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The Dollhouse

MODELS: RicoRacer Flux & Xandrah Sciavo PHOTOGRAPHER: Pierre

The Wedding Topper Once upon a time, there was a toymaker who loved to create beautiful dolls of every kind. Once a year on a very special night, magic happened as each doll came to life to tell their own unique stories and to show that even inside, the most wooden of bodies can beat a warm heart and loving soul. The FASHION TELLER HOUSE is very proud to present “The Dollhouse”. We were very honored to work with the beautiful COCO dolls in Second Life® and had a blast bringing them to life as they brought their own unique personalities and stories. THE WEDDING TOPPER Don’t judge our hearts as not real or misunderstood just because our bodies are carved out in wood. Gaze upon this picture and you will be amazed to see, a man and a woman in love as only true love can be. Though we are but dolls and all that should impart, Our souls are pure in love and it shows deeply in our heart.

POSE: Pics n Poses-OC-Wedding Topper by Sue Hunniton DOLLS: Doll by COCO STYLE: OUTFITS - Rico: Ribbon Tuxedo by Gabriel Xandrah: Covetousness by AD Creations ACCESSORIES - Xandrah: Bodza Jewelry Set by Donna Flora, Aliena Ring by Donna Flora, Calla Lily Bouquet by Rebel Hope

The Fairy

MODEL: Kynne Llewellyn PHOTOGRAPHERS: Pierre (Profile) & Nimoe Constantine (Scene) STYLE: DOLL: Doll by COCO - Lena OUTFIT: Transparent Lace Dress by Vita’s Boudoir - Eau de Boudoir Couture. Baiastice Rochee ankle boots. ACCESSORIES: Wolf : Alchemy - Fenris The Great Wolf - Snow. Coco Doll - Insect Wings 3, Hair : Argrace - Urei - white.

Dressed in silver see how I shine. Look at me glide, a Fairy divine. Look in my eyes and see all my love. The wind beat my wings as I fly high above. The beauty in my soul lights up the night, love is my power that gives my heart flight.

The Ballerina

MODEL: Astralia PHOTOGRAPHERS: Pierre (Profile) & Nimoe Constantine (Scene) POSE: Pics n Poses-F-En Pointe-14 by Sue Hunniton STYLE: DOLL: COCO DOLL 002AF with Corset Piercing Legs_White OUTFIT: Naomie Bodysuit by Topazia, Tutu by !gO! ACCESSORIES: Satin Bow & Pearls Set by Yummy, Rebirth headpiece and dress decor by Solidea Folies, Anima flower(shoulder) by Azul, Splendor Falls White Eyebrow Jewels, Poppy ankle from Walk in the Flower by Topazia

I dance to the music in my soul as its spins me around and around. Though I am made out of porcelain, I hear every sound, For music will feed the emptiest soul and make it feel so right. At sunrise and through sunset, I dance through the dark of night.

The Chess Piece

MODEL: LovelyMiwako7399 Menna PHOTOGRAPHERS: Pierre (Profile) & Nimoe Constantine (Scene) STYLE: DOLL: Doll by COCO OUTFIT: VORTEX by sYs Design ACCESSORIES: Merengue headpiece by Baoba

I stand upon a board of chess, Queen of all that I survey. A doll of strength and beauty, Divine in all I say. My will is all consuming as I rule on every piece. I move with grace as I take you out of the game with ease. My body may be stone, but my heart is pure and light. I rule with kindness, beauty and might.

The Swan Doll

MODEL: Tyra Eiren PHOTOGRAPHERS: Pierre (Profile) & Nimoe Constantine (Scene) POSE: Pics n Poses-OF-The Swan-15 by Sue Hunniton STYLE: DOLL: Doll by COCO OUTFIT: It Dress by Ladies Who Lunch, Angel Corset by Ladies Who Lunch, Angel Gown by Ladies Who Lunch ACCESSORIES: Swan Prince Headpiece by Plank Couture, Swan Jeweled Brow by Purple Moon, Walk in the Flower Shoes (Poppy Edition) by Topazia

Oh look at my beauty, it’s not a mistake, A Swan of pure white upon a moonlit lake. Wings of silken beauty and sheen of soft snow, I softly glide in ecstasy wherever I go. Though I’m only a doll, made of feathers and glass, My heart is full of wonder, elegance and class.

The Marionette

MODEL: Xandrah Sciavo PHOTOGRAPHERS: Pierre (Profile) & Nimoe Constantine (Scene) STYLE: DOLL: Doll by COCO OUTFIT: Orianna Lace Dress and Collar by Zenith, Corset Piercings Legs by COCO, Star Crown by L’Enfant Terrible ACCESSORIES: Marionette Controls and Strings by Curio Obscura

You see me bound up, tied by wood and string. Move me to the music and you can hear me sing. I’ll dance and move in wonder that is pleasing to your sight. My strings are made of silver, my heart is pure delight. Pull my silky strings, my sweet puppeteer. I’ll follow every motion that you commandeer.

The Circus Doll

MODEL: Kerasia Hexicola PHOTOGRAPHERS: Pierre (Profile) & Nimoe Constantine (Scene) STYLE: DOLL: Doll by COCO OUTFIT: Le Cirque De Boudoir skirt by Vita’s Boudoir, Angel Shrug by Ladies Who Lunch, Helsinki boots by Baiastice, Belt by Leather Fetishist, Skirt by Chic Zafari ACCESSORIES: Commedia De’ll Arte hat by Vita’s Boudoir, Flower from Poppy Hat by Vita’s Boudoir, Crystal Brows by Lagyo, Jewelry by Yummy, Balloon by Kokolores

The sounds of a child’s laughter brings joy to my heart, I am here to entertain you right from the start. I will sing and dance and do a few tricks for a smile. I will do my very best to make you stay for awhile. Though I’m only a clown doll made to entertain, I will do my very best to take away your pain.

The Geisha

MODEL: Yashi Audion PHOTOGRAPHERS: Pierre (Profile) & Nimoe Constantine (Scene) STYLE: DOLL: Doll by COCO OUTFIT: Thorn Of Beauty Chest by Bare Rose, Parts of Kimono Rose by Keepers Karu ACCESSORIES: Fan by Bare Rose, *N*HIGANBANA_BLK hair decor by !*NAMINOKE*, Classic Pearls Long - Matching Drop Earrings by Lazuri

Please Sire, Let me serve you with all that I have. I will entertain you in the mystery of beauty and love. I seek not to anger or make you feel sad. I will be your lady in all thats good and bad. You are my noble lord, I seek no other man. Love and duty are in me like only a true Geisha can.

The Indian Goddess

MODEL: Giselle Chauveau PHOTOGRAPHERS: Pierre (Profile) & Nimoe Constantine (Scene) STYLE: DOLL: Doll by COCO OUTFIT: Greek Dress by COCO ACCESSORIES: Headpiece, Lotus Flower on shoulder, Bracelets and Back Ornaments from DIWALI by Champagne Sparkling Couture, Arpita Jewelry by Mashooka

Bow down mere mortals and worship at my throne. I am the one true Goddess and yours and yours alone. I’ll shower my love blessings and guide you on your path, Serve me and love me or you will feel my dark wrath. Though I am made of sacred wood from a land full of history, I am a Goddess of love and beauty, shrouded in mystery.

The Aristocrat

MODEL: Winter Jefferson PHOTOGRAPHERS: Pierre (Profile) & Nimoe Constantine (Scene) STYLE: DOLL: Doll by COCO OUTFIT: Winter Dress Suit by Frozen Nights Thigh High Boots for DU2013 by Pesca ACCESSORIES: Baguette Ring by Paper Couture

I was born of noble blood, proud, free and strong. I am proud of all my history, I dance to my own song. I bow to no one above me and I do no one no wrong. I may be carved from nature’s gift and wooden is my whole, but passion, wit and wisdom occupy my soul.

The Victorian Maiden

MODEL: Mila Blauvelt PHOTOGRAPHERS: Pierre (Profile) & Nimoe Constantine (Scene) STYLE: DOLL: Doll by COCO OUTFIT: Shirt- Shareen C3 shirt by Bare Rose, BlackLabel Marquise Corset by Miamai, Ptit Blanche Blouse by Bare Rose, Bohemian tabs by Eagle

Our lovely belle so full of grace, she glides like an angel dressed in lace. She has an air of royalty like a Queen, she is a rare beauty to be seen. Guard





enchantment or forever be lost in confinement.

The Mermaid

MODEL: VeronicaLynn Parx PHOTOGRAPHERS: Pierre (Profile) & Nimoe Constantine (Scene) STYLE: DOLL: Doll by COCO POSE: Pics n Poses-OF-Mermaid by Sue Hunniton OUTFIT: Tideborns Australian Reef Dragonis Blue Mermaid Tail and Fins by Tideborns ACCESSORIES: Wings, Crown, Sea Stars Bra ( worn on pelvis) from Mermaid Queen by Vita’s Boudoir, Sea Stars Bra, Pearls, Starfish Earrings from Sand Dancer by Vita’s Boudoir

Under the sea, I would be a mermaid fair. With a comb of pearl, I would brush my hair. I would sing in a voice that is so sweet, so the sailors would come in complete defeat. I swim through the water feeling its warm caress, looking for my one true love to profess.

The Red queen

MODEL: Locuala Madruga PHOTOGRAPHERS: Pierre (Profile) & Nimoe Constantine (Scene) STYLE: DOLL: Doll by COCO OUTFIT: ECCENTRIC U.KINGDOM Down Skirt by Champagne, BonBon Blouse by GizzA, MYTH Corset by Faster Pussycat, Fame collar and shoulder by Ladies Who Lunch, Queen of Hearts Hearted Collar by Vita’s Boudoir ACCESSORIES: Fur Tippet and Pearls by COCO, Pearl Lariat by AA, Spanish Armada Necklace by AB, Queen of Hearts Crown by Vita’s Boudoir

I am your Red Queen, Obey my every command. I demand your attention as I rule the land. Do you fear my power? Do you walk in dread? My power will surround you and get inside your head. Look at me my subject, Look at me and bow. You are mine completely, come be mine right now.

The Warrior

MODEL: Honey Bender PHOTOGRAPHERS: Pierre (Profile) & Nimoe Constantine (Scene) STYLE: DOLL: Doll by COCO OUTFIT: Helmet and shoulder harness by House of Fox, Pasties by !devious Mind, Collar and Gloves by Rosal, Feather Tutu custom made by Faster Pussycat, Unicorn Boots from BowChicka ACCESSORIES: TGW Sokudo Katana and LW Weaponry by Lycan Sword

Strong and brave the warrior stands as she fights for all thats true, Her mighty sword is passion to light the world anew. Her wooden soul is fierce with strong and noble pride, She is strong and powerful to sweep despair aside. Her beauty is beyond the reach on any mortal man. She is the doll of bravery, a Goddess to everyone.

The Voodoo Doll

MODEL: WrenNoir Cerise PHOTOGRAPHERS: Pierre (Profile) & Nimoe Constantine (Scene) STYLE: DOLL: Doll by COCO OUTFIT: Sacrifice Skirt by Purple Moon, Wicca Top by Prism ACCESSORIES: Hellfire Skull & Clas Leather Necklace by N.A.M.E., Malika Feathers by Azul, Fruit Salad Tree Branches by Concrete Flowers, Travail Skull by LeLutka, Avernal Necklace by LaGyo, Harvest Crown by LaGyo, Rustpuppet by KROVA

Come my sweet and follow to a place in my heart. You will beg for your soul and we will never part. I am all dark power, your soul and mine entwine. I am the mistress of voodoo, soon you will be mine. I may be a wooden lady carved from nature’s tree, but soon your soul will be caged and never again be free.

The Broken Doll

MODEL: Tadeu Gartner PHOTOGRAPHERS: Pierre (Profile) & Nimoe Constantine (Scene) POSE: Pics n Poses-OM-Broken Doll-37 by Sue Hunniton STYLE: DOLL: Doll by COCO - Adele Close Eyes OUTFIT: Couture Oversize Collar by Glam Affair, [ BarmaleY ] Grey shorts SWAG Grey, Armor by DRD, Voodoo Hool by Axix, Hood on the Neck: ::Axix:: Voodoo Hood [Basic White] ACCESSORIES: Victorian tophat by DRD, Aquarelle Eyes Ornament by Finesmith, Spide Face by DRD, The Jasmyne Chapeau by la petite morte

Oh you see my body, all broken and forlorn, Lying still and lonely waiting for a new dawn. Lost without a lover to keep me loved and warm, I have no one special to keep me safe from harm. I am doll that is shattered, battered and all torn. Bring my soul that warm peace that only love can adorn.

Sponsor Logos

Sponsor Logos

Crew CEOs: RicoRacer Flux & Editorial Clarity


AUTHOR: Trav Solar

GRAPHICS & LAYOUT MANAGER: LovelyMiwako7399 Menna

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Pierre Perrot (PORTRAITS) Nimoe Constantine (SCENES) Dylan Dorival (Credits Picture)

MODEL: RicoRacer Flux PHOTOGRAPHER: Dylan Dorival

Cast RicoRacer Flux & Xandrah Sciavo - THE WEDDING TOPPER Kynne Llewelyn - THE FAIRY Astralia - THE BALLERINA LovelyMiwako7399 Menna - THE CHESS PIECE Tyra Eiren - THE SWAN PRINCESS Xandrah Sciavo - THE MARIONETTE Kerasia Hexicola - THE CIRCUS CLOWN Yashi Audion - THE GEISHA Giselle Chauveau - THE INDIAN GODDESS Winter Jefferson - THE ARISTOCRAT Mila Blauvelt - THE VICTORIAN MAIDEN VeronicaLynn Parx - The MERMAID Locuala Madruga - THE RED QUEEN Honey Bender - THE WARRIOR WrenNoir Cerise - THE VOODOO DOLL Tadeu Gartner - THE BROKEN DOLL

Sponsors COCO DOLLS Cocoro Lemon PICS N POSES Sue Hunniton [sYs] Designs Syane and Systi Cisse

Thank you: The Fashion Teller House would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to everyone that is involved in making the lovely COCO dolls come to life in The DOLLHOUSE. We salute Xandrah Sciavo who made this project happen with such grace, organization and professionalism. BRAVO to the super talented Pierre and Nimoe Constantine who made the dolls come to life with their art. Love and appreciation to our Layout Director Miwa and to our amazing storyteller, Trav Solar. We are extremely proud of our talented models/stylists, designers, our posemaker Sue Hunniton and sponsors. A Special THANK YOU to all our readers and supporters who give us the drive to create our story books.

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