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PLAN Fort Bend Christian Academy | 2019

Strategic Plan Objective: To be the number one destination for excellence in collegepreparatory Christian education within the region. Mission: Fort Bend Christian Academy exists to glorify God through excellence in college-preparatory Christian education. It is the mission of Fort Bend Christian Academy to equip students to thrive spiritually, academically, socially and physically.



Message from the Board of Trustees Dear FBCA Family, In 2018, the FBCA Board of Trustees initiated a focused, purposeful journey to establish a strategic plan aligned with our school’s mission to equip students to thrive spiritually, academically, socially and physically. For 32 years, FBCA has provided students and families with a solid foundation for the development of their faith, preparation for college and the ability to succeed in any social setting. We are extremely proud of these accomplishments. As we stay focused on our desire to maintain and achieve excellence in academics, athletics and fine arts, we have developed this Strategic Plan. Through the Strategic Plan, we will continually strengthen and enhance FBCA’s complete Christianbased college-preparatory educational program providing the requisites necessary for our students’ success in life. Knowing this Strategic Plan would help shape the future for our students, faculty and community, we did not take this effort lightly. We took the time necessary to look at all the indicators required to be the number one destination for excellence in college-preparatory Christian education within the region. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I am pleased to share these seven Strategic Initiatives and their specific goals. Our hope is that you see your child’s full educational experience in these initiatives. Derived from all-school survey data and committees made up of parents, faculty, administration and trustees, these initiatives directly align with our core principles of “believe. achieve. lead.” The research, prayer and thoughtfulness that helped define each of these is humbling and inspiring. These Strategic Initiatives are not just tasks for us to accomplish, but threads that when woven into our school will strengthen FBCA’s foundation for decades to come. Implementation of many of these Strategic Initiatives has already begun, and we are seeing the fruits of that labor. Throughout 2019, you will see these Strategic Initiatives enacted in different forms. The Board of Trustees has developed an internal dashboard to track progress for each Strategic Initiative and we commit to ensuring that these are being actively pursued and accomplished. My request of you and your family is for support and prayer. Some of the goals will have swift success and others will need patience and require change. Pray for wisdom and strength for our faculty, staff and administrators as they begin to implement these goals. Pray for our Board as we help shape the implementation of these seven Strategic Initiatives. As we implement the Strategic Plan, we will steadfastly follow Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight.” Thank you for your continued faith and support. Blessings,

Trey Hendershot President, FBCA Board of Trustees 4

FBCA Strategic Plan Overview The Board of Trustees has identified indicators of a sustainable Christian independent school and is committed to: • • • • • • • • • •

Glorifying God through excellence in college-preparatory Christian education Optimal enrollment High student retention Excellence in academics, fine arts and athletics Financial stability and sustainability Attracting and retaining the best faculty and staff A strong, united school community A vibrant culture of philanthropy Effective Board of Trustees governance Faithfully implementing the Strategic Plan

Strategic Initiatives: The Strategic Plan consists of seven Strategic Initiatives: Academic and Co-Curricular Student Profile, Stakeholder Engagement, Financial Sustainability, Branding and Marketing, Faculty and Staff and Infrastructure. Seven Sustainability Indicators will be addressed via the Strategic Initatives.

Sustainability Indicator

Strategic Initiatives

Glorifying God through excellence in collegepreparatory Christian education

Academic and Co-Curricular/Student Profile

Optimal enrollment

Academic and Co Curricular/Branding and Marketing/Faculty and Staff/Infrastructure

High student retention

Academic and Co-Curricular/Faculty and Staff

Excellence in Academics

Infrastructure/Academic and Co-Curricular/ Faculty and Staff

Financial stability and sustainability

Financial Sustainability

Attracting and retaining the best possible faculty and staff

Faculty and Staff

Strong and united school community

Stakeholder Engagement

A vibrant culture of philanthropy

Stakeholder Engagement

Effective Board of Trustees governance

All Strategic Initiatives

Faithfully implementing the Strategic Plan

All Strategic Initiatives



Academic & Co-Curricular An instrumental component of Fort Bend Christian Academy’s (FBCA) Strategic Plan is the Academic and Co-Curricular Initiative. We are committed to providing an excellent biblically-based college-preparatory education which includes rigorous curricula and innovative co-curricular opportunities to equip our students to thrive spiritually, academically, socially, emotionally and physically. This initiative is designed to strengthen our educational program by aligning standards between grade levels and divisions, expanding course opportunities to extend and enrich learning for all FBCA students, engaging students in co-curricular programs to enhance their overall learning experience and growing our faculty by providing focused professional training on curriculum and instruction as it relates to fulfilling FBCA’s mission and vision. 7

GOAL #1:

Develop and enact, in collaboration with stakeholders of the school community, a shared vision to promote the academic success and wellbeing of each student. Strategy: • Implement FBCA’s core values as defined by the Board of Trustees in relation to the Characteristics of Professional Excellence and Portrait of a Graduate documents • Create and sustain a distinguished school culture that broadens and deepens opportunities for spiritual growth, promotes high academic expectations, extracurricular involvement and meets the social, emotional and physical needs of each student • Engage in and maintain open dialogue and productive partnerships with community stakeholders for the benefit of the school • Develop, review and align board policies and procedures to support the vision and core beliefs of FBCA • Design and implement programs to help new students acclimate to FBCA and build unity among students • Increase the level and authenticity of student engagement in academic and extracurricular learning opportunities


GOAL #2:

Establish a student-centered culture focused on providing authentic, meaningful and challenging academic and co-curricular opportunities including the implementation of a process for evaluating our curriculum with the first priority being on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEM/STEAM). Strategy: • Establish standards based vertical alignment documents (PK-12) through collaborative practices with all academic faculty members • Develop aligned scope and sequence documents (PK-12) through collaborative practices at the grade level, department and division level • Implement a PK-12 vertically aligned, standards-based curriculum • Integrate biblical worldview strategies within the comprehensive curriculum at FBCA and provide specific training to teachers on the implementation of these strategies • Provide students at all levels with after school STEM opportunities in robotics using resources such as SeaPerch and Engineering for Kids • Provide elective opportunities for all students that encourage and develop their interests in STEM/STEAM-based college/career pathways • Develop and support students’ ability to communicate and relate within our global society by expanding FBCA’s foreign language courses GOAL #3:

Foster continuous faculty and staff improvement by increasing professional growth and development opportunities. Strategy: • Provide training to faculty members on developing, implementing and monitoring a comprehensive PK-12 curriculum • Initiate and support individual professional development plans for staff members to support their instructional goals, reinforce best practices and increase student achievement • Develop a climate of intentional and positive academic collaboration, peer-to-peer mentor programs, collegial feedback, collective learning, and reflective assessment and evaluation in grades PK-12 • Implement ongoing technology training for appropriate faculty to ensure instructional technology opportunities are integrated within the learning environment • Promote and provide training opportunities to faculty on integrating STEM/STEAM strategies and project-based learning opportunities within daily science, math and technology content and courses 9

Student Profile In our ongoing effort to build the number one learning destination in our region, we must constantly address what distinguishes FBCA as it relates to our students and ultimately, our graduates. This initiative addresses the requirements to both identify and graduate students that are well rounded and adhere to our “believe. achieve. lead.� ideals. We seek to find the proper balance of faith, academics and leadership as we build an organization made up of the right culture to equip our students to prosper at the next level.


GOAL #1:

Create a culture that promotes and adheres to the “Portrait of the FBCA Graduate” vision via a process that is both sustainable and measurable. Strategy: • Be intentional about identifying and recognizing mission appropriate students throughout the admission process, and to seek commitment to the FBCA mission from both the students and the families • Capture and socialize extracurricular accolades and mission/serving stories directly from students (Eagle Week, disaster relief efforts, etc.) to support a mission-minded vision • Work with FBCA’s Office of Communications and Marketing to capture testimonies of alumni exemplifying the “believe. achieve. lead.” ideals, creating a roadmap for future graduates • Create opportunities for students to share their faith among their peers

GOAL #2:

Grow enrollment that adheres to our core values. Strategy: • Promote and maintain a culture that supports and equips a “balanced graduate” represented by an equal emphasis on academics, extracurricular activities, and spiritual progress • Identify optimum enrollment and respective number of qualified staff necessary to educate and fulfill the vision of FBCA • Reach out to feeder schools to connect with parents that share our core values • Showcase Eagle Ambassadors during school and community events • Schedule neighborhood events to promote FBCA • Expand the student-to-prospective student shadowing program • Continue to identify the leading fields of core studies, electives and missions that will attract families in the foreseeable future



Stakeholder Engagement Having an engaged school community is essential to successful fundraising. FBCA believes strongly that its stakeholders are critical to future success. Stakeholders include: parents, teachers, staff, students, alumni, local community partners, among others. When a person feels connected to an organization, they are more willing to support that organization with both time and resources. Therefore, the purpose of this initiative is to create a culture of philanthropy, encourage a higher level of giving, and enhance community engagement through fundraising, events and personal relationship building.

GOAL #1:

Increase and sustain a higher level of giving to the Annual Fund (AF). Strategy: • Maintain the Advancement Committee with parent representation across all divisions and grades • Increase parent participation in the AF by utilizing Advancement Committee members to directly contact all families • Director of Advancement to speak at school events and faculty and staff meetings to educate and promote the AF • Educate parents and grandparents on philanthropy through estate planning • Mail letters and AF brochures to all parents, grandparents and alumni annually to encourage giving


GOAL #2:

Advance the culture at FBCA where stakeholders receive consistent communication and are an integral part of the FBCA community. Strategy: • Evaluate school organizations (Booster Club, PTF, etc.) to assess what additional roles they could play in all-school events • Provide opportunities for stakeholders to engage in school activities • Regular communication between Director of Advancement and the Division Heads to evaluate advancement efforts, align goals, and encourage creativity • Continued and consistent communication of events across all campuses, i.e., schoolwide event calendar, social media, etc. • Create an alumni council and sponsor activities throughout the year to include alumni involvement • Create more opportunities to engage grandparents GOAL #3:

Develop, implement and communicate a formal major gifts program for the school. Strategy: • Define major gift priorities • Continue building relationships with potential donors to assess their interest and willingness to give a major gift • Solicit funds from Foundations who will gift to specific initiatives, programs, etc. • Develop major gift policies and procedures • Establish ongoing relationship and community building efforts with donors, community organizations, local businesses, foundations, etc. • Explore campus naming opportunities


Financial Sustainability Beyond the spiritual and academic excellence necessary for FBCA, financial sustainability is critical to the viability of the school. One of the key challenges is balancing the need to maintain financial sustainability with the pursuit of providing, under FBCA’s mission, adequate facilities and infrastructure in addition to high-quality educational programs with competitive and diverse offerings in athletics, fine arts and other cocurricular programs.


GOAL #1:

Create a Strategic Financial Plan (SFP) model that will project financial sustainability beyond a one-year budget cycle, and that will project FBCA’s financial position and available cash. Strategy: • FBCA’s Director of Finance will prepare a five-year detailed financial model for purposes of projecting financial sustainability • Include variable assumptions such as enrollment, tuition increase, inflation, capital spending and other variables deemed necessary

GOAL #2:

Address near to mid-term financial stability and provide FBCA the necessary resources to respond to unforeseen declines in enrollment or economic conditions. Strategy: • Establish and maintain a cash reserve account in accordance with Independent School Management (ISM) recommended standards • FBCA’s Director of Finance will work with the Head of School and the Board of Trustees Finance Committee to determine the appropriate amount of funds specifically identified as “cash reserves” GOAL #3:

Addressing long-term financial sustainability for FBCA. Strategy: • Prepare a framework for establishing a permanent endowment • The framework will be presented to the Board of Trustees for discussion and approval


Branding & Marketing FBCA is committed to effectively communicating who we are as a school – our mission, our values and our accomplishments. This initiative will identify ways FBCA will market the school in the region to create a distinguishable brand and long-lasting relationships with current and prospective families.

GOAL #1:

Maximize FBCA’s brand awareness in our region. Strategy: • Analyze current advertising strategies, including a review of data, and create innovative marketing plans to reach our target audiences in the region, which deliver the FBCA story • Define and highlight FBCA’s strengths and achievements through different media outlets such as the FBCA website, social media accounts, local magazines, press releases and other advertisement sources • Identify what differentiates FBCA from other academic institutions and capitalize on the unique qualities of the school • Determine our target audiences, including an evaluation of local zip codes, age ranges, and other qualities that align with FBCA’s mission, and focus efforts on those groups GOAL #2:

Elevate school spirit through internal marketing efforts. Strategy: • Evaluate and enhance internal marketing strategies • Identify FBCA Brand Ambassadors, including students, staff and parents, who will collaborate with the Office of Communications and Marketing • Create promotional materials and leave-behind items to utilize at different school and community events • Promote school attire on campus and at various school events on campus




Faculty & Staff In order to become the number one destination for college-preparatory Christian education in our region, FBCA must continue to attract, hire and retain top-tier faculty and staff who will inspire our students to excellence to the glory of God. In the fall 2017, a survey of faculty and staff indicated that compensation was a significant factor in hiring and retaining high quality faculty and staff. We also strongly believe there is a significant spiritual component in building and retaining the region’s finest team of Christian educators and staff. In addition to offering compensation that is competitive with area independent school districts (ISDs), we believe FBCA’s inspiring mission and culture where faith in Christ is nourished in a warm, supportive Christian community will help attract, hire and retain highly qualified faculty and staff.

GOAL #1:

Offer faculty and staff compensation packages that are within ten percent (10%) of those offered at comparable ISDs and independent schools within the region for similar positions commensurate with experience and tenure. Strategy: • The Business Office will compile data of faculty and staff compensation published at other comparable schools and provide this data for use as part of the annual budgetary process GOAL #2:

Strengthen our culture where faculty, staff and students are spiritually nourished in a warm, caring Christian community. Strategy: • FBCA will conduct appropriate surveys at the end of each school year to assess our progress in building on our legacy of vibrant Christian faith expressed in worship, deep commitment to Christ’s mission and care for one another • Survey data will be used to identify our strengths and work areas, and to assist in designing, implementing and evaluating initiatives that provide faculty, staff and students opportunities to grow in our faith and our love for one another 21

Infrastructure In order to provide an environment ideally conducive to excellence in academic, athletics, and fine arts, FBCA must continuously define and deliver premier campuswide infrastructure. This will consistently provide FBCA with the necessary facilities and resources to be the number one destination within the region. This initiative strives to ensure our students and faculty are provided with ample resources necessary to achieve greatness on a daily basis.


GOAL #1: Develop and maintain a comprehensive five-year maintenance capital expenditure plan. Strategy: • FBCA’s Director of Finance will work with the Director of Facilities to identify and implement strategic initiatives to deliver improvements, upgrades, and/or replacements in the areas of: Buildings/Grounds (including Athletics and Fine Arts), Technology, Security and Operations GOAL #2: Determine and define the optimal utilization of the school’s 35-acre campus. Strategy: • In conjunction with our engaged architectural firm and FBCA’s Master Plan Committee, finalize the Master Plan Report for the school’s campus, which will include a formal recommendation on what infrastructure, if any, is required to deliver on the Strategic Plan’s objective Areas of consideration, in no particular order, include: • • • • • • • • • •

Auditorium / Performing Arts Center Chapel / Dedicated Prayer Room Dedicated Science Labs Larger and/or Additional Classroom Space Shared Dining / Commons Area Expansion of the Upper School building Competition Gym New and/or Expansion of Athletic Locker Rooms Middle School Dedicated Space Outside Learning Areas

The committee has already completed several steps of this master planning process, with many more yet to come, including fine-tuning the master plan alternatives, 3-D modeling and construction price budgeting. Based on the current project schedule, completion is slated to be accomplished in the fall, with a final presentation to the school community occurring prior to the end of the calendar year. 23

Fort Bend Christian Academy 1250 Seventh Street Sugar Land, TX 77478 281.263.9175

believe. achieve. lead.

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