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foreword Alone I Walked the Ocean Strand. A Pearllf Shell was in IVllf Hand. I Stooped ond Wrote Upon the Sand. Ml/ Narne. the Year. the Dolf. As Onword frorn the Spot I Possed. One Lingering Look


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Director4, Administration..... ........ 6 Classes....... ... .... '. .. 14 Organizations ............ ¡ 58 Activities ..... ... ....... 74 Sports ................. 88 . Advertising ........: ..... 132

School Board In ony orgonii:ed endeovor there rnusl be those who toke responsibility for im­ portant decisions of policy ond procedure. This yeor, as every year, our School Boord hos faced problems connetfed with the in­ evitable g r ow I h of our community. All honor to the men and women who hove worked so unselfishly for the good of our tchool and every student in it.

O,. 00ftolcl D.,,inl..,denl

O,. D, .....,, O,, G. C.ilrin, M,. H. Colb-,, M,., N. S,,,hh, Mn. M. Scalf, Mt. R. St<ilford, Mr. L S...llti, AHodoff S..parinffnclent

Principal's Message The post fifty year, hove brought many changes to Claremont High School. The next fifty years wil1 bring even more. The graduating doss of 1910 faced o world u,..t,oubled by World Wars, commer• dol oirplone1, arid television. The graduating don of 1960 faces o world troubled by political unrest, otomi< power, and the "Space Age". Great step, of progress will feature the next fifty years as mon proce&ds to invade neighboring planets and expcmd hi1 uniYerse. In the immediote future we see the rise of o brand new senior high school plant facility with at least double the capacity of the current student body. The 11ite will be directly north ond contiguous with the present campus. With a new freeway through the foothills, tmd other odditionol rood de­ velopments, o greatly enlarged Claremont commun­ ity will emerge. Even with growth, our bosic pion of o generol comprehensive high school for oll the children of oll people will continue in force. The optimum development of eoch student in keeping with his full potentiality will continue to be our gool. May the Clau of 1960 dedicote themselves to the task ol hond-the develorment of a type of world in which their children will know only peace, security, and freedom. Then and only then, will the Clan of 1960- the Golden Anniversary Clan attain its honored place among the previous forty­ nine graduating dauH of Clnremon! High School.

Mr. lyle C. Murtln


i....____________________ .._, Mr. T. 0..fl<Ufl, Vlce-,,incipol; Mt. H. levin•. c.,.,,...10,; M,. R. Oyle,, Guidon<e ond Jchool ,,yd1ole91ol; Mi,. C. flonneH, O.on of GM-. M<. C. Tu,.,e,, c.,.,,...10,; M,. N, Toylo,, Clllld Welfon ""d Att....donce

Teachers Malh•Motin 0.portmenl; Mr. William Booth, Mr. No,mon Torlor, Mr. Utho..d Lowe.

S<i•n<o Oepo,,..,..,,, Mr. C.o,ge Tum••• Mr, D....,gloo loo•­ ho.,l, Mr. JohnSi9lor.

(ng/1,h Dopc,rtmonl; Mro, Alice IIQis, Mn. Marjorie Nc,blo, Mt1. AlmH Elob,oo, Mr. J.,,. Farley, Mr. Milton lontloJ.




Ho,.., Levi,.., Mr. logo, Coner,

Nl<holoo Polo,, Mr. Joe• Knopp, M,. Ho,.., Hoyboor.

kyo' Phy,l«al hlucotion 0.porlffl•nl, M,. Mo,tin A,-1, M , . b,.r Keioe,.M,.LeonorclCohn.

o;,1,• �hy,i<ol hlucolion Deparlffl♦nl; M,.. Do,othy l(;ef••• Mi.. Co1he,ineflonne11,. Mn. Jone! Kl•by.

lndw,lriol A,t, Dopo,tment; M,, Gerold Ho,,...ood. Mn, h,nice Ioli. lwoi"•" Oepa,lmenl; Mi" Guoldlne

U"l"'il••• M,. Millon lin.,..,n.





llonchord, M•�io,! $tn1n9.


00000000<)80 e 0000000090 e

D•po,in,.nt; M,., Mory



M,t.. G•t0ldl"• Lober Mn. lo.,1,., MIiier M,.. MGr9!e Du,,.11 M,,. Eli1ob.rh Pede,son


A. Oaf<lk Z. Gogl!.

E.W..,I, ""'· Monc,gu





f . Sopl...,,o A. t,\o,geno•n E. G,1911, M. Doty

Custodians E . Grins A. Morg•n••n J. Sop!.n,o

Bus Drivers ,. MJ11iken l. Oimlt H. Goodh19nd G. Goglio,di ,. a.noon G. Hambl(n


DOUGLAS ADAIR r f h111nrndt1es,i., uml,·1 ·ur,."" 4yeo,,o, C.S,H.S A.S.B.p,..idenl4 Jr. Clo,;v;,•P,eoiden! •


f,uhmon Clon PrH.1 C.S.f.1,2J , 4 , Th,eeAct,ioyJ,4

•.;·.� ;;::�:11\

TAMARA ALCORN "There is mmic !l'here· e•·er 1here il harmony" 4yeo,.otC.S.H.S. r.o.T.2,J D,a..,o Clubl,J,4 G.A,A.J Tolenl Show1,2 4J , , Dire,to,J Clo01Sec.-f,.osure,l C.S.F.4 Jollen' C lubhpor!uJ F,.n,hClub1,2 Se<tolarf2

CARTER ALEXANDU "lle,cholaughsbesru,. day, ,<"ill alsolaugh lost.'' 4yeon 01 C.S.H.S T,ackl,2 "B"Footbolll,2 Lolluman's Club1, 2 B<nk.ib o l l2 Bo y,'F o,u..,1,2 3 ,

ANN ALLYN "I u·ould not /i,,e u·ithom the /o,e o_l mr friends" 2yo<motC.S.H.S. 4 o Gir 3 , , �• �::�;., : 4

ROBERT ALLEN "I n·iil nol listen to reason; reason alirny, means ,rhal ,omeot1e else forgot/o soy.'' 4yoanal C.S.H.S. Ecnoin3,4 p,..Med. Club 3 4, 2 ,J F ;::: 1, :::�1 1

DIANE ANDERSON "f:t1thu,i11sm is the genius of sincerity." 4yeo«atC.S.H.S C.S.F.2,J,4 G.A.A.1,2 3 ,4 , P,o,.J A.F.S. 1,2,3,4 3 R • !j���::.!: 3 Jollon'Clubl ,,... 3 3


RONALD ANGLE "A m«11 1<ith n goal" 4 '""""' C.S.H.S. "C"T,ockl,2,3 'B"TrackJ,4 Var. Cr ou-Coun!rf2, 3 ,4 Coptoin4 Va,.Bo,kotballMgr.J leHermon'r-Club3,4 RodioCL..bJ,4

BARBARA BARNUM "Smiling ulu·up. ,dth" nc,·cr-fa,ling .,creni ty of cmmwna-cc." 2y•a,satC.S.H,S.




����-\ 3 4, ��; ;'." . J Girl.' Le09uoJ, 4


CHllSTINEIASSETT "T" �·,./kinmr,,un ,,..,, Jrcc ,oith "" .,,.,. 1., ,,,, . ,hin11, <sJ thqurc·· : -H .,: -


\�� iE!� G,A,A. 2,4

Gi • Cob.2 ���;•;!;_ 4 '••·M•d 2,3,4 SponlohClubl,2,J.4 A.fS.3,4

SUSANILIVINS "1',•n(l,,,,·"""um,o kindoji1u1Jir u1i,m'· o� (.S.H .S Fl.I��';.. 1 9uo4 �:; _�-�-

�;�!��I 4 �.��;::lb TolontShow l,4 Girt,· Looguo l,l, 3,4


) �m..,,,,::

ins ,;, ,;,,:, ',,.� n S �- :.�;:•..��a�;5/· Va r,Foo•ball J,4 Vor, Swimming J,4 Lot!ormon•, ClubJ,4 g Club2,J n•;,:.i.�l; loyt'fo,uml,2,J

•oun ILOCK ··11,,J,,.;n,,J,h e jlus k u·t darrd nut �er1,. and Iau,�ed ,md .,.,., oursdr,s1oslup.­ l y..,,.a1C.S.H.S otm2,J �:;::

WILLIAM IOLINGU -,1 mi,- ht,·man intht Jl'Offlf oj S/l()rts" �·\H .S. �;.�;:::.. Vo,.foorba ll2,J,4 Vo,.fra,kl,2.J,4 Lot b ,1 2.3 �•l::.��:..c�• KoyClubl, J,4 loyo'forum ,1 2,J

JOAN HAGE "Tl,,,J,,,·,1hu1 m,,k,, us h111>py, m a�·e us.,-;.,,, .. 4y..,r,atC.S.H.S h 2 :��:� N�:��' 4

OUVUIAfCHELLU ·, jll<I 11 ,·hem · u/ '/

WILLIAM I.IAM ··11 raymf,rf.J,.ncin,:, d,inking .{11ughinsand 1u11h'nk'n111·mc:· 4yoa,oalC.S.H.S Va,.Tonnl,2,J,4 Va r, Crou Coun!ry 4 1.0.r. 1,2,3,4 Pro•Mod 1 ,2, 3,4 lo,-•• fon,m ,1 2, 3 ,4 C ub 2, 3 !


JO ANN HAOFIELO "Tht!h,,art'sh1L$h •«tfl1!1 ·n1h"J dutk f!yf!s." 4yiKJn atC.S.H.S G.A.A. 1,2,J,4

!� fff•;��j,;�:



CATHUINE HOMAGE ld,l!{uh1JndinhanJ. " • vnr brJ,.,,:themhrr •• 4,•.,,.orC.S.HS T

�:�.-�;!;,�. • 2 34

f,:.�; � - , ,

G.,h· hogu• Hono,Roll2,3,4 3

DENNIS IUCXlEY "PriJeinl,/sname ... 1 yeo, ot C.S.H.5.

:,.�::,�·�::,t�" '••-Med Club3

llNDA IUIT ·Them(ll!{fro/aJ,ve:· 4,eor<otC.S.H.S. 1 :::���,.s�:;,,, ; Girl•' Loo11n ,2,3,4 1 4

� � ='_'."'

GUADALUPE C A N DELAS ·1,hcc,J1,l,1,iri1. aluul'hi"Bhtv,r,;· C.S.H.S.

futue , u N rse,, lol•n1 Show 4 Choru,1, 3 ,4 Gift,• Leogue 1,2,3,4

lULHIUTCHER "U ht /,r <(I(/. 1<hcn )"Ml ,-,,nl,chll/Jl>y." 4yeo,.otC.S.H.S G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Coblnel2,3 T.O.T. 1,2,3,4 ,, ••. 4 c1.... s.,.-Troo1. 2 ClonSociolCl,,,,,,4 Loti,.Club3,4 ,,e-Med1,2,3,4 E,.,.ic,2,3,4 A.F.S. 3 ,4

GUALD CAUUTHUS ··11ei,no1one1hu1 merrly t,,/bt,ndnerer thinks.:· c .H,S. • :,::;: ,��b: StudentCouncill C.S.F. 4 Sponlol>Club4


JOANNE CHASE ..,,,.,..,,,,,;e,.J. 11l1<11JJ0/,irnd." o;C.S.H.S. 1,r�,:-b Gi, ��b�=��• 3 ,4

MUY CHIT ENDEN T ..Quiel und c.iiciem.� .,..,,..,,c.s.H.s. G.A.A.1,2,3,4 Cho,u,2,3,4 ,,,,.,.,s1,ow1,2,3,4





4year10IC.S.H.S. c;,i.· league1,2 3,4 , G.A.A.1,3S.c. 4 Spani,hClub2.3 Jon.,s'Club 3 A.F.S.J.4 E"••i<>l F.l.l.A. 4

FUD Cl,Ok ..Satirc'1my,ceuJ><m."' 2year,o!C.S.H.$ A.S.I. Adv. Mgr. 4 S!ud..,tCouncil 4 Hono,loll3, 4 Goll Team 4 KeyClub4 o b3,4 l l!� :.iu.. . A.F.$,J,4 Wolfpach1S!otl4

DONALD CLEMENT "lt'h,:n lrhfokaf /'ur/1. ldon'11hinko/tht F.i/fel Tau·t:r." 3 yea,,01C.S.H.$. J.V. loseboll2,J J,V.footbollJ Vor.losebc,114 Ar!Club 3 Con,er!Choh4 loys' forvm2,3

AllAN COLEMAN ..lle1m1,allhi,1,auble1 in a pocket ,�ith a ha/,: • in i,.� 4 year,otC,$.H,$, loy•' forum1,2,J Home<omin9 floatCom. I Tolen! Show 4 AriClub I

MAIGARfT COLIY "'A uisc.helpin�,,md u11J,:r�w111ii11,: lm,r1." yeon o!C.$.H.S G.A.A.2.34 , Clo11011i<u2,J C.U.1,2 3,, 4 A.F.S. 3 , 4 Gi,b' L..,gueCob.1,34 , Pru.4 TctltntSllow1,2,3,4 Th,..-A,1,ioy1,J S!udtnlCoundl 2,4 4

BAUA•A COlnlN "'/t'snict:tabenarnral :; .onei,11a/urally !;: 4y..,,.a,C.$.H.$. G.A.A.1,2 3,4 , om,.,2,3 ClonOfficerl ,3 A.$.1.Coo,dinalor 4 Honorlolll,2,J 4 , Gi,11' leogueCob.2 A.F,S.J,4 4 T.O.T. 1,2,3 , Pre-Med, 2 , 3 , 4

NANCY CONNO• "Ah yt,-.Sht:'1 /a�ely.'" 4 yeano!C,S.H.$, lollyCJ.,b4 Songleode,4 ,.o.,. 4 O.A.A.2, 3 Talent Show 3, 4 A.F.S.J,4 S-thClub3,4 G e1,2 3,4 , 1 b�:�� •�:


;7/�::/!i�::1 ;:;�!'·

yeat00IC.S.H.s T.O.f. 1,2 3, 4 , A,F,S, J lo1 nClubl,4 1 C.S.F,2, J hdCr011J Gl,11' League 1,2,J,4 Hono,lolll,2,34 , 4

EDWIN OAUIEIT ··J.i/r is nof .w ,ltMI b,u 1h,u rht"lr isalutl)·• 1im, /ur rotJl/f<V." 3yeo,.atC.S.H.5. 4, C.S.F.2,J l<n•in3,4 1,oy,'f0Nm2.l

MARCIA DAVENPORT 0 "Th,·/mrf.<l1tnr1/cnfo h,·rfoub.,mdinh(t min,/ 1hr"i.,r,1 book.,"" ly•o,.otC.S.H.S. Tal•n1 Show2,3,4 Stud•nlCouncil 4 hdCroHClub3 A.f.5.4 DN>ma (lubl,4 H.5.P.A. 2 Ho.,orloll2,3,4

GUS DE 1005 ··,11,"'h1·,huuldlife "/1 l,,bor br?" lyea,.atC.S.H.S. Va,,Foolbcill2,J,4 Se<.-l,oa<.4 KeyClub4 f<nelu J,4

�;r:�/;�: !,J

AlTHUI DEWHURSf .. I hu1,1•1 m«n leuds 11h(l/'/Jtli/<':· J yeona!C.S.H.S, m T am3,4 �� ll ; ::�;: ub hy1'F0rum2,3

MENT DOUON •IJi,r.-111,r<',rnrronthr t,,,1/firld in,1>i1rs ,,,,.,,


,,..,....,c.s.H.s. Va,. foo!boll3,4 Co-Captaln4 Var, Tto<k3,4 htaClubJ,4 'l"Football2 loy," Fo,um 1,2J ,

llNDA DAVENPOU ..Heuruylfr.-s,rith tindnr...H lyit0r1atC.S.H.S Hono,toU3,4 A,tClub2 Talenl Show2 Girl<' hogu•2.3,4

HUCE DOUGAS ""I'll not bu.d�t an inch." • • iC.S.H.5. �:., :: ; ,

T.(.L,Musi<hotivalJ Tale"t Show4 KeyClubJ,4 loyo" fonim 1,2,J "'l"foo1boll2,J l•H•,rnan'oClubl,2,J,4 Vot. l<n•boll Mgr. 1

HENT OOISON ··IJrhaswu,·enhisabil­ ify fo all. lmt athle1ic., ,eem lo br hi, roll"" 4 y•anD!C.S.H.S Var.FaotballJ,4 Vo,. Tra <kl,4 (Dp1Din4 1.2

::::: �;::�";1

DUANE DOUGLASS ··f:rr:, rt'"'/J r<> d,i und 'u�. no niutl�r when. 110 1• h :-;�; :.:, r;.�.s boll 1,3 !���i�;•; loyo'fo,vm1,2J ,

CAROLYN EDWARDS ".�h,· hd1,. mhn., mu o/afd/()11•/ulinl!" ly..,n<i!C.S.H.S

��::.· :::··

Chc,,.,,2,J,• T<il•nlSho-4 Glt1,•t..,gvo 2,J4,





Jy•o,ootC.S.H.S Var,ChHrl•od.,J,4 •ollyClubJ,4 G,A.A. J,4 4 o , � UU �� - ;: Girl,' l..,gu•2,J4 ,

DONALD fUISON "II'�// 1h,·n.' I """' do

:.��:;t. ,,:?; .t:i, t:-;;

.. ,..,,,_.,,c.S.H.S Sovd..,1·Co.,ncill loys'fo,v..,1,2,3 "D"l,,.htboU I t2 ;:i�n��=!'3� Sponl,hClvb4

DIANNE EMU.Y "lltrmtdti, 1,11moosiu<>I'"' rC.S.H.S. �h:::•: Girl,' l•o9v• 3,4

THOMAS EVANS "O.K.,:1m1,ldsrea/ly h, •11ri1" ly•<>no1C,S.H.S K•yClub 4 Vo,,ChHrl•od.,4 Lu10,..,011·,c1vb2,J,4 bllyClvb4 51udt111Cou11cll4

�:;'� r::: :.".'.�nf

TAUMALOTO fA'APUOU "/ h_e1,·e no 1�min,; £igh w�".' 't,,., (uktmy "'


\ ;!�� ..,•�tH�s

WIUIAM HNST "Tis _no/ /or nothin,; that


4y..,notC.S.H.S. loy• Forun,1,2,J -�i�; ::::i.�: 33 Ho..,•<o"'l�9 Floot Co..,mlttu1,2 1

JEANFAUIUS the i l '.'c ro l.,e hul'I') '.

2 4 :::�7;}�::w { F.B.l.A.4

BONITA FERRIN "',"'"/en-··saveat maker" I' 4yea,satC.S.H.S. C.S.f.2,3 4. G.A.A,1.2.3,4 T.O.T. 1.2.J 4 .

MIKE FINK ··You11i:fcllmn,,-il/be HJIWJ! fe/fo1<·,.'" 4yea,sat C.S.H.S. Daily8ulletin4 "D"'Ba1ket balll "r,"'8a,k•tball2.3 J.V.8a,e ball2,3 Talen: Show2,3 Spani,hClubJ,4 Boys" fo, um 1,2,3

DAVID flSHLOW ·•_,;r,ikeifyo,.musl; 1,,u hear me." Jyea,sot C.S.H.S Bo«alaureate Comm.4 Wolfpa,kel2 Edito,3.4 C.S.F.2.3 Pruiden14 Rota ClubJ.4 lhree•A<IPlay2,J,4 Tolonl Show2,J Ch,i,tma, Show2.J

JOHN FINN ··Ne.ser�e d a n d goml natured."' l yearotC.S.H.S

MARJORIE FLINT ··s,rt�I, ,im1,le ""d kind."' 31/nearsatC.S.H.S C.Sf.2,3,4 G.A.A. 2,3,4 T.O.T. 2,3,4 Tolen/ Show2


PATRICIA FORSTER ··/.ifejsju<1ot1efool rhir,gafrer,rnothu. l.orci.,ju,111.-oJoul rhillgs11f1crwchmher.'" Jt/1 yeo,sotC.S.H.S.


4 Talon/ Show2.3 Studen1Coundl2 LatinClub2 E,neiu2 Ar1Club2

STEPHANIE FRANK "'llercmm1c11"11ce ,:lo,nradiant!J... 4 yea,.alC.S.H.S. C.S.F.1,2,3 G.A.A.3,4 E,nei<,3,4 l'ro-Med C l u b3,4 T,O.T. 2,3 latinClubJ


•oanr GAIN ..lli•11w<tl.,,k,,1>1: . hi, /,e,1he �,.,..,.M 4 fec,,001 C.S.H.S. Vc,nity Te,.nis2,3,4 J

Ke�.�!7:.:i' ,

Boys•srore4 Clo.,S...iotCh•"'·' Studen!Cou'lcil2,•

-����;;..��" ,

DANIEL GAU . . ll111,1•r 11m /: /•t>m m,r I 11m f,u. lrhy are11·1 the,- 11/1 nmtr111eJ like ,..,,_� ..

•.,..,,.otC.S.H.S v.,,.;,., 5..,;..,..,;n93,• c ubJ.4 ;


....,,., ........1,,,3

IHlE Gll(K '.:i� n u/1 her cr,n•, ;}:;; _ •.,.......,c.s.H.S. Spc,nlsh(lub2,34 ,

�:�::�s�;! �;�''"' •

l.O.l. • GMo' l•o9uf 1,2,3.4 Cobin•ll hd(,o.. hp.3 Honothltl,3 c.s.F.2,3

JACQUEUNE GOODCHAP ••lf'utrrs arefostanJ �'"' ,.-il/Ji.,.buro f realonr ca f n ,.,cJ,,Jy:· •yeo.,atC.S.H.$. G.A.A. 1,23 , • , Pre-Med. I 12 ,• ��: b j ��10 Gi rls" le09ue 1,2,3,• Wollpackol l TalentShow2,3• , foshlonShow 1,2

•ICHARD GOMU 0 "1'he,1r,,111silen1 "'""·" ,.,..,,.otC.S.H.5.

SHEIU. GOU "Ch111ar1r, is 1hefaun J111ion �I ult .,w,h,,·hi/,,

3yeafSetlC.S.H.S. C.S.F.1,2,J 5ponioh Club3,4 Souol..r,'4 A.F.S. 3,4 Ecnelu J,• Pr•-Med. 3,4 T.O.T. 3,4

STEVEN GO,VH '"l'arie1yiJthts1,frt1t/ li/e1hatfirtJitflllirs flator." lrMnotC.S.H.S. VonityF-•ball2,3,4 Vo,olly Swim..,int3.•

K"'v��:�,:t 4

htte......,n'oClub2,3,4 J.V. a....boll2

...,.. ,.......,,.,

GWEN G•ouu ..Sunny and bri«lu.."·S;;, ':;.\ ;.,r:; ., A.F.S.4 Dit<h Da y Co"'"'·• Conce,!Choi••

l'ENUOH GRUMIEIN •· 1/wu,• ,,.,.�111,•,.:· 4yHr101C.SH . .$ T.OT . . 1, 2 , 3 , 4 a..i•l-9v• 1,2,3,4 lolinClvb3,4 §ft.•t,ea, 3,4 C.S.F. 2 �H,it. 3

Kit.YHit.lNLY "l'<1ticnce: ,1e,·um11/i,h thy J,,t,.,,.� 4 yean 01C.S.H.5. G. it . A . 1,2,3,4 Choru,1,2 T. O.J2, , 3,4 Girls'Lea9ue1,2,3,4 ,....... ,.,3 J0ne,..·c1ubl

Sit.Rit.HGUTIEUH .. n,,;.,y11/lik i,lit-ingi1:·· ly-•sotC.5.H.S Cho,vs3 f.H.A. 4 a u.,2,3 ,4 : :;;'�1�:

Sit.NOU Hit.MMU "The .w/t drO/!.< 0/ "'' ?. 1,ia,·e th� 1,,,,d nrnrblc 4year101C.SH . S . . C.SF . 2 . 3 , 4 ,,it., 1,2,3,4 hnnisM9,. 4 DromaClub l P ,e-Med. Club1 hneiu 2,3,4 A.f.S3, . 4

FREDERICKolit.ROY "lkindnumi<tt :";:�,;:�·�.SH . S . . Letterman•, Clvb 2,3,4 Var.hnnls2.3,4 Va,. ea,�etboll3,4 "P," Bo,�elball2 Ecnein 3,4 Skiln9C!ub3,4 Tolen! Show 4


::u,:·;::�1:;;,nf",! �;,,�t

Cf> my /,IICC ubcn O/l­ wuarhintt thc 110<ll? Ought /not rathn fO/HU ,,,. ,1..:td?� 4yearsolC.S.H.S. Va,. Footbotl 1, 2 , 3 , 4 Va,. Tro<k 1,2,3,4 C.S.F.1 hn1iu 3,4

HLIOT Hit.UY ..For o bri11bt mtml,OtJd . 1/,rrc ;� no �llch 110,d a� foil.� 2y-,oatC.S.H.S. C.S.F.3,4 f<nei<:s l,4 RodioClub4 hloClub4

Rit.NOOLPH HARGU,VE "H1rnp,m the,:/J:· 4y10,s a1C.SH . S . Pape,S+off23 , Boys'Foru..,1,2,3 Choru,4 Tol1nl Show 4

DAVID HHHT ··/ 1, ,,,,, ,·11mr u, lrr/1,.•· 4yeon o! C.S.H.S S1090,C e .. T.O.T. 1,2.3 -'•hl•ti< Mg,.4 loyo"fo,u..,1.2,J -'nnua1Stoff1

MARI( HfUING ••If,; 1r,,," ,.,,.,>< r,ow•• ly_,.,, C.S.H.S. f<n e;u• wn Com. 4 ;�,;; fle,tronu ; lC ubJ


LOUIE HUN-'NDEZ ""/.ifr nm 1,., /,c,wtif.,/. 4y.cmo!C.S.H.S hy,'Fo,uml,2,3 "t"'footboll 2,J J.V. &aHbc>ll 2,J

SHUIHICICEN ··,/nd 1/rcn .,Irr ,milrd.2 yeo.,. ot C.S.H.S. c.s.r.3 A,.'lC ubJ,4 i G rl•' Leogue 3,4



/or loo /at,;

4 yeG'1GIC.5.H.S. Va,.Songleod., J , 4 lC ou So<iol Chnn.J Hon a,hlll,2,3,4 .C 5.F.3,4 G.A,A, 2,3,4 fglen1 ShowJ,4 A.f.S.J,4 J0tter1'C u l bJ,4

fltANIC HUN(;UfOR D ··.,;., c,.,c ,,, Iris 110,k. and fop,['" lriJ. /rirnds.4yearo ot C.S.H.S. ,C S.F,l,J Var, Swimming 3,4 lo , " 1,2,J � ��:�� ;

Stud..n!Coun<ill,J,4 lotGCIUOJ,4 lerte,mon•• lC ubJ,4 A.F.5.3,4 Talent Show 4


MICHELE HYMAN ••Ym<r,;gol lu btali11lt dilfe,cnti/yor,n"l.lnlf<> beti0tin:11.­ Jyeor1arc.s.H.S. C.S.F.2,J,4 A.F.S. 3,4 Gi,1•'League c.. b. 4 fcnei.. 3,4 H.S.P.A.2,3,'I Jr. Rt'd C,0112.J,4 S.C.-T,ea,.2,3 Wollpacke1Stolf2,3 J Ru�:nM!l�b 4

RICHAROHUfF n·irlr 11 ,.-11,- 0/

�i! ":':�-

2 r..,.. .,,c.s.M.s. O,<1 ..,1r .. J

IRfNE HYMANSOI-! ··r orm,m ..-n,r ·• tit,· knu,k u/ ,eeintt 1/11'n11-• , 1/rr) 111r.,,n,/,/uin1t ,. 1hiti1t, u•1hrJOllfllr1 ,., 1, ,- ,/,,,.,-:· 4yeo,.otC.S.H.S. C.lo.F.l,4 A.f.S.J,4 O,o..,..cJ.,bl Spo.,i,hCl11b4 P,•-M..:I.Cl,.b4 l<n•i114


.. ,,,,,r/1irnrlis f,,,. r1n11/. ,,J.-

"' S.H.S � :::'; · h Girl,' Leog"• l,J,4

RONALD KELL ·_'Th,· i,an.,,-en•·e u/ th<' THOMAS JORDAN '"/ t:njuJ 1dn1<ur,•;• Jyeo11ot(.S.H.$

HENE KEllEHU ·· r .�o,ultcrn flelk the1c'., nu mi�,,.1;,,:· lyea, atC.S.H.$. Spani,hCl"b" frneiu 4 Girl,' leag11e4 Dramu Club 3


,·mm,•·· 4yeo,.otC.S.H.$ Vo,.T,otkl,4 Vot.C,ouCo.,nt,y" "P."'l,atk2 ..,._.. la,k�lball 2

GUAlD KELLY ··ll,·•lt"l//,rltono,rd­ not/<1rNinnin11-or/o.,. in11- l,u1/orltu1<•tt·dl lrc1d11,-.1/rr,::"mn." 4 reorootC.S.H.S. Va,,football2,J,4 Vor.Tro,k2,J,4 WoJfpo,kelStoffJ,4 SporhEd .J,4 51..den,Co.. ndll,4 K•yClub2,3,4 � :�.•�:: -: ;�ub 2,3, 4 ,: l .,,._.. l<nke 1ball 1,2

FRANK KIMl'U ·•,\funnrr<undkn,ml• rdflc m1,kr1h tltt m,.n," Jyeo,.otC.S.H.S. loy•'fo,um2,J

LYNN( KINGMAN .. i� mad,: far h "�"�/ '!'�

.,•., ....,c.s.H.S. A11Cl.,b2 ,._.,.,.,.,1s1olfl Gi,11' Leagu• 1,1,3,4 C,c,11 J . �d : 'o.� 2 Talent ShowJ


GAIL l(IU , ··Mu,fr ;, udl «1id 10 I� 1hc,/M'e,·hnfr,1!/:r/.••· l yeor otC.S,H.5 Club



1ole,,,Sho"' Gi,lt' lec,9u• 4


EVELYN l(IRNU • I ,mi/cf.,,'"" ,rnJ · ni1h 1/im1./e., 0 1 0·· 4yec,r1c,tC.S.H.S sp.... i,hClub l,24 ,

?��::�- i·1�b




LINDA ICOPECkY "f"n,f,.-,,e,.·ou'

�l:;:;.,: l��ii.��'. 1 '"l""ChHtl•od•r2 Vo,.Ch•ul•c,d•r3,4 ,.o.,. 2,34 , G.A.A. 1,2.3, Spon iohClubl.2,J Ro11yClub2,3, n 1,4 '.1 ::..s;� 4 A ;:

4 4

DAVID UIUEL "l./11/ewoku/dl ifrtot o,,kl.-

:.�-:::.:,•.,: c l��\,4

�::.;�� c:un< il 4 b


""C"losketboll2 Cop!ol"2

lOUTTA kRAYltll "A /,ituJ.,,,,J.i,1ica1ion inher1/,,,.cc.-

4 yeo,.01C.S.H.S


2.l4, �: �-

ROIUT LATTIN �one Jot,J IIUI �/IOl<."-­ ro11110/ /,no11 1hebcJI 1h n1·,· one.,,...,,. ..,c.S.H.S. lell•ttnon',Clubl,2,3,4 Vor. r.,,,,;, 1,2,3,4 Ve,,, lo1k•tbcill3,4 htoClu b J,4 hnoiu 1,3, Ulln9Club1,2 SkinDl•ingClubl,2 Boyt'Fo,utnl,23 ,


JOHN LEE ""/'111 h111,w,-,,-he11 Iha•-.: occ,,s"m• 11111' •c1·11,c1 whenJ h�rc no _

4 yeon 01 C.5.H.5



J.V. footboll 1,2


GENE LELlESS ""N uu ,'nahurry.n 3re<mfl!C.5.H.5




:fi7:i::· :�:::t�;�,�"�:



SAllY MATHU .. l or,r.,rni/,::cannolbr

1 �7��:'J,'�:n�,�:n:;:iire :i•r,./ur if

'"" :::�;) '.'.h<" 4 yeo,, o1C.5.H.S C.5.f,l, 2, 3 G.A,A. 7,3,4 Ecnein 1, 23 , ,4 Pro,MeO. Clubl,3,4 A,f,S. 34 , Jotte,S Club3 34 , TO.T. 7,

DONALD M,ClElLAND '·/Jr n,., tz/,,J ln,r uh,·n 1h,mh,1<1,/on,:,ul/." 2y-,o o tC,5.H,S . c sv�;.�;:•.. 3 h to Club 'I Vo,. T,o,k 3 ,'I hn•iU • lo tinClub'I l oyo'f.,,.,..,3 Hono,hlll,2, 3, • o,,heu,o 1,2,3,•

JOSEPH McKENZIE ..As n"tu,ul us Ii/<: i1u/J," .,..,,..,,c.s.H.s. aoyi'fo,uml,2,3 E<neiu 3'I , 2 11 o -: Mgr. :���n� ;:., 4

SHAltON McMAHON ·•1fruidsh11m,: bur do n111 .1y/. ,;fo,y.4 yearootC.S.H.S. !ub 3, 4 ��;'.;_c f.8.l.A.4


SUSAN MILLElt "1'hr11 inn&t:nt /no/. will IICl't:rdic:• 4 ye<1'1atC.S.H.S. G,A,A, 3, 4 A rr Clvb 1,2,3,4 G rlo' leogue 1,2,3,4 l o1S ot ff 2 Annu


MARILYN MATZEN "0/nwnnrr, ,;,:n1fr. u/affrrlion., mild'' 4,.......,c.s.H.s C.S.f,1,2,34 , T.O.T. 7, 34 , A.S.l.luo.M gr. 3 A.5.8. Treo,u,er4 A.f.S.3,4 G.A.A.2, 3,4 lotinClub3, 4 •1, 23 , 4 , l =�� G •��b��

ltOBUTM1NN1CH ,: m111ch th

:,'J ::::���;.

'lyeo no1C.S.H.S. c.s.F. 1,2,3,• Va,,foo!balll.2,3,4 Vo,. frock3,4 2,3 ::. \; '";:/�; . v1...,,.,_ 3

::•:.�i"�.,!��i4 l hn•iu3,'I A.f c!·}.::1,,..0"4 hcl,,.,,9eSlvdonl3

23 �:: �, , ,•

ltOBEU MElENDUl ..Oh flop! ll"ha1 rirnn fr,:,e,:n." 4 yeonotC.S.H.S. Vot,,,..,kl

WllllA,... MONTGOMUY ..Theou,em,yn<1I W/ail ;, w I� Jr,r,minrJ 10 •mcr, J.H · 4y•a,. DIC.$,H.$ . C.S.F.l,l,l Ecn•in l,4 ··t;••f...,tboll2 1.v1 . .. ,aoau2 KayClub4 Stud•nlCDuMi14 lDtinClubl,4 la,<'h<1,n•l.l3 ,

CfCll MOIGAN ··/ hllrr.n111imr '\ /arrimr." 2,-,.a,c.s.H.S. Ya,.Footb<,114 Chorusl

KliNNETH MORGAN "M y n<1mei, I'm /frin,: the /if,: of Hile,- ju.</ th,:same·· 4 yea,.otC.S.H.S. Lelluman', Club 1,2 Pr•-M.d. Club 1,2 Wolfpo,ko1Stoff2 Chorus 2,3, 4 Tolen>Showl,4 J,. l.dC,oul St uden:Coun<il3 btoClub3,4

s. •. ,

MAITHA MORGAN "Plru,u,e is 1,lcnJin& und 1,lca1in1t, 1,/r,uure." 4yea,.a!C.S.H.S. Wolfpo,ketStoffl T hreo-A<IPloyl Ecnelu 1 Jr.RedC,o.,4

FHDUICK MOUi$ "li/c i, 11·har he mflke.< ita,,d hr li�e• it 11·rl/.l yit0roor C.SH . S . . 1/or.lo,k•tbolll,4 CDptoin4 p,..Med.ClubJ Letterman'1 Club 3,4 K•JClub4 lay,' Forum 3 AnnualStaf/4

GUAU) MUNTUl "Mrnu/11/cll'11·0,ds 11r,:thcbr<lmf11.­ ,,..,,..,,C,$,H,$, K•yClubl,2,3,4 1/or.Foatballl,4 1 23 1 1 �· • ClanPr01ldon11,2 Bowling 4 hy,'Fo,uml,2,3 L•ttumDn'1Club3,4

t·:;, i::::.:1

BETTY NUSON ··/amurkinf!uman." 4yltO,.otC.S.H.S. 2

���::· $��:,,\' �!·;��9;9"• 1,2,3,4


U.WUNCf NHSON ··(;,./m )'1UIMI/; I am '"'"" .,.,,·.,,._� • ,_,..,,

LANCE NEWARO ··11en ,ur<>nl, bm·, p<11<11 t«/1; lrro,udon"1 ,lr,,n,::r murlr ,./1,-,a//.� �,-,..,,c.S.H.S.


:::�;:;� �-·

Spani,hClvb3 Ecnein 3,4 htt••m<>n'sClvb 3,4 lc,yo' Fo,vm 1.2,J Stog•C••w2,4

THOMAS OMRI ··Thac', 1,lcn1y of ronm ,u rhc rop." 4y•o,.atC.S.H.S. Va,.Football2,J4 , WolfpackelStofl2 Letten••on's Club2,34 ,

;:��·..�s�..11 1

Hono,Rc,111,2,3.4 hi<1Club3,4 loy<" Fo,um 1,2,J Cabin.,12,3

LUI S OROZCO ··/.c1', lfrc!" 4yea,sotC.S.H.S, ..�-- lo,htball2 J.V. Bo,�etboll 3 Vo1,Booketbc,ll4

CAROLE OWEN "Thcbu,,-hac·cno rimc/o,1c111&" 1 yMratC.S.H.S. Spani,hClubl,J Speed1Club 1,J Spo,tsClubl,2,3 ;�;�•;•L�:�::, ! A.F.5.4

PHYlllS PAN SEGRAU --.�10,,,,,,,,,.k"oah tukcJce/>f:•roo/J.M .,......., SpaniohClvbl.2 Gi,lo"l"'llu•1,2,3,4

MICHAR PARKH '·/Jyo111<'0u/dc1�" somcrhin,::.yo11mu,1 1:,,:.,,,,,.,1hin6." ,,..,,.atC.5.H.S. fcn•lu 1.2,3,4 loy1'f0Nm 1,2,J


;;��.: ,��k.�'.I':;·,:_!:' 4y•o,sotC.5.H.S

G.A.A. J.4 Talen/ Show 2,4 Cho,u,1,2,J,4 A,,Club4


��l})J::irt: ::,:

4yea,,atC.5.H.S Talen1Show4 Bo!,' Forum 1,2,l "8' Track 2,4 80wlin9 Club4 Coptoin4 SklnDi•lngl,2.34 , Vice-PrH. 4 LotinClub4 Ecnei<> � P,e-Med. Club4

JANETTE PERKINS 'A pfr««ml ,my. �,·er gay.n 3yeafS<>tC.S.H.S u 2,J.4 l;�: •


Talent Shaw ],4 Ar/Club2,4 Clan So<iol Chrm. 4 Jotto,,'Club4

JAMES PUTNAM /y::�.:: ��:.i�t \lat. Swim..,in9 4 Stag•C,ew 1,2,3 ,4 Sp..d, Clvb 3 RadioClub 4 o,omaClub 1



;·:.��;. i:1ii/t�'i

4yeartatC.S.H.S. O«he,tro 1,2, 3,4

��:�·;::�i::.1 �1; �_

1,2, 3 ,4

Var. T,o<k 1,2, 3,4

JUOME UNWAlD ··llttc t �,-·�""e � ly..,,otC.S.H.S.


lAUY RIIS ;•;:nat �.S.H.S. ,...,,.,ichai,J,4 Talenl Show 4 loyo• Forum J


JAMES RAE ·tndinltcrn,.,,,." ly..,,atC.S.H.S Va,. Swimming 4 Orama Clvb J

MARTA UENTS ...,1tr •1=hi11 _. <11</t/J/>f!•." 4y..... o,c.S.H.S. A,IC 11tbl Cl.A.A. 3,4 Eu1•inl,4 LatlnCluE.J SpanlohClub4 Girlo' loague 1,2,J, 4

fOIHH IIINARD -\one /,111 himw/j ,.,.,.behi<111md/e/'' 41eon <>1 C.S.H.S Vcu.Foo!ball l,4 loy,"fo,uM1,2,3

HAROLD ROBERTSON '"llr 1w1hin!! do men ,how their charac/cr mor,,/hanbJ irhalth q fough,.1."" 3yeono! C.S.H.S. Vo,.Football2,3,4 Va,.Ba,eboll3,4 Key Club 3 ,4 Cancer/Choir3,4 b 2,3 4 , l ;�: � ; ��t�:; l

ANN ROGERS '"l/u,randchecr/ul. ,,-ith africndl)·,:foncc.'" 4yeor, at C.S.H.S. Club 4


Gi,I•" League 1,2,3,4 lolen! Show 2,4 Fcuhion Show 2,34 ,

STEPHEN RONFELDT -rherewcwmc d cfeots mmc tri,m,1,l.,,r,1 1h,m ,,,· ,:· ,·a 2yeor1a,C.S.H.S. ClauPre,.4 K.y Club3,4 Vo,. C,ou Coun!ry4 Vor. TeMis 4 Var.Bo,kerboll 4 Stud•n!Cauncil4 1,.1e,dubCau"cilPru. 4 lu,eiu 4

ROBERT ROGHS '"/fr ha111,J: th� ,,-hr,/e u·or/di, i,,,,,:hin,:."" 3yearsa! C.S.H.S






ANNABEUE ROSS ·•l)i,tincti,m <rith om ,l'l]cr cncc." 4yeor,orC.S.H.S. Girls" Leogue 1,2,3,4 Cop and Gown ComM.4

DIANE ROSHAY ··.<;n,,.IJ /,,.t fier,·c"' ot C.S.H.S. � �-;-��• G.A.A, 2,34 , ClauSac.-Trea,. 3 4 ,


���i< Fe,rivol

2,3 4, . Spani,h ClubJ Se<.-Tfea,.J T.0.T. 2,4

SUSANNE ROSHAY •"/{""'''", /'o meo. 1<herc forearr thrJuNomc o?" 4 yeorootC.S.H.S. G.A.A.2Sec.3,4 4

�.-:.-:.- ;, Spanioh Club3,4PrH.3 Talent Show 2,3,4 T.O.T. 2,3 4 , l'.C.l.Mu1icfeolival2,J,4


DONALD IUGH .. ll'orry,11:,weymu l,andatit." r-, .o,c.s.H. 5 "'l"'foolt>olll,2 J.V. aa .. boll l,2 loys'foru,,.1,2J, S pani,hClub1,2 4

DINNIS IUNNING ··Tabrarnol tob e." 4yeonatC.S.H. S loy1'foru "'2,3 A ,IC lubl,2,3,4 l;b J,4 " �r,, :�<�

GAil SAG! .. Thinkins oJ ather, m«dey(mtMnkojhn," lyeorootC.S. H.S r.o.r. 3,



C.5.F,3,4 H onotloll2,34 ,


MICJ-IAEl SCJ-IAfU '"Qu"ct, 1<"1,:.,,r,d ·· �ooJ 4 yeotootC.S.H.S 5P<1ni,hClub2 Va,. lo,eboll Mg,. 3 "B"f ootboll1,2 loy,' forum 1,2,3 Mg,. 1

��! ��-���!fi 4

NANCY SANFO•O '"lr1im , i.,1hc1,ropa


4 To �:'..!�:,7 o?·:· l T.O.T. 1,4 Vice P, ... 4 G.A.A. 3, 4 1,2,34, Gi •��b�:::�• A.f.S.3,4 SpaniohClub3,4

DANIEl SCHER '"Forman ·sman<1nd , er11fhis fn 1c .. 1hern,s1 4y•a,so!C.S.H.S. Con<• IChoi, 3 ,4 • �.2, 3


ClYDf SCHEHi .. ,, man maJt 1111 n 1hin1brfarehr,-rui1." .,_,.o,c.S. H.5 Vot.laoke1bollM9,.2 Vot.faalbaltMg,.3, 4 Vo,. 5...,;,,,,,,1119 3,4 K•rCtub2,34, A.S.I. A lhl•1icMg,, 3 StudtntCoun<il3 htto,mon"tClub2,J4, Hano,lall1,2,J4,

PETH SCOTT "//,or,:Jnkenmy/1111 1<hr1c I',rfou11di1."

S.H.S g.,t1�. :0:.,-


Va,. Tenni• 3,4 ::;;:� ��:�.�' 2

S•iingClubl,4 loy,'fo<UMl,2,3

S OTT RICHARD C ··,/r-Tellthe1<0rld" 2 yeanatC.S.H.S BoyS forum 2,J Span;,h Club l,4 comm. J,4 4

ROBERT SEIDEL ·�., little done­ .� ., mufh 10 dv' lyeanatC.S.H.S Boy,' forum 2,l


DENNY SElf I i;vod maa··


li<nli<> 1,2 Wrut ing Team 2 l

WENDEU SUL Who cares for d,udgcrr" C .S.H .S t :,:;i::• Boy,' Forum 2,l

ALBERT SERRANO "A li11/e mi.,chicf �r th� ,,-ay. a li11le jua IOS['frethcJ,,y" Jyear,otC.S.H.S Boy,' forum 2, J Homecoming Comm. 2,J

SUVliN SHACKLETT -11/Jlld«>mc is a, ltand,omc J,,.,_,· 4yeonatC.S.H.S


�t/;�:: �. .

2 3

SHARON SHANNON Th,. heads «·e, · thur11hcia1cllec1" 4yec,,oatC.S.H.S L 1,2,l,4 l •:gn ;�. ;_'A .

Fa,hian Shaw 2,3

RAYMOND SEVILL A /,011/of 1he lionh e,,,1 urufhll1<·k-e)'e" .tyea,.atC.S.H .S Var.Footbolll,2,J,4





:::��:��t1 .

Vo,. Ba,kerboll 2,3,4 Letterman', Club 1,2,3,4 KeyClub4 Boyo' Forum 1,2,3


CTHDlf STOCKU 1/ �J ,unn.,, f.,11.,,.,, " ·J,,·,,,,,,., sli� •,· ,.,,wnc«.• 1•a,,a1C.S.H.S. H...,o,lolll,2,J,4 S1vdu1. Coancil 1,1,J GA.A J,4 TOT. 2,3,4 A.f S 2,3,4

IOBEIT STONE "/Ir 1ta,aliu/ylod." 2yeo,.at C.S.H.S,

����.. �� nh s!��•ntCoutt Plan Comm 3 u

IAHARA STRUTTON '""/'he "'ot/d /1�fon11• to thc,•n,•tl(Cli••.'' 4 yean a1C.S.H.S. C.S.F.1,2,3,4 G,A.A. 1,2,3,4 Manage, 3,4


fulu,a Nu,Ht4 P,H.4 A.F.S.J,4

SHERI SWARTS • .�h�- r, /--•n· ,; �n,1 ,hinin;:light"' 4 y♦an ot C.S.H.S. T.O.T.J,4

... .


G.A.A. 1,2J , 4 ,

�::�..�•;:;:,�":- l

OANIR TAYlOI "fou) o,•ith rnre," 4 yeanatC.S.H.S. "'" 1,23, :::;;•,:"; Ya,, Swimming4

CHRISTINE THATCHEl "H,:awy i, udorned!!·hennot mall." 4yea,oatC,S.H,S.


lOSE TIMMONS ..,.. h1111/J)'li/eronJiJU of 1,anqui/ityl)/tflind." ., .......,c.s.H.S. Giflt'l-uel,23, 4 , S p��::\��� : J,...dC,ou2,4

Ell.I.NOi TOUU ""\011·aut,rnrdin1" 11,,:.,·ar/J." 4 y..,,.atC.S.H.S :::.�: ;h�: l SpanithCl.,1,4 u


MICHAEL TORREZ "Tally lfo,u11dmrnv ,re go!" 4yeor, atC.S.H.S.

ANDRE TOUCHARD . ·hc11 "lf'h)·l,cdiffirn/t. , 1d1h" /i11/c m<>Tc cffo ri yo« cun l,e m i po,sii/c?"" 3year ,atC.S.H.S. Mgr. 2,3 Va,. C,ou-Count,-,, Mg,.3 SpH<hClub3 Pre-Med. Clubl Boys" forum2,3

ELLEN TOWN E "Li,ten,mychi/dcen. ,,nd )·ou.<hu/l hear," 4yeana1C.S.H.S Cl.A.A. 2,34 , T,ea,.4 Spani ,hClub4 Talon! Show 1,3,4 T.O.T.2,3 4 , A.F.S. 4 E,neico 3 Hono,Rolll,3 (li ,1,' LeagueCab,4

JOAN VINCENT "Forrmir!(&,l 1he.,k)·. ym,r,,im 1hes1ar.,." C.S.F.1,2,3,4 i,

, , 3 2

(l !•i�;�;,:�.· 31 E,noi<12,l,4 P,e-Med. Club2.4 o,,hou,a 2 A.f.S.3,4 Tolen/ Show2,3

JOYCE TYSON "'/'hrre1umlfor,.1/,ing 11·clldG1!ei.<t1Jha1'" doneil." 4yt<J,sa1C.S.H.S. Gi,I,' League Cab.4 Talent Show 1,2,3,4 Ch,i,!mo, Pog.1,23 . 4 , C.S.F.1,3 G,A.A.2,3 Jr. Rod C,ou4 H.S.P.A, 2 3 , ,4

WllUAM WAIT ··,t je,·ter hc, b,u rwman·, f L" 4yoar1a1C.S.H.S O,,he.1,a 1,2,3,4 hClub l :: :::.� 4 8oys"Fo,u,.,l,2.J H<>no,Roll3,4

TAMARA WARHURST '"As fresh as,my ro.<r" Cli,ls'Leaguo2,3 Cab inet4 Cl.A.A. 3 4 , 5den<o3,4 Studon1Caun<it4 C.S.F.4 Hono:Roll1.2 3, , 4 Tolont ShowJ,4

KARI N WASH "F,./lof the die-ken,. b,u,,1,;.,,,,,.cct" 4yoanalC.S.H.S. E,nei <1 3 ,4 T.O.T.2,34 , G.A.A.3,4 A.F.5.4 SpanishClubJ Hono,Ralll,2 C.S.F, 3 4 ,


lAU WEISAUH "Qui(I, bu toh II.I k t.1 n 111 him.� fo,0'11,, b<l"'<>v• Shod..,, lyM,atC.S.H.S. A.f.S.4 Vic,.,,.,. 4 ,•.,,.,,.,s..,,.,1...... , Tro,k4

KAUN WUDAT "Al«·ay• r,tal. and naturally Jl<'ttl." 2yMroolC.S.H.5, T.0.T. 3 Studen1Cauncil4 ArtClub4 Jr,hd(,oH4 f.l.l.A.4 Gl,lo' L..,guo3,4

CHllSTINE WIELAND "/ /ovemen,norbua1J1e btca1J1e1h q are 1 1 01 1hq areme11,but 1<'<1mer,," 2y..,natC.S.H.S. 0.A.A. 1,2,3 _.,,,,, •.,,,,.,,,..,t Con,,4 DltchDayCon,m.4 Soph. Hop Co"'"'·2

JON WICK$UOM ° "Lifei11uchala1Jgh!' "l"Foolboll3 J.V. los,boll2 hyo'FaNn,1,2,3

VllGINIA WINSTON "Q,.iety(tchurful; actfre ye110ler«111.H 4y..,natC.S.H.S. A.F.5.3,4 Spa11i,hClub3,4 ToJ..,t Sloow2,4 Girlt'l Mguo 1,23 , 4 , huhlo,, Show2 Franch Club I

U.UY WflSMIUH "Th eb e.i .,.,,.,,,.,;, a/.,.,y,1h,m.,gh.H 2,.......,c.s.H.s. A.f.S. 3,4 C.S.f.4 f<n9i<t4 lotinClubJ

IICHAlO WOOOlUM �flelo.�1he1Jamt, beyo11d1htpri�." 4,..,,..,c.s.H.s. htt......,.·,c1ub3,4 Var. Tro••2,3,4 "l"Trockl "C"laobtboUl,2

MAIY LOU WILLIAMS "A kind hearr i, a /a1Jn• ta ir,o/ 11adn eu, molcinlf ev,:rythingturni nfo ,mile ., H 2y..,notC,S.H 5 . . G.A.A. 3,4 A,F,S 3, , 4 Talont ShowJ,4 Spanloh Club3 Girls' loo1w• 3,4

DAVID YOUNG ".�tudh>u., <>I e"'"'·and fond of lrnmble 1hin,r•·· 4 v•onot C.S.H.S. C.5.F.2,3,4 lov•· Fo,,,m 1,2,3 Var, Jenni• 2,3 Honorhlll,2,3,4

SUSANNA HAMMOND ··w1,e,£t/,ue i , l ight. ,M,hadowi.dup." 4yeanotC.S.H.5.

INGUD ZIMME.MAN F.,,.l9nhchon9eSlud•nl "The hea�en, •ueh grnce ,lidlendhertl,<11,l,c migl,1admiudbe_•• Go,mony ,,..,, ..,c.s.H.s. Gi• • 4 ��b��=��






�OLLY UONHA.OT "She1<·alhin•race '11tdbe®tyo11dineach .•tepdi,rnity." lyHnorC.S.H.S, 3 3 C.S.F.2,3,4 A.f.S. 2,3,4 t,0,T, 3,4 sr,,d•ntCouncill,4 Hono,Roll2,l,4


LAUY SCAFF "lli1,rrea111eu'111d1he h onoro/l,i111ome1/,all btkno1<:n1oull.." 4y..,notC.S.H.5. C.S.f.1,2,l,4 A.F.S.2,3,4 Vat1ily T•nnisl,4 L•tt•rman'1 Club 3,4

�:;;:: ���.:·!;:��....

JANE GLEASON ":,/,c rrnlh in 1<·Udom ""din light," lyeonolC.S,H,S La1 • • !:.;; ;� � ; .,

G.A.A. 2,3,4 C.S.f. 2,3,4 A.f,S.2,3,4 T.O.T. 3,4 .


These three Seniors were the A.f.5. students chosen to visit foreign countries lost yeor. Polly studied in Swih:erlond, Larry in Germony, ond Jane in Norway.

....�··• '···� ...

·-., _;J).�. ,/·_;.\,. �...



';\. ..


, Mor� Lou W1lli0m1

__ .I

Cyndie Stode,

Go,I Soge

(c,y Ho,nly


44 Judy�k

Bill Bolinger


lindo Kopec�y



M..rind11 Sounftn lorba,aJollntOfl


leYerlJ llan<h1mi

Jo<queli,.. l0<0nlm<1n

Vi,ginio lloh






Ma,y Eldl

l•v•rlr Cu,h_,.



P,iuillc, Dc,rby

Nancy fool••

Timothy Gotr

Kc,,.n Gindling

S<indra Grady


Joy<• Grant

Guy Haa•

Ma,cla Hatting!on



William Gray

Donna Heavy,lde


Lynn fv• Martin

Mlcl>ael Manhay

Robert Moody


Pollpann Panon•

larry �ulliam



Jany St,atton


Paltlcia Thomp101>



0<1ryl Willi<1m1



Elwood Yovngt

Chc,tlH htre1be,11




lottom hw: M. Cond•l<11, l. hbrow, J. Clark, J. Cl<irk, G. A,bulhnot, S. 0.n,;,rl, M. Dart, M. Cutler ,C. l<1bcoclc, C. Andrew<. 2nd ,ow: I. l0munt, G. Chc,H, P. CowHy, C. hlhu.wm, S. Dillion, I. Colemon, l. Alcorn, J. Doe, C. Col­ cough. 3rd row, I. luckley, V, CordoYa, D. Beck, B. hd•t.l, 0, Co..,,tock, C. Chittenden, A. CoH, C. Con<ird, J. l u r ­ g a n , J. CoNluo. • • h r o w : l. Allyn, J. D H , I. Daubert, W, llockwell, I. l•nlly, l, Andenon, C. Darby, M. llonch­ cird, J. 0.0rbom, I, Co•. D. l•ckley, Sth row: J. lf1>ck, M. Co.., D. Ar<hor, A. Dou9loo, S. Butler, I. Cmmnor, S. lutcho,, L. l,oko, I, Dille,, L lu1!<>1, J. Cundiff,

lottom row: J, Smith, E. HuddlH!on, C. GrlmH, l. Hawley, D, Hammer, J. Dunbar, E. Gontilo, S. Fo,tor, V. Hondorlch, C. Finn, J. Eaton. 2nd row: D. Heimerl, H. Huring, J. Gonnu,, I. Ho,ri,on, C. Hellman, J. ftltod>e, C. finley, S. Gc,,., J. Ha,tl,, �- Hill, I. Emrick. 3,d ,ow: G. Fullerton. I. Harhy,·R. Holl, P. fo•, 5. Ju,gu,on, G. Garri,on, M. F,.e..,an, C. G,ant, H, Ella,, C. Hua,te, Dione Huarte. 4th row, M. H•a•, K. Herold, 4. Focke, N. Enoch,, G. Edmondoon, S. Hymon, J, Hooking, S. Butler, D Gordon, G. Hogen. 5th ,ow: P. Stepk•noon, M. Galey, 0. Honi,, I:. Finn, R. fN>mpton, M. Emu, C. Gtody, K. Gaf}', •• fpe,.on, E. Gorciduenoo, C. Gale.


Sophomores (\:

Bottom r<>w: J. Kvpf•r, P. N•lson, H. Johnotone, D. James, a. Leonho,dt, M. Morgon, M. McG,<l!h, R. Lo,sen, D. Senechen, K. John,on, K. Khun,. 2nd row: D. O'Brien, R. O!sen, J. Or.niston, L. Saunden, R. Lober, W. McNabb, H. Neggio, V Peno, J. Jone,, K. Morgan, V. McDonald, I. Nichol. Jrd row: M. Moore, B. Jefferson, R. LH, II. Perldns, J. Mueller, R. Pc,101, T. Moo,., A. S<henck, S. Neword, C. Norton, l. Joyne. 4th row: J. Molin<>, T. Jlmenn, E. Mor,en, S. Miller, T. Norr, J. Nelson, R, Lorsodo, l. Mortin, J. Jenson, W. Lowrance, C. John,on Sin row: J. Mortin, R. Jemison, L. Michoel, N. Kingsbury, M. Jackson, C. O'Kelly, P. Owen, C. Kimp.,, R. Loeb, R. Penre,.

Bollom row: K. Wallis, N. Tyson, S. Rohn, K. Williams, P. Stevenoon, D. SykH, S. Wil,on, R. Wildman, D. S•ne,hen, B. Stak.,, G. Robert,. 2nd ,ow: C. Run.void, D. Wolk••• J. Timman,, M. Thornbu.rg, S. Wal,er, P. Wagner, D. Sinclair, B. Rit<hi•. P. Shook, l. Sloan, 5. TiklHi. 3,d raw: M. Terry, IC. Vandubih. J. Smith, C, Grant, J. Tindall, B. Tornoy, K. Scolr, P. Toylar, B. Rabun, M. Roppe. 4th ,ow: S. Smolen, W. Poland, G. Smith, D. Ryerson, L. Stocker, B. Periiin1, J. Muelle,, A. Schenck, G. McNabb, J. William,, T. Ri,ha,d,on. 5th row: M. Saltekofl, J. Shaffer, B. Utter, D. Titus, M. Whit•, haad, A. Salton, L. TarHy, G. R<>bert,, C. Soifer!, M. Towne.


Student Leaders

BETTY SHAEfHR sâ&#x20AC;¢.,.,.,,r

Other student body offlcer1 o,e lorba,o Coltrin, A<liYlry Coo,dinotor; Jone! Pierce, Buoineu MonogH;

Goll Sc,ge, AMuol Editor; 0c,yld Hebert, Alhle!lc Monogu; F,ederi,. Clo,., AdYutiolng Manc,ger; c,nd Dovid Fhhlow, Wollpcicketfdito,.


Student Council

Progress Report Though Claremont is the smallest s<hool in the Tri-County league, we began the yeor with o fifty-four member student council, the largest in the league! One second semester project was on inter-dub council lo correct thi1 situation and provide closer cooperation among oll student body orgonitotions. The Student Council operated under its first complete budget in 19S9-60, ond wos forced to toke a more responsible attitude in spending money, which resulted in keeping the A.5.B. out of the red. The Student Council had also entered into such programs os more efficient odministrotion in sports activities, attempted improvement of snack bar facilities, coordination of clubs under the shortened-day schedule, and sponsorship of the cmnuol Tri-County League Dance. This year's Student Council members hove made a real contribution in student government at C.S.H.S. and hove shown that students can act responsibly in working out their own problems and governing their own affairs.


C. 5. F. The Cloremonl chapter of the Colifornio Scholar­ ship Federation is composed of honor students who hove earned the required number of grade poinh during the preceding semester. Each student mus! be superior in three or more academic subiects be­ fore becoming o member. Highlighh of this year were the annual field trip and the Life Membeu' Dinner, at which all the students who hod been oworded life membership in CSF received their gold pins.


Mtt. Noble, Spo,..o, Dovld ,i,hlow, Edito,

From Mondoy'1 (opy-reoding to Tuesdoy·s proof-reoding to Wednesdoy'$ pa$te­ up to Fridoy'1 finished product, the Wolfpocket stoff runs o three-ring circus. That the poper comes out ot oll is o constont source of surprise to everyon• from the editor to the lowliest cub reporter.

Annual Cough! in o moment of deep concentration in order to meet their $econd deadline, the annual staff is seated around their work table. The photography editors ore busy morking picture sizes while the copy editors are writing up the events of the year. Typing, pasting, drawing, and designing poges occupy the remoinder of lhe staff.



om,.,., Shilo Gore, Bob Louin, boro ,.,,nun, $yl�iu G,ijlc,1.

The sixth annual Science Fair is one oulslcmding project sponsored by the Ecneics Club. The group also plonned o field trip lo Kaiser Steel in Fontana and o gold-pan­ ning excursion. Ecneiu hos grown from 20 members In 1959 to SS members in 1960, ond it is expected to continue its growth.

Pre-Med Studenh interested in the field of medicine ore affiliated with the Pre-Med Club, ond the club's gaol is to further this interest. This year's activities hove included field trips and several guest speakers, whoie topics hove included medical technology and other aspects of the wide field of medicine.


Offiun: I. MIiiard, L. Ma,tln, L WIiiiams, I. GI!<�.

Recognizing the significonce of the ogeless eirt of the dromo, we strive to goin personol enrichment through guest speokers, work with mokeup ond tcenery, eind the enchonlment of ploys. We ore o select group of "doers", ond not merely "joiners", working toword o thorough knowledge of dromotic production ond presenlotion.

Teachers of Tomorrow The purpose of T.O.T. is to provide members with the opportunity to explore edu­ cotion os o profeuionol gool ond to encouroge students lo enter the field of educotion. The progrom indudeli the feillowing: in-school meetings covering such subjects os edu­ cotion of the blind, deof, ond otherwise handicopped; field trips; conferences omong dubs from mony schools; ond for seniors-doily two-hour onignmenh to elementory donu os teocher onistonts.

om,•.,, C. 1,omag•, E. Walden, L. �u!<h•r, and N. Sanfo,d.

One important purpose of �iris' League i5 to unite oll the girl$ of the school. To accomplish this, activities 5uch os o Newcomers' Picnic ond teo ond o Howdy Hop were given eorly in the first semester. This yeor sow the formation of two new committees, School Beautiful ond Bulletin. The Welfare Committee worked hord on projects to help those stricken with polio ond to assist needy families ond babies in Hong-Kong.

The Key Club, o high school offiliule of the Kiwanis Club, Is an honorary boys' orgonizotion. The club's activities vory greatly. This year they hove gone from collecting clothes for Greek orphans to monitoring the assemblies ond playing donkey basketball with the faculty.

A. F. 5. A.F.S. Club, with the largest membership in its history, has worked diligently this year to promote o feeling of world brotherhood and understanding which isso vitolto us. International dinneu, parties, o large cornil,ol, and a community movie hove been the moior ac­ tivitiu of the club for the year. I. Minnich, L S<Clff, L WelHath, L. Mal<.,,, J. Glaa,on,


Fc,.'9nSludenlâ&#x2013; , INGIID ZIMMU/1!.AN I.AU WEJSEATH


Spanish Club

Sotiol events in which students toking Spcmish moy speok ond sing the longuoge ond become acquainted with many of the customs and foods of Sponish speaking countries form the chief purpose of the Spanish Club. Activities this year included din­ "ers, o trip to Padua Hills, and a Christmas ploy.

Latin Club The Lalin Club, on honorary organization for students who hove token or ore toking second year Latin, has had a busy and successful year. "The main activity of the club, the Roman Banquet, was a well-planned and enjoy­ able gro1,1p activity," stcited Mr. MoK Gates, dub sponsor.


H. S. P. A

A trip to Scripps College for o demonstralion in pottery making wos o typkol progrom sponsored by the H.S.P.A. this year. The purpose of the club it to allow members an opportunity to explore the many divisions of art.

F. B. L A. The gaol of the F.B.L.A. is lo develop competent, oggrenive, busjneu 1eodership, ond to learn more about choosing business occupations. Members must have token a busineu class sometime during high school. Offi,.,., 0 hâ&#x20AC;˘hGy, S. Grady, 5. ..._,,11, .,ndJ. Nâ&#x20AC;˘!n.


Concert Choir

With severol succenful performances to its credit, the Concert Choir, led by Mr. Chester Cox, hos become on accomplished group of selected ¼oices. The Christmos Progrom, the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, "Triol by Jury", cind the Tri­ County Music Festival have been three of the gro1,1p's moin accomplishments.


Porticipoting in its moil active year, the orchestro, under the direction of Mr. George Denes, took port in more programs than ever before. Some of theie were the Christmas and Yeteron's Doy assemblies, the operetta, and the District Festival in long Beoch.


Future Homemakers

Offi<om C. Thomo,, R. W•n• h,. C. '•"-''°"• I. Pw!lkom­ m••• I( A,mow,, $. HlnH

An outstanding purpose of F.H.A. is to help individuals improve personal, family, and community living. In October, two C.S.H.S. future homemakers were selected to attend the Asilomar Convention in Californio, at which they learned the importance of F.H.A. os a growing organization throughoul the stole. Activities Included o Senior girls' reception, a candied apple sale, and a mothers' tea and fashion show.

Future Nurses The Future Nurses' Club, formed and sponsored by Mrs. Violet Frankel and Min Jean Henricus, proved very active this year. Frequent field trips to nearby hospitals, such as City of Hope, L. A. County Hospital, and Pacific State·, highlighted the year's activities,

Olli,.,., 10,bo,oShwlton,

French Club



Porlei.-vous frontois? The French Club, with Madam McIntyre os advisor and Ingrid Zimmerman as piesident, proved very active this year. The club's schedule in­ cluded movies, field trips, and parties, but best of all was the chonce for ih members to speak French among themselves without the fear o( grades!


Rall4 Club The R.O.T.A. Club, sponsored by the Claremont Rotory Orgoni1.otion, strives to pro­ mote better cith:enship and community service by ih members. The dub serves its Alma Moler by undertaking the tosk of producing footboll programs and monitoring the hall during lunch shifts. In addition to sponsoring the Annual Christm01 Formal, the dub intends to support a foreign student.

0ffi<•.s: 0. fi,hlow, 0. Ado!,,

J. Vond•rl•itt,, A. Thurn, F. Hunguford, ond\.S<off.






lettermens' Club

The Claremont Letterman's Club is cm honorary organization with Mr. leonord Cohn as its sponsor. It consists of boys who have mode a vorsity letter in footboll, bosketball, swimming, or any other varsity sport. The boys also hove to be recommended by their coaches before becoming eligible for mem­ bership. The officers for the following year are elected in the spring during one of the club's most important meetings.

William Bofinger, Mkh<HI Ma<â&#x20AC;˘lin, Gaston De Roos.


Howd4 Hop

Ba,bo,a St,ulto" Dnd JDlln \londerhith

The awarding of lollypops to Borboro Strut­ ton and John VonderReith for saying "hello" to the right people ot the right time highlighted the annual Howdy Hop. They were winners in a contest held the doy of the dance to encouroge e11eryone to soy "hello" to as mony people as possible. The purpose of the dance was to greet all the new students and enoble them to gel ocquoint­ ed with the "old-timers,"

After - Game Dance While reloiting ofter the tension and excite­ ment of lhe evening, everyone enjoyed the danc­ ing and fun at lhe P.F.A.-sponsored ofter game donCl:!5, not lo mention the refreshments, which were provided for oll, and were rapidly con­ sumed by hungry players os well as everyone else. The donc95 were perfect endings for fun­ filled Friday nighh.

Couple, "owdth• floo,/o, theh•• populo,woln


Talent An "International Teen-Talent Convention" held in a Swiss chalet in the Alps wos the theme of the annual Talent Show in October. Highlights of the convention were the song, "Comp Cucomongo"; the Senior Girls' interpretation of the footboll teom; the "Magic Wand" number by the Roshoy twins; and a Dior fashion show by the Senior boys. Chip Batcheller was convention secretory and Doug Adair, emcee. Morda Dovenport ond Belle Glick directed.

ll1• ,�perb di,e<tlon of !hi, yeor'1 Tol•nl Show by Ma,.10 D0.-enpo,t, Mr,. Marjorl• Nobl• and 8elle GIi<� b,o�ght weU•e0,ned p,oi•• to them



four bor• from Comp Cucomongo sang their camp oong

Tl•• lnl•tnolionol TGl•nl '"-'"• wo, <a,,ied on by ,i, dancing o.,1,h9hl,.

Modern in!•rpreli•• dancing woo enhc,ncingly giv•n by lelle Glick

l,_king 1,om a huddle, th• Senior girlt, in football c,l!i"', ,ung .,l'ou Gotta ha football Hua."







holftime of



victory over the Co,ono Pantheo wen the crown­ ing of our homecoming queen, beautiful Noncy

Conner, and her royol

court. Performing the

crowning (eremony wos lost year's queen, Suiy


To complete this eventful night, on ofter­

game donce, sponsored by the Rally Club, was

held for alumni and students.


Ke4 Club Dance Appro11imotely eighty students were present al the Beatnik Brawl, which wos sponsored by the Key Club ond held ot Condit Elementary School. Abstract block murals covered the walls, and "Beotish" music was played by the Hi-Liters from Pasadena City College. The Beatnik couples, who probably shouldn't hove indulged in such common­ place acts 01 eating, feasted on quantities of punch and cookies.

Swingln' S<enery


T. C. L Dance Shimmering woterfolls ond moonlit forests formed o glomorous setting os the Claremont Oueen, lovely Nancy Connor, reigned supreme over the onnuol Tri-County league dance. This outstanding event brings together couples from Claremont, Bonito, Chino, Corona, Pomona, and Uplond. Home­ coming queens from the other schools formed Queen Nancy's court. The enchonting music for the offoir, held ot C

M. C. Student Union,

was furnished by the Dads' Bond of Cloremonl




Christmas Formal E"chonting belles and handsome beaux danced dreamily to the soft music of the Five Bits at the Winier Wonderlond Chritlmos Bolt. Twinkling stors hung from the ceiling and a shimmering white Christmos tree stood in !he distance. It wo1 an excitirtg night for oll, while Christmas spirit filled the gir.


Football Banquet This year the Quarterback Club's football banquet took ploce on January 23 at Sycamore Auditorium. Dinner was followed by the presentation of the Var1ity and Bee awords, ond a raffle. A talk, given by retiring Coach Cohn, was interesting and humorous, and Mr. Eotl Kieselhont, presi­ dent of the Ouorterbadcs' Club, brought the meeting to a dose.

VGnity foorboll men no<â&#x20AC;˘lving .,.....,,.., ""cl <ongmllllo1Mn1.


Qirls' League Formal The Girls' league Formal wos held ot Palomares Community Center this year, and as usual, a lorge turnout made the dance a ,uccus. The formal committee spent hours decoroling to con­ vert the auditorium into a "Seo of Dreams", and the king and his prin,es reigned throughout the evening.

And now !ht loyal Court will danct.



Gilbert ond Sullivofl's "Trial By Jury" was successfully performed this year by Mr. Chester ColC and his music depahment. The principal1 in the comedy operetta were Donny Hazelton os the defendant, Coral Kimper as the plaintiff, Donny Scher as the judge, Harold Roberhon os the council for the plointiff, and a flirtatious group of bridesmaids.



Spring Pla4 "January 16th", the three-od comedy­ drama presented by Mr. Maxwell Gates, dorred Tomora Alcorn as Koren Andre, Thomas Omri as the iudge, William Hor­ ris as the defense attorney, and Dovid Fishlow as the district attorney. The ploy consisted of a trial for mur• der, and the audience acted as the lury, giving the judge a verdict baHd on the evidence presented.







Song Ubby Galâ&#x20AC;¢







Football foiling to let on early West Covino upset darken their hopes, the mighty Wolfpaclc displayed the tre­ mendous spirit which ho1 been so predomincmt these lost few yeoo, and recorded its sixth consecutive Tri-County leogue championship. Despite the Ion to our arch rivol Moter-Dei in the second CIF round, the record of retiring coach Len Cohn will probably go down as the finest in prep sthool hi,tory.

Coplains:HorryM011i1onondl(e11tOob1on, Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Home Home

..... Montclair 0 .. W. Covino 18 . S. Posodeno 0 7 ........... Temple City .... Upland 28 26. Corona 0 27 Bonita 6 . Pomona 19 6 ...... Chino Brawley 6 15 . Moter-Oei 13 0 26 14


Manc,got1, Edward lub, And,e Toucha,d, hrry Sholl�n,



11' 11 1 '1� 1



J'•,,�.i�· .,,��'f:�-,� •.

':io' -

Coo<ho,: loona,cl Col,n and hp•• K•i•••• pi<lu,ecl

h••• alt•• a ,.,«..,1.,1 1,1.county llHllgu• Hasan.













� _,




.' ,fi/�'".




Eel r 71 Ta,kle

., I 95




P-11 1.¥•









VAN PENA Tcickle

















Bee Football for the first time in Cloremont High School history, Cl Bee team reolited the desire of true champions and recorded their first un­ defeated season. Under the fine coaching efforts of Merlin Apel ond Chester Coit, the Bee gridders chalked up five shutouts in nine starts. With this impressive record, they ochieved the voluoble ex­ perience that will lead them to more victories on the varsity squads in the years to come.

ll�ttom Row: D. William,, W. Digg,, II. Oaube'1, J. Spoltwood, J. Henry, l. Sc,unde,o, J. Mueller, N. Stewort. 2nd Row: W. G,e>1ey, D. Be<kloy, R. Palo,, J. Dearborn, •· Cox, 8, Bentley, II. Helbe,, J. Mn,tin, 0. Hetmme,

Bottom Row, 5. Hyman, M. Gar<i<a, S. WH,on, C. Coulter, H. Filloon, S. Butlu, II. Lowrance, M, Moc,., J. Molino, R. Lobe,, R. Wildman. 2nd Row, R. Cont,.,.,,, a. Ho,ri,on, B. Jeft•.,on. 0. Srkes, J. Co,ho, T. loflon, J. B•ock, D. Bu,kl•y, D. Go,don, T. Ri<l,cnd,on, W. Blockw1II, L. Stoch,, B. l'•,kin,, C. Willioms, W, McNab.


Claremont Cloremonl Cloremonl Claremont Claremont Claremont Cloremant Claremont Ooremont

25 ... ............... Montdolr 7 .............. West Covino South Pas. 19... 18 .. ..... ... . Temple City 1 � -Upland 2•�--- Corona Bonito 20 20... Pomona 2----- Chino

6 6 0 7 7

0 0 0 0

Basketball Working under coach Jock Smith, the mighty Clare­ mont cagers secured cm imprenive TCL title this yeor. Displaying the strong competiti11e spirit that is found only in a championship squad, the quintet led the lea­ gue in defensive slotistics, and wos second in offen1ive. Although next year's league promises to be a tough one, the Claremont cogers plan to moke os fine o record as that which was established by the 1960 squod,

Captain frtdri<• Morril

Score of League Comes Claremont 43 Claremont 52 Cloremont 64 Claremont 37 Cloremont 54 Clc:iremont 44 Claremont SO Cloremonl 44 Claremont 49 Claremont 61 Claremont 32 Claremont 57 Claremont 46 Cloremont 55 . Claremont 56 . Claremont 45 Clc,n�mont 48 Claremont SO Claremont 55 Claremont 66 Claremont 47 Claremont 63


. •.lo Puenle CMC Frosh Duarte . Fonteno .. Montclair Chula Vista Gonetho . . . CMC Frosh . Upland . South Pas. Corona Bonito Pomona . Chino Upland Corona Bonito Pomona .. Chino .. Victor Volley Montclair Son Morino

41 62 36 54 36 38 57 SO

44 47 37 47 38 36 32 33 34 43 48 44 35


MonogertGuy Hoos ond R•ynoldo Cont,t<OI.

CharlMknlley G,;ard

Bill lCleMlho"I Cfflm

Danny Ha..llon G,;otcl

loolGttin G..ord




Farword G<.ocml


Bee Basketball After experiencing o bod start, this yeor'1 Bee basket­ ball team suddenly became victorious, ond monoged to foshion o fine league record under the coaching of Mr. Merlin Apel. First round ploy sow the Bees losing four and win­ ning one, but the lost-improving squad reversed these figures in the second round, leoving them high up in the league slonding1.

..,- -... t

. ,t: .,.....,

lotto"' ,ow, D. Hc,,ri1, I. Joflonon, D. Krio,.I, t, Co•, G. Goetz. 2nd ..,w, I. hn°tloy, D. a..•1.-,, W. llo<kwoll, D. S.lf, 3rd ,ow, J. Muollor, J, Ooort.o,n, J. Lonon, F. hhn.



Cee Basketball In spite of their unimpressive record, the winless Cees' season wasn't o complete loss. During seventh period, ond even after the finol bell, one could usuolly find Coach Esper Keiser's bantam weights in the gym concocting new shots and strotegies which will surely help them during the coming years in the bigger leagues.

c....,h hpuK•I••·

lonom ,ow: W. Fa99, f. TorA:, R. Wildman, 8. Ho.,i,on, 2nd row: J. Gormus, D. fy,., P. McGrath, 0. Gordon, I. Bamum.

Chino onyourguotd!


Cross Countr4 This yeor's cron-cauntry team, under the helpful guidance of Cooch Richard Lowe, showed courage and spirit that mode up for o winless season. With the largest turnout in its three year history, the team hod a record number of letter­ men who will make neict year's squod a vic­ torious one!

loll•un t0w: W. Fc,91, f. Torre,, It. Angl•, I. htl. 2n� ,ow: I. Mlllo,d, I. lriom, I. Zoppo, (. l•tt.rburv.


Track Under the direction of coaches Merlin Apel and Esper Keiser, this year's Vanity Track team proved to be 5urpri5ingly strong, and did well in severed inviloâ&#x20AC;˘ tionol meets. Led by Co-<e1ptoins Bill Bolinger cind Brent Dobson, the squad showed fine depth in the field events, which added to the success of many meets.






lroc,d Jump






Polo Voull













H;gl, Jump



llll STEINER St.01,.,1

• '"



DICK WOODRUM Pol• V0<1lt0nd High Jurnp


B Track The "Bee" track team exhibited the balance that enabled it to win the Tri-County leeigue clan "B" championship lost year. When this story went to press, the team seemed to be headed for cmother championship season.

Top..,,.., I. PulUom, E, Loeb, H. FillO<ln, I. Perkin,, J. Dearborn. loltom Row: C. Coull-,, D.Willl0m1,T.Stratt0n,J.Henry,B.Zappci,


C Track The "Cee" 1quod, locking depth in many events, showed the spirit ond determination which is 10 importcint in oll of the mony sports cote­ gorl... Thi1 1ome teom will probably be a winning one within the next two years.

'• ,..,.,, Kerl.,, ,m-, tloYe O.rtlon, WIiii, ,,.,,, c.,1,, C•.,f•••· 10110"' ••w: Wo1n• McNab, c11e,i.,wm1o..,,,c,..,,.. c.1<1...,,._


Baseball After a long bosketboll season, Coach Len Cohn returned ogain this year with an excep­ tionolly strong and experienced boseball team. Finishing high in leogue standings, Coach Cohn's "nine" recorded impreuive wins behind a strong pitching staff ond a well balanced hitting de­ partment.


I MDnD9•rsDonWil,o..nandDenni,C0m•lotk 114

lillHelb.r Outfield

DuoneDo119l011 Pit,;heâ&#x20AC;¢

li<hardJa<ksor> Outfield

Dowg Hom, S..ondbo..


Di<k M<iioon

R...,,S.v111o Plt<h., Oulfi•ld

Rog•rP,.101 Oulfl•ld

Mik• Mocklln




H<irold loberh<in ThirdBc,1•

Junior Varsit4 Baseball Finishing the season in relatively good foshion, the 1960 J.V. baseball squad se(11red some impresâ&#x20AC;˘ sive victories accompanied by the traditionally fine spirit which is commonly displayed by the light weight squad. This team gives us the foundation for a championship teom in future years.

Iott""' tow: J. H..,r11, D. Srk.,, I. Jâ&#x20AC;˘ff.non, I. Loi,.,, l. Souncleu, J. lllH, l, lH, 2nd row, I, Lff, D, l..:klor, 0. lucklor, I. Oaubarl, D. Homrno,, D. S.vlllc,, l. TorNI, J. Spohwood.


I 18

Wt 11> "9ht: kb lottln, fl'N Clo .., Mr. Knopp, John K•vo•, F,.d lohr1, 1111 lrlon,, Donnr Sch••·

After a four year lapse, the Claremont High School golf team resumed action thll year un­ der the direction of Mr, Jack Knapp, Approximately twenty golfers turned out to vie for the five fin! string berths. The linksmen enjoyed a successful 1ea,on In their first year of competition in the Citrus Belt league.


Tennis Once again Cooch Nicholas Polos' merry-making, high-spirited nellers stormed the courh, aiming to equol the fine record estoblished by former teoms. led by coptoin Robert Lattin, the "racketeers" hoped to capture their third contecutive TCL title.



John Cundiff Sln9IH

fr..dHo,dy Slngln

DonEl1l1on Sln91H


lob Goin Do.,blft


DaveYovni DoublH

l'eteScott DoublH

,,n Slnt'-â&#x20AC;¢

Stevelonf.rdt Slngl"


Swimming Under the out5tgnding guidonce of Cooch Gene McCotthy, the swimming squad in its second year of competition proved lo be one of the strongest from a ,moll school in the CIF. Superior conditioning continually showed up as the powerful mermen humbled foe ofter foe during their free-lonce compoign.



row, Jam•• It.,.,•y lull••• Steph•n c,..;9






Go..,. Smith, Jomo, Hc,.kln,, Ad,ion Vondonburg,

loll lo right: Jomu Pu lnc,m, Lu Sto,ko,, Joe SHmon, logu Lobo,, frank Hungorfo,d, A,ihu , Otwh unt,

Chip kt<holl0t, Willi0m Stoku, Clyde Schue,, Chorl•• Getlo, l•u<o Zolin,ky, Weldon Diggo


C. A. A. G.A.A. is for girls who hove o genuine interest in sports, ond o desire to cultivote sportsmanship on and off the field, cu welt os to goin 1kill ond proficiency in all G.A.A. octivities. The highlight of the yeor is the all sports G.A.A. bonquet where the members receive their letters cu,d the other "outstonding" awards. G.A.A. advisor Mrs. Dorothy Kiefer presides over the banquet os well os all Claremont G.A.A. offoirs.

,..,., r. Towne, S. h,hc,y

lo"om: J. Gl-â&#x20AC;˘on, l. Golâ&#x20AC;˘

0.1 ""'' boll ond 10!


s E


0 louo,., hw: K. Wosh, S. Ho"'"'••• J. Gl..,,o.,, L. Kop•<�y, L. lul<h.,, D. And•,son, M. Fllnr, I. Hou1e, 2nd low A. Allyn, D, h,hay, C. Thotcher, C. lromag•. K. Hainly, f. Town•, S. h,hoy, L. William,. 3rd hw: I. Coltrin, J. Pier<•, M. Mal1•n, J. l,odfltld, J, lrDge, J, N•i,., I, Zimm••man, I. f•rrin, T. WDrhunt.

R s







lot!Dm hw: l. Fink, M. full••• D. HHlvyside, M. Eid!, P. larry, A. f,....,, $, hl••l•y, C. Cu,ti,, L, Gal•. 2nd Row· J. Dotloy, P, Thomp1on, I, Der•gibu1, 5. Mortin, L. Mortin, I. Sharum, E. Walden, J. Tibbals, \/. Bloke, I. lawr•n<•3,d Row: J. Sannon, D, N,itl, K. ShHII, P, Alb,i9ht, S. f,,,..rd, D. Dwo....�, M. Harrin91on, I. Shaeffer, K. Clasen, C. Clort,, 4th Row: J. Ormioton, K. Armou,, C. Pil•, E. W,b,ter, J. Loberg, C. Gallardo.



p H s kllom Row: P. Nelson, N. lysa.,, J. Nelson, P. Hill, S. Gor•, C. Finley, S. lutchu, S. Mill.,, $. hrguson. 2.,d Row: J. Clar1,, T, Run,-olcl, M, Da,t, I. Cerpenter, M. St,wa,1, M. freeman, T. Sl-n, C. Klmp•r. 3,d low: P. CewHy, E. Motlfn, I. l••<Y, C, G"'nl, H. Elia,, C. No,ton, A. Dou9los, M. lloncha,d, G. Arbuthnot 4th low: C. Dotloy, D. Huatte, A. c...,, C. Huatt,, \/. M<Donold, L, Poul, J. Clar1,, C. Williams


C A N D I D s

A d V








J j

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Swan Song �--c: :,.-,, 1959 ·.

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'1 I Y·

13. !J.


· · · · · · · · · · · -,�..,�-,.. - JOIIMfDtK_,__ [Yletir/,oo/., !JiuorpomI,,} '

n• JJ/o,m,,4", vt11l1.,-, I ·

Profile for Sharon ESTERLEY

1960 El Espiritu  

1960 yearbook from Claremont CA high school

1960 El Espiritu  

1960 yearbook from Claremont CA high school