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may 11, 2011 volume 25 issue 9


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The North Star takes a final look at the new construction of the science rooms, which have been under construction since the beginning of the school year.

Saturday Knight Live

08 FEATURES Re-live Mr. FHN through photos. StuCo hosted the male beauty contest on April 29. Throughout the night, 16 boys showed off their talent, told pick-up lines, and did a group dance.


13 SPORTS A year after senior Chris Volpo’s leg shattering car accident he is just starting to return to the height of his playing ability on the baseball field.

Brandi Purvey finds strength

20 OPINIONS Sophomore Nick Ponche shares his views about the show “Repo games,” on SPIKE. The show gives people a chance to prevent their car from being repossessed.


Varsity Soccer heads to Districts

COVER The North Star presents its final issue of the 2010-2011 school year. Photos of prominent moments from the school year illustrate the past year at North just as students prepare to say goodbye to the class of 2010-2011.

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“I pledge allegiance”



Below are five brief updates relating to events that different FHN groups have going on in the coming weeks

Money Mitch Productions

abbey grone

Junior Jake Hurrell holds freshman Austin Jaros-Riley on his shoulder at the FCA Cardinals baseball on April 20. (abbey grone)


FCA bowls for a cause

abbey grone

On Saturday, May 14, Cave Springs Lanes will be hosting a cosmic bowl-a-thon to “strike out” Fanconi Anemia (FA) in honor of freshman Austin Jaros-Riley and the FA Research Fund. FA is an inherited anemia that leads to marrow failure. It effects between one in 300 people. One of those people is Austin. In support of FCA member Austin, FCA will be creating a team and selling t-shirts for $15 the week before the event. Twenty dollars covers unlimited bowling from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., pizza and soda. Anyone is welcome to attend and all proceeds will benefit the FA Research Fund. “It’s awesome that FCA is helping and joining,” Austin said. “[The bowl-a-thon] is the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s going to be fun having a lot of friends there.”

For eight months seniors Mitch McGreal, Brittany Burke, Chris Volpo, Steve Raines, Zach Meier, Andre Wooten and junior Will Fox have been taking advantage of the talent at FHN. They’ve started “Money Mitch Productions.” They plan on recording and producing themselves and other students in hopes of getting discovered by bigger producers. The project started when the group of friends realized talent at North needed to be heard. They started a website and recorded their first CD which they plan on handing out for free on the last day of school. “We realize there’s a lot of musical talent around the school,” McGreal said. “But they don’t have the resources to make them big. If we pull all of our resources together it increases the probability of getting them out there.”

All participants of the 2010 Girls State gather for a group photo after the event is over. (file photo)


Girls State provides opportunity

kevin beerman

Last Tuesday, junior Aly Bouquet made her way to the American Legion Hall for a bingo game. It wasn’t for pleasure; it was work. The bingo event was a fundraising event for the American Legion, and worked by the candidates for the Girls State program “It was a rewarding experience,” Bouquet said. “It felt nice being able to help the elderly.” This summer, on June 19-25, Bouquet, along with Kelsey Bell and Nicole Yuede, will join nearly 700 other girls from across the state for the Girls State program. There, she will take classes about the inner workings of the government, then put those concepts to work in a mock government setting. “I think it will be fun,” Bouquet said. “It’s a prestigious opportunity and a great bonding experience.”


nick ponche

The 2010-2011 FHN mentors gather at the school entrance to welcome all the Freshmen for Transition Day. (sam hurrell)


New mentors to lead freshmen

amanda cornett

In the coming year, the mentor program will remain the same as it has been in the past and will assist the freshmen as they transition into high school. Sophomore and Junior FHN students this year were eligible to apply to become mentors for the 2011-2012 school year. The acceptance letters were sent out over the weekend of April 22 and around 150 students were selected. As mentors, the students will participate in various activities with the freshmen on Transition Day which is Aug. 4 and will continue to meet with them throughout the school year during homeroom. Junior and future mentor Colleen Mertins is excited to help make the new freshmen transition easier. She wants to help the school improve and feels this is a great way to start. “I am really excited to meet all of the freshmen,” Mertins said. “I feel like the program brings the school closer.”


Final exams begin



No school

StuCo brings year to a close

Sophomore Liz Leonard, sings the song she wrote for her campaign speech. All speeches were delivered at the pep assembly on April 29. (brandon neer)

On May 19, the commons will host one of StuCo’s final events: the annual StuCo breakfast. In addition to eating food from McDonald’s and planning future events, this year, StuCo members will have the old officers induct new ones. By welcoming new members and saying goodbye to old ones, the breakfast provides a lasting experience for all in attendance. “It’s normally one of the last things you see some of the seniors at, so it’s nice to have one last StuCo event with them,” StuCo president Alyssa Bocci said.

Below is a list of upcoming events that will be taking place in the coming weeks. To see more information on these dates, go to the school calendar on

01 June Last day of school

04 June



Summer school begins page by shannon ward




Drama students Jessica Olsen, Jeremy Hyatt, Nick Loman, Tyler Faltisek, Kristen Boiles, and Julia Brady rehearse for the upcoming performance of Saturday Knight Live. Rehearsals lasted for a week in order to give performers time to practice their skills and get a feel for what show night will be like. Anyone in drama club could perform, so no auditions were held. ( photo illustration by tori hanke)

Live from FHN it’s Saturday Knight Live emily forst


ollowing the spring musical production, Drama Club plans to end the year with a laugh by performing Saturday Knight Live. According to Drama Club sponsor Jeff Tandler, the club hasn’t put on a production like this in nine years. On May 13 at 7 p.m. actors will preform their versions of some of the sketches made famous on the well known television program Saturday Night Live (SNL). “We will pick sketches that we can change to reflect FHN life,” Tandler said. “For example, ‘Coffee Talk’ will be ‘Guidance Talk.’” Saturday Knight Live will be the first end of the year show since 2009, when Drama Club hosted KnightProv. The two shows are based on completely different concepts. Instead of the actors improvising sketches, the Saturday Knight Live show will consist of rehearsed sketches that will be created by the club members. Some will be based on some of SNL’s most popular works such as Will Ferrel’s “More Cow Bell”, Chris Farley’s “Down by the River”, and Adam Sandler’s “Opera Man”. “I think people will really like it because it should be really funny, and we have a lot of good people in Drama Club,” Drama Club president Katharine Carney said. “We just want everyone to come out and see it.” Tickets to the show will be sold at the door the day of the show


NEWS page by sidney shelton & aurora blanchard


Students in Saturday Knight Live share who there favorite comedians are.

Kristen Boiles, 12 “Michael Palin from the Monty Python movies because I really enjoy his dry sense of humor.”

Chase Usry, 10 “Demetri Martin because of his dry sense of humor and the way he uses ordinary things and makes them funny.”

Jessica Olsen, 9 “Jimmy Fallon. He’s the one who always just makes me laugh.”

for $5. Drama Club doesn’t expect this show to be a large money maker but more of a show that will be fun for the performers and audience. “It will be a smaller show,” senior Drama Club member Jermey Hyatt said. “It will be a good time.”

The soda machines at FHN will be converted over to Coca-Cola products in the 2011-2012 school year instead of Pepsi products. (erin d’amico)


CHANGE The drinks in the soda machines will be changed from Pepsi products to Coke for the next five years. jordan bryson Close to being finished with the new wing, a construction worker hooks up wire in what is to be the new Chemistry rooms. The rooms are larger and have more up to date technology than the current Chemistry rooms at North. (jessica streiler)

New science classrooms nearly complete of their classroom belongings packed up and ready to move before the end of the school year. After nine months of construction, the new The second week of June, movers will transscience wing is nearly complete. This summer, port the boxes into the new classrooms, three of the finishing touches, such as Smartboards, are which are Chemistry rooms, one of which is a being added to the $3.5 million expansion. The Biology room and one regular classroom. “The rooms are bigger,” construction manaddition includes a new outdoor parking area, ager Jeremy Boettler said. “They have state of new bathrooms and five new classrooms. the art technology, all the “I think it will be Scan Here newest and greatest fura lot better,” junior Scan here to see a tour of FHN’s new science and Chemistry labs. nishing to help the kids Sarah Luebbert said. Get the free mobile app for your phone. learn in a safe manner.” “We will have a lot No smart phone? Here’s the URL. Such new technologies more room to do our include a new ventilation labs.” Currently, the teachers who will be receiv- system, lights designed specifically to use with a Smartboard and outlets for other technology. ing new rooms are preparing for the move. “I couldn’t be happier [the construction is “New moves are always exciting,” Biology teacher Laura Montgomery said. “There’s al- almost complete],” Boettler said. “I’m looking forward for the school to move in and utilize ways a lot of work.” The teachers moving rooms must have all them.”

paige yungermann


Starting July 1, FHSD will switch the soda brands in the vending machines from Pepsi to Coke products. The Board of Education approved this five-year contract with Coke on March 31 at a board meeting. Coke won by offering FHN 41p percent of all profits compared to Pepsi’s offer of 36 percent. “I think there’s more excitement that Coke is coming in than Pepsi going out,” FHSD director for purchased services Mike Sloan said. “Some people may be happy while others may be disappointed.” FHN will have new brands such as Diet Coke, Minute Maid and Vitamin Water. Though prices will stay the same for the first two years, they may change depending on the economy. “I think it should be how it was last year- just one solid dollar,” senior Zackari Mathews said. “I think it’d be great if they didn’t make Coke diet.”

Science teachers who will be moving into the new classrooms answer the question: How are the new rooms going to be better?

NEW FEATURES 1. Increased lab space 2. Storage space for teachers 3. Cabinets made out of wood instead of particle board 4. Sinks built in to the counters 5. New light placement so people can see their work and the smart board at the same time

Laura Montgomery, Biology

Karen Hill, Chemistry

“When the kids used to overflow the sinks I wouldn’t know because the sinks are not attached to the counter.”

“The classrooms are currently too small, I can’t fit my whole class in the lab, and the new rooms will be bigger.”

Donna Malkmus, Chemistry “I’ll have more cabinet space to hold my stuff, and a much larger fume head. I will also have hot and cold water.”

page by nick bussell


Do you know the


These five people will also be facing some new changes away from North. Each of these faculty members have decided this was their last year. These are the 2011 retirees.

Tom Daugherty

Ann Cope

What are you going to miss the most? “Im going to miss working with my National Honor Society Group.”

What are you going to miss the most? “Daily interaction with human beings.”

Years taught at North: 24 years

Why did you decide to retire? “Because my wife is retiring and it is just a good time to transition into something else.” What are you going to do after you retire? “Im going to start traveling, hunting, fishing, cycling and volunteering.”

Jami Hanke

Why did you decide to retire? “Because my mom is 82, and it would be easier for me to keep an eye on her, and her memory isn’t good. What are you going to do after you retire? “Im going to volunteer at APA and camp a lot.”

Ron Ochu

Bill Moyer

What are you going to miss the most? “The students.”

What are you going to miss the most? “Teaching. I won’t miss grading papers and essays because they take a lot of time.”

What are you going to miss the most? “The students and my colleagues.”

Why did you decide to retire? “Because I’m an old person and you just know when you’re ready.”

Why did you decide to retire? “It’s just time to go and I question if I’m making the difference as I used to.”

Why did you decide to retire? “I was in no hurry because I like what I’m doing but because of financial reasons.”

What are you going to do after you retire? “Stop and smell the roses.”

What are you going to do after you retire? “Ham radio, read and write a play since I’m already published.”

What are you going to do after you retire? “Hopefully keep coaching and travel some.”

Years taught at North: Since 1983 when North was still Henderson Junior High (27 years)


Years taught at North: 22 years

NEWS page by taylor bartram & photos by kaitlyn williams

Years taught at North: 25 years

Years taught at North: Since the 2nd year the school existed. (26 years)

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Motherhood brings strength to high school student While Brandi Purvey meets the struggles of raising her daughter London, she finds support, courage and love from the women who raised her. sidney shelton


alking into 18-year-old Brandi Purvey’s home, immediately to the left sits a black and tan play pen. Upstairs, the first door on the right is Brandi’s room. The room is decorated with a few pictures of her and her friends, a crib, baby clothes, and so many toys and diapers that tubs will soon be needed to store them in. The baby supplies have been acquired over the past ten months. The majority of them came from a family hosted baby shower and from family and friends on the day Brandi’s daughter London Cherrelle Purvey was born. Monday, Feb. 21, 2011 at 7 a.m., Brandi woke up with sharp pains and a hard time breathing. She immediately called her nurse and rushed to the hospital, where it was decided an emergency C section was needed to deliver her daughter. “When she called me I was really scared because she was crying,” Brandi’s mom Leslie Miller said. “I thought something was really wrong, but she was just really upset about having to get a C section. I was just trying to calm her down and let her know that it was okay.” At 11:15 a.m., after Brandi was put to sleep, the surgery began. “I was crying and going crazy,” Brandi said. “I was angry because I wanted the experience to have a natural birth.” When Brandi woke up in the ICU, about an hour after her surgery, her first thought was “I want to see my baby.” Her mother, step-father and a family friend were in the room when she woke up, and her family and friends soon flowed into the room while a nurse brought London from the nursery to see her mom for the first time. “Thank you, God,” Brandi’s grandmother Joyce Haller said. “He has brought us another beautiful baby.” Looking back over her pregnancy, it’s hard for Brandi to believe that just 10 months ago she had to do what she believes was one of the hardest things she’s had to experience so far in her life- tell her mom that she was pregnant. “I was scared,” Brandi said. “I knew what my mom would think and how disappointed she

Junior Brandi Purvey holds her two-month-old daughter, London Purvey. London is in day-care during the day while Brandi is at school and work, but Brandi cares for London while doing school and house work in the evenings. (michelle spencer)

would be.” Hours after taking a pregnancy test, Brandi arrived home late one August night, walked into her room, sat on her bed and called her mom into the room. “What’s wrong Brandi?” Leslie asked when she entered.

06 FEATURES page by jordan bryson & paige yungermann

Brandi couldn’t speak- she just sat crying. Silence followed as Leslie waited on the bed, wondering what could possibly be bothering her daughter so much. “She took a while to tell me,” Leslie said. “At first I didn’t know what she wanted to tell me. Then as time went by, I started fearing for

the worst.” About 30 minutes after she called in her mom, Brandi was finally able to get out the words, “I’m pregnant.” “When I finally told her, I felt a little relief but not a lot because I knew I would never hear the end of it,” Brandi said. Her mother’s face conveyed a message that Brandi will never forget- disbelief, anger and hurt. She remembers the three minutes of silence that followed and what her mom said when she left. “I can’t believe you. You have so many dreams, and how could you let this happen?” Brandi remembers clearly that sleep did not come easily that night, knowing that the conversation with her mom was not over. The next morning they talked about various issues surrounding the pregnancy. To confirm the home pregnancy test, Brandi and her mother went to the OB/GYN the next day. When the results came back positive, Brandi was shocked to know she was definitely going to be a mom. With this affirmation, Brandi and her mom began telling family and friends that she was pregnant; the reactions were all the same. “I was disappointed for the loss of things that cannot be done because the responsibility is now the child, and she couldn’t go off to college, do girl things, travel,” Joyce said. “Disappointed because she had to take on adult responsibilities before she had a chance to be a single adult.” Despite their initial reactions, Brandi’s mother and her grandma, who she accredits as being her biggest supporters through her pregnancy, rose quickly to do whatever was best for Brandi and the baby. “They were disappointed at first,” Brandi said, “But you can’t stay disappointed for long because it is what it is, and you can’t change it.” Over the past 10 months her relationship with her mother and grandma has grown, and the immediate thought of disappointment has morphed into the biggest web of support Brandi could have asked for. “I love them to death,” Brandi said. “They’ve been through a lot with me; they support me. They might have been mad at me for what happened, but at the end of the day they have my back. I’m just blessed to have so many people in my life right now helping with London and finishing school. I don’t know where I would be without them.” With a little less than a month left until graduation Brandi’s days continue to revolve around working hard in school and taking care of London. The last few weeks of school will be hard, and she knows that things will be more difficult for her, but with the continued support of her mom and grandma she feels that she will be able

At the baby shower, grandmother Marion Clark, mother Leslie Miller and grandmother Joyce Haller sit with Brandi Purvey and baby London Purvey. Brandi believes her mother and grandmothers were her biggest supports throughout her pregnancy. These women continue to assist and support Brandi in raising London. (photo submitted)

to achieve her goals. “I am looking forward to graduating and walking with the seniors,” Brandi said. “I am looking forward to bringing her up like my mom and my grandma did for me, with my morals and values of life and watching her grow.” Brandi herself has grown a lot over the past months, showing strength that her family didn’t know she had. A more mature Brandi left the hospital with London in tow. More mature from the one who was scared to tell her mom that she was pregnant, more mature than the Brandi who was managing school, night classes, doctor’s appointments and work while pregnant. The Brandi that left the hospital is more prepared for the challenges that life brings and has a different mind-set and a new look on life. She is ready to pursue her goals. “I am encouraged that she is still holding on to her dreams and that she still has her faith in God,” Joyce said. “We have gotten closer, providing more support for Brandi and the baby. Just seeing her demonstrate the strength that I didn’t know she had, I think we’ve changed in a positive way.”

Brandi Purvey holds newborn daughter London Purvey one week after she was born. Brandi had to spend time in the ICU before London was born due to pregnancy complications. Despite these complications, London was born a healthy baby. (photo submitted)

page by jordan bryson & paige yungermann



Trash to treasure Used clothing gets a new life at Avalon Exchange.

aurora blanchard


estled in the heart of University City sits an urban store on Delmar Blvd. Its neon sign above the mannequins in the window reads “Buy, sell, trade”. Blueberry Hill and the Tivoli theater are visible from the curb outside the shop. Cars pass by as blurry lights in the night. People stride forward on the sidewalk. Even the fluorescent glow from the stoplights add life to the scene. This is Avalon Exchange. Upon entering the store, there’s an aroma of incense and the sight of worn hardwood floors. Promotional posters cluster the walls. Some are advertising for indie bands like The National and others advertise classes and events going on in the community. Walking past these posters, 33-yearold Monay Tate heads to the resale counter. Behind this counter, a few employees dressed in vintage clothing fold and sort through stacks of clothing brought in by customers. Every piece of clothing must be categorized by style, type and gender before it’s set out. Yellow price tags are attached to the garments with wooden clothes pins. Using a ladder, an employee hangs up a display outfit on the wall. Another employee, manager Jenny Beausang, greets Monay at the counter. Monay is a regular at the store, stopping by three to five times a week to see if there’s anything new. Ten years ago, Monay walked by the Avalon Exchange store window. Something caught her eye. Curious, she walked in to take a better look and found clothes she wouldn’t easily find anywhere else.


page by amanda cornett & photos by kaitlyn williams

“I grew up in University City, and at that time [Avalon Exchange] had name brands with low prices,” Monay said. “Then I saw that they had different items.” According to Monay, she can make a statement anywhere in Avalon’s clothes. There is something for every occasion: wigs, fedoras, fake moustaches, studded belts, suspenders, rain boots, fur, plaid, spandex, leopard, paisley, lace, Cardinal’s shirts and so much more. Gently worn and new shoes sit on the top of each rack. There is a pair of Jordan airs, Converse, fur boots, cowboy boots, loafers, flats and formal heels. The store is always changing. “It changes as much as fashion does,” assistant store manager Bevin Blake said. “When I first started working here, you couldn’t find skinny jeans.” Now the majority of the pants are just that. Avalon Exchange’s location in downtown University City contributes to its wide array of clothing. Since the population is large and diverse, what is sold at the store is also diverse. According to Jenny, this is what gives the store an edge over other retail stores. “I think that you can get great clothing, shoes and accessories that are unique and cheaper than what you can find at the mall,” Jenny said. Part of what keeps Monay coming back is the atmosphere of this resale store and the welcome that she receives every time she goes there. All the workers know her by name. “I love the environment,” Monay said. “ [The employees] are always so friendly. They’re just one-of-a-kind.”

The race to the finish Bicycling through the rain, wind and snow, Michael Leistner rides to race.

ellice estrada

above the treetops. Leistner pulls into the parking lot of where the race is being t’s a Saturday morning; the sun has not held. He gets out of the car with his helyet peeked over the trees. A man awakes met, watch and water in hand. People are with ambition. He slips on his uniform and crowded around the sidelines of the track. walks outside. With his laced sneakers and The air outside feels like the breath of an a bottle of water, he straps his cyclocross icicle. The cyclists stand their bikes up and bicycle onto his car and heads off to an- begin stretching and preparing themselves for the race. After about 10 minutes they’re other race. FHN art teacher Michael Leistner has on their bikes, ready for takeoff. The bell been involved with bicycle racing since July rings. The cyclists take off all at once; dirt flies 4, 1988. Prior to this date he only casually rode his bike, but he has always loved it. in the air and a fast moving cloud moves toAt age 20, he frequently rode bikes with his ward the twists and turns of the track. Just friends, and he soon began to notice that as they seem to have reached an unbelievhe was always first to the top of the hill and able amount of speed, they keep going, first back to the car. It was this that made never faltering. “You don’t slow down. You him decide to get his racing li“You don’t slow don’t quit. You just suffer through cense and begin participating in races. down. You don’t the pain,” Leistner said. “It’s very short, and very intense. There “I love riding my bike, and is no time to recover. There is a I still do ride it just for fun,” quit. You just lot of pain and suffering involved Leistner said, “But racing suffer through with cycling. I guess it’s kind of takes it up a notch. On a scale sick that way, because you’re of one to 10, it goes up to an the pain.” doing it to yourself.” 11.” - Michael Leistner Bicycle racing is not just Today, Leistner participates in races about once a week. The most com- every man for himself. Most cyclists are on mon type of race he’s involved in are cyclo- a team. Teams are helpful because they are separate but they join as one. Only cross races. “Cyclocross races are never canceled,” one person receives a trophy, but it is Leistner said. “No matter if it’s snowing, if a victory for the entire team. The team there’s ice, if the temperature is below freez- helps one of its members win the race when they are in the lead, or almost in ing, there is always a race,” It is mid-morning; the sun is now right the lead.


“It’s good to have a team because you have that support, and it’s good to know you’re not just alone,” Leistner said. “If you are an independent cyclist, you probably won’t win.” As the cyclists speed past, the crowd goes wild. Adults are bundled up from head to toe. They sit in their lawn chairs, drinking beer and wine. Almost every person, child or adult, has a cowbell in hand. Every time the cyclists go by, the bells are rung high in the air, and cheers are heard from miles away. “It’s not like all the other professional sports,” fellow FHN art teacher Denise Maples said. “Most of them you have to pay to watch, and you don’t get very good seats, but if you show up to these things, just bring a lawn chair and whatever you need and enjoy the day.” A loud bell rings through the ears of each cyclist and fan. The bell indicates to the racers that this is the last lap. Back and forth their positions in the race fluctuate; the fans run on the sidelines and follow the bikes as quickly as they can. Back and forth, back and forth, until finally the finish line is behind them. “It doesn’t matter to me if I win or lose,” Leistner said. “I’m happy regardless. If I lose a bike race, hey, at least I got up off the couch and showed up.”

Michael Leistner leans on his bike. Leistner has been racing bikes for 22 years, and he chooses to ride his bike to work instead of driving his car. (kendrick gaussoin)

page by abbey grone


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Mike Wilson

Senior Chris Volpo shows his skills on and off the pitchers mound. Volpo has been playing on Varsity since his sophomore year. Volpo is a starting pitcher, but also plays in the outfield. (brandon neer, jessica streiler & kelsey habighorst)

Grade: 12 Years playing baseball: 15 Favorite pre-game song: “My Kinda Party” by Jason Aldean Pre-game meal: Turkey sandwich Favorite MLB player: Yadier Molina MLB player comparison: “Joe Mauer because we’re not only good defensively, but we can hit too.” Favorite thing about baseball: “No game is ever the same. Something is always different.”

Volpo battles back from inconvenient injury chelsey damalas

STATISTICS as of 5/5/11

Senior Chris Volpo positions himself at the pitchers mound as the batter makes their way to the plate, the catcher gives him his signal, and the game begins. Around this time last year, Volpo was in a car accident which caused him to shatter his tibia. This season he is battling back from the injury that kept him away from baseball for six months. He spent his summer and a few months going to therapy three times a week to be able to recover for his senior year. “I had to spend a lot of time in the off season to retrain my muscles,” Volpo said, “but my true determination came from my passion to win and to be the best baseball player that I could be,” Not only was Volpo unable to play on a team during the summer, he also lost the chance of getting recruited. But even with these minor setbacks he still manages to push through and make this season the best he has had. “He keeps improving immensely and continues to strive for excellence by working hard at practice and in his own time,” junior Braxton Martinez said. According to Volpo, he wanted to have a strong senior year after being out for almost the whole previous season and this drive is what kept him from giving up after he was injured. “Baseball is a game of passion,” Volpo said. “My ultimate goal this season is to win State, have fun and make the most out of my senior year.” Name Braxton Martinez Chris Volpo

Pitcher/Second Baseman

Brett Sloan

Grade: 12 Years playing baseball: 13 Favorite pre-game song: “Let’s Go” by Trick Daddy Pre-game meal: Cheez-Its and Oranges Favorite MLB player: Roy Halladay MLB player comparison: “Roy Halladay because he’s always working hard and I want to be a hard worker.” Favorite thing about baseball: “Coming out and playing every day.”


(runs batted in)





















Pujols doesn’t produce, Cardinals don’t contend the slow start, Pujols has seemed to get out of the slump bringing the team with him up to a 17-14 record and first in the Central. I Since Albert Pujols started dominating in St. Louis, the Cardi- think getting off to a slow start this season was a good thing because nals have been an elite team in the MLB. When it shows how hard it will be for the CarPujols doesn’t excel, the team struggles to stay dinals to win without him and how much Scan Here in contention in the NL Central. On other hand, their success relies on his production. Scan here to view Albert Pujols’ stats for the current season and his career. when he is playing at his best, the Cardinals Overall, I think the front office of the Get the free mobile app for your phone. look like a top team in the League. I think if Cardinals needs to buck up and offer PuNo smart phone? Here’s the URL. the Cardinals let him leave town now the team jols what he wants along with what he will fall. deserves after this season. I think Pujols Through the first 10 games of the season, Albert was batting is definitely the face of the franchise and if he leaves town, so does only .143 with one home run and a team record of 4-6. Even with the heart and soul of Cardinal baseball. NORTH STAR SPORTS COLUMN: Andrew Curran

page by kyle schikore



Chris Cattron swings his racket at the ball in the doubles tennis match held at North. Cattron and his tennis partner senior Curtis Meuth won the match for the Knight’s adding to their good record. (erin d’amico)

Undefeated season has better outlook for GACs taylor bartram

kyle schikore

STATISTICS as of 5/5/11

The boys and girls Varsity Track team have finished Friday Knight Relays and GACs for the 2011 season. Currently, they are preparing for the final phase that will either etch their name in history or send them home empty-handed: Districts, Sectionals and State. “We break our season into three parts,” coach Greg Hennenfent said. “First, we prepare for Friday Knight Relays. Next, we prepare for GACs, and then we prepare for Districts and get them ready for State. We break our workouts down so they can peak at those three times.” Both the boys and girls teams have been working toward Districts - which are May 14 at Howell Central - and ultimately, they have been working to make it to State in Jefferson City on May 27 and 28. Although the team lost State champion Kyle Morse to graduation, Hennenfent is confident in the team’s ability to succeed in Districts and State. “I think we’re very strong,” Hennenfent said. “Our workouts are right where they should be, and each student should be prepared for their race.” Classification



Alexis Happe


Jared Kaufman

Event 800 Meter Run 100 Meter Dash

Time 2 Minutes 32 seconds 11.5 seconds

From Sectionals to State andrew curran

Senior Austin Klackner hits his ball on the second hole at Bogey Hills Country Club. Klackner has been on the golf team since his freshman year, but will not play in college. . (kaitlyn williams)

14 SPORTS page by abby west

STATISTICS as of 5/5/11

On Wednesday May 4th, the FHN boys Golf team competed in the Sectionals competition that took place at the Old Hickory golf course. Junior Jaxon Nagel, and seniors Austin Klackner and Clint Toedtmann were the only three boys on the team to qualify for this match due to their performance at the District competition. Of these three, Toedtmann delivered a qualifying score of 82 at Sectionals, allowing him to qualify for State. State will take place on May 16 and 17. “I’m really excited to go to State,” Toedtmann said. “But at the same time, it’s disappointing that I won’t be able to go with any of my teammates.” Name

Best Score


Clint Toedtmann



Austin Klackner



STATISTICS as of 5/5/11

Preparation for State and Districts

Boys Tennis has ended their season undefeated with a record of 14-0. According to sophomore Robbie Nicolli the team has played really great as a team and every match has paid off. “They have done a great job, they have worked hard, they have played as a team, and they have supported each other throughout the entire season,” Coach Kellie Voyles said. As of press time the team decided they would like to go out and do their best through GACs, stay undefeated, and win. Qualifying players at GACs will move on to Districts, there is not a for sure date due to weather and how long GACs take. To keep up with the stats during GACs and Districts go to “I’m hoping I will win in doubles and singles and of course we will go big,” sophomore Robbie Nicolli said. Classification Doubles Team

Name(s) Andrew Brodnik and Scott Raver





Dan Brodnik



Singles Player

High hopes for Districts abby west

Varsity boys Volleyball participated in a cross over tournament the weekend of April 30. The tournament took place at Lindbergh and FHC with team placing second in the silver bracket. In the bracket were teams from Melville, Seckmen, Lindbergh, and FZW. The team ended the tournament with a hard loss against FZW, earning them second. “At times we played well, but at times we could have played better, but we had our bright spots,” coach Ryan Vonfedlt said. The team will won their last scheduled game May 4 against Westminster. The team will finish out their season with Districts the weekend of May 14. STATISTICS as of 5/5/11

Sophomore Michaela Randolph pole vaults in the JV meet against Francis Howell and Howell Central. This was a pre-meet that got the teams ready for the season and introduced the competition. (jessica streiler)


n bo

Blocks Serves



Ethan Bohnert




Alex Bolte





rt, 1


Junior Nora Bradley steals the ball from a Troy player in the offensive zone to make a drive to the net in their match against Troy on April 21. The girls were at a 1-1 tie, when they went into overtime to lose with the score of 4-5 in penalty kicks. (brandon neer)

Varsity Soccer kicks it into gear for District tournament nick bussell

STATISTICS as of 5/5/11

The Varsity girls Soccer team will be heading for Districts on May 14 to compete for the championship. Districts are a competition between six different Varsity Soccer teams in the area that could last the entire week, depending on the team’s performance. Last year the team lost at Districts finals, because of this head coach, Mark Olwig, is hoping he can work with them to do better this round. “They lost in Districts last year,” Scan Here Scan here to see the current stats for most of FHN’s Olwig said, “hopefully that’s a little Varsity-level sports teams. motivation [to do better],” Get the free mobile app for your phone. No smart phone? Here’s the URL. The road to redemption this season has been a long one according to Olwig. The first two games of the season were losses; this may have been due to the big changes that have taken place. They lost six seniors that were on the team last year, this meant that new players had to step up and take charge. Another set-back was that Name



a new coaching staff was introduced this year. Larry Scheller, this year’s new assistant coach, thinks it took some time for the team to get used to a new coaching style. According to Scheller the team has lost in games against a few talented opponents, but they’ve still played well. Since then the team has brought their record up to 10-5. One of the new captains, sophomore Kayla Welch, is happy with the way Varsity is performing. “It has been really awesome,” Welch said. “Our competition is good, so it helps me get better.” To prepare for Districts the team is trying out new positions for different players, and working on difficult drills. At practice they work on passing, shooting and possession. Ashley Trautman, a stopper on the team, feels that the team is doing well and that they continue to improve with every practice. “The girls get a different perspective,” Trautman said. “Because if you switch positions you notice things that some people don’t, so you know how to improve in that spot.”






Kelsey Fouch




Sarah Peth




Megan Frkovic




Nora Bradley




WHAT’S IN YOUR SOCCER BAG? Kelsey Fouch, 12 “Tape, captain’s band, Redzone Old Spice, warm-up CD and Icy Hot.”

Ashley Trautman, 12 “Jerseys, cleats, sunflower seeds, prewrap, jacket, pants, socks and flip flops.”

Varsity girls Soccer players list the different items that they keep in their sports bags.

Katy Friedlein, 11 “Cleats, indoor shoes, shin guards, prewrap, water bottle, and bobby pins.”

Hali Long, 10 “Cleats, indoor shoes, shin guards, electrical tape, extra socks, flip flops, prewrap and deodorant.”

page by andrew curran


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Haz. W. Invit. Sept.24 Varsity: 8th place JV: 5th place Head Coach: Sean Fowler

Haz. W Invit Sept. 24 Varsity top 5 Varisty: no team score Coleen Grone Brianna Schroer: 11th Brianna Schroer Coleen Grone: 13th Danielle Meyer JV: 6th place Jillian Fields Courtney Vishy: 12th Courtney Vishy Hannah Miller: 15th Head Coach: Sean Fowler, Brooke Roe, Beth Phillips Junior Hannah Miller paints junior Danielle Meyer’s stomach at Forest Park to support her freshmen on the team. (sarah teson)


“I never stoped laughing with my team but never felt like laughing racing, it’s a very confusing sport.� Danielle Meyer, 11 Girls Cross Country

GAC’S Oct.14 Varsity: 7th place Districts Oct.23 Varsity: 11th place Varsity top 5 Francesco Filipucci Mack Weaver Gus Thies Craig Preuss “Go Craig� was a common thing to hear from Craig Preuss’ mom during the season. (sarah teson)

Senior Gus Thies dips his fingers in mud and wipes them under his eyes before his race at Forest Park. (sarah teson)


“I get to be on a team with a lot of my friends.� Chad Conaty, 10 Boys Cross Country

The Varsity team huddles before the game at North. (sarah teson)


“We overcame a lot of obstacles and the song “Don’t Stop Believing� fit well with what we had to do to show that we were not going to let anyone walk over us without bringing out the spiked collars.� Alex Oppenborn, 11 Varsity Girls Volleyball

Freshman Girls Volleyball 7-0-5

Aug. 31 0-2 Duchesne Sept. 2 1-2 @FZE Sept. 7 2-0 SCH Sept. 9 0-2 @Warrenton Sept. 14 2-0 Haz. C Sept. 16 2-0Timberland Head Coach: Lori Lutz Freshman Mary Jamie Ruiz spikes the ball over the net at a home game. (jessica streiler)

Sept. 21 2-0 Parkway N Sept. 22 0-2 @FZW Sept. 5 1-2 Troy Sept. 11 2-1 @Kirkwood Sept. 14 2-0 Holt Oct. 15 2-0 Haz. W


you really knew

What was your favorite season memory?

“When I pizza balled Erin Powelson during volleyball practice because it was really funny, everyone was laughing and she ended up being ok.� Katie Dozier, 11 “My favorite memory was the first football game because it was my first varsity game and I started.� Bobby Garner, 11 “I liked when Bobby Garner got hurdled at our Jamboree.� VJ Goddard,11

Sophomore Meghan Wood squats down preparing for the ball. (jessica streiler)


“We had to face harder teams with more experience and more times playing together. We also were a shorter team and that made the job of a defender, which I do harder, because the blocks weren’t always there.� Meghan Wood, 10 F/JV Girls Volleyball

Senior Ashley Trautman lines her ball up to the hole so she can make the put.(sam hurell)




iPad 2








i Flood-It! Price: Free


iPhone 4G

HTC Evo 4G

Kaitlyn Williams rates the new

Brittany Burke rates the new “Evo�

IPhone Price: $200 Producer: Apple Rating: 4 stars Description: “It’s everything you need in one place. There are so many apps out there for you to download. It has “Face Time� where you can video chat with others.� Favorite characteristic: “I like how fast it is and all the apps. I have so many apps. It’s ridiculous.�

Price: $150 Producer: HTC Rating: 4 Stars Description: “It’s the first 4 G capable phone and functions through the Android market. I can do screen shots, Facebook, Apps, music, and use it as my camera. I watch movies using the kick stand. “ Favorite characteristic: “It runs so quick, it’s sleek and slim, plus really easy to navigate. “

STUDENT spread by brianna schroer 193

Applications (Apps.) started with the iPhone, and have become a part of most smart phones. Apps. can be games, entertainment, social networks, news, navigation, etc. Students were asked what’s on their smart phones.

Cut The Rope Price: Free



What’s on your smartphone?

Angry Birds Price: $.99


Junior Kevin Beerman rates the Kindle Price: $139.99 Producer: Amazon Rating: 3 stars Description: “It’s just like an ereader. It has digital books, magazines, and newspapers. There is a Kindle book store through Amazon. I don’t like that it’s in black and white.� Favorite characteristic: “The fact that the screen doesn’t have a glare. Even in the sun it’s glare free.�

“My favorite part of the year was our first bonding party when we made flame throwers with spray glue and torches.� Sara Vonharz,11

“This year we all worked well as a team and put the team goals above individual goals. Each player had a strength and helped the other players with it. The team did the best it has done in North’s history.� Ashlee Schneider, 12 Girls Golf

These days there are phones that can do just about anything. They change your voicemails into texts that you can read instead of listen to, let you see the person you’re talking to as you’re on the phone with them, and allow you to use a stand to make the movie you’re watching more viewable. Smart phones are produced by the major cell phone companies, but leaders in the industry include Apple, HTC, and Droid. These companies constantly compete with each other to make sure they have the most desireable phone. A few students told why their phone was the best.

Junior Brianna Schroer rates the iPad 2 Price: $499 for 16GB Producer: Apple Rating: 5 stars Description: “It’s an over-sized iPod Touch. I use it to play games, go on the Internet, and for its webcam.� Favorite characteristic: “The bigness. It does all the same things as an iPod Touch but it’s easier to use.�

“My favorite part was the dance that we did on senior night and when we made up raps in Lebanon.� Megan Doerhoff,11


Students weigh in on cellular competition

92 technology & social media


Words With Friends Price: $2.99

Facebook Price: Free

Fruit Ninja Lite Price: Free

Twitter Price: Free

Unblock Me Price: Free

Bump Price: Free

Movies By Flixster Price: Free

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USTREAM Price: Free




Popular social media sites

Social media is a term used to define the act of communicating through internet based applications. They are used to express thoughts and feelings, get your name out there for people to see, and also to keep in touch with family and friends.

The site was designed for college students but soon enough anyone could join. People can post pictures, make statuses, join groups, start events, and much more. It is one of the most well-known social sites.

Twitter is an expanding social media site that allows people to make “tweets� that consist of only 140 characters at the maximum. Users pick who they want to follow and who they want to see their own tweets.

Tumblr is a blog site that many people use to express whatever feeling or thought or link they want. Posting pictures, videos, quotes, music and more is all made easy by this site.

Foursquare is a location based social networking site that awards points and badges depending on where a person checks in. Friends can see where you are whenever you check in somewhere.

StumbleUpon is a website that suggests other websites to the user according to the user’s likes. It brings up sites that one wouldn’t usually think of going to. It’s a great way to find sites that match your interests.

Technology influences teens now more than ever justin.jones Growing up in the 21st century may be easier than growing up in the 1800’s, although youth in this new age, face new challenges and corruption. With communication (even worldwide) becoming easier and literally in the hands of most teens, they face a bigJHULQĂ XHQFHE\WHFKQRORJ\ and media. “Media and technology effect my life in surprisingly positive way. Technology helps me stay connected with friends and family. The media is in my life constantly, I’m always jammin’ out to the radio,â€? junior Maggie Curran said. It being 2011, it would be YHU\GLIĂ€FXOWWRĂ€QGVRPHone without a cell phone, computer, TV, etc. With all these sources of communication and distractions, youth is sometimes lost in their individual worlds. Even since cell phones were invented, a revolution has hit the minds of users. Texting has become the new way to communicate, which some say may become an addiction. “Throughout the day I’m always checking my phone and texting, or calling someone. I probably spend at least and hour and a half a day on the computer and my phone,â€? junior Andrea Long said. Youth look toward their surroundings and mass


PHGLDIRULQĂ XHQFHPHGLD not always being a reliable source. Cable channels such as MTV are corrupted by unrealistic reality TV. Recent reality shows such as “Jersey Shoreâ€?, “Real Worldâ€?, and “Bad Girls Clubâ€?; promote violence, binge drinking, and partying. Youth is pressured and LQĂ XHQFHGPRUHDQGPRUH by media everyday. “The media has a horrible LQĂ XHQFHRQWHHQDJHUVDQG kids. Pretty much every song on the radio talks about sex or partying, and every TV show shows it. If kids didn’t hear or see these things from the media, they would probably be much less likely to enact them,“ Long said. On the contrary, technology and media are not DOZD\VDEDGLQĂ XHQFH Communication makes the world “smallerâ€?, and easier to create relationships. Mass media brings you the latest updates and provides entertainment, good or bad. “A lot of people look up to people who are in the media. It’s easy to follow the people we aspire to be like in the media. It helps keep people open minded about things around the world,“ senior Lauren Smith said.

MTV wrecks havoc on teen minds +

“I like Jersey Shore and I think it’s okay for people to watch, but not okay for 7th graders. It’s an entertaining show. You see people go out and have fun, then you see them fight.� Erin D’Amico, 11

“E.T. is one of my new favorite songs. She sounds a lot different and exotic. “ Kelli Corrao, 11


“On Tuesdays and Thursdays we practice quarter times over and over until they’re perfect and then we just usually practice stunts for half times.� Alex Little, 12 “During practice we throw up stunts to see what would work and during quarter times we put them from our competition routine for extra practice for our actual competition.� Miata Walker, 10 “At practice the captains come up with quarter times, we’ll plan them the night before, perfect them, and get to the game early to work on them some more.� Alysse Chowning, 12

“It has a great beat. It shows how crazy she is, and the song is catchy.� Erin Powelson, 11

“Teen Mom� Series

_ From “16 and Pregnant�, to the second seen of “Teen Mom�, you can follow teenage moms through their challenges as a mother.

“We do crowd interacting, we also do various cheers that include the crowd.� Olivia Malpiedi, 12 “We do cheers that involve the crowd like the ‘The Funky Chicken’.� Rachel Rosse, 9

10. Rolling in the Deep Adele


After the freshman boys race, Francesco Filipucci, Michael Beaver, Michelle Mottin, Aurora Blanchard, Brenton Griffith and other cross country runners get in a team huddle during the Forest Park Cross Country Kickoff. The course was muddy due to a thunderstorm the night before. (sarah teson)

Before the varsity boys race, senior Craig Pruess gets a pre race pep talk from coach Sean Fowler at Forest Park. Fowler returned to the cross country team after a two year break. He returned as the head coach this season. Pruess was one of the senior boys to run cross country all four years of high school along with Gus Thies. This was Thies, second year on the varsity team. (sarah teson)


Soccer takes second place North holds tournament and succeeds.

How was each game played? 9/10 @7:30 p.m. FHN vs Cape Central score 10-0

“We played very well.� Larry Scheller, staff 9/11 @1 p.m. FHN vs Hickman score 1-2

Scan Here

“Very well until the last five minutes. We let two goals in.� Brendan Harney,12

What is your favorite part about cheerleading?

9/11 @ 6 p.m. FHN vs Kirkwood score 3-2

“Tumbling during basketball games.� Sara Jewson, 11

“Cheering at the games, definitely. I don’t like competitions that much at all.� Alysse Chowning, 12 “I like the competitions but I also like cheering at the games as well, it’s all fun.� Katie Zettwoch, 12


spread by alex curry-lipka and justin jones

On Sept. 11 the cross country team traveled to Forest Park to compete in the largest season meet that all three levels (Freshman, JV and Varsity) can compete in. Freshman Jillian Fields received her first medal in the Girls Freshman 3K race.

How do you get the crowd pumped up?

“I love this song. I just love P!nk because she is all about empowering women. She doesn’t need a guy to make her happy.� Nicole Yuede, 11

“I think it’s a good show on TV because it shows the reality of being a teen mom and the struggles they go through and how hard it is being a teen mom.� Ashlynn Laspe, 10 “It glorifies teen age pregnancy, when for a typical teenage mom, that’s not the case. � Cristina Bodden, 11

“We go over and make quarter times, we also practice our cheers.� Leilani Ballesteros, 11

6. Look At Me Now Chris Brown 7. Down On Me Jeremih 8. On The Floor Jennifer Lopez 9. F**kin’ Perfect P!nk

The Real World series travels around the U.S. picking places to start a new season. The 23rd season being in Las Vegas. The group goes wild in a casino.



What is done to help prepare for a Friday night football game?

2. S&M Rihanna 3. Just Can’t Get Enough The Black Eyed Peas 4. Forget You Cee Lo Green 5. Born This Way Lady Gaga

bad influence, drinking a lot and hooking up.� Nick Bussell, 10

“I look forward to it every week. It’s a lot better than Jersey Shore. Seven strangers are chosen to live in a house together, in Vegas, at the Hard Rock Hotel. They have an internship at the casino..� Austin Wiedner, 10 “It’s kind of over-dramatic and not as funny as Jersey Shore. It’s really unrealistic and has a negative influence on teens because all we see them do is drink and act belligerent.� Kelsey Bell, 11

Before every Friday night game, varsity cheerleaders practice after school every day and even sometimes in the morning. During each practice cheerleaders work on many things to make their performances as best as they can be. Cheerleaders perform for soccer, football, wrestling, and basketball.

1. E.T. Katy Perry

nasty, rude, and dumb. The only that makes them funny is _ thing how dumb they act. They have a

“Real World: Las Vegas�


on the Billboard

Top 10s

“All those people on The Shore are

8 people, chosen to be on one of the most famous reality shows to date. In their third season, the group lives to GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry).


Cross Country takes part in big meet

Preparing for GAME DAY

The top ten songs Chart on the week of April 16

“Jersey Shore�






Girls Golf 8-0-3


Sept. 14 Timb. 214-223 Aug. 26 FZS 200-230 Sept. 15 @Patt. 205-224 Aug. 31 Holt 233-247 Sept. 16 FZW 205-204 Sept. 1 @IWA 213-210 Sept. 21 @FHHS 214-195 Sept. 2 @Troy 196-204 Sept. 30 FZE 204-238 Sept. 7 @FHC 208-223 Sept. 9 Duchesne 197-222 Oct. 1 Knight Cup 4th Oct.13 @FHC GAC’s 2nd Sept. 10 @Troy Tour. 4th Head Coach: Matthew Riffee Sophomore Julia Brady stands on the course looking at her competition (sam hurell)



Sept. 22 0-2 @FZW Aug. 31 1-2 Duchesne Sept. 27 0-2 Patt. Sept. 2 2-1 @FZE Oct. 4 0-2 Eureka Sept. 7 2-1 SCH Oct. 5 0-2 Troy Sept. 9 2-1 @Warrenton Oct. 7 0-2 FHHS Sept. 14 2-0 Haz. C Oct. 11 2-1 @Kirkwood Sept. 16 2-1 Timberland Oct. 14 2-0 Holt Sept. 21 2-1 Parkway N Head Coach: Kent Stover

JV Girls Volleyball 8-0-6


Junior Erin Powelson, and senior Sarah Peth cheer after the team won the match. (sarah teson)



Sept. 27 2-0 @Patt. Oct. 4 1-2 @Eureka Oct. 5 2-1 Troy Oct. 7 0-2 @FHHS Oct. 11 0-2 @Kirkwood Oct. 14 2-0 Holt Oct. 15 2-0 Haz.W Oct. 19 1-2 @FHC

Rachel Rosse, 9

Sectionals Oct. 30 Varsity: no team score Coleen Grone: 14th Brianna Schroer 31st

Varsity Volleyball 19-0-15

Aug. 31 2-0 Duschense Sept. 2 2-0 @FZE Sept. 7 2-0 SCH Sept. 9 2-0 @Warrenton Sept. 14 2-0 Haz. C Sept. 16 2-0 Timberland Sept. 21 2-0 Parkway N Sept. 23 2-0 @FZW Head Coach: Robin Yuede


Paul Enke Invit. Sept.18 Varisty: no team score JV: no team score Steven Potter: 14th F/S: 3rd place Chad Conaty:9th Brenton Griffith: 16th Brendan Kirchoff: 19th

Parkway W. Invit. Oct. 02 Varisty: no team score JV: no team score S: 6th place Chad Conaty: 20th Brenton Griffith: 24th F: 10th place Brandon Chac:17th


Districts Oct. 23 Varsity: 7th place Brianna Schroer: 10th Coleen Grone: 16th

Brenton Griffith:7th



“I got to play doubles and singles because of the new format, before I was torn between what I wanted to play.� Taylor Bartram, 11 Tennis

GAC’S Oct. 14 Varsity: 5th place Coleen Grone: 5th Brianna Schroer: 11th

Forest Park Fest. Sept.11 Varisty: 33rd place JV: 23rd place F: 17th place

Olivia Malpiedi, 12

Doubles team Hope Mares and Ellen Yarde play together in their home meet at North. (kaitlyn williams)

Paul Enke Invit. Sept. 18 Varisty: no team score Coleen Grone: 18th Brianna Schroer: 31st JV: no team score Danielle Meyer 9th Hannah Miller: 25th F/S: 4th place Jillian Fields: 6th Courtney Vishy: 15th Aurora Blanchard: 21th

First Capitol Invit. Sept.3 Varisty: no team score JV: 7th place F: 6th place


Senior Taylor Berra swings back and hits ball during the game. (kaitlyn williams)

Boys Cross Country

Parkway W. Invit. Oct. 2 Varisty: no team score Coleen Grone 12th JV: no team score Hannah Miller: 24th F: 6th place Jillian Fields: 8th Courtney Vishy: 22th


Head Coach: Kellie Voyles

Forest Park Fest. Sept. 11 Varisty: no team score JV: no team score F: ninth place Jillian Fields 10th



Girls Cross Country

First Capitol Invit. Sept. 3 Varisty: no team score JV: no team score F: no team score


Sept. 15 7-0 @Patt. Sept. 18 6th place @Troy Sept. 21 1-6 FHC Sept. 22 1-6 St Dominic Sept. 23 6-1 Duchense Sept. 25 second place FHC Doubles Sept. 28 5th place GAC Oct. 4 fourth place Districts


Aug. 23 5-2 @FZN Aug. 25 2-5 @Troy Aug. 30 7-0 FZE Aug. 31 3-4 @Haz. W Sept. 2 6-1 @FHHS Sept. 7 7-0 FZS Sept. 9 7-0 Holt Sept. 10 7-0 @McCluer N Sept. 13 4-3 @Timber. Sept. 14 5-2 @FZW


Tennis 10-0-4






Freshman Andrew Scherff runs during the designated freshman 3K race. (sarah teson)

Senior Coleen Grone sprints down the chute. Grone finished 41 out of over 200 athletes. (sarah teson)

Sophomores Brendan Kirchoff and Brandon Clynes run side by side in front of an MICDS runner. Both boys competed in cross country last year. (sarah teson)

Cross Country

“We played well and played as a team.� Zach Fettig, staff

Boy’s Soccer


Starting with a double header

amanda.meyer Arriving to school at 8 am, Marching Band gathered up on the practice field before heading off to their first competition away from home. On Sept. 11 Marching Band had their first competition at Belleville East and later that same day at O’ Fallon. This competition was the first, and only double header the group would be participating in all year. “We had been practicing for months in the summer and when school started we practice everyday after school to get the show together and perfecting everything that we are going to do,� sophomore Nathan Compton said. On the day of the competition several band members such as junior, Alex Savala and Compton had mixed emotions going through their heads. Many were nervous, many were excited, some people felt both and everything in between. “I was extremely nervous. I tried to say I wasn’t though because I didn’t want to make the freshmen any more

nervous than they were, but it was really exciting at the same time.� Savala said. “We had put so much time, work, and effort into preparing for the show.� Although much time and effort had been put into preparing for this day, things were still tense. Those that had participated in band previous years were still nervous, only not as nervous since they had been to this double header last year so had some idea of what was to come ahead of them. “We’ve grown as a team and we’ve expanded since last year so that’s a big help to our show,� junior Mark Mayerhoefer said. “Now that the seniors left, we’ve grown a lot as a group and now we get to lead the show instead, this years gonna be great.�


Learning about a new club

Speech and Debate club went on a field trip to Pattonville High School on Saturday, Sept. 11 to find out what you do in this club.


Sevara Hasanova Lisa Saville Paige Sparks Smitha Mills Aurora Blanchard Matt Schneider Rachel Oliveros

“Speech and Debate compete every other weekend at an area contest. There are many categories such as storytelling, prose reading, poetry reading, Lincoln Douglas Debate, and Student Congress. We also meet weekly to write speeches and practice. Speech and Debate is a club you can do when you want to. It’s not a hard club.� Theresa Maher, speech and debate sponsor

the SPONSOR: Theresa Maher - Competed in high school speech tournaments - Started coaching Speech in college - BA in Theater Education - Master Degree in Gifted Ed - Teaches Debate/Speech/English IV/Mythology - Has a two-year-old son

the TERMS: Debate- a formal contest in which the affirmative and negative sides of a proposition are advocated by opposing speakers Lincoln–Douglas Debate- a type of American high school one-on-one debate Value- relative worth, merit, or importance Resolution- a formal expression of opinion or intention made Affirmative Case- you agree with the resolution. Negative Case- you disagree with the resolution. Student Congress- form of high school debate in the United States -information provided by


26 september 06-12

you really knew

how good this book was going to be, You wouldn’t miss out on buying yours before it’s too late.


Instead of sports being stuck on one spread, coverage is spread throughout the book with the chronological news coverage of the year.


The DVD from previous years has been replaced with Microsoft Tags on numerous spreads linking to videos on a variety of subjects and from a variety of events.


Coverage of major events throughout the year from PowderPuff and Prom to Band Competitions and District sports tournaments.


If you missed the prom fashion show, Mr. FHN or the Fall Play, don’t worry. We covered it and have spreads for each.


Most importantly, when you go back in 30 years WRĂ€QGRXWZKDWKDSSHQHGLQKLJKVFKRROLWZLOO be a lot easier to pull out your yearbook and see everything that happened than go back 30 years in \RXU)DFHERRNZDOOWRĂ€QGDIUDFWLRQRIZKDWLWZDV like.

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Rachel Kramer Hope Mares Drew Moersch Kelsey Melnroy Elizabeth Condon Trevor Gorsuch


Yearbooks are currently $65. You can pay for them by FKHFNLQWKHPDLQRIĂ&#x20AC;FHRULQURRP,I\RXZRXOG like to pay by credit card you can at: We do not order extra yearbooks, so if you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t order one you will be missing out on your piece of history. You should probably check to make sure you are on our list of people who have bought a yearbook. Sometimes, people think theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve bought a book when they havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t. This causes problems at distribution when we donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have a book for you. Please take a minute to check the list to make sure you have purchased a book IURPWKHVFKRRO\HDU<RXFDQĂ&#x20AC;QGWKHOLVW DWKWWSIKQWRGD\FRPSXUFKDVHG\HDUERRNV or click on the Microsoft Tag to the left of this blurb. Yearbooks will be distributed at registration in July. 7RGD\LVWKHĂ&#x20AC;QDO1RUWK6WDUQHZVPDJD]LQHRIWKH \HDUORRNIRU\RXUQH[WLVVXHRQWKHĂ&#x20AC;UVWGD\RIVFKRRO next year. We will continue to keep you informed with updates on throughout the rest of this year and the summer.

Speech and Debate



Three girls fro take workshop

What was the

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Riding the short Lauren Smith,

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Being with my b Katherine Car â&#x20AC;&#x153;Spending the n Ellyn Yarde, 12

How were the

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Getting into gro bodies. My grou Katherine Car

â&#x20AC;&#x153;I liked the one c you interesting and marketing Lauren Smith

â&#x20AC;&#x153;The page to sta fun games and Ellyn Yarde, 1

What was you

â&#x20AC;&#x153;The last hour we were bored.â&#x20AC;? Katherine Car

â&#x20AC;&#x153;When we stopp Lauren Smith

â&#x20AC;&#x153;When we loade the football pla Ellyn Yarde, 1

ENTERTAINMENT MOVIES “Madea” nick bussell

Madea returns in “Madea’s Big Happy Family” which hit theaters on April 22. This is the first Madea movie I’ve seen, and I wasn’t too impressed. This time Madea’s niece is fatally ill, and PG-13 she can’t seem to bring her family together to discuss the bad news. Madea takes matters into her own hands, making it her job to straighten everything out. Madea, played by Tyler Perry, was the only one who could get a chuckle out of me with her rants. Maybe if you’re a die-hard Madea fan then you’ll be okay with spending $9 on this movie.


Against expectations, “Endgame” encompasses positive themes amanda cornett

Even though I don’t usually listen to the punkrock music genre, after listening to the album “Endgame” by Rise Against I found that I enjoyed the CD, and it wasn’t too hard-core rock for my taste. One of the songs that especially caught my ear, “Help is on the Way,” paid respect to the effects of the Hurricane Katrina. It was quite touching.

Although I enjoyed listening to the music, I did find that some of the songs were quite similar to each other. I think that if I wasn’t paying close attention I probably wouldn’t have noticed when one song ended and another began. There was a lack of variety, but overall it was a good CD, and the songs provoked a good message. The next time I’m in the mood for some hard rock music I won’t have to hesitate before I pop in “Endgame.”


“Fast Five” sidney shelton

“Fast Five” was amazing. The combination of action, fast cars and a great cast resulted in the best installment to the Fast and Furious franchise to date. Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) is back leading a team of elite drivers to pull off their biggest heist yet. But, to pull it of they will have to PG-13 get past a special task force led by Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson). The fifth installment did not fail to continue shocking the audience with the amazing driving stunts. Although the movie had some poor writing, it was quickly forgotten with the all the non stop action that followed. I left the theater with an adrenaline rush, and after the extra clip after the credits I am anxiously awaiting the next addition to the series.

20 OPINIONS page by emily forst

Repo Games gives a new spin on the ‘game’ of repossession nick ponche

If a person falls behind on their car payments, then a repo man shows up and takes the car away. But on SPIKE’s new program “Repo Games”, the owner has a fighting chance to keep their car out of the impound lot. By correctly answering three out of five trivia questions, they get their car back, fully paid. And with the economy the way it is today, a game that offers a

second chance for people down on their luck is certainly can never be a bad thing. Described by the producer (the same one who produced “Jersey Shore”) as “Cops” meets “Jeopardy”, the show makes great efforts to turn a serious issue into a lighthearted and funny event. And to an extent, they do this very well. The hosts (actual repo men, not actors) mess around with the contestants as they try to answer

VIDEOS Angry Birds: The Movie This comically fake trailer of a movie based on the popular app “Angry Birds” basically spoofs all the over dramatization of most action movie trailers.

Mommy’s Scary Nose Every time the mother blows her nose, a dramatic look of fear appears on the baby’s face which is then followed by a great outburst of laughter.

each question. And some of their answers are just plain ridiculous. Half the fun of the show is the responses like “four tee shirts” for what was given on the fourth day of Christmas. The rest of the entertainment comes from the reactions of the car owners when they find out they can avoid being repo-ed. Some get nervous, others go crazy. The wild atmosphere of this show makes it just as unpredictable as it is entertaining.

check out these YouTube videos

Avalanche Cliff Jump

Frozen Grand Central

This advertisement gives an epic first person view of the extreme sport of cliff jumping. It’s a cool video to watch, especially when the jump causes an avalanche.

Following other viral videos of flash mobs comes a new twist where instead of breaking out in dance, a group of people all freeze at the same moment.

Scan Here Scan here to watch these YouTube videos for yourself.

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SEASON, FRESH (illustration by RJ Howes)

As the weather is finally starting to stay warm, the atmosphere is full of a sense of new beginnings- flowers bloom and a summer of possibility looms. Maybe this why people choose spring as a time to clean out their homes and have a fresh space to live. And for these same reasons, this is the perfect time to clean up your life as well as your closet. Spring cleaning is all about getting rid of the bad to make space for the good. This same strategy can be used in your everyday lifestyle. It is time to think about both the good and bad aspects of life. Once the negative aspects are recognized, these things can be removed, leaving room to improve upon the good. With the summer approaching, it’s the perfect time to make changes. After all, people rarely keep their New Year’s resolution. While they may be devoted to their goal for a few weeks, the inspiration for change quickly dwindles as the reality of the impossibly long winter sets in. Now is the time to reinstate those resolutions, with the warm weather, it is easy to be inspired. The approaching summer is tangible, and this brings with it a feeling of possibilities and new beginnings.

START Even for those who did stick with their old resolutions, now is still a good time to make more changes. It is time for people to think about where more change is needed in order to clean up their lives. After all, it doesn’t make sense to clean a home only once and leave it at that. In the same way, after one goal is met, it is time to think of another way in which to improve. It is time to set a goal to change some aspect of life before the summer ends. Imagine starting school in August an improved person. If someone’s goal is to lose weight, they can spend the summer working toward that goal- exercising outside, eating healthier. Then, on the first day of school, while everyone else is sporting their new wardrobes, haircuts and tans, those can feel special knowing they have gone above and beyond and changed not just their looks, but themselves. They can feel prepared for the new academic year, knowing they are able to set and meet goals. They will have gained a new-found confidence. As the school year comes to a close, it is time for new beginnings. It is time for a fresh start. It is time to not just clean out your room, but clean up your life as well. With the summer ahead and the school year almost over, it is time to change your life for the better.

On behalf of the editorial staff

Editor-in-Chief: Sam Dulaney Managing Editors: Kelsey Bell Logan Ponche Editors: Features Editor: Abbey Grone Opinions Editor: Adam Rapert News Editor: Chelsey Damalas Sports Editor: Elizabeth Diggs Copy Editor: Kevin Beerman Publicity Editor: Taylor Berra General Staff: Abby West Nicole Renner Amanda Cornett Nick Bussell Andrew Curran Nick Ponche Aurora Blanchard Olivia Ong Christy Maupin Paige Yungermann Emily Forst Shannon Ward Jordan Bryson Sidney Shelton Kyle Schikore Taylor Bartram

Director of Photography: Sam Hurrell Director of Online Photography: Kelsey Habighorst Photographers: Brandon Neer Michelle Spencer Erin D’Amico Sarah Teson Jessica Streiler Tori Hanke Kendrick Gaussoin


Stand up for what they fell for Every Monday morning, at roughly 7:26 a.m, we’re told to “Please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance” via intercom. And what do you see? Rolling eyes, sitting teenagers and “too-cool-for-this” expressions. What I want to know is why is this such a chore for everyone? Though it obviously isn’t the law to recite this pledge, I believe that out of respect we should feel compelled to do so and not worry about ridicule or embarrassment. After all, you simply stand, put a hand over your heart and say a few sentences. The Pledge was created by Francis Bellamy in 1892 to honor his country and its symbol, the American flag. He wanted to remind people of how fortunate they are to live in a country where there really is “liberty and justice for all”. So shouldn’t we express the same honor to live in this country, and shouldn’t we express the same gratitude towards those who fought for us to have the life we do? I believe that most should ponder on how total strangers, maybe even family members, fought or died for you to be here today, receiving an education and having the freedom to do virtually whatever you’d like. The least we could do to repay them is educate ourselves on this matter at hand and have the respect to stand up for what they fell for.

jordan bryson

Editor-in-Chief: Lydia Ness Editors: Online Editor: Dan Spak Webmaster: Jared Tompkin Interactive Director: Kaitlyn Williams Podcast Editor: Lauren Smith General Staff: Chandler Pentecost Kayla Vogt Christina DeSalvo Kieran Myers Dan Wolters Nicole Piatchek Emily Wilkins Ryan Gannon Jaxon Nagel Stephanie Sage Jon Doty Wade Dismukes

Advisers: Aaron Manfull Beth Phillips

page by nick ponche


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went to Germany with Sam Hurrell

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played Varsity soccer with Jon Kamp

Josh LeMaster

“We have done track together for 3 years.”

was in Knightsound with Dan McGraw

Hope Mares

Class of 2011

Last moments at FHN for Davis

M jon davis

y name is Jon Davis and this is my last year at Francis Howell North. Senior year has had some fantastic moments for me. I participated in Choir, Student Council, Yearbook, and Teen Club. I have made so many good friends and had so much fun participating in these activities. One of my favorite things was singing, “Seize the Day” from the musical Newsies. However, the highlight of my year was being elected Prom King. Prom was the greatest night of my life. Thank you for all of the great memories.

026 Seniors

Christy Maupin, Logan Ponche, Olivia Ong, Sam Hurrell, Lydia Ness, Taylor Berra,, Kelsey Habighorst, Sam Dulaney, Elizabeth Diggs, Nicole Renner, and Adam Rapert.

‘Back in the day’ happens now; Ponche shares futuristic letter with seniors logan ponche


May 20, 2031 ear Class of 2011 member: Our 20 year class reunion is fast approaching and we would like to invite you to attend. The event will begin at 7:30 p.m. on Friday and will continue at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday. Please mark your calenders and begin making plans to attend. If you show up, you will come across some of your North classmates, all of whom have scattered in various directions away from 2549 Hackmann Road. You will see old friends, old teammates and will utter the phrase ‘back in the day’ more times in 48 hours than you have in your entire life. More than anything, you will remember your days at FHN. You will remember our freshman year, when the school was a maze and running to classes was a must. You will remember freshman transition was in FCCLA with Elizabeth Diggs

was in NHS with

day, when everyone was trying to get you into their club and you didn’t know what to do. You will remember the nerve-wracking yet exhilarating first day of school, when you couldn’t sleep the night before and still woke up way to early to get ready. You will remember how four years of high school seemed like an eternity back then. You will recall our sophomore year, when Evander Holyfield visited our school and gave a ‘speech’ in the gym. You will remember how the rush of being in high school had worn off, and feeling that somehow, the three years you had left seemed longer than the four you had freshman year. If you can, you will remember the blur that was junior year. From dealing with AP classes, to how our class won (forcibly lost) the powderpuff game to the seniors, you will remember how junior year seemed to take just under one month to finish. You will remember how it was one of the most stressful, jam-packed months of your life. was in Drama with

Matt Spak

Kristen Boiles

was in a Foreign Language Club with

If junior year took one month, senior year lasted a week. Suddenly high school was ending, and you had to figure out your life. Whether that was getting into a college, finding a job or joining the military, life after high school was so close you could practically touch it. Those flavors of life that we were beginning to taste made going to North all the worse those last few days. But what you didn’t realize then, was that those last few days weren’t so bad, and that June 4 came much sooner than you expected. While it was nice to have classes end, it wasn’t so nice to say goodbye to wearing green and screaming one one. It wasn’t so nice to say goodbye to friends. Hopefully you didn’t regret wasting those days waiting for the future, while the present was slipping away. You will remember all of this, and you will come away with the realization that, after 20 years apart, we are all still Knights. Hope you can attend.

Charles Cantrell

was in Chem Club with

page by nicole renner

Steven Ngo

Class of 2011


was on Newspaper staff with

was in Spectra with Cat Pherigo

Olivia Ong

Logan Ponche

went to Barnwell with

was in KOE with

was on Honor Roll with Dan Spak

Emily Wilkins

Casslyn Crain

Diggs learns from high school mistakes

elizabeth diggs


Senior Kary Sullivan is all smiles when she remembers her awesome gift that received. While waitressing at Bob Evanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, a complete stranger offered to pay for an entire trip to Europe to pay it forward for a gift that she had gotten years ago. (kelsey habighorst)

Sullivan receives inspiring gift


sam dulaney

very once in a while in the middle of an ordinary life, fate hands you a sweet deal. For senior Kary Sullivan, that deal was a free trip to Europe. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s like a movie!â&#x20AC;? Kary said. While working as a waitress at Bob Evanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Kary noticed a woman sitting alone with a large map of Paris sprawled out on her table. Making small chit chat while she worked, Kary asked the woman where she was going. Upon learning that she was going to Paris, Kary mentioned that she really had wanted to attend the trip to Spain this June along with Northâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s AP Literature teacher Kim Rastberger. â&#x20AC;&#x153;She asked me â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;if you could go, would you?â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;? Kary said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I told her I would but that my family couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t afford it.â&#x20AC;? The woman, now known as Elizabeth, offered

to pay for Karyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s trip to Spain. While Elizabethâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s daughter was in high school, Elizabeth was undergoing breast cancer treatments. She went to the school to ask for an extension on the payment for her daughterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s choir trip to Disney World only to Ă&#x20AC;QGRXWWKDWLWKDGDOUHDG\EHHQWDNHQFDUHRI(OL]abeth knew she had to pay it forward. Elizabeth met with Kary and her mother Theresa soon afterward to discuss the details of the trip. After the meeting, the Sullivanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s were stunned. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I believe in destiny and fate,â&#x20AC;? Theresa said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;There is a reason she was meant to go on that trip. She [Elizabeth] is an angel for wanting to pay it forward. I was so taken aback, amazed and grateful.â&#x20AC;? Because of the wonderful opportunity given to her, Kary knows that the same opportunity is one to be shared. ´,¡P GHĂ&#x20AC;QLWHO\JRLQJWRSD\LWIRUZDUGÂľ.DU\ said.




Graduation Practice/ Panoramic Picture

Wyatt Brinovec

went to Harvest Ridge Elementary with




6HQLRU%RQĂ&#x20AC;UH was on Boys Cross Country with Craig Preuss page by christy maupin

Below are important dates for upcoming Senior events that will be taking place during the rest of the year. To see more information on these dates, go to the school calendar.




Graduation Ticket Pick Up

Senior Awards Night

â&#x20AC;&#x153;We had AP Chem togetherâ&#x20AC;?

sat at the same Prom table junior year with

Gus Theis

art of being a kid is messing up. You accidentally tell a little lie to one friend, and soon enough, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re lying to cover a lie. Mistake number one. That one time you forget to feed a pet hamster and it dies. Mistake number two. You put off writing a 100-point paper until the night before itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s due. Mistake number three. Once graduation hits, we seniors become adults, and these childish mistakes need to be avoided. By actually learning from the mistakes we make in high school, we can prevent so much stress from our lives in the future. One small example would be that in college, students arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t actually required to go to classes. If you get into a routine of skipping class in high school, chances are your attendance rate in college will remain low, or sink lower. So learn from it. I know that Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve done some pretty dumb things in my four years at North, and donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get me wrong. I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have many regrets. But I will make sure to watch more carefully for mistakes that can be prevented. I mean, who wants more stress in their lives? Not me.

Taylor Bell




was in DECA with Sam Ruhlmann

Jacqueline Sage

was in DECA with

went to Hollenbeck with

Allen Davis

Danny Define

was in FCA with

had Smithey’s 4th hour with

played Freshman soccer with Sam Stubblefield

Alysse chowning

was on Knightline with Nita Stein

Patel follows the stars to California christy maupin


Sonia Patel and her sister standing with the agent who represented them the night of the banquet, iPop. Thier agent took them to California in hopes of helping them to get into the entertainment business. (photo submitted) Patel poses with actor Booboo Stewart, who plays Seth Clearwater from the Twilight saga. (photo submitted)

was on Winter Guard with

was in Marching Band with Kayleen Lindstrom

had 4C lunch with

had Hewitt for Alg III with Megan O’Loughlin

hen senior Sonia Patel gets out of her car she has to remember to smile. The smile is the most important part of an audition. She continues to smile as she steps on the mark on the floor in front of the camera. “I feel nervous, but remember that I shouldn’t show any signs of nervousness.” Patel said. This audition was her first shot at making it as a star, but now she’s taking the next step. “I feel like if she really wants to be an actress, then she will make it happen,” friend Lauren Neilson said. “She is the type of person that can do anything and I am excited to see how her career path plays out.” Patel plans on attending California State University at Long Beach (CSULB) after Graduation to train to become more skilled as an actress. Even though she will be training there, CSULB will not be her first major exposure to acting. Sonia initially discovered her passion for acting by participating in iPop, which is a Californian convention for young performers. Here, people “act” in front of over 200 casting directors and agencies, in hopes of getting auditions. Sonia performed at iPop from Jan. 4-9 in the section called iAct, which consists of three parts: commercial, scene and monologue. “My favorite part was the Hershey Kisses commercial because it was easiest and made people laugh,” Sonia said. “It was short and cute, I had to talk about kisses and where I’d give them, and at the end of the commercial they found out it was candy.” Sonia has been very successful after iPop. So far, she has been signed with the John Robert Powers: Image Agency, and has received auditions for many popular television shows such as CSI: Miami and Bones. “The most difficult thing is outshining the other people auditioning because it’s a tough business,” Patel said. “I’ll have to constantly be on top of auditions and practice different talents.” Patel feels that her friends and family are very supportive of her dream even though she is the first one in her family to pursue professional acting. “She tries her best at everything and there is nothing she cannot do,” Sonia’s mom, Manisha Patel, said.

Taylor Berra

Devyn Brown

was in Art Club with

page by nicole renner

was in Anime Manga Club with Kristen Garcia



Zach Smith

was in Rastberger’s 7th hour with

was in NHS with

played tennis with Katharine Carney

Mike Wilson

was in FBLA with Courtney Schulze

Briona Perry

was in the Mentor Program with

Lannie Cowden

Choosing a different path for the future Roberson is moving to Germany after high school to pursue career


olivia ong

n May 3 senior Alyssa Roberson sent out an invite to all her friends in Facebook for her “Graduation/Going-Away (to Germany) Party.” For Alyssa the college route is one road she won’t be taking. Alyssa has decided since beginning of senior year that she will be moving to Germany for a year, instead of attending college; she is going to teach English to German students ages 7-14 at an English speaking school. “My family and I have been planning it [for] more than six months,” Roberson said. “It’s all very exciting and nerve racking at the same time, mostly because I know that I’m going to miss my family very much, but I’m very excited that I will get the chance to immerse myself into a new culture.” Roberson will be teaching English as an intern at Freie Christliche Schule pronounced (Fry-uh Kreest-leech-uh shooluh), where she will have the chance to practice teaching by grading papers, interacting with the students and helping improve students’ English. When both parents Mike and Carrie Roberson found out about the news of their daughter moving to Germany, they not only fully supported their daughter, but celebrated with her as well. “Whether in Germany or here in the U.S, I know Alyssa will be

Newly engaged, Roberson and fiancée Matthis Schwarz stand on top of the Heidenheim Castle. (photo submitted)

Senior Alyssa Roberson poses for a picture taken at the top of Heidenheim Castle, which overlooks the whole city in the backround. (photo submitted)

was on staff with Wade Dismukes

okay,” mother Carrie Roberson said. “Things happen, but I know God will watch over her and take care of her. We support her in anything that she wants to do, and I feel that God feels the same way.” Alyssa is planning to come back after a year from Germany to attend a college at International House Of Prayers University along with boyfriend Matthis was in DECA with

Kayla Vogt

08 SENIOR EDITION page by olivia ong

Lindsay Edelen

Schwarz in Kansas City. Schwarz surprisingly proposed while Alyssa was visiting in Germany during Spring Break, and she more than happily said yes. Even though Alyssa is not going to college, she believes that God doesn’t have cookie cutter plans for people. While the future is uncertain, Alyssa is overjoyed to go to Germany and immerse “We met in fitness walking and have been best friends ever since.”

Alex Belton

Students learn at Freie Christliche Schule. The tables are set up where students can go to their own table to check their work and ask questions. (photo submitted)

herself to a new culture. “I’m going to miss my family, and my mom doing my laundry, but I have to take the path that’s right for me,” Alyssa said. “I will go to college just not right after high school, it’s not going to be easy, but I’m certain that I’m suppose to do this.”

was in both KOE and DECA with

Michelle Sappington

went to Becky-David Elementary School with

Aaron Johnson

“We are roommates.” Katie Linhardt

Josh Gutermuth

college Bound Class of 2011

Taylor Jonasen

Stephanie Blanchard

Jeff Rackham BYU Idaho Sonia Patel CSULB Aaron Johnson Central Methodist Univ Chelsea Norman Coastal Carolina Univ Ellyn Yarde Creighton Univ Matt Knight Drake Univ Logan Ponche Drury Univ Nate Weiss Drury Univ Jordan Flack Fontbonne Univ Karissa Curtis George Fox Univ Lauren Smith GWU Sarah Sutton Georgetown Univ Jena Lucas Hickey College Samuel Kelly Howard Univ. Larry Edwards IA Wesleyon College Devin Kurnberger ITT Tech Jeremy Leysen ITT Tech Devyn Brown KS Art Institute Brandis Moody KS Art Institute Jacob Robinson KS Art Institute Lannie Cowden KSU Tom Ehlmann KSU Junis Pinkney Lewis & Clark Tech Mark Viehmann Lewis & Clark Tech Ethan Bohnert Lindenwood Univ Belleville Taylor Crittenden Lindenwood Univ Nick DuFrenne Lindenwood Univ Tom Foley Lindenwood Univ Justin Galloway Lindenwood Univ Miclael Garrelts Lindenwood Univ Sean Graham Lindenwood Univ RJ Howes Lindenwood Univ Hope Mares Lindenwood Univ Tony Orlando Lindenwood Univ Paige Sparks Lindenwood Univ Mike Wilson Lindenwood Univ Sam Dalton Lindenwood Univ Brittney Kelly Lindenwood Univ Ryan Skinner Lindenwood Univ Alexis Simmons Lindenwood Univ Kelsey Short Meramec Comm. College Nicole Cuneo Milikin Univ Danny Define Mineral Area College Jared Kaufman MO Baptist Univ Jason Shell MO Baptist Univ Stephanie Sheets Missouri College Shane Baechle MSU Indre Bakeer MSU Emily Brady MSU Andrew Brodnik MSU Brittany Burke MSU Zachary Corse MSU Kelsey Fouch MSU Ryan Gannon MSU Nick Ganousis MSU Kelsey Habighorst MSU Brendan Harney MSU Lauren Jacobson MSU Zack Johnson MSU Austin Klackner MSU Amanda Lowery MSU Maddy Millikan MSU Tanner Mueller MSU Megan O’Loughlin MSU Brooke Oostendorp MSU Katie Portilla MSU Nicole Renner MSU Ashley Rehm MSU Bryan Rhoades MSU Andrew Richart MSU McKenna Roberts MSU Brett Sloan MSU Courtney Smith MSU Samantha Stubblefield MSU Megan Tattitch MSU Joe Viehman MSU Kelsey Warden MSU Zach Ascoli MO Tech Austin Dale-Derks MO S&T

was in DECA with

Katie Zettwoch

sat at the same lunch table senior year with

was in Mu Alpha Theata with

was in Marching Band with

was a Varsity Cheerleader with

06 SENIOR EDITION page by logan ponche & taylor berra

Chip Dozier

Kristina Fruend

Nick Ebert MO S&T Josh Eckert MO S&T Clayton Kirby MO S&T Michael Mason MO S&T Cat Pherigo MO S&T Scott Raver MO S&T Daisha Richardson MO S&T Zach Smith MO S&T Jared Tompkin MO S&T Jordyn Bruening Murray State Univ Ashlee Schneider Murray State Univ Brandon Parker Nascar Tech Michelle Ortiz Portland Community College Brian Rogan Quincy Univ Jeremy Powell Ranken Tech College Jordan Summers Ranken Tech College Mike Holbrook Ranken Tech College Cody Frazier Robert Morris Univ Donovan Bender Rochester of Tech N.Y. Rachel Hampton Rochester of Tech N.Y. Patricia Perry Rockford College Kelsey Collins SJMMC Amy Alexander SCC Courtney Allen SCC Jacob Arnold SCC Lauren Ball SCC Taylor Berra SCC Cody Billet SCC Alec Broeker SCC Bethany Brady SCC Paula Brown SCC Wyatt Brinovec SCC Kyle Buxton SCC Charles Cantrell SCC David Carter SCC Jason Cothern SCC Jessica Crossen SCC Cara Custer SCC Jon Davis SCC Tim Davenport SCC Lindsay Edelen SCC Andrea Eilers SCC Andreona Eilers SCC Jeremy Ellis SCC Ryan Ervin SCC Priscilla Flores SCC Chris George SCC Graham Gilbert SCC Katie Gittemeir SCC Kyle Gittemeir SCC Jared Glose SCC Chris Gleeson SCC Brandon Goggin SCC Mary Grace Gruetter SCC Courtney Gunnet SCC Sophia Gorski SCC Hannah Hamilton SCC Shannon Hart SCC Caylee Hecht SCC Madison Heidenreich SCC Mike Hill SCC James Imperial SCC Tyler Johnson SCC Brandon Johnson SCC Alicia Johnson SCC Scott Jones SCC Taylor Jonasen SCC Tim Kaltenbch SCC Devin Kornberger SCC Ian Kimpling SCC Devon Lacio SCC Alex Little SCC Katie Linhart SCC Jeremy Lundgren SCC Alexandria Lyon SCC Olivia Malpiedi SCC Neil McDaniel SCC Britany McKnight SCC Madeline McMillen SCC

Angela Meyer SCC Taylor Mink SCC Drew Moersch SCC Eric Morrow SCC Chaz Moseley SCC Shelbie Noel SCC Jordan Norris SCC Jonathon O’Brien SCC Jared Obst SCC Kristin Oder SCC Matt Oliveros SCC Olivia Ong SCC Drew Ortscheid SCC Craig Preuss SCC Lisa Queensen SCC Jessica Reed SCC Emily Reichert SCC Johnathan Richardson SCC Tommy Roam SCC Niki Saale SCC Jacqueline Sage SCC Jacob Sanders SCC Amir Sandri SCC Michelle Sappington SCC Bradley Schallon SCC Carl Schaffrin SCC Danielle Schinker SCC Jackie Schneider SCC Claire Schwab SCC Krista Schwent SCC Chelsey Schoessel SCC Kara Sieve SCC Tiffany Seabaugh SCC Anna Seaman SCC Sharaye Shorter SCC Kristina Shultsev SCC Kyle Shy SCC Rachel Snyder SCC Rachel Sprague SCC Nita Stein SCC Sam Stewart SCC Ashlie Smith SCC Kary Sullivan SCC Jesse Thayer SCC Ashley Thompson SCC Ashley Trautman SCC Hanna Valvero SCC Sara Watson SCC Austin Ward SCC Demetris Wellington SCC Taylor Whiteside SCC Josh Wielms SCC Jon Willie SCC Nicholas Woods SCC Nathan Ukele SCC Daniel McGraw STLCOP Steven Nguyen STLCOP Jennifer Voong STLCOP Yalek Wong STLCOP Ida Asega SLU Alyssa Bocci SLU Shane Conaty SLU Steven Ngo SLU Ashley Rehm SLU Kayla Derby SEMO Jake Harris SEMO Erica Kelley SEMO Beth Kruse SEMO Josh LeMaster SEMO Lauren Neilson SEMO Lydia Ness SEMO Tanner Paige SEMO Maxwell Ritter SEMO Kayla Vogt SEMO Hannah Long SIUC Jacob Schwarz SIUC Darin Voyles SIUC Curtis Meuth SIUE Jacob Sanders SIUE Stephanie Blanchard SVU

was in Olwig’s 4th hour with Sara Watson

played Varsity soccer with Scott Raver Emily Wilkins Trinity Univ Ryan Bradt TSU Dan Brodnik TSU Jacob Noland TSU Cassandra Roeslein TSU Samantha Ruhlman TSU Gus Thies TSU Christopher Zerr TSU Katie Bailey UCM Ally Dake UCM Coleen Grone UCM Meaghan Grzybinski UCM Beth Hillis UCM Travis Hume UCM Jon Kamp UCM Britni Strong UCM Melanie Voisey UCM Andre Wooten UCM Kayleen Lindstrom KU Zackari Mathews Univ. of MN Taylor Bell Mizzou Alexandria Belton Mizzou Caitlin Boyd Mizzou Alysse Chowning Mizzou NIck Clippard Mizzou Travis Cobb Mizzou Greg Conley Mizzou Wade Dismukes Mizzou Brandon Dillick Mizzou Chip Dozier Mizzou Elizabeth Diggs Mizzou Kristina Freund Mizzou Amy Getzlow Mizzou Josh Gutermuth Mizzou Ben Hess Mizzou Nick Hunkins Mizzou Samantha Hurrell Mizzou Jermey Hyatt Mizzou Alyssa Jensen Mizzou Lexi Kaatmann Mizzou Christine Maupin Mizzou Abigail Oleshchuk Mizzou Sarah Peth Mizzou Adam Rapert Mizzou Harold Ritchie Mizzou Abby Rollins Mizzou Samantha Schambach Mizzou Courtney Schulze Mizzou Courtney Stock Mizzou Michael Witte Mizzou Jennifer Wyandt Mizzou Katie Zettwoch Mizzou Chris Volpo Mizzou Megan Ashton UMKC Sevara Hasanova UMKC Kate Jehle UMKC Macy Livesay UMKC Kieran Myers UMKC Diane Queensen UMKC Kirandeep Singh UMKC Jacob Arnold UMSL Zachery Femmer UMSL Brittany Harry UMSL Daniel Spak UMSl Matt Spak UMSL Elliot Bland Univ. of MS Casslyn Crain Webster Univ. Benjamin Langness Webster Univ. Jennifer Meyers Webster Univ. Shawn Mullarkey Webster Univ. Jake Simms Webster Univ. Katharine Carney William Woods Univ. Ben Mendez Air Force Andrew Cisneros Air Force Nick Morris Air Force Josh Blanke Air Force Tyler Greene Marines Micheal Geil Army Kristen Boils Navy

was in TASC with Ethan Bohnert

Lexi Kaatmann

was in Marching Band with

Emily Mulawa

played tennis junior year with

Nick Ganousis

played DECA Dodgeball with Emily Brady

was in Roungoun’s 4th hour with Tom Ehlmann

Nicole Cuneo

Maddie McMillen

Senior Sports Scholarships Athlete Bio

was on Knightsoud with

was in Drama with

played Powderpuff with

After playing sports in high school, these 14 seniors have all recieved scholarships to continue their athletic careers at the collegiate level.

Southern Virginia University

Blanchard- Soccer Out of StephanieQuincy University Brian Rogan- Volleyball State Lindenwood Univ. Belleville Athletes Ethan Bohnert - Volleyball

Here are three athletes who have helped contribute to their high school teams and are continuing thier careers in college.

Name: Mike Wilson School: Lindenwood Sport: Baseball Position: Catcher Stats: • Bat Avg: .603 • RBIs: 27

Lindenwood University Mike Wilson- Baseball Fontbonne University Jordan Flack- Soccer

St. Charles Community College Ashley Trautman- Soccer Taylor Berra- Soccer

St. Louis College of Pharmacy Dan McGraw- Basketball University of Central Missouri Coleen Grone- Cross Country/Track

Name: Ashley Trautman School: SCC Sport: Soccer Position: Stopper Stats: • Shutouts: 10

Mineral Area College Danny Define- Baseball Missouri State University Brooke Oostendorp- Soccer Kelsey Habighorst- Lacrosse

Name: Nate Weiss School: Drury Sport: Swimming Stroke: 100 M Backstroke 200 M Freestyle Stats: • Backstroke 00:53.31 • Freestyle 01:45.71

Drury University Logan Ponche- Soccer Nate Weiss- Swimming

By the Numbers

These stats are based off of the Varsity teams of the athletes listed above from the 2010-11 school year.

71-41-3 Overall record of North’s teams. 11:38.05 Time in the two mile by Coleen Grone, which was the fastest time in GAC. 20-8 North’s combined record in the GAC. 1,372 Points scored by the Basketball team -- an average of 50.8 points per game. 10-4 Combined school record against Howell and Howell Central. 66 Total wins for the boys Soccer team in the past four years. in seconds, in the 100 backstroke by Nate Weiss, 00:53.31 Time 66 Total wins, t0 date, for the girls Soccer team in the past four years. which was first among all swimmers in the GAC. 2nd

was in Fettig’s AP Euro class with

Place by Weiss for that time, among a swimmers in the Metro area.

played Powderpuff with Taylor Crittenden

Ashley Trautman

was in the Polar Bear Plunge with

went to Hollenbeck with

played Softball with Brittney Kelly

Rachel Snyder page by logan ponche & taylor berra

Nick Hunkins

will be attending Mizzou with






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In St. Peters:

6098 Mid Rivers Mall Dr. 664 Jungermann Rd. 6095 Mexico Rd.

In St. Charles:

1995 Hwy 94 S (at Pralle) 2240 North 3rd St.

3799 Elm St. Free 32 oz fountain drink with any purchase

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s â&#x20AC;&#x2122; k r u McG Join us at McGurkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s public House at

108 S. Main St. in Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Fallon (636)-978-9640 or Hope to see you soon! Gift cards available!

visit our

showroom !

Worship Every Sunday, 8 a.m., 10:45 a.m. & 6 p.m.

Youth Group

Every Wednesday, 6 - 8 p.m.

Certified STUDENTS Tan WANTED! Consultants 4760 Mid Rivers Mall Drive Cottleville, MO 63376

Certified 1104 Jungs Station Road

1975 S Old Highway 94, St. Charles (636)-946-8922

Always remember, Jesus loves...

Certified Hwy 94 in the Jungs Station Plaza) Tan Road ST. PETERS, MO Consultants Tan A FRIEND: For YOU: For A FRIEND: 636-447-3553 AN FREE Consultants For Cardinal Home Improvement's 30 DAYS 1104 Station Roadof (1/4Jungs mile South

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Neighborhood Marketing Team

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Embroidery for all ocassions! Sports Teams, Clubs, Businesses, Schools, Churches No order too big or too small. contact us by phone: 314-368-7023 or e-mail:

Brooke Oostendorp

was in Leistner’s 4th hour with

was in DECA with Chris Volpo

Lauren Jacobson

played Varsity baseball with

Jon Willie

is attending SCC in the fall of ‘11 with

was in Ecology Club with Danielle Schinker

Stormin’ the Dorm Scene

Getting ready to live in a dorm is a huge change. The North Star has compiled a few things to help ease the transition, and make your dorm stay more comfortable.

DIY- How to make a hoodie into a laptop carrier

Best Dorm Deals

The NS seniors compared popular places to shop for dorm room supplies and then rated them according to which one is best overall.

1 1) Place laptop on hoodie

2) Fold bottom over laptop

Andrew Brodnik

3) Fold sides in Affordable, stylish, innovative, this website is everything you could ask for when shopping for your dorm


Bed Bath and Beyond-

this site is very easy to use and has driving directions from almost any college to the nearest BB&B

3 4 5

Target- easily breaks down

4) Take hood

5) Fold over laptop

6) Tie strings to secure hood

different dorm needs

Walmart- the website isn’t necessarily dorm oriented but it is cheap

7) Grab sleeves

8) Tie sleeves into knot

Thrift stores- it’s the luck of the draw with what you get, but no doubt it’s cheap

9) Go to class

Cheap ways to decorate your dorm room

Vinyls $5-50

Ryan Gannon

Frames $1-20 was on Varsity ice hockey with

Chairs $8-100

will be going to SCC along with Trey Davenport

Brandon Johnson

04 SENIOR EDITION page by elizabeth diggs & sam dulaney

went to Barnwell Middle School with

Rugs $20-100 was in DECA with

played Powderpuff with Alyssa Jensen

Ashley Thompson

Courtney Stock

was in Olwig’s 4th hour with

played Mid-Rivers soccer with Sarah Peth

Caitlin Boyd

was in the Mentor Program with

Coleen Grone

Unique items to remember

“We celebrate V-Neck Wednesday’s” Alyssa Bocci

were both Student of the Week senior year with

Many campuses have different rules and policies. Here are some of those rules.


Co-Ed Dorms: Some residence halls do not allow students to mix after certain hours of the night. Noise Rules: Quiet

Ear Plugs

Britni Strong

New house rules to follow

There are many items that students forget to bring along to college. Here is a list of some useful things that students don’t usually think of.

Window Cleaner

Rain Boots

Quarters for laundry

Duct Tape

Hand Soap

was in TASC with

hours usually begin at 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. on weekdays, and 1:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. on weekends. (Policy at the University of Central Missouri)

Alcohol: Students will be fined for the posession of alcohol inside the residence halls at most universities.

Appliances: Most uni-

versities only allow one microwave and one minifridge per dorm room. (Policy at Mizzou)

Cheap, easy dorm food to make Ramen Noodles

Instant Mashed Potatoes

1) Boil about two cups of water on the stove. (Takes about seven minutes)

1) Boil two cups of water and two tablespoons of butter in a pan.

2) Open Ramen Noodle package and pour in the noodles. Stir for about two minutes.

2) Slowly add a little less than half of a cup of milk into the pan as the water boils.

3) Dump in seasoning package and stir until noodles are fully cooked.

3) Stir in potato flakes from the Instant Potato box according to the desired serving size.

Once both are cooked, place the mashed potatoes in the bottom of a bowl. Put Ramen on top of it and enjoy. was in the Mentor Program with

Beth Kruse

performed in the Coffee House with

Alicia Johnson

was in Volunteer Knights with

is going to UMKC with Megan Ashton

Macy Livesay

was in Scheller’s 4th hour with

page by elizabeth diggs & sam dulaney

played Powderpuff with McKenna Roberts



Here is how some of the students in the Class of 2011 are connected together.

by sam hurrell, kelsey habighorst, lydia ness, and taylor berra

Melanie Voisey

“We’ve been best friends since middle school.”

Meagan Grzybinski

had Crow’s 1st hour junior year with

Senior Awards Night brings excitement elizabeth diggs


he seniors of FHN will be recognized for all of their high school accomplishments on May 17 at 6:30 p.m. during Senior Awards Night. This will be an event where seniors will receive all of the medals, chords and stoles they will wear on graduation day, and will be held in the large gym. The event will be formal and last about two and a half hours. Guidance counselor Tom Daugherty has been coordinating Senior Awards Night for eight years and hopes that many seniors come to be recognized.

“I hope [the seniors] will really get recognition for all their hard work and effort they put in at FHN,” Daugherty said, “It will be a night to celebrate their accomplishments.” Each senior who receives any type of scholarship that the guidance office is aware of will also be recognized at this event. Some of the scholarships will be surprises to the students as well, such as the Bright Flight Scholarships, and the American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship. “I am excited about it because it will be my last formal event of high school,” senior Olivia Malpiedi said.”

managed Varsity football with Kyle Buxton

Lydia Ness

on the bowling team with

Darin Voyles

Shane Conaty stands in front of a memorial monument for those who have served in the Air Force located on Main Street. Conaty has been awarded over $100,000 for ROTC and SLU which he will be recongized for at the senior awards ceremony. (sarah teson)

Parents give students ‘A Knight to Remember’ logan ponche


One of the most popular activities in years past has been the hypnotist. Volunteers go on stage in the auditorium and are put into a trance in front of their peers. (kelsey habighorst)

Kristina Shultsev

“I met her in 8th grade and ever since then we’ve been good friends.”

was in FCA with

was in Dilber’s 3rd hour with Emily Reichert

02 SENIOR EDITION page by taylor berra

very year at registration, students of North have to fill out a signed check-list before they are able to receive their new schedules. One of the signatures required on the sheet is for the All-Knighter booth, something most give little thought to until their senior year. Now, the event four years in the making is set to take place in less than one month. The All-Knighter is a senior-parent planned event that takes place at North after graduation on June 4 for the senior class. The event will start at 10:30 at night and run until 5:00 the next morning as a lock-in for students. Seniors who attend the event can expect to receive door prizes and will most likely see inflatables, a hypnotist and a mechanical bull for entertainment. These details are based of past All-Knighters, as this year’s events are kept as a secret to the seniors. “It is a great chance to be with all of your friends,” All-Knighter Registration Chair person Jennifer Bell said. “There is a ton of entertainment and food all night, and it is a safe environment, and did I mention all of the gifts?.”

Chris Gleeson

was on the wrestling team with Shawn Mullarkey

Jason Shell

played Freshman baseball with

Adam Rapert

have been friends since 5th grade with

Sam Dulaney

had both AP Lit and AP Stats senior year with

Dulaney finds her own path

was on staff with

played tennis with Ellyn Yarde

Kelsey Habighorst

Kieran Myers

went to Hollenbeck Middle School with

was in NHS wtih Curtis Meuth

sam dulaney


here are you going to college? Who are you rooming with? What scholarships did you apply for? People ask me these questions all the time and they seem so affronted when I tell them that I have no plans for college. At least not right now; and speaking for all those seniors who don’t have plans for college either, that’s OK. We are still going places. There is such a stigma thrust upon us as seniors to go to college as soon as we leave high school. I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard ‘If you wait to go to college, you’ll never end up going.’ We cannot be defined by generalizations about our generation. To insinuate that we’re going nowhere in life just because college isn’t at the top of our priorities right now is ludicrous. I do have plans for my life. I’m moving out, getting married, and starting my life. I can’t do those things well if my all my concentration, time and, most importantly, money is tied up in college. They don’t know my life. If someone thinks that we have no direction in our lives because we’re not a college bound grad, they’re sadly mistaken. I couldn’t be happier with my choice of paths. I will not be pressured to do what the rest of the class is doing. I will live my life the way I want. had the same homeroom with

Ashley Rehm

Tug-of-War is one of the activities held at the senior bonfire, some of the other activities include playing sports and making s’mores. (lydia ness)

Delegates bring Frigga Fest to senior class T

nicole renner

his year the senior class delegates are mixing things up for the senior bonfire. For the first time, it warrants it’s own name- Frigga Fest. The much anticipated night will take place on the football practice field May 13 from 4-8 p.m. “Basically it’s a lot of different activities including Senior Olympics and lots of free food,” Class President Chris Zerr said. “There also may be some things that will be kept secret as a surprise.” The newest nickname given to the event was created when the date was assigned to was in the Science Club with

was in Big Brothers, Big Sisters with Karissa Curtis

Friday the thirteenth, a well known day of superstition. Frigga, the name of a Norse goddess from which we derive the modern name Friday. “ I think the name is cute ‘A’ because it has alliteration and I love alliteration,” Kim Rastberger said. “And ‘B’ because it’s unusual, it’s not just the senior bonfire.” This traditional event will be the last time for a lot of seniors to make memories with their entire senior class, and for many of them an experience to look forward to. “I really can’t wait to see what they have for us this year,” senior Brittany Burke said. “I want to compete and spend time with all my seniors.”

was in Leistner’s 4th hour with Zachary Femmer

was a STUCO officer wtih

won Districts in Volleyball with Kelsey Warden page by taylor berra

Courtney Smith



senior edition 2011

Christian Aberastury Dustin Adkins Amy Alexander Courtney Allen Lizbeth Alvarado Kristen Analla Brett Armstrong Jacob Arnold Zach Ascoli Ida Asega Megan Ashton Margaret Baber Shane Baechle Ryan Bahr Katie Bailey Indre Bakeer Lauren Ball Ben Barteau Katie Beck Aaron Bell Dan Bell Taylor Bell Alex Belton Donovan Bender Dani Berger Taylor Berra Cody Billet Stephanie Blanchard Elliot Bland Josh Blanke Alyssa Bocci Clint Boehle Ethan Bohnert Kristen Boiles Dan Boschen Will Boville Sam Bowden Caitlin Boyd Cori Bradley Ryan Bradt Bethany Brady Emily Brady Jeremy Brinkmann Wyatt Brinovec Andrew Brodnik Dan Broadnik Alec Broeker Devyn Brown Paula Brown Jordyn Bruening Brittany Burke Kyle Buxton Jessica Campbell Charles Cantrell Katharine Carney David Carter Sarah Carter Alvita Chanocua Alysse Chowning Andrew Cisneros Kevin Clark Nick Clippard Travis Cobb Tayllor Cobbs Kelsey Collins Shane Conaty Greg Conley Zach Corse Dillon Corssen Jason Cothern Lannie Cowden Casslyn Crain Courtney Crapo Taylor Crittenden Jessica Crossen Martha Cummings Nicole Cuneo Karissa Curtis Cara Custer Allison Dake Austin Dale-Derks Sam Dalton Trey Davenport Allen Davis Brooke Davis Jon Davis Olivia Davis Bradly Dean Danny Define Amanda DeJarnett Kayla Derby Elizabeth Diggs Brandon Dillick Wade Dismukes Chip Dozier Joe Dozier Nick Dufrenne Sam Dulaney Heather Durrwachter Brian Dykes Eric Earlywine Nick Ebert Jordan Eckert Josh Eckert Lindsay Edelen Larry Edwards Tom Ehlmann Adreona Eilers Andrea Eilers Jeremey Ellis Nick Emma Molly Engelhard Joe Erickson Dan Ervin Zack Femmer Alessia Ferrari Ryan Fisher Jordan Flack Priscilla Flores Tom Foley Dan Forst Kelsey Fouch Cody Frazier Kristina Freund Marshall Funkhouser Justin Galloway Ryan Gannon Nick Ganousis Kristen Garcia Jeremie Garner Mike Garrelts Joe Gaughan Michael Geil Chris George Amy Getzlow Brianna Giaimo Graham Gilbert Katie Gittemeier Kyle Gittemeier Chris Gleeson Isiah Glenn Jared Glose Brandon Goggin Sophia Gorski Brandon Grace Sean Graham Brendan Grayek Tyler Greene Kevin Griffin Sarah Griffin Coleen Grone MaryGrace Grueter Blake Gruszczynski Meaghan Grzybinski Courtney Gunnet Josh Gutermuth Kelsey Habighorst Tessa Haegele Brian Hagee Hannah Hamilton Rachel Hampton Dani Hanners Brendan Harney Jacob Harris Tatyana Harris Brittany Harry Shannon Hart Maria Hartley Sevara Hasanova Caylee Hecht Madison Heidenreich Lacey Hendrix Jared Herndon Ben Hess Mike Hill Beth Hillis Sean Hogan Michael Holbrook Devin Horst RJ Howes Travis Hume Derick Humphrey Nick Hunkins Sam Hurrell Dylan Hussey Jeremy Hyatt James Imperial Lauren Jacobson Josh Jeffords Kate Jehle Alyssa Jensen Sara Jensen Aaron Johnson Alicia Johnson Brandon Johnson Tyler Johnson Zack Johnson Charlotte Johnston Taylor Jonasen Scott Jones Alexis Kaatmann Tim Kaltenbach Jonathan Kamp Kennet Kandula Adam Karl Jared Kaufman Matthew Keagy Erica Kelley Brittney Kelly Samuel Kelly Ian Kimpling Clayton Kirby Austin Klackner Matthew Knight Devin Kornberger Danielle Kovacic Johnny Kraft Sharon Krough Beth Kruse Devon Lacio Conner LaLonde Benjamin Langness Josh Lemaster Jeremy Leyden Kamyra Lightfoot Curry Ligon Kayleen Lindstrom Katie Linhardt Alex Little Macy Livesay Nicholas Loman Hannah Long Amanda Lowery Jessica Lowery Brooke Lucas Jena Lucas Jeremy Lundren Alexandria Lyon Trevor Magee Olivia Malpiedi

Seve Manzoor Hope Mares Linda Marsala-Joyce Gabriela Martinez Mike Mason Zackari Mathews Christine Maupin Makenzie McColloch Neil McDaniel Dan McGraw Mitch McGreal Britany McKnight Maddie McMillen Matt McQuaid Zachary Meier Andrew Mendez Ben Mendez Curtis Meuth Angela Meyers Jennifer Meyers Maddy Millikan Taylor Mink Drew Moersch Brandis Moody Joyce Moon Lauren Moore Luz Moron Nicholas Morris Eric Morrow Chaz Moseley Legese Muche Tanner Mueller Emily Mulawa Adam Mulherin Shawn Mullarkey Garret Muller Michael Murphy Kieran Myers Michael Nabholz Lauren Neilson Akeem Nelson Lydia Ness Steven Ngo Steven Nguyen Shelbie Noel Jacob Nolan Chelsea Norman Jordan Norris Jonathon Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brienjon Megan Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Loughlin Jared Obst Kristin Oder Abigail Oleshchuk Matthew Oliveros OliviaRose Ong Brooke Oostendorp Anthony Orlando Andrew Ortscheid Tanner Paige Brandon Parker Sonia Patel Rachel Pauley Michael Pavolka Amber Pearson Brittany Pennington Briona Perry Patricia Perry Brannan Peterson Sarah Peth William Phelps Cathryn Pherigo Kelley Philabaun Adam Phillips Beth Phillips Brian Pinkley Junius Pinkney Dominique Polk Logan Ponche Katie Portilla Jeremy Powell Craig Preuss Torrie Prinster Diane Queensen Lisa Queensen Steven Raines Adam Rapert Scott Raver Jessica Reed Laurel Reese Ashley Rehm Emily Reichert Nicole Renner Bryan Rhoades Austin Rhodes Jacob Richards Johnathan Richardson Andrew Richart Harold Ritchie Maxwell Ritter Thomas Roam Maddison Robben Alyssa Roberson McKenna Roberts Jacob Robinson Cassandra Roeslein Brian Rogan Abby Rollins Sam Ruhlman Niki Saale Amir Sadri Jacqueline Sage Jacob Sanders Michelle Sappington Tyler Schaefer Whitney Schaefer Taylor Schaeg Carl Schaffrin Bradley Schallon Samantha Schambach Danielle Schinker Ashlee Schneider Jackie Schneider Chelsey Schoessel Courtney Schulze Claire Schwab Jacob Schwarz Krista Schwent Rachel Schwer Tiffany Seabaugh Anna Seamon Luke Seibel Anthony Sgroi Dani Shannon Melissa Shannon Marita Shaw Stephanie Sheets Jason Shell Hanna Sherman Kaley Short Kelsey Short Sharaye Shorter Kristina Shultsev Kyle Shy Francesca Silini Alexis Simmons Jacob Simms Tyler Simpson Kirandeep Singh Ryan Skinner Brett Sloan Ashlie Smith Brett Smith Courtney Smith Lauren Smith Neal Smith Zachary Smith Rachel Snyder Dan Spak Matt Spak Paige Sparks Sidney Spencer Rachel Sprague Kenneth Steimel Nita Stein Samuel Stewart Courtney Stock Britni Strong Samantha Stubblefield Samantha Sturgeon Karolyn Sullivan Setha Sullivan Taylor Sullivan Jordan Summers Sarah Sutton Joachim Tanksley Megan Tattitch Dylan Thayer Jesse Thayer Vanessa Thiemann Gus Thies Ashley Thompson Nicole Thompson Clint Toedtmann Jared Tompkin Anton Townsell Ashley Trautman Taylor Trice Ryan Tysdal Nathan Ukele Michael Vallero Hanna Valvero Mark Viehmann Kayla Vogt Melanie Voisey Christopher Volpo Jennifer Voong Darin Voyles Austin Ward Kelsey Warden Sara Watson Andrew Wattler Paige Webb Forrest Weber Nathan Weiss Demetris Wellington Arlando West John West Taylor Whiteside David Whittington Tyler Wiebe Josh Wielms Emily Wilkins Christian Williams Jon Willie Mike Wilson Mike Witte Woods Nicholas Woods Andre Wooten Jennifer Wyandt Ellyn Yarde Carissa Young Timothy Young Daniel Zatorski Christopher Zerr Katie Zettwoch Jessica Zichler

North Star Senior Edition May 2011  

The May 2011 Senior editon of the North Star.

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