has elapsed, the worker will again be permitted to come back and work in Canada. TFWs interested to become Permanent Residents (PR) of Canada should find ways on how they could become eligible to apply for PR status within the allotted 4 year period. Depending on the NOC job category, education, work experience, language proficiency, age, etc., there are several ways a TFW could apply for PR. Four (4) main options to apply for Permanent Residency TFWs in Alberta working under skilled job NOC categories: O, A, or B have four (4) options: 1. Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) – Employer Driven Stream 2. Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program 3. Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program a. 24 eligible skilled occupations (in demand jobs in Canada) b. Arranged Employment Offer with approved LMO – skilled jobs 4. Federal Skilled Trades program (FSTP) – skilled jobs OPTION #1: AINP Program – Employer Driven Stream: Skilled Worker Considering all the recent changes in the CEC program and the Federal Skilled Worker program, the AINP –

Employer Driven Stream for Skilled Workers – seems to be the easiest program to meet eligibility requirements. Both the employer and applicant have to meet the selection criteria. The employer has to be willing to nominate the applicant and there is no minimum skilled work experience required and no minimum English language test scores to meet. A. Employer Eligibility Criteria: For the employer to be eligible to nominate an applicant, the employer must: □ Be incorporated or registered by or under an act of the legislature of a province or the Parliament of Canada and operating a business that has an established production capability, plant or place of business in Alberta. □ Provide a job offer to the applicant for a permanent, full-time employment is a skilled occupation under NOC O, A or B. □ Provide a job offer to the applicant that meets Alberta’s employment and wage standards □ Provide a job offer to the applicant that does not conflict with existing collective bargaining agreements. The AINP will not approve an application if there is a labour dispute in progress that may involve, directly or indirectly, either the employer or the applicant. □ Provide proof of the authorization to hire a TFW by showing either the approved LMO or evidence of the LMO exemption. If there is an LMO in place for the applicant, the employer must show that he is following all the conditions of the LMO including the salary. If the applicant is exempt from an LMO, the employer must show he is offering wages and benefits to the applicant that meets industry standards. □ Meet additional criteria, if the applicant‘s occupation is in: Early Childhood Educators and Child care Staff. B. Applicant Eligibility Criteria: For the applicant to apply under the AINP – Employer Driven Stream the applicant must: □ Clearly show in the application that you are able to and intend to live permanently in Alberta. □ Have related college education, training, previous work experience, and any Alberta licensing needed for the skilled job (NOC: O, A or B), and to meet AINP criteria. o Applicant must meet the education, training and previous work experience specified by the employer in the approved LMO. o Applicant must have the trade license or trade certificate required for their job. □ Provide a copy of your valid Work Permit, if you are already working in Alberta. □ Provide proof of your legal status in your country of residence only if you are not currently working in Alberta (if you are living abroad). □ Meet additional criteria, if the applicant‘s occupation is in: Early Childhood Educators and Child care Staff. OPTION #2: Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program: The 2nd simplest way to apply for PR is CEC program. The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program is targeted to foreign nationals in Canada who: 1. Are either a temporary foreign worker (TFWs) with at least one (1) year of full-time (at least 30 hrs./week or ) or equivalent skilled work experience in Canada or a foreign student graduate from a Canadian post-secondary institution with at least one (1) year of full-time or equivalent skilled work experience in Canada. 2. Have gained skilled work experience in Canada with a valid work or study permit.

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3. Apply while working in Canada or within one (1) year of leaving their job in Canada 4. Have taken and passed the language proficiency exams (IELTS or CELPIP). NOTE: To qualify under the CEC program you need proof that you worked at least 30 hrs x 52 weeks = 1,560 hrs. of skilled work within the past 3 years. You need copies of your pay slips to prove your hours of work. On Nov. 8, 2013, the government announced changes to the CEC program: □ A maximum of 12,000 applications will be accepted under the CEC between Nov. 9, 2013 to Oct. 31, 2014. □ Within the 12,000 limit, there will be sub-caps of 200 applications for each job category □ The following six (6) NOC: B job categories are suspended until Oct. 31, 2014 • Cooks (NOC: 6322) • Food Service Supervisors (NOC: 6311) • Administrative Officers (NOC: 1221) • Administrative Assistants (NOC: 1241) • Accounting Technicians and Bookkeepers (NOC: 1311) • Retail Sales Supervisors (NOC: 6211) OPTION #3: Federal Skilled Worker– (FSW) program: The new Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) was re-launched effective May 4, 2013. The pass mark remained the same at 67 points out of 100, however, the weightings of several selection criteria were changed, a formal Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) was introduced, an approved LMO is now required on Arranged Employment offers and adaptability factors to gain additional points were modified. You can see the details of the FSW selection criteria in the CIC website listed below: h t t p : / / w w w. c i c . g c . c a / e n g l i s h / immigrate/skilled/apply-factors.asp Applicants should ensure they meet at least one of the following FSW requirements: 1. They have at least one year of continuous work experience in one of the 24 eligible skilled occupations; 2. They have an offer of Arranged Employment for skilled work with an approved LMO. 3. They are eligible to apply through the PhD stream ( ie. graduate of a Doctorate program) If the prospective applicants are confident that they meet at least one of the above requirements, they must also meet the minimum language threshold and obtain an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) - if submitting a foreign educational credential. New FSW Program - Minimum Language Thresholds a. Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (known as CELPIP) An FSW applicant must score at least 4L on the CELPIP-General test in each of the four skills to meet the minimum language threshold. Scores higher than 4L will get more points. b. International English Language Testing System (known as IELTS) An FSW applicant must score at least 6.0 on the IELTS General Training test in each of the four skills to meet the min. language threshold of CLB 7. Scores higher than 6.0 will get more points. OPTION #4: Federal Skilled Trade Program (FSTP) A. Number of FSTP applications to be accepted The Canadian government will accept up to 3,000 applicants in specific trades.

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A total of 43 skilled trade occupations have been identified to be eligible under the FSTP program. The 43 occupations have been divided into 2 major groups: Group A: (17 occupations) – these are occupations with a 100 limit per occupation and Group B: (26 in demand occupations) these are occupations without a limit per occupation. Eligibility will be based on the person meeting the requirements listed in the Canadian 2011 National Occupation Classification (NOC). You can see the list of the eligible FSTP occupations in the CIC website listed below: h t t p : / / w w w. c i c . g c . c a / e n g l i s h / immigrate/trades/applications.asp B. Requirements to be eligible to apply under the Federal Skilled Trades Program 1. The person intends to reside in a province other than the province of Quebec; 2. The person meets or exceeds the minimum language proficiency threshold set by the Minister for proficiency in English or French for each of the four language skill areas; 3. The person has acquired at least two years of full-time work experience (or the equivalent in part-time work experience) in the skilled trade occupation specified in the permanent resident visa application during the five years preceding the date of the application. This work experience must have been acquired after becoming qualified to independently practice that occupation, according to the regulations in the place where the work was performed; 4. The person has met the relevant employment requirements of that skilled trade occupation as set out in the National Occupation Classification (NOC), except for the requirement to obtain a certificate of qualification issued by a competent provincial authority; and 5. The person has an offer of employment for continuous full-time work for a total period of at least one year from up to two employers in that skilled trade occupation or hold a certificate of qualification in that skilled trade from a Canadian provincial or territorial authority. NOTES: □ The applicant does not have to be employed at the time of application. □ The applicant must have performed the actions described in the lead statement for the occupation and a substantial number of the main duties listed in the description of the skilled trade occupation as set out in the NOC 2011, including all of the essential duties, after becoming qualified to independently practice the skilled trade occupation in the jurisdiction where the work was performed. □ The applicant must identify the requirements to practice independently in their country/region, and provide evidence of how they met those requirements before gaining the qualifying work experience. So there you have it, brief descriptions of the four (4) primary options to apply under to become a permanent resident of Canada. Choose the one where you best meet the requirements or consult with a licensed immigration consultant. Good luck!! Legal Disclaimer: This news article is designed for general information only. The information presented in this article should not be construed to be formal legal advice or the formation of a consultant/client relationship. Each individual situation is different and people should seek proper advice on their specific cases with a licensed immigration consultant of their choice.

March 2014


The pulse of the Filipino Community in Alberta, Canada

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The pulse of the Filipino Community in Alberta, Canada

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March 2014

March 2014

The pulse of the Filipino Community in Alberta, Canada

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The pulse of the Filipino Community in Alberta, Canada

March 2014

Turning piles of wood into livelihood: USTHS Batch 1969 donates 45 fishing boats to Gigantes Island and Estancia fishermen! The Republic of Adobo by Rod



eartbreaking scene after Yolanda (Haiyan, international code) devastated the fishing villages of Gigantes Island and Estancia in the province of Iloilo: houses were broken down, coconut and trees were uprooted from mother earth, fresh seaweeds, empty shells, remnants of banca and fishing gadgets, even an ocean vessel, marked the sprawling white beaches: some dead bodies and fishes were floating in the sea, along with the debris and waste of the blown-up homes and buildings; and along the beach, the distraught people viewed at the vast panorama of desolation, their hard works turned into rubbles, into nothingness of their livelihood; most of them , their bodies and souls were affected by the unbearable and unacceptable fate due to the havoc lashed by mother nature! This beautiful,paradise-like village, suddenly, turned into a no man's land! Before the super typhoon, people of Gigantes Island and Estancia, as in most places in Central Visayas, enjoyed the bucolic life: an idyllic rural life, with warm bodies and souls, with resourcefulness and industriousness which had become the engine of their dream weaving life; the day in

and day out of earning a living by sharing the bounty of the sea, for their daily sustenance and for their children's future. And then, suddenly, mother nature lashed with a vengeance. For few hours, properties worth billion of pesos were destroyed; and sadly, thousands of lives perished. As one of the woman villagers tearfully said: "Hindi ako makapaniwala sa nangyaring ito, saglit lang, namatayan kami, nawala pa ang aming kabuhayan, paano na kami ngayon?" (I can't believe what happened, so sudden, death in my family, and now our livelihood is gone, what can we do now?") International humanitarian gestures poured in and the words were turned into action! Humanitarianism,so bold, so raw, so immediate took actions! Then, the University of Santo Tomas High School Batch 1969, through the UST's .."unending grace" and the embedded Thomasian Spirit, the former graduates joined their hands and hearts to celebrate their Sapphire (45th year) Anniversary with the people of Gigantes Island and Estancia were in their minds. Then BANCA PROJECT 2014 was born. The UST HS Batch 1969, Led by Ted Ebarvia with members, Ton Bautista, Sammy Co, and Jojo Deles, started working on the plan. At first, they developed a banca design with parts that can be knocked down, Forty-five knocked-down parts were prepared in Manila and packed as "banca kits". The kits including the motor engines were then shipped to Estancia and Gigangtes Island. Under the supervision of a small expert team of the 69ners, the

fish folk beneficiaries with the help of other family members, neighbors and friends assembled and painted their bancas and installed the outriggers and motors. What a collaborative effort had become when the UST High School Batchmate 1969 joined forces with the people of Gigantes Island and Estancia! Bravo! Forty-five (45) fishing boats (banca) were finished and given to the beneficiaries to start living again with their lives through fishing. What an accomplishments gained by the commitments and dedications of the UST HS 69ners who have had so much in life to share with less fortunate kababayans. The 69ners who were present during the turnover of the bancas at Estancia and Gigantes Island include Ted Ebarvia, Ton Bautista, Sammy Co, Jojo Deles, Nadette Reyes, Malu Cataldi, Irma de Castro, and Balikbayan 69ners, Dr. Peter and Angie Bueno, Sonny and Mona Paras, Mannie Inducil, Dr. Rod Cruz, Gil Remigio, Harpal Singh and Benjie Geronimo. As Mahloi del Rosario, one of

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the active graduates in the UST HS Batch 1969, says: "It has been a very fulfilling experience for all of us,. Although we were able to help these typhoon victims, in return, they gave us so much more nourishments of our hearts and souls! The bonding and oneness in spirit of the 69ners in getting the project through in 2 months, was just simply amazing! A very meaningful way to celebrate our Sapphire Anniversary." Now, with those fishing boats are changing the lives of the people of Gigantes Island and Estancia, please view the current scene vicariously: Father and son, with wife, push the banca into the sea, with all smiles, and full of hopes. The father starts the motor, the son

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waves his hand, the wife whispers a prayer; and as they look at, the fishing boat speed farther into the open sea,while the sun shines above the sea: this day is the beginning and the catch of the day starts a new challenging life in the fishing village: yes, life goes on! The UST High School Batch 1969 is extending their heartfelt thanks to the donors and volunteers who opened their hearts for others to live with more hope, and with a stronger faith to their fellowmen. And kudos to the UST High School Batch 1969, you have made a big difference on other lives! With..."unending grace" indeed!


The pulse of the Filipino Community in Alberta, Canada

March 2014

17th Hiyas (GEM) Award Recognizes Outstanding Filipinos at the 43rd Karilagan Anniversary By Jun Angeles


he Karilagan Dance Society showcased another evening of pure and spectacular performances at the Fantasyland Hotel last March 8, 2014. "Sa Kabukiran", the theme depicted the life in the barrio, featured the following dances, Maglalatik, Sayaw sa Palaton . Sakuting, Itik-itik, Binuyugan, Sayaw sa Bangko, Pasigin, Wasiwas, Binasuan, and Tinikling. The Karilagan Choir serenaded the audience with romantic Tagalog songs: O Ilaw and Dungawin mo Hirang. One of the highlights of the evening was the announcement of the winners for the 17th Hiyas Awards. Lydia Jimenez of Palabok House and Celso Andrade of Sunfreight Cargo & Sari-Sari Store ran off with the trophies for best in Business. while Dario

Juanillo received Community Service Award for Adult and Lulu Bernal and Oscal Mejilla for Seniors. Memen Cochingnco, the President and Artistic Director & Choreographer organized the evening with tireless effort after a successful trip to Iloilo City by the group.The Karilagan Dance Society once again dominated the community activities in the month of March when the city still suffers from the deep freeze weather. The 43rd Anniversary of the Karilagan Dance Society exemplifies the family oriented group by nurturing young Filipinos to learn the Filipino culture in the forms of dance and music. The recognition and awarding of Hiyas (GEM) of outstanding Filipinos in Business and Community Services enhances the Filipino image in Edmonton.

Lulu Bernal, Recepient of Community service Award (Senior Category) Receive A Trophy form Memem Cochignco, President of Karilagan Dance Society.

L-R Jun Angeles, Lulu Bernal, Lydia Jimenez, Wilf Ladores.

Oscar Mejilla Awardee for the Community Service (Senior).

Lydia Jimenez of Palabok House Awarded A Trophy for Best in Business Category.

Dario Juanillo Received Community Service Troph y(Adult Category) with his wife.

Mercan Recruit Ltd. Celso Andrade Received Trophy for Best in Business Category.

Mercan has successfully brought 25,000 individuals to Canada Since 1989 and assisted them in obtaining permanent residency. The founder and President, Mr. Jerome Morgan (R415983) and TFW Recruitment and Immigration Projects Manager, Marjorie Quintos (R507150) are accredited members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council, and Ms. Valerie Marcas, Is a member of Quebec Bar, Canadian Bar Association and the Quebec Immigration Lawyers Association.

NEW CHANGES Group Picture with Lydia Jimenez & Lulu Bernal Awardees.

You could qualify to become a Permanent Resident... Permanent Residency Programs:  Federal Skilled Trades Program  Federal Skilled Worker Program  Canadian Experience Class  Provincial Nominee Program Employer Services:  Recruitment and Selection  Labour Market Opinion  Work Permit Renewals  Open Work Permit/Spousal Visa  Student Visa

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The pulse of the Filipino Community in Alberta, Canada

March 2014

It’s Canada’s Turn!

My Ride by Ron



ust a month after the two-day media rush at the 2014 North American International Auto Show, I’m back in Toronto for Canada’s turn to debut new vehicles and make announcements for the Canadian auto market. While many of the vehicles that debut at these autoshows are future production vehicles or radically designed concept vehicles, one thing is for sure. The Canadian International Autoshow (CIAS) is a little less glamorous than NAIAS. There is only one media day at CIAS, compared to a two-day media preview day in Detroit. The press events at CIAS are a little less formal and in some cases,

more personal and intimate than the press events in Detroit. The media day kicked off with the announcement of the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) 2014 Canadian Car of the Year Awards. Mazda6 was declared the 2014 Canadian Car of the Year (CCOTY). This is the second time that Mazda Canada has earned the overall Canadian Car of the Year title having previously won the title in 2004 for the Mazda3. Jeep Cherokee was declared the 2014 Canadian Utility Vehicle of the Year (CCOTY). Earlier in December, the AJAC Canadian Car of the Year Awards was announced in Toronto. Mazda walked away with a hat-trick while GM and KIA received double honours Best New Small Car (under $21k) - Mazda3 Best New Small Car (over $21k) - Mazda3 Sport Best New Family Car (under $30k)- Kia Soul Best New Family Car (over $30k)- Mazda6 Best New Luxury Car (under $50k)- Lexus IS 350 RWD Best New Luxury Car (over $50k)- Infiniti Q50 Hybrid Best New Sports/PerformanceChevrolet Corvette Stingray

Best New Prestige Car- MercedesBenz S Class Best New SUV/CUV (under $35k)- Jeep Cherokee Best New SUV/CUV ($35k to $60k)- Kia Sorento Best New SUV/CUV (over $60k)- Acura MDX Pickup- GMC Sierra Compared to the big show in Detroit, the autoshow in Toronto still keeps media hopping from press event to press event throughout the entire day. Plus, it’s not all about the super cars. In fact, Nissan Canada announced that its all-new 2015 Nissan Micra will start at just $9,998, making it the country's lowest MSRP. Great news for first-time car buyers. On the other end of the spectrum, the Mclaren P1 super car was shown off for the first time in Canada. Price, a staggering $1.2million price tag with only 375 being built. You could buy fleet of 120 Nissan Micras at that price. Also making their Canadian debut – 2015 Chevy Corvette Z06, Dodge Challenger Shaker, Nissan Sport Sedan Concept, Volvo S60 Polestar, Jaguar C-X17 Concept, Porsche Macan, Acura TLX Concept, Subaru WRX STI, Mercedes-Benz S450 and the BMW i8.

Nissan Micra starting at $9,998.

Canadian debut of the Chevy Corvette Z06

BMW i8 plug-in hybrid will cost $145,000.

Mclaren P1 exotic sportscar will set you back $1.2million.

Interior cabin of the Jaguar C-X17 Sports Crossover Concept. Photos by Ron Cantiveros | Filipino Journal

Roach wants Manny to ‘totally’ beat Bradley

Freddie Roach said Manny Pacquiao should ‘close the show and show no mercy as the Filipino boxing icon seeks to redeem himself from the controversial defeat he suffered two years ago against Timothy Bradley. The American boxing coach said he wants Pacquiao to pull off a “total and absolute victory” over Bradley when he seeks payback in their rematch on April 12. Pacquiao earlier vowed to give Bradley no room and win all rounds against the undefeated American, as the Filipino boxer appeared motivated which Roach claimed wasn’t the case in their first fight in June 2012. Roach said Pacquiao has sustained the fine form he had when he left the Philippines to resume training at the Wild Card Gym in Hollywood.

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March 2014

The pulse of the Filipino Community in Alberta, Canada

Aquino declares support to local music industry

Dubai promoter swindles Maui Taylor and Katya Santos Former Viva Hot Babes members Maui Taylor and Katya Santos claimed they have been fooled by a Filipino promoter after performing in a series of shows in Dubai last week. Taylor exposed on her Facebook account the identity of the promoter, a certain Engr. Mardilito Daya Go, who ran off with their talent fess and return plane tickets causing them to be stranded in the United Arab Emirates for more than two days.

Taylor also reposted in her Facebook page some text messages from an unidentified Filipino resident in Dubai who had filed an estafa case against Go and his wife for unpaid debts amounting to 900,000 dirham (P10.9 million). The messages further indicated that Go’s wife was detained by Dubai police on Monday and was facing The Go couple allegedly deportation because she and her swindled other Filipino artists in the husband have been staying in Dubai past, such as singer Gerald Santos illegally. Go was still at large. and the Sexbomb dance group.

Xian Lim says he enjoys his single status Hunk Xian Lim said he and Kim Chiu have very special relationship whey they agreed to keep private at the moment. Xian and Kim’s off-screen relationship has been a subject of speculation since they became onscreen partners via the 2011 ABSCBN “My Binondo Girl.” Asked about his romantic status during the recent launch of a skin product line, Xian said he is still single and felt blessed with movie and television projects coming up his way. The 24-year-old Kapamilya actor added that he’s willing to be paired with anyone to hone his versatility as an actor.

President Benigno Aquino III said the government fully supports efforts to boost the local music industry and its integral role in Philippine culture The president graced the Pinoy Music Summit on Wednesday and learned from summit organizers the current state of the industry and its issues and problems. Artists and other

Andrew Mayne wants to visit Philippines American magician-illusionistwriter Andrew Mayne said he has never been to the country and would love to visit the Philippines in his next trip. Now considered as one of the most creative magician of his generation, Mayne revealed he knows a lot of Filipinos, among them his mentors including his head magic consultant Enrico dela Vega. Mayne is the second youngest illusionist to embark on

a world tour, next to American illusionist David Copperfield. He has performed in resorts and luxury liners and has already visited Japan, Singapore, and China. On April 1, Mayne will star in a new TV series titled “Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne,” to be aired via SkyCable Lifetime Channel 65. The 13-episode series will tell different kind of stories on how magic could be used in helping people solve personal problems.

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members of the industry said that foreign music dominated over local ones. The local album sales have also declined from P2.7 billion in 1999 to P699 million in 2010 or a 75 percent drop in revenues within a decade. For his part, Aquino cited Executive Order 255 which was signed by his mother and former president Corazon Aquino in 1987. The EO aimed to promote our own music by playing on the radio at least four Filipino songs per hour. He said he further bolstered the law by ordering the National Telecommunications Commission to ensure its implementation. He also strengthened the Optical Media Board’s anti-piracy campaign, which from 2011 to 2013 resulted in the confiscation of pirated optical media products worth P3 billion


The pulse of the Filipino Community in Alberta, Canada

March 2014

Horoscope Your achievements will be encouraged by friends and supporters and they could bring along some enhanced popularity. In March you’ll have an advantage from joint projects and from those related to actions that put together people who are motivated by shared interests or aspirations.

You’re feeling low, you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. You have a close friend you can confide in, don’t hide away. Things are never as bad as they seem. Keep your chin up and towards the future instead of dwelling on the past.

You may be making changes in your job/profession, in your relationships with colleagues and co-workers, health and diet. There may be some mental strain, or perhaps financial difficulties, particularly relating to held-up payments that are still pending, salaries, servants, health and employee benefits or perhaps a bad debt and/or a check.

You still need to learn to relate better with others, but now it’s more on the intimate and personal level – the exchange of ideas, innermost thoughts, personal beliefs rather than the emotions.

The possible medical or professional problems of the person besides you can alter your personal harmony, and the same can happen if you have to face together some obstacles coming from the outside or some unpleasant and burdening obligations.

Once again, you’ll have to focus your attention on money matters (legacies, trusts, loans or fund-raising) even though there may still be some health problems nagging at you. Pending matters may come to an end; there could be a death, a legacy causing you sorrow and joy/relief at the same time.

This is a very playful period of the year, when you are inspired creatively and emotionally. After a period of selfprotectiveness, you are now more spontaneous and more willing to take risks. A rich, fruitful and happy phase comes to you and you’re enjoying it.

A time when you will truly need to “walk the talk”, stand by your beliefs and convictions. You will have a lot on your plate and most of it will pertain to money – both for immediate needs and future gains. Financial matters become important or at least the main focus, but good moves have to be thought out.

You don’t have to be a genius to put things together and draw a conclusion: in March 2014 your relationships will develop well. A lot of hard work, rather difficult to do, but with accordingly great satisfactions.

Now the focus shifts on people and relationships, ranging from personal to platonic to just professional. You will realize that to help you achieve success your people skills need to be honed. You will need to be sharp-witted and alert in order to identify potential (or even actual) threats to your welfare/ progress.

House or office may require renovation, refurbishing or expansion. Perhaps even a shift for either the office home factory/workplace. You want working conditions that satisfy you in every way, physically, technically and in the prevailing atmosphere and will take pains to achieve just that.

It might be a good time to make a thorough scrutiny of the real you, an honest assessment of your face, figure, health and assets and seek to implement a make-over where necessary.

PAHALANG 1 Panghalip 5 Idilat 11 Modo 12 Tagalog: To join 13 Pangalang babae 14 Utak 15 Litis 16 Napuna 17 Pinalinisan ang maruming damit 19 Ilaw ng tahanan

PABABA 20 United State of America 21 Israel Military Industries 24 Tinanggihan 26 Ibaba 29 Tagalog: Value 30 Kakalkula 31 Parte ng manok 32 Niluto sa baga 33 Panghalip 34 Motor 35 Kakaning may hipon

1 Pitaka

22 Mangakin

2 Kriminal

23 Isinakripisyo


24 Ibura

Pangalang babae

4 Iluto

25 Anunsyo

5 Isinasakatuparan

26 Kulay


27 Uri ng tela

Matiyap ang panahon

7 Tanong

28 Kuwarta

8 Dagdag 9 Abang 10 Palayaw ng babae 18 Solusyonan 21 Idilig

Volunteer Photographers Wanted Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer & Fort McMurray

The Filipino communities are growing in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer & Fort McMurray. More & more events being passed along our way, we are looking to complement our team with volunteer photographers to cover all those events. As with any community newspaper, we focus on local events such as community gatherings, picnics, sporting events, press conferences, dinners. Some gigs can be as quick as 15-20 minutes and other can be long, painful & boring. Our goal is to find photographers that we can assign work to on any given story. The majority of the events are during the evenings and weekend. As far as compensation is concerned, we’re offering several options and considerations: 1. promotional compensation with photo credits on all photography used in our print and online editions. 3. advertising compensation with supporting photography services ad in our print edition. 4. royalties on any photographs sold through our website (in development). Interested photographers can submit their name and portfolio to

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8 6 7

5 7

6 9 4

2 1

5 9

9 1 3 8

8 6 4 1 4

4 Daily Sudoku: Thu 28-Nov-2013

6 9

7 2 5


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Volunteer photographers needed. Build your portfolio or use your expertise to aid the Filipino Journal by photographing special events and concerts. Must have own equipment and transportation. Photo editing skills would be helpful but not required.

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very hard

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The pulse of the Filipino Community in Alberta, Canada

March 2014


Sir Knight Ferdie & Lady Merle Mendita Celebrate 30th Wedding Anniversary


n March 3, 2014, Brother Knight Ferdie & Lady Merle Mendita of Edmonton renewed their marriage vows in the sacrament of Holy Matrimony at St. John Evangelist Church. The anniversary was witnessed by the couple's families, relatives and the Knight of Columbus community. Ferdie Mendita is the newly elected State Warden of Alberta & Northwest Territories. Receptions followed at the Continental Inn.

Ferdie & Merle surprised their daughter Rosemarie with the birthday cake.

Sir Knight Ferdie & Lady Merle.

L-R Honi & Girlie Nitoral, Ferdie & Merle, Hermie Angeles, Gemmalyn, Wilf Ladores & Jun Angeles.

Ferdie & Merle with family.

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Gentlemen Knights

Ladies with the celebrant couple of the night.

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The pulse of the Filipino Community in Alberta, Canada

March 2014

Is it ‘Binggoy’ in 2016?




ith the 2016 presidential elections still two years away, presidential and vice-presidential wannabes have already started jockeying for positions to succeed President Benigno “P-Noy” Aquino III and

Vice President Jejomar “Jojo” Binay. Among the presidential hopefuls, Binay has been promoting himself for the presidential job since his election as Vice President in 2010. For someone who had expressed a desire to be become President long before the 2010 elections, Binay had a chance of winning the 2010 presidential elections until September 2009 when Aquino decided to run after the death of his mother, the late President Cory Aquino. But his chances were further diminished when his good friend, former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada, joined the presidential race. Their entry hit Jojo with a double whammy. Noynoy (P-Noy) and Erap were close to Jojo, particularly Noynoy whom he considered a family friend. “Binay got Noynoy’s back,” an Aquino family member once said.

Debt of gratitude Binay’s relationship with the Aquino family goes back to Cory’s revolutionary government following the toppling of the Marcos dictatorship in 1986. Jojo was one of Cory’s first appointed local officials whom she appointed as Officer-inCharge (OIC) of Makati. He was elected Mayor in 1988 and reelected in 1992 and 1995. Termed out in 1998, then-President Erap Estrada appointed him as Chairman of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority. In 2001, Jojo ran again for Mayor of Makati, and handily won. He was reelected in 2004 and 2007. It was most likely that Binay’s close relationship with the Aquino and Estrada families made him defer his presidential ambitions in 2010. If that was the case, it was a way of repaying his debt of gratitude – utang na loob – to Cory and Erap. However, it can also be argued that he would have lost had he ran against Noynoy and Erap in May 2010. That election resulted in Noynoy’s election and Erap placing second. But Jojo didn’t completely opt out of the race. He ran as Erap’s vice presidential running mate against Noynoy’s running mate, Mar Roxas. Indeed, Jojo played his hand with two aces in the hole: If Noynoy and himself had won, he’d be one step closer to the presidency and likewise if Erap and himself had won. But as it turned out, a group consisting of Aquino’s family members, friends, and cronies ran a clandestine campaign, which teamed up Noynoy and Jojo (Noy-Bi). NoyBi was in direct competition with the Liberal Party’s campaign for an Aquino-Roxas (Noy-Mar) tandem. The question is: did Noynoy know and encourage the Noy-Bi campaign and throw his running mate under the bus? Considering that Mar withdrew his presidential bid in 2010 to make way for Noynoy’s candidacy, it makes one wonder if there is such as thing as utang na loob in politics?

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P-Noy’s dilemma Now, with Roxas expected to run for President in 2016 – although he claimed he was not going to – it would pit him against Jojo, again… just like in 2010. Since P-Noy (Noynoy) and his good friend Mar belong to the Liberal Party – just like they were in 2010 – and since P-Noy is the titular head of the Liberal Party, supporting Mar’s presidential bid would be the right thing to do. But then again, P-Noy – just like in 2010 – would have the same dilemma; that is, who would he support – Jojo or Mar? However, he can avoid the agony of making a choice between Jojo and Mar by declaring his neutrality, and just let the Noy-Bi and Noy-Mar groups do the dirty work for their respective candidates. Meanwhile, speculation is abound about who would be Roxas’s running mate should he decide to run? Among them are Sen. Chiz Escudero and P-Noy’s sister, entertainment star Kris Aquino. While both of them deny the rumors floating around, the possibility of a Mar-Kris ticket is gaining traction. If a Mar-Kris ticket becomes a reality, P-Noy would most likely support and campaign for the ticket. Mar-Kris, Binay-Kris However, like what happened in 2010 where two groups – Noy-Bi and Noy-Mar – commonly supported Aquino but differed on his running mate, what would preclude a similar scenario from happening? If Kris would indeed run for Vice President as Mar’s running mate, could it be possible that two new groups – Mar-Kris and BinayKris – would commonly support Kris for Vice President and divided between Mar and Binay for President? If so, history could be – somewhat -- repeating itself with a Binay-Kris victory. Poor Mar! Is he going to be thrown under the bus… again? Recently, Binay, chairman of Partido Demokratikong PilipinoLakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban), announced that he is leaving PDPLaban due to internal rifts, which he did not elaborate. He said that he is

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going to build a brand new political party to carry his presidential bid. He also said that his new political party would apply for membership in the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) coalition, which he helped build in 2013 with Erap and Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile (known as the “Three Kings”). But as soon as he made the announcement, PDP-Laban broke away from UNA. Last March 7, he confirmed that Sen. Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada (Erap’s son) and Batangas Gov. Vilma SantosRecto were among those who are being considered to become his vice presidential running mate. Jinggoy was elated, saying, “I’m just happy to be one of those being considered.” But Vilma said she was too busy governing the province of Batangas and has no plans of running for any office. Binggoy ticket Although a Binay-Jinggoy – or “Binggoy” for short -- ticket had been anticipated since the formation of the UNA coalition in 2012, Jinggoy’s alleged involvement in Janet LimNapoles’ P10-billion pork barrel scam would be a distraction to the Binggoy ticket. And with plunder charges filed against Jinggoy -- together with Enrile, and Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla III – it could damage the credibility of Binay whose popularity had been consistently rated “very good.” Simply put, Jinggoy doesn’t have anything to contribute to a Binggoy victory, which makes one wonder why Binay would choose Jinggoy to be his running mate? For one thing, corruption scandals are things that Binay should stay away from; they could sink his ship. While Binay could still win the presidency regardless of how Jinggoy performs in the elections, there is no guarantee that he could pull it; he is taking a big risk of being pulled down by Jinggoy. But the reverse could also be true; that is, Jinggoy could ride the coattails of Binay, which begs the question: Is it Binggoy in 2016? Perhaps… unless Kris joins the race and that would certainly be a game changer.

The pulse of the Filipino Community in Alberta, Canada

March 2014

by Gem & Lita Anis

The Oberammergau Experience he quaint Bavarian Alps village of Oberammergau is world famous for three things - its production of the oncea-decade Passion Play, its 500 yearold handicraft of wood carving and the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) School. People go there in all seasons to enjoy also the mountains particularly The Kofel with its distinctive white head topped by a cross, the picturesque houses adorned with colourful frescoes and the magnificent Linderhof Palace of King Ludwig II. With a population of 5,254 occupying an area of 30.06 sq. kms. Oberammergau is a quiet municipality in the district of GarmishPartenkirchen in Bavaria, Germany. Quite noticeable as we get around walking in this relatively small town are facades of houses and buildings that are decorated with "Luftmalerei" - colourful and attractive frescoes and painted mural-type illustrations mostly of biblical significance. We find wood carving shops almost on every street corner and alleway selling a variety of


wood artefacts from household items to figures of saints, angels, crosses, and nativity scenes. A usual souvenir is a wooden crucifix or wooden clocks - cuckoo clock or Bavarian clock which runs differently opposite the conventional clocks. The handicraft of wood carving which had made Oberammergau already famous before the Passion Play is inextricably linked to the cultural history of the village. Oberammergau reminds us of Paete, Laguna, the "Carving Capital of the Philippines", the home of craftsmen highly skilled in the centuries-old tradition of wood carving. If you are visiting Oberammergau in a year ending with zero (0) it will be all about the Passion Play performed as a tradition every ten years since 1634 when the alpine village of Oberammergau was threatened by the deadly and contagious disease known as Black Bubonic Plague that scourged continental Europe killing two-thirds of the population of Germany. The people of Oberammergau vowed that if God spared them from the plague they would re-enact the agony of Jesus

A scene from the Passion Play.

Gem & Lita at an Oberammergau churchyard.

Christ. The village was miraculously saved from the ravages of the Black Death and since that date the play has been performed once every ten years from May to October at the open-air stage of Passion Play Theatre. The play, portraying the Passion of Christ from his triumphant entry into the city of Jerusalem until his death on the Cross to the Resurrection, involves approximately 2,400 actors, singers, musicians, and technicians. Only people born in the village or those who are married into the village, or who have lived there for 20 years are allowed to participate in the show. The play is usually 7 hours long with a meal break but due to the many revisions through the years the 102

performances from 15 May to 03 October in 2010 have a running time of only 5 hours starting at 2:30 pm and ending at 10:00 pm, with a dinner break in between. If you intend to see the Passion Play you have to wait until 2020!. The only one of its kind in the world is located in Oberammergau, the NATO School, a training facility on the operational level that "conducts multinational military education and individual training in support of current and developing NATO missions and operations, strategies, policies, doctrines, and procedures". (Established in 1948 with headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, the NATO is an intergovernmental military alliance

The Linderhof Royal Castle.

Oberammergau - painted mural.

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21 of 28 member states across North America and Europe.) Lying in a secluded village close to Oberammergau is the magnificent Linderhof Castle (Schloss Linderhof) with its huge fountain and formal gardens on all sides. It is the only one of Bavarian King Ludwig II's dream castle finished before his death used as his reclusive holiday residence. From the Olympic city of Munich we reach Oberammergau by car by going south of the city and then take Autobahn A-95 to Ettal exit and from there on the B-23 to Oberammergau. Obermmeragu is an unforgettable travel experience of history and tradition!


The pulse of the Filipino Community in Alberta, Canada

March 2014

The Reality Behind Falsity


Lesson-Driven Perspective Lito Mendoza Velasco Lito Velasco, Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy A homoviator, a catalyst of change. He moves in the light of his Philosophical, Political and Theological backgrounds. He loves challenges and believes he learns and improves his critical thinking from those challenges.

elatively, whatever does not conform with the previously accepted maxim or reality is leading to falsity. Falsity, in this case, is the rejection of the truth or the just the negation of what is Right. In the academe, the False statement is merely the refutation of the opposite. Writing either T or F on your Test Paper that does not jibe with the Truth in the mind of your professor would mean a failure to get the right answer, and therefore, tantamount to a failing grade. And in the offices and any other licensing institutions, whoever tampered the existing documents pertaining the factual truth is committing the case as the falsification of the legal documents. In the workplace, try not to perform your task and you would surely be castigated for not abiding with your job description. Try not to please your bosses and you would certainly be reprimanded. In these scenarios, truth are two-sided: The truth and not the truth. If A is true; then, B is False and vice versa. Thus, there are two opposing realities. Both of them are truth-bearing realities. There is even a reality behind falsity. That, it is true that the other

is wrong as the action being taken is not accorded to the standard maxim or norm. Nevertheless, the other is true because he is the boss. This truth is what we called authoritative truth--dictatorial. On the other hand, in Logic, Statistics, metaphysics, and any Scientology, whatever that cannot be met by the naked eyes can always be questioned and therefore one may ask for the validity of the gathered facts through or by the presentation of the vital evidences to prove its credibility: "Esse est percipe--To be is to be perceived." However, Can the truth always require to be perceived and investigated in order to exist? Obviously, the answer is no. The quantity and quality of the truth can only be measured depending upon the capacity of the perceiver to comprehend. It also depends on the knower's interest and desire on the matter. Demography can prove it. Objectively, the Truth per se, can exist independently of our mind. Its existence, therefore, doesn't have to be known, investigated and proven in order to exist; i.e., the ontological validity of truth.

The Moral as well as Legal Leading Principle: "The truth is prevailing." How true is it? When is it true? Can we speak of the truth and nothing but the truth without speaking about its contrary? Indeed, whatever exist, exists with a purpose. Wow, purpose-driven! But, what is the motive? Have you tried drawing-out the truth by conducting a survey; have you attended and listened attentively to the Court-Hearings-and-Proceedings? Have you been to the prison cells and tried to conduct an interview with more than a half of the prisoner's population? Isn't it true that real criminals are at large and continuously committing crime? Now, granting that there are a few (influential) real culprits that have been sentenced to serve the verdict; Isn't it true that these influential criminals are receiving extra-ordinary treatment inside the jail? Or, who knows: maybe, they are not inside the jail. Can you still remember who those influential people are? That, after being sentenced, they could still be able to win the Elections while inside the jail; others are outside and still running the government. Is it exclusively happening in the Philippines? Maybe not! In the Ethical parlance, what can you say about the noble institution--a known institution, that is still keeping a supervisor who allegedly harassed one of the helpless ladies in his department. I used the word "alleged" as I haven't heard testimonies from the other victims yet. Nevertheless, I will make it sure that the moment I have established all the vital and necessary evidences against this opportunistic guy, then, I would bring this to the knowledge of the public. I am not scared because I have kept the victim's testimony, and will not be afraid if his act of lasciviousness would be fairly paid attention by the proper authorities. But, how can the truth on this matter be prevailing if these proper agencies have just taken the complaint for granted. Look, I even tried accompanying the victim and her husband to her employer to bring the Letter of Complaint against the supervisor. We even tried to bring this case to the knowledge of the Harassment Board and some of the trusted institutions which are known to protecting the rights of women and laborers, but we just became dismayed and hopeless. Instead, the victim is has been continuously receiving forms of harassments from the other end. The good point, the victim is being encouraged by the employer to come back to work. The sad point, she will be working with the same supervisor or will be sent to the other department where the chances of crossing-ways with the harasser is quite possible. Isn't this reality stressful and very intimidating? Last time, I exposed what's going on with one of the victims of harassment and exploitation in Fernie, BC. I even had a professional correspondence with some of the bosses who tried to verbally discriminate their subordinates. I noticed that they are now becoming aware that we are all human beings and needed to be treated accordingly. They have certainly learned a lesson. We also have too. Truth is upon the reach of our hands. Everybody has the right to fight for this truth. But, fighting for the truth would mean that there is an adversary on the other side to protect one's right from the other. So, what's the measuring stick? Who should be the principal witness? Is the tribunal's judgment through the Court's Proceedings ever final? Just remember, the truthfulness or falsity of anything or phenomena truly lies on the object itself. There is no objective nothingness or falsity. Nothingness can only be realized when something exists. One may only be false or wrong when the truth exists. They are both truth-bearing realities; therefore, both are real. The one is self-existent and self-evident, while the other exists obviously dependent upon the mind (Esse est percipe). The point is: the other is good and the other is negative evil. Objectively, only the criminal absolutely knows that he is a real or true criminal. Subjectively, the victim has to have witnesses in order to validate the evidences so that the culprit be apprehended the moment he refuses to admit his offense. Lesson1: "It is better to do the right thing than to explain why you did it wrong." Lesson2: "When encountering an opposition, overcome it by reasoning and not by authority." Lesson3: "The welfare of the people is the supreme law."

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March 2014

The pulse of the Filipino Community in Alberta, Canada

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The pulse of the Filipino Community in Alberta, Canada

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14-02-19 12:59 PM

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Filipino Journal Alberta Edition March 2014  
Filipino Journal Alberta Edition March 2014  

Filipino Journal Alberta Edition March 2014