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Body Love Comes in ALL Sizes

Note from Marcy


When I launched the Style 22+ Lookbook a few months ago, I wanted to show that style and selflove doesn't stop at a size 22.

However, we are all worthy of love and fashion, no matter what size you are. Embracing yourself, flaws and all, is the best gift you can give to yourself.

The best love affair you can have is with yourself.

In this second collaboration for #TheLookbookProject, I wanted to show that body love comes in ALL sizes, colors and genders.

Everyone is worthy of loving themselves and knowing that they are beautiful in their own right.

I'm so excited to partner with Igigi, who has graciously gifted all the ladies in this lookbook with their stunning dresses.

8 women, sizes 14 to 30/32, and 2 big & tall men, have come together to show that...

Body Love Comes arcy in ALL Sizes


Know that beauty runs far deeper than physical appearance so love the skin you're in!

Ramona @Ramona_O

Size 14/16

Loving yourself is important because you have to master the art of loving yourself (flaws and all) in order for anyone else to love you.

It took years for me to confidently love my body, myself standing at 6 feet tall. Once I realized that I was fearfully and wonderfully made by GOD, I started walking and actually believing it!

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Alysse @readytostare

Size 18/20

Self love has brought me so much personal freedom. I remember what it felt like to make my decisions based on what others wanted for me. Learning to trust my own voice, value my own visibility and express my self love through fashion has helped put me in control of my own happiness.

Work on tuning out the voices that have told you that your body is not good enough. Loving your body is an individualized experience and journey. Don't beat yourself up for not feeling 100% about your body all the time. It's okay to be a work in progress.

Be kind to yourself. It's one of the most loving things you can do for YOU. If you can learn to see yourself through the positive, empathetic self love lens you've created for yourself instead of someone else's view of you, that's when you will truly feel free.

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Darlene @suitsheelscurves

Size 18/20

Be patient with yourself and allow yourself to walk through this journey. Heal from all of the negativity, hate and anger you have associated with your body. Study every nook and cranny that makes you YOU. It's okay if some days you feel strong and others, not so much. You are working through years and years of doubt and fear. Trust the process.

True love takes work and time!

Body confidence is more than practicing daily affirmations. Confidence takes work. It's something you practice daily.

We only get one life to live, one life to make an impact on the world, to celebrate, to have fun and to enjoy all of the magic that surrounds us. If we don’t take advantage of those moments then they will disappear right before our eyes.

There is no living life to the fullest until you tap into that part of yourself. Visit My Blog

Loving yourself is important because it


can validate yourself as


an individual. Not only can it help you get to know yourself a lot better but it can create a better space for your mental health.

Do not have any shame for being yourself or having a body. Everyone has a body and they come in so many beautiful shapes, sizes, and colors. It's important to remember that. You are deserving of celebrating how beautiful you are and don't need a reason to be unapologetically YOU.

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I built my confidence by taking a lot of "self-care" time and getting to know the things/characteristics about myself that made me, me and celebrating the fact that I am worthy of happiness no matter


what body I have.

Body love has, and always will, be a journey for me. Like every woman, I have my good days and my bad. My confidence can waver, but it’s never lost because I won’t apologize for how my body was made or the life I live.

We are ALL given one life to live. One chance to make a difference.

Amanda W. @mybellamoxie

Size 22/24

Surround yourself WITH POSITIVE PEOPLE... Even if you’re not at a place of acceptance, these influencers can show you what confidence looks like and eventually you’ll realize that if they can do it, so can you.

I refuse to hate myself. I’ve wasted enough of my time and energy on self-hatred. We were Visit My Blog

born with a divine purpose, and I know it doesn’t include disdain.

Loving yourself is so

Amanda M.

important because it


Size 22/24

shapes your every day. It shapes how you treat yourself, and also how you let others treat you.

Always remember to: 1. Be patient with yourself. 2. Don't compare your journey to someone else's.

I still have to work everyday to keep my inner voice

POSITIVE and to not speak hate into my own life.

Surrounding myself with a community of body positive women was the first step towards my own confidence. The next was getting involved in the conversation about what perceived "beauty" is, and how diversity, and what makes our bodies different is truly beautiful.

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Reah @styledbyreah

Size 26/28

For me, body confidence is a daily practice of self-care, staying true to myself, and paying attention to what my needs are {not my wants}. Naturally, some days are better than others. I do not apologize for being in the body I am in today.

Our success and happiness starts with us!

Self-love is important because it shapes our daily well being. It inspires confidence, success, and healthy balance in all aspects of our lives and relationships.

Life is too short to spend time hating ANY aspect of our lives, so live your best life today!



yourself to others.

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No matter what your weight or ability is


We only have one life and we should spend it happy! Our bodies are perfect at every stage in life. You don't have to change to fit into a mold you can love yourself right now. There is no wrong way to have a body.

Kelly Lynn @kellybellyohio

Size 30/32

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Never let insecurities or other people’s negative words run the show. Only you can and you can choose to love yourself! I know it's not easy but I promise once you do, your whole life will change for the better! And don't be afraid to cut toxic negative people from your life.

Surround yourself with those who love you and care about your happiness. You deserve it! Remember to be kind to yourself and to others. And always support and uplift the people in your life!

Kavah @gentlemenscurb

I built confidence by accepting myself. I know it sounds very simple, but in my life, I found myself trying to be everyone else except myself. I accepted my huge forehead. I accepted that my teeth aren't perfect. I accepted my large hands and feet. I realized that those "imperfections" and attributes made me unique.

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Loving yourself is


important because you can't love others properly unless you love yourself first. Once you truly love yourself, the world is yours for the taking.


own it

If there are things you can change then change them. If you can't change them, then learn to love them. Enjoy life!



You can shop the dresses worn in this lookbook via the following links: Marcy: Francesca Dress in Magenta

Ramona: Wren Dress in Red

Alysse: Ambrosia Dress in Red

Darlene: Francesca Lace Dress in Rose

Amanda W.: Francesca Lace Dress in Burgundy

Amanda M.: Maddy Dress in Rose

Reah: Aisha Dress in Evening Rose

Kelly: Bellissima Dress in Blossom

for yourself is the best love

#theLookbookProject #bodylovecomesinallsizes

Body Love Comes in All Sizes Lookbook  

8 women, sizes 14/16 - 30/32, and 2 Big & Tall Men tell their stories of how they learned to love themselves via imagery and their own words...

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