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CEO/ FOUNDERS: RicoRacer Flux-Clarity Editorial Flux-Clarity PROJECT MANAGER: VeronicaLynn Parx WRITER: Eden LoveAngel Taylor Layout/ Graphics Director: Miwa PHOTOGRAPHERS: Astralia Logan Callaghan Magissa Denver Nimoe Constantine Pierre Webb Polly Elan

CAST MODELS: Buried Astralia Nudity Averil Flying BloodyMistress Serenity Alien Abduction Carley Benazzi Broken Teeth Dream Love Falling Eleseren Brianna Drowning Ellendir Khandr Death Falbala Fairey Childhood Logan Callaghan Lost Nadja Baxter Clowns Payton Heron Car Trouble RicoRacer FluxClarity Sex Sabbian Paine Running Late Spirit Llewellyn Chased Sydney Garnet Sex VeronicaLynn Parx Trapped WillowWho Flowers

“Sweet Dreams are made of this. Who am I to disagree? I travel the world and the seven seas, Everybody is looking for something…..” -Eurythmics-

Model: Nadja Baxter Photographer: Polly Elan

What do you dream about? Dreams are a window into your soul, subconscious mind and deepest emotions. A dream can show you information about yourself such as feelings, ideas and desires that may lie buried when you're awake. Let’s explore our dreams and discover a wealth of hidden messages that our mind is trying to convey. The Fashion Teller House is very proud to present:



To dream of being abducted indicates that you are feeling helpless and may lack control of your own life. You may be manipulated by your circumstances or by someone. This is a peculiar time for you right now. It seems that you are in a very unfamiliar place in your life feeling hopeless and you are not quite comfortable with it. Explore your surroundings and the people in your life. Find the true nature of your helplessness and gain back control.

Model: Carley Benazzi Photographers: Pierre Webb & Polly Elan Style: Hair: Elysium- Torre hair Outfit: Eclat- Revealing dress Mad'- Diamonds pasties Lethal Couture- bodycon corset Shoes: Zisbka- enza, Promagic- pattern anklets Accessories: Zibska- Cynthia Shoulder and bustle, Zibska- Mallt gloves /nails *Figment* Mute Mask, Azoury- Secret Collar Make Up: Pink Acid- My goth lips gloss Kooqla- liquid shadow 01, no.7- Ballroom lashes


To dream about teeth could mean that you’ve lost self confidence. You are feeling uncertain of your life, your decisions or even your own appearance. How unbearable it is to not have any teeth! If those teeth are rotting, you may be feeling guilt about misspeaking, telling lies, or just being irresponsible with your words, and your opinions on things that aren’t your concern. Make some changes and find a hobby that is uplifting. Improving your appearance such as getting a new haircut or a new wardrobe will help boost your self-confidence. Last but not least, be careful with the words you speak and the messages you carry around. Don’t be the bearer of things that are less than 100% truthful. Those pearly whites will rejuvenate before you know it!

Model: DreamLove Photographers: Pierre Webb & Nimoe Constantine Style: Hair: ezura Avant Garde E.T. Hairpiece *White Set Headpiece: P.C; Oversized Flower Headband Veil Dress: {dollle*} 052 Farthingale Outfit - White Tights: [GW] BT White Pants from [GW] Blitz Trooper Shoes: ghee Vinyl Slicker GoGo Boots Jewelry: Glam Affair - Penelope Ear Cuff Silver Make- Up: +Nuuna+ Flux White 70%, +Nuuna+ Tiia makeup pink, +Nuuna+ Zion 2 White


To dream that you are being buried alive could mean that you are being undermined or stifled in some way. You are being held against your will either in a relationship or work environment. Something you don’t want has you held you captive and it is unbearable. It’s time for you to make some major changes. If its your relationship, it’s time to have a serious discussion and even try couples counseling before making the decision to leave. If the job seems like a dead end, its time to start working towards promotion or a new job. Make sure you know what is making you unhappy and change it “Pronto”!

Model: Astralia Photographers: Pierre Webb & Astralia Style: Hair: Clawtooth: Windswept - Orange you glad Corset: Ghee Elementals Reloaded Bodice EARTH Flowers: Ghee Warhol Blue/Pink Flowers Hat


Dreaming about a car accident could mean that there is something catastrophic happening in your life that’s out of your control. You’re feeling negative as if all your hard efforts are pointless and you’re going no where. You know where you want to be, but you just don’t know exactly how to arrive there. Time to switch gears, re-purpose, re-plan and re-strategize things. Once you can get all of the broken parts of your plans adjusted and fixed, you can certainly get to where you wish to be in no time. You just have some work to do and things to figure out.

Model: RicoRacer Flux-Clarity Photographers: Pierre Webb & Polly Elan Style: MUSCHI Mesh Night Blazer with Daft Helmet, Gloves & Pants


Your heart is pounding hard and you are running away from someone or something in your dream. Well my dearest, you are trying very hard to avoid a deep fear or discomfort by running away from it. Whatever is chasing you is a metaphor of that one thing you are deathly afraid of. Acknowledge what it is you fear, be brave and face it. Just be cautious and maintain control of your emotions as you face your challenges.

Model: Sydney Bonde Photographers: Pierre Webb & Nimoe Constantine Style: Hair: Digital Eyes - Mina Bun in Red Horns: LOVE -Dramatic Horns Outfit: Bolero: Rebel Hope Vivian Mesh Bolero in Black Pants: Ladies Who Lunch Stilt Pants and Belt in Black Shoes: JD - Eve Metallic in Black Jewelry: Necklace and Earrings: Maxi Gossamer Ashanti in Ebony Septum Ring: AMAYA Raja Septum Make- Up: Lipstick: League Isla Lipstick in Onyx


Dreaming of your childhood may mean that you yearn for simpler times when you didn’t have to worry about the things you do today. It could also indicate innocence. You may also feel that some things have not been resolved from your childhood as an adult. Plan a day, go to the circus or an amusement park, eat cotton candy, ride the rides and don’t answer any calls or emails for a couple of days. The world will still run while you get in touch with your inner child! Have fun and be free!!!

Model: Logan Callaghan Photographers: LoganCallaghan & Nimoe Constantine Style: Hair: Dura-Boy*40 Outfit: FASHIONNATIC- Jeff Pants Glam Affair- Oversized Orange Collar Shoes: Phunk- Lowtop Sneakers Jewelry: Arm Bands and bracelets- Aisling- Feldream Accessories: Alli’s Attic- Tiny Butterflies, BoudoirButterfly Wreath Make- Up: LoganCallaghan- Custom Design Props: Sweet Lies Designs- Butterflies Caged


Clown dreams can mean lightheartedness, goofiness and fun. You can be feeling jovial or just feel the urge to make those around you smile and laugh. On the other hand you may feel some uncertainty about someone hanging around you. They may be smiling but hiding contempt for you. Pay attention to what is going on around you. Does someone need your positive energy? Has someone been hanging around that isn’t adding up? Either way, pay attention so you can figure out just what that clown is really trying to tell you.

Model: Payton Heron Photographers: Pierre Webb & Astralia Style: Outfit: [E.N.S.H.E]- Deniz Lalesi bodysuit, chest & feather attachments - yellow Shoulder Addition- 6 copies of Margo Shoulder (red) by LeeZu! Headpiece- Ma Vie. - Plumage hat - Paloma Shoes: Faster Pussycat - Neo Geisha Revolution - red Accessories: [E.N.S.H.E] - Deniz Lalesi hat added to belt - turquoise Make- Up: Madrid Solo- FashionArt- Andy Warhol Tribute; Cake - Wing Lashes


Dreaming of death or ending of anything can be scary. There may be some big changes taking place in your life. There is an ending of a major chapter in your life whether a relationship that is personal or professional. You are losing someone or something. With death comes life. When something comes to end, something is bound to begin. Everything comes to an end for something new to begin. Don’t mourn for too long. Look at this change as a new chapter in your life. This is a rebirth, do not fear the unknown and it’s newness.

Model: Falbala Fairey Photographers: Pierre Webb & Polly Elan Style: Hair: TuTy’s LIMBO- short wet hairstyle Dark brown with Zibska ~ Ibis Hat Outfit: !dM deviousMind: “Taunting Leda” MAGENTA Chestpiece: :: PM :: Edelweiss in Purple Skirt: Mea Culpa Voodoo Child purple & Zibska ~ Dagrun in Mora Jewelry: Necklace: GizzA - Epaulette Set [Purple] Chain Part/ Earrings: Lazuri - Eda Make- Up: Half Face: Corvus : Skull Face Tattoo Eyes: - DAMNED - Purple Spray & [Gauze] Alagos, Ears: Illusions- Sylph Ears Props: Scylth: AM Avi Store - Kosa


You are overwhelmed by your present circumstances. You’re unable to get a handle on things no matter how hard you try. Pause, take a deep breath. Release your worries and remind yourself that you will survive. Organize your thoughts and handle things one at a time. But don’t allow yourself to worry about the things that you can not change or avoid. You will rise above it all. Life is designed that way!

Model: Ellendir Khandr Photographers: Pierre Webb & Astralia Style: Hair : *ARGRACE* HIKARI- Blondes Outfit: -AZUL- Maeve in Amethyst with crown Jewels: F I N E S M I T H- Galadriel collar ring and arm bracelet Make- up: {MUA}- Lipstick- Tender- Purple {MUA}- Eyeshadow Pack- Vale- Purple Model: Ellendir Khandr Photographers: Pierre Webb & Astralia Style: Hair : *ARGRACE* HIKARI- Blondes Outfit: -AZUL- Maeve in Amethyst with crown Jewels: F I N E S M I T H- Galadriel collar ring and arm bracelet Make- up: {MUA}- Lipstick- Tender- Purple {MUA}- Eyeshadow Pack- Vale- Purple


Falling is one of the most common dreams that we have. Falling can mean you are not in control of situation and surroundings. Falling can also signify that you are possibly “falling” for someone. Falling can evoke many emotions in your dream. Fear of falling means you’re insecure about something. Falling from clouds and enjoying it means you are not afraid of change and you are actually embracing it. Pay attention to how you felt during your fall, those emotions can reveal what you are feeling about whatever circumstances you are facing.

Model: Eleseren Brianna Photographers: Pierre Webb & Nimoe Constantine Style: Hair: EVIE (no hair version) - KMADD Hair Outfit: anzu dress, kisara top - sheer & panties - pink - r2 Fashion Tribute to Gareth (shoulder and arm pieces) - [AD] Creations Latex Suit - Clear Sheer - X-DollZ Shoes: - High Elegance Boots - latex - Domino’s Duo Jewelry: Faranth (thigh and lower leg) and Eunice hands gold - .aisling Accessories: Opera Gloves (for Slink hands) - white - Adam n Eve Filigree Mesh Mask - gold - Madrid Solo Hutuu Mesh Ears - Mandala Make- Up: AstroGlam and Ina - +Nuuna+


Flying in your dreams is probably one of the most enjoyable dreams you can have in a long list of dreams. It symbolizes good things. Freedom, control, power, happiness. However, there are certain flying dreams that can mean the opposite. Just as most other dreams, pay attention to how you were feeling in the dream. Were you in control, did you continue to fall, were you flying upward, downward? All of these small details mean something in your dream.

Model: BloodyMistress Serenity Photographers: Pierre Webb & Astralia Style: Hair: Xena (edited) by Baiastice Dress: Galaxy Queen by NO Gloves: JEssamine by Belgravia Wings: Bee by Reasonable Desires Leggins: Flirty Leather Laced up legging (recoloured) by Sakide Shoes: Ava OTK boots by Leverocci Head Jewelry: Osiris by Posesion, Necklace: 7 by Deity Accessories: Idol glasses by Posesion Make- Up: Meta Red by Nuuna


Dreaming of being lost can mean that you are feeling directionless in your life. You may be at a crossroad and you don’t know which road to take. You are unclear of the direction you’re currently going and where it is leading you to at the end of the road. When you’re feeling this way, seek counsel from a “proven trusted friend”, elder, or clergy. Speak with someone that is on the path you want to go, living the kind of life you wish to live. Only someone who is where you wish to be can lead you or advise you on how to get to where you need to go.

Model: Spirit Llewellyn Photographers: Pierre Webb & Polly Elan Style: Hair: MADesigns- Dora- Black Outfit: SoliDea FoliEs- Zero Skirt Blue Couture- Dark Cage Skirt Violator- Pret Porter- HitMeUp Top, AE for Slink Opera Gloves Jewelry: SoliDea FoliEs- “DADA” earrings Vero Modero/ In My Space Hand Cuff Accessories: Silvery K- Blindfold Black Silvery K- Neck Corset Black Props: Blue Couture Dark Cage Umbrella


Dreaming of being naked especially in public can mean that you are feeling vulnerable and exposed. Perhaps you are afraid of being judged or criticised. Have you been sharing things about yourself you rather not be known by others that you are not close to? Has someone shared something you told them in confidence with someone else? Do not share things about yourself you want private. Don’t hide who you truly are to be liked. You may need to be open and honest about yourself, and then again you may need to be more discreet. Sometimes it’s better not to share too much about yourself! Just don’t lie about who you are.

Model: Averil Photographers: Pierre Webb & Nimoe Constantine Style: Hair: Tableau Vivant- Longfall Hair Blonde Body: Maitreya- Lara Mesh Body


Tick Tock! Tick Tock! You are running late for a very important date in your dream. Nothing is worse than running late for an important engagement. Dreaming you are late can mean things are not going according to plan, your time is running out for something that you wanted to have or aspire to in your life. Whatever it is that is creating this sense of urgency in your life, it is time for you to invest more time in accomplishing it. Time to make a plan, and if you’ve already done that, it is certainly time to revise the one you have made.

Model: Nadja Baxter Photographers: Pierre Webb & Nimoe Constantine Style: Hair: Vanity Hair: Alala-white Headpiece: =Zenith=Ivory Flower Head Dress (Milk) Outfit: Kelini Haute Couture Layka dress white Opera Gloves : AE for SLINK Appliers Hands Jewelry: .aisling. Dame des Fleurs Arm Gold Accessories: Flower Cluster Veil: P.C. Make- Up: It girls Meshhead applier eyes and The Meshprojekt classic lips

SEX There are so many ways you can dream about sex. They can mean inadequacy or uncertainty to needing more intimacy. The nature of the sexual experience, whether it’s passionate or wild, can indicate that you have desires and urges that you are dealing with. Your desires may not be “sexual in nature”, but the feelings are often at times parallel to what you are dealing with. If you’re in a relationship, you may not feel the intimacy you once felt with the person you’re with. If you’re single it may be time to mingle and release some sexual energy. If you are feeling inadequate, pay attention to what has you questioning yourself. The answers will be there waiting for you!

Models: VeronicaLynn Parx & Sabbian Paine Photographers: Pierre Webb & Nimoe Constantine Pose: KATINK by AnneMarit Jarvinen Style: VeronicaLynn- Headpiece: AZOURY - Ishtar Accessories: 7mad;Ravens- The Bug Man Arms Eyes: Negaposi creepy eyes - RAVEN B (edited) Skin: Fallen Gods- DRACO Moonlight Make-up: Madrid Solo- March 2014 Group Gift Unisex- Born Again 7mad;Ravens- Black Wash Tattoo-Face Sabbian- Mask: Clavv. Accessories: 7mad;Ravens- The Bug Man Arms Eyes: Negaposi creepy eyes - RAVEN B Skin: Nivaro - Baptiste Fantasy Skin - Grey Tribal Make- Up: Lovely Disarray- I’m no Priest: Face Paint +Nuuna+ Zion tattoo/ +Nuuna+ Zion eyeliner tattoo/ +Nuuna+ Meta Black


Dreaming that you are trapped and unable to get out of a negative situation can mean you’re feeling hopeless and helpless about something in your life that is suffocating you. You are stuck in a situation that you want to escape without any options to be free whether a relationship, job or other circumstance that is unending. It’s time for you to think about what is in your life that you no longer want. It’s time to think about how to make the changes you need to free yourself for good. Get rid of the baggage in your life that is negative and holding you back. Always remember that you are in control and have choices in any situation.

Model: WillowWho Flowers Photographers: Pierre Webb & Polly Elan Style: Hair: Deidre..EMO-tions Mask: Melancholy Beast..by..CLAVv Outfit: MFW11 Avairy Tutu/Parrot..by..LWL Jewelry: Demonia Claws..by..PM Accessories: Chrysophylax Horn Sanguine..by..The Plastik, Shoes: Khor feet fem m (ivory)..by..Kazuhiro Aridian



Model: WillowWho Flowers Photographer: Magissa Denver


We sincerely thank everyone that made this project a reality. It was a dream come true for us to work with amazingly talented artists that expand our horizons and make the world imaginative and beautiful. Thank you VeronicaLynn, Eden and Miwa for making this art come true. Thank you to our DREAM MAKERS: Astralia, Logan, Magissa, Pierre & Polly. Thank you to our amazing sponsors: Azul, ClaVv, Ghee, Katink & Kelini. Thank you to all our beautiful models and supporters. -DISCLAIMERThis book is for entertainment purposes only and not meant to reflect or follow life. -Sweet Dreams-