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In the wake of the monumental settlement agreement between the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and multiple plaintiffs last month, the real estate market finds itself at a crossroads across the nation, even as the Spring housing market goes into full swing and agents prepare for their busiest time of the year. The $418 million settlement includes sweeping reform to real estate broker commission rules and related terms, with three main changes: buyers and sellers must negotiate their own agent commissions and how they are paid, compensation agreements can no longer be listed in the multiple listing service (MLS), and buyers must sign brokerage agreements before starting to work with an agent.

If the settlement is approved, many are promising a fundamentally reshaped industry as a result, extrapolating its changes and predicting the death of the 6 percent standard commission

rate. Some predict this will lower housing prices. Others worry first-time home buyers will no longer be able to come up with the additional cash required to cover agent commission in addition to the existing down payment, neither of which can be financed, which some are suggesting ought to change.

But how does the settlement actually affect the local real estate market? We interviewed several local realtors to ask how they expect the settlement to affect their business, and the industry overall, when it comes into effect this July. Though their opinions varied tremendously, the underlying consensus paints a more nuanced picture for the settlement’s effects here in the DMV.

Albert Bitici, partner and licensed realtor with The Bitici Group, embraces the settlement as a step towards enhanced transparency. He believes that clients who understand the value provided by their agents will continue to compensate accordingly, saying “I expect business as usual as we continue to ser-

vice our clients at a high level.”

Bitici admits feeling cautious about how the settlement may affect new buyers. “At the moment, the concern is mainly for first-time home buyers who are already facing challenges, with home prices at an all-time high, interest rates over 7 percent, and down payment requirements,” he said. “With the potential of paying compensation to a buyer’s agent, on top of the other expenses to purchase a home, it may become more costly for buyers when purchasing a home.”

Ultimately, Bitici doesn’t foresee much disruption as a result of the changes. “Compensation and fees have always been negotiable,” he said, “so I don’t see a significant shift in how the industry will continue to operate.”

Kathy Pippin, of Kathy Pippin Properties, expressed concerns about the settlement’s ramifications. She worries that the settlement opens up buyers and sellers to unforeseen risks, and questions whether changes will result in the benefits they seek.

If buyers with limited outof-pocket funds skip listings that aren’t paying buyer’s agent commissions, “those sellers will have a much smaller pool of buyers for their properties, and as a result they might not get the highest price for their property,” Pippin said, “so how does this help sellers?”

If buyers choose to forego an agent to represent them, Pippin said, they are placing their trust in the seller and their agent to do things by-the-book. She said she “can see a host of future lawsuits that buyers may bring to the sellers and their agent,” including claims that proper disclosures weren’t made for hazards including radon gas, lead paint, buried oil tanks, “and all sorts of things a typical consumer might not be aware of when they don’t have their own representation to fight for them.” She warns that Virginia is a “buyer beware” state, where the buyer is almost entirely responsible for researching the property and inspecting for defects, with sellers only minimally required to disclose or cooperate.

Pippin also questioned how omitting buyer agent commission details in MLS listings increases transparency.

Brad Richards, a sales associate with The Doug & Mona Group, views the settlement as a reaffirmation of existing best practices. He emphasizes the importance of early fee discussions and buyer agency agreements, practices already prevalent in the region. Richards believes that the settlement will underscore the value of agent services to consumers, fostering a deeper understanding of their role in real estate transactions.

“I do think [the settlement] improves transparency across the industry, certainly across the country, but it’s important to point out buyer agency agreements have been required in Virginia, Maryland, and DC for years,” Richards said, and as a result doesn’t change the local market significantly. “It is nothing new for the DMV.”

Pam Micciche, realtor and vice president with HBC Group,

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Home Improvement and Design Trends in

With Spring in full gear, now is the perfect time to refresh and rejuvenate your home, both inside and out. From simple upgrades to major renovations, there are countless ways to enhance your living space and make the most of the season.

As trends continue to evolve, reflecting shifts in lifestyle, technology, sustainability, and design preferences we reached out to a few local experts to weigh in on what they are seeing and experiencing.

All Green Landscaping was asked, what are the popular trends you are seeing in home remodeling or home building? The local company located right here in Falls Church emphasized that homeowners are looking to make their houses homes. They stressed that people are staying in their homes longer. All Green commented that they have seen an uptick in outdoor spaces and people are building edible gardens.

Spring is the best time to focus on new plantings to enhance the property. Creating an edible garden is not only a rewarding way to beautify your outdoor space but

also a sustainable and practical approach to providing fresh, homegrown produce for yourself and your family. Whether you have a sprawling backyard or a small balcony, there are ways you can create your own.

When asked what are the best maintenance items to take care of during spring?

All Green wanted to let NewsPress readers know that spring is a great time for a thorough clean up, mulching, and fertilizing. They also recommend power washing walkways, driveways, and patios once spring foliage has started to die down to get rid of any lingering pollen.

All Green told us that spring was ideal for designing and building pools, patios, and it’s also great for hardscape restorations. Upon further research, Modern patio trends reflect a fusion of indoor comfort with outdoor living, emphasizing functionality, style, and sustainability. Some of those include Outdoor Kitchens and Cooking Stations: Outdoor kitchens and cooking stations have become increasingly popular in modern patio design, offering homeowners the convenience of

preparing meals and entertaining guests alfresco.

One of the most popular trends

All Green is seeing when it comes to installing modern tech is landscape lighting. They were quick to tell the News-Press that it was one of their favorites, not only can it highlight your favorite parts of the yard – but it can also add another level of security. The best part – it can all be controlled from an app on your phone!

As All Green covered the outside, we also reached out to Mark Donnelly owner of NHance of Fairfax, NW. He was able to tell us about some of the popular trends in interior kitchen redesign. Donnelly said they are still seeing a majority of kitchen cabinets going white, with a white and grey-veined quartz countertop.

Donnelly told the News-Press where people are getting creative is with a contrasting island, NHance has seen a variety of colors from slate gray to navy to teal. White is brightening up kitchens, while serving as a backdrop for beautiful hardware, with pulls replacing knobs, especially on drawers.


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Which Trees Are the Major Pollen Offenders During Spring?

Homeowners have choices when it comes to planting trees, including choosing species which are better suited for those in the household who are allergy sufferers.

When it comes to springtime, there are trees which are “major pollen offenders,” other trees, not so much, and some which fall in-between, says Lou Meyer, an arborist who has worked for Davey Trees for 11 years and who should know about pollen, being a victim himself.

As the oak pollen season starts branching out, Meyer listed in a telephone interview “the three big offenders in the Middle Atlantic”: oaks, pines and maples. “Oaks have already started spreading their yellow dust over everything.

“Elms are another big offender and sycamores.”

Pines don’t spread as much pollen but they have a negative effect on everything that’s underneath them with their drops of yellow. Your car right now may be dusty from all the tree deposits.

Better trees to plant for reduced pollen are crepe myrtles, flowering crab apples, dogwoods, magnolias and tulip poplars, Meyer said.

Cherry blossom trees fall somewhere inbetween.

Climate change affects pollen counts, too,

since it’s causing an earlier, extended season with warmer winters. Meyer cited the early cherry blossom peak this year occurring on March 17, the second earliest on record, rather than March 23, the forecast peak date by the National Park Service.

Climate change is also causing increased carbon dioxide gas in the air, which stimulates trees to make more pollen.

After tree pollen ends its spread, then comes the grass.

“My dad could not mow the lawn after June,” Meyer said, recommending that grass height be kept between two and a half and three inches which keeps grass from flowering and producing pollen.

To nip as much pollen in the bud as possible, there are several actions homeowners can take, like avoiding sleeping with Fido, cats and other animals which have been outdoors collecting pollen.

When your pets come inside, wipe them off (which will be going out on a limb with cats).

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America says other solutions are to remove shoes outside, cover hair when outdoors or wash it at night, and shower when coming inside, but wait!

That may be barking up the wrong tree since the Dedicated Senior Medical Center says to hold on showers until bedtime so the pollen you accumulate during the day is not what you sleep with.

Medical News Today recommends not wearing “outside” clothes to bed (?), keeping windows closed, drying clothes inside rather than on a line outside, and washing and changing sheets often. (So much for saving energy.)

“Quality” air filters may make a difference, too, and as for dust procrastinators, guess what? You need to dust more.

Stay hydrated, consume lots of Vitamin C and for whatever reason, don’t forget quercetin which is found in fruits and vegetables and, to spruce up for the season, quercetin supplements can be taken for weeks and months before the season hits, says the Senior Medical Center.

You may also add apple cider vinegar to drinking water which may help. (Drinking vinegar?)

Allergy sufferers likely know all the medical remedies but do they know about honey?

Meyer stressed that although there is no scientific evidence for it, a homeopathic solution suggests eating locally grown honey may help build tolerance and some pollen immunity.

Could a spray for trees help reduce pollen? Meyer chuckled: “I’m sure if there’s a dollar to be made, there’s a spray for it,” but he was skeptical about efficiency.

Like among humans, “gender diversity” is

important and so it goes for trees. Who knew?

It’s important for beauty, Meyer said.

Some trees have both male and female flowers where the females bear the fruit and the males spread the pollen. Some urban areas plant more male species of trees to promote faster growth and avoid slippage and falls on dropped fruit, but “just males” are “unsightly,” Meyer said.

A “cottage industry” he cited is the growing number of trees found on rooftops.

Meyer comes to trees by way of an education in communications and finance, but remembering a summer agricultural job he enjoyed in college and finding himself later staring out the window all day at his desk job, gave way to his return to nature and happiness.

“Trees are the greatest answer to climate change, in my opinion,” Meyer said. They are nature’s way of “helping clean air and water, their leaves reduce temperatures; and they transpire and create water vapor which exits through the leaves.”

He said the oaks and maples are both desirable trees for many reasons, and since they are found across North America, there’s no need to turn over a new leaf and move to escape pollen unless... it’s to the desert or to Arizona, but there, you might be pining for trees.

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A cherry blossom tree drops its petals . Cherry blossom trees are not major pollen spreaders. (Photo: Patricia Leslie) OAK TREES are a Major Pollen Offener in spring. (Photo: Lou Meyer.)


Ronald McDonald House in Falls Church Receives New Roof

Shelby’s ongoing medical treatment mandates her proximity to specialized care, making the Ronald McDonald House in Falls Church her refuge for the past two months. Alongside her mother, Myrna, and her younger sister, she finds solace in the nurturing environment provided by this invaluable resource. Myrna is grateful for the compassionate staff and dedicated volunteers who transform the house into a comforting haven. Beyond practical amenities like WiFi access, daily activities, and communal meals, it’s the emotional support that truly eases their burden as they navigate the challenges of Shelby’s illness. The Ronald McDonald House Charities® embodies this commitment to families facing pediatric illness, providing tailored programs that address their critical needs and offering a lifeline during their darkest hours.

However, the tranquility of the Falls Church house was recently disrupted by an unexpected challenge: the roof, constructed in 1998, began to betray signs of wear and tear, succumbing to leaks. These leaks not

only jeopardized the house’s structural integrity but also posed energy inefficiencies and safety hazards for its occupants.

In response to this pressing issue, Craig Rice, Vice President of Community Engagement at RMHCDC, reached out to Home Genius, a steadfast ally in previous endeavors, leveraging their support through the Home Genius Cares program. This philanthropic initiative, deeply ingrained in Home Genius’s ethos, underscores their commitment to community welfare, embodying the principle of “doing good” alongside “doing well.”

Jeff Gunhus, CEO of Home Genius Exteriors, embraced the challenge with unwavering determination upon learning of the need for a new roof and gutters to safeguard the “small” house within the Greater Washington area, serving thousands of families annually. Recognizing the significance of this undertaking, Jeff’s resolute response encapsulated the essence of community solidarity and shared responsibility.

In the preceding year alone, RMHCDC extended over 12,000 nights of respite to 469 families grappling with a multitude of pediatric acute and chronic illnesses. This

staggering statistic underscores the indispensable role played by organizations like RMHCDC in providing essential support to families navigating the complexities of pediatric illness.

The community’s response to the roofing challenge was nothing short of remarkable. On Tuesday, April 16th, crews from Home Genius swung into action, armed with generous material donations from partners Owens Corning Roofing and ABC Supply. This collaborative effort ensured the installation of a replacement roof fortified with a 50-year warranty, guaranteeing longevity and energy efficiency for generations to come. The convergence of community spirit and shared purpose transformed the new roof into a tangible symbol of care and compassion, a testament to the collective commitment to uplifting those in need.

Shelby’s radiant smile, set against the backdrop of a beautiful spring day, symbolized the hope and resilience shared by countless children and families finding refuge under the protective new roof. As FCNP bore witness to the ceremonial signing of the first and last shingles, Shelby’s signature served as a poignant reminder of the indomitable

spirit of perseverance and optimism that binds all those touched by the Ronald McDonald House. In the words of Kymberly Wolff, President & CEO at RMHCDC, the new roof stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment to providing shelter and comfort to those in need, ensuring that the House remains a beacon of hope for generations to come.

Highlighting the importance of community involvement, it’s essential to acknowledge the many people and groups whose efforts came together to make this project possible. From the dedicated volunteers who devote their time to ensuring the well-being of the families, to the generous donors whose financial support sustains the operations of the Ronald

McDonald House Charities®, each individual plays a pivotal role in the collective effort to provide comfort and solace to those facing adversity.

Looking ahead, the completion of the roofing project marks not only the resolution of a pressing issue but also the beginning of a new chapter for the Ronald McDonald House in Falls Church. With each passing day, the legacy of compassion and resilience embodied by the Ronald McDonald House continues to inspire hope and foster a sense of belonging for those in need. In the face of adversity, the steadfast backing of the community acts as a guiding light, helping us navigate tough times and reminding us that, united, we can tackle any obstacle.

RONALD MCDONALD House in F.C. received a new roof. (Photo: Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Washington, DC)

First-Time Buyers May Lose If Sellers Buck Agent

Continued from Page 12

also underscored the existing requirements in place in the DMV which mitigate the need for significant adjustments as a result of the settlement. “Virginia is one of only 17 states, plus DC, that already has rules and regulations on buyer representation,” she said, so “the aim of these lawsuits was really targeted towards regions which do not have these requirements.”

Though Micciche anticipates heightened transparency nationally as a result of the settlement, she expects only minimal adjustments will be needed locally to align to its specifics. “We here in the DMV do not need to write and implement new regulations from scratch,” she said.

Micciche also emphasized the importance of buyer representation in safeguarding clients’ interests.

“The real estate industry has certainly been in the press with the recent NVAR settlement,” said Tori McKinney, CEO and realtor with ROCK STAR Realty Group. “KW Metro Center is indeed part of that settlement, I’m happy to talk to anyone who has questions or concerns.”

Though opinions on the settlement’s

results varied among the local realtors we spoke to, including several who declined or requested to remain anonymous, there are a few points of consensus.

All realtors emphasized that, for the DMV, buyer agency agreements have been required for years, and contracts have always been negotiable. None believe that home prices will be significantly affected by commission rates, with some predicting that any move to shift the buyer agent commission away from the seller would backfire.

All agreed that the most concerning unknown was the effect of the settlement on first-time home buyers. Lenders don’t finance down payments, which are typically around 10 percent, nor do they finance fees or commissions — if sellers stop paying the buyer agent commission, first-time home buyers will need to come up with an average of 27 percent more cash for the same home. Some are suggesting lenders ought to start financing commissions, though it appears unlikely, as just last week Freddie Mac and Fannie May released a joint statement clarifying their lending guidelines.

As the industry navigates these changes, only time will reveal the full extent of their effects.

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Elevated interest rates and record low inventory continue to impact market conditions with some homes receiving multiple offers and selling in a matter of days, while others sit on the market despite multiple price reductions. Your choice of realtor, and how you prepare and present your home for selling can literally cost, or earn you tens of thousands of dollars... Don’t leave money on the table.

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The Mather, which opened in March 2024, is a forward-thinking Life Plan Community for those 62+. It’s smack dab in the middle of it all in Tysons, VA, bordering a three-acre urban park and within walking distance of rail service, retail, and restaurants. The Mather’s apartment homes feature expansive views, luxury finishes, and smart-home technology. The community features 38,000+ square feet of amenities, including restaurants, spa, fitness center, indoor pool, rooftop clubroom, art studio, and more! Life Plan Communities are lifestyle communities in which people can pursue new passions and priorities, with a plan in place that supports aging well.

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My ROCK STAR realty group and I are your go-to resource for all things real estate. Connecting our clients with the neighborhood in a meaningful way brings so much joy. Got Real Estate questions? We’ve got answers. Stop by Northside Social, Falls Church on Wednesdays, 10:00–11:00AM for our ROCK the House coffee hour. We’ll buy you a cup!

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Miller & Smith Homes

Visionary home design, quality craftsmanship, thoughtful customer service and commitment to community are the values that have endured the test of time for local homebuilder Miller & Smith for 60 years and counting. Miller & Smith’s legacy, building over 11,000 homes in the Washington region, is one of the primary reasons active adult buyers are drawn to two of the builder’s 55+ communities, Birchwood at Brambleton in Ashburn, Virginia; and Cascades at Embrey Mill in Stafford, Virginia. Miller & Smith is currently selling Elevator Brownstones, Courtyard Homes, and Elevator Single Family Homes in Birchwood as well as Villa Homes at Embrey Mill. “Buying a home is a leap of faith,” says Eric Hansen, Miller & Smith’s Birchwood sales manager. “For many of my homebuyers, this may be the final new home they purchase. So not only do they want everything to be just right, they want to work with a builder they can trust. Knowing Miller & Smith has been delighting homebuyers for six decades gives them the confidence to move forward.” Miller & Smith’s design expertise gives homebuyers another advantage—the ability to move quickly. “We have homes available for quick delivery in both of our 55+ communities,” added Debora Flora, sales manager at Cascades at Embrey Mill. “The selections have been curated by our award-winning design team, so not only are the homes ready, they’re stunning.”

703.468.8659 • www.millerandsmith.com

Kathy Pippin

Kathy Pippin grew up in Northern Virginia and received an engineering degree in Maryland. Her methodical approach and local knowledge, combined with her negotiation skills and top-notch marketing, lift her to best serve her clients, whether they are first-time home buyers, repeat buyers, sellers, or investors. She believes in educating her clients and takes time to discuss all things related to them buying and selling a property. She offers free monthly virtual seminars for home buyers and home sellers. Register at: https://www.eventbrite.com/cc/free-online-homebuying-and-home-selling-seminars-2170299 ; See what some of her clients have also said: “I hired Kathy Pippin to sell my house in Fairfax county. From start she did a great job with pricing my house, staging and negotiating and all the way to the end. She marketed my property on many different ways - more than what a typical realtor does. She did fantastic job with her marketing efforts and negotiation….” Javad Sanai


• KathyPippinProperties.com

Brad Richards, of The Doug and Mona Group, is a Falls Church native with deep roots and knowledge of the community and surrounding areas. This connection to the community gives clients the upper hand in finding their perfect home. Having a local expert, coupled with the global reach of TTR Sotheby’s International Realty also helps you position your home for the best sales price.

Having spent nearly two decades serving clients, Brad prides himself on building meaningful relationships through integrity and professional service. This standard and attention to detail results in smooth transactions of the highest quality, which has helped the team achieve recognition for being one of the top performers in the McLean brokerage. Contact Brad to discuss your real estate goals and learn more about how he and the team can help you achieve what’s next.

703.303.3824 • brichards@ttrsir.com

Owen Sullivan - Floor Coverings of Tyson’s Corner

Why We Stand Above? Our mission is to become the local market leader in customer experience –we are an end-to-end white glove service provider willing to go the extra mile for our customers. Our national presence provides us direct access to the top Flooring Manufacturing companies in North America, with highly competitive pricing; while our strong partnerships with our local reps allows us to bring custom solutions at speed to our customers. Our products come directly from the mills to our climate-controlled warehouse in Tyson’s. Our installers are thoroughly vetted, licensed and insured with a total of over 50 yrs of combined work experience. We provide a 1-year workmanship warranty on all of our installations above and separate from the product warranties. Real Estate Agents/Builders – We know that this time of year can be busy. Call us and ask about our industry package specials.


• nwdca.floorcoveringsinternational.com

Kelly Millspaugh Thompson

Kelly Millspaugh Thompson is a Falls Church City native and small business owner. Kelly opened Stylish Patina Boutique in 2013. She has been selling Real Estate in Northern Virginia for 5 years and is a NVAR Platinum Producer and recognized by Arlington Magazine as a top producer. Her clients appreciate her fresh and cutting edge approach to marketing and exceptional client experience. Her extensive experience in home decor, interior design and home renovation provides a broad area of expertise that she brings to her clients on both the buying and selling side. This has proven to be a unique and highly sought after combination of skills. Kelly has a passion for helping folks as they transition through life stages. If you are looking for a Realtor with compassion and commitment to making your next Real Estate transaction less stressful contact Kelly, 703-303-3700.

realestate@stylishpatina.com • 703.303.3700

Zimmermann Homes

We pride ourselves on building custom homes that are unrivaled in performance, beauty and durability. All Zimmermann Homes come standard with upgraded products and building techniques that result in an attractive, energy-efficient and low- maintenance home. Clients can custom design a home with Zimmermann’s talented architect or choose from dozens of established plans. You shop and pick your finishes with a stylish interior designer and the install is overseen by a seasoned project manager. Related documents are accessible via a shared constructionmanagement system and the team’s Realtor can assist with lot acquisition or selling your home. The end result is a one-stop shop that often exceeds expectations.


• zimmermannhomes.com

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