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DESIGN FOR OUR FUTURE ... A pattern, a �uundation for the life that will be ours, and for the world that will be ours-that is what the youth of today is seeking; a g11ic.ling force; a star to steer by. It is only through education that we can. attain what we are seeking and gain an under­ st.1nding of what makes up the design for our future. It is not a �irnple thing, easily defined, but a c:omplex struc:ture com­ posed of many parts. Important in the design is the lrnowledge of the past, the basis of our faith. It serves to point the way that we are going, a never-ending path of development. Another part is the knowl­ edge of the present. Our modern <lay inventions and modes of life stimulate us to the desire for further betterment. But a larger and more integral part of the design is that knowledge and experience and desire which we ourselves acquire. We cannot rely upon others to point the way to happiness. We must exercise our own abilities and initiatives, molding care­ fully the design for our future, for on that design rest the chances for survival of those ideals we hold in such esteem ... peace, security, and freedom. Let u.s plan thoughtfully.. 2







Every Senior who gra<luates from Claremont High School leaves behind him an unforgettable friend-a frien<l whose ready smile an<l cheerful "Hello" have made each of us feel a CJUick glow of warmth. Many times every day his work is interrupte<l by our pleas for help, and always, un­ selfishly, he comes to our aid, no matter what the time or situation. His unending patience has earned our deep ad­ miration, and sincerest thanks. ft is our privilege to dedi­ cate EL ESPfRITU DE 1951 to Frank Gettman.



Just as it is impossible to accomplish a task without skill and equipment, it is impossible to form the Design for Our Futw-e without directors and leaders. These people help us to use our skills and to develop our abilities. Our elected officers work for the good of the school and the interests of the student body. They are responsible for main­ taining a friendly, cooperative spirit. Together, these Designers are building a successful future.



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W. r. MO}lf�OMEU'/ MU&. G. \.JOODf®D

F. D. IUrDRl

scuom tJO!J2D

MD�. l. DITlE-J2 10

Su perm ten<len t, Principal l) \



Congratulations on finishing another lap of yottr journey to free, responsible citizen­ sbipl High School life i a carefree period-fl harpy period for most of you. l3ut adult life is a far more rewarding period for those who become truly adult. You are a fine group. You have done a great deal for your school and for yourselves. If you will keep your courage .-ind your sense or humor. and if you will work hard, the success and happiness th,·11 is real adult life will be yours. 01w mort· thing-we shall all miss you, and we hopt you will c.:01ne b.1ck olieu to see us

COD>lflJl\ \l. U\l\. cl, �



A\.\.tN t1. WEW�Y Vke-Pn,,c,pal. Dcaa ol Boy<


Dl)/JF-7J/v!IlV Sf NJOD JjJ STUDk�T <�UNCIL "Front ron,: \V. Bosson, C. Chaf­ fee, B. Howell, S. Bosson. Second row: C. �fodsen, D. Liles. R. Whitham. D. Bosson, A. Smith. D. Long, N. Clavton, \I. Slivers. M. \Vhiteside, 'c Ferrill. D.

Brown, P. Rugh, S. Krieg. M. Hunter. Third row: C. Stivers, B. Chester, C. Oliver, E. Z:thnow, D. Wasden, 0. Adams, N. En­ fieid, C. Hale, D. Cce, i'vl. Dunn, C. Fogle, M. Williams.

JQUJ STUDfNT (OON(I L Front row: M. Blnnchard, B. Norris, N. Johnson, D. Norton. Second rote: J. Frost, Miss Knut­ son, R. Goforth, J. Raison, B. Bentley, B. Slr:lthmann, W. Shear, C. Bartlett. Third row: B. Bry an, M. Frater. B. Hale, E. 12

Blad, B. Chidlaw, C. Leask. Fo11rth row: C. Candelas, B. Jol­ lymour, C. Straley, S. Gonzales, M Grriy, P. llfartinez. H. Streich, L. Walker, A. Hungerford, J. Hominond, L. Ice.


.. . J,,,,. .r • .{,,




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SHIRLEY BOSSO"/ Vice-President

BILL HO\VELL .Presitlent

NANCY WEDfiEf"l.G Advl'rlisi ng .\ r .II ld,c!_el'

SUE BEATTY Annu(l\ Co-Editor

I would like to take this opportunit;" to thank everyon1� ror making this year what it has been. I think that the l1igh sdwnl has m,Hlc great prngn·'is in spirit ,rnd st11de11 t gover111)"\C'nt. I a I �o th ink tlia t if en·ryone tries thl'i r I )('•;t, the ,chool h,h c\'(•1, grl·:,t,·r lio,,ih1litic� th,u, IV(� re.1l1z<:. Hill Hri1l(•ll

JOA:'JNE HILL � Co-Editor

���./" �

l:lO/:l VO,<DE•', REITH \\'olfp:1tket Co-Ed,rm

\VESU�Y BOSSON Treasurci

C..\JWL ]UIJL \ \'(JI I p,1c:h,1 Co-Edi ·nr


Wlllll\M W. BOOTII Mathematics Stage Crew


Riology Camera Club

Al\CE COU�r\l





JE-��A)f- D.


Soc:i::il Studies

English Dramatics

Orchestra Band

OOYAl �­ fUA�E:12 Con,mercial Dept. llt1siness Club

Ornma Club

I' _..


1 J

: ./ 7 _ ..,('


7 r c:"'-



M�'2Y B. UAUU\� English

Spanish Spanish Club



English Social StuJies Jr. High Dramatics

English Social Studies

DOBEDT G. l'l�6\ll

Q\HU r. U\�\_\\\J Home Ec:onomic:s Homemaking Club

Latin English Hi�tory

ti�:_� ooit'il1 A. \)A�OOUf

A\\lt( �- �BIBY S<:ien<:e

Shop Shop Cluh



l�!f l ttlUTIW �-�




American Democracy Senior Problems World History Track Coach Cross-Country Coach

English Library Club Librarian Annual Advisor

A\1\\UD. �. 12fffNOUU


Mathematics Jr. High Sports Coach

Spanish Spanish Club


Jf\\J M. U(NUJ{� School Nurse

ELLEN 12. (OLB Girls Physical J_;;ducation G.A.A. Girls Physical Education G.A.A.


�vfaintenance-Otto Haley, Frank Gettman, Andy ;\for­ genson, Bill Fuller, Ernest He[lcl.





OOBfDTb LOUU'1\l)J Secretary



We are the builders, the students who must construct for ourselves the happy future we desire. In school we lay the foundation stones for the years to come. This foundation must be sound if we are to fulfill the design for our future. 18

�e e � U

e C

c."flt,..l ..


The Master·Touch They're leav[ng. Yes, the class of "51" i.s gradu­ ating. How different they seem from what they were on that first day in September 1945 when they enrolled at C.H.S. for the first time.

As we look back on the years, we see a class that has grov,m and matured by leaps �nd bounds, learning from all their classes and ex• periences. They took the hard knocks along with the rosy days and profited by them. This dass will be hard to replace. Their scholastic ability and sportsmanship will leave a great challenge to us.

�fasterfully led by their class presidents, Cil Oliver and George Madsen, they planned suc­ cessful activities. A good number of them helped run our school government-besides lead­ ing the way in extra-curricular activities. But, most important of all, they gave to our school a wonderful spirit and a high guality of sports­ manshi!? unequalled in the past. At the present time, the world situation doesn't look too promising. We wish you luck, but we neecl not worry. You have prepared well your design for the future.


GIL OLJVl.:'.f\ NEVA HILL President


Soci,ll ( :hainnan Vice-PresiJent

First Semester

:'.IARY 'D

1 ,

Frr�t Semester


Student Council Student Council First Semester


First Sc,l'lester

Soci"I Chnirman

Red Cross Rep

President Second Semester



Secretary-Treas Red Cross

Student Council Student Council

Second Semester

Secon<l Semesle, Second Semester


DOtll\\.U r. b\�11£-TT Six yeMs at C.f-1.S. Choru� 4; Phoro Club 4; Talent Show 3; B Bilskcb.1tll 3; Key Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4; "Our J learts \Vere Young & Gay" 4; Stage Crew 3, 4; Tumbliug 3; Shy, Agriculture.

Six ye;1rs at C.H .S. Annu.1\ Co-editor 4: Costumes "Ch;nley's Au11t''; "Ow· Hearts Wert: Young & G;1y"; Ensemble 4; Talent Show 1, 3; Dauber 4: Arr l. 2, 3, 4; Tri-County Music Festival 3, 4;

· "Binck" eyes.

D��ltl �- CL\fTOr(

su,crn J. �o�\OY

Six years at C.H s: Student Bodv \lice Pres. 4; G.A..A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Song Leader l, 2, 3, 4; Ensemble 1, 2, 3, 4; Talent Show l, 2, 3, 4; Class Soc. Ch. 2; Annunl S talf J; Princess 3; Bob, pep, per­ sonality.

Six years at C.If.S. St;ige f.;rew 1, 2, .3. 4: football 4; B,1shtball Mgr. i. J. 1; Baseball Mgr. ,3; "Purty car" Hirt.

CE-L\� A. C0l/mEOl\� Six ye rs. tC H.S. Spanish Club l, 4; Talent Show l. 2; Chorus l. 2, 3, 4; ''Lu . }' Jade'' 2; G.A.A. l. 2.; Ensenad '.1 , hair.


One year ill C.H.S.

Cr0�s Cou111Tv Team 4; Letterman's Club 4; B.111<l 4, Swlmming, ini1ny schools, cane : Music, good-nature d, U. _ red hair. (�



M�llY D. DUW Six years al C.H.S.

Ensemble 1, 2, 3. 4; Talent Show 3. 4 : G.A.A. l, 2.. 3. 4. Hockey Mgr. 2: Cheerle:icler 4; "Lucky Jade"; "Meet Ariwna"; C.S.F. 2. 3; Talented, clothes.

\D�IN l. GNfIfD

DOBE12T E-: Ell\SO't(

Five years at C.H.S. Cross Country Team 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Chorus l, Library Club 3; Foot­ ball 3, Quiet, Navy.

Six ye:trs ,1t C.H.$. St:1ge Crew 3, 4; footb,ill �-lgr. 3, Red Cros, Rep. I_; Annual Staff 4; Bachelor, �vy, hair cuts. • ... " / (



/ /;·

- ,/ ;!

;:.f /�Lv �jv)�


v·v ," · t -



( _,vf/


GLOQ\\\ U. GONZAU:1 Six y ears a< C.H.S. C.A.,>\. l, 2, 3. 4, Pres. 4; Talent Show 3. 4: Student Body Ad. Mgr. 3: Annual Staff 4, Spanish Club 4; Business Club 4: Librnry Club 2, 3; Wolfpncket Staff 4; Hardworking, spark I in�.

JOh){fr'f URl

Si,x years al C.H.S.

C.r\.A. 1, 2. J, 4, Tennis 1vfgr. J;

Chorus 1, 2, 4; Student Bo<ly Ad. ,vlgr. 2; "Lucky J,1de." 1, "Meet Ari­ zona," 4; C.S.F. 2, 3, 4; Anuuol Sl"c1.ff 3, Co·Editor 4; \-Volfp;1cket St«ff l; Spnnish Club ;3, 4, Pres. -'3; Camera Club Sec'y 3; A1hletic, spirited, effi• cient.

NE12l J. U\ll · Six years at C. H.S. C.A.A. 1, 2, -'3, 4: Student Body Secretary 3; Songle,ider 4; Class Vice-Pres. 2, Cla.s� So<:. Ch. 4; Office Practice 2. :3. 4; Dick, office.

\JltlhM E UO\JEl\. Six ye:1rs al C.H.S. Studt•nt Body President 4; Rusincss i'vlgr. 3, CL,�s Prcxy 1. 2; Letter­ man's C'luli :3, 4. Football :3, 4; Tr.1ck :2. -3. 4, Capt. 4; R,1skc1b:dl 3, 4. ·'Lucky J.1dc," I, "\ket Arizon,1," 4; "Charley's Aunt," :3, "Our Hearts Were Young & C,ty," 4; Key Club 2, 3, 4; Sports. eyes. independent.

�\l L.\UDG£S

Six ye,trs .it C.H.S. Stage Crew J, 2. :3, 4; Daubers Pres. 4, Carnc-ra Club 4, Chorus 4; Pho­ t1Jgr.iphy, fricnclly.

Ori<.: ye,1r ,,t C IT.S. Foolh,ill 4; "Ti11y .'' c,ir, licrte, -lat<·­ rhun-nevl'r; C;1n:lr<.:e. food.

lE-Civ'O D. \CESix years .H C.H.S. Choru s 1, 2; C ..'\.A. 1, 2, .'.J, 4; Li­ bral"y Club 4; "'Lucky Jacle·• ] ; Friendly, servicemen.

C�UOl �- JO'e>r Six years ,1 t C. I-LS. Wolrpad,d Cv-editor 4; G.A.A. I. 2, :), 4: "Our I le:ir(s Were Young and C:t/' 4; Talent Show I, 2, 4, C.S.F. :3, 4: Ens£•1nble ,J: Drnma · Club ·1. \h.1kc-up < 'otnl\1ittt·-t I, 2, 3, 4. red l1nir, rrnnl-;, co-eJ.

S�'l)) \.. \lE-1 SrD Three Yl',trs :it C .I-I .5. A.,st. Annu"l Editor -3; \Volfp,1.l-ket St;,lf 4, 1\1u111;d Stotlf :l. 4; Props 2. :), -1: C.S.F. ,'3, 4: G.A.A. 2; Assem­ bly Committee; 4; Oimny, scatler­ hrai11, <limplc� ) :

Five years ;it C.H.S. Fnotliall 2, :J, 4; ReJ Cross Rep. -'3; Soci;il Ch,1irm.111 2; re<l h;1ir, car. 'The Boys."









.. ... .;i

{ I'





Four _yc .. r, ,1t C.H.S. Wolrp,ic:k<.:l St;iff ,1, Annual St,1ff 4, T.ilt>nl Show J, ,'3, 4: "Lucky J,icla' 1: "?dcet Arimn.1" 4: G.A.A. I, 2; Class Vice-President ,'3; Lihrary Cl11b 1: C.S.F. :1, 4, Prop, 2, 3, 4 Voic:(•, depe11d,1hle.


/ ,d;. •�7 /


.D\CU\l1QD G. l\lrS Six- years at C.H.S. Leuerrnan's Club President 4; Class Pre.xy 1. 2. Key Club 4; Basketball


1"' LI-

4; F oo t b

r!-1J,ry111, � Gf0Ub£- E-. Ml\\�Bf

lJrv-J,. uJ


, JJvi• l

yJv":: [Ipi


.-. r-11. ;.JP










Four ye:1rs at C.H.S. R Baskethall 2; tluskctlwll -3, 4; Letterman's Club:), 4; Key Club 2 3, '4; Foothall 4: Basel,ali 2., 3, 4; - Cla�s Prc,idenl 4; Athlelt;, build.

Four yt:ar, at C.11.S. ltul C:rn,, l\ep I; St:,gc Crew 2. 3. 4; Footliall \1 !--,'T, 4, Uneonecrnc.:d. aniiahk. Six years ,1t C.H.S. Fnn1h,11l -1. 4, fl Foothall 1. 2; R Basketball 2: Tr.,ck 2, :J, 4; Sot:ial Chairman :3, Letterman\ Cl\1h 1, 4, "The Lite Chri,tophcr" 2; C:.S. f. -'3: Key Cluh ,'3, 4: 'The Look," sincere.

�l\'2Y J. MOC\l

Six yc,1r, at C.H.S. . C.A.A. 1. 2, 1, 4. Sc<.:'y-Treas. !3; C.A.A. B,1,kerliall -"fgr. 2; Chorus :2, :J, �; Er,scmhlc 4; ":'vkct Ari-zon.1" 4; Annual St,1fT 4.: l\cd Crrn, ncp. I. 2: "Cliadcy\ Aunt" '.3. "Our }lc;1rts Were Young & Cay" 4; Bill. "Shor­ ry," ,port,. 25

five years at C.H .S. C.A.A. 1, 2, 3. 4, Hockey Capt. 2: Drama Club 4; Lahn Clt1b l, 2; Cheerleader 4; "Meet Arizona" 4, Red Cross Rep. 1; Gentle. Bob.



PATTI L. VAFTH Six years ar C.H.S. Social Chairman l; Chorus 4, C.S.F. 2, 3. 4; Cheerle.ider 4, G.A.A. L, 2, ->, 4; ned Cross Rep. ,'3; Palm Springs, clothes.

Gll!>fDT l- OllYEll

Five y ar� ,tt C.H.S. Stage Crew l, 2, 3, 4; footbidl Mgr. -3; Chorus ; "Meet Arizona" 4, M:,ry, e:ir.

Tl1r1:c y<t,trs at C.H.S. Cb�� Pre�idcnt 4; U.t�keth,tll 2, 3, 4; T rn<.:k 2; Footh.111 ,3, 4; Letter­ man's Ch,h .'J, 4; Key Club 4, An, e:ilm, h:;sketh.tll.

Six. ye,1rs ,tt C:. H .S. C.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4; CA.A. Capt. l; Cir l's Lc.tgue l, 2. 3, 4. Spanish Club 3, 4: Chorus 4; Lilm1ry Club 4, Friendly, good-n.1t-ured. cute. 26

Six .1t C.H.S. Girl's Le:1gue Pres. 4; Girl's League \'ice-Pres. 3; Business Club Pres- 4, C.A.A. l. 2, 3; Studentj:ounc�, 4;Dave, laugh �


f/;, �

T;dent Show J, 4, Songle:icle1· I, 2. 3, 4; Soc:i;il 1-hufrmi.111 :!. Chn.,tma:, Queen 4: Studcilt Council 2, -1; Bill. -sweet, sincere.

Sixyear�:itC.H.S. T.dcnr �how I, 2; Lil1rary (:Juh 4 · D�toht•r\ 4; ,\1111ual S1,1ff 4; Troy'. l(Uil•t.

Three years at C.H.S. Footb.dl 4: Sluck:nt Cnuni.:il Rep. 4. Key Club J. 4, Trc,1,. 4: St,ige Crew 2, 3, 4, Talent Show . 2., :), 4, "L.1te Christopher nean. . l. "Charley\ Aunt," :3: �Our Hearrs \Vere Young & G,1y," 4: Wolfpaeket Co-editor :3; C.S.F. 2, :J, 4; Pot"ms, h:injo. Ariz.

Bt111 J_ S\lllll>TE-D Six ye.irs at C.H.S. C.A.A. I, 2, -3, 4; Talent Show l, 2, Libr..iry Club :3; l\u�ines� Cluh Soc. 4; Girl's Le;Jgue Commit­ tee Ch. 4, Photogenic, eyes. 27

ltU01 \J. S\Jl(llThree years ;,it C.H.S. Letterman's Club 3, 4; Football 3, 4; Ba11d J, 4; B Football Z; Chorus 2, 3; Roy the Boy, trumpet.

Two years at C.H.S. Camera Club 3, 4; B Footb:.11 4; Daubers 4; Annual St:iff 4; Joker. persistent.

Two ye:u-s at C.H.S. Social Chairman 3; Daubers, Vice­ Pres. 4; Hallowe'en Dance 4; Sona­ leader 4: Vivacious. pep, popubr.'='

120DI 1 WtlDED DE-llU Three years at C.H.S. Key Club 3, 4; Football 3. 4, Letter­ man's Club 3, 4; Stage Crew 2. 3, 4; Co-editor of Wolfpacket 4: Vonder­ wagoo , "Vondy," Senior girls.

S1.x years at C.H.S. Talent Show I, 2, 3, 4: C.S.F. 2, 3, 4, Ensemble 3, 4; Latin Club 1, 2; "Qur Heart, Were Young & Gay" 4; Costume Di.rector -4; Drama, sew­ ing. 28







JnMfS U. \JUlTf Sil( years at C.H.S. Football l, 2, 3; Track 3, 4; Cross­ Country 4; Secretary of 'Business Club 4: Letterman's Club 4; Jovial, car(?).

Q)OJ�UD U \JUITE-' Five years flt C.H.S. fr,,ck 2, 4; Cl.,ss Sec'y-Treas. 4; "Meet Ari20na" 4: "Our Hearts Were Young & G;,.y" 4; Letterman's Club 4, Cross Counby 4; Channel swimmer. bashful.

MrDIDfT� 1 \JI\Tf�lDF Six years at C.H.S.

DJ)\l Q. WUlTUh'1 Five years at C.H.S. Letterman's Club 2, 3, 4; Football 2. 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3. 4, Capt. 4;

Ba.seb?.11 2, 3, 4; Class Pres. 4; Key

Club 4; Daubers 4; Athlete, quiet, smile.

Annu:il StaIT·.'3; Ensemble 3, "I; Class Vice-Pres. 4, "Charley's Aunt" 3; ''Luck} Jade'' l; "Meet Arizona" 4; Girl's League, G.A.A. 1: Larry, con­ scicnlious, sincere.


Pr(:'sidents DONALD ICE a11<l BRUCE CHESTER. President:

First semester-Bruce Chester Second semester-Don,ild ke


First semt"ster-Norma Clayton Second semester-


First semester-Dorothy Weston Second semester-

Student Counci I Hepresen tll tives:

Social Chairmen:

First se1Nester-Edward Zahnow, Donald Ice Second semester-

Elaine Martin, Bubani Bonicamp, Grant Ander­ sen. Bruce Deans

Geel Cross: Rosa Torrez, Doug Peck

Now that the Seniors are leaving, what is in �tore for the Class of '5:2? Will their design be as complete as the one set before them this year > Let's preview our future Seniors. They have al.ready proved as a d>\ss their enthusiasm a11<l drive ill the rn;inner in which they have entered into school activities nnd backed class projects. The energy aud spirit of the Class of '52 rrnd the co-operation which it h:1., given its officers throughout the year played a major part in milking the school year of 1950-51 an inspiring SllCCess. In student council, stlldt-nt body events, �llch as plays ancl dance,, and on nthlet1c li'a1ns, the Class of '52 h:ts helped to set a standard for the Junior Cl,1sses of the future. Thev have also done well as students, and their friend!� �l)irit of <-o-o"peration with the faculty will be r<·membered for years to coine. Perhaps a bit too ent husi;istic at limes. but always r('ady .ind willing to hnndle any problem that the future may hring. th<' Class of ·52 m;irelws 011-a g;roup of kad<'rs. ;llhil'tt•.,. and .�tudt'nls of which C.f-1.S. m.1y well be proud. 30


� 'm�










CH.tMLES tt.\L£



/i,'lf HOLOOM

MABEl, LA;>.:Oh


I ;f.'

IUTA l.££

£LAl'\:E \IAllTIN

\t rn< .u r·

'- \, " \\









RF-Ti E !l n t-:.'\S! .\"CE II


, ) JJ)



DELJ\Elt'f CO\!ZALlcS ,IE:\.\" L\\'UJU...:Tll \. I \. J SO< J f. C P 1'


l'i\T,',\" STI·:\\1 1\ IIT


f·'I',.-\ \"<.F..\ ZU \ IC-\

El)\\-"_\f\i) Z.-\lf'\-0\\'

JA:-.:ET \\l[LL/A.\lSON


,..,\_yp HICJlt\/{L) \\'HITJ-IA\l


---7t �� _, / ( /-��) /1.,._.�_,,/ �-. ------�-" _)� ;:_=:.-::- _::�/1 ----/ t!



� - .

;;,-------<=, '�{O�OMO�fS � ;;'-. )�-�� ,- /

The Sophomore class has been an 'industrious class this year, trying to get a head start on fund-raising for the important Jr.-Sr. Prom next year. It started with the sell-out fish pond at the Halloween Carnival and cli­ maxed with the school dance put on by the Sophomores in April. Several Sophomores received letters for varsity foot­ ball and one member of the class of '53 received a letter for being a member of the cross country track team. B track and baseball were greatly aided by the Sopho­ mores. Five of their number were seen in the school produc­ tion "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," and the oper­ etta and Talent Show were enthusiastically supported by the class of '53. Four Sophomores were club presidents this year and ten were members of C.S.F. These activities are but a small pattern in the design that the future holds for the Sophomore class.

Norman Enfield, first semester; Dave Adams, second semester, class rresi<lents.

Front row: M. Hunter, E. Ledbetter, M. Maxcy, M. Foster, D. Brown, P. Coodchap, J. Fredendall, S. Krieg, C. Ryerson, S. Tryon, E. Wall, J. Guimond, Mrs. Boynton. Second row: M. Serna, I. Hauge, Cail Richmond, P. Norton, J. Streich, S. Hawkins, K. Nich­ olson, Cay Richmond, I. Hertz, T. Bustos, B. Beatty, R. Conzales. Third row: D. Hernandez, C. Brooke, 34

J. Penter,

E. Inman, E. Foster, M. Williams, S. Balch,

]. Keesey, P. Hernandez, C. Gill, H. De Weese. Fourth

row: S. Madsen, C. Pearson, E. Murphy, A. Smith,

H. Runsvold, B. MacPherson, N. Enfield, D. Whitney, P. Hammond, D. Angle. Fifth row: A. Torrez, L. Axtell,]. Hill, J. Woodrum, J. Pitzer, D. Manker, E. Wolfe, B. Jones, C. Swick, D. Wasden.

FDfSUMfW Here's a class that's really getting into the activities at C.H.S. With several of the boys making their varsity letter, we shou1d have great teams in the future. Bill Norris was not only president of the class, but president of the Jr. High Student Council. The other president was David Bosson who did a grand job. Several of the Freshmen were in the Talent Show and several of them were in "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay."

Bill Norris, second semester, David Bos足 son, first semester, class presidents.

P. Muffler, L. Sweet, D. Jones, J. A1mendarez, L. Gaye, D. Thornton, S. Krieg, G. Valadez, M. Con足 treras, T. Cabezuela, Mr. McGill. Fourth row: D. Ar足 onovici, J. Larsen, P. Martinez, M. Cray, D. Woy, D. Bosson, S. Gonzales, G. Straley, B. Parham, G. Hughes, J. Jackson, D. Brunsworth, J. Sherrell, R. Gray.

Front row: J. Keene, H. Contreras, A. Molina, D. Cabezuela, J. Torrez, F. Smith, L. Chang, M. Blan足 chard, E. Black, E. Lyon. M. Frank, B. Sumpter, C. Kostoff, T. Groth, M. Hawkins. Second row: F. Holmes, D. Luther, B. Shellenbarger, B. Aultman, G. Boyes, M. Miller, S. Matthay, B. Bell, B. Chidlaw, J. Williams, C. Leask, V. Stivers, C. Fogle, S. Alley. Third row: H. Wheaton, D. Long, B. Bryan, B. Norris, 35

Lola Ice, first semester, and Bim Jollymour. second semester. were the successful presidents of the eighth grade. This class took an important part in the student l:Jody activities. They have assumed many responsibili­ t'c·s. An active class, they have achieved a great deal. The;' rnised a larger amount on a food sale than any other class. They deserve credit for their spirit and drive in athletics, and they deserve recvgnition for their part in organizing the Hallowe'en Pany,

Lola let·. fi1st scn11:ster. B11n j()]h·111our. second senw,ter. cL1ss pre�idc;1ts.·

Frollt ro1c D. B,\s�i. F. Caig1•, E. C:unlifk. E, He:\lst. N Lu,en, E. H.1c1tvl. J. 'Lnwrv, B. Jollvmolll'. P.·, P. Smith, I).'ohs. Ji. P.tnilb, H. C:h,1vcz. J F,!!'111u, I' A11d('J',01i. F . .\! oli11.1, C. Skell'. S1·co11d ro,c: Lotl'l1l' ]nh11,,.11, S. Cc,111.ik�. L. \l.1rti11t•:;,, N. ]lllirh<lll. ]. Scott B. l'entt'l', Lnrl'lt.t Johmon, B. T\\'i­ . fnrd. \\' [rnl(',, . V. \l<. C.irtv. �- �'t·l.,on. ll. t.ill, B. .\L1w·v. Ii. \\ clt>drum. ]. l)rn1kcr. ll. \\',di. C Cou7.tln. Thir1/ ro1c · S ..-\II,,;. C. :\11>,t. ll. S<'nu. J. Elli,011.


�I. Fo,ter. 1- Keyes, L. Ice. P. /\!cCarso11. J. Bo�ge,s, D. Caines, ,\1. Jl11111er. 1:. \Vall. �!. W.irkenti11, L. W.dkC't, A. Westbrook. llol!elio '.\Ielendrez, C. Can­ dc!.1s, R. Cr,\f. Fo11rlh rote'. A. Torrez, A. C:ont,era�. C:. C:ook, �I. l)arhv. J. _lack.<mn, J. Enfield. A. Hunger­ ford, M. Cupc-ntl'f', P. Perkin,, �I. �lcll11nl{'V, J. Hammond, D. Femi!. 1- Neff, 1- S.rnder.,. H. Clav­ well, B. Sliellenhar�l'f'. '.J. Heim<), �liss 1':mttson. �ir. lfooth.

Enthusiastic and full of pep describes the: class of '.:56. With Cordon Bartlett and William Strathmann as their leaders they've taken the first step towards gr;1duat]()ll. With the right foot forward they , bound to be able to take over the leadership of C.H.S. With their help and hard effort a great success was made of the 1'.'larch of Dimes Campaign. The future will reveal thelf hid­ den talents a n<l leaJership.

Cmdon Bartlett. tir�I semester. Bill Strath­ rna_ 1,, secrrnc. semester, class presidents.

Fmnl ru1£: J- Conlrer,t,, IL Hobe:rt,on, L. Sheffkkl, H. Pola.,, 13. Bentley. Th,\t: �mitl1. R. H:imrno11cl, C. Ibrtlctt, W. Str,ttlimann. D.. \1anley. rl .\!ol·n, G Br;1Jlcy, E. Ltr.,or. J. Grigg.,. Scumd rnu:. F.Pu! n"m, \V. S<.:herer, D . .\l.t( :•herson, \f. Cold 1rrm, L. An11l·n­ J,1rez, D. ,'iortm:. P.Fr,11,�el. \\ \l',on. l ,_ Try­ on, P,trrill,t, C nun.wold, !\. \1/il<.:m·, C.."\1,h1td J. !1.1ison. f. fl..ithy. Tl1ird rou.,: L. Saln;,.,1r, n. \ll'lc-n-




drcf'., J. Alc.�.. ,ndrr·. ll. llr_vd1111, JI Cray, S.J),:\\',c,,·, D. fk,-ttv, 11. .'iln·irl, .\I. J,",.,t,·,·. ll II.ii", ll. ,\lbclJ11li-r. J. c:;·osi('r, JI. Crl<'v:,ra. K. Col,lcr, I). H1-r,clwr, f. [•rn,t, I' Pce� Fo11r//, rorc.- .\Ir. 1,m1·,. S ..<-i,,·ick, l(_ s,.,lfl/J, n. (;of,,rtl,. F. C.,rilll'1"1..'., r-:.°F:l,cll, JL 1\.,nl'V, ]). ))1Jwdl, /) lkr" >11. I) C:1rf(·ri. Y Znniga.\.'.I 11·.i;I, IL L:,,yv,r1, C Lt'i:Jiirn,. L. L1J11'c. ,r..,_ 1'".!..'.lc, \Ir P.cil­ nr,ue,.

Our athletic teams are an important part of the Design for Our Future. As Craftsmen the boys acquire character build­ ing qualities-co-operation, diligence, and confidence. Sports­ manship learned in athletics molds them into well-rounded citizens. 38

Ha\'e �'Oll ever seen a boy writing furious\� through e1·('n tht' most exciting and crnciril high spots in a game? And tht'n. perhaps. wonclcrC"d wh:-1 011 earth sorrwone would be doing this? Well. thi!'- 1wr<;o11 ,rn� probably Croshy PC'arson. our faithful sport,; writn, sC'tting down ns a 1wrinan­ ent rec(lrd our ,·ietories and our Josse�. cnpturin� ,onw of thl· thrills :rnd es(:itinr; mome11ts ot om sport- l'l'l'lll, for t•1·ervo11c,· to know. \ sporh writer mmt haH• patiellt't'. (•ndur.,nct·. :111d 1111,,;t ot ,\II. a hard-\\'orking. e11th11,;ia�t,c spirit. C:r11,b_1· has ,how11 tlwst• qualilil'� constant­ h· thro11(!ho11t the, ('<II'. Tho11i..,:h kw of us ,\l't11.illl' 1:1·.d111· thl' harcl \\'ork tl1at g;><', intt1 thi� job, ,,:1. l..11011 Cro�IH' h:1� done• a gone\ joh. and ha� c·,trnnl 011r th:111b. 40

LfTTIJ))!j)(f (Jf3

Frc,111 ro11;: D. lee, D. \\'!11tc, P. "l:\rtinez. J. \\'hitc. P. Whith,,m. R. Cook. S. 1'ladse11. E. \\'olfe. D. Thomµs()n. Ser:o11rl rO<G: T. Cneier. R \Vhirha1n. S. "lcC1rs011. B. Chester. 8. Howell. C. �L,che11. D.

AcLims. \V. B0�son. L. S"ick. Tliiid 1()n. B. Dc,ws. B. \'01,dl'1Reitl1. G. Swick. C. Oliver. D. Lib. J.

The Cl::iremcmt Letterman's Club is a trnditionnl orgnuizMion dfsigned to pro111ote interest in Jthletics. It bu�,s and issues lt>tter �,,vnrd� in cooµer;,tion \\'llh tht> co;:iches. In order lo r,HSe the money to buv e\pen�i,T letter ;)\\',1rds tht> dub pnt on n dance ,1nd a carniv�l.

With Dick Liles as president. the Letlern1.111·s Club left ;i good· rel·onl this _,·e;ir. During football seaso,1 the club roped off the footb:dl field !or ,tll honH:· �,,mes. vVhe11 they notic c\ th,1 t the o;iskt>t ball COlll I I\\ the new gnn 11:1s11111) \\'<(� ta k1 I\� a beating from studt'11ts ,v,1,lking ac1\iss 1t duri11� l1rn<;:h period_ th� cl11b )(lped off thi:' Aoor. It set ;i high st:rndarcl for nll clnnces to live up to, \\·1th its successful ;i111H1:,I sellli­ formal danc<.'. Later ill the _v enr the club g:1,'(' all exct>lkul 11011-d;\tt' i11forn1:,l d:ml't'.

Durin)! tlw second semt'ster tlwr0 \\';\$ thl" 011'-' and 00 \_,· Lett1•nn:111 \ C:, rni q 1. with its gav c-olnrs. exciting r,1ftte. and h,q1p\' crn\\'ds ink11t 011 sprndi11� nH1n1:·_, and enjoying tht·rnseh es.


COIDDE!)t Captain Si'lm McCt1rson and Co; Cohn.

Coached by Leon;ird Cohn and Ed Patton, line coach, the Wolf­ pack had a successful season cap­ turing third place in I he Tir­ County Leag1Je. Capt-iin Silm McCarson sp;i.rke<l the team, ably playing gunr<l.

Managers Mike McAlister. Jim While, ancl Howard DeWeese. d2

Claremont Claremont Claremont Claremont Claremont

Puente Corona .8onita Chino Citrus

28 7 7 0 6

Five members of the Wolfpack were named to the Tri-County All-Star Football Team. They were Bill Howell, back; Dick Liles, end; captain Sam McCarson, guard; Bob Vonder­ Reith, tackle; and Paul Whitham, back. Bruce Deans, tackle, was named on the second team.







\.. · ...,_ \..,.H. �- I "-{.J.. t f ; ,.I' 1 � �






,-, \


- £


7 0 14 21 0

·wes Bosson halfback

Trini Bustos guard

Dan Clifton tackle

Ronnie Day center

Dave A<lams tackle

Bruce Deans tackle

Chuck Hale ha.Hback


The Wolfpc1ck got off to a good start this year, defeat­ ing Puente 28-7. Our first score came in the second quarter when Paul vVhitham score<l. from the twelve yar<l stripe. A thirty yard running drive and a pnss from Paul Whitham to Bill Howell set up the second score. Paul again carried the ball and Pat Martinez converted as he did the first time to make the score 14-0. In the third period Howell raced eighty yards for a touch­ down. Howe] I also made our final one in the lc1st quar­ ter. With three minutes to go, J. Mussero of Puente took a kick-off and rambled ninety wards for Puente's only score.

N,1to l krn-in<l<:7 guard

Bill Howell halfllack

Dick Lib end

George? \l;1(hcn end

Sunlev M,1lben �nu

Pat Marti ;iez quarter h,1ck

S;im McCarson Captain gnard

Erroll Murphy tackle

Gil Oliver end

CLAREMONT 7 - CORONA 0 Bill Howell was out of the picture in the Corona vme. A hard fought game, the single score came in the third quartn_ Cnrrying the ball most of the time on :t sixty­ nine yard drive, Paul Whitham scored a touchdown from the one yard stripe. Pat Martinez converted. The final score-Clarernor:it 7, Corona 0-

Doug Peck end

fohn Penter - fullback

Charles StiH:rs tackle

Glen S\\'ick halfl>,1ck

Le Ro,· S\\'ick �f\1:Hd

De1111is Woy center

H1ckv \Vhith:1m q1i':1rterb:1Ck

P,111I \\.'hith,tm fullb.,d:

J-.::.1r,tcn \'il'" rxklc "

Hoh \·onderHdth 1:1ckll'

CLAREMONT 7 - BONITA 14 In the thriUing game with Bonita, Claremont took the opening kick-off, and drove eighty yards for a touchdown, with speedy Bill Howell breaking through tbe Bonita tackle and going thirty yards for the tally. Pat Martinez converted to make the score 7-0. Bollita came back in the second quar­ ter scoring a touchdown and converting to tie the score. Bonita won the game in the final period . .Recoveriog a Claremont fumble, Bonita scored and converted. Final score - Bonita 14, Clare­ mont 7.


Claremont lost in the game played on Chino's new field. Scoring twice in the sec.oncl quarter Chino sped to a 14'-0 lead at half-time In the­ third period the final touchdown was scored. making the score Chino 21, Claremont 0.


CLAREMONT 6 - CITRUS 0 In the fin,il game of the season Claremont defeat­ ed Citrus G-0. With only five minutes of the ball game to go, Paul \Vhitham scored a touchdown, running twenty-two yards to pay dirt. The con­ version was blockeJ. 'With this victory the Wolf­ p,ick captured third place in league standings.



zales, J. Hill. Third row: F. Chang, M. Contreras, M. Cray, H. Runsvold, A. Smith, T. Cabezuela, 8. Norris, P. Martinez.

Front ro11.;.¡ S. Conzales, D. Bosson, C. Straley, /\fr. Colbath, 0. Jones, D. Long, J. Jackson. Second row. H. De\Veese, R. Haynes, E. Wolle, L. Sweet, R. Con-

B FOOT/3A1l The B Football squad was coached this season by George Colbath, former Claremont High School and Pomona College football star. This year the team played in the league before Varsity games. Although they were unsuccessful in winning any of their en­ counters, they gained valuable experience which will help them in the future.


J. Contreras, J. Orinkl.'r, L. Armendarez, P. Smith. rnan.1ger, S. Melendrez, c,,p­, B. Jollyniour, L. Tryon. Second ro1_v: £. He:usl,

£. C1111liffr. E. Haertel, B. Twiford. 1- Lowt v. C. Con­ zales. \\'. Jone .. D. Ra,.�i. Tliiul ,.;Hr: P. 'wade. R. Gr:if. G. Candelas. R, Gill. I'. Cai�t'. F. l-.lolrn.1.

Front row: C. .Runsvold,

J/2 LIiffJOTB�ll

The Jt1nior High football team, c0;1ehe1l b,· \Ii_ Rob­ ert Jorie� .-1ncl Mr. Arthur Reih1ot1f'r, liad :1 ,·en· suc-c<'ss­ ful season winning all their g.a1nes bnt ont- wlii<"h the" tied. They played nearly all of the junior l11;h �chools around here, and had no serio11s i11j111 il's Tht> tc,1m members displayed skill and coordmntinn ,111d sh0uld go .Lu in their future footbnll careers.


Coach Locke Olson and Capt.1in P;:iul Whitham. Three consecut 1ve seasons is the n mb r! Basketball chn{Ylpions for the third time. Under the cap,1ble coaching of Locke Olson the \Nolf p11ck hecnme Co­ C ha rn pion s of the Tri­ Countv Le,1gue, sha1·ing the honor with Bonita .-ind Chino. C)arernont defeated Chino in an exciti11g play­ off ( For representation i11 C.I.F. fioals) nt i\f.S.A.C .. bot foiled to conquer Bon­ i ta at Pomona College. Claremont is tru I _I' proud of the team agc1in this year 1

Left to right Co.1c:h Olson, \lgr. D. Clifton, C. Oliver. D. Lib. F. Clung, D Str,,�ier, 1)_ Conzales.\\'. Bns­ aon, l'. \\'liith,un. D. le<> , 8. Howell. T. Bu tos. n. \Vhi1h,1m. C. \hd.C'n. S \1:id�e-n.


Excircd fans ,it Chino play-off.

Lil(>s jum p� hi gh m Bo11ita pla y­ off.

Nt·arh- JII of till ' g;,1t1t·., w,·r<· e,pc­ ciall .1· t'.X<'ili,,·! llti, _v,·ar, rn:111 y ,llJl'f•, t-11<1111 1..; with ,·,twtnl'il- 11;u·rn11· 111ar­ gins. T!1(' kag,H· r.-.,111, u·<·1<· 1111i!I· <'v('nl �, 111,1td1, c 1,,:t 1,11r \\ ',,ll p;1t·k came thr11u�h


d1:1rnpi1)11� 1

F.1utlty again5t var,ilv in the B , dli:dl C,univ,,I,



The team practiced and were carefully coached by Loc:ke Ol­ son in the gym night after night in orrJcr to be in tor form for cage contests.








The boys b�nefited from basket­ ball seasrm through physical de­ velopment and develo_pment of character, and by learning the value of good sportsmanship.









CL.-\l:U:::\.(ONT 29 - PUENTE 23 .-\ s in footb111l, the snapp:,- Wolf. pad: romped to a vie-to, y over Puente. lt was a tight g;ime un­ til tbe lc1st period, "'hen the WolJ­ trnck scored seven points lo Pu­ cnt,;s four. Gil Olivn was high m::i.11 for Claremont with seven points. Tite score was Claremont :20. Puet1 e 23 when the gun sounded ;1t Puente. CLAREi'l'IONT 67 - COHONA 44 The \Volfpack rolled to a 67-44 victo(v over Corona. Corona held a half-time lt';id, but Claremont came back in the last h;\lf to make the victory decisive. High point men for 11s were Paul Whit­ h,11n with 28 points, ,1n<l Cil Oliv­ er and George t\fodsen with 12 points each. Push it inl

Beginni11g of Citrus g,1me.


George sinks one in the Bonita play­ off.

Watch out for Liles!


Iu tlw first game with Bonita the Wolfpack topped the Bearcats by two points. The game was a \'ery tight but cleliberate g,une. Gil Oliver_. c,Hne through with nine poi11ts t0 be top scmer. Plave<l in our own gym, the game was won 2-1-:2:2. CLAHE�IONT .'.39-CHINO 38

Chi110 won their first �arne against Claremont in a thriller, topping llS bv only Ollt-' point. The battle S<'c'-�a \\'ed through­ out the third quarter but the Cn\\'boys W<'fc' m1 top of ,1 3-!-3:2 con11t going i1tto the fin,il sl'anz,L \\Tith sern:ids kH to go, Chino dropped in a free throw to �i\·e the Cowboys their one point \·ic­ ton·. Pm1l \ kd the �cor­ ing with t'ightet'll p1lints. 57


The Wolfpack lost to Citrus in the following game. The two teams battled on even terms dur­ ing the t.iurd quarter and the score was still knot­ ted 37-37 going into the fourth quarter. How­ ever, Citrus went ahe..d to make the score 47-44. Paul Whitham was our top scorer wilh fourteen counters.


On Claremont's court, the Wolfpack again c.le­ fea ted Puente. Delbert Gonzales, taking Cil Oliver's place as center, co)le.cted twelve points and made the winning'basket w[th seconds to go. It was a Light game all the way, the final score stan<li ng at 31-29

George M:1cl�en, in Bonitn gam�.

A foul'? CLAREMONT 34 - conONA 36 Claremont w:i.s on the wrong encl of the sco1 e in the second game with Corona. ft was a fast, rou�h l:ontest all the way with plenty of thrills right down to tht bsr sel:­ ond. Corona s<:oreJ 36 to the Wq,lfpack's 34 counters. Captain Paul Whitham collected twenty­ two points


The Wolfp,1ck was de e:itecJ by Bonit.i in the �econd enconnttr with this strong team. The game was hurd fought but we didn't seem to be able to get ahove the nearc-ab often enough. The final score was Bonit;i. 46, Cla1cmont 30.

Jump, Georg�1

. . . .runEMONT 3·1 -r.tiiNO !?8

lo the- La\1 lr;a� gw1e of tht­ �uon CL1f'1r.Ohl dtppnl C.truS to wtn co-clwnpion banon- in oa11 gy 1u T1lit' \\ t(IIT!p11d t00i. .111 r,rh• Ind ,\I hJII th< ><Ore ,.. 1",:I UI �IJ l;nff � [1gb ttt11 pn111ts w:u tht' ot theo pomh loopcx1 m b\· C.,�m l\m1 \Vhuh11• 1,, ,lS tho:- h-:lm w(,ll -U-J.9

r t;ln,

.. ·7-: /I{ 7/_._ ......:.u..,

.....-<.>-r �








l _._.

B Bh��fIBhtl Left to rig/11: oRch Colbnrh . .I.L111nae.r 1'\'lurphy. J. Jackson, M. Gr:1y, G. Straley, 0. Woy, E. Wolfe, D. Bosson. T. Cook. S. Gonzales, P. Mar1ine2, R. Conzales. H. DeWeest>� L. Sweet. D. Hern:rndez.

Mr. George Colbath coached the B Team, and Erroll fl.forphy was its inanag<:'r. Its members are l:lrgely freshmen. The exceptions are T. Cook, junior: H DeWeese, n. Gonznles, D Hernandez, and E. Wolfe, sopho­ mores. The high poiJit of the season came when the team defeated the Bonita B's 36 to 33.

Front row: E. Hearst. C. Bartlett, L. Tryon, R. Palas. Second mw: P. Smith, C. Conzales, R. Raney, 8. Twiford, S. Melendrez, Co;ich Jones. Third row: Co,1ch Rei111ouer, E. Cunliffe, B. Jollymour, F. C.iige, C. Steele, R. Cwf, E. Haertel, Co:1ch Oliver.

This thriving after-school organization is working hard to make fut'ure champions for Claremont. During the season they lost only one of seven or eight games. About sixteen boys o( the seventh and eighth grades make up the squad, c;:iptained by Eddie H;:iertel a,id coached by Mr. Robert Jo,ies, Mr. Arthur fieitnouer, :1nd Gil Oliver.

Martinez goes up for Conzales ( IO) .

Sh·ak-v i.� rPallv in there tr\'i11g. C1 :1y ( G). � brlin�z (5), _i:1cks1n1 (7).

\-Vatch out �like! Jackson rig:]1t.


coo1 cou�ret

Cross-country running is a new sport at Claremont High School. It is also a brand new sport in the Tri­ County League, with four league schools having teams this year. Letters were awarded in assembly after the student council voted it a major sport. Coached by Lyle C. Martin, Roger Cook, captain, Terry Cook, Irvin Gneier, Mario Serna, Dick White, and Jim White made up the team. The cross-country course is 1.8 miles. The first meet was a practice one at Bonita which the \Volfpack won. On December 16, the team participated in an invita­ tional cross-country meet at Mt. San Antonio College. The Tri-County meet topped off a successful season with Claremont close to Chino, the winner. Captain Roger Cook got a medal for fourth, and Terry Cook next year's captain, received a fifth place medal.

Co,1ch Martin nnu Cartain Cook.

Front roii;: l. Gncicr, D, Wh1t.t, Last row: M. Serna, T. Cook, Cook.


Front row: D. White, Irvin Gneier. Last row. ]. White, M. Scrn:i, T. Cook, ll. Cook.




Coached by Lyle C. Martin and captained by Bill Howell the track teams showed plenty of promi:.e in early season practice. although the team lacked depth. ln the Inter-Class Track J'vleet the Sophs captured top spot with the Juniors, eniors, and Frosh following in that OH.ler. Rounding out the Wolfpack cinders squad were the B and C teams. Conley Angle in the sprints and relay, Tony Cabezuela in th<.' pole vault and high jump events, Manuel Contreras in the high 1ump and pole vault, Norman Enfield in the sprints, Robert Gonzales in the hurdles and pole vault, Steve Gon..:alcs in the high jump, Charles Hale in the hurdles, H. Haynes . in the sprints, Donato Hernandez in the 13:20, Jerry Lawson in the high jump, \l. erua in the sprints and broad jump, George Straley in the shot put, Eddie Wolfe i11 the 660. Gilbert Valadez in the 1320. Karsten Vieg in the hurdles, and Dennis Woy inadc up the roster for the B's. ln the C department were Dave Aronovici in the sprints and broad jump. Bruce Beatty in the sprints, Dave Bosson in the high jump, How11rcl De\Veese 111 the hurdles and shot put, �like Cra�' in the broad jump and high jump, Pat :\lnrtinez. Dick Jones in the shot put, Allen Smith ill the sprints and hurdles. and Luther Sweet ill the broad jump.

Captain Howell and Co;1ch �fartin.

First rorc: T. Cabt•211t>la. D. Bosson. I) \\-.w. C:. Sh.ti,•,. B. n,,,,tt\. L S11,•,·t. S. Goni.tlt-s. H. Dl•\\'t'<'sl'. Scco11cl 1c>rt. C:. \·.t1.1d, ,. '-: E11fldd. \ �111,tlt. �t. Cr,1y. i\1. Sl'rna. P. i\lartitw:1.. i\l�rr . E. TS4.•n g. 1'1,i,tl ""' D 1,111,·�. H. C,,111.1lt-s. C:. Arrgl,•. 1- Lawson. P. I h-rn,1nd,•z. D. P,•l·k. C. ll.11.-. 1-... \ 1l'g. 65

DA\.E AO.-\\IS

FRED CH.-\ '\C




,, I

' l




' 11\VI\." C:;\:EIEH 66

Two outstanding Varsit�· boys were Irvin Gneier in the 220 and quarter­ mile. and Bill Howell in the SLJrints. hurdles. and broad jump. Important in otht.'r e1'l't1ts were Dan· Adams in the mile. Frt'd Chan� and Bruce Chestet in the high ·j,1111 [), l\o�er Cook in tlic- mile. Dellwrt Gontal<'s in the 880, Pete Hernandez 111 the shot pltt. J(·sse \l:ntint'Z i11 tlw -1-10 and hurdles. John l't"nll'r 111 the pole v,llllt, Boh VnnclcrHeith in tlw shot put. and Jim White in tlw mile.

\.A.. \l\lllO SEll.N.\



[rdn Gneier, Bill Ho\\'ell. Dick Liles. :1.nd Glen Swid.: 1,1nde up the relay te:.m. The \'.nsit.,· squad had to face tough cnrnpetition. Although there were few boys ill each event the te:1m did 11ot Lid: f\ll:llil.v. Several hm·s hoped to brC'a k school rec-ord � 111 t hci r t'\'Cnls.

CLE� S\\'ICI--' 6J

�LU(lfDS Edclie Wolfe disappoints Chaffey m:in.


CJ.1rcmont nearly won the first practice game of the season. IL Whitham, 2b E. Wo!fe. lb

B. Deans, rf P. Whith:irn, ss D. Ice, 36 S. t-fadsen, cf

A. Torrez, c

S. Conzales, p P. �vlartinez, p

AB n 2 4

0 0

4 3




3 2 2 25

2 l


0 0 0 6


0 0 0 2

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0 0 4

H HE Score by Innings Clare1nont ... .021 020 1-6 4 2 D.osemeacl ....010 123 x.- 7 4


Steve pitches n curve.


The \Volfpack unfortu11atelv lost their Rr�t league encou11kr.

L. Sweet, If H. Whitham. 26 E. Wolfe, lb

P. \Vhitharn, ss

D. Ice, 3b F. Chang. cf 13. Deans. rf A. Torrez. c S. Gonzales, p

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Score bY


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. ()(){) ( )()() 1-1 C:l:treinonl .... 210 :211 .\-1 Citru s







111\lf<:E l)fA\S, rl

;\UCCI r: TO I\ l1EZ, c

DO:\ALD fCE, ::llJ ST1\\J \tAl)SEN. cl

CEOllCC \L\ l)SE\!, 11

Basehall sc·ason st,Htl'll with a h,rng this yc;u. Coach l,<'OJ1,11·d Colrn\ U.\trn l1a<I tlm·c [Hacticc g,rnws 011(' ,,·eek arrd t\\'o 111<,r1• ga111cs the 11c.,t.

EUl)l E \\'OU C. 11> 70


!HC:i--:Y WJJITfrA\1. 21>



Althrn1gh the Wolfp:1c.:k did not rnc.:u·,·d in winning all of these gam<', tht:y lost to llosc1n<•ad hy 011 ly one poi, it. Cc:orgt' :-..fad.\cn capla11H·il the: t('am. pb_v ing ldt fidd po.,1 tion.

S J'E\ I·' (. U \:'/:\LES, p


Advisor Ellen Colb:ith, Presic.lent Gloria Gonzales.

President C. Gonzales, Vice-President M. Honaker, Secretary-Treasurer C. Boyes, Tennis Manager I. Hertz, Baseball Manager G. Richmond.

C.H.S. girls face competition on the athletic field in inter-class sports.

First row: Mr,. Sc:hafer, L. Ice, H. P,-irrilla, B. Schrink, r-,1. Dunn, S. Bo.�son, N. Hill, A. Lockwood. C. Chaffee, B. Bonicamp. Second row. J. Hill, P. Aultman, J. Holdom, R. Torrez, C. Boyes. 1'1 Honaker, C. Ferrill, E. Martin, B. Jones, N. Clayton, N. Wedberg. Tl,ird ro1t; I. Hertz, S. Tryon, G. Richmontl, M. Hunter, l. Hauge, K. Nicholson, J. freuendall. S. Balch, S. Krieg. E. Inman. E. Foster, 0. Weston, D. Clark. Fourth row: G. Conzales, M. Blanc:hartl, M. Frank, B. Bell, C. Leask, B. Aultman, L Chang. A. Molina, D. Cabezucla, J. Torrez, M. Newman, B. Larson, J. Keene. 72

First i'Ow: D. C:ibnueh, M. Blnnch­ ard, C. Leask. S. M,1tthay. V. Stiv­ ers, C. Bov s, T. Croth. Second row. L Chang, B. Bell, B. Sumpter. A. i'do\in�. J. Torrez, C. Kostoff.

Left to right: B. Sumpter. P. Naftel, C. Tobe, 13. Schrink, J. Hill, S. Bos­ son·, N. Hill, H. Parrilla. L. Ice, C. Conzales, M. Mock.

First row: C. Gonzales, B. Schrink. :SI. \fock, B. Sumpter, C. Johe. Sec­ ond row: S. Bo�son, ivl. Dunn. J. Hill, P. J\'aftel, C. Murpl1y, M. Par­ rilln, L. lee.


First row: C. Chllffoy . n. Larson, C. Ferrill, C. Boy<•s, 13. Jon<•� P. Aultman. Secn11d ,011,. A Lock­ wood, N. We<ll:x.·r�. J3. 80111c.11np, f,.J. Honnker, M. Ne\\'m:tn, D. Wc�­ ton, C. Torre.:..

F,r�f rn,� \; \\'ullw1\!. \. Ln<.:k• wood. \I I lonaJ..,·r. J) \\'(•\1011. (.. Torrt•,.. \I :\t·,,·m.111. S,,nm/ rorr· C:. Cl1afkv. ll. Lar,m1. C. Bovl'.\, C. Ferrill. B. June�. B Hrn,ica;np. P. ,\1111111.111.


In rl1t· R,hl..dh.dl Carniv.d, ti,,. Ju111nr,

lit•al tlic �CII inr, hr Ont: p•>int.

Tl'""" Tc .1111 C. (;1,.,fk·y. II. C1 .ti I 11<:rtz. \I. llon;,le;, Sc�· , ml rv11,: \l. Bl.,11c-li;ird. I'. ,\11lt111.1 , \ [..,,-1.:"""d. A. \\'.,g11•·1, _I. Ifill. Finl r111c ('_ Torr<:/


Organizntions within the school are many and varied, each with its own pattern. Togetber they form a strong design for high school living that provides light and color for the more routine tasks of the year. These Designs offer a wide choice to students, ranging from service associations to groups with special interests, and pro­ vide a base for future activity ,md development.


Fum( ro1i.;: A. Lock1,·ood. C. Challe·. J. S,111clers ...\!. \\',1sdc-,1. S Keiser. D. \\'e ·ton. C. Ko�toff. J. Hill. s. 8(-:\ttv. Scco,1c/ !'()IL ,·. �-,i,·ers. ·. Sti,·ers. ;\I. Lc.,,k. 1'i Duu11. J. \\"dli.rnhOll. T. Crnth . .\I Lrn Its,

G. Gonz,des. Il1ird 1()1�: l. Hertz. C. f-Lile. P. l\:,dtel. 11. \·011clerRe1th. D. B:11·tlctt . .B. Howell. E. Tseng, C. Olt,·er. B. ElLiSOll, 13. Sumpter, 8. Jones, C. Le;1Sh:, C. Fo.�cl, 1'lrs.'\!al1011<:.·v, ,\. \\',tgner.

A�h'll\\. STAff

Hnurs of preparattOll 11•c-11t 1nto "El Es pit ilu de 1951," with the on1111al octaff working out each deta ii, from sohc i ting 111011ey f'i 01n sponsors tn d iscoveriug the details of Sen101·s· lives. This yc,n the book w;1s �ent in tlm:>P sl1ip111e11ts to publi�hers in the east Sue Beatty and Jo:11111e Hill worked loug into the night to rneet each denclline. }.!rs. lr('nc ll. \lfll1oue�·. annual advi. or. gnvc: e1Ko111;1be11w11t ancl help to the staff. }.Ir. Hol.Jert Fr:1mptnn 1\�\s on hand at e1't'l)' event with hi c:1mera. and. as you can .. ·"·t•. h;ts t-i n'n El Espiritu zlc '51" a photography job to be p roud of. To Gil Ohvn gn<'� tl1e crn!tt fur de�1gm11g the d1vis1on r;-iges around tJ1e thrnw ol the Gook. ;-i ,id hi� h,1 nd kttern 1g adds nwch to tl1e :1 ppczi ra 11ce of the pagt>s.


Aft�r hours of te,·ensh prq_):lr:1tion and a few ]ast-mi1tt1te emerge11('iC"S, the annual Talent Show 11·.>.s pre,entecl 011 �L1rch 10, and was a success. The background of the set ,vas :i huge El Espiritu. As the p:1gc·s of the book were tmned the SCC'IH'S formed l be:wtif ul backgro1.1ncls t0 suit the dil er­ e11t thl-'nws of tlH? .<-bow.

The \ar�e student cast. uncler the direc­ tion of Gloria Gonz:-tles, \Lm· \lock. aud � I rs. Corne in K. IIull perton\1E:'d like re.:\} troopers and were all rewnrd.-d b,· the tremendous :1pp ause of the audience. 1 Ir. Booth sup n·ist'd t lie behind-st.we actiyities. The cast enjn,·ed ueing in th<:' , ho11· a� much as the ;Ht(i'i(>JlC'<:' lik(:d the111.


WOLfUl\t'lt[T STh\f The Wolipacket Room is the workshop of the school's iournal:istic talent. Under the able leDclership of co-editors Carol Ann Jobe and Bob Vont!erReith. the newspaper bas had a successful. if somewhat hectic yec1r. Bi-mo_nthly \Vednesday c1eac1lines seemed to recur too frequently. The constant cry \Vas "\Ve don't have enough sruff1 Somebody write an article, quick." The s'taff mem­ bers, busy with their sh1c.lies, struggled bravely to meet tJ1eir as­ signments. Perhaps no Drew Pearson or \\/alter \Vinchell was developed, but the paper came out on time, and evtcryunc had a lot of fun. Mr. tvfcGill, \Volfpacket advisor, became ,1 reel pencil expert and cultivated a decided squint ce.:iding WoHp.:ickct mate­ rial. t\fr. Stanley Llfson of the Claremont Courier had the pre­ carious job of printing the p,iper, with the assist.1nce of the long suffering printer, and other members of the Couric>r's staff. In June the Editors bade a sacl farewell to the \Volfpacket, with much sage :id vice to the new st1ff. All in all. it was " \\'Ondcrfu I year.

First row. \'. Stivers. B. Deans. B. Vo derReith, M. Leask, D. Bartlett, C. Sti ers, Mr. McGill. Second row: iv!. McBt ney, iVl. Honaker, S. Keiser, C. Jobe, I Wasden, P. Hodges, P. \Vade. Third ro1 D. \Vasden, D. Thompson. Fourth ro1 B. Howell, B. Bosson, C. Pearson.

The traditionally gale event of the Christ­ mas season was again sponsored by the \Volf­ packet. A large crowd of both Junior and Senior High Students filled the Sycamore Auditorium, where Mr. Santa Claus beamed broadly from his perch on the balcony. Bob­ bie Whiting, last year's Queen crowned love­ ly Barbara Schrink .:is Christmas Queen. Her court consisted of Neva Hill, Nancy Taft, Carolyn Ferrill, Anita Molina, Mary Wil­ liams, Marjorie McBurney and Jackie Frost. Music was furnished by the Fathers' B,1nd with Dr. Milton Jones as soloist Members of the art club, The IJaubers, provided the unusual decorations which utilized the San­ ta's Workshop theme. The party was successful in every respect

¥- Williams, C. Ferrill, N. Taft, B. Sehrink. B. Whiting, N. Hill, A. 1--lolina, M. McBurney, J. Frost.

Left In right: 80

Lef I to right: M. Maxcey, President Sumpter, P.

Goodchap, Rugh.


White, E. Tseng, G. Brooke, President

The Business Club, with the aid of Mr. Fraser, accomplished several projects this year. The purpose of this new club is to acquaint the members with different phases of business. With this in mind they were given the opportunity of actually see­ ing local business in action, including a field trip to the Fontana Steel Mill. Patsy Rugh was president and Eddie Tseng, vice-president for the first semester, while during the second semester Betty Sumpter, president, and Marcia Max­ cey, vice-president, were the leaders. The future hope of the club is to render efficient business services to the community.

Sitting. V. Soolepp, J. Hill, M. Hunter, C. Boyes, J. Guimond, B. Brensinger, S. Tryon, J. Sanders, Mrs. Mahoney, H. Parrilla, L. Ice. Standing: A. Wagner, P. Aultman, I. Hertz, H. DeWeese, President Graf, President Hauge, D. Walker, M. Landis. 81

MR. FRASER, Advisor

LIBPJPYa/JB Working ·under the direction of Mrs. Ma­ honey, the library club has worked hard to give help to students using the library and its facilities. The club has met every Tuesday during activity period, and all of the members have given at least one period each week to work in the library. The members see that the books are on the shelves in their proper orJer. They also aid in checking out books and maga­ zines to those students having occasion to use them. In the spring the club presented an assembly program, "The Clock Struck Twelve." Ila Rae Hauge was the president for the first semester and Barbara Graf for the second.

All the girls in tlic· sc11inr l1igh sch,101 ,trc united i11 an organizatio11 which gives each girl ti}(' oppnrt1111it1 h,r lricnclship with .ilL and lor service to our school.

Under th<' i(·.td<'rsliip ol l'rcsiclcnt l'atsy Hugh �t11d the supervision of >.lrs. lrn1c J\,Jahoncy, this gr()up had a succl·ssful :ear. /\ w,·lcorning commit!Pe to greet new stt1ckuts was formed at the first mee:ti11g a11d tl1is was followed by a Hig and Little Si,tt0 r Partv at the \lcmorial Park.

Alter ,1cl1ipti11g the David a11cl �[argard llomc as a project in Novernlwr, the \Vays ,111d \ka11s Con1111ittce was t·orrncd to find methods of making 11101H:•y for the proje\ts. Following trndition, the Girls league Formal was hel<l in February this year with a Hawaiia11 theme. The Sycamore /\ll(litoriLUn w,1s beckckl'J with c.:irnel­ lias, ukes, and Hawaiia11 murals.

The next event was the fashion show sponsored hv Petite Paris in which Girls

League members did the modeling. On ?--·fay 26, the girls were given the oppor­ tunity of showing the hoys thl'ir domestic: talents by serving at the: All Sports l\a1ir1uct. Their 1nccti11gs were hel<l monthly ,rnd the progr;rn1s were given by Girls Ll'ag11<· 1'vlc1nlwrs or by professional women.

Sharing the rcsp11nsibilitit·s for the very active year were Margaret Wasden, vic:l'­ presi<lc11t, N 11rn1c1 Cl aylon, treasurer, and Pvminc A nltrn;1n, secretary.

The yl'ar was brought to a close in Ju11c by tlw inauguration of new officers and a tc;1 h1r the girls' 111others.


F1r0f mic H. Cook. 13. How,•11, C ..\bd,cn. D. Gartlt·tl, 8. J-lo,�t)ll. D. ke. E T,eug. Snmul ro,c. S ;\ kC:trson. I'. \\ 'hit h.t111, J\. \\ · i I h.1111. C. Stiwrs. C. 1-1:dt> .' S. '.\Llc\s�•\1, 13. C'li<:".< tt-1. Tl,ird n 1 1r: -\th·i,()1 .\l,11·li11 U. Peck, E. Z,1h11t1\\·. D. Liles, G. Oli,·n. B. \ DHllcrHt-ith. '\. Enfi(,lti. J-1 11.1111.,, old.

Tlm ,t· _ :u· 11a, the third one CLm.'111011t Hi�h St·ho11I h.1, h:1d .1 K,-,- Clt1h \\"itli \h. '.\[artill a., ad,isM. this cl11b i, •'> llon�nrl'd I),· ilil' )(i11·,111i, Club. ,111d. like it. i)' :1 St'I. ,·ice t·I u b. It, pu q )(_1�c i., tn .1S�i� t t lie �dw( 11_ ,111d It· pru, i�k, ., 11w,111s lrn · de,·t>lop1w:nt 01· initiati,·( · ;tnd k,1der�hip ;11no11 L:'. \t" 111(1 · 1il1( n 111,t to lit · 11,u1HI i11 _

ordi11.11.1· :,cti,·itic, One ot tht' 1n:q llr ;\di,·iti,.· , ol tl1,· d11l1 thi� : '' < 'l' ,, "� tl1c d,•,(11i11 g of tlw �.,·,1111.1.,i111n !wlmt· tlw h:1.,l.:et\1:1\l sc'1�"11 l\ut th\· p1ujtTt ,1·liid1 t·r•11t1ihukd

. ,111 Cl t'I\ g1 (':ttcr �,1li�f.\ctin11 \\ .is thl' dri,·c "·hid1 \\-,b. co1Hilldl',I ,tl ( .'I 11 i,ti\1,l-' t i111c fo1· to.,·s fol' llll( krpri, i k�\'d ch il( i'L'l\. _ -\� the 111e111lw1� (.,op hn11111n•. j11111or :111tl �c111"r l)•H�) 11,,,k ti1t_· ,· k.1111 t,, �,,·,· :rnd t:1ke urdcr�. to rn:tkl' <.lcl'1�io11� q u1cl.:h :l11tl 011 th,· li,1,i< nl i11f(ll1n,1lin11 ,1\·.iiblJI(· \<1 thl'm. Thu,· abn k:tr11 to .'it,H1d l)dnrt' ,\ g wt1 L> :111· (1 ('\lll't•,-< llwir tli,\11,'�hts :111d opinions.



!JAVBlflt The Daubers are a new club. stnrted this ye.1r by ;\!rs. Jc,rnne D:rnth. our 11cw art inslTuctor. When sh<.> left Chuff y. the · Daubers there. called Daubers I. asked her if she would em.:uurage th(' orga11i7.a­ tion of a similar club here.The idea met with the approv:11 of our students and ninetC<'JJ joined the club. The officers fur l I ,c Iir ·t S<'rnc ·ter were Paul Hodges. President: Hnrhur,i oni­ camp. \'ice-Presid nt: Dbna Brown. Sec­ retary; :'(ancy Taft, Tren.�1.1rer, and .\nita \fauhay. Advertisiug \!arn1ger. The first semester was clima.xed with :t comhine<l p:1rty of Daubt-r: I and Oai b�rs 11 at the Youth Center. ,yhc · the· wnlls were covered with �tudent paintings of both groups. For the scco11d se,n,·stcr the officers w(.,rc JO)'<.:G �nn<kn. Pre ·i­ clrnt, Sus;11,11a \Lttrh:.y, Vi<"e-.Pre�i<le11t; i\ancy Taft, Hcconling SecrcL.tr_v: Y1:1ri;1n l Llwkins, Corr<"Sp<]t1<li11g ecret;ir�': �far­ hin Frnnk. Treasurer, nud Paul Hodges, Advert1,in:; :\l,rnagcr. The D,tuhen are; primarily ·a service ·h1l, . .-ilthough their ai1a is also to broaden their own interest, and );•lin expericncr, Their main purpose is to share th •.ir talent and knowledge with the school and the com­ mumt,,. Some of th services performed w('re rnuking trav carcls for }..larch Field Hospital at \Juu-;ks�iving ancl Christmas, and making poster� for 11,c Ihllowcen program. tn<,: Christm:is daJi,·c·, "Our He,1rt3 \Vere Young and Cay," li1e Talent Show. ,1nd the opc7etta.

Sitting: S. i\latthay, J. Sanders, \•. Taft. K. Conklin. D. Brown..')landi11g, \,J. ,\.1cA lister, J. Arme1_1d,1rez. B. Finer, P. Whitham, E.Tseng, P. Hodges. M.Frank, A. Matth.ry, M, Hawkins _. S. Beatty, Mrs. J)auth, B, Bonicamp.

C/JME!)IJ CLUB The C.,rner:1 Club wa� formed last yt·'.�r. Th,, year. under i'vlr. A,-rington's <­ tion, the club made progress. Th!? mem­ bers �rr;mged a clarkroom for developing i\r.d printin�. and they particip:1tc'.cl in contests :1ncl projecls. Oividing in(o lW1J groups, :1 photogr:iphy section ar1,I ,, �<:1er�cc �ect1on, lhev widened the ,cope ol their activities. Auggie Torrez w:1s the

�, �M{

Left to rig/it: P. f-!odges. E. T�eng,. D. Bartlt'tt. A. Torrez. S.

Howard, K. \·ei�, F. Ch. ng. D.Angle. \Ir. Amngton. F.. Wolfe. l'. Hammond. C. Swick.

l/1/!IJJI{ (llld

Back rou;: B. \Voodrnm. B. .\las�ey. \·. �lc:Cartv, �Ir. Cohn. C. St·eele. D. Dowell..Fronl lo /,acJ.:: R. P;1rilla.

L Trvon. F. lvlnhn.,. L. A1nll'11cl:11ez.·

The Tu1nblin� Club is a newly org:rn­ ized group \Vl,ic:h meets in the gyrn during the acti\'il�' period, tll)cler the guid,rnce of �lr. LE'onard Cohn. It is rnade up of se\.·l."nth and eighth grncie bovs and its purposc- is to clevelop co• ordination and agilit:v. These boys have leanH'(l the proper 11SE' o( the high bars :rnd h,,v(' worked \\"irh Indian clubs. T wv h,n•,· also le,une-cl to const.rucl pH:11nicls.

1/0fi.iYcL118 The Hobby Club. organized this venr. met \,·cckl:v in the shop. Its purpose is to tr:1i:: bo:,,-s in rn:.nt1al arts. Dming both Sl·,-1esters th,,\· worked in wood. metal. :rnd plastic. nnd rn,1de things for their own or others' pleasure. Some of the prnjec:ts of this club h,\\'(• heen: mnkrng bed trn�-5 for use in Arm:,' hospit.1\s. ft>ed hoppers for n11imal,. c·. r\'ings. sh.1rpen111f: k11iv0s ,111d 1e­ pa iring c>lectric rnntnrs lf the nt(.'111bcrs. eighth gr;1de bovs. h:id 110 par­ ticul,H· proje,t. �Ir. Hobert Papstlorl. ndvisor. sug�estl'd one.

Ltfr lo ri!',.lr/: l'. \\"ade. D. J:lc-ohs. I\. \\'all. \\'. Jonrs. f. C:.ii';!t'. II. Tn·ifnnl. N. Larst'll. P. At1dl'\"$On. C:. Conzalr,. C. ·cau,l,'1:1s. n.. :-,. !c-lc11cirt''l.. fl. J,1l1_1·11H)\IL n. R,lSSi. E. I,a. _!. F:1r111er. :",.h, l':q1sd[11·f. J I), iul...n.

One t)t the ll)Ost valuable �ervices tl\ the puhlic ,;1ppenrarH:e <)f groups in the school is co11trihuted by the girl� who liandlt> the g1i':isc paint tlll(l the eyebro"· pc11cil. The make-up committee, con­ si ·ting of n111e girls, has worked on every rn;ijo_r · stage produc ion dnring the venr, sometimes wit'l1 :\!r. Hudo Fromme, i\\Orc freqnentl_v without di­ rection. Thc-y have also had the udv:111tage of some otht·r profc�sio1wl dunomtr«tin11s. \Vorkina 'r<c�uhirlv during activitv period. the girls have ac�tuire;I consid t•rnblc fn,cilit_y and will r�-11dc-r s ill mnre efficient St-'r\'iCl' in the fut111c. 0

Left to right: C. /"lurphy. M. \lock, A. Loekwr.HJd. A Matth:1y, C. }Jhe, R. Lee, Il. Jone�. A. Wagne1. "Qulet b,H.:kstnge 1 Places' Curtain lt" The curtalll went up on one of the �evernl pla�:s that the Dra1na Cltib presented thi� yeu. I lowever, the audie11C(:S were �mall. consisting u�uall�, 0f the memhns only, al­ though a one-act c:ome<l y wc1s pre­ �<.-n tcd for a Junior lligh Assembly in J'-farch

.lk"idc� )roducing tila ys. the thirty ll)t:mhcrs or the club, headed l>y

their prt> ,idc:nt John het>sey ancl un­ der the clirc<.:tion of \Jiss Hutl1 Frn11kel, heard tnlks from peopl.e connect d with the many Fiek s in

mas pro gram, the T.:tlent Show. ,111d the operetta.

SincL' the Dr.rma Club wa� organ-, 1ze<l for the first tinie this year, it has haJ m,rny prohlt-ms to overcome from the beginning. Howevpr, it has made a1 excclle11t start , ml next year the members hope to make ht-­ club mou; useful to the student body .

dr;urn1. i\lr. n\l(lo Frornme, the head inr,kc,up m� n ror «11 of the phws at �chnol. 1vas <>11e of the most 1nter­ t·�til)g of these, The inake-up c<1m­ rniftt·e of the c.lub was 011 hand for the st11dent body play. the Christ-


'OUD ,1�1.1s \JfR.f 'IOUH� nwo GlV

First row: J Ellison, l'vl. Foster. A. Molin.i, D. C:ihc. %ucb. J. Torte::%.]- Keen<:'., M. Miller. Sei:,mrl rot,-· J>. Perki11s, M. �ld:\urney, J. Keyes, M. Warkentin. J. Enfield, A. l-lungt"rlord, .\f Carp�rHer. Third r01i:, L. Johnson, \-V Str.i·hm:111, P. Frankd, D. i\1:mky, M. HJwkim, ,\ I. rr,111k, E. Lyon. J- Grigg�·. Fo11r//1 row: S. Bcallv, K. Wall, C. Hale, K. \I i(;½, W. Bosson, B. Fintr, D. Pt·e , \. Chester, D. Ice. Fifth !/>tu: I. Ht'rt�.• I)_ Ferrill, F. C,1rlberg, U, lk11ilcy, H. Hul>c,rtson, W. \Villi;1mson, C. Fc11'ill, M. \lock. C. M11rpliy, A. Lock­ wooJ, A. \Vagner, 1.. Jobe. C. Lt•;isk, S. Keiser. Sixth rou;: .\·I. !Jun er. I. H.iuge, L. John�mr, A. \Ve�th100�, L. Jc(', W. Williarnwn, IL Le<:, A. i\fot!h:1y. ll. [orll.:.1. R Graf, ll. Goforth, B. Alrsh11lcr. S. Swick. Si:�entli . U""'- 1) 8:1:tktl, ,c�. �t-ivl·rs. _u. l lo\:C_II, S. Fogle. �· Pu.: . H. l n ll. B. Bc.:11. fl. C.h1dl.nv, l.. Con,,.L(JW, 1111, B. At,lt,n:rn J. kccs1·y. E. Zahnow.


L<:/t to riµ,/1/: f W11li o 11>W>ll. 11. J),;Wc•(:�(•, I)_ White, H. S111111i1cr, C:. Sl1vcrs. (;_ Jol>e . .\lb., Fr:rnkL·l. L ll.111g<.:. :-,r, Enfid,I. M. \\l,1.�cl<:11, I\. llnwcll. J. 1-.:t·c.,t·y. \!. ')t1vl'r.,. (: Fogrl. I. I krl,., H. J\11ltinat1, I). ·n11Jmp­ �011. !)_

The hilnri(lu., comed _1 , "'Our Hearts Were Young and C,,)·" bv Corndi., Otis Sk1111wr ancl Emily Kfrnbrou�lt. w,1� selected for this _vem\ student bocly pLw The liglit-lworted antic, of Miss Skin­ ner .intl \li.,s Kimbrough creritecl an Pnjoyable e1'<."nin",.., for cvervone who \V,\tched tlwm. The cast, . ht>aded I>:,.· < \no] Johe and J\ J:ir,rarft \Vasden, gave an oubt.1nding 1wrt'nnnc1nc-e fnr ,1 Luge anJ np­ pn-·cia ti \'t, ,l u cl i(' 11 C"e. The c -'pert ( :t.rnl pn ti<·nt) d I rt·<.:t ,on of J\i iss Huth FrnnkP] :i.11d the 11�1i,.1l co1npetr·11t work of .Mr. Booth ,111d t)1,· st,1g:c <.Tt'\V l�t'11kd to make this pLn one of the nwmornble productions: in the history vf Cl,1re111nnt High Left to

rigl1t. J Keest·y. I. Hertz, 8. Aulhnan, C. Johe,

J. \.\,'i]li.1tnson.

Bf-hind the scene of every st:ige prnduct1on rut Oll by Clnremllllt lligh School 1s the L1ithful stage en·\\·. \Vith a number of nc:w hands .111d � majority of experien\'ed ones,

i1 weil or_{!::rnized group wa� soon cle,·eloped. .\'Ir. Booth. the director. and the new had their hands f ul I 1\·ith :cl I th<:' stage .ictivilil·S. but \\•he11 the

First mu.,: C. Stivers, t-1. \1c.�lister, M. Le:isk. P. Hodges, S. Keiser, B. VonclerBeith, D. Clifton. L. Ax­ tell, J. Hill, 8. Bry,,n, B. £11,son. Second rou,: �Ir. William BoNh. Advisor: B. R,rn<i.ill, D. lhrt:ett, S. Krieg, G. Hughs, D. Woy, C. Angle, D. Brunworth, L. C:iye

Left lo ri[!.hl. M. �lod, B Sumpter, B. R,1n<l,1II. B Elliso11, �Ir. Booth.

'.:urtam \\';'ls fina !v r.�isnl 011 ("ach p1odttc-tio1l. tlw rcs11lt · or tht-'ir labor :111d ,kill Wt-'l't:' :ippari'nt. The en­ thu�iasti<: .i ppm\·;;\ of the t1uclic11ce \\·as tlwir , ('\\';1rd

JJEf} Lf/Jf)fJJJ G. �forphy, M. Dunn P. Naftel

Tenrn nnd student body rnornle was ar a high level all year due to the efforts of the pep Je;iclers. :--.1ury Dunn, G;iy Murphy, ::ind Patti Naftel, cheerleaders, and Shirley Bmrnn, .Nev;; Hill, B<1rb,1r.1 Schrink, .Hid N:rncy Taft, S()ngleaclers, provided m.iny spirrted pep r2-Ilie.. B song\ea< «nd cheerleaders led the student body during the B contests. All of these giJ ls put in long hours of prac­ tice and pbnning so rhat we could be proud of them and of our school.


B. SClll1lNK

E. �-larrin. D \VHton. C. Ferrill.



Standing: B. 8onicamp, S. Balch. Kneeling: M. Newmfln,

J Fre<lendall. 88

Front ,·ou:: S. Bosson, B. Schrink, B. Hale, N. Hill, N. T,1ft. Second r()tc: C. B,1rt­ lett, D. Aronovici, F. Smith, C. Ryerson. M. Honaker. N. Wcclbcrg, T. Conk. Mr. Denc·s. Tlnrd ro,v: C. Pearson, D. Manker, it. BLmchard, D. Thornton. R. Gill, N. Nel�on, B. MacPherson. Fourth row: n. Cook, C. Cook, J. Pitzer, H. Wheaton. Fifth row: R. Haynes, S. Gonzales, L. Swick, H. Runsvold, A. Smitl1. P. Muffler.

With its twenty-five members, the band, led by l\fr. George Denes, began marching this year. For the first time in Claremont's history, the band marched with all others at the Tri-County Football Carnival. Its spirited music helpecl student body morale. and lent zest to our pep rallies. Our games were made more thrilling by the support of i\lr. Denes and the band, assisted by Miss Beverly Cook.

The band at a Bonita-Claremont contest led by �-liss Cook. 89

SD. U1 Oll<UE�1Ul\

First row. D. Manker, J. Neff. M. Hon­ aker, E. Black. P. Aultrn;in, M. Bhmch:ird. Second row: Pitzer,. J. Holdom, B. �vfc­ Pherson, C. Ryerson, 8, Aultmnn, .\1. Landis, Mr. Denes. Third rou;. M. Hunter. R. Cook, C. Pearso11, R. Gill. P. Muffler, D. Thornton. D. Aronovici, A. West­ brook, H. Runsvold. R. Conzales. D. Walker, L. Swick. Fourth ro1i.;: R. Havnes, D. Peck, T. Cook, C. Cook, A. Cont;erns, A. Smith. N. Clayton. The Chorus Club is a group of j unior high school girls who like to sing. Un­ tier the direction of �•l1ss Alice Corbeil th y proved their ability in the Tale:.t Show when they danced and Srt.llg "Sweet Rosy O'Grady."

CUOWJ� cw�

Throughout the year, the orchestra, under the dir ctio11 of \Ir. George Ot>ne,. has shown its ,lbilit�·-prese11t­ ing �ever,1( numbers ;1t the pla_v, Christ­ rn,1s program, and Talent Show. and t.1king a rnaior p.1rl in the operetta. The Orche,1ra also represe11ted the school nt a program at \'an !'-:uys and at the Tri-County �lusic Fe ·tival. Som members of the orchestra went to San­ ta 1.farharn in the spring to particip,1k rn a prog:r;)m thNc.

Firs/ row: B. Brydon , !\liss Corbeil, Ad­ visor; A. Torrez, L. M,utrnez, J. Neff, 8. Shellenb::irger, J. S,l!lders. B. Woodward, L. W::ilker, S, Gonzales. Second row: A". Contreras, R. Melendrez. Third row: S. Alba, L. Sabz.,H, J. Crosier, B. Serna, G. Alba, F. Holmes , C. Boyes.

First row: H. Streich, P. Perkins, B. Hale, J. Neff. Second row: R. ,\loen, D. Manley, D. Norton, G. Bartlett, A. Westbrook, P. Smirh. ;\Ir. Denes. Third row: H. Gray,• M. Frater, N. Nelson. R. Gill, E. Larson, C. Runsvold. R. Wilcox, R. Robertson. Fourth row: C. Cook, A. Contreras. R. Goforth. 90

First row. S. Tryon, S. Krieg, D. Brown,

P. Norton. D. Lile�, B. De,lns, D. Peck, Second-row: Miss Corbeil, B. Rand.ill, I. Gneier, B. Howell, P. Naftel, E. TsenCT, B. Schrink, G. i\for­ phy. H. Pauilln. U. Torrez. Tliird row: B. Bosson, 0. Whire, P. Hodges. S. Bos­ son, D. Bartlett, i\J. Dunn, C. Ferrill, E. Martin, B. Bonicamp, J. Willi,1mson, B. Larson. Fourth rou.,: D. Bosson, E. �,Jur­ phy, A. Smith, D. Wns<len, G. Boyes, M. Fo�rer, G. Richmond, E. W,1l1, E. Led­ better. C. JolJe. J. Hill. A. \,V,,gner, M. Leask. Fifth row: D. C.tbezuelJ, A. Mo­ lina, S. 13e.at1y, V. Stivers, M. Moeck, !vi. W,1s<len, T. Cro h, C. K0stoff, B. Sump­ ter, B. Shellenbarger, A. Lockwood, M. Whiteside, J. Holdom. Sixth row: L. G:iye. :,..J_ Cbyto11, L. B. Aultn::cn. K. Conklin, B. Chiclnw, J. Willi,lms. C. Leask. F. Smith, J. Keene, J. L:indretb, H. Contrcro.s. J. Torrez. Sl'i;l'nlh row: B. · Elli\on. C. Angle. P. Hern,mdez, C. Gill.

J. Lawson, D. Conzales.

"Meet Ari-wn::1," is the new operetta whid1 was chosen for preS("ntn.tion thi.� year by the Chorus under the direction of �-(is� .<\Jiu,· Corbeil. This tu11eful pro­ duction is set on tire b,icl;ground of Arizona tod;1:' with the amusing ck1r­ ,1cters of ;i <lucle ranch. Leads in the­ operetta were t;1 kc11 bv Shirly Dosson :ls Lettie, :\rrn Wagner as Emily. Don Jlartli-:tt as Hc11nic and Bill Howell as ] .a1 rv . .\li,s Huth Frankel directed the lines. Th<' intne�ti11 g set tings ,1'l'1 c designed by \!rs. Jea1111e Dauth and hu· students :rnd (-rt•ated liv the stage (Tt\V under ,\Ir. Booth\ direction. The "'hok pro­ cl uc:tion ,,·,1s co lorf ii nnd mu,ica I.

Left 1(1 rit!,1,t.- B. Bos,,,n, M. Dunn, C. Stiver�. s_ Bosson, B. llowell, IJ. 13;irtlctt, A. Wagner, t-1. Le,1sk, C. Angle. �kding thrl-'e tirnt·s n week, the En­ semble was un<ler the clirectio11 of �Ji.,� Alice C<,rl)eil. Tl1e major event of the year wa::- a trip to Van Nuy� by the group o ,ing "South Pacific." The E11scn1hlc ,:rng for ,chool lur1c­ tio11� and scvcr,d dub, and ,,·a., a credit to the school. lvf. i\.1oek. �liss Corl,cil. Nnt row: i\-1. Dunn, E. Lt'dht.:tlcr, A. Lockwood. N. Cbyton, 11. Cl1idhw, S. Hos,on, A. V..1 :ignl:1, \.!. Whitl\,id<'. l\1. \V;i�dcn. C. Joh(;, \·1. Williams. S fkalty.


12!/JCl)OS� Under the direction of \frs. Ruth L1i<llaw, the H.ed Cross condLtctc>cl n successful dri e in Febru­ ary. introclncecl by .111 a ·scmbl )I . The organization met aftf'r school to make arrnngements for tliis campaign.

Lcfl fronl· R. Torrl"z. Second ron·. B. Sumpter , I. H,1U!.:<:', �[rs. La1<ll;11v. D. Peck E. Wolfe. Tliird rou.:: G. 1'1sldsen, P. N;iftel. J. Lowry.

//Otlf/llJJ//!YC (LIJ.i Organized last foll tor the first time, the l-Iomemaking Cl \I b made won<lert u l progress. Unde1 I he capable supervi­ sion of i\Jrs. Lnidlaw, it 1111<krtook ma11_v worthwhile projects. One of t hcsc \\';tS a fo0d h;isket collected for :1 lll'ed_v fan,il_v. Other� were a s11cces. ful food s;il�. and n m11ch-nppreciated par­ t\' and pro�rain tor C1sa Coh11n. The girl5 \\'l"rf> also vn�· hclptul sen·ing nt :·;icu lt_v 111el'tinis. Jks1cles Lwing of ,1-rn ·e. tlw�· g;1irwd v:ilu;1ble <·,peri­ t'IJ<·<· i11 th('se activities. Front roic J. Alex,ind1·r. (; Nob11d. 0, Be:itty. ))_ Caine,. S. l),,\V,•,·-:i·. I\:. Colder. Second rnu.:: J\1. Clav\\'(•ll. I\:. S,i;trio. D. L11tlwr. Pl(·,tcl<rnl Jud" I l.1111montl, J. _!:1Lkwn, P. l\kCars011, J. Sl'oll. '/'I.ii'// rou.:. :--J. I lc:111. l\lr�. L.iidh\\', ll. Lii wsu rl.

Cff . . The C:ilifornia Sc·hol,1r�hip Feckr,1tion, under the leader,hip of '.\ Ir. Roh<.>1 t '.\frCill, ill an honorary group. i\'kmbC"rshap is limited to those student!> who maint:iin a high scholastic rating.Those stu­ dents who arc 1m·mber� of tbe C.S.F. for fom semesters receive a e;old sl'a] on their diplomas. Each year the mcmlwrs look forward to a field trip to so111e place· of intc•rc.";t. For the first sem1·,t1·r the officers were George :\lad�t•n, Pr,-sid(·nt; L:tlward Zahnow, Vice-Presi­ dent, and .\:brily11 Hunter. St"crctary-Tn•asurer. Carol Johe-. Pres;iclt'nt; Fred Chang. Vice-Presi­ dent, and Jolin Kce�ey. Sc-crc>tary-TH·asurcr, tool-. over for tht: second senwstcr. Front row· J Hill, 1• Wedlwrg, C. Chi1ffl'l'. �, cond

row. E. Lc<lhcttcr, '.vi, Hu,1ter, A. Lockwo!lcl, \1. Dunn. Third row: A. Wagner, I. Hertz, P. A11ltn1a11. C, Hyc1son. Fourtl, row: S. Ki:iser, M. Wa�dc·n. ;\1r. McGill. fl/ti, row: C. Jobe, M. Leask. Sixt/, rou;· C. \!aclsen, C. ��i,c•�. 0. Whitney, 0. Wa,;<lcn, J. Keesey, E. Zahnow. Sci;cntli row: C. Hale, S. Ma<lsl'll, H. DcWee,e.

fP/J}lf{J/ (LVB

A Chrislmac; party, complete with a pinata, songs, and a play, given for the David an<l i\fargarct Home, highlight­ ed this year for the Spanish Club. \,Ja. 1 io Serna, Pn·sident; !Ima Torrez, Vi<.:e­ Prt·sick11t, n11cl J ..a11c·ttl• Streich, Sctre­ tary-Trc·.iun•r, hclpNl organize this prnjt>d. The purpo,t· of the Spn11i.,h Cluh i� "to further 1111dc·rst.rnding of Spanish culture b� nwa11s o• c·n 1ov­ ment." '.\ ll'mbers pla11ncd the wc·1•kly mc<:tin�, ll'hic.:h i11c:lucled �tudcnl pres­ entations and guest spl'akcr�. with the help of \Ir�. :\fury Jl.1rris. first �t•mcc; ter. and ·''"' Cr:ita.t Boynton, ,ccond St'nH'St(•r.


mu.. n. ·1 ,,rrt·z..j Strti<:h, \. Co11trn,1,. II. Parrill.1, �f. St·rilil, l'rc ,icl<:11t.

Scwnc/ w11· C. Co11,.,1f1·, J Fri·d1•rnl.ill. P.. \11Jt11,,111. J. I (ill, IC Conz.,lc·�. Tlurd

mu; K. :'\id,obon, �- ll,dd1. I. l lcrlz. \1. Youn� K. \ ir• g. 110�•1111111.\I L:11,cli,, J I lold,uo, P l lc·rnandc·z, IJ. I lcrn:111dc1:.

f,'ourt/1 mu::


/"Int ro,c · ]) Lil(',. S. 11",,on. P. \\'l1itli;1m S. \!cCns,111. L as t rorc: C. Fol.'.le. N. Hill. T. ll,,,t,>s .. -\. J..,lk\\(){)(I. \'. C:Ln ton. C. S11·i('k_ D. P:1rh;1n1. P. Goodcl i ,1p. Oli,er.



The \"Cl11th C:<··11tn re:·ot1<·1,ed t·,11\_ i11 Fcliru,in· ,rnd has hcc11 ac­ tiq·l1 ·'"PP11rtt-d Ii ,- tlw ,t11<lc 1\t IJ()(l1 ,rnd lltlier �rnup� i11 Chrc­ _ ll1<lllt si11cT th:,t tii!lc. T11·0 rc"prt•sentatiH·s !'roll) tacl, cLiss ,u,'lc'

L'lcclnl :it scho11I \Jccting 11·pL•kk. the reprcsr'nt.iti,·es pLrnnL·d am\ di�<·11,,('d lutm<' :1eti1·iti1", This grnu11. k1101111 ,\S the Council. 11·as \'('J'\ ,·11tl111,;i,L�tic in pLt1,11i1\,� llH't'linl.'.S 11f the Youth Center,

Helrcsh1\\('1lt,. pi1lg[Hl1,g. d,1nci11g. a11cl Yiolent ,·olle1·b,1ll g,1111t·s. altll1g 11·itl1 11\nllth/ 1 ck-,u1-u11s hc,\"t' bPt'I\ a 111ajnr p,1rt of tlw ct•11_ te1·s ,1cti1itics .. -\d1i,e,I b, \Jr. Lo11is Gentile. from Cbre,nnnt Cr:1tl11atl' Scilnnl. ,lllcl u1\\ln cli,1irn1an S:1m \lcCnsn11. the Council lL1., 111,idc th'-' Yo11th CL·ntn ,u1 i1npmL111t part of 1H11· social life.



Tlw Tri-( \iu11h· Dance w:1s 011<·- of the most suc­ C'l'ssfiil <Lt11c1·, of tl\(' \'c•:tr. This dance starred :1 fri(111llin l1'l'li11l._'. hd11·<'l'Jl schools. The Cit\·

Fath('rs' Baud prm ickcl tlw n1t1sical cntcrtai11mC:"11t to mah· an ,-,n1 m11rc e11j<wahk evening at tlw 1

Stt1d1·11t t :11ion ()f !'nmn1 c1 Collc'l'l'r

LfllEUM�\lS DbWCt I

Spo()ks :111<1 gnhli11, prnvi<i('(I the sl'tti11g for tlic· I ,dtn1na11·, D:111t·<• i11 the fall. The girls shiv,·recl t() S<'l' a rna11 h:u1gi11g frrin 1 the cl'ding of Syca111or('

A11ditmi11111 with a h()nihll' l'xprcssion 011 his 1·:wc', li11t tll('v wc·re still ahil' t() da11u'. Th(' ev<·11i11g was mack vcr_\' light-spirirr-cl hy thl' sight Cl! IH'W J ,cttnme11 w(·ari11g drl'SS('s whik tlwv wClrk('cl as w,1itrcssc.,, snvi11g tacos, root beer, a!)(I pie.


'Natch out below! Well it was this wav

Have you heard ..



Oh honestly

So I bit him I

Friends. Romans ...


Aw, who says so?

Wolfpacket meeting

High Flyer

Rahes in the wo{)cls

Well, if you s;ty so'

Srnilin,l.'. C:u11un B


all in the hrnily

Swimming practice

"Best ever" show

You figure it outl

\Ve won 1

Icky Sticky Goo


This is singing�

Kick it i11!

A111nica11 13e.iutics


Big Boy

Drop Dead!

This annual is sponsored by the following to \Vhom we are indebted for their interest and generosity:

Acme Dry Cleaners Bentley's Food Market Brickman's Department Store Claremont Courier Crystal's Beauty Shop FostelF' Jewelers Isabel's Beauty Shop J. D. Johnson The Olivers Powell's Department Store H. T. Richards Ray Sanders Stocks and Schwanz Village Grill Warehouse Market Judge James Whyte


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1951El Espiritu  

1951 yearbook from Claremont CA high school

1951El Espiritu  

1951 yearbook from Claremont CA high school