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Continued increases and improvements in

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC show it has it all

Cruise line presidents & CEOs tell how the industry is

MAKING HISTORY BY BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE INNOVATING TOGETHER MSC VP tells new ship features and destination stakeholders go together

EXCITING EXCURSIONS Disney Port Adventures executive explains what cruise lines want



GETTING HERE IS A LOT EASIER THAN LEAVING HERE Sail to a cruise destination that exceeds every expectation for both you and your passengers. Consistently ranked amongst the top ports in the Caribbean, our four ports with seven berths offer world-class facilities and fully established accommodations to meet all of your vessel’s needs. While ashore, your passengers can take advantage of walkable shopping districts, unique cultural and culinary attractions, and of course, some of the most breathtaking beaches the world has to offer. For more information on the ports of the U.S. Virgin Islands, visit and ©2017 U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism




As your guests disembark in the Cayman Islands, they will be greeted by unique encounters as far as the eye can see. From the renowned tastes that earned us the title of Culinary Capital of the Caribbean, to the rare level of service that comes naturally here, your passengers will find their Caymankind.






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10 It Takes a Destination to Build a Ship:

24 FCCA Plus Seatrade Cruise Global Equals

Insights from MSC Cruises VP Albino di Lorenzo New ships’ innovative features apply to destinations, and cruise lines are ready and willing to work with stakeholders, shares MSC’s VP of Operations

14 How Shore Excursions Impact Passenger Experience, What Cruise Lines Want and More Shared by New FCCA Shore Excursions Committee Chairman Arnaldo Zanonato, Disney Cruise Line Port Adventures executive, explains what lines want and how the FCCA Shore Excursion Committee helps

16 Record Order Book, Innovation, Destinations and Safety Driving Cruising to New Highs, Tell Industry Titans Cruise industry brass rings out with features moving the industry full speed ahead to an historic present and future

20 The Cruise Industry: Highly Regulated and Holding Itself to Stringent Requirements Every Day

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Research Associates, LLC Unveil New Study Showing Cruise Industry’s Leadership in Environmental Performance

Opportunities for Success Cruise executives, meetings and networking events helped FCCA Platinum Members maximize their business and opportunities

26 Local Stakeholders Develop Cruise Industry Business and Understanding at the FCCA Central America Cruise Summit in Honduras

28 CLIA’s Cruise360 Shares “Panoramic View of Cruising”

ON BOARD 31 Celebrity Cruises Reveals Celebrity Edge, A Ship Designed to Transform Expectations Royal Caribbean Chairman Richard Fain shares reasons why he believes Edge class will be “transformational”

31 Colorful Dr. Seuss WaterWorks Park to Be Featured on New Carnival Horizon Debuting in 2018

31 Norwegian Cruise Line Gleefully Takes Delivery of Norwegian Joy

32 AIDA Cruises Receives Latest Member of the Fleet, AIDAperla

32 MSC Cruises Launches Fleet-Wide, GameChanging Digital Innovation Program, MSC for Me SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 3


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Old San Juan

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Polo Norte, Old San Juan

El Yunque National Rainforest, Río Grande


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34 Antigua & Barbuda Cruise Masterplan to

54 European Cruise Tourism Continues to Break

64 Five Ways to Accelerate Your Cruise

Build on Successful Start with New $90 Million Phased Investment, Including New Barbuda Out-Island Antigua’s Minister of Tourism presents latest developments in Cruise Masterplan

Records Continued growth is no surprise to Celestyal Cruises CEO & CLIA Europe Chairman Kyriakos Anastassiadis

56 CLIA UK & Ireland Cruise Media Awards 2017

38 More Cruise Ships, More Opportunities in Cartagena

40 Curaçao Ports Authority: Building for the Future

42 ICHKABAL: Origins of the Mayan Culture 44 An Historic Arrival: World’s Largest Cruise Ship Visits St. Kitts

46 Dominican Republic Has It All 48 Pure Grenada, the Spice of the Caribbean, Is Free to Wonder: An Interview with CEO of the Grenada Tourism Authority, Patricia Maher

50 Carnival Cruise Line to Develop New Cruise

57 Full Steam Ahead for Carnival Corporation’s Second Terminal at Port of Barcelona SVP Giora Israel shares details that will “make Europe’s largest cruise port even better”

Sales Productivity Charles Sylvia, CLIA’s membership and trade relations VP, shares tips to promote productivity

68 Three Ways to Make Your Second Wave after Wave Season

70 CLIA Launches New Certificate Program and Live Training Events

72 CLIA Hall of Fame

ON LAND: ASIA & AUSTRALIA 58 Empowering Asian Travel Agents, CLIA Launches in India and Prepares for Growth of Local Source Market CLIA Head Peter Kollar discusses importance of synergy between India, Asia and travel agents in buoying both markets

60 Visit Singapore, Where Infinite Pleasures Await

Destination on Grand Bahama Island

50 PortMiami Considers $100 Million Terminal for Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings

52 Cruise Ship Industry Contributes $3.2 Billion to the Canadian Economy in 2016

64 CLIA Australasia Events: Cruise360 Australasia Returns to Sydney and Cruise Industry Awards





Some say that good things come to those who wait, but we in the cruise industry know that if your ship doesn’t come in, you swim out to it. Often the first in the market or the newest product gets market share and drives demand. To get or stay ahead, we must embrace a shark’s constant motion and be perpetually proactive in all facets of business. The cruise industry certainly understands this, which is how it remains the fastest-growing sector in the luxury travel market and why a record 25.3 million passengers are projected to cruise this year. The industry’s proactive push also led to the largest-ever order book, valued at more than $50 billion over the next 10 years, adding more than 200,000 berths, and representing a capacity in 2027 that more Michele with Hon. Hector Astudillo than doubles capacity from just five years ago. Governor of the State of Guerrero, Mexico. The continued growth of the cruise industry offers a unique opportunity for all of its stakeholders. However, these opportunities must be seized. We in the industry also know that standing water leads to algae, while moving water can propel people down mountains. Instead of resting on past successes, we all must constantly refresh and renew in order to grow with the industry. This edition of Travel & Cruise highlights some of the ways that both the cruise industry and stakeholders are moving full steam ahead. It captures what cruise operator presidents and CEOs shared about the industry’s current trends and future developments at Seatrade Cruise Global’s State of the Industry address and presents input from cruise line executives like Albino Di Lorenzo, vice president of operations for MSC Cruises (USA) Inc., and Arnaldo Zanonato, senior manager of port adventures for Disney Cruise Line. It also showcases how the FCCA helped Platinum Members and stakeholders work with cruise executives to achieve mutual success during FCCA events and highlights how FCCA Member Lines and Platinum Members are staying in motion, from new ships and technologies to demand generation, and from new destination products, like recently discovered Mayan ruins in Mexico, to large-scale investments and plans by Antigua & Barbuda, Curaçao Ports Authority and ProColombia. I hope you find something to motivate, educate or entertain you in this issue so that we can continue moving forward together. Respectfully yours,


Michele M. Paige President FCCA





Last year, our industry helped more than 24.6 million passengers experience a cruise vacation, and with so much growth on the horizon, there could not be a better time to be part of this industry. At CLIA, we’ve spent the first part of the year challenging our community to unify and advocate for our industry. In this issue, you’ll learn more about how we are raising the industry bar when it comes to environmental responsibility and how we are working to promote our community and, as always, educate our travel professionals. Something that you might not know is that the cruise industry is one of the most highly-regulated industries in travel. CLIA not only holds a consultative status with the International Maritime Organization (IMO), but also proposes new requirements for consideration. In March, CLIA UK and Ireland hosted their sixth annual Cruise Media Awards in London. Bringing together senior cruise line figures, as well as media and online influencers, this awards event provided ways to discuss better collaborating to promote cruising. The growth of the cruise industry in Europe is exciting, with more cruise lines operating there than ever. More Europeans are cruising, and it is the fastest-growing holiday option, while still a young industry. Europe represents a small percentage when it comes to choices of European leisure travel options, but there is an increasing potential to grow this market segment. Here in North America, CLIA’s annual Cruise360 conference returned to Fort Lauderdale in April. More than ever before, this year’s conference focused on travel professional education and featured a week’s worth of training, diverse networking and interacting with the most influential leaders in our industry. Additionally, travel agent attendees collectively experienced more than 14 ship inspections and built their business by attending the expansive tradeshow marketplace of more than 300 exhibitors. These are just a few examples of what you will find in this edition demonstrating our commitment to bring together our Cruise Line Members, Executive Partner Members, and Travel Agent Community Members. And we will of course continue to focus on empowering our travel agent community. From the launch of our cruise industry training and accreditation program to the travel agent community in India, travel agents remain the best way to book a cruise vacation! Best,

Cindy D’Aoust President & CEO


It Takes a Destination to Build a Ship: Insights from MSC Cruises VP Albino di Lorenzo


lbino Di Lorenzo, vice president of operations for MSC Cruises (USA) Inc., recently joined the FCCA to delve deeper into some of the innovations discussed during the Seatrade Cruise Global State of the Industry presentation by Pierfrancesco Vago, executive chairman of MSC Cruises, along with how the guiding principles behind these innovations and onboard experiences apply to cruise destinations. A transcript of the conversation follows: 10 SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

Pleasure speaking with you today, Albino. As you know, Pierfrancesco Vago gave an enlightening presentation about the development of your new ship classes at Seatrade Cruise Global. Could you share some of those innovations and the reasons behind them? With MSC Seaside, we have essentially revisited the basic design of the old transatlantic passenger liners by placing heavy weights like the engine room towards the

center of the ship’s hull. This has given us a very efficient overall hull design in terms of hydrodynamics, with the center of buoyancy being in the same vertical position as the ship’s center of gravity. Not only does this give a more efficient configuration in terms of hydrodynamics, but also from an operational perspective. Having the engine room aft creates a trim by the stern tendency that is usually reduced by placing the heavy water and fuel tanks fore as counter weight. This

Let’s Get Technical arrangement inevitably creates a high bending moment on the hull, and consequently leads to a heavier steel structure, as the hull’s center needs to be reinforced. Moreover, putting almost all the tanks in a forward position also has its problems: as water and fuel are consumed, you need to use ballast water for compensation. This translates into energy and time for the deballasting process when ship reloads. Does the design impact passenger experience and guest flow? With this change in design, we had to completely rethink the inside of the ship as well as guest flows. Again, we are glad to say that the results are highly satisfactory. Placing the engine casing at the center allows for a more efficient use of the space available. We have notably achieved an increased layout efficiency, with only two single trunks of passengers’ stairs and elevators, while also reducing the number of fire bulkheads. Overall, this allows us to better define the public areas and those used to run the ship. The result is a more efficient and natural guest flow within the ship. Glad to hear of the positive result, though that is unsurprising considering that MSC frequently innovates to provide the highest amount of public space per passenger. What does this say about how MSC works to maintain its brand and cater to a target demographic? Innovation is truly embedded within our DNA. Our current fleet includes three different ship classes that we have developed ourselves, in partnerships with the ship yard(s). The same is true for the three coming classes. Every time we conceive a new class of cruise ship, we go back to the drawing board and look at it from scratch in order to ensure the best possible maritime design, the most efficient environmental performance, and of course the highest possible guest comfort. This way we ensure that every new generation of MSC cruise ships is more efficient, environmentally-friendly and comfortable than the previous one. Is it important for these factors to continue when passengers step off the ship and onto the destination? Indeed, at MSC Cruises not only do we work to improve guest flows within the

ship, but also beyond. The overall objective is to ensure guests’ comfort throughout the entire cruise experience, which also includes the ports, shore excursions, etc. How can stakeholders—such as tour operators, port authorities, and destination ministries— improve these factors? At MSC Cruises we work very closely with the relevant stakeholders at all the ports and destinations that our ships

larger allotments and a greater guides availability to retain the quality and high guest satisfaction. The guests traveling onboard this new ship concept will be driven by very high expectations, not only toward the hardware (the ship), but also towards the whole experience. To this point, it is paramount that all stakeholders work together with the aim of meeting and exceeding the guests’ satisfaction ashore same as we work hard to do onboard.

reach in order to ensure a great and comfortable experience for our guests from the beginning to the end. A fluid and constant conversation between the cruise operators and port authorities, local authorities and tour operators is simply essential to achieve this. In order to ensure that guests’ shoreside experience is consistent with that onboard, it is crucial that all local stakeholders are prepared to receive us, our new ship concepts and the clientele traveling with it. For example, with the new ships having MSC’s largest-ever passenger capacity, the average participation for shore excursions is projected to raise accordingly, and we expect tour operators to accommodate such an increase with

How far in the future do you plan your new ship classes, and how far in the future should stakeholders and destinations look when developing things like new infrastructure and destination products? The cruise industry is currently going through a period of bullishness and optimism for the future. There are currently more than 70 new cruise ships in the global order book, due to be built and delivered in the next 10 years, and for a total value exceeding $50 billion. Never before have cruise operators planned so far ahead. MSC Cruises currently has 11 ships on order (eight confirmed plus three options) until 2026, belonging to three SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 11

different classes: the Meraviglia class, the Seaside class and the World Class. The latter will be in excess of 200,000 GRT and accommodate up to 7,000 passengers. Of course, the fact that we are planning so far ahead provides a precious opportunity for ports and destinations to understand our future needs with a view towards developing the right infrastructure in place before this new tonnage reaches them.


If you analyze the global order book, one key trend that you will find is that cruise ships keep getting bigger. Although the maximum size of a cruise ship seems to have peaked, at least for the time being, the fact remains that old cruise ships are being replaced by bigger tonnage. This is a very important factor that ports and destinations need to be considering already today as they plan for the

future and develop their infrastructure and offering to accommodate the cruise ships of tomorrow. Should destinations also work to develop a unique brand and attract particular demographics, and can stakeholders partner directly with cruise lines to develop products unique to brands like MSC? In our experience, different ports and destinations work in different ways with their partner cruise operators. There’s no “one size fits all” approach. Naturally, for a cruise operator, working closely with a particular destination can provide an excellent opportunity to ensure that your particular needs are fully covered on the ground. There are obvious advantages for destinations to partner with single cruise operators too, as this will usually allow them to secure calls and even home porting deals. A very relevant example is our work with the Abu Dhabi Port Authority in the development of the Sir Bani Yas Island. By partnering with them from the very beginning of the process, MSC Cruises was able to ensure that this island destination would truly reflect our guests’ life on board our ships. For instance, we were able to create an entirely separate VIP area on the island for our MSC Yacht Club guests. While this destination is not exclusive for MSC Cruises, we are happy that it has become a natural extension of life on board our ships. 

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How Shore Excursions Impact Passenger Experience, What Cruise Lines Want and More Shared by New FCCA Shore Excursions Committee Chairman


rnaldo Zanonato, senior manager of port adventures for Disney Cruise Line, was recently unanimously elected as chairman for the FCCA Shore Excursions Committee. The FCCA sat down with him to find out more about his goals and the Committee’s functions. A transcript of the conversation follows: Congratulations on your appointment as the FCCA Shore Excursions Committee Chairman! Besides going to Disneyland, what are you going to do now? Thank you, I am truly honored with the opportunity, and I look forward to meeting with as many industry partners as possible. How long is the tenure, and what do you seek to accomplish in that span? This will be a two-year term, and during this time I hope to further expand the dialogue among the cruise lines, our suppliers and the destinations. At Disney, we are storytellers, so it should be no surprise that this will be one of my areas of focus. I want to help each destination to “dig a little deeper” and let all its rich culture and history shine. The Caribbean has so much more than beautiful sandy beaches, and the potential to expand the shore excur14 SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

sion offerings is incredible. We certainly have our work cut out for us, but I’m excited to take on the challenge! Do you have an example in mind that dug deeper to let the culture and history shine? One great example that comes to mind is our partnership with local tour operators in Cozumel. While Cozumel offers an array of excursions for everyone in the family year-round, my team took on the challenge last year to create seasonal experiences that would complement our Halloween and Holiday-themed cruises. We wanted to showcase the lively and colorful holiday traditions of the Mexican culture. We worked with a local tour operator to build two exclusive tours celebrating the Dia de los Muertos and Tres Reyes festivities. Families were able to learn about local customs, taste seasonal treats and engage with locals. These tours are only offered to our guests in Cozumel during our holiday sailings. How do you and the Committee work with destinations and operators? We engage with the destinations and operators in a variety of ways, but one of the most effective is when we have the opportunity to meet with all stakeholders in person. By understanding the needs of both tour oper-

ators and local governments, we are able to engage in constructive dialogue with both groups and help foster plans that allow local business and entrepreneurs to thrive, while also elevating the guest experience. How important are shore excursions, anyway? Do they really make much of an impact on passenger experience? Shore excursions are the best way to experience a destination, and we consistently hear that on guest feedback across all cruise lines. One of the main reasons for this success is the tour guide. A true storyteller has the chance to paint the right picture and allow guests to “travel through time” or “see beyond their eyes.” He or she should be seen as an ambassador, and all tour operators should pay special attention to this important piece of the shore excursion program. If you only had one suggestion for a tour operator, what would it be? I would quote Walt Disney: You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality. Investing in those who are representing your company and your destination is a crucial piece to success. 

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Pointe Simon Terminal in Fort-de-France Bay

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Record Order Book, Innovation, Destinations and Safety Driving Cruising to New Highs, Tell Industry Titans


ifty billion dollars. Let me say it again, 50 billion dollars.” Andrew Williams, group director of Seatrade events, opened Seatrade Cruise Global’s State of the Industry address with that 50-billion-dollar bombshell, the same one ringing around the room with audible and palpable excitement for the stakeholders in attendance and cruise industry titans prepared to take the stage. “That’s a big number, so what does that mean?” Williams touched on some of the opportunity behind that number—the value that the cruise ship order book has historically surpassed—and the berths that in 10 years’ time will double capacity compared to five years ago: “With more berths comes more business.” And, as the State of the Industry showed, business is good. Cindy D’Aoust, CEO of Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), displayed that through a couple of other numbers, like 25.3 million passengers in 2017, a 62 percent increase in cruising demand from 2007-2017, 15 new ships in 2016, and 200,000 new berths over the next 10 years. She also gave numbers speaking to the benefits of cruise tourism that will grow with the industry, with it already supporting 1 million jobs and impacting all those in the audience. To continue this success, she told that it not only takes creating the safest, most enjoyable experience possible,



but also correcting misinformation, relaying the industry’s positives and leading status in areas like safety and environmental innovation, and building a tourism community between the stakeholders and cruise lines to “work together to ensure that cruising is the first and best choice for travelers around the world.” Arnold Donald, CEO of Carnival Corporation & plc, led off the new format of presentations from cruise line leaders. He broached his topic of technology and innovation by reminding of the industry’s modest start “with just a few pioneers…and a few ships a mere five decades ago.” Considering that modest start and the industry’s position today, he told there is “one conclusion: the cruise industry is all about innovation.” However, he surprised the audience by not touting the latest and greatest ships and technology when telling how Carnival approaches innovation. “For us, it’s all about the human spirit…we strive to create human connections in powerful (and unexpected) ways…ways that will enhance the guest experience (and) raise the human interaction.” “Innovation is when without them realizing it, our guests become part of a community. They feel connected in ways that make them not want to leave.” He told this too has changed over the industry’s short history, with the couple hundred thousand people 50 years ago, mostly retirees, cruising to limited destinations and options. “One size no longer fits all,” he reminded and then stressed the need for an integral element in his view of innovation: personalization. Much of this personalization comes from ships’ and cruise lines’ differentiation, which is why Carnival also innovates on “more effective ways” to communicate those experiences and ensure that potential cruisers find the right fit for a brand and ship. This is especially important for first-time cruisers. And appealing to those first-timers

is another focus of Carnival’s innovation, which they use to “help get the idea of cruising into people’s conscious in unexpected ways,” like four new TV programs airing the guest interaction and experiences. Of course, the interaction and experiences are not limited to on board, which is why Donald told they also explore “ways guest interaction off the ship can be more impactful” through things like more immersive and experiential tours. He closed by pointing out that new gadgets have shorter and shorter lifelines, so “to be truly game-changing and even life-changing, innovation must be fully integrated…our goal is to touch the human spirit and help people live their dreams…which truly lasts forever.” “Fifty billion dollars of orders,” reiterated Pierfrancesco Vago, executive chairman of MSC Cruises, as he took the stage to discuss shipbuilding development and the way forward, appropriate with MSC having three different ship classes in development. He also echoed another common theme—the industry’s evolution—by shar-

ing that the first ships were “designed for transport” across the Atlantic and were “sea-worthy ships with big drafts,” but could not enter many Caribbean ports of call and had cold weather in mind, with more portholes and no balconies and fewer outdoor spaces. Of course, they also had fewer amenities, whereas ships are “now destinations of their own.” And there is plenty more space for those amenities, as the ground-breaking, world’s-largest 100,000 GRT ships from just 20 years ago have more than doubled. But there is no stopping there. “Ships are getting bigger,” with more than 60 percent of the order book committed to large ships with more than 5,000 berths, and “every brand has a ship on order.” Another interesting thing about the record order book is the timeline itself, looking 10 years to the future and showing the “commitment from the industry…for a bright future.” However, he reminded that shipbuilding must look further to the future, with the ships used for decades and requiring

lines to ask “what people will want in 30 years’ time.” That view to the future should appeal to the industry, as he also reminded that cruising is “still a niche product,” with only three to four percent saturation in mature markets. “We have a fantastic future.” “I love destinations,” announced Frank Del Rio, president and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd., and “self-appointed itinerary planner” who still prepares or reviews every itinerary. Why? “I know of nothing else that influences profitability as much as destinations do.” “I also happen to love their diversity, I love their history, I love their quirks, I love piecing them together to make incredible and memorable itineraries for our guests, and most of all I love them because they make us lots of money.” The first question he gets asked when telling people about going on a cruise is “where are you going,” and “the answer influences everything from demand to price and the customer mix.”


“It is the overall most significant determinant of their purchase decision,” he continued, showing NCLH’s chart of purchasing decisions led by destination or itinerary at 82 percent, “and remember it’s guests through their demand who ultimately determine the price.” And destinations do not just determine demand and pricing, but also “generate the most onboard revenue” through shore excursions, “the number one driver of onboard revenue, and that all has to do with the quality of the destination and its attractions.” SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 17

Let’s Get Technical How else do cruise lines evaluate destinations’ appeal? “Destinations all have their unique characteristics and idiosyncrasies and become more or less attractive as a result of four major external factors.” The first factor he told are travel agents. Despite travel agent recommendations coming in last on his chart of purchasing influencers, he told that travel agents are “by far the most important” because they “bring us the right guest onboard the right ship onboard the right brand (and to the right destination).” Port agents were his second listed factor, followed by shore excursion operators, whom he told “are the ones that deliver the destination experiences to our guests.” And a new wave, social media, took his final spot because this ever-growing presence has become “a major force in increasing awareness in destinations.” Another factor is the guest themselves, who grow with the industry, with the millions of repeat cruisers representing more than half of the business in upscale lines and a crucial component of its profitability, and “these past guests are more destination-dependent than first-timers.” “As our industry matures over time, avid and experienced cruisers…evolve to become more discerning; they demand more variety and something new each time they sail.” Something new does not necessarily mean new destinations, however; “the nature of destination development…leans more towards self-improvement than the creation of new ones.” But the industry’s future is also buoyed by new source markets, like China, and new destinations in heavily-trafficked regions, like Cuba in the Caribbean, in addition to cruise lines and destinations investing in infrastructure and products.

“…ON SAFETY, WE DON’T COMPETE. WE WORK TOGETHER…” —RICHARD FAIN, Chairman & CEO, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.



Richard Fain, chairman and CEO of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., quipped that many thought he drew the short straw for his topic of environmental stewardship and safety. “But the joke is on them…I get to talk about something that I feel really passionate about…and something that is really a sine qua noni (‘without which nothing’) for our industry.” Speaking on behalf of the industry, he told, “I’m proud to say my passion is shared; we all feel that this is a really important issue.” “Everybody in the cruise industry…makes our living from the ocean,” so protecting the ocean, “the greatest resource our industry has,” is not only an ethical or moral issue, but also the industry’s “lifeblood.” To this end, he reminded that the industry frequently holds themselves to their own standards, high above requirements, giving an example of the lengths Royal went to end up with the “coolest trash in the world” as they innovated to store crushed wine bottles to prevent

them from becoming landfill or breeding bacteria, along with the industry’s use of exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS) to reduce sulfur and particulate matter emissions and wastewater treatment so effective that engineers show off by drinking the water. And those environmental measures and innovations continue improving with the next generation of ships incorporating greener technology from Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to fuel cells. Protecting passengers is also “crucial to our success,” he told. “In the marketplace, our simple-minded objective is to crush (the other cruise lines), but on safety, we don’t compete. We work together…for the importance (and benefit) of the industry.” “There’s no such thing as perfect safety…but there is such a thing as a perfect dedication to safety, and that’s our industry’s focus every single day.” And he gave one example of this dedication through Royal’s recent initiative to equip guards with body cams, noting that the simple act of recording has diffused arguments. He told that this focus results from the industry’s emphasis on protecting the thousands of lives entrusting cruise lines every day. After all, many consider cruise ships floating cities, and he told this term “isn’t just a PR slogan…it talks about the community that a cruise ship fosters.” “You can tell a lot about a city or an industry by what it prioritizes,” and he said he is proud to participate in an industry using and doing everything in its power “to protect the planet and to protect our guests.” 


The Cruise Industry: Highly Regulated and Holding Itself to Stringent Requirements Every Day Surprise! We’re doing an Unannounced Ship Inspection.


ontrary to the claims of professional industry critics, today cruise lines are highly regulated, with many channels of supervision and enforcement. Virtually every aspect of the cruise experience is regulated, from safety and security to health and environmental performance to crew member protections. And yes, the cruise industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries with robust, clearly defined standards. HUNDREDS OF MAN-HOURS SPENT ON SHIP INSPECTIONS The average cruise ship undergoes dozens of announced and unannounced inspections per year, involving hundreds of man-hours covering thousands of specific requirements set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and other authorities, such as the International Labor Organization and the World Health Organization. Also actively involved are local authorities who have the full capability to regulate and enforce compliance for ships entering or exiting their ports. These regulatory authorities set comprehensive standards for safety, security, crewmember protections, health and environmental performance. 20 SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

MORE ON THE REGULATIONS The IMO, a specialized agency of the United Nations that addresses maritime affairs, serves as the cruise industry’s primary international regulatory body. It is mainly focused on improving the safety of life at sea, enhancing maritime security and preventing pollution into the sea by ships. It has responsibility for creating and updating a robust regulatory framework for the shipping industry that is pragmatic and effective, globally adopted and universally implemented. CLIA holds a consultative status role as a non-governmental organization at the IMO and participates in deliberations on behalf of the cruise industry when international regulations and other standards are under development and review. CLIA oceangoing Cruise Line Members are required to comply with or exceed all applicable IMO regulations. These internationally mandated standards govern the design, construction and operation of oceangoing ships in international trade and are codified in the International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) and other related instruments.

CONTINUING TO RAISE THE BAR CLIA not only represents the cruise industry’s interests at the IMO during deliberations on new international standards, but often proposes new requirements and guidance that raise the bar on safety and environmental stewardship for cruise ships. Most recently, these proposals included enhancements to shipboard structure to enhance the survivability of the vessel in the event of damage and requirements for shipboard damage control drills. Another is the requirements for an evacuation modeling analysis to be conducted during the design phase of new ships in order to demonstrate that the ship meets the required time to safely move passengers and crewmembers in an emergency. A few more include enhancements to the cooperation plans between the ship and search and rescue coordinators, improvements to the training requirements for crewmembers on board passenger ships, and establishing guidance for cyber security measures to be taken onboard ships. CLIA also informs IMO Delegations of CLIA oceangoing Cruise Line Member policies that have been implemented. These policies are described later in this article.

Let’s Get Technical BEYOND INTERNATIONAL REGULATIONS: DESTINATION REQUIREMENTS AND GUIDELINES International regulations are not the only regulations that cruise ships need to follow. Many cruise ship destinations have their own sets of rules and guidelines for enforcement. For example, in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention inspect cruise ships through their voluntary Vessel Sanitation Program. Cruise ships calling at U.S. ports receive at least two unannounced health inspections, where the ships are examined to ensure compliance with the program’s Operations Manual and Construction Guidelines. Additionally, many local authorities around the world may set environmental, safety and security requirements above the internationally agreed standards, and cruise ships must comply when in those regions. OVERVIEW OF THE LAYERS OF INSPECTION AND ENFORCEMENT Cruise ships are subject to three robust layers of inspection and enforcement of international law and other requirements. Countries of Registration is the country where a cruise ship is registered, or Flag State. They make certain that registered ships meet all international requirements. Flag States also inspect ships on a regular basis to ensure compliance with both international and national requirements. Another is Port States. Any country whose ports or internal waters are visited by a cruise ship has full authority to make sure it follows international, national and local regulations. Specifically, Port States inspect and enforce compliance with applicable international and domestic laws and regulations. The third is Classification Societies. These are independent agencies that conduct inspections on behalf of Flag States, cruise ship owners, insurers and other Members of the maritime community to ensure ships are in compliance with applicable standards and managed responsibly. These societies also set their own strict safety and environmental guidelines for design, construction and operation. CLIA CRUISE LINE MEMBERS GO ABOVE AND BEYOND CLIA Cruise Line Members’ top priority is the safety of guests and crew. They

“INTERNATIONAL REGULATIONS ARE NOT THE ONLY REGULATIONS THAT CRUISE SHIPS NEED TO FOLLOW…” work closely with the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA), their sister association representing the Caribbean, Latin America and Mexico, along with other CLIA offices around the world to ensure CLIA policies are clearly communicated and understood by all relevant stakeholders. With the advice and consent of its membership, CLIA advances policies intended to enhance shipboard safety, security and protection of the marine environment. Calling for best practices well in excess of existing legal requirements, these policies apply to oceangoing cruise ships of CLIA Cruise Line Members. River cruise ships operate in much closer proximity to shoreside resources and are also subject to rigorous local oversight in the multiple jurisdictions where they operate. River cruise operators must comply with all applicable laws and regulations in these jurisdictions. CLIA Members are independently required by the Association’s bylaws to comply with all applicable policies adopted by vote of the Board. The CEO of every oceangoing Cruise Line Member provides an annual written verification to CLIA’s president and CEO, stating the company has implemented all of CLIA’s policies relating to Member practices then in effect, as applicable. In addition, for CLIA Members required by international law to maintain a Safety Management System (SMS), the CEO provides an annual written verification to CLIA’s president and CEO. This notes that CLIA’s existing safety and environmental policies have been implemented and included in the Company’s SMS. The SMS and its implementation is audited by a Classification Society or a recognized orga-

nization designated by the Flag State. This provides annual written certification that CLIA’s safety and environmental policies (then in effect) have been included and that the company has satisfactorily passed its required annual audit. The policies that CLIA oceangoing Cruise Line Members must follow can be found on CLIA’s website. These fall into the categories of operational safety, fire protection, shipboard security, environmental protection and health, along with a few other policies that cover additional areas, such as gambling and anti-corruption principles. CLIA’S CRUISE INDUSTRY PASSENGER BILL OF RIGHTS One of the more notable CLIA Member policies is the “Cruise Industry Passenger Bill of Rights.” It was adopted by CLIA Members to fulfill their commitment to the comfort and care of all passengers on oceangoing cruises throughout the world. These passenger rights include the right to disembark a docked ship if essential provisions such as food, water, restroom facilities and access to medical care cannot adequately be provided on board, subject only to the Master’s concern for passenger safety and security and customs and immigration requirements of the port. Another includes the right to have onboard professional emergency medical attention, as needed until shore side medical care becomes available, for ships operating beyond rivers or coastal waters full-time. Two others include the right to a ship’s crew that is properly trained in emergency and evacuation procedures and the right to an emergency power source in the case of a main generator failure. CLIA CRUISE LINE MEMBERS: BEING PROACTIVE Without a doubt, CLIA Cruise Line Members are proactive about ensuring the safety and wellbeing of their passengers and crew, as well as the preservation of the environment. CLIA, together with its Members, work very hard to continuously raise the bar, not only with CLIA policies, but also internationally through the IMO. Requirements and policies are reviewed periodically and updated as necessary to ensure that the cruise industry continues to fulfill them and the principles they incorporate to the best of their ability. Continuing to make the cruise industry even safer is the top priority.  SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 21

Let’s Get Technical

CLIA and Energy and Environmental Research Associates, LLC Unveil New Study Showing Cruise Industry’s Leadership in Environmental Performance


n March, Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) released a new study that provides the first-ever wide-ranging analysis by independent maritime environmental experts of the cruise industry’s environmental practices and performance. Although CLIA Cruise Line Members comprise less than one percent of the global commercial maritime fleet, they lead the sector in many areas of 22 SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

environmental innovations, policy development and performance. Commissioned by CLIA, this detailed study prepared by Energy and Environmental Research Associates, LLC (EERA), used various multiple research and data sources. Analyzing the practices and performance of the CLIA Cruise Line Members’ global fleet of nearly 300 oceangoing cruise ships, it also covered

the industry’s investment in technological innovation aboard newly built ships in its growing fleet. The in-depth analysis found that with both air emissions and wastewater treatment practices, CLIA Cruise Line Members are leaders in the global commercial maritime sector as far as the development of innovative technologies to advance environmental stewardship. It also found

that CLIA Cruise Line Members are leaders in the development of industry policies and best practices that further positive environmental performance. The study illustrates that the overall environmental impact and performance of cruise ships are improving through continuous development of technology, alternative fuels and robust, mandatory industry environmental policies. The study also found that despite cruise ships’ minute share of the global commercial maritime fleet, the industry’s actions have substantially contributed to the maritime community’s initiatives in environmental stewardship. MEETING AND EXCEEDING AIR EMISSIONS REQUIREMENTS The United States and Europe are currently the largest cruise markets in the world. When comparing the level of emissions from all commercial shipping vessels at ports where cruise ships visit in the U.S. and Europe, the study found that the at-berth emissions of cruise ships account for only three percent and 1.2 percent of all emissions within those ports in the U.S. and Europe, respectively. Overall, EERA found that CLIA Cruise Line Members meet or exceed international air emission requirements. The study also concluded that CLIA Cruise Line Members are leaders in the maritime sector in adopting cleaner fuels, controlling air emissions, and preparing vessels to connect to shore-based energy systems. The EERA report covered best practices and technologies. Systems to reduce air emissions from exhaust stacks included one example: advanced Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS) to reduce sulfur oxide (SOx) and particulate matter. The use of shore power where available was another, noting that CLIA Cruise Line Members’ use of advancements in alternative fuels and emissions abatement technologies could reduce the need for investment in additional shore power in the future. Another was fuel switching to lower sulfur fuel before entering an Emission Control Area (ECA), if other methods of emissions abatement are not otherwise available on a cruise ship. Finally, with the number of new build orders for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)-

fueled ships increasing, the investment in the use of alternative fuels such as LNG is another best practice. CLIA Cruise Line Members engage with authorities at the international, national, regional and local levels to meet, and often exceed, emissions requirements. One example is the cruise industry’s voluntary commitment to the Venice Blue Flag agreement, which prescribes stringent low sulfur fuel requirements as appropriate given the unique circumstances of the Venice lagoon.

…WITH BOTH AIR EMISSIONS AND WASTEWATER TREATMENT PRACTICES, CLIA CRUISE LINE MEMBERS ARE LEADERS IN THE GLOBAL COMMERCIAL MARITIME SECTOR… WASTEWATER EFFLUENTS: CLIA CRUISE LINE MEMBERS’ OCEAN-GOING VESSELS MEET/EXCEED STANDARDS The EERA report finds that wastewater effluents of CLIA Cruise Line Members’ oceangoing vessels meet or exceed the standards prescribed by the IMO for international shipping. CLIA’s mandatory wastewater discharge policy, which prohibits the discharge of untreated sewage from oceangoing cruise ships anywhere

into the sea, goes well beyond international wastewater regulations that allow commercial vessels to discharge untreated sewage into the ocean provided a ship is 12 nautical miles from shore and moving at designated speeds. CLIA Cruise Line Members are also leaders in the development and deployment of Advanced Waste Water Treatment Systems (AWTS). At least 26 new builds will use AWTS, and an estimated 50 percent of new cruise ships over the next decade will utilize AWTS, which goes beyond already stringent and effective wastewater regulatory requirements. Compared against the global commercial maritime fleet, EERA found that CLIA Cruise Line Members have demonstrated leadership in wastewater management in several areas. These include a no untreated sewage discharge policy, as well as the development and deployment of Advance Wastewater Treatment Systems on a significant number of new cruise ships. Also, , in many cases, compliance with all sewage regulations at the national and international levels exceeds the performance of the wider commercial maritime community. Finally, there is a voluntary compliance with Baltic Sea Special Area Measures for wastewater, well in advance of implementation. ONGOING COMMITMENT TO PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT CLIA is proud of the performance of its Cruise Line Members and their commitment to the protection of the environment. CLIA and its Cruise Line Members believe that safeguarding and preserving the world’s precious natural resources is not only the right thing to do, but also essential to the cruise experience for generations to come. The industry has a long track record of preserving and protecting the environment, and this research provides both the first-ever authoritative baseline of the cruise industry’s environmental performance and a foundation for CLIA and our Cruise Line Members as the industry continually focuses on improving and measuring the outcomes of best practices and policies.  A copy of the EERA report can be downloaded at


Meetings & Events

FCCA Plus Seatrade Cruise Global Equals Opportunities for Success


his year’s Seatrade Cruise Global was an exciting and rewarding time for all attendees, offering ample opportunities to renew and create business partnerships, discuss ideas and tackle issues with the attending cruise line representatives and global stakeholders. Yet the FCCA amplified these opportunities for its Member Line executives, Platinum Members and partner

& COO of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. and chairman of the FCCA, who was on-hand at numerous FCCA events throughout the week. “Time becomes extremely limited, and the FCCA made it possible to meet with important stakeholders throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, helping us work synergistically to improve cruise tourism in the regions.”

hosted by Governor Kenneth Mapp, the event let the group spark or strengthen relationships, prepare for the week ahead and sway to the steel drums while taking in the water views and delectable cuisine. FCCA’s Welcome Aboard VIP Reception then launched Seatrade for FCCA members and cruise executives, gathering more than 200 at America’s Backyard on Tuesday, March 14.

destinations. After all, positively impacting the relationship and understanding between these entities is one of the FCCA’s main functions. It did this at Seatrade by providing multiple events and opportunities to put members on a first-name basis with FCCA Member Line executives, presidents and CEOs—interactions that spawn relationships and put a foot in the door. “The FCCA maximized time and opportunities for cruise executives and stakeholders during Seatrade Cruise Global,” said Adam Goldstein, president

To foster these engagements during Seatrade and actualize its resources and attendees, the FCCA programmed a block of functions coinciding with the event to ensure that Platinum Members have a direct line to the FCCA Member Line presidents, CEOs and executives who decide where ships call, what to sell onboard and how to invest in destinations and infrastructure. It began the Sunday before Seatrade at an annual welcoming party offering an intimate affair for Platinum Members and Member Line executives like Goldstein. Sponsored by the U.S. Virgin Islands and

Following the first long day of meetings and workshops, the event let Platinum Members loosen their ties and enjoy casual networking opportunities with some of the cruise industry’s most important decision makers, including presidents and CEOs like Arnold Donald, CEO of Carnival Corporation. More of these key players—including Orlando Ashford, president, Holland America Line; Michael Bayley, President & CEO, Royal Caribbean International; Richard Sasso, Chairman, MSC Cruises (USA) Inc.; and Andy Stuart, President


& CEO, Norwegian Cruise Line—hosted tables at the FCCA’s keynote Seatrade event, the 23rd annual FCCA Gala Dinner and Entertainment Extravaganza. Taking place on Wednesday, March 15, the Gala joined more than 400 attendees looking to improve their cruise tourism business. After a 90-minute reception and silent art auction with the entire audience, attendees sat down with their pre-selected cruise executive for a private dinner with a side of product promotion, relationship building and business development. “The FCCA Gala facilitated networking between Member Line executives and cruise tourism stakeholders, while

from disaster relief and supporting hospitals and orphanages to annual projects like children essay and poster competitions and the Holiday Gift Project, which gave more than 9,000 underprivileged children something to celebrate last December by delivering presents, festivities and smiles. Both the Gala and FCCA Foundation’s efforts were possible because of Port Everglades, the Featured Event Sponsor; Port Canaveral and PortMiami, Partner Sponsors; the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, the Reception Sponsor; and Park West Gallery, whose contribution and assistance gave the silent art auction a voice.

and executives who decide where ships call, what to sell onboard and how to invest in products and infrastructure. Plus, the booth hosted a series of meetings taking place between FCCA Member Line executives and destinations’ private and public sectors, including a meeting between FCCA Member Line CEOs and FCCA partner destinations’ ministers of tourism. “Our meetings and events made it possible for our partners to optimize the cruise executives gathered for Seatrade Cruise Global,” said Paige. “We pride ourselves in bringing executives and stakeholders together to discuss crucial operational issues and develop relationships


contributing to a good cause—the FCCA Foundation,” told Michele Paige, president of the FCCA. “Of course it is crucial to link anyone doing business in the cruise industry with decision makers from the cruise lines, which is the best way to build understanding and business relationships, but it is even more rewarding to improve the lives of citizens from the Caribbean and Latin America.” All proceeds benefitted the FCCA Foundation, a non-profit, charitable organization that funds humanitarian causes in the Caribbean and Latin America,

The FCCA’s booth itself also served as a networking and business hub. In addition to being a one-stop shop for Seatrade attendees looking to learn more about the FCCA, the booth helped fulfill other goals of the FCCA: promoting partner destinations and companies and bringing together Platinum Members and Member Line representatives in a private atmosphere. Exclusive networking receptions sponsored by ProColombia and Port St. Maarten also took place at the booth throughout the event, serving as a meeting point for the FCCA Platinum Members

that pave the way for future business and mutual success.” Indeed, this year’s Seatrade Cruise Global again benefited participants with its success-proven formula combined with new features and a new location, but the FCCA offered backstage passes to meet the real rock stars—key decision makers from Member Lines. Or, as Goldstein put it, “…the FCCA’s meetings and events [made] it possible to meet with stakeholders who have ideas and projects I want—and need—to hear about.”  SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 25

Meetings & Events

Local Stakeholders Develop Cruise Industry Business and Understanding at the FCCA Central America Cruise Summit in Honduras


entral America was on the cruise industry map from May 10-12 during the FCCA Central America Cruise Summit. Around 200 local stakeholders gathered in San Pedro Sula, Honduras for the specialized forum offering a dynamic platform for promoting this vital, rapidly growing region and developing relationships and mutual understanding between local stakeholders and cruise lines. “The FCCA Central America Cruise Summit let attendees meet with and learn from some of the most important decision makers in the cruise industry,” said Adam Goldstein, president and COO of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (RCCL) and Chairman of the FCCA. “The region contains immense potential, and the FCCA seeks to optimize it by instilling the necessary operational knowledge and forging invaluable business relationships.” The biennial Summit achieved this by linking attendees with executives from the FCCA’s 19 Member Lines who decide where ships call, what products are used and sold on board, and how to invest in destination products and infrastructure. Attendees were able to pre-schedule one-on-one meetings with executives of their choice, providing a chance to promote products and receive individualized input. Cruise executives from sectors like shore excursions, destination development, government relations, port operations and purchasing were on-hand looking to take on business and help attendees fine-tune their products to best fit the cruise lines. “The one-on-one meetings allowed for us to address the specific concerns and learn about new products,” shared Federico Gonzalez-Denton, associate vice president, government relations, Caribbean & Latin America, Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited. “This was an important tool for both the attendees and the cruise industry.” Executives also provided input through workshops aimed at addressing specific regional operations and improving 26 SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

“THE REGION CONTAINS IMMENSE POTENTIAL…” —ADAM GOLDSTEIN, President & COO, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., & Chairman, FCCA

general business with the cruise industry. Vina Adams, procurement manager of food & beverage for RCCL, led an interactive workshop focused on the cruise industry’s purchasing guidelines, with panelists including other cruise executives, like Javonte Anyabwele, vice president of strategic sourcing for Carnival Corporation & plc., and successful suppliers. David Candib, vice president of development and operations for Carnival Corporation, moderated “The Destination Experience,” which revealed current trends in itinerary planning, how they affect Central America, and what destinations can do to improve the experience and overall region. Other panelists included Gonzalez-Denton and Arnaldo Zanonato, senior manager of port adventures for Disney Cruise Line. Plus, executives were accessible during social functions fostering networking and relationship building. And the functions also introduced them to Honduras’ friendly people and wide array of activities and destination products, with the attending cruise executives and stakeholders getting first-hand experiences of the destination’s cruise tourism infrastructure and what passengers can see and do while visiting, as well as Honduras’ ability to organize events and provide MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and events) tourism. In all, the Central America Cruise Summit helped both Honduras and the overall region improve their cruise tourism business by educating cruise executives about the wealth of destination offerings and the dedication to improving cruise tourism, while providing Central American stakeholders with invaluable operational knowledge and contacts who can bring more ships and cruise tourism business. Or, as Michele Paige, president of the FCCA, told, “This event epitomized one of the FCCA’s main goals: to help destinations maximize their share of cruise tourism.” 

Meetings & Events

CLIA’s Cruise360 Shares “Panoramic View of Cruising”


ositive synergy, diverse training, networking, ship inspections and special events, as well as being surrounded by some of the most influential people in the global cruise industry, are why Cruise Lines International Association’s (CLIA) annual Cruise360 week conference continues to be an ongoing success. Held in Fort Lauderdale April 18 – 24, more than 2,000 travel professionals attended the 13th annual conference along with cruise line members, cruise line executives, and executive partner members. DIVERSE KEYNOTE SPEAKERS AT GENERAL SESSIONS The three different General Sessions held during Cruise360 kept the momentum going. Cruise industry executives shared their insights, updates on the cruise industry, suggestions and tips, as well as personal stories. Arnold Donald, president & CEO of Carnival 28 SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

Corporation & plc, was the keynote speaker during the first General Session on April 20. On Friday, April 21, Karl Holz, president of Disney Cruise Line and New Vacations Operations, served as the keynote during General Session II, providing some fun insights on how travel agents can activate their inner “Super Heroes.” And Saturday morning’s final General Session III featured Richard D. Fain, chairman and CEO, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. He spoke to the audience about getting the right word out, being passionately enthusiastic, and how the cruise industry can successfully work together. After each of the keynote speakers, different panels followed, featuring cruise line executives. These included the “Presidents Panel,” “Small Ships, Big Return: How to Capitalize on the Popularity of Small Ship Cruising,” and “Sales and Marketing Panel.”

DIVERSE TRAINING, SHIPBOARD INSPECTIONS AND CRUISE360 MARKETPLACE Throughout Cruise360, diverse training took place, ranging from CLIA Certification Programs and CLIA Educational Seminars to Product and Destination Workshops. These courses fit travel agents new to the industry, as well as veterans looking to take the next step with CLIA’s higher level certifications. Courses to help fast-track sales growth were also a wonderful resource. Travel agents also had the opportunity to do ship inspections, both in PortMiami as well as in Port Everglades. And these featured some of the most advanced ships sailing today. The Cruise360 Marketplace (trade show) on Friday, April 21 gave travel agents the opportunity to visit diverse booths, interact, learn and enjoy. After the Cruise360 Marketplace, a fun welcome reception followed at the Hilton

Fort Lauderdale at the beautiful outdoor Marina Pool Terrace. Sponsored by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention CVB and Port Everglades, guests had a chance to enjoy light food and drinks as well as live entertainment. CLIA HALL OF FAME AWARDS GALA: CRUISE INDUSTRY AWARDS, DINNER, ENTERTAINMENT This special evening event with dinner combined with “cruise style entertainment” honored the winners of the 2017 CLIA Hall of Fame Cruise Industry Awards. Royal Caribbean International, Norwegian Cruise Line and Celebrity Cruises provided entertainment segments throughout the evening. Edie Rodriguez, chairman, president & CEO of Crystal Cruises, and Charles Sylvia, vice president of Membership & Trade Relations of CLIA, served as hosts. The 2017 Cruise Industry Hall of Fame Awards recognized organizations and individuals whose contributions and efforts represent a significant contribution to the cruise industry. The three categories include Elite Cruise Counsellor, Travel Agency Innovator, and Lifetime Achievement. David Crooks, senior vice president of product & operations of World Travel

Holdings, was the Lifetime Achievement Award Winner. Responsible for overseeing the growth and profitability of all cruise and land sales through the various distribution channels as well as overseeing all supplier relationships, David has been with World Travel Holdings/NLG since its inception in 1986. The Travel Agency Innovator Award Winner was given to Travel Leaders Network. Nominated by a variety of travel professionals, Travel Leaders Network is dedicated to transforming travel. Committed to creating unique travel experiences for both business and vacation travel clients via a very progressive approach, Travel

Leaders Network is one of America’s top 10 travel companies. This year, the first ever Elite Cruise Counsellor of the Year was awarded to Joni Cohen, Party Cruises, Etc. Joni, who has been working travel industry since 1981, is an Elite Cruise Counsellor. After working for a large travel corporation as their cruise specialist for six years, Joni founded and formed Party Cruiser’s Etc. She has built a very successful organization, leveraging her unique, personalized business practices and services. Cindy D’Aoust, president and CEO of CLIA, mentioned, “The nominees for the Hall of Fame represent the best and brightest individuals in the cruise industry, and our winners this year are the most talented and dedicated members of this group.” CLIA’S 2018 CRUISE360 CONFERENCE As the official conference of the global cruise industry, Cruise360 brings together Cruise Line Members, Executive Partner Members, Travel Agency Members and Individual Agent Members. CLIA’s 14th annual Cruise360 conference will take place from April 17 – 23, 2018, once again in Fort Lauderdale.  SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 29

On Board

Perched on the starboard side of the ship and the size of a tennis court, the Magic Carpet is the world’s first cantilevered venue that travels 13 stories. With its stunning, open-air panoramic, outward-facing ocean views, Magic Carpet is designed with a yacht-like, breezy, and casual vibe, with comfortable seating, a full bar and space for live music performances, making it the place to see and be seen.

Celebrity Cruises Reveals Celebrity Edge, A Ship Designed to Transform Expectations Celebrity Cruises recently displayed the transformational Celebrity Edge, with dramatically expanded staterooms, ship-climbing Magic Carpet platform and stunning suites. Designed completely in 3-D, and featuring the work of A-list global architects and designers, the 2,918guest Celebrity Edge aims to make discerning global travelers redefine how they experience the world and how intimate a vacation can be. “Celebrity Edge is one of the most exciting, innovative and transformational ships I have ever been involved with,” said Richard D. Fain, Chairman and CEO, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Some of the transformational aspects Fain noted included more than double the mix of suite staterooms and a standard veranda cabin 23 percent larger, which he told would “translate into yield premiums for this class of ships.” Colorful Dr. Seuss WaterWorks Park to Be Featured on New Carnival Horizon Debuting in 2018 Carnival Cruise Line’s newest ship, the 133,500-ton, 3,934-passenger Carnival Horizon, will be the first in the fleet to feature Dr. Seuss WaterWorks, a vibrant water park inspired by the whimsical world and words of the legendary children’s author. It will offer two distinctly different slides: The Cat in the Hat slide, featuring an enclosed raft slide offering more than 450 feet of heart-racing twists and turns, and the Fun Things slide, with an enclosed body slide with whimsical polka dots and special lighting effects and named after the mischievous duo Thing 1 and Thing 2 and encompassing 213 feet of exhilarating all-ages fun. Dr. Seuss WaterWorks will also include a 150-gallon tipping bucket patterned after The Cat’s hat, along with a kiddie splash zone with dozens of water spray toys.

Norwegian Cruise Line Gleefully Takes Delivery of Norwegian Joy Yesterday Norwegian Cruise Line today took delivery of Norwegian Joy, the brand’s 15th ship and its first custom-designed for the Chinese cruise market, from MEYER WERFT during an on board ceremony in Bremerhaven, Germany. At 167,725–grosstons and accommodating 3,883 guests, Norwegian Joy is the second ship in the line’s Breakaway-Plus class and features an innovative design with amenities tailored to provide a “First Class at Sea” experience for Chinese guests with the elements of freedom and flexibility that Norwegian Cruise Line has become known for across the globe. One of those unique experiences includes a Ferraribranded racetrack. The two-level competitive racetrack is located on the top deck of the ship, where up to 10 guests at a time can race each other in thrilling electric go-carts. AIDA Cruises Receives Latest Member of the Fleet, AIDAperla AIDA Cruises recently took delivery of AIDAperla, the 12th member of its fleet and second of its generation, in Nagasaki, Japan from Mitshubishi Heavy Industries (MHI). “With the successful commissioning of AIDAprima in May 2016…more than 2 million Germans have decided to go cruising,” said Felix Eichhorn, president, AIDA Cruises. “With the sister ship, AIDAperla, we will be injecting further important growth momentum into the German vacation market.” AIDAperla is currently on its inaugural Mediterranean season and will be christened by Lena Gercke on June 30 in Palma de Mallorca. After Makeover AIDAvita Begins First Selection Season On Wednesday, April 5, 2017 AIDAvita arrived in Hamburg after an extensive revitalization at Lloyd Werft that added amenities like a beach lounge, modernized pool area with more space for relaxation and

new poolside grill options, and the Selection Restaurant featuring delicacies from around the world. The same evening, the 1,200 guests set sail on a short cruise to the UK and the Netherlands as part of the new AIDA Selection program. This program stands for extraordinary cruises on fascinating routes to new regions or exclusive ports with the ships of the first AIDA generation: AIDAaura, AIDAcara, and AIDAvita.

Norwegian Jade Journeys to The Caribbean as a Nearly New Ship Norwegian Jade sailed into her seasonal homeport of Tampa as an essentially new vessel, following a three-week dry dock where she received enhancements to every part of the onboard experience, from two brand new restaurants and two new bars and lounges, updated design and décor in many public spaces, and a refurbishment of all staterooms. The extensive enhancements come just in time for her highly anticipated summer season, the brand’s first ever complete season sailing from Hamburg, Germany to the Norwegian Fjords, with embarkation also available in the UK. Guy Fieri-Designed Pig & Anchor Bar-BQue Smokehouse and Alchemy Bar Added to Carnival Breeze Following Dry Dock Two exciting new food and beverage offerings—the Guy Fieri-designed Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que Smokehouse and cocktail pharmacy-themed Alchemy Bar—have been added to the Carnival Breeze following a twoweek dry dock to the 3,690-passenger ship. Developed in tandem with Food Network star Guy Fieri, Guy’s Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que Smokehouse is an open-air free-of-charge venue offering a variety of BBQ favorites with a menu that includes Championship Pork Butt, Blue Ribbon Chicken, smoked Andouille sausage and Sliced Smoked Round of Beef. One of the most popular beverage concepts in the cruise industry, Alchemy Bar is designed as a vintage cocktail “pharmacy” that’s the go-to spot for guests seeking a unique bar experience with mixologists in lab coats who “prescribe” refreshing concoctions from different elixirs and ingredients or create guests’ own custom-created libations. Costa Cruises Presents New Menu Created by Bruno Barbieri Costa Cruises is introducing a new menu on board its ships that is the result of its speSECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 31

On Board cial partnership with Bruno Barbieri. The collaboration between the company and the Italian Chef is a sign of the importance that Costa gives to Italy’s finest, with the aim of not only providing mouth-watering food to Costa guests, but also to make their cruise experience unique and thrilling. Taking guests on a “journey for the emotions” is exactly what the new dishes all set out to do, created for Costa by the Italian chef with seven Michelin stars. Bravo Media and Celebrity Cruises Set Sail with New Original Digital Series Isaac Takes On Bravo Media and Celebrity Cruises recently unveiled an exciting new element of their multi-year partnership with the launch of a new original video series, titled Isaac Takes On. The series follows “Top Chef” fan favorite Isaac Toups as he travels the Caribbean on a Celebrity Cruises vacation, competing against tastemakers in a wide variety of culinary challenges. The award-winning Celebrity Reflection and its onboard team, plus the modern luxury brand’s own Michelinstarred chef, Cornelius Gallagher, make appearances throughout as Isaac tackles everything from whipping up a world-class omelet, creating specialty cocktails, to concocting traditional Puerto Rican Mofongo. MSC Cruises Launches Fleet-Wide, Game-Changing Digital Innovation Program, MSC for Me At ITB Berlin, MSC Cruises unveiled its fleet-wide, digital innovation program, MSC for Me. After spending the past three years working with over 11 of the world’s leading digital, tech and behavioral science experts—including Deloitte Digital, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Samsung—MSC Cruises’ holistic program puts guests at the heart of every step of the development, design and construction of its ships. The program will debut on MSC Meraviglia, and MSC envisions a fleet-wide roll-out of the program to the 11 upcoming next-generation mega ships to be built under the €9 billion, ten-year investment plan, as well as to its 12 existing ships. Carnival Introducing Online Pre-Sale Wi-Fi Packages, Fleetwide Rollout Expected by Mid-Summer Carnival Cruise Line is now offering guests an opportunity to pre-purchase 32 SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

Wi-Fi packages on prior to their cruise. The pre-purchase option is currently available on two ships, Carnival Vista and Carnival Fascination, with fleetwide rollout expected by mid-summer. With this convenient new option, fully booked guests can select from Carnival’s popular social, value and premium Wi-Fi packages. Wi-Fi is the latest amenity available through Carnival’s online pre-purchase system, which also includes steakhouse and Chef’s Table reservations, spa treatments, shore excursions, and beverage packages prior to departure on Holland America Line Introduces New Beverage Packages Holland America Line has introduced a new Elite Beverage Package for guests that features premium beverage selections. With this new package, guests may now also enjoy libations from Master Mixologist Dale DeGroff’s collection of unique, classic cocktails, such as The Ritz Cocktail, The Hemingway Daiquiri and Midnight Sun, his latest masterpiece created to celebrate Holland America Line’s 70th year of exploring Alaska. Princess Reveals 2017 Encounters with Discovery at Sea Program Princess Cruises has announced the newest additions to the Encounters with Discovery at Sea speaker series program. Princess Cruises will welcome a variety of celebrities and notables to share their experiences on board with guests on select sailings this year. From astronomy, sports, and entertainment to well-being and pop culture, the Encounters with Discovery at Sea speakers will educate, inspire and entertain guests on the high seas. Talk About Brand Loyalty! Couple Achieves Unique Milestone, Sails on 200th Carnival Cruise When Bernard and Janice Caffary boarded the Carnival Liberty last week, they stepped into the record books, becoming the first guests to ever sail on 200 cruises with Carnival Cruise Line. Achieving this feat in just 15 years, the couple averaged nearly 15 cruises a year with Carnival, making them among the most loyal guests at sea, with a whopping 878 days aboard Carnival Cruise Line ships, with another 30 cruises booked. To commemorate

Colorful Dr. Seuss WaterWorks Park To Be Featured On New Carnival Horizon Debuting In 2018

their 200-cruise milestone, the Carnival Liberty team rolled out the red carpet, with welcoming signage at Port Canaveral, and a number of commemorative gifts and unique onboard experiences. P&O Cruises Searches for Young Explorer to Advise on Latest Ship P&O Cruises called for one adventure-loving holiday critic to advise on the final touches to Pacific Explorer, the cruise line’s latest ship arriving in Sydney in June. But only applicants aged 15 years were accepted for the contest to join the adventure critic with three other Young Explorers recruited by P&O to provide input on the activities, food, entertainment and design of the 77,000-ton ship that will sail on its first cruise from Sydney on June 22, 2017. P&O Cruises Director of Entertainment Brett Annable invited families to nominate an adventurous child who has bundles of energy and is willing to give anything a go, from walking the plank to zipping down the longest and wildest waterslides on an Australian ship. Disney Cruise Line Taps Future Successor President Karl Holz Walt Disney Co. 27-year veteran, Anthony Connelly, has been tapped to succeed Karl Holz as president of Disney Cruise Line (DCL) and New Vacation Operations when Holz retires in February 2018. “Karl is a truly exemplary Disney leader who has directed major expansion for our cruise business and other parts of our vacation portfolio during his more than 20 years with our company,” said Bob Chapek, chairman, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts. Connelly, who was SVP of operations at DCL before moving to Walt Disney Imagineering last year, will return to DCL and New Vacation Operations this October to ensure a smooth transition.

Antigua & Barbuda Cruise Masterplan to Build On Successful Start with New $90 Million Phased Investment, Including New Barbuda Out-Island Antigua’s Minister of Tourism presents latest developments in Cruise Masterplan


s part of its already successful Cruise Masterplan, the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority is injecting another $90 million through phased investment into the islands’ cruise infrastructure. Honorable Asot Michael, Antigua and Barbuda’s Minister of Tourism, revealed the latest developments in the Masterplan to key cruise industry players during a recent trip to Florida. New elements of the plan include 34 SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

plans to create a new cruise destination on sister island Barbuda—a beach-focused, outer-island cruise destination designed to deliver an authentic and unprecedented experience for an Eastern Caribbean cruise itinerary and to newly position Barbuda on the regional cruise map. Works for the Masterplan commenced in 2016 with a $50 million investment on the main Antigua harbor in the capital, St.

Johns, including maintenance dredging, lengthening and strengthening the Heritage Pier to allow for the berthing of Quantumclass ships, as well as major improvements to Antigua’s facilities and downtown area. These improvements were welcomed by the arrival of Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas in December 2016, heralding the start of a new growth phase for the Antiguan cruise sector.

On Land in St. John’s port, along with overall tourism developments, are attracting significant attention within the cruise industry with positive results for Antigua & Barbuda. Almost every cruise line that was engaged confirmed that Antigua and Barbuda would receive calls for the two next seasons at an average increase of approximately 10 percent, which will be above the industry average predicted for the Caribbean region. The lines expressed pleasure that all leading indicators point to the fact that Antigua and Barbuda is again a destination of choice as assessed by their passenger surveys. The recent extension of the Heritage Quay Pier to accommodate larger vessels, availability of fuel bunkering services at competitive rates, feedback of an improving experience by cruise passengers, and impressive investment plans for land-side developments are all factors contributing to a resurgence in excitement about Antigua as a cruise destination.

In fact, Antigua & Barbuda can expect to see steady growth in its cruise ship visitor arrivals over the next two seasons. A delegation of government officials and private sector members attended Seatrade Cruise Global to display the vibrant destination at a buzzing booth and hold discussions with cruise line executives. Those discussions confirmed that the major public sector investments

Antigua and Barbuda received special praise from one of its larger cruise line partners, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Ltd. (RCCL) from Federico GonzalezDenton, associate vice president, government relations for Latin America & The Caribbean, who commented that “Antigua and Barbuda was riding the wave of growth since the major improvements to the piers had been completed.”


Total cruise ship calls from RCCL Lines will grow from 80 calls with 211,442 passengers in season 2016/17 to 91 ship calls already booked for 2017/18 cruise season, with the destination expecting to welcome 233,878 passengers, a 10.6% increase. The Masterplan will continue to build on this progress and excitement through other elements, including further dredging of the approach channel and turning basin area, the creation of a fifth berth, and land reclamation to help with major improvements to pedestrian and vehicle flows, town aesthetics, tour operations and shopping. To ensure these improvements address the cruise lines’ needs, the Antigua and Barbuda government is working closely with the cruise industry, as evidenced by the Minister’s trip to Florida. There he met with industry leaders such as Adam Goldstein, president & COO of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., Richard Sasso, chairman of MSC Cruises (USA) Inc., Carlos Torres de Navarro, vice president of strategic and commercial port development for Carnival Cruise Line, and Michele Paige, president of the FCCA, all of whom were pleased with the progress to date and plans underway. “The cruise executives and itinerary planners were impressed with our vision for improving how Antigua will be welcoming their ships and passengers, and their feedback has helped us to better understand their specific needs for achieving sustainable growth,” said Minister Michael. “I am confident that we have developed the right Masterplan, and it is now up to our government to find more financing to complete what we started last year when we successfully implemented critically needed marine improvements at St. John’s Harbour and the Heritage Pier.” Antigua and Barbuda is therefore now well placed to take advantage of this forecasted industry growth as a direct result of the government’s timely investment decisions that have positioned cruise tourism firmly on the front burner. The destination is forecasted to ride this growth wave and see even more positive results in cruise ship passenger arrivals with the planned completion later this year of its fifth berth, which will handle the largest cruise ships.  SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 35

Cartagena de Indias.



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More Cruise Ships, More Opportunities in Cartagena Cartagena continues to be an essential destination for cruise ship tourists in the Caribbean due to its architectural and historic beauty, tourist facilities and entertainment options.


ew would believe that when people arrive in Cartagena on a cruise ship, their first encounter before they head for the historic center is with some of the country’s wildlife. At the exit from the city’s Cruise Ship Terminal, after being welcomed by Palenqueras and musicians, cruisers find themselves in a 1,000-square-meter garden where they can mingle with parrots, flamingoes, iguanas, howler monkeys, pelicans and even deer, among many other species from the region. This so-called Port Oasis has developed hand-in-hand with the cruise ship industry, which has grown 654 percent in a mere ten years, from the 74,793 visitors who arrived on these vessels in the 2006-2007 season to the 557,041 who are expected in 2016-2017. The key year in this evolution was 2008, when the city was first classified as a home port, which meant that ground tours were possible for visitors. Due to the number of international tourists able to come to Bolivar in cruise ships, this number has steadily risen. A total of 301,531 people disembarked from these vessels in the 2015-2016 season, while 238,184 passengers arrived by air on direct international flights. During the 10 months that the cruise ship season will last, from September 2016 to June 2017, the city expects to earn around USD 52 million. The Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism, Maria Claudia Lacouture, who presided over the season’s launch, not only stresses these good figures, but also points out that the achievements so far are due to everyone involved in the chain: “We have progressed and we have grown through our combined efforts.” The opening event was an opportunity for the Cruise Ship Terminal to offer a sample of what tourists will find when they arrive in Cartagena. Guests were 38 SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

able to follow the Port Oasis trails, interact with the birds and take photos. A children’s choir from the Port of Cartagena Foundation provided the entertainment for the tour.

One of the words heard most often that sunny morning was “opportunities.” The growth in this type of tourism has opened up opportunities everywhere in the chain, from the port and the city to guides, taxi drivers, musicians, Palenqueras and handicraft vendors. And the figures prove it, for whereas in 2008 around 200 tourist guides waited for passengers, today there are about 350, all highly knowledgeable about the city, and who altogether provide around 10,000 services each season. The Port of Cartagena’s message is therefore a forceful one. “We want to

stimulate tourism, an industry that offers abundant benefits for everyone in the services chain,” states the organization’s Corporate Affairs Director, Silvana Giaimo. “We should boost Cartagena as a home port for Colombian and South American tourists, and also get them to be consumers in the city and hence bring even greater benefits.” After all, a recent study by the Business Research & Economics Advisers (BREA) found that a cruise ship passenger spends USD 103.83 per day at each destination. According to Alfonso Múnera, former Secretary General of the Association

of Caribbean States and current VicePrincipal of Research at the University of Cartagena, the city should make the most of the exclusive nature of its attractions. “I know every tourist destination in the Caribbean, and there is no other destination more beautiful than Cartagena,” he told. “Perhaps we are the only people who haven’t realized it, but we should make tourism a priority because 32 percent of Cartagena’s inhabitants work in activities related to this industry.” But among those who have certainly realized the city’s beauty are the 27 cruise lines that will make 205 calls in the season that has just begun, notable among which are Pullmantur Cruises (41), Princess Cruises (38), Holland America Line (22) and Norwegian Cruise Line (20). Meanwhile, Celebrity Cruises’ Equinox ships and Silversea’s Silver Whisper will spend the night in Cartagena.

Furthermore, eight ships will dock for the first time in these waters: Aurora, Carnival Magic, Carnival Pride, MN Mein Schiff 4, Norwegian Dawn, Silver Wind, Sirena and Seven Seas Explorer, this latter currently considered one of the most luxurious

ships in the world. It will reach the city in January of 2017. Port of Cartagena´s General Manager, Alfonso Salas, is fully aware of this potential, which is why he launched the message ‘More cruise ships, more opportunities’ during the 2016-2017 season, a message he says will be vital for everyone: “Tourism is a big boost for local development. Thanks to the cruise ships, Cartagena has the opportunity to consolidate its tourist facilities.” There will be many days during the 10-month season with many movements, but three of those stand out: December 6th of 2016, January 1st and March 26 of 2017, on which an average of 11,500 tourists will reach the city each day. Together with the cruise ships, countless opportunities will arrive for everyone in Cartagena—the new lighthouse for Caribbean cruise ships.  SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 39

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Curaçao Ports Authority: Building for the Future


uraçao is blessed with incredible natural, deep harbors, and a port positioned in such a way that it offers security to vessels docked in its harbors. The trade and drydock industries have for many years comprised two of the five pillars of Curaçao’s multi-sectorial economy, the others being oil refining, tourism and financial services, which too are all linked to the ports. In the coming 15 years, the Curaçao Port Authority (CPA) has major plans to develop both the ports of Curaçao and the territories along the ports, changing not only the business mix in Curaçao, but also determining the island’s future through reorganizing the way Curaçao’s economy develops. CPA has refocused its business model over the years, shifting from a tool port to a landlord port. “Previously, CPA would also invest in tools and companies would lease them from us to operate their business,” explained CPA’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Mr. Raul Manotas. “In recent years,


we’ve switched to a landlord port model, which allows us to make the land available to operators, enabling them to operate and invest in projects that support the stipulated objectives of CPA with confidence.” CPA has developed a zoning plan for Curaçao’s ports, determining which areas should be used for maritime industrial services and which parts would best work for tourism. “We want to strike the ideal mix of local and international investors, while also injecting consistent growth into our economy through sustainable port development,” says Manotas. In recent years, the cruise tourism industry has grown significantly, and Curaçao still has a lot of untapped potential. Right now, approximately 600,000 cruise passengers visit Curaçao each year.

It is estimated that each cruise passenger spends about $75 in Curaçao, reaching a total of USD 45 million per year. While this is already significantly contributing to the island’s economy, Manotas noted, “Our goal is to allow Curaçao to cater to 1 million cruise tourists per year, while increasing the daily average spending from USD 75 to USD 100. It is for this reason that CPA has decided to invest USD 42 million in developing Curaçao’s second mega-pier, which will be completed by the end of 2017.” The new mega-pier at Rif Seaport will be able to receive the largest cruise ships. Similar to other partners in the tourism sector, CPA has a master plan that includes its properties in the downtown area. A large part of Curaçao’s downtown Willemstad is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, adding to Curaçao’s unique mix. “While our objective is to increase the number of cruise tourists, we acknowledge the opportunity the downtown presents in regards to the experience of cruise guests,” told Manotas. “Willemstad has to cater to our tourists’ needs.” In CPA’s plan, the downtown area will have the perfect mix of hotels, apartments, restaurants and stores to keep people coming back for more. 









Port of Curaçao

Win a Cruise for 2 persons

Introducing the second mega Cruise Berth

Port Services


In the fourth quarter of 2017, the cruise facility expansion of the Curacao Ports Authority (CPA) will be completed. The project introduces the second mega cruise berth in the heart of Willemstad, capable of handling the largest cruise vessels.

Werf de Wilde - P.O. Box: 689 Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean

Tel: (+599-9) 434-5999 Telefax: (+599-9) 461-3907

CPA develops and manages all ports in Curaçao ensuring quality nautical services, safety and security in the ports in an environmentally responsible manner. With modern infrastructure and the experienced port cluster, the ports of Curaçao offer maritime and logistical service excellence. Ports services include: Nautical assistance Cargo & supplies Salvage Bunkering and provisions Surveys Under water services Ship repair and maintenance Transport Fresh water delivery Waste management

Email: Website:


Building towards the Future

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ICHKABAL Origins of the Mayan Culture


he Mayan civilization was one of the greatest cul-

The area has natural richness of great value to the

ture of the ancient times, with structures, religion,

state due to being part of the Bacalar natural reserve, so

technology and astronomy that rivals the Egyptians’.

conservation measures are in place, and it has great poten-

Many temples, buildings and pyramids have been uncovered and studied through the years in the Yucatan peninsula,

tial for hiking, bird watching and other tourist development. According archeologists working on the site since

revealing a complex culture with religion, astronomy, archi-

2009, Ichkabal is the first mayor political settlement and

tectural knowledge and much more, but in 1995 one of the

possibly the origin of one of the most important political

biggest and oldest temple complex was officially discovered,

dynasties of the Mayan era, with pyramids featuring beauti-

which promises to reveal more of the religious and political

ful stone work, sculptures, temples and buildings filled with

history of the Mayans.

mysteries to uncover.

Located 82 km (50 mi) from Chetumal and west of

While the digging, discovery and restoration of the site

Laguna Bacalar in southern Quintana Roo, Mexico and sur-

is still ongoing by the National Institute of Anthropology

rounded by other pre-Hispanic settlements, Ichkabal (Xkabal)

and History (INAH), plans are being implemented to open

is an archeological site from the pre-classic period (300 B.C).

it to the public so thousands of visitors from all around the

It extends for 34 km2 (13 mi2), containing five main build-

world can appreciate the fascinating temples of the great

ings, the highest reaching around 46 mts (151ft.), and several

Mayan civilization.

smaller ones making it one of the most outstanding and important sites of the state.

The plans involve investments on infrastructure, education, creation of cultural products and development of the surrounding areas, which are still growing from rural towns, creating around 25,000 direct new jobs for locals and for people coming from other states. The project opens the south of the state of Quintana Roo to new challenges and opportunities for the tourism international market. If you want to discover the wonders of the ancient Mayan civilization, Ichkabal (Xkabal) is going to be the place to visit very soon. There’s no official date for the opening of the site, but it is expected to start receiving visitors late 2017 – early 2018. So start making plans to visit Mexico and its Mayan Riviera. 


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An Historic Arrival: World’s Largest Cruise Ship Visits St. Kitts


ay 3 is a new day for St. Kitts’ record books, commemorating the historic arrival of the world’s largest cruise ship, Royal Caribbean International’s Harmony of the Seas. Minister of Tourism The Hon. Lindsay F.P. Grant, along with the minister responsible for Transport, The Hon. Ian ‘Patches’ Liburd, led a delegation of tourism stakeholders to witness the extraordinary berth of the cruise giant at Port Zante. Minister Grant said the day was very special for St. Kitts and that it has been 25 years in the making, going back to when Port Zante was first constructed. “This speaks volume to the visionary actions of the Simmonds Administration in constructing a pier that can handle 44 SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

large ships such as the Harmony of the Seas,” said Minister Grant. “Indeed, St. Kitts is in a special class, for even though we have yet to receive a million passengers, we are considered to be a marquee destination capable of offering a wide array of activities for our guests.” Harmony of the Seas made its inaugural Caribbean visit for the 2016-2017 cruise season, with stops only including marquee ports including St. Thomas, Jamaica, Haiti, Bahamas, St. Maarten and Puerto Rico. “Our relationship with the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line is a strong ongoing partnership, as the Harmony of the Seas is scheduled to visit the island every two weeks from May through August,” contin-

ued Minister Grant. “We will continue to build on that, keeping open all channels of communication, as we work together to further develop the cruise sector.” The Harmony of the Seas is the newest and largest addition to the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s, Oasis Class Fleet. The ship has a maximum capacity of 6,780 passengers and features a 10-story dry slide, three water slides, an 82-foot zipline, a robot bartender at the Bionic Bar, two rock-climbing walls at 43 feet each, an ice skating rink, classical carnival games at the Boardwalk Arcade, two flow-rider surf simulators, 20 dining venues, and for the first time at sea, live performances of the Broadway hit musical, Grease. 

Why Do the World’s Largest Cruise Ships Choose One of the Caribbean’s Smallest Islands? Close to other islands. Far from ordinary Cruise lines prefer St. Kitts because it’s close to other island destinations and provides passengers with easy access to an unforgettable day of authentic experiences. Our two berths (1,100 ft long with minimum depth of 28 ft) are just steps from the historic capital of Basseterre and within easy range of thrilling half-day adventures further afield. Please contact us for a confidential review of your requirements.

P.O. Box 132 • Pelican Mall • Basseterre, St. Kitts (869) 465-4040

Explore /StKittsTourism



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Dominican Republic Has It All Dominican Republic Continues Growth, on Chart for Goal of 10 Million Annual Tourist Arrivals


ominican Republic continues to post tourism increases and chart its course for its goal of 10 million annual tourist arrivals by 2023. In the first trimester of 2017, international visitors surged by 4.8 percent, compared to the same period in 2016, representing 1,495,249 international visitors between January and March—with 524,049 tourists in March alone—in comparison to the 1,427,088 arriving during the same span in 2016. Approximately 61 percent of the tourists traveled from North America; 24.9 percent from Europe; 10.4 percent from South and Central America, and 3.4 percent from the Caribbean. The number of European tourists registered the most significant growth, with a 15.4 percent spike and an additional 49,761 passengers. Russia also registered significant increases, as did France, England and Switzerland. The year-over-year increase becomes even more impressive considering that Dominican Republic welcomed a 6.4 percent increase in 2016 for overall tourism compared to 2015 and a total of 6.1 million tourists, exceeding the original projection by 100,000. Dominican Republic’s hotel occupancy rate is also checking in gains, up 18 percent last year to 78 percent. According to Radhamés Martínez Aponte, vice minister of tourism, this is thanks to 5,400 new hotel rooms becoming available in 2016, a record growth number. And the growth’s not stopping, with 69 more projects already approved. 46 SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC WELCOMES MORE CRUISERS Numbers are also continuing to grow for cruise passengers visiting the Dominican Republic. In the first quarter of 2017, 171,041 tourists arrived at the Dominican Republic by cruise ship, along with 59,426 crew members, according to the Ministry of Tourism Department of Cruise Tourism. These figures represent a year-overyear increase of 42 percent, far exceeding the 10 percent increase forecasted for the period. And they follow an annual increase of 52 percent from 2015 to 2016, with 832,000 cruisers discovering Dominican Republic last year. The newly developed Amber Cove cruise port has helped those numbers spike, with an average of 5,000 weekly cruisers since its inauguration. Carnival Corporation’s $85 million investment in the Puerto Plata region, Amber Cove is located on the northern coast and features retail and guest offerings steps from the gangway, along with shore excursions for passengers to swim with dolphins, zip line, encounter stingrays, explore on an adventure-packed ATV and much more. Princess Cruises, Cunard Line, Carnival Cruise Line, Holland America Line, and P&O Cruises currently visit Amber cove on a weekly or seasonal basis. And Dominican Republic’s other ports—La Romana and Samana—con-

tinue to see commensurate increases, with an estimated 1 million passengers forecast for 2017. PUNTA CANA AND SANTO DOMINGO AMONG EXPEDIA’S BEST-SELLING DESTINATIONS Punta Cana and Santo Domingo are among the best-selling destinations through Expedia’s mobile apps. According to Expedia, the number of room reservations jumped an impressive 53 percent during 2016, compared to 2015. Expedia also revealed that those making reservations through their mobile devices reserved approximately 32 days before their trip (compared to a 50-day notice for other customers), and 45 percent preferred four-star facilities, followed by 43% who opted for three-star hotels. ALL IS NOT ENOUGH Boasting opportunities for a wide range of activities on the same island, Dominican Republic holds a large advantage, but it is not resting on these laurels. It is working to also grow the diversity of its offerings, with nature, golf, wedding, culture and adventure travel among the largest niches of focus for the coming year. Between action-packed Puerto Plata, lush Samaná, sunny Punta Cana, lux La Romana, historic Santo Domingo and more, the country prides itself on offering something for every traveler and budget. 



Catedral Primada de AmĂŠrica Santo Domingo

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Pure Grenada, the Spice of the Caribbean, Is Free to Wonder: An Interview with CEO of the Grenada Tourism Authority, Patricia Maher “It is happiness to wonder; it is happiness to dream.” —Edgar Allen Poe


ndeed, it is happiness to wonder in Pure Grenada, the Spice of the Caribbean! The Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) launched its Free to Wonder Lifestyle Campaign in April, which gives visitors a special snapshot of all the things they can enjoy while in Pure Grenada. GTA CEO Patricia Maher tells just why Grenada is Free to Wonder! Why Free to Wonder? Free to Wonder is a such a beautiful phrase that captures the very essence of

Pure Grenada, the Spice of the Caribbean. The dictionary defines the word ‘wonder’ as marvel, to be amazed, to be astonished or stand in awe. That’s just the feeling you will get upon visiting Pure Grenada. You will stand in wonder at the vivid imagery, the colors and the natural beauty of the Spice of the Caribbean. What is there to entice you to wonder in Pure Grenada? We have so much to experience here! Free to Wonder portrays people like you and

me wondering at the beauty of this pure and unspoiled place. That is what we offer visitors and locals alike, and being a safe destination, you are free to wonder on our pristine beaches, free to wonder at our refreshing gorgeous waterfalls, free to wonder at our treasures beneath the sea and free to wonder with our lovely people. Grenada’s natural beauty will leave you in awe. What is the connection between Free to Wonder and Pure Grenada? The Free to Wonder lifestyle campaign complements the Pure Grenada, the Spice of the Caribbean brand. This is an emotional connection to our brand that our partners and visitors have grown to love. What makes us pure is the fact that Grenada remains unspoiled, natural, authentic and real. The people are warm and friendly, and our visitors are free to connect with them wherever there go. How was this campaign launched? The Free to Wonder lifestyle campaign was launched in Grenada with a press conference on April 25. Subsequently, images were released digitally via the GTA’s social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). Followers on social media are encouraged to use the hashtag #FreeToWonder in addition to #PureGrenada on GTA’s social media handles @discovergrenada. Have we missed anything? Pure Grenada offers a variety of experiences for all cruise passengers, from adventures on land and sea, to exploring our forts, plantations, waterfalls and gardens and visiting our rum and chocolate factories.  For more information, you can visit Book Now!


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PortMiami Considers $100 Million Terminal for Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings PortMiami may construct a new cruise terminal for Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (NCLH) by 2020 in a new 20-year agreement. Miami-Dade County commissioners approved a resolution that would build a new Cruise Terminal B and combine existing terminals B and C into a single Cruise Terminal C, allowing for simultaneous berthing of two 5,000-passenger ships. An agreement for the terminal improvements is planned to be presented to the county board of commissioners this summer, including a financial analysis estimated at $100 million. Miami-Dade County will design, finance and build Terminal B, with NCLH possibly supplementing the design of the new terminal beyond the county’s budget on a per-person capital fee charged to NCLH passengers. The company will have preferential berthing rights at the new terminal, and the county will retain preferential berthing rights to the renovated Terminal C on Saturdays from the time Terminal B becomes usable through 2023. After that, NCLH will have the opportunity to regain preferential rights to Terminal C on Saturdays via an increased minimum annual passenger guarantee. The county will also retain preferential berthing rights at Terminal C on Sundays from the time Terminal B enters service through 2030, with NCLH subsequently having the opportunity to regain preferential berthing on Sundays at Terminal C by increasing its annual passenger guarantee.


Carnival Cruise Line to Develop New Cruise Destination on Grand Bahama Island Carnival Cruise Line and the Bahamian government have signed an agreement for the construction of a new cruise port facility to be funded and operated by Carnival Cruise Line on Grand Bahama Island. The as-yet-unnamed planned port will be the largest purpose-built cruise facility ever constructed in The Bahamas and will take inspiration from the beauty of the Bahamian people and their islands, with features including a one-mile stretch of beach; food, beverage and shopping outlets; a wide array of water-based amenities; and other recreational facilities. The port will also feature a pier capable of accommodating two of Carnival’s largest cruise ships simultaneously and is expected to eventually host up to 1 million guests annually. “Carnival Cruise Line is the leader in year-round cruising to The Bahamas, and this new development will not only provide a truly extraordinary and one-of-a-kind destination experience for our guests, but it will further solidify our partnership with the people of The Bahamas,” said Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line. The multimillion-dollar project will provide a significant economic benefit for the country of The Bahamas, including many employment and economic opportunities throughout the development, construction and ongoing operation once completed. “The Government of The Bahamas has had a long and close association with Carnival which has been of great economic benefit to both parties,” said Prime Minister the Right Honourable Perry G. Christie. “This new cruise port initiative in East Grand Bahama will deliver a cruise port in the traditional sense, but more than that, its shore project will create a new ‘destination’ with a distinctive flavor and characteristics that offer the broadest Bahamian entrepreneurial and employment opportunities.”

Royal Caribbean and Miami-Dade County Break Ground on World-Class Cruise Terminal at PortMiami In May, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. and Miami-Dade County broke ground on the new, cutting-edge cruise Terminal A at PortMiami. Once completed in October 2018, Terminal A will be a striking addition to PortMiami, accommodating ships up to 1,300-feet-long and serving as homeport to several Royal Caribbean International vessels, including Allure of the Seas and Symphony of the Seas. “This is an exciting collaboration with Miami-Dade County and PortMiami to create not just another cruise terminal, but an iconic state-ofthe-art facility,” said Richard D. Fain, chairman and CEO for Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. “Terminal A reinforces our unwavering commitment to our hometown, the city where our company first started nearly 50 years ago.” Royal Caribbean will implement the best technologies to deliver a state-of-theart guest experience at the LEED certified Terminal. When finished, it is anticipated that Royal Caribbean will generate at least 1.8 million travelers at PortMiami, up from its current level of 750,000 passengers and representing no less than 30 percent of the port’s projected passenger traffic. “Miami-Dade County is happy to welcome Royal Caribbean’s Terminal A, and the economic factors that will benefit Miami-Dade,” said Carlos Gimenez, Miami-Dade County Mayor. “Our public-private partnership will have an estimated economic impact of $500 million and generate more than 4,000 jobs. This will make PortMiami Royal Caribbean’s largest cruise port in the U.S., solidifying PortMiami’s status as the ‘Cruise Capital of the World.’”

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The British Virgin Islands offer endless adventures and experiences beyond compare. The new Tortola Pier Park welcomes cruise passengers, BVI guests and locals to the relaxed capital island of Tortola. Along the colorful pier, unique local craft shops and authentic restaurants neighbor international brands and lively entertainment. With a world of discoveries to be found in the British Virgin Islands, it’s a secret worth sharing.

Tortola Pier Park

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Cruise Ship Industry Contributes $3.2 Billion to the Canadian Economy in 2016


spending, increased 34 percent since increase of nine percent over the 2.05 ruise ships, together with their 2012 (the last time a comprehensive million visit recorded in 2012. passengers and crew, make a sigstudy was conducted), attributed to • The number of jobs generated by the nificant annual contribution to the gains in cruise line, passenger and industry in Canada, direct and indirect, Canadian economy, and cruise industry crew spending, along with increases in is estimated at just over 23,000, payspending is increasing at a healthy rate business taxes such as those on food, ing just over $1 billion in salaries and in all three of Canada’s major coastal 7B 1. fuel and retail items, and a favorable wages. Total employment generated by cruise regions: BC, Quebec and Atlantic CRUISE LINES Canadian exchange rate. the cruise industry has increased 31 perCanada. Those are among the findings in O C E N T OM C E I C R I cent since I2012. a new study detailing the economic impact D M IN our ports. PAtotal,far the national BC beyond accounts for of the cruise industry in Canada, including Other study highlights include: B EC• T SOfPE R I C (+ 38% since 2012) 7 D ND REofCdirect NOMindustry T ECOcruise • Direct spending by cruise 66 percent everything from spending by cruise lines 1. lines .in5 B IC I DIINCREW 1 N I PA perG $ Canada totaled $933 million, includspending; QuebecCaccounts forM15 home-porting and making port calls to B E T SPE R I C CRUISE LINES 7 D . N B ing items such as goods and services cent; onshore spending by passengers and crew DI for seven 1 Atlantic .5 Canada accounts N 1 G $ Other provinces and territories necessary for cruise operations (food & percent. members and commissions paid to travel CRUISE LINES (+ 24% since 2012) beverages, fuel, vessel maintenance/ also benefit as recipients of spending agents across the country. on ship provisions, equipment, tourism, The study, The Economic Contribution PASSENGERS (+ 38% since 2012) repair, equipment & supplies), shore-side since 2012) staffing, port fees(+ &38% services, equipment,CRUISE advertising and agent commissions. of the International Cruise Industry in and advertising & promotion. Canada 2016, was prepared CREW by Business INDUSTRY CREW ECisOjust NOthe • Direct spending by cruise passengers—SPENDING the2012) iceberg for Research & Economic Advisors (BREA) for CTthis (+ since M12% Itip C of REAnd I D IMbenefit. The nine including lodging, tours & transportation, Canada’s cruise tourism the Cruise Lines International Association IN DIRECT & INDIRECT PA B just &percent T SECONOMIC food & beverage, and since retail—totaled increase (CLIA)-North West & Canada, the St. (+ 24% 2012) PEinNpassenger IREC Cvisits between IMPACT 7DIRECT DINDIRECT . B Dsince (+the 24% since 2012) over half a billion dollars in 2016, 1 ECONOMIC Lawrence Cruise Association, Atlantic a 12.5 2012IMPACT and 2016 is about to be eclipsed by a (+ 34% 2012) I N G forecast for $1 since Canada Cruise Association and Cruise BC. LINESpercent increasePASSENGERS since 2012. (+ 34% 14 percent single-year growth 2012) CRUISE CRUISE PASSENGERS Total economic impact of $3.2 • Passenger visits to all Canadian ports 2017, ensuring further gains in cruise indusTOTAL INDUSTRY billion, including direct and indirect totaled 2.23 million in 2016, an try spending in the coming year.  (+ 12% since 2012) SPENDING PASSENGER TRAF (+ 9% since 2012) INDUSTRY (+ 38% since 2012) far beyond our ports. (+ 12% since 2012) SPENDING




933M 502M

$ $


2016 TOTAL TOTAL 933M far$ beyond our ports. 502M $ $ 3.2B $ 41M $








$ (+ 24% since 2012) $ 933M TOTAL CRUISE LINES

2.2M TOTAL $ 3.2B


41M 2.2M CREW

2.2M502M 23,000 2016


(+ 38% since 2012) CREW


(+ 24% since 2012)



(+ 34% since 2012)

502M (+ 12% since 2012)

Source: Business Research & Ecomomic Advisors: International Cruise Industry in Canada Economic

+ 31% since 2012

PASSENGER TRAFFIC (+ 9% since 2012)

(+ 9% since 2012)

+ 29% since 2012

TOTAL WAGES AND SALARIES TOTAL JOBS Source: Business Research & Ecomomic Advisors: International Cruise Industry in Canada Economic Impact Analysis, April 2017 (DIRECT & INDIRECT) (DIRECT & INDIRECT)


52 SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE + 31% since 2012


+ 29% since 2012


TOTAL 2.2M $ 1.0B 23,000PASSENGER TRAFFIC + 31% since 2012



Source: Business Research & Ecomomic Advisors: International Cruise Industry in Canada Economic Impact Analysis, April 2017




+ 29% since 2012


+ 31% since 2012

(+ 34% since 2012)




ECONOMIC IMPACT (+ 9% since 2012)









933M T




far beyond our ports.

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GREATNESS Learn how the best get better. Aon focuses on delivering value and impact to all our clients. As a result, Aon is the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association’s endorsed broker for the Global Tour Operator Liability Insurance Program. With more than 500 Aon and Aon Affiliate offices located throughout the world, we stand ready to serve the insurance needs of the cruise industry. Contact our expert to learn more: Hellen Mena - Aon Risk Solutions +1.305.961.6231

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European Cruise Tourism Continues to Break Records “Our industry is now more sophisticated and mature in Europe…” —Kyriakos Anastassiadis, CEO, Celestyal Cruises, & Chairman, CLIA Europe


he past decade has witnessed a newly revived European holiday trend in cruising. More diverse destinations, as well as wider choices in cruising, along with bigger ships have reached the European shores. Over the past 10 years in Europe, cruising grew over 50 percent. In 2016 alone, for instance, the number of European ocean cruise passengers hit another record of 6.7 million, showing 3.4 percent growth. Thanks to activities and more luxury accommodations onboard these ships, European travelers are convinced of the benefits of cruising.


THE TREND CONTINUES UPWARD Last year’s figures show that the trend continues upwards in most European markets, particularly in Germany, which had a staggering 11.3 percent growth, reaching a record of over 2 million passengers. Germans take the lead in choosing Mediterranean cruises over any other cruise destinations. British and Irish passengers also increased by 5.6 percent to hit 1.9 million cruise guests. And the Spanish cruise market increased by 4.2 percent in 2016. As in previous years, four out of five Europeans chose to cruise in

Europe, with 50 percent going to the Mediterranean and Atlantic islands, and 21 percent to northern Europe and the Baltic. The Caribbean and other North American destinations continue to appeal to cruisers, as well. Italy remains the

third largest cruise market of the old continent, with 751,000 passengers, followed by France. With its tradition of being a major ship builder launching famous vessels from Saint-Nazaire, France contributed to an annual cruise population exceeding 570,000 travelers. MORE CRUISE LINES OPERATING IN EUROPE Today, more cruise lines operate in Europe than ever before. Thirty-nine companies deployed 123 ships in European

waters, visiting more than 250 ports of the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Baltic seas and the Atlantic shores. But the most attractive destination remains the Mediterranean, thanks to its climate and variety of historical and charming ports throughout Spain, Italy, France and Greece. Turkey, however, took a step-back due to its uncertain political climate. The growth is not a surprise for Kyriakos Anastassiadis, CEO of Celestyal Cruises and chairman of CLIA Europe, which represents the cruise industry in Europe. “Our growth prediction of cruising in Europe was confirmed in 2016, in

spite of the socio-economic challenges we faced in several countries and some temporarily reduced regional deployment of capacity,” explained Anastassiadis. “Our industry is now more sophisticated and mature in Europe, which leads me to believe that the future is also looking up, particularly with the delivery of 26 new ships in 2017.” NEW GENERATION OF SUPER SHIPS Newer, larger and greener ships, for the most part manufactured in Europe, will soon take sail. Shipbuilding is a major European industry, with large shipyards in France, Italy and Germany. A new generation of vessels with environmentally-friendly and high-performing engines, leaner manufacturing and streamlined equipment is what European shipbuilding can now supply. But the key challenge for these new super ships is for the port infrastructure to keep pace. This is priority in Europe because many of the CLIA cruise line members have invested more than a billion dollars in emission minimizing technology. Eightyseven cruise ships have placed orders between 2017 and 2026, with at least 13 to be powered by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and the others deploying advanced Tier III low-emission marine engines. CRUISING STILL A YOUNG INDUSTRY IN EUROPE Although cruising remains Europe’s fastest-growing form of holiday, it is still a young industry in Europe and represents a small percentage when it comes to choices of European leisure travel options. But there is an increasing potential to grow this market segment. The cruise industry, along with many cruise line companies, have invested in market intelligence and consumer or media campaigns. Worldwide, the cruise industry in Europe provides a major positive economic factor, another benefit. The 2015 European Economic Contribution Report shared that the cruise industry in Europe contributed to 360,571 jobs, €41 billion in total contribution, and over €11 billion in employee compensation. In terms of European employment, travel and industrial contributions, these figures continue to increase in tandem with annual European cruise passenger figures.

THE ATTRACTION OF CRUISING For many European customers, with an average eight-night cruise, the attraction is only unpacking once and being pampered, entertained and afforded the finest of service, while visiting multiple historically interesting and gastronomic destinations. In addition, with the huge choice of cruises, a wide range of customers are attracted onboard. One can opt for modern or vintage cruising to experience the best adventures from Greenland or Scandinavian Fjords, Scottish wildlife, Classic Nile, Russian lost animals’ world, Coral Seas of the Seychelles, Adriatic Island hopping, The Indian Ganges navigations and Arctic adventures. Taking vacation time to develop special interests from cooking, music and partying to tranquil, sea symphonies. Teenagers can also benefit from tactical and even Star Wars adventures. For others, it can be team building or cultural, from oenology to world history, a cultural immersion in the Baltic, and archeology in Turkey or Photography in Mexico, along with fascinating onboard conferences. Cruising provides a wide variety of experiences for people to actively enjoy, from families with multiple generations onboard to LGBT, singles or couples on a budget or as a special treat. Thanks to the diversity, each age group who cruises can enjoy their own particular interest. Cruising can be enjoyed all year round, so families restricted to school holidays for vacation still have options. With a wealth of generational-themed cruises, younger customers are also increasingly attracted to cruising. Among the most 25.3 million passengers who cruise annually around the world, the younger generations are the most loyal. Two-thirds of Gen Y and Millennials say that cruising is their favorite vacation, and this preference is even more pronounced among Gen Xers, with 71 percent. Today, the majority of European cruise travelers are repeat customers wanting to unwind while discovering new destinations and having memorable experiences onboard these super new generation European ships. The cruising trend is here to stay.  Figures compiled for CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) by IRN Research, a travel and tourism market research consultancy.


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CLIA UK & Ireland Cruise Media Awards 2017 gories including best first-time feature, best European cruise feature, best river cruise feature, best trade feature, best digital feature and more. The most acclaimed award of the evening, ‘contribution to cruise media,’ went to John Honeywell, who writes for the Daily Mirror and World of Cruising, among his many other titles. John has covered cruising for more than 20 years, and throughout his career has acted as a voice of the cruise industry, discussing a range of topics, new developments and providing first person reviews.


elebrating the best cruise exposure in the media, CLIA UK & Ireland hosted its sixth annual Cruise Media Awards on March 20, 2017, held at the UBM offices located on Blackfriars Bridge in London. Honoring the very best in cruise media across an array of platforms, the Cruise Media Awards has become an opportunity to showcase the many ways that cruising is being brought to the forefront of travelers’ minds. This annual event not only thanks the media for their continued to support, but also recognizes new writers reaching new audiences. BRINGING TOGETHER THE BEST In March this prestigious event brought together senior cruise line figures, as well as CLIA Europe Secretary General, Tom Fecke, the CLIA UK PR Working Group, media and online influencers from across the entire spectrum of media platform. The evening also provided cruise line representatives with the opportunity to meet the media and discuss ways of working together in the future. The awards were hosted by Andy Harmer, SVP Membership & Director, CLIA UK & Ireland and blogger and digital media consultant, Johnny Ward, founder 56 SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

of One Step 4Ward. Johnny, who had just visited every country on the planet, shared his experiences with the audience and gave insights into the best ways that cruise lines can engage and work with social influencers. RECORD NUMBER OF ENTRIES WITH 14 WINNERS This year, CLIA saw a record number of entries across a range of titles, revealing the wealth of diverse and forward-thinking cruise coverage in the UK media throughout 2016. The awards saw 14 winners and 13 highly commended entries across cate-

CELEBRATING MEDIA ACROSS ALL OUTLETS Along with the extraordinary number of high quality entries, the event saw a great calibre of media in attendance as well. Travel editors from national newspapers including the Daily Mirror, Mail on Sunday and Daily Telegraph attended to support journalists nominated for awards. The event also welcomed many quality consumer and lifestyle publications including GQ, House & Garden, Good Housekeeping, and Woman, as well as the Sunday Times Travel Magazine. This year, Cruise Media Awards focused on celebrating media across all outlets, including digital and online. Attracting many online influencers, including the bloggers ‘English Mum,’ ‘Shipmonk’ and ‘Fuss Free Flavours,’ the sixth annual Cruise Media Awards was a definite success. 

Full Steam Ahead for Carnival Corporation’s Second Terminal at Port of Barcelona


lans are moving full steam ahead for Carnival Corporation’s second cruise terminal at the Port of Barcelona, which will be Europe’s newest passenger cruise terminal when it opens in 2018 and accommodate the company’s new class of “next-generation” green cruise ships fully operated by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). The company is investing more than 30 million euros in the new, 12,500-square-meter, state-of-the-art terminal, which paired with its existing terminal at the port represents its largest combined terminal investment in Europe. Designed by Catalan architecture firm Battle I Roig, the plans for the company’s upcoming cruise terminal reflect today’s modern architectural style with straight lines and a minimalist concept that will create a contemporary and comfortable guest environment. “Our goal is to make travel for our guests as convenient, pleasant and easy as possible, and this new terminal is designed to meet and exceed guest expectations,” said Giora Israel, senior vice president of global port and destination development for Carnival Corporation. “The local architecture firm has done great work in designing a beautiful facility that will make Europe’s largest cruise port even better.” Construction on the project officially began in July 2016, and once complete it will enhance the embarkation and disembarkation process for cruise guests visiting Catalonia and its surrounding areas on one of Carnival Corporation’s ships, along with increasing Carnival Corporation’s passenger capacity at the port, which is used by eight of the company’s 10 global cruise line brands as both a destination and home port. Once the new terminal is completed, Carnival Corporation is expecting to accommodate over one million passengers at the Port of Barcelona, serving as a gateway to Catalonia and a variety of excursions, such as strolling the Girona historic quarter or visiting the multi-peaked rocky range of Montserrat and its Benedictine

abbey, and exploring attractions within Barcelona, such as touring Gaudi’s famed Sagrada Familia Cathedral. It will also host inaugural sailings of Carnival Horizon, Carnival Cruise Line’s newest ship, which includes attractions such as SkyRide, IMAX Theatre and Water Works, as well as Aida Cruises’ newest ship, AIDAperla, featuring attractions such as the Beach Club under a UV-permeable


dome and an above-water skywalk. AIDAperla is one of the world’s first cruise ships to feature dual-fuel engines, which, depending on availability at the port, can also be operated with LNG. Carnival Corporation’s deployment of LNG-fueled ships to the port supports the pioneering Air Quality Improvement

Plan proposed by the Port of Barcelona in November 2016 to effectively reduce emissions from port activities. “Since the beginning of our relationship, Carnival Corporation has shown strong success in our port and city, and 10 years after the opening of the first terminal, this has materialized in a new facility for their cruise brands,” said Sixte Cambra, president of the Port of Barcelona Port Authority. “Carnival Corporation has been a loyal partner to the Port of Barcelona, bringing passengers of different nationalities and generating a strong financial impact to our local economy.” The construction of the new terminal will secure employment for up to 150 people through its work with local contractor companies Vopi 4 S.A., Elecnor S.A., Project Facilities Management SL and their subcontractors as well as gangway manufacturer Adelte S.A. and the existing team of local architect and engineering firms Battle I Roig, Static Engineering and PGI Engineering. The Port of Barcelona was recognized as the best global turnaround port by Cruise Insight – a distinction it has received several times in recent years. More than half of cruise passengers visiting the Port of Barcelona begin and end their journey there, which is a major economic benefit for Catalonia and the city. According to a study from the University of Barcelona, passengers who begin or end their cruise vacation in Barcelona on average spend 2.6 days in the city before or after their trip and spend around 202 euros per day. According to than actualized study for 2016, cruise activity at the Port of Barcelona generates an annual turnover of 875 million euros in Barcelona, contributing 457 million euros to the GDP of Barcelona. The study also shows that cruise activity at the port generates 7,518 jobs and has other positive effects on the local economy, such as the increase of activity at Aeroport del Prat. The company’s positive economic impact will increase with the launch of Carnival Corporation’s new terminal.  SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 57

Empowering Asian Travel Agents, CLIA Launches in India and Prepares for Growth of Local Source Market


uring the ‘Cruising ahead with Singapore’ event organized the Singapore Tourism Board (SBT), Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) opened its cruise industry training and accreditation program to the Indian travel agent community. Over 150 Indian travel agents attended this event held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai. Giving travel agents access to CLIA’s Learning Academy, this cruise accreditation program contains over 50 industry training modules covering every aspect of the cruise industry directed to travel agents. It also provides extended cover58 SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

age of specialized content for agents with more experience. The program was launched by CLIA’s head of international training and development, Peter Kollar. During a recent interview, Kollar shared what it means for the local Indian community, as well as discussing future plans for the rest of Asia. CRUISE EDUCATION IN ASIA “To guarantee the success of the Asian cruise industry and safeguard its longevity, it is vital that cruising is supported by local travel agents,” stated Kollar. “This alliance has historically been a key reason for

the success of large markets like USA and the UK, as well as being a key factor in Australia’s well-documented growth.” “For the past five years, I have been working with travel agents throughout Asia to understand where they are in comparison to other markets,” he continued. “The challenge has been that many are only aware of cruising through certain viewpoints and don’t have the resources to see the larger scope of options that the cruise industry provides. Overall, there has been a clear and increasing demand by travel agents for formalized training in the cruise sector.”

On Land INDIA AS THE GATEWAY In December 2015, CLIA Australasia, again with the help from partners at the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), ran three webinars to travel agents throughout India. A truly global effort, the sessions were run via the USA, hosted by Singapore and Sydney, and streamed across all regions of India. Kollar said that the result was really the catalyst to having India be part of the Asian plan. “I was sitting alone in our Sydney office, close to midnight, wondering how many agents would join me to learn more about cruise,” he said. “As I went ‘live’ through India, I was amazed at the participation count just ticking over.” Over the series, 1,823 Indian agents took part, and Kollar had a team of six in Singapore facilitating the questions that were coming in live. Agent engagement was pure and vibrant, as was the distinct message for the need to cover more. A UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE Kollar immediately started to work on the existing training material that had been developed so extensively over the past five years. “There are elements of cruise industry training that are uniform across the world, from understanding the passenger experiences available to the sales and service aspects of a cruise retail business,” he explained. “So we started with the language, making sure any local vernacular was made generic, and then added links to different markets when a concept needed to be explained at a more local level.” Once the platforms and systems were developed, it was time to open access for a community of agents yearning for more training. IMPLICATIONS FOR INDIA The ‘Cruising ahead with Singapore’ trade event in Mumbai was extensive in its agenda. The main question, however, asked by key industry stakeholders was, “How can India take advantage of the cruise economic boom and attract more ships?” Kollar says it’s actually quite straight forward: “The cruise business is like any other business in that it needs to be profitable to ensure longevity, and one of the strengths of the cruise industry model is that ships are maneuverable. If suddenly there is geo-polit-


ical unrest or economic pressure in a region, they move their ships to areas where people can and want to cruise.” “Overall, this strategy to move ships to specific regions is based on potential volume of sales because that is part of the cruise line model that safeguards durability of their business. Key indicators that



offer this assurance for cruise lines often come from local source market numbers. Statistics from around the world show that 70-80 percent of passengers choose close to home cruising, as it’s a convenient way to enjoy an international vacation. This is how Australia and New Zealand have grown: more and more locals chose to cruise, and the industry realized the economic benefit of putting ships there and placed even more inventory into the region, which continued the exponential growth.” “In the case of India, simply if more Indians cruise, the cruise lines start to bookmark the Indian region as a potential source market. We’ve even seen this in the past year with Costa NeoClassica homeporting in Mumbai, which means Costa sees potential.” THE FINAL CHALLENGE: HOW TO GET MORE INDIANS TO BOOK A CRUISE So the final challenge is how to get more Indians to book a cruise. And this is where Kollar stands up for the fleet of people on the ground that are often overlooked in larger discussions, the travel agent. This is a critical component. “It is a simple fact that without travel agents, the cruise industry couldn’t survive. The 60-odd cruise lines that handle the 25 million people cruising every year rely on agents as a distribution channel; they are the foot soldiers of the industry. They are the ones that advise options to people that don’t know what cruising is like; they are the advocates.” “The agents who are educated, have belief in cruising, and recommend them, is why CLIA’s accreditation program is so important for the region.” FURTHER ROLLOUTS The STB continues to support CLIA’s efforts in the Asian region, with an additional forum planned for Jakarta in May. Kollar says that he is excited to present to the Indonesian and Malaysian community, while also expecting some members from Singapore to attend. “Collectively we can all stand as one voice for one industry, working together to ensure the success of the cruising sector,” he explained.  Further information about the accreditation program for Asians can be found on


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Visit Singapore, Where Infinite Pleasures Await


ocated in the heart of Southeast Asia (SEA), a collection of 10 culturally diverse countries with over 25,000 islands and 37 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Singapore is the gateway to adventures around the region. Singapore delights visitors with a playful mix of history and heritage, arts and architecture, culture and cuisine. Follow its clean and safe streets to discover a world of eclectic sights, sounds and unforgettable experiences. The Singapore experience is an essential part of one’s cruise holiday in Asia. Visitors flying in to take a cruise can freshen up at The Haven by JetQuay, a pay-peruse lounge at Changi Airport Terminal 3. Passengers arriving at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore can check-in for their flights directly at the cruise terminal as part of the “Cruise-Fly” service, allowing them to explore the city free of luggage. Singapore’s cruise terminals are located in two of the most vibrant waterfront precincts, Marina Bay and HarbourFront. There is plenty to explore in half a day for time-pressed cruise passengers. For 60 SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

those seeking to do a pre-post cruise stay in Singapore, be sure to set aside at least 3 days for a truly immersive and extraordinary time in a city of endless options for every type of traveler. MARINA BAY IN HALF A DAY Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore is a mere 10 minutes away from a host of experiences at Marina Bay Sands, the Singapore Flyer, Gardens by the Bay and many more. GARDENS BY THE BAY Opt for a personalised two-hour tour on a 12-seater Garden Cruiser tram to explore the award-winning Gardens by the Bay in comfort. The package includes an audio tour and guided visits to the Supertree Grove, OCBC Skyway and two Conservatories of visitors’ choice. LUNCH AT MARINA BAY SANDS Dine atop Marina Bay Sands at Sky on 57 by local celebrity chef Justin Quek. Enjoy traditional Asian flavours reimagined in classical French style while soaking in

breath-taking sights through the restaurant’s floor-to-ceiling windows. CONCOCT THE LEGENDARY SINGAPORE SLING Created in the early 1900s, discover the fascinating beginnings of the iconic cocktail through a Singapore Sling masterclass. Concoct your own Singapore Sling under the guidance of bartenders at Raffles Hotel’s Long Bar. INTO THE SKY WITH SINGAPORE FLYER Ascend into the sky above the city onboard the 165-metre-tall Singapore Flyer, Asia’s largest giant observation wheel. Enjoy a visual feast of iconic local landmarks, such as the meandering Singapore River, lush Gardens by the Bay and glittering cityscape. SENTOSA-HARBOURFRONT IN HALF A DAY The Singapore Cruise Centre is located within the Sentosa-HarbourFront precinct, a waterfront leisure destination. In addition to retail malls VivoCity and HarbourFront Centre, the precinct is

home to Sentosa Island, Asia’s favorite playground, as well as Mount Faber, one of Singapore’s best-loved nature parks. RIDE THE CABLE CAR TO FABER PEAK Take a joyride on the Singapore Cable Car to Mount Faber Station for spectacular hilltop views. Hang wishing bells at the Garden of Happy Promises, stroll over to Faber Point to meet a mini Merlion and explore the secondary rainforest that covers the hill at leisure. BRUNCH BY THE BEACH Enjoy a hearty brunch in the company of sun, sand and sea at Tanjong Beach Club, named one of the world’s best beach clubs by Condé Nast Traveller. MEET THE MERLION Learn why this half-fish, half-lion mythical creature is regarded as Singapore’s national icon. Visitors are invited to share its positive energy by ringing the Prosperity Bell and bringing home a limited edition Prosperity Coin.

HISTORY COMES ALIVE Discover Singapore’s history in an interactive and theatrical way at Images of Singapore LIVE. Don’t miss the boat ride at the end—a voyage aboard the Singapore Spirit! MEET SINGAPORE ICONS AT MADAME TUSSAUDS At the world famous Madame Tussauds wax attraction in Singapore, rub shoulders with local luminaries like the late Mr. and Mrs. Lee Kuan Yew, as well as popular local personalities like footballer Fandi Ahmad and singer Stefanie Sun. Passengers with more time to spare could also try the following immersive experiences, truly unique to Singapore: Pick up crafts at Bynd Artisan, a small

bindery founded in Singapore six decades ago. Join a workshop to learn the art of leather craftsmanship and bring home a personalised leather-bound notebook, coin pouches or bracelets to remember Singapore by!

Tour Singapore like a local with specially

curated themed tours. Get exclusive access to one of the six remaining coffee roasters in Singapore, visit the homes of local Singaporeans and embark on an unforgettable journey into Chinese folklore and mythology at the Haw Par Villa theme park. Immerse yourself in Peranakan (Straitsborn Chinese) tradition at The Intan. A gem

of a heritage house, The Intan (meaning ‘diamond’ in Malay) is nestled in the culturally rich enclave of Joo Chiat. Learn the Peranakan story from its owner in a guided tea or dinner tour. Cultural cooking classes with local

institutions like At-Suntice and Food Playground are great ways to learn from local culinary instructors while picking up fascinating insights about Singapore’s food heritage. There is no better way to experience multi-cultural Singapore than through its food!  Check out today for more information!

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CLIA Australasia Events: Cruise360 Australasia Returns to Sydney and Cruise Industry Awards New features, including keynote addresses by Jan Swartz and Larry Pimental, unveiled for must-attend event for travel agency owners and consultants


his August, the world’s largest cruise industry conference, Cruise360, returns to Sydney, Australia for the fourth time. Cruise360 Australasia will have a fresh look, including keynote addresses by global cruise industry leaders. Taking place in Sydney on August 25, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency, Cruise360 is the must-attend event for travel agency owners and consultants, as it provides a great insight to the state of the industry, countless learning opportunities and inspiration for frontline cruise sellers. Also in attendance will be CLIA Cruise Line Members, port & destination representatives, key industry stakeholders and CLIA Executive Partners. NEW LOOK AND FORMAT CLIA Australasia is proud to announce that Jan Swartz, group president of Princess Cruises and Carnival Australia, and Larry Pimentel, president & CEO of Azamara Club Cruises, will both deliver keynote addresses at this year’s conference. The new format will also feature exciting interactive panel discussions with key industry people, enhanced networking opportunities and professional development breakout sessions, as well as seminars and analysis into current cruise and travel industry trends.


The dynamic trade show offers attendees the opportunity to meet with both cruise line representatives and other significant cruise industry focused suppliers. For the first time, the program will also include a ship inspection of P&O’s Pacific Explorer on Saturday, August 26 (limited places available) and an optional familiarization trip embarking on the same day for those interested. ANNUAL CRUISE INDUSTRY AWARDS: ‘THE CLIAS’ In February Australasia’s entire cruise industry came together to celebrate a record year of cruising at CLIA’s night of nights, the Annual Cruise Industry Awards. The awards bring together the industry’s brightest stars from across Australia and New Zealand in a fantastic celebration that recognizes their outstanding achievements. More than 500 industry members joined CLIA at The Star in Sydney at the 16th edition of the Industry Awards. A total of 19 awards were handed out across nine categories with the top Australian award once again going to Western Australia’s Bicton Travel. In addition to winning an unprecedented sixth Gold Agency of the Year award, Bicton Travel’s founder, Carole Smethurst, was inducted into the CLIA Hall of Fame, an

acknowledgment of her tireless efforts and achievements across the cruise sector. Pukekohe Travel won the New Zealand Gold Agency of the Year award for the second time in three years. Manager Gail Littin also claimed the mantle of Cruise Consultant of the Year, the first time a New Zealand agency and one of its team has taken home both top awards. The awards night, now dubbed ‘The CLIAs,’ also saw the inaugural Australasian Plan a Cruise Month Agency promotion award handed out to New Zealand’s Bon Voyage Cruises & Travel. CLIA Australasia Chairman Steve Odell presented a special posthumous award to the late James Patrick from Wiltrans International for his contribution to the Australasian Cruise Industry. The award was accepted by James’ wife, Wiltrans Managing Director Diane Patrick. There was also another winner: Mercy Ships. In a bid to raise funds and awareness for Mercy Ships, CLIA’s global charity of choice, CLIA conducted a special raffle at its gala event. The 500 industry members attending the awards dug deep to support the worthy cause and raised close to $6,000. The 2016 awards night was a fitting celebration following a massive year for the cruise industry in both Australia and New Zealand. 

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Five Ways to Accelerate Your Cruise Sales Productivity By Charles Sylvia, Vice President, Trade Relations, Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA)


enry David Thoreau said, “It’s not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is: what are we busy about?” Wise words, indeed, but how can we apply them to our professional lives? Most of us have approximately the same amount of time each day to work toward achieving our sales goals. We use the same tools, as far as information technology and communication platforms are concerned, to accomplish our daily work. We have the same resources, in terms of cruise line sales materials and booking portals, to provide our prospects and clients with the information they need to move forward when we ask them for the sale. Why, then, are some agents of comparable sales aptitude more productive than others? It comes down to identifying the vital factors that drive your cruise sales’ productivity at the fastest rate possible, prioritizing those drivers as your primary areas of focus, and creating solutions for the servicing of matters that can and should be handled by those possessing talents different from yours. The following are five time-tested ways to accelerate your cruise sales productivity starting right now. PASSION = PROFIT In any sales career, it is tempting to try to be everything to everybody, not wanting to miss any booking and commission 64 SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

opportunity, but you must discipline yourself to not give in to this temptation. The most effective way to ensure client loyalty and continual sales is to become an expert in a specific area of cruise travel. While there is nothing stopping you from booking anyone on any cruise, you build your client list most successfully when you focus on the type of cruising for which you have the greatest passion, putting you in the position of working with prospects and clients who share the same enthusiasms as you. This will create deeper, more meaningful connections between you and the people to whom you sell. Additionally, you will attract more new prospects and clients than ever before because enthusiasm is contagious. People want to buy from people who excite and inspire them. Your expertise can focus on a mode of cruising (small ships versus big ships); specific cruise experiences (adventure, expedition, coastal, canal, deep ocean, and river); or a particular cruise affinity/dynamic (family reunions; honeymoons; LGBTQ gatherings; meetings, conferences, events and incentives at sea; weddings; and wine cruises, just to name a few). By establishing yourself as an expert in a specific type of cruising and consistently communicating that expertise to your market, your competence in the fundamental areas of cruise travel will be a given, thus allowing you to close all types of cruises. When I was selling cruises, I cannot tell you how many prospects reached out to me saying, “I know your focus is on corporate meetings and incentives, but can you help me out with a cruise?” Expertise in one area is a powerful credibility builder overall and it helps you close cruise sales more easily. STEER CLEAR OF THE TIME PIRATES In the previous point, I referred to not giving into the temptation of trying to be everything to everybody. As travel consultants, one personal trait we all seem to share is that we possess a natural caretaker instinct. We love people; we love interacting with them; and we love making their dreams come true. That being the case, it makes it very difficult for us to redirect prospects who might best be served by another agent. Now, you are probably wondering what type of prospect would be best served by another agent. For those of us who have sold

cruises for decades, the type of prospect to which I refer is the Time Pirate, a consumer who is looking for a bargain-basement cruise in terms of cost, but who needs a Neiman Marcus-level attention in service. Working with a Time Pirate can cost you other cruise sales that fall under your area of expertise and that will likely be more profitable to you. Given that Time Pirates exist, it is crucial for you to have a channel to serve them well and to free you up for the opportunities that align with your business strategy. This is where experience comes into play, your experience as a seasoned cruise travel expert and the lack of experience of a freshly-minted travel agent. When I started out in the business, the veteran

tionships maintains both agents’ unique focus, matches the right business with the right agent, and ensures client satisfaction for the total cruise experience.

agents with whom I worked would turn their Time Pirates over to me. It was an incredibly valuable experience in my cruise sales education, giving me the opportunity to answer hundreds of questions. Researching the questions was some of my best practical training. What’s more, the clients received a level of attention and service that ensured their complete satisfaction, loyalty and referral business. If you are starting out in the business, reach out to an experienced agent so you can help them by taking on their Time Pirates. If you are an experienced agent, find yourself a protégé agent who shares your commitment to professional excellence and who might benefit from the practical exposure. Creating these rela-

to be believed. It is in that spirit that you must consider yourself an ambassador of the industry and start talking to groups about cruise travel. My first experience doing this was back in 1995, when I shared my passion for cruise travel and selling cruises with my best friend’s father. He was a member of the local Rotary Club, and he explained how they held breakfast meetings every Friday morning, during which they invited speakers to talk on various topics. He invited me to the next breakfast meeting to speak about the growing cruise industry, as well as the merits of cruise travel. I was 27 at the time and had yet to complete my first year in the business, but I grabbed the opportunity for everything it was worth.

BE AN AMBASSADOR Throughout her 65-year reign, Queen Elizabeth II has been asked repeatedly why she maintains such a busy schedule of public appearances. Her response is always the same, “I have to be seen to be believed.” The Queen believes it is critical to be out and about with the people in order to promote and preserve “the family firm.” Her quote also has relevance to anyone seeking to grow and sustain a business within a target market. One has to be seen


Members & Travel Agents I used the CLIA resources available as part of my agency’s membership and put together a strong presentation of “The State of the Cruise Industry,” complete with the merits of cruise travel and a few points to dispel some myths (along with cited references). While preparing my remarks, I made certain to not compose anything commercial; my presentation would focus on creating awareness and eliminating misconception. While I was a little anxious as that Friday morning approached, I reminded myself that I would be speaking about my favorite subject in the world. That focus gave me all the courage and enthusiasm I needed to captivate my audience and effectively educate them about cruising. My half-hour presen-

tation resulted in meeting people who would not only end up booking cruises with me, but also become lifelong clients and friends. Fast-forward to 2017. All of the resources you have at your fingertips as part of your CLIA Travel Agency Membership or Individual Agent Membership empower you to speak authoritatively to local groups about the merits of cruise travel. Your MyCLIA online dashboard, MyCLIA, has links to CLIA’s comprehensive archive of research including: growth statistics; recognized trends; passenger totals; new ships on order; economic impact; passenger sourcing; and segment popularity. Additionally, CLIA’s Public Affairs website,, provides cited factual information on the industry’s 66 SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

safety, security, health and sustainability, helping you dispel myths and establish yourself as a credible authority. Make certain your presentation includes the benefits of booking a cruise through a professional CLIA-affiliated travel consultant. Do not take for granted that your audience knows most travel agents do not charge for their consultation and services; it is astonishing how many people are not aware of this critically important piece of information. Reach out to your local Rotary Club, PTA or neighborhood association and offer to speak about cruising. Craft a non-commercial presentation that is both entertaining and informative; rehearse it until you are comfortable and confident; and deliver

it with all of the energy and enthusiasm you have when you embark your own cruise. Create awareness, enlighten and inspire your audience, and they will be drawn to you and your expertise. Being an ambassador for your industry and profession and giving your time and knowledge will come back to you time and time again through new prospects and clients. LAYAWAY TO THE GANGWAY We have all heard the adage, “Anticipation is half the fun.” Well, it is absolutely true. The period between when your clients book their cruise and when they actually sail is a terrific opportunity for you to build excitement for them and prepare them to get the most out of their total cruise experience. It

was part of my professional routine to do that for my clients, every time. But there is another opportunity that exists in the leadup to a cruise—the opportunity for your clients to spread out their payments. Something I realized very early in my career is that cruise lines will accept any number of credit/debit card payments on a booking, regardless of amount or frequency, throughout the period between a client’s deposit and their final payment due date. When this dawned on me, I immediately saw an opportunity to provide greater value to my prospects and clients by promoting sailings as far into the future as possible. This led to a lot of new business for me. My approach was simple. Typically, I would propose a cruise scheduled to sail on a date that between nine months and a year away. Then I would take the cruise total, deduct the deposit, and divide the balance by the number of months leading up to the final payment. Most of the time, it came to six or seven equal monthly payments, with a very manageable amount. This practice was highly valuable to some of my clients, putting them in the position of not having to make a big balloon payment once the final payment was due, helping them have more spending cash on their cruise, and giving them more lead-up to anticipate their cruise, which “is half the fun!” MAINTAIN YOUR HEADING Remember the protégé agent? Well, he/she is going to benefit greatly from the overflow business you refer, not to mention the practical exposure you provide. It is with that in mind that you should also work into your agreement that he/she support you with some of the administrative matters relating to your bookings. Verifying passenger information and double-checking trip details are highly important aspects of being a travel professional, but they can also take you off course from focusing on your primary areas of commission revenue. Train your protégé how to conduct quality control reviews of your bookings so they can help you free up even more time for selling. If you would rather handle your QC personally, have your protégé assist you with other matters, such as trip follow-ups and marketing campaigns. You must maintain your heading to ensure your career success stays on course. This practice helps you do exactly that. 

SAY BON VOYAGE SOONER When your guests cruise in and out of Port Everglades, they’ll save time getting to their ship and starting their cruise vacation. We’re just 3 minutes from Fort Lauderdale - Hollywood International Airport (FLL), and we’re easily accessible from South Florida’s major highways. Plus, our newly renovated modern terminals are designed for efficiency. That all adds up to less time traveling and more time cruising. Visit or call 800-421-0188.

port.everglades |

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Three Ways to Make Your Second Wave after Wave Season By Charles Sylvia, Vice President, Trade Relations, Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA)


elieve it, or not, when it originated, Wave Season started as a one-week event. Over the years, thankfully, Wave Season grew into a multi-week event; then it became a month-long event; and now we’re accustomed to it being the three-month sales extravaganza that accounts for more than 60 percent of cruise bookings for most agencies and agents. As the end of March draws nearer and Wave Season comes to a close, many agency leaders and agents ask themselves how to keep the momentum going. Here are three effective ways: HOLD ON TO THE HOLD-OFFS: There

are many aspects of life one needs to commit to a cruise. Always be mindful of that. Just because a prospect engaged your services during Wave Season and held off doesn’t mean they’re not going to book. Organize the “hold-off” prospects in your CRM (or whatever tool you use) and follow up with them. Be certain to communicate that you will book them at the best possible fare and that you will monitor promotions between now and their final payment date to ensure they always have the best deal. Document your follow-up, and if they continue to hold off, set reminders for the next contact. Remember that 44 percent of sales professionals give up after the first follow-up, and 80 percent of sales require more than three follow-ups.



back to the clients you booked during Wave Season, who have yet to sail, and ask them about their family and friends who would suffer from severe FOMO, which is the anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website. Who are the people your clients love who should be given the opportunity to book and sail with them? There’s no one better qualified to sell them on the idea than you. Let your clients know you’ll do all the heavy lifting of convincing their friends and family to sail, too. All your client needs to do is make an introduction. You will be pleasantly surprised by how many opportunities arise out of this approach. Do your clients and their loved ones this valuable service: stop the spread of FOMO.

CAST YOUR BAIT: To your clients, what’s

better than getting a Wave Season deal? Getting a Wave Season deal and getting free stuff to enhance their cruise experience. Incentivize your Wave Season clients with a referral program that rewards them with additional amenities on the cruise they just booked with you. This builds a sense of urgency for them to send people to you. For the first referral they send you (who books and deposits), send them a bottle of wine, perhaps. For the second one, reward them with a specialty dining experience for two. For the third referral, you might send a floral arrangement to their stateroom. This is a scalable incentive program that is self-funding. DO NOT commit to exactly what the rewards will be (you need to know how much commission you’re making off each referral, first). Instead, make it a surprise and delight program. Doing so will create more excitement for your clients and activate them to participate. 

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CLIA Launches New Certificate Program and Live Training Events


LIA is excited to follow up Cruise360 with the launch of our first online certificate program and a host of live training experiences across the country. We understand that our members cannot always come to our largest professional development event of the year due to various reasons, which is why CLIA developed our Meetings and Events at Sea live training program into an online format, providing all of our members the opportunity to take advantage of this highly rated program. Additionally, we have curated live training events in key regions to provide our members with the education and ship inspection experiences that they highly value, while partnering with our Executive Partner members in these locations to ensure that attendees can get the most out of these destination events. The Meetings & Events at Sea Certificate program is now available online through CLIA’s Career Seascape. 70 SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

We understand that our members need this content and may not be able to attend our live training events. Since the live program’s development and subsequent updates in partnership with Meeting Professional International (MPI), we are happy to announce that we have created an online program that is as equally informative and engaging as the live session. This certificate program explores the advantages of booking and hosting events on cruise ships, as opposed to traditional venues. This program will provide insight into incentive trips, examine logistics and variables to consider when hosting your event at sea, and walk participants through the meeting planning process to outline what to expect before, during and after your meeting or event at sea. Enrollment is open to members ($99) and nonmembers ($199). CLIA’s live training sails into Baltimore, Seattle, Chicago, Montreal, San Diego, Washington, DC and Atlanta! We

have created multi-day destination extravaganzas full of live training; live and virtual ship inspections; city tours, social events and more designed so that attendees can complete all the education requirements to earn a specified level of certification, as well as a certificate program. Depending upon the live training destination, attendees can work toward completing their Certified Cruise Counsellor (CCC) or Accredited Cruise Counsellor (ACC) certifications, as well as completing the Meetings and Events at Sea or Specialty and Boutique Cruise certificate programs, or both. Upon completing the on-site seminars, the ship inspection(s) and associated online quizzes, attendees will simply have to meet the stateroom booking, personal cruises and additional necessary ship inspections requirements to receive their certification! CLIA Individual Agent members should be enrolled in the referenced certification program prior to attending the event. 

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CLIA Cruise Industry Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award Winner: David Crooks From tour director to SVP of Products & Operations, World Travel Holdings, David Crooks discusses his journey and lessons for travel agents


avid Crooks, senior vice president of products and operations for World Travel Holdings, was recently inducted into the 2017 CLIA Cruise Industry Hall of Fame as the Lifetime Achievement Award Winner. World Travel Holdings is the world’s largest cruise agency and an award-winning leisure travel company. 72 SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

A PASSION FOR TRAVEL: GETTING BITTEN BY THE TRAVEL BUG David has been at World Travel Holdings for thirty years and mentions his passion for the travel industry first began when he was in college. While in high school, David admits he had some boring jobs and wanted to find something fun to do in his next job. So when he noticed a summer

job opportunity to be a tour guide for Paragon Tours and Travel, he applied and got hired. David explained that this was a job where he had to jump in and learn everything, from the destinations he was taking groups to across the United States and Canada, as well as making sure everything went smoothly, from reservations and check-ins to transportation.

David mentions it was fun, amazing and how he got “bitten by the travel bug.” He became passionate about selling travel and making sure people had a great time and were enjoying every minute of their trip. After college, David then served as director of tour escorts for Paragon Tours and Travel. From there, David interviewed for positions at Cunard Line and became a member of their onboard cruise staff. He soon realized that the cruise industry was growing, discovering “that cruising was a great way to travel.” TRANSITIONING INTO THE TRAVEL SIDE When his contract at Cunard ended, David went to work for a small travel agency group that was just in its startup phase. They were expanding into travel with private label companies and became National Leisure Group. At that time, they primarily sold land vacations, and the cruise portion was a smaller percentage of their sales, about 20 percent. A definite advocate of cruise travel, David felt there was solid growth potential in the cruise industry, and he successfully expanded this segment of the company’s sales. “They started calling me the cruise guy,” he told. In 2006 National Leisure Group was bought by World Travel Holdings, where they continued to expand, focusing on private label companies. David has been able to continue with his passion for travel at World Travel Holdings, where he oversees products and operations in his role as senior vice president, responsible for overseeing the profitability and growth of all the land and cruise sales through their various distribution channels, as well as supplier relationships. ACCOMPLISHMENTS IN HIS CAREER Throughout his diverse career, David has had numerous successful accomplishments. The successful growth he’s been of part of working at World Travel Holdings is one, but he’s also personally proud of some things he accomplished while starting his career on the travel side. “While helping build up our cruise sales at National Leisure Group, I would go to the different cruise lines and find full ship charters to then sell space on,” he explained. “I actually got access to 17 full ship charters, and we were able

to sell them. It was a great way to build our business. Over the course of the years, we worked on charter sailings out of Boston, Norfolk, and Fort Lauderdale, from one-night cruises to nowhere to seven-night cruises.” “Building those vacations and helping build our business is a personal accomplishment I’m proud of,” he continued. “And over 2,000 people would not be here today had we not tried this.”

“Travel has also helped me become better educated about people in our diverse world, and with that I have also become and stay involved in positive ways.” AMAZING PEOPLE David is truly passionate about what he does and feels that is part of the pos-

DAVID’S TAKE ON WHY TRAVEL AGENTS ARE SO IMPORTANT With ongoing changes constantly occurring on in the travel industry, David told, “Today, travel can be complex, and a bit daunting. I started out as a travel agent myself, while handling the start-up of that small travel agency that eventually became National Leisure Group. While working on the other areas of the business, I was also selling travel. Although I’ve been part of an executive team over the past several years, I did come from the sales side, so I completely understand what it is to sell and also be on the front line.” “Helping the consumer understand all the complexities involved when traveling is important, but even more so, travelers need to find the right travel agent to help them make the right decisions,” he continued. “Guiding them through their travel experiences, so they won’t be confused along with assuring them, is what travel agents do best. Building relationships and creating trust is so critical as well. This is what travel agents focus on and why they are still so important today.” BECOMING AND STAYING INVOLVED: ANOTHER PART OF DAVID’S PASSION Having had the opportunity to travel, seeing and experiencing different parts of the world himself, David notes that he feels it’s important to become involved. Using travel as an ongoing learning experience, along with finding ways to give back and help others is an ongoing part of what he does as well. “We have the best part of travel when it comes to vacations,” he explained. “At times we are exposed to places in the world where people are suffering and don’t have as much as we do. Traveling can also be another way to help people.”

itive synergy at World Travel Holdings. “I work with a phenomenal team and amazing people,” he said. “I’ve been with this company for thirty years, and there are people on our team who have also been here for thirty years. So I am very proud of my team as well as our leadership at World Travel Holdings.”  SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 73

Members & Travel Agents MERIDA, MEXICO TO HOST 24TH ANNUAL FCCA CRUISE CONFERENCE & TRADE SHOW This year Merida will host the 24th annual FCCA Cruise Conference and Trade Show from the 23rd to the 27th of October. Participants from around the world will attend this show at the state-of-the-art Yucatan Siglo XXI Convention Centre and have the opportunity to visit Port Progreso, take part in post tours, and experience the local cuisine and world-famous archeological sites, while tapping the knowledge and resources of nearly 100 cruise executives from the FCCA’s 19 Member Lines on-hand for one-on-one meetings, workshops, networking opportunities and more. For more information and registration, please visit To inquire about a Trade Show booth, please contact

PUERTO MÁGICO TO CONJURE NEW MAGIC IN PUERTO VALLARTA Puerto Mágico is set to create magic in Puerto Vallarta. This unique port is slated to open in 2018 for national, international, and local visitors. It will include a Hacienda style mall with a tequila distillery museum, the largest aquarium in Latin America, and a distinctive parking structure housing additional commercial space. The port will represent the authenticity of Jalisco, welcoming its visitors with amazing shows and happenings that celebrate Mexico. SONORA, SINALOA AND BAJA SUR WORKING TOGETHER TO DEVELOP AND PROMOTE THE SEA OF CORTEZ ROUTE Sonora will work with the states of Sinaloa and Baja California Sur to develop and promote the Sea of Cortez route, with Puerto Peñasco as homeport. 74 SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

The proposed route will include calls in Mazatlán and Topolobampo in Sinaloa; Cabo, La Paz and Loreto in Baja California Sur; and Guaymas in Sonora. Every port in the route has a unique identity and attractions, adding to the natural beauty of the Sea of Cortez, called the “Aquarium of the World” by Jacques Cousteau.

PANAMA PORT AUTHORITY TO BUILD NEW CRUISE SHIP TERMINAL Taking advantage of its proximity to the both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, the Republic of Panama will build a cruise ship terminal offering competitive port services to the region. The terminal will also provide facilities for maritime ancillary industry companies to offer their services to the freight, passengers, and crewmembers. The project will have a total surface area of 88 hectares and a maritime area of 77.5 hectares. It will be situated in the northeast area of Isla Perico, Panama City.

SINT MAARTEN GOVERNOR PRESENT FOR MEIN SCHIFF 5 INAUGURAL VISIT Mein Schiff 5 made its inaugural call to Port St. Maarten on April 13, following her sister ship, Mein Schiff 4, which was the first vessel to open the 20162017 cruise season with its inaugural visit in November. During the visit, His Excellency Governor Eugene Holiday of Sint Maarten was present for the official plaque exchange and words of welcome that took place between Captain Ioannis Anastasiou and Port St. Maarten Chief Executive Officer Mark Mingo. For more information about the destination, visit:

SAN JUAN DEL SUR, NICARAGUA’S PORT MODERNIZATION Answering the demand for quality port and tourism services, the Nicaragua Government, through the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism and the National Port Authority, expanded and modernized the port of San Juan del Sur with new recreational areas and cultural activities. The attractive city of San Juan del Sur is reached year-round by hundreds of foreigners on cruise ships, rewarded with a pleasant, tropical climate and gastronomic diversity.

BIG EXPERIENCES IN LA PAZ, MEXICO There is one place on earth where you can swim with the biggest fish in the world, snorkel with over 300 sea lions and eat fresh ceviche on a white-sand beach with cactus in the background. That place is La Paz in Baja California Sur, Mexico, the Gateway to the Sea of Cortez. La Paz is an authentic Mexican town where fresh food comes from the ocean and local farms and where art and culture are an intrinsic part of life.

TORTOLA PIER PARK MEETING AND EXCEEDING GUESTS’ NEEDS The BVI’s new cruise and shopping facility, Tortola Pier Park, holds exceptional guest experience as their most valued asset. The friendly, smiling faces of

trained Customer Service Ambassadors and multilingual greeters welcome passengers upon arrival to the facility, poised and ready to meet and exceed the needs of guests as they traverse the shopping center. To complement the guests experience, Tortola Pier Park’s entertainment program has been curated to showcase the musical culture of the Virgin Islands, ensuring the musical enjoyment of all passengers.

BVI TOURIST BOARD FACILITATES SERVICE EXCELLENCE TRAINING The British Virgin Islands Tourist Board’s Standards Department facilitated a Service Excellence Training for the Royal Virgin Islands Police Officers in Tortola on February 20th and 21st. A similar session was conducted on March 23rd for the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force and Taxi Professionals on the sister island of Virgin Gorda. So far in 2017, 365 persons have undergone the Service Excellence Training program within the Territory.

BELIZE EMBARKS ON BEAUTIFICATION PROGRAM Upon arrival at the Belize City Port, cruisers can visit ancient Mayan cities or discover some of the charms of Belize City, including the Baron Bliss lighthouse, the old prison museum and a ride over the iconic swing bridge. To continuously increase guest satisfaction, the Belize Tourism Board has embarked on a beautification program that will include a new craft market, food court, plants, signage and more to make Belize an unforgettable experience.

MARTINIQUE READY TO WELCOME MORE CRUISERS Martinique is forecast for continued growth in cruise visitors during the upcoming 2017-2018 season! More than 400,000 passengers and 203 vessels are scheduled to call next season in its six cruise ports, representing respective year-over-year increases of 28 percent and 21 percent. Interest from cruise visitors has steadily increased from a low of 40,000 during the 2010-11 cruise season, resulting from the collaboration and unremitting efforts from all the stakeholders to innovate and increase the rate of visitor satisfaction, combined with the very close cooperation between Martinique’s authorities and the FCCA.

GRENADA TO AWARD AMAZING CRUISE VACATION FOR TWO Pure Grenada, the Spice of the Caribbean, is about to award two lucky cruise passengers with an amazing vacation. The 2017 Cruise Grenada campaign asked cruisers to submit photos of their Pure Grenada adventures on @discovergrenada social media platforms. Each participant had to identify whether they were a passenger or crewmember aboard cruise ships in Grenada from January to April 2017. The lucky winners will be announced soon. Remember, Pure Grenada is Free to Wonder.

ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA GAINS UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE STATUS With smaller cruise vessels anchoring in Antigua and Barbuda’s English Harbour and Falmouth Harbour, visitors step into the Caribbean’s newest UNESCO

World Heritage Site and Antigua and Barbuda’s when they visit Nelson’s Dockyard and surrounding National Parks. Explore beautiful Georgianstyle buildings and a naval museum; see historic forts; and walk along hiking trails and scenic landscapes. Antigua’s famous Shirley Heights Lookout provides a gorgeous view of English Harbour, one of Antigua’s most photographed vistas.

CAYMAN TURTLE CENTRE: ISLAND WILDLIFE ENCOUNTER Have a close encounter with wonderful wildlife at Cayman Turtle Centre: Island Wildlife Encounter. Swim next to beautiful sea turtles, see the sharks and barracudas of Predator Reef, or hand-feed the delightful birds of the Caribbean Aviary. Or splash around in our freshwater pool and waterslide! It really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience with beautiful animals from across the Caribbean, while helping to conserve them!

PARADISE POINT USVI It has been just over three years since the re-launch of Paradise Point, and we are pleased to announce that we have been chosen as the number one activity on the South Coast of St. Thomas, USVI by Trip Advisor. We thank everyone for your continued support and look forward to an exciting 2017-2018 season MICO CASCAIS, INC. BECOMES AN FCCA PLATINUM MEMBER Mico Cascais, founder of Carnival’s Tour Operations Department and past-Chairman of the FCCA Shore Excursion SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 75

Committee, retired from corporate life after 30 years with Carnival Cruise Lines. Presently, as principal of Mico Cascais, Inc. and a trusted advisor on the cruise industry, Cascais will engage projects for cruise experience enhancement by all parties involved, including destinations’ private and public sectors, cruise lines and, ultimately, the passenger. For more:

CRUISE SHIP EXCURSIONS Extraordinary memories for St. Thomas visitors starts here. Sail the crystal clear waters and feel the warm Caribbean breeze flow through your hair. Visit a white sandy beach or snorkel the colorful corals full of beautiful fish. A highlight for many is swimming right next to sea turtles. With over 16 boats, 20+ tours, and nearly 50 years of experience, Cruise Ship Excursions/ Castaway Tour Co. is the premiere St. Thomas tour company. Visit

JOY FROM THE HEART OF JAMAICA With the inclusion of rums that have been aged up to 35 years, the limited edition Appleton Estate JOY Anniversary Blend opens with a delicate orange peel top note inexorably intertwined with ginger and spice. The beautifully elegant and complex blend finishes with warm vanilla, butterscotch, coffee and layers of almond and toasted oak. The experience is completed with hints of brown sugar, which makes for a smooth, rich finish. Cheers to Master Blender, Joy Spence. 76 SECOND QUARTER 2017 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

NEW VIEW ON THE WATERFRONT IN SAINT JOHN, NEW BRUNSWICK CANADA In honor of Canada’s 150th birthday, Port Saint John is creating a 1-kilometre roundtrip trail extension to the popular Harbour Passage waterfront walkway. Harbour Passage is a six-kilometre urban trail providing pedestrian linkage between Uptown Saint John and the Reversing Rapids. Cruise passengers will be able to walk, run, bike and learn about the history and culture of the city while enjoying views of the ships in the harbor on a n elevated lookout!

TRINITY AIR AMBULANCE AWARDED BROWARD HEALTH AIR AMBULANCE SERVICES CONTRACT Trinity Air Ambulance International is proud to announce that it has been awarded the Broward Health Air Ambulance Transport Services contract. Trinity will be the sole provider of services for air ambulance and organ transportation. Broward Health includes five major hospitals and is nationally recognized. This is the second RPF that Trinity has been selected as the primary provider by a major Florida hospital system.

COSTAMED BOASTS REGION’S MOST ADVANCED HYPERBARIC FACILITY COSTAMED’s Hyperbaric Center is the most advanced hyperbaric facility in oper-

ation throughout Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America. Hyperbaric medicine is used to treat a wide range of conditions—from divers with decompression illness and people with foot ulcers caused by diabetes to carbon monoxide poisoning and hard-to-heal wounds. We invite you to visit our facility to learn more about diving safety and an hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

AQUILA CENTER FOR CRUISE EXCELLENCE ISSUES OVER 40 CERTIFICATES AT SEATRADE CRUISE GLOBAL At Seatrade Cruise Global, the Aquila Center for Cruise Excellence issued over 40 certificates to tour guides and tour operators who have achieved their Aquila Tour Guide Excellence International Certification or ACE Tour Operator Designation. Congratulations to Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, Discover Mexico and so many more! The 2017 training calendar is filling quickly, so if you’ve been thinking of engaging Aquila for training, book your space soon! E-mail

AMERIMED HOSPITALS IN COZUMEL ADDS TO IMAGING DEPARTMENT Amerimed Hospital in Cozumel is proud to announce the latest addition to its imaging department. Coming this fall, a new Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) equipment will expand our diagnostic capabilities and allow us to better serve both locals and visitors to the island. As always, the Amerimed name is a guarantee of world-class clinical excellence paired with the latest medical equipment. Please visit for more information about our services.

For fly-in convenience, culture, non-stop entertainment, or simply relaxing in the warm Southern California sunshine, nothing beats a cruise vacation out of the Port of Los Angeles. Our world-renowned home-ported cruise lines offer exceptional accommodations and itineraries to suit any passenger preference. And when your clients are back on land, there’s no limit to the fun they can have in greater LA – one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations. So book them on a one-of-a-kind experience that they’ll truly love. Follow us on

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To speak to a Saint Lucia agent, To speak to a Saint Lucia agent, call 1.800.456.3984 call 1.800.456.3984

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