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Routt County, Colorado

Hall and Hall Auctions Exceptional Auction Properties

Marketing Premiere Farm and Ranch properties throughout the United States

Upcoming Auctions TEXAS




• Texas working cattle ranch. • 50% of seller’s minerals. • Located near San Angelo, Texas.

Friday, November 2nd, 2012 - 10:30am San Angelo, Texas

• For the hunter, outdoorsman, investor,

timber buyer.

• 2 hours from Oklahoma City, Tulsa

or Dallas.

Thursday, November 8th, 2012 - 1:30pm Wilburton, Oklahoma For Detailed Information Call: 800.829.8747 or 970.716.2120


BOZEMAN, MT 406.587.3090

MISSOULA, MT 406.542.3762

DENVER, CO NORTH PLATTE, NE 303.861.8282 308.534.9000


EATON, CO 970.716.2120

JACKSON HOLE, WY 307.733.0989

SUN VALLEY, ID 208.622.4133

HUTCHINSON, KS 620.662.0411

On the Cover ‌ Marabou Realty, LLC 877 879-7919 Co-listed with

Ranch Marketing Associates 970 734-7885

Marabou Ranch Steamboat Springs, Colorado See page 10


Cover Photography by Larry Pierce


30 v Southern Cross Ranch Listed by Harrigan Land Company, LLC

52 v Legacy Ranch on the Upper South Fork Listed by Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates


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North Burnt Fork Ranch page 24

Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


broker index Arnold Realty Inc.......................59

Century 21 Cornerstone Realty, LLC..........82

Bates Sanders Swan Land Company...........................26

The Chickering Company........57

Congress Realty..........................84 Cornerstone Realty, LLC

Crater Lake Realty, Inc..............77

Desert Valley Realty...................79 Boulder Mountain Realty, Inc.................64

Clark & Associates Land Brokers, LLC....................38

Cabela’s Trophy Properties.......................16, 18, 20, 22

Clark Company Ranch Real Estate......................73

California Outdoor Properties................... 18

Coast Real Estate........................62

Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty...................79

Colorado Landmark Realtors....76

Far West R&C Sales/ Management Co.........................80 Fay Ranches Inc.........................36

First United Realty.....................55 Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty...................72


Blackstone Ranch page 79

Ward Creek Ranch

page 19


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

Fuller Western Real Estate......34


Galles Properties........................44

Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates...............52

Mountain West Realtors............68

Jann C. Pitcher Real Estate........63

Oregon Land and Wildlife.......20

King Land & Water...................58

Raich Montana Properties LLC...........................75

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Ganado Group, Inc....................83

Ganado Group, Inc. Agricultural & Rural Real Estate Services Tom A. Rolston


Girten Land Company..............70

The Group Inc. Real Estate...... 61

LANDTX...................................... 81

Edna To Eden Best Ranches. Best Folks.

Ranch Marketing Associates Christy Belton............................. 10

Leading Edge Properties..........48

Ranch Marketing Associates Ron Morris.................................. 14

Legacy Properties West, LLC....46

The Realty Post.............................. 56

Live Water Properties................65

RE/MAX Parkside Real Estate....74

Hayden Outdoors...................... 16

Lone Eagle Land Brokerage, Inc..................42

Stone Canyon Properties..........78

Headquarters West, Ltd...........66

Mason & Morse Ranch Company........................67

TLC Ranch Realty, Inc..............50

Mason Real Estate Inc................69

Van Cleve Associates.................60 Van Cleve Associates

Mirr Ranch Group......................40

Western United Realty............. 71

Hall and Hall...............................23

Harrigan Land Company LLC....30

Hortenstine Ranch Company....54

Intermountain Realty Group....22


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Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


property index Acres±




9............... Pima....................78 120.......... Maricopa...........83 139.......... Yavapai...............83 148........... Santa Cruz........66 44,650.... Apache...............55

California 5............... Sonoma..............48 24............. Sonoma..............48 55............. Siskiyou.............18 100..............San Luis Obispo.. 74 108........... Marin..................49 123.......... Mendocino........62 175..............San Luis Obispo..73 191...............San Luis Obispo.. 74 196.......... Plumas...............80 210........... Nevada...............57 293.......... Sonoma..............48 298.......... Marin..................49













891........... Monterey...........73

429.......... Rio Blanco.........35

992.......... Humboldt.........80

456.......... Jefferson.............72

548.......... Gallatin..............36

136.......... Crook.................59

1,015....... Yolo.....................19

463.......... Archuleta...........45

661........... Park....................75

168........... Natrona..............39

1,278..........San Luis Obispo..73

490.......... Montezuma.......47

1,201....... Rosebud.............39

280.......... Park....................52

1,321....... El Dorado..........18

493.......... Routt...................13

1,209....... Beaverhead........37

389.......... Johnson.............68

1,346....... Shasta.................57

505.......... Grand.................32

1,475....... Fergus................37

520.......... Huerfano........... 41

1,763....... Ravalli................24

400.......... Platte..................34

1,514........ Plumas...............19 2,700....... Glenn.................60

560.......... Routt...................13

2,691....... Granite...............65

2,995....... Tehama..............57

565.......... La Plata..............14

5,366....... Park....................37

3,246....... Mendocino........18

565.......... La Plata..............46

6,291....... Missoula............23

592.......... Larimer.............. 41

7,539....... Beaverhead........36

631........... Montrose...........43

10,866..... Carter.................38

708.......... Delta...................42

12,910..... Powell.................36

720.......... Montrose...........69


809.......... Routt...................13

124,000....Lewis & Clark....27

891........... Park....................70


3,342....... Lassen................18 3,342....... Modoc................18 3,747....... Lassen................19 6,240....... Mendocino........57 9,500....... Tehama..............60 12,000..... Lassen................19


900.......... Logan.................16 1,019....... Montrose...........42

425.......... Madison.............37

117........... Weston...............59

700.......... Sublette..............23 1,160....... Crook.................59 1,177....... Albany................71 1,216....... Carbon...............82 1,350....... Carbon...............34 1,740....... Washakie...........34 1,848....... Teton..................14 2,116........ Weston...............71 2,237....... Sheridan............40

New Mexico

4,000....... Sublette..............65

21,661..... Catron................33

4,831....... Johnson.............39

24,000.... Catron................33

5,392....... Crook.................59

34,000.... Catron................67

7,000....... Johnson.............38

4,812....... Platte..................33

22............. Archuleta...........44

1,280....... Huerfano...........35

35............. Archuleta...........63

1,400....... Douglas..............33

35............. Montrose...........36

1,469....... Mesa...................69

35............. Pueblo................56

1,540....... Larimer..............71

47,309..... Catron................30

7,902....... Park....................16

38............. Archuleta...........63

1,577....... Delta...................69

61,000..... Cibola.................55

8,916....... Weston...............59

40............. Pueblo................56

1,700....... Routt...................10

9,768....... Carbon...............71

53............. Boulder..............84

1,737....... Jackson..............40


55............. La Plata..............47

1,769....... La Plata..............14

100........... Coos...................20

28,453.... Johnson.............38

64............. Weld...................61

1,831....... Park....................70

105........... Crook.................79

60,000.... Laramie..............15

69............. Delta...................69

1,855....... Delta...................69

235.......... Klamath.............21

95,000.... Laramie..............32

70............. Jefferson.............72

1,880....... Montrose...........43

80............. La Plata..............47

2,066....... Park....................17

580.......... Klamath.............20

80............. Las Animas.......34

2,080....... Park....................40

1,252....... Klamath.............77

107........... Rio Grande........45

2,175....... Montrose...........43

1,992....... Wheeler.............21

115........... Boulder..............76

2,300....... Jackson..............24

2,514....... Klamath.............77

116........... Routt...................13

2,665....... Routt...................32

5,285....... Klamath.............77

124.......... Archuleta...........63

3,500....... Moffat.................17

6,200....... Grant..................21

124.......... Park....................70

3,947....... Larimer..............32

7,054....... Klamath.............77


136.......... Archuleta...........44

4,406....... San Miguel........25

21,529..... Crook.................67

3,055....... Chautauqua......16

142........... Gunnison..........69

9,991....... Morgan...............67 11,420..... Montrose...........42


5,000....... Chautauqua......17

152.......... Las Animas.......35 155.......... Mineral...............47

17,089..... Park.................... 41

8............... Wayne................64

Nebraska 2,300....... Sioux..................38

169........... Hinsdale............44


10............. Garfield..............64 39............. Garfield..............64

173........... Montezuma.......47

293.......... Blaine.................25

40............. Wasatch.............22

South Dakota

200.......... Teller...................35

503.......... Custer.................23

76............. Wasatch.............29

7,116........ Fall River...........39

273.......... Park....................70

817........... Custer.................24

550.......... Grand.................22

8,184....... Meade.................67


160........... Routt...................13

27,320..... Carbon...............16

560.......... Deschutes..........79

274........... Chaffee...............17

1,176........ Teton..................65

2,066....... Washington...... 41

321..............San Luis Obispo.. 74

300.......... Park....................70

4,195....... Oneida...............28

3,410....... Summit..............29

Outside the Region

Canada 116........... Smithers............25 2,611....... Smithers............24

2,904....... Johnson.............54

330.......... Marin..................48

309.......... Hinsdale............65

5,915....... Bannock.............26

9,235....... Rich.....................28

350.......... Monterey...........73

340.......... Archuleta...........45

2,989....... Presidio..............58

378.......... Marin..................49

375.......... Park....................70


253,100....Garfield............... 40

377.......... Montezuma.......47

40............. Flathead.............50


3,308....... Mason................81

420..............San Luis Obispo.. 74 693.......... Siskiyou.............60

391........... Routt...................13

48............. Park....................75

30............. Uinta..................22

8,163....... Jeff Davis...........58

815........... Sonoma..............49

422.......... San Miguel........25

55............. Flathead.............50

36............. Carbon...............82

55,374..... Jeff Davis...........58


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

4,339....... Val Verde...........58







Aleutians East 1 Aleutians West 2 Anchorage 3 Bethel 4 Bristol Bay 5 Denali 6 Dillingham 7 Fairbanks NorthStar 8 Haines 9 Juneau 10 KenaiPeninsula 11 Ketchikan Gateway 12 Kodiak Island 13 MatanskaSusitna 14 Lake and Peninsula 27 Nome 15 North Slope 16 Northwest Arctic 17 Prince of WalesOuter Ketchikan 18 Sitka 19 Skagway-HoonahAngoon 20 Southeast Fairbanks 21 ValdezCordova 22 WadeHampton 23 WrangellPetersburg 24 Yakutat 25 YukonKoyukuk 26


Apache Cochise Coconino Gila Graham Greenlee La Paz Maricopa Mohave Navajo Pima Pinal Santa Cruz Yavapai Yuma

California Alameda Alpine Amador Butte Calaveras Colusa

4 15 2 8 12 13 6 7 1 3 10 11 14 5 9

33 31 30 12 35 5




CA Contra Costa 28 Del Norte 1 El Dorado 24 Fresno 44 Glenn 11 Humboldt 4 Imperial 57 Inyo 47 Kern 49 Kings 45 Lake 14 Lassen 7 Los Angeles 53 Madera 45 Marin 25 Mariposa 41 Mendocino 10 Merced 40 Modoc 3 Mono 37 Monterey 42 Napa 21 Nevada 18 Orange 54 Placer 19 Plumas 9 Riverside 55 Sacramento 23 San Benito 43 San Bernardino 50 San Diego 56 San Francisco 27 San Joaquin 29 San Luis Obispo 48 San Mateo 32 Santa Barbara 51 Santa Clara 39 Santa Cruz 38 Shasta 6 Sierra 13 Siskiyou 2 Solano 26 Solano 26 Sonoma 20 Stanislaus 34 Sutter 16 Tehama 8 Trinity 5 Tulare 46 Tuolumne 36 Ventura 52 Yolo 22 17 Yuba

Colorado Adams Alamosa Arapahoe Archuleta Baca Bent Boulder Chaffee

22 52 23 59 63 55 11 34

AZ NM Cheyenne Clear Creek Conejos Costilla Crowley Custer Delta Denver Dolores Douglas Eagle Elbert El Paso Fremont Garfield Gilpin Grand Gunnison Hinsdale Huerfano Jackson Jefferson Kiowa Kit Carson Lake La Plata Larimer Las Animas Lincoln Logan Mesa Mineral Moffat Montezuma Montrose Morgan Otero Ouray Park Phillips Pitkin Prowers Pueblo Rio Blanco Rio Grande Routt Saguache San Juan San Miguel Sedgwick Summit Teller Washington Weld Yuma

Hawaii Hawaii Honolulu

37 18 60 61 45 43 32 21 47 28 16 29 36 39 15 19 10 33 49 53 3 20 46 31 26 58 4 62 30 6 24 50 1 57 38 12 54 41 27 8 25 56 44 9 51 2 42 48 40 7 17 35 13 5 14

1 2


Valley Washington Kalawao Kauai Maui


Ada Adams Bannock Bear Lake Benewah Bingham Blaine Boise Bonner Bonneville Boundary Butte Camas Canyon Caribou Cassia Clark Clearwater Custer Elmore Franklin Fremont Gem Gooding Idaho Jefferson Jerome Kootenai Latah Lemhi Lewis Lincoln Madison Minidoka Nez Perce Oneida Owyhee Payette Power Shoshone Teton Twin Falls

3 4 5

23 11 40 44 4 34 26 17 2 35 1 19 25 22 41 38 20 7 18 24 43 21 16 31 10 27 37 3 6 14 9 32 28 33 8 42 30 15 39 5 29 36


13 12

Beaverhead 46 Big Horn 54 Blaine 8 Broadwater 35 Carbon 52 Carter 56 Cascade 22 Choteau 17 Custer 42 Daniels 11 Dawson 28 Deer Lodge 32 Fallon 45 Fergus 24 Flathead 2 Gallatin 48 Garfield 26 Glacier 3 Golden Valley 28 Granite 31 Hill 7 Jefferson 34 Judith Basin 23 Lake 15 Lewis and Clark 21 Liberty 6 Lincoln 1 Madison 47 Mc Cone 27 Meagher 36 Mineral 18 Missoula 19 Musselshell 39 Park 49 Petroleum 25 Phillips 9 Pondera 4 Powder River 55 Powell 20 Prairie 43 Ravalli 30 Richland 29 Roosevelt 12 Rosebud 40 Sanders 14 Sheridan 13

Silver Bow Stillwater Sweet Grass Teton Toole Treasure Valley Wheatland Wibaux Yellowstone


Carson City Churchill Clark Douglas Elko Esmeralda Eureka Humboldt Lander Lincoln Lyon Mineral Nye Pershing Storey Washoe White Pine

33 51 50 16 5 41 10 37 44 53

8 11 17 12 3 15 6 2 5 16 10 13 14 4 9 1 7

New Mexico Bernalillo Catron Chaves Cibola Colfax Curry De Baca Dona Ana Eddy Grant Guadalupe Harding Hidalgo Lea Lincoln Los Alamos Luna McKinley Mora

14 19 27 13 4 23 22 31 32 24 17 12 29 33 21 8 30 6 10

Otero Quay Rio Arriba Roosevelt Sandoval San Juan San Miguel Santa Fe Sierra Socorro Taos Torrance Union Valencia


Baker Benton Clackamas Clatsop Columbia Coos Crook Curry Deschutes Douglas Gilliam Grant Harney Hood River Jackson Jefferson Josephine Klamath Lake Lane Lincoln Linn Malheur Marion Morrow Multnomah Polk Sherman Tillamook Umatilla Union Wallowa Wasco Washington

26 18 2 28 7 1 11 9 25 20 3 16 5 15

24 19 18 1 2 28 27 30 26 29 9 23 35 6 32 21 31 33 34 25 15 20 36 17 10 5 16 8 3 11 12 13 7 4

Wheeler Yamhill


Beaver Box Elder Cache Carbon Daggett Davis Duchesne Emery Garfield Grand Iron Juab Kane Millard Morgan Piute Rich Salt Lake San Juan Sanpete Sevier Summit Tooele Uintah Utah Wasatch Washington Wayne Weber

22 14

19 1 2 18 10 6 14 21 26 22 25 11 29 16 7 23 3 8 27 17 20 9 4 15 12 13 28 24 5


Adams Asotin Benton Chelan Clallam Clark Columbia Cowlitz Douglas Ferry Franklin Garfield Grant Grays Harbor Island

21 34 29 11 8 37 32 36 12 4 30 33 20 23 9

Jefferson King Kitsap Kittitas Klickitat Lewis Lincoln Mason Okanogan Pacific Pend Oreille Pierce San Juan Skagit Skamania Snohomish Spokane Stevens Thurston Wahkiakum Walla Walla Whatcom Whitman Yakima

Wyoming Albany Big Horn Campbell Carbon Converse Crook Fremont Goshen Hot Springs Johnson Laramie Lincoln Natrona Niobrara Park Platte Sheridan Sublette Sweetwater Teton Uinta Washakie Weston

15 18 17 19 39 27 13 16 3 26 6 25 1 7 38 10 14 5 24 35 31 2 22 28

20 3 6 19 15 7 8 22 9 5 23 12 14 16 2 21 4 13 18 1 17 10 11

Cover Ranch



Colorado v Routt County v Steamboat Springs


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


Set against the spectacular landscape of a

traditional Colorado working ranch, this refined ranch community located minutes from the

With a twist.

renowned resort of Steamboat Springs hosts an unrivaled range of recreational opportunities, amenities and services. Colorado’s preeminent shared ranch community encompasses over 1,700 acres with two miles of Elk River frontage and more than 1,300 acres dedicated to shared open space. Thoughtfully designed for those seeking balance between work and play, old and new, recreation and relaxation, Marabou Ranch caters to families who are passionate about the outdoors while providing a lasting family legacy for future generations. Whether it’s an afternoon spent harvesting the native grass hay, rotating cattle from open meadows to wooded grazing grounds, participating in an equine educational event, fly-fishing or relaxing at the spa, the owners at Marabou have the opportunity to define their own ranch lifestyle. Marabou Ranch owners enjoy unparalleled amenities including six luxurious cabins nestled in the cottonwood trees along the river and ranch headquarters boasting the magnificent River House Lodge, an outfitter cabin, equestrian center, spa and fitness center, community pool and state-of-the-art theater. The ranch’s 1,325 acres of open space provide world-class fly-fishing on the Elk River and 10 acres of stream-fed trout ponds plus more than 20 miles of multi-use trails for hiking, biking and riding. Marabou Master Guides in mountain biking, fly-fishing, snowboarding, horseback riding and alpine/Nordic skiing are top-tier athletes that are available to bring the excitement and adventure of the outdoors to owners and their families. Marabou’s prime location is just over five miles from downtown Steamboat Springs and only Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


eight miles from the Steamboat Ski Area gondola. Steamboat Springs offers enchanting boutiques, fine restaurants and world-class skiing on famous champagne powder slopes. Denver is a scenic three-hour drive and air access is four miles away at Steamboat Spring’s Bob Adams private airport or 18 miles at Yampa Valley Regional Airport, which offers direct ski season flights from Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Newark, New York City, Minneapolis, Los Angeles and Denver. Getting here is easy – leaving is hard. v This well-managed, shared luxury ranch community is committed to owner satisfaction. Eighteen of 62 homesteads remain, starting at $1,300,000 with generous financing available. For more information, visit Listed by Marabou Realty, LLC, 877 879-7919 and Ranch Marketing Associates, 970 734-7885.


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

Zimmerman Ranch at Steamboat Colorado v Routt County v Steamboat Springs


Enjoy rugged independence on 391 wide-open and unrestricted acres on the northern edge of Steamboat Springs. With for jaw-dropping views of Mt. Werner, the ranch is just five minutes

Chimney Creek Ranch

from the world-class skiing, boutique shops and fine dining of Steamboat. Ownership is available at the adjoining and exclusive Elk River fishing community of Marabou. $3,900,000. Contact Christy Belton. Co-listed with Marabou Realty, LLC.

Colorado v Routt County v Steamboat Springs


Chimney Creek Ranch is 560± acres of pure privacy just 20 miles northwest of Steamboat. The ranch lies in an easily accessible valley

Step Rock Ranch

of rolling, grassy hills with spectacular views

Colorado v Routt County v Steamboat Springs

of the Continental Divide. A small creek meanders through the property and public land is nearby. $1,999,999.


Located 30 miles south of Steamboat Springs, the 809-acre Step Rock Ranch sits at the base of the Flattops Wilderness, adjoining Routt National Forest. Elk and deer hunting on the ranch is excellent and the high mountain pastures, and adjacent BLM leases are ideal for livestock grazing. The ranch consists of irrigated meadows, a mile of Trout  Creek, comfortable

improvements and year-round access in a beautiful alpine setting. $4,395,000. Christy Belton.

The Homestead at Big Red Park Colorado v Routt Co. v Steamboat Springs


Completely surrounded by the Routt/Medicine

Lower Elk River Ranch


Colorado v Routt County v Steamboat Springs

Bow National Forest, the Homestead at Big Red Park is 160 acres in the Colorado Rockies. High mountain streams and direct trail access provide year-round recreational opportunities.

These 116 acres have over a mile of water frontage and ski area views eight miles from Steamboat Springs. Well-appointed, attractive cabins are the ideal Convenient to town, and off the beaten path with great fishing and several homesites nestled in the place to unwind. The ranch is only 45 minutes cottonwoods near the river, the ranch can be divided. Well below April 2012 appraisal. $2,499,000.

Red Hawk Ranch Colorado v Routt Co. v Steamboat Springs

to Steamboat Springs. $1,800,000.


Red Hawk Ranch offers 493 acres of prime hunting land northwest of Steamboat. The Dry Fork of Elkhead Creek flows along the northern Boundary, attracting a variety of wildlife. Rolling, aspen-covered hills are a sanctuary for the elk. This area is home to the secondlargest elk herd in Colorado. $599,000.

Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


Walton Ranch Wyoming v Teton County v Jackson


Sited along the legendary Snake River and adjacent to the Grand Teton with views over the entire valley, the 1,848-acre legacy ranch has its own resident elk herd and fishing access along the Snake River. This naturally preserved setting is surrounded by the grandeur of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks and yet is five miles to downtown Jackson and 15 minutes to world-class ski resorts and private air service. Walton Ranch offers a rare opportunity to own wide-open spaces in one of the most sought-after locations in the world. $100,000,000. Contact Ron Morris and Billy Long. Property ID#: 72333


Granite Peaks Ranch is an exquisite, one-of a-kind, 565-acre fly-fishing and equestrian estate and the last privately owned ranch before the vast Weminuche Wilderness. With three miles of the Pine River, the property offers exceptional fly-fishing a few steps from the main residence and cabins. There are several architectural masterpieces including a 5,500-square-foot main home, private riverside guesthouse and three historic cabins. Beautifully scaled and landscaped to fit naturally into the surrounding environment, it is encircled by majestic granite peaks and provides direct access via hiking trail into the 500,000acre Weminuche Wilderness. $24,000,000. Contact Ron Morris. Property ID#: 42368

Granite Peaks Ranch Colorado v La Plata & Hinsdale Counties v Durango

Indian Shadow Ranch Colorado v La Plata County v Durango


One of the largest privately owned ranches near Durango, this exquisite 1,769-acre wildlife and recreation ranch has one and two-thirds miles of the La Plata River running through the property. The ranch is immensely private and contains several first-class improvements including a newly remodeled, 6,780-square-foot, four-bedroom main home with an attached three-car garage, manager’s home near the river, large horse barn with apartment and two large top quality shops, one of which contains a comfortable apartment. The ranch has several ponds and hay meadows as well as high quality pasture. $22,000,000. Contact Carl Luppens or Ron Morris.


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

Y Cross Ranch


Wyoming v Albany & Laramie Counties v Horse Creek

The legendary Y Cross Ranch, over 60,000 acres between Cheyenne and Laramie, was originally established in 1941 as a purebred cattle operation. In one continuous block of 92 square miles spanning a magnificent 17 miles east to west and six miles wide, the property has a variety of terrain capable of supporting a healthy ecosystem for livestock and wild game and has two sets of improvements, including four residences, numerous barns, sheds, shops, outbuildings, corrals





Averaging 650 to 850 pair along with 650 to 800 yearling cattle and characterized by unobstructed panoramic mountain and valley views, scenic topography, over 800 acres of irrigated meadows, 10 creeks, elevations to 8,613 feet and the ability to produce 1,000+ tons of grass hay, Y Cross Ranch offers a rare opportunity to own a classic Western, low-overhead production ranch. Y Cross Ranch is offered for sale in it is entirety, including all real estate, improvements and water rights through a sealed bid process. Bids will be opened on November 13, 2012. Contact Ron Morris for details at or 970 535-0881. Property ID#: 42396

Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West



This 7,902-acre (4,962 deeded) Wyoming legacy

Flying River Ranch

ranch has it all: world-class hunting, a trophy trout stream, production ground, water rights and the

Wyoming v Park County v Meeteetse

perfect combination of privacy and convenience.

The Flying River Ranch is 30 miles from Cody, Wyoming and just two miles from the small Western ranch town of Meeteetse. It offers two miles of outstanding Greybull River, making this one of the most diverse ranches in all of the United States. Trophy native Yellowstone cutthroat trout are an American jewel and call this stretch of the Greybull home. To add to the diversity of this ranch, trophy whitetail and mule deer, elk and antelope roam the property’s hill country, canyons, river bottom and irrigated hay ground. Along with being a sportsman’s dream, this classic Western cattle ranch has great water rights, artesian spring and potential production of up to $500,000 of agricultural income. This Certified Organic Cattle Ranch has run in upwards of 700 head seasonally. Included on the ranch is a main home, manager’s house, a large metal Quonset, barn, corrals and a loafing shed. In addition to its deeded acreage, the ranch includes a 2,940-acre BLM and state land grazing lease, plus an additional 28,000-acre U.S. Forest Service grazing permit can be purchased separately. Rarely does such a dynamic Western ranch become available. Please call Hayden Outdoors for your personal ranch tour. $7,900,000. Property ID#: 42780

Cross Ridge Ranch Kansas v Chautauqua Co. v Cedar Vale


This 3,055-acre ranch is at the south end of

Two Rivers & Pine Draw Ranches

the Flint Hills, 100 miles southeast of Wichita, Kansas. This property features high bluffs overlooking tree-lined creeks and a 23+ acre watershed pond. Improvements on the ranch include two homes, a bunkhouse and cattle working facilities. Live water is excellent with 14 ponds, two creeks and a beautiful watershed lake full of bass, crappie, bluegill and catfish. Waterfowl hunting on ponds and the lake is fantastic! With surrounding properties

Wyoming v Carbon County v Medicine Bow


These two ranches offer a rare purchase with 27,320± acres and are known for their water, grazing and wide-open Wyoming ranching. The properties are classic Western cattle ranches with all the operations needed to run efficiently. The ranches consist of 16,760 deeded acres plus another 10,560 BLM and state grazing leased acres. The ranches include homes, outbuildings and great water and wind energy rights, plus irrigated hay meadows with an average annual hay production of 525 tons. The backcountry hills and bluffs are home to plentiful antelope and mule deer. Contact Seth Hayden for a personal showing. $5,142,000. Property IDs#: 42850 & 42876

allowing little to no hunting, Cross Ridge Ranch is amazing for big Kansas whitetail bucks! For more info, contact Leo Hayden, Employing Broker. $6,415,500. Property ID#: 42463

Springdale Creek Ranch Colorado v Logan County v Sterling


Springdale Creek Ranch is a 900-acre northeastern Colorado ranch with some of the best water rights you will find, with pivot-irrigated corn ground and excellent grazing land just five miles northwest of Sterling. The ranch offers two farmhouses plus outbuildings. Live water on the property includes three ponds, the largest being 20

1204 W. Ash St., Unit A Windsor, CO 80550

970 674-1990 Colorado office 866 741-8323 Kansas office


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

acres in size, offering incredible waterfowl hunting and fishing for bass, perch and catfish. The ranch also includes minerals, making it an excellent income property. Location, production, water rights, recreation and potential income make this a premier listing that won’t last long. Contact Seth Hayden. $3,600,000. Property ID#: 42864

Medicine River Ranch


Kansas v Chautauqua County v Sun City

For years, this region of Kansas has consistently produced some of the best deer in the country. It has the right mix of habitat, nutrition and genetics to produce record book deer, plus great hunting for Rio Grande turkeys and native bobwhite quail. The habitat on this 5,000-acre tract is second to none and provides excellent cover and feed for bucks to reach maturity and maximize antler growth. The ranch offers four-plus miles of the Medicine Lodge River and approximately one mile of Elk Creek. It is well treed with excellent ground cover and adjoining cropland. The current owner raises wheat and alfalfa on 900± acres strategically located next to excellent bedding cover. There are two homes on the property plus a bunkhouse. Contact Blayne St. James, Salesperson. $11,000,000. Property ID#: 41607

Aspen Creek Ranch


Colorado v Park County v Guffey

Aspen Creek Ranch, a working cattle ranch for over 120 years, consists of 2,066 contiguous deeded

Pinnacle Peak Ranch

acres and an additional 10,000 acres of Pike Na-

Colorado v Moffat County v Craig

tional Forest permit and 640 acres of state grazing


Seldom can you find the perfect property with water, grazing land, amazing hunting, a custom home, beautiful scenery, year-around access and close proximity to an airport and amenities. The beautiful 3,500+ deeded acres sit at the foot of Black Mountain, north of Craig. This property features four ponds and three creeks with great water rights. Pinnacle Peak Ranch boasts prime mule deer, pronghorn and massive elk herds. The ranch borders BLM land and has a grazing lease on the nearby Routt National Forest. Improvements include a large custom home, four-car garage, guest home, ranch manager, hunter’s home, two shops and ranch equipment. Contact Lonnie Gustin. $6,400,000. Property ID#: 42851


In the town of Buena Vista, the Lonesome Pine property consists of 274 prime acres. This land is just one mile west of downtown and offers historic water rights that will transfer to the buyer.

Lonesome Pine Ranch Colorado v Chaffee Co. v Buena Vista

lease. There’s an abundance of hunting and fishing; nine of the ponds are stocked with trout, and the ranch received 16 big game landowner tags for 2011. Two year-round creeks and water rights make this ranch well watered. The ranch has seven producing water wells and a dozen permitted livestock water tanks. There are two living structures: a two-story, four-bedroom, three-bathroom main house built in 1885 and a log cabin near the main house with kitchen, living room, one bedroom and bath and a loft. For more info, contact Greg Liddle. $5,781,922. Property ID#: 42868

Most of this property is flat to gently sloping with a beautiful mix of cottonwoods, ponderosa pines, hay meadows and rangeland. Currently, this ranch boasts quality hay production as well as a cattle grazing lease. Cottonwood Creek runs through the middle of the property and is the quintessential Colorado mountain stream, clean and clear with a host of native brook trout that call this water home. There are two homes on the property with additional outbuildings. Call Dax Hayden for a tour. $3,333,000. Property ID#: 42520

1204 W. Ash St., Unit A Windsor, CO 80550

970 674-1990 Colorado office 866 741-8323 Kansas office Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


Mt. Shasta Majestic Retreat California v Siskiyou County v Mt. Shasta


These 55 acres in Siskiyou County offer a spectacular 7,600-square-foot Pioneer log home overlooking Lake Siskiyou with breathtaking Mt. Shasta in the background. It features four bedrooms, 3.5 baths, a loft, open floor plan, custom detailing, 1,700-square-foot deck and a threecar garage with living space above, all with amazing views of Mt. Shasta and Lake Siskiyou. This is a recreational wonderland with incredible opportunities for fishing, hunting, biking, golfing, boating, running and horseback riding! $3,750,000. Property ID#: 41678

Circle F Hunting Ranch

Black Rock Creek Ranch

California v Mendocino Co. v Yorkville


This 3,246- acre ranch in Mendocino County offers trophy hunting for wild boar, blacktail deer and wild turkey. It also has a private vineyard, steelhead spawning streams, redwood forests, house, barns, beautiful meadows and privacy! Run 150 head of cattle, ride horses, ATVs or jeeps; this property is a recreational playground. The ranch


California v El Dorado County v Pilot Hill

This is one of the last large Sierra Foothill ranches left in California. Ideally located in El Dorado County between San Francisco and Lake Tahoe, the 1,321± acres give you plenty of

room to roam. Two large lakes, creeks, waterfalls, miles of trails and a newer 6,200-squarefoot custom lodge-style home, caretaker’s residence and helipad  make it the perfect getaway. $9,900,000. Property ID#: 42762

currently has a professional guide (Rhino Guide Service) that leads hunts on the ranch. On April 16, 2012, a 372-pound free-range wild boar was taken with 4-inch tusks and ranked #1 in CA and #3 in the world by Weiser Weight and Tusk. Price reduced to $5,990,000. Property ID#: 13886

DRE# 01838294

707 Merchant Street, Suite 100 Vacaville, CA 95688

707 455-4444 • 707 455-0455 fax

West Valley Ranch California v Modoc & Lassen Counties v Likely


These 3,342 acres feature 970 acres of West Valley Reservoir surface water and seven miles of shoreline, as well as 3+ miles of private spring-fed streams. It has the capacity to run 225 pair of cows from May to November. There is a BLM grazing permit for 50 AUMs. There are several outbuildings, large pole barn, located in the X3b deer zone and great waterfowl and fishing. $2,900,000. Property ID#: 42058


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

California Almond Orchard


California v Yolo County v Woodland

This 1,015-acre almond orchard lies 10 minutes from UC Davis and air transportation. This is one of the few large producing orchards





available is an adjacent 40-acre parcel with 200,000 square feet of large storage buildings

Ward Creek Ranch California v Plumas County v Taylorsville


and another parcel, 69 acres of open ground Own your own private valley with 1,514 acres, pristine mountain meadows and emerald forests. Nestled with a 5,000-square-foot log home and

in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California, the main headquarters boasts a 9,000-square-

several outbuildings. This is a spectacular, foot custom log home with six bedrooms, eight baths, six fireplaces and a gourmet kitchen. Surrounded immaculate property. $12,000,000 for the by millions of acres of national forest, the ranch offers seven homes, a hunting cabin, country store, 1,015-acre orchard; subject to farm lease. headquarters office, blacksmith shop, 10 barns, 11 ponds, a lake and four creeks providing great fishing $12,000,000. Property ID#: 13612

and kayaking. Price reduced by $4,000,000, now $15,950,000. Property ID#: 13771

Dixie Valley Ranch California v Lassen County v Little Valley


These 120,000 acres (17,075 deeded, 30,000 BLM lease and 73,000 USFS lease) in Lassen and Tehama Counties offer excellent water rights, a 3,000-square-foot main log cabin home, 2,400-square-foot ranch manager’s home, two cowboy homes, a historic old ranch home, barns and shops. There are 800 irrigated acres and the ranch cuts 3,500 tons of hay with an additional 3,000 acres of irrigated and sub-irrigated meadows. It runs over 1,500 AU year round. This is a trophy Western cattle ranch. $19,000,000. Property ID#: 14576

Spanish Ranch


California v Lassen County v Ravendale

These 3,747 historic acres offer cool springs and meadows. Known as a great cattle ranch with its lush meadows and enormous high mountain range, the ranch has two houses, a shop, corrals, outbuildings and a huge pole barn. Very good high production well and good springs feed

DRE# 01838294

707 Merchant Street, Suite 100 Vacaville, CA 95688

707 455-4444 • 707 455-0455 fax

the lower meadow and ponds. It runs 250 pair. $2,495,000. Property ID#: 42452 Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West



Steamboat Inn is perched on a bluff with a commanding view of the North Umpqua River. These beautifully appointed accommodations overlooking the beautiful North Umpqua River make this unique inn an ideal romantic getaway for discovering the treasures of the area, such as Crater Lake. Fishing at its most challenging, trails for hikers and swimming are all within minutes of Steamboat Inn. Steamboat Inn is an

Steamboat Inn

excellent lodging facility for meetings, retreats and seminars. Nestled among the towering

Oregon v Douglas County v Roseburg

firs of the Umpqua National Forest, the Inn is

located 38 scenic miles east of Roseburg. Steamboat Inn is located in the middle of 31 miles of “fly-fishing only” water on the North Umpqua River, which is famous as the home of some of the most challenging steelhead fishing in the world. Ernie Schwiebert called it “the unmistakable royalty of the Pacific Coast.” Jack Hemingway called the water just upstream from Steamboat Inn “the greatest stretch of summer steelhead water in the United States.” $2,600,000. Timothy O’Neil, 541 480-3682 and Garrett Zoller, 541 944-8821. Property ID#: 42596


Set in the beautiful Sprague River Valley with over three miles of river frontage, a generous CRP program, consistent cattle lease and solid water rights package make this property a ranch worth serious consideration. The major improvements on this 580.14-acre ranch include corral facilities adequate to manage up to 250 pairs, an extensive underground irrigation system with screw-top hydrants and powered by a professionally designed

C-7 Ranch

2007 low-lift, high-volume pump station. There’s an old grass air strip, well, pump and

Oregon v Klamath County v Klamath Falls

pump house, stock water tanks and 15,000+

feet of newer fencing installed. The property has been designed for a great balance of production and recreation, ready for your dream home to be constructed! $875,000. Garrett Zoller, 541 944-8821. Property ID#: 42842

Noble Creek Oregon v Coos County v Lakeside


This property is a secluded tree-lined valley with 100+ acres of fenced pastures; Noble Creek runs through it. For the sportsman, you have a resident elk and deer herd, upland birds, salmon and steelhead. Owner LOP tags provide for excellent hunter success. The property has a barn, shed, shop and walk-in cold storage for game. Also has guesthouse for clients, friends or family members; featuring one bedroom, a kitchen, bath, sitting room with wood stove. This ranch is upstream

on the Ten Mile lakes, which boast salmon, trout and trophy-bass fishing opportunities. Lakeside is in the heart of the Oregon Dunes recreational area and offers close access to the Pacific Ocean for crabbing, salmon, sturgeon and ocean fishing. This 141-acre parcel is truly a hunter’s dream. The owner jokes that if you want an elk and don’t get one, it’s probably because you forgot to buy ammo! Just reduced! $793,000. Brad Schaffer, 541 733-9727. Property ID#: 41889


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


Price reduction on 6,220 deeded acres and a 5,946-acre BLM permit make up the beautiful Elk Creek Ranch. The lush hay ground sits on the John Day River just west of Dayville. Run 700+ pairs and 375 acres of hay ground. There is an additional home and hunting cabin on this property. With views that overlook the Painted Hills and property that abuts the John Day Fossil Beds you will not believe your eyes. The hunting here is phenomenal with mule deer, Rocky Mountain elk, antelope, black bear, turkeys, chukkar, quail and waterfowl. Did we mention some of the best small-mouth bass fishing anywhere

Elk Creek Ranch Oregon v Grant County v Dayville

in the world on the John Day River. This is a real opportunity for you to own a cattle ranch and run on a total of 12,165+ acres in one of the best areas of Oregon. Call me and lets go tour this beautiful land. Reduced to $5,995,000. Timothy O’Neil 541 480-3682. Property ID#: 42544







consists of five tax lots, three homes, multiple income streams and two-thirds of Nuss Lake shoreline in Klamath County. Ranked as one of best flyways in the Northwest, this Klamath ranch provides a once-in-alifetime opportunity to accommodate private waterfowl hunting and fishing that is second to none. The lush green fields, senior water

Nuss Lake Ranch Oregon v Klamath County v Klamath Falls

rights and great soils provide outstanding crop and/or graze income throughout the spring. The ranches income additionally includes hunting, Geothermal and income

from three tidy homes. Traditionally running 200+-head May through October, this property is projected to produce a 5% to 6% return at full capacity based on the asking price. A must visit! $1,000,000. Garrett Zoller 541 944-8821. Property ID#: 42846

Winlock Range Ranch


Oregon v Wheeler County v Fossil

These 1,992 acres are a mixture of range, timberland, juniper, sage and grassland currently used for summer pasture for 60 pair and game hunting opportunities. Enjoy this recreational holding with two yearround creeks, a choice selection of camping sites and accessible terrain that borders Umatilla National Forest. The property has been logged with 20 percent lightly timbered with a good re-growth. Seller has done some water developments for rotational grazing and game habitat. There are three tax lots with numerous building sites, beautiful meadows along both creeks with power and phone close. Access is county road and gravel to property line. LOP tags available. It is perimeter fenced on three sides and cross-fenced into four rotating pastures. Unique offering priced at $477 per acre! The main ranch headquarters is 35 miles away with river frontage and is available. $950,000. Julie Mansfield-Smith, 541 934-2946. Property ID#: 42391 Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


The Farnsworth Ranch

550 Acres


Utah v Grand County v Moab Area

The Farnsworth Ranch is truly one of a kind! It was homesteaded in 1900 and has been owned by four families. Private water rights and a pond (stocked with trout) provide the needed irrigation to support alfalfa, crops and an orchard. A 610-square-foot, three-bedroom home serves as a summer cabin and hunting lodge for the owners. This parcel is best known for several trout ponds, a large herd of elk, and game.

Moose Ridge Lodge 130 Acres

Wyoming v Uinta County v South of Evanston


Moose Ridge Lodge is a 3,300-square-foot lodge with four spacious bedrooms, three baths and a wood-burning fireplace with a stone chimney. Leather couches, custom tables and chairs, signature prints, ranch equipment and a tractor are all included with the purchase. The lodge is at the end of a private road shared with one neighbor. Deer, elk, moose, black bear, bobcat, cougar and grouse can be found on or near the property. It has year-round access (autos/ snowmobiles) via Wyoming State Highway 411 and I-80. For winter access, a garage on the main highway, 10 miles from the property, is shared for parking ATVs and snowmobiles.

Strawberry River 40 Acres

Utah v Wasatch County Below Soldier Creek Dam

Intermountain Realty Group Floyd Hatch 801 580-2176 cell 801 277-0800 office


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


The Strawberry River is in one of the most pristine areas left in the western United States. A buyer can access this property through a locked gate. Public fishermen have daily access to the river after hiking for one mile, but no one can leave a vehicle overnight and/or camp along the river with the exception of this lot and its nearby owners. There are excellent cabin sites near the river. Brown and native trout can be caught in nearly every hole that measure up to 22 inches in length. Additional game on or near the property includes elk, mule deer, black bear, turkey, ruffed and blue grouse and waterfowl. Owner/Broker.

Placid Lake Ranch

Montana v Missoula Co. v Seeley Lake


This 6,291±-acre property in Montana’s SeeleySwan Valley has miles of streams and a lake amidst an ocean of timber and mountains. Enjoy great wildlife populations and public land borders. There are no improvements and the land is ready for building. $14,900,000 for all or smaller parcels starting at $2,200,000. Property ID#: 42657

Star Hill Ranch

Wyoming v Park County v Cody


This end-of-the-road, historic guest ranch was converted to a family compound. This ideal Cody, Wyoming ranch enjoys classic improvements, complete privacy and excellent access. Situated in the Big Creek Drainage and almost totally surrounded by national forest, this impeccably maintained jewel is offered turn-key. $7,750,000. Property ID#: 42722

Beaverhead Ranch


Wyoming v Sublette County v Pinedale

The quintessential ranch retreat just over an hour from Jackson, adjoining national forest with creeks, a 5-acre pond, trees and tremendous views. Just over 700 deeded acres with a modern, 5,000±-square-foot log lodge and shop, the property is home to abundant wildlife and scenery. Peace and quiet prevail and recreational pursuits are as vast as the big Wyoming sky. $4,250,000. Property ID#: 14012

Moose Creek Ranch Idaho v Custer County v Houston


Featuring nearly a mile of both sides of the Big Lost River, this beautiful 503±-acre ranch, only a 1.5-hour drive from Sun Valley, is among the valley’s premier trout fishing properties. Two attractively furnished cabins nestled in a secluded setting offer huge views of Idaho’s highest peaks. $2,700,000. Property ID#: 42225 406 656-7500 Investment Quality Rural Real Estate Throughout the U.S. & Internationally. Since 1946. Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


Double X Ranch

Colorado v Jackson County Steamboat Springs


This scenic 2,300±-acre ranch is an exceptional big game hunting property, featuring trophycaliber elk and mule deer, excellent habitat, water, a diverse landscape, privacy and easy access with an existing cabin and outbuildings. The ranch borders a paved road and is only 30 minutes to Steamboat Springs. $6,325,000. Property ID#: 42827

North Burnt Fork Ranch Montana v Ravalli County v Stevensville


This value-priced ranch is 35 minutes south of Missoula and includes 1,763± deeded acres bordering public lands. Ambrose Creek flows through and the views to the west are spectacular. There is great hunting on the property with quick access from Stevensville. $3,200,000. Property ID#: 41671

Hudson Bay Ranch

Canada v British Columbia v Smithers


This magnificent Canada ranch encompasses 2,611± deeded acres and 320± acres of Crown lease along with four miles of frontage on the Bulkley River. The ranch is home to a yearround cattle operation and features meadows, aspen groves and old-growth timber. It is just eight miles from Smithers with direct air service to Vancouver, BC. $2,500 USD per deeded acre.


Occupying its own mountain valley, this spectacular 817±-acre ranch features first-class improvements, national forest and BLM boundary, big views, irrigated pastures and hay fields and a trout stream running the length of the property. The ranch is 10 minutes to Mackay and 1.5 hours to Sun Valley. Reduced to $2,900,000. Property ID#: 42226 406 656-7500 Investment Quality Rural Real Estate Throughout the U.S. & Internationally. Since 1946.


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

Alder Creek Ranch Idaho v Custer County v Mackay

North Mountain Wildlife Ranch


Colorado v San Miguel County v Telluride

In one of Colorado’s most coveted Game Management Units (GMU 70), the 4,406±-acre North Mountain Wildlife Ranch has been in the same family 80+ years. This elite hunting property is laden with elk, mule deer, bear and turkey. It is professionally managed to protect resident wildlife and habitat, minimally improved and within 1.5 hours of Telluride. $9,250,000. Property ID#: 42656

Hidden Crown Ranch Idaho v Blaine County v Sun Valley


Featuring 293± acres, two miles of world famous Silver Creek, a large trout pond and extensive wetlands, Hidden Crown Ranch represents a rare opportunity to acquire an exceptional fly-fishing and wildlife property 20 minutes from Sun Valley’s airport. $5,500,000. Property ID#: 41975

Indian Hills Ranch Colorado v San Miguel County v Telluride


Only 18 miles from Telluride and Telluride Mountain Resort, this ranch offers 422± acres of privacy, seclusion and 360-degree views of Colorado’s most photographed mountain ranges. Improvements include a 2,000±-squarefoot airplane hangar/studio nestled in a stand of aspens and two manicured grass air-strips. $2,975,000. Property ID#: 41900


This 116±-acre property features a half-mile of frontage on the east bank of the Bulkley River and stunning views of the Hudson Bay range. Improvements include an owner’s home, guest cottage and fishing cabin. It sits 9 miles north of Smithers. $884,500 CAD. 406 656-7500

Bulkley Canyon Farm Canada v British Columbia v Smithers

Investment Quality Rural Real Estate Throughout the U.S. & Internationally. Since 1946. Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


Diamond T Ranch Idaho v Bannock County v Downey


This is a solid cattle-hay-grain combination that runs about 1,000 animal units, ships 100,000 bushels of grain and sells 1,500 tons of excess alfalfa hay. This well-located and productive operation contains 6,315 acres of deeded land and is comprised of the following land types and components: 1,185 acres of irrigated cropland; 830 acres of dry farmland in production; 2,560 acres of improved rangeland—most could be converted to dry farm; 1,740 acres of native range land; Summer BLM & USFS grazing permits for 900 pair of cattle; extraordinary cattle-handling facilities with a large calving barn & electronic scales; plus good improvements for grain & machinery storage. With experienced management, the Ranch could support about 825 brood cows, 135 replacement heifers and 40 range bulls on a year ’round basis. Calving starts in January

C. Patrick Bates Bates • Sanders • Swan Land Company

with steer & heifer calves averaging 640 pounds when shipped. The Ranch easily produces sufficient alfalfa & grass hay to winter feed 1,000 head of mature beef cattle. Additionally, irrigated grain crops average about 90 bushels per acre. The Farm Services Office reports an average of 39 bushels for dry farm wheat. The Diamond T Ranch is located west of Downey, Idaho and enjoys excellent access to Interstate 15 and US Highway 30 for easy movement of cattle & grain crops to markets. Machinery & equipment plus a good herd of commercial Black

Salt Lake City, Utah

Angus cattle are also available at separate treaty. In 2009-2010-2011, this highly productive

800 819-9920

ranch generated an average of $855,723 net operating cash before depreciation & taxes


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

— 12% of the offering price! Offered at $7,120,000 by a Motivated Seller. Please Call Patrick Bates at 801-560-4259 or Sam Sanders at 801-694-2092.


Broken O Ranch Montana v Lewis & Clark, Cascade and Teton Counties v Augusta


Photo by

The Broken O Ranch, one of the most grand and significant ranches in the western United States, encompassing approximately 124,000 total acres, of which 108,571 acres are deeded, is located 45 miles west of Great Falls, Montana and east of the stunning Rocky Mountains. Under the vision of William E. and Desiree B. Moore, founders of the Kelly-Moore Paint Company, 20 years were spent assembling this massive landholding. Spread across three counties, the Ranch was carefully shaped and improved by the Moores to create this productive enterprise. The Broken O currently carries approximately 4,500 animal units. The Ranch contains the largest block of irrigated land in Montana – about 13,000 acres – historically averaging around 25,000 tons of alfalfa hay and 700,000 bushels of small-grain crops annually. Over 20 miles of the beautiful Sun River flow through the Ranch, offering prime irrigation benefits as well as amazing recreational assets. The

Michael S. Swan Bates • Sanders • Swan Land Company

Sun River corridor provides exceptional trout fishing, big-game hunting, as well as extensive upland game bird and waterfowl populations. The Broken O Ranch is offered turn-key, including all livestock, hay and grain inventories at the time of sale, plus machinery and equipment, for $132,500,000. For additional information, please visit Property ID#: 14688

Bozeman, Montana

866 999-7342 • Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


Birch Creek Hunting Reserve Utah v Rich County v Woodruff


The Birch Creek Hunting Reserve encompasses over 14 square miles of prime elk and mule deer habitat only 50 miles east of Ogden and just 90 miles from Salt Lake City. Excellent, private, jet-capable facilities are about 30 minutes south at Evanston, Wyoming. This 9,235-acre block of northern Utah land is only nine miles from the internationally renowned Deseret Livestock Ranch, which positively influences the Reserve’s elk, mule deer and moose populations. Its big game hunting tag allocations are for seven bull elk plus three mule deer bucks and two pronghorn bucks. The Reserve’s current zoning allows about 200 parcels, which creates very strong potential for a conservation easement and attendant tax advantages. This Strategic Large Land Holding is Very Competitively Offered at $7,305,950 – $850.00 per Deeded Acre. Please Contact Sam Sanders at 801-694-2092.


The Buehler Ranch includes about 4,195 acres of prime mule deer, elk and upland bird habitat. Hunters love this place; it is nicknamed “The Buck Pasture”. The Ranch is about 20 miles northwest of Malad, Idaho and is an easy 2.5-hour drive from Salt Lake City. About 896 acres are enrolled in CRP and about 1,400 acres are being dry farmed. There are minimal improvements so the next owner

The Buehler Ranch

can build as desired. Offered at $4,200,000

Idaho v Oneida County v Malad

Please Call Sam Sanders at 801-694-2092.

Bates • Sanders • Swan Land Company Salt Lake City, Utah

800 819-9920


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

– $1,000.00 per Acre – Motivated Seller.

Lake Creek Ranch Utah v Wasatch County v Heber City


This 76-acre parcel of attractive mountain land is one of the most reasonably priced offerings to come to the Northern Utah land market in the past 15 years. It is conveniently located nine miles east of Heber City with paved frontage on Lake Creek Road, just 26 miles from Park City and only 44 miles from Salt Lake City. The rolling terrain is wonderful and contains beautiful groves of quaking aspen trees complimented by spruce, mountain oak and red maple. Small springs grace several lush, grassy parks. This inviting habitat attracts mule deer, elk and moose and also harbors wild turkey. This remarkable holding was recently rezoned for three homesites and ample water rights will be conveyed for development of domestic wells. With an Offering Price of $650,000 – $8,553 per Acre – Here is a Rare Opportunity to Create a Legacy Family Enclave and Choose a Couple of Neighbors if Desired. Please Call David Packer at 801-419-9932.

Huff Creek Reserve Utah v Summit County v Coalville


Here is one of the most strategically situated blocks of deeded land in the Rocky Mountain West. Less than 60 minutes from Salt Lake City, this 3,410-acre block of land is at the end of a paved, county-maintained road. The Reserve is in a Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit to maximize its big game hunting potential. Other than perimeter and cross fences, there are no improvements–a true blank canvas for the next owner. It borders one of Utah’s largest deeded and professionally managed elk and mule deer hunting ranches. A beautiful reservoir and fine trout stream are just 20 minutes west. Zoned for 25 homesites, this holding is a viable candidate

Bates • Sanders • Swan Land Company

for a conservation easement with the attendant tax deductions. Currently about 100 head of cattle are summer-grazed to maintain favorable “green belt” property tax treatment – $745 in 2011. Originally Offered at $5,695,000 – Now Reduced 25% to $4,268,250 by Motivated Seller – Only $1,050.00 an Acre! Please Call Sam Sanders at 801-694-2092.

Salt Lake City, Utah

800 819-9920 Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


BEST WEST of the

Southern Cross Ranch “World-class” is no exaggeration when describing the exceptional trophy elk hunting on the renowned Southern Cross Ranch in west-central New Mexico. On the Southern Cross Ranch, geography, genetics and habitat have combined to create an entire ecosystem that produces some of the largest bull elk on the planet. The Southern Cross is indeed a “land of giants” well-known for amazing numbers of 350- to 400-class bulls that have free access to its 29,142 acres (18,535 deeded). Simply put, the Southern Cross controls over 45 square miles of the finest trophy elk habitat anywhere. The Southern Cross has been superbly managed for years to maintain its status as one of America’s premier hunting destinations. A spectacular 6,000-square-foot log lodge is the centerpiece of the ranch. With six bedrooms, five and one-half baths,


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

grassy meadows. Much of the ranch’s terrain is rolling, and a good network of ranch roads provides vehicular access throughout. With wildlife and livestock management in mind, dozens of water sources have been developed throughout the ranch, utilizing both wind and solar power. The Southern Cross is best known for its elk hunting, but its superb mule deer and antelope hunting should not be overlooked, either. As a combination cattle/ hunting ranch or a hunting resort alone, the potential for this spectacular piece of western New Mexico may be unmatched anywhere in the United States. With excellent yearround access, the “land of giants” is only 2.5

New Mexico v Catron County v Pie Town

hours from Albuquerque and 3.5 hours from Santa Fe. $13,250,000. Property ID#: 72457 v

and wraparound deck, the lodge treats guests luxuriously. A caretaker’s house, corrals, barn and meat cooler completes the outstanding facilities on the ranch, all “ready-to-roll” for the next hunting season. Southern Cross Ranch has been allotted 29 bull elk tags and 11 cow elk tags for the 2011-2012 season. Straddling both sides of the Continental Divide, the Southern Cross Ranch ranges in elevation from 7,300 to 8,200 feet, which makes it ideally situated for supporting many square miles of pinion pine and alligator juniper forest, interspersed with

Dave Harrigan Hunter Harrigan 1781 Macom Drive • Sedalia, CO 80135

303 683-9090 • 800 524-1818 toll free Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West



Expansive tracts of true wilderness located within an hour’s drive of Colorado’s largest metropolitan area are virtually nonexistent, yet that precisely describes the Daymaker Ranch, Colorado’s Front Range Elk and Deer Hunting Preserve. The Daymaker occupies over six square miles (about 3,947 deeded acres) of prime Rocky Mountain foothill country adjoining Roosevelt National Forest. Loveland is a drive of only about 30 minutes via County Road, and Denver International Airport is only a little more than an hour away. $12,950,000. Property ID#: 72458

Daymaker Ranch Colorado v Larimer County v Loveland


PRICE REDUCED! Hidden in the heart of one of Colorado’s last unspoiled mountain valleys, Beaver Valley Ranch is tailor-made for hunting and fishing of exceptional quality. Beaver Valley Ranch, accessible year-round, lies less than an hour southwest of Steamboat Springs and nestles against Routt National Forest on the flanks of the Beaver Flat Tops. Elk and deer have room

Beaver Valley Ranch Colorado v Routt County v Steamboat Springs

Thunder Basin Ranch Wyoming v Laramie County v Cheyenne

to roam on its 2,665 acres, and plentiful rainbow and cutthroat trout to over 20 inches populate 4.5 miles of river. Reduced to $10,500,000 from $14,000,000. Property ID#: 72456


NEW LISTING! Income opportunities are as abundant as antelope on Wyoming’s Thunder Basin Ranch, located only minutes west of Cheyenne. Investors looking for a producing cattle ranch that also has “sky’s-the-limit” potential as a hunting, energy or development property need look no further than the rolling hills of Thunder Basin Ranch. Thunder Basin Ranch contains 9,500 deeded acres, has ample water rights to irrigate 400 acres, and has 8,500 acres of mineral rights in the midst of the Niobrara oil and gas field. $9,500,000.

Zephyr Meadows Ranch Dave Harrigan Hunter Harrigan 1781 Macom Drive • Sedalia, CO 80135

303 683-9090 • 800 524-1818 toll free


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


Colorado v Grand County v Grand Lake

NEW LISTING! Zephyr Meadows Ranch virtually defines a four-season recreational ranch with worldclass accommodations. The ranch itself consists of 505 acres of prime Rocky Mountain real estate filled with an expansive irrigated meadow flanked by mixed woods of aspen and pine. Two sides of the ranch are bordered by the Arapahoe National Forest, providing a sense of seclusion and affording access to 32,000 acres of public land. Improvements on the ranch are first class with an immaculate 6,235-square-foot lodge and 4,440-square-foot custom home. $3,000,000. Property ID#: 72482


Southwestern living just doesn’t get any better than it does at the magnificent 24,000acre (16,670 deeded) Horse Springs Ranch. Nourished by abundant springs and streams and blessed with a mild climate, Horse Springs Ranch is home to trophy elk and mule deer, black bear, mountain lion and javelina. Careful attention to wildlife habitat has produced a property with a well-earned reputation as one the Southwest’s foremost big game hunting locations. $13,000,000. Property ID#: 72460

Horse Springs Ranch New Mexico v Catron County v Datil

OX Ranch Wyoming v Platte County v Laramie

Sawtooth Shadows Ranch New Mexico v Catron County v Datil


Rugged scenery combined with trophy elk and mule deer herds makes the 21,700-deeded-acre


PRICE REDUCED! Completely surrounded by

Sawtooth Shadows Ranch a New Mexico dream ranch for sportsmen with a special appreciation private land, OX Ranch controls 10,000 acres (4,812 for Southwestern culture, history and landscape. $10,900,000. Property ID#: 72454

deeded) of productive habitat with landowner tags. Giant bucks (180+) and bulls (350+) call this unspoiled “Wyoming territory” home. Over 40 seeps and springs, one year-round stream and three spring-fed ponds support brook and rainbow trout, mule deer, elk, antelope, mountain lions, sage grouse and dove. Improvements include a comfortable three-bedroom home with deck, a hunting cabin and cattle facilities. It lies three hours from Denver. $4,500,000. Property ID#: 71879

Lazy H Ranch Colorado Colorado v Douglas County v Larkspur


NEW LISTING! The Lazy H Ranch in Douglas County is one of the finest equestrian ranches in the Front Range of Colorado. Everything on the ranch, from its 1,400 acres of rolling mountain grasslands to its 39,000-square-foot indoor riding arena, points to a property custom made for horses and horse lovers. Residential improvements include a 14,000-square-foot custom home and two 3,000+-square-foot guesthouses. $7,950,000. Property ID#: 72461

Dave Harrigan Hunter Harrigan 1781 Macom Drive • Sedalia, CO 80135

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Wiant Ranch


Wyoming v Carbon County v Saratoga

Seven miles east of Saratoga, the Wiant Ranch includes 1,350± deeded acres, 320± acres BLM and 320± acres of State of Wyoming lease; approximately 240 deeded acres are irrigated. Live water in Ceder Creek, open hay meadows, rolling sagebrush hills, a rugged canyon, an historic draw and ridges dotted with junipers and rock outcroppings combine to create the terrain. The ranch is home to mule deer, antelope and trout. $2,700,000. Listed by Fuller Western of Real Estate of Wyoming. Susan Pokorny and Timmery Hellyer. Property ID#: 41972

Bader Gulch Ranch Wyoming v Washakie County v Ten Sleep


Between Ten Sleep and Buffalo on the Washakie/Johnson County line, the 1,740-acre Bader Gulch

Sybille Creek Wildlife Ranch Wyoming v Platte County v Wheatland


Located on beautiful Sybille Creek about 25

Ranch is a true slice of paradise. This pristine mountain setting offers the live water from several springs that flows into Bader Gulch to provide a prime wildlife habitat. Currently used for summer grazing, several fine build sites exist. Landowner hunting permits exist. $1,295,000. Listed by Fuller Western of Real Estate of Wyoming. Susan Pokorny and Timmery Hellyer. Property ID#: 42728

miles southwest of Wheatland, there is .5± mile of Sybille Creek flowing through the 400±acre property to the confluence with Bluegrass Creek. Numerous beaver ponds enhance the already good fishing on the property. Wild turkey, whitetail and mule deer are abundant, with the occasional elk. Irrigation rights with 1888 and 1900 priorities go with the property and there are modest improvements. $910,000. Listed by Fuller Western of Real Estate of Wyoming. Lee Shoop. Property ID#: 41970 ®

Lazy Y Ranch Colorado v Las Animas County v Trinidad


This quintessential equestrian ranch is on the eastern flanks of southern Colorado’s Twin

7901 Southpark Plaza #216 Littleton, CO 80120

800 754-0544 303 534-4822


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

Spanish Peaks northwest of Trinidad. Without doubt, this is one of the most complete, nicest, organized and beautiful horse operations in the region. With a comfortable owner’s home, there is also over 12,000 square feet of covered barns, stalls, stables, birthing stall, wooden rail-fenced paddocks, chutes and storage for equipment, hay and tack. The property consists of 80 acres. $735,000. Broker: Paul Machmuller. Property ID#: 42706

Wagner Ranch


Colorado v Huerfano County v La Veta

Perhaps one of the finest cattle ranches in southern Colorado, the 1,280±-acre Wagner Ranch actually is a combination of two ranches. The 320±-acre Homestead Ranch is the headquarters with a multitude of improvements. Nearby is the 960±acre Cattle Range Ranch with good grazing land. Together they make a top-notch cattle operation. The ranch has four permitted stock wells and one domestic well. Together with the wells, several catch ponds insure abundant water for both livestock and wildlife. $3,300,000. Broker: Paul Machmuller. Property ID#: 41971

D Bar T Ranch Colorado v Rio Blanco County v Meeker


With deeded access from the nearby highway, this remarkable 429±-acre ranch sits along the banks of the beautiful White River. Combined with all the comforts of the newer-built and

Hy Meadow Fishing Ranch

impressive owner’s lodge, the ranch was designed for both cattle and recreation. The ranch Colorado v Teller v Divide currently produces a good tonnage of hay with its 8 cfs of water. They also run a number of cattle This rare opportunity offers the opportunity and the property adjoins approximately 2,000 acres of BLM lease that the owner maintains as to own a national forest inholding just one grazing pasture and hunting grounds. There is also a cute, newer-built hunting cabin the owners built. Whether a fishing/hunting paradise or a cattle/hay operation, this property delivers. Price reduced to $2,200,000. Broker: Sam Faris. Property ID#: 41964


half hour from Colorado Springs. Major recreational activities on this 200± acre ranch consist of three private ponds for trout fishing and abundant wildlife for either viewing or hunting. Adjoining the national forest on three sides, there is over a million acres of rivers, trails




Improvements include a comfortable owner’s home and a smaller guest cabin. Broker: Jack Kavanaugh. $950,000. Property ID#: 42705

Solitario Ranch



Colorado v Las Animas County v Weston

Just 25 miles west of Trinidad, directly off Highway 12, the 152±-acre Solitario Ranch on the Purgatory River offers a complete package for cattle or recreation. Backing up to the Bosque Del Oso Wildlife Area, the property includes the owner’s historic home, bunkhouse, barns, pipe corrals, gates, chutes, hayfields, various outbuildings, water rights, several ponds, and the river. Herds of deer and elk are a common site. Privacy and year-round access are two important considerations. $1,200,000. Broker: Paul Machmuller. Property ID#: 42726

7901 Southpark Plaza #216 Littleton, CO 80120

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Red Rock River Canyon Ranch

Madison Cliffs Ranch

Montana v Beaverhead County v Lima

Montana v Gallatin Co. v Three Forks


The Red Rock River Canyon Ranch is a strong


Madison Cliffs Ranch is known to locals in the

375 to 400 head cattle ranch with excellent Lower Madison Valley as the old Darlinton

Little Valley Ranch

recreational amenities, including over 10 Ranch. The springs that emerge on the ranch are accessible miles of the Red Rock River and sometimes called the Darlinton Springs and form 7,539± deeded acres (with an additional

a private spring creek, which meanders through

Little Valley Ranch is a historic mountain 1,296± BLM acres and 872.25± state leased ranch in western Montana. Located in the acres). With 370± acres under pivot irrigation

the ranch for about a mile before flowing into

Montana v Powell County v Avon


Darlington Ditch on the neighboring 800± acre

scenic Avon Valley, about 50 miles from and contiguous summer pasture, the ranch state lands and ultimately, the Madison River. The Helena, the core of the ranch’s 12,910± operates smoothly from season to season. picturesque farmhouse was built 100± years ago deeded acres is comprised of mountain Surrounded by the Lima Peaks and the and has been renovated and relocated to a site meadows and timbered hills along the west Halligan Hills the ranch sits in a basin and near the productive trout stream. Enjoy trophy side of the valley. The ranch has a total is comprised of rolling pastures that are well brown trout fishing on approximately one mile 22,990± acres (12,910± deeded, 1,280± state watered. The lower 4.29± miles of the river of private spring creek. In addition to being a lease and 8,800± BLM lease).The majority of meanders through a small canyon, creating a haven for the trout fisherman or waterfowler, the the ranch’s 10,080± leased acres reach higher private sanctuary to fish for wild trout or call ranch’s 548± acres are well suited for a working elevations in the Garnet Range along the west ducks into the spring-fed pond. It is rare to have side of the ranch. Strickland Creek and Davis a productive working cattle ranch with such

horse or cattle operation. Enjoy a tastefully restored, 2,157±-square-foot, three-bedroom,

Creek emerge in the Garnets, watering the high-quality hunting and fishing priced this two-bath farmhouse. There are spectacular ranch’s wildlife and livestock. With a resident competitively. The ranch offers 10.37± miles views of the Spanish Peaks and Tobacco Root elk herd that numbers several hundred of accessible Red Rock River frontage. This Mountains. With direct access to the Madison during the fall season, Little Valley is a dream strong 370 to 400-head cattle ranch has 370± River on the ranch’s west boundary and a ranch for the sportsman. The ranch facilities acres under pivot, excellent fishing on Red convenient location 35± minutes from Bozeman are functional and updated, and good Rock River, excellent waterfowl, elk and mule and Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport, stewardship is further demonstrated by the deer hunting and is just 50± minutes from the Madison Cliffs Ranch is a ranch to be enjoyed by all generations. $2,900,000. condition of the range and timber resources. University town of Dillon. $8,250,000.


The ranch is 50 miles to Helena, 80 miles to

Just 2.5 miles below the Ridgway Reservoir

Missoula and 20 miles to private air service.

along the banks of the Uncompahgre River lies

There are functional structural improvements

a piece of Southwest Colorado heaven. Easy

with updated working facilities. A proposed

year-round access to these 35± acres brings you

exchange of Little Valley and BLM lands is

across a private bridge and up the driveway past

pending. $18,500,000.

Uncompahgre River Overlook Colorado v Montrose Co. v Montrose

7 acres of irrigated, fenced hay meadow to the very nice three-bedroom home, huge garage and apartment. The property has over half a mile of river frontage and almost a mile of boundary

with Billy Creek Wildlife Area. It also has access to thousands of acres of BLM ground to the east of the property. The Uncompahgre National Forest, with over a million acres of high alpine terrain, 14,000-foot peaks, rivers, streams, lakes and the best big game hunting in the country, is just a few miles away. Located between Montrose and Ridgway, Colorado, this small property packs a lot of punch. It is only six miles to Ridgway Reservoir, a 900-acre lake with marina, camping and excellent 395 Gallatin Park Dr. Bozeman, MT 59715

fishing. Telluride is just over 40 miles to the southwest with some of the best skiing in the world


rants, the regional hospital, and Black Canyon National Park. This property offers privacy with its

Invest & Enjoy


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

along with music, film and wine festivals all summer long. Montrose has a commercial jet port with daily flights to and from Denver, Phoenix, Dallas, and Houston, and all manner of shops, restauperch next to the river and no houses in view from the home or immediate grounds. $795,000.

McCoy Spring Creek Ranch Schoolhouse Slough Ranch Montana v Madison County v Twin Bridges



Montana v Beaverhead Co. v Dillon

In the heart of southwestern Montana near Dillon, the 1,209-acre McCoy Spring Creek Ranch contains 3± miles of exceptional trout streams

The Schoolhouse Slough Ranch, positioned in along with several spring-fed lakes. Widely the heart of Madison County, consists of 425±

recognized as one of the finest spring creeks

deeded acres offering productive agricultural

in the West for the purist fly-fishing angler

components, as well as many recreational

(, this property

pursuits. With approximately one mile of also boasts abundant water rights irrigating both sides of Schoolhouse Slough, the ranch

6 pivot fields planted in small grains, corn

is considered to be in the epicenter of some and alfalfa. With the carefully managed cover of the best trout fishing in the country. Along

habitat, the Hungarian Partridge and Pheasant

with great fishing, the ranch also has amazing thrive. Several duck and deer blinds are carefully potential to develop an aquatics complex

positioned across the ranch, providing world-


class whitetail deer, duck and goose hunting. The





and still water fisheries. Almost the entirety headquarters area sits on a bluff overlooking the of the property is under flood irrigation.

spring creeks and the entire Beaverhead Valley

Enjoy trophy fishing on five nearby rivers, with unimpeded views of the Ruby, Tobacco spectacular views of the Tobacco Root and Root and Pioneer Mountain Ranges. The Highland Mountains, and excellent whitetail, structures include a well-appointed main home, pheasant and waterfowl hunting. This ranch two smaller guest homes, operational buildings offers a desired combination of agriculture and and corrals for grain and cattle operations. This recreation that many folks are looking for. This is a trophy sporting ranch with positive cash productive agricultural property has excellent flow and room to add value through further aquatic potential $2,492,000.


Chippewa Creek Ranch is one of the most balanced hunting and production ranches available. Well located just 20± miles east of Lewistown, these 1,475± acres offer panoramic

enhancement opportunities. $10,500,000.

Dome Mountain Ranch Montana v Park Co. v Paradise Valley


The Dome Mountain Ranch is one of the most famous ranches in southwest Montana, and deservedly so. Set beautifully in the midst of the wild country of southern Paradise Valley, the approximately 5,366-deeded-acre (plus an additional 470± state lease acres and 508± BLM lease acres) ranch is bordered on one side by 6.3± assessable miles of the Yellowstone River providing some of the finest wild trout fishing in the world. On three sides, the ranch is bordered by public land that stretches to the 932,000-acre Absaroka/Beartooth Wilderness, which is bordered by Yellowstone National Park and extends south beyond Jackson, Wyoming encompassing an estimated 20 million acres of some of the most beautiful and wild country in the world known as the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. The ranch is stunning, with views over the Yellowstone River Valley and the Gallatin Range to the West, south to the borders of Yellowstone National Park, north over the length of the Yellowstone River to Livingston, MT and East to the peaks of the Absaroka Range. Within

Chippewa Creek Ranch Montana v Fergus Co. v Grass Range

views of the Judith and Snowy Mountain Ranges in a tranquil and private setting. In addition, it is impeccably maintained with high-quality improvements throughout. This is a turn-key opportunity to own an exceptional hunting

the boundaries, the land transitions through three ecosystems from the river bottom riparian area to the forested mountains of the Absaroka’s. There are also three lakes on Dome Mountain Ranch, the 25±-acre Thelma Lake, the 6±-acre Vanessa’s Lake and a 6±-acre alpine lake. The ranch is well improved with a beautiful log home and guest homes as well as the Dome Mountain Guest

property that generates substantial cash flow in an area long coveted for its quaint community, Ranch structures along the river. $25,000,000. generous sporting opportunities and productive agriculture. The ranch has 900± acres in grain production, 500± acres in grassland and riparian habitat and 96± acres of timber. There are several ponds and wetlands for fishing and waterfowl hunting, approximately 2.5 miles of Chippewa Creek plus four reservoirs. Excellent upland bird densities have Hungarian partridge, pheasant and sharptail grouse. Enjoy trophy elk, whitetails, mule deer and antelope, as well as plentiful ducks, geese and other waterfowl on the ranch’s reservoirs. 2-3% ROI based on projected cash rents. 50-60 bushel/acre wheat average over the last 4 years. There is a 40x60 insulated and heated shop building, 40x100 equipment barn with well-appointed three-bedroom apartment, seven grain bins with drying 395 Gallatin Park Dr. Bozeman, MT 59715

capability and 55,000± bushel capacity, two wells (125 and 1,200 feet deep), a bird preserve license,


20 pair BLM grazing allotment and annual CRP and DCP (wheat base) payments. $2,250,000.

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Tremendous opportunity to own nearly 7,000 acres consisting of 6,264± deeded acres, 640± state lease acres and 80± BLM lease acres, all with good access to Buffalo. Located 25 miles southeast of Buffalo, this contiguous, very wellwatered, low-overhead grass ranch boasts a

The Will Place Wyoming v Johnson County v Buffalo

shared stock well which provides water to 13 concrete bottom rubber-tire tanks on the ranch along with 20± runoff ponds and reservoirs located throughout the ranch. There are 2,500±

acres which have been either chisel-plowed in the fall of 2011 or are in wheat stubble. These acres could be planted back to grass, which, with proper grass selection and management, could increase carrying capacities throughout the improved pastures. A modest set of corrals near the center of the ranch have a certified Sooner 10,000-pound scale. $2,300,000. John Gibbs, 307 620-2125 or Mark McNamee, 307 760-9510. Property ID#: 41942

Pine Ridge Ranch Wyoming v Johnson County v Kaycee

White River Ranch Nebraska v Sioux County v Harrison







Exceptional 28,453±-acre low-overhead grass ranch 11 miles from Kaycee: 25,973 deeded, 880±


BLM acres and 1,600 state lease acres. Easily accessible year-round, the ranch is owner-rated at 700 cow/calf pairs year-round. Excellent water system supplies water to 39 tanks strategically

located throughout the ranch along 30± miles of pipeline. Numerous reservoirs provide additional recreational amenities 7± miles east of Harrison water for livestock and wildlife. Outstanding improvements include three custom-built log homes with heavily sodded grass pastures and pine and constructed in 1999, each with many outstanding features as well as indoor and outdoor cattlecedar tree-covered hillsides. Its many draws and working facilities, pipe corrals, barns, arena, certified scales, feedlot which includes a 7-bin feed cottonwood-lined creek bottom provide ample storage and mixing system with covered unloading area, shop and much more. Enjoy views of protection for livestock and wildlife.  Reliable the Big Horn Mountains and Pine Ridge to the west. Abundant wildlife includes trophy mule stock water is provided by three windmills, a deer, upland game birds, turkeys and antelope. $8,700,000. Cory Clark, Mark McNamee or solar-powered well and 1.5± miles of the White

River that flows year-round along the northern

Denver Gilbert, 307 334-2025. Property ID#: 13276

part of the ranch. The ranch offers excellent habitat for several species of wildlife: elk, mule deer, whitetail deer, wild turkeys and antelope as well as fishing opportunities provided by the White River. There are no improvements on the ranch; however, electricity is available as are several homesites. $1,715,000. Cory Clark,

Three Iron Ranch

307 334-2025. Property ID#: 14536


Montana v Carter County v Ekalaka

Traditional cattle ranch consisting of 10,866­acres 35± miles southeast of Ekalaka: 4,656 deeded, 640 state lease, 70 BLM lease and 5,500± acres Forest Service lease for a summer grazing permit in the Custer National Forest. There are 350 acres of hay ground. Carrying capacity is owner-

Cory Clark, Broker Mark McNamee, Associate Broker Denver Gilbert, Associate Broker

307 334-2025


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

rated at 325 cow/calf pairs year-round. Wells, windmills, springs, reservoirs and several yearround creeks with miles of natural protection provide ample water throughout the ranch. Enjoy a nice set of improvements and abundant wildlife: trophy whitetail and mule deer, resident elk herd, wild turkeys and upland game birds. Reduced to $2,900,000. Denver Gilbert, 406 6973961 or Cory Clark, 307 334-2025. Property ID#: 11586

A Mill Iron Ranch Wyoming v Johnson County v Kaycee


Enjoy paved road access to an excellent well-balanced winter ranch with 4,831± acres, just 10 miles east of Kaycee, with 1,684± deeded acres with 100± irrigated acres. The balance of deeded acres and the 3,147 acres of BLM lease are in native pastures with some cottonwood-lined river and creek bottoms, which provide exceptional protection. Water is provided by several springs, the Powder River, Fifteen Mile Creek, two reservoirs and two water wells, one of which is piped to multiple tanks and one of the reservoirs. A 10,000-foot well produces an abundance of 180-degree water year-round that could be utilized in the winter months to water cattle. Improvements include a 1,200-squarefoot, two-bedroom, two-bath home, 40x60 shop with concrete floor and a very nice set of metal working corrals. $8,700,000. Cory Clark, Mark McNamee or Denver Gilbert, 307 334-2025.

Elk Canyon Ranch South Dakota Fall River County v Hot Springs


Exquisite beauty is found throughout this contiguous 7,116-deeded-acre ranch with scenic views of the Black Hills to the north, seven miles of live water and excellent recreational opportunities all just 30 minutes from Hot Springs and Custer State Park.

Scolly Downs Wyoming v Natrona County v Casper

Additional water resources include three stock dams, ponds and windmills along with several miles of new pipeline that

provide excellent water to 23 stock tanks Located on 167.54 pristine acres west of Casper with sweeping views of the magnificent Casper strategically located throughout the ranch. Mountain Range, the ranch is within minutes of downtown Casper and the Natrona County There are 750± farmable acres. The ranch


Airport. The 8,906-square-foot home was built with the finest craftsmanship and attention to

is owner-rated at 250 cow/calf pairs year-

detail. This very well-maintained executive ranch allows for total self-sufficient living with private

round or 725 yearlings for summer grazing. well, solar and wind-generated power, greenhouse, commercial-grade meat cutting room, cattle The northern part of the ranch has a ranchand sheep facilities and two low-pressure pivots for hay production. Additional outbuildings style residence with a set of working corrals include a barn with guest loft and a caretaker’s apartment, 220x60 indoor riding arena connected

and several outbuildings. At the southern

to 4-stall horse barn and smaller indoor arena, machine shop with a separate workshop, vehicle

end of the ranch, there is an excellent set of and equipment storage and a helicopter hangar with landing pad. $3,995,000. Tandy Dockery improvements including a custom-designed or Cory Clark, 307 334-2025 or Scott Leach, 307 331-9095. Property ID#: 42049 log home with 7,000 square feet, wraparound porch and attached two-car garage, a calving barn, horse barn and shop. Reduced to $4,250,000. Cory Clark, 307 334-2025. Property ID#: 13685

Yellowstone River Ranch Montana v Rosebud County v Forsyth


Located 5± miles east of Forsyth and lying along .75 mile of the Yellowstone River are 1,201± acres of extraordinarily diverse sporting property. The 876.29 deeded acres consist of 93.3 irrigated acres, 15.5 dryland crop acres, 767.49 range and riparian acres. The 324.83 State of Montana lease acres feature 19.9 irrigated acres, 142.9 dryland crop acres and 162.03 range and riparian acres.  This is an ideal sportsman’s paradise with prime habitat for mule deer, whitetail deer and antelope, as well as excellent upland birds and waterfowl. Reduced to $1,490,000. Denver Gilbert, 406 697-3961 or Cory Clark, 307 334-2025. Property ID#: 7993

Cory Clark, Broker Mark McNamee, Associate Broker Denver Gilbert, Associate Broker

307 334-2025 Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West



In scenic southern Utah adjoining Capitol Reef National Park lies the remarkable Sandy Ranch, a historic cattle ranch with 253,100± acres set in one of the most picturesque re-

Sandy Ranch Utah v Garfield County v Torrey

gions of the West. This income-producing property offers historic water rights, two large alpine reservoirs, numerous springs and wells, 550 acres of irrigated land producing over 2,000 tons of alfalfa hay and a selfsustaining operation producing high-quality natural beef cattle. This turn-key opportunity includes current cattle herd and calves, equipment, hay and tree inventory, main home, numerous guest and employee homes, historic cabins and cattle handling facilities. $9,500,000. Contact Ken Mirr. Property ID#: 42087

Kirven Ranch Wyoming v Sheridan County v Big Horn

Snyder Ranch Colorado v Jackson County v Rand


A true family legacy ranch in the Big Horn area, the Kirven Ranch offers traditional agricultural and recreational values in the highly sought area of Big Horn and Sheridan. Totaling 2,237± acres,

the ranch lies along the rolling foothills near the Big Horn Mountains and is comprised of mainly With over five miles of the headwaters of the irrigated pasture and meadows, wooded riparian draws, and native rangelands. The property has Illinois River that meander through the length of 641 shares of Piney-Cruse irrigation water rights, several stock ponds and perennial springs for


the property and 5.5 miles of common boundary

livestock water and wildlife habitat. The ranch supports excellent upland bird habitat, as well with the Routt National Forest, the 1,737±-acre as habitat for pronghorn, deer and occasionally elk. It includes three residence homes, corrals, Snyder Ranch is an ideal recreational ranch and livestock scale and other improvements. $7,850,000. Contact Duffy Brown. Property ID#: 42084 sportsman’s paradise. The ranch sits in its own private valley, offering inspiring views of the four separate mountain ranges that make up North Park. With its historic water rights and abundant water resources, it offers a sanctuary for native fish,

Red Hill Ranch Colorado v Park County v Fairplay

waterfowl, elk, deer and moose. Located within one hour of Steamboat Springs and Winter Park ski areas, the ranch offers the best of what Colorado offers. $5,100,000. Contact Ken Mirr. Property ID#: 72450


The Red Hill Ranch is a stunning 2,080±-acre big game sporting and recreational alpine ranch situated at the base of the Mosquito Range and Mt. Silverheels that shares four miles of boundary with the Pike National Forest. Just 30 miles from Breckenridge and 75 miles from Denver, it

877 623-4545

has aspen groves, firs and bristlecone pines, red rock outcroppings, expansive views of the

915 South Pearl Street • Denver, CO 80209 surrounding mountain ranges, frontage along Trout Creek, bountiful wildlife and unlimited


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

round recreation. $3,500,000. Contact Ken Mirr. Property ID#: 42086


In the heart of the renowned South Park basin, the Hartsel Springs Ranch presents a unique opportunity to own more than 17,000 deeded acres of one of Colorado’s most historic cattle, buffalo and fly-fishing ranches. Boasting a diverse landscape that includes great expanses of sub-

Hartsel Springs Ranch Colorado v Park County v Hartsel

irrigated meadows, open short-grass prairies and healthy aspen and dark timber woodlands, the ranch offers a range of opportunities from traditional Western ranching and agriculture to incredible fishing, hunting and recreational opportunities. With over 16 miles of live water (6.5 of which are classified as “Gold Medal”), this ranch is a one-of-a-kind fly-fisherman’s paradise. Hartsel Springs Ranch is available in its entirety for $11,731,000 or in three parcels. Contact Ken Mirr or Ed Roberson. Property ID#: 42856

Trees Ranch

Upper Huerfano River Ranch Colorado v Huerfano Co. v Red Wing

Utah v Washington County v Springdale


The iconic 2,066-acre Trees Ranch adjoining Zion National Park in Springdale, Utah has recently been reduced to $25 million. This stunning ranch with its scenic landscapes, valuable water rights, 60-acre lake, miles of river, irrigated fields and orchards, inimitable architecture and historical sites, offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have your very own national park. Trees Ranch is one of the most unique properties available in the West, offering multiple uses ranging from a private retreat with conservation values to a world-class resort destination. $25,000,000. Contact Ken Mirr. Property ID#: 72449


Upper Huerfano River Ranch is a wonderful 520acre sporting retreat with approximately one mile of both sides of the Huerfano River and 1.2 miles of Manzanares Creek in Huerfano County. The property is within the headwaters of the Huerfano River and offers excellent fishing for brown, rainbow and brook trout. Near the foot of three 14,000foot peaks of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the ranch adjoins public lands and offers a multitude of recreational opportunities. The property is also within a prized hunting unit, offering excellent elk and mule deer hunting on the ranch and adjoining public lands. This is well priced and a great

Phantom Lake Ranch


investment opportunity. $1,000,000. Contact Mac McWhorter or Ken Mirr. Property ID#: 42088

Colorado v Larimer County v Red Feather Lakes

Conveniently located in the foothills west of Fort Collins, the 592±-acre Phantom Lake Ranch is a private recreational enclave with four lakes, dramatic granite rock outcroppings, hay meadows, flowering pastures, aspens, pines, abundant wildlife and spectacular scenery surrounded on three sides by the Roosevelt National Forest. The property has numerous improvements, including the recently remodeled main home and guesthouse, restored historic cabin, manager’s home and barn. Near the quaint mountain village of Red Feather Lakes, Phantom Lake Ranch affords fishing, hiking, biking, horseback riding, hunting and numerous recreational opportunities on the property and on the surrounding public lands. $3,900,000. Contact Ken Mirr. Property ID#: 42857

877 623-4545 915 South Pearl Street • Denver, CO 80209 Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


Shadow Mesa Ranch 708 Acres

Colorado v Delta County v Cedaredge


Private, exclusive, surreal, majestic: welcome to Shadow Mesa Ranch. Located 3.5 miles west of Cedaredge, this ranch encompasses the top of a private mesa. Bordered to the east by Ward Creek and the west by George

Creek, the ranch has multiple sources of year-round flowing streams. Ranging in elevation from 5,800 feet up to 6,200 feet, the ranch is the ideal elevation for a year-round residence. The combination of 270± acres of irrigated fields along with 440± acres of grazing pasture provides the perfect habitat for livestock and wildlife. Vegetation is a mix of irrigated meadow, sage flats and pinion and juniper trees. Features include a newly remodeled 3,126-square-foot home, shop, caretaker’s home, working corrals, hay barn, engineered irrigation system, numerous outbuildings and tremendous mountain views spanning the horizon. $4,200,000. Property ID#: 41740

Sanburg Cerro Ranch

1,420 Acres


Colorado v Montrose County v Montrose

Located 11 miles northeast of Montrose is a productive mountain ranch. Used primarily as summer pasture for livestock, this is the perfect operation for the big game hunter with 100 head of cattle. The ranch ranges in elevation from 7,300 to 8,800 feet. Vegetation is a mix of sage and oak-covered hillsides, open meadows and pinion and juniper trees. Tremendous mountain views span the horizon in all directions. Priced to sell. $2,160,000. Property ID#: 41542

Bostwick Park Ranch 1,019 Acres

Colorado v Montrose County v Montrose


Located 11 miles northeast of Montrose, is a spectacular executive ranch. Positioned at the west end of

Joseph C. Burns Bryan W. Walchle 21263 Hwy 550 • Montrose, CO 81403

970 249-4300 phone • 970 249-1313 fax


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

Bostwick Park, this ranch perches atop an irrigated mesa overlooking vast meadows to the east, the town of Montrose to the west, huge San Juan Mountain views to the south and the Black Canyon National Monument to the north. The property ranges in elevation from 6,200 to 7,269 feet with 290± acres of flat mesa top with the balance in adobe hillsides. Features include 100 irrigated acres, over two miles of escarpment and world-class mule deer hunting. Price reduced to $1,650,000. Property ID#: 41541


Minutes from the bustling agricultural town of Montrose, this ranch is a quick drive from town, yet positioned to allow for supreme serenity. At an elevation of 7,000 to 7,400 feet, the ranch produces an abundance of grass and alfalfa mix hay on the 350 acres of irrigated meadow. Overlooking the valley to the south with the backdrop of the San Juan peaks is a custom 6,980-square-foot timberframe home. Featuring six bedrooms and five baths, this home is warm and inviting.

Shinn Park Ranch

Ranch includes extensive livestock working facilities, indoor arena, several barns, corrals,

631 Acres

shop and a three-bedroom manager’s home.

Colorado v Montrose County v Montrose

$5,200,000. Property ID#: 41540

Waterdog Mountain Ranch

1,880 Acres


Colorado v Montrose County v Montrose

Located 16 miles southeast of Montrose, this ranch ranges in elevation from 7,600 to 8,800 feet and features a mix of large open meadows, oak, pinion, juniper and sage hillsides. This combination of terrain and vegetation creates the perfect habitat for wildlife and summer cattle grazing. Numerous small ponds and seasonal creeks provide water to the multiple cross-fenced pastures. The property features include fantastic views of the San Juan Mountains, year-round access, installed power, located in Colorado game unit 65 and just 25 minutes to commercial air service. $3,200,000. Property ID#: 41554

X Quarter Circle Bar Ranch

2,175 Acres

Colorado v Montrose County v Montrose


This ranch is 20± miles west of Montrose on the Uncompahgre Plateau. Offering a small hunting cabin, beautiful mountain views, great fishing in spring-fed streams, wooded draws, abundant wildlife and national forest access on two sides, this place has it all. The ranch is currently used for recreation, hunting and summer livestock grazing. $4,995,000. Property ID#: 71774

Joseph C. Burns Bryan W. Walchle 21263 Hwy 550 • Montrose, CO 81403

970 249-4300 phone • 970 249-1313 fax Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


Regalo De Dios


Colorado v Archuleta County v Chromo

Nestled on 136 private acres overlooking the Chromo River Valley and magnificent mountain views, this property is fenced and cross-fenced with a 3.5-acre stocked pond and 3.5 CFS from two separate ditches. The 4,308-square-foot, full round handcrafted log home is beautiful and offers four bedrooms and 4.5 baths. There is a separate 1,800-square-foot caretaker’s home and a 1,944-square-foot barn, as well as an immaculate roping arena, greenhouse, raised-bed fenced garden and potting shed. Gorgeous and green with the irrigation water, this is very special property. Offered at $2,995,000 by Lindy Moore, 970 749-5062, Property ID#: 41911

Piedra Forks Ranch Colorado v Hinsdale County v Pagosa Springs


Own 2.5 miles of private rivers on this fly-fishing paradise! Nestled on 169

Magnificent Log Home


Colorado v Archuleta County v Pagosa Springs

Reduced $300,000! This impeccably maintained, full round log home

acres, Piedra Forks Ranch offers 1.5 miles of East Fork Piedra River front- is surrounded by National Forest on three sides and offers majestic age and one mile of the Middle Fork Piedra River frontage. With varied terrain, the property boasts a large pond, a nationally acclaimed log main

views of the Continental Divide and total privacy. The 3,969-squarefoot, three-bedroom, three-bath home offers an open floor plan, great

home, guest home and two additional cabins. All furnishings, a Snow-

room with antique wood stove and gourmet kitchen with Dacor stove,

cat and two snowmobiles are included in the purchase price. Offered at

Amana refrigerator and granite countertops. A separate guest suite has a

$7,950,000 by Juli Morelock, 970 946-2137,

private entry. Enjoy views of the San Juan Mountains and forest at every

Property ID#: 71305

turn. There is city water, a well and underground electric. The ranch borders a huge trail system for great horseback riding, snowmobiling, hiking, etc. The home is available for purchase on 22 acres for $995,000 or 40 acres for $1,395,000. Juli Morelock, 970 946-2137,

970 264-1250


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West Property ID#: 40916

Upper Mesa Ranch Colorado v Archuleta Co. v Pagosa Springs


This 340-acre ranch surrounded by National Forest






Continental Divide and the Piedra Valley. Nestled in a beautiful alpine setting with a 2-acre stocked pond and abundant wildlife, the ranch features a 2,483-square-foot custom home, a horse barn and shop, a corral and a gazebo overlooking the pond. Gordon Creek runs through the ranch, and Plumtaw Creek provides irrigation water to keep the pond full and meadows green. Offered at $3,200,000 by Steve Crow, 970 946-2134, SteveCrow@ Property ID#: 42733

San Juan Mountain River Ranch Colorado v Rio Grande Co. v Monte Vista


Nestled in the San Juan Mountain Range, the Wilcox Ranch offers 107+ acres of lush meadows, stately aspen and pine groves, five natural springs, a stocked pond and the Alamosa River running right down the middle! The main home was meticulously crafted by the local Amish builders, and a picturesque cabin is in place for your guests. Offered at $1,150,000 by Chris Liverett, 970 903-0481, Chris@GallesProperties. com. Property ID#: 42343


This rare 463-acre ranch sits at 8,400 feet and adjoins National Forest on three sides. The Rito Blanco River runs through the southeast corner of this magnificent property with stately mountain views, lush meadows and gentle and forested terrain. Powder Keg Ranch is truly one of the last great pieces of the West. No restrictions, well and utilities on property. Offered at $2,990,000 by Lindy Moore, 970 749-5062, Property ID#: 41912

Powder Keg Ranch Colorado v Archuleta County v Pagosa Springs

970 264-1250 Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West



Granite Peaks Ranch

Colorado v La Plata County v Durango Granite Peaks Ranch is an exquisite, one-of-a-kind, 565-acre fly-fishing and equestrian estate—the last privately owned ranch before the vast Weminuche Wilderness. With three miles of the Pine River, the property offers exceptional fly-fishing in a pristine environment. There are several architectural masterpieces consisting of a main home with a detached garage and a caretaker’s apartment above it, private guesthouse on the river, two large horse barns and three historic cabins which have been completely restored. The entire property is beautifully scaled and landscaped—all fitting naturally into the surrounding environment. It is encircled by majestic granite peaks which climb to over 12,000 feet and tower over lush meadows and mixed forest of evergreens, pines and aspens. Granite Peaks Ranch borders a hiking trail allowing direct access into the Weminuche

Tom Morse

Wilderness and the San Juan and Rio Grande National Forests, providing

970 769-8989

offered to the market for the first time in its entirety, including all real estate,

120 East 36th Street • Durango, CO 81301 a combined total acreage of over 3.5 million acres. Granite Peaks Ranch is


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

improvements, water resources and mineral rights to qualified purchasers for the price of $24,000,000. Property ID#: 42337

Texas Creek Ranch Colorado v La Plata County v Bayfield


This beautiful, self-sufficient family retreat on 55 acres has a lovely 4,034-square-foot, fourbedroom, three-and-a-half-bath custom log main residence; 1,030-square-foot, two-bedroom, onebath guesthouse; and, a 1,200-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-bath caretaker or guest apartment above the barn. Other amenities include a kennel, greenhouse, stable/barn, corral and outdoor arena. There is solar and generator back-up power and the property has lush open meadows, pine woodlands and a large pond. $1,395,000. Property ID#: 42742

Shilo Ranch Colorado v Montezuma County v Mancos


An exceptional 377-acre mountain ranch with gorgeous 360-degree views of the La Plata Mountains, Mesa Verde and the Sleeping Ute. This ranch has excellent water rights, 80 acres of irrigated hay pastures, pine forest, several large ponds/lakes and borders public lands. It would make a lovely equestrian or cattle ranch with several great building sites. This is a great value! $2,479,000. Property ID#: 72476

Born Lake Ranch Colorado v Mineral County v Pagosa Springs


This rare 155-acre recreational paradise is surrounded by the San Juan National Forest. This pristine property has an 18-acre alpine lake fed by numerous creeks, streams and the west fork of the San Juan River, five scenic waterfalls, lush woodlands and meadows. It is graced with the original homestead and there are numerous building sites for your vacation home. $3,950,000. Co-listed with Bill Weir of La Plata Property Group. Property ID#: 41543

Jameson Ranch Colorado v Montezuma County v Lewis


This productive 173-acre ranch has extensive water rights irrigating 100± cross-fenced acres. The 2,679-square-foot main residence has high-end appliances/trim/finishes and expansive views of Narraguinnep Lake, Mesa Verde, Sleeping Ute and La Plata Mountains. A caretaker’s home, riding arena and other outbuildings serve the ranch. $2,100,000. Property ID#: 41950


River’s Edge Ranch is a beautifully situated 80+-acre sanctuary (with an additional 9 acres for exclusive use) nestled in the Florida River Valley with more than 3,000 feet of river frontage on both sides. The virtually new 2,915-square-foot, four-bedroom, three-bath, single-story main residence has expansive views of the river valley, 3.5-acre pond and irrigated pastures. Other

River’s Edge Ranch Colorado v La Plata County v Durango

amenities include a 60-foot equestrian round pen, additional corrals, new run-ins, a 400-squarefoot shop and extensive year-round water rights that feed side-rolls, sprinklers and gated pipe to yield high-quality grass hay. $1,595,000. Property ID#: 41281


This gorgeous, historic 490-acre ranch has exquisite views of the La Plata Mountains, Weber Reservoir and Mesa Verde. Bordered on two sides by thousands of acres of national forest, this ranch is an exceptional landholding with abundant wildlife, lush meadows, stands of ponderosa pine, gambel oak, aspen and cottonwoods along a seasonal

Eppich Ranch Colorado v Montezuma Co. v Mancos

stream that flows through the heart of the ranch. It is truly one of the “last best places”. $3,200,000. Property ID#: 72475

Tom Morse 120 East 36th Street • Durango, CO 81301

970 769-8989 Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West



This is a rare opportunity to own a jewel of a ranch in the center of the west Marin County organic farming revolution. Just minutes east of Point Reyes Station, this 330-acre property includes three residences, barns, workshops and other outbuildings. Picturesque Lagunitas Creek runs year-round along the lower areas of the ranch and includes historic riparian water rights for irrigation. Bordering the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and thousands of acres of outstanding hiking and equestrian trails, including the Point Reyes National Seashore, Samuel P. Taylor Park and beyond. Property ID#: 42772

Gallagher Ranch at Point Reyes California v Marin County v Point Reyes


This turn-of-the-century farmhouse has been lovingly brought back to its original grace and beauty. Enjoy 5+ acres of lush meadows, magnificent trees and healthy pastures. A

Grace and Beauty Among Panoramic Views California v Sonoma County v Petaluma

huge barn with new storage and an artist studio awaits your projects. Panoramic views of the San Antonio Valley and a large pond next door augment the peaceful, serene setting. It is close to the historic river town of Petaluma. $895,000. Property ID#: 42773

Los Alamos Ranch California v Sonoma County v Santa Rosa


This unbelievable 293±-acre private property borders Hood Mountain Park! This is your opportunity to own beautiful rolling acres to steep terrain with magnificent oak trees and numerous benches offering spectacular vistas of Hood Park and beyond. It is undeveloped, but






approximately five miles to Highway 12. $2,100,000. Property ID#: 42774

Pocket Farm California v Sonoma Co. v Forestville


On 24­ fabulous, partially wooded acres in west Sonoma County resides this spacious 2,375-square-foot home with soaring open beam ceilings, loads of windows and decks, a basement, an office, a private second unit and a

Scott T. Murphy • Scott Stevens

large barn. Across the drive, there is a lovely lined

775 Baywood Drive, Suite 207 Petaluma, CA 94954

enjoyment! The fields are fertile for crops alongside

707 477-5201 • 707 695-4448


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

private pond with swim float and island for your stands of soaring redwoods with trails for hiking. A gardener’s dream nestled in Pocket Canyon with sunny southeast exposure and a sparkling creek meandering through the meadows. Bring your horses! $849,500. Property ID#: 42776


These 815± magnificent acres on the Sonoma Coast lie near Bodega Bay. There are multiple parcels, amazing ocean views, coastal wildlife, trails,





wonderful rock outcroppings and extensive frontage on a year-round creek. It is a short drive to the beach or town! Bring your dreams and

Colliss Ranch

build your coastal hideaway. This property is

California v Sonoma County v Bodega Bay

spectacular! $3,995,000. Property ID#: 42775


Elk Ranch

An incredibly beautiful 5,500-square-foot Victorian replica built in 1990 to exacting

California v Marin County v Tomlas

standards offers gracious living at the Elk

Ranch. Enjoy the finest amenities on 298 acres of beautiful coastal land within walking distance to the historic town of Tomales. Impeccably maintained and fully furnished in exquisite antiques and period pieces. Clear heart and straight grain woods have been used throughout, and the artisan-built English library with its wood-coffered ceiling and glass-front doors is one of a kind. Two other homes offer family or ranch management housing, along with two barns and assorted outbuildings. $2,995,000. Property ID#: 42777


This is an extraordinary opportunity to own this picture-perfect coastal ranch just north of Bodega Bay. Incredible recreation opportunities abound, including fishing or canoeing on the freshwater pond, walking or riding horses to the ocean to Arched Rock, enjoy the sheltered beaches and campsites along Salmon Creek, soak in the warm springs or explore the ancient Miwok Indian village site. Two ocean-view homes grace this property, consisting of a single-story, four-bedroom, four-bath, mid-century ranch house and a three-

Chanslor Ranch at Bodega Bay California v Marin County v Bodega Bay

bedroom, three-bath farmhouse on 378 acres. The ranch’s large, rustic barn is set up for entertainment and is 3,000± square feet. Wells and naturally flowing springs supply abundant water for your use. The town of Bodega Bay is moments away with good restaurants, excellent hotels, grocery stores and a great golf course. Bodega Harbor provides first-class facilities for launching, mooring or servicing your boat. $3,275,000. Property ID#: 42778


Rolling hills, open fields, quiet meadows, beautiful tree-lined Stemple Creek and a small pond adorn this beautiful 108±-acre ranch with upgraded doublewide mobile home in West Marin. The creekways on this property have long been fenced off and protected from livestock to maintain the natural vegetation and wildlife habitat. The ranch is between the

Murphy Ranch State Rt 1 California v Marin County v Marin

historic towns of Tomales and Bodega Bay. Enjoy the southeastern views of the countryside along with easy access to Petaluma and the Bay Area. This ranch has had minimal development and remains in pristine condition for you and future generations. $795,000. Property ID#: 42779

Scott T. Murphy • Scott Stevens 775 Baywood Drive, Suite 207 Petaluma, CA 94954

707 477-5201 • 707 695-4448 Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


Montana Equestrian Elegance at Its Finest


Montana v Flathead County v Kalispell

This beautiful, well-appointed, five-bedroom, six-bath, luxurious Montana-style home features 4,750+ square feet plus a 500+-square-foot bonus gym/ recreational room above an attached three-car garage. These 55 acres offer 3,700 feet of frontage on the magnificent Whitefish River. This is a stateof-the-art equestrian facility with all of the defining amenities: spacious indoor and outdoor riding arenas, training round pen, stall barns, paddocks, pastures, shelters, tack rooms, wash racks, office, equipment, hay and trailer storage building and a 1,100-square-foot caretaker’s apartment with two-car garage. This immaculate ranch has no detail missed. The owners are motivated to sell. Online tour/info: Offered at $3,295,000. Property ID#: 73509

TLC Ranch Realty, Inc Todd Wirthlin, Broker/Owner 406 471-5579 cell • 406 756-1500 office 406 756-1502 fax •


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

Exceptional Montana Ranch & Horseman’s Paradise


Montana v Flathead County v Columbia Falls

Prepare to be astounded by



Montana ranch property and horseman’s paradise with 39.5 acres situated on a bluff overlooking the magnificent Flathead River with over 1,800 feet

of frontage. A luxurious and exquisite, 6,300+-square-foot, custombuilt home features three bedrooms, five baths, top-of-the line gourmet kitchen, massive great room with native rock fireplace, family room and fitness center. Your guests will never want to leave “the last best place” with separate and deluxe two-bedroom accommodations. Enjoy beautiful landscaping throughout and paved driveways. An impressive, state-of-the-art, 50,000-square-foot heated indoor equestrian center has all the defining amenities for private or commercial use. Spectacular, end-of-the-road, private setting with year-round captivating mountain and river views. The owners are motivated to sell. Virtual tour: Offered at $3,200,000. Property ID#: 42561

TLC Ranch Realty, Inc Todd Wirthlin, Broker/Owner 406 471-5579 cell • 406 756-1500 406 756-1502 fax • 800 775-1766 Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


BEST WEST of the

Legacy Ranch

on the Upper South Fork

A true legacy ranch, the spectacular 280-acre Flying H is at the end of the road in the exclusive Upper South Fork Valley outside of Cody. This premier conservation property lies in the most sought-after non-resort valley in Wyoming. The ranch is situated along the South Fork River and is surrounded by the Shoshone National Forest on three sides, with dramatic mountains rising thousands of feet above the valley floor. Fly-fishing and trail riding are readily accessible with the surrounding national forest quickly turning into designated wilderness area. The ranch’s location on

Wyoming v Park County v Cody


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

a dead-end county-maintained road is very close to the southern border of Yellowstone National Park. This 40-mile-long valley was first settled in

the late 1800s with large ranch tracts and dude ranches. Improvements on the Flying H include a five-bedroom, three-bath main residence, two guesthouses containing six additional bedrooms and five additional baths, a manager’s house (a former forest ranger station), a 2,280-square-foot gambrel horse barn, outbuildings and productive hay fields. Irrigation water for the pastures comes directly from the South Fork River. This pristine fishery is one of the best trout rivers in Wyoming. Private fishing along its banks is more than a mile in length. U.S. Forest Service trails lead directly from the ranch for unlimited trail riding. Cody is one of Wyoming’s most desirable locations. It has one of the West’s premier museums, the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, as well as excellent health care facilities and a regional airport. Its temperate year-round temperatures make it a ranching and farming leader within Wyoming. The ranches in the upper South Fork have been held in conservation among the same families for generations and are rarely offered for purchase. Numerous lodging configurations along with its end-of-the-road, private location and recreational convenience define the Flying H as a unique opportunity for the discriminating buyer. v

80 W. Broadway, P.O. Box 4897 Jackson, WY 83001

307 732-7518 office 307 699-1139 cell carollinton@jhrea • Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


DFW Hill Country Ranch 2,904Âą Acres

Texas Metroplex v Johnson County v Cleburne


Only an hour from Dallas/ Fort Worth on quiet FM 1434 between Cleburne and Glen Rose, this ranch features 2,500 feet of Brazos River frontage and a mile of Camp Creek with crystal-clear water and falls. The ranch offers elevation changes, limestone ridges, live oaks, scenic views, large neighbors and excellent hunting. The wildlife habitat is

impressive with trophy deer, turkey, dove, and ducks. This is also a good cattle ranch with Klein, coastal Bermuda, and native pastureland. Underground water, 12 stock tanks and two other seasonal creeks further enhance the water situation. Ask us about the Chisholm Trail Parkway, which will make this a quick, 45-minute drive from Fort Worth. Ranch is best as one, but owner may divide into 3 larger tracts. $3,800 per acre ($11,038,886). Property ID#: 72131

Blake Hortenstine, Broker/Partner 214 616-1305 mobile Cash McWhorter, Partner 469 222-4076 mobile 214 361-9191 office


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

Hinkson Ranch 120,000± Acres

New Mexico v Cibola County Arizona v Apache County Spreading out across 44,650± deeded acres and 75,820± acres of leased land, the lush grasslands, rain-fed arroyos and towering red rock mesas make the Hinkson Ranch one of the finest livestock and trophy elk ranches in the Southwest. Hinkson Ranch is situated in the cool highlands of western New Mexico and eastern Arizona where the soils, grasses and rainfall combine to produce ideal grazing conditions. Elevations within the ranch range from 6,000 to 7,200 feet. The winters are mild with average daytime highs in the 50s. Summer, spring and fall seasons bring ideal weather for ranching operations. Ranch improvements include a 2,350-squarefoot, four-bedroom, three-bath ranch house and spacious hunter’s cabin, a 7,000-square-foot barn, 4,500-square-foot hay shed, working corals and adjacent water sources throughout the ranch. The scenic canyons, rolling hills and grasslands of Hinkson Ranch support herds of world-class trophy elk, antelope and mule deer, each of which are present throughout the year within its sweeping landscapes. Other game species include scaled quail, turkey and dove. $12,726,000. For a printable brochure, go to

First United Realty New Mexico Marty Ryan 520 429-0746 • 800 726-0100 Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


Signal Mountain Colorado v Pueblo County v Beulah


Pine trees and lots of wildlife make this cozy mountain home a delight. The 40±-acre ranch is in an upscale gated community and is very private. The home’s large windows take advantage of the gorgeous mountain views. The home is on community water and you can still apply to drill a well if you choose. Elk, deer, bear, fox and lots of wild turkey drink from the natural spring on the property. Just minutes from San Isabel National Forest, Beulah is just a 10-minute drive and Pueblo only 25 minutes, which makes this an ideal location. $490,000. Property ID#: 71250

Painted Sky


Colorado v Pueblo County v Beulah

Bordering 1,100± acres of open land on two sides makes this an ideal property for the horse person that likes to put on some miles. The 35-acre property is fenced, there is a pond and the site already has some excavation work done for a walkout basement. Power and phone are at the road, and the well is already in. Located at the beginning of the foothills, you are not in the mountains, but where you can look at them all day. Deer and pronghorn are area residents. The ranch is 25 minutes to Pueblo and 10 minutes to Beulah. $110,000.

Shirley Saddoris 719 485-3333 phone/fax 719 250-7519 cell


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


Imagine waking up in the morning to the sun glistening off your own private alpine lake. After breakfast in the expansive kitchen and great room, you put on your bathing suit and go out to the

Crystal Lake California v Nevada County v Yuba Gap

sandy beach for a swim across to the exposed granite and ancient Native American petroglyphs on the other side. Later, you grab a fishing rod or recline in a patio chair and soak in the serenity. You grill dinner out on the patio, and as the sun turns distant Signal Peak orange and red, you finish with s’mores cooked to perfection in the outdoor fireplace. Idyllic, and the experience can be yours at Crystal Lake. $4,900,000. Property ID#: 42111


One of America’s finest trophy trout ranches, the 1,346±-acre Spring Creek Ranch is one of the best fly-fishing ranches with private fishing water on the headwaters of the most prolific wild rainbow trout fishery in the country. With the average catch in the 3 to 6 pound range, the ranch also fronts a

Trophy Trout Ranch California v Shasta Co. v Fall River Valley

second spring creek, Lava Creek, as well frontage on the world-renowned Fall River. The ranch is home to abundant migratory waterfowl including ducks, geese, pelicans, egrets, herons and swans.

Other bird species include osprey, bald eagle, great horned owl, Peregrine falcons, quail, dove, pheasant, turkey and grouse. Hunting has not been allowed in years so the ranch has become a true wildlife refuge in a beautiful mountain valley with stunning views to Mt. Shasta to the north. A jet-capable county airport and the small ranching community of Fall River Mills are just 10 to 15 minutes from the ranch. Reduced to $9,500,000. Property ID#: 13843


A true legacy ranch, the historic Hop and Barley Ranch consists of 6,240± acres with 1.5± miles

of frontage on the Middle Fork of the Eel

World Class Hunting and Ranching California v Mendocino County v Covelo

River. A rare combination of productive valley floor lands with nearly 300 acres irrigated and 600 acres dry farmed, to lush beautiful forests and meadows in the mountains, and bucolic grassy hills along the river. Teaming with wildlife, the ranch is home to trophy blacktail deer, tule elk, pigs, bear, quail, turkey, dove

and soaring eagles. Carrying capacity is around 500 cows year-round or 1,000 yearlings for the season. The well-rounded improvements complement the ranch well and are built of redwood siding and corrugated metal roofing for that classic rustic ranch headquarters. A ranch of this size and diversity is a rare find and only a


Rocky Springs Ranch is a true sportsman’s

four-hour drive from the greater San Francisco

paradise with nearly 3,000 acres of rolling

Bay Area. $14,000,000. Property ID#: 14616

meadows and blue oak woodlands, home to one of the largest migratory deer herds in the state, as well as prime habitat for dove, quail and wild turkey. To complete the well-rounded sportsman’s experience, add in frontage to more than 2.5 miles of the South Fork of Battle Creek, a productive trout fishery. Winter carrying capacity is 150 to 200 cows. All of this

Rocky Springs Ranch California v Tehama County Mt. Lassen Foothills

is in view of snowcapped Mount Lassen, only 45 minutes east of I-5 and the ranching/farming community of Red Bluff in Northern California. Reduced to $3,800,000. Property ID#: 13748

Terry Hundemer Ranches, Lakes, Rivers/Broker

530 265-5774 • 530 913-8095 Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


Kennedy Ranch West Texas v Presidio County v Marfa


Twenty-five minutes south of Marfa, Kennedy

The Rockpile Ranch

Ranch lies off of paved Casa Piedra Road (FM169), just past the bridge over live water

55,704.49 Acres

West Texas v Jeff Davis County v Fort Davis


Alamito Creek. Home to many species of birds (raptors, songbirds and game birds) and the

This is only the third time in its 115-year titled history that this ranch has been offered for sale.

larger wildlife of the desert (desert mule deer

All seller-owned mineral classified and fee minerals will be included. For additional information

and javelina), the property offers five wells all

and pictures on The Rockpile Ranch, visit The ranch is offered for

less than 250 feet deep. 2,989 acres at $501 per

$985 per acre for a total of $54,868,922.65 cash. Property ID#: 41904

acre or $1,500,000. Property ID#: 72509

High Canyon Ranch 8,163 Acres

West Texas v Jeff Davis County v Fort Davis


High Canyon Ranch lies in the heart of the Davis Mountains, a Sky Island of the Chihuahuan Desert with elevations ranging from 5,200 to 6,280 feet. Five major canyons bisect this high forested rangeland, creating some of the most scenic bluffs, rocky outcrops, canyons, meadows and mountains in the region. This is ponderosa and pinion pine country, huge red oaks, big tooth maples, madrone and lush grasslands. The central geologic features on the ranch are Dry Canyon, Hells Canyon, Short Canyon, Horse Spring Canyon and Frazier Canyon, creating magnificent vistas rivaling any national park in the country. $1,578 per acre or $12,881,214. Property ID#: 72516

James King, Agent Tammy King, Broker P.O. Box 109 • 600 State Street Fort Davis, TX 79734

432 426-2024 • 432 224-1110 fax


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

Turkey Bluff Ranch 4,339 Acres

West Texas v Val Verde County v Del Rio


The Turkey Bluff Ranch is situated at the convergence of three biologically distinct eco-regions in Texas, the Texas Hill Country to the east, the Chihuahuan Desert to the west and the subtropical Tamaulipan Brushland to the south, creating one of the most unique wildlife habitats in the state. This ranch enjoys over 2.3 miles of crystal-clear, spring-fed Devil’s River frontage, which provides some of the best recreational water and smallmouth bass fly-fishing in the country. Elevation is between 1,200 and 1,700 feet with numerous steep, carved, wooded limestone canyons as well as gentle mesa tops. Enjoy great roads, excellent water distribution system and a nice hunting camp. $850/acre at $3,688,150. Property ID#: 72514


This picturesque ranch lies on the west side of the Black Hills with over five miles of Inyan Kara Creek running through the valley. The ranch includes 5,392 deeded acres, 640 state lease acres and 480 BLM lease acres. Creek bottoms, valleys, deep draws, high plateaus and wooded hills with pine, cedar, oak, cottonwood and aspen are included,

Saddle Tree Ranch

as well as two creeks, wells, springs and reservoirs. Historically, some fields along Inyan Kara Creek

Wyoming v Crook County v Sundance

were irrigated. Enjoy miles of trails for horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, ATVs, snowmobiling or cross-country skiing. Elk, deer, antelope and turkey are in the area. There are two sets of improvements. The ranch is 20 miles from Sundance and less than five miles from I-90. This is an exceptional Wyoming ranch. $7,791,440. Property ID#: 13031

Lazy JS Ranch Wyoming v Weston County v Newcastle


This low-overhead yearling or cow/calf operation in northeastern Wyoming has 8,916 total acres, including 5,195 deeded acres, an adjacent 3,641-acre National Grasslands Grazing Permit and 80 state lease acres. This hard-grass country lies between Newcastle and Wright and adjacent to Highway 450. Livestock water is strategically located throughout the ranch with five wells on the deeded land, two wells on the leases and two seasonal creeks. The ranch borders the Thunder Basin National Grasslands. Area big game includes mule deer and antelope. Enjoy a combination of productive cattle country with good water resources, excellent year-round access and recreational potential. $2,500,000. Property ID#: I14543

EVA Ranch Wyoming v Weston County v Newcastle


Enjoy a tremendous Black Hills setting along

Lytle Creek Ranch Wyoming v Crook County v Hulett


the trail of the historic Cheyenne–Deadwood This hidden gem in the western Black Hills has Stagecoach. There are 117 acres at the entrance end-of-the-road privacy with live water and the to Beaver Creek Canyon. The property borders a vast amount of public land in prime habitat

entire east side bordering the Black Hills National Forest. The ranch is comprised of 1,160 deeded

for elk, deer and turkey. The two-story log acres and a 65-head Forest Service grazing permit. lodge has five bedrooms and 3.75 baths plus

A striking mixture of pine-covered hills, steep can-

a basement apartment and two-car garage.

yons, aspen groves, high plateaus, unobstructed

Features include a spacious great room, large views, rolling meadows, creek bottoms and bur kitchen, stone fireplace, hardwood floor, hobby

oak draws provide an exquisite landscape. Almost

room and a huge master bedroom with sitting area, walk-in closet, office and bath with jetted tub. two miles of Lytle Creek run through the ranch. The land is rich in history, beautiful scenery and wildlife. $1,100,000. Property ID#: 14081

The combination of majestic vistas, mountain


scenery, live water and access to public lands make

This amazing Black Hills setting is west of Aladdin on Beaver Creek. 136 acres on the edge of the Bear Lodge Mountains front Highway 24 and border a wide expanse of Black Hills

Beaver Creek Acreage

the Lytle Creek Ranch a place you’ll want to enjoy for a lifetime. $3,480,000. Property ID#: 13661

Wyoming v Crook County v Aladdin

National Forest. Beaver Creek flows through the valley for over .25 mile. The picturesque terrain has winding creek bottoms, open meadows and wooded hills. Pine, aspen and bur oaks along

Jim Pederson

with a variety of deciduous trees and bushes

505 W. Main Street • Newcastle, WY 82701

make for a remarkable landscape. This recreational haven has it all: a creek, convenient location with

307 746-2083

year-round access, access to national forest and gorgeous scenery. $656,000. Property ID#: 42622 Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West



This 9,500-acre reputation native pasture ranch fronts Highway 99E with access to county roads on three sides. The ranch is fenced into eight fields with five reservoirs and numerous seasonal creeks that provide

Diamond X Ranch California v Tehama County v Vina Plains

adequate stock water in every field. The historical stocking rate has been 800 fall pairs for the season. Gentle terrain provides excellent yearling feed as well. A beautiful, new 2,500-square-foot hillside home overlooks the ranch. $7,400,000. Property ID#: 72866

Atwood Ranch California v Glenn County v Orland


Nestled in the foothills of the Coastal Mountains, the Atwood Ranch provides a perfect setting where broodmares and foals enjoy life on 2,700 acres of native grasslands in the oak-studded rolling hills of Northern California’s Glenn County. Captivating views of snowcapped Mt. Shasta, Mt. Lassen, the Sierras and the Sacramento Valley create the backdrop for this premier breeding and training facility. Central to the success of the ranch programs are its quality impressive facilities: The large freestanding 140' by 250' barn includes many amenities for the trainer and breeder with large office space, breeding shed with stocks and vet lab, tack and wash bays, foaling and stallion stalls. In addition, a 120' by 100' ClearSpan riding arena, a 200-foot round training arena, 24-stall training barn, hay barn and three hot walkers accommodate most every facet of horse development necessary to this highly effective and successful breeding and training facility. Top-quality fences are built with woven wire, using steel pipe for brace posts and gates. Water is pumped from a 2,500 gpm well and circulated to the barns and most fields by miles of buried pipeline. The largest fields have big reservoirs with year-round water. Some pasture is leased to cattle operations. $3,900,000. Property ID#: 72868

Van Cleve Associates California and Oregon Ranches 530 906-3978


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

Klamath Pass Ranch California v Siskiyou County v Dorris


This ranch has 693 acres that include 428 irrigated acres and 256 acres used for pasture. The ranch has been used primarily as a hay ranch with cows and calves as a secondary business. The reverse would work as well giving versatility to an ever-changing marketplace. Highway 97 gives great access in all weather for loading hay or unloading cattle trucks. The ranch has quality, sandy loam soils and two low-lift wells providing water to two pivots and wheel lines. Near the Butte Valley farming community of Dorris, it is a 20-minute drive to Klamath Falls, Oregon, which provides all your service needs. $1,690,000. Property ID#: 72867


Remuda Ranch contains 64 phenomenal recreation





currently operating as a horse training facility and horse hotel. Enjoy multiple lush pastures

Equestrian/Recreation Ranch Colorado v Weld County v Fort Collins/Windsor

for grazing rotation. Highly recognized High Craft Builders out of Fort Collins built a luxury apartment above the main barn. There is plenty of irrigation water, springs, sub-irrigated pastures plus large ponds stocked with trophy bass, crappie, catfish and carp (photo of Chad LaChance of the TV show Fishful Thinker with

one of his catches on this property). There is plenty of waterfowl/hunting, rolling terrain, privacy and spectacular mountain views. Minutes to Fort Collins or Windsor, the ranch is very close to Harmony Golf Club. All improvements are of the highest quality. The property does not border any county roads. Live water on this property is plentiful and year round. As there is not enough room here to fully describe this rare find, call, text or email Dave for a complete packet and your chance to view and own this spectacular once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. For a complete property description and additional photos, go to $2,000,000.

Please call for additional properties available, but not listed in this advertisement.

Dave Trujillo, Partner 970 222-0340 Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West



RealTime Ranch

California v Mendocino County v Comptche RealTime Ranch was conceived and built by architectural designer Claire Pollack for herself and husband, Sydney Pollack, as a secluded family retreat in the redwoods of Northern California. It is located just outside the seaside town of Mendocino. The property is situated miles up a private road on approximately 123 acres. This gated and fenced property consists of three main houses, two guesthouses, separate pool house with bathroom and outdoor shower, paddle tennis court, large pond with dock, an additional building which serves as a garage/workshop and two free-floating

Jim McCummings

decks with barbecue/entertaining areas situated up amidst the trees. Multiple generators

45010 Ukiah Street Mendocino, CA 95460

and wells are available to support the property, and there is a large meadow area that can be developed for wine and other interests. The back area of the property has two open and

707 937-1565

available graded pads for building or other recreational interests. This area is also complete


a free-standing studio, which currently serves as a gym, a barn, pool with solar heating,

Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

with additional and separate gated access from the main road, if so desired. Furnishings and ATVs/equipment available upon request and negotiation. $3,600,000. Property ID#: 42874


A gated drive climbs dramatically to this exquisite home spanning over 124 acres and stunning 360-degree mountaintop views of the San Juan Mountains. A dramatic two-story entry with a unique water feature ushers into the expansive great room with 27-foot vaulted ceilings, native full round log beams and a

Southwest Luxury

massive rock fireplace. The gourmet kitchen

Colorado v Archuleta County v Pagosa Springs

and bolstered by a 300-square-foot pantry. The

is outfitted with professional-grade appliances adjacent open dining area, media room with full bar and art gallery, all surrounded by 3,200 square feet of covered decks, are ideal for all your entertainment needs. This executive home also features a wine cellar, library, craft room, exercise facility, generous storage, heated threecar garage, as well as an elevator making this home handicapped accessible. The guest lodge/ business center was designed as an Old West town, complete with saloon, stage and full-sized

Be the sheriff of your own wild west town.

bar. There are three bedrooms upstairs, two of

which have their own en suite baths. The center below has one bath and a two-car garage. On one end of the complex, there is an enormous cold storage area. The other side of the complex has an executive suite of offices and a heated 4,000-square-foot industrial machine shop complete with roll-up doors and heavy duty power. This is a perfect location for a small business or a dream space for the person who loves to spend time with their hobbies. All combined, the property has 29,000 square feet under roof and is priced well below replacement cost. $5,000,000. Property ID#: 42523


This beautiful, custom, cedar, two-story


log home is exceptionally well-built with a floor-to-ceiling rock fireplace. It sits on 38+

Colorado v Archuleta County Pagosa Springs

very private acres on the Piedra River with excellent fishing and great pasture for your horses and is surrounded by the river and wildlife, with spectacular views of Chimney Rock. Close to Navajo Lake, the ranch is priced substantially below recent appraisal and was featured in Log Home Living. To read the article, visit $650,000. Property ID#: 42727

Koch Colorado v Archuleta County v Pagosa Springs


Just five minutes north of town on prestigious 4 Mile Road, this ranch sits on 35 pretty acres with privacy and great mountain views. The ranch is fenced for your livestock, which share the land with the local deer and elk. The home is very well built with energy efficiency and green attributes, making it environmentally friendly. Upgrades include hickory floors and cabinets, high-end Energy Star appliances and vaulted ceilings. The great room is ideal for entertaining. The master is downstairs. There are two offices: one on the main level for business and one upstairs for homework. The big shop is heated and a good place to keep your “big boy toys� and extra vehicles that will not fit in the attached, oversized two-car garage. This is a must-see home. $950,000. Property ID#: 42649

Lee Riley 2261 Eagle Drive Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

970 946-3856 cell For a virtual tour of all three properties, visit Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


Southern Utah High Desert Retreat Utah v Garfield County v Boulder


This contemporary Southwest-style home sits on 10 acres near a tiny picturesque ranching community surrounded by the Grand Staircase National Monument and Dixie National Forest. Designed especially for the landscape, the home offers a sense of complete comfort and luxury in the wilderness. $997,000. Property ID#: 73546

Fremont River Valley Getaway Utah v Wayne County v Torrey


Enjoy the waterfowl refuge, Boulder Mountain and a vibrant landscape from this luxurious country cabin on 8 very private acres overlooking the Bicknell Bottoms. $429,000. Property ID#: 42824


This is one of the few parcels of private land in an area near Grand Staircase National Monument and Capitol Reef National Park. In the tiny community of Boulder, in the high desert of southern Utah, these 39 very pretty acres have excellent pasture, tree covered knolls and an outstanding water right. $395,000. Property ID#: 71965

Cathy Bagley P.O. Box 750009 • Torrey, UT 84775

435 425-3200


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

Boulder, Utah Meadow Utah v Garfield County v Boulder

Bitch Creek Ranch


Idaho v Teton County v Tetonia

Bitch Creek Ranch possesses that rare combination of the most sought-after Western ranch traits: stunning mountain views, live water, abundant wildlife and access to resort amenities. This 1,176acre ranch boasts a beautiful 3,200-square-foot home overlooking two miles of Bitch Creek. Tucked in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem, the ranch has a first-class location 20 minutes north of Driggs, Idaho and one hour from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The eastern border of the ranch is completely surrounded by Targhee National Forest. $9,750,000. Property ID#: 42190


These 2,691 acres are an idyllic mix of pivotirrigated hay fields, brush-lined creek and riparian zone, rolling grass and timbered mountainside. With fly fishing on over 1.5 miles of Trout Creek, the private stream holds cutthroat, rainbow, brown and brook trout, with browns being the most prolific. There are many historical structures on the ranch, with two older homes and outbuildings. The Lord Ranch on Trout Creek is an ideal Montana ranch with excellent hunting and fishing for the recreational enthusiast. $8,550,000. Property ID#: 42174

Lord Ranch on Trout Creek Montana v Granite County v Philipsburg

The Rim Ranch


Wyoming v Sublette County v Bondurant

Comprised of 4,000 deeded acres with a mix of sagebrush ridges, willow-lined creek bottoms, aspen groves and heavy timber, The Rim Ranch is a big game paradise with good numbers of trophy elk, Mule deer and Pronghorn antelope. With three ponds, numerous springs and two miles of Middle Beaver Creek, this ranch enjoys excellent water sources for wildlife and livestock. The Rim Ranch is a dynamic opportunity to own a timeless sporting ranch. $4,400,000. Property ID#: 42601

Sleeping Dog Ranch Colorado v Hinsdale County v Lake City


The 309-acre ranch is in southwestern Colorado in the picturesque San Juan Mountain Range. Two miles of Cebolla Creek flow through the ranch with exceptional fishing.  Take pleasure in the incredible hunting of Powderhorn Park or a late evening wildlife viewing of elk, deer, moose and Bighorn sheep. Sleeping Dog Ranch is rich in sporting traditions offering the





and hunting in the state, all within close proximity to the resort town of Gunnison. $3,500,000. Property ID#: 42188

P.O. Box 9240 • Jackson, WY 83002

866 734-6100 toll free Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West



Rancho San Cayetano, one of the crown jewels of the beautiful Santa Cruz River Valley, was established in the 1920s as an exceptional horse/cattle breeding facility. It has a rich history, including famous owners and residents who have enjoyed the area and has been used for filming movies, writing books and raising prize-winning horses and cattle. The present owners have remodeled the large Spanish Colonial home, converting it to yearround living. A ramada surrounds the house, giant sycamore line the driveway and cottonwood/ mesquite shade the pastures. These 148 acres have 2.5 miles of pipe fencing. All the irrigated land has been laser leveled, and a new irrigation system has been added. With pastures adapted to year-round grazing with summer Bermuda to winter Rye. The Ranch is adjacent tot the Tumacacori Mission and the Anza trail, which follows the Santa Cruz River to the quaint village of Tubac (three miles away). I-19 is less than a mile from the ranch’s stately entrance gates on Santa Gertrudis Lane. Grocery shopping and good restaurants are within a 15-minute drive. $2,550,000. Property ID#: 72909

Sam Hubbell 520 609-2546


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

Rancho San Cayetano Arizona v Santa Cruz County v Tubac

Gutierrez Ranch and Cattle Company Oregon v Crook County v Post


The 72,000-acre Gutierrez Cattle Company is one of Oregon’s premier large cattle operations. From the magnificent, deep, timber-covered canyons of the North Fork of the Crooked River, to the hayfields and lakes of the Rabbit Valley, including all the big country in between, the ranch reflects the pride of ownership and the touch of a cattleman’s vision. The ranch not only has the feel of a large successful cattle operation, it is one, and after spending just a few minutes on the ground, a visitor wants to see it all. An easy 85 miles east of the Bend/Redmond area, the ranch consists of 21,529± deeded acres, plus another 50,000 acres of Ochoco National Forest and BLM grazing permits. More details at $21,500,000. Property ID#: 41276


The York Ranch is a working cattle ranch on

York Cattle Ranch

the Continental Divide, consisting of 34,000 acres of deeded land plus an additional

New Mexico v Catron County v Grants

136,000 acres of state and Bureau of Land Management grazing leases. Carrying capacity of The York Ranch is estimated at 2,300 animal units, making the ranch a positive cash flow operation. Wilderness areas and a national monument border the ranch. A ranch highlight is the excellent hunting for trophy elk, antelope, mule deer and other wild game.

Numerous Anasazi Indian artifacts can be found on the ranch. More details at $12,000,000. Property ID#: 70623


One of the richest ranch resource offerings in today’s marketplace. Consisting of 8,184 acres with 7,634 deeded, the ranch offers an excellent cattle ranching resource together with a large percentage of the minerals being intact. The property has good improvements and infrastructure necessary for the operation. Fishing is afforded along the Belle Fourche River and Bear Butte Creek. A variety of wildlife makes their home here. Additionally,

Meadow Way Ranch South Dakota v Meade County v Sturgis

there is a gravel deposit containing significant reserves of fine gravel and sands. A paved state highway borders the lands providing excellent access. The family of the current owners started assembling this holding in 1930. Without question, Meadow Way Ranch is one of the finest ranches offered in western South Dakota. More details at $6,000,000. Property ID#: 41741

Rolling T Ranch Colorado v Morgan County v Fort Morgan


The Rolling T Ranch is comprised of 9,991 deeded acres of farm and ranch land in northeast Colorado. The ranch is very well located with highway frontage on Highway 52 and only seven miles north of Fort Morgan. The ranch offers 7,532+ acres of high-quality native grassland and nearly 2,500 acres of dryland crop. The ranch is cross-fenced into numerous pastures which offer adequate livestock water. The ranch is improved with a modest ranch home, two sets of corrals and shipping facilities, one metal barn and three metal sheds. The ranch is home to deer, antelope, pheasant, dove and other wildlife and bird species common to the area. More details at $5,150,000. Property ID#: 41158

877 207-9700 toll free Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


Cloud Peak Wilderness Area

Scully Ranch Wyoming v Johnson County v Buffalo

Rainy night in Buffalo, Wyoming


Fed by the winter snows in the Big Horn Mountains, French Creek tumbles past the spacious home and rustic cabin of the 389-acre Scully Ranch. In the foothills of the Big Horns, approximately five miles west of historic Buffalo, the ranch headquarters includes a 3,716-square-foot home, outdoor pool, guesthouse, cabin, 40' by 64' shop, two greenhouses and extensive, professional landscaping. The ranch is ideal for horses or a small cattle ranch with irrigated hay meadows, native grazing land, corrals and divided pastures. Abundant recreational opportunities in the area include skiing, hiking in the Cloud Peak Wilderness, big game hunting, boating and fishing, numerous historic sites and live music and performances at the historic Occidental Hotel in Buffalo and WYO Theater in Sheridan. Proceeds from the sale of the ranch go to the John Scully Foundation Trust that provides college scholarships for students from Wyoming and South Dakota. $1,995,000.

Karen Buffington, Broker 490 N. Main St. • Buffalo, Wyoming 82834



Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

Glade Park Mountain Ranch Colorado v Mesa County v Glade Park

Anthracite Creek Retreat



Colorado v Gunnison Co. v Somerset

These 1,469± pristine mountain acres feature These 142± beautiful, pristine mountain acres high mountain. meadows, upland grazing, border Gunnison National Forest. Enjoy

Harts Basin Ranch

springs, ponds, creeks, canyons, mesa benches, Anthracite and Coal Creeks, nine trout ponds, Paradise and privacy is how you’ll come to pinyon pine, cedars, oaks, aspen, and pine three spawning areas and a gorgeous mix view this incredible ranch! 1,855± acres are forest. It consists of two parcels: 360± acres with of alpine spruce, mountain meadows and

Colorado v Delta County v Eckert


currently a working cow/calf operation as well a fully renovated mountain cabin, trout pond, abundant wildlife with turkeys, deer, elk, bear as an excellent hunting property. You’ll enjoy privacy and views and a 1,109±-acre parcel one and much more! It includes a nice, custom,

seeing the wildlife right out your back door. The mile away. Enjoy trophy elk hunting in Unit 40, remodeled, three-bedroom, three-bath home ranch includes a forest service livestock permit along with mule deer, bear and excellent turkey plus a studio apartment above the garage. for 394 AUMs. There are 220± irrigated acres hunting! Acreage borders national forest. The $6,950,000. Property ID#: 42051 and live water year round. It is complete with a

Little Dolores River traverses the property along

barn and shop! Excellent livestock operation 7,500 to 8,500 feet. This property has amazing

Gorgeous Mountain Ranch


Colorado v Delta County v Cedaredge

ranch manager’s home, working pens, calving with Haypress Creek. Elevations range from end-of-the-road



Property ID#: 71999

character and is so picturesque! $6,000,000. Property ID#: 42695

Fabulous Property Plus Outfitting Business! Colorado v Delta County v Eckert


This is where it’s at! Enjoy two homes, bunkhouse with kitchen, apartment plus


another bunkhouse, horse stalls, hay barn, This beautiful 1,577±-acre alpine mountain ranch corrals and so much more on 69± gorgeous, offers year-round access, three year-round creeks, private and irrigated acres! 65± acres are in alpine forests with aspen and spruce, mountain hay production with an average of 4 tons/ meadows and oaks in the lower elevations, acre. There is a special use permit by USFS electricity and the east 975± acres border national

and BLM. Live in paradise and run your own business. The setup is complete, so step right

forest. The west side is Hunt Unit 411 and the in! Everything here is turn-key and top notch. All mineral rights are included! Separate east is Hunt Unit 52. Enjoy awesome elk, deer, purchasing options are available. Entire package: $1,750,000. Property ID#: 42696 bear and turkey hunting, gorgeous mountain and


These 720± very private and secluded acres border several thousand acres of BLM land. Enjoy excellent elk, deer and bear hunting in Unit 62. There are numerous recreational

valley views and your own trout fishing paradise

Hunter’s Delight

with over three miles of year-round creeks. $6,950,000. Property ID#: 42053

Colorado v Montrose Co. v Montrose

opportunities. A gorgeous year-round creek borders on the east on BLM land. The property has two springs and ponds, some suitable for

Brian Mason

fish and a small hunting cabin. The property is

263 Main Street • Delta, CO 81416

only 20 minutes from Montrose, just off of old

970 234-3167 cell • 970 874-9968 office

Highway 90. $1,400,000. Property ID#: 71995 Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


Cover Mountain Retreat: 273 Acres Colorado v Park County v Guffey


This hilltop trophy-quality home has inspiring views of snowcapped peaks all around. There are lush forests and meadows on 273 acres of splendor. There are many spring-fed ponds and no restrictions or easements. Enjoy a true retreat in a stunning setting. This ranch is 90

SW Ranch: 124 Acres


minutes to Breckenridge or Colorado Springs. There are five bedrooms plus six baths for 7,046 square feet. $2,599,999. Property ID#: 70492

Colorado v Park County v Jefferson

Sweetwater Ranch: 300 Acres

These 124 acres lie above the Tarryall River. The magnificence of the land is surpassed only by the improvements. There are two homes of finest quality

Colorado v Park County v Fairplay

(new main home), an indoor pool house and a big shop/barn. Enjoy complete privacy, yet one hour to Breckenridge or Denver. Walk to fish on the river below. Wildlife abounds year round. Immense rock outcroppings, thick forests give this a park-like setting. There are no covenants or restrictions on this astounding property. $2,950,000. Property ID#: 72873


The South Platte River meanders through for one mile. There are several large fishing ponds, miles of fencing, well-watered pastures, two homes, more than a dozen barns, stables and an indoor riding arena. The ranch is 40 minutes to skiing at Breckenridge, two hours to Denver and backs National Forest. $1,599,000. Property ID#: 72892

Running Elk Ranch: 1,831 Acres Winter Hawk Ranch: 375 Acres Colorado v Park County v Guffey


Elk and deer roam through as though there is no one else around, which is indeed the case. Enjoy several small springs/ponds and tree-covered hillsides. Two homes enjoy the commanding views of high mountains in all directions. The ranch backs to state land that backs to national forest. It is just 90 minutes


Colorado v Park County v Fairplay

Trout Creek flows through the center of this alpine cattle ranch. Enjoy complete privacy, yet one mile off Highway 9. There are dozens of restored buildings of all sizes and uses. Adjacent State Elk Preserve allows for hunting in season and year-round riding. The ranch is 40 minutes to Breckenridge and two hours to Denver. $1,500,000. Property ID#: 72893

to Breckenridge or Colorado Springs. $949,999. Property ID#: 70494

Girten Land Company Art Girten, Broker/Owner Realtors Land Institute Box 9825 • Breckenridge, CO 80424

970 485-0572 •


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

Blue Sky Ranch: 891 Acres


Colorado v Park County v Hartsel

Many 14,000-foot snowcapped peaks are in clear view. This ranch has vistas to inspire for an entire lifetime. The five-bedroom home sits up high in the trees overlooking the protected pasture below. Additional homes can be built with the same stunning setting. State land next door allows you to ride to the big fishing lake seen below. Breckenridge is an hour away. There is nothing like this for the price! $999,999. Property ID#: 6646


The Saratoga Ranch is just 15 miles north of Saratoga, one of Wyoming’s premier mountain communities with the blue ribbon trout fishery North Platte River flowing through town. The ranch has 9,768 deeded acres, 1,585 acres with water rights and a 480-acre-foot springfed irrigation reservoir. Intermingled with the deeded lands are Bureau of Land Management land and Wyoming State Lease used in ranch operations. Interstate 80 divides the ranch in

Flying Triangle

two portions. The ranch headquarters is in the southern portion with the main ranch being

Wyoming v Carbon County v Saratoga

a block of 2,100 deeded acres on Pass Creek

with 1,275 acres of water rights. The ranch pastures south of the interstate are checkerboard lands with the BLM allotments. The north portion is 3,520 acres of mostly deeded pasture with the 480-acre-foot reservoir used for irrigated pasture. Property ID#: 42756

Diamond Peak Ranch Colorado v Larimer Co. v Fort Collins

Buckeye Ranch Wyoming v Weston County v Centennial



The Buckeye Ranch is 2,116± deeded acres with 600 state leased acres. Bordering a mile and a Price reduced on this new listing! The Diamond half of the forest boundary against Sheep Mountain and two miles of the Little Laramie River, Peak Ranch is 1,540 acres in Colorado, about there are outstanding hunting and fishing opportunities in range of this Wyoming ranch. There five miles southwest of Tie Siding, Wyoming. is an exceptionally beautiful home, indoor swimming pool and a large horse barn, which was

The Colorado ranch borders Roosevelt National Forest, as well as Colorado State University

built in 1871. $4,550,000. Property ID#: 72358

property. Mostly timbered, the ranch is being


About six miles to the southwest of Laramie,

managed in light of the pine beetle issues and has

is a scenic 1,177±-acre property with mostly

stands of young timber that have survived well,

grassland pasture, some irrigated land and

along with a density that make these timber stands

farmsteads. The property is accessed by

survive well. The property offers good topography

Highway 230 along the northern boundary and

to hold big game and good water resources and

Ryff Road on the eastern side. About 65 acres

has an above-average water resource for irrigation

are in the Laramie River Valley, which runs

and future development of fishing reservoirs.

through the southern part of the property for a

$3,300,000. Property ID#: 72355

little less than a mile. A residential subdivision is across the highway to the north, with some other adjoining properties and sparsely located residential sites. The Mear’s Morgan Property has gorgeous views of the Laramie River Valley to the south and Red Mountain to the southwest. The Centennial Valley, Sheep Mountain and the Snowy Range are very prominent to the northwest. $1,750,000. Property ID#: 42754

Mears Morgan Ranch Wyoming v Albany County v Laramie

Baggs WY, Laramie WY Ranch Brokers™-Wyoming/Colorado Box 1130 • Laramie, WY 82073

307 745-6024 • Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West



One of the last large land parcels in Evergreen, this ranch consists of 456 acres and has been owned by the same family since 1923. The ranch has easy access, 360-degree views, natural springs, three wells, water rights, large barn, horse facilities and caretaker’s home. There is a beautiful mix of grassy meadows and forest. The land is fenced, gated and subdivided into 26 minimum 5-acre lots or use as a single-ranch parcel. $8,500,000.

Stagecoach Stop Ranch Colorado v Jefferson County v Evergreen

Berrien Mountain Ranch Colorado v Jefferson County v Evergreen


You will never have a better reason to stop and plant your roots. These 70 pristine acres lie in the heart of north Evergreen. This private, paved and gated parcel is a rare find with easy access

Fuller Kerry Endsley 303 570-0267


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

on year-round paved roads and only minutes to I-70, local schools, shopping and services. The land offers four ponds, three streams and water rights for seven horses and landscape irrigation. The ranch includes a luxurious two-bedroom timber frame home in perfect condition over a five-car garage. $3,895,000.


Surrounded, as far as the eye can see, by mountains





with abundant wildlife, BMT Ranch offers outstanding





working horse and alfalfa ranch in San Miguel’s countryside. Encompassing 891± acres, the ranch is complemented by a main home, two guest cottages, a foreman’s and multiple




outbuildings, barns and equestrian facilities including a training track. Water is supplied by multiple wells. Prior to being developed into a

BMT Ranch California v Monterey County v San Miguel

thoroughbred ranch, the land, now known as BMT Ranch, was a dryland grain and cattle ranch. In the mid-1960s the ranch was purchased by JC Dellinger and developed into Deerwood Stock Farms, which at its peak ran a couple hundred horses. $6,000,000. Property ID#: 10750


The remarkable, 350±-acre Singletree Ranch is in the quaint community of Parkfield, just 30± miles northeast of California’s Central Coast Wine Country. The gently rolling hills and oak-studded landscape provide beautiful valley and mountain views, lavish flora and bountiful wildlife. Singletree Ranch is improved with a ranch-style home, apartment/bunkhouse, shop, barns, outbuildings, rodeo arena, pipe pasture fence and dog kennels.

Singletree Ranch California v Monterey County v Parkfield

Offering plentiful recreational activities and gorgeous countryside, Singletree Ranch presents abundant opportunity amid a pristine setting. $1,950,000. Property ID#: 41872


This very usable 175±-acre ranchland with great homesites and two certificated parcels is situated in an area of wine grapes and horse ranches. The headquarters parcel includes three residences, several barns, and numerous outbuildings. Parcel three is a very usable parcel bisected by Huer Huero Creek. Approximately 74± acres have been farmed to various crops from carrots to hay and permanent pasture. A new well has been drilled and tested at 200± gpm. There is a great building site within the building envelope, which has 360-degree views of the surrounding valleys and hills. $2,600,000. Property ID#: 5147

Twist Ranch California v San Luis Obispo County v Paso Robles


Situated in the grasslands and low hills, just east of the small town of Shandon, the Shannon Bitterwater Ranch’s South Parcel comprises 501± acres of grazing land. Bisected

by Bitterwater Road, the rolling, golden hills are fenced and cross-fenced and improved with one well. This easily accessible parcel offers several building sites with outstanding views and utilities nearby. $752,000. Property ID#: 42562

Pete Clark

Shannon Bitterwater Ranch South Parcel

California v San Luis Obispo Co. v Shandon

1031 Pine Street • Paso Robles, CA 93446

805 238-7110 office 805 238-1324 fax Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West



Build your dream home or just enjoy the panoramic views from the upper elevation of this spectacular, private 321± acres. Overlooking the lush vineyards of Edna Valley wine country, just 7 miles from downtown San Luis Obispo, lies this truly unique and beautiful retreat. From this ideal location, you will have views from Pismo Dunes to Morro Bay and the surrounding winery-studded

Wine Country Ranch on 321± Acres California v San Luis Obispo County v San Luis Obispo

Edna Valley countryside. This property has a yearround stream, power and two water wells and is under a Williamson Act Ag Preserve Contract. $5,295,000. MLS#188020. Property ID#: 42691


Escape to the charm of the San Luis Obispo wine country on this serene and secluded 191±-acre ranch. Nestled in the foothills of Edna Valley, within five miles of surrounding wineries, this hideaway is seven miles from downtown SLO, 12 miles from Pismo Beach and other tourist attractions. From this luxury home and surrounding hilltops, you will enjoy spectacular giant sycamore and live oaks along the year-round stream, unique California v San Luis Obispo County v San Luis Obispo to this private location. Bring your horses, mountain bike and hike on your own exclusive property and experience the incredible views. This property is under a Williamson Act Ag Preserve Contract. $4,165,000. MLS#188019. Property ID#: 42693

Wine Country Ranch Home on 191± Acres

T Coastal Mountain Hideaway on 420± Acres California v San Luis Obispo County v Templeton

The ultimate in privacy with panoramic views of the Adelaida area and Santa Lucia Mountains is what you’ll have with this 420±-acre ranch hideaway. With its proximity to the coastline, this property has a very unique microclimate known to the area. The property has numerous springs; a seasonal creek, small pond, a 35± GPM well and six underlying certificates of compliance, which could work very well for a large family retreat. Also on the ranch is a 1,080±-squarefoot modular home. This property is also under a Williamson Act, Ag Preserve Contract. $2,585,000.MLS#149151. Property ID#: 42704

Views and Vineyard on 100± Acres California v San Luis Obispo County v Paso Robles

RE/MAX Parkside Real Estate

Each office is independently owned and operated

Hugh Pitts


711 12th Street • Paso Robles, CA 93446

805 591-5226 •


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


This unique Westside property has 100± acres, incredible view homesite and frontage on both sides of Adelaida Road. Amenities include 20± acres of deer-proof fencing, 5± acres of Rhone varietal

vineyard, two 5,000-gallon water storage tanks and irrigation for the vineyard, 25± acres of beautiful

rolling meadows, oaks and seasonal creek. This property is under a Williamson Act, Ag Preserve Contract and includes a 15± GPM well. $1,350,000. MLS#188597. Property ID#: 42690


Once owned by American novelist and screenwriter Thomas McGuane, III, McAlister Ranch encompasses 661± deeded acres and is a recreational haven for the hunter or general outdoor enthusiast. Bordered

McAlister Ranch Montana v Park County v Livingston

by U.S. Forest Service land and thousands of acres of wilderness and surrounded by three mountain ranges, the ranch is submerged within meadows, rolling hills, mature aspen stands, creek frontage and extensive grasslands. Diverse topography welcomes the hunter with dense coniferous forests filled with wildlife and the outdoorsman with exclusive public lands for hiking, skiing and horseback riding. Accessed off Barney Creek Road, just 20 minutes south of Livingston, the ranch has fencing on three sides, as well as numerous pastures and grazing land that could handle up to 120 head of cattle. The ranch features 1,000 feet of Barney Creek frontage, and Pine Creek is used for flood-irrigation to 40± acres of pasture and 40± acres of hay ground. Remodeled in 1985, the 2,916-square-foot, four-bedroom, two-bath main home offers a spacious floor plan with vaulted ceilings, large windows, new flooring and an updated kitchen and baths, a western-facing deck and a three-stall, 782-square-foot garage with electricity. The ranch also features a 192-square-foot guest cabin and mountaintop hunter’s cabin. The circa 1920 barn has two closed stalls with exterior paddocks and potential for expansion on the other side of the breezeway, a newer tack room, an upper-level hay loft and two turnout sheds. Directly adjacent to the barn lie a 276-square-foot granary, a 1,860-square-foot mechanics shed and a 324-square-foot, two-room tool shed. Additional improvements include an 80x100 indoor riding arena with a tack room and a 165x78 outdoor arena. Though one could ride for miles and never see a soul, the ranch has convenient access to big-city amenities in Livingston and Bozeman (45 minutes). At McAlister Ranch, the Western spirit survives and awaits a new generation to preserve its legacy. Some equipment and home furnishings will convey at closing. Market Adjustment $5,995,000. Property ID#: 12084

Montana Retreat With Hay Pasture


Montana v Park County v Livingston

The Indian Hill Montana Retreat offers a premium Paradise Valley location with 48 acres, excellent water rights and productive hay field. The main house has three bedrooms and 2.5 baths. The property also includes a 1-bedroom, 1-bath guesthouse with kitchen located above the horse barn. The beautiful 2,455-square-foot, two-story shop offers a multitude of uses. This is a low-density area with privacy and spectacular views. Furnishings are included. An excellent value at $1,850,000. Property ID#: 42831






Montana Prope rties


Tracy Raich, Broker/Owner Livingston, MT 59047

406 223-8418 Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


Creekside Ranch Colorado v Boulder County v Boulder


As a full-time residence or “lock and leave” getaway, this 5+-acre ranch has everything. The exquisite lodge-style home provides a year-round retreat lifestyle with running water, trout pond, pastures, barn and senior water rights for irrigation. Enjoy Rocky Mountain trout fishing from both sides of the stream or horseback riding, hiking and biking on the

adjacent thousands of acres of county-owned open space. Luxurious details and superior craftsmanship abound in this estate home, featuring Montana Chief Cliff Ledge stone and British Columbia cedar entry columns, as well as custom hand-wrought ironwork throughout. Creekside Ranch is the place where memories will be made for generations to come. $6,985,000. Property ID#: 42832

Dollaghan Farm Colorado v Boulder County v Hygiene


115 irrigated acres with lakes, ponds, stunning mountain views and a private entrance is a rare thing indeed in Boulder County. Enter through the stone entrance down the long private driveway as it wanders past lush, irrigated farmland. Enjoy the waterfall at the fishing pond stocked with trout, or relax by the pool as the sun sets over the Rocky Mountains beyond the 26-acre lake. Have complete control of this decreed reservoir, with 100% of both the surface and

Candace Loving 2350 Broadway • Boulder, CO 80304

water rights and mineral rights. The home is classic and traditional, with its grand foyer, brand-

303 332-4530

new kitchen and five spacious bedrooms. Between Boulder and Longmont, in the idyllic small


water rights with 330 acre feet of water rights. The entire property is endowed with both senior

Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

town of Hygiene, this property can be purchased in its entirety or individual parcels suitable and ready for building your dream home. $7,250,000. Property ID#: 42835


Own the heart of this picturesque, productive valley with 2,514 acres of gravity-flow irrigated pastures with free water and decreed rights. This is a reputation ranch for top gains on 4,000 yearlings with state-of-the-art steel corrals, scales, hydraulic chute and a loading chute, made to efficiently process large numbers of cattle. There is a large shop with apartment and several metal buildings for storage of fuel, feeds, supplies and equipment. There is a historic barn with a huge loft and stalls, a FreeSpan steel indoor arena and two

Historic Wood River Valley Ranch Oregon v Klamath County v Fort Klamath

feed barns. Top this off with two stately homes with garages, 1.5 miles of some of the finest Wood River trophy trout fishing and breathtaking Cascade Mountain and Crater Lake National Park views minutes away! $13,500,000. MLS# 80491.

Willow Valley Ranch Oregon v Klamath County v Bonanza

The New Sullivan Ranch Oregon v Klamath County v Bonanza


Free, gravity-flow water abounds on this 5,285acre cattle ranch. 2,562 irrigated acres have all the rights from five reservoirs with a capacity

of 20,000± acre feet with minimal pumping to These 7,054 acres feature farmland, timber and range. There is pine timber, 582 acres irrigated from efficiently re-circulate tailwater on 800+ acres of three wells with 5,550 gpm, as well as alfalfa, orchard grass and pasture. Summer grazing supports improved grasses, producing 1,600+ tons of hay


220± cows. The ranch has three hay barns, a 1,000-head pipe feedlot, scale, chutes, a stock well, four pivots, eight wheel lines, a barn, shop and a six-bedroom, two-bath, 2,436-square-foot home. This private and scenic setting features abundant elk and mule deer. $4,000,000. MLS# 79912.

and spring and fall gazing. Included is a 35,000±acre out-the-gate BLM permit that intermingles with fenced deeded meadows allowing grazing into early winter. This 800-head operation offers maximum production with the minimal operating cost. It includes a lovely owner’s home plus four others, huge shop, livestock barn with scale and covered working chute, hay barns, corrals, cattle, hay and equipment. Enjoy abundant mule deer, antelope, waterfowl, quail and dove as well as bass and trout in the ranch reservoir and those on the BLM land. $9,999,000. MLS# 80968.

Hog Creek Oregon v Klamath County v Chiloquin


These 1,252 deeded acres include a USFS permit for 1.057 AUM (235 pair) June 1st through

October 15th for a total of 500 pairs of summer cattle grazing. The ranch offers a 802-square-

Linda Long 541 891-5562 cell

foot building, two sets of corrals, 20,000-pound scale, shed/tack room, 30,000±-acre USFS 3550 Hwy 97 North • Chiloquin, OR 97625 permit and an irrigation permit for 750 acres. The ranch is private and secluded, yet easily accessible. $2,225,000. MLS# 81292. Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


Stone Canyon Ranch Estate Arizona v Pima County v Oro Valley


Situated on 9.12 acres of pristine Sonoran desert landscape, this luxury ranch property is an undiscovered cultural gem in Oro Valley, just northwest of Tucson. Exhibiting a historical flavor unmatched within the prestigious Stone Canyon residential golf community, this property offers refined character and elegant indulgence. Utilizing imported materials like Australian Cyprus wood and antique roof tile from a Roman cathedral, each detail is completed to perfection. Equally impressive are the stunning views of the majestic Catalina Mountains to the east. The distant twinkling of Tucson’s downtown city lights further showcases the unparalleled views this residence offers. Character, like a fine wine, is developed over time and nurtured rather than manufactured. No property within Stone Canyon has been as meticulously crafted as this stunning Tucson ranch home. Originally built in 1984, this spectacular residence has been slowly molded into a masterpiece of originality, craftsmanship, and luxury while maintaining its Tucson Hacienda feel. During

the last 27 years, no expense has been spared in creating this astonishing jewel, which features amenities unlike any other, including a simply breathtaking octagonal shaped indoor/outdoor

Stephen Woodall

entry courtyard. One of the few ranch properties within Tucson’s most highly regarded golf

405 W. Tortolita • Oro Valley, AZ 85755

community, this estate is the perfect winter escape. Take advantage of Tucson’s moderate climate

520 219-9000

and relish in the outdoor living that the desert Southwest is famous for. The unique qualities of


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

this Hacienda are seemingly never-ending. $2,850,000. Explore this exquisite property in further detail at its website:

Blackstone Ranch Oregon v Crook County v Terrebonne


A spectacular 105-acre horse and cattle ranch in the beautiful Lone Pine Valley near Bend. The area is the outdoor enthusiast’s dream with year round sports activities just outside your door. The Crooked River runs through the ranch and the stunning 4,773 square foot, 3 bedroom, 4 bath, lodge-style home sits on the canyon edge, offering views in both directions. From nearly every room you see green pastures, the snowcapped Cascade Mountains, towering Smith Rock and the river canyon with its wide variety of wildlife, including bald eagles and river otters. The setting offers privacy and a special serenity. Facilities include the high quality manager’s home, huge RV barn/shop, 100x150 covered arena, horse barn, hay/equip shed and cattle handling facilities, all first class in design and function. It’s a special place in a unique setting. View a virtual tour at and more photos at $3,900,000.

Historic River Ranch Oregon v Deschutes County v Redmond


Own a piece of history in the restored home of Governor Tom McCall, in what is now one of the most prestigious horse ranches in the Northwest. There are 560 acres of productive land with 475 acres irrigated in the shadow of the breathtaking Cascade Mountains with the Crooked River meandering through. Facilities include a 100x300 heated indoor arena, show barn, mare barn and exercise area, all under one roof. The stately 6,000 square foot home has been beautifully restored. There are two additional homes and two large shops.


Ron Davis, Broker Cell: (541) 480-3096

PAM MAYO PHILLIPS, BROKER Cell: (541) 480-1513 Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West



This unique ranch property is in the” Gold Country” near Sonora, at Greeley Hill and just 35 miles from the entrance to Yosemite National Park. In the same family since 1940, the topography is gently sloping with rolling meadows and some moderately steep hillside. The elevation is 3,250± feet. About 300 acres are forested, consisting primarily of ponderosa pine, sugar pine and incense cedar. There is 600± MBF of merchantable timber (last timber cruise available) the remaining 80 acres consists of meadow pasture. Improvements include several cabins, a restored ranch home, sheds, a feed barn and a century-old barn. Water includes a domestic well, seasonal creek, two ponds and several

Doe Run Ranch California v Mariposa Co. v Greeley Hill

springs. The property is zoned General Forest and Timber Exclusive Zone. The minimum parcel size is 40 acres. The current taxes are $1,800± annually. This ranch offers many uses, including a timber management operation, multi-family retreat, equestrian operation, primary residence with excellent building sites, etc., and offers a solid real estate investment. $1,750,000. Property ID#: 42735


This spectacular oceanfront ranch is 992± acres with 1.5 miles of Pacific Ocean shoreline. No power lines just rolling meadows, cypress trees, eucalyptus trees, pine trees and young redwoods. A yearround trout stream, Oil Creek, with seasonal steelhead and salmon, runs through the property yearround and right into the ocean! Two canyons, on both sides of the property ensure total privacy. A

Oceanfront Ranch California v Humboldt Co. v Ferndale

road from the commanding bluffs leads to beaches, the rocky coastline and spectacular views of False Cape Rock. Improvements include a charming sea cottage, a hilltop home completely “off the grid” solar powered with propane gas and well water, a fairly new barn and some historic outbuildings. The possibilities and potential for building an oceanfront estate, family compound, retreat or develop into an awesome horse ranch is there! When you access this property through two locked gates via a private road easement through the neighboring ranch, you are at the end of the road on the second most westerly point on the entire continental U.S. coastline called “False Cape”. This feature alone makes this property one of the more unique along the California coast. $6,500,000. Property ID#: 42734


Long Valley Ranch is the perfect getaway with privacy, national forest access, water, scenic location, good improvements and within an hour from a major airport. Just half an hour north of downtown Reno and Reno/Tahoe International Airport, this property is only 1.5 hours from some of the country’s best skiing. These 135 acres at the southern end of Long Valley feature gently rolling hills to flat land and a mixture of high sierra pine, deciduous trees, pasture and hay fields. Water comes from a natural underground spring for both the home and gravity-fed irrigation with two wells and

Long Valley Ranch Nevada v Sierra County v Loyalton

a pond for supplemental needs. Improvements include a 3,400-square-foot, four-bedroom, 2.5-bath home with panoramic views that sits on a landscaped and irrigated knoll surrounded by a mature fruit orchard and gardens. Just steps away is the four-stall barn/workshop. The majority of the land is fenced and ready for animals. With an elevation of 5,400± feet, you will experience four gentle

seasons. This ranch would make an excellent retreat, second home, gentleman’s ranch or personal residence. $795,000. Property ID#: 42732


Consisting of 196 acres, Last Chance Meadows is one of the few remaining privately owned properties nestled in the heart of the Sierra surrounded mostly by national forest. The property is approximately an hour north of Reno, 90 minutes from Lake Tahoe and several major ski resorts, including Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows and Northstar. A major feature is its five-mile proximity to the resort area of Frenchman Lake, a popular recreation area for boating, swimming and fishing. The property features an historic dairy barn and has remained the same for over a century. In severe winters, the ranch has limited access (snowmobile or snowcat). The road is plowed to within five miles of the ranch. The property is off the grid and would require alternate sources of power. What separates Last Chance Meadows

Last Chance Meadows Nevada v Plumas County Frenchman Lake

Pete Nevin • Kathy Courtney

from most is that it incorporates all the desired qualities one would expect in an alpine (Tahoe area)

770 Trademark Dr. Reno, NV 89521

property; high mountain meadows, pine forests, breathtaking views of surrounding mountain peaks and the confluence of two year round mountain streams. Ramelli Creek and Last Chance Creek

775 829-2122 office • 775 201-2440 fax

come together and are the main source of water flowing into Frenchman Lake. The topography

consists of primarily level meadowland to gentle mountain slopes. $849,000. Property ID#: 42730


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

Cliff Lakes Ranch 3,308 Acres

Texas Hill Country v Mason County v Mason


Cliff Lakes Ranch, near Mason, is the finest, private big-water trophy ranch to hit the area

Edna To Eden

market in years. Several springs create highly exotic rock and cliff-lined lakes of various sizes, and an exquisite, new Hill Country timber/stone mansion provides splendid accommodations. Infrastructure is immaculate, including irrigated hayfields, solid road

Best Ranches. Best Folks.

system and support structures, including multiple dwellings. Rolling, wooded hills provide

405 W. Live Oak Fredericksburg, TX 78624

haven for trophy whitetail deer, and manicured bottoms are easy on the eyes. $4,950/acre =

830 997-8616 • 210 422-4676

$16,374,600. • Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


Stonegate Country Estate Wyoming v Carbon County v Saratoga


Imagine living in a home that is easily accessible, yet has complete privacy...that is, except for occasional glimpses of bald eagles, red-tailed hawks, osprey and pronghorn antelope. Stonegate Country Estate is located on 36+ acres, four miles south of Saratoga off of Highway 130. 9,953 square feet of living area includes 7 lovely bedrooms (some with walk-in closets and fireplaces), 5.5 bathrooms and remarkable Great Room featuring a dramatic exposed truss ceiling, a two-story fireplace and bridge upper level walkways in one of the most inviting rooms of the home. Five native stone fireplaces welcome owners and guests after each day spent in Wyoming’s outdoors. A sunroom and east-facing outdoor decks deliver impressive sunrises, evening sunsets and magnificent views of the Snowy Range and Medicine Bow Mountains and Upper North Platte River from the entire east face of the home. An oversized three-car garage and a custom 4,960 square foot barn add the finishing touches to this estate. $2,890,000. Property ID#: 42897


The Arnold Ranch is a modest ranch

with 1,200± deeded acres and 1,800± acres

Working Cattle Ranch With BLM Access Near National Forest

of adjacent leased federal and state lands. It

Wyoming v Carbon County v Saratoga

located west of Saratoga, just six miles from the Medicine Bow National Forest

includes a modernized ranch home (with 5 bedrooms, 2 baths, hardwood floors, new roof, plumbing and siding), a new 32x48 insulated shop, two older outbuildings and a historic pump house. Plus 160 irrigated acres along the Little Jack Creek (which boasts a good population of brown trout), early water rights and an abundance of spectacular scenery and wildlife, including

pronghorn antelope, mule deer, and a

Cornerstone Realty, LLC

bald eagle nest within viewing distance.

Will Speer, Assoc. Broker

Accessible year round with direct access

318 N. 1st Street • Saratoga, WY 82331

to bordering BLM lands and the nearby

307 326-5760

Medicine Bow National Forest for virtually


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West



Property ID# 42894



Skull Valley Area Property Arizona v Yavapai County v Skull Valley


This Yavapai County property lies in Skull Valley, approximately 20 miles from downtown Prescott and 100 miles northwest of Phoenix. These 139 deeded acres are along Old Skull Valley Road. The elevation is 4,163 to 4,703 feet. Improvements include a main ranch house, second house, barn, shop, outbuildings and 80 irrigated acres with two irrigation wells. This is an opportunity for a family, horseman, specialty livestock breeder, specialty farmer or retiree to own a good long-term investment in a pleasant, year-round climate. $2,200,000.

Bar K Bar Ranch Arizona v Maricopa County v Wickenburg

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This Maricopa County ranch is 45 miles northwest of Phoenix in the Wickenburg area. The headquarters is three miles west of Morristown along the east bank of the dry Hassayampa River and 1.25 hours from downtown Phoenix and Sky Harbor Airport. Tenure includes a 120-deeded-acre headquarters site, 2,160 state lease acres and a 10,148-acre BLM allotment. Capacity is 105 head yearlong. Elevation

Ganado Group, Inc. Agricultural & Rural Real Estate Services

is 1,730 to 2,750 feet with the headquarters situated at 1,775 feet. Improvements include a nice 3,100-square-foot main ranch house, 680-square-foot historic general store, guesthouse, labor housing, 4,850-square-foot workshop, 17-stall round horse barn, roping arena and more. This ranch is ideally located for a professional, retiree or winter visitor interested in mild winters, Western recreational

Tom A. Rolston ď ˝ 602.248.9232

opportunities and the experience of managing an Arizona desert ranch. $2,000,000 including cattle. Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

83 Colorado v Boulder County v Boulder


Gated mountain estate on 53 acres bordered by the Roosevelt National Forest and James Creek. This is a rare opportunity to enjoy mountain living near Boulder. Enjoy spectacular views of the Continental Divide to the west and sunrise over Boulder to the east. Look down on the lights of the city at night. Stunning architectural features and finishes throughout this custombuilt, five-bedroom, 6,300-square-foot home. Includes an adjacent 11-acre buildable lot, acres

Jared English 303 376-6304

of level terrain, a private and peaceful setting with two outbuildings, solar power and built with sustainable materials. MLS# 689042.


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Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

Oregon Land and Wildlife


Fuller Western Real Estate Participating with Cabela’s Trophy Properties

800 754-0544


Apishipa Ranch – Las Animas County, CO: Gorgeous 350 acres of prime southern Colorado. $960,000. Bader Gulch Ranch – Washakie County, WY: 1,760± acre recreational & grazing ranch between Ten Sleep & Buffalo. $1,295,000. Canyongate Ranch – Huerfano County, CO: Scenic 2,520± acre ranch near Gardner in the Wet Mountains. Owner will sell lesser amounts. $875,000. Central Canyongate Ranch – Huerfano County, CO: Scenic 200 acre ranch adjacent to BLM with rights to spring. $240,000. D Bar T Ranch – Rio Blanco County, CO: On the banks of the White River with impressive home, irrigated meadows and BLM access. $2,200,000. Deep Lake Canyon Ranch – Park County, WY: Spectacular 101 acre forest in-holding with nearly mile of fishing on Littlerock Creek. $1,500,000. East Canyongate Ranch – Huerfano County, CO: 160 acres adjoining BLM & wilderness & rights to spring. $199,000. Eight Feathers Ranch – Fremont County, WY: 240± acre ranch w/.5 mile of Little Wind River. $1,100,000. H & H Ranch – Fremont County, CO: 4,000± acre guest operation w/ improvements and priority water. $1,100,000. High Mesa Lodge – Huerfano County, CO: Nothing short of amazing 6,242 SF home on beautiful 97 acre ranch. $3,500,000. Hy Meadow Fishing Ranch –Teller County, CO: Forest in-holding only 30 minutes from Colorado Springs w/ numerous lakes & home. $950,000. Keeth Ranchette – Huerfano County, CO: Beautiful 140 acre gentleman’s ranch with fine owner’s home. $365,000. Lazy L & B Ranch, Fremont Co., WY: Quintessential Western guest facility on 128 acres bordering a river. $1,995,000. Lazy Y Ranch, Las Animas Co., CO: Great equestrian center on 80 acres in southern Colorado. $735,000. Long Hollow Creek Ranch, Park County, WY: 474 acre cattle/horse operation w/improvements on Long Hollow Creek. $875,000. McGarraugh Ranch, Saguache County, CO: 1,840 acres in the San Luis Valley. Good solar or wind potential. $910,800. Roan Plateau Ranch, Garfield County, CO: 17,092 acre productive and profitable ranch with large oil/ gas reserves. $15,975,000. San Luis Valley Cattle Ranch – Saguache County, CO: 2,911 acre cattle ranch is the fertile San Luis Valley of S. Colorado. Great water! $1,600,000. Sybille Creek Wildlife Ranch – Platte County, WY: .5± mile of beautiful Sybille Creek also offers hunting for Whitetail, Mule, turkey and elk. $910,000. Three Creek Ranch – Grant County, CO: This 50± acre parcel has trout rich Willow Creek run the entire property. $695,000. Wagner Ranch – Huerfano County, CO: First class 1,280 acre cattle operation with good grass & water. $3,300,000. West Canyongate Ranch – Huerfano County, CO: 760 deed acre ranch with BLM lease option. Phone & electric on corner. $380,000. Wiant Ranch – Carbon County, WY: 1,990± acre ranch with great hay and water of Cedar Creek near Saratoga. $2,700,000.

Donde Ronde River Ranchette – NE Oregon River frontage at its finest with a cozy cabin and spectacular views! Fishing out your back door. Whether for a retreat home or full time, this 4.85-acre paradise going for only $295,000 161-Acre Mountain Ranch – Motivated sellers looking for offers!   Beautiful NE Oregon property with home, shop, tack room. Just reduced! $225,000 5-Acre Oak Hill – Southern Oregon stunning mountains at their best!  Buildable site, bring your horses and your hunting scope, too! Only $139,000 9.01-Acre Horse Property – Beautiful views of Mt. Mcloughlin in the infamous Rogue Valley.  Motivated sellers! $149,900 Vale Valley Ranch – 86 Acres - HUGE price reduction! Live water year-round, no pumping costs. Alfalfa production 4 tons/acre. 86 deeded with 60 irrigated acres; Remodeled home and 2 barns. Priced to sell! $349,000 Doc Cole Ranch - 20.06 acres nestled in quiet basin on fringe of Grants Pass, OR boasting privacy and serenity. Beautiful well loved home! Corral up your horses for this one! Price REDUCED to $699,500. Colvin Ranch – PRICE REDUCED to $800/acre! 5 Miles of Riverfront, 4 creeks, multiple springs, merchantable timber, 87.7+ acres of water rights, fantastic feed and habitat for stock and game with unbelievable hunting! Goose Lake Heaven Cattle Ranch – OR waterfowl hunter’s paradise. 5,078 acres can be split or both for only $5,799,000. JUST REDUCED!

Phantom Lake Ranch page 41

Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


Ranch Marketing Associates

970 535-0881 • Ron Morris 970 927-3850 • Billy Long Amsterdam Camp Creek Farm Amsterdam/Churchill, MT Rolling pastures and hay ground, plenty of wildlife consisting of two parcels totaling 222 acres just 20 minutes west of Bozeman. $1,550,000 Antelope Valley Ranch – Cotopaxi, CO 1,500 acres with mountain views bordering 30,000 acres of BLM offering a 2,016 sq. ft. adobe residence with four cabins. The ideal corporate retreat, family ranch or private hunting property. $3,500,000 Arabian Run – Douglas County, CO 35-acre estate with panoramic Rocky Mountain views, 7,783 sq. ft home with an elevator, 4.5 car garage, guest home, drive-through heated RV building and shop, 2,600 sq. ft horse barn and pipe fencing. $1,900,000 Aspen Grove Ranch – Cripple Creek, CO 152 acres with large Aspen mixed with pine trees and lush meadows, beautiful views, log home, artesian springs, campground, adjoining national forest located near Divide, Colorado. $1,250,000 Avery Ranch – LaPlata County, CO 362-acre working ranch includes 100 acres of pastures and hayfields and almost 262 acres of high fenced wildlife preserve with 12,700 sq. ft lodge or main residence – 20 minutes west of downtown Durango. Bear Creek Ranch – Shingletown, CA One of the richest, most productive ranches in northern, CA with 673 acres of irrigated pasture (67) range land and timber bisected by 1.5 miles of creek, private 260 ft. waterfall, three captured pure mountain springs and so much more. $3,800,000 Beaver Creek Ranch – Fairplay, CO Thirty-five acres with fishing stream, domestic well, 2,400-sq ft. furnished home with Thomas Michael original log furniture, large deck with mountain views, heated workshop close to Pike National Forest. $749,000 Big Creek Ranch - Steamboat Springs, CO Rare 5,034 deeded acres in its own valley with 85% perimeter bordering National Forest. 11,000 sq. ft. lodge, four miles of Big Creek and development potential just outside Steamboat Springs. $59,900,000 Block Homestead – Granby, CO 38-acre homestead between Granby and Grand Lake with excellent views of Grand Lake and the Indian Peaks Wilderness with beautiful, custom 6,380 sq ft log home, horse barn, utility barn and numerous recreational opportunities. $1,392,000 Bonsall Farm - Bonsall, CA 190-acre Hacienda estate & working ranch, avocado and citrus groves, horse facilities, manager’s homes, pools, ranch office, gardens, barn. $11,950,000 Cartal Ranch – Del Rio, TX 2,690 acres with over 2 miles of Sycamore Creek running through the property along with artesian springs and two water wells. Improvements include barns, residence, hunting lodge with swimming pool and two ranch entrances with superior road system providing easy year-round access of Hwy 90. Seller will convey 50% of mineral rights. $3,940,850


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

Chaparral Lakes Ranch – Redding, CA 400 private acres near national parks, retail, airport with wildlife and development potential. $1,250,000 Colorado River Ranch – Dotsero, CO One of a kind recreation ranch on 1,017 acres with two miles of fishing waters along private stretch of Colorado River with private ponds, irrigated hay meadows, internal roads, ranch home, steel sheds, tack building, water rights, full mineral rights, approximately one hour from Vail and Aspen. $14,900,000 Compton Ranch – Douglas County, CO 146 +/- acres comprised of four separate yet adjoining parcels with potential division by future land owner. An ideal equestrian estate or small cattle ranch with custom home, one-bedroom/bath manager’s home, six-stall horse barn, round pen, roping arena, corrals, wells and more. $1,300,000 Crescent Creek – Klamath County, OR Crescent Creek contains 5,500 acres of beautiful timberland, meadows and riparian areas located near Bend, Oregon with views of the snow-capped Cascade Mountains and 4.4 miles of Crescent Creek which flows through the property creating a private rainbow and brown trout fishery. $17,950,000 Cross Bar Ranch – Oakalla, TX 343 acre Hill Country ranch with fantastic 5,886 sq ft Douglas fir lodge overlooking a 25-acre stocked lake with high game fence and stocked with elk, oryx, axis, black buck antelope, red stag, white-tail deer. $6,750,000 Deep Creek Homestead – Routt County, CO Beautifully crafted custom home with wide, wrap around deck on 40 acres in heart of Elk River Valley with new barn and horse shelter and close to worldclass resort town. $899,000 Eagle Ridge Ranch, Homestead 11 Gunnison, CO 35-acre ranch parcel with exquisite 5,000 sq. ft. home in premier 4,900-acre, high-country, shared-ranch community in Gunnison. Surrounded by national forest and BLM land with year-round recreation. $2,195,000 East Cherry Creek Ranch – Elbert County, CO 105-acres midway between Denver and Colorado Springs close enough to conveniences of city life yet far enough to have all of the advantages of country living with outstanding Front Range views in a lowtax county. DIA is only one hour away. $420,000 East Gallatin Preserve – Belgrade, MT 40 acres situated along the banks of the East Gallatin River, less than 10 minutes outside of Bozeman with beautiful views of five surrounding mountain ranges, world class trout fishing and a spacious 5,640 sq ft home. $2,750,000 El Capitan Ranch – Ruidosa, NM Over 11,700 deeded acres bordering 35,000 acres of the El Capitan Wilderness with 1,700 acres in high fence for hunting. Includes lodge, manager’s home, hunting cabin and equipment storage. $19,200,000 Elk River Meadow – Steamboat Springs, CO New home on 42 acres with 1,000 feet of private Elk River frontage less than 10 miles north of Steamboat Springs. The home overlooks the native grass hay meadows, river corridor and the conservation land. $899,000 Falls Ranch – Waco, TX An ideal recreation or equestrian property conveniently located 12 miles southwest of Waco and an easy commute to Baylor University consisting of 117 acres. $495,000 Fazenda das Pedras – Westcliffe, CO Impeccable custom equestrian property on 140 acres nestled in the Wet Mountain Valley with spectacular views, 7,000 sq. ft. log home, large log guest lodge, log horse barn, second horse barn, equestrian training equipment, outdoor arena, storage and equipment buildings, adjacent to public lands for endless trails. $2,200,000

Fiddleback Ranch – Converse/Weston Cos., WY 4,267 deeded acres together with state, federal and private leases of approximately 50,000 acres, the Fiddleback Ranch is set along 9 miles of the Cheyenne River in the Thunder Basin National Grasslands. An 890 AU operating ranch plus bulls and horses with two houses, cabin, large heated shop and storage building, barn, working corrals and sheds. A superb grass ranch with extensive wildlife. $3,800,000 Five Star Ranch – Westcliffe, CO Named Timber Frame “Home of the Year” the residence on the 561-acre Five Star Ranch features a well-designed floor plan with exquisite use of rare and unique building products and design elements that make the home a true masterpiece inside and out. Surrounded by natural beauty in a private, wildlife rich setting bordering large private ranches and national forest with adjacent guest home, cozy cabin, storage buildings with impeccable landscaping and comfortable outdoor living spaces. $4,900,000 Flat Tops Wildlife Ranch – Yampa, CO 954 acres between Vail and Steamboat Springs. Big game hunting, outdoor recreation, development potential. $2,950,000 Freedom’s Edge Ranch – Glendo, WY Convenient access along the I-25 Corridor providing fast access to Cheyenne and the Colorado Front Range, the beautiful 100-acre Freedom’s Edge Ranch offers quiet, rural living with amenities nearby and close proximity to thousands of trails, lakes and rivers in local National Forests and Parks. The impeccable residence, featured in Log Home Living magazine, is a beautiful 4,478 sq. ft. handhewn, two-story log home made from massive logs harvested out of Montana and Alberta, Canada with an attached matching hand-hewn log three-car garage with modern appliances and a spacious open concept floor plan and plenty of windows providing expansive views in all directions. $850,000 Gatlin Homestead – Story, WY Perfect 40-acre gentleman’s retreat ranch ideal for horse lovers at base of Big Horn Mtns, end of road privacy, bordering the 1.5 million acre Big Horn National Forest with gorgeous, custom 3,300 sq. ft. log home with open concept, 1,200 sq. ft log motherin-law/guest/rental cabin, barns, garage, equipment storage, trout pond, springs and more. $1,750,000 Goose Ridge Ranch – Franktown, CO 35-acre horse ranch with great views of Pikes Peak and the mountain range from Walsenburg to Ft. Collins and a 6,278 sq ft home with many upgrades. $1,150,000 Granite Peaks Ranch – Durango, CO One of a kind, 565-acre fly fishing and equestrian estate with 3 miles of the Pine River running through it, several architectural masterpiece improvements including a magnificent and impeccable 5,500 sq. ft. main home and a matching guest cabin just steps from the river surrounded by spectacular granite peaks providing privacy & spectacular scenery. $24,000,000 Half Moon Bar Lodge – Medford, OR An 80-acre secluded lodge with vacation cabins on the scenic Rogue River with hundreds of feet of river frontage, spectacular fishing set amongst the lush, private and pristine landscape in Oregon. $2,500,000 Hanna Creek Ranch - Big Horn, WY 17-acre turn-key equestrian ranch surrounded by spectacular mountain views on eastern slope of Big Horn Mtns with 3,000+ sq. ft. ranch home, horse facilities with outdoor arena, barn with office, loafing sheds. $1,100,000 Indian Shadow Ranch An exquisite 1,769-acre wildlife and recreation ranch with one and two-thirds miles of the La Plata River running through it only 12 miles from downtown Durango. Includes newly remodeled 6,780 sq. ft home, manager’s home near the river, 2,400 sq. ft horse barn, several ponds, high quality pasture and more. $22,000,000

(Ranch Marketing Associates, Continued) J Bar Horseshoe Ranch – Powderhorn, CO A fisherman’s paradise on 39-deeded acres with home, rugged log lodge and 7 log cabins historically used as fishing and hunting get-away rentals, .5 mile of creek frontage surrounded by Wilderness, BLM and private land. $1,800,000 J C Cross Ranch – Keenesburg, CO 255-acre operating grass hay ranch and horse property with unobstructed mountain views, two pivot sprinklers, cape-cod style farm house, indoor and outdoor arenas, equipment and hay storage, Cleary buildings with tack room. $1,400,000 J C Mesa Ranch – Telluride, CO One of the only remaining undeveloped and unencumbered ranches in the Telluride area with breathtaking, unobstructed 360-degree mountain and downtown Telluride views and surrounded by large land holdings to the south and west and BLM land to the east and west. Private with year-round access. $29,000,000 Kiowa Ranch – Kiowa, CO 855-acre scenic cattle and hunting ranch offering excellent grazing ground, privacy, front range views and proximity to metropolitan amenities. $1,539,000 Lake Berryessa Ranch – Napa, CA A unique, undeveloped 4,400-acre property resting in the easting portion of Napa County with unobstructed vistas of Lake Berryessa and the surrounding mountains. $4,500,000 Lower Elk River Ranch – Steamboat Springs, CO Offering a rare combination of 116 acres with over 1 mile of Elk River frontage and ski area views just outside Steamboat Springs and close to regional airport. $2,699,000 Lower Trout Creek Camp – Park County, CO Unique 140-acre ranch comprised of four 35-acre parcels with year-round stream, domestic well, stocked fishing pond, several small cabins that sleep over 20 people. Previously used as a base camp for big game outfitters and summer pasture for cattle. Situated at 9,400 ft above sea level with ability to build a home and drill a well on each parcel with no covenants or homeowner’s associations. $675,000. Marabou Ranch – Routt County, CO Steamboat Springs homesites starting at $1,300,000 in this Luxury Shared-Ranch Community encompassing over 1,700 acres with 2 miles of outstanding fishing on the Elk River and 10 acres of stream-fed ponds, timber-frame lodge and owner’s cabins and more. Marshall Ranch – Del Rio, TX 2,551 acres game ranch located 20 minutes southeast of Del Rio with property line adjoining Laughlin Air Force base on one side. High game fenced and stocked with white-tail deer and turkey, manager’s home, hunting cabin, barns, storage, cattle pens and horse stalls and 50% of the mineral rights. $3,380,075 Mission Creek Preserve – Livingston, MT An exquisite 480-acre ranch surrounded by towering peaks of the Absaroka Range to the south and the Crazy Mountains to the north with home built in hillside consisting of 3,525 sq ft, solar powered cabin next to Fitzpatrick Lake, organic garden, with excellent outdoor recreation. $1,900,000 Moonshadow Ranch – Steamboat Springs, CO Impressive equestrian ranch near Steamboat Springs ski area and Lake Catamount on 38 acres with masterpiece British Columbian timber frame home with exquisite, top of the line details throughout. $5,900,000

Mountain View Ranch – Colorado Springs, CO 60-acre turnkey horse property located in El Paso County with a 5,900 sq ft ranch-style stucco and stone home, seven-stall horse barn and heated indoor arena. A horse lover’s dream with outstanding facilities and Front Range views. $1,900,000 Naruna Ranch – Lampasas, TX 1,315 acre Hill Country cattle, hunting and recreation ranch with two creeks flowing through it located 90 minutes northwest of Austin. $4,602,500 Navajo River Ranch – Chromo, CO 35-acre estate with 2,700 sq ft home which is part of a 3,000 area gated ranch just 35 minutes south of Pagosa Springs and 35 minutes from Chama, NM. $649,000 Noble Meadows - Gallatin Gateway, MT 40 acres located approximately one mile from Gallatin Gateway and 15 minutes from Bozeman currently used in an agricultural capacity with excellent opportunities for ground water resources. Perimeter fenced, within walking distance to the Gallatin River, views of the Spanish Peaks and permitted for two residences. $425,000 North Platte River Ranch – Casper, WY 69,556 total acres twenty-three miles west of Casper with excellent year-round access and outstanding production along with twelve incredible miles of the North Platte River. $28,000,000 Patton Ranch – Canon City, CO Classic cattle and hunting property consisting of 100,000 total acres with carrying capacity of 200 head with ranch home in serene valley. Ideal for horse lover’s too. $1,600,000 Piney Creek Ranch – Johnson County, WY 250-acre ranch at the base of the Big Horn Mountains, ideal for horse enthusiasts with rustic two-story home with full-length covered front porch that opens into comfortable open floor plan, horse barn with ranch office, heated tack room and hay storage, garage/shop, outdoor arena. $1,975,000 Plentyl Estate – Austin, TX 109 +/- acre cattle ranch with the highest point in Williamson County at 1,150 ft with outstanding build sites with long distance, private views, surrounded by beautiful live oaks. $958,037 Powderhorn Wilderness Hideout Powderhorn, CO Private 4.77 acres, direct access to NF with 360 degree views, two-level log home, barn, corrals, round pen. $500,000 Red Hawk Ranch – Hayden, CO 493 acres of prime hunting land NW of Steamboat Springs with the Dry Fork of Elkhead Creek flowing along the northern boundary. Immediately surrounding the ranch are large acreage, productive high-mountain ranches. $599,000 Rincon Ranch – Marathon, TX 3,870 acre historic cattle ranch near the entrance of Big Bend National Park and just 30 miles south of Marathon. Great mule deer hunting property with frontage on State Hwy 385 and surrounded by other large ranches. $1,489,950 Royal Elk at Diamond Star Ranch – Vail, CO 140-acre ranch in the upscale 10,400-acre Diamond Star Ranch shared-amenity community near Vail. Custom 9,000 sq. ft. home, guest home, caretaker’s home, pool and year-round recreation. $7,767,000 Ruby Lake Ranch – Alder, MT 8,871 total contiguous acres rich in natural resources with over three miles of shoreline along Ruby Reservoir. $7,800,000 Saddle Bow Ranch – Routt County, CO Bank-owned property within 15 miles from Steamboat Springs on 73 acres with attractive 4,700 sq. ft. home that sits high on a ridge with 24’ vaulted ceilings in great room, wide plank floors, custom iron railings and large shop/barn. $575,000

Saguache Creek Ranch – Moffat, CO A quality commercial cow-calf operation on Saguache Creek w/combined acreage of leased and fee land totaling over 350,000 acres. Improvements include residence, barns, and adequate cattle facilities. $4,000,000 Sam Bass Springs Ranch – Kingsland, TX Beautiful 263-acre Hill Country ranch one mile from the Legends Golf Course characterized by rolling woodlands interspersed with spring creeks, granite outcroppings, natural pools with waterfall with excellent wildlife. $1,971,825 Sanguine Creek Ranch – Fairplay, CO 1,640 total acres located five minutes from Fairplay and an hour drive from Denver, close to world-class snow skiing in Breckenridge. Has been operated as a year-round Dude Ranch. $2,550,000 Shadow Creek Ranch – Kremmling, CO 6,000-acre shared-amenity ranch and working cattle operation with 22-70 acre home sites located one hour from ski resorts with main guest lodge, rustic cabins, world-class equestrian facilities adjoining 4,000 acres of wilderness. $1,500,000 Shepardsbend on the Colorado River Kremmling, CO 172 acres with some of the best fly-fishing water available. Over one and one half miles of the both sides of the Colorado River providing large numbers of trout only two hours NW of Denver in a sportsman’s paradise. $1,850,000 Silver Spring Farm – Ashland, OR World-class equestrian facility on 60 acres with stateof-the-art barn, Olympic full court, indoor dressage arena, 3,500 sq. ft. clubhouse, spectacular home site, south-facing vineyard, canals, creek, trails and more. $4,995,000 Slash H Creek Ranch – Jefferson, CO One hour drive southwest of Denver and 35 minutes to world-class skiing consisting of 268-acres with near new custom home, huge equipment storage barn and one mile +/- of trout stream. $985,000 Slash LD Ranch – Saguache County, CO 1,615 deeded acres and 640 state leased acres set in the historical San Luis Valley along the Sangre De Cristo Range and permitted to operate 1,100 A.U. with custom log home, manager’s house, bunkhouse, barns and over 26 CFS worth of water rights. $4,400,000 Steamboat Lake Ranch – Routt County, CO 125-acre property with Routh National Forest boundary, ideal scenario for recreation access straight from the property. Close to historic village of Hahn’s Peak with two restaurants, convenience store, marina and great sense of community. $995,000 Sycamore Ranch – Del Rio, TX 9,100 acres located across two counties with active oil and gas leasing and exploration. The property will convey 50% of the minerals and encompasses three adjoining ranches that can be sold separately or in any combination. Improvements consist of 4 homes, lodge, swimming pool, grain silos and easy access of Stage Hwy 277. $12,057,000 Texas Cowhouse Creek Ranch – Hamilton, TX 412-acre Texas Hill Country Ranch with 4,800 sq ft. twostory lodge, 10-acre lake and over one mile of beautiful Cowhouse Creek running through it. $2,795,000 The 1241 Ranch – Waco, TX 276-acres with wide open views with great water resources, a comfortable home and is ideal for cattle, horses, hunting and fishing. $1,050,000 The Old Ranch – Hamilton, TX A sportsman’s lodge and residential retreat consisting of 356 acres often used for hunting get-away and entertainment lodge. Includes a fully furnished 2,852 sq ft ranch-style lodge capable of sleeping 16 guests with excellent hunting close to Austin, Waco and Dallas/Ft. Worth. $1,750,000 Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West


(Ranch Marketing Associates, Continued) Two Rivers Cow Camp – Steamboat Springs, CO 23 acres bordering NF with spring-fed trout pond, carriage house/residence, five-bay garage, guest cabin, full equine facilities, security/privacy gate. $1,950,000 Valley View Ranch – Pagosa Springs, CO 1,353 acre cattle ranch and recreation property two miles from Pagosa Springs with sweeping, unobstructed views of the Continental Divide, and bordering the 2.5-million acre San Juan National Forest. Runs 900 yearlings and includes 11+ CFS of senior water rights, three separate ditch rights, one artesian well, seven ponds and springs, half of the mineral rights and more. $11,700,000 Wales Canyon Ranch – Beulah, CO Excellent 760-acre horse and cattle ranch due to good soil, grasses and water availability with two private landing stripes for small plane accessibility and Wales Canyon running through it. Easy year round access with run-off water captured in six tanks and five water troughs connected by pipeline to a 15+_ gpm electric powered water well which supports livestock and wildlife populations. $1,780,000 Walton Ranch – Jackson, WY Sited along the Snake River and adjacent to the Grand Teton Mountain Range, this ionic 1,848 working ranch is less than 5 minutes from downtown Jackson Hole and offers fishing, wildlife, and spectacular views in one of the most sought out locations in the world. $100,000,000 Wind River Valley Ranch – Crowheart, WY A 140-acre year-round agricultural ranch in western WY between Bridger-Teton National Forest and the high desert plains with log home and log guest cabin and only two hours from Yellowstone National Park. $800,000 X Lazy V Ranch – Raton, NM 1,880 acre working cattle ranch one hour from CO border surrounded on three sides by legendary T O Ranch with adobe/timber home, cattle handling facilities, perimeter fenced capable of running 180 yearlings or 75 cow/calf pair. $940,000 Yellowstone Farms – Longmont, CO A northern CO equestrian estate consisting of 107 acres well below appraised value between Longmont and Berthoud with extensive riding trails, mature trees, older 7,000 sq ft brick home, large barn with 19 stalls and apartment located in the barn, caretaker’s modular home, irrigation canals traverse the property and more. $2,450,000 Y Cross Ranch – Albany & Laramie Counties, WY A legendary ranch in one continuous block consisting of over 60,000 acres (92 square miles). Supports 800-850 cow/calf pairs and 750-800 yearlings cattle and 40 bulls. The property has 10 creeks, 4 ditches, several reservoirs irrigating over 2,000 acres, four residences, numerous barns, sheds, shops, corrals and livestock handling facilities and more. Is offered through a Sealed Bid Process. Sealed Bids will be opened November 13, 2012. Yoas Ranch – Del Rio, TX 3,862 acres game ranch located a few minutes from Del Rio with frontage along Stage Hwy 277, three creeks which run through the property, eight species of exotics within 3,112 acres of high game fence-line, artesian springs and a 30-acre lake. $5,387,490 Y-6 Ranch – Meriden, WY 24,750 acres, 5th generation cattle ranch with 6,500head feedlot & mill, irrigation, runs 1,500 pair. $15,950,000 Zimmerman Ranch – Steamboat Springs, CO 391 open and unrestricted acres near the northern edge of the city limits with native hay meadows, grazing pastures & possible ownership at Marabou. $4,900,000


Volume 48 Farm&Ranch West

Clark & Associates Land Brokers, LLC 307 334-2025 307 760-9510 406 697-3961 INDIAN CANYON RANCH—Fall River County SD: Exquisite beauty throughout 1,450± total acres: 1,000± deeded, 450± BLM lease. Nice improvements. Elk, deer, turkeys & upland game birds. $1,250,000 HARDING COUNTY RANCH—Harding County SD: 2,861± deeded, 40± BLM lease & 344± private lease for 3,244± acres. Reservoirs, wells & pipeline provide water throughout ranch. $1,500,000 RED HILL RANCH—Fergus County MT: 1,278± acres in foothills of Big Snowy Mountains. Excellent wildlife habitat. $3,250,000 CAVE SPRINGS RANCH–Weston County WY: Beautiful & scenic 2,720± contiguous acres 3 miles north of Newcastle, WY. $2,846,400 TABLE MOUNTAIN RANCH–Larimer County CO: Beautiful, scenic 800± acres 25 miles north of Fort Collins. Freshwater spring. $4,000,000 LUCKY GATE RANCH—Goshen County, WY: 806± deeded acres with 210 irrigated acres. Additional income from permitted gravel pit. Two sets of improvements. $1,850,000 GR RANCH –Goshen County WY: 2 miles north of Lingle. 644± contiguous deeded acres: 528± deeded and 1168± BLM lease acres. 1/2 mile US Hwy 85 frontage. $237,000 HOAR PROPERTY—Laramie County WY: Productive 240±-deeded-acre farm. Two homes, corrals, outbuildings. Reduced to $375,000 BEAR MOUNTAIN TRACTS—Goshen County WY: Located on east-facing slopes of Bear Mountain. 432± acres: 312± deeded and 120± state lease acres. Excellent access. Several homesites available. $490,000

RE/MAX Parkside Real Estate Hugh Pitts •

805-591-5226 Wine Country Home With Incredible Views on 191±-Acres - Escape to foothills of Edna Valley, within 5 miles of wineries, 7 miles from SLO, 12 miles from Pismo Beach and other tourist attractions. From this luxury home enjoy giant sycamore & live oaks along the year-round stream. (188019) $4,165,000 321±-Acre Wine Country Ranch - From this ideal location enjoy views from Pismo Dunes to Morro Bay & the surrounding winery-studded Edna Valley countryside. This property has a year-round stream, power and two water wells. (188020) $5,295,000 420±-Acre Coastal Mountain Hideaway - West Templeton privacy with panoramic views & numerous springs; seasonal creek, small pond, 35± GPM well & six underlying certificates of compliance. (149151) $2,585,000 Views & Vineyard on 100± Acres - Incredible view homesite with 5± acres of Rhone varietal vineyard, two 5,000-gallon water storage tanks, oak trees & seasonal creek. (188597) $1,350,000

Live Water Properties

866-734-6100 Finger Rock Ranch Yampa, Colorado – Routt County Finger Rock Ranch consists of 351 acres and lies in the heart of the picturesque Yampa Valley. The area has a rich history of tremendous Old West cattle drives as well as agricultural production and abundant recreational opportunities. The ranch is almost equidistant between Steamboat and Vail, with a short drive to everything necessary for entertainment and recreation. Finger Rock Ranch is a real opportunity for a Buyer to discover the privacy and beauty in the famous Yampa River Valley. Finger Rock Ranch could be used as an equestrian property, recreational headquarters or mountain getaway home. $985,000.

Mason Real Estate, Inc.

970 874-9968 Crawford, Colorado: Excellent equestrian setup! Two homes-main home is 4,000± sq. ft., 4BD/3BA and 2nd home is a 3BD/2BA! 134± acres with 50± acres irrigated. Two water taps & well. Horse barn w/ tack room and living quarters, plus new 60x80 hay/equipment barn! Enjoy the wildlife and your very own trout pond! $1,450,000 Unaweep Canyon – Gateway, Colorado: 2 parcels, 160± acres ($259,000) and 182± acres ($299,000). Borders Hwy. 141 & BLM. DOW Hunt Unit 61. Encumbered with conservation easement but allows for one 5-acre building envelope per parcel. Irrigated Farm Ground - Delta, Colorado: 118.66± irrigated acres with lovely, newer farmhouse! Big barn on property plus concrete ditches & gated pipe with this fertile farm ground. Development potential and all mineral rights included! $1,095,000

VIP Country Properties 979 865-9459 Visit for detailed brochures COUNTRY HOMES & RANCHES: Wishing Star 70 ac, Washington Co., $1,495,000 Sentinel Hill 37± ac, Austin Co., $999,000 Crest View 14 ac, Austin Co., $995,000 Century Oaks Farm 46 ac, Colorado Co., $875,000 Lookout Ranch 74 ac, Austin Co., $840,000 The Meadows 15 ac, Washington Co., $545,000 ACREAGE: Quiet Meadow 175 ac, Colorado Co., $9,500/ ac Winchester Ranch 249 ac, Fayette Co., $5,900/ac Los Arroyos 83 ac, Austin Co., $1,390,000 Grand Oaks Meadow 132 ac., Washington Co. Creek Bend Ranch 93 ac, Colorado Co., $927,350 Bluebonnet Hill 67 ac, Austin Co., $10,000/ac Cross Roads Farm 50± ac, Austin Co., $595,000 Hill Top Woods 50± ac, Colorado Co., $500,000 Legacy Oaks 24 ac, Austin Co., $14,000/ac

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