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2 | PRESIDENT’S GREETING Greetings from Marshall Pet Products! 2021 has been a year of unique challenges that all businesses have faced. Supply chain headaches for most in the pet supply industry have been a common theme and we have not been immune to it. Fortunately, with careful planning and a good balance of domestic made products, we were able to have very high fill rates to keep you and your customers satisfied. We hope you enjoy reviewing our 2022 catalog and we look forward to serving you this next year! Wishing you all the best!

Peter Reid President & C.O.O. Marshall Pet Products

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President’s Greeting Marshall Retailers Table Of Contents Marshall Baby Ferrets Marshall Ferret Diet & Food Accessories Ferret Treats GoodBye Odor Pet Health & Wellness Supplements Ferret Grooming Ferret Toys & Home Accessories Ferret Toys Bulk Sizes Travel & Outdoor Accessories Ferret & Small Animal Fashions Litter & Odor Control Peter’s Small Animal Products Ferret Homes & Accessories Playpens & Accessories Marshall Dealer Benefits

Marshall Retailers: • Can be listed on our website by contacting info@marshallpet.com • Can become a featured Marshall retailer on our Facebook page @MarshallPetFerrets • Will be featured in our monthly email blasts Contact us with events and specials, five or more days in advance, by emailing ferrets@marshallpet.com.


MARSHALL FERRETS • THE BEST PET EVER Available Year Round • Call Today 1.800.292.3424


Baby Ferret Facts

Marshall Ferrets are bred to be loving and are known worldwide for their gentle dispositions. We guarantee that your ferret is neutered and descented and is free of congenital defects. Your ferret must remain on Marshall Premium Ferret Diet to keep this guarantee valid. Our guarantee is effective for one year from the date of purchase. Certain types of illness are not covered by the Marshall Ferret guarantee. See our website for more details at marshallpet.com.

• Delivered to stores between 9-11 weeks of age • Bred to be gentle and loving • Excellent color selection • Neutered and descented • Vaccinated once for distemper

Testimonial “So we get to the pet store and started to walk past the ferret enclosure, and I’ll never know for sure why, but I stopped in my tracks and doubled back to the ferrets. This dude was just staring at me. There was something in his eyes that stunned me. It was like he knew who I was and I knew him and had known him forever. As soon as Willie was plopped into my arms, I knew he was supposed to be with me. We’ve been inseparable ever since. He’s my shadow. He follows me everywhere. Anytime I’m down, he knows exactly what I need. He constantly makes me laugh with his antics and he provides so much love and comfort to me.” MACIE JANE

Every Ferret you register receives a Free B irth Certificate Download! Register your M arshall Ferret and download a FREE Birth Certificate! www.marshallpet.com

Marshall Small Animal Shipper Marshall’s Small Animal Shipper is excellent for small animals, birds and reptiles. Innovative design features integrated feed and water dishes with splash guards to keep food and water clean. Reusable, recyclable, stackable and easy to clean. USDA/APHIS and airline approved. Dimensions: 8”H x 21.25”W x 29.25”L Item # SAS-281


BIRTH CERTIFICATE Ferret Name: ______________________________ Birth Date: _______________ Gender: __________ Color: _______________________ Pet Parent Name: ________________________________





PREMIUM NUTRITION • THE BEST FOOD FOR HEALTHY FERRETS Ferrets are obligate carnivores, which means their bodies depend on the nutrients only found in meat for proper health. Marshall Premium Ferret Diet is the optimal ferret food – high in fresh meat proteins, it’s one of the easiest diets for ferrets to digest. Nothing but the very best - Marshall ferret food and treats. It’s what your ferret deserves. Feed the food your ferrets were raised on.

22 oz Premium Ferret Diet*

4 lb Premium Ferret Diet*

7 lb Premium Ferret Diet*

22 oz Bag Item # FD-381

4 lb Bag Item # FD-177

7 lb Bag Item # FD-015

*Premium Ferret Diet is also available in: 18 lb Bag Item # FD-155 and 35 lb Bag Item # FD-019. See page 15.


Snap ‘N Fit Food Bowl

Senior Diet

Designed specifically for ferrets that are older (4+ years), overweight, or less active. Contains less fat and proteins than our regular diet. Promotes good health and glossy coat. 4 lb Bag Item # FD-259

Select Chicken Ferret Diet

Marshall Select Ferret Diet is an excellent source of nutrition for ferrets of any age, rich in Omega 3s and amino acids. 4 lb Bag Item # FD-362

Chicken Entree Canned Diet Marshall’s Chicken Entree Canned Diet is a great way to spruce up the flavor of your ferret’s everyday diet! This gluten & grain free formula is an excellent source of Omega 3 & 6 to nourish skin and coat, and is an excellent topper for all Marshall Ferret Diets. Available in three flavors. 9 oz Can Item # FD-430 Chicken Entree Item # FD-431 Chicken Entree with Lamb Item # FD-432 Chicken Entree with Turkey

No-spill collar to help keep food and water in the bowl. Dimensions: 3’’ h x 6’’ w x 4’’ d 2” deep and 5 1/2” opening 24.75 oz. Item # FP-394

Water Bottle

Double ballpoint stainless steel tube equipped with special, no leak seal. Easy to fill and clean. 27 oz Item # FP-226


BANDITSTM TREATS • FERRETS GO CRAZY OVER YUMMY BANDITS Every pet deserves to be treated well. Delicious Bandits Treats are available in many ferret friendly flavors. Bandits are protein based and low in sugar. Healthier snacking, happier ferrets.

Approximately 100 Treats Per Bag.

Bandits Treats Facts Ferrets flip over the intense flavor of our Marshall Bandits Premium Ferret Treats. Available in Meaty Bacon, Raisin, Original Chicken, Banana and Peanut Butter flavors. Bandits are soft and chewy morsels that provide an exciting flavor while s till upholding a healthy nutritional value for your pet. Bandits are protein based, making them a healthy choice for you to feed y our pet. Used by the world’s largest ferret breeder, Bandits w ill keep your pet coming back for more.

Meaty Bacon Flavor Treats

Raisin Flavor Treats

Original Chicken Flavor Treats

3 oz Pouch Item # FD-382

3 oz Pouch Item # FD-383

3 oz Pouch Item # FD-384

Banana Flavor Treats

Peanut Butter Flavor Treats

3 oz Pouch Item # FD-385

3 oz Pouch Item # FD-386


FREEZE DRIED BANDITS TREATS Bandits Freeze Dried Ferret Treats are made with single sourced, whole raw animal protein. These all-meat treats are created by a delicate freeze-drying process that locks in the natural nutrition and taste of fresh meat, preserving the f reshness, aroma and texture your pet instinctively craves.

Rabbit Freeze Dried Treats

Duck Freeze Dried Treats

Turkey Freeze Dried Treats

.75 oz Pouch Item # FD-407

.75 oz Pouch Item # FD-408

.75 oz Pouch Item # FD-409

FERRET EXTREME FREEZE DRIED TREATS Ferret Extreme Freeze Dried Ferret Treats are made with fresh, whole, animal protein to provide essential nutrition that every ferret wants.

Munchy Minnows

Freeze Dried Treats POP Display Holds 36 packages. 12 of each flavor. Item # FD-410

These protein treats are bursting with flavor and are grain and gluten free. Munchy Minnows are freeze dried to preserve the key nutrients. They are a healthy, preferred choice for training, traveling and snacking. 3 oz Item # FD-422


GoodBye Odor® is a simple solution for an age-old problem. Just pump it into your pet’s water once a day. Also available as a soft chew.

Biological Benefits of GBO.

In addition to deodorizing unpleasant odors, GBO works internally with your pet’s digestive system.

GBO can be extremely effective as a natural and safe daily supplement to deodorize unpleasant and foul odors of ferrets, rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, chinchillas and most small pets.


What it’s derived from A natural odor deodorizing, functional extract of agaricus bisporus mushrooms.

Composition GBO consists of the following properties occurring naturally from the extract: 1. Amino Acids 2. Polyphenols 3. Flavonoids 4. Polysaccharides 5. Vitamins and minerals

GoodBye Odor* Ferret

Mechanism of odor generation and internal deodorization Foul odors, such as those generated by ammonia, sulfides, indoles and skatols are generated in the intestines with the ingestion of food. The majority of odiferous substances are excreted in the feces.

8 oz Item # FS-186

Small Animal 32 oz Item # FS-212

Small Animal 8 oz Item # FS-221

Small Animal 1 gallon Item # FS-213

*For all warm-blooded animals

This product is not intended to be used as a body wash. It is to be used as a consumable product. GoodBye Odor Semi-Moist Chews For Ferrets GoodBye Odor® Semi-Moist Chews for Ferrets is a safe and natural solution that works inside the ferret’s digestive tract to neutralize odors before they get out. No more spraying harsh chemicals to mask odors. GoodBye Odor is made with natural ingredients and is vet tested a nd approved.

1. The natural blend of amino acids contained in GBO deodorizes unpleasant odors caused by ammonia and amines that are in feces.

• Safe & effective • Great for multiple pets • Virtually eliminates odors, doesn’t mask them

2. Polyphenols and Flavonoid components helps to naturally deodorize.

2.5 oz Item # FS-380

3. Polysaccharide components deodorize odors in a variety of natural ways.

Function of GBO

Mode of Action

Deodorizing mouth and body odors

GBO deodorizes odor causing substances (odiferous chemicals) such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, amines, indoles and skatols.

Deodorizing fecal and urine odors

GBO deodorizes odor causing substances in the feces and urine.


GBO is a natural antioxidant.


PET HEALTH AND WELLNESS SUPPLEMENTS A nutritious and balanced diet is the foundation of good health for all ferrets, but occasionally they might need a nutritional boost to help cure common ailments.

Ferret RX


Opens nasal passages and increases oxygen flow, alleviating runny noses, head and chest congestion, and labored breathing. All safe and natural ingredients. 2 oz Bottle Item # FS-127

Digestive tract conditioner with lactobacillus acidophilus to enhance nutrient absorption. Reconditions ferret’s digestive tract, restoring natural balance. Helps ferrets that have experienced ECE. Also good for other small pets. 1.7 oz Bottle Item # FS-218

Uncle Jim’s Duk Soup


Natural supplement stimulates ferrets appetites, boosts immune systems and regulates digestive systems. Use for ferrets with ECE and Post-ECE. Can be used as a paste or mixed with Furo-Vite or Furo-Tone for easy dosing. 4.5 oz Pouch Item # FS-341

Makes dull coats shiny and soothes dry, scratchy skin. Provides excellent nutritional value with pharmaceutical grade fatty acid. Makes a great treat. 6 oz Bottle Item # FS-390

Ferret Lax


Eliminates existing hairballs and prevents the formation of new ones. Helps aid removal of non-food items that may have been accidentally ingested. 3 oz Tube Item # FS-388

All-natural vitamin paste can be used for small pets that are ill or need a nutrition boost. Safe for ferrets of all ages. 3.5 oz Tube Item # FS-389

Ferret Lax Chews

Furo-Vite Chews

Your ferret will flip over the great taste of this bacon flavored soft chew. It’s the perfect remedy for eliminating and preventing hairballs. It also aids in removing other items that may have been accidentally ingested. 3 oz Pouch Item # FS-405

This bacon flavored soft chew is so tasty your ferrets won’t even know they’re getting their essential daily vitamins. One Furo-Vite chew a day will keep your ferret looking and feeling its best. It’s great for seasonal weight loss, loss of appetite and post-surgery. 3 oz Pouch Item # FS-406


GROOMING Keeping your pet well groomed is important, and we have just the right shampoos, conditioners, and solutions to keep your furry friends looking and smelling great!

No Tears Formula With Aloe Vera Shampoo

Baking Soda Shampoo

Ferret Daily Spritz

Baking soda gently cleans without stripping essential body oils, keeping your ferret’s coat shiny and healthy. 8 oz Bottle Item # FG-020

Unique blend of conditioners, aloe vera, odor reducing agents, and neutralizers so your ferret can smell fresh between shampoos. For day-to-day freshening, just give a spritz! 8 oz Bottle Item # FG-021

Crème Rinse

Tea Tree Shampoo

Tea Tree Spray

Tropically scented conditioner is pH balanced. Gentle on skin and coat. Softens your ferret’s coat for happier snuggling! 8 oz Bottle Item # FG-229

Safe, gentle, and e ffective tea tree oil is known to deter fleas and ticks, while leaving a fresh, clean scent. 8 oz Bottle Item # FG-352

Formulated specifically for a ferret’s sensitive skin. Helps condition, deodorize, protect, and soothe skin and coat. Safe for daily use. 8 oz Bottle Item # FG-353

Foaming Waterless Shampoo

Ear Cleaner

Tropical Pina Colada scented shampoo with aloe cleans and conditions without water or rinsing! 5 oz B ottle Item # WSS-709

Contains eucalyptol, which promotes healthy ear tissue while eliminating wax and dirt. Cleans ears gently with a fresh, natural scent. 4 oz Bottle Item # FG-084

Grooming Brush

Nail Clippers

Soft bristle brush keeps your small p et’s coat smooth a nd shiny. Item # FG-130

Soft easy grip handle makes nail trimming easy. Use regularly to prevent health problems caused by long, untrimmed nails. Item # FG-131

A special blend of aloe vera and eucalyptus gives your ferret a fresh and clean scent. Gently cleanses without irritating skin and keeps coat shiny and soft. 8 oz Bottle Item # FG-227



Ferrets love to play almost as much as they like to sleep. Both play important roles in their growth and development. We offer many fun, stimulating toys for active times and soft, cozy accessories for the quiet times.

24” Ferret Swimming Pool

24” Ferret Swimming Pool is an awesome gift year round with many uses indoors and out. Help keep your ferret cool with Marshall’s Ferret Swimming Pool. This pool is crafted with high-grade, industrial strength PVC material to help it stand up to all your pet’s fun. Item # FT-471

Ferret Shark Hide-N-Play

Ferret Shark Hide-N-Play gives your ferret a fun place to burrow and snuggle. Openings in the front and back make it perfect for a couple of ferrets. Item # FT-455


With five tunnels, eleven openings and a cozy cave in the middle, this plush toy will have more than a few ferrets busy for awhile. Item # FT-300

Turtle Tunnel Exciting hideout with five entrances. Hours of interactive ferret excitement, plus a place to snooze after playing too hard! Machine washable. Item # FT-365

Hangin’ Monkey Hammock Swinging fun for ferrets. Clips easily to most cages. Machine washable. Item # FP-360


Deluxe Leisure Lounge

Leisure Lounge

Hanging Nap Sack

Great multi-level hammock for multiple pets. Made with soft fleece, cotton canvas material, and durable straps. Clips easily to most cages. Assorted colors. Machine washable. Item # FP-054

Spacious enough for multiple ferrets. Made of durable, comfortable material and clips easily to most cages. Machine washable. Item # FP-049 Nylon Item # FP-111 Fleece

A cozy retreat for your ferret with a built-in hide-a-way. Made of soft, easy to clean fleece. Machine washable. Item # FP-364

2-In-1 Ferret Bed

Banana Hammock

Pirate Hat

Versatile sleeping spot for the ferret who likes to sleep elevated or on the floor. Removable plastic clips make it easy to rearrange. Machine washable. Item # FP-367

Compliments the Hangin’ Monkey Hammock. Lined with cozy fleece and machine washable. Clips easily to most cages. Accommodates multiple ferrets. Item # FP-369

Great hat for snuggling. Warm and machine washable. Item # FP-371

Bear Rug

Pirate Ship

Designer Fleece Blanket

Ferrets will stay cozy in this Bear Rug where they can nap or play a game of hide-n-seek. Made with soft, machine washable fleece. Can be used inside or outside the cage. Item # FP-400

Fun, interactive play space or cozy sleeping spot for your ferret crew. Use inside the cage or playpen. Removable clips. Machine washable. Item # FP-391

Snuggly soft fleece blanket perfect for napping! Machine washable. Item # FP-112


Fishin’ For Fun Teaser Toy

Plastic Bell Toys

Pull-N-Go Toy

Involve your ferret in playful fun with this new teaser toy. Attach your ferret’s favorite treat or toy, for hours of fun! Item # FT-156

Durable plastic balls with bell inside. Two toys per package. Assorted colors. Item # FT-170

Item # FT-217 (assorted)

Bungee Toy

Sport Balls

Snake Teaser

Plush toy with spring-back action. Elastic strap attaches easily to wire cages for happy bouncing. Item # FT-223

Soft fleece material with bell safely built in for extra excitement. Two toys per package. Assorted colors and prints. Item # FT-289

Involve your ferret in playful fun with this new teaser toy. Item # FT-460

Fish Toy

Sneaker Toy

Ferret Face Toy

Soft fleece toy with bell safely sewn inside for extra sensory stimulation. Item # FT-461

Canvas toy with safe rubber sole. Item # FT-463

Good for hours of silly fun! Item # FT-467

Ferrets have a very in-tune emotional intelligence. That is why they come to comfort you when you are sad. They know and care.

F E R R E T TOYS / B U L K S I Z E S | 1 5

Super Thru-Way & Mini Thru-Way

Pop-N-Play Ball Pit

Cruising Critter Raceway

Ferrets are natural tunnelers. Watch your ferrets have hours of fun barreling through15-feet of e xpandable, clear tubing in the Super Thru-Way or 7-feet in the Mini Thru-Way. Excellent interactive toy for one or multiple ferrets! Item # FT-190 Super Thru-Way Item # FT-415 Mini Thru-Way

The Pop-N-Play Ball Pit was made with ferrets in mind. They love jumping in and out of holes and tunneling through colorful balls. Excellent for multiple ferrets and other small pets such as guinea pigs, rats and chinchillas. Comes with a handy hook-and-loop fastener tab that attaches to furniture, cages or playpens to prevent tipping. Made of durable fabric that wipes clean. Item # FT-372 Pop-N-Play Ball Pit Item # FT-373 Extra Ball Pack (15 Count)

The Cruising Critter Raceway satisfies a ferret’s powerful natural tunneling instinct and offers fun and play for the whole family. It’s made of durable, easy to clean materials and designed with safety in mind. The Raceway also provides excellent stimulation and play for rats, hamsters, and guinea pigs. Item # FT-378

BULK SIZES Want to buy Marshall’s Premium Diet, litter and odor control products in longer lasting sizes? We sell all three in large sizes that will help keep you with a healthy supply of these important ferret products.

Premium Ferret Diet Can be purchased in these sealed 18 lb and 35 lb multi-wall paper bags. 18 Ib Bag Item # FD-155 35 Ib Bag Item # FD-019

Premium Ferret Litter Premium Litter 50 lb bag is the same high absorbent, odor controlling as the 10 lb and 18 lb bags. 50 Ib Bag Item # FG-215

Fresh & Clean Premium Litter Premium Litter 20 lb bag is the same high absorbent, odor controlling as the 5 lb bags. 20 Ib Bag Item # FG-482

GoodBye Odor The GoodBye Odor for Pets can be used with multiple pet’s food or water. Why buy less and smell more? Gallon Bottle Item # FS-213


TRAVEL AND OUTDOOR ACCESSORIES Pets are a part of the family, and when we travel, so do our critters. Whether you’re taking a stroll around the block, or a weekend jaunt, you need reliable pet carriers and leads. Here are some options that make pet transport a breeze!

Bell Collars

Harness & Lead

Bell collars protect your ferrets when they’re away from your watchful eye. Fully adjustable and comes with quick-snap buckles. Available in the following colors: Item # FP-014 Red Item # FP-088 Purple Item # FP-089 Royal Blue Item # FP-090 Black

Leads are fully adjustable to fit all sizes and come with quick-snap buckles for easy on/off. Lead is 48” long and comes in matching color. Available in the following colors: Item # FP-004 Red Item # FP-093 Purple Item # FP-094 Royal Blue Item # FP-095 Black Item # FP-182 Wine

Fashion Lead With adjustable straps for easy on/off. Great for ferrets and toy dog breeds. Item # FP-326D Denim Item # FP-326H Hearts Item # FP-326S Stripes Item # FP-326P Pink

Front Pack

Classic tote with multiple vents for extra airflow. Wipes clean and folds flat for compact storage. Item # FP-370

Sport Lead Perfect for ferrets and toy dog breeds. Sports theme for the sports enthusiast. Item # FP-336

Marshall Ferret FinderTM Never lose your ferret again! Connect the ferret finder collar to your mobile device via Bluetooth to get notified if your pet strays too far. Send a signal to the collar from your phone to sound an alarm that will help you locate your furry friend. Keep your ferret safe and gain peace of mind allowing them to explore. Item # FP-450 Pink Item # FP-451 White Item # FP-452 Black

Marshall Walking Vest Our improved Walking Vest fits most ferrets with adjustable straps that snap together for quick on/off use. Comes with a pocket to securely hold the Marshall Ferret Finder disk as an alternative to the silicone collar. Item # FP-453 Medium Item # FP-454 Large


FASHION FOR ANY OCCASION • UNIQUE FASHION ITEMS FOR SMALL PETS Clothing and hats are designed for ferrets and other small animals. One size fits most. Materials are machine washable. Great for photo opportunities! See our full selection of fun fashions on marshallpet.com.

Winter Cap With Tassel

Jean Jacket

American Flag Bandana

Item # FW-319

Item # FW-320

Item # FW-110

Hat & Sweater


Jester Hat

Item # FW-272

Assorted colors and prints. Item # FW-301

Red Bandana

Witch Costume


Tassle Hat

Item # FW-045

Dressing your ferret can be lots of fun, but do so carefully. Getting those wiggly, fuzzy noodles into a costume can be a challenge. Patience will ensure you are not hurting your ferret as you dress them.

Item # FW-414

Item # FW-294

Item # FW-295

Santa Suit

Santa Hat

Item # FW-006

Item # FW-334

Item # FW-072

Holiday Antlers Item # FW-172

Deluxe Santa Suit Item # FW-413


LITTER • ODOR CONTROL ACCESSORIES 3 REASONS TO SWITCH TO 100% RECYCLED PAPER PELLETS 1. DITCH THE DUST. Clay litters that claim to be “dust-free” still release particles into the air when poured f rom 18” or higher. These pesky particles can stick to your ferret’s moist eyes and nose and b ecome ingested. On the other hand, Marshall Premium Ferret Litter is truly dust-free. Pour it into the litter box from any height and you’ll not see a speck of dust arise.

2. NATURALLY TOUGH ON ODORS. EASY ON YOUR FERRET. Here’s the dirt on clay litter: it clings and sticks when wet. It contains silica dust and may contain allergy-causing perfumes and additives. But not Marshall Premium Ferret Litter. Our proprietary recycled paper pellets absorb u rine instantly and keep the litter box dry a nd fresh. It’s perfect for post-surgical care and multi-ferret households.

Premium Ferret Litter

Fresh & Clean Premium Litter

Item # FG-073 10 lb bag Item # FG-331 18 lb bag Item # FG-215 50 lb bag

This super absorbent litter allows you to use less litter yet absorb more waste - 400% more absorbent that traditional litters! The clean white appearance of the pellets makes it easier to observe your ferret’s stool and evaluate their health. The 100% dust-free litter allows for the litter to be easily cleaned. Item # FG-480 5 lb bag Item # FG-482 20 lb bag

3. 100% RECYCLED PAPER PELLET LITTER T HAT’S EASY ON THE EARTH.* Each year, more than 2 million tons of pet litter ends up in U.S. landfills. Most of this is clay litter that is mined from the earth, but not Marshall Premium Ferret Litter. Our proprietary litter is biodegradable, non-tracking and dust-free. *Can be used for other small animals.

Ferret & Small Animal Odor Remover Works immediately to eliminate smells from pet accidents and stains. 8 oz Bottle Item # FG-085

Lock On Litter Pan Perfect for small pets who like to rearrange their furniture! Locks on to almost any cage, keeping litter where it belongs. Low entrance is pet-friendly. Unscrews for easy cleaning. Comes in assorted colors. Dimensions: 14”w x 14”d x 9”h Item # FP-266

High Back Litter Pan

Corner Deterrent Springs

Designed specifically for ferrets and their unique elimination habits. Made of durable plastic. Comes in assorted colors. Dimensions: 12”w x 14”d x 7”h Item # FP-032

Ferrets instinctively back into corners during potty time. Springs help deter ferrets from “going” in places they shouldn’t go. Item # FG-220


PETER'S NATURE TREATS & TOYS Inspired by a classic children’s story, and made with tasty ingredients and natural fiber craved by rabbits, chinchillas, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs and other small animals.

Whole Apple

Apple Slices


2 per pack. Can be used with Chew Toy with Apple. Item # SA-1000

1 oz Bag Item # SA-1001

2.85 oz Bag Item # SA-1005

NATURAL GRASS PRODUCTS Our natural woven grass products provide hours of fun for small animals. They are safe to chew and can be used inside or outside of the cage.

Chew Toy With Apple Two tasty all-natural treats in one: apple and wood! Rabbits love to roll this toy around while they nibble the apple. No dyes or preservatives. Item # RT-526

Woven Grass Mat

Woven Grass Play Ball

Dimensions: 11”w 16”d x .375”h Item # RGP-529

Dimensions: 4” diameter Item # RGP-530

Woven Pet Bed

Hide-A-Way Hut

Dimensions: 9”w x 10”d x 4”h Item # RGP-531

Dimensions: 9.5”w x 7.5”d x 7.5”h Item # RGP-532

Rabbit Walking Jacket Our Walking Vest fits most rabbits with adjustable straps for quick on/off use. Item # RP-500


HOMES Quality cages that are easy to assemble! Great for multiple pets or single pets.

Marshall Folding Mansion - Large*

Marshall Folding Mansion - Medium*

For ultimate ferret comfort and security. Easy assembly, easy to c lean, built to last. No tools required! Folds flat for easy storage. Dimensions: 22.4”w x 39.4”d x 55.8”h assembled. Item # FC-257

For ultimate ferret comfort and security. Easy assembly, easy to c lean, built to last. No tools required! Folds flat for easy storage. Dimensions: 32”w x 20”d x 42”h assembled. Item # FC-425

*Accessories not included.

*Accessories not included.


Marshall Folding Mansion - Small*

Better View Gate

For ultimate ferret comfort and security. Easy assembly, easy to clean, built to last. No tools required! Folds flat for easy storage. Dimensions: 31.25”w x 16.75”d x 36.5”h Item # FC-424

This adjustable gate is completely ferret-proof! The strong steel frame and thick clear plexi panels leave no room for your ferret to squeeze by and gives you a clear view of your pets from another room. The frame adjusts to fit most doors 24” - 36” wide and is 24” tall. Item # FC-426

*Accessories not included.


PLAYPENS & ACCESSORIES Our playpens provide an ideal environment for play and interaction and can be used in a variety of settings, outside or indoors. Extra panels are available for expanding the small animal playpen space. Portable and easy to set up – no tools required!

Small Pet Playpen* Ideal for smaller pet families. Panels are 18”w x 29”h with 1” spacing. 8 panel playpen shown with mat/cover, sold separately. Item # FC-224 *Toys and accessories not included.

Expandability and Fun The Marshall Small Pet Playpen can be expanded to a larger 11 panel playpen with Marshall’s Expansion Panels, Item # FC-225. In addition you can add Marshall’s 11 panel Playpen Mat/Cover. Item # FC-262.

Flexibility and Fun The Marshall Folding Mansions feature a side door that can be used with Marshall ferret products such as the Marshall Super Thru-Way, available in 7’ and 15’ versions.

Playpen Mat/Cover Keeps pets secure and comfortable. Use as a mat indoors or a cover for outdoor use. Made of durable, easy-to-clean fabric. Item # FC-261 - 8 panel Item # FC-262 - 11 panel

Expansion Panels Portable panels to expand play area. Panels are 18”w x 29”h with 1” spacing. Item # FC-225

Flexibility and Fun The Marshall Small Pet Playpen features a side door that can be used with Marshall ferret products such as the Marshall Super Thru-Way, available in 7’ and 15’ versions.


MARSHALL DEALER BENEFITS PACKAGE Grow Your Business There’s more to being the industry leader than providing the highest quality ferret products–we take care of our dealers, too! That’s why we’ve created the Marshall Pet Dealer Programs to give you everything you need to help grow your business. Marshall Pet supports its stellar network of dealers with consistent marketing, sales and product education at both the business and consumer levels. In return, we request that you maintain and carry our bestselling ferret items.










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FT-372 FT-373 FP-364 FP-094 FP-004 FP-095 FD-385 FD-382 FD-386 FD-383 FP-054 FP-367 FP-089 FP-014 FP-090 FD-384 FD-422 FT-300 FT-455 FT-467 FT-463 FT-156 FG-131 FT-461 FT-289 FP-226 FP-394 FG-130 FD-430 FD-431 FD-432 FS-218 FS-127 FS-388 FS-389 FS-390 FS-341 WSS-709 FG-227 FG-020 FG-021 FG-352 FG-353 FS-380 FS-186 FS-186 FT-471 FT-190 FD-381 FD-177 FD-177 FD-362 FD-259 FP-032 FG-073 FG-480 FD-015

Pop-N-Play Ball Pit Pop-N-Play Extra Ball Pack Napsack Harness & Lead, Blue Harness & Lead, Red Harness & Lead, Black Bandits Treats, Banana Bandits Treats, Meaty Bacon Bandits Treats, Peanut Butter Bandits Treats, Raisin Deluxe Leisure Lounge 2 in 1 Ferret Bed Bell Collar, Royal Blue Bell Collar, Red Bell Collar, Black Bandits Treats, Chicken Ferret Extreme Munchy Minnows Treats Octo-Play Shark Hide-N-Play Ferret Face Toy Sneaker Toy Fishin’ For Fun Teaser Nail Clippers Squeak Fish Toy Sport Balls Water Bottle, 27oz. Snap ‘N Fit Bowl, 2 cups Grooming Brush Chicken Entree Canned Diet Chicken Entree w/ Lamb Canned Diet Chicken Entree w/ Turkey Canned Diet ProBiotic Ferret Rx Ferret Lax Furo-Vite Furo-Tone Uncle Jim’s Original Duk Soup Mix Foaming Waterless Shampoo Aloe Vera Shampoo - Tear Free Formula Ferret Shampoo - Original Formula Ferret Daily Spritz Tea Tree Shampoo - Tea Tree Formula Ferret Spray - Tea Tree Spray GoodBye Odor Ferret Chews GoodBye Odor for Ferrets, 8oz. GoodBye Odor for Ferrets, 8oz. Ferret Swimming Pool Super Thru-way Premium Ferret Diet, 22 oz. Premium Ferret Diet, 4 lb. Bag Premium Ferret Diet, 4 lb. Bag Select Chicken Diet, 4 lb. Bag Senior Formula Diet, 4 lb. Bag High Back Litter Pan, Asst Ferret Litter, 10 lb. Bag Fresh & Clean Ferret Litter, 5 lb. Bag Premium Ferret Diet, 7 lb. Bag

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Window Cling.


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(2) Pop-N-Play Ball Pit



(2) Hanging Nap Sack



(2) Bandits Treats, Banana



(2) Shark Hide-N-Play



(2) Bandits Treats, Peanut Butter



(2) Munchy Minnows



(2) Uncle Jim’s Duk Soup Mix



(2) Nail Clippers



(2) Bell Collar, Blue

10. FP-014

(2) Bell Collar, Red

11. FP-226

(2) Water Bottle, 27 oz.

12. FP-394

(2) Snap ’N Fit Food Bowl, 2 Cups

13. FP-094

(2) Harness & Lead, Blue

14. FP-004

(2) Harness & Lead, Red

15. FT-467

(2) Ferret Face Toy

16. FD-430

(4) Chicken Entree Canned Diet

17. FS-218

(2) ProBiotic

18. FS-127

(2) Ferret Rx

19. FS-186

(2) GoodBye Odor for Ferrets

20. FS-388

(2) Ferret Lax

21. FS-389

(2) Furo-Vite

22. FS-390

(2) Furo-Tone

23. FG-227

(2) Ferret Shampoo - Tear Free Formula

24. FG-021

(2) Daily Spritz

25. FT-190

(2) Super Thru-way

26. FD-381

(4) Premium Ferret Diet, 22 oz.

27. FD-177

(3) Premium Ferret Diet, 4 lb. Bag

28. FD-015

(3) Premium Ferret Diet, 7 lb. Bag

29. FP-032

(3) High Back Litter Pan

30. FG-073

(3) Premium Ferret Litter, 10 lb. Bag

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Marshall Farms has carefully hand raised the world’s friendliest ferrets since 1939. That’s 83 years of happy, healthy ferrets! Since 1993, Marshall Pet Products has provided nutrition, grooming, health care items, treats, and so much more for ferrets, cats, dogs, birds, horses, rabbits, and other small animals. For more information, please call 1.800.292.3424 or visit www.MarshallPet.com