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Volume 15 Issue 4 Autumn 2019

The Field Marketing and Brand Experience awards Autumn 2019


A Wellness Workplace Moving from Health to Wellness to Performance 01494 240170


Autumn 2019

Sam Says….

to have the usual fun. We will introduce the idea of good health, happiness and harmony at the awards dinner, and then we will explore the topic more deeply at the Wellbeing Breakfast being held at The Holiday Inn, Brentford Lock the next morning. I have incorporated Japanese cherry blossom into the look and feel of the event to reinforce this wellbeing theme. The beauty, but short life cycle of these blooms is a Buddhist symbol of the brevity of life itself. They are a reminder of just how precious life is, and the importance of life balance; how we should pay attention to the living, breathing world around us, making time to live life to the full, and not taking the good things for granted.

The FMBE Awards embrace some exciting changes this year with a new location, new suppliers and a worthy theme. We are excited to be hosting the dinner in The Walled Garden at Syon Park; a versatile purpose build space situated in the grounds of the estate. Syon House is a stunning location frequently used as a backdrop for films and television and, despite being only 10 miles upstream from central London, it feels like you are in the middle of the countryside, with its tranquil ‘Englishness’, rolling green meadows and herds of cows. We will host an elegant drinks reception inside the beautiful, historic house and then we will move across to The Walled Garden venue for dinner.

And on the subject of ‘good’ things… award winning caterers, Tapenade have put together a delicious menu of Asian fusion food combined with a quintessential English dessert to represent both the theme and the location. Tapenade and the event space are part of the Eventist Group, alongside five other high-profile brands within the events and hospitality sector – Best Parties Ever, Tobacco Dock Food, Arribar, iE Live and Food by Dish.

This idyllic setting is the ideal environment for this year’s chosen theme of Wellbeing. It is a significant topic and one that is poignant to our busy, competitive and somewhat challenging industry. If we don’t look after our health, happiness and find a harmonious balance between our workplace and homelife, we can be left burnt out with no fuel or motivation to thrive and be productive. This may seem like a serious theme for a celebratory party; but be assured we aim

I spoke to Precious Randall, Sales and Event Manager at Tapenade and she said, “The Walled Garden at Syon Park is very excited to be hosting the FMBE Awards 2019. We are looking forward to being immersed in an unforgettable evening” I hope to see you there. Namaste.

ntha Sama ins Robb T asker


Brands at Bristol Balloon Fiesta The founding principle of Bristol International Balloon Fiesta has been that it should be free for the people of Bristol, an ethos it has maintained since its conception in 1979. This is largely due to the sponsorship of large brands who take advantage of the 500,000+ visitors that attend annually.

Pilots and balloon fans from all over the world flock to the event which takes place over four days in August at Bristol’s picturesque Ashton Court Estate, however most of the attendees are groups of families and friends

from the surrounding areas who turn up on site for the day to take full advantage of the family friendly free entertainment offerings. Brands utilising this ready made audience in 2019 include: Fruit and nut bar brand, Eat Natural, who took their immersive Makery on the Move roadshow to the event, encouraging attendees to create and customise their own healthy snack.

FAB returned again with Fabland, a giant inflatable obstacle course, featuring exploding confetti, ball ponds

and mazes.

Crew Clothing were on site with a pop up shop Lidl were on top form with their interactive family friendly zone featuring face painting smoothie creating spin bikes and various touchpoints that educated the public about sustainability, shopping best practice and healthy eating and plenty of fun photographic opportunities. Babybel used the event to stage a mass sampling activation of their new Mini Rolls. Children could learn circus activities as brand ambassadors ensured every passer-by had a sample and voucher to take away.

the morning and 6pm in the evening followed by the nightglows and firework displays. In between mass ascents, brands can benefit from the captivated, ready-made audiences demanding to be engaged with. The brands in attendance did a fantastic job of keeping crowds at the site entertained but there’s room for many more. The Fiesta provides a perfect platform for brands to deliver key messages and create awareness yet not enough brands are making the most of this opportunity.

The main attraction over the four days of the fiesta are the mass ascents, when the skies are filled with over 100 balloons, which take place at 6am in

Congrats to All the Nominees!

Stay Natural. Stay Zen. Autumn 2019


45 years of Meredith innovation O’Shaughnessy A view from the Reach team As we start to plan for Reach’s 45th anniversary next year, we had cause to take a moment to consider how our history as a company shapes our position in the world of field marketing today. Reach was one of the first agencies to be truly data driven, utilising technology and innovation to stay ahead of the game is part of our identity. Our established position in the industry ensures we have scale that would be very difficult to replicate if we started up today, providing us with the ability to deliver and confidence to our clients as the pace of change continues to increase. Our longevity in the industry has given us the experience, resources and a robust client base enabling us to be agile, take risks and invest in the innovations that help us maintain our position as one of the market leaders. Technology is changing retail outside of our own industry. The emergence of AI and innovations in voice recognition are starting to merge with big data influencing the grocery sector, and we expect there to be rapid changes ahead. Since being acquired by the North American Field Sales giant

Acosta, our group businesses are now able to take advantage of innovations taking place in Silicon Valley – with our own developers based in and around this tech hub. In real terms, this means we now have greater access to leaders in technology, research and development. There has never been a more exciting time to be in field marketing than now. 45 years on, looking back at how agencies worked without tablets, intelligent apps and algorithms, you suddenly realise how much change there has been in the industry. For instance, we no longer take disposable cameras to a developer to see displays that have been built in store, and no longer have a team in the office dedicated to transcribing data that our field teams collected on paper! We have come so far but the rate of change that we are expecting to see in the coming years could propel the industry even further. Our partnership with Acosta is driving our capabilities even further and we can’t wait to share these advances that will revolutionise the services we provide. The future is bright for innovation and certainly must remain at the forefront of brand planning and field marketing in the future.

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Autumn 2019

News and Events Editor Harriet Cramer


Front Cover Agency N2O and Lynx enjoying Brighton Pride

Your Creative counsellor

Grab your share of experience by embracing emotion

and emotive - that is where a creative experience strategy is key.

Retail is a great example of where experiences can reap huge reward. As we Marketeers often have to fight for budget to know surprise is recognised as a key element support creative experiential events but in feeling delighted! Surprise can be created by this month’s column Meredith O’Shaughnessy, adopting nimble strategies that respond creative strategist and founder of Meredith quickly to consumer trends. Constantly Collective argues that experience is proving innovating in-store experiences such as the vital pillar unpinning successful crosscustomisation, masterclasses or communitydriven, exclusive events make a retail store an platform strategies experience, and a destination. Direct-toMarketeers know that there is a deep consumer brands especially are in the connection between inspiring an emotional enviable position of being able to respond response and instilling brand loyalty and quickly to trends, drawing data and insight recognition. How often though is ‘emotion’ a from customers on the ground. They are free pillar of your strategic planning? And, how do to be agile, experiment and be brave, unlike you bring your brand to life through emotion larger, traditional retailers. in an impactful way? This can be a tough That’s why DTC pop-up stores are the perfect creative challenge even for the best marketing tool for brands considering a store marketeers. presence. Firstly, pop ups are where you can Arguably the first place to turn is the test, refine and play with your offering. evidence. Recent research by MESH on the power of brand touchpoints showed that the However, the mistake that lots of brands make is creating pop-up shops that are just another most positive and persuasive brand shop - they’re just open for a limited amount experiences were created through public of time. spaces and events. Contrary to popular thinking, social media and online scored significantly lower on this scale.

What’s needed are pop-up “experiences” that showcase the brand and its unique attributes. No one is interested in another place to buy Similarly, according to Event Track, 85% of stuff, they want a sense of being part of a consumers are likely to purchase after community of early adopters - achieved participating in events and experiences, and through delight, education and meaningful over 90% have more positive feelings about brands after attending. Consumers say the top experience. channel that best helps them understand the By creating real life, shareable experiences benefits of products are... experiences. you create the ideal platform for customers Looking at the majority of marketing budgets to engage emotionally. In turn they naturally however, this reality become brand isn’t reflected. amplifiers and ensure Creating a physical promotion is experience shouldn’t driven by real be considered an addfans rather than on tactic if you have marketers the cash left over, but whose activities the foundation on consumers are which emotionallybecoming more inspired campaigns are and more savvy built. Putting and distrustful of. experience at the heart of strategy provides emotive inspiration, content and context for all other channels, while always bringing the consumer back to that emotional connection. In fact there is a strong movement towards brands owning a ‘share of experience’ over ‘share of voice’. The real challenge is to make individual experiences memorable, personal

So when it comes to your 2020 planning, where will emotion and experience feature in your strategy? Will you allow your competitors to steal your share of experience or will you focus on meaningful interactions over and above meaningless metrics?

Dear team,

We're sorry we didn't do this sooner. We know how frustrating booking experiential spaces can be — we've been there. You spend ages searching for space, chasing availability, rates, and details only for the brief to change. On to version 12.4 of the spreadsheet we go... well, you know the drill. So we ditched all that faff and put our blood, sweat, and tears into lo:live — the new online platform and marketplace for experiential space. Planning and booking experiential space just got easier.

Going live in Q4 2019 Find out more at

SEARCH : PLAN : BOOK : LIVE by location live group Autumn 2019


Reaching Maturity by Frank Wainwright, FMBE awards director This year’s FMBE awards has seen signs that we are maturing as an industry. The entry and judging process has been an illuminating one. These are the four main discoveries. 1. Our industry prides itself on being a ‘people’ business but for many years agencies have looked like employers, rather than specialist, outstanding employers. The awards have witnessed far more field team feedback, work happiness questionnaires, life-balance structures and mental healthcare being given equal priority with physical. Staff retention data is clearly on the up, and with that has come contract extension and renewal. 2. Our industry prides also itself on knowing the shopper mindset but our media spaces have always offered something more complex than “shopper.” One upside of the gloomy challenges to retail has been a more holistic view of shoppers who travel to retail spaces for leisure, health, entertainment and education as much as for shopping. This in turn means that media space owners, property landlords, have matured their visitor profiling and can now inform brands about connecting with their visitors on multiple levels. The recent advent of

Samsung KX in Coal Drops Yard shows a brand that has been enabled by location to showcase lifestyle, and we should expect more brands to be facilitated to follow in the months ahead.

3. Brand demonstration has reached a

new level of expertise. The consumer electronics sector is leading the way here, as it should do, and ideas gleaned from the big shows in Las Vegas and Barcelona have now filtered through to shopping centres, stores and high street. As an industry FMBE is uniquely placed to facilitate that. We have a much stronger cross over now between what were traditionally field marketing and brand experience agencies, with in store demos gaining from a brand experience makeover and brand experience stands equipped with more accountability and sales savvy staff. The health and beauty sector is next in line.

4. In FMCG we are also maturing in terms of the trust between retailers and the FMBE teams. Increasingly store visits are carried out by field teams who have been informed about the emotional connections of the brand and can use their knowledge to negotiate successful long-term deals. Equally retailers are more aware of the value of extending their brand messaging to events, putting their trust in brand experience teams to deliver their messaging at exterior events.

McCurrach appointed as Graze’s field marketing partner McCurrach have announced they have been chosen by Graze to run the brand’s field sales solutions across grocery multiples from September 2019. Graze have partnered with McCurrach based on the company’s existing reputation in the FMCG market. The field sales provider aims to grow Graze’s presence across grocery multiples and improve brand visibility year-round.

for the grocery brand Millie Rowe, shopper marketing for Graze comments: “We are really excited to be part of a McCurrach syndicated team with Unilever. We see McCurrach’s grocery knowledge, data capabilities and store level relationships as a great asset and With Graze newly on board, McCurrach now have a syndicated team of 42 people, look forward to seeing the impact they who will oversee achieving these targets have on our sales.”

KittenSoft toilet roll invades Dublin with relaunch for Irish mums

awareness and converting social engagers into loyal customers of KittenSoft’s new and KittenSoft, the toilet roll brand sold improved product, SuperMams is a cheeky, exclusively in Ireland and owned by playful concept that delivers something truly Sofidel Group, staged a massive unique: a pop-up dedicated entirely to toilet relaunch in the heart of Dublin on roll. 15th August – its ‘SuperMams’ popGeorge Roberts, client services director at up shop played host to an array of Five by Five, says: “KittenSoft is a toilet roll-themed activities. quintessentially Irish brand: it’s made for Irish The relaunch was delivered by bums and bought almost exclusively by Irish launch marketing agency Five by mums. We’ve worked with Sofidel’s roster for Five, with PR support, influencer over three years now, and it’s a joy to finally involvement and paid Facebook work with KittenSoft and bring its brand media. Aimed at raising brand personality to life.”

A thank you to FMBE’s sponsors

The print and production of this mini issue for Award’s Night has been sponsored by agency Channel Assist. FMBE is uniquely sponsored by businesses that facilitate FMBE campaigns and help deliver best practice. We are immensely grateful to all our sponsors who support our event and its categories. 0844 414 2983

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Autumn 2019










Yakult’s AR experience

Nike and Unit9 Reach and Heineken paint Unit9 helped Nike build on the excitement London green surrounding the Women’s World Cup with

Yakult UK launched its first-ever Augmented Reality experience, along with a social media campaign, to enhance the brand’s focus on the Science of Wellbeing, launched through an Out-of-Home activity earlier this year.

an in-store activation and digital tool that let fans create personalised posters of themselves as footballing legends.

Quiet Storm developed the creative idea for the AR ‘Magic Mirror’ activation encouraging people to experience “The science of breathing, brought to you by the Little Bottle of Science”. Passers-by were invited to ‘touch’ a Yakult bottle they sew on screen to trigger a 30-second experience that involved a breathing exercise. This helped participants clear their minds, all with the purpose of promoting wellbeing through a mechanic rooted in science, as Yakult’s little bottles, and a creative execution that reinforces the brand’s Japanese heritage.

The experience ran in London’s Nike Town, the Champs-Élysées store in Paris and in Berlin and Amsterdam stores. The activation was supported digitally through an online tool hosted on On Sunday 16 June, a selection of the most rousing posters were showcased for all to see at Piccadilly’s OOH site. To create a personalised poster in-store, people were photographed in a bespoke booth and their image was composited onto a background of cheering crowds to build more on Wieden+Kennedy’s Dream Further campaign.

Yakult worked with 3RockAR to produce the creative used on the agency’s unique AR technology, which was featured at Bluewater Shopping TeamHaven_advert_2017_02.pdf Centre, following a successful launch at Waterloo Station.



Field marketing and sales agency, Reach, hit London town on 29thMay with an “Apprentice” style challenge in support of their client Heineken. As one of the official sponsors of the UEFA Champions League, Heineken looked to capitalise on cup final anticipation and ensure customers were fully stocked with product to meet consumer demand.consumer demand and football fever. The entire off trade Heineken business set off across the city with some ambitious sales targets to deliver.

Panasonic leverages Natural be partnering with Natural Insight to support our Insight field teams in stores. Natural Insight will allow us Panasonic will leverage the capabilities of the Natural Insight platform to enable the company’s field teams to execute in-store strategies and guarantee superior and consistent experience for in-store customers across the U.K. and Ireland.


Divided into 10 teams and clad in green, the head office staff had a Reach field representative in support, who used their local expertise and customer knowledge to drive and guide the teams in their mission to reach as many off trade stores as possible in their area.

“We are incredibly excited to

to empower our field teams with all the information they need in one central place, and collect reliable in-store data in an extremely efficient way,” said Steve Oakes, head of brand development at Panasonic U.K. “With its analytic capabilities, the platform will enable us to get custom real-time dashboards and regular reports. It’s a full feedback loop that enables team members to be more proactive, and that’s why we selected Natural Insight as the collaboration tool for our field teams.”

Do you deploy tactical and promotional activity?

Track and manage staff with TeamHaven. KEY FEATURES C








• GPS Tracking with Location Check-In and Check-Out. • Search for suitable staff for each location and publish vacancies. • Automatic alert system for non-compliant activities. • Integrated payroll module. • Pay per visit, perfect for tactical staff.





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3840 Metres

Good Autumn 2019


The Field Marketing & Brand Experience Awards - Shortlist 2019 Shortlists include 3-7 finalists based on the judges’ view of the strength and depth in the category. The exception is the Best Use of Space award where 8 finalists progress in consideration of the £25,000 prize after a heated debate saw 8 very strong entries emerge.

Category A: Sales campaign of the year Sponsored by Natural Insight This was a heck of a year for the category with many campaigns getting good, but not good enough feedback from our judges. There were some big reputations that failed to make the cut. The category also saw a wider mix of interpretations of the entry criteria. Experiential stands and pop ups often struggle to have enough accountability to shortlist but this year bucked that trend. A fabulous shotlist emerged.

ExSellence – Pladis HIGHJAM - Buyagift Mercedes - Mercedes

Category B: Most effective retail sales experience Sponsored by Teamhaven This category was smaller but felt deeper than in 2018. It was certainly one where any of the 6 that made the shortlist would be a worthy winner and the judging process took some care to narrow down. In the end, our panel was split 3 ways before gold was decided.

Blue Square – Samsung Fizz Experience – Philips Link Communication – True Nopal Cactus Water Mash – GHD N2O – Tesco Reach – Heathrow

N2O – Now TV Powerforce – Haribo REL Field Marketing – Panasonic

REL Field Marketing/ Panasonic Mash/GHD Link Communication/ True Nopal Cactus Water

Fizz Experience/ Philips

Category C: Field data award


Agency Logobrand has taken silver, silver, gold in the last three years in this category. Has the team worked its magic again? The category has seen more variety this year with a wider spread of solutions and developments in what was a tight one for the judges..

Flexforce – Target Enhance (for Tactical Clients) Logobrand – Hain Daniels McCurrach – Kerry Foods MKTG – The Telegraph REL Field Marketing - GSK Tactical Solutions – Quorn

N2O/Now TV


Autumn 2019

MKTG/The Telegraph

Category D: Most effective instore marketing

Category F: Team of the year

Three Acosta agencies, Disrupt, Reach and ShopSmart have been shortlisted here with three differing and impressive interpretations of the instore brief. They come up against a resurgent HIGHJAM, back at FMBE after winning a category when they last appeared, sector specialists Instore who picked up an FM Gold last year, and serial FMBE winners Logobrand and Powerforce. The category saw a very high standard and looks full of intrigue.

Sponsored by Alliance Vehicle Rental

Disrupt – Activity Superstore HIGHJAM - Buyagift Instore - Poundland Logobrand - Haribo Powerforce – Lego Reach - Heathrow ShopSmart – Nivea

This year, as with the category previously, a split between FMCG and non FMCG teams was made in order to help compare a closer like for like in a big entry list The category was split for obvious reasons as two very different types of team emerged with strength in depth in both FMCG and non-FMCG. In ‘non’, Elevate and Oculus are back on the list taking on the challenge to defend their title. A defence has been done in the past… Other intrigues see Visa take on Mastercard and Lenovo take on Dell in the same category, whilst Kru Live’s return to FMBE sees them shortlist twice with teams for Visa and Google Pixel. Non-FMCG

Elevate Staffing – Oculus Kru Live - Bright Partnerships – Visa Kru Live - Google Pixel Mastercard – Mastercard Event Team Powerforce - Lenovo REL Field Marketing – Dell


HIGHJAM/ Buyagift

Category E1: Most effective tactical campaign (ROI Led) Advantage Smollan owned agencies REL and Powerforce have made this category one with an interesting internal agency sideshow. REL Field Marketing and Mondelez took the honours last year and are back to defend. The challenge though is formidable with superb entries from Flexforce and Logobrand making the category anyone’s guess.

In FMCG, category regulars from Weetabix, Mondelez and Danone Waters/ Red Bull have convinced our judges of their passion to keep improving year on year whilst P&G Gillette will look to build on the silver won by P&G last year. McCurrach’s Unilver Ice Cream team are back after being edged out for gold in 2017, so will be hoping to go one better… The Kraft Heinz and KP teams are new to the category shortlist but both come from agencies with a proud success record at FMBE. As usual, the category came down to some very fine margins and took a long time to judge. FMCG

Field Sales Solutions – P&G Gillette McCurrach – Unilever Ice Cream PRL - KP REL Field Marketing – Danone Waters/ Red Bull REL Field Marketing – Mondelez REL Field Marketing – Weetabix ShopSmart – Kraft Heinz

Powerforce/ AG Barr

Flexforce – Premier Foods Logobrand – Hain Daniels Powerforce – A G Barr Powerforce – Pladis REL Field Marketing – AT Cross and Parker/Waterman REL Field Marketing – Mondelez REL Field Marketing – William Grant



Category E2: Most effective tactical campaign (Service Led)

Mastercard Powerforce/Lenovo

The entry field lacked depth, but the final 3 all look like winners as an always impressive Health Lottery team take on last year’s agency gold winner, Instore and the passionate PowerSwitch team, whose successes in Indonesia have seen the agency build a strong winning track record at FMBE.

Field Sales Solutions – The Health Lottery Instore – Graze PowerSwitch – Mondelez (Indonesia) Autumn 2019


Brand Experience Categories

Category G: Most effective sponsorship activation Sponsored by Elevate Staffing A strong entry led to a fun and challenging judging session in which our judges debated creative execution vs. KPI numbers and the panel was duly split. The mix of opinions was led to an enlivening debate and all agreed that high standards had been set across a mix of briefs and consequent activations.

Category I: Most immersive brand event or roadshow (mass consumer) Sponsored by intu This category is always keenly contested and judges witnessed a broad range of interpretations of the immersive brief. A long judging debate saw 2 entries emerge from the pack with both declared worthy winners, but one was – eventually - chosen.

Frukt – Jaegermeister Meet and Potato – Mercedes-Benz Vans MKTG - Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

Noonah – McDonald’s Social Vend - Mulberry Verve – Danone Volvic Wasserman – BMWi

Verve/ Danone Volvic

Brand Brewery with Bright Partnerships – DHL Bright Partnerships – Infosys CSM Live – British Airways CSM Live – Paddy Power Frukt – Jaegermeister MKTG - Cadbury TRO – Nissan

Brand Brewery with Bright Partnerships - DHL


CSM Live/Paddy Power

Category H: Most effective roadshow or shopping centre campaign Sponsored by SpaceandPeople This was something of a return to form for the category which was - about 10 years ago – the most entered in all FMBE. This year, competition to make the shortlist was a tough test and so the seven that remained are all worthy finalists. Of the agencies that have made the list, Circle have the most recent form in the category with a win in 2017, The Producers (as PrettyGreen) reached the summit in 2016 and both MKTG and GMR have had winning roadshows outside this category. TPF, Why and Experience 12 were all new to our Cat H judges who were impressed by the great entries from all 7 finalists.

The Circle Agency – Milk&More Experience 12 – X-Men Dark Phoenix GMR - Johnsonville MKTG – Paco Rabanne, PUIG The Producers – Lego Bugatti TPF -Game of Thrones The Why Agency –


Autumn 2019

Wasserman/BMW i The Why Agency/

Category J: Most immersive brand event (controlled audience) Sponsored by intu DRP Group and CSM Live both have form from 2017 in the category when DRP took a gold away and CSM a bronze. This year saw a surprising dip in terms of depth with little impressing the judges outside the top 6. Nevertheless, the category has delivered six excellent examples of the genre with B2B, B2C and B2E case studies all getting a look in.

Blue Square – Samsung The Circle Agency – Jarlsberg CSM Live – Lidl Hortus DRPG - Triumph Meet and Potato – Mercedes-Benz Vans The Yard Creative with Limelight Sports – Nike

Category L: Most emotive experiential campaign Sponsored by Location Live Emotive was a slow burner, a new category for FMBE that we hoped would show why the emotional response to experiential events makes it a great medium for long term front of mind recall. A glance through the shortlist is enough to know that the judges were brought from joy to heartache and back. We emerged with a really high quality field.

Backlash Creative – Barbie Flashmat – D&AD Frank – D-Day Museum House of Experience – Water Aid Independent Events – Road Respect N2O – Lynx PRL – McVities

Blue Square/Samsung Frank/ D-Day Museum House of Experience/ Water Aid

Meet and Potato/ Mercedes-Benz Vans

Category K: Most Effective integration/ amplification Sponsored by Location Live Great to see some new (to us) agencies mixing it up with the established in this category which saw some well known teams fail to make the shortlist.

Blue Square – Samsung CSM Live – Lidl Hortus Experience12 – Magic FM KINC and Silverdoor – Jaegermeister

The Producers – Lego Bugatti Raptor – Pot Noodle TPF – Game of Thrones

CSM Live/Lidl Hortus

Category M: Creative intelligence award Sponsored by Jaegermeister Budgets for creative work seem to have been cut back in the last year. These finalists have all shown how to work creativity into a fairly solid and dependable brief. All of these finalists have successfully found something extra in order to make a strong impression. Three of the agency finalists in the category saw debut gold or silver success at FMBE last year, with The Why Agency debuting this year. Verve’s 2018 silver was scored in Creative Intelligence.

Flashmat – D&AD Jackanory – ME Hotel Jackanory – Quaglinos Verve – Danone Volvic The Why Agency –

TPF / Game of Thrones

The Why Agency/

Verve/Danone Volvic Autumn 2019


The FMBE Categories Category N: Brand Ambassador of the Year

Category O: Most effective small scale/local campaign Sponsored by Pictures Experience The category has been hailed as full of intrigue, innovation and fantastic results. It is always a fascinating one to judge because it puts FMBE techniques under a robust microscope. This year’s finalists have all passed a close scrutiny test.

The Circle Agency – Crew Clothing Field Sales Solutions – Mateus Gekko – Hisense Independent Events – Road Respect

PRL - Muchos REL Field Marketing - Evian Wave – The Times


Sponsored by Run 202020 Brand Ambassador gets more competitive this year. The judges called this year’s field sales contenders ‘machines’, whilst the demonstrators and samplers are now delivering innovation and initiative back to the brand like never before.

Field Sales and Merchandising Barry Cross – Britvic (Reach) Holly Roffey – P&G (Field Sales Solutions) Ian Mullinger – Birds Eye (Tactical Solutions) Neil Gill – GSK (PRL) Patrick Dunne – Lucozade Ribena Suntory (PRL) Pratik Shah – Ferrero (Field Sales Solutions) Sadhana Patel – Mondelez (REL Field Marketing) Demonstration and Sampling Carly Gamble – Samsung (Blue Square) Krzysztof Edelman – Nikon (REL Field Marketing) Lydia Boakes – Samsung (Blue Square) Sally Marsh – Costco (Fizz Experience) Stuart Smith – HP (Wave)


Category P: Product launch of the year

Blue Square/ Carly Gamble Reach/Barry Cross

Blue Square/ Lydia Boakes

In the past we have seen some runaway winners in this category, but that’s not the case this year. In the last couple of year’s REL Field Marketing has enjoyed some consistent success and the agency is back with 2 finalists. Challenging REL are three field marketing launches and two brand experience ones – and they all made interesting reading for our judges.

Experience 12 – Bossa World’s Adrift ExSellence – Monster Energy Mango Loco Frank - Huawei P30 Powerforce – Pravha (Off Trade) Reach – Chicago Town Pizza To Go REL Field Marketing – Freddo Treasures REL Field Marketing – Sensodyne Sensitivity

Experience12/ Bossa World’s Adrift

Fizz/Sally Marsh

Frank/Huawei P30


Autumn 2019

Experience12/ Bossa World’s Adrift

Brand Brewery/Partnerships/DHL

Category Q: Consumer campaign of the year

Category R: Smart brand engagement award

Sponsored by The Drop This category has delivered a stellar shortlist that includes a category defence from the 2018 gold winning team, MKTG and Cadbury. These will all be expecting to win!

When the judges brought just 3 entries forward to the shortlist as a fair reflection of the strength in depth in the category, that left an intriguing trio who had made the grade. Since then one finalist has withdrawn so we have a head to head between the brand experience arm, Wave, of one of FMBE’s largest agencies McCurrach, and the small but perfectly formed boutique photo experiences agency

The Circle Agency – Milk&More Frank – Huawei Hunter PR – Tabasco MKTG – Tiffany and Co. Fragrance, Coty MKTG – Cadbury Reach – Heathrow Stonegate Pub Company - Jaegermeister

MKTG/Tiffany and Co. Fragrance, Coty

Flashmat – D&AD Wave – HP 3rd Finalist Withdrawn


Category S: Most Effective Stand or Display MKTG/Cadbury

This category was split to reflect different accountability methods for business facing vs consumer facing stands in a busy year for the category. The B2B set sees FMBE regulars, DRPG, Promohire and Undercurrent taking on new challengers GES and Identity. Sponsored by Hammerson Engage B2B, B2E and Trade

DRPG – Premier Paper


GES – Tetra Pak Identity - Siemens Promohire – Glow worm Undercurrent – Samsung

Sponsored by Hammerson Engage Undercurrent/Samsung Consumer The private agency battle between 2018 gold winners in this category Custodian and serial cross-category FMBE winners MKTG is interrupted by the presence of the interactive display for Battersea at Crufts built by Mad River.

Custodian – Absolut Vodka Custodian – Uncle Ben’s Mad River - Battersea MKTG – NARS Orgasm MKTG – Tiffany and Co. Fragrance, Coty


Stonegate Pub Company/ Jaegermeister MKTG/Tiffany and Co. Fragrance

DRPG/Premium Paper

Autumn 2019


Category T: Operational success of the year The judges certainly recognised the value in the category by seeing these shortlisted finalists’ stories. These logistical champs have all overcome the odds with make-it-happen professionalism.

Category V: Special Award: Staff support and agency wellbeing The Special Award is being presented at the FMBE breakfast, 27th September, Holiday Inn, Brentford Lock Sponsored by Run 202020 Staff support and wellbeing has proved the largest and best balanced of anything we have hosted in Special Award. Whilst this has meant some excellent entries not making the shortlist, the good news is that our people industry is stacking up well and is focussed on creating platforms for talent to shine. `

Elevate Staffing – Oculus Field Sales Solutions – P&G Field Sales Solutions – The Health Lottery Link Communication – Brioche Pasquier/ Yorkshire Water REL Field Marketing – Panasonic VIP Premium Vaping and E-Liquids – Vype Retail

Channel Assist eXPD8 Gekko


REL Field Marketing Undercurrent


Elevate Staffing/Oculus


Link Communication/ Brioche Pasquier/Yorkshire Water

Category U: Professional agency management award


This fascinating quartet have all had structured management programmes that have led to confidence, happiness and growth.

Channel Assist eXPD8 Field Sales Solutions McCurrach

Field Sales Solutions



Autumn 2019

FM Agency of the Year

Brand Experience Agency of the Year

Sponsored by Land Securities The shortlist has five repeats from last year, including REL Field Marketing looking to defend their title. Two agencies with exceptional reputations – Powerforce and Reach – have joined the 2018 quintet.

Sponsored by Land Securities 2018 champions N2O are back alongside 2018 success stories MKTG and Link. They are joined by FMBE multiple Agency of the Year winners, Circle and the three agencies with big full trophy cabinets from awards evenings, CSMLive, DRPG and Frank.

Field Sales Solutions Logobrand McCurrach

Powerforce PRL Group Reach REL Field Marketing

The Circle Agency CSM Live DRPG

Frank Link Communication MKTG N2O


REL Field Marketing


CSM Live DRPG Reach

Experience12 Powerforce

Field Sales Solutions


New Agency of the Year Newcomer agencies Experience12 and ExSellence have both been nominated for consideration for our discretionary New Agency of the Year accolades Autumn 2019


Best Use of Space Sponsored by SpaceandPeople with Network Rail The £25,000 prize has attracted some heavyweight campaigns and events and a large variety of brand locations to assess. This was one of the closest judging decisions. All of the finalists will have high expectations. .

KINC – Jaegermeister (Soho Radio) Life Agency – Carlsberg (London Waterloo Station) MKTG – Tiffany and Co. Fragrance (St Pancras Station) N2O – Lynx Black (Brick Lane Pop Up Shop) Sense – The Economist (Victoria Station) TPF – Game of Thrones (Shopping Centres & Train Stations) The Why Agency – (Shopping Centre) The Yard Creative with Limelight Sports – Nike (Hackney Marshes)

LIFE - Carlsberg

TPF/Game of Thrones The Why Agency/Yell. com

Sense/ The Economist


Autumn 2019

MKTG/Tiffany and Co. Fragrance









12,000 BRANDS

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/SpaceandPeople /SpaceandPeople Autumn 2019


Summer showdown

Initials and Strongbow Independent creative agency Initials worked in partnership with UK cider brand Strongbow to create The Strongbow Yard again this summer. Aiming to celebrate local heroes and British people from different backgrounds, this year’s new creative aligned with Strongbow’s latest ATL campaign, ‘Refreshing People since 1960’. The yard featured their ten-metrehigh iconic Archer as the centerpiece and kicked off at the Isle of Wight festival, followed by Kendal Calling and ended the season at Victorious.

pyrotechnic displays and DJs. For the first time, the ‘Refreshing People Live’ stage debuted, featuring a piano duo taking requests from the crowd. Exclusively for Kendal Calling, Strongbow Dark Fruit also hosted the After Dark tent – a place where festivalgoers could party into the night.

Bas Bakker, Strongbow Marketing Manager at Heineken says: “Strongbow stands for bringing together people from all walks of life and we have a long history of doing exactly that at Festivals. This summer we brought the Strongbow Yard and its eye-catching archer back to three major UK Festivals. Bringing together all three ciders in the On top of that, we introduced ‘Refreshing People Live’ where festivalfamily, Strongbow Original, Strongbow Dark Fruit and Strongbow Cloudy Apple, goers could request and sing-along to The Strongbow Yard, which is a landmark their favourite Festival anthems”. at all three festivals, also included

Pride in London partners with Uprising. The #PrideJubilee marks 50 Mary Portas Stonewall years of activism, protests and victories that have In conjunction with this year’s Pride in London, Seven Dials hosted an exclusive Pride pop-up store from 8th June until 12th July at 53a Neal Street, in collaboration with Mary Portas ‘Queen of Shops.’ For the third year running, a dedicated store was donated by Shaftesbury. The 2019 celebration was particularly significant as the theme – #PrideJubilee – looks back over the last 50 years since the

made Pride what it is today. Mary Portas’ creative agency, Portas, worked with Pride in London to curate the design of the ‘street party’ themed Seven Dials’ anniversary store. Posters and archive footage were used as inspiration to for the look and feel, the venue itself acted as a traditional shop as well as providing a space for the LGBT+ community and Pride in London’s partners to connect, share and host a series of one-off exclusive events. Pride in London worked with partners such as to produce Pride themed products for the shop, alongside the official Pride in London merchandise which includes clothing, lifestyle products, and an exclusive Pride Gin.

Raccoon creates House of Ice Cream Raccoon worked with The Fitting Room agency to deliver the House of Ice Cream for Fuller’s Kitchen. The brand paired guilty pleasures such as ice cream, cocktails and fried chicken with this summer’s heatwave and showcasing their range of creamy buffalo milk ice cream from Laverstoke Farm, Hampshire. To bring the idea to life, Raccoon was commissioned to deliver the brand production for the ‘pop-up parlour’. Raccoon took The Fitting Room’s conceptualised designs and installed all


Autumn 2019

large format graphics for the walls and doors, the external window vinyl, the A-boards and menus. The team also transformed the bar area, freezers, table tennis table and branded the promotional bike. To raise awareness of the House of Ice Cream, Raccoon also created and installed directional signage and graphics to drive footfall from the station to the parlour. The Fuller’s Kitchen experience was open for a week from Friday 26th July at The Conductor, Farringdon.

A round up of Summer activations that took place across the country

Amplify creates gin palace for Sipsmiths Amplify was enlisted by Sipsmith Gin to develop a distinct, ownable and premium festival presence inspired by the gin palaces of the 1820s. The activation, which ran across three festivals over the summer recreated an opulent gin palace where festivalgoers could revel in an on-going raucous jazz party. On Saturday 3 August, the party received the Ronnie Scott’s seal of approval when the jazz club, which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, used the gin palace to host an evening of live jazz. Designed to accommodate up to 120

people, the activation was housed in a 9m x 16m yurt-based Orangery steeped in Sipsmith’s signature aesthetic. Once inside, the festival goers could, in addition to soaking up jazz, enjoy bespoke cocktails or join one of the many masterclasses running each day.

Magic Bus and Experience 12 Following success supporting the Boyzone tour in January, the Magic Radio Bus arrived at ‘Barclaycard presents British Summer Time’ in Hyde Park between the 5th and 14th of July this summer, with the activation conceived and run by pop-culture marketing agency, Experience12.

boost average time spent listening (ATSL) figures. Magic and Experience12 worked closely to create the Magic Radio Bus creative concept, which hosted live broadcasts from ‘Barclaycard presents British Summer Time’, led by famous radio presenters; Ronan Keating, Harriet Scott and Emma B. On-air activities and garden games were also available for the The agency was tasked with bringing to life an experience that would drive brand public to engage with, including quizzes, interviews, giant Jenga and giant Connect awareness, increase listenership and Four.

XYZ and Major League Baseball MLB enlisted XYZ to create a sociallypowered baseball experience in the heart of London called the MLB Softball60 Series – a fast-paced inclusive team sport for Europe to ramp up excitement and awareness ahead of the Mitel & MLB Present London Series 2019.

Softball60 is a hybrid experience, centred around social engagement, music, culture and, of course, sport. Hosted across 4 London locations, Softball60 featured app-powered games with no previous playing experience required. This fast-paced, simplified version of the game is baseball redefined for the Londoner.

Queensgate celebrates with Summer attracted thousands of visitors to Central in the City event Square for two days of free activities and Lendlease and Invesco Real Estate’s ‘Summer in the City’ took place on 4 May at Queensgate shopping centre in Peterborough. Hosted by celebrity personality Ferne McCann, the fashion-focused event

installations. A host of stylists, make-up artists and experts took residency at the festival, alongside talks about this season’s must-haves and a Customisation Station offering personalisation of products brought in the centre.

Imagination & Major League Baseball Major League Baseball and Imagination launched London Yards, a three day festival at Truman Brewery to celebrate all things baseball.

inspired by America’s most historic sport and aimed at a new generation of fans, allowing them to experience the best of baseball; they could watch the Mitel & Running from Friday June 28th to Sunday MLB present London Series games live, June 30th, London Yards was aligned with pick up a bat and play interactive games, the Mitel & MLB present London Series eat, drink and shop all in the heart of Brick Lane, East London. DJs played between the Boston Red Sox and the music inspired by Boston and New York New York Yankees which took place at and MLB had exclusive merchandise on London Stadium on June 29-30. sale from partners including New Era, The free to attend three-day festival was Champion and ’47.

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Good Luck

to all the entrants of the FMBE Awards 2019 We know how important it is to go beyond what’s expected, especially when it comes to live brand experience. At Bluewater we strive to deliver surprising experiences for our guests and welcome you to showcase your experiential activity in a destination like no other. 20 Autumn 2019

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