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the Big Day 3 Your Special Day 4 Picking the Perfect Dress 4 Editor’s Message 5 A Peek Into Aldo Formal wear 6 Stick to Your Budget 6 High School Sweethearts: Jane & Honesto 2011 Wonderful Wedding Show

7 Bottle & Cork 8 Money Matters 8 My Proposal Story: Derick & Rosciel 11 Wedding Planning Made Easy 12 Wedding Announcement 13 Keeping the Filipino Tradition Alive 14 Dreams do come true... in God’s time!: Joycee & Ryan 14 Myra & Mike Valmonte 15 Marriage Profile: A Love Story

15 Wedding Profile:

Small vs. Big Wedding


Glenda Ollero & Evan Matrick 16 Do your homework before you commit to a photographer! Make Your Wedding Day Remembered Through The Years

18 John & Melanie

Wedding 19 Marriage Profile: Jerilyn & Ryan Bineau

Industry Profile:ALyST


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Before the Big Day By Eman Agpalza

“No one wants to look at their pictures and say Oh my God, I look fat!” says Marie Olave about her motivation to lose some weight before her wedding date. “Those pictures last a lifetime,” she adds. For couples planning a wedding, some may say the weight of wedding preparations is enough to keep them from lifting the weight in the gym. But the benefit of being in shape transcends looking immaculate on that special date. “I would love to live to see our future children grow up and have children of their own. We don't want to have to deal with medical bills or have to take medication for the rest of our lives,” says Kimberly Galupe, a pharmacy technician who is engaged to marry Philip Lacap on May 28, 2011. “In order to have a happy and healthy life together, you need to be healthy individuals from start to finish,” says Paul Taylor, owner and head trainer of the Brickhouse Gym.

Taylor adds that having a fitness routine before a couple decides to get married sets a standard on how they’re going to live for the rest of their lives. “It doesn’t have to be extreme, it could be small things. Nobody says you have to give up your favourite food. Just don’t have it all the time,” says Olave. Rewards are something Olave and her then fiancé, Tony Lospe, used to motivate each other. “Whoever loses the most weight gets a reward.” Olave and Lospe set a friendly competition, with the winner being the one who lost the most weight. Both dedicated one year to get in shape for their August 1, 2010 wedding date. They reached their goals six months later and maintained their weight for the rest of the year until the date of their wedding. Olave lost 23 pounds and Lospe 50, making him the challenge winner. Olave confesses and laughs, “I still owe him a snowboard.”

10 Tips to Put You in Tip-Top Shape √ 1. Have a plan and a realistic goal. “Don’t leave it ‘til crunch time to do your crunches,” says Paul Taylor, owner and head trainer of Brickhouse Gym. √ 2. Makes subtle substitutes. Choose brown or multi-grain for your bread choice and opt for a salad instead of fries. √ 3. It’s about teamwork. Encourage each other and celebrate each other’s successes, and exercise together when your schedule permits it. √ 4. Don’t forget to hydrate. Make water your number one beverage of choice. Carry your own water container and be eco-friendly. √ 5. Have smaller portions for you and your partner. There’s an argument that men think they can burn fat quicker than women. They’re still arguing about that... √ 6. Go on a date to treat yourselves. If you want ice cream, go out to an ice cream parlour. But don’t buy a tub of ice cream to take home or it will be hard to resist the temptation. √ 7. Mix it up. It doesn’t have to be all weight training or on the bike. You can also do yoga or join a dodgeball team with your friends. √ 8. Cheat on your would-be spouse – just kidding. If you can’t be with the person you’re going to marry, invite a friend or family member to join you at the gym. A partner can spot you and keep you accountable for making it there, which some say is half the battle. √ 9. Start a friendly competition between you and your sweetheart. The prize could make for a nice prewedding present. √ 10. One size fits soon. Cliché, but buying a piece of clothing one size smaller will encourage you to lose the pounds, and you’ll have something new to show off your rockin’ bod in. Like on us

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Your Special Day...

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience, full of beauty, magic and love. Let our wedding team plan, organize and carry out your wedding so you and your family can enjoy the full experience leading up to and on your big day.

Canad Inns Destination Centre Garden City provides a one-stop-shop for all your wedding destination needs.

Banquet Space Made to Fit Your Event

No matter what you envision, we can make it happen. Whether you’d like an intimate gathering of 50 or a gala event of up to 360 people, Canad Inns Destination Centre Garden City has banquet spaces that will work for your wedding. We have options for linens and table settings that will suit your wedding look or theme, and our wedding teams will work with you to perfect the look of the room.

Menu Selections

Our chefs and kitchen staff have developed a series of delicious, reasonably priced banquet menu selections. We can also work with you to customize your meal to include cultural and themed cuisine. Let us know what you’re looking for, and our chefs would be happy to provide a free wedding meal tasting for you and a few selected guests.

Beverage Service

We offer flexible beverage service options, and can provide everything right down to your special champagne toast.

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We have on-site audio-visual options available to help make your wedding special. There is no need to use valuable space for projector and screen – we have builtin screens that are strategically placed to provide ideal sightlines for all guests.

Rooms & Packages

Guest room packages are available for you and your special guests upon confirmation of your wedding booking. Ask us about a group rate when confirming dates for your wedding. Upon request we can provide a group booking code or prepare group rate cards that can be mailed out with your invitations. Our Canad Inns Destination Centre features 72 deluxe guest rooms, including King Suites with separate living rooms, King Rooms with fireplaces, and Kids Theme Rooms. Families can enjoy time at Splasher’s of the South Seas Indoor Pool and Waterslide, and adults can enjoy an evening at Playmaker’s Gaming Lounge. A restaurant, a pub, a nightclub, and a beer vendor are also located within the hotel grounds.

Socials, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Rehearsal Dinners and More Our nightclubs provide the perfect night out for your wedding social and bachelor/bachelorette parties. Host your party at our newest venue, Essence, or choose from venues located throughout the city. Banquet facilities and private restaurant dining rooms are also available for wedding-related events such as gift openings, rehearsal dinners, showers, send-off brunches with your out-of-town family and friends, and more. Whatever your wedding vision, we will work with you to make it happen. Contact our Catering Manager at 204-697-6754 for more information or to book a tour today. As a special offer for readers of Filipino Bride & Groom, bring in our ad from this publication and receive a complimentary upgrade package for the bride and groom, including sparkling wine, flowers, chocolate dipped strawberries and a delicious brunch for two. Canad Inns Destination Centre Garden City 2100 McPhillips Street at Jefferson Avenue Winnipeg, MB 204-697-6754



Editor’s MESSAGE You’re well on your way of planning your wedding. But breathe. Stop. Pause. All of us at the Filipino Bride & Groom have been busy working to provide you some tips and tricks of the trade to make your wedding day that much more special.

Manuel F Sousa Photography Lindy Grace De Castro



Contributors Editor-in-Chief Meryl Kaye De Leon

Article Contributors Eman Agpalza Janis Schellenberg Brian Bulos Glenda Ollero Elena Anciro

Whether you’re in a rush to find that perfect dress, deciding to have a big or small wedding, or whether you’re lost on how to stick to your budget, we’ve tried to answer questions that any bride or groom will have.


We sincerely hope that you enjoy this issue and that you’ll find some key nuggets of information to take along with you on your special day.

Twinkle Reyes Photography

Happy planning!

Manuel F Sousa Photography Nghia Tran Photography Moore Photoraphy Ron Cantiveros Photography

Sugar & Soul Photography


Meryl Kaye De Leon

Molave Publishing Company,


Inc. Canada



Le Quan Tu & Jomel Yabut

5 tips you need to follow before buying your wedding dress

July 25, 2009 St. Edwards Church, 818 Arlington St Reception: Kum Koon Garden

By: Janis Schellenberg

Photograph: Manuel F Sousa Photography Photo Location: St. Boniface Cathedral

Buying your wedding dress can be the single most stressful aspect of your wedding, because there is so much pressure for it to be perfect. So we’ve decided to help you out and ease off that dress stress with some tips before you purchase that wedding dress.

1. Have an idea of what style you want and be open to trying different

styles. Trust your bridal consultant since they have a good idea of what type of dresses look good on body types.

2. Know what the tone of your wedding will be. Will it take place outside,

inside, or will it be casual, or formal? This will determine what style of dress you should keep your eye on. Also, take in to account what your groom will be wearing. If he is casual, you should be too.

3. Don’t bring a large group of people along with you to the bridal salon.

The more people you bring along, the more stress you’ll feel because too many opinions can confuse you and stray you away from what you actually want. Make sure everyone you choose to bring is aware of what you want and will help you find that. Your bridal party and parents should be there for support and encouragement.

4. Figure out your budget ahead of time and don’t try anything on that you

can’t afford. By doing this, you’ll save yourself from a broken heart, and a broken bank account. If you’re paying for the dress, tell the sales person your budget, and that there are no exceptions. If your parents or someone else is paying for your dress, make sure you find out their budget so you don’t get your heart set on a dress that is too expensive.

5. Know what bridal salons you want to go to before you take everyone

with you. Call each salon and make appointments, because they all have varying hours. This way, you’ll get the consultant’s full attention, making your shopping experience a little smoother. The most important thing to remember before going shopping for your dress is to be prepared and know what you want. Doing that will make your experience wonderful and you will feel confident and relaxed.


Editorial & Publisher’s Notice The Premier Edition of the FILIPINO BRIDE AND GROOM is published in Winnipeg, Manitoba by Molave Publishing Company Inc., also publisher of the Filipino Journal, a community newspaper since 1987. The FILIPINO BRIDE AND GROOM is published once a year. Content published in our publication do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editor nor publisher. Submissions to Molave Publishing Company Inc. and its associated publications are welcome and are subject to the discretion of the editor. Molave Publishing Company Inc. retains all rights to all submissions. No part of this publication may be produced in whole or in part without the expressed written consent of the publisher. Advertisements designed, set and produced by Molave Publishing Company Inc., as well as the pictures, graphics, filler art and feature articles, news content are the property of Molave Publishing Company Inc.. Any reproduction is strictly prohibited. How to contact us: Mailing Address: 46 Pincarrow Road Winnipeg , MB R3Y 1E3 Telephone: (204) 489-8894 Fax: (204) 489-1575

Email: Website:

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A Peek Into

Aldo Formal Wear

A one-stop shop for grooms and their entourages


By: Brian Bulos

or over 25 years, many Winnipeg grooms have been getting married in custom tailored tuxedos and suits rented from

Aldo Formal Wear located at 310 Notre Dame Ave. Aldo Formal Wear specializes in rentals, carrying top designers like Perry Ellis, Jean Yves, Oscar de la Renta, Geoffrey Beene, and more. They also provide top-notch made-to-measure tailoring services that guarantee for any groom to look great, but also feel comfortable on his special day. “We’re tailors that concentrate on rentals,” says owner Reynaldo Lozano of the shop he opened over 27 years ago. Aldo Formal Wear is a one-stop-shop for a groom, his groomsmen, and even little boys in the wedding party. They offer tuxedos, suits, shirts, shoes, and accessories. “We do the whole nine-yards,” says Lozano as he points at the selection of dress shoes he carries in-store. When Lozano first opened his business in 1983, he received a lot of support from the Filipino community, and while this is still the case today, Lozano says Aldo Formal Wear is also gaining a lot of recognition in other communities throughout the city. On an average summer week, Lozano says he caters to the needs of up to a dozen grooms and their entourages. However, this doesn’t affect the degree of service Lozano strives to provide for his customers.

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Wayne Santos, who tied the knot with his wife Christine last July in a tuxedo rented from Aldo Formal Wear says, “I was looking for a specific color and style and they did a great job finding the right one.” “Service is number one,” says Lozano, and that’s why he believes it’s important to set himself apart from his competitors. Aldo Formal Wear is currently the only store to carry inventory in-house, whereas competitors order from catalogues. Add the fact that Aldo Formal Wear also provides tailors on site, it’s easy for any groom

to be fitted and suited to perfection. “I really enjoyed the tuxedo,” Santos says “It was very contemporary, it had amazing quality, and the most obvious and most important thing to me was that it was comfortable. There was never a part of my wedding day that I thought about my tux and was worried about how it looked or how it felt.” For Lozano, it’s all part of the job. “I love to dress people, and enjoy servicing the community at the same time.”



Set a Budget & Stick to It

Your Wedding on Your Budget

High School Sweethearts

Jane & Honesto

By: Janis Schellenberg

Budgeting for your upcoming wedding can appear to be a daunting task, but if you take your time and have patience, your wedding will not only be on budget, but also look fabulous and impress all your guests.

Here are four important tips to keep in mind while planning your wedding on a budget.

1. Time

The more time you have between the engagement proposal and actual wedding date, the easier it will be to stay on budget. With more time, you can spend a longer period searching for the right caterer, photographer, decorations, etc. for your wedding. If you’re on a short time line, you’re limiting who is available on your special day and will have to settle on their price.

2. Be realistic

Before you set your budget, determine how many guests you will have and write down each name. Don’t just say “about 200 people” because that number is not realistic once you start breaking down your guests. Also, shop around and price items out before you set a hard and fast budget. Look into photographers; venues; dresses; and tuxes; then see if your taste matches your budget. If you find it doesn’t, then you either need to adjust your budget or spend more time finding what you want in your price range.


e were high school sweethearts meant to be together. Honesto proposed on October 8, 2005 at The Forks, immediately after we returned from our trip to Mexico. We decided to get married in the autumn as the leaves begin to turn colour and we chose to share this special day with family and friends at Bridges Golf Course in Starbuck, MB on September 29, 2007. Although, we decided to get married by a Justice of Peace, we love the Filipino wedding ceremony traditions so we decided to incorporate this into our wedding. It was a late afternoon outdoor ceremony with appetizers, cocktails and the reception to follow in the clubhouse. To make our wedding day even more memorable, we wanted to have our late siblings Anthony Lucky Prince Pangan and Andrea Liberty Manlig to be a part of our wedding in spirit. Their pictures were blown up and placed in easels where we made our vows. In addition, we decided to take dancing lessons through Arthur Murray Dance Studio so that we could perform two dances for our guests. Our special day was filled with love, laughter, tears and joy and we feel so fortunate to be sharing our lifetime together. - Submitted by Jane

3. Be creative

Being creative doesn't mean you have to be crafty or artsy, it means looking in non-traditional places for items for your wedding. Antique shops might house the perfect decorations, online retailers could have the perfect bridesmaid dresses or local shops could have just the right thing too. One of the best resources for stylish, unique and well-priced items for your wedding can be found on Etsy is perfect for finding great jewelry, shoes, dresses, decorations and wedding favours. Another way to be creative is with your photography. Most couples often end up paying upwards of $3,000 for photographs, but it doesn't have to be that way. Many brides are turning to "hobby photographers" – photographers who take photographs as their hobby and they may have taken a class or two. These photographers are goldmines because they are great at what they do, and are often free during peak wedding season. But before you book them, make sure their photography style matches your taste and that you like their work.

4. Decide what is important to you

You and your fiancé need to sit down and discuss what is most important to you on your wedding day. Do you want amazing food and non-stop wine? Do you want a show stopping dress and accessories? How important is the venue? By doing this you will know what most of your money should be spent on.


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Doing things together


he big day is fast approaching. You've ordered the flowers, picked up the rings and reserved the tuxedos. But what about the wine for the reception? As Manitoba's only bulk wine facility, the Bottle & Cork can help. Located in the Madison Square Liquor Mart, the Bottle & Cork offers quality wines from Australia, Argentina and California all at a great price. The expert staff at the Bottle & Cork will work with you to ensure that your experience is seamless. And fun. "We find that most brides and grooms come in together kAdFilipinoBrdGrm.indd 1 to bottle their wine," says Jack Ackland, one of the Bottle & Cork experts. "But if they're purchasing six to eight cases, sometimes the family and wedding party helps out. Everyone has fun". If you're not sure what kind of wine you might like for your wedding, you can sample our five varietals to narrow down your options. Once you have made your selections, you can mix and match your cases. And since there is only a minimum of 12 bottles, the Bottle & Cork can help with both small and large weddings. Tracy Jones, another Bottle & Cork expert says the free customized labels are a big draw. "While you are filling your bottles, we will custom print labels for your wedding. Brides love it. It adds a nice little touch to the table and the event". With several designs to choose from, there are plenty of label options for the happy couple. The Bottle & Cork staff can also help you determine just the right amount of wine required for the big day. "It varies by customer," says Jack. "Some folks have larger receptions that require several cases and some that only require one. And since the wines are a great price, there is a solution for everyone's budget." The bottles, corks, labels and wine are all in one central area. It's fun, fast and rewarding.

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Please drink responsibly - Moderation taste

®™ Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne, Inc. and The Manitoba Li

Here’s our Bottle & Cork checklist. You’ll agree that it’s easier than you thought.

Step 1

Clean the bottles at the rinsing station

Step 2

Step 4

Cork your bottles at the cork kiosk (the corks are free)

Tell your future spouse how beautiful/ handsome they are

Step 5

Fill your wine bottles up at the varietal casks (careful to slow down near the top of the bottle)

Step 6

Step 3

Tell your future spouse how much you love them Place your newly filled bottles in the supplied case

Step 7

Offer to carry the wine to the car

Step 8 Enjoy

For more information about the Bottle & Cork, visit us at or call 987-4060


BIG DAY Flowers. Hair. Dress. Honeymoon. Wine. It’s all in the details. We’re the Bottle & Cork, Manitoba’s only bulk wine facility. With FREE customized labels, great value, expert service and quality wines, we can help. Add the Bottle & Cork to your wedding check list. You’ll be glad you did. And so will your guests.

1600 Ness in Madison Square 987- 4060

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Please drink responsibly - Moderation tastes so much better ®™ Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne, Inc. and The Manitoba Liquor Control Commission

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23/02/11 9:12 AM 7


Money Matters

What you need to do, together, before tying the knot


ou’re planning your wedding and you’re busy with all the details of your big day. But before you tie the knot, make sure you discuss your financial matters with your partner. Venice Anne Ugalde, a financial advisor, says that its important to review your finances as a couple before you get married. “Take the time to plan together for your future,” says Ugalde. “Just as you’re going to do for your wedding, you should take the same amount of time to sit down and review your finances together.” She says that it’s good to have an understanding of your partner’s financial health including their debt, savings, and goals. “Your partner’s financial health income is going to have an impact on your life if you are going to apply on joint loans,” says Ugalde, especially on big-ticket purchase items like a house and a vehicle. She advises that every couple should take the time to sit down and have a look at their short and long term goals and outline how they’re going to achieve their goals. Ugalde often advises her clients to pay themselves first. She says that it’s best to save at least 10 per cent of your income to put towards savings. “Pay yourself first before you pay your bills just in case for that rainy day or if something happens.” She also advises for couples to build their spending and savings plan. “If they have a plan, they can enjoy the freedom of not having to worry financially if one of them were to lose their job, or if one of them gets sick,” says Ugalde. “It takes off a burden.”

My Proposal Story


Derick & Rosciel

t all started by what they call “love at first sight”, by attending our friends debut 6 years ago. And until now, (thank God) we are still together after we face so many obstacles in our life. Going through thicks and thins, ups and downs, and with happiness and sorrows. At an early age, I have dreams already of having a big happy family. A family that is bound by love, happiness, respect, and fear of God. And with these dreams, I am blessed with a wonderful lady, Rosciel, that continuous to support and believe in me. She brings out the best in me and understands me despite of my imperfections and love me unconditionally. I could not ask for more. I can’t wait any longer to be with her, to live our life to the fullest as we go through our ventures as husband and wife. So to make it short, I planned my proposal to happen in “Top in the World” Tower in Las Vegas while we are in business conference. At first I was nervous as I don’t know what will be the end result as every proposing man wants it to be all perfect. Good thing, everything fell into place. As we were having our dinner at the “Top of the World” Restaurant, while over viewing the wonderful Las Vegas Strip, with the diamond ring that I am proud off- I popped the question, “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”. Tears of happiness suddenly overwhelmed us. And the rest of the night was simply unforgettable. I am sure that these memories of us two will be pass to our children, grand children, and who knows, even to our great grand children. So to my honey- Rosciel, I love you so much. Excited on our wedding next year. - Submitted by Derick

TIPS: • Save a minimum of 10 per cent of what you earn. You work hard for your money why not let your money work for you. Putting it in an investment is a good choice. • Set a budget for your expenses. • Live within your means and try not to spend more than you make. • Consider having an allowance for personal items. Keeping certain finances separate is not necessarily a bad thing when you get married. 8

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2011 Wonderful Wedding Show


he Wonderful Wedding Show is one of the most anticipated shows all year for many blushing brides and the grooms that are all too happy to join them. With over 400 exhibitors, the show can be overwhelming for many brides and bridal parties. Yet, it’s an efficient way to review the wedding service providers in Winnipeg. Here’s a small sample of the Filipino owned & operated business along with some of our valued advertisers at the Wonderful Wedding Show.

Aldo Formal & Tailors

Sugar Blooms and Cakes

Alyst Creative Papiere & More

South Beach Casino and Resort

More photos from the Wonderful Wedding Show on

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Provici Cosmetics

Jerry Vergel Photography

Canad Inns

Wedding Supplier: Photos by AJ Marcelino | Fashion Show: Photos by Ron Cantiveros



Make Your Wedding Day Remembered Through The Years


he Filipino psyche has been known with its predilection for collecting mementos to remind them of something. In centuries past and in many cultures, it was believed that the bride and groom bring good luck and everything they touched was charmed or blessed. Call it a unique attitude to cling to the beautiful and amusing memories of yesteryears. But wherever the Filipino spirit is, whether during foreign sojourn or a mere visit to a parochial unsophisticated place hitherto unseen, expect that an object or two will be collected, haggled, bought, or asked for to serve as souvenir items. Family occasion and private or public gatherings are not exempted, for the host is expected to provide keepsakes so that every guest will have something to bring home to remind them of their honorable presence in that occasion.

A 3” x 5” flower-shaped candle holder made from Philippine Capiz shell which can be placed at the table of guests or wedding sponsors (from motifs and memories) http://mm920.

Capiz coasters wrapped in banig box with ribbon and tag (from motifs and memories)

A table top wind chime as a lucky charm for the newly weds. The material is made of wood and aluminum tubing, wrapped in Manila hemp (abaca bag) with tag and ribbon. Also an ideal gift for the wedding sponsors (from motifs and memories)

A brainchild of Ron Cantiveros of Filipino Bride & Groom magazine, an array of wedding souvenirs from the Philippines are made available to bride and groom hopefuls who want to add spice their wedding day through keepsakes that they can give away during the reception. These mementos are also expression of warmth and gratitude for the guests who graced the occasion and serve as an exquisite reminder of their Special Day. Prior to its distribution, these items are either displayed at guest tables, beside the wedding cake, or as the centerpiece of the cake itself, thus adding a decorative touch to the occasion.

Wedding invitation

The Filipino wedding reception is known to be such an important occasion. Besides being the big day for the bride and groom, it also serves as a reunion where every family member is expected to attend. It is also a big gathering of friends and well wishers for the newly weds. However if you are a Filipino by roots living abroad, or a foreigner getting married to a Filipino, it became somewhat a dilemma where to scout for wedding keepsakes given the usual frenzy and whirlwind of activities that usually accompany the wedding preparation.

A unique way of saying “Thank You!”

Personalized cute boxes made up of native materials form the Philippines.

A perfect giveaway to the wedding godfathers. Wine holders bikes

Items available from It’s your Gift For other available items and choices to suit your taste and personality, you can choose favors that are related to your theme and color motif. Native wind chimes

Capiz box for jewelries and other small but precious items

Sinamay/Abaca Bags & baskets.

Items available from


Submitted by: Myrna “Mara” Basinal

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Wedding Planning

Made Easy


vents by Emma and Floral Elements - Two of Manitoba’s premier Event Planning and Floral Design companies have partnered over the past three years to bring their clients vision to life with creativity, unparalleled resources, and astounding

expertise. Events by Emma and Floral Elements have combined their services to provide full-service planning and design that represent the very best in special event management and coordination, decor, lighting and floral design. Providing innovative ideas to our clients and creating unique environments with our distinctive flair. Planning an event can seem overwhelming, especially with so much to do and so many details to worry about. Our collective teams make sure nothing is forgotten - from the major components of your event to the finest details that make your day reflective of your unique qualities, our consultants will assist you every step of the way. Our experience and knowledge will save you countless hours of research and planning. Rather than feeling burdened by event details, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the planning process. Events by Emma and Floral Elements also have collaborated to offer their clients exclusive event decor rentals. Our extensive inventory consists of luxury vases, high end glassware, Manzanita branches, ostrich feathers, crystals, furniture, centrepieces, charger plates, backdrops, specialty linens, ethnic decor, mandaps, chuppas, accessories and more. Making it real! No matter what your desire. Leave it to us to provide you with the professionalism and expertise you need to make your event a truly memorable occasion. Let us conceptualize your vision and translate it into an experience your guests will always remember!

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Photos: Moore Photography 11


Big vs. Small


Nghia Tran Photography


By: Brian Bulos

eddings – small and intimate, or large party? This, along with the price, is probably one of the first questions you and your fiancé should ask each other before planning your big day. Traditional Filipino weddings usually start with a church ceremony, followed by pictures with the entourage, and end with dinner and dancing at a large banquet hall with friends, family, and even acquaintances. Some couples have a large budget, whereas some, not so much. Some may choose to invite a large number of guests, whereas some, just family and close friends. There are the couples who spend a large amount on a smaller guest list, and some who spend a small amount on a large number of guests. So how do you gauge a wedding from being big

or small? Is it the amount of money spent, or number of invitations sent out? Richelle Omamalin, a wedding planner who studied at the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada, and owns Exhale Events and Designs in Toronto, says, “With prices of different vendors, it's quite easy to spend a lot of money and still have a small wedding,” “Personally, for it to be considered a big wedding I would gauge it on the amount of people invited,” she adds. Omamalin says while many couples still choose the traditional Filipino wedding with many guests, more and more people are opting for a smaller wedding. Omamalin says it’s a more “intimate celebration of their union.” Newlyweds Alfredo and Agnes Bello, who married on January 22, 2011, decided to do a destination wedding

which involved a small number of family and friends. Their wedding took place during a seven day stay on an allinclusive cruise which took the couple and their wedding party to three different destinations, and gave them lasting memories. “We decided to do a destination [wedding] because we wanted to avoid a huge Filipino wedding and debt,” says Agnes. “We also wanted it to be more intimate - just family and close friends witnessing our special day.” Agnes, who now recommends a small cruise type of wedding to anyone, does admit there were downsides that couldn’t be avoided. “A lot of our family could not attend,” says Agnes. She says that for any wedding, big or small, “there’s always something to stress you out a little bit on your special day, but once it’s done, you wish you can do it all over again.”

Leopoldo Santos & Rosita Matoza Santos December 17, 1967

Lindy Grace De Castro & Jeremy Mathison September 15, 2009 Manuel F Sousa Photography

Le Quan Tu & Jomel Yabut July 25, 2009 Manuel F Sousa Photography

Jeanelle Cabello & Jesse Hubka May 22, 2010 Manuel F Sousa Photography


Rolly Gonzales & Joan Ong June 19, 2010 Nghia Tran Photography

Raul & Marietta Ibabao July 2, 1977

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A Crash Course in Filipino Wedding Traditions Written By: Glenda Ollero


ver heard of pagtatapat, pamanhikan or paninilbihan? They are all part of the wonderfully elaborate Filipino wedding tradition. Heavily influenced by the Spanish during its 300-year colonization, some Filipino traditions are outdated or obsolete, but a lot of them have been modernized and have evolved with time and circumstance. To give insight into some relevant and widely practiced Filipino wedding traditions, Filipino Bride & Groom spoke to Benz and Abet Rana, a husband and wife team that run WeddingsAtWork. com, an online wedding resource and community composed of nearly 4,600 Filipino brides and grooms all over the world. “Most of the [Filipino] wedding traditions are geared towards paying respect to the parents or grandparents,” Benz said. “Doing that as a last gesture before you start your own family is a nice one to make.” Benz and Abet gave us the lowdown on the top Filipino traditions being practiced by couples all around the world and how they have been modernized.


. Paninilbihan

“Paninilbihan is said to be a long-forgotten tradition where the suitor performs some daunting chores for the bride’s family to show his worth, fortitude and responsibility,” said Abet. “Though no longer the manual labor of the olden days, we still practice this informally. The mother of the bride might sometimes ask a favor from the fiancé – either to run some errands or help around the house,” said Benz.


. Ninongs and Ninangs (principal sponsors)

Taking ninongs and ninangs or principal sponsors to serve as godmothers and godfathers during weddings, is a tradition that is very widely practiced by Filipinos. Aside from serving as advisors for the couple during their marriage, the ninongs and ninangs also usually contribute money that goes toward wedding expenses or general newlywed expenses.


. Veil, cord and candle ceremony (courtesy of the secondary sponsors)

Another widely adopted tradition is the veil, cord and candle ceremony. The veil signifies the bride and groom’s support for each other, the cord signifies the couple’s commitment to each other and the candle is the light that will guide them through their marriage. Six members of the entourage take turns to administer the veil, cord and candle ceremony.


. Arrhae or coin ceremony

A directly inherited Spanish tradition, the coin ceremony or the arrhae from the Spanish word arras means "earnest money," "bride price," or "bride wealth." The coins are carried in by a coin bearer, similar to the ring bearer, and signify abundance in the couple’s marriage. You can find more information about Filipino wedding traditions by visiting


. Pagtatapat

“This is the proposal. Traditionally, the groom asks permission from the parents of the bride first,” said Benz. “This is still done though not as formally anymore. Usually, after the proposal, the first thing the couple does is they call their parents.”


. Pamanhikan

“Pamanhikan is when the groom's family goes to the bride’s home and meet with her family. They discuss the wedding plans and the couple's married life,” said Benz. “The formal ceremony is no longer done. In place now is maybe a small get together party where both families discuss their preferences for the wedding plans, who they want for the entourage and other details. Of course, every couple is different. Benz says the pamanhikan could sometimes be taken just as an opportunity to meet more of each other’s extended families, especially if the bride and groom’s immediate families are already acquainted. Like on us

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Dreams do come true... in God’s time!

Joycee & Ryan


Ryan and I first met back in 1998 at the hallways of Red River College where I was studying to be an Electronic Engineering Technologist and Ryan was studying to be a mechanic. We only dated for a very short period of time and eventually went our own separate ways. I never saw him again until….

ast forward seven years later to August 2005, my truck broke down so a friend referred me to a mechanic she knew, Ray. As my truck was getting repaired, Ray was talking to me and said that my morals and values in life were the same as his co-worker and that I should meet him. I told Ray that I was not ready to get involved with anyone as I just got out of a relationship. Ray insisted I meet his co-worker and when he said Ryan’s full name, I realized that it was the same guy I dated at Red River College. Something told me that this was part of God’s plan and to take a chance. So I did and on September 21, 2007, Ryan proposed.

Our wedding was on September 20, 2008. This date is very special for 3 reasons. The first reason is obvious, this is the day that I married the love of my life, my best friend, my soul mate. The second reason is it’s my daddy’s birthday and the third and final reason is it’s my grandparents wedding anniversary. The ceremony took place at St. Patrick’s church and the reception was held at Victoria Inn . We had roughly 540 guests. It was truly a memorable night. Dreams do come true in God’s time!! - Submitted by Joycee

Bridal Gowns: C.K. Ly Fashions, Cakes: Gelyn's Wedding Lounge, Cars: National Car and Truck Rental, Discos and DJs: Nikki Andan, Gifts and Gift Lists: Key Man Engravables, Grooms Wear: Aldo Formals & Tailors, Photography and Video: JA Media Creations, Portraits: Nghia Tran Photography, Shoes: Le Chateau, Vocalist: Grace Marty & Cherry-Ann Guevarra, Cherylyn Mateo, Wedding Address: Victoria Inn

Myra & Mike Valmonte


ctober 18, 2002 was the day we first met, and also the start of a friendship and relationship full of new experiences, adventures and of course, love. December 25, 2008 was the day Mike proposed. He had asked my parents for their blessing the day before. On Christmas Eve, after my family finished unwrapping gifts and headed to bed, Mike got down on one knee and put a beautiful ring on my was a sweet, intimate, and perfect proposal. He also wanted to make this time and my birthday (Dec. 31) special by planning a trip for both of us to Hawaii. We headed off to Hawaii just in time to celebrate my birthday and the New Year, watching fireworks on Waikiki Beach. May 15, 2010...our wedding day. It was a beautiful, sunny day for a wedding. All the wedding planning and preparations made everything perfect. I also finally got to wear THE dress...funny story about my dress is my sister and I were looking through my first bridal magazine and a dress caught my eye. I found out it was in one of the shops in Winnipeg, and when I tried it on, I knew it was the one for me...the first and only wedding dress I tried! Our wedding ceremony and reception were well attended by many of our family and friends. For our reception, I wanted to do something special for Mike so I had planned to sing one of our special songs to him. He was pleasantly surprised... actually I think a lot of people were as I had never sung a whole song in front of a crowd before. It was such a memorable day for us. A week after, we were on a plane to Europe for our honeymoon...a great way to celebrate a wonderful wedding and the start of our new life as husband and wife. Submitted by Myra Valmonte Photos by Twinkle Reyes Photography


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A Love Story


By: Elena Anciro

hirty - four years ago, Antonia Anciro took the ultimate leap of faith for love. She left her family, friends, and everything she had known for 28 years to meet and marry a man waiting for her across the globe in Winnipeg, Manitoba. That man was Feliciano who had been in her life for many years before; a classmate in her youth who pursued her love and the approval of her parents. Antonia’s parents, already in the throes of poverty, didn't approve of Feliciano and didn't allow her to marry any man of lesser financial means. Unable to find a teaching job, Feliciano took the opportunity to immigrate to Canada under the sponsorship of his sister. He wrote letters to Antonia from the moment he left, ultimately convincing her to start a life and family with him in Canada. Several years later, the couple traveled back to the Philippines with their two small daughters, hopeful that they could mend the rift created with Antonia’s parents due to her secretive departure. Fortunately, for Antonia’s parents, the sight of their grandchildren was enough to heal the wounds of the past. Feliciano and Antonia went on to have a son and a successful life in Canada. The Anciros’ hard work and sacrifice resulted in being able to pay for their children’s post-secondary educations and upon retirement, proclaim themselves debt-free.

What makes a successful marriage?

The Anciros list anecdotes most would find in Hallmark wedding cards and bridal party speeches: Forgive and forget; love and

understanding; tolerance; and respect. But, the Anciros also think that the key to a good marriage has nothing to do with the two people involved. In fact, they feel that one of the most integral parts of a marriage is other people. The Anciros have a healthy social life (with or without the other) and they emphasize having “their own thing.” What they do think is important to do together is exercise. Daily walking trips to Tim Hortons have provided the

opportunity for them, exercise, unwind and share with each other. Marriage for the Anciros can be summed up in one word: Journey. Their retirement is a new road on that journey, a time when they are brought back together after so many busy years of childrearing and work. This road, though different, will be like all the others. One that they will face as they always have – focused and walking together towards whatever may lie ahead.

A love that transcends continents A peek into the engagement of Glenda Ollero & Evan Matrick


t took a year and a half of planning, 150 pages of immigration documents, 500 guests, and over 22,200 miles of traveling before the couple Evan Matrick, 27, and Glenda Ollero, 26, finally got settled in their condo in Linden Woods, Winnipeg as a signed and sealed married couple. “As if married life isn’t hard enough, try getting married,” joked Ollero, as she recalled the ordeal she and her husband had to go through. Ollero was born and raised in Metro Manila, Philippines and Matrick is a true-blue Winnipegger. The two were introduced through friends while Ollero was visiting family in Winnipeg one summer. “It wasn’t anything at first. We both liked the same music and movies and so we decided to keep in touch through emails,” said Matrick. “Soon we were both staying up late to try to catch each other online to chat and it all just evolved from there.” A year of emails, pages of chat logs and hours of Skype calls later, Ollero visited Winnipeg again, but this time, she left with the Matrick family ring on her finger. “It was lovely the way he proposed,” Ollero recalls. “There was dinner and dessert, champagne and a fire, and then his grandmother’s ring – which fitted perfectly. We didn’t even have to resize it.” After getting engaged, Ollero went home to Manila to get her affairs in order, and to plan her wedding. “I’ve got a big clan of people in Manila, and Evan has his parents and his grandparents, so we decided to have the wedding in the Philippines – that way more people can take part of it and it’ll be easier to transport his family than mine,” Ollero said. “My mom was crazy with the wedding planning. She did an exquisite job at striking a balance between what the family wanted and what Evan and I wanted.” “If there’s one thing I think Glenda learned, it’s that weddings are not all about the couple – it’s a family thing,” Matrick said. “I think coming to a compromise is key and making sure you’ve got your hierarchy of values in check.” The biggest concern between the two families was whether or not a priest should marry the couple. Evan and Glenda are not affiliated with any religion, and neither was the groom’s family, but the entire bridal family is Roman Catholic. “In the end, we were married by a judge who is also a close family friend,” said Ollero. “It was a nice compromise. We had another close family friend say prayers in the beginning, and then a judge to bind us together in marriage. It was so personal and intimate and I think it came across to everyone how heartfelt it was. There was no dry eye in the audience, especially me. I think I soaked through my wedding veil!”

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“Your source for everything Social” HAVE YOUR DREAM WEDDING PAID OFF WITH JUST ONE GREAT PARTY 204 960.9465 15


√ Do your homework! Before you commit to a photographer, do some research


hey say that a photograph could say a thousand words. But the photographs for your wedding could also run you a pretty penny. Which is why professional wedding photographer, Twinkle Reyes, owner of Twinkle Reyes Photography, says its important for you to do some research.

Reyes, who opened her business mid-2005 has photographed close to 200 weddings, and advises couples who are in the midst of planning their wedding to start their search for a photographer early. She says that most photographers book up to a year, and a year in a half in advance. She advises that you have to determine how important your photos are to you as a couple and how much money you’re willing to spend. Reyes, who delved into her own business shortly after graduating from a professional photography program in 2004, says she doesn’t miss the corporate world one bit. “It’s the best,” says Reyes. “I’ll never go back to working for someone else. I love being independent and I love what I do.” Reyes’ husband, Sean, acts as her assistant during wedding shoots, where they fuse different styles of photography including fashion, photography, journalistic, and traditional. She says that there’s a difference between general and wedding photographers, adding, “Wedding photographers understand the flow of the wedding day. They have the experience and the knowledge to work with not only the couple, but everyone else involved.”


checklist Your wedding photographer checklist: ‪ Choose the style of photography that you like ‪ Choose a photographer who you get a long with and who matches your personality as a couple ‪ Before making a decision, ensure that you see a lot of samples ‪ Ask your potential photographer for references and testimonials from past clients ‪ Educate yourself on the packages and prices that your potential photographer is offering ‪ Once these criteria have been met, look for a solid contract to seal the deal

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2011 FILIPINO BRIDE & GROOM Make a great first impression with your invitation

A look into local company


f you want to make your wedding, A-list, make sure you enlist the help of local company, ALyST. Owner, Abbey Sanchez David, has been creating top-notch invitations and accessories for over 10 years. Officially launching her business in October 2009, David’s business is booming with local features in wedding publications and plenty of referrals. “I try to make myself stand out from the rest and what I have to offer, compared to competitors,” says David. David’s work was a hobby that grew into a business and it’s no wonder with her luxurious designs and high quality of service. Working in finance, she says the transition to become her own boss was made easier with the support she got from her family and fiends. “For me I enjoy having to work for myself than work for others,” she says. “It really helps when you have that support base,” she adds. David produces her hand-made creations all by herself, and she has a great eye for design. She says that she likes to gives her clients’ products that added extra touch and it’s easy to do with the variety of stationery, textures and colours she uses. She bases her prices for her clients based on the type of quality of paper, and their needs. She often customizes each package to meet the wants and needs of her clients based on their budget. But David does more than just invitations and accessories. She also has experience in event planning and photography. David currently serves on the board of directors of the Women Business Owners of Manitoba and also on the Manitoba Filipino Business Council. To enlist David’s services, contact her at:

Gemologists :: Designers :: Goldsmiths Over �� Years In Business


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John &Melanie

Marriage is the most bountiful thing that can happen between two people in love.

June 27, 2009 Church: St. Anthony’s Church Reception: Canad Inns Polo Park

Photos by Twinkle Reyes Photography


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Marriage Profile:

Jerilyn and Ryan Bineau


hey say that you can never meet anyone at bars. But for Jerilyn and Ryan Bineau, the Grand Beach Surf Club is where they first met. After dating for nine years, Jerilyn and Ryan tied the knot late last year in October with 250 guests who accompanied them for their special wedding day. “He was fearless,” recalls Jerilyn of the first day they met, where Ryan was dancing up a storm. “She was the sparkle in my eyes,” adds Ryan. Since that fateful day, Jerilyn and Ryan have been busy with a host of activities including kickboxing, muay thai, muay thai, indoo soccer, and baseball.. This active couple says that each other’s transition into their families was important and seamless. “Ryan really accepted me and my family. He accepted my family and how big it was,” she says. “He was a natural fit. He got along with everyone.” It was important for Jerilyn that Ryan got along with her grandmother, who’s been her mother figure since her mother passed away when she was 13 years old. For Ryan, who comes from a small family, says that he felt right at home with her big family. “Her family welcomed me with open arms right from the start,” he says. “It made me feel important and accepted into their family before I proposed.” Ryan’s small family didn’t feel any different.

“They got along and they were happy to meet Jerilyn’s grandma,” says Ryan. “The wedding went well and we had a great time dancing, and my parents had a blast as well.” Jerilyn and Ryan are looking forward to their month-long honeymoon where they’ll tour and travel the Philippines. Ryan has already been practicing his Tagalog, having taken two language classes prior to the trip. “I’m very excited to go,” he says. “I’m excited to meet her family out there and see the Philippines because it’s a great country.”

2011 Highstyle Photoshoot

Credits - Highstyle Photoshoot 2011

Events by Emma; Bel-ayre Rentals Ltd.; Photography: Moore Photography & BLF Studios; Venue: The Fairmont Winnipeg; Planning & Design: Events by Emma; Videography: Paperback Films; Stationary: Emma Fine Letterpress Stationary; Hair: Hair by Karen; Make-up: Makeup Expressions by Rimpal; Aesthetics: Fingers & Toes Day Spa; Bridal: Chantal’s Bridal & Formal; Men’s Formal: Aldo Formal Wear; Jewellery: Epsilon Creations; Floral Design & Draping: Floral Elements; Chair-ish Your Moments; Planned Perfectly; Hasina Mehndi & Body Art; Chocolate Zen Bakery and Cakes by Shelley.

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Memorable Weddings Canad Inns Destination Centre Garden City Bring in this ad and receive a complimentary upgrade package for the bride and groom, including sparkling wine, flowers, chocolate dipped strawberries and a delicious brunch for two.

Canad Inns Destination Centre Garden City 2100 McPhillips Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba Ph: (204) 697-6754 Toll Free: 1.888.33.CANAD 20

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2011 Filipino Bride and Groom  

2011 Filipino Bride and Groom - An annual publication of the Filipino Journal.