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Partnership trends for shopper engagement Field Sales * Live Marketing * Customer Engagement Volume 13 Issue 4 Spring 2017


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and metaphorically, and once you accept its inherent blockiness – as we forgave the Spectrum’s colour clash display – it is capable of anything – forging an alliance with anything from the iconic to the banal. It is a prime brand for brand partnerships and connections. Adding Lego to your list of brand associations is going to be good for your brand – ask Sky, DC Comics and others in home entertainment.

Joining up for engagement There’s more to engagement than meets the eye. Ask me what brand means the most to me and I’ll answer Sinclair, a brand which is virtually obsolete but when I was the proud owner of a Sinclair ZX Spectrum in the early 80s, that brand was indelibly marked on me. The Spectrum was my toy, my gaming companion, that also taught me maths, pixel art and beeper musicianship. For 2-3 years I loved it so much that I felt real animosity if someone in the playground sung the praises of its arch rival the dreaded Commodore. Even now, after years of obsolescence, Sinclair has a place in my life and so a current bungling attempt to bring the brand back as a badge on a retro gaming console – with an aging Sir Clive’s acquiescence, actually bothers me quite a lot. Sinclair was a brand to which great things happened, often with a dose of luck rather than good management. Lego, by contrast, has become embedded as a beloved and treasured toy in so many childhoods, and managed so deftly, that it is little wonder that it should be a power brand in the world of engagement. Here is a toy you can build with mechanically

Whilst brand partnership is official sounding, brand connection is not, but brands certainly can gain power when they engage and connect emotionally together. Fitbit, Weight Watchers and Warburtons connect in this way. You compete for daily step challenges with your Fitbit online friends, measure off your Weight Watcher points together and suggest Warbie Thin recipes. This is life online and off, delivering results for the core brands and for those trusted to stock them, and keep the connections running – Tesco, Amazon, Virgin Media, Apple iPad etc. Brand Engagement Week is coming in October (16th -22nd). This is our response to the active brand phenomena – celebrating the real and dynamic role brands play in facilitating modern living and the ways in which they can generate genuine warmth, advocacy and repeat custom through emotional connection and understanding shopper lifestyles.

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Cover: Lego artist Nathan Sawaya - The Art of the Brick Smaller pictures: The Lego train arrives at Liverpool ONE Mobile Technik’s Promocube Benefit’s Brow Mobile eXPD8’s POS placement for Lego Batman

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Volume 13 Issue 4 Spring 2017

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Spring 2017





Experience Engine launches





Harrix Group, which owns events organiser Wicked Student Nights and staffing agency StreetPR, is reinforcing its position in the youth marketplace with the acquisition of 10-year-old funk, rock and soul night specialist Itchy Feet.

Julie Beze, the co-founder of Experience Engine highlighted that “As technology weaves its way into every part of our lives, we felt that the world of promotional staffing was firmly rooted in the 90s with archaic processes and people. Welcome to Experience Engine, a hub for tech savvy, bright promotional staff and a back office that is efficient and tech based. We exist to help brands integrate their campaigns across multiple countries and communicate with consumers in the new age of tech.” “We call our promotional staff ‘Experience Engineers’, because they are practical, tech savvy and highly efficient. They won’t be working with you unless they have a true interest in your message. “Through a mix of careful selection, robust training and prompt payment, we have recruited a network of 1,200 energetic European Engineers working in all major EU cities. “

The Itchy Feet purchase will give Harrix Group’s events division a potential reach of 1.5 million students in 25 university towns and cities across the UK.

significant undergraduate population, Itchy Feet also has regular events in London and organises private events, hires out DJs and releases podcasts. It will continue to operate as an independent business, sitting alongside Wicked Student Nights in Harrix Group’s events division, and will be managed by a combination of the old management and the new team from Harrix Group.

Itchy Feet started in Leeds as a vintage dance night in 2007, and now runs club nights in 25 cities, visiting venues in each location up to five times a year. As well as targeting every city that has a

James Rix, Co-founder of Harrix Group, says: “Itchy Feet is a brilliant business and the synergy between it and our existing brands is obvious. Combined with Wicked Student Nights, it will make

Provision Events (PVE) will play a pivotal role in the series of free golf shows to be hosted in 2017 by a partnership of American Golf, the European Tour and Sky Sports. Four shows are planned this year, beginning on Masters weekend, April 7-9, at ExCeL London, and PVE has been retained by American Golf as the activation partner to organise, build and manage each of the

Mobile Technik has announced its appointment as the sole UK distributor of innovative German mobile event space Promocube.

Realm manages all three outlets for Hermes Investment Management.

shows on behalf of the three partners.

Daniel Gathercole, American Golf’s director of marketing and communications, explained: “This will be a very busy year for American Golf with golf shows in both Manchester and London, plus two golf shows at European Tour events. So, it was an easy decision for us to reappoint Provision Events as the company’s ‘activation partner’ for 2017”.

The Promocube is a versatile mobile event space that opens up to create a 36m² pop-up environment. The new temporary event space aims to create flexible environments to meet a range of budgets and creative briefs. The Promocube is designed for both indoor and outdoor use with an open structure for an airy feel, or with easy-to-assemble Plexiglass panels providing a weather resistant, temperature controlled, enclosed environment.

The brand has announced two new partnerships; one with global sportswear and equipment brand Reebok, and another with England Netball. Whole Earth’s existing agreement with the British Triathlon Federation has also


Spring 2017

been expanded. As the only food company to partner with Reebok in 2017, Whole Earth will collaborate with Reebok on several projects this year, including multiple sampling initiatives and branding opportunities at Reebok events. Whole Earth has already been part of a largescale European PR launch for Reebok and joined forces with the brand for an

The annual Dinner to Dine For multi-brand campaign has returned for the fourth time. Originally launched in 2013, the Dinner to Dine For campaign visited 40 Tesco large format stores as well as a Tesco HQ event at Welwyn Garden City and Waterloo and Victoria railway stations.

The campaign included experiential road shows, with The space is fully customisable to suit any full PoS support and in-depth requirement from wrapping the whole engaged sampling, plus major structure with branding to installing internal competitions coverage with screen displays and event furniture. hundreds of prizes, a robust PR Mobile Technik’s Billy Smart comments “This is drive on traditional and online a revolutionary new media, a campaign website, social media promotion, as well product to the UK as a mobile coupon app and events market as a temporary structure trade support at store and HQ level. with the look and feel of a sleek The campaign’s partners include permanent building. Kumala Reserve Wines, Pilgrims The team were Choice Cheese, L’OR Coffee and impressed with how Bahlsen Choco Leibniz biscuits. quick and easy the Promocube is to install, and saw it filling a niche in the current market, taking temporary event structures to a new dimension.”

Whole Earth announces new sport partnerships

Whole Earth has announced significant increases to its sports partnerships for 2017/18, to reinforce its proposition of fuelling healthy living and exercise.

us the biggest player in the student entertainment business in the UK, reaching around 1.5 million students every year. There’s also a great fit with our other businesses, which operate in the event and experiential marketing space; we can now offer brands the ability to communicate with and sample 1.5 million Generation Y consumers.”

Provision Events in golf show role Dinner to Dine For returns

Hermes’ strong Promocube distributor performance Clarks Village in Somerset, Freeport Braintree in Essex, and Junction 32 in West Yorkshire, collectively saw sales increase by 6.7 per cent and footfall by 5.8 per cent over the year. In December alone, 1.1 million people visited the three outlet retail destinations, 3.76 per cent up on the same period in 2015.


Harrix Group acquires Itchy Feet

Experience Engine is a new world promotional staffing agency with a very clear vision – it’s the first agency to specialise in Tech and International led activations for businesses across sectors with high aspirations in these areas.

Hermes Investment Management has reported a significant increase in sales and footfall in 2016 across its three leading outlet malls.


the brand has also increased its reach with British Triathlon, which has added a new event to its roster. With 80,000 spectators on-pack promotion on its peanut butter and 6,000 participants at each event, this jars. gives the brand even more opportunity to Whole Earth has taken on a new sample product and increase awareness of partnership with England Netball and its NPD, existing portfolio and overall brand The Vitality Netball Superleague. Netball message. The events will be televised for is currently the most played female team the first time this year, and are expected to sport in the UK, with over one million attract 2m viewers at home. women and girls playing netball each The brand will also continue to sponsor the week. Man V Horse endurance race in 2017 for the In addition to the two new partnerships, fourth consecutive year.

Spring 2017


The Trends of Engagement FMBE looks at the benefits that can occur when brands bond together So, with the arrival of Spring, what are the FMBE trends ahead? There’s no doubt we’re going to see more Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality campaigns this year, both deeply immersive experiential events and gently effective point of purchase activity, but it doesn’t take a crystal ball to announce that. Technology has advanced to meet a need and many brands and businesses are persuaded that Oculus Rift and its descendants are the

way to go for front of mind interactive promoting.

eager to reach a more liberated consumer spend.

Technology-led engagement is an inevitable trend because it works. The 2017 FMBE awards will see plenty of evidence of the same, that’s a certainty.

At retail, we will see more event days – another certainty – as retailers and brands are keen to spread shopper habits beyond the continuing landmark occasions, such as Halloween and Valentine’s. ‘Star Wars Film Launch Day’ is already a landmark in the calendar even for brands that are not necessarily joined at the hip with Disney, the world’s most valuable media brand.

Other trends set to build and continue are equally obvious. The rise and rise of Lycra sales will continue, and the brands behind fitness wearables and online clubs like Fitbit, or healthy eating home deliveries will be leveraged by a broader spectrum of lifestyle brands

A Guinness World Record Lego ship was situated by agency Gorilla

The Lego train arrives at Liverpool ONE

Hands on at the flagship store

Nathan Sawaya’s Batman

Sky Broadband’s Lego partnership activation Sky Broadband launched a 360 Lego Batman game experience at its flagship Westfield London store. The interactive experience, which is being delivered by Wasserman’s Experience division, toured the UK until 5th March 2017. The activity was part of the Sky Broadband and Lego Batman campaign partnership, launching Sky’s latest 18 month contract deal on fibre broadband for £20 a month. The campaign also introduced the new Sky Broadband Tech Team alongside the launch of the latest instalment of the Lego film series. The immersive experience saw players surrounded by four screens as they prepare to battle against the Joker. Threatening to disconnect Gotham City’s internet connection, players helped the Sky Broadband Tech Team take down the Joker by aiming their onscreen Bat-arang and swiping as he appears on the screen. Kelly Woolnough, client services director at Wasserman, said: “Bringing to life a partnership like this presents a fun challenge; ensuring we stay true to Sky’s DNA whilst ensuring the Batman Lego film’s core message isn’t lost. Our activation made use of the brilliant experiential activation space outside of the Sky Flagship store, which we’ll replicate around the country to drive traffic to each store and provide a platform for Sky’s key messaging.” Fran Scorer, senior marketing manager at Sky, said: “We’re confident that the tour of this activation will attract, entertain and inform our audience as well as bring in new consumers


Spring 2017

to our stores. Using such an interactive format allows customers of all ages to experience who we are and what we offer here in the UK.”

According to Brand Finance, the Disney brand grew 10% this year to US$34.5 billion. It has an AAA+ brand rating. The continued growth in value is attributed in part to the success of its many divisions. Its Parks and Resorts division increased 6% in revenue in Q3 of the 2016 fiscal year due to higher average guest spending, attendance and occupied room nights. The opening of Shanghai Disneyland has carried the division’s growth – since it opened its doors, the park has received approximately 7 million visitors, seeing a large influx in attendance during Chinese New Year. The brand’s Interactive Media and Consumer Products segment reaped the benefits of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’. Not only did the movie’s success drive an 8% increase in merchandise licensing revenue during the first quarter of 2016, it also resulted in an increase in licensing revenue for the games division due to the strong performance of the ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ game. Although the release of ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ failed to match the success of ‘The Force Awakens’ (which has grossed close to US$1 billion at the box office) it must be noted that Rogue One became the second-biggest December opening in history, taking US$155 million. Moreover, Disney’s shares climbed 1.3% on the Monday following Rogue One’s release. Disney was also Brand Finance’s most powerful brand for 2016. Lego was second. And it is through power brands that this year’s core trend looks set to build – brand partnerships and licencing.

Lego Batman POS placed by eXPD8

n The new and rather beautifully produced experiential retail outlet in Leicester Square n An associated Trafalgar Square promotion, with a giant ship and Guinness World Records display (event assisted by Gorilla) n Plans for another Legoland Discovery centre in Birmingham at the Barclaycard Arena n A Lego Batman promo with Sky Broadband, supported by agency Wasserman (see box: Sky Broadband’s Lego partnership activation) n Creative pop-up film promotion displays placed in grocery mults by field agency eXPD8 n A giant Lego train helping Christmas along at Liverpool One n An exhibition of Lego railway scenes at GWR’s Swindon site n The FMBE award winning Imagination Factory brought to life by PrettyGreen

questions of the visitor about fnding the hero inside yourself. But I’m sure my disinterest set me firmly in the minority. Certainly, the event doormen jokingly assumed my carrier bag was bulging with Lego kits that I would sneak home past the wife. The impact that Nathan’s Art did have was rather more front of mind in that I started seeing and remembering Lego everywhere:

In each of these places the delivery was thought through all the way and the quality hard to question. Lego knows its intended audience, rarely blunders and always seeks to perform over and above expectation. Via the gold winningImagination Factory at FMBE 2017, we saw a glimpse of Lego’s no holds barred investment into the experience. The project was stunningly simple, a back to basics approach that would let the Lego event: Swindon

Like Disney, Lego connects on multiple levels – as a toy, a day out, a media experience, an art material, a construction material, a retro memory and a modern plaything and almost anything else imaginable. As such it is a valuable brand partner. If Disney or DC Comics were not powerful enough media owners already, Star Wars + Lego or Batman + Lego offer power in emotional multiples. Lego’s impact can be on any scale from boxes of tiny bricks to huge constructions. I recently attended The Art of the Brick which saw some massive ‘sculptures’ in association with DC Comics I found the exhibition successful and the ‘art’ massively underwhelming. The ‘sculptor’, a grown man called Nathan Sawaya, who used to be a lawyer – had built huge examples of 3D pixel style superheroes and asked rather obvious Nathan Sawaya – Wonder Woman

Moonpig & Mind garden Moonpig.com brought their #PlantASmile pop-up garden to London to help raise money for Mind and spread the message that no one should face a mental health problem alone. The #PlantASmile installation came to London’s Observation Point for one day only, Monday 16th January. Opening on ‘Blue Monday’, the floral garden serves to highlight the importance of staying connected with loved ones throughout the year. The floral archways, made up of Moonpig bouquets, and wishing well gave passers-by the opportunity to send a card to friends and family from the Moonpig and Mind ‘Thinking of You’ range, which they could post in the wishing well on the day for Moonpig to deliver. Moonpig also gave away flower stems to Londoners, letting them take a piece of a #PlantASmile bouquet home with them. Abi Laditan, PR manager at Moonpig said: “We’re really proud to be partnering with Mind, a charity we consider to be highly-relevant and absolutely vital in our current climate. Our products are all about making people smile, and staying in touch with those we love throughout the year.” Spring 2017


product speak for itself in the minds of children. The potential of each building block was released by super-articulate and upbeat staff in a well-built environment and with a long list of kpis audited independently by 2CV. One key stat revealed: 84% of people who attended the experience had made a LEGO purchase in 4-6 weeks post the event (15% more than the control group) Lego’s Head of Sales and Marketing UK, was typically magnanimous and supportive of the tour’s partners and producers: “I just wanted to congratulate you on the Lego Imagination Factory! Creatively stunning, brilliantly organised, and a wonderful consumer experience.” Of course, partnering exclusively with media, toy or entertainment brands may feel a little out of reach for some, but brand partnerships sales and marketing will be big this year. Partnering with another brand that has invested in experience will often see interest magnified by more than budget share as well as making an extra toolkit available to field sales reps as they try to negotiate promotional space in stores.

Many types of field campaign can benefit from partnerships including store promotions, sales promotion and sampling. Food and drink recipe matching can work well for a joint sales uplift and long term gain. Purpose built multibrand events, such as Dinner to Dine For or Gastro Alfresco toured by Brand Belief see FMCG products haloed together. Play to Win shopper engagements in centres, such as those brought about by NexusEngage benefit multiple retailers at Land Securities’ shopping centres. Experientially, brand events such as those created with Whirlpool’s backing by the Meredith Collective have been used to share benefits and associations with other brands that fit the same targeted lifestyle, such as Bang and Olufsen. It is also worth considering how brand partnership with a charity might provide a CSR function to a live campaign (see box – Moonpig and Mind garden]. So for the next few months keep brand partnerships in mind – it has appeal for both global and local engagement. [These are all examples that have featured on fieldmarketing.com – use the search function of the website to reference]

Shopping Centre Trends Andrew Bodwick, Head of Brand Experience at SpaceandPeople, lists his emerging trends for 2017: n VR EXPERIENCES are increasingly being incorporated into brand activations. The technology companies are understandably at the forefront of this; Google Cardboard gave music fans the chance to see inside Abbey Road Studios in a VR environment last summer and Sony launched its PlayStation VR with a giant headset installation which incorporated VR gaming stations. Other brands are also realising its potential however, with the likes of Dubai Tourist Board using the technology to bring its destination to life in an innovative way.

F i e l d Engagement Why ongoing engagement works! Dan Mayer, Prime Field Marketing We all believe that in Field Marketing, the frequency of communicating a message to get buy in, is from the 3rd time it is communicated. Though some dispute this, especially in the marketing world, where the “Rule of 7” usually applies. But what is the true number and how does this impact on an effective promotion, product launch or ongoing sales of your product or service? One off promotions, done right, get the desired response on the day. Consumers absorb your message, take away your literature or sample with 58% of consumers saying they would buy a product after trying it. Based on a recent In-store product demonstration we completed for a well-known cosmetic brand, key product sales increased by 94.4% when a product demonstration took place. Alongside a secondary uplift of 19% for non-demonstrated products within that category. That’s great, but what about where you aren’t in a position to promote and communicate directly with your consumers? Well that’s where you are reliant on retail staff to pass on the message for you, be that verbally, visually or ensuring your product is actually there to purchase? Ensuring that your product/service is conveyed in the way your brand desires is key to your ongoing success.

n POP-UP SHOPS enable brands to be very targeted in their promotions and we are seeing a trend towards more of these opening for specific campaigns or product lines. The Body Shop used this to great effect last year by selling personalised body butters at its Christmas pop-up shop in Victoria Station.

Well that’s where combining effective merchandising, sales and educational teams come in to play. You are no doubt using these daily, but are they the right ones and are they delivering your message effectively?

n CREATIVE SAMPLING is evolving at a great pace and in many ways. Haig Club launched its newest offering, Clubman, with an eye-catching brand awareness and sampling campaign, which they were able to tie in with the lighting at King’s Cross Station to highlight the product’s distinctive blue bottle. Actimel effectively blended sampling and experiential within an internal and external environment simultaneously with its ‘Lift the Lid off Winter’ campaign. Whilst staff handed out samples, visitors could enter a giant snow globe which housed a Mini Convertible with break-dancers also performing. Brand-to-hand will always have a place though, as has effectively been demonstrated with Wall’s current roadshow, visiting 48 locations over 60 days. Demand has been so high that they are distributing a sample every 4 seconds!

We recently completed a trial for a leading pharmaceutical company in independent pharmacies to combine POS siting, in store product training and ongoing telephone engagement. The intention was to drive pharmacy engagement with consumers, regarding a medical condition and subsequent product recommendation.

n ACTIVITY TIED IN WITH NATIONAL DAYS has also been noticeably more popular with highly targeted campaigns. Haribo has carried out experiential activity tied in with Halloween, most recently by teaching people how to become monsters. Waitrose brought the festive spirit to travellers on the busiest day for people travelling home for the holidays with a giant #HomeForChristmas hamper and Visit Florida tied in its #LoveFL experiential activity with Valentine’s Day recently.

After the initial visit, combining POS placement and a detailed product and condition training, recorded customer interactions (by the pharmacy themselves) was an average of 0.08 per pharmacy. After the third pharmacy engagement call, customer interactions had increased to an average of 2.42 per pharmacy. Over the course of the remaining 6 weeks of the 9 week trial, customer interactions reached a peak of 4.76 average per pharmacy. But, more importantly, along with customer interactions and product recommendations increasing, sales of the recommended products grew 92% during the 9 weeks of the trial, versus the previous 18 weeks. So, by combining consistent messaging with regular store contact, your message not only gets a foothold, but delivers growth once it has been accepted. Dan Mayer Head of Field Marketing Prime Field Marketing dan.mayer@primefieldmarketing.com 01782 952000 07885203994


Spring 2017

A perfect partnership to boost your sales We work in partnership with our clients to activate sales and deliver retail excellence. We do this through empowering our Field Sales teams with clear objectives, sense of purpose and effective technology and measure our success by evaluating the return on investment. We are all about building long term partnerships underpinned by robust processes that deliver results, whilst being flexible enough to do what is required. We develop loyal, engaging & open relationships with our clients, our colleagues and field teams to share the teams goals.

Contact us to today to find out how we can boost your sales! Contact David Louis on

‌and we have the Best Staff! Gold award winners: Field Marketing Brand Ambassador of the Year

Your sales, our business

david.louis@fieldsalessolutions.com or call 07973 220347 for a chat. www. fieldsalessolutions.com

Award: Logobrand’s Sally Davis Sally Davis. managing director of field marketing agency Logobrand won the Nottingham Post’s Women in Business award in the Small Business category. Sally Davis has led Logobrand to be a growing force on Field Marketing with a fine record at the FMBE Awards including Field Marketing Agency of the Year in 2015 and Gold in Tactical Marketing with client Tassimo in 2016. Sally’s win is a win for Logobrand as an agency and for the field marketing industry which is collectively investing more than ever in business leadership. As Sally commented following the win it is hard for a field marketer to look at the individual beyond the team effort. She told Fieldmarketing.com “I am always keen to get external recognition for Logobrand and my focus is always on the team – ‘Us and We’ rather than ‘Me or I’ , so I was a little bit torn on my feelings on being nominated and shortlisted for an award to recognise Sally, rather than Logobrand. For Sally though the opportunity of the award allowed her to speak up for the role of women in business. “Women in the Workforce” was my award winning speech, so I have always been keen to speak up for Women and the vital role that we play in industry.” Sally continued: “I’m really proud to have been recognised for my role and achievements in my business and it was so great to meet such a mix of talented and inspirational Women at the awards, and celebrate our successes as female leaders”

Case Study: Powa Energy Drink

Van Sales Campaign: Powa with Top Notch This recent 2016 case study for Powa Energy Drink impressed when it landed on the desk at FM Forum because it shows a new growing brand and a new agency, Top Notch Sales and Marketing joining forces to leverage meaningful sales and product availability that is clearly crucial to the success of the brand and an early victory for the agency. Purpose & Objective Kato Enterprises – an importer of African alcoholic drinks decided to come into the energy drink market with their Powa energy drink brand; targeting the 49p segment. (June 2016) They wanted an agency that could deliver concrete results; 1. to test the retail market for them to see how successful the brand will be and 2. to prove to the business internally that energy drink is the right innovation to go into after years of trading in alcohol brands Top Notch agreed to cover the fierce London area via a van sales campaign Challenges The energy drinks market is worth £1.5bn; one of the most crowded and penetrated The 49p range is already highly over indexed by the likes of Boost, Bull Dog and similar brands. Carabao launched at the same time as Powa with substantial sales and marketing budget, using an estimated 50+ reps and significant discounts and promotions. . In contrast Powa had no media coverage and was not in any major wholesaler What Top Notch achieved Top Notch carried out 1400 store visits, targeting key decision makers with the purpose of gaining a listing (stockist) The team managed to get Powa stocked and merchandised in 312 shops across London, a figure that Kato were overwhelmed by considering the steep challenge. This gave Kato the confidence and belief they needed in the brand. They decided to further invest in Powa and have now grown the brand by focusing more in social media and being stocked in wholesalers across the country.


Spring 2017



Published by

Frank Publishing Ltd,


PO Box 4059 CHIPPENHAM SN15 9HX email:victoria@fieldmarketing.com

Changes of tone Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has been and gone, CES Vegas too and as I write South by South West SXSW the coolest show of the lot is in action in Austin, Texas. Between these shows the future of interactive technology is annually unveiled. Of these events SXSW is the one with the greatest emphasis on play and entertainment as such the most blurred if one tries to make a distinction between B2B and B2C audiences. Exhibitions which traditionally have a B2B focus are less and less corporate every year. Now is a coming of age, starting with mobile and tech, that will filter through to other B2B marketing heads, opening up new avenues for experiential suppliers. B2B and B2E experiential budgets can both anticipate significant growth in 2017. At Mobile World Congress both businesses and consumers hailed Nokia’s engagement as a strong appeal to the emotions. The brand used the event to unearth tremendous goodwill from its past whilst revealing its 5G aspirations.

II BRAND X Spring 2017

That said, one stat from Barcelona is in decline – tweets. PR agency Hotwire reported that the three most talked about brands at the World Congress were Nokia, Intel and Huawei, though Nokia’s mentions in association with the event numbered just 6730, a long way down on Lenovo’s high of 17,729 in 2016. Total tweets with the official MWC17 hashtag were also down 196,684 in 2017 vs. 229,683 in 2016. There are a number of factors at play behind this stat – the traffic levels of Twitter in general are down, the mobile sector lacked a major launch from market leaders at MWC, but it may also be that the event has tailed off a fraction. It is hard to say, but in the last 12 months we have seen new subscribers to fieldmarketing. com seeking B2B and B2E experiential case studies and we will be extending a platform and award entry criteria over to the sector this year at FMBE Awards, in FMBE Magazine and via our event content at Brand Engagement Week.

Intermarketing launches in experiential Guinness World Records launched Integrated agency Intermarketing is launching a new experiential offering and bolstering its brand experience capabilities.

all over the world.

The launch is part of the agency’s growth plans which, in the last year, have seen Intermarketing increase its Intermarketing X will enable clients to turnover by 44% and launch a data maximise customer engagement and and analytics division. business results by bringing brands to Nickii Gray, Intermarketing Agency life through the art of experience. The managing director, explained: “In team has been appointed by Thomas today’s culture, customers hold more Cook Media and Partnerships power than ever, demanding brand (business) as its experiential agency and product experiences that make a and is delivering campaigns for clients difference to their lives. They expect including adidas. more. And now we want to partner Offering live and digital consumer experiences, Intermarketing X will merge experiential with digital direct, motion, media, print and partnership strategies to connect with audiences

with ambitious brands to deliver more – transforming everyday brand encounters into rewarding experiences that win hearts and change minds.”

Brow Mobile drives for Benefit The Persuaders are embarking on a three-month roadshow with a mobile brow bar for Benefit Cosmetics. Launched on the 1st March, Benefit cosmetics’ latest activation, the Brow Mobile, will tour the United Kingdom on a mission to transform the nation’s eyebrows. A customised Land Rover in Benefit’s signature pink, manned by experienced brow experts, including appearances from Benefit’s head makeup artist and brow expert, Lisa Potter-Dixon, will be delivering brow treatments to Benefit fans up and

down the country. Anyone wishing to receive a brow treatment can sign up via Benefit’s Facebook page and request a visit to be in with a chance of winning. Dominic Franks, partner and director, The Persuaders, comments: “We’ve been working closely with Benefit Cosmetics for the past four years to deliver a host of brand marketing activities from training staff on a converted 40ft shipping container to large consumer experiences such as the transformation of the Good Ship Benefit. 2017 is all about the Brows. To reach a wider audience we have converted an all-terrain vehicle (a Land Rover) into the Brow Mobile so that we can take Benefit to the people, no matter how near or far we will go to them!”

BMW partners with Selfridges BMWi has announced a partnership with Selfridges to coincide with the store’s first creative campaign of 2017, ‘Material World’, which aims to educate consumers on how people can work together for a more sustainable future in retail. TRO is responsible for delivering the experiential activation for BMWi, which will see the visionary electric vehicle brand offer complimentary driving experiences for Selfridges’ customers.

Manchester Exchange Square store, or have the option to get behind the wheel to experience the all-electric BMW i3. TRO is also delivering an in-store activation in the Technology Hall on LG at Selfridges Oxford Street with a bespoke digital installation, providing shoppers with information about electric cars and the BMWi range.

Tara Allen-Muncey, BMW account director, TRO said “The partnership offers fantastic brand synergy and Until 9th April shoppers can choose to we’re looking forward to a successful be chauffeured, free of charge, to or activation providing both a unique from the Selfridges’ flagship store on experience and a beneficial service to Oxford Street and the Selfridges Selfridges customer base.”

Guinness World Records has relaunched its staff engagement and team building portfolio, taking delivery of the events in-house to ensure a bespoke service. Entitled Guinness World Records Engage, the suite of products will be created and delivered by a dedicated in-house team and sold through the company’s commercial division as well

as via a select network of agents. Paul O’Neill, GWR’s VP of Creative said: “Bringing all the elements of Engage in-house gives us the opportunity to consistently deliver world-class, tried and tested teambuilding events that clients can be assured will meet or exceed their expectations.”

60-day sampling Wall’s tour

To celebrate their re-branding and to bespoke truck will visit 25 high drive sales of Ready Baked Microwave footfall locations across the country Sausages, Wall’s have embarked on a including Tesco HQ. two-month iMP has also built roadshow to a bespoke deliver over sampling pod for 50,000 delivering the samples of activation to their ‘delicious smaller sites. in one minute’ iMP designed, sausages to the built and wrapped nation. the pod which iMP has features converted a microwaves, LED seven-metre Lighting and a long Mercedes truck into a bespoke serving hatch. The pod will be visiting sampling unit. iMP sourced, 23 locations across the country purchased, converted, equipped and including train stations, supermarkets wrapped the vehicle and installed a and universities. fully functioning kitchen including David Gibbons, managing director at stainless steel worktops, commercial iMP comments “Wall’s no fear, no fridges and microwaves. nonsense approach is right up iMP’s During it’s time on the road, the street.”

Play to Win at The Oracle As part of their ongoing Riverside redevelopment, The Oracle tasked NexusEngage with driving footfall to their restaurants in a fun and innovative way. An empty retail unit has been transformed into an interactive experience which allows shoppers to win vouchers to be used in the centre’s restaurants, bars and cafes. To win, players must match the colour shown on the screen with the corresponding button below the screen. The more colours the player matches, the quicker the game becomes, allowing players to score more points. The prizes are distributed at random, ready to be redeemed at one of The Oracle’s eateries. All Bar One, McDonald’s, Café Rouge, Bella Italia, Pizza Hut, Wagamama, Yo Sushi!, Jamie’s Italian, Miller & Carter Steakhouse and TGI Friday’s are all taking part in the activation which launched in early January and is seeing over 430 plays per day on average. Debbie Hastings, commercialisation manager at The Oracle comments: “The current Play to Win activation in The Oracle is extremely popular with shoppers”

BRAND X Spring 2017 III

Müller Rice activates with NBA Official partner of the NBA Global Games London 2017, Müller Rice, appointed Ear to the Ground to handle the brand’s sponsorship activation at the NBA Global Games London 2017.

official partner of the 2017 NBA Global Games in London.

Ear to the Ground and the NBA have developed a campaign that places Müller Rice’s rapping bear – Tasty B and his Rice Crew – at the heart of The fan marketing specialists delivered the activation to ensure maximum an integrated brand experience aimed engagement with fans before, during and after the event. at fans, whilst curating a stand out on-court moment involving Müller Richard Adelsberg, director of client Rice brand ambassador, Tasty B. services at Ear to the Ground said: Müller Rice announced its extended “We have helped Müller Rice activate partnership with the NBA in October its sport and music assets.” 2016, which places the brand as an

#Snackmob reaches commuters Graze beat the January blues and made weary commuters’ journeys more exciting – with the help of their #snackmob who gave away one million Veggie Protein Power snacks across London throughout the month.

Blackjack Promotions acquires Casey Estee Lauder.

Casey Recruitment is undergoing a rebrand to Blackjack Ireland and will Founded in 1998 by managing be led by Norma Murphy as head of director Mary Kelly, Casey Recruitment Blackjack Ireland. is Ireland’s leading provider of The acquisition marks a significant temporary and permanent staff to step in Blackjack’s European Ireland’s retail industry, with a expansion plans by extending its particular focus on luxury brands and reach into Dublin, Shannon and Cork the travel retail sector. Current clients airports. include L’Oréal, William Grants and

Farnborough International appoints GES Farnborough International Ltd has appointed GES as official delivery partner for the new Hall 1 at Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre.

services, GES will be the venue’s partner for custom stand design and build, bespoke feature areas, 2D and 3D graphics and full AV and digital event production services. The contract The new venue, which opens in spring extends an already strong working relationship between both companies. 2018, is set to become one of the GES has enjoyed a 20-year long UK’s foremost relationship as meeting and official supplier to exhibition the Farnborough destinations. The Airshow and purpose-built recently announced structure boasts the renewal of its more than contract with the 20,000sqm of flexible event space, event until 2028. including 12,500sqm of exhibition space and can host up to 2,500 Jason Popp, EVP of International, GES, conference delegates theatre style. It hailed the contract, saying; “This is has onsite parking for 3,500 cars. going to be a landmark destination in the UK.” Alongside the delivery of all core

IV BRAND X Spring 2017

Dating service Match launched a coffee shop with a difference to help singles find love this January. Those looking to score a date in 2017 could swing by Espresso Yourself – a pop-up coffee shop serving ‘Chappuccinos’, ‘Femmericanos’ and ‘Selffees’, 3D-printed with the profile pictures of eligible Match members.

The service was designed to encourage time-poor, coffeeloving Londoners to find themselves a date while getting their daily caffeine fix. A menu of eight different Match members (four male, four female) were available to choose from at the two-day pop-up at Shoreditch’s Boxpark. After picking a drink, visitors were handed a free coffee with the profile picture of their chosen single 3D-printed into the coffee’s foam.

Match teamed up with Coffee Ripples, who developed the 3D-printing technology which allows life-like images to be printed onto the top of frothy coffees, such as lattes and cappuccinos. Match spokesperson Jenny Mitchell commented: “We’re encouraging singles to have the confidence to be bold and put themselves out there in a way they hadn’t before. At the same time, we wanted to make finding a date as simple as ordering a coffee, so we’ve teamed up with eight of our members to help make it happen.”

Work Out Like A Dog boot camp

The graze #snackmob’s locations were teased on their social media channels, helping commuters to discover where the #snackmob will be popping up next. There was also a competition on social media for entrants to win a performance from the graze choir at their office.

Blackjack Promotions has acquired Irish company Casey Recruitment, based just outside Dublin.

Match brings a latte love

Blue Cross teamed up with qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor Born Barikor for Work Out Like A Dog intensity training boot camp in Victoria Park. Work Out Like A Dog was created to get humans to understand and appreciate the health benefits that dogs get from their favourite outdoor activities by having people take on the role of dogs. All the exercises in the 45-minute aerobic and conditioning workout for humans had been adapted from a

dog’s favourite exercises or had been directly inspired by man’s best friend. They included HIIT ball fetch, tug-ofwar, Frisbee and mimicking a dog’s bag of tricks as part of a circuit routine. The class was commissioned by the charity to raise awareness of how exercise keeps dogs healthy and happy, as high numbers of dogs arrive at the Blue Cross centres across the country due to behavioural needs stemmed from under-stimulus or lack of appropriate activities and exercise.

Lamb launches BouncyLondon Castle London offers clients, Joe Lamb said:

Joe Lamb, a former Edelman media expert, has created a PR and media agency that specialises in helping brands and individuals engage with Millennial audiences. Bouncy Castle London is a full service consumer PR and media agency that creates comms strategies for clients and individuals within FMCG, sport and entertainment. Describing what Bouncy Castle

“The idea behind BCL was to create branded content that demands attention. We want to create stories and ideas that audiences find so compelling that they simply must engage. This is all underpinned by expert media relations, enabling the stories and content we create to generate significant earned media coverage for our clients.”

Resident Evil 7’s unsettling experience To celebrate the release of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard on 24th January 2017, Capcom opened an immersive experience in London taking place over four days, from the 20th – 23rd January.

investigate the disappearance of their crew members who never returned from the house.

Set in a haunted and dilapidated venue in the heart of London’s East End, participants took on the role of investigative journalist interns helping a paranormal TV production team

Laura Skelly, PR Manager, Capcom comments, “We wanted to give fans a little glimpse into the Resident Evil 7: Biohazard gameplay, bringing it to life.”

Mirroring the unsettling nature of the game, participants were faced with a web of puzzles and clues, including a The Experience was a 45-minute few unexpected interruptions, as they immersive activation drawing worked together to overcome both inspiration from the cult game’s return visible and unseen obstacles to figure to its survival horror roots. out the truth, and escape unscathed.

Budweiser helicopter for Plymouth fans

‘Timeless Treasures’ book launch The Earth Hall at the Natural History Museum was selected as the venue for the book launch of Rutland Hall Publishing’s ‘Timeless Treasures’, a hardback showcasing regal Indian weddings on 25th January.

Cartier. Guests were invited to purchase signed copies of the new release and offered the rare opportunity to privately view the Earth’s Treasury collections throughout the course of the evening.

The Museum welcomed over 300 guests who spent the evening exploring the regal culture of Indian marriages, characterised by abundant gift-giving and lavish displays of jewellery and textiles.

Natural History Museum’s head of venue hire Robert Wetherell comments: “With our event spaces featuring in the new publication, it was a thrill to host the launch and champion the prestigious nature of Indian wedding venues. The Earth Hall lends itself perfectly to events that are looking for a wow-factor space to match the magnitude of the occasion.”

The Earth Hall provided the backdrop for the canapé and drinks reception, welcome speeches and glittering showcase of new high-end fashion collections from Sabyasachi and

Third annual Warmth Week for Vaillant Launched on ‘Blue Monday’ (January 16th. As well as offering the perfect 16th) the integrated campaign was designed to spread warmth and joy to cities across the UK, on what is often reported to be the most depressing day of the year. The experiential campaign included the creation of the world’s largest bean bag, located in Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens. Visitors to the 53.39m3 bean bag could watch a heart-warming film for free with two daily screenings, whilst taking part, and breaking, the Guinness World Record event. Developed with the assistance of Circle Agency, the event proved popular with the all 700 available tickets for the screenings being snapped up within two days. McCann worked with Circle Agency to extend the activation across the UK, by creating ‘Little Pods of Warmth’, which were located at Edinburgh Waverly, Manchester Piccadilly and London Waterloo stations during the week of January

place to snuggle on a cold day, each pod featured a control pad, allowing the user to change everything from the lighting to the temperature, to create their own personalised, warming experience. Vaillant branded promo staff were also on hand at each location to give homeowners a free luxury warming gift to take home to extend their cosy warmth pod or bean bag experience. Visitors were also encouraged to share their experiences through social media channels using the hashtag #keepsmiling to win prizes. As well as devising the creative concept and executing it across a range of media channels, including print and outdoor, McCann also supported Vaillant’s Warmth Week with a full range of integrated marketing activities, including trade and consumer PR, Social Media engagement and producing Vaillant’s Little Book of Warmth.

To celebrate Plymouth Argyle’s draw, a celebratory load of Budweiser was delivered to Plymouth for the supporters to share around – in honour of the epic journey fans took to support their team in Liverpool as well as those who stayed behind to watch the game. Budweiser recruited FA Cup winner David James to fly to Plymouth and raise a bottle with the ‘The Green Army’ fans. Supporters returning from Liverpool to the team’s Home Park stadium on Sunday evening were met with a celebratory 4-pack of Budweiser beer– with more than 10,000 beers handed out for fans to share around at home. Steph Okell, marketing manager,

Budweiser UK, says “At Budweiser, we’re all about celebrating epic moments of hard work and commitment. We wanted to recognise Plymouth Argyle’s incredible accomplishment at drawing with Liverpool F.C. in the Third Round, and their fans unwavering dedication is an event to remember. When the underdog puts up an extraordinary fight, this is the beer we’ll drink!” Lucy Roberts-Hartley, The Emirates FA Cup senior brand manager says: “We are delighted that our partners Budweiser have chosen to recognise Plymouth Argyle’s outstanding achievement in this way. The spirit shown by the team and the dedication of their fans truly epitomises what the Emirates FA Cup is all about.”

MKTG leads for Cadbury’s Premier League

“This partnership opens up fantastic opportunities to bring those moments of joy to life in new and different ways – in-store, on our packaging, in the community and other ways we hope will surprise and delight our customers. This is an incredibly exciting chance to bring together the As part of the partnership, Cadbury will also join forces with the Premier Cadbury brand with the unmistakable Premier League brand, and a chance League to deliver a bespoke element to be part of moments such as the of the existing community programme Golden Boot and Golden Glove Health for Life, which is currently awards, and we can’t wait to start this focused on making a real difference to journey with the Premier League.” the lifestyles of 60,000 school Premier League Managing Director, children. Cadbury and the Premier League will work together to create Richard Masters, said: “Cadbury’s popularity across the world, and our new, tailored sessions focussed on healthy lifestyles, expanding the shared focus on delivering moments of joy, make this a great fit for the programme’s reach to inspire young people in schools across the country. Premier League and we are thrilled they have chosen to work with us in Talking about the deal, Francesco Vitrano, Cadbury Brand Director, said: what is their first ever partnership in football.” The Premier League and Cadbury, have come together to announce a three-year partnership, kicking off from the start of the 2017/18 season. This agreement brings together two iconic names that have a unique place within popular culture.

Blu’s pop up amnesty

optimal time to target smokers looking for an alternative to cigarettes as part of their new year’s resolutions.

Supported by a ‘say goodbye to the things you hate about smoking’ OOH campaign, the blu amnesty went live in the first week of January at key locations The amnesty itself, supported by a in London, Birmingham and Manchester. team of brand ambassadors, challenged smokers to shred their The start of January launch was the cigarettes via the blu shredder in return for a money off voucher redeemable against a new blu e-cigarette kit. The Blu amnesty is part of a wider campaign based on research carried out by whynot! thinkpeople focusing on deep insights surrounding smoking habits and reasons for smokers to look for an alternative.

BRAND X Spring 2017 V

Brand Engagement Week FMBE overviews its new plan for promoting the FMBE industry with a series of industry events Brand Engagement Week has a simple, core ambition – to mark the UK as a pivotal destination for the global sales and marketing engagement industry.


A series of events celebrating people, process and technology will showcase live brand experience and interactive marketing, field sales brand teams, communication at point of purchase and cutting edge digital communications.

Brand Engagement Week will present a showcase of new technology and products designed to engage the senses.

Above all Brand Engagement Week will champion the brands that are successfully building an emotional connection at all touchpoints of direct engagement whether consumer, shopper, business or employee.

17th October: The Sensational Showroom London Location TBC

The Sensational Showroom will show off the art of interactive technology for sales and marketing brand engagement with zones for vision, smell, touch, taste and sound all powered by award winning products, competition entry content and intelligent and creative use of tech.

Building on the success of the Field Marketing and Brand Experience (FMBE) Awards, FMBE Symposium and FMBE Magazine, which celebrates 17 years in print in 2017, Brand Engagement Week will see a series of events in:

The Showroom will show a living future based on the most impactful interactive and smart brand campaigns of today.

n London


n Around the UK n And extend its reach Internationally n The events will benefit the FMBE industry of brand and manufacturers, agencies and industry suppliers and even extend directly to engage with consumers and shoppers.

The Events

Wednesday 18th October: Masterclasses (Any location possible) and The Sales Lecture (at Troxy, London) By the industry for the industry – Brand Engagement Week will schedule a selection of Masterclasses for groups of 10 or more attendees in which industry leaders share their expertise supported by a unique supplement for FMBE Magazine.

n Monday 16th October (evening): The Brand Ambassador’s Reception

Masterclass hosts can share insights, data, presentations, event photos and thought leader columns with Brand Engagement Week and Fieldmarketing.com online and will have an option to write a thought leader column for FMBE Magazine.

n Tuesday 17th October (day): The Sensational Showroom

Subjects will take on a range of topics from the Field Marketing and Brand Experience arena.

n Wednesday 18th October (day): Midweek Masterclasses and Talented Tours

Hosting a Masterclass as part of Brand Engagement Week

n Wednesday 18th October (evening): The Sales Lecture

That’s simple – Tell us the event you’d like to plan in, the timings and location. If it gives delegates a chance to learn something thought leading and new, from a genuine expert, without attending a sales pitch, then you should be in. The scale is up to you, and you keep control of the invitations and guest list. All we do is add event publicity where required and coverage where appropriate.

The core events for the week will be:

n Thursday 19th October (day): BE Connected Symposium and BE Connected Awards n Thursday 19th October (evening) The FMBE Awards n Friday 20th October: Flavours Friday (day) n Saturday 21st October: Family Engagement Day (day)

You may host a masterclass in any location globally. Classes should be for 10 guests and up.

Matthew Goddard, head of field sales (grocery and impulse), Pepsico told us: “I think many people in the industry believe it’s the right vision. I think the hardest step is getting the right, like-minded, influencers in the room at the same time – and the event delivered in that aspect. I look forward to seeing how you build on this by furthering the best practice initiatives for the common good.” This year, branded as the BE Connected Symposium we will offer a combination of electric inspirational speakers, best practice case studies and award recognition for industry suppliers with the same high level networking that the 2016 Symposium delivered.

Flavours Friday & Family Engagement Day Brand Engagement Week is scheduled just before half term so the week will round off with coverage and support for FMBE campaigns running nationally. Friday 20th October, Flavours Friday – Close-up viewing and coverage of an array of sampling and promotional campaigns Saturday 21st October, Family Engagement Day Our team head out nationally to the shopping centres to witness and spread the news on any half-term or pre-Halloween family promotions at Britain’s leading shopping centres. We’ll report back with a full snapshot of the FMBE sectors activity on this busy day.

Recognition Programme FMBE Awards, Troxy, London This year’s categories will be open for entry on Monday 3rd April. Entry details priority via email alert – you can register for email alerts at brandengagementweek.com: Awards Ceremony

FMBE will host its own Sales Lecture as a part of this programme at Troxy London, Wednesday 18th October, This year the 13th edition of the FMBE Awards will be celebrated at Troxy, London on the Monday 16th October: The 7.00PM – 8.30PM evening Thursday 19th October. Brand Ambassador’s Reception


Central London Location TBC Our week opens with a gala evening celebration dinner hosted by the best brand ambassadors in the country and showing why these unsung heroes make such a difference to the terms of brand engagement. The evening will be hosted by brands and their ambassadors discussing their work with you. The Brand Ambassadors will combine with their brands and agencies to show off the best sampling, demonstrating, sales skills, stage and roaming performance art.

VI BRAND X Spring 2017

PEOPLE, PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY: The BE Connected Symposium

Thursday 19th October - 10.00am to 3pm @ Troxy London Following last year’s inspirational FMBE Symposium, led by Superjam MBE Fraser Doherty, we were delighted to get feedback from senior industry figures unanimously saying we are providing a useful and thought provoking forum.

The BE Connected Awards These new awards will recognise the supply chain that needs to come together to create great FMBE teams and campaigns – the people, process and technology. This year’s categories will be open for entry on Monday 3rd April. A full guide to this new awards programme will also appear online that date. The BE Connected Awards will be announced at the BE Connected Symposium, Troxy, London on the afternoon of Thursday 19th October.

Get Involved Brand Engagement Week will be led by brands, agencies, suppliers and consultants. It will be by the industry, for the industry and will be announcing top down support from global brand partners in the next few weeks. We are welcoming discussion about how you or your business can get involved via:

n Sponsorship n Award Entry n Venue or Event Content Support n Hosting a Masterclass on the midweek Wednesday n Award Judging n Provision of advice or feedback If you’d like to be a part of Brand Engagement Week and have thoughts to share please do get in touch.

FMBE Awards photos by BRD Associates, FMBE Symposium photos by Jonathan Taylor, Aniseed PR

Contact If you are enthused by our plans and think you’d like to play a part in the week, please email event director Frank Wainwright via frank@frankpulishing.com. Use Brand Engagement Week - Participate as your subject header. If you want to receive alerts/updates about the awards, the entry process, the events and ticketing when they become available, please visit brandengagementweek.com

BRAND X Spring 2017 VII

News, Views & Insight News: Pictures Experience launches Panoramic Selfie Pictures Experience has launched a new high-tech version of the selfie, which starts with a close-up and then zooms out further and further so the picture includes surrounding scenery. The system was first trialled at the 2016 FMBE Awards at Troxy in October.

consumer’s email address. It can also be viewed on a customised branded website and shared with friends via various social media platforms.

The whole Panoramic Selfie activation is controlled and delivered by Pictures Experience brand ambassadors, who explain how the Panoramic Selfie Created for use at festivals and outdoor events or as works to consumers, demonstrating the process and a part of experiential campaigns, the new Panoramic showing people where they should stand and which direction they should be looking for the remote Selfie works by combining close-up selfie images taken using a smartphone with other images taken cameras. by super zoom cameras located in a distance, from Gosia Kalicka, director of Pictures Experience, says: 200 metres to 400 meters away from the subject. “Event organisers and sponsor brands know how The software then marries together these images, turning them into a video which delivers the zoom out effect, from the initial extreme close-up selfie to the long-distance shot. The resulting video sequence can be instantly branded with the event logo or that of a sponsor and is immediately sent to the

powerful images are at leveraging experiential activations and festival fun and driving consumer engagement. The Panoramic Selfie offers an enhanced image experience that goes way beyond the static picture that consumers can achieve themselves with their own phones. It gives them an

extra incentive to engage with the event or the brand. That means they will be downloading and sharing the branded videos – which we can track using our special software, so we can deliver huge amounts of information on reach and ROI.” Kalicka adds: “In addition to driving engagement and measurability, the Panoramic Selfie is also brilliant for event and festival organisers – with the unique ‘zoom out’ selfies it creates, you can see far more of what’s going on at the event than you’d get in the usual extreme close-up selfie! It’s a really exciting opportunity to wow the audience at any outdoor event and to show off to people who aren’t there just how much fun they’re missing – and why they should try to be there next time.”

Insight: Land Securities’ guest experience measurement

social media. As Bluewater demonstrates, this leads directly to increased footfall and sales.

Land Securities has signed an agreement with Service Management Group (SMG) to provide guest experience measurement tools and analysis across its portfolio of retail and leisure destinations. The launch follows a successful pilot over the last three years at Bluewater.

“SMG has been a great partner at Bluewater, working with us to help shape our offer so that our retailers and restaurants achieve even greater levels of success. Rolling out the programme across our retail and leisure portfolio reinforces Land Securities’ innovative customer focused approach to asset management and the market leading position this helps us to occupy.”

SMG has been appointed at a portfolio level to measure and analyse customer satisfaction at many of Land Securities’ assets. SMG’s technology, which utilises online surveys, real time analysis of results and instant messaging of key findings, will also be used to track guests’ responses to events, new guest experience initiatives and the wider retailer experience at each asset. SMG began its partnership with Bluewater in 2013 and has helped Land Securities to deliver experiences for guests by addressing short term opportunities, as well as prioritising future investment decisions based on customer feedback. Key highlights from Bluewater include:

Interview: Russ Lidstone Frank Wainwright put the questions to experienced engagement expert, Russ Lidstone, Creative Engagement Group


96% of guests have a good/excellent visit to Bluewater


83% of guests are highly likely to return to Bluewater


79% are highly satisfied with the friendliness of hosts


79% are highly likely to recommend Bluewater to friends or family

Commenting on SMG’s appointment, Jat Sahota,head of commercial, Land Securities, comments: “The initiative is a reflection of the fundamental role guest experience plays at the heart of Land Securities’ approach to managing successful retail and leisure destinations. The benefits are wide ranging and extensive, which is allowing us to focus on enjoyment to encourage guests to return more often and to share their experiences with friends and family via

Jeremy Michael, managing director of SMG, added: “Whilst the best stores and the best products are fundamental to the success of any retail and leisure destination, the quality of the experience provided by the centre overall is what really drives consumer loyalty. Our partnership with Land Securities at Bluewater has demonstrated the value of proactively measuring how guests view the experience, positively affecting behaviour to encourage guests to spend more time and money at Bluewater.”

Russ is excited by marketing events, and the intensity they offer to brands and he identified the live experience as the point where it all has to be orchestrated together. “What excites me is the reality of what we do,” he comments, “There is a moment in time where it all has to work.”

events and exhibitions build team, Just Communicate. “I have a strong passion and interest in the way events are organised”, he comments, “Just Communicate are excellent at building the environment. Part of my job is simply to remind everyone of how good they are.”

The appointment of Russ Lidstone to lead the emergence of the Creative Engagement Group was delivered fairly quietly in FMBE In practical terms the three agencies in the circles though it is hard to think of a more significant one for our Creative Engagement Group that Russ is guiding industry in 2016. have established strong credentials in FMBE related disciplines. The Creative Engagement Group, incorporating agencies WRG

Russ is certain that the agencies that he oversees are in the right place at the right time to benefit from the event marketing sector growth and he points to the IPA’s Bellwether report that reported a steeply growing marketing budget Worldwide, The Moment and Just Communicate transcends WRG describes itself a multinational content and share in as an indicator of a bright future. It is a traditional agency and services supplier expectations and for experience creator. It employs 150 staff with report he has reason to be interested in having Russ the next stage in a stellar career that has seen advertising multiple office locations around the world. spent 2 months consulting to the IPA this year. jobs in planning and strategy lead to over 6 years as CEO at Clients include HP, EE, Ricoh and Shell and it also Havas Worldwide. So, is Russ Lidstone someone that the industry as has a strong portfolio in healthcare. Brand engagement projects often benefit when a strategy expert The Moment is a branded content creator with a well at the Creative Engagement Group should be calling on to flourish his expertise? Well, that takes up the reins at an agency with the relevant expertise as focus in areas such as filming, VR, online and depends on the type of expert that you want. like Russ, they are often media neutral in their outlook and seek social media. The Moment joined the Group in One Lidstone hero is Guggenheim architect Frank out ways for a brand to tell its story. September. Of WRG and The Moment’s synergy Lloyd Wright, whose famous idiom is “an expert Russ says: “The DNA of the business makes us Only for Russ, story telling isn’t quite the right term: “It’s story is a man who has stopped thinking because ‘he unbelievably good partners. doing, not story telling”, he says. For story doing excellence, Russ knows’” It is evident then that Russ Lidstone’s gives the example of Felix Baumgartner’s leap from the Since Russ got started at the Group he has story is still one of doing, not telling and stratosphere as a Red Bull hero back in 2012. become impressed with the logistical capacity of expertise status is happily on hold.

VIII BRAND X Spring 2017

A WEEK OF WONDERS 16 - 22 OCT 2017 WONDERFUL BRANDS WONDERFUL PEOPLE WONDERFUL EXPERIENCES Try wondering how powerful our industry could be if we showed off award winning engagement brands alongside the people, process and technology that help make them indelibly great?



Recently seen at intu... PLAYMOBIL and intu Christmas 2016 saw the agreement Grotto Sponsorship of an unprecedented

commercial sponsorship deal between intu and PLAYMOBIL, which would see PLAYMOBIL take over Santa’s Grottos in 8 intu centres across the UK.

The innovative deal, conceived by intu, gave PLAYMOBIL the chance to become ‘the first toy of Christmas,’ and take the brand to the top of many a Christmas wish list. The multi-channel deal touched customers across print and outdoor, online, and through social media, supporting an unmissable in-centre experience throughout the Christmas period.

The Like Factor

With photo opportunities a staple of events now, is there still scope to surprise and delight?. Brand X checks out the unstoppable rise of photo activation. Photo booths and poser platforms are part of the furniture at brand experiences these days with campaigns loving the amplification that follows when the moment is captured. There have been many technological updates via gifs, 3D, animation and film that has added layers of sophistication but whilst clever and successful in their own right, the still shot will manage the main ask – to capture the emotion of the moment. It is emotion that brand experience delivers above other marketing. So, we challenged some of the best-known photo and social amplification agencies to provide us with promoevent still shots that capture an emotion – naming the emotion and the context in their caption. The resulting images we have assembled into a Brand X top ten, with why we like them. Do you agree?

Photo Agency: Noonah Brand: Yokebe

POWERFUL: #YouCanBe whoever you want to be! We worked with Yokebe and Lick Creative to create a photo booth with social sharing that showed people that they can be powerful and whoever they want to be! Brand X says: Our favourite from the e-mailbag this time. Why? Well the image uses old school pop-your-face-through props that have been in vogue since the Victorian seaside but the creative is right, is striking and the quality of the image is superb. The play on words between the brand and the hashtag probably added memorability too. But above and beyond this the subject in this snap has been caught halfway between doubt and embrace of the moment and her eyes are alive with expression – and her friends would connect with all of that in any shares following.

The campaign reached over 30 million people through intu’s nationwide shopping centres over Christmas and millions more through marketing, social media and PR, giving PLAYMOBIL unrivalled exposure during the busiest retail period of the year. The sponsorship clearly translated into sales, with double digit sales increases across toy retailers in their centres. The PLAYMOBIL team was blown away by the success of the partnership. The Marketing Manager from PLAYMOBIL said: “When intu first approached us, we could instantly see how our two great brands could form an amazing synergy to bring some Christmas joy to the general public. The fabulous shopping experience that intu create for families across the country was a perfect fit for our brand ethos of encouraging imaginative play and making children smile.The partnership gave us an amazing start to the Christmas period and we POWER: Being given the opportunity to be a cover star of their favourite would love to replicate it again in the future”. magazine, bloggers leapt at the chance to strike their ultimate pose. The A4 prints

Photo Agency: The Flash Pack Brand: Blogosphere Magazine

X BRAND X Spring 2017

IEenquiries@intu.co.uk www.intugroup.co.uk @intugroup

were personalisable and were realistic enough that social media audiences started congratulating their blogging peers at making the front cover! Brand X says: Magazine cover shoots are not unusual and they always seem to work well. Why? Because, as the subject, you really have to think about your pose, your expression. This image is of a brave pose – a side profile – and it is very well

Reach over 1 million customers every day intu Braehead

intu Metrocentre

intu Eldon Square

Manchester Arndale

intu Trafford Centre

intu Victoria Centre

intu Potteries

intu Broadmarsh

intu Derby

intu Chapelfield

intu Merry Hill

intu Milton Keynes

330,000 weekly footfall 63% ABC1, 74% female Largest exp. space: 10m x 9m

660,000 weekly footfall 60% ABC1, 74% female Largest exp. space: 8m x 5m

600,000 weekly footfall 72% ABC1, 67% female Largest exp. space: 13m x 5m

215,000 weekly footfall 35% ABC1, 66% female Largest exp. space: 6m x 5m

465,000 weekly footfall 50% ABC1, 70% female Largest exp. space: 10m x 9m

425,000 weekly footfall 42% ABC1, 75% female Largest exp. space: 22m x 12m

The Mall at Cribbs Causeway

405,000 weekly footfall 56% ABC1, 79% female Largest exp. space: 16m x 13m

800,000 weekly footfall 51% ABC1, 61% female Largest exp. space: 15m x 7.5m

465,000 weekly footfall 58% ABC1, 74% female Largest exp. space: 10m x 10m

270,000 weekly footfall 44% ABC1, 73% female Largest exp. space: 24m x 16m

215,000 weekly footfall 60% ABC1, 61% female Largest exp. space: 20m x 10m

330,000 weekly footfall 71% ABC1, 76% female Largest exp.space: 11m x 5m

intu Lakeside

230,000 weekly footfall 73% ABC1, 73% female

500,000 weekly footfall 69% ABC1, 67% female Largest exp. space: 18m x 13m

intu Watford

intu Uxbridge

300,000 weekly footfall 88% ABC1, 72% female Largest exp. space: 12.5m x 5m

Call intu Experiences on 020 7887 7046 IEEnquiries@intu.co.uk intugroup.co.uk Sources: CACI Q4 peak survey 2015, intu properties plc

230,000 weekly footfall 62% ABC1, 66% female Largest exp. space: 4m x 4m

directed and captured. You get the feeling that the subject cares about this experience – something that the photographer and promotional team will have enabled by delivering a quality set.

Photo Agency: PixAngels Brand: Bad Santa 2

Photo Agency: Splento Brand: Pitch@Palace

COMPOSURE: In November and December last year, Splento supplied a team of photographers to cover the Pitch@Palace events at St James’ Palace. Here, we brought a media wall and took photographs of the attendees, then added the event’s hashtag to all the images and uploaded them to a live online gallery. We supplied onsite printing, so as well as sharing their images on social media, the guests were able to take printed versions home with them Brand X says: It is the subject that we like here, and his strong cool composure vibe. He is a snappy dresser who is absolutely not going to lose any dignity when posing between these two busby boys. This photo opportunity works because of an age-old trust between the photographer and subject. Splento also captured a pose from business Dragon Peter Jones at this event but this picture, minus any celebrity, is the one that has something of the studio about it.

Photo Agency: #HASHTAG Brand: Silverstone

HILARITY: PixAngels were tasked with helping capture the hilarity and chaos around the launch of the Bad Santa 2 premier. In true bad Santa style, PixAngels helped to create the fun and chaotic vibe of the major motion picture. Brand X says: Stress free clowning around is a genuine luxury. YES, we’ve seen pictures like this a thousand times before and YES, it is just people playing the fool on a sofa, and YES, the set is falling over and the sign behind is unreadable, but when it is you and your mates being silly and the film promoted is the living manifestation of silly then the moment is delivered with authenticity. And authenticity works.

XII BRAND X Spring 2017

ELATION: English celebrity Warwick Davis celebrates victory with his son at the 2016 Silverstone F1 Grand Prix Brand X says: A reminder here, if any were needed that getting a celebrity to the photobooth gets everyone excited and offers up an opportunity to a share and tweet out to the celeb’s huge following. In many ways, it is hard to ‘like’ a celeb shot -they have so many images of themselves available – but at the event itself a celeb playing around with the photobooth and, in this case being genuinely elated, it quite a talking point. Selfies with Warwick were a showstopper at FMBE Awards 2014.

Event experiences with social media boost Treat your event guests with branded photos, videos or animated gifs. They boost your social marketing efforts with your branded content and tell your brand’s story.


• info@PicturesExperience.com • 020 8740 7947

Photo Agency: Pictures Experience Brand: A New Phone Handset

Photo Agency: PixAngels Brand: Utilita Energy

GLAMOUR: The Henley Festival of Music is a unique black tie (formal dress) festival. In summer 2016, guests enjoying the glamourous atmosphere were offered the opportunity to pose on the red carpet for a photo taken with the new device. The activation gave festival goers the chance to impress their friends, family, other festival goers and their social media circles with their finery. Brand X Says: These mildest of props engage without spoiling the effort attendees have made to look special. The activation acknowledges that attendees are already dressed to look good and keen to share images of themselves. The cameras used here were the phone handsets of the brand being promoted – and the result is a satisfying depth of focus and quality.

Photo Agency: The Flash Pack Brand: H&M

FRIENDSHIP – Utilita Energy have sponsored many premier football team across the U.K. They used PixAngels roaming technology to help capture special moments between friends and families as they got together to support their local teams. Fans images were instantly uploading to branded galleries which allowed them to share their experience across social media. Brand X says: It’s an ‘all pile in’ moment. We like it mostly because it captures the essence of fandom. The subjects don’t care that the backdrop isn’t photogenic – it is Celtic FC, and that’s all that matters.

Photo Agency: The Flash Pack Brand: G-Star

FRIENDSHIP: Posing in a G-Star Raw store, answering the question, “What is RAW?”, these women epitomise our squad goals. The photo activation was critical to the new brand positioning for G-Star RAW’s Fall/Winter 16 campaign. We toured 5 stores over 5 days with a customised mod booth, capturing GIFs that enjoyed a share rate of 107%. Brand X Says: Once again, the Flash Pack’s fine production values and brand relevance stand out here. WINNING: One of the lucky few to be able to purchase items from the highly anticipated Kenzo x H&M launch, the photo experience thrust the instore excitement online in real-time. 265 photos were taken, with an above industry share rate of 78%. Brand X says: The high production values that The Flash Pack bring once again impress. Clever studio work makes the resulting image much more ‘on brand’

Photo Agency: #HASHTAG Brand: Wilkinson Sword

HEROISM: Brave knights at the Wilkinson Sword green-screen prepare to battle a ferocious fire-breathing dragon. Brand X says: This is the one where you don’t have to know the subject of the photo to get why it is funny. Achieving such heroics whilst waiting for a train at Waterloo makes this even better.

XIV BRAND X Spring 2017

Hammerson brand and andretail retailexperiences experiencesininthe theUK UK HammersonEngage Engageisisbehind behindsome some of of the the greatest brand and range of of opportunities, opportunities,more morereally reallydoes does andEurope. Europe.With Withonsite onsitespecialist specialistexpertise expertise and a range happenatatour ourpremium premiumshopping shoppingdestinations. destinations. happen

Awardwinning winningiconic iconic shopping shopping Award destinations that showcase the destinations that showcase the very best in retail experiences. very best in retail experiences.

Leadingdigital digitalinfrastructure infrastructure to to Leading drive engagement and innovation. drive engagement and innovation.

Destination Destination shopping shoppingcentres centresthat that showcase the very best. showcase the very best.

Portfolio Portfoliowide wideevents eventsthat thatcreate create memorable, positive and memorable, positive andimpactful impactful experiences. experiences.

HammersonEngage.com HammersonEngage.com


Opinion: Employed = Engaged Peter Bailey, director, eXPD8 argues the case for field marketing agencies to meet their social obligations Matthew Taylor, the Royal Society’s Chief Executive, and head of Theresa May’s inquiry into employment practices across the UK has said that there is evidence that many businesses were deliberately using selfemployment laws or so-called “gig” workers to avoid tax. Though new flexible ways of working were very good for many businesses and people, a complicated tax system and lack of clarity on the law meant that employers’ and employees’ interests often clashed. When eXPD8 was established in 2002, one of the first questions we asked ourselves was “do we want to be an employer or use people through a booker and/or via selfemployment?” We quickly came to the conclusion that employed people who are guaranteed a minimum number of hours, are more engaged, more loyal, more motivated than those who may represent your brand on a self-employed basis. Also, to meet the criteria for self-employment there are constraints around how you can induct, train, motivate, manage and discipline people. In addition, if your business model is built around a mobile workforce system which requires an expensive bit of kit, how can this work with transient workers? This is not a

criticism of people who are self-employed, who are hardworking and great people, but for us a matter of commercial sense.

therefore entitled to all the social obligations, we believe this Depending on the nature of the engagement, statutory benefits. Expect the will be the direction of travel for particularly for experiential services, Chancellor in next month’s budget the Field Marketing industry as Call file selection 2.0 contracted resource may be entirely to level the financial playing field whole. It will also negate that appropriate, but progressively over time, too. potential client’s awkward question many Field Marketing businesses have we’ve always imagined during a So, whilst eXPD8 has always been a moved to using all people resourced on a tender presentation “what do you firm believer in the benefits of Selecting the right stores to visit is at the very heart of field agency self-employed basis. The reason they’ve mean, you don’t employ people?”. done it is not necessarily to achieve a direct employing people and in meeting its tax saving, but because employing people is Activities. After all, focusing on the right mix of stores can lead to considerable efficiency gains for more demanding in many regards as the agency and therefore maximise the ROI delivered to client. employment places all sorts of obligations on the employer. But how to select the ‘right’ mix of stores? Many agencies rely on the tried and tested methodology

Exhibition: Fanomena and Leipziger Messe

Leipziger Messe GmbH has The new process is based on a These aren’t just financial obligations such that uses one of the many different consumer segmentation methodologies to identify stores that software developed by Fanomena. as employer’s NI, pension contributions, paid embarked on a long-term have the ‘right’ demographic group in their catchment. The idea being that selecting stores with the partnership with Fanomena. All This creates a new communication holidays, SSP/SMP etc., responsibility is ‘right’ demographic will automatically lead to the selection of stores that will in turn generate the visitors, participants, and gamers platform which is used to share taken for training/development, tools are will receive essential information interactive content about provided for the job, they are insured and biggest uplift from in-store activity, thereby maximising the potential value for clients. the general requirements of employment law about the event and offers of

DreamHack, DreamExpo, and

sponsors digitally. DreamShop as well as event-related to treat people properly are adhered to. Whilst such approaches undoubtedly have their place, they often don’t tell the full story in terms offers from sponsors and There has always been the counter-argument An example of the relationship was how well a store is likely to perform should we choose to visit it. After all, many stores that are exhibitors. Additionally, Leipziger that self-employed people earn ‘more’ but in seen at gaming festival DreamHack. situated in a so called ‘good demographic’ areas often fail to perform when visited. Messe informs its visitors about many cases that we’ve seen, usually in TUPE

DreamHack in Leipzig is the threeimportant basic and additional situations, after taking statutory rights into day gaming festival in the German The reasons behind this is simple: focusing exclusively on external demographics ignores the role information about the Gaming account, this is simply not the case. speaking area. Fanomena and Festival. physical store design, shopper environment and even in-store promotion play in encouraging a Leipziger Messe, the festival The recent court cases involving Pimlico organiser, created a concept which, All gamers and visitors can access Plumbers and Uber have illustrated the consumer to purchase a product at a particular store. by using a digital goodie bag, the web-based platform regardless former confusion around the rules, but of their location, time zone, and importantly have now shown their people not simplifies and accelerates the Analysis of a cross section of post campaign results from a range of our clients suggests that this communication with festival visitors. device type. actually self-employed but workers and problem may be larger than many realise. Our analysis shows that as many of 47% of stores in a

typical call file underperform versus the investment of time spent in store, implying that that time may be better spent visiting the rest of the selected stores more frequently, or indeed visiting previously unvisited stores.

Field Sales Insight from

Selecting the right stores to visit is at the very heart of field agency activities


fter all, focusing on the right mix of stores can lead to considerable efficiency gains for the agency and therefore maximise the ROI delivered to client.

through to internal store design, product offers, competitor activity and even strategic reasons (e.g. store is a ‘flagship’ store) for visiting a store.

But how to select the ‘right’ mix of stores? Many agencies rely on the tried and tested methodology that uses one of the many different consumer segmentation methodologies to identify stores that have the ‘right’ demographic group in their catchment. The idea being that selecting stores with the ‘right’ demographic will automatically lead to the selection of stores that will in turn generate the biggest uplift from in-store activity, thereby maximising the potential value for clients.

Indeed, this needn’t be a complicated process: such a scorecard can be Whilst such approaches undoubtedly have their place, they often don’t Figure 1: Pareto Chart showing the proportion of incremental sales as simple as tell the full story in terms how well a store is likely to perform should generated from field visits to store versus the proportion of stores in working closely we choose to visit it. After all, many stores that are situated in a so the call file. Here some 53% of the stores generate 80% of with the client to Figure 1: Pareto Chart showing the proportion of incremental sales generated from field visits to store versus the proportion called ‘good demographic’ areas often fail to perform when visited. incremental sales, with the remaining 47% responsible for just 20% identify the key of stores in the call file. Here some 53% of the stores generate 80% of incremental sales, with the remaining 47% of incremental volume. considerations The reasons behind this is simple: focusingresponsible for just 20% of incremental volume. exclusively on external when selecting demographics ignores the role physical store design, shopper o what’s the solution? Well here field agencies can take a leaf stores, assigning environment and even in-store promotion play in encouraging a So what’s the solution? Well here field agencies can take a leaf out of the management scientists out of the management scientists book and employ a some metric to consumer to purchase a product at a particular store. book and employ a technique called the ‘balanced scorecard’. Developed as a tool to aid business technique called the ‘balanced scorecard’. Developed as a tool to them and then Analysis of a cross section of post campaignstrategic thinking, the balanced scorecard seeks to quantify all aspects of a management decision results from a range of aid business strategic thinking, the balanced scorecard seeks to identifying the our clients suggests that this problem may be larger than many quantify all aspects of a management decision (be they financial, weights to use realise. Our analysis shows that as many of 47% of stores in a typical customer, process or growth related) and weight them according for each factor so call file underperform versus the investment of time spent in store, to importance so that a more balanced view than the normal pure that the optimal implying that that time may be better spent visiting the rest of the financial view can be taken. In the world of store selection, such a mix of stores can selected stores more frequently, or indeed visiting previously scorecard could be adapted to expand the view of the store to take be arrived at. in all areas of the customer journey, from external factors, unvisited stores.


Spring 2017


Event: Momentum Instore at RDE 2017 Award: CPM awarded Investors in People Gold Momentum Instore is presenting its range of services at RDE 2017, showcasing its installation expertise, asset tracking and store survey capabilities. Also on show will be the company’s latest reporting technology, including Momentum’s proprietary app for complete, real-time project transparency, its rapid retail response service and the newly introduced My Estate feature. As Momentum Instore extends its capabilities delivering major installations across Europe, the company’s expertise in managing large and complex projects will continue to ensure smooth and rapid implementation for its retail customers.

Rob Gleave, managing director of Momentum Instore, said: “Technology continues to exert an enormous influence on the retail sector, affecting everything from installation, estate planning and project management to the end-user’s shopping experience. As Millennials and Gen Zers drive new shopping styles – with 51 percent of purchases now happening online – creating an exciting in-store experience is absolutely key. Because of our years of experience, we’re helping drive the pace of change. Our in-depth understanding of how technology helps manage comprehensive installation projects to deliver a slick and advanced retail environment will help our customers offer shoppers the most exciting in-store experience possible.


React Surveys gains ‘elite status’

The Mystery Shopping Providers instore experience – to give them a Association (MSPA) has awarded ‘Elite service they can’t get online.” Status’ to a UK service provider for two “The ease and convenience of shopping successive years. online means that ‘bricks and mortar’ Jill Spencer, director of React Surveys retailers must be more vigilant as to the says: “This recognises the maturity of needs and preferences of shoppers. mystery shopping and its vital role in Every aspect of the retail experience making high street retailers competitive must be constantly tested – from with online alternatives. They entering the store, to selecting goods, increasingly recognise it’s essential to asking for help from staff, to paying for measure and understand customers’ and returning items.”

CPM UK has been awarded the Investors in People accreditation at Gold level.

After first achieving Investors in People accreditation in 2004, the agency has been re-accredited four times, reaching Silver status in 2013. CPM now becomes one of the 8% of businesses in the UK that hold the accreditation to attain the Gold standard. CPM UK managing director Karen Jackson said: “One of CPM’s core strategic focus

“We’ve increased our focus on career development over the last two years – for field, Contact Centre and Head Office staff. We’re providing the structure, tools and awareness for our people to manage their own careers and this includes making online learning resources accessible for all.”

Undercurrent marked its third year of 40%+ YOY turnover growth by launching two new agency propositions and purchasing brand and product launch stunt agency, House of Experience.

creating branded video content for all social media channels, working alongside companies such as Samsung and EE to tell their brand and product stories in both 2D and 360 film.

In 2016 the Undercurrent Group grew from 18 to 35 staff, showed strong team and client retention and secured new long term accounts.

Undercurrent and The Drop Founder and CEO, Damian Clarke, commented: “Ultimately we believe brand experiences are a great platform for content creation. An intimate, authentic connection with the customer is at the heart of live brand communication and produced correctly can be extremely powerful. But how do we make that connection offer a greater ROI for our clients? The answer is simple. Ensure everything we produce can live in the branded video space as much as in the live environment.”

Agency: Undercurrent’s expansion

The group debuted its new branded content agency, The Drop, at October’s FMBE awards ahead of a 7th December launch event in central London. The Drop produces relevant and engaging branded content from initial concept through to post production and distribution. The agency specialises in


0 Supplied by

Q4 Activity Report The festive period is always a busy time for bookings within all categories. Multiple brands and retailers took advantage of the increased footfall and Christmas spirit for some outstanding experiential activity. Pukka Teas toured with its Island of Tranquillity, giving shoppers and commuters a much-needed sanctuary. The tour visited train stations including Manchester Piccadilly and Victoria as well as Bristol’s Cabot Circus. The Island of Tranquillity offered passersby a sanctuary to ponder, rejuvenate, unwind and feel restored. Visitors to the stand also had the opportunity to enjoy a range of Pukka’s organic herbal teas. The Body Shop encouraged visitors to its pop-up shop to get in touch with their wild side. The beauty retailer promoted its “wildest campaign yet” selling personalised body butters at promotional prices. As part of the festive campaign, for every specially selected Christmas gift bought, The Body Shop increased its contribution to help protect endangered creatures and restore 1 square metre of rainforest. TK Maxx offered passers-by the chance to pick a song by placing


Spring 2017

areas is the empowerment of our people, so we couldn’t be more proud to have received this, the ultimate accolade.

a large coin into its massive jukebox installation from which the TK Maxx choir appeared and sung the song live. They also had the chance to win one of thousands of festive prizes.

Gatwick is the world’s most efficient single runway airport and is home to scheduled, low-cost and charter airlines. Currently around 45 airlines operate from the airport which sees 43 million passengers to 228 destinations in 74 countries around the world every year. 82.5% of travellers are in the socio-economic group: ABC1 (AB 40%, C1: 42.5%) with 60% of passengers travelling for leisure within the UK. There are multiple experiential opportunities available in this airport including within the International Departure Lounge and South Terminal. For more information, please contact marketing@spaceandpeople.co.uk.

station lit up in blue to create a memorable experience for commuters and shoppers.

Waitrose brought the Christmas spirit to travellers on their way home for Christmas with a giant Haig Club brought its newest offering, Clubman, to #HomeForChristmas hamper. Consumers could the busy commuters at London King’s Cross station share a photo of the hamper on Twitter and with an eye-catching brand awareness and Instagram using the hashtag #HomeForChristmas sampling campaign. Passers-by were invited to and tagging @waitrose to receive a free Christmas sample Haig Club Clubman mixed with cola. gift. Working with Fuse International and The Halo Created by Elastic, the campaign made use of Group, the promotion also featured a snow scene lighting to highlight the distinctive blue bottle with park bench, sledge and trees. associated with Haig Club, with the lights in the

2016 Q4 ACTIVITY BREAKDOWN 1% Miscellaneous


15% Financial Services



Food & Drink



Government & Information Campaigns 2% Retailer


13% Health & Beauty


39% Property/Home Related 3% 7% Travel

6% 5%

We’ve got London covered. Promote to 12.4 million people a week in prime London locations

Target shoppers, professionals and commuters Travel Hubs | Mixed Use | Shopping Centres SpaceandPeople has the exclusive rights to book promotional space in many prime London venues. To find out more: www.spaceandpeople.co.uk 0845 241 8215

Technofield Smartbox selects TeamHaven Natural Insight signs up Rhoddy Smartbox is the biggest provider of experience gifts in Europe selling themed experiences across Wellness, Adventure, Gastronomy and Nights Away. From its inception in 2003, Smartbox now sells one experience every 5 seconds, with 1 in 50 Europeans purchasing a Smartbox experience every year. TeamHaven has been selected to manage their European retail field account managers who help to increase product sales across their major retailers in Europe. Smartbox required a solution more suitable than a classic CRM system to both manage their field team and be capable to operate within the complex retail channel. TeamHaven was selected as the best solution to achieve this and is deployed to help manage product availability, promotional activities and initiate sample orders across their European retailers. Using the sales out data from the retailers, TeamHaven

uses a number of algorithms to plan the visits for the field team and quickly provide business intelligence to both the field staff whilst in the store and for the sales and marketing divisions within Smartbox. Steve Grimes CEO added “Using our in-house data API’s TeamHaven can access the sales out and stock figures of the retailer and provide a number of key actions for the field team in a proactive manner”. TeamHaven is used by many brands to help manage their European retail teams in merchandising, training, sales, promotional activities, POS implementation and many more retail activities. With a simple pay as you go pricing model, TeamHaven provides a powerful, yet flexible solution that can span multiple countries in their own language.

Start-up Lightvert scales up New start-up, Lightvert Ltd, is set to disrupt the Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) market with a new augmented reality solution called ECHO. ECHO is a patented technology that will take advertising to new dimensions of both height and engagement, producing huge digital images that appear as if by magic to the viewer. ECHO uses augmented reality to unlock large amounts of advertising real estate on high-rise buildings and other tall structures. A narrow strip of reflective material is fixed to the side of the building and a high-speed light scanner projects light off a reflector and towards the viewer. This creates largescale images that are ‘captured’ for a brief moment in the viewer’s eye through a ‘persistence of vision’ effect.

The images are fleeting, prompting viewers to stop, engage with the image and share the experience. Daniel Siden, CEO of Lightvert Ltd explains: “Traditional billboards and large scale LED screens in built-up environments are expensive and it is increasingly challenging to leverage new real estate in crowded urban spaces such as New York’s Times Square and London’s Piccadilly Circus. ECHO provides a new way for brands to rise above the noise of street level advertising and engage with audiences on an unprecedented scale.” Simon Dicketts, executive creative director of M&C Saatchi adds: “This is exciting; technology that frees up the mind to new creative possibilities has to be a good thing.”

OOH trading platform Kinetic has launched an automated trading platform which brings together all major out-of-home media owners for the first time. The collaboration with Bitposter offers an integrated trading platform to major media owners including JCDecaux, Clear Channel UK, Primesight, Exterion Media, Outdoor Plus, Ocean Outdoor and Signature, as well other significant media owners across all formats in the UK.

Aureus, with the inventory of the media owners, creating a private marketplace leveraging the Bitposter platform. The platform will provide a more efficient and effective service due to a streamlined process, that allows increased data integration.

Aidan Neill, CEO of Bitposter, said: “Our partnership with Kinetic, which leverages Aureus’ powerful data management capabilities together with the efficiencies delivered by the By using the Bitposter platform, Kinetic Bitposter platform, lays the foundation will integrate its planning system, for rapid innovation in the sector.”


Spring 2017

Natural Insight, a leader in enterprise cloud and mobile applications for retail merchandising and workforce management, announced today that Rhoddy Marketing Group has signed on as a new client. The Toronto-based marketing firm is known for creating memorable brand experiences for its clients such as Tim Hortons, WestJet, Volvo and Facebook. From consumer events to grassroots outreach programs, Rhoddy relies on Natural Insight to manage and deploy its workforce across Canada. “Our business has been growing exponentially over the past decade and we needed a robust technology platform to manage our workforce,” said Craig Belcher, general manager of Rhoddy. “Natural Insight’s cloud-based

platform is intuitive and comprehensive, and easy to scale as we grow and hire. We’ve embarked on a true partnership that has been a natural collaboration since day one. The Natural Insight team acts on our feedback and is always open to enhancing the tool to meet our company’s needs.” “We’re excited to streamline all of Rhoddy’s workforce management needs so they can focus on what they truly love to do, which is helping top brands connect with their loyal fans,” said Stefan Midford, CEO of Natural Insight. “We’re confident Rhoddy will find our platform to provide the data and transparency they need to keep their business running efficiently.”

Virgin Trains targets car drivers Virgin Trains has launched a datadriven DOOH campaign aimed at car drivers to remind them that there is a stress free and viable alternative. The reactive campaign automated messages based on local traffic data and vehicle recognition technology, to add relevance and context to messages that were deployed on premium DOOH roadside inventory in Leeds and Newcastle from the January 30 through to February 12. In Leeds, the traffic reactive campaign changed based on congestion levels on roads in close proximity to each digital billboard site and provided tailored, contextually relevant messages aimed at encouraging drivers to consider Virgin Trains’ service. Produced in partnership with Grand Visual and Manning Gottlieb OMD, the campaign aligned with driver’s

mindset in the moment. Live updates were managed through OpenLoop which analyses Google API’s data and automates the playout and delivery of geo-targeted content to each Media Owner in real time. The campaign is the result of a collaborative effort between Virgin Trains, client agencies Krow, Manning Gottlieb OMD, Talon, and production outfit Grand Visual, and the media owner’s Ocean Outdoor, City Outdoor and 8 Outdoor. The DOOH activity supported a broader campaign spanning TV, Digital, OOH, Print and Radio. The initiative represents a new marketing direction for Virgin Trains, as it pushes to innovate it’s marketing communications with intelligent use of data and technology to keep messages targeted and relevant.

Do you deploy tactical and promotional activity?

Track and manage staff with TeamHaven. KEY FEATURES $   "    $  %  ! $  # ! $ #  $ #!%





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be PReCISe. Subjectivity and inconsistency are the enemies of retail execution. Together, CACI and Natural Insight deliver labour management software that enables superior retail execution 100% of the time.

CACI and Natural Insight. Efficiently effective.

CALL +44 121 788 5900

web efficiently-effective.com Spring 2017


Eventbrite Venue launched Eventbrite has launched Eventbrite Venue, a fully integrated booking, operations and ticketing solution tailor-made for music venues. The new product combines the capabilities of Queue, a company Eventbrite acquired in early 2016, with the ticketing power of Eventbrite through a single login and interface. Eventbrite Venue’s mobile-optimised platform consolidates and simplifies the process of booking artists, selling tickets, and settling at the end of the night.

Smart benches in London Cancer Research UK joined forces with Strawberry Energy and MKTG to launch a network of Smart Benches with contactless technology in time for World Cancer Day on 4th February. The solar-powered benches provide mobile device charging ports and free Wi-Fi access, as well as in built sensors to monitor and report on environmental health such as air quality.

Bench, the public could also donate £2 to the charity by simply tapping their contactless debit or credit card on one of the Smart Benches that have popped up across London.

In the world’s first use of contactless payment on the Smart

Following the pilot a further 10 were being installed by the end of

Strawberry Energy worked exclusively with Urban Partnerships, a division of MKTG which delivers projects within the public space that are mutually beneficial for both brands and nonprofit organisations.

February, with an additional 80 to be installed this year. Michael Brown, managing director, MKTG said: “The Smart Cities economy is going to be worth an estimated £400 Billion by 2020, and UK industry is targeting 10% of that – which is twice the value of what the entire UK advertising sector was worth in 2016. We here at MKTG are delighted to be partnering with Strawberry Media to pioneer in this space, and as experience designers we are looking forward to further helping smart city entrepreneurs to enhance the experience of city life.”

Stop Press Stop Press Stop Press Stop Press Stop Press Stop Press Stop

TRO Retail selected for EV Centre

and inspire shoppers. The first of its kind, multi-brand showroom presents a unique concept, offering truly impartial advice to shoppers by highly trained independent professionals.

TRO is responsible for the design and production of the EV Experience Centre, which will feature a number of engaging technologies to enrich shoppers’ showroom experience. Ben Taylor, retail director at TRO, commented: “We are thrilled to be spearheading this innovative initiative in partnership with Chargemaster. Launching Spring 2017 in Milton Keynes, the EV The new store reflects the automotive industry Centre will unlock the true potential of electric landscape and the dramatic increase of consumer vehicle ownership for consumers, to educate interest in electric cars – plug in power models are Following a competitive pitch, the retail division of experience agency TRO has been appointed to deliver the UK’s first ever Electric Vehicle Experience Centre, in partnership with Chargemaster.

appealing not just to dedicated environmentalists but a much more mainstream audience. The project embodies several areas of TRO’s capabilities – melding our expertise in retail, automotive and digital spheres.” Chargemaster is responsible for the running and management of the store for its five-year duration. David Martell, Chargemaster CEO, said: “Being part of such a high-profile and diverse project is very exciting for Chargemaster. The centre will be the first of its kind and we are sure it will pave the way for other cities to follow. We are looking forward to welcoming Milton Keynes shoppers and showing them everything that going green has to offer.”

Superdrug retains N2O

Virtual Garage for DS Automobiles

Superdrug, said: “We’re delighted to be working with N2O again. Their creativity, operational strength and complete understanding of our business enables us to engage our customers, and showcase our amazing brand and product range. Our partnership with N2O means that our experiential activity will continue to solidify Superdrug’s position as a high street destination.”

DS Automobiles used “Virtual Garage” to tailor the experience, called “DS Virtual Vision,” for an immersive journey into DS 7 Crossback and all the collection. Based on Dassault Systèmes’ 3DExperince platform, “Virtual Garage” delivers 3D automotive sales and marketing materials, applications and event experiences that communicate emotional brand or product themes to their target audiences.

After a competitive pitch, brand activation agency N2O has been re-appointed Dassault Systèmes has announced that DS Automobiles, the premium brand of PSA by Superdrug to manage all experiential and shopper marketing activity in the Group, is using the “Virtual Garage” industry solution experience to fully support ‘Superdrug Experience’ programme. the launch of its new SUV, DS 7 Crossback, unveiled at the 87th Geneva N2O South, based in Maidenhead, Berkshire, has been delivering campaigns International Motor Show. With this, DS Automobiles transforms its showrooms for Superdrug and its key suppliers – including Coty, L’Oréal, Procter & and invigorates the car buying experience by offering “DS Virtual Vision” immersive Gamble and Unilever – in stores across the UK since 2009. The Agency’s virtual reality experiences for all its vehicles. relationship with the health and beauty retailer has gone from strength to Most consumers visit a car dealership only once or twice. Virtual technologies can strength during this time. help automotive brands to make this visit a game changer for both the consumer ‘Superdrug Experience’ was initially launched by N2O in 2012 to provide the and the retailer. DS Automobiles is leveraging virtual applications and virtual reality retailer and its suppliers with a managed brand activation service, which now to deliver a visual, high-impact marketing and sales experience to consumers that includes a portfolio of activations including store takeovers, experiential emotionally connects them, to discover DS 7 Crossback virtually before the events and supporting blogger meet and greets. commercial launch, but also all DS models. DS Automobiles can adopt an Speaking of the re-appointment, Jo Mackie, customer and people director at alternative retail format that helps to optimise dealership space and boost sales.

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Spring 2017


Produce UK appoints Neil Mortimer Produce UK has appointed Neil Mortimer, ex-head of production at Cake Group (HSE Cake), to the newly created role of head of event-making. The role has been created to handle the breadth of brand and production work flowing through the agency, alongside the fast-growing placemaking arm of the business.

Shaw joins FreemanXP

Kru Live’s new hire

Freeman has expanded its agency team with the appointment of Emily Shaw to the newly created role of Strategy Director, FreemanXP in EMEA. Shaw joins from Geometry Global, where she held the position of strategic planner, global strategy development. Shaw will report to Niru Desai, VP, strategy at FreemanXP in EMEA and will formulate and implement strategies for a range of the agency’s clients.

Kru Live has appointed Ella Newton as client services director to drive forward their continued growth.

Emily Shaw

Amanda Vine joins 2Heads

Ella comes from Brands At Work, where she was the account manager responsible for cultivating new and existing client relationships and devising creative event solutions for a number of blue chip companies. Prior to that, Ella started her career with Kru Live as a brand ambassador and staff booker.

Ella Newton

FreemanXP strengthens

Amanda Vine joins brand experience agency 2Heads as commercial director. Vine brings over 20 years’ marketing and event experience Freeman has added key worked at Maritz EMEA – across sectors and media platforms, including her now Grass Roots Group, most recent position as SVP, group account director appointments to its agency team at 2Heads and HGA. In his at Jack Morton Worldwide. FreemanXP with the new role Savill will be Olivier Vallee, managing director of 2Heads, said: appointment of Andrew responsible for “Amanda’s experience in defining client business Savill to the role of developing opportunities challenges and measurable objectives to create business development, from corporate clients in effective brand experiences is second to none. Her vice president. Industry the EMEA region. Amanda Vine track record in winning and growing client business Andrew Savill leader Lesley Mason will Mason brings both will be a tremendous support to our growth plans. I am really excited to have Amanda also be joining the agency and client-side experience to join the business to further evolve our strategic services.” FreemanXP team to act as client services FreemanXP, having previously held the director. position of VP, Client Services at George

Leaders at Blackjack

Blackjack Promotions has promoted two members of its team to senior positions – both within a year of joining the business. Andy DeVito has been appointed head of experiential, while Fiona Tindall becomes head of domestic retail.

Rory Sloan joins Avantgarde Rory Sloan has been announced as the production director at creative agency Avantgarde. Sloan, who has over 20 years’ experience in the events industry, has also joined the ILEA (International Live Events Association) where he is part of

the events and programmes committee. Sloan has spent much of his career as director and part of the board for RPM where he was responsible for all aspects of production and logistics before joining INCA as production director.

Sense NY appoints Ian Priestman

Savill joins from TBA, where he was client development director. Prior to that he spent nine years at WRG. Over the course of his 20-year career Savill has also

P. Johnson for nine years. Upon departing the agency at the end of 2014, Mason became a managing partner at direct and digital agency, MRM Meteorite.

Muster starts with Rutter & Braun The&Partnership has brought in Tom Rutter and Alec Braun, formerly joint managing directors at Engine’s Slice, to help it launch an integrated live events agency, Muster, “aimed at bringing brands and people together through unmissable experiences”.

to integrate live events with the other marketing channels, from advertising and digital engagement to influencer marketing and PR.

Tom Rutter, co-founder and managing director at Muster, said: “The&Partnership has been making waves with its progressive new agency models and fast growth. We wanted to be part of that, and couldn’t be more excited to make it a reality with Muster.” Rutter and Braun

The agency will work with specialists within Sense New York has bolstered its senior leadership team with the appointment of Ian The&Partnership’s Priestman as operations director. cross-discipline group Priestman boasts an impressive track record in experiential marketing, most recently at Blackjack Promotions, where he spent 10 years – five as project director and five as head of experiential. He Jack Morton Worldwide has appointed will be joining his partner, Sense New York President Damian Ferrar as SVP, executive creative Sarah Priestman, in running the newly formed agency. director. Based in the agency’s London

Jack Morton appoints Ferrar

Ian Priestman

“The opportunity to join Sense New York was simply too difficult to resist,” said Priestman.

Jones Joins Provision Events Provision Events has appointed Simon Jones, formerly event director with the Golf Show Group, as its new head of sales and business development.


Spring 2017

office, Damian will be leading the team’s creative offering.

Bruce Henderson, chief creative officer, Jack Morton Worldwide. “Damian replaces Tim Elliott, our recently retired ECD, who has been at Jack Morton for 37 years and is a tough act to follow.”

Wasserman hires Jade Garrow Newport Wasserman has announced the appointment of Jade Garrow Newport as a business director to its experience division. The new hire represents the agency’s focus on bolstering its senior team and strategic capabilities. Garrow Newport, once head of marketing for Miss Selfridge, will be responsible for ensuring consistency across the division’s strategy, as well as nurturing senior client relationships – both new and established – with a focus on the agency’s Bacardi account.

Simon Jones

She will report directly into Wasserman’s joint managing directors of experience, Paul Saville and Cris Cicirello.

Jade Garrow Newport

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