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july 2011

San Diego

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tenley molzahn visits san diego for our Romance and the City fashion editorial


Summer fling or real thing? 6 tips to help you

figure it out...


club review


a weekend in


nightlife makeover

a night in the

James Nort on's


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Healthy Desserts Fashion News Summer Hot Spots

SUMMER FASHION 2011 1019 Garnet Avenue, Pacific Beach |


JULY 2011 //


WEDNESDAY-JULY 20 2011 50 TICKETS AVAILABLE AT $40 | 300 TICKETS AVAILABLE AT $50 150 TICKETS AVAILABLE AT $60 | DAY OF EVENT - $70 Ticket price includes race track entrance, roundtrip transportation, beverages on bus, Pre-Party at Taste & Thirst & After Party at the BRAND NEW Sevilla Nightclub. Check in starts at 9am. Priority Seating Available SO ARRIVE EARLY!! Buses leave at 11am

PICK UP SPOTS DOWNTOWN | T a s t e & T h i r s t | 715 4th Avenue | 92101 PACIFIC BEACH | M i l l e r ’ s F i e l d | 4465 Mission Boulevard | 92109

FOR TICKETS CALL 619.701.LIMO(5466) A portion of proceeds will be donated to Meals on Wheels

50% OFF ALL DRINKS!! HAPPY HOUR FROM 3-8PM Complimentary Birthday Bottles Contact for Info






JULY 2011 //

JULY 2011 //


dating editor’ s note

JULY | editor’s note: volume 2 * issue 5 * july 2011

PUBLISHER morgan myrmo

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF megan nuñez, ESQ.

art director kim lalla

Photo editor david J. olender Assistant Editor Samantha Wadley Features Editor Megan Vaughn

beauty editor Meagan Brown

SOCIAL MEDIA editor Madeline Johnson

Video Editor Jared smith

staff writers Jillian Marie Dyer, alex mcnair, Ashley Mehrdad, Nohely Mendoza, cathryn moe, micah skye contributing writers Morgan Ferrari, Tori Haynes

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to many great evenings out this summer. Thankfully our Summer Nights issue is here to help! When it comes to nightlife, San Diego has some great options. This June we sent Megan Vaughn downtown to check out our local nightclub scene, while food critic Alex McNair found San Diego’s hottest underground wine bar as well as a dive-in-theater on Wednesdays in Point Loma. Mid-week pool party for drinks, food and a flick anyone? To compliment your summer nightlife outings, take advantage of the killer evening weather by checking out some summer concerts. Whether it’s Maroon 5 or Slightly Stoopid, there are some spectacular shows this month that you will want to attend. In addition to dozens of ideas for evening outings that you just can’t resist, we want to make sure you look as well as feel your best this summer. With this month’s fashion department dedicated exclusively to summer evening attire, you’ll be thoroughly prepared to awe your friends, look attractive and most importantly, feel great about yourself. For the single women out there, summer evenings often become the perfect opportunity for romance. Something about the heat brings out passion, and since you will be out-and-about you are bound to meet more people. For those of you in a new relationship, as well as those who are happily taken, our dating columnist Jillian Marie Dyer divulges six tips you can apply to keep that candle burning. Regardless of your relationship status, I hope you all look forward to several memorable nights this summer. I know I am!


Gail Bowman, Stephen Finlayson, Jonah Gilmore, On Wai Lau, Jamie Le Dent, Jeff Lewis, James Norton, Audrey Rynberg, Amanda Sewell, Emily Soto illustrator

Robert Piper


Renato Linares, Natalie Slemp We strive to make a positive environmental impact. we use environmentally-friendly inks and fsc certified paper. you can make a difference with us. please save and recycle this magazine.

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—Megan Nuñez, ESQ. MADE IN USA


JULY 2011 //

july | contributors: tenley molzahn After winning the hearts of many from her role in “The Bachelor” last year, Tenley Molzahn next starred in ABC’s “The Bachelor Pad” and began work as a correspondent with E! News. With six years of dancing professionally for Walt Disney Productions, Molzahn has a fresh yet extensive background in arts and media. In response to working with Fashion 5.0, Molzahn stated “They were so professional and creative, and I loved the passion that everyone had for making it an incredible shoot!”

nico doniele Nico Doniele is the Director of Hairstyling for the Margaret Kimura Cosmetic Academy (MKC) and is also a freelance stylist. She spends most of her week in Los Angeles working on MKC styling, photo shoots, movies and music videos. This month, Doniele teamed up with James Norton for Norton’s fashion editorial debut, “A Night in the Gaslamp.” In response to working with Fashion 5.0, Doniele said she is “So excited that 5.0 is up on the newest trends in nightlife and fashion.”

amanda george Versatile, young and fresh, Amanda George brings a gamine look that hasn’t been heavily explored since Gisele's sophisticated look took over the scene in 1999. Her wide-eyed deep blue gaze, accompanied by a mischievous, playful and sensual look, resonates like strawberries and chocolate in James Norton’s “A Night in the Gaslamp” this month. According to George, “Working with Fashion 5.0 is one of the reasons that I love being a model, because of the amazing people I meet and how they make me feel that day and afterwards.”

JULY 2011 //



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Summer Fling or Real Thing?

10 Healthy Desserts

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Maroon 5

Day to Night Makeup






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event calendar

What's Happening!

COVER: Photo by Gail Bowman. Dress by Aidan Mattox, available at Bloomingdale's, $385. Necklace by Kenneth Barlis, available at Skirt Boutique, $250.


JULY 2011 //

JULY 2011 //



hot spots


summer nights favorite places to eat, chill and play By Alex McNair


Renew your sense of wonder There’s no better time to explore SeaWorld San Diego than the summer! The park observes extended hours, meaning more time to check out exhibits and watch various shows every night. The park itself is brimming with cool things to do, from encounters with penguins and other arctic creatures to hands-on interaction with dolphins and beluga whales. Experience the thrill of watching sharks swim right above your head as you walk through the 57-foot acrylic tube at the Shark Encounter.

Vin de Syrah

the surreal, "speak-easy" style wine bar that everyone should know

Looking for an Alice in Wonderland experience? Go right ahead and “fall down the rabbit hole” at Vin De Syrah in the Gaslamp. This wine bar is below street level, inspiring a New York-style vibe when you and your guests arrive. The coolest part about Syrah is the décor and scenery, transporting you to a Parisian-style secret garden with grassy walls on every corner; even the front door is covered in moss! Syrah is separated into sections by mirrors, a series of columns and even a forest mural. This journey through Syrah winds you through botanical chandeliers made from twisted wood, well-suited wine barrels and even umbrellas that appear to fall from the sky. From live jazz on weeknights, to chill beats spun by local DJs on the weekends, there’s always

something to set the mood at Syrah. The scene is mellow during the week, but the weekend and late-night crowd tends to be a noisy, albeit trendy, bunch. Plan ahead and get in early or you may be one of many in a line that wraps around the corner. Early birds get the additional benefit of being able to pair their wine with a charcuterie spread; cheeses drizzled delicately with honey and other meats and veggies for munching. Even on a busy weekend, Syrah is not the type of venue that lends itself to shaking down or dirty dancing. With the selection of wines, beers and specialty cocktails, Syrah is a classy and chic spot to meet with friends, chat and mingle. Get the secret garden treatment at Syrah and be sure to reserve a spot at one of their weekend wine tastings, Fridays and Saturdays from 8-9 p.m.

901 5th Avenue in Gaslamp | 619.234.4166 |

During the summer the park stays open until 10 and 11 on the weekends with fireworks shows held nightly. Special nighttime shows such as Shamu Rocks and Sea Lions Tonite entertain in a unique summertime evening setting. Staying in San Diego for the semester ahead? Your Fun Card for the day can be upgraded to an annual passport, allowing unlimited admission for the year. SeaWorld is at the beach but a change of pace from the typical waves and sunshine. Explore all kinds of sea life in the amusement park setting of SeaWorld. Check schedules online for exact show times and hours as they change throughout summer.

500 Sea World Drive in Mission Bay 619.226.3901

fun fact: SeaWorld originated with four UCLA fraternity brothers who wanted to open a restaurant with a marine show. 10

JULY 2011 //


The Pearl Hotel is a retro-hip establishment that will make your crew feel like you crashed a Hollywood pool party circa 1970. You may not get a celebrity sighting at the Hotel, but the Pearl celebrates cinema throughout the summer as the “Dive-In Theatre,” held Wednesday nights at 8:00pm. Enjoy a nosh, beverage and free flick while splashing around in the vintage pool for a unique outdoor cinema experience and break from the weekly grind. Enjoy the film with friends by renting a cabana or lounge, but be sure to book ahead. Possibly the cheapest way to cool off on a hot summer night, films at the Dive-In are shown under the stars on a 10’x13’ projection screen. Don’t expect a boring classic though; films shown in May included The Hangover and There’s Something About Mary, so bring a good sense of humor and dazzling smile for the night in store. A gem in Point Loma that seems unassuming on the outside, The Pearl is a restaurant as well as a hotel and dive-in and features fabulous deals throughout the week. Happy hour is observed weekdays with $3 beers, $4 cocktails and $5 wines. Mondays feature a three-course French-American prix fixe menu for $25 and “B&B Tuesdays” advertise a famous Pearl Burger and beer for $15. The cocktails offered are creative and tasty, so forsake your typical vodka soda for a Marie Antoinette: plum vodka, champagne, lavender syrup and lemon juice. Brunch is also offered with a featured entrée and bottomless mimosa, so whether it’s a weeknight or a Sunday morning, the time is always right to grab your bikini and friends and head for The Pearl!

Sun - Thurs: 9am to 9pm Fri - Sat: 9am to 10pm

“ Best Food in Town”

865 Turquoise Street • Pacific Beach 858.488.2529 •

1410 Rosecrans Street in Point Loma 619.226.6100 |

JULY 2011 //



summer fling or the

real thing? 6

Ways to turn that

Summer Fling

into the

REAL THING By Jillian marie Dyer

photo by jonah gilmore 1. Reveal Yourself Don’t hide who you are. Be yourself. He’s going to find out eventually and if you pretend to be someone you’re not, you’re just wasting everyone’s time. If you like the guy, give him a chance to see the real you. Hopefully he’ll like it, if not he’s not right for you. 2. Hang with Friends As tempting as it is to spend your summer nights just lounging around with your new fling, get social and invite him to a group hangout with all of your friends. If he becomes a part of your crew, he's more likely to stick around. The same rules apply to you when it comes to his friends. If you want your fling to turn into a relationship, you must get his friend’s stamp of approval. Men aren’t like women where their friend’s opinions mean everything to them, but if your guy’s friends like you it is a huge plus! 3. Plan Exciting Dates Summer romance usually starts somewhere away from home — on vacation at a resort, on a

cruise ship or at a party. Although you’ve been going out to restaurants, to the beach, hiking and sightseeing, don’t let the momentum or adventure stop. It’s rumored that couples that play together, stay together. If you want your relationship to last, take up an activity that will allow you to connect outside your normal routine. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone; besides, you might just find a new hobby!

4. Get Real The minute the bell rings on the last day of school, sometimes we tend to check out mentally. You don't have to discuss Hamlet with your summer crush, but try talking about things that are important to you on a deeper level such as your favorite music or your dream job. Talking about your interests and aspirations help you connect in a way that's more likely to last. Communication is one major key in a relationship. If you can’t communicate, your relationship is doomed. If you and your man both know how to listen, you’re off to a good start. Depending on how engaged the guy is in opening up, you

will tell if they are interested in a long term dating relationship or just a summer fling.

5. talk His Ear off Well, not literally, but you do have to talk to him! He may be under the impression that you’re okay with a casual fling, so if you want things to get serious soon, tell him. Remember, men aren’t mind readers! At some point you have to be forward about what you really want. Being honest could be the first step you take toward a more serious relationship. Whether you get the answer you are looking for or feel like you were just punched in the stomach, knowing the truth will set you free! 6. Give Him Space Just because you’re afraid that your fling might be over soon, don’t start suffocating your man by calling him every waking second. Your relationship shouldn’t consume your life. You should still spend time with your friends, see your family and live your life. Remember that everyone needs alone time.

Bonus tip: Relax and enjoy yourself! Don't give in to your internal time clock. Savor each moment now, as this is all we really have. 12

JULY 2011 //

JULY 2011 //


:Maroon 5 dating music

from garage to big time, taking a look back with the five musicians

aroon 5 is not your average boy band. In fact, they’re not a boy band at all. The mixture of pop, rock and soul combines into a sound that secedes them from the rest. Their 1994 start in a garage eventually gave way for the five members of the band to make it big. To date they have sold over 10 million albums in the United States and nearly 15 million worldwide. The group previously known as “Kara’s Flowers” has released three albums in their short history: Songs About Jane (2002), It Won’t Be Soon Before Long (2007) and Hands All Over (2010). 14

JULY 2011 //

“Between the time that we started making the album [Songs About Jane] in 2001 and the time the album reached the crest of its success in 2004, we went from being starving musicians wondering what the future held, to riding a wave of success beyond our wildest expectations,” said Ryan Dusick, Maroon 5's original drummer, who officially left the band in 2006 due to injuries sustained from constant touring. Since then, lead singer Adam Levine, 31, has been concerned with the band’s image and states that they do not want to come across as a “boy band.”

"I have to admit that's very frustrating for me," said Levine in a Billboard Cover Story. "I do a lot of work and write the lion's share of our music. As much as the band plays a huge role in helping me put it together and writing certain parts, it's all done in-house. No one has ever written a note for this band who wasn't in the inner circle. I'm not sure people know that." Boy band or not, their success has not been abated. Maroon 5 has won eight Grammy Awards, four MTV Awards and two Billboard Awards.

No one has ever written a note for this band who wasn't in the inner circle. I'm not sure people know that."


Comment on our Facebook to win!


FREE Slightly Stoopid Tickets!

with rebelution, don carlos & SHwayze at Cricket Amphitheatre on July 30th!

—Adam Levine

FREE Tickets

Opening Day at the Races with Limo Bus transporation from PB or Downtown on July 20th! June 15: Opening Day Winner Announced June 28: Slightly Stoopid Winner Announced Scan & comment to win

By Nohely mendoza

photo by davis sactor After three hit albums, Levine has stated that he believes the band is reaching its peak and may make one more album before disbanding. He explained in Rolling Stone Magazine, "I want to focus on being a completely different person because I don’t know if I want to do this into my 40’s and 50’s and beyond, like the Rolling Stones.”

Maroon 5: Wake Up Call Coming to Cricket on July 22nd

chad butler jon foreman

Correction: In our May/June issue's Switchfoot feature, Fashion 5.0 Magazine incorrectly labeled Jon Foreman and Chad Butler. Last month, Switchfoot rose over $100,000 in their 7th Annual Bro-Am charity event, with proceeds benefitting StandUp for Kids. Switchfoot is set to release their next album, “Vise Verses,” this September. scan this qr code to see maroon 5 live at the KOKO in london, 2011.

JULY 2011 //


t h g i n b u l c e d i u g w e revi We danced, drank and stayed up until dawn. All of this to find San Diego's best clubs. Boy we work hard for you! by megan vaughn


Among the newest additions to the Gaslamp nightlife scene is Fluxx, which was recently awarded the best new nightclub in the nation by Nightclub & Bar Awards 2011.

From featuring some of the hottest musical talent around the world like Bob Sinclar, Paul Van Dyk and local DJ’s CalisParis, to an exquisite venue, what’s not to love? With continual shifts in theme and stylistic elements, FLUXX lives up to its state of constant change, while consistently showcasing A-list appearances from stars including Pamela Anderson, Bruno Mars and Usher. This month FLUXX is doing it big once again, featuring Infected Mushroom and UK DJ duo the EC Twins. For those of you turning 21, FLUXX is offering their “Welcome to the Club” campaign. On the first Friday of every month, they will be celebrating the birthdays of future FLUXXers by inviting you and your friends to enjoy a night of hosted champagne, dancing and activities. For more information, call (619) 232-8100.

PERFECT NIGHTCLUB Awarded Best New Nightclub in the Nation! 500 4th Avenue

* Gaslamp * 619.232.8100 * JULY 2011 //


nightclub review Float



Party like a Rock Star


Looking to dive into your voyeuristic side?

Then this place is for you! Located on 5th Avenue downtown, Voyeur draws in a large and energetic crowd week after week by bringing in some of the hottest world-class DJ’s including Mr. Oizo, Dirty South and Dada Life. This year, DJ ranked Voyeur as #68 in the top 100 nightclubs in the world. Featuring black leather accented with skulls, a huge LED wall, an amazing sound system and the hottest go-go dancers in town, the inside is, well… do we have to spell it out for you? Take a peep inside this one summer night to see what this world acclaimed nightclub has to offer.


755 5th Avenue Gaslamp 619.756.7678


perfect night out Start off with drinks at Vin de Syrah and make your way to the dance floor at 207 to top the night off

float & 207

at Hard Rock After being nominated San Diego's best rooftop bar by NBC, one shouldn’t need much convincing! Nestled above the Gaslamp district with amazing rooftop views of downtown and the Convention Center, Float features both dancing and posh seating around cozy fire pits. This club also draws in San Diego’s hottest crowd and features amazing DJ talent, including local DJ’s Erik Till and Collin Perry. If you’re looking to indulge in a more intimate setting, check out 207, located on the ground floor of the Hard Rock! 207 invites party-goers to enjoy an evening of amazing music and dancing within a luxurious den accented with black leather, white crocodile finishing’s and oversized crystal chandeliers. The edgy club interior and energetic atmosphere is nothing short of Hard Rock and is sure to leave you wanting more!

207 5th Avenue at the Hard Rock Hotel 619.764.6926



JULY 2011 //

* Gaslamp


The RMD Group is at it again, now bringing you an upscale Hip Hop club located on the corner of F Street and 6th Avenue downtown. F6ix invites guests to enjoy an upscale swank venue dedicated to all things Hip Hop. Featuring a 6,000 square foot dance floor, beautiful 50-foot bar, posh VIP seating and amazing beats, the newest nightclub in San Diego is sure to hit home for Hip Hop lovers. Make sure to check out the dance floor, where SJ Lighting Inc. provides soft blue, pink and red tones that help create the perfect atmosphere for you and your friends to let loose.


at Stingaree Redesigned by Davis Krumin with the inspiration Looking to add a little spice to the nightlife of an avant-garde, seductive library vibe, guests routine? Check out Stingaree’s revamped are sure to embrace all this glamorous venue first floor, aka GuestHouse! Fresh, newly has to offer from lavish oversized couches to remodeled and now open to the public, GuestHouse mesmeric lighting. GuestHouse is said to bring is already bringing excitement to downtown San house music home to this newly refurbished ultra Diego. According to owner James Brennan, “With the lounge. Be sure to check out L.E.D. Presents on launch of GuestHouse, we look forward to delivering Wednesday nights to see what acclaimed DJ talan entirely fresh and intimate venue that keeps guests ent they will offer, as well as July’s lineup featurcoming back," and this exactly what they are doing! ing some global headliners. 454 6th Avenue in Stingaree East Village 619.544.9500



* Gaslamp *

526 F street 619.238.0138


ivy rooftop at andaz

Looking for an elegant night out with friends? Ivy at Andaz San Diego is the perfect local hot spot for your next girls’ night out! Featuring San Diego’s largest rooftop, guests are able to lounge and enjoy cocktails with unmatched, amazing views of the downtown San Diego skyline. Events at the Ivy are always popular and range from monthly Fortune 421 pool parties and plenty of nightly fashion shows all summer long. Whether you are in San Diego for the weekend or are a local, the Ivy Rooftop is a must-attend, classy nightlife destination that always insures a fun night out with friends. 600 F Street in Andaz Hotel

* Gaslamp * 619.814.2055 *

JULY 2011 //



JULY 2011 //

and the

Photography by

gail bowman Photo Asst: Kenneth Barlis & Patricia Cone Wardrobe: Gabrielle Lewis Wardrobe Asst: Ashley Mehrdad Hair: Aliana Lopez Make up: Meagan Brown Talent: Tenley Molzahn & Kiptyn Locke

TENLEY Getting ReADY: Pink Slip Dress by Kenneth Barlis, available at Skirt Boutique, $150.00.


JULY 2011 //

in the ballroom: One Shoulder Dress by Aqua, available at Bloomingdale's, $168.00. Earrings available at Noon Designs, $44.00. Ring available at Eden Boutique, $30.00. Pumps by Andrea, available at Tutto Cuore, $64.99.

JULY 2011 //


On Kiptyn: Shirt by Billabong, available at Sun Diego, $59.50. ‘Weekender Pants’ by RVCA, available at Sun Diego, $49.00. ‘Enamalo’ Belt by Hugo Boss, available at Mister B's, $115.00. Suede Loafers by Hugo Boss, available at Mister B's, $185.00. On Tenley: Green Dress by Lush, available at Madison Boutique, $42.80. Floral Bangle available at Eden Boutique, $20.00. Pearl Ring available at Eden Boutique, $14.00.


JULY 2011 //

JULY 2011 //


On Kiptyn: Cardigan by MARC BY MARC JACOBS, available at Bloomingdale's, $228.00. Shirt by KR3W, available at Sun Diego, $66.00. Black Tie by Theory, available at Bloomingdale's, $98.00. ‘Remer Pant’ by Analog, available at Sun Diego, $60.00. Tweed Fedora by Quicksilver, available at Sun Diego, $28.00. Shoes by Gravis, available at Sun Diego, $89.99. On Tenley: Floral Ruffle Top by Kenneth Barlis, available at Skirt Boutique, $75.00. White Skinny Jean by J Brand, available at Bloomingdale's, $158.00. Green Stone Earrings available at Eden Boutique, $20.00. Abalone Ring available at Noon Designs, $68.00. Flats by Chinese Laundry, available at Tutto Cuore, $24.48.

Behind the Scenes


Fashion 5.0 Magazine 2011

Beach & Bay Press

2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

Downtown News 2010

Burger Wars Winner Channel 6 News, 2010

“A whole new burger ballgame” —SD Reader

Gaslamp 624 E Street • San Diego 92101 • 619.237.9990 Pacific Beach 4640 Mission Blvd • San Diego 92109 • 858.274.7117




JULY 2011 //

a night in the

GASLAMP Photography by

james norton Photo Asst: Brook Stevens & Devin Kiyoshi White Wardrobe: James Norton & Nico Doniele Wardrobe Asst: Tori Haynes Hair: Nico Doniele Make up: Chantall Northrop Talent: Katelyn Byrd & Amanda George JULY 2011 //


On left: White Blazer by Aqua, available at Bloomingdale’s, $88.00. Navy String Bikini Top available at H&M, $14.95. White Pants by Michael Kors, available at Bloomingdale’s, $69.50. Drop Earrings available at H&M, $5.95. Necklace available at H&M, $9.95. On right: Navy Blazer by Theory, available at Bloomingdale’s, $385.00. Tan Bikini Top available at H&M, $14.95. White Capris by Theory, available at Bloomingdale’s, $235.00. Cord Necklace available at H&M, $12.95. Thick Leather Band available at H&M, $9.95

On left: ‘Poplin’ Shirt Dress by Elie Tahari, available at Bloomingdale’s, $298.00. Oversized Bag by Tory Burch, available at Bloomingdale’s, $275.00. Wedges available at H&M, $34.95. On right: ‘Poplin’ Denim Shirt Dress by Elie Tahari, available at Bloomingdale’s, $298.00. Oversized Bag by Tory Burch, available at Bloomingdale’s, $275.00. Delicate Chain Bracelet available at Dolcetti Boutique, $110.00. Wedges available at H&M, $34.95.

On left: One Shoulder Dress by Lipsy London, available at Bloomingdale’s, $199.00. Gold Chain Bracelet available at Dolcetti Boutique, $110.00. Leopard Pumps by Steve Madden, available at Tutto Cuore, $129.95. On right: Gold Sequin Dress by French Connection, available at Bloomingdale’s, $298.00. Bold Stone Bracelet available at Haven Boutique, $28. Nude Heels available at Forever 21, $29.99.


JULY 2011 //

On left: Dress available at H&M, $49.99. Feather Earrings available at Dolcetti Boutique, $50.00. Gold Clutch by Tory Burch, available at Bloomingdale’s, $325.00. On right: Dress by Boulee, available at Dolcetti Boutique, $210.00. Feather Necklace available at Dolcetti Boutique, $68.

JULY 2011 //


On left: Sheer Robe by Betsey Johnson, available at Bloomingdale’s, $85.00. Lace Bra by Casabella, available at Bloomingdale’s, $48.00. Lace Panties by Hanky Panky, available at Bloomingdale’s, $28.00. On right: Pink Lace Nightgown by Elle Mac Pherson Intimates, available at Bloomingdale’s, $88.00.


JULY 2011 //

Behind the Scenes

fashion news

this just in * this just in * this just in

FASHION NEWS by ashley mehrdad and Nohely Mendoza

MISS 421 announced The very first spokesmodel for the new Fortune 421 swimwear line is local San Diego resident Elizabeth Hansen. The process for her title was an extensive three-week skill test composed of three categories: interview skills, bikini modeling capability and on-camera talent. “All the contestants did an amazing job but Elizabeth won over the judges each week throughout the search,” said Jason Herrick, owner of the Fortune 421 clothing brand. “We really looked for someone that shined in all three areas so that we could have the best Miss 421 representing the brand.”

Forever 21 expands The Forever 21 at Las Americas Premium Outlets has expanded. On June 11th, they had their grand opening. This new store now occupies over 10,000 square feet of retail space. 4211 Camino De La Plaza * Chula Vista

La Jolla Fashion Film Festival (LJFFF) to Host Worldwide Debut of Never Before Seen Portraits of Andy Warhol. On Saturday July 30, 2011, four never before viewed portraits of Andy Warhol will be displayed for the first time to the public. The unveiling will be at the after-party venue Barfly, with the portraits displayed in the patio area. An exclusive showing of the portraits will be held Friday July 29th, at the Director’s Reception upstairs at the same venue. Celebrity photographer Karen Bystedt, who captured the images, will be attending these events. For exact viewing times and more information, as well as to purchase LJFFF and after party tickets, please go to Barfly * 909 Prospect Street * La Jolla * 858.454.2323

944 MAGAZINE FOLDS The local fashion, entertainment and lifestyle magazine 944 has folded. Last month’s June issue was the magazine’s last issue to be published. “I know a little bit about the business trouble they were facing and understand that the brand is completely finished,” said Michael Lee, owner of A Style Concierge salon located in the Gaslamp district of San Diego. “Although San Diego has lost a great magazine, I believe the other publications will follow up and take over as ‘THE’ magazine to follow and pick up.” According to FolioMag. com, The new owners of 944 Media, Sandow Media, will be moving in a different direction and plan to publish a new magazine that promotes Las Vegas exclusively.

FUN FACT: In July 2006, Forever 21 opened its flagship store in Pasadena, California with 2 levels and 40,000 square feet of shopping. Pure bliss! JULY 2011 //


fashion makeover

nightlifemakeover By Tori Haynes

photos by emily soto

San Diego City College student Brianna Thornton was selected to receive a downtown fashion makeover to spice up her simple everyday look. This basic makeover really enhanced Brianna’s naturally beautiful features that were once concealed. Whether it’s hair, makeup or wardrobe, Dolcetti Boutique and A Style Concierge has you covered!



Adding in nails is an all important detail.


Our fearless model arriving at Dolcetti Boutique.


Working with eye color to get makeup oh-so-perfect!


after Starting with hair, we comb, curl and style...

Being dressed by the expert stylists. Almost ready...

The final reveal... GORGEOUS! Ready to bring on the night!

At the end of the makeover, Brianna said she couldn’t wait to go out with her boyfriend to a nice dinner or any place where a lot of people could see and admire her new look! Though her final look was significantly different than her normal day-to-day style, she was thrilled to branch out with something new. And of course, Brianna stated that she “felt like a model” through the whole process. Special thanks to A Style Concierge and Dolcetti Boutique, both located at 635 5th Avenue. For hair, style, modeling or concierge services, please call A Style Concierge at (619) 237-4413.

SErvice pricing: Pre-Styling at A Style Concierge: Hair, $35. Makeup, $35. Wardrobe Styling at Dolcetti Boutique: FREE w/ purchase.


JULY 2011 //

fashion style


trend alert Whether you decide to splurge or save, these pieces MUST make it into your closet in time for those sizzling summer nights!

tribal batiks


Blouson Tribal Dress available at Forever 21, $19.80

by ashley mehrdad

block party

Splurge! High Tide

Colorblock' Small Bolt Bangles by MARC BY MARC JACOBS, available at Nordstrom, $68


'Alyssa' Tribal Print Dress by BCBG MAXAZRIA, available at Bloomingdale's, $278


Colorblock Bangle available at Forever 21, $9.80

Splurge! 'Cali Chevron'

Maxi Skirt by Ella Moss, available at Nordstrom, $138

Save! Tribal

beaded sandals


Feather Earrings available at Forever 21, $5.80

Collected Lights Sandals available at Anthropologie, $108




Serrano Feather Earring available at Free People, $68


Beaded Leatherette Sandals available at Forever 21, $22.80

Scalloped shorts


Chiffon Scallop Short by Lucca Couture, available at Urban Outfitters, $48


Scalloped Eyelet Short available at Free People, $88


Stripe A-Line Long Skirt available at Foreign Exchange, $22

Bonus tip: Another trend to note... Bright bags seem to be on the rise this summer, a fun way to add pop of color to any outfit!

JULY 2011 //



Yes, it’s true. The words “healthy” and “dessert” can be used in the same sentence. Check out these ten healthy desserts that are as simple as they are delicious! by Micah Skye, L.N.M.T., N.C.

Healthy Desserts 1. homemade ice cream sandwich

These are easy and simple to make! Take graham crackers or low fat cookies and stuff them with low fat, non-dairy ice cream. Try coconut milk ice cream, which can be found at any health food store and many regular grocery stores too!

2. Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

Customize your parfait by adding granola, shredded coconut and toppings of your choice.

3. Banana Cream Bowl

Cream 1 banana then add a touch of lemon. Top this with your favorite fruits for a delicious sweet treat. If you really want make it decadent, add some non-dairy whip cream on top.

4. Raw Chocolate Pudding

Blend 1 diced avocado, ¼ cup raw agave nectar (or more to taste), ¼ cup cocoa powder, ¼ cup water, 2 teaspoons vanilla extract and ¼

teaspoon sea salt until you have chocolate creamy heaven. Also to note, this delicious dessert has zero grams saturated fat!

5. Frozen Fruit Slushy

For the ultimate refreshing treat on a hot summer day, take 1 cup of frozen fruit, ½ cup of frozen orange juice, ½ cup of frozen lemonade, 1 cup of spring water and blend to a slushy consistency.

6. Fresh Fruit Pizza

Take a piece of focaccia or flat bread and brush 1 ½ teaspoons of coconut oil on the top. Sprinkle 1 teaspoon of cane sugar or agave on top and throw it in the toaster for a few minutes. Then spread a handful of mixed berries all over the top and continue toasting until the sugar is melted. Top it with some non-fat whip cream and you will never look at pizza the same again!

7. Grapefruit and Honey

This dessert is simple, clean and full of zest. Cut the grapefruit slices and then drizzle honey on top.

8. Pineapple Colada

Try this tropical twist to tantalize your summer taste buds. Place a couple scoops of coconut yogurt into a bowl, add fresh-cut pineapple chunks then top it with fresh shredded coconut.

9. Fruit Sorbet Cup

Add fresh fruit to 1 cup of your favorite sorbet. It is truly that simple and even more satisfying!

10. Homemade Popsicles

Popsicles are back and as popular as ever. Buy your own Popsicle molds, fill with your favorite natural juice and freeze. Yummy!

Meet micah: Micah Skye is a nutritional consultant, gourmet chef and yogi. He hosts an international radio talk show called Esoteric Action Radio. Tune in every Sunday from 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. on to hear Micah’s exploration of health and wellness. Feel free to call in about any health concerns you may have!

Fun fact: Homemade popsicles are back in style! What's your favorite flavor?


JULY 2011 //


makeup: A


It is summertime, the days are long and the nights are approaching fast. Who has the time to re-do their entire make-up look after hanging out at the beach all day? Follow these easy tips and tricks turn your look from day to night. By Morgan Ferrari


Tip 1:

The most important step of your make-up is your foundation. If you start with a liquid foundation and set it properly with loose powder, you most likely won’t need to touch up later.

Trick 2:

In the morning your circulation takes a bit longer to perk up so use this season’s fun colors, like coral and bright rosy pinks, to liven your complexion. Try to limit your use of shimmer and glitter until the evening.

nars orgasm blush: NARS Orgasm makes cheeks blush a perfect pinky-peach flush and subtly highlights with accents of golden shimmer. The perennially pleasing, universally flattering shade is again and again a makeup artist and beauty editor favorite. Available at Nordstrom or Sephora, $27.00

Step 3:

When it comes to your eyes, having a base of neutrals, like browns or pinks, will allow you to layer later on for an evening look. If you’re tired of mousey browns, use this season’s shimmery coppers and bronzes as an alternative. Enhancing your natural beauty is what it’s all about.


Illamasque 4-Pure Pigment: A pure-pigment powder that highlights cheeks, eyes and brows. Color: Ore (bronze shimmer). This would be a great base to start with during the day and then add Sephora's Jumbo Liner on top and smudge out for a smoky eye. Available at Sephora, $24.00

You’ve got a great base of day make up, now what?

Step 1:

Because you applied blush in the morning, there’s no need to reapply. Instead grab a gold shimmer or light bronzer and go over your existing shade to brighten it up.

Trick 2:

Lip color is the easiest way to change your look. If you go heavy on the eye, keep your lips neutral and let your eyes do the talking. If you fell in love with your natural guise, adding a bold color instantly adds oomph to your face and attitude.

Nars Orgasm The Multiple Available at Sephora, $39.00

Tip 3:

The evening is the perfect time to try out this season’s hottest smoky eye. Dark blue and grey have been designer and makeup artists’ clever alternatives to the predictable black. Use these stronger shades for the corners and creases of your eye, creating an ombre effect as you get closer to the middle.

The summer season is free-spirited and your approach to make-up should be too! Makeup isn’t permanent. If you fell short of the mark, take it off and try again. Nothing is ever perfect or flawless – especially beauty – but remember, confidence trumps everything.

sephora Brand Jumbo Liner 12HR Wear Waterproof: A collection of jumbo eye pencils that can be used as eyeliners or blended out as eye shadows. Available at Sephora, $10.00

bonus tip: Add a bit of drama to your face at night by using a wedge or angle brush to add extra definition to the arch of your brows. JULY 2011 //



PB alehouse THURSDAY NIGHTS PRESENTED BY OUTNSD.COM With free appetizers, a hot crowd and two bars, PB Alehouse Thursday nights are all the rage! Dance inside to the beats of local DJs and then cool off with a drink on the rooftop patio. PHOTOS BY EMILY SOTO

bar west

SATURDAY NIGHTS PRESENTED BY NIGHTACCESS.COM When the sun goes down, Bar West turns the music up. Take advantage of $5 Skyy drinks at this upscale on Saturday nights. Get on the guest list today only at photos by Pol Santos


JULY 2011 //


se hotel

SDSU GRAD PARTY REACHES CAPACITY EARLY SDSU grads celebrated in style on May 21st at the Se Hotel with entertainment by B.C. and a fashion show by Consuul and Flex Watches. photos by Chuck Fedalizo, Ray Cantor and Rommel Cerezo

Side bar

MISS FORTUNE 421 SPOKESMODEL SEARCH Several contestants looking to represent the new Fortune 421 Swimwear line competed for the title as well as a prize package from iTan, A Style Concierge and Fortune 421 Swimwear. photos by tom yip

JULY 2011 //



las vegas "the girls of summer" presented by night access By Jillian Marie Dyer

photos by topher riley Free trip to Vegas with 50 of the hottest girls in San Diego anyone? Who came up with this brilliant idea? None other than San Diego’s very own Night Access who teamed up with Fashion 5.0 Magazine! I was chosen to be one of these lucky ladies and was so excited to go. Before the trip, a pre-game was held at iTan in Pacific Beach where every girl received a complementary tan. Next thing I knew it was Friday morning, which meant “Viva Las Vegas!” As each girl arrived bright and early at 11 a.m., we checked in at Matt Gerold’s house, CEO of Night Access, where we were given an itinerary of the trip and some killer swag items, including Night Access shirts, sunglasses, flip flops and cherry flavored lip balm! As we loaded our luggage onto the party bus, it seemed like every girl packed their entire closet, but I proudly rocked my school backpack. I mean its Vegas, not much clothing is required ladies - heels, couple of dresses and I planned on being in my bathing suit the majority of the time. Partying like rockstars on the bus to Sin City, I got to know my temporary family for the next few days. Five hours into the drive, I could finally see the holy sign “Welcome to Las Vegas” and everyone began to perk up (with the help of a vodka celebration shot). Stepping off the bus and onto Vegas territory, we instantly had people starring and asking if we were cheerleaders or if this was some sort of sorority trip. We were cheerleaders all right – for We were staying at the Vdara Hotel located in the City Centre. The rooms were extravagant, the views were breathtaking and I was pretty sure I was assigned with the best roommates. As the sun began to set, we all started getting anxious for our first night out at The Bank. Since it was our first night in Vegas, “dress-to-impress” was definitely in order. As a group, we all walked to the Bank and were making a statement that Night Access was in town! Turning heads, I felt like a celebrity and knew this would be a fabulous night. The entire night was a blast and everyone was looking forward to out first pool party the next morning! If you are looking for a pool party on Saturday, Liquid at Aria is the place to be. Even though the pool isn’t big, all of the girls had plenty of fun tossing the beach continued on page 44

word on the scene: "If you are looking for a pool party on Saturday, Liquid at Aria is the place to be." 42

JULY 2011 //

july | in this issue: COVER Dress by Aidan Mattox, available at Bloomingdale's Fashion Valley Mall (619) 610-6400, $385.00. Necklace by Kenneth Barlis, available at Skirt Boutique (760) 4398836, $250.00. ROMANCE AND THE CITY Page 20-22 Pink Slip Dress by Kenneth Barlis, available at Skirt Boutique (760) 439-8836, $150.00. Location: The U.S. Grant Hotel, San Diego Page 23 One Shoulder Dress by Aqua, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall (619) 610-6400, $168.00. ‘Sparkle on Sparkle’ Inverted Vine Earrings available at Noon Designs (619) 523-1744, $44.00. Ring available at Eden Boutique (619) 696-3336, $30.00. Pumps by Andrea, available at Tutto Cuore (858) 490-4685, $64.99. Location: The U.S. Grant Hotel, San Diego Page 24-25 On Kiptyn: Shirt by Billabong, available at Sun Diego Fashion Valley Mall (619) 268-2295, $59.50. ‘Weekender Pants’ by RVCA, available at Sun Diego Fashion Valley Mall (619) 268-2295, $49.00. ‘Enamalo’ Belt by Hugo Boss, available at Mister B (858) 756-5099, $115.00. Suede Loafers by Hugo Boss, available at Mister B (858) 756-5099, $185.00. On Tenley: Green Dress by Lush, available at Madison Boutique (858) 270-2222, $42.80. Floral Bangle available at Eden Boutique (619) 696-3336, $20.00. Pearl Ring available at Eden Boutique (619) 696-3336, $14.00. Location: Vin de Syrah, San Diego Page 26 On Kiptyn: Navy Cardigan by MARC BY MARC JACOBS, available at Bloomingdale's Fashion Valley Mall (619) 610-6400, $228.00. Shirt by KR3W, available at Sun Diego, $66.00 Fashion Valley Mall (619) 268-2295. Black Tie by Theory, available at Bloomingdale's Fashion Valley Mall (619) 610-6400, $98.00. ‘Remer Pant’ by Analog, available at Sun Diego Fashion Valley Mall (619) 268-2295, $60.00. Tweed Fedora by Quicksilver, available at Sun Diego Fashion Valley Mall (619) 2682295, $28.00. Shoes by Gravis, available at Sun Diego Fashion Valley Mall (619) 268-2295, $89.99. On Tenley: Floral Ruffle Top by Kenneth Barlis, available at Skirt Boutique (760) 439-8836, $75.00. White Skinny Jean by J Brand, available at Bloomingdale's Fashion Valley Mall (619) 610-6400, $158.00. Green Stone Earrings available at Eden Boutique (619) 6963336, $20.00. Abalone Ring available at Noon Designs, (619) 523-1744, $68.00. Flats by Chinese Laundry, available at Tutto Cuore (858) 490-4685, $24.48. Location: Osteria Panevino, San Diego

A NIGHT IN THE GASLAMP Page 28-30 On Left: White Blazer by Aqua, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall (619) 610-6400, $88.00. Navy String Bikini Top available at H&M Fashion Valley Mall (619) 220-4904, $14.95. White Pants by Michael Kors, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall (619) 610-6400, $69.50. Drop Earrings available at H&M Fashion Valley Mall (619) 220-4904, $5.95. Necklace available at H&M Fashion Valley Mall (619) 220-4904, $9.95. On Right: Navy Blazer by Theory, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall (619) 610-6400, $385.00. Tan Bikini Top available at H&M Fashion Valley Mall (619) 220-4904, $14.95. White Capris by Theory, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall (619) 610-6400, $235.00. Cord Necklace available at H&M Fashion Valley Mall (619) 220-4904, $12.95. Thick Leather Band available at H&M Fashion Valley Mall (619) 220-4904, $9.95. Location: Hard Rock Hotel San Diego Page 31 On Left: ‘Poplin’ Shirt Dress by Elie Tahari, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall (619) 610-6400, $298.00. Oversized Bag by Tory Burch, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall (619) 610-6400, $275.00. Wedges available at H&M, $34.95. On Right: ‘Poplin’ Denim Shirt Dress by Elie Tahari, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall (619) 610-6400, $298.00. Oversized Bag by Tory Burch, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall (619) 610-6400, $275.00. Delicate Chain Bracelet available at Dolcetti Boutique, $110.00. Wedges available at H&M Fashion Valley Mall (619) 220-4904, $34.95. Location: Hard Rock Hotel San Diego Page 32 On Left: One Shoulder Dress by Lipsy London, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall (619) 610-6400, $199.00. Gold Chain Bracelet available at Dolcetti Boutique (619) 501-1559, $110.00. Leopard Pumps by Steve Madden, available at Tutto Cuore (858) 490-4685, $129.95. On Right: Gold Sequin Dress by French Connection, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall (619) 610-6400, $298.00. Bold Stone Bracelet available at Haven Boutique (619) 450-5872, $28.00. Nude Heels available at Forever 21 Fashion Valley Mall (619) 278-0066, $29.99. Location: Stingaree Nightclub, San Diego Page 33 On Left: Dress available at H&M Fashion Valley Mall (619) 220-4904, $49.99. Feather Earrings available at Dolcetti Boutique (619) 501-1559,

$50.00. Gold Clutch by Tory Burch, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall (619) 6106400, $325.00. On Right: Dress by Boulee, available at Dolcetti Boutique (619) 501-1559, $210.00. Feather Necklace available at Dolcetti Boutique (619) 5011559, $68.00. Black Clutch by Tory Burch, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall (619) 610-6400, $325.00. Location: Stingaree Nightclub, San Diego Page 34 On Left: Sheer Robe by Betsey Johnson, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall (619) 610-6400, $85.00. Lace Bra by Casabella, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall (619) 610-6400, $48.00. Lace Panties by Hanky Panky, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall (619) 610-6400, $28.00. On Right: Pink Lace Nightgown by Elle Mac Pherson Intimates, available at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall (619) 610-6400, $88.00. Location: Hard Rock Hotel San Diego NIGHTLIFE MAKEOVER Page 36 All pieces available at Dolcetti Boutique (619) 501-1559. Navy Polka Dot Dress by Lucca Couture, $62.00. Dangle Chain Earrings by Micha Design, $34.00. Gold Bangles by A.V. Max, $35.00. White Watch by Gianto, $250.00. ‘Big Smoke’ Nail Polish by Butter London, $14.00. Vegan Leather Bag by Urban Expressions, $86.00. ‘Clayer Woven Pump’ by Report Signature, $265.00. Location: Dolcetti Boutique, San Diego FASHION DEPARTMENT PHOTO CREDITS Cover/Romance and the City: Photography, Gail Bowman. Photo Assistants, Kenneth Barlis & Patricia Cone. Wardrobe, Gabrielle Lewis. Wardrobe Assistant, Ashley Mehrdad. Hair, Aliana Lopez. Makeup, Meagan Brown. Talent, Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke. Night in the Gaslamp: Photography, James Norton. Photo Assistant, Brook Stevens and Devin Kiyoshi White. Wardrobe, James Norton & Nico Doniele. Wardrobe Assistant, Tori Haynes. Hair, Nico Doniele. Makeup, Chantall Northrop. Talent, Katelyn Byrd and Amanda George. Nightlife Makeover: Photography, Emily Soto. Photo Assistant, Vick Soto. Wardrobe, Minet Taylor & Natalie Taylor. Hair, Maria Gutierrez. Makeup, Marisa Villa-Inocentes. Talent, Brianna Thornton.

JULY 2011 //


nightlife vegas continued...

ball around and doing Champaign fire drills. Scooter was laying down the tracks and was spinning mad beats, so we just couldn’t help but get down and dance. After being in the sun all day, it was time to head back to our hotel and replenish ourselves for an evening out. Haze is ridiculously awesome and exceeded my expectations in every way. When you first walk in you feel like you are in a rave with bright lights and colorful lasers. I loved the young and fresh vibe with the multiple levels, the performers and the music which was a good mixture between hip-hop and house. I quickly came to the conclusion that Haze had the best music I've ever heard at a club in Vegas. After dancing the night away, we decided to call it a night and get some beauty sleep for the next pool party. Hello and welcome to Bare! This is definitely the sexiest places on the strip. This was my first time coming to Bare and I must say I am a fan and found it to be very liberating. There is nothing but beautiful people just wanting to have fun, drink and get naked. Oh, and don't forget your sunglasses so you can stare at naked breasts the entire time. I sure did! We left our inhibitions at the door and just had a ball. This is one of the best Sunday afternoons I have ever had! This was an unforgettable experience and I cannot wait for another Night Access, hot girl Vegas trip! It was well-organized and planned, all the girls were surprisingly friendly and the overall trip will be hard to top. Vegas you win again! Until next time‌

word on the scene: "Haze is ridiculously awesome and exceeded my expectations in every way."


JULY 2011 //

JULY 2011 by Cathy Moe ARIES The Ram { April 19 – May 13 } An adventure brings you up to speed. There is magic in the air. Your hairstyle, electric colors and accessories combine to redefine. Romance and action play upon your personal stage in July. Jupiter in Aries brings big changes to how Aries sees herself this month. There are opportunities to move out of old habits and create new pathways. TAURUS The Bull { May 14 – June 19 } Taurus needs rich textures, colors and fabrics to enjoy life. You are vibrant with hues to match starry nights and romantic beach filled days. Dressing for success is easy in July. Action makes love matches happen. GEMINI The Twins { June 20 – July 20 } You turn heads with your solids and stripes this month. Color sets off your eyes and accents the jewelry you choose. Watch for sales and treat yourself to a spa or designer boutique. You will be lucky in purchases and romance. CANCER The Crab { July 21 – August 9 } Conversations entice dreamy activities in July. It’s easy to find friendship and romance with your gentle manner. Dress for casual coincidences and sexy synchronicities. A career opportunity takes you to the top. LEO The Lion { August 10 – September 15 } Pay attention to your pocketbook and you’ll have more fun to spend. A trip or spiritual trek defines your choice of lightweight layered attire. Dress to express. Romance is found combining group activities with your flamboyant nature. Saturn in Leo’s financial area restricts yet stabilizes your finances. Jupiter in Leo’s sector of long distance travel and enlightenment brings luck. VIRGO The Maiden { September 16 – October 30 } Taking care of small details makes you a winner. You are appreciated for your thoughtful actions. The world is changing but you look great in sensible yet dynamic colors. Career and romance meld for you this month. LIBRA God of Justice { October 31 – November 22 } Dressing for romance is a must as you are likely to meet someone special. Already in a relationship? You can enhance your image with soothing silks and pastel prints. Expand your horizons with sparkly make-up or flirty eye shadow. Let them know who they are dealing with! SCORPIO The Scorpion { November 23 – November 29 } A powerful partner may enter your life. Keep it simple and sexy when you dress to meet. You may surprise yourself with a passion play. Moving quickly expands your wardrobe and brings romance closer. Mars in Taurus can mean a relationship for Scorpio. With the Sun and Venus in Gemini then Cancer, Scorpio’s wardrobe has to have clean lines to match straightforward actions. OPHIUCHUS The Serpent Holder { November 30 – December 17 } Dress for the complex creature you are. You have more levels than a fashion mall. Soothing botanical creams smooth your skin as you plot your accessory make-over. Your organic approach shows your sincerity. Romance is sure to follow. SAGITTARIUS The Archer { December 18 – January 18 } You have more than one admirer this month. Use your flair for fun and watch your fan club grow. Splashy prints and sexy scarves make you stand out in the crowd. Find a scent that’s a signature ‘You’! Jupiter in Aries makes you creative, dynamic and focuses on exploring your individual nature. CAPRICORN The Goat { January 19 – February 15 } You are steady and trustworthy. You are also up for some fun. Talking into the night, you may discover a soul mate to share your secrets with. Dress for comfort. Try smooth textures and cuddly wraps. A layer of color enhances your hairstyle and encourages a silky romance. AQUARIUS The Water Bearer { February 16 – March 11 } You are the one everyone notices. Your unconventional nature is accentuated by dynamic streaks of color. Retro patterns in your wardrobe clear the way for conversation. Let romance be a surprise development - you are just too busy creating a better world each day. PISCES The Fish { March 12 – April 18 } Focus on fashion and you’ll find yourself soothed by suitors. Sweet and sentimental or sassy and sexy, you are the romance sign of the zodiac. Encourage attention by appreciating others. Hearts falling over themselves make this a month to remember. JULY 2011 //


dating calendar

JULY.2011 what’s happening


July 1: BIG TIME RUSH Del Mar Fairgrounds, 7 p.m.

July 9: 2011 iMAN Event Hosted bar from 7 p.m. - 8 p.m., followed by interactive Q&A and stylish runway walk with all finalists. Performances from the San Diego Charger Girls as well as The Lollipop Girls burlesque dance group. Proceeds to benefit Homefront San Diego. 207, Hard Rock Hotel, San Diego, 7 p.m., 21+

July 5: EDDIE VEDDER/ GLEN HANSARD Copley Symphony Hall, 7:30 p.m. July 8: J BOOG House of Blues, 9 p.m., 21+ July 9: TAINTED LOVE House of Blues, 8 p.m., 21+ July 9: TRIBAL SEEDS & SEEDLESS Soma, 6 p.m.

July 22: MAROON 5 W/ TRAIN Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre, 7 p.m. July 23: SARA BAREILLES Rimac Arena, 7 p.m. July 28: RYAN CABRERA Ramona Mainstage, 7 p.m. July 30: SLIGHTLY STOOPID W/ REBELUTION, DON CARLOS AND SHWAYZE Cricket Wireless Amphitheater, 7 p.m.

JULY 2011 //

San Diego Padres home games Petco Park, East Village

san diego county

MUSIC: July 2: NATASHA BEDINGFIELD House of Blues, 7:30 p.m.




July 9: DISCOVERY HEMP CONVENTION Join San Diego for a day of sustainable fashion for men and women featuring ways to help our planet go-green from producing hemp products. Look for hemp merchandise, hemp jobs and even a hemp fashion show! Balboa Park Club Ballroom, San Diego, 11:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

July 20: OPENING DAY AT DEL MAR Wear your dress and hat to the races on opening day! For information on round-trip, hosted bar limo bus transportation from downtown or PB, call (619) 701-5466. Limited seats! July 31: THE BRIDAL BAZAAR SUMMER BRIDAL EXPO Calling all brides-to-be! Mark your calendars for San Diego’s biggest and best bridal show! View endless displays by more than 200 of San Diego’s finest wedding professionals. Get expert advice, discover new ideas, and find money-saving specials on your wedding essentials! San Diego Convention Center, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

July 14-17: Padres VS. Giants July 26-28: Padres VS. Diamond Backs July 29-31: Padres VS. Rockies

MISC: July 9: LIQUID ALOHA MUSIC FESTIVAL Brewery’s Kona 2011 Music Festival featuring The Dirty Heads and The Dirty Heads more. Beer sales benefit the San Diego Coast Keeper. NTC Promenade at Liberty Station, Point Loma, 3:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m., 21+

July 21-24: SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON Join your favorite comic book hero as Comic-Con International rolls into the San Diego Convention Center July 21-24, with Preview Night on July 20! Don't forget your cape. San Diego Convention Center July 29 & 30: LA JOLLA FASHION FILM FESTIVAL Annual international film festival featuring productions from established and emerging fashion houses and film directors. Museum of Contemporary Art, La Jolla

Who will you see when you come to Gallagher's?










AT RI & S0 F pm) Y FRIDA 8 - 9:3 — Y ( A MEGAN & LARRY D ls N MO 25 Wel pm) . 8 2 $ * n e (Op t & Pint Well Shot) o h S 5 * & SATURDA Y & SUNDA ic Pint Y (Domest (11am-3pm) s l l e W ers * $3 Screw * $3 12 Pitch drivers, Mim $ & 10 $ osas, Greyhoun * $8, s t d s & Bloodie f a r D f h s f t Mon * $3 Beer * $1 O of the of the Mon r e e B th * $3

5046 Newport Avenue / Ocean Beach 619.222.5300 /


Often Imitated, Never Matched


JULY 2011 //

Fashion 5.0 July 2011  

Fashion 5.0 Magazine July 2011 The Nightlife Issue featuring: "Romance in the City" fashion editorial with Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke -...

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