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Dear Readers,

What does health and wellness mean to you?

It is a question intimately explored in the pages of this issue. We search for answers across the world, polling people in the cannabis industry and turning inward.

For me, health and wellness is about balance It is about indulgence and discipline, knowing when I need to give myself grace and when I need to hold myself accountable Cannabis is vital to this process It gives me space from my thoughts, pushes me to move more, and holds me when I need a break It was cannabis that first sent me on an internal journey to better myself and it is still cannabis that helps me connect to others

Health and wellness is a personal concept, as personal as the makeup of our endocannabinoid systems What it means to you may not be what it means to me - but we have to go inside ourselves to find that When we adhere to other people’s definitions of what it means to be healthy and well, we are disconnected from that inner knowing

However, health and wellness is as much collective as it is personal. We can only be as healthy as our communities, and now more than ever, our communities need us to be healthy. Wellness is as much a state of mind as it is a state of being It requires connection and nurturing; it is not a destination to arrive at

If we are to be well together, then we must listen to everyone Health and wellness is not a luxury, but it often seems like one In these pages, you will find many interpretations of what it means to be well You will hear from a veteran on page 50, a doctor on page 63, and a man who was formerly incarcerated on page 56 The Fat Nugs team dives into health and wellness from the shores of Coral Cove, and we explore the wellness of an industry on page 76.

All of these people hold cannabis near and dear to their hearts on these wellness journeys, as we know you do too It’s with great pleasure and gratitude that we share this Health & Wellness edition with you, our readers, and growing stoner community all over the world


Jessica Reilly-Chevalier

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Fat Nugs

Founder/Creator: Dustin Hoxworth

Editor-in-Chief: Jessica Reilly-Chevalier

Chief Operations Officer: Daniel Crawford

Program Manager: Casey Renteria

Cultural Director: Kellie Frederick


Photographer: Kyea Mofire

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God said, “I've given you every sort of seed-bearing plant on Earth and every kind of fruit-bearing tree, given them to you for food. To all animals and all birds, everything that moves and breathes, I give whatever grows out of the ground for food.” And there it was.

- Genesis 129

Kyea Mofire Volume 17
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Welcome to Coral Cove

Close your eyes and imagine feeling the warm sand between your toes. The sounds of the ocean rumbling and crashing a few feet behind you. You take a deep slow inhale and exhale all of your worries into a cloud of smoke The day-to-day grind fades into nothing more than a distant whisper Before you know it, your soul is twirling and dancing amongst the trees You have made it home to Coral Cove

The Fat Nugs team was honored with the chance to take our first team trip to Coral Cove The experience goes far beyond the sights and sounds The energy they have fostered within the 7 acres they inhabit is not just palpable, but magnetic Even now writing this weeks after the experience my soul longs for the day I can return.

experience in a sound bath Daniel Crawford gives us the nitty gritty on what it takes to grow the best Jamaican cannabis Rob Sanchez explores the food and the abundance of mushrooms Of course, it’s all with a sprinkling of strain reviews and a dash of art on top. Please join us as we take you along on our adventure to Coral Cove

The History of Coral Cove

When you arrive you'd never know this awe-inspiring resort was once a simple wedding venue One look around and it's easy to see how far they've come from the early days, but where did we start?

The feeling of freedom engulfs you and is almost overwhelming The freedom for the mask to come off and let your soul be free and wild The healing powers of the space radiate from every corner, and you feel so cared for with every interaction

We collected our stories and experiences to share in the most authentic way we knew how. Dustin breaks down the ways you can get up and moving Shelley Peebles takes us through her

This little piece of paradise was discovered in the mid-1990s by Steve while walking along a goat path. He left his info with a local in the off chance it ever came up for sale. One day out of the blue, the phone call came and Coral Cove was born The main focus was small weddings and receptions while over the years they expanded with more rooms and gorgeous views

12 Fat Nugs Magazine

The early days of the property were humble with 1 building with 2-3 rooms and a kitchen Now the property boasts 18 rooms across in 3 multi-level buildings Each is thoughtfully and beautifully designed working with nature to evolve the space.

What caused the shift from wedding to wellness? In 2017 the Jamaican government sanctioned about 30 miles of the beachfront as a wellness corridor. It naturally came that Coral Cove would follow suit, teaming up with nature to bring the best possible experience. The focus started to move towards plant-based & wellness, morphing into the stoner paradise we know today.

The Future of Stoner Paradise

After meeting with Steve and the team he has there, it is clear there is so much to do and the plans are just as big as you may imagine A few of the expansions we look forward to seeing in the near future include a massage house, sweat lodge, & fullservice spa that will be open to the public

They are taking the time to not just define what wellness is but to embody that fully When you come here it's a mind, body, and soul healing experience You can’t come here and leave unchanged, it’s not possible.

It may have been the morning in Jamaica, but I had been up for a long time traveling from Las Vegas I stopped right outside the door for my first Jamaican purchase, a Red Stripe beer. The cold drink was unbelievably refreshing in the hot and humid weather. With that settled, I watched the crowds and handled some work calls outside waiting for the rest of the Fat Nugs crew to arrive

The first shuttle was gearing up to leave early I decided to wait for the second one to get some last-minute work in for the week using the wifi at the arrival lounge. Before they left, the driver gave me two pre-rolls and said “Welcome to Jamaica” before suggesting I wander away from the doors to light up I can’t think of a better welcome to the country than that I hung out around the airport for a bit talking to taxi drivers and declining offers to buy cannabis now and again (although, I did make one regrettable purchase.)

When the rest of the team arrived for shuttle number two, we embarked south and smoked out the van with pre-rolls from Coral Cove’s on-site dispensary With regaee music blaring, we rolled our way down to the coast with several joints making the rounds For most of the team, this was the first time we met in person I’ll always remember rolling through the hills passing joints and getting to know one another on that drive

A True Jamaican Welcome

I landed in Jamaica early in the morning; the airport was still opening up. A few folks were walking with me through long hallways leading to customs past Jamaican advertisements and Bob Marley quotes to the arrivals lobby where resort drivers were waiting for tourists and taxi drivers gathered en masse

Exploring Coral Cove’s Pre-Rolls

When we got to the resort, the options for consumption expanded including pens, infused pre-rolls, regular pre-rolls, and flower. I did not try one of the pens, but they had distillate available to vape if you preferred that The selection included Durban Poison, Jamaican Fem, Blueberry Muffin, and Wild Thailand I vape concentrates at home regularly but while traveling, I always prefer to smoke the old-fashioned way, especially when others are there to smoke and enjoy with me.

The pre-roll selection at Coral Cove had 1g pre-rolls of 5 different cultivars You could choose between Venom OG, Wild Thailand, Maltezers, Blue Wizard, and Luke Skywalker Each pre-roll came packaged with dispensary and strain info including the packaging date

These pre-rolls were packed just right to allow an even and easy burn, however the flower was a little on the dry side which impacted some of the flavor Venom OG was a standout here with a nice pine note on the palette For folks who didn’t have papers or didn’t want to roll up, these were a goto throughout the week.

The infused pre-roll list included Wild Thailand, Maltezers, Banna Kush and Strawberry Malawi From what we could discern, the flower was mixed with kief before being rolled up. These burned a little hotter - as expected with more than flower packed into the papers Banna Kush got the gold medal in this category from my perspective The flower had a strong limonene profile, and the smoke reminded me of other haze cultivars, showing its Skunk Haze lineage

Volume 17
Steve Zindars & Daniel Crawford at Coral Cove Photo: Chris Birdsong

Smoking Jamaican Excellence

Now for the raison d’etre, my favorite category to rate, review and enjoy: flower Nothing like breaking down some fat nugs with good people, food and music alongside the beach

With 14 strains to try, the Coral Cove team prepared a sample bag for all of the Certified Ganjiers on the trip including Purple Punch, Wild Thailand, Venom OG, Maltezers, Mazar x White, Jamaican Fem, Banana Kush, Icy Mint, Blue Wizard, Luke Skywalker and the tried-and-true, Gelato We were all excited about the lineup and enjoyed trying them out throughout the week

The Aroma

When it comes to quality, the flower was very dry and lower on the terpene percentage - at least as far as the aroma revealed. If they had more of a nose on them at flower, the terps had since evaporated This was in some ways a good thing because they had the product stored in a place being kept dry while on the humid and hot Jamaican beachside, a challenge that can’t be easy to overcome, although it did take away from the unique profiles that each cultivar had.

We worked through the product, breaking buds open and looking for standouts before making sure to try every one of them (multiple times). A majority were indistinguishable from each other, while some others were borderline too dry to consume There were four that brought the most flavor and potency to the table: the Venom OG and Icy Mint were the best along with runners-up Purple Punch and the Mazar x White

With all of that flower in the group, there was almost always one joint lit and another on the way rolled by Matt Jerome or myself

The Potency

The potency of the flower we had at the resort was not known, but if I had to guess from the experience and sheer quantity of joints we consumed, it was well under 20% THC I found myself having to consume much more than expected to reach the level I was after.

The high was mellow, social, and short-lived, not too heavy or potent It would have been nice to know the harvest date and grow methods to rate and review it with more specificity

All of the cannabis was sourced from Jamaican Red Moon Ltd with packaged dates ranging from April to June 2023. Most of the flower had been packaged for over 6 months, and it was starting to show The dispensary was located on the resort property a short distance from the main building and kept behind lock, key, and security fence for employees only Jamaican regulations required it to stay this way, so we didn’t get a walk-through this time

Cannabis was a constant at Coral Cove. As we roamed the beaches and resort property, it was excellent to have the dispensary on-site.

Orders could be put in at the front desk, and they would be brought out to you or ready at the desk for pick-up within the hour Watching the sunset with a joint or two and the Fat Nugs crew was top-notch. Visiting consumers can be sure that the dispensary has them covered and prepare to try a wide variety of cultivars to supplement the experience

14 Fat Nugs Magazine
Photo: Chris Birdsong Photo: Chris Birdsong Rob Sanchez at Coral Cove Matthew Jerome at Coral Cove

Coral Cove’s Water Sports and Other Activities

When thinking of a restful, peaceful, and re-energizing wellness retreat, one of the first things that comes to mind are relaxing, leisurely activities that we may not normally get to enjoy during the daily grind of life That can be things like swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, and hiking

The entire property at Coral Cove can be one big leisure activity. From a quiet stroll along the property line looking at the gardens and greenhouses, to the cozy, perfectly-positioned pool next to the ocean inviting you for a nice cool swim, and a place to simply lay to snag a few sunrays While you’re there feel free to look around at all the gorgeous coral surrounding the entire area It will give you an idea of where to go explore while doing one of the more popular activities: snorkeling!

You couldn’t ask for a better place to enjoy swimming with the fish, sea urchins, lobster, crab, and all the other little critters dipping and diving amongst the labyrinth of different corals You could spend hours upon hours snorkeling and never see the same thing twice It was truly an all-encompassing activity that is highly recommended if you’re looking for an escape from the everyday.

Not only can you explore the underwater world, you can also glide over the top of it all on a paddleboard or kayak Since the area has very calm waters, especially in the morning, you’ll find yourself in the perfect setting to enjoy paddling along the coast and taking in all the sights, sounds and smells. It’s such a quiet, peaceful area to paddle in that you’ll find yourself every morning craving more and more time on the water And why wouldn’t you?

With the most gorgeous sunrises, calm, peaceful waters, and access to all the gear and equipment you could ever need, leisure and sporting activities at the resort play a big role in achieving overall health and wellness.

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16 Fat Nugs Magazine Kyea Mofire

What’s Cooking at Coral Cove?

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were prepared and served by Chef Morice at Coral Cove As the group went around the property and island, we could rely on having delicious food upon returning. Traditional Jamaican selections allowed us to experience the culture through a range of different dishes. Service was attentive and caring in the shaded first-level veranda of the main building.


On the first night, we were treated to a seafood creole including shrimp, mussels, scallops, and squid with jerked chicken cooked there near the tables Sides of salad and fruit were plentiful along with quinoa, corn, rice, and peas It was a great accent to a day of travel to officially kick off the week with a plate of delicious food Pineapple upside-down cake was available for those with a sweet tooth


We started things off with a scrambled egg and bacon breakfast complete with porridge, fried plantains, and other pastry options

After several hours of sun and chilling, we gathered again for lunch with stewed chicken, rasta “spicy” pasta, curried vegetables, and Jamaican escovitch kingfish, which consisted of a whole fish prepared similar to ceviche with a Jamaican twist

By the time the sun set, we were hungry indeed and ready for dinner. Chef Morice set out cream of cauliflower soup, salad, and rice with curried goat and pasta marinara Whether to have a slice of orange chocolate cheesecake or pineapple flan was the last decision to make of the night


The breakfast included sausage and baked beans. Potatoes O’Brien was also available, crispy potatoes mixed with peppers, tomatoes, and herbs served alongside an egg station for folks to get omelets or eggs cooked in any way Lunch was roast breadfruit, cauliflower mornay, and stewed beef with shrimp cooked there on the spot

We had a heavy smoke session before dinner out at Wabba’s cannabis grow that really made this one hit the spot. Dinner included a fire-roasted bisque, salad, pumpkin rice, coconut veggie stewed fish, oxtail, and jerk pork The ox tail was marinated in spice and cooked down to perfection A chocolate cake closed out the menu


Today saw a remix of previous breakfast items along with brown fish. Afterward, the group explored the island with a little bit of swimming in a little freshwater lagoon rumored to have been used by Bob Marley himself It was cool to walk along the countryside under the sun We were welcomed back to the resort with a lunch of roasted potatoes, pork, vegetable stir fry, and fried chicken

After our last sunset of the trip, we sat down for the best meal of the week For dinner, we had grilled rock lobster medallions with garlic butter, more oxtail, curried seafood, herbal mashed potatoes and rice The lobster was rich and complex, soaked in butter and served by folks we had gotten to know over the week. Good vibes at this meal led into a dessert of vanilla and chocolate creme brulee and sweet potato pudding This was enough fuel for us to steam chalice for several more rounds with Wabba and the crew into the evening

18 Fat Nugs Magazine
Photo: Cindy Murray

On Friday the first of the buses left early but some stayed for breakfast

Overall, I was pleased with the food at Coral Cove; there was enough to dig in when needed but also options to eat lighter if you preferred I enjoyed the varied dishes that presented local flavor and history Meals were a time we all came together throughout the week Chef Morice and the staff there made for a very relaxing environment with nothing to worry about but the stars over your head and the next recreational activity.

If you like to eat well when you travel, you won’t be disappointed by the menu here It provides some staples for those with less than diverse palettes while introducing some specialties along the way like oxtail and roasted breadfruit

The Hook

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the water is sparkling as the waves crash gently along the cove On my recent trip to Jamaica with the Fat Nugs Team, I was blessed to meet a brilliant painter named Michael McIntosh, the cousin of one of the most famous reggae icons of all time, Winston Hubert McIntosh, better known as Peter Tosh

As I left breakfast on the 2nd day of the retreat, I noticed my brother walking back with a huge smile on his face and a lovely painting in his hands. “If you haven’t met him yet, you need to.” my brother exclaimed “He’s on the other side of the Wellness Center by the pool ” Then my brother walked off to his room holding his newly found source of joy

When you first approach Michael, he will most likely be painting the morning scene and humming to himself. He will bring you in and explain the painting he’s working on and then begin to talk to you about the other art pieces he has for sale Somewhere in the middle of the conversation he turned to me and smiled from ear to ear

I spent a lot of time during the retreat with Michael and learning about the local culture and what it means to be Rastafari The respect for the earth and the belief in a better future are the pillars of their culture. To truly understand what it means to be Rasta, one must make the journey to Jamaica and experience it for themselves

As Michael tells it, “God is in the waves and in the sunrise, and in the little birds song ” Having the privilege to meet Michael and experience Rasta culture firsthand is something I will always cherish

Glory to the Father and maker of creation!

Volume 17 19
Michael McIntosh at Coral Cove Photo: Chris Birdsong

Namaste at Coral Cove

Listening to the ocean waves crash all around me as I move in and out of various yoga poses, I am guided by the lovely Irijah Stennett, Wellness Director at Coral Cove Wellness Resort

I had just finished smoking half a joint of some delicious sun-grown Purple Kush, sold to me from the on-site dispensary at the resort. I find myself able to focus on my breath much easier than I have in past yoga classes

Everything she is saying resonates with me deeply as I close my eyes and go with the flow Colors come into view I can picture my root chakra lighting up red in the pelvic area, which represents grounding Ground into the Earth I hear the words “find your roots…you are exactly what you need”, whispered in my ear, along with a huge wave crashing down It’s as though the ocean is speaking to me Then came the tears Something I have known all along but needed to hear, It’s as though my body and mind are connecting to deliver this powerful message It is such a beautiful release and so freeing

It’s as though I finally gave my body permission to forgive myself for all of the things I say negatively to myself every day.

“Sometimes, you have to slow down in order to move fast”, Irie says in her calm, yet powerful voice These words stay with me as I move into Cougar Pose She continues to say, “Think about those things you want to slow down that are going too fast at the moment so that you can really embrace each one.”

I was already half a joint in before the class started at 9 am Normally I would be at the dental office, my other occupation, having just seen my second or third patient by now, wishing desperately that I could just go get a snack or go to the bathroom, but unable to do either, because time is money The hustle and bustle and fast-paced nature of most of our everyday lives get into our nervous system in ways we don’t even realize It is silent; it sneaks up on us

Before we know it, we find ourselves in a career that, unbeknownst to us, is contributing to our own health issues Add on to the stress of a physically demanding job the emotional stresses of our everyday lives, relationships, friendships, social interactions, you name it - they all manifest as pain and inflammation in our bodies unless we have a way to release stress and let it go

20 Fat Nugs Magazine
Irijah Stennett & Shelley Peebles at Coral Cove Photo: Chris Birdsong

I start to focus on the body parts engaged in this pose and picture them strengthening and toning individually With each new breath, I imagine myself strong, capable, determined What do I need to slow down to get where I want to be? What am I spending way too much time on that is blocking my path? What can I focus less on in order to have more time to do the things I want to do?

“Focus on yourself!” My mind loudly tells me. I have always been the type of person who puts everyone else’s needs above their own More often than not, I keep overextending myself to help others It’s a pattern, I’ve learned, through years of therapy People-pleasing to overcome my fear of rejectionwhich stems from my relationship with my mother, as I recently discovered. All of these emotions are coming out of me as I process everything that has transpired over the past few months and years I feel this huge release of pent-up tension and relax more than I have in a long time

“You are here, you are whole, you are complete You are perfect just as you are You are more than enough You are only one conversation away from having the life of your dreams.” Her words make me smile, and I believe what she’s saying is true I feel much more connected with my mind and body; my stress seems to have evaporated Overall I feel lighter, as though a weight has been lifted

Irijah has been working with Coral Cove since June and has quickly become integrated into their wellness program With her background as a Physician’s Assistant, she integrates Pranic energy and anatomy into her yoga classes and also facilitates psilocybin ceremonies at the resort.

“Yoga is really about getting into your body and connecting with your breath, and this place provides people with a safe space to do that,” Irie said

We get into the patterns of our everyday lives and forget to bring a child-like innocence into the things we do Emotions build up and we become stuck in patterns. This leads to more inflammation building up in the body, which can eventually manifest as chronic pain Yoga helps us break these patterns

Incorporating cannabis and psilocybin into yoga practice helps you delve within, allowing you to truly focus on yourself I, for one, intend to get back to my own yoga practice, and back to myself Now that I see how beneficial it is to incorporate cannabis into my yoga routine, I plan on using it to improve my overall health and well-being

Volume 17 21
Photo: Chris Birdsong Yoga at Coral Cove
22 Fat Nugs Magazine Kellie Frederick

Wabba’s World – King of Jamaican Ganja

We talk a lot about culture in cannabis In the United States, OGs are measured in decades In Jamaica, OGs are measured in generations As much as we love our Mother Ganja here in North America, she isn’t part of mainstream organized religions

Around most of the world, there are few second-generation, and even fewer third-generation cannabis farmers Jamaicans have been cultivating ganja since it was brought to the island in the 1840s, well before their Rastafarian “cannabis cult” was established in the 1930s

In a land where cannabis is gospel, Wabba is the King of this part of the island You know when Wabba is in the house No, he doesn’t drive a flashy car. His presence is announced, “WABBA, RASAFARI!”

Visiting Wabba’s World

With the year-round tourist attraction, the Blue Hole Mineral Spring, and his annual 4/20 event, a trip to Wabba’s mountainside retreat is worth it even if you don’t partake But since most of us do consume be sure to add the ganja tour to the mineral spring e

Unlike most of the contiguous United States, which is cursed with the dreaded yearly phenomenon known as winter, Jamaica is basked in sweet sunshine 365 days a year. Nestled on a mountainside overlooking Little Bay, Wabba took the Fat Nugs team on a dreamy tour of his 17-acre cannabis farm

Seven plots were scattered around Wabba’s mountaintop Blessed with clean Caribbean rain, kissed by the salty sea, fueled by organic soils, and all the sunshine you need, it was a cannabis grower’s dream come true As stoners traveling abroad, we had arrived at the Mecca of Jamaican cannabis

Wabba grows great ganja Despite what your preconceived notions may be of Jamaican cannabis, this was not the yellow, dried-out herb of the past The flowers in Wabba’s garden were exploding with terpenes and cured in a semi-controlled environment to preserve each strain’s unique bouquet. If there is one thing to remember about Wabba it is his love and passion for terpenes

time to learn and understand how to grow from some of the best in the world In 2015, Wabba hopped on a plane to Humboldt It was there, in the heart of the Emerald Triangle, where he traveled to further his knowledge and develop skills to help distinguish his products from the rest grown on the island Wabba was rewarded in 2020 with the number one sativa strain at the Jack Herer Cup for his Lemon Kush.

Wabba grows his ganja in a blend of native soil Rich in dissolved minerals and rusty brown in color, this type of soil is known as Terra Rossa and is associated with similar karst regions around the world Wabba supplements the local soil with organic nutrients from the compost collected from local sugar cane farms. No other inputs are used on his farm- it’s 100% all-natural sun-grown Jamaican fire

Wabba’s genetics are mostly of sativa-dominant crosses, all seedgrown, never cloned To withstand high humidity, scorching sun, and regular rains, plants are put through the ultimate survival gauntlet The seeds which emerge from the mountainside greenhouse are battle-tested to perform and produce succulent, terpene-rich, sun-grown, sweet, sweet Jamaican cheeba

From his classic Purple Wabba (Gelato x Headband), flavorpacked Pink Tangie, to the sweet, citrusy yet creamy Lemon Kush, Wabba had quite a few winners among his genetic library

A fan favorite with our team, including 3 certified Ganjiers, took center stage It was called the World Series and Wabba hit this one out of the park I’ll hand the review over to my friend, Ganjier and Fat Nugs contributor, Matt Jerome.

Fat Nugs Magazine
Wabba at the Blue Hole Photo: Chris Birdsong Photo: Chris Birdsong Photo: Chris Birdsong FNM Team at Wabba’s mountin farm FNM Team at Wabba’s mountin farm

Wabba’s World Series – A Walk-Off Grand Slam

No island on earth lifts my spirits as high as Jamaica does With its authentically upbeat and welcoming people, jungle-rich hills, fierce piercing sun, and salty ocean breeze, it's obvious why it's the birthplace of some of the most cannabis-centric art, religion, and culture that the world has ever been graced with

From my first bag of high school 'sess', to my everlasting love of reggae, my life has been steeped in Jamaican culture It's a sacred place to me that embodies our beloved cannabis plant so purely and openly, which is undoubtedly why its cannabis brings an unmatched sense of deep and meaningful peace every time I roll it up

As I hiked with the Fat Nugs team from one magnificent field of cannabis to another on Wabba's beautiful property, I started to hear all the gaslight-filled voices of my youth remarking on my uncurable addiction to cannabis Hot, sweaty, exhausted, and smiling ear to ear, I was struck by how right they were

I am undeniably in love with this plant, and if that's an addiction, then so be it, because so are Jamaica and her people It's a way of life here One's love for cannabis can make you royalty, and as my good friend Daniel has so well put it, around these parts, Wabba is King.

The following Ganjier assessment is of Wabba's World Seriesan organically grown (Headband x Sour Diesel) cross that has been generations in the making It’s grown with everything quality cannabis needs – experience, sun, rainwater, love, and the occasional organic tea

Growing cannabis is not hard to do Growing exceptional cannabis, though well, that is an art form unto itself, and Wabba is a certified creator I’m deeply honored to assess his work

I am a firm believer that no amount of money or technology can replace a true and genuine love for the plant Cannabis knows her people No matter who grows it, where, and using what methods - passion will always speak for itself

I hope you enjoy the review and would like to take this opportunity to send a heartfelt thank you to Steve, Elana, Irie, Wabba, and the entire Coral Cove Wellness staff for an unforgettable week, as well as Dustin and the entire Fat Nugs Mag team for all you do Love you all!

Flower Appearance

Vibrant, dark, almost neon green coloration with red and purple hues throughout Coated beautifully with rich and full resin heads. Trichomes abscissions indicate harvest was done within the optimal window Aged, dried, and cured beautifully

Handled with intense care as trimming has obviously been done by hand, keeping trichomes, stalks, and gorgeous resin very well intact Absolutely beautiful flower on any stage, but especially for outdoor-grown flower, this is some world-class cannabis.


The kind of weed you can smell across the room Absolutely reeking of terroir Its deep, dark, and complex overtones are immediately pleasant and calming to the senses. Overwhelming rich earthy and salty notes, almost caramel-like aroma radiating out of the bag - couldn't get enough As I dive deeper, I’m hit with a sandy, sweet, damp, musk Constant notes of the sea underlie all prevalent tones This is what I came to Jamaica for

Volume 17 25
Photo: Chris Birdsong Photo: Chris Birdsong Wabba at the Blue Hole

As I crack open the buds, I am hit with a vibrant, uplifting floral kick that is steeped in the surrounding jungle Delayed notes of stone fruit enter the scene as well as a zesty lime citrus kick. Wet, sandy, coniferous notes present, that give way to a buttery/garlic and chive spice Terroir-driven cannabis at its finest Citrus = Lime Soda + Grapefruit

Stone-fruit = Plum + Apricot + Nectarine

Floral = Deep Hibiscus


As expected, as I lean into the first part of this joint, many of the flavors hold true to their aroma, and have seated me at a beautiful symphony of salt, sea, earth, and fruity sweetness Exceptionally smooth smoke Truly an experience Flavor lingered on the palate for ages with a pleasant oily coating

With an extremely clean and flawless burn, I am hit by wave after wave of the jungle's rich surrounding vegetation. Flavor continues to follow suit as fruity tones hold true to their aroma

A pine/herbal layer gives way to a slight dairy/creamy dimension that has an unexpected kick of nostalgia as I am grazed with a hint of a multicolored lime-pastel lollipop from my childhood

High Experience

As I sat around the table with Wabba and the Fat Nugs Team at the magnificent Coral Cove, I stared at the horizon with abnormally relaxed shoulders trying to figure out how this night could get any better.

It was a dream come true

I’m an objective guy, but it's impossible to separate this experience from its locale, and the people I was with. I don’t have enough good things to say about Wabba’s World Series and the synergetic high it bestowed upon all of us Lifelong friendships were made around every hazy table that week at Coral Cove, and Wabba’s cannabis was a catalyst for each one

The funny thing about this magnificent plant is it has a specia way of revealing our true selves. Breaking down our guards Many don’t like this aspect of it, especially those with false natures When you find yourself with a group of people where you can finally take your armor off, don’t take it lightly: it’s the universe speaking to you

There is nothing more draining to your well-being than being around people where inauthenticity is the price of admission Cannabis has always reminded me that we must be around thos who love what we love, it's vital to the soul

A Grower’s Reflection - by Daniel Crawford

I couldn’t have described that better if I wanted to Reviews are powerful tools that often evoke and tickle memories from the past. This took me right back to Coral Cove. Thank you, Matt!

Cannabis growers are passionate about their work: ask any cultivator and watch as they glow, showing off their garden You could feel the passion in Wabba’s gardens. You could see it in his plants. You could taste the flower infused with positive vibrations Wabba’s plants feel his love and reciprocate with a full expression of glorious terpenes

Wabba invited us to partake in a chalice session back at Coral Cove after the tour. This was one of the many highlights of the trip. Our team, full of cannabis connoisseurs, gawked and drooled over every strain Our olfactory receptors were smacked with some of the best-tasting herb on the island as each round of the chalice brought us something new and took us to new levels of highness Red-eyed and cotton-mouthed, we went round for round with the King of Jamaican Ganja

It was a legendary sesh I don’t want to speak for everyone, but Wabba’s weed and chalice were the icing on one of the most memorable experiences in my life Before he left, Wabba handed us a stash of seeds from his prized genetics as if we hadn’t already hit the canna-jackpot Until next time, Jamaica!

26 Fat Nugs Magazine
Photo: Chris Birdsong Dustin Hoxworth and Rob Sanchez smoking on an Itol Steam Chalice at the Blue Hole

Mushroomin’ in Paradise

Coral Cove Wellness takes recreation and relaxation seriously

There is no shortage of activities across its coastal property and beyond This is supplemented heavily by the Jamaican sunshine, food, cannabis, and a mushroom or two (or ten) from the psilocybe cubensis family

The choose-your-own-adventure vibes were real as the group explored the property and lounged in the pool all week There were quite a few mushroom varieties available and many ways to consume including capsules, tea, delicious smoothies, and (my preferred form) dried and natural It’s not that I “enjoy” the taste of them, per se, but I appreciate what they’re bringing to the table, so I like to have them unaltered. I also like to take little pieces throughout the day, weekend, or event to ramp up slower than eating a gram or two at once Everyone could choose their dosage, frequency, and style with no pressure and a perfect set and setting to unwind and connect with nature and good folks

The options we had to choose from were Cambodian, Fatback, Monster Mack and Golden Teachers Some, like the Golden Teachers, were capsules and were perfect for smoothies, while others were available in many forms. For a psychonaut, it was relative paradise for sure Wake up, have a joint, yoga, and breakfast, if you’d like, then put in an order of mushrooms for the day With opportunities to re-order at any time, it’s safe to say I was in good spirits

On the first day, we arrived in the afternoon, and most, including myself, turned in early to recover from travel The next morning, I signed up for a gram of dried Cambodian, 1 5 grams of dried Fatback, and 1g Golden Teacher smoothie to kick it off. When in Rome, right?

The snorkeling that day after consuming was unforgettable as the sunlight refracted through the water and coral Swimming through the waves and feeling the ocean all around was otherworldly. Unwinding in the saltwater pool to watch the sunset with good music, conversation, cannabis, and more mushrooms accented the day

We continued to explore the property and visited Wabba’s grow on day three. A fourth variety of mushroom was made available that morning: the Monster Mack I had a heavier and much more introspective trip from this variety, thinking about work, family, and life. It was needed but consumed my thoughts This was a healing cathartic experience to think about things and make some resolutions on what I want to do differently going forward That night, I watched constellations in the sky over the island and enjoyed some bass music alongside the crashing waves.

On the last day at the resort, I had more Golden Teacher smoothies as well as a 1g chocolate bar in the evening I had a very positive trip after clearing some things out of my mind the day before - I can still see the horizon and feel the breeze from this one We sat around with Wabba and the steam chalice until late in the night to get the most out of our time before early morning departures.

Shroom Reflections

Because of the way I was layering on the different strains, it’s a little difficult to describe them separately. I’ll have to go back and dedicate one day to each kind!

The Gentle

I can say that the Golden Teachers and Cambodians were gentler and maybe more “spiritual” in the sense of fostering a connection with the folks around you, the world beneath your feet, and the stars above There was a keen awareness there of the threads connecting us all Both of these strains were excellent and are sought after and found across the globe.

The Unique

The Fatback variety I tried was very visual with trails of light and a kaleidoscopic effect on the sunset and the stars, as well as an intense connection to the music I was playing This one is a strain local and unique to Jamaica, fruited outdoors on the bank of Wag Water River in St Andrew

Volume 17 27
Casey Renteria Casey Renteria

The story and attention to detail here made the experience unique. The tryptamine content in these is higher than average around 055% which probably contributed to the “uniqueness”

The Introspective

Monster Mack was the one that sent me inward on day three It's bringing 11% tryptamine to the table, along with a full gamut of psychedelia from interesting visuals in the air, wood grain, sand, clouds, and smoke to time dilation and odd moments of deep introspection accompanied by some ups and downs throughout the trip.

I was mentally scrolling through the different aspects of life and priorities as I thought of them I can’t say there was a particular realization or breakthrough from this, but it allowed me to get some things straightened up and prioritized around my family and projects The resort was the perfect place to hang out and think through this with the rest of the Fat Nugs fam there smiling and smoking

The mushrooms we had there were provided by Psacred Therapeutics out of Kingston and facilitated by Irijah and Annie, two very caring individuals who checked in on the group throughout the week Irijah is a multi-certified wellness practitioner who led the yoga sessions and sound therapy for the group. I was too much of a night owl to make it to yoga, but I did experience sound therapy after a long day of sun and mushrooms It was memorable and took me by surprise Deep resonating primal sound waves washed over and through me as she changed bowls and moved among the group creating an unrivaled ambiance of meditative peace

I’m grateful for the experience at Coral Cove with Fat Nugs. It was unlike anything I’ve done before and the opportunity to explore their mushroom offerings was perfect. It was my first time at a wellness resort but definitely won’t be my last. With and without psychedelics, there’s much to enjoy and appreciate in Jamaica.

A Coral Cove Tribute -Maxine Salabie

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Maxine Salabie, a long-time manager and a partner in our mission at Coral Cove Wellness

Recognized by those who spent any time with her as the heart of Coral Cove We referred to her as The Queen of Hospitality! Always going above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome and cared for Whether it was a staff member client or visitor Maxine had a way

Casey Renteria Photo: Chris Birdsong
29 Volume 17 Kyea Mofire

Cannabis: A Surprising Superfood

You may think you know cannabis You may think you know the many forms and shapes this wonderful plant can take, and all the variety of ways to enjoy them But I invite you to a new perspective - cannabis as food

Not edibles Raw food

Let me ask you this:

What happens to the fan leaves on cannabis plants after they’re trimmed? Do you save them or toss them right in the bin?

Do you skip over the hemp seeds in the health food section, dismissing them as just another fad?

Your favorite way to elevate your mind can also elevate your gut: cannabis is a superfood

What is a Superfood?

Let’s back the train up What, exactly, is a superfood?

“Superfood is a non-scientific term we give to plants that have certain compounds,” said Steven Philpott, Environmental Biologist and Ph D Graduate Researcher “Superfoods are antioxidant-rich plants that neutralize oxidative stress in our foods ”

Oxidative stress is caused by free radicals, single electrons seeking a pair. These solo travelers are the starting point for dozens of health problems, from acne and weight gain all the way to cancer Superfoods contain antioxidant compounds that reduce oxidative stress in the body and help eliminate problems before they become one

Calling a food “super” just means that it has a robust profile of nutrients and it’s not highly processed. If you want to eat more superfoods, you don’t have to clean out your fridge or spend $1,000 at Whole Foods Philpott suggests starting with a focus on eating the rainbow in plants The more colors on your plate, the more nutrients in your food

So how can you add cannabis to the mix?

Skip The Grocery Store - Use Fan Leaves

One of the biggest hidden superfoods on the cannabis plant is the fan leaves They’re iconic - but how often do they go to waste?

These seven-pointed stars hide a surprisingly long list of nutrients in their thin bodies They have essential fatty acids, an astounding nine amino acids, fiber, and a long list of vitamins including zinc, magnesium, folate, Vitamin C and K, and iron. They also have nine times more protein than spinach does!

“Cannabis is rich in antioxidants, even more so than some of the other foods the media deems ‘super’” said Philpott. “Omega-3, omega-6, cannabinoids, terpenes, chlorophyll, polyphenols - the same diversity we love in cannabis for smoking is beneficial for us in eating too ”

Surprised yet?

How to Eat Fan Leaves

Philpott enjoys using his fan leaves to make tea, but he also occasionally grates flower over meals as a garnish You may think that sounds like a waste of a good high, but you don’t need to get high to benefit from the compounds in cannabis.

Fan leaves also contain phytocannabinoid-derived acids, better known as the acidic versions of your favorite cannabinoids like THCA and CBDA. These molecules are not intoxicating but still contain powerful antiinflammatory and antioxidant properties Once heated, the conversion process from acids to active begins

“The Western world is obsessed with cooking food and that changes the nutrient profile,” Philpott said. “Eating raw cannabis is a great way to get the benefits.”

BigC Studio Fat Nugs Magazine

But wait - what do fan leaves taste like? It’s exactly what you’d expect: an earthy, crunchy flavor with a hint of classic cannabis If you already enjoy raw greens, fan leaves will pair nicely in your meals If you don’t like the “weed taste” there are ways to hide it

A few ways to enjoy leafy greens:

Salad Make a salad and add your fan leaves (off of the stem) along with spinach, arugula, or any other greens you like.

Tea All tea is made from dried plants Dehydrate your leaves or allow them to dry naturally, crush them, steep in hot water for 3 - 7 minutes, and enjoy

Juice. At least one doctor (Dr. William Courtney) has advocated for juicing fan leaves to treat cancer I can’t endorse that, but it certainly never hurts to boost your greens intake (And there’s no way juiced fan leaves are worse than juiced celery )

Smoothies. If you can’t stand the taste of fan leaves alone, add them in with other fruits or veggies to a smoothie mix.

Your favorite recipe Swap the spinach in Italian Wedding Soup for fan leaves, blend them with basil and pine nuts to make pesto, or sneak them into your favorite recipe another way Your imagination is the limit!

Green powder Use this powder like you would any supergreens powder, or portion it into capsules to add to your daily vitamin routine Pro tip: Philpott suggests putting your leaves into the freezer for a few hours and then putting them in the blender This allows the water in the leaves to freeze so they shatter rather than pulverize into liquid.

One important note on eating fan leaves and weed flower: use fresh, organic bud. Always wash your fan leaves before consuming, and don’t eat anything that looks moldy If you’re growing at home, don’t consume fan leaves that you use to foliar-feed your plants. Feed mixtures often contain fish excrement and bat guano, and you do not want to ingest that.

Don’t Leave Hemp Behind

And hemp - well, my goodness. What can’t hemp do? Build walls, create wood floors, provide a sustainable alternative to plastic that cleans the ground it's grown on - and act as a complete source of protein

Long before people were regularly getting high, hemp plants were creating civilizations by providing base materials for vital fibers (stalks and stems) and a balanced source of protein, Omega-3, and Omega-6 (seeds). Hempseeds are an original superfood, not just because of their nutrient profile, but because of how important they were to growing civilizations

Hemp seeds mix in well with oats and chia seeds, as a garnish to salads, or in your favorite recipes If you’re like me and don’t enjoy the texture of hemp seeds, Philpott recommends pulverizing them in a food processor for easy drinking.

We have only scratched the surface of what cannabis can do for us. The next time you’re looking for a good veggie pairing for dinner, why not whip together a fan leaves and hemp seed salad? It’s creative, delicious, and supportive of your gut and your endocannabinoid system - what more could you ask for?

Volume 17
Stefan Tomic
Kyea Mofire Fat Nugs Magazine 32

Hash Hearts

Dark Chocolate Conversation Hearts

Iam sure you’ve all heard that dark chocolate is good for you Well, it’s true! Chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa can act as an antiplatelet similar to aspirin Dark chocolate increases good cholesterol, decreases bad cholesterol, and contains polyphenols and flavonoids that prevent DNA and cell damage. It prevents liver damage, lowers cholesterol, keeps you slim, boosts brain power, and makes you feel good!

As if you needed any more reasons to indulge I added some additional polyphenols and put my own spin on these chocolate “conversation hearts ” These are so deliciously good for you, you’ll want to share them with all of your BUDS.

Speaking of wellness- This recipe will teach you how to accurately infuse edibles If we want to feel good we need to get rid of the Russian roulette days of decarbing flower in butter, dumping some in and hoping for the best.


400g Dark Chocolate - I prefer 55% Equatorial

Valrhona dark chocolate Try to choose one with a high percentage of cocoa such as 50+% Cannabis oil

Optional Inclusions

Chopped nuts, Crushed pretzels, cookie crumbs, etc.

Colored cocoa butter

White chocolate (optional)

Ground freeze-dried fruit (optional) (contains additional polyphenols)


Chocolate molds

The Art Of Infusion:

The first thing you’ll want to do is determine how strong you want your chocolates to be and how much oil you need to use

34 Fat Nugs Magazine

Tempering Chocolate the Easy Way

Step 1: Place chocolate in microwave-safe bowl. Melt at 30-second intervals stirring between each addition of time to melting temperature of 122F

Step 2: Add a few pieces of un-melted chocolate to the melted chocolate and stir until melted Then place the bowl in the freezer for 30 seconds and stir and scrape the sides of the bowl to superimpose the chocolate back onto itself I won’t bore you with the science behind this, but this is the easiest way to temper chocolate at home without a tempering machine Cool to between 82-84F, Then re-warm by stirring until the temperature comes back up to a workable consistency 88-90F.

Step 3: Add your cannabis oil and stir well to combine This can be an oil-based tincture, or infused coconut oil (equal parts distillate, rosin, or resin and coconut oil)just be sure not to use anything water-based Water and chocolate are not friends This will raise the temp of the chocolate.

A tempering guide can be found at https://www valrhona com/en/l-ecole-valrhona/discover-lecole-valrhona/chocolate-terminology/temperingchocolate

Add freeze-dried fruit powder if desired This adds flavor and extra health benefits to the chocolate You can also flavor your chocolate using flavor powders.

Step 4: Melt colored cocoa butter Fill a glass measuring cup with water, microwave for 2 minutes, place cocoa butter color in hot water and let sit for 5 minutes Shake well and be sure not to shake any water into your chocolate

Step 5: Using a small paintbrush, brush designs onto chocolate mold You can also flick the mix onto your mold to give a splatter look and or mix colors The possibilities are endless You can also add cookie crumbs, finely chopped nuts, freeze-dried fruit, to the bottom of your molds to give the outside a crunch.

Step 6: Pour infused chocolate into molds Place molds in the freezer for 10-15 minutes

Step 7: Remove from the freezer and remove chocolates from mold

Store in an airtight container away from children and pets. Enjoy and be well!

35 Volume 17
36 Fat Nugs Magazine Kyea Mofire

A Microdose of Magic

Welcome to the plant medicine column!

Over the next 6 months, I will be writing about the power of plant medicine and intentional use of psychedelics. From personal stories to interviews and education, microdoses to macrodoses, average joes to professional athletes, my goal is to share diverse experiences that enhance the beauty and power of the natural world around us

The power of plant medicine was revealed to me in college when a set of traumatic brain injuries changed the course of my life as I knew it Traditional medicine wasn’t healing my mental, physical, or energetic self in a way that made an impact, so I took more creative measures, which is when I was introduced to the world of mushrooms as medicine

I can still remember my first time macro-dosing psychedelic mushrooms I was surrounded by nature and felt a deep connection to the world around me in a way that I had never felt before. This opened my eyes to the possibility and power this fungi holds

Psychedelics are a class of psychoactive substances

Psychoactive or ‘magic’ mushrooms contain psilocybin, which the body converts to psilocin when consumed. Psilocin, the chemical that has psychoactive properties, can contribute to/cause profound changes in perception, cognition, and mood and may alter a person's experiences or consciousness Although I love a good macro-dose trip as much as 1969 Woodstock attendees, mushrooms are showing us that we are truly just scratching the surface of our brain functionality and human potential, even at the microdose

Fat Nugs Magazine 38

In the wilderness, mushrooms build underground networks called “mycelium” or fungi that send root-like structures or threads throughout the depths of the forest soil. The threads penetrate and wrap around tree roots, providing tree communities with water, nitrogen, and phosphorus

Unlike other supplements and herbs, psychoactive mushrooms are selective and intentional about where they place their energy; they are smart and don’t just give their energy away for nothing In exchange for providing the tree with its needed nutrients, the mushroom's mycelial network takes tree sugar and other carbohydrates with it.

So what do the mushrooms “exchange” with humans?

Mushrooms use intention as a guide to their work; if there is no intention or guide, they will magnetize to an area of your being where stagnant energy is present I believe the exchange happens when you give the mushrooms permission to unbury experiences and memories (even the not-super-fun ones) to help you heal and find internal peace Stanislav Grof, author of LSD Psychotherapy, was the first to describe psychedelics as “non-specific amplifiers,” which give us access to buried layers of our unconscious Grof is quoted in Myron Stolaroff’s book “The Secret Chief” saying: “The Greek word ‘psychedelic’ translates literally as mind-manifesting. These substances function as unspecific amplifiers that increase the energetic niveau, or plateau of existence, in the psyche and make the deep unconscious dynamics available for conscious processing ”

This unique property of psychedelics makes it possible to study psychological undercurrents that govern our experiences and behaviors to a depth that cannot be matched by any other methods and tools available in modern mainstream science In addition, psychedelics offer unique opportunities for healing of emotional and psychosomatic disorders, for positive personality transformation, and consciousness evolution.”

In my opinion, life is better understood when we break out of the box meaning and explore the creative meaning There is a metaphor about microdosing being like fresh snow covering well-worn, or skied, grooves on a mountain that I love

Understanding Microdosing

Technically, you can microdose anything But in this case, we are talking about microdosing psychoactive or ‘psychedelic’ mushrooms The dictionary definition of microdosing is the action or practice of taking or administering very small amounts of a drug or medicine to test or benefit from its physiological action while minimizing undesirable side effects

Have you ever been skiing late in the afternoon and noticed it's harder to find your own way down? By the end of a busy day, it can be nearly impossible to find an untouched patch of snow. “Dang, this route again? I just can’t escape it,” you think to yourself But you find it hard to take a new route, as each route has already been tracked through

Now imagine you are getting off the chair lift at the top of the mountain and a fresh layer of snow begins to fall The fresh layer of snow covers all the well-worn tracks and provides an opportunity for you to take a new way down, explore a new path, and switch up the direction of your focus In life, it’s easy to get caught in a cycle of negative thought processes or behavior

A microdose can act as that fresh layer of snow in your mind - subtly acting as a reset to help get out of repetitive negative behavior and create thoughts that stem from a fresh perspective

Wellness looks different for everyone

The beautiful thing about mushrooms is they work with you to cultivate mental clarity, physical energy, breakthroughs, understanding, love, and an elevated sense of gratitude for waking up daily on this giant, floating ball in the universe. Look for us in the next FNM edition as we will be returning with more on mushrooms! If you’re looking for support along your microdosing journey, reach out at annafae@thewellnesswingman com

Much love,

Anna Fae

Volume 17 39
41 Volume 17
42 Fat Nugs Magazine
43 Volume 17
44 Fat Nugs Magazine

“In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.” ~ Buddha

45 Volume 17
46 Kyea Mofire Fat Nugs Magazine

1936 “Reefer Madness”: 29 states outlaw marijuana

1960sMarijuana use popular in counterculture

1906 - Pure Food Drug Act Requires cannabis labeling

1940s - “Hemp for Victory”: 375,000 Acres under production for war efforts

1973 - DEA Created

1996 - First Legal Medical Marijuana goes online in CA

1986 - Anti-Drug Abuse Act: Mandatory Sentences begin 1989 - Bush’s “War on Drugs” declared

2023 - Twenty-four states allow adult-use Cannabis

2018 - Farm Bill legalizes Hemp derived Cannabinoids

2012 - CO & WA open first recreational dispensaries


Meaningful clinical research accelerates better consumer data & health outcomes

2021 - nearly 37,000 Americans still incarcerated for cannabis

Despite the long and dramatic history of Cannabis + Humans we’re only scratching the surface of HEALTH & WELLNESS benefits.

Interview: Isabella DeChard sits down with Riley D. Kirk, PhD, Ally Schott, & Steven Philpott Jr. & talks demystifying plant genetics, designing/building a woman-centered care platform, and unraveling the spectrum of consumer demographics.

Read Full Article Here

What Does Health & Wellness

what does health and wellenss mean to you?

Mean To You?

Kyea Mofire 48 Fat Nugs Magazine

Otha Smith

The concept of health and wellness means something different for everyone. For me, it’s more than a mindset, it’s a lifestyle

Over 10 years ago I decided to stop eating meat to make the transition to becoming a pescatarian I quickly began to feel better mentally and physically. I noticed I had more energy after meals, slept better, and had more mental clarity

Then I got into fitness, and currently run 3-4 miles every day, followed up by exercising for an hour I often utilize cannabis to recover from my runs and workouts.

Balancing my work and personal life is equally as important to me as eating properly and exercising It’s easy for our careers or businesses to control our lives and leave very little room for anything else.

Often, we get burnout by placing too much focus on things outside of our mental and physical well-being I made a priority to balance my work schedule by routinely taking a 30minute walk twice per day to clear my head, increase blood flow, which helps me brainstorm new ideas.

Health and wellness require a holistic approach and people need to be intentional in every aspect of their life to not only survive but thrive.

49 Volume 17

VP of Marketing, Green Leaf Business Solutions

Health and wellness are pretty unique for everyone, right? For me, it's about getting my mind and body on the same page, figuring out what works best for my own well-being. It's not just about hitting the gym or eating right; it's about finding that sweet spot where I feel good, both inside and out Being a 100% disabled veteran means I've got my fair share of aches and pains from my time in service, not to mention the mental baggage like PTSD But I've been navigating through it all, trying to find my own way to wellness

I've actually found a lot of comfort in using cannabis (shocking I know) It's my go-to for managing the physical pain and the mental stress It's a world away from the pile of pills the VA had me on before Those meds were supposed to help, but they often made me feel worse with

about getti control ove moment, a changer for

This whole trying to m and wellnes they're abo Cannabis h tune in to more on my

50 Fat Nugs Magazine


a Consulting LLC

work necessary to maintain my mental and physical well-being The common denominator for my health and wellness is cannabis Cannabis is plant medicine for me, from alleviating my anxiety and opening up the social side of me, to helping me think creatively when my work requires it, all the way to providing focus when I exercise And entering my 5th year of working in the cannabis industry, I feel like I’ve found my ikigai.

Ikigai, a Japanese concept meaning “reason for being”, is an illusive feeling of happiness and purpose that transcends health and wellness It is living in the intersection of what you love, what you’re good at, what you can be paid for, and what the world needs more of…which for me is cannabis!!! It brings me joy to be working with the plant and in this crazy industry, all while being able to support others in their pursuit of their own ikigai

51 Volume 17

Jordan R Wagman

James Beard

Nominated Chef & Best Selling Author

I paid little attention to ‘health and wellness’ for 43 years

At 12 years old I was diagnosed with severe Psoriasis, an often debilitating autoimmune disease, so being healthy was something I dreamt about every second of every day But I never considered ‘health & wellness’ as an overall approach to life

As a psoriatic, the simplest decisions were challenging. As a teenager, I’d wake up and decide whether to apply medicine, a decision that was largely weather-dependent Back then, my topical medications were petroleum-based I would shower, dry, and apply this gross, thick medication to my entire body literally head to toe I’d pull my jeans up to my waist and instantly feel uncomfortable - the jeans would stick to the medication I had just applied. But that wasn’t the worst part.

I grew up in Toronto and it is cold in the winter The moment I went outside my pants, soaked in medicine, would essentially freeze solid. It was so uncomfortable If I chose to go medicine-free for the day, I’d endure a day of dry, cracking and bleeding skin I couldn’t win.

I defined ‘health’ as the absence of sickness or, more specifically in my case, the absence of Psoriasis That was always my end goal with every serious oral medication prescribed or multiple stays in the hospital as a kid or during 18 months spent living in a tent at the Dead Sea in Israel - I just wanted to find a reprieve to the effects of my Psoriasis For me, that was health

Nine years ago, I sought help from a naturopath Following that first appointment, I removed gluten, dairy, and refined sugar from my diet I began consuming thousands of milligrams of cannabinoids and terpenes, and, within 60 days, my psoriasis was gone.

It was then I became aware of the concept of ‘health and wellness’. I felt better physically and mentally. I have struggled with mental health for as long as I can remember, but I never fully appreciated the connection between mind and body I was feeling better physically and found that I had more bandwidth – I had more time for my kids, my work, and giving back For decades my body and mind were in constant fight mode, navigating chronic pain and now, with my newfound ‘health’ I became more productive.

I realized that health was not the absence of sickness, rather an overall feeling, both physical and mental I began taking a holistic approach to health including a sound diet, exercise, and meditation ‘Health and wellness’ has become more than a ‘concept’, or a one-dimensional approach to my being - it is a way of life. Mind. Body. Spirit.

52 Fat Nugs Magazine

LaWann Stribling

Founder & CEO, STRIB’ble District LLC

Thinking about health & wellness I see Olivia Newton John's video playing in my mind “Let's get physical, physical ” It literally cracks me up!

Exercise tapes like Tae Bo were my go-to in the early 2000s trying to get my high-school figure back after having my first kid at 18 I worked myself tirelessly trying to keep up with society’s methods of fitness All that hard work I focused on to be in shape got tainted by a relationship that was taking more from me than giving It was absolutely draining and took my spirit, my confidence and my joy and I never got that body back- just more fat, sadness and depression.

Months later I was single and no longer dealing with dead weight that was bringing me down I started to focus on cardio again but I'm not a fan of running At 16 my father would make me go on neighborhood nature walks with him and his lady friend

I did not want to do it so I'd lag behind but in doing that I found peace in the air amongst the trees and in nature Remembering that feeling I started to walk at my son's practices each season. This was the beginning of my journey to getting healthy

Years later at the recommendation of my PCP I decided to give therapy a try I couldn't figure out why I was so sad and depressed even while doing things that make me feel good like being in nature and smoking trees. After a few sessions I opened up all the demons and darkest secrets I'm 31 at this point and have been living with depression for 11 years I had a breakthrough with my therapy sessions that helped ne understand health is more than just physical exercise and eating habits

Your health revolves around everything you do, indulge, intake from your household to your choices of employment I was completely sober then and was able to really look at myself, my life, and decisions I was making

A few months later I found myself pregnant and sober. Without stressing, I accepted my severance package and started to begin a true self care and wellness journey Utilizing tools I learned in therapy I was able to discipline myself to accomplish goals I put out of my mind when I became a homeless single mom at 17 I remembered loving the garden, playing in the dirt, going on walks in the woods, taking care of children, doing hair, wanting to have my own daycare and bakery

In 2008, I became a home-based daycare provider and incorporated my love of nature, food, and experiences with our daily routine. Grocery shopping consisted of cutting out typically bought items with added sugars and GMO products. I expanded my childhood teachings in the kitchen by doing things a bit differently, like cutting out the meat in our vegetables and baked beans and using less seasoned salt Keeping a steady routine of a healthy mind, eating healthier foods, and having a consistent walking routine in nature has provided me with a spiritual connection with our creator and ancestors As a wife, mom to 6, Herbalist, author, journalist, and advocate, incorporating nature, eating habits, mental, physical, emotional, relationships, and financial health is the round table I was missing.

I found my way back to cannabis, learning the science and utilizing the terpenes for responsible and respectful plant microdosing and connecting me closer to nature, my ancestors and my spirituality The synergy of doing these things for my mental well-being was missing and needed for my happiness. It gets interrupted sometimes, because living these days can be difficult, yet I never forget I can pick back up tomorrow

53 Volume 17
54 Fat Nugs Magazine

Anthony Alegrete

Founder / Chief Operations Officer, 40 Tons Brand

B K S Iyengar said, “health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind, and spirit ” This resonates with me as I navigate the cannabis space. It’s not just about slogans; it’s living with conviction, keeping a sharp mind, a strong body, and a nourished spirit

In the industry with 40 Tons, we’re making an impact, shifting the long-standing narratives against our community. Having faced the system’s pressure, I know the true value of health and wellness

Helping others starts with self-care I focus on good nutrition, regular exercise, enriching my knowledge, and fostering internal balance When I’m at my peak, I can effect real change.

Mental toughness is key It’s about strategy, vision, and resilience It's the kind of strength that comes from knowing where you've been and where you’re determined to go. It's about building genuine relationships, not just making moves for the short-term gain

When we talk about physical health, It's about staying active, keeping your body ready to take on whatever's next. It's about setting an example for the next generation, showing them there’s power in taking care of yourself

Spirituality, or whatever you want to call that inner drive, that's what keeps you pushing through barriers It’s the backbone of the hustle It’s about knowing that there's a bigger picture, a higher goal, and staying true to that mission. It’s what keeps you pushing even when the odds are stacked against you It’s the fire that fuels the fight for justice, like the battle we won for Corvain’s freedom

Cannabis is a tool in this journey – it’s got healing properties, and it’s about using it with respect and intention It’s a path to wellness that’s physical, mental, and sometimes spiritual It's gotta be approached with the same seriousness as any other aspect of health and wellness

And let's get it straight – this is about community wellness, too It's about making sure we're not just climbing but also reaching back and pulling others up with us It’s about honoring the folks who laid the groundwork and ensuring they're part of the success story

In the end, health and wellness for me, in this life and this business, it's about keeping it grounded, real, and focused on the bigger picture It's about hustling with heart and making sure we're not just surviving but thriving – for ourselves and for our people. That’s what I stand for, and that's the legacy I'm working to build every day.

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Jojo Snaps 57 Volume 17

Dwight Diotte

Founder, D9 Cannaconsulting

Just as the cool, sparkling stream meanders through the forest, so should the flow of energy be in our minds, bodies and environment around us When the circulation is blocked, often pain, dis-ease and discontent ensues Whether it be massage, herbs or acupuncture, health is mostly about relieving blockages, promoting suppleness and accessing the body's inherent ability to heal itself Every culture has developed their own methods of staying healthy and balanced

Health and wellness is all about unimpeded circulation.

It's worth noting that the health and wellness industry is one of the biggest businesses in the world and is growing every day I feel that it is everyone's responsibility to educate themselves on matters of mental, physical and spiritual health, which an increasing number of people are doing Thankfully, with modern technology, the answers are in the palms of our hands. Of course, we do have to find the school of medicine that works best for us

Cannabis has been an integral part of herbal medicine for promoting general physical and mental well-being in many parts of the world, from Siberia to Colombia and countless places in between On the physical plane, cannabis is a powerful anti-inflammatory and has been used as such for thousands of years Settling inflammation allows for the free flow of blood and Qi On the mental side, cannabis works in two ways depending on the variety: some help us forget so we can move on and others push us through the loop to keep one's thought processes from falling into a rut

Personally, I delved into many forms of medicine and eventually gravitated towards Traditional Chinese Medicine decades ago, and have assimilated what I found to be the best aspects of all these studies into my daily life For instance, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, it's about balance without rigidity. Most people will face health issues at various points in their lives, many of which are caused by excess of one or two things for too long and often all that's required to remedy the situation and restore balance is doing the opposite

These days, the access to technology has allowed us to go back to basics, whether it be growing our own vegetables or learning the benefits of castor oil The human body and mind like routine, however, we must be evermore adaptable because changes are coming quickly

Everything we are exposed to must be digested, including the things we hear and see. Is it a wonder why digestive issues, both mental and physical, are one of the leading health complaints at the moment? We have never in the history of mankind been exposed to so much bullshit Disseminating the real from the fake is becoming a full time job and being on guard all the time is hard on the digestive system All the more reason in these times to keep things simple Digestion works best when we are not too full and this goes for food and stimulation of the other senses as well.

Give yourself time and space to work things through and learn to trust your own body to heal itself I hate to end this with clichés, but: "eat right and exercise daily," "doctor know thyself," "make food your medicine and medicine your food," "you are what you eat/think," and if nothing else works: try some Haze!

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Jocelyn Sheltraw

Balance and simplicity is my philosophy when it comes to health and wellness

Having spent my life living in Orange County, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area, I've been immersed in cultures where health and wellness play significant roles - albeit, at times, in toxic ways Personally, I've lived unhealthy periods of extreme excess or strict restriction, particularly in areas like food, alcohol, cannabis, material possessions, escapism, and stress and anxiety What I find is that living in extremes of excess leads me to being disconnected and distracted While my life is fast-paced and I'm on the road more than most people I know,

I feel I have balance because I prioritize and genuinely enjoy things that are simple: clean eating, leisurely walks, immersion in nature, playing and listening to music, and quality time with family and friends I enjoy the calm, while embracing chaos - whether selfinduced or life-provided - and I believe it's this dichotomy of mindset that adds depth to my experiences and perspectives, and therefore my ability to live freely

So much of my life I felt complicit or as though I was adhering to some perceived societal norms or a story I'd been telling myself, and I suppose what I'm saying is that health and wellness is different for everyone. For me, ridding myself of preconceived notions and living in tune with who I am, and what I want, has unlocked a level of self awareness and understanding that has trickled throughout all parts of my life physically, emotionally, and spiritually I find things naturally aligning and manifesting in a way that feels healthy and well rounded

59 Volume 17

natural/organic products)

Wellness is what drew me to bi I h li d

ie Marketing,

By Design, ness’ brand abis industry ornia cannab consumers with variou minor cannab rum experienc

y, I serve as V Brands, w vape platform supp wellness of cannabis consumers in 20+ states and Puerto Rico When f our mental and physical are doing a service not urselves, but to those ensuring that we are of and body to care for , work in our jobs, and our communities

To support my mental health, I also see an individual therapist on a weekly basis Most importantly, I try to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night, which can prove challenging as a full-time working mom to two young children!

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Lance Lambert

Health and wellness means a complete balance of wellbeing, including; physical, mental, emotional, and social

I've always been a glass half-full person; being focused on proper health and wellness plays into this mindset Just like the people we choose to surround ourselves with, it's imperative to balance things that are good for our whole health

You will find everything flows better in the universe when one focuses on the good and the positive in people and things. Having said that, leading a positive lifestyle with the right personality is imperative when maintaining balance with all of the above as well

Just like negative people bring an energy that pulls you down, the same can be said with all unhealthy things in your life. We feel better when we eat and maintain an active lifestyle, just as we do when we are surrounded with positive, like-minded people

A strong balance of exercise, healthy food, and engaging in things that bring happiness to others and ourselves is pinnacle. This doesn't mean ignoring or not acknowledging things that don't fit one's balance of health and wellness It simply means you acknowledge these things - but that's it Don't put energy or effort into things that prevent you from having a happy balance of health and wellness, whatever that looks like to you.

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Dr. Bridget Cole Williams, MD

Family and Cannabis Physician, Host and Author

As a cannabis and family physician, my perspective on health and wellness involves a focus on the medical benefits of cannabis It also involves understanding the patient perspective and what they need and seek for their health.

Health and wellness encompasses using cannabis for medicinal purposes, such as managing chronic pain, alleviating symptoms of certain medical conditions, or improving overall quality of life for patients It requires that cannabis gives patients independence from a multitude of pharmaceuticals and freedom to engage in life activities such as gardening without pain and discomfort to participate in social situations like their child’s graduation without fear and anxiety.

It also involves considerations of responsible and informed cannabis use, ensuring that patients are well-informed about potential risks and benefits Maintaining a positive relationship with cannabis, in which you are using cannabis and it is not using you is health and wellness. It is the difference between feeling better with the aid of a substance and feeling abused by the substance

Additionally, health and wellness involves collaborating with patients to tailor treatment plans, considering individual needs, medical histories, and preferences. It extends to promoting a holistic approach to well-being that integrates cannabis as a part of a broader strategyformaintaininghealth

Once patients learn of the benefits of cannabis and how to incorporate it into their lives, it opens the door to other nontraditional options such as herbalism, reiki, meditation, and healthier dietary lifestyles Cannabis is a starting point for many to look at their wellness differently and realize they should feel empowered to reclaim their wellness instead of being controlled by pills

Dr. Bridget Cole Williams, MD

Family and Cannabis Physician DrBridgetMD com

Host of “Reclaim Your Wellness with Dr Bridget MD” on Black Star Network

Author of ‘Courage in Cannabis”

63 Volume 17

KC Santana

Founder, Chiefah Entertainment

Health and wellness are integral pillars of my lifestyle, contributing significantly to personal development both mentally and physically Growing up, I immersed myself in mixed martial arts alongside my father, relishing the energy of national Taekwondo competitions In high school, I continued training like an athlete, incorporating weight training at a local gym

Entering my mid-twenties, I discovered a passion for bodybuilding Hiring a nutritionist, I competed in the NPC league from 2015 to 2017 at local and national levels This journey elevated my fitness game, fostering a deeper understanding of nutrition Recognizing that what we consume affects mood and energy, influencing our mental state.

Even after becoming a mother of two under five, my commitment to conscious eating, abstaining from alcohol, and daily weight training persists This dedication to athleticism and wellness enhances my roles as a woman, wife, and mother While it demands discipline and hard work, prioritizing my health keeps me engaged and energized across all relationships and aspects of life.

My training serves as both mental and physical fuel, an enduring part of my lifestyle journey It’s a conscious choice to contribute to one’s health, requiring commitment Each person’s wellness journey is unique; the key lies in discovering what works best and executing it.

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Lauren Carpenter


In 1991, my now father-in-law walked into an emergency room complaining of headaches. After a brief visit he was sent home, only to be called back a few weeks later by a diligent young doctor who realized his scans had discovered something urgent

He had multiple brain aneurisms that were on the verge of bursting, a ticking time bomb that could end his life in an instant He was released from the hospital after experimental surgeries and more than a year of recovery, initiating what would become a lifelong journey to be well

Like so many others, my father-in-law discovered cannabis as medicine, instilling in our family a deep belief in the power of this plant That belief has informed not just my own understanding of plant wellness; it has shaped my purpose as the cofounder and CEO of Embarc

Launching a cannabis retail company during a pandemic and scaling rapidly in the California marketplace is not for the faint of heart Against this backdrop, balance and wellness have often felt unachievable

So, this year I am focused on incremental change rather than the pressure of a full restart Most impactful for me is that I have doubled down on my commitment to therapy After initially holding out I finally bought the Stanley cup and am wait for it drinking enough water I swapped my seat for a standing desk and walking pad. I have been putting my phone on silent when I sleep, no longer waking in the middle of the night to see if we’ve been impacted by the thefts that have devastated so many businesses I am disconnecting, just a bit, from my self-induced pressure for perfection, and instead trying to rediscover my own humanity

I am also redefining my relationship with cannabis, focused on rest, recovery and recentering I’m turning to women in the cannabis community who are deeply connected to the plant and to their own cultivation practices as role models in conscientious consumption.

More than anything, I’ve realized that my own mindset is critical to wellness. I can be consumed by the trials and tribulations of growing a business or I can center myself within our shops, our teams and our communities I can sit in a problem, or I can pick up the phone and call one of my peers for solutions In this way, wellness – for me – is about having community

This year I am also being vulnerable. I am stepping outside and putting my bare feet in the grass when my anxiety peaks. I am walking my dog more, and I am (trying to) stress about the things I can’t control less Above all, I am putting faith in our team to carry the joys and the stresses alongside me, because I know that we are united in our purpose: to break down barriers, to smash stigma, and to foster community Wellness, or at least open-mindedness, one heart at a time

65 Volume 17

Lisa Hadd

Co-Founder & President, HIGHNMIGH

What does health and wellness mean to me?

Life is in motion until it’s not. I choose to live long and strong until the universe decides otherwise. I am dedicated to maintaining the one vehicle I’m driving…ME.

Libra in nature, I’m all about balance. Health and wellness requires strengthening mind and body. I discovered that cannabis helped me with both.

Isn’t that why we works for me and with others.

How is HIGHNMIGHTY contributing to the health and wellness portion of the cannabis industry?

My experience with cannabis, as both a grower and consumer, helped me gain a deeper understanding of what the plants required to thrive in terms of nutrients and environment and how that philosophy can be applied to us. Why is that important? Because when I feel grounded in myself, both physically and mentally, my “human” light is amplified.

HIGHNMIGHTY started in my kitchen, experimenting with the trim from my own grow. I inadvertently became a resource to others for cannabis information and a stigma buster for women - and mothers in particular I feel damn HIGHNMIGHTY about that. Mindful consumption, music that feeds the soul, move the booty…THE HIGHNMIGHTY Method for homeostasis.

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Kenya Alexander

Founder & CEO, Green To Green Solutions

What does health and wellness mean to me? Well, I hate to sound all spiritual and hippie, but for me, it's about being fully present in the moment You see, I struggle with depression and anxiety, and I know I'm not alone in that I've learned (and I’m still learning) that when there's disease in the mind, it will manifest as disease in the body when left long enough. So, the key to being well for me is to keep my mind at ease by staying present

I’ll get more practical and talk about the things I do to stay in the moment:

- I make a point to go outside There's something magical about looking up at the sky and expressing gratitude to the sun or rain.

- Working out is another way I show appreciation to my body for all it does for me

- I allow myself to feel all my emotions Whether it's crying or finding humor in a situation, it's important to process my feelings

- Meditation helps me slow down and come back to the present moment

- Surrounding myself with positive people uplifts my spirits and reflects my internal environment

-Listening to positive music. I have a playlist called gratitude and I try to only listen to songs with a positive message because those are the words I want stuck in my head

- And yes, I turn to plant medicine Whether it's shrooms or weed, it helps me connect with myself and the world around me.

For me, health and wellness are all about being kind to myself, which in turn allows me to be kind to others It's a reminder that we're here to heal into our most authentic selves When we focus on our health, we're literally healing the world. It's profound, but at the same time, we shouldn't take it too seriously. Life's a beautiful contradiction, isn't it?

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Mehka King

Health and wellness mean caring for your mind, body, and soul. The younger version of myself didn’t take any of that seriously I’m sure most of us didn’t I would drink, smoke, and stay up as late as possible As I get older, I have begun taking my mental and physical health and wellness much more seriously. I changed my routine a lot, and it has all improved That means daily meditation, working out, prayer, and consumption All those things play into my health and wellness routine

Founder & CEO, CashColorCannabis

Regarding all those things, the most important to me is meditation, for someone who spent a lot of time embracing the noise and commotion that surrounded me daily, getting in a quiet space to sit with my thoughts and eliminate noise and distractions around me became essential. It’s a daily ritual I do that helps keep me centered and reminds me not to let all the noise from outside take me off my track

I set aside the same time every day to sit in silence. I feel like everybody should create a routine for themselves that focuses on health and wellness

Whatever that looks like for you We live in a world where our health and wellness are attacked daily Find a routine that works for you, put that into play, and watch your quality of life turn around

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71 Volume 17 Kyea Mofire

Regenerative: Not Just a Farming Practice, But A Lifestyle for Women in the Emerald Triangle

Regenerative refers to a holistic approach to farming, business, and lifestyle that seeks to restore, renew, and revitalize ecosystems, communities, and individuals It involves practices that go beyond sustainability, aiming not to maintain but to enhance the health and resilience of natural and social systems.

In the heart of California’s Emerald Triangle, the regenerative spirit flourishes not only in the soil but within the diverse narratives of resilient women shaping this cannabis mecca and spreading its message.

Canna-Mom Retreat at Sol Spirit Farms

In mid-September, Judi Nelson hosted a CannaMom retreat at Sol Spirit Farms, her bucolic Trinity County cannabis farm and glamping retreat When women get together away from family and the pressures of life, there opens up a portal of possibility for growth. But the right environment has to be generated in order for that magic to happen And it surely did for the nine women who spent time off-grid, processing life, seeking connection, and evaluating choices

Thanks not only to Judi, her incredible hospitality, and the steady stream of cannabis, but also to the energy that each woman brought to the farm, the experience was truly Regenerative And, while you’ll have to go to this magical

place to truly understand, allow me to introduce you to the regenerative spirit of the women who help make up the fabric of this area of California that is filled with so much cannabis history

I truly believe that if interstate commerce was available for cannabis, the “most premium” would come from this region You’d think that came from having the most modern techniques and the hugest farms But that is not at all so

Women of The Emerald Triangle Chiah Rodriques, Arcanna

Take Chiah Rodriques, who lives on an off-grid homestead that has been in her family for generations. You can see Chiah’s entire journey unfold in the documentary, Lady Buds on Amazon Prime When the rainwater wasn’t sufficient to nourish her cannabis business, Chiah overcame the challenges by drilling a well so that the farm could flourish and grow to produce high-quality cannabis products

Chiah’s company, Arcanna, grows and sells top-shelf, terpy AF flower that lifts the spirit and the soul I had the pleasure of smoking True Ryder, and I can tell you, it was perfect for riding the gentle rapids of the Trinity River Chiah advocates for small farmers and fights against legislation that threatens their unique branding through her work with the Mendocino Generations and Cannabis Alliance Her legacy lies in being a beacon for small, multigenerational family farms in rural Mendocino County

Judi Nelson, Sol Spirit Farms

Judi Nelson has become well-known in the cannabis industry for her outspoken advocacy for sustainability in cannabis Spending four nights at her glamping retreat showed me why she’s a voice for the future of the industry. Her mission to teach-not-preach about sustainability (and further regenerative practices) made me reevaluate my life choices, and I know I am not the only one who came away wanting less stuff and more connection to nature

On the farm, I learned what chickens will eat (most everything) and what the differences are in the term “compostable.” Cannabis grown on Judi and her husband Walter’s farm now comes in home compostable packaging This means it can be added to your own compost and turned into soil nutrients!

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Regenerative means self-sustaining; truly off-grid And while there are some creature comforts at the retreat, being there makes you feel whole while reminding you that you’re a part of something larger The retreats she hosts become a space for teaching regenerative living, complete with river floating, sound healing yoga, feminine massage, and farm-to-table dining. Judi's strength lies in her commitment to preserving the small craft cannabis market, offering a holistic wellness experience to those seeking respite in nature

While at Sol Spirit Retreats, guests are treated to an endless supply of some of the world’s best cannabis I enjoyed Sol Shine in the morning and Element pretty much all day long. Look for some really amazing strains from Sol Spirit Farms grown with love by Walter and Happy, an awesome hippie who lives on the farm in the Skoolie that Walter and Judi once traveled the country in

Amber Danson, Humboldt Nations

Amber Danson lives in Humboldt County and took a different path than that of a traditional grower who “went legal ” She spent more than a decade growing on her family farm building a business and brand that she smartly sold at the right time Now, she’s helping to build a vertically integrated cannabis company At Humboldt Nations, a retail store, she highlights local products, regenerative sun-grown flower, and equity brands, infusing education and community into every transaction. With her roots in regenerative farming practices and her day-to-day job in sales, she strives to bring regenerative legacy products to everyday consumers

Collectively, these women embody the spirit of the Emerald Triangle local small craft artisans bringing unique character expressions to cannabis They battle overregulation, taxation, and corporate threats, urging consumers to use their purchasing power to vote for regenerative practices Their call to ask for Emerald Triangle brands at local dispensaries becomes a collective plea to sustain the small family farms that can’t possibly keep up with the price compression and high yields of their “competition.” But, this is a totally different category of cannabis- a category of the absolute best And, if you want it (for now) you have to go to NorCal to get it!

Adaptability and strength emerge as a recurring theme among these women who embody the region. Amber's sustainable vision revolves around adaptability, relationship building, and sustaining local networks Judi envisions Sol Spirit Farm as a platform for educating consumers about regenerative farming's environmental and therapeutic benefits

Chiah's legacy lies in being a bridge between regenerative food farming activists and the cannabis community, fostering hope for a brighter, regenerative future The retreat was made special by the unique perspective each woman brought along with her One brought healing through sound bowls, another gave us yoga, and another brought her heavy heart to be untangled. Each person gave and took what they needed Everyone was grateful, rejuvenated and regenerated

As those of us city folk went home to our “regular” lives, we took a piece of the Emerald Triangle with us While not all of us separate our dinner scraps by what chickens will and won’t eat, we all came home rethinking our own lives, with a deep appreciation for and collective commitment to a lifestyle that extends beyond farming practices The women of the Emerald Triangle are showing us a better way to live a lifestyle rooted in strength, innovation, and the interconnectedness of the community This narrative, like the soil they tend to, is rich with hope, sustainability, and the promise of a regenerative future for the Emerald Triangle and beyond.

As you think about your summer travel plans, if you’re looking for something a little more special than the spa or the city, consider a trip to the Emerald Triangle This years Cannamom retreat is August 8-11, 2024 Your soul will thank you!

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Oregon Strong: 6 Essential Figures in the Fight for Proper Testing

On September 8, 2023, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) suspended requirements for cannabis operators to test their products for Aspergillus This suspension came after a 5-month-long fight from different industry groups and farmers representing the best interest of Oregon’s cannabis producers and consumers

With legalized medical use in 1998 and recreational use in 2014, Oregon is home to a rich tapestry of cannabis culture, filled with growers, processors, and connoisseurs who genuinely care about the quality of their herb and the wellness of the consumer.

The cannabis community has had to fight for the right to exist for decades, whether in the traditional or legal market. The Aspergillus testing rule threatened the livelihoods of hundreds of farms and has proven to be a striking message to other markets that our voices matter and can make a difference if we come together

In this article, we bring you the stories of five figures who were crucial in overturning this rule and put themselves at risk to fight the good fight

Kevin Jacoby, Jacoby Law

Kevin, owner of Jacoby Law, specializes in servicing the cannabis industry in administrative law He works at the intersection of governmental affairs and private businesses. Kevin has a fascinating viewpoint because he’s witnessed the tumult that Oregon’s cannabis system has gone through over the past nine years

When looking at the volatility of the rules, Kevin said, “The Oregon Cannabis industry has not been able to have one full year of rules staying the same without some outside crisis coming in ” He and many others have watched as government intervention has repeatedly kept the market from regulating itself

Regarding testing regulations, Kevin saw that the OHA opening up to recommendations and discussions from outside experts and businesses opened the door for special interests to take hold In 2020, the state opened up the testing standards from the rule and advisory committee.

At the time, the biggest concern on everyone’s mind was Total Yeast and Mold testing, and nobody was even thinking of Aspergillus testing as a potential threat

After receiving comments, the rule was made at the end of 2021 and was to be implemented on March 1st, 2023 Since the testing assays weren’t yet available, growers had about a month to do R&D on testing their crops.

Kevin began to see different people in the industry express concern on Instagram after multiple harvests from renowned farms failed their tests Seeing this, Kevin started to talk to different cultivators, hear their problems, and help work with them to devise a lawsuit that would halt these testing regulations and give Oregon farmers a fighting chance

This lawsuit was successful, leading the Oregon Court of Appeals to enter an order staying enforcement of the Aspergillus testing rule while the lawsuit worked its way through the court The court’s order prompted OHA to first temporarily suspend the rule, and a few months later promulgated a new permanent rule that omitted the Aspergillus testing requirement altogether.

Fat Nugs Magazine 76
Kevin Jacoby

Les Helgeson, Green Hills LLC

Les is the co-owner of Green Hills LLC, a licensed Oregon craft cannabis producer from a botany background specializing in plant pathology With two decades of cultivation experience under his belt, Les worked to comb through the scientific literature and input that was presented to the OHA and suss out the inconsistent logic in the Aspergillus argument He presented this information to Kevin for him to use in the lawsuit

Les was part of the rules and advisory committee from 20152016 During that time, the OHA debated what testing regulations and standards should be set, with water activity and moisture level being the gold standard This seemed to change in 2017 and onward as the OHA started to receive materials from different subject matter experts who brought Aspergillus to their attention as “the most dangerous cannabis pathogen ”

Les dug through the different studies that were conducted and found that these papers were filled with inconsistent arguments, little to no analysis of patient lifestyles, and no understanding of the cannabis they were consuming at the time.

Les knew that if the original proposed regulations passed, more and more growers would be forced to use remediation methods or fungicides so their crops could pass testing All of these solutions force cultivators to compromise their integrity and put patients' health at risk. If 65-85% of grows in Oregon are greenhouse or outdoor, then these testing regulations would funnel operators into different remediation methods out of necessity Les could see that this argument was built on a house of cards and joined the lawsuit with others to help make this change and fight for consumer health

Now, the CIAO has formed a Cannabis Science and Research Committee that has a goal of reviewing available research relating to cannabis Their focus is on condensing cannabis research into white papers for legislators to be able to understand and form smart, informed policy around.

Myron Chadowitz, Cannassentials

As the founder and president of Cannessentials, Myron set out to grow the best quality organic cannabis in the Oregon market. During his time in the Oregon recreational market, he has worked closely with the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC) and developed an open relationship

When testing policies that departed from the reality of what growers go through began to surface, Myron had his concerns However, most of his peers seemed to think this was a “living soil problem,” meaning other producers who grew indoors with salts or other methods would be fine

Upon doing R&D with the lab he uses for Cannessentials, his crop failed, immediately sending him into panic and looking into what processes he could employ to help his crop pass Companies began reaching out to him, offering different solutions they claimed would help his crop pass and keep the integrity of his flower together During this time Myron and Jesse Bontecou began having weekly meetings with farmers to give updates on their learnings around the regulations.

Volume 17 77
Myron Chadowitz Les Helgeson

With Oregon growers not knowing what would happen next, Myron tried all the methods available to see how it would affect his crop The OHA approved cryopasteurization, oxidation, sterilization, and other methodologies, and Myron risked his business by trying all of them With each method being used, Myron and his team saw that either the trichome heads were stripped from his flowers or the flavor and smell were altered in a way that reduced quality significantly

It got to the point where there was seemingly no way out of this battle, and Myron was ready to call it quits As members of the Cannabis Industry Alliance of Oregon (CIAO) discussed a lawsuit, everyone was against filing except Myron After the initiative was made and money was raised by Myron, Jesse, Adam, and Les, the CIAO decided to join the cause.

Looking at everything ahead of Oregon farmers and knowing that the only option aside from a lawsuit was closing his doors, Myron filed the suit and banded together with other growers who were also at risk of shutting down Staring at the industrialization of small farms, this group filed the lawsuit because, as stewards of the plant, the environment, and the consumer, this rule stood against everything they believed in

Hailing from a background in policy, Jesse is the Executive Director of the Cannabis Industry Alliance of Oregon Coming from a background where he worked on campaigns and political movements, Jesse saw that a large portion of Oregon’s cannabis industry was not involved in shaping policy, which was alarming His mission through the Cannabis Industry Alliance of Oregon (CIAO) was to get more licensees engaged in shaping their future because nobody else was going to save them

In 2020, the OHA initiated rule-making for testing regulations, which got Jesse involved in an area he hadn’t been previously At the time, not enough licensees were engaged in the rulemaking process, which Jesse was very critical of Jesse’s advocacy for farmers to be present caused the OHA to pause it and reopen it one year later They added different testing points like microbial, heavy metals, and other areas of health concern. Within this, Aspergillus was brought up Everyone assumed the rules around that would be reasonable since other states had similar regulations, so nobody flagged it for Jesse to investigate The OHA said they would consider augmenting the rules but would keep the bulk of them

Once people started to see that the Aspergillus ruling would be a problem, Jesse and Myron started calls regularly to see how to fight this. Members of the group began to help one another out and try to find solutions One grower purposefully bought Aspergillus, spread it on his crop, brought it to harvest, and sent it to two labs - only to have one positive and one negative Other growers (like Myron) used different remediation techniques and report back on their findings to the group. The community came together to help each other and find a way through the madness.

Jesse’s biggest concern is that more of this will happen nationwide if licensees don’t step up and become more involved in the pol

“They’re said “Th and aren licensees for their want. W industry that, you Standard federal go industries ASTM D which is hardly an means ot those wh

Fat Nugs Magazine 78

Holly and Adam are the proud co-owners of UTOKIA, and came to cannabis after Holly suffered an accident on a horse where she broke both wrists and was prescribed Oxycotin When she went to the doctor and asked for alternatives, her doctor tried to increase her dosage, which led her to use cannabis tinctures made by her parents. It opened her eyes to the health benefits of cannabis, and Holly and Adam opened UTOKIA at the end of 2015

These regulations were a fundamental issue for both growers and consumers and their way of life.

When the ruling was introduced, Holly and Adam saw the writing on the wall and knew this would be trouble They desperately tried to have operators understand that this wasn’t a one-off issue that would affect some people These regulations were a fundamental issue for both growers and consumers and their way of life. Initially, Adam proposed the idea of a lawsuit, seeing that it was the only reasonable way to fight back People initially pushed back, but once enough people were asked, “what will happen to your business?” they understood this was do or die and opinions changed

Adam decided to experiment by taking to LinkedIn and posting his thoughts on the Aspergillus rule With no connections in cannabis on LinkedIn at the time, he saw that the people who started to look at his profile were testing companies, remediation companies, and the OHA Seeing this as an odd link, he began requesting public records from the OHA to see the communications between these actors

These findings, along with reviewing the studies and information that Les looked through, painted a clear picture of who had a vested interest in these rules He started to post these emails on LinkedIn in an effort to advocate on behalf of Oregon’s farmers and gain public sentiment

This industry has been built on the backs of fighters People have risked their businesses, privacy, and livelihoods to grow and consume this plant. When special interests come to make changes that affect patients' health and well-being, we need to make our voices heard

Looking forward, our community needs to unite and use our voices to help shape policy and make regulations that protect producers and consumers and aren’t driven by special interests A committee made to help give our community a voice is the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM D37). Consider becoming a member and having your voice be a sword and shield for our industry

The Fat Nugs Magazine team wants to thank the fine folks of Oregon for putting cannabis producers and consumers' wellness first and not allowing the profiteers to damage an industry made to heal.

Holly Hillyer & Adam Teuscher, UTOKIA
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“Over years of breeding in the same area grasshoppers can change their color variation. This garden has been in the same place for over twenty years so they have become masters at blending in.” - Kyea Mofire
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Homegrown From My Basement to Yours

Welcome to my little addition to the Health and Wellness issue! And for me personally, winter is a very appropriate time of year for such a topic

If you’re reading these pages, it’s more than likely that you have experienced some sort of wellness from cannabis. For some, it has become a better alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals for managing chronic conditions For others, it’s a momentary escape from the stressors of everyday life For me, it’s both

If you’ve experienced some of the “cannabis community,” you’ve probably gotten to experience people who are generally a little more accepting, a little more empathetic, a little more openminded Sure, people are people and there are shit birds in any group The rest of us are as fallible as anyone else, perhaps even more so. But there does seem to be a truer sense of community, even tribalism, among cannabis enthusiasts and advocates. Recently, I was reminded of a third way in which cannabis has offered wellness to me personally, my home grow

Lessons in Cultivation

Cannabis has been a teacher to me Cultivation has taught patience and reinforced commitment for me Cultivation has been an intellectual journey that shows no end

15 years ago, I was just trying to keep a plant alive for four months Now, I’m experimenting with specific wavelengths of light to see how they affect the morphology of different varieties Building on experience, cycle after cycle

It is a private, tropical getaway just for me that I can visit anytime I want, especially this time of year. A perfect day, every day. This is a luxury that I take for granted, until those rare occasions when I’m left without a garden, especially when the weather outside is gloomy

Doesn't that sound amazing? It is.

But where in the world do you even begin to decide where to put your garden and how to set it up for success? That’s why I’m here today To offer you many of the considerations that should go into the selection of a space, based on my years of experiencemostly in figuring out what I shouldn’t have done, after the fact.

There is a lot here But let me preface this with the understanding that these conditions are ideal suggestions Not every new grower will be able to afford all of the considerations in this column Pick the features that are most important and attainable to you and get growing. Don’t wait for the perfect space. As you’ll quickly learn, growing is often about rolling with the punches Get a solid plan together, get in there, and start swinging I’ll be in your corner

Be Discreet

The first consideration for most people is discretion Putting the grow where visitors won’t stumble upon it and where the smell won’t be overwhelming

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Ideally, you want to pick a place that is out of the way and doesn’t have significant air exchange with the rest of your living space. One of my first grows was in the furnace room. It was out of sight, but every time the heat came on, the furnace would draw enough air from the grow to push the smell to every corner of the house obviously, not a good choice A little ventilation is ok, but not that necessary in my experience

If you graduate to supplementing the air with more CO2 to accommodate higher photosynthetic rates, you don’t need air exchange at all I try to pick a space with no windows and no ducting to the rest of the house

Air exchange with the outdoors should definitely be avoided. There are a number of fungal pathogens and destructive pests that can easily get through a drafty window seal it up

You’re also going to want to cover any windows with an opaque material, blocking the light completely This ensures that you won’t interrupt the flowering light cycle and also won't announce to the neighbors that you’re growing the kind. They’ll either judge you or you’ll never get rid of them. Trust me.

Be Discerning

As far as the size of the space, you want it big enough to adequately serve your plants and allow you to get into it to perform the work You want to be comfortable in there, but you don’t want a space that is overly large

You will want to control the temperature and humidity as closely as possible and a bigger room will be more difficult (but not impossible) to keep in harmony.

Pick a space to which your pets do not have access Period And don’t allow them in the space while you’re working, as tempting as it is to enjoy your favorite pastime with your favorite friend. At the very least, you’ll be picking fur out of your flower More importantly, they can be an easy vector for fungi and pests to get into your garden

Never go into your garden when you’ve been outside extensively, yard work or not I always have clean clothes and hair when I go into my garden I never wear shoes that I wear outside I coordinate my other work for the day with a shower, if needed You’ll develop your own protocol. Mine may seem excessive, but trust me on this An ounce of prevention is worth a metric ton of cure when it comes to an outbreak of powdery mildew, spider mites, or thrips All types of organisms would love to get into your nice warm, year-round garden and wreak havoc I’m especially careful in the late summer into late fall

Other Considerations

Another consideration for space selection is ambient temperature Does that space stay fairly warm? In the upper 60’s? You will be adding several electrical components that will generate heat You may need to concern yourself with cooling the space during the day, but if the nighttime temperatures get too low, it can cause issues. You may want to consider adding a small space heater. One major issue that most of us confront at one time or another is servicing the room with ample electrical supply It may be possible to squeeze all of the necessary equipment onto one standard 15A circuit, but more than likely you’ll want a little more amperage. You also want to have outlets conveniently located, if possible

I’ve certainly run extension cords around in my time If you do, just make sure that the cord and circuit are rated higher than your needs. I usually shoot for 20% overhead. For instance, don’t put more than 12 amps on a 15-circuit. It’s a safe rule of thumb I picked up from an old journeyman friend of mine And as a grower, unless you can safely perform the task yourself, a good electrician is a friend to have Electrical fires in home grows are more common than you think (I’ve never had anything even close to an incident because the electrical work was done properly. Just be smart about it.)

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Generally, the higher the ceiling height, the better, but I’ve worked in a space with 6’3” clearance for years It has influenced my purchase decisions from time to time and I have hit my head about a million times on something, but the room has performed just fine

Water and drain access should just be close by Usually, a utility tub will do I mixed fertilizers and dumped pot runoff in my laundry area for years, back and forth with a 5-gallon bucket. I eventually got fancy and added a restaurant sink with a sideboard and a small rain barrel in my room The sink is a great place to mix and the barrel is where I collect tap water in order to dechlorinate it before I water or feed my plants

Keep this in mind: when it comes to space selection, these conditions are ideal suggestions. Ultimately, just plan to check as many boxes as you can, and don’t let a lack of the perfect space defeat you I’ve grown in closets, basements, attics, garages- anywhere I could fit a little gear and some plants

You can always opt for a small grow tent They come in various sizes and can cost under $100 I picked up this 2x4 that is 5 feet tall on Amazon for $79. Sometimes the best setup is even a tent inside of a small room. You can control the environmental conditions of the room as a whole, without worrying about fitting a dehumidifier or air conditioner inside of an already small space Ample ventilation between the room and the tent may be all you need

Well, folks! That’s about all I have for today. Next time we’ll start digging into exactly what equipment is right for your space and how to go about setting it up for success

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