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Size 22+ Bloggers with 12 Different Styles & 1 Mission

22+ To show that...



We love fashion and all have our own unique style. Who says fashion stops at a size 22? We are proof that it doesn't.

We are all worthy and deserving of fashion... no matter what your size.

Get to know us...




Amanda W., Bella Moxie ShaKera, The Real Sample Size Marcy, Fearlessly Just Me Lisa, MustangSallyTwo


Corissa, Fat Girl Flow Emily, Authentically Emmie


Meagan, This is Meagan Kerr Meshel, The Muffin Queen's Closet


Amanda A., Fashion, Love & Martinis Rebecca, The Plus Side of Me Ashley, My Simple Curvy Life Amanda K., The Koker Chronicles


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Blog: The Real Sample Size

my blog

Location: Houston, Texas

Size: 24

My Favorite brands: Eloquii,

Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, ASOS, City Chic, Rachel Roy. Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Trends I'm loving: Off-shoulders,

florals, military styles

I want to be able to impact people’s lives in a positive way. Dress: Eloquii

My Style is... Fun Girly Chic with some sass & color thrown in Dress: Eloquii

Dress: Eloquii

Learn and know your body. Know what works for your body type. Get comfortable in your skin and then take risks. Try some styles or trends that you would not normally try. You may just be surprised.

Top: Eloquii Skirt: Custom by @feesewcrafty (IG) Dress: Eloquii

Top/Pants: Lane Bryant

Amanda W. Blog: Bella Moxie

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Size: 24-28

My Favorite brands: SWAK

Designs, Target, Eloquii and Torrid

Trends I'm loving: I am

obsessed with all things polka Click here

dot and striped.

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My Style is... Feminine, Classic, and a little Preppy

Dress: SWAK Designs

DON'T OVERTHINK IT I went through a period when I was trying to be a trendsetter and bought clothing that I would never “really” wear. This left me with a closet full of things I hated. So I stopped caring what people thought and embraced my love for classic, simple looks. I own a lot of black because I like it. I just dress in a way that is comfortable for me. At the end of the day, I feel my best when I look my best and that’s all that matters.

Look: SWAK Designs

It may sound corny, but I’m moved by kindness, appreciation and love. All looks: SWAK Designs Designs All looks: SWAK

a s i L

Blog: MustangSallyTwo

Location: Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Size: 26/28

My Favorite brands: Avenue, City

Chic, Eloquii,, Kiyonna, Lane Bryant, Melissa McCarthy Seven7, Penningtons, Society+, SWAK Designs, Torrid

Trends I'm loving: Fall florals,

menswear inspired looks, velvet,

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metallic and all things sparkle

My Style is...

Feminine, flirty, colorful, fun,

Look: Torrid, Bracelet: Boho Betty USA


Look: Penningtons

Every woman can dress well and feel beautiful; it may take a little effort but it will be SO worth it.

Look: Lane Bryant, Bag: Kate Spade

As a size 26/28, I know the challenges of finding clothes in this size range and I hope to share what I have learned over the years with my readers.

Dress: Avenue, Bag: Celine

Dress: City Chic


Blog: Fat Girl Flow

Location: Midwestern USA Click here to visit

Size: 26

my blog

My Favorite brands: I love

independent designers such as Ready To Stare and Proud Mary Fashion.

Trends I'm loving: the semi-preppy

"dad" looks that are hot this fall. Low heeled mules, oversized tops and oversized military jackets

"There is no 'good' or 'bad' body shape. We all deserve the right to wear whatever makes us happy." Jeans: Simply Be, Top: Rebdolls

Wear what you want, not what others want to see on you.

'Flattering' is a term that we’ve become beholden to and it has no real meaning.

My Style CHANGES Daily "I’m currently experimenting with mixing super girly pieces with menswear and

akti : eSh Dress Dress: Torrid

I’m loving it!"

What inspires me... Fat liberation... I want to work on my style through the

lens of fat activism. I want to challenge my feelings about body positivity, my fatness and gender, to figure out what I really love and want to wear.

We’ve all been socialized to think that there are certain things we can and can not wear because of how others perceive us, and I want to know what Dress: eShakti

my style would look like without that socialization. It’s not easy, and it takes a lot of introspection, but it has been incredibly worth it and SO FUN!

Dress - A’gaci

Jacket, Jeans: Avenue Tee: Ashley Nell Tipton for JCP Shoes: Lane Bryant

Marcy Blog: Fearlessly Just Me

Location: New York, NY

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Size: 26/28

my blog

My Favorite brands: Avenue, Eloquii,

Universal Standard, Lane Bryant, Kiyonna, eShakti, City Chic, Torrid

Trends I'm loving: peplum jackets,

denim dresses, cutout details, bomber jackets, sequin sweatshirts, off-theshoulder styles, capes, gold hightop sneakers, block heels

Dress: Eloquii

The words "flattering" and "slimming" are no longer a part of my life. I wear what I love and feel great in. My focus

Dress: Igigi Clutch: Cameo de Bore Shoes: Catherines

is on me and not what others think I should be or wear.

. . . s i e l y t S My

fun, effortless, girly with a little street thrown in.

Dress: Eloquii

Dress: Igigi Clutch: Cameo de Bore Shoes: Catherines

I love mixing feminine styles with streetwear details. I'm the queen of sneakers, hoop earrings and bangle bracelets.

Know your measurements and what silhouettes work best for your body. It's all about trying new styles and seeing what works for you.

Always shop by fit, not size.

Dress: Lane Bryant Shoes: Torrid

Fashion rules are meant to be broken. Never let them limit who you are. All looks: Gwynnie Bee

Blog: Authentically Emmie

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Location: Lexington, KY

my blog

Size: 24/26

My Favorite brands: Kiyonna, Melissa

McCarthy Seven7, City Chic, Eloquii, ASOS Curve, Lane Bryant

Trends I'm loving: High waisted

pants, colorful prints, anything lace

Emily Meet Emily

Dress: Kiyonna

Coat: Gwynnie Bee

My Style is... Classic sophistication with a hint of Southern prep

What inspires me... ...people who live their lives without limits. Many women spend years consumed with body hate (myself included) and I admire those who can push past the societal pressures and unapologetically claim their space - physically, emotionally, and/or in their careers.

Dress: Rachel Pally

Try everything on, and don’t pay

Jacket: Kohl's Dress: Gwynnie Bee

attention to the size on the tag. Wear items that make you feel great because they are a reflection of WHO you are, not what size you are.

Top: Lane Bryant Pants: Melissa McCarthy Seven7

Dress: Gwynnie Bee

Blog: Fashion, Love & Martinis

Click here Location: Fresno, California

to visit my blog

Size: 24/26

My Favorite brands: Simply Be,

Eloquii, ASOS Curve, Torrid, Modcloth, and Lane Bryant

Trends I'm loving: Bomber jackets,

anything off-the-shoulder, delicate necklaces, and dresses with sneakers

Always remember You're more than the number on the tag.

Amanda A. Dress: London Times, Shoes: Payless

e l y t S y M is... ic, class d ic, an t n a rom ic al-ch casu

It’s important to follow people on social media that look like you or have a style you admire. Seeing those images and making those connections will have a great influence on your sense of style and selfworth. Leather jacket + dress: Simply Be, Shoes: Payless

What inspires me

the style of plus size bloggers, Audrey Hepburn, and Lauren Conrad; my family and friends; and my bond with my viewers, readers, and followers

Dress & Shoes: Torrid

Jacket & Dress: Simply Be

Chambray shirt: mynt 1792 Tank: Lane Bryant, Leggings: Torrid


Blog: The Muffin Queen's Closet

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Size: 26/28

My Favorite brands: Cherry

Velvet, Melissa Masse, Kiyonna, City Chic, SWAK, Torrid, & Lane Bryant Trends I'm loving: plaid, boho chic

(LOVE the colors & patterns) and swing dresses.

My Style is...

Vintage Vixen meets

Dress: Cherry Velvet, Necklace: Wendy Baker/Etsy

Dr. Seuss

What inspires me...

Click here to visit my blog

Other fat bloggers rocking their style. And beauty itself.

Old things -- architecture, buildings that are well on their way to being ruins, old Hollywood movies, and vintage styles.

Beauty is mysterious and magical.

Visit my blog Dress, Leggings & Shoes: Torrid

Wear what makes you happy, not what the rules say a fat chick should wear. Go shopping & only try on the pieces that make you smile. Go through your closet & keep only the things that make you feel beautiful. Fashion is fun when it reflects different facets of who you are!

Dress s: Re/ gging ue, Te n ve A Dress:

Dress: SWAK Designs

Dress: Melissa Masse (custom made)


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Blog: This is Meagan Kerr

my blog

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Size: US 22-28

My Favorite brands: 17 Sundays,

Hope & Harvest, Lost and Led Astray, Society+, Yours Clothing

Trends I'm loving: Any trends

that we are told that as fat people we can’t/shouldn’t wear (stripes, crop tops, body con, bikinis, etc). Look: Society+

My style is... Cute & Comfortable

Look: Hope & Harv est

I'm inspired by people who feel confident in what they’re wearing. Sometimes that’s other bloggers, sometimes it’s my friends, sometimes it’s random people I see in the street! Look: City Chic

Wear the things that make you feel amazing. You don't need to worry about trends, just find what works for you.

If you’re not sure what works, then try on as many things as possible!

Look: Simply Be

Nothing is more stylish than the confidence to rock an outfit! Look: Lane Bryant

Rebecca Blog: The Plus Side of Me

Click here to visit my blog

Location: Charlotte, NC

Size: US 24-30 (usually a 28)

My Favorite brands: Melissa

McCarthy Seven7, Torrid, Kiyonna, Who What Wear x Target

Trends I'm loving: lace,

perforated fabric/cutouts

My Style is Easy-to-wear and comfortable. I focus on shape and intricate details in small doses.

Top: Who What Wear x Target, Jeans: Evans

Don't limit yourself to one look or style unless you feel strongly about a particular aesthetic.

Dress: Kiyonna, Shoes: Avenue

"I started a blog because I really wanted to join in on the conversation that so many amazing people had started online about plus size fashion and fat activism."

Dress: Melissa McCarthy Seven7

"I try many different types of styles and don't have a signature look, but I do have things that help me make fashion decisions: colors I like, modest-ish cuts, and items with small details."

Look: Torrid

Having multiple go-to brands allows me to shift my style with my moods.

Dress: ASOS Curve, Belt: Eloquii, Shoes: Avenue


Blog: My Simple Curvy Life

Location: Southern Central

Virginia, USA

Size: 24

My Favorite brands: Eloquii,

Torrid, ASOS, Lane Bryant, Avenue, Old Navy and Rebdolls

Trends I'm loving: One of my

favorite trends is off-the-shoulder styles Click here to visit

"I love to purchase simple, timeless pieces as

my blog

my staples & add trendy items around them."

Jean Top & Jeggings: ASOS, Purse: Walmart, Sandals: Simply Be

Jumpsuit: Eloquii, Sandals: Torrid

My Style is... classy, simplistic, trendy, chic Playsuit: Charlotte Russe, Sandals: Payless

"I'm apple shaped and would love to see my size & shape represented more in the plus size fashion community. Every plus body isn't a size 18/20 & pear shaped. Although I love my other curvy sisters, I want to see how clothes actually fit on my body."

"You'll never find your true style if you don't experiment. If it makes you feel sexy & confident + it's comfy, buy it in several colors!"

Dress: Forever 21+ Jacket: Torrid Shoes: Lane Bryant

"Blogging is an outlet for me to inspire other women, express my true feelings living as a 24Top: It's Fashion Metro Jeggings: ASOS Shoes: Payless

year-old woman who's also a size 24+, and journal my growth in navigating life."

Don't limit yourself, try everything!

Amanda K. Blog: The Koker Chronicles

Location: Boston, MA

Click here to visit

Size: 26/28

my blog

My Favorite brands: Torrid,

Eloquii, Lane Bryant, ASK Fashion (my company!)

Trends I'm loving: I am obsessed

with leggings & wear them almost everyday! Easy way to add a pattern or color to a look. My other favorite thing is skulls. I wear them with everything all year long & even have them on my engagement ring! Dress: ASK Fashion

I started my blog... ... as a way to share my journey as a plus size fashion designer who also designs for plus size women, chronicling how I'm making my dreams happen, one step at a time. I thought it could help other women to be bold and step outside their fashion comfort zones. Let them know that a designer was hearing their concerns, wants and needs! My brand ASK Fashion is focused on dresses (designed & created by me) and I am currently working on developing a plus size jacket line called Rose Riot.

Dress, Leggings: Torrid

Try something new even if it makes you uncomfortable. You might be surprised!

What inspires me... Women who are not afraid to go after what they want and deserve and do not apologize for it.

All dresses: ASK Fashion

Special thank you to... Photographers:

Jessica Milagros

Ambient Light Photography

Brittany Agosta

Emily Moseley

Robert Skuja Photography

Stefanie Augusteijn Photography

Photography by Katie Geiger

Dasmon Robinson Photography

And to all the brands who dressed us for this lookbook and continue to offer clothing in OUR size. We appreciate you!


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