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Fedrigoni means excellence in special papers, labels and holograms since 1888. A privately owned multinational, its 2016 turnover reached 1,055 million Euro.


7 What we do Special papers and substrates for packaging, graphic design and printing Banknotes and securities paper and plastics Self adhesive papers and substrates for labels Art papers School and office papers Fine stationery & gifts


• Superior and constant product quality • Own distribution network • Excellent pre and post sales customer support


• 13 production facilities in 4 countries • 26 own distribution centres in 10 countries, from Brazil to the U.S., from Europe to Asia


• 2700 people • 14 continuous paper-making production plants • 7 coating machine plants • 13,000 product references in stock • 110 countries worldwide reached with own network or selected distributors • 1055 million Euro turnover

9 Products



Special papers and substrates for packaging Boxes and bags for cosmetics, fashion and accessories, fine foods. - Fedrigoni - Fabriano

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13 Applications

Graphic design and printing papers Art and museum publications, annual reports, fashion catalogues, commercial printing in both digital and offset machines. - Fedrigoni - Fabriano

15 Applications

Banknotes and securities papers and plastics Magnetic strips, holograms and patches for central banks of various countries. Application on tickets, banknotes and spirits security bands. - Fabriano Security

17 Applications

Self-Adhesive papers and substrates Labels for wine and spirits, premium olive oils, gourmet food, cosmetics, stamps. - Arconvert - Arconvert Brasil

19 Applications

Art papers For professional artists, hobbyist, students. - Fabriano

21 Applications

School and office papers Drawing paper, notebooks, office paper. - Fabriano

23 Applications

Fine stationery & gifts For private and corporate use. Customised branded merchandise. - Fabriano Boutique



Specialised from the outset in the production of fine papers for printing, publishing, binding, packaging and stationery, the Fedrigoni company – the founding core of the current group – today serves leading luxury brands all over the world. Fedrigoni focuses its daily efforts on collaboration with clients - an approach instilled in all Group divisions and companies - so that a significant part of its production is made-to-measure for customers, thereby flanking the collection of more than 3,000 articles available in stock thanks to logistics integrating 8 branches in Italy, 6 companies in Europe, 3 in Asia, 1 South America.

27 Companies

Offices Verona Italy Production Verona Varone (TN) Arco (TN) Italy Logistics Buttapietra (VR) Italy Sectors - Luxury packaging - Direct Marketing - Publishing

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Products - Embossed papers - Cast-coated high gloss papers - Papers for digital printers using toner, laser, ink-jet and electro-ink technologies - Pearlescent papers - Felt-marked papers - High bulk papers - Ecological and recycled papers - Laid and watermarked papers - Pulp-dyed papers - Machine coated papers - Parchment and transparent papers - Uncoated wood-free white and ivory papers

With a tradition in papermaking dating back to 1264 and a client roster that includes Michelangelo, Beethoven and Francis Bacon, Fabriano joined Fedrigoni Group in 2002, benefiting from an important investment program in plants and technology. The merger in 2011 retained skilled personnel, manufacturing and a separate commercial division serving the art, school and office markets in its home territory in central Italy. The mills are also net generators of renewable energy thanks to the intensive use of hydro-electric energy.

29 Companies

Production Fabriano (AN) Pioraco (MC) Castelraimondo (MC) Italy Processing and Logistics Rocchetta (MC) Italy

Products - Fine arts papers - School drawing papers - Office papers - Publishing and graphic papers - Stationery - Hand-made paper

Banknote papers are manufactured in Fabriano, thanks to centuries-long expertise in complex security features (the basic watermark was invented in Fabriano in the Middle Ages). Fabriano means not only the expertise to produce very complex banknote papers for many central banks worldwide, but also the capacity of manufacturing and printing holographic products, security threads and stripes in compliance with the extremely strict standards required by the ECB (European Central Bank). Self-adhesive paper and film products incorporating security elements are another important area of manufacturing.

Offices and Production Ospiate di Bollate (MI) Fabriano (AN) Italy Salto (SP) Brasil

31 Companies

Products - Gravure security printing - Applied safety systems - Banknotes paper - Security papers

Fabriano also means design: useful and fascinating items in paper, fabric and leather, for enjoyable visual and tactile luxury every day. Everything is designed in-house and manufactured in Italy by the best craftsmen using premium quality materials. Everything focused around paper is designed and distributed to inspire designers and creatives world-wide. The products are on sale through 12 owned paper boutiques and in the bookshops of leading international museums. Clients of specially designed solutions include important Italian and international institutions.

33 Companies

Offices Castelraimondo (MC) Italy Boutiques Florence, Milan, Rome, Venice, Verona, Taormina Italy Berlin, Munich Germany  London United Kingdom Paris France Geneva Switzerland

Products - Luxury stationery - Customised products for museums and brands

With a production capacity of about 20,000 tons/year, most of which is high value banknote paper, an area of 98,000 m2 and 400 employees, the mill is now the main brasilian producer in security products, special graphic papers and the unique plant to produce banknote paper in Latin America. The acquisition of the company in spring 2015 strengthens Fedrigoni Group as South America’s largest player in the high added value paper sector. The history of this plant dates back to 1888 when the Industria de Papel e Celulose de Salto inaugurated the first paper machine in Brasil.

Offices and Production Salto (SP) Brasil

35 Companies

Products - Fine papers - Security papers - Banknotes paper - Packaging boards - Bookbinding papers


Specialty Substrate Solutions

GPA is a North American company specialising in the distribution and testing of digital printing substrates such as plastic film, papers and adhesives. In the past 5 years it achieved a growth of 50% thanks in particular to its treated paper and film products for the digital printing sector. GPA is a long-time preferred partner of HP Indigo and Xerox, and employs 106 people.

Office, Production and Logistics McCook (Chicago) USA Warehouse and Logistics Atlanta (GA) Hartford (CT) Los Angeles (CA) Dallas (TX) USA

Products - Fine papers - Self-adhesive plastic and papers - Synthetic films - Speciality substrates

37 Companies


Precision and speed in silicon finishing and adhesive treatment of papers and other special media make it a market leader for labels and adhesives, with high technological and aesthetic contents supplied in sheets or reels. The Converting area today represents 31% of Group turnover and Arconvert is world leader in the wine label sector through its Manter brand. Adhesive papers and films. Production designed for offset and digital printing of labels for industrial applications and in the wine and food sector. Casting-Release. Papers used in the regeneration of leather and the production of imitation leather, used in clothing, leatherwear and furnishing. |

Arconvert S.p.A. Offices and Production Arco (TN) Italy Arconvert Brasil Offices and Production JundiaĂ­ (SP) Brasil Arconvert S.A. Offices and Production Sant Gregori (Girona) Spain Sadipal Offices and Production CelrĂ (Girona) Spain

Products - Self-adhesive papers and films in reels and sheets for all applications - Self-adhesive security and anti-counterfeiting papers - Casting-release for improvement of leather and production of imitation leather - School stationery

39 Companies


Fedrigoni Group’s most important patrimony is its employees, collaborators and clients. There are more than 2700 employees in 10 countries around the world: people chosen for their effective and pragmatic approach to work, their drive for quality production and their ethics and integrity. Group personnel implement a Code of Ethics that endorses principles such as transparency, regularity, reliability and correctness in conducting business, especially as regards respect for the environment and safety and health in the workplace. Overall, about 75% of the stable work-force every year attends at least one managerial or technical training course, for a total of about 50,000 hours of training provided every year. Safety at work plays a priority role and every year involves more than 900 employees in numerous and diversified activities, thereby helping year after year to achieve net improvements in indicators for frequency, seriousness and average duration of accidents at work, which are constantly monitored for every company and division in the Group.

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Fedrigoni environmental policy governs all production and procurement processes, far beyond just cellulose pulp.

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100% of the pulp we buy and use is controlled by FSCÂŽ (Forst Stewardship Commission) and in particular 70% of the cellulose pulp we use has the CoC-FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council), the remaining 30% is classified as FSCÂŽ Controlled Wood. The fibres used in production come from annual or fast growing sources (cotton, hemp, flax, bamboo); one-third of raw materials delivered to our factories arrives by rail rather than by road.


Checked and used every year in a better and lesser way than in the previous year (water consumption is measured per ton of paper produced).


We are powered 100% by methane and renewable sources (hydro-electric energy, of which Fabriano is actually a net generator). We invested in 3 co-generation plants in the past 10 years, to optimise the use of energy.

45 Environment


We think sustainability means also education, therefore we invest each year over 200,000 Euros to fund projects dedicated to drawing and writing for children and adults around the world, such as The Big Draw, and to preserve the heritage and archives about the science and art of papermaking through the ISTOCARTA foundation.

47 Environment


Continuous growth: not only in terms of skills and technologies but also of financial results. A demanding mission that we accomplish every year, with great satisfaction.

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2010 722

2011 768

2012 789

2013 809

2014 873

Turnover In a sector where economic cycles are amplified by oscillations in the costs of energy and raw materials, Fedrigoni Group has presented financial statements in the black and growth in business volumes year after year for many years. This is thanks to the opening of new product and geographical markets and continued strong involvement in existing markets.

51 Euro/mio

2015 977

2016 1,055








Total revenues by geographical area The Group is very strong in Italian and European markets but is also achieving impressive growth in Asia, thanks to its offering of high added value papers and technologies that are difficult to replicate. The American markets will be particularly interesting as regards growth over the next few years thanks to the foundation of Arconvert Brasil and the recent acquisition of Fedrigoni Brasil PapĂŠis and GPA.




53 Financial



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More than 125 years of entrepreneurial challenges based of solid and reliable ethical principles, prestige acquisitions and the creation of innovative companies. The Group is privatelyowned and today boasts annual production of aprox 500,000 tonnes of paper, with 14 paper machines, 705 million square metres of self-adhesive products with 7 coating lines. Fedrigoni Group is one of the top five European realities in the sector for special papers with high aesthetic and technological content.

1264 An ancient document in the Historic Archives of Matelica indicates that production of ‘Bambagina’ or ‘Amalfi’ paper was already active in Fabriano. 1717 Giuseppe Fedrigoni founded the San Colombano paper mill at Trambilleno (TN). 1888 Giuseppe Antonio Fedrigoni founded the paper mill in Verona. 1938 Gianfranco Fedrigoni, grandson of Giuseppe, acquired the Varone paper mill (TN), adding it to the existing plant in Verona.

1945 Shortly before the end of the war, the Verona paper mill was completely destroyed during a bombing raid. The family and some employees financed reconstruction using their own savings, without receiving state aid or funds from the Marshall Plan. 1963 The third factory was opened in Arco (TN) to produce the first punched cards for IBM computers in the early days of the information technology era. 1977 The first test batch of Post-It™ sheets was manufactured by 3M using paper made at the Varone paper mill. 1987 The first international subsidiaries were opened for distribution in Germany and Spain, followed in 1993 by Fedrigoni UK and Fedrigoni France.

1989 Arconvert was inaugurated - a new company producing selfadhesive papers. 1993 The Manter company in Girona (Spain) was acquired, dedicated to the production of adhesive papers. 2002  he Euro became the single T European currency: Fedrigoni acquired the historic Miliani Fabriano paper mills, an Italian cultural heritage dating back to 1264; its production range also includes the paper used for Euro bank notes. 2004 Fabriano Security was founded, on the basis of an investment in the Mantegazza company, specialising in security and anticounterfeiting systems. 2006 Inauguration of Fedrigoni Asia. Opening of the Castelraimondo stationery factory (Fabriano). 2009 Opening of Arconvert Brasil, the first overseas production reality for the Group.

2010 Opening of Fedrigoni Austria and Fedrigoni Benelux. 2013 125th anniversary celebration of Fedrigoni. 2014 750th anniversary of Fabriano paper. 2015 Acquisition of GPA in the USA - composed of a corporate headquarters including production, logistics, sales and 3 warehouses – and Fedrigoni Brasil Papéis Ltda comprehensive of 1 paper mill and 1 sales office. Fire in the Verona paper mill: production resumed after 10 weeks. 2016 Acquisition by ISTOCARTA (Istituto di Storia della carta “Gianfranco Fedrigoni”) of the Augusto Zonghi collection of historical watermarks. Quake in central Italy damages the Pioraco mill (currently in reconstruction). Reached and exceeded the budget objective of 1bn Euro turnover.

57 History


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FEDRIGONI S.P.A. Viale Piave, 3 37135 Verona, Italy T +39 045 8087888 E W ITALY T +39 02 55 308 151 VERONA T +39 045 8 230 801 BOLOGNA T +39 051 798 642 FIRENZE T +39 055 8 826 114-115 PERUGIA T +39 075 5 068 034-5 ROMA T +39 06 4 192 875-6 T +39 080 5367 154 NAPOLI T +39 081 5 404 555 TRIESTE T +39 040 9 235 082

EUROPE GERMANY FEDRIGONI DEUTSCHLAND GMBH München T +49 (0)89 61 41 13-0 Düsseldorf T +49 (0)211 20 95 490 Hamburg T +49 (0)40 36 09 05 48 Berlin T +49 (0)30 23 45 76 19 AUSTRIA Fedrigoni Austria Gmbh Wien T +43 (0)1 31 00 771 CZECH REPUBLIC Prag T +42 (0)257 216 774 BENELUX FEDRIGONI BENELUX Bvba-Sprl BELGIUM/lUXEMBURG T +32 2 686 31 11 The Netherlands T +31 20 745 00 15 IBERIAN PENINSULA FEDRIGONI ESPAÑA S.L. Madrid T +34 91 684 60 88 Showroom T +34 810 512 142 Barcelona T +34 93 668 72 70 Valencia T +34 902 09 02 65 Lisboa - Portugal T +351 800 834 272

FRANCE FEDRIGONI FRANCE S.A.R.L. Choisy-Le-Roi (Paris) T +33 (0)1 49 87 11 66 Lyon T +33 (0)4 74 82 55 67 UNITED KINGDOM FEDRIGONI UK LTD London T +44 (0)20 7242 3168 Northampton T +44 (0) 1604 722 722 ASIA FEDRIGONI ASIA LIMITED Hong Kong (Asian Pacific) T +852 (0)2510 0515 Manila (South East Asia) T +63 2 8224 7833 FEDRIGONI CHINA Shanghai T +86 (0)21 60452637-101 Dongguan T +86 (0)769 2313 0023 SOUTH AMERICA FEDRIGONI BRASIL PAPÉIS São Paulo Fábrica - Salto T +11 4028 9200 Show room Paper Point T +11 2191 480




Viale Pietro Miliani, 31/33 60044 Fabriano (AN) Italy T +39 0732 7021 F +39 0732 702333 E W

Fedrigoni Brasil Papeìs Ltda Rua Antonio Ovidio Rodrigues, 105 Distrito Industrial III Jundiaí-SP CEP: 13.213-180 T +55 (11) 4525-5220 E W

8740 W 50th St McCook, IL 60525 USA T +1 773 6509 341 E W

FABRIANO SECURITY Via Milano, 71 20021 Ospiate di Bollate (MI) Italy T +39 02 333331 F +39 02 3501856 E

FABRIANO BOUTIQUE Via Settempedana, 44 62022 Castelraimondo (MC) Italy T +39 0737 504 5576 F +39 0737 504 5562 E W

ARCONVERT S.P.A. Strada del Linfano, 12 38062 Arco (TN) Italy T +39 0464 584444 F +39 0464 532024 E W

Showroom Paper Point Rua Pedroso Alvarenga, 1221 Itaim Bibi São Paulo/SP T +55 (11) 2191-4800 E W

MANTER Arconvert S.A. Carretera de Cartellà, 6 17150 Domeny Sant Gregori (Girona) Spain T +34 972 170 777 F +34 972 170 780 E W

SADIPAL Creus SN Poligono Industrial Celrà 17460 Celrà (Girona) Spain T +34 972 493131 F +34 972 492422 E W

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