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2 - July 2020

CITY TO INSTALL 25 FIXED TAG READERS The Fayetteville Police Department has contracted with Atlanta-based Flock Safety to install 25 fixed license plate reader cameras around the city. Mobile tag readers have been used for several years by Fayetteville’s patrol and traffic officers, and they have been helpful in quickly locating and apprehending stolen vehicles and stolen license plates, and apprehending wanted persons without compromising the general public’s personal information. Supplementing these mobile readers with the solarpowered Flock Safety fixed-location readers will increase the City’s recovery and apprehension abilities. The Flock system captures license plate information and stores them in the cloud for a maximum period of 30 days. License plate information is cross-referenced with databases maintained by the Georgia Crime Information Center and the National Crime Information Center, and officers in the field are quickly alerted to

any matching information. Officers can then self-dispatch to the area to attempt to locate the vehicle. The Flock System can also be used by investigators to search for vehicles by partial plate number, vehicle type, color or make that is detectable by the camera. If, for example, a 911 caller reported a hit-and-run accident, and the victim was only able to tell responding officers that it was a green pickup truck, and the tag started with “ABC”, officers could input the known data into the system and search for any matches that may have been detected. No personal data on the vehicle’s registered owner is captured or stored in the Flock system. The Flock system also maintains a user record and provides audit capabilities for Police Department leadership to monitor system use and to determine reasons for searches by officers.

DELINQUENT PAYMENTS ARE NOW DUE The City of Fayetteville has resumed utility service disconnections and penalties for non-payment. A temporary halt to disconnections and penalties had been adopted in consideration of the COVID-19

pandemic. Visit Transactions for details on how to access City services and manage your accounts.

CITY ADOPTS COMMUNITY CAT TNVR ORDINANCE The City of Fayetteville in cooperation with the Fayette County government has adopted a Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate and Return (TNVR) Program ordinance, which allows private-sector organizations registered with the Fayette County Animal Control Department to conduct TNVR

activities. The goal is to better control the population of feral or free-roaming cats within the City of Fayetteville and in Fayette County in general. Under Ordinance 0-8-20, approved organizations would work with the public to identify free-roaming cats in Fayetteville and then to have them 3 - July 2020

neutered, vaccinated, and returned to the area where they were found. For more information on the TNVR program, contact the Fayette County Animal Control Department at 770631-7210.

CITY MOVES FORWARD WITH BRIDGE PORTION OF MASTER PATH PLAN The City of Fayetteville recently took another step toward building a bike/pedestrian bridge across Highway 54 West near Piedmont Fayette Hospital. The edifice will be an important piece of the City’s and Fayette County’s Master Path plans. The last step in preparation for the bridge’s construction was purchasing a few parcels along the highway from a local business owner, who has been supportive of the project. Because the sale was delayed for many months within the real estate legal system, City officials were advised to pursue the purchase through the powers of eminent domain to keep the project moving forward so as not to jeopardize the project’s grant funding, 80 percent

of which comes from federal grants administered through the Atlanta Regional Commission. The concept of a citywide system of trails, paths, and sidewalks has been discussed for many years, and in 2018, City officials officially launched a campaign to get the public’s opinion on what the Master Path Plan should include. A final version of the plan was published in 2019. The bridge over Highway 54 near the hospital will help connect the neighborhoods, businesses, and medical facilities on both sides of the roadway for pedestrians and for people utilizing alternative modes of transportation and add to the City’s existing but limited trail amenities.

Most of the funding for the bridge and about 4,400 linear feet of pathway was granted to the City in 2013 through the federal Transportation Alternatives Program administered locally by the Atlanta Regional Commission. Earlier in 2020, the intersection of Highway 54 West at the hospital entrance was upgraded to offer safer pedestrian access between the medical facilities on the north side of the roadway and the Togwatee Village retail plaza to the south.

CITY COUNCIL RESUMES VIDEO CONFERENCE MEETINGS The Fayetteville City Council will discontinue in-person meetings and return to video conference meetings beginning August 6 out of an abundance of caution to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Meetings, which are scheduled for 6 p.m. on the first and third Thursdays each month, can always be viewed live

on the City’s Facebook page, and while in-person meetings are discontinued, they may also be viewed via the Zoom video conferencing website and app. Details for participating in the Zoom meetings will be published on the City’s website, www.fayetteville-ga. gov, and on social media. The July 2 and 16 City Council 4 - July 2020

meetings were held in-person at City Hall after months of holding meetings online-only. The decision to return to online-only meetings was based on guidance from State of Georgia authorities, which will also be consulted in future meeting decisions. Visit the City’s Facebook page at

GOVERNOR BRIAN KEMP EXTENDS COVID-19 EXECUTIVE ORDERS THROUGH AUGUST 11 Governor Brian P. Kemp signed two executive orders in late June and one on July 15 extending the Public Health State of Emergency and existing COVID-19 safety measures. “As we continue our fight against COVID-19 in Georgia, it is vital that Georgians continue to heed public health guidance by wearing a mask, washing their hands regularly, and practicing social distancing,” said Governor Kemp. “We have made decisions throughout the pandemic to protect the lives – and livelihoods – of all

Georgians by relying on data and the advice of public health officials.” “While we continue to see a decreasing case fatality rate, expanded testing, and adequate hospital surge capacity, in recent days, Georgia has seen an increase in new cases reported and current hospitalizations. Given these trends, I am extending previous COVID-19 safety requirements and guidelines that were due to expire on June 30 at 11:59 PM. Dr. Kathleen Toomey and the Department of Public Health,

5 - July 2020

along with our local public health partners, will continue to monitor ongoing cases and related data to ensure that we are taking appropriate measures moving forward. Together, we can win the fight against COVID-19 and emerge stronger.” Executive Order extends the Public Health State of Emergency through 11:59 PM on August 11, 2020. The Public Health State of Emergency allows for enhanced coordination across government and the private sector for supply procurement, comprehensive testing, and healthcare capacity. Executive Order continues to require social distancing, bans gatherings of more than fifty people unless there is six feet between each person, outlines mandatory criteria for businesses, and requires sheltering in place for those living in long-term care facilities and the medically fragile. The order also outlines that the State Board of Education must provide “rules, regulations, and guidance for the operation of public elementary and secondary schools for local boards of education” in accordance with guidance from Dr. Kathleen Toomey, the Department of Public Health, and the American Academy of Pediatrics.


Fayetteville city officials and staff along with designers and builders celebrated the topping out of the new City Hall under construction Thursday morning, July 16. During the ceremony, attendees signed the final beam before it was hoisted into place atop the building. The new Fayetteville City Hall, which has been under construction since early 2020, is expected to open in the spring of 2021 along with the adjacent City Center Park. Speaking at Thursday’s ceremony, Mayor Ed Johnson remarked that the hoisting of the beam represented

an important moment in time for the City of Fayetteville. “For the City of Fayetteville, this is a significant milestone, because it shows we are progressive-minded, we have a vision for the City of Fayetteville, and it indicates that we hired the right team,” Johnson said. “It is a significant legacy for the current City Council and for the City staff. “Fayetteville has a great history, but we also have a great future,” Johnson continued. City Manager Ray Gibson shared a story of visiting Greenville, South Carolina and marveling at the downtown revitalization that took place there. He said the waterfall project there made a significant impact on that city’s efforts. “I believe this City Hall and park space project is our waterfall project,” Gibson said. “It’s going to be a game changer for Downtown Fayetteville and for all of Fayetteville. I am excited about this new City Hall and park space project,” Gibson said. “I’m very thankful to everyone who has had a part in making this 6 - July 2020

happen so far. Gibson thanked the mayor and council members for their leadership role in the new City Hall project. “We didn’t get here without a vision. I thank the mayor and council for not only developing the vision, but continuing to support the vision,” Gibson continued. “I also thank the staff for their hard work on this project and their commitment to the vision. When I say ‘staff’, I mean the entire City staff. They do a wonderful job for the City.” The City Hall & City Center Park project is being designed by architectural firm Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood, it is being built by New South Construction, and the project is being managed by Comprehensive Program Services. Gibson thanked each of these companies for their continued service to the City and its residents. See more photos on the website:


The City of Fayetteville will be leasing the historic Fayette County High School Gym to a pair of hospitality industry entrepreneurs, who plan to refashion it into an events facility known as the ‘Roundtown Collaborations Center. Located just down the hill behind where the new Fayetteville City Hall is being built, the old gym in its mid-century heyday was a popular community gathering place. When the City purchased the 10acre Fayette County Public Schools headquarters property, leaders committed early on that they would preserve and repurpose the old gym in a way that would give the community one more great reason to enjoy Fayetteville’s downtown district. That’s a part of Krista Stepney’s and Micheal Thompson’s vision as well. In addition to basing their regional catering and hospitality enterprise in Downtown Fayetteville, they say the gym building will see new life as a center for special occasions and community events. Beyond that, they say their mission is to help “fuel the future of South

Atlanta.” ‘Roundtown Collaborations Center is expected to open around the same time as the new Fayetteville City Hall and the adjacent City Center Park in the spring of 2021. In the meantime, Stepney and Thompson have leased a retail store space on the Courthouse Square next to Twisted Taco to serve as a “home base and meeting space.” “It will be an incredible place for our team to showcase other downtown development projects, while still being close to our event center in the city park,” Thompson said. Stepney and Thompson say they will keep the original barrel roof structure, which is beautiful on the interior, as well as elements of the old gymnasium floor. “While the building will be newly renovated, we will capture the character of its original design,” he said. Krista Stepney can be reached at, and Micheal Thompson can be reached at mt@ 7 - July 2020

CONSTRUCTION IN THE COMMUNITY Development updates from around Fayetteville

Construction locations within the City

9 10

3 4-6



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1. Construction is nearly complete on the new Fayette Self Storage facility on Highway 54 West.


2. City of Fayetteville representatives helped cut the ribbon July 22 at the new Holiday Inn Express & Suites by Piedmont Fayette Hospital. The hotel, owned and operated by Kamlesh Patel, is now open.

3. Foundation work has begun on a second new Fayette Self Storage facility in the city, this one being built on Highway 314 next to Lowe’s.

4. Construction continues on Pinewood Forest’s Central Park section of the development. Pictured is a courtyard view of the apartment units currently being built.

5. The Hop City brewery and its Barleygarden gastropub are expected to open in Pinewood Forest this summer.

6. The Capstone and Central Park buildings at Pinewood Forest are progressing quickly, creating a more urban aesthetic as people enter the development’s main entrance.

7. The Discount Tire store on Highway 85 North across from ALDI is now open.

8. Foundation work has begun at the Navy Federal Credit Union site, which is located on Highway 85 North next to Chipotle and across the highway from ALDI.

9. Another Marksmen Properties warehouse/ office building is going up along Promenade Parkway off Highway 85 North near Fayette Pavilion.

10. Construction work on the new Walmart Clinic is underway. The clinic will be attached to the front of the existing building.

11. Construction of a Valvoline oil change center is under way on the site of the former Rite Aid pharmacy at the corner of North Glynn Street and Banks Road.

12. Interior and exterior work are under way at the new Fayetteville City Hall construction site. City officials expect for the municipal government headquarters and the adjacent City Center Park to open by summer 2021.


Thomas King Agency

675 LaFayette Avenue, Apt. 3205

Dream Team Home Improvement, LLC

485 South Jeff Davis Drive, Suite A

CPR All Motors, LLC

400 West Stonewall Avenue, Suite F

Bella Donna Brazilian Wax, LLC

1415 North Highway 85, Suite 100A

Ovend Sales

385 North Jeff Davis Drive, Suite B

Thompson Elite Enterprises, LLC

110 Habersham Drive, Suite 103

Anointed Fingers African Hair Braiding

720 North Glynn Street, Suite F

Fayette DUI School, LLC

121 North Park Drive

Moore Lanes, LLC

320 West Lanier Avenue, Suite 200

Bernice Eleanor, LLC

10 Minnie Court

ME Auto Atlanta, LLC

500 West Lanier Avenue, Suite 906B

Mavis Tire & Brakes

1110 Highway 85 North

Simply Sewing Center, LLC

250 Pavilion Parkway

Pinewood Medical, Inc.

Chris Customs

150 Robinson Drive, Suite A

320 West Lanier Avenue, Suite 231 & 247

Atlanta Brain & Spine

Maaham Business, Inc.

744 North Glynn Street

1265 Highway 54 West, Suite 302

Royal Hands Health Care Services, Inc.

500 West Lanier Avenue, Suite 912A

Touch & Glow Aesthetics, Inc.

115 Commerce Drive, Suite J

So Fine Auto Group, LLC

115 Commerce Drive, Suite D

August Moon’s Balms, Butters, & Bombs, LLC

480 South Jeff Davis Drive, Suite C

T-Mobile Financial, LLC

Rico’s Hibachi & Wings, LLC

805 West Lanier Avenue, Suite A

1415 Highway 85 North, Suite 130-140

T-Mobile South, LLC

Sparkle & Shine Professional Cleaning Service, LLC

220 East Lanier Avenue, Suite 9

1415 Highway 85 North, Suite 130-140

Next Stop Counseling, LLC

110 Habersham Drive, Suite 142

T-Mobile Leasing, LLC

1415 Highway 85 North, Suite 130-140

South Atlanta Veterinary Emergency

1090 Highway 54 East

C&S Personal Home Care, LLC

135 Rosewood Drive

Malloy Group Auto Brokers

355 East Lanier Avenue, Suite S-1

Imink with Sam

115 Promenade Parkway, Suite A

Candace Jarrell State Farm

125 North Glynn Street, Suite B

Southern Crescent Mortgage & Investment

101 Devant Street, Suite 704

Premier Women’s GYN LC

101 Yorktown Drive, Suite 224

Holiday Inn Express & Suites

1231 Highway 54 West

Costa Transport Services, Inc.

150 Meadowbrook Court, Apt. B

Dream Team Trucking, LLC

485 North Jeff Davis Drive, Suite A

Blox, LLC d/b/a Blox of Georgia, LLC

out-of-state contractor

Ying Massage

925 North Glynn Street

Piedmont Urgent Care by Wellstreet

749 West Lanier Avenue, Suite 118

Care Medical Atlanta, LLC

122 Robinson Court

Grand - Memories

675 LaFayette Avenue, Apt. 2111

Power People Power Couples Consulting

205 North Jeff Davis Drive, Suite C

Bell Inspection Services, LLC

195 Whitman Grove

Discount Tire

1055 Highway 85 North

Greenline Health Services

148 East Georgia Avenue, Suite B

Falcons Burgers 2, LLC/ Checkers 5360

460 North Glynn Street

Renewing Minds Christian Ministries

740 North Glynn Street, Suite C/D

Phenomenal Feeling Vitality Center, LLC

147 Banks Station

CW Thomas Auto, LLC

180 Industrial Way, Suite F, LLC

275 Thrushwood Drive

10 - July 2020

BRIGHTMOOR-SOUTHERN GROUND AMPHITHEATER OPENED 7/17 WITH COUNTRY STAR RODNEY ATKINS The much-anticipated 2020 opening of Fayetteville’s Brightmoor-Southern Ground Amphitheater happened Friday, July 17, with a leadoff performance by country music star Rodney Atkins, known for his chart-topping hits “Take a Back Road”, “It’s America”, and “Watching You” among others. New health and safety measures are being implemented at the amphithetaer for the 2020 Concert Series to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Staff will wear masks and gloves, and guests are asked to do the same. Sanitizing stations have

been installed throughout the venue, and the entire facility will be thoroughly cleaned immediately prior to each event. Common surfaces will be disinfected through the duration of each event. Complete details are located on the Amphitheater website, Due to shutdowns associated with Georgia’s COVID-19 State of Emergency, the 2020 Concert Series has undergone a few postponements and cancellations, the most recent cancellation being the July 24 Loverboy and August 29 Satisfaction concerts. Band

11 - July 2020

representatives cited travel difficulties as their reason for cancelling. Amphitheater patrons who purchased tickets will receive a refund. For more information, visit www.southerngroundampcom.

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