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Stunning water photography by a Fine-Art Photographer - Gary Knights instagram @gary_knights

Fashion Dress: Olga Malyarova



PHOTOGRAPHER: Janna Kuzko MODEL: Anastasiya Tumanova @ RF Models ASSISTANT: Elizaveta Didukh FASHION DESIGNER: Olga Malyarova HAIR STYLIST: Mariya Samsonova @Mariya_igorevna COSTUME DESIGNER/WARDROBE STYLIST: Voguerentcoutyredresess



Dress: Olga Malyarova

Dress: Olga Malyarova


Dress: Voguerent @voguerent


Dress: Olga Malyarova

Dress: Voguerent @voguerent






92-97 38-43









PHOTOGRAPHER: Janna Kuzko MODEL: Anastasiya Tumanova @ RF Models ASSISTANT: Elizaveta Didukh FASHION DESIGNER: Olga Malyarova HAIR STYLIST: Mariya Samsonova @Mariya_igorevna COSTUME DESIGNER/WARDROBE STYLIST: Voguerentcoutyredresess

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WORDS by Bruno Same

Dangerous Game “The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything…” Friedrich Nietzsche in «Thus Spoke Zarathustra».

Born from a collaboration between model Albine Welles and photographer Brice Dirlès, the editorial Dangerous Game is not only a remarkable ode devoted to fashion but also an ingenious pretext to show the viewer a real know-how in the art of photography staging to tell us a story. They met a year ago, during an advertising campaign for an optical brand of Toulouse. Both living in the “pink city”, the European capital of the aerospace industry, the fashion and advertising photographer and model have both been seduced by their respective talents. She, carried by the grace of her femininity, knowing how to show the objective, all the facets of her sensitivity, demanding and passionate in her work, in a very professional manner, but keeping empathy with others; he, the fashion and advertising photographer, knowing how to accurately capture those frozen moments that transform the model into a true muse. This is how Albine wanted to share, develop and build the project of this editorial with him. From a spy story, although repeated many times, the duo takes us behind the scenes of an original version. An intrigue in which the art of seduction and intelligence is the ultimate weapon of a dangerous game finishing in an inevitably fatal outcome.


This editorial is the accomplishment of a true artistic association and a real collective work. Surrounded by a team of talents found in the very heart of the city, Brice and Albine get us straight into a world where grace, beauty and luxury are the determining factors to get at the truth of the characters. Based on the remarkable work of the twenty-one-year-old fashion designer Dorian Bouché-Alibert and Sylvie Nkou, a wonderful designer of Gwanni label, the elegance of the woman is then sublimated through a series of clothes, sometimes voluminous, sometimes worn near the body, but always perfectly fitted. Completed by make-up made in large part by Pauline Munoz but also by Romy Locci and hairstyles applied and imagined by Gago Abrahamyan, Fabio Tonicello and Valérie Guillaume, the heroine of the story lets burst the magnitude of all her femininity, bewitching her partner and rival with her intoxicating charm. To support them in the execution of this singular romance, Albine, also artistic director for this project, is assisted by Noémie and Frédéric, while Brice has a third eye, Julien Lay, his “black room” friend, and last but not least Jérémy, photo assistant.


This story is set by fourteen scenes, making us discover one by one a very different environment. Starting from the airfield of L’Herm, a few kilometers outside of the city, while passing by the warm and comfortable lounges of the Grand Hôtel de l’Opéra, the terrace of Crown Plaza and the nuptial suite of Château de Mauriac, we are constantly immersed in a delicate atmosphere, luxurious and fully sophisticated. Thus, in this perfect chronology where the image gradually reveals the goal of the characters, each shoot comes with its lights and bright colors, plated on brilliant photography. The tremendous esthetic and compositional work done on each image leads us ruthlessly in a world where natural elegance constitutes the environment of the action. Nothing is left to chance to capture the viewer’s attention because every detail is a potential source of inspiration.

The main model expresses the strength of character of an intelligent and determined woman. She is the real expression of the modern woman fully connected to her era: independent, knowing how to express a strong and constant personality, able to achieve the impossible to concretize what she undertakes. Always dominant, she fights without fear. In the background, the man, interpreted by David Lerebourg, fascinated by this fatal beauty and submitted to her charm and her physical presence, holds the rank of complement in the composition. Already overcome by the ingenuity and elegance of the beautiful, he seems to be dying of love for her. Finally, all of this staging is carried by the eye of the photographer who, like a conductor, directs all the esthetic work. He structures the angle and light as the essential elements of his photographic signature.

The synthesis of this Franco-Slovak cooperation, the editorial Dangerous Game illustrates the harmony of two cultural and artistic universes with distinctly different characters. The natural beauty of the images, made possible by the work of light realized on the various angles of shooting, supplants with accuracy the impression of perfection and sophistication left by the models. In this chic and elegant atmosphere, the image delivers to the viewers the intention of its authors while allowing them to give freedom to their imagination‌




PHOTOGRAPHER: Brice Dirlès @brice_dirles_manieriste ASSISTANT PHOTOGRAPHY: Julien Lay, Jlo Royo BEAUTY RETOUCH: Svetlana Ivanova MODELS: Albine W@Vip Models, David L@Vip Models MAKE UP ARTIST: Pauline Munoz, Romy Locci HAIR STYLIST: Fabio Tonicello, Gago Abrahamyan, Valérie Guillaume DESIGNER: Dorian Bouché-Alibert, Gwanni Créateur de Mode WARDROBE: adL, Elisabetta Franchi, Christian Louboutin, Karen Millen, L’Observatoire, Loriblu, Love Republic, MayoChix, One Teaspoon, Nasty Gal ACCESSORIES: Dorian Bouché-Alibert, l.a. Eyeworks, L’Effet d’Optique, Omega, Reminiscence Paris, Swarovski, Tom Ford ASSISTANT WARDROBE: Noémie Assens LOCATION: Aérodrome de Muret – Lherm, Grand Hôtel de l’Opéra - Toulouse, Hôtel Crowne Plaza Toulouse, Château de Mauriac Special thanks to SN DIFFUSION and Zoubida Abdennebi – école supérieure de toilettage



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BHAS: Beta-hydroxy acids, which are fat-soluble compounds, are recognized to be useful for more oily skin. Salicylic acid is a derivative of the inner bark of the willow tree. This compound can penetrate deeply into problem pores to prevent acne formation and other forms of inflammation. It works synergistically with many antioxidants (such as AHAs), including vitamin C and other skin brighteners. Sebum, a material secreted by sebaceous glands, is a binding substance resembling glue. This material must be dissolved and broken down so that newer, younger cells can come to the surface. Salicylic (BHA), and glycolic acid (AHA) penetrate hair follicles inside your skin to dissolve excess sebum and unclog pores. By removing dead skin cells, it eliminates the build-up of blackheads and whiteheads, which can lead to acne breakouts and also cause dull, prematurely-aged skin. In addition, the proper peels can treat various skin tones for hyperpigmentation and melasma by removing damaged layers of the skin surface while using active vitamins to brighten and fade discoloration and help prevent further sun damage. Hyperpigmentation is a problem often solved in combination with peels, IPL treatments, lasers, and micro-needling. The severity of melanin presence may impose limits on effectiveness. Therefore, there are many reasons to find a qualified dermatologist for evaluation of these critical issues to find the best solutions for your skin. VITAMIN A AND BETA CAROTENE: Vitamin A retinoids have been used to excellent effect in many aspects of skin care. First

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PLANT ENZYMES: Bromelain (from pineapple) and papaya are popular additions to effective skin care. Bromelain has long been

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VITAMIN C: This widely-recognized antioxidant is now known to be synergistically useful in topical skin care formulations. It works

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TATIANA AYNBINDER has over 15 years experience working in high-end Beverly Hills and Los Angeles skin care and dermatology businesses alongside some of the most expert cosmetic dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the field. She has advised A-list celebrity clients in solving all manners of skin care needs. She is currently working in business development and consulting for physicians and medical start-ups in Los Angeles. Tatiana is also a contributing writer for Forbes, the Huffington Post, Medical Daily and Apple News. She is a graduate of UCLA, loves yoga, and believes in the mind-body connection. Through enhancing people’s natural physical beauty, it can empower them to feel their most beautiful and confident. Tatiana’s latest updates on health and beauty can also be found on



Photographer: David Yescas Makeup Artist: Victor Hugo Fashion stylist: Bambi Gauciin Model: Mafer Vega @ET Model Management






Young Photographer Feature Fedor Polyushko

I am a 20 year old photographer who grew up and lives in Oakland, California. Photography for me started in high school when I got my first smartphone, an iPhone 4, and when my friend urged me to downloaded Instagram. I had no idea what it was and, at first, all it seemed to be was a platform for sharing selfies and food, but I soon discovered “iphoneographers� who took incredible photos with their iPhones and I wanted to do the same. So I tried to mimic a lot of their styles of finding interesting compositions in boring mundane things. This would lead to me practicing composition a lot and learning how to make things look good in frame. Eventually after a couple months of taking iPhone photos, I started getting deeper and deeper into photography and eventually sold my bike to buy the cheapest DSLR Nikon made. I would end up using that camera for countless road trips with one of my best friends who also got into photography and would take a lot of nature images. I started spending time writing emails to small companies and they would send me products and in exchange I would take images. This put me in a position of thinking that I could actually turn this into a business.

NEW feature

If you are age between 18-23 and would like to be featured in our next issue, please send us an email to with “Young Photographer Feature� in the title.

As high school was coming around to an end I decided to not go to college and to pursue a photography career. I had no idea how, but I would just figure it out. I ended up having a 2 month stint working at a juice bar which I hated and quite a long period of depression where I had no idea what I was doing with my life and having no idea how to make money doing something I love. Little did I realize that my huge ego was getting in the way. I was always thinking that I should be working with big business doing photography for them and that the reason I am not working is that they just don’t know I exist. It was only after I was hired to be an assistant for a local commercial photographer that I started learning that I knew nothing. I spent a year and a half working long days and learning everything there is to know about how a photo set works, how to light a set, how to modify lights, and how to retouch images. After my work with him ended I went freelance and started picking up clients and am currently running my own freelance photography business at the age of 20 with the knowledge that even now I still know nothing. Currently, I and a friend/colleague are looking at a photo studio in Oakland to rent out and to take my business to another level. The current goal is to keep growing the business, keep pleasing my clients, and to pick up large advertising/ commercial jobs in the next 5 years or so.




PHOTOGRAPHER: Liu Yichuan MAKEUP ARTIST: Marie Prieux MODEL: Qiu Xiaoyi ASSISTANT: Lyu Rui FASHION DESIGNER | ACCESSORY DESIGNER: Lucie Parrens Neck accessory: Costumerisme Top: Princesse Tam.Tam 34 FASHION SHIFT MAGAZINE

Top: Costumerisme Earrings: Kingsley Ryan FASHION SHIFT MAGAZINE 45

Neck accessory: Costumerisme Tooth brush: MUJI



Top Costumerisme Earrings: Kingsley Ryan


French Connection Dress J.O.A. Los Angeles Belt Shoes by Jeffrey Campbell


Matter PHOTOGRAPHER: Ashley Fischer MAKEUP ARTIST: Sophia Porter ASSISTANT: Erin Ciesielski MODEL: Sydney Mcphillips

Elizabeth and James Pants Halogen Shirt Shoes by Jeffrey Campbell






ATM Trousers Vince Shirt Shoes by Jeffrey Campbell

Nic + Zoe Sweater Free People Bralette Trouve Trousers Shoes by Jeffrey Campbell

Chelsea 28 Shirt Free People Bralette Alexander Wang Skirt Shoes by Jeffrey Campbell


Fashion Week blues are kicking in after another season so we thought we would transport you back to one of our show highlights. This season LA Fashion Week took place in the heart of Downtown LA at the luxurious Alexandria Ballrooms. LAFW is continually reaching new heights bringing in both established and fresh talent from LA and around the world. This season went beyond showcasing traditional fashion runways by hosting dynamic art and film installations such as Radka Salcmannova’s debut collection. As a multifaceted visual artist, Salcmannova took on the challenge of producing a complex collection within three months. She used silicone armoured designs and face masks to create a synergy between fashion and art, inspired by empowering characters and the creativity of her hybrid team of photographers, filmmakers and musicians. It’s no surprise that Salcmannova’s production was picked up by British Vogue as ‘Ones to Watch’ and we look forward to seeing how her unique artistry unfolds. Here we feature interviews with the protagonists of this impactful production. Read on as they lure you into their visually entrancing and surreal world that transcends fashion expectations.

INTERVIEW by Carmen Obied

Get Surreal with Salcmannova VISUAL ARTIST/DESIGNER: RADKA SALCMANNOVA This season you presented your striking collection during LA fashion week for the first time, with an unusually creative production. What inspired you to create this? My passion for creative art production comes from the fact I am an artist first. The role of art director developed naturally for me and through film production I began dabbling in fashion design. At first my plan was to approach LAFW as an art director for upcoming fashion shows because I have done it in the past for a few brands at NYFW. After I got in contact with LAFW they offered me my own runway show because they had seen my costumes and creations in a few of my small experimental films. The offer really surprised me because I had never created a collection in such a large scale. After some consideration I said yes, but on the condition that I would be able to produce and art direct every aspect of the show. I handpicked every artist who collaborated with me on this production. Producing a traditional runway didn’t seem very appealing to me so I aimed to create a unique and interactive experience. I am most happy when my artwork acts as coherent and complex organism that people leave feeling that they were really part of the journey and that they had the chance to see a story and feel all the associated emotions. I developed this approach from my passion for filmmaking. I have been lucky enough to meet extraordinary talented people who wanted to join me and help me with all the production. My team and I instantly clicked together perfectly. From the video artist, musician and the editorial photographer, we all met at the right moment where everyone was on the same page and the production process flowed very smoothly.

Your work echoes powerful and surreal artistry. Do you have a specific character or story in mind when you are creating a design or image? Yes, absolutely. I create each of design as a character. That again leads me to the film and story. All the golden designs I created for fashion week come from a short trilogy of films I exhibited in Prague last year. In this trilogy there is a story of 3 characters that interact with each other and repeat the same pattern always in different scenarios. So for the LAFW production I was creating this collection as a stylized extension my previous work. Through the process the narrative got more intense and specific. But still, the process was very organic and as surrealistic as my typical work. It almost feels like to me that I created an artistic military statement to confirm the character archetype of a female warrior who is present with all the power she has no matter where I am or where I go.

Your pieces involve many mediums, with silicone being a prevalent material in your latest collection. What are some of the mediums and materials you most enjoy using, or would like to experiment with next? I love the challenge and variation of mixing different mediums and materials. It keeps me moving because you are constantly on the mission of trying and experimenting with different formulas and combinations; it’s always a great moment when you can find something new that works. I love to work with silicone; the material totally fascinates me. At the beginning of working with this material I treated it almost as if I was drawing. You then let it sit and dry and after that you work with it with the mindset of a sculptor; giving the shape and letting the material guide you. Throughout this process I feel like I am creating a character that exists totally independent from me. This is just the beginning for me, from there I like to dig even deeper into my dream world and combine my silicone creations with video production. This may sound crazy but this is totally what I see that is in my head. I see my dresses existing in a highly stylized film/movie. Maybe one day we all will wear this kind of fashion. FASHION SHIFT MAGAZINE 55

MUSIC: HUXLEY ANNE How was your experience showcasing your music at Salcmannova’s show for LAFW? Awe-inspiring, fluid gold silicon, metal lava spilling into reality from a fantastical realm where women are ancient blue warriors. As I wrote the music, I had tried to imagine Salcmannova’s designs coming to life, but the actual experience went beyond everything I had envisioned. It felt perfectly coalesced, the entire production breathing in rhythm. This year you released your debut album, Ilium, which marked a transformative phase in your creative path. Do you find you are often straddling the line between darkness and light? I live on a houseboat on the River Styx. Within the duality of darkness and light I see a reflection of my entire process—the numbness I felt when I started the album, compared to the emotional intensity I experienced while finishing it; the weight of mythology and spirit against the brute force of science and capitalism; the liberal arts versus technology; musical technicality against emotive performance; Apollo needing Dionysus; nothing false, all in existence, just truth on different sides of the same blood-stained sword. How do you express this through your music? I feel the darkness, the emotional power it holds, often when I am writing. The process of writing through it, of expressing those more sinister, difficult to process feelings is how I hope to find light. It’s almost the only way I get closer to contentment, true happiness. Writing music is my most honest way of attempting to live in both worlds. What helps you get in the zone? I work on music almost obsessively, whether it be practicing piano, making drum beats, recording modular synths. However, I think my best ideas come to me when I have a powerful concept I’m seeking to communicate through music. Expressing narratives is something I hold sacred to all art forms. Of course, to do this, I burn palo santo daily and take many baths. Where do you escape to for creativity? Creativity knows no bounds; it thrives in the realm of infinite chaos. I can’t escape it; I am attacked by it, at seemingly random points in time and space. Being swallowed by a creative wave is where I’m happiest. I escape from the rest of the world.

FILM: TALON MCKEE You produced a visually entrancing film for Salcmannova’s show at LAFW. What was the main message you wanted to reveal through your film? Normally I spend a great deal of time developing complex references, adding layers of symbolism and depth that gives the opportunity for my work to take interpretation and perspective to different levels of understanding. Find me stuck in some obscure book about ancient lore and mysticism anytime I’m developing a project. But not on this film. Instead I let the concepts and meaning build organically on their own, and in the process of making the film I ended up getting enveloped in its luring vision. What I particularly like about this piece is the simplicity of it; there is something so haunting and alluring about a lone glowing figure surrounded by darkness. It really evokes thoughts of phantasms and apparitions. Ultimately I wanted the garments to be recognizable but also transformed and distorted into a more eerie sensation. I like to think of the film as almost a chance encounter with something a bit otherworldly. Which films or artists do you feel have played a pivotal role in influencing your style and ideas? I am always such a fangirl for dark art films. Give me something highly stylized, dripping with horror, beauty, and depth and it will no doubt make ripples into my work. I think horror movies in general are overlooked in terms of artistic value. But movies like It Follows (2014) and The VVitch: A New-England Folktale (2015) harmoniously bring my favorite attributes together. The gripping and stunning visual work in these films paired beautifully with music makes a lasting impression that I strive for in my work. In addition to art films, music videos bring a wealth of creativity to the forefront. I can spend hours scrolling through music videos getting completely lost in sultry, dark, and luring music. Often when I am working or shooting I have these videos playing in the background to get everyone in the same vein of creativity. Oyinda, Sevdaliza, Arca and FKA Twigs are some of the artists I admire that challenge perspectives of artistic vision and collaboration in their videos. What impact do you hope to have on your audience with your films? Entrancing and Impactful; essentially that is all that I want my films to create. I take concepts that don’t always resonate well with all audiences. I don’t want my work to be something that everyone can relate to. Instead, I want to create something that captures the viewer’s attention. When my work plays I want people to stop what they’re doing to watch it. Even if my work is just a few minutes long, I want those few minutes to lure you in. I like the idea that some will leave my work being inspired, being disturbed, loving it, or really hating it. Either way I like the idea of my work making ripples into others creative processes.

PHOTOGRAPHER: LLOYD GALBRAITH How did you get involved in producing and photographing Salcmannova’s collection for LAFW? Radka and I met through a mutual photographer friend of ours. I was instantly obsessed with the artisanal quality of Radka’s designs; the degree of detail and the element of obscurity seemed to resonate in both of our works. It wasn’t long before our conversation of admiration for each other’s work turned into talk about collaboration. In my past collaborations with designers I’ve become familiar with production of runway shows, it only came about naturally that we aimed to produce a show in LA. After I lined up a few shoots with a couple of well-known models, Radka was offered to show in LAFW and the production of the event rapidly took its course. What were some of the challenges and highlights? We only had about three months to create the entire line and to get the press and promotional material finished. It definitely took a lot of scrambling to get everything to happen, and even more so to get everything to happen within a time crunch. Just laying out all the groundwork for a show can be a tall order at times, so this project really kept me on my toes. My favorite part of the process was producing and shooting the editorial lookbook for the line. We shot at one of my favorite locations, Point Dume’s cliff beaches. I’ve used this location in a number of my other works because the setting is constantly transforming from one breathtaking view to another. The shoot ended up being a crazy day full of hiccups, including a rising tide that threatened cutting our shoot short. Luckily with a little finagling from Radka’s manager, Romi, and I, we were able to convince some construction workers to let us use a private stairway through a clifftop mansion to avoid the waves. We all got our steps in that day and we got an amazing set of editorial photos that I’m excited to have released soon. Your work is uniquely experimental, sensuous and creative. What is it that draws you into these particular concepts and inspirations? I strive to create work that pushes the boundaries of what people find attractive and beautiful. I like to challenge traditional ideas of beauty, gender and sexuality through my work. A lot of the time it’s interpreted as something new and experimental but for me my art is just a reflection of my point of view in this world. What are some of your favourite projects you’ve been involved in or are coming up next? Radka’s collection was picked up for this upcoming NYFW in February, and I am really excited to continue with this production project to New York. I’m also planning a group art show called ‘Sensory Disruption’ in December featuring 8 other artists, as well as, 2 unreleased photo series and zines that I’ve worked on all of 2017. The themes of the show explore a range of tones from traditional high fashion installations and artwork to a more exploratory digital/virtual reality installations and experiences. INTERVIEW BY CARMEN OBIED VISUAL ARTIST/DESIGNER: RADKA SALCMANNOVA @RSVISUALTHING WWW.RSVISUALTHING.COM

TEAM CREDITS: Visual Artist: Radka Salcmannova @rsvisualthing Photographer: Lloyd Galbraith @lloydgalbraith Salcmannova’s Manager/Ring Designer: Romi @romi_cxx Makeup: Omayma Ramzy @miyma_ramzy Film: Talon McKee @hallowedtalns Music: Huxley Anne @huxley_anne_


in my mind

Photography: Balint Nemes @balintnemes Stylist: Lucie & Klara @egoistfashion_ Model: Petra @petra.cemkova





PHOTOGRAPHER: Madeleine Seibold MAKEUP ARTIST: Sabrina Raber MODEL: Alina S. Koch

Jacket: Barbara i Gongini Dress: Lost&Found

Jacket: Ilaria Nistri Trousers: Barbara i Gongini

Dress: European Coulture 62 FASHION SHIFT MAGAZINE


PHOTOGRAPHER: Martin Kretzschmann MODEL: Eliana Ley MAKEUP ARTIST & HAIR STYLIST: Stephanie Kowalski ASSISTANTS: Linda Janke, Lilli Cavatoni & Nadia Ohlendorf



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“ sensitivities can cause a variety of symptoms, eliminating the trigger foods will help to eliminate a spectrum of symptoms, while improving overall energy, mood and health.” Most popularized diets tend to deal specifically with weight loss, without delivering long term health benefits. Special diets that are recommended by many naturopaths, dieticians and holistic nutritionists are not well known but can impact the body and mind in positive way. Not only will these diets help to improve overall health, but they can help improve many health conditions and/or their symptoms. Below is a list of 6 diets that you may have never heard of, but that you may need to LOW FODMAPS DIET FODMAP stands for Fermentable, Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides, And Polyols. This diet involves eliminating any FODMAP foods which include either sugar molecules, sugar alcohols or foods that ferment in the large intestine. For some, consuming these types of foods can either lead to diarrhea or pain, gas and bloating. This means that certain fruit, dairy and other foods containing sugars or sugar alcohols should be eliminated. Low FODMAPS diet is great for IBS, SIBO, Psoriasis, MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and migraines. AUTOIMMUNE PALEOLITHIC DIET Also known as the “Paleo Diet” and the “Caveman Diet”, this diet relates back to the time of hunter-gatherers, before there was agriculture. This diet eliminates processed foods, grains, dairy, legumes, including peanuts, refined oils, candy/junk food, and artificial sweeteners. Compared to the typical Paleo Diet, The Autoimmune Paleo Diet also eliminates nightshades (peppers, tomatoes, eggplant) and eggs. The Paleo Diet is rich in animal meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, oils, nuts and potatoes. It is great for autoimmune disorders, weight loss, high blood pressure, and reducing risk of chronic disease. SPECIFIC CARBOHYDRATE DIET Also known as the “GAPS Diet”, GAPS stands for Gut And Psychology Syndrome. This diet is meant to rebalance the gut bacteria and is somewhat similar to the Paleo Diet. GAPS diet also includes supplementation and detox therapies. It eliminates raw fibrous foods, processed foods, all grains, processed sugar, starchy carbs, artificial chemicals, preservatives, and conventional meat and dairy. It encourages consumption of bone broth and fermented foods and juices while also allowing nut and seed butters. The GAPS Diet is great for chronic inflammation, neurological conditions and mental health, damaged gut lining, IBS, Crohn’s Disease, Gastritis, UC, and many other digestive conditions.


6 Healing Diets You’ve Never Heard Of by Christina Rosso BLOOD TYPE DIET The Blood Type Diet relates to genetic traits of our ancestors based on their blood types. It dictates that all blood types have different susceptibility to diseases, gut bacteria, reactions to foods, and deal differently with stress. The four different blood type diets are A, B, AB, and O. Type A would follow a diet similar to a vegetarian diet, while Type O would follow a diet similar to the Paleo Diet. All blood types would eliminate white sugar and refined grains. The Blood Type Diet is great for making positive changes to your current diet, helping with weight loss, and improving overall health. CANDIDA DIET The Candida diet is specifically designed for those with digestive disturbances and excessive yeast in the body, which can be caused by consistent use of antibiotics. This diet eliminates added sugars/junk food, starchy vegetables, caffeine, mold –containing nuts and seeds, refined oils, alcohol, some dairy products and fish, glutinous grains, high sugar fruits. It encourages healthy proteins, fats and oils, and fermented foods. It is recommended to take antifungal supplements to kill off yeast and probiotics build up good bacteria in the gut. The Candida Diet is great for many digestive complaints like gas, bloating, cramping, constipation and diarrhea. It can also help with other Candida symptoms such as chronic fatigue, sugar cravings, brain fog, yeast infections/thrush, sinus infections, food allergies, fungal nails/skin, and joint pain.

HYPOALLERGENIC DIET Also known as the “Food Elimination Diet” or the “Elimination-Reintroduction Diet”, it is the process of eliminating certain foods and re-introducing them back into the diet one by one. This diet eliminates the majority of foods that are known to commonly cause food sensitivities and allergies. Dairy, gluten, citrus fruit, coffee, eggs, and soy are just some of the examples that one could eliminate during this diet. The Hypoallergenic Diet helps identify food sensitivities by pinpointing the food and the specific symptoms associated with its consumption. Because food sensitivities can cause a variety of symptoms, eliminating the trigger foods will help to eliminate a spectrum of symptoms, while improving overall energy, mood and health. If any of these diets resonate with you, it is recommended to work with a health care practitioner or a qualified nutritionist before you try them, especially if you have a preexisting health condition. It is important to ease into a drastic diet change by slowly adjusting your current eating habits. There are many in-depth and comprehensive books on each of these diets for further information.

“Through the practice of yoga, you can take a holistic approach to your health by coping with your stress, anxiety and other psychological areas of your life through exercise and breath work.”

CHRISTINA ROSSO is a Yoga Instructor, Holistic Nutritionist and Bio-Energetic Practitioner currently traveling the world. She specializes in helping her clients to create a positive, healthy and harmonious lifestyle. As a Holistic Wellness Consultant, she understands that the foundation of health begins with homeostasis and energetic balance of mind, body and spirit. This is achieved through proper nutrition, lifestyle choices and stress-management techniques. Christina believes that with the proper guidance we can all achieve optimal health. Check her out on Facebook @ChristinaRossoHolisticHealth, Instagram @YogaWithKalyani, or at


Off White lace dress by Terry Tocci @terrytoccidesigns Twin pearl body body chains & Gold diamond chained necklace by Kay LaShae @klashaallc 72 FASHION SHIFT MAGAZINE

Photographer: Arielle Lewis Accessory Designer: Kay Lashae Wardrobe Stylists: Primrose Boutique & Andre Wallace Fashion Designer: Terry Tocci Model: Leah Velocity


Black shawl with sequins design & Purple knit bell sleeved dress by Terry Tocci @terrytoccidesigns Silver and Gold necklaces by Kay LaShae @klashaallc

Black dress with buckled V neck by & Teal cross V neck dress by Terry Tocci @terrytoccidesigns Black crop sleeved sweater with shoulder cut outs from Primrose boutique @primroseboutq Black pearl wrap necklace by Kay LaShae @klashaallc



Photographer: Varya (Dana Tole) @ varya_danatoleportfolio Model: Pauline Iv @ Wonderwall Management Wardrobe Stylist: Emese Bako Makeup Artist: Chiara Scafuro @ MUD Studio Milano



Clothing from The Modern Showroom Milano Shirt: Dariia Monde Dress: Mari Brenar



Style Fashion Week SS18 This past season, Style Fashion Week brought a wave of emerging and returning designers to its runway at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. Fashion Shift Magazine was live on the scene covering various shows and backstage action. From fashion shows to live art installations and music performances, there was an electrifying atmosphere throughout the weekend. Here are our highlights: ROMEO & JULIET COUTURE X SARA SHALA JEWELRY: I had the pleasure of modelling for LA-brand Romeo & Juliet Couture, a fresh chic and contemporary collection with a vibrant, elegant style. For this showcase, the brand’s founder David Shamouelian, who artfully merges European influences with American culture, collaborated with Sara Shala, Kosovo-born fine jewellery designer based in New York. Sara Shala’s feminine, sophisticated 3D-printed pieces beautifully complimented and elevated the elegance of Romeo & Juliet Couture on the runway. Together they produced an impactful team and show. VALERY KOVALSKA: Leading Ukranian designer, Valery Kovalska’s eclectic urban designs are recognised internationally. Her latest collection drew on glam rock inspirations and the use of multimedia to project her artistry onto the runway. Models walked steadfast down the runway wearing tuxedos, dresses, denim and hats in black, white, bright blue and coral hues. The collection was edgy, elegant and electric. MERLIN CASTELL (also published in the Titan editorial of our Analogy issue of F*Shift): The Honduras-born, LA-based haute couture designer put on a visually captivating show in his debut at Style Fashion Week. A cosmic, shimmering collection inspired by The Last Jedi, adorned with beautiful bold jewellery by Sara Shala, had the audience enthralled throughout the striking and memorable performance.


Past to Present PHOTOGRAPHER: Greg Alexander ART DIRECTOR: Sébastien Vienne HAIR STYLIST: Elisabete Godart @Méphistophélè MAKE-UP: Liz Bomben @Méphistophélè JEWELLERY: Abe by Ariane Chaumeil MODELS: Raphaël @Viva Models Berlin & Marion @Icon Milan



//PHOTOGRAPHER// Melanie Meisenbichler //FASHION STYLIST// Sabrina Putz //HAIR STYLIST// Gerald Dunst //MAKE UP ARTIST// Samima Kheyrkhah //MODEL// Panittha S. //ASSISTANT// Mark Brandstaetter //ASSISTANT// Yvonne Weinzierl

Long West, Long Blouse Obi Belt and Belt Ropes by Susumu Ai Black Shining Semi-Opaque Tights by Falke Black Loafer by Longchamp

Pink Shade Signature Long Skirt and Long Red Blouse by Krasimira Stoyneva Pink Short Jacket with Print by Nicola Brindle Riko Biker Boot detailing by Sophia Webster

Denim Dress with Oversized Sleeve by Ebru Berkiden Black Loafer by Longchamp

Red Signature Jacket by Krasimira Stoyneva Striped Long Sleeved Dress with Cross Finger Print by Nicola Brindle Black Plateau Boots and Hot like Fire/Cold like Ice Bubble Clutch by Sophia Webster Gold Coloured Earrings by Pilgrim

Glossy Notion Bomber Jacket, Surreal Affair Mini Jacquard Skirt, Black Tender Transition Top Buckled Beauty Belt Sporty Chic Stiletto by Dorothee Schumacher


Nude Dress and Check Coat by Rebekka Ruetz Chestnut Bouvier Ankle Boots by Neosens


Jacket BROOKS BROTHERS (@brooksbrothers.chile), Pink Top BANANA REPUBLIC (@bananarepublic_chile), Belt BANANA REPUBLIC (@bananarepublic_chile), Skirt LORAINE HOLMES (@loraineholmes_official), Shoes ARTEAGA STUDIO (@arteagastudio)

Soleil Blond, Lune Brune Photographer: GUSTAVO RIVERO Wardrobe Stylist: JUAN ANDRES BENAVENTE @JBENAVENTEA Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist: TERESITA BARROS Creative Director/production: JONATHAN CHIRINOS Model: PATRYCJA BARANSKA @Elitemodel_chile & KAROLINA MAJORAVICIUTE @Elitemodel_chile


Dress By DANIELA SEPÚLVEDA in POR QUE TE VISTES @porquetevistes, Earings BANANA REPUBLIC (@bananarepublic_chile) Necklace (FOREVER 21), Bracelet SOL ROJO in POR QUE TE VISTES (@porquetevistes


Black Shorts RAMADAM CHILE (@ramadamchile) Necklace y Choker (FOREVER 21), Pink Capped (FOREVER 21)

Black Top BANANA REPUBLIC (@bananarepublic_chile), Dress RAMADAM CHILE (@ramadamchile), Black Skirt (FOREVER 21), Belt BANANA REPUBLIC (@bananarepublic_chile), Pulsera/Bracelet (SOL ROJO in POR QUE TE VISTES Unitary Earing SEBASTIĂ N MARINO in POR QUE TE VISTES @porquetevistes

Fashion Ensemble PHOTOGRAPHER: Christopher Alphonzo Millsapp MAKEUP ARTIST: Paula Millsapp WARDROBE STYLIST: Dalia Drake MODELS: Samantha Tall & Jessica Tall

Dress By DANIELA SEPÚLVEDA in POR QUE TE VISTES @ porquetevistes, Earings BANANA REPUBLIC (@bananarepublic_chile), Necklace (FOREVER 21) Bracelet SOL ROJO in POR QUE TE VISTES

Black Top BANANA REPUBLIC (@bananarepublic_chile), Dress RAMADAM CHILE (@ramadamchile), Black Skirt (FOREVER 21), Belt BANANA REPUBLIC @bananarepublic_chile, Pulsera/Bracelet (SOL ROJO in POR QUE TE VISTES porquetevistes, Unitary Earing SEBASTIĂ N MARINO in POR QUE TE VISTES @porquetevistes

Fashion Dress - Jaimie Sortino Headdress - Buds & Blooms



Fashion Dress: Greta Kate Headdress: Buds & Blooms


Dress: Jaimie Sortino Headdress: Buds & Blooms

Fashion Pink Dress: Alexis George Headdress: Buds & Blooms




Dress: Lexi Headdress: Buds & Blooms

Words & Photography: STEVEN LOPEZ

Travel Blog Lisbon, City of Saudade I’m super excited to tell you about Lisbon, the City of Saudade. I had a truly incredible experience there so I figured I would give you a brief overview of the way I experienced and saw it.….check it out…. Not too long ago I was back-packing along Portugal’s beautifully rugged coastlines and had a chance to explore its uniquely charismatic capital, Lisbon. Lisbon is a sun-baked city by the sea where trams still trundle through the narrow cobble stone streets down to the estuary of the river Tagus (Rio Tejo). Panoramic lookout points (miradouros), are spread across the hills of the city, where you can step away from life’s rush and let your gaze drift over a mosaic of Lisbon, its

people, and each of their stories. You find small traditional cafés on every street corner, selling the countries famous custard cakes, ‘pastéis de nata’, and strong black coffee in a miniature cup (uma bica). As you look out at the river, its as though you’re looking at a puzzle of different countries, with the symbolic bridge (resembling the Golden Gate Bridge) -known as ’Ponte 25 de Abril’, linked to the ‘Carnation Revolution’ 25th of April 1974 - and the ‘Cristo Rei’ (reminiscent of Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer). During evening scenic walks through the city’s oldest hilltop quarter, Alfama, an air of nostalgia is filled with the heartfelt, melancholic sounds of the traditional ‘Fado’ music from every restaurant, igniting a bittersweet and wistful feeling of longing, ‘saudade’. The overall pace of life in Lisbon is relaxed, the food is delicious, and the experience has a fondly warm uniqueness to it. Here I share with you some photographic travel mementos from the nostalgic place. I hope you enjoy them. I highly recommend spending some time in Lisbon. Obrigado!

“Oh Snap! Adventures”

Short skirt: BERSHKA Socks: CALZADONIA

Vinyl Display PHOTOGRAPHER: Jesus Aznar Salvador MAKEUP ARTIST: Francesca WARDROBE STYLIST: Zac Rahi MODEL: Mon Baumgartner



Fashion Pants: ZARA Boots: MANGO Socks: CALZEDONIA


Jacket: BERSHKA Boots: MANGO Panties: Calzedonia



reedom of color PHOTOGRAPHY: Yustina Valova @yustina_yv STYLIST: Elizabeth Shevchenko MAKEUP ARTIST: Dasha Broom HAIR STYLIST: Olga Kopunova WARDROBE: Totallook ACCESSORIES: Meuphoria Creations MODEL: Angelika Gapon




Solo Disco

Photographer: Heather Judge Model: Annie Kitchen Makeup Artist: Viktorija Kokina


Dress: French Connection Belt: Asos Jewellery: Wolf And Moon

Top: Sister Jane Belt: Asos Trouser: Calzedonia 120 FASHION SHIFT MAGAZINE




The Fallen Luck

PHOTOGRAPHER: Kerri Jean MODEL: Laura New Myers MAKEUP ARTIST: Lexi Wingham RETOUCHER: George Bucalo WARDROBE: Vintage Gayle’s Vintage Clothing, Milford, Ohio