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PardoLive Pardo 66° Festival del film Locarno

Saturday · Sabato 17 | 8 | 2013

Albert Serra

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PardoLive 17 | 8 | 2013

Lore | Winner of the Prix du Public UBS in 2012 | Saskia Rosendahl, actress

You are the Jury. Award the prize, win a prize in the Piazza Grande.

Fermo immagine Carlo Chatrian Artistic Director

I’m going to try to extract from my internal film of the Festival those snapshots that have most impressed themselves on my memory, knowing that others will emerge gradually over the weeks to come. The first scene sees a shot of a great man, walking slowly. But when he starts speaking in front of a piazza full of people, all doubts vanish: he is the “Lord of the cinema” who will begin my first Festival. Sir Christopher Lee says: “I’m old”. I think of all the teachers who have brought me this far. And I thank them silently. All the people in the Piazza Grande sit silently too, each word amazing and entrancing them. Applause bursts out at the end in a deluge. Shortly thereafter, as if in retaliation, a deluge starts to fall. This time, no metaphor, but actual rain. A vast crowd of courageous souls resists, staying there to enjoy the film under the downpour. “I’m not saying it out of flattery, or because I’m here, but Locarno remains the only festival that can do honour to the art of the cinema.” So says Otar Iosseliani. Some women have enough charm to make any gesture elegant. Others have the gift of simplicity. And then there are those – as precious as they are rare – who possess both qualities. Like Jacqueline Bisset.

At dinner, she tells me of the film she’s shooting with Abel Ferrara, another Locarno visitor this year. “He’s a director who knows how to look, and he risks so much! He changes perspective for every scene and for each one he allows himself only one take.”

At the Forum, Sergio Castellitto describes how as a young actor he found himself on set with living legend Marcello Mastroianni. The shot was framed as a close up on the great actor. Sergio was supposed to pass a watch close to his face, but in front of Mastroianni his hand was shaking and the watch kept clinking. Suddenly, the noise stopped. Another hand had stayed his trembling, remaining out of shot and without interrupting the take. Castellitto turned, looked, and understood… We select the films in the dark of our rooms. We watch them, imagining how they will be received. Until that moment we cradle them as though they were newborns to be sent to sleep. Then comes the moment of the encounter with the audience, and when it happens that the film is greeted by an ovation, you have the indescribable joy of a father watching his son walk. I have been lucky because during this edition, a number of films have been very well received, while several have really taken flight. I’m thinking of the 10 minutes of applause for Short Term 12 (four sold-out screenings) or the standing ovations for Los insólitos peces gato, Roxanne and The Special Need.


Flying with SWISS the Festival welcomed…


If a thousand people come to listen to a masterclass like the one held by Werner Herzog here at Locarno, then you understand that the strength of a Festival lies also in the encounters it facilitates. When the great German director then steps up to the stage Chair. Join the Festival del film Locarno Community. of the Piazza Grande and, upsetting a programme meticulously arranged that day, Share your impressions at decides, for the first time, to share the prize with his cameramen, Zeitlinger and KlausWe will not rest mann, “his eyes”, it tells you that Locarno is truly a fantastic place of participation and Sir Christopher Lee, actor Jacqueline Bisset, actress sharing. Sergio Castellitto, director Otar Iosseliani, director Anna Karina, actress Faye Dunaway, actress Victoria Abril, actress Carla Juri, actress

Margaret Ménégoz, producer Douglas Trumbull, director Peaches, singer and director Werner Herzog, director

PardoLive 17 | 8 | 2013

Five questions to …

Serra vs Serra Auto-Interview of the Pardo d’oro 2013

Albert, congratulations for the Pardo d’oro! Tell me, when was the first time you came to Locarno? Well Albert, believe me: it is a funny story that makes me think to have really deserved this Prize. I was very young and I hitchhiked for one day in order to get to Locarno, then I caught a train. Why did I do that? Because I am a cinephile. I took a room (a very expensive room by the way) and I watched a movie in Piazza Grande: it was Exotica, directed by Atom Egoyan. I congratulated him, but I don’t remember the year. Then I ran out of money and I had to come back: train once again, hitchhiking at 7 AM near the place where I lived. A guy with a BMW 700 gave me a lift and I finally was at home.

I guess it was 1994. After almost 20 years, you are coming back to Piazza Grande to be awarded for Historia de la meva mort. What is the movie about? It is a movie about the beauty of horror, but also about the horror of beauty. I guess it is a smart sentence to describe the movie, Albert, and I used it also in its introduction. I think it is a story about the beauty of unjustice, but also about the unjustice of beauty.

© Alessio Pizzicannella

Well said. How did you cast Casanova? Simply because Vincenç Altaió looks like Casanova! I just wanted a guy that likes women and is characterized by... How can I say, “great amateur talents”. Vincenç loves to show other people his qualities, he loves it. Probably, to humiliate them.


And what about your next film, what can you tell us about it?

My last question, Albert: which place has God in your conception of cinema?

My French producer wants me to shoot a film about war with many wounded people on the screen, but I don’t know: I am still immature for that. And then, you know, when directors get a prize, their next movie is bigger, more ambitious and with more budget at their disposal. In this case, however, I would like to send a message to my oldest fans: don’t worry, my next project will be smaller, crazier, more radical and less people will watch it!

When I shoot a movie I am used to reject any kind of communication: I don’t talk with actors and I ignore technicians. Therefore God is everywhere, His presence is total. Everything comes up on the set is because of Him, not because of me. I am doing nothing, I just let Him work. Tranquil. I let Him work tranquil. albert serra

PardoLive 17 | 8 | 2013

Sarida Bossoni Agency for Directors of Photography Kalchbuehlstrasse 169 CH-8038 Zurich +41 (0) 79 279 11 99

It’s the images we remember.

re è obilia La M Partner t Even ival del st al Fe rno. Loca m l fi

Potete contare sul nostro rapido aiuto senza formalità.

PardoLive 17 | 8 | 2013


Palmarès 2013

Concorso internazionale The official Jury of the 66° Festival del film Locarno president

jury members

Lavrente Indico Diaz Philippines

Matthias Brunner Switzerland

Valérie Donzelli France

Yorgos Lanthimos Greece

Juan de Dios Larraín Chile

Pardo d’oro

Historia de la meva mort by Albert Serra (Spain/France)

Premio speciale della giuria

Premio per la miglior regia

Premio per la miglior interpretazione femminile

Premio per la miglior interpretazione maschile

Menzioni speciali

Menzioni speciali

E Agora? Lembra-me by Joaquim Pinto (Portugal)

Brie Larson for Short Term 12 (USA)

Short Term 12 by Destin Cretton (USA)


Hong Sangsoo for U ri Sunhi (South Korea)

Fernando Bacilio for El mudo (Peru/France/Mexico)

Tableau noir by Yves Yersin (Switzerland)

PardoLive 17 | 8 | 2013

Enjoy the festival. TV is waiting for you. Replay from Swisscom TV lets you watch any programme broadcast in the last 30 hours. Further information and a special offer from Swisscom TV to mark the festival are waiting for you at Cinebar Swisscom.

PardoLive 17 | 8 | 2013


Palmarès 2013

Concorso Cineasti del presente The Jury president

jury members

Hartmut Bitomsky Germany

Tine Fischer Denmark

Daniele Gaglianone Italy

Peaches Canada

Nicolás Pereda Mexico

Menzione speciale

Sai nam tid shoer by Nontawat Numbenchapol (Thailand)

Pardo d’oro Cineasti del presente Premio George Foundation

Manakamana by Stephanie Spray and Pacho Velez (Nepal/USA)

Premio speciale della giuria Ciné+ Cineasti del presente

Mouton by Gilles Deroo and Marianne Pistone (France)

Premio per il miglior regista emergente Lois Patiño for Costa da Morte (Spain)

Opera Prima The Jury jury members Luciano Barisone Italy/Switzerland

Scott Foundas USA

Shelly Kraicer Canada

Menzione speciale

Manakamana by Stephanie Spray and Pacho Velez (Nepal/USA)

Pardo per la migliore opera prima

Mouton by Gilles Deroo and Marianne Pistone (France)


PardoLive 17 | 8 | 2013

Palmarès 2013

Pardi di domani The Jury president

jury members

Adriano Aprà Italy

Marta Andreu Spain

Emir Baigazin Kazakhstan

Grégoire Colin France

Basil da Cunha Switzerland

Pardino d’oro per il miglior cortometraggio internazionale - Premio SRG SSR

Pardino d’argento Swiss Life per il Concorso internazionale

Pardino d’oro per il miglior cortometraggio svizzero - Premio Swiss Life

Pardino d’argento Swiss Life per il Concorso nazionale

La strada di Raffael by Alessandro Falco (Italy/Spain)

‘A iucata by Michele Pennetta (Switzerland)

Premio Film und Video Untertitelung Tadpoles by Ivan Tan (Singapore) Menzione speciale Endorphin by Reza Gamini (Iran)

Zima by Cristina Picchi (Russia)

Vigia di Marcel Barelli (Switzerland/France)

Nomination di Locarno agli European Film Awards Premio Pianifica Zima by Cristina Picchi (Russia)

Premio Action Light per la miglior speranza svizzera La Fille aux feuilles by Marina Rosset (Switzerland)

Other Prizes

Prix du Public UBS

Gabrielle by Louise Archambault (Canada)


Variety Piazza Grande Award 2 Guns by Baltasar Kormákur (USA)

PardoLive 17 | 8 | 2013

Al Borgo

Oasi Casablanca

Max Way

Café literaire

Oriental lounge

The cosmopolitan place in town

La Rotonda del Pardo

Club Seventy7 The place to pleasure your night

Beach Lounge

Teatro La Cambusa

Semplicemente beach

Cambusindie - Music festival

Bistrot Teatro Paravento Magico giardino con concerti

Fashion 2Shé Aperò & after movie cocktail

Lido Patriziale di Ascona Bar Magnolia @ Spazio RSI

Happy Carrot Project

Music bar

Un gustoso fotogramma dal sapore etnico, naturale e creativo

Cinebar Swisscom

Rivellino Garden

Film lounge

Relaxing garden

Pardo Way

Mendrisio and lower Ceresio bathing offers

Pardo Way is a selection of top bars & nightspots in town. The optimal itinerary to recharge your battery between the screenings. Starting from breakfast, snacks, lunch and aperitif, Pardo Way goes on with thematic tastings, shows, concerts and nightlife that are going to amuse and keep busy our festivalgoers.The program with all the initiatives is published on the Pardo Way Facebook Page, while strategic tips and useful information are available on Foursquare.

Programme 18 | 8 | 2013 Post-Festival 21.00 Piazza Grande

Post-Festival – Film per famiglie

I Croods

11.30 La Sala

Premio speciale della giuria Concorso internazionale

E Agora? Lembra-me

16.00 La Sala

(What Now? Remind Me) Dir.: Joaquim Pinto Portugal · 2013 · DCP · Color · 164’ · o.v. Portuguese · Subt. English, French This film features scenes that could shock the sensitivity of some viewers

Regia: Kirk De Micco, Chris Sanders USA · 2013 · DCP · colore · 98’ · versione italiana Organizzazione – Gruppo genitori locarnese: Ingresso: ragazzi (fi no a 18 anni) 8 chf adulti 12 chf In caso di cattivo tempo: La Sala

Pardo d’oro Concorso internazionale

Historia de la meva mort Dir.: Albert Serra Spain/France · 2013 · DCP · Color · 148’ · o.v. Catalan · Subt. English, French

Awarded Films 10.00

Premiati Pardi di domani

La Sala

La Fille aux feuilles Dir.: Marina Rosset Switzerland · 2013 · DCP · Color · 6’ · no dialogue

Vigia Dir.: Marcel Barelli Switzerland/France · 2013 · DCP · Color · 8’ · o.v. Swiss Italian dialect · Subt. English, French

14.00 L’altra Sala

Pardo per la migliore opera prima, e Premio speciale della giuria Ciné+ Concorso Cineasti del presente


16.00 L’altra Sala

Costa da Morte

Dir.: Lois Patiño Spain · 2013 · DCP · Color · 81’ · o.v. Galician · Subt. English, French

Dir.: Gilles Deroo, Marianne Pistone France · 2012 · DCP · Color · 100’ · o.v. French · Subt. English, Italian


Premio per il miglior regista emergente Concorso Cineasti del presente

Dir.: Cristina Picchi Russia · 2013 · DCP · Color · 12’ · o.v. Russian/English · Subt. English, French

’A iucata Dir.: Michele Pennetta Switzerland · 2013 · DCP · Color · 37’ · o.v. Sicilian dialect · Subt. English, French

La strada di Raffael Dir.: Alessandro Falco Italy/Spain · 2013 · DCP · Color · 24’ · o.v. Italian · Subt. English, French

11.00 L’altra Sala

Menzione speciale delle giuria Concorso internazionale

Tableau noir

Dir.: Yves Yersin Switzerland · 2013 · DCP · Color · 117’ · o.v. French · Subt. English, German

14.30 La Sala

Pardo per la migliore regia Concorso internazionale

U ri Sunhi

(Our Sunhi) Dir.: Hong Sangsoo South Korea · 2013 · DCP · Color · 88’ · o.v. Korean · Subt. English, French

18.00 L’altra Sala

Pardo d’oro Concorso Cineasti del presente Premio George Foundation


Dir.: Stephanie Spray, Pacho Velez USA/Nepal · 2013 · DCP · Color · 118’ · o.v. Nepali/English · Subt. English, French

Spensierati all’evento e prevendita alla stazione FFS.

nt on u o c dis ion 30% s admiss rt reso

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TONDA 1950

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Palmarès 2013


Giurie indipendenti e premi


premio ecumenico

Short Term 12

by Destin Cretton (USA)

Second Jury

by Gaby Scettrini

Los insólitos peces gato

by Claudia Sainte-Luce (Mexico/France)

Menzione speciale

Tableau noir

by Yves Yersin (Switzerland)

Third Jury

Via Balestra 9 - 6600 Locarno Tel. 091 752 22 52 - Fax 091 752 22 10

Per il Concorso internazionale Pardi di domani

The Jury Thomas Bohne (Germany) Lucia Cuocci (Italy) Piet Halma (Netherlands) Françoise Lods (France) Daria Pezzoli-Olgiati (Switzerland) Edgar Rubio (Mexico)

Quelqu’un d’extraordinaire by Monia Chokri (Canada)

Per il Concorso nazionale Pardi di domani


by Jan-Eric Mack (Switzerland)

premio fipresci

E Agora? Lembra-me by Joaquim Pinto (Portugal)

The Jury Esther Buss (Germany) Carmen Gray (UK) Oscar Peyrou (Spain) Kiva Reardon (Canada) Cristina Trezzini (Switzerland)

europa cinemas label

Tableau noir

di Yves Yersin (Switzerland) The Jury Henk Camping (Netherlands) Luz Delgado (Spain) Mary Nazari (Russia) Rod White (UK)

Piazzetta de’ Capitani 8 (dietro il Municipio) a Locarno Tel. +41 (0)91 751 47 88 •

premio ficc/iffs Premio Don Quijote


by Pippo Delbono (Italy/Switzerland) Menzione speciale


by Guillaume Brac (France) The Jury Astrid Maury (Switzerland) Abdelilah Eljaouhary (Morocco) Aleksandr Gusev (Ukraine)

semaine de la critique

Master of the Universe by Marc Bauder (Germany/Austria)

premio giuria dei giovani First Jury 1st


by Shinji Aoyama (Japan) 2nd

Short Term 12

Calzature per bambini Kinderschuhe Chaussures pour les enfants kids shoes

La maglia e... oltre Piazza Grande 5 • 6600 Locarno Tel. 091 752 00 10 Centro Lugano Sud • 6915 Grancia-Lugano Tel. 091 980 93 85

pelletteria ods leather go ch_6600 locarno



premio zonta club locarno

Õlimäe õied

by Heilika Pikkov (Estonia) The Jury Maria Giovanna Vagenas (Italy) Bernadette Meier (Switzerland) Pablo Marín Castro (Chile)

by Destin Cretton (USA) 3rd

E Agora? Lembra-me by Joaquim Pinto (Portugal)

Premio “L’ambiente è qualità di vita”

La Mobiliare. Perché nella vita von va sempre tutto come da copione.

Tableau noir

by Yves Yersin (Switzerland) 15

PardoLive 17 | 8 | 2013

Wer schaut schon Kurzfilme sind grosses Kino. Das Leben ist voller Wendungen. Swiss Life unterstützt als offizieller Partner der Pardi di domani Schweizer Filmtalente. Herzlichen Glückwunsch dem Gewinner des Pardino d’oro, ‹Pennetta Michele›,››, und dem Gewinner des Pardino d’argento, ‹Barelli Marcel› Marcel !

Redazione PardoLive 2013

V13_Ins_pardo news_V13 24.07.13 17:38 Seite 2






PardoLive 17 | 8 | 2013 / sponsoring

Vogliamo tutto il meglio del cinema. Tom, Anna, Roger: appassionati di cinema

a spettiv o r t e r tner r e par Locarno o s n o Sp del film l a v i t s Fe

La nostra passione per il cinema entusiasma ogni anno oltre 310’000 spettatori.

Per i clienti piĂš esigenti del mondo.

Flashback 18 | 8 | 2013

Victoria Abril

Margaret Ménégoz

Jacqueline Bisset

Faye Dunaway and Sir Christopher Lee

Jasmine Trinca and Virginie Ledoyen

Werner Herzog

Otar Iosseliani

Sergio Castellitto

Yesterday’s prize draw winner is: Simoni Silvio, CH – 6853 Ligornetto

Pick up your prize at the UBS branch, Largo Zorzi, Locarno.

1st Final Prize: Sana Paolo, I – 21031 Cadegliano-Viconago 2nd Final Prize: Cattaneo Isabella, CH – 6673 Maggia


PardoLive 17 | 8 | 2013

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SWISS is delighted to be a long-term partner to Festival del lm Locarno and to offer its services for the world-famous event in the role as Official Airline

Beyond the Festival


International Press 2013 The Hollywood Reporter

Frankfurter Allgemeine

eric j. lyman

wilfried geldner


Not only is Locarno one of the world’s oldest festivals, it has a sterling record of discovering new talents. Spike Lee, Jim Jarmusch, Aleksandr Sokurov and Abbas Kiarostami are among the acclaimed directors to appear in Locarno before they were well known. Locarno may be one of a small handful of truly European festivals, with no nationalistic tendencies or political concerns or influence from short-term industry trends in the DNA of many other festivals

Le Monde france

lili barbery-coulon

Colonisée par les seniors qui viennent y passer leur retraite en regardant les bateaux sur le lac Majeur, la petite ville de Locarno se métamorphose chaque été au moment du Festival du film. Les intellectuels en quête de cinéma d’auteur investissent sa Piazza Grande avec écran en plein air. Un trésor du Tessin

Diario de Sevilla spain

manuel j. lombardo

El Festival de Cine de Locarno se reafirma como la mejor isla veraniega en el océano cinéfilo, un auténtico espacio protegido que alberga esas especies raras y fronterizas del cinem mundial que no encajan fácilmente en las programaciones de los festivales champions league y que, sin embargo, toman el pulso a la producción de autor más interesante, exigente y heterodoxa del momento, con especial atención a los directores jóvenes y a los formatos menos convencionales


consulenza - vendita riparazioni - istruzione internet - ADSL telefono 091 751 95 81


Locarno leuchtete in diesen Tagen wie schon seit Jahren nicht mehr. Der Festival lebt von Filmen, die mit viel Sympathie Menschen aus allernächster Nähe zeigen

St. Galler Tagblatt switzerland andreas stock

IMPORTAZIONE E COMMERCIO VINI 6515 Noranco- Lugano Tel. 091 994 15 41 Fax 091 993 03 87

Ein Festival, welches die Vielfalt des Kinos und die Grenzen des Filmspektrums erforscht, hatte Carlo Chatrian angekündigt. Und der neue künstlerische Direktor versprach damit nicht zu viel. Viele FilmemacherInnen wagten es, Sehweisen zu hinterfragen, Erwartungen zu durchkreuzen, mit Erzählformen zu experimentieren. Das war und ist eine Aufgabe dieses Filmfestivals, nämlich einem experimentellen, wagemutigen Kino einen Platz zu geben

Il Giorno


A partire da CHF



diego vincenti


Se si ha la pazienza di arrivare in Canton Ticino, alla gita fuori porta si può unire la possibilità di assistere a uno dei festival di cinema più belli e antichi dell’estate. Dove critici e operatori si mischiano con la gente del cinema all’aperto in Piazza Grande, sguardo severo e gazzosa in mano

Via Stefano Francini 14B Di fronte alla Migros MM CH-6600 Locarno-TI T- 091 751 66 52

Si sa cosa si beve e cosa si mangia

Wissman SA CH - 6533 Lumino +41 91 829 4515

Wissman, dal 1929 posa e vendita di pavimentazioni per interno ed esterno

PardoLive 17 | 8 | 2013 Pardo

Energia ticinese, per il Festival

Carlo Chatrian full-frame by XL

Editor Lorenzo Buccella Graphic design Simon Smeraldi Alessandra Angelucci Jannuzzi Smith

Writers Massimo Benvegnù Mattia Bertoldi Lorenzo Esposito Adriano Ercolani Sergio Fant Aurélie Godet

Cristian Gomez Sara Groisman Jørn Rossing Jensen Mark Peranson Boris Sollazzo Roberto Turigliatto

Guest photographers Alessio Pizzicannella (Cover) Laura Chiesa (assistant) Xavier Lambours (full-frame by XL) Fabrizio Capeder (assistant)

Photographers Gabriele Putzu (TiPress) Fotofestival (Marco Abram, Massimo Pedrazzini, Samuel Golay, Sailas Vanetti) Ivana De Maria Timbal

Advertising Raphaël Brunschwig Oriana Pivetta Luca Spinosa publicitas Print Salvioni Arti Grafiche

15 March – 17 November 2013 Bernisches Historisches Museum


The “ 8 Wonder of the World ” – now in Bern Qin – The eternal emperor and his terracotta warriors

17 | 8 | 2013 - Pardo Live, 11  
17 | 8 | 2013 - Pardo Live, 11  

I’m going to try to extract from my internal film of the Festival those snapshots that have most impressed themselves on my memory, knowing...