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> Valtra is a worldwide brand of AGCO.


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Welcome to the 2020 LAMMA Show


n behalf of everyone on the LAMMA team, I am delighted to welcome you back to the NEC for the 2020 edition of the LAMMA Show. After a tremendous launch here last year, we are thrilled to bring you an even bigger and better show this year. We are so grateful for the continued support from both our visitors and exhibitors in making it happen. e are confident that this year’s LAMMA will continue to build on the show’s reputation as the most diverse and innovative machinery, equipment and services show in the UK, covering all sectors of the farming industry under one roof. After what has been a very challenging year for the UK agricultural industry, we hope these two days will set the tone for a good year ahead, and

Kate Walsh

continue to prove the resilience of the farming community regardless of any weather or political uncertainty. The halls are again packed with new ideas and cutting-edge equipment of all shapes and sizes, allowing you to examine the latest technology in detail and quiz the experts. As ever, LAMMA has a strong

commitment to drive innovation forward and with this in mind we are excited to announce a new zone this year, Farming 4.0, which you will find in all . The new zone will highlight UK farming s e pertise, flair and passion for innovative technology that will help underpin the future of food production. Focusing on advanced devices, precision agriculture and robotic systems and how they allow farms to be more profitable, efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly. Check out the speaker line up on pages of this sho guide and make your way there. As always we really appreciate your feedback so please feel free to contact me on kate.walsh@ and let me kno if there is anything we can improve on. Meanwhile, thank you so much for visiting and enjoy the show! Kate Walsh LAMMA event manager

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ig hp altra tractor more fle ible than you think JCB telehandlers work their way back into farming fleet Export help on-hand to get your products selling abroad Focusing on future farming; a look at LAMMA’s latest zone Be in with a chance to win a McCormick tractor for a year Making farm safety a priority with practical advice and top-tips Exhibitor listings Hall listings Pivot steer Manitou loader complements conventional telehandler Herbst screener adds to contractor’s crushing operations Reducing stone pickup and increasing throughput with a Kuhn merger alking combines improves harvesting efficiency for Spalding business Zetor boosts comfort and operation ease with new HD Crystal tractor ollo the A A nnovation rail to find out more about the award winners elebrating the industry s finest he A A Innovation Awards revealed Lamma 2020 p1 Contents JR SM.indd 1

1 10/12/2019 12:25

With a 20-year history of running Valtra tractors, one Dorset contractor has chosen the innish maker s flagship model to handle mo ing, baling, cultivations and drilling for his e tensive operations. Geoff Ashcroft reports.

Big Valtra no one trick pony


eliability is increasingly at the forefront of many a contractor s mind. And it comes as no surprise, given the electronic comple ity and emissions paraphernalia that today s tractors bring. ernard o , ho operates a diverse general contracting business that also takes on share farming and contract farming agreements ith customers around orchester, orset, totaling several thousand hectares, says e have had our fair share of breakdo ns and hassles over the years, but lately, it has only been a fe sensor issues rather than mechanical failures. o ntime is softened by choosing the most reliable kit you can and relying on the service and support of a kno ledgeable local dealer. And hen e put our tractors to ork, it is not just for a fe hours here and there. t is a process that led him into altra o nership over years ago, but he admits that the early offering as more functional and less involving for operators. And hile he has since

With a peak of 405hp, the Valtra S394 currently holds top spot for tractor power in the Bernard Cox fleet.

tried many other makes, the business continues to revert to innish form. he o fleet is not an all inclusive affair. idden in the line up of altras are three ase s a pair of uma s and an ptum .

Large variances in fuel consumption for two tractors doing the same job is usually down to the operator. A little training and guidance goes a long way A

2 Lamma 2020 p2, 4 JR BB SM.indd 1

e do still look at other makes, but invariably end up coming back to altra, says r o . uel consumption does not vary that much bet een tractor types but hen you do get large variances in fuel consumption for t o tractors doing the same job it is usually do n to the operator. A little training and guidance goes a long ay. or to hp tractors, e have found that the altras can run , to , hours ith little problem it is almost t ice hat e can get from other makes. And it happens ithout having to rely on costly e tended arranties or s allo ing e pensive repair bills. And that is very important for our business. his confidence in tractor reliability steered r o to ards altra s eauvais built series. is first series an as bought to replace a ase agnum, and ent on to clock up , hours in under five years. ased on that performance, it as replaced months ago by a more po erful . did not have the confidence to push the first series uite as far as

VALTRA S394 Z ● Engine: . litre, si cylinder, Agco o er ● Power: hp ● Torque: , m ● Weight: . tonnes

e normally run our smaller and models, but these bigger tractors are certainly living up to e pectations, he says.


he series are easier to substitute at short-notice if something serious happens, hereas the is more likely to be stood do n hile aiting for a loan tractor. his makes running them under arranty much more practical for our business. t also fi es costs. r o says the series as chosen for its ability to be much more than a one trick pony, and the current brought a considerable leap in po er to the contractor s fleet. ractor availability sa its replacement arrive much sooner than a factory ordered model, hich really suited us, he says. 10/12/2019 12:26 p003_Lamma2020.indd 3

3 10/12/2019 17:22

A home-made bracket keeps the grease gun and pry bar close at hand.

“We did not really need 400hp, but it has come in useful this autumn with a big chain, to pull out tractors and trailers on maize harvest on the days it could not go drilling. And for a 400hp tractor, it does not look out of place on more regular tasks.” The S394 shares arable duties with the firm s ase ptum , but operates ith a metre orsch errano and a m orsch printer, leaving a smaller 5m Terrano for the lesser po ered ptum. While it could be considered overkill, the rolling Dorset countryside has confirmed that having a bit of power up your sleeve can be useful. Away from cultivations and drilling, the S394 is also used to run a set of laas triple mo ers ith grouper belts, and chasing r o s three e ion combines ith a ase si string 120 by 90cm large square baler.

A Smart Touch terminal and customisable armrest is a great improvement.

Now with 3,200-hours under its belt in just 18 months, the S394 is proving its orth for operator ob allett, ho has spent the last 26 years working for ernard o . r allett says ith groupers, the triple mower is heavy, but the weight of the S394 adds so much more stability to the combination, particularly on hillsides.


do find the laas mo ers to be power-hungry, though we can drop grass at speeds of 25kph using auto steering, as long as the field si e is reasonable. “We have run the triple mower on a ersu, and hile there is enough power, the tractor is just too light to handle the weight of the mowers on steeper banks.” hile the s spec includes reverse drive capability, current mower

choice prevents this feature from being e ploited. r allett adds that the s cab offers good space and comfort, though the latter has been tarnished in the wrong conditions. ab suspension continues to give trouble, but when it works properly it is really good, says r allett. t seems that the mechanism and the front airbags get gradually bunged up with dirt and debris, which then restricts the range of movement available. do try and keep it cleaned out, but it needs a proper solution, and this only happens when cultivating and drilling, and never when mowing.” e says that the front a le suspension does give a smooth ride on and off-road, and while the cab is not the quietest he has driven, it is not the loudest either. ut here the offered to 100 per cent adjustment of hydraulic flo rates, the adjusts in per cent increments. Sometimes, a 5 per cent shift in fan speed when drilling is just too much, and ould like to see finer adjustment of flo rates through the terminal. eadlights need a rethink too, as e have e tra lights by the cab, but you cannot fully isolate them to prevent dazzling other road users – so these get unplugged hen am on the road,” he adds. r allett has fitted a pair of additional storage bo es belo the right-hand steps to supplement the tractor s original, measly si ed tool bo . e has also fabricated a bolt on holder at the front of the tractor where a grease gun and pry bar now reside.

Cab suspension continues to give trouble, but when it works properly it is really good A

e says onsidering the many jobs we do, and the distances we travel, it is important to carry e tra kit to help you.” According to r allett, the traction for the S394 has rarely been an issue. The tractor arrived on Trelleborg TM900s, using 650/60 R34 up front, and 710/75 R42 on the rear.


“We do raise and lower tyre pressures within the guidelines to suit, and when the opportunity arises, we will also add or subtract front-end ballast,” he says. “Though the rear wheel weights have yet to be removed.” The increase in power over his previous S-series has been very useful says r allett, and the performance of the engine has not had a detrimental effect on fuel consumption. “The S394 is no better and no worse on fuel than the S353. So we are getting more work done on the same amount of fuel. Ad lue consumption varies, but when working hard, it needs topping up with every other refill of the diesel tank.

Not enough storage has seen the Cox crew add a pair of boxes beneath the steps.

4 Lamma 2020 p2, 4 JR BB SM.indd 2 10/12/2019 12:27

p005_Lamma2020.indd 3

21/11/2019 14:34

Featuring a new cab with lower noise levels, greater comfort and dramatically improved overhead visibility, JCB’s latest Series III Loadalls promises many improvements. But do these improvements actually make a difference? Simon Henley visits a dairy farm in omerset to find out.

Latest JCB handler brings improvements


he Quick family in Somerset is what you might describe as passionate dairy farmers. Gerald Quick and his three sons Chris, John and Tom run an indoor herd of 850 Fresian cows, on a farm which spans 485 hectares. Here they milk three times-aday which means there is always somebody working, and having

JCB 542-70 AGRISUPER SERIES III Z ● Engine: Four-cylinder,4.8-litre, JCB EcoMax ● Power: 145hp ● Torque: 560Nm at 1,500rpm ● Transmission: Autoshift sixspeed powershift ● Hydraulic output: 140 litres/minute ● a im m i t capacit 4,200kg ● a im m i t hei ht 7.01 metres

reliable equipment to feed, clean-out and bed the cows is absolutely essential. Back in the 1980s, Gerald was a JCB Loadall man, however his faith in the British manufacturer’s products dwindled after a succession of cracked boom issues. Disconcerted, Gerald switched his loyalty in the direction of anitou, specifically favouring the rear-engined ManiReach 626 and 628 models. His penchant for French telehandlers eventually subsided with the arrival of the EN15000 load movement monitor legislation, which in Gerald’s opinion compromised the lift performance of the Manitou handlers. A few years ago, at the suggestion of Rob Wall, who works for JCB dealer Smart Ag Services, Gerald decided to give the Uttoxeter manufacturer another try. “The difference in the lift

One of two JCB telehandlers employed by the Quick family, this Loadall 542-70 Series III spends up to five hours per day loading the diet feeder for the 850 cows.

6 Lamma 2020 p6, 8 JR BB SM.indd 1

Quick and Sons Farm’s JCB Loadall 542-70 AgriSuper Series III telehandler.

performance of the JCB was amazing,” says Gerald. “Having been used to the Manitou JSM palm grip joystick, the JCB design did take some adapting to, but since then we have never looked back.” The Quick family runs two telehandlers: a 2018 Loadall 541-70 Agri-Super and the latest 2019 Loadall 542-70 Agri-Super Series III. Every two years they replace the oldest of the two machines, which as Gerald explains will have generally clocked in the region of 3,500 hours by the time they trade it in.


He says: “The newest machine handles the lion’s share of the work, leaving the older machine on lighter duties. uring the first months, we would expect the new machine to clock 2,000 hours, while the older machine will do around 1,500.” In a typical day, the newer telehandler will spend between four and five hours loading the diet feeders used to feed the cows. The second machine will be on bedding detail, which is executed with a headstockmounted Spread-a-Bale dispenser. In between feeding and bedding duties, the handlers are used for tasks such as cleaning out livestock yards, transporting bales and silage and moving livestock, in addition to

Overhead vision in particular has ene te rom the intro ction o the curved windscreen in the Series III cab JOHN QUICK

supporting the arable side of this farming enterprise, which grows grass, maize and a moderate acreage of grain crops to be used on the farm for feed. “We always opt for the extended 4,000-hour warranty package, but we do not specify a service contract. We prefer to pay for service work as we go along. To be very honest, we have not had any major issues in terms of warranty repair,” says Gerald. “The most common problem e find is that the rear mudguard brackets are prone to breaking. “You can see them constantly vibrating,and eventually the metal 10/12/2019 12:27 p007_Lamma2020.indd 3

7 10/12/2019 17:28

fatigues and breaks.” With the previous model on-hand to compare with the latest Series III machine, the Quick family is certainly ualified to provide an objective comparison between the old and new models. In terms of the machines’ performance, John claims there is absolutely nothing between them. It is only when you are in the driver’s seat that you notice where the changes have been made. John says: “The cab improvements have essentially brought the Loadall cab up to date. The previous cab was showing its age, although it was never uncomfortable. Overhead vision in particular has benefited from the introduction of the curved windscreen in the Series III cab. “Ironically, in muddy conditions you do get a dirty patch right in your line of vision when you look upwards. Even

though has fitted t o indscreen wipers, they miss a section of the indo just in front of the overhead roof guard.


“Another improvement is the data screen monitor,” adds John. “The screen makes functions more accessible and it is much easier to read. I also like that the switchgear has a quality feel to it. You do not feel like you are going to break something in this cab.” If there is an Achilles heel on the Series III Loadall, according to John it is the new model’s pick-up hitch. Technically, it is a stronger design with a greater payload in practise, but as John has discovered, there is a fundamental fla in its design. “The new hitch features a double latching system on either side of the

Having been used to the Manitou JSM palm grip joystick, the JCB design did take some adapting to GERALD QUICK

New double latch pick-up hitch design can catch trailer drawbars during tight turns and become unlatched. Note the contact marks on the latch release bar.

8 Lamma 2020 p6, 8 JR BB SM.indd 2

Two-handed locking pin release system for the boom carriage is described as being a worthy safety device which is easy to use and quickly becomes second nature.

hook. The latches which lock the hook in place are connected by a flat metal bar which is attached [on one side] to the release cable. “The problem is that this release bar is angled where it can make contact with the trailer drawbar if you happen to be making a tight turn into a building or gateway.


“It took us a while to work it out, but on certain trailers, as the drawbar touches the release bar, it lifts it and unlocks the latches. Once this happens, the hitch drops and the trailer comes off the hook. You can actually see the marks where the drawbar hits the release bar.” One of the new model’s features which both father and son acknowledge as being an improvement, is the two-handed

FARM FACTS Z ● Name: Quick & Sons Farm ● Location: Taunton, Somerset ● Farmed area: 485 hectares (1,200 acres) ● Farm type: Dairy

locking pin release system for the boom carriage. “This is one of those features which should have really been introduced before,” says Gerald. “The requirement of two hands to unlock the pins means you are eliminating the chance of an operator inadvertently unlocking a bucket or fork and having it drop on the floor. t is easy to use, and once you get used to the idea, it becomes second nature. “Overall, the new Loadalls bring much wanted improvements over the previous series, particularly in the cab department.”

The Series III cab features a new curved windscreen for overhead visibility, but despite having two windscreen wipers a dirt line forms in front of the roof guard. 10/12/2019 12:28


DEUTZ-FAHR always designs its products by carefully considering tomorrow’s challenges. This view allows the manufacturer to offer a full line of tractors and combines harvesters, with contemporary style, high levels of comfort, modern powerful engines and forward thinking features. Couple these factors with advanced precision farming systems and low operating costs; the result is to make DEUTZ-FAHR the perfect partner to increase the profitability of your business. Visit us in Hall 7 for more information. DEUTZ-FAHR is a brand of

p009_Lamma2020.indd 3 SDF Lamma Preview Advert_A4_11_19.indd 1

03/12/2019 14:58 12:23 27/11/2019

Are you a manufacturer of farm equipment? Would it be suitable for elsewhere in the world? At this year’s LAMMA Show, the Department of International Trade may have the answers as to how you can access a larger market.

Export advice on-hand


ponsored by the Department for International Trade (DIT), the LAMMA Show export advice hub will provide the answers for farmers, manufacturers and businesses that are looking to export outside of the UK and EU. The DIT, which will have a presence in hall 8 on stand number 8.922, says there are many opportunities for agri-tech companies looking to export their products, services or applications overseas. This, says the Government body, is especially true for those that will support farmers across the world in increasing their production sustainably with less inputs and impact on the environment, hile increasing profit margins and contributing to the global food security agenda. Four speakers will be on hand across both days, giving presentations and advice to those considering the next steps on the export route, with particular emphasis on the opportunities and challenges posed when trading with Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The export advice hub will provide the answers for farmers, manufacturers and businesses that are looking to export outside of the UK and EU.

EXPORT ADVICE HUB SPEAKERS DR ELIZABETH WARHAM Leader of the Agri-Tech team Focusing on opportunities in Latin America, Dr Warham has expertise and experience in plant sciences and technology development across the agri-food sector, having worked in the Government ffice for cience as head of the food, water and environment issues team. In the UK Department for International Development she managed research programmes to develop appropriate technologies for different agricultural production systems in low and middle-income countries. She also worked for 10 years at the International Centre

10 Lamma 2020 p10 Exports BB SM.indd 1

for Wheat and Maize Improvement in Mexico, in maize breeding, wheat pathology and seed health programmes. ELLIS EMWANTA Agri-Tech trade manager Mr Emwanta’s talk will focus on Eastern Europe and the Central Asia Network, comprising Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkey. He works with colleagues across the UK, international network and partners, helping UK businesses export overseas. He has a degree in agricultural economics and extension services and a master’s degree in business economics and finance.

TOYOSI OGUNSHOLA Trade account manager Speaking about the opportunities Africa holds for exporters, Mr Ogunshola organises the team’s engagement in key trade events and works with UK companies looking to expand their international business. He previously worked with the Department for Work and Pensions as a process manager for nine years. He studied business administration and management at London Metropolitan University and has a professional ualification ith the hartered Management Institute for advanced management and leadership in operational delivery.

HADYN CRAIG Agri-business specialist Sharing insights on the export market for Asia, Mr Craig is the agri-business specialist within the DIT Agri-Tech Trade team. He also works with the UK Agri-Tech Innovation Centres, developing international opportunities to showcase UK innovation and to develop collaborative projects. His experience in the agri-food sector spans farm operations, food processing, research and investment. His sector knowledge is underpinned with hands-on farming experience, coming from a sheep and beef farming background in New Zealand. 10/12/2019 12:28 p011_Lamma2020.indd 3

11 10/12/2019 17:30

A brand-new feature to LAMMA 2020 is the Farming 4.0 Zone, which will highlight UK farming’s manufacture and adoption of innovative technology that will help underpin the future of food production. Alex Heath reports.

The future of farming


expect in the coming years, with a diverse range of topics from drone technology to the future of the labour market.

ocusing on the technology of the future, including robotics, autonomy and precision farming techniques, the new zone will give a glimpse to the profitable, efficient and environmentally friendly farms of tomorrow. Within the Farming 4.0 Zone in hall 17, visitors will get the opportunity to see the latest technology and innovations behind the exhibitor’s products. State-of-the-art kit will be on display and you will be able to learn how it will help to drive the agricultural industry forward. A packed agenda for both days also sees some of the most forwardthinking companies and individuals speaking about what farmers can


With this in mind, exhibitors in the zone will also cover training and development which will play a fundamental role in the future of farming. Machinery thought to be space age just a few years ago, is starting to come to commercial fruition. This means there are an increasing number of career opportunities within agriculture, which were not present in the recent past, with software, computers and artificial intelligence playing an increasingly important role.

EXHIBITORS Z ● The AF Group ● BASIS ● Control Technologies UK Ltd ● Crop4Sight ● CropFarmer ● CropSafe ● Drone Ag Ltd ● Emerald Research ● Farmex Ltd ● IDS Imaging Development Systems Ltd ● Jobs in Agriculture ● Metronome Technologies ● Phytoform Labs Ltd ● RAU Farm 491 ● UKRI

Find out how innovative technology will drive the future of agriculture.

FARMING 4.0 ZONE PROGRAMME Tuesday, January 7 .



Wednesday, January 8 .



Company rone Ag

Speaker and topic couting ith drones fast, efficient and automated crop monitoring Jack Wrangham, founder, Drone Ag



Farm 491



Clydesdale Bank



Cambridge Consultants

How innovative technology can transform food production with AI driven precision ag Simon Jordan, senior consultant in the Applied Science group within the Industrial, Consumer and Energy division


taffing issues in the agricultural industry and hat AG is doing for its dealer network. Richard Charles, manager, aftersales customer care and training UK and Ireland







Tuesday, January 7: How AgriTech has the opportunity to empower farmers Sarah Carr, outreach manager Wednesday, January 8: Why your farming business needs a military veteran and ho to find one Fiona Galbraith, Ruralink The challenge of improving productivity in the farming sector. Brian Richardson, UK head of agriculture


Day one only


Innovation Awards Presentation Presentation of the LAMMA Founders Award. All gold innovation award winning products are eligible



Loven Patents

Patent Protection Tim Fray, patent assistant




Transforming food production: from farm to fork Tom Jenkins, deputy challenge director – Transforming Food Production, Innovate UK

12 Lamma 2020 p12 14 Future of Farming JR SM.indd 1 10/12/2019 12:29

Fresh thinking is the answer to today’s farming challenges. M7003 SERIES: 130–170HP


Visit our stand - Hall 10, Stand 10.454

M Series Tractors: The powerful choice for work When times are tough, you need more than a new machine: you need a new way of thinking Surprisingly powerful – high torque, low fuel consumption Impressively environmentally friendly – advanced engine technology Superbly versatile – highly efficient, proven transmission Extremely precise – optimised for Precison Farming Exceptional comfort – ergonomic effortless operation

Legendary reliability – backed by Kubota Care warranty Highly capable – implements built for productivity Excellent residual value – best-in-class whole life costs First class aftersales support – nationwide dealer network

Contact your local dealer or visit our website for more details.

p013_Lamma2020.indd 3

T: 01844 873190

28/11/2019 11:50

FARMING 4.0 ZONE SPEAKERS JACK WRANGHAM Founder, Drone Ag Jack Wrangham will discuss how drones have not yet become common in farming, but how the technology will soon play a much more diverse role in everyday farm tasks. He will explain the features of a new drone app that will help farmers walk crops more efficiently. kippy cout is to be unveiled by Drone Ag at LAMMA. It is a crop-monitoring app that uses drones to automatically capture images which are analysed by artificial intelligence.

BRIAN RICHARDSON UK head of agriculture, Clydesdale Bank Brian Richardson will be addressing the challenge of improving productivity in the farming sector. He says the AHDB and NFU have both recently presented data to the industry that shows a worrying trend in UK agriculture, with productivity seeming to have stalled, while competitors from mainland Europe and the U have improved. e ill ask why this is the case and give the likely future pressures post Brexit, plus what UK farming can do to address the issue.

RICHARD CHARLES Manager of aftersales, customer care and training UK and Ireland, AGCO Richard Charles will be discussing staffing issues in the agricultural industry and what Agco, which owns tractor brands Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Valtra, is doing for its dealer network. He will discuss the shortage of staff in the sector, with a particular focus on agricultural engineers.

TIM FRAY Patent assistant, Loven Patents Tim Fray will give practical advice regarding protecting intellectual property (IP) using patents. Having had a career with major companies, protecting their IP, and training as a patent attorney, he is well placed to talk about how IP integrates itself into businesses. He will explain using IP as a business tool, giving technological kudos to your company, enhancing the value

14 Lamma 2020 p12 14 Future of Farming JR SM.indd 2

of your business and as a way to reduce tax burden, as well as some of the challenges manufacturers face. SIMON JORDAN Senior consultant in the applied science group within the industrial, consumer and energy division, Cambridge Consultants imon ordan says gro ers are facing new challenges which cannot be solved by simply making machines bigger or faster. He will show some new examples of high precision techniques which can treat plants individually and show how technology from other industries can allow businesses to scale up, reducing the cost and increasing reliability. Examples include smart targeting of weeds, an autonomous robot for orchards, and an AI powered fruit counter. TOM JENKINS Deputy challenge director for transforming food production, Innovate UK Tom Jenkins will be speaking about

ideas to transform food production while reducing emissions, pollution, waste, and soil erosion. He works on the transforming food production programme, which integrates world-leading capabilities in digital technologies, engineering, artificial intelligence, biological and environmental sciences into precision approaches and data driven solutions. SARAH CARR Outreach manager, Farm491 arah arr ill talk about the challeng es farmers face on a local and global scale and the opportunity technology has to solve them, as well as some hidden harms in developing tech for farmers. FIONA GALBRAITH Founder, Ruralink Fiona Galbraith is the founder of Ruralink, the only specialist career consultancy supporting members of the military community seeking a follow-on career in the land-based sector. 10/12/2019 16:54


Win a McCormick tractor for a year MCCORMICK is offering one lucky farmer the chance to win the use of one of its tractors for a whole year. The model to be given away is an X6.4 VT-Drive with continuously variable transmission. Awarded Tractor of the Year in 2018, McCormick is expanding its portfolio of VT-Drive tractors throughout 2020, and wants to highlight this by giving away an X6.4 VT-Drive. The X6.4 series comprises three models with VT-Drive transmission. All models in the range are powered by fourcylinder, 4.5-litre engines, with power ratings from 121-140hp. X6.4 tractors feature an electronically controlled rear hitch with a six-tonne maximum lift capacity, a four-speed pto and a closed-centre hydraulic

s stem that e i ers a o rate of 110 litres/minute. As an option, the winner can also spec the tractor with a front linkage and pto and/or front loader. The cab is equipped with mechanical suspension, which comp ements the tractor’s suspended front axle and air-suspended seat. Since LAMMA Show 2019, McCormick has appointed a further eight dealers in the UK and Ireland, now totalling 52. Rachael Walshaw, McCormick marketing co-ordinator, says: “For us at McCormick, LAMMA 2019 was a statement of intent. “We wanted to show we are a global player in the tractor market, and a brand that should most certainly be considered when thinking of your next tractor purchase.”

Tel: 01405 819199 Email: Web:

HOW TO ENTER Z ● To be in with a chance of winning this tractor, simply enter online at: ● Alternatively, if visiting the

LAMMA Show, you can also enter the competition on the McCormick stand (Hall 8, stand 8.604). ● Deadline for the competition is 11pm, January 8, 2020. Lamma 2020 p15 JR BB SM.indd 1

15 10/12/2019 12:31

An issue that should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind is safety. This year the Farm Safety Zone is back at the LAMMA Show and packed full of useful, practical seminars. Alex Heath reports.

Farm safety on agenda


hile LAMMA is the UK’s premier machinery showcase, it also offers visitors the opportunity to assess and improve their on-farm safety thanks to the return of the Farm Safety Zone for a third year, sponsored by Safety Revolution. This year the Farm Safety Zone located in hall 10, stand number 10.816, will address six key themes associated with farm safety; management tools, technical health and safety, safety demonstrations, risk reduction measures, farm support and real people, real stories. These themes will be explored by well-known farming charities, leading figures in the agricultural sector, market-leading risk reduction companies and expert health and safety consultants. Practical demonstrations around two machines found on farms, as well as tips to keep lone workers safe and useful apps for your smart phone will all be discussed.


Tuesday, January 7

Wednesday, January 8

Safety Demos: Agrifac sprayer Mia Bambury, Safety Revolution, H&S consultant

Safety Demos: JCB telehandler Mia Bambury, Safety Revolution, H&S consultant


Management Tools: How to keep contractors safe Oliver Dale, Safety Revolution, managing director

Farm Support: RABI - When accidents happen: RABI support in a crisis aroline arrison and el ones, regional elfare officers


Risk Reduction: What 3 words - A simple way to l pre ise l i ns atrick Arbuthnott, partnership manager

Risk Reduction: Lone alert - Lone workers have many f es le s find h nd eep he s fe Ale ones, field sales e ecutive


Management Tools: How to co-ordinate your training effectively Emily Jones, Safety Revolution training co-ordinator

Real Life, Real People James Chapman MBE


Farm Support: Farm Safety Foundation (Yellow Wellies) Stephanie Berkeley, manager

Technical Health and Safety: Keeping CoSHH Simple Emily Pain, Safety Revolution, H&S consultant


Risk Reduction: Fireward - Managing the risks f fire in he ri l r l se r Edward Barnes, director

Management Tools – Panel Discussion: e f r s fe p si i e Chaired by Oliver Dale, Andrew Robinson, farm manager Heathcote Farms. Andrew Mahon, farm manager, The Bromborough Estate. Other panellists TBC.


Technical H&S: Fire Risk Assessments – Where to start? Mia Bambury, Safety Revolution, H&S consultant


ABOUT THE SPONSOR Z ● As sponsor of the Farm Safety Zone, Safety Revolution has created a full speaker programme to provide delegates with knowledge, advice and support on issues surrounding farm safety. Ultimately, the consultants intend to raise awareness, drive home a positive health and safety message and provide information to delegates who know what they need, but are unsure of where they can go for advice they can trust. Safety Revolution is a specialist consultancy business, providing bespoke health and safety advice for farms, estates and agribusiness across the UK. It

16 Lamma 2020 p16 18 Farm Safety JR BB SM.indd 1

provides a comprehensive system that identifies here business potential liabilities and weaknesses lie in relation to health and safety; and helps them to address those issues in a practical, systemic and sustainable way. Clients are provided with a safety management system focusing on simple and effective steps to reduce risk, influence positive behaviours and ultimately, protect people.

Safety demonstrations around two machines found on farm will be held. 10/12/2019 12:32



COME VISIT US ON STAND 6.820 p017_Lamma2020.indd 3

26/11/2019 14:01

FARM SAFETY ZONE SPEAKERS MIA BAMBURY Health and safety consultant, Safety Revolution Safety Revolution consultant Mia Bambury will demonstrate practical safety checks on an Agrifac sprayer and a JCB telehandler over the two days, focusing on daily start-up checks and safe handling. Ms Bambury will also explain how farmers can manage risk in order to protect livelihoods ith fire risk assessments.

ords for precise location identification through the free app. Mr Arbuthnott will share how individuals, businesses and emergency services across the UK and beyond, are using what3words to solve the everyday challenges of sharing and finding precise locations. The system is being used to make deliveries easier, businesses simpler to find and to save lives and time in emergency situations across the UK. He will talk about how the system works, how you can use it and stories of the most powerful ways 3 words have been used to solve day to day problems in regions around the country.

ALEX JONES Field sales executive, Lone Alert Lone Alert is a provider of lone worker protection. It offers a range of lone worker alarms, devices and apps to protect people who work alone, remotely or are vulnerable in their work. Alex Jones will identify the risks of lone working, explain the company’s Overseeing Working Alone management portal, discuss the available PPE options for lone workers and address the implementation of lone worker protection - what workers and employers should consider and steps they should take to stay safe. His talk will be supported by a case study on lone worker safety in the rural environment.

Edward Barnes

Mia Banbury

OLIVER DALE Managing director, Safety Revolution Managing director Oliver Dale will describe how employers and contractors can better protect themselves and follow safer working practices to minimise risk for both parties. He says: “Employers are responsible for ensuring contractors are fully competent, ualified, briefed on potential dangerous working environments and made aware of on-site policies and procedures. “It is essential employers can instruct contractors with peace of mind, confidence and in the knowledge that they are complying with the law.”

across the agricultural sector, delivering fast and effective fire prevention and fire safety solutions. The company’s director Edward arnes ill address the risks of fire, farm fire statistics and e plain ho farmers can apply preventative techniques to protect against disastrous fire. e ill also suggest how we can promote positive change and attitudes to fire ithin the agricultural sector.

CAROLINE HARRISON e i n l elf re ffi er f r the Heart of England, RABI Patrick Arbuthnott

STEPHANIE BERKELEY Manager, Farm Safety Foundation Set up in 2014, the Farm Safety Foundation raises awareness of farm safety among farmers aged 16-40, synonymous with yellow wellies. The foundation runs an education programme where more than 8,500 farmers have been trained in tackling the stigma around risk-taking and poor mental health Ms Berkeley’s talk will address mental health in agriculture, the key causes and consequences of life changing and life-ending accidents, ask why farm safety matters and explain the key to holding challenging conversations.

MEL JONES e i n l elf re ffi er f r r h Wales and Shropshire, RABI Caroline Harrison and Mel Jones will introduce the charity, the work it carries out and describe the support RABI can provide to the agricultural sector when people are injured as a result of accidents both on and offfarm; illustrated with a detailed case study.

Caroline Harrison

Alex Jones

EMILY PAIN Health and safety consultant, Safety Revolution Safety Revolution consultant Emily Pain will explain the importance of CoSHH and how businesses can manage the process effectively. CoSHH is often overlooked as a legal requirement but is in place to protect from ill health and harm caused by exposure to harmful substances, symptoms of which may take many years to develop. Reducing the risks associated with using substances hazardous to health in the workplace is important but does not need to be complicated, she says.

Oliver Dale

PATRICK ARBUTHNOTT Partnerships manager, what3words What3words is a universal address system that has divided the world into 57 trillion, 3m by 3m squares. Every square has been assigned a uni ue and fi ed combination of three

18 Lamma 2020 p16 18 Farm Safety JR BB SM.indd 2

Stephanie Berkeley

EDWARD BARNES Director, Fireward Fireward provides Automatic Fire Suppression systems for vehicles, machinery and equipment used

Mel Jones

Emily Pain 10/12/2019 12:33

Tomahawk C12

(For large scale enterprises)


Tomahawk 7100 (Available in Dual Chop)

Tomahawk 8100/8500 (Available in Dual Chop)

Tomahawk 8555 (With removable screen)

Tomahawk 9500/1010 (Available with Weigh Cells)


(Fits all telehandlers)

Introducing the new Tomahawk 8555 with removable screen capable of consistent processing of a wide range of materials including straw, silage and hay. The 8555 also incorporates an automatic chain lubrication system for ease of maintenance.

Call our Sales Desk: 01872 560592 or visit: p019_Lamma2020.indd 3

HALL 19 Std. 216

03/12/2019 12:24

All listings are coloured to match their hall, followed by their hall, stand and two-letter grid coordinates for the show map.

Exhibitor listings Example listing Stand Map coordinates All listings are coloured to match their hall, followed by their hall, stand and two-letter grid coordinates for the show map. 3JC Hall 17 Stand 17.750 Ms Ryton Farm, Dorrington, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY5 7LY. Tel: 01743 874 346 Web: 3JC is a leading supplier of warehouse and workplace equipment, specialising in the supply of racking systems and industrial storage containers. Delivering nationwide. 4R Reassurance Hall 19 Stand 19.600 Gw Unit 12c, Newent Business Park, Newent, Gloucestershire, GL18 1DZ. Tel: 03456 464 314 Web: Farm compliance support service reducing the administrative burden while raising farm standards and efficiency in the key areas of soil health, whole farm compliance and health and safety. Hall 10 Stand 10.102 Gf Po Box 423, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 2XB. Web: The simple, quick and affordable rural recruitment site designed by a farmer, for farmers. Linking seasonal, harvest or permanent staff to employers in the UK and abroad.


A1 Installations Hall 6 Stand 6.116 Fn Star Stile House, Colne Engaine Road, Halstead, Essex, CO9 2RP. Tel: 01787 474 217 Web: Specialist in supplying and installing seamless aluminium guttering systems for agricultural buildings, specifically seamless linings for all valley gutters. AAZ Performance Hall 10 Stand 10.140 Ie 18 Impasse de la Bibardiere, Allonnes, 49650. Tel: 0761 006 386 Web: A specialist in documentation, training and technical support. The skilled AAZ team is ready to meet a range of technical needs.

20 Lamma 2020 Listings All In GG BB KW.indd 20

AB Components Hall 17 Stand 17.396 Os 1a Ellesmere Court, Manners Industrial Estate, Derbyshire, DE7 8EF. Tel: 01159 323 227 Web: AB Components is a specialist in filtration providing high uality, competitively priced filtration products for agricultural and other vehicles. We deliver to farms/farming groups nationwide. Abbey Machinery Hall 12 Stand 12.520 Og Clonalea, Toomevara, Nenagh, Co Tipperary, Republic of Ireland. Web: Abbey Machinery is one of Ireland’s largest and oldest agricultural equipment manufacturers, dating back to 1947. It was established by the Cavanagh family and manufacture technology that caters for the total cow. Abbey Seals International Hall 19 Stand 19.114 Hs John F Kennedy Road, John F Kennedy Industrial Estate, Dublin 12, D12 PD36. Tel: 00 353 14 277 900 Web: A leading seal manufacturer, gasket cutter, Abbey Seals has an impressive stock holding of more than 40,000 products and the manufacturing capabilities to produce bespoke and standard pieces. Ships worldwide. Abrey Agricultural Hall 12 Stand 12.310 Mg Pond House, Purton End, Debden, Saffron Walden, Essex, CB11 3JT. Tel: 01799 543 208 Web: Abrey Agricultural imports Ziegler harvesting and cultivation equipment from Germany, which is built to a high standard, to supply the dealer network. ACP Concrete Hall 8 Stand 8.720 Ci Wood Lane Business Centre, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, ST14 8JR. Tel: 01889 598 660 Web: Leading manufacturer of high quality prestressed concrete panels for all agricultural buildings and storage facilities. Moveable Arrow Panels ideal for division walls. See the full product range on our stand.

Acres Insurance Brokers Hall 20 Stand 20.784 Cq Bullymores Lodge, Grafton Road, Brigstock, Northamptonshire, NN14 3NA. Tel: 01536 607 070 Web: With extensive knowledge and experience as farmers, the Acres team is able to provide you with a balanced policy to suit your individual insurance needs. Action Can Hall 17 Stand 17.734 Mu Wylds Road, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 4DD. Tel: 01942 713 667 Web: Professional engineering aerosols for right first time results. ritish brand providing maintenance chemicals for the agricultural engineering sector. Never ask a professional to use anything else. ADM Agriculture Hall 17 Stand 17.444 Nt Lindsey House, Hemswell Cliff, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, DN21 5TH. Tel: 01427 421 200 Web: ADM Agriculture offers a range of non-grain feed ingredients to the feed and fuel markets and a full range of seed and fertilisers. ADR UK Tyremart Hall 18 Stand 18.716 Iu Main Road, Long Bennington, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG23 5DJ. Tel: 01400 283 137 Web: ADR UK Tyremart is part of the International group ADR, and a leader in the manufacture and supply of running gear for agricultural machinery. Aerworx Hall 11 Stand 11.418 Kd Kings Bounty, Church Street, Binsted, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 4NX. Web: Drum aerators expert, with 10 years’ experience dealing with compaction and improving yields. A range of machines for all types of grassland management. The AF Group Hall 17 Stand 17.264 Ot Honingham Thorpe, Colton, Norwich, Norfolk, NR9 5BZ. Tel: 01603 881 975 Web: AF supports its members by combining knowledge, market intelligence and supplier relationships.

AFT Trenchers Hall 6 Stand 6.934 Bm Addison Road, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 2YW. Tel: 01787 311 811 Web: Tractor-mounted trenchers with a reputation for durability, ease of use and minimal maintenance. Ag Crop and Environment Hall 7 Stand 7.932 Bl

5 Matlock Court, 46 Kensington Park Road, London, W11 3BS. Web: fficial supplier of Agrirepel wrap in the UK and Ireland: a unique bird and rodent repellent. Making life easier for farmers. Ag Products Hall 7 Stand 7.816 Bl Hales Pasture Barn, London Road, Allostock, Cheshire, WA16 9LT. Tel: 01565 722 922 Web: Supplying award-winning machines for cubicle bedding, fully galvanised yard scrapers and spring tine harrows. Agri Industry Solutions Hall 12 Stand 12.726 Og Lodge Farm, Ingham, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP31 1PT. Tel: 01842 898 515 Web: Precision slurry application specialist, also offering grain and maize handling equipment. AgriArgo UK Hall 8 Stand 8.604 Di Unit D3, Harworth Industrial Estate, Bryans Close, Harworth, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN11 8RY. Tel: 01302 757 551 Web: Designs, manufactures and markets tractors, offering services and parts worldwide. ri riefin Hall 12 Stand 12.252 Mf Unit 4, Fulwood Park, Caxton Road, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 9NZ. Tel: 01772 799 483 Web: Win a McCormick V6.4 VT-Drive for a year. To be in with a chance, visit hall 8, stand 8.604 to enter the competition and see the tractor in real life.

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Order Online @


Engweld supply the UK welding & engineering industries with a wide variety of welding equipment, welding consumables, gas equipment, abrasives, power tools & hand tools. One of the UK's largest welding distributors, we operate an extensive network of distribution centres in the North of England, Humberside, East & West Midlands and South & West Yorkshire.

Engweld offer FREE next day delivery for ALL trade account customers (subject to stock availability) and have our own designated fleet of Engweld branded delivery vans so you can rest assured that your order will get to you exactly when you need it. p021_Lamma2020.indd 3

21 10/12/2019 17:31

All listings are coloured to match their hall, followed by their hall, stand and two-letter grid coordinates for the show map. Agricamera Hall 7 Stand 7.628 Dk Swanmoor, Harracott, Barnstaple, Devon, EX31 3LG. Tel: 01272 828 407 Web: Simple wireless calving, lambing, foaling and poultry camera systems. AgriCamera supplies cameras which are simple enough for you to install yourself. Agricast Hall 20 Stand 20.416 Du Collow Abbey Farm, East Torrington, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, LN8 5SE. Tel: 01673 857 619. Web: Simba parts specialist. A range of rings and discs will be on show plus an extensive selection of tungsten carbide wear parts for all leading machines. Agricision Hall 9 Stand 9.326 Dd Applehouse Farm, Burchetts Green, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 6QP. Tel: 01628 947 221 Web: The award-winning on Trak tractor GPS system will be on show. Agricision will announce some exciting new features at Lamma. Visit the stand for more. Agricultural Plant Hire Hall 20 Stand 20.424 Dt Poplar Farm, Coates, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE7 2DU. Tel: 01733 840 691 Web: Independent stockist of New Holland and Claas combine parts. New and used combines and self-propelled sprayers for hire and sale, plus aldrup field research equipment. Agricultural Supply Services Hall 7 Stand 7.420 Dl Windmill Barn, Whitminster, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL2 7PN. Tel: 01452 741 112. Web: PolyCool pedestals, fans and controls. Temperature, moisture, soil pH, monitoring equipment. Grass plate meters, field mapping and fuel station equipment. Agrifac UK / Hardi UK Hall 11 Stand 11.240 Jc 4 Thorby Avenue, March, Cambridgeshire, PE15 0AZ. Tel: 01354 660 552 Web: Agrifac UK imports Agrifac and Hardi crop sprayers, Holmer sugar beet harvesters and Zunhammer slurry and digestate handling equipment.

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Agri-Hire Hall 6 Stand 6.910 Bo Dairy Farm, Somersham Road, Bramford, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP8 4NN. Tel: 01473 744 0888 Web: AgriHire is a family-owned independent manufacturer, hire company and agricultural dealership specialising in building heavy-duty muck spreaders and trailers. Agri-Hire is a UK producer of the Hubert plough.

Agri-Spread International Hall 12 Stand 12.690 Od Coolnaha, Ballyhaunis, Co Mayo, Republic of Ireland, F35 Y157. Tel: 00 353 949 631 808 Web: Manufacturer of fertiliser, lime, manure and bulk product trailed spreaders. Aimed at farmers, growers and contractors, Agri-Spread’s spreaders feature quality, technology and precision functions for productive agricultural operations.

Agri-Linc Hall 6 Stand 6.806 Bo Randalls Farm, Scottlethorpe Road, Edenham, Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 0LN. Tel: 01778 591 225 Web: Visit the Agri-Linc stand to see a range of Proforge machinery, including trailers and attachments available direct. Visit the all new website for further inspiration and support.

Agriweld Hall 6 Stand 6.914 Bo Main Street, Garton On The olds, riffield, ast orkshire, YO25 3ET. Tel: 01377 259 140 Web: Award-winning range of box rotators and other products for materials handling and cultivation along with weight blocks, feeder buckets and the original Quickshift range.

Agriline Products Hall 11 Stand 11.600 Lf Unit 15, Harris Business Park, Hanbury Road, Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, B60 4DJ. Tel: 01527 579 111 Web: One of the largest suppliers of modern, classic and vintage tractor parts and accessories in the country, supplying both retail and trade customers with affordable quality parts and exceptional service. Agrimech Hall 8 Stand 8.918 Bj 18 Main Road, Three Holes, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, PE14 9JS. Tel: 01354 638 222 Web: Award-winning British Manufacturer of end-of-line weighing, bagging, placing and palletising solutions for a range of products. Providing a complete in-house service from design and conception to customer care. Agrisem Hall 9 Stand 9.462 Dd 535 Rue Pierre Levasseur, 44158, Ancenis. Tel: 0251 141 440 Web: Agrisem is a French company, born in the mid-1990s, a leader in the design, manufacture and sales of min-till implements for tillage and sowing. Agrisem’s main objective is to help farmers get the best of their most important asset: the soil.

Agro Hanse UK Hall 12 Stand 12.480 Nd Pilgrims, Elmstead Road, Elmstead, Colchester, Essex, CO7 7AX. Web: Importer for Schmelzer equipment. Innovation for drying, storage and conditioning of grain and agricultural crops. rying floors, moisture monitoring, temperature and fan controls. Heat exchanger/fans for biomass. Modular pipework. Air-Seal Products Hall 17 Stand 17.670 Mt Unit 8E, Greenham Business Park, Greenham, Wellington, Somerset, TA21 0LR. Tel: 01823 674 411 Web: Supplier of a unique range of tyre sealants to prevent punctures of 20-30mm (about one inch) and eliminate all rim, bead and slow air leaks to improve operational efficiency. Akzo Nobel Power Coatings Hall 18 Stand 18.706 Jv

Unit 5, Redwood Business Park, Oldbury Road, Smethwick, West Midlands, B66 1NJ. Tel: 01215 551 500 Web: AkzoNobel is a global expert in the manufacture of coatings, setting standards in colour and protection. Providing solutions in the agricultural market in liquid and powder coatings.

Albutt Attachments Hall 6 Stand 6.924 Bn Great Washbourne, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, GL20 7AR. Tel: 01242 622 904 Web: A range of attachments for tractor loaders, telehandlers and wheeled loaders. Covering agriculture, waste, recycling and construction. Albutt – the professionals’ choice. Alliance Hall 10 Stand 10.200 Fe Kirkby (Tyres), Speke Hall Avenue, Liverpool, Merseyside, L24 1UU. Tel: 08702 428 800. Web: Specialist in agricultural, forestry, industrial and off-road tyres, Alliance is a leader and pioneer in off-highway tyre manufacturing. Alliance’s range is distributed in the UK and Ireland by Kirkby. Allmet Grain Driers and JWI Hall 8 Stand 8.620 Dh Atley Hill Road, Northallerton, North Yorkshire, DL7 0JB. Tel: 01325 378 008 Web: Leading supplier of grain driers with capacities of 10-300 tonnes per hour, supplying silos, cleaners and handling equipment. Allswage UK Hall 17 Stand 17.684 Ms 43-49 Roebuck Street, West Bromwich, West Midlands, B70 6RB. Tel: 01215 535 048 Web: Allswage UK offers a large selection of hose assembly equipment. Everything required to store, cut, swage, clean and pressure test hydraulic hoses, including mobile hose workshops. Alltech Farming Solutions (UK) Hall 12 Stand 12.304 Nh Unit C3, Little Heath Industrial Estate, Old Church Road, Coventry, West Midlands, CV6 7ND. Tel: 01780 764 512 Web: Delivering results on farms around the world for more than 35 years. Alltech promises to deliver superior machine performance and greater nutritional performance. Allube Hall 17 Stand 17.560 Nt Unit 28, Newton Chambers Road, Thorncliffe Park, Chapeltown, heffield, outh orkshire, 2PH. Tel: 01142 454 979 Web: Lubrication engineering specialist, supplying products and systems worldwide to meet the needs of a range of applications.

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The next generation in low disturbance farming




FROM £7,600*

FROM £33,600*

FROM £8,800*





p023_Lamma2020.indd 3 30853 Weaving Sabre Tine Ad 213x300.indd 1

03/12/2019 12:26 28/11/2019 09:47

All listings are coloured to match their hall, followed by their hall, stand and two-letter grid coordinates for the show map. Alpego UK Hall 8 Stand 8-9.200 Dg Spalding Road, Sutterton, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE20 2ET. Alpego is an Italian exporter involved with the design, engineering, manufacture and distribution of a range of agricultural machinery for tillage, seeding, mulching and subsoiling. Alpler Hall 18 Stand 18.520 Ku Unit 2, Poplars Business Park, Forshaw Heath Road, Earlswood, West Midlands, B94 5JX. Tel: 01217 400 632. Web: Synonymous with affordable, quality farming machinery, Alpler is officially launching into the U offering ploughs, flail mowers and its award-winning fertiliser/lime spreader. Alvan Blanch Hall 8 Stand 8.730 Ci Chelworth, Malmesbury, Wiltshire, SN16 9SG. Tel: 01666 577 333. Web: A leading manufacturer of fuel efficient continuous grain driers. Biomass furnace, mobile options. Driers for biomass/waste/ non-granular materials. Cleaners, on-farm milling/mixing systems. AMA Air Conditioning Hall 17 Stand 17.426 Nu Unit 19, Springmill Industrial Estate, Avening Road, Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, GL6 0BS. Tel: 01453 832 884. Web: A leading supplier of air conditioning replacement parts, tools and consumables for the agricultural and off-road vehicle market. AMA will celebrate 30 years in business in 2020. Amber Valley Developments Hall 18 Stand 18.210 Lv 12 Churchill Way, Fleckney, Leicestershire, LE8 8UD. Tel: 01162 402 968 Web: A UK-based manufacturer of a range of products, including cycle safety equipment, tonal/ talking alarms, LED lights and the famous Alarmalight range. AMIA Hall 11 Stand 11.200 Ke AMIA House, Burston Court, Burston Lane, Bow, Devon, EX17 6LB. Tel: 01363 82 928 Web: UK and Ireland distributor of grassland, arable, smallholder and amenity equipment and more. For more information, visit

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AMIA Hall 11 Stand 11.106 Lf AMIA House, Burston Court, Burston Lane, Bow, Devon, EX17 6LB. Tel: 01363 82 928 Web: UK and Ireland distributor of grassland, arable, smallholder and amenity equipment and more. For more information, visit nders n s he r Business Consultants Hall 9 Stand 9.450 Dd Old Bell House, Nottingham Street, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 1NW. Tel: 01664 503 200 Web: Andersons is a leading UK farm business consultancy with a dedicated team analysing European and UK Government policy, global market forces and their effect on UK farms, farming practices and profitability. A.P. Air Hall 10 Stand 10.152 Hd Unit 9 and 10, Wisloe Road Business Park, Wisloe Road, Cambridge, Gloucestershire, GL5 4HQ. Tel: 01453 891 320 Web: A leading European supplier of air conditioning parts for agricultural and industrial vehicles, AP Air stocks more than 30,000 tools and parts ready for next day delivery to the UK. Apollo Vredestein UK Hall 6 Stand 6.504


1 Beechwood, Cherry Hall Road, Kettering Business Park, Kettering, Northamptonshire, NN14 1UE. Web: Apollo Vredestein is well known for its range of market-leading premium agricultural and industrial tyres, offering ma imum cost efficiency, comfort and durability. Contact UK agri specialist Jon Cottrell on 07814 181 084. e hnis he r d e Hall 12 Stand 12.300 Mh Dallein 15, Hotzelsdorf, 3753. Tel: 01752 547 326 Web: APV is an Austrian producer of pneumatic seeders, spreaders and grassland treatment machinery for efficient farm work with reduced work costs.

Arbos UK Hall 20 Stand 20.706 Cu Inverallen Yard, Forge Road, Kingsley, Bordon, Hampshire, GU35 9LW. Tel: 01420 479 536 Web: Arbos UK will present a range of forestry machinery, ranging from the 25hp 2025 four-wheel drive to the 136hp 5130 4wd. The largest 280hp 7260 4wd model is expected to be added in 2021. r el r i l heffield ll nd C Vulcan Works, Birley Vale Close, heffield, outh orkshire, 2DB. Tel: 01142 392 601 Web: wiresolutions Manufacturer of Estate Wire agricultural fencing and barbed wire products. Made from 2Life wire, Estate Wire is guaranteed to last twice as long as BS EN 10244-2 Class A heavily galvanised products. Arco Industrial Hose / Reelcare Hall 17 Stand 17.716 Mv Po Box 21, Waverley Street, Hull, North Lincolnshire, HU1 2SJ. Web: A leading supplier of industrial hose and fittings, Arco ill be joined at Lamma 2020 by Reelcare to showcase the latest range of industrial hose and hose reels for the agricultural industry. Arcusin UK Hall 17 Stand 17.340 Ou Fallows Dairy Farm, Honeyknab Lane, Oxton, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, NG25 0RD. Tel: 01159 655 970 Web: Importer and distributor for the Arcusin range of bale handling equipment to the UK and Ireland. Range of large square bale chasers and stackers and our conventional Multipack C14 bale packing system. Armatrac Hall 18 Stand 18.240 Lt Unit 2, Poplars Business Park, Forshaw Heath Road, Earlswood, Solihull, West Midlands, B94 5JX. Tel: 01217 400 632 Web: In keeping with its philosophy of back to basics, ArmaTrac will have its full range of tractors on display – including the eagerly awaited latest 1254 model. A superb 125hp Deutz engine, ZF axle and ZF transmission.

Artistic Metalica ll nd p 32 Hostmoor Avenue, March, Cambridgeshire, PE15 0AX. Web: Manufacturer of quality metalwork, specialising in farm entrance security and full installations for intruder prevention for entrances as wide as 18 metres. A.S. Buildings Hall 19 Stand 19.108 Gs 44 Shaw Lane, Holbrook, Belper, Derbyshire, DE56 0TG. Tel: 01332 881 766 Web: Supplier of steel-framed buildings to suit all your agricultural or industrial requirements. From supply only to a full turn-key service including ground works and planning applications. Ashtree Vision and Safety ll nd Brownroyd Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD8 9AF. Tel: 01274 546 732 Web: Ashtree will be displaying a full range of warning and safety products, including mirrors, mirror arms, cameras, beacons, mini light bars, reverse alarms, work lights and LED ballasts. l sC p er e hni e Hall 17 Stand 17.400 Nv Swallowdale Lane, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP2 7EA. Tel: 01442 222 350. Web: Specialist in providing portable products which are light and small, without compromising on power. Providing products such as mobile compressors, pumps light towers and generators, along with some hand-held tools. C Hall 19 Stand 19.118


Innovation Centre, Silverstone Circuit, Silverstone, Northamptonshire, NN12 8GX. Tel: 01327 317 980 Web: Renowned asset tracking specialists ATVTrac, will attend the Lamma Show once again, showcasing its proven tracking system for agricultural applications that not only combat theft but help with productivity too.

10/12/2019 12:00 p025_Lamma2020.indd 3

25 10/12/2019 17:33

All listings are coloured to match their hall, followed by their hall, stand and two-letter grid coordinates for the show map. Aussie Clobber Hall 18 Stand 18.101 Ls Graywood Farm, Graywood Lane, East Hoathly, East Sussex. Redback boots will be supporting the show again this year. The Aussie Clobber team is looking forward to meeting clients from the past and introducing new ones to our brand.

Bailey Trailers Hall 20 Stand 20.744 Cs Pride Parkway, Lincolnshire, NG34 8GL. Tel: 01529 303 411 Web: Bailey Trailers are built to withstand most of today’s modern farming practices. Whatever your requirements, there is a Bailey trailer which meets your needs.

AV Industrial Products Hall 17 Stand 17.648 Mu Pullman Road, Wigston, Leicestershire, LE18 2DB. Tel: 01162 461 261. Web: www. Established more than 25 years ago, AV Industrial Products is a premium UK supplier of vibration control, shock protection, rubber and rubberto-metal bonded products into the agricultural sector.

Bale Baron UK Hall 6 Stand 6.530 Dn Scrase Farms, Black Gate Lane, Pulborough, West Sussex, RH20 1DF. Tel: 01403 887 720 Web: The Bale Baron continues to set the standard for small bale accumulators with more than 80 machines in the UK packing more than four million bales a year.

Avant Hall 17 Stand 17.550 Nt Unit 2, Manor Farm, Bridgham, Norfolk, NR16 2RX. Tel: 08000 158 482. Web: Avant UK will be exhibiting from its large range of versatile compact articulated four-wheel drive loaders and attachments. Join the team at the stand to talk over this year’s show offers. AW Engineering (Hereford) Hall 11 Stand 11.424 Kd Stoney Street, Madley, Hereford, Herefordshire, HR2 9NQ. Tel: 01981 251 558 Web: British manufacturer of an extensive range of trailers but are more than happy to adapt these or build a complete one-off design to suit your requirements. Axles - Turntables Hall 18 Stand 18.710 Jv No 2 St Georges Court, Altrincham Business Park, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA14 5UA. Tel: 01613 025 385. Web: UK-based approved supplier for FAD Assali axles and La Leonessa turntables and slewing rings.


B.A. Caulkett Hall 20 Stand 20.350 Eq omefield oad, averhill, Suffolk, CB9 8QP. Tel: 01440 706 429. Web: Family-run business specialising in the design and manufacture of attachments for loading shovels, such as high-tip buckets, folding forks, pushers and silage forks.

26 Lamma 2020 Listings All In GG BB KW.indd 26

Barrett Steel Hall 18 Stand 18.260 Lt Barrett House, Cutler Heights Lane, Dudley Hill, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD4 9HU. Tel: 01274 682 281 Web: Operating out of 26 locations, Barrett is a leading independent steel stockholder with more than 150 years’ experience supplying UK agriculture. Basak Hall 18 Stand 18.530 Kt Unit 2, Poplars Business Park, Forshaw Heath Road, Earlswood, Solihull, West Midlands, B94 5JX. Web: Basak is launching its awardwinning range of tractors along with its simple-to-use telehandlers, both with reputable drivelines.

Bateman Sprayers Hall 11 Stand 11.218


Bycott, Chulmleigh, North Devon, EX18 7DS. Tel: 01769 580 439 Web: Relied upon by countless farmers and contractors, Bateman’s self-propelled crop sprayers are designed and built for outstanding productivity, whatever your work. Bauer Hall 7 Stand 7.710 Cl Kowaldstrasse 2, A-8570, Voitsberg, Austria. Web: Rainstar irrigation reels with rain gun and boom options, Centrestar pivot irrigators, SmartRain monitoring, alerts and management records on mobile devices. Unrivalled slurry mixing, pumping, separating and field application e uipment. Bayer Cropscience Hall 11 Stand 11.210 Je 230 Cambridge Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB4 0WB. Tel: 01223 226 682 Web: Bayer provides innovations in agricultural pest control and stored grain protection, including brands Racumin® Foam and K-Obiol®. Bayer’s expert team will be available to answer your questions.

BASF Hall 10 Stand 10.126 If Ivy Cottage, Butt Lane, Barrowby, Lincolnshire, NG32 1BP. Web: BASF will exhibit rodenticides Neosorexa Gold, including Fortec technology, Storm and SorexaD, and high performance broadspectrum disinfectant Sorgene Xtra.

BDC Systems Hall 8 Stand 8.404 Dj Grafton Road, Burbage, Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8 3BA. Tel: 01672 810 851 Web: Design and supply of postharvest grain drying, handling, storage and cleaning equipment. Svegma driers, Skandia handling equipment. Automatic moisture monitoring system, storage silos, hoppers and ventilation solutions.

Basis Registration Hall 17 Stand 17.268 Ot St Monica’s House, 39 Windmill Lane, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, DE6 1EY. Tel: 01335 340 855 Web: Independent standard-setting and auditing organisation for UK agriculture. BASIS offers accredited certificates and manages the UK Professional egister for ualified agronomists.

Bedec Products Hall 17 Stand 17.548 Nu Units 1 and 2, Poplars Farm, Aythorpe Roding, Dunmow, Essex, CM6 1RY. Tel: 01279 876 657 Web: Barn Paint has slowly established itself within the farming trade and restoration communities over the years. Its growth has been largely a matter of word of mouth.

Bednar FMT Hall 11 Stand 11.250 Kc Dlouha Ves 188,516 01, Rychnov nad Kneznou, Czech Republic. Tel: 00 420 283 092 548. Web: Tillage, seeding, fertilising, inter-row cultivation and grass topping machinery specialist. Bema Sweepers UK and Ireland Hall 20 Stand 20.418 Et Barracks Farm, Forest Lane, Papplewick, Nottinghamshire, NG15 8FG. Tel: 01159 630 011 Web: Offering sweepers and snow ploughs, from the budget priced Agrar to the massive Titan. Bema Sweepers attach to tractors, telehandlers, forklifts, wheeled loaders and specialist vehicles. Bepco UK Hall 9 Stand 9.442 De Bepco House, Unit 316, Hartlebury Trading Estate, Worcester, Worcestershire, DY10 4JB. Tel: 01299 252 266 Web: Supplier of agricultural parts and accessories. Bepco’s range exceeds 120,000 items including quality replacement glass for thousands of machines. Berrys Hall 10 Stand 10.900 Jf 42 Headlands, Kettering, Northamptonshire, NN15 7HR. Tel: 01536 412 464 Web: For advice on succession, diversification, grants, planning or property, Berrys’ specialist rural team can help. Berthoud Sprayers Hall 9 Stand 9.452 Dd First Floor, 4 Oldmedow Road, Hardwick Industrial Estate, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 4JJ. Tel: 01553 774 997 Web: Offering a range of sprayers to suit agricultural, orchard and vineyard crops, Berthoud is recognised for its technical excellence and innovative design. B.H. Leakes Hall 9 Stand 9.104 Eg 80 Dogpool Lane, Stirchley, Birmingham, West Midlands, B30 2XH. Tel: 01214 720 657 Web: Rubber covering and engineering. Manufacturer of genuine and replacement parts for potato and vegetable machinery. Mild steel, stainless, natural rubber, synthetic rubber and polyurethane.

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p027_Lamma2020.indd 3

28/11/2019 13:11

To find your local Alliance dealer please contact: Kirkby Tyres | Email: | Speke Hall Avenue, Liverpool, Merseyside, L24 1UU |


Hall 10 Stand 10.200

A farmer’s life is a tough life, but so satisfying. No matter how tough it gets, no farmer would want to change it. With today’s strict environmental requirements and unpredictable weather, Alliance develops tyres that perform in all terrains and in any condition. With a range of over 2300 tyres for all applications, Alliance offer top quality at a price that’s fair. If it’s in a farmer’s nature to be a little thrifty, it’s in a farmer’s nature to choose Alliance Tyres. BETTER VALUE. SMARTER CHOICE.


All listings are coloured to match their hall, followed by their hall, stand and two-letter grid coordinates for the show map. Big Bale Co (North) Hall 11 Stand 11.442 Kd Heck Hall Farm, Great Heck, Goole, East Yorkshire, DN14 0BB. Tel: 01405 862 240 Web: Specialist in the sale and hire of big square balers, chasers and bale handling equipment, offering excellent department with comprehensive stores.

B.K. Grain Handling Engineers Hall 8 Stand 8.930 Bi ittlecote oad, ro field, Wiltshire, SN8 3JY. Tel: 01488 684 154. Web: Grain handling, storage and milling equipment specialist. Design and build service for steel-framed buildings, servicing, 24/7 breakdowns, structural fabrication and all electrical work.

Branson Tractors UK Hall 11 Stand 11.400 Ke Unit 2, Waterloo Road Industrial Estate, Warwickshire, B50 4JH. Tel: 01798 774 089 Web: ffering professional specification tractors from 19-75hp with a reputation for quality and reliability, Branson has a tractor to suit your needs at a price you can afford.

Briggs Irrigation Hall 6 Stand 6.714 Co Boyle Road, Corby, Northamptonshire, NN17 5XU. Tel: 01536 260 338 Overhead irrigation equipment specialist offering booms, hose reels, rainguns and diesel engine pumps. Briggs also makes pumps and roto rainer machines for effluent irrigation.

Big Bale Transtacker Hall 6 Stand 6.520 Dn Church House Farm, Clewers Hill, Southampton, Hampshire, SO32 2LN. Tel: 01489 896 346 Web: The Transtacker 4100 is fully CTF compatible, managing a variety of sizes of large square bales automatically from empty to full.

BKT Distributor (Kirkby Tyres) Hall 9 Stand 9.306 Df Kirkby (Tyres), Speke Hall Avenue, Liverpool, Merseyside, L24 1UU. Tel: 08702 428 800 Web: BKT is a leading manufacturer in off-highway tyres. The largest widest range of BKT tyres are distributed in the UK by Kirkby.

Broughan Engineering Hall 6 Stand 6.406 Ep Coppenagh, Tullow, Co Carlow, Republic of Ireland, R93 K5N9. Design and manufacture of a full range of quality, bespoke agricultural trailers, including grain/silage, cattle, bale, lowloaders and dumpers.

Billericay Farm Services Hall 9 Stand 9.500 Cg 12-14 School Road, Downham, Billericay, Essex, CM11 1QU. Tel: 01268 710 237. Web: Expert in low drift, spray application technology, offering the ay no le the first 90 per cent DRT nozzle to be awarded four-star LERAP rating.

Blyth Equipment Hall 18 Stand 18.400 Kv 28A Europa Way, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, PE13 2TZ. Tel: 01945 479 272. Web: www. Diagnostic and air conditioning specialist offering IMI and IRTEC training. New products at Lamma include Eltruck diagnostics, radar and camera ADAS calibrations.

Brian Nixon Hall 19 Stand 19.320 Iu Blakes Hill, Ullington, Worcestershire, WR11 8QH. Tel: 01789 721 112 Web: Pressure washers, single/three phase, driven by pto or engine. Bunded fuel tanks and generator tanks with capacities from 1,250 to 10,000 litres.

Billie Box Hall 20 Stand 20.300 Eu 1 Britannia House, Base Business Park, Rendlesham, Suffolk, IP12 2TZ. Tel: 01473 557 409. Web: Billie Box offers new and used six and 12-metre shipping containers for sale or hire. Chemical stores for sale and m portable offices for sale. Delivery to your door.

Bomford Turner Hall 20 Stand 20.430 Et Station Road, Salford Priors, Evesham, Worcestershire, WR11 8SW. Tel: 01789 773 383 Web: Green maintenance technology expert recognised for its highperformance hedge-cutters, boom mo ers, remote controlled flail mowers and cultivation machinery. Bondioli and Pavesi Hall 10 Stand 10.442


Briarwood Products Hall 7 Stand 7.948 Bk Commerce Way, Walrow Industrial Estate, Highbridge, Somerset, TA9 4AG. Tel: 01934 641 446 Web: ffering urosi fibre cement sheets and a complete range of the associated products you may require for any agricultural building project. Bridgestone Hall 9 Stand 9.486 Dc Athena Drive, Tachbrook Park, Warwick, Warwickshire, CV34 6UX. Web: Bridgestone’s agricultural range enables farmers and contractors to meet the demands of greater productivity, efficiency and soil protection. Alongside the Firestone portfolio, both brands provide proven, premium products.

BioEquipment Hall 19 Stand 19.226 It Unit 17, Hiwaun Industrial Estate, Rhonda Cynon Taf, Mid Glamorgan, CF44 9UP. Web: Exhibiting wood chippers, waste shredders, stone crushers, tree shears, log splitters, winches, traction winches, screeners, horizontal grinders and biomass processing equipment.

Via XXlll Aprile, 35/a, 46029 Suzzara, Italy. Tel: 00 39 03 765 141 Web: Designs and manufactures mechanical, hydraulic and electronic power transmission, machine control and heat exchange systems for agricultural and off-road machines.

Bridgewater Construction Hall 7 Stand 7.910 Bm 1 Spitalcroft Road, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 3FJ. Tel: 01380 725 498. Web: www. Manufacturer and supplier of steel-framed buildings to agriculture and industry across the U , marked. ffices in the North (01630) 409 009 and the South (01380) 725 498.

Bionature UK Hall 10 Stand 10.114 Gf 2 Caistor Lane, Tealby, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, LN8 3XW. Tel: 01673 838 143. Web: www. Providing cutting-edge, smart liquid fertilisers to suit a variety of crops and conditions so growers can get the best from their crops.

Brad Rushton Agricultural and Equestrian Buildings Hall 11 Stand 11.614 Le Hill Farm, Whitchurch Road, Broomhall, Cheshire, CW5 8BZ. Tel: 01270 876 007. Web: www. Supplies, designs and produces quality agricultural and industrial buildings at competitive prices.

Bridgeway Engineering Hall 12 Stand 12.620 Og Shannonbridge, Athlone, Co Offaly, Republic of Ireland. Tel: 00 35 38 68 119 154. Web: www. Bridgeway will be exhibiting bale feeding equipment, grassland aerators, beet and meal feeders and its grass conditioner.

28 Lamma 2020 Listings All In GG BB KW.indd 28

Brown and Co Hall 6 Stand 6.500 Dp The Old Bakery, 4 Norman Way, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 1JE. Tel: 01664 502 126 Web: Auctioneers specialising in farm and collective dispersal sales and online auctions, with a national presence and a reputation for holding successful auctions across the UK and overseas. Browns Agricultural Machinery Hall 12 Stand 12.500 Oh Grovebury Road, Leighton Buzzard, Leicestershire, LU7 4UX. Tel: 01525 375 157. Web: www. Established in 1830, Browns is wholly family owned and run by the fifth generation. eveloping innovative farm machinery to the highest standards demanded by today’s modern farming methods. Browns of Wem Hall 20 Stand 20.786 Cq Four Lane Ends, Wem, Shropshire, SY4 5UQ. Tel: 01939 232 382 Web: Quality construction from concept to completion. Design solutions and more than 70 years’ expertise in steel and timber engineering for loose housing, cubicles and other livestock buildings. Buitelaar Group Hall 12 Stand 12.102 Lf Buitelaar Production, Pilsworth, Castledermot, Co Kildare, Republic of Ireland, R14 X899. Tel: 00 35 35 99 162 588 Web: Fully integrated supply chain providing calf rearing and finishing contracts to farmers, offering desirable options and linking well with arable enterprises.

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Come see us at LAMMA - Hall 6 Stand 6.724

Find out on Stand 9.210, Hall 9 12ft Rotating End Tow

Silage Feeding Trailer

Hogget Feeder

> Valtra is a worldwide brand of AGCO.


Cleaning Equipment for the Agricultural Industry Pressure Washers • Steam Cleaners • Vacuum Cleaners Cleaning Chemicals • Janitorial Products • Machinery Hire


The UK Department for Internaonal Trade (DIT) with professional advisors across more than 100 internaonal markets, helps UK-based companies expand their global business and overseas companies bring their high-quality investment to the UK’s dynamic economy.



Acle, Norfolk, NR13 3ES T: 01493 688250 Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire, PE7 1UF T: 01733 286931 p029_Lamma2020.indd 3


29 10/12/2019 17:35

All listings are coloured to match their hall, followed by their hall, stand and two-letter grid coordinates for the show map. Bullock Tillage Hall 12 Stand 12.316 Mg Danemoor Farm, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR13 6NL. Tel: 01684 311 811 Web: Cost effective cultivation equipment for min-till and direct seeding cultivation systems alongside 12-volt applicators for seed and slug pellet distribution. Bunning Hall 6 Stand 6.718 Co Smithy House, The Green, Gressenhall, Dereham, Norfolk, NR20 4DT. Tel: 01362 860 352 Web: Manufacturer of a wide range of rear discharge spreaders with capacities of six to 38 tonnes, spreading products from lime to biosolids and compost to FYM. Burden Bros Machinery Hall 20 Stand 20.100 Fs Old Rides Farm, Eastchurch, Isle of Sheppey, Kent, ME12 4BD. Tel: 01795 880 224. Web: www. Worldwide sales of used agricultural machinery and parts. Burdens Group Hall 8 Stand 8.104 Ei Spalding Road, Sutterton, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE20 2ET. Tel: 01205 460 466 Web: Machinery dealers/importers for vegetable, salad, potato and onion machinery. Covering all aspects of sales, parts and service. Also available is a full range of agricultural and grounds care hire machinery. Burnett and Hillman Hall 18 Stand 18.100 Ls Havyatt Road, Wrington, Bristol, BS40 5AE. Tel: 01934 862 596 Web: A leading manufacturer of hydraulic adaptors. Our extensive stocks include over 7,500 catalogue items all available for next day delivery. Business Finance Brokers Hall 17 Stand 17.730 Lu The Gables, Watling Street, Burbage, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 3JA. Tel: 01455 635 677. Web: www. ailored finance solutions for hire purchase, lease purchase and loans tailored to your business with funding available for assets from cows, parlours, sheds, feed systems, machinery, vehicles and more.

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Butts of Bawtry Hall 18 Stand 18.715 Ju Station Yard, Station Road, Bawtry, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN10 6QD. Tel: 01302 710 868 Web: Battery care products including booster packs and chargers, plus workshop tools and equipment. BVL Hall 7 Stand 7.704 Cm Maschinenfabrik GmbH and co KG, Grenzstrade 16,48488, Emsbuuren, Germany. Web: Manufacturer of mixer wagons, solids dispensers, silage block cutters, straw blowers and feeding software.


Caisley Eartag Hall 7 Stand 7.626 Dk Unit 21, Sycamore Business Park, Dishforth Road, Ripon, North Yorkshire, HG4 5DF. Tel: 01765 530 296. Web: Manufacturer and supplier of animal identification products including tissue sampling ear tags, electronic (EID) and visual ear tags. Calders and Grandidge Hall 7 Stand 7.100 Ej 194 London Road, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 7HJ. Tel: 01205 358 866. Web: www. A leading UK supplier of quality pressure impregnated timber fencing to various sectors. Calibre Control Hall 8 Stand 8.102 Ei 5-6 Asher Court, Lyncastle Way, Warrington, Cheshire, WA4 4ST. Tel: 01925 860 401 Web: Grain testing expert offering on-farm testing equipment, including portable moisture meters and mycotoxin tests. Cambridge Global Payments Hall 20 Stand 20.812 Cq

71 Fenchurch Street, 10th Floor, London, EC3M 4BS. Tel: 02073 985 705. Web: A leading provider of integrated cross-border payment services and currency risk management solutions to mitigate foreign exchange exposure and address unique business needs.

Can-Am Hall 6 Stand 6.820


133 Whitechapel High Street, London, E1 7QA. Tel: 02034 570 837. Web: Can-Am provides utility users with innovative, economic, comfortable and versatile ATVs and SSVs. C. and J. Supplies Hall 17 Stand 17.450 Nt 3 Bourne Road, Morton, Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 0RG. Tel: 01778 570 456 Web: Purpose-built chemical stores and locking solutions specialist offering a range of high security padlocks, cylinders, chains and hasps. Capital Seating and Vision Hall 19 Stand 19.626 Fu Unit 1, Forward Park, Sheene Road, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE4 1BF. Tel: 01162 169 910 Web: Supplier of agricultural seats and cameras. Distributors for Grammer, KAB, and UnitedSeats – names synonymous with ergonomics. Products to suit all applications. Caprari Pumps (UK) Hall 20 Stand 20.700 Du Caprari House, Bakewell Road, Orton Southgate, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE2 6XU. Web: Supplier of centrifugal pumps and accessories for irrigation and industrial use, including surface and submersible models. CastleAgri Hall 11 Stand 11.212 Je Whitechurch, Carrick on Suir, Co Kilkenny, Republic of Ireland, E32. Tel: 00 353 872 540 357 Web: Affordable low emissions swivel spreader to maximise the value of slurry. Producing a wide, even spread which is 45 per cent faster than standard spreaders. Catalyst Computer Systems Hall 19 Stand 19.116 Is

Granite House, 58 Loughborough Road, Mountsorrel, Leicestershire, LE12 7AT. Tel: 01162 301 500 Web: Award-winning dealer management software for the agricultural, horticultural and construction trades.

Catchment Sensitive Farming Hall 11 Stand 11.130 Is Tel: 03000 603 900 Web: Partnership working with farmers and organisations in priority areas across England to improve water and air quality and farm business. Catesby Estates Hall 19 Stand 19.110 Gs 5B Tournament Court, Edgehill Drive, Warwick, Warwickshire, CV34 6LG. Tel: 01926 836 910 Web: It is never too early to start thinking about whether your land has development potential. Find out how to maximise return from your land. Cavan Agri Machinery Hall 17 Stand 17.148 Pu Creeney Business Park, Belturbet, Co Cavan, Republic of Ireland. Tel: 00 353 874 490 419 Web: Importer and distributor of a range of agricultural equipment including Minos, Agrional, FPM and Jarmet. Cavan is looking to extend its dealer network. Cebora UK Hall 17 Stand 17.610 Mv Holditch Road, Chesterton, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 7PL. Tel: 01782 566 553 Web: A leading independent wholesaler of welding products, with a comprehensive range of welding and cutting equipment, offering great performance and value. Cembrit Hall 8 Stand 8.402 Ej Studio 39, Thames Innovation Centre, 2 Veridion Way, Erith, Kent, DA18 4AL. Tel: 02035 722 300. Web: Offering Cemsix fully compressed fibre cement, corrugated sheeting, traditional roofing and cladding for agricultural buildings. Rust-proof, durable and moisture absorbent with high density for secure fi ing. Cemo Safe Storage Hall 18 Stand 18.200 Lv 5 Pullman Court, Great Western Road, Gloucester, GL1 3ND. Tel: 03337 002 366 Web: Mobile refuelling, self-fuelling and spill containment specialist. Products cover fuel, environmental protection products, storage of liquids and hazardous materials and winter service products.

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Central Boiler UK Hall 18 Stand 18.304 Lv Plough Road Centre, Plough Road, Great Bentley, Essex, CO7 8LG. Tel: 01206 251 118 Web: The Classic and E-Classic outdoor biomass gasification boilers are practical, cost-effective woodheating solutions for commercial and domestic farm applications. CF Fertilisers UK Hall 19 Stand 19.440 Ht Ince, Chester, Cheshire, CH2 4LB. Tel: 01513 572 777 Web: isit ertilisers to find out ho Nitram will support successful yields, offer secured performance and enable simple application. #bluebagsgrowbettercrops. Chafer Machinery Hall 9 Stand 9.540 Cd 1 Cow Lane, Upton, Lincolnshire, DN21 5PB. Tel: 01427 838 341 Web: Chafer offers a range of UK-built and designed liquid application solutions, with trailed and self propelled sprayers and liquid fertiliser applicators on show. Charles J Marshall (Aberdeen) Hall 19 Stand 19.648 Ft Chapel Works, Bucksburn, Aberdeen, Scotland, AB21 9TL. Tel: 01224 722 777 Web: Manufacturer of agricultural trailers, tankers, muck spreaders, rear-discharge spreaders and livestock containers. Checkpoint Hall 17 Stand 17.740


Cherry Products Hall 19 Stand 19.102 Gs Oathill, Enstone, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, OX7 4ED. Tel: 01608 678 197 Web: Manufacturer of materials handling equipment, specialising in quality bespoke designs for telehandlers and loaders, recommended by leading telehandler brands. Chief Industries UK Hall 6 Stand 6.120 Fn Beckingham Business Park, Tolleshunt Major, Maldon, Essex, CM9 8LZ. Tel: 01621 868 944. Web: Grain handling systems expert, incorporating state-of-the-art design and manufacturing, Chief UK also represents Marot and Denis equipment. Claydon Drill Hall 6 Stand 6.600 Dp Gaines Hall, Attleton Green, Wickhambrook, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 8YA. Tel: 01440 820 327. Web: Direct strip seeding equipment specialist, with 17 years’ experience developing cuttingedge cultivation technology. Clifton Rubber Co Hall 8 Stand 8-9.104 Eh Edison Road Industrial Estate, St Ives, Cambridgeshire, PE27 3FF. Tel: 01480 496 161 Web: A leading supplier to many of Europe’s original equipment manufacturers, producing haulm/ cold and spiral rollers, roller coverings, track wheels, grading stars, de-stoner stars and more.

Codex Hall 6 Stand 6.106 Fo Plese 7B, Murska Sobota, 9000, Slovenia. Tel: 02088 167 019 Web: Codex bearings, chains and power transmission products are available through our network of distributors across Europe offering quality, competitive solutions for agriculture and all other industries. Cofco Intl UK Hall 9 Stand 9.106 Eg 15 The Havens, Ransomes Europark, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP3 9SJ. Tel: 01473 275 020 Web: A leading UK grain merchant working through every stage of the combinable crop supply chain, buying all types and grades of cereals, oilseeds and pulses from farmers nationwide. Colchester Fuel Injection Hall 8 Stand 8.100 Ej Haven Road, Colchester, Essex, CO2 8HT. Tel: 01206 862 049 Web: Diesel fuel injection equipment specialist offering repair, remanufacturing, calibration and test services, with extensive knowledge in agricultural uses. New and exchange units available from stock. UK-wide service. Concept Farm Machinery Hall 12 Stand 12.108 Lg 19 Westholm, London, NW11 6LH. Web: upplying flail mo ers, po er harrows and introducing a range of stone buriers/bed formers.

Unit 9, Kellet Road Industrial Estate, Carnforth, LA5 9XP. Tel: 01524 271 200 Web: A leader in wheel safety, having invented the original wheel nut indicator 30 years ago. Checkpoint provides intelligent safety solutions for all vehicles.

Clipex Fencing Hall 19 Stand 19.200 Iv Quin Road Business Park, Ennis, Co Clare, Republic of Ireland, V95 D592. Tel: 00 353 065 670 3351 Web: Clipex keeps safety in mind with stockyards, cattle crushes and sheep handling equipment.

Continental Hall 9 Stand 9.336 Dc Continental Tyre Group, 191 High Street, Yiewsley, West Drayton, Middlesex, UB7 7XW. Tel: 01895 425 986 Web: uk/specialty/agriculture Continental agricultural tyres are engineered for efficiency, achieving superior ride comfort, high traction and reduced soil compaction. High performance agricultural tyres you can trust.

Cheffins Hall 20 Stand 20.720 Cu Clifton House, 1-2 Clifton Road, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB1 7EA. Tel: 01223 271 960 eb heffins Auctioneers hosts monthly machinery and plant auctions as well as regular on-site dispersal sales, online auctions and the renowned vintage sales.

Close Brothers Asset Finance Hall 18 Stand 18.214 Lu Unit D, Telford Court, Chester Gates, Dunkirk, Cheshire, CH1 6LT. Tel: 01244 456 504 Web: roviding finance for businesses wanting to buy new or used equipment and machinery or release capital, with bespoke solutions to support growth.

Contract Plant Rental Hall 19 Stand 19.224 Iu 36 Stewarts Road, Finedon Road Industrial Estate, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN8 4RJ. Tel: 01933 232 663. Web: www. Contract Plant Rental is part of the Ballyvesey Holdings group which supplies vehicles, plant and equipment in the UK and Ireland.

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Control Technologies UK Hall 17 Stand 17.262 Ot Unit 12, The Granary, Stoke Mill, Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, MK44 1NN. Tel: 01234 247 176 Web: Solutions specialist delivering innovative, affordable solutions for real-time control, remote monitoring and displays. Cooling Edge Hall 18 Stand 18.402 Kv Unit 9, Stanley Court, Edison Close, Waterwells Business Park, Quedgeley, Gloucestershire, GL2 2AE. Tel: 01452 855 552 Web: Air conditioning equipment for agriculture and construction. Diagnostics, consumables and technical training are included in the complete air con package. Copely Hall 17 Stand 17.680 Ms Thurmaston Lane, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE4 9HU. Tel: 01162 401 500. Web: British hose manufacturer producing products for agricultural use including suction/discharge hoses and all-weather hoses. CordexAgri Hall 7 Stand 7.432 Ek Vulcan House, Priory Road, Strood, Kent, ME2 2BD. Tel: 01634 726 695 Web: Manufacturer producing silage wrap, net wrap, synthetic and sisal baler twine, offering Silacord®, xxiD®, Netexx®, Maxxcord®, Xtreme®, GiantSpools®, Balecord®. Cory Logistics Hall 6 Stand 6.102 Fp St Vincents House, Cutler Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 1UQ. Tel: 01394 674 822 Web: Agricultural transport specialist, offering experience, expertise and value. By ocean, air and road, Cory provides the service you want. Cotesi UK Hall 19 Stand 19.628 Fu 10 Ripponden Business Park, Oldham Road, Ripponden, West Yorkshire, HX6 4FF. Tel: 01422 821 000 Web: Displaying UniTech baler twines, a net wrap providing extra cover and strength, plus Balpaq seven layers stretch film.

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All listings are coloured to match their hall, followed by their hall, stand and two-letter grid coordinates for the show map. Cousins of Emneth Hall 12 Stand 12.680 Nd The Forge, Hungate Road, Emneth, Cambridgeshire, PE14 8DE. Tel: 01945 584 600 Web: Manufacturer of cultivation and tillage equipment. Visit the stand to discuss your requirements. Coveris Flexibles Austria Hall 10 Stand 10.144 He Coveris Flexibles Austria, Kufsteiner Strasse 2,6336 Langkampfen, Austria. Tel: 00435 372 601407. Web: anufacturer of agricultural films. Products include the Unterland and armfilm brands as ell as the transparent silage wrap Unterland Crystal. Covertec Structures Hall 11 Stand 11.420 Kd Bilton Way, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LD17 4JA. Tel: 01455 698 565 Web: Rollover sheets, windbreaks, roller blinds. Made to measure agricultural eather proofing products. Quality products at competitive, affordable prices.

Crop Solutions Hall 8 Stand 8.412 Ej Algo Business Centre, Glenearn Road, Perth, Scotland, PH2 0NJ. Tel: 01738 450 437 Web: Crop cover specialist supplying uality insect net, bird net, fleece and sandbags. Manufacturer of crop cover machinery to roll and unroll new and used crop covers. Crop Systems Hall 8 Stand 8.724 Ci The Works, Whimpwell Green, Happisburgh, Norfolk, NR12 0AJ. Tel: 01263 832 900 Web: Potato storage specialist. Smart control, low energy, low weight loss, high humidity, turnkey projects, balanced airflo s, bulk storage, box storage. Crop4Sight Hall 17 Stand 17.136 Pt Unit 7, Minerva Business Park, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE2 6FT. Web: Crop4Sight is a new app for potato crop management, combining 30 years of data and some clever software to give growers instant insight in to their potato crop’s performance.

CropFarmer Hall 17 Stand 17.132 Pt 32 Woodborough Road, Winscombe, North Somerset, BS25 1AG. Tel: 01179 680 989 Web: CropFarmer lets you quickly and easily see the past, present and future profitability of your crops, letting you gro ith confidence.

CWP Hall 8 Stand 8.910 Bj Broomhouses, 2 Industrial Estate, Glasgow Road, Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire, DG11 2SD. Tel: 01576 204 367 Web: Quality concrete products. The team can help you find the best solution for your project.

CropSafe Hall 17 Stand 17.252 Ot 163 Shore Road, Magherafelt, Co Derry, Northern Ireland, BT45 6LS. Web: CropSafe is an accessible web dashboard and mobile app using satellite imagery to provide crop surveying and recommendations.

CXCS Hall 10 Stand 10.808 Ie Orchard Barns, Crump Oak Farm, Lyonshall, Herefordshire, HR5 3JY. Tel: 01981 590 514 Web: Cross-compliance management, health and safety, farm assurance and BPS submissions specialist. CXCS attends all inspections at no extra charge. We do the paperwork, you go farming.

CTM Root Crop Systems Hall 8 Stand 8.602 Dj Cross Street, Harpley, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, PE31 6TJ. Tel: 01484 520 355. Web: www. Manufacturer and supplier of root crop and biomass machinery, including CTM cleaner loaders, Rockstar destoners/ridgers, the Organic Weed Surfer, ROPA beet/ potato harvesters and Maus.

CYO Seeds (Midlands) Hall 11 Stand 11.100 Kf Station Road, North Kilworth, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LE17 6JB. Tel: 01858 880 882 Web: Mobile seed processing and grain cleaning expert, using large cleaners and gravity separation. Quality and Service are paramount to CYO Seeds.


Hall 18,Birmingham NEC

Full Range of Products on display including: NEW Farmline Trailing Shoe 10m & 12m Duo Dribble Bar Cost effective spreading methods: 6m-24m Widths

T: 01179 866163 | | 32 Lamma 2020 Listings All In GG BB KW.indd 32

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Dairy Spares Hall 7 Stand 7.946 Bl Godwin House, Unit 6, Mullbry Business Park, Shakespeare Way, Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 1GR. Tel: 01948 667 676 Web: National distributor for brands including Dairy Spares, Greenoak and Vaccar equipment, Ambic, febra, Milkbar, Jobe Valves, EziAction and Seals clothing. Dal-Bo UK Hall 20 Stand 20.734 Cs Unit 12A, Shepheards Close, Dunkirk, Aylsham, Norfolk, NR11 6SZ. Tel: 01263 732 683 Web: Offering rolls and cultivators from an extensive range of seedbed preparation equipment. Dale Drills Hall 20 Stand 20.774 Cq Pepperdale Farm, Howsham, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, LN7 6LF. Tel: 01652 653 326 Web: Dale Drills is celebrating 10 years of its award-winning Eco Drill reducing costs, saving time and increasing yields for farmers.

Dales Agri Sales Agency Hall 6 Stand 6.624 Dn Cambuci, Station Road, Allendale, Hexham, Northumberland, NE47 9PY. Tel: 01434 683 626. Web: Distributor for Agrispread trailed lime and fertiliser spreaders and Panbuster and SMS seeders. Danagri-3S Hall 9 Stand 9.410, 9.400


David Harrison Handling Solutions Hall 8 Stand 8.906 Bj 9 Sand Lane, Aldreth, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB6 3PH. Tel: 01353 74 066. Web: www. Supplying agricultural, industrial and environmental machinery, with a wide range of new and rebuilt equipment.

The Livestock Centre, Tasley, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, WV16 4QR. Tel: 01746 762 777 Web: Supplier of products including GSI grain silos, stirrers, driers, aeration and storage equipment, Jema elevators and conveyors and augers and Damas cleaners.

David King Electronics Hall 9 Stand 9.610 Bd Meadow View Farm, Heath End, Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 0PL. Tel: 01789 731 365 Web: Repair of electronic monitors and controllers used on agricultural machines. Also GPS guidance and IsoBus equipment for precision farming sales and repair.

Datamars Agri UK Hall 7 Stand 7.804 Bl Pheasant Mill, Dunsdale Road, Selkirk, Scotland, TD7 5DZ. Tel: 01750 724 110 Web: Providing time and labour-saving technology in EID reading/ weighing and fencing.

David Ritchie Implements Hall 18 Stand 18.700 Jv Carseview Road, Forfar, Angus, Scotland, DD8 3BT. Tel: 01307 462 271 Web: Equipment for livestock handling, weighing, feeding and bale handling kit, including Beef Monitor, Combi Clamp and Stock cube.


Booms for lane widths 10 - 96 metres

Exactly the right hosereel for your farm

Advanced, JCB-engined, silenced pumpsets

Systems for dirty water and digestate

Raindancer remote monitoring and control

Water-saving tied ridger

De Lacy Executive Hall 10 Stand 10.304 Gf The Hop Pocket, Bishops Frome, Herefordshire, WR6 5BT. Tel: 01885 483 440 Web: Agricultural recruitment specialist, recruiting graduates, managers, senior managers and executives in agriculture in the UK and abroad. De Lacy’s service is confidential and professional. Department for International Trade Hall 8 Stand 8.922 Bj 55 Whitehall Place, London, SW1A 2HP. Tel: 02072 152 838 Web: The UK Department for International Trade helps UK companies expand their global business.

VREDO TRAC the versatile machine

i uid lurry olid preader or a el ropelled m ilical system ersion. T e T wit cania engine and sensor tec nology er ect weig t distri ution...... ore power less noise and less uel pplicator widt s up to m.


Visit Vredo and JC Machinery at LAMMA 2020

See us at LAMMA Hall 6 - stand 6.714 visit our website: call us on 01536 260338 or email:

Dazzled Lighting Hall 17 Stand 17.674 Mt Frampton Roads, Frampton, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE20 1AY. Tel: 01205 837 104. Web: www. LED specialist, providing high performance, affordable, low energy LED lighting. Warranties of up to 10 years available.

Sales UK: Christopher Sage tel: 07388 996 585 e-mail: redo de elopes produces and sells

T e est in t e eld


Lamma 2020 Listings All In GG BB KW.indd 33

lurry n ectors

licing ilters

O erseeders

33 10/12/2019 12:05

All listings are coloured to match their hall, followed by their hall, stand and two-letter grid coordinates for the show map. De Sangosse Hall 11 Stand 11.124 Jd Hillside Mill, Quarry Lane, Swaffham Bulbeck, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB25 0LU. Tel: 01223 811 215 Web: Water conditioners, foliar and seed treatments, ferric phosphate molluscicides and pod sealants. Helping growers protect their crops. Dieci Telehandlers Hall 17 Stand 17.330 Ou Woodrow, The Common, Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset, DT10 2AH. Tel: 01258 817 997 Web: Dieci offers a complete range of telehandlers for agriculture, industry and constrcution using best-in-class components. Distag QCS Hall 6 Stand 6.212 Ep Unit 24, Farthing Road Industrial Estate, Sproughton, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 5AP. Tel: 01473 744 612. Web: Distributor of PIX belts, Powerdrive metal power transmission products, Flexepulse, Flexequip and oss hose and fittings, trailer components and bespoke engineering products. DLL Hall 7 Stand 7.828 Bk Building 7, Croxley Park, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD18 8YN. Tel: 01923 810 833 Web: Asset finance company hich provides solutions for the entire sales cycle, including dealer stock finance, end user hire purchase and leasing for new and used agricultural equipment. DMJ Drainage Hall 11 Stand 11.408 Ke The Woodlands, Mablethorpe Road, Theddlethorpe, Lincolnshire, LN12 1NQ. Web: Land drainage specialist, designing and installing drainage schemes to suit ground conditions and budgets for clients nationally. Doosan Bobcat EMEA Hall 17 Stand 17.310 Ov U Kodetky 1810, Dobris, 26312. Tel: 00 420 602 321 151 Web: Bobcat presents the entire innovative range of telescopic, skid-steer and compact track tough, agile and versatile loaders to meet UK farmers’ needs.

34 Lamma 2020 Listings All In GG BB KW.indd 34

Doosan Industrial Vehicle UK Hall 18 Stand 18.516 Ku Low Mill Lane, Low Mills Industrial Estate, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, WF13 3LN. Tel: 01604 825 600 Web: A global corporation, with a local focus, Doosan provides solutions for your material handling needs. Drone Ag Hall 17 Stand 17.276 Os The Steadings, East Lilburn Farm, Alnwick, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE66 4ED. Tel: 01668 217 100 Web: DroneAg makes farming more productive with less environmental impact through practical drone automation and artificial intelligence. DSV UK Hall 11 Stand 11.414 Kd 17 Lynn Road, Downham Market, Norfolk, PE38 9NJ. Tel: 01366 388 223. Web: DSV breeds and markets oilseed rape, grasses, wheat, maize and cover crops. Top OSR varieties include Incentive, Compass, Temptation and Pheonix CL. Dual Pumps Hall 17 Stand 17.672 Mt Unit 8, Hudson Road, Saxby Road Industrial Estate, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 1BS. Tel: 01664 567 226 Web: ual umps supplied pumps, fluid handling components, agricultural and industrial spraying products, pressure washers, pressure wash and cleaning equipment.


Easy Petrol Post Driver / Spa Weed Brush Hall 7 Stand 7.400 Dm rgreave lose, heffield, South Yorkshire, S13 9NP. Tel: 01142 699 119 Web: The Easy Petrol Post Driver allows one man to knock in any size stake or post up to a four inches in diameter. s fix Hall 7 Stand 7.934 Bl Persse Business Park, Ballinasloe, Co Galway, Republic of Ireland, H53 VK10. Tel: 00 353 090 964 . eb .easyfi .com Providing livestock comfort solutions, from award-winning slat rubber systems for beef to innovative dairy housing solutions.

EB Equipment Hall 9 Stand 9.510 Cf Barugh Green Road, Redbrook, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S75 1HR. Tel: 01226 730 037 Web: Manufacturer of silos, tanks and conveyors. EB specialises in storage and conveying solutions for maize, animal feeds, wood pellets, molasses, ammonium nitrate and much more.

Emily Hall 7 Stand 7.404

Eclipse Diagnostics Hall 20 Stand 20.808 Cr Eclipse House, Robian Way, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE11 9DH. Tel: 01283 249 810 Web: Supplier of multi-brand diagnostic products to agriculture, with the Eclipse Testpad Extreme® running Jaltest software to improve vehicle and machinery performance.

Emmerson Doors Hall 17 Stand 17.108 Ns Enterprise Way, Sherburn in Elmet, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS25 6NA. Tel: 01977 686 643 Web: Manufacture, install, repair and maintenance roller shutters, sectional doors, steel doors and other industrial and commercial doors. Quality doors built to last.

Eco Baughan 2000 Hall 17 Stand 17.624 Mv Oak Farm, Priors Hardwick Road, Upper Boddington, Northamptonshire, NN11 6DW. Tel: 01327 261 810 Web: Publisher of Baughans Trader, which promotes the sale of plant, trucks and agricultural machinery, and manufacturer of recycling and agricultural machinery.

nd r xx Hall 9 Stand 9.602 Be Outgang Road, The Fen, Baston, Lincolnshire, PE6 9PT. Tel: 01778 562 810 Web: Liquid management specialist, offering quality polyethylene tanks, ATV and UTV spraying units and watering bowsers, and bespoke pressure cleaning systems.

Edwards Farm Machinery Hall 19 Stand 19.210 Iv Clee Hill Road, Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire, WR15 8HL. Tel: 01584 810 713. Web: www. Supplier of bed forming, seeding, transplanting, camera-guided inter ro culitvators, plastic fleece laying and retrieving machinery and potato haulm pulverisers. Ehrle UK Hall 17 Stand 17.520 Nu Unit 2/3, Kinetic 45, Newmarket Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS9 0SH. Tel: 01132 407 291 Web: German manufacturer of high pressure cleaners. Built to high standards using the latest technology with performance and reliability from the world’s largest pump manufacturer. Emerald Research Hall 17 Stand 17.138 Pt Pennywell House, The Reddings, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL51 6RL. Tel: 01242 506 206 OptiYield®, from Emerald Research, aims to deliver consistent increases in marketable yields of 10-25 per cent.


ZA Les Landes, 29800 reflevene , rance. el 982 17272. Web: Manufacturer of feeding buckets, bedding machines and sweepers, with solutions for dairy, beef, sheep, goats and poultry units.

Enegis Hall 18 Stand 18.406 Kv 10 Banbury Road, Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 7HZ. Web: Importer of Haybuster Tub grinders, Rotogrind hammer mills and a range of feed processing and mixing equipment used in the livestock and biogas sectors. Energas T/A Engweld Hall 17 Stand 17.628 Mu Westmorland Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU2 0HX. Tel: 01482 329 333 Web: Supplier of a range of welding equipment, welding consumables, gas equipment, abrasives, workshop machinery, power tools and hand tools. Engcon UK Hall 12 Stand 12.640 Of 200b Ashchurch Business Centre, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, GL20 8TD. Tel: 01684 297 168 Web: Engcon will showcase its range of tiltrotators and attachments. An ngcon can be fitted to any excavator from one to 33 tonnes.

10/12/2019 12:05



HALL 20 - STAND 406


Driven by excellence There are sprayers and there are Bateman Sprayers. Trusted for nearly 50 years by countless farmers and contractors, the Bateman range is designed and built here in the UK. Quality design delivering outstanding productivity.




Tel: 01244 394258 Email:

Visit Hall 11, stand 11. 218 and discover for yourself what makes Bateman unique. T: 01769 580439 | E:

Find us online – search #bateman #teambateman

1. full colour CMYK

2. solid colour (solid CMYK or 3 colour Pantone)

3. CMYK reversal on dark/black background

4. CMYK reversal on red


04697_Bateman_LAMMA_2020_Ad_124x89.indd 1

19/11/2019 16:48

11 / 11 . 406 Hall / Booth


The Future of Farming is


The Assistant in Your Pocket Join the Future of Farming. Now. Find out more:

GRANIT Parts Ltd Partnership, Tel.: 01733 404 920, Simply Smarter Crop Production p035_Lamma2020.indd 3

Plan Smarter. Grow Better.

35 10/12/2019 17:35

All listings are coloured to match their hall, followed by their hall, stand and two-letter grid coordinates for the show map. ERH Agri Hall 7 Stand 7.418 Dl Manor Farm, Old Edlington, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN12 1PX. An independent crop packaging distributor covering the UK. Eternit Hall 7 Stand 7.720


Etex, Wellington Road, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, DE14 2AA. Web: anufacturer of fibre cement semi-compressed P3 and P6 profiled sheeting. ontact ternit for information and assistance with your agricultural building project. Euromacchine Srl Hall 20 Stand 20.780 Cq Via Delle Industrie 20,31047 Ponte Di Piave (TV), Italy. Tel: 00390 422 853200 Web: Delivering high-performance machines for the agricultural and water pumping irrigation sector, providing innovative irrigation pump units. Hall 18 Stand 18.108


eartree usiness entre, obham oad, erndo n, orset, BH12 2EN. Tel: 01202 795 900 Web: Business management software with hundreds of great features to help you give better customer service, save you more time and increase your profits. Exocet Hall 19 Stand 19.442 Ht Unit 29 Atcham Business Park, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY4 4UG. Tel: 01743 761 415 Web: Formulating, blending and distributing high quality fuel additives under the Exocet trade name and as own-branded products on behalf of its customers for a range of applications. Extenda Line Hall 18 Stand 18.230 Lt Unit 2, Poplars Business Park, Forshaw Heath Road, Earlswood, Solihull, West Midlands, B94 5JX. Tel: 01217 400 632 Web: Extendaline is proud to showcase its new and exciting range of flatpack storage units, including the new and improved chemical store, offering the perfect solution for all your chemical storage needs.

36 Lamma 2020 Listings All In GG BB KW.indd 36


Farm Electronics Hall 8 Stand 8-9.214 Dh Woodland Drive, Alma Park Road, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG31 9SR. Tel: 01476 591 592 Web: Farm Electronics offers complete storage systems for potatoes, onions and vegetables, specialising in refrigerated cooling, ventilation and electronic control systems and automated controls for the agricultural industry. Farm Machinery Locator Hall 18 Stand 18.106 Ks Po Box 5432, Manchester, Lancashire, M61 0HZ. Tel: 01618 718 760. Web: www. Farm Machinery Locator is a fortnightly magazine and website connecting buyers and sellers of new and used tractors, combines, telehandlers and any other form of farm-related machinery. Farm Safety Hub Hall 10 Stand 10.816


Room Suite 5, Penfold Building, estfield arm, ast Garston, Berkshire, RG17 7HD. Tel: 01488 444 004. Web: www. Safety Revolution provides a robust and comprehensive system which demonstrates to the agricultural or estate client where their liabilities and weaknesses lie in relation to health and safety. Farmers and Mercantile Insurance Brokers Hall 10 Stand 10.446 Hd Thistledown Barn, 204 Holcot Lane, Sywell, Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN6 0BG. Web: With an experienced team of farming insurance advisers, who take pride in understanding you and your business, why not call Farmers and Mercantile for a free on farm review of your insurances? #ForFarmersByFarmers.

r er s re Hall 9 Stand 9.552 Cd Burnt Heath Farm, Long Itchington Road, Offchurch, Warwickshire, A . el Web: o crop, flotation, grassland and industrial wheel unit specialist. Supplier of agricultural, industrial and grassland tyres. UK distributor of Gothia Redskap wheel-lifters. Farmers Weekly Hall 6 Stand 6.304 Ep Quadrant House, Sutton, Surrey, SM2 5AS. Tel: 02086 524 911 Agricultural magazine and website. News, business advice, market prices, technical support, classified deals. Subscribe today and save more than 25 per cent. Includes print, digital and web access. Farmex Hall 17 Stand 17.256 Ot Unit 4, Wyvols ourt Farm, asingstoke oad, allo field, Reading, Berkshire, RG7 1WY. Tel: 01189 889 093 Web: Dicam2 controllers for all control, alarm and monitoring applications in agriculture. Smartphone access and Barn Report Pro real-time remote monitoring system. he r in C ni Network Hall 10 Stand 10.450 Hd Manor Farm, Guilsborough Road, West Haddon, Northamptonshire, NN6 7AQ. Tel: 01788 510 866 Web: Voluntary organisation and charity supporting farmers and their families through difficult times, whether they be personal or business-related.


Farmplan Hall 10 Stand 10.706 Ie Alton House, Alton Road, Ross-On-Wye, Herefordshire, HR9 5BP. Tel: 01594 545 011 Farmplan specialises in software for farms and rural businesses, including accounts, cattle, sheep, cropping, property and payroll. Training and support is available. We also sell computers, network services and peripherals.

PO Box 18, Unit 4, Fulwood usiness ark, a ton oad, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 9NZ. Web: Visit the Farmers Guardian stand and try your luck at the new Rainy Days Maze game to be in with a chance of winning our star prize.

Farmplus Constructions Hall 7 Stand 7.416 Dl Shay Lane, Longridge, Preston, Lancashire, PR3 3BT. Tel: 01772 785 252 Web: Supplier of quality timber-framed farm buildings in kit form, including cow kennels, house and feed units, dairy units, sheep housing and general timber buildings.

Farmers Guardian Hall 18 Stand 18.410

r e Hall 7 Stand 7.118 Em The Stables, St Mary’s Barn, Marton in the Forest, Stillington, York, YO61 1NH. Tel: 01947 897 995. Web: Supplying analysis equipment for feed, grain and other products, manufacturing reliable, accurate farm equipment. Farm-Tec also provides maintenance and calibration services. Fendt Hall 9 Stand 9.210


AG , Abbey ark, tareton, enil orth, ar ickshire, 2TQ. Tel: 02476 694 400 Web: Providing a technologically advanced range of agricultural machinery developed and produced to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. Fentons of Bourne Hall 12 Stand 12.246 Mf Kates Bridge, Thurlby, Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 0EN. Tel: 01778 560 466 Web: Importer of Homburg drain jetters. Homburg designs and builds its drain cleaners which provide a sophisticated maintenance system to improve field drainage. Ferguson Broadbent Hall 12 Stand 12.104 Lf risbane ouse, orbygate Business Park, Priors Haw Road, orby, orthamptonshire, 5JG. Tel: 01536 218 130. Web: Ferguson Broadbent has an experienced team of planning and development consultants in development and rural markets throughout the UK and Scotland. Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche Hall 8 Stand 8.500 Dj Strada Squadri 6, Guidizzolo (MN), 46040, Italy. Tel: 00 39 03 76 819 342. Web: www. Specialist in vegetable transplanters suitable for plants in cubes, and modules, Ferrari’s machines plant a range of vegetables including lettuces, brassicas, celery and more. Fibrophos PK Fertilisers Hall 10 Stand 10.700 He Walton House, High Street, Felixstowe, Suffolk, IP11 9DS. Tel: 01394 274 321 eb Providing phophate and potash requirements for crops and grass, plus a range of essential secondary and trace elements.

10/12/2019 12:06

Find us in hall 6 stand number 730


Pump sets

Slurry pumps & mixers

Sepcom AD separators

LAMMA 2020 | 7-8 January 2020 Hall 19 | Stand 19.300 MAXIMIZE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY Multicam Dirty Water Irrigators

Pump in a box

Fuel bowsers

For more information please contact Howard Chantry Mobile: 07881 787997 Office: 01328 701992

3-year warranty on all products. Contact:



COMPACT AND MANOEUVRABLE FOR BUILDINGS AND YARDS WHERE SPACE IS LIMITED Compact in size with all the accessories and specifications of the higher spec agricultural tractors, the 36-65hp TG tractors are ideal for easy access to cowsheds and use on dairy farms where space is limited. Alternatively, if your buget is tight, there is the TLE Range with simple controls but the same quality build, quality and reliability with a lift capacity of up to 1,200kg. Come and see the new tractor range in Hall 12, Stand 240

ISEKI UK & IRELAND Tel 01473 599266

LINAK ……… Who?

Come an visit us in Hall 9 Stand 9.506 to find out more p037_Lamma2020.indd 3

37 10/12/2019 17:36

All listings are coloured to match their hall, followed by their hall, stand and two-letter grid coordinates for the show map. Fielder (UK) Hall 10 Stand 10.138 Ie The Paddocks, Longden, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY5 8EX. Tel: 01743 860 924. Web: .fielder anufacturer of foliar and seed applied plant nutrients for arable, fruit, vegetable crops, amenity turf and four manganese based seed treatments. Fireward Hall 6 Stand 6.308


aynes lace, helmsford, Essex, CM1 2QX. Tel: 01245 444 . eb .fire pecialist in a ard inning automatic fire suppression systems for vehicles, machinery and e uipment used across the agricultural sector, delivering fast and effective fire prevention and safety solutions. Fischbein-Saxon Hall 17 Stand 17.114 Ns Alma oad, nfield, Middlesex, EN3 7BB. Tel: 02083 eb ischbein se ing machines target potato and onion packers ith competitively priced portable and mini se ing systems featuring conveyors, bag sealers and bagging and palletising systems to cut your production costs do n. Flach and Le-Roy Hall 8 Stand 8.728 Ci arren lose, yton, untingdon, ambridgeshire, PE28 2AW. Tel: 01480 495 956 eb pecialist in design, manufacture, supply and installation of high performance, high uality drying, ventilation and storage systems for cereals, root crops and ood chip. Flails Direct Hall 17 Stand 17.126 Os arsh ane, aughterton, incoln, Lincolnshire, LN1 2JX. Tel: 01427 eb Supplier of hedge and grass cutting flails, shackles, bushes, bolts and nuts for most makes of flail mo er and hedge cutter. Fleming Agri Products Hall 12 Stand 12.472, 12.460 Nd e buildings ndustrial state, ondonderry, orthern reland, BT47 2SX. Tel: 02871 342 637 eb .fleming A leading manufacturer of agricultural e uipment ith a dealer net ork hich covers the ritish sles and reland.

38 Lamma 2020 Listings All In GG BB KW.indd 38

Fliegl Agrartechnik GmbH Hall 17 Stand 17.326 Ou

urgermeister och tr , uhldorf, , Germany. el eb pecialist in innovative, precise agricultural logistics, for ma imum efficiency and economy. l fi Hall 17 Stand 17.112 Ns ary s oad, udlo usiness Park, Ludlow, Shropshire, SY8 1XY. Tel: 01584 876 033 eb .flo luid po er manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic components and systems. Fogmaker UK and Ireland Hall 20 Stand 20.810 Cq mpresa ark, indar oad, oddesdon, ertfordshire, EN11 0DL. Tel: 01992 479 950 eb o maintenance fire suppression system, ith more than , installations to date. Fowler and Gilbert Hall 7 Stand 7.414 Dl Unit , heriff ouse, ant ich oad, iddle ich, heshire, CW10 0LH. Tel: 01606 738 738 eb pecialist in the design, manufacture and construction of uality arked steel portal framed buildings for ide variety of agricultural, e uestrian and commercial uses offering ation ide coverage. Frontier Ag Hall 10 Stand 10.120 If Unit , ennetside, e bury, erkshire, G . Tel: 01635 204 199 eb rop production and grain marketing business, recognised for its close customer relationships ith farmers and grain consumers and its successful management of the arable supply chain.


Galebreaker Agri Hall 7 Stand 7.424 El e ills ndustrial state, edbury, erefordshire, 2SS. Tel: 01531 637 900 eb Access solutions, eather protection systems, ventilation products for all types of farm buildings, creating ideal stock housing conditions hile providing eather protection and light transmission. he best of outdoors, indoors.

Galileo Wheel Hall 9 Stand 9.504 Cg irkby yres , peke all Avenue, iverpool, erseyside, L24 1UU. Tel: 08702 428 800 eb Galileo up heel tyres deliver enhanced performance capabilities based on a brand ne design concept. Garford Farm Machinery Hall 19 Stand 19.446 Hs Hards Lane, Frognall, eterborough, ambridgeshire, . el eb anufacturer of robotic eed control products including the obocrop precision guided hoe, n o eeders and aby eaf hoe. Also supplies manual hoes, hooded sprayers and the Weedfoil Wiper. G.D. Troth Hall 17 Stand 17.102 Ls utram oad, e bold, hesterfield, erbyshire, 7DW. Tel: 01246 904 000 pecialist in butchers e uipment and pocket knives. Geoline By Tecomec Hall 9 Stand 9.250


trada della irandola, , eggio milia, taly. Tel: 00 39 0522 959 001 eb Geoline is the brand name for ecomec products for agricultural spraying machines electronic systems, control units, ball valves, tank lids, nozzles and nozzle holders, sprayer accessories.

Global Track Warehouse UK Hall 20 Stand 20.102 Fs est entire oad, rantock, Newquay, orn all, A. el . eb .gt ank uff agricultural rubber tracks feature enhanced rubber compounds for e tended ear. ne mould vulcani ation, four internal layers, e tra strong carcase ith . mm cables as standard. GM-R Sprayers / Mitchell Rowlands Hall 9 Stand 9.600 Bf olly ush arm, u hall, to market, uffolk, . Tel: 01449 737 482 eb .gm G prayers is celebrating years at amma ith upgraded trailed sprayers, featuring booms from metres and tank capacities of , , litres. Goodfellow Farming Hall 17 Stand 17.612


ong itton arm, orpeth, orthumberland, . Tel: 07850 488 308 Web: oacher lock prevents car access through field gate ays and entrances hile allo ing agricultural vehicles to enter. Graham Heath Construction Hall 11 Stand 11.438 Kc he ld reamery, tation oad, renbury, ant ich, heshire, CW5 8EX. Tel: 01270 781 158 eb .gh A leading U supplier of steel framed buildings for the agricultural, industrial and e uestrian industries. ontact the team today for your free uotation.

Gibbons Agricultural Hall 8 Stand 8.700 Cj oodrolfe oad, ollesbury, aldon, sse , . el 01621 868 138. Web: www. ombining innovative design and time tested manufacturing to offer grain storage e uipment hich saves farmers money post harvest. Ask about the lug and ool grain storage solution.

Grainseed Hall 9 Stand 9.110 Eg he avens, ansomes Europark, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP3 9SJ. Tel: 01473 275 020 Web: upplier of agricultural and amenity seed, offering a nation ide service through a net ork of sales agents and distributors.

Glebe Fabrications T/A Timber Croc Hall 18 Stand 18.310 Lv Grange, nfield, o eath, A E122. Tel: 00 35 30 868 756 102 eb imbercroc log holder is safe, practical and efficient. t ill hold any log from one to inches in diameter ithout adjustment or tipping. Also holds pallets planks. olds flat for transport storage.

Graintek UK Hall 8 Stand 8.114 Ch Units , ittle America ndustrial state, oor oad, Great taughton, t eots, ambridgeshire, . eb esign, manufacture and installation of ornado grain dryers as ell as supplying, installing and servicing grain drying, handling, storage and cleaning e uipment.

10/12/2019 12:07






is a revolutionary product, ideally suited to the protection of exterior wooden, metal and plastic cladded buildings. It can be applied to previously painted surfaces - even those coated with bitumen, tar varnish or creosote. It is tough, durable and has excellent colour retention. It will flex with the substrate rather than flake or crack. Suitable for many applications including fencing, posts, guttering and weathered galvanising without the need for a primer.

GRIMME looks forward to welcoming you to LAMMA 2020 where we are showcasing the latest developments in Spring technologies to help you lay the foundations for a successful harvest.



Visit Us @ Lamma 2020 Hall 17, Stand No 548


01455 698 565 Covertec Structures Ltd Bilton Way Industrial Estate, Lutterworth, LE17 4JA

Windbreaks Our standard windbreak offers the most cost effective solution to weather protection

Rollover Trailer Sheets Our Roll over self-fit kits can be made to suit a variety of grain / carting trailers. Show offer £950 + VAT

Roller Blinds Our roller blinds offer the same quality weather protection, but with much easier access.

Come and see us at the LAMMA show, Hall 11 Stand 11.420







E: T: +44 (0)1524 781900 p039_Lamma2020.indd 3

39 10/12/2019 17:38

All listings are coloured to match their hall, followed by their hall, stand and two-letter grid coordinates for the show map. Grammer Seating Systems Hall 7 Stand 7.504 Dk Willenhall Lane Industrial Estate, Bloxwich, Walsall, West Midlands, WS3 2XN. Tel: 01922 407 035 Web: Manufacturer of suspended seats for off-road vehicles. Grange Machinery Hall 18 Stand 18.610 Ju Sproatley Grange, Boggle Lane, Sproatley, Lincolnshire, HU11 4PT. Tel: 01482 815 711. Web: Distributing machines to lower the crop establishment costs and provide farmers the versatility to use with a range of implements. Granit Parts UK Hall 7 Stand 7.410 Dm Unit F, Harrier Park, Southgate Way, Orton Southgate, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE2 6YQ. Tel: 01733 404 920 Web: Wholesaler supplying parts and accessories for agricultural, forklift and construction machines, attachments and implements. Granning Axles and Suspensions Hall 18 Stand 18.206 Lv Naas Industrial Estate, Naas, Co Kildare, Republic of Ireland, W91 YH30. Tel: 00 35 345 897 553 Web: Designed and engineered transport solutions, manufacturing axles for trucks and trailers. Grant Engineering Hall 17 Stand 17.304 Nv 7a Atticall Road, Kilkeel, Co Down, Northern Ireland, BT34 4SY. Tel: 02841 764 671. Web: Manufacturing business specialising in industrial tool/ component storage equipment and work space storage. Grassmen Hall 19 Stand 19.500 Gv 82a Loughmagarry Road, Ballymena, Northern Ireland, BT43 6TP. Tel: 02825 653 223 Web: Meet the Grassmen team and treat yourself in the shop. Greencrop Hall 6 Stand 6.730 Cn Dereham Road, Beeston, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, PE32 2LE. Tel: 01328 701 992 Web: Irrigation and slurry pumps, hose reelers, and bowsers. Importing Irrimec irrigators, Otech booms and Multicam dirty water irrigators.

40 Lamma 2020 Listings All In GG BB KW.indd 40

Griff Chains Hall 8 Stand 8.126 Bh Quarry Road, Dudley Wood, Dudley, West Midlands, DY2 0ED. Tel: 01384 569 415 Web: British manufacturer of webs, rollers, sprockets, chain and earth-wearing parts. Hook links for potatoes, sugar beet and peat. Griffi h lder Hall 8 Stand 8.416 Di 1 Oaklands Park, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 2RW. Tel: 01284 719 619 eb .griffith Weighing equipment specialist, offering portable weigh-beams for tractors, on-board trailer weighing, and software for crop storage, biogas and biomass plants. Griflex Hall 18 Stand 18.654 Jt Roman Way, Coleshill, Birmingham, West Midlands, B46 1HG. Tel: 01675 464 803 eb .grifle .com British-owned hose manufacturer, producing a range of quality suction and braided hoses for agriculture, including the new slurry hose and seed drill ranges. Grimme Hall 8 Stand 8-9.222


Station Road, Swineshead, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE20 3PS. Tel: 01205 822 300 Web: Manufacturer of potato, sugar beet and vegetable technology, offering machines for soil preparation, de-stoning, planting, irrigation, handling, grading and much more. Guttridge Hall 9 Stand 9.406


Wardentree Park, Pinchbeck, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE11 3UU. Web: Providing quality bulk material handling solutions worldwide, Guttridge is known for delivering reliable materials handling solutions.


Hahn Plastics Hall 7 Stand 7.964 Bk Pilkington’s Site, Rake Lane, Swinton, Manchester, M27 8LJ. Tel: 01618 501 965 Web: Hahn uses a blend of recycled plastics to offer the properties for equestrian applications such as ground reinforcement and fencing.

Haith Group Hall 8 Stand 8-9.218


Cow House Lane, Armthorpe, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN3 3EE. Tel: 01302 831 911 Web: A leader in root crop handling machinery, specialising in grading, washing, polishing, packhouse, bulk handling, weighing, recycling and waste water treatment systems. Halletts Birmingham Hall 10 Stand 10.154 Hc 337 Tamworth Lane, Shirley, Solihull, West Midlands, B90 4DU. Tel: 01213 598 771. Web: Halletts will showcase its latest site offices available to purchase. Vist the stand to discuss your requirements and how Halletts can deliver them to you. Halse South West - Ovlac Hall 19 Stand 19.540 Gt Brickyard Road, West Hill, Ottery St Mary, Devon, EX11 1GN. Tel: 01404 42 121 Web: Tillage machinery expert, providing compact disc harrows, chisels, stubble cultivators and vine yard machinery. Hardox steel used extensively throughout. Hampton Steel Hall 7 Stand 7.832 Ck 34-42 Sanders Road, Finedon Road Industrial Estate, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN8 4NL. Tel: 01933 234 070 Web: UK manufacturer of steel wire fencing, Hampton Net™, metal strainers, Verslok® metal post and clip system, green painted fencing Rylock® Green and Rylock® One. Hardcastle Ventacrop (2000) Hall 8 Stand 8.122 Bh ythe arm, ansford, riffield, East Yorkshire, YO25 8NP. Tel: 01377 254 257. Web: www. Specialist in manufacturing and installing Hardwood main air ducts and Hardwood drive-over drying floors, fans, gas heaters, control panels, temperature and humidity controllers. Hardi Hall 11 Stand 11.240 Jc 35 Calthorpe Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, West Midlands, B15 1TS. Tel: 01455 222 230 Web: Specialist in the application of crop protection, continuing to develop products and innovations.

Harper Adams University Hall 6 Stand 6.628 Dn Edgmond, Newport, Shropshire, TF10 8NB. Tel: 01952 820 280 Web: A leading specialist university in courses for undergraduate, postgraduate and lifelong learners in agriculture, agribusiness, animal, countryside, engineering, food, rural and land-based studies. Harry West Prees Hall 9 Stand 9.420 Cf Lower Heath, Prees, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY13 2BT. Tel: 01948 840 465 Web: Manufacturer of side and rear discharge manure spreaders, trailers and diet feeders. Importing the Seko range of diet feeders and composting equipment. Harvest Installations Hall 8 Stand 8.726 Ci Units 2-3, Oaklands Park, Rougham Hill, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 2RW. Tel: 01795 533 903. Web: www. Manufacturer and distributor of the award-winning Humidity Controller and Harvest Maxi Stirrer. Bulk storage and drying specialist offering a design and installation service through appointed agents. Harvest Yield Hall 17 Stand 17.642 Mu C/o Dyke Yaxley Chartered Accountants, 1 Brassy Road, Old Potts Way, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, NW5 1JH. Web: HarvestYield is a smartphone app built for farmers and agricultural contractors to eliminate paper based timesheets. Hauer Hall 19 Stand 19.616 Fu Werksstrabe 6, A-3125 Statzendorf, Austria. Tel: 00432 786 71040 eb Developing and producing products for agriculture, forestry and community services since 1962. Key products include front loaders, implements and front linkages for tractors. Hawkrent Hall 19 Stand 19.606 Fv The Grange, 2 Aston Street, Wem, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY4 5AY. Tel: 01939 233 278 Web: Visit Hawkrent for all your agricultural hire, tractor, trailer, dust suppression, telehandler and attachments, fuel bowsers, plant and cabin hire needs.

10/12/2019 12:09

Hawks Beak Wrench Hall 17 Stand 17.156 Pu 8 Southway, Southwell Business Park, Portland, Dorset, DT5 2NL. Tel: 01305 823 888 Web: Simple operation and variable size make the Superwrench ideal for toolkits. Ratchet-style operation allows heads to be turned without removing it. Heath Engineering Hall 20 Stand 20.718 Cu Newbridges Farm, Blackwell, Shipston-On-Stour, Warwickshire, CV36 4JX. Tel: 01608 682 062 Web: British manufacturer producing agricultural equipment for more than 70 years. Heath is synonymous with machines which are built to do the job and will last. Herbst Machinery Hall 17 Stand 17.510 Nv 120 Drumnakilly Road, Omagh, Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland, BT79 0JT. Tel: 02880 771 568 Web: Manufacturer of trailers for transporting plant machinery, equipment and aggregates, in agriculture and construction. Also manufacturing compact crushing and screening equipment for the demolition and recycling sectors.

Hidrostal Hall 8 Stand 8.118 Ch Altofts Lane, Castleford, West Yorkshire, WF10 5PZ. Tel: 01635 550 440. Web: Hidrostal’s low shear, screw centrifugal pumps pass the most diverse fluids gently and with low pulsation. They are ideally suited to raw produce processing, abattoir waste and AD/biogas applications.

Hopespare Hall 17 Stand 17.116 Ns Units 17/19 McDonald Business Park, Maylands Avenue, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP2 7EB. Tel: 01442 212 961 Web: Assemble hydraulic hoses to a high specification in your field or workshop with Hopespare’s low cost swaging machine. Make the connection with Hopespare.

Hi-Spec Engineering Hall 6 Stand 6.610 Do Station Road, Bagenalstown, Co Carlow. Tel: 00 353 599 721 929. Web: Manufacturer of quality agricultural machinery. The Hi-Spec range includes slurry tankers, vertical auger and paddle feed mixers, manure spreaders and Kompactor push off/compacting trailers.

Horning Hall 20 Stand 20.818

HIT Energy Services Hall 12 Stand 12.106 Lf Elmer House, Finkin Street, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG31 6QZ. Tel: 01476 212 011 Web: Presenting SHES Guard, the affordable solar PV monitoring system designed to observe the performance of your solar panels remotely and help maximise your investment.

Herdwatch Hall 10 Stand 10.142 Ie Derryvale, Roscrea, Co Tipperary, E53 EV90, Republic of Ireland. Tel: 00 35 3830 685 822 Web: Farm management app used on more than 10,000 farms across the UK and Ireland. On average, saves farmers three hours a week on crucial farm paperwork.

HK Timbers Hall 8 Stand 8.914 Bj Laughton Lane, Morton, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, DN21 3ET. Web: With more than 50 years’ experience manufacturing boxes to agriculture and the supply chain, HK Timbers has the knowledge and experience to be the first choice for your business.

HES Tractec Hall 20 Stand 20.302 Eu Dowco House, Innsworth Technology Park, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, Gl3 1DL. Tel: 01452 730 774 Web: UK distributor for global axle and transmission manufacturers Carrara, Dana, ZF, Comer and SKF. Lubrication systems, hydraulic components and electrical control are available.

HM Trailers Hall 6 Stand 6.812 Bn Herons Farm, Herons Lane, yfield, sse , . Tel: 01277 899 604 Web: British-built trailers for all agricultural purposes: grain, hooklift, lowloader, bale, bowser, dump, root crop, cattle, much, featuring tyre inflation systems and more. A range of hire trailers are available through the year.

HE-VA Hall 6 Stand 6.230 En Cherry Holt Road, Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 9LA. Tel: 01778 421 111. Web: Family-owned company developing innovative, robust cultivation machinery tailored to the UK market and the needs of farmers around the world.

Hobbyweld Hall 17 Stand 17.644 Mu Newbiggin Lane, Westerhope, Tyne and Wear, NE5 1LX. Tel: 08004 334 331 Web: Supplier of rent-free gas cylinders for welding, cutting, heating and brazing – now with more than 220 collection points in the UK and Ireland.

Coedfryn, Velfry Road, Whitland, Carmarthenshire. Web: Industry pioneer which has revolutionised forage harvesting processing for greater feed value, increased productivity and profits ith the latest patented Fibertech Chevron Rollers. Horstine Hall 9 Stand 9.606 Bd 1 Cow Lane, Upton, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, DN21 5PB. Tel: 01427 838 341 Web: Designer and manufacturer of precision application equipment for the application of granular chemicals, fertilisers and seeds. Horstine equipment has a proven reputation accuracy. Househam Sprayers Hall 9 Stand 9.520 Cf Roughton Moor, Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire, LN10 6YQ. Tel: 01400 276 000. Web: www. Independent manufacturer and supplier of crop sprayers to professional growers worldwide, Househam is working to bring its British-built, high quality machines to customers around the world. Hub 4 Parts Hall 8 Stand 8.106 Ei Middle Drove, Marshland St James, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, PE14 8JT. Tel: 01945 430 983 Web: fficial supplier of erbert spare parts, sourcing original or compatible components to keep your Herbert handling equipment operational for years to come. Huesker Hall 7 Stand 7.922 Bl 3 Quay Business Centre, Harvard Court, Calver Road, Warrington, Cheshire, WA2 8LT. Web: Supplier of full-range systems for the agricultural market. Our many years of experience enable us to provide superior products and a quality service.

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Hugh Crane (Cleaning Equipment) Hall 12 Stand 12.510 Oh

South Walsham Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR13 3ES. Tel: 01493 750 072. Web: Manufacturer of the Commando engine-driven pto pressure washers and main distributors for ilfisk. upplier of steam cleaners, grain vacuum cleaners, sweepers, janitorial supplies and detergents. Hummingbird Technologies Hall 11 Stand 11.118 Je 35 Soho Square, London, W1D 3QX. Tel: 02081 232 389. Web: Crop analytics business using drone and satellite technology to provide farmers and agronomists with maps to make better informed farm management decisions. Hutchinsons Hall 10 Stand 10.908


Weasenham Lane, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, PE13 2RN. Tel: 01945 461 177 Web: Agronomy company providing advice and supply across all crops, offering decision support and precision management through Omnia, specialist soil, seed and chemical input advice. Hycon Hydraulics Hall 17 Stand 17.656 Mu Unit 11, The Metro Centre, Toutley Road, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG41 1QW. Tel: 01189 782 555. Web: A leading supplier of hydraulic components to the agriculture and hydraulic sectors. Hydrapower Dynamics Hall 17 Stand 17.640


St Marks Street, Birmingham, West Midlands, B1 2UN. eb .finnpo High quality crimping machines. Cost-effective, easy to use, reliable machines for hydraulic hose repair and assembly. Hydrastore Hall 7 Stand 7.822 Ck Sandtoft Industrial Estate, Belton, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN9 1PN. Tel: 01427 874 445. Web: Supplier of hydraulic, electronic and Hetronic radio control systems. Hydrastore will exhibit the latest Danfoss, Hansa, Exertus Hetronic and Kawasaki products.

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All listings are coloured to match their hall, followed by their hall, stand and two-letter grid coordinates for the show map. Hydraulic and Transmissions Hall 20 Stand 20.404 Eu 8 Lingen Road, Ludlow Business Park, Shropshire, SY8 1XD. Tel: 01584 873 012 Web: Specialist in mobile hydraulics and transmission with a reputation for quality, technical solutions for the agricultural market. Combining technical expertise and quality components, HTL provides customers with cost-effective, long-term solutions.


MEET INNOVATIVE VERSUTILITY. MEET THE RANGE. When you’re looking for innovation, comfort and efficiency, there’s really not much that can beat a Landini. Talk to us today - Hall 8, stand 8.604.

Hydrokit UK Hall 19 Stand 19.112 Gs 12 and 13 Yew Tree Courtyard, Earl Soham, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP13 7SG. Tel: 01728 684 800. Web: As the hydraulic partner for many manufacturers, dealers and engineers, Hydrokit focuses on products and solutions which allow operators and machinery to ork efficiently. Hydroscand Hall 17 Stand 17.324


121 Town Street, Saniacre, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG10 5DS. Tel: 01159 789 759 Web: Hydroscand offers a complete range of high-quality hydraulic and industrial hoses and connectors via a network of local branches and skilled mobile engineers. A trusted supplier to the agriculture industry.

Landini is a trademark of Argo Tractors S.p.A.



Mob: 07436272292

www Large model range to suit your requirements

a. de4# fPuJd«d U#el Visit us in Hall 20 stand 20.418

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IAE Hall 19 Stand 19.400 Gv ossfield oad, Adderley Green, Longton, Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire, ST3 5BW. Tel: 01782 339 320 Web: Manufacturer of livestock handling and feeding equipment. Established in 1969, IAE has more than 50 years’ experience supplying the agricultural industry. Ian Baumber Tarpaulins Hall 20 Stand 20.814 Cq Unit 1, Commercial Court, Pride Parkway, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, NG34 8GL. Tel: 01529 306 209 Web: www.ianbaumber Agricultural, haulage, industrial and leisure. Whatever the weather, Ian Baumber Tarpaulins has got it covered. Bespoke to your requirements. Also stocking a range of extras to help you complete your project. Based in Lincolnshire.

Ibcos Computers Hall 10 Stand 10.150 Hd Unit 8, Acorn Business Park, Ling Road, Poole, Dorset, BH12 4NZ. Tel: 01202 714 200 Web: Ibcos software puts all your dealership activities in one place, to keep your operation organised and bring clarity to your business. ICL UK Hall 10 Stand 10.902 Je Boubly Mine, Saltburn-by the Sea, Cleveland, TS13 4UZ. Tel: 01287 640 140 Web: ICL Fertilisers mines polysulphate to produce ICL-PotashpluS and ICL-PKpluS for UK and Ireland farmers. Visit the stand to discuss your fertiliser needs. ICOM UK Hall 17 Stand 17.616 Mv Unit 3, Turnstone Business Park, Mulberry Avenue, Widnes, Cheshire, WA8 0WN. Tel: 01516 762 888 Web: Manufacturer of push to talk radios over the cellular networks which provide long distance radio coverage. Robust and with one to one and group calling, these are ideal for UK agriculture. IDS Imaging Development Systems Hall 17 Stand 17.254 Ot Pinewood, Chineham Business Park, Crockford Lane, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG24 8AL. Tel: 01256 698 153 Web: IDS develops high-performance, easy-to-use USB, GigE and 3D cameras with a wide spectrum of variants. Developed in Germany, produced sustainably and sold all around the world. Ilex Envirosciences Hall 10 Stand 10.702 If orth angar, ickenby Airfield, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN3 5AX. Tel: 01673 885 175. Web: www. Supplier of concentrated foliar fertilisers and seed treatments. Ilex is a pioneer in the use of phosphite technologies and plant biostimulants to enhance crop nutrient use efficiency. IMEL Hall 7 Stand 7.106 El The Old Forge, Highcross Road, Poulton, FY6 8BA. Tel: 01253 884 551. Web: UK provider of livestock mart advertising. Your vital sign in agriculture since 1996.

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Industriehof Scherenbostel Hall 6 Stand 6.306 Ep Im Winkel 5, D-30900, Wedemark, Germany. Tel: 00491 725 17266 Web: Distributor of spare parts for agricultural machines including rotary harro tines, flails, discs, plough parts, baler blades, diet feeder blades and top links. International Tractors Hall 6 Stand 6.316 Eo Plot No 10, Peri School of Advance Studies Campus, Institutional Area, Vasant Kurj, New Delhi, India, 110070. Tel: 00 919 717 776 724. Web: Indian tractor manufacturer which produces a wide range of tractors from 20-120hp. ISEKI Hall 12 Stand 12.240


3-5 Foxtail Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP3 9RT. Tel: 01473 599 266. Web: Quality, reliable compact tractors from 19-65hp, ideal for areas where space is restricted but you cannot compromise on lift capacity and feature specification.


Jacobsens GFM Hall 20 Stand 20.500 Du Grange of Kinneff, Inverbervie, Montrose, Angus, DD10 0TL. Web: Jacobsens GFM is dedicated to providing quality products UK-wide, from Degenhart, Sauter and Aigner for front linkages and ptos for all tractor models and a range of flail mo ers.

J. Brock and Sons Hall 17 Stand 17.200 Ov Woodhams Farm, Cutlers Green, Thaxted, Essex, CM6 2RH. Tel: 01371 830 353 Web: Importer and distributor of Czech-built Farmet machinery. Manufacturer of Brock AG cultivation equipment and a supplier of quality used machinery. JC Machinery Hall 17 Stand 17.430


Marton Hall Lane, Marton, acclesfield, heshire, 9HG. Tel: 01260 224 568 Web: JC Machinery will be showcasing a range of Vredo direct grass drills. Evers front harrows and Imants spading machines.

JCB Agriculture Hall 20 Stand 20.330 Er JCB World Headquarters, Rocester, Staffordshire, ST14 5JP. Tel: 01889 506 903 Web: A range of innovative JCB Loadall telescopic handlers, wheeled, skid and telescopic loaders and the Fastrac tractors known for its safety, comfort and productivity. JF Hudson Hall 8 Stand 8.414 Ej Ruswick Grange, Newton-leWillows, North Yorkshire, DL8 1TG. Web: JF Hudson does not rest on its laurels, focusing on products and services to drive sustainable and profitable businesses. J.J. Metcalfe and Son Hall 17 Stand 17.570 Ns Willow Garth Farm, Newby Wiske, Northallerton, North Yorkshire, DL7 9ET. Tel: 01609 771 124 Web: Design and manufacture of performance parts for agriculture, specialising in the use of tungsten carbide to help farmers achieve the best crop yield from the most economically viable solutions. JMC Parts Hall 17 Stand 17.714 Lv Inchinattin, Reenascreena, Rosscarbery, Co Cork, Republic of Ireland. Tel: 00 35 3238 838 038. Web: For more than 25 years, JMC has specialised in stocking a wide range of genuine spare agri parts, particularly forage harvester and tractor parts. Jobs In Agriculture Hall 17 Stand 17.270

LAMMA 20 89w x 124h p.fhmx 12/11/19 09:29 Page 1 C







4 Fulwood Park, Caxton Road, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 9NZ. Tel: 01772 799 419. Web: www. Ready for a new job? Looking for a more effective way to recruit talented individuals? Jobs in Agriculture, powered by Farmers Guardian, connects talented individuals with relevant agricultural vacancies. Joe Turner Equipment Hall 18 Stand 18.312 Lv Millford Cottage, Coughton Fields Lane, Coughton, Warwickshire, B49 6BS. Tel: 01789 763 958. Web: www. Specialist in agriculture, forestry, excavator attachments and rotor balancing. Products include hedge cutters, log splitters, flail heads, forestry heads, tree shears, fire ood processors, sa heads. Composite

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All listings are coloured to match their hall, followed by their hall, stand and two-letter grid coordinates for the show map. Joskin Hall 12 Stand 12.670 Od Rue De Wergifosse 39, Soumagne, 4630, Belgium. Tel: 00 32 43 773 545 Web: Manufacturer specialising in slurry tankers and injectors, muck spreaders, ag and dump trailers, Drakkar multi-purpose trailers, grassland care such as toppers, meadow aerators, scarifiers and livestock trailers. JRH Water Management Hall 20 Stand 20.580 Dq orthfield ise, a ilby, Lincolnshire, LN1 2WT. Tel: 01522 704 031. Web: www. pert in the design, supply and installation of rainwater harvesting, irrigation, boreholes, natural water reuse, water treatment, pumping solutions, monitoring and controls. Try farming for a day without water. J. Riley Beet Harvesters Hall 12 Stand 12.644 Oe Church Farm, Old Fakenham Road, Attlebridge, Norfolk, NR9 5ST. Tel: 01603 262 526 Web: mporter of ervaet products for more than 25 years and a market leader in beet harvester sales. Jungheinrich UK Hall 9 Stand 9.240 Ed Sherbourne House, Sherbourne rive, ilbrook, uckinghamshire, MK7 8HX. Tel: 0800 357457 Web: A leading intra-logistics solutions and material handling equipment provider, offering end to end solutions to UK agriculture, including an e tensive range of new and used forklift trucks. JWI Installations Hall 8 Stand 8.620 Dh Atley Hill Road, North Cowton, Northallerton, North Yorkshire, DL7 0JB. Tel: 01325 378 008 Web: A leading supplier of grain driers with capacities of 10-300 tonnes per hour, supplying a range of silos, cleaners and handling equipment.


K. and J. Engineering Contracts Hall 8 Stand 8.110 Ei Grebe House, Chelmsford oad, urleigh, sse , 6QN. Tel: 01621 828 689 Web: ervicing spares and repairs of oil fired grain driers. esign and manufacture of control panels. LED potato chitting lights made to order. approved contractor.

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Kawasaki Motors UK Hall 6 Stand 6.732 Cm 1 Dukes Meadow, Millboard Road, Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, SL8 5XF. Tel: 01628 856 750 Web: Kawasaki will show its latest utility range. Built tough and made for professionals, Kawasaki Mule utility vehicles and the rute Force ATV series stand out.

Kidd Farm Machinery Hall 6 Stand 6.200 Fp 35 Bremhill, Calne, Wiltshire, SN11 9LD. Web: www. Kidd Farm Machinery will show bale shredders, post drivers and mulching mowers, from its range of agricultural machinery built in Wiltshire and sold through dealers around the world.

KDR Seating Hall 18 Stand 18.104 Ls Unit 17, Shilton Industrial Estate, hilton, oventry, est Midlands, CV7 9JY. Tel: 02476 610 783 Web: KDR Seating, one of the largest UK suppliers of agricultural machinery seats and spare parts from manufacturers including KAB, Grammer, Milsco.

Kilworth Machinery Hall 18 Stand 18.732 Jt Annwell Lane, Smisby, Ashby De La Zouch, Leicestershire, LE65 2TA. Tel: 01530 412 690. Web: Kilworth imports BCS tractors, the MDB remote-controlled Green limber, ajfun fire ood processors, ragone flail mo ers, overna cultivation e uipment and liegl concrete mi ers.

Keith Mount Liming Hall 10 Stand 10.134 Ie Unit C3, Risby Business Park, Newmarket Road, Risby, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 6RD. Tel: 01284 811 729 Web: ffering e pert, technical advice on agricultural lime, precision soil sampling and precision agronomy to optimise your soil’s health.

Kitt Hall 7 Stand 7.600 Dm Unit 1, Showground Road, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 6AJ. Tel: 01278 727 755 Web: Tough, reliable machines for bedding and slurry management in livestock housing. ideshooter buckets, tyre scrapers, adjustable scrapers. UK distributor for raiburg rubber flooring systems.

Kellfri AB Hall 12 Stand 12.254 Me Munkatorpsgatan 6,53237 Skara, Sweden. Tel: 00 46 735 249 860. Web: Well-established brand established in 1952 and a leading company in several forestry and agriculture product markets. Ken Mills Eng Hall 10 Stand 10.146 Hd Unit , Greenvale Business Park, Todmorden Road, Littleborough, Lancashire, OL15 9FG. Tel: 01706 756 500 Web: pecialist provider of agricultural machinery enabling farmers and producers of large bale haylage to increase revenues and improve the quality of hay, haylage, straw and other animal bedding products. Kentra Grain Systems Hall 8 Stand 8.802 Cj Anonna House, Clay Pit Lane, Roecliffe, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, YO51 9FS. Tel: 01423 326 665 Web: With capacities up to 120 tonnes per hour, Kentra’s British designed and manufactured grain dryers use modern control technology, including the renowned Dryer Master moisture control system.

Kloeckner Metals UK Hall 11 Stand 11.610 Le Valley Farm Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS10 1SD. Tel: 01132 540 711. Web: www. Throughout the years Kloeckner has developed e tensive processing e pertise to supply customers with bespoke steel/ metal solutions including tube/ flat laser ater jet cutting. Knight Farm Machinery Hall 9 Stand 9.570 Cc Wireless Hill, South Luffenham, Oakham, Rutland, Leicestershire, LE15 8NF. Tel: 01780 722 200 Web: Knight manufactures a range of mounted, trailed, demount and self-propelled crop sprayers with tank capacities from 1,300-6,000 litres and booms of 12-40 metres. KRM Hall 18 Stand 18.550 Ks Clay Pit Lane, Bar Lane Industrial Estate, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, YO51 9LS. Tel: 01423 324 221. Web: Offering Carre inter-row hoeing and weeding equipment, KRM Trend fertiliser spreaders with dynamic section control, KRM Bredal bulk spreaders, Agrisem cultivators and a range of toppers and seed drills.

Krone Hall 19 Stand 19.420


eckfield usiness ark, heoni Avenue, icklefield, eeds, est Yorkshire, LS24 4DY. Tel: 01132 878 800. Web: Quality forage is at the heart of everything rone does. rone UK will display the latest forage harvesting e uipment, plus many models designed and engineered to meet your needs. KTwo Hall 12 Stand 12.410 Nh Fowlers Field Farm, Station Road, Haddenham, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP17 8DD. Web: British manufacturer of quality machinery using the latest technology. KTwo’s range consists of o co, uo, vo and Bio muckspreaders, Roadeo urve, ump, ompact, ush and flatbed trailers. Kubota (UK) Hall 10 Stand 10.454


Dormer Road, Thame, fordshire, U . el 268 225. Web: One of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural e uipment, having invested significantly in gro ing its agricultural tractor range, with the launch of the M7002, M5001 and MGX Series tractors. KUHN Farm Machinery (UK) Hall 12 Stand 12.434 Nf Stafford Park 7, Telford, Shropshire, TF3 3BQ. Tel: 01952 239 300 Web: KUHN Group is a leading supplier of agricultural machinery for hay and silage making, baling and wrapping, soil preparation, seeding, fertilisation, spraying and landscape maintenance. K.U.L.T Kress Umweltschonende Landtechnik Hall 19 Stand 19.640 Ft Eberdinger Str. 37,71665 VaihingenEnz, Germany. Tel: 00 49 70 423 766 513 Web: Production and trade of agricultural devices and machines, plus navigation equipment, offering installation and assembly.

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Reduced soil compaction Higher load capacity Less operating costs Maximum performance Reliable comfort TO FIND YOUR LOCAL BKT DEALER PLEASE CONTACT:

Visit us at LAMMA, Hall 9 Stand 9.306

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All listings are coloured to match their hall, followed by their hall, stand and two-letter grid coordinates for the show map.


Landia UK Hall 17 Stand 17.540 Nu Waymills Industrial Estate, Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 1TT. Tel: 01948 661 200 Web: Manufacturer of heavy-duty chopper pumps and mixing equipment for agriculture and anaerobic digestion, backed ith a fleet of service vehicles and more than £500,000 of UK spare parts stock. Landini Hall 8 Stand 8.604


Largo Plant Services Hall 19 Stand 19.614 Fu Unit 1A, Station Road, Lenwade, Norwich, Norfolk, NR9 5LY. Tel: 01603 870 959. Web: www. A leading U supplier of filtration equipment, stocking more than , filters from top brands including Donadson, Fleetguard and Mann and Hummel.

Liftmaster Hall 17 Stand 17.720 Bd Unit 27, Caker Stream Road, Mill Lane Industrial Estate, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 2QA. Web: Liftmaster will exhibit a range of lifting equipment for agricultural vehicles. New for Lamma 2020 will be a wheel-free portable column lift specially designed for tractors.

Larrington Trailers Hall 20 Stand 20.200 Fq Great Fen Road, Boardsides, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 7PB. Tel: 01205 353 124 Web: Offering trailers known for their quality, strength, reliability and unique design characteristics.

LimeX Hall 10 Stand 10.906 Je 1 Samson Place, London Road, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE7 8QJ. Web: LimeX is a leading liming product, used by farmers for more than 100 years offering rapid, sustainable pH correction with phosphate, magnesium and sulphur.

Unit D3, Harworth Industrial Estate, Bryans Close, Harworth, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN11 8RY. Tel: 01302 757 551 Web: A proud and historic Italian brand which designs and builds an e tensive range of efficient high-performance tractors, which are regarded highly by markets around the world.

Laurence Gould Partnership Hall 10 Stand 10.104 Gf The Forge, Four Mile Stable Barns, Cambridge Road, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 0TN. Tel: 01223 813 622. Web: ell kno n rural consultancy firm, Laurence Gould assists clients in overcoming the challenges they face, helping them grow their farming businesses.

Landmark Systems Hall 10 Stand 10.130 Jf 6 Swan Court, Station Road, Pulborough, West Sussex, RH20 1RL. Tel: 01798 877 100. Web: Provides software for farms, estates and rural businesses. KEYPrime accounting software can be integrated with KEYPrime Property or Geofolia crop recording systems. Landmark’s new Farmdata division provides livestock software.

LED Autolamps Hall 6 Stand 6.620 Cn Unit 8J, Maybrook Business ark, in orth, utton oldfield, West Midlands, B76 1AL. Tel: 01213 132 222. Web: www. Designer and manufacturer of a comprehensive range of guaranteed and approved LED vehicle and machinery fittings.

Landquip Crop Sprayers Hall 17 Stand 17.360 Ot etfield ane, ressingfield, ye, Suffolk, IP21 5SD. Tel: 01379 588 286. Web: ritish built, high specification crop sprayers. Demounts for Fastrac/Unimog/Multidrive, self propelled and trailed units up to 6,000 litres. Aluminium gullwing or rear-fold booms. Amenity and quad bike sprayers. LAP Electrical Hall 20 Stand 20.820 Bq Old Walsall Road, Great Barr, Birmingham, West Midlands, B42 1EA. Tel: 01213 574 205 Web: An established name in the development and production of automotive electro-mechanical products with 30 years’ experience in the manufacturer and aftermarket sectors in the construction, agricultural and road-going vehicle markets.

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Leon Boots Company Hall 17 Stand 17.428 Nu The Studio, Barley Wood Stables, Long Lane, Wrington, North Somerset, BS40 5SA. Web: Providing light and comfortable safety boots to the market. Level Best Concrete Hall 17 Stand 17.622 Mu roft arm, inefleet, Goole, East Yorkshire, DN14 8DW. Tel: 01405 819 199. Web: www. Yorkshire-based concrete flooring contractor specialising in the supply and laser screed installation of concrete floor slabs in the UK and channel islands. LH Agro UK Hall 9 Stand 9.612 Bd 56 Edison Road, St Ives, Cambridgeshire, PE27 3LF. Tel: 01480 496 367 Web: LH Agro UK is proud to display Topcon Agriculture’s range of precision farming solutions.

LINAK UK Hall 9 Stand 9.506


Actuation House, Crystal Drive, Smethwick, West Midlands, B66 1RJ. Tel: 01215 442 211 Web: LINAK UK will showcase how electric actuators can be used to automate every aspect of a farm, from driverless tractors to agricultural ventilation. Linde Hydraulics Hall 18 Stand 18.512 Kv 12-13 Eyston Way, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 1TR. Tel: 01235 522 828 Web: Linde Hydraulics will exhibit is new hydraulic pumps, motors and valves for agricultural machinery. Also Black Bruin on-demand wheel motors for trailer assist drives.

Lingward Hall 8 Stand 8.712 Cj Unit 7, Old Sawmills Road, Faringdon, Oxfordshire, SN7 7DS. Tel: 01473 414 371 Web: n floor crop drying and storage equipment specialist, offering design, manufacture and installation of products including drying floors, air ducts, retaining walls and storage boxes. Linton and Robinson Environmental Hall 12 Stand 12.324 Mg Unit 6, Knockroe Business Park, Orchard Road, Strabane, Northern Ireland, BT82 9QR. Tel: 02871 730 277. Web: www. Specialist in the supply and installation of slurry and digestate management systems, offering a range of products and services in the UK and Ireland. Lite-Trac Systems Hall 20 Stand 20.524 Dt Poplar Farm, Coates, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE7 2DU. Tel: 01733 841 938 Providing the versatile 320hp Lite-Trac tool carrier. Applications include 9,000-litre, 48-metre sprayer, 15,000-litre slurry tanker and 12-tonne lime/fertiliser spreader. Pneumatic boom spreader now also available. Lite-Wire Hall 19 Stand 19.610 Fv 36 Wimbledon Avenue, Brandon, Suffolk, IP27 0NZ. Tel: 01842 812 290 Web: Providing a range of LED road lighting and patented plug and play harness systems. Launching new ranges of CISPR rated work lamps and warning products.

Linesearch Before U Dig Hall 12 Stand 12.100 Lf Eliot Park Innovation Centre, 4 Barling Way, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV10 7RH. Tel: 08454 377 365 Web: Free to use, safe digging service providing utility mapping records, processing more than 2.5 million enquiries per year for more than 80 asset owning members.

LKAB Calcifert Hall 7 Stand 7.942 Bl The White House, Gurney Slade, Radstock, Somerset, BA3 4UU. Tel: 08006 226 023. Web: www. Supplying a range of easy-toapply granulated products for the agricultural sector. Calcifert Lime is a highly reactive and pure agricultural lime product, proven to effectively balance soil acidity.

Linewatch Hall 11 Stand 11.102 Kf he states ffice, orman ourt, Ivanhoe Business Park, Ashby De La Zouch, Leicestershire, LE65 2UZ. Web: Linewatch exists to encourage safe working practices for landowners and their contractors around high pressure oil and gas pipelines.

Lojer LED Lighting Hall 17 Stand 17.618 Mv 56 The Broadway, Thatcham, Berkshire, RG19 3HP. Tel: 01635 865 882 Web: Supplier of IP66 Samsung LED farm lights. Lojer’s lighting plans calculate the size and quantity of lights to meet your needs and reduce your electricity bills.

10/12/2019 12:15


THE MODERN McCORMICK. The vast McCormick range was created with you at the very core. Visit our stand to pick your kit and book a demo today Hall 8 | Stand 8.604.

McCormick is a trademark of Argo Tractors S.p.A.

Fentons of Bourne Ltd Kate’s Bridge, Thurlby, Bourne, Lincs PE10 0EN

Homburg Draincleaners UK Importer

12 12.246

Now with Dynamic Drive for better control

Tel 01778 560466 or 01778 560425 Mob 07767 816555



p047_Lamma2020.indd 3

47 10/12/2019 17:38

All listings are coloured to match their hall, followed by their hall, stand and two-letter grid coordinates for the show map. Low Grange Quarry Hall 8 Stand 8.934 Bi Low Grange, Melsonby, Richmond, North Yorkshire, DL10 5PN. Tel: 01325 718 498. Web: Manufacturer of quality pre-stressed concrete panels and interlocking blocks, delivered nationwide. Lynx Engineering Hall 20 Stand 20.514 Dt Wharf Works, Long Buckby, Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN6 7PP. Tel: 01327 843 215 Web: Providing essential accessories for your tractor. Stoll front loaders, Zuidberg front linkage and ptos, Dromone pick-up hitches, weight systems for front linkage and rear wheels.


Macdon Europe Hall 9 Stand 9.342


Hagenauer Strasse 59, Wiesbaden, 65203, Germany. Tel: 00 49 1736 223 662 Web: Manufacturer of innovative high-performance harvesting equipment. MacDon’s FlexDraper ensures superior ground following, with Flex-Float technology, smooth heads first feeding and a truly multi-crop solution. Major Equipment Hall 17 Stand 17.660 Mt Major Industrial Estate, Middleton Road, Heysham, Lancashire, LA3 3JJ. Tel: 01524 850 501. Web: www. Designer and manufacturer of grass toppers, shredders and slurry handling products including tankers, tandem axle tankers and low emission slurry application units. Majorlift Hydraulic Equipment Hall 20 Stand 20.116 Fq Arnolds Field Estate, Wickwar, Wotton-Under Edge, Gloucestershire. Tel: 01454 299 299. Web: A market leader in the field of hydraulic lifting equipment for the truck/bus and garage industry. Majorlift will be e hibiting at amma for the first time and demonstrating a range of products designed specifically for the agricultural industry.

48 Lamma 2020 Listings All In GG BB KW.indd 48

Malone Hall 10 Stand 10.210 Fe Ballyglass House, Claremorris, Ballyglass, Co Mayo, Republic of Ireland, F12 AP11. Tel: 00 353 094 936 0501 Web: Malone is dedicated to designing and manufacturing innovative and reliable machinery, including mowers, tedders, rakes, selfloading wagons, post-drivers, toppers and log splitters. Manitou Group Hall 6 Stand 6.410


Black Moor Road, Ebblake Industrial Estate, Verwood, Dorset, B31 6BB. Tel: 01202 810 408 Web: A worldwide leader in rough terrain handling, Manitou will be exhibiting a range of agricultural machinery including the new connected machines. Manterra Hall 12 Stand 12.220 Mg Hessleskew, Sancton, York, Yorkshire, YO43 4RJ. Web: Presenting the Tru-Nject fertiliser application system ith arnfield University and Stockbridge Technology Centre. Marsh Commercial Hall 11 Stand 11.226 Kd Eagle House, 18-20 Corve Street, Ludlow, Shropshire, SY8 1DH. Tel: 01584 813 875 Web: Insurance, risk management and employee benefits specialist ith more than 60 years’ experience in the farming sector. Representatives will attend from offices in udlo , incoln, ristol, Harrogate and Northampton. Martin Lishman Hall 7 Stand 7.434 Dk Unit 2B, Roman Bank, Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 9LQ. Tel: 01778 426 600 Web: Specialist in crop storage and monitoring, potato quality, compact spraying systems and cultivation, introducing products to meet customers’ needs. Maschio Gaspardo UK Hall 6 Stand 6.230 En Cherry Holt Road, Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 9LA. Tel: 01778 421 111. Web: Global machinery brand known for its tillage, combination and precision drills and flail mo ers. Maschio Gaspardo is distributed in the UK by OPICO.

Mastek Hall 7 Stand 7.808 Cl Cootehill Business Park, Cootehill, Co Cavan, Republic of Ireland. Tel: 00 35 3495 555 954 Web: Specialist manufacturer of slurry and grassland equipment. Dribble bars for tankers measuring seven to 24 metres, with reelers capable of carrying up to 1,400m. Grassland auto reset panbusters. Mastenbroek Environmental Hall 17 Stand 17.736 Lu Swineshead Road, Wyberton Fen, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 7JG. Tel: 01205 311 313 Web: Providing a complete range of land drainage and water course maintenance equipment. See how Trimble GPS equipment can improve your field productivity. Master Farm Services Hall 8 Stand 8.804 Bj Bures Park, Colne Road, Bures, Suffolk, CO8 5DJ. Tel: 01787 228 450. Web: Master new 2020 range, capacities 10-56 tonne, tractor pto or electric drive, mobile and static installation. Also competitively priced wet grain bins, capacities up to 42 tonnes. Mather Jamie Hall 6 Stand 6.103 Fp 3 Bank Court, Weldon Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire. Tel: 01509 233 433 Web: Chartered surveyors based in Leicestershire, specialising in advising landowners on option agreements and planning promotion agreements to maximise land sale receipts from development opportunities. Mato Industries Hall 19 Stand 19.100 Fs Unit 1, Philips Road, Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1 5PG. Tel: 01254 387 638 Web: Mato Industries will be exhibiting baler belts, fasteners and a range of lubrication equipment. There will also be regular demonstrations of the fastener fitting. ortable diesel and AdBlue tanks. Maxipart Wearing Metal Hall 20 Stand 20.110 Fq Winchester Road, Little Somborne, Stockbridge, Winchester, Hampshire, SO20 6QT. Tel: 01794 388 622 Web: Hundreds of farmers are proving the benefits of a ipart earing metal parts for ploughs, cultivators and drills. Visit the a ipart stand to find out more.

Maypole Hall 6 Stand 6.118


162 Clapgate Lane, Woodgate Business Park, Birmingham, West Midlands, B32 3DE. Tel: 01212 704 301 Web: Stronghold security wheel clamps and hitchlocks, suitable to secure agricultural trailers, plant equipment and horse boxes. All Sold Secure gold approved. McArthur Agriculture Hall 8 Stand 8.426 Di Bellwin Drive, Flixborough Industrial Estate, Scunthorpe, South Yorkshire, DN15 8SN. Web: Grain storage and processing systems for agricultural and industrial businesses. Distributor of Mecmar mobile grain driers. McConnel Hall 6 Stand 6.510 Do Temeside Works, Ludlow, Shropshire, SY8 1JL. Tel: 01584 873 131. Web: Multi-award winning British manufacturer, specialising in Power Arm technology, remote control machinery, cultivation and self-propelled sprayers. McCormick Hall 8 Stand 8.604


Unit D3, Harworth Industrial Estate, Bryans Close, Harworth, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN11 8RY. Tel: 01302 757 551 Web: McCormick’s high-performing tractors are known for their technology, comfort and safety. McHale Hall 10 Stand 10.400 He Castlebar Road, Ballinrobe, Co Mayo, Republic of Ireland, F31 K138. Tel: 00 35 30 949 520 300 Web: Baler specialist, offering high output balers and bale wrappers to produce baled silage, haylage, hay and straw. McVeigh Parker and Co Hall 7 Stand 7.430 Dk Thornden Farm, Lenham Road, Hearlcom, Berkshire. Tel: 01622 882 541 Web: Fencing specialist, showing the award-winning Triple X 30-year fencing solution, with Xfence netting, Clipex inters and Triple X strainers, plus fencing tools.

10/12/2019 12:15

RAGT Seeds.

Committed to your on-farm success. RAGT varieties include the UK’s most popular Group 1 wheat, Europe’s first BYDV resistant wheat, the most widely grown spring barley in the world plus BIPO Royalty Area Collection Clearfield® and conventional oilseed rapes. With a mixture of over 10 new varieties for 2020 alone, isn’t it time you had a chat with us?

Come an d s e e us : Hall 1 Stand 1 N 11.228 o : Let’s talk 01799 533700 or visit

Come and see us Hall 11, Stand 11.442

01405 862240

Own the best.. be the best BUY or HIRE, NEW or USED your Big Square baler or SuperChaser from Big Bale North for the best service and choice Fully trained engineers Comprehensive parts department

Heck Hall Farm, Great Heck, Goole, E Yorkshire DN14 0BB p049_Lamma2020.indd 3

49 10/12/2019 17:39

All listings are coloured to match their hall, followed by their hall, stand and two-letter grid coordinates for the show map. MDE Agriparts Hall 17 Stand 17.458 Ns 88 Manoo Road, Kesh, Co Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, BT93 1AN. Tel: 02868 631 635 Web: Supplier of good quality, new and second-hand tractor parts at competitive prices. MDT Hall 17 Stand 17.650 Mu Old Bacon Factory, Broadwater Road, Framlingham, Suffolk, IP13 9LL. Tel: 01728 621 680 Web: Family-run company specialising in wearing parts. From tools to protective equipment and ork ear to filters and bearings. A one-stop shop for agriculture. efin Hall 7 Stand 7.114 Em Calea Bucuresti Nr 5, Sinaia, Prahova, 106100, Romania. Tel: 00 40 244 307 031 eb Manufacturer of diesel fuel injection pumps, having built and sold more than three million complete pumps and more than 100 million associated spare parts. Merlo UK Hall 6 Stand 6.220, 6.108 Fo The Paddocks, Headlands Business Park, Salisbury Road, Ringwood, Hampshire, BH24 3PB. Tel: 01425 480 806 Web: Telehandler manufacturer Merlo will be presenting its agricultural TF range. With an extensive range of machines, Merlo has the perfect machine for you. Meta Trak Hall 20 Stand 20.108


Unit 8, The Links, Popham Close, Hanworth, Middlesex, TW13 6JE. Tel: 02088 672 340 Web: Meta Trak provides total security for agricultural vehicles, machinery and ATVs. Sophisticated tracking technology, advanced immobilisation, 24-seven control, room monitoring and an easy-to-use app. Security. Connectivity. Peace of Mind. Metronome Technologies Hall 17 Stand 17.266 Ot 24 Gossamer Gardens, London, E2 9FN. Tel: 01432 806 031 Web: Energy technology company which brings cold storage online to help you take control, pay less and get real-time insights and alerts on your energy use.

50 Lamma 2020 Listings All In GG BB KW.indd 50

MF Hydraulics / Mecklock Hall 6 Stand 6.300 Eq Unit 2, Pony Road, Horspath Industrial Estate, Cowley, Oxfordshire, OX4 2RD. Tel: 01865 715 757. Web: www. Offering a Parker KarryKrimp deal so you can crimp hoses on the go and the Mecklock anti-theft system to keep plant machinery secure. MHA MacIntyre Hudson Hall 10 Stand 10.124 If 1 The Forum, Minerva Business Park, Lynchwood, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE2 6FT. Tel: 01733 568 491 Web: Chartered accountants, tax and business advisers, helping agricultural and rural enterprises achieve growth and success. Michael Williams Engineering Hall 6 Stand 6.206 Ep Queens Park, Wilbraham Road, Fulbourn, Cambridgeshire, CB21 5ET. Tel: 01223 885 964 Web: Family-owned and run business, manufacturing Big Brute industrial vacuum cleaners and the Bangalore Broadside Mk2 bird scarers. Michelin Tyre Hall 9 Stand 9.560 Cc Campbell Road, Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire, ST4 4EY. Web: Michelin’s cutting-edge approach to innovation results in tyres and technology which protect the land, enhance performance, reduce costs and increase farm revenues. Micron Group Hall 20 Stand 20.310 Eu Bromyard Industrial Estate, Bromyard, Herefordshire, HR7 4HS. Tel: 01885 482 397 Web: Micron will exhibit the Varidome band sprayer, plus shielded Enviro sprayers, non-drip weed wipers and a range of handheld spraying equipment. Miedema Mercer Machinery Hall 19 Stand 19.512 Gv

Unit 2, Bowley Court Farms, Hope Under Dinmore, Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 0PL. Tel: 01568 797 601 Web: Supplier of potato handling and irrigation kit, graders, hopper cleaners, bag fillers, telescopic elevators, conveyors and irrigation reels, pumps, pipes and fittings.

Miles Drainage Hall 12 Stand 12.250 Lf odge orks, Great Ashfield, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP31 3HA. Tel: 01359 259 424 Web: Operating nationwide, Miles Drainage provides a GPS-based land drainage design and installation service. Miles Single Leg Mole Plough supplied, refurbished and wearing parts stocked.

Moran Signs and Graphics Hall 18 Stand 18.212 Lu Grangerstown, Whitehall, Castlepollard, Co Westmeath, Republic of Ireland, N91 DX65. Tel: 00 35 30863 489 140 Web: Leading suppliers of tractor, trucks, cars and four-by-four graphics, number plates and accessories. Moran will have full stock and display at Lamma 2020.

Milwaukee Power Tools / Alan Wadkins Toolstore Hall 17 Stand 17.530 Nu Chestnut Street, Darlington, Co Durham, DL1 1QL. Tel: 01325 464 452. Web: www. Visitors can expect great prices on a wide range of machines, with the latest technology available at the show.

MRL Hall 17 Stand 17.666 Mt Kirkby (Tyres), Speke Hall Avenue, Liverpool, Merseyside, L24 1UU. Tel: 08702 428 800 Web: Manufacturer of a large range of quality, value priced agricultural, plant, industrial and multipurpose tyres since 1954. MRL’s range is distributed in the UK and Ireland by Kirkby Tyres.

Mitas Tyres Hall 10 Stand 10.220 Fd 1 Redwing Court, Willow Farm Business Park, Castle Donington, Derbyshire, DE74 2UH. Web: A leading tyre brand for agricultural and construction machinery, material handling equipment, motorcycles, bicycles and other specialty sectors. MOBA Mobile Automation Hall 12 Stand 12.732 Of Unit 6, Spring Hill Road, Park Springs, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S72 7PD. Tel: 01226 444 250 Web: MOBA offers the X-Site 3D machine control guidance system for excavators. Dynamic and underbody weighing, RFID and software provide quality solutions for the waste management and logistics markets. Molson Compact Equipment Hall 9 Stand 9.316 De Bearley, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 0EX. Web: Independent plant and machinery dealer, supplying new and used construction machinery, including excavators, wheel loaders, crushers and screeners, material handlers, shredders and more. Moore Concrete Products Hall 7 Stand 7.104 Ek Caherty House, 41 Woodside Road, Ballymena, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland, BT42 4QH. Tel: 02825 652 566 Web: Moore Concrete is committed to offering high quality pre-cast concrete products ensuring innovative and fle ible solutions for a variety of sectors.

MRT Fencing Hall 8 Stand 8.916 Bj Brierley Park Industrial Estate ay , utton n Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, NG17 3FW. Tel: 01623 703 991 Web: Manufacturer of Ecover stock fencing and other wire fencing products. UK-wide distribution. MTL Advanced Hall 6 Stand 6.210 Fp Britannia House, Junction Street, Darwen, Lancashire, BB3 2RB. Tel: 01254 773 718 Web: Contract manufacturer/stockist of Hardox/Raex wear resistant steel, used in the farm and earth moving machinery industries. Muddy Boots Software Hall 10 Stand 10.320 Gd Phocle Green, Ross On Wye, Herefordshire, HR9 7XU. Tel: 01989 780 540 Web: Visit the stand to meet the Muddy Boots team, chat about farm and agri issues and for demonstrations of Muddy Boots’ latest software. Murray Machinery Hall 20 Stand 20.450


Dinneswood, Tarves, Ellon, Aberdeenshire, AB41 7LR. Tel: 01651 851 636 Web: Manufacturer of material handling attachments for telescopic handlers, tractor loaders and forklifts, plus bale handling equipment, muck-grabs, grain buckets, road graders and more.

10/12/2019 12:16

MX UK Hall 6 Stand 6.918 Bo Hyssop Close, Cannock, Staffordshire, WS11 7XB. Tel: 01543 462 787 Web: Offering the MX range of front loaders for 150-300hp tractors, MX front linkages, auger buckets for grain, silage and roots, plus bale handling equipment. Mzuri Hall 19 Stand 19.340 Hs pringfield arm, eopleton, ershore, orcestershire, . el Web: Quality strip-till equipment designed to reduce costs, improve soil health and maximise yields. A sustainable farming system which takes care of the land while driving down costs.


Nasco iDig Hall 12 Stand 12.736 Pe Unit 1, Craftsman Square, Temple arm ndustrial state, outhend n ea, . eb . Nasco Load indicators will be exhibiting the iDig 2D machine guidance system including hands on demonstrations. National Association of Agricultural Contractors Hall 17 Stand 17.746 Mt he ld art hed, aston odge arms, ansford, eterborough, ambridgeshire, . el Web: Organisation representing the interests of land-based contractors, promoting contracting to Government, non-governmental organisations and land-based industries. National Farmers Union Hall 18 Stand 18.720 Iu Agriculture House, Stoneleigh ark, enil orth, ar ickshire, CV8 2TZ. Tel: 02476 858 500 Web: he U represents , farm business members across ngland and ales, campaigning on the interests of the U food and farming industry. NC Engineering Hall 6 Stand 6.906 Bp illyrudden oad, amiltonsba n, ichhill, o Armagh, orthern reland, . el Web: A diversified manufacturing firm producing a wide range of agricultural and construction machinery since .

New Holland Agriculture / Kongskilde Hall 9 Stand 9.426 Df ranes arm oad, asildon, sse , A . el . eb Offering ploughs, foragers, rakes, mowers, tedders and diet feeders for farmers and contractors. Newtec Odense UK Hall 8 Stand 8-9.108


leet oad ndustrial state, leet oad, olbeach, incolnshire, . el 426 526. Web: A leading manufacturer of weighing, packaging and sorting machinery primarily for the fruit and vegetable industry. NFU Mutual Hall 18 Stand 18.724 Ju iddington oad, tratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 7BJ. el Web: A leading rural insurer. Through its net ork, U utual supports agricultural communities, having done so for more than 100 years. Niagri Engineering Hall 8 Stand 8.814 Bi Cowles Drove Hockwold, hetford, orfolk, . Web: Manufacturer of custom vegetable machinery and recycling equipment. See the range of Dewulf and Miedema planting and harvesting machinery at Lamma. Nick Young Tractor Parts Hall 17 Stand 17.452 Nt Unit , he orge, oor oad, orth ersby, arket asen, incolnshire, . Tel: 01673 828 883 Web: Supplier of new and used parts for John Deere tractors.

NSTS Hall 10 Stand 10.100 Ff amuelson ouse, order ay, ampton, eterborough, ambridgeshire, . Tel: 01733 207 608 Web: ertiliser spreader testing e pert, ith ualified e aminers in the U to check your machine is spreading accurately.


OFAS S.p.A Hall 6 Stand 6.104 Fp Via Dante Alighieri 25, Mussolente, , taly. el 512. Web: A produces blade and seeder discs, plough and subsoiler parts, sweeps, pressing wheels for seeders and tines, using quality uropean ra materials. The Ohio International Intern Program Hall 10 Stand 10.116 If hatham ane, uite , Columbus, Ohio, 43202. el Web: Offering placements and internships for students and graduates with agricultural contractors and a range of farms in the USA. Oko Tyre Sealants Hall 6 Stand 6.128 Em 21 Atlas state, Brookvale oad, Witton, Birmingham, West idlands, . el 565. Web: U manufacturer of effective sealants with a wide range of products designed for individual tyre sectors.

Nickerson Seeds Hall 6 Stand 6.800 Cp oth ell, arket asen, Lincolnshire, LN7 6DT. Tel: 01472 371 661 Web: Nickerson supplies circle ley grass mixers, LG maize, root and fodder crops and quality seed, through a national network.

OMEX Agriculture Hall 10 Stand 10.704 Ie ardney Airfield, upholme, incolnshire, . el Web: otal crop nutrition from , one of the U s largest independent liquid fertiliser manufacturers. Solution suspension and foliar fertilisers supported by research and trials specialists, as well as A ualified sales support.

Nordic Tyres UK Hall 18 Stand 18.656 Js rongray oad, ochside ndustrial state, umfries, cotland, G . el . eb hibiting eat and okian tyres, including the unusual tread of the ne okian ractor ing tyre.

Omnivent Hall 8 Stand 8.936 Bi orse eg , , ee olde, Netherlands. Tel: 00 31 655 146 608. Web: Specialist in the development, manufacture and installation of bespoke leading-edge ventilation and climate control technologies.

Lamma 2020 Listings All In GG BB KW.indd 51

OnePay for Business Hall 11 Stand 11.126


ayfield ouse, o er ail ay oad, lkley, est orkshire, . el Web: A leading provider of payment solutions for temporary staff who cannot open a U bank account. Openfield Hall 20 Stand 20.410 Eu oney ot ane, olster orth, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG33 . el eb armer o ned grain business. isit the penfield stand to discuss your seed, fertiliser, marketing and storage needs. OPICO Hall 6 Stand 6.230 En herry olt oad, ourne, incolnshire, A. Tel: 01778 421 111 Web: mporter for machinery brands A, , trautmann, Maschio Gaspardo. Distributes grain dryers, grassland machinery and arable equipment under its o n brand. Orbital Industries Hall 8 Stand 8.400 Dj Albert ouse, Albert oad, am orth, taffordshire, . Tel: 01213 088 111. Web: www. ackaging specialists ith more than years e perience and knowledge of the industry. Supplies everything to wrap, secure and protect your products. Orsi Group Srl Hall 11 Stand 11.450 Kc Via S.Andrea 2A, 40050 ascarino di astello d Argile, ologna, taly. el 867 072. Web: talian manufacturer of hedge cutters, flail mo ers, hydraulic cutting heads, cutting robot, rotary tillers, snow ploughs, salt spreaders, hydraulic elevators, self propelled platforms.


Pan Anglia Hall 7 Stand 7.924 Bl Addison oad, hiltern ndustrial state, udbury, uffolk, . el . Web: Wear parts for ploughs, tillage subsoilers and root crop machines, including seedbed preparation, destoning and planting. Harvesting equipment and Walterscheid power take-off.

51 10/12/2019 12:16

All listings are coloured to match their hall, followed by their hall, stand and two-letter grid coordinates for the show map. P. and K. Shutter Services Hall 17 Stand 17.638 Lu Unit 8, Westhoughton Industrial Estate, Westhoughton, Bolton, Lancashire, BL5 3QR. Tel: 01942 840 593. Web: www. Family-run business established for more than 25 years. Builds, supplies and installs industrial doors across the UK. Paragon Bank Hall 8 Stand 8-9.102 Eh Burlington House, Grange Drive, Hedge End, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 2AF. Tel: 01959 580 093. Web: www. Award-winning specialist lender, supporting UK businesses to achieve their growth ambitions and fund new and used agricultural machinery of all sizes. Parkerfarm Weighing Systems Hall 18 Stand 18.704 Jv Titan Works, Bridge Way, hesterfield rading state, Derbyshire, S41 9QJ. Tel: 01246 260 062. Web: UK manufacturer of full-size, trade-approved weighbridges, specialising in selling to the agricultural and food industries.

Patchwork Technology Hall 8 Stand 8-9.106 Eh Oaklands, Llancayo Court, Usk, Monmouthshire, NP15 1HY. Tel: 01291 673 366 Web: Implement control, guidance and variable rate systems designed to improve profitability. Payne Crop Nutrition Hall 11 Stand 11.512 Ke Agri-Park, Hempton, Fakenham, Norfolk, NR21 7DY. Tel: 01328 864 864. Web: www. Bespoke fertiliser blender, specialising in soil sampling for root crops crop nutrition advice. PBE Hall 12 Stand 12.704 Og The Dutch Barn, Broadview Farm, Tiverton, Devon, EX16 7DN. Web: Slurry spike injector for use with umbilical systems and tankers. Pentair Hypro EU Hall 9 Stand 9.416 Df Station Road, Long Stanton, Cambridgeshire, CB24 3DS. Tel: 01954 260 097 Web: See Pentair’s precision spray nozzles in action, receive a nozzle recommendation and free sample.

Perkins Engines Company Hall 17 Stand 17.440 Nt Frank Perkins Parkway, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE1 5FQ. Tel: 01733 584 437 Web: Perkins actively supports more than five million erkins engines with genuine parts, approved service and guidance. Find out how to maintain your Perkins engine at optimum performance. Perry Of Oakley Hall 8 Stand 8.716 Cj unkes ell Airfield, unkes ell, Honiton, Devon, EX14 4LF. Tel: 01404 890 300 Web: Manufacturer of grain handling, drying and storage equipment. Products include grain driers, belt driers, conveyors, elevators, augers and more. Peterson Europe Hall 10 Stand 10.322 Gd Unit D9, Brunel Gate, Telford Close, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP19 8AR. Tel: 01296 340 045. Web: www. An industry leader in LED vehicle lighting technology and the European sales, distribution and technical support partner of Peterson Manufacturing.

PFC Hall 11 Stand 11.518 Kd Middle Barlington, Roborough, Winkleigh, Devon, EX19 8AG. Tel: 01805 603 363 Web: Baler-mounted precision moisture sensors. Application equipment with automatic or manual control for all types of balers and forage wagons. PFM Packaging Machinery Hall 8 Stand 8.924 Bi PFM House, 2 Pilgrim Way, Stanningley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS28 6LU. Tel: 01132 393 401 Web: Designer and manufacturer of packaging machinery, including flo rap, , hori ontal pouch machinery and weighing systems with comprehensive after sales support from Leeds. Philip Watkins Hall 11 Stand 11.224 Jd Hall Farm, Stainton, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S66 7QY. Tel: 01709 798 522 Web: Manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of machinery to the agricultural industry, specialising in min-till and custom-built equipment made to order.

Get Back Control Machine Key Features: • • • • • • •

See us in HALL 20, stand 572

Electronic rate control Fitted to rollers up to 16m 200L, 400L & 1200L hoppers High capacity hydraulic fan 0.5m nozzle spacings (no drift) Metering unit designed for Avadex Also apply OSR or slug pellets


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10/12/2019 12:18

Phytoform Labs Hall 17 Stand 17.134 Pt Lawes Open Innovation Hub, Rothamsted Research, West Common, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 2JQ. Web: Phytoform uses computational biology and genome editing technologies to discover and introduce new crop traits to make agriculture more sustainable, resilient and nutritional. Pichon Hall 9 Stand 9.200 Eg Boulevard Andre Malraux, 29400, Landivisiau. Web: www. French slurry tanker specialist Pichon has been manufacturing high-quality galvanised slurry tankers for 50 years. Also manufactures galvanised muck spreaders and slurry mixers. Pinpoint Consultants Hall 11 Stand 11.128 Jd 14 The Street, Roxwell, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 4PA. Web: www. Hexagon Agriculture and Leica Agriculture dealer and approved warranty centre. Specialising in aftermarket global navigation solutions which are affordable, reliable and easy to use.

Pioneer Europe NV Hall 17 Stand 17.240 Ou Salamonoa, Wellington Street, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 1YP. Web: Providing in-vehicle entertainment and navigation systems. Whether it is navigation, Bluetooth, phone connectivity, DAB, or upgraded audio, systems Pioneer has the perfect solution. Pirelli Hall 9 Stand 9.324 Dd Kirkby (Tyres), Speke Hall Avenue, Liverpool, Merseyside, L24 1UU. Tel: 08702 428 800 Web: Distributed in the UK and Ireland by Kirkby Tyres, Pirelli returns to the European agro market with the PHP range after several years of development. Plot Feeds Hall 8 Stand 8.116 Ch Corner House, Cottager’s Plot, Laceby, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, DN37 7DX. Tel: 01472 753 936 Web: Supplier of Kongskilde grain handling equipment, worldrenowned pneumatic handling equipment, rotary drum cleaners, augers, elevators and conveyors, chain and paddle conveyors, high and low pressure fans.

n us o Join 6.910 at d stan

PMC Harvesters Hall 9 Stand 9.258


Holt Road, Fakenham, Norfolk, NR21 8JH. Tel: 01328 85 111 Web: Manufacturer of high capacity self-propelled harvesters for vining peas, green beans, spinach and herbs. Polmac Hall 9 Stand 9.328


Via Statale Sud 137,41037 Mirandola, Modena, Italy. Tel: 00 39 053 520 004 Web: Supplier of on-board computers, spare parts, components and nozzles for sprayers, spreaders and miscellaneous equipment. Pottinger UK Hall 7 Stand 7.700 Cm 15 St Marks Road, Corby, Northamptonshire, NN18 8AN. Tel: 01536 272 220 Web: A leading manufacturer of drills, tillage and grassland machinery. Visit Pottinger’s stand to see the large product range on offer.

Precise Solutions GPS Hall 9 Stand 9.254 Ec Cote House Farm, Wetheral, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA4 8HZ. Tel: 01228 580 372 Web: Precise Solutions GPS will showcase the new GPS7500 DualTrac from Ag Leader, and the InCommand display range, including AgFiniti wireless data transfer, and F1RTK, the UK-wide RTK NTRIP network Premium Crops Hall 11 Stand 11.514 Ke Whitedale Farm, East Street, Hambledon, Hampshire, PO7 4RZ. Tel: 02392 632 883 Web: Supplier of speciality and added value arable crops. From seed to agronomy and buy-back contracts; find out about adding value to your cropping options. Prior Diesel Hall 11 Stand 11.422 Kd Gapton Hall Road, Gapton Hall Industrial Estate, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR31 0NL. Tel: 01493 441 388 Web: A global leader in diesel driven solutions offering parts, sales and service to all markets and types of machinery. Trailed Fertiliser & Lime Spreaders


Dales Agri Sales Agency Ltd

Agri-Spread UK Importer Made in Britain used worldwide



Robert Taylor 07967 808285

Visit us at Lamma: Hall 6, Stand 6.624

Y body spinner deck Y body vertical beater Classic vertical beater 18 to 40 tonnes. 8 to 40 tonnes. 8 to 18 tonnes. Single, Tandem & Tri-Axle options

Magnum spinner deck 20 to 50 tonnes.

Flat trailers 24 to 32 feet.

Bulk trailers 14 to 20 tonnes.

Agrihire now produce the only British built plough on the market, the Hubert AH, through their fabrication division - AH Engineering. Using a combination of well proven genuine Dowdeswell parts & modern updates. Ploughs are available from 5 to 10 furrows to suit horsepowers up to 600hp, in furrow & on land options with a choice of bodies including DD, DDS, UCN, SCN & Slatted.

Sales Parts & Hydraulics Ben Clowes Jeremy Waspe 07764 968206 01473 744184

Hire Transmissions James Seeley Mick Hewitt 07860 849685 01473 240377

Visit us at Lamma: Hall 12, Stand 12.690 Rear Discharge Spreaders

Agri-Spread UK Importer

Lamma 2020 Listings All In GG BB KW.indd 53

Paul Kelloway 07734 559 696

53 10/12/2019 12:19

All listings are coloured to match their hall, followed by their hall, stand and two-letter grid coordinates for the show map. Procam UK Hall 12 Stand 12.614


2020 Cambourne Business Park, Cambridgeshire, CV23 6DW. Tel: 01954 712 154 Web: Network of specialist businesses which cover the UK aiming to deliver ‘Agronomy that Delivers’. Procam’s technical expertise delivers practical on-farm knowledge and insights. Prodata Weather Systems Hall 11 Stand 11.516 Kd Unit 7, Espace North Building, 181 Wisbech Road, Littleport, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB6 1RA. Tel: 03336 664 175 Web: Supplier of cost-effective environmental monitoring solutions to the agricultural market for nearly 25 years. Prodata offers tailormade solutions and services to surpass customer expectations. PROFI Farm Machinery Magazine Hall 20 Stand 20.414 Eu Cudham Tithe Barn, Berrys Hill, Cudham, Kent, TN16 3AG. Tel: 01959 543 747 eb Magazine delivering quality, unbiased new and used farm machinery information, easy-tofollow maintenance articles and more. Browse PROFI’s selection of magazines, merchandise and special show offers. Prostraw Systems Hall 6 Stand 6.802 Co Grove Farm, Barrow, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP29 5BE. Web: The ProStraw Systems team looks forward to meeting existing clients and new potential customers. ProStraw Systems will be exhibiting Stack Sheet Covers and Parkland bale accumulator.


QLF Agronomy Hall 9 Stand 9.334 Dc Farley, Nr Much, Wenlock, Shropshire, TF13 6NX. Tel: 01952 727 754 Web: Supplier of conventional liquid fertilisers, liquid-carbon based fertiliser and Landowner Blue. Find out how to increase your fertiliser efficiency through the use of carbon and regenerative farming practices.

54 Lamma 2020 Listings All In GG BB KW.indd 54

Quadzilla and CFMOTO Hall 18 Stand 18.728 Jt Lodge Farm, Tetford Road, High Toynton, Horncastle, Lincolnshire, LN9 6NR. Tel: 01507 523 900 Web: CFMOTO, brought to you by Quadzilla, to offer you the latest models of quad bikes, side by sides and UTVs.

R. and S. Insulation Hall 8 Stand 8.124 Bh Unit 5, Courtney Street Unit Factory Estate, Courtney Street, Hull, Lincolnshire, HU8 7QF. Web: For all your spray-applied polyurethane foam insulation needs, contact Steve on 07818 073 625, or Richard on 07539 255 518, or email sales@ for a free no obligation quote.

Quick Cut Hall 20 Stand 20.578 Dq Mill House, A64 East Knapton, Malton, North Yorkshire, YO17 8JA. Tel: 01944 728 186 Web: The wholecrop header from Quickcut offers a range of cutting widths from four to 6.4 metres, and high-speed wholecrop cutting.

Raptor 4x4 Hall 18 Stand 18.112 Js Benedict Court, Southern Avenue, Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 0QF. Tel: 01568 799 004 Web: A leading supplier of vehicle accessories. From LED lighting to winches, Raptor supplies it all. Visit the stand for exclusive offers.

Quicke UK Hall 6 Stand 6.700 Cp 315 Elm Drive, Hartlebury Trading Estate, Hartlebury, Worcestershire, DY10 4JB. Tel: 01299 250 922 Web: Displaying the premium Q-series and mid-range X-series loaders, plus the new G Series bucket ranges and new Compact loader.

RAU Farm 491 Hall 17 Stand 17.272 Ot The Royal Agricultural University, Stroud Road, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 6JS. Tel: 01285 889 935 Web: Farm491 is a membership organisation, incubator and innovation space enabling entrepreneurs to turn technologies into successful, growing businesses.

Related Fluid Power Hall 7 Stand 7.820 Ck Cupar Muir, Cupar, Fife, KY15 5SL. Tel: 01334 655 600. Web: .relatedfluidpo Leading UK manufacturer of hydraulic manifold controls and power unit systems, Related Fluid Power will showcase some typical examples of its custom-designed controls used in agriculture and its associated industries.

Radio Trader Hall 17 Stand 17.614 Mv Unit 3, Turnstone Business Park, Mulberry Avenue, Widnes, Cheshire, WA8 0WN. Tel: 01516 762 888 Web: Radiotrader specialises in reliable and affordable radio systems to the agri industry. Portable radios ensure constant, uninterrupted, private, clear communication.

Razorback Hall 19 Stand 19.340 Hs pringfield arm, eopleton, Pershore, Worcestershire, WR10 2BF. Tel: 01905 841 123 Web: New for 2020, Razorback is launching a range of grassland equipment including an innovative rotary mower and grass rake and the Auto-Level 550 rotary hedge cutter.


Radviliskis Machine Factory Hall 8 Stand 8.908 Bj Vyauto 3, Radviliskis, LT-82151, Lithuania. Tel: 00 37061 427 373 Web: Producer of equipment for straw and wood pellet production, plus agricultural equipment and bespoke metalwork operations. Jd

RDS MME Hall 11 Stand 11.120 Je Cirencester Road, Minchinhampton, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL6 9BH. Tel: 01249 472 446 Web: RDS provides products such as on-board weighing, tracking solutions and data management to allow farmers to maximise their efficiencies and profitability.

Grange Road, Ickleton, Essex, CB10 1TA. Tel: 01799 533 700 Web: Cereal breeder, supplying seed around the world. Discover seed varieties you can have total confidence in. ind out ho you can grow to expect the best.

Reaseheath College Hall 10 Stand 10.108 Gf Reaseheath, Nantwich, Cheshire, CW5 6DF. Tel: 01270 625 131 Web: Land-based college offering diplomas, apprenticeships and degrees. Reaseheath’s specialist facilities, expert teaching staff and great industry links help you prepare for your chosen career.


RAGT Seeds Hall 11 Stand 11.228

Redrock Machinery Hall 12 Stand 12.424 Ng 77 Redrock Road, Collone, Armagh, Co Armagh, Northern Ireland, BT60 2BL. Tel: 02837 552 390. Web: www.redrock Manufacturer of a range of ration feeding, silage handling, slurry mixing, pumping, spreading equipment and silage/grain trailers to the highest standard. Reesink Turfcare Hall 17 Stand 17.230 Ou 1-3 Station Road, St Neots, Cambridgeshire, PE19 1QH. Tel: 01480 226 800 Web: See the UK launch of Farmtrac’s range of compact, competitively priced tractors ideal for small farms, smallholdings, equestrian centres and contractors.

nels nd r files Hall 17 Stand 17.448

Rue du Mont des Carliers 4, B-7522, Blandain, Belgium. Tel: 00326 944 6680. Web: .re Producer of composite panels, roof tiles, metal sheets, composite roof tile panels and flashings. Passion and dedication are key to Rex’s quality products. RH Claydon Hall 11 Stand 11.506 Le Saxham Industrial Estate, Saxham, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 6RZ. Tel: 01284 778 509 Web: Specialist in off-highway tyres, offering a full range of agricultural, plant and construction, ATV, lawn and turf tyres and more. Richard Western Hall 6 Stand 6.214 Fo D’Urbans, Framlingham, Suffolk, IP13 9RP. Web: Manufacturer of agricultural machinery including tandem and tri-axle grain, silage and general purpose trailers from 10-24 tonnes; vertical beater, spining disc and SDS manure spreaders.

10/12/2019 12:19

Rima UK Hall 17 Stand 17.398 Os Unit 2, Rashs Green Industrial Estate, Dereham, Norfolk, NR19 1JG. Tel: 01362 697 772. Web: Offering products such as mechanical and hydraulic jacks and stabilisers, ball bearing turntables for trailers and hydraulic cylinders plus accessories for agricultural equipment. Ritchie Bros. UK Hall 19 Stand 19.104 Gs The Millhouse Business Centre, Station Road, Castle Donington, Derbyshire, DE74 2NJ. Tel: 01332 819 700 Web: Ritchie Bros and IronPlanet has the market knowledge and auction experience to get you results. RNT Tanks and Silos Hall 8 Stand 8.800 Cj Unit 8, Drove End Industrial Estate, Gamlingay, Sandy, Bedfordshire, SG19 2HX. Tel: 01767 654 916 Web: UK manufacturer of galvanised, corrugated steel tanks for water storage applications including rainwater harvesting, irrigation, horticulture and fish farming. Roadnight Taylor Hall 7 Stand 7.112 Em Long Barn, The Old Brewery, Priory Lane, Burford, Oxfordshire, OX18 3SG. Tel: 01993 830 571 Web: Independent power and energy consultancy helping landowners make more from energy, offering advice on rene able and fle ible generation, demand management, energy storage, grid connections, microgrids, vehicle charging, tariffs and metering.

Robinson Structures Hall 18 Stand 18.510 Kv Haslams Lane, Derby, Derbyshire, DE21 4TS. Tel: 01332 574 711 Web: Steel construction specialist in the agriculture and industrial sectors. Listening to clients to deliver quality buildings which meet their needs from concept to completion. Robustrack Hall 20 Stand 20.570 Dr Unit 15, Ingleton Industrial Estate, Ingleton, Lancashire, LA6 3NU. Tel: 01524 242 414 Web: Supplying hydraulic attachments for earth moving machinery to the construction and farming sectors, including flail mo er heads, mulchers, concrete mixing buckets, pile drivers augers. Robydome Hall 8 Stand 8.706 Cj Woodhall Business Park, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 1WH. Tel: 01787 310 163 Web: Design and manufacturer of crop storage monitoring and control systems. Products range from simple hand held units and lance probes to fully automatic ventilation control systems. Rolland Trailers Hall 19 Stand 19.632


Z.A Des Landes, 29800, reflevene , rance. Web: Specialist in grain silage and root trailers from eight to 24 tonnes, spreaders for manure and chicken muck 5t-24t, hydraulic lowering cattle trailers. Also hook lifts, flatbed and dump trailers.

Roadphone NRB Hall 17 Stand 17.446 Nt Pinfold Road, Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 9HT. Tel: 01778 393 938 Web: Roadphone NRB has thousands of the latest radios in its hire fleet, meaning your solution is just a phone call away.

Roto Spiral Hall 7 Stand 7.912 Bm Knocktopher, Co Kilkenny, R95 CYU3, Republic of Ireland. Tel: 00 35 30567 768 619 Web: Manufacturer of helicoid flighting and scre conveyors mixers, specialising in building and installing material handling equipment in all industries.

Robin Appel Hall 10 Stand 10.306 Ge Church Court, Clewers Hill, Waltham Chase, Hampshire, SO32 2LN. Tel: 01489 896 388 Web: Grain merchant managing a portfolio of grain supply contracts, including exclusive markets in the malting barley, milling oats and organic grains sector.

Rototilt Hall 17 Stand 17.500 Nv St James House, 13 Kensington Square, London, W8 5HD. Tel: 08007 723 355 Web: Manufacturer for tiltrotators and attachments on excavators from 1.5-40 tonnes. See how Rototilt can transform your excavator and your business.

Round House Building Solutions Hall 8 Stand 8.714 Cj Harmire Enterprise Park, Barnard Castle, Co Durham, DL12 8EH. Tel: 01833 696 927 Web: The award-winning Roundhouse is recognised as a cost-effective way of managing and handling stock in an environment which appeals to the animals and their operators. Rowlinson Packaging (South) Hall 8 Stand 8.928 Bi 1-5 Caxton Way, Thetford, Norfolk, IP24 3RY. Tel: 01842 753 262 Web: ourth generation family business and one of the largest agricultural box manufacturers in the UK. Rowlinson has factories in Norfolk and Cheshire and supplies nationwide. Roxan ID Hall 7 Stand 7.724 Ck Pheasant Mill, Dunsdale Road, Selkirk, Scotland, TD7 5DZ. Tel: 01750 724 110 Web: Make managing your livestock simpler ith ag aster, the automatic ear tagging system for sheep, accurate animal health delivery systems from Simcro and simple EID readers from Datamars. Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution Hall 10 Stand 10.132 Je Shaw House, 27 West Way, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX2 0QH. Tel: 01865 724 931 Web: The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution is a grant-making charity which helps farming people of all ages if they are in financial difficulty. Roythornes Solicitors Hall 10 Stand 10.112 Gf Enterprise Way, Pinchbeck, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE11 3YR. Tel: 01775 842 596 Web: A leading agricultural la firm with an in-depth understanding of the issues faced by farm businesses and their owners. The RPA (Rural Payments Agency) Hall 11 Stand 11.130 Gf Po Box 69, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 3YD. Tel: 03000 200 301 eb rpa The RPA makes payments to farmers, traders and land owners for the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy schemes in England including the Basic Payment Scheme and Rural Development payments.

Lamma 2020 Listings All In GG BB KW.indd 55

RST Irrigation Hall 20 Stand 20.426 Et he rricentre, edge en, Lakenham, Brandon, Suffolk, . el Web: Importer of Perrot hose reels, immatic pivots linears and aesa pipes and fittings. Manufacturer of diesel pumpsets and electric pumphouses. RTK Farming Hall 6 Stand 6.126 Em a k ill arm, ill oad, ittle Wilbraham, Cambridgeshire, CB21 5LG. Web: One of the UK’s largest providers of RTK signal. As farmers, RTK understands the need for an affordable and reliable service. Ryetec Industrial Equipment Hall 20 Stand 20.574 Dq Mill House, A64 East Knapton, Malton, North Yorkshire, YO17 8JA. Tel: 01944 728 186 Web: upplier of a Ag lo disturbance mounted and trailed drills, Gustrower high capacity lime and fertiliser spreaders, Agrex mobile grain driers and eru o conservation flail collectors. Rygor Commercials Hall 12 Stand 12.630


West Wilts Trading Estate, Westbury, Wiltshire, BA13 4JX. Tel: 02088 908 907 Web: ercedes en commercial vehicle dealership which supplies and maintains the ercede en Unimog – one of the most versatile and robust vehicles on the market.


SafeShaft Systems Hall 19 Stand 19.232 It Via Hickey abrications, Kilmacthomas, Co Waterford, Republic of Ireland. Tel: 0876 380 643 Web: SafeShaft is an award-winning, CE marked and patent pending alternative for current pto shaft drive technology. Salmac Hall 8 Stand 8.504 Dj 2 Bridge Cottages, Colworth, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 2DT. Web: Supplier of bed formers, stone buriers, seed drills, salad and baby leaf harvesters, block and module transplanters as well as bespoke built machines.

55 10/12/2019 12:19

All listings are coloured to match their hall, followed by their hall, stand and two-letter grid coordinates for the show map. Samagri Hall 20 Stand 20.708 Cu Manor Court Store, Scratchface Lane, Herriard, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG25 2TX. Tel: 01256 384 208 Web: Samagri will showcase a range of Kockerling cultivators and seed drills, and the Virkar Dynamic direct drill will be making its Lamma debut.

Scotts Precision Manufacturing Hall 8 Stand 8.900 Bj Slate Worx, Station Road, Eastville, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE22 8LT. Tel: 01205 270 128 Web: Manufacturer of vegetable cleaning and harvesting machinery, including Evolution separators, Trinity haulm toppers and Microlift Pro fully mounted lifters.

Samco Agricultural Manufacturing Hall 18 Stand 18.306 Lv Tuogh, Adare, Co Limerick, Republic of Ireland. Tel: 00 35 361 396 176 Web: Designer and manufacturer of the SAMCO three-in-one machine which sows seed, sprays soil with pre-emergence herbicide, and lays a thin layer of biodegradable plastic film over the seedbed.

SCS Spreader and Sprayer Testing Hall 18 Stand 18.110 Js Rookery Farm, Rookery Corner, Wheaton Aston, Staffordshire, ST19 9QF. Tel: 01785 840 849 Web: A leading testing company with a team of 28 engineers offering nationwide coverage of testing of fertiliser spreaders, sprayers, slug pelleters and granular applicators.

Sands Agricultural Machinery Hall 9 Stand 9.554 Cd Main Road, Brunstead, Norwich, Norfolk, NR12 9ER. Tel: 01692 580 522 Web: British manufacturer of high performance self-propelled crop sprayers from 3,000-6,000 litres, with a large selection of extras. Boom widths of 24-40 metres. Satake Hall 8 Stand 8.108 Cd orsfield ay, redbury ndustrial Park, Stockport, Cheshire, SK6 2SU. Tel: 01614 063 888 Web: A leading manufacturer of equipment for rice, wheat, maize and colour sorting industries, providing bespoke solutions from individual machines to turnkey projects. SCCS Survey Equipment Hall 17 Stand 17.546 Nu Alpha House, Alpha Drive, Eaton Socon, St Neots, Cambridgeshire, PE19 8JJ. Tel: 01480 404 888 Web: A leading provider of technologically advanced surveying hardware and software with solutions for positioning and measuring in the UK. Schaffer Hall 18 Stand 18.604 Jv Auf den Thranen, Erwitte, D-59597. Web: A leading supplier of highperformance compact, wheel and telescopic wheel loaders. Durable and reliable, with low operating costs and a long life.

56 Lamma 2020 Listings All In GG BB KW.indd 56

SDF UK Hall 7 Stand 7.604 Dl Barby Lane, Barby, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV23 8TD. Tel: 01788 891 892 Web: On display will be a selection of tractors from the 5, 6, 7 and 9 Series ranges with transmission options from mechanical synchro shuttle, through Powershift, RC Shift and TTV. Along with combines and precision farming.

Severn Trent Hall 11 Stand 11.412 Ke Old Hattons Farm, Cartwright Lane, Coven, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV9 5BF. Tel: 08009 177 253 Web: environment/biosolids-recycling Providing farmers with costeffective fertiliser. Meet the team to find out ho you can save money. Shearwell Data Hall 7 Stand 7.110 El Putham, Wheddon Cross, Minehead, Somerset, TA24 7AS. Tel: 01643 841 611 Web: Supplying exceptional livestock tags, including the Ketchum metal cattle tag, on-farm software, EID management systems, plus livestock recording apps for phones and tablets. Shelbourne Reynolds Hall 12 Stand 12.200 Mh Shepherds Grove, Stanton, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP31 2AR. Tel: 01359 250 415 Web: Shelbourne will be exhibiting machines from its design office and built in-house, including a wide range of hedge trimmers, plus a selection of livestock and harvesting equipment.

e fl Hall 12 Stand 12.734 Of Unit 10, Waterfall Trading Estate, Waterfall Lane, Cradley Heath, West Midlands, B64 6PU. Tel: 01215 598 580 eb .seaflo Displaying the transcool portable evaporative cooler – enjoy cool air stationary or on the move, plus wireless trailer lights, tractor and trailer spares.

Sheltons Drainage Hall 6 Stand 6.930 Bn Baumber Farm, Baumber, Horncastle, Lincolnshire, LN9 5NF. Tel: 01507 578 288. Web: www. Design, manufacture and sales of drainage machinery. Sheltons will exhibit the CT150 chain trencher, a tractor-mounted machine with laser grading capability to rival a self propelled trencher.

Sencrop Hall 10 Stand 10.812 Ie 2 Rue Fourier, 59000 Lille, France. Tel: 00 33 972 606 440 Web: With its connected sensors at the service of agriculture, the Sencrop weather station allows farmers to receive real-time and local weather data.

Shropshire Quads – Hall 11 Stand 11.616 Le Shunesley, Cleobury Mortimer, Kidderminster, Shropshire, DY14 8LN. Web: www. Professionally converted Suzuki Jimnys using the quality factorydesigned, manufactured and tested materials to produce small, lightweight and versatile pickups ith a factory built finish.

Severn Agriculture Hall 9 Stand 9.460 Dd Windmill Farm, Hartley Lane, Sevensprings, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL53 9NF. Tel: 01242 870 452. Web: www. Specialist in the service, sales, spare parts and NSTS testing for agricultural crop sprayers. Bargam dealer, also offering Vicon and McConnell sprayers.

h ffle Hall 7 Stand 7.102 Ek Crosshands Business Park, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, SA14 6RE. Tel: 01269 831 831 eb Manufacturer and builder of quality agricultural and industrial steel-framed buildings.

Shutts Farm Machinery Hall 7 Stand 7.906 Bm Shutts Farm, Shutts Lane, Bakewell, Derbyshire, DE45 1JA. Web: www. Importer of ELHO and ROC farm machinery for the UK. Silawrap Hall 19 Stand 19.630 Ft Courtown Road, Gorey, Co Wexford, Y25 YV05, Republic of Ireland. Tel: 00 35 30 862 887 089 Web: upplier of ila rap film, as used on nine million bales. Silawrap bale wrap offers strength and elasticity, used on 265m bales worldwide. Silostop Hall 7 Stand 7.116


Premier House, 309 Ballards Lane, London, N12 8LY. Tel: 02036 965 760 Web: Silostop’s products help farmers and producers around the world make the best silage, reducing labour cost and plastic use. Simtech Aitchison Hall 18 Stand 18.250 Kt Stud Farm, Stratford St Andrew, Saxmundham, Suffolk, IP17 1LW. Tel: 01728 602 178. Web: Low disturbance inverted T-Slot seed drills. T-Sem and T-Sem Grass for direct, min-till, pasture and conventional drilling. Sinar Technology Hall 8 Stand 8.112 Eh Unit 4, Camberley Business Centre, Bracebridge, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 3DP. Web: Visit Sinar to discuss the future of on-farm moisture testing and best practice for grain applications. Singleton Agri Hall 6 Stand 6.124 Fn Po Box 6628, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG31 8TR. Web: Independent distributor of quality silage wrap, baler twine and net wrap. SIP Strojna Industrija Hall 19 Stand 19.300 Hv Juhartova Uliciaz, Sempeter, 3311, Slovenia. Tel: 00 38 637 038 702 Web: SIP is going large for 2020, with new larger models from the mower/tedder/rake and belt rake range on display.

10/12/2019 12:20

Sipcam UK Hall 17 Stand 17.244 Ou 4c Archway House, The Lanterns, Melbourn Street, Royston, Hertfordshire, SG8 7BX. Web: Working in partnership with its distributors Sipcam provides quality assured, cost effective solutions to a number of weed, insect pest and disease problems in UK crops. S.J. Stanberry and Sons Hall 17 Stand 17.420


Tretton Manor Barns, Lowgate, Tydd St Mary, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, PE13 5PD. Tel: 01945 870 076 Web: oncrete flooring, offering a nationwide service. Providing preparation, groundworks, internal or external concrete flooring for stores, sheds, aprons, A tank bases and steel fi ing. Sky Agriculture Hall 6 Stand 6.230 En Cherry Holt Road, Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 9LA. Tel: 01778 421 111 Web: Providing high capacity drilling solutions for all soil conditions and cultivation systems, distributed in the UK by OPICO. Slanetrac Engineering Hall 6 Stand 6.712 Cp Dean Hill, Hayes, Navan, Co Meath, Republic of Ireland, C15 VN29. Tel: 00 35 34 69 024 858 Web: Manufacturer of the Slanetrac HT1000 tracked dumpers and a wide range of specialist attachments for mini diggers. SlurryKat Hall 18 Stand 18.220 Lu 44 Lowtown Road, Waringstown, Craigavon, Co Armagh, Northern Ireland, BT66 7SJ. Tel: 02838 820 862 Web: A leading manufacturer of innovative slurry/manure handling solutions to the agriculture and AD biogas industries. Full range of trailers also available. Sly Agri Hall 19 Stand 19.412 Gu Cliftons Bridge, Fishergate, Sutton St James, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE12 0EZ. Tel: 01945 440 999 Web: Sly Agri has on display components representing the range of no-till and min-till machinery, such as the Sly-Boss direct drill and Sly Strip-Cat.

Snap-Tite Hose Hall 17 Stand 17.120 Os Whitemill Industrial Estate, Whitemill, Wexford Town, Republic of Ireland, Y35 DHF1. Tel: 00 35 3539 184 449 Web: Manufacturer of quality polyurethane layflat hoses for the industrial and agricultural sectors. A respected brand with a global market presence. Somero Enterprises Hall 17 Stand 17.322


Units 1-5, Dunston Trade Park, hesterfield, erbyshire, 9QD. Tel: 01246 454 455 Web: Supplying the equipment needed to place concrete floors faster and flatter. SOYL Hall 10 Stand 10.120 If Unit F, Kennetside, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 5PX. Tel: 01635 204 199. Web: Precision crop production service, producing/interpreting variable rate maps. Innovative technology, robust data, expert advice and technical support to improve growers’ economic, agronomic and environmental performance. Spaldings Hall 20 Stand 20.530 Dt 25-35 Sadler Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN6 3XJ. Tel: 01522 500 600 Web: Wholesaler of agricultural wearing parts, workshop tools and equipment. Importers of TMC Cancela toppers and Mulchers. Spanwright Precast Concrete Hall 8 Stand 8.420 Di Swanns Cross, Rorkcorry, Co Monaghan, Republic of Ireland. Tel: 00 35 34 29 744 811 Web: Pre-cast concrete solutions for grain drying floors; dairy, beef and pig slatted floors; feeding troughs and slurry channels, plus hybrid rubber and concrete floors. Sparex Hall 20 Stand 20.540 Ds Exeter Airport Industrial Estate, Exeter, Devon, EX5 2LJ. Web: Supplying parts for leading tractor brands, plus an accessories range and award-winning innovative products, designed to make farming simpler.

Spearhead Machinery Hall 6 Stand 6.320 Eo Station Road, Salford Priors, Evesham, Worcestershire, WR11 8SW. Tel: 01789 491 860. Web: A leading manufacturer of large area rotary mowers, specialising in vegetation maintenance and stubble management technology. Spread-A-Bale Hall 20 Stand 20.406 Du Thornton Science Park, Pool Lane, Ince, Chester, Cheshire, CH2 4NU. Tel: 01244 394 258 Web: Truly self-loading for round and rectangular bales. Spreads in under a minute with minimum dust generation, significant straw and labour savings. Spreadwise Hall 7 Stand 7.958 Bk Dairy House Farm, Main Road, Worleston, Nantwich, Cheshire, CW5 6DN. Tel: 01270 623 566 Web: Manufacturer of umbilical pumping equipment, Spreadwise takes pride in its customer service and after sales care. Stocks a range of spare parts for Bauer, Ferrari and Vogelsang equipment. Springmasters Hall 17 Stand 17.454 Ns Arthur Street, Lakeside, Redditch, Worcestershire, B98 8LF. Tel: 01527 521 000 Web: A leading manufacturer and stockist of springs, wire forms, pressings, Belleville springs, linch pins, circlips and amp; trailer drawbar springs. Staines Trailers Hall 18 Stand 18.514 Kv Huntshaw Barton Farm, Huntshaw, Torrington, EX38 7HH. Tel: 01805 623 255 Web: Manufacturer of bespoke build and standard stock high quality heavy duty agricultural trailers made in North Devon using British suppliers and the latest technology. Standen Engineering Hall 8 Stand 8.824 Bi Hereward Works, Station Road, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB7 4BP. Tel: 01353 661 111 Web: A leading UK manufacturer and worldwide exporter of potato planting and harvesting machinery. Importer vegetable and salad planting and harvesting machines through its tanden efle brand.

Lamma 2020 Listings All In GG BB KW.indd 57

Steinbauer Performance Hall 20 Stand 20.806 Ct Llamedos, Hay Green Road South, Terrington St Clements, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, PE34 4PU. Tel: 01553 829 990 Web: Manufacturer and supplier of PowerModules to help farmers improve efficiencies by increasing diesel engine power and torque outputs by up to 25 per cent. Stewart Peckitt Hall 20 Stand 20.400 Du Larch House, Laundry Lane, Swinton Grange, Malton, North Yorkshire, YO17 6QP. Tel: 01653 699 228 Supplier of Ferobide, weldable tungsten carbide tiles which extend the life of wearing metal, saving money and reducing downtime. Easily welded using existing workshop equipment. Stewart Trailers Hall 18 Stand 18.268


Broadward, Daviot, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, AB51 0JL. Tel: 01467 681 418 Web: igh specification trailers, built to work all day, every day. Optional extras include air suspension, weigh cell systems and Autolube, hydraulic cover systems. STM Power Transmission Hall 7 Stand 7.930 Bl Unit 1, Oasis Business Park, Road One, Winsford, Cheshire, CW7 3RY. Tel: 01606 557 200 Web: Supplier of industrial gearboxes, motors and variable speed drives, with many years of experience in agriculture. Stocks Ag Hall 8 Stand 8-9.100 Eg Cromwell Road, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, PE14 0SD. Tel: 01945 464 909 Web: Manufacturer of specialist wheels for tractors, and producer of equipment to meter and distribute small seeds, granular and micro-granular products. Storth Hall 6 Stand 6.632 Dm Stoneleigh Park, Station Road, Holme, Carnforth, Lancashire, LA6 1HR. Tel: 01524 781 900 Web: Manufacturer of slurry handling equipment, storage systems and covers, automatic scraper systems, mixers, pumps, separators and poly tankers.

57 10/12/2019 12:20

All listings are coloured to match their hall, followed by their hall, stand and two-letter grid coordinates for the show map. Strautmann Hall 6 Stand 6.230 En Cherry Holt Road, Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 9LA. Tel: 01778 421 111. Web: Made in Germany, the Strautmann range of forage and feeding wagons are distributed in the UK by OPICO. Strimech Engineering Hall 20 Stand 20.584 Dq Longmore Avenue, Bentley, Walsall, West Midlands, WS2 0BW. Tel: 01922 649 700 Web: Manufacturer of quality attachments for telehandlers, tractor loaders and loading shovels, including buckets, power grabs, folding forks, buckrakes and high tip buckets, Hydraulic fork postitioners. Strutt and Parker Hall 9 Stand 9.100 Ff 66-68 Hills Road, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 1LA. Tel: 01223 459 500 Web: Strutt and Parker offers a complete farming service across the UK with more than 40 farming specialists advising on day-to-day running of farm businesses to one-off consultancy and agronomy. Sukup Europe Hall 8 Stand 8.708 Cj Unit 2C, Gunby Lea Farm, Grangewood, Netherseal, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE12 8BE. Tel: 01283 760 445 Web: A specialist in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of grain drying and storage systems, including aeration and stirring silos, commercial and mobile dryers and conveying systems. Sulky Burel UK Hall 17 Stand 17.742 Mt Spalding Road, Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 0AU. Tel: 01778 230 020 Web: French machinery manufacturer of soil preparation, seeding and fertilisation machinery. Sum-It Computer Systems Hall 11 Stand 11.104 Kf Samuel House, Chinnor Road, Thame, Oxfordshire, OX9 3NU. Tel: 01844 213 003 Web: Practical, integrated software for farm accounts to handle MTD VAT plus payroll, contracting, arable, dairy, beef and sheep records, with mobile apps and hardware range. Helpline and training available.

58 Lamma 2020 Listings All In GG BB KW.indd 58

Sumo UK Hall 20 Stand 20.724 Ct Redgates, Melbourne, York, East Yorkshire, YO42 4RG. Tel: 01759 319 900 Web: ritish firm ith a global dealership network, Sumo specialises in the design and manufacture of durable cultivation and drilling machinery for farmers who want to improve farm productivity.

Sykes Pickavant Hall 17 Stand 17.710 Mv Unit 4, Cannel Road, Burntwood Business Park, Burntwood, Staffordshire, WS7 3FU. Tel: 01543 679 900 Web: Sykes Pickavant will showcase the latest additions to its puller range, its British-made torque wrenches and a wide selection of specialist tools.

Teagle Machinery Hall 19 Stand 19.216 Iu Blackwater, Truro, Cornwall, TR4 8HQ. Tel: 01872 560 592 Web: Manufacturer of Tomahawk bale processors, fertiliser spreaders to 24 metres, pasture toppers, finishing mo ers, rear discharge muck spreaders, swath conditioners, Spiromix cement mixers, quick hitch A-frames.

Sundown NIS Hall 7 Stand 7.918 Cl Station Road, Tilbrook, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, PE28 0JY. Tel: 01480 860 745 Web: www.sundownproducts. Manufacturer of nutrionally improved straw, a palatable form of digestible forage fibre hich will help maintain a healthy rumen in high sugar and starch diets.

Syngenta Hall 10 Stand 10.300


Team Sprayers Hall 9 Stand 9.300 Dg Unit 3, Lancaster Way Business Park, Witchford, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB6 3NW. Tel: 01353 661 211 Web: British designer and manufacturer of sprayers and application equipment. Offering quality designs with the capability to meet customers specific needs.

Superior Machines Hall 7 Stand 7.800 Bl Pluckham Works, Fridaythorpe, riffield, ast orkshire, 9SD. Tel: 01377 288 388. Web: Manufacturer of award-winning mobile rolling and crimping mills, mill/mixers and mobile high capacity hammer mills. Surface Technicians Hall 7 Stand 7.108 El Grindley Brook Chambers, Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 4QH. Tel: 01948 662 910 Concrete grooving service covering the whole of the UK, with more than 30 years working for dairy and beef farmers throughout Britain. No pressure sales and free advice. Suton Material Handling Attachments Hall 20 Stand 20.550 Ds Suton, Wymondham, Norfolk, NR18 9SR. Tel: 01953 603 303 Web: Specialist in the design and manufacture of road cleaning and sweeping machines. Suzuki ATV Hall 19 Stand 19.234


Steinbeck Crescent, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK4 4AE. Tel: 01908 336 600 Web: New KingQuad 750 and 500 models can tow 600kg more than previous models. Additionally, these models gain new front suspension, steering system and rear stabiliser.

CPC4 Fulbourn Capital Park, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB21 5XE. Tel: 01223 883 460 Web: Pioneering developments in spraying technology which deliver advances in precision application and targeting of treatments. Syngenta continues at the forefront of research and advice, with new exciting innovations at Lamma.


TAMA Hall 7 Stand 7.938 Bl 5 The Windmills, St Mary’s Close, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 1EF. Tel: 01420 545 800 Web: Working with major manufacturers to provide quality netwrap and twine crop packaging products, to help maximise your baling. Tanco Autowrap Hall 19 Stand 19.236


Royal Oak, Bagenalstown, Co Carlow. Web: Specialist manufacturer of bale wrappers and feeding implements. n s s Hall 10 Stand 10.440 Gd Main Street, Thornton Curtis, Ulceby, North Lincolnshire, DN39 6XW. Tel: 01469 531 229 Web: Supplier of fuel, oil, kerosene, AdBlue, septic and water tanks with capacities of 250-120,000 litres, Fuel bowsers from 5009,000 litres, pumps and nozzles. Taylor Attachments Hall 11 Stand 11.500 Lf Grange Farm, Latteridge, Iron Acton, Bristol, BS37 9TP. Web: oader and handler direct fit headstocks and adapter plates, along with three point linkage headstocks, now sold worldwide.

Techneat Engineering Hall 20 Stand 20.572 Dr Henry Crabb Road, Littleport, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB6 1SE. Tel: 01353 862 044 Web: Techneat will exhibit its range of Avadex application equipment along with seeders, slug pelleters and in furrow applicators. TeeJet Technologies Hall 9 Stand 9.456


Molhavevej 2,9440, Aabybro, Denmark. Tel: 00 45 24 280 508 Web: TeeJet will show a new virtual reality spray experience, the new SprayApp, DynaJet IsoBus for auto droplet size control, retrofit steering and guidance. Tehnos Hall 20 Stand 20.314 Eu Cesta ob Zeleznici 1, S- 3310, Zalec, Slovenia. Tel: 00864 176 7821. Web: Development-oriented company which meets the expectation of its partners in the global market by using advanced solutions in technology, quality, sales and after-sales activities. TEK Seating Hall 6 Stand 6.502 Dp 14 Decimus Park, Kingstanding Way, Tunbridge Wells, TN2 3GP. Tel: 01892 515 028 Web: Independent vehicle seat distributor, TEK is exhibiting quality agri seats from leading manufacturers including Grammer, KAB, Milso, United Seats and Isringhausen.

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JTUNIVERSAL The stand alone hoof trimming squeeze type trimming crush.

The first question we ask ourselves each day is ‘how could we have done that better?’ better?’. Better means safer: protecting people, property, liberty and wealth.” Mia Bambury, Health and Safety Consultant.

Static & trailer mounted also available. Call for further details

JT Universal

South Dyke, Garriston Road, Leyburn, N. Yorks DL8 5JU. Mob. 07715 078 253 Web: Email:

bespoke health and safety advice for farms and estates | | 0800 0281965 FARMS | ESTATES | CONTRACTORS | EQUINE | ARABLE | LIVESTOCK

16-20 tonne grain, rroot & silage trailers, 20 tonne tri-axle grain and rroot trailers, lers 31 seat events trailers available for daily or weekly hire, rre, for all your family events. Delivery and collection undertaken by Rising Sun Transport T . R W & M Boddy & Sons Rising Sun Farm

Aldwark, Alne

01347 838134


07971 877280

YO61 1TY

07725 133129

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Quality & reliability Cast in our concrete


Biosecurity Over

For over 25 years Waste Spectrum have been developing quality incineration systems for the agricultural community.

25 Years Experience

Our expert engineering team work tirelessly to develop robust and cost-effective incineration solutions that suit you.


British Manufacturing

Our extensive experience and rigorous training ensures that our sales team & fleet of engineers can support you.

Legislative Support

Our incinerators allow you to take back control of your costs, streamline your process and maintain biosecurity.

Service & Support Worldwide

+44(0)1905 362 100 p059_Lamma2020.indd 3

Find us on Stand 7.726 at LAMMA

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All listings are coloured to match their hall, followed by their hall, stand and two-letter grid coordinates for the show map. Terrateck Hall 19 Stand 19.414 Hv 600 Rue Adam Grunewald, 62136 Lestrem, France. Tel: 00 33 374 051 018 Web: Manufacturer of tools for small scale farming, market gardening, horticulture and landscaping, with tools for bed preparation to harvest and conditioning.

Thermobile UK Hall 18 Stand 18.650 Jt 12 Buckingham Close, Bermuda Industrial Estate, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV10 7JT. Tel: 02476 357 960 Web: Thermobile will exhibit heating and cooling products, including direct and indirect oil gas fired heaters and heavy-duty mobile models.

Terrington Machinery Hall 19 Stand 19.322 Hu Market Lane, Terrington St Clements, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, PE34 4HR. Tel: 01553 828 083. Web: www. Terrington Machinery will exhibit its range of Einbock products for pasture care, including the Pneumaticstar seeders which are suitable for oversowing, undersowing or total reseeds.

Thomas Bell Hall 11 Stand 11.214 Ke Bigby Road, Brigg, North Lincolnshire, DN20 8RA. Tel: 01652 652 933 Web: Importer, supplier and manufacturer of Diamond Fertilisers including Supa Kieserite® and N-Shielf® protected by Limus®. Distributor of Lithan and Pulan.

TEXA UK Hall 9 Stand 9.320 Dd 32-34 Churchill Way, Lomeshaye Industrial Estate, Nelson, Lancashire, BB9 6RT. Tel: 01282 606 787 Web: A leader in the production of multi-brand diagnostic tools, air conditioning stations and ADAS calibration systems. TEXA provides solutions for cars, trucks, bikes, agriculture and marine environments. Tey Farm Systems Hall 8 Stand 8.410 Dj Great Tey Business Centre, Warrens Farm, Great Tey, Colchester, Essex, CO6 1JG. Tel: 01206 210 003. Web: www. Design and construction of new buildings including handling, drying and storage systems. Dismantling and refurbishment of buildings into alternative uses and irrigation specialists. T.H. Jenkinson Hall 12 Stand 12.600 Oh Whitefordhill, Ayr, Scotland, KA6 5JW. Tel: 01292 619 193 Web: Distributor of Spreadpoint lime rotary spreaders and Slurryquip umbilical systems, including dribble bars, hose reelers, pumps and lay flat hoses. T.H. White Projects Hall 7 Stand 7.722 Ck Nursteed Road, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 3EA. Tel: 01380 723 040. Web: A market leader in the design and construction of cereal processing and storage facilities.

60 Lamma 2020 Listings All In GG BB KW.indd 60

Thomas Group Hall 9 Stand 9.102 Ff 93 Ellingham Way, Ashford, Kent, TN23 6LZ. Tel: 01233 642 816 Web: Supplier of diesel injection filters, pumps, injectors, repair components and related parts via the Thomas Distribution websites and Thornton 4x4 Breakers Hall 19 Stand 19.508 Gv The Sidings, Holdsworth Road, Halifax, Yorkshire, HX3 6SN. Tel: 01422 243 100. Web: www. A specialist in supplying quality used green parts for single and double pickup trucks. Also offering a vehicle collection and fitting service. Tianli Tyre Hall 17 Stand 17.646 Mu EATD B.V, Industriestraat 12,3291, CC Stirjen, The Netherlands. Tel: 00 49 54 078 032 762. Web: www. Off highway tyre specialist Tutric, manufacturer of Tianli, went into operation in 1985, offering a range for off-road operations in the budget segment. Tifermec Oleodinamica Hall 7 Stand 7.824 Bk Via C.Marx ZA, Cerbara, 06016 Citta Di Castello - PG, Italy. Tel: 00 39 07 58 510 376 Web: Designing and building backhoes, boom mowers and hedge cutters since 1979. Passion, experience and quality materials are key to success.

Tigerfert Hall 6 Stand 6.302 Ep Kirton Road, Blyton, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, 01427 629 155. Tel: 01427 629 155. Web: With more than 40 years’ experience, Tigerfert takes pride in sourcing and supplying cost-effective renewable fertilisers. Release the potential from your crops. Timmins Engineering and Construction Hall 8 Stand 8.424 Ei Innovation Works, Caenby Hall Business Park, Caenby Corner, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, LN8 2BU. Tel: 01673 878 800. Web: Design, supply and construction of agricultural steel-framed buildings, delivering turnkey projects across the UK. TMIC / Herbert Solutions Hall 8 Stand 8.926 Bi Unit 8, Anglia Way, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, PE13 2TY. Tel: 01945 587 439 Web: Specialist installation and maintenance of post-harvest machinery for farm and fresh pack solutions. Supplier of Herbert machinery to exacting standards. Manufacturer of TMIC modular conveyors and elevators. Tobrocco-Giant UK and Kirkland UK Hall 17 Stand 17.410 Nv Griffins arm, leasure ouse Lane, Maidstone, Kent, ME17 3NW. Tel: 01622 843 013 Web: Supplying compact loaders, telehandlers and ride-on skid steers light enough to be transported on a trailer which come with more than 150 attachment options. Tom Lee Engineering Hall 19 Stand 19.604 Fw Dowrich Farm, Sandford, Crediton, Devon, EX17 4AY. Web: Steel fabrication specialist. Offering mirror guards, plasmacut components and bespoke products at competitive prices. Tomlin DW Hall 7 Stand 7.900 Bm Old Leake, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE22 9JS. Tel: 01205 870 535 Web: Offering products including a wide choice of machinery suitable for use in agricultural, horticultural and amenity areas, with compact and larger tractors. Tomlin also manufactures the Longdog ATV range.

Tong Engineering Hall 7 Stand 7.630 Dk Ashby Road, Spilsby, Lincolnshire, PE23 5DW. Tel: 01790 752 771 Web: Manufacturer of quality vegetable grading, ashing, tipping, filling and weighing equipment. From concept to installation, Tong handling solutions are designed with you in mind. Tornado Wire Hall 7 Stand 7.500 Dm Unit 4B, Waterloo Road Industrial Estate, Bidford On Avon, Warwickshire, B50 4JH. Tel: 01789 778 766 Web: With more than 100 years combined experience in the industry, meet the Tornado team to discuss your fencing needs. Toucan Farm Machinery Hall 20 Stand 20.510 Du Unit 1, Parker Drive, Fakenham, Norfolk, NR21 8HW. Tel: 01328 258 010. Web: www. Specialist distributor of the world-renowned, custom-built Monosem precision seed drill, designed by a team with more than 65 years’ of experience. Town and Country Covers Hall 17 Stand 17.100 Ls Unit 7, Larchwood Business Centre, Bedhampton, Hampshire, PO9 3BE. Tel: 02392 474 711. Web: www. A leading manufacturer of protective seat covers, producing covers for Grammar, Isringhausen, Sears, United Seats and Kab seats. TPE Hall 7 Stand 7.962 Bk 5 De Grey Square, De Grey Road, Colchester, Essex, CO4 5YQ. Tel: 01206 752 017. Web: www. Solutions for grain cleaning, drying, handling, storage and milling for farm and industrial use. UK agent for Amandus Kahl feedmilling and Schule cereal milling/processing equipment. Tractair Hall 20 Stand 20.106 Fr Hytec Way, Brough, East Yorkshire, HU15 1YS. Tel: 01482 576 222 Web: Supplier of air brake, which offer safe braking for today’s highways, and central inflation systems to reduce ground compaction, tyre wear and fuel consumption.

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p069_Lamma2020.indd 3

04/12/2019 10:28

All listings are coloured to match their hall, followed by their hall, stand and two-letter grid coordinates for the show map. Tractor Guard Hall 19 Stand 19.230 It Manorial Farm, Hillwood Road, utton oldfield, est idlands, . eb eep breaking tractor indo s peak to the tractor Guard team to find out more about indo protection you can trust for all tractors and plant machinery.

Transport Support Hall 17 Stand 17.300 Ov Units , Undershore orks, rookside oad, olton, anchester. el eb ounded in , ransport upport is a leader in vehicle and site safety e uipment. pecialising in overhead high voltage detection systems.

Tractor Hire UK (2010) Hall 11 Stand 11.122 Jd tone anor arm, toke n ern, arket rayton, hropshire, U. eb A leading agricultural machinery hire company. he e perienced ractor ire team is committed to fulfilling your agricultural vehicle lease re uirements.

Treadsetters Hall 9 Stand 9.332

Tractors UK Hall 6 Stand 6.630 Cn ack ane, ingston, turminster e ton, orset, . el eb A tractors from hp ith oil immersed brakes, ideal for yard scraping. Uncomplicated service and repair. deal for ine perienced operators. omprehensive spares and service back up. Trailer Vision Hall 6 Stand 6.710 Cp he addocks, olks orth oad, orman ross, eterborough, ambridgeshire, . el eb revent accidents and save time ith railer ision s digital ireless and ired camera systems. ard ue security cameras available at only . TrailerTec UK Hall 20 Stand 20.560 Dr Unit , hapelton odge, ast inch oad, lackborough nd, ings ynn, orfolk, . el eb .trailer upplier for ec and raker trailers. hibiting the ec acuum ank railer, ec le liner ulk ipping railer and raker railers oving loor. Tramspread Hall 12 Stand 12.466 Nd obbies ane, endlesham, uffolk, . el . eb lurry and digestate store it, cover it, stir it, separate it, pump it or spread it. igestate and slurry handling specialist.

62 Lamma 2020 Listings All In GG BB KW.indd 62


Units and , alesfield , elford, hropshire, . el eb readsetters provides an alternative range of agricultural tyres to meet the needs of the farming industry and a comprehensive off road construction truck range. Trees Please Hall 18 Stand 18.103 Ls ilston augh arm, orbridge, orthumberland, . el eb Gro ers of trees, shrubs and hedging, specialists in mi ed farm hedging, all U gro n. A ide range of guard stakes and planting accessories available. U ide distribution. Trelleborg Wheel Systems UK Hall 10 Stand 10.220 Fd ed ing ourt, illo arm usiness ark, astle onington, erbyshire, U . el . eb en heels Global supplier of tyres and complete heels for agricultural machines, material handling, construction vehicles, motorcycles, bikes and other specialty segments. Trioliet BV Hall 6 Stand 6.400


leibult eg , , lden aal, he etherlands. el eb rioliet offers a comprehensive and specialist range of livestock feeding machines, such as diet feeders, self loading or self propelled feed mi ers, silage cutters and complete automatic feeding systems.

Triple X Trading Hall 17 Stand 17.104 Ms Unit , ayflo er treet, lymouth, evon, . upplier of agricultural drilling systems hich can grind through a range of materials. T-T Pumps Hall 17 Stand 17.700 Mv nneley orks, e castle oad, oore, heshire, U. el eb anufacturer and supplier of pumps, mi ers, hoses, valves and control systems for agricultural use. pecialist in supplying slurry pumps, umbilical systems and clean ater products. Tulip / BQP Hall 7 Stand 7.624 Ck tradbroke usiness entre, e treet, tradbroke, uffolk, . el A leading pig farmer, breeding and rearing . million pigs annually using industry leading production systems. Turnpikes Hall 19 Stand 19.220 Iu yrham ark arm, yrham ane, arnet, ertfordshire, . eb urnpikes offers a range of ready to bolt do n s inging and sliding automatic gate units. hese units are factory pre tested, making them incredibly easy to install and protect your property. Tuthill Transfer Systems Hall 17 Stand 17.620 Mv irkdale lose, lkeston, erbyshire, A. el eb ill ite fuel transfer pumps and meters. American made and suitable for all fuels and agricultural chemicals. ighly rugged and reliable, giving long life even in demanding applications. TWB Engineering Hall 6 Stand 6.900 Bp Gorse arm, arby, leaford, incolnshire, G G. eb .t subsoilers, cultivators and mole ploughs are kno n for their uality and strength. he range suits tractors from hp and up. esigned and built in the U .


Ugur Beton Hall 17 Stand 17.626 Mu orlu . o , erpi airesi orlu, urkey. el eb upplier of counter eights to urkish manufacturers and producer of eights for tractors. UK Bunded Fuel Tanks Hall 9 Stand 9.508 Cf Unit , alley orge usiness ark, eedyford oad, elson, ancashire, . el . eb . A leading U manufacturer of steel bunded fuel tanks and fuel storage e uipment. United Oilseeds Marketing Hall 19 Stand 19.126 Is t ames ouse, Gains ane, evi es, iltshire, . el eb armers co operative ith , members, providing seed and marketing oilseed rape. UPU Industries Hall 7 Stand 7.920 Bl uillyburn usiness ark, romore, o o n, orthern reland, . el eb A leader in crop packaging and pallet netting to bale, rap, bind and protect a range of crops. UTV Products Hall 17 Stand 17.748 Lt he ourtyard, ostock all, iddle ich, heshire, . el eb tockist ith uality led lights suited to upgrade agricultural tractors and machines.


Vaderstad Hall 20 Stand 20.320


Unit ne, llesmere usiness ark, Grantham, incolnshire, G . el eb uk hether it is cultivation, seedbed preparation or seed placement, aderstad machinery is built to create the optimum environment for emergence.

10/12/2019 12:21



HALL 12 STAND 12.520

• Fully integrated chassis and tank for a longer working life • Weight Sensing Sprung Drawbar System for operator comfort • Collared Dish-ends for increased overall strength • Patented ‘Double Trap System’ for maximum pump protection • From 1300g to 6000g (Standard, Recess, Tandem and Tridem)

















C www Abbey Machinery Ltd. Clonalea, Toomevara, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, Ireland.Telephone : 00353 67 26677 | Fax : 00353 67 26778 |

p063_Lamma2020.indd 3

10/12/2019 17:41

All listings are coloured to match their hall, followed by their hall, stand and two-letter grid coordinates for the show map. Valtra Hall 9 Stand 9.210

Agco, Abbey Park, Stoneleigh, Kenilworth, West Midlands, CV8 2TQ. Tel: 02476 694 400 Web: Valtra will be exhibiting its full range of tractors fitted ith the latest innovate features and technology options, plus examples of customisation solutions from the Valtra Unlimited Studio.

More Efficient Leaf-level Crop Analysis with just your phone and a drone

Vantage England and Wales (Powered by AS Communications UK ) Hall 9 Stand 9.530 Ce 4 Grovemere Court, Bilton Industrial Estate, Kimbolton, Cambridgeshire, PE19 0EY. Tel: 01480 861 824 Web: Precision agriculture specialist offering Trimble solutions, making precision technology work seamlessly across complex farming operations.

Find out more at and at Lamma 2020


at 0 us .41 sit 18 Vi nd sta

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Lamma 2020 Listings All In GG BB KW.indd 64


Vapormatic UK Hall 7 Stand 7.914 Bm Kestrel Way, Sowton Industrial Estate, Exeter, Devon, EX2 7LA. Tel: 01392 435 461 Web: A leading supplier of quality replacement parts and accessories for tractors, combines and other agricultural machinery. Supported by a 12-month warranty, you can trust parts from Vapormatic. Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions Hall 8 Stand 8.600 Cj Bouwerskamp 18,8301 AE, Emmeloord, The Netherlands. Tel: 00 31 612 980 600 Web: Offering solutions for palletising boxes, bags or crates by automatic stacking methods. No product is too difficult to stack for Verbruggen’s palletising machines and robots. Vermot Grooving Hall 20 Stand 20.403 Eu 446 Hackwood Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG21 3AE. Web: Vermot concrete grooving and self propelled machine with 170hp, cut grooves 10-13mm depth by 18mm wide every 55mm average speed 100sq.m per hour. Vermot also offers slat precision grooving, diamond cut 5mm depth.

Vogelsang Hall 12 Stand 12.230 Mg Douglas House, Gateway, Crewe Gates Industrial Estate, Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 6YY. Tel: 01270 216 600 Web: Vogelsang has added to its slurry application range with the BlackBird trailing shoe, available in widths of 12-24 metres. Volac International Hall 7 Stand 7.708 Cl 50 Fishers Lane, Orwell, Royston, Hertfordshire, SG8 5QX. Tel: 01223 206 827 Web: Volac improves the productivity of young animals and dairy cows with nutrition products and labour-saving feeding machines. Make more from home-grown forage with the Ecosyl range. Voluntary Initiative Hall 17 Stand 17.118 Os Stuart House, St Johns Street, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE1 5DD. Web: www. Promoting best practice in pesticide use through enhanced adoption of integrated pest management to protect water and the environment. Volvo Penta Hall 11 Stand 11.430 Kd Wedgnock Lane, Warwick, Warwickshire, CV34 5YA. Web: A premium supplier of engines for agriculture, Volvo Penta provides manufacturers and operators with state-of-the-art engines and technology. Votex UK Hall 20 Stand 20.790 Cq Redhill Depot, Ross Road, Hereford, Herefordshire, HR2 8BH. Tel: 01432 274 361 Web: isplaying flail mo ers and rotary toppers along with the iCut remote control tracked bank mowers with various attachments. Vredo Hall 17 Stand 17.430A


Welysestraat 25a, Dodewaard The Netherlands. A leading manufacturer of agricultural and fine turf equipment and specialist in overseeding, dry and wet manure application solutions.

10/12/2019 16:32

10/12/2019 16:48


Wakely Engineering Hall 8 Stand 8.932 Bi Essexford, Louth, Dundalk, Co Louth, Republic of Ireland, A91 DY95. Tel: 00 353 429 374 388 Web: Wakely Engineering has been manufacturing world-class Roller Mills for the farming, contracting, brewing and recycling industries since 1980. Walinga Hall 9 Stand 9.550 Cd 5656 Highway 6 North, Guelph Ontario, Canada, N1H 6J2. Tel: 519 8248520 Web: Manufacturer and marketer of grain handling pneumatic equipment for more than 60 years with a worldwide presence. Walinga systems are simple, reliable and safe. Walter Watson Hall 6 Stand 6.724 Cn Greenfield orks, allylough Road, Castlewellan, Co Down, orthern reland, . Web: Family-owned company with more than 40 years’ experience in the manufacturing business. Agricultural products include, ater ballast flat rolls, ambridge rolls, spiral blade aerator, silage and meal feeding equipment. Waste Spectrum Incineration Systems Hall 7 Stand 7.726 Ck Spectrum House, Checketts Lane Industrial Estate, Worcester, Worcestershire, WR3 7JW. Tel: 01905 362 100 Web: Specialising in biosecure solutions for the agricultural community, Waste Spectrum Incineration Systems has been developing quality incinerators from its manufacturing facility for more than two decades. Weaving Machinery Hall 20 Stand 20.764 Cr Chadbury, Evesham, Worcestershire, WR11 4TX. Tel: 01386 49 155 Web: Weaving drills is at the forefront of precision agriculture, minimising input while increasing output and profitability. eaving also offers min-till cultivators, power harro s, flails and hedgecutters.

Webasto Hall 20 Stand 20.506


Webasto House, White Rose Way, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN4 5JH. Tel: 01302 381 141 Web: Webasto provides customers, including some of the world’s leading off-highway companies, with heating and air-conditioning solutions to meet their needs. Websters Insulation Hall 19 Stand 19.106 Gs Crow Tree Farm, Crow Tree ank, horne evels, oncaster, South Yorkshire, DN8 5TF. Tel: 01405 812 682. Web: www. Installer of polyurethane sprayed foam for roofs, cavities, lofts and barn conversions. Reduces heat loss, deters wind-driven rain and snow and stops tiles slipping. Webtec Hall 17 Stand 17.110


uffield oad, t ves, Cambridgeshire, PE27 3LZ. Tel: 01480 397 400 Web: Manufacturer of hydraulic measurement and control products helping industrial and agricultural customers improve the productivity of heavy machinery. WEC Group Hall 6 Stand 6.208 Fp ritannia House, Junction treet, ar en, ancashire, . el Web: Engineering and fabrication company, providing subcontract laser and tube cutting, CNC machining and fabrication services for agricultural machinery manufacturers. Wedge Group Galvanizing Hall 6 Stand 6.122 Fn Stafford Street, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 1RZ. Tel: 01902 601 944 Web: Galvanising offers farmers an economic method of steel protection against corrosion which is long lasting, tough and safe with animals.

Push-Off-Trailers and Sweepers!

»ASW 271 Gigant« • Permissible total weight 20.000 kg • Low drawbar with 50mm ring hitch • Hydraulically suspended drawbar • Swap body • 2-circuit compressed air with ALB • Axles BPW 410x180 • 40 km/h version COC • 2 brake axles, last steered • Tires 560/60 R 22.5 • Parabolic suspension TITAN • FULL LED lighting 12V • Side wall fillers and synthetic mudgards


»TYPE 600«

• Working width 2.400 mm • for wheel and telescopic loaders • robust plastic bristles 500 mm • Two adjustment spindles • internal oil motor

• 2.3m working width • 3 point linkage / forklift mounting options • 600mm sweeper diameter • Collecting pan and side brush options

35 m³

Visit us

at the Lamma 2020 exhibition Hall 17 Stand 17.326

We are Fliegl.

Lamma 2020 Listings All In GG BB KW.indd 65



Fliegl Agrartechnik | Nick Dale | Riverside House | Boroughbridge Road | Bridge Hewick | Ripon North Yorkshire | HG4 5AA

Office: +44 (0) 1765 647 579 | mobile: +44 (0) 7711 417172 | Details of dimensions, weights and technical data are subject to change. Illustrations partly with special equipment. Our General Terms and Conditions apply (see

65 10/12/2019 12:23

All listings are coloured to match their hall, followed by their hall, stand and two-letter grid coordinates for the show map. Weidemann Hall 17 Stand 17.220 Ou Muhlhauser Weg 45 - 49,34519, Diemelsee-Flechtdorf, Germany. Tel: 00 49 5631 501 694-0 Web: Manufacturer of wheeled loaders for agriculture, offering compact telescopic loaders and a large selection of attachments. Welding Supplies Direct Hall 18 Stand 18.262 Ls Unit 1, MS4 Space Centre, alesfield , elford, hropshire, . el Offering Mig, MMA, Tig and plasma cutters. Stop by for all your welding equipment needs. Wellington Security Products Hall 17 Stand 17.162 Pv Acorns House, Cutless Green, Thexted Dunmow, Essex, CM6 . el Specialist in mains and solar powered gates. Visit the stand for examples of sliding and hinging gates and helpful advice. Welmac UK Hall 19 Stand 19.620 Fu Main Road, Welbourn, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN5 0QJ. Tel: 01400 272 475 Web: Launching the New F1050 Straw Buster pto tub grinder. Welvent Hall 8 Stand 8.718 Cj Whisby Way, Whisby Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN6 3LQ. el Web: Crop storage equipment manufacturer offering a design, build and installation service incorporating refrigeration, fans, heaters, spray foam insulation, ducts, drive on floors, controls and monitoring systems. Wessex International Hall 18 Stand 18.314 Lu Charlton House, Caxton Close, East Portway Industrial Estate, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 . el Manufacturer of equipment for the agricultural market. On display is the Lamma awardinning bale feeder and rossfire stra spreader. West Country Concrete Products Hall 17 Stand 17.334 Nu Endford Works, Hay Hill, Shebbear, Devon, EX21 5RY. el Web: www.westcountryconcrete Manufacturer and supplier of pre-cast concrete products to meet the needs of UK farmers.

66 Lamma 2020 Listings All In GG BB KW.indd 66

Western Power Distribution Hall 10 Stand 10.110 Gf Herald Way, Pegasus Business Park, Castle Donington, Derbyshire, DE74 2TU. Web: Delivering safe and reliable electricity across the Midlands, the South West and South Wales. Be aware of overhead power lines and underground cables. If you spot anything dangerous, call 105. Wheel Solutions Hall 17 Stand 17.106 Ms Unit 2, Upper Keys Business Park, Hednesford, Staffordshire, G . el Giving you access to the world’s best wheels and tyres, Wheel Solutions is focused on solving the challenges of the agriculture industry, helping build a more efficient and sustainable sector. Wheelwash Hall 17 Stand 17.246 Ou Road Four, Winsford Industrial Estate, Winsford, Cheshire, CW7 . el Web: Wheelwash designs, manufactures, supplies and maintains wheel wash and biosecurity systems. Providing a solution which is built around you. Wilderness Lighting Hall 18 Stand 18.600 Jv Unit 4, Youngs Industrial Estate, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, U . el Web: www.wildernesslighting. Supplying robust and bright LED work lights to agricultural machinery manufacturers. All lights come ith a five year arranty. William Morfoot (Land Drainage) Hall 10 Stand 10.806 Ie he Airfield, ile oad, Shipdham, Thetford, Norfolk, . el Web: Land drainage specialist operating across the UK for progressive farms and agribusinesses to improve soils and raise long-term yield potential. Wox Agri Services Hall 9 Stand 9.436 De 71 Station Road, Stannington, Northumberland, NE61 6NQ. el Web: UK importer and distributor of the Guttler range of machinery, including the SuperMaxx tined cultivator and Greenmaster Grassland Management System. Manufacturer of Wox Drag Hose slurry handling equipment.


xarvio – Digital Farming Solutions Hall 11 Stand 11.406 BASF Digital Farming GmbH, Albrecht-Thaertr , Munster, Germany. Tel:


Web: ield one specific agronomic advice so farmers can produce crops efficiently and sustainably. Xtreme Sales 4x4 Hall 18 Stand 18.300 Lv 46 Newcombe Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH6 5LX. el Web: Specialist in upgrades for pick-ups and vans to a standard required for robust commercial use.


Yamaha Motor Europe. Branch UK Hall 20 Stand 20.546 Ds A2 and A3 Kingsway Business Park, Forsyth Road, Woking, Surrey, GU A. el Web: Yamaha strives to live up to its mantra of ‘offering new e citement and a more fulfilling life to people all over the world’. Yara UK Hall 10 Stand 10.800 Ie Harvest House, Europarc, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, DN37 9TZ. el 253. Web: Yara supplies fertiliser products, agronomic advice and support to guide farmers in making informed and sustainable crop decisions.


Zetor UK Hall 18 Stand 18.500 Kv Unit B5 Paragon Way, Bayton Road Industrial Estate, Bedworth, Coventry, West Midlands, CV7 9QS. Web: Zetor UK will display tractors from 43-171hp, offering great value horsepower. Zurn Harvesting Hall 9 Stand 9.310 De Unit 6, Woodway, Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, . el Web: ffering premium flo headers, rofi ut headers, rape e tensions, side knives and plot equipment.

Additional entries

Ag Machinery Hall 12 Stand 12.710


Ag Machinery, Saxham Business Park, Newmarket Road, Little Saxham, Bury St dmunds, uffolk, . el Web: AgMachinery offers quality used machinery from manufacturers including New Holland, John Deere, CLAAS, Massey Ferguson, Case, Lemken, Fendt, McCormick and Simba. Applied Concepts Hall 17 Stand 17.320 Ov Roscrea Road, Birr, Co Offaly Republic of Ireland. Tel: 00 35 30 579 137 929 Web: The Applied Varimount 350 pto Compressor has an impressive air output of 350cu.ft per minute and can be mounted on either the rear or front pto of a tractor. CEJN UK Hall 17 Stand 17.732 Mu Unit 31 and 32, Three Elms Trading Estate, Hereford, HR4 9PU. Tel: 01432 341337 Web: Quick connect couplings and accessories for pneumatics, hydraulics, fluids, and gas. Hickleys Hall 18 Stand 18.714 Ju Castle Street, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 4AU el Web: Supply, installation and support of all types of diagnostic and garage equipment for cars, trucks, agri and plant machinery. JSE Systems Hall 12 Stand 12.320 Mg Wood Lodge, Ancaster, Grantham, Lincolnshire el Web: Offering Biolite, a new, UKproduced water and citric soluble granular fertiliser ith beneficial secondary and trace elements. UK Research and Innovation Hall 17 Stand 17.140 Pt Polaris House, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN2 1FL. Web: Precision technologies can make food production more efficient and sustainable, reducing emissions, pollution, waste, and soil erosion.

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Unlock the value in your assets Are you looking to release capital held in existing assets? Close Brothers Asset Finance support Farmers and Contractors with the finance solutions required to provide important cash injections needed for business growth. Typical assets we finance include: Tractors

Wind turbines

Forestry machinery

Combine harvesters

Solar PV

Farm machinery - milking and dairy equipment

Farm vehicles

Hydro projects

Biomass boilers

Visit us at stand 18.214 01244 456 504

Close Brothers Asset Finance is a trading style of Close Brothers Limited. Close Brothers Limited is registered in England and Wales (Company Number 00195626) and its registered office is 10 Crown Place, London, EC2A 4FT.

p067_Lamma2020.indd 3 advert AW.indd 1 3103 LAMMA ‘20 show guide

03/12/2019 29/11/2019 12:33 13:47

All listings are coloured to match their hall, followed by their hall, stand and two-letter grid coordinates for the show map.

Hall listings Hall 6

A1 Installations AFT Trenchers Agri-Hire Agri-Linc Agriweld Albutt Attachments Apollo Vredestein UK Artistic Metalica Bale Baron UK Big Bale Transtacker Briggs Irrigation Broughan Engineering Brown and Co Bunning Can-Am Chief Industries UK Claydon Drill Codex D.o.o Cory Logistics Dales Agri Sales Agency Distag QCS Farmers Weekly Fireward

6.116 6.934 6.910 6.806 6.914 6.924 6.504 6.100 6.530 6.520 6.714 6.406 6.500 6.718 6.820 6.120 6.600 6.106 6.102 6.624 6.212 6.304 6.308

Fn Bm Bo Bo Bo Bn Do Fp Dn Dn Co Ep Dp Co Bm Fn Dp Fo Fp Dn Ep Ep Ep

Greencrop Harper Adams University HE-VA Hi-Spec Engineering HM Trailers Industriehof Scherenbostel International Tractors Kawasaki Motors UK Kidd Farm Machinery LED Autolamps Manitou Group Maschio Gaspardo UK Mather Jamie Maypole McConnel Merlo UK Merlo UK MF Hydraulics / Mecklock Michael Williams Engineering MTL Advanced MX UK NC Engineering Nickerson Seeds

6.730 6.628 6.230 6.610 6.812 6.306 6.316 6.732 6.200 6.620 6.410 6.230 6.103 6.118 6.510 6.220 6.108 6.300 6.206 6.210 6.918 6.906 6.800

Cn Dn En Do Bn Ep Eo Cm Fp Cn Eo En Fp Fn Do Fo Fo Eq Ep Fp Bo Bp Cp

OFAS Oko Tyre Sealants Opico Prostraw Systems Quicke UK Richard Western RTK Farming Sheltons Drainage Singleton Agri Sky Agriculture Slanetrac Engineering Spearhead Machinery Storth Strautmann TEK Seating Tigerfert Tractors UK Trailer Vision Trioliet BV TWB Engineering Walter Watson WEC Group Wedge Group Galvanizing

6.104 6.128 6.230 6.802 6.700 6.214 6.126 6.930 6.124 6.230 6.712 6.320 6.632 6.230 6.502 6.302 6.630 6.710 6.400 6.900 6.724 6.208 6.122

Fp Em En Co Cp Fo Em Bn Fn En Cp Eo Dm En Dp Ep Cn Cp Ep Bp Cn Fp Fn

Ag Crop and Environment Ag Products Agricamera Agricultural Supply Services r el r i l heffield Bauer Briarwood Products Bridgewater Construction (UK) BVL Caisley Eartag Calders and Grandidge CordexAgri Dairy Spares Datamars Agri UK DLL Easy Petrol Post Driver / Spa Weed Brush s fix Emily ERH Agri Eternit Farmplus Constructions Farm-Tec

7.932 7.816 7.628 7.420 7.728 7.710 7.948 7.910 7.704 7.626 7.100 7.432 7.946 7.804 7.828

Bl Bl Dk Dl Ck Cl Bk Bm Cm Dk Ej Ek Bl Bl Bk

7.400 7.934 7.404 7.418 7.720 7.416 7.118

Dm Bl Em Dl Ck Dl Em

Fowler and Gilbert Galebreaker Agri Grammer Seating Systems Granit Parts UK Hahn Plastics Hampton Steel Huesker Hydrastore IMEL Kitt LKAB Calcifert Martin Lishman Mastek McVeigh Parker and Co efin Moore Concrete Products Pan Anglia Pottinger UK Related Fluid Power Roadnight Taylor Roto Spiral Roxan ID SDF UK

7.414 7.424 7.504 7.410 7.964 7.832 7.922 7.822 7.106 7.600 7.942 7.434 7.808 7.430 7.114 7.104 7.924 7.700 7.820 7.112 7.912 7.724 7.604

Dl El Dk Dm Bk Ck Bl Ck El Dm Bl Dk Cl Dk Em Ek Bl Cm Ck Em Bm Ck Dl

Shearwell Data h ffle Shutts Farm Machinery Silostop Spreadwise STM Power Transmission Sundown NIS Superior Machines Surface Technicians T.H. White Projects TAMA Tifermec Oleodinamica Tomlin DW Tong Engineering Tornado Wire TPE Tulip / BQP UPU Industries Vapormatic UK Volac International Waste Spectrum Incineration Systems

7.110 7.102 7.906 7.116 7.958 7.930 7.918 7.800 7.108 7.722 7.938 7.824 7.900 7.630 7.500 7.962 7.624 7.920 7.914 7.708

El Ek Bm Em Bk Bl Cl Bl El Ck Bl Bk Bm Dk Dm Bk Ck Bl Bm Cl



ACP Concrete AgriArgo UK Agrimech Allmet Grain Driers and JWI Alpego UK Alvan Blanch BK Grain Handling Engineers BDC Systems Burdens Group Calibre Control Cembrit Clifton Rubber Co Colchester Fuel Injection Crop Solutions Crop Systems

8.720 Ci 8.604 Di 8.918 Bj 8.620 Dh 8-9.200 Dg 8.730 Ci 8.930 Bi 8.404 Dj 8.104 Ei 8.102 Ei 8.402 Ej 8-9.104 Eh 8.100 Ej 8.412 Ej 8.724 Ci

CTM Root Crop Systems CWP David Harrison Handling Solutions DIT Farm Electronics Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche Flach and Le-Roy Gibbons Agricultural Graintek UK Griff Chains Griffi h lder Grimme Haith Group

8.602 8.910

Dj Bj

Hardcastle Ventacrop (2000) Harvest Installations Hidrostal HK Timbers Hub 4 Parts J.F. Hudson JWI Installations K. and J. Engineering Contracts Kentra Grain Systems Landini Lingward Low Grange Quarry Master Farm Services (GB) McArthur Agriculture

8.122 8.726 8.118 8.914 8.106 8.414 8.620

Bh Ci Ch Bj Ei Ej Dh

8.110 8.802 8.604 8.712 8.934 8.804 8.426

Ei Cj Di Cj Bi Bj Di

Hall 7

Hall 8

68 p71 79 Hall listings FINAL GG BB KW.indd 68

8.906 Bj 8.922 Ep 8-9.214 Dh 8.500 Dj 8.728 8.700 8.114 8.126 8.416 8-9.222 8-9.218

Ci Cj Ch Bh Di Dh Dh

10/12/2019 17:13

Hall 8 continued

McCormick MRT Fencing Newtec Odense UK Niagri Engineering Omnivent Orbital Industries Paragon Bank Patchwork Technology Perry Of Oakley PFM Packaging Machinery Plot Feeds

8.604 8.916 8-9.108 8.814 8.936 8.400 8-9.102 8-9.106 8.716 8.924 8.116

Di Bj Dh Bi Bi Dj Eh Eh Cj Bi Ch

R. and S. Insulation Radviliskis Machine Factory RNT Tanks and Silos Robydome Round House Building Solutions Rowlinson Packaging (South) Salmac Satake Scotts Precision Manufacturing Sinar Technology

8.124 8.908 8.800 8.706

Bh Bj Cj Cj

8.714 8.928 8.504 8.108 8.900 8.112

Cj Bi Dj Ei Bj Eh

Agricision Agrisem nders n s he r Business Consultants B.H. Leakes Bepco UK Berthoud Sprayers Billericay Farm Services BKT Distributor (Kirkby Tyres) Bridgestone Chafer Machinery Cofco Intl UK Continental Danagri-3S Danagri-3S David King Electronics EB Equipment Enduramaxx r er s re Fendt

9.326 9.462

Dd Dd

9.504 9.250

Cg Ec

9.450 9.104 9.442 9.452 9.500 9.306 9.486 9.540 9.106 9.336 9.410 9.400 9.610 9.510 9.602 9.552 9.210

Dd Eg De Dd Cg Df Dc Cd Eg Dc Dg Dg Bd Cf Be Cd Ee

Galileo Wheel Geoline By Tecomec GM-R Sprayers / Mitchell Rowlands Grainseed Guttridge Harry West Prees Horstine Househam Sprayers Jungheinrich UK Knight Farm Machinery LH Agro UK LINAK UK Macdon Europe GmbH Michelin Tyre Plc Molson Compact Equipment New Holland Agriculture / Kongskilde Pentair Hypro EU Pichon

9.600 9.110 9.406 9.420 9.606 9.520 9.240 9.570 9.612 9.506 9.342 9.560 9.316

Bf Eg Cg Cf Bd Cf Ed Cc Bd Cg Dc Cc De

9.426 9.416 9.200

Df Df Eg AP Air AAZ Performance Alliance BASF Berrys Bionature UK Bondioli and Pavesi Coveris Flexibles Austria CXCS De Lacy Executive Farm Safety Hub Farmers and Mercantile Insurance Brokers The Farming Community Network Farmplan Fibrophos PK Fertilisers Fielder (UK)

10.102 10.152 10.140 10.200 10.126 10.900 10.114 10.442 10.144 10.808 10.304 10.816

Gf Hd Ie Fe If Jf Gf Gd He Ie Gf Ie



10.450 10.706 10.700 10.138

Hd Ie He Ie

Frontier Ag Halletts Birmingham Herdwatch Hutchinsons Ibcos Computers ICL Specialty Fertilizers ICL UK Ilex Envirosciences Keith Mount Liming Ken Mills Eng Kubota (UK) Landmark Systems Laurence Gould Partnership LimeX Malone McHale MHA MacIntyre Hudson Mitas Tyres Muddy Boots Software

10.120 10.154 10.142 10.908 10.150 10.902 10.902 10.702 10.134 10.146 10.454 10.130 10.104 10.906 10.210 10.400 10.124 10.220 10.320

If Hc Ie Je Hd Je Je If Ie Hd Hc Jf Gf Je Fe He If Fd Gd

NSTS The Ohio International Intern Program OMEX Agriculture Peterson Europe R.A.B.I Reaseheath College Robin Appel Roythornes Solicitors Sencrop SOYL Syngenta n s s Trelleborg Wheel Systems UK Western Power Distribution William Morfoot (Land Drainage) Yara UK

Aerworx Agrifac UK / Hardi UK Agriline Products AMIA AMIA AW Engineering (Hereford) Bateman Sprayers Bayer Cropscience Bednar FMT Big Bale Co (North)

11.418 11.240 11.600 11.200 11.106 11.424 11.218 11.210 11.250 11.442

Kd Jc Lf Ke Lf Kd Je Je Kc Kd

Brad Rushton Agricultural and Equestrian Buildings Branson Tractors UK CastleAgri Catchment Sensitive Farming (CSF) Covertec Structures CYO Seeds (Midlands) De Sangosse DMJ Drainage



11.400 11.212

Ke Je

11.130 11.420 11.100 11.124 11.408

Jc Kd Kf Jd Ke

DSV UK Graham Heath Construction Hardi Hummingbird Technologies Kloeckner Metals UK Linewatch Marsh Commercial OnePay for Business Orsi Group Srl Payne Crop Nutrition

Hall 9

Hall 10

Hall 11

p71 79 Hall listings FINAL GG BB KW.indd 69

Spanwright Precast Concrete 8.420 Di Standen Engineering 8.824 Bi Stocks Ag 8-9.100 Eg Sukup Europe 8.708 Cj Tey Farm Systems 8.410 Dj Timmins Engineering and Construction 8.424 Ei TMIC / Herbert Solutions 8.926 Bi Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions 8.600 Cj Wakely Engineering 8.932 Bi Welvent 8.718 Cj

Pirelli 9.324 Dd PMC Harvesters 9.258 Ec Polmac 9.328 Dd Precise Solutions GPS 9.254 Ec QLF Agronomy 9.334 Dc Sands Agricultural Machinery 9.554 Cd Severn Agriculture 9.460 Dd Strutt and Parker 9.100 Ff Team Sprayers 9.300 Dg TeeJet Technologies 9.456 Cd TEXA UK 9.320 Dd Thomas Group 9.102 Ff Treadsetters 9.332 Dc UK Bunded Fuel Tanks 9.508 Cf Valtra 9.210 Vantage England and Wales (Powered by AS Communications UK) 9.530 Ce Walinga 9.550 Cd Wox Agri Services 9.436 De Zurn Harvesting 9.310 De



10.116 10.704 10.322 10.132 10.108 10.306 10.112 10.812 10.120 10.300 10.440 10.220 10.110

If Ie Gd Je Gf Ge Gf Ie If Ge Gd Fd Gf

10.806 10.800

Ie Ie

11.414 11.438 11.240 11.118 11.610 11.102 11.226 11.126 11.450 11.512

Kd Kc Jc Je Le Kf Kd Jd Kc Ke

69 10/12/2019 12:49

All listings are coloured to match their hall, followed by their hall, stand and two-letter grid coordinates for the show map.

Hall 11 continued

PFC Philip Watkins Pinpoint Consultants Premium Crops Prior Diesel Prodata Weather Systems RAGT Seeds

11.518 11.224 11.128 11.514 11.422 11.516 11.228

Kd Jd Jd Ke Kd Kd Jd

RDS MME RH Claydon RPA (Rural Payments Agency) Severn Trent Shropshire Quads – Sum-It Computer Systems

11.120 11.506 11.130 11.412 11.616

Je Le Gf Ke Le



Abbey Machinery Abrey Agricultural Ag Machinery Agri Industry Solutions ri riefin Agri-Spread International Agro Hanse UK Alltech Farming Solutions (UK) APV – Technische Produkte Bridgeway Engineering Browns Agricultural Machinery Buitelaar Group Bullock Tillage Concept Farm Machinery Cousins of Emneth Engcon UK

12.520 12.310 12.710 12.726 12.252 12.690 12.480 12.304 12.300 12.620 12.500 12.102 12.316 12.108 12.680 12.640

Og Mg Oh Og Mf Od Nd Nh Mh Og Oh Lf Mg Lg Nd Of

Fentons of Bourne Ferguson Broadbent Fleming Agri Products Fleming Agri Products HIT Energy Services Hugh Crane (Cleaning Equipment) ISEKI J. Riley Beet Harvesters Joskin S.A. JSE Systems Kellfri AB Ktwo KUHN Farm Machinery (UK) Linton and Robinson Environmental

12.246 12.104 12.472 12.460 12.106

Mf Lf Nd Ne Lf

12.510 12.240 12.644 12.670 12.320 12.254 12.410 12.434

Oh Lf Oe Od Mg Me Nh Nf



3JC AB Components Action Can ADM Agriculture The AF Group Air-Seal Products Allswage UK Allube AMA Air Conditioning Applied Concepts Arco Industrial Hose / Reelcare Arcusin UK Atlas Copco Power Technique AV Industrial Products Avant Basis Registration Bedec Products Business Finance Brokers C. and J. Supplies Cavan Agri Machinery Cebora UK CEJN Checkpoint Control Technologies UK Copely Crop4Sight CropFarmer CropSafe Dazzled Lighting Dieci Telehandlers Doosan Bobcat EMEA Drone Ag Dual Pumps Eco Baughan 2000 Ehrle UK Emerald Research Emmerson Doors Energas T/A Engweld

17.750 17.396 17.734 17.444 17.264 17.670 17.684 17.560 17.426 17.320

Ms Os Mu Nt Ot Mt Ms Nt Nu Ov

17.716 17.340

Mv Ou

17.400 17.648 17.550 17.268 17.548 17.730 17.450 17.148 17.610 17.732 17.740 17.262 17.680 17.136 17.132 17.252 17.674 17.330 17.310 17.276 17.672 17.624 17.520 17.138 17.108 17.628

Nv Mu Nt Ot Nu Lu Nt Pu Mv Mu Lt Ot Ms Pt Pt Ot Mt Ou Ov Os Mt Mv Nu Pt Ns Mu

Farmex 17.256 Ot Fischbein-Saxon 17.114 Ns Flails Direct 17.126 Os Fliegl Agrartechnik GmbH 17.326 Ou l fi 17.112 Ns G.D. Troth 17.102 Ls Goodfellow Farming 17.612 Mv Grant Engineering 17.304 Nv Harvest Yield 17.642 Mu Hawks Beak Wrench 17.156 Pu Herbst Machinery 17.510 Nv Hobbyweld 17.644 Mu Hopespare 17.116 Ns Hycon Hydraulics 17.656 Mu Hydrapower Dynamics 17.640 Mu Hydroscand 17.324 Ov ICOM UK 17.616 Mv IDS Imaging Development Systems 17.254 Ot J. Brock and Sons 17.200 Ov J.J.Metcalfe and Son 17.570 Ns JC Machinery 17.430 Nu JMC Parts 17.714 Lv Jobs In Agriculture 17.270 Ot Landia UK 17.540 Nu Landquip Crop Sprayers 17.360 Ot Leon Boots Company 17.428 Nu Level Best Concrete 17.622 Mu Liftmaster 17.720 Mu Lojer LED Lighting 17.618 Mv Major Equipment 17.660 Mt Mastenbroek Environmental 17.736 Lu MDE Agriparts 17.458 Ns MDT 17.650 Mu Metronome Technologies 17.266 Ot Milwaukee Power Tools / Alan Wadkins Toolstore 17.530 Nu MRL 17.666 Mt National Association of Agricultural Contractors 17.746 Mt

Hall 12

Hall 17

70 p71 79 Hall listings FINAL GG BB KW.indd 70

Taylor Attachments Thomas Bell Tractor Hire UK (2010) Volvo Penta Xarvio – Digital Farming Solutions

LSBUD (Linesearch Before U Dig) Manterra Miles Drainage MOBA Mobile Automation Nasco iDig PBE Procam UK Redrock Machinery Rygor Commercials e fl Shelbourne Reynolds T.H. Jenkinson Tramspread Vogelsang

Nick Young Tractor Parts P. and K. Shutter Services Perkins Engines Company Phytoform Labs Pioneer Europe NV Radio Trader RAU Farm 491 Reesink Turfcare nels nd r files Rima UK Roadphone NRB Rototilt SCCS Survey Equipment Sipcam UK S.J. Stanberry and Sons Snap-Tite Hose Somero Enterprises Springmasters Sulky Burel UK Sykes Pickavant Tianli Tyre Tobrocco-Giant UK and Kirkland UK Town and Country Covers Transport Support Triple X Trading T-T Pumps Tuthill Transfer Systems Ugur Beton UK Research and Innovation UTV Products Voluntary Initiative Vredo Webtec Weidemann GmbH Wellington Security Products West Country Concrete Products Wheel Solutions Wheelwash

11.500 11.214 11.122 11.430

Lf Ke Jd Kd



12.100 12.220 12.250 12.732 12.736 12.704 12.614 12.424 12.630 12.734 12.200 12.600 12.466 12.230

Lf Mg Lf Of Pe Og Og Ng Of Of Mh Oh Nd Mg

17.452 17.638 17.440 17.134 17.240 17.614 17.272 17.230 17.448 17.398 17.446 17.500 17.546 17.244 17.420 17.120 17.322 17.454 17.742 17.710 17.646

Nt Lu Nt Pt Ou Mv Ot Ou Nt Os Nt Nv Nu Ou Nv Os Ov Ns Mt Mv Mu

17.410 17.100 17.300 17.104 17.700 17.620 17.626 17.170 17.748 17.118 17.430A 17.110 17.220 17.162

Nv Ls Ov Ms Mv Mv Mu Pt Lt Os Nu Ns Ou Pv

17.334 17.106 17.246

Nu Ms Ou

10/12/2019 12:49

Hall 18

ADR UK Tyremart 18.716 Akzo Nobel Power Coatings 18.706 Alpler 18.520 Amber Valley Developments 18.210 Armatrac 18.240 Aussie Clobber 18.101 Axles – Turntables 18.710 Barrett Steel 18.260 Basak 18.530 Blyth Equipment 18.400 Burnett and Hillman 18.100 Butts of Bawtry 18.715 Cemo Safe Storage 18.200 Central Boiler UK 18.304 Close Brothers Asset Finance 18.214 Cooling Edge 18.402 David Ritchie Implements 18.700 Doosan Industrial Vehicle UK 18.516 Enegis 18.406 18.108

Hall 19

Iu Jv Ku Lv Lt Ls Jv Lt Kt Kv Ls Ju Lv Lv Lu Kv Jv Ku Kv Ks

Extenda Line Farm Machinery Locator Farmers Guardian Glebe Fabrications T/A Timber Croc Grange Machinery Granning Axles and Suspensions Griflex Joe Turner Equipment KDR Seating Kilworth Machinery KRM Linde Hydraulics Moran Signs and Graphics National Farmers Union NFU Mutual Nordic Tyres UK Parkerfarm Weighing Systems Quadzilla and CFMOTO

18.230 18.106 18.410

Lt Ks Ku

18.310 18.610

Lv Ju

18.206 18.654 18.312 18.104 18.732 18.550 18.512 18.212 18.720 18.724 18.656 18.704 18.728

Lv Jt Lv Ls Jt Ks Kv Lu Iu Ju Js Jv Jt

4R Reassurance A.S. Buildings Abbey Seals International Ashtree Vision and Safety ATV TRAC BioEquipment Brian Nixon Capital Seating and Vision Catalyst Computer Systems Catesby Estates Plc CF Fertilisers UK Charles J. Marshall (Aberdeen) Cherry Products Clipex Fencing Contract Plant Rental Cotesi UK Edwards Farm Machinery Exocet

19.600 Gw 19.108 Gs 19.114 Hs 19.612 Fu 19.118 Is 19.226 It 19.320 Iu 19.626 Fu 19.116 Is 19.110 Gs 19.440 Ht 19.648 Ft 19.102 Gs 19.200 Iv 19.224 Iu 19.628 Fu 19.210 Iv 19.442 Ht

Garford Farm Machinery Grassmen Halse South West - Ovlac Hauer Hawkrent Hydrokit UK IAE K.U.L.T Kress Umweltschonende Landtechnik Krone Largo Plant Services Lite-Wire Mato Industries Miedema Mercer Machinery Mzuri Razorback Ritchie Bros. UK Rolland Trailers

19.446 19.500 19.540 19.616 19.606 19.112 19.400 19.640

Hs Gv Gt Fu Fv Gs Gv Ft

19.420 19.614 19.610 19.100 19.512 19.340 19.340 19.104 19.632

Ht Fu Fv Fs Gv Hs Hs Gs Ft

Acres Insurance Brokers Agricast Agricultural Plant Hire Arbos UK B.A. Caulkett Bailey Trailers Bema Sweepers UK and Ireland Billie Box Bomford Turner Browns of Wem Burden Bros Machinery Cambridge Global Payments Caprari Pumps (UK) Cheffins Dal-Bo UK Dale Drills Eclipse Diagnostics Euromacchine Srl Fogmaker UK and Ireland Global Track Warehouse UK Heath Engineering HES Tractec Horning

20.784 20.416 20.424 20.706 20.350 20.744 20.418 20.300 20.430 20.786 20.100 20.812 20.700 20.720 20.734 20.774 20.808 20.780 20.810 20.102 20.718 20.302 20.818

Hydraulic and Transmissions Ian Baumber Tarpaulins Jacobsens GFM JCB Agriculture JRH Water Management LAP Electrical Larrington Trailers Lite-Trac Systems Lynx Engineering Majorlift Hydraulic Equipment Maxipart Wearing Metal Meta Trak Micron Group Murray Machinery Openfield PROFI Farm Machinery Magazine Quick Cut Robustrack RST Irrigation Ryetec Industrial Equipment Samagri

20.404 20.814 20.500 20.330 20.580 20.820 20.200 20.524 20.514

Eu Cq Du Er Dq Bq Fq Dt Dt

20.116 20.110 20.108 20.310 20.450 20.410

Fq Fq Fr Eu Eq Eu

20.414 20.578 20.570 20.426 20.574 20.708

Eu Dq Dr Et Dq Cu

Hall 20

Cq Du Dt Cu Eq Cs Et Eu Et Cq Fs Cq Du Cu Cs Cq Cr Cq Cq Fs Cu Eu Cq

p71 79 Hall listings FINAL GG BB KW.indd 71

Raptor 4x4 Robinson Structures Samco Agricultural Manufacturing Schaffer SCS Spreader and Sprayer Testing Simtech Aitchison SlurryKat Staines Trailers Stewart Trailers Thermobile UK Trees Please Welding Supplies Direct Wessex International Wilderness Lighting Xtreme Sales 4x4 Zetor UK

18.112 18.510

Js Kv

18.306 18.604

Lv Jv

18.110 18.250 18.220 18.514 18.268 18.650 18.103 18.262 18.314 18.600 18.300 18.500

Js Kt Lu Kv Lt Jt Ls Ls Lu Jv Lv Kv

SafeShaft Systems Silawrap SIP Strojna Industrija Sly Agri Suzuki ATV Tanco Autowrap Teagle Machinery Terrateck Terrington Machinery Thornton 4x4 Breakers Tom Lee Engineering Tractor Guard Turnpikes United Oilseeds Marketing Websters Insulation Welmac UK

19.232 19.630 19.300 19.412 19.234 19.236 19.216 19.414 19.322 19.508 19.604 19.230 19.220 19.126 19.106 19.620

It Ft Hv Gu It Is Iu Hv Hu Gv Fw It Iu Is Gs Fu

Spaldings Sparex Spread-A-Bale Steinbauer Performance Stewart Peckitt Strimech Engineering Sumo UK Suton Material Handling Attachments Techneat Engineering Tehnos Toucan Farm Machinery Tractair TrailerTec UK Vaderstad Vermot Grooving Votex UK Weaving Machinery Webasto Yamaha Motor Europe – UK

20.530 20.540 20.406 20.806 20.400 20.584 20.724

Dt Ds Du Ct Du Dq Ct

20.550 20.572 20.314 20.510 20.106 20.560 20.320 20.403 20.790 20.764 20.506 20.546

Ds Dr Eu Du Fr Dr Et Eu Cq Cr Du Ds

71 10/12/2019 12:50

In search of greater versatility for livestock duties, one Nottinghamshire beef producer has swapped a loading shovel for one of Manitou’s latest pivot steer handlers. Geoff Ashcroft finds out more.

Added flexibility with pivot steer telehandler


ith 1,200-head of cattle to feed on a daily basis, plus bedding and mucking out, beef farmer James Burnett demands reliability, productivity and performance from all his machinery. And to get the job done efficiently, it is a workload that involves a pair of handlers, steered by himself and operator Andy Moses. Mr Burnett who runs the 200-hectare Burridge Farm, North Muskham, Nottinghamshire says: “We have been looking for more efficiency, more versatility and more performance from our machines. “While we have traditionally stuck with a combination of one wheeled loader and one telehandler, we have recently ditched our Case 621 wheeled loader in favour of a Manitou MLA-T 533 pivot steer machine. Launched at the 2018 LAMMA Show, Mr Burnett had a strong list of requirements for his latest loader. “I wanted more speed, better agility and a greater lift height, but I did not want to be sat in the cab on one side of the chassis, and this is where the MLA-T has come into its own.” Since its arrival on-farm in February 2019 from local Manitou dealer B&B Tractors, the MLA-T 533 pivot steer handler has already clocked over 1,500 hours. “We have had several Manitou all-wheel steer, rigid chassis handlers, and they have been great, but my own personal preference has always been to sit in the middle of a loader and

The cattle sheds consume 15 to 20 Hesston-sized large square bales each day.

appreciate an all-round view,” he says. He points out that Burridge Farm has enjoyed a succession of wheeled loaders from Hanomag, ex-army Allis Chalmers, several Cats, a Hyundai and latterly, three Case models on the bounce.

Lift capacity

“Wheeled loaders have always delivered on lift capacity, but they can be clumsy and numb in a covered yard,” he says. “The obvious trade-off is lift height, and given the constant swapping between attachments, buying a toe-tip bucket would have only helped with lorry loading. We need to do more, with both machines. “More height for bale stacking and handling was also a priority, and I figured that having more performance

MANITOU MLA-T 533-145V+ Z ● Model: Manitou MLA-T 533-145V+ ● Power: 143hp Deutz ● Transmission: M-Vario Plus CVT

72 Lamma 2020 p72,73 JR BB SM.indd 1

● Max lift: 3.3 tonnes ● Max lift height: 5.2 metres ● Operating weight: 8,430kg

in a smaller package would also speed up our daily yard duties. If we could get similar performance from two telehandlers, then we could improve what we do.” Finishing about 5,000-head per year on a 90 day turn-around, Mr Burnett’s operation makes the most of vegetable by-products sourced from a number of local growers, supplemented by 70ha of maize plus grass silage, harvested and clamped by a local contractor. “Our daily workload is such that we do not have time to run the clamps during silage,” says Mr Burnett. hile e have the fire po er, our handlers are used almost exclusively for livestock duties around the yard. The MLT has just had all its tyres replaced after 18 months and 2,600 hours of use.” he intensive beef finishing operation sees 100 tonnes of feed mixed and fed each day, with straw consumption – in the depths of winter – nudging 15 to 20 Hesston-sized

large square bales each day, to keep the covered yards clean and dry. This daily regime sees Mr Moses take care of bedding using a Spreada-Bale attachment on his MLT741, while Mr Burnett makes a start with ration preparations, ith on floor mixing of ingredients tossed around by the MLA-T533. Both machines are then used with buckets, to re-handle the mixed rations and distribute all feed stock to the different livestock groups housed in the yard. Mr Burnett says: “Liveweight gain is everything, so time is of the essence to get through our daily feeding and bedding regime, which often takes up to four hours to complete. Once we have done the basics, we can turn our attention to other tasks.”


The predominantly grass farm makes use of manures where possible, but finds itself e porting farmyard manure to local growers, such is the 10/12/2019 12:34

The intensive beef finishing operation sees 100 tonnes of feed mixed and fed each day.

I wanted more speed, better agility and a greater lift height JAMES BURNETT

large volume its livestock enterprise creates. It is a task that sees muck often hauled by lorry – and the ability to load over the side using either handler, is now a huge improvement. “We just could not load muck using the wheeled loader, which meant that loading was a one-machine task,” says Mr Burnett. “But it is easy with the MLA-T, and we can both get stuck-in.” Powered by an EU Stage 4-compliant Deutz four-cylinder

engine packing 143hp, the MLA-T gets the firm s ario lus transmission a kph, type that uses two hydraulic motors powered by a hydraulic pump. At low speeds both motors combine to deliver tractive power comparable to a torque converter driveline, while higher speeds see the use of only one motor, offering fuel economy savings. At the business end, the MLA-T 533 offers a 3.3t maximum lift capacity and a 5.2-metre maximum lift height. Machine reliability has been rarely questioned. A failed spring in the hydraulic valve block was replaced under warranty, and a headstock pin that had come adrift from the carriage has also be rectified by ractors. do not find the cab uite as comfortable as my Case wheeled loader – the position of seat and steering wheel could be better,” says Mr Burnett. “More comfort would be better given that I can spend six to seven hours per day in the cab.”

A build-up of muck and debris around the floor-hinged pedals can be problematic.

On a plus-point though, he likes the convenience of the JSM palm-shaped joystick lever and its integrated forward-neutral-reverse rocker switch. “I can keep my left hand on the steering wheel, which is convenient,” he says. “But swapping attachments is not al ays straight for ard. isibility to the headstock could also be better, as find myself having to put the loader on a lock to get a better view of the headstock.”


r urnett has identified concerns about the A s floor hinged brake and foot throttle pedals, and it is an area that Manitou is looking to rectify. t is hard to keep the cab floor spotless in this environment, and we have had problems with debris, small stones and general muck building up beneath the pedal hinges,” he says. “This can prevent the pedals returning to their resting positions, and that means either the engine will not

idle, or the machine thinks the brakes are on. In both instances, it just will not drive. he s suspended pedals do not suffer this trait,” adds Mr Burnett. A key area that both Mr Burnett and r oses have identified is that of fuel consumption – and the apparent lack of it. Mr Moses says: “We used to empty our 4,000-litre diesel tank every four weeks. But since we have swapped the Case loader for the second Manitou, we are now getting six weeks from 4,000 litres of diesel, doing exactly the same tasks. And that is a huge saving, which represents around 14,000 litres/year.” Topping up tanks is also another area where the two operators have been able to compare and contrast. Mr Burnett says: “The AdBlue tank on my MLA-T will not quite last for two tanks of diesel, so every time I refuel I have to top up the e haust fluid, or it will catch me out. Andy s ill almost do three tanks per refill, so he spends less time topping up.” Issues aside, Mr Burnett is pleased with his purchase, though its overall reliability and performance over three years graft and , hours at Burridge Farm are factors that will influence its replacement. “After years of sitting in wheeled loaders, I never thought the MLA-T would be as good as it is,” says Mr Burnett. “Though I could do with a bit more power now, and a little extra lift height. A two-stage telescopic section would be really handy, too.”

Burridge Farm uses an MLA-T 533 and MLT 741 for daily feeding and bedding duties. Lamma 2020 p72,73 JR BB SM.indd 2

73 10/12/2019 12:35

Having invested in a tractor-towed crusher and a compact screener, one Devon farmer is turning concrete and rubble into recycled hardcore, Geoff Ashcroft ent to meet him to find out more.

Towed screener boosts contracting business


ooking for an opportunity to supplement income from the family-run 50 hectare Whitehouse Farm, Winkleigh, Devon, James Boundy turned his attention to on-farm crushing and screening services. “Alongside our forage wagon harvesting business, we have been offering stone picking and burying services, says r oundy. “It just seemed logical that if we could pick and bury stones for customers, it made sense to look at other ays of dealing ith stone. “The ability to crush and screen to produce recycled materials seemed a sensible progression. In early 2018, the business invested in a tractor-powered Herbst Agri Crusher, to take advantage of ripping up and recycling concrete cow tracks, shed bases and other on-farm stockpiles of un anted aggregates. “I looked to hire an Agri Crusher to begin with, just to see how it performed, says r oundy. “But in the end, I bit the bullet and bought one. liked the fle ibility

Herbst Compac Screen has a self-contained engine and hydraulic pack, capable of delivering a throughput of up to 150 tonnes per hour.

and convenience of being able to tow the machine from farm-to-farm using a tractor. “Compared to using a digger with a crushing bucket, which needs specialist transport, this is a

The ability to crush and screen to produce recycled materials seemed a sensible progression JAMES BOUNDY

74 Lamma 2020 p74 75 JR BB SM.indd 1

convenient solution. “The Agri Crusher has processed around 12-15,000 tonnes of materials so far, and we have recently added a Bluetooth camera/monitor to watch the jaws of the crusher, to help make the most of productivity, he says. Towed by a JCB Fastrac 3230 and buoyed by the opportunities to crush materials, the ne t move as to add value to the materials being crushed. The answer he was looking for was also offered in the Herbst stable, in the guise of its ompac creen. Having been awarded a gold medal in the diversification category in the LAMMA Innovation awards (see pages 94-96), it grabbed Mr Boundy’s attention while visiting the show at the in anuary . The trailed screen uses its own on-board power supply and hydraulic system, and could be parked on-site and prepared for use in minutes.

In addition to being used as a standalone machine, it has the potential to be placed under the discharge belt of his Herbst Agri Crusher, for direct feeding of crushed materials. Each of the three conveyor belts are hydraulically folded to reduce the machine s si e for transport. Unfolding them reinstates tension for each belt, and readies the unit for ork. ngaging the vibrating screen bo provides the shaking function to sieve materials being loaded.


Its upper shaker deck removes over-sized materials, which are dropped onto a conveyor belt that stockpiles larger product at the rear of the machine. Smaller material cascades down over a lower sieve deck, producing two graded sizes that are unloaded 10/12/2019 12:36


Mr Boundy has made guards to protect the hydraulic motors from accidental damage.

by conveyor belts on either side of the machine. “It looked a really useful bit of kit, that could handle different materials,” says Mr Boundy. “I had a local turf company looking for someone to screen 1,000 tonnes of top soil, and it also has the ability to screen compost to meet PAS100 quality standards.” Towed by tractor, the Compac Screen has already received a few orking modifications, to improve on-site set-up and durability. he screen s fi ed front skids meant that it was tricky to set-up unless you were on a level site,” he says. “So we replaced them with Jost landing legs from a lorry trailer, so we could wind them up or down independently, to get the machine set correctly for optimum output. “And using bolt-on legs, we can adjust their position through a series of holes, if we need a greater range of adjustment,” he adds. “We have also replaced the small road wheels with larger diameter items to improve ground clearance when visiting farms, and this is a

really useful feature for access.” To load the screen, Mr Boundy says an t midi e cavator is the ideal solution. deally, you position the e cavator to load the screen from the front, but a short radius e cavator could sit anywhere, as long as it can reach the top deck,” he says. Going for ard, a ide intake bo would be much more practical, and this could then be loaded using a telehandler and bucket.”


In terms of productivity, he says the screen is impressive, with a throughput of 100 to 150 tonnes per hour depending on the materials being screened. “It can soon make a good pile of material under the conveyor belts. So you either move material from under the belts, or hitch a tractor on and pull the screen forward.” When screening soil, he says best results come from dry material that crumbles and flo s easily. “Aggregates are far more easily handled, but wetter materials can cause a build up of fines that can

Jost landing legs have been added to provide greater adjustment on steeper sites.

eventually block the screen decks,” says Mr Boundy. “And occasionally, I need to switch off and reach in using a rake or hoe, to scrape the decks clean, to restore the separation quality. “It is a very simple and robust machine, which works really well, though we have implemented a few changes to make it better for our own applications.” He says that over-loading the feeder bo can sometimes see material spill down through to the engine bay, having forced its way past a protective rubber flap. “I have added a piece of steel plate to close this area off and stop the overflo from happening. And ith hinges fitted, can lo er the plate and still access the sieve deck for cleaning.” He has also added hinges to a bolted access panel on the right-hand side of the machine, to make it easier to grease the side conveyor belt’s lower rollers, and also to improve access for cleaning. e has added an e tended e haust pipe, to prevent the machine from becoming covered in soot. “It is a great machine, but we have found that farm life can be more demanding than working with builders, and we have simply made the Compac Screen better suited to our varied workload,” he says. Typically, he reckons the screen will


Adding a piece of box-section steel has enabled cleaning tools to be carried.

● Power: 27hp Yanmar ● Separation: Three-way split ● n a en ei ht 5,450kg ● List price: From £45,000 amma



he screen’s e ront s i s meant that it was tricky to set-up unless you were on a level site JAMES BOUNDY

run for around two days on a tank of diesel, hinting at the Yanmar engine’s economical operation. “There is no fuel gauge, just a small sight tube, though it only shows the last quarter of fuel tank capacity, so it only warns you when you are about to run out. It would be more convenient if the sight gauge e tended up near the top of the tank.”


For the Boundy family, the purchase of the mobile screen for on-farm recycling has yet to gather momentum. Mr Boundy says: “While the machine has not yet done a lot of work, it does offer a really useful means of improving the value of crushed materials. “It is not an obvious choice for farmers, local builders or landscapers, but it should be. “Compared to the cost of disposing of unwanted materials, we can crush and screen on-site, to provide a really useful recycled material at a much lower cost than they can dispose of, and buy-in quarried aggregates.”

75 10/12/2019 12:36

The last time we visited Gloucestershire contractor David Hunt, he was getting to grips with a Kuhn Merge Maxx 950 to improve forage quality. So did it live up to expectations? Geoff Ashcroft reports.

Making the most of a merger


ased in the Cotswolds, agricultural contractor David Hunt faces a constant battle with stones. While it is tough on his arable kit, it wreaks havoc with forage equipment. Even more so when a rake has been through the crop. “Rakes are pretty aggressive,” says Mr Hunt of D. Hunt Agricultural Contractors based at Middle Brookend Farm, near Moreton-in-the-Marsh. Unless your fields are super smooth and flat, there is al ays going to be some unwanted ground contact. And we have found that rakes can also damage some grass varieties – they are just not gentle enough.” Though until recently, the challenges of the stony Cotswold region are something that the firm has had to accept when it comes to grass and forage equipment. “Unfortunately, the risk of forage contamination is something we, and our customers, have had to tolerate for years,” he says. “And to add insult to injury, forager blades, shear bars, chute liners and trailers all take a good hiding from stones and flints. But light is now at the end of the tunnel, with recent developments

We can merge straw into much bigger rows for these hungry balers DAVID HUNT

in swath merging equipment. After buying a 3-metre front-mounted merger four years ago, the firm invested in a Kuhn Merge Maxx 950 for the 2019 season, recently shown at the LAMMA show in January of that year. “I bought the small unit as an experiment,” says Mr Hunt.


“And it was brilliant. We saw a big reduction in forage contamination, but what we really needed was a much bigger merger. “It also proved pretty useful during harvest too. We bale straw for a

Swath belts travel on their back edges (width 3 metres, transport height 3.6m).

76 Lamma 2020 p76 77 JR BB SM.indd 1

merchant using our 2270 and 2270XD six-string MF balers, and we could be sent anywhere, working in all kinds of swaths. “Now we can merge straw into much bigger rows for these hungry balers, and we have the option of easily moving straw after a shower of rain.” Fast-forward to the 2019 season, and the firm started its grass campaign with a Merge Maxx 950. Supplied by local dealer Turney FieldForce, it was bought to take the lion’s share of rowing up from the company’s Kuhn GA9531 twin rotor rake.

“I ordered the merger in 2018 as soon as I saw it,” he says. “I thought it was what we needed to improve forage quality, by lifting the crop off the mown stubbles and placing it into a much larger row.” The Merge Maxx 950 uses two 4m belts, instead of its predecessor’s three. It offers two working widths; 7.5m and 9.5m. In its 7.5m setting, the two belts are butted together and afford left- or right-side swath positioning. It can be useful to doubleup, by placing two 7.5m rows side-by side on adjacent passes. Moving to the wider 9.5m setting creates a 1.5m opening between the two belts. In this mode, belts can be operated to merge the swath into a central position. urther fle ibility comes from running the belts in the same direction or in opposite directions, enabling a swath to be placed on either side of the machine, or delivering one side swath and one central swath.

Pickup belts swing rearwards when raised, reducing the overall width for headland turns. 10/12/2019 12:38

Swath belts can deliver central or left- or right-side swath positioning.

Carried on the tractor’s lower link arms, and equipped with its own self-contained hydraulic system, this model is equipped with manual flo control of the t o hydraulically driven pickups. With several thousand acres now under its belt, and having been put to work in grass, hay and straw, its operational fle ibility is said to be vast. In grass silage, its operation is considered faultless, making the most of David Hunt’s 600hp New Holland FR9060 self-propelled forager. “Swath presentation is everything, and the merger is giving us a far better swath,” says Mr Hunt. “A lumpy swath affects both forager output and chop length. If we can create a consistently dense, wide, and evenly filled s ath to load the forager’s 3-metre pickup, we can make the most of output. “It has worked really well in late season grass and let us pull four rows into one with ease. t just does not knock the stuffing out of grass like a rake can do. And the less you have to handle the grass, the better the end result.” Used on a New Holland T7.245, the smallest tractor in the fleet, r unt says the erge a has so far proved a useful, if not a faultless, investment. An in field trial against his

Kuhn Merge Maxx 950 offers flexible swath merging solutions to create large rows.

There are a lot of variables with a merger, which makes it more of an operator’s machine CHRIS TOWNSEND

own GA9531 9m rake showed just how swath construction can boost forager output. ith half the field merged, and the other half raked, performance from the 600hp FR9060 varied considerably. hopping a m raked ro , the firm saw a 5.5kph forward speed and 65 per cent engine power utilisation; in the same size merged row, forward speed was easily increased to 10kph, and engine power utilisation reached 90 per cent. Merger operator Chris Townsend is pleased with the unit, but the differing crop volumes and moisture content has thrown up some headaches during the season. Mr Townsend says; “It performs better in some crops than others. In

KUHN MERGE MAXX 950 Z ● Working width: 7.5-9.5 metres

● Minimum power requirement: 85hp

● Swath capability: Central, split, side-shift

● List price: from £72,468

● Transport width: 3m

● Belt drive: Hydrostatic

In-cab controls are basic; swath belt speed is changed manually using flow control valves.

loose, dry hay – mostly meadow grass e have e perienced crop dragging on the end of the pickup that is still running through the tedded crop. “If material was perhaps wetter, and heavier, it would be more likely to separate and less likely to drag.”


This tangling of tedded meadow grass is still to be addressed by the French maker, which is seeking a method of dividing the crop to prevent it from being dragged by the end of the merger. “That said, we have been getting some great, lump-free rows in grass,” adds Mr Townsend. “And our trailer drivers have noticed the lack of stones hitting the trailers from the forager chute. “There are a lot of variables with a merger, which makes it more of an operator’s machine compared to a rake, where you could get away with Lamma 2020 p76 77 JR BB SM.indd 2

just putting anyone on it, and running at a steady forward speed.” And Mr Hunt agrees, he says: “It is one of those units where an operator needs to spend time in the cab to learn and understand how to get the best from it. “And it also needs consideration for what is following, to decide just how much grass is merged into one swath. “The Merger has left stones on the ground, and e have e tended blade life with the forager this season too. I am waiting to hear back from customers with comments on their forage quality, to see if there is a uantifiable improvement. But the switch to high capacity merging has also come at a price. “I could have easily bought a pair of twin-rotor rakes for the cost of the erge a , says r unt. o there has to be benefits from making this level of investment that not only suits us, but also our customers.”

77 10/12/2019 12:39

Big claims have been made for Agco’s multibrand Ideal combine, but with a radical new design, has the gamble paid off for early customers? Jane Carley catches up ith one company using the combine to find out more.

Ideal for the future


eplacing two New Holland CR9080s with a pair of Fendt Ideal 8T combine harvesters is described by Lincolnshire Field Products (LFP) senior farm manager Paul Langford as a ‘leap of faith’, but it as also a move made ith specific business goals in mind. With 1,750 hectares of combinable crops just one part of the Spaldingbased enterprise, the cereal harvest has to be fitted in to a tight indo between vegetable work and the potato and sugar beet harvests. Mr Langford comments that the opportunity to increase capacity and save fuel were two factors in considering the deal. He says: “We were looking to go from . to . metre ft to ft headers and the direct drive and improved crop flo of the deal as promised to match the improved output ith fuel savings. The combines tend to work in pairs, so to take advantage of this the two 8Ts have been set up with machineto machine communication. ne has the manufacturer’s full Ideal Harvest

settings software package, with the second machine taking all its settings and A lines from the first. They are also equipped with ‘Fendt Connect’ telemetry, using Agco’s server to transfer harvest results into Gatekeeper and send machine data such as fuel and AdBlue consumption direct to the farm office. Harvest data is uploaded as soon as the operator confirms that the field is completed, and is separated from other information so that it can be accessed by invited third parties such as an agronomist.

Yield maps

“This enables us to study yield maps promptly and act on information such as lower yielding patches located in areas shaded by trees or subject to pigeon damage, e plains r angford. “Also, we have already been able to assess fuel savings, with the Ideals using some litres a day each less than their predecessors. Mr Langford points out that the Ideal design means many of the features were familiar to the drivers

Because of the action of the rotors, straw quality is decent BEN WALKER

as it uses established components such as the Vario Terminal and joystick used in the Fendt tractors and sprayers in the company s fleet. ‘Combine A’ operator Ben Walker comments that Ideal Harvest gives him the ability to visualise crop flo for the first time, using readings from sensors in the threshing and separation areas which are displayed on a tablet in the cab. “I input my required settings and deal arvest confirms them, and can then view where the crop is along the rotor and sieves at any time and quickly make adjustments to solve

any issues. reviously had to use my e perience and make assumptions using only what was in the tank and loss monitor readings. The variable wheat crop in 2019 has also made good use of the firm s Harvest Plus cruise control, set to maintain the intake rate at the feeder housing at a pre-determined level by adjusting forward speed according to crop density. r alker can also fine tune his preset rate on the move, as conditions change. r alker says An e treme rain event in une flattened much of the heat in the area, but the o erflo header’s belt design has tackled that and this year s difficult oilseed rape with aplomb – an improvement on e tendible type tables.


utputs have been about to tonnes/hour in testing conditions, with Mr Walker noting that in the peak of the wheat crop he was getting some hours on half a tank of diesel “The combine’s twin rotors compact the crop less and only run at 800-1,000rpm, compared to the , rpm of the s rotors. You get the same separation but ith lo er fuel consumption. All straw is baled, going to a variety of markets, Mr Walker says: “Because of the action of the rotors, straw quality is decent. As ith any rotary combine, the crop-on-crop threshing means that Wider tracks – sourced from Agco’s Challenger plant at Jackson – proved to be beneficial in wet harvest conditions.

78 Lamma 2020 p78, 79, 80 BB JR SM.indd 1 10/12/2019 12:40

The combines have 10.7-metre headers, increasing capacity and matched with high output from a double helix rotor threshing system.

grain quality is also good, with no splitting.” Mr Walker has also enjoyed his time in the cab. “The Variterminal is on a rail so that you can position it to suit your preferences; I have it right at the back, with the smaller tablet at the front so I have got an unimpeded view of the end of the header.” However, he says there are some improvements to be made to the Variterminal’s screen layout. hen finding fields for e ample it is necessary to flick through numerous pages, whereas on the tractors, there is a ‘quick jump’ setting which would be a great help if it was added. That said, the harvest settings are a lot easier to get into.” Another item on his wish list is longer mirrors to help judge the position of the combine body better. “I use the 360 degree camera to keep an eye on traffic and potential ha ards on the road, but find that the image quality is not that good, even when the camera is clean. “The reversing camera also produces a fish eye image hich can

The Variterminal is on a rail so that you can position it to suit your preferences BEN WALKER

distort perspective and make judging distances tricky.”


He notes that while the tracks follow ground contours well enough in the field and allo the header to ride accurately, their lack of suspension can make them bounce on the road. “They are slightly wider than the ones we had before so give a larger footprint which has proved its worth in this wet harvest,” says Mr Walker. “However, the combine itself is

FENDT IDEAL 8T Z ● Engine: MAN 12.4 litres 538hp ● Fuel tank: 1,250 litres ● Transmission: two-speed Motionshift 40kph ● Header: 10.7 metres ● Rotor: Double helix ● Total separation area: 4.06sq.m

● Total sieve area: 5.4sq.m ● Grain tank capacity: 12,500 litres ● Unloading speed: 140 litres/second ● Cameras: rear view/360 degrees optional ● Price: £477,440 including 10.7m header

Ideal Harvest technology uses data from using sensors in the threshing and separation areas, with information displayed on a tablet in the cab.

narrower so we are no wider on the road. I was keen that the axle width should not be too narrow to maintain the turning circle, and avoid the need to shunt backwards and forward on corners which increases compaction.” Mr Walker is also impressed by the cooling and emissions management packages. “The exhaust and manifold are well positioned and the engine bay is one of the cleanest that I have seen – there are no dust traps anywhere. “The reversing fan is very effective – I have not had to blow out the air filters, and in general the simple drive makes it easy to service, with just three chains to oil.” So is it the ‘ideal’ combine? “We are not quite there yet but with Lamma 2020 p78, 79, 80 BB JR SM.indd 2

the improvements in fuel savings, stra uality and efficiency it could be fantastic. In two or three years it will be excellent.” says Mr Walker. Paul Langford points out the potential benefits for ith the wider header we are getting 15 to 20 per cent more output, which given that we have a harvest season of 30 days could shorten it by four to five days, giving us peace of mind in a catchy season such as this. “The simpler design also means less wear and tear and less downtime, plus we are also using 350 litres of fuel less per day per machine. At this early stage, we can say that it is starting to prove itself.”

79 10/12/2019 12:40

MACHINE-TO-MACHINE COMMUNICATION Z THE combines share settings via Fendt’s server using Fendt Connect telemetry, explains Fendt harvest specialist Ant Risdon: “When several machines are working together, ‘Combine A’ sends its settings to the server and they are then transferred to all combines in the user group. The operators of ‘Combine B’ and so on accept the data and the A-B lines and settings are transferred to the machines.” Fendt Connect also allows data

to be sent to the farm manager and other parties as required, using VarioDoc Pro to produce records which can be integrated into Gatekeeper or Farmworks software. In the case of LFP, before each field is harvested, the agronomist sends job specifications to Combine A via Fendt Connect – A-B lines, crop type, variety and any field obstacles. Using field recognition, the operator accepts the field and harvesting can begin. After the field is completed, a

harvest record is transferred back to the office and into Gatekeeper. Mr Risdon points out that there are no distance limits and machines do not have to be within line of sight as the data transfer is via the phone network, although they should ideally be in the same field. Functionality is built into all combines so the system could easily be adopted or extended if adding another machine to the fleet; ultimately Agco plans to extend machine-to-machine

communication to tractors, matching the movements of grain cart operation to the harvester. “The ability to share waylines when two combines are harvesting the same field is most important for LFP as they have experienced operators who can work to their own settings. We can see that sharing settings to a whole group will be very useful in Eastern Europe for example, where there is less skilled harvest labour,” says Mr Risdon.

Combines generally work in the same field, so machine-to-machine communication is used so that the two machines can share waylines, and if required, harvest settings.

80 Lamma 2020 p78, 79, 80 BB JR SM.indd 3 10/12/2019 12:40

With farmers since 1926..... At Alpler Agricultural Machinery, we are continuing to expand our global organization. In 2019, we established Alpler UK in the United Kingdom and Alpler Landtechnik GmbH in Germany. With these new firms and service network, we are now closer to our customers. In addition to our company’s visionary global activities, at LAMMA 2020 we will be presenting a series of innovations. For instance, we are excited to present our latest FERTILISER and LIME SPREADER, which offers our business partners a competitive product in terms of both technology and price. We hope to see you there! Also our other products include: • Ploughs • Chisel Ploughs & Subsoilers • Cultivators • Disc Harrows • Land Levellers Plus Others

d see Come an ial UK our offic t Lamma launch a Hall 18 2020 in 730 stand 8.


Unit 30, Walkers Road, Manorside Industrial Estate, North Moons Moat, Redditch, B98 9HE | Phone: 0121 740 0194 Alpler Agricultural Machinery.indd 1 p081_Lamma2020.indd 3

10/12/2019 12:50 10/12/2019 12:53

When it comes to value for money, the Zetor Crystal HD 170 stands out as one of the most competitively priced tractors in its class. But is it good value for money? Simon Henley travels to ar ickshire to find out.

Crystal HD workhorse ticks the box


ntroduced to the UK at the 2019 LAMMA Show, the Zetor Crystal HD 170 was a replacement for the Crystal 160 model. Zetor revived its famous Crystal line-up back in 2015 and the all-new version of the tractor range introduced Deutz six-cylinder-power with the 30F/30R transmission borrowed from the four-cylinder Foterra HD line-up. Although well received, early examples of the new Crystal were arguably under-developed. The cab, for example, featured an interior which lacked the ergonomic refinement of the company s popular Forterra range, with poorly positioned spool valve levers and randomly placed switch gear. The good news is that this has been rectified by the introduction of the Crystal HD models, which now share a similar cab specification to the orterra HD. With the HD-spec cab interior the operator gets an increased level of electronic control, with switches and

dials arranged in a neat and logically arranged right hand console. Controls include electronic spool valve s itches, hich are both flo rate and time adjustable. The rear linkage system has also benefited, ith the introduction of etor s HitchTronic electronic working depth adjustment system, in addition to electronic drop rate, lift height and draft/position mix control. Driver visibility has also been improved by raising the mechanically suspended cab 100mm, and Zetor now offers eight LED work lights as an option. A new LCD colour dash monitor is also a feature of the new cab, which shows a wider range of systems information.


The Hall family has owned more than 25 Zetor tractors over the years and Richard Hall can still remember the first etor the family owned when he was still a child.

HD-spec cab interior introduced a new right hand console design, with flow-rate and operating time adjustable electronic spool valve controls.

82 Lamma 2020 p82 83 JR BB SM.indd 1

The Crystal HD 170 is equipped with front linkage and Carraro independent suspension.

FARM FACTS Z ● Farmer: Richard Hall ● Location: Admington, Warwickshire ● Farmed area: 202 hectares (500 acres) ● Farm type: Arable, sheep and pigs

He says: “I think the only other tractor we owned, aside from Zetors in those days, was a Ford 5000. “My dad and my uncle liked Zetor tractors because they were cheap, reliable and they could fi them in the farm workshop. Zetor tractors have always been rugged and simple, with bullet-proof engines that would pull like a train and run on a sip of diesel.” Richard and his father today farm about 202 hectares, from which he produces about 70ha of combinable crops which are sold for seed. e also runs a flock of e es and keeps half a dozen sows, the progeny from which are used to supply pork to local butchers and pubs. he all tractor fleet currently includes a Zetor Forterra 80 equipped with a Zetor loader, and a Forterra HD 130. The Crystal HD 170 was purchased in April of this year to replace a Valtra T151, which had clocked just over 5,000 hours. “We like to swap our tractors every few years so they do not lose too much residual value. The Valtra was

a good tractor, but its value was such that we could not afford to replace it with a new one, so we decided to shop around,” says Mr Hall. “Years ago, my father and uncle o ned a etor rystal . his as a good tractor in its day, so last year we decided we would try one of the new Crystal 160 tractors on demo. “On the whole we were very impressed by the tractor s performance, both in the field and on the road. It had plenty of power and we thought the Carraro independently suspended front axle was well-suited to the tractor s design. hat e ere not keen on was the cab. The low roof line obstructed forward vision, and the interior layout felt outdated.


“When we expressed our concerns to our local dealer, we were told that Zetor was introducing a new Crystal HD model at the LAMMA show. The new tractor offered greater power and more importantly, it had an updated and improved cab design. It also offered LED lighting, which was a bonus as we felt the standard work lights were not particularly good.” ichard is the first to agree that while Zetor tractors do potentially offer great value, they have not always provided the greatest level of refinement. o ever, he is keen to reiterate that the new Crystal and Forterra HD models offer a far greater 10/12/2019 12:43


The top-link peg is described as difficult to remove, as it makes contact with the rear linkage lift-cylinder. This is common to both Crystal HD and Forterra HD tractors.

Zetor positions the cab so the driver sits right over the rear axle, much like the older John Deere tractors A


standard of fit and finish than the etor models of yesteryear. e says he cab is hat makes the ne etor rystal . t is offers easy access, it is comfortable, it offers better all round visibility, and the layout of the controls is far superior. he position of the gear lever is just perfect, and the electronic spool valves fall right to hand. also like the positioning of the cab on the tractor. etor positions the cab so the driver sits right over the rear

a le, much like the older ohn eere tractors. his makes it easier to see the linkage and the pick up hitch ithout having to lean out of the back indo .


o be honest, the is arguably a bit po erful for our farm, but like that it is on top of everything e do. t ill pull our five furro plough running at , rpm, and it handles the mole plough comfortably at just , rpm. ike many, ichard is keen to improve the efficiency of his farming operation. o e ploit the rystal s m of tor ue, he recently adapted a set of three metre ongsklide spring tines to mount on the rystal s front linkage. hese are used to ork the ground in front of the tractor, hile pulling a three leg flat lift subsoiler behind it, enabling him to ork stubble ground ahead of the seed drill in a single pass. Unfortunately, this year s et conditions have prevented ichard from fully e ploiting his ne ly conceived cultivation techni ue. o ever, hile he remains positive about its future potential, he has also built his o n uick detach eight

ZETOR CRYSTAL HD 170 Z ● Engine: i cylinder, . litre, eut ● Power: hp at , rpm ● Torque: 739Nm ● Transmission: etor co kph,

semi po ershift ● Hydraulic output: litres minute ● Wheelbase: . metres ● Weight: , kg ● Price: ,

Additional shrouding has been added by the Zetor dealer to this hydraulic pipe, to prevent it fouling on the tractor’s bonnet and wearing through.

frame for the front linkage, to allo additional ballast to be uickly attached to the tractor hen he goes ploughing. n terms of living ith the tractor, to date ichard has only a fe minor criticisms. All etor tractors have their uirks, he confesses. ne of the design fla s have noticed on the rystal is that the peg used to hold the top link on the tractor is difficult to remove, because it fouls the linkage lift ram. t is e actly the same on the orterra models. e have also had a fe minor concerns ith the routing of the tractor s iring loom and hydraulic pipes. here are a couple of places here our dealer has added additional shrouding to prevent pipes from rubbing on the body panels.


he concept of using out sourced components to build a tractor is not a ne one, but it is something hich has arguably orked ell for etor. omponents like the rystal s ell proven eut engine and its arraro independent suspension a le, give the tractor the performance edge it needs to keep up ith the competition, ithout adding the cost of in house development to the price of the tractor. he rystal is the most refined etor tractor e have ever o ned, says ichard. Lamma 2020 p82 83 JR BB SM.indd 2

Mr Halls says the standard Zetor work lights are quite poor.

find it is comfortable to drive, it has plenty of po er in the field and it travels ell on the road. e do not have a big acreage, so affordability is an important factor hen it comes to making a choice of hat tractor to buy. o far, the etor rystal ticks all the bo es.

83 10/12/2019 12:43



10 11




Stands are shown in Hall.Stand format




10/12/2019 12:44

6 Livestock Gold Medal:

c eigh arker riple


inpact double plunger system . 3 Future Silver Medal: uhn pray target spraying . 4 Online Silver Medal: it nergy Guard . 5 Arable Silver Medal: lo ater conservation agent .

2 Arable Silver Medal: uhn


1 Livestock Silver Medal: uhn ntellimi feeder agon





LAMMA 2020 Innovation Trail

o ďŹ nd out more about all the A A nnovation A ard inners and hat their products could potentially do for your business, follo the nnovation rail on the map.


Lamma 2020 p84 85 BB JR SM.indd 1



7 8




Lamma 2020 p84 85 BB JR SM.indd 2



system – 7.430





machine – 7.400 8 Online Gold Medal: Emily Feed System – 7.404 9 i ersi cation Gold Medal: JRH Water Management rainwater harvesting – 20.580 10 Future Silver Medal: Krone Premos pellet harvester – 19.420 11 Arable Gold Medal: Razorback RT 500 rotary topper and trailed harrow combination – 19.340 12 i ersi cation Silver Medal: Milwaukee Tools heated Jacket – 17.530 13 Arable Silver and Ivel Medal: JC Machinery Vredo CDS multi-use seed drill – 17.430 14 Future Gold Medal: Drone Ag Skippy Scout crop analysis app – 17.276

7 Driven Gold Medal: Westermann Weed Ripper weeding

6 Livestock Gold Medal: McVeigh Parker Triple X fencing

agent – 10.902

4 Online Silver Medal: Hit Energy Guard – 12.106 5 Arable Silver Medal: ICL H2Flo water conservation







10/12/2019 12:44

Promoting innovation in agriculture, Lamma’s Innovation Awards has always been a jewel in the show’s crown, with 2020 set to be no exception.

Lamma Innovation Award winners


pen to exhibitors of the Lamma Show, the Lamma Innovation awards have always been a highlight of

the event. Taking into account design innovation, practical impact on the farming or contracting business,

sustainability of the product, impact to the environment and safety features, the awards shine a light on innovations both great and small. Split into six categories, one gold award and up to three silver awards per category are up for grabs (see results panels). All award winners are carefully

chosen by a 20-strong panel of industry experts. You can identify award winners at the show by their gold and silver pla ues, allo ing you to find out more about the innovations. You can also use our handy innovation trail map on pages 92 and 93 to help navigate the halls.

In addition, during the event, one grand champion will be chosen from the six gold medal winners. An Ivel award, presented by the Institution of Agricultural Engineers, will also be presented to an innovation entry which recognises the positive impact a particular product has on the environment.



The McVeigh Parker Triple X fencing system. ● GOLD award: McVeigh Parker Triple X fencing system. The Triple X fencing system comprises three main components; Clipex quick clip steel posts, Xfence wire netting and hot dip galvanised steel strainers. Said to be quick and easy to erect, requiring little experience to do so, the judges commended the system’s value for money in relation to its life expectancy, and if needed, recyclability of the durable fencing system. Every strand can be supported by the catch system, and compared

86 Lamma 2020 p86 87 88 JR BB.indd 1

to other metal systems it features no fiddly components to break or lose, no stapling is required and ground disturbance is kept to a minimum. ● Silver award: Kuhn Intellimix feeder wagon transmission. Via a continuously variable transmission on the wagon, it allows a small hp tractor to operate triple-auger mixer wagon, putting less strain on the pto and engine of the tractor, while reducing stresses on the gearbox and running gear of the wagon.

Westermann Weed Ripper weeding machine. ● Gold award: Westermann Weed Ripper weeding machine. Negating the use of chemical weed control and/or pressure washing, the Westermann Weed Ripper is designed to rip thick weeds out of pavements and other similar surfaces. Powered by a Honda engine, it is

equipped with 12 braided wire brushes which repeatedly attack the weeds from all angles. Additionally, it will remove any moss or dirt that resides on the surface. Complete with a safety guard, it can be removed or lifted when up against kerb edges, for example. 10/12/2019 12:45

ARABLE INNOVATION AWARD Z ● GOLD award: Razorback RT 500 rotary topper and trailed harrow combination. Combining the actions of a rotary mower and a trailed harrow, Razorback has created a stubble management system which is not only effective at mulching and spreading residues but is also useful for controlling slug populations. The judges commented that the combined action of the rotary topper and residue harrow is impressive in tackling crop residues, with the onepass system clearly demonstrating potential for reducing slug populations and pesticides use, while promoting stale seed development. Working widths of the topper and harro are currently five metres, ith wider widths on the drawing board. For effective tine movement, the system works comfortably between speeds of 12 and 15kph. ● Silver award: Kuhn Twinpact double plunger system. Designed for its high density, larger square balers, the system is said to offer increased bale densities of up to 25 per cent, compared to conventional single plungers. ● Silver Award: ICL H2Flo water conservation agent. mproving ater use efficiency, lo is a water conservation (wetting) agent

The Razorback RT 500 rotary topper and trailed harrow combination is effective for mulching and spreading residues and controlling slug numbers.

that alters the surface tension of water leading to claims of improved ater infiltration into soils, enhanced moisture distribution ithin the soil profile

and improved water retention. ● Silver award: JC Machinery Vredo CDS multi-use seed drill. Extending the use of its Agri Twin and Agri

Air grassland over seeders, Vredo has developed versions which allows the direct disc drills to also drill cereal crops.

ONLINE INNOVATION AWARD Z ● GOLD award: Emily Feed System. In cooperation with farmers, Emily has developed an application to make the task of daily calculations for livestock feeding easier. In addition, the Emily Feed app is said to offer time savings, reduced duplication of recurring tasks, and improved accuracy of distributed quantities. Each day, the user selects the ration that they wish to distribute and input the number of animals within the group. The application then automatically calculates the necessary quantities of each ingredient according to the number of animals that have been entered. The app is also free. ● Silver award: Hit Energy Guard. Is a system designed to ensure that all solar panels here ever fitted are generating as much green energy as possible, operating as close to as 100 per cent efficiency as possible.

The Emily Feed app has been developed to make the task of daily calculations for livestock feeding easier and is said to offer time savings. Lamma 2020 p86 87 88 JR BB.indd 2

87 10/12/2019 12:46

FUTURE INNOVATION AWARD Z ● GOLD award: Drone Ag Skippy Scout crop analysis app. Skippy Scout is an app that automates leaf-level, real-time crop analysis using standard, off-the-shelf drones. It is said to allow farmers and agronomists to check growth stage, green area index and pest, weed and disease levels throughout crops remotely and with no arduous processing time. The judging panel commented that it offers a practical and cost effective method for assessing arable crops, providing farmers with an immediate and readily accessible analysed view of each field. At each point it takes a highresolution image and sends it back to the user’s smartphone, where the app analyses the image using the company s custom artificial intelligence system, telling the user there and then what it sees in the image. ● Silver award: Krone Premos pellet harvester. Krone’s Premos pellet harvester development has the ability to create

The Drone Ag Skippy Scout crop analysis app analyses drone images using artificial intelligence. pellets in the field, directly picked up from the swath, or used stationary with crop fed into the machine. Pellets can be used for a number of applications

such as bedding, feed or bio-fuel. ● Silver award: Kuhn I-Spray target spraying.

Via sensors on the boom, Kuhn’s I-Spray concept sees the sprayer constantly

monitor the vegetation/crop being treated, resulting in the ability to target specific areas plants hich need spraying.

DIVERSIFICATION INNOVATION Z ● GOLD medal: JRH Water Management rainwater harvesting. Improving the quality of stored water, JRH Water Management has come up with a solution to combat the inherent problems with storing water for prolonged periods of time. Able to treat bacteria and pathogens, it means the water can be stored for longer and is more useful as a result, claims the firm. Suited to several applications, including spraying and irrigation, the company also

adds that the resulting clean water is even safe for humans. In addition, because the water is treated, it means larger volumes of water can be stored in one place without fear of contamination, says the company. ● Silver medal: Milwaukee Tools heated Jacket. As the name suggests, the M12 Milwaukee Heated Jacket has been designed to keep wearers warmer throughout the colder months of the year. It also features a built in USB port to charge a phone.

JRH Water Management rainwater harvesting.

fuel costs, and promoting soil health. For grassland, row spacing is 75mm, established via double-disc coulters. To increase this spacing to 150mm and allow deeper sowing depths for cereal crops, every second pair of discs can be hydraulically raised out of their working position. In addition, half of the machine’s seed tubes are shut off. Its newly developed metering system can handle small and large seeds, says the manufacturer.

JC Machinery’s Vredo CDS System direct disc drill.

IVEL AWARD Z PRESENTED by the Institute of Agricultural Engineers, the Ivel award recognises a product’s positive contribution and its impact to the environment. Awarded to JC Machinery for its Vredo CDS System direct disc drill (also a silver award winner in the arable innovation category), the two in one machine demonstrated a clear ability to be used in a wide rotation of grasses and cereal crops, extending the machine’s use, reducing establishment

88 Lamma 2020 p86 87 88 JR BB.indd 3 10/12/2019 12:46

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