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Under a year until the magic of 2010 captures the province of British Columbia under its spell! The eyes of the world will experience our beautiful Vancouver and the spectacular mountains of Whistler Village. Imagine the excitement as Canadian athletes compete with the best in the world in our own backyard.

are a material factor in any purchase, the prospective buyer is advised to engage a professional to complete an independent square footage calculation. Renderings of properties contained herein may not actually depict the improvement as actually constructed. All prices set forth in the magazine are subject to change.

I was lucky enough to experience the moment of pure elation in the Village Square in Whistler when Jacques Rogge uttered the word “Vancouver” in the early morning of July 2, 2003. Suffice to say, the people of Whistler are ready to host the world. My two sons were at GM Place in Vancouver when that single resounding word was announced and they too experienced the thrill of a lifetime with 25,000 Vancouverites saying bring it on! The Olympics will be the coming out party for British Columbia. We will no longer be a well-kept secret that is discovered by new visitors one-by-one. All indications are that we will enjoy celebrity status for 6 weeks and reap the rewards of hosting this amazing event for many years to come.

Real estate in Vancouver and Whistler will be sought after not just for investment but for lifestyle and security. Our new magazine invites you to explore the opportunities offered around British Columbia and we want to assist. Prices are at their best due to choice and interest rates are the lowest we have seen. Smart buyers are acting now and making their own deals as they know that waiting will just involve more people and they might miss that special opportunity. Whether buyer or selling, talk to one of our agents; we can offer advice and information so you can make a prudent decision about real estate in this market. We are real estate consultants and believe our business is in customizing a package for your requirements. Hence, our new magazine is informative and we invite you to meet with us under no obligation to start a journey; a journey that sees you market your home globally or one that ends with your family joining the many families in our unique destinations around BC—Start your journey now before we host the world in 2010.

4333 Skiers Approach Whistler, BC V0N 1B4 Tel: 604 932 4117 Fax: 604 932 4120 Email:  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties


VIP Concierge Service Focusing on providing so much more than just real estate services

con·cierge  /kÅn»siE´rZ/ n, pl. concierges assists guests with various tasks from restaurant reservations to “achieving the impossible” by relying on an extensive list of personal contacts with various local merchants and service providers.

What separates Sea to Sky Premier Properties is our focus on providing exceptional service and attention to you, our valued clientele. Whether it’s real estate related or personal, we customize our concierge service to meet your specific needs, large or small.

We can further assist in finding the right people to arrange a suitable rental property and making all the arrangements for that perfect holiday getaway, including dinner reservations, limou­sine pick-ups, wedding planners, or tickets for that special event.

We are dedicated to providing all the services you require to make your real estate experience and property ownership enjoyable and effortless. Sea to Sky Premier Properties provides direct access to the best products and services available to assist you in your purchase, sale or ownership because our seasoned luxury real estate professionals have unique and special relationships with a variety of service providers.

When you are selecting a REALTOR®, consider working with one who offers the level of experience and convenience that provides you with the quality of service you require.

This includes preferred and renowned service providers who assist in real estate transactions—lawyers, mortgage advisors and property appraisers—as well as services such as estate manage­ment, property rental, interior design, general repairs and maintenance, emergency repair services, supplies, caterers and much more.


Sea to Sky Premier Properties  |

We pride ourselves on our VIP Concierge Service. Please contact us for more details on how we can provide you with Sea to Sky Premier Properties VIP Service at 604 932 4117 or

celebrate with canada’s best chef

celebrate food celebrate wine celebrate life We salute Melissa Craig—Executive Chef at the Bearfoot Bistro—on being crowned Canada’s Best Chef at the Gold Medal Plates’ Canadian Culinary Championships. Melissa is instrumental in creating our renowned “blend of west coast and international ingredients, immaculate presentation and simple yet passionate artistry.”

4121 Village Green, Whistler, Canada (beside Listel Whistler Hotel)



Building Relationships is our Business Real Estate is our Passion

Sea to Sky Premier Properties, established in the Sea to Sky Corridor for over 30 years, has been synonymous with offering its clients a depth of service and local knowledge encompassing real estate, lifestyle and investment opportunities, as well as providing international connections surpassed by none.

Buyer Service

The right combination of experience, knowledge, resources and most importantly trust in our real estate associates has enabled the clients of Sea to Sky Premier Properties to successfully find a home, lifestyle or investment opportunity. We believe this exceptional level of service is key to assisting our clients in making the correct and astute decisions when choosing their real estate.


Sea to Sky Premier Properties  |

Sellers Service

Sea to Sky Premier Properties provides this service by offering its clients a network of over 190,000 real estate agents that are associated with Christie’s Great Estates and the Luxury Real Estate Networks, as well as constantly looking for new ways to promote its properties throughout the globe, finding the best associates available and creating successful partnerships.

Our real estate associates are experts both in their local markets and the global forum, understanding how to market the property to gain the maximum exposure, identify potential buyers as well as negotiate to your advantage. Their expertise and networking abilities will expose the property beyond the local markets presenting it to prospective buyers worldwide. Sea to Sky Premier Properties also provides a platform to market your property through its extensive web-based tools, sophisticated print media and international sales connections.



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BC Economy outperforms Canada Annual growth in real GDP



0% 2003


(Source: Statistics Canada, CMHC forecast)


2006 C AN ADA





Will you be ready for the next real estate boom?

Everyone is busy analyzing the same statistics and coming up with different information. The trouble with analyzing a market is that it varies by your need for information. The media is always looking for the negative— because that is the story for them—while optimistic real estate agents want to understand the positive meaning lying within the “analysis.” Smart buyers and sellers look at their personal positions and analyze their needs within the existing market. If you need to sell, you are a motivated seller; if you have cash, you are a motivated buyer—putting the two together results in a market transaction that works. A deeper

Our Service Guarantee

analysis indicates that people who sold last year and placed their money in the stock market are behind about 30%—but, those who sell this year at a 20% reduction in price are still ahead by at least 10%. With new investors seeing the value of our markets in British Columbia, we are experiencing an influx of astute, cash-rich individuals who compare us to other areas around the world and who appreciate our lifestyle and our value! We offer a safe, secure investment opportunity if you stay invested for a few years, and we have never seen the value of real estate plummet to zero—real estate always recovers and appreciates.

Sea to Sky Premier Properties sets itself apart by offering a network of local and global real estate experts who are dedicated to providing a quality of service which exceeds the expectations of both the buyer and seller. Our success is dependent on the success of our clients. Our strength comes from the diversity of fine properties we represent and our ability to unite our buyers with their unique property requirements… a winning combination. In addition to being the leaders in luxury real estate sales and marketing, Sea to Sky Premier Properties is committed to expanding our commercial and project marketing presence both locally and internationally.

Ozzie Jurock is a proponent of real estate as a cornerstone for any investment portfolio and has propelled many to look beyond today and discover the opportunities. If you have an interest in investing, we offer a long-term relationship of real estate consulting to our clients. We work with our clients to sell their properties at the right time and our buying clients to buy when the pricing and timing works for their plans. The timing is always right for some, so start analyzing your situation and let us help find that unique market opportunity for you. For information on foreign investment in Canada, contact one of our agents.

“We have built relationships with key marketing networks­enabling us to market our client’s properties to the world in a professional, cost effective and efficient manner. We are committed to bringing the world’s discerning buyers to the Sea to Sky Corridor’s doorstep, by introducing them to a comprehensive directory of luxury homes and commercial opportunities”, explains Ann Chiasson, President of Sea to Sky Premier Properties. British Columbia is expanding its reach into new markets every year and new visitors are discovering this fabulous experience. If you are looking to invest or sell a property in our incredibly beautiful area, check out our website at or contact us at info@‌  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties


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Shawn Wentworth

T:  250 537 7647

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West Vancouver

Beverley Kniffen Managing Broker


Suite 204, 1868 Marine Drive West Vancouver, BC T:  604 925 4117 F:  604 922 9273 Toll Free:  1 866 405 9229

Danielle Alie

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President, Commercial Division



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Guy Kirby

Susan Dixon

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Devre Sharpe Managing Broker


2753 O’Hara Lane Surrey, BC T:  604 535 2010 F:  604 535 5115 Toll Free:  1 866 405 9229

Pete Shpak

Associate Broker


Nick walker

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Gerry Halstrom

South Surrey / White Rock

Jon Pedlow

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Ozzy Crompton

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Gordon Griffiths

Rene Palsenbarg

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Luxury Real TYPICAL MONTHLY STATISTICS: Monthly hits: 61,557,952 Monthly page views: 2,442,506 Monthly visitors: 139,600 Total visiting countries: 152 Active listings: 71,032 Average listing price: $2,395,445 Countries with active listings: 98 Total dollar value: $188,112,273,862 Agents: 119,655 Offices: 6,237

Sea to Sky Premier Properties is a proud member of Who’s Who In Luxury Real Estate (, a global network of over 1,900 luxury real estate brokerages, with 120,000 affiliates located in more than 65 countries. Each member is carefully selected based on the company’s established reputation for performance, experience with high-end properties, and quality service.

Members: 1,900 Countries: 65


Sea to Sky Premier Properties  |

The award-winning website www.Luxury, is the most-viewed luxury real estate Website in the world being ranked #1 in searches for Luxury Real Estate on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

The site currently provides access to over 62,000 for-sale properties, multi-million dollar homes and luxury homes from around the world, with an average price of US$2,350,000. The readership represents the affluent, well-educated, professional demographic of upscale homebuyers and leading luxury real estate specialists, people who have the wealth and means to purchase the luxury properties presented on this website. If you are considering an investment outside of the Sea to Sky Corridor and BC, then allow us to recommend the right agent with whom to work.

Christie’s Great Estates is the world’s largest international network of real estate brokers specializing in the marketing and sale of luxury properties. Founded as Great Estates, Inc. in 1987, the company was acquired in 1995 by Christie’s, the world’s oldest fine arts auction house, to fulfill client demand for real estate services. Today the Christie’s Great Estates global network of affiliated brokers includes nearly 36,000 sales associates operating from 900 offices in more than 40 countries. The network’s combined annual sales top $128 billion. The combined global networks of Christie’s and Christie’s Great Estates, both market leaders in the sale of luxury goods, create a world-class showcase for distinguished real estate. No other network offers this level of international visibility to proven buyers of high-value property. Christie’s offers the most unique collection­ of premier properties in the world; we are connected and would be delighted to recom­mend a suitable REALTOR ®.

Number of Agents

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Average Online Listing Price Millions


Aggregate Annual Sales $140


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Christie’s Great Estates


Source: Christie’s Great Estates Affiliate Network; Sotheby’s Press Release, September 2008  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties


Analyze – Then Invest How quickly we forget!

A wise investment strategist once explained to me that the stock market is simply fear, greed, and envy loosely connected to the business cycle. Fear at the bottom of a bear market that maybe the world is different this time as investors hope to confirm a market bottom. Greed as everyone regains confidence and jumps back in driving prices higher. And lastly envy of those who sold before it starts to come crashing back down— again! And whether it be the stock market, real estate market, or even the tulip bulb market in Holland (1634) that saw a single tulip bulb trade for the equivalent of an entire estate all the way down to the price of a common onion, investors continue to forget the importance of managing risk within a long-term strategy. Risk management is a basic tenant for any business and through data analysis, strategic planning, and experience entrepreneurs and CEOs across the globe protect themselves from changes in the business cycle to outright catastrophes. But the current financial crisis, which I might add qualifies as a complete catastrophe, has once again proven that the majority of investors forget to manage risk. Even some of the best managers on Wall Street failed to adhere to these basic rules resulting in the demise of many investment portfolios, not to mention major financial institutions. This most recent crisis has not left many asset classes unscathed but incorporating risk management principles such as active asset allocation and diversification protects investors from the losses seen in portfolios concentrated in just one asset class or sector. In addition, managing the asset mix through a bear market and its eventual recovery ensures you do not merely “park and ride”—hold the same investments all the way down and then, hopefully, all the way back up again! Such a strategy, if it can even be called such, forgets that there are investments that can help protect a portfolio through a crisis and also better position a portfolio for a recovery since some assets and sectors recover faster and further than others.


Sea to Sky Premier Properties  |

For example, large cap companies fall on average –10% during a bear market and rebound on average +12% coming out of a bear market. Whereas, small cap stocks fall on average –20% and rebound on average +38%. A wise investor would therefore position the portfolio towards large cap investments through a crisis and monitor the indicators to move into small cap investments as the market starts to recover and inherently reward these companies. Another such example is the difference in value and growth investment styles. Value oriented companies perform better than growth companies during a volatile environment as they are often more stable. As they hit their earnings targets the market rewards these companies and investor confidence slowly starts to return. As this plays out, growth companies also start to gain traction and outperform the more stable value stories supporting a strategic asset shift towards these growth oriented companies as a market recovery becomes more evident. Now complement these examples by diversifying within various asset classes, including fixed income and even real estate, and an investment portfolio is less susceptible to major deterioration on the downside and a faster recovery on the upside. It all comes down to managing risk and creating a flexible strategy that keeps you on track toward your long-term goals through all the ups and downs along the way. It was Santayana who said, “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Catherine Dorazio, B.Comm, MBA, CIM, Vice President & Investment Counselor with Connor, Clark & Lunn Private Capital.


T E R R I T O R Y Watson Lake


N. W. T. Pemberton




Fort Nelson

British Columbia


West Vancouver G





Greater Vancouver IS


Fort St. John



Prince Rup



Prince George







Fort St. James

Burns Lake


Grande Prairie

Tumbler Ridge



Salt Spring Island

Dawson Creek


White Rock N






S Bella Coola

Bella Bella

Anahim Lake

Williams Lake

100 Mile House


Golden Port Hardy




Comox Courtenay

Powell River

Cache Creek







White Rock






Salmon Arm




S L.




Campbell River






Penticton Trail

Fernie Cranbrook




Victoria Everett


With representation in Whistler, Squamish, West Vancouver, White Rock and Salt Spring Island, Sea to Sky Premier Properties links the local Sea to Sky Corridor seamlessly with the rest of the world.  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties



Whistler is a mountain village with a much bigger presence than just the average ski town. Indeed, it has already established itself as one of the world’s premier yearround destination resorts. From humble beginnings when Whistler Mountain opened in 1966 there has been no looking back. Today, the resort boasts two mountains connected by a pedestrian Village, over 8,100 skiable acres, one vertical mile, more than 200 trails, three glaciers, 38 lifts, twelve alpine bowls and the new Peak to Peak Gondola. Whether a visitor or a resident, Whistler is a utopia for those looking for an adventurous lifestyle.


Sea to Sky Premier Properties  |

Winter recreation abounds with a plethora of activities from the highly adventurous, such as snowmobiling, ice climbing, ziplining between snow-capped trees—to the more gentle pursuits of a horse-drawn sleigh ride for two, a gentle stroll on snowshoes through ancient cedar forests or even a lazy day at one of the many acclaimed Spas. Family adventures also feature strongly on Whistler’s activity list, including fun for all at the specially-designed tube park, a once in a lifetime experience ‘mushing’ your own dog sled or a snow cat ride up the mountain to enjoy a fondue dinner.

Along with the honour of being awarded the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2010 came the opportunity for Whistler to build new world-class winter facilities. These include one of North America’s finest ski jumping facilities, a new location designed specifically for cross-country skiing events and a new luge and bobsled track.

followed by a day of mountain biking on skilfully adapted terrain. Canoeing down the river of golden dreams, playing a round of golf on one of the three championship golf courses, just sitting on your favourite patio or by one of the green-blue lakes drinking in the spectacular scenery is all it takes to fall in love with this incredible place.

Whistler has also become a leader in the world of destination resorts, showcased as a model for other resorts to emulate. It seems there are few places in the world that can match the endless adventure and entertainment that Whistler squeezes into its summer months, and the number of visitors just keeps increasing.

Whistler has become home to some of the most impressive dining on the West Coast of Canada, incredible night life and superior art galleries as well as sophisticated retail therapy. Accommodations are first class too, with distinctive hotels including the beautiful Four Seasons Resort Hotel and Spa, the unique Fairmont Chateau Whistler Resort, a newly renovated Hilton, two Pan Pacific hotels and the Westin Resort and Spa.

Summer activities are as numerous as winter but offer even greater diversity. From a sightseeing gondola ride to hiking on mountain ranges, through ancient cedars, or even walking on a glacier one day,

homes and family retreats to condominium hotels, land for creative builders, lots with spectacular views, Whistler provides a wealth of investment opportunities. When the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games were awarded to Vancouver and Whistler, the eyes of the world turned to this unique village on the west coast of Canada. With a worldwide broadcast, the games will serve to introduce Whistler and Vancouver to new people in one of the most intimate ways possible. We will be invited into homes around the world during this wonderful event and every aspect of life in Whistler will be on display. For more information on how you can own in Whistler contact us at info@‌mysspp.‌com or visit our website

Real estate opportunities are extraordinarily varied in Whistler—there is literally something for everyone. From lavish estate  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties



Sea to Sky Premier Properties  |


The Christie’s Collection The quality of Whistler homes is now touted as among the world’s best; with globally renowned architects, designers and builders putting their unique touches here. Truly, Whistler offers the right combination of magnifi­cent skiing and great homes. Many of these unique properties have created a distinctive tone for the luxury market, being featured in some of the top architectural and luxury home magazines from around the world. In recent years designs have moved towards the contemporary look and features include every modern and luxurious amenity available, from heated driveways to remotely controlled climate systems, state-of-the-art home theatres and indoor pools. Artistic finishes coupled with privacy and the ability to capture the spectacular views not only enhance but create distinction in Whistler’s finest properties. Global buyers have been discovering these beautiful homes, appreciating their value and finding their expectations of quality are being exceeded.  For current listings visit prices upon request  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties



Sea to Sky Premier Properties  |

Whistler Chalets Whistler offers homeowners a remarkable selection of house styles, sizes, designs and therefore price. From the humble ski cabins of the early 1960’s to the modern contem­porary glass and steel designs being built today, it is not uncommon to find these dia­metrical opposite styles sitting side-byside. More commonly, homes in Whistler are built using a blend of local wood and stone and designed to integrate into Whistler’s alpine setting, albeit that they are more often than not equipped with every modern amenity. But location is probably the true indicator of price… the closer to the mountain the more expensive, and similarly priced homes further out are compensated with more land, proximity to the green-blue waters of one of Whistler’s stunning lakes or overlooking one of the three amazing golf courses.  For current listings visit prices from $675,000  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties


Whistler Land & Acreages The opportunity to design and build your own dream home is within reach. Land offering spectacular views, lakeside frontage, golf course access, private estates and even ski-in/ski-out is still available. Whistler offers some of the finest architects, designers and builders to help you realize your vision and maximize your investment potential. For current listings visit prices from $650,000

Whistler Townhomes As Whistler’s popularity grew in the 1990’s, so did the development potential. Rising land prices gave way to a large number of townhomes being built, most of which were snapped up as second and third vacation homes. Whistler townhomes still remain very popular due to their close proximity to the ski hills and because predominately they were well-designed to meet the requirements of a ski-home—including features such as open plan living, garages, hot tubs and great storage. For current listings visit prices from $300,000


Sea to Sky Premier Properties  |

Whistler Condominiums

Whistler created a product called Condotel in the early 1980’s. This is a condominium hotel concept that provides income from your condo when you are not in residence. We have many options available with two types of covenants on title. Phase One Condo­miniums are placed in a rental program when the owner is not in residence but can be occupied full time by owners. Phase Two Condominiums have fully operational hotel management and provide for owners to use 28 days in the summer and 28 days in the winter. These units work

well for long distance ownership where owners come for short term visits and want to generate some income to offset costs. Our agents can clarify these options and assist in determining what could work for your lifestyle. Prices vary depending on location, size and covenant.  For current listings visit prices from $99,000  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties


Whistler’s Bearfoot Bistro Contrary to popular belief,

owning and operating a restaurant in one of North America’s premier destination resorts is not an automatic

guarantee of success—and it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. The challenges faced by Whistler’s restaurateurs are naturally different to those of their major city cousins—seasonal fluctuations, transient staff and geographic remoteness are just a few. But anyone who knows Whistler will agree that the Bearfoot Bistro is one of the best and most enduring restaurants the town has ever seen. In its current incarnation, the Bearfoot (as it is locally known) is one classy establishment. Widely celebrated for its on-site wine cellar which houses over 20,000 bottles as well its unparalleled selection of the world’s finest champagnes, the restaurant


Sea to Sky Premier Properties  |

is remarkably unpretentious. In contrast, adjectives like edgy, extravagant and exquisite come immediately to mind. Then there’s enthusiastic. And excitable. These aptly describe the Bearfoot’s owner, Andre Saint-Jacques, who is equally passionate discussing world affairs and the international banking system as talking about his business endeavours and accomplishments. While some might suggest a decent dollop of luck has gone his way, it’s readily apparent that Andre lives on the cutting edge (he

holds the world record for the most champagne bottles “sabred” in under one minute) and he certainly doesn’t wait for trends to emerge—he’s out there creating them. Shortly after his arrival in Whistler in 1995, Andre purchased an existing restaurant from the Listel Hotel and playing on his Quebec heritage and expertise, proceeded to fashion a French bistro which catered largely to the mid-level and family market. At the time, the market for fine dining in Whistler was virtually non-existent and the only French food was very traditional.

So, with wealth and celebrity frequenting his establishment, the time was ripe for taking the restaurant much more up-market.

private wine cellar, and delectable creations by executive chef

Major renovations, a menu overhaul and a whole new image of sophistication and style were on the cards for the Bearfoot.

Melissa Craig

Fortunately for Andre, reputation and consistency in delivering an outstanding dining experience surpassed the turn of the century legislative changes that made the cigar room not only unfashionable, but unlawful.

In a decade when the smoking laws were more lenient and the habit more widespread, Andre, who had a tobacco business on the side, created a cigar room attached to the restaurant.

The cigar room had to go, but the Bearfoot soldiered on—still attracting exceptional clientele seeking fine food, wine and of course, a taste of champagne.

This was a first for Whistler and despite competitor expectations that it would fail miserably, the cigar room was a huge hit and became a brilliant marketing tool. In fact this industry anomaly became highly significant in the evolution of the Bearfoot Bistro.

One of the Bearfoot’s many accolades is having the designation of a Dom Perignon House— one of only 150 in the world. Needless to say, there is champagne aplenty—ensconced in the cellar, adorning the walls and single glasses sitting snugly in a frozen ice river at the pewter champagne bar. For the truly valiant, champagne sabering is an unforgettable experience.

“Above all else, the cigar room attracted wealth,” Andre explains. “Rich people and celebrities from all over were coming specifically for the cigars and the unique experience we were providing.”

▲ Bearfoot Bistro’s  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties


For the truly valiant, champagne sabering is an unforgettable experience. While their wine and champagne selections garner worldwide attention, the Bearfoot’s kitchen also receives exceedingly high acclaim with its modern Canadian menu. Executive Chef, Melissa Craig was awarded top honours in the 2008 Gold Medal Plates Canadian Culinary Championships, giving her legitimate claim to the title of best chef in the country. Quite an achievement for the soft spoken 29-year-old who not only creates gastronomic masterpieces, she does it in full view of her appreciative patrons while overseeing 20 industrious kitchen staff. Rest assured, there’s nary a hint of Ramsay’s nightmares in this kitchen. Having stepped into the high-profile role at age 24, Melissa is instrumental in the creation and fine tuning of each seasonal menu and has travelled the world in search of ideas, inspiration and experience.

Aside from the award winning King Crab Trio complete with coconut chilli soup and soy flavoured pop rocks, one of her latest innovations is nitro ice cream. The antithesis of a flambé, this ice cream comes to the table looking decidedly like whipping cream and is brought to perfect temperature and consistency with the aid of a vat of liquid nitrogen. It’s impressive stuff and is as exciting to taste as it is to witness. Andre, Melissa and the Bearfoot Bistro are set to push the boundaries of originality yet again in 2009 with a Canadian first—a vodka room. Far beyond a simple taste test, this truly unique experience involves Russian overcoats, funny hats, a permanently freezing room, and some very good vodka. Once again, this colourful entrepreneur is set to push some boundaries in Whistler’s always interesting restaurant scene. For reservations, call 604 932 3433.


Sea to Sky Premier Properties  |


Sea to Sky Premier Properties  |

Pemberton Spud Valley is an Idyllic Country Retreat

The population of Pemberton is estimated at between 500 and 4,000, depending on whom you consult! Is it a small untouched farming community or a thriving Mecca for those seeking the ultimate backcountry playground, a peaceful retreat or home to one of the many horse enthusiasts? This quandary may well explain why no one knows for sure how many people live here and how this once small unknown village has become internationally recognized in its own right. The District of Pemberton includes the Village, the First Nation’s community of Mount Currie, plus Pemberton Valley, D’Arcy and Birken.

Tucked beyond the Coast Mountains, about 30 minutes north of Whistler lies this green pocket of agricultural land widely known for its seed potatoes, and affectionately dubbed “Spud Valley” by its locals. Cattle can be seen grazing off the highway close to the village, and visitors often remark upon the quiet country atmosphere and the beauty of this stretch of peaceful farmland, sheltered all around by the majestic Coast Mountains. One the most prominent features in the Pemberton area is the 8,500-foot Mount Currie, a looming presence which is perhaps even more notable considering the valley is surrounded by snow-capped mountains.  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties


Today, even though the storefronts of the tiny downtown—just a couple of square blocks and reminiscent of a John Wayne movie set—Pemberton is experiencing a growth in both visitors and new arrivals who are taking up residence in this agriculturally and recreationally rich valley. Originally, the area was developed at the turn of the 20th century as a result of forestry and agriculture. Farming has remained a significant contribution to the local economy by embracing, integrating and promoting­the new trend to eat healthier and organically. Restaurants and shops all promote their use of local produce which assists in this economy supporting itself. Pemberton and the surrounding district embrace tourism, offering world-class activities and recreation. Be sure to take the time to enjoy the stunning alpine lakes and waterfalls, camping, fishing, and wildlife in the Pemberton Valley. Quick access to hiking, climbing, mountain biking, and backcountry ski-touring routes is one of the main reasons for the surge in popularity.

The district also provides a variety of shopping, dining, accommodations and a thriving service and light industrial sector. Pemberton has an airport, with a runway long enough to handle small planes and private jets, which makes accessibility easier for those who wish to own their own private estate, working ranch or equestrian­style home. More recently the community made the news by adopting the Jamaican Bobsled Team and hosting The Pemberton Music Festival—headlined by Coldplay and organized by Live Nation. For more information on how you can own in Pemberton contact us at info@‌mysspp.‌com or visit our website

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Pemberton Homes

The majority of homes in Pemberton are built to appreciate the local environment and enjoy the magnificent scenery. Quality log and timber frame homes, country style cottages, mountain retreats, homesteads, ranches are just some of the designs seen throughout the valley. Homes here also appreciate the lifestyle incorporating such features as large windows to frame the views, gourmetstyle kitchens, wrap-around decks, large garages, stables, barns and plenty of outside room to enjoy the long warm summer months. Prices are generally lower than nearby Whistler, located just 30 minutes south of the Valley. For current listings visit prices from $500,000  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties


Pemberton Condominiums Over the past few years the number of condo­minium-style properties in Pemberton has increased together with the first resort-style hotel offering private sales of apartment style units. Pemberton offers investors the opportunity to own a revenue-generating hotel suite or private rental property. For current listings visit prices from $93,000

Pemberton Townhomes The growth of Whistler and Pemberton over the last 15 years has seen an influx of young families moving to the region, and many found the affordability of Pemberton and its more rural, quiet way of life more appealing. New developments have catered for this market with many townhouse complexes being centered round the village, its schools and easy access to amenities. Prices have remained affordable and interestingly in the last few years more people are starting to buy second homes in this area. For current listings visit prices from $260,000


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Pemberton Open Spaces & Opportunities Pemberton represents the chance to buy something extraordinary with properties for the entrepreneur, investor as well as those looking for secluded private retreat. Agricultural land, vineyards, inns, bed & breakfast, homes with acreage, equestrian centres and ranches are just a few of the opportunities which make Pemberton an easy decision.  For current listings visit prices upon request  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties


Squamish Dubbed the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada, Squamish is captivating at any time of the year.


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This spectacularly located community—part seaside, part mountain—offers its residents and visitors the best of all worlds: an easy drive to Vancouver in one direction while heading north takes you to the world’s number one destination ski resort, Whistler. It is obvious why Squamish is so popular with the younger generation.

Improvements to the Highway and the coming 2010 Winter Olympics have stimulated the growth of this small town and enticed investors to create fresh opportunities for locals and new residents. Whether your pleasure is sport, nature or arts and culture; you will find a unique authenticity of ingredients in the makeup of Squamish.

Since the arrival of the first non-aboriginal people in 1889, Squamish has become a community of diverse peoples that have worked together to make Squamish a place to balance work, nature, and relationships.

The recently-built, iconic Squamish Adventure Centre epitomizes a town which is ready for change, while at the same time appreciating its heritage, location and diversity. Originally a logging community, it has morphed from its long association with

logging into a town which not only embraces tourism and adventure but now promotes and markets world-class activities successfully and with pride. There are many good reasons why Squamish is known as the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada. A huge variety of outdoor activities are possible right from your backyard. Mountain biking: it just doesn’t get much better than the Test of Metal or the annual Gear Jammer races which sell out instantly. Rock climbing offers the amazing “Chief” which is considered to be one of the world’s top 10 destinations, largely due to the deliciously sticky granite. There are precious few spots on the globe

where wind, water and land combine to provide flawless conditions for wind surfing and kite boarding and whether you prefer to dip your paddle into lakes, streams, rivers or the ocean, Squamish has it all for those who love to canoe, sea kayak or sail! Whether you are looking for an adrenaline rush or spectacular scenery and pristine wildlife, there are several white water and flat water rafting tour options available in the Squamish area. Before Squamish was discovered as an outdoor recreation Mecca, its fishing was and still is world-renowned. Golfers appreciate the natural setting of the three challenging courses and the relaxing views from the 19th hole!  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties


There are seemingly endless hikes to choose from for the naturalists—ocean walks, river walks and hikes in the forest. You can even hike up the backside trails to the top of the Chief for a breathtaking view of Howe Sound. Horse riding is a part of Squamish life and you will often see the locals out for a Sunday ride along the many trails. Winter offers alternative adventures with abundant ski touring for backcountry and cross-country skiers alike, as well as great trails for snowshoeing. Brohm Ridge and the upper Squamish Valley are favorite areas for snowmobilers and Mount Garibaldi is under conside­ ration for a local ski resort. To experience something truly special, visit the largest winter nesting ground of the Bald Eagle during the months of November through February for the greatest concentration of wintering bald eagles in the world. Our American guests are thrilled by scenes of their national emblem swooping down to catch a fish and thousands of these proud birds watching from their high perches in Brackendale. Boasting the second highest number of residents who are artists by profession in all of Canada, Squamish is fast becoming an art destination… a place to view and buy art. Wild at Art holds many events throughout the year and information on events and emerging artists can be found at the local Chamber of Commerce. This diverse and thriving arts and culture community encompasses theatre, music, visual arts, and heritage museums and offers a variety of rich creativity inspiring both locals and visitors. The work of regional, national and international contemporary artists can be seen at the many venues, temporary and ongoing exhibitions and festivals in the area. Catch some of the talented local musicians and performers at local restaurants and venues throughout the year. When it comes to appeasing your cravings, Squamish offers a variety of gourmet alternatives, including locally grown organic produce and special coffee blends. Great Indian cuisine, fresh English style fish and chips, local pubs, and fine dining are just some of the available alternatives. Each has its own character and relationship with nature through location and views. For more information on how you can own in Squamish contact us at info@‌mysspp.‌com or visit our website


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The Christie’s Collection Squamish’s unique position between Whistler and Vancouver is attracting a sophisticated level of discerning homeowner— acreage is available, easily accessible, cost-effective and surrounded by magnificent views. This makes Squamish an easy choice for builders to create luxurious, custom homes at half the price of nearby Vancouver or Whistler. Prestigious Garibaldi Highlands and University Heights located on the site of Quest University offer incredible views and fabulous homes.  For current listings visit prices upon request  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties


Squamish Homes Squamish is emerging as the perfect place to raise a family and see appreciation in your real estate. Starter homes allow young families to invest in their futures, while opportunities to renovate existing properties­ are attracting young tradespeople looking to create their mark on the industry. Understanding the various neighbourhoods in Squamish will help you find a location and price that is right for you. Style and technology are now a part of the Squamish real estate scene and there is truly is something for everyone. For current listings visit prices from $350,000

Squamish Acreages & Lots The opportunity to build in Squamish offers a variety of choices from a designer home with magnificent views to a private estate property with acreage. The diversity of each neighbourhood affords a buyer the opportunity to find a property which most fits their dream property. For current listings visit prices from $275,000


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Squamish Townhomes The last 10 years have seen an explosion of new developments, driven by the demand of many young couples and families moving to the area. Duplexes and townhomes are often the perfect starter home. The many complexes available throughout the Squamish Valley and downtown offer varying price points and sizes and they come with professional management and services. The rental market in Squamish is traditionally quite strong for those looking to invest. For current listings visit prices from $250,000

Squamish Condominiums For current listings visit prices from $190,000

As downtown Squamish is revitalized with more exciting plans for growth and development around the marina area, new offerings are on the way. Designed to maximize space and provide every modern convenience these new buildings are setting the new standard for Squamish.

With so many changes, be sure to have one of our agents keeping you updated so when the appropriate property becomes available, you will be the first to know!  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties



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Going for the


Introducing four exciting, young BC athletes who live in the Sea to Sky Corridor and Lower Mainland, training to compete for Canada in the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2010.  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties


Going for the Gold

Britt Janyk Alpine

The first word goes to her Whistler coach, Jim Pollock: “Britt is simply one of the best skiers around technically; by which I mean, her actual technique—how she stands on her skis, her ability to turn—is outstanding. She’s beautiful to watch. And beyond that, has a real feel for the snow.” That explains in part why the attractive 28-year-old who has called Whistler home since 1995, has also been a Canadian Champion in Downhill, Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super-G or Combined, one year or another, one discipline or another, since 2002. The daughter of Andrée and Bill Janyk (Andrée raced on the National Team in the 1960s), Britt started racing with the Whistler Mountain Ski Club when she was eleven. Though she trained and competed at a high level in gymnastics, tennis, soccer and track and field, Britt preferred the active life outdoors, and decided at the age of fourteen to focus all her energies on Alpine racing. Qualifying for the BC Alpine Team at sixteen, and the Canadian National Team a year later, she has spent the last seven seasons on the World Cup circuit, steadily improving; in 2007, posting 1st and 3rd place World Cup finishes in Aspen and Lake Louise, respectively.


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The second word also goes to Coach Pollock: “Adding to Britt’s experience and pure physical gifts, are the fact that she is professional and works hard. Not only is she very coachable, she’s also her own most severe taskmaster. If I were to sum up Britt’s character in one world, I would say she’s ‘determined.’” Britt narrowly missed representing Canada at the Winter Games in Salt Lake City and in Torino. Though personally disappointing, those setbacks, however, seem merely to have fueled her ultimate dream of a gold at Whistler in 2010. “It’s the years of hard work I’ve been putting in that are paving my way to an Olympic medal. Given the results my Canadian teammates, Emily Brydon, Kelly VanderBeek and I have been posting in the World Cup, I know we’re positioned for podium finishes—even against such stiff competition as Lindsey Vonn, Nadia Styger and Julia Mancuso.” There must be something in the Janyk gene pool, because Britt’s not the only skiing Janyk. Michael, her 26-year-old brother is also on the Canadian Alpine Team, and with Canadian Championships in Slalom in 2004 and 2006, and a 17th place showing in Torino, he too is aiming for 2010 gold.

Coach Pollock’s third words on Britt are these: “This season Britt needs to show that she can win consistently on the World Cup circuit, and she has the talent to do that. Her advantage in 2010 will be that she skis particularly well on her home mountain. I have every confidence that Britt will bring her very best to bear, when it counts the most.” The last word, of course, goes to Britt herself, and she is absolutely determined to let her performance speak for her. With the continuing support of corporate sponsors like PI Financial and Thomas Weisel, maybe all Britt needs to help her make her dream for 2010 come true will be the cheers of her BC fans. Follow Britt’s progress on her website:

Sledge Hockey

For BC defenseman, James Gemmell, just being invited to the series of tryout camps held in Nelson, Ottawa and Milton, Ontario was a honour, especially since he had only taken up Sledge Hockey two years before. The prospect of his cracking the lineup of Canada’s National Sledge Hockey Team seemed almost unimaginable. After all, many of the gold-medal veterans from the 2006 Paralympic Winter Games and 2008 World Championship-winning teams were expected to be returning. James was used to overcoming the odds, but making the team still seemed like a long shot. That’s why nobody, with the possible exception of Matthew Cook of Edmonton, was happier than James when National Coach Jeff Snyder announced in September that the two of them would added to what is arguably the best Sledge Hockey team in the world. Born in 100-Mile House, raised in Quesnel and training today in Richmond, James, like many Canadian boys, began playing hockey before he entered elementary

Going for the Gold

James Gemmell

school; in his case, continuing to play right up into the Bantam level before abandoning the game, at the age of thirteen, to be a teenager. Hockey, however, was the last thing on James’s mind that August night in 2004 when he took an ill-advised ride in a recklessly driven car that careened off the highway and eventually left him an amputee. Though he was fitted with a prosthesis within four months, James never gave Sledge Hockey a thought until he watched the television in awe as our Canadian National Team took the Gold in Torino. Open now to a new possibility, James worked hard over the next two years to learn the new sport, eventually becoming alternate Captain of Surrey’s BC Eagles, British Columbia’s only organized Sledge Hockey team.

ally disabled. It became a demonstration sport at the Paralympic Winter Games in Lillehammer, Norway in 1994. Played by male athletes with impairments of a permanent nature to their lower body, Sledge Hockey observes the same rules as able-bodied hockey, the only difference being some of the equipment used. Players are strapped into a metal frame that rests on two regular-sized ice-skate blades and is raised high enough above the ice to allow the puck to pass underneath. Players propel their sledges with two, 75 cm-long hockey sticks, equipped with spikes or picks on the opposite end to the blades. Goaltenders may have an additional pick at the base end of his stick and may use an additional stick with a blade or a trapper globe with teeth.

Sledge Hockey was invented by three Swedish wheelchair athletes on a frozen lake in Stockholm in 1961 and was only introduced to Canada in the early 80s by Dick Loiselle, the former director of the 1976 Toronto Olympiad for the physic-

In an interview following the National Team’s Training camp in Halifax, James said, “In Sledge Hockey players, you have to have a strong upper body to generate speed on the ice, so I’m weight training in the gym every day. By nature, I tend to be a cautious defender who tries not to be caught out of position, and I’m working on improving my passing and rink communication. I’m not kidding myself—I’ve made the Team, but I know I have to keep improving to be able to keep my place on it. There are no guarantees. The Paralympic Games are still a long way off. Between now and then, we have the Vancouver International Sledge Tournament coming up in February and the 2009 IPC Sledge Hockey World Championship in March in the Czech Republic. I’m just taking it one challenge at a time.” Follow the progress of James Gemmell and Canada’s National Sledge Hockey Team at  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties


Going for the Gold

It is too tempting to resist observing that, as one of Canada’s leading Snowboardcrossers, Rob Fagan is definitely an “Artful Dodger.” But literary allusions aside, it is more accurate to say that Rob isn’t dodging anything, but is, instead, poised for what may very well prove to be a breakthrough season in one of the most highly competitive alpine disciplines, on his way to a potential medal in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games. Introduced to skiing at the age of three by his parents Jean and Joseph Fagan of Cranbrook, Rob, who lives today in Squamish and trains in North Vancouver, was a purely recreational skier with no competitive ambitions during his formative years. He didn’t take up the snowboard until he was fifteen, and then only because he preferred “the smoothness of its free ride” on the powdered slopes in Kimberley. He dabbled at first with Freestyle, but it was finally the jumps and head-to-head challenge of Snowboard Cross that opened his spirit to the thrill of competition. Taking the National Championship at Mount Tremblant in 2002, he was named to the Canadian National Snowboard Team that same year, eventually posting his first World Cup podium finish (Silver) in Japan two years later. Rob added his second World Cup Silver to Nor-Am Cup wins at Sunshine Village and Snow Peaks in 2007. “Calm and composed, Rob proves that you don’t have to act like a ‘wild man’ to win in Snowboard Cross,” says National Coach, Tim Milne. “He’s deceptive. An extremely focused and fierce competitor– what I would call ‘a killer.’ In an event with lots of variable, where, on any given day, all that separate the top 32 men in the world are hundredths of seconds, Rob


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is very business-like; he just bears down and gets the job done. His commitment to hard work and training makes him a leader by example, and a core members of our National Team.” Snowboard Cross is always, potentially, a contact sport—an elimination contest in which up to four racers at a time, in the case of the Olympics and World Cup and six in the case of the X-Games, jostle across the face of a thirty-metre-wide slope, battling for the best position on an optimal speed line that, at times, may only be a metre-wide. “Some racers, if they don’t get a good start, can’t get themselves out of the hole,” says Rob. “I think one of my strengths is that I can adapt to the different circumstances of each race—I can draft, I can pass, I can come from behind, I don’t need to start in the front to win.” That said, Rob is quick to add out that, in preparation for the upcoming season, he has been working both on making his start technically sound, and on developing his stamina and conditioning. “I’ve had my share of injuries over the years—broken my ankle and my shoulder, torn my knees— but I’ve never been in better shape as I am today. I feel vigorous, energized and I’m running strong. To be in the game on race day, you need to be ready and able to perform with all your skills. I’m approaching this season one race at a time, but I’m looking down the road to what is possible for me. The Winter Games are a long way off, but I’m determined to be there, not just to go down the hill and participate - I’ll be going there to win.” And we’re sure all Rob’s friends and fans will be there to cheer him on. Keep track of Rob’s progress at

Rob Fagan Snowboard Cross


Whether Tyler Mosher is familiar to you as one of the world’s leading, if not #1 Adaptive snowboarders, as one of Canada’s up and coming Para-Nordic cross-country racers, or as the award-winning designer behind Whistler’s TMD Landscapes Ltd. and The Gardener’s Inc., he is definitely a man to keep an eye on—for 2010, and beyond. In 1996, following his graduation as an Environmental Planner from NSCAD in Nova Scotia, Tyler adopted Whistler as his permanent home and began his now successful business. Tragedy struck four years later, when, while he was traversing a glacier, a 30-foot fall into a crevasse that ended in a violent collision with rock and ice left Tyler paralyzed from the waist down. His helmet saved his life, but as he observes: “That day was the end of a lot of my life as I knew it …(and) the beginning of a new life, as I know it now. My muscularity, combined with luck, medical expertise, hard work, physiotherapy, yoga, love and friendship are the reasons I can walk today.” (Tyler remains about 40% paralyzed below the waist.) Barely able to walk in the snow the winter after he emerged from Vancouver’s G.F. Strong Rehab Centre, Tyler recalls: “My choices were limited: leave Whistler or figure out how to enjoy the snow. That winter was the first time I stood on cross-country skis.” In a chance meeting the following spring with Kaspar Wirz, now his coach on the Canadian Para-Nordic Team, Tyler wondered out loud “what it would be like to compete as a cross-country skier and what I would need to do to be competitive.” Coach Wirz’s reply was for Tyler to call him after he had skied 850 kilometres. A call that December from Todd Alison at PacificSport, suggesting that the Canada’s hosting of the IPC Nordic World Cup in Orford, Quebec and the Paralympic Winter

Games coming to Vancouver in 2010 created a unique opportunity for Tyler if he took up cross-country skiing, engaged Tyler’s competitive nature. “I didn’t even think about it. I said that I was an athlete before and I would love to be one again. I started training the next day.” Based on his previous expertise as a snowboarder, since 2005, Tyler has posted numerous Gold and Silver medal performances in Adaptive Alpine events at the US Snowboard Association National Championships, as well as a Gold Medal in the first-ever Adaptive Snowboarding World Cup (WSF), held in Whistler in 2008. Adaptive snowboarding, however, is not yet part of the Paralympic Games. Though crosscountry is not best suited to the nature of his injury, Tyler, who competes in the Standing category, has nevertheless posted gold in Classic Cross-Country at the 2006 and 2007 Canadian National Championship, and in IPC World Cup events last season placed 11th in Cross-Country Classic Sprint and 13th in Classic 20 Km, events in which he hopes to compete at the Paralympic Winter Games in 2010.

Going for the Gold

Tyler Mosher

Supported in part by sponsors such as Petro Canada FACE Program, Lululemon Yoga Wear, Exel Poles, Alpina Boots, Fischer Skis and Burton Snowboards, Tyler largely finances his competitive expenses from his Whistler landscape business. Inspired by the example of Para-Nordic legends like Brian McKeever (“…whose accomplishments make my jaw drop on a regular basis”) and fuelled by his own inner drive to push his personal limits, Tyler Mosher is on track to make his podium dreams a reality in 2010. Follow Tyler’s progress at  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties



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Consistently ranked one of the most liveable cities in the world, what is so unique about Vancouver that it captures the world’s imagination? Why have more than two million people already chosen this city as their home and why do over eight million annual visitors keep coming back? A city cradled between the Strait of Georgia and the North Shore mountains, Vancouver is Canada’s third largest city, after Toronto and Montreal. Surrounded by the natural beauty of snow-capped mountains and stunning ocean views, it offers a mild climate year-round enabling Vancouverites to have a healthy, outdoor-oriented lifestyle.

Imagine waking up in the morning, putting on your ski gear, taking a few turns on the picturesque local mountains, then playing a round of golf with friends in the afternoon? Hiking and biking on the numerous trails on the North Shore and in the city’s famous Stanley Park are big favourites with locals and visitors. Vancouver has built on its core strengths to become one of the most popular cities to visit; spectacular natural beauty, a truly multicultural population, a plethora of dining choices, entertainment and shopping options are among its many draw cards.  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties


If you are searching for shopping look no further than Vancouver, it’s fabulous for any price point. Robson Street is a must, followed by the designer areas of South Granville, Chinatown, Gastown, Davie Village, Heritage District and Yaletown— perfect for picking up fashionable clothing, gifts and housewares. The art galleries and music festivals will entice your cultural palate and the Vancouver­Canucks will excite any sports enthusiast with NHL hockey. The Vancouver Whitecaps soccer team is the present USL champion and always put on an exciting show. What makes Vancouver one of the finest cities to visit is its people, they are what has really made Vancouver the place it is today. Justifiably Vancouver can claim to be a welcoming city whose people genuinely show their love for and pride in their home city and who are equally delighted to share its splendour with visitors and new inhabi­ tants alike. Vancouver is the host city for the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games and all over the city signs are indicating their readiness to host the world, including guarantees from the Mayor “we are totally confident that we will deliver on our promise of creating the greatest Winter Olympics ever.” And the Games themselves—just the icing on the cake—are bringing attention to a city which deserves every accolade and will showcase some exciting sporting events. Whether it’s the mad clash of hockey sticks in a sport synonymous with Canada, the dazzling routines of the aerial acrobats of the ski freestyle events or the breath-catching antics of snowboarders, Vancouver and the Winter Games are sure-fire winners. For more information on how you can own a piece of this dynamic city contact us at or visit our website at


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Vancouver Properties

Vancouver has seen tremendous growth in the real estate market over the last 15 years with many new developments from downtown city condominiums to luxurious estate properties creating unique investment opportunities in both the residential and commercial sectors. Vancouver has always been and still is considered a great place to invest.

As with all major cities, Vancouver also has distinctive neighbourhoods. These can be categorized by local demographics which in turn, has led to certain housing styles and prices. In recent years, with the influence of rising prices some of Vancouver’s neighbourhoods have experienced a makeover, or are being rediscovered. Areas like Marpole are truly exciting to watch.  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties


Vancouver Properties (continued)

Many families reside on the North Shore in beautiful stately homes associated with West Vancouver and the British Properties whose upper slopes overlook the Vancouver skyline, inner harbour and islands beyond. But, without doubt, the areas of Downtown, Yaletown and Kitsilano are the favourites of pro athletes, film stars and young, successful couples. Other areas such as Coal Harbour have developed their own community energy— becoming popular choices for “empty nesters” moving back into the city, as well as overseas investors looking for properties which are likely to appreciate. Neighbourhoods in East Vancouver such as Kensington–Cedar Cottages are transitioning from working-class to middle

class as a more affluent, younger demographic move into the area, buying low-cost detached houses and renovating with style and technology. Vancouver is an ever-changing city catering to its international and multicultural population with a diversity of real estate, cuisine, shopping, entertainment and activity options. However, even its downtown core retains a residential feel as it furiously maintains its connection to its surroundings. With the implementation of green space, traffic calming initiatives, multitudes of small parks, the use of pedestrian only walkways and easy access to the magnificent sandy beaches, Vancouver lives in constant harmony with its stunning and unique ocean-to-mountain scenery.

For the latest listings, visit prices upon request


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Vancouver  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties


Design, Inspiration, and Ingenuity

The thought of designing and building your own ultimate luxury home is likely to generate one of two reactions—an exhilarating sense of creative freedom or an overwhelming feeling of dread followed by a desperate call for help. Either way, having experienced professionals work with you from start to finish makes a significant difference in not only realizing your dream, but also negotiating the potential minefields.


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The statement may seem absurdly obvious, but every home—no matter how modest or majestic—began as an idea. It is, of course highly likely for the end result to be a million miles from that original concept, but we all need a starting point. As a designer specializing primarily in customized residential homes, Marque Thompson is equally happy—whether that first inspiration comes from the client or from his own creative resources.

architectural requirements, without some of the obligatory restrictions. Marque contends that one of the main advantages of using a design firm is their flexibility and adaptability in meeting a client’s needs.

“I have no particular agenda to design a home in a specific way,” Marque explains. “In fact, even if someone comes to me with no clue as to where to start, things generally evolve very quickly and these individuals are often far more creative than they give themselves credit for.”

The beauty of these early sketches is that everyone feels comfortable getting involved, adding their suggestions and adapting the design—at this point it’s less about what will or won’t work and more to do with brainstorming and creating a strong sense that everyone is working on the same team.

Marque, the principal of West Vancouver home design company Design Marque, has a bachelor degree in Architecture and a diploma in Civil and Structural Engineering—all from the UK. His passion for design however, is in the fluidity and dynamism of the process. In his role as designer, Marque has the capacity to accomplish all the

The second stage of the process is to hone the original concepts and produce a well considered plan, taking into account the intangible elements such as lifestyle, convenience and personal interests as well as the more concrete factors—lot size, shape and topography as well as any restrictions or covenants.

“We prefer to sit with the client and start by simply putting pencil to paper,” he says. “It’s a very sketchy look and feel which removes the intimidation factor of being presented with formal architectural plans.”

As a home design professional with clients across Canada as well as England, Singapore, Hawaii and Costa Rica, Marque finds the beauty of the Sea to Sky corridor serves to enhance the design process. “You might say one person’s challenge is another’s inspiration,” he says with a wry smile. “I like to think a home design responds to the beauty of the surroundings, rather than being restricted by factors such as the steepness of embankments, physical remoteness or impending snow drifts.” The greatest frustrations in fact, lie not in the geographical quandaries, but in the

bureaucracy, by-laws and red tape that accompany the whole process. Having worked on numerous luxury homes in Whistler, Squamish, Furry Creek, Lions Bay, Ocean Point and over a dozen waterfront homes in West Vancouver, Marque is loathe to compare the various locations as each has its own natural advantage that far outweighs the challenges. So what of the proud owner of a spectacular lot—perched atop a rocky outcrop, tucked away beside secluded stream, or stretched across a mountainside ridge? The devil, as they say, is in the details.  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties


Legislative changes over the years have caught many owners off guard when it comes to creating their dream home. Proximity to water for example, which is generally considered a priceless asset, can create all sorts of complications for the unapprised. Intricate details of the Federal Fisheries Act, the Water Act (BC) and the Local Government Act (BC) must all be taken into account when planning a home beside water of any nature. The mere fact that an existing home on any given lot may be a close to a stream or a lake, has absolutely no bearing on whether you can build in that same envelope. Similarly, you may find your neighbours’ home, built 15 years ago is within 10 feet of the lakeside, yet you are restricted to being 30 feet back from the waterline. The rationale behind all these changes has the environment at its core, but the only way to avoid an unexpected shock is to do your due diligence before undertaking any specific design or structural planning. Architects, design professionals and building contractors should be well versed on these laws and by-laws and it’s far preferable to design your home around these contingencies than backtrack at great expense to meet the provincial or municipal requirements at a later date.


Sea to Sky Premier Properties  |

While there is a significant difference in the design of an oceanfront home and a chalet style alpine retreat, there are two overriding factors, according to Marque—lifestyle and convenience. “If both these elements aren’t fully covered in our initial design plan, we’re ultimately doing the client a disservice,” he explains. Rather like looking through a fashion magazine and admiring outfits that are stunning to look at but utterly impractical, there’s not a lot of point having a spectacular tailor made home that falls short in the livability department. And the final word on home design? Resale. Difficult as it is to imagine, there will be a time to move on from the home that is your current dream project. Design styles and trends will certainly come and go and these can be altered without much difficulty, but core components—bedroom positioning, living space location and making the most of views or the surrounding environment are features which ensure your home is marketable for generations to come. For more information visit

We invite you to experience the most exciting home furnishings and interior design destination in Western Canada. Be Inspired.

1626 Lloyd Avenue (at Marine Drive), North Vancouver 604.980.1524 Mon – Sat 10 – 5:30pm 10 mins from downtown

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South Surrey / White Rock The Fraser River to the north and the US border to the south might naturally divide this region, but within its boundaries it offers a true dichotomy of lifestyles.

The Fraser Valley is one of BC’s most productive agricultural regions and a thriving agri-tourism destination. Surrey holds a reputation as the fastest growing community in Canada and White Rock, despite its small size, is heralded as the most cosmopolitan of all Vancouver’s suburbs. Despite the fast pace of development in the Municipality of Surrey, South Surrey itself has retained much of its rural charm, unique relaxed character and has become fittingly known as The City of Parks. Boasting over 80 acres of parks and 108km of multi-use trails, with 76km paved, with 12 golf courses elegantly etched into this green landscape, this moniker is hard to question. The South Surrey lifestyle is a blend of rural and urban, an area that provides an illusion of remoteness and quick access to seaside recreational opportunities, while being surprisingly close to all the amenities offered in the neighbouring urban community of Vancouver. Situated on the Semiahmoo Peninsula, the sunny southerly suburb of White Rock/South Surrey is a stunning seaside community with a uniqueness all its own. Modern ocean-side houses hug the hillside, the bustling promenade is lined with beachside cafes and popular shops and it comes complete with heritage sites of a pier and the famous “White Rock.”


Sea to Sky Premier Properties  |

White Rock/South Surrey is surrounded on two sides by water and is renowned for miles of lovely, sandy beaches, sunshine, moderate climate, soaring eagles, and spectacular ocean and mountain views. Picnic facilities, nature trails, tennis courts as well as a number of parks all encourage outdoor pursuits and a variety of activities. The arts have long been a focus of community life in White Rock, drawing visitors to theatrical performances, concerts and exhibitions. The world famous Sandcastle Competition attracts the artistic as well as thousands of delighted viewers. If one is in search of a more agricultural or equestrian lifestyle then look no further than The Fraser Valley, a region that covers approximately 115,000 hectares along the south bank of the Fraser River. This greenbelt of berry fields, farmlands, pastures and

pleasant towns lies east of the urban sprawl of Greater Vancouver and produces much of the fresh produce enjoyed by the city dwellers. South Surrey/White Rock has become a preferred location for families looking to raise their children as well as a popular retirement spot because of its moderate climate; temperatures average around 20°C in the summer and 6°C in the winter. This area is also considered a safe place to live and has great local amenities including primary and secondary schools, shops and recreation facilities and provides an easy commute to downtown Vancouver or the US border. For more information on South Surrey/ White Rock or the Fraser Valley contact us at or visit our website at  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties


The Christie’s Collection A collection of singularly spectacular and elegant homes are to be found in both South Surrey and White Rock, featuring large acreages, stunning ocean views or waterfront locations. Increasingly the more affluent are being attracted to this quiet, yet convenient setting which offers an impressive array of properties for sale, land to build their dream home, acreages to enjoy privacy and impressive views at remarkably reasonable prices. For current listings visit prices upon request


Sea to Sky Premier Properties  |

South Surrey/ White Rock Homes South Surrey/White Rock offers an impressive­variety of homes for sale suiting every style and taste, yet it has maintained a careful blend of rural and urban style in its design. Consequently, this area boasts a varied selection ranging from smaller ranchers or bungalow style homes to breathtaking waterfront estates commanding spectacular views. Contemporary starter homes in family designed subdivisions have been integrated alongside single family lots with more traditional homes and larger plots of land. For current listings visit prices from $475,000  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties


Fraser Valley Acreages

The Fraser Valley is home to some of the most productive agricultural properties in the province. This area is world renowned for its crops, including cranberries and blueberries. The equestrian community also thrives in the Fraser Valley. The farmhouse has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a homestead. Now the Fraser Valley showcases private


Sea to Sky Premier Properties  |

equestrian centres, large homes with agricultural properties, and grand estate homes on private, landscaped enclaves of country living—but still within a commute to downtown Vancouver.  For current listings visit prices upon request

South Surrey/ White Rock Condominiums &Â Townhomes Townhomes are a popular alternative for those who want less work or the expense of owning their own land. They are perfect for the city commuter and designed to meet the living requirements of singles, couples and families.

Condominiums, many with mountain and ocean views, are a popular choice for those wanting to enter the market or wishing to retire in this beautiful community. Most are located within close walking distance to shopping, public transportation and other amenities.

These developments have been artfully designed to incorporate modern amenities while capturing the essence of surrounding nature. Amenities can include large gyms, tennis courts, pools, workshops, and party/ gathering rooms while the landscaping includes lush gardens complete with waterfalls, fountains, ponds, walkways and playgrounds.

Complexes offer full amenities including concierge service, gyms, and pools. They vary in size, price, location and services thereby offering opportunities for anyone looking for a great lifestyle and affordability. For current listings visit prices from $250,000

For current listings visit prices from $300,000  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties


Gulf Islands

People from all corners of the globe are drawn to these islands; some to live, some to visit, some in pursuit of recreation and their own form of spiritual renewal, but all agree they have stepped into paradise. Your first clue will be a perceptible drop in your stress level as you absorb the natural scenery along winding country roads, see your first glimpses of seals, deer or bald eagles, or nestle in for a quiet night’s sleep at one of the islands’ diverse accommodation choices.


Sea to Sky Premier Properties  |

Most of the 225 Gulf Islands are tiny and can be reached only via private boat. But Salt Spring, Pender, Mayne, Galiano and Saturna are well-served by ferries and float planes and have a range of services, depending on the size of their population.

The islands are also healing places, where spas and alternative health practitioners­reside in abundance, and the creative experience is shared through quality music, theatre and dance performances.

Although people say they come to the islands “to relax,” and they do, there is still so much to see and do. Jaw-dropping sights on land and sea, dazzling arts and crafts; so much mouth-watering, locally grown food to enjoy; shopping options that let you take home signature Gulf Islands gifts and a cluster of recreation choices that fill up any visitor’s days—from hiking to kayaking, golfing, fishing and beachcombing.

With more artists per capita than many places on earth, the islands revel in their natural beauty as a source of inspiration— the level of sophistication is astounding. Professional musicians abound in venues like restaurants, pubs and halls, and several famous writers also call the islands home. In 2003, Gulf Islands National Park Reserve was created, protecting a portion of this unique area—home to many plant and

animal species found nowhere else in Canada. Parks Canada strives to provide quality services and facilities for its visitors. The national park offers many opportunities for people to connect with nature, learn about the islands’ history, and experience the surrounding rural area at a leisurely pace. Sailing, kayaking, hiking, camping, wildlife viewing or simply relaxing on a sheltered beach—you’ll find many different ways to create your own special Gulf Islands memories. For more information on how you can own a piece of this paradise contact us at info@‌mysspp.‌com or visit our website www.‌mysspp.‌com  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties


The Christie’s Collection The Gulf Islands have been associated with offering some of the most exclusive, unique and idyllic properties capitalizing on their ability to offer privacy. These islands have evolved into a secondary home market for many well known celebrities. These exclusive homes afford their owners the ability to maintain their luxurious private lifestyles by offering everything from large estate properties, private access by float plane to their own docks to the epitome of privacy and luxury—that of being able to buy your own island.  For current listings visit price upon request


Sea to Sky Premier Properties  |

Gulf Islands  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties


Gulf Island Properties Real Estate on the islands offers a special lifestyle with incredible oceanfront living and spectacular ocean view sunsets.


Sea to Sky Premier Properties  |

The listing inventory is usually low because in 1974 the Provincial Government created the Islands Trust with a mandate to preserve­& protect the Gulf Islands, for the benefit of all BC residents. This also has limited new development. Oceanfront homes can still be found for an affordable price, although some could require upgrades. As these gem properties have become available they have been purchased for their investment opportunity, whether it is to replace or renovate the existing home. One of the obvious reasons to buy on the Gulf Islands is the ready availability of spectacular views. That being said, the majority of properties do offer their owner an ocean view at more affordable prices than their oceanfront counterpart. Townhomes and condominiums are available in the more densely populated towns but there is also a generous array of other opportunities from farms, resorts, bed & breakfasts and vineyards, to acreages and building lots. Our local expert will introduce you to all the exciting opportunities that await you in the Gulf Islands. For current listings visit prices from $500,000  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties


So Much More Than Curb Appeal… The impact of a first impression is undeniably powerful and it is widely accepted that the opinions formed in an initial three-second snapshot are very difficult to change. So if this theory holds true with people meeting people, it stands to reason that the first impression of a home will be formed well before you walk through the front door.


Sea to Sky Premier Properties  |

As any real estate professional will explain, a property’s “curb appeal”—or lack thereof—has a major impact on the level of buyer interest in any property and the selling price can be substan­tially affected by external appearance. The concept of curb appeal ranges from whether the lawns are maintained and the kids’ toys out of sight, through to utilizing and enhancing a property’s surroundings to create a unique external landscape—either way, the aim is to make the property more appealing.

Some homeowners consider curb appeal long before their property goes on the market, which gives them the chance to enjoy the new ambiance before passing it on to a new owner. According to Martin Stockley of Terracraft Landscape, the past decade has seen a shift in the concept of landscaping, whereby the external areas blend with both the style and design of the home as well as the natural surrounds. “There used to be a strong distinction between the house, with all its internal functionality and the garden, which could be anything from a lawn and some flower beds to a real stand alone showpiece,” Martin explains. “Now people are striving to bring the external beauty into their living space, so features such as ponds, waterfalls and rockscapes are easily visible from key areas of the home.” Terracraft Landscape has gained a reputation for designing and constructing major landscape projects which tend to involve some serious problem solving. “The truth is,” says Martin, “when you’re working on a large, complex and creative project, you never know exactly what you’re going to get, so you’re constantly adapting to cater to the conditions and environment.” The definition of landscaping is ‘to improve the natural features of a piece of land’ and Martin concedes that working with nature to create this enhancement is a much better bet than working against her—“Mother Nature always wins!” On the west coast, for example, water plays a vital role. Drainage needs to be addressed before embarking on any construction work and in areas like the Sea to Sky corridor and Vancouver’s North Shore, it’s not unusual to unearth seasonal, natural springs in the early stages of excavation.

It’s not always the environment that dictates modifications to the original plans. For many clients, as they observe the evolution of their landscape project, they see opportunities for change or expansion that will ultimately enhance the whole property. These additions of course, add to the project cost at the time, but it’s far more cost effective than adding elements at a later date. For these reasons, many landscapers are reluctant to lock in a project price, especially when structural landscaping is involved. The most common approach is to begin with a ball park budget and work with a landscaper on design concepts, contents and requirements, then throughout the project, you’ll be updated on both the progress and the budget. It is wise to have some cash in reserve, as that extra 10 percent may help to solve an unforeseen problem or better still, elevate the final product from excellent to extraordinary. Yes, landscaping can add anywhere from 10–20 percent to the value of a property, but Martin is most enamoured with the personal impact it has on individual people. He is in constant contact with clients and even those who are living elsewhere are sent photos on a weekly basis, so they can participate in the evolution of their landscape. “Sometimes it’s difficult to see past the yard full of excavators, dump trucks and bobcats and get an appreciation for what the finished product will look like,” Martin says. “But I guess they all manage to because, despite any hiccups that might occur along the way, I’ve not yet had a client who isn’t thrilled with the finished product. In fact, many clients have become friends so I get to enjoy my work at dinners and afternoon drinks on their patio!” For more information about landscaping contact Terracraft Landscape at 1.604.932.5666 or terracraft@‌telus.‌net.

“You need to adapt your plan to work with or around natural impediments,” Martin says.  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties



Sea to Sky Premier Properties  |

British Columbia Discover a province unique and intriguing

British Columbia is set between the Pacific Ocean in the west and the magnificent Rocky Mountains in the east and is Canada’s westernmost province. The size alone lends itself to this province offering a geographical diversity in lifestyle, temperature and topology. BC offers not just outdoor adventure but cosmopolitan culture, world class exhibitions, uptown shopping and fabulous dining. From sophisticated cities to breathtaking scenery, there is something for everyone in BC. Each region has its own intriguing differences and unique attributes.

Northern BC’s vast wilderness comprises more than half the province, but definitely less than half its population. It is a land of unlimited adventure filled with jagged mountain peaks, roaring rivers, serene lakes, green valleys, rugged coastlines and ancient island archipelagos. Preserved and protected by a world-class system of provincial parks and nature reserves, its residents enjoy unlimited and unparalleled freshwater and saltwater fishing, canoeing, kayaking, white water rafting, hiking, and in the winter, powder skiing and snowmobiling.  For current listings visit

Living in the Cariboo Chilcotin region offers residents and investors the opportunity to choose from homes on one of the many lakes, rivers or along the magnificent Pacific Ocean coastline. Inland, there are endless gently winding trails and strenuous backcountry routes to walk, hike, ride and canter and ranches galore. Once famous for the Gold Rush, today the Cariboo conjures up summer images of golden rolling pastures where horses graze, cowboys still rope and brand their cattle and avid anglers cast their lines long into the warm endless evenings. This is still the land being settled by entrepreneurs, outdoor enthusiasts, artists and explorers.  For current listings visit  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties


The Thompson Okanagan region is famous for its golf courses, orchards, ski resorts and vineyards as well as the wildly varied landscape. Each year, travellers and residents give acclaim to the region for its historic richness, agricultural abundance and spectacular beauty.

The Kootenay Rockies are a vast wilderness of rivers, lakes, waterfalls, beaches, mineral hot springs, alpine meadows and snow-capped mountains. Fortune seekers developed the region with the discovery of silver, gold, and other precious metals in the late 1800s.

This area has become synonymous as BC’s summer playground as its temperatures soar above 30°C and people come to relax and play by the water. In response, the real estate market has seen a boom with new developments and revitalization, creating resort-style towns and investment opportunities.

Today, the Kootenays thrive with many resort towns which capture the natural resources of this bountiful countryside offering pre-eminent destinations for golfing, fishing, water sports, skiing, mountain biking, hiking as well as world-renowned natural hot spring spas.

 For current listings visit

 For current listings visit


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4/20/08 9:28:32 AM

Vancouver Island offers one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems: rainforests, marshes, meadows, beaches, mountains, oceans, rivers and lakes creating habitats for multitudes of wildlife species as well as wonderful adventure opportunities. Vancouver Island’s economy outside Victoria is largely dominated by the forestry industry, with tourism and fishing also playing large roles. Rapidly expanding vineyards produce wines that compete on the international market and a quickly-developing IT industry are proving to be the next areas of economic importance. And finally, Vancouver Island is home to Victoria, the provincial capital, a comfortably-sized city with a 19th century flavour. The British influence, prevalent since its inception, has never left the city and in many of the shops customs and traditions are carried on as they were in the “olde country.” The downtown streets are lined with heritage buildings, quaint restaurants, and “cottage” arts and crafts shops.  For current listings visit

Today, many of the landmarks throughout BC are remnants of the lumber barons, traders and miners who settled here together with the Chinese labourers who came to build the railway. The combination of rugged wilder­ness, European refinement and First Nations and Asian culture make this province a unique destination. BC has now become a favoured destination for sophisticated travellers, so much so, the region has been chosen by the International Olympic Committee for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Venues for the Games will stretch from the cosmopolitan streets of Metro Vancouver to Whistler Village, a world-class ski resort. Awarding the Games is an honour that recognizes not just the physical capacity of the region to host them, but the international status of the city and its sophisticated amenities. Fine dining, sophisticated shopping, museums, galleries, parks and entertainment options abound—waiting to delight visitors of all ages and interests. Our associates can introduce you to the benefits of ownership around the exciting opportunities available in this naturally spectacular province.  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties


Commercial Real Estate Commercial Expertise to Tailored Strategies

Sea to Sky Premier Properties’ Commercial Division is dedicated to offering its clients up to date market knowledge with specific strategies tailored to achieve all their real estate needs and objectives in a cost effective and timely manner. We specialize in the sale and leasing of office, warehouse and retail properties­in the lower mainland from South Surrey to West Vancouver, Squamish and Whistler. During the purchase and sale of Commercial­Property we offer both buyers and sellers a full range of services to assist them in maximizing investment decisions and achieving the highest and best possible return on every investment dollar.

Landlord and Tenant Representation

As landlord/tenant representatives, specific strategies are developed to improve the value and marketability of properties through product positioning and target marketing. Sea to Sky Premier Properties’ under­ standing of the dynamics of the local real estate market enables landlords and tenants to create maximum value for their asset or portfolio of assets. With an average of 100 lease transactions completed each year from 500 square feet to 25,000 square feet, we advise landlords and tenants on favourable lease terms and conditions to reflect true market rates and industry standards not readily available to the general public.


Sea to Sky Premier Properties  |

Investment Properties

Successful real estate investments­require in-depth knowledge and careful conside­ration. We understand that individual investors have their own objectives and levels of comfort. We can advise about market conditions and investment strategies, how to minimize the risk and achieve maximum returns on investments.

 For current commercial listings visit

Land Assembly

Developers are constantly working in a changing econo­ mic and political environment. Working with local governments to shape liveable communities is a complex process that requires understanding of consumer demands, trends in local and global economies as well as detailed knowledge of the development process.

Project Marketing

Sea to Sky Premier Properties will use a variety of different­marketing strategies for different types of real estate projects. Each marketing plan emphasizes the different ameni­ties and features of the project as well as elements such as community characteristics, accessibility and most importantly location highlights. Picking effective print and non-print media are paramount­in successful project marketing campaigns. Costs for different media must be considered and chosen based on the demographic profile and geographic locations of the intended buyers.

Sea to Sky Premier Properties specializes in land assembly and can explain how to choose properties that will best suit your short and long-term objectives and goals.

 For current commercial listings visit  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties


The Benefits of using a Commercial REALTOR

Buying, selling or leasing a commercial property is not only complex it includes in depth negotiations, market research and knowledge, legal and financial concerns. Ask yourself about your priorities, weigh up your options wisely and take note of these important considerations:


■ Are you really aware of the value of commercial property in your specific area?

■ How sure can you be of your research and knowledge of the current market?

■ What are the changing real estate factors in the market place which could affect you?

■ Do you really understand the legal and financial aspects involved?

■ Can you bargain effectively without becoming emotionally involved?

■ Do you have the time to focus not just on the fundamentals of real estate, but the complexities which often arise, as well as all your business’ requirements?

 For current commercial listings visit


Sea to Sky Premier Properties  |

The reality is that time and money can be saved if you seek the advice and help of a professional commercial REALTOR®. “Working with Sea to Sky Premier Properties­enabled me to concentrate and focus my energy on my business. I have found their market knowledge and investment advice, whether buying or selling commercial property, has been invaluable” says Mr. A. G. Khamneipur of Northgate­Investment Corporation. The Commercial REALTORS® of Sea to Sky Premier Properties­are required to meet the Canadian Real Estate Association’s standards, assurance of integrity and strict code of ethics. As specialists in their marketplace, they are not just there to provide you with the qualified buyer or the right location—they are your real estate consul­ tants implementing marketing initiatives, advising on market conditions, networking with related professionals, as well as providing­legally binding documentation.

 For current commercial listings visit

The Benefit of Experience

The Benefit of Knowledge

Current economic forces are challenging the way organizations and individuals operate. Sea to Sky Premier Properties Commercial REALTORS®, are among the most experienced practitioners in the industry and have the ability to recognize and act upon advantageous shifts.

When working with Sea to Sky Premier Properties Commercial­REALTORS®, you are tapping into over 30 years of resource of information, networking and product knowledge.

The Benefit of a Professional and Comprehensive Service Sea to Sky Premier Properties Commercial REALTORS® cooperate with other professionals and specialists to ensure they are able to provide knowledgeable information on space planning, zoning, dealing with local governments, architectural design, tax assessment, appraisals, financing, market trends and closing procedures.  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties


New Developments Lots – homes – condominiums – townhomes – commercial

Successfully marketing and selling over 50 projects in recent years has given our agents the experience and confidence to manage a project strategy from conception­ to completion. Our sales agents have travelled the world implementing systems and sales programs. We work on the ground with builders, developers and owners assisting in the design concept to ensure that their product appeals to their target audience. Our in-house marketing team works with graphic designers and marketing planners to create cost effective­marketing materials to best represent the product.  For current listings visit


Sea to Sky Premier Properties  |

Our Marketing Services Brand Identity/Development Demographic Analysis Design Management Campaign Management Print Media Web Development News Media Project Launches Resort Real Estate Marketing Strategy International Affiliate Marketing Budget Management

 For current listings visit

Sea to Sky Premier Properties represents new developments both locally and internationally, connecting customers looking for specific real estate investment opportunities with developers of some of the most innovative and stylish properties. With over 30 years experience in marketing new developments, we have become specialists in formulating unique and effective risk management strategies, working closely with the developers to represent and identify consumer trends together with offering solutions to satisfy and meet market demands. Our key concept, whether working for a buyer or developer, is that customer satisfaction is the main goal. Sea to Sky Premier Properties recognizes that each project has a unique discriminator making it suited to a specific target market. Through our unlimited global connections and affiliations we are able to successfully reach potential buyers while creating a competitive advantage for them as well as for the developer.

It is important to create a comprehensive approach to understanding any project, from the basic brand concept through to the development of a solid foundation. We determine how the project should be received by a target audience and then focus on an effective, creative, compelling and interactive branding. Our marketing and sales team oversee the creation, implementation and strategic planning of all the creative and communication marketing materials for any new development project. Working with the Developer, from the initial consultation, we build a comprehensive strategy which meets the project’s goals and expectations. This involves careful planning and examination of the project, its customers and the competition. It includes creating a plan which is quantifiable in its objectives and devising strategies and tactics that locate the potential source for qualified purchasers. It ensures that the right resources are implemented to achieve the defined goals.  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties


International We are connected—Let us connect you!

Sea to Sky Real Estate prides itself on our connection to the global real estate market. In 1998 we ventured into the luxury market and now we represent the finest properties in Whistler, Squamish, West Vancouver, White Rock and the Southern Gulf Islands. Knowing our clients are global shoppers, we have ventured into representing fine resort properties around the world through our Christies Great Estates and Luxury Real Estate connections— networks comprising of the finest real estate agents. We invite you to ask any of our Sea to Sky Premier Properties agents to assist you anywhere in the world, by connecting you with our network of local associates wherever you want to own real estate. We can protect your experience by ensuring you meet a qualified vetted REALTOR® that will consult with you to meet your criteria. Our international desk is constantly updating our website with new and exciting properties for your consideration. From the beautiful Six Senses Villas and Spas in Thailand to the Best of Mexico; from Argentina to New York, USA; from Bora Bora to the South of France—we want to make your experience professional and rewarding. With no obligation, we can discuss your interests and gather information to make your decisions easier. We also have an exclusive relationship with Most Exclusive, a buyer’s agency operating in Mallorca Spain and Florida. This association provides services to buyers around the world who do not have the time to personally visit potential investment areas. Offering personal shopping assistance for real estate purchases, private jets and yachts, Most Exclusive has an impressive list of clients and associates.  Sea to Sky Premier Properties is positioned to assist on the international scene and to work with international clients. Contact us for more information­or visit our website at www.‌  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties


Spa Experience moves into the 21st Century If the end of the 20th Century taught us to experience adventure and lifestyle then the 21 st Century is about getting in touch with our spirituality, learning to re-energize and rejuvenate. The Six Senses Destination Spa Phuket, offers a combination of spa, holistic fitness and integrative health services and is positioned to become the world’s premier destination spa experience. The island’s pristine natural beauty of white sand beaches, crystal-clear water, coconut groves, gently sloping hills and breath-taking views across Phang Nga Bay is the setting for this world-class and innovative wellness experience. A combination of a wide range of cutting-edge as well as ancient and traditional treatments, activities and programmes will help transform the lifestyle of guests through a complete immersion into healthy and mindful living. Supporting the spa, the Six Senses Destination Spa offers a total of 61 private Pool Villas and Pool Villas Suites, each with an overall space of more than 450 square meters (4,850 square feet). Each is outfitted with a private pool, an outdoor meditation sala that can also serve as private massage space, an over-sized open-air bathroom, an indoor and outdoor shower and a private steam room. The resort also offers a wide variety of resort adventure type activities, excursions and tours, skill development classes as well as the more the holistic fitness options. Wellness Center The resort’s extensive spa facilities, The 7th Sense, integrate four traditional spas: Indian, Chinese, Thai and Indonesian. These spa services and treatments are based on and reflect traditional wisdom from their cultures and are provided in authentic settings.

Ayurvedic treatment rooms in the Indian Spa invite you to indulge in Shirodhara Meditative Balancing; the extensive water features in the Indonesian Spa set the right mood for the Balinese Inspiration or Javanese Divine Renewal. In the Thai Spa, Siam Sensations invite for traditional Thai experiences, while acupressure body or foot massages in the shadow of the bamboo trees in the Chinese Spa are ideally rounded off with a sip of tea in the oriental embrace of the Chinese Tea Bar. With preventative wellness being a fundamental component, Integrative Health specialists and visiting consultants—all experts in wellness-supporting areas such as breathing, pranayama yoga, hypnotherapy or equilibropathy—add to the rejuvenating experiences in The 7th Sense. Life Passages are wellness programs tailored to specific transition times or challenges that life holds in store such as traumatic experiences or events, a highly stressful lifestyle, young adulthood, pregnancy, childbirth, relationship crisis, career changes or retirement. The underlying goal of all Life Passages is to guide the guests to reach their fullest potential in the present moment and turn these challenges into treasure troves for personal transformation, insight and refocusing. Activities The resort’s beachside location makes it an ideal spot for water sports including sailing, windsurfing, sea kayaking, scuba diving, fishing and swimming both in the sea and in the infinity pool. For more activity, mountain biking and trekking or excursions to Phuket island or into Phang Nga Bay are on offer. Personal training, kinesis, posture enhancement and physiotherapy are also available as are holistic fitness options including meditation, yoga, tai chi, breathing, Pilates and a private boot camp on the beach. And for those who want to take more than great experiences and inspiration home, hands-on skill development is available with cooking and Thai massage classes. For more information visit: www.‌sixsenses.‌com


Sea to Sky Premier Properties  |  |  Sea to Sky Premier Properties


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Bearfoot Bistro 4121 Village Green, Whistler T:  604 932 3433

Whistler Cooks Catering #4-1345 Alpha Lake Road, Whistler T:  604 938 8835

Whistler Limousine & Glacier Coach Lines Box 1600, Whistler T:  604 905 7779

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Patina Home Interiors #2-1072 Millar Creek Road, Whistler T:  604 938 2988

Legal Services

Fine Dining & Catering PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES For more information on becoming a Preferred Partner please contact 604.698.4617

Nicklaus North Whistler 8080 Nicklaus North Blvd, Whistler T:  604 938 9898

Whistler Mortgage Company Ltd. 334B – 4370 Lorimer Road, Whistler T:  604 935 5600


Indigo Villas The design of indigo Villas is The synThesis of a priVaTe residence WiTh full concierge, sTunning VieWs and sophicaTed conTemporary archiTecTure.

VieW from indigo Villas

created to appeal to the most discerning of buyers, an indigo Villa incorporates multiple private residences into one professionally managed and fully concierged home. World renowned architect Bryce rostich presents three independent villas on one acre, with 8,700 square feet of living space uniquely marrying one master penthouse suite and four charming executive guest suites under one roof. private decks and patios with spa tubs offer relaxation spaces for every guest.

a private elevator lifts your guests to the penthouse suite for dining and cocktails, where spectacular southern views complete the dramatic ambience. concrete construction with secure underground parking and geothermal heating and cooling provide comfort and peace of mind. entertain, relax, enjoy your privacy with guests and family while offering tranquility and private pockets for their comfort. distinctive, inviting and rare, these properties are designed in delightful detail. O nly T h re e — O n ly Whi stl e r.

all enquiries are confidenTial, price upon requesT. 1 888 633 2010 in north america, or


Art — Pure Pleasure OFFERING A WIDE SELECTION OF CANADIAN AND INTERNATIONAL FINE ART SINCE 1996 604.938.6233 EMAIL: WEB: Located in the Town Plaza #22-4314 Main Street, Whistler BC VON1B4

Sea to Sky Premier Properties  

A collection of fine real estate opportunities. Serving Whistler, Squamish, Pemberton, West Vancouver, Surry/White Rock, and the Gulf Island...

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