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7 Quick Tips For Keeping Your Child’s Afterschool Routine Positive & Balanced BY SANDI SCHWARTZ We all want to help our children succeed, and often wonder if we are doing too much or too little. We may think we are guiding them, but might actually be pressuring our kids too much and making them feel as if they are not good enough. Unfortunately, this can lead to stress and anxiety for our children, even at a very young age. To avoid going down that path, it is important that we offer a positive, balanced approach so they know they are supported, yet have the freedom to be independent as well. If you want to help your kids to do well in school without stressing them out too much,

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here are some simple things you can do when they are at home: Create A Happy, Stress-Free Afterschool Routine From the moment your kids hop in the car afterschool, you can start to ease them into the transition from school to home. Ask them about their day and then provide them with a crucial break time involving healthy snacks and winding down time before they jump into their homework assignments. Have A Set Time For Homework Doing homework can be difficult at the best of times, especially when kids have

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