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Issue 75 May 2012


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WeWe have have significantly significantly improved improved our our waterbased waterbased topcoat topcoat DELTA-PROTEKT® DELTA-PROTEKT® VHVH 301 301 GZ, GZ, but but wewe spent spent soso long long onon our our research research that that wewe just just didn’t didn’t have have time time toto think think of of a good a good name. name. But But DELTA-PROTEKT® DELTA-PROTEKT® VHVH 301.1 301.1 GZGZ has has a bit a bit of of a ring a ring toto it, it, particularly particularly if you if you look look at at everything everything it’sit’s got got going going forfor it: it: when when used used with with thethe tried-and-tested tried-and-tested basecoat basecoat DELTA-PROTEKT® DELTA-PROTEKT® KLKL 100, 100, it offers it offers excellent excellent high-performance high-performance corcorrosion rosion protection protection with with consistent consistent coefficient coefficient of of friction, friction, even even when when used used in in multiple multiple screw screw situations situations against against steel, steel, aluminium aluminium and and E-Coat. E-Coat. OnOn top top of of this this come come thethe excellent excellent characteristics characteristics of of good good adheadhesion, sion, nono stick-slip stick-slip effect, effect, nono loosening loosening under under temperature temperature of of 150°C 150°C and and it’sit’s eco-friendly. eco-friendly. Find Find out out more more about about DELTA-PROTEKT® DELTA-PROTEKT® VHVH 301.1 301.1 GZGZ at at

PREPARE FOR THE BEST PERFORMANCE Our know-how as a fastener expert guarantees you significantly better performance and a lasting improvement of your competitive position. Free up your resources and reduce your Total Cost of Ownership with Bossard. With our high performance fastening technology and state-of-the art logistic solutions, we deliver excellent quality product solutions and service globally.

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We contribute to your success with our expertise in the following areas: • Productivity enhancement through proactive design and development collaboration • Efficient processes thanks to intelligent fastening solutions • Lean supply chain with ship-to-line solutions Call us today for a consultation or visit us online at:

ABA Original S50 (W5) When premium corrosion resistance is essential

Extensive experience, intense product development and strict quality control give ABA hose clamps a worldwide unique top position.


ABA acid-resistant clamps are the natural choice for applications where premium corrosion resistance is required. All parts are made of the same high-quality material – acid-proof stainless steel. This not only ensures premium corrosion resistance, it also prevents abrasion caused by using different material grades.

ABA – a NORMA Group brand


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Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

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Your turn to say how it is As you read this issue of Fastener + Fixing Magazine I would appreciate it if you had a few thoughts in mind: • What should this magazine be doing that we are not? • What should we be doing better or differently, less or more?


t’s reassuring to receive, as we did at several of the recent exhibitions, unsolicited comments that this magazine is doing a good job. However, we try never to forget that we are only ever as good as the next issue we produce – a reality, that while no means unique to the media is particular pertinent to its transient nature. Of course, what is even more important is that you tell me what you think - please. While you’re at it, I would also be very interested in how you think we might develop our online presence to your benefit. It’s something also very much in my mind right now. There seems to be an interesting dichotomy between the North American fastener industry, parts of which at least appear to be committing to social media as an absolute necessity, and a seemingly more conservative attitude in Europe. I have to say I am cautious about the rather circular exhortations that “you have to do it because it is the thing to do”. What really interests me is what actually works for businessto-business market participants. What do you think?

Made in Italy – special feature for July

In addition to our normal range of features in the forthcoming issue our Features Calendar is always available at – we are inviting Italian fastener manufacturers to participate in a special ‘Made in Italy’ feature. Recent new addition to the Fastener + Fixing sales team, Emiliano Pagliaroli has already sent out information and begun discussing advertising opportunities with Italian companies at the Fastener Fair Hannover. From an editorial standpoint I am very interested in the opinions of Italian fastener management – on the market, on trade defence, on technologies, in fact on anything that exercises your minds. Our editorial policy aims to reflect the realities of the European fastener market and the global influences on it. That occasionally attracts direct criticism; no doubt more that I do not hear. All I can say, as always, is we are completely open to hearing and publishing viewpoints from all aspects of this industry. If you feel that all sides of the story are not being told, this feature represents a unique opportunity to voice your thoughts. Contact me direct at I really do look forward to hearing from you.

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Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012



THE NEW NORMA expects further growth BRIGHTON BEST NORMA Group AG achieved record sales and earnings figures in the 2011 financial year and expects 2012 sales to grow by between three and six percent.

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EUROPE upon account approval.

A Full range of Socket Products & introducing our NEW 8.8 Cap Screw line and also a full range of 10.9 DIN 931/933 Plain & Zinc

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or the 2011 reporting period NORMA sales improved by 18.5% to 581.4 million euros (2010: 490.4 million euros). Excluding acquisitions, NORMA Group’s organic growth came to 65.6 million euros in 2011, representing a 13.4% increase year-on-year. The US companies R.G.Ray (NORMA Illinois) and Craig Assembly (NORMA St. Clair) were fully integrated at the end of the first quarter of 2011 and generated 32 million euros in the 2011 financial year. NORMA Group’s adjusted operating earnings totalled 102.7 million euros (2010: 85.4 million euros), an increase of 20.2%. The Group’s adjusted EBITA margin of 17.7% was a new record high. Werner Deggim, CEO of NORMA Group, said: “2011 was an outstanding year for NORMA Group. We set new sales and earnings records. Our order backlog also grew, showing that demand for our innovative products remains strong. We are also optimistic about the current 2012 financial year.” NORMA Group expects Group sales to grow by between 3% and 6% compared to the previous year. In April NORMA announced the acquisition of Connectors Verbindungstechnik AG. Transaction details were not released. Connectors, based in Tagelswangen, Switzerland, specialises in connector systems for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. For more than 25 years, the company has been manufacturing and distributing connector elements that meet the highest purity standards for medical sterile technology. It also offers consultancy and planning services for pharmaceutical process plants. The company generated sales of around 14 million euros in the financial year 2011. It will be consolidated as part of NORMA Group with immediate effect.

Bossard: Q1 market improves on H2 2011 Bossard Group reported sales of CHF 127.1 million (105.8 million euros) for its first quarter 2012. In local currencies this represented an increase of 0.6 percent on a very strong Quarter 1 result in 2011.


xpressed in Swiss Francs sales for the quarter fell 2.2 percent compared to the same period 2011. However, Bossard saw the market environment improved compared to the second half of 2011. Q1 2012 showed increases in local currency of 9.9 percent compared with Q3 2011, and 13.4 percent compared with Q4. By region, Bossard said, sales development differed substantially. Sales in America showed positive growth; sales in Europe and Asia decreased year on year. European sales for the first quarter reached CHF 70.1 million (58.4 million euros) - in local currencies 1.5 percent lower than in Quarter 1 of the prior year. Conversely, demand picked up again compared to the second half of 2011. On average, sales in local currencies rose by more than 11 percent as against Q3 and Q4 2011. In America demand continued to develop positively. The Group’s sales in the first quarter of 2012 totalled CHF 38.1 million (31.7 million euros), an increase year on year of 7.9 percent in local currencies. Compared to the previous two quarters, average sales growth was in excess of 20 percent. The Group said it had benefited from the continuing good demand from existing and newly acquired customers. Demand in Asia remained volatile. After sales had improved somewhat in the fourth quarter of 2011, they fell again in the first three months of the current business year. Sales Q1 2012 were CHF 18.9 million (15.7 million euros), down 4.5 percent in local currencies compared to the same period in the prior year. Bossard said demand would probably continue to differ regionally in the next few months but it was encouraged positively by the recovery compared with the second half of 2011. Bossard Group’s target for the full year is still to achieve sales growth in local currencies in the region of 5 percent to 8 percent.

Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012



Stainless Steel A2 & A4 Hexagon Head Nuts Washers

EU terminates Indian stainless fastener investigation On 23rd March and as expected the European Commission published its formal decision to terminate the anti-dumping investigation concerning imports of certain stainless steel fasteners originating in India.


n February the EU applied preliminary anti-subsidy countervailing duties on imports of certain stainless fasteners at rates ranging from 3.2% to 16.5%. However, it did not make an announcement in the anti-dumping case and it subsequently became clear that interested parties in the case had been informed that the Commission was minded to terminate anti-dumping proceedings. Comments from interested parties were invited and were taken into account in the Commission’s final decision to terminate proceedings. The anti-dumping investigation clearly identified injury to EU producers of stainless steel fasteners as a result of low cost imports from India and in particular from Viraj Profiles, which accounted for 87% of the volume of product exported to the EU during the investigation period. The Commission’s statistics demonstrate that despite EU consumption of the stainless fasteners increasing by 9% between 2008 and the investigation period, the sales volume and market share of EU producers fell by 14% and 21% respectively. At the same time imports from India increased “significantly” by 65%. The Commission also concluded that the EU stainless fastener industry downsized with employment falling by 24% between 2008 and the IP. Profitability of the EU industry was described as negative throughout the period under consideration, and although improving during 2010 remained negative that year.

However, the investigation found no evidence that Viraj had been dumping product, although it did determine that other Indian exporters had done so. The normal value established for Viraj was lower than for any other sampled Indian producer but the Commission attributes this to the vertical integration of the Group, which means it produces its own wire rod and benefits from economies of scale. Other Indian producers buy wire rod on the open market. The normal value for other exporters including those deemed to be dumping was based on comparison with domestic selling prices. However, the Commission says Viraj sold only unrepresentative quantities of product domestically during the IP and there is only limited competition on the Indian domestic market. The Commission calculated that only 13% of Indian exports of the products covered by the investigation were at dumped prices, equating to a share of the EU market of just 2%. The Commission did find that imports from India were “constantly undercutting the prices charged by the Union industry on the Union market”. However, the Commission concluded, since the largest Indian exporting producer, represented 87 % of Indian exports to the EU, did not export stainless fasteners at dumped prices it was not possible to establish the required causal link between dumped imports and injury to the Union industry.

Vossloh fastener sales hit by Chinese project delays Vossloh AG reported an expected slow first quarter, primarily due to still ongoing project delays in China. The Group, however, reaffirmed its 2012 forecast and reported locomotive and local transport train business was accelerating appreciably.


w w w . b r i g h t o n B E S T. o r g +44 (0) 1384-568144



or Quarter 1 2012, Vossloh AG reported a clear growth in locomotive, local transport train and traction system business. In contrast, revenue from rail fastening systems receded. Sales by the fastening systems business unit fell to 39.4 million euros (down from 65.8 million euros), the decline being largely due to the ongoing project delays in China. Vossloh reported: “Quarter 1 2012 saw barely any significant shipments of rail fasteners in China; the year-earlier period had still shown deliveries worth around 20 million euros. In southern European markets, too, demand stayed tepid.” Group sales were 255.7 million euros, down slightly from 259.5 million euros. Order backlog showed strong growth and at 31st March 2012, the Vossloh Group’s orders on hand of 1.59 billion euros were a new all-time high. “We remain confident of achieving our budgeted figures for fiscal 2012. Our order backlog is a very clear endorsement of our growth prospects,” said Werner Andree, Vossloh AG’s CEO.

Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

Small tools for great ideas Greece: Rion - Rion-Antirion Bridge

Ambrovit is one of Europe’s largest wholesale distributors of chipboard, self-tapping, self-drilling screws and bolts. Thanks to its new automated warehouse, Ambrovit is now able to store around 20,000 ready-to-ship pallets as well as offer a Special Service to guarantee quick delivery.




We are looking for new agents! Please contact us at:

Ambrovit S.r.l.

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FinnvedenBulten signs JV deal with Gaz FinnvedenBulten has confirmed it has signed a term sheet with Russian company Gaz Group whereby it intends investing approximately 6.6 million euros in return for a 63 percent ownership in a new joint venture company that will supply fasteners to the automotive industry in Russia.


he joint venture was first mooted last year. At that time the prospective partners said the agreement would provide FinnvedenBulten with its first production site in Russia. As well as supplying the domestic automotive sector it was planned that fasteners would also be exported to Bulten’s global customer base. Gorky automobile plant, which already manufactures fasteners for Russian customers, was expected to provide the production and distribution infrastructure, while Bulten would provide the development of new products and technologies. Russia has protective trade measures on imported fasteners, which combined with the rate of growth of its domestic automotive industry, was seen as creating great opportunities for the efficient development of local manufacturing. In its interim report for Quarter 1 2012 FinnvedenBulten reported organic growth on a weaker market. Net sales reached SEK 807 million (aproximately 202 million euros) up 1.4 percent on a strong same quarter last year. EBIT earnings were SEK 40 million down from SEK 54 million same period 2011, reducing the operating margin to 5 percent compared to 6.7 percent for Quarter 1 2011. Profit after tax for the quarter was SEK 30 million. Order bookings amounted to SEK 865 million up 3.1 percent on the same period 2011. CEO and president, Johan Westman, attributed the negative effect for earnings on disturbances in production at the beginning of the quarter combined with extra costs incurred by Finnveden Metal Structures for the start up of new customer projects. In respect of the Bulten division he said development “remains good and after the end of the period the division signed a term sheet with GAZ Group concerning the joint venture company that will supply fasteners to the automotive industry in Russia. The automotive industry has expressed great interest in the company’s establishment in Russia. The establishment is an important step in our strategy for expansion on growth markets.”

Ruia Global Fasteners declares insolvency Ruia Schraubenbereich, the European subsidiary of Indian Ruia Group, which acquired Acument Germany’s production plants in February 2011, declared insolvency at the end of March this year.


dministrator Dr Frank Kebekus of Düsseldorf insolvency practice Kebekus & Zimmermann was appointed. Acument GmbH declared self-administered insolvency in 2009 following a 40 million euro loss as a result of the collapse of automotive demand following the financial crisis. Pre-crisis the Acument operation reported annual turnover of around 800 million euros. When Ruia acquired the Acument business it had around 130,000 square metres of production space at plants in Beckingen, Neuwied, Neuss, Schrozberg and Cologne. It employed 1,400 people. It processed around 55,000 tonnes of metal annually producing more than 3.2 billion parts for the automotive industry, which included supplying VW, BMW, Daimler, MAN, TRW and Ford. 2010 turnover was expected to be in the order of 230 million euros. Ruia acquired the Acument businesses with apparently very little actual cash investment the Group told Indian media at the time that its investment was no more than 4 million euros, with the deal primarily financed by a three years sellers’ credit. Earlier this month Draftex, another 2009 German Ruia acquisition servicing the automotive sector, was also declared insolvent. The fastener business works council told the Saarbruecker Zeitung paper “the company had no problem with orders, the orders books were full”. The insolvency it said was because Ruia did not have the money to invest in the operations. At the time the insolvency was announced German financial media reported that worker’s salaries would be paid until May. Dr Kebekus was quoted as saying, in the light of the strong market position of the company, that he was optimistic about achieving a sale and protecting a significant number of jobs.


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

PRELOK ® We provide our customers with the right pre-applied

At PRELOK® we offer a complete range of evaluation test facilities and our team of dedicated specialists is available to advise you on the most appropriate solution to your fastening problems. With technical support, application engineering and processing facilities located throughout Europe and global strategic alliances, we can support your company wherever you are.

Component Processing to One-Stop Shop Solutions

locking & sealing


for their fastening demands

● ●

From miniature items for mobile communication to M30 Bolts for Bridge Construction, we have the ability to process a vast range of components. We can also work with a wide range of materials including stainless steel and non-ferrous materials. We are approved by a majority of OEMs and have been recognised with a number of industry approvals and standards. Complete fastener finishing service including a comprehensive range of corrosion resistant surface treatments.

Our range of products also include: Precote 200, Tuflok, Nytemp, Scotchgrip, Driseal, Microseal, Nyltite, Nyseal and Nyplas.





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Maarweg 233, 50825 Köln, Germany Tel: +49 221 491 1063 Fax: +49 221 497 3359

Paseo FF CC 138, 08940 - Cornella Barcelona, Spain Tel: +34 93 474 0707 Fax: +34 93 474 1197

*Prelok enjoys the benefit of access to [production/service] capabilities throughout Europe, including its own sites in UK, Germany and Spain and maintaining close ties with its former French business after supporting its buyout by management in 2010.


NEWS TR Fastenings goes for the double with second ‘Supplier of the Year’ award

(L to R): Eric Schwarz - vice president purchasing (seating), The Lear Corporation; Jennifer Moceri - vice president purchasing (electrical power management systems), The Lear Corporation; Glenda Roberts - group sales director, TR Fastenings; Jim Barker - chief executive, TR Fastenings and Matt Simoncini president and chief executive officer, The Lear Corporation

TR Fastenings is stacking up the silverware having won yet another award for supplier excellence. The global fastenings supplier, which has its headquarters in Uckfield, UK, was awarded the Lear Corporation’s ‘Supplier of the Year Award’ which was presented to 10 companies for outstanding performance during 2011.


Stainless Steel A2 & A4 Hexagon Head Nuts Washers

R Fastenings was presented with the award at seating and electrical power management systems manufacturer Lear’s headquarters in Southfield, Michigan, in the United States. The award comes hot on the heels of another accolade for TR. The fastenings firm was recently awarded the Philips Hamilton Supplier of the Year award for outstanding service. The 10 winning firms honoured by the Lear awards were selected from more than 2,000 companies worldwide. TR Fastenings was recognised for consistently meeting the Lear Corporation’s demands in customer service, quality and delivery, and increasingly participating in Lear’s standardisation process for fasteners. TR Fastenings has been named as the preferred global supplier of fasteners to the Lear Corporation, securing new programmes to be supplied by the TR Group with new business opportunities from the US manufacturer over the next five years. Matt Simoncini, Lear’s president and chief executive officer said: “Lear is proud to recognise our best suppliers. While we value the contributions of all of our suppliers, inclusion on this select list signifies truly superior overall performance. Our ‘Supplier of the Year’ winners have shown an unwavering commitment to excellence in quality, innovation, cost efficiency and a willingness to go above and beyond in assisting Lear in serving our customers in today’s highly competitive global market.”

bigHead appoints new distributor in France bigHead Bonding Fasteners Ltd has announced the appointment of Tecmar as a new distributor partner in France.


w w w . b r i g h t o n B E S T. o r g +44 (0) 1384-568144



artin Cowell, sales director of bighead, explains: “We are delighted that Thierry Lambot has established a new marine focused business in France. There is considerable opportunity for bigHead to extend its business in the marine sector in France, following our success in UK with customers like Sunseeker and RNLI. Tecmar’s knowledge of the French marine market will prove invaluable in introducing time and cost saving bigHead solutions to shipyards.” Martin Cowell adds: “Such partnerships represent a key part of bigHead’s strategic growth, improving international customers’ access to our products with high quality local support.” Tecmar is a new distributor of marine products in France. Supplying customers with materials, know-how and support. The bigHead products complete the programme from design to the end product.

Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

Socket Screws

o re et S S cr ck wS S oc rew et c w et S cr k S S o e S k re e S c c w c e o e S S w t S So re ke S S c ck w t S o re re e S c c w S c c w t o So r ke S Sc c w t So re ke S ew t S r k S S c w t S c c o e o e S k S k S Sc c w t S c c r e o et S r k S S c ew t S r k e c o e o e e S k t Sc c w t So r S w c c et S r k S S e S k re e S c c w S o e e S k S t S t r w c w S o e e o c S k c S c c w t So re e S c re ke S Sc c w t So re w t S So re ke S S Sc ck w re e S c c w t o So r ke S Sc c w t e k S S t r c w e o k S Sc c ew t S et S r k S S Sc oc ew et S cr o S k re e S c c w t S So re ke

Tel: +44 (0) 1 3 84 424767 Fax: +44 (0) 1 3 84 424833 Email:


New TFC Group ready for 2012 Updating the news last November that it had acquired Engineering Services Fasteners, TFC Europe says that the Keighley business has now been integrated into the TFC Group, to become its UK Northern centre for quality industrial threaded fasteners.


FC Engineering Services (ESF) is based in Keighley, Yorkshire, just north of the M62 corridor connecting the North West and North East of England, and specialises in the supply of quality industrial threaded fasteners. Integrating ESF means TFC can now offer its customers national fastener logistics coverage, including its full range of direct line feed and vendor managed services locally to customers in the North. Established in the mid-seventies ESF developed into a broad based fastener and associated product distributor focused on the engineering industries of the North. Tony Bull, who alongside John Wilson completed a 2002 MBO at ESF, is now general manager. John Wilson retired when TFC completed the acquisition. ESF will continue to service its customers in the North as before but with the support of the TFC Group which will allow the ESF team to focus more on customer requirements than the back office demands of running an independent business.

TFC’s managing director Morgan Burgoyne said: “This is a great opportunity for our customers and for the TFC Group. ESF is a business that we would have been proud to establish but it would have taken years to develop. However we now have the benefit of a fully developed and mature business, which with the access to TFC technology, products and skills will create a world class fastener and associated product and service supplier for customers in the North. There is great scope for the newly combined TFC northern sales team from ESF and TFC to work together to generate significant growth and we’re already working on this.” The ESF integration into the TFC Group means that turnover will approach £20 million over the coming year with seven customer service centres throughout Europe.

RoHS 2: implementation date approaching On 3rd January 2013 Directive 2002/95/EC (the original Restriction of Hazardous Substances legislation) will be repealed and so-called RoHS 2, Directive 2011/65/EU, comes into full force to replace it.


he revised legislation, formally adopted by the European Parliament and Council in July 2011, tightens up the original Directive, which identified six hazardous substances that were either banned or restricted within the production of electrical equipment: namely lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, PBB and PBDE. The new Directive extends the legislation to cover not just products with a primary electronic function, such as televisions, computers or washing machines, but any product using an electric current. For example, a manufacturer of reclining chairs would previously not have had to conform to the original RoHS Directive, since the primary function of its product was as a chair, and to work as a chair no electronic current is required. However, under RoHS 2, because one of the intended functions of the chair is for it to recline using an electronic motor, the motor will now need to be compliant in order for the chair to be approved for sale. The scope of RoHS 2 has therefore radically changed. Distributors and wholesalers need to be aware that fasteners sold to what could previously be seen as non-electronic markets may now fall under the legislation. One of the measures included in RoHS 2 to ensure more

effective policing is to include RoHS compliance as part of the CE marking requirement. As such a declaration of compliance has to be submitted by the OEM in accordance with Annex 2 of Directive 768/2008/EC – which details the requirements for CE marking. Where conformity risk assessment documentation is not available or not considered adequate, batch testing may be required in order for the OEM to confidently apply the CE mark required to bring its product to the market. OEMs are required to and should inform the supply chain when a product needs to be RoHS compliant but, as the deadline for finished product to be CE marked, there is every probability some may turn to the supply chain seeking urgent evidence of component compliance. RoHS 2 is legislation that has industry-wide ramifications along the whole supply chain. The time frame for participants to ensure processes comply with the Directive is now becoming tight when it is finished products entering the market that must be compliant by early 2013.

For further information please refer to the detailed article from Jenni Morland published in Issue 72 November 2011 available in the Magazine Archive at

New SPIROL distribution centre in Reims SPIROL Europe has established a new distribution centre and offices in Reims, France.


PIROL says this strategic location, in the Champagne region close to the border with Belgium and Germany, will give highly effective coverage of the company’s European markets. It will also give logistics support to the other four locations of SPIROL in Europe in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic. The new facility in Reims includes 1,000 square metres of warehouse and 200 square metres of offices from which the seventeen-person strong team serves customers from 56 countries. Following its ‘local design, global supply’ strategy, SPIROL’s European sales team in Reims includes professionals of seven nationalities and communicates in eight languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Polish and Romanian.


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012


Innovation meets tradition at KOHLHAGE symposium In April KOHLHAGE organised its first Metal-Plastics Symposium, welcoming representatives from 13 plastics molding companies to share five presentations from experts in plastics and inmold metal inserts technology.


mong the speakers were representatives from the renowned Plastics Institute in Luedenscheid, IKV Aachen, and Arburg molding machines. “As it was our first symposium, the big interest in these subjects underlines the opportunities, which our customers have identified in the design of metal reinforcements in plastics molding,� explained Thomas Selmer, engineer with KOHLHAGE Fasteners responsible for the metal reinforcements development and business. Recognising that customers often ask the same technical questions, KOHLHAGE decided to focus on this subject and assist them in achieving maximum benefit from using metal inserts, especially in the inmold process. Using metal inserts requires a lot of experience, Selmer says, as metal and plastic are very different in their mechanical properties and manufacturing environments. Engineering knowledge of metal, plastic, tooling, machine tool and production handling have to be considered, and not uncommonly plastics engineers simply have no idea of the potential and risks they might encounter with metal. Markus Fedler, from the Plastics Institute in Luedenscheid, presented state of the art research on plastic materials appropriate for molding metal components. He outlined the capability of different materials regarding the strength and durability of metal-plastics molding, especially under conditions of dynamic stress in machines and automobiles. There was also interest in the use of wood and glass in automotive applications in combination with the molding process.

Tooling expenses and quality requirements were the subject for Klaus-Dieter Berens from Lennestadt. The experienced engineer and CEO shared his company’s experience with tooling and quality cost. It sounds simple, but purchase and quality cost have to be evaluated together and this experience has to be considered in designing and manufacturing tooling. Like stamping tools, plastic molding tools are essential to the profitability of the product. Arburg is one of the best-known machine tool manufacturers in the plastics business. It not only provides molding equipment but also handling devices. Participants learnt more about the Arburg philosophy and later saw automation solutions in the KOHLHAGE metal tube assembly production. IKV engineer Julian Schmidt presented simulation models for metal plastics structural components for automotive applications and expressed his view on cost and time savings based on simulation methods. Finally, Thomas Semer himself pointed out the importance of creativity and thinking ahead in the design process. A metal insert is worth just a couple of cents but in many cases is crucial to the cost, function and durability of the product. However, too little attention is given to this critical item, as well to its design as to processing and purchasing. He suggested the insert expert should more often be provided the chance to participate in the development process and build into the assembly the maximum of metal force and the minimum of cost at the highest level of process stability.

Tucker closure confirmed

At the end of the mandatory 90-day consultation period Stanley Black & Decker reiterated that the Tucker Fastener plant in Great Barr, Birmingham, UK, would close by spring 2012.


nions had presented a detailed and costed counter proposal that entailed relocating to modern premises and reducing the workforce from around 220 to 70. Stanley Black & Decker said the plan did not meet its strategic or financial needs. Production will relocate to an existing Emhart plant in Germany.

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SpringsTec Fair 2013 to launch in Stuttgart SpringsTec Fair 2013 will take place from 26th – 28th February 2013 at Messe Stuttgart, Germany, and will focus on industrial springs, spring parts and systems.


eld alongside the well-established Fastener Fair event, Europe’s largest event for the fixing and fastening industry, SpringsTec Fair 2013 is a dedicated trade show for the international springs industry which focuses on all aspects of the design, production and distribution of technical springs, spring parts, spring systems, as well as related services such as quality testing and control. At the three-day event visitors from a whole range of industrial sectors, including the automotive, electrical, machinery, engineering, rail and aerospace, medical and office equipment industries will meet suppliers of the very latest in spring and spring technology products. Europe’s manufacturers of technical springs and spring systems have seen a growing demand for their products from end-user industry sectors, such as automotive, electrical and other types of engineering. In 2010 spring makers produced well over 3 billion euros of industrial springs and spring parts and the sector has since seen a significant upswing in activity. “Springs companies have been at the centre of a continuous drive for more efficiency and innovation in the whole of the supply chain. In order to compete on a global level, manufacturers have increased differentiation, added value and know-how to their products. At SpringsTec Fair 2013 in Stuttgart, Europe’s springs manufacturers will have an opportunity to showcase the leading products and expertise in this key engineering sector. SpringsTec Fair 2013 exists for springs professionals and engineering buyers from across Europe and around the world – to assess, specify, buy, sell and network,” says David Tellett, managing director of organiser Mack Brooks Exhibitions Ltd. “We have had very positive reactions from industry leaders who welcome a dedicated meeting point for producers, distributors, engineers and other professionals from the sector. In Stuttgart, the event takes place in the very heartland of Europe’s spring and engineering industry,” David Tellett concludes. For companies who are interested in exhibiting at SpringsTec Fair 2013, a sales brochure with more information, including specifics for the ‘Early Bird’ discount that runs until the 1st June 2012, is now available. More details are also available on the show website For more information, please contact Mack Brooks Exhibitions, Tel: +44 (0) 1727 814 400 or email

Tim strides into quality management role Keighley Laboratories has appointed Tim Clegg as its quality manager, replacing the long-term incumbent Peter Warriner, who is retiring shortly.


im originally served his apprenticeship with the company, during which he gained a metallurgical technician diploma from Bradford College, before working for a nearby production engineering firm for twenty years. He returned to Keighley Labs last year as its health and safety manager and a senior quality management trainee. He will now perform a dual role, steering through the company’s comprehensive quality accreditation programme and maintaining awareness of correct H&S procedures throughout the organisation. “We are delighted that Tim is taking on this critical quality management role, because he has extensive metallurgical experience and is well respected within the company,” says Keighley Labs MD, Debbie Mellor. “This year is particularly important since we are looking to attain Airbus and NADCAP accreditations, recognised as the most technically demanding across industry, which will open up fresh market avenues for us and reassure our existing customers that we maintain the ultimate quality standards.” A youthful-looking 54 year old, Tim Clegg is a highly regarded fell and road runner and has been a member of Keighley & Craven AC for around thirty years. In April, he competed in the demanding Yorkshire Three Peaks fell race for the tenth consecutive year.


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

Our roads are full of danger Now there is a simple way to make them safer

Nord-Lock introduces a simple and cost effective way to eliminate unintentional loosening of wheel nuts for heavy on- and off road vehicles. The new Nord-Lock wheel nut safely secures wheels by maintaining a high clamp force even under severe operating conditions. Once tightened, the Nord-Lock wheel nut cannot loosen by itself. It is based on our proven wedge-locking technology, which has been used worldwide for 30 years in millions of bolted applications exposed to strong vibrations and high dynamic loads.

NORD-LOCK International AB Radmansgatan 10, 211 46 Malmo, Sweden Tel: +46 40 100 390, Fax: +46 40 240 851, Email:

The product has been thoroughly tested and offers outstanding performance compared with conventional wheel nuts*. Tested and approved by TĂœV. The Nord-Lock wheel nut suits standard flat-faced steel rims, M22x1.5 studs and is easy to install. Safe wheels save lives Find out more at * Independent comparative testing of different wheel nuts was performed in 2009 by IMA, a leading material testing and research institute in Germany. More information available through

NORTH AMERICAN NEWS by John Wolz, editor

“ Great Recession” leaves leaner fastener industry

Sales and profit figures from the opening quarter of 2012 indicate fastener companies have not forgotten lessons learned in their struggle to survive the global economic downturn of recent years.


iring is on the rise throughout the fastener industry. And sales volumes are up, with much of that growth coming from organic market share gains. Price gains are evident as well. However, profits remain more robust than sales, suggesting that while most companies are growing, leaner operating methods necessitated by tough economic times remain in place. Fastenal is a visible example of this kind of operation. Known for its aggressive new store opening model, the distribution giant has diversified its growth strategy with a new approach: industrial vending machines. And the strategy seems to be paying off. Fastenal marked a milestone in April, reaching 10,000 vending machines installed at customer locations. The pace of growth has been impressive — from 892 installed machines in March 2010 to 9,798 machines in place at the end of March 2012. “In 2011, we … installed 5,528 [industrial vending] machines, an

increase of 287% over the 2010 number,” Fastenal stated in its 2011 annual report. Installations of FAST Solutions began to rise sharply in mid2011 after Fastenal boosted the program. The build-up included 13 regional “build centers,” a 24/7 tech support team, and more than 70 demonstration vehicles, as well as a dedicated vending program workforce of 200. Meanwhile, their new store openings have dwindled from their double-digit pace before the recession to an annualized rate of 5% in 2011. “Expense control has always been a strong focus at Fastenal,” stated CEO Will Oberton, “and 2011 was no exception.” Overall expense growth last year was 15.3%. Labor and related expenses grew 19.7%. The non-payroll expense category grew at just 6.7%. “Even more impressive to me is that our two-year growth for the non-payroll expense category was only 4.9% compared to 43.3% sales growth over that same period,” Oberton commented.

Queenin: NFDA charting a new course After more than 40 years, the National Fastener Distributors Association had “reached a fork in the road,” according to incoming president Jay Queenin.


hen the balance sheet was tallied from 2011, Queenin and the board realized changes were essential to return the organization to solid footing. Running an association is like running a business, Queenin told members at the association meeting in Atlanta. The US$50,000 loss the organization took in 2011 prompted stark changes. Queeenin cited “outside” factors including industry consolidation, leaner companies, competing for scarce resources, information and relationships migrating online, and generational changes as influencing the new direction for the Group. He said the board has labored since January “all working together as a team” in making decisions. “We’re willing to try new things,” he told members gathered in Atlanta. Principal among those changes was to replace management firm Smith-Bucklin, which had managed the association for six years, with Vickie Lester, an established, high-profile leader in organizational management. “We are charting a new course for the NFDA,” Queenin said. He noted that the NFDA has 89 distributor members and 58 associate members. 90% of the organization’s income is derived from member dues. Queenin acknowledged inclusion of both domestic manufacturers and importers was an issue for the NFDA. “Antidumping divides us,” he said, but reiterated that the two factions can work together on such issues as health care unions and taxes. He called on members to be more active in the organization, and pledged to make volunteer work a priority.


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

The NFDA aims to: 1. Bring industry leaders together. 2. Provide tools and insights to increase professionalism. 3. Work with other associations to strengthen the overall fastener industry — a new strategy for the organization. “Most of you belong to more than one association,” Queenin explained. “We will work together in moving all associations in one direction.” 4. Transform the NFDA into a national voice on policy matters that impact numbers by desseminating information.

For the NFDA the next 60 days will serve as a transition period. The organization’s next meeting will be held in November 2012 in Scottsdale. Plans are not finalized, but the meeting will be sometime during the Pac-West meeting. In 2013 the NFDA plans a traditional spring meeting that will “possibly co-locate with another association.” Jay Queenin succeeded Matt Ulrich of Assembled Products Inc. As a student Queenin worked summers at Specialty Bolt & Screw Inc and then went to law school. He became a prosecutor in the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office. He joined the family fastener business six years ago and is now COO. Founded in 1977, Specialty Bolt services large OEMs. Newly elected vice president Kevin Reidl works for Hodell-Natco Industries. The new distributor board members are Jim Lindrup of Fabory USA; Bob Lincum; and Simmi Sakhuja, president of Stelfast Inc.


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Report finds sales growth slows in April The Fastener Distributor Index (FDI) dipped slightly in April, coming in at 53.8 compared to 55.9 the prior month.


ales, which had been the strongest component for fastener distributors in March, slipped to 55.1 from 69.4 the previous month, suggesting “more tepid growth to begin Q2 2012.” Other factors, such as slower supplier deliveries and low customer inventories, support a “still healthy view” of sales activity, according to the FDI. “Why April was not so robust is hard to say.” The FDI noted that: “A reading of 53-55 still constitutes sequential growth” for North American fastener distributors. For the first three months of 2012, the index averaged 56.4. Just over 61% of respondents expect activity to be “higher” in six months, while 10.3% predicted “lower” sales. “This is a good reading, but one cannot ignore that the spread has narrowed over

the last months. Respondents feel good about things, but not as good as they did to start the year.” In March more than 66% of respondents expected activity to be “higher” in six months while just 5.6% said “lower.” Year-to-year, point-of-sale pricing is up (48.7% of respondents) or “flattish” (43.6%); the rate of change slowed to 2.5% to 3% from 3.2% to 3.7% the previous month, the FDI found. The FDI is a monthly survey of North American fastener distributors that aims to provide insight into current trends/ outlooks. As a diffusion index, readings above 50 signify strength and below 50 weakness. The FDI is a joint production of BB&T Capital Markets and the FCH Sourcing Network, the online network for industrial fasteners.

NFDA names Vickie Lester as executive director The National Fastener Distributors Association’s board of directors voted unanimously to retain Vickie Lester of Lester Management Services to serve as executive director.


he NFDA said transition of the group’s office from Chicago to Los Alamitos, CA, will occur in the next few months. “NFDA has received high-quality, professional services since 2007,” said 2011-12 president Matt Ulrich. “However, the NFDA board believes it is time to head in a different strategy direction, and we feel Vickie Lester’s background and abilities will help us achieve our vision.” Lester started her management company in 1986, with the Western Association of Fastener Distributors as her first client. Later that year she added the Los Angeles Fastener Association. In 2009 those two associations combined to become the Pacific-West Fastener Association. In addition to Pac-West and its Fastener Training Institute, Lester and her team provide services for organizations throughout Los Angeles. Jay Queenin stated: “As the new executive director of NFDA, Vickie will assist the board in providing our members with exciting new professional development opportunities, networking experiences and a national policy voice.” He added: “In addition we believe that Vickie is uniquely positioned in the fastener industry to advance the NFDA’s strategic vision of coordinating more closely with other fastener associations.”

Grainger posts record results in all segments Grainger reported record results for the opening quarter of 2012, with sales climbing 16% to US$2.2 billion (1.7 billion euros). Q1 net earnings grew 19% to US$188 million (144 million euros), while earnings per share increased 18% to US$2.57.


EO Jim Ryan stated: “We continued to aggressively invest in growing the business through product line expansion, sales force expansion, eCommerce, inventory management services and international expansion.” Sales in the U.S. rose 11% to US$1.7 billion (1.3 billion euros), including 9% volume growth and three percentage points from price, offset by a one percentage point drag from lower sales of seasonal products due to the unusually warm weather. Quarterly operating earnings jumped 17% to US$298.9 million (229 million euros), driven by strong sales and “positive expense leverage.” Gross profit margins increased 10 basis points. “All customer end markets in the United States posted sales growth versus the 2011 first quarter, led by a strong increase in heavy manufacturing and natural resources,” Grainger stated.


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

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Stanley Black & Decker fastener sales up 9 straight quarters Stanley Black & Decker’s engineered fastening division achieved its ninth consecutive quarter of doubledigit sales growth as organic revenues increased 10% during the opening quarter of 2012, outpacing global light vehicle production, which grew 4%.


he company stated: “Increased vehicle platform penetration and customer wins drove growth as automotive manufacturers continued to shift to lighterweight materials such as aluminium stud welding and self-piercing riveting.” The company’s engineered fastening business is part of its industrial segment, which posted a 7% rise in revenue to US$662 million (508 million euros) during Q1, while segment profit improved 18% to US$124.1 million (95 million euros). Overall sales at Stanley Black & Decker increased 12% to US$2.7 billion (2 billion euros), with profit growing 11% to US$307 million (236 million euros).

“Lack” of fasteners blamed for casino collapse Six contractors building a US$400 million casino in Cincinnati were fined more than US$108,000 by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration after a 60 foot section collapsed, injuring 13 workers.


SHA concluded that the contractors failed to ensure the beam-to-column double connections on the Horseshoe Casino were adequately secured before pouring a concrete floor atop the steel-framed structure. Investigators said there were not enough bolts in place at the double connections to support the structure while concrete was being poured for the building’s second floor, according to the Engineering News-Record. “The root cause was the lack of the proper amount of fasteners,” OSHA spokesman Scott Allen stated. “OSHA issued a citation to the six companies because we feel that they were all directly involved in the erection and should have recognized the lack of proper safety standards.” The building is still on schedule to open next year.

Fastener segment sales up at Nucor Corp Nucor Corp reported cold finished steel sales, including revenue from Nucor Fastener, increased 3% to 138,000 tons in the first quarter of 2012.


verall consolidated net sales increased 5% to US$5.07 billion (3.9 billion euros) during Q1, boosted by a 6% increase in average sales price per ton. Consolidated net sales increased 5% compared with US$4.83 billion (3.7 billion euros) in the fourth quarter of 2011 due to a 1% increase in average sales price per ton and a 4% increase in total tons shipped to outside customers. First quarter downstream steel products shipments to outside customers increased 3% over the first quarter of 2011. In early April Nucor Fastener won approval from the DeKalk County Council for an US$8.7 million tax phase-in for upgrades to create twenty new jobs at its St. Joe, IN, facility. 
The 10-year phase-in will reduce property taxes on US$5.9 million in new machinery and US$2.7 million in building upgrades, KPCNews reported. The investments will increase the facility’s footprint by roughly 8%. 

 Part of the strategy is to improve its service to existing customers, Nucor Fastener’s J.J. McCoy told “The overriding reason for this is to take care of our customers, and make sure we’re shipping parts and products in a timely manner,” he said. But growth is also influencing the move. “We see opportunities in the market,” McCoy added.

Fastener material demand sees “significant improvement” Carpenter Technology reported net sales for the third quarter of fiscal 2012 climbed 16% to US$539.9 million (414 million euros), while operating income soared 58% to US$55.7 million (43 million euros). Fiscal Q3 net income increased 15% to US$33 million (25 million euros).


erospace market sales gained 21% to US$240.5 million (185 million euros), driven by increased demand for materials used in fastener, engine and structural components. “Demand for titanium fastener material is now exceeding prior peak levels, and nickel and stainless fastener demand has shown significant growth over the prior year,” the company stated. Industrial market sales declined 3% to US$128.7 million, while energy market sales increased 28% to US$68.6 million. Transportation market sales grew 6% to US$38.2 million. International sales climbed 30% to US$178.7 million, led by a 38% gain in sales to Europe and a 33% increase in Asia sales. Based in Wyomissing, PA, Carpenter Technology manufactures and distributes heading wire/rod and bar products in specialty alloys, including stainless steels, titanium alloys, superalloys, and various engineered products.


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

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At Harrison & Clough, we make sure every HT bolt/set, every socket screw and every fastener in the METALMATE ® range reaches and maintains the same high quality standard every time. We ensure consistent quality by tracking the materials used at each stage of the manufacturing and packing process, from start to finish - from Steel billets in the Far East, to our stocked product in the UK.

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TFTA announces 2013 show in Tainan The Taiwan Fastener Trading Association has announced plans to stage an International Fastener Show at the Commercial Exhibition Centre, Tainan in April 2013.


FTA says: “Taiwan has the advantages and abilities to attract international buyers and even become a global fastener purchasing centre. Therefore, an international exhibition in Taiwan is absolutely becoming the trend.” In March this year the Taiwan Industrial Fasteners Institute, in conjunction with government overseas trade development organisation TAITRA, staged the second International Fastener Show at the Kaohsiung Arena. At the opening ceremony the organisers confirmed plans to stage the show again in 2014 at the new Kaohsiung Exhibition and Conference Centre, which will be constructed as part of a renovation plan for part of the city’s harbour. According to TFTA the Commercial Exhibition Centre in Tainan is currently the biggest venue in southern Taiwan and will accommodate 1,200 nine square metre booths in three exhibition halls. TFTA is targeting 820 booths accommodating around 400 exhibitors. The exhibit profile will be fastener products, machinery and other related equipment, cold or hot forging component parts, CNC machines, hardware and hand tools presented in four zones. TFTA anticipates attracting more than 6,000 national and international buyers and says: “The CEOs we warmly welcome from international trading companies will host several seminars.” TFTA plans to invite visiting groups through American and European trading associations and international fastener institutes. It will also offer accommodation and other facilities for high volume international buyers. The show is scheduled for three days, Thursday 11th April - Saturday 13th April 2013.

China Steel holds June prices Taiwan’s China Steel Corporation confirmed that in the face of an uncertain global economic outlook it had decided to keep domestic contract steel prices unchanged for June.


aiwan’s largest steelmaker said June prices for all product grades, including wire rod, would remain the same as April and May, to help domestic downstream customers maintain international competitiveness. China Steel said there were still uncertainties hanging over the global economy and that the steel market needed more support for a healthy demand. The company said that a production increase in China, despite weakening market demand, could cap the recent rebound in global steel prices. The company noted that major mills in the US and Europe had held prices for this quarter. The steel market in mainland China was suffering from over supply and slowing demand. Analysts predicted that planned increases in the electricity costs in Taiwan would erode China Steel profits.

New Chun Zu machine catches customers’ eyes Chun Zu Machinery Industry Co Ltd demonstrated a range of new machines at its Kaohsiung headquarters, Fastener World Magazine reports.


he new CBF-64S screw formers and SNF-105 nut formers are equipped with control interfaces for easy operation. Together with their technical attributes the style of the new machines also drew the attention of fastener industry professionals attending the presentation. The audience heard presentations from Chun Zu research and development personnel and watched demonstrations of the new models. President Bruce Sun was present at the event and said: “Chun Zu’s passion to continue developing new models is aroused by the long term support from customers as well as the corporate missions of customers’ satisfaction, multilateral cooperation, and innovation.” He added: “Lowering costs to make production smooth and add more value to products has been an important key. In the future, Chun Zu will focus more on R&D for developing


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

new models with features of fast production, material saving, precision, and efficiency.” Sun also noted that the features of the new CBF-64S had attracted orders from buyers in Eastern Europe. The machine was debuted at wire 2012, Düsseldorf. The main market for the SNF-105 nut former would be in emerging countries. In 2011 Chun Zu achieved record sales from both Taiwanese and Chinese factories. Sales from Taiwan reached NTD1.018 billion and the Shanghai factory achieved sales of NTD0.9 billion (Combined sales were equivalent to more than 52 million euros). Bruce Sun expressed a more conservative outlook for 2012 estimating that it would drop by some points. He saw more positives in the US and emerging markets, feeling that the European debt crisis would result in reduced demand. Original report Fastener World Magazine

ONE OF THE BIGGEST MANUFACTURERS OF BLIND RIVET NUTS IN ASIA We have more than 1,000 styles in stock and our production capacity is 5 billion pieces. We can produce blind rivet nuts in steel, stainless steel, aluminum and brass. We also produce lots of non-standards based on customers drawings and samples.

SHANGHAI RIVET MANUFACTURE CO.,LTD. Export Department Tel: +86 21 372 86065 / 372 86522 Fax: +86 21 372 86066 Email: /


Japanese fastener imports grow 10% in 2011 According to trade statistics from the Japanese Ministry of Finance, Japan’s total imports of fastener products, including screws, bolts, nuts, washers, nails, and rivets, for 2011 grew 10.9% year on year.


mport volume totalled 310,300 tonnes compared to 279,800 tonnes in 2010. Import value totalled 81.9 billion yen (793 million euros) , increasing 11.07% compared to the 73.7 billion yen (713 million euros) recorded for 2010. Fastener exports for the full year 2011 amounted to 323,500 tonnes, declining 1.49 percent compared to the 328,400 tonnes in 2010. Export value totalled 254.4 billion yen (2.46 billion euros), dropping 1.56% compared to 2010. Original report Fastener World Magazine

New GM car plant in Wuhan Reports from mainland China environmental authorities indicate that Shanghai General Motors plans to invest RMB 7 billion (856 million euros) in car production in Jiangxia, Wuhan.


hen completed the plant, on a 2.2 square kilometre site, is expected to comprise press, car body, coating and assembly shops capable of producing 300,000 units annually. Additionally a parts distribution centre is planned at the site. The joint venture between Shanghai Automatic Industry Corporation (SAIC) and General Motors already has production operations in Pudong, Jinqia, Yangtai Dongyue and Shenyang Beisheng. Four car assembly plants and two powertrain facilities produce Buick, Chevrolet and Cadillac models.

Chinese auto sales decelerate in 2011 China automotive growth decelerated in 2011, showing the lowest growth in thirteen years.


ccording to statistics released by the Ministry of Commerce Chinese automotive market growth slowed in 2011. Sales still reached 18.5 million units with a year on year growth of 2.45 percent, which meant China maintained global leadership based on sales volume. Passenger car sales were 14.5 million units, accounting for 78.2% of the total sales. According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, total automotive exports amounted to 814,000 units, reflecting record year on year growth of 49.5 percent. Imports, primarily of higher end brands, grew by 27.8 percent to 1.037 million units in 2011. Original report Fastener World Magazine

CSC increases raw material self-sufficiency China Steel Corporation has agreed the purchase of a 2.5 percent indirect interest in Australian iron ore producer RHH.


he transaction will be carried out via CSC’s 100 percentowned, Australian registered subsidiary - CSC Steel Australia Holdings Pty Ltd. The investment amounting to AUD 305 million (238 million euros) will be funded as equity into RHH. The Roy Hill Project integrates an open pit iron ore mine with self-owned rail and port facilities. The mine is located in the Pilbara region of West Australia and will be connected to the port facilities at Port Hedland via a dedicated 342km railway. Roy Hill is expected to commence operations in 2014 and ramp up to its full capacity of 55 million tonnes of iron ore. China Steel’s investment secures supply of 1.38 million tonnes of iron ore annually, increasing its raw material self-sufficiency from 2% to 7.5%. CSC aims to acquire iron ore and coking coal production to achieve 30% raw material self-sufficiency within 5 years.

Gem-Year rail sales hit by crash Gem-Year reported sales for 2011 were up 10.6% to RMB 2.7 billion (325 million euros). Sales of general fasteners increased 13 percent to RMB 844 million but sales of high-speed rail fasteners more than halved to RMB 640 million, in the aftermath of the Jin-Hu high-speed rail crash in July 2011.


uarter 1 2011 sales surged, with rail fasteners growing 133 percent but by Quarter 4 high speed rail fasteners sales had collapsed by 89 percent. Annual overseas sales grew 17.8 percent to RMB 428 million. Gem-Year says it aims to achieve 14.7 percent growth in 2012 to a sales total of RMB 3.1 billion. Operating costs are expected to rise by 14.8 percent and profits to increase by 5 percent. Original report by

Lakshmi setting up aerospace unit

T 32

he Punjab News reports that Lakshmi Precision Screws Ltd is planning a new 3,000 tonne per year unit to manufacture aerospace and automotive fasteners. The 1 million euro investment will include a research and development centre on a 10 acre site in Rohtak.

Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

RUSSIAN + CIS NEWS Alexander Ostashov, editor Fastener, Adhesives, Tools and…Magazine

Fastener Conference at St. Petersburg Fair On 14th March, a conference titled “High Strength Fasteners: Quality and Responsibility” took place as part of the Petersburg Industrial Congress during the St. Petersburg Technical Fair.


t the beginning of the conference a presentation was made on the new exhibition project, Fastener Fair Russia, which will be inaugurated in 2013 alongside the Technical Fair. Mr Yarantzev, the general director of the Prommetiz Association opened the conference by presenting the development trends in fastener production at several Russian plants. The biggest manufacturers of metal fasteners are members of the Prommetiz Association. The conference brought together leading experts in the field of fastener production and the speakers presented reports on many relevant topics. Attendees were able to consider the experience and knowledge of Nedschroef Herentals and SACMA Limbiate, both leading designers and producers of cold forming machinery, in the sphere of high strength fastener production. Some standardisation issues were also discussed. Mr Ageyev, the general director of NPT Mostov (Science and Research Center of Bridges) shared his experience in this area. There was a discussion on the choice of fastener coating and two reports on this issue were made. The reports of Mr Gorynin, the head of the laboratory for material testing of Prometey, the leading Russian specialist in design of fasteners for atomic power plants, aroused special interest. The speakers touched upon the problems of fastener production for various industries, the state of production at the biggest Russian plants, conditions for the development of fastener production, and the questions of refinement of high tensile fasteners. The conference was organised by Restec Exhibition Union and Fasteners, Adhesives, Tools and … Magazine.

Severstal-Metiz achieves momentum in fastener production Today Severstal-Metiz produces fasteners on modern imported equipment, which was purchased during the last four years within the framework of the investment programme for the development of its fastener division.


wo years ago the Orel facility of the company started producing fasteners for the enterprises of the Russian automobile industry. As a result the company is now mastering many new types of products and their corresponding production technologies. Primarily, these are fasteners according to automotive standards and specifically to customers’ drawings. For the time being production is concentrated on specific higher volume fasteners and parts but gradually Severstal-Metiz intends to develop its production capabilities to supply complete fastener ranges. The first quarter of 2013 is the target for the Orel plant to achieve certification of fastener production to the quality standard ISO TS 16949 for the automobile industry. To achieve this accreditation the company is currently investing in the necessary measurement and control equipment and planning how to introduce the methods of statistical quality control. “Today we are producing fasteners with sizes from M6 to M30 and plan to continue active development of this branch – to master new types of produce, to increase production volume and to acquire new equipment. We intend to produce fasteners for export to European countries as well and to start to cooperate with foreign assembly plants,” Pavel Lyalkov, the deputy head of the fastener division told Alexander Ostashov, editor of Fasteners, Adhesives, Tools and… Magazine. In 2011 Severstal-Metiz produced about 140 new types of fasteners, which is twice as many as in the previous year. In 2012 Orlov plant specialists aim to master at least 160 new types of automobile fasteners alone.


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

Grade 304 and 316 Property Class A2-70, A2-80, A4-70, A4-80 comprehensive stock range in 1m, 2m and 3m lengths Graewe GmbH & Co. KG D-57413 Finnentrop-Weringhausen Phone +49 (0) 2721 514-22 .

stud bolts ++ extension bolts ++ threaded rods and studs ++ anchor bolts ++ hexagon socket head cap screws

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Stainless Steel Threaded Rods + Allthread Studs


PTFair 2012 improves on previous editions The 8th edition of St. Petersburg Technical Fair was held on 13th – 15th March 2012. The event included a wide range of specialist exhibitions, conferences and activities.


rganisers Restec Exhibition Company report that the PTFair 2012 exceeded previous editions in terms of organisation, the event programme and numbers of both participants and visitors. More than 600 Russian and international companies and organisations from 17 countries showcased their products, services and projects in exhibition space totalling 7,760 square metres. Countries represented included Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary, Romania, Germany, Finland, Poland, China, Taiwan, Turkey, Spain, Malta, France, Latvia, the Czech Republic, and Estonia. Restec reports 8,700 specialists and experts attended the Fair’s events and activities. The Fair was also attended by four high-ranking regional officials: Georgy Poltavchenko, governor of St. Petersburg; Nikita Belykh, governor of Kirov region; Igor Slyunyayev, governor of Kostroma region; Vyacheslav Shport, governor of Khabarovsk region. In his welcome address Mr Poltavchenko stressed the significance and high level of the event: “It has become a good tradition to hold such a large-scale business and exhibition event. I’m sure that St. Petersburg Technical Fair will mark one more step on the way of developing the economy of St. Petersburg – as wall as that of the whole country”. The Fair was divided into several specialised exhibitions open throughout the three days: Metallurgy and casting; Metalworking; Mechanical engineering; High technologies, Innovations; Investment; Non-metals for industrial purposes; and Services for industrial enterprises. The main fastener activity was a special conference organised in conjunction with Fasteners, Adhesives, Tools and … Magazine. Exhibitors DEMA Präzisionsteile GmbH, Germany, told the organisers: “We are very pleased with the Fair. It was a good experience”. Ocotec Oy, Finland, said: “The general impression is positive. The Fair was well organised. There was broad geographic spread of Russian visitors, even from Siberia”. Restec says its objective was not only to demonstrate new products and services, but also to contribute to establishing direct contacts between R&D specialists and high-tech manufacturers – as well as industrialists. To this end over 1,000 experts were reported to have participated in the St. Petersburg Industrial Congress, which began with a panel discussion on the ‘Technological Future of Russia’. The 6th St. Petersburg Partneriat, a multi-sector cooperation platform aimed at ensuring efficiency of interregional and international cooperation, consolidation of cultural and economic relations, introduction of innovations, and presentation of achievements, was staged alongside the PTFair. It was attended by delegates from 58 regions of the Russian Federation. The next edition of PTFair will be held from 12th – 14th March 2013 alongside the first Fastener Fair Russia and sheet metal specialist exhibition BLECH Russia. For more information visit;;


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

Conference ‘Adhesives 2012’ Shortage of raw material, information secrecy, conflicts of interest and a low technological level in the sector are the main concerns for members of the Russian adhesives market.


n 16th March, the International Conference ‘Adhesives 2012’ took place in Ritz-Carlton Moscow Hotel. CEO of Creon Company, Sandjar Turgunov, noted in his opening speech that the aim of this year’s meeting was discussion of a more narrow specificity of adhesive industry, namely, hot melt adhesives, which are one of the fastest growing sectors of the market. Creon Company has created a platform for discussion of the current industry problems and in particular the difficulties of state regulation. The keynote of the whole Conference was the question of a possible union of the adhesives market members in Association. Now Creon Company has begun forming a working group to prepare the foundation for the Association, planned to be announced at an additional sector conference in October or November 2012.

Fewer exhibitors at Fasttec 2012 Organisers MVK say there were “more than 75 companies from Russia, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Belarus, China, Sweden and Taiwan” exhibiting at Fasttec 2012, staged 12th – 15th March at the Sokolniki exhibition grounds, just outside Moscow.


hinaFastener Magazine, which attended the show, reports that around half the exhibitors were from Mainland China. The exhibitor list published by Fasttec confirms 32 Chinese exhibitors and includes five media stands. In 2011 Fasteners, Adhesives, Tools and … Magazine reported 92 exhibitors. The magazine, together with Russian Hardware Association Rosmetiz, previously a highly visible partner of Fasttec, did not attend the 2012 show, instead support the newly inaugurated fastener conference at the St. Petersburg PTFair on the same dates. In its own report Fasttec describes: “fully packed rooms throughout the duration of the exhibition” which “once again emphasised the effectiveness of the event”. The organisers have not published the actual visitor attendance but say there were a year on year increases of nearly 15 percent on day one and 24 percent on day two. Reported visitor totals for the 2011 show were 4,000, with 60% of visitors coming from the Moscow region. In 2013 Fasttec goes head to head with the first edition of Fastener Fair Russia held alongside the PTFair in St. Petersburg 12th – 14th March. Visit for more information on Fasttec 2013.

BRAZILIAN NEWS Sérgio Militias editor Revista do Parafuso

Fasteners subject to Brazilian Conformity Assessment The Brazilian Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade has agreed to a demand from SINPA that fasteners will be subject to certification under the Brazilian Program of Conformity Assessment.


n December 2011 the National Council of Metrology, Standardisation and Industrial Quality published resolution number 04 approving the Quadrennial Action Plan for Brazilian Conformity Assessment 2012-15. Conmetro has now accepted representations from SINPA, the Brazilian Syndicate of Fastener Manufacturers, that the plan should include fasteners, including screws, nuts, washers and rivets. “The acceptance by Inmetro of the demand of our syndicate, in order to place the certification of fasteners in four-year plan for 2012-2015, represents an important step in achieving quality assurance. This is because the fasteners made in Brazil, or imported, may only be marketed here if they are produced by certified companies, which means that products will conform to internationally recognised standards, “said Mr José Gianesi Sobrinho, president of SINPA. The decision is being welcomed because of its implications for product safety and is very necessary because of the lack of control and information about imported fasteners. In the case of a compact car, for example, which has more or less 1,200 fasteners or a 150cc motorcycle with an average 300 of fasteners, the importance of these measures is clear, especially when the numbers are multiplied by the level of Brazilian production. In 2011, 3 million motor vehicles (including tractors, trucks and buses) were produced in Brazil, and there were close to two million two wheelers registered. It is also important when considering the significance of strength of other industrial sectors for fasteners, such as the replacement market, oil and gas, shipbuilding, railroads, agricultural and industrial machinery. There was a famous Brazilian advertising slogan that once said “you do not see, but we are there”, which is absolutely true of screws, that can even be found in women’s high-heeled shoes.

Barrados no baile


n Brazil “barrados no baile” is used when someone is outside of a party. This is happening with some industrial sectors in Brazil, right now, because the Federal Government is establishing new rules for the commercialisation of Brazilian products, but so far fasteners manufacturers are not included. At the moment the information is being studied about this sector, which is so vulnerable to international competition, but there is still no information about what is intended.

Gerdau introduces patinable steel for fasteners Gerdau S/A is one of the largest steelmakers in the world and is the main supplier of the raw material for the production of fasteners in Brazil. It has recently launched a material not previously marketed in the country.


ost common in the form of flat steel plates patinable steel, sometimes known as Corten steel (Cor-Ten is the trademark of the US Steel Corporation), has been developed by Gerdau as part of its range of specialty steels. Its application is mainly for industrial buildings that are difficult to coat or paint and are subjected to a constant process of wear and abrasion. Belonging to the family of steels for mechanical construction of the structural type, this steel provides increased corrosion resistance combined with high mechanical strength, meeting the requirements of the American specification ASTM A325. A thin layer of adhering oxide, red in colour and known as a patina, is formed on the surface of the structure when exposed to corrosive agents in the environment. This reduces and prevents the propagation of corrosion in the subsurface layers of the base material. The patina is the result of the addition of copper to the chemical composition of the steel, making the product three times stronger than common steels. The greatest difficulty for the specification of structural steel in Brazil using this was the lack of domestic suppliers for connections, bolts and nuts. With this development, the company promises to facilitate this type of construction in both the structural shapes and the supply of wire rods and bars for the production of screws, bolts and nuts.


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012


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Beside you in the fastening world

In May 1997 two managers, already with several years experience of fastener production and distribution, founded a company in Garlasco, 25 kilometres south-west of Milan. Today Ambrovit makes a powerful claim to provide a benchmark in fastener supply, to both the Italian and wider European markets.


he company grew up quickly. In 1997 it started with a 900 square metre warehouse; by 2001 that had grown to 3,200 square metres, enlarged again in 2006 by the rental of a further 2,000 square metres of external warehouse space. In mid-2009 Ambrovit relocated entirely to its new and current corporate headquarters. For Ambrovit high quality, customer care and advanced technologies are essential features in meeting the requirements of all their markets so this sustained progression in size combined with investments in advanced logistics, product packaging and a state-of-the-art IT system have all aroused considerable interest from its customers. Today, Ambrovit’s facility in Garlasco extends over a total area of 12,000 square metres, of which 6,000 is buildings. The company recently installed a new automatic warehouse: 28 metres high with a storage capacity of 22,000 pallet places it currently handles some 1,400 order lines during each shift and despatches around 165 shipments every day. An advanced automatic packing line, supplied by Bilwinco, has daily capacity of 22,000 boxes. Ambrovit also has a quality laboratory which is equipped with the latest generation of quality control instruments co-ordinated through sophisticated statistical software. The quality laboratory includes a metallographic micro cutting machine, pneumatic mounting press machine, automatic polisher grinding machine, Rockwell hardness tester, Vickers micro-hardness tester, stereoscopic microscopes, coating thickness tester and drilling testing machine. In November 2011 Ambrovit certified its quality system according to the requirements of UN EN ISO 9001:2008, for which it received certification from TÜV Italia. The company is currently working towards achieving CE UNI EN 14592:2009 certification. Thanks to the previous experience in the production field of Ambrovit’s founders the company has established and


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

strengthened, over the years, supplier relationships that ensure reliability of both product quality and availability. The management continue to periodically visit worldwide suppliers checking and verifying their capabilities and establishing both stronger existing and new business relationships.

“ Ambrovit also has a quality laboratory which is equipped with the latest generation of quality control instruments co-ordinated through sophisticated statistical software.” Ambrovit constantly updates its product range and is committed to offer products that are both technically advanced and commercially competitive. Today it boasts a very large number of items for different application sectors, which includes hex lag screws, chipboard screws, drywall screws, recently launched PVC window screws, concrete screws, dome and euro screws, machine screws, nuts, washers, bolts and threaded rods, tapping screws, drilling screws and A2 stainless steel screws. Sizes range from 2mm to 30mm in diameter with lengths from 4mm to 400mm. Key application sectors include: the furniture industry, door and window shutters, mechanical industries, carpentry and

woodworking, civil and industrial construction, plasterboard, doit-yourself and hardware shops, as well as gazebos and garden structures. In all, Ambrovit now holds stocks of about 9,000 items. In Italy Ambrovit currently delivers to more than 1,500 customers. The sales network in Italy, which is divided into different regions, covers the entire country. Relationships with area agents are managed by Ambrovit’s commercial department, which informs them of problems and opportunities so that they can solve them in real time. This wide sales network also provides the way for Ambrovit to constantly update its products range and ensure it meets its customers’ requirements. The new logistics facility, constructed in 2009, enabled improved control of stocks, storage of high quantities of material and prompt delivery of customer orders. Coupled with Ambrovit’s participation in major fairs, including Fastener Fair Stuttgart and most recently Fastener Fair Hannover (pictured top right), it has enabled Ambrovit to become one of the trade leaders and substantially widen the countries to which it sells its products and promotes its ever developing product range. Ambrovit has been able to extend its business to countries throughout Europe including: Germany, France, England, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, Russia, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Albania, Macedonia, Finland, Sweden and Denmark. This growth across Europe has seen a significant increase in export sales, which now represent over 25% of total sales. Central to the Ambrovit business philosophy is a deep desire to serve customers and to provide them with the best fastener for their applications. All of the development and investments made by the company have always been clearly targeted to achieve these goals. At every internal stage the company carries out constant check controls on random samples, analysing the critical stages in order to solve immediately any issues that may

arise, which could cause an interruption in the managerial and logistical processes. Thanks to its quality control laboratory, Ambrovit has precision tools for checking the quality of incoming products. In addition to stringent dimensional checks this now includes using a drilling machine test to simulate screw performance in application. The introduction of these technologies and advanced quality management structures have made the company’s confidence in its vision for the future even more concrete, linked as it is to the constant development pinpointed by the management. Ambrovit is also confident that, for global markets, it will continue to break down commercial barriers, implement specific skills and strengthen its trade position: a future Ambrovit believes will be marketed by constant seriousness and professionalism. Ambrovit tries always to improve its service level in order to reinforce its presence and respond to the new challenges in both national and international markets - above all to live up to its motto “we are always beside you in the fastener world”.



Fastener Fair Thailand Where: Bangkok, Thailand When: 6 Sep - 8 Sep 2012 Web: What: The fastener event for south east Asia.

2012 Fastener Expo Shanghai + 3rd Shanghai Auto Fastener Exhibition

MSV 2012

Global Automotive Components and Suppliers Expo 2012


Where: Shanghai, China When: 6 Jun - 8 Jun 2012 Web: What: Specialist industrial fastener exhibition.

Where: Stuttgart, Germany When: 12 Jun - 14 Jun 2012 Web: What: Automotive components exhibition.

Intersolar Europe

Where: Munich, Germany When: 13 Jun - 15 Jun 2012 Web: What: International exhibition for solar technology.

The 13th China International Metal and Metallurgy Exhibition

Where: Guangzhou, China When: 19 Jun - 21 Jun 2012 Web: What: Metal industries and materials including fasteners.

16th Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo

Where: Tokyo, Japan When: 20 Jun - 22 Jun 2012 Web: What: Mechanical components and materials technologies.

Industrial Components & Subcontracting 2012

Where: Bangkok, Thailand When: 21 Jun - 24 Jun 2012 Web: What: Industrial parts, components, equipment and solutions exhibition.


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

Where: Brno, Czech Rep When: 10 Sep - 14 Sep 2012 Web: What: International engineering fair.

Where: Frankfurt, Germany When: 11 Sep - 16 Sep 2012 Web: What: Trade for the automotive industry.

BalticBuild Where: St.Petersburg, Russia When: 12 Sep - 14 Sep 2012 Web: What: Building and interiors exhibition.

HUSUM WindEnergy Where: Husum, Germany When: 18 Sep - 22 Sep 2012 Web: What: Wind energy trade fair.

China International Hardware Show Where: Shanghai, China When: 19 Sep - 21 Sep 2012 Web: What: Tools, security systems, locks, DIY and building hardware fair.

wire China Where: Shanghai, China When: 25 Sep - 28 Sep 2012 Web: What: Wire and cable, including fastener manufacturing technology.

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New Jersey • North Carolina • Michigan • Ohio • Illinois • Florida • Texas • California • China • Taiwan ND and ND Industries are registered trademarks of ND Industries, Inc.


Fastener Fair Thailand - Bangkok Fastener Fair’s latest edition is set for Bangkok, Thailand, on 6th – 8th September 2012 at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC), says show director, Michael Wilton.


he Federation of Thai industries, Thai Autoparts Manufacturing Association, Alliance for Supporting Industries Association, Technology Promotion Association and the Dept of Industrial Promotion are all keen supporters of the event. Between them these organisations represent the majority of the vast Thai industrial and manufacturing sectors and the world’s leading auto and electronic sectors. All recognise the importance of attending a fastener event in the Thai and south east Asia region. With support from the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), Fastener Fair Thailand is the only event in south east Asia dedicated to fastener and fixing technology. During the 3 day event it will represent the best the region has to offer in this sector. Over 100 of the region’s leading suppliers have already signed up to exhibit at Fastener Fair Thailand and the event promises to be another exciting edition to the series of Fastener Fairs around the world. Attendees to the show will inevitably gain an invaluable insight into the Thai and south east Asian market. In January 107 members of the industry and trade press attended the official conference reinforcing the buzz and excited anticipation around the event. The highly successful day gave the industry a taster to what will be on display at Fastener Fair Thailand. With a bright economic outlook for Thailand and the ASEAN region, the 3 days at Fastener Fair Thailand is set to busy, fruitful and enjoyable.

Fastener Fair Thailand has secured preferential room rates at a number of Bangkok’s best hotels to meet everyone’s budgets. All hotels are located within easy access of the venue. The venue itself is a state of the art exhibition centre with a direct, connecting rail link (BTS Skytrain) straight to the heart of Bangkok and recommended hotels. Shuttle buses from the hotels will also be available to take visitors directly to the Fastener Fair hall. Bangkok’s new Suvarnabhumi airport is a hub for international travel to south east Asia and beyond. International flights to Bangkok are plentiful and all major international airlines service the airport. Bangkok’s excels as an international business destination and has fast become one of Asia’s most vibrant and friendly cities. Registration to attend Fastener Fair Thailand is free and visitors will receive a free show guide and entry into a prize draw for a new iPad 3. To register and for more information to plan your visit to Fastener Fair Thailand visit The website provides details on travel, hotels, and of course a guide to Bangkok, including advice on restaurants, evening entertainment - the best Bangkok can offer. For group visits to Fastener Fair Thailand support is also available through the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Limited. Limited stand space is still available. To discuss stand options or group visit arrangements please email

Attending the event Venue: BITEC, Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre Open times: Thursday 6th September 10:00 – 17:00 10:00 – 17:00 Friday 7th September Saturday 8th September 10:00 – 15:00

Vegas Fastener Expo announces strong sales The 16th National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo scheduled for 10th – 12th October 2012 at the Sands Expo, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, is enjoying record early sales; reports Susan A. Hurley, CEM, general manager.



s Hurley comments: “This is our strongest start since 2008 with most of last year’s companies already under contract. We have 494 companies filling 652 booths. We have gained many new exhibiting companies and continue to receive exhibit space applications and inquiries on a daily basis. We fully expect the 2012 Expo to outperform last year’s event in both size and attendance.” As usual, the Expo will not only offer the very latest products and services offered by domestic and international companies but, also, a full day educational conference on Wednesday 10th October. The Fastener Training Institute will be conducting several workshops, the Pac-West Fastener Association will be sponsoring a programme and Women in the Fastener Industry (WIFI) are planning a big meeting. The always popular and well attended Welcoming Reception sponsored by Expo Management will again be held at Harrah’s Nevada Ballroom on Wednesday evening. The National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo will be open from 9:00am 16:00pm Thursday 11th October and from 9:00am to 13:00pm Friday 12th October. Expo management invites everyone to visit its newly rebuilt website to view complete Expo information, including a current list of exhibiting companies, up to date floor plan showing all booth locations, links to participating hotel reservation sites and much more. Complete conference programme information as well as online registration will be available on this site by 1st June 2012.

Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

International Exhibition for Fastener and Fixing Technology

FASTENER FAIR 6 - 8 September 2012 Hall 106 - BITEC Bangkok, Thailand


Totally Shows kick-off in Coventry Totally Shows organiser Brintex has revealed a new direction for its 2013 shows by announcing a move to the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.


he organising team decided on the move after extensive research with exhibitors, visitors and non-attendees, after three years running alongside Spring Fair International. The 2013 Totally Shows will now run on Sunday 10th – Tuesday 12th February at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. The Arena claims to be within a two hour drive of 70% of the UK’s population, and its central location and the ‘early in the year’ time slot tick two of the key boxes demanded by exhibitors and visitors alike. The organising team will also be taking the opportunity to update the way the show runs with a new floor plan and some exciting visitor initiatives. “We want to deliver a national trade show the industry will benefit from and be proud of,” said show director James Murray. “This move allows us to be in control of our own destiny and gives us the opportunity to add some new thinking to the way the show is run.” Further details on the 2013 show will be released shortly.

SISTEP-MIDEST 2012: The Moroccan industry event The second SISTEP-MIDEST, the Moroccan trade show for industrial subcontracting, machinery, equipment and services, will take place at OFEC, the Casablanca Exhibition Centre, from 19th - 22nd September 2012.


he SISTEP-MIDEST is a major industry event for Morocco, which occupies a strategic geographical position that enables it to attract professionals in search of partnerships in the new markets of north Africa and elsewhere on the continent. SISTEP-MIDEST offers a complete range of exhibits divided into six major sectors to allow Moroccan and foreign visitors to find all the answers to their needs: machine tools, sheet metal, electronics, services, plastics and subcontracting. Organisers reported that the results of the first show in 2011 were more than encouraging for a launch: 207 exhibitors, including 59% from abroad, represented a dozen countries and occupied 6,626m² of exhibition space. 79% of them stated that they were satisfied with their participation. To date, the following national pavilions have already been confirmed: France, through Ubifrance, with sixty exhibitors, China, with thirty exhibitors, Spain with fifteen exhibitors, Hungary with ten exhibitors, together with other countries awaiting confirmation.

Latest technologies at Intersolar Europe 2012 Intersolar Europe, the world’s largest exhibition for the solar industry, is opening its doors at the Messe München from 13th – 15th June 2012. This year, visitors from all over the world can once again expect the hottest trends and products from across the solar industry.


ntersolar Europe visitors can find out about the latest developments across the solar industry from manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and service providers from all corners of the world. This year, around 2,000 exhibitors are showcasing their products and services in the fields of photovoltaics, PV production technologies and solar thermal technologies across 170,000 square meters of exhibition space in 15 exhibition halls and a large outdoor exhibition area. Over 80,000 industry professionals from 150 countries are expected at the three-day Intersolar Europe event at the Messe München to find out about the latest developments and trends across the solar industry.

Showcase the latest trends in the solar industry Following a successful launch last year, Intersolar Europe 2012 is hosting the PV ENERGY WORLD special exhibit for a second time, taking place in hall C4, booth C4.230. Together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, Intersolar Europe is presenting the latest technologies from across the


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

two thematic areas of ‘Electricity Storage’ and ‘Grid Integration’, offering an insight into the future of power supply. The central forum of the special exhibit complements the programme with its up-to-date expert presentations and panel discussions. Intersolar Europe is also featuring the new PV and E-Mobility special exhibit this year, taking place in the outdoor exhibition area of the Messe München. This special exhibit shines the spotlight on the latest carport solutions, charging stations and electric vehicles. The German Solar Industry Association (BSW-Solar) from Berlin is once again organising the Rural Electrification special exhibit at Intersolar Europe, where over 20 companies are to showcase their products and services in the field of off-grid power supply in hall B5, booth B5.230. BSW-Solar experts and exhibiting companies are available at the booth to answer any questions on rural electrification. Exhibiting companies offer their global experience of supplying electricity to off-grid regions in Africa, Asia and Latin America as part of a three-day series of presentations.


Stuttgart it was not… …but then again, it wasn’t meant to be. Comparing Fastener Fair Hannover with its established cousin is hardly realistic. Hannover needs the opportunity to develop its own distinctive identity.


egotiating the opportunity to stage a Fastener Fair alongside Germany’s largest industrial exhibition, the Hannover Industry Fair, was a remarkable coup for Mack Brooks Exhibitions; the first time such a co-location has occurred. However, there were complications. Practically, the ability for visitors to Hannover Messe to crossover into Fastener Fair was constrained by the remoteness of Hall 21 from the main halls in the massive Hannover fairground. Fastener Fair organisers had anticipated the issue. In addition to extensive signage promoting the fastener event throughout the showground, a regular shuttle bus ran from the main West entrance and a series of frequent, smaller shuttle vehicles ran to other points. Hannover Messe visitors were immediately and without cost provided entry badges to Fastener Fair. As we went to print Mack Brooks Exhibitions had not issued its media report on the show but did confirm that 4,440 people attended the three-day show. “We see this as a good response to a new event,” said show director, Susanne Rauberger, “especially considering the very international nature of the visitors, who came from 75 countries; the top five being Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, UK and Poland. During the show most exhibitors were more conscious of the presence of distribution visitors than end-user engineers. TR


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

Fastenings managing director Geoff Budd echoed several other exhibitors in saying: “We saw a lot of distributors. We did make a reasonable number of OEM contacts, some we already knew, some new, but did not see many engineers seeking support in developing a fastening solution.” One possible explanation may be that OEM visitors spent less time in the Fastener Fair hall than their distribution counterparts. Certainly a large number of distributors were drawn to Hannover, many of whom spent more than one day in the hall. Cost appears to have discouraged others. The pulling power of the main industrial show inevitably drove up direct flight prices and flight times made a day visit impractical. Driving to Hannover or travelling by train is convenient from closer points but the real disincentive, noted by both exhibitors and visitors, was the extraordinarily high cost of hotel accommodation.

Wide spectrum of technologies The mix of exhibitors at Fastener Fair Hannover was good and represented a wide spectrum of technologies and products. That included a substantial number of companies not previously seen at a Fastener Fair, which definitely added to the diversity. For a launch event 400 exhibiting companies from 31 countries has to be seen as impressive. The quality of many stands was also high, contributing to the professional presentation of the show.


as: rmerly known Stafa Group fo D I GOPAK I NEOFAST AN STAFA HOLL

STAFA GROUP: CONNECTED IN TRUSTED QUALITY Stafa Group: a new name for a trusted partnership. Stafa Group has the best answer to any question in the broad area of fasteners. Always. With maximum flexibility and quality and an approach that is as enterprising as it is personal. Just as you have been accustomed to with us over the past thirty-five years. ALWAYS ASSURED OF THE BEST Under the strong umbrella of the Stafa Group, Stafa Trading (formerly Stafa Holland), Stafa Assembly (formerly Gopak) and Stafa Direct (formerly Neofast) are combining their expert forces even more effectively. Whether we efficiently take over

your entire logistics system for fasteners, provide the smartest packaging method or arrange your imports under the most favourable conditions: you are always assured of quality and service. THE STRENGTH OF THE CONNECTION That is the strength of our connection. A connection that we as the Stafa Group share with each other, with our suppliers, with the global market and - above all - with you. STAFA GROUP: WE CONNECT QUALITY & FLEXIBILITY


Despite accurate Fastener Fair publicity on the number and range of stands, though, some distribution visitors appear to have expected “another Stuttgart”. That may be difficult to avoid when launching a second German event under the Fastener Fair brand but it did result in some visitor disappointment. Preliminary results from Mack Brooks’ post-show exhibitor analysis indicate 84 percent of respondents fully or partially met their aims at the show. Without question, some exhibitors had a very good show – France’s Gardette Industrie SA and MPC Industrie BV from the Netherlands were notably enthusiastic about prospects. Several others reporting good results were first time exhibitors at a Fastener Fair. As usual many of the consistently busier stands were companies well practiced in drawing in both existing and targeted customers through their own pre-show marketing. George van Gool, general manager of STAFA Group commented a few days after the show: “The Hannover fair for us was ok. It was not so crowded, but the quality of the visitors was good.” Many of the exhibitors to whom this magazine spoke during the last day of the show echoed similar sentiments, consistent in saying they would have wished for more visitors but in the main positive about their quality and reporting good if not outstanding contact statistics. For some exhibitors, however, Hannover was clearly an unhappy experience. Put aside the small but seemingly persistent minority that, remarkably in today’s hyper competitive world, prefer studying their laptop or smart phone to greeting the visitor at the front of the stand. Rather, these were exhibitors that had made a substantial investment in a well-designed stand and whose


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

personnel were genuinely proactive, which nevertheless felt they had not connected with the targets they were seeking. Amongst the least satisfied were exhibitors targeting the construction sector, most of which felt their target customers were not well represented amongst Fastener Fair Hannover visitors. For other exhibitors it is less easy to understand why they did not make the contacts, when exhibitors in a similar market position reported more positive results. Stand location did not appear to be a significant factor. There were, inevitably, a few quieter spots but generally visitors appeared to quarter the show. One exhibitor, concerned at the beginning of the show about their location, by the end of the show expressed if not outright enthusiasm about their show certainly a reasonable level of satisfaction about the quality of leads obtained.

Different shows in different contexts Fastener Fair Hannover took place at the tail of a crowded exhibition season. The Eisenwarenmesse in Cologne retained a small number of genuine fastener exhibitors and some were pleased with results, although one major exhibitor told us “there were not so many contacts from our normal markets but there were some very interesting prospects from more exotic locations”. Others say privately they see little probability of returning to Cologne. wire Düsseldorf and the Kaohsiung Fastener Show added to the list of events already attended by the fastener industry this year. The concept of a Taiwanese ‘showcase’ now appears established, with the two major associations apparently intent on alternating each spring. There was some talk of “Fair Fatigue” at Hannover. There has

unquestionably been a growth in new fastener related events around the world, some from the Fastener Fair stable, others emulators of the Fastener Fair model. That growth underlines the need to consider each event in its own, specific context. This magazine can attest, first hand, to the success of the Fastener Fairs in Mumbai and São Paulo, the second issues of which are justifiably attracting increased support. These were not “Stuttgarts” either but - tailored to their specific markets - both successfully mixed user and distributor visitors in a way that appears more difficult in an established European market environment. Fastener Fair Russia also offers viable opportunities to explore the potential in the St. Petersburg region and, probably, wider Russian market. Fastener Fair Thailand appears to be attracting a predominantly Asian exhibitor base, appropriate to the local market but also offering the potential for European buyers to build into an Asian schedule. Looking at the floor plans on display at Fastener Fair Hannover, the extraordinary success of ‘Stuttgart’ as the world’s pre-eminent fastener industry trade show is set to continue next year. As it did before to the Budapest show, however, the expectations it creates overshadowed Fastener Fair Hannover. That is unfortunate. Hannover was meant to be a different show, in a different context. For a small number of exhibitors it proved not to be the right one and they will clearly not return. For the majority, the visitor quality suggests this show deserves the time to develop its own distinctive identity.



Comments from exhibitors… “ We are very happy with Fastener Fair Hannover. We showcased the strength of our ST clamp on the stand by inviting visitors to try and break the product, with no–one succeeding. Overall we received 80+ contacts from the show with the visitors being a 50 - 50 split between trade (distributors) and end users (OEMs).” Dániel Szedlacskó, MPC Industries

“ We invited a lot of our customers who were based around Hannover to the show so our stand was constantly busy. We also had some new customers visit our stand who were interested in the products we were showcasing.” Heinz Soyer GmbH

“ At Fastener Fair Hannover we showcased our TruWave wave springs. Overall we had a good show and we’re pleased with the amount of visitors we had. The majority of visitors were distributors, but we did have some interesting end-user visitors.” Jürgen Wenzel, Rotor Clip Company Inc


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

EXHIBITIONS “ Fastener Fair Hannover was quiet when compared to Fastener Fair Stuttgart, but we still had some interesting leads.” Eric Ollinger – BAER

“ At Fastener Fair Hannover we introduced two new colleagues to our customers - Chloé Lemoine, export sales for Gardette Industries, and Damien Lamisse, responsible for projects at L.G.C. (La Goupille Cannelée). Overall we are very pleased with the contacts we made at Fastener Fair Hannover and have to say how well organised the whole event was.” Jean Sébastien Welde, GARDETTE INDUSTRIE SA

“ The first two days of the show we hardly had 10 minutes to ourselves, with visitors constantly coming onto our stand wanting to find out more about our Tension Control Bolts and innovative Shear Wrench system. We are very happy with our first Fastener Fair show.” Tension Control Bolts Ltd

During Fastener Fair Hannover Masterfix invited visitors to its stand to enter a draw for a new iPhone. Visitors simply filled out a Masterfix postcard with a fastener business address and put into the post box. Our very own publishing director - Jamie Mitchell had the honour of drawing the winning card.


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

Fastener Fairs 2012 / Spring 2013

Europe’s leading exhibition for the Fastener and Fixing Industry 26 – 28 February 2013 Messe Stuttgart / Germany

International Exhibitions for Fastener and Fixing Technology

Fastener Fair Thailand FASTENER FAIR

6 – 8 September 2012 Bangkok / Thailand

Fastener Fair Brasil 20 – 21 November 2012 São Paulo / Brazil

Fastener Fair Russia FASTENER FAIR


12 – 14 March 2013 St. Petersburg / Russia

Fastener Fair India 17 – 18 April 2013 Mumbai / India

Fastener Fair China 14 – 16 May 2013 Suzhou / China


Hans Björstrand This summer Hans Björstrand steps aside as CEO of the Bufab Group, a business he founded and has led for thirty-five years. Phil Matten revisited Varnamo to explore, not the Group’s future which already lays in other hands, so much as the unique driving force that has steered it to become one of the world’s most highly regarded fastener suppliers.


here is a tinge of regret as Hans Björstrand talks about the day he will hand over his office to Jörgen Rosengren, already appointed as Bufab CEO and busy visiting and getting to know the Group’s operations, stretching from China, through Asia and Europe, to North America. This is not a man ready to retire: the inimical energy of Hans Björstrand is as intense today as it was when the writer first encountered him twenty-one years ago. There are plenty of ideas for new projects, not least dedicated to supporting Swedish SME businesses, but right now it is clear the relinquishment of operational management and the transition to that future is not a pain free one. Looking back on Hans Björstrand’s achievements that can hardly come as a revelation. Entrepreneurship must have been in Hans Björstrand’s blood from the day he left school. There was a time when he planned to attend university but too young to go immediately he took up the offer of a family friend to start work in his business. “Then I joined a company from Stockholm,” he recalls. “Not so good an

owner, not very professional so I told them that I would make an offer to take over the company. This was not to be a rich man but to make it into the good company it should have been.” Perhaps not surprisingly, such temerity was rebuffed and Hans Björstrand was fired. “I had to do something so I said to a friend let’s start a business for ourselves. We started the business in autumn 1977 and I joined it properly at the beginning of 1978”. Björstrand was twenty-eight years old. He smiles when asked, why fasteners? “It could have been anything. I just liked everything to do with being in business. What I enjoyed was the life and the fantastic prospects for development.” “At the time, Bulten owned the Swedish market, so we had only some small bread from the table on which to survive. As they ceased manufacturing some products the customers came more to us asking ‘can you help us with this’.” Initially the fasteners were from Swedish producers but quickly Bufab began to work with wholesalers from Germany, including Reyher and Böllhoff,

“ Then it was about going out and finding factories no-one else knew about. Today the world is wide open and everyone can find the factories so business is about the efficiency of the line between producer and user.” 56

Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

as well as Bossard in Switzerland. The vision was characteristically simple and direct. “We had a business idea of how to run the company and it is still on that road you could say. You change your goals, of course. Set them too high at any point and things will not be ok.” Maybe not, but he could hardly be accused of lacking ambition. “First we had the goal to be Number One in Sweden; then in Scandinavia. Then we went for Europe and after that to be a global fastener supplier.” “There are not so many truly global players,” he acknowledges, “and Bufab still has a number of white spots on the map to fill but we grow ever closer to that goal.” Björstrand began importing from the Far East at the end of the 1970s – very early for a nascent company and, indeed, for any European importer to venture into China. He travelled personally to discover the factories: a very different world than now. “Then it was about going out and finding factories no-one else knew about. Today the world is wide open and everyone can find the factories so business is about the efficiency of the line between producer and user.” A theme that will recur later. Buying initially from well-known factories in Taiwan, Björstrand visited mainland China at the start of the 1980s and recalls the experience graphically. “As we came into the airport it was an agricultural landscape. There were only three hotels in Shanghai - I stayed in the Peace Hotel – and the factories just had numbers: Factory Number 4, Factory Number 5.” In a still largely isolated country, the pioneer had a huge advantage. “They had no idea of the price levels outside of China. The factory manager looked at my purchasing proposal and simply signed it even though the prices were well below what we could obtain in Europe. Of course, there were far more quality issues than today. Now quality for standard products from China and Taiwan is rarely a big issue, although in India it remains a concern.” The other change is in world awareness. “Today, the Asian manufacturers know exactly the world price; in fact, they often know more than we do.” Bufab’s customers were all over Sweden, virtually from the beginning. “Mainly they came to us because they wanted the full range. The Swedish standard was still strong and the fastener manufacturers wanted to keep it that way to protect their business. Industrial companies, though, increasingly needed DIN and later on ISO specification products. We had the advantage of being able to go outside Sweden to source them.” For Hans Björstrand one of the biggest milestones for the company came as it started to sell to big industries on the back of this capability to supply a full range. “In Scandinavia, industry is somewhat remote and in the early 1980s that was particularly true. If an industrial company could reduce the number of suppliers this was very important to its business.” As Bufab has developed so its capability to offer a full service concept, now far more wide ranging than just fasteners, has become more and more fundamental. Björstrand is adamant that Bufab helped Swedish industry to survive. “I used to say, when Volvo made excavators in the south of Sweden, that it did too much inside the company. If it had outsourced some of its more labour costly components it could still be there as an efficient factory today.” In the region surrounding Varnamo there is a concentration of smaller manufacturers, which Björstrand believes, learnt that lesson. “They know they cannot produce everything themselves,

especially if there are processes that are too expensive to carry out in Sweden. They have made a judgement about what they can make profitably themselves and what they must import.” Bufab’s history has not been entirely without crisis, although it is fact that in every year since its inception it has made profit. Ownership shifted, though, on a number of occasions. “In 1986 Finnveden was started in this city to help businesses moving from one generation to the next.” Björstrand was one of seventy founders. “It started to buy local companies with the objective of supporting industry in the region.” Eventually Finnveden sought to buy shares in Bufab, initially a 25 percent stake and then, when Björstrand’s partner wanted to enjoy retirement, a 50 percent share. “After some years they came back, for stock market reasons looking to hold full ownership. They made me a good offer and it was OK for me. I continued as before and did not see a big change in my life, except for having a little more money in my pocket.” A Swedish tax regime, which was highly punitive for business owners made many others make a similar decision at the time. In 1992 a crisis did hit as the holding company suffered the consequences of too many risky investments and restructuring became unavoidable. “Bufab was a healthy company,” says Björstrand, “so I called the bank and said we needed to be independent. The bank said OK, just continue. Eventually, though, it took over the whole Finnveden business, which was not something I was very happy about because it did not open the door for other shareholders to invest.”

“ It is no good the fastener supply chain thinking it can recover margins in the long term. The reality is that businesses must find ways to make profit on leaner margins.” In 2004 Hans Björstrand went to, by now owners, Nordic Capital and made the case again for Bufab’s independence. The recommendation was accepted and Bufab separated from



“ We never play poker with the customer. Why should we, there is nothing to hide.” Finnveden Bulten. “Since that time we have doubled the turnover and during the period 2006 to 2008 particularly, achieved very, very good financial results.” Bufab’s presence outside of Sweden started with purchasing offices established in the early 1990s in Germany and the UK. Subsequently another has been set up in Italy, the highest volume EU source for Bufab imports. “We began, though, to see Scandinavian customers moving production to other countries. Electrolux was an example, moving its vacuum cleaner manufacturing to Hungary. It was clear, if we were to continue to be supply partners to these companies, we would have to follow them. In the beginning it was more of virtual presence than a reality but today we can say it is very real and we do a good job in these countries.” In all, Bufab has acquired some twentyfive companies worldwide, including five years ago, a major investment to gain a strong presence in France. Sweden, though, remains at the heart of the supply chain. Since 1986, the Varnamo warehouse has seen continual investment to achieve high levels of automation and efficiency. “We learned from Germany the crucial importance of having a highly technical and efficient logistics platform. Here in Varnamo we now transact around 75 million euros a year on one hundred people. To do that you must have a highly developed system.” That development reflects a deep-rooted belief for Björstrand, which takes us away from Bufab towards the wider challenges facing the European fastener industry. “Today, people expect to have the best price and the best service. Just as we behave as consumers, industrial customers no longer say ‘we must pay a little more to get the service or quality’.” The argument goes a stage further. “It is no good the fastener supply chain thinking it can recover margins in the long term. The reality is that businesses must find ways to make profit on leaner margins. In some ways it is like the airlines: everything must be more and more efficient. Every business has to look constantly at how to squeeze out costs while maintaining the intensive level of service that is now an absolute expectation.” One consequence of that trend, Björstrand is sure, is consolidation. “The smaller companies simply will not have the resource or access to capital to be able to invest in achieving the necessary technical platform to be efficient.” Björstrand is more radical, or perhaps just characteristically Swedish, in believing that the relationship with the customer must be truly an open one. “The Swedish way is always very open,” he says. “We never play poker with the customer. Why should we, there is nothing to hide.” It is a philosophy reflected in practice by the level of responsibility devolved to Bufab’s sales people. “We ask them to do much more than sell. They take


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

responsibility also for the delivery and quality performance. In other companies you often have the sense of different and not always coordinated departments. In Bufab the salesperson is at the centre, ensuring everything for their customer is well organised. They are the customer’s advocate in our business. Of course, such responsibility is hard work but the customer likes it. They trust the people they are working with and do not need contact with too many people.” As always with this man, there is a pragmatic element. “There are always changes in the market. You never know when one of your people with be working for a customer. Then it is crucial you have done everything correctly.” It is mentality Björstrand recognises has to be consciously transferred into some of the markets in which Bufab now operates. “We work a lot now in Eastern Europe and the way we think and work can contrast very strongly with how business has been done before – but it has to be 100 percent.” Inherent in that approach is a genuine respect for the individual. “Since we started in Varnamo, we have never fired anyone.” A remarkable assertion, which one knows, with this man has to be true. “People are the front line of our business and we have always kept our promises to them, just as we expect them to do to our customers. The return is simple. Respect the people and they will learn to respect not just the company, but crucially its suppliers and customers also.” As the discussion moves to the wider challenges for, perhaps not just the fastener industry, but Europe as a whole openness is again a feature. “The biggest challenge is for Europe to open up to competition. We are in the waiting time for people in Europe to accept the world. We try to protect our living, we build walls around ourselves, and when we do this we are just going down.” “It is a question of time, of course. We are not ready to open up completely yet, because we could lose everything. One day, though, we have to open up. If you live in a fortress for too long there is a real risk the world will march past you.” Throughout his career to date Hans Björstrand has been at the vanguard of change. One way or another it seems certain he will continue to advocate simple, but utterly fundamental, truths that cut through the Gordian complexities in which businesses sometimes find themselves knotted.

Don Quichotte




The professional brand for fixings and fasteners Fastening technology for everyday use. High-quality, time-saving application in construction and installation. That is what the products of the Don Quichotte brand stand for.

Snap-on Pipe Clip OPDZ

The short-term delivery of our products and the direct, uncomplicated processing of orders make Don Quichotte a strong and reliable brand for users in the trade.

Heavy Duty Hand Wipes

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olf Steinbock’s eureka moment, which came in 1974 while on a service call to one of his scrap choppers in a US steel mill, solved at a stroke two basic problems with big bolts. One is that they take a massive amount of torque to tighten. The second is that they have a nasty habit of working loose. When told that the bolts on the gearbox of the otherwise perfectlyfunctioning scrap chopper required tightening a couple of times a day, Steinbock had a flash of inspiration which he hastily scribbled down on the proverbial napkin. His solution worked perfectly, and the bolts never came loose again. Steinbock’s solution, to split one big torque into a number of smaller torques, was commercialised as Superbolt. “He was actually surprised that nobody had thought of it before,” says his son, Allan Steinbock, who is the company’s vicepresident. Word spread to customers beyond the steel industry and, today, Superbolt’s multi-jackbolt tensioners can be found in a wide range of applications, from satellites to submarines to the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. The problem Steinbock tackled is the fact that for bolt diameters bigger than about M24, it is very difficult to create enough torque to tighten or loosen a bolt. Simple physics shows that the torque needed to properly pre-stress a bolt increases by the third power of the bolt diameter. Therefore as the bolt diameter increases, the torque requirement for tightening it soars. Traditionally this has required some heavy-handed methods, but all have their drawbacks. The sledgehammer gives little control, is inconsistent and often causes injuries. Thermal tightening, crane


Words: David Wiles Photo: Christer Ehrling, Superbolt & CERN With Superbolt® customers can tighten even the largest bolts with hand tools. Like the Nord-Lock product range, the result is safer, faster and more accurate bolting, making them a perfect match. Here Nord-Lock takes a closer look at it’s latest acquisition.

wrenching, hydraulic wrenching and hydraulic tensioning can be expensive, inaccurate, time consuming and unsafe.

Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

However, Superbolt tensioners, which are designed as direct replacements for standard nuts and bolts, allow for the tightening of large bolts with simple hand tools, making bolting more accurate, faster and safer. “The primary benefit of Superbolt is the reduction of torque required,” says Steinbock. “You only need a handheld torque wrench or air tool.” Superbolt tensioners utilise a ring of hardened jackbolts threaded into a nut body. The Superbolt tensioner is first threaded by hand onto a new or existing bolt or stud. Once positioned, bolt tensioning is accomplished by tightening the circle of jackbolts. A number of different product lines are based on the same basic concept. “Because we are able to generate the proper preload, we achieve the proper holding power and we don’t have bolts or nuts coming loose, even in high-vibration situations,” says Steve Busalacchi, engineering manager. “This reduces expensive downtime: both downtime required for maintenance to retighten loose bolts, but also downtime caused by studs breaking due to insufficient holding power.” Because Superbolt can be installed with hand tools, there are also time savings. “We install quicker and we remove quicker,” says Busalacchi. “People’s first impression is that it will take longer because they have several bolts to tighten instead of one. But once they see that you spin it on by hand and perform a quick tightening pattern similar to mounting a wheel on your car with hand-held tools, then they are impressed by the time savings we provide.” The safety benefits of the Superbolt solution are highly appreciated at a time when many industries have implemented

INSIGHT safety programmes. “Safety is a huge factor for us,” says Steinbock. “Alternative methods require equipment which can create extremely dangerous conditions. Our products are safe to use, and this is a huge benefit to our customers.” While Superbolt products are available off-the-shelf, about half its sales are for special non-standard items in sizes all the way from M16 to over M1450. “What makes Superbolt unique is our ability to adapt to different situations, whether this is reviewing temperatures and changing materials, or customising designs to fit customer requirements. We are very adaptable and want to make sure that the customer receives the right solution and is satisified,” says Busalacchi. Users of Superbolt products including General Electric, Siemens and Rolls-Royce appreciate the fact that that they can receive finite element analysis (FEA) carried out by independent organisations. “These organisations can provide an independent assessment of what we are telling our customers about our calculations,” says Norbert Schneider, head of engineering at Nord-Lock AG. “It boils down to safety and customers’ peace of mind.” A current installation of Superbolts shows just how extreme an environment they can handle. About 2,000 tensioners made from exotic nickel-based alloys

have been installed at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics in Greifswald, Germany, where research will be carried out into the principles of a fusion power plant, which, in the future, could provide safe, green energy from the same process that takes place inside the sun. “The Max Planck Institute has chosen Superbolt because the ambient conditions under which the research is to be carried out are quite horrendous - we are talking about -270°C, radiation and an absolute vacuum, as well as extremely high loads,” says Schneider. “Basically, we are dealing with outer space conditions found close to the sun.” And highly compact machines mean that there is no access for heavy tools. “The forces are so immense that they require large bolts and the only way to tighten large bolts without heavy tools is the Superbolt principle,” says Schneider. Such characteristics and performance mean that once customers have tried Superbolt, they rarely return to the troublesome methods of the past. “The hardest part, as with any product, is to get people to try it,” says Steinbock. “But once people have tried it, our repeat order rate is phenomenal. Customers now count on us to provide a quality product and we receive tremendous loyalty from them in return.”

Gold award from CERN Superbolt supplied more than 1,500 high-strength mechanical tensioners, expansion bolts and multi-jackbolt tensioners to the CERN Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. Multijackbolt tensioners were used for an application requiring a very high clamping force, but with limited space for tightening the bolts. Since only hand tools were required, the need to create anchor points for heavier tightening equipment was eliminated. Superbolt won the CMS gold award for its contribution to the project.


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

Benefits of Superbolt include: • Only hand tools are required. • Time and labour saving. • Maximum holding power. • Increased workplace safety. • Accurate preload. • Ideal for restricted areas. • Flexing adds elasticity to the joint. • Tightens in pure tension. • Economical and reusable.

Superbolts in use: Ideal mine solution

The severe environment of an underground coal mine takes a brutal toll on crusher drum bits. It is a violent application with high RPMs and constant pounding as the bits cut into coal and rock and often break off, requiring repair underground, where accessibility is limited. With Superbolt, space restrictions are of little concern because only small hand tools are required, making the process easier and faster.

Cheaper and faster

Large ammonia reactors often require the use of large and expensive hydraulic tensioners, and tightening or untightening can take several days, working around the clock, and using cranes. At one such reactor, not only was the initial cost of the Superbolt tensioners only a fraction of the cost of the hydraulic tensioners they replaced, but the installation took two labourers only 5 hours.

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specialinsert stays one step ahead

specialinsert, founded in 1974 and a manufacturer of trade special assembly products, says that it always ensures it keeps in step with - and sometimes even ahead of - the times.


ith three branch offices and warehouses, a production plant in Maerne (Venice, Italy), and a research and development office with testing laboratory, specialinsert says it is able to supply state-of-the-art solutions designed to solve the most difficult fastening problems. This is supported by a mission statement that reflects an absolute commitment to continuous evolution and technical innovation, in order to be ever more effective in providing its customers with modern and advanced solutions, as well as continuous assistance before, during, and after product delivery. specialinsert’s range reflects its philosophy to aim for niche markets. Its product offer falls broadly into three areas – inserts for metal sheets, inserts for full parts, which includes wire thread inserts and inserts for plastics, as well as a range for composite materials. Recently the company introduced the Crown-nut – a revolutionary solution for the creation of threaded seats at the end of round and square section tubes. This system solves any anchoring issues for machining processes on the tubes and guarantees superior hold. The product range offers solutions for round and square tubes and is available in a wide range of sizes. specialinsert explains that the Crown-nut fits on tubes with ample internal diameter tolerances thanks to the elasticity of the crowns. The system allows the same item code to be used for various internal diameters (up to 2mm of difference) adapting to production warping and solving issues of possible internal diameter bottlenecks caused by tube welding. The Crown-nut have also been designed so that they do not damage or alter the shape of the receiving material, resulting in a total compliance with aesthetic criteria. The Crown-nut is easy to fit and cost effective since the press-in fit is fast and simple, enabling the elimination of traditional and costly assembly processes using soldering and staking. “We already export directly to hundreds of industries and distributors in more than 40 countries worldwide and our export department and technical office are always available to help the customer find the best solution to their fastening application.”


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012


Fastening systems for metal sheets and tubular sections


Fastening systems for solid wood-metal parts


Fastening systems for plastic materials


Fastening systems for composite materials

All Technology Inside For more than 35 years Specialinsert have offered the most advanced and effective solutions for any kind of fastening problem. Specialinsert’s products range spans from threaded tubular rivet to self-tapping inserts, from 1/4 quick-turn fasteners to inserts for composite materials, from inserts for wood to blind rivets. Specialinsert production is 100% Made in Italy. Our mission is to establish ourselves on the market as an innovative and continuosly evolving company, in order to offer more and more state-of-the-art solutions and services in step with and even ahead of times.



RoHS 2: Lancaster Fastener is ahead of the game All too aware of the implications that the new RoHS 2 directive will have on the fastener industry, Lancaster Fastener can breathe a sigh of relief and offer reassurance to its customers ahead of the Directive’s imminent deadline.


he new Directive 2011/65/EU generally referred to as RoHS 2 has undergone quite a significant revision not only in scope, which opens up more markets to scrutiny, but on the responsibility companies have throughout the supply chain to record and document their compliance.

The road to RoHS compliance As an importer and stockist supplying the fastener distribution trade throughout Europe, Lancaster Fastener has been aware since the publication of the original RoHS Directive back in 2003 that some of its products as they pass through the supply chain will ultimately be used in end products that have a primary electronic function and thus fall under the scope of the RoHS Directive. Consequently, back in 2005 on a series of factory visits to its Asian suppliers, Lancaster Fastener gave the instruction that all future orders must be supplied to meet the requirements of the RoHS Directive. Namely, that Hexavalent Chromium (CR6) should be replaced with the more ‘environmentally friendly’ passivation – Trivalent Chromium (CR3). Sam Wilson, managing director, explains: “From the outset we made the commitment to have Hexavalent Chromium (CR6) removed from all future stock purchases. As a stockist and supplier to the fastener distribution industry we do not always know where our products will ultimately be used. Therefore, to remove any doubt, it was imperative that all of our product ranges complied with the RoHS Directive.” As a result all products received into Lancaster Fastener’s warehouse as of the 1st March 2005 were specified as free from Hexavalent Chromium (CR6). To demonstrate this commitment and to have a visible differential on its carton packaging, it introduced a ‘CR3’ logo to readily identify compliant stock. In addition to this, all cartons were required to display a detailed product label that referenced ‘CR3’ and thus provided complete assurance to customers of compliance and batch traceability.

Achieving RoHS 2 compliance through existing monitoring and controls The change in the scope of RoHS 2 to include fasteners that could be sold into what could previously have been seen as nonelectronic markets has had little impact on Lancaster Fastener. In so far as, since March 2005 all of its product ranges could be supplied into any market that could potentially fall under the new legislation. Also, the emphasis that RoHS 2 places on companies to demonstrate and document the processes they have in place to meet the criteria of the Directive have long since been an


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

integral part of Lancaster Fastener’s existing working systems. Bill Jambor, commercial director, explains: “All of our purchase orders specify that products must be RoHS 2 compliant and all suppliers must provide a certificate to this effect with each shipment. All stock must be packed in our standard 20kg carton that displays our ‘CR3’ logo and is to be labelled accordingly. Our stock management system also highlights our ‘CR3’ stock to provide further traceability throughout the picking and despatch process.”

“ Lancaster Fastener has been keen to take responsibility to ensure that its suppliers are in turn showing the  same attention to detail when honouring their commitment to the RoHS Directive.” In addition to these internal procedures, Lancaster Fastener has been keen to take responsibility to ensure that its suppliers are in turn showing the same attention to detail when honouring their commitment to the RoHS Directive. To this end, samples are taken from incoming shipments at regular intervals and sent away for independent chemical analysis testing. Products are tested for the presence of chromate film and the findings are recorded and documented as part of Lancaster Fastener’s working processes. Since the independent tests were introduced back in 2005, great pride has been taken in the 100% pass rate achieved by its suppliers. Through Lancaster Fastener’s ongoing commitment to the core values of its brand it is perhaps not a coincidence that it was ready to meet the requirements of RoHS 2 while it was still ‘hot off the press’. More as a result of its endeavours as a company to place quality and customer service at the heart of its business.

All stock added to our product range since 1st March 2005 is free of Hexavalent Chromium (CR6) and complies with the new RoHS 2 Directive 2011/65/EU



Product Ranges Include Self-Tapping Screws DIN 7504 Self-Drilling Screws DIN 7500 Tap-FixÂŽ Thread Rolling Screws DIN 7985 & DIN 965 Machine Screws Screws for Plastics Micro Diameter Screws Rivet Bushes Self-Clinching Fasteners K-Series Setzmuttern CD Weld Studs Brass Inserts for Plastics

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Stevant Way Northgate White Lund Industrial Estate Morecambe, LA3 3PU, England

t: +44 (0) 1524 389232 f: +44 (0) 1524 66367


Adding value by going the extra mile As he takes up the reins as general manager of Icon Fasteners, Andrew Plows discusses how investing in improving service and offering during the recession will keep companies in good stead and ready for the recovery when it eventually arrives, while also delivering the best for customers.


n these challenging times and with budgets continuing to be squeezed, a high level of service with quality, bespoke product provision are factors that add value and can make all the difference to securing and keeping customers seeking the right solutions. Working with skilled, flexible suppliers who are prepared to go the extra mile for their customers will pay dividends all round in terms of delivering on service and performance. For example, Icon Fasteners is the UK’s leading supplier of high grade alloy fasteners and in particular, we pride ourselves on our bespoke services for meeting customers’ individual needs. These include drilling and special finishing of standard fasteners to meet their specific requirements. In addition, with today’s 24 hour society where time is always of the essence, fast turnaround is something that many customers demand from their suppliers and speedy service is key to our philosophy and offering.

“ At Icon we continually strive to make sure we’re offering the best possible service for our customers by simply giving them what they want at the right price.” During these difficult economic times, undoubtedly it is companies who put the needs of the customer first that tend to keep ahead of the competition and indeed, survive. At Icon we continually strive to make sure we’re offering the best possible service for our customers by simply giving them what they want at the right price.


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

Bespoke finishing services Icon Fasteners is able to offer a wide range of bespoke finishing services to its customers including the following: • Electroplating - Probably the most widely used finishing method whereby zinc is electro-plated on to a base material. This process can also include corrosion resistance by use of a conversion coating or passivate. • Mechanical plating - Involves pre-degreased components being placed in a drum with a mixture of glass beads and zinc powder. The beads ‘cold weld’ the zinc to the parts which can in turn be passivated to provide varying levels of corrosion protection. The process will then prevent the risk of hydrogen embrittlement occurring, which can cause premature failure in components, particularly if they are made from high tensile steel. • Organic - Organic coatings can also be used and this involves colour pigments being bonded with a heat curing polymer to offer good corrosion and controlled lubricity high wear resistance, while also preventing hydrogen embrittlement. • Phosphating - Is aimed at products requiring a lower level corrosion protection and is used as an undercoat prior to painting and with the addition of oil, increased protection can also be achieved. • Hot dip galvanising - By immersing products in molten zinc with in a temperature range of 440°C – 470°C, this will provide a coating thickness of 40 microns and in turn, high correction protection.

To achieve this, we have continued to invest in our facilities, our equipment and our people. This has involved the establishment of a dedicated, five-strong finishing team, who personally handle orders for all specially finished parts. This includes the tracking of customer’s orders from placement and arrival at our facility, through the plating process, right up until final delivery.

Delivering quality and peace of mind For customers’ peace of mind on quality, Icon is able to provide PPAP certification up to level 3 on our products. Critically, this accreditation has to be carried out at the time of manufacture and can’t be provided retrospectively. This is particularly important for those supplying products for use in the automotive sector, as this will normally be a standard requirement from their customers, the equipment specifiers. Where a lower level of quality rating will suffice, an initial sample inspection report (ISIR), can be provided. All quality checks and accreditations are carried out by Icon’s dedicated quality control team that can source and manufacture bespoke fastening products in accordance with customer specifications. Quality is approved to BS E ISO 9001-2000.

Traditional products Another example of the type of specialist products from Icon is the traditional Philidas nut, which has been available on the UK fastenings market for around 70 years and is still widely specified and installed today. This is a high quality ‘locking’ nut used in critical applications such as the rail industry on rolling stock

and on rail tracks, where security and safety are paramount. Although the fundamental design of the nut has remained the same since it was first manufactured, it is still a reliable and important product that needs to be readily available in plentiful quantities for customers when they want it. As the UK fights its way out of recession, it is those who have focused on service and their product offering who will be best placed to take advantage of the improving situation. At Icon, we’re looking forward to working with existing and new customers and to meeting the challenges that the months and years to come will undoubtedly have in store for us all in the manufacturing sector.

About Andrew Plows Andrew Plows has been with Icon Fasteners for seven years. He joined the company as product development manager and was appointed to his current role in 2011. As well as day to day operations and ensuring profitability, Andrew’s responsibilities include working with the specialist teams to bring new products, services and initiatives to the market. With an HND in mechanical engineering, Andrew has a wealth of experience in the UK fastener and fixings market. Prior to joining Icon, for eight years he worked as a UK sales manager for Italian bolt manufacturer Agrati, having previously spent 12 years working for nut manufacturer Philidas Ltd.


The one stop shop for PLATING, PATCHING & QUALITY

PLATING Electroplating, mechanical plating, and organic and zinc flake coatings.

We offer: Bespoke CAD drawing prior to processing your enquiry/order. A service for: milling, cutting, drilling, roll-threading, and cut-threading. A comprehensive range of plating and patching options.

PATCHING Pre-applied adhesives and sealants.

Full testing, including: 3.1b material certification, ISIR, and PPAP Level 3.

QUALITY From Certificate of Conformity, to 3.1b, ISIR, and PPAP Level 3.

Quick turnaround from our UK, European, and Far Eastern suppliers. On-stock holding and stock scheduling over 12 months, if required.

ICON FASTENERS Beldray Park, Mount Pleasant, Bilston, WV14 7NH

Tel 01902 499263



DinStock™ …making its mark! DinStock has long been well known for supplying construction fasteners to UK distributors. In 2009 the Telford based manufacturer and distributor was determined to make its mark in the wider European market. Backing its ambition with a major investment and quality assurance development programme, DinStock is now seeing the benefits of two years intensive effort.


irector Steven Paskin is clear about DinStock’s market position. “Our target market is mainly the construction supply industry. Our strength within that is for non-preferred and special fasteners, although increasingly these days the unusual is becoming our ‘standard’. Larger diameters, longer lengths and higher grades, these are the fasteners people find difficult to get, and in which DinStock excels.” People, incidentally, means fastener distributors. “We firmly believe we cannot develop our business by going out and trying to win both user and distribution customers,” says Steve. “We are very comfortable dealing with distributors. We know we are competitive and we want distributors to trust us in the knowledge they are not competing with us.” DinStock’s service capability is founded on a quite extraordinary stockholding of quality assured standard, non-preferred and blank forgings, primarily sourced through a longstanding partnership with a reputed Indian factory. Link that to a wellequipped machining centre and a production team that has honed its skills on the job, meeting the demanding service requirements of the UK industry, and Steven Paskin believes there are few suppliers that can match DinStock’s rapid delivery times or range of product. Managing director, Robert Pearson’s motto is: “The impossible is normal; miracles may take a little longer! If you took a typical order for a batch of say 150-200 fasteners in self-colour, we would expect to turn them round in two to three days. If coating is required, add a couple more days.” That said, there are plenty of stories of performing miracles when a customer is really under time pressure. “It’s all too often the case that everything is ready to begin on-site when they suddenly realise no-one has remembered to order the bolts which are required first.” The combination of inventory, manufacturing


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

capability and strong relationship with its primary forging supplier means DinStock can provide additional flexibility in supporting its customers. “If the project is under pressure to get started, we can manufacture initial batches of bolts in the UK and then follow up with volume supplies from the factory on the longer standard delivery schedule.” Pre-load fasteners are offered to EN14399 from M12 to M36 diameters in both 8.8 and 10.9 Grades. There is another essential product about which DinStock is passionate and extremely proud. “The ‘Dimple™ DTI’ EN14399-9 Direct Tension Indicating washers are a really important part of the high strength friction grip assembly,” explains Steve. “Torque does not equal tension – the slightest contamination in the thread may distort the torque reading and seriously affect the accuracy of the final joint tension. Dimple™ DTI washers provide a simple, visible check that reduces time and labour costs as well as providing peace of mind. We always recommend them to our customers. The DinStock Dimple™ product is available for Grade 8.8 and 10.9 assemblies and are manufactured in Europe on our own tooling to EN 14399 Part 9.” The DinStock range includes diameters starting at M12 – nothing exceptional there, until you realise the company holds blanks in that diameter up to 750mm long. It has a comprehensive inventory of hexagon forgings ranging up to M48 diameter with blanks up to 1,500mm long. Diameters beyond that and up to M76 diameter are available in lengths up to 1,000mm.

Manufacturers of Structural Fasteners With a vast stock portfolio of standard, non preferred and blank forgings, there is little we cannot offer on a next day delivery to almost anywhere - worldwide!

Keeping the world from falling apart

PRE-LOAD FASTENERS: HIGH STRENGTH FRICTION GRIP HR/HV Standard production from M12 to M36 in diameter and up to 300mm in length, however, larger sizes can be manufactured to order. Available in Self Colour, Electro-Zinc and Galvanised finishes from stock. certification and testing available on all bolt configurations. EN14399-3 HR/HV 8.8 & 10.9 EN14399-6 Hardened Washers EN14399-9 DIMPLE™ DTI Washers M12 - M36 diameters (1/2” to 1.3/8”) Dinstock and Dimple are trademarks of Dinstock Ltd, registered in the UK.

FOUNDATION BOLTING: SQUARE SQUARE & HEXAGON BS.7419 DIN.601 4.6, 8.8, A2, A4 M12 - M48 diameter and up to 1,500mm lengths HEXAGON BOLTING NON PRE-LOAD (SB) DIN.931, 933, 960, 961, BS.1768: 4.6, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9, SAE5, SAE8 M10 - M76 diameter, 3/8” - 3” diameter ALLTHREAD RODS: 1M,2M & 3M LENGTHS DIN975 4.6, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9, B7, B8 M10 - M100 diameter TIE-RODS & ENGINEERS STUDS DIN975 4.6, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9, B7, B8 M10 - M100 diameter

APPROVED QUALITY • Full In-house testing on all bolting, nuts and washers to meet with all EU/CE requirements for pre-load and non pre-load bolt assemblies. • Specific Lloyds approval achieved for CE certifying EN14399 8.8 bolting. • Certified to ISO 9001:2008 with Lloyds Registrar. Dinstock Ltd, Unit C1 Hortonwood 10, Telford, Shropshire, TF1 7ES, United Kingdom Tel. +44 (0)1952 676700 Fax. +44 (0)1952 676800

C O N S T R U CT I O N F I X I N G S Higher Grades in 10.9 and 12.9 can be supplied from M12 to M48 diameters. Imperial fasteners can also be supplied from ½ inch to 2 inch diameters in respective Grades including 12.9. In the UK market, DinStock is recognised for supplying square square and hexagon foundation bolting, ranging from M12 to M48 diameters and up to 1,500mm lengths. Again the company offers both standard and special lengths to meet customer requirements. It also supplies plate washers from 3mm to 25mm thick and 50mm to 200mm square from stock, with a comprehensive range of void formers, wax cardboard and polystyrene cones, mesh sleeves and square and circular hollow section steel tubing to order. It’s a similar story with Allthread rods - stocked in one, two and three metre lengths, in Grades 4.8, 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9 as well in B7 and B8 and stainless steel. “If someone wants a piece of M20 x 1,250mm Grade 12.9 Allthread,” says Steven Paskin, “I really don’t know where else than DinStock they could look.” It was a visit to the Fastener Fair in Stuttgart in 2009 that marked a major change for DinStock. “We recognised that CE marking would be increasingly critical to our market,” explains Steve. “We wanted to put ourselves in the position where we could clearly demonstrate the quality of the product we supplied. This meant being able to fulfil all the quality and testing requirements to apply for the CE mark under the DinStock™ name.” That in turn meant a major programme of investment and business upgrades all targeted at being able to exhibit at the 2011 Fastener Fair. The company needed to achieve ISO 9001:2008 accreditation to demonstrate conformance of its factory production control. DinStock worked in conjunction with Lloyds Register Quality Assurance for ISO9001 and CE registration, beginning the process in 2010 and achieving accreditation in 2011. A complete information technology upgrade was required to install a system that completely integrated process and inventory control as well as commercial functions. “That system now gives us complete visibility,” says Steve. “We have all the necessary lot controls and traceability plus the ability to monitor work in progress, both in order to keep the customer accurately updated on the progress on his order and to be able to go back to previous orders to check both the processes and operators that carried it out.” Major investment was crucial if DinStock was to conform to CE marking requirements and still maintain the high level of flexibility in supplying the non-standard pre-load assemblies for which it was recognised. “The TesT rotational load tester was a very big investment for us,” says Steve, “but it really was essential so that we could complete the necessary tests under EN 14399 and still supply exactly the assembly required by the customer - with the assurance of the DinStock CE mark. It meant we could take a blank, make a bolt to exact dimensional specifications, add the nut and whatever combination of through hardened or direct tension indicating washers the customer required and carry out the rotational test in order to CE mark the complete assembly.” The TesT machine was also modified to allow DinStock to carry out static tensile tests using a hydraulic unit to apply the tensile pressure on the assembly. Both Robert and Steve recall wryly the realisation that the 2011 Stuttgart fair was scheduled earlier in the year than in previous years. “With about six months to go until the exhibition,


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

we both realised we were not going to have until April to get things in order, but would need to have everything ready for February instead.” DinStock made it and for the first time ever, participated in a major fastener exhibition. “For a company that has never employed a sales person but built its business on word of mouth reputation,” recalls Steve, “it was quite an experience.” Above all, though, it proved to an eminently successful venture. “Prior to 2011 DinStock had little regular export business although since 1996 it has supplied customers around the globe. Since 2011, our exports are steadily growing and account for more than 15 percent of our total sales, which in themselves have grown by around 20 percent year on year.”

“ We pride ourselves on being efficient and reliable when it comes to delivery times. Our reputation has been built on our “promise” to deliver on-time, every time with quality that is assured, proven and tested.” Investments and upgrades apart there is no question Steven Paskin and managing director Robert Pearson believe that there is an indefatigable “can do” approach that lies at the heart of DinStock’s ability to service its UK and growing European customer base. That means there is no minimum order quantity or value – “we’ll make one bolt if that’s what is required,” says Steve. “Although we are not engineered parts manufacturers we will also respond if someone has a small batch requirement for parts, generally modified bolts or blanks that we can produce on the CNC machinery.” The next phase of investment is set to further enhance DinStock’s quality reputation and capabilities by investing in expanding and developing rolled thread capabilities. “Currently, nearly everything we produce is cut thread, with most of the higher grade bolts processed on the CNC machinery. Over the next two years we are looking to further develop the consistency and strength of the threads by introducing greater capacity in rolling technology.” You’ll no doubt hear more about that at the DinStock stand in Stuttgart next year.


May 2012

Socket & Hexagon Bolts

This issue’s Focus On is dedicated to Socket & Hexagon Bolts. Suppliers of products within this market sector have provided details of their capabilities along with up to date contact and product information.

Coming up in the next issue…

Construction Fixings Contact Claire Lake Tel: +44 (0) 1727 814 508 email:

Albert Pasvahl GmbH & CO DIN and Specials Direct From Stock Huge Product Range Albert Pasvahl offers you their experience and expertise in special connection elements and accessories, resulting from over 75 years in business. During the course of this time, they have become a leading stockist of special standard screws. • • • • • •

Leading stockist of rare standards Immediate delivery High product quality Variety of sockets and hexagon bolts/plugs/screws with dog/cone point Square head bolts, knurled thumb screws, flat headed screws and specials Leading supplier for European Wholesaler

Tel: + 49 (0) 40 532 852 0

Alca Fasteners Ltd

Bontempi Vibo Spa

Alca Fasteners are one of europe’s leading stockist and manufacturer’s of hexagon and socket products in large diameters. We have over 35 years experience in offering quality, service & reliability at competitive prices on:

Stainless and carbon steel bolts manufacturer.

• Large diameter hexagon head and socket head capscrews. • Diameters from m12 to m72 (and imperial equivalent) from stock, in grades of 8.8, 10.9, 12.9, B7,l7. • 95% Of material can be supplied with EN ISO 10204 3.1 Certification. • Materials available for use to dnv lifting appliance rules on request. • We manufacture to EN ISO 10204 3.2 Certification witnessed by DNV, LLOYDS, ABS, BUREAU VERITAS etc. • Reactive response to your sales enquiries and pro-active to your sales orders. • All surface finishes to your requirements. • Orders packed and supplied to your requirments. • Experienced sales staff and a personal account manager. • All the above backed up by a dedicated customer service team to help you.

Our always available standard range consists of: DIN 931, DIN 933, DIN 960, DIN 961, DIN 912, DIN 7984, ISO 7380 in 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9, A2-70, A4-70, A2-80, A4-80 from M5 to M36.

Bontempi VIBO Spa mission is simple: growing its always available range in order to satisfy all our customer needs. We recently added M36 Socket and Hexagon bolts up to 300mm. We are going to increase in the next future new sizes on diam. M16 and M20 up to 250mm.

All of our items are available in plain or zinc plated (Chrome VI free). Other surface treatments (yellow zinc plating, zinc and manganese phosphate, geomet, pre-applied adhesive and sealants, etc.) could be available upon request. Our quality is granted by the ISO 9001:2000 certification which will soon be followed by an ISO TS 16949 certification and a full traceability. Our outstanding service is granted by our brand new fully automated warehouse which contains more than 15.000 pallets.

With Alca Fasteners Ltd it is guaranteed.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information or inquiry. Your satisfaction is our goal!

Tel: + 44 (0) 121 526 6010

Tel: +39 030 350 3240


FO C U S O N S O C K E T & H E X A G O N B O LT S Bülte


New products in the world of plastic SCREWS

Eurobolt, the stockholding importer of Steel Fasteners with almost 30 years of experience.

Bülte adds a new screw to its range. The grub screw 551F is a selflocking design to bring efficient thread security and sealing to your assemblies and applications. It is usable throughout a variety of industrial sectors (industrial, electronics, chemical, aeronautics…). The advantage of this screw is its self-locking system. There is a non threaded section at the top of the screw that works like a lock. When the screw is tightened into the female thread, that thread cuts into the non threaded section of the screw effectively locking the threads together preventing loosening. Why choose a Nylon screw? The standard material, polyamide 6.6 natural, is resistant to various chemical products, has excellent mechanical properties including wear resistance, low friction coefficient, high melting point, good impact resistance and is also very light. The dimensions are M4 to M12, length from 11 to 50 mm. Other colours and sizes on request. email:

Eurobolt, Your second warehouse for: • Hexagon head bolts (Din 931,933 and ISO 4014, 4017) • Socket head cap screws (Din 912, 6912, 7984) • Hexagon head bolts FP (Din 960, 961) • Hexagon bolts (Din 601, 558, 7990) • Special head screws (Din 571, 603, 6921, 7380, 7991) • Nuts (Din 555, 934, 982, 985) • Washers and springs. (Din 125, 127, 440R, 7989, 9021) • Lift eye bolts and nuts. (Din 580, 582) • Special bolts Naamloos-4 1

Depending on the product, we have grade 4.6 up to 12.9 plain but also Zinc plated, HDG, Yellow zinc plated and Geomet. We export to all European countries and exclusively to distributors. With 25,000 pallets in stock, we have substantial stock levels including a lot of intermediate sizes. Please send us your enquiries. We will answer right away.

Tel: + 31 3146 75730


Fastbolt GmbH

Harrison & Clough Ltd

Fastbolt is a range specialist - our focus is on a small number of areas within the comprehensive spectrum of fastener types available. Being a specialist and not a generalist enables us to be competent in those areas that we encompass. Our current stock range covers a portfolio of eight product groups. Besides a comprehensive range of small screws we also offer:

Harrison & Clough Ltd wholesale an unrivalled range of quality YFS sockets and Metalmate Hexagon bolting products.

• Hi Tensile Bolts & Setscrews DIN 931 8.8 plain, zinc plated and yellow zinc plated M 4 - M 30 DIN 933 8.8 plain, zinc plated and yellow zinc plated M 3 - M 30 New in our stock range: • Hexagon Socket Head Screws DIN 912 (ISO 4762) 8.8 plain and zinc plated M 3 - M 24 DIN 7991 (ISO 10642) 08.8 plain and zinc plated M 3 - M 20 DIN 7991 (ISO 10642) 010.9 plain M 4 - M 20 We strive to constantly increase our stock range, but place product competence above size of range. We believe that this competence is prerequisite to being a successful strategic partner with European distributors. email:



Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

• Extensive range of 12.9 and 10.9 Metalmate YFS Socket Cap Screws • DIN 912 & DIN 7991 • Full batch traceability to source • Full 3.1b certification • Manufactured by world leading YFS Fang Sheng Taiwan • Metalmate Hexagon products including metric High Tensile Bolts & sets DIN 931/933 grade 8.8 & 10.9 • Unified UNC/UNF through to carriage bolts Din 603 • Available in Zinc, Self Colour, Stainless, Nylon & Brass • UK’s widest range of Socket & Hexagon Bolts which include longer lengths and larger diameters All delivered on our next day delivery service on our own fleet of vans. From a box to a container. It really is all about you.

Tel: 0844 571 2222

08-09-2009 09:57:45

FO C U S O N S O C K E T & H E X A G O N B O LT S Icon Fasteners

PRK Technologies GmbH

‘THE HIGHER GRADE SUPPLIER’ With Icon Fasteners you have the reassurance that you are dealing with the biggest highgrade socket screw, ht bolt & nut supplier in the UK, all stocked within our centrally located 20,000 sq ft warehouse. Our aim is to supply you with the highest quality of product and service. Icon therefore offers an extensive range of both metric & imperial high-grade alloy fasteners available from stock with product quality levels from C of C to PPAP level 3. Icon has introduced Philidas & Holo-Krome products to its ever-growing portfolio; this continued investment increases our ability to service our customers to the highest standard. With Icon’s philosophy of being a service provider, we offer a complete range of secondary finishes & lubricants and offer a nationwide 24hr delivery service.

P.R.K. Technologies GmbH is a trading enterprise having collaboration with Micron Precision Screws Ltd., India, an internationally acclaimed leader in manufacturing and supplying High Tensile Industrial and Automobile Fasteners.

NEED A SPECIAL? With our strategic stock of socket & hexagon blanks, your specific requirements can be processed through our skilled network of manufacturing facilities. Our ever-growing specials team can quote on all sorts of special fasteners and non-fastener related products.

PRK Technologies provides the perfect solutions to its customers by giving the best quality at competitive rates with quick delivery by getting its customer’s requirements manufactured in India, stocking the goods in their warehouse and supplying its customers as per their delivery schedules. This reduces the inventory costs for the customers and ensures availability of stocks! - Dowel Pins - Flange Bolts - Pins Clevis - Slotted Grub Screws - Socket Button Screws - Socket Cap Screws - Socket Countersunk Blanks - Socket Countersunk Screws

- Socket Screw Blanks - Socket Screw Products - Socket Set Screws - Socket Shoulder Screws - Square Head Bolts - Hex Head Bolts/Screws - Hex Fit Bolts

So your tailor made solution is only a phone call away!

P.R.K Technologies provides the perfect solution to its customer by giving the best quality at competitive rates with quick delivery!

Tel: +44 (0) 1902 490 490

Fax: +49 (0) 40 386 45556

Peter Schröder GmbH

Socketfast Ltd

American & British Inch sized Hex Head and Socket Screws in Grade 5 (8.8), Alloy and Stainless Steel!

Quality and service worth fastening onto.

Immediately available from stock or can be supplied at short notice. Furthermore we also supply special items to drawings or pattern. This broad spectrum spans from the simple slotted screw to the MS/AN/ NAS specifications and specifically finished items. In practically every design, material and type of thread. Over 30 years experience in trading and supplying. Do not hesitate to ask us - we shall be pleased to help you.

Socketfast may be newly formed but we are confident in our ability and driven to provide high quality products and superior service with a competitive edge. Our team has extensive knowledge with over 70 years experience of the import and distribution of socket screw products within the engineering industry. Socketfast only imports from ISO/TS certified companies. Full certification available on request. Expect highest quality service, superior stock availability and rapid response to enquiries. Flexible in our outlook to customers requirements. ‘Our speciality’ turnaround of Patching, & Exotic Finishes. £50 carriage paid order No minimum order Daily deliveries via our own transport 40 miles radius F.O.C. Quality & Service today – Investment for the future Socketfast is fully committed to further developing it’s stock range to cover new products and allied products and services, supported by ongoing investment in IT, customer service and E-commerce to ensure a constant improvement in service and support for you, the customer. We welcome your enquiries and the opportunity to prove our commitment to you, please contact Darryl & Chez for further information.

Tel: +49 (0) 71 32 99 600

Tel: +44 (0) 1527 525 210




For glazing beads that sit perfectly The installation of glazing beads in windows and doors is a precision task. Working in tight spaces and the use of narrow profiled timber calls for not just delicacy but an effective fastener as well. HECO-UNIX-top glazing bead screw allows glazing beads and decorative trims to be installed with ease and pin-point precision.


he technical features of HECO-UNIX-top are such that the screws meet the special requirements of working with narrow strips of wood. Right from the get-go, its tip with cutting ribs makes for easier, precise positioning without pre-drilling and effectively reduces splitting. This also allows screws to be positioned close to edges, which is an especially useful feature when space is tight; for example, in glazing bead installation. HECO-Schrauben points out that the key labour saving element is the variable thread pitch of HECOUNIX-top. Despite the full thread, it immediately draws and fastens the strip to the frame without gaps. Axial fixing via the thread ensures a secure force fit: the glass sits perfectly seamlessly in the groove. Another advantage is the screw’s small raised head. Since the loads are transferred via the thread, the head is only required for the drive and is accordingly very small. This further reduces the effort required and gives a form-fitting finish. “HECO-UNIX-top glazing bead screw yet again drives home the universality of HECO’s new full-threaded screw. Its technical and practical advantages are such that HECO-UNIX can be used for almost any application in timber construction, interior design and furniture making. The dimensions and versions are tailored perfectly to the applications and thus offer great versatility. A further advantage is how economical the screw is: its high load capacity and ease of use significantly reduce the number of fastening points as well as the time and material it takes.”

The power of performance Leading fasteners and fixings provider Owlett-Jaton has launched a specialist high performance timber screw that has been designed for ease of use and speed of application when used with a power tool.


he Timber-MASTER screw is a heavy duty fixing for both timber-to-timber and componentto-timber applications. Known as ‘the choice of master craftsmen’, Owlet Jaton says Timber-MASTER is ideal for use in beams, rafters, stairs, floor joists, trusses, landscape retaining walls, fence posts and railings and in post and beam construction. Andy Connor, sales and commercial manager for Owlett, explains: “We strive to consistently update and expand our product portfolio and have introduced the Timber-MASTER screw as a high performance alternative for timber applications. It utilises the TORX® drive system, which is constantly engaged to deliver high torque when needed; making installation quicker and easier.” The heat treated shank of the Timber-MASTER also ensures optimum product strength and has been lubricated to reduce friction, which in turn reduces the torque required for application. Both flange and countersunk head styles (the under-head ribbing enables self-countersinking) are available for effective grip and the thread is designed to facilitate ease of penetration, with the point itself eliminating the need for pre-drilling. Plating finishes include bright zinc or zinc and yellow that are weather-resistant and recommended for use with treated timbers. A variety of sizes are available within the Timber-MASTER range, including 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm diameters, and 80mm to 300mm lengths.

Tecfi adds to catalogue Tecfi S.p.A has released a new export catalogue in five different languages that includes a new section dedicated to renewable energy plants.


ecfi highlights that its new export catalogue includes its whole range of products, referencing over 350 approvals including 104 x ETA Option 1 approvals, 70 x ETA Option 7 approvals, 125 x CE approvals and 44 x UL. Furthermore 204 references are CE pending. The new export catalogue also includes technical data sheets at the end of the catalogue for better consultation. On each product page it specifies the page where you can find the corresponding technical data sheet.


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

This is what we call sustainable: Short delivery time, premium quality, and a full product range.

Tension pins // Coiled spring pins Heavy-duty design > Tension pins acc. to DIN EN ISO 8752 > Coiled spring pins acc. to DIN EN ISO 8748

Light design > Tension pins acc. to DIN EN ISO 13337

Regular design > Coiled spring pins acc. to DIN EN ISO 8750

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Fastening for commercial and heavy industry For demanding assembly applications where welding is not practical or where conventional bolts struggle to provide a guaranteed and retained clamp load quickly and consistently, Avdel® has developed the new range of Infalok® lockbolts.


nfalok® lockbolts are large diameter, heavy duty, two piece structural steel fasteners designed to provide exceptionally high strength and secure assembly. Capable of delivering a joint clamp (pre-load) of over 250kN and a tensile strength of over 300kN, Infalok® lockbolts can be widely used in demanding engineering industries throughout the world including railways, commercial vehicles, construction, mining, bridge, crane building, renewable energy and many structural applications including maintenance/repair. Infalok® lockbolts offer a wide choice of bolt diameters from 12.7mm to 28.6mm (1/2 inch to 1 1/8 inch) and grip ranges from 6.35mm up to 152.4mm (0.25 inches up to 6 inches). They are available in two different head forms and various finishes. Avdel highlights that Infalok® lockbolts are tamper resistant and eliminate the risk of vibration loosening during fastened joint service. Also, joint clamp performance offered by Infalok® lockbolts compares to (or exceeds) equivalent sized Metric Property Class 8.8 threaded fasteners. The controlled clamp loads provided by Infalok® delivers strong, robust joints. In parallel with the Infalok® fasteners, innovative new placing equipment has been designed by Avdel utilising the very latest technology available resulting in the launch of Avdel’s 734 AV™ installation tool system.

The Avdel 734 AV™ tool range comprises a range of placing tool options to suit varied working environments. Compact and ergonomic hand tools combined with powerful and robust Enerpac® pump units offer a new range of high-performance high-speed installation systems enhanced with built-in features and reliability that, Avdel says, exceed current industry levels. Less service, maintenance and down-time means more costeffective assembly. The hydraulic pump units are available in voltages from 115/1PH to 480/3PH. Avdel’s 734 AV™ tools can place a variety of Avdel structural fasteners and Avseal® II sealing plugs.

TIMco extends In-Dex screw range From fixing timber frames to constructing a wooden play area for children, the challenge lies in finding a high quality screw that satisfies user requirements. T. I. Midwood & Co Limited (TIMco) has extended its current range of In-Dex exterior timber screws, which have been designed for multiple wood applications, to provide an efficient solution.


IMco’s range of hex head In-Dex timber screws has now been extended to include a wafer head 8mm gauge with longer lengths up to 400mm for heavy duty use. Developed for heavier duty fixing needs, TIMco’s new 8mm gauge wafer head In-Dex screws ensure a high pull out resistance and easy insertion to suit customer requirements. These new additions are available in organic green to offer users a more natural finish to their external constructions as well as A2 stainless steel. The organic green offers the additional advantage of being tested for 1,000 hours to salt spray resistance, making them suitable for most outdoor applications. The 8mm gauge wafer head In-Dex screws have serrations on the first four threads of the screw to ensure easier insertion. It also features a helix at the top of the thread which relieves torque on insertion and a T30/T40 drive which stops camming out and helps to reduce driver wear. Other features of the In-Dex screws include a 25° sharp point for easier penetration into all wood types, 40° deep single thread to provide secure fixings and high pull-out resistance and a type 17 slash to reduce torque and the likelihood of the timber splitting when the screw is inserted close to the edge. Simon Midwood, sales and marketing director of TIMco commented: “This new screw was developed with our customers in mind to offer them a wider choice of In-Dex timber screws and provide a solution for their heavier duty fixing needs.”


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012




ETA Benestare Tecnico Europeo European Technical Approval

ETA - 11/0396

M8 ... M12

1962 sistemi di fissaggio



w w w . b o s s o n g . c o m BOSSONG S.p.A. fastening systems Zona Industriale 2 - Via E. Fermi, 51 - 24050 GRASSOBBIO (Bergamo) Italy - Tel +39 035 3846 011 - Fax +39 035 3846 012 -

C O N S T R U CT I O N F I X I N G S Recent European Technical Approvals for fixings Below is a list of recent ETAs granted in the last three months to fixings products, following the agreement with the European Organisation for Technical Approvals.


t is important to note that existing ETAs may be amended or withdrawn so this list should not be considered definitive. For further information and a full list of valid ETAs you should visit EOTA’s website




ETAG 001 Metal Anchors for use in Concrete (all parts) ETA - 11/0321

Atrion Injection System AVM TOP QUATTRO for rebar connection

Adolf Würth GmbH & Co Kg

ETA - 11/0492

Injection system Hilti HIT-HY200 for rebar connection

Hilti Aktiengesellschaft Business Unit Anchors

ETA - 11/0515



ETA - 12/0021

Rawl R-HPTII-A4 Anchor

Rawlplug Ltd

ETA - 12/0028

Hilti Injection Anchor HIT-Z/HIT-Z-R with HY 200-R

Hilti Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH

ETA - 12/0097

LUSAN. Anti-twist FIXBOLT anchor Bolt

Lusan Fijaciones Y Anclajes S.L.

ETA - 12/0147


ITW Construction products italy Srl

ETA - 12/0194

MIT-VSF, MIT-COOL galvanized or stainless steel bonded

Mungo Befestigungstechnick AG

ETA - 12/0205



ETAG 014 Plastic Anchors for ETICS ETA - 12/0032


Deutsche Amphibolin Warke DAW Robert-Murjahn Stiftung GmbH & Co Kg

ETA - 12/0064

Klebeanker Duplex JJ A8S

Austrotherm GmbH

ETA - 12/0070

Insulation anchor MDD-S CE


ETAG 020 plastic Anchors (all parts) N/A



Revolutionary chemical anchor system Hilti says that its recently launched HIT-HY 200 is a revolutionary chemical anchor system, which when used together with Hilti HIT-Z anchor rods, allows contractors to make structural fastenings in concrete without the need to clean the anchor holes.


nchor hole cleaning is a task that construction companies are very keen to eliminate from their daily workload. Hilti states that its new system not only makes this possible, it also achieves previously unattained bond strength, making HIT-HY 200 Hilti’s highest performing injectable adhesive mortar ever. Cleaning the holes after drilling is seen by contractors around the world as a tedious, time-consuming part of the chemical anchor installation process, requiring use of inconvenient tools and equipment such as steel brushes, compressed air or manual pumps. However, up to now, good hole cleaning has been essential for reliable anchor performance and, accordingly, this step in the installation process has long been a major concern of chemical anchor users everywhere. Elimination of the need for anchor hole cleaning therefore not only saves time and labour

costs, it also helps ensure reliable fastenings. Contractors and engineers who design anchor points will thus have much greater peace of mind because the anchors installed on the jobsite will be as safe and robust as they were designed to be in their plans and blueprints. Hilti points out that an additional benefit of this revolutionary no-hole-cleaning anchor system concerns health, safety and environmental aspects, which have been growing tremendously in importance over the last decade. As the HIT-HY 200/HIT-Z anchor rod system has eliminated the cleaning operation, and thus the need to blow dust out of the hole, environmental pollution in the form of airborne dust is greatly reduced. This new system therefore virtually eliminates a source of breathable dust that construction workers may otherwise be exposed to every day.

New solar panel fixings range In keeping with its strategy of providing products and solutions for sustainable buildings Aptus Fastener Systems Ltd has introduced a solar panel fixings range.


ptus supplies high quality fastening components into the renewable energy sector including hanger bolts, mounting plates, saddle washers, EPDM sealing washers and solar hooks. “It is our aim to provide a maximum levels of service to our customers. This means achieving high standards of supply, product quality and engineering support. We supply dozens of companies across the building technologies supply chain. Many of these customers have specific objectives in both product and quality requirements. Our aim is to meet these objectives through the extent of our product range, the development of our distributor network and scope of our quality management systems.” Aptus Fastener Systems can also supply a range of products for the installation of roof insulation. These products include thermobreak anchors and plastic nails incorporating glass fibre reinforced pins with special heads to prevent heat loss and protect this fixing against penetrating humidity. “Whether a customer is seeking to fit insulation as part of an innovative wall panel or roof panel solution for new build applications or as part of a retrofit refurbishment project - we have a solution.”


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012


A flag on the Himalayas INDEX Fixing Systems, an industrial manufacturer and supplier for anchors, fixing systems and screws, recently collaborated with the E.A.E. (Aragón School of Caving) in an expedition to the Himalayas.


NDEX says that its Magner TFDEX anchor range, which is suitable for mountaineering, abseiling, gorge canyoning and caving, were put to the test to optimum results. “We did not find the slightest problem. Any other expansion anchors would have made it impossible for us to abseil down those gorges, due to the uncertain consistency of the rocks, calcareous-slate schist, where no expansion anchoring systems ever work properly. However, the INDEX Magner TFDEX 7.5mm worked perfectly as they do not apply tension to the rock,” said Arturo Monteagudo Gil, caving and abseiling instructor for the E.A.E. “I personally consider Magner TFDEX screw anchors to be the future of all explorations for abseiling, speleology and climbing,” continued Arturo Monteagudo Gil. “The short installation time they require even by using hand brace drills; the short battery consumption when using a power drill; and the great confidence they inspire; allowed us to relax in these situations and enjoy the activities completely.” In his study of anchors for the E.A.E.’s expedition to the Himalayas, Arturo Monteagudo Gil concluded: “The Magner TFDEX anchors can be installed almost everywhere, whatever the activity is, even in soft and almost disintegrated rocks, where it turns impossible to install expansion anchors. They work perfectly at shear loads and even better at extraction loads, which makes them perfect for installation at ceilings, very common at speleology activities. Their lightweight allows climbers to carry a high quantity of anchors very comfortably, which translates into a great exploration autonomy. To sum up, here is a premise to bear in mind by any group to carry out any of these activities: there is no anchor today that can beat the quality and functioning of the INDEX Magner TFDEX screw anchors.”

V = Power! Finnish fixing manufacturer Sormat opens the 2012 summer construction season by introducing its new chemical injection resin titled ITH-V.


his styrene free, low odour and rapid curing vinylester –based injection resin is an improved version of the Sormat type ITH. The newcomer is ETA approved (ETA- 12/0122) according to ETAG 001-5 for M8 - M24 studs and 8mm - 25mm rebar in non-cracked concrete. Sormat explains that the new variable installation depths give designers and builders more room to maneuver. Sormat also highlights that the ITH-V offers on average +36 % better permissible pull-out load values with standard setting depths and even +77 % better permissible loads with maximum setting depths when compared to previous Sormat vinylester-based resin. Due to low shrinkage ITH-V can be used also for underwater fastenings and in damp holes.

ITH-P ETA approved Sormat’s cost-efficient polyester based injection resin ITH-P has also been ETA-approved (ETA- 11/0509) according to ETAG 029 to be used with M10 anchor rod and 16x85 IOV perforated sleeve in masonry, such as ceramic blocks.

JCP nails new product catalogue JCP Construction Products, a specialist supplier of construction fixings to distributors, has launched its new product guide that it says is bigger and better than before.


he new 52 page catalogue showcases over 150 products including anchors, fixings and drill bits, along with a number of dedicated new products. These include the new DF90 Wood Nailer to complement the Drivefast range of gas and nail products - an aerated concrete plug, an aerated twist nail for securing timber battens and door and window frames to aerated blocks. The Bigtwist panel fixing is now also available, which is suitable for securing composite panels and plywood sheets to timber joists, plus a crack stitching system for repairing cracks in masonry. Nick Beardon of JCP said: “The range is bigger and better than ever, offering great quality anchoring products to customers in the construction industry at a competitive price. We know that choosing the right fixing for the job is of vital importance and so the catalogue includes images as well as specifications to make this easier. Data sheets on our products are also available on our website to give more information.” JCP products are available for next day delivery throughout the UK, and account customers can order online 24 hours a day, seven days a week through its online trade portal OJ Trade.


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

Fixing the world

Wood- and Wood Construction-Screws with Flat- and Waferhead (diameter 8+10 mm)

The screws for professionals!

DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified Herbert Knoke GmbH & Co. KG . An der Strusbek 21 . D-22926 Ahrensburg . Fon: +49/(0)4102/4783-0 . Fax: -33 . .


Do yourself a favour! In his March article Mark Salmon, writing on behalf of the Construction Fixings Association, tackled the first of these associated subjects, that of ‘order building’ – as featured at their 2011 Conference. Now he moves on to the trickier, but arguably more profitable, subject of ‘up-selling’ (does such a term exist?).


he only real points of commonality between ‘order building’ and ‘upselling’ are that our starting point is the fact that you have in front of you a customer who needs to place an order and your objective is to increase your profit potential from that order while at the same time making it a safer installation - which benefits everyone from you (peace of mind, liability, increased margin) and the contractor (liability) to the building user (safety).

appropriate. Of course specifications should not be changed without due care. The new British Standard BS 8539* acknowledges that specifications may be changed but points out that any change should be carried out correctly and usually that means by repeating the full selection process to ensure that the proposed new anchor will work every bit as well as the one originally specified. However, as I hope to explain, in the majority of cases we will only want to change a specification when it should be changed anyway or when the original ‘specification’ was not one that had followed a thorough selection process. So, accepting that we can change specifications, let’s think about when we might do it and how. An obvious example is when the customer is asking for zinc plated carbon steel anchors and the application is external. Zinc plated steel anchors are suitable only for use in dry internal conditions (such anchors with ETA [European Technical Approvals] are approved only for use in those conditions). The plating is not a long term corrosion protection and if used externally will rust within a relatively short time. Eventually, and well within the life span of any long term application, the anchor may stop functioning in the way it was intended, (expansion components intended to slide against one another will no longer do that), the anchor will lose strength and

“…the idea with ‘up-selling’ is to change the product the customer thought they wanted to something better, safer and more appropriate.” Where they differ is that while ‘order building’ can be a relatively easy process, carried out by anyone taking an order, that of ‘up-selling’ is harder and demands more knowledge of products, applications and approvals. In short this challenge is one best tackled by companies with technically oriented sales forces. While ‘order building’ is the straightforward addition of associated products to those the customer already knew he or she wanted, the idea with ‘up-selling’ is to change the product the customer thought they wanted to something better, safer and more


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

rust may stain the building. So an anchor better able to live in external applications should be recommended – probably one made of stainless steel - the exact specification will depend on the particular application conditions.

The, currently informal, logo of an ETA which offers reassurance to all involved and is becoming more and more common on packaging and in catalogues Similarly if the specified anchor has no ETA then it presents an opportunity to ‘up-sell’ to one that has. This will safeguard everyone’s liabilities because an anchor that has been awarded an ETA can be relied upon to function correctly in a wide range of site conditions and will have performance data that has been independently assessed and can be compared with other similar anchors. Of course it will probably be more expensive than the anchor without an ETA and this highlights the challenge (or what an old boss of mine would immediately say is NOT a challenge but an opportunity!) that of convincing the customer to spend more money on a product which may look for all the world just like the cheaper one. This

C O N S T R U CT I O N F I X I N G S is central to the ethos of the Construction Fixings Association whose Full Members want to offer products that have been well developed and will do the job with known performance, independently verified; and are prepared to invest in the twin processes of product development and gaining approvals. They are not interested in just offering the cheapest possible product to gain an order at all costs. They want to sleep at night. They are also prepared to invest in sales staff who understand the benefits of anchors with ETA and can put them across to their customers and to specifiers and to contractors. They also make this expertise available to their distributors to help them do the same. I have already mentioned the key benefits of anchors with ETA – reliable functioning and well proven performance data – another is quality. In order to be able to affix CE marking once an ETA has been awarded, the manufacturer must satisfy requirements of ‘Attestation of Conformity’. They do this by submitting their factory production control procedures to detailed scrutiny, not only before CE marking is allowed, but on an annual basis thereafter. This means that the products the installer takes out of the box today or tomorrow or in a year’s time, will be to the same specification and manufacture as those which were tested

for the approval and will therefore work in the same way.

It is understandable that distributors working in a price oriented market, where many customers are not interested in quality or safety, should offer cheap and cheerful products so as to compete on price. But the most successful distributors I know, and probably the most profitable, are those who, when the application is safety critical, will only sell premium, quality products made in factories that can be identified. Many white box products from low cost areas of production come from one factory one day and another the next. They have no place

“…an anchor that has been awarded an ETA can be relied upon to function

correctly in a wide range of

site conditions and will have performance data that

has been independently assessed and can be compared with other similar anchors.” 86

Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

in safety critical applications where fixing failures could lead to injury or death. Another area where a change of specification is fully justified is where the proposed anchor is not the most appropriate anchor for the job. A contractor may have chosen an anchor they happen to like for some reason – it may be easy to install or it may be good in concrete but unsuitable in masonry. Again this is where a distributor with well-trained staff, who are aware of applications and which products suit those application best, will score. And by suggesting more appropriate fixings they will earn the respect of their customer. In many of these areas BS 8539 will actually help you as this comprehensive standard, which sets out the responsibilities of everyone involved in the fixings chain, including distributors, will effectively recommend that in all safety critical applications only anchors with ETA should be used. It will not exclude the use of non-approved anchors but it will limit their usage to those very few cases where no anchors with ETA are available. Of course as a British Standard it will not have the force of law but in practice anyone choosing to ignore its recommendations will be taking a big risk with their own liability - and other people’s safety. Recommendations from British Standards may be referred to in court if an ‘accident’ occurs and the HSE considers that failure to adhere to a standard contributed to the cause of the accident or its outcome. So in many cases you will be able to tell your customer that both you and they have little choice but to use a better anchor than the one they had in mind. By ‘up-selling’ you could be doing yourself - and your customers - a big favour. In preparing for the publication of BS 8539 the Construction Fixings Association will be publishing guides to the code for each of the main stakeholders in the fixings chain – specifiers, distributors, contractors/installers and testers. We will also be revising some of our Guidance Notes to bring them into line with its recommendations and no doubt slipping the odd article into these September pages. * BS 8539:2012 Code of Practice for the selection and installation of post-installed anchors in concrete and masonry. Due for publication in autumn 2012.

Blind Rivets

A Riveting Experience ORLOCK Double locking system OR-BULB Split Tail STELOCK / STEEL-FIX Steel High Strength and Multi-Grip U-FIX High Versatile Multi-Grip T.P.R / O.R.P Superior Peel ORNILOCK / OR-BOLT Multi-Grip Structural

World Wide: +972-86610222 USA: 1-877-627-0423


Joyner Bolt™ gets to grips with UK timber construction Like many remarkable innovations Joyner Bolt™ was born from the frustration of hands-on practitioners. Also like many inventions that go on to stand the test of time, the solution appears remarkably simple – once, of course, someone has thought it up.


hich makes light of a long development that has demanded a depth of financial, personal and technical commitment certainly never anticipated when Daniel Hardingham and Mark Doye first became frustrated with the limitations of traditional UK methods of securing structural timber.

“ Joyner Bolt is a task specific, engineered fixing designed by users for users.” Daniel is a chartered surveyor and managing partner in a building design consultancy based in Cambridgeshire; Mark, an established construction professional in the same region. Thrown together on a building project designed by one and delivered by the other, the result was a critical scrutiny of the structural, aesthetic and purely practical difficulties in using traditional UK construction methods, and the germ of a design to solve them. A work book full of drawings, a series of homemade prototypes and, in the final stages, the assistance of Barton Coldform in refining the design to make it capable of series production and Joyner Bolt samples began to land on merchants and users desks during the first months of 2012. The limitations that catalysed the Joyner Bolt will be readily recognised by anyone working with timber structures. Using a coach bolt to secure timber members demands correctly sized and accurately aligned holes, something in practice rarely to be relied upon. Coach bolts commonly turn within the timber before the joint is completely and correctly tightened. It is also very common for the relatively small head to be pulled into the wood used commonly


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

in UK construction, reducing the effective structural depth of the timber as designed. The domed head can also presents difficulties in fixing finishing materials such as plywood or plasterboard. Threaded rods also have drawbacks – including wastage, as the entire rod is rarely used; deformation of the thread when the rod is cut; and the need for additional nuts and square washers. Rotation when tightening can also be an issue, drawing the rod through the timber resulting in uneven protrusion of the thread. In contrast the Joyner Bolt is a task specific, engineered fixing designed by users for users. Its distinctive feature is a 45mm square, spiked head incorporated to a grade 4.8 cold-formed metric coarse threaded shank. The standard range currently comprises 23 sizes, ranging from M8 to M16 in diameter, and from 80mm to 205mm in length although, given sufficient demand, production of special dimensions is quite feasible. Joyner Bolts are UK manufactured and carry a minimum 9 micron of Chrome 6 free zinc plating. There are two versions of the Joyner Bolt covering the same size range – one fully threaded, the other incorporating a slot at the end taking the nut. The underhead spikes, spaced around the edge of the 3mm deep square head engage into the timber – finger pressure is generally adequate but additional security is ensured simply by tapping with a hammer. Dislodging the Joyner Bolt when the two timber members are brought together is rare, unlike a coach bolt that can all to easily be knocked back through the hole and in some cases lost forever. The large face compensates for oversized holes and a square washer and nut are easily fitted to the other end. Tightening the nut is a onehanded operation: the Joyner Bolt resists rotation as the spikes embed deeper into the timber surface and the wide face provides the resistance to ensure correct torque is applied to the assembly. The end result is an

effective joint with a lower depth final surface engagement that does not result in structural or aesthetic damage to the timber. The slotted version of the Joyner Bolt provides a simple but effective locking mechanism. Once washer and nut are in position and correctly tightened the slot can be opened slightly with a cold chisel or heavy-duty screwdriver, locking the nut into position and preventing accidental loosening. As Daniel Hardingham is happy to explain: “We designed the Joyner Bolt to save the contractor time, trouble and frustration. Once you have tried the Joyner Bolt you won’t want to fix timber any other way.” Joyner Bolt has already become something of a Twitter and YouTube (there are two good demonstration videos at

phenomenon around the UK construction and merchant trades. The challenge now, Joyner Bolt recognises, is to ramp up production and availability to meet rapidly growing interest in a product that is quickly becoming the preferred choice of both designers and construction professionals. Distribution arrangements for the UK market are already under discussion so now is unquestionably the time to get in touch with Daniel Hardingham to explore these possibilities. As to the future, both Daniel and Mark are confident the Joyner Bolt, which is already thoroughly trademark and patent protected, will be equally effective at establishing its presence in timber construction markets worldwide, whether through the building partnerships with distributors or, possibly, agreeing licensed production.

“ We designed the Joyner Bolt to save the contractor time, trouble and frustration.”


Long lasting black coatings Black zinc flake systems are highly demanded in various industries due to their attractive look. In particular the expectations and requirements of the automotive industry are eminently high when it comes to the durability of the coating appearance. Black zinc flake coatings are amongst the biggest challenges for paint suppliers.


he uniformity and long-term stability of the coating colour as well as corrosion resistance are the main issues of concern. With a comprehensive range of black base coats as well as organic and inorganic top coats, zinc flake coatings from Atotech are flexible systems that can be modularly and individually adapted to various requirements. Since the zinc flake technology presents no risk of hydrogen embrittlement, the coating is also perfectly suited for high tensile fasteners. During curing, the Zintek® base coats form a conductive layer providing excellent cathodic corrosion protection to the base metal. According to Atotech’s approach of environmentally friendlier solutions, the zinc flake coatings are free of Pb-, Hg-, Cd-, Ni-, Co-, and Cr(VI). With its zinc flake system Zintek® Black, Atotech says that it meets challenging industries requirements. Combining Atotech’s unique black base coat Zintek® 300 B with a range of specialised

organic top coats such as Techseal® Black and Techdip, the Zintek® Black system provides an exceptionally uniform deep black appearance with no silver shine through even after handling. Furthermore, Atotech points out that this system meets Volkswagen’s friction values window, assuring perfect assembly and providing excellent heat loosening properties avoiding the risk of self loosening. Atotech’s Zintek® Black systems are approved by several OEMs, such as Volkswagen (TL 180) and General Motors (GMW3359). Volkswagen’s specification TL 180 is typically used for small bulk parts and is mandatory for threaded fasteners. “Zintek® Black is currently the only approved coating system that successfully passed TL 180 corrosion protection requirements of 720 hours without red rust and 240 hours not exceeding the S1 classification in colour changing according to DIN 34804.”

Automated bolt hardening system put into production Radyne Corporation, an Inductotherm Group company, says it has shipped a new automated induction case hardening and quenching system for bolt threads.


he system accommodates M4, M6, M8, M10 & M12 headed 4037 steel bolts, with quick changeover tooling plates and inductors allowing for maximum uptime and flexibility. The system features servo controlled inductor and power supply height adjustment accommodating bolts ranging in part length from 12mm (0.05 inches) to 101.6mm (4 inches) long. Parts can be processed from 200 parts per minute to 400 parts per minute depending on the length of the bolts. An inline vibratory feed system interfaces with the rotary heat treat fixture to reliably orientate and deliver the bolts to the table tooling at the required rate. Radyne points out that a touch screen HMI interface and temperature monitoring system offers superior control capabilities assuring the highest quality and repeatability of any induction system. “We’re very pleased to be able to deliver this system with such a rapid payback for our customer,” said Justin Mortimer, president/CEO of Radyne Corp. “This new high speed fastener heat treating system represents a leap forward in rugged design, performance and ease of use for our customer.”


Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012


Tech Day in China Dörken MKS-Systeme GmbH & Co KG, Herdecke, Germany, recently hosted a Tech Day in Shanghai for the Chinese market. Around 30 guests took part in the meeting, drawn from all along the value chain - including representatives of the Chinese automotive sector, parts manufacturers and licensees of DELTA-MKS® systems.


entral themes of the event were the fastening of connecting elements, the requirements of the surface coating systems employed in this and the application technology for zinc flake systems. In keeping with the forecast that 30 percent of cars will be manufactured in China in five years, Dörken is investing intensively in the establishment of quality leadership in the country via a global audit system. The clear commitment to China was already demonstrated with the founding of the Tech Centre in 2010 and the further expansion of the team in the country. In the scope of the Tech Day Dr. Martin Welp, managing director of Dörken MKS-Systeme, emphasised the significance of China, including for the development of the Asian market as a whole. “We are delighted that we have established ourselves as a key contact for micro-layer corrosion protection systems on the Chinese car market.” Alongside discussions of the current activities in the market the participants were also interested in the innovative zinc flake coating Delta-Protekt® KL 105. This efficient system combines the characteristics of a base and topcoat system in just one coat. The coating companies of DELTA-MKS® systems were also pleased with the new user manual, which is now also available in Chinese. In addition to the meeting schedule there was also sufficient time to discuss experiences with the requirements of corrosion protection systems, which are increasing continuously - also in the Chinese market - and networking.


The best combination for thread rolling tools HEROSLAM manufactures thread rolling tools primarily geared toward the aeronautics and automotive fastener industry. With nearly 70 years of experience, it is able to offer tools of exceptional quality, a complete range of products including flat and planetary dies, as well as cylindrical dies.


lberto Gabika, managing director, HEROSLAM, Spain, explains that choosing the right material for a specific application is fundamental, since this decision will mark the difference with regard to the result obtained. HEROSLAM dies can be manufactured using different materials depending on the customer’s application. The company closely collaborates with steel suppliers to develop special alloys that improve the performance of its tools. HEROSLAM also offers its customers the possibility of extending the tool’s service life through nitriding or GOGOR (GG) coating, which it says yield unbeatable results. The application of this GOGOR (GG) coating developed in-house by HEROSLAM allows customers to carry out fewer machine preps and changes, minimising machine down time. All of this entails a significant reduction in manufacturing costs, which translates into lower cost per piece. “With this GOGOR (GG) coating we are providing our customers with the best ratio of quality, service life and price on the market,” states Alberto Gabika.

Mostly used for applications in the aerospace industry, HEROSLAM tools satisfy its customers’ demands when it comes to threading hard materials such as titanium or inconel. HEROSLAM says that the results obtained with GOGOR (GG) have led to it being recognised by customers from the aerospace industry as a leading supplier of threading tools. HEROSLAM also offers customers the possibility of improving the quality of their products by including technology known as RRO (Radiused Root Runout) in its tools. RRO makes the end of the thread progressive, thus alleviating the tensions on one of the zones most prone to having problems of collapse due to the concentration of tensions. In turn, RRO positively impacts the tool’s performance, since it extends its service life. “Our Customer Assistance Centre is ready to advise our customers as to the most suitable combination of RRO, material and treatment for their specific application,” comments Alberto Gabika.




PEE-WEE® High-End model line UPW® CNC - two slides Thread rolling machine with ECO-SYS Forming force:

10 – 240 kN (24tons)

Shaft diameter:

Ø 80 mm

Tool diameter:

Ø165 – 250 mm

Support length:

180 mm

Swivel angle:

+/- 8°

Reduced set up time by ECO-SYS a) b) c)

Top view on the system of the spindle

Set up adjustment of the swivel angle Diameter set up adjustment Pitch adjustment via servo motor





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New T.L.M. rolling machine T.L.M. Srl says its new rolling machine is capable of threading up to the diameter of M20 with the thread chaser raised to a height of 180mm, thus providing for the possibility of obtaining specially shaped details.


he unit is combined with a dual washer loader and a washer presence control carousel, which ensures the total absence of any products lacking the relevant washers. T.L.M. points out that the washer loaders can be bypassed independently of one another, which enables the possibility of producing elements with 1 or 2 washers, or without a washer at all, while minimising machine adjustment times. T.L.M.’s system comes complete with an elevator for loading and orientating the pieces, which has been designed and built entirely by the company. The entire process that it performs can be programmed, managed and monitored from two operator panels, which also offer the possibility of viewing self-diagnostics. T.L.M. highlights that this line’s completeness and flexibility allows the operator to easily change the type of production, thus maximising production times and costs. “In order to save on production costs, rather than purchasing a low cost imitation,” says T.L.M., “it’s better to rely on high quality machinery built by a company that’s capable of offering its customers valuable assistance for the production of new and difficult products. That’s the quality and teamwork offered by T.L.M.”

CAN-ENG adds second manufacturing site Due to high demand, CAN-ENG Furnaces International Limited has added a second plant facility for the manufacture and assembly of industrial furnaces.


he new site, located in Port Colborne, Ontario, USA, is in close proximity to CAN-ENG’s main engineering and production shops. The need for additional floor space has been necessitated by strong demand for industrial furnaces in all market segments (steel, automotive, aluminium foundry, and aftermarket). Established in 1964, CAN-ENG Furnaces International Limited has grown to become a leading designer and manufacturer of thermal processing equipment for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Whether manufacturing a simple, manually controlled furnace or a turnkey automated system, CAN-ENG focuses on the development of high volume continuous industrial furnaces for challenging applications.

High process safety for small diameters Applying a knurling profile on a workpiece that is smaller than a matchstick requires absolute precision.


n a case of a centered RAA profile being applied on a cylinder pin with a diameter of only 1.5mm made of acid-fast, stainless steel (1.4305), the knurling process is quite delicate. Furthermore, the machine tool space is limited, a further application restriction that needs to be taken into account. Hommel + Keller highlights that a zeus® form knurling tool of product series 161 is the choice for this special application. It has been developed for use in Swiss type auto-lathes and machines with limited tool space. The pressure exerted during the forming process is reduced to a minimum due to its special tool design - two knurl holders working in axial tool direction. This enables a very gentle processing. The lateral pressure exerted on the work piece and machine is reduced to a minimum and hence workpieces from 1mm can be knurled with high process stability.


Application parameters Knurling tool:


Knurling wheel:

No. 10 AA 10x4x4, P. 0,5 / material: HSS


Plunge knurling

Speed rate:

Vc = 14m/min

Feed rate:


Tool life:

5,000 pcs. 750 min / Knurling wheel


0.11m² / Knurling wheel

Cylinder pin:

1.5mm diameter

Field of application:

Measuring and control technology


1.4305 Acid-fast stainless steel, B230, Rm 625


Star SR10J

Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

Industry Leaders Continuous Mesh Belt Atmosphere Furnace Systems for Fasteners

nufacturer and Stockist Quality Threading Tools Product range • Flat thread rolling dies g loba l fu r n ac e s ys tem s g ro u p • Flat knurling dies • Flat form rolling dies • Circular thread rolls • Tangential chasers

Continuous Heat Treating Systems for Fasteners Proven Field Reliability • Maximum Fuel Efficiency Carburizing and Austemper Capabilities Superior Quality • Sizes from 100 kg/hr to 3400 kg/hr Reduce Part Damage and Foreign Part Occurrence Can-Eng introduces its New Energy Recovery System (ERS™) for Continuous Mesh Belt Furnace Systems Reduction in Atmosphere Consumption 25% • Lower Carbon Emissions Reduction in Natural Gas Consumption • Faster Part Heat Up To learn more about Can-Eng Furnaces Engineering, Design and Manufacturing capabilities visit or email Tim Donofrio at P.O. Box 235, Niagara Falls, New York, 14302-0235 T : 905.356.1327 | F : 905.356.1817 |

Product range • • • • •

Flat thread rolling dies Flat knurling dies Flat form rolling dies Circular thread rolls Tangential chasers

Licenced Products

• Taptite 2000 ® • Duo Taptite ® Licensed products ® • Powerlock • High-Torque ®® ptite 2000® • Taptite II ® ®• Taptite II ® uo Taptite • Taptite CA ® CA ® werlok® • Taptite • Plastite ® gh-Torque• Plastite • Screwbolt • Screwbolt • Mathread® • Mathread ® Visit our website

Manufacturer and stockist of Quality Threading Tools email: tel: +44 (0)1543 271 808 fax: +44 (0)1543 277 571 Apex Business park, Walsall Road, Norton Canes, Cannock, Staffs, WS11 9PU, England



New Anchrome Group website After many months of meetings and discussions with customers and suppliers, the all new Anochrome Group website has been launched.


nochrome Group explains that the new site has been designed to give both new and existing customers a more comprehensive breakdown of products and services available. The expanded and updated pages not only bring together new and existing finishes, but also, for the first time, amalgamate all the Group companies on to one website, with cross referencing to the finishes available, as well as contact e-mail addresses. A key new feature of the site includes the ‘Anochrome blog’ which highlights the latest activities and news from around the Group. This is further spread across other forms of social media, including twitter - @Anochrome - to reach a global audience. The Anochrome Group has also obtained the assistance of some of its major material suppliers, notably Dörken, Magni, NOF and Whitford, who have supplied content to the process and technical sections and added to the website’s ability to offer an across the board approach to a wide range of commercially available finishes. All companies within the Anochrome Group are surface coating and finishing specialists predominantly based in the UK, but with growing overseas interests. The Group has grown steadily since 1946, supplying many market sectors from structural and automotive, to advanced electronic, aerospace and telecommunications industries, servicing over 1,500 customers from seven sites, which have the capacity to process in excess of 2,500 tonnes per week.

New European sales manager

The Anochrome Group also recently announced that Ian Smith has been appointed European sales manager. Ian will take responsibility for European sales activities including the management and co-ordination of all Group sales personnel, both within the Groups UK facilities in the Midlands area, Farnborough outside London, and at Anochrome’s Czech plant in Hradec Králové. “Ian has been with WEP Ltd for a number of years and will continue to be based at the Wolverhampton head office site. Everyone wishes him well in his new role.”

Standard Listed – you know who’s best! But contact us for all the rest . . .


+44 (0) 117 – 972 8560


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Non-preferred Metrics – Intermediate Sizes Short and Long Lengths – Slotted Grub Screws A4/80 Bolts & Socket Caps – 6 Lobe (TX) Drive Screws All Metal Self-Locking Nuts – Studding Connectors And many more . . .

Online Product Guide:

Unit 10, Riverside Business Park, St Anne’s, Bristol, BS4 4ED, UK

DETAILS DELIVER PERFORMANCE Future-oriented applications demand reliable details. High-performance solutions from KVT are found wherever absolutely safe and secure fastening and sealing technologies are essential.




wire shows growth wire 2012, the international wire and cable trade fair, and Tube 2012, the international tube trade fair, were once again staged at the Düsseldorf Messe from 26th – 30th March 2012. Organisers reported a highly successful show with both exhibitor and visitor numbers growing.


oachim Schäfer, managing director, Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, reported: “For us as trade fair organisers, the somewhat euphoric mood in the exhibition halls, the orders made here and the expectation of good post-fair business are important indicators that we are right with the trade fair date and the product range.” A total of 73,500 trade visitors from 111 countries attended the shows, an increase of 6.3% compared to 2010. Organisers stated that this year’s shows also had more firsttime visitors compared to previous events. The rate of international trade fair visitors was also high, with approximately 60% of wire visitors coming from abroad. Most of them came to Düsseldorf from the traditional visitor countries such as Italy, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, USA, the Netherlands, Brazil, India, Spain, Turkey, Austria and Switzerland. Visitors to the wire show were primarily interested in wire finishing machinery, steel bars and strips (38%), wire steel bar and strip production machinery (36%), auxiliary materials (machines, devices, tools, operating supplies) (29%), finished products (21%), metal forming (15%) and

spring making technology (14%). Approximately 2,500 exhibitors provided information on the latest machines, plants and products from the wire, cable and tube processing industries. This broke down to 1,314 companies from 50 countries in the wire halls and 1,184 exhibitors from 48 countries in the Tube halls. Those exhibitors in the wire halls presented their innovations on a display area of more than 57,000 square metres. This is an increase of approximately 100 exhibiting companies compared to wire 2010, with the area covered by wire exhibitors increasing by 10.7%.

100 Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

Friedrich-Georg Kehrer, director of wire 2012 and Tube 2012 commented: “Companies invest heavily in Düsseldorf in order to remain present amongst the international competition.” He adds: “At the show companies meet qualified business partners from all over the world, and many new contacts are made as well.” The majority of fastener manufacturing technology was presented in hall 15, while parts of hall 16 were dedicated to the latest processes in the area of spring making. Applications connected to wires and cables, wire and cable machinery and fibreglass machines were located in

Precision parts forming machinery WAFIOS H645 Cold Former Type KIESERLING Highest repeatability guaranteed by several automatic adjustments Shortest set-up time up to 50% versus a basic machine Low price of the machine through reduced manufacturing costs and improved manufacturing methods In the H645 Cold Former the die and punch holder kits are interchangeable with unmatched repeated accuracy and without restriction

H645 Cold Former Type KIESERLING with 6 Forming Stations The WAFIOS Economic Miracle was revealed at the WIRE SHOW 2012 in DĂźsseldorf, Germany

Agent for North America and Canada BW Walden Group Phone +1 905 482 2659 Fax +1 905 482 2663

WAFIOS Umformtechnik GmbH Im Rehsiepen 35 42369 Wuppertal / Germany Phone +49 (202) 46 68-0 Fax +49 (202) 46 68-225

Hilgeland Kieserling MRP Nutap

Machines available at short notice in approx. 2– 3 months Cold Former HC4 (with rotating die block) Cold Former HD4 (1-die-2-blow) Cold Former HD6 (1-die-2-blow) Cold Former CF2N (2-die-3-blow) Multi Stage Former MSF10 Forming Center SMR for micro parts Thread Roller (flat die) FN12 Nut Tapper (double spindle) MAS06F, MAS14F, MAS24F Additional Machines: Please send us your enquiry!

EXHIBITIONS halls 9 through 12 and 16 + 17. The overall consensus from exhibitors in hall 15 was that the opening Monday was quiet, with Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday picking up into busy days. Friday was customarily quiet, with some exhibitors complaining that a five day show is too long for modern shows. Companies with large impressive stands in hall 15 included Nedschroef Machinery, SACMA Limbiate S.p.A and National Machinery. The National Machinery stand was well prepared for visitors with sales representatives on its stand capable of speaking nine different languages. National also demonstrated multiple pieces of equipment including a FORMAX FXP37S, LeanFX10M5, DTI in-line wire drawer, Mectron Q5000 and Mectron First Scan unit. The 7 die FORMAX showcased National’s ability to meet the growing need for complex net shape parts and core competency to design the tooling required for such machines. “The majority of visitors we received during the show were from European countries, but attendees also came from Brazil, USA, Canada, Argentina, Turkey, China, and India,” commented Jerry Bupp, vice president of sales and marketing. He added: “While the customer contacts were excellent, the overall attendance seemed lower than in previous years, especially in the afternoon. This was likely due to the increased daily pass prices and delays at the airport in Düsseldorf. However, the quality of those in attendance, as normal, was high, with key decision makers present.” Manaserro & C Srl also had a good show with the company selling three machines to two different customers during the week. “Each day we had 30 - 40 visitors, with 5 10 visits each day being promising leads, apart from on Friday which was very quiet,” explained Marco Manassero. Marco added: “As Nakashimada’s agents for various European countries we had a stand next to Nakashimada’s. This enabled us to show visitors the two die three blow machine which was on Nakashimada’s stand. The model NP81 produces a part with two round heads which is impossible to produce or to transfer on a standard progressive header. The visitors’ reaction to the machine was very positive indeed.” SKAKO VIBRATION displayed its new weighing system for furnace feeding systems, based on a SIEMENS - plc with touch screen. Dirk Ehrenheim, product and sales manager for SKAKO VIBRATION

102 Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

EXHIBITIONS said: “Whilst the visitor numbers in hall 15 seemed lower than previous years we still had a lot of interest in our new weighing system. We received approximately 15 – 25 contacts per day with the quality of visitors being very high.” The opportunity for visitors to see a wide selection of ‘working’ machines on stands is key feature of the wire show. Videx Machine Engineering Ltd was a prime example of this with the company displaying five machines in ‘real production’, which attracted a lot of attention during the show. EWMenn GmbH & Co KG also had a machine on its stand and presented a wide range of innovative concepts such as the new and energy efficient high power drive concept; the new feedfinger drive with linear motor; and the warm rolling system that allows heating of the blanks directly before rolling, to name a few. EWMenn stated that the traffic in hall 15 didn’t seem quite as active as in 2010, but it still had a lot of visitors to its stands and numerous good meetings with customers and interested visitors from many parts of the world. HEROSLAM, a manufacturer of thread rolling tools, presented its latest product range at the show. Alberto Gabika, managing director of HEROSLAM explained: “Our objective was to present innovative quality products that match with our customers’ increasing needs. Once more, we were able to meet the challenge and display our deep know-how as well as our firm commitment towards innovation.” A company, who had one of the largest stands at the wire show, albeit in hall 10, was WAFIOS Umformtechnik who unveiled the WAFIOS Economic Miracle - the KIESERLING type H645 Cold Former with 6 forming stations. The KIESERLING type H645 features advanced technology and unique features such as: high repeatability guaranteed by several automatic adjustments; shortest set-up time up to 50% versus a basic machine; and the low price of the machine through reduced manufacturing costs and improved manufacturing methods WAFIOS highlighted that one of the main focuses of interest for visitors to the WAFIOS stand was the advantages of the H645 Cold Former in particular that the die and punch holder kits are interchangeable with unmatched repeated accuracy and without restriction. The next edition of wire and Tube will take place once again at the Düsseldorf Messe from 7th April – 11th April 2014.

104 Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

International Quality. Improve the IQ of your wire solutions.

The thousands of kilometres of high quality wire which are produced by voestalpine Austria Draht and voestalpine Draht Finsterwalde could easily reach around the world, but we prefer to reach our customers a little more directly. Supplied from production locations in Austria and Germany, our extensive global network, combined with international development partnerships. Supply you with the most advanced solutions whilst saving time and money. Providing our customers the commitment they deserve. This is wire with IQ.

voestalpine Austria Draht GmbH voestalpine Draht Finsterwalde GmbH


On course for growth By Dr. Gerhard Reusmann, CEO, Dörken MKS-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG


n the global list of the world’s biggest markets for wind power India is already ranked fifth, behind only the USA, Germany, China and Spain. As it is one of the countries with the highest rates of economic growth in Asia, this trend is going to get even stronger in the future, as the subcontinent’s energy demand is enormous. The development of wind power is supported by the Indian government, which stipulated in its latest five-year plan that the country’s energy generation should increase by a further 61GW by 2012. The government’s aim is for 14GW of this to come from forms of renewable energy. So far there have already been 13GW installed in the wind sector. In order to reach these targets, the share of wind power has, however, actually got to nearly double to as much as 20GW – in part because the other forms of regenerative energy are technically not sufficiently advanced yet. One particular feature of the wind power market in India is that 70% of the customers are industrial companies that produce energy for their own needs. In order to make their investment in wind power attractive, tax benefits for doing this will continue into the future. Furthermore, licensed operators of the power supply network are now legally obliged to cover at least 10% of their requirements from wind power.

Bolted rotor blade connection on a wind turbine

106 Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

The Indian market for wind turbines is booming and is thus an attractive environment for German companies with relevant know-how. A manufacturer of special fasteners from Hagen has therefore set up a subsidiary in the vicinity of Pune, where it is producing fasteners and connectors for wind turbines and coating them using zinc flake systems. Closer to the market Wind turbine construction in India is dominated by local suppliers, who take as much as 70% of all business. Predominant amongst them is Suzlon Energy with a market share of nearly 43%. In order to be closer to this and other important clients in an expanding market, RS Randack Spezialschrauben GmbH of Hagen, Germany, set up Randack Fasteners India Private Ltd as a joint venture with Klaus Union Engg Private Ltd in May 2008. The latter already has a subsidiary based near Pune and provided an area of around 10,000 square metres for the new production site. In just six months a new facility for producing solid steel fasteners was built there with an adjoining laboratory area for putting the manufactured parts through quality control checks in line with German and international standards. The parts most used in wind turbine construction are complete fittings made up of fasteners/hexagon head fasteners, washers and (hexagon head) nuts for fastening the rotor blades and/or tower elements. However, the company’s range also includes special fasteners for the nacelle and the gearbox housing. The parts are in the M6 to M64 size range and are up to three metres in length. For rotor blade connections the company provides stud bolt sets, consisting of a bolt with two threaded


The complete stud bolt set for the rotor blade connection ends, a hexagon head nut, a barrel nut and two washers. Randack, however, did not have to look around in India to find highly efficient anti-corrosion protection for these fasteners. Just 10 kilometres north of the company’s headquarters in Westphalia, Germany, they found the ideal partner in Dörken MKS-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG of Herdecke. Dörken has been developing and producing micro-layer anti-corrosion protection systems here for 30 years and in addition to numerous applications in the automotive industry these are now also widely used in the renewable energy field. Dörken has been active in the Indian market for quite some time, looking after customers from a local office. The company has also already found its first few coating partners in the Indian market.

In-house coating In 2009, Randack decided that it would also do the anti-corrosion coating with protective zinc flake systems in-house, thus keeping the entire manufacturing process – from cutting the raw material to size to coating and final quality control – all under its own roof. In early 2010, a further 3,000 square metres of production space were therefore added, including the company’s own coating plant, which went into operation this year and is supplied with DELTA-MKS® systems from Herdecke. The products used are the chrome (VI) free coatings Delta®-Tone and Delta®-Seal, which have already been used successfully in wind turbines for over 15 years. All threaded connections fitted in a wind turbine are to some extent exposed to extreme climatic and thus corrosive conditions, as well as dynamic strains from wind loading and the turbine’s own operation. The fasteners used are therefore generally highly rigid. However, if the wrong form of surface protection is chosen, these have a degree of susceptibility to brittle fractures. Such brittle fracture failure is often the consequence of hydrogen penetration during the surface treatment process. This is something that needs to be taken into account when selecting the form of anti-corrosion protection to be used. The protective coating also has to have specific friction coefficients in order to enable connections to be easily screwed together on-site even when often working against the clock and under difficult conditions. Not least, however, the coating must provide highly effective and long-lasting anti-corrosion protection. This, of course, applies especially in the case of offshore locations.

For extreme exposure Zinc flake systems are in effect able to fulfil these requirements as a package. The Delta®-Tone basecoat provides active cathodic protection and, with a layer thickness of just 10µm (depending upon geometry, system set-up and application process) achieves corrosion endurance times as per DIN EN ISO 9227 of over 1,000 hours. The coating can be applied using

108 Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

all standard methods of application. Which method to choose depends on the size and shape of the parts. Large format steel components, as used in wind turbines, are, for example, coated at Randack by spraying, while smaller elements are given their surface protection by the dip-spin method. As no hydrogen is introduced in the coating process, it is possible to rule out any danger of the rigid components suffering hydrogen embrittlement caused by the coating procedure. After application, the protective coat is annealed for approximately 30 minutes at an object temperature of on average 240°C. The low annealing temperatures prevent the rigid steel components from getting damaged in the process by unduly high heat exposure and thus have a decisive advantage over rival systems. The subsequent application of an organic topcoat using Delta®-Seal significantly increases the anti-corrosion protection still further. In contrast to the basecoat, this topcoat is not electrically conductive. The additional protection from corrosion is provided here by insulating the basecoat against corrosive attack. Depending on the choice of topcoat, further requirements can also be fulfilled, such as colouring, chemical, UV-ray and extreme temperature resistance and defined friction values.

“ All threaded connections fitted in a wind turbine are to some extent exposed to extreme climatic and thus corrosive conditions, as well as dynamic strains from wind loading and the turbine’s own operation.” Favourable conditions Setting up an Indian subsidiary for producing solid steel bolts and fasteners not only opened up the possibility for Randack to manufacture cost efficiently in the locality and to supply the leading companies in an expanding market on a just in time basis, but also, where required, to provide on-site technical advice as well. The other general conditions were also extremely attractive. The situation with regards to the supply of raw materials in western India is very good and the Indian labour market also offers great potential in terms of qualified engineers and well trained specialists for operating production plants. This, along with the imported, highly specialised manufacturing equipment from Hagen and innovative zinc flake coating technology from Herdecke, gave the new company the necessary ‘following wind’. Now, 30% of its production is exported to Europe and to parts of the USA. Quality from Westphalia – made in India!


May 2012

European Manufacturers Fastener + Fixing Magazine provides a unique reference guide that offers the industry a fast and easy way to source both current and upcoming product Catalogues. Use this convenient service to call, fax or email the companies to request a copy of their latest Catalogue and up to date product information.

A.M.C. (UK) Fasteners Ltd AMC Manufacture Hexagon, Square and Round Nuts including Special parts, M3 to M64 Diameter. Parts include: All Metal Locknuts, Weld Nuts, Wheel Nuts, Flange Nuts, Heavy 2,2H 4 & 7 Nuts, Usual Full, Lock Castle & Slotted Nuts, Custom Specials. All in Carbon & Stainless Steels. All normal accepted finishes. Quality Approved to BS EN ISO email: 9001 (PPAP Level 3 Certified) & TUV AD2000.

Alfran Fasteners Ltd UK Manufacturers to Europe Grades 8.8 / 10.9 / 12.9 metric R / S / T / SAE8 Imperial M12-M100 Hex Head 1/2” - 2.1/2” Hex Head 8.8/10.9 Preload Assembles 14399-3 10.9 Allthread Studding M16 - M48 All Specials Made to Order Hot Dip Galv / Zinc Plate / Shera / Geomet Finishes Available Specialists to European Industry Tel: +44 (0) 1535 664 993 email:


Bäcker GmbH BÄCKER Plastic-Metal-Standard Elements has been manufacturing handle and clamp elements for more than 30 years. Under the brand name of “PlacoGrip“, indexing bolts, clamp levers and handle elements are manufactured to a high standard of quality and in perfect designs. The very favorable price/ performance ratio is of special interest to trade partners in other Tel: +49 (0) 2753 5950 0 European countries.


Tel: +32 (0) 11 559 110

Tel: +49 (0) 23 03 28 02 0

With over 150 years in the market place and the consequently gained experience, combined with a user orientated company philosophy, BiERBACH® clientele are ensured a reliable and efficient partner. The BiERBACH® production programm includes: • Fastening technology • Timber construction technology • Nail technology • Screw technology • Powder actuated fastening technology (PAT)

Bodegraven Metaal NV

Corbetta S.r.l.

Bodegraven Metaal NV is the leading manufacturer of THREADED RODS (DIN976-1) in Europe. Our sales policy (distributors only) large stocks, together with 30 years of experience in only threaded rod guarantees you a strong and experienced partner. ISO 9001:2008 ensures you a re liable quality, certificates and full traceability for the higher grade.

We have been producing high quality forming screws, rivets and pivots according to drawing for 40 years. The recent generation change allows us to adapt our experience to the fast market changes. Our mission: Highest quality and flexibility for a product entirely manufactured in Italy. email:


C ATA LO G U E R A C K Dörken


Tel: +33 (0) 4 92 08 56 56

• French Fabrication & Know-how • ISO 9001 Certified • More than 45 years of experience • Rivets, Nuts, Riveting tools, Screws, Cable ties • Standard Products & Custom Technical Solutions • Constant drive for Research & Development • Presence in the Industry & the Specialized Distribution • Mastering our craft is our major strength

Dörken MKS-Systeme has been developing micro layer corrosion protection systems for over 30 years. Under the brand name DELTA-MKS®, Dörken produces and configures extremely effective surface protection mainly for the automotive industry. Our worldwide approved products like DELTA-PROTEKT® are without any heavy metals, such as chrome (VI). Tel: +49 (0) 2330 63243


EuroTec GmbH


E.u.r.o.Tec - The specialist for fastening technology - offers professional fasteners made of hardened steel, coated steel, stainless A2/A4, hardened stainless for wood constructions, hardwood and composite deckings, glue wood, roofings, facades, as well as solar fasteners. All approved and in certified quality. The main goal is to create fasteners offering the professional enduser a most possible benefit. For detailed information of the most recent developments, please, refer to the EuroTec homepage.

Filtomatic Fasteners S.p.A. is a leading company specialized in the production of washers in stainless steel alloys and exotics, like duplex, super duplex, HCR – 1.4529, 1.4539, 1.4432, 1.4435, and many others, and in the production of compensation rings for ball bearings. We’re specialized in supplying washers for screw assembly at almost zerodefect rate according to DIN 6900 norms (6902A/B/C, 6904, 6905, 6908), so that your assembling machines won’t ever stop. Tel: +39 039 606 4475 email:

Güldner Sonderschrauben Gmbh & Co. KG


Güldner manufacturers special purpose screws, CNC-turned parts and fasteners according to customer’s requirments. They provide certification according to DIN EN 10204 / 2.2, 3.1, 3.2, TÜV, GL, etc. Güldner is certified according to TÜV, AD-2000 Merkblatt W0 / TRD 100, PED 97/23/EG, KTA 1401 / IAEA 50-C-Q and ISO 9001:2008.

Founded in 1936, was the first factory of hardened steel nails in Holland. Under our brand “HJZ” a complete range of hardened steel nails, stainless steel nails, brass nails, aluminium nails, redcopper nails and special carbon steel nails are manufactured.

Tel: +49 (0) 7932 9155 – 11

Tel: +31 314 333441

JCS Hi-Torque Ltd

La.Ro. Srl

Manufacturers of Hi-Grip, Hi-Torque and Tamtorque, the world’s finest quality worm drive hose clips and clamps, and approved to BSI Kitemark and Lloyd’s Type Approval Standards.

La.Ro. has been manufacturing a wide range of cold formed parts for over 35 years. Our strength is the very large range of products we can offer to our customers: from the tiniest micro screw to the most complicated cold formed parts; from the standard bolt, to the eccentric part.

JCS products are exported throughout the world for use in the Industrial, Automotive, Marine, Construction and Petro-Chemical industries.

Tel: +44 (0) 1787 376212

We offer a wide range in design and material specification to meet the needs of modern industry. Please contact us for a catalogue.

110 Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012


C ATA LO G U E R A C K Litnaglis Nails

London Screw Co Ltd


UK’s leading manufacturer of all thread studs. Extensive stocks M312 dia. up to 180mm long in steel, brass, PH BR & St/St. Also manufacture a full range of m/c screws and cold headed specials in all head forms and materials. Large stocks M4-M12 up to 180mm – long lengths a speciality.

JSC “Litnaglis” performs its activity in the following directions: production of loose and wire collated coil nails intended for all types of wooden pallets (including EPAL, CP pallets, etc.).

Tel: +370 448 53737 email:

Tel: +44 (0) 1384 569 832 Fax: +44 (0) 1384 410 296

Performance Fasteners



NORMA Group is a global market and technology leader in the attractive niche market Engineered Joining Technology, manufacturing and selling a wide range of innovative high quality products and solutions. NORMA Group leverages its worldwide manufacturing and distribution network to provide high-quality standardized products under its well known brands.

Conversion Tables Imperial, Fractions, Metric, Decimal Specifications: Hexagon Heads, Socket Screws Material Reference, Hardness Comparisons

All you need to know…..and more

Reliable, ISO approved company specialising in on time manufacturing to order.


Registered to: ISO 9001:2008 C ifi Certificate N Number: b QM26 QM2658 888 Tel: 0121 525 1137 Fax: 0121 525 3525

For your free copy of our Fastener Technical Guide please contact us at: Tel: +44 (0) 121 525 1137


Premier Washers

pgb-Polska, located in Gliwice, manufactures a wide range of high-quality nylon fixings. It has ETA approvals on its main production items, such as SMART frame anchors, SMART wall plugs with screws and through bolts. Hammer nail plugs and other anchors complete the range. Private label packaging possible.

Manufacturer of washers and pressings in all types of metal and in a variety of finishes with in-house tool facilities. An excellent service & competitive prices, supported by our registration to BS EN ISO 9001:2008, places Premier Washers in a position to fully satisfy the requirements of all our customers.

Tel: +48 (32) 330 26 10

Tel: +44 (0) 1706 359 414

The Most Comprehensive

Fastener Technical Guide

Performance Fasteners, a surprisingly alternative manufacturer, specialising in socket screws, plugs and turned parts in alloys, super alloys, performance stainless steels and yellow metals.

email: Tel: +44 (0) 1902 307 121

Pressed Parts Co Ltd

PSM International

Pressed Parts has 30 years experience in the manufacturer of channel nuts. Our customers include leading suppliers of support systems for the mechanical and electrical services industry, and companies that require a bespoke product within the channel nut range. - British manufacture - Experienced exporters to Europe - International website under construction

PSM International Fasteners Limited - worldwide market leader in design, production, and distribution of special engineered fasteners. Established in 1931, PSM has global capabilities with sales, manufacturing and distribution operations worldwide. Our customers include market leaders in automotive, consumer electronics, computer, communication and industrial manufacturing sectors.

Tel: +44 (0) 1902 407 370


C ATA LO G U E R A C K Sinops Limited

Tappex Thread Inserts Ltd

Sinops Limited has its head office in the West Midlands and a manufacturing, distribution and warehousing facility based in Cumbria. Sinops is a leading manufacturer of high quality studding and cut stud products for the engineering, construction and M&E industries.

Tappex, est. 1957, design & manufacture a very extensive range of threaded-inserts/ fasteners for plastics (thermoplastics/thermoset/ composites) and metal-alloy constructions and applications. Tappex offer comprehensive technical support, manufacture & logistics activity on a global basis. Technical Sales contact: Andrew Fitzpatrick

Tel: +44 (0) 1562 888 488

Tel: +44 (0) 1789 206 600

Titgemeyer (UK) Ltd

Transformers UK Ltd

Titgemeyer (UK) Ltd manufactures the Lockbolt pin and collar fastening system in the West Midlands and is approved to ISO/TS 16949. We also offer a comprehensive range of other fastening technology solutions including threaded inserts, blind rivets and installation tooling. Call us or visit our website for more information.

With over 40 years experience delivering quality fasteners this Merseyside based company continues to grow from strength to strength. We have become one of the leading international manufacturers of Screw and Washer Assemblies (Sems) and cold forged screws and bolts. Manufacturers of Brass terminal screws. Sems are available with single or double washers and screw sizes range from M2 to M12. Suppliers of Super Duplex Fasteners.

Tel: +44 (0) 151 709 0425

Tel: +44 (0) 121 557 9777

Visserie Guerry Since 1924, we have manufactured the Special Screws. The solution to your problem. Our company uses a variety of different materials including: steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper. Dimension form 2 to 10 mm and to 90 mm in length. Sems screws With ONE or Two Washers possible. Tel: +32 2 361 28 00

TheWasherFact ry

T: 01902 865777 F: 01902 864777 E:

The premier manufacturer of non-standard washers and light pressings.

Washer Factory Ltd We are one of the leading manufacturers of non-standard and specialised stainless steel, duplex stainless and non-ferrous washers and light pressings. We have an extensive range and offer quick turnaround, see our website for more information, or call our sales office for fast and friendly help.

Tel: +44 (0) 1902 865 777

Catalogue Rack July 2012 Coming up in the next issue... UK & Ireland Contact: Claire Lake email: 112 Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012


Tel: +44 ( 0 ) 1727 814 508

If the world was a disc, it would be made by Pühl.

Maximum Efficiency Made in Germany: that’s Pühl! We do not only manufacture a comprehensive range of washers according to standards (DIN, NFE, BS, SS, UNI, ASTM, etc.) but also special washers and stampings to drawing or sample for various branches of industries i.e. steel constructions, wind and solar energy, railway and road protection, etc. Everything is done with high requirements as regards to quality, logistics, efficiency and reliability. Choose Pühl: said and stamped!

M A N A G E M E N T + SY S T E M S

Merlin’s magical transformation British based authors of Merlin Business Software, Chatsworth Computers Limited, has recently gone through with an exciting transformation.


o coincide with the start of its new financial year, Chatsworth is undergoing a total branding transformation and will be renamed Merlin Business Software Limited. Merlin’s chairman, Andrew Wilson commented: “The opportunity to rebrand under a single Merlin identity has been one that we have been considering for some time and, given the growth of our business and customer-base, we have decided the time was right to go forward into new and exciting markets under a common brand name.” Adding to this, managing director, Clive Mallender explained: “Whilst we will be retaining the Chatsworth identity at Group level, it will be sad to be moving away from the Chatsworth name directly – a name that is synonymous with businesses in Chesterfield, which itself has close ties to Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, home to the Duke & Duchess of Devonshire. However, as we have worked extremely hard with our customers to make Merlin Business Software the success it has become, it made perfect sense to create a new and striking brand that would help promote the Merlin trademark to a growing and

international customer base.” Merlin’s marketing team, headed by sales and marketing director, Ashley Jones noted: “Having spent over 17 years establishing Merlin as a brand it made sense to focus both product and company identities together to form a single, recognisable and outstanding brand.” Monique Saint, Merlin’s marketing co-ordinator has overseen all of the branding changes. “We knew we were undertaking quite a complex process, in addition to continuing with regular marketing activities. Even so, we knew not to underestimate the work that rebranding requires which has seen changes from the Merlin website, through all marketing materials, stationery, signage, business cards, and even down to updating the logo on our Franking machine. A big thank you to Gary Bradley of Artisan Bytes for his brilliant idea concepts and his help throughout the project.” This bold and exciting rebranding process is set to further enhance Merlin Business Software’s profile, however existing Merlin customers can rest assured that it is business as usual.

aPriori releases latest software platform

aPriori, a provider of product cost management software solutions, has announced the general availability of the latest release of its software platform - aPriori 2012r1.


he new aPriori 2012r1 offers new capabilities and enhancements that expand the platform’s cost optimisation functionality with new baseline processes for manufacturers in automotive, consumer products, industrial equipment and medical equipment. The release also extends aPriori’s enterprise architecture, providing a common consistent view of product costs across an organisation and supporting new international costing capabilities. As a result, discrete manufacturers are able to expand their product cost management efforts to new product lines and plants, improve decision-making in product design, and speed time to market for new products and parts. aPriori’s Product Cost Management software platform is a flexible and powerful

costing engine. It is able to quickly and precisely determine the cost of a part or product by automatically pulling geometric and feature information from a computeraided design (CAD) model and leveraging its intelligent cost models to determine reasonable default inputs once the user has selected the manufacturing process, materials and the factory or region where it will be produced. As a product evolves through the development lifecycle, users have the ability to refine the cost by providing detailed inputs and overriding defaults to create a should-cost for negotiation or a manufacturing estimate. As design changes are made, or new product specs are introduced, aPriori automatically reassesses and provides an updated product cost quickly and easily. Using this new level of cost

114 Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

knowledge, companies can make more informed design and production decisions and significantly reduce product costs throughout the entire product lifecycle. “An enterprise approach to product cost management expands the cost savings impact from a single department or project to the entire product organisation,” said Julie Driscoll, vice president of marketing strategy and product management for aPriori. “This enables employees in every role, on every project to estimate, track and optimise costs as appropriate in their roles. In this latest release, we continue to help our clients realise this vision with expanded costing processes, increased global deployment capabilities and integration with other key business systems that use costs and provide costing inputs.”

For all your fastening needs Whether it’s product design, sourcing or supply, TFC’s expert team caters for every eventuality call now to speak to our expert team

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Fasteners & Fixings Software Merlin Business Software

is a multi-user, fully integrated order processing, stock management and accounting system for Fasteners, Fixings and Ironmongery Stockists.

We were searching for a product that could help us improve every area of our business, from our trade counter to our accounts department. Each area needed to be linked to give our users access to important information quickly, with no fuss and with simple operation... we have found it!

... working in partnership with our customers! Telephone +44 (0)1246 457150

M A N A G E M E N T + SY S T E M S

dk Business Wise Software unveils Solutions to manufacturing module launch new website Experts in stock control and order processing software with over 20 years of experience in their field, Wise Software Limited is looking to build on the success of its latest software offering with additional module releases.

dk Business Solutions Ltd is launching a new website as it continues to establish a firm foothold in the UK.


sked about the new website, Simon Underhill of dk Business Solutions Ltd commented: “The new website is part of a bigger branding strategy we are in the process of implementing at the moment. The online domain has become such an important platform to do business and we simply felt we had not been utilising it to its full potential. We have been planning this marketing effort for the last few months and have finally reached a level where we are very satisfied with what we have got and can’t wait to show it to the rest of the world.” He added: “It is always exciting and indeed important for a business to evaluate its corporate strategies and although we’ve been doing very well in the past couple of years, we felt there was the potential to do even better. This is especially true since we are a technology company and people tend to have higher expectations to them in regards to their websites. I guess the reality is that the brand credibility can be compromised if the website does not meet the customer’s expectations levels.” The new website will provide information about dk Business software and services and will also provide customers with access to manuals, videos and other types of training material. Customers will also be able to interact and receive help from dk Business Software directly through the website. Simon explains: “The website will be connected to our support department where customers can receive help by either logging support queries or allowing the support representative to take control of the screen. Our hope is that this will create a platform where the customers are able to help themselves should they wish to do so and by doing that co-creating value with the customer which in turn should lead to increased customer satisfaction.” Following the launch of the website, dk Business Solutions will have a number of promotional offers and prize draws available on the website.


ollowing the launch of its Version 7 OrderWise Stock Control and Order Processing Software, Wise Software has now unveiled Version 7 Manufacturing. OrderWise Version 7 Manufacturing Software represents a new way for small to medium sized businesses that assemble or manufacture items to control their manufacturing processes. David Hallam, managing director of Wise Software (UK) Ltd explains: “We have spent over 4 years and in excess of £1.8 million developing OrderWise Version 7 and the Manufacturing module is a crucial addition for those companies wanting to easily integrate their manufacturing with their sales demand and stock forecasting benefiting from an end to end commercial software application.” Users of OrderWise Manufacturing are able to define how products are made and which resources are used with the system handling the associated costs. Stock of both components and top level products are traced through the system allowing for greater visibility throughout the manufacturing process and providing accurate lead times for builds. The process itself can be managed and tracked from the start to finish of each build with access to crucial information regarding labour and machinery costs. Providing a detailed cost analysis, this is a vital tool for controlling profit margins. Top level products can even have multiple BOM revisions recorded against them, allowing for customisation and specific customer requirements. Components can also have substitutes recorded against them too, enabling greater flexibility. “No matter the number of processes involved, including any sub-contracting required, OrderWise Manufacturing provides users with all the information they require in an easily accessible format, saving precious time, increasing their productivity and ultimately their profit.”

116 Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

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An easier way to run your business

dk Business Solutions is a fully integrated modular software system that provides businesses with a user-friendly, all-in-one solution for their accounts and ďŹ nances, CRM, inventory and point of sale activities.

Business Solutions Tel: 08449 670997 | |

M A N A G E M E N T + SY S T E M S

EDP stamps out postage costs By using an integrated e-Document solution from EDP, The One Group has automated all of its outgoing documentation processes, reducing its administrative burden by 50%, while simultaneously minimising its carbon footprint and cutting company wide postage costs by £1,500 a month.


ased in Dublin, The One Group consists of a group of 6 companies employing over 100 people with a turnover in excess of 20 million euros, supplying not only Ireland, but companies all over Europe. With all types of fasteners in stock worth over 2 million euros, The One Group is committed to providing a service package that is second to none for the individual needs of customers across the mechanical and electrical, roofing and cladding, construction, engineering, manufacturing and building industries. To help eliminate paper from their administrative procedures and to reduce the number of errors and time taken to perform these processes, the six companies within The One Group use the e-Document solution from EDP to transmit all of their outgoing documentation at the touch of a button. Six business documents; quotations, order

acknowledgements, order despatch notifications, sales invoices, sales credits and statements are setup and processed by the e-Document solution, converted to PDF format and sent out as email attachments. This saves on paper, saves on postage costs and has obvious environmental benefits. In addition, the documentation already carries The One Group corporate identity, so no pre-printed stationery needs to be purchased, generating even more cost savings for the business. Shane O’Neill, sales director, The One Group said: “By automating what were previously labour intensive, errorprone and time consuming tasks, the integrated e-Document solution from EDP has significantly reduced our labour and postage costs, improved information quality and accelerated The One Group’s processes across all six of our businesses.”

New accessories for the CL900 Tablet PC Motion Computing®, a global provider of tablet PCs and supporting mobility solutions, has announced the availability of several new accessories for the CL900 Tablet PC.


CL-Series X-Strap

rom charging and docking solutions to carrying cases, Motion® delivers a variety of peripheral solutions, in addition to purpose-built tablet PCs, which suit the specific needs of today’s mobile workers across a variety of industries.

The CL-Series X-Strap is a simple, lightweight carrying solution. Two flexible straps attach directly to the back of the CL900 Tablet PC, providing users with a secure grip on the tablet, while increasing stability and freedom of movement.

CL-Series ReadyDock™

The CL-Series ReadyDock by Advanced Technical Support (ATS) is a lightweight cabinet that can be configured to store and charge 5, 10 or 15 CL900 Tablet PCs or CL900 SlateMates™. The CL-Series ReadyDock provides users with a configurable and efficient way to house, charge, sync and secure their devices.

CL-Series Micro-HDMI to VGA Adapter

CL-Series Keyboard Portfolio

“The new Motion CL-Series accessories are now available. For more information on availability visit your local Motion website.”

The CL-Series Micro-HDMI to VGA Adapter provides mobile professionals with the ability to connect the CL900 Tablet PC to a projector to display information during presentations, meetings or sales trainings.

The CL-Series Keyboard Portfolio has a built-in easel, which displays the tablet at an ideal viewing angle. A removable Bluetooth® keyboard further increases the device’s functionality and usability.

Infor delivers mobile support application Infor, a provider of business application software, has announced a mobile application for Infor Xtreme Support, providing around-the-clock access to support information for customers.


uilt on the Infor10 Motion platform, the new application enables Infor Xtreme Support customers to personalise their support experience by monitoring critical events, checking support status and receiving notifications about critical steps in support. Infor Xtreme Support Mobile expands the company’s recently introduced Xtreme Support program, which provides a specialised, personalised and proactive support experience designed to keep customers up-and-running on their Infor software. “At Infor, we believe that support has to be about more than reactive incident resolution and software upgrades. We

introduced Xtreme Support because we understand that the speed and quality of the information our applications provide are critical to our customers’ operations and profitability,” said Marylon McGinnis, senior vice president, global support, Infor. “Business does not stand still, and neither do Infor customers. With Infor Xtreme Support Mobile, we are delivering even greater speed, allowing customers to access critical support information from their mobile devices.” Infor Xtreme Support Mobile is available for Xtreme Support customers on the Apple™ iPhone™, and can be downloaded from the AppStore™.

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Build a responsive, adaptable business. The specialist business software solution for fastener & fixing merchants.

Q UANTUM VS Ne xt Gener ation Sof tw ar e

Supplying computer services to merchants for over 45 years, EDP’s Quantum VS delivers the next generation of innovative solutions, enabling you to respond rapidly and efficiently to changing demand.

Optimise business processes. Access unparalleled product information. Identify cross-sell, up-sell and linksell opportunities.

Discover the benefits and impact Quantum VS can have upon your business:

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Guaranteed to reduce your operating costs.


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Solar mounting system for UK roofs An innovative new PV solar mounting system that has been designed in the UK to fit UK roofs is now available to provide a time and cost effective alternative to standard European systems.


he REDtiP solar mounting system includes the first roof hooks designed specifically for UK roofs - there are four stainless steel roof hooks available that are compatible with 80% of UK roof tiles. The system has been introduced by Stainless Threaded Fasteners (STF), a distributor of stainless steel and brass fasteners and is also available through sister company, JCP Construction Products, a specialist supplier of construction fixings to distributors. STF director and general manager, David Jackson, explains: “The PV market is growing as energy prices and awareness of environmental responsibilities continue to rise. It is therefore crucial that installers are able to adapt to increasing demand by not only ensuring that the PV system is top quality but by understanding that the installation process needs to be as efficient as possible too. Nick Beardon, general manager of JCP Construction

Products, added: “Imported roof hooks are designed for European roofs so installers often have to spend valuable time modifying tiles or slate to get the hooks to fit. The clever design of the REDtiP hooks cuts down on-roof adaptations like grinding and reduces the need for costly soakers and flashings. This aids faster, easier installation; saving time and therefore money.” The four REDtiP roof hooks available are suitable for plain tiles, flat interlocking tiles, profiled interlocking tiles and for slates. The hooks can be screwed securely into place, using the especially designed 6mm diameter roof hook screws that reduce the risk of splitting and produce excellent ‘pull out’ results. All of the components within the REDtiP PV mounting system are made of either stainless steel or aluminium and are rust resistant and weatherproof to ensure a durable finish. The aluminium mounting rails are only 3.2 metres in length so fit easily on top of an installation teams’ van.

Non-magnetic brass inserts Yardley Products Corporation, a manufacturer of threaded metal insert fasteners, has been producing non-magnetic brass inserts for use in MRI machines and sensitive electronics equipment for nearly five years.


n addition to being made in the USA, Yardley has reaffirmed its commitment to producing the highest quality non-magnetic metal inserts by upgrading to all new magnetoscope equipment used for testing and quality control of the products. “Standard brass inserts are actually slightly magnetic due to small traces (about 0.2% - 0.4%) of iron in the alloy”, said Tim Bailey, president at Yardley Products. “Our magnetoscope testing equipment allows us to perform a quality check that ensures absolutely zero magnetic material is present in our nonmagnetic fasteners.” There are numerous applications that require the use of nonmagnetic inserts in order to minimise potential RF interference with sensitive electronics and prevent failure. Typical applications

include medical instruments like MRI machines, microwave and cell phone towers, semiconductor protection equipment and devices, aerospace vehicles, robotic assemblies, instrumentation devices, printers/plotters, and laboratory and test equipment. The non-magnetic characteristics (zero magnetic flux density) of the material used by Yardley, produces inserts of the same high quality as those produced with magnetic materials. In addition, the full line of Yardley’s brass threaded metal inserts are available in the non-magnetic variety. Produced on a custom quote basis, Yardley non-magnetic threaded metal insert fasteners are available in a wide range of U.S. and metric sizes and thread configurations.

JCS Tamtorque® an Olympic champion With over 61 years experience of manufacturing worm-drive hose clamps, JCS Hi-Torque Ltd is still going from strength to strength with new innovative products.


CS Hi-Torque Ltd’s range of innovative products includes its JCS Hi-Grip Stainless® hose clamp, with Lloyd’s Type Approval, for the marine industry. The JCS Hi-Torque clamps have become extremely popular for sealing wire-reinforced hoses in the marine, offshore and industrial markets due to their incredible strength. However, JCS Hi-Torque says that the star product of its Hi-Torque clamp family is the JCS Tamtorque® sign fixing clamps. Used for fixing signs, banners, waste bins, securing lighting control boxes and even fixing speed cameras, Tamtorque® clamps have been specified for fixing banners and signs at the Olympic Games this summer in the UK. Tamtorque® sign fixing clamps have already been used to promote the Games in London by clamping advertising banners across the city. Due to their ease of assembly and removal they will be used also to promote and guide visitors to the later Paralympics Games to be held later in the year and help keep the costs down. “Tamtorque® with its patented buckle and tamper resistant screw is now used across the world where its strength and ease, as well as speed of assembly, have considerably reduced the cost of sign fixing.”

120 Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012


• Meets industry specs • Significant cost savings • Customized service Contact us to learn more about our full line of bulk microcap materials. Licenses available.


Saint-Gobain launches SolarBond® ReadyFrame To help module manufacturers remain competitive in today’s highly volatile solar market, Saint-Gobain Solar is launching at Intersolar Europe 2012 its SolarBond® ReadyFrame solution for cost effective module framing.


olarBond® ReadyFrame is a custom tape-in-frame solution designed to streamline the module framing process by removing the extra steps needed to add a sealant or a tape to the frame. Saint-Gobain states that this will help manufacturers boost cost-savings, operational efficiency and sustainability on the line. “We created SolarBond® ReadyFrame to provide small-to-medium module manufacturers with a cost-effective framing solution that delivers a high-quality product quickly, easily and without making changes to their existing production line,” said Geoffrey King, market manager, renewable energy, Saint-Gobain Solar. “With a new innovation under our belt, we’re looking forward to a productive show.” In addition to the launch of SolarBond® ReadyFrame, Saint-Gobain Solar will showcase other offerings from its SolarBond® portfolio. SolarBond® InFrame, an intelligent, innovative and instant solution for solar module manufacturing, will be on display. The unique foamable material, which is applied warm in a single continuous motion, ensures both accuracy and high bonding strength immediately after contact with the frame. SolarBond® Frame Tapes will also be exhibited. The tapes provide a UL listed and TÜV certified solution to reducing labour costs, material waste and the downtime associated with curing silicone sealants.

Sheet to sheet attachment without screws New microPEM™ TackPin™ (Type T™) fasteners for compact electronic assemblies enable sheet-to-sheet attachment, replacing costly screw installation in applications where disassembly is not required.


he use of the new microPEM™ TackPin™ (Type T™) eliminates typical screw related issues including tapping, cross-threading, torque control, and vibration backout, with the product offering quicker and easier installation with minimal hardware. Among notable applications, these aluminium fasteners can be specified to attach super-thin membranes to very thin cosmetic substrates, such as keyboards. The fastener’s low profile head provides cosmetic benefits. Type T microPEM TackPin fasteners install by first preparing properly sized mounting holes in the sheet to be attached and the base panel. After inserting the fastener into these holes, the fastener is pressed into place. The fastener clinches into the base panel and the fastener’s head subsequently holds the top sheet (as thin as 0.2mm) firmly and permanently in place. The base panel can be as hard as HRB 45 or less on the Rockwell “B” scale and should be at least 0.89mm in thickness for blind holes or 0.5mm in thickness for thru holes. Upon installation, loosening due to vibration or other factors is not a concern. During the process, the fastener’s tapered tip assists in location, an interference fit eliminates hole-tolerance issues, and the self-clinching action results in full 360º metal contact. The fasteners can be installed automatically for high-volume applications. New Type T microPEM TackPin fasteners are RoHS compliant and detailed specifications, CAD models, and performance data (Bulletin T) can be accessed online.

Mount panels on any surface G&B Fissaggi, based in Turin, Italy, says that its GB-SolarBLOCK can lay photovoltaic panels on any surface and at any angle thanks to its patented mounting bracket.


&B Fissaggi highlights that its GB-SolarBLOCK is a universal and versatile system that can offer up to 30% cost savings. The GB-SolarBLOCK has a 20 year guarantee for UVA exposure (test report EQI and TÜV) and thanks to its very high tearing resistance offers maximum security and durability.

122 Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

Exhibition for Fastener and Fixing Technology

American and British

inch sized screws USA - fasteners

Screw thread types:

Over 30 years experience in trading and in supplying customers with inch sized fastening items. Don´t hesitate to ask us – We shall be pleased to help you.

Peter Schröder GmbH Silcherstr. 38 • D-74172 Neckarsulm Telephone: +49 (0) 71 32/99 60-0 Facsimile: +49 (0) 71 32/99 60-60

Full of energy and ready for business.

There’s no better way to approach this

exciting emerging market! Book and your st now!

Fasteners for solar technology. The Lederer solar product spectrum supplies all of the elements that manufacturers and wholesalers are seeking for the safe assembly and long-lasting utilisation of photovoltaic and solar heat appliances.

Up on the roof with Lederer. This should at least be the guiding principle when you are choosing a partner for fastening elements and technologies – especially when not only quality, but also service, reliability and added value play a part in your business relationships.

17 – 18 April 2013 Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai

The name Lederer stands for experience – now for more than 40 years – and ongoing product development in the stainless steel fasteners market.

For further information, please contact Inter Ads - Brooks Exhibitions International Office: Tel: +44 (0) 1727 814 400 Email: India Office: Tel: +91 (0) 124 452 4207 Email:


Practical aid to the photovoltaic industry To make the use of photovoltaic plants attractive and profitable for users, the modules must deliver high quality and a long service life. This is only feasible if all components within the module meet high quality standards.


n example of this high quality and long service life is the firm bonding of the frame that holds the modules together. Lohmann GmbH & Co KG has introduced a framing tape, DuploCOLL adhesive tape, which can be used when the module is assembled to produce a strong and long lasting bond between the frame and the module. DuploCOLL is a double-sided adhesive that can be applied by fully automated or manual processes. Lohmann has been involved in the photovoltaic industry for decades and develops not only individual bonding solutions but also automated application tools. For example, the building and renewable energies market segment has developed a spool-unwinder to apply the framing tape manually. It consists of a mobile or stationary unit housing the adhesive tape spool. The tape is attached to the associated manual applicator and flexibly affixed to the module frame. In this way, the spool-unwinder enables simplified application and improved ease of handling. Lohmann highlights that another advantage of the new unwinder is the use of the spool. In contrast to a roll, which holds just 50m - 100m of adhesive tape, a spool can take 1,400m of tape. This difference in length makes it clear how efficient the spool-unwinder is to work with – there is no need for frequent changes of roll, minimising the time and effort required. “The spool-unwinder is available in two models, as a stationary or a mobile unit. Both versions have tension-free tape application, making it easy to unroll the tape. Whatever the application, the customer then obtains an effective individual solution to bond framed photovoltaic modules.”

Ornit shows its strengths Proper sub-structures and accurate installations are key success factors in solar panels being a cost effective, resource saving, alternative energy supply. This means that effective fastening of solar panels is becoming of prime importance to installers and users.


rnit Blind Rivets offers a range of possible rivet based solutions to address this issue. Solar panels are attached onto metal frames and these frames are fixed onto roofs or on other weatherproof exposed surfaces made of various material types such as concrete, tiles or corrugated iron. As a result the joints require different performance characteristics from the fasteners, but it is essential that the fasteners create joints strong enough to resist the wind force. Ornit’s structural and multi grip rivets are able to handle these strict joint requirements. Ornit’s solution for the steel frame structures are the high strength, structural rivets Stelock, Steelfix, Orlock, Super Orlock, Or-Bolt and Ornilock – 4.8mm, 6.4mm, 6.5mm and 7.8mm. Ornit highlights that these powerful breakstem fasteners are ideal for this application due to their exceptional shear and tensile strengths, which create a vibration resistant joint. They are also available in a range of corrosive resistant materials - steel, stainless steel and aluminium, so the end-user may chose the material most suited to their roof type. In addition, Ornit’s peel rivet, TPR, designed especially for roof fixtures, is vibration resistant with enhanced shear values, making it suitable for fixing steel frames to corrugated-iron rooftops. Ornit’s extensive product range offers solutions for many application types and its R&D department is always looking to design and improve products for the end-user.

Honda Yuasa chooses Amber Composites Amber Composites has announced that it has been chosen as the prepreg provider for the Honda Yuasa Racing Team in the 2012 British Touring Car Championship (BTCC).


he Honda Racing BTCC car uses Amber prepreg for a wide variety of structural and body parts, including the front crash structure, side impact panels, door panels, under body floor and more. “Continuing the technical collaboration started in 2011 with Amber Composites is of great benefit to the Honda Racing BTCC team. It allows us to continue to use Amber’s wide range of high quality composite materials throughout the production of our car and associated parts, and lets us call upon Amber’s experience for advice on product usage in patterns, tooling, and the production of parts themselves,” said Peter Crolla, team manager, Team Dynamics Motorsport Ltd. “We’re very pleased to continue our partnership with the Honda Yuasa BTCC team,” said Adrian Hughes, market sector manager motorsport and automotive at Amber Composites. “Their quality and professionalism is evident both on the track and behind the scenes, and we’re proud to be working with them.”

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All batches are delivered with test report according ISO 14589. Goebel ensures / guarantees the quality. Simply and safely to handle.

w w w . b l i n d n i e t e . o r g


Faster rotor blade bonding The energy turnaround and the push to expand renewable energy generation is posing major challenges for manufacturers of wind energy plants. To ensure economic viability, efforts are focusing first on improving the availability and productivity of existing production facilities.


enkel says that the use of new material technologies is making an important contribution to this, especially in rotor blade production. Traditionally, blade shells and spars have been bonded using two-component epoxy resins. While these materials reliably meet the extremely high mechanical specifications, they are rapidly reaching their limits when it comes to the automation of manufacturing processes. Henkel’s newly developed polyurethane adhesive - Macroplast UK 1340, is a PUR adhesive that satisfies the specific mechanical requirements for use in the wind power industry and, on top of this, makes rotor blade production more efficient.

Higher capacity utilisation through faster curing Henkel highlights that one of the major benefits offered by Macroplast UK 1340 is its accelerated cure speed. Since it is not only highly reactive but also produces less reaction heat, this two component adhesive considerably reduces both the duration and the temperature of the cure phase. Extensive tests have shown that substantial reductions can be achieved in bonding and tempering times. The lower cure temperature also has a positive impact on energy consumption in addition to reducing the risk of stress cracking due to excessive thermal loading. Heat sensitive foam inserts also remain unaffected.

GL approved and IWES tested Macroplast UK 1340 fulfils all the key parameters specified by Germanischer Lloyd (GL) and Henkel says it is the first PUR adhesive in the world to have obtained GL approval. GL’s requirements for the adhesive primarily relate to its tensile shear strength, resistance to aging, creep behaviour and glass transition. Further evidence of the functional capabilities and fatigue strength of the processed adhesive was recently furnished when it successfully passed load tests performed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology (IWES). In a long term test lasting some four months, an ENERCON rotor blade bonded with Macroplast UK 1340 was subjected in Bremerhaven to stresses and strains that would normally occur over a period of 20 years. The bonded joints of the 40 meter long blade passed the static and dynamic tests specified in the IEC 61400-23 standard to determine the rated load and fatigue behaviour of the blade. The test criteria specified for approval of wind energy plants were met without any problems. ENERCON’s own specifications were also satisfied in this blade test.

Adams Established 1806 Allthread Since 1958 Din 934 & ISO 4032 Full nuts upto M100 Grades 8/10/12 Din 936 Locknuts upto M100 Din 7967 Pal nuts upto M36 Din 1587 Dome nuts upto M36 Din 935 Castle/Slotted nuts upto M48 Imperial Fullnuts & Locknuts upto 3” Diameter All the above available in Self colour, Zinc plated, Galvanized oversize and ISO fit, Sherardized and Dacromet finishes. All metric nuts available with 3.1B test certificates Phone +44 (0) 121 556 1774 Fax +44 (0) 121 556 5045 Alexandra Works, Potters Lane, Wednesbury, West Midlands. WS10 7LH UK

4.8 M8-M36 8.8 M8-M64 10.9 M12-M52 12.9 M12-M30 Self colour, Zinc Plated, Galvanized and Sherardized finishes. All with 3.1B Test Certificates Din 6334 Connector nuts M10-M36 Phone +44 (0) 121 522 2945 Fax + 44 (0) 121 522 2933 Unit 30, Charles Street, West Bromwich, West Midlands B70 0AY UK

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DIN 975/6 Studding available

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RCF Bolt and Nut Co. (Tipton) Limited UK Manufacturers of Hot Forged Fasteners in all materials OVER 30 YEARS OF KNOWLEDGE IN THE CONSTRUCTION, RAIL AND WATER INDUSTRIES

✔ ½” – 2” ✔ M10 - M64 in 4.6/8.8/10.9 and 12.9 ✔ M10 – M39 in A2 and A4 ✔ Hex Bolts ✔ Square Head Bolts ✔ Square Square Bolts ✔ Sag Bolts ✔ Tie Bars ✔ ‘J’ Bolts ✔ HSFG

✔ Indented Foundation Bolts ✔ Countersunk Bolts ✔ Socket Cap Bolts We can also manufacture one-off specials to drawings to meet special requirements.

Email: Web: Tel: 0121 522 2353 Fax: 0121 522 2304 Address: RCF Bolt and Nut Co. (Tipton) Limited, Park Lane East, Tipton, West Midlands DY4 8RF

Stockists and Distributors of all types of Fixings and Fasteners in a Galvanized finish!

SUPPLYING SINCE 1991 Hexagon Sets DIN 933 Hexagon Bolts DIN 931 Allthread DIN 975/6 Socket Countersunk DIN 7991 Slotted Countersunk DIN 963 Socket Buttons ISO 7380 Hexagon Coachscrews DIN 571 ✔ Cup Square DIN 603

✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

Hexagon Nylocs DIN 985 ‘T’ Roofing Bolts Nuts All Types Washers A, E, F, G, Penny, Spring, Square, Taper and Repair

Email: Web: Tel: 0121 557 0525 Fax: 0121 557 4621 Address: GSS Fasteners Ltd, Park Lane East, Tipton, West Midlands DY4 8RF


The new Nord-Lock wheel nut helps save lives Conventional wheel nuts used on heavy vehicles loosen. This unfortunate and long-standing truth has resulted in wheels dislodging and causing traffic accidents involving property damage, personal injuries and, in the worst case, fatalities. Furthermore, productivity, delivery efficiency and operating costs are negatively affected. The new Nord-Lock wheel nut effectively eliminates unintentional loosening of wheel nuts, the main cause of this problem. Wheel detachment: a widespread and dangerous problem


n the United Kingdom alone there are up to 400 wheel detachments from heavy trucks every year. Of these, on average, there are 134 accidents involving vehicle/ property damage, 27 injuries and up to seven fatalities (according to a 2006 report commissioned by the United Kingdom Department of Transport). In the United States of America, the National Transportation Safety Board reports that wheel detachments occur at an estimated rate of 1,000 per year - almost three a day - resulting in about 20 accidents per week. In other countries, wheel loss occurs at comparable rates.

Even when the wheel does not become dislodged, loose wheel nuts can: • Jeopardise delivery efficiency and vehicle productivity. • Increase fuel consumption and tyre wear due to the effects of unbalanced wheels. • Increase spare parts costs due to increased wear of the wheel assembly. • Increase operational costs from damage, repair and possible fines or insurance claims. • Damage the image and safety record of the vehicle owner.

The simple and cost effective way to make wheels safe The Nord-Lock wheel nut safely secures wheels by maintaining a high clamp force even under severe operating conditions. Each nut incorporates a pair of washers that have cam faces on one side, with a cam angle ‘α‘ greater than the thread pitch ‘β’. On the opposite side there are radial teeth. When the wheel nut is tightened, the teeth of the Nord-Lock washers grip and lock the mating surfaces, allowing movement only across the cam faces. Any rotation of the wheel nut is blocked by the wedge effect of the cams. Once tightened, the Nord-Lock wheel nut cannot loosen by itself.

Proven in tests The product has been thoroughly tested in laboratories as well as under extreme and normal operating conditions. In all tests, the Nord-Lock wheel nut safely secured all wheel joints with no signs of rotation or loosening. Independent comparative testing was performed during 2009 in the laboratories of IMA, a leading material testing and research institute in Germany. In their series of tests, it achieved outstanding performance compared with conventional wheel nuts. Go to the Safe-Wheels website to see the real effects of wheel loosening and the test results for Nord-Lock wheel nut.

128 Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012


All taped up In order to safely and effectively bond substrates to ensure robust and consistent performance, it is crucial that the most suitable fastening system is selected for the application. Here 3M looks at the benefits of tape adhesives compared to traditional mechanical fasteners.


hilst mechanical fastenings have provided satisfactory results for many decades, it is becoming apparent that there are more and more scenarios where they no longer offer the most effective solution – for example, where speed is of the essence, appearance cannot be compromised, or the influence of the elements is greater than usual. As alternative media solutions develop and become more easily accessible, new methods of fixing are coming to the fore. Tape adhesives in particular are seeing increased usage through their inherent performance advantages over mechanical or fusion fastening.

Mechanical fastenings vs tape adhesives

Although traditionally popular, there are many downsides to using mechanical fastenings. The application process, for example, can be highly time and labour intensive and also requires the drilling of holes which can cause leaks or weaken the substrate (although some modern products get round this). Mechanical fixings are also often visible, marring the final appearance. Mechanical fixings also do not offer anything in regard to sealing, leaving the substrate open to the elements – water penetration, for example – if outdoors or in aggressive environments. Finally, the use of mechanical fixings creates points of stress around each fixing – the stress is not evenly spread across the surface, meaning that the failure of a single mechanical fixing can potentially be very dangerous.

In contrast to mechanical fastenings, tape adhesives offer aesthetic advantages, with cleaner lines and no protruding nails, rivets or weld marks, while their flexibility and durability frequently ensures consistent performance long after mechanical fixings start to loosen or fail. They are generally quicker and easier to apply than mechanical fastening systems as they offer simultaneous bond and seal, aid the uniform distribution of stress throughout the cladded surface, and do not require the drilling of holes, leaving the substrate intact. Adhesives tapes offer excellent resistance against the elements and most importantly bond to a variety of materials, including metals, sealed wood, glass, plastics, composites, paints and powder coatings. They are conformable to allow a perfect bond line between two surfaces with no air bubbles, preventing the ingress of dirt and moisture. Furthermore, the surface preparation and product application process could hardly be simpler. Usually, the tape is manually applied to the clean, dry substrate and pressure placed on the area with a hand roller. The liner is then removed and the second substrate added. Further pressure is then applied to the bond areas, with 50 percent bond strength achievable within 10 minutes, and full strength in 72 hours; far quicker than by using traditional methods and less affected by the elements and other external factors. Given the speed of application, costs are further minimised in this area too.


The growth of lightweight composite materials Here bigHead Bonding Fasteners Ltd, based in Dorset, UK, looks at the development of lightweight composite materials and how it is contributing to the growth of bonding fasteners.


he development of composites and plastics and their migration into applications habitually dominated by traditional materials such as wood and metal has been significant. Lighter, stronger, versatile and more mechanically stable, modern composite materials have found a home in almost every industrial sector. The issue of reducing weight or ‘light-weighting’ has become central to innovation in the automotive sector. High oil prices and increasing regulatory pressure to reduce carbon emissions will only enhance this trend. Initially, lightweight composite materials such as carbon fibre were only used in very high end applications such as aerospace and super cars, as costs were very high and production processes slow. Increasingly, major car makers are introducing carbon fibre into their luxury models and many are examining ways to replace structural elements traditionally made in heavier metal with lightweight carbon fibre. As the volumes of carbon fibre production increases, the costs will fall and the number of applications in premium and standard car models will increase. The expansion of carbon fibre and other lightweight composite materials presents challenges as well as opportunities. One of the key challenges is how to securely fasten to such materials. Traditional fastening systems designed for sheet metal, such as rivets, bolts and clinched fixings are incompatible with carbon fibre. Increasingly therefore, design engineers are turning to bonding and bonding fasteners as a solution. Interestingly, this is exactly how design engineers solved the same problem in the 1970s when GRP became a popular material.

“ T he issue of reducing weight or ‘light-weighting’ has become central to innovation in the automotive sector.” The development of the bonding fastener Bonding fasteners were invented by bigHead in 1966 to solve a fastening problem that traditional fasteners could not; how to achieve a strong mechanical fastening in a composite material, such as GRP. bigHead came up with the unique bigHead bonding fastener design; a fixing, such as a threaded stud or collar, is welded to a flat perforated head which is embedded in the composite material.

132 Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

The perforated head helps spread the load directly into the composite material while the welding process means there is an almost infinite variety of fixings that can be used. Like all the best inventions it was simple and effective but also versatile in solving a problem. In its 45 year history bigHead has made over 5,000 types of bigHead bonding fasteners for specific customer applications, and customers show no sign of diminishing their need for flexible design. The growth in performance and acceptance of adhesives has gone hand in glove with the growth of bonding fasteners. Whereas the original bonding fasteners were embedded in the GRP when laid up or formed, most manufacturers today surface bond bigHead fasteners with adhesive. The perforated head allows the adhesive to flow through and lock the fastener in position when cured. A substrate like carbon fibre is left undamaged and the load continues to be effectively spread through the perforated head and adhesive to the substrate. The expansion and refinement of adhesives continues to broaden the scope and range of bonding fasteners across many industries.

From prototype to production The phrase ‘time is money’ has never been truer, whether for the assembly of a car or the construction of a building. Streamlining a production process has therefore become a critical factor for success. bigHead typically supplies Tier 1 and Tier 2 sub-assembly manufacturers who provide completed modules to their customers for final assembly. By integrating the bonding fasteners within their module, Tier 1 and 2 suppliers help their customers streamline final assembly. In this streamlined process simple product design and reliability have become even more critical. As bonding fasteners become integral to the product they are bonded to, the strength and reliability of the welding technology that forms the bigHead is of central importance. The bigHead welding technology also enables an enormous range of different bigHead fasteners to be made quickly and reliably, and often in small runs to support customer prototyping and testing. bigHead can test fasteners for specific applications and provide customers with critical data to help them optimise design and performance. bigHead’s automated welding technology is designed to ensure a perfect weld

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Berardi Bullonerie can supply special parts based on the drawing of the customer in order to meet any kind of screw, bolt and nut requirement which is not envisaged by the unified regulations. Our internal technical department can offer the necessary advice to support the customer in the choice of the most suitable technical solution for each single need thanks to: The execution of specific drawings The search for qualified suppliers A complete range of thermal and superficial treatments Guaranteed execution times and tailored quality control The issue of technical certificates Product stock design management with scheduled deliveries




High Quality Disc Springs from the world market leader Mubea Disc Spring Product Overview ▪ Disc springs according to DIN 2093 (Group 1, 2 and 3) ▪ Disc springs according to Mubea Factory Standards ▪ Disc springs according to customer requirements ▪ Special springs ▪ Disc springs stacks / assemblies / components Mubea UK Ltd.

Mubea Tellerfedern GmbH

Unit 1 Charter Gate Clayfield Close Moulton Park Industrial Estate Northampton NN3 6QF GB Tel.: +44 1604 790 600 E-Mail:

Tel.: +49 2743 806 0 E-Mail:

P.O. Box 120 57564 Daaden Germany

A P P L I C AT I O N T E C H N O LO G Y every time. By utilising multiple high energy cyclic pulses together with a high compression force for each weld they can guarantee maximum fusion occurs, all within a fully controlled environment. Each weld is very closely monitored during the production process to ensure all set parameters are met and the optimum weld is achieved, resulting in a low stress, crack-free crystalline structure to the finished weld. A standard measure used to assess the control and consistency of the weld is the number of bigHeads per million that were shipped with a defective weld. The average PPM rate since 2009 has been 1.33ppm. To support this high level of consistency bigHead is committed to continuous improvement and Lean Manufacturing. Data is analysed to streamline operations and reduce inefficiency. This ensures the service to customers is accurate, responsive and flexible.

Automotive bigHeads are used in cabin panels, interior trim, external cladding, bumpers, moulded panels, light clusters, seating, anchor points, and many other applications. They are used in many of the world’s leading automotive companies such as Aston Martin, Bentley, Lotus, McLaren, Ford, Audi, VW, Mercedes, Jaguar Land Rover and JCB, as well as numerous kit car manufacturers and enthusiasts. bigHead is a BMW approved supplier to Rolls Royce Motors. As the automotive market is investing particularly heavily in lightweight materials, bigHead is continuing to see an extension of demand from supercars to premium and luxury cars as lightweight materials such as carbon fibre extend their penetration. Aston Martin is a good example of a super car application. The carbon fibre diffusers on Aston Martins are attached with bigHead fasteners and a structural adhesive (pictured below). Discrete and very strong, the bigHead fasteners are surface bonded on the inside of the diffuser. Completely invisible they require no rivets or drill holes. Due to the unique design of the perforated ‘head’, the glue flows through the holes and locks the fastener into position, achieving high stability and strength. Bonded in position by the Tier 1 supplier to Aston Martin the diffuser is ready for final assembly.

carbon fibre and other composite materials in the most severe marine environments. For many years bigHeads have been found in many of the world’s leading boats such as Sunseeker yachts, Lasers and RNLI lifeboats. bigHead has also seen an increase in the use of bonding as an alternative to welding in marine environments as welding can lead to weakness through corrosion. Offshore oil and gas platforms for example have started to implement adhesive bonding as an effective alternative to welding.

Construction bigHeads are used to secure interior panels, exterior cladding, moulded panels, light clusters, seating, anchor points, and in many other applications. bigHeads are particularly good for discretely fixing thin panels where traditional drilled fixings are incompatible. Product tests show that bigHead fasteners withstand very high loads. Computer design and the proliferation of new materials have challenged traditional building fixing systems that relied on masonry and timber produced in large cross-section. Some buildings such as Cloud Nine in Spain use lightweight composite materials as cladding. In the picture below the curved cladding panels are held in position by bigHeads surface bonded on the inside of the panel.

Made in UK

Marine bigHeads are used to secure cabin panels, engine room insulation, interior furnishings, deck fixings, light clusters, and in many other applications. Made of 316 stainless steel, bigHeads are ideally suited to provide high load bearing fixings to GRP,

134 Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

bigHead fasteners are made in the UK, at the factory in Bournemouth, Dorset. This ensures total control of product and process quality and a flexible service to customers. It is many manufacturers’ experience that low cost imports and overseas copies can actually increase production costs, with inconsistent quality leading to costly re-work and dissatisfied customers. bigHead continues to invest in process improvement and Lean Manufacturing but also in innovation. bigHead is working with MAS, Bath University and UWE on several projects to ensure its product and designs solutions remain innovative and relevant. bigHead is also working with world leading partners in composites and adhesives, such as ITW Plexus and 3M, to ensure that customers receive the best guidance and ultimately the best solution to their fastening challenges.

PRECISION TURNED PARTS If you have a problem fIndIng specIalIst screws, If you can’t fInd them, If no one else can help, maybe you should hIre...

• Medium / High volume • Up to 25mm diameter • CNC & Cam Automatics • Ultrasonic cleaning

• 20 years of expertise • Extensive stocks • Speedy delivery

Autonic Engineering Co Ltd

• Experts in sourcing ‘hard to find’ items Stock catalogue out now


Salisbury Road, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, EN11 0HU Tel: +44 (0)1992 471 101 Fax: +44 (0)1992 471 102 Email:

T: +44 (0)1902 791880 F: +44 (0)1902 791884 E: W: Units 13 & 16, Four Ashes Industrial Estate, Station Road, Four Ashes, Wolverhampton WV10 7DB, UK.

Fastener manufacturer and stockist

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Tri-Step™ - A step change in the design of threaded inserts for plastics The automotive industry is constantly looking to reduce weight to improve performance, fuel consumption and vehicle range. Previously the focus has been on large components offering significant weight reduction; however, attention has filtered through to small components, including fasteners.


SM International was challenged by one of its major OEM customers to develop a new range of heat installed inserts for plastics that would reduce weight, whilst providing a similar level of performance to the brass inserts they currently use. For good measure the customer also requested both a product and in-place cost reduction. This request required PSM International to adopt a ‘blank sheet’ approach to insert design and manufacture. Traditionally inserts for plastics have been made from brass and manufactured using single spindle and multi-spindle automatic lathes. The PSM design team set the following design objectives: • High pull-out resistance. • High direct torque resistance. • High thread strength – 70% safety margin when used with grade 8.8 bolts. • A large insert bearing surface to prevent torque induced jack-out. • A moulded hole in the host plastic that is easy to produce and measure. • Excellent location properties to aid automatic installation. • Plastic flash free insertion. • Excellent inserted height tolerance capability. • Good insert orientation for auto feeding. • Insertion cycle time reduction. • Weight reduction. • Product and in-place cost reduction. The PSM team started with material selection - titanium, plastic and aluminium were the three materials considered. Titanium although having an excellent strength to weight ration was quickly ruled out due to material and manufacturing costs. On investigation it was found that plastic had previously been used to manufacturer threaded fasteners. However, the automotive industry had not readily adopted them, largely due to their low thread strength and thread creep limitations. Also the method of assembly had been largely limited to self tapping and plastic welding of high glass filled fasteners manufactured from the same plastic as the host moulding. PSM considered the use of thermosetting plastics due to their high strength and greater

136 Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

resistance to thread creep. However, high volume manufacturing of threaded fasteners proved both complex and expensive. Recycling thermosetting plastic from the host thermoplastic host moulding was also considered to be a major drawback. Aluminium being one third of the weight of brass and steel ticked the weight reduction objective and was available in strength grades similar to brass. PSM consulted an expert in aluminium, which turned out to be a very wise decision. Aluminium material selection is quite complex, it is available in a number of alloy types, 2000, 5000, 6000 and 7000 series being the most widely used for high strength load bearing applications. Considering tensile and yield strength, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance and very importantly method of manufacture, PSM chose both a 5000 and a 6000 series alloy for its new inserts for plastic range. The final alloy selection is dependent on the application, method of installation and method of manufacture. The PSM team then looked at alternative methods of manufacture to bar turning to reduce cost. Die-casting, stamping, sintering and cold forming were all considered. Of the four options, cold forming was deemed to be the best alternative process due to its reduced manufacturing cycle time, high material utilisation and that both 5000 and 6000 series aluminium could be cold formed. However, cold forming has limitations compared to bar turning and these had to be factored into the new design. Also cold forming has high initial tooling costs that tend to limit the process to very high volume production. As a result, bar turning was still viewed as being a viable process for lower volume orders and complex insert geometries not ideally suited to cold forming. PSM International has been designing inserts for plastics since the 1970s, with the previously patented Sonic-Lok design, still a widely used insert around the world today. The SonicLok and the majority of the PSM insert range have parallel diameters designed to suit a mating parallel hole with typically a 1° draft angle taper. The key benefit of this combination is good performance without creating plastic flash or insert ‘spring back’ after installation. An alternative tapered design has the benefit of improved location when inserts are automatically installed, however it does suffer from plastic flash and ‘spring back’. The PSM design team wanted to create a new insert that combined the benefits of both parallel

and tapered designs. A three stepped insert design evolved with the mid-point of each parallel diameter following a taper. The mating hole in the plastic also followed the same stepped profile but at smaller diameters, designed to create the necessary interference during heat insertion. By carefully selecting the difference in diameter between the steps, says PSM, the small leading insert diameter had a large clearance with the large top hole diameter, providing excellent location. With this design the two leading insert diameters were also a free fit with the top two moulded hole diameters, providing excellent alignment and location. As a result, during heat insertion the insert travel is less than one third of the total insert length. The PSM design team had developed a Sonic-Lok replacement, with the location and alignment properties of a tapered insert but with all of the benefits of parallel hole technology. The new aluminium Tri-Step insert had met all of its design objectives and gave the following key benefits: • Equivalent pull-out and direct torque resistance to brass designs. • 66% weight reduction. • Excellent location and alignment. • Typically a 20% cost saving compared with equivalent brass inserts. • Typically a two second insertion time saving compared with tapered brass inserts. • Lead free.

PSM states that the new Tri-Step has been well received by both OEMs and Tier 1 & 2 moulders and is currently being specified on a number of new automotive projects. Feedback from the market was that in addition to the oversize aluminium range of Tri-Step, a thin walled reduced diameter range was required for less demanding applications and for areas where space was limited. PSM therefore introduced a thin-walled range, available in thread sizes M2 - M8, in two standard lengths and available in a variety of materials. Both Tri-Step designs are protected by a granted UK patent and a PCT international patent application that is currently progressing through the foreign country stages.

Sheet Metal Fasteners

Inserts for plastics



PSM International Ferry Lane, Pembroke, South Wales, SA71 4RE, United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 1646 683 501 • Fax: +44 (0) 1646 687 251 email: • web:


Norbar moves to expand Norbar Torque Tools is to move to a new 16,000 square metres production site, over three times larger than its existing factory. This is to expand manufacturing output and so deal with increased demand for its precision engineering products, 75% of which are exported worldwide to over 100 countries.


he company is remaining in Banbury, Oxfordshire, where it has been established since its launch in the 1940s, demonstrating continuing commitment to the town and its workforce, most of whom live locally. Norbar is a family run company and a specialist in the design, development and production of torque tightening and measuring equipment. There are Norbar sales companies in Australia, China, India, New Zealand, Singapore and the USA, but manufacturing is carried out in Banbury, where Norbar produces products for applying torque and also for measuring torque. Managing director Neill Brodey explained that Norbar is strongly committed to continuing to manufacture in the UK. “This is our fourth location within Banbury. Our last move was in 1984, which we managed over an Easter weekend. This time it will be a phased operation lasting until 2014, involving the relocation of large sophisticated machines and highly sensitive calibration equipment for our UKAS accredited torque laboratory.”

He adds: “This is an important stage in our growth plans because the size of our current premises is inhibiting development. We also see opportunities to reduce lead times by making a greater proportion of components under our own roof. The move is essential for us to meet increased demand and, while it has taken a long time to find the right premises, we are delighted that our determination to relocate locally has paid off.” Norbar plans to increase its current 240 strong workforce by up to 30 new employees this year and further recruitment is planned as the changeover gathers pace. In June 2012, a quarter of Norbar’s workforce will move to the new factory in Wildmere Road, about 1.5 miles from its current premises, with torque wrench assembly being the first production team to relocate. This will create more space within the current factory for the installation of more machine tools used in the production of Norbar Pneutorque® and Handtorque™ torque multipliers.

GEDORE DREMASTER receives red dot award After an evaluation process lasting several days GEDORE has received one of the coveted red dot awards, assigned by a 30-member expert jury. Creative heads and manufacturers from all over the world had submitted 4,515 designs altogether to the renowned product competition. With its high design quality, GEDORE’s DREMASTER inspired the experts and received the globally sought-after red dot for its fine design language in the product category.


he presentation of the internationally renowned quality seal will take place in the course of the red dot gala in July. Afterwards, the DREMASTER will be on display at a four week special exhibition in the red dot design museum. The GEDORE DREMASTER is a sturdy steel tube torque wrench with square drive and integrated ratchet for applications in the industry and trades. The wrench is distinctly designed for safe and secure accuracy. GEDORE highlights that a special feature is that the user can only read one unit of measurement at a time avoiding errors and confusion. Professor Dr. Peter Zec, initiator and CEO of the red dot design award, pointed to the high quality level of the competition: “The most distinguished products of the respective branch of industry faced up not only to the tough competition this year again, but also to the critical eye of the jury. The experts thoroughly examined, tested and evaluated each individual entry applying the highest standards. With their performances, the laureates did not only demonstrate an extraordinary design quality but they also showed that design is an integral part of innovative product solutions. At this high level, the winners are able to increase their potential for success on the market considerably by purposefully using our design prize.”

The new RIV905 The hydraulic hand tool - RIV905 - is designed to place RIVSERT threaded female rivet nuts from M3 to M12 and RIVBOLT threaded male rivet nut from M4 to M8. Due to its high setting force, the RIV905 is also able to place high-strength blind rivet nuts.


ivit Srl explains that the RIV905, which has a tool stroke of 9mm (0.38 inches), is simple to operate and easy to handle with users able to place blind rivet nuts and blind rivet studs with a left-handed thread. The tool’s maximum setting force is 25,000N, however it is easy to steplessly adjust the setting force from 1,000N to 25,000N. In order to adjust the setting force according to the diameter of the blind rivet nut/stud to be placed, the user simply adjusts the pin at the back of the tool with an Allen wrench. They turn counter-clockwise to reduce the setting force and clockwise to increase the setting force. A pressure relief valve guarantees that the tool stops when reaching the adjusted setting force. A nosepiece extended by 90mm (3.8 inches) in also available on request.

138 Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012


New wrench for torque and angle Stahwille, a German hand tool specialist based in Wuppertal, says that its new Manoskop 714 unites the advantages of its electromechanical torque wrenches, and the accuracy of its angle-controlled tools, with the convenience of a user-friendly software solution for configuring the tool and managing users.


oth in the clicking and indicating modes of the new Manoskop 714 – with optional display of the peak hold reading – the tightening method for each joint can be selected from a combination of torque and/or angle-controlled measurement. For each operating mode, the user can choose between four possible measuring methods (torque, angle, torque/angle, angle/torque). The tool is configured using the convenient Sensomaster software program. Almost 200 joints can be programmed in up to 25 pre-set sequences. For each joint, it is possible to store up to 2,500 measurements. User specific access levels enable many different application scenarios. Data interchange with a PC is via a standard USB port. The joint readings are displayed on the high-resolution, backlit display and can be immediately assessed and evaluated. When the predefined advance warning threshold is reached, the display changes to yellow. Green means that the tool has triggered within the defined tolerance range and this is also signalled to the user by means of a tactile and/or acoustic signal. This minimises the risk of over torqueing the defined limit (signalled by red). LEDs on either side of the tool provide easily seen information irrespective of how the tool is being held, even if the display is not in the direct line of vision. This functionality also prevents the tool being overloaded. The new torque/angle-controlled Manoskop 714 will be available from September 2012 in seven sizes, initially for the measuring range from 1Nm to 400Nm.

PREBENA offers new solutions PREBENA Wilfried Bornemann GmbH & Co KG has introduced the new PREBENA air stapler 9x-WP160 for staples type WP from 75mm to 160mm leg length.


REBENA has been a German producer of all kinds of collated fasteners for more than 50 years. The product range covers all kind of staples, brads, pins, collated screws, corrugated fasteners, collated nails and a full range of pneumatic nailers, staplers and air compressors PREBENA’s new wide crown staple type

‘WP’ meet all requirements of modern builders. The staple is available in stainless steel (material number 1.4301) or heavily galvanised. These fasteners are certified according to the building inspection 2-9.1-728 and are recommended by major manufacturers of insulation panels. For this application PREBENA offers two models of economic air staplers:

• Model type 9x-WP130 takes staples from 75mm to 130mm length. • Model type 9x-WP160 takes staples from 75mm to 160mm length.

Both tools come in a tough metal case and are provided with quick and easy loading magazine, nomar tip and lockout safety device.

New patented rivet nut hand tool


Make Ends Meet has recently re-launched its patented Rivet Nut Hand Tool, the RNHT48 (M4 to M8) and RNHT410 (M4 to M10). Now even stronger, it installs M4 up to M10 open end rivet nuts and rivet studs in all materials.

acked in a durable yet attractive aluminium case, the spin action tool can be assembled and ready to use in seconds. Compact and highly robust, it uses standard 12.9 HT socket cap screws as mandrels. Broken or damaged mandrels can be replaced in a matter of seconds and there are spares included in the case. Make Ends Meet points out that in addition to the many benefits this tool has compared with conventional hand pliers, lever and ratchet type tools, the spin action ensures total control over installation, especially important in more brittle materials including fibreglass and GRP. Conversion kits are also available to enable change from

140 Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

metric to UNC/UNF rivet nuts (and vice versa) and from rivet nuts to rivet studs. Conversion kits come in dedicated robust plastic cases with foam cut outs for individual components – simply remove the outer body, exchange the unified cassette for the metric and replace the body. “Since re-launch in December, over 500 tools have been sold purely on the company’s retail website in the UK and overseas. Distributors have already been appointed in some export markets but the company is seeking further representation in some EEC countries and markets further afield and would welcome contact from interested distribution companies. Prices are competitive and the tool will literally last a lifetime, such is the quality that has been designed and built into the tool.”

Exhibition for Fastener and Fixing Technology


Unit 18 Fortress Close, Brome Industrial Estate, Eye, Suffolk IP23 7HN

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Wera reinvents the wrench With the multi-function Zyklop, Wera Tools transformed the ratchet. With the Impaktor bit system, it revolutionised impact driver screwdriving. Now Wera Tools says that it has completely reinvented the humble wrench, that hitherto basic yet indispensable tool.


era states that the Joker cannot only do everything that a combination ratchet wrench needs to do, but much more. In this respect the manufacturer points to four particularly striking product advantages that offer users added value and therefore constitute decisive sales arguments for the trade.

Advantage 1: Holding function The Joker offers a practical holding function that allows nuts and bolts to be held in the jaw and easily positioned where they are needed. Fastening on to the thread can then be done quickly and precisely.

Advantage 2: Limit stop The Joker prevents slipping off of the fastener head with its integrated limit-stop – no longer is the thumb needed to act as a depth stop. This makes things much easier, and allows significantly more force to be applied during fastening jobs.

Advantage 3: Anti-slip effect The Joker’s double-hex geometry delivers a very positive connection with nuts or bolts. Also the exchangeable, hardened metal gripping plate in the Joker’s mouth literally bites itself into the bolt with its extremely hard tips. Both features combine to prevent any unpleasant slipping, even at higher torque.

Advantage 4: Very small return travel angle Where conventional wrenches with a 60° return travel angle have to be turned over and over to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts in confined spaces, the Joker now offers a 30° return travel angle with a double-hex design. Along with the Joker’s straight neck, this means that flipping the wrench has become a thing of the past. With the Joker, you can now loosen and tighten nuts and bolts, in situations where conventional tools fail, particularly in confined spaces where conventional open-jawed wrenches fail.

The Joker by Wera is available in the conventional wrench dimensions 10mm, 13mm, 17mm and 19mm individually or as a set in a folding velcro pouch. The individual packing units are equipped with a ‘try me’ function that allows the Joker to be tested on a bolt head out of plastic material.

New from FAR FAR Srl has introduced the RAC185 model, a new pneumatic tool for blind rivets from 2.4mm to 4mm diameter (5mm in aluminium only), which works without oil meaning that it requires less maintenance.


AR highlights that the RAC185 is equipped with an air saving system with suction, which is automatically activated while holding the tool. In addition, the modern design makes it ergonomic and easy to use. FAR has also recently introduced the new 6.4mm Tamp rivet with body and nail both in galvanised steel. FAR explains that the 6.4mm Tamp rivet, which adds to the range of Tamp diameters 3.2mm, 4mm, 4.8mm and 6mm, is able to offer high standards of mechanical resistance and good vibration resistance. The rivet also retains the nail and it suits to irregular and out of specification holes. “Please visit our website where you can find and download information on our new RAC185 tool and 6.4mm Tamp rivet, as well as our new catalogue.”

142 Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

The primary source for American Made plastic fasteners WORLDWIDE

Keeping customer needs as priority #1... Our larger facility now provides: • Improved product development • Future growth of product line • Double the amount of in-stock inventory to one billion parts • Increased inventory allowing for same-day shipping of catalog items • Expanded shipping & receiving

• Expanded on-site tooling & production for custom orders

Additional customer conveniences include: • 24/7 website availability • Manufacturing operates 24/7 • Reach a real person Mon-Fri 7am-5pm CST (USA)

toll free fax 1-877-453-8707

www.voltplastics .com •


700 Hwy. 202 West, Yellville, Arkansas 72687


The universal screw locking system RIPP LOCK® Böllhoff, a supplier of fastening, assembly, and systems technology based in Bielefeld, Germany, has extended its RIPP LOCK® product family.


he RIPP LOCK® product family has been produced to protect bolted connections from self-unscrewing. The name RIPP LOCK® is put together through the word RIPP- which describes the geometric form of the mechanical screw locking system. The rear side of the screws and nuts are provided with radial rips, the washer is symmetric and has ribs on both sides; and LOCK – which describes the function of these elements.

The RIPP LOCK® washer

Böllhoff highlights that its RIPP LOCK® washer is a relative new product in the field of mechanical screw locks, and combines many individual benefits of existing locking screws and washers. As a universal product, it can be used in almost every application, especially where high demands are made on the safety and/or the reduction of parts.


RIPP LOCK® washers have radial ribs on both sides. The pitch angle of the ribs is larger than the thread pitch, which Böllhoff says provides an excellent locking effect. The washers are made of steel with a hardness of 350HV - 500HV and for the surface treatment a zinc flake coating is used. The corrosion resistance is 480 hours against white rust.


When the screw or nut is assembled, the radial ribs of RIPP LOCK® lock washers closely emboss in the counter-surface and in the underside of the screw head. Therefore, there can only be relative movement in the separation gap between screw head and washer. RIPP LOCK® is a reliable screw lock – even under extreme vibration or dynamic stress. Due to their high hardness, the washers can be used with screws of all property classes up to 12.9.

144 Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

Benefits • Gentle to contact surface. • Perfectly suitable for slotted-hole applications. • Particularly suitable for sensitive surfaces such as zinc coated, chromium plated, coated or powder coated surfaces. • Universal use - outside diameter same as DIN 125 / ISO 7089. • Easy assembly and removal - multiple reuse. • Immediate effect – no curing. • Not affected by contact with lubricants or greases. • Effective in adjustable fastenings of components (e. g. prestressing of belt drive). • Very small relaxation. • The RIPP LOCK® defines friction values of most diverse materials and surfaces. • Suitable for all property classes up to 12.9. • Very low fluctuation in preload-force at defined tightening torque (pictured below). “The RIPP LOCK® washers offer not only technical advantages in comparison to other locking solution but also help to reduce costs in purchasing, logistics, assembly and quality control.”

New in the RIPP LOCK® family – screws and nuts There are applications where the usage of RIPP LOCK® screws and nuts can be an alternative to the RIPP LOCK® washers, for example in the case of low mounting conditions, when there is not enough space for an additional element. Or if there are only a few different sizes, it could be wise to use RIPP LOCK® screws and nuts to reduce the variety of parts to a minimum. The Böllhoff stock assortment includes in addition to RIPP LOCK® nuts RIPP LOCK® socked head screws and RIPP LOCK® hexagon head screws. Apart from the yellow chromate version all other fasteners are in accordance with the directives of ELV, RoHS and WEE. Because the function of the RIPP LOCK® screws and nuts are the same as the function of the washer, it is up to the constructing engineer to decide which type they choose for an effective screw locking.

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Strongest bolted connection BAER, based in Heddesheim, Germany, says that its new BaerCoil System is strong, wear-resistant and offers enormous saving potential for material, weight and costs.


he BaerCoil System’s construction provides new possibilities for commercial usage and for the strain capacity of screw joints. Engineers from nearly all mechanical engineering fields are searching for building components that have a greater strain capacity and for ways of reducing both weight and costs. Bolted connections must also fulfil these requirements. Thus, they have continuously been the focus of innovation. BAER explains that its BaerCoil wire thread inserts, which are turned into a formed parent thread, achieve exceptional pull-out strength* and wear resistance values. There are two reasons for this:

• The thread is formed and not cut. Specialised BaerCoil forming taps, which form and plasticise the material, are used for this purpose. The parent thread material is compressed to make it denser. Result: The thread into which the BaerCoil wire thread insert is turned has a significantly higher strain capacity. The process of thread forming is quicker and produces a better surface than thread cutting. Additionally there are no chips, and the thread forming tap has a longer life time.

• The BaerCoil wire thread insert ensures an optimal distribution of pull-out load for the thread turns across the entire thread length. By comparison the first two threads of a normal screw joint often carry over 70% of the load. An even distribution across the thread insert greatly increases tensile strength. The longer the thread insert, the greater the strain capacity is compared to a normal thread. The drawing (below) illustrates the possible material savings when using a smaller screw or smaller thread.

“The BaerCoil System’s combination of thread forming and wire thread insert make modern dimensions possible for construction, development and improvement of previous building components. Customers, after performing internal tests, are already taking advantage of the system and have integrated it into their production process.”

*Cryogenic Materialtests - CryoMaK within the Institute for Technical Physics at the Institute of Technology in Karlsruhe – KIT –conducted the pull-out strength tests.

146 Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012



• • • •

highest tensile strength minimize weight and space minimize costs strengthening threads for new construction options • thread repair



• minimize space and weight of parent material • thread reinforcement • very high tensile strength • high connection with workpiece • thread restoration

strongest bolted connection for engineering: saves material, weight and costs

BAER Company Robert-Bosch-Str. 5 68542 Heddesheim/Germany Tel.: +49 (0)6203 40 48 790 Fax: +49 (0)6203 40 48 791 E-Mail:


3M helps set new Guinness World Record 3M has helped set a new Guinness World Record for the heaviest weight lifted with adhesive.


cotch-Weld Instant Adhesive from 3M was the product responsible lifting an 8.1 metric tonne (17,857 pound, 2,990 PSI) forklift truck in the air for one hour. The vehicle was suspended from a crane by a steel cylinder only 7cm in diameter, with the two parts of the cylinder secured together with Scotch-Weld Plastic & Rubber Instant Adhesive PR100. Matt Jubb of 3M’s industrial adhesives and tapes division explains: “3M has long been known for its expertise in adhesives and we’re excited that this demonstration proved just how strong and reliable Scotch-Weld Instant Adhesives can be.” The vehicle lift was conducted by engineers Jens Schoene and Dr. Markus Schleser of RWTH Aachen University, and was featured on the German television programme Terra Xpress. Guinness World Records adjudicator Olaf Kuchenbecker was on hand to witness the lift and certify the new record. The team had to meet several formidable conditions to break the previous record of 8.01 metric tonnes, but succeeded thanks to the exceptional performance of Scotch-Weld Instant Adhesive. 3M says that while the new world record shows the product’s incredible strength in an extreme application, Scotch-Weld Instant Adhesives are also economical to use in everyday applications. Generally, only a few drops of adhesive are needed to develop strong bonds to many metals, plastics and rubber. These super fast curing adhesives reach handling strength with hundreds of material combinations in five to ten seconds, and reach 80% of their full strength in an hour. Additional qualities like low odour, high temperature resistance and flexibility to resist vibration make them simple and practical to use for almost unlimited applications. The record breaking Scotch-Weld Plastic & Rubber Instant Adhesive PR100 is part of the full range of Scotch-Weld Instant Adhesives by 3M, which are available in a number of formulations for bonding various substrates.

New Sorta-Case® The new generation of Sorta-Case®, produced in the UK, is now in full production.


he case body, made from durable polypropylene, has location points pressed into the base to allow total compartment selection flexibility and with the tough polycarbonate lid made with multi-compartment location snap points, this avoids the risk of shift and spills if all compartments are not in the case. Sorta-Case Ltd highlights that its Sorta-Case® is the perfect product for companies producing high quality assortment kits. It is a well designed and durable product with the flexibility of being able to select the individual plastic compartments to suit the specific assortment needed; perfect for companies’ offering high performance fasteners. The standard case colour will be dark grey but can be produced at short lead times in colours to suit customers’

requirements subject to minimum production requirements. The design of the lid allows it to be personalised with companies’ logos and branding with silk screening or vinyl labelling. The case handle and catches can be produced in colours to suit companies’ corporate image and there are possibilities to ‘own brand’ the handles. The underside of the case has a male location system designed to fit into the female version on the case lids to make transportation in vans safer. The new Sorta-Case® will be suited to professional trades’ people for daily use in the transportation of fasteners and components.

Always ready to perform Tectorius™ has introduced VIBRA-STOP™ thread adhesive – a sealant and anti-vibration compound.


IBRA-STOP is a unique formula that can be applied and used immediately or allowed to dry prior to part assembly. This innovative approach allows the user to apply all fasteners at one time, and use them as needed during the project construction - completely independent of time. “Places where this product can help save time and money for manufacturing and assembly can be found anywhere. Potential users need only to think out of the box and evaluate how their operations could benefit if freed from the limitations of traditional anaerobic products. Whether the fastener is used in one hour or one month, VIBRA-STOP thread adhesive and sealant will always perform.”

148 Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

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William Hughes expands ranges William Hughes Ltd, a manufacturer of springs, bent wireforms and assemblies, continues to expand its product manufacturing capabilities with the announcement that it can now form compression springs in wire sizes up to 8mm diameter and torsion springs in wire up to 6mm diameter. The new capabilities follow on from a significant investment in new machinery at its manufacturing facilities in the UK and Bulgaria.


he new coiling machine at the UK factory in Dorset means that William Hughes can now supply heavier duty compression springs using 5mm to 8mm diameter wire. These are typically used as return valves in products such as hydraulic valves. The new machine in Bulgaria has the capacity for torsion springs up to 6mm diameter. These larger springs are widely used in the automotive industry and have applications in products such as chain tensioners. “We continue to invest in the latest machinery and metal finishing technologies to meet customer demands in a tough market,” said Max Hughes, managing director of William Hughes. “Our operations in Bulgaria have grown four fold from when we first opened the factory in 2004 and this extra capacity allows us to optimise our manufacturing resources. As a result we can provide our customers with quality products at highly competitive prices.” The news of the increased capacity follows on from recent announcements that the company has gained the prestigious Nadcap accreditation for its heat treatment facility - a process that is particularly important for springs to be used in the aerospace industry.

Special Screws directly from stock!

Your requirements are satisfied immediately: for example tension bushes in special designs.

Fit bolts According to DIN 609, DIN 610, ISO 7379, DIN 7968

Fit bolts, plugs, knurled thumb screws, square head bolts, flat headed screws, hexagon set screws, brass screws and specials. Fon + 49 (0) 40 532 852- 0 Fax + 49 (0) 40 532 852- 52

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> Tension bushes in inch sizes / with lubrication groove inside, outside, or both / with grease holes and cruciform lubrication grooves / with nib / with rhombus-shaped surface dents as reservoir for solid lubricants for lesser bearing loads / with flanged edges / eccentric tension bushes ...

SpannstiftstraĂ&#x;e 2 D-58119 Hagen T. +49 2334 957-0

29.12.2011 18:31:51 Uhr Anz_E_Sonder_FF_92x135.indd 1

30.03.11 14:56


Built to take the heat Loctite instant adhesives for industrial applications already encompass a broad range of different categories, such as light-curing, low-bloom, impact and shock resistant, as well as toughened products for flexible bond lines. Now, with Loctite 401, 406 and 454, three products with an enhanced formulation have been launched onto the market, capable of withstanding service temperatures of up to 120°C.


ll three products have seen their formulation improved and are now temperature resistant up to 120°C without any adverse effect whatsoever on overall performance – which means these Loctite instant adhesives are suitable for even more applications. New applications for this improved product range can be found, for instance, in the electronics industry, e.g. for bonding components installed in generators and storage batteries. In electric motors and loudspeakers too, the number of uses for these enhanced Loctite adhesives has been extended. And also in washing machines and tumble dryers, in heating elements and lighting equipment, the upgraded product line should soon find itself increasing in popularity.

New product capabilities Loctite 401 is the all-purpose instant adhesive. It is as suitable for rubber, plastics and metals as it is to bonding porous materials such as wood, paper, cork or leather. It is also ideal on smooth, acidic

substrates, for example galvanised or chromated components. Loctite 406 is particularly suited to the bonding of rubber, plastics and elastomers. Following surface treatment with the polyolefin primer Loctite 770, even substrates made from polyethylene, polypropylene and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) can be adhesive bonded. Loctite 454 is a general purpose instant bonding gel that does not drip, making it ideal for applications on vertical and overhead surfaces. It will bond paper, wood, cork, foam, leather, cardboard, metals and plastics. “Customers can continue using their already installed dispensing equipment to apply the new adhesives. Conversions take no time at all as the product containers are unchanged. Consequently, new applications can also be implemented with all three products without problem.” Loctite 401 and Loctite 406 are available in 20g, 50g and 500g bottles, while Loctite 454 instant adhesive gel is sold in tubes of 3g, 20g and 300g.

Facilitating lightweight construction Arnold Umformtechnik highlights that its Alufast® aluminium screws are especially advantageous for joining magnesium components, especially with material pairs exposed to thermal stress as they significantly enhance the security of threaded fastener joints. Furthermore, Alufast® aluminium screws weigh only a third as much as equivalent steel screws, meaning that the weight saving for particularly large volumes can amount to the equivalent of several metric tonnes of steel per year.

152 Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012


rnold Umformtechnik points out that the type 6056 aluminium alloy used for Alufast® fasteners has a proven track record of durability for joining magnesium components with threaded fasteners. The Alufast® product line has good characteristics for thermal expansion, corrosion resistance and recycling. At the same time, Alufast® products fulfil stringent requirements for retention of clamping force, thermal stability and weight reduction. Unlike steel screws, which require over dimensioned head bearing areas for joining magnesium components, standard dimensions are sufficient with Alufast® fasteners. The mechanical properties of the Alufast® screws are practically stable under long-term stress at temperatures up to approximately 150°C. Brief temperature excursions up to approximately 180°C do not pose a risk. Alufast® screws can be used untreated in combination with commonly used magnesium casting alloys, such as Az91 HP. They do not need any additional surface coating. The corrosion resistance of the components remains stable over their entire operating life.

ZERO makes case for greater success ZERO Cases UK, a manufacturer of quality, deep-drawn and fabricated aluminium and moulded plastic cases, enclosures and assemblies for the defence, aerospace, industrial, medical and telecommunications markets, says it has started 2012 the way it finished 2011 – by winning orders for new business.


ate last year the UK based operation, which supports regional sales and manufacturing into Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA), secured its biggest-ever export contract, a £1 million order from a military customer for its Val-An cases. So far this year it has clinched a further two major orders worth around £200,000 from the defence sector for its modular cases and containers, as well as expanding further into growth markets such as the oil & gas and industrial sectors, supplying customised transit cases. “We have had a very good start to 2012,” comments Jon Hazell, director of sales, EMEA for Zero Cases. “We are continuing to win new business on the basis of our innovative products, which are modular in design and flexible enough to meet a variety of user requirements including weight reduction and shock protection.” He adds: “As our products are designed and manufactured in the UK, we can provide quality solutions to our customers at a very competitive price and supply finished products within extremely short lead times in order to exceed the needs of our customers”. ZERO’s portfolio of reusable, recyclable and low-carbon transit and storage containers, carrying cases, rackmount cases and components are engineered to meet and exceed the most demanding specifications. Made of deep-drawn aluminium or rotomoulded plastic, they are lightweight yet immensely strong, and offer maximum protection against shock and vibration. In addition to protecting cargo and equipment in transit, its enclosures are used to house vital electrical sensors, systems and components that are integral to airplanes, helicopters, rockets and satellites.


Getting a little extra from Owlett-Jaton Fasteners and fixings provider Owlett-Jaton has launched an exclusive service for customers that, it says, gives them even greater access to products and services. Called ‘OJ-Extra’, the scheme is designed to offer customers even more than before; providing access to an extended range of industrial fasteners sourced from mainland Europe, with a quick turnaround and a low minimum order value.


ony Williams, national sales manager (Jaton), explains: “We are already known as the number one choice for quality, service and value within the industrial fasteners market, and the introduction of OJ-Extra means we can pass on additional benefits to customers.” He continues: “We can source any DIN-specified industrial fasteners – ferrous and non-ferrous metal, plastic and nylon – in diameters 1mm - 110mm and lengths 2mm - 3,000mm, in all material grades, from across Europe typically within seven days. We can also provide test certification if required, and the minimum order spend is just £50. It’s a simple and effective way for customers to meet their fastener needs quickly and cost effectively.”

New generation XPS roof insulation Dow Building Solutions, the inventor of STYROFOAM insulation, has launched XENERGY SL, a new generation extruded polystyrene (XPS) for insulation of inverted flat roofs.


ow Building Solutions explains that XENERGY XPS combines the proven features of STYROFOAM XPS - durability, reliability and strength – but has even better insulation performance thanks to the addition of infra-red blocking particles to scatter and reflect heat radiation within the foam board. XENERGY SL, which comes in steel grey, is available in single extruded thicknesses of 100mm, 120mm, 140mm and 160mm. 4mW thermal conductivity gains are possible at 140mm and 160mm thicknesses, an 11% improved insulation performance compared with ROOFMATE SL-A. “We have a long track record of innovation and we’re proud to introduce XENERGY SL as our latest technical advance,” said Richard Powell, roofing manager for Dow Building Solutions. “As we make further improvements to the thermal conductivity of our products building designers have even more potential to reduce the thicknesses required, which is key in roofing applications. Richard adds: “The great thing about XENERGY is that it delivers those improvements without compromising on the key attributes of XPS such as high compressive strength, low water absorption and excellent freeze/thaw performance.”

EMKA hinges get the ‘fit’ right Getting a door to ‘fit’ correctly can be a problem for standard and specialist enclosure producers alike, in particular with flush doors where the visible gap is a significant aesthetic concern and accurate gasket positioning may be critical to match narrow flanges which are needed to maximise aperture clearances.


MKA says that its standard, accurate and application-specific hinge designs help deal with many of the problems encountered in this process. EMKA ‘flush door’ hinges are available in 18 different styles/formats and many sizes per programme with a spectrum of visual and functional possibilities. These run from mild steel weld-on concealed hinges along to glass reinforced plastic, zinc die or stainless steel designs. They offer 90° to 270° opening and have been developed in parallel with the development of control and telco technologies and with the housings demanded for their safe installation.


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The ‘win-win’ coiled pin In any assembled component there are three ways to reduce the overall cost of the assembly, argues Christie Jones, marketing manager, SPIROL International Corporation. They are: reduce the cost of the individual components, reduce component preparation cost, and reduce the cost to assemble the components.


o achieve optimal low cost designs, design engineers must examine not only product design but also the entire assembly process. Fastening products which improve the robustness of the overall product design and simplify the assembly process provide a ‘win-win’ for a company, but unfortunately the fastener is often an after-thought during the design process. The designer has then lost the opportunity to achieve an optimum product and manufacturing process unless there is a redesign. An example of a fastening product which fits the ‘win-win’ category is the coiled pin. This is a self retaining fastener designed to absorb forces during use of the end-product, which thereby improves the life of the assembly and reduces warranty costs. In addition, it simplifies the design of an assembly as it replaces multiple components with one pin and decreases the cost of preparation for installation. Perhaps best of all, it is easy to automate so assembly and the associated labour time and cost are minimised. By design, the coiled pin has an interference ‘fit’ that conforms to the shape and size of the mating component’s hole. Coiling, or flexing, of the pin results in controlled insertion forces that prevents damage to the mating component during installation. In addition, the flexibility of the pin also protects the component from damage during the product’s life as it absorbs working forces. Finally, the flexibility of the pin provides a retention force that will keep the pin in the hole for the life of the assembly. Coiled pins operate in holes with relatively wide tolerances. In most assemblies, coiled pins can be utilised in holes that have simply been drilled rather than prepared with an expensive reaming operation. This reduces the cost of hole preparation - another important factor in reducing the overall cost of the assembly. The combination of square, burr-free ends, controlled insertion forces, and its symmetrical design, all of which ease feeding of the pins, makes the coiled pin the ideal component for semi or fully automated assembly systems.

Simple, fast, easy B2B online Harrison & Clough Ltd has launched its new B2B website, which gives fast access to Harrison & Clough’s unique collection of market leading brands across fasteners, fixings, hand tools, power tools and power tool accessories.


he new look website is quick and modern and is full of new features, new imagery and refreshed ranges to make the site more user-friendly and encourage customer interaction. The site has been developed to give merchants swift and straight forward access to all of Harrison & Clough’s portfolio. The updated layout is clear and product selection is fast; either by use of an improved search facility or, for those who prefer to click than type, by the easy to navigate product images. The website’s new features include a basket system of ordering with capability to store the baskets as quotes to review

later, a favourite option for products, links to merchants own code references and exclusive online deals. The main benefit to the merchant as an H&C customer is after login, when ‘nett terms’ will be shown and ‘live’ stock answers are available at their fingertips. Merchants can order up to 7pm for next day delivery on H&C’s own fleet of vans and review their account and orders placed directly through to the H&C IT system and distribution process. “Our new website can be viewed today. For full functionality and to start ordering please request your login and password details through the site or directly with the H&C sales desk.”

Optimum thread forming in plastic EFC International, a provider of specialty engineered fastener component parts, now has stock on the latest PT® screw development, the Delta PT®, which it says provides optimum thread forming in plastic without any material damage.


FC International explains that the Delta PT® screw provides better clamp loads and increased joint life in a wide range of plastic materials. It also offers improved vibrational safety, improved dynamic safety from new shear area, and high clamp load at smaller contact pressure from increased flank engagement. Stock sizes include 4mm to 6mm diameters and 12mm to 25mm lengths with round washer head. EFC also provides Delta PT® screws in 1.8mm to 10mm diameters and 3mm to 100mm lengths with any head style. EFC offers professional engineering support and samples. EFC is a US master distributor with facilities in Atlanta, St Louis, Chicago, Detroit and Toronto.

156 Fastener + Fixing Magazine • Issue 75 May 2012

Making your

mission possible. Offering the widest range of blind rivets, blind rivet nuts and blind riveting hand and power tools through our Pan-European support organisation. For over 25 years we combine experience, innovation and entrepeneurship with a healthy dose of common sense. Building partnerships that last! Are you looking for the finest in blind riveting technique?... You are looking for us!


Acument licensed product standards go online Acument® Global Technologies Inc, a supplier of mechanical fastening technology, has placed all of its licensed product standards online.


he licensed product standards that have been uploaded include the TORX® and TORX PLUS® drive systems, Strux® fasteners, Mag-Form® fasteners, Rivtex® fasteners, Acupoint® fasteners, and the new Ttap® drive, all of which are available online via Acument’s NetSpecs™ Library program. Both confidential and non-confidential material has been published with the confidential portion being accessible only to Acument employees and licensees, while the non-confidential portion is available to the public. “By putting this information online, we are enabling users to access the information anywhere in the world by simply having an Internet connection. We are also helping the environment by eliminating a massive amount of paper usage. It also allows us to provide instant technology updates to every single user of these standards, ensuring that all of our licensees have easy access to the latest specifications,” said Marty Bieschke, director of intellectual property and licensing for Acument.

Positioning at the flick of a finger

Elesa has announced the launch of its new GN612.8 range of cam action indexing plungers, which it says are ideal for location of equipment on machine tools, work jigs and other situations where the locking pin must not protrude all the time.


lesa points out that the new GN612.8 range of cam action indexing plungers are easy to use, with the user simply rotating the lock lever through 180 degrees to enable the locking pin to be withdrawn. Conversely a flick of a finger will displace the lever from its locating notch so releasing the pin to lock the required equipment in place. The GN612.8 series are manufactured with zinc die bodies, steel pins and polyamid levers, plunger sizes range from 6mm to 12mm diameter, with or without lock nut as required.

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From the gargantuan to the micro Massive spring washers are all in a normal days work for Martyn Price Fasteners, along with enormous nuts up to M100 from stock, mammoth bolting and gigantic washer products to match.


he single coil square section spring washer (pictured) was made specifically for a customer to a drawing with an internal diameter of 5 inches (127mm). Creation of the spring action for gigantic washers are talents that Martyn Price has refined over many years. From the gargantuan to the micro – Martyn Price can supply fasteners in the miniature sizes of BA, No 4, 5/32 inch from stock and smaller sizes can be produced to order. “Walking through the 40,000 square feet Martyn Price building in the West Midlands the unusual products are seen on the packing bench or in the plating area and I am surprised every time I take the tour, there is always something very different to be seen,” says Ray Southam, sales manager at Martyn Price. He adds: “If it’s an oddball, special to drawing, bastard length, unusual finish or needs tapping, drilling or reworking them it’s in a normal days work for Martyn Price Fasteners. We stock products in both American and British Inch sizes to complement our metric range; reinforcing our slogan ‘Fastener people with the stock and knowledge to solve every requirement – no matter how unusual’.”

Unbrako fastener selector App Unbrako has announced the release of the Unbrako fastener selector guide smartphone App.


he Smartphone App replaces the manual screw data, socket screw selector and fastener terminology guides which have been used by engineers over several decades. Unbrako says that its fastener selector guide App is an invaluable source of data for all engineers involved in fastener selection and joint design. The App provides easy access to product details, dimensional data and torque values for standard applications. There is also a very useful section explaining fastener terminology as well as Unbrako part numbers and other data. “The iPhone/iPod/iPad versions are available to download right now from the App Store. Just search for ‘Unbrako’ in the App Store. Android and Blackberry versions of the App will become available shortly.”


tesa launches ACX ®


tesa® says it has launched an entirely new and radically different product range – tesa® ACXplus which is the most effective double-sided tape solution for ‘constructive bonding’ currently available.


ochen Fiencke, international product manager, comments: “tesa® ACXplus is not just an alternative to traditional mechanical fastening methods; it offers significant advantages which can be seen in its bonding power, its stress dissipation and its temperature and weather resistance.” Constructive bonding requires durability even in extreme conditions, and the ability to endure the dynamic and static stresses acting upon the bond. In outdoor applications there will be temperature variations to contend with and often the effects of water, UV light or even exposure to chemicals. Ester von Possel, director of technology and product development for tesa® ACXplus, explains that the key performance benefits in stress dissipation are uniquely available to this product range through its viscoelasticity. “Viscoelasticity describes a material performance which embodies both elastic and viscous characteristics. These enable our tapes to dissipate extreme physical stress. When two materials with different thermal elongations, for example glass and aluminium, are bonded tesa® ACXplus will deliver an optimal high strength bond even where extreme temperature conditions and high wind loads are encountered.”

Alfast Engineering Supplies Ltd is a family-run company, supplying fasteners and fixings to the manufacturing, automotive, avionics and electronics industries, to name a few.

Sales Executive

We are currently in the process of restructuring our company and are looking for an experienced and highly motivated professional salesperson to join our team. The ideal candidate would have a proven track record in generating new business and to develop and maintain our existing customer base. Knowledge of the fastener and fixings industry is essential, and with this we offer an attractive salary which is negotiable according to experience.

Abbey Clamps.................................. 15

Joyner Bolt Ltd................................. 89

Achilles Seibert GmbH......................21

Koenig Verbindungstechnik GmbH... 98

ACT Fasteners & Components...... 135

Lancaster Fastener Ltd................... 67

Adolf Pühl GmbH & Co. KG............ 113

Landmark Fasteners Pvt Ltd........... 55

Albert Pasvahl GmbH & Co.............151

Lederer......................................20, 123

Alca Fasteners Ltd........................... 35

London Screw Company Ltd.......... 160

Alfast Engineering Supplies Ltd.... 162

Lucky-Winsun Enterprise Co Ltd... 115

Alfran Fasteners Ltd...................... 119

M&W Fastener Co.,Ltd.................. 139

Allbolts Ltd......................................141

Martyn Price Bolts & Nuts.............. 16

Alloy & Stainless Fasteners Inc,...... 25

Masterfix Products .........................157

Ambrovit SRL............................... 1, 13

Mectron Engineering Co.................. 99

Anochrome Group............................ 39

Merlin Business Software Ltd....... 115

Autonic Engineering...................... 135

Micrometals Srl..............................151

Avon Stainless Fasteners Ltd.......... 98

MKT.................................................. 85

Bäcker GmbH & Co. KG..................141

Mubea Tellerfedern GmbH............ 133

BAER Company...............................147

Multiple Overseas Exports................11

Bendfast Ltd..................................... 55

Nakashimada Engineering Works... 93

Berardi Bullonerie SRL................. 133

National Machinery...........................91

Berdan Bolt & Nut Co.Ltd..............161

ND Industries............................43, 121

Biing Feng Enterprise Co., Ltd.......107

Nord-lock......................................... 23

Birlik Baglanti................................ 129

Nordic Metalblok SRL.................... 155

Bossard Ltd........................................ 4

Norm Civata AS................................ 37

Bossong........................................... 79

Norma................................................ 5

Bralo................................................. 33

Ornit................................................. 87

Brighton Best.......... 10, 12, 14, 16, 164

Pee-Wee........................................... 94

Bülte Plastiques SA......................... 63

Peter Schröder GmbH................... 123

C. Adams & Sons Limited...............127

Pinstructure..................................... 15

Can-Eng Furnaces International..... 97

Precision Technology Supplies...... 130

Ching Chan Machinery Co Ltd....... 103

Prelok............................................... 15

Crest Industrial Ltd.......................... 27

PSM International...........................137

Degometal...................................... 133

Ray Fu............................................ 150

Dinstock Ltd......................................71

RCF Bolt & Nut Co (Tipton) Ltd......127

dk Business Solutions....................117

Reyher.............................................. 27

Don Quichotte B.V............................ 59

Rivelit................................................. 7

Dörken MKS-Systeme GmbH............ 3

Rivit Srl........................................... 163

DS Fasteners................................. 149

RLS Tooling...................................... 97

EDP................................................ 119

Rosmil Industrial........................... 149

EFC International........................... 135

Rotor Clip Ltd..................................157

Emek Rivets Co Ltd...........................21

Saima Corporation......................... 160

Verbindungslemente Engel GmbH... 45

San Shing Fastech Corp.................. 95

Everest Metal Overseas................. 126

Schäfer + Peters GmbH................... 47

Fastbolt.............................................. 2

Schmid Schrauben Hainfeld............ 87

Fastener Fair.................................... 55

Schnorr GmbH................................. 39

Fastener Fair Brasil......................... 63

Shanghai Rivet Manufacture Co Ltd....31

Fastener Fair India......................... 123

Shin Chun Enterprise Co Ltd..........131

Fastener Fair Russia.......................141

Sipa SRL......................................... 145

Fastener Fair Stuttgart.................. 149

Smith-Bullough Ltd........................117

Fastener Fair Thailand..................... 45

Specialinsert Srl.............................. 65

Ferdinand Gross GmbH & Co. KG.... 19

Spirol.........................................35, 129

Fixi Srl.............................................. 63

Stafa Group...................................... 49

Global Engineered Products Ltd.... 145

Super Nut Industrial Co Ltd.......... 158

Goebel GmbH................................. 125

Tecfi S.p.A..........................................81

Graewe GmbH & Co.KG................... 35

Tecno Impianti SRL.......................... 92

Grime Boss...................................... 59

TFC Ltd........................................... 115

Growermetal SRL.............................. 9

Tillex - Fastex................................... 77

All applications will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence and should be made in writing with a full CV for the attention of Alan Stearn, Director or by email:

GSS Fasteners Limited...................127

Titibi.................................................. 77


Top Screw Metal Corp.................... 153

H & R Limited.................................127

Trojan................................................ 27

Hafren Fasteners Ltd......................117

UBK spa............................................61

Alfast Engineering Supplies Ltd 2 Gloucester Road Luton Bedfordshire LU1 3HX Tel: +44 (0) 1582 418 498 Fax: +44 (0) 1582 418 833

Harrison & Clough Ltd.................... 28

Vipa SPA........................................... 53

Heinz Soyer GmbH......................... 119

Vlier Products Inc...........................121

Herbert Knoke GmbH & Co. KG...... 83

voestalpine Austria Draht GmbH... 105

Heroslam SA.................................... 94

Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG... 21, 77, 151

Hexstone Group............................... 69

Volt Industrial Plastics, Inc............ 143

Hugo Benzing GmbH & Co KG....... 145

Wafios Umformtechnik GmbH........101

Italbolt Inox Service Srl.................. 129

Wilh. Lüsebrink GmbH................... 154




Insert nuts and tools RIV 998

For M3-M12 inserts 2 phase RIV 912

For M3-M12 inserts 1 phase RIV 938

For M3-M10 inserts 1 phase RIV 990

For hexagonal holes RIV 916B

For M14-M16 inserts RIV 790

Battery tools for insert

Blind rivets and tools RIV 502

For standard rivets Ø 4.8

RIV 503

For rivets Ø 4.8

RIV 504

For rivets Ø 6.0-6.4

RIV 505

For standard rivets Ø 5 acc

RIV 508

For structural rivets

RIV 750-760

For structural rivets

RIV 509

For blind bolts

RIV 509B

For blind bolts

RIV 510B

For rivets Ø 10.0

RIV 610

Self-feeding system

RIV 300

For speed rivets


For rivets and inserts


AUTOMATIC CENTRE FOR FIXING SYSTEM RIVIT Srl - via Marconi 20 loc. Ponte Rizzoli 40064 Ozzano dell'Emilia (BO) ITALY phone +39 051 4171111 fax +39 051 4171129

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Fastener + Fixing Magazine #75  

May 2012 edition.

Fastener + Fixing Magazine #75  

May 2012 edition.