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With just 166 square miles, Barbados is packed with more attractions per square mile than any other island in the Caribbean! No matter which corner of the island you go, you are destined to find a rich combination of culture, heritage, adventure, sport, food, shopping, activities and hallmark attractions you can access within minutes.

EXPERIENCE MAAGIC WELCOME TO PORT ST. MAARTEN N°1 PORT IN THE CARIBBEAN MARKING 55 YEARS OF CRUISE – 1964-2019 Step Ashore Where Your Holiday Experiences Come Alive The Gateway to Memorable & Enriching Experiences A Remarkable & Fun Cruise Destination THE PORT TO REMEMBER AWARD WINNING CRUISE FACILITIES









12 Carnival Corporation President & CEO Tells the Industry Is Open for Partnership with the Caribbean Arnold

Donald shares why “we want to work with you and alongside you, and we are ready to provide our assistance to any destination that wants to build and improve their visitor experience.”

ON BOARD 30 Increase of Multi- and SkipGenerational Travel 32 Standing Ovation for Norwegian Encore

MEETINGS & EVENTS 16 Partnership and Improvement Take Center Stage at the FCCA Cruise Conference & Trade Show More than

100 executives from FCCA Member Lines— including the most presidents and above— shared the recipe for success with 1,000 tourism stakeholders, and this epic coverage includes pages from their cookbook served up during the workshops, meetings and networking events.

32 Carnival Panorama a California Dream 33 Costa Firenze Floats Out with Italian Elegance 33 New Princess Flagship Takes Flight 34 Countdown to New Cunard Ship 34 Bold Features on Odyssey of the Seas

On the cover: St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands


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22 The Caribbean, Mexico and Central and South America Make Waves at Seatrade Europe

35 Venturing into Seabourn’s New Ultra-Luxury Expedition Ship

24 Cruise360 Australasia Embraces #NextGeneration Held in Sydney,

35 Regent Cooking Up Memorable Experiences

the annual event—the largest dedicated cruise industry conference in the Southern Hemisphere—featured a packed line-up of international speakers and local experts offering insight into new developments in the world cruise market.

36 Virgin Voyages Continues to Shake It Up 36 Regent Debuts Destination-Inspired Spa Brand

26 CLIA Highlights New Wave of Sustainability Measures

37 Disney Cruise Line Keeping Crew in Touch with Free Texting

28 Confidence in the Asia Cruise Industry Remains High

37 Silversea Expands Immersive Shore Experiences

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Features 60 Jamaica Placing a Big Focus on Small Businesses 61 What Makes Colombia a Great Destination for Cruise Lines

46 37 Royal Caribbean Achieves Sustainable Tour Target Ahead of Goal 38 AIDA Cruises Pioneering Cruise Industry’s Trial of Fuel Cell Technology

50 Guatemala, Heart of the Mayan World 54 Saint-Pierre, Martinique: A Piece of History Around Every Corner

62 Port of Los Angeles Seeking New Cruise Terminal 66 Cruise Industry Contributes Nearly $53 Billion to U.S. Economy in 2018 68 UK Cruise Industry Looking Ahead to 2020 70 Cruise Sector Boosts Economic Impact to the Australian Economy 74 New Arrivals Signal a Packed Summer Cruise Season for Australia

57 Sint Maarten Continues Proactivity 76 In Cruise Control Singapore is setting its sights

38 MSC Cruises Positive on Being Carbon Neutral

57 Puerto Rico Flying High


58 BVI Is Back


40 With Most of The Bahamas Open, the Cruise Industry Remains Committed to the Recovery of Grand Bahama and Abaco The majority of the 700 islands and

58 Saint Lucia Setting History and Cruising to a Bright Future

80 FCCA Platinum Member Highlights

thousands of cays throughout The Bahamas were fortunately unaffected by Hurricane Dorian, and for the tragedy left in the historic event’s wake, the cruise industry rushed to assist with $8 million in donation pledges, more than 10 million pounds of food and supplies and 20,000 meals a day, while helping restore the most important thing to the economy: tourism.

59 St Kitts & Nevis Reclaims Marquee Status, Prepares for More 59 Dominica Soaring to New Heights Through CBI Program

on conquering the region’s fly-cruise market.

82 Holiday Gifts and Cheer Shipped to Deserving Children 83 Students and Schools Awarded Honors and Scholarships in FCCA Foundation Children’s Essay Competition


44 Mexican Supplier Receives Award for Work with Cruise Lines, Shares How to Source Business 46 The U.S. Virgin Islands: New and Notable Two years after Hurricanes

Irma and Maria, the recovery has been robust, with a refreshed product that shares the USVI’s unique blend of history and culture.

48 Cruise to the Cayman Islands for the Ultimate ‘Caymankind’ Experience


Cordillera Central, Puerto Rico

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With a new year on the horizon, we often reflect on the past and look to the future, focusing on successes and failures, strengths and weaknesses. Hopefully you see mostly successes and strengths and can further develop those muscles. However, keeping our weaknesses in sight and building them into strengths is equally important. Of course, true progress comes not through sudden, drastic change, but long-term planning and adaptation focused on constant improvement. The cruise industry continually upholds these principles, and FCCA helps stakeholders apply them through partnerships and inside access to the industry’s inner workings. One of the ways we offer this is through events with executives from Michele with Carla Campos, Executive Director of FCCA Member Lines, and you can Puerto Rico Tourism Company, at the FCCA Cruise Conference & Trade Show in San Juan read all about the knowledge and opportunities that were available at a historic 26th annual edition of our keynote event and the largest and only official cruise tourism conference and trade show representing the Caribbean, Mexico and Central and South America: the FCCA Cruise Conference & Trade Show, which took place in San Juan, Puerto Rico from October 21-25. Partnership and constant improvement were the focus of the meetings, workshops and networking opportunities for the more than 1,000 attendees and the event’s largest-ever delegation of presidents and above from FCCA Member Lines, and the insights and possibilities available there fill the following pages. This edition of Travel & Cruise also highlights efforts many destinations are taking, along with the partnerships they are making with the cruise industry, from landmark long-term agreements and new destination developments to the industry’s remarkable response helping Abaco and Grand Bahama recover and build back better following Hurricane Dorian. Some of the other ways FCCA gives back to cruise communities are also featured, including the annual FCCA Foundation essay competition, which awarded the efforts of 29 students and schools throughout 17 countries, and the Holiday Gift Project, which will deliver gifts and smiles to 6,600 children throughout 33 destinations this year. So please take a minute to read about and learn how the FCCA and our partners are growing stronger together Respectfully yours,

Michele M. Paige President FCCA





Catedral Primada de AmĂŠrica Santo Domingo




Welcome to this edition to Travel & Cruise, the official magazine of the global cruise industry. When I joined CLIA earlier this year, I had the opportunity to spend the first several months of my tenure meeting with and learning from many of our members and outside stakeholders. It was clear from those conversations–and my own experience–that we have an opportunity over the next several years for the cruise industry to be recognized as a leader in responsible travel and the best way to experience the world. In this issue of Travel and Cruise, we share with you the stories that reflect the intersection between the experiences travelers seek and the cruise industry’s innovations. The cruise industry has been one of the fastest growing sectors in leisure tourism over the past 10 years and is positioned for even greater growth in the coming years. We hosted 28.5 million passengers last year, and this year we are on track to welcome nearly 30 million passengers worldwide. In 2020, CLIA Cruise Lines will welcome 19 new ships into their fleets and will invest more than $55 billion to bring these new ships to market. With each one, the cruise industry demonstrates itself as a leader in innovation and environmental stewardship. And as we finish out 2019 and look to next year, the overarching focus for CLIA will be to shift the narrative and earn a greater share of voice for all the great things the cruise industry is doing. We must tell the stories that demonstrate our commitment to responsible tourism. For example, the cruise industry has invested more than $22 billion in new ships, technologies and cleaner fuels to reduce air emissions and achieve greater energy efficiency. While cruise ships comprise far less than 1 percent of the global maritime community, cruise lines are at the forefront in developing responsible environmental practices and innovative technologies– making our industry a leader when it comes to innovation. This constant growth is a direct result of the great work I have seen happening across the industry. I look forward to continuing our work together and bringing you the resources and news that are relevant to you. On behalf of everyone at CLIA, we thank you for your continued support. Best,

Kelly Craighead President and CEO FOURTH QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 9

White Bay, Jost Van Dyke.

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Carnival Corporation President & CEO Tells the Industry Is Open for Partnership with the Caribbean Arnold Donald, President & CEO of Carnival Corporation & plc, delivered the State of the Industry Address at the 2019 FCCA Cruise Conference & Trade Show. A lightly-edited transcript of his speech follows:


ood morning and welcome… It is good to be back in Puerto Rico…after the devastation of Hurricane Maria just two years ago. Maria is regarded as the worst natural disaster in recorded history to affect Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and Dominica. So it is especially meaningful to be here today. Though the recovery is still in progress, and certainly has not been easy, it’s good to see Puerto Rico back in business. And of course, one cannot talk about hurricanes without turning our attention to The Bahamas. I want to express our deepest concern and sympathy for our friends and our partners in The Bahamas who, just two months ago, experienced a storm of epic and catastrophic intensity like they have never experienced before. Hurricane Dorian was an unprecedented 24-hour nightmare, wreaking havoc and destruction to Abaco and Grand Bahama. 12 FOURTH QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

It does seem that more violent storms are occurring more often – but regardless of any future predictions, obviously we must be prepared for even stronger storms. We are your partner in the good times and in the hard times, and we are committed to the islands of the Caribbean. The Caribbean Islands were the first destination of the cruise industry 50 years ago, and they remain the number one destination today for the majority of first-time cruisers and the largest cruise companies. Cruise lines have already donated and/or raised $8 million in relief efforts for The Bahamas, including: •

More than 10 million pounds of food and supplies—filling more than 250 shipping containers—by Carnival Corporation; 20,000 meals per day—as well as water, medical supplies, generators, and a team of specially trained employees and volunteers to assist

with logistics and food and beverage efforts—by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. 400 pallets of humanitarian aid— along with 300 qualified volunteer and 150 Bahamians—on a single relief mission by Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line; MSC Group using its cargo and cruise resources, with a focus on providing semi-permanent prefabricated modular housing; and Disney Cruise Line and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings also using their cruise ships to deliver supplies and support. And Carnival Corporation, along with Royal Caribbean have reaffirmed and accelerated $455 million in existing investment projects in the Bahamas, specifically in the island of Grand Bahama where Dorian destroyed the eastern end of the island. That on top of the significant investments already in place.

Spotlight And just like two years ago with Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the cruise lines are working with The Bahamas to drive cruise tourism and reinject its economic benefit. This includes Carnival Cruise Lines partnering efforts with the government and the community to quickly return their ships to Grand Bahama, where Carnival represents more than 80 percent of the cruise business today. Last year alone, Bahamas cruise tourism, according to the FCCA, generated almost $406 million and more than 9,000 jobs paying $155.71 million in wages for that island nation alone. One average cruise call represented more than $650,000 in local economic benefits. So the best way for us to help the Bahamas recover is to help them get back to full scale and back to work. In the Bahamas and elsewhere throughout the Caribbean, the cruise industry invests…millions of dollars and stands ready and willing to do more. But we need your help. We can’t do it alone. We need you, all of you, as our strong, willing and enthusiastic partners. We know from experience that an investment in a port is not enough. In fact, within Carnival Corporation, we refer to this as port and DESTINATION development –with destination really being the key. Together, the port and the destination create the total guest experience. We need to think beyond just ports and to look at the total guest experience, creating venues where visitors will spend their money in your local stores, your local restaurants and with your local guides—and, most importantly, experience the beauty of the people of the Caribbean region—[through] experiences that distinguish your island nation and make our guests anxious to return. We want your island to stand out in their memory, with a unique identity because we know it’s there – we’ve seen it. We want you to share what you love about your country with our guests. What makes you proud to be from Saint Lucia? What do you love about your country of Barbados? It’s that passion you have for your home that will appeal ultimately to our guests. Carnival Corporation has nine cruise line brands, and about 13 million people cruise with us every year. Our guests are not

one size fits all. Our guests today come from almost every country in the world. They are all ages with different backgrounds and many different interests. Not everyone wants to go snorkeling or lie on a beach. There are many families that would love to go to your church for a high mass on a Sunday call in your port, and perhaps meeting with locals by participating in a community lunch afterwards. A friend of mine was in Jamaica on Christmas day last year and was disappointed that she and her husband couldn’t find a traditional Jamaican Christmas service to attend. That would be an experience a guest would never forget and would talk about with their friends and coworkers in a way that no marketing campaign could ever express.

“OUR GUESTS NO LONGER WANT TO JUST VISIT A DESTINATION…THEY WANT TO EXPERIENCE A DESTINATION IN ALL THE WAYS POSSIBLE.” We know our guests well. We know what they want, and we want to share that insight with you and work together to develop local products and experiences. Please meet with us and talk. Share your thoughts, ideas [and] concerns. I can’t be more direct than that. My colleagues and I have a packed itinerary of back-to-back meetings in our short time here, and that’s great. The FCCA is also a long-standing voice and industry representative in the Caribbean and also stands ever willing to help you reach your goals and objectives. Engage with them! Together, we want to work with you and alongside you, and we are ready to provide our assistance to any destination that wants to build and improve their visitor experience. We know there’s so much more that can be done. As I said earlier, our guests are a diverse group of people. We’ve learned

that when appealing to our potential cruise guest, it’s not about demographics; it’s more about psychographics. And when they look at their hardearned vacation days, it’s not where they want to go; it’s often why they want to go. So I’d encourage you to think beyond the traditional idea of a cruise guest. Our guests no longer want to just visit a destination – for many, they have been there and done that. They want to experience a destination in all the ways possible. What does that mean for you? It means focusing on your destination’s unique and authentic story. That can include all aspects of your culture: history, music, food, the natural environment, entertainment, religion, architecture and industry. The Caribbean is a truly blessed place that is like nowhere else on earth. Within a day’s sail one can experience French, British, Dutch, Spanish and African cultures and how they’ve adapted and grown in unique ways. I truly believe that your distinct appeal as a collection of beautiful yet very unique individual islands within close geographic proximity of each other—each with an authentic identity and a unique cultural heritage—is the key to your future and can be your gift to the world. And finally, leaving the most important message for closing, I’d like to reaffirm that for Carnival Corporation and our nine world-leading cruise brands, there is nothing more important to us than protecting the environment, maintaining safe operations and meeting or exceeding all regulatory and compliance requirements…There is nothing more important to us than operating safely, protecting the environment and being in compliance wherever we operate in the world. Our ships feature the latest technology in Advanced Air Quality Systems, food waste processing, advanced wastewater treatment systems, recycling systems and, for our newest ships, LNG powered propulsion and hotel systems. We strive to be good citizens, and you can trust that the 150,000 employees within our brands always strive to do the right thing. I appreciate this opportunity to address you this morning…We are your partners, and we are here to work with you for a great future for all of us. FOURTH QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 13

Meetings & Events

Partnership and Improvement Take Center Stage at the FCCA Cruise Conference & Trade Show


he cruise industry embarked in San Juan, Puerto Rico with a clear message: cruise lines are ready, willing and able to partner with and invest in destinations and stakeholders for long-term mutual success. That message rang throughout the FCCA Cruise Conference & Trade Show—the largest and only official cruise conference and trade show representing the Caribbean, Mexico and Central and South America—through symbols including the most presidents and above from FCCA Member Lines, as well as the most meetings in the event’s 26-year history through a revamped Trade Show format, leading to everything from landmark agreements to opportunities for all participants to build business and relationships. Before the event even officially opened, that message set the stage and took the spotlight, with Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean Cruises signing a memorandum of understanding with the government of Saint Lucia on the evening of Monday, October 21 during a ceremony at


Saint Lucia’s Trade Show Pavilion— which Prime Minister of Saint Lucia Hon. Honourable Allen Chastanet called “historic” and “a major step towards enhancing Saint Lucia’s tourism product”—for a long-term concession agreement to formalize the terms and responsibilities for the joint venture to manage and operate the current cruise pier and terminal facilities at the Port of Castries. Additionally, the joint venture will design, finance, construct and operate a new cruise port in Vieux Fort on the southern part of the island that will be


able to accommodate the latest and most innovative ships in the cruise industry. Partnership even shined brightly in the darkest of times, reminded Micky Arison, chairman of Carnival Corporation and FCCA, and Michele Paige, president of FCCA, after beginning the Opening Ceremony on October 22 with a moment of silence for those from Abaco and Grand Bahama affected by Hurricane Dorian. They then pointed to the thunderous response from the cruise industry – and the industry’s commitment to partnership that displayed, which they reminded was the purpose of the event and the reason for the record Member Line delegation. Puerto Rico Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced and Carla Campos, executive director of Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC), celebrated the historic occasion of hosting the event for consecutive years—the first time a destination had done so—and reinforced the need to work together while praising some results so far through that partnership, including cruise ship horns signaling an economic boon through a record year forecast for the destination, with over 1.7

million cruise guests for the 2019 calendar year, which Campos credited to that partnership and proactive relationship with the cruise industry. “Puerto Rico has tried to step up to the plate, to bet on tourism as a power for good,” said Campos. “Our partnership with the cruise industry is critical.” Barbados Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley then roused the crowd to a standing ovation through her call for Caribbean governments to come together and form partnerships with the aim of making the region the strongest tourism attraction in the world, and for regional stakeholders to join hands in the fight against climate change while improving resilience. “The tourism industry has been growing way beyond the pace of growth of exports and merchandise across the world. Cruise is the largest and fastest grower. This region is responsible for over a third and just under a half of the revenue created. It is easy for us to sprint to do well. But how do we command that position for the largest growing sector in the largest industry in the global community? You don’t want to lose the race, ever. Staying the course and going the distance means the partnerships we have now have to be strengthened.” To put things and the importance of those partnerships in perspective, she also alluded to the industry’s hurricane relief. “There are few other entities in the world that can deliver 20,000 meals in a day… That’s why we appreciate not just the partnership with cruise, but the appreciation that tourism, more than any other sector, can grow back the quickest because it depends on how we host and what experience we create.” She told that the Caribbean provides an experience that could give a microcosm of every part of the world – and tells a message which could be sent to the rest of the world. “There are for us moments in history we would rather not remember, but we are conscious those moments, so blended and conspired, bring together the best of every race and religion that exists in the world…It’s not just the physical environment; it’s who we are and how we express ourselves. We have to recognize the global community needs

the story and expression of that uniqueness of the Caribbean civilization… But we can’t do it by serendipity. There are a number of things that we must now confront in order to be able to stay the course and go the distance.” She said the first was combatting climate change, while recognizing the “limited pool from which to draw” and also praising the cruise industry’s recognition and assistance in this regard to invest beyond just destination products and into port development, infrastructure and more to support resiliency. It was obvious through the cruise executives’ record attendance—with nearly 150 high-level executives, including the most-ever presidents and above (13), from FCCA Member Lines—and speeches, including the State of the Industry Address delivered by Arnold Donald, president & CEO of Carnival Corporation & plc, and printed on the preceding pages, along with their actions during the subsequent time and words on the following pages, that the cruise industry was committed to driving that partnership full steam ahead – and every attendee would have the chance to develop relationships, understanding and businesses. MEETINGS The most meetings in event history were driven by a revamped Trade Show format offering not only exhibiting opportunities to the influential audience, but also a host of private receptions and prescheduled meetings – with 467 meetings coordinated for Trade Show Pavilion holders, including with presidents and above, as well as the first dedicated session with Shorex executives. In addition to the private meetings in pavilions, numerous meetings took place throughout the event, ranging from the Heads of Government Forum joining high-ranking government officials and top-level FCCA Member Line executives, to pre-selected one-on-one meetings for delegates – with nearly 40 executives taking meetings and approximately 40,000 possible meeting variations for delegates to give a pitch and receive everything from individualized input to business opportunities from those who decide where ships call, what FOURTH QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 17

Meetings & Events is sold and used on board and how to invest in products and infrastructure. “The one-on-one meetings are an important tool for both the participants and the cruise industry,” said Matthew Sams, vice president, Caribbean relations and private islands, Holland America Group. “For us, we frequently learn about new developments and products, and we are able to help fine-tune them to best fit the cruise lines. For the participants, it gives them a real vantage point in knowing what the lines are looking for and how to appeal to them.” NETWORKING Some of the opportunities to meet with executives came with a sample of Puerto Rico’s unique flavors and offerings. Alongside gatherings and lunches throughout the meetings, workshops, Trade Show and VIP room, the event featured nightly social receptions. Open to all attendees and participating executives, they mixed the group to create or grow relationships that lead to mutual understanding and success – all while being enchanted by some of Puerto Rico’s local sights, sounds and flavors. Luis Muñoz Marin Park, La Ventana al Mar and the Trade Show floor itself hosted the events, with features including live music and live paintings, cultural dancing and local delicacies. There were even tours available for all participants and executives. Launching the morning of Friday, October 25 and wrapping the event, the tours provided an unforgettable opportunity for attendees to develop relationships and business through shared experiences while learning more about both Puerto Rico and each other. WORKSHOPS Additionally, lessons about the industry’s inner workings and building mutual success formed the curriculum of workshops led by expert panels of executives and destination representatives. The participating chairmen of FCCA Member Lines— Micky Arison; Pierfrancesco Vago, executive chairman, MSC Cruises; and Adam Goldstein, vice chairman, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (RCCL)—along with the moderator and U.S. editor of Seatrade Cruise Review and Seatrade Cruise News, Anne Kalosh, took the wheel following the opening ceremony for “Chair Talk.” 18 FOURTH QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

With 30 million cruising now and the number of ships on order, “We need 45 million people cruising by the end of the next decade,” according to Goldstein. As he reminded, all of cruising’s global markets are successful, so for the Caribbean to keep its majority share, with over a third of the deployed capacity, staying competitive is crucial. But sometimes competition involves cooperation. After pointing out that “destinations are still the biggest driver of the industry,” Vago told that while cruise lines compete globally, they “cooperate a lot all over the world – in the Caribbean, Europe, everywhere,” which is what helps the industry flourish. Arison pointed out that Carnival partners with other lines in more than half a dozen ports in Italy, and just teamed with Royal Caribbean for a landmark agreement and destination development in Saint Lucia. “Very often it doesn’t make sense to do it alone, but together it makes sense,” he said. Plus, this success is even more mutual now, with cruise lines willing to commit resources “at levels beyond whatever we did before,” per Goldstein, who also shared that it is vital that “destinations we visit come along for this ride of prosperity with us…The economic benefit we bring is crucial.” This focus on helping destinations develop is how Holistica, Royal Caribbean’s new joint venture with Mexico’s ITM Group, was born. While private destinations like those on Holistica’s radar often get the spotlight, Arison pointed out that Carnival has invested “as much or more” in non-private places like Roatán’s Mahogany Bay, Grand Turk and the Dominican Republic’s Amber Cove, with a Grand Bahama development in the works. That development was one of two Grand Bahama projects, with an investment value of $455 million, accelerated after Hurricane Dorian. As Goldstein indicated, Royal Caribbean’s project always made good business sense, but moving up the timeline also made good humanitarian and partnership sense. Reflecting on the Dorian response, the panel discussed lessons learned from past hurricanes that help lines act faster and more effectively. For Carnival, identi-

fying the nimblest partners on the ground has been key, and Vago proposed developing MSC’s cargo port in Freeport as a regional hub for the industry to respond to future storms. They also touched on some of the industry’s greener pastures, with it “spearheading the maritime industry in an incredible way” when it comes to addressing environmental impact, according to Vago – coming through innovative technologies like fuel cells, LNG adoption, scrubbers and more. With Mardi Gras, North America’s first LNG-powered cruise ship set to begin operating in 2020, Arison said fuel supply is still currently a challenge, but he shared his optimism in it becoming widely available. “I expect we’ll be able to get LNG in virtually every [North American] homeport we operate in,” he told, which came as welcome news to the destination sakeholders in attendance worried about how deployment and itineraries could


be impacted by the more than 20 LNGpowered ships are currently on order. Carnival’s experience so far with the world’s first LNG-powered cruise ship, AIDAnova, has proven to not just blow hot air. Though currently entailing an expensive bunkering procedure, since entering

service in January, Arison told it has operated on LNG 99% of the time, “far better than we expected.” Goldstein echoed that enthusiasm, noting that LNG is a “clear improvement in our sustainability profile” since it addresses carbon dioxide, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxide and particulate matter – and will help meet the International Maritime Organization’s commitment to reduce harmful emissions by 40% from 2008 to 2030. After an introduction to the new FCCA program to provide cruise-approved insurance for tour operators, along with a breakdown of what cruise lines want and need, some of the attending FCCA Member Line Presidents and CEOs took the stage that afternoon. Orlando Ashford, President, Holland America Line; Adam Goldstein, Vice Chairman, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.; Jason Montague, president and CEO, Regent Seven Seas Cruises; and Richard FOURTH QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 19

Sasso, Chairman, MSC Cruises USA joined moderator and FCCA President Michele Paige for “Presidential Address.” “Each of the brands represented on the stage…in my opinion have done a wonderful job at understanding their guests and catering their products to their guests,” said Ashford, continuing that for Holland America that focuses on cultural and culinary experiences, in addition to high-quality live music on par with Lincoln Center – because the musicians are hired from the Lincoln Center. Those onboard and on land experiences go hand-in-hand, pointed out Goldstein while sharing that the innovative Royal Caribbean brand identity has now moved from ship to shore with Perfect Day at CocoCay – and for Azamara, that means complete destination immersion. So how can destinations evoke the same kind of brand experience? After calling this a “similar opportunity as the brands have gone through,” Ashford pointed to what ‘modern explorers’ on Holland America want: a cultural exchange with destinations and understanding of those elements and the history. 20 FOURTH QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE


“How can you offer that for my guest, which might be different from what other guests want,” he asked, reminding that a core product is necessary, but must offer nuances for further tailoring. “So, I think that same process of customization and personalization will be important for all of you as it has been for all the brands over the last several years.” Sasso also shared some of the industry’s environmental stewardship and focus on sustainability, with billions of dollars being invested and world-leading technology being developed, “…and I think that

you have that same obligation: safety, environmental awareness and environmental stewardship is paramount.” He continued that guests not only currently respect it, but also will eventually require it. “We need to make sure that you have the same passion for that.” Time was of the essence during “Incident Response” on October 23, which covered the response to any unforeseen incident in a destination, along with best practices for everyone from tour operators to port and destination officials. Moderated by Erika Tache, Sr. Director, Product Development, Shore Excursions, Carnival Cruise Line, panelists include Marc Melville, CEO, Chukka Caribbean Adventures; Christine Manjencic, Vice President, Destination Services Operations, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd.; Stacy Pallot-Shweky, Manager, Carnival Care Team, Carnival Cruise Line; and Valentina Pietropaolo, Manager, Shore Excursions, MSC Cruises USA. One of the most dangerous vipers on earth certainly was “not on any playlist,” with no venomous snakes indigenous to

Meetings & Events Jamaica, when a guest was bitten during a tour, told Melville, but the proper preparation plan sucked out the venom. “The procedures worked perfectly,” he said. “The bottom line is training. We have 1,200 team members. We have to train over and over again.” He continued that the time of tour creation is the best opportunity to think about anything that could go wrong and how to address it, also advocating Royal Caribbean’s sustainable tour operator certification because “It’s so detailed. It helps you think about things.” “Every aspect of the tour should have a risk assessment,” informed Manjencic. When it comes to transportation, for example, that involves considering a response for a flat tire, a breakdown and any type of accident, in any setting. “We do risk assessment, but we rely on our operators to have a plan in place,” she continued. When an operator provides a great emergency response plan as part of any new excursion proposal, this plays favorably into cruise line decision-making, according to Cascais, continuing that training should be triggered routinely whenever new staff are hired or a new tour is implemented – and protocols should never rest solely on one person. “Prepare staff so anyone can step in,” echoed Pallot-Shweky, and keep updating the plan to stay current. For example, should active shooter drills now become a part of the manual? And after the incident, immediate, accurate and regular communications are vital. “Keep updating the cruise line as the situation develops,” she continued, telling the first call in any emergency should be to 911. The next call is to the shore excursion department, if a cruise line tour, or to the port agent if an independent tour. Manjencic also pointed out that it is critical to inform all relevant parties, including every cruise line with a ship in port, of any incident. The entire panel agreed in emergencies, it behooves everyone to help. “Guests need and deserve TLC – human kindness,” said Pallot-Shweky in pointing out that it is simply the right thing to do.

Of course, it also has some practical benefits. Besides lives, brand reputations are at stake. Manjencic shared how proper response to an incident resulted in guests sharing positive stories with the camera crews. “You’re really protecting the name of your destination, which is so crucial,” confirmed Cascais. The final workshop took place on October 24, with moderator Albino di Lorenzo and panelists of Diana Block, Vice President, Revenue, Itinerary & Destination, Virgin Voyages; Carol Cabezas, COO, Azamara; Christine Manjencic; Christopher Martin, Director, Port Operations, Holland America Group; and Arnaldo Zanonato, Director, Regional Experiences Development, Silversea Cruises giving the lowdown on high-class cruising in “Luxury Cruising.” While all shared different approaches—from attainable luxury to all-inclusive and complete pampering, and from entirely focused ships and brands to ‘ships within a ship’ and high-end suites onboard almost every ship (with 75% of suites on bigger ships)—one trend remained constant: all guests want exclusivity and memorable experiences. That ranges from a luxury guest on Norwegian Cruise Line quickly booking a villa in Harvest Caye, which sell out almost immediately, to giving those villas away to Oceania and Regent suite guests, with that market of ‘travelers, not tourists’ looking to engage in completely authentic, cultural and people-to-people experiences—something the luxury market now places a high and almost inelastic premium on, considered as an investment into their personal development—such as spending thousands of dollars to be a fisherman for a day in Portofino, and to the unexpected and even unheard of places and experiences synonymous with Silversea. Yet what remained the same for luxury guests, and with the core consumer-facing messaging throughout all of the workshops, is that vacations and guests are truly no longer one-size-fits-all, and while cruise lines have worked to truly understand and attract their guests, there is still more work that can be done between cruise lines and destinations to fit every guest like a bespoke suit. FOURTH QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 21

Meetings & Events


The Caribbean, Mexico and Central and South America Make Waves at Seatrade Europe

estinations and stakeholders from the Caribbean, Mexico and Central and South America were in the middle of Europe’s meeting point for the cruise industry, Seatrade Europe, and its most-ever cruise line executives through a record initiative by Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA). “We could not be more honored to see the turnout at our Seatrade Europe Pavilion – and to feel the excitement during festive events that drew constant crowds while displaying our partners’ offerings,” said Michele Paige, president, FCCA. “We thank all those who visited, especially the more than 35 cruise executives, and we are excited to begin helping turn the potential from the more than 60 meetings into actionable items and mutual success.” “Thanks to our partnership with the FCCA, our participation at this year’s Seatrade Europe in Hamburg was one of tremendous value and results,” said Orfila Salazar, director of cruise, Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism. “Our delegation—which included a team from Ports of San Souci, La Romana and our newest project, Taino Bay—was able to carry out key meetings that we have no doubt will help us achieve industry goals in the short-, midand long-term range. We look forwarding to continuing partnering with the FCCA for not only Seatrade Med next year, but in other key industry events in the near future.” For the third consecutive year, FCCA engaged its initiative to connect destination stakeholders with key entities from the European cruise market by coordinating opportunities for meetings, networking, exhibiting and more at Seatrade Europe/ Med and beyond. This year’s record 14 Partners, the initiative’s most and 75 percent higher than its inaugural year, witnessed another record in Hamburg, Germany from September 11-13—with the most-ever cruise line executives as well as a footfall of over 5,000— and benefitted from the FCCA’s initiative to put its Partners in the spotlight. Partners had individual booth space to showcase their products, with all booths featuring private meeting areas where Partners 22 FOURTH QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

with European cruise lines during networking and exhibiting opportunities. We profiled the latest developments and experiences at Port St. Maarten and are looking forward to capitalizing on the potential business items that we discussed. Otherwise, its full steam ahead for the 2019-2020 cruise season.” Additionally, FCCA furthered the exposure and opportunities for Seatrade Europe Partners both at the event, including distributed materials, and beyond, with the Association’s efforts continuing year-round to follow up on actionable items from prescheduled meetings. “Aruba participated within the FCCA pavilion for the first time at Seatrade Europe in Hamburg this past week and without a doubt provided us great leverage to carry out a productive agenda at this year’s show,” said Mario Arends, cruise manager, Aruba Tourism Authority. “We look forward to Seatrade Med in 2020!” FCCA will also participate at the next Seatrade Europe at the Hamburg Fair site from September 8-10, 2021, along with Seatrade Cruise Med in Málaga, Spain from September 15-17, 2020.


hosted more than 60 meetings that FCCA helped coordinate with the executives from European ocean and river cruise lines in attendance, as well as key stakeholders. FCCA also organized private networking events to help Partners develop relationships, understanding and potential business in a comfortable setting. In total, more than 35 high-level cruise executives visited the FCCA Pavilion for the meetings and events. “We are proud to have been one of the 14 FCCA partners for Seatrade Europe initiative,” said Port St. Maarten Management. “It allowed us to connect

FCCA’S 2019 SEATRADE EUROPE PARTNERS Aruba Tourism & Port Authority Chukka Colombia Colon 2000 Curacao Ports Discover Dominica Dominican Republic Guadeloupe Guatemala Port St. Maarten St. Maarten Tourism St. Martin Tourism Seamore, Cozumel Aquila

Meetings & Events

Cruise360 Australasia Embraces #NextGeneration


LIA’s Cruise360 Australasia conference tackled the future evolution of the cruise industry in August, looking at the approaching wave of new cruisers and the latest international cruise concepts under the theme #NextGeneration. Held in Sydney, the annual event—the largest dedicated cruise industry conference in the Southern Hemisphere—featured a packed lineup of international speakers and local experts offering insight into new developments in the world cruise market. Having become the industry’s peak regional forum for sharing ideas and visions for the future, it attracted hundreds of travel agents and cruise industry leaders from across Australia and New Zealand, providing a full-day agenda of keynote speakers and panel sessions. Among its highlights was an address by CLIA Global Chair and Vice Chairman of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd Adam Goldstein, who outlined the 24 FOURTH QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

cruise industry’s role in providing “leadership, stewardship and partnership.” Highlighting the enormous passion Australian travelers have developed for cruising and the country’s world-leading market penetration rate of 5.8%, Goldstein said Australians had become “at least the unofficial, if not the official, world champions of cruising.” However, he also highlighted some of the challenges faced by the cruise sector, along with many of the initiatives cruise lines have embarked upon to address them, including those focusing on sustainability. “The water under us, the air above us, the destinations around us, the employees and people who work for us and with us—these are huge focus items today, and rightfully so,” he said. Another highlight was an interview with the President & CEO of cruising newcomer Virgin Voyages, Tom McAlpin, who explained how the line has prepared for the “epic sea change” it sees coming in the cruise industry.

This was the first time the Australian and New Zealand travel industry had had an opportunity to hear from the new Virgin brand, which will debut its first ship, Scarlet Lady, in April 2020. Tom discussed the new cruising demographic Virgin Voyages has identified and the process it has gone thought to target that emerging market. Having promised a different kind of cruise experience, Virgin provided inspiration for travel agents hoping to discover new cruisers and entice them into an increasingly diverse industry. Another international speaker giving insight into emerging markets and new cruise concepts was Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection President & CEO Ellen Bettridge, who spoke about the rise of Generation Z and the demands of younger travelers. Ellen helped focus attention on the newest demographic of cruise passengers who are entering the market, and how they are redefining the way we plan, shop, buy and experience travel.

Drawing on the latest international market research and examples from her own daughters, Ellen explained how Generation Z consumers were reinventing travel by seeking a more individualized and connected experience when they cruise. She also encouraged the audience to think about what this meant for the travel agent community and provided insight into how the cruise sector had been among pioneers catering to younger consumers. Another key topic at the conference this year was the worldwide revolution underway in shore excursions, as cruise passengers increasingly look for experience-led options and demand more immersive and authentic shore excursions. A panel discussion tackled the topic of “Reimagining Shorex” and provided insight into how cruise lines are evolving their excursion offering, and what it means for travel agents as they cater to their clients’ tastes and passions. Among the panelists was Michael Mihajlov, Destination Director for Carnival Australia, who has been responsible for opening up new cruise destinations in the South Pacific and engaging with communities to create new experiences in remote locations like Papua New Guinea. He was joined by expedition cruise specialist Aaron Russ, who spent his childhood travelling on small ships to the Subantarctic Islands, giving him a lifetime of experience. As the General Manager of Wild Earth Travel, Russ has led more than 100 small ship expeditions to some of the world’s most fascinating destinations. Other panelists included APT Travel Group Chief Commercial Officer Debra


Fox and ID Tours New Zealand Executive Director Debbie Summers. Cruise360 Australasia was preceded by a dedicated Executive Partner Product and Destination Showcase on the day prior, designed to present new ways for travel agents to enhance their clients’ cruise holidays. The initiative allows agent members to find out more about the additional products and services that can be offered with a cruise – vacation experienc-


es that combine perfectly with cruise bookings and can help agents increase the value and appeal of their cruise service. Also held that day was an exclusive ship inspection aboard Princess Cruises’ Sea Princess, giving agents from across Australia and New Zealand a chance to learn more about the line’s regional deployment and experience its product first-hand. Other events held around Cruise360 Australasia included the conference’s associated trade show, where travel agents could connect one-on-one with CLIA member cruise lines and executive partners. CLIA Australasia Managing Director Joel Katz said the conference had again been a sell-out success, reflecting increasing levels of engagement within the travel industry in Australia and New Zealand. “There’s a very clear appetite for new insight among cruise specialists, and I think the members we see at Cruise360 are those who want to think strategically about how they are going to seize new opportunities developing within the industry,” he said. “A lot of discussion in the travel industry right now revolves around how travel agents can provide a level of service and expertise that sets them apart from disruptive competitors, and many are seeking additional insight into how cruise is evolving in order to give themselves an edge. I think educational opportunities like Cruise360 are a very important part of a travel agent’s future success, and we could tell from the enthusiasm in the room that agents are very optimistic about cruise and are hungry to know more.”


Meetings & Events

CLIA Highlights New Wave of Sustainability Measures


he cruise industry’s commitment to sustainability is being showcased in a new guide released recently by CLIA Australasia as part of its annual Cruise Month campaign. Called New Wave, the glossy magazine details some of the technological advances and personal stories stemming from the cruise industry’s environmental and community development initiatives, from within Australia and New Zealand and across the world. “Worldwide, cruise lines are embarking on projects that aim to create lasting benefits for communities in the destinations they visit,” said CLIA Australasia Managing Director Joel Katz. “They’re also working to minimize their impact on the environment, investing billions of dollars in measures to reduce emissions and protect the waters on which they sail.” The guide outlines initiatives including the cruise industry’s commitment to a 40% reduction in carbon emissions across the world fleet by 2030, and the $22 billion being invested in ships with new energy-ef-


ficient technology and cleaner fuels like liquified natural gas (LNG), the world’s cleanest burning fossil fuel. It includes infographics that explain many of the measures being deployed by cruise lines, as well as practical tips that cruise passengers can take to reduce their use of plastics and lessen their impact on the environment. Also featured are community initiatives including projects focused on reducing infant mortality rates in Papua New Guinea, boosting hurricane recovery efforts in the Caribbean, supporting local tourism businesses in South Pacific island nations and wildlife conservation measures worldwide. “The cruise industry represents only around 1% of world shipping, but it has taken a leading role in deploying new environmental measures and creating social benefits for people around the world,” continued Katz. “This guide will highlight these efforts in a form that can be shared with our industry partners and the wider cruise community throughout Australasia,

while also supporting CLIA’s worldwide #WeAreCruise campaign.” New Wave also offers a series of personal stories, including those of community members in the port town of Eden, located south of Sydney on Australia’s east coast. Passionate locals in this scenic region have rallied around the cruise sector to encourage more visits, create new experiences for visitors and successfully advocate for better port infrastructure. Other personal stories focus on the people behind CLIA’s #WeAreCruise social media campaign celebrating individuals in the wider cruise community who help support cruise tourism. They include Anne and David Kernke, who welcome cruise passengers to their acclaimed gin distillery in Tasmania and leverage tourism to help fund the conservation of their historic estate. Also featured is Perry Reid, whose eco-tourism business in southern New Zealand contributes to the protection of seal and penguin colonies on his coastal property. New Wave can be viewed or downloaded via the CLIA Australasia home page,

Meetings & Events

Confidence in the Asia Cruise Industry Remains High By Jiali Wong, Regional Manager, CLIA Asia


nterest in cruise among travel trade professionals and consumers remains high in Asia. In 2019, CLIA spoke at a record 12 events across Asia, addressing travel partners on the opportunities in the cruise industry. With the low awareness of cruise in Asia, education is an essential step for the region’s stakeholders to expand their business opportunities. Cruise is an attractive vacation choice to Asian travelers, with cruises being a natural fit for families: a key travel segment in Asia. Based on CLIA’s 2018 Source Market Report, the majority of Asian markets experienced double-digit year-on-year growth. India is one of the fastest-growing source markets in Asia, with a 28% yearon-year increase. At the forum organized by the Singapore Tourism Board in September, themed “Growing Cruise Connections, Achieving Together” in New Delhi, it was agreed that while contemporary cruises are the most common among Indian travelers, premium and luxury products are gaining in popularity. Trade partners also find that leveraging on celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries and MICE onboard a ship will appeal to Indian travelers. Mainland China continues to dominate the Asian source markets, accounting for 56% of all Asian passen-


ger volume in 2018. At Seatrade Cruise Asia held in Shanghai, CLIA’s Head of International Training & Development, Peter Kollar, held a full-day workshop for over 100 agents. The well-received event showcased how the latest technology and social interaction are embedded in cruise sales and service with insights on how the Chinese market is embracing it. According to Kollar, the workshop— in its 5th year—was the most engaging session he has conducted in China, further confirming Asia’s appetite for cruise knowledge. With low cruise penetration in most Asian source markets, there is significant potential for more growth in many of these fast-growing Asian markets. Understandably, most consumers in these markets are new-to-cruise, with limited understanding of the brand differentiation across the different cruise products. CLIA is working to ensure agents play the “matchmaker” and recommend the most suitable cruise experience, especially to new-to-cruise consumers. At ITB Asia 2019, held in Singapore in October, CLIA, together with CLIA cruise line members, shared the unique selling points and target profiles of the different brands. Agents left with a deeper understanding of the type of cruise holidays they should present to various clients. Increasingly, Asian industry players

also recognize the opportunity lost due to the infrastructural and policies that constrain cruise lines calling at their ports. At the cruise conference “Thailand Cruise Tourism: Challenge or Surrender?” organized by the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) in August, we spoke to the invited pool of government officials and private stakeholders on what was needed for Thailand to attract more cruise ships. It was encouraging to hear the response among attendees who showed support for Thailand’s development as a key cruise destination. Across Asia, there are many cruise port developments in countries like China, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia, among others. In 2019, Asia saw an increase of 18 destinations from the previous year. The opening up of more cruise destinations and enhancement of existing ports will make more locations available for cruise ships to call at, making Asia a more attractive cruise region. Asia will see a slight decline in cruise capacity in 2019. But with the popularity of cruising in Asia and the deployment of new, larger vessels, coupled with new cruise infrastructure in the next few years, it is safe to say the long-term prospects for cruising in Asia remain positive.

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Increase of Multi- and Skip-Generational Travel


ver recent years, there has been a significant increase in multigenerational travel, where grandparents, parents and children take a cruise together. With the offer of an excellent mix of activities to suit all ages, a cruise holiday is the perfect fit for multigenerational families. Together they can have shared experiences, yet also separate for ‘me time’ – whether that be in the kids’ club, the spa, by the pool or taking part in a class, for example. Ashore, families can go on guided tours, taking away the stress of one person having to organize where to go and what to see. The growing trend for multigenerational travel is also leading the way for a new type of family holiday: skip gen30 FOURTH QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

erational. Cruise lines are seeing a surge in the number of grandparents traveling with their grandchildren, choosing to cruise to celebrate milestones and create memories while parents have to work or

have a well-earned break themselves. With its ease and safety, a cruise is stressand hassle-free, meaning grandparents can spend their time make lifelong memories with their grandchildren.


5 Million Annual Visitors. 7 s ’ o d n a l r Port Canaveral is the Closest Port to O Close to fast-growing Orlando — the theme park capital of the world — and next door to Kennedy Space Center, with four international airports within an hour’s drive, Port Canaveral is well located to support future cruise passenger growth. GROWING CRUISE PORT: • $163+ million new CT3 is scheduled to be completed in Summer 2020 to accommodate Carnival MARDI GRAS. • Mardi Gras is the first clean technology LNGpowered ship to be homeported in North America— at Port Canaveral. • Disney Cruise Line Is expanding its footprint here, with two of three new ships (under construction) to homeport at Port Canaveral. Expect terminal upgrades to CT8 and CT10 by 2021.

Explore the business opportunities and secure your future cruise ship berth at Port Canaveral.



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Standing Ovation for Norwegian Encore The highly anticipated Norwegian Encore has made its debut. After a star-studded month-long tour of preview events in Europe, New York and Miami, including the ship’s naming ceremony on Nov. 21, she is now home in Por Miami. The nearly 1,100-foot-long Norwegian Encore, with a gross tonnage of almost 170,000 and a guest capacity of nearly 4,000, first embarked on her first preview cruise from Bremerhaven, Germany on Oct.31, arriving to Southampton, England on Nov. 2. On Nov. 2, Norwegian Encore commenced her transatlantic voyage to the U.S., arriving to New York on Nov. 10 with a two-day preview from Nov. 11 to 13. She then voyaged to Miami for a series of events, concluding with the christening ceremony and celebration on Nov. 21, which included a live performance by Norwegian Encore’s godmother and Grammy Awardwinning singer and television host Kelly Clarkson. Taking the brand’s exclusive, stand-out attractions to the next level, Norwegian Encore features the world’s longest race track at sea at 1,100 feet with four high-speed curves extending up to 13 feet over the side


of the ship; the largest outdoor laser tag arena at nearly 10,000 square feet with the addition of augmented reality elements; and new immersive escape room and interactive theatre experiences in the 10,000-square-foot Galaxy Pavilion. In addition to featuring many of the highly rated restaurants and lounges that have made the Breakaway Plus class one of the most innovative and successful in the company’s history, Norwegian Encore debuted a new elevated Italian dining experience, Onda by Scarpetta, in collaboration with LDV Hospitality. The Tony Award-winning musical, “Kinky Boots,” headlines the world-class entertainment on board, with returning guest favorites “The Choir of Man,” “Happy Hour Prohibition: The Musical” and the rocking Beatles cover band of The Cavern Club. As part of a recent partnership with JUST Goods, Inc., Norwegian Encore is also the first ship in the company to be plastic bottle free. By Jan. 1, Norwegian Cruise Line will be the first major cruise line to eliminate plastic bottles across its entire fleet, a significant effort towards providing guests with more sustainable options at sea.

‘Carnival Kitchen’ debuted on Carnival Panorama to offer guests hands-on, interactive cooking classes

CARNIVAL PANORAMA A CALIFORNIA DREAM Carnival Cruise Line is California dreamin’ after launching its first new ship homeported on the west coast in 20 years—Carnival Panorama—with year-round service from Long Beach, California beginning on Dec. 11. The line’s 27th ship and the third vessel in the popular Vista class, Carnival Panorama reflects design inspiration with more opportunities to connect with the sea. The ship features a number of innovations including the first Sky Zone trampoline park at sea as well as a first-in-fleet culinary studio where guests can participate in hands-on cooking classes, tastings and other food-related activities hosted by the ship’s chefs. Carnival Panorama also offers a variety of longtime guest favorites such as a massive WaterWorks aqua park, Sky Ride, the popular bike in the sky with breathtaking views, a suspended ropes course and dining venues like Bonsai Teppanyaki and Guy’s Pig & Anchor Smokehouse Brewhouse with barbecue favorites from Food Network star and longtime Carnival partner Guy Fieri along with craft beers brewed on board. A wide range of staterooms and suites are available as well, including spa staterooms with exclusive privileges at the luxurious Cloud 9 Spa, extra-spacious staterooms in Family Harbor and tropical-inspired Havana staterooms with access to a Cubanthemed bar and pool.

On Board COSTA FIRENZE FLOATS OUT WITH ITALIAN ELEGANCE Costa Cruises celebrated the official floatout ceremony of Costa Firenze—Costa’s second ship designed and built specifically for the Chinese market—on Nov. 6 at Fincantieri shipyard in Marghera, Italy. With a gross tonnage of in at 135,500 tons, 323 meters in length and a capacity for over 5,200 guests, Costa Firenze and Costa Venezia are the biggest ship introduced by Costa to the Chinese market, where the Italian company was the first to start operating in 2006 and is currently the leader. They are part of an expansion plan that includes a total of seven ships being delivered to the Costa Group by 2023, for a total investment of over 6 billion euros. Costa Firenze is inspired by the city of Florence, representing centuries of Italian culture and history. During the Costa Firenze cruises, guests together with their families and friends will have a chance to immerse themselves fully in Italian beauty and aesthetic, which will take shape in various aspects of life on board: from interior design to dining, from entertainment to hospitality. After delivery scheduled on September 30, 2020, Costa Firenze will head to Singapore, offering cruises for Chinese customers starting October 20, 2020.

Photo of Costa neoRomantica by @leleninety4 [IG]

New Princess Flagship Takes Flight Princess Cruises took delivery of Sky Princess from shipbuilder Fincantieri at an official handover ceremony at the shipyard in Monfalcone, Italy on Oct. 15. The first ship designed from the ground up as a Princess MedallionClass ship, the 143,700-ton, 3,660-guest Sky Princess features an evolution of the design platform used for the cruise line’s previous RoyalClass ships. “As our new f lagship in the f leet, Sky Princess represents the absolute best Princess Cruises has to offer our guests by connecting them with what matters most, unique destinations, loved ones, and new friends, while enjoying all the stateof the-art experiences in comfort and style,” said Jan Swartz, president of Princess Cruises. With the debut of Sky Princess, Princess Cruises marks the first time a ship has been purpose-built as a Princess MedallionClass ship. Featuring the complimentary OceanMedallion wearable device, MedallionClass vacations deliver an entirely new level of service and creates a vacation that is more seamless, effortless and personalized. Considered a breakthrough in the vacation industry and a CES 2019 Innovation Award Honoree, the OceanMedallion wearable device is

complimentary for all guests and features leading-edge technology that delivers personalized service through enhanced guest-crew interactions, eliminates friction points and enables interactive entertainment. Sky Princess started her inaugural season in Europe on a seven-day Mediterranean & Adriatic maiden voyage from Athens to Barcelona on Oct. 20, 2019. The ship then sailed a series of Mediterranean voyages before debuting in North America on Dec. 1, 2019, for a season of Caribbean cruises from Ft. Lauderdale. Sky Princess shares all of the spectacular style and elegance of her sister ships: Regal Princess, Royal Princess and Majestic Princess. The ship also debuts the new luxurious Sky Suites, with expansive views from the largest balconies at sea. In addition, two new entertainment experiences are offered: Phantom Bridge, a world’s first game combining digital and physical elements for the ultimate immersive escape room, and Take 5, the only jazz theater at sea, celebrating the iconic sounds, culture and history of jazz. The Princess Cruises fleet continues to expand with Enchanted Princess in June 2020, Discovery Princess in November 2021 and two additional ships in 2023 and 2025. FOURTH QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 33

On Board Countdown to New Cunard Ship Cunard celebrated the beginning of construction on its 249th ship with a steel cutting ceremony at Fincantieri’s Castellammare di Stabia Shipyard in Italy on Oct. 11. The first piece of steel cut will be used as a sculpture displayed on the new ship for guests to enjoy and marks a landmark moment in the company’s 179-year history. The ship will be the second largest to fly the Cunard flag, and is set to reimagine the luxury cruise experience with an array of unique and exciting onboard amenities. “After years of planning and design, we are thrilled to see the building process begin for our newest ship,” says Josh Leibowitz, SVP, Cunard North America. “The new ship

BOLD FEATURES ON ODYSSEY OF THE SEAS Royal Caribbean is setting an uncharted course for adventure with the cruise line’s newest ship, Odyssey of the Seas. The first Quantum Ultra Class ship to arrive in North America will tout a brand-new look


will be the fourth in our fleet, taking inspiration from our past, integrating the Cunard spirit with exciting new concepts and ideas that will provide a uniquely luxurious travel experience for our guests.” Cunard’s new ship is set to enter service in 2022 with bookings available in 2020. With construction underway, Creative Director and globally acclaimed designer Adam D. Tihany will work alongside Fincantieri to deliver a new standard of Cunard luxury. The award-winning design team also includes Simon Rawlings of David Collins Studio, Terry McGillicuddy of Richmond International and Sybille de Margerie of Sybille de Margerie Paris.

to match the fleet’s most action-packed top deck to date, and a mix of record-holding hits and groundbreaking firsts for a game-changing cruise vacation, including a two-level pool deck designed for downtime under the sun and stars and a collection of restaurants primed to please every palate.

Bold in every direction, Odyssey’s highlights include the ultimate SeaPlex activity space that delivers a dose of adrenaline with new thrills, a little friendly competition and the most interactive arcade at sea. Adding to the mix, Odyssey will debut a reimagined Adventure Ocean where young adventure seekers can choose their own immersive experiences across an entirely new layout, while a new maxed-out teen lounge with gaming consoles, music and movies will provide endless hangout options indoors and outdoors on an exclusive patio. When it’s time to refuel, guests can enjoy the new Teppanyaki restaurant serving Far East flavors, and Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar with rustic Italian dishes and a contemporary flair. Entertainment across the ship will be punctuated by high-tech signature productions in the Royal Theater and Two70, where art and multimedia merge for surrounding, jaw-dropping performances only on Odyssey. In November 2020, the ship’s inaugural year will kick off in the Caribbean’s clear blue waters and far-flung destinations like Curaçao, Aruba, Grand Cayman and Mexico on 8- and 6-night itineraries from Fort Lauderdale. Odyssey will then sail to her homeport of Rome in May 2021 and become the first Quantum Ultra Class ship to cruise Europe for the summer.

NORWEGIAN SPIRIT TO UNDERGO MOST EXTENSIVE BOW-TO-STERN RENOVATION IN THE COMPANY’S HISTORY Norwegian Spirit’s upcoming renovation— part of The Norwegian Edge program— will be the most extensive bow-to-stern revitalization in the company’s history, reaffirming its commitment to elevating the standard of excellence across the fleet. Norwegian Spirit will enter dry dock in Marseille, France on Jan. 2, 2020 for an over $100 million revitalization. As part of the nearly 40-day renovation, the ship will

On Board emerge featuring 14 new venues, additional staterooms, an expanded Mandara Spa and new complimentary dining venues will be introduced. Making their debut are Bliss Ultra Lounge and Spinnaker Lounge, which features the Humidor Cigar Lounge. Splash Academy, the children’s waterpark, will be replaced with the adults-only retreat Spice H2O, a daytime lounge featuring two new hot tubs and a dedicated bar, which transforms into an after-hours entertainment venue. In addition, Onda by Scarpetta will debut onboard Norwegian Spirit, joining the portfolio of critically acclaimed Scarpetta restaurants, and bringing the charm and effortless elegance of its urbane Scarpetta sister to the sea.

“JIM HENSON’S INSPIRED SILLINESS” TO DEBUT ON SKY PRINCESS & ENCHANTED PRINCESS From the brilliant mind of legendary puppeteer, Jim Henson’s Inspired Silliness debuted with no strings attached onboard the new Sky Princess – and will follow with an encore on Enchanted Princess in 2020. New and exclusive to Princess, the show recreates and reimagines several of Jim Henson’s hilarious, innovative and magical works from early in his prolific career in a 30-minute performance with singers and dancers animating the comedy, mind-blowing visuals, memorable music and world-renowned Henson style.

Venturing into Seabourn’s New Ultra-Luxury Expedition Ship Seabourn is busy preparing for the launch of its new ultra-luxury purpose-built expedition ship, Seabourn Venture, set to begin cruising the world’s most coveted and remote destinations in June 2021. Travelers on Seabourn Venture and her sister ship will find a wealth of masterfully crafted onboard spaces, including The Colonnade, where guests can find a variety of delicious meal options for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The venue is part of the eight dining experiences expedition travelers will enjoy onboard the forthcoming expedition ships. Renowned designer Adam D. Tihany has shaped public spaces that capture the romanticism of early explorers with the vibrant energy of present day, invoking a timeless sense of adventure while maintaining the familiarity of the venues that past guests have grown to enjoy. The Colonnade is a casual and inviting elegant setting that is sure to be among the most popular spots for guests to savor the line’s highly acclaimed all-inclusive international dining selections. The Colonnade is inspired by the wooden hulls of historic maritime design. The riveted curved wood panels of the ceiling will give guests the feeling

REGENT COOKING UP MEMORABLE EXPERIENCES Cooking classes on a cruise are among the top foodie experiences for luxury travelers, and Regent Seven Seas Cruises is cooking up 16 new Culinary Arts

of being inside the hull of one of the first expedition ships, a concept that echoes throughout the space with decorative metal plate details, integrated wood flooring, and art displays of intricate nautical knots. Guests will have the option of enjoying dinner, served tableside at The Colonnade, while breakfast and lunch will be available via table service and buffet-style at stations featuring three-dimensional textured tile and white stone countertops. A sleek copper ceiling above each station will give guests the feeling of walking through a working kitchen. Special theme nights will feature Michelin-starred Chef Thomas Keller’s family-style dinners that pay homage to his American childhood. His interpretations of classic comfort dishes, such as Clam Bake and BBQ Ribs will be served family-style on platters to complement the essence of sharing in a relaxed spirit of fun and togetherness. Kitchen classes that will debut during the 2020 inaugural season of Seven Seas Splendor before being expanded to Seven Seas Explorer in April 2020. Inspired by Seven Seas Splendor’s inaugural 2020 season sailing the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, the two-hour classes were designed by Kathryn Kelly, Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ executive director of culinary enrichment. Chef Kelly, a Culinary Institute of America graduate, has spent 40 years traveling to explore the world’s many different cuisines and the cultures that created them. “When I was younger, we used to go to friends’ homes, and they would pull out their projector and tell us about their trip through pictures. Today, our guests can FOURTH QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 35

On Board share their cruise experiences at home by cooking meals for their friends that represent the destinations they explored during the voyage,” said Kelly. Guests attending classes in the Culinary Arts Kitchen will receive highly individualized instruction, as each student will cook from their own personal workstation for authentic, hands-on training, and see close-up details on large-screen monitors. Eighteen individual cooking stations sit atop three long curved rows with white quartzite countertops and stainless-steel accents. The workstations are fully equipped with top-of-the-line induction cooktops, stainless steel sinks and a comprehensive collection of additional cooking essentials. The state-of-the-art culinary center also features floor-to-ceiling windows to offer magnificent ocean vista views from its perch on Deck 11.

VIRGIN VOYAGES CONTINUES TO SHAKE IT UP Virgin Voyages is now literally shaking it up with an exclusive on-demand champagne delivery service, ‘Shake for Champagne,’ paired with a newly revealed luxurious champagne lounge and caviar bar, Sip. Continuing to create the most irresistible experiences at sea, Virgin Voyages is enabling Sailors to request champagne, anywhere onboard Scarlet Lady, with a simple shake of their phone. When the Virgin Voyages Sailor App is shaken, a secret Virgin Voyages Champagne button is revealed, and with just one press, a bottle of Möet Chandon Impérial will be delivered to the Sailor in an eye-catching, gleaming Virgin red champagne bucket sure to make everyone around envious. “It is never too early for champagne, and there is always something to toast to while aboard Scarlet Lady. We want our Sailors to enjoy a glamorous holiday and what better way to feel like a RockStar than a sip of bubbly whenever and wherev36 FOURTH QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

er you want it,” said Tom Mcalpin, CEO, Virgin Voyages. Sip is a decadent lounge designed to be enjoyed with a chilled glass of bubbles. Featuring a diverse curation of champagne labels. In a nod to Virgin’s quintessential British heritage and eccentricity, Sip will offer a signature afternoon high tea, which will delight the eyes as well as the taste buds, while celebrating oceanic elements. Serene Spa & Wellness is a destination-inspired spa exclusively on Regent Seven Seas Cruises.

OCEANIA DEBUTS NEW AQUAMAR SPA + VITALITY CENTER Oceania Cruises recently debuted the Aquamar Spa + Vitality Center, which is currently being rolled out across all of its six ships. As part of the brand’s continued OceaniaNEXT enhancements, the Center extends well beyond a traditional spa, offering a complete and original collection of holistic wellness encounters both on board and ashore that supports all dimensions of wellness while encouraging a lifestyle of health and longevity. “Our guests love balance – they’re active, they’re leading rich and fulfilled lives. For them, wellness is not a pursuit, it’s a lifestyle,” said Bob Binder, president & CEO, Oceania Cruises. Drawing on inspiration from the fundamental benefits of travel and discovery as well as guest input, Aquamar Spa + Vitality Center was created from top to bottom by Oceania Cruises and offers an array of wellness encounters designed to enhance the guest experience and encourage personal renewal. From rejuvenating treatments and Aquamar Vitality Cuisine to Wellness Discovery Tours by Aquamar, all have been uniquely curated to encompass the brand’s core pillars: the finest cuisine at sea, alluring destinations and intimate and luxurious ships.

REGENT DEBUTS DESTINATIONINSPIRED SPA BRAND Regent Seven Seas Cruises has introduced a new globally inspired spa brand that debuted across its five-ship fleet this winter. Serene Spa & Wellness offers exclusive treatments integrating techniques and ingredients from destinations around the world, creating a tranquil haven of health, beauty and wellness that offers restorative treatments and services to soothe both the body and mind. The groundbreaking menu of services reflects treatments originating from many of the 450 destinations to which the cruise line sails, and includes globally renowned ELEMIS facial therapies, body treatments, massages, manicures, pedicures, luxury Kérastase salon services, fitness classes, and personal training, plus a series of wellness tours and nutritionally mindful cuisine selections served in restaurants on board.

SEABOURN ADDS NEW TREATMENTS TO ONBOARD MINDFUL LIVING PROGRAM Seabourn, in partnership with OneSpaWorld, has introduced even more treatments to its fleet-wide mindful living program, Spa & Wellness with Dr. Andrew Weil. The program offers guests a holistic spa and wellness experience, which includes unique optional treatments such as acupuncture and crystal

sound bath, to integrate physical, social, environmental and spiritual well-being. As part of the wellness enhancement in the spa, Seabourn guests will soon be able to enjoy two new treatments—Earth Grounding Massage and Restorative Salt Stone Massage—that will be rolled out fleetwide by the end of the first quarter of 2020. These two treatments add to the other options introduced earlier this year, Thai Massage and Mindful Living Massage – and to the number of reasons why cruise travel can have a positive impact on physical and mental well-being.

DISNEY CRUISE LINE KEEPING CREW IN TOUCH WITH FREE TEXTING Disney Cruise Line became the first major cruise line to provide complimentary texting to crew members

onboard its ships, making it easier for shipboard teams to stay connected to their loved ones while working away from home. Crew members with iOS and Android devices can send and receive text messages while onboard for free. “We recognize how important it is for our crew members to be able to stay in touch with their families and friends, and we’re proud to provide this benefit,” said Jeff Vahle, president, Disney Cruise Line. “This is another way Disney continues to provide a great crew experience for our shipboard teams.” Disney Cruise Line crew members represent more than 80 different nationalities. Crew members and Officers enjoy highly competitive benefits and employment advantages as well as ongoing training and development opportunities. Recognized as the top cruise line for families and a leader in hospitality and entertainment, Disney Cruise Line offers unique career opportunities for those seeking to grow, innovate and succeed with one of the world’s most creative companies. The service launched onboard Disney Magic on Oct. 31 and rolled out fleet-wide over the following weeks.

SILVERSEA EXPANDS IMMERSIVE SHORE EXPERIENCES Two Silversea voyages departing this month will be enriched by immersive new shore experiences, which guests will enjoy on a complimentary basis. In Melbourne, the cruise line’s guests will discover Australia’s enthralling operatic culture at an exclusive performance from the country’s most beloved tenor, Mark Vincent; in Castries, St. Lucia, travelers will delve deeper into local tradition at a bespoke, entertainment-filled beach party at the iconic Pigeon Island National Landmark. “We are delighted to expand our shore-side offering on these two voyages further, by unlocking these exclusive new experiences for our guests,” said Adria Bono, Silversea’s Senior Director of Destination Experiences. “In Melbourne and Castries, our guests will be immersed into authentic local cultures, as they enjoy extraordinary local talent and traditions.” SUSTAINABILITY GOAL ACHIEVED:



provided by operators certified to the GSTC standard

Denmark Germany Belgium

USA Mexico Nicaragua Costa Rica Peru

France Spain Bahamas Jamaica Aruba

Finland Estonia Slovenia Croatia Montenegro Israel Greece



Photo by @aviation_maritime [IG]

Ticketless Shore Excursions with AIDA Digitalization In an industry first, AIDA Cruises was the first cruise company to completely dispense with printed tickets for shore excursions – with guests’ boarding cards working as a ticket. Thanks to

this measure, 15 tons of paper will be saved per year across the fleet: a further building-block of the Green Cruising strategy ultimately aiming to achieve emission-neutral ship operations.

ROYAL CARIBBEAN ACHIEVES SUSTAINABLE TOUR TARGET AHEAD OF GOAL Heading into World Tourism, Royal Caribbean Cruises announced that FOURTH QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 37

On Board 1,400 sustainable tours, offered by certified sustainable tour operators from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean and beyond, were available for booking. The initiative began as part of the company’s 2020 World Wildlife Fund (WWF) target to offer guests 1,000 tours provided by operators certified to the UN-created Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) standard. By reaching and surpassing the goal nearly one year ahead of schedule, the company underscored its commitment to operate sustainably and provide its guests with responsible options while ashore. “Our guests are eager to explore and discover new cultures and places, and we want to do our part to ensure those destinations continue to thrive,” said Roberta Jacoby, Managing Director, Global Tour Operations, Royal Caribbean Cruises. “Achieving this goal was a truly collaborative process with our motivated tour operators and with the dedicated team at Global Sustainable Tourism Council.” Engaging with its portfolio of global independent tour operators was a key part of the program. Together with GSTC, RCL’s Global Tour Operations team conducted informational sessions to educate its tour operators of the company’s commitment, the importance of certification and sustainable operations, and the process to become certified by any of GSTC’s accredited certification bodies. The team worked with GSTCaccredited certifier Travelife to provide access to training materials and reporting tools to help tour operators gain GSTC certification. Tour operators also had access to webinars and seminars at industry trade shows and are entitled to recognition on RCL brand websites and tour collateral. “The scale and scope of Royal Caribbean Cruises’ commitment to sustainable shore excursions and accomplishments to date are unprecedented,” says Jim Sano, Vice President for Conservation Travel, WWF. “This initiative not only helps advance WWF’s conservation mission, it elevates the sustainability bar for the entire travel industry.” AIDA CRUISES PIONEERING CRUISE INDUSTRY’S TRIAL OF FUEL CELL TECHNOLOGY AIDA Cruises has partnered with leaders from the maritime and engineering sectors to pilot the world’s first fuel cell system 38 FOURTH QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

designed to power large passenger vessels. As early as 2021, AIDA Cruises will trial this innovative fuel technology on AIDAnova, becoming the cruise industry’s first brand to trial fuel cells on a large cruise ship.

The research project, named “Pa-Xell2,” is designed to develop fuel cells that are powered by hydrogen derived from methanol, with the potential to supply power to cruise ships at even lower emissions levels than liquefied natural gas (LNG). Developed as a hybrid energy system for use in cruise ships, the fuel cells will be designed to enable benefits beyond significantly lower emissions, including operating with lower noise and vibration. In the future there is the potential for the required methanol to be produced from renewable energy sources. “We will reach another important milestone on our journey to emission-neutral cruising,” said Felix Eichhorn, president, AIDA Cruises. “Our goal is continuing to show concrete solutions for achieving our climate targets.” As part of Carnival Corporation’s innovative “green cruising” strategy, the fuel cell pilot one of an ongoing series of environmental initiatives and major technological advances for the company’s AIDA Cruises brand, including an agreement to install a first-of-its-kind lithium-ion battery power system on AIDAperla in 2020, which will be the world’s largest battery storage system ever on a passenger ship, capable of generating a total output of 10-megawatt hours to help electrify the ship’s propulsion and operation for periods of time. MSC CRUISES POSITIVE ON BEING CARBON NEUTRAL While celebrating its most environmentally-advanced cruise ship yet—MSC Grandiosa— entering service during festivities held in Hamburg, Germany on Nov. 8, MSC Cruises announced its commitment to become the world’s first fully carbon neutral major global cruise line.

The announcement came as part of a broader vision to support UN Sustainable Development Goals—with initiatives already leading to a projected fleet-wide 29% reduction in carbon intensity rate by 2024, well on the way to meet the 40% reduction target set for 2030—and in tandem with continued investments in the accelerated development of advanced environmental technology that will allow for zero-emissions ship operations. “As we recognize that today’s even most advanced maritime environmental technology alone is insufficient to immediately reach carbon neutrality, the further commitment we make today ensures that our fleet makes no negative contribution to climate change, starting Jan. 1, 2020,” said Pierfrancesco Vago, executive chairman, MSC Cruises. MSC Cruises will offset all direct carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from its fleet marine operations through a blend of carbon offset projects developed according to the highest standards by leading international entities that take immediate action on greenhouse gas emissions. All costs for the offsets as well as any other associated items will be covered directly and in full by the company. “Our vision is to also invest in projects that provide quantifiable community benefits, protect the environment and support the UN Sustainable Development Goals,” continued Vago.

In particular, MSC Cruises aims to develop a carbon offset portfolio that incorporates projects which protect and restore Ocean and coastal habitats while also absorbing more CO2 than currently occurs. As Blue Carbon projects focused mainly on coastal habitats are currently scarce, MSC Cruises will itself support the development of what aims to become the first carbon credits to be generated from the earth’s vast ocean, constituting an important new means for protecting and enhancing marine biodiversity and supporting communities that rely on the ocean. “For us, this is another step forward in our long-standing commitment to protecting the oceans, the destinations we visit and the port communities we touch,” said Vago.

ONE ISLAND, ENDLESS REASONS TO STAY Maybe you’re an adventurer — someone who lives for the thrill of a rigorous hike. Maybe you’re a history buff — an enthusiast who loves investigating the holdovers of bygone eras. Maybe you’re a beachgoer, a marine explorer, a souvenir shopper, or an inquisitive traveler. Whatever you are, St. Kitts welcomes you. And we’ll show you the time of your life.

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With Most of The Bahamas Open, the Cruise Industry Remains Committed to the Recovery of Grand Bahama and Abaco

fter the heartbreaking and historic destruction Hurricane Dorian brought to Abaco and Grand Bahama, which lingered for more than 24 hours, the cruise industry took swift action to help the people and destinations recover and build back better. In only a month after the event, Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) and its Member Lines already had provided and/or raised $8 million in donation pledges, more than 10 million pounds of food and supplies, 20,000 meals a day, hundreds of millions of dollars in accelerated investment plans and hundreds of thousands of marketing dollars. “Though we still mourn for all those impacted in Abaco and Grand Bahama, it was humbling and heartwarming to see our Member Lines’ enormous effort to not only provide the necessary relief, but also work with those in the destination toward sustainable recovery,” said Michele Paige, president, FCCA. “On behalf of FCCA, we were honored to help support that recovery, and one of the best things any of us can do is visit The Bahamas, as nearly half of its GDP relies on tourism, and broadcast the message that most of its islands are open and welcoming guests every day.”


FCCA Member Lines had already committed and/or raised $8 million in relief efforts for The Bahamas by October, while also launching efforts to collect and provide support, resulting in more than 10 million pounds of food and supplies—filling over 250 shipping containers—by Carnival Corporation; 20,000 meals per day, as well as water, medical supplies, generators, and a team of specially trained employees and volunteers to assist with logistics and food and beverage efforts by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.; 400 pallets of humanitarian aid—along with 300 qualified volunteer and 150 Bahamians—on a single relief mission by Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, which spent weeks on similar missions before converting to a voluntourism program; MSC Group using its cargo and cruise resources to help, with a focus on providing semi-permanent prefabricated modular housing; Disney Cruise Line supporting its more than 60 Bahamian-based Crew Members who live in impacted areas, providing an additional $500,000 in supplies, in addition to their relief commitment and donation of food, water, medical supplies, cleaning supplies, gen-

erators and construction materials, which Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy delivered; and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings also using their cruise ships to deliver supplies and support in addition to their aid, with their assistance donations more than doubling after the initial commitment.* Additionally, FCCA Member Lines sent high-level delegations to work directly toward both providing the most impactful relief and building toward sustainable recovery, while also reaffirming and accelerating investment projects that represent $455 million by Carnival Corporation and RCCL. FCCA Member Lines also worked with the destination to relaunch cruise tourism and reinject its economic benefit as soon as possible, with cruise tourism calculated to have generated $405.75 million, in addition to 9,004 jobs paying $155.71 million in wage income, in The Bahamas during the 2017-18 cruise season and one average cruise call to the destination representing more than $650,000 in local economic benefits. FCCA remained in constant contact with The Bahamas, while leveraging its resources throughout the industry to help the destination and its people in any way

On Land

possible, including assisting to coordinate relief efforts and meetings, as well as providing numerous ways for Bahamian locals to further capitalize on the cruise industry’s economic potential – including at the FCCA Cruise Conference & Trade Show, with the #BahamasStrong delegation working directly with the cruise industry and FCCA coordinating specialized meetings and events for the delegation. FCCA also included The Bahamas in its award-winning, multi-faceted marketing campaign, Caribbean Is Open / Caribbean for Everyone, which began in September 2017 following Hurricanes Irma and Maria and generated more than 5.77 billion impressions, while showing a measurable improvement in Caribbean cruise bookings, between October 2, 2017 – October 28, 2018. For initiatives tied to The Bahamas, the efforts generated an audience of 105,643,424; 712 media placements; and promoted content with 18,122 clicks, 23,126 engagements and 203,527

video views with 77,828 minutes viewed as of October 30, 2019. Those efforts focused on educating that most of The Bahamas was unaffected by Hurricane Dorian, including 14 of its most-visited islands that continued to welcome guests every day immediately following the event, with airports, cruise ports, hotels and attractions open and operating on: • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Nassau and Paradise Island The Exumas Eleuthera and Harbour Island Bimini Andros The Berry Islands Cat Island Long Island San Salvador Rum Cay Acklins and Crooked Island Mayaguana Inagua

They also displayed some of the vastness and variety of The Bahamas, an archipelago with more than 700 islands and thousands of cays across over 100,000 square miles of ocean – and seemingly infinite options. For island cuisine, upscale resorts and endless family activities, Nassau and Paradise Island are where turquoise waters and culture collide. For a quaint, boutique getaway where the sand is as pink as the colonial cottages, visit Eleuthera and Harbour Island. To find the perfect combination for any consumer or agent, offers a wealth of resources for trip planning, including Island Finder, an interactive tool that measures personal preferences to match consumers with an island; pre-approved places to stay; an always-updated database of deals and packages; and the unique characteristics of each island. *For more information about individual FCCA Member Line relief efforts, please visit


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Mexican Supplier Receives Award for Work with Cruise Lines, Shares How to Source Business


Cruise lines have placed extra emphasis on procuring local goods to further contribute to the economies where they call, and cruise guests continue to look for more ways to enjoy local and authentic destination offerings even while on board – have you noticed these trends in your dealings with cruise lines? Yes, all the cruise lines want to source locally – not only to strengthen the local economies and fulfill the curiosity of their guests, but also because it is more competitive in price and as a green solution in reducing transportation, among other benefits.

afé Azul, a supplier for cruise lines throughout Mexico, recently won the National Export Award (PNE) – considered the highest recognition given by the President of the United Mexican States to companies, institutions and organizations operating in Mexico in the area of​​international trade, and created by presidential decree in 1994. President Eduardo Gonzalez Cid joined Travel & Cruise for an interview to discuss the significance of the award and what it means for the cruise industry—and the communities it benefits—throughout Mexico, as well as how potential suppliers can source business with cruise lines. Congratulations on the recent award! Can you tell us a little more about it? I am honored to share that our company, Café Azul, won the National Export Award (PNE), which was personally awarded by the President of the United Mexican States. We are the first company from the state of Quintana Roo—which only accounts for 0.01% of the national exports—to receive this award, with Café Azul being honored as the most innovative company of the commercial export companies. Do you source locally? Extensively, 85 percent of the products we supply are grown in Mexico.

Do your suppliers know that the cruise industry is purchasing their goods, and has this changed any of their perceptions about the industry? They all know, which is why received the award. In fact, during the award ceremony, Café Azul was described as the “company base in Cozumel, Quintana Roo that supplies goods to the cruise industry in all the Mexican Ports,” and we brag all the time about the opportunities the cruise industry brings to Mexico. I think this award truly is for the entire industry, and can be used to promote and change the perception of the industry in other Mexican sectors, both political and business. Now the industry’s economic impact not only benefits the port communities; it reaches out to the Mexican avocado 44 FOURTH QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE


With a name like Café Azul, most would think you only provide coffee. How did you get into sourcing such a robust lineup? Ironically enough, coffee is one of the products that we currently do not provide to cruise lines – because despite our brand presence throughout Mexico, cruise lines seek coffee brands that percolate more with their brand and guest demographics. When we entered our first provisioning contract, the cruise brand wanted to do business with a company at least two years old, and we decided to use Café Azul – a company I established for a lineup of coffee shops in Cozumel. What kind of requirements do cruise lines have for purchasing from suppliers like Café Azul, and what advice to you have for others trying to procure business from cruise lines? The cruise lines have three requirements: QUALITY, PRICE and, most importantly, FULFILLMENT. It is understood that Quality should be the same or above what they already use; that Price should be the same or less; and Fulfillment should be no less than 100%, with a focus on partnership. You need to always be there for your clients; the cruise lines are expecting us as their team and partners to always go above and beyond. Approach the cruise lines with what they want; they have already developed a menu and have trained their teams. It is hard to introduce new products or presentations, so first try to stick to what they need.



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The U.S. Virgin Islands: New and Notable

he U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI)—St. Croix, St. John, St. Thomas, Water Island and its uninhabited out islands—is inviting, beautiful and alluring. With breathtaking beaches, picturesque views, rich culture and history, and culinary diversity, the USVI is ideal for travelers seeking a tropical Caribbean getaway. As a U.S. Territory, it provides many of the comforts and conveniences of a U.S. destination. And U.S. citizens don’t need a passport to visit! In 2017, the islands felt the wrath of back-to-back Category 5 Hurricanes Irma and Maria, but two years later, the recovery has been robust, especially in the accommodations, airlift and cruise sectors. The Territory now offers a refreshed product that shares its unique blend of history and culture with visitors from the mainland United States, the Caribbean and the world.


NEW ATTRACTIONS AND ACTIVITIES Many new attractions and activities are being offered on St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas. There’s “Hanging with the Locals,” an authentic experience on St. Croix that includes visiting cultural and historical sites and enjoying local food samplings; dining at Lime Out, a floating bar and restaurant on the waters of St. John; and learning about pirate folklore at Pirates Treasure: Shipwreck Museum, located close to The West Indian Company (WICO) Dock in St. Thomas. CULINARY ST. CROIX: AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCES TO SAVOR Blessed with a flourishing culinary spirit, the U.S. Virgin Islands offers an abundance of options when it comes to cuisine. From farm-to-table and local delicacies

to food trucks and award-winning restaurants, eating in the USVI is an experience to be savored and enjoyed. St. Croix, the largest of the three islands, is known for its strong farming community and authentic culinary experiences. A trip to Estate Whim Plantation Museum is the perfect stop to watch and learn how to make local candy, or travelers can savor the island’s distinctive foods, extraordinary history and eclectic culture with Virgin Islands Food Tours. Visitors can now experience and taste a creative use of breadfruit—one of the local staples—with MUTINY Island Vodka. This new handcrafted, specialty vodka is distilled at Sion Hill Distillery, the former home of Island Dairies.

St. Croix also features many new eateries, including Uptown Eatery, 17 ̊/64 ̊ Kitchen + Bar, Club Comanche RAW, Smoke STX BBQ and Bottle Shop, Too. Chez, as well as Braata and AMA at Cane Bay, which are owned and operated by Chef Digby Stridiron. “VI TO THE BONE” CULTURAL CELEBRATIONS Throughout the year, festivals and carnivals showcase the islands’ heritage in many different ways. The USVI is home to not

one or two, but three, distinctive carnival and festival celebrations each year, offering visitors multiple opportunities to experience the unique flavor of each island. Virgin Islands Carnival on St. Thomas is a month-long celebration in April, where friends and family reconnect to enjoy the captivating music, vivacious dance, savory cuisine and spirited pageantry that make Virgin Islands Carnival one of the most popular cultural celebrations in the Caribbean. In the summer, the St. John Festival combines the excitement of masquerading with the spirit of emancipation—July 3, 1848, which marks the date slaves were emancipated in the USVI—as well as the celebration of the Fourth of July. In honor of their emancipation, the St. John Festival takes place in late June and traditionally culminates on July 4. It’s an exciting time of year, as the streets of downtown Cruz Bay fill with revelers from St. John and neighboring islands, all coming together to enjoy local and regional bands, dancing, pageantry, local food and drinks. The Crucian Christmas Festival on St. Croix is an exciting celebration featuring traditional Quelbe music, calypso competitions, soca and other popular music, street tramps, beauty queen pageants, and a food and crafts fair. The month-long festival begins the first Saturday in December and ends the first Saturday of the New Year.

“PURPOSE IN PARADISE” The Department of Tourism’s Purpose in Paradise program enhances the Territory’s network of community-based philanthropic activities and strengthens its ability to attract visitors in search of purpose-driven travel opportunities. The initiative pairs visitors who are interested in helping the Territory’s recovery efforts with local nonprofit organizations in need of assistance with specific projects. In addition to the opportunity to participate in a purpose-driven project, Purpose in Paradise allows visitors who may not be able to donate time in-person to contribute financially to the Territory’s recovery. Groups such as Friends of Virgin Islands National Park (St. John), the St. Croix Landmarks Society and the Family Resource Center in St. Thomas are just a few examples of the many 501(c)(3) organizations that are performing essential community-based work. For more information, go to


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Cruise to the Cayman Islands for the Ultimate ‘Caymankind’ Experience


true one-stop-shop for all bucket list travel dreams, the Cayman Islands is the perfect destination for thrill-seekers, relaxation-enthusiasts and everyone in-between. From white sand beaches, fresh sea-to-table cuisine teeming with local island flavors, epicurean hot spots and countless adventures for wayfarers of all ages, the Cayman Islands truly offers something for every visitor to enjoy. Few other Caribbean islands can offer the diversity of experiences in one place like the Cayman Islands, and with Caymankind service. The incomparable Caribbean destination with its three islands—Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman—is known for its unparalleled adventures and experiences. Cruise voyagers will delight in the countless offerings found throughout the islands, boasting everything from world-class spas and high-end shopping to bespoke off-the-beaten path adventures and cultural tours. Throughout the year, the Cayman Islands welcomes visitors from some of the world’s leading cruise providers, including Carnival Cruise Line, Disney Cruise Line, MSC Cruises and Royal Caribbean Cruises. As the Cayman Islands looks ahead and continues support of the growing cruise ship arrivals, the destination will be focusing on upgrading the George Town visitor experience through enhanced facilities and services, as well as the generous Caymankind hospitality for which the destination is best known. CAYMANKIND MEETS AQUILA TRAINING In January 2019, the Cayman Islands kicked the year off by welcoming a record number of cruise ship and passenger arrivals—over 271,000, to be exact—and 48 FOURTH QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

have continued to welcome a steady drum beat of visitors since. To ensure that Caymanians are continuously provided the support and knowledge needed to meet growing tourism numbers, the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism recently partnered with the Aquila Center for Cruise Excellence, which offers training and coaching programs designed to help tour operators, destinations and key players in the cruise industry around the world achieve service excellence. The workshop offered by the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism was the FCCA Customer Service and Frontline Destination Training. Over 130 persons from various sectors in the cruise tourism industry were able to take part in this full-day workshop. Some of the topics included how to deliver service excellence, the development of shoreside experiences and careers in the cruise industry, to name a few.

EXPERIENCE THE ORIGINS OF CAYMANIAN HISTORY, CULTURE AND CAYMANKINDNESS Visitors to the Cayman Islands will experience the destination’s expert hospitality, customer training and natural Caymankindness firsthand from the moment they step off the cruise ship and

begin to learn about the rich culture and history of the Cayman Islands. From duty-free shopping with truly unique Caymanian art and craft souvenirs to George Town’s fascinating historical sites—beginning with the Cayman Islands National Museum, the oldest surviving public building—local Caymanians proudly show off their beloved island and look forward to sharing some local tips and restaurant, bar or attraction recommendations. To further engrain themselves in the Cayman Islands’ history, art aficionados can check out the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands, which celebrates Cayman’s impressive artistic talents through both permanent and temporary collections – or Pedro St. James Castle, a more than two centuries’ old “Great House” that lived through numerous iterations including a courthouse, jail, restaurant, and most notably, the founding place of democracy in the Cayman Islands. Aside from soaking up fascinating expert-led tours, visitors will relish in the sweeping views of the Caribbean Sea that stretch for miles, along with the all-

new Outpost Bar, which offers delicious cocktails featuring locally made Seven Fathoms rum. SMOOTH SAILING THROUGH THE CULINARY CAPITAL OF THE CARIBBEAN There are few instances where customer service, hospitality and food do not go hand-in-hand. Aside from the activities George Town and Seven Mile Beach offer, foodies will find their own personal bite of paradise when they arrive in the Cayman Islands, where culinary curiosity is essential to embracing the full Caymanian experience. Frequently heralded as the “Culinary Capital of the Caribbean,” the destination features fine dining paired with sun, sea and tropical landscapes. Boasting more than 200 restaurants and culinary influences from all over the globe, the Cayman Islands provides an endless array of options to suit any palate. Not to mention, with an abundance of locally sourced resources, Cayman leads the charge for the Caribbean’s farm-to-table movement, boasting a diverse homegrown food scene at various restaurants committed to dishing up organic, vegan and all-natural fare that is sure to delight every palate. The epicurean scene in the Cayman Islands is year-round with numerous gastronomic events to satisfy every travelers’ taste buds. The year starts with the esteemed Cayman Cookout, which is hosted by Chef Eric Ripert and showcases dynamic cooking demonstrations, exciting local tours, tastings and dining events. Taste of Cayman is another can’t miss foodie event that takes over the cosmopolitan waterfront district of Camana Bay and invites visitors and locals to sample more than 45 Grand Cayman restaurants and distributors. Annually each fall, the destination heats up for Restaurant Month and Cocktail Week, offering discounted dining, tasting rooms and more at some of Cayman’s best restaurants with special prix-fixe menus and happy hours. A TASTE OF ADRENALINE FOR THE ADVENTUROUS AND CURIOUS SPIRITS Armed with fresh knowledge and top-ofthe-line training from Aquila, Cayman Islands tour guides and hosts will take

their superb knowledge of the destination and guidance skills to new heights. For cruise guests looking to experience oneof-a-kind adventures, knowledge, service and activities unlike other Caribbean destinations, look no further than Seven Mile Beach. Grand Cayman’s pristine and award-winning Seven Mile Beach offers enough water sports to fill any adrenaline fix, including paddle boarding, kayaking, kite boarding, parasailing and wind surfing, to name a few – and seamlessly transitions to a relaxing sun-soaked oasis for those looking to relish in a day of absolute tranquility of lying in the sand, soaking up the sun and sipping on a perfectly chilled cocktail, all while drinking in the vibrant atmosphere of the public beach and popular local bar scene. Guests can also visit several interactive wildlife encounters and natural attractions found in the Cayman Islands. Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park on the eastern side of the island boasts colorful exhibits, including the Blue Iguana Habitat, a lake and a wide variety of bird species. For those looking to explore the path less traveled, Crystal Caves— one of Grand Cayman’s newest natural attractions—lets guests dive into underground caves teeming with stalactite and stalagmite crystal structures and otherworldly formations millions of years in the making. Above all, the warm and friendly Caymankind nature of the local Caymanians adds to any vacation experience, providing a distinctive atmosphere not found anywhere else in the world. Whether delving into the rich history and culture of the three unique islands, exploring the meticulously preserved natural wonders or savoring its extensive culinary offerings, visitors can expect to experience a genuine Caymankind spirit that will leave them with a lasting impression. With a myriad of experiences on land and below the sea, world-renowned beaches, premier culinary offerings and unparalleled hospitality and customer service, visitors will quickly learn why a cruise to the Cayman Islands is an experience second to none. For more information, please go to


On Land

Guatemala, Heart of the Mayan World A place you can visit and never forget, with ancient kingdoms, history, architecture and nature that keeps you living new things each minute. LA ANTIGUA GUATEMALA La Antigua Guatemala preserves a centuries-old history in numerous churches, museums and ruins, which can be explored along the cobbled streets while walking through the city. The ancient legends and traditions are alive in all corners. Among the numerous museums that can be admired are the Ancient

Book Museum, where the first-ever printed book in Guatemala is exhibited; the Museum of Colonial Art, with displays of paintings of the 16th and 17th centuries; the Capuchin Museum, with works of colonial and modern art, as well as archaeological artefacts; and last but not least, the archaeological museum Casa Santo Domingo. For the curious, La Antigua offers many shops and markets, where a sheer endless number of country-style textiles, ceramics, as well as high-quality silver and gold works, locally produced leather goods or precious mineral and jade jewelry are waiting to be discovered. Among the numerous churches, standouts worth a visit include the pilgrimage church of the Apostle Philip, the Temple of Saint BartolomĂŠ Becerra, the Church and Monastery of Our Lady of La Merced, Santa Clara Monastery, the Church and 50 FOURTH QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

Convent of the Reconciliation, the Church of the Apostle St. Peter and the Monastery of the Society of Jesus. These sacred places add a romantic touch to the city and make it a favored setting for weddings and events. On the axis between the impressive Plaza Central and the Palacio del Noble Ayuntamiento, an original building dating from 1743 with a two-story colonnade

facade of solid stone, the Palacio de los Capitanes Generales deserves special attention. The square with the Sirens Fountain from 1737 and the parish Church of San JosĂŠ at the entrance of the original Cathedral of Santiago de los Caballeros form the historic heart of the city. In the back part, surrounded by a few lively restaurants and bars, lie the ruins of Santa Catalina Monastery with elaborately carved angelic figures and a striking archway, which gave inspiration to its street name, Calle del Arco.

The city has many quaint colonial-style boutique hotels and a good variety of restaurants, which is not only attractive to visiting tourists, but also for business events and congresses. From a culinary point of view, Antigua is a cosmopolitan city where international culinary delights are to be found alongside local specialties such as Tamales, Chuchitos, Pepián or Hilachas. For those who are looking for exercise, there are spectacular mountain biking trails through the hills and mountains surrounding the Panchoy Valley. Here, adventurers find the perfect stage for virtually any outdoor activity. There is a wide

offer for tours to the idyllic farms in the surrounding area, especially excursions on horseback are an unforgettable experience. Zip-lining, bird watching, coffee plantation tours including coffee tasting or baths in hot volcanic springs add to the huge offer of extraordinary activities. PETÉN, MAYA WORLD ADVENTURE In the north of Guatemala lies the Heart of the Mayan World. Fourteen municipalities form the heartland of the ancient realm, where various indigenous languages such as Itzá, Lacandón, Mopán, Q’eqchi’ and

Ixil are still spoken. Flores is the regional administrative center and starting point for discovery trips to the numerous tourist attractions of the district. Situated on a small island in the lake of Petén Itzá, the town not only fascinates its visitors by its location, but also by its winding alleys, picturesque shops, restaurants, hotels and street stands with typical dishes of the region. TIKAL NATIONAL PARK Tikal means “place of voices,” and with its 576 square kilometers, it is one of the largest cities ever created in the Mayan realm. Since 1979, the whole area has been declared World Cultural

and Natural Heritage. On this gigantic surface, more than 3,000 archaeological buildings and artefacts have been excavated, which originated during pre-classical and classical periods. The Plaza Mayor, located in the heart of the Archaeological Park of Tikal, stands out from all the other temples and sites. The square is framed by the so-called “Temple I” (Temple of the Great Jaguar) and II (Temple of the Masks), as well as by the northern and the central Acropolis. The square of the Great Pyramid or the Lost World, as well as the Palace of Windows, with its many connected rooms, is one of the oldest buildings in Tikal, next to a series of other monuments. Temple III or the “Temple of the Jaguar Priest” is famous for its elaborately carved cornices. Temple IV (“Double Headed Snake Temple”) is the tallest in Tikal, rising 70 meters in the air. From the top steps, the dizzy-eyed viewer gets a spectacular view over the entire park. Temple VI is also called “Temple of Inscriptions” because of the glyphs hewn into the cornice. QUIRIGUÁ ARCHEOLOGICAL PARK Quiriguá is located in the region of the Valle Bajo del Río Motagua and was declared a National Monument in 1970. In 1974, the area became an archaeological park, and in 1981 it was given the status of a World Cultural Heritage site for its cultural and historical significance. The history of the village goes back to the late pre-classical period, in which a Mayan civilization prevailed, but eventually perished at the end of the Late Classical period. The existing buildings date from the late period, while the buildings of previous generations were built over and are now hidden in the ground. The highest stelae of the Maya that have been found so far are here. The stele E surpasses all others with a height of 10.6 meters. It represents K’ak’ Tiliw Chan Yopaat, the regent of Quiriguá. Other more common representative buildings such as an Acropolis or the Great Square, the ceremonial place, can be found here. The Acropolis consists of palaces decorated with colorful stucco vaults as residences for the elite. The central square was a public place where religious ceremonies were held and where steles with zoomorphic motifs were placed. FOURTH QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 51

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20 – 23 April 2020 | Expo: 21 – 23 April 2020 Miami Beach Convention Center | Miami Beach, FL USA

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On Land


Saint-Pierre, Martinique: A Piece of History around Every Corner

elcome to Saint-Pierre, a veritable treasure trove of Martinique’s cultural heritage. Once the island’s commercial cen-

ter, “the little Paris of the Caribbean” was destroyed when Mount Pelée erupted on May 8, 1902. Now known as “the little Pompeii of the Caribbean,”

Saint-Pierre sits on Martinique’s northwestern coast, an hour’s drive from the capital city of Fort-de-France. Stroll around the center for a glimpse into the town’s former life as a thriving cosmopolitan city. Highlights include the ruins of the eighteenth-century SaintPierre Theatre, the restored Notre-Dame-del’Assomption cathedral and the Maison de la Bourse, a replica of the original chamber of commerce building and a stunning example of Creole architecture.

the reconstructed Saint-Pierre is a tranquil seaside destination renowned for its fascinating ruins and exceptional natural beauty.

To fully grasp the impact of Mount Pelée’s eruption, a visit to the Franck A. Perret museum is a must. The newly renovated space houses a permanent exhibit that documents the disaster through stories, photographs and artifacts.

More relics of the past await underwater, where at least a dozen vessels sunk on the day of the eruption and now lie scattered on the sea floor, transforming the bay of Saint-Pierre into a world-class wreck diving site. If you prefer a land-based adventure, soak up the area’s gorgeous scenery with a hike to the hot springs.

Saint-Pierre is also an essential stop along Martinique’s rum trail. The Distillerie Depaz produces some of the island’s best rhum agricole out of an elegant estate at the foot of the volcano. Head there for a firsthand look at the rummaking process and to enjoy a taste of this earthy, complex spirit.


Above all, be sure to set aside at least a few days for your stay in Saint-Pierre. Once you arrive, you’ll want to savor it slowly – and you may never want to leave!

The French Caribbean Port of Call

Balata gardens, Schœlcher

This Caribbean island boasts modern cruise terminals only a stone’s throw from safe and vibrant urban centers, local gourmet cuisine, unspoiled nature, and exciting excursions for everyone. A warm Creole welcome awaits you in Martinique!

Habitation Clément, Le François

A colorful parade during Carnival

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Pointe Simon Terminal, Fort-de-France

On Land Carnival Cruise Line President Christine Duffy Visits Grand Bahama Continuing the ongoing partnership between Carnival and Grand Bahama, Carnival Cruise Line President Christine Duffy and members of her senior leadership team visited the island to meet with government officials, tour the line’s development site and host GirlCON’s third annual conference aboard Carnival Glory. “I speak on behalf of Grand Bahama in saying that we fully embrace Carnival’s partnership efforts which have been social and economic, and we are very confident this will be a meaningful experience for all,” said Senator The Honorable Kwasi Thompson, Minister of State for Grand Bahama. GirlCON’s event was designed to promote the organization’s vision of inspiring and empowering young Bahamian women and included a keynote address by Duffy to 350 high school juniors and seniors of Grand Bahama, many of whom have been impacted by Hurricane Dorian, and a panel discussion with Carnival’s Chief Human Resources Officer Bettina Deynes on the challenges she and other panelists faced working in traditionally male-dominated fields.

Photo by Carnival Cruise Line


“When I started this organization, my mission was to create an empowerment tool that the young Bahamian women could use to grow their personal successes and in turn create strong futures,” said Senator Katherine Smith-Forbes, founder and president of GirlCON. “I’ve always been proud of the work that we do, but having Carnival’s support this year following Hurricane Dorian has made our annual GirlCON event even more special.” As one of the largest year-round supporters of tourism to Grand Bahama, Carnival brings more than 400,000 guests a year to the island aboard 10 different ships departing from nine different U.S. homeports, providing a significant impact to the local economy. Carnival Cruise Line’s new Grand Bahama destination will be developed on the south side of the island in cooperation with the Grand Bahama Port Authority and the government of The Bahamas. The new destination will offer guests a uniquely Bahamian destination with a spectacular beachfront and exciting features, along with job opportunities and positive economic impact for the local community.

Photo by Disney Cruise Line

DISNEY CRUISE LINE SHARES A TASTE OF THE MAGIC WITH STUDENTS AT THE UNIVERSITY OF THE BAHAMAS In support of its commitment to inspire and educate the next generation of industry professionals, Disney Cruise Line sponsored this year’s Culinary Week at the University of The Bahamas, an event vital to the Culinary Arts and Tourism Studies (CATS) curriculum. Disney Cruise Line Food Allergen & Dietary Manager Andrew Bell, alongside other trade professionals, participated in a panel discussion for students that focused on envisioning the future of culinary arts. Bell provided insights into his role at Disney Cruise Line and how Disney combines storytelling with global food trends to create innovative menu offerings for its guests. “We’re grateful for Disney Cruise Line’s sponsorship of this important program,” said Donna Williams, University of the Bahamas CATS chairperson of Culinary Week. “Disney’s support provides our students with the opportunity to learn from experts in their field of study and better develop them for the workforce.” Disney’s participation in Culinary Week is one of many ways Disney Cruise Line is dedicated to helping to develop the next generation of ambitious professionals. Disney Cruise Line recently announced its sponsorship of four scholarships—which includes tuition to the three-year program at the LJM Maritime Academy—for female cadets aspiring to become ship captains and shipboard leaders. Other programs include regular ship tours for Bahamas Maritime Cadet Corps and the sponsorship of maritime-themed summer camps.

Saba Commissioner of Tourism Bruce Zagers (L) and Minister of Tourism Stuart Johnson (R) signing the MOU

SINT MAARTEN CONTINUES PROACTIVITY Sint Maarten is no stranger when it comes to working with the cruise industry and catering to cruise guests. In fact, according to FCCA President Michele Paige, “Destination St. Maarten and Port St. Maarten in particular have been proactively working with the FCCA and the industry, and from our partnership over the years, everything is being done correctly – not just listening to the industry’s input, but also enacting numerous strategies to constantly improve.” And almost immediately after her words in early October, the destination moved to action and implemented more investments to maintain and enhance high guest satisfaction, with Port St. Maarten planning to finance the construction of a replica historical ship in the main cruise area; a small replica of the salt pond; a heritage wall; and more green spaces – along with preparing plans to construct a permanent homeporting terminal to cater to Fly & Cruise guests. Under the build back better principle, cruise pier south will be further strengthened to handle the increase in storm activity as well as their ferocity that they inflict on infrastructure. The port will also fund the repairs to the inter-island berth and RoRo pier, as well as construction of an additional reefer plug-in points to further stimulate transshipment. Plus, from new eco-resort openings and MOUs to past and upcoming events, Sint Maarten and Saint Martin continue to show that every visit is a new adventure. Minister of Tourism Stuart Johnson recently endorsed the St. Maarten Hillside Plantation & Eco Resort. Combining agriculture, hiking and holistic wellness, the new resort will feature 15 eco-lodges, camp areas, a swimming pool, a juice bar and a pavilion for relaxation and community events, as well as hikes and yoga surrounded by nature. The seventh annual Migratory Bird Festival was held at the Amuseum

Naturalis on Nov. 9, where guests spread their wings by learning about the countless birds that fly to their winter homes in the tropics—with about a third of the 500 often seen bird species calling the Caribbean home for the winter or summer—and why the destination is so important to them through stories, discovery stations, art activities and more. The first Caribbean Foiling Championships will take place around the Orient Bay & Tintamarre from Feb. 21-23, 2020. With registration currently underway, the organizers have received positive and enthusiastic reactions from a number of islands, as well as from America and Europe. And the fifth Annual Caribbean Aviation (CARIBAVIA) Meetup conference—the most significant results- and solutions-oriented communication platform on the subject of ‘airlift’ in the region— will again be held on St. Maarten, taking place June 16-18, 2020. Hon. Johnson also recently signed a destination marketing MOU with Saba that would see a closer collaboration between both islands in the areas of tourism development and destination promotion – as part of the larger mission to tap into the travelers that can ‘island-hop’ from the several neighboring islands, which would give the vacationer more value for their dollar. For more information about the destination, visit

PUERTO RICO FLYING HIGH Puerto Rico’s tourism continues to take off. After predictions for a record year for both cruise and land-based tourism, the destination has landed more evidence of increased visitors – with back-to-back traffic figures released by ASUR reflecting lofty year-over-year increases. The figures released in November showed San Juan’s Luis Munoz Marin International Airport welcoming a 13.9% increase in October (658,632 arrivals) and an 11.4% year-to-date

increase (7,730,812 arrivals) – following 526,761 passengers in September, an 8.4% increase compared to 2018. And the numbers should continue the ascent, with Puerto Rico Tourism Company touching down Tropic Ocean Airways—which established a new base of operations in San Juan for its luxury airlift solutions, private charter flights, scheduled trips, dock-to-yacht and cargo services— and new service recently launched, including Frontier’s new thrice-weekly Newark service, which began Nov. 14, and both Spirit’s and American Airlines’ expanded connectivity that just came online. Plus, guests may have a new view while landing through an initiative to make a splash with the biggest global names in muralism. In partnership with Puerto Rico’s local art community, Discover Puerto Rico launched the “Blank Canvas Initiative,” a call to street artists around the world, inviting them to share their craft on the walls of Puerto Rico’s streets, and form part of its unique and booming arts scene – including exceptional art museums, a flourishing art gallery scene, independent collectors, curators, quality events and highly skilled artisans offering their work throughout the island, adding to the thriving street art and mural experience unlike any other.

Photo by @gabybamx [IG]

VIRGIN ATLANTIC WARMS UP TO BARBADOS Virgin Atlantic warmed up to Barbados this winter. The carrier lifted off extra flights and ways for the UK market to escape the cold through a third weekly service from Manchester to Barbados for the full winter 2019 season. FOURTH QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 57

On Land Saint Lucia Setting History and Cruising to a Bright Future

Photo by @virgincharteryachts [IG]

BVI IS BACK The British Virgin Islands is in the middle of a major tourism rebound, with figures from the first half of 2019 showing results to the tune of 900% and 93.5% increases – and proof that the destination has recovered over the two years since Hurricanes Irma and Maria. According to data from the Caribbean Tourism Organization, the British Virgin Islands welcomed 172,776 stayover tourist arrivals in the first half of 2019—a 93.5% increase compared to 2018—and 352,768 cruise guests, representing a nearly 900% jump and the highest increase in cruise tourism of any Caribbean destination. Those numbers—and further proof of a strong recovery—coincide with numerous hotel reopenings and charter sailing and yachting operations that continue to strengthen. And the numbers and destination will continue to get stronger with new planned initiatives and more hotel reopenings. In January, the historic and signature Rosewood Little Dix Bay will relaunch with two pools, beach access, spa, fitness center and food and beverage concepts including the Sugar Mill eatery, the “wholesome slow food”-focused Pavilion; the Rum Room, an open-air rum bar; and The Reef House, offering a farm-to-table culinary experience. 58 FOURTH QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

From records like the largest increase in visitor arrivals to date and multiple awards from Condé Nast Traveler, to future tourism planning and an MOU establishing a long-term concession agreement and a new cruise port in Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia had a quarter full of historic news and proof of a bright future. Following a July that recorded not only the highest number of visitor arrival figures ever for July, but also for any one-month period in the island’s history—with 42,773 visitors, an increase of 13% or roughly 5,000 additional visitors from July 2018—Saint Lucia recorded its largest increase in visitor arrivals to date in September. Captured figures indicate that Saint Lucia received 21,608 stay-over visitors in September, a 15% increase from 2018 and the largest percentage increase for the year. Saint Lucia also received multiple Condé Nast Traveler 2019 Readers’ Choice Awards, with Saint Lucia recognized as the #8 Island in the Caribbean Photo by @thedangerz [IG]

& Atlantic, while seven resorts in the destination were named in the Top 50 Resorts in the Caribbean Islands list. Resorts earning a spot on the Top 50 Resorts in the Caribbean Islands list include Jade Mountain (#15); Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort (#17); Cap Maison (#20); Anse Chastanet Resort (#27); Ladera Resort (#33); The Landings Resort and Spa (#34); and Rendezvous Resort (#49). Not one to rest on its laurels, Saint Lucia is also studying up for 2020 tourism planning. The Ministry of Tourism, Information and Broadcasting, Culture and Creative Industries is working with the Department of Statistics to conduct a study to assess the economic impact of tourism on the local economy. With an official report to be prepared by April 2020, the aim is to develop government policies and sectoral initiatives that are better geared towards improving competitiveness and overall development of the sector that are directly linked and dependent on the tourism industry.

And it is a bright future, indeed, as Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean Cruises signed an MOU with the government of Saint Lucia establishing a long-term concession agreement to formalize the terms and responsibilities for the joint venture to manage and operate the current cruise pier and terminal facilities at the Port of Castries – and to design, finance, construct and operate a new cruise port in Vieux Fort on the southern part of the island that will be able to accommodate the latest and most innovative ships in the cruise industry. “This signing is historic, as this project will have a major impact on the sustainability of the cruise sector and the reach of cruise tourism to the south of the island,” said Prime Minister Chastanet. “This will also mean employment at several phases of the project, the expansion of existing businesses and the formation of new enterprises. We look forward to this partnership as this marks a new day and a significant achievement for our government, for the people of the south of Saint Lucia and for our island as a whole.” “The cruise market is the fastest growing sector of tourism and in the next decade cruising in the Caribbean region is anticipated to increase by 40%,” said Michael Bayley, president and CEO of Royal Caribbean. “We are excited to partner with the Government of Saint Lucia to ensure that the destination directly benefits from that growth, while giving more guests the opportunity to visit this unique gem in the Caribbean.” Together, the cruise line brands of Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. currently account for 75% of all cruise ship deployment to Saint Lucia. Under the new agreement, the joint venture would optimize the experience for guests visiting Saint Lucia while developing additional cruise infrastructure to support the industry’s latest ships and promote the growth of cruise tourism on the island.

Port Zante to host up to three of the largest ships in the world. The project was financed via four local sources, of which US$5 million came from the country’s CBI Program.

Photo by @kristysadventures [IG]

ST KITTS & NEVIS RECLAIMS MARQUEE STATUS, PREPARES FOR MORE After welcoming its millionth cruise guest—for the second consecutive year—before the peak cruise season even began, St. Kitts & Nevis continued to climb to new potential heights during the quarter by launching the long-anticipated new cruise pier at Port Zante and welcoming an FCCA Operations Committee delegation. The news of the marquee millionth cruise guest for the second straight year came on Oct. 4, well before the peak cruise season and filled with excitement for more, with the second pier then 90% complete and paired with other projects funded by St Kitts and Nevis’ Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program aimed at enhancing the tourism product. News then broke of the pier’s completion while Minister of Tourism the Hon. Lindsay F.P. Grant in conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism and the St. Kitts Tourism Authority hosted an FCCA Operations Committee delegation for a Town Hall with local stakeholders on Nov. 4 and meetings with government officials on Nov. 5 to discuss further development of the island’s cruise sector. “Our meetings ensure that we understand the needs of the cruise lines and their passengers, receive feedback on our service standards and guest experience, and provide insight into cruise industry trends…” said Minister Grant. “We are grateful for FCCA’s contributions to the development of our cruise sector and will continue working closely together.” And there will be plenty more opportunities now that the new $48 million cruise pier is completed, which allows

DOMINICA SOARING TO NEW HEIGHTS THROUGH CBI PROGRAM Plans for a new international airport, a surge of ecotourism and a green future for Dominica all made news this quarter, as did their source: the country’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program, which has served vital in driving the destination’s recovery following Hurricanes Irma and Maria. The long-anticipated new international airport reached an important milestone on Nov. 13 as the government announced it raised sufficient funds through the CBI program to begin the project – which Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit called the “only missing link” after the CBI program’s success in spurring hotel development and a resurgence in agriculture, agriculture expansion, as well as plans to construct a new cruise village and a new port, while improving in infrastructure and health facilities. The CBI program was also praised by a Financial Times documentary for helping the destination carve “a niche of its own” in the international tourism industry by establishing an inspiring ecotourism sector through the six new eco-conscious luxury hotels. To accommodate more eco-conscious tourists, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit envisions an expanding and more resilient agriculture sector to complement the ecotourism industry. FOURTH QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 59

On Land Importantly, the government’s vision for Dominica’s energy efficiency looks promising with the construction of a new geothermal plant, partly funded by the CBI program and just one step on the path to going fully green. Foreign direct investment via CBI is also leading to over 6,000 hurricane-proof homes being built, and the government is investing substantial CBI funds into building climate resilience, while carrying out mass rehabilitation projects in recent years. Plus, Dominica has modernized its infrastructure and harnessed green energy sources through the program.

JAMAICA PLACING A BIG FOCUS ON SMALL BUSINESSES Jamaica is looking to invest in its tourism industry “beyond the development of hotel rooms” and place an emphasis on more projects in technology, infrastructure and services, along with a larger focus

on smaller local businesses, according to Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett. “The tourism industry is rapidly changing with the onset of new technologies which are changing the way we do business,” he said at the International Tourism and Investment Conference in London. “To keep apace…our investment focus should be on building the capacity of the suppliers in the industry who are the main drivers of tourism,” i.e. Small and Medium Tourism Enterprises (SMTEs), which he called “the backbone of the industry” and pointed to their passion and creativity in driving authentic experiences – something further fueled through Jamaica’s Tourism Enhancement Fund giving small businesses in Jamaica access to $7.2 million, and already disbursing more than $630,000 in September and October.

Curaçao’s Immigration Cards Go Digital The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) is collaborating with the government of Curaçao and Curaçao International Airport to switch to a fully online immigration card in a continuing effort to simplify travel to Curaçao. As of Oct. 1, travelers heading to Curacao Photo by @robertmichaelpoole [IG]

Photo by @ninetofivecruisers [IG]

ROYAL CARIBBEAN’S NEW WAVE ROLLS TO ANTIGUA Royal Caribbean International has the first target in its new mission of delivering the ultimate beach day: Antigua. The company’s first Royal Beach Club will launch along a half-mile of beachfront near Fort James. The company signed an MOU with the government of Antigua and Barbuda for the project, which is scheduled to open in 2021. Curated as the ultimate beach experience, the Royal Beach Club Collection will bring the unique features and flavors of each destination to life. In Antigua, guests can take in the island’s exceptional views from private cabanas or plunge into a stunning pool and swim up to the bar to order a classic rum punch. 60 FOURTH QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

are required to fill in the Digital Immigration Card, which can be done prior to the trip – and is a process that “contributes to a seamless travel experience while promoting a green approach by reducing the use of paper,” per CTB.

Photo by Sociedad Portuaria de Cartagena

OVER 1,000 JAPANESE CRUISE GUESTS VISIT SANTO DOMINGO The cruise season began in Santo Domingo with the arrival of Ocean Dream and its 1,000 Japanese cruise passengers, predicting a promising season for the industry due to the great attractions that the city has in the historical, cultural, gastronomic and the safety that it offers to the tourists.

Photo by MSC Cruises

BELIZE CELEBRATES MSC MERAVIGLIA’S MAIDEN CALL Following a record-breaking 2018, Belize capped off 2019 with another reason for celebration: the inaugural call of MSC Meraviglia in November, with her nearly 4,500 guests experiencing activities like cave tubing, visits to Mayan temples, the Belize City tour and snorkeling According to the Belize Tourism Board, 2018 was a record year for ship arrivals to Belize, with 1,208,137 passengers on 392 port calls. In addition to MSC Cruises, other frequent calls include ships from AIDA Cruises, Carnival Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean International and TUI Cruises.

WHAT MAKES COLOMBIA A GREAT DESTINATION FOR CRUISE LINES Colombia is showing significant advances in the cruise industry. Over 15 years, around 35 cruise lines have reached Colombian coasts, and the number keeps growing. The country has competitive advantages, including coasts in the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, a wide range of exotic beaches, and a strategic location. Besides the must-see cities of Cartagena and Santa Marta, Colombia has other destinations on the Caribbean, such as San Andrés island, a sun and beach paradise selected by the Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards as one of the top 5 islands in the Americas, and the Pacific coast is a great option for nature and adventure tourism activities like diving, trekking and whale and bird watching. “Since 2006 there has been a significant growth in the number of cruise ships coming to Colombia. Dockings increased from 53 in 2006 to 231 in 2018, an increase of 335% in ship arrivals and 646% in passenger arrivals going from 50,946 to 380,000,” according to Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia, the government agency in charge of promoting non-mining-energy exports, foreign direct investment and tourism. The improved interest of cruise lines in Colombia is demonstrated by the wide range of companies that visit the country such as Carnival Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, Holland America, Norwegian Cruise Line and TUI Cruises, as well as a recent influx of lines specializing in luxury and exploration. Colombia is also a powerhouse for procurement. The country supplies cruise lines with textiles, agrobusiness products such as coffee, and has the potential to grow sustainably in this business.

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PANAMA CANAL POSTS RECORD TONNAGE Panama Canal ended the 2019 fiscal year with a new record: 469m Panama Canal (PC/UMS) tons. The volume—a 6.2% increase compared to 2018— exceeded both the projection of 450.7m PC/UMS tons and record of 442m PC/ UMS tons registered in the previous fiscal year. The results were driving by transits for liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), which rose by 37.6% and 6.9%, respectively, representing the largest gain across all segments. The main routes using the Panama Canal by cargo tonnage included between the U.S. East Coast and Asia, followed by the US East Coast and the West Coast of South America, Europe and the West Coast of South America, the US East Coast and the West Coast of Central America, and the US inter-coastal route. The main users of the waterway were the United States, China, Japan, Chile and Mexico. FOURTH QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 61

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RECORD SEASON FOR ÎLES DES SAINTES, SERVICE EXCELLENCE FOR GUADELOUPE Guadeloupe has plenty of reason for excitement for the new 2019/2020 cruise season – 203 of them, in fact. Those projected 203 cruise calls for the archipelago include a record 90 calls for Îles des Saintes, or Les Saintes – which will welcome the honor with class, as this haven (and home to one of the most beautiful bays in the world) caters to luxury cruise ships. The destination overall will also deliver more service excellence after holding the FCCA Frontline Destination Training Parts 1 and 2 from Oct. 17-18. This training supported by Aquila Center for Cruise Excellence, FCCA’s official training partner, raised awareness and educated the staff in contact with guests to their importance in the tourism sector. This edition had 120 participants and was a success because the participants were not only well-prepared, but also completely engaged and excited.

SILVERSEA LAUNCHES PIONEERING FUND TO SUPPORT GRASSROOTS CONSERVATION EFFORTS IN THE GALAPAGOS ISLANDS To safeguard the wellbeing of the Galapagos Islands for future generations, Silversea Cruises launched a dedicated fund that will preserve the natural wonders of the archipelago. By supporting a diverse selection of projects each year, the Silversea Fund will strengthen the bal62 FOURTH QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

ance between humans and nature in the Galapagos, as part of a long-term conservation strategy. In addition to benefiting regional conservation efforts and enhancing their connection with this unique destination, the fund’s donors will enjoy savings on Silversea’s voyages, as the cruise line will match guests’ contributions in the form of a Future Cruise Credit to underpin its commitment to the cause.

to operate a short cruise program from Galveston. Carnival Dream will shift to sixand eight-day Caribbean voyages, while Carnival Vista will continue its popular week-long Caribbean cruises.

NEW ORLEANS WELCOMES DISNEY’S CONTINUED COMMITMENT Disney Cruise Line has announced they will set sail from New Orleans for a second season in 2021, adding to the six scheduled sailings Disney Wonder has from Port NOLA beginning in February 2020 during the Mardi Gras season. Disney’s continued commitment is a testament to the family-friendly allure of New Orleans. Photo by @argentinayelmundo [IG]

COSTA RICA’S COCOS ISLAND RECOGNIZED AS BLUE PARK Cocos Island National Park in Costa Rica’s Isla del Coco received the “Blue Park” award for being a Global Ocean Refuge in the “Gold” category of the Marine Conservation Institute, which encourages Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) that meet certain standards of effectiveness and handling. “This is just other recognition of the efforts that our country has historically made to protect biodiversity and motivates us to strengthen work in the oceans, one of the main challenges,” said President Carlos Alvarado. PORT OF GALVESTON TO HOMEPORT FOURTH CARNIVAL CRUISE LINE SHIP Carnival Radiance will join the Galvestonbased fleet in May 2021. In addition, Carnival Breeze will return to Galveston, becoming the newest and largest ship

PORT OF LOS ANGELES SEEKING NEW CRUISE TERMINAL The Port of Los Angeles released a formal RFP in Fall 2019 for the opportunity to develop and operate a new cruise terminal located at Berths 46 to 50 in the Port’s Outer Harbor area. With spectacular views out to the ocean and Catalina Island, two existing wharfs, approximately 13 acres of land, deep water, close proximity to the open ocean and a large cruise customer base, the Port believes this location is ideal for development of a new state-of-the-art cruise facility. The expectation is that upon completion of construction, this location will accommodate the newest and largest ships calling the west coast today, with room to grow for larger ship deployment contemplated in the near future. Minimum requirements include development of two berths and adjacent terminal facilities capable of handling ships over 1,100 feet in length and more than 5,000 passengers.

Transform lives with hope and healing. Charity of Choice by CLIA

For over 40 years, Mercy Ships has used state-of-the-art hospital ships to bring safe surgical care to those in need. From medical professionals to galley staff, housekeepers to maritime officers, each crew member is an integral part of our mission to bring hope and healing.

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A ne hosp w ship ital deli to be vere soon d !

Cruise Capital of the World

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Cruise Industry Contributes Nearly $53 Billion to U.S. Economy in 2018


n the last year, the cruise industry has hosted 12.68 million U.S. passengers and generated 421,711 jobs domestically. The global cruise industry has offered a great benefit to the United States economy – to the tune of $52.7 billion in total contributions in 2018 alone. This marks an increase of over 10 percent from contributions in 2016, solidifying the industry’s place as a critical contributor to the U.S. economy. The newly released CLIA 2018 Economic Impact Analysis found a new peak in the cruise industry’s U.S. expenditures and a consistently rising value of the industry to the domestic economy. The analysis concluded that in 2018 the cruise industry generated 421,711 jobs across the United States, contributing more than $23.15 billion in wages and salaries, marking a nearly 13 percent increase since 2016.


Additionally, cruise lines, their passengers and crew spent a record $23.96 billion in the U.S. in 2018, a 33 percent increase since 2010. This is largely due in part to the careful selection of activities and excursions ashore; the education of passengers as to local customs; and encouraging guests to give their patronage to local businesses. The Analysis also found that nearly 13 million cruise passengers worldwide embarked from ports in the United States in 2018, showing a growth of nearly nine percent from 2016. Combined, the nine cruise ports of Florida and California accounted for 68 percent of the U.S embarkations in 2018. Meanwhile, embarkations from the two cruise terminals in NY increased by 12 percent since 2016, and ports in Galveston also experienced a 13 percent embarkation increase in 2018, compared to 2016.

There’s no doubting the enormity of the cruise industry’s impact on the global and domestic economy. The 2018 Economic Impact Analysis highlights not only the incredibly beneficial monetary spends the industry makes as a whole, but also the benefits for business and gainful employment opportunities for individuals across the country. The cruise industry consistently proves itself to be a valuable economic contributor both domestically and abroad, and the industry’s trickle effect continues to boost even state economies in territories without a cruise port. The cruise industry strives to make visitors feel welcome and comfortable in their new surroundings each time they visit a destination. Following its evolution into a leading tourism provider, the cruise industry is at the forefront of the development of responsible tourism – making cruise the best way to experience the world.







UP 8.8%


JOBS UP 8.8%




UP 10.5%



• $1.51B in direct spending • 26,241 jobs • $1.75B in wages • 985K total embarks • 1.2M source passengers


• $530M in direct spending • 9,649 jobs • $584M in wages • 360K total embarks • 396K source passengers


• $477M in direct spending • 8,966 jobs • $386M in wages • 552K source passengers • 212K source passengers


• $590M in direct spending • 8,761 jobs • $555M in wages • 325K source passengers


• $752M in direct spending • 13,802 jobs • $761M in wages • 574K source passengers


UP 12.5%

• $1.3B in direct spending • 17,240 jobs • $1.12B in wages • 557K total embarks • 747K source passengers


JOBS UP 8.8%




• $837M in direct spending • 19,189 jobs • $1.08B in wages • 549K total embarks • 302K source passengers

UP 10.5%



• $2.5B in direct spending • 49,369 jobs • $3.26B in wages • 1.12M total embarks • 1,42M source passengers



• $1.24B in direct spending • 22,447 jobs • $1.16B in wages • 198K total embarks • 16K source passengers


UP 10.3% FROM 2016



UP 8.8%






• $8.49B in direct spending • 154,646 jobs • $7.69B in wages • 7.51M total embarks • 2.27M source passengers


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UK Cruise Industry Looking Ahead to 2020

s we come to the end of 2019, most of us are setting our sights on the year ahead. With so much happening in the UK cruise industry in 2020, there is certainly a lot to look forward to. The New Year will bring new ships to the market, raising the capacity to 41,864. This includes P&O Cruises’ new Iona, the largest ship built for the British market; Princess Cruises’ Enchanted Princess, which


will be christened in Southampton; and Virgin Voyage’s first-ever ship, Scarlet Lady. Looking ahead to hot destinations in 2020, recent research conducted by CLIA of UK cruisers showed that our preferences are changing when it comes to where they’re choosing to cruise. As adventure travel continues to thrive, so do adventurous cruise destinations. Research has found that the top bucket list cruise destination for UK cruisers

in 2020 is Australia, followed by Hawaii, Alaska and Greek Islands in joint third, and Panama Canal. This illustrates how we are increasingly looking further afield as travelers’ desire to explore new places continues to rise. No longer do UK cruisers want a ‘fly and flop’ holiday – but are seeking cruises in long-haul and farflung destinations that offer authentic and enriching experiences.

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Reduce Upfront Costs— Help Drive Pre-Cruise and Onboard Revenue With lower up-front costs, your Guests will be able to spend more on pre-cruise and onboard purchases.

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THE VALUE OF CRUISE TOURISM The 2018/2019 Australian Cruise Industry THE THE VALUE VALUE OF OF CRUISE CRUISE TOURISM TOURISM Economic Impact Assessment reveals an The 2018/2019 2018/2019 Australian Australian Cruise Cruise Industry The Industry industry thatAssessment continues to generate Economic Economic Impact Impact Assessment reveals reveals an an significant national and regional industry industry that that continues continues to to generate generate economic activity – and significant national national and and benefits regional significant ation and helping to develop regional 11.2%, contributing A$5.2 billion inregional direct business and communities economic activity benefits tourism opportunities. and indirect output during– 2018-19 economic activity –theand and benefits Figures released by CLIA in October financial year. across Australia business and communities business communities “There’s no doubtand Australia is a hotshow the cruise industry has increased its spot for cruising and hasacross shown rapid total value to the Australian economy by across Australia Australia

Cruise Sector Boosts Economic Impact to the Australian Economy

thriving cruise industry is having an enormous positive impact on economies worldwide, including in Australia where double-digit growth is fueling job cre-













18,135 18,135





1.1B 1.1B



A$2 .8B I ND I RE CT $ A 2 8 5B A $ 2 .. 8 BD A II N DI R NI R D EI CR E E C T CT A 5B $2 2 .. 5 A$ TA BD D II R A R EEC C TT



A$1.6B A$1.6B


A$2.9B A$2.9B

Source: Economic Impact Assessment of Cruise Tourism in Australia 2018-19, prepared by AEC Group Pty Ltd Source: Economic Impact Assessment of of Cruise Cruise Tourism Tourism in in Australia Australia 2018-19, 2018-19, prepared prepared by by AEC AEC Group Group Pty Pty Ltd Ltd of Cruise Tourism in Australia 2018-19, prepared by AEC Group Pty Ltd

Source: Economic Impact Assessment 70 FOURTH QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE Source: Economic Impact Assessment

growth over recent decades,” said CLIA Australasia Managing Director Joel Katz. “What these latest figures prove is that the rising popularity of cruising is having a very positive impact on the local economy, making a massive contribution and supporting thousands of jobs.” “Importantly, these figures dispel the myth that cruise ships come and go without leaving local benefits,” Katz continued. “They show that cruise passengers and cruise lines make a huge impact and that their spending is increasing.” The data is contained in the latest annual Economic Impact Assessment commissioned by CLIA and the Australian Cruise Association (ACA). Compiled by AEC Group, the report found the cruise industry supported the equivalent of 18,135 full time jobs in Australia during 2018-19—a 6.6% increase on the previous year—and that 1,240 cruise ship visits led to 3.8 million passenger and crew visit days, resulting in direct expenditure by passengers, crew and cruise lines totaling A$2.5 billion. The strong growth in economic contribution had been driven primarily by increased spending by cruise passengers, according to Katz.

“Total cruise passenger spending in 2018-19 increased 17.4% on the previous year to reach almost A$1.4 billion,” he said. “Cruise passengers now spend an average of A$387 each for every day they’re on shore in Australia, which provides enormous benefits to businesses like hotels, restaurants, tour operators and retailers.” The types of jobs supported by the cruise industry extended deep into the employment market, often impacting fields not ordinarily associated with tourism, Katz informed. “There are thousands of jobs in areas that you would probably expect like harbor pilots, stevedores, maintenance workers and tour operators,” he said. “But the supply chain that keeps ships operating reaches even further, benefitting winemakers, food and produce suppliers, seafood providers and farmers – the list is very extensive.” ACA CEO Jill Abel said cruise ships had visited 47 different ports around Australia last financial year, bringing tourism to some of the most remote coastal communities in the country.

“The economic impact of cruising is not only enormous and growing, it’s also reaching locations that might otherwise be difficult for visitors to access,” said Abel. “The diverse range of ports Australia offers around its coast is attracting more and more cruise lines, while also spreading the economic benefit of cruise tourism to the furthest corners of the continent.” Other key highlights from the report include: •

The accommodation sector was the biggest beneficiary from cruise passengers, receiving A$450 million or 33.3% of their combined spend.

The food and beverage sector accounted for almost A$274 million or 20.3% of passenger spend, followed by transport (A$196 million, 14.5%), retail (A$159 million, 11.7%), shore excursions (A$133 million, 9.8%) and entertainment (A$59 million, 4.4%).

At the start or end of a cruise, international visitors spent the most per day


On Land on shore, averaging A$569 each, compared to domestic travelers who spent A$436 per day. •

In a transit port, international visitors each spent an average of A$211 per day on shore, while domestic travelers spent A$174 per day.

Cruise ship crew members each spent an average of A$173 per day while in port, making a combined expenditure of A$35 million.

Cruise lines contributed direct expenditure of almost A$1.1 billion— an increase of 4.6% on the previous year—spent on items including fuel,

food and beverage supplies, port charges and fees, and administration. •

The state of New South Wales received the greatest share of direct expenditure from the cruise industry, with A$1.55 billion, including A$1.54 billion in the key gateway port of Sydney.

Among other states, Queensland received direct expenditures of A$490 million, followed by Victoria (A$168 million), Western Australia (A$109 million), South Australia (A$67 million), Tasmania (A$49 million) and the Northern Territory (A$31 million).

The cruise industry defied current berthing constraints in Sydney to achieve a high rate of growth in its national economic contribution, told Katz. “A lack of available berthing space in Sydney has made it difficult for the cruise industry to increase its capacity in Australia, but this has been countered by significant increases in the amount of spending by cruise passengers,” he said. “In the future we look forward to achieving a solution to Sydney’s infrastructure constraints, while at the same time benefitting from investment in other ports such as Brisbane, Cairns, Broome and Eden which are improving their ability to welcome cruise ships.



TOTAL CONTRIBUTION OF CRUISE TOURISM IN AUSTRALIA BY REGION Ship Visit Days: 125 Pax Visit Days: 60K Economic Output: A$60M Value-Added: A$31M Ship Visit Days: 125 Wages: A$15M Pax Visit Days: 60K FTE: 203 Economic Output: A$60M Ship Visit Days: 125 Value-Added: A$31M Pax Visit Days: 60K Wages: A$15M Economic Output: A$60M FTE: 203

Value-Added: A$31M Wages: A$15M FTE: 203


NT WA Ship Visit Days: 244 Pax Visit Days: 127K Economic Output: A$229M Value-Added: A$123M Ship Visit Days: 244 Wages: A$66M Pax Visit Days: 127K FTE: 848 Economic Output: A$229M Value-Added: A$123M Wages: A$66M FTE: 848

Ship Visit Days: 244 Pax Visit Days: 127K Economic Output: A$229M Value-Added: A$123M Wages: A$66M FTE: 848

NOTE: Figures subject to rounding.







Ship Visit Days: 87 Pax Visit Days: 133K Economic Output: A$145M Value-Added: A$81M Ship Visit Days: 87 Wages: A$45M Pax Visit Days: 133K FTE: 554 Economic Output: A$145M Value-Added: A$81M Wages: A$45M TAS ShipFTE: Visit554 Days: 134 Pax Visit Days: 204K Economic Output: A$100M Ship Visit Days: 87 Value-Added: A$55M Ship Visit Days: 134 Pax Visit Days: 133K Wages: A$28M Pax Visit Days: 204K Economic Output: A$145M FTE: 378 Economic Output: A$100M Value-Added: A$81M Value-Added: A$55M Wages: A$45M Wages: A$28M FTE: 554 FTE: 378

72 FOURTH QUARTER | TRAVEL & CRUISE NOTE: Figures2019 subject to rounding.

Ship Visit Days: 521 Pax Visit Days: 774K Economic Output: A$1.0B Value-Added: A$570M Ship Visit Days: 521 Wages: A$308M Pax Visit Days: 774K FTE: 3,529 Economic Output: A$1.0B Value-Added: A$570M Wages: A$308M FTE: 3,529Ship Visit Days: 521

Pax Visit Days: 774K Economic Output: A$1.0B Value-Added: A$570M Ship Visit Days: 379Wages: A$308M Pax Visit Days: 1.9M FTE: 3,529 Economic Output: A$3.3B

Value-Added: A$1.8B Ship Visit Days: 379 Wages: A$994M Pax Visit Days: 1.9M FTE: 11,517 Economic Output: A$3.3B Value-Added: A$1.8B Ship Visit Days: 135 Wages: A$994M Pax Visit Days: 306K FTE: 11,517 Economic Output: A$353M Value-Added: A$193M Ship Visit Days: Ship 135 Visit Days: 379 Wages: A$104M Pax Visit Days: 1.9M Pax Visit Days: 306K FTE: 1,102 Economic Economic Output: A$353M Output: A$3.3B Value-Added: A$193M Value-Added: A$1.8B Wages: A$104MWages: A$994M FTE: 1,102





Ship Visit Days: 134 Pax Visit Days: 204K Economic Output: A$100M




FTE: 11,517

Ship Visit Days: 135 Pax Visit Days: 306K Economic Output: A$353M Value-Added: A$193M Wages: A$104M FTE: 1,102

A new partner on board brings more choices on shore. Two paths coming together with a steady goal can broaden horizons for all. Through a shared vision and passion for the cruise industry, Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) and have joined paths. As the new administrator of the FCCA Global Tour Operator Insurance Program, provides tour operators with the coverage they need to grow their business—and enhance the destination experience.

To learn more, contact our experts today. Or, get to know us in person at the upcoming Seatrade Cruise Global. Hellen Mena Senior Vice President O: 305.728.4788 M: 305.877.7809

Ken Furlow Global Development Officer M: 786.351.3408

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New Arrivals Signal a Packed Summer Cruise Season for Australia

ustralia has embarked upon a packed 2019-20 cruise season, with new vessels, extended visits and more than 60 ships on offer in one of the busiest summers experienced on the southern seas. Four cruise lines will introduce firsttime arrivals this year, joining regular visitors, homeported vessels and one new cruise brand making its debut in Australian waters. “The Southern Hemisphere summer is undoubtedly one of the busiest and most diverse cruise seasons we’ve ever experienced in Australia,” said Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) Australasia Managing Director Joel Katz. “The choice in cruise lines and ships is broader than ever, and the range of itineraries offered this year will ensure the economic benefits of cruise tourism are spread far around the country and throughout our region,” he continued. “This will be backed by significant infrastructure improvements in regional ports like Broome, Cairns and Eden, making them more attractive to both cruise lines and passengers well into the future.” New to Australia this year is Dream Cruises which is offering its Explorer Dream in local waters for the first time. Sailing from Sydney, the ship will offer a series of Queensland coastal itineraries before crossing the Tasman for a season of New Zealand cruises from Auckland. It will then return to Sydney for a series of Tasmania cruises before returning to Asia via Cairns and Darwin. Princess Cruises is having its largest ever season in Australia with the maiden visit of Ruby Princess, joining Majestic


Princess which has returned for her second season. Princess will also offer its Golden Princess, Sun Princess and Sea Princess. During her first local season, Ruby Princess will make 18 maiden visits to Australian and New Zealand ports. Carnival Cruise Line also welcomes a newcomer, with Carnival Splendor becoming the newest and largest ship homeported year-round in Australia. Sailing from Sydney, Carnival Splendor will join sister ship Carnival Spirit before Spirit relocates to Brisbane in October next year. Windstar Cruises will bring its four-masted sailing ship Wind Spirit to Australia for the first time in early 2020, arriving in Cairns after a crossing from New Caledonia. The ship will then sail onwards through the Torres Strait and across Australia’s Top End to Darwin before heading to Indonesia. Royal Caribbean International brings three ships to the region over summer, including the recently modernised Voyager of the Seas and the largest ship to operate in Australia this season, Ovation of the Seas. They are joined by Radiance of the Seas and together will operate 61 sailings to destinations in Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific and Asia. Regent Seven Seas has three vessels in Australian waters during the southern summer: Seven Seas Voyager, Seven Seas Navigator and Seven Seas Mariner. The trio offer itineraries to local Australian ports, New Zealand, Asia and the South Pacific, with Seven Seas Mariner visiting as part of her 2020 World Cruise.

They will be joined by visiting ships from sister brands, Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Jewel and Oceania Cruises’ Regatta, both of which will sail a variety of itineraries to ports in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. The Australia-based P&O Cruises fleet—Pacific Explorer, Pacific Dawn and Pacific Aria—are offering an extensive season in

the region, sailing from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide as part of the line’s year-round presence. Together the ships will make a total of 202 calls to Australian ports. Other lines with a big presence in Australia this season include Holland America Line, which has three ships in local waters: Noordam, Maasdam, and Amsterdam, which is on her world voyage. Between them, the trio will make 75 calls to ports around Australia. Celebrity Cruises returns this year with Celebrity Solstice to offer her eighth season in local waters. The ship will visit sev-

eral new destinations, including Eden on NSW South Coast, Port Vila in Vanuatu and Mare in New Caledonia, a maiden call for Celebrity Cruises. Azamara will mark its fifth local season with Azamara Journey offering a series of sailings around New Zealand, Australia and Asia. The line is introducing several new South Pacific ports of call on route to Australia, including New Plymouth and Doubtful Sound in New Zealand. Cunard returns once more this season with Queen Elizabeth based in Australia for a record 101 days from December to March.

Sister ship Queen Mary 2 will spend 18 days in local waters visiting eight ports from Darwin to Sydney and across to Fremantle as part of her 99-night world cruise. Luxury line Seabourn also returns with several sailings aboard Seabourn Encore, which will make maiden calls to destinations including Portland in Victoria, Hobart, Adelaide and Kangaroo Island. Sister ship Seabourn Sojourn will visit as part of a world cruise, visiting six local ports including Brisbane and Airlie beach for the first time. Small ship luxury operator Ponant will offer an extensive program aboard its 184-passenger Le Laperouse, visiting Darwin, Cairns, Sydney and Hobart. It will also sail an expedition cruise from Hobart to Dunedin in New Zealand via the Sub Antarctic Islands before heading

north for a series of Kimberley voyages between Darwin and Broome. Silversea Cruises will offer its newest ship, Silver Muse, for sailings between Sydney and Auckland on a number of itineraries that include the north-east coast of Australia, New Zealand and several maiden calls in the South Pacific. It will be joined by Silver Whisper next year as part of its world cruise, which continues to Singapore via ports in Australia and Asia. Crystal Cruises will welcome its 980-passenger Crystal Serenity to Australia as part of a world cruise of 105 nights. The luxury vessel will arrive in Sydney after a visit to New Zealand and will then sail up the East Coast via destinations including Mooloolaba, Hardy Reef, Airlie Beach, Cairns and Darwin. MSC Cruises will welcome its MSC Magnifica in March as part of a world cruise, visiting ports including Hobart and an overnight stay in Sydney before heading north for maiden calls to Cairns and Darwin. Local operator Coral Expeditions will offer its flagship Coral Adventurer alongside Coral Discoverer and Coral Expeditions II, operating a program of itineraries to destinations including the Great Barrier Reef, The Kimberley, Tasmania, Cape York, Arnhem Land, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. Other visitors to Australian waters this year include AIDA Cruises’ AIDAaura and AIDAvita, Costa Cruises’ Costa Deliziosa, Hapag Lloyd’s Bremen and Europa, and Fred Olsen Cruise Lines’ Boudicca.


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In Cruise Control

ingapore may be small, but it has grown into a global tourism heavyweight. Now, the Little Red Dot is setting its sights on conquering the region’s fly-cruise market Over the last five decades, Singapore has proven that size

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION The country’s unique position at the heart of Southeast Asia has made it a key gateway for major regional destinations, with easy connectivity and access to a variety of attractions and experiences – the Garden City is neighbors with Indonesia in the west and the south, Vietnam and Thailand in the north and the Philippines in the east. Singapore is also redefining convenience with the internationally acclaimed Changi Airport, which connects to more than 380 cities around the world.

Jewel Changi Airport

Singapore Skyline


doesn’t matter when you’re resilient, hardworking and have plenty of foresight. Furthermore, the city-state’s strategic location and accessibility by air and sea have earned it a reputation as a thriving hub for business and leisure.

This proximity and connectivity mean short travel times between the countries, an important consideration for tourists and especially cruise guests, with most major cruise operators offering three- to 12-day itineraries that cover as many as six sailing ports within the region. READY TO RISE According to the Singapore Tourism Board’s (STB) 2018 year-in-review report, Singapore saw 1.87 million cruise passengers between 2017 and

2019 – not only was this a 35% increase in cruise passenger throughput, more than 70% were fly-cruise passengers. These numbers have continued to grow year-onyear, spurring an increase in the number of cruise service offerings on the island. The fly-cruise experience begins at the Changi Lounge at the newly launched Jewel Changi Airport. Here, passengers can rest after a long flight and check-in for their cruise before hopping on a shuttle service



Discovery in Southeast Asia Embark on a Voyage of BRUNEI DARUSSALAM












PDRPort RiverLAO Cruise




Cruise ShipTHAILAND Port

Sailing times are estimated; actual sailing times will vary.



River Cruise Port

Cruise Ship Port




















Sailing times are estimated; actual sailing times will vary.

to the state-of-the-art Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore (MBCCS) or Singapore Cruise Centre (SCC). MBCCS also offers the expedient CruiseFly service for guests whose flights depart on the same day that their cruise returns to Singapore. CruiseFly provides early check-in, bag drop and boarding passes for Singapore Airlines and eight other international airlines, meaning travelers can arrive at Changi Airport just one hour before their flight and proceed straight to immigration. Such amenities aside, Singapore’s stable, tropical climate makes fly-cruising in Singapore an attractive holiday option at any time of the year. It’s no surprise then the city-state has now been recognized as the ‘Top-Rated Port in Asia’ two years in a row by Cruise Critic’s Cruisers’ Choice Destination Awards. SAFETY AND CONVENIENCE Singapore has become an attractive homeport for the world’s cruise operators, thanks in large part to the advanced services offered at MBCCS. Not only can the cruise centre cater to larger ships, it uses predictive artificial intelligence, smart sensors, video analytics and other high-tech advancements to ease congestion and increase passenger security. For these reasons, MBCCS was named the


Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore

Singapore Cruise Centre


On Land Best Cruise Port at Travel Weekly Asia 2018 Readers’ Choice Awards. Meanwhile, those who are departing on cruises from the Singapore Cruise Centre (SCC) will find its location at harborfront handy – it’s easy to access and explore the city on foot, with nearby public transportation or through private tour pick-ups. SCC is also a stone’s throw away from Sentosa Island, and fly-cruise travelers can choose to lounge at one of three beaches here, or spend the day at the myriad international attractions such as Universal Studios Singapore and Madame Tussauds, as well as try thrilling activities like bungee-jumping and Skyline Luge. PRE- AND POST-SAILING EXPLORATION Singapore’s appeal to cruise passengers is also boosted by the fact that it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. There’s plenty for fly-cruise travelers to explore upon disembarking here, whether before or after their cruise. In addition to modern attractions like the kid-friendly Singapore Zoo and S.E.A Aquarium, cruise guests can enjoy worldclass exhibits and interactive displays at more

Raffles Hotel Formula 1 Grand Prix Season

Vespa Sidecar Tour

Singapore Rugby Sevens

than 50 museums on the island. For a different perspective, there are green-lung trails such as the 250m MacRitchie Treetop Walk, which contains pieces of Singapore’s rich biodiversity. Various park connectors across the island also allow visitors to discover its well-kept pockets of nature. There’s plenty of tradition to discover, too. Singapore Sidecars—the world’s first vintage Vespa sidecar tour—offers a chance to explore Peranakan culture and heritage neighborhoods that are filled with 1950s shophouses, forgotten trades and cultural landmarks. There are also numerous

Teochew Opera

Singapore Zoo Chicken Rice

MacRitchie Treetop Walk


other award-winning tour operators that organize an up-close look at Singapore’s historical buildings, hidden Jewish heritage and disappearing arts like the Teochew opera. And while Singapore is home to 49 Michelin-starred restaurants and some of the winners from the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, it’s also full of heritage cuisine. Travelers can sample (and also learn how to make) signature dishes like chicken rice, biryani, rendang and much more from each of Singapore’s ethnic groups. For luxury stays, the newly refurbished Raffles Hotel, home of the Singapore Sling, is an unforgettable experience. There’s also a masterclass at the hotel for those who want to learn how to make the iconic cocktail. Among newer five-star luxury hotels is the 157-room Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore. Not only is it renowned for its “Lady in Red” concierge service, its central location means travelers can access local theatre productions at the Capitol Theatre or shop at the surrounding malls and luxury stores. Singapore’s calendar of international events further cements its status as a tourism hotspot. Besides hosting important wine and food events like Asia’s 50 Best Bars and World Gourmet Summit, Singapore is also a major player for sporting events like the annual Formula 1 Grand Prix, HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fight nights. There’s also something for gamers, as Singapore gears up to host GamesCon—the world’s largest gaming convention—in 2020. Such global events ensure that the country’s travel-friendly reputation remains in the international spotlight. And with so many other favorable factors in its corner, not to mention rising visitor numbers, Singapore aims to become the region’s best fly-cruise hub in the near future.

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Members & Travel Agents MSC Meraviglia, as Saint John was the first North American stop on her maiden voyage to New York City.

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS LISTENING TO CRUISE LINES AND GUESTS British Virgin Islands’ Premier and Minister of Finance Hon. Andrew A. Fahie has stated that it is imperative for partners in the tourism industry to hear the expectations of passengers and cruise lines. He made that message and focus clear when addressing and meeting with executives from FCCA, Carnival Cruise Line, Disney Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings and Royal Caribbean Cruises during a site visit from Oct. 2-3, which included a Town Hall Meeting with local stakeholders on Oct. 2. RECORD ACCOLADES FOR CAYMAN TURTLE CONSERVATION AND EDUCATION CENTRE Cayman Turtle Conservation and Education Centre (CTCEC) has recent accolades to celebrate. The Centre was recently honored as a finalist in the Governor’s Conservation Awards for its ongoing Turtle Release programs, which has led to the release of over 32,000 Green Sea Turtles into the wild during the past 50 years.

PORT SAINT JOHN CELEBRATES SUCCESSFUL SEASON The 30th year of cruise in Saint John, NB Canada was very successful, with close to 200,000 passengers visiting on 79 vessels. Most exciting was the visit of 80 FOURTH QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

ANTIGUA & BARBUDA HOSTS TOP CRUISE EXECUTIVES AT NEW CTO FORUM Caribbean tourism ministers and leaders recently assembled in Antigua and Barbuda for the very first Caribbean Tourism Organisation Tourism Outlook Forum. Royal Caribbean International President & CEO Michael Bayley was present at the meeting, where he discussed the importance of curating the right type of destination experiences for the cruise line’s target audience. With talks of developing a Royal Beach Club in Antigua, along with world-class cruise developments to handle Oasis Class vessels, Antigua and Barbuda will continue to serve as an iconic and desirable cruise destination.

COSTA MAYA INNOVATIONS FOR 2020 It was a marvelous 2019 for Costa Maya, with the fourth berth inauguration, the new ocean front pool and tour innovations. Exciting things are coming for 2020. Port innovations include a new gastronomic tour, zipline bikes, Flowrider and duty-free shopping. Mayá Park innovations include a new spa, waterslides, river boat ride and Jungle Monster Safari.

TROPICAL SHIPPING LAUNCHES NEW SERVICE TO BELIZE CITY Tropical Shipping is pleased to announce the launch of a new service to Belize City, Belize. We have added Belize as one of our liner ports, offering the highest quality of ocean transportation services, including Southbound and Northbound: FCL – Reefer and Dry, LCL – Dry.

HUTCHISON PORTS ECV HITS A RECORD Six cruises arrived for the first time to Ensenada Cruiseport Village (ECV) in 2019, with guests enjoying the Mexican Pacific experience. As tradition marks, on every inaugural call to the terminal, ECV’s manager and the port’s authorities exchange plaques with the ship’s captain.

COSTAMED ACHIEVES JOINT COMMISSION INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION In its path to excellence, this year Costamed has achieved the Joint Commission International certification. Now we are one of the six hospitals certified in Mexico and the only one certified in Cozumel, one of the most important cruise destinations around the world. For more, visit

SEATRADE CRUISE GLOBAL 2020 REGISTRATION IS OPEN! Join 13,000+ industry players for the cruise event of the year, taking place April 20-23 in Miami. With an expanded show floor, more educational sessions than ever before and unlimited networking opportunities, this is a not-to-be-missed event. To register as a visitor or to reserve booth space, go to

AMERIMED OPENS MEDICAL FITNESS EXAMINATION CENTER Amerimed Hospitals is proud to announce the opening of its Medical Fitness Examination Center across from Puerta Maya Cruise Terminal in Cozumel. In addition to primary care services for crewmembers and passengers, Amerimed Puerta Maya offers dental services, X-rays, PEMEs/REMEs, vaccinations and hospital referrals. Please visit

EXPLORING BONAIRE From the north side of the island it takes only 1,000 steps to discover south side sites including Gotomeer, the oldest village, and Rincon, featuring the Salt Pans and the well-known Sorobon beach. Explore Bonaire on a tour or on your own, experience our local dishes, and enjoy our culture and heritage!

DOLPHIN COVE FALMOUTH Dolphin Cove Falmouth is located in Discovery Bay in the parish of Saint Ann on the northern coast of Jamaica. It is part of the incredible beach complex of Puerto Seco, with a unique habitat to live the experience of interacting with marine mammals and learn about our Conservation Program.

BERMELLO AJAMIL & PARTNERS WELCOMES NEW DIRECTOR OF ENGINEERING Bermello Ajamil & Partners (BA), welcomes new Director of Engineering, Daniel Ramos, P.E. for Ports and Maritime Division. Ramos’ experience encompasses a broad range of marine structures and includes the design and management of many high-profile projects. BA is one of the leading ports and maritime planning and development firms worldwide.

BACARDI MIXING IT UP This year, the cruise channel is entering the Patron Tequila Cocktail Competition, Patron Perfectionist. With more than 500 global entries from eight cruise lines, we are off to a great start and very excited to meet all our finalists in Hacienda Patron at the end of January 2020!

JAXPORT WELCOMES DIRECTOR OF CRUISE DEVELOPMENT Alberto Cabrera develops relationships with cruise lines and positions JAXPORT to capture new cruise business—including overnight and port-of-call opportunities. Located in Jacksonville, Florida, JAXPORT is home to the 2,056-passenger Carnival Ecstasy, which offers four-and five-day cruises to The Bahamas. Connect at FROM A TO ZIELIA is the first digital database of port and destination information for cruise line decision makers. It is a sustainable initiative that gives easy access to cruise lines with an insightful dashboard for ports. “Zielia is what we have been waiting for: brilliant and long-overdue” is how one executive put it. Contact for more information. FOURTH QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 81

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Holiday Gifts and Cheer Shipped to Deserving Children


his holiday season, Santa’s climbing down cruise ship smokestacks instead of chimneys as he travels to 33 destinations throughout the Caribbean, Mexico and Central and South America. Because of the efforts of Old St. Nick, the FCCA Foundation, FCCA Member Lines and participating destination partners, 6,600 deserving children will have something to celebrate this year during the 23rd annual FCCA Foundation Holiday Gift Project. The FCCA Foundation contributed gifts selected for age groups and genders specified by the destinations. With Member Lines’ vessels serving as a sleigh and crew as elves, they are bringing the presents to the destinations, where representatives have coordinated festivities both on board and on land. During the celebrations, with guests ranging from Santa and Shrek to Mickey Mouse and The Cat in the Hat, the children will not only receive their presents, but also the gift of a memory that will last a lifetime. “You could see the happiness and excitement on the kid’s faces as the boxes of toys were offloaded and Santa Claus came to their school,” said Dorothy Dorado, youth director for Carnival Liberty. “It felt so good to see the kids jumping and screaming when they saw us coming. We left the school with tears in our eyes.” The spirit and cheer extended past the children; all of those involved exemplify it and realize the project’s importance. “Being a part of the [Holiday Gift Project] allowed me to experience what it is to make a life by what we give,” said Sherryl Bacayo, training specialist on Norwegian Jewel. “It was such a great joy to see smiles on those lovely little ones. I felt the true spirit of Christmas.”



“We are honored, and humbled at the same time, that we are able to participate in sharing the blessings to other people…we believe that we can change lives, one person at a time,” said Marc Raymundo, human resources manager for Celebrity Infinity. Sherryl, Dorothy and Marc touched not just on the sentiment, but also on the meaning for all involved—helping kids enjoy being kids, a concept seemingly simple, but mostly unknown to the children in shelters and homes benefitted by the project, and something that has a lasting effect on all involved. This was also the effect Michele Paige, president of the FCCA, recognized: “The FCCA Holiday Gift Project brings happiness to children who truly deserve it. The cruise industry is proud to give back to the communities of the destinations we call, and I cannot think of a more rewarding way than bringing cheer and aid to children who need it.”

She encapsulated the main mission of not only the Holiday Gift Project, but also the entire FCCA Foundation: to improve the lives of those less fortunate throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, primarily for children’s causes. Every smile is a reminder of this mandate and an invaluable return on the time, efforts and funds provided for causes and projects like these over the Foundation’s 26-year existence. PARTICIPATING DESTINATIONS

Amber Cove, Dominican Republic; Antigua; Aruba; Belize; Bonaire; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; Cartagena, Colombia; Costa Maya, Mexico; Coco Cay, Bahamas; Cozumel, Mexico; Curaçao; Dominica; Freeport, Bahamas; Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas; Grenada; Guatemala; Half Moon Cay, Bahamas; Harvest Caye, Belize; Labadee, Haiti; Montego Bay, Jamaica; Nassau, Bahamas; Ocho Rios, Jamaica; Princess Cays, Bahamas; Progreso, Mexico; Roatan, Honduras; Samana, Dominican Republic; Saint Lucia; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Sint Maarten; St. Croix, USVI; St. Kitts; and St. Thomas, USVI. PARTICIPATING FCCA MEMBER LINES

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Students and Schools Awarded Honors and Scholarships in FCCA Foundation Children’s Essay Competition

fforts and education of children and schools throughout the Caribbean, Mexico and Central and South America were again awarded through the annual FCCA Foundation Children’s Essay Competition. This year 29 students from 17 destinations submitted, with the participants and their schools receiving nearly $30,000 in scholarships. “There is nothing more fulfilling than helping children, and I am proud of all the ways the FCCA Foundation achieves this,” said Michele Paige, president, FCCA. “The essay competition is particularly special because it directly benefits children’s futures and encourages them to continue striving in their scholastic endeavors, while helping their schools develop even more exceptional students.”

Participating schools from the Caribbean and Latin America prompted students to write essays responding to: “Many cruise passengers use cruising as a way to sample different destinations. What impression does my country leave on these passengers, and how does it or should it attract them back as stayover guests?” Those schools then submitted their respective finalists to represent the destination for the contest, with each destination allowed one finalist per age group – the junior division, consisting of students between nine- and 12-years-old, and the senior division, featuring students between 13 and 16. Those finalists were then then read and rated by a six-person panel, with the ratings averaged to award the first-, second- and third-place honors:






1st Place

Noel Allder



2nd Place

Pertice Antoine


St. Lucia

3rd Place

Jordeena Dryden








1st Place

Maria Granger


St. Maarten

2nd Place

Daniella Browne


U.S. Virgin Islands

3rd Place

Niobe Holder



First-place winners and their schools will both receive $3,000 academic scholarships, and the winners and a chaperone were invited to accept their prizes at the FCCA Cruise Conference & Trade Show Opening Ceremony.

Second-place medalists and their schools each receive $1,500 scholarships; third-place recipients and their schools will receive $1,000 scholarships; and all other finalists and respective schools will receive $200 scholarships to reward the fantastic efforts. FOURTH QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 83

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Tikal is the true heart of the Mayan world being one of the most important cities of such amazing civilization, give yourself a chance to be in this magic place full of knowledge of life, nature and cience.


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