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The Hands of the Future, clasped in the familiar handshake of everyday, express meaning far be­ ond description. Ours were the hands of yesterday; ours are the hands of tomorrow. What do we hold? :

at shall we grasp? Here are two hands ... one tapered, swanlike, graceful; one square ,rugged, capable. What better eme for recording memories and providing inspiration! We are young and brave and free. In our hands lies a glowing future .


We proudly dedicate our annual, Espiritu de


to you,


Harry Levine, for the many years of

devoted work you have given to

Claremont High School in classes, clubs, and athletics. We look for­

ward to the years yet to come in which we know that you will con­

tinue to share with us your time, your energy, and your enthusiasm.

Yours are the hands that each of

us knows intimately. Through them

come our inspiration5 and our aspi­

: /ations. Yours are the capable hands

· that keep us on the right path, the path of knowledge and truth, and

yours are the kind hands that help us over the rough spots and smooth

out the bumps in our journey to

maturity and understanding.



y ·•••�;Feb,uo,

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4RY _10

1,.,,,,, FEBRU_,. T'

There is a busy schedule as usual on the calendar of Mr. Martin, Principal of Claremont High

School. These are the hands that guide our scholastic and extra-curricular programs.

The faculty

carries out the molding of young minds in the direction of positive and independent thinking to­

wards a useful and successful life. sibility of guiding hands.

Someday we students will be the ones to exercise the respon­

Mrs. Griggs Or. Coltrin Mrs. Scaff

Mr. Norton (insert)




Mr. Colby Mr. Wilby Mr. Smith


Our faculty this year had several new faces as well as many of the "Old Guard." As a result of the increase in

Mr. Ted Duncan Vice Principal Dean af Bays


And here is our counsel­ ling staff with whom we have all come into cbntact at one time or another con­ cerning our "little prob­ lems," scholasic or other­ wise. This year the counsel­ ling program was expanded to meet the needs of a grow­ ing student body. They took on more responsibility than before and came out with satisfactory results. Thanks go to them also for their conscientiousness in helping adolescents adjust to the school world.

the faculty, new courses were offered and many of the already existing depart­ ments were enlarged. Our faculty has also taken in­ creased participation in school activities, such as games, dances, and clubs. We wish to express our deep appreciation to these dedi­ cated teachers who have passed their knowledge on to us.

Mr. Lyle C. Martin

Mr. Robert Oyler Head Counselor

Mr. David Stern 10th Grade Counselor

Mr. George Turner 11th Grade Counselor

Mr. Leo Baugus Spanish, French

Mr. Milton Bentley English

Mrs. Mary Blanchard Librarian

Mr. William Booth Mathematics

Mr. George Childs Science

Mr. Len Cohn Physical Education


Mr. Chester Cox Chorus


Mr. George Denes Orchestra

Mr. Jack Farley

English, Speech

Mr. Maxwell Gates English, Latin

The whole art of teoching is only the art of awakening



curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satistying it afterwards. Anotole France

Mr. Jack Knapp

Mrs. Dorothy Kiefer


Physical Education


Mr. Harry Levine History, German

Miss Geraldine Lininger Business

Mr. Harald Lynn

Physical Education

,¡ Mr. Donald Names Business

Mrs. Marjorie Noble English

Mr. Nicholas Polos History

A teacher is sincerely deâ&#x20AC;˘ voted to improving the student, the person who holds the mantle of the future on his shoulders.

Mr. Ernest Snyder Industrial Arts

Mrs. Nancy Swift Art

Mr. Earl Strong Driver Education

Mr. Norman Taylor Attendance, Mathematics

Mrs. Bernice Young Home Economics


Mrs. Louisa Miller High School Registrar

Mrs. Lucille Anderson High School Secretary

Miss Jean Henricus, District Nurse, and Mrs. Frances Kell, Secretary to Nurse


E. Wurl, V. Hoppis, M. Mayfield, E. Candelas, F. Gaglio, V. Gaglio, C. Lorson.




1st Row: C. Derr, G. Battino, F. Sapienza, J. Clark. 2nd Row, C. Ellison, W. Snelson, R. Benson, W. Miles.

1st. Row, F. Gettman, M. Doty, B. Fuller, W. Miles. 2nd.

Row, A. Morgenson, J. Sapienza,

Alkire, C. Derr.

E. Sogan, H.


How many times have your busy hands held schoolbooks, notebooks, pencils, erasers, slide rules, and all the other paraphernalia of studies? To the Seniors, this picture symbolizes the end of a world they have known well during their high school days. To the Sophomores, the symbol is one of new thoughts to master, new assignments to learn. Yes, our modern world fully knows

the significance of busy hands.


We, as Seniors, bid farewell to the memor­ able times behind us. The years spent here have enabled us to prepare ourselves for the decisions of the future. This has been achieved by coopera­ tion of students and untiring efforts on the part of those who have guided us. It is our sincere wish that the classes following, us will uphold the long established traditions that are synony­ mous with C.H.S.

Doug Simpson, President

Bill Evans, Vice-President

Koy Otis, Secretory-Treasurer

Jane Bolinger, Social Chairman

Lynda Stonebraker, Social Choirman

CATALINA ALBA .. He sir, is o hord working mon • 4 years 01 C.H.S. V. Baseball 2,3,4 Talent Show 4 lettermen's Club 2,3,4 Pre-Med Club 3,4 Future Teochers 3, pres. 4 Boys· Forum 2,3,4

DJCK ANDERSON "I om very fond of the . company of ladies! . 4 yeors 01 C.H.S. Science Club pres. 4 Jr. High Stu-::lent Body V.P. l "B.. Football 2,3 S;:,onish Club 4 .. B .. Boseboll 1,2 "B" Boske1ball 4

RON BAKER Good in sports ond games of all sorts, Red is o joker and likes to ploy poker... 4 years at C.H.S. V. Football 2,3,4 Srudent Council 3 Le·termen's Club 1,2,3,4 V. Baseball 1,2,4 V. Basketball 1,2,3,4

SUE BENAK S:>on•onious Combustion'' 4 years at C.H.S. S1uden1 Council 2,4 Closs Social Chairman 3 V. Cheerleader 4 G.A A. 1,2,3 Baseball Mgr. 2 Future Teachers 3,4 Wolfpocket Stoff 3,4

JUDY ALLEN "Music washes away from ,he soul the dust of every­ day life" 3 years at C.H.S. Orchestra 2,3,4 Red Cross 2 G.A.A. 2 Ditch Doy Comm. 4 Girls· League 2,3,4 Los Posadas 4

JOANNE ARCHER "A good heart is worth gold" 3 yeors at C.H.S. Girls' league 2,3,4

ROBERT BEARD "We know what we ore, but not what we may be·· 4 years ot C.H.S. Boys· Forum 2,3,4 Red Cross 4 H.S.P.A. Art Club 4

SUE BLOMQUIST "love is love for ever more., 2 years at C.H.S. C.S.F. 3,4 Pre-Med 3 pres. 4 Girls' League 2,3 sec. 4 To lent Show 4 French Club pres. 4 Science Club 4


JANE BOLINGER "Blest be the art, that con immortalize" 4 years at C.H.S Cheerleader ""B" 2, V. 3 Rally Club 2,3 V.P. 3 C.S.F. 1,2,3,4 Closs Social Chairman 2,3,4 Art Club 1,2,4 Sec. Treas. 4 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Sec. 4

CHARLES BUNKER "Ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no lies" 4 years at C.H.S. V. Football 3,4 V. Track 3,4 V. Basketball 3,4 "B" Baseball 2 Boys· Forum 1,2,3,4 Talent Show 3,4 Annual Stoff 3,4

CURT BUTLER "Into the mountains let me go" 4 years ot C.H.S. Student Council 2,3,4 "B" Football 1,2,3 Skin Diving Club 3 "B" Baseball 2 Boys· Forum 2,3,4

SYBIL CAPPELLETTI "Music is well soid to be the speech of angels" 4 year!; at C.H.S. Chorus 3,4 Talent Show 1,4 Red Cross 1,4 Songleoder 2 ,4 G.A.A. 1,4 Pre-Med Club 3,4 Future Teocners ..,


SANDY BRINEY "A pleasing face is no slight odvontoge" 2 years at C.H.S. G.A.A. 4 Talent Show 4 Girls' League 3,4 Jotters· Club 3 Pre·Med 3

PAM BURNS "She who walks in love walks in light" 4 years at C.H.S. G.A.A. 1,2,3 Badminton Mgr. 3 Talent Show 1,2 Closs Social Chairman 3 Honor Roll 1,2,3,4 Jolters' Club 3




STEVE BUXTON ··Jazz will endure os long os people hear it" 4 years al C.H.S. "'C" Boske1boll 1 "B" Football 1,2 "'B" Track 2 V. Track 3,4 Lettermen's Club 3,4 Boys' Forum 1,2,3,4

STEVE CAWSEY "The less of routine, the more of life.. 4 years al C.H.S. V. Basketball 3,4 V. Track 3,4 Student Council l.4 Chorus 2,4 Lettermen's Club 3,4 ' B" Basketball 2

ROBIN CHEN · Above our life we love o steodfost friend!" • 4 years ot C.H.S. C.S.F. 1,2,3,4 pres. 4 Girls' league 1,2,3,4 V. Pres. 4 Girls" Stole 3 El Espiritu 1,2 Editor 3 Girls' League Soph. rep. 2 Assembly Comm. l H.S.P.A. Art Club 4

JANET CLARK "'A good mind possesses o kingdom" 4 years ot C.H.S. G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Girls' League Cabinet 4 Wolfpacket Stoff 4 C.S.F. 1,2,3,4 Science Club 3,4 Pre-Med 4

DARRELL CLEMMENT Handsome is as handsome does·· I yeor ot C.H.S. Baseball 4 Boys· Forum 4 "B'" Boskerboll 4

BILL COLBY · Student Body prexy thois our Bill, In school and ath­ letic offoirs he shows his skill" 4 years ot C.H.S. Student Body President 4 Key Club 2,3,4 C.S.F. 2,3,4 Closs Pres. 1,2 V. Football 2,3,4 co-capt. 4 V. Track 1,2,3,4

PAT DAUGHERTY If rhere is anything beuer than to be loved, it is loving'" 4 years ot C.H.S. G A.A. 1,2,3 softball mgr. 3 Chorus 4 Girls" League 2,3,4 Talent Show 2,4

DONNA DIGGS "Life is a flower of which love is the honey'" 2 years ot C.H.S. Tolen! Show 3,4 Chorus 3,4 Jailer's Club 3 Honor Roll 3,4 Spanish Club 4 Girls' League 3,4

DICK DIMIT Throw fear to ihe wind'" 3 years at C.H.S. Boys' Forum 2,3,4

PATRICIA DUNN "'The mildest manners and the gentlest heart" 2 ½ years at C.H.S. G.A.A. 3 Jotter's Club 3 Girls' League 2,3,4


GEORGE .DUNNING "With a genius for admin­ istration·· 2 years at C.H.S. Chorus 3,4 S;:ieech Contest 4 Jr. Red Cross 3 S.Jonish Club 4 Boys· Forum 3,4 Senior Announcements 4

TONI EBELL "That innocent look will never die, but I tell you boys it's all a lie" 4 years at C.H.S. Song!eoder 2,4 Rally Club 2,4 Pre-Med Club 3,4 Future Teachers 3,4 G.A.A. 4 Homecoming Princess 4


SALLIE ELLDREDGE · The joy of young ideas" 4 years at C.H.S Chorus 1,3,4 Annual 1 Wolfpacket 1 G.A.A. 1 Girls' league 2,3,4

NORMA EUDY "The eyes are the pioneers that first announce the soft tale of love·· 2 years at C.H.S. Chorus 3,4 Talent Show 4 Jr. Red Cross rep. 3 Girls' League 3,4

Bill EVAN� · R:ebe! without a cause" 4 years at C.H.S V. Tennis 1,2,3 capt. 4 Sr. Class V, Pres. 4 Boys' Forum V, Pres. 4 lettermen's Club 1,2,3,4 Key Club 4 Basketball 3

RALPH FELIX "For he's o jolly good fellow" 4 years at C.H.S. "B" Football 4 J.V. Baseball 2 Ditch Day 4

NANCY FIELD "Without kindness there con be no true joy" 3 years at C.H.S Christmas program 4 Orchestra 2,3,4 Cop & Gown Comm. 4 Pre-Med Club 3 Future Teachers 4 Girls' League 2,3,4

LOUISE FINLEY "She is good as she is fair, Not one like her anywhere" 4 years at C.H.S. C.S.F. 1,2,3,4 Las Posadas 4 G.A.A. Treasurer·4 Spanish Club 4 Future Teachers 3 Girls' League 1,2,3,4


JUDY FRANK "Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. Oh no, ,not another voucher!" 4 years at C.H.S. Student Council Treas. 4 Soj)h. Closs Treas. 2 G.A.A. Treas. 3 Talent Show 2,3,4 C.S.F. 1,2,4 Student Council 4

DARRELL FULLERTON ""What should a man do but be merry"' 4 years at C.H.S. V. Football 3,4 V. Track 4 Lettermen·s Club 3,4 Science Club 3 Model Club 1 Jr. Red Cross 2

MICHELE GLENN "C'est si bon!"" 4 years at C.H.S Advertising Mgr. 3 Student Council l ,3 C.S.F. 1,2,3,4 Red Cross President 4 Annual Stoff 2,3,4 G.A.A. 1,2,4

NELLIE GRANADE · From across the sea I came·· 1 year at C.H.S. Foreign Exchange Student A.F.S. 4 G.A.A. Tennis 4 Leadership 4 Wolfpocket Staff 4 Chorus 4 Girls" League 4

DON FRASER ""Too low they build who build below the skies" 4 years at C.H.S. Sales Manager 3,4 Student Council 3,4 C.S.F. 2,3 Science Fair 1,4 Science Club 1 ,4 Tolerlt Show 4

GRACE GILLETTE "'Music hath charms. 4 years al C.H.S. Bolton Block Music Award 3 Talent Show 1,2,3,4 co-director 3 Orchestra 1,3.4 Girls' League Cabinet 4 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 C.S.F. 2,4

PAT GOODSON "love is love·s reword" 2 years at C.H.S. Chorus 4 Girls' league 3,4 Homecoming decoration Comm. 4

LLOYD GRISHOW "'The end iustifies the means· 3 years at C.H.S. Boys· Forum 2,3,4 Closs Gift Comm. 4 Star Award 2 Senior Float 4


SUSAN GRUMBEIN . "I believe . 2 years at C.H.S. C.S.F. 3 Future Teachers 4 Girls" league 3,4 Senior Gift Comm. 4 Father - Daughter Banquet 3,4

JOHN HARDY "A man wlth o dream" 4 years at C.H.S. Talent Show 1,2,3 Science Club 1,2,3,4 Pre-Med Club 3,4 Science Fair 1,2,3 Soys· Forum 2,3,4

JUDY HARRIS "A happy heart, ·a helpin� woy 4 years al C.H.S. Girls' League Treasurer 4 Wolfpocket Stoff 2,3,4 Science Club 4 Pre-Med Club 3,4 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Talent Show 3.4

CAROLYN HAYES "I laughed till I cried" 3 years al C.H.S. G.A.A. 2,3,4 Basketball Mgr. 3 Spanish Club 4 Girls" League 2,3,4 Historian 3 Wolfpocket Stoff 4 Future Teachers Club 3,4

JACK HELBER "A little nonsence now and then is relished by the wisest men· 2 yeors cl C.H.S. Orchestra 3 Boys' Forum 3,4

ROSE HERNANDEZ "The flower 1h01 follows the sun does so even in cloudy weather" 4 years ot C.H.S. Girls' league Cabinet 4 G.A.A. 2,3,4 C.S.F. 2,3 Sec. 2 Honor Roll 1,2,3,4 Art Club 1,2 Sec. 1 Talent Show 4

KARL HERTZ "The man thot loves and laughs must sure do well!" 4 years ot C.H.S. V. Football 3,4 V. Track 3.4 "B" Basketball 1,2 "B" Track 1,2 Key Club 4 Boys· Forum Rep. 3


STUART HOLMES ··1 om a merry man, sir!" 4 years at C.H.S. Student Council 1 V. Soseball 1,2 Mgr. 1,2 V. Football 3,4 Mgr. 3,4 Wolfpocket 2 Talent Show 4 lettermen's Club 1,2,3,4

JIM HUGHES ..Youth is the gay ond . pleasant S,:>ring of life . • 4 years at C.H.S. Boys' Forum 1,2,3,4

JIM HYND ""It's wonderful to hove o smile with the power to lighten the load of many" 4 yeors or C.H.S. Art Club 1,2,3 Annual Art Award 3 Boys' Forum 1,2,3,4 2 Star Awards 3

DIANN IRVINE ""The quality of mercy is not strained.. 4 years ol C.H.S. Annual 2,3,4 Editor 4 Talent Show 1,2,3,4 Director 3 C.S.F. 1,2,3,4 A.F.S. President 4 CHS Ploys 2,3,4 Pasadena Playhouse 2,4 Pre-Med 2,3

JUDY JEMISON ""She is pretty witty and sweet, the kind of girl you'd like lo meet" 1 year ot C.H.S. Transferred from Foreman High Chorus 4 Red Cross 4 Ditch Doy Comm. 4 Bond 1,2 G.A.A. 1,2,3

PETE JOHNSTON "Fly the pleasures that bite tomorrow" 4 yeors al C.H.S. Jr. Closs Pres. 3 V. Foo1boll 3,4 ""B" Foolboll 1,2 Wolfpocket Stoff 4 "'B"" Bosketboll 2

SHERRIE JORDAN .. Where humor, quaint and shy, dimples the cheek ond points the eye'" 3 years at C.H.S. Future Teochers 3,4 G.A.A. 2,4 Honor Roll 2,3,4 Christmas program 4 Girls' league 2,3,4

SANDY JONES "loving goes by hops; some cupid kills with ar­ rows, some with traps'· 2 years ol C.H.S. Girls" League 3,4 Spanish Club pres. 4

SUSAN JOSEPH "Wolfpocket editor, o good worker ond friend, on en­ ergetic Susan we con al­ ways depend'· 4 years at C.H.S. G.A.A. 1,2,4 Wolfpocket staff 2,3 Editor 4 El Espiritu Stoff 2,3 Jr. Closs Sec. Treas. 3 C.S.F. 1,2,3,4 Spanish Club 4


LYNN KAUFMAN "There's o good time coming boys, o good time coming" 2 1/1 years ot C.H.S. Chorus 4 V. Football 3,4 V. Track 3,4 To lent Show 4 Annual Stoff 4 Lettermen's Club 3,4

JEANNINE KLEVEN ''There ore o few things thot never go out of style, and o feminine woman is one of them" 4 years at C.H.S. Chorus 1,4 Pre•Med Club 3,4 Girls' league 2,3,4 Pep Club 3 Student Council 1 Art Club 1


(ALVEN KEES "Let the world slide, let the world go; o fig for core ond o fig for woe" 4 yeors ot C.H.S. J.V. Football 1,2 Chorus 4 V. Boseboll 2,3,4 J.V. Baseball l Lettermen's Club 2,3,4 Boys· Forum 2,3,4

MARILYN LLOYD "Work and fun interwoven in o bright plaid" 3 years at C.H.S. Student Council 2 Rally Club 2,3 Sec. 4 G.A.A. 2,3,4 Tolen! Show 3,4 Dir. 4 Majorette 2,3,4 Los Posadas 4

RUSS LOCKNER "Love is only chatter. Friends ore all that morter·· 4 yeors of C.H.S. "B" Football 3 Jr. Red Cross 4 Boys' Forum 4 lndusfriol Arts Contest 3 V. Tennis 4 Science Foir 4

LEE LOOMIS "Stubborn lobar conquers all things" 2 years al C.H.S. Christmas Play 4 Talent Show 4 Statistics Reporter 4 Key Club 4 Cross Country 4 Track 3,4

CHARLES LUETTGERODT "Youth is o continual in• toxication; it is the fever of reason" 4 years ot C.H.S. Boys· Forum 2,3,4

KATHY MALONEY "Women ore wiser than men because they know less and understand more" 4 years at C.H.S. G.A.A. 2,3 Jotters 3 Honor Roll 3 Chorus 2 Girls' League 2,3,4 Wolfpocket 3



MARCIANO MARTINEZ "Arr is the food of the soul" 4 years at C.H.S. Key Club 3,4 Coordinating Council 2 Christmas Program 3,4 Spanish Club 4 H.S.PA Art Club 1,2,3,4 Pres. 4 Drama Club 2,3

SUE MORGAN "Here comes my nurse!" 4 years 01 C.H.S. S1udent Council 3 Red Cross 2,4 Talent Show 2,4 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Speedboll Mgr. 4 C.S.F. 1,2 Pre-Med Club 3,4

SANDRA MUNTZEl "The world belongs to the energetic.. 4 years at C.H.S. Chorus 3,4 Girls· league 3,4

LYN NAIDOR .. Talents of the highest order, and such as cal­ culated to command admiration" 4 years at C.H.S. C.S F. 3 . Assembly Committee 4 Closs Officer 2,3 Youth Recreation Council 3,4 Science Club 3,4 Wolfpacket Stoff 1,2,3,4

BEN MOLINA ..Keep true to the dreams of thy youth'· 4 years ot C.H.S. Chorus 4 . "B . Football 3 . . B" Track 3 .. ..C Track 2 H.S.P.A. Art Club 4 Boys' Forum 1,2,3,4

LINDA MORSE "And in walked spring 4 years at C.H S. . Talent Show 2,3 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Historian 3 V.P. 4 Annual Stoff 4 Wolfpocket Stoff I Girls' League 2,3,4 Spanish Club 4

RICHARD MYERS "fellow of infinite jest.. A whiz in science! 1 year at C.H.S. Science Club 3,4 V.P. 4 C.S.F. 3,4 Orchestra 3 V. Tennis 4 Boys· Forum 4

STAN NELSON "A greater athlete we've never seen, Stan is the backbone of many a team.. 4 years 01 C.H.S. V. Football 2,3,4 Co•copt. 4 Boys' Forum 1,2,3,4 V. Basketball 2,3,4 Capt. 4 V. Track 3,4 lettermen's Club 1,2,3,4


BARBARA NORTON ""It is in learning music that many youthful hearts learn to love·· 4 years at C.H.S. Student Body Sec. 3 Soph. Closs Pres. 2 Annual Stoff 1,2 Bus. Mgr. 2 Student Council 2,3 Talent Show 1,2,3,4 C.S.F. 1,2,3,4

ALLEN NORTON . . Never do today what can be done tomorrow.. 4 years at C.H.S. Boys· Forum 1,2,3,4 Chorus 4 V. Football 3 Track 2 Ditch Doy Comm. 4

KARL OLSEN ""To provoke laughter with­ out joining in 11, grearly heightens lhe effect" 1 year ot C.H.S. Trans. Tracy Joint Un. H.S. Orchestra 1 C.S.F. 1,2,3,4 V. Tennis 3,4 Science Club 4 Christmas Ploy 4

MARINA ORNELAS ""Goy is the raiment of the wise·· 4 years at C.H.S. C.S.F. 2,3,4 Pre-Med Club 3,4 Spanish Club 4 Annual Stoff 3 Art Club 1,2 Talent Show 4

KAY OTIS ""She"s pretly to walk with and pleasant too to think on·· 3 years at C.H.S. Sr. Closs Sec. Treas. 4 Annual Staff, Co-Photo Ed. 4 Talent Show 2,4 Student Council 2 C.S.F. 2,3,4 G.A.A. 1,2,4

MARQUITA ORNELAS ""Two ore better than one·· 4 years at C.H.S. C.S.F. 1,2,3,4 Pre-Med Club 3,4 G.A.A. 2,3,4 Spanish Club 4 Talent Show 4 Annual Stoff 3

DWAYNE PATTON ""Hi, ho, the derry-01"" 4 years ot C.H.S. V. Track 3,4 Chorus 4 Christmas program 4 Talent Show 4 Homecoming Comm. 4 Boys· Forum 1,2,3,4


JERRY PEAIRS "Friendly smile, brown eyes, Jerry is one of those quiet guys·· 4 years at C.H.S. Boys· Forum 1,2,3,4 Ditch Doy Comm. 4




JON PEEK "Good Morning! This is your morning bulletin" _ 4 years ot C.H.S C.S.F. 1,2,3,4 V. Football 3,4 V. Track 3,4 Co-capt. 4 Jr. Class Pres. 3 Key Club 2,3,4 Lettermen·s Club 3,4 Vice-Pres. 4

POLLY PENROSE "How sweet ii is to weor a crown·· 2 years at C.H.S. G.A.A. 3,4 Sec. 3 Pres. 4 Fut. Teachers 3,4 V.P. 3 Science Club 3,4 Homecoming Queen 4 D.A.R. Award 4 C.S.F. 3,4

CYNTHIA PERKINS ··Born for success she seem­ ed with grace to win"" 4 years at C.H.S. Student Body V. P. 4 A.F.S. exchange student 3 C.S.F. 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Mgr. 2 Vice-Pres. 3 Science Club 2,3,4 Sec. 2,3 Soph. Vice-Pres. 2

JOYCE ELAINE PIERCE "The treasures of youth" 1 year ot C.H.S. Trans. from Eog!e Rock High School Chorus 2,3,4 C.S.F. 3,4 Library work 2,3,4 Office work 2,3,4 Choir Festival at Eagle Rock 2,3

BOB PIETERS "Hark! Do I heor the tardy bell?" 4 yeors ot C.H.S. Art Club 3,4 J.V. Tennis 2 J.V. Track 3 J.V. Baseball 2 Jr. Red Cross 4 Science Club 3,4

JIM PULLIAM "A man among the best of men'' 4 years ot C.H.S. Boys· Forum Sec. 2 V. Lettermen's Club Pres. 4 Key Club V. Pres. 4 V. Football 3,4 V. Trock 2,3,4 Co-copt. 4

BOB PRICE "Dynamic on and off the field"" 4 years at C.H.S. V. Football 2,3,4 Capt. 4 V. Basketball 2,3,4 V. Baseball 1,2,3,4 Cop!. 4 . B" Football & Basketball


C.S.F. 1,2,3,4 Boys' Forum 2,3,4


JACK RAINS "He'll never die of over­ work. He doesn't believe in it'' 4 years at C.H.S. Key Club 3,4 V. Tennis 3,4 Science Club 1,2,3,4 Honor Roll 1,2,3,4 J.V. Tennis 2 Tolent Show 4


JANEY RANEY "Sunny greeting on o cloudy morning·• 4 yeors al C.H.S. Christm::,s Ball Princess 1 Social Chairman 1,2,3 C.S.F. 2,3 Rally Club 2,3,4 Pres. 4 Cheerleader "B" 2 Vor. 3,4 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4

CURT RAPPE "'Big and tall, long arms and all; He's very good ol Basketball" 2 years al C.H.S. V, Basketball 3,4 All T.C.L. 3 C.S.F. 1,2,3,4 Lettermen's Club 3,4 Boys· Forum 2,3,4 Pre-Med Club 3,4 C.S.F. 3,4

ROGER RASMUSSEN "Youth, with swift feel, walks onward in the way"' 1 year al C.H.S Trans. from Los Lomas H.S. V. Cross Country 4 V. Basketball 4 V. Track 2,3,4 Science Club 3,4 J.V. Football 3

TIIU RE1MO '"Flitting flirtations" 4 years at C.H.S. V. Songleader 3,4 Rally Club 3,4 C.S.F. 1,3,4 Pre-Med Club 3,4 Homecoming Princess 4 H.S.P.A. 4

JUDY ROBBIE '"A merry heart maketh a· cheerful countenance·· 4 years at C.H.S. Cheerleader 4 Chorus 1,3,4 Rally Club 4 Honor Roll 1 ,2 Talent Show 1,3,4 Christmas Pageant 3

NELSON SCHERER "Nelson's the fellow with the "58 Ford; He's never dull ond he"s never bored" 4 years ot C.H.S. C.S.F. 3,4 Key Club 2,3,4 Pres. 4 Science Club 2,3,4 Lettermen·s Club 4 Honor Roll 1,2,3,4 Assembly Comm. 4


GERTRUDE RODEWALD "'A light heart lives long" 4 years at C.H.S. C.S.F. 2,3,4 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Speedboll Capt. 3 Science Club 4 Science Fair 3,4 Girls' League 2,3,4


ALAN SCRIVEN "Tm os free as Nature" 4 years at C.H.S. Lettermen's Club 2,3,4 V. Tennis 2,3,4 Boys· Forum 2,3,4 Science Club 1 Future Teachers 4

EDDIE SERNA .. Handsome is as handsome does" • 4 years ot C.H.S. Boys· Forum 2,3,4 Art Club 2 Chorus 2,3,4 Co-Chairman Sr. Float 4

DOUGLAS SIMPSON "Truth ever hos most strength of what men say· 4 yeors at C.H.S. Sr. Closs Pres. 4 Jr. Closs Pres. 3 V. Basketball 3,4 Key Club 3,4 "B" Football 1,3 Talent Show 4

JACKIE SINGER "Twinkle, twinkle, little star· 4 years at C.H.S. G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 ··s" Cheerleader 2 V. Cheerleader 3,4 C.S.F. 1,2 Tolent Show 1,3,4 Homecoming Princess 4

DENNIS SKELTON "He fears the wiles of maiden smiles" 4 years at C.H.S. V. Footboll 2,3,4 V. Boseball 1,2 Student Council 2 Tolen! Show 4 lettermen's Club 2,3,4

CAROL SMITH "Short and happy Cute and snappy" 3 years ot C.H.S. Girls' league 2,3,4 Sec. 3, Pres. 4 Tolen! Show Director 4 G.A.A. 2,3,4 Honor Roll 4 Pre-Med Club 3,4 Student Council 4

DICK SMITH "A loving heart is the truest wisdom·· 3 years at C.H.S. V. Football 3,4 "B" Football 2 V. Track 3,4 Pre-Med Club 3.4° "B" Track 2 lettermen's Club 3,4

DONALD SMITH "The flower of our young monhood'• 3 years at C.H.S. Boys· Forum 2,3,4 Pres. 4 Student Council 3,4 Jr. Class Vice-Pres. 3 V. Football & Tracie 3.4 Pre-Med Club 3,4 Treas. 4 Key Club 4

ANN SPANN "Unthinking, idle, wild, and young, I lough'd and danc'd and tolk'd and sung" 4 years ot C.H.S. Songleader 3.4 Rally Club 3,4 Honor Roll 1,2,3,4 Chorus 2,3 Talent Show 3 Student Council 1 31

l YNDA STONEBRAKER "Nothing great was ever ochieved without enthus­ iasm" 3 years at C.H.S. Sr. Class Soc. Chr. 4 Wolfpocket Stoff 4 G.A.A. 4 Girls" League 2,3,4 Red Cross 2 Hom�coming Comm. 4

CHRIS TAYLOR .. The red sweet wine of youth.. 3 years at C.H.S. Student Council 2 .. B.. Football 3 "B" Basketball 3 .. B.. Tennis 2 Boys· Forum 2,3,4 Pre.Med Club 4

JOHN TIBBALS Whatever makes men good Christians, makes them good citizens" 4 years at C.H.S. Key Club 4 C.S.F. 3,4 Honor Roll 1,2,3,4 Red Cross 4 Los Posadas 4 Spanish Club 4

PHIL TORREZ And more than wisdom, more than wealth, - a merry heart that laughs at core· 4 years at C.H.S. V. Football 4 "B"" Football 2,3 J.V. Baseball 1,2 Boys' Forum 2,3,4


PETER STREET "Every man is like the company he is wont to keep" 2 years at C.H.S. Cross Country Trock 4 Boys· Forum 3,4

STEVE THORNE "This fleet-footed lad" 4 years at C.H.$. C.F.S. 3,4 V. Track 2,3,4 Cross Country Track 4 Talent Show 3,4 Key Club 4 Pre-Med Club 4

JON TINDALL "I was never less alone than when I was by myself" 1 year at C.H.S. Trans. from Covina H. S. Boys· Forum 4

LARRY VAN DOLSEN "Ambilion is like love, impatient of both delays and rivals" 4 years at C.H.S . C.S.F. 2,3

Talent Show 2 Key Club 4 Science Club 2,3,4 V. Tennis 4 Honor Roll 1,2,3,4

JENNY VINCENT "New this year and oh, so spry, Is cute Jenny from Manual Arts High" • I year OT C.H.S. C.S.F. 3,4 Student Council 4 C.A.S.C. 2,3,4 Spanish Club 3,4 V.P. 4 G.A.A. 4 Trans. from Manual Aris Los Posadas 4 H.S.P.A. Art Club 4

RAY WHITE "Moderation, the noblest gift of Heaven" 3 years OT C.H.S. "B" Basketball 1,2,3 V. Basketball 4 Key Club 3,4 ""B'" Track 2 Boys' Forum 2,3,4 Lellermen's Club 4

DICK WILLIAMS ··1 hod rather have a fool lo make me merry than experience To make me sad" I year at C.H.S. Trans. from Glendale Hoover H.S. V. Basketball 2,3,4 V. Track 3,4 Boys' Forum 4 Annuo 1 Staff 4 Lellermen's Club 2,3,4

RUSS YERMASEK "'Rusty old halo" 3 years at C.H.S. "B'" Basketball 2 V. Track 2 V. Basketball 4 Wrestling 3 J.V. Baseball 2 Boys· Forum 2,3,4

WAYNE WARNER "Youth is the opportunity 10 do something and 10 become somebody" l year at C.H.S. Trans. from Los Angeles V. Football 3 V. Track 2,3,4 "B" Basketball 2,3,4 Annual Stoff 3 Lellermen's Club 2,3 Boys' Forum 4

AVEN WILLIAMS ""No life is so hard that you con·1 make it easier by the way you toke it" 2 years ol C.H.S. Orchestra 3 Boys· Forum 3,4

CHARLES WITTLINGER •·Mo1estic silence!" 2 years at C.H.S. Boys· Forum 3,4 Orcheslro 3

ROBERT YORKE "'A laugh is worth a hun­ dred groans in any market" 4 years or C.H.S. ""B" Football 1,2

Golf 2

V. Football 3,4 Art Club 1,2 Science Fair 3,4 Ditch Doy Comm. 4


It seems as though wherever there was fun this year, there was the Junior Class. We contin­ ued our last year's tradition of having a very successful holly sale. We have also had many bake sales and car washes. 1_� high points of our year were a donkey basketball game and a taco dinner. All these activities furnished a great deal of enjoyment besides providing the finances to put on a history-making prom.

Eugene Gordon


Beth Batcheller President

Sarajane Moore



Betti Hoos

Tino Pomeroy Social ChClirmon

Social Chairmen

Norman Adams

Jack Ballogg

Caroline Arms

Beth Batcheller

Kent Bentley

Bob Arthur


Ben Benson

Brenda Bagley


Bill Bentley

Brenda Bertelson

John Birnie

Helen Blake

Richard Blanchard



Richard Bond

Beth Booth

Armando Bustos

Kathleen Campbell

Barbara Clark

John Clark

Frank Comstock

Rochel Contreras

Sheryl Crowford

Andy Di Orio

Jim Dunn

Judy Curtis

Woody Dike

Caren Elder

Pat Emrick

Marilyn Eley

Marvin Engebretson

Scott Fowler

Jonelle Ellis

Barbaro Fleming

Tom Frankel

Carol Franklin

Jane Ellison

Tim Ford

Barbara Franklin

Patricia Gach


Joe Gonzalez

Eugene Gordon

David Griggs


Mary Ellen Hager

Mike Gonzolez

Linda Grable

Nancy Gray

John Grover

Christina Guerrero

Richard Hall

Jim Haynes

Betti Hoos

Charlene Hefty

Don Herring

Felix Hoppis

Jerry Hinman

Fred Holliday

Sandra Holt

Van Jackman

Dorothy Jacobs

Robert Jacobs

Rita Jimenez

Richard Jobe

Suzanne Johnson

Don Jones

Suzy Jones


Don Kieselhorst

Mari Koeth

Corol Lineberry


Tom Macklin

Darnell Kirksey

Judy Kronberger

Jack Lowe

Bill Manjarrez

Gene lelless

Afton McClay

Richard Mortinez

Stanley McWillioms

Donna Mauck

Poul Moffett

Sarah Jane Moore

Tommy Morse

Corl Myers

Bill Nelson

Carl Nooh

Mory Northcutt

Carlos Orozco

Robert Palmer

Robert Polos

Joan Porks

I I Jennifer Peck

Roger Perkins


Tino Pomeroy

Connie Richardson


Carol Putnam

Fred Rinard

Pot Ritchie

Julio Robinson

Norman Rodewald

Judy Rohman

Bill Rockloff

Joan Soario

Roman Solazar

Ed Sanders

Patience Songer

Ronald Sarver

Darryl Sharum

Sue Scott

Bill Sellinger

Margaret Sevilla

John Shelton

Carol Shook

Lois Shull

Dick Snelson

Ronald Spann

Judy Staub

Moye Sfephens

Loretto Thomas


Pete Thorne

Dione Tracy

Wesley Vaughn


Scott Wheaton

Vivion Walls

Deon Wickstrom

Gordon Webster

Brion Wilcox

Mory Williams

Gory Williams

Mory Williams

Roy Witter

Elaine Woodyard

Lindo Wynn

Stephanie Yinger

Caroline Yoder

Steve Young

In the past many classes have made their mark on Claremont High School. The class of '60 will be no exception to the rule. A football team is slow in starting; so it is with the class of '60. But as y_ou know, once a good football team gets gofn'g, it is hard to stop. It is the same with this class. Watch out, Claremont! Many fine things will be accomplished by the great gals and guys in the class of 1960.

Margaret Colby Vice-President


Linda Pierce

Social Chairman

Jerry Muntzel President

Leslee Butcher


Barbaro Strutton Social Chairman

l st row, J. Lee, C. Thatcher, N. Connors, L. Dovenport, T. Warhurst, J. Perkins, D. Griezel. 2nd row, J. Morgan, J. Adams, V. Winston, R. Timmons. 3rd row, T. Coke, B. Dobson, C. Batcheller, J. Singer, C. Scherer, K. Dobson, F. Hardey, J. Carruthers. 4th Row, T. Omri, S. Graves, C. Alexonder, G. DeRoos, D. Douglas, R. Angle, M. Fink, T. Evans.

l st row, B. Allen, D. Ellison, D. Scott, T. Spring, C. Bromoge, C. Hakes, J. Pierce, C. Stocker, S. Mather. 2nd row, P. Forester, M. Matzen, T. Alcorn, M. Colby, S. Frank, L. Lowe, S. Hammer, M. Hymon, L. Scherer. 3rd row, M. Dovenport, B. Strutton, B. House, L. Butcher, E. Loeb, J. Muntzel, B. Douglass, L. Scoff, B. Gain, M. Schaffer. 4th row, Mrs. Noble, J. Vincent, P. Grumbein, J. Gleason, B. Wait, H. Harrison, C. Clemmens, D. Petrol.

1st row: A. Ross, T. Hammond, D. Roshoy, _S;_ Roshoy, A. Rogers, T. Block, B. Seidel, B. Brimm. 2nd row: B. Glick, S. Wort, S. Shonnon, C. Howes, B. Coltrin, P. Morgon, D. Running, J. McKenize. 3rd row: M. Chittenden, K. Wosh, S. Sworls, J. Pequenot, D. Rugh, B. Simmons, D. Madsen. 4th row, M. Morgan, J. Brodfield, M. Reents, N. Sonfard, R. Shelton, P. Spring, A. Touchord, G. Redmon.

I st row: P. Leonhardt, L. Doniel, B. Ferrin, J. Chryslie, D. Young, D. Fishlow, L. Neword, D. Hebert, B. Montgomery. 2nd row, E. Towne, B. Setzer, L. Pierce, L. Kopecky, H. French, H. Robinson, F. Hungerford, B. Ernst. 3rd row, l. Loomis, T. Bassett, D. Anderson, M. Flint, I. Hymonson, D. Skelfon, E. Dauber, K. Morgon, B. Minnich. 4ih row, J. Beol, J. Tyson, B. Gemmill, M. Macklin, D. Adair, T. Pringle, B. Lattin.

l st row, S. Slaughter, T. Armendarez, B. Nelson, B. Melendrez, E. Torrez, J. Chikor, L. Candelas. 2nd row, 0. Clement, J. Brage, F. Rinard, L. Burt, T. Gordon, P. Watson, R. Serrann. 3rd row: B. Roggers, S. Shacklett, D. Gale, P. Woodrum, P. Torrez, R. Hargraves, 0. Yermasek, Mr. Farley.

1st row, L. Kingman, S. Penter, R. Timmons, N. Wilson, P. Ponsegraw, N. Pierce, K. Hainley, L. Hernandez, M. Torrez. 2nd row, C. Jemison, S. Miller, S. Sullens, B. Spann, J. Goodchop, G. Faubus, J. Putnam J. Peck. 3rd raw: Mr. Farley, J. Wickstrom, R. Kell, R. Sevilla, B. Bolinger, R. Gomez. 4th row: T. Cook, J. Russum, A. Colemon, D. Scherer, B. Clutter.


The social and extra-curricular side of a teen-ager's life is very important to him, and it plays a definite part in developing him into a well-rounded person. At Claremont High School, creative hands can be found participating in student government, clubs, plays, and dances. Do you re­ member the time a certain person created joy in you when he handed you your first corsage?

..,, The responsibility of man­ aging student affairs rests heavily on the shoulders of our elected leaders. Self­ glory is overpowered many times by constant service to the school in the field of student government.

l st Row, 0. Froser, J. Muntzel,


Perkins, 0. Smith,


B. Sellinger.

Granade, J. Vincent, S. Benak, B. Roshoy,





Bill Colby

Student Body President

Oon Fraser

Studen• Body Sa Ies Manage,

Nancy Gray

Student Body Secretary


Assuming the role of a student leader requires stability of character and firmness of purpose in the young aspirant. Per­ haps his position may some day be one of world leadership there is no better way to nurture executive ten­ dencies than through student government.

Simpson, J. Frank, N. Gray, B. Colby,

2nd Row: D. Herring, J. Raney, N. Evans,




B. Gain.




Cynthia Perkins

Student Body Vice-President

The California Scholarship Federation may well be said to contain the cream of the crop. Membership qualifications are a grade average above "B" and a good citizenship rating. Life member­ ship pins are awarded each year to Seniors who have earned honors for The annual field trip to legally play





Vincent, sec.-treas.;


International relations are furthered by the friendliness and good-will of the American Field Service exchange stu­ dents. During its second year at Claremont High, this as­ sociation consisted of Nellie Granade from France, Cynthia Perkins, our summer envoy to Switzerland, Diann Irvine, president, and two representatives chosen from each grade. In order to promote interest and raise funds, the grou.p sponsored a very interesting assembly and conducted a magazine drive and a stock-selling contest.

C. Perkins, N. Granade, and D. lrvine confer about the vast field of International Relations.


The participants in the A.F.S. assembly.



/ 1st Row' D. Griggs, J. Vincent, D. Spring, J. Clerk, J. Horris, S. B lomquist, D. Fraser, D. Smith, S. Cappelletti, T. Ebell, T. Reimo, Smith. 2nd Row, J. Bradfield, E. Gordon, V. Jackman, F. Hungerford, G. Gillel!e, D. Irvine, B. Gimme!, J. Robinson, L. Wynn, Coltrin, J. Pierce, B. Strutton, K. Morgon. 3rd Row, S. Fowler, M. Hager, J. Stuob, N. Grey, S. Hommer, J. Vincent, l. Butcher, Fronk, T. Pomeroy, S. Molher, D. Smith. -4th Row: N. Wilson, K. Elder, J. Porks, K. Campbell, S. Vinger, B. Booth, Mr. Turner, Touchard, S. Thorne, C. Rappe, T. Pringle. The Future Teachers gained more knowledge of their proposed careers through the news given by students participating in Work Education talks

given by well experienced pedagogues. Con• ferences concerning the teaching field were well• attended by TOT "eager beavers."

C. B. S. A.

One of the most active and challenging VO· catianal groups at C.H.S., the Pre-Med Club, has provided incentive to those interested in be• coming nurses, dentists, veterinarians, medical technologists, and medical doctors. The mem• bers of the. club attended a stimulating field

trip to U.C.LA. and viewed a dental exhibition and program.

1st Row: B. Beard, C. Alba, S. Young, D. Jacobs, M. Eley, B. Hoos, K. Elder, J. Horris, L. Noidor, D. Roshoy, K. Heinly, N. Pierce, S. Jordon, E. Kirner, P. Scott. 2nd Row, F. Hungerford, J. Peck, S. Mather, L. Thomas, C. Thatcher, K. Bromoge, C. Hokes, L. Pierce, S. Roshoy, B. Coltrin, L Kingman, C. Smith, Mr. Taylor. 3rd Row, E. Gordon, D. Spring, S. Jones, T. Pomeroy, B. Setzer, L. Daniel, P. Leonhardt, L. Lowe, B. Ferrin, J. Pierce, T. Alcorn, M. Colby, M. Matsen. 4th Row: D. Griggs, N. Grey, J. Porks, B. Booth, S. Fronk, L. Butcher, B. Bertleson, L. Wynn, T. Ebell, S. Cappellitti, D. Smith, C. Hayes. 5th Row: V. Jackmon, S. Fowler, K. Campbell, S. Vinger, M. Glenn, G. Gillette, J. Singer, N. Sanford, K. Wash, P. Grumbein, S. Benak, J. Roney, L. Stonebraker, S. Joseph.


President, Michele Glenn

1st Row: T. Alcorn, S. Roshoy, M. Glenn, J. Bradfield, N. Pierce, D. Roshoy, B. Setzer. 2nd Row, B. Strutton, L. Loomis, B. House, J. Niess, R. Timmons, S. Morgon, F. Comstock. 3rd Row, J. Allen, J. Robinson, J. Rains, �R. Hill, D . Anderson, M. Hymon. 4th Row: N. Connor, B. Pieters, J. Tibbals, L. Von Dolson, D. Kieselhorst, R. Lockner.

Officers, Jock Rains ond Michele Hymon

Our Junior Red Cross had all t�e right in the world to be very proud of itself this year' The $100 goo I for the American Children's Fund was surpassed, a com­ munity-wide Civil Defense project was undertaken, and a friendship album was exchanged with a foreign country.


C. Clemmens, President M. Mortinez.

The High School Professional Artists is a new organization started by a group of enthusiastic young artists. Their big­ gest event w�s on art show at Sycamore Auditorium with demonstrations and exhibits by professional and student artists, followed by an auction. The show was a huge success, and as a result we have an art scholarship award at C.H.S. this year. The club also con56 ducted many field trips and workshops which were extremely interesting.

1sf Row, T. Hommond, M. Devenport, C. Jemison, L. Kingmon, N. Pierce, M. Koeth, M. Eley, J. Peck, S. Joseph. 2nd Row: R. Johnson, M. Reents, J. Tyson, J. Vincent, M. Hoger, M. Sevilla, L. Mrs. Swift. 3rd Row: D. Tracy, M. Hymon, R. Hill, J. Vincent, C. M. Mortinez, B. Clutter, D. Running, R. Mortinez, D. Jocobs.

L. Thomos, Jiminez, S. Davenport, Clemmens,

The C.H.S. Rally Club was more numerous this year than ever before. Its members were very active too, from mak­ ing tags and buttons to putting on a Christmas fashion show. T h e s e girls deserve much cred­ it for their pep and high spirit.

With o great big "B"! B. Spann, L. Kopecky, B. Strutton, S. Swarts.

and R. Jimenez.

l st Row, S. Cappelletti, T. Reimo, T. Ebell, A. Spann, J. Peck. 2nd Row, R. Jimenez,

8. Strutton, S. Swarts, L. Kopecky, B. Spann. 3rd Row, M. Lloyd, L. Shull, J. Robbie, J. Raney, S. Benak, J. Singer.



I st row: E. Sonders, M. Macklin, D. Shelton, B. Price, B. Benson, B. Colby, Kieselhorst, R. Mortinez, R. Yorke, D. Fullerton, C. Alba, M. Gonzolez, K. Douglas, R. White, A. Bustos, J. Shelton, R.. �villo, C. Rappe, J. Pulliam, Minnich, D. Smith, S. Nelson, D. Smith, B. E"vcins, S. Cowsey, B. Sellinger. Thorne, S. Holmes, B. Wilcox, N. Scherer, K. Morgon, S. Fowler, Mr.Lynn.

R. Boker, L. Kaufman, C. Bunker, G. Webster. 2nd row, D. Hertz, C. Kees, B. Bolinger, M. Engebretson. 3rd row: B. J. Peek, T. Macklin. 4th row: B. Lattin, N . Rodewald, B. 5th row: L. Loomis, C. Orozco, S. Buxton, C. Alexander, S.

The Lettermen's Club is an honorary organization consisting of athletes who have lettered in varsity sports. The members ore in charge of ordering and distributing all the "big C's" to boys who hove qualified for them.

The smiling officers of the Key Club: Jim Pulliam, Doug Simp­ son, Nelson Scherer, Bill Bent­ ley, Bill Colby.


�· row, B. Bentley, J. Pulliam, B. Evans, N. Scherer, W. Scherer, B. Goin, J. Muntzel, J. Singer. 2nd row: G. Webster, . Loomis, S. Thorne, S. Shacklett, J. Tibbals, R. White. 3rd row: T. Frankel, D. Kieselhorst, J. Rains, B. Bolinger, J. Shelton, D. Simpson, J. Peek. 4th row: E. Sonders, M. Mortinez, L Von0olsen, B. Price, B. Colby, D. Smith, K. Hertz.

Starting off with the Hawaiian Da n c e, the Key Club, a school serv­ ice organization, headed by Nelson Scherer, ful­ filled a very successful year.

The iob of the assembly committee is to work with the Vice-President of the Student Body in planning and carrying out assemblies for the Senior High School throughout the year. This group has presented many interesting assemblies this year including a calypso trio, science· programs, a full-length movie, and ex­ change assemblies with oth­ er schools. A great chal­ lenge was presented to the assembly committee; this challenge was met success­ fully. Congratulations for a iob well done.

1st row: L. Thomas, C. Perkins, L. Naidor. Sellinger, M. Colby.

2nd row: N. Scherer, D. Adair, B.

Here you see the Stage Crew busily at work doing its custom­ ary essential task of building and fixing up the props. Mr. Booth has directed and helped this group of boys for many years, and all the school is grateful to the Stage Crew.

And there goes the gate for the Talent Show .. . don't drop it!


Our long-dormant Spanish Club came alive in a

sparkling way this year.

First of all, the members

trekked up to Padua Hills to see "Las Posadas."


ambitious ones then presented the Christmas-time fes­

tival for a joyful school audience. The casas of several members overflowed with sounds of "Ole!"


Advisor: Mr. Bougus.

1st row: D. Irvine, M. Ornelos, M. Ornelos, R. Contreras, S. Jones, J. Vincent, D. Roshay, S. Roshay. 2nd row: J. Bolinger, C. Richardson, T. Bassett, S. Swarts, L. Kopecky, M. Torrez, D. Running, D. Anderson. 3rd row: L. Morse, S. Benak, L. Finley, J. Brage, H. French, E. Kirner, L. Loomis, J. Chryslie, B. House, T. Warhurst, P. Ponsegrau, S. Joseph. 4th row, C. Hayes, J. Keen, N. Sanford, G. Dunning, M. Mortinez, C. Rappe, S. Thorne, D. Rugh, T. Morse, J. Tibbals, Mr. Baugus.

One of the most unique groups in the C.H.S. Student

body is the deep-down Skin Diving Club.

What we

mean by deep is that the members, under the watchful

eye of Mr. Turner, dive underwater to explore the mys­ teries of submarine life.

Fowler, Mr.

P. Thorne, J. Parks, D. Kieselhorst.


l st row: D. Kieselhorst, J. Pequegnant, P. Thorne, Mr. Turner, J. Parks, S. Fowler, 2nd row: C. Batcheller, E. Sonders, T. Ford, J. Harris, B. Batcheller, J. Clark, B. Coltrin.

l st row: G. Rodewold, S. Blomquist, C. Perkins, l. Naidor, C. Smith, P. Goch, S. Mother, S. Hommer, 8. Setzer, J. Lowe. 2nd row: R. Whitter, S. Thorne, J. Horris, J. Clark, L. Wynn, L. Butcher, ďż˝ J. Grover, P. Penrose, R. Bond. Fraser, J. Vincent, D. Anderson, J. Rains, N. Scherer, B. Pieters, C. Olson, J. Haynes, Mr. Turner .

3rd row: 0.

.4th row: B. Price, D. Smith,

D. Williams, l. Von Dolsen, P. Johnston, C. Rappe, R. Rasmussen, R. Lockner, B. Colby, Mr. Childs.

l st row: J.


R. Contreros, L. Pierce, V. Walls, A. Spann.

Advisor: Mr. Names

2nd row: Mr. Names, M. Williams, S. Briney, S. Jones, D. Mauch. 3rd row: C. Franklin, 8. Bertelson, D. Kirksey, C. Shook.


Our Wolfpocket editor, Suson Joseph, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed . 1st Row: N. Sanford, J. Horris, S. Joseph, N. Scherer, C. Clemmens, P. Gach, M. Glenn. 2nd Row, P. Johnston, R. Hargraves, L. Naidor, S. Benok, S. Vinger, J. Staub, T. Pomeroy, B. Coltrin, N. Granade, C. Perkins. 3rd Row, D. Smith, K. Morgan, T. Omri, B. Pieters, Mrs. Noble, D. Fishlow, J. Clark, C. Hayes, M. Colby. M. Hyman.

If you should happen to pick up one of the neat, compact, printed issues of this year's student body newspaper, the Wolfâ&#x20AC;˘. packet, you would immediately notiC:e the original presentation of the variety of information, including everything from "Lorna Love­ lace" to "Heap of the Week".

Mrs. Marjorie Noble, our long-suffering advisor.

Susan Joseph!

Don't tell me you're lying down on the job ... The loyal members

of the staff seen ore D. fishlow, M.Colby,N. Scherer, C. Clemmens, P. Gach, M.Glenn,


P. Johnston, R. Horgraves, S. Benak, C. Hayes, and T. Omri.

1st row: l. Morse, D. Williams, M. Glenn, M. Hyman, l. Kopecky, S. Johnson, D. Tracy, N. Wilson, J. Vincent, B. Hoos, L. Thomes, K. Otis, D. Jacobs, D. Irvine, S. Miller, L. Kingmon, F. Hoppis, B. Monjorrez, R. Perkins. 2nd row: C. Bunker, C. Clemens, J. Tibbals, J. Peck, L. Kaufman, Mrs. Swift.

l st row: J. Peck, D. Jacobs, D. Irvine, M. Glenn, S. Johnson. 2nd row, C. Clemens, L. Kaufman, K. Otis, M. Hymon, Mrs. Swift.

With the combined efforts of the Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors on the staff, the 1958 Annual has become a reality. It has taken many long hours of devoted service which have been given very unselfishly by all.

Our editor, Diann, and our advisor, Mrs. Swift, ore busily examining the blueprints.


Our usually active Girls' League Cabinet. 1st. row:

R. Hernandez,

Matzen, P. Gach.

R. Chen, C. Smith, C. Elder, M.

2nd. row, S. Blomquist, G. Gillette, J. Harris, P. Penrose, B.


3rd. row, J. Clark, B. Norton, T. Bassett, Miss Flannelly.

Girls' League President: Carol Smith

The aggregate mass of all the

girls at Claremont High School work

together each year in a common ef­

fort under the moniker of the Girls' League.





concentrate on one objective, there is bound to be a great deal of en­

thusiasm and fun. Under these con­

ditions a Christmas charity proiect was undertaken, the annual Girls'

League Formal was held, and the

Father-Daughter Banquet was filled

to capacity.




V. P.

Robin Chen featured speakers, films,





inter-class skit competition was an absolute riot with ·the Senior











Advisor: Miss Flonnelly



in all, the Girls· league was again

responsible for many of the activ­






cherish in their memories of "good old Golden Rule days."

Carol hangs the crown for the Girls' league Formal.

Smith; Vice-President,

Bill Evans, Soph.

Representative, Tom Omri; Advisor, Mr.

Duncan, Secretory, Bob Minnich.

Don Smith, noble prexy, took over in o responsible

This year the Boys' Forum, under the very able leadership of president Don Smith, and advisor Mr. Duncan, had an especially successful season, due partly to the new ruling that only those who purchase member­ ship cords may at­ tend meetings The organization took on such various jobs as printing and sell­ ing programs dur­ ing the football and basketball seasons, sponsoring a fine Christmas D a n c e, and putting on sev­ eraI assemblies. Members of Don's cabinet were Bill Evans, vice - presi­ dent and assembly manager, Bob Min­ nich, secretary, Van Jackman, J u n i o r Class Representative, and Tom Omri, rep• resenting the Sopho­ more Class.


Smi/in' .. Uncle Dunc" did all the supervising.


l st row: Miss Hall, B. Franklin, D. Diggs, -. Jemison, S. Eldridge, M. Ornelas, M. Glenn, S. Penter, M. Colby, S. Roshay, D. Roshay, S. Crowford, K. Heinly, S. Slaughter, T. Armendarez, G. Gillette, K. 01 is, M. Ornelos, J. Chikar, J. Ellis, D. Irvine, J. Curtis, and Mr. Cox. 2nd row: L. Lowe, R. Hill, L. Burt, V. Winston, R. Timmons, S. Muntzel, K. Morgan, E. Serna, D. Simpson, J. Robbie, J. Brage, B. Coltrin, B. Spann, J. Niess, J. Pierce, L. Shull, J. Rohman, C. Guerrero, and V. Walls. 3rd row: J. Tyson, N. Sanford, D. Patton, G. Williams, R. Felix, B. Molina, M. Gonzalez, L. Kaufman, F. Hoppis, D. Scher, C. Myers, A. Norton, C. Kees, J. Tibbals, P. Torrez, C. Orozco, R. Spann, J. Kleven, and S. Cappelletti.

1st row: N. Field, D. Roshay, B. Strutton, J. Singer, B. Coltrin, and S. Roshoy. 2nd row: M. Glenn. G. Redmon, D. Herring, J. Vincent, G. Gillette, B. Bently, and Mr. Denes. 3rd row: J. Allen, C. Richardson, L. Grable, B. Wait, P. Scott, E. Loeb, and B. Rockloff.


"And behold an Angel cf the Lord stood

by them .

With the presentation of "las Posadas", the audience was transported to Mexico in the gay holid�y season. Under Mr Baugus' direc­ tion a littl� girl's wish came true, a real pinata was broken, and the story ended happily for all concerned. It was truly a "Feliz Navidad"

The stars of "Las Posadas"; Diane Roshay, David Fishlaw,

John Tibbals, George Dunning, Ray Witter, Marilyn Lloyd.

Festival time with "Los Viejilos".

The Talent Show is the one event of the year where those having the desire and ability are able to exhibit their gifts and individualisms. This year under the capable co-directorship of Marilyn Lloyd and Carol Smith, much of this talent was brought to I ight, and disf)layed in a very pleasing manner. From the "Roshay Twins" (who almost threw reporter Jirn Haynes into complete pandemonium when they refused to come on in their proper spot) to the "Senior Boys" who had everyone rolling in the aisles with their riotous Can-Can, the show was a real success.

Les Girls doing the (p.s. It's really the

B. Setzer and N. Pierce, "'Swingin" Sweethearts,.


D. Scher, N. Snelson, C. Alba, and R. Perkins are wailing the blues.

A bunch of our very se�n performing

Much praise should be given to Mrs. Noble and Mr. Gates, Faculty advisors, without whose able and experienced help the show would have never been the success it was. Big bouquets go also to all of the participants. Some of the most enjoyable were Judy Robbie's "You Gotta Have Money in the Bank Frank", Roger Perkins and his quartet, Raggedy Ann and Andy by Grace Gillette and Diann Irvine, and Marilyn Lloyd and Carol Smith's soft shoe routine. These of course are only a few of the many highly entertaining acts of this year's Talent Shaw.

French Con-Con Senior Boysl)

High Society: J. Singer, B. Norton

talented junior girls are in "The Brutal Miner."

Twin Tones: D. anrl S Roshav, L. and M. Davenport, J. and L. Pierce


"Oh Nat, he's deadl"

Doc Higgins listens intently ta the story of the last ship

"Mary Allen." Director Farley rehearses with members

of the cast.

in The one-act play the 1958 Pasadena Playhouse T o u r n a m e n t was Eugene O'Neill's "Where the Cross Is Made." This psychological drama about ship's treasure and hallucinations was directed by Mr. Farley and Margaret Colby and featured Bill Colby, Diann Irvine, Van Jackman, Jim Haynes, Karl Hertz, Tom Frankel and Don Smith.

Not is insane os he clutches the treasure map.



The three-act play, sponsored by the Junior Class but cast from oil three grades, was indeed an over足 whelming success. The C.H.S. audi足 torium was filled to capacity and the audience responded enthusiasti足 cally to the punchlines in "Papa Is All."

David Fishlow comforts Michele Glenn while Jenny Vincent pleads with Larry Van Dolsen

"Papa Is All" concerned the rebellion of a Mennonite wife and her son and daughter against the tyrannical Papa, who made their

lives in general fairly miserable. They tri足 umphed in the end, though, with Papa being carted away to jail by the state trooper for shooting the wrong man.

Julia Robinson, while stitching, hos let it slip that she sow Michele Glenn in Lancaster lost night. Jenny Vincent watches in disbelief.

Poor David Fishlow! Larry Van Dolsen curses him while Jenny Vincent cowers in the corner.

State Trooper Don Smith converses with Jenny Vincent and David Fishlow.

The Howdy Hop, first designed to greet the new give them a chance to get who ore old hands at the

dance of the year, is students of C.H.S. and acquainted with those ropes.

Listen to the Roshoys

Hey, ifs.Donny and Janet kicking up a storm. .: secondi

Elvis the





welcomed everyone


Ooh, look at that skinny scar�• crow! He is lending his vocal chords to the melodies of Pam Burns and Donna Diggs at the P.F.A. spon• sored Halloween Dance.


The C.M.C. Student Union, gaily be­ decked with snowflakes and stars, made a perfect setting for "Winter Wonderland··

Do the Bunny Hop to the music of the Upland High

School Band.

Such distinctive entertainment with Roger Perkins at the keyboard,

Dennis Running on the drums, and Danny

Scher, Dick Snelson, and Catalino Alba doing the vocals.


Sister Mory Corito l.H.M. Sister Corio I.H.M.

previewing Art Show work.

A fabulous first was the H.S.P.A. Art Show featuring pro­

fessional and student exhibitions and interesting demonstra­ tions.

Pictured here are Mr. Wright, Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Mixon,

Mr. Zornes, Mr. Heuter, and student model Michele Glenn, just

before the portrait painting.

The Key Club Sock Hop wos held





Corono basketball game.


Any new couples turn up?

The first Key Club dance of the year fur•





mersing the party-goers in South Seo





Those palm trees almost made

everyone want to get up and do the hula

which is exactly how Michele Glenn, newly re­

turned from the isles, entertained the crowd.

The bond ployed lilting melodies to which some danced,

some gazed fondly, and some discussed the events of the day.

The January Semi-Formal Dance, sponsored by the Girls'

league, lived up to its title, "The House of Blue Lights". The

atmosphere was dark and magical, silhouettes were framed

on the wall, and fathers dressed as waiters stood ready to

do the guests' bidding. This dance was one of the year's

most original social affairs.


The 1957 Tri-County League Dance was really out of this world. The theme was Sputnik, and the decorations by the Junior Class got the point across.

a darling queen, as she reigned over the Homecoming queens of the other schools.

The Queen and her Royal Court.


Fellow Spulnikers jiving to the rhythm of the bond from Disneyland.

His Majesty Jim Pulliam

Siamese Royalty, Belle Glick ond Bob Prince, Toni Ebell and Stan Nelson, King Jim Pulliam and Loura Lee Loomis, Dance Chairman Barbara Norton,

Polly Penrose and Bill Colby, Janette Perkins and Doug Simpson.

Formals, crowns, corsages, and bright smiles all reigned 1-upreme on the night of February 22nd.


Active hands are symbolic of youth. They emphasize strength and sportsmanship. Whether they

may carry a football, sling a baseball bat, or swing a tennis racket, these hands are powerful mold­

ers of our American way of life. A suitable background for this picture is a Letterman's sweater ex­ hibiting the big "C" of Claremont High School.

What a grand celebration this year's Homecoming was! The alumni were duly honored at the reception, the floats were excep­ tionally good, the girls in the royal court were lovely, and, nat­ urally, our Wolfpock stomped the Chino Cowboys.

There's Red Boker blocking !he woy for John Shelton

The Winnohl "Drogonet'' by the Senior Closs.


"Who's ofroid of the big bod wolf?" The entry by the Junior Closs

Here's o clever title for the Sophomore floor




Homecoming Queen,







pelletti, Tiiu Reimo, Toni Ebell,

honor for a deserving girl.






At the reception held at Sycamore Auditorium, everyone found plenty of refreshments

and fun.

Ifs a hard job for the Cowboys to nail big Stan Nelson!


Under the wonderful coach­

ing of Mr. Cohn and Mr. Lynn,

our football team carried on its winning ways and advanced into the finals of the C.I.F. Play• offs for the third straight year.





gomes, the Wolfpock powered through the Tri-County League

undefeated and then went on

to win the first two playoff

games against Rancho Alamitos and Brawley. A strong Mater Oei team put an end to Clare­ mont's 21-game winning streak in the C.I.F. Finals.

The masterminds behind it all, Coaches Len Cohn and Hal Lynn.

SCORES Baldwin Pork 6 Rancho Alamitos 13 Claremont 18 South Pasadena 6 Bonita 0 Claremont 25 Claremont 20 Claremont 21


Claremont 21 Claremont Claremont Claremont Claremont Claremont Claremont

12 20 20 27 14 14

Managers Ken Morgan, Nelson Scherer, and Stu Holmes seem to be in an agreeable mood.



Upland 0 Santo Ano 6 Chino 6 Rancho Alamitos 20 Browley 12

The eternal triangle, Captains Bill Colby, Stan Nelson, ond Bob Price.

Moter Dei 39

Claremont vs. Santo Ana.

All the way in one play!

Claremont vs. Bonito. Go on, you wolves;

Fight, Fight, Fight!

Claremont vs. Brawley.

C'mon Wolfpack; Skin 'em olive!

12_R. Sevilla '.22-G. Wehster 3-4-B. Price 34_J. Pulliam 75-R. Jobe -4S-B. Benson 53-T. Macklin 6l-D. Fullerton 62---0. Skelton 63_L. Kaufman

36-R. Gomez 37-B. Colby 42-T. Omri 43-J. Shelton 51-J. Peek 52-J. Birnie 64-H. Harrison 65-H. Robertson 66-R. York 67-J. Kelly

68_A. Bustos

?2-8. Minnich

73_p_ Johnston

7 4-M. Gonzales

?B-0. Smith

B--R. Perkins

8 2-C. Bunker 83-S. Nelson

87-G. De Roos


76-5. 77-K. 85-B. 44-D. 78-D.

Groves Hertz Sellinger Kiese1horst Smith

86-R. Boker

84-M. Macklin

87-N. Rodewald

88-M. Engelbretson


Claremont vs. Santo Ano Make !hot point, Roy!

Claremont vs. Mater Dei We got the oxel

Claremont vs. Bonito

You con do it, you con do it, You con, you canl


''B'' Thanks to the up and coming spirit of these "B" gridders, next year's Varsity team will not have to worry about build­ ing up its force.

They're all smiles, Coaches Hodges and Cox.

Courageous Captains, B. Moniorrez,

'! :Muntzel.

Mighty Managers of the "B .. squad, �C. Scherer,

M. Schaefer.

1st Row: L. Hernandez, 8. Block, B. Manjarrez, P. Scott, B. Goin, R. Hall, W. Greenweight, J. Wilshire, R. Spann.

B. Rogers, J. lee, F. Rinard, R. Martinez, D. Adair, J. Singer, S.

2nd Row,

Batcheller, B. Dobson. 3rd Row, T. Pringle, . Shacklett, J. Clark. 4th Row, M. Schafer, T. Evans, B. Ernst,

K. Dobson, B. Douglass, R. Felix, J. Bollogg, A. 0iOrio, C. Scherer J. Muntzel, C

J. Dunn, B. Lollin, J. Lowe, C. Alexander, 8. Mon1gomery, D. Herring, S. Young.


Congratulations to our fine Wolves who dribbled through to capture the Tri-County League Championship for the first time in four years. Coach David Stern guided the boys into the C.I.F. quarter-finals where Claremont lost a grim battle with Banning. We still have all the right in the world to hold our heads high; we placed four hoopers on the first Tri-County League team, we had the tallest players in the league, and we culminated the season with a 13 wins-11 losses record.

Cooch David Stern

Claremont Claremont Claremont Claremont Claremont Claremont


Captain Stan Nelson

SCORES l st 2nd 51 52 . 79 70. 56 54 60 67 . 70 41

1st 2nd Bonita 33 47 Corona 61 60 Upland 48 55 Chino 41 54 BreaOlinda 57 .... Banning 46

Managers Carter Alexonder and Clyde Scherer

Price goes for two in C.I.F. play-off game with Brea-Olinda.

All eyes up as Williams makes two points against Brea-Olinda.

Action under the basket on the way to a 51 .33 victory over the Bearcats.

Rappe takes a jump shot against Bonita.


Top row: R. Sevillo D. Simpson

Center row: R. White

Bottom row: B. Price S. Nelson C. Roppe

Top row, G. De Roos C. Orozco

Center row, S. Cowsey

Bottom row, D. Williams

C. Bunker

R. Yermosek

"8" Our small but mighty "B" hoopers have done their best this season to uphold the fine traditions of Clare­ mont High School's athletic teams. They won a close historic contest over Corona, and the games lost were done so by boys w h o nevertheless put up a fierce struggle. Next year's Varsity basketball team will be en­ riched by the tal­ ents of these fine young sportsmen. grin on his face.

Manager Clyde Scherer gave o great deal of support to the team this year.

l st Row, Coach Stern, J. Kelly, E. Gordon, P. Moffett, S. Fowler, E. Loeb. 2nd Row: S. Young, B. Lattin, L. Scoff, W. Worner, F. Hardy, M. Fink.


"C" Any young hopeful for a Varsity team knows that the

first step towards this goal is active membership on a "C"


They may not have piled up a high score average,

but each sportsman has enough fight and will-to-win which

w ill c o ntri bute greatly toward rull­ ing




the next rung on the athletic ladder.

Cooch Bentley: Is everyone happy?

Captains Dick Woodrum and Dove Kriezel.

1st Row: Mr. Bentley, J. Wilshire, K. Bentley, 0. Kriezel, D. Woodrum.

2nd Row, R. Angle, D. Ellison, B. Goin, M. linholm, A. Duhurst.


This year's track team is the lar­ gest C.H.S. has had in a long time. The spirit shown has matched that exhibited in previous seasons.

Captains Jon Peek ond Jim Pulliom

PLAYERS NOT SHOWN Lynn Koufmon Stan Nelson

Warren Everson

Mike Gonzolez Steve Buxton

Dick Snel�n

Bob Minnich.

The boys made excellent showings at each meet in their brand new maroon uniforms, and exhibited the perfect balance of the team.

Track coach Hol Lynn

Two records were broken by Jim Pulliam and Brent Dobson in this climactic season. Track monogers Corter Alexander and Bob Block


Cross-Country Track was a new innovation at Claremont this year. It caught the enthusiasm of all long-distance runners immedi­ ately and spurred them on to do an amazingly good job.

I st row: P. Street, R. Angle, D. Spring, L. Loomis. 2nd row: K. Bentley, E. Loeb, R. Rassmussen, S. Thorne, A. Touchard.

And it's our star, Steve Thorne, coming around the bend.

Top Row, J. Peek, B. Price. Center Row: J. Pulliom, R. Jacobs, R. Rasmussen. Bottom Row: J. Shelton, B. Colby, M. Macklin.







Center Row: S. Cawsey, H. Horrison, L. Loomis. Bottom Row: C. Bunker, R. Per­ kins, B. Benson.


As one can see from the picture below, the "B"

track men were eager sprinters from the word "Go!"

Is it any wonder, then, that they piled up the excelâ&#x20AC;˘

lent record they did? Many factors conhibuted to this, such as the teamwork, inspired coaching, and


the all-important will-toâ&#x20AC;˘win.

Stan Nelson sprints to victory

On your mark, get set, GOii


R:ow 1: R:. Mortinez, B. Molino, J. Kelly, R:. Gomez, B. Dobson.

J. Pequegnot, S. Bolinger, J. Singer, D. Spring.


2: G. Redmond, S. Shacklett, D. Anderson, R:. Jobe, D. Allbough,


D. Kriezel, M. Lindholm, D. Woodrum, K. Bentley, B. Arthur

Futuristic feet sped on the cinďż˝

ders; the "C" tracksters were at it again.

The outcome of the

varsity teams depends on early training, as every athlete knows.

Pulliam tokes it in one giant leap.

High point men Loomis, Thorne, and Rasmussen.

Singer and Spring stomp the cinders.


The baseball team for 1958 was plagued by the bad inning jinx. Most games resulted in a one-inning loss. The entire team, except two players, will re­ turn next year as excellent prospects for the coming season.


4. 4.




Claremont Claremont




.... Bonita ..Corona ..... Upland .Chino

..... Bonita

Captain Bob Price is ready for the big catch.


Coach Cohn in reverie about next year's team.

Managers John Clark and Norman Rodewald sling

those bats.



11 5 5

- ., .,, -"- •• .-,.-' Kees mokes a split second snog ot fost ogornst . Co,ono in the first round.

• . Captain Price awaits the big pitch in . pre-season skirmish

with West Covino. Alba turns the comer ofter blasting a line drive in the

first Chino game.

Webster beats ouI on infield hit in the first Chino


To;> Row: B. Price. Center Row, E.

Gordon, R. Sevilla. Bottom Row: C. Kees, A. Bustos, B. Polos.

Top row: S. Wheaton, T. Morse.

Center row: D. Scher, M. Macklin. Bottom row: G. Webster, J. Lee, C. Alba.

Cooch Cox cuffing cho.r"!s,

Coach Cox coaxed cooperation and sportsmanship out of Tenth grade boys. These future league players we r e in­ spired by belonging to the Junior Varsity team.


Joe McKenzie ond Pat Morgan with the J.V. boseboll score book.

Row l: H. Robertson, B. Ernst, D. Gale, D. Rugh, D. Madsen. Row 2, P. Scott, 0. Clement, J. Morgan, J. Munlzel, M. Torrez. Row 3: Mr. Cox, B. Simmons, T. Pringle, B. Montgomery, P. Morgon, J. McKenzie.

Ping pong No, it isn't ping.pong; it's the familiar sound of tennis balls bouncing off the C.H.S. courts. Cooch Polos was wearing his custom­ ary white bermudas and red duck-bill cap. His team was in fine form as usual. In fact, the T.C.L. league championship was within easy reach when this book went to press. Good luck on the outcome!

Coach Nick Polos

Tennis Captains and Managers: Row I: J. Rains, B. Evans.

Row 2, B. Palmer, P. Thorne, A. Scriven.

Row I: B. Evans, R. Meyers, C. Olson, T. Franklin, D. Young, B. Goin, B. Brian, T. Evans. Row 2, Cooch Polos, B. Wilcox, S. Fowler, V. Jockmon, S. Young, L. Scoff, F. Hardy, A. Scriven, B. Latin, B. Palmer, J. Rains, P. Thorne.


Polly Penrose

Mrs. Kiefer, Miss Flannelly.





proved once again that female ath足

letes can rival the stronger sex in many strenuous sports such as bas足

ketball, hockey, tennis, and baseball. The girls had their own Tri-County league






made a



showing every time. Saturday meets

were made more enjoyable this year

by the serving of ice cold orange slices and the presentation of hilar足 ious



as lunchtime entertain足

l st Row: J. Peck, S. Morgan, J. Harris, P. Penrose. 2nd Row: Mrs. Kiefer, L Butcher, B. Coltrin, N. Wilson.


l st Row: K. Otis, S. Joseph, M. Glenn, G. Gillelle, J. Singer, C. Smith, S. Jordon, M. Ornelos, J. Vincent, S. Coppellelli, T. Reimo, T. Ebell, M. Lloyd, J. Roney. 2nd Row: 0. Irvine, C. Perkins, L. Stonebreoker, C. Hoyes, J. Horris, J. Clark, S. Morgan, S. Briney, R. Hernandez, G. Rodewald, L. Naidor, B. Norton, J. Frank, P. Penrose, J. Peck. 3rd Row: P. Gach, C. Elder, L. Thomas, D. Jacobs, J. Staub, S. Vinger, J. Porks, N. Gray, B .Booth, K. Campbell, J. Curtis, M. Hoger, C. Franklin, B. Franklin, B. Bertlson, l. Wynn. 4th Row, N. Sanford, K. Wash, E. Towne, J. Pierce, T. Bassett, S. Mother, J. Gleoson, M. Flint, L. Butcher, B. House, B. Ferrin, L. Lowe, J. Tyson, B. Clark. 5th Row: L. Pierce, C. Hokes, M. Colby, M. Matzen, D. Anderson, S. Hammer, E. Kirner, K. Heinly, K. Bromoge, J. Bradfield, J. Peck, S. Miller, J. Goodchop, M. Chittenden. 6th Row: J. Perkins, B. Setzer, S. Swartz, B. Coltrin, D. Roshoy, L. Kopecky, S. Roshoy, 8. Strutton, C. Thatcher, B. Nelson, P. Forrester, l. Sher, N. Wilson.

._ J. Harris, captain of the

champion basketball team.

1st Row, C. Smith, J. Harris, S. Joseph. 2nd Row: 8. Norton, J. Clark, L. Stonebraker, C. Hayes.

P. Penrose, captain of the champion speedbalt team.

l st Row, G. Gillette, J. Singer, S. Briney, R. Hernandez, T. Reimo. 2nd Row: M.

Lloyd, G. Rodewald, 8. Norton, P. Penrose, T. Ebel!. Perkins, J. Fronk, D. Irvine.

3rd Row: M. Glenn, C.








Senior hockey teom.

l st Row: C. Smith, L. Noidor, T. Riemo, J. Singer, 8. Norton. 2nd Row: L. Stoneâ&#x20AC;˘ breaker, S. Joseph, S. Morgan, P. Penrose, G. Gillette. 3rd Row: C. Hayes, M. Lloyd, J. Roney, J. Bolinger, J. Clark.

Carol Franklin, captain of mixed softball team.


1st Row, P. Gach, 8. Bertleson, 8. Franklin, L. Noidor, K. Otis, S. Briney. 2nd Row: N. Gray, 8. Batcheller, C. Franklin, C. Perkins, D. Irvine, L. Finley. 3rd Row: S. Scott, J. Porks, T. Ebell, J. Vincent, G. Rodewald.





ond Janey Roney. First Singles:

Pot Gach.


Row 1: J. Peck, P. Goch, B. Bertelson, J. Bolinger, J. Roney. Row 2: B. Setzer,

J. Perkins, B. House, C. Kirner, J. Rochoy, J. Pierce. Row 3, B. Strutton, B. Coltrin, S. Swarts, J. Bradford, J. Pierce, L. Kopecky.





0;1d Judy Fronk. First singles:

Jc,net Clark.


Row 1: M. Chirtenden, L. Lowe, S. Hommer, E. Towne, M. Matzen. Row 2:

C. Perkins, P. Penrose, D. Anderson, J. Gleason, J. Brodge, J. Clark.


Susan Grumbein

Dick Anderson

Donna Diggs

Don and Dick Smith

Robin Chen

Curtis Butler

Catalino Alba

Janet Clark

Jon Peek

Sybil Cappellelli

Diann Irvine

Sherri Jordan

Cynthia Perkins

Stuart Holmes

Bill Colby

Polly Penrose and Friend

Michele Glenn

Susan Joseph

Toni Ebell

Jane Bolinger

Dennis Skel1on

John Tibbles

Steve Buxton

� /

Most of the cost of financing a yearbook is relieved by the helping hands of merchants and sponsors in the Pomona Valley. The staff of El Espiritu is grateful to our advertisers who occupy the following section of the Annual. The students shown in the pictures are setting an example we should all follow-that of patronizing our helping hands.



LY. 4-2523

-WORLD TRAVEL BUREl',l! 274 South Thomas Pomona LY. 9-2575








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MARVIN'S YOUNG SET 185 East 2nd Pomona LY. 9-3657


VILLAGE GRILL 292 West 2nd LY. 6-1069

FRASER'S STATIONERY STORE Pomona 151 East 2nd LY. 2-2054 Claremont


WOLFE'S MARKET A GOOD PLACE TO TRADE 160 West Foothill Blvd. Claremont LY. 4-2035

C & E LUMBER "Look for the Red Barn" 2692 San Antonio Claremont LY. 6-3591

POMONA OPTICAL SERVICE . 280 South Thomas Pomona LY. 2-841 l 117

The name may be plain, It's Mr. Smith; The clothes aren't the same, It's not a myth_ GRISWOLD'S ''Imported Sweets'' Claremont 226 W. Foothill Blvd. LY. 6-195B

With a stylish chemise From Mr. Smith, You'll be sure to tease Your boyfriend's "kith"! MR. SMITH 288 West 2nd

BEAMON'S 429 W. Second St. LY. 2-6006


LY. 9-3809


GRADY ENTERPRISES 145 N. Alexander Claremont LY. 6-2287

DIORIO'S "A little bit of Italy in Claremont" 2nd and Harvard LY. 6-0229 118





H & H PHOTO COMPANY 320 West 2nd Pomona LY. 2-7175


SEARS, ROEBUCK AND COMPANY 1600 East Holt Avenue Pomona LY. 9-5161

REAL ESTATE FLORENCE B. CURTIS 107 Harvard Avenue Claremont LY. 6-1261



169 Valley Blvd.


ZEnith 121 l


BEAUTE BY BEDFORD 139 S. Garey Ave. Pomona LY. 2-5547

CLAREMONT TRANSIT MIX Very Best Wishes for Your Happiness, Success and Prosperity in Your Chosen Field

CLAREMONT BUILDING AN[),LOAN 219 Yale Ave. Claremont LY. 6-1271

JEANNE'S 163 W. Second LY. 2-4310

925 E. Maryland Ave. LY. 6-2289



ORANGE JULIUS 492 W. Foothill Claremont LY. 6-4649

290 S. Gibbs

McKAY FORD LY. 2-1211


HENDRICKS PHARMACY 306 Yale Ave. Claremont LY. 6-3926

225 Yale Ave.



CASA FLORES "Flowers for Every Occasion" Third and Harvard

LY. 4-2526



Claremont LY. 6-1109


LA SALLE BEAUTY SHOP Claremont 130 Yale Avenue LY. 6-5295

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA WATER CO. 321 Yale Avenue Claremont LY. 6-1601

"AUGGIE" PIERCE SERVICE STATION 341 West 1st Claremont LY. 6-1307

VILLAGE HOBBY SHOP 262 West 2nd Claremont LY. 6-4687

DON JACOBS SWIM SCHOOL Foothill Blvd. near San Antonio LY. 6-3902


VILLAGE THEATER Claremont 3rd and Harvard LY. 4-2612

TOWN AND COUNTRY 276 West 2nd Claremont LY. 4-2104



269 W. 2nd Pomona, Colif. "For the Finest in Men·s Clothing" MR. TYE 219 W. Foothill Blvd. Claremont, Colif.

"Artiste in Hoir Foshion" ROBERT C. FRAMPTON

110 Harvard Avenue Clur�111ont, CuliF.

"Creative Photography" C & B HI-Fl

134 Yale Ave. Claremont, Calif. LY. 6-4839 BUD'S BIKE SHOP 217 W. 1st St. Claremont, Calif. PINK LANTERN

254 3rd St., Clmemont

LY. 6-6617 "We Strive for the Unusual.. BANK OF AMERICA

202 Yale Ave. Claremont, Calif. LY. 6-1268

PITTMAN REALTY 350 W. Foothill Blvd., Claremont

LY. 6-1632

"Complete Real Estate Service"


Pomona, Calif.

"Prices low on Names You Know"

INLAND SASH & SUPPLY CO. 5060 Mission Blvd.

Ontario, Calif. "Aluminum Windows • Sliding Gloss Doors" ROGER K. JOHNSON

137 Harvard Ave. Claremont, Calif. "Complete Insurance Service" ISABEL'S BEAUTY SHOP

119 Harvard Claremont, Calif. LY. 6-2045


Pomona, Calif. "Courtesy Discount to Students" CONNIE STROH UNION STATION Foothill and Son Antonio Ave. Claremont, Calif.

LY. 6-4211

WILLIAM H. BYERS 228 W. Foothill Blvd. Claremont, Calif.

"General Insurance"



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1958 El Espiritu  

1958 yearbook from Claremont CA high school

1958 El Espiritu  

1958 yearbook from Claremont CA high school