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St. Maarten Serves as a Model of the Caribbean’s Post-Hurricane Comeback

Differentiation & Unity Adam Goldstein Credits Industry’s Unique Products & Passengers (& Collaboration with Stakeholders) for Record Success

Global Priorities

Rick Sasso Shares Why MSC Set Its Sights on North America and the Caribbean, “a Top Global Priority”

Celebrating Travel

Lisa Lutoff-Perlo Praises Travel’s Transformative Effect, the Caribbean’s Recovery & Celebrity’s Connection to the Region

Adapt to Succeed

John Padgett Puts the “Experience” in CEO & Shares Carnival Corporation's Innovations Creating Continuity & Demand



GETTING HERE IS A LOT EASIER THAN LEAVING HERE Sail to a cruise destination that exceeds every expectation for both you and your passengers. Consistently ranked amongst the top ports in the Caribbean, our four ports with seven berths offer world-class facilities and fully established accommodations to meet all of your vessel’s needs. While ashore, your passengers can take advantage of walkable shopping districts, unique cultural and culinary attractions, and of course, some of the most breathtaking beaches the world has to offer. For more information on the ports of the U.S. Virgin Islands, visit and ©2017 U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism





Catedral Primada de AmĂŠrica Santo Domingo






24 SPOTLIGHT 12 Differentiation and Unity Driving Cruise Lines and Stakeholders to Sustainable Success Adam Goldstein, President & COO of Royal Caribbean, tells cruise lines’ differentiation is helping drive record growth, but unity with destinations & stakeholders is equally important

Port St. Maarten. Photo by: Chris Garner Photography


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14 If It’s Not Broken, Make It Better Rick Sasso, Chairman of MSC Cruises USA, looks back on 14 years at MSC & unprecedented success—while looking forward to more activity in North America & the Caribbean

20 Traveling Opens the World Lisa LutoffPerlo, President & CEO of Celebrity Cruises, celebrates travel’s transformative effect, along with the Caribbean’s post-hurricane transformation & how she and Celebrity connect with their “neighbors” in the region

24 Sailing into the Future through a Connected Cruise Experience and Experiential Content John Padgett, Chief Experience & Innovation Officer of Carnival Corporation, shares some technologies & initiatives creating demand & seamless experiences, & why this is important on board & on land


LET’S GET TECHNICAL 28 Cruising into 2018: Trends for the Year A record 27+ million passengers is just the beginning of CLIA’s annual insights

30 The Public-Private Partnership Keeping Georgia’s Cruise Passengers Healthy David Forney explains the partnership that “provides a level of federal scrutiny and transparency” unique to cruising

32 CLIA Cruise Lines Wrap Up 2017 with 33 Perfect Scores on United States Public Health Inspections

34 Overview of the European Union MRV Regulation Carnival’s Sustainability Manager informs about the regulation & how it affects cruise lines & stakeholders


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Features 60 St. Maarten’s Return to Prominence and Lessons for Other Cruise Destinations Veteran shore excursions executive & destination experience expert teaches what lessons cruise destinations can learn from St. Maarten, both before & after the unprecedented hurricane season


50 MSC Seaside Makes Miami Debut

39 Maximizing Seatrade Cruise Global: Easy

51 The 5 Tips to Celebrations at Sea

as FCCA Cruise executives, meetings & networking events await Seatrade attendees looking to develop business & relationships

52 Going the Extra Distance to Bring Travelers Even Closer

41 Cruise360 Sails into Fort Lauderdale


43 Key Cruise Line Executives and Industry

54 We Want You: Cruise Lines Open for Business

Stakeholders Gather for Meetings, Business Opportunities and Family Fun Another exclusive FCCA Platinum Membership event brings cruise executives & stakeholders closer together to close deals

ON BOARD 47 Four Carnival Corporation Brands Launching New Ships in 2018 New ships in store for Carnival, Seabourn, AIDA & Holland America, with features, technologies & sizes—plus itineraries & passengers—as diverse as the brands

49 Norwegian Cruise Line Celebrates First Construction Milestone for Newest Ship Norwegian Encore officially under construction & en route to sailing the Caribbean in fall 2019 & “exploring the natural beauty of some of the most remarkable islands in the world,” per President & CEO Andy Stuart

to Help Create Great Destinations Carnival VP Carlos Torres de Navarra tells what makes a great destination & how to partner with the cruise lines for sustainable success

58 Coming to the Aid of Our Family Following Hurricanes Irma and Maria FCCA President Michele Paige tells how the Association & Member Lines answered the call to help destination partners in a time of need


62 Port St. Maarten Rebounds 65 Multimillion-Dollar Expansion Project for Carnival’s Long Beach Cruise Terminal

68 Renaissance of European River Cruising Rapid growth, new ships & younger passengers are leading the sector’s resurgence, & CLIA UK & Ireland SVP Andy Harmer details it all

69 Azamara Pursuing the UK Market with Its Newest and Renewed Fleet Member, Azamara Pursuit The UK market has shown Azamara “unprecedented support,” according to President & CEO Larry Pimentel, & Azamara is returning the favor with its latest ship’s modernization & voyages

70 Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Makes Organizational Enhancements to Asia Pacific Operations Norwegian has upgraded its structure in the region to strengthen its presence in China & build “further success in this market,” per President & CEO Frank Del Rio

MEMBERS & TRAVEL AGENTS 74 FCCA Platinum Member Highlights

49 The Countdowns Begin for Celebrity Cruises’ First New Ship Class in 10 Years, Celebrity Edge, and First-of-Its-Kind Celebrity Flora Celebrity President & CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo celebrates the “exciting moment for our brand” during an early glimpse of Celebrity Edge & beginning of “revolutionary” & eco-friendly Celebrity Flora



As your guests disembark in the Cayman Islands, they will be greeted by unique encounters as far as the eye can see. From the renowned tastes that earned us the title of Culinary Capital of the Caribbean, to the rare level of service that comes naturally here, your passengers will find their Caymankind.




Michele meets with Governor Ricardo Rossello to discuss Puerto Rico’s momentous tourism rebound and the steps forward to be better than ever.


A fresh calendar sometimes makes us want to rip up old pages and only focus on tomorrow’s clean slate. But we must use our past pages if we want to write the whole story, and we must reflect on both strengths and weaknesses throughout all experiences, knowledge, resources and relationships to develop deliverable and productive goals for the present and future. This year’s first issue of Travel and Cruise shows that the FCCA embraces this philosophy, continuing to revise past pages and add onto the story through initiatives like this, the official magazine of the global cruise industry, and the articles highlighting how we work to develop relationships and business for our Member Lines and stakeholders from destinations’ private and public sectors. The PAMAC Cruise Summit article recaps one of the FCCA’s exclusive annual events gathering Platinum Members with cruise executives; a spotlight on the FCCA’s offerings at Seatrade Cruise Global showcases opportunities available to anyone on the floor; and other articles explain how the FCCA can positively impact anyone looking to do business with the cruise industry by giving a direct line with key players. A few of those players are right here in this issue, with some of the brightest FCCA Member Line brass ringing in with their insights and speaking directly to you, the stakeholders, to continue growing synergistically—including Adam Goldstein, president & COO of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. and chairman of the FCCA; Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, president and CEO of Celebrity Cruises; John Padgett, chief experience and innovation officer of Carnival Corporation; and Richard Sasso, chairman of MSC Cruises USA. And my own article sheds some of the light on how these relationships can mean much more than just business, as was shown in the life-saving efforts during an unprecedented hurricane season. Plus, Carlos Torres de Navarra—vice president of strategic and commercial port operations at Carnival Cruise Line and chairman of the FCCA Operations Committee—explains how and why cruise lines look to partner with stakeholders. Hopefully this issue also provides inspiration to continue your story, without making you want to tear up any of your pages. After all, one of the FCCA’s main goals is providing a happily-ever-after ending for all the cruise industry’s characters. Respectfully yours,

Michele M. Paige President FCCA FIRST QUARTER 2018 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 7




Welcome to the first 2018 edition of Travel & Cruise, the official magazine of the global cruise industry. I expect that 2018 will be an exciting year for the cruise industry, with CLIA Cruise Lines debuting 27 new builds, with rapidly advancing onboard technologies, and welcoming more cruise passengers than ever before. In this issue, we share major trends, advances, research findings and events that will shape our industry in the year ahead. Our 2018 State of the Cruise Industry Outlook research explores trends and growth in the cruise industry and provides valuable insight on how cruise lines can continue to be successful as our industry develops around the world. I am excited to share the details of promising health inspection scores from many of our cruise lines, as well as what you can expect at a few industry events that are must-attends for members of our industry. On behalf on all of us at CLIA, we thank our members and Executive Partners around the world for your continued support of our industry and wish everyone continued success as we start another exciting new year of cruising. Best,


Cindy D’Aoust President & CEO Cruise Lines International Association




Differentiation and Unity Driving Cruise Lines and Stakeholders to Sustainable Success By ADAM GOLDSTEIN, President & COO, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., & Chairman, FloridaCaribbean Cruise Association (FCCA)


here are a few ways one could approach how to dive into the industry’s success and the driving forces. I could go on about the industry’s current growth and bright future ahead, with a record 27.2 million passengers expected to cruise the world’s oceans in 2018—a 10 percent increase compared to 2016. The path to the future is paved by continually increasing consumer demand and sentiment, especially from younger generations. Meeting that demand are 50 ships on order for FCCA Member Lines, which represent 220,000 lower berths and an investment value of more than $51 billion. Just from these statistics, it is clear the cruise sector has become a mainstream vacation option. Or I could write a dissertation about the differentiation and innovations driving this growth, with cruise brands deploying numerous strategies to develop unique brand identities and reach their markets and demographics. In fact, sailing with Royal Caribbean’s brands alone, guests can experience everything from


action-packed 10-story slides known as the Ultimate Abyss on the new Symphony of the Seas debuting in March as the world’s largest ship, to the three-level living experience of Eden on the soon-tolaunch Celebrity Edge, and rich Destination Immersion on Azamara voyages, with even more options and itineraries than ever with the exciting addition of Azamara Pursuit. In fact, exciting innovations are occurring throughout the cruise industry, creating an ever wider array of choices for vacationers. Instead, I want to take this opportunity to talk to you directly. As a reader of this, you are likely a stakeholder in this industry; that makes you just as important as all the innovations driving our collective record performance. After all, despite how diverse cruisers can be, many, if not most, agree that destinations matter. The 2017 Cruise Travel Report by Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) found that 68 percent of cruisers identified the destination of their vacation

as the most important factor influencing their vacation choice. It turns out the vast majority of cruisers see cruising as a good way to sample destinations for future trips. As our destination partners, you are a group of valued partners we rely on to help us continue growing demand through your own initiatives. From new tours and infrastructure to streamlining operations and improving retail options, along with marketing that builds buzz around destinations to entice people to visit either on a cruise or land-based visit, your efforts have proven integral to the industry’s continued success. Beyond that, you have shown strength in delivering on the same kind of differentiation. On all counts you’re helping support and buoy the demand and growth, along with our impressive conversion rate of 92 percent of cruisers who will probably or definitely book a cruise as their next vacation. Part of this is through your direct work with us, the cruise lines, to tailor products for our numerous different

guests, all with different wants and needs. For instance, the same CLIA report found that Baby Boomers are influenced more by trips, ports and destinations, along with itineraries and sightseeing options; Traditionalists are interested in programs for children and families; Gen Y and Millennials are more concerned with cost, convenience and onboard entertainment; and Gen Xers and Millennials are most likely to have done pre-/post-cruise stays in a port city and/ or returned to a visited destination they first experienced on a cruise. We need you to help us cater to all these guests on land as we do onboard by offering products that range from close-knit and immersive to high-volume and low-cost, from action and adventure to rest and relaxation, and even trends like voluntourism and health and wellness—all in a way that resonates with travelers, aligns with cruise lines’ identities and guests’ psychographics, and gives them an authentic taste of your destination’s culture. That is where the unity between stakeholders and lines becomes so vital, and where togetherness actually creates differentiation. Only by working together can we understand each other and our specifics wants, needs and offerings in order to foster mutual, sustainable success. And this is why I am so proud to be chairman of the FCCA because it builds understanding and opportunities by bringing together cruise executives and stakeholders for meetings, workshops, events and simple networking, which has a long track record of delivering that success. If you are reading this at Seatrade Cruise Global, some of this is on display

during the FCCA’s series of events, ranging from large-scale gatherings to members-only receptions and private meetings between executives and destinations’ tourism ministries. This magazine itself is another example of how the FCCA works to engage and educate you to help foster this synergy. It is also one of the ways the FCCA is continuing to build synergy with our sister association, CLIA. I look forward to helping spur this growth and keeping the theme of differentiation and unity

“WE NEED YOU TO HELP US CATER TO ALL THESE GUESTS ON LAND AS WE DO ONBOARD…” through the new initiatives and innovations that will open the door not only to more of our destination partners, but also to the travel agents that are pivotal for the industry by linking potential cruisers to the best product for them. All of this is a testament to the togetherness that leads to what I believe are two of the most important numbers connected to cruise tourism: $126 billion and $41.1 billion, the total worldwide economic contribution and amount of wages and salaries through more than 1 million jobs generated by cruising.

On a related and more personal note, I am glad to share how honored I am to have witnessed how impactful these partnerships can be, as we saw in the relief and recovery efforts after the unprecedented hurricane season in the Caribbean. Though this situation was beyond tragic, and nothing can compensate for the lives and homes lost, I could not be prouder to see the togetherness and be part of an industry that contributed more than $30 million to relief efforts, evacuated or provided temporary housing onboard for 10,000 people, and used more than 40 cruise ships to deliver provisions and support, with many vessels removed from revenue cruises to focus on immediate relief. There also was FCCA’s multifaceted marketing campaign that helped potential travelers realize the vastness of the region and multitude of unaffected destinations, along with the relief efforts that led to swift, significant recoveries—a massive, successful undertaking. The individual relief efforts of the citizens, which led to the faster-than-expected recoveries, cannot be overstated or recognized enough. It is easy to use a platitude like “tireless efforts,” without realizing that this meant people were waking up in a sweat without air conditioning to go out and work 18-hour days in order to restore touristic products and services like power and air conditioning before returning to their powerless homes. They also showed the dedication and perseverance of those citizens, along with their commitment to tourism and what is possible through that. It has all made me even more confident in the powerful results we can achieve when destinations and the industry work together—we have a long, sustainable, mutually successful future in store. FIRST QUARTER 2018 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 13


If It’s Not Broken, Make It Better By RICK SASSO, Chairman, MSC Cruises USA


hen I joined MSC Cruises 14 years ago, I’m not sure I could have ever envisioned the cruise lines’ unprecedented growth and success, but our market position as the fastest-growing cruise line and recognition as a dominant international cruise player has certainly turned heads. Our investments and carefully planned expansion have been deliberate, with sights on leveraging global penetration in both mature and emerging markets around the world. Despite ongoing talk of market saturation, the Caribbean cruise scene continues to be prime for growth and expansion, and the future looks bright for cruise operators and destinations alike. And I encourage you not to sit back; with MSC Cruises’ renewed focus on North America and the Caribbean, there is a lot on the horizon for the company and for all those who have interest in the region. In light of MSC Cruises ongoing expansion in the region, “MSC” now also stands for “More Ships in the 14 FIRST QUARTER 2018 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

Caribbean.” Having grown to become Europe’s number one cruise line, MSC Cruises is now taking a leadership role in North America and the Caribbean, with renewed investments and new tonnage. We are making true on our promise to be a reliable cruise line partner in this region for decades to come. Fresh off the launch of MSC Seaside, an excitedly innovative vessel designed and built specifically for warm weather, we have laid plans for an increased focus in the Caribbean. With 14 young vessels in our fleet and an additional 10 extraordinary newcomers to follow, a variety of new and expanded MSC Cruises’ itineraries will bring thousands of North American and international guests to experience the most popular warm weather vacation spots in the region. Recently announced plans to position another magnificent vessel, MSC Meraviglia, in North America beginning fall 2019—with cruises from New York and South Florida to the Caribbean—confirms this. Throughout the years, we have worked hard to support Caribbean ports

and destinations in a broad variety of ways. Homeporting multiple vessels in Cuba and the Southern Caribbean, doubling our offering from south Florida and investing with our partners to build state-of-the-art ports and terminals are just some examples of MSC Cruises’ vision and commitment. We are not done yet. North America and the Caribbean are no longer just markets with an incredible potential for our brand. They are a top global priority. At MSC Cruises, we are constantly looking to improve everything that we do. Working with the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) and Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), we are anxious to share our confidence with partners in the region and want to attract them to come along with us. There is a lot to do. As I have noted in the past, the FCCA is a key vehicle to promote Friendship, Cooperation, Communication and Advancement among international cruise lines and Caribbean destinations. We are keen to

engage in both associations and to share our vision with anyone who sees the future as clearly and brightly as we do. I have been fortunate enough to be involved in our industry associations for more than 46 years. Together we have done a lot for the cruise industry and the region. This is a story that is still being written today. Given the cruise industry’s expansion across the globe, it is imperative that we all continue working to keep the Caribbean right at its core, with great new vessels and incredible unique destinations. Let us not forget that every destination competes with a world of options, and it is up to all of us to enhance the value and legacy that we have earned throughout the years. Everyone has heard the expression, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” I myself prefer to say, “If it’s not broken, MAKE IT BETTER.” That is exactly what we all have to embrace. It is not a wish, but a necessity. With the support of their members, the leadership teams at FCCA and CLIA provide a platform for our industry to be the most respected and successful travel industry category. We all have to continue to strive for an evolving momentum to become a mainstream alternative. We are making great strides, and if we continue

“NORTH AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN ARE NO LONGER JUST MARKETS WITH AN INCREDIBLE POTENTIAL FOR OUR BRAND. THEY ARE A TOP GLOBAL PRIORITY.” to push the envelope in quality, we will need to build even more ships to feed our potential. MSC Cruises has already made a commitment stretching over the next decade and beyond. Our mutual success also comes with mutual obligations. The recent natural disasters that the Caribbean region has endured proves as much. This required all of us to come to the aid of those who

desperately needed help. The industry responded beyond expectations. As other companies, the MSC Group made relief a top priority in the wake of this emergency, swiftly engaging its entire organization to provide meaningful assistance where it was most needed. Thanks to our cargo, ferry and cruise capacity, we were able to reach some of the worst-hit areas and provide relief to the islands in need. Among other things, we delivered fresh water and other primary goods while also supporting local governments in their efforts to rebuild damaged infrastructure. In the case of the British Virgin Islands, where all the schools were destroyed by the hurricane, the MSC Group purchased and shipped a 4,000-square-foot, semi-permanent structure that is now serving as a school in the region. There is still more to do, and we need to always be part of the solutions of adversity in any form. Our destination partners have benefited from working closely with the industry throughout the years. Public and private sector engagement has taken us a long way away from the early years of friction and indecisiveness. Many will recall my consistent use of the “ABC’s” of attracting ships and millions of guests that come with them: FIRST QUARTER 2018 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 15



Marquee value of a destination to enhance the marketing that we so heavily engage in. It is the destination’s obligation to keep their brand in the consumer’s mind.


Quality delivery of the shoreside experience. Destinations must ensure that the guest experience ashore meets (and even exceeds) that which the cruise lines must also consistently deliver onboard. Safety, security and cleanliness are part of this obligation.


The need to grant cruise operators a firm guarantee of a pier assignment to avoid

tendering and to allow them to plan at least two years in advance.

The ports and destinations that meet these few critical obligations can bank on receiving more ships and passengers year after year. At MSC Cruises, we continue to have extremely strong confidence in the future and success of the Caribbean. We are continually looking for partners to jump on board. Our North American and international guests often tell us that they want to return, not only to MSC Cruises, but also to many of the great destinations that they

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have visited with us. This brings unique opportunities for local economies to capture even more benefits from cruise tourism. MSC Cruises’ decision to homeport multiple vessels within the Caribbean is unique and enhances the return guest opportunity well beyond the traditional expectation. Do not miss your chance to be part of that new paradigm. We are a family-owned, private company that has made so many new friends over the years. We encourage you to join us and make history with us. It isn’t broken, so let’s make it better together!

BVITOURISM.COM 1-800-835-8530



The British Virgin Islands offer endless adventures and experiences beyond compare. The new Tortola Pier Park welcomes cruise passengers, BVI guests and locals to the relaxed capital island of Tortola. Along the colorful pier, unique local craft shops and authentic restaurants neighbor international brands and lively entertainment. With a world of discoveries to be found in the British Virgin Islands, it’s a secret worth sharing.

Tortola Pier Park

Cartagena de Indias.




Traveling Opens the World By LISA LUTOFF-PERLO, President & CEO, Celebrity Cruises


ast year, I traveled more than 200,000 miles on four different continents from the Caribbean to Iceland and everywhere in between. Granted, traveling is part of my job as CEO of Celebrity Cruises since we have ships, crew, staff and conduct business all over this beautiful world of ours. But I love traveling because there is something quite special that happens to us when we travel. With every person we meet, every culture we experience, every local cuisine we taste and every sight we see… we change. We should all have a natural curiosity about the world that gets fed every time we travel and with every new experience we have. Many of you reading this know what I am referring to. It’s that feeling you get when you get home at the end of a trip. Somehow, you are not the same person that left mere days or weeks ago. You’ve 20 FIRST QUARTER 2018 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

brought back a piece of the world and its people with you, and never forget the feeling that you had when you were there and met that person or did that thing or ate that dish. There is nothing like standing on the deck of a cruise ship, watching the destination come into view in its splendor with wide-eyed anticipation of what’s ahead. It is the best view that always comes with a tingle of anticipation, knowing that shortly I’ll get to explore a new part of the world and all that it has to share…even if I’ve been there before! THE CARIBBEAN There is no crayon in the Crayola box that reflects the colors of the Caribbean. These beautiful islands are so much more than sandy beaches and palm trees. They are a diverse mix of cultures, culinary indulgences and engaging places to

explore. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been there in 30+ years, and every time I leave, I think, “I can’t wait to come back.” There is a connection that we all feel to the Caribbean. They are our neighbors, and they are part of part of us. When Hurricanes Irma and Maria hit the Caribbean last year, I had just been there the week before on my President’s Cruise. It was heartbreaking to experience this tragedy along with all that were affected. Conversely, it was heartwarming to watch the crew of Celebrity Equinox jump in with their plan to deliver supplies and support our corporate relief plan by going far above and beyond anyone’s expectations. To witness our neighbors in the Caribbean rebuild and become fully operational again is wonderful. Their enthusiasm is intrinsic of the joy and

pride of the amazing people who call the Caribbean “home.” Last time I was in the Caribbean, one of the highlights was learning how to sail on a 12 Metre America’s Cup prize-winning racing yacht. I grew up in a Massachusetts fishing town, and the sea was an important part of our daily lives. However, although I chose a career in travel, I had never learned to literally navigate the waters. On this trip, I learned how to grind a winch and trim a sail from the pros! Although I am still far from proficient, it was a Caribbean adventure to try something new with the people I love. I can’t wait to go again. The experiences that the Caribbean provides, from the sea life to exploring the historical cities and sites, are the ultimate cultural immersion. All of us at Celebrity are committed to supporting the regrowth of the Caribbean and proud to be cruising there year-round. Seven of our ships have Caribbean itineraries in 2018, including our newest ship launching later this year, the transformative Celebrity Edge. Honored

by US News & World Report for “2018 Best Cruise Line in the Caribbean,” Celebrity has something for everyone in the family to experience so they can take home wonderful memories of their time in each of these unique islands.

“THERE IS A CONNECTION THAT WE ALL FEEL TO THE CARIBBEAN.” TRAVEL CHANGES AND CONNECTS US You’ve heard the saying about leaving the world better than you found it? I believe that the world changes us for the better as well. Onboard each of our ships, our crew members represent over 60 cultures. They

come from all corners of the earth to work on our ships. They represent different countries, genders, colors, religions, sexual identities, varied traditions, etc. They embark as strangers. Yet very quickly, they become a family—a family that takes care of each other, and our guests. This microcosm of society amazes me every day as we watch them learn from each other, grow together and form bonds that are as close as family. They are drawn to each other through their love of travel and curiosity about the world, and their passion for what they do. I hope that as you read this, you think of all of your personal Caribbean memories, and are planning a trip to return in 2018. The regrowth from Hurricane Maria is almost complete, and they are open for business and anxious for us all to come and visit. I invite you to open your world by joining us to explore the Caribbean as you’ve never experienced before onboard one of our beautiful Celebrity Cruise ships. Experience and connect with the world through fresh eyes through travel and adventure. Welcome aboard! FIRST QUARTER 2018 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 21

Reroute Your Thinking™

cruise port tampa bay • • • • • 1

4, 5, 7, 8, 10 & 14 day cruises New Western, Eastern and Southern Caribbean itineraries including Cuba Fast, Easy, Congestion Free More than 4,000 safe and secure parking spaces steps from the cruise terminals North America’s second-best airport and fifth in the world in customer satisfaction1

Tampa leads the way with an engaging variety of things to do and see before and after the cruise, from Busch Gardens, Ybor City, and Downtown Tampa to the beaches of St. Petersburg/Clearwater. And that’s just the beginning — your cruise ships are less than an hour from the world-renowned theme parks in Orlando.

Airports Council International

1 1 0 1 C H AN N E L S ID E D R IV E , T A M P A, F L O R I D A 3 3 6 0 2 W W W . P O R T T B . C O M | 8 0 0 - 7 4 1 - 2 2 9 7

Sailing into the Future through a Connected Cruise Experience and Experiential Content By JOHN PADGETT, Chief Experience & Innovation Officer, Carnival Corporation


here’s nothing quite like vacation. We treasure it for the opportunity to relax, recharge and reconnect with the people and places we love. And while America trails much of the world in work-life balance, leaving hundreds of millions of paid vacation days unused every year, studies have repeatedly proven vacations make us happy. That’s one of many reasons many of us have opted to work in the cruise industry— to help make people happy. It’s also why our industry is hard at work to find ways to harness innovation and the Internet of Things (IoT) to maximize our guests’ time and focus on creating more fulfilling vacation experiences, not only on board, but also as part of the destination experience. To the guest, the vacation experience is a holistic experience, a single continuum; therefore we should all be working to ensure there are no breaks along any point of the vacation experience. As IoT is redefining a myriad of the facets of our lives—from how we live in our increasingly connected homes to how we exercise to how we work, commute and 24 FIRST QUARTER 2018 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

play—it’s also redefining how we vacation. Late last year, Carnival Corporation unveiled the first elements of the consumer-centric cruise experience as part of the Medallion Class vacation onboard Regal Princess. This new tech-infused cruise experience is redefining the future of travel and leisure by giving us what we desire most from our vacations: stress-free time filled with the things we enjoy most. The new “Medallion Class” experience is enabled by a first-of-itskind “Experience Platform” that leverages wearables embedded with NFC (Near Field Communication), BLE (Blue Tooth Low Energy) and other sensors in context of a controlled ship multi-sensor ecosystem. Arthur C. Clarke, a brilliant futurist and writer, said, “Any sufficient-

ly advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Carnival’s experience platform is infusing technology into the experience environment to redefine how guests watch, play, connect and even unlock their stateroom doors, while never being distracted by the technology itself. Cruising is an excellent platform for IoT deployment; large ships offer well-defined environments and a discrete number of choices that guests face each and every day. Self-contained, mini-cities on the sea provide all the individual experience “verticals” (e.g. food and beverage, retail, entertainment, recreation, transportation, lodging, etc.) that can be staged and executed collectively and holistically, versus individually and segmented as they are in our everyday life. Vacations are the ideal space to optimize our time—our scarcest and most valuable resource. The minute you wait in a line or are otherwise inconvenienced is a minute you can’t enjoy elsewhere. Given that our guests spend months planning for vacations, we want the best experience

Spotlight imaginable when they cruise. Now, innovation will take us there. A connected cruise experience already is impacting the guest vacation experience from beginning to end with:


expanding awareness of and increasing demand for cruising vacations. Three of Carnival Corporation’s travel series appear weekends on ABC and NBC stations, and rank as number one or number two in their time slot. Ocean Original series produced by Carnival Corporation and now in their second season include “Ocean Treks with Jeff Corwin” and “Vacation Creation with Tommy Davidson and Andrea Feczko” on ABC, along with “The Voyager with Josh Garcia” on NBC. This ambitious content production initiative also now includes the distribution of its Ocean Originals TV programming on the two largest Spanish networks in the U.S., as well as our own digital streaming network, OceanView.

Streamlined and expedited arrival and departure processes. Simplified access to staterooms. Improved wayfinding and friends and family location awareness. Expanded gaming beyond casino boundaries. Enhanced crew interactions.

Popular cruise destinations would be wellserved to assess and implement similar IoT/“smart city” innovations to ensure a continuous vacation experience when our guests disembark in their locations. And as eager as guests are to enjoy cruise experiences that are more memorable than ever, there’s still a vast percentage of the population that never has even considered a cruise as a viable vacation option due to a host of misperceptions. That’s why for the past 2+ years, Carnival Corporation has been producing experiential content that is broadcasted on mainstream TV to introduce new audiences to the extraordinary experiences and adventures enabled by cruise vacations. The company has created seven Ocean Original series, five of which have appeared on network or cable TV in the U.S., and two of which engage the growing Hispanic community in the U.S. These Ocean Original programs are part of Carnival Corporation’s focus on

Episodes from the first season of the popular travel series are now featured in “Mi Telemundo,” Telemundo’s new three-hour Saturday programming block that debuted in early January.“El Viajero Con Josh Garcia” has been dubbed into Spanish and takes viewers on an exciting and immersive journey around the globe with world traveler and host, Josh Garcia. The expansion into the Hispanic market builds on our new partnership with Univision Communications Inc. (UCI), the leading media company serving Hispanic America, to develop the first O·C·E·A·N primetime series, “La Gran Sorpresa”

(“The Great Surprise.”) In its first six episodes, the program attracted well over 1 million viewers every week, making it the number one show in Sunday Hispanic primetime TV. This expansion of our original programming allows us to show even more viewers that cruising not only provides travelers with the opportunity to visit multiple destinations in a single trip, but also offers something for all ages, making it a great vacation option at an exceptional value for kids, families and multigenerational groups. And to ensure this original content continues to be accessible to the masses, in September 2017, we announced the creation of OceanView, the world’s first over the top (OTT) digital streaming channel from a travel provider for completely free on major digital streaming platforms Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku. The streaming channel features a slate of more than 100 Ocean Original episodes that includes our four original series, as well as two new direct-to-digital streaming original series, “GO” and “Local Eyes.” OceanView content is also available on more than 80 of the company’s 103 cruise ships.

THE MINUTE YOU WAIT IN A LINE OR ARE OTHERWISE INCONVENIENCED IS A MINUTE YOU CAN’T ENJOY ELSEWHERE. We remain confident that these initiatives to develop the streamlined, connected experience and then show that experience to potential cruisers will continue to drive Carnival Corporation, along with the entire industry, to the future. Though we break passenger records every year, we are just beginning to tap the potential—and “magical” technology—on the horizon. FIRST QUARTER 2018 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 25

THE GATEWAY TO TROPICAL SPLENDOR From the ports of Nassau and Freeport to multi-million dollar private cays, The Bahamas reigns as the cruise industry’s Caribbean destination of choice. What sets our archipelago apart? Sixteen unique island destinations scattered across 100,000 square miles of the world’s clearest water. | 1-800-BAHAMAS or call your travel agent

Let’s Get Technical

Cruising into 2018: Trends for the Year


he 2018 State of the Cruise Industry Outlook was released in December 2017, providing valuable insights and trends that will impact the cruise industry this year. The research shows that cruise travel is on the rise overall with over 27 million passengers projected to set sail in 2018. The report also shows a continued positive trajectory of the industry with an estimated 25.8 million passengers cruising in 2017, compared to 24.7 million in 2016, an increase of 20.5 percent over five years from 2011-2016. To meet ongoing demand, more ships are scheduled to set sail in 2018. CLIA Cruise Lines are scheduled to debut 27 new ocean, river and specialty ships this year, meaning more itineraries and new opportunities to choose a cruise for your next vacation. “It is without question that the cruise industry continues on a growth trajectory, gaining in consumer interest


and creating a positive impact on the global economy,” said Cindy D’Aoust, president and CEO, CLIA. “The 2018 State of the Cruise Industry Outlook is a way for us to keep a finger on the pulse of the global cruise industry and its impact on the global economy and identify new travel trends that will influence cruise travel in the future.” Additionally, the report takes an in-depth look at the cruise travel trends that are expected to impact the cruise industry in 2018 and in the coming years. Here are CLIA’s top trends for this year: •

All Budgets Will Cruise: The 2018 Cruise Travel Report found that the majority of income brackets are going on cruise vacations. In fact, a third of cruisers surveyed who have taken a cruise within the past three years have a household income less than $80,000.

While the data shows cruising does skew slightly more to the affluent consumer than other types of vacations, the report indicates almost all levels of income enjoy cruise vacations. •

Transformational Cruise Travel: The next evolution of experiential travel sees travelers taking a step further and seeking “transformational” experiences. From cultural immersion and voluntourism to extreme adventures, those returning from a cruise will have shift in perspective and a sense of accomplishment. Some upcoming cruise itineraries include the opportunity to indulge in local cuisine, guided tours through small villages and even visits inside private homes. Thrillseekers can fill bucket lists with chances to swim with sharks in South Africa, ride a Harley Davidson in Alaska or mingle among penguins in the Arctic.

Sustainability at Sea: In 2018 there will be an even greater focus on sustainable tourism. Travelers can look forward participating in sustainable practices both on board and on land, from recycling and waste management to popular voluntourism initiatives that focus on creating a positive environmental and social impact at destinations around the globe. Millennials Take to the River: River and small ship cruising continues to gain popularity among Millennial travelers. With fresh itineraries and exciting destination experiences that reach far beyond walking and coach tours and endless options for the perfect “Instagram moment,” the younger generation is embracing river cruising as a unique way to experience the world. Skip-Gen Cruising: Multigenerational cruising is projected to increase in popularity, as forecasted by CLIA’s Travel Agent Cruise Industry Outlook in April 2017. But there’s a twist: “skip-generation” trips, with grandparents and grandchildren traveling together without their parents, are predicted to be highly popular in 2018 and beyond.

Travelers Warm to Chilly Destinations: This year is projected to see an increase in popularity of colder climate destinations, including the Baltics, Canada, Alaska, and Antarctica. With an array of unique excursion options, from penguin watching to ice fishing, these winter wonder destinations are drawing in both new and repeat cruise travelers.

Healthy Doses: Travelers are seeking health and wellness trips more than ever before, and the cruise industry is responding with services and experiences for the mind and body. Today’s cruise travelers can participate in onboard health and wellness seminars led by popular health experts, custom fitness programs, stress management and spa services. There are even entire cruise itineraries dedicated to weight management and healthy living, including Weight Watchers cruises, and menus for a variety of dietary needs, from diabetic-friendly to plant-based.

Smart Travel Technology: The coming year there will be a rise in traveler-friendly onboard technologies. Several cruise lines are introducing wearable technology for cruise guests that provide a personalized and seamless experience while on board. Ranging from keychains and bracelets to necklaces and more, wearable technology on cruises interacts with sensors on the ship to do everything from turning the lights on as a cruiser approaches their cabin to acting as a security agent.

Tapping Travel Agents: Travel agents continue to see a steady demand from consumers in planning and executing vacations. Some of the largest factors behind continued popularity of travel agents? Ease of planning, valued expertise, and affordability.

Overall, there is a cruise vacation for everyone, and a CLIA-certified travel agent can help ensure that you find the perfect one for you this year. FIRST QUARTER 2018 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 29

Let’s Get Technical

The Public-Private Partnership That’s Keeping Georgia’s Cruise Passengers Healthy By DAVID L. FORNEY, President, DL Forney Consulting, LLC, & Managing Partner, Global Public Health Services, LLC


hen it comes to enjoyable cruise vacations, keeping passengers healthy while on board is essential. As someone who has worked in public health for more than 40 years, I’ve had the opportunity to advise numerous stakeholders on various public health initiatives, including quarantine services, outbreak investigations and training institutions. In my role as a Public Health Advisor and Chief of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Vessel Sanitation Program (VSP), I worked hand-in-hand with the cruise industry to establish design and construction guidelines and operational standards that assist cruise lines in keeping passengers healthy. These guidelines and standards are especially important for Georgians, who are now traveling via cruise ships more than ever. According to a 2016 U.S. economic impact analysis by Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), Georgia is a major source market for passengers, with 370,000 residents taking cruises, compared to 245,000 in 2014. It takes the implementation and review of several factors to ensure cruise ships can keep passengers healthy. The VSP, cruise lines, shipyards and other stakeholders work in tandem through a public-private partnership to define and reduce health risks. Through such cooperation, the VSP and industry look to create healthy and clean ship environments for passengers and crew. This public-private effort established the VSP Construction Guidelines and an Operations Manual for cruise lines. Cruise ships are designed with passenger and crew health in mind, as cruise lines work with shipyards—including Fincantieri Cantieri Navali Italiani SpA, Meyer Werft GmbH, STX Europe and others—to construct ships in keeping with the VSP guidelines. 30 FIRST QUARTER 2018 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

When a cruise ship is delivered, passengers can rest assured that it meets the VSP’s stringent Construction Guidelines. Some of those requirements include: •

Providing adequate dry and cold food storage areas that store foods at safe temperatures and are easily cleanable and protected from contamination;

Arranging the flow of food transport and service through a ship in a logical sequence that eliminates or minimizes the risk of cross-contamination;

Mandating hand wash stations for all self-serve food service areas and handsfree exits for passenger bathrooms; and

Ensuring that potable water is produced and/or stored in compliance with public health standards and protected from contamination.

Further, as outlined in the VSP Operations Manual, cruise lines voluntarily submit to unannounced public health inspections twice a year. The provisions of the Operations Manual are carried out on an ongoing basis by: •

Inspecting food safety and environmental sanitation on ships that have a foreign itinerary, call on a U.S. port and carry 13 or more passengers;

Conducting surveillance of norovirus outbreak investigations on ships;

Hosting training seminars on food safety and environmental sanitation for ships and shore operations management workers; and

Providing consultative services for reviewing plans for renovations and new construction.

The results of the CDC’s VSP inspections are publicly available. Thus, collaboration with the VSP provides a level of federal

scrutiny and transparency for cruise line sanitation that is unique in the travel and hospitality industry; there is no similar federal program for hotels, airlines or restaurants in the United States. I’ve seen firsthand the impact of the partnership between the cruise industry and VSP. With guidelines in place, cruise lines and the CDC can better prevent and control the introduction, transmission and spread of gastrointestinal (GI) illnesses on cruise ships; understand and effectively address incidents; and continually evolve best public health practices.

…COLLABORATION… PROVIDES A LEVEL OF FEDERAL SCRUTINY AND TRANSPARENCY FOR CRUISE LINE SANITATION THAT IS UNIQUE IN THE TRAVEL AND HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY... After years of review and collaboration, the VSP is expected to release its new Operations Manual and Construction Guidelines in early 2018. The cruise industry’s newest generations of ships will incorporate emerging public health best practices and new technologies based on this unique public-private partnership.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR David L. Forney served as Chief of the Vessel Sanitation Program from 1998 to 2007, which is held under the auspices of the National Center of Environmental Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta. Known for his leadership and intuitive management style, which has created value and profitability for clients, Dave brings 40-plus years of experience in public health planning, development, and management to his assignments. Dave’s exper-

tise on public health policy is made relevant in that his platform is one of direct experience and involvement on a wide variety of international projects, including quarantine services, outbreak investigations, and training institutions. He has assisted Ministries and Commissions around the world in formulating the development, policy, and regulation of national public health initiatives. As a consultant, Dave has completed high priority projects carried out throughout the cruise industry. He led international projects in Europe,

North Africa, and North America and traveled extensively within the United States. Dave’s diverse experience in public health research, development and operations, as well as media management, enables him to contribute an interdisciplinary approach to the overall process of analyzing and guiding public health/ship sanitation initiatives. In addition to his work with the USPHS, Dave is an advisor to Cruise Lines International Association and several cruise lines.

Prepared and proactive when it comes to the health and wellness of passengers and crew.

Crew ••

Onboard Onboard staff staff are are trained trained in in first first aid aid and and the the ship’s ship’s public health policies. public health policies.


Crewmembers Crewmembers regularly regularly refresh refresh their their training training on on health health and and wellness wellness responsibilities. responsibilities.


Ongoing Ongoing training training is is monitored monitored through through robust robust record-keeping record-keeping by by cruise cruise lines. lines.

Collaboration & Oversight ••

Passenger Passenger and and crewmember crewmember health health is is protected protected by by a a robust robust system system of of oversight oversight and and enforcement. enforcement.


CLIA CLIA and and the the cruise cruise industry industry work work collaboratively collaboratively with with the the U.S. U.S. Centers Centers for for Disease Disease Control Control and and Prevention's Prevention's (CDC) (CDC) Vessel Vessel Sanitation Sanitation Program Program (VSP) (VSP) to to implement implement comprehensive comprehensive sanitation sanitation practices practices with with at at least least two two unannounced unannounced inspections inspections per per year. year.


Public Public health health authorities authorities worldwide worldwide inspect inspect cruise cruise ships ships and and enforce enforce health health requirements. requirements.


Cruise Cruise ships ships undergo undergo regular regular internal internal public public health health reviews reviews throughout throughout each each year. year.


CLIA CLIA Cruise Cruise Line Line Members Members implement implement health health and and emergency emergency medical medical practices practices developed developed in in partnership partnership with with the the American American College College of of Emergency Emergency Physicians Physicians (ACEP). (ACEP).

Passengers ••

Passengers Passengers are are screened screened for for certain certain contagious contagious illnesses illnesses prior prior to to boarding. boarding.

Clean Ships ••

Cruise Cruise ships ships regularly regularly clean clean and and sanitize sanitize facilities facilities on on board. board.


Cabins Cabins are are thoroughly thoroughly cleaned cleaned at at least least once once daily, daily, while while restaurants restaurants and and other other common common areas areas are are cleaned cleaned multiple multiple times times a a day. day.


After After every every cruise, cruise, crew crew members members clean clean the the ship ship from from top top to to bottom bottom to to prepare prepare for for the the next next voyage. voyage.

The The Cruise Cruise Lines Lines International International Association Association (CLIA (CLIA )) is is the the world’s world’s largest largest cruise cruise industry industry trade trade association. association. CLIA CLIA represents represents the the interests interests of of cruise cruise lines, lines, travel travel agents, agents, port port authorities authorities and and destinations, destinations, and and various various industry industry business business partners partners before before regulatory and and legislative legislative policy policy makers. makers. regulatory

Medical Resources ••

Licensed Licensed physicians physicians and and registered registered nurses nurses must must be be available available on on cruise cruise ships. ships.


Clinical Clinical staff staff members members must must be be certified certified in in advanced advanced life life support. support.


All All ships ships must must have have defibrillators, defibrillators, cardiac cardiac monitors, monitors, X-ray X-ray machines machines and and lab lab equipment. equipment.


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CLIA Cruise Lines Wrap Up 2017 with 33 Perfect Scores on United States Public Health Inspections


ruise Lines International Association’s (CLIA) cruise lines finished 2017 with 33 perfect scores of 100 and approximately 200 scores over 85 during United States Public Health (USPH) inspections conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These scores are a testament to cruise line efforts to provide passengers with the highest level of service, and CLIA is proud of its lines’ strong record of excellence.


Cruise ships are graded in dozens of areas, including hygiene and sanitation of food, galley cleanliness, water, shipboard personnel and the ship overall. To earn these high scores, trained crewmembers regularly clean and sanitize the ship. Cabins are cleaned at least once a day, and common areas such as restaurants, snack areas, pools and elevators are cleaned throughout the day. At the end of every cruise, crew clean the ship from top to bottom using des-

ignated cleaning supplies and sanitation procedures. Cruise lines work closely with the CDC’s Vessel Sanitation Program (VSP) in a comprehensive effort to employ preventative practices to achieve the highest standards of public health onboard cruise ships. As part of this program, cruise lines voluntarily submit to health inspections and crew training each year with CDC public health officers making at least two unannounced inspections each year on cruise ships calling on U.S. ports.

Port of Curaçao

Win a Cruise for 2 persons

Introducing the second mega Cruise Berth

Port Services


In the fourth quarter of 2017, the cruise facility expansion of the Curacao Ports Authority (CPA) will be completed. The project introduces the second mega cruise berth in the heart of Willemstad, capable of handling the largest cruise vessels.

Werf de Wilde - P.O. Box: 689 Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean

Tel: (+599-9) 434-5999 Telefax: (+599-9) 461-3907

CPA develops and manages all ports in Curaçao ensuring quality nautical services, safety and security in the ports in an environmentally responsible manner. With modern infrastructure and the experienced port cluster, the ports of Curaçao offer maritime and logistical service excellence. Ports services include: Nautical assistance Cargo & supplies Salvage Bunkering and provisions Surveys Under water services Ship repair and maintenance Transport Fresh water delivery Waste management

Email: Website:


Building towards the Future

Let’s Get Technical

Overview of the European Union MRV Regulation


arah Dayboll, sustainability manager for Carnival Cruise Line, recently attended the FCCA PAMAC Cruise Summit on Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas from January 13-18. In addition to interacting with the Platinum Members onboard, she participated in the semiannual PAMAC Meeting to discuss the 2018 EU MRV (monitoring, reporting and verification) Regulation and how it will affect the group and cruise lines. Excerpts from that presentation are included below:




WHO IS THE ACCOUNTABLE ENTITY It is the responsibility of the Ship

Fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, Transport of ships



Monitoring, Reporting and Monitoring,*Reporting*and*Verification*of*carbon* Verification of carbon emissions emissions*from*ships*+*publication*of*data* from ships + publication of data

Every Ship must: • Develop its own Monitoring Plan and have it assessed • Monitor and report its emissions and activity data • Have its Emissions Report independently verified • Carry on-board a Document of Compliance (DoC)



Emission*reduction*targets*for*the*maritime* Emission reduction targets for transport*sector the maritime transport sector

The"responsible"entity"is"the"Company The responsible entity is the Company

Further*measures,*including*Market=Based* Further measures, including Measures*(MBM ) Market=Based Measures (MBM)

COMMISSION’S OBJECTIVES OF THE EU MRV Raise awareness by making publicly available emissions and energy efficiency parameters for individual ships Reduce emissions from the voyages covered compared with a business as usual situation Provide insights into the environmental performance of individual ships Contribute to building an international data collection system


The Company means “the ship2owner or The Company means “the ship2owner or any other organization or person” such as any other organization or person” such as the manager or bareboat charterer, which the manager or bareboat charterer, which has assumed the responsibility for the has assumed the responsibility for the operation the ship2owner operation ofofthethe shipship fromfrom the ship2owner



Ships'exceeding'5.000'GT Ships'exceeding'5.000'GT Ships'exceeding'5.000'GT Ships'exceeding'5.000'GT Ships exceeding 5.000 GT

Regardless'of'Flag'or'country'of'ownership Regardless'of'Flag'or'country'of'ownership Regardless'of'Flag'or'country'of'ownership Regardless of Flag or country of ownership Regardless'of'Flag'or'country'of'ownership Calling'at'an'EU'port'from'January'1'2018 Calling'at'an'EU'port'from'January'1'2018 Calling at an EU port from January 1 2018 Calling'at'an'EU'port'from'January'1'2018 Calling'at'an'EU'port'from'January'1'2018 Carrying'cargo'or'passengers'for'commercial''''' Carrying'cargo'or'passengers'for'commercial''''' Carrying cargo or passengers for commercial purposes purposes Carrying'cargo'or'passengers'for'commercial''''' purposes Carrying'cargo'or'passengers'for'commercial''''' purposes purposes




Outlines the procedures in place to monitor, collect, control, and report data for the EU MRV

EU%Member%States:#Belgium,#Bulgaria,# EU Member States: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia,#Republic#of#Cyprus,#Denmark,# Croatia,Estonia,#Finland,#France,#Germany,# Republic of Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia,Greece,#Ireland,#Italy,#Latvia,#Lithuania,# Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland,Malta,#Netherlands,#Poland,#Portugal,# Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Romania,#Slovenia,#Spain,#Sweden#and# Netherlands, the#UK. Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

Demonstrates how the ship’s MRV system is compliant with the EU MRV Regulation Compiles all information on how the ship’s MRV system works, and must be complete, accurate, relevant and compliant

EEA%Member%States:#EU#Member#States# EEA Member States: EU Member States + Iceland+#Iceland#+#Norway + Norway

Where relevant, references should be made to compatible monitoring elements from existing management systems (e.g. SMS, SEEMP, EMS, etc.)

GibraltarGibraltar(is(considered(to(be(an(EU(port is considered to be an EU port EEA%outermost%regions:# EEA outermost regions:





Annual reporting data: • Amount and type of fuel consumed in total and associated emissions factors

All voyages calling at a port of call located in an EEA s#calling#at#a#port#of#call#located#in#an#EEA#outermost#region# All#voyages#calling#at#a#port#of#call#located#in#an#EEA#outermost#region# outermost region are also subject to EU MRV bject#to#EU#MRV are#also subject#to#EU#MRV

• Fuel consumed for each reportable voyage:

EEA%outermost%regions:% Acores,)Canary)Islands,) French)Guiana,) Guadeloupe,)Madeira,) Martinique,)Mayotte,) Reunion)and)Saint)Martin

Emissions within ports at berth

Total time spent at sea

Total distance travelled

Fuel consumption per distance = total annual fuel consumption/total distance travelled

CO2 emissions per distance = total annual CO2 emissions/total distance travelled


A voyage is a journey between two consecutive ports of call A port of call is a port where a ship stops to load or unload cargo or to embark or disembark passengers An EU MRV voyage is when at least one of the two ports of call is in the EEA

Consequently, stops for the sole purposes of refueling, obtaining supplies, relieving the crew, going into dry-dock or making repairs to the ship and/or its equipment, stops in port because the ship is in need of assistance or in distress, ship-to-ship transfers carried out outside ports, and stops for the sole purpose of taking shelter from adverse weather or rendered necessary by search and rescue activities are not ports of call

Shipping company

Shipping( company


assessment Initial) of vessel assessment)of) MP & office vessel)MP)&) office)visit) visit Verified


Closing Closing)of) of finding finding)of) of vessel vessel) Drafting of Drafting)of) MPs for all Mps)for)all) ship ship Shipping Shipping( company company

Assessment of Assessment) individual MPs of) per vessel individual)) MPs)per)

Verified vessel


Closing findings


Shipping company

Assessment report

Assessment) report Verified

Shipping( company



Drafting of one MP

Drafting)of) for each one)MP)for) vessel each)vessel)

• Preparation of Monitoring Plans (MPs) • Independent assessment of MPs • Assessment reports


French)Guiana,) Guadeloupe,)Madeira,) Martinique,)Mayotte,) EUReunion)and)Saint)Martin MRV VOYAGE?

• Monitoring of fuel, carbon emissions, cargo, and other relevant data on a per-voyage basis for each ship as outlined in the MPs



EEA outermost regions: Acores, Canary Islands, French EEA%outermost%regions:% Guiana, Guadeloupe, Madeira, Martinique, Mayotte, Acores,)Canary)Islands,) Reunion and Saint Martin


Energy efficiency parameters:

• Preparation of Emissions Reports (ERs) • Independent verification of ERs • Document of Compliance (DOC)




Photo courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line

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Aon Risk Solutions



GREATNESS Learn how the best get better. Aon focuses on delivering value and impact to all our clients. As a result, Aon is the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association’s endorsed broker for the Global Tour Operator Liability Insurance Program. With more than 500 Aon and Aon Affiliate offices located throughout the world, we stand ready to serve the insurance needs of the cruise industry. Contact our expert to learn more: Hellen Mena - Aon Risk Solutions +1.305.961.6231

Risk. Reinsurance. Human Resources.

Why Do the World’s Largest Cruise Ships Choose One of the Caribbean’s Smallest Islands? Close to other islands. Far from ordinary Cruise lines prefer St. Kitts because it’s close to other island destinations and provides passengers with easy access to an unforgettable day of authentic experiences. Our two berths (1,100 ft long with minimum depth of 28 ft) are just steps from the historic capital of Basseterre and within easy range of thrilling half-day adventures further afield. Please contact us for a confidential review of your requirements.

P.O. Box 132 • Pelican Mall • Basseterre, St. Kitts (869) 465-4040

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Meetings & Events

Maximizing Seatrade Cruise Global: Easy as FCCA


eatrade Cruise Global is an excitwhile benefitting a worthy cause—the To foster these engagements during ing time for the Florida-Caribbean FCCA Foundation, the non-profit, charSeatrade and help actualize its numerous itable organization that funds humanCruise Association (FCCA), synonyresources and high-level attendees, the itarian causes in the Caribbean and mous with renewing and creating business FCCA programmed a block of functions Latin America. partnerships, discussing ideas and tackling coinciding with the event to ensure that On the following evening, the industry issues with the attending cruise Platinum Members have a direct line to open-registration FCCA Gala joins parline representatives and global stakeholdthe FCCA Member Line executives. ticipants for a private, sit-down dinner ers. Of course, these opportunities are vast The FCCA booth itself (#2621) serves with a cruise line executive or even a during the event’s standard programming, as the site for many of these. Besides being president and/or CEO, such as Goldstein, but the FCCA maximizes these chances a one-stop shop for all attendees to learn along with Michael Bayley, President & for its Platinum Members. more about the FCCA and what it offers, CEO, Royal Caribbean International; After all, Seatrade and the FCCA the booth also hosts networking receptions Christine Duffy, President, Carnival have developed a strong, synergistic to promote destinations and companies, relationship while working together for while bringing together Platinum Members Cruise Line; Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, President & CEO, Celebrity Cruises; Richard Sasso, more than a quarter-century. The collaband cruise executives in a private atmoChairman, MSC Cruises oration began back in the USA; and Andy Stuart, early 1990s, with the FCCA President & CEO, Norwegian actively participating in the Cruise Line. planning and organization The influential audience of Seatrade and Seatrade will also be on-hand with all supporting the FCCA’s attendees for a 90-minute netCaribbean-based annual conworking reception and silent ference, fundraising events art auction sponsored by Park and charitable activities. Today, that collaboration West Gallery before sitting benefits FCCA members pardown to host the dinner with ticipating in Seatrade Cruise a side of relationship and Global. As with everything in business development. which the FCCA participates, Individual tickets were one of its main goals is to also available with execu“THE FCCA OPENS THE DOOR TO THE positively impact the working tives ranging from managers CRUISE INDUSTRY AND PUTS YOU IN relationship between its memto senior vice presidents bers and executives from its throughout the many sectors THE MIDDLE OF THE ACTION.” Member Lines that operate ranging from operations —MICKY ARISON, Chairman, Carnival Corporation & plc nearly 200 ships in the FCCA’s and destination developpartner destinations. ment, to government relaThe FCCA does this by providing sphere. Plus, many of the same executives tions and itinerary planning. More than multiple events and opportunities to put and members cycle in and out of the booth just admission, the tickets included full members on a first-name basis with FCCA for meetings arranged by the FCCA. access to the functions and benefited a Member Line executives, presidents and Of course, there are also the annual good cause, with all proceeds benefiting CEOs—interactions that spawn relationFCCA events that have become tradition the FCCA Foundation. ships and put a foot in the door. This is for many cruise executives and Platinum Indeed, 2018 Seatrade Cruise a key component of the FCCA Platinum Members. An annual pre-event welcoming Global will benefit participants with its Membership program and a vital resource party offered members and cruise execusuccess-proven formula combined with for any entity doing or desiring business tives an intimate affair to reacquaint and many new features by UBM, the FCCA with the cruise industry. prepare for the days and discussions ahead. offers backstage passes to visit the rock Wednesday, March 7 features not “FCCA events always give me an stars—key decision makers from FCCA only one of the networking receptions opportunity to meet valuable industry Member Lines. gathering members and executives, but stakeholders,” said Adam Goldstein, Or, as Micky Arison, chairman of also a Table Tennis Challenge hosted by Carnival Corporation & plc, said, “The president and COO of Royal Caribbean Goldstein himself, who will match up Cruises Ltd. and chairman of the FCCA. FCCA opens the door to the cruise with event sponsors looking for a unique industry and puts you in the middle of “These are the people who have ideas and projects I want, and need, to know about.” networking and exposure opportunity, the action.” FIRST QUARTER 2018 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 39

Meetings & Events

Cruise360 Sails into Fort Lauderdale


ruise360, CLIA’s biggest professional development event of the year, sails into the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center this April 17-23, featuring a week’s worth of professional development, ship inspections, networking and the latest industry trends. As the largest official conference of the cruise industry, Cruise360 brings together travel professionals, cruise line representatives, ports & destinations, industry suppliers and CLIA preferred partners for a truly panoramic view of the cruise industry. This year’s Cruise360 features: •

Live Ship Inspections: 14 of the latest, greatest ships, including MSC Seaside, Carnival Vista and Disney Magic.

CLIA Seminars: Includes new seminars “20 Best Practices for Travel Agent Success” and “Social Media Power User,” as well as updated versions of some CLIA favorites. With a mix of courses geared towards beginner, intermediate or advanced levels, the 2018 lineup features something for every stage of your career.

Cruise Line Showcases: Learn about the hottest trends and most profitable sales initiatives from CLIA Cruise Lines. Each showcase offers an opportunity to gain detailed insider knowledge about some of the most popular ships sailing today.

Product & Destination Workshops: Sponsored workshops designed to give

you in-depth knowledge and insider tips sure to “wow” your clients. •

The Cruise360 Marketplace (Tradeshow): A four-hour tradeshow featuring a fantastic lineup of more than 100 companies you want to meet, all in one place.

General Sessions Featuring Top Industry Leaders: Top industry leaders take center stage at Cruise360 to provide the latest insights into the industry, spotlight new innovations and focus on key opportunities facing the cruise travel industry today.

Looking for more information on Cruise360? Visit to learn more about this year’s event.


Meetings & Events

Key Cruise Line Executives and Industry Stakeholders Gather for Meetings, Business Opportunities and Family Fun


n January 13, more than 150 FCCA Platinum Members, 25 decision-making executives from FCCA Member lines, and even some of their family members headed to Fort Lauderdale’s Port Everglades to embark on Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas and the annual FCCA PAMAC Cruise Summit. As usual, the event put business and relationship development in high gear on the high seas through an agenda ranging from meetings to networking events and shore excursions, offering a healthy balance of work and fun. After all, linking some of the premier players of destinations’ private and public sectors with the high-level cruise executives not only offers vital collaboration and promotion, but also makes them comfortable together to form invaluable, synergistic partnerships.

“FCCA membership events like the PAMAC Cruise Summit are essential to both the members and cruise line representatives,” said Adam Goldstein, president and COO, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., and chairman, FCCA. “They join some of the industry’s most influential decision makers with significant stakeholders from the Caribbean and Latin America, which leads to positive developments for all parties.” Activities began right after Independence rang its horns and announced its departure for Costa Maya, Mexico, as the crowd congregated for the Business Card Exchange and Reception. Here, members and executives swapped not only cards, but also trends and developments—from a new destination product or target market, to a new child or hobby. Dinner followed, where members and executives joined to continue their discus-

sions or start a new one by sitting with a different executive. Tables set aside for the group provided a selection of conversation partners, from family and other Platinum Members to a choice of cruise executives that decide where ships call; what is bought, used and sold onboard; and how to invest in destination products and infrastructure. The next day started with a two-hour session of one-on-one meetings, where members privately met with pre-selected executives. Often these executives filled a required need for discussing and presenting new business. After all, they have the knowledge to offer their input and cruise line’s perspective to make a more viable business model and tailor offerings for the line and industry. “The one-on-one meetings allow for us to address the specific concerns or learn about new products from Platinum Members,” told Federico Gonzalez-Denton, FIRST QUARTER 2018 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 43

Meetings & Events

associate vice president, government relations, Caribbean & Latin America, Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited. “This is an important tool for both the members and the cruise industry. For us, we frequently learn about new developments and products, and we are able to help fine-tune them to best fit the cruise lines. For the members, it gives them a real vantage point in knowing what the lines are looking for and how to appeal to them.” A sense of wonder and excitement was in the air the following day because of the tours in store, including trekking into the jungle and stepping back in time to 1,000 B.C. while exploring the Chacchoben Mayan Ruins’ sacred temples and astronomical murals. Those looking for a relaxing getaway headed to Mahahual’s


beach club along the Fishermans Village, paddling in one of the available kayaks or simply soaking up the sun while relaxing at the Beach Escape. And the other options—ranging from an aviary, tequila museum and chocolate museum, to snorkeling with the stingrays and flying down 800-foot Kukulcan Zip Coaster at Port Costa Maya’s Lost Mayan Kingdom water and adventure park— showed the importance of offering something for everyone. The day also put the shoe on the other foot, allowing the group to see what they want to experience and how they want to be treated, along with getting a different perspective of crowd control, passenger flow, transportation to and from cruise ship and tour guide interaction.

After a day of fun, the Business Networking Reception followed that night to allow for more product promotions and discussions including not only work, but also the enthusiasm about the activities and even some of the lessons learned and inspiration given. Another sit-down dinner with reserved tables then continued the talks and ideas. The group took a break from business functions the next day, with the schedule focusing solely on the tours galore in Cozumel. Dolphinaris provided a chance to swim with the dolphins and have close encounters with not only the dolphins, but also between the group in order to build stronger relationships. And Playa Mia gave the VIP treatment, along with everything from massage

treatments, manicures and shopping, to parasailing, diving and waterslides, as well as a sample of the culture through a Mexican cooking class and its Underwater Mayan City. Alarm clocks announced the following day, with the group again rising early for one of the Summit’s most important proceedings, the PAMAC Meeting. A fixture of PAMAC events, the meeting brought together the entire group to discuss operations and developments, with select Platinum Members giving presentations on topics such as the rebuilding efforts to reopen destinations for tourism after Hurricanes Irma and Maria. “[The PAMAC Meeting] is an important feature for relaying all of the latest information to the members while also giving a chance to know how to best learn from it and implement what they need to fully take advantage of this knowledge—from an individual operational level to steps they must take to improve their destination and region,” said Matthew Sams, vice president of Caribbean relations, Holland America Line. The meeting included input from the panel of Member Line executives leading the meeting, including Albino Di Lorenzo, vice president, cruise operations, MSC Cruises (USA) Inc.;


Steve Moeller, vice president, commercial development, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd.; Carlos Torres de Navarra, vice president, commercial port operations, Carnival Cruise Line;

Federico González-Denton; and Arnaldo Zanonato, senior manager, port adventures, Disney Cruise Line. Cruise executives even got into the mix with their own presentations. Di Lorenzo shared MSC Cruises’ unique DNA that has been the building blocks for 800 percent growth in its first 10 years and can be linked with the group to create mutual success, and Sarah Dayboll, sustainability manager for Carnival Cruise Line, discussed the 2018 EU monitoring, reporting and verification regulations, and how they will affect the group. The group then enjoyed free time until gathering that evening for a farewell reception, ensuring that members had the opportunity to talk with whomever they needed and left no ends untied. The sense of urgency encouraged them to wrap up (or begin) ongoing discussions or business proposals. In all, the FCCA PAMAC Cruise Summit provided another successful example of what FCCA’s Platinum Member events seek for its members and executives: to provide the knowledge and opportunities to develop products and destinations for— as well as appeal and promote them to— cruise lines, all while having some laid-back fun in comfortable settings that lead to real connections and relationship building.


On Board Four Carnival Corporation Brands Launching New Ships in 2018

Carnival Corporation’s ongoing fleet enhancement strategy will launch four new cruise ships in 2018 across four of its 10 global brands, along with 19 new builds scheduled for delivery between 2018 and 2022, creating excitement in the vacation market and continuing to exceed guest expectations while accelerating demand for cruising, the fastest growing segment in the vacation industry. “On top of the three new ships we launched in 2017, we look forward to the delivery of four more spectacular ships that will help us continue providing extraordinary cruise vacations at an exceptional value for our guests,” said Roger Frizzell, chief communications officer for Carnival Corporation. “The new ships also demonstrate our long-term strategy to build highly efficient, innovative and state-of-the-art ships that offer our guests the latest in onboard features and amenities, while creating excitement in the marketplace that will continue to inspire more travelers to consider cruising as a vacation option. “Our fleet enhancement program enables us to manage the overall fleet by aligning new ship deliveries with our strategy for measured capacity growth over time, while also refurbishing existing ships and phasing out less-efficient vessels. It is a successful approach that helps us meets our number one priority – to consistently exceed our guests’ expectations.” The ships and their features, technologies and sizes—along with their itineraries and passengers—will be just as diverse as the brands themselves, with additions for 2018 including:

Carnival Cruise Line: Carnival Horizon – Expected launch date in April 2018

As the 26th ship for Carnival Cruise Line, America’s most trusted and popular line, Carnival Horizon will offer a number of unique innovations, including the first Dr. Seuss WaterWorks aqua park, the line’s first teppanyaki dining venue and Guy’s Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que Smokehouse | Brewhouse, and four specifically designed craft beers brewed at an onboard brewery, along with many of the popular indoor and outdoor dining, bar, entertainment and activity options that debuted in 2016 on its sister-ship, Carnival Vista, such as the bike-ride-in-the-sky SkyRide attraction and an IMAX Theatre. Guests can also enjoy a wide range of accommodations including spa cabins with exclusive privileges at the luxurious Cloud 9 Spa, extra-roomy staterooms in Family Harbor, and tropical-inspired Havana staterooms and suites with exclusive daytime access to a Cuban-themed bar and pool. The 133,500-ton Carnival Horizon will debut with a 13-day Mediterranean cruise from Barcelona in April 2018—the first of four round-trip departures from the port. Carnival Horizon will then reposition to the U.S. with a 14-day transatlantic crossing from Barcelona to New York May 9-23, 2018, positioning the vessel for a summer schedule of four-day Bermuda and eight-day Caribbean departures from the Big Apple. Carnival Horizon will shift to Miami to launch a year-round schedule of six- and eight-day Caribbean cruises beginning September 22, 2018, and will also offer a special two-day cruise to Nassau from Miami September 20-22, 2018.

Seabourn: Seabourn Ovation – Expected launch date in May 2018

Following in the footsteps of its highly successful sister ship, Seabourn Encore, launched in early 2017, Seabourn Ovation is set to debut in May 2018. Designed by design icon Adam D. Tihany, the ship will feature contemporary interiors, modern design elements and innovations consistent with Seabourn’s reputation for understated elegance and impeccable service. Seabourn Ovation will round out the current planned expansion of the line’s award-winning and highly acclaimed fleet. The fifth all-suite ship in Seabourn’s fleet, Seabourn Ovation will carry just 600 guests and a host of in-suite amenities providing a “home away from home” onboard experience, including a private veranda in each suite, and a number of innovative offerings and programs, including “An Evening with Tim Rice,” the new theater-style experience created exclusively for the line in association with Belinda King Creative Productions, and through the brand’s partnership with Sir Tim Rice, the acclaimed English musical theatre lyricist of Broadway, West End and film. The experience highlights some of his most loved work—from “Jesus Christ Superstar” to “Aladdin” and “The Lion King.” The vessel is a continuation of Seabourn’s legacy for the finest ultra-luxury cruise line, known for its luxurious accommodations, extraordiFIRST QUARTER 2018 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 47

On Board nary level of service, exceptional dining and exquisite spa facilities. Seabourn is consistently ranked among the world’s top travel choices by professional critics and readers of prestigious travel publications such as Travel + Leisure and Condé Nast Traveler. Following the ship’s delivery, Seabourn Ovation will embark on an 11-day inaugural voyage departing May 5, 2018, from Venice, Italy, to Barcelona. The ship will spend the majority of her maiden season cruising the waters of Northern Europe, offering a variety of Baltic and Scandinavian cruises, which will include the line’s signature three-day stay in St. Petersburg, Russia. Seabourn Ovation will also sail on longer 14-day voyages, visiting the majestic Norwegian fjords and British Isles. Select sailings will also include the Ventures by Seabourn program, which are optional for-charge expedition-style excursions featuring a team of experts, Zodiacs and kayaks with a focus on allowing guests to experience nature up close.

AIDA Cruises: AIDAnova – Expected launch date in December 2018

Arriving in late 2018 for AIDA Cruises, the leading cruise brand in Germany, AIDAnova will be the first cruise ship fully powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG), the world’s cleanest burning fossil fuel, with nearly zero emissions. This ship will be the first in the cruise industry to use LNG to generate 100 percent of its power both in port and on the open sea: an 48 FIRST QUARTER 2018 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

Holland America Line: ms Nieuw Statendam – Expected launch date in December 2018

innovation that will reduce exhaust emissions to help protect the environment and support Carnival Corporation’s aggressive sustainability goals. AIDAnova’s next-generation, fully LNG-powered design is an evolution from the brand’s previous award-winning class of ships that includes AIDAprima and AIDAperla, the first two cruise ships in the world to use LNG while in port. AIDAnova will be followed by six additional fully LNG-powered ships scheduled to be delivered across several Carnival Corporation brands by 2022. AIDAnova marks a new generation of AIDA Cruises ships that combine innovative design with state-of-the-art technology to provide even greater onboard comfort—the onboard brewery, featuring the first-ever beer garden; the beach club; Four Elements, complete with three water slides; a new escape room for puzzle lovers; 360-degree Theatrium; and Studio X, a TV studio at sea. Highlights include 20 different stateroom types, ranging from a twodeck penthouse suite to spacious family and patio cabins to comfortable single options with a balcony. The ship will also feature the Body & Soul Spa, spanning two decks and offering over 80 treatments from around the world. For the first time, the ship has two private outdoor sun islands for couples; an allnew concept with 17 restaurants; 23 bars offering a variety of culinary trends from around the world; and the new Time Machine restaurant, blending experience and culinary art to take guests on a dinner trip through time. In its debut season starting in December 2018, AIDAnova will offer seven-day trips around the Canary Islands. Prior to the Canary season, AIDAnova will make a stop in Hamburg, and will visit the Hanseatic City on the Elbe before setting off toward Gran Canaria.

Nieuw Statendam is the second Pinnacle Class ship for Holland America Line— one of cruising’s most popular premium lines, with a 145-year history—joining ms Koningsdam, which launched in April 2016. The 99,500-ton ship is the ultimate expression of the brand’s evolution, with grand light-filled spaces; visual drama; and sumptuous interiors inspired by the fluid curves of musical instruments, created by leading hospitality designer Adam D. Tihany and designer and architect Bjorn Storbraaten. The ship will carry 2,666 guests and feature fine-dining options at alternative restaurants Sel de Mer, a French seafood brasserie, and Tamarind, an Asian fusion concept, in addition to the Grand Dutch Café with traditional Dutch treats and European beer. Onboard entertainment will include the popular Music Walk area featuring all genres of music showcased in venues including Lincoln Center Stage, Billboard Onboard and the dynamic B.B. King’s Blues Club. With the 270-degree LED projection at World Stage, show-time performances will immerse the audience in panoramic visual and sound effects. The ship will also launch with the newly created Exploration Central’s hub located in the Crow’s Nest, now a comprehensive resource and engagement center with interactive screens and a Virtual Bridge. Nieuw Statendam is scheduled to depart Dec. 5, 2018, on its maiden voyage with guests, a 14-day transatlantic crossing to Fort Lauderdale. The ship will then spend the winter season cruising roundtrip from the South Florida port on seven-day Caribbean itineraries, with select three-, four- and 10-day options.

Norwegian Cruise Line Celebrates First Construction Milestone for Newest Ship

On January 31, Norwegian Cruise Line marked the start of construction for Norwegian Encore—Norwegian’s latest addition to its young, modern fleet—which will sail The Caribbean from Miami seasonally beginning fall 2019.

“Norwegian Encore will be the ultimate Breakaway Plus Class vessel, and we are thrilled to celebrate the start of construction for this incredible new ship,” said Andy Stuart, president and CEO, Norwegian Cruise Line. “Over 50 years ago the Norwegian brand began creating unforgettable vacation moments with the first inter-island cruise in The Caribbean from Miami. We continue building on our legacy of innovation with this brand-new state-of-the-art vessel perfect for exploring the natural beauty of some of the most remarkable islands in the world.” Norwegian Encore will be the 17th ship in the Norwegian Cruise Line fleet and the line’s fourth and final ship in the Breakaway Plus Class, the most successful Class in the brand’s history. At approximately 167,800 gross tons and accommodating nearly 4,000 guests, Norwegian Encore will sail weekly seven-day Caribbean cruises each Sunday from PortMiami, offering guests the superior service, world-class entertainment, signature dining and onboard experiences that Norwegian Cruise Line is known for around the globe. The new ship will pair innovative design and modern luxurious décor with an array of options that will allow guests the freedom and flexibility to enjoy their vacation at their own unique pace and style.

The Countdowns Begin for Celebrity Cruises’ First New Ship Class in 10 Years, Celebrity Edge, and First-ofIts-Kind Celebrity Flora

In January, with construction running ahead of schedule, Celebrity Cruises offered the world an early glimpse of what will be the brand’s first ship in a new class in more than 10 years when Celebrity Edge floated out of her dry dock at the STX France shipyard and marked a major milestone in both the building process and the beginning of a new class, as three sister ships are scheduled for 2020, 2021 and 2022. “This truly is an exciting moment for our brand,” said Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, President and CEO, Celebrity Cruises. “With exterior construction complete, the amazing STX France team will now turn their attention to bringing all of the meticulously designed venues and transformational staterooms and suites to life.” After a series of four preview sailings, Celebrity Edge will spend her inaugural season homeporting in Fort Lauderdale and sailing alternating seven-night eastern and western Caribbean itineraries— with the additional voyage made possible because of the sooner-than-expected service date and creating the possibility to book the back-to-back sailings for a 14-night journey. “Both of these maiden voyages, plus the taste of luxury preview sailings, will have all of the festivities one would expect from the launch of such a revolutionary new ship, and now even more guests will have the chance to experience these oneof-a-kind inaugural sailings,” continued Lutoff-Perlo. Celebrity Edge will then transport guests to the stunning vistas of the Mediterranean with a range of seven- to 11-night sailings from iconic cities like Barcelona and Rome in 2019.

The First-of-Its-Kind Celebrity Flora

Celebrity also recently celebrated the official start of construction for Celebrity Flora—and the blooming of a ship design revolution. Celebrity Flora is an elevated and inspired approach to marine exploration, meticulously designed expressly for the awe-inspiring Galapagos Islands. One of the most energy-efficient ships of its size in the diverse archipelago, the 100-guest Celebrity Flora will offer seamless sea-to-shore transportation, and include anchorless technology that maintains the ship’s position while protecting the sensitive sea floor. Innovative outward-facing design gives guests 360-degree views of the islands, while personal suite attendants, new dining venues, an open-air stargazing platform, and expert-lead ecological seminars will round out the modern luxury vacation experience. “Celebrity Flora marks another example of our revolutionary ship design by allowing the destination and its environment to influence every decision we’ve made,” said Lutoff-Perlo, “From the luxurious all-suite accommodations to industry-first, eco-friendly innovations, we created a ship that brings a new level of luxury, sustainability and natural exploration to the region. Guests will feel as though they’re boarding a high-end yacht for a week of unparalleled adventures, and they are!” “We are very pleased with the announcement of Celebrity Cruises’ decision to build a cruise vessel with cutting-edge technology, designed specifically to operate around our wonderful islands,” said Enrique Ponce de León, Ecuador’s Minister of Tourism. “Celebrity Flora will undoubtedly mark a very important milestone in the tourism development of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, offering high quality and sustainable tourism.” Celebrity Flora will sail from Baltra year-round, making her first sailing on FIRST QUARTER 2018 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 49

On Board May 26, 2019, and bookings are open for the ship’s alternating seven-night inner and outer loop itineraries.

MSC Seaside Makes Miami Debut

On December 21, MSC Cruises’ newest ship, MSC Seaside, made its official U.S. debut at a naming ceremony at PortMiami. As a company with 300 years of maritime heritage, MSC Cruises celebrated the time-honored seafaring tradition with a long list of celebrated guests, renowned performers, local officials, and special attendees from across the globe toasting the stunning new ship under the Miami stars. With a ribbon-cutting ceremony, champagne naming, a fireworks show, and stellar musical performances, the evening made a splash, and MSC Seaside will continue to make waves alongside MSC Divina in sailing to the Caribbean from PortMiami.

Carnival Corporation Orders Second New Ship for Its P&O Cruises Brand Carnival Corporation recently signed a shipbuilding contract for a second next-generation cruise ship for its P&O Cruises brand with leading German shipbuilder Meyer Werft GmbH that is scheduled to be delivered in 2022. Similar to a fellow P&O Cruises sister ship due for delivery in 2020, the second new vessel will be the largest cruise ship to be built specifically for the British market. It will be 180,000 gross tons and accommodate approximately 5,200 guests (lower berths).

Traditional Keel-Laying Ceremony Held for Carnival Panorama , Scheduled to Enter Service in November 2019

A traditional keel-laying ceremony was held at the Fincantieri shipyard in Marghera, Italy this January, marking the 50 FIRST QUARTER 2018 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

official start of construction for Carnival Cruise Line’s third 133,500-ton Vista-class ship, Carnival Panorama, which is scheduled to enter service in November 2019. Carnival Panorama will offer many of the popular innovations and features introduced on Carnival Vista, which debuted in May 2016.

Disney Cruise Line Takes Guests on Epic Adventures in 2019 with Return of Star Wars Day at Sea and Marvel Day at Sea

In 2019, epic adventures at sea return to Disney Cruise Line with special engagements of two popular itineraries: Star Wars Day at Sea and Marvel Day at Sea. Spanning two Disney cruise ships, sailing across the Caribbean and Bahamas, these cruises bring Disney and fan-favorite fun to families and guests of all ages. From January to early March, 2019, special seven-night Disney Fantasy sailings will transport guests to the Caribbean and a galaxy far, far away. From January to early March, 2019, special five-night Disney Magic sailings will take guests to the Caribbean and Bahamas, along with an action-packed, day-long celebration of the Marvel Universe.

Princess Cruises Unveils Newest Stephen Schwartz Production “The Secret Silk” Princess Cruises revealed the third production show created in collaboration with Oscar-, Tony- and Grammy award-winning composer of “Wicked,”

“Pippin,” and “Godspell,” Stephen Schwartz, and his team of professional creators. “The Secret Silk” is a remarkable tale of adventure, romance, and enchantment that features familiar music and brings together some of Broadway’s best to transport audiences onboard. The new show, created and directed by Tony Award-nominated John Tartaglia, debuted exclusively on Royal Princess in mid-February.

Cunard Partners with The New Yorker to Present “Cartoonists at Sea”

Cunard and The New Yorker have partnered to offer guests an exciting opportunity to explore the world of cartoons while aboard the flagship ocean liner Queen Mary 2. During select 2018 Transatlantic Crossings from June to November, celebrated cartoonists of the acclaimed magazine will host exclusive drawing sessions, workshops, hands-on demonstrations and caption contests for passengers.

Three America’s Test Kitchen Feature Cruises on Holland America Line Showcase Cast Members, Editors and Authors

Foodies and those who simply love to learn about gastronomy can now embark on a culinary journey with Holland America Line during three exclusive America’s Test Kitchen feature cruises. The special sailings elevate the cruise line’s partnership with the multifaceted media company and will showcase leading America’s Test Kitchen cast members. The three America’s Test Kitchen feature cruises are the May 6, 2018, seven-day Alaska Inside Passage cruise on Westerdam; July 7, 2018, 14-day Northern Isles on Zuiderdam; and Sept. 22, 2018, seven-day Canada & New England Discovery on Veendam. In addition to dynamic cooking shows and hands-on workshops, guests on board will be able to meet the experts from the show at a book signing and reception, attend a question and answer session, join them for a multimedia presentation on recipe development, and test their kitchen knowledge at trivia.

On Board

The 5 Tips to Celebrations at Sea


ince every day on a cruise ship is a celebration, it’s not surprising that many travelers choose to celebrate life’s greatest moments with family and friends on a cruise vacation. From weddings and reunions to retirements and birthdays, there’s nothing you can’t celebrate with a fabulous cruise vacation. “There is no better way to spend life’s big moments than with a journey at sea, and the cruise industry offers a variety of options to make milestones memorable,” said Cindy D’Aoust, president and CEO, CLIA. “With a completely customizable travel experience, a cruise offers travelers a unique way to celebrate occasions with a trip tailored to every budget and preference.” Whether you choose to blow out birthday candles on the beach or tie the knot on deck, here are five tips you need to know to plan and execute the perfect celebratory cruise: Prepared Packages No matter what the celebration may be, many cruise lines offer group packages for large travel parties and special occasions, including specialty celebration offering fun extras for everyone in your group. Travel agents can help travelers find special excursions and discounted cabin rates for groups of various sizes. Some cruise lines offer a free cabin based upon the number of rooms booked by large groups—a great way for the guests of honor to celebrate.

Take the Cake & Culture Some cruise lines offer special treats like cakes and other desserts or baked goods, which can be ordered in advance to sweeten your celebration. As a bonus, you can request that crew members sing “Happy Birthday” for the guest of honor. Additionally, celebrating cruisers can immerse themselves in the local culture of their destinations to make celebrations even more special. Travelers

can check with their travel agent or cruise line to see if there are any culturally relevant ceremonies or experiences available to them, such as traditional wedding celebrations or birthday customs based on a destination on the itinerary.

Pack the Party Many cruise lines will help travelers celebrate any occasion with special surprises including private parties and customized group excursions. Travelers looking to celebrate onboard a ship

should pack items like cabin decorations for birthdays and matching shirts for reunions. Some cruise lines even encourage cruise travelers to decorate cabins and cabin doors with festive décor. Celebrate on the Ship and Land Book ahead for a celebratory dinner in a specialty restaurant on the ship and alert the staff to the special occasion—some restaurants will provide complimentary dessert or make special accommodations. On land, a pre-planned excursion can create a bonding experience for every celebratory cruise. Celebrating a birthday or other milestone? Consider checking off a “bucket list” item during a shore excursion, like rock-climbing or sightseeing in a storybook European village. Alert an Agent A CLIA-certified travel agent can help every traveler create a customized and memorable milestone cruise vacation with added perks and reduced stress over the details. Agents can also help arrange special amenities, activities and surprises on board, as well as offer special discounts on group cruising. Additionally, agents can help travelers organize group activities to keep the celebration going, like onshore excursions or group dinners. Overall, a travel agent is the best way to make sure that your cruise vacation is the perfect celebration, no matter what the occasion.

Overall, a cruise vacation is the best way to commemorate life’s achievements and milestones, and a CLIA-certified travel agent can help to ensure that your celebratory cruise is one to remember. FIRST QUARTER 2018 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 51

On Board

Going the Extra Distance to Bring Travelers Even Closer


magine discovering unspoiled beaches, unfamiliar cultures and undiscovered atolls. With Windstar Cruises you can enliven your curiosity and awaken your sense of wonder—venturing to places never thought possible. Leave the crowds and the commonplace behind and experience a different kind of cruise, where the allure, beauty and magic of the places you sail to are equaled only by the ship that takes you there. Voted the “World’s Best Small Ship Cruise Line” by Conde Nast Travelers prestigious Readers’ Choice Awards, Windstar Cruises’ small ships are exactly the right size—large enough to pamper and entertain you, yet small enough to tuck into the tiny harbors and hidden coves others can’t reach. On board Windstar’s immaculate vessels, you can set sail for stunning destinations like old world European villages, the remote Costa Rican coastline, the incredible Panama Canal, and the secluded coves and islands of Tahiti and the Caribbean. In addition, Windstar now has expanded its repertoire to include the very best of Alaska, Asia, Arabia and Canada & New England. With only 148 to 310 guests cruising with you, you can experience cultures in ways that are personal, authentic, and unscripted—just as you would if you arrived in port on your own private yacht. Activities such as certified SCUBA dives, rejuvenating baths in volcanic springs, regional wine tastings, and unique dining opportunities allow


you to explore other lands and see the world from a new perspective. On board you’ll also experience the extraordinary. No crowds, no formal nights, no lines, just a casually elegant vibe and friendly atmosphere. The moment you arrive you’ll notice the ever-attentive crew at your service, providing you with what you want and need, when you want and need it. No matter what destination beckons you, the local flavor of the culture is deliciously captured when you dine on board your Windstar ship. Fresh, local ingredients— often selected by your ship’s chef on a trip to the local market—along with seasonal produce and culinary ingenuity go into each perfectly presented dish made to your liking. Windstar’s accommodations also will leave you breathless, with breathtaking views. The ships only feature ocean view

staterooms and suites, so no matter where you stay, you can always watch from your room as the ship sails into port. Best of all, Windstar’s intimate and fun-loving spirit is designed to make you feel at home. Make memories that will last a lifetime while enjoying a relaxing massage, attending the Signature Onboard Barbeque and beloved crew show, or while swimming, kayaking or paddle boarding right from the Watersports Platform on the back of the ship. Whether you are sharing coffee with the Captain on the Bridge, dining under the stars, roaming the spacious decks or sharing stories with other savvy travelers, Windstar’s fleet creates an experience that’s truly 180 degrees from ordinary. Book your adventure today at

YOUR CLIENTS WON’T JUST SOAK UP THE LOCAL FLAVOR. THEY’LL HAVE IT FOR DINNER. Somewhere in Morocco there’s a market only locals know about. And the Windstar chef. It’s where he’ll find the spices he needs for tonight’s expertly prepared, exquisitely presented dinner. There are many reasons why a Windstar cruise is memorable. But it’s the immersive experiences your clients aren’t expecting that make it magical. Call Windstar Cruises at 855-816-1448 or visit

We Want You: Cruise Lines Open for Business to Help Create Great Destinations By CARLOS TORRES DE NAVARRA, Vice President, Strategic & Commercial Port Development, Carnival Cruise Line, & Chairman, FCCA Operations Committee


estinations and stakeholders usually focus on how much they want cruise lines’ business, but we want your business just as much. More importantly, we want you as a partner to fulfill our focus of not only what makes a great destination, but what can sustain our business for years and years. Sometimes it’s easier for a destination’s public sector to believe they have enough local businesses that can take care of it, or that their tourism sites will be good enough to sustain their cruise tourism business. But it takes a destination as a whole to develop all of the different elements that will lead to mutual successes. Yes, many passengers visit the Caribbean to enjoy some type of beach or tropical element, but each destination 54 FIRST QUARTER 2018 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

is different. If you look at our ports that we developed as a corporation, we use the natural elements of the destination to create something around it. For instance, Grand Turk has one of the nicest beaches in the world, so we built the pier right off the beach so passengers have this pristine beach to enjoy themselves—with cabanas and a nice place to eat—as soon as they step off the ship. At Amber Cove in Puerto Plata, we worked with the existing tourism element and tour providers to create robust offerings for the guests, along with developing a port that highlights the destination and provides an excellent welcoming experience and shopping, dining and leisure activities steps from the gangway.

What makes Cozumel special is not necessarily that it has a beach at the port, but that it has a great shopping and dining experience steps from the port that provide an entryway into Cozumel’s beaches and destination products. So what makes our ports unique and increases guest satisfaction is using the natural landscape, creating a welcoming entryway with options right off the pier, and providing a very safe and orderly environment where families feel that they can enjoy themselves and not worry about any kind of harassment. This is not a hard model, but when I look at the landscape of ports and destinations out there, I see a need for this focus. Sure, some destinations can succeed independently of any work.

On Land Many European ports, for example, can simply serve as a portal into historical cities. But in the Caribbean and Mexico, things do not often happen this way. It usually takes a lot of work. Even in destinations where things come easier because of a thriving tourism market, like St. Thomas and St. Maarten, it takes constant effort.

Then there are destinations that need to take a look from top to bottom at what they offer. Are they offering a great experience as soon as passengers step off the ship? Are they offering great shore excursions? What is it that makes them special, and what can they build upon to make them an even better destination that can sustain success for a long time? When we, the cruise lines (and not just Carnival), look at these destinations and what they provide for an itinerary, we look at not only what we can sell for shore excursions (which are essential because they are a large part of our business model), but what our passengers can see and do outside of shore excursions.

It’s no secret that everybody who gets off the ship doesn’t buy shore excursions. For example, if half of the guests take a tour, that’s a good success rate for our business model, but what happens with the other 50 percent? Are they having a good time? We need to know that the destination itself will keep focusing on improving products for passengers not on tours, rath-

“… WE NEED TO FIND PEOPLE AND ENTITIES THAT ARE WILLING TO WORK WITH THE CRUISE LINES TO DEVELOP PRODUCT.” er than solely focusing on shore excursions. After all, if 50 percent of guest comments are negative, that’s not sustainable. At the end of the day, we must adhere to what guests want. If guests

don’t buy tickets to go to those places, we don’t have a business. This all begins far before passengers step on the ship or even book their cruise or excursions. Destinations must be desirable and give passengers a reason to want to visit that destination, to sample it on a cruise and then return as a stay-over visitor. How can we look at every element of what makes a great product and how these cities and countries can fine-tune what they are trying to deliver to guests, in a long-term, sustainable way? Governments and communities need to get together and not be passive or reactive in their approach, because sometimes it is too late to react after the business is gone, but rather be proactive to ensure that the business stays. To find ways to change, you should talk to the cruise lines and the FCCA. The FCCA gives a good general direction and specific models, and it offers a great starting point to introduce ideas. But you must also listen to the direct customer. Whether it’s Carnival or Royal Caribbean, you should confidentially request to see what guests are saying about your port and city. Find out what passengers like and don’t like, what makes your destination special, what can be improved. Hearing this directly from guests will give a sense of how to redirect efforts to ensure success for the future. We get a lot of meetings with destinations, and the ones I enjoy and are productive are the ones that address the challenges and want to find out why guests are unsatisfied. It could take anywhere from days to years to fix, but it must be done because that makes a significantly larger impact than simply focusing on what guests already like. And this is becoming even more important because business can go away as easily as it came, especially as more and more destinations and companies build ports for our ships and audiences, such as our own Carnival Corporation developments, or Royal Caribbean helping to build Falmouth, Jamaica to handle Oasis-class vessels, Norwegian developing Harvest Caye, Belize and improving Great Stirrup Caye in The Bahamas to align with their product, and MSC developing an eco-island in The Bahamas. The examples are rare, but there have been destinations that have lost their busiFIRST QUARTER 2018 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 55

On Land ness overnight, and I think that nobody should ever feel that their destination will always be in the future. The moment you take your eye off the business, that’s when trouble starts. You need to be thinking about not only what’s going on currently and what you think about for the future, but also going back to your history and learning from your and other people’s mistakes and successes to decide how to proceed. And fortunately, sometimes it’s not too late to start. For a long time, Ocho Rios, Jamaica ignored the cruise tourism business and let others take it away, but it recently refocused on what makes Jamaica a great destination and built onto that to lay a foundation for the future. It did this because of the coordination of both the private and public sectors, through the efforts of entrepreneurs like Chris Blackwell, along with the public sector’s immense support, with Minister Bartlett reinvesting their long-unused tourism enhancement fee, focusing on improving product and eliminating harassment. Mystic Mountain provides another example, one of a proactive destination


“FIND OUT WHAT PASSENGERS LIKE AND DON’T LIKE, WHAT MAKES YOUR DESTINATION SPECIAL, WHAT CAN BE IMPROVED.” stakeholder. They came to the cruise lines and asked for help to finance the business, presenting their model of giving tours at a certain rate to repay the loans. If you, the destination or stakeholder, believe something is a good idea, and we, the cruise lines, also believe in it, then it will be a success. That is something sorely missed and needed in all of our destinations, and we need to find people and entities that are willing to work with the cruise lines to develop product.

Like everybody in this world, cruise lines’ most precious commodity is time. We don’t have enough time to manage the hundreds of destinations we go to, but we can provide guests and money. What do we need from our partners at destinations? We need partners that will develop the product, push for it to be approved and permitted and then run the business and be its local face. What does everybody get in return? It works as a triangle of success. Cruise lines get a better product for both people taking and not taking tours; the destination gets an improved rating; cruise lines will be happy and continue to bring business; and the local entrepreneurs get a nice return on their investment. Plus, this benefits a destination’s overall stay-over tourism, not only by increasing the likelihood of cruise passengers returning, but also by using this same model to improve the products, experience and marketability. How do we build this sustainable model? We build it together, laid on a foundation of your ideas on how to develop products and experiences. We are waiting with building blocks in hand, but we need to hear from you.

Coming to the Aid of Our Family Following Hurricanes Irma and Maria By MICHELE PAIGE, President, Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA)


n the wake of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, there was not much that could be said. I wish words could bring back the lost lives, rebuild the catastrophic damage and support people physically and emotionally during that time of need, but there were no words. However, the FCCA and the entire cruise industry took every possible action to help throughout this tragedy. After all, these are not just our partners, but more like our family. The Caribbean birthed the modern cruise industry, and the destinations and cruise lines have become family in their 50 years together. So it should be no surprise that we were all ready and willing to help bring the family back together. Even before the storms, FCCA Member Lines were assisting, such as Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (RCCL) providing bottled water, gas and an evacuation option for its employees prior to Irma’s impact. And they—along with Carnival Corporation and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings brands, MSC Cruises and Disney 58 FIRST QUARTER 2018 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

Cruise Line—were readying plans and ships to provide relief efforts. After disaster struck, these plans went immediately into action. The FCCA was fortunately able to communicate and work directly with most affected destination partners to ascertain their needs, coming in the form of both evacuation and supplies. Through this coordination and assistance of destination partners, FCCA Member Lines used their vessels to evacuate or provide temporary on board housing for 10,000 stranded visitors and displaced residents. FCCA Member Lines also used these ships to provide life-saving and -sustaining relief supplies, with more than 40 cruise ships delivering provisions and support, and many removed from revenue cruises to focus on immediate relief. By the numbers, this represented 30,637 gallons of water, 13,050 pounds of animal supplies, 9,355 gallons of milk, 8,000 pounds of ice, 110,500 garbage bags, 30,504 batteries, 4,200 rolls of toilet paper, 450 power generators and more than 25 pallets of medical supplies—from RCCL alone.

These plans also led to Norwegian Cruise Line delivering 35 pallets of supplies to St. Thomas almost instantly after Irma and Carnival Cruise Line using 11 ships to bring supplies, Disney Cruise Line donating meals and bedding and providing storage for supplies, and MSC Cruises protecting guests in the region during the storms and providing special assistance to those in need, like helping a caregiver in Florida contact her mother in Puerto Rico—all on top the more than $30 million that the cruise industry donated to relief efforts. Of course, cruise ships could not even reach some impacted destinations, which is why the FCCA worked with its partners to determine needs that could not be fulfilled by the vessels, and then coordinated with its Member Lines for assistance. To that end, MSC Group answered the call to procure complimentary shipping of multiple containers of needed goods, free up several large ferries to deliver tons of needed goods and serve as temporary housing, and purchase and provide shipping of a semi-per-

On Land manent school structure for the British Virgin Islands. That was one of the many semi-permanent structures provided by the FCCA and our partners. After hitting the phones following Irma, we purchased multi-thousand semi-permanent structures for housing and schooling, along with housing pods sleeping six and cots, blankets, mattresses, canned food and other supplies. We also reached out to more family members, our Platinum Members, with Tropical Shipping complimentarily providing two shipping containers to send supplies where cruise vessels could not reach and

Then we immediately expanded our own relief donations by purchasing an additional 1,000 sleeping pods, including cots, mattresses and blankets. In total, the FCCA contributed goods at a value of $780,000 to relief efforts. We also launched a multifaceted, marketing campaign to inject a needed economic boost through tourism by driving awareness that the “Caribbean Is Open,” with more than 1 million square miles and nearly 100 ports and destinations operating unhindered by the storms and ready to welcome visitors, while also displaying the relief efforts of the affected destinations. And that campaign has already generated more than 5 billion impressions, along with a satellite media tour and PSAs from more than 30 celebrities, and shown a measurable improvement of those who will not delay booking or taking a Caribbean vacation. In fact, it has been so successful that we redirected the campaign to focus on the sunny side of the original messaging, continuing to educate about both the region’s vastness and variety of attractions, activities and cultures—from mountains and water-

falls to forests and deserts and culture and cuisine influenced by the Dutch, French, Spanish, British and a Creole mix of it all—all united by year-round great weather, friendly people and spectacular beaches leading into the Caribbean Sea famous for its crystal-clear, turquoise water. Of course, we also recognized that relief is just the first step, and that repairing and rebuilding would be necessary for a true return to normalcy for the destinations and economies heavily reliant on cruise tourism. So we worked to constantly keep communications open to receive all status updates and disseminate them to our Member Lines, while also coordinating with our Member Lines to find out what they needed from destinations so cruise tourism could return. That is when the strength and resiliency of the destinations and people were on full display, as the affected destinations worked around the clock to begin repaving the road to normalcy. Many left homes without power, already sweating, to start working long hours so that tourists could enjoy air conditioning and ice cold drinks. And they did it with the same friendly, welcoming smile that tourists see every day, knowing that their efforts would inject the needed economic boom that tourism represents for their livelihood, with cruise tourism generating a direct economic impact of $3.2 billion, on top of more than 75,000 jobs and $976 million in wage income, in 35 Caribbean and Latin American destinations studied during the 2014-2015 cruise year. What they might not have known was that they were further displaying the resilience that has become as synonymous with the Caribbean as its iconic turquoise water—and showing that they would not only return, but come back better than ever.

Eventstar building the structures at cost and also donating housing pods. When Maria then delivered an unprecedented back-to-back blow, we and our Member Lines and Platinum Members doubled down. The FCCA again found lines of communications with affected destinations that many could not reach to evaluate their status and needs, while working with other destination partners to find ways to reroute supplies. FIRST QUARTER 2018 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 59

St. Maarten’s Return to Prominence and Lessons for Other Cruise Destinations By MICO CASCAIS, Principal, Mico Cascais Inc., Veteran Shore Excursions Executive & Destination Experience Expert


or many years St. Maarten has been the prominent destination in the Eastern Caribbean, with stateof-the-art port Facilities, the allure of two nations in one island, 37 square miles with 37 magnificent beaches, friendly people and diverse choices available for all guests’ demographics to enjoy and maximize their experience during their visit. As a matter of fact, it would be considered a prominent destination anywhere. As a cruise executive, traveling to Caribbean destinations was a significant part of my scope of responsibility, either as the Carnival Cruise Line’s shore excursions business owner or part of the FCCA Operations Team, we engaged the stakeholders—both the public and private sectors—in order to ensure delivery of the best overall passenger experience of the destination, even down to checking if the garbage pick-up time coincides correctly with ship arrivals so passengers see clean streets. In 60 FIRST QUARTER 2018 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

my opinion, these destination ambassadors and the many stories they and each destination can tell collectively form the overall experience cruise guests desire today. St. Maarten was always a go-to reference when often asked, “What destination does it right?” With that said, leadership puts you in a position of constantly being challenged by your neighboring destinations, just like a sports team that wins the league title and sees everyone striving to play better against them the next season. But great teams also always look to improve, even after winning the title, and the Port St. Maarten executive management team had already taken the position of looking ahead to the future both in infrastructure and the overall guest experience. The parallel efforts of better infrastructure and guest experience were well underway when on September 6, 2017 Hurricane Irma made a direct hit on St. Maarten with catastrophic results in some areas.

The traumatic experience of going through a Category 5+ hurricane was palpable within the content of any dialogue, and the stories were both heroic and horrific. The weeks to follow were difficult, as uncertainty became a common topic, especially as it pertained to when cruise ships would return. For a destination so dependent on cruise tourism, there was no time to be discouraged by the catastrophic impact. It was time to go to work and unite all stakeholders with a focused common goal: bring St. Maarten back to not just its previous prominence, but better than ever, one step at a time. The Port team and I collaborated on an aggressive approach, starting with two consecutive days of educational workshop sessions that brought in hundreds of stakeholders from both the public and private sectors—all were invited to attend. What happen next was truly remarkable and will positively impact St. Maarten for years to come.

On Land The sense of unity and collaboration was palpable—and visible, with tour operators laying down bricks on Front Street and dozens of stakeholders organizing clean ups. These were many working as one, which continuous today. Currently, the cruise guests experience is progressing nicely toward the pre-hurricane experiences. This in itself was a remarkable feat only possible due to the resilience, renewed work ethic and understanding that their success is directly dependent on the success of their neighbors—and even competitors. Everyone is needed to tell the stories that deliver the experience. And what stories St. Maarten has to tell! From its first inhabitants—the Ciboney, the Arawak and the Carib Indians—to the salt trading days, colonial times and even today’s authentic and/or off-the-beaten-path experiences that are

It was evident at first that not all were sure of their role or impact on the cruise sector or how the cruise sector affected them personally. This soon changed as each gained a better understanding of the industry as a business, its economic impact on a destination and what cruise lines and passengers expect of a destination. The understanding and significance of each individual’s role on the delivery of the destination’s experience became clearer and clearer with each workshop; it was truly humbling to see the awareness that was taking place, and everyone wanted to know more about how to better play their role to ensure the first critical calls were a great success. The two-week sprint was born, as it was exactly two weeks prior to the first planned cruise call, and both the public and private sectors positioned themselves to execute their roles according to the actionable list of items needed to deliver the expected experience.


sought out by both well-traveled guests and first-timers: the diverse and enthusiastic stakeholders are now ready to tell these stories, and to incorporate them into everything from the infrastructure to new and refined experiences. I am truly excited for the people for St. Maarten and the Port of St. Maarten; they have the right momentum needed to capitalize on the industry’s growth. The activation of citizens as destination ambassadors, along with their stories and the new and improved experiences will continue to keep St. Maarten as a leading destination of choice in the Caribbean. And I urge other destinations to consider this story—and the stories they can tell— when considering how to build momentum of their own. FIRST QUARTER 2018 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 61

On Land

Port St. Maarten Rebounds


n September 6, 2017, Hurricane Irma struck the Caribbean island nation of St. Maarten. A Category 5+ on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale, with St. Maarten receiving wind speeds between 185 to 240 miles per hour, Irma left behind catastrophic damage. Only five months after, the country had already restored over 95 percent of its electricity to households and businesses; over 80 percent of businesses had reopened; and over 75 percent of tours were operational—making St. Maarten open for business. At the same time, the country remained focused on building better and stronger after going through this experience. The reset button is in place to reinvent “Cruise St. Maarten.” When rebounding, the overall promotional theme to the cruise community was to rediscover the “Friendly Island.” And this obviously resonated, with major cruise lines as well as boutique luxury lines returning within two months of the storm, demonstrating not only that the country was open for business, but also showing


the continued support and commitment from the cruise sector for the destination, along with the destination’s resiliency its people’s tireless efforts. The first commercial cruise ship to call at Port St. Maarten post-Irma was on December 4, 2017. The vessel was in port with 672 mainly American passengers and 472 crew. A delegation boarded the vessel for the welcome and plaque exchange ceremony mid-morning, and a senior Government official presented a plaque of the courthouse to the Captain. On that day, passengers stepped off the ship and into a warm welcome from a local steel pan band, stilt walkers, dancers and Carnival Queens. This took place in the presence of a senior Government official and members of Port St. Maarten’s Board of Supervisory Directors and Management, who greeted the first passengers. Port St. Maarten distributed complimentary #SXMStrong wrist bands to passengers who came ashore to make them a part of the destination’s recovery. And activities throughout the day made them a

part of St. Maarten’s culture, with festivities on the Boardwalk near the Captain Hodge Wharf in Philipsburg including a steel band, a mini-parade with a local Drum Band and DJ entertainment, all organized by the St. Maarten Tourist Bureau. Similar activities were also staged at the the Walter Plantz Square at Down Street, strategically located next to the Walter Plantz Tender Jetty, which connects to the boardwalk/beach promenade,

Down Street and Front Street, and allows for a broader distribution flow of cruise passengers throughout the shopping and dining areas of Philipsburg. The St. Maarten people themselves also served as part of the experience, as they have been activated as destination ambassadors and in general provide a high standard and memorable experiences for

cruise guests in the post-Irma era. Besides rebuilding their homes, businesses and lives, the population has been working diligently for a positive rebound in 2018. Port St. Maarten utilized this invaluable resource by organizing cruise seminars for stakeholders in an effort to enhance hospitality services to cruise passengers and to leave no stone unturned to provide that ultimate cruise experience. The two-day sessions held in November 2017 brought together port employees who come in direct contact with cruise passengers (security, information and other personnel), tour operators, taxi drivers, store owners, jewelers (at the port and downtown), excursionists, dive shop operations, small hotel sector, restaurants, watersports, media and other cruise sector oriented businesses.

The sessions for cruise sector stakeholders were a huge success and underscored the destination’s eagerness to return to business in the right manner throughout the cruise season. The interests were very high, and those who attended were upbeat and ready to welcome cruise passengers back to the island. A former cruise line executive was on hand to provide information and tips during the two-day sessions to prepare cruise tourism stakeholders on the alignment of cruise guests’ expectations with the destination’s story and the experience they need to deliver when the first guests arrive, as well as the significance of the first cruise ship call, which would shape future calls to the destination. And the success of that call has indeed helped the destination build momentum. Major cruise lines like Carnival Corporation brands, Disney Cruise Line, MSC Cruises and Royal Caribbean Cruises brands have come back, and Port St. Maarten is looking forward to the return of European lines for the 2018-2019 season. In the past, St. Maarten received high marks from cruise passenger and crew surveys. According to Business Research & Economic Advisors’ (BREA) latest survey-based analysis of the impacts of passenger, crew and cruise line spending

in Caribbean and Latin American destinations, Sint Maarten led all destinations in passenger spending, with $355 million, despite having 37 percent fewer passenger visits than the leading destination—thanks to the study-leading average expenditure per passenger of $191, a staggering 84 percent above the study’s overall mean. St. Maarten had the second-highest average expenditure per crew, at $119.13 per crew visit and 78 percent above the mean, and the third highest-number of crew onshore visits (377,400). This satisfaction and the numerous options led to Sint Maarten taking home the economic impact gold, with the study’s highest total cruise tourism expenditures among the 35 participating destinations, $423 million. Destination St. Maarten is ready and open, and on track to not only to return to those aforementioned numbers, but to build onto them as the destination recovers #SXMStrong. Port St. Maarten Management is very appreciative of all the assistance rendered by cruise industry partners to the destination port-hurricane Irma. The resilience of the local population and business community is at the forefront of the rebound, and the destination looks forward to offering cruise lines and passengers new tours and attractions in 2018, and to bring back other popular tours throughout the year. Port St. Maarten Management says the destination will maintain the momentum, and everybody has been encouraged to ensure a unique, memorable and enriching visitor experience. FIRST QUARTER 2018 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 63

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Multimillion-Dollar Expansion Project for Carnival’s Long Beach Cruise Terminal


ong Beach’s hospitality and tourism sector continues to surge, and is being further spurred by the February opening of Carnival Cruise Line’s upgraded and expanded terminal. The renewed facility will accommodate larger cruise ships and more passengers, and Carnival wasted no time in bringing that to fruition. “Aside from the day that Carnival’s Long Beach Cruise Terminal opened for business in 2003 and ushered in cruising for the first time from the City of Long Beach, 2018 marks the next major growth spurt for the region,” said Carlos Torres de Navarra, vice president, strategic and commercial port development, Carnival Cruise Line.

The redesigned terminal welcomed the arrival of the largest cruise ship to be based in Southern California, with Carnival Splendor now calling Long Beach home and Carnival expected to carry more than 700,000 guests annually from Southern California, operating nearly 250 three- to 14-day cruises a year to Mexico, Hawaii and Alaska. “In total, Carnival will generate nearly 1.4 million passenger movements a year in and out of Long Beach, along with thousands of crew members who stop in Long Beach for shopping and dining with every call,” continued Torres. “By occupying and redesigning the entire interior space within what is the world’s largest, geodesic dome, Carnival

dramatically enhanced the guest experience—providing seamless operational flow for check-in and security processing. The port enhancement project also includes an expansion of portside ‘cold-ironing’ capabilities to enable larger ships to plug into the local electric grid to reduce exhaust emissions while docked. “All of these investments will allow Carnival to deploy larger vessels from Long Beach in the years to come, which further enhances not only Carnival’s leadership position, but also the overall economic impact in the region. In addition, Carnival continues to make donations to local charities and non-profit organizations as part of its ongoing commitment to support the homeport communities where we operate.”


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LET PPI TELL YOUR STORY 6261 NW 6th Way, Suite 100 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309 (954) 377-7777,    F O R S A L E S A N D V I D E O P R O D U C T I O N , C O N TA C T U S AT S A L E S @ P P I G R O U P. C O M .

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Renaissance of European River Cruising By ANDY HARMER, SVP, Membership, & Director, UK & Ireland, Cruise Lines International Association UK & Ireland


iver cruising in Europe is undergoing somewhat of a renaissance, with new ships, younger passengers than ever before, and exciting new itinerary options. Thanks to rapid growth seen in the sector in the past decade, the days of river cruising being a marginal part of the cruise industry are over. And given the investment made in new river ships in recent years, it is no surprise that one-third of all river ships currently in service have been built in the past 10 years, and more than a quarter in the past five

years. With more on order for coming years, the sector’s new lease of life is set to continue. Europe is the largest global destination market, accounting for almost 90 percent of all river passengers. Rivers including the Rhine, Rhone, Danube, Elbe, Main, Po and Saone form the backbone of majority of itineraries. Key to the ongoing success of river cruising is the industry continuing to work hard to change perceptions of taking a river cruise. The fabulous new ships have cabins with balconies, as well as light and airy restaurant and bar areas for travelers to enjoy. Many have onboard amenities, including swimming pools, spas and cinemas, and the introduction of interconnecting cabins 68 FIRST QUARTER 2018 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

means it is now more of a practical choice for family travel of all generations. Many new river cruise ships have fleets of bikes on board to allow passengers to explore cities, either on a guided cycle tour or simply riding the streets and exploring on their own. Giving passengers these sorts of relaxed and informal options, alongside more traditional excursions, is at the heart of the rejuvenation of the European river sector. One trend coming through for 2018 is the rise in European river cruise bookings from Millennial travelers. This is largely being driven by the appeal of traveling on smaller ships, and having the opportunity for a more experience-led holiday.

Spearheading this is the launch of U by Uniworld, a river cruise brand launching in mid-April aimed strictly at those under 45. Its two ships, called A and B, will offer nine itineraries on the rivers of Europe, stopping in some of its most popular cities. Onboard activities on offer include silent discos, mixology classes, wine-and-paint sessions; day excursions open to travelers include a club night in Amsterdam, street-art tours in Paris and kayaking in Bamberg, Germany. Of course, more than any other age group, Millennial travelers are highly social media savvy and love to share their travels online, which is of course great news for the wider river cruise industry. Innovation is key for the European river cruise market, and the launch of U by Uniworld is just one example of a huge wave of innovation sweeping across the whole industry. And to help showcase that innovation, CLIA holds a number of river events each year for travel agents to immerse themselves wholly in the sector, from Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam in April to a European river event in November. These are exciting times, and by being increasingly inclusive and broadening horizons, the river cruise industry has a great future ahead, by engaging with different demographics.

On Land

Azamara Pursuing the UK Market with Its Newest and Renewed Fleet Member, Azamara Pursuit


zamara Pursuit, the newest addition to Azamara Club Cruises’ fleet, is currently undergoing its multimillion-pound modernization in Belfast—the first time a Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. brand has chosen a UK shipyard for such a project—at the Harland and Wolff shipyard, under the management of outfitting specialist MJM Group. “We’ve seen unprecedented support from the UK market for Azamara Pursuit, so we are delighted to be able to show our recognition of this by allowing its transformational journey to take place here,” said Larry Pimentel, president and CEO of Azamara Club Cruises. “We’ve seen double the UK demand for Azamara Pursuit than we usually see for its sister ships, so this is a really exciting time for us as a brand.” According to Richard Twynam, Azanara’s managing director for UK and Ireland, this support and demand was all-encompassing, with 2017 serving as a record year in the market with 30 percent growth and in “in a fantastic

position already” for 2018, generating more revenue for 2018 than 2015 in the same period. “What’s more, repeat guest levels from the UK are the highest for the brand overall,” he continued. “The Azamara Pursuit announcements are enabling us to continue the drumbeat of good news, with even more opportunities for agents and guests to see Azamara ships in the UK than ever before.”


Slated for completion by the end of July, Pursuit’s extensive modernization will transform her into an almost mirror image of sister ships Azamara Quest and Azamara Journey before she officially joins the fleet in August on a maiden voyage departing Southampton and providing a “country-intensive” voyage to Norway. “We launched our country-intensive series last year as an opportunity for guests to explore countries on a more in-depth level, which is part of our commitment to destination immersion,” explained Pimentel. The maiden voyage—the first of four voyages that will touch the UK— will depart August 1 and travel to eight Norwegian destinations, including Kristiansand, Flåm and Haugesund, with overnight stays in Oslo and Bergen. Pursuit will then depart Southampton for an Iceland-intensive voyage on August 13, before a christening sailing on August 28. She will then depart Southampton once more on August 30 for a 13-night “Wine & Romance” itinerary that will reposition her in the Mediterranean.


On Land

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Makes Organizational Enhancements to Asia Pacific Operations


orwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. has made enhancements to the organizational structure of its Asia Pacific operations that will enable it to further leverage the extensive corporate resources and expertise already in place in the region and continue to strengthen its presence in the Chinese cruise market. Steve Odell, senior vice president and managing director, Asia Pacific, has expanded his role to include the company’s China operations, along with the greater Asia Pacific region; Alex (Yucheng) Xiang has been promoted to managing director of the company’s China operations, reporting to Odell; and David Herrera, previously president of the Company’s China operations and based in Shanghai, relocated back to Miami as senior vice president of Strategy and Corporate Development.

at Sea” promise, Herrera and his team achieved the fastest growth of any market for the company in 2017. Carrying this momentum forward, Norwegian Joy is sailing its first full year in the market in 2018, essentially doubling the company’s capacity in the region. As he takes on this new role, Herrera will report directly to Frank Del Rio, president and CEO.

As part of this new organizational structure, Xiang will serve as the first senior officer in the region. Xiang has been with the China team since day one as vice president of Sales and has played a critical role in the region’s success to date. His new duties include the leadership of the dedicated teams in Shanghai and Beijing. “We are thrilled to have someone of Alex’s caliber to lead our operations in China,” said Harry Sommer, executive vice president, international business development. “I have worked closely with Alex since he joined the team, and he has been an integral part of every success we have achieved. I have full confidence that Alex will continue the great work David started in the region and continue to lead our China team from one success to the next.”

Alex (Yucheng) Xiang

Steve Odell Since establishing the company’s offices in Shanghai and Beijing in 2015 and working closely with travel partners and government officials, Herrera has positioned the company for longterm success in China. Under Herrera’s leadership, the team successfully launched the first Norwegian Cruise Line ship based in China, Norwegian Joy, in 2017. With an established local team, a ship purpose-built for the Chinese cruise market and a commitment to delivering on Norwegian Cruise Line’s “First Class 70 FIRST QUARTER 2018 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

“In his expansive new role, David will preside over our global corporate initiatives from our headquarters in Miami,” said Del Rio. “Since our announcement to enter the Chinese cruise market, David has led our local efforts and has positioned us for continued growth. We are thrilled with what he and the team have achieved in China and look forward to further success in this market.”


David Herrera Odell will take on an expanded role overseeing the greater Asia Pacific region, including China. Odell joined the Company in October 2015 to spearhead the launch of the Company’s Asia Pacific headquarters in Sydney, bringing with him 30 years of cruise industry experience, 17 of those in Asia. In his expanded role, he is responsible for the strategic expansion, vision and continued growth of the Company’s presence in the fast growing Asia Pacific market. He is currently chairman of CLIA Australasia and a founding board member of the Asia Cruise Association.

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The Department of Tourism reported that as of January, calls to St. Thomas were approaching pre-storm levels, while business to St. Croix was buoyed by various cruise lines, including Norwegian Cruise Line. Commissioner of Tourism Beverly Nicholson-Doty credits the FCCA and its Member Lines for assisting the destination with its recovery, including Royal Caribbean International investing significant resources in the restoration and reopening of Magens Bay on St. Thomas. PORT ST. MAARTEN KICKS OFF 2018 ON A HIGH NOTE


2018 presented another record year for the cruise industry in Barbados, with an estimated 825,000 passenger arrivals. Tourism officials welcomed its 812, 864th passenger on December 29th. The momentous achievement blew the previously set record out of the water. Documented almost 13 years ago, the previous record was 812,863 passengers.

Belize registered a record breaking 427,109 overnight visitors in 2017, representing a 10.8 percent increase over 2016. Cruise ship arrivals also experienced overall growth of 0.9 percent last year. These increases reaffirm Belize as a growing, viable and must-visit destination in Central America and the Caribbean.




Pure Grenada’s winter 2017-2018 season welcomed 11 inaugural ship calls. New calls included a visit from Celebrity Silhouette and MSC Fantasia. Other inaugural calls were received from Hapag-Lloyd’s MS Europa 2, Viking Sea, Marella Discovery 2, MV Columbus, and Silver Muse. Island Princess, Magellan, Norwegian Pearl & Viking Sky are also scheduled to visit. DOMINICA READY FOR CRUISE BUSINESS!


The New Year started with a bang on January 2nd when approximately 12,000 cruise passengers disembarked for a fun day of tours, shopping, excursions and other sea-side activities on the “Friendly Island.” For more information about the destination, visit:

The 2017-2018 cruise seasons was Guadeloupe’s best since 1999, with 300 calls throughout the destination’s five ports and anchorage options from October 2017 to April 2018. In total, Guadeloupe welcomed 450,000 cruise passengers during the season, mostly coming from Germany, Italy and France.


On November 13, 2017, the first cruise ship moored at the new mega pier Tula. Now, the Curaçao Ports Authority (CPA) will continue to enhance logistics & reception area and construct additional dolphins, which will make it possible to accommodate the largest vessels in the cruise market.

Dominica’s rebuilding has progressed significantly. The destination welcomed its first call, the SY Sea Cloud on December 28, 2017 and resulting from a TUI Cruises ShorEx FAM visit, Mein Schiff 3 called on January 28, 2018. The Nature Island is reviving and ready to welcome you! MORE CALLS TO HUTCHISON PORTS ECV

Ensenada Cruiseport Village received 3.5 percent more cruise ship arrivals from 2016 to 2017. This is the result of new tours offered last year, where the passengers enjoyed new experiences, such as beach escapes, Mexican traditions and the Kumiai native reserve tour. Find out more at MEMBERS OF THE SEA OF CORTEZ ROUTE FORMING MOU Sonora is working with the states of Sinaloa and Baja California Sur on an MOU to establish a cooperative and collaborative

initiative to promote the Sea of Cortez Route with Puerto Peñasco as a homeport. The proposed routes will include the ports of Puerto Peñasco, Guaymas, Mazatlán, Topolobampo, Los Cabos, La Paz, Loreto. LISBON CRUISE PORT SEES SIGNIFICANT BOOST AFTER OPENING NEW TERMINAL

Lisbon Cruise Port received a significant boost with the opening of its new, stateof-the-art terminal in November 2017. Following a EUR24 million investment and two-year construction, the terminal building won a number of awards. Global Ports Holding—which built and operates Lisbon Cruise Port—has worked closely with the Portuguese authorities and local partners throughout the development. PORT SAINT JOHN CELEBRATES 30th ANNIVERSARY AND THIRD YEAR OF CONSECUTIVE GROWTH

Port Saint John on the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick is celebrating its 30th year as a port of call on the Canada-New England itinerary in 2018. The future continues to be bright for cruise in Saint John. with a third consecutive year of growth forecasted this year. FMT DELIVERING EIGHT NEW PASSENGER GANGWAYS

FMT is underway to deliver eight new Passenger Gangway Systems to Port Everglades and PortMiami during 2018. Port Everglades will receive 2 gangways each for CT 18 and CT 25. Port Miami

will receive 2 gangways each for CT E and CT A, which is Royal Caribbean’s new cruise terminal development. RETAILER LAUNCHING MAJOR BRANDS ON NEW SHIPS

Several brands are debuting with Starboard Cruise Services: the company’s first Victoria’s Secret, on Carnival Horizon, which also features a Michael Kors boutique and carries Kate Spade. They follow two other recent firsts for Starboard on Dream Cruises’ World Dream: Dior’s first boutique at sea and the first Tiffany & Co. Asia boutique at sea.

February 3, 2018 at Taino Beach West on Grand Bahama. The celebrations included the official Zip, a Kids Corner, a Bahamian concert, Junkanoo and fireworks. MARGARITAVILLE CARIBBEAN, JAMAICA AWARDED WTA’S “CARIBBEAN’S LEADING ENTERTAINMENT VENUE” Margaritaville Caribbean, Jamaica is the “Caribbean’s Leading Entertainment Venue of 2017,” says the World Travel Awards (WTA). WTA celebrates excellence in all sectors of the tourism industry. Margaritaville Caribbean owns and operates a diverse portfolio of restaurants, nightclubs and tours in Jamaica, Grand Cayman, St. Thomas and Turks and Caicos. MARTINIQUE HOSTING WORLD SURF LEAGUE


With its majestic flora and incredible attractions, ToroVerde Adventure Park is ready for its come back. Reopening in March, you can again enjoy the breathtaking, new attractions of Puerto Rico, like the incomparable The Monster—the longest zip line in the Caribbean. ToroVerde Puerto Rico is pure adrenaline! PUERTO RICO’S ECOQUEST ZIP LINES OPEN FOR BUSINESS—AND FUN Ecoquest is glad to announce that we are OPEN. Our zip lines have been meticulously inspected and recertified to ensure that we offer the safest experience to our guests. Help support the economy in Puerto Rico, and help us get back on our feet after the path of recent hurricanes. GRAND BAHAMA LAUNCHES NEW ATTRACTION The official opening of Pirate’s Cove Zipline and Water Park took place

Martinique is hosting the only Caribbean competition of the World Surf League from March 17-24. This year marks the fourth edition of Martinique Surf Pro, an international rendezvous, happening during the World Qualifying Series before the Championship Tour. PPI GROUP EXPANDS ITS DIGITAL SECTOR

With cruise and travel tourism growing at a rapid rate, PPI Group has positioned itself as the leading agency for cruise and travel businesses seeking to expand into the digital marketing sphere. Boasting innovative technology in advertising, a collection of digital services, and numerous publishing and media platforms, PPI Group offers a custom approach to digital advertising. FIRST QUARTER 2018 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 75




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