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Portraits in a Garden

Fenia K & Daz D


I want to hold this moment : To treasure this instant when a tear trickles fluently down her body. I want this moment to be frozen, and then to close my eyes. So I can touch and smell the unique freshness of this tear - to caress her body gently, feel its blueness. And then the tears can fall : following the flow of the river.

I can’t let you go - let you free : I can’t let you grow without me. Or I will stay here, be alone in my prison. Be the little one needing protection. I can’t stand this. I can’t let you go now.

Oh small speckled inhabitant : My little friend - where are you going today?

I’ll hold my fingers very still. And you can climb a finger-hill.

A lemon lies squeezed on the table.

A reminder of the taste of grilled salmon.

Garden is a beautiful place to be where you can discover the daily life of tiny inhabitants and the memories and stories of objects long forgotten. Time in a garden slows down when you go with a camera and lenses which bring you closer to the microscopic world full of motion. Slowly, everything around is bigger that you imagine and there is more life than you expected. The camera allows you to see more, feel more, smell more and listen more A raindrop lowly trickles down a leaf, the meditative walk of a ladybird in search of food, the resting pause of a bug on your finger, the smell of the earth, the texture of a petal you touch with your lips. So much more is there for the sensing.

Is it human invasive curiosity that stimulates you to explore closely what is happening in the microcosmos of your garden? Is it the boredom of the macrocosmos from which you are trying to escape? Is it the necessity to reconnect yourself with nature? Time in the garden is for finding forgotten moments. The passage of time reflected in rust and mildew. Once they were objects used to create, destroy, work and play, but now they are just abandoned pieces of haunted memories. Traces of humanity. Intimacy and proximity with a world that is so close but still so far away. Traces of you. Traces of invisible inhabitants. Traces of objects and stories you tell yourself while capturing moments. A single shot.


F e n i a

K o t s o p o u l o u

a n d

D a z

D i s l e y

The works represented in this book are the original creations of the artists. No part of this book may be reproduce or trasmitted in any form or by any means, without a written permission. Lincoln 2014

in 2013, as part of her studies, her activity extended towards curatorial practices. she created/curated the first edition of the mini festival “interconnectivity & live art�, which was held in the lincoln performing arts centre.

Portraits in a Garden  
Portraits in a Garden  

Time in the garden is for finding forgotten moments. The passage of time reflected in rust and mildew. Once they were objects used to create...