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“Quality products offering solutions to agriculture and chemical industry.�

We are a peruvian company leading in the national distribution of fertilizers, specially designed to offer crop solutions through fertigation, and greenhouses.


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Piura Chiclayo Trujillo

Callao Ica Arequipa

Granular Products:


Nuestra planta granuladora produce fertilizantes compuestos de alto, medio y bajo concentrado. Ofrecemos soluciones de gran demanda para diferentes suelos y cultivos. Productos personalizados: Sulfato de Potasio Granular Mezclas NPK

EXPORT PRODUCTS We guarantee the success of the transportation of fertilizers to the desired country.

Our products are marketed in all the continents, whereas the development of the Agro - export Sector. This will allow agriculture to be at the forefront of time and to adopt fertilization techniques according to optimal yields and high quality production.

Copper sulphate Zinc Sulfate Boric acid Granulated boron Manganese sulphate

Bags of atmosphere modified to fruits and vegetables ZOEPAC.

We protect the fruit from the first day of harvest

Technology in packaging This technology, developed in Israel, compensates if fruits and vegetables have not been treated properly after harvesting. This lengthens the shelf life of shelf storage. This technology takes care that the exporter is on the safe side economically until the product reaches its destination. Easy opening Temperature for Storage: 0 to 1 ° C.

The bags complement the technologies of: • Cooling • Fungicides • Debuggers

Applications of ZOEPAC bags.

in fruits and vegetables


Easy to fill and easy to seal.

Fast balance of gases. Polymeric mixture that adapts to the increase of the respiratory rate of the fruits.


Modified atmosphere system

►Delaying the onset of senescence. ►Inhibit the development of decomposition organisms.

Breathable system:

The breathable system controls carbon dioxide levels and prevents anaerobic conditions (caused by lack of oxygen) from occurring.


Removal of ethylene, the hormone of aging:

Fresh fruits and vegetables produce ethylene gas after harvest, it is a critical aging factor in most fresh products. The ZOEPAC packaging absorbs the ethylene gas released inside the closed environment to inhibit the maturation process.


Active system:

An advanced range of ZOEPAC containers has been developed to facilitate the rapid establishment of a modified atmosphere within the closed environment. The active system has been adapted to meet the needs of perishable products with limited capacity to create an optimal modified atmospheric regime.

Humidity control:

The ZOEPAC package controls the relative humidity level within the closed environment. This is achieved by absorbing water vapor or adopting strong anti-fog properties. Humidity control fulfills two main functions: ►Altos niveles de humedad relativa para mantener la firmeza y frescura ►The absence of condensation, critical for many products liable to deterioration.

Antimicrobial system:

An advanced range of ZOEPAC containers impregnated with antimicrobial agents has been developed to disinfect the closed environment. The antimicrobial system has been adapted to meet the needs of products particularly susceptible to post-harvest losses caused by decomposition organisms.


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FERTISUR line of business  

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