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Celebrate friends and followers of @MarshallPetFerrets with highlights from other ferret lovers. Photo credit: Jay Hufty

From developing the best practices for breeding, to developing the freshest and highest quality nutrition, to creating a catalog of products to fulfill all aspects of the ferrets’ lives and behaviors, the ferrets have guided our efforts. Our company of ferret enthusiasts works to engage and educate every household that chooses a ferret to be part of their family with the knowledge we have learned.





We ask Margie and Jim Seidewand of Pet World Rochester about owning a community-focused pet retailer and how selling ferrets have affected their business.

Join Kallista as she learns how to take care of the ferrets in her family’s ever-growing business.

AMANDA ALTMAN Editor AAltman@MarshallPet.com T

800. 292. 3424


The Shark Hide-N-Play has quickly become one of Marshall’s best selling ferret toys. The plush fabric comfortably invites a couple ferrets to curl up inside. We chose this product to feature on the cover of this issue as it is an amazing addition to any space made for ferrets.

MARSHALL PET PRODUCTS Wolcott, NY 14590 www.MarshallPet.com E

T 800. 292. 3424 Ferrets@MarshallPet.com FB @MarshallPetFerrets

You can find the Shark Hide-N-Play at your favorite online retailer or local professional pet store.


This lean crew of six led by Scott is the backbone of our distribution. These fine folks are responsible for getting all of the ferret product shipments to your professional pet retailers safely and on time. There isn’t a department that hasn’t felt the effects of the recent supply chain issues, but these employees have truly gone above and beyond to keep orders moving and our inventory organized. Join us in saying THANK YOU!













WINTER 2021 | 3



oin me in celebrating the retirement of our esteemed friend and colleague, Paul, Director of Sales and Marketing here at Marshall Pet Products. For 18 years Paul has dedicated his career to the care and lifestyle of ferrets and ferret owners. His expertise and charisma will be missed by our team and partners alike. Read a note from him on page 6 with the News from HQ and thank you, Paul!

This magazine and social media streams have given us an opportunity to engage our community like never before. Engaging with other ferret friends on social media has provided a connection we’ve been missing due to social distancing. Follow some new friends that are highlighted on pages 4-5. As always, #Felfies and #FeatureFerrets come from our online community and can be found on pages 16-17, respectively. Don’t forget to like, follow and share! With the turn to online engagement, we’d like to take a moment to recognize the small, community focused professional pet retailers with our new regular feature “3 Questions with.” Issue after issue we will interview the founders and owners of these integral establishments to find out about their journey in the pet industry, the effects ferret sales have had on their business and the effects their business has had on the community. Pages 8-11 ask some questions and get some answers from the long time husband and wife owned store, Pet World Rochester, located near the HQ in Western New York. At a time when we are all acutely aware of preventing the spread of bacterias, flu and viruses, the Ask The Vet column on page 7 tackles the best practices for keeping you and your ferret healthy this season. We are looking forward to seeing everyone in person at the Global Pet Expo in March at the Orlando Convention Center BOOTH #2429. Sincerely, Peter Reid

4 | F E R R E T S Q U A R T E R LY


By: Amanda Altman


t’s been a long couple of years. Many of us have had to be at home with family and pets for extended periods of time. We turned to social media to connect to others when we could not make physical contact. We made friends in places we didn’t know existed, with people we would have never found otherwise. This common love for ferrets has helped to educate, support and encourage a whole community of farents. We’d like to take this opportunity to give some love to our friends on social media with this Instagram friend highlight. Be sure to like, follow comment and share!

Jay Hufty, Dietra DeRose and Michelle Everly are all brand ambassadors for Marshall Pet Products and Marshall Ferrets. They all have large businesses and make it their life’s mission to give these incredible creatures the best lives ever.

BRAND AMBASSADORS Jay is what we would consider an extreme do-it-yourself-er when it comes to ferret toys and spaces. Follow him and his Hufty business for inspiration on integrating ferret-friendly accessories into your daily life. Look for his modified Radio Flyer® and what he so lovingly refers to as Fertopia. Dietra is also known as the Ferret Whisperer and is the genius creative behind the fun, staged photography you see all over our social media accounts. She has provided the Marshall family with incredible ferret photography for our yearly calendar and lots of laughs through the years. Follow her to see what she’s up to crafting next. Michelle and her daughter have dedicated their ferretfocused content on the dayto-day life with ferrets and the education of ferret care. Their business is large and seems to always be growing. Follow this ferret family for daily fun.

WINTER 2021 | 5



PHOTOGRAPHY Moose the Famous Ferret and his human Haley are one of the coolest ferret/human duos to follow. Haley has dedicated Moose’s photos and content to ferret care and ownership education. With Moose as her muse, her photography and videos are bright, happy and light-hearted. Her tips and tricks are helpful. Follow Haley and Moose. You won’t be sorry. Leaf the ferret is a fairly new account as Leaf is fairly young himself. Born in May, he doesn’t have many followers, but we see potential for incredibly cute content. He recently placed in our yearly Halloween Costume Contest with his Viking hat. Follow Leaf and his humans for adventures in first time ferret ownership. Mathieu and Khea travel the world together and Mathieu chronicles their adventures on their Instagram account. The wildlife photography he creates goes beyond just ferrets to include furry (and not so furry) four-legged friends in the wild. Follow the journey of yet another amazing ferret/human duo. If you have a ferret and would like to share your photos with us, please find us, tag us and follow us. FB & IG @MarshallPetFerrets

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6 | F E R R E T S Q U A R T E R LY


Ferret Families HALLOWEEN 2021 when the whole office dressed as Paul.

THIS IS IT! Who would have thought that I would be selling world-famous Marshall Ferrets as a career? Nobody in my family... that’s for sure. I took this job about 18 years ago and have never looked back.

Many folks claim to have the greatest job in the world, but I have worked with live companion animals. Furry babies that impress paw prints on the hearts of all that have the pleasure of holding them. I could leave my offi ce and be in a business of ferrets in minutes any time I needed the mental break. Not many people can do that, nor can they say that their offi c e c ulture i s like a family gathering. That’s just the way it is here at Marshall Pet. It will be extremely tough to walk out the door at the end of the year, but walk away I will – however slowly.

Through the years I’ve met some of the greatest people in the pet industry. From our team here in the states to our customers abroad and all of our vendors, distributors and partners in between, these are some of the most caring and compassionate people. Period.

TRADESHOWS & RETAILERS making friends everywhere he goes. Over the years the team at the HQ in Wolcott, NY have become as close as family and sometimes even more so. I’ve been there for births, marriages, sicknesses, surgeries and passings. They’ve been there for me and I’ve been there for them. I will forever be grateful for the days spent with this incredible group of people. Will I miss the cake days, the soup days, the cookouts and all the other great eating adventures we’ve shared? Yum... I mean, yes. But the truly tough part will be walking away from a group of folks that I love and really care for. It will be an adjustment to not see these friendly faces on a daily basis anymore.

The company functions won’t skip a beat as the colleagues taking my place will do great things. They have grown tremendously in their training and like a parent of his children, I am truly proud. My grandkids, wife and continued journey into Ministry to help others will keep me busy in retirement. I wish nothing but the best to all of you ferret families, businesses and friends. Thank you for one wild ride. God Bless,


WINTER 2021 | 7

Ask the VET Now more than ever, there is a concern to reduce the transmission of viruses and bacteria between pets and their human housemates. Ferrets have respiratory systems that are similar to humans. Both ferrets and humans are susceptible to catching colds and flu. Please share the following helpful information with everyone that shares a space with your ferrets.



If a person has any symptoms of a cold, flu or respiratory infection, they should not be allowed to handle the ferrets or be around them until completely recovered. If a ferret is showing symptoms of being sick, isolate the ferret from the others in a smaller cage of their own and be sure to...

Any human or animal will fight bacteria and viral infections better with a superior immune system. Keep your ferret healthy from the inside out by feeding your ferret Marshall’s Premium Ferret Diet and supplement with a high calorie vitamin supplement like Furo-Vite or Uncle Jim’s Duk Soup. These supplements are also a great way to build up a ferret’s health after the stress of an illness.


Everyone should be washing their hands or using hand sanitizer before and after handling ferrets or any pet. Especially during cold and flu season when transmission is common. Whether the human or the ferret has the symptoms, they can be passed. No nose kisses during this time!


Ensure that all ferret habitats are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected at least twice a week with a pet-friendly solution. A one-to-one solution of white vinegar and water is all you need. Wash any bedding, blankets and hammocks in an allergen-free laundry soap on the hottest setting. It is especially important to clean habitats before reintroducing a ferret that has been in isolation to the rest of the business. This will help decrease the probability of cross contamination.


Due to their sensitive respiratory systems, this could mean a number of things. Before you call the vet, make sure that you are using a dust-free litter like Marshall’s Fresh & Clean Ferret Litter and that your ferret’s space is well ventilated, free of dust and not in a drafty area. If the ferret is sneezing, check for mucus from their nose or eyes. Contact your vet immediately if the discharge is yellow or green. The ferret may need an antibiotic.


Ferret RX is homeopathic support for upper respiratory distress, colds, runny nose and nasal congestion. It helps to quickly open nasal passages and increase oxygen flow, alleviating runny noses, head congestion and labored breathing. We recommend that this is used in addition to any suggested care from a licensed vet.

DID YOU KNOW? From 1860 to the start of World War II, ferrets were widely used in the American West to protect grain stores from rodents.


8 | F E R R E T S Q U A R T E R LY

WITH JIM & MARGIE SEIDEWAND OF PET WORLD ROCHESTER Jim and Margie Seidewand have been in business for 51 years and on their 47th wedding anniversary, I had the pleasure of having lunch with this charming couple and hearing all about their lives together. Here is their story. START FROM THE BEGINNING. HOW DID YOU TWO GET STARTED? Margie: Jim worked at the post office where I worked my first summer between high school and college. Jim had a girlfriend.

Jim’s job as co-manager of this first official fish show was to supply the show with 100 tanks. He found a place in Buffalo that would sell him all-glass, 10-gallon aquariums for $5.45/ea., but they had to spend $2500. The club only needed $600 in tanks to pull off the event. Jim bought up the rest of the tanks and had to figure out what to do with them. What is a Fish Show? A competition show for aquarium hobbyists and enthusiasts. To learn more, check out Aquafind.com, the Aquatic Fish Database.

Jim: Yeah well, that didn’t work out. Margie: When he left in August for MIT in Boston, I never thought I’d see him again. I wrote him a letter every day and I am not a big letter writer. After two years of letter writing, Margie had finished college and Jim returned home from MIT to take a year off of college. The political unrest surrounding the Vietnam War had them worried about his draft number - 203. Thankfully, Jim did not have to report for duty and the path to owning their own pet store began. Jim: I was never allowed to have a fish tank when I was younger because I had the upstairs bedroom. Just as I left for MIT, my parents had given my sister a tank. I remember writing out instructions for the filter system and mailing them back home. We troubleshooted filter problems through written correspondence! When Jim returned home from MIT, he got a tank for his parent’s basement and Margie and Jim got involved in the fish club of Rochester. They helped the club members organize and run the first official Public Fish Show in the region.

As if written in the SNL writers’ room, he returned to his parent’s basement from an amazing fish show and $1900 of fish tanks were delivered — on their front lawn in suburban Western New York during the month of August.

“We piled them in their garage, set up the tanks in the basement and filled them with fish. I guess that’s when we got into the pet store business!” This was 1970. The Seidewand’s registered their business as the Aqua Shoppe of Rochester and requested a business phone number. Their first couple of years they ran their store right out of the basement of Jim’s family home. Jim and Margie then bought their own house and ran the Aqua Shoppe out of that basement until about 1977 when they leased their first retail location from Wegmans on Lyell Avenue in Rochester, NY. Margie: It was September 1974. We got married with one night’s notice. Told our family to meet us at the chapel the next morning. I never wanted a big wedding.

The couple honeymooned in Acadia National Park, Maine in Margie’s father’s VW camper. The same VW camper that these two pet store-owning, hippy-lovers would transport their fish in from Buffalo. On Wednesdays they would close their basement store to shop the two fish distributors in Buffalo. Everything they bought they would bring back in that VW camper. Jim: It really wasn’t made for transporting things, especially fish. Until this point in their journey, the Seidewands had only dealt with fish. It wasn’t until they opened their second location that they started selling family pets and became the Pet World and Aqua Shoppe of Rochester that we know today. Jim and Margie were on the cutting edge of family pet retail. They were designing displays that created a whole new shopping experience for their customers. Jim brought that capability in-house with the acquisition of a small carpentry business and stood up ten pet stores in the Western New York and Finger Lakes regions by the mid 1990s. Word of their success started to spread. Soon they had designers from corporate box chains flying in to see what they had done so they could replicate it for their stores and a contract with a uniform retail chain for fixtures at 300 locations. For 14 years Jim maintained his position as a quality control technician for 3M. He resigned to run the business full time in 1984 with four stores open and the other six on the horizon. Margie: Back then, everything was word of mouth. We didn’t even have a sign. The only thing we had on the front of our house was this stainless steel mobile. It was two fish that swim around in a circle. Everybody knew that mobile as the Aqua Shoppe.”

9 | F E R R E T S Q U A R T E R LY

Above is the Holiday Sale Catalog from 1987 featuring an engraved print of a puppy and child near their Christmas Tree. Top right: Jim and a ferret 2021 Middle right: Jim working on tanks for his first Aqua Shoppe location on Lyell Avenue. Below Margie & Jim pose in front of their store front of today in Ridgemont Plaza, Rochester, NY. Next Page: Margie and Jim pose with ferrets in front of the Marshall Brand section in their store.

We built a 21,000 sq. ft. warehouse and purchased a 26-foot truck to go up and down the Thruway and distribute to our ten stores. *sarcastically* My daughter used to love being picked up from school in that thing. - Jim

1 0 | F E R R E T S Q U A R T E R LY

WHEN DID PET WORLD START SELLING FERRETS? Jim: We were interested in small animals for our pet stores since we opened our second store to expand beyond fish. While meeting with other small animal breeders, we were introduced to Gilman Marshall, who owned Marshall Farms. He asked us to visit the farm and gave us directions to his place. We brought home ferrets the day we went there and have been selling them ever since! Margie: Initially there were very few products. I think they were just selling the animals and the food. In the late 80s ferrets were new on the scene as pets. In fact, it was Marshall Pet Products and Marshall Farms that helped ferrets become the number three domestic pet in America. And ferrets would never have remained as popular without small pet businesses like Pet World supporting ferret families. Pet World did not always turn a profit. Like a lot of small pet store owners, there were years where Jim and Margie had to support the business with personal investment. As rents increased and the crowds thinned, the Pet World stores in the malls started closing.

“Now it is a very good business! Over the past 50 years we have built a familyfocused companion animal business servicing multiple generations of pet owners. We have grandkids of our original customers that are coming to our store! That tells me we are doing something right.” Ferrets were a great alternative to other small animals when customers were looking for an intelligent, social and emotional pet without the lifestyle of being a dog owner. Margie: They were easy to hold and cuddle with. There is an unmistakable instant bond that a customer experiences when they hold a ferret for the first time. Ferrets have a way of captivating the customer, engaging them emotionally and comforting them with their nuzzles. They were the perfect animals to help us educate our community on proper pet ownership and care.

CAN YOU TELL ME ABOUT CONNECTING WITH THE COMMUNITY AND RAISING A FAMILY WHILE SUPPORTING YOUR SMALL PET BUSINESS? Margie: All of our kids grew up in the store. Of course, when they were young, they would hang out on my back. I wore all of our babies through my shifts in the store. I would let them take naps in empty tanks next to the register. Customers would come up to me and ask to buy my baby! Jim: Margie’s focus in the store was building the team. She has a legacy of bringing in young people from a stage where they can’t even introduce themselves, to being one of the top sellers on the floor. Such was the case with their own daughter; shy but knowledgeable. Margie trained her on the floor and supported her from afar. After talking to her first 1,000 people about their family pets, she could handle herself professionally in a conversation. Jim: It’s a good life lesson to work at a pet store! So many kids came in our store so green and now they are out there as functioning adults. I’d like to think that it is a little bit because of Pet World. Margie and her employees would take ferrets into classrooms to educate kids on taking care of family pets. The curious students would be so excited to see the small, lovable animal in their travel crate. The Pet World ferrets visited daycare centers, nursing homes and hospitals to spread the love and educate the public. They would do educational talks at local libraries, malls and community centers.

“We used to do summer classes at the store called “My Pet, My Friend.” The first day was how to set up an aquarium and the rest of the week we would watch the aquarium develop and come alive. The next week we would do small animals, then dogs, cats, so on and so forth. Just teaching the children how to properly take care of the family pets we love.”

Margie: We’ve been so fortunate to have extremely devoted employees. They come in as enthusiastic hobbyists that pass that passion and excitement onto the customers. Before you knew it, both the employee and customer were part of the Pet World family. So many of our previous employees return to the store with news of their successful lives. Children from families in the 90’s are returning with families of their own. And we couldn’t be happier. Jim: You know the Peanuts cartoon with Lucy and the $.05 sign over her head? I used to joke, that was Margie. Sitting down at the register. Listening to all the stories and getting to know all of the kids. While Margie indulged her love of animals to educate the community, Jim decided to explore another hobby, astronomy. Jim has done a fair amount of public education of astronomy through the Rochester Museum & Science Center and has run the telescope on the top of the Planetarium for the past 26 years. Through this time he has done hundreds of talks and put over 100,000 people through telescope school. Jim: She’s a people person. I’m a geek. I’m a details, numbers guy. Margie: We’re quite different if you haven’t noticed.

I have never seen a better example of opposites attract than Jim and Margie Seidewand. My personal run-ins with them at the Global Pet Expo were always filled with lots of laughs. It was halfway through the interview that I realized our family had been one of those families to have purchased a dog from the Marketplace Mall location in 1994. I remember the experience vividly as the employee handed me our new puppy. That’s when I realized that those are the memories that are Pet World’s business.


WE ARE A DIFFERENT KIND OF PET STORE from the franchise pet stores of today. 25 years ago dog food became pet stores and we kind of pre-dated that. We never became the pet food-centered store. We are the old pet store combination of a variety of live small animals with a deep selection of supplies for companion animals of all kinds. We train all of our employees to educate the customer on how to best take care of the animals. We encourage them to talk to customers about what they need and talk them out of buying the things they don’t. At the end of the day, it is not about commission or sales; IT’S ALL ABOUT THE FAMILY PET.

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1 2 | F E R R E T S Q U A R T E R LY

Ask a FERRET With the snowy season settling in at the HQ, humans and ferrets alike are snuggling in. Fleece, flannel and wool are being pulled out of the cedar chest to keep us warm and cozy. If there is one thing ferrets are absolute experts at, it is cuddling and sleeping. We asked our fans, “What are your ferret’s favorite positions to sleep in?” We got some awesome photos and silly answers from both our retailer and ferret owner fans. Take a peek at some of our favorites below and share your photos on our Facebook timeline @MarshallPetFerrets with the hashtag #SleepingFerrets.



Ferret toe beans are the best. Combine that with the adorable sleeping positions that ferrets get themselves into and it is cuteness overload. These shots were taken on site at a Pet Supplies Plus while these little guys were waiting for their new owner to arrive.

Brothers dook and brothers fight, but these two brothers cuddle all night.


ALYSSA RIORDAN Remi and Swiper were rescued and so sweet. They have made our life complete.

Ferrets sleep very deeply for an average of 1518 hours a day. They are most active at dawn and dusk. This kit was whooped after his first couple of days at Pet Paradise. These adorable photos were taken of a nine week old kit as he napped in the hands of an employee.

WINTER 2021 | 13

e t a m ti

l T U N E e M N O R I Th V N E T E FERR

Give your ferrets a luxurious home with The Ultimate Ferret Environment. Keep your ferrets safe and secure while your ferrets play, nap and do their business in a spacious three level mansion, thruway tunnel connector and eight panel playpen. Expand their square footage with the three panel expansion panels available and the complementary eleven panel playpen mat. Accessorize their space with a variety of toys, hammocks, nap sacks and tunnels available everywhere Marshall Pet Products are sold.



Large Folding Mansion


Hanging Nap Sack


Pirate Ship


Shark Hide-N-Play


High-Back Litter Pan


Fresh & Clean Litter


Snap-N-Fit Food Dish


Water Bottle


Super Thruway


8 Panel Playpen


8 Panel Playpen Mat/Cover


Lock-On Litter Pan


NEW Octo-Play


Fish Toy



FP-364 FP-391 FT-45





6 FT-190








FT-300 FT-46




NOTE: Put an additional Playpen Mat on the top as a cover to keep your ferret from jumping ship.

1 4 | F E R R E T S Q U A R T E R LY

6 TIPS ON GROOMING YOUR FERRET Learning to care for the smallest member of the family is an incredible way to foster responsibility, independence and confidence in children. Kallista is learning how to be an amazing ferret momma by helping to take care of her family’s business of 24 ferrets! Here are some of her personal tips and tricks:

Ferret’s don’t need to bathe often. The natural oils on their skin

and fur help to keep them clean. When your ferret simply needs a little freshening up, don’t hesitate to take a warm washcloth to clean their face, paws and bottom. If they’ve gotten into a little mess, they may not need more than a few minutes to splash around in water, but there are times when they are simply too dirty and require some suds.

When they do, be gentle! Use

gentle cleansers and handle your ferret with care. Especially if this is your ferret’s first bath, show them a little extra love and patience with the process. They may be scared or simply hate the water. The Marshall Ferret Tea Tree Shampoo and Marshall Ferret Crème Rinse are the perfect routine to gently clean any ferret.

Keep them warm. Ferrets are

extremely sensitive to temperature. Make sure that the water you are using is not too hot or cold and that there are no drafts directly hitting the ferret. Have a clean, dry towel to wrap your ferret in when you are done. Most ferrets will shy away from the blow dryer, but if you have a curious creature on your hands, the cool setting of your blow dryer is a great way to dry them quickly.

Tear Free Shampoo » Daily Spritz » Ear Cleaner » Nail Clippers » Soft Bristle Brush »

After a bath, we brush. Brush

their clean, dry fur with a soft bristle grooming brush to evenly distribute their natural oils and remove any snarls caused by washing. This can be done once a week to help prevent hairballs during shedding season, remove dust and dander from their fur that causes them to smell bad and improves the bond between you and your ferret.

Ears and nails are important too... Keeping your ferret’s ears clean

will help to maintain a healthy immune system and reduce the chances of wax build up. The Marshall Ferret Ear Cleaner helps to gently flush out ear wax without the use of cotton swabs. Keep your ferret’s nails short to reduce the chance of scratches and pulls. A set of nail clippers with an extra long sure-grip handle allows for greater control over your tool as you restrain your ferret.

In between baths it is safe to use the Marshall Daily Spritz and Tea Tree Spray to keep your ferret’s fur soft and silky. The natural ingredients are safe to use daily to fight dry skin and body odor. The Marshall Foaming Waterless Shampoo is a great product to use when you are traveling or in a hurry.

By: Kallista E. & Michelle E.

A Christmas Poem For our cuddles together that we have each day, For my cozy fleece sleep sack that keeps the cold away, For the yummy Bandits™ treats underneath the tree… Sorry I was naughty and opened them early! To the best ferret friend I am so happy you are mine, Lots of nose kisses and cuddles for you at Christmas time. — An Anonymous Ferret

1 6 | F E R R E T S Q U A R T E R LY


Renee Sevein

Jennifer Calvo Katie Kelley

Marla Michelle Frank Miller

Katelin Perry

Brandi Ciccone

BritnyLe Dawn

W I N T E R 2 0 2 1 | 17




Piper is a cat. Ollie thinks he is a cat :) Piper is clearly annoyed.

KAREN DAY-RULE Milo and Dot… the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Ava loves hanging out with her ferret buddy (top). Mickey and Athena share their sun patch with ferrets Peanut and Teddy (bottom).

JEN DAILEY Link and Mera love to lounge around the house together.




Moose and Gizmo are best buddies!

A gentle giant and his trusty sidekick.

Look at the nose kisses between these two!! Nothing but love.




1 8 | F E R R E T S Q U A R T E R LY






OUR GUARANTEE Marshall guarantees that your ferret is neutered and descented and free of congenital defects. Congenital defects are abnormalities that are present at birth and are not considered hereditary. The following are not covered by the Marshall Guarantee: colds, influenza, bacterial conditions, viruses, acquired diseases, growths, tumors, cancers or any condition caused by parasites or unknown loss. The guarantee is effective for one year from the date of purchase, only up to the purchase price. Your ferret must remain on the Marshall Premium Diet to keep the guarantee valid.

PRINT YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE Visit https://www.marshallferrets.com/ resources/register-your-ferret/ to register your ferret and print your birth certificate! Be sure to save the PDF that you receive for your records. NOTE: Your birth certificate does not get saved and we cannot reprint it. Visit this page as often as you wish!









Every Marshall Ferret receives a canine distemper vaccination prior to shipment. We highly recommend additional vaccinations at 11 and 14 weeks of age and then annually. Rabies vaccinations are recommended after 12 weeks of age and then annually. It is extremely important to keep your ferret’s vaccinations current, otherwise your ferret is susceptible to contracting serious illnesses, such as distemper or rabies.

A ferret’s respiratory system is very similar to ours and is susceptible to the same bacteria and viruses as humans. Here’s some helpful tips to keep you and your ferret from transferring germs. • Wash your hands! This one seems simple but is often forgotten. Before and after you handle your ferret you must wash your hands. • Do not handle your ferret when you are sick! • Support a superior immune system with dietary supplements for you and your ferret. • Disinfect your ferret’s home often.

WWW.MARSHALLPET.COM | 8 0 0 .2 9 2 .3 4 2 4

WINTER 2021 | 19

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS WHAT EXACTLY IS A FERRET? The domestic ferret is a small furry mammal from the Mustelidae family. By nature, ferrets are very curious, energetic, funny and lovable. Adult females weigh an average of 1-3 pounds and males weigh 3-5 pounds. When properly cared for, their average life span is 5-8 years. Your ferret has already been neutered and descented. Neutering helps avoid serious health complications that may occur as ferrets mature. Descenting helps reduce the odor traditionally associated with ferrets.

WHERE DID MY FERRET COME FROM? Your ferret was born and raised in upstate New York by Marshall Farms. The Marshall family has been breeding and raising top-quality ferrets since 1939. Marshall ferrets are known for their good health and gentle, friendly disposition. When a ferret arrives at the pet store, it has been checked by a veterinarian, well-socialized and is ready for its new home.

WHAT SHOULD I FEED MY FERRET? Great care should be taken in choosing a diet for your new pet. Many “ferret” diets are not necessarily nutritionally complete. Some foods boast of high protein, but this protein may be derived from plants rather than meat sources. Your ferret was raised on Marshall Premium Ferret Diet, a proven food that we recommend for best long-term health and well-being. No other diet uses more fresh meat protein. Our patented low-heat process retains vital nutrients that other diets don’t, so freshness is guaranteed. See the packaging for specific feeding information. Continue to provide the moistened food until the ferrets are 12 weeks of age.

WHAT ABOUT TREATS AND SNACKS FOR MY FERRET? Healthy treats given sparingly make for a great reward and bonding experience. We recommend avoiding dairy and sugar-based treats, which are unhealthy for your pet and can cause diarrhea and other health issues. Ferrets are obligate carnivores, so fruits and vegetables should not be given, as your ferret cannot digest them. Marshall offers a wide array of high-protein, ferret-friendly treats. Training your ferret to come when he hears the treat bag shaking is a great first trick to teach! Try these:

• Bandits™ Ferret Treats (available in Original Chicken, Meaty Bacon, Raisin, Peanut Butter and Banana)

• Bandits™ Freeze Dried Ferret Treats (available in Turkey,

When it comes to bedding and toys, ferrets prefer soft, cushy items for maximum comfort. High quality, durable products are important since ferrets tend to be very active and playful. We offer a complete line of ferret products, from hammocks to hideaways. As you get to know your new ferret, you’ll have more ideas about toys, accessories and treats that you might want to add to the mix.

WILL MY FERRET USE A LITTER PAN? Yes. We have found that high-back litter pans work best with ferrets. Ferrets have a very short digestive tract and will have to relieve themselves every 2 to 3 hours. You may want to place several litter pans in your ferret’s favorite corners.

WHICH LITTER SHOULD I USE? Because ferrets use the litter pan frequently, a super absorbent, dust-free and odor-controlling litter should be used. We recommend Marshall Premium Ferret Litter, an absorbent litter made specifically for ferrets and their delicate respiratory systems. Avoid clumping or clay-based litters, which can cause potentially deadly health problems, including intestinal blockages.

WHAT ABOUT LITTER TRAINING? Ferrets generally use their pans within 15 minutes of waking up. Keep an eye on your ferret after it wakes up and make sure it uses the litter pan before you let it out to play. Watch your ferret as it’s playing, and put it in the litter pan every half hour or whenever you see it start to back into a corner. Make sure to give your ferret praise every time you see it use the litter pan whether you had to put it in there or not. Ferrets are fast learners and will do anything for a treat. Also, check out the Marshall Pet Products website or Marshall Pet Ferrets Facebook page @MarshallPetFerrets for more information about training.

WHAT CAN I DO TO ALLEVIATE MY FERRET’S ODOR? Even though your ferret is descented, it will still have a slightly musky odor. The best way to counteract this odor is to make sure the cage, bedding and your ferret are always kept clean. You can also use GoodBye Odor to help eliminate odors. Derived from a button mushroom extract, this supplement works inside the ferret to neutralize odor. It can be given as a supplement added to the drinking water, or in a daily treat form.

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• GoodBye Odor® Treats to help with odor reduction • Ferret Extreme Munchy Minnows Freeze Dried Treats

WHAT WILL MY FERRET NEED WHEN I TAKE HIM/HER HOME? • A high quality food, such as Marshall Premium Ferret Diet • A habitat • High back litter pan and litter • Water bottle or dish • Gravity feeder or heavy bowl-style feeding dish • A sleeping hammock, tube or sack • A toy

WHAT ARE MY FERRET’S HYGIENE REQUIREMENTS? • Generally, ferrets are clean animals and groom themselves, but do require nail clipping, teeth and ear cleaning

• During shedding season, your pet may develop hairballs.

It is important to brush frequently during this time and give a malt-based laxative, like Ferret Lax™ Gel or Ferret Lax™ Soft Chew Treats, if required

• Bathing ferrets is fine, as long as it’s not done too frequently, which can dry out skin or cause excess oiliness and increased odor

• Marshall offers a full line of grooming products; see our website for more product information

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