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STAFA IS YOUR SUPPLY PARTNER FOR STRUCTURAL BOLTS IN ACCORDANCE WITH EN-15048 Stafa has the complete range on stock in both zinc plated and hot dip galvanized ISO-fitting. To be able to design and execute steel constructions in the right way, the European Union came up with Eurocode 3. Non-preloaded assemblies must meet the requirements of EN-15048.

and supplied in the original and unopened box. Stafa Group is THE supplying partner in both zinc plated and hot dip galvanized ISO-fitting parts. Also for this new standard has been chosen for both surface treatments.

Starting from the 1st of July 2014 this standard will be applicable for most European countries. Stafa has the complete range on stock. Bolts and nuts shall be packed

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Delivering a complete service Will Lowry – Editor

For this issue of Fastener + Fixing Technology we have unique insights into major fastener suppliers and their commitment to working with OEMS and end users.




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irstly we have a face-to-face interview with Ian Clarke, executive vice president of OEM Supply at Anixter Inc. Ian shares his views and predictions for the fastener industry, as well as Anixter OEM Supply’s plans to support the global market. Our exclusives don't stop there! We also have an insight into Alcoa Fastening Systems (AFS) and its Huck ® range. Jonathan Craven, operations director, AFS industrial operations, and Didier Lorch, sales and marketing director, AFS industrial products, discuss the capabilities of Huck ® fastening systems and the company’s commitment to fastening technology innovation. The Cover Story is an interesting article on Italian based Specialinsert Srl, as it celebrates its 40 th anniversary. Specialinsert has the ability to provide a wide selection of fastening technology – standard or tailored to customer needs – which can provide innovative solutions for new fastening applications and markets. Also in this issue, we have an insight into GESIPA® Blind Riveting Group and how it has become a respected partner of industrial customers for blind riveting technology and tools; as well as a case study on NORMA Group’s connecting technology and the benefits of it being used on the Munich Airport Terminal 2 extension. Further articles include BRALO underlining the importance of quality in rivets and the benefits – including faster installation, reduced operating costs and higher productivity; as well as John Hamaty, president of the Vibra-Tite division of ND Industries, explaining the features of the Vibra-Tite range and how ND Industries is able to work with OEMS and end users to develop and manufacture materials that meet specifications.

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4 Fastener + Fixing Te chnology • Issue 13 Apr – Jun 2014

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Three-year contract with Tesla opens up new opportunities The Bossard Group is strengthening its collaboration with the American electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla Motors. Tesla awarded Bossard with a three-year contract with a total volume of around US$140 million (101.3 million euros) to provide production fasteners, engineering and logistical services. The importance of this cooperation has prompted Bossard to open a new distribution centre near the Tesla factory in Fremont, California, USA.


or more than four years, the two companies have collaborated in the design and development of the cutting edge Model S, including engineering, prototyping and ultimate delivery of production fasteners, utilising Bossard’s globally unique inventory management system – SmartBin ®. Bossard Group has proven to be the preferred fastener supplier for Tesla while offering exceptional engineering and design services. This collaboration is reflected in sharply increasing sales volume for Bossard in support of the California based auto manufacturer. "Bossard considers it an honour that the existing successful collaboration is now solidified with a threeyear contract with an estimated value of US$140 million for this period," explains CEO, David Dean. Opening the new distribution centre near the Tesla factory in Fremont will enable Bossard to provide valuable and quick customer service coping with the increasing demands. Bossard has steadily expanded its market share in the past few years in the United States, in part due to the intensified collaboration with Tesla.

Cold Cars warms to benefits of Huck BobTail® Alcoa Fastening Systems (AFS) has helped Italian refrigerated truck manufacturer Cold Car SpA significantly reduce its costs by improving the installation efficiency of its low temperature refrigerated truck bodies with the use of the Huck BobTail® lockbolt fasteners.


ased in Occimiano, Cold Car SpA was established in 1968 and now employs 180 people. Manufacturing and installing 2,000 bodies per year, the company has a worldwide customer base, including transporters of ice cream, frozen food, dairy and dry products, which are loaded into low temperature or refrigerated compartments, occasionally divided by fixed or movable bulkheads. Launched in 2009, the BobTail fastener has been successfully used on a variety of industrial applications to replace standard lockbolts, nuts and bolts, and even welding. Prior to using it, Cold Car welded the body to the truck’s sub frame. Bertone Davide, Cold Car’s research and development manager, explains: “Following a successful prototype test using BobTail supplied by AFS distributor Unifast, we realised that

6 Fastener + Fixing Te chnology • Issue 13 Apr – Jun 2014

it would work well as a complementary option or completely viable alternative to welding. No pin break in the installation process reduces noise levels in the assembly line, as well as eliminating the potential for rust to compromise the long-term life of the installed fastener.” “In fact, the use of BobTail in the body to subframe assembly has resulted in a stronger joint and a reduction in welding time by 30%, enabling one welder to work on other special prototype projects. 30 minutes per trailer and approximately 500 hours per year has been saved in overall production time. In addition, the technical information and customer support for the product and tooling provided by AFS and Unifast has been outstanding,” added Bertone.


NORMA Group certified A-Class Supplier in China NORMA Group has been certified as an A-Class Supplier by FAW-Volkswagen Automobile Co Ltd in China. NORMA Group received the certification for its excellent project and supplier management, quality control and services in 2013.


erner Deggim, CEO of NORMA Group, commented: “China is one of our most important markets in Asia. Being recognised as a top supplier by one of China’s largest automotive groups is not only a great honour. It also signals the reliability and quality of our products in this large growth market.” FAW-Volkswagen Automobile Co Ltd was established in 1992 as a joint venture passenger car manufacturer between Chinese FAW Group Corporation and Volkswagen AG. NORMA Group has been supplying FAW-Volkswagen with plastic tubes for water drainage systems since the beginning of 2013. NORMA Group has been present in China since 2005 with an office in Beijing. In 2009, the company established a manufacturing facility in Qingdao, which has been expanded in 2011 to meet the continuously increasing customer demands in China. The site is home to one of NORMA Group’s competence centres, which focus on clearly defined innovation tasks designed to develop solutions for various products and product ranges in the different customer groups and adjust them to regional characteristics.

Houston Precision Fasteners receives Gold Boeing Performance Excellence Award Houston Precision Fasteners recently announced that it had received a 2013 Boeing Performance Excellence Award. The Boeing Company issues the award annually to recognise suppliers who have achieved superior performance.


ouston Precision Fasteners maintained Gold composite performance rating for each month of the 12 month period, from 1st October 2012 to 30 th September 2013. Boeing recognised 582 suppliers who achieved either a Gold or Silver level Boeing Performance Excellence Award. Houston Precision Fasteners is one of only 124 suppliers to receive the Gold level of recognition. “Earning this award is a great accomplishment for our whole team at Houston Precision Fasteners. My partner, Dan Hunt, and I could not be prouder of the success we’ve had with Boeing over the last few years. The Boeing Performance Excellence Award is recognised worldwide and to be included in such elite company is testament to our hard work and dedication,” said President Mark J. Hahn.

Silk based surgical implants to repair broken bones When a person suffers a broken bone, treatment calls for the surgeon to insert screws and plates to help bond the broken sections and enable the fracture to heal. These ‘fixation devices’ are usually made of metal alloys.


owever, metal devices have several disadvantages – for instance because they are stiff and unyielding, they can cause stress to underlying bone. They also pose an increased risk of infection and poor wound healing. In some cases, the metal implants must be removed following fracture healing, necessitating a second surgery. Resorbable fixation devices, made of synthetic polymers, avoid some of these problems but may pose a risk of inflammatory reactions and are difficult to implant. Now, using pure silk protein derived from silkworm cocoons, a team of investigators from Tufts University School of Engineering and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), both based in Massachusetts, USA, have developed surgical plates and screws that may not only offer improved bone remodelling following injury, but importantly, can also be absorbed by the body over time, eliminating the need for surgical removal of the devices. “Unlike metal, the composition of silk protein may be similar to bone composition,” says co-senior author Samuel Lin, MD of the division of plastic and reconstructive surgery at BIDMC and associate professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School. “Silk materials are extremely robust. They maintain structural stability under very high temperatures and withstand other extreme conditions, and they can be readily sterilised.”

8 Fastener + Fixing Te chnology • Issue 13 Apr – Jun 2014

PREPARE FOR THE BEST PERFORMANCE Our know-how as a fastener expert guarantees you significantly better performance and a lasting improvement of your competitive position. Free up your resources and reduce your Total Cost of Ownership with Bossard. With our high performance fastening technology and state-of-the art logistic solutions, we deliver excellent quality product solutions and service globally.

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Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Summit This year, the internationally renowned Global Automotive Lightweight Materials (GALM) Initiative returns to London with the mission of supporting the delivery of aggressive lightweighting by securing the global supply base for aluminium, magnesium, high strength steel and composites; and integrating joining and forming technologies for multi-material manufacturing to enable commercially feasible, high volume, lightweight vehicle manufacturing on a global platform.


he Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Summit will take place from 23rd – 24th April, at the Lancaster London Hotel. The agenda for the 2014 Summit will include:

Global availability of supply: Ensuring the global supply of aluminium, magnesium, high strength steel and composites to enable high volume lightweight vehicle manufacturing on a global platform. Business case for material mix: Justifying the business cases for material decisions based on cost of material, cost of scale up, performance benefit, and total CO 2 model lifecycle.

Metals recycling: Identifying cost-efficient and low energy approaches for collecting, segregating, and reusing recycled scrap material after the life of the vehicle. Tier 1 capability: Suppliers’ strategic visions for supporting increased automotive demand and responding to the changing material needs of vehicle OEMs in 2014 and beyond. Multi-material joining: Assessing cutting edge fastening technology to allow for multi-material vehicle structures.

Forming of aluminium: In-depth analysis comparing and contrast stamping, extrusions, casting, and forging, to identify optimal forming technique per application. Design of carbon fibre: Designing for manufacturing of composites to take advantage of reduced assembly costs, enhanced structural strength and substantial weight reductions. Multi-material case studies: Justifying material selection and overcoming barriers of cost, infrastructure and manufacturing to enable production of commercially viable lightweight vehicles. Aluminium coating and treating: Treating and coating aluminium structural components to maintain structural integrity in adverse environments, avoid degradation of performance, resist corrosion and improve optical performance. Also included in the Summit will be expert insights from over 20 international vehicle OEMs, material suppliers and lightweighting experts. To register with an exclusive 15% discount* simply visit the Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Summit website and enter FFGALM15 at the checkout. *For new registrations only

What’s new for GALM 2014 • On-site exhibition of body-in-white and complete vehicles. • Mercedes-Benz debut keynote on award winning S-Class. • McLaren P1 showcases how to design for manufacturing of composites. • Increased focus on composite forming and repair strategy. • CAE simulation.

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Specialinsert: Innovative fastening solutions Specialinsert Srl, established in 1974 initially as a distributor of fastening systems, is celebrating its 40th anniversary with the opening of a brand new and modern headquarters in Turin, Italy.


ver the past 40 years, through the management of the founders and now the second generation, Specialinsert has strengthened its production of fastening systems. Through investments in its staff and export department, the company has been able to expand its presence in international markets around the world. Also, thanks to its commitment to continuously investing in the research and development of new products, the company has the ability to target specific markets with unique products – especially emerging markets. For instance Specialinsert has already developed, patented and launched several products for the composites sector. Specialinsert has offices, warehouses and a manufacturing plant covering over 5,100m2 – in three units located in Turin, Milan and Maerne di Martellago (Venice). All are equipped with their own research department, test laboratory, and a flexible and skilled sales network operating on the domestic and foreign markets. Due to the hard work of its research and development department, Specialinsert is able to constantly offer new products to the market. Two recent innovative fastening systems include the KEEP-NUT ™ and the MASTER-PLATE ™.

KEEP-NUT™ KEEP-NUT ™ is a press-in insert with mechanical anchoring to create threaded seats on panels made of marble, granite or other stones, as well as composites, carbon, Corian ®, HPL, glass and others solid materials. KEEP-NUT is manufactured in stainless steel and is made of a threaded bush, with a set of toothed

12 Fastener + Fixing Te chnology • Issue 13 Apr – Jun 2014

spring washers, and a plastic ring holding the parts together. It comes in different lengths, with or without flange, to fit several different panel thicknesses. KEEP-NUT can be installed quickly since the user simply needs to drill the material with the correct hole diameter and press-in the insert. The KEEP-NUT can also be customised with different versions and sizes, to match customer needs. The KEEP-NUT insert is specifically developed to fasten ventilated facades, wall-coverings, décor and interiors, furniture, kitchen and sanitary elements, as well as a variety of other applications. Specialinsert believes the KEEP-NUT insert has several advantages compared to other fasteners for stone and solid materials. The preparation needed is just a cylindrical hole – an undercut hole is not required – which means that standard tools can be used. In addition, assembly by pressure is fast and easy and does not require use of any additional resins or adhesives. The KEEP-NUT can be used for hidden


“ …we are able to provide a wide selection of fastening solutions, standard or tailored to customer needs, which can provide innovative solutions for new fastening applications.” assemblies without any protruding parts, facilitating the handling and installation of a variety of materials. In use, the spring washers are engaged by axial force, acting radially against the hole walls due to the bending and pressure – avoiding the release of the insert from the hole. In addition, the internal thread does not run completely through the bush, which prevents extraction as a result of the use of an excessively long screw. Specialinsert has carried out laboratory tests in its own facility, using optimal conditions, which underline the KEEP-NUT’s high pull-out strength performance – highlighted in the table (right).

MASTER-PLATE™ MASTER-PLATE ™ is a very simple system that takes advantage of the correctly specified adhesives for fixing on any kind of materials. It does not require specific mechanical preparation – assembly involves submerging the base in adhesive or during the moulding process. The wide variety of combinations between the base plates and fastening elements offer a wide range of possibilities to technicians and designers. MASTER-PLATE is made of a base plate that is available in a range of different shapes and dimensions (round, square, rectangular) and a fastener element – a threaded bush or stud – which can be manufactured in zinc plated steel or stainless steel AISI 316. MASTER-PLATE is 100% made in Italy and thanks to its ‘just in time’ production process it can be delivered in a very short time. "Thanks to the knowledge and expertise of our technical sales agents, we are able to provide a wide selection of fastening solutions, standard or tailored to customer needs, which can provide innovative solutions for new fastening applications.”


Type of KEEP-NUT

Average pull-out load on a single insert (kg)*

Granite 20mm



Marble 20mm



Travertine 20mm



Fibre cement (high density) 12mm



Fibre cement (high density) 10mm



Fibre cement (high density) 8mm



HPL 12mm



HPL 10mm



HPL 8mm



Corian 12mm



Corian 10mm



Agglomerate stone 15mm



Tempered glass 5mm



*Results achieved at Specialinsert lab under optimal conditions




Face2Face Ian Clarke, executive vice president, OEM Supply, Anixter Investment, value and people. Ian Clarke, executive vice president of OEM Supply at Anixter shares his views and predictions for the future of the fastener industry.


teel may have been in Ian Clarke’s veins for all of his working life. He joined British Steel straight from school and spent 20 years in the steel industry before making the transition to fasteners. He recalls with a smile how he entered the fastener industry. “I went to a long-established and high volume UK fastener manufacturer, at the time a supplier to Anixter, to help it turn its business around.” That direct insight into fastener technology, its development and production and, particularly, its applications in the automotive sector provided an important grounding to take up an opportunity with Anixter in the UK. “From overseeing the company’s global marketing and sales operations, I took on the North American market and more recently the responsibility for Anixter OEM Supply’s global operations.” Ian heads up an international team of fastener industry experts who are responsible for supplying 14 billion components across a 225,000 SKU inventory range from more than 70 distribution centres in 12 countries. The team operates from a global platform to provide consistent service and delivery worldwide. Customers also get local, personalised service from local experts who provide customised solutions that address everyday business challenges. Anixter is a leading global supplier of enterprise cabling and security solutions, electrical and electronic wire and cable, OEM Supply fasteners and other small components. Through a unified business structure, Anixter is able to leverage its global footprint, systems and financial strength to respond to customer requirements around the globe. The company operates in more than 50 countries and has global revenues of US$6.2 billion (4.5 billion euros).

Invest in talent For Ian Clarke, the ability to migrate knowledge and experience of the calibre available throughout Anixter is crucial to the future of Anixter OEM Supply. “As a group, Anixter services critical operations for customers across a very wide range of industries and sectors and in many countries and business cultures throughout the world. That allows us to not only invest in and develop talented individuals but also to expose them to extremely varied business environments, challenging them to give their very best.”

Value means more than cost “One thing we consistently do well is emphasise value over price. Reducing the total cost of acquisition, risk and business complexity for our customers is far more valuable than just providing products with the lowest price point.” “To do that, we have a highly experienced engineering team that works with our customers from concept to delivery to make sure they get the right parts for the right application. We also have eleven ISO-9001, internationally accredited quality laboratories that provide uncompromising quality as well as a global footprint that allows us to provide exceptional personalised, local service, throughout the world.” “When you combine the skills of our engineers and the innovation within our labs, customers start to truly see the value of our services. From walking the line to recommending the right fastener fit to the application, our value revolves around understanding each of our customer’s unique needs and using innovative solutions that deliver.”

“ From walking the line to recommending the right fastener fit to the application, our value revolves around understanding each of our customer’s unique needs and using innovative solutions that deliver.” 14 Fastener + Fixing Te chnology • Issue 13 Apr – Jun 2014

There will be a time when you need to join ‘A to B’… Know your options.

ONLINE The new knowledge hub for fastening innovations, news, technology, and applications across every industry.


The unique global strength and reach of Anixter is supported by a local touch delivering a high standard of excellence

“For example, our engineers recently worked with one of our construction equipment customers to create a part that helped them reduce the weight of their product and the total fasteners by more than 60%, dropping assembly time by 10% – 30% reduction per machine, which ultimately helped them reduce their total cost. We also walk the line with our customers to help streamline their process, make sure there are no gaps in production with direct line feed and accurate vendor forecasting, and do stringent quality tests to minimise their risks. These services evolved from our experience with our customers, understanding what they need and constantly innovating ourselves to stay ahead of the curve. Not many distributors have that kind of capability or capacity.”

People come first “One of our main guiding philosophies from the Anixter Blue Book (developed more than 40 years ago and used to guide the company's beliefs and business style – search Blue Book on is that ‘people come first.’ That includes both our customers and suppliers, as we wouldn’t be where we are today without both of them. While we have made vast progress with our customers, we want to continue to build upon our relationships with our suppliers, and we know we can do more. To that end, we are organising more Open Days for our suppliers to open our doors to them and invite them to work with us. Open Days are events where Anixter opens its doors to our customers and suppliers to align strategies for growth and mutual success. We strive to be active and committed partners, responding effectively to the needs of our customers and always aiming to cement a win-win relationship. In the same way, we look to partner with suppliers to ultimately provide the customer best value. Our suppliers can leverage our distribution capabilities and global footprint, and we can rely on their excellent products, which our customers receive with our unique supply chain solutions, technical expertise and global service and delivery.”

The future of fasteners While Anixter OEM Supply generates its revenue from a wide range of markets, Ian is clear on which sectors it has based its service reputation and where it aims to concentrate for the future. “We’re making great strides in the heavy truck, off-highway and agricultural, powertrain and luxury vehicles markets because of our extensive experience in those sectors. We’re excited about development opportunities in construction, lawn and garden, transportation, semiconductor/electronics,

16 Fastener + Fixing Te chnology • Issue 13 Apr – Jun 2014

and healthcare, and after our recent expansion in Brazil, China, India and Mexico, we are looking to expand our efforts further in the years to come.” This spring Anixter saw major developments at its TS-16949 automotive accredited Wood Dale fastener manufacturing facility near Chicago. “We invested in two, state-of-the-art, National Machinery FORMAX® cold forging machines to enhance our flexibility so we can better manage our customer’s supply chain. As you know, in the manufacturing industry, machines can sometimes fail us, and unforeseen events can disrupt the best-managed supply chains. If that happens to one of our suppliers, we can quickly step in to fill the gap. It’s a measure aimed at keeping the lines running and making sure as little disruption as possible to the processes of our customers. It certainly should not be seen as a reflection on our suppliers’ capabilities. We are very confident in the quality of the resource they provide us. This, though, is an extension of the value-add services to our customers, ensuring that we deliver on our commitment to them.” “A manufacturing facility of our own also provides us a much better picture of and appreciation for the manufacturing process, which helps us fine tune our approach when dealing with both our customers and suppliers. For our Open Day at Wood Dale, scheduled for late Fall 2014, we will unveil the new machines; both customers and suppliers are invited so we may share our capabilities as well as strategies for mutual success. We believe this level of transparency is important to reassure our suppliers of our goal of working together as partners in ensuring the best service experience for our customers.”

A global perspective So, finally, how does Ian see the global market in the coming two to three years and the development of Anixter OEM Supply’s role in supporting it? “The global population will keep increasing, which means the demands for agricultural, automotive and technological innovation will only continue to grow. Anixter aims to stay ahead of the curve by investing in our people and their expertise because we believe this sets us apart. We are able to respond more personally and quickly to customer needs. We will continue to improve systems and reduce total acquisition costs in the supply chain for our customers. Needless to say, no matter what happens two or three years from now, we will always focus on our customers first.”

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An unshakeable commitment to innovation ‘Innovation’ can be a rather liberally, and sometimes inappropriately, used expression. From Louis C. Huck’s first sketch of the HuckBolt® fastener concept in 1944 through to the latest step in its evolution, the BobTail® fastener, Alcoa Fastening Systems (AFS) has consistently justified its claim to leadership in fastening technology innovation. What we wanted to know was; what it really takes to maintain that unshakeable commitment?


ow better than to get two key managers, at the interface of customer relationships and production operations, to debate precisely that issue? Didier Lorch is sales and marketing director for the industrial products division of Alcoa Fastening Systems in Europe. Jonathan Craven is operations director for Alcoa Fastening Systems’ Telford industrial operations in the UK. AFS has been part of Alcoa Inc since 2002 and encompasses six fastening technology brands, amongst which Huck ® is focused on confronting the perennial problems of stress and vibration in often safety critical joining applications. Its solution is a 70 year evolutionary line of fasteners that will not loosen under extreme vibration, providing maintenance free joints that do not require torque or re-torque and are also tamperproof. The result is lower lifetime cost of the joint, and increased fatigue life of the assembly due to high shear and tensile strengths. Equally crucial to Huck customers are installation systems that provide speed and efficiency that can dramatically cut production time and cost. Huck products also offer a clean and safe alternative to welding, and clear ergonomic benefits to operators in the form of reduced noise and vibration, and lighter weight tooling. The Huck BobTail ® fastener, the latest in the evolutionary line, epitomises those benefits as well as improves material usage efficiency through the elimination of pintails. Not without good reason, Huck is seen as one of the most secure fastening systems in the world. The company’s strength originated in the heavy-duty transportation sector, initially rail and then truck, trailer and quarrying machinery – all markets in which it maintains a strong technology lead. That pedigree, and market penetration in these sectors in the ‘old world’, plays a major role in Huck’s development globally. Demand for improved environmental performance means truck designs in China and India, for example, are moving towards European and US standards – a natural migration route for established Huck fastening solutions. Environmental concern also opened up two very successful markets for AFS in recent years – power generation from wind and solar energy, for which demands for vibration proof, reliable and secure joints have made Huck fasteners natural choices.

AFS' industrial operation in Telford 18 Fastener + Fixing Te chnology • Issue 13 Apr – Jun 2014

Jonathan Craven, operations director, AFS industrial operations UK AFS is committed to continued development of applications for various market segments and new regions. Rail track safety requirements have led to Huck developing new, market leading products. Applications within the transportation and automotive sectors continue to expand, with lightweighting and the consequent introduction of new construction materials adding to vibration resistance and longevity as key drivers in car as well as truck, rail and agricultural machinery. In construction, the growth in massive automated warehousing systems, effectively integrated to the physical structure of the building, presents new vibration resistance and security challenges. At the core of AFS’ capabilities and its continued development is that unshakeable commitment to innovation. How is it achieved? To start, what stimulates the innovation? Location is a significant consideration. “Europe often drives the market ahead of other parts of the world, for example in corrosion performance, mechanical performance and environmental requirements,” explains Jonathan Craven. That is clearly reflected in the standards to which the Telford operation manufactures. “Some of the dimensional tolerances we achieve here are really grinding tolerances, except we are cold forming the parts. For us, those tolerances become the norm and set the bar for other territories to adopt similar standards.” Responding effectively to a specific customer or application need is, of course, essential. As the discussion develops between Jonathan and Didier, though, it is increasingly apparent that there is also a far more speculative instinct. “The other aspect,” explains Jonathan, “is creating a need without anyone realising there was one.”

Bigger Size, Bigger Benefits

NOW AVAILABLE The unique, first of its kind, ® 12.7mm Magna-Lok


The new Huck 12.7mm Magna-Lok is a versatile, hole filling, blind fastener with a wide grip range that accommodates large variations in joint thickness, and provides exceptional gap closure.

R16 - 12.7mm


R12 - 9.5mm




Bigger size accommodates larger variations in joint thickness.

Larger gap closure capability.




(vs. small diameter fasteners)

Bigger size does not alter Magna-Lok’s quick visual inspection for correct installation, and flush pin break eliminates grinding and filing, leaving a smooth and even surface.

The sleeve expands during installation for excellent joint tightness and provides resistance to liquid ingress*.

Resistance to failure is greatly increased.

Potential to facilitate in the production of lighter weight products and reduce inventory, re-work and costs.

For more information visit or call 0800 019 8180 *Individual fastener benefits will vary depending on the application they are used in. Please discuss with your AFS Customer Manager prior to fastener choice.

FASTENER + FIXING TECHNOLOGY “If you develop a concept, are active and value what you have created, you hold the keys to that technology. We’ve now evolved to the point where we have pintail-less HuckBolt ® fasteners.” “These developments are driven, not because anyone is tapping us on the shoulders saying ‘look what they are doing’, but because we are imagining what the market might need and creating products that go far beyond current expectations.” “It is a process,” confirms Didier, “that runs parallel with our response to immediate customer needs. In markets we are looking to develop more strongly, there are opportunities to anticipate future needs and develop solutions ready for them.” “If a standard nut and bolt will do the job, of course, you are not going to come to us. We are looking for applications where our fastener will be used at 100% of its performance capability, delivering genuine added value, now and in future.” Complexity is also a key issue. “Europe itself is complex, in its mix of economies, languages, traditions and cultures. The beauty of fasteners at one level is they are everywhere but that also means complexity, multiplied by the diverse needs of all the different applications involved.” “To serve the fastener market in Europe effectively we have to be adept at managing complexity. Here in Europe and globally, we are not conventional. We carry a high level of engineering skills and knowledge; we make a diverse range of products; and we’re not solely focused on high volume. That’s because we are addressing the complex needs of different markets.” “So we must also be focused and have a clear vision of where we are going. We work intensively to understand the current situation. We try to visualise future market expectations and needs. From all of that we come to understand the implications at the fastener level. We define the gap and we develop ideas and solutions.” “Just because you assemble a group of people in a meeting room that is not to say it will always work. For us it generally does. Why? Because we are used to it: It is now part of our business culture.” “Draw a historic chart and you would see ten years ago we launched one product at a time; more recently perhaps two or three.” Didier Lorch turns to his operational colleague, “today, if I list the new products we are in the process of developing and launching it is actually at least ten.” Jonathan Craven is quick to nod his affirmation. “Ten years ago we simply could not have done it. The culture was not strongly activated.” “Now,” says Didier, “we need to do it to respond to both

Huck BobTail® the complexity in the markets and the speed of change. More importantly, we are able to do it because our senior management has been very clear, not just in saying ‘this is the way we will do it’ but in ensuring everyone sees it as being the right way.” “It was bought by the team, it’s fun and we like it, not least because we are a company of technical people operating in a technical culture.” Interfacing with the ‘intelligence’ gathered by a technically astute sales team, is a reservoir of operational knowledge and experience. “When you have been in the fastener industry for quite a time, one of the things you come to terms with is that the people developing the materials are generally five years ahead of the people that have to work out how to join or integrate them,” says Jonathan Craven with a smile. “From our position we can often see those patterns in particular industries. We have a thorough understanding of our own product and how to manufacture it. The skill is in taking the primary features of our product and applying those characteristics to new applications. Often the design process involves a combination of features that we already have in the ‘tool box’. Those abilities are particularly important where we need to use new materials to make the fastener or we are using existing fastener technology to join new materials.” “Lightweighting and the increased use of exotic materials, is currently central in the automotive sector. The work we’ve done in the construction industry has focused more on friction and the characteristics of applying friction – not the most exciting subject, perhaps, but one of the most necessary ones in fasteners. It means we can provide the customer with minimum clamp load. So when we can control the friction and the bearing area, it becomes possible to make predictive calculations about structures that would otherwise have to be welded.”

“ …we are a company of technical people operating in a technical culture.” Didier Lorch, sales and marketing director, AFS industrial products Europe 20 Fastener + Fixing Te chnology • Issue 13 Apr – Jun 2014

“ To serve the fastener market in Europe effectively we have to be adept at managing complexity.” “We bring a lot to the party. Often what we need is to get into the room with the right people at the right stage of the design process.” It’s a crucial point. AFS’ own operational cycle has consciously accelerated. “Our ability to develop a concept, present prototypes and be ready to start production,” says Jonathan Craven, “is reducing to an ever shorter time. That’s about flexibility, it’s about manufacturing most of what we supply here, and having so much more of the process within our control – the tooling, product and tolerances. It’s also about constantly investing in the technologies to support us in honing that response.” Nevertheless, early engagement in the development process is always better. “We constantly seek to get involved much earlier in the development process. Installation access is often one of the trickiest parts of coming up with an efficient fastening solution for an application – the later we are involved the trickier that can prove, often with significant cost and efficiency implications for the customer.” A significant tool in that outreach in recent years has been Alcoa Fastening Systems’ use of the Internet, investing in the website to present not just a library of information but a clear explanation of what Huck offers the market. “A lot of people come to our website now to see how our fasteners work,” explains Didier Lorch. “Describing verbally to someone outside of the fastener industry how a HuckBolt ® fastener works is a real challenge. Now with web videos they can see exactly how the product functions, and what it can do for them. It is another form of engagement, helping us to connect with engineers who, now or in the future, need the security of an Alcoa Fastening Systems Huck solution.”


GESIPA® – a riveting display Founded in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1955 by the Biermann family, GESIPA® Blind Riveting Group has become synonymous with producing a wide selection of blind riveting technology and tools to a high standard of quality and reliability. Becoming a respected partner to both trade and industrial customers.


ince it was first established GESIPA has continuously developed its international presence, with the company now having 600+ employees in eight production facilities across the globe, including three facilities in Germany – all committed to producing high quality and innovative products. GESIPA also has eight subsidiaries and more than 40 agencies that are responsible for overseas sales. “We were established as an international business and even now we are constantly developing our global presence,” says Kay Brenning, head of business unit automotive riveting at GESIPA. “Being based in close proximity to our customers is very important for us, as it enables us to understand our customers’ needs and react flexibly. It also means that our customers can rely on us for immediate and constant service.” Due to this network of distributors; partnerships with purchasing associations; and international cooperation with trade partners all over the world; GESIPA can guarantee global availability of all its products and spares, as well as the availability of a repair service through all of its international subsidiaries and partners worldwide. In 2008 GESIPA joined the international SFS Group, a global market leader for mechanical fastening systems and precision components, enabling it to concentrate on supplying customers with made to measure attachment solutions that deliver reliability and efficiency. “We have decades of experience in consultancy and in the development of

blind rivets for specific applications,” explains Kay Brenning. “When we joined the SFS Group we could focus on using this experience to supply unique products to customers.” He adds: “Our fastening solutions are designed to meet the specific demands of the industry in terms of efficiency, function and innovation. We have the ability to supply blind rivets in a variety of types, materials, shapes lengths and even colours, depending on what is required.” Further requirements such as surface treatments, appropriate shear strength/ tensile strength, and setting process reliability, are defined by GESIPA’s technical managers according to the project involved. “Our technical managers and engineers will visit customers’ sites to work with customers on applications and ensure that the perfect product is provided,” comments Andrea Lawitschka, marketing manager. “Our overall aim is to help the

22 Fastener + Fixing Te chnology • Issue 13 Apr – Jun 2014

customer save time and improve the application, whilst reducing costs.” “We aim to develop forward thinking adapted concepts that are as individual as our customers,” adds Kay Brenning. As well as being able to work with the customer on ensuring that the perfect fastening solution is chosen for the application, GESIPA can also supply the necessary tooling for installation from its wide selection of tooling products. “Our advantage is being able to produce both fasteners and tools,” mentions Andrea Lawitschka. “We can work with the customer to ensure that the correct fastener for the installation is selected, and that the right tooling option is also used. Customers can buy everything from one source, which is good for their production and efficiency.” GESIPA rivet tools are manufactured exclusively in Germany – guaranteeing a fast and reliable service and ensuring permanent availability of the spare parts

Baker & Finnemore Limited, 199 Newhall Street, Birmingham, B3 1SN, UK Tel: +44 (0) 121 236 2347 Fax: +44 (0) 121 236 7224 e-mail:

Speed Riveting Technology faST , Safe , Reliable

TaURUS® 1 Speed Rivet

Made by gesipa®

No? Have a look here:

Did you already discover the new GESIPA® tool at the FASTEnEr FAIr 2014, Hall 22 / Stand a04 ?

GESIPA Blindniettechnik GmbH nordendstraße 13-39 64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf Germany

T +49 (0) 6105 962 0 F+49 (0) 6105 962 287


for all of GESIPA’s customers locally, as well as across the globe. Being an innovative company, GESIPA was the original patent holder of the battery powered riveter and owns numerous patents for the processing of blind rivets and blind rivet inserts, as well as for fasteners. The company is also constantly introducing new forward looking setting tools that will keep it as a decisive market leader. “Our reputation for innovation hasn’t happened by chance,” states Kay Brenning. “It is a combination of experience, know-how and original ideas. It is vital that we continue to demonstrate a willingness to take new paths, to expand our market leadership and to encourage the creativity of all employees.” “An important part of innovations are our customers who we listen to very carefully,” mentions Andrea Lawitschka. “On-site challenges and bespoke requirements are our motivation to continue developing practical and application oriented innovations. This allows us to guarantee permanent satisfaction to our customers and partners whilst providing them with long-term benefits. For instance, we can help our customers reduce costs through part reduction, optimisation of the manufacturing processes, as well as reduction of quality costs through process monitoring.” Recent innovative setting tools from GESIPA include the GAV riveting machines, the TAURUS ® series and the newly developed speed riveting tool – TAURUS ® 1 Speed Rivet.

“The TAURUS ® 1 Speed Rivet represents a completely new generation of hydro-pneumatic speed rivet setting tools,” states Andrea Lawitschka. “Alongside cost efficiency, the GESIPA developers focused on convenient working and user safety. The new device weighs just 1,800g and has lots of new features that make working pleasant, and fatigue free, even for longer periods. Andrea Lawitschka continues: “All our processing tools offer minimum wear, short production times and long service lives, thereby guaranteeing the highest possible cost benefit efficiency. At GESIPA we strive to always improve our offering, which is why all incoming repairs are checked internally, documented, and analysed. By virtue of this data, our processing tools are subject to a permanent optimisation process.” A key part of this optimisation process is GESIPA’s commitment to quality, with customised application specific blind rivets and tooling requiring extensive quality inspections and functional tests – as defined by GESIPA’s certified quality management system. “All our products fulfil the requirements of the 2011/65/EU RoHS directive. We also use the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard and the ISO/TS 16949 standard as the basis of our quality management system,” explains Kay Brenning. “At GESIPA we are committed to a process of continuous improvement inline with KAIZEN, CIP and 5S. We regularly audit our processes on the basis of performance indicators, evaluate the results, and then derive

24 Fastener + Fixing Te chnology • Issue 13 Apr – Jun 2014

permanent optimisation potential, which we put into practice.” GESIPA also carries out SPC (statistical process control) and functional tests on simulated applications, to guarantee absolute reliability during production. “For specific applications we will test batches of blind rivets, with the setting curve measured on a sophisticated test bench,” explains Kay Brenning. “The measured results of the shaft deformation, insertion characteristics, mandrel shear load and tensile force are compared with the target values in order to ensure that the blind rivet forms are as intended in the application and guarantee a secure fastening.” GESIPA can also test the mandrel push-out force, where the remaining part of the mandrel enclosed in the set rivet is pushed out. The measured force can be used to determine whether the remaining part of the mandrel is properly locked and will not cause any rattling noises or even fall out. GESIPA only releases the batch if both these values are within tolerance. In addition to these tests, GESIPA setting process monitoring tools securely and permanently document the quality of the connections. “Safety relevant processes in the industrial use of blind rivets make 100% reliability of riveting operations essential,” states Andrea Lawitschka. “Process monitored GESIPA tools of the TAURUS series and the fully automatic GAV 8000 riveting machine enable economic application solutions, from the basic system to systems with barcode scanners and process computers.” Kay Brenning adds: “Due to ongoing production inspections, we can guarantee flawless setting and the secure hold of products. Our core business is to manage limited part accessibility and their permanent secure fastening into a variety of different materials. So it is vital that we are 100% confident of the quality of products before delivery.” It is through this commitment to developing innovative, high-quality fastening technology, and ongoing investment in employee qualification and modern production technology, that has enabled GESIPA to establish itself internationally as the source for reliable blind rivet technology. As well as deliver its main philosophy throughout the past 60 years – to offer customers the complete solution.


US ®


UL Recognized

Pre-assembled embedded O-ring seals in asymmetrical groove – Patent No. 3,175,454

Benzing retainingg elements....

... you can

Seal and fasten in one step with a reusable, self-sealing fastener. No liquid adhesive/sealants… no worries about waste disposal or respiratory safety. Seals liquids & gases to 20,000psi internal/external Self-sealing screw, bolt, nut & rivet versions Temperature range from -160°F to +500°F (-106°C to +260°C)

rely on !

Tested to UL Standard 50, Types 1-13 Optional threadlocking Self-sealing washers seal to 100psi. Metric & inch. Made in U.S.A.

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WHEN JUST FASTENING ISN’T ENOUGH® 800.498.9034 Anzeige_Achill_216x151mm_ohne 23.04.13 10:24 Seite 1

Achilles Seibert GmbH

classic · system · automotive

The wholesaler for DIN and special parts Quality for high tensile products in grade 10.9 / 12.9

To ensure a high product- and process-quality we only cooperate with selected suppliers. If you request, we will only deliver goods from qualified European and Taiwanese producers and confirm the head marks. DIN 912 ISO 4762

8.8 10.9 12.9 8.8 10.9 12.9 10.9

Hexagon socket head cap screws

DIN 931 ISO 4014

Hexagon head screws

DIN 960 ISO 8765

Hexagon fine pitch screws

DIN 7991 ISO 10642

8.8 10.9

DIN 7380-1


Hexagon socket countersunk head screws Hexagon socket button head screws

DIN 933 ISO 4017 DIN 961 ISO 8676

also with six lobes drive DIN 6912


Achilles Seibert GmbH Germany

Low head socket cap screws with centre hole

Philipp-Reis-Straße 3 D-24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg

8.8 10.9 12.9 10.9

Hexagon head bolts

DIN 6921 ISO 8100


Hexagon flange bolts

DIN 7984

8.8 10.9

Low head socket cap screws

DIN 7380-2


Hexagon fine pitch bolts

Hexagon socket button head screws with flange Coatings on stock: blue zinc plated, black zinc plated, hot dip galvanized Short term deliverable: yellow zinc plated, Dacromet, Geomet, Deltaseal, thread locking, etc.

Fon: +49 4193 89 55 Fax: +49 4193 89 56 99


Pipe couplings protect Munich Airport extension Construction of the new satellite terminal at the Franz-Josef Strauss Airport in Munich started in 2012. Scheduled for completion in 2015, the extension of Terminal 2 is designed to handle approximately 11 million passengers per year. The new construction and building expansion measures approximately 126,000m2 and is being built on top of the existing baggage handling hall – a sensitive area that will remain in operation throughout the entire construction period.


ince May 2013, the Munich based company Caverion Deutschland GmbH has been installing the heating and cooling systems, the sanitary facilities, and the fire extinguishing systems at Terminal 2, along with the electrical and electronic systems. For the entire sewage and storm water piping systems, the experts for technical equipment and building facility services are relying on connecting technology from NORMA Group. Out of the 32km of piping for condensate, drinking water, sewage, sewage ventilation and storm water, Caverion is laying approximately 8km of cast iron pipe for storm water and sewage. The company is using approximately 16,000 pipe couplings at the joints between the plain ended pipes. Andreas Müller, construction site manager for the sanitary works at Caverion, comments: “We have already been working with pipe couplings from NORMA Group for decades. They have proven reliable in many construction projects.” Burkhard Nowack, responsible for the sales and distribution of infrastructure solutions at NORMA Group, adds: “Our connectors have already proven themselves in numerous projects and remain leak tight even under high loads – for instance in the wastewater system at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev where the final match of the Euro 2012 football championships was held. He continues: “In the drainage system of the car park at the Frankfurt Airport, they help protect parked cars from water damage due to heavy rains. Other reference projects include the exhibition halls of the Frankfurt Messe trade fair grounds, the Elbphilharmonie concert hall in Hamburg, and the Milaneo shopping centre in Stuttgart. In all projects, the demand for safety and reliability represented an extremely important decision criterion for our couplings and restraint collars.”

Special security requirements The work being carried out in the baggage handling hall – which is situated in the so-called ‘critical part’, i.e. the area of the airport that is particularly sensitive to security – presents a special safety challenge at the construction site, because the airport luggage continues to be processed here.

KOMBI and UNIVERSAL restraint collars ranging in diameter from 50mm – 300mm are additionally used where pipelines change direction and at high-risk points to ensure that pipe sections do not slip apart. The collar provides excellent axial restraint and the hardened grip ring insert grips the pipe securely. At a pipe diameter of 100mm, for example, this enables the UNIVERSAL collars to hold cast pipes together at pressures of up to 10 bars. In addition, the connectors also meet the strict fire protection regulations, which apply to airport operators.

Easy, rapid and clean installation

Andreas Müller explains: “The reliable connection of our pipes is absolutely crucial, especially in buildings where important areas remain in operation during the construction work. Water leaks can cause enormous damage to the electronics and lead to equipment shutdowns. Just imagine if something like that were to occur here in the baggage handling department! It simply must not happen.” The RAPID couplings and the UNIVERSAL and KOMBI restraint collars from NORMA Group offer the necessary protection. Pipe connectors ranging in diameter from 50mm to 300mm are used on the cast iron pipes. Because heavy rain can cause sections of piping to back up, thereby incurring high pressure,

26 Fastener + Fixing Te chnology • Issue 13 Apr – Jun 2014

Safety also plays a major role in the installation of the connecting elements as well, because an improper installation can cause the joint to fail. “Our installation technicians simply use a cordless screwdriver to tighten the NORMA coupling until contact,” says Andreas Müller. “It is fast and they can make an immediate visual inspection of the coupling’s function. Once the locking mechanism reaches the stop, the installation has been completed securely and the connection is leak tight.” “At peak periods, some 100 Caverion employees are installing pipes at Munich Airport. The piping installation is proceeding smoothly and rapidly. However, a few metres of elevation must be overcome in the shafts where the storm water and sewage pipes run. Before the pipes can be installed together with their couplings, work platforms must first be erected. That makes rapid couplings installation even more important in terms of the time management of the project. The connectors are very easy to install because they have only a few screws – the RAPID coupling actually has just one. So the job is fast, clean and neat,” reports Andreas. “But most important of all, the couplings don’t leak.”


We specialize in the manufacture of micro set screws

Highly-valued Japanese technology ®

BÜLTE GmBH - KunsTsToffErzEuGnissE Carl-Sonnenschein Str.22, D- 59348 Lüdinghausen - Germany Tel : 02591 / 91 94-0 - Fax : 02591 / 59 77 -

e: f: +81 42 559 0138

w w w. d e l - s c r e w. c o m


Customer Value through Innovation

NORMA Group’s Engineered Joining Technologies and applications know-how provide cleaner, more efficient use of precious resources in areas such as Cooling Systems, Air Intake & Induction, Emission Control and Fixing Systems.


The quality in rivets BRALO S.A says that its rivets and insert nuts provide a resistant and safe solution to a wide selection of fastening applications thanks to their fast installation, reduced operation cost and high productivity.


o meet all industry requirements, BRALO has more than 2,500 products, with sizes ranging from 2.4mm – 9.7mm, divided into twelve categories of blind rivets, with different types of materials and head covering. The portfolio also includes structural rivets and lockbolts, as well as insert nuts and professional riveting tools. A rivet is a mechanical fastener capable of joining two materials; it consists of a smooth cylindrical shaft with a head on one end. The end opposite the head, which is called the ‘buck-tail’, is deformed or ‘bucked’ during the riveting process. On its own a blind rivet nut is incapable of joining anything; it is used by fastening it to an element and thereby creating a threaded fastening point into which a screw can be inserted after passing through the other element to be joined. It is designed for blind applications that can only be accessed via one face of the element to be assembled, such as tubular and hollow cross sections. Rivet nuts are particularly suitable for fastening hinges, brackets, panels, and any application in which, either due to the thinness and/or fragility of materials to be joined, it is impossible to use standard nuts, screws or bolts. Since retouching is not necessary after fitting, even on elements that have already been coated or painted, blind rivet nuts can be used during any phase of the production process. BRALO says its blind rivet nuts constitute a fast, reliable and inexpensive high-quality fastening system. The company’s intensive search for materials and its constant use of innovative technology, has led to it creating a wide range of rivets for the market. Rivet selection depends on the type of material being assembled. Standard rivets have a wide grip range and can join a wide variety of applications, from ventilation systems, carpentry work, stairs, lighting, to automotive applications such as seats, airbags and dashboards. When working on a soft or fragile material such as wood, plastic, appropriate rivets include the Peeled, Trebol and S-Trebol. The Multigrip and Hardvex rivets are also suitable for joining plastics, as well as slim metallic plates.

28 Fastener + Fixing Te chnology • Issue 13 Apr – Jun 2014

In metal work, the clip and mouldings will be fixed with a Profile Clincher and grooved rivets can be used to assemble metal to fibrous surfaces such as wood and bricks. In addition to the material being assembled, there are also other factors that are important when choosing a rivet type. Users also need to take into account the grip range and the impermeability. Structural rivets Trebol and Multigrip have multigrip capability to reduce inventory and cover a wider thickness range. Sealed, Structural and S-Trebol rivets have characteristics where the mandrel is completely locked within the head to eliminate the potential for liquid or vapour leaks. They can also be used for electrical applications and where there is high vibration. A deciding factor when choosing a rivet is the corrosion resistance that is required in each application. It is necessary to match the rivet material to that used in the application to ensure higher resistance to corrosion. Aluminium magnesium rivets offer optimum corrosion tolerance, and stainless steel A2 and A4 offer a harder material. To improve resistance to corrosion, BRALO applies different protective coatings including zinc plated, anodised and passivated coatings such as Delta ® -Seal or Delta-Protekt ®. BRALO has ten branches in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic, Germany, Turkey, Spain, China and Mexico; and customers in more than 60 countries worldwide. “At BRALO we offer a quality service to our customers from a wide variety of industries and different production processes – from repairs and maintenance to automated work in production lines. We have one of the largest ranges of riveting tools including manual, pneumatic and battery tools, which are designed to be easy to operate and maintain, as well as being lightweight and ergonomic – providing a professional quality assembly. By working alongside the customer, we are able to offer personalised fastening solutions and customised services with our fastening elements guaranteeing higher productivity and quality final products.”






Manufacturing and distribution of rivets, insert nuts and riveting tools
















Major technology investments will meet future demand Over the past twelve months Lesjöfors has made significant investments in new technology with the goal to continuously optimise product solutions.


esjöfors is an international full range supplier of standard and bespoked springs, as well as wire and strip components. Established in 1675, the Group is owned by Beijer Alma and is one of Europe's leading manufacturer of spring products. An example of one of the many investments Lesjöfors made over the previous twelve months is approximately 10 million SEK (1.1 million euros) for a new, modern hardening and tempering system for the manufacture of hot coiled springs. Lesjöfors also made a significant investment of approximately 25 million SEK (2.8 million euros) in the latest technology for chassis springs to meet increasing demand. At Lesjöfors' Slovakian division, the machine park was expanded with new presses and spring coiling machines, costing approximately 15 million SEK (1.7 million euros) to meet growing demand – mainly German customers. “We are constantly updating our machine park to ensure the best possible quality at competitive terms. It is a very important part of Lesjöfors´ success strategy," says Kjell-Arne Lindbäck, CEO of the Lesjöfors Group. Lesjöfors constantly advances its market position through acquisitions and natural growth. At present it has manufacturing or sales offices in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Slovakia, Latvia, Korea and China. The close collaboration between the Lesjöfors divisions contributes greatly to the Group’s success. All Lesjöfors companies are constantly working on product development projects that aim to create the most optimal product solutions for all customers, including looking at their own processes.

Simplifying the production of complex strip components Lesjöfors Stockholm Fjäder AB, based in Vällingby, Sweden, recently invested in two new machines – a laser cutter and a deburring and edge treatment machine, which have brought significant capacity increase and quality improvements.


he new laser cutter from Amada doubles Lesjöfors capacity as the new laser is 4KW compared to the previous 2KW. In addition to the increase in capacity, the laser cutter can now handle thicker materials. This applies especially to super alloy materials for disc springs, tensioning washers and leaf springs. These are materials that must withstand extremely corrosive environments or very high temperatures.

More efficient handling of disc springs Disc springs and tensioning washers in high-alloy materials are increasingly demanded from Lesjöfors Stockholm Fjäder. Thanks to the new deburring and edge treatment machine from Costa a more efficient surface treatment is achieved. It breaks the edges and surface grinds materials in a very efficient manner and can reduce the time for subsequent tumbling by up to 90%. “The new machine shortens our lead times and increases our capacity while improving the quality of our products. We have a huge demand, especially from our Norwegian sales company, for disc springs in high-alloy materials. I am pleased that we now can meet the market expectations in a better way,” says Mårten Glas, managing director of Stockholm Lesjöfors Fjäder.

Spring development without tooling costs Lesjöfors Stockholm Fjäder now has an efficient concept to develop prototypes and small and medium sized series of strip components. The combination of modern laser technology, efficient edge and surface working machines, a unique range of universal tools and a solid material stock gives perfect conditions for manufacturing leaf springs and strip components in complex shapes without tooling costs. “Challenge us with your request and see if we can help you with your requirements,” says Mårten Glas.

30 Fastener + Fixing Te chnology • Issue 13 Apr – Jun 2014


Zinc flake in practical use – approval in the wind industry By Mr Jörn Selent, global sales – tiers, Dörken MKS-Systeme Over the decades, the superior zinc flake systems of Dörken MKS-Systeme have received the approval of nearly all leading manufacturers of wind turbines. The global availability of DELTA-MKS® systems ensures the optimal realisation of specifications with manufacturers and service providers.


look at the supply chain reveals that Dörken MKS-Systeme enjoys great popularity with its systems. Approximately 80% of all wind turbine manufacturers and their suppliers currently use DELTA-MKS ® zinc flake systems. These manufacturers of wind turbines or their subcontractors place their trust in DELTA-MKS ® systems, as these have proven their longevity in various tests and use scenarios. OEM


Acciona Windpower (ES)


BARD Engineering (GER)

Germanischer Lloyd

Enercon (GER)


Fuhrländer/W2E (GER)


Gamesa Eólica (ES)


GE- Wind Energie (USA)


Kenersys (IND)


Suzlon (IND)


Vestas (DK)

ERP 900182

Overview of specifications in the wind energy field The official certification of DELTA® -TONE 9000 and DELTA® -SEAL GZ system by Germanischer Lloyd in particular serves to underscore quality and reliability – including in challenging climatic conditions, with this further highlighted by certification to class C5M (offshore). In addition to the Germanischer Lloyd certification, further DELTA-MKS systems are also being put through their paces on a FINO offshore wind turbine. In the Baltic region various test pieces (size M24 bolts) are being exposed to every conceivable external influence until 2018. Also, a test at the DIBt is underway, carried out by the BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing), that involves the DELTA-MKS zinc flake coating being compared with standard hot dip galvanisation on size M16 and M30 bolts. The components were exposed in March 2012 on the island of Sylt in northern Germany, as well as in Berlin, and have since been examined regularly, with typical corrosion tests also conducted in the laboratory. Interim results from summer 2013 clearly indicate that the components coated with the DELTA-MKS zinc flake systems are functionally at least

32 Fastener + Fixing Te chnology • Issue 13 Apr – Jun 2014

equal to, optically more appealing than, the hot dip galvanised components. No damage whatsoever can be determined as yet with the DELTA-MKS systems.

Coatings – market and trends Repairs and breakdowns are expensive. Components are therefore required to function well. The trend is towards higher quality, which for us means higher requirements of coating systems. Whereas formerly 480 – 720 hours of corrosion exposure as per DIN EN ISO 9227 was required, today, particularly in the offshore field, corrosion exposure times of 1,440 hours are standard. The portfolio of parts that it is possible to coat has also grown. Where until recently primarily fastening elements in the rotor blade connectors and gondola were coated with zinc flake systems from Dörken MKS, the systems are now also to be found in the tower and foundation areas. In future, the aim is to coat high-tensile pre-stressed bolts.

How does zinc flake technology work? A coating of zinc flake is a ‘paint’ comprising numerous tiny flakes, primarily protecting components of various kinds against corrosion. The effect of the base zinc enables it to provide active protection against environmental influences – this is known as cathodic corrosion protection. Zinc flake coatings mostly contain a combination of zinc and aluminium flake (as per DIN EN ISO 10683 or DIN EN 13858), bound together via an inorganic matrix. Even extremely thin coatings – a system of base coat and top coat typically comprises 8μm – 12μm – enable protection of up to 1,000 hours to be achieved against base metal corrosion (red rust) as per DIN EN ISO 9227. Other classic technologies in contrast require a far higher coating thickness in order to offer similar corrosion protection or, due to their application, cannot function in the thinnest micro layer ranges. The organic top coat DELTA® -SEAL in particular protects the zinc flake base coat and provides a tight sealing against external influences that could otherwise attack a more porous zinc flake coat. Dörken MKS-Systeme highlights that no hydrogen is generated in the coating process and there is therefore no risk of hydrogen induced stress cracking corrosion. For this reason, zinc flake is particularly well suited for high-tensile steels of the classes 10.9 and 12.9 or from 1,000MPa. Typical application forms for threaded bolts are spray coating and spin coating.


Vibra-Tite bottled products from ND Industries John Hamaty, president of the Vibra-Tite division of ND Industries, explains the benefits of the Vibra-Tite product lineup, the variety of applications, and how the company can work with distributors, OEMs, and end users, to develop and manufacture materials that meet specifications.


D Industries specialises in the development of innovative materials and processes that increase the safety and reliability of fastener assemblies. Its core business revolves around the application of a wide variety of materials onto fasteners and assemblies to aid in functions such as locking, sealing, masking, lubricating, and noise and vibration dampening. The Vibra-Tite division was created in 2001 to provide bottled adhesive, sealant, and lubricant products to the manufacturing, assembly, maintenance, and repair markets. Since then Vibra-Tite has grown to become one of the world’s market leaders in anaerobics, cyanoacrylates, epoxies, and ultraviolet technologies. Due to low overhead and in-house chemical formulation and blending, Vibra-Tite offers products with the same high-quality and performance of other name brands, but at cost savings from 15% – 70%, depending on the product. The main reason for the Vibra-Tite division’s growth is simple economics. The manufacturing industry is constantly looking for ways to reduce costs, while achieving the same results from its products. When engineers and factory workers utilise Vibra-Tite products, they find that many of our formulas compete directly with better known brands, yet at a significant cost savings. Once they try our product in their application, the test data typically shows similar or better results than that of our competition. Switching to Vibra-Tite is an effective way to reduce business costs. The Vibra-Tite product lineup offers a wide variety of products designed for locking, sealing, bonding, or lubricating. Categories include – threadlockers, thread sealants, pipe sealants, retaining compounds, cyanoacrylates (super glues), structural adhesives, anti-seize compounds, RTV sealants, activators/primers, UV light cure adhesives, epoxies and specialty products.

Fasteners coated with VC-3 Threadmate

34 Fastener + Fixing Te chnology • Issue 13 Apr – Jun 2014

One of Vibra-Tite’s most popular and unique products is VC-3 – a material that prevents fastener assemblies from loosening due to shock and vibration. VC-3 is different from anaerobic threadlockers. It’s a solvent solution of acrylic polymers that dries to the touch within minutes of being applied to fastener threads and is then ready for use. The material properties of VC-3 act as a shock absorber, dampening vibration to prevent fastener assembly thread slippage. VC-3’s unique formulation stays pliable, allowing fasteners to be adjusted with standard hand tools, while maintaining threadlocking abilities. Vibra-Tite values its customers’ individual needs and is willing to work directly with distributors, OEMs, and end users, to develop and manufacture materials that meet their exact specifications. ND Industries’ in-house R&D team of degreed scientists and PhD chemists are available to optimise existing materials and formulate new products. Some businesses decide to enter the market with their own brand of products and Vibra-Tite’s Private Labelling Programme provides a path to success. Private labelling offers distributors and suppliers the ability to build brand loyalty while offering customers cost savings and an alternative to generic brands. Our private labelling minimum quantity requirements are significantly lower than most manufacturers, making start up cost effective and timely. Many of our competitors either don’t offer private labelling or hit the interested business with a lot of start-up costs and high minimum order amounts. We see things differently. If we can help a company launch its own private label, its success will be our success. Founded in 1955, ND Industries develops and supplies high quality fastener coating products and services to a wide variety of industries. In addition to its Vibra-Tite bottled products division, ND has pre-applied processing centres strategically located across the United States, additional facilities in China, Taiwan, and Turkey, and licensees throughout the world.


Berdan Civata study targets hydrogen embrittlement risks As a result of a research and development programme Berdan Cıvata has eliminated acid usage from the cleaning process used before galvanising its products, thereby minimising the risks of hydrogen embrittlement failure.


n order to coat bolts, nuts, studbolts and similar fasteners with zinc, Berdan Civata explains, they first need to be cleaned of dirt, rust and scales, which is normally achieved by dipping them into an acid bath before coating. The hydrogen released during this cleaning process penetrates into the tempered bolts, nuts and studbolts. If it is subsequently trapped by the coating process this creates the risk of hydrogen embrittlement failure. Baking at a controlled temperature of 375°F +/- 25°F (approximately 200ºC) for a minimum of three hours can eliminate this risk. Most hydrogen is removed within the first three hours, however, some harder materials require a baking time of up to 23 hours. The baking process, however, does not entirely ensure the elimination of the risk and a successful result is not certain unless this treatment is a carried out within a couple of hours of coating.

Mr Şemsi, chairman, Berdan Civata

Bolts, nuts and studbolts, Berdan continues, are divided into two groups – low strength and high strength. Products are described as low strength if products are made by either hot or cold forging drawn steel bars or coils without hardening them using a heat treatment process. When fasteners are produced by similar methods from more expensive and higher quality materials, which are then hardened in a furnace using the quench and temper method, the strength may be increased by 50% – 100%. These are referred to as high strength fasteners. The hydrogen embrittlement risk reveals itself in this second group of hardened bolts, nuts and studbolts especially following the galvanising process to protect fasteners manufactured to grades 10.9 and 12.9 against corrosion. Visual inspection cannot detect whether, following coating, these fasteners have undergone heat treatment to eliminate hydrogen contamination.

Fastening Technology and Bolted/Screwed Joint Design May 20 - 21, 2014 • Manchester, United Kingdom June 17 - 18, 2014 • Detroit, Michigan USA

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Bengt Blendulf

This two-day seminar was developed to give engineers and other technical personnel a better understanding of the complexities of mechanical joining with fasteners. Insufficient guidelines and outdated information can lead to catastrophic failures or costly overdesigns.

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Presented by Bengt Blendulf, a renowned expert in bolted joint design, this seminar incorporates the most recent techniques and guidelines and provides professionals working on design and development, maintenance, and procurement of fasteners and bolted interfaces with immediate, practical knowledge.

Featured Topics • Joint Design

• Screw Threads • Bolting Materials • Torque Auditing Seminars For Engineers LLC

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• Tightening of Threaded Fasteners • Systematic Design Procedures • Why Fasteners Self-Loosen • Effectiveness of Locking Methods

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REYHER is one of Europe’s leading distributors of fasteners and fixing technology supplying customers worldwide.

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Nor, explains Berdan Civata, can this be determined by the hardness measurement test or by a simple spectral analyse in a laboratory. Following its research Berdan Civata eliminated the risks associated with pickling by removing acid from its premises and adopting a mechanical cleaning process prior to galvanising. Berdan Civata tells us: “By adopting this innovative and risk free way it is now possible to galvanise the 12.9 class of bolts, which it is normally considered cannot be galvanised due to hydrogen embrittlement risk. From now on, fastener users will be sure that they will be using safe products thanks to Berdan Cıvata’s Eco Friendly Hot Dip Galvanising method.”

With over 125 years experience,

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Cracked bolt due to hydrogen embrittlement

Fixed. And fastened. By Hopwood. In partnership with Southco.

E3 Vice Action Compression Latches

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Connect. Create. Innovate. As the UK’s biggest authorised distributor of Southco products, we’ve an extensive stock of highly engineered fasteners and access solutions - for all your industry’s fastener challenges. Whatever your fastener need, Roy Hopwood will fix it.

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Self-sealing fastening without chemistry APM Hexseal Corp says that whenever secure sealing under pressure, as well as fastening, is required, its dry embedded sealing fastener (with optional thread locking) has been the choice for manufacturers and users for more than half a century.


PM’s dry embedded O-ring sealing fastener technology prevents fluid/gas fastener leakage that originates from within, as well as seepage from external contaminants, providing a reliable, adjustable sealing barrier. Unlike the liquid sealing method, APM’s dry embedded sealing O-ring is a one step process. The APM sealing method does not require prepping, curing or applying other chemicals. In addition physical contact, inhalation and hazardous waste disposal is no longer a concern because there are no chemicals required during installation. APM’s self-sealing screws/bolts provide a complete 360°, metal to metal, Wet APM dry full clamping contact. The O-ring (different materials available) sits in an method method asymmetrical, protective groove located under the head of the screw/bolt. APM says that its technique provides maximum sealing up to 20,000 psig/vacuum Prep and curing Yes No and sustains harsh environment operating temperatures from -160°F to 500°F Ease of field service Hard Easy (-106°C to higher than 260°C). The stainless steel fasteners can be reused easily multiple times without appreciable O-ring degradation. Environmental issues Yes No APM’s self-sealing fasteners can be found throughout many industries Human health issues Yes No including oil and gas, marine and offshore, food and chemical processing plants, Correct formula issues Yes No construction, mining, and laboratories of all kinds. They are appropriate for use in any application, indoors or outdoors, that requite high pressure wash down Reusability No Yes and where exposure to the elements and extreme temperatures are present. Wet vs Dry characteristics and benefits

Alcoa launches Recoil® Tangless® Alcoa Fastening Systems has launched its new Recoil® Tangless® wire thread insert, available in a variety of materials and finishes as either self-locking or free-running form.


ith no tang to break off following installation, Alcoa says the insert is ideal in situations where the counting of displaced tangs is mandatory or where loose tangs could potentially damage the finished product. In addition, its bi-directional design helps eliminate the time required to check insert orientation prior to installation, therefore significantly reducing assembly time. The Recoil Tangless wire thread insert is available in a selection of metric sizes from M3 – M10 and in bulk or strip-feed reels, and will also soon be available in M2.5. In addition, a full range of manual, hand pre-winder, electric and air tools complement the Recoil Tangless wire thread insert line to accommodate various types, speeds and volumes of installation. Jay Sahadew, marketing manager at Alcoa Fastening Systems said: “Developed based on the demand from customers requiring an insert with no tang, the Recoil Tangless insert will not only save installation time but also provide assurance to safety critical applications such as engine manufacturing or consumer electronics – where the tang could potentially cause a short circuit in electronic components or other computerised equipment. It is easy to use, as the user simply drills, taps and installs, and it can also be removed or adjusted with ease. Comprehensive technical information and advice on the use of Recoil Tangless products is also available to all of our customers from project inception through to post installation support.”

38 Fastener + Fixing Te chnology • Issue 13 Apr – Jun 2014

Stafa Group continues to innovate When it comes to a total solution for fasteners Stafa Group makes sure that it takes the lead, by continuously adapting its products and services to customers’ requirements and new standards.


ecent developments include the introduction of an entire range of SB bolts, available in stock, according to standard EN 15048-1 – which comes into effect in most European countries on 1st July 2014. In addition, with its fully automatic cutting machine Stafa Group is able to cut threaded rod of any quality and diameter to specific lengths – to meet customers’ requirements. Stafa has the capability to produce under competitive conditions with short delivery times. Finally, Stafa can provide a complete range of pre-packed fasteners in various materials and sizes in private label packaging or in customers’ own branded boxes. “We offer customers the total solution in fasteners. As well as being a major stockholder, we are experts in special parts and processes; deliver customer specific packaging; and completely oversee container imports.”

Crest-to-Crest Springs

Spirolox Rings Laminar Seals

Innovative solutions to simple problems Wave Spring and Retaining Ring specialists call now to speak to our expert team

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High quality disc springs from the world market leader Lightweight construction technology by new processing methods for smart machine elements. Innovation: ▪ The Mubea Generation II Disc Springs

▪ Significantly higher stresses allowable and high potential for space reduction Advantages: ▪ Multiplied lifetime (by factor 10 possible, depending on application) Experience & professionalism since 1966

▪ Reduction of outer diameter up to 10 % ▪ Optimization of travel up to 40 %

▪ Reduction of spring stack installation length up to 20 %

Bonfatti Filettature offers a wide range ready for your warehouse, including:

• Production of high-strength bolts: 10.9 - 8.8 - 6.8 • Partially or fully threaded rod / threaded rod grade • 8.8 Clamping bolts • M4 to M100 - Rolled threads and metric trapezoidal

Your benefit: ▪ Reduction of system size and weight ▪ Decrease of system costs

Bonfatti Filettature s.r.l. Via De Nicola, 42 - 41100 Modena, Italy Tel: +39 059 251604 Fax: +39 059 254226 email: www.b o nf attif ilettature .it

▪ Reduction of maintenance rate Mubea Tellerfedern GmbH P.O. Box 120 57564 Daaden, Germany

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Laminated shims offer cost-effective production It is often quicker and less expensive to use a laminated shim, a thin piece of metal or composite, to level a machine tool or to make components fit together. Acting like a folded piece of paper used under table legs to prevent wobbling, a shim can also be used to quell vibrations and to silence noisy equipment.


PIROL industries’ laminated shims have peelable layers of precision gauge metal foil or composite, which are removed until the shim has the proper thickness. The layers are bonded into a rigid structure that appears and functions as a solid sheet or plate. Adjusting them is as easy as peeling off laminations with a knife or in the case of some materials, using no tool at all. The foils can be aluminium, stainless steel, carbon steel and brass, amongst other materials. Final shims range from 0.15mm to 6.35mm thick. The bond is made by heat and pressure, which hardens and reduces the resin to a point where it is almost undetectable. Designers need to know the forces that will be placed on the laminated shim

before choosing a shim material. Shims can be partially solid and partially laminated and these semi-solid shims can typically be used to add rigidity to a design or accommodate a bearing surface on one side of the shim. In terms of wear compensation, shims compensate for wear and are often designed to be the sacrificial component so the basic equipment retains its original accuracy. Shim faces should have a PTFE treatment if exposed to friction causing motions. Laminated shims reduce assembly time and provide dimensional accuracy without machining components. Quick production line adjustments and field repairs can be carried out and there is no need for grinding.



EFC International introduces GripTide™

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EFC International, a provider of specialty engineered fastener component parts, has recently introduced GripTide™ – a steel threaded insert specifically for plastics – manufactured by ITW Shakeproof.


he GripTide exceeds minimum torsion and pull out requirements by creating a permanent mechanical interference in plastic. It is flanged to provide positive stops for installation and available in large bearing surfaces or no flange for mating components. GripTide doesn’t generate chips and shavings and requires less thread engagement than brass or aluminium. The GripTide’s cold formed steel construction reduces material and manufacturing costs, is able to use low cost conventional plating to inhibit corrosion, and operates on conventional equipment. EFC International is an ISO 9001:2008 certified provider of specialty metal and plastic components, fasteners, and clamping technologies to OEM and distributor markets. “As a master distributor we provide customers with one source for engineered specialty fasteners and components, a high level of engineering and product support, and strategically located, full service warehouses.”

The primary source for American Made plastic fasteners WORLDWIDE

Keeping customer needs as priority #1... Our larger facility now provides: • Improved product development • Future growth of product line • Double the amount of in-stock inventory to one billion parts • Increased inventory allowing for same-day shipping of catalog items • Expanded shipping & receiving

• Expanded on-site tooling & production for custom orders

Additional customer conveniences include: • 24/7 website availability • Manufacturing operates 24/7 • Reach a real person Mon-Fri 7am-5pm CST (USA)

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With distribution capabilities and a quality lab under one roof, our engineers are ready to help you design high quality components and generate efficiencies throughout your global supply chain.


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