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May 17, 2019 Volume XIII, Senior Issue Fishers High School


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May 17, 2019










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BEHIND THE COVER Laney Kyle, staff videographer, compiled photos from the previous four years to represent our journey through high school.

Jake Baldessari and Kyra King perform at the Jazz Band Concert on Nov. 19, 2018. Photo by Leen

Malmoud .


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Senior Issue

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Teachers leave lasting impact on their students Hallie Gallinat gallihal000@hsestudents.org


ver their years of high school, seniors have had many teachers, with a variety of personalities and teaching styles. They not only educate students but also support them through both tough and good times, leaving a lasting impact on their students. Sixteen percent of seniors surveyed said that they would miss their teachers more than anything else from high school. Ten seniors shared which teachers impacted them the most.

Ben Clark: [English teacher Kyle] Goodwin changed my perspective on the major that I’m going to do, which is business. I had him for first period and we came into class every day and he gave us a positive attitude. He made learning fun. He’s helped me a lot. He’s given me a letter of recommendation and he’s helped me figure out the world of business.

Danya Tabar: [Math teacher Liz] Curtis talked to me when I needed someone to talk to. She really listened and didn’t brush me off. She really cared and listened. [I feel] really grateful and really appreciative. She was my math teacher, and she not just helped me with what was going on outside of school, but she helped me and took the time to make sure I understood what I was doing, which I appreciated as well.

Ben Fong: I would say that [my business teacher Peter] Griffin made a very positive impact on me. In my freshman year, I took ICT and I accidentally saved a test in the wrong folder and it got deleted. He actually did end up giving me a 0 out of 40 on it, but I think that really helped me for the rest of high school because now I’m very aware of where I save my things and I always make sure that everything’s turned in right.

Kaila Claxton: [Speech language pathologist Julie] Cutter is my speech pathologist and through high school, she’s been someone I can come to and talk to. She’s helped me a lot with my stutter and talking to teachers. And she helped me start a club here. She helped me find a voice at Fishers and she has encouraged me to do whatever I want and to not let my stutter control my life.

Mariana Hazlett: [ENL teacher Sheri] Dimos always encouraged me, and basically she’s a really good teacher. I love being in her classroom. It feels like home when I’m in school. She’s a very great teacher to go to for advice about anything. When you’re in a bad mood or something, she can help you out or even when it comes to school stuff, she can also help you out.

Jacob Beaver: The teacher I would say made a positive impact on me is [co-ed rec teacher Matt] Moore. He gets everyone involved in the games that we play during class and he just likes to have fun. He connects with the students very well. He motivated me to go toward my goals and to graduate.

Aliese Harris: [Social studies teacher Matt] Bockenfeld has impacted me positively. He has been there for me for the last four years and he cares about his students more than just the basic curriculum. I know I can always go to him for support. The way he teaches history is more conversation-based and not just teaching students by reading off a PowerPoint.

Arnie Amador: [Social studies teacher Matt] Follman has been really cool with me with a lot of issues I’ve had outside of school and inside school as well with my grades in his class sometimes. Overall he’s just a really cool person that I trust and can talk to. The best thing that’s happened was this one time where I ended up getting an F in his class and then he helped me figure out a way to bring it back up and doing so brought the F up to a B+.

Lily Wann: [Performing arts teacher Greg] Johnson loves what he does and is so passionate about it. He cares for the kids and the students and it really shows. He teaches us proper ways to perform and how to express emotion and connect to the songs. Photos provided by LifeTouch. Mr. Johnson photo provided by Nicole Johnson.


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May 17, 2019

High school years in review

Curren G auss gausscur0 0 0 @ Carson Lilley

lillecar0 0 0 @



Gay Marriage LegalizedJune 2 6 , 2 0 1 5 During the summer before freshman year, the US Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states in Obergefell v Hodges. Before the ruling, same-sex marriage was banned by state law in 13 states. However, the ruling mandated that same-sex marriage was constitutionally protected by the Due Process Clause and Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. Outside the supreme court, crowds of people celebrated after the decision by gathering outside the US Capitol with merican and rainbow ags. “I believe fundamentally that marriage is a bond of love between two consenting adults,” senior Lexi Esterle said. “As a result, in my eyes, gay marriage fits both the moral and legal boundaries of that definition. President Barack Obama later praised the Supreme Court’s decision while speaking at the White House, claiming that it will strengthen communities.


‘ Star Wars’ - Dec. 1 8 , 2 0 1 5 n this day, the first movie of the new Star Wars” trilogy, and the sixth in the overall franchise, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” was released. hirty eight years after the original film was in theaters and 16 years after the prequels, the Star Wars franchise fans know and love returned to the big screen. he film s first weekend grossed over $247 million. “The Force Awakens” introduced old fans to new heroes, such as Rey and Finn, as well as showing familiar faces like Han Solo and General Leia. The movie was the first of the franchise to be created by he alt Disney Company, with the brand going on to create “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” in 2016 and “The Last Jedi” 2017.

A pride flag is waved before the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage. Photo

used with permission of Tribune News Service

Brexit V ote- June 2 3 , 2 0 1 6 n the summer, a different kind of voting took place in the United Kingdom. Instead of electing a Prime Minister, the country’s citizens voted for whether the UK should leave the European Union entirely. The situation coined the term “Brexit,” meaning Britain’s exit from the EU. The vote results were closely split, with 51.9 % of the United Kingdom voting to leave while the remaining 48.1 percent of voters wanted to stay a part of the EU. As of now, there have been many complications with Brexit and the UK has remained a part of the EU; however, that does not mean they will stay forever. British Prime Minister Theresa May is currently under scrutiny for not having an easy removal and May has now delayed Brexit until


Presidential E lectionN ov. 8 , 2 0 1 6 The U.S. shifted directions as current President onald rump was elected into o ce on ov. , 2016. Trump, a Republican, beat out Democrat Hillary Clinton by winning 56.9% of the available electoral votes. rump became the fifth person in US history to become president while losing the popular vote. In the primaries, 17 Republican candidates vied for nomination. “I would’ve voted for Trump because his beliefs are close to mine,” senior Morgan Hamm said. “However there are things he wants for this country that I don’t want, but I agree with his ideas more than I did with Hillary’s.” After securing his nomination, Trump chose Mike Pence, former governor of Indiana, as his running mate for vice president. This presidential election was the first in years in which a president was sworn in who had no experience serving in Congress or as a governor. Additionally, at age 70, he became the oldest U.S. president. A poster for “The Force Awakens” hangs in London. Photo used with permission of David Holt.

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Features On May 25, 2018 a shooting occurred at Noblesville West Middle School. Photo by Curren Gauss.

N oblesville ShootingMay 2 5 , 2 0 1 8 A 13-year-old seventh grader brought two handguns to Noblesville West Middle School. During second period, he exited the classroom and returned with a gun, firing it into the classroom. Teacher Jason Seamon rushed the boy and tackled him as he continued shooting. By the end, Seamon had been shot three times and student Ella Whistler was shot seven times. “Suddenly I wasn’t sad or scared anymore,” senior Sam Durnell said. “I was angry that other people were sad and scared and that nothing was being done to fi the problem. Following the shooting, Noblesville Schools made plan to do more to address mental health and increase school safety.


March for O ur LivesMarch 2 4 , 2 0 1 8 A 19-year-old entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. Cruz, who had been expelled from the school, entered the building from an unlocked door and proceeded to kill 17 students. Days after the shooting, a group of Parkland students at the school decided to take action to ensure that what happened at their school did not happen at another. Students and alumni came together to create March For Our Lives, a student-led demonstration in support of stronger gun violence prevention measures. More than 200,000 people participated at the march in Washington, D.C. on March 24, 2018.

Sp ark! FishersJune 2 9 - 3 0 , 2 0 1 8 During the summer of 2018, a shift happened in the Fishers community. The Fishers Freedom Festival, which had been a staple for many residents’ summers, was changed to Spark!Fishers. The Freedom Festival had been an event held in downtown Fishers for residents of the area to celebrate the fourth of July since 1989. According to Spark!Fishers, the change was made to give a vibrancy to a local classic event and bring the spirit of patriotism back to Fishers.

Thank U , N extFeb. 8 , 2 0 1 9

Ariana Grande’s newest album, “thank u next,” was released on Feb. 8, 2019. The album, which consists of 12 songs, gives details of Grande’s past romantic relationships. In the song “Thank U, Next,” she references four past relationships, with the most recent one being her ex-engagement to Pete Davidson. Within 24 hours of its release, the album scored the highest global debut for a female artist in any genre on Apple Music. Additionally, the album became number one on the Billboard 200 albums chart, marking it Grande’s fourth number one album.


Government ShutdownDec. 2 2 , 2 0 1 8 Right in the middle of the holiday season, over 800,000 United States federal workers got a not so jolly surprise. On Dec. 22, 2018, President Donald Trump led the nation into what would become the longest government shutdown in American history, with the over month-long ordeal ending on Jan. 25, 2019. Throughout the duration of the shutdown, many U.S. government workers were still forced to attend work with no pay, and after the shutdown ended many federal employees did not receive the payments they had been promised. The cause of the shutdown was an attempt for President rump to fulfill his main campaign promise which was to build a wall on the southern border between the U.S. and Mexico. Signs were displayed during the March for Our Lives protest in Washington, D.C. on March 24, 2018. The march was held in major cities across the country such as Los Angeles, Portland, New York City and Chicago. Photo by Ellie Albin.



May 17, 2019

N the Red

All seniors were given the opportunity to take the senior survey. Of 772 students, 477 answered.

“My favorite band concert was the Christmas Concert because I got to narrate a piece called ‘Beware of the Krampus’ and that was really fun,” senior Jacob LeisingerYeager. I got to do an evil laugh, which made people happy.”

“I like the sushi. My favorite is the Crunchy Roll,” senior Lisa Harrington said. “Most schools don’t usually sell sushi because it is more expensive. However, it’s worth it because it’s a better tasting alternative to the other school lunch options.”

“My favorite part about being an intern is the freedom it gives and the new opportunities,” senior Mackenzie Miller said. “I get to work with different people at Conner Prairie and it helps me talk to new people and work in a business situation.”

Senior Issue

N the Red

Katie Wiseman wisemkat000@hsestudents.org Ashley Steele steelash000@hsestudents.org

“During my flex I do any homework that I have, or I use it to make up tests or essays which is nice because I don’t have to stay after or come in early,” senior Brianna Weiss said. “If I don’t have any homework, I can use it to talk to my friends or as a break in my day.”

“The basis of [my tattoo] has to do with grammar, a semicolon is the author choosing to continue a sentence instead of ending one, so instead of a sentence it’s a life, choosing to continue one instead of ending one,” senior Nate Pairitz. “It just reminds me that everyone is dealing with something and that you should always lend an ear to them.”

“It felt empowering [ to vote for the first time],” senior W hitney Roberts said. “It felt like I had done something. It felt really good. Although my guy ended up not winning, it felt like I did the right thing by going out and being a responsible American.”



N the Red

May 17, 2019

Things I wish I Knew Before Graduation

Samuel Bauer



he best part of finishing a chapter in a book is the satisfaction of being done with it as well as the anticipation of what is to come in the ne t one. Seniors have reached the end of their chapter and the inevitable beginning of their new one is about to start. Seniors undergo the process of gandering at all the possibilities in front of them towards the end of the year. hether it is oining the workforce, going to college or oining the military, there are many skills and lessons that can be learned from their time in high school. ollaboration, problem solving and self teaching will greatly impact the abilities of the students after graduation no matter where they end up, and will remain with them for as long as they are working towards their own goals. ith that being said, preparing for what is to come with the help from graduated seniors will be beneficial because they have e perienced what it is like. n this e cerpt, we will meet five graduates and hear their perspectives on what to e pect for the future, as well as what they would recommend to incoming graduates.

2018 graduate Adam Daupert attends Purdue University and majors in mechanical engineering. Photo used with permission from

y biggest recommendation to incoming or current high schoolers, would say, would be to start looking for clubs as soon as you get onto campus. eing involved at your school and having a good P tends to look better than having a great P but having no e tracurriculars. lso, start to get into the habit of making a weekly schedule. Some classes can be up to a minute walk away and you will have a much earlier time ad usting if you write things down and plan ahead. ave a completely open mindset. hat you re good at now might not be the same as it would be when you are in college. ou might be scared to try a ma or you know nothing about, but ultimately if you have the drive, you ll learn. y biggest take away from high school is to be true to yourself. here is a crowd for everyone. So don t be afraid to do what you like. ollege will give you some of the best opportunities of your lives, so go for it.

Adam Daupert.

oing into college, you should prepare academically by researching time management skills if you procrastinate easily, and also look up your professors and see what others say about them so you know what to e pect from their class. lso, in general, ust make sure to do your homework, pay attention in class and take notes. on t overload yourself with credit hours because it s important you have time to sociali e, be involved, study and rest, especially first semester. ry to get all the general credits done with in the first year so you can take fun and more sub ect based courses later on. ne thing that wish knew was that time goes by so uickly in college. lso, your freshman year doesn t have to be picture perfect a ma ority of other freshman are going to struggle with the same things you do, so ust know that you re not alone.

2018 Graduate Ally Marshall attends Indiana University in Bloomington, and majors in theater. Photo used with

permission of Ally Marshall.

Senior Issue

N the Red

I wish I knew more about the extracurricular activities and clubs going into college. There are so many organizations around campus that I wish I oined my first uarter here, so would recommend getting to know your campus and what’s happening. I think one of my biggest regrets after high school would be not uestioning adults more. think there are a lot of things someone can learn or reali e once they are living on their own for the first time. earning from those who have already been in the position you are going to be in is really beneficial for anyone. And I also wish I knew that attendance can be extremely important in certain classes. Some classes are laid back but others can be even stricter than high school, so definitely pay attention and attend the classes you know may be more rigorous than others. Just play it by ear and you will eventually get the hang of it. It might take time, but definitely do not stress because it will make things worse.


2018 graduate Emma Trent currently attends Ball State University, and majors in telecommunications and Spanish. Photo used with

permission from Emma Trent.

2018 graduate Lesa Thai attends the University of Southern California and majors in managerial economics and design, and minors in technical management and French. Photo used with permission from Lesa Thai.

would recommend to not take too many classes, especially your first uarter or semester. se this time to meet new people, get involved and transition from the high school life to college life. Always make sure to take breaks between classes, especially if the classes are across campus from each other. ou do not want to wear yourself out, especially during your first semester of college. oing into preparing for your dorms, would recommend looking up checklists for what to bring. Figuring it all out on your own might be somewhat overwhelming and there are many different ones on Pinterest that can help out uite a bit for what to bring and what not to bring. emember, if you do not know what you want to do going into college, always use resources that your school provides. There are workshops you can go to and advisors you can talk to. ry new classes to find what you like to do and be open minded. Be passionate and happy about your career choice. Do something that you en oy, because that will benefit you the most in the long term. My biggest take away thus far is that networking and experience is just as important as grades. efinitely try to meet people with similar interests and help each other out so you go about college. lso, don not be afraid to try new things.

was inspired to oin the rmy ational uard because of the benefits. get a bill, college tuition, health and life insurance. prepared to oin through high school by working out, staying fit and staying organi ed. lso, being on time is key in the military. ot being on time is the difference from being penali ed later, or doing what you are supposed to and earning the trust of your fellow comrades. drill one weekend a month and two weeks out of the summer, but when I was in initial training I would wake up at 4 a.m. and be down for personal training at 5 a.m. Then we had breakfast and went to do whatever training we had planned for the day. e t we ate lunch and had more training. Finally, we would eat dinner and get ready for bed. raining included backpacking, land navigation, shooting and weapons training, combat training and obstacle courses. hrough these ob ectives of the day, have been able to grow stronger, not ust in strength, but also in my mindset and self determination of wanting to be a better version of myself.

2017 graduate Matt Fulton is a member of the United States Army National Guard. Photo used

with permission from Matt Fulton.

N the Red

Recognizing the class of 2019


Lance Marshall marshlan000@hsestudents.org Tony Martinez martiant000@hsestudents.org

May. 17, 2018 Academics Ritika Bhadouriya

Athletics Kiel Brenczewski

Activism Sterling Brown

From late nights of studying, doing projects and doing homework, Ritika Bhadouriya achieved her academic goals. “I’ll be attending IU next year. I’m really excited to attend a big yet familiar institution,” Bhadouriya said. “As for post college plans, I’d like to practice as a physician while holding my own clinical trials—but that could easily change in the future.” Bhadouriya was able to juggle her personal and school life by being involved in activities that interested her. She always tried to keep an open mind and not to overwhelm herself with her schedule. “Going to school with this approach made me genuinely excited to learn and it helped make it seem less like work, making everything easier to balance,” Bhadouriya said. Bhadouriya does not see the class rank as a factor that shaped her as a person today. Matter of fact, she tends to not think about it at all. “I’d say the bigger things that have shaped me as a person are really all the amazing people I’ve had by my side the past four years—people like my family, in uential teachers, and an incredibly supportive system of friends,” Bhadouriya said.

Senior baseball player Kiel Brenczewski swung his way to a full ride scholarship to the United States Naval Academy to pursue his baseball and academic career, along with five years of service in the Navy after college. “Going to the academy has always been a top option for me,” Brenczewski said. “Since day one, the coaches there made me one of their own and have helped me throughout the whole process. Also Annapolis is a great city and I love the atmosphere.” Brenczewski has been a member of the varsity team for all four years. He rotated as a catcher his freshmen and sophomore year, then became the main starting catcher for his junior and senior year. “Winning state is 100% the highlight of my high school career. There has been nothing close to match that feeling of being the king of the hill like that. It was unreal.” Brenczewski said. Overall, Brenczewski has played 91 varsity games for the Tigers. His career batting average is .341 and has hit eight homeruns in his career. “I’d enjoy the moment more. I’ve spent so many days just locked in and focused to the point where I forget to enjoy the moment,” Brenczewski said. “ Even during the state game.”

ulture of different heritages is not something a lot of schools talk about. Senior Sterling Brown stepped up her sophomore year to make sure that the Black Heritage Night would be an event that the school celebrates for years to come. “I emceed for the African American celebration for three years in a row, and I loved every bit of it. The celebration is so important to not just my culture, but others too,” Brown said. “This night is so heartwarming. Everyone knows that we are celebrating a culture that has impacted the world.” Black Heritage Night, formerly African American Heritage, is a night for students like Brown to express her culture. Brown plans to attend The Ohio State University to major in film studies. “I believe that in my three years that I have showed that my culture is not scary from a glimpse of the face,” Brown said. “ I wanted people to know that although everyone is different, everyone has the same heart and feelings. We all want to be accepted and I hope I made that clear to the people I crossed paths with.”

ni r r

N the Red 11

Leadership Joey Cerone

Performing Arts Isaiah Cheatham

Academics Darrell Fischer

V isual Arts Riley Sims

Senior Joey Cerone was class president freshman through junior year. This year, he is the student body president. “Freshman year I kind of joined as many things as humanly possible,” Cerone said. “Every club I am in right now I think is important to the school and important to my personal values.” Being the student body president comes with multiple responsibilities. Not only does the student body president plan homecoming and the spirit week leading up to it, they also plan the pep rallies minute by minute. “Also meeting with administrator, school advisers, and making handbook changes along with making sure there is a good relationship between administrators and the student body itself,” Cerone said. During his time in school, Cerone left his footprint in sports commentating, performing art events, boys volleyball and student government. “ I want to leave behind the legacy of acceptance and giving people a platform to speak on,” Cerone said. “I think the legacy I want to leave behind is giving people an opportunity to speak their minds when they want to so they feel accepted by the school.”

Lights, camera, action - Isaiah Cheatham spent his high school career performing in show choir and school plays. “Performing arts is like my community,” Cheatham said. “Those are my people and it is always nice to have a group of friends you can rely on to be there.” Back in seventh grade, Cheatham’s mom put him in choir class and that is when he learned his passion for performing arts. “I learned a lot of my skills from choir,” Cheatham said. “I would not have the talent I have today without all the past teachers and students who have helped me through the journey.” Cheatham plans to attend Ivy Tech Community college his first two years then will transfer to Ball State University. uring his first year of college, Cheatham plans on interning at his church which he will be practicing the behind the curtain skills like live sounds, video equipment and mixing and mastering music. Cheatham has performed in musicals throughout all four years of high school. His first performance at F S was in “The Man Who Came To Dinner”. The last performance of his high school career will be in “All I Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten.”

alancing di cult classes and a busy out-of-school schedule, valedictorian Darrell Fischer plans on attending Purdue University. “Getting lots of sleep and limiting the amount of work you’re doing at any one time is an important factor for me,” Fischer said. “What also helps is not overloading your workload and taking classes that you are interested in, which has probably helped me the most throughout high school.” Fischer is involved in We The People which placed eighth out of 56 teams at the national tournament in Washington D.C. on April 30. She is also a member of the speech team and placed third in domestic extemporaneous speaking event in the state final. “One of my proudest moments of this year was at state for speech,” Fischer said. “It was great to see Gabe Glover, who I coached all of last year, grow so much and win two events.” Fischer will major in physics and statistics and is debating on minoring in Spanish. She plans on getting her medical PH.D (Doctor of Philosophy). “I would love to help people in the future,” Fischer said. “After schooling, I want to do biophysic research which could help make drugs and medical devices more effective.

Senior Riley Sims credits art for shaping the person she is. Julie Strawhacker, an art teacher at Fishers Junior High, inspired her to pursue art. y love for art definitely had a big in uence on my involvement with the art program. I would say the teachers have in uenced me the most,” Sims said. “In high school I kept taking class because of my love for it and the teachers just made it so much better. If it wasn’t for the teachers I wouldn’t be as involved as I am and even be in AP Studio.” Sims likes to use a mix realism with non-objective elements in her art work. “I often do mixed media which is a mixed of many different things like paint, pens, and color pencils. My style has evolved throughout my high school career but now that I’m able to create what I want. My style has gone more to the 2D designbased composition.” Sims created a concentration piece this year that portrayed what teens hide from their parents. “If it wasn’t for art I wouldn’t have a place to express myself and my emotions.” Sims said. “Art has taught me how to be patient, expressive, creative, and to overcome challenges.”


N the Red

May 17, 2019

Seniors reflect on cherished days Sydney Greenwood greensyd002@hsestudents.org


nowing when the good old days have gone by can taste bittersweet. Seniors take a look back at their most memorable days in high school, ranging from technical issues such as a power outage to a concert from a childhood celebrity.



Student Choice Day “My favorite day was probably Student Choice Day because it didn’t feel like a normal school day and everyone was excited and happy to be there,” senior Luke Dubec said. “There were classes and courses that could actually apply to real life and things that I was actually interested in and that was important to me. I’m glad that we were able to do that. I was disappointed that we couldn’t do it this year. he first Student hoice ay because it was such a new concept and I was really amazed with how it was implemented. Dungeons and Dragons was really cool because it was something that I had not really had the chance to get into, but Student Choice Day allows people to discover new things that they might not have tried or been aware of before and allows for creativity and being really imaginative.”


Recipe from Paul Casey

March for O ur Lives Walkout “My favorite day was when we did the walkout because my boyfriend’s mom made us little orange wristbands with peace signs on it and I still have it,” senior Katherine Millar said. “It was nice to be around other people who felt the same way and to really show the administration that we know what we’re doing. That we see these issues and we have opinions about them.”

Graphic by Grace Mossing




1. Senior Joe Kim poses with the tiger during the Riley Dance Marathon on March 22, 2018. Photo by Ella Haan. 2. Senior Rija Zaheer celebrates her admission to IU Bloomington on May 1, 2019. Photo by Symone Kinnebrew-Ledford 3. 2018 graduates Faith Young, Kamya Lapsley, and Alex Blanco tie wristbands on each other during the walkout on March 14, 2018. Photo by Hannah Nguyen. 4. Seniors celebrate during a football game against Brownsburg on Sept. 9, 2018. Photo by Kaylee Demlow. 5. Drake Bell interacts with fans during a concert on Sept. 22, 2017. 6. Senior Marcus Luke lights his way with his cellphone during the power outage on the rst day of school Aug. 10, 2016. Photos by Megan Jessup.

Senior Issue

N the Red


Club Picture Day “My favorite day of high school was every year when we got to do Club Picture Day,” senior Jillian Meyer said. “It was a day where I got to skip class, be reminded of all the fun extracurriculars I do and how high school is more than going to school and be with people from all the different clubs and all the really cool opportunities I got from them.” Sp irit Days- Protest Day “My favorite day in high school would be one of the last days of my sophomore year when the seniors were doing Protest Day and one of the main protests was ‘Let Noah Walk’,” senior Olivia Craig said. “He chose not to get his cap and gown from erff ones so they wouldn’t let him walk at graduation. I thought that mass of students standing up for themselves and what they believe in, in not a necessarily school-approved event, was ultimately beneficial because we ended up paying significantly less than we used to. he fact that it was a lot of different students coming together with a common goal that supported their fellow students and community as a whole, I thought that was really interesting.”




Sp orts Achievement- Mudsock “It was my favorite day [when we tied HSE for our Mudsock game in soccer] because the last couple years in the program, we haven’t been able to rival HSE,” senior Mark Gan said. “This year we were able to send a message to their program and it was a great feeling to be able to stand up to them with the entire team.” High school experiences have ranged from wandering around the dark hallways to defying the administration and to standing up to our rivals, but all of them have remained with us.


seniors responded to a survey on Canvas distributed by ishers





. oah Alderton protests against the school’s partnership with erff ones in . Photo courtesy of Ioni Tchalakova. 8. Sophomore an sterle and senior e i sterle enter school on the rst day of school Aug. . Photo by Nya Thorton. . he Announcements on Club icture ay . Photo by Lifetouch. . arsity Soccer plays against S on Sept. . he game ended in a tie . Photo by Leen Mahmoud. . Students dance at iley ance arathon on arch . . Seniors ate ichael and ason guyen pose as homecoming ueen and ing on Sept. . Photo by Kaylee Demlow. Graphics by Sydney Greenwood.


May 17, 2019

N the Red

ditori l inions Did having a device throughout high school benefit you?

7:Yes 1: No

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Incorporation of technology pushes graduating class


n our first day of high school, we huddled into our unfamiliar S a periods, uiet and scared, completely unaware of our futures. ur very first introduction to what it meant to be a high schooler was simply connecting to the iFi, but this was the beginning of our long relationship with educational technology. he class of pioneered the ring our wn evice program . hile we learned how to navigate the halls and make friends, our teachers were focusing on adapting to a completely new method of educating us. Since then, we have ad usted to new programs, making a switch from lackboard to anvas and moving on from ne ote. Students have worked to help each other ad ust to the changes. ode ed, the student run tech help group, began simultaneously alongside . Students became more accustomed to online assignments and we even welcomed the dawn of elearning, some less so than others. hat has been so incredible about the entirety of this digital ourney is the push the school gave us to truly become independent in our post secondary plans. he use of personal devices and higher accountability promotes soft workplace skills. ith personal laptops, it is easier for students to collaborate online through oogle rive and other collaborative websites. ommunication and teamwork are among some of the soft workplace skills that are valued so highly today. nterestingly, of senior business leaders believe that soft workplace skills are more important than hard workplace skills such as accounting according to inked n earning data from editor Paul Petrone. he implementation of personal technology allows students to learn both types of workplace skills at once. student could hypothetically be teaching themselves how to navigate PowerPoint nline and communicating with their peers while also researching photosynthesis. Students should not take this for granted. he amilton Southeastern School istrict began the road to the program five years ago when iPads first became available for class pro ects. From there, the computer rental program has made it financially feasible for all students to have access to a personal device. e were not only the class that does not remember the building without a or the class that got to e perience all of the first, and last, Student hoice ays. e helped the school transition into a fast paced technological world and will hopefully strive do the same in future endeavors.

To the N the Red Staff, t has been a privilege to work with you every single day. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all of your never ending patience and kindness. ll of the long nights and edits have paid off and you have no idea how much you inspire me. ere s to something new. can t wait to see how far we go. elen ummel, ditor in



N the Red


1. Lourdes Legaspi uses the Mac computers for her pro ects in lm club in 2015. Photo courtesy of Tiger Tracks. 2. alia lmer studies material for odel in . Photo courtesy of Tiger Tracks. 3. Ross


elong edits the clips for iger daily announcements using Adobe remiere in 2017. Photo by Mya Ball. 4. Berrie Benjamin focuses on homework during her FLEX period in 2018. Photo by Sarah





Editorial Policy Tiger Topics N the RED is the official monthly newsmagazine of Fishers High School. It is distributed free to 3,500 students and over 300 school personnel. It is designed, written and edited by students. Opinions expressed in the newsmagazine do not necessarily represent those of the adviser, administration or staff. Letters to the editor may be submitted to A218, or to fhstigertopics@gmail.com. Letters must contain the writer’s phone number for verification. Letters to the editor will not be published anonymously. If there is any incorrect information, corrections will be made in the next issue.

Mission Statement As the student-run newsmagazine of FHS, Tiger Topics N the Red is dedicated to providing the staff, students and community of FHS with a timely, entertaining and factual publication once a month by means of public forum. In publishing articles that students enjoy reading, we are furthering both the educational experience and the expansion of FHS culture. The staff works to create a sense of unity and awareness and to allow the students of FHS to have a better insight to the world around them.


N The Red

Senior future plans

he senior crowd raises their hands in celebration at the rst game of the season on Aug. against i e. S won . Photo by Kaylee Demlow.

May 17, 2019

Registry Air Force Jordan Haele Anthony Mora Grace Morgano Albion College Jason Lassic Anderson U niversity Brian Gin Kaleb Gucinski Peter Hallam Arizona State U niversity Travis Anton Army Justin Harvey Josiah Matthews Karanveer Singh Arianna Wityshyn Asbury U niversity Ariana Coombs Auburn U niversity Drake Stallworth Aviation I nstitute of Maintenance Matthew Morris Ball State U niversity Shawn Akers Alara Alialy Benjamin Anderson Anthony Arnce Annmarie Baron Lucas Baugh en amin ischo Alex Bohannon Tess Brown Isabella Burton Jordan Cabico Jacqueline Camacho Kady Campbell Robert Carella Mia Carter Sarah Cobb Avery Cox Agustin Cutrone Luciano Cutrone Camille Cutshaw Zachary Daily Laura Danielson Elizabeth Davies Ethan Davies Bryana Dawson Kaylee Demlow Katelyn Doan Nolan Donaghy Kiara Doyle Corynn Drabek Zoe Dycus Lexi Esterle

N the Red Olivia Estrada Joshua Everett Trevor Frash Julia Garrison Maddie Gibbs Gabriel Glover Lydia Hale Tyler Herring rew oman Kyle Howard Saige Hubbard Sadie Jones Owen Kass Nathan Kincaid Allyson Kirchhofer Jacob Leising-Yeager David Lewis Mitzi Lopez Youssef Mahfouz Lance Marshall Antonio Martinez Parker Mcclintic Kristin Mckeen Erika Mckey Anna Meyer Jacob Miller Gwyneth Milliken Sandra Munoz Martinez Chloe Murphy Tabitha Newton Mildred Obungu Zachary Ortell Madelynn Padilla Makayla Palmer Yatzari Perez-Munoz Megan Pinson Itzel Portillo Cruz Evan Puckett Jenna Pyle Rosalia Rex Elsa Rhodes Ashyia Riley Ashlyn Robertson Jakob Romens Emma Rosenberg Rachel Sanders Elle Schnettgoecke Hannah Shafer Emi Shima Matthew Shores Jia Simpson Riley Sims Lauren Smith Logan Smith Jack Sweany Jennifer Tarbutton Eric Thomas Jaiya Thompkins Chloe Thompson John Timko Katherine Voegtlin Andrew Voskuhl Matthew Webber John Weghorst Dallas Whitson


Zachary Witmer Jonah Dunnuck Zoey-Marie Nicodemus Makenzie Richards Bellarmine U niversity Grace Owens Bellmont U niversity Ross Delong Carson Ulmer Binghamton U niversity Audrey Haworth Brigham Y oung U niversity Hawaii Cameron Graves Brigham Y oung U niversity I daho Jolie Jensen Jane Legge Kate Legge Butler U niversity Amanda Bishop Kelsey Bolin Renata Garcia Brooke Lambert Noah Monroe Jonathan Vore Lillian Wann Rebekah White Cedarville U niversity Ariana Wills Central State U niversity Willie Jackson Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Jared Kohli Colgate U niversity Sarah Cecil Colorado State U niversity Ashdan Trexler Dartmouth College Woojin Chung Delaware State U niversity Griselda Cedeno Nina Dillard DePaul U niversity Zachary Elliot DePauw U niversity Caleb Bopp Thomas Brelage Nicholas Knoderer


N the Red

May 17, 2019

Seniors Lauren Nix, Bryn Roberts, Max Keithley and Jenna Pyle dance the night away for Riley kids on March 22. Photo by Kaylee Demlow.

Dep auw U niversity Cont. Jillian Meyer Andrew Waltermann Duq uesne U niversity Ian Johnston E ast Carolina U niversity Elijah Ball Makayla Murray

Jaxsen Payne Keera Reed Mekenzi Robinson Alana Timmis Kate Van Bruggen Bryan Westphal Darren Wiggins Natalie Zemer George Mason U niversity Jessica Smaltz

E astern Kentucky U niversity Sarah Keyes Caroline Lancaster

Georgetown College Mackenzie Miller

E astern Michigan U niversity Morgan Booth

Gnomen School of V isual

Florida Southwestern State College Lauren Cote’ Austin Kruse

Grand Canyon U niversity Brennen Dills

Franklin College Colleen Kincaid Dianna Rollag Anthony Rivera Gap Y ear Mario Capo’ Joe Chopp Samantha Durnell Tarig Elimam Phoebe Johnson Lourdes Legaspi Danny Lewis-Jr Eusfran Malaver Gil William Mccord Adam Mross Mandi Nielson

Adam Eli

Hamp ton U niversity Aeriyae Johnson Hanover College Emma Longo Megan Spears Heartland Community College Joshua Jackson Huntington U niversity Mara Lorkowski I ndiana State U niversity Rebekah Atkins Anthony Campbell Austin Cummins

Bryce London Zachary Nayder Brandon Nichols Joshua Reardon Silva Silveira Dane Smith I ndiana U niversity Nicholas Ackermann William Ackermann Thomas Adams Daria Afshar Bilal Alshalabi Mohammed Alshalabi Sara Alshalabi Aryelle Anderson Kaila Aung Dalvir Bachra Anna Baldessari Sydney Ballensky Luke Bantz Safina eaty Caleb Bedel Berrie Benjamin Caroline Bernhardt Ritika Bhadouriya Blake Bilger Taylor Boledovich Nicholas Bonnett Brayden Brown Kaleb Bucklew Madison Butler Ellie Carter Joseph Cerone Nishant Chenchaiah Savanna Childress Kaila Claxton Nicholas Cohoon Sal Cohoon Dylan Coles

Registry I ndiana U niversity Cont. Caleb Cook Aiden Cox Olivia Craig hase ranďŹ ll Julia Devries Megan Dewald Emily Dongoski Nicholas Fahrnkopf Samantha Fehlinger Cameron Field Alexis Finney Ben Fong Madelyn Forbes Cynthia Foulke Mark Gan Drew Gatman Curren Gauss Christopher Goolsby Liam Green Hernandez Guadarrama Jordan Guler Noah Hannon Payton Harder Lainey Hawkins Catherine Hutchinson Nicholas Jansen Kylie Jarvis Callie Johnson Harrison Jordan Gurupreeth Kappa Maya Keaton Maxwell Keithley Kenzi Koch Laney Kyle James Lam Lydia Landez Coleman Latty Alyssa Lester Dale Leyton Jason Lock Michael Longo Marcus Luke Emily Maersch

N the Red Shannon Mashindi Egan Mather Mason Mccartney Catherine Metzger Ethan Meyer Katherine Millar Lauren Miller Emily Monson Anna Moore Julie Moriarty Alexander Morse Avery Murphy Jason Nguyen Stuart Nicholas Lauren Nix Daniel Palladino Caleb Payne Rachel Peele Nolan Peifer Luis Perez-montiel Gabriel Picard Liza Pradhan Preston Putzback Benjamin Redar Lauren Reedy Anna Regelski Lukan Reibel Michael Ridge Caroline Riebe Mia Riley Mariah Robbins Whitney Roberts Isabelle Ruiz Helen Rummel Jonah Sanchez Margaret Saul Haley Schultz Alisha Schultz Jordan Scubelek Nolan Seward Collin Statz Anna Stephan Parker Studer Jackson Summers

Members of the Video Game Club play on the Wii in the media center on October 5, 2018. Photo by Quinn Lowry.


Abigail Sutton Maria Tecua Rahil Thanawala Malia Ulmer Abigail Vitale Kamecke Von Zachary Webb Albie Weir Brianna Weiss William White Nevaeh Williams Sydney Williams Lukas Wooster Stephanie Wright Rija Zaheer I ndiana U niversity - Kokomo Abigail Jacks Zachary Pelfrey Zachary Spillman Danya Tabar

Seniors dive into freezing waters during the polar plunge at Eagle Creek beech on March 1. Photo by Alex Craig


May 17, 2019

N the Red

I ndiana Wesleyan U niversity Casaundra Chen Andrew Davis Alec Green Alyssa Green I U PU I Maram Alkutbi Arnie Amador Dylan Arive Maggie Baker Sydni Beatty Jacob Beaver Alexander Becerra Oliver Benedict Gabe Black Katelyn Blackburn Evan Buchtenkirch Evan Calvert Neva Carter Conner Case Dylan Chaudion Navpreet Chauhan Kaylee Clauss Samuel Cook Cathleen Davis Arie Dewitt Kayvonne Ferguson Ryan Freeh Kailey Fuqua Sean Garrison Zion Goldman Benjamin Goodman Lauren Grater Darrius Hamblen John Harley Jr Carolina Harrington Lisa Harrington Isabella Hooton Kaleigh Humphrey Emaan Hussain Malak Kakour Caroline Kridle Aaron Liu Simon Main Gabrielle Martin Kyra Mattice Rachel Mees Alexander Meyer Bailei Mundy Shae Murphy Murad Nazzal Cole O’Connor Kreena Patel Abel Pena-rodriguez Michael Pritchard Amelia Puent Saumya Saini Natalie Segura Haley Sharpley Mariam Sheikh Dori Simopoulos Roman Strobel Matthew Suyanto Matthew Thompson Jameson Tierney

Maya Turner Armin Vranjaca Allison Wakley Makenzie Weber Katie Wiseman Sydney Wuensch Brandon Young I vy Tech Community College Charles Abel Andres Acosta Joshua Anders Pedro Armendariz Aislynn Ball Rama Batman effrey ishop Emily Blackford Taylor Blair Elary Boykin Christian Brown Thomas Cantin Hannah Caron Isaiah Cheatham Jalen Coumbe-abubakr Aaron Daughtery Isaiah Denney Danika Diedrich William Dompert Chardanae Dotson Blake Edwards Ahmed Elimam Joshua Elsey Cole Elzie Michael Fletcher Miguel Flores Yasmin Galarza Jade Gaskins Savannah Gerhard Alexis Golden Quintin Goldman Raina Goldman Morgan Hamm Jessica Harding Chase Harmon Sarah Jansen Breonna Johnson Cameron Jones Isaac Jones Danny Lewis Jr Matthew Lilek Jacob Low Khan Ma Joseph Mangano Adalina Mason Ainslie Mcclain Cooper Metz Zachary Miller Henry Miranda-Guevara Joseph Moore Makayla Mulryan Shadreck Mumba Leah Nelson Isaac Newman Alex Overdorf Trevor Rapoport Nyla Roberts

Justin Rodriguez Taylor Schmits Abdel Sherkawi Harshdeep Singh Justin Smith Kayla Smith Corey Soultz Ashley Steele Caitlyn Sterk Karissa Stiner Will Wagner Johna Watson Daniel Waye Isaac Williams Keelan Williams Johns Hop kins U niversity Darren Lu Kettering U niversity Carter Reilly Loyola U niversity - Chicago Teresa Kraft Manchester U niversity Jedryn Siemon Marian U niversity Cole Carrithers Tristan Grider Mari Kantner Roman Parker-Molden Marines Seth Daniels Jared Halamka Jonathan Rojas Marshall U niversity Leah David icole ueff Miami U niversity ( O hio) Grant Brown Kathryn Folta Jalen Woolwine Michigan State U niversity Erin Johnson Missouri State U niversity Samantha Hietpas Montana State U niversity Isabella Rhodes N avy Maxwell Reid Colin Sleet Markel Washington N ew Y ork U niversity Mayumi Morales


N the Red

N orth Carolina A& T State U niversity Payton Bullock O ld Dominion U niversity Alexia Hicks O wens Community College Cyann Stevens Parkland College Austin Blake Prairie V iew A& M U niversity Rashuna Smith Purdue U niversity Travis Adams Lauren Akers Kyle Allen Giovani Amorim Abidemi Aregbe Allison Ayers Jacob Baldessari Elena Barry Andrew Bauer Samuel Bauer Grace Becker Clayton Beehler Danielle Bellamy Claire Blake Jake Brattain Ashley Buening Jenna Burow Chen Chang Tatiana Chidisiuc Hunter Christy Ashlyn Cochran Brian Conaway Nathaniel Cramer Connor Crimm Yegan Dhaivakumar Haylie Dickson Devyn Diehl Luke Dubec Lisa Escobar Torres Logan Faircloth Zachary Figueroa Darrell Fischer Grace Fleetwood Sophie Forrow Elly Franklin Jack Freeh Jacob Frollo Jade Frye Skylar Fulton Allison Givens Sydney Greenwood Sarah Hagen Benjamin Hartley Luke Hernandez

Lauren Higginbotham Eric Hoy Andrew Kelham Tatiana Kidisyuk Joseph Kim Jackson Kirkwood Maggie Kirkwood Matthew Koeske Alexis Kouril Dylan Laudenschlager William Leonard HL Lewis Fengshuo Liu Zoe Luckie Grace May Andrew Mayes Cora Mizimakoski Eric Mokube Ashlanna Murray Kara Natzel Grace Nettleton Jonathan Nolting Ethan O’Sullivan Michael Ogawa Chase Ogiego Charles Okuszki Daniel Owens Sarah Peterson Katherine Randall Madison Richards Andrew Ridge Kara Robeson Jeremy Rura Nick Ryan Claire Schnefke Jacob Seifert Deborah Shera Hannah Simkins Andrew Sin Kyle Stowe Shravan Suravarjjala Keegan Thomas Kyleigh Treadway Maxwell Van Ausdall

Martha Van Valer Samuel Vogt Hollyn Weideman Madeline Wellington Olivia Willman Audrey Wilson Donovan Wilson Jackson Wilson Chloe Yorn Ava Zander Jay Zbieszkowski Purdue U niversity - Fort Wayne Tristan Baker Jacqueline Brown Lindsey Dale Zachary Font Quinn Heiking Jack Lillestrand Mackenzie Slick Morgan Woodring Purdue U niversity Polytechnic I nstitute Kelly Addison R ochester I nstitute of Technology Venessa Baker R ose Hulman I nstitute of Technology Michael Hicks Terry Hicks Kieya Mcclung-ware Savannah College of Art & Design Tiago Costa Seton Hall U niversity Savannah Kennedy


May 17, 2019

22 N the Red Southern Methodist U niversity Catherine Figg

U niversity of California - San Diego arie abbard

St V incent’ s Medical School Christopher Lain

U niversity of Chicago athan Sander

Stetson U niversity iany chau e

U niversity of Cincinnati Hanna Binford linor armona en amin lark Connor Deer le is all Shelby ebert auren ege acken ie ilbert itchell ee eghan eppert elanie ccullough livia anna Porter ily ollison achary Smith ae inkle linor armona

Summit Salon Academy ( E sthetician) osey ieten Taylor U niversity Katie Herrmann ucas orit ack ulkey dam union Simran Sindhu Tennessee State U niversity eshonte ogle The Fashion I nstitute of Technology ailey Sanders

U niversity of N orthern Alabama elaney helan U niversity of N otre Dame yley homas U niversity of O klahoma Bennett Snipes U niversity of South Dakota ory acocks U niversity of Southern I ndiana elson in athan Pa ton U niversity of St Francis mmanuel avis U niversity of Tamp a artin astro

U niversity of Colorado olliana orosi

U niversity of U tah arl ensmeyer

The O hio State U niversity Sterling rown le is asto

U niversity of Colorado Boulder auren rew

U niversity of Washington iya ai

Trade School evin rungard imothy eller

U niversity of I llinois Samuel ay

Tricoci U niversity mily urke Trident Technical College lake oods Trine U niversity Parker eale rew i on aron ray ogan rehbiel saac ruuger hristian iles U nion U niversity lliott o ingo U nited States N aval Academy iel renc ewski U niversity of Alabama le a ays

U niversity of I ndianap olis annah lount van uckler aley utcher sabella ucu Jonathan Frisbie allie allinat annah Sweeden U niversity of I owa ope Fury arson illey

V alp araiso U niversity ackary rowning ack ittrock V incennes U niversity revor ohan Sydney Spraling V ocational School Robert Davis aria spino a anbenten elly Sotelo uadarrama icolas aw Wabash College athan Pairit

U niversity of Kentucky egan iller race eidermann

West V irginia Wesleyan College ierra olbert

U niversity of Louisville indsay lick osie ockwood renton abry ohn inns

Western Kentucky U niversity le is oards

U niversity of Missouri ate ichael

Wilmington College Sarah umps

Western Michigan U niversity ose uy

N the Red

Registry Work Force Trevor Adcock Lukas Bowron Noah Brennan Emily Bronstein Justin Bryant Timothy Chambers Makenzie Crenshaw Tom Cole IV Laura Cuervo Henry Farrar Garrett Fox Jesus Guillermo Rey Macy Herron Seba Houria very uffer Hilary Johnson Jack Lawyer Cole Ludlow Kaithlyn Mascarina Justin May Leza Morales Sarai Morales Destini Newman-Scott Jovara Ofoia Mya Perry Thad Rasberry Maya Rivera-Aguirre Brendan Ross Keyner Salas Nicole Sarmadi errance Shaffer Kaitlin Smith Teresa Stein



X avier U niversity Sophie Foley Gabriel Tortorici Jessica Weaver Y outh with a Mission Aliese Harris Did N ot R esp ond rant ntcliff Delaney Burhenn Joseph Carey Jennifer Cisneros-Gomez Amir Cowgill Hailey Davis Alexander Eldridge Vivienne Faulk Isaiah Gardner Philip Harding Mariana Hazlett Mohammed Houria Holly Kempfer Noah Khanolkar Mckenzie King Caroline Koehler David Mckenzie Shae Murphy Treasure Okete Tobey Orr Rylie Pardus Savannah Peter James Petry Jose Rubio affney ussell Karima Schullan Aaron Scott Sean Smith Samuel Zainey



4 1. Senior Aeriyae Johnson cheers on with her teammates during the boys varsity game against HSE. Photo by Nya Thorton. 2.Senior Travis Adams leads new incoming freshman at tiger fever over the summer of 2018. Photo by Nya Thorton. 3. Senior Jonathon Rojas celebrates his decision to join the Marines on May 1. Photo by Symone Kinnebrew-Ledford. 4. Roman Molden looks at the scoreboard at a home game against Pike on Sept. 14. FHS lost 27-20. Photo by Kaylee Demlow


Staff Goodbyes


Sydney Greenwood ( Freelance R ep orter) : Because I wrote opinion stories, I hope I’ve started conversations that we need to have. We know that we’re not all going to agree with each other, and we’ll live with it and move on. But if we don’t at least talk about issues, they’re just going to get worse. E than O ’ Sullivan ( Web E ditor) : Criticism was the biggest part of it. Nobody stands a chance of moving high up in their field if they have thin skin, so learning to maturely receive and give feedback will help me to be more professional in any environment I join. Lance Marshall ( Social Media E ditor) : I’ll miss the environment that this classroom had. It was always welcoming, a safe place where you can come in, be yourself, and have fun. Andrew Bauer ( R ep orter) : The more you hold yourself back, the more you’ll hold others back. So if you get your work done on time, everybody will be better off for it. Front Row: Helen Rummel, Ethan ’Sullivan. ow allie allinat Sydney reenwood Carson illey ance arshall Ashley Steele. ow Andrew auer Curren auss aney yle atie iseman ow ony artinez Sam auer. Photo by Kristine Brown.

May 17, 2019 s we prepare for the great ourney ahead of all of us, the senior staff takes a look back at what our time at N the Red taught us: Katie Wiseman ( R ep orter) : Newspaper gave me a community that I’ve never had for sharing my writing with people, and being able to connect with people who enjoy writing as much as I do, which has helped me to grow as a writer. Tony Martinez ( R ep orter) : In here we all joked about being brothers and sisters, but on work session nights I was basically in here with my family, messing around and writing stuff. Carson Lilley ( Arts & Culture E ditor) : We highlighted students who don’t participate in events that are covered widely in the school. I’m really glad that I was able to capture the voices of artists, whose voices weren’t really heard before this year. Ashley Steele ( Cop y E ditor) : Newspaper made me want to write more. So while I may not be going into ournalism itself, m definitely going to be writing.

Sam Bauer ( R ep orter) : I learned how to use my own writing skills to in uence people positively, and was able to work with a varying range of people and learn collaboration skills that I’ll take with me. Hallie Gallinat ( U nity Director) : I’m hoping to have left a positive impact on the parking lots, and how we handle backpack weight too. Curren Gauss ( R ep orter) : Being able to have a meeting with two representatives of the Get Schooled Tour because I wrote an article about it that they didn’t like. Journalism, even high school journalism, can change people’s minds, and that organization is no longer present in HSE. Laney Kyle ( V ideograp her) : I’ve learned more about getting news out. Usually I do travel videos, where I’m not contacting or having conversations with people, so I’ve expanded my horizons.

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