. Fashion Teller House .


FASHION TELLER HOUSE Fashion Teller House is a home to a group of artistic friends and family that specializes in High Quality, High Fashion Unique Projects and Events in Second Life. WE ARE NOT AN AGENCY. We are non-profit and simply enjoy creating fashion and art that promotes talented designers, models and photographers in a unique way. Our main projects are classy fashion picture story books that spotlights Second Life Fashion and Style in a well developed and highly detailed art form. We are not doing this for fame or fortune but for the sake of art and creative fun. We are not aiming to impress anyone but we do hope we can inspire people to be creative, imaginative and appreciate beauty and art in their lives. Our goal is to publish something beautiful and classic that always stays fresh over time. One day when I get old, I want to look back at the projects and say… “I was part of that and it was fun and beautiful.”