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WEST Farm & Ranch West • Summer 2009 • Volume 35

Shadow Creek Ranch FEATURING

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On the Cover ‌ William George 970 724-3915

Shadow Creek Ranch Summit County, Colorado See page 5


Cover Photography by Bob Winsett

Featured Ranch


8 v The Dutch Joe Ranch

2 v Property Index & Map 4 v Broker Index

Listed by REB Properties, LLC

WONDER OF THE WEST 32 v Cuchara Valley Ranch Listed by Mirr Ranch Group

CLASSIFIEDS 93 v Additional Properties in the Marketplace

Flying Horse Ranch page 74 Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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property index Acres±




42,000 ... Navajo ................ 8 86,598 ... Apache ............72


30................San Luis Obispo.82 33 ............ Merced .............78 40 ............ Alpine ...............73 145................San Luis Obispo .71 289 ......... Nevada .............73 600 ......... Colusa ..............78 714 .......... Amador ............73 720 ...............San Luis Obispo .71 1,915............San Luis Obispo..71 2,200 ...... Monterey .........82 6,375 ...... Monterey .........23 6,378 ...... Monterey .........71


4 .............. Delta .................88 10 ............ Rio Blanco .......22 11 ............ Chaffee .............48 15 ............ Routt.................87 25 ............ Garfield ............86 25 ............ La Plata ............65 35 ............ Routt.................11 37 ............ Montezuma.....64 56 ............ Grand ...............36 56 ............ Gunnison ........86 67 ............ Huerfano .........69 71 ............ Pitkin ................48 80 ............ La Plata ............65 96 ............ Mesa .................34





100.......... La Plata ............64 102.......... Garfield ............25 120 ......... Archuleta .........18 120 ......... Pitkin ................46 125 ......... Routt.................87 132 ......... Dolores ............49 143.......... Huerfano .........69 146.......... Grand ...............36 158 ......... Grand ...............36 160.......... Conejos ............88 160.......... Park...................44 171 .......... Montezuma.....28 185.......... Grand ...............66 188.......... Huerfano .........69 200 ......... Eagle .................52 204 ......... Delta .................85 212.......... Larimer ............26 220 ......... El Paso .............24 224 ......... Eagle .................52 237 ......... La Plata ............64 262 ......... Routt.................87 265 ......... Huerfano .........13 281.......... Park...................66 282 ......... Pitkin ................57 320 ......... Saguache..........43 388 ......... Grand ...............38 391.......... Gunnison ........45 400 ......... La Plata ............65 402 ......... Gunnison ........16 423 ......... Moffat ...............35 424 ......... Huerfano .........34 425 ......... Pitkin ................46 430 ......... Larimer ............90 430 ......... Montezuma.....65 434 ......... Larimer ............27 456 ......... Jefferson ...........27 460 ......... Park...................18 478 ......... Park...................66 527 ......... San Miguel ......49 532 ......... Garfield ............48 610 .......... Archuleta .........48 640 ......... Elbert................35 653 ......... Montezuma.....64 685 ......... Montrose .........27 700 ......... Routt.................50 747.......... Routt.................87 750 ......... Routt.................12 770 ......... Park...................66 840 ......... Garfield ............47 878 ......... Huerfano .........69 960 ......... Custer...............44 984 ......... Jefferson ...........28 1,000 ...... Huerfano .........45 1,000 ...... San Miguel ......23 1,132 ...... Routt.................22 1,135 ...... Garfield ............39 1,160 ...... Routt.................15 1,200 ...... Montrose .........23 1,290 ...... Huerfano .........32 1,620 ...... Garfield ............17 1,650 ...... Larimer ............39 1,698 ...... Routt.................67 1,720 ...... Mesa .................47 2,100 ...... Jackson ............14 2,115 ...... Routt.................60




2,300 ...... Garfield ............25 2,300 ...... Garfield ............52 2,365 ...... Montrose .........28 2,454 ...... Arapahoe .........13 2,790 ...... Park...................53 3,100 ...... Jackson ............60 3,800 ...... Rio Blanco .......63 3,992 ...... Conejos ............25 4,029 ...... Delta .................25 4,029 ...... Gunnison ........25 5,600 ...... Summit .............. 5 5,640 ...... Summit ............80 7,000 ...... Grand ...............38 8,842 ...... Grand ...............18 11,483 .... Rio Blanco .......91


6 .............. Bannock...........68 47 ............ Boise .................26 57 ............ Teton ................84 62 ............ Custer...............14 81 ............ Blaine ...............11 240 ......... Bonner .............89 320 ......... Teton ................56 355 ......... Custer...............93 422 ......... Teton ................56 500 ......... Custer...............15 584 ......... Custer...............17 640 ......... Latah ................89 690 ......... Bonner .............89 765.......... Custer...............93 820 ......... Custer...............12 1,300 ...... Bear Lake .........57 1,440 ...... Blaine ...............16 3,060 ...... Blaine ...............17 3,785 ...... Custer...............12 20,900 ... Elmore .............11


6 .............. Madison ........... 41 10 ............ Madison ...........42 26 ............ Gallatin ............42 39 ............ Ravalli ..............56 44 ............ Powell ...............22 86 ............ Beaverhead......42 91 ............ Sweet Grass.....18 140.......... Gallatin ............40 150 ......... Deer Lodge .....57 160.......... Ravalli ..............13 200 ......... Ravalli ..............40 212.......... Jefferson...........19 270 ......... Ravalli ..............20 373 ......... Powell ...............22 583 ......... Madison ...........42 614 .......... Granite .............23 640 ......... Park...................15 732 ......... Gallatin ............ 41 775 ......... Madison ...........19 867 ......... Ravalli ..............20 876.......... Rosebud...........54 1,186 ...... Ravalli ..............19 1,215 ...... Carbon .............14 1,300 ...... Park................... 41 1,584 ...... Deer Lodge .....21 1,820 ...... Judith Basin ....24




5,300 ...... Broadwater......20 5,900 ...... Madison ...........14 8,281 ...... Beaverhead......20 9,440 ...... Stillwater..........16 10,866 .... Carter ...............55 12,170 .... Sweet Grass.....21 15,264.... Big Horn ..........37 18,456.... Madison ...........40 19,522.... Beaverhead......12 46,848 ... Big Horn ..........37

New Mexico

247 ......... Rio Arriba ........81 1,610....... Colfax ...............79 14,858 .... Catron ..............61 34,000 ... Catron ..............26 34,000 ... Cibola ...............26 36,285 ... Catron ..............45 86,598 ... Catron ..............72 290,100 . San Miguel ......29


2 .............. Deschutes ........58 5 .............. Deschutes ........58 10 ............ Deschutes ........92 60 ............ Deschutes ........58 75 ............ Jackson ............70 84 ............ Jackson ............76 123 ......... Jackson ............70 195 ......... Klamath ...........76 256 ......... Jackson ............70 1,208 ...... Grant ................59 1,306 ...... Deschutes ........92 2,025 ...... Jackson ............70 2,100 ...... Grant ................59 5,248 ...... Grant ................59 7,810 ....... Klamath ...........19 8,400 ...... Lake ..................76 9,800 ...... Harney .............76 13,000.... Wheeler ...........59


145.......... Ferry .................21


40 ............ Albany ..............92 40 ............ Natrona ............92 100.......... Sheridan ..........21 100.......... Teton ................84 156 ......... Platte.................62 220 ......... Sublette ............35 240 ......... Fremont ...........43 260 ......... Lincoln.............56 280 ......... Park...................13 285 ......... Sheridan ..........36 320 ......... Fremont ...........16 340 ......... Natrona ............63 400 ......... Converse..........61 400 ......... Lincoln.............57 620 ......... Fremont ...........43 634 ......... Sweetwater ......50 899 ......... Johnson ...........35 1,008 ...... Crook ...............75 1,128 ...... Platte.................43 1,160 ...... Sheridan ..........17




1,166 ...... Natrona ............63 1,280 ...... Laramie ............55 1,348 ...... Carbon .............39 1,350 ...... Carbon .............44 1,460 ...... Washakie .........45 1,550 ...... Albany ..............51 1,600 ...... Laramie ............24 1,700 ...... Sublette ............11 1,835 ...... Crook ...............75 2,150 ...... Albany ..............27 2,662 ...... Albany ..............51 3,016 ...... Sublette ............84 3,500 ...... Platte.................55 3,514 ...... Platte.................34 3,604 ...... Johnson ........... 31 4,812 ...... Platte.................60 5,170 ...... Niobrara ..........54 5,530 ...... Carbon .............62 5,534 ...... Platte.................62 6,700 ...... Albany ..............50 7,525 ...... Albany ..............51 10,000 .... Sublette ............50 12,065.... Goshen ............54 12,065.... Niobrara ..........54 13,068.... Johnson ...........55 16,750 .... Crook ...............30 23,490 ... Natrona ............63 23,857 ... Albany ..............51 62,080 ... Converse..........75 62,080 ... Natrona ............75 200,000 . Carbon .............39 200,000 . Fremont ...........39 200,000 . Natrona ............39

Outside the Region

Nebraska 280 ......... Sioux ................26 860 ......... Deuel ................62 1,500 ...... Sioux ................24 6,052 ...... Sioux ................54

Oklahoma 187.......... Sequoyah .........83

South Carolina 17 ............ Beaufort ...........77 30 ............ Aiken ................77 35 ............ Aiken ................77

South Dakota 3,000 ...... Brown ...............44 6,042 ...... Butte .................75 6,042 ...... Meade...............75


50 ............ Wasatch ...........15 1,920 ...... Grand ...............61 8,150 ...... Sevier ................ 31

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

002-003 PropIndx-Map.indd 2

6/15/09 5:33:54 PM






Aleutians East 1 Aleutians West 2 Anchorage 3 Bethel 4 Bristol Bay 5 Denali 6 Dillingham 7 Fairbanks NorthStar 8 Haines 9 Juneau 10 KenaiPeninsula 11 Ketchikan Gateway 12 Kodiak Island 13 MatanskaSusitna 14 Lake and Peninsula 27 Nome 15 North Slope 16 Northwest Arctic 17 Prince of WalesOuter Ketchikan 18 Sitka 19 Skagway-HoonahAngoon 20 Southeast Fairbanks 21 ValdezCordova 22 WadeHampton 23 WrangellPetersburg 24 Yakutat 25 YukonKoyukuk 26

Arizona Apache Cochise Coconino Gila Graham Greenlee La Paz Maricopa Mohave Navajo Pima Pinal Santa Cruz Yavapai Yuma

California Alameda Alpine Amador Butte Calaveras Colusa

4 15 2 8 12 13 6 7 1 3 10 11 14 5 9

33 31 30 12 35 5




CA Contra Costa Del Norte El Dorado Fresno Glenn Humboldt Imperial Inyo Kern Kings Lake Lassen Los Angeles Madera Marin Mariposa Mendocino Merced Modoc Mono Monterey Napa Nevada Orange Placer Plumas Riverside Sacramento San Benito San Bernardino San Diego San Francisco San Joaquin San Luis Obispo San Mateo Santa Barbara Santa Clara Santa Cruz Shasta Sierra Siskiyou Solano Solano Sonoma Stanislaus Sutter Tehama Trinity Tulare Tuolumne Ventura Yolo Yuba

Colorado Adams Alamosa Arapahoe Archuleta Baca Bent Boulder Chaffee

002-003 PropIndx-Map.indd 3

28 1 24 44 11 4 57 47 49 45 14 7 53 45 25 41 10 40 3 37 42 21 18 54 19 9 55 23 43 50 56 27 29 48 32 51 39 38 6 13 2 26 26 20 34 16 8 5 46 36 52 22 17

22 52 23 59 63 55 11 34

AZ NM Cheyenne Clear Creek Conejos Costilla Crowley Custer Delta Denver Dolores Douglas Eagle Elbert El Paso Fremont Garfield Gilpin Grand Gunnison Hinsdale Huerfano Jackson Jefferson Kiowa Kit Carson Lake La Plata Larimer Las Animas Lincoln Logan Mesa Mineral Moffat Montezuma Montrose Morgan Otero Ouray Park Phillips Pitkin Prowers Pueblo Rio Blanco Rio Grande Routt Saguache San Juan San Miguel Sedgwick Summit Teller Washington Weld Yuma

Hawaii Hawaii Honolulu

37 18 60 61 45 43 32 21 47 28 16 29 36 39 15 19 10 33 49 53 3 20 46 31 26 58 4 62 30 6 24 50 1 57 38 12 54 41 27 8 25 56 44 9 51 2 42 48 40 7 17 35 13 5 14

1 2


Valley Washington Kalawao Kauai Maui


Ada Adams Bannock Bear Lake Benewah Bingham Blaine Boise Bonner Bonneville Boundary Butte Camas Canyon Caribou Cassia Clark Clearwater Custer Elmore Franklin Fremont Gem Gooding Idaho Jefferson Jerome Kootenai Latah Lemhi Lewis Lincoln Madison Minidoka Nez Perce Oneida Owyhee Payette Power Shoshone Teton Twin Falls

3 4 5

23 11 40 44 4 34 26 17 2 35 1 19 25 22 41 38 20 7 18 24 43 21 16 31 10 27 37 3 6 14 9 32 28 33 8 42 30 15 39 5 29 36


Beaverhead Big Horn Blaine Broadwater Carbon Carter Cascade Choteau Custer Daniels Dawson Deer Lodge Fallon Fergus Flathead Gallatin Garfield Glacier Golden Valley Granite Hill Jefferson Judith Basin Lake Lewis and Clark Liberty Lincoln Madison Mc Cone Meagher Mineral Missoula Musselshell Park Petroleum Phillips Pondera Powder River Powell Prairie Ravalli Richland Roosevelt Rosebud Sanders Sheridan

13 12

46 54 8 35 52 56 22 17 42 11 28 32 45 24 2 48 26 3 28 31 7 34 23 15 21 6 1 47 27 36 18 19 39 49 25 9 4 55 20 43 30 29 12 40 14 13

Silver Bow Stillwater Sweet Grass Teton Toole Treasure Valley Wheatland Wibaux Yellowstone


Carson City Churchill Clark Douglas Elko Esmeralda Eureka Humboldt Lander Lincoln Lyon Mineral Nye Pershing Storey Washoe White Pine

33 51 50 16 5 41 10 37 44 53

8 11 17 12 3 15 6 2 5 16 10 13 14 4 9 1 7

New Mexico Bernalillo Catron Chaves Cibola Colfax Curry De Baca Dona Ana Eddy Grant Guadalupe Harding Hidalgo Lea Lincoln Los Alamos Luna McKinley Mora

14 19 27 13 4 23 22 31 32 24 17 12 29 33 21 8 30 6 10

Otero Quay Rio Arriba Roosevelt Sandoval San Juan San Miguel Santa Fe Sierra Socorro Taos Torrance Union Valencia


Baker Benton Clackamas Clatsop Columbia Coos Crook Curry Deschutes Douglas Gilliam Grant Harney Hood River Jackson Jefferson Josephine Klamath Lake Lane Lincoln Linn Malheur Marion Morrow Multnomah Polk Sherman Tillamook Umatilla Union Wallowa Wasco Washington

26 18 2 28 7 1 11 9 25 20 3 16 5 15

24 19 18 1 2 28 27 30 26 29 9 23 35 6 32 21 31 33 34 25 15 20 36 17 10 5 16 8 3 11 12 13 7 4

Wheeler Yamhill


Beaver Box Elder Cache Carbon Daggett Davis Duchesne Emery Garfield Grand Iron Juab Kane Millard Morgan Piute Rich Salt Lake San Juan Sanpete Sevier Summit Tooele Uintah Utah Wasatch Washington Wayne Weber

22 14

19 1 2 18 10 6 14 21 26 22 25 11 29 16 7 23 3 8 27 17 20 9 4 15 12 13 28 24 5

Washington Adams Asotin Benton Chelan Clallam Clark Columbia Cowlitz Douglas Ferry Franklin Garfield Grant Grays Harbor Island

21 34 29 11 8 37 32 36 12 4 30 33 20 23 9

Jefferson King Kitsap Kittitas Klickitat Lewis Lincoln Mason Okanogan Pacific Pend Oreille Pierce San Juan Skagit Skamania Snohomish Spokane Stevens Thurston Wahkiakum Walla Walla Whatcom Whitman Yakima

Wyoming Albany Big Horn Campbell Carbon Converse Crook Fremont Goshen Hot Springs Johnson Laramie Lincoln Natrona Niobrara Park Platte Sheridan Sublette Sweetwater Teton Uinta Washakie Weston

15 18 17 19 39 27 13 16 3 26 6 25 1 7 38 10 14 5 24 35 31 2 22 28

20 3 6 19 15 7 8 22 9 5 23 12 14 16 2 21 4 13 18 1 17 10 11

6/15/09 5:34:37 PM

broker index

Arnold Realty Inc. ..........................75 Bachman & Associates .................69 Brooks Realty

Joshua & Co. The Ranch Group ....................46 Laissez Faire

& Advisory Group ....................92

Sotheby’s International Realty ...77

Bullock & Hinkey Real Estate ...86

Live Water Properties....................56

The Chickering Company ............73 Christies Great Estates.................. 81 Clark & Associates Land Brokers, LLC ....................54

Clark Company ..............................71 Coldwell Banker Colorado Realty .........................85

Coldwell Banker Resort Realty ...89 Colorado Real Estate

Mason & Morse Ranch Company........................24 Mirr Ranch Group ......................... 31 Needlerock Mountain Real Estate ..................................86

Girten Land Company..................66 GreenLeaf Properties ....................83

866 296-0746 CO, MT, NM, WY Vicki Jacobson

888 543-3410 AK, AZ, CA, HI, ID, NV, OR, UT, WA


Oregon Opportunities Real Estate ..................................70

Prudential Steamboat Realty .......87

Fuller Western Real Estate ..........43

Mike Gammelgard - Managing Editor

Oregon Land and Wildlife ........... 76

Cushman & Tebbs

Flinders Realty & Exchange ........68



Phillips & Company .....................62

Fay Ranches ....................................40

3 5

2 0 0 9

Omni Real Estate ...........................80

Cougar Run Development ..........88

Real Estate ...................................82

S u m m e r


Pacific Range Properties ...............78

DaCosse and Associates


North Country Real Estate ..........79

Resource LLC .............................90

Sotheby’s International Realty....58

Farm & Ranch West

Prudential Triple S Realty ............64 Ranch Marketing Associates........37 Romick & Associates, Inc. ...........67 Salmon River Realty ......................93 Santa Fe Properties ........................ 81 SDS Real Estate .............................. 91 Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate ..................................52 Sotheby’s International Realty

Hall and Hall ................................... 11

Jackson Hole Brokerage .........84

Harrigan Land Company, LLC ...60

Steve Scott Realtors .......................92

Hayden Outdoors .......................... 74

Telluride Properties, LLC .............49

Headquarters West, Ltd. ..............72

Western United Realty, LLC........50

Wimberly Lott Jamie Destouet Karen J. Little - Manager Pedro Almaraz - P U B L I S H E D B Y-


Todd O. Powers

Farm & Ranch Publishing, L.L.C. 9039 Katy Freeway, Suite 242 • Houston, TX 77024 800 580-7330 • 713 468-4983 fax SUBSCRIPTIONS

866 RANCH-4-U toll-free ( 8 6 6

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Crystal Sopris Ranch page 46


Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

004 BrokerIndex.indd 4

6/15/09 5:42:40 PM

Cover Ranch

S h Creek adow Ranch A

Beyond any ranch development of its kind,

n Old World riddle poses the question:

by big city lights. From the spectacular

“By day, I live beneath the sun’s rays and by night, I remain by the fire’s

mountain backdrop to the expansive forests Shadow Creek Ranch has pushed the limits that extend into the horizon, the magic of of the expected and created an unforgettable

lasting light.” The answer: a shadow;

untouched wilderness seduces the senses

a familiar friend to the explorers who

and thrills the spirit, a call that is hard to of enjoying the great outdoors by providing an ignore and even harder to leave. To visit is to array of opportunities to explore the diverse

spend the day amidst Colorado’s magnificent High Country and settle by the fireside to watch the evening stars emerge, unhindered

recreational paradise that takes the effort out

be enchanted; to explore is to fall in love; and Colorado High Country without the day-to-day to part is impossible at Shadow Creek Ranch. responsibilities of ranch maintenance. “At Shadow Creek, we understand that not everyone is a cowboy,” said William George, General Manager at Shadow Creek Ranch. “Some homeowners have never ridden a horse or been on a snowmobile, and there are those who have never gone fishing or hiked in the mountains. That’s why we’re here. We offer everyone the chance to experience nature in a way they’ve only imagined. In fact, if there’s one thing our homeowners share in common, it’s a love for the outdoors, and they all appreciate having over 5,600 acres to roam at their leisure. Those who visit never want to leave, and that’s why this is an exciting time at Shadow Creek.”

The Shadow Creek Ranch Lodge

For the first time ever, potential homeowners are invited to visit, explore and fall in love with Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

005-007 ShadowCreek.indd 5


6/15/09 5:37:02 PM

Summer at Shadow Creek Ranch

Owner Elizabeth and son Jack

Shadow Creek during the “Try Before You

colored by nature’s diverse palette. Set at the

Buy” program. During this special promotion,

foot of the snowcapped Eagles Nest Mountain

pre-qualified buyers and their guests have

and an intricate network of deep canyons, the

five days to explore the ranch, utilizing the

ranch is blanketed by 5,860 verdant acres of

amenities and discovering the exceptional

rolling aspen groves, meadows and dense

and unique Shadow Creek lifestyle without

forests flush with mountain pine, douglas fir

any obligation.

and blue spruce. Interspersed among the lush

The package includes four suite nights at the

foliage, over 22 stocked lakes and ponds and

6,400-square-foot ranch lodge or guesthouse,

access to over two miles of the “Gold Metal

two cabin nights at any of five out cabins and

waters” of the Blue River offer a cerulean hue

a $500 food credit toward the fine cuisine

that promises unlimited potential for fishermen

provided at the ranch lodge by the ranch’s

and water enthusiasts alike. Whether it’s the

exceptional chef, Chris Hyder, and his kitchen

thrill of the rushing river or the whisper of

staff. In addition, the package also includes

a tranquil pond that calls, homeowners can

any guided horseback rides or snowmobile

enjoy the water alone, with guests or ask

tours with Ken “Buck” McNichols, fishing and

Marty for a guided trip and some pointers.

hunting trips with guide Marty Cecil, access to

Adjacent to over 130,000 acres of Eagles Nest

ranch ATVs, horses and snowmobiles and any

Wilderness Area, Shadow Creek fills its canvas

and all of Shadow Creek’s available recreational

with a host of diverse wildlife such as bald

activities. These services are included with your

and golden eagles, owls, grouse, black bears,

HOA dues and not a separate “a la cart” item.

coyotes, mountain lions, moose, mule deer

“We created this program because we truly believe all it takes is one visit for you to fall in love with Shadow Creek. No one else offers such an incredible opportunity−to live on the ranch, enjoy the food and experience the incredible recreation and beauty. We’ll even pick you up from the airport and drive you out to the ranch.” Just 14 miles from Kremmling and a scenic

Owners Bob and Kevin


90-minute drive from Denver, Shadow Creek Ranch lies on an unparalleled canvas richly

Owner Anthony with Marty

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

005-007 ShadowCreek.indd 6

6/15/09 5:38:08 PM

A Black Bear roams “Elk Park”

Sutton Meadow

and elk, a perfect opportunity to witness the

unwind with a first-class dinner prepared by

the incredible freedoms here at Shadow Creek.

majesty of nature. In addition to wildlife, the

Chris and his staff. We provide all the tools

By day or night, winter or summer, alone

ranch also boasts 180 Black Angus cows and

you need; you really have the freedom to do as

or with friends, Shadow Creek Ranch is an

10 registered Black Angus bulls year-round

much, or a little, as possible.

experience not soon forgotten. Maybe it is the

with an additional 300 to 400 cows during

Unlike other communities, Shadow Creek

freedom to explore or simply watch from the

the summer to graze the ranch. Owners are

does not require lot owners to ever build a

porch, to join in a cattle drive or take a lone

invited to join the cowboys for a cattle drive or

home. Without the pressure of a timeline, lot

ride on the trail, to find your family or find

visit the equestrian center and take advantage

owners can plan at their own pace and still

a Colorado escape. Yet, whatever the reason,

of its indoor stalls, indoor and outdoor arenas

take full advantage of the ranch amenities.

one truth remains-the light never dies; and the

and a hay barn. In essence, no matter how you

Shadow Creek lot owners have 55 suite nights

shadow never fades.

explore Shadow Creek, you never have to do it

to use in the ranch lodge or guesthouse, 45

alone unless you want to.

cabin nights and access to the ranch’s Polaris

The first accepted contract in the “Try Before You

Shadow Creek is more than a development,

side-by-side Rangers, Artic Cat snowmobiles

Buy” promotion will receive a 20% discount off

it’s a ranch community. When you become a

and complete horse remuda to explore the

current prices and one year of free homeowners

lot owner here, you join a family of not just the

20-plus miles of trails.

dues. This offer is only valid to the first buyer of

other homeowners, but also the entire staff.

All this means you can own land in one

a Shadow Creek Partners LLC lot in 2009. Each

Barb Kollar, office manager, keeps the office,

of the most beautiful areas in the country

additional buyer will receive a 10% discount off

lodge and guesthouse in order and takes your

without the burden of building a home. Three

current prices. For more information on Shadow

reservations. You can go fly-fishing with Marty

homes are completed, and another will begin

Creek Ranch and more details on the “Try Before

in the morning, horseback riding with Buck in

construction this summer, but most of the lots

You Buy” program, please contact William George

the afternoon and come home to the lodge to

remain completely undeveloped. That’s one of

at 970 724-3915 or

Mesa Meadow

A Cozy Backcountry Cabin Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

005-007 ShadowCreek.indd 7


6/15/09 5:39:21 PM

Featured Ranch

THE•DUTCH JOE•RANCH A Vision of Sustainability

“A serenely peaceful, self-sufficient family sanctuary dedicated to sustainability, alternate energy development and Western-style ranch family values.” An Interview with Richard E. “REB” Bunger, CEO



n the Arizona Territory in the late 19th

More than desert dotted with cactus, Arizona

century, not long after the dust of the Civil

features a striking, almost playful character

War had settled and over three decades

reflected in its wildlife, topography and vast

before the First World War, another battle

ranchlands. Similarly, the Dutch Joe Ranch

raged. Quiet, but nevertheless deadly, the war

features a unique profile. Completely bordered

began not over politics, but survival. Centered

at its peripheries and bisected at the pasture

on two families who braved the untamed West

lines by approximately 15 miles of four-beam

to build a new life and legacy, the Pleasant Valley

zigzag log fencing, constructed entirely from

War seemed focused on land and water and

trees cut (logged or brushed) from the Ranch.

grazing rights, but at the heart of the conflict

These fences use 30,000± recycled trees too

lay an idea far more basic: family. Each family

small for market value. The perimeter and

fought to protect themselves—their way of life

pasture fencing is a rustic touch with old-

and loved ones—for future generations. Over a

fashioned character and a true masterpiece

century later, the land still speaks of their legacy.

that changes with the seasons-a rust-colored

To avoid their mistakes and embrace both land

beauty in the summer and a silent snow-

and life, one ranch epitomizes this lesson,

draped sentinel in the winter. The mature

sharing its tale of history with an emphasis on

forest within the Ranch and the two million-

environment enhancement, sustainability and,

acre Apache Sitgreaves National Forest, with

most importantly, the love of family.

their stately ponderosa pines, white firs, aspen,

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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6/15/09 9:07:32 AM

and gamble oaks, together with the Ranch’s lakes create a panorama of color and dignified beauty. Set atop the majestic 7,300' Mogollon Rim, the 42,000±-acre ranch is a combination of privately owned property and U.S. Forest Service grazing permit and a testament to the classic Western family ranch—with a twist. “Every ranch is unique,” said Richard E. Bunger, sometimes called “REB,” CEO and managing member of the Dutch Joe Ranch and REB Properties, LLC. “But the Dutch Joe Ranch is altogether different. The research, the approach, the development, the talent, the innovation, all are unique—it stems from a dedication by me, my family and my entire staff to a project with practical environmental depth and an emphasis on family values, but the Ranch is, and always has been, an operating cattle and horse ranch.” Richard E. Bunger’s inspiration comes from his great-grandfather, Sam Bunger, who settled in Arizona near the turn of the 20th century. The family, with many others, participated in overgrazing and heavy logging. Creatively working with the U.S. Forest Service and Arizona Game and Fish Department, Bunger hopes to bring together “practical” environmentally conscious people who have a positive impact on restoring the forest and create an example for others to follow. “Sustainability is a tricky term. People say ‘green’ living, but I hope to expand the meaning to include not only green concepts, but to add sustaining and protecting my most valuable asset: my extended family,” said Bunger. “Every innovation in forestry, mining, food production and energy development ensures their safety and provides everything needed to physically sustain themselves in their own backyard.” Unlike most ranches, the Dutch Joe lies completely “off grid” and provides independence

Cell phone and Internet services are available through a Ranch-owned private tower, powered entirely with solar and wind power. Future “off grid” projects include: a mostly underground greenhouse system to grow vegetables and food crops year-round; raising “non-caged,” “free range” chickens for meat and eggs; and wood-burning steampowered electrical generation. Individual plots and/or greenhouses for Ranchowners are also encouraged.

Richard E. Bunger and his family call The Dutch Joe home and fully participate in all aspects of the Ranch’s development and activities. “I welcome anyone who has a passion for the environment and sustainability and desires to build a place where their family can feel protected and provided for in these uncertain and dangerous times—a family “sanctuary”—a place for anyone who wants to invest in the present to secure their future.”

from utility companies by producing electrical power via a network of solar panels and some wind power with backup generators. Internet and television are available via satellite systems. In addition, the Ranch can provide residents with beef from the extensive cattle herd and plentiful fish from the numerous stocked lakes. The lake system, created with materials from the Ranch excavation and mining program, includes six lakes designed and landscaped to take advantage of the diverse terrain and carefully planned to maximize fish habitat, boating and fishing access. Large quantities of rainbow trout have been introduced into three lakes and channel catfish, largemouth bass, crappie and purebred blue gill have been introduced into the remaining three. The fish receive a carefully balanced food supplement diet. Says Bunger, “Our fishing policy is barbless ‘catch-and-release.’ All net fishing license fee income generated is planned for donation to the Ranch Environmental Fund.” Over the years, hundreds of thousands of acres of dense forests within and surrounding the Ranch have seen their share of neglect, allowing for large amounts of brush and smaller trees to dominate in an unhealthy, fire-prone fashion. Dutch Joe Ranch forest personnel have performed extensive forest restoration and remediation on Ranch properties, as well as providing cash grants to the U.S. Forest Service to perform restoration of nearby U.S. National Forest. “Having healthy lake and

Forest restoration includes thinning the excess and unhealthy trees, removing brush and overall enhancing the health of the forest. This prevents excessively hot and aggressive wildfires that not only endanger the forest and wildlife, but also Ranch residents. “The Ranch is reputed to be the most wildfire-defensible property in the Apache-Sitgreaves Forest,” said Bunger.

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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6/15/09 9:08:06 AM

The Dutch Joe Ranch offers numerous training and activity programs for those just taking their first steps into the outdoors, and their first steps in Ranch management, and also for veteran Ranchers who have worked the land for years. “The Ranch is more than just for working; we want everyone to experience the land, and the way of life in sustainability ranching—and have a little fun in the process,” said Bunger.

forest environments protects the land and people. I want the Ranch to entertain and teach younger generations the values of respecting the environment and each other.” Looking at the Ranch’s multi-purpose barn and training facility, one instantly gets a sense of the size and scale of the Ranch’s working facilities and amenities. At 74,880 square feet, the barn offers adequate space and the perfect year-round venue for horse training, Ranch rodeo events, family gatherings, largescale Ranch events and can serve as a shelter for hundreds in the event of a national or environmental emergency. The activities spill into the outdoors and onto the proposed custom ATV training course and shooting range. In addition to the Ranch’s customized nine-person, six-wheeled ATVs, trail rides with horses, various antique stagecoaches, ATVs, mountain bikes or just hiking can be enjoyed on many miles of Ranch trails or on trails within the millions of acres of the surrounding Apache-Sitgreaves Forest. Becoming a Ranchowner is more than just owning an Undivided Interest in the total Ranch. A Ranchowner may build their dream Ranchhouse on a Ranchstead within


the Ranchowner’s “area of exclusion” of approximately .5 acre and larger, or on a 36acre or larger Private Ranch Estate. With an Undivided Interest purchase, you are a true Ranchowner. In addition to your Ranchstead site, you own an Undivided Interest in the Ranch cattle, horses, multi-use barn, lakes and fishing operations, ATV program, recreational areas, sand and gravel mining operation and common areas in proportion to the area of your Ranchstead as it is a percentage of the total Ranch. With your Undivided Interest Ranch ownership, you are legitimately entitled to wear your own hat, boots and big belt buckle, and walk with a “steely-eyed” confidence. “I didn’t create the Dutch Joe as a temporary investment. The Ranch is dedicated to longterm, practical environmental conservation and sustainability, in all its broad meanings, for individuals, for families and every following generation,” said Bunger. In fact, the future at the Ranch shows incredible promise. In addition to Phase I amenities and features already in place, the planned development opportunities are exciting and far-reaching. Even as current plans thrive, Richard Bunger plans to lead his engineering, architectural and

construction teams to new projects that will even further enhance the Dutch Joe Ranch. “Make no mistake, potential lies everywhere,” said Bunger. “Every day is a new discovery and opportunity for further environmental and sustainable developments abound-with individual rights and family always in mind.” Suspended directly overhead amidst the clear Arizona sky, the sun casts the first afternoon rays upon the forest as Richard Bunger strolls to the edge of the Ranch. Resting a foot on the bottom fence rail, Richard rests upon the bark-roughened fence and silently views the land beyond. The lush forest appears as always, but today, something catches his eye. Hopping the fence, he hikes through the grass and falls to a knee. Pushing back the brush and tree limbs, he reveals a solitary tombstone. Aged by years of neglect and the unforgiving elements, the discolored stone is etched with a solemn message: Will Erixson - Kil - July 1885. Once, lives were lost here. Once, families were torn. Once, the land suffered. Today, the Earth still speaks, the independent, self-reliant pioneer legacy still lives and families are safe and sustained at the Dutch Joe Ranch. v For more information, contact Richard E. Bunger at 480 921-9487 (office), 480 291-2440 (cell), www.DutchJoeRanch. com. Copyright ©2009, REB Properties, LLC, All Rights Reserved.

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Wood Creek Livestock Company


Idaho v Elmore County

Under the same ownership since 1948, this historic Idaho ranch totals 20,900± deeded acres together with tens of thousands of acres of contiguous U.S. Forest Service and BLM grazing permits and State of Idaho leased lands. The ranch runs 1,100 mother cows and 200 replacement heifers. The grazing allotments associated with the ranch include three spring and fall BLM allotments totaling 9,000+ AUMs. The majority of the deeded lands are in a contiguous block southeast of Anderson Ranch Reservoir. This very rare offering is one hour east of Boise. $19,500,000.

Cove Meadow


Idaho v Blaine County v Sun Valley

Tucked away in the upper East Fork Valley, just 20 minutes from Ketchum, this exceptional 81±acre mountain retreat offers stunning views of the Pioneer Mountains and features a beautifully

Elk River Retreat

Colorado owner’s home, guest residence and caretaker’s quarters. The East Fork and Cove Creek meander Routt County v Steamboat Springs designed set of improvements built to the highest standard, including a 10,532±-square-foot through lush meadows for over half a mile, providing a haven for fish and wildlife. Bordered by federal lands and private ranch holdings, this property offers ultimate privacy and seclusion, yet is only a short drive to Sun Valley amenities. Reduced to $7,900,000.


Seven miles from Steamboat Springs, the Elk River Retreat offers exceptional fly-fishing on the Elk River, a professionally enhanced river and 1.2 miles in the adjoining state wildlife area. This diverse 35±-acre property with end-of-the-road privacy has meadows, aspens, dark timber, a spring, beach, a trail network and an attractive 4,188±-square-foot home with panoramic views into the adjacent national forest. $1,495,000.

Green River Ranch


Wyoming v Sublette County v Pinedale

The Green River Ranch is a premium trout fishing ranch with very good hunting and a legitimate cattle operation in northwest Wyoming. With over six and a half miles of frontage along the worldrenowned Green River, the ranch offers an exceptional combination of deep pools, undercut banks and intermittent rifles that harbor large brown, cutthroat and rainbow trout. The ranch consists of 1,700± deeded acres plus BLM and forest grazing leases and is 22 miles southwest of Pinedale and a one- and one-half-hour drive from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. $6,800,000. 406 656-7500 Investment Quality Rural Real Estate Throughout the U.S. & Internationally. Since 1946. Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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6/15/09 4:36:59 PM

Lima Peaks Ranch Montana v Beaverhead County v Dillon


Nestled beneath the 11,000-foot Lima Peaks, this mountain ranch features true end-ofthe-road








private lake and is reminiscent of an exclusive European resort accented with walnut, stone, marble, copper and glass. Only 15 minutes from a jet airstrip, the ranch has a complete set of ranch buildings, including a handcrafted log manager’s home, custom indoor horse arena, manager’s home, private lakes and a fish hatchery. The ranch also supports and attracts moose, antelope, mule deer and a large elk herd. The property includes deeded, State of Montana, BLM land and adjoining Beaverhead National Forest grazing allotment for 19,522± acres. A pivot-irrigated hay base and productive rangeland allow this Shangri-La to operate as a great ranch. Reduced to $14,900,000.

Alder Creek Ranch

Six Plus Ranch

Idaho v Custer County v Mackay


Occupying its own mountain valley, this spectacular 820±-deeded-acre ranch is two and a half miles long and surrounded on three sides by federal land with a mountain trout stream running its entire length. Features include big mountain views to the east and west, abundant wildlife, an owner’s compound, manager/ranch compound and total solitude. Featuring firstclass, tasteful improvements, the ranch lies 10 minutes to Mackay, Idaho and one and a half hours to Sun Valley. Reduced to $4,000,000.


Colorado v Routt County v Steamboat Springs

In the beautiful Elk River Valley, just 10± miles from Steamboat Springs, this 750±-acre ranch, from its location at the base of landmark Elk Mountain, features commanding views of the Continental Divide, the upper Elk River Valley and the Steamboat Ski Area. The majority of the ranch is rolling pasture, complemented by a mix of aspen groves, mountain oak and dark timber. This scenic ranch features a number of appealing homesites and is ideal for a small equestrian or cattle operation, conservation ranch, big game hunting property or a family retreat. $6,500,000.

Summit Springs Ranch Idaho v Custer County v Clyde






ranch borders the Salmon-Challis National Forest and features two miles of a trout-filled spring creek. In central Idaho’s upper Little 406 656-7500 Investment Quality Rural Real Estate Throughout the U.S. & Internationally. Since 1946.


Lost Valley, the ranch lies 30 miles north of the small ranching community of Howe and two hours from the larger commercial centers of Sun Valley and Idaho Falls. A fishing cabin overlooks the spring creek and offers outstanding views of the adjacent Lemhi Range and valley below. In addition to rainbow and brook trout, the ranch supports elk, mule deer, antelope, upland birds and waterfowl. $3,950,000.

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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6/15/09 4:37:51 PM

Flying H Ranch


Wyoming v Park County v Cody

An hour’s drive southwest of Cody, literally at the end of the road in the tightly held and sought-after Upper South Fork Valley, this magnificent 280±-acre ranch is arguably the premier property in the valley. The owners thoughtfully designed log home overlooks lush meadows that lie along the river, all bounded by the Shoshone National Forest. Extensive guest facilities and traditional ranch buildings round out the compound, with towering snowcapped peaks providing the larger context. $11,900,000.

North Star Ranch


Colorado v Huerfano County v La Veta

Bradbury Bijou Creek Ranch

Only four miles from La Veta, Colorado, North Star Ranch is a 265±-acre turn-key equestrian Colorado v Arapahoe County v Byers property. Outstanding improvements are the centerpiece of this offering and include an exquisite 4,000-square-foot Mediterranean-style home, a professionally designed 10-stall horse barn, 110'


The tree-lined West Bijou Creek valley runs through this very attractive creek-bottom ranch

by 220' indoor arena, remodeled caretaker home and charming guest cabin. Breathtaking views, for nearly three miles, providing tremendous sandstone rock outcroppings, irrigated meadows, water rights and approximately one and a half miles of the Cuchara River meander through this picturesque landscape. $6,250,000.

wildlife habitat, productive livestock pasture and dry cropland fields. Outside of the valley lies an interesting combination of rolling hills, dry cropland and small canyons. Just 45 minutes from downtown Denver, the property has excellent access and lies only six miles off of I-70 and the town of Byers. Bradbury Bijou Creek Ranch offers 2,454± acres with 543± acres of cropland, 1,911± acres of pasture, wildlife, trees, solitude and a beautiful setting for a cattle/equestrian operation with easy

Golden Valley Ranch

access to metro Denver amenities. $3,312,900.

Montana v Ravalli County v Victor


This ranch includes 160± very secluded acres with almost one and a half miles of Bear Creek frontage. Three immaculate, super-insulated homes on the property are ready to use. Near Victor, Montana and subdivided into eight tracts, giving the ranch excellent conservation easement potential, the property boasts timber and open meadows, abundant wildlife and dramatic views. It lies near numerous trailheads into the nearby wilderness areas, yet close to services. $3,495,000. 406 656-7500 Investment Quality Rural Real Estate Throughout the U.S. & Internationally. Since 1946. Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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6/15/09 4:38:22 PM

Michigan River Ranch Colorado v Jackson County v Walden


Featuring over six miles of fishing on the Michigan River, stunning scenery, abundant wildlife and a magnificent home, this easily accessible ranch is 75 minutes from Steamboat Springs. The dramatic peaks of the Never Summer and Medicine Bow Mountains serve as the backdrop for this impressive 2,100±acre ranch, which offers miles of state forest boundary and a balance of irrigated meadow, riparian corridor, native forest and rangeland. $10,750,000.

Volney Creek Ranch Montana v Carbon County v Red Lodge


Sixteen miles from the resort/ski community of Red Lodge and an hour’s drive from

McHessor Creek Ranch Montana v Madison County v Twin Bridges


Operating on 5,900± contiguous acres, McHessor Creek Ranch is a balanced 250-animal-unit extensive commercial air service in Montana’s ranch that produces hay for winter forage plus receives CRP payments. This well-run cattle largest city, Billings, the 1,215±-deeded-acre operation between Twin Bridges and Dillon, on the west slope of the Ruby Mountains, boasts a Volney Creek Ranch lies in the foothills of full complement of meticulously maintained ranch buildings, as well as extensive wildlife habitat the Beartooth Mountains with dramatic “in with easy access to public lands that encompass thousands of acres of wonderful mountain your face” views of the towering Beartooth country in which to recreate. $5,700,000. Mountains, home to Montana’s highest peak. The ranch is unimproved, but includes many wonderful sites for a building compound that would highlight the ranch’s pleasing mixture of irrigated bottoms and rolling foothill pastures, as well as outstanding views. It is estimated to support 100 animal units or ideal for a horse ranch. Reduced to $2,400,000. 406 656-7500 Investment Quality Rural Real Estate Throughout the U.S. & Internationally. Since 1946.


Gardner Creek Ranch Idaho v Custer County v Clayton


Bordering the Salmon-Challis National Forest on three sides, Gardner Creek Ranch is a very private, historic Custer County ranch. This 62±acre gemstone property is easily accessible from State Highway 75, an all-weather, paved road linking the ranch with the resort community of Sun Valley 80 miles to the south. The ranch

features a full set of classic, high-quality log improvements. Gardner Creek flows year-round though the center of the property, providing irrigation water and habitat for the area’s abundant deer and elk. This area is home to some of Idaho’s most spectacular mountain ranges and wildest rivers and offers unlimited recreational opportunities. Reduced to $1,750,000.

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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This exceptional 50±-deeded-acre riverfront estate lies just 30 minutes from Park City in the upper reaches of the Provo River Valley. An outstanding five-bedroom, 6,800-squarefoot home combines Western rustic with Western elegance on beautifully manicured and landscaped grounds. With the South Fork of the Provo running through the ranch for one and a half miles and Noblette Spring Creek meandering

by the home, the ranch enjoys sweeping lawns, a sport court, volleyball court, bike paths and a complete horse setup. Directly adjoining national forest, this ranch accesses great trail systems in both the summer and winter. This quintessential package has it all within a half-hour of a major ski resort community. $9,900,000.

River House Ranch Utah v Wasatch County v Woodland

Paradise Hill Ranch Montana v Park County v Livingston


Montana mountain peaks and river views surround this square mile of timber, creek and meadows close to Livingston and Bozeman. These 640± acres consist of interspersed mountain aspen,

Moose Creek Ranch Idaho v Custer County v Mackay


Featuring three-quarters of a mile of both sides of the Big Lost River, this beautiful 500±-acre ranch, only a one- and one-halfhour drive from Sun Valley, is among the

evergreen and stream-cut meadows. Spectacular views take in the 10,000' granite mountain valley’s premier trout fishing and wildlife peaks as well as the aptly named Paradise Valley of the Yellowstone River. It is just 14 miles

properties. Two attractively furnished fishing

south of Livingston, yet borders national forest on two sides. Bozeman’s commercial airport and cabins nestled in a secluded cottonwood Yellowstone National Park are each 40 miles away. $4,800,000.

Todd Creek Ranch


setting offer huge views of Idaho’s highest peaks. 100± acres are productive sprinkler irrigated cropland. $3,450,000.

Colorado v Routt County v Yampa

Todd Creek Ranch is a scenic 1,160±-acre mountain ranch between Steamboat Springs and the Vail Valley. The ranch is adjacent to both national forest and BLM lands. Todd Creek meanders through the property for several miles, providing water for wildlife and livestock. The ranch has a diverse mix of topography and vegetation, including creek bottom, grass and sage ridges and timbered hillsides. Numerous great building sites range from picturesque hilltop locations with commanding views of the surrounding mountains to secluded valley settings with complete privacy. The ranch is only four miles to the town of Yampa, 30 miles to Steamboat Springs and 60 miles to Vail. $3,250,000. 406 656-7500 Investment Quality Rural Real Estate Throughout the U.S. & Internationally. Since 1946. Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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6/15/09 4:39:02 PM


One and a half miles from Gunnison, the 402±acre Two Rivers Ranch offers outstanding water rights and pristine irrigated meadows interspersed with massive cottonwoods. Both banks of Ohio Creek traverse the heart of the property, while frontage on the renowned Gunnison River completes the southeastern boundary for approximately one mile. This multidimensional property is adjacent to BLM and within minutes of the Gunnison-Crested Butte regional airport. This rare offering is well suited to

Two Rivers Ranch

develop into an exceptional fishery, conservation easement opportunity or a sound long-term

Colorado v Gunnison County v Gunnison

investment. Owner will carry. $8,500,000.

Leuthold Valley Creek Ranch Montana v Stillwater County v Molt

Elk Trails Ranch Wyoming v Fremont County v Dubois


A beautiful, private, end-of-the-road ranch outside Dubois, Wyoming, Elk Trails offers a main house and several guest cabins, all recently remodeled. The ranch adjoins national forest and state lands and enjoys sweeping mile-long views in every direction without


The Leuthold Valley Creek is a third-generation ranch ringed by five mountain ranges and a fully functional cow/calf operation. With numerous horizon-to-horizon views without rooftops, this 9,440±-acre ranch consists of nearly 1,000± acres of hay ground, 820± acres of cropland and 7,630± acres of grazing land. Responsible grazing practices coupled with water resources such as creeks and springs have created a refuge for upland birds, duck, deer, antelope and migratory elk. This ranch will be of interest to both cattle operators and sportsman. It has excellent year-round access and is less than 30 miles to Billings, Montana. Reduced to $4,700,000.

seeing another home. Encompassing 320± deeded acres and 640± state lease acres, this classic retreat has just the right improvements and the protection of public lands on three sides. Reduced to $1,995,000.

Muldoon Creek Ranch Idaho v Blaine County v Carey 406 656-7500 Investment Quality Rural Real Estate Throughout the U.S. & Internationally. Since 1946.



This is an extremely scenic mountain ranch near the head of Muldoon Creek less than 30 minutes from the Sun Valley airport. The property consists of 1,440± deeded acres with 40± state lease acres and 600± BLM acres. Owned by the same family for nearly 100 years, the ranch features about a mile of Muldoon Creek (both sides), excellent surface water rights, big views of snowcapped peaks, working ranch improvements and lots of wildlife and privacy. $2,950,000.

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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6/15/09 4:39:21 PM

Rapid Canyon Ranch


Wyoming v Sheridan County v Sheridan

Just 15 miles from Sheridan, the Rapid Canyon Ranch is the only significant ranch property currently available that joins national forest on the face of the Bighorn Mountains. Offering complete privacy, the 1,160±-acre ranch features a private mountain valley with a dramatic canyon setting, lush grassy hills, timbered mountainsides and a rushing stream. It also has a main residence, stone shed, stone bunkhouse, manager’s house and a large horse barn. Reduced to $7,900,000.

Monument Peak Ranch Colorado v Garfield County v Rifle


An exceptional big game hunting property, this strategic 1,620±-acre ranch lies in two parcels tied together with a large tract of BLM land on which the ranch has the outfitting permit. Between Rifle and Meeker, the ranch lies in one of Colorado’s most renowned hunting areas. Large elk herds and other big game make this area home. Minimal improvements leave unlimited options to build in an area that commands dramatic views of snowcapped peaks and broad vistas of colorful hillsides and mesa tops. $4,000,000.

Little Wickiup Ranch


Idaho v Custer County v Clayton

Challis National Forest and BLM lands surround this 584±-acre “in-holding” ranch near the end of the road on the East Fork of the Salmon River. Two hours from Sun Valley, the ranch has good access via county roads, three streams, over a mile of East Fork frontage and improvements: a 2,300±-square-foot owner’s cabin, 3,000' airstrip, airplane hanger, three-

Little Wood Headwaters Ranch

bay shop and a storage building. $1,500,000.

Idaho v Blaine County v Sun Valley


Less than 20 miles to the airport in Hailey, this stunning 3,060±-acre recreational and wildlife ranch is easily accessible to Sun Valley amenities, yet instills a sense of being a world away. The heart of the ranch is a secluded valley featuring three miles of a private trout stream beneath the peaks of the Pioneer Mountains. The ranch adjoins the Sawtooth National Forest and BLM lands and provides direct access to tens of thousands of acres of the Sun Valley area’s finest mountain country. A property of this size, scope and beauty is rarely available in the Sun Valley area. $3,250,000. 406 656-7500 Investment Quality Rural Real Estate Throughout the U.S. & Internationally. Since 1946. Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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6/15/09 4:39:52 PM


Ten miles southwest of the recently built and yet-to-be-discovered resort setting of Gateway, Colorado and 50 miles east of Moab, Utah, Zachry Ranches, Inc. is a very private, contiguous holding of 8,842± deeded acres. A mixture of forest, wetlands, irrigated meadows, seasonal creeks and a large lake create exceptional wildlife habitat and a diverse ecosystem for trophy elk and deer. It is modestly, but comfortably, improved.

Zachry Ranches, Inc. Colorado v Grand & San Juan Counties v Gateway

Von Ferstel Homestead Montana v Sweet Grass County v Big Timber


In the coveted and tightly held West Boulder Valley south of Big Timber, the focal point of the Von Ferstel Homestead, a charming 3,200±-square-foot, hand-hewn, two-bedroom log home with extensive public areas is perched on a dramatic site commanding arguably the finest granite peak views in the valley. Arrayed below the house, a

Adjacent to the Manti La Sal National Forest and the La Sal Mountain Utah State Forest, the ranch participates in Utah's Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit. $13,440,000.

San Juan Ranch Colorado v Archuleta County v Pagosa Springs


Located 16 miles south of Pagosa Springs, this private freestone fishery traverses through the center of 120± acres encompassing one mile of both sides of southwestern Colorado’s highly touted San Juan River. A custom, elegantly finished, 3,100-square-foot home featuring an environmentally friendly design includes restored timber beams, recycled wood flooring, walls and ceilings. The exterior is sheathed in corrugated steel and accented by a surplus of double Thermopane windows. Strategically located in a picturesque riverside setting, the ranch is surrounded by massive cottonwoods and overlooks beautiful irrigated meadows. It has an ambiance only a river can offer. A private gated entry close to the manager’s home and shop add to the functionality and use of this spectacular property. $4,900,000.

charming 1,600-square-foot, two-story, woodframe, four-bedroom, four-bath guesthouse complements a restored one-room log cabin with bath, a barn and equipment shed. A round corral and outdoor arena complete the equestrian facilities. The 91±-acre property drops down to front along a prime stretch of the West Boulder River. $2,750,000.

Tarryall Creek Ranch Colorado v Park County v Lake George 406 656-7500 Investment Quality Rural Real Estate Throughout the U.S. & Internationally. Since 1946.



Tarryall Creek Ranch is an exceptional fishing retreat featuring over a mile of a completely private tailwater fishery. The 460±-acre ranch is nearly surrounded by national forest. Elk, deer and bighorn sheep abound. The property offers a rich balance of topography and vegetation, including irrigated meadows, aspen groves and timbered hillsides with rock outcroppings. The ranch features convenient access in a secluded setting equidistant to Denver, Colorado Springs and Breckenridge. $2,950,000.

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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6/15/09 4:40:19 PM

Kootenai Springs Ranch Montana v Ravalli County v Stevensville


This western Montana ranch, an easy drive south of Missoula, is truly exceptional with 1,186± acres, almost 800± of which are deeded. Approximately one mile of the Bitterroot River forms the east boundary, offering highly productive trout fishing against a stupendous backdrop of snowcapped mountains. The home and other improvements, totaling 10,000 square feet, have been architecturally styled in wood, stone and glass to blend in with their surroundings and let the spotlight

rest upon the rich natural resources. Abundant spring water forms a series of fishable creeks and ponds where wildlife flourishes. The property is a licensed shooting preserve and is considered one of the finest sporting properties in western Montana. $14,500,000.

Two Dog Ranch


Gearhart Valley Ranch

Montana v Jefferson Co. v Whitehall

In the north end of the Jefferson River Valley near Whitehall, Montana, the Two Dog Ranch

Oregon v Klamath County v Bly

encompasses 212± deeded acres of premium


Featuring 7,810± deeded acres and 10+ miles of the North Fork Sprague River and Merrill Creek, farmland and riparian habitat. The property this is one of the finest operating and recreational properties on the market. Gearhart Mountain

is impeccably maintained with new irrigation

Wilderness Area serves as the backdrop for this impressive ranch, which offers extensive Forest

systems, lush alfalfa fields and robust food plots

Service boundary and a balance of irrigated meadows, timberlands and native rangeland. In that attract very healthy populations of trophy addition to miles of stream frontage with fishing for rainbow and brown trout, extensive surface whitetail deer, pheasant, waterfowl and other and ground water rights make this among the best-watered ranches available in the West today. varieties of wildlife. Fish Creek, a significant The property offers a full set of residential and agricultural improvements and is only an hour tributary of the Jefferson River, courses through from the Klamath Falls Airport. $10,950,000.

the property for three-quarters of a mile and


was recently restored by Trout Unlimited,

A short distance north of Dillon, Montana along

creating outstanding fish habitat. Intrinsik the banks of the Beaverhead River, the 775±- Architects designed and constructed a tasteful acre TL Ranch presents an opportunity for an compound utilizing reclaimed materials that owner to center oneself amongst some of the

includes a main residence, bunkhouse, dining

most diverse hunting and fishing opportunities

pavilion and a four-stall horse barn. This very

in the state, while maintaining a small farming

TL Ranch Montana v Madison Co. v Twin Bridges

refined bottomland ranch offers tremendous and livestock operation. The ranch offers a great views of the Tobacco Root and Highland degree of privacy as it is completely surrounded Mountain Ranges. $2,875,000. by private holdings and screened by mature trees that grow along California Slough, which

courses through the property. A modest building compound complements the ranch, highlighted by an old log barn reminiscent of the deep history in ranching that is a strong component of this valley. Snowcapped peaks on multiple mountain ranges completely surround the valley, providing panoramic views in all directions. $2,895,000. 406 656-7500 Investment Quality Rural Real Estate Throughout the U.S. & Internationally. Since 1946. Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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6/15/09 4:40:38 PM


The epitome of the West, this classic Montana ranch is expansive, private, mountainous and full of horses, cattle, wildlife and cowboy and Indian history. The Horse Prairie Ranch is one of Montana’s historic reputation ranches, acclaimed by USA Today as one of the “10 Best Places to be a Cowboy.” It includes 30,000± acres of combined deeded (8,281± acres) and leased (22,439± acres) lands in one private

Horse Prairie Ranch Montana v Beaverhead County v Grant

block in a mountain valley surrounded by other large cattle ranches, forested mountains and thousands of acres of public lands. Aspen-lined streams emanating from the adjoining evergreen

forest course for miles through the ranch’s grass, sage and irrigated hay lands. Horses, cattle, elk, deer and antelope dot the landscape. The panorama stretches for 30 miles to the tops of surrounding mountain ranges, and night reveals only a handful of neighboring lights under a canopy of brilliant stars. Privacy is assured, yet Dillon, the cow-town center of southwest Montana, is within 45 minutes. The Horse Prairie Ranch is unique in its setting with headquarters in the center of the ranch and the private owner and guest cabins next to USFS lands in the upper reaches. $18,000,000.

Kootenai Rocks Ranch Montana v Ravalli County v Stevensville


This 867±-acre unimproved ranch near Stevensville, south of Missoula, is adjacent to national forest. An attractive hay meadow

G Bar T Ranch Montana v Broadwater County v Townsend


This classic mountain ranch operates on 25,000± acres (5,300+ deeded) and boasts fine private mule deer and elk hunting on deeded and adjoining thousands of acres of national forest and

nestled below a gorgeous mix of conifers public lands. Improvements include two attractive ranch homes and a private mountain cabin. and deciduous trees offers many very private It is within two miles of fishing and waterskiing on the 26-mile-long Canyon Ferry Lake and is building sites with amazing views. Contiguous

within an hour of the Helena and Bozeman airports, placing it at the epicenter of Montana’s finest

to other large holdings, this easily accessible recreational amenities. This is a terrific opportunity to own a productive operating mountain large property is a rare find in the sought-after ranch with a huge hunting and wildlife component. $8,500,000. Bitterroot Valley. There is excellent potential for an equestrian facility. $7,500,000.


Pick from multiple homesites on this endof-the-road property deep within the Allen Mountain Roadless Area. Unparalleled privacy in a wilderness setting, this 270±-acre property offers a unique situation high above the West Fork of the Bitterroot River in Montana. Four miles of Hughes Creek run through this 406 656-7500 Investment Quality Rural Real Estate Throughout the U.S. & Internationally. Since 1946.


property, providing a magnet for big game animals and outstanding opportunities for private days of fly-fishing for native cutthroat

Hughes Creek Homestead Montana v Ravalli County v Darby

trout. This property shares the last six miles of road with two other owners; for the last two and a half miles, it is the exclusive right-of-way for the owner of this roadless area inholding. For privacy, seclusion and unbeatable hunting, this is a rare and exceptional property. $1,275,000.

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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6/15/09 4:41:31 PM


The historic Crazy D Ranch is comprised of 12,170± deeded acres just north of Big Timber. There are 3,600± acres of irrigated hay ground and improved pasture with the remaining 8,500± acres in native range. The ranch has recently been running approximately 450 head, but is capable of running a balanced operation which will support 500 to 550 head of mother cows. Magnificent views of the Crazy Mountains can be enjoyed from almost anywhere on the ranch. Twelve miles

Crazy D Ranch Montana v Sweet Grass County v Big Timber

of Sweet Grass Creek, Spring Creek, Cayuse Creek and Dead Beaver Creek flow through the ranch, providing an absolutely outstanding fishing resource. Extensive wildlife includes antelope, whitetail and mule deer, grouse, pheasant, partridge, crane, turkey, duck and geese. Several ranch homes include a masterfully designed and beautifully built log home. This truly exceptional ranch provides an immediate opportunity to have a solid working ranch with fantastic recreational attributes in a magnificent setting. $22,500,000.

Fishtrap Ranch Montana v Deer Lodge County v Wise River

In the heart of the Big Hole Valley, 18 miles east of Wise River, Montana, the Fishtrap Ranch

Kettle River Ranch

encompasses 1,584± deeded acres of beautiful mountain terrain. Fishtrap Creek courses through

Washington v Ferry County v Curlew



its western boundary for nearly a mile and, in addition to being a fine freestone fishery for a Lying just below the Canada border in variety of trout, plays a critical role to spawning grayling. Additionally, the ranch has a substantial undiscovered northeastern Washington, this hay base that helps support the number of big game animals and cattle that co-inhabit the beautiful 145±-acre ranch offers 360-degree property. Because of its position straddling a major elk migration route, it boasts outstanding views of the surrounding Kettle Mountains elk hunting. The views overlook neighboring large-scale ranches and up towards the spectacular, and encompasses its own peninsula with one jagged snowcapped peaks to the north. Fishtrap Ranch presents a productive small mountain and a half miles of trout-filled Kettle River. The cattle ranch with outstanding recreational amenities. $3,250,000.

property features a combination of irrigated hay meadows, cottonwood bottomlands and elevated uplands with views stretching into nearby British Columbia. Improvements include a ranch house, classic barns and hay storage. The ranch and nearby USFS lands offer fly-fishing, deer and upland hunting, hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding. Accessible yearround, this secluded gem is two and a half hours

Little Rapid Creek Ranch


Wyoming v Sheridan County v Sheridan

Little Rapid Creek Ranch is the most important property on the face of the Bighorns to become available in many years. It offers complete privacy in a beautiful mountain setting, yet is only 20 minutes from Sheridan. Properties like this rarely come on the market. Truly unique and rare, this one-of-a-kind 100±-acre property is bordered by conservation easement-protected larger ranches and should move quickly. Reduced to $1,350,000.

northwest of Spokane and five hours east of Seattle. Co-listed with Greg Schuster, Tomlinson Black North, Inc. Reduced to $695,000. 406 656-7500 Investment Quality Rural Real Estate Throughout the U.S. & Internationally. Since 1946. Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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6/15/09 4:41:55 PM


In the renowned Elk River Valley, the Round Mountain Ranch is an outdoorsman’s paradise with excellent cattle and horse facilities. This 1,132±-acre operating ranch boasts excellent fishing on approximately one mile of the Elk River, a meandering meadow stream and a spring-fed lake. Adjacent to the Routt National Forest, the property provides direct access to abundant big game and recreational opportunities. Comfortably accommodating up to 17 people, the ranch offers extensive and well-thought-out improvements

Round Mountain Ranch

built to the highest standards; these include a 5,126±-square-foot owner’s residence, beautifully

Colorado v Routt County v Steamboat Springs

restored river cabin, separate accommodations

for guests and management, very impressive barns, shop and a state-of-the-art indoor arena. This magnificent private ranch is within minutes of Steamboat Springs, one of Colorado’s premier resort communities, providing something for everyone: skiing, hiking, golf, snowmobiling, as well as fine dining, cultural attractions and shopping. Daily commercial jet service is a mere 40-minute drive, and Vail offers specialty shops 90 minutes away. $16,900,000.

North Fork Angler’s Sanctuary Montana v Powell County v Ovando


White River Retreat Colorado v Rio Blanco County v Meeker


The Blackfoot River’s North Fork is the White River Retreat represents an extraordinary opportunity to own a beautiful stretch of the crown jewel of these 44± acres near Ovando. coveted and tightly held White River. The property includes an excellent private section of the An end-of-the-road building site, solitude, White River, with good holding water and multiple braids to increase the diversity and amount of affordability and over a third of a mile of river

fishable water. White River Retreat consists of two adjacent lots; one with an exquisitely finished frontage make this a rare find. Trailheads 3,400±-square-foot log home and the second, also with well, provides the opportunity to build into the Bob Marshall-Scapegoat Wilderness an additional home. The 10±-acre property is conveniently located on a well-maintained, paved Complex are a short drive. Bordering county road 13± miles from Meeker. Reduced to $1,400,000. properties are protected by conservation

Big Blackfoot River Ranch

easement. $850,000.


Montana v Powell County v Ovando

These properties represent a rare find: nearly two miles of Blackfoot River frontage in Montana’s Blackfoot Valley! End-of-the-road seclusion, excellent fishing, elk/deer hunting and power/ phone on site mean these offerings will be in 406 656-7500 Investment Quality Rural Real Estate Throughout the U.S. & Internationally. Since 1946.


high demand. Approximately one hour to the Missoula airport, this property is offered in its entirety with 373± acres for $3,474,000 or in the following two configurations: 211± acres for $1,899,000 or 162± acres for $1,575,000. Owner financing available.

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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6/15/09 4:42:16 PM


Oak Ridge Ranch

Just 27 miles east of Pebble Beach, this 6,375±-acre cattle ranch offers a true ranching environment a

California v Monterey County v Upper Carmel Valley

short distance from the charming communities of Carmel Valley Village and Carmel-by-the-Sea. Extensive improvements include a main residence, guest home, caretaker’s house and barn. An extensive road system makes all areas of the ranch accessible by vehicle. There is good water with 12 developed springs and 21 stock ponds, as well as excellent wildlife populations, including deer, turkey, quail, bobcat and Russian wild boar. A 30-minute drive to the Monterey Peninsula Airport, this property has the potential to grow grapes. Colisted with Clark Company. $33,000,000.

Alpha Sierra Ranch Colorado v San Miguel County v Placerville


Located 14 miles southwest of Placerville and within 30 miles of Telluride, Colorado, the Alpha Sierra Ranch consists of just over 1,044± acres and is contiguous to thousands of acres of BLM, which provide additional access to the Uncompahgre National Forest and Lizard Head Wilderness Area. This beautiful mountain ranch is complemented by end-of-the-road privacy, panoramic views, irrigated land, water rights, several lakes and is uniquely positioned on the east side of Beaver Canyon, which is a major migratory corridor for wildlife. Price reduced to $5,500,000.

Pintler Ranch on Trout Creek Montana v Granite County v Philipsburg


Big views of the Pintler Mountains can be enjoyed from a variety of vantage points on this 614±-acre ranch with over a mile of a private fishery flowing through. The terrain consists of gently rolling native grass with easy access directly off the pavement a little more than an hour from Missoula. This area has it all, including a convenient location to nearby Georgetown Lake, Rock Creek, Discovery Basin Ski Area and hundreds of thousands of acres of public lands. $3,500,000. The property may be split in half.

Del Cerro Ranch


Colorado v Montrose County v Cimarron

Just 15 miles east of Montrose, Colorado and a few miles west of Cimarron, Del Cerro Ranch is accessed directly from Highway 50. The property consists of 1,200± acres with views overlooking the west entrance to Black Canyon. Rolling, oak-studded, north-facing hillsides are complemented by Cottonwood Creek, providing a year-round water resource for migratory wildlife. A conservation easement protects the ranch, but allows two more building envelopes in addition to the tastefully built 2,400-square-foot log home. Access to thousands of acres of BLM, Black Canyon National Park, Gunnison River and Gunnison National Forest is within minutes. $3,480,000. 406 656-7500 Investment Quality Rural Real Estate Throughout the U.S. & Internationally. Since 1946. Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

011-023 HallNHall.indd 23


6/15/09 4:42:58 PM

Geyser Ranch Montana v Judith Basin County v Geyser


Geyser Ranch is a serene mountain ranch consisting of 1,820 acres, including 520 acres of state lease. The ranch is in the Highwood Mountains of central Montana with easy access to Great Falls. The property has tremendous water resources near the headwaters of several pristine mountain streams that ribbon the property and provide excellent fishing. The ranch is a haven for deer and elk that traverse through the area and supports an ongoing cattle operation with an abundance

of adjudicated water rights. The improvements include a house, shop, barn, corrals, fences and irrigation structures. This is a spectacular mountain ranch with a leaseback arrangement available from the owner. $3,600,000. Contact John Stratman or Linda Niebur.

Sunset Ridge Ranch Colorado v El Paso County v Elbert


Diamond K Ranch Wyoming v Laramie County v Pine Bluffs


A productive cattle and hay ranch 35 miles east of Cheyenne, Wyoming, the Diamond K Ranch

A private tree-covered property with spectacular consists of 1,600 acres including 400 acres of irrigated grass and hay land and 780 acres of CRP mountain views, sunsets and an ecologically cropland. The ranch has an excellent, complete set of improvements with two homes, a hunting diverse environment, this ranch has 220 acres cabin, metal shop, barn and more. The ranch lies in a scenic area of the tree-covered Pine Bluff of robust, healthy pine trees, rock outcroppings area and includes pine trees and wildlife opportunities. Offering wind generation potential, the and lush meadows. Improvements include a

ranch has excellent location and is served by a paved county road seven miles from Interstate 80.

spectacular 4,900-square-foot, custom, stone- $2,250,000. Contact John Stratman. sided, frame home with three bedrooms and three and a half baths, plus a full complement of outbuildings. The eastern portion contains a 40±-acre hay field with top-quality grass hay. Fenced and cross-fenced for rotational grazing, developed and approved by the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the ranch is easily accessible to Colorado Springs or Denver. Sunset Ridge Ranch would make an

Hill Place Ranch

exceptional equestrian facility or private retreat.

Nebraska v Sioux County v Harrison

$2,500,000. John Stratman or Linda Niebur.


Northeast of Harrison, near Hat Creek, Hill Place Ranch comprises 1,500 diverse acres. Crossfenced into several pastures, the property has a spring-fed, year-round creek that supplies a large fishing reservoir and irrigates 30± acres. 300± acres are or have been historically farmed for

214 8th St., Suite 100 Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

877 207-9700 toll free


dryland crops, such as wheat. The terrain ranges from undulating cropland to steep timbered hills. The combination of land and water make it a haven for deer, elk, turkey and other animals. An old house is used as a hunting camp. This is a tremendous property for wildlife opportunities and agricultural production. $1,200,000. Contact John Stratman.

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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These 2,300 pristine acres have expansive, top-of-the-world views and are surrounded by national forest and BLM lands, bordering the Flat Tops Wilderness Area. The northern border of the ranch is the spectacular Deep Creek Canyon. The ranch controls the trail access to Deep Creek and its magnificent 1,500- to 2,000-foot canyon walls that harbor

Wilderness Ranch

abundant wildlife and include excellent fishing. Whether you desire a private trophy hunting ranch, a large land development

Colorado v Garfield County v Dotsero

opportunity or a high-end resort development, this ranch’s potential is all encompassing. This ranch is worlds away in terms of privacy, yet convenient to I-70, the Eagle/Vail airport, Glenwood Springs and world-class skiing at Vail, Beaver Creek and Aspen. $13,950,000. Contact Rue Balcomb or Robb Van Pelt. Co-listed with David Campbell, Slifer, Smith & Frampton, 970 479-2018.

Lazy H Ranch Colorado v Delta & Gunnison Counties v Paonia


Four miles northeast of Paonia, Colorado, the 4,029-acre Lazy H Ranch is one of the most prolific

Double XX Ranch Colorado v Conejos County v Antonito


hunting ranches in western Colorado. Perfectly situated between one and a half miles of the The Double XX Ranch, located in the southern North Fork of the Gunnison River and nine miles of national forest/BLM border, this ranch is a San Luis Valley, 25 miles south of Alamosa, is one wildlife enthusiast and hunter’s paradise. Trophy mule deer, elk and mountain lion can be found of the finest examples of a Colorado cattle ranch on the ranch, which lies in their natural migratory route at an elevation between 5,900 and 7,000 on the market today. Consisting of 3,992 acres, feet. Improvements include three homes, a Morton building shop, a fully furnished mountain

including 3,000 acres of irrigated hay meadows,

cabin, barn and corrals. $13,800,000. Contact Rue Balcomb, Robb Van Pelt or John Stratman.

the ranch is capable of running 1,400 mother cows. The Double XX offers 1.75 miles of the Conejos River stocked with brown and rainbow trout and easy access to the Rio Grande River from the east end of the ranch. Water rights include 75 cubic feet of water and a 1,000-gpm adjudicated irrigation well. The well-improved ranch has two sets of cattle working facilities, a remodeled

Cedar Ridge Ranch

manager’s home, 4,000-square-foot shop, calving

Colorado v Garfield County v Carbondale

management in place. $8,900,000. Contact Rue


A luxurious mountain retreat in the heart of the Roaring Fork Valley, Cedar Ridge Ranch has an

barn, hay barn and a commodity barn. Excellent Balcomb, Robb Van Pelt or John Stratman.

elegant mountain home, guest home, caretaker’s home and horse facility on 102 acres, minutes from Carbondale. This fastidiously detailed, 9,000-square-foot custom home has been sited to take full advantage of spectacular Mt. Sopris views. The finest components and craftsmanship were employed in light-touch electrical and geothermal heating and cooling systems. Other special touches include a

214 8th St., Suite 100 Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

courtyard and heated spa/pool. Equestrian improvements include a 20-stall barn with indoor arena,

877 207-9700 toll free

the construction of the home: from extensive stonework and old barn-wood beams to programmable

paddocks, two outdoor arenas and water rights. $8,950,000. Rue Balcomb or Robb Van Pelt. Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

024-030 MasonMorse.indd 25


6/9/09 2:30:20 PM


A working cattle ranch on the Continental Divide with 34,000 deeded acres and 136,000 state and BLM grazing lease acres, York Ranch has a carrying capacity of 2,300± animal units, making the ranch a positive cash flow operation. Bordered on the east by the Cibola Wilderness area and on the north by the El Malpais National Monument and

York Ranch

the West Malpais Wilderness area, the ranch

New Mexico v Catron & Cibola Counties v Grants

has many improvements, including buildings, fences and water wells. Do not overlook the

benefit of excellent hunting for trophy elk, antelope, mule deer and other wild game. Numerous Anasazi Indian artifacts can be found, as well. $16,400,000. Contact Rue Balcomb, Robb Van Pelt or John Stratman.

Wandering Star Ranch

Sanctuary Ridge Ranch

Idaho v Boise County v Garden Valley

Colorado v Larimer County v Berthoud



Located in the beautiful community of Garden A rare find along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, Sanctuary Ridge Ranch consists of Valley, the Wandering Star Ranch encompasses 212± acres of several ridges and valleys and untouched and distinctive native land. The ranch approximately 47 private acres with Scriver can be developed as an exclusive rural sanctuary restricted to limited homesites or a spectacular

Creek frontage, dramatic river and mountain trophy residence and private ranch. All ridges have excellent views that can never be obstructed, views and year-round access. The ranch sits and there are many suitable building sites to choose from at each vista. Views stretch from at approximately 3,000 feet in elevation in a Wyoming to southern Colorado. Choose your place in the foothills overlooking the Front Range valley that is dissected by the middle fork of of Colorado. $2,975,000. Contact Karen Claycomb. the Payette River. Excellent views of the Middle Fork River and the surrounding mountains can be seen from every room of the 4,600-squarefoot, custom-designed, two-level home and the large, covered wraparound porch. The barn includes three stalls, a tack room, storage and guest/caretaker’s quarters. Wandering Star’s setting is an outdoor paradise with easy

Canyon Springs Ranch

access to lakes and streams for fishing, hiking, snowmobiling and skiing. The ranch has 42 irrigated acres producing excellent-quality grass hay. $1,800,000. Contact Rue Balcomb.


Nebraska v Sioux County v Crawford

A rare, scenic and very private 280 acres, Canyon Springs Ranch has a modern, beautiful and spacious home with four bedrooms, sunroom, two-story living room, country kitchen and a cozy, south-facing patio area with hot tub. The homesite has a parklike setting; the entire property is immaculate. The acreage has a half-mile of Charcoal Creek and three-quarters of a mile of the

214 8th St., Suite 100 Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

White River running through it, with abundant trout. Bordering Peterson Wildlife Management

877 207-9700 toll free

and diverse recreational opportunities nearby. This is an ideal ranch for a horseman or small


Area, with 2,600+ acres of prime hunting and recreation, the ranch offers end-of-the-road privacy rancher. $975,000. Contact Karen Claycomb.

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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6/9/09 2:31:05 PM


One of the last remaining large, multigenerational, family-owned ranches in Jefferson County, Centaur Ranch consists of 455.76 contiguous acres nestled in the foothills west of Denver, at an elevation of 7,200 feet, just off of Highway 73 in Evergreen. Ponderosa pine forests and aspen-laden hillsides interspersed with grass hay meadows are excellent elk and deer habitat.

Centaur Mountain Ranch

In cooperation with Jefferson County and the Mountain Area Land Trust, a rural cluster plan was created to preserve the natural beauty of the

Colorado v Jefferson County v Evergreen

ranch while providing 26 5-acre lots with established building envelopes. Enjoy views of Longs Peak and Mount Evans. This is a special opportunity to own a large mountain acreage with an upside in future development. $15,000,000. Contact Rue Balcomb, Robb Van Pelt or Ted Schaal.

Beaver Meadows Resort Walker’s 91 Ranch Wyoming v Albany County v Centennial


A primary feature of this 2,150-acre ranch, the Little Laramie River, flows through the property for over one and a half miles, providing excellent fishing for brown and rainbow trout. Homesteaded in the 1860s, the ranch is a combination of irrigated and sub-irrigated hay meadows that produce 100± tons of excellent-quality hay and pastureland. An “island” in the middle of the ranch with stands of aspen and conifer trees and grassy parks is a haven for elk. Improvements include a spacious, five-bedroom, log main home; a two-bedroom manager’s home; bunkhouse; log barn; innovative indoor cattle working facilities; 44' by 114' shop and a multi-purpose garage. $6,950,000. The owner will consider all reasonable offers. Contact Ted Schaal.


Colorado v Larimer County Red Feather Lakes

An operating guest ranch northwest of Fort Collins,





offers a variety of recreational activities and events, including weddings and conferences. Improvements include a restaurant with full liquor license, a lodge with conference room, five condominiums, offices, four cabins and a number of support buildings. The property lies in an accessible mountain area with the North Fork of the Cache La Poudre River and two streams flowing through the property for over two miles. The property is on 438 acres with permitting to further develop the property. Water rights allow well drilling in accordance with a completed augmentation plan. The property can be purchased in a variety of parcels. The guest ranch operation, which includes over $2

West Elk Springs Ranch

million of furniture and equipment, is available

Colorado v Montrose County v Crawford

or the entire offering is available for $4,295,000.


separately along with 159 acres for $2,695,000,

West Elk Ranch consists of 685 rolling to gently hilly acres, of which 400± are irrigated grass Contact Ted Schaal or John Stratman. pasture interspersed with stands of gambel oak. Historically, the ranch has been used to graze cattle on the lush mountain grass and for hay production. Fenced and cross-fenced with excellent views, the ranch has water rights, four springs, (two are adjudicated year-round springs) and 13 West Elk Wilderness are just a few minutes from the ranch. The ranch has been platted into

214 8th St., Suite 100 Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

18 parcels ranging from approximately 38 to 40 acres. Power, phone and domestic water are

877 207-9700 toll free

ponds. Enjoy excellent hunting for deer and elk. The Black Canyon of the Gunnison and the

available nearby. $2,950,000. Contact Ted Schaal or Robb Van Pelt. Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

024-030 MasonMorse.indd 27


6/9/09 2:31:55 PM

B Bar K Ranch Colorado v Jefferson County v Evergreen


The B Bar K Ranch is near the historic town of Evergreen, west of Denver, in the majestic Rocky Mountains. The B Bar K encompasses 984 acres, of which half is hay meadows and pasture, and the balance is a mixture of pine, fir and aspen trees. The ranch is protected by a conservation easement that allows for additional primary residences and various supporting structures. A magnificent stone residence of just over 14,742 square feet includes nine bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a 23-seat theater, a 16-person hot tub, an exercise room, library and many other features. The world-class barn consists of 45,890 square feet under one roof, including heated arena with viewing room, 19 stalls with every imaginable equine amenity and a caretaker’s apartment. A nearby attraction is the world-famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Denver International Airport is just over an hour from the ranch, and two other jet-capable airports are 30 to 45 minutes away. $13,950,000. Contact Ted Schaal. Co-listed with Roger Campbell, The Kentwood Company, 303 721-6404.

Shinn Park Ranch Colorado v Montrose County v Montrose


An incredible 2,365-acre working cattle ranch, this ranch has 1,734 acres of high-country summer grazing land, multiple ponds and a 631±-acre headquarters parcel with 327 acres of irrigated hay meadows and pastureland, abundant water rights, extensive livestock improvements; a 7,200-square-foot, six-bedroom, five-bath owner’s home; and a three-bedroom manager’s home. Offered for $9,850,000. The Waterdog Parcel has 1,734 acres of high country summer grazing land, multiple ponds and commanding views of the San Juan Mountains, Cimarron Mountains, Horsefly Peak and the Uncompahgre Plateau. Available separately for $4,950,000. Contact Rue Balcomb or Robb Van Pelt. Co-listed with Jim Nerlin, Telluride Real Estate, 970 728-1618.

Colbert Ranch


Colorado v Montezuma County v Dolores

This exceptional 171-acre equestrian facility 65 miles from Telluride was designed as a breeding and training facility for performance horses. Highlights include a 150' by 300' outdoor arena with lighting, grandstands and a return alley for cattle; a 20-stall heated barn with attached apartment; a historic 2,340-square-foot, three-bedroom, three-bath home built in 1915; a

214 8th St., Suite 100 Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

1,500-square-foot, three-bedroom, three-bath manager’s home; and a party barn (56' by 56')

877 207-9700 toll free

irrigated with side-roll sprinklers. Enjoy the stunning views! $2,995,000. Contact Rue Balcomb


converted into a home with a large deck. Approximately 100 acres of native grass hayfields are or Robb Van Pelt. Co-listed with Jim Nerlin, Telluride Real Estate, 970 728-1618.

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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6/9/09 2:33:02 PM


From spectacular vistas of red-banded mesas to the sheer walls of Canadian River canyons and

The Bell Ranch

New Mexico v San Miguel County v Tucumcari

the vastness of the Land of Enchantment, the Bell Ranch presents investors with a once-in-alifetime opportunity to own a piece of Western heritage with a vivid history pre-dating New Mexico’s statehood by nearly a century. Equal to the grandeur of the Bell Ranch’s 290,100 contiguous acres are the visions and traditions vested through this land. Here, cowboys work a breed of cattle found only at the Bell Ranch after 135 years dedicated to improving bloodlines. The ranch’s 453 square miles include steep canyons and open country for hunting dove, quail, turkey and antelope, whitetail and mule deer. The adjacent 9,600-acre Conchas Lake provides warm-water fishing opportunities, as well as other recreation, with the lake house and boat storage on the shore. The 10,832-squarefoot hacienda, built in the 1930s, reflects a Southwestern vintage style. Complete with a pool and tennis courts, this complex was designed to entertain such Hollywood icons as Howard Hughes, Clark Gable and Shirley Temple. An 8,200' lighted airstrip and hangar are nearby for private jet access. The ranch’s headquarters is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. Discover the deep attachment to this land known only by those who have experienced it. Offered for $99,000,000. $103,000,000 turnkey including all livestock and equipment. Robb Van Pelt, Rue Balcomb, John Stratman. Co-listed with Orvis/Cushman & Wakefield Ranch and Recreational Properties, LLC. 719 271-7458.

214 8th St., Suite 100 Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

877 207-9700 toll free Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

024-030 MasonMorse.indd 29


6/9/09 2:34:25 PM


Sundance Ranch

Wyoming v Crook County v Sundance

Sundance Ranch, a 16,750-acre commercialscale






extraordinary beauty, grandeur and history. A trophy ranch with significant cash flow is a rare find. Its highly productive rangeland and state-of-the-art facilities make Sundance Ranch one of the most efficient ranches available anywhere. Land is an excellent investment. Ranching affords a unique lifestyle and western ranch life is therapy for the body and spirit. Elk, mule deer, whitetail deer, antelope and wild turkey thrive on this ranch. It qualifies for landowner hunting licenses for all species. Borders with Black Hills National Forest and over two miles of Inyan Kara Creek enhance the recreational opportunities. Call for a showing, DVD or a brochure. $14,500,000. Contact John Stratman, Rue Balcomb or Robb Van Pelt.

214 8th St., Suite 100 Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

877 207-9700 toll free


Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

024-030 MasonMorse.indd 30

6/9/09 2:35:15 PM

Fishlake Ranch Utah v Sevier County v Salina


Fishlake Ranch is one of the finest fair-chase trophy elk properties available in the world today. The 8,150-acre ranch is enrolled in Utah’s Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit (CWMU) program, which is a cooperative agreement with Utah Game and Fish through

which the owners have traditionally received 12 guaranteed rifle bull tags for the September rut. Over the last five years, hunter harvest averages have exceeded 345" B&C, with two bulls harvested grossing over 400" B&C. More recently, the B&C world record “Spider Bull” was harvested on the adjoining national forest. The elk and deer habitat is ideal, with north-facing, gently rolling aspen slopes interspersed with grassy meadows, seeps, springs and ponds. Up to 15" brown and rainbow trout inhabit two small streams on the property. The ranch is a private inholding, surrounded on three sides by the Fishlake National Forest. $12,500,000. Contact Jeff Hubbard or Pat Lancaster.

Robinson Canyon Ranch


Wyoming v Johnson County v Buffalo

Robinson Canyon Ranch is a spectacular end-of-the-road property with incredible vistas, privacy and outstanding hunting and fishing opportunities. This 3,604±-acre ranch is nestled at the bottom of Robinson Canyon along the east slope of the Big Horn Mountains. The ranch sports world-class elk hunting (350–400" B&C), along with trophy whitetail (130–160" B&C), mule deer (160–190" B&C) and pronghorn antelope. Encompassing approximately one and a half miles of the Middle Fork of Crazy Woman Creek, an outstanding wild trout fishery, 13–16" browns and rainbows are common. The property has a charming, modern, three-bedroom, one- and one-halfbath log home, a log barn/shop, historic log guest cabin and several other outbuildings and log structures. Located 25± miles south of Buffalo, Wyoming, the ranch provides year-round access. $10,000,000. Contact Duffy Brown or Ken Mirr.

877 623-4545 1228 15th Street, Suite 304 Denver, CO 80202 Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

031-036 Mirr.indd 31


6/15/09 10:08:23 AM

BEST WEST of the


ucked away near the quaint town of La




Veta, Colorado are the luscious valleys and vistas, endless river and creeks

and natural sandstone walls and peaks of the picturesque Cuchara Valley Ranch. Entrenched in history and magnificent geology, the 4,717±acre ranch (1,290 acres deeded, 3,427 acres leased) is home to remarkable views unlike any seen in Colorado, world-class big game trophy hunting, multiple opportunities for the flyfisherman, historic water rights and excellent conservation values. The ranch is near the scenic Sangre de Cristo Mountains, known for its many peaks rising over 14,000 feet, at the foot of the majestic Spanish Peaks in Huerfano County. With seven miles of San Isabel National Forest boundary and private trails leading to the Spanish Peaks Wilderness Area, there is no shortage of recreation to be found on the property and adjoining national forest. The ranch itself is situated along the famous Highway of Legends, an 82-mile two-lane scenic byway that roller coasters its way through legacy ranches and

Colorado ❖ Huerfano County ❖ La Veta

fruitful farms. Water is supreme on this ranch due to good water rights, irrigated meadows and neverending water frontage. Coupled with a 3,427acre grazing lease, the ranch is currently the perfect home for operating a small cattle herd. In addition, elk, bighorn sheep, mountain lion, bear and other wildlife are attracted to the area, finding sanctuary in the montane shrubland, river, streams and creeks. The ranch lies within game management Unit 85, one of the best elk and deer hunting units in the state. World-class trophy bulls have been killed on this property and the immediate area (up to 400" B&C).


Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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6/15/09 10:09:55 AM

With a half-mile of the Cucharas River a spectacular, nationally renowned display of conservation community, “Certainly a one-

flowing through the property, together with lava dikes ranging from a few inches wide to of-a-kind property, Cuchara Valley Ranch is approximately four miles of frontage along 30 feet thick and up to 100 feet high. Another known throughout Colorado for its distinct White Creek, Chaparral Creek and Cottonwood interesting geologic formation, known as the

landscapes and important wildlife habitat and

Creek, and private access to many more miles Dakota Sandstone Wall, is on the ranch and

watersheds. Any owner will find value in its

of streams in the adjoining national forest, the

features “The Gap,” a break in the Wall created beauty, water, unique geology and proximity

ranch provides endless opportunities for the over the years by the Cucharas River rushing to the Sangre de Cristos, San Isabel National Forest, Spanish Peaks Wilderness Area and

avid fisherman. To add to this never-ending over the sandstone. fisherman’s paradise, there is one large private

Cuchara Valley Ranch and the southern Highway of Legends.”

stocked lake for fishing. The ranch also includes Sangre de Cristo area has been identified as a several spring-fed stock tanks.

Cuchara Valley Ranch: $12,000,000. For

priority landscape of statewide conservation more details, please contact Ken Mirr with the

Improvements on the Cuchara Valley Ranch concern

are historic and charming. The ranch has a nice




conservation Mirr Ranch Group, 877 623-4545 (office), 303

organizations and experts. According to Ken 888-0907 (cell),,

two-bedroom home along the Cucharas River Mirr, listing broker and a leader in the Colorado near the ranch entrance. A recently renovated historic barn with corrals near the fishing pond, new buck fencing near the barn and around the lower irrigated meadows, and a rustic cabin situated in an alpine setting near the waterfall along Chaparral Creek are also included. In addition, the current owner has exhibited excellent stewardship by initiating stream restoration and fishing habitat enhancements on the river as it flows through the ranch.

The property and surrounding vicinity boast

877 623-4545 1228 15th Street, Suite 304 Denver, CO 80202 Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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6/15/09 10:10:25 AM


A unique 3,500+-acre diversified sporting ranch in the Laramie Mountains west of Wheatland and only three hours from Denver, Johnson Sheep Mountain Ranch offers fly-fishing along private stretches of the North Laramie River and world-class hunting for mule deer and elk.

Johnson Sheep Mountain Ranch Wyoming v Platte County v Wheatland

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department designated the ranch as “crucial winter habitat” for big horn sheep and mule deer and “optimal yearlong winter range” for elk, mule deer and big horn sheep. Varied Western topography with rolling grassy hillsides, river bottom, steep canyon walls and rocky hillsides coupled with excellent access, gives this property unprecedented value. $5,270,000. Contact Ken Mirr.

Orchard Mesa Reserve


Colorado v Mesa County v Palisade

Orchard Mesa Reserve, a unique and acclaimed conservation development, consists of 150 acres of orchard/vineyard and river bluff land on East Orchard Mesa, overlooking the picturesque town of Palisade in western Colorado. Three parcels are available, ranging from 25 to 58 acres. The Colorado River meanders along and below the reserve, and the property offers scenic 360-degree views that include the Grand Mesa and Bookcliffs. Set within the idyllic orchard/vineyard tracts in western Colorado’s foremost fruit and wine country, each parcel has water rights, a new irrigation system, private roads and underground utilities. $845,000 to $1,920,000. Contact Ken Mirr.

Huerfano Valley Ranch


Colorado v Huerfano County v Gardner

Nestled in an idyllic setting just five miles east of Gardner, the 424±-acre Huerfano Valley Ranch features a recently remodeled, historic adobe home with river frontage, precious water rights, infinite recreational opportunities and panoramic views. Two secluded ponds and approximately

877 623-4545 1228 15th Street, Suite 304 Denver, CO 80202


a mile of the Huerfano River are on the property, providing sanctuaries for all types of wildlife: fish, waterfowl, raptors and herons. Elk, deer and turkey also frequent the ranch, drawn by the irrigated meadows, cottonwoods and piñon-juniper/ponderosa ecosystem. Price reduced from $1,750,000 to $1,500,000. Contact Ken Mirr or Mac McWhorter.

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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6/15/09 10:12:38 AM


Near the famous Western town of Buffalo and the world-renowned Big Horn Mountains, IX Ranch provides an incredible opportunity to purchase a spectacular ranch for the equestrian and sporting enthusiast. One and one-fourth miles of The North Fork of Crazy Woman Creek runs through the property and provides great opportunities for the avid fly-fisherman. In addition, Muddy Guard Reservoir #2 is on the southern border of

IX Ranch

the IX Ranch, offering excellent trout fishing and other recreational opportunities. The property

Wyoming v Johnson County v Buffalo

is complete with a custom-built rock/log home

nestled in a secluded valley, offering tremendous views of the mountains, a stream and the surrounding valley floor. The newly constructed indoor area/ barn provides all the amenities for the avid equestrian. Water rights included. $4,950,000. Contact Duffy Brown or Ken Mirr.


Located in the foothills of the Wind River Mountain Range, less than 90 minutes from the resort town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the 220-acre Mountain Springs Ranch has

Mountain Springs Ranch Wyoming v Sublette County v Pinedale

five trout-stocked ponds and an abundance of wildlife for hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing. The ranch is complete with a nice 3,000+-square-foot home, a guesthouse, a large heated shop building and several other utility buildings. Ready for your horses, you can ride directly from the ranch onto BLM land and then into the Bridger Wilderness Area. $2,600,000. Contact Mac McWhorter or Ken Mirr.


Elk and mule deer abound on and around the 423-acre Wilson Creek Ranch in Moffat County, Colorado. The owners have harvested over 20 bull elk and five to 10 mule deer bucks per year on the property and the surrounding 1,200Âą-acre BLM leased land. Much of the thousands of acres of adjacent BLM land are very difficult to access except by going through this ranch or other private

Wilson Creek Ranch Colorado v Moffat County v Meeker

property. Elevations range from 7,000' to 8,100', with irrigated pastureland along the creek and valley sections of the property and gambel oak, serviceberry and chokecherry dominating the hillsides. Over a mile of Wilson Creek runs through the middle of the property, supplying the ranch with plenty of water for irrigation, stock and wildlife. There are two comfortable homes on the property with a total of eight bedrooms and five and a half baths. Just 30 minutes from Meeker, Colorado and only four hours from Denver, this property would make a wonderful family mountain and hunting retreat. $1,490,000. Contact Jeff Hubbard or Pat Lancaster.

Running Creek Preserve Colorado v Elbert County v Elbert


This 640-acre preserve offers mountain views, productive mixed-grass prairie and a private canyon area containing the headwaters of Running Creek. With views of Pikes Peak and the Front Range, ample pasture area for your livestock and convenient access to both Denver and Colorado Springs, this would be a perfect place to build a second home/equestrian estate. This productive and ecologically diverse island of mixed-grass prairie is a great conservation opportunity. Price reduced from $1,600,000 to $1,300,000. Contact Ken Mirr or Mac McWhorter.

877 623-4545 1228 15th Street, Suite 304 Denver, CO 80202 Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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6/15/09 10:13:35 AM

OH Ranch Wyoming v Sheridan County v Big Horn


The OH Ranch is at the base of Little Goose Canyon and the magnificent Big Horn Mountains, near the desirable and sought-after communities of Big Horn and Sheridan, Wyoming. This gorgeous property consists of diverse topography, including rolling foothills, lush irrigated pastures and meadows and approximately one-half mile of Trabing Creek, an aspen-lined stream corridor teeming with wildlife. With end-of-the-road privacy and seclusion, the ranch is surrounded by protected land on three sides, preserving the incredible views for generations. $2,565,000. Contact Duffy Brown or Ken Mirr.

Fork Fishing Retreat Colorado v Grand County v Parshall


The Fork Fishing Retreat is a very rare opportunity to own a small, private 56-acre ranch with over a quarter mile of both banks of the Williams Fork River running through it. The property has the feel of a much larger ranch with bucolic pastures and benches overlooking the river providing several building sites with

Confluence Ranch

beautiful vistas of the Williams Fork Reservoir

Colorado v Grand County v Granby


and surrounding mountains and ranches. At the confluence of the Colorado River and Willow Creek, this 158-acre ranch offers private Currently unimproved, but fully fenced with a world-class fly-fishing, along with nationally renowned skiing at nearby Winter Park. Less than two gated entry, the property has a prolific spring hours from Denver, the property includes approximately half a mile of both sides of the Colorado that can be expanded to provide a unique water River and another quarter-mile of Willow Creek, a tailwater fishery. Water rights are included to feature, and enhancements can be made to the irrigate hay fields and create ponds for additional fishing, waterfowl and wildlife habitat. There river to improve this renown fishery. With easy are also large meadows and gentle sloping hillsides affording views of the surrounding majestic access, the ranch is only minutes from Hot

mountains. Price reduced from $3,000,000 to $2,500,000. Contact Ken Mirr.

Sulfur Springs and Granby, Colorado, with


The Williams Fork Overlook consists of

Winter Park only 40 minutes away. $1,500,000.

146Âą acres in north central Colorado with

Contact Ken Mirr or Chris Rebhun.

outstanding vistas of the entire Williams Fork Valley. There are several prime building sites adjacent to the spring creek running through the ranch with spectacular views of the Williams Fork Reservoir and surrounding

Williams Fork Overlook Colorado v Grand County v Parshall

877 623-4545 1228 15th Street, Suite 304 Denver, CO 80202


mountains. The spring creek runs through a draw full of aspen trees and willows as it drops down to the river, creating a nice contrast to the high plateaus above. The upper plateau offers

numerous building sites and excellent pasture for a small equestrian or recreational ranch. The ranch is only 30 minutes from the resort towns of Summit County, 40 minutes from Winter Park and is in the recreational heart of the Arapaho National Forest with trophy hunting and worldclass fishing just minutes from your door. $980,000. Contact Ken Mirr or Chris Rebhun.

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Pitchfork Ranch Montana v Big Horn County v Fort Smith


Just west of Fort Smith on the north side of the Bighorn Canyon at the foot of the Pryor Mountains, Pitchfork Ranch consists of 15,264 total acres of rolling grass meadow with several canyons and big sky mountain views in every direction. The Pitchfork embodies all that is special about Montana as one of the most scenic ranches in existence, including several caves in its canyons, some with ancient petroglyphs. $6,800,000.

OW Ranch Montana v Big Horn County v Decker


Thirty miles from Sheridan, Wyoming, the 46,848-acre OW Ranch is in the Hanging Woman Basin and offers restored historic improvements, four creeks, wells and springs. The OW Ranch headquarters, considered one of the most significant ranch headquarters in the entire country, was restored back to its original glory and preserved as a National Historic Landmark in 1993. Currently running 1,500 pair, the ranch is well watered and puts up 500 to 1,000 tons of native grass hay on its dryland meadows. $30,000,000. Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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6/8/09 5:14:09 PM

Colorado River Cattle Ranch Colorado v Grand County v Kremmling


One of the largest, best-located, convenient and productive cattle ranches in the Colorado mountains with fantastic water and amenities offered as an incredible value, this property is in northwest Colorado’s high country along the Colorado River. Between the world-renowned resorts of Vail, Winter Park and Steamboat Springs, just west of Kremmling, the 6,500-acre private, shared-amenity ranch includes a stunning home with expansive views, four additional houses and outbuildings. Sheep Creek flows through the ranch, along with water from two ditches and the Jones Reservoir, providing abundant water to irrigate the ranch’s expansive meadows. $7,950,000.

Tailwaters Ranch Colorado v Grand County v Kremmling


Tucked away in a high country wonderland between world-renowned resorts of Vail, Winter Park and Steamboat Springs, the 388-acre ranch sits at the south end of a mountain reservoir, overlooking the Gore Range and an alpine stream. It is adjacent to over a mile of some of the best trout fishing in the Rocky Mountains. This ranch is part of the Grand River Ranches, which offer an equestrian center with outdoor arena, stream and lake fishing with cabins, sporting clays shooting range and a lodge providing overnight accommodations, fine dining and an entertaining area. $2,950,000.


Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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6/8/09 5:15:03 PM


This historic lifestyle ranch contains approximately 1,135 acres of meadows and forest in a pristine valley bordering national forest and the Sunlight Ski Area just six miles from Glenwood Springs. The impressive estate features an impeccably remodeled main residence, recreation and guest homes, three cabins,

Argonaut Farm Colorado v Garfield County v Glenwood Springs


barns, equestrian facilities and several ponds. Four Mile Creek flows through the ranch for over a mile and provides ample water rights. $27,500,000. Contact Billy Long or Ron Morris.

In south central Wyoming between Casper and





production ranch has 12 miles of the Sweetwater River, diverse terrain, wildlife, wild horses and currently runs 2,400 cow/ calf pair plus 600 yearlings. Includes three sets of improvements, four pivot sprinklers and six sets of working corrals. Livestock, equipment and helicopter also available. $14,000,000 or $7,000,000 for 50% interest. Contact Ron Morris or Matt Johnston.

Split Rock Ranch Wyoming v Carbon, Fremont & Natrona Counties v Muddy Gap


With over two miles of national forest boundary and situated between Estes Park, Longmont and Loveland, this 1,650-acre Front Range hunting ranch offers incredible privacy, wildlife and scenery. The ranch has views in every direction along with one spring, the north fork of the Little Thompson

Elk Haven Ranch Colorado v Larimer County v Loveland

River and Hell Canyon Creek. This could be purchased with Blue Mountain Park Ranch. $8,950,000. Contact Ron Morris.

Deer Creek Ranch


Wyoming v Carbon County v Saratoga

Located in one of Wyoming’s premier mountain valley communities, this 1,348-acre ranch has two miles of Deer Creek meandering through it. The property is surrounded by wildlife habitat reserve lands and borders BLM land which leads into the Medicine Bow National Forest. Water rights dating back to 1897 irrigate 205 acres in native grass hay. The ranch includes a remodeled log home, two charming log cabins, a loft-style horse barn with tack room, hay barn, workshop and tractor shed. Just eight miles from the prestigious Old Baldy Club, this private, wellkept ranch offers everything in a ranch in a great location. $2,900,000. Contact Ron Morris. Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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6/8/09 5:16:53 PM


The jewel of the wide glacial Madison Valley sits at the south end of the Madison and Gravelley Mountain Ranges. A majestic 18,456± deeded acres, 1,745.6± leased acres and 5,186± acres in an on-and-off grazing permit with the U.S. Forest Service make up the legendary Sun Ranch on the Madison River. This Montana playground stretches from 5,700' elevation to nearly 10,000' at the ranch’s highest mountain peak and borders 14± miles of national forest and wilderness area along the eastern boundary. Phenomenal fishing is offered from approximately one and a quarter miles of Madison River frontage and its three

Sun Ranch on the Madison River Montana v Madison County v Cameron

tributaries—Sun, Moose and Wolf Creeks—that interweave the landscape. Hosting 100+ species of birds, including migratory waterfowl, several grouse species and birds of prey such as bald and golden eagles and red-tailed hawks, Sun Ranch sustains an abundant variety of elk, moose, grizzly and black bear, mule and whitetail deer, mountain goats, big horn sheep, wolverines, mountain lions and pronghorn antelope. Elk and antelope herds use Sun Ranch as a primary migratory pathway in and out of Yellowstone National Park. Home to 4,000+ migratory elk during the winter months, Sun Ranch is committed to keeping the ecology intact through educated management practices and is the reason that over 97% of the Sun Ranch is under conservation easement. Within one of the most awe-inspiring view sheds lies a picturesque experience—the Sun Ranch is the best of the northern Rockies. $55,000,000.

Stonewall Ranch Montana v Park County v Livingston








Alpine Meadows Ranch

Yellowstone National Park. It has an interesting history, awe-inspiring scenery and all of the freedom and privacy inherent to the western outdoors. The difference: it is only 15 minutes from downtown Livingston, Montana and features a

Montana v Ravalli County v Darby


The Alpine Meadows Ranch is 200± acres, of which 19± have been subdivided into 160 lots; this subdivision is known as The Como Orchards-University Heights. There are three Frank Lloyd

lavish, quintessential western mountain home. Wright-designed homes on the property, in addition to a newly-built entertainment center. There This property, with its location and deeded are breathtaking views of the Sapphire Mountains and it is minutes from fantastic fly-fishing on access, is one you definitely need to experience the Bitterroot River. It borders the Bitterroot National Forest and the Selway Wilderness Area and is minutes west of Darby, Montana and approximately one hour south of Missoula, Montana. to understand. $3,390,000. Deer, elk and moose can be seen in the 100± acres of forest ground on the ranch. $5,600,000.

Bangtail Homestead Montana v Gallatin County v Bozeman

Greg Fay, Broker James Esperti, Ryan Flair, Dave Halgerson, Jim Toth, Chuck Davison, Bill and Kim Boyce, B. Elfland, Chris Fagan & Toby Griffith Sales Associates

395 Gallatin Park Dr. Bozeman, MT 59715

800-238-8616 Please visit to view over $250,000,000 in sporting ranches for sale.



Bangtail Homestead provides a rare opportunity to own a 140±-acre mountain retreat in beautiful Bridger Canyon. The property offers a dramatic blend of mature evergreens, mountain meadows, sheer canyon walls and panoramic view sheds. The custom, western-style timber-frame home lies at the mouth of a pristine canyon from which Spring Creek emerges and flows past the home.

Approximately 12 miles from Bozeman and about nine miles from Bridger Bowl Ski Area, the property is convenient to the area’s finest cultural and recreational amenities. $4,165,000.

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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6/8/09 5:26:16 PM

Oyler Ranch on the Gallatin River Montana v Gallatin County v Manhattan


Boasting approximately two miles of the Gallatin River, approximately one and a half miles of Randall Spring Creek and 1,100± feet of Baker Creek, the 732±-acre Oyler Ranch on the Gallatin River has numerous recreational attributes which are an immediate draw. With over three and a half miles of these spring creek and river fisheries, the property is a wildlife mecca attracting numerous varieties which live amongst or traverse the rich, healthy riparian bottomland. Under a partial conservation easement, the Oyler Ranch also contains 90± acres of production ground under pivot irrigation. Only

West Boulder Fishing Sanctuary Montana v Park County v McLeod


The West Boulder Fishing Sanctuary lies

90 minutes from Yellowstone National Park, 40 minutes from Bridger Bowl, an hour from Big Sky Ski in the heart of a massive natural nexus—the & Summer Resort, within close proximity to several other world-class fisheries and a 15-minute drive Greater Yellowstone ecosytem. Within this from a commercial airport in Bozeman, the ranch is in the heart of a recreational paradise. The Oyler ecosystem sits one of the most hallowed sites Ranch is a comfortable fit and a high-value property for a buyer to enjoy a working ranch with world- of the West Boulder River, one of Montana’s class recreational attributes and within close proximity of town and pertaining amenities. $7,950,000.

most celebrated fisheries, notable for its scarcity. The property comes with a share in the West Boulder Reserve, comprising 1,300± acres straddling two and a half miles on both sides of the West Boulder River. This wildlife sanctuary is home to 100+ species of animals and birds; combined with the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness and National Forest, wildlife abounds. Structures dating to the 1920s and 1930s have been carefully

Churn Creek Estate Montana v Gallatin County v Bozeman


preserved and meticulously maintained to suit the needs of the 21st century while conserving the past. The property provides a privileged

Churn Creek Estate exhibits the very highest level of natural and recycled materials and expert place in nature alongside one of America’s craftsmanship to be found in a custom Montana home. The 8,702± square feet are grand in scale, but great wildernesses, a private, secure, fishing thoughtfully designed to flow seamlessly between dramatic shared space and intimate, personal living

experience allowing its next owner possession,

areas. The home is in a premier location and is bordered on two sides by common area open space. without management burdens, of a substantial Churn Creek Estate offers a tremendous opportunity for the discriminating buyer who desires the

ranch—all within reach of the most illustrious

finest in custom homes in close proximity to town amenities. $3,625,000.

of Montana’s rivers. $3,250,000.

Montana Fly Fishing Retreat


Montana v Madison County v Cameron

An exquisite, custom-built home amongst the shared ranching community called Sun West Ranch with access to 1,600± acres of Montana recreational playground and thousands of acres of public land. Built on 6± acres with direct access to three miles of world-class fishing on the Madison River, the home boasts phenomenal views of surrounding mountain ranges and a plethora of wildlife. Several blue ribbon trout fisheries are within a 90-minute drive including the Gallatin, Jefferson, Ruby and Big Hole Rivers. Within 40 minutes of Yellowstone National Park, an hour of Big Sky Ski Resort and 90 minutes from a commercial airport in Bozeman, this home is the best of Montana. $2,290,000.

Greg Fay, Broker James Esperti, Ryan Flair, Dave Halgerson, Jim Toth, Chuck Davison, Bill and Kim Boyce, B. Elfland, Chris Fagan & Toby Griffith Sales Associates

395 Gallatin Park Dr. Bozeman, MT 59715

800-238-8616 Please visit to view over $250,000,000 in sporting ranches for sale. Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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6/8/09 5:26:41 PM

Parson’s Spring Ranch


Montana v Madison County v Waterloo

Parson’s Spring Ranch is home to gorgeous scenery, diverse and plentiful wildlife, trophy

Home on the Madison River Montana v Gallatin County v Bozeman


During sunset at the 26± acres along the

whitetail deer and the restored mile of spring creek has trout exceeding 25" cruising through its depths and feeding off its fertile waters. Below the shadows of the rugged Tobacco Root and Highland Mountains, the 583± acre ranch has expansive fields of small grains and alfalfa hay

amongst the historic and lush Jefferson River Valley. Two ponds and healthy habitat contribute Madison River, eagles fishing the fertile to the wildlife and fishing habitat, which has expanded and improved considerably on this spring waters and deer drawing an evening drink creek haven on which there are ongoing restoration projects. A refurbished ranch house and a can be enjoyed from the adobe-walled

new, handcrafted cabin provide luxury comfort, and a commercial airport is available within a courtyard of the beautiful two-level home, 45-minute drive. An easily managed ranch in a sought-after location, this world-class spring creek or slip through the arched, wood-gated property embodies a synergy of recreation, agriculture and beauty. $4,200,000. courtyard entry and walk to the river’s edge where dusk settles across the active riparian habitat, rippling water and many varieties


Nestled in the heart of the Big Hole Valley is the Big Hole River Braids. The highlight of this 86±-

of wildlife. Excellent fishing for brown and acre property is the half a mile of Big Hole River. rainbow trout is accessible along the .4± This property sits at the first heavily braided

Big Hole River Braids Montana v Beaverhead Co. v Wise River

mile of Madison River frontage and is a short section of the Big Hole River which creates some walk to the beautiful, three-bedroom, three-

of the best fishing in the valley. The dramatic

bath, light-filled, three-car-garage home with views of the surrounding mountains create an fully-equipped kitchen. A quick 30 minutes incredible backdrop for an incredible day on from Bozeman and a commercial airport, the the river. Additionally, the Big Hole River Braids Home on the Madison River envelopes all the is only a short drive to the Ruby River, Madison qualities of rural living with all the amenities

River, Jefferson River and the Beaverhead River.

of town life. $1,500,000.

Reduced price - $900,000.


Magnificent view sheds of the Tobacco Root, Gravelley, Madison and Gallatin Mountain Ranges are protected by the surrounding large ranches under conservation easements at this 9.77±-acre home along the Madison River at the Palisades. 475'± of Madison River

Madison River at the Palisades Greg Fay, Broker James Esperti, Ryan Flair, Dave Halgerson, Jim Toth, Chuck Davison, Bill and Kim Boyce, B. Elfland, Chris Fagan & Toby Griffith Sales Associates

and are accessible from the private boat ramp a short distance from the Victorian-style, onebedroom home which enables the property to

be utilized as a retreat or permanent residence. Large varieties of wildlife traverse the property, including elk, deer, antelope, black and grizzly bear, wolves, red-tailed hawks, golden and bald eagles, other various raptors and numerous waterfowl. Fifteen minutes from the classic

395 Gallatin Park Dr. Bozeman, MT 59715

Western town of Ennis, Montana and a 90-minute drive from a commercial airport in Bozeman,


Park and within close proximity of numerous other world-class fishing and recreational

Please visit to view over $250,000,000 in sporting ranches for sale.


Montana v Madison County v Cameron

frontage provide excellent fishing opportunity

all the amenities of town life are quickly available. Only 40 minutes from Yellowstone National opportunities, the Madison River at the Palisades is a chance to enjoy all of nature’s greatest provisions without the headache of large ownership. $795,000.

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

040-042 Fay.indd 42

6/8/09 5:27:11 PM


This one-of-a-kind 320±-acre ranch offers an authentic reproduction of an 1880s Old West town. Nestled in a beautiful horseshoeshaped rim-rock valley in the mountains of south central Colorado that adjoins the Rio Grande National Forest, the ranch is wellsuited to run as a guest/dude ranch, cattle operation, church or kids camp, corporate retreat or trophy recreational property. It includes a spectacular owner’s home with 10 Old West buildings, including a saloon, boarding house, general store and museum. $10,000,000. Gary Pearson, 970 641-0544 or Jean Cavanaugh, 719 395-5360.

Old Cow Town Ranch Colorado v Saguache County v Saguache

Eight Feathers Ranch Wyoming v Fremont County v Lander

Indian Rock Ranch Wyoming v Platte County v Wheatland


This striking 1,128±-acre Western ranch, located 17 miles west of Interstate 25 at Wheatland, Wyoming, offers abundant wildlife and excellent fishing. There are spectacular views of the river canyon and distant plains. There is nearly a mile of private fly-fishing on the North Laramie River. Elk and mule deer hunting on the ranch are outstanding. Spectacularly scenic terrain adjoins the Medicine Bow National Forest and the Laramie Mountain Range. $2,250,000. Jack Kavanaugh, 303 909-1706.

Little Popo Agie River Ranch



The Little Wind River flows through this beautiful 240±-acre property north of Lander, Wyoming. The property offers good fishing, abundant wildlife and great views of the Wind River Mountains. Red cliffs accent the river and cottonwood trees and open meadows provide cover and habitat for birds and wildlife. Currently used for grazing, the ranch historically supports 60 to 75 head. Reduced to $1,100,000. Susan Pokorny and Timmery Hellyer, 307 332-3710.

Wyoming v Fremont County v Lander

Only six miles south of Lander, Wyoming this 620±-acre working cattle ranch has over one and a half miles of Little Popo Agie River flowing through it. Large ridges flank the river valley, adding beauty and privacy. Wildlife is abundant, the views are outstanding and the location is convenient to town. Hay production runs from 300 to 600 tons per year from water rights to irrigate 265 acres. The headquarters

1515 Arapahoe Street, Suite 1200 Denver, CO 80202

with two homes, a shop and corrals completes the operation. $1,950,000. Susan Pokorny and

800 754-0544 • 303 534-4822

Timmery Hellyer, 307 332-3710. Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

043-045 Fuller.indd 43


6/8/09 5:29:42 PM


This 2,921±-acre ranch is perhaps the best pheasant hunting property in North America with 800± acres of feed crops interspersed with native grasses and trees providing excellent habitat for pheasant, grouse, wild turkey and whitetail deer. An additional 65± acres of farmland are planted in alfalfa. Elm River meanders through the ranch for approximately seven and a half miles, providing cover and feed for game in the naturally preserved riparian corridor. The

Smoky Mountain Hunting Ranch

ranch is set up as a hunting-for-fee operation and an agricultural operation. $4,800,000.

South Dakota v Brown County v Frederick

Jack Kavanaugh, 303 909-1706.

Central Colorado Ranches Colorado v Park County v Jefferson

Wiant Ranch Wyoming v Carbon County v Saratoga


Seven miles east of Saratoga, Wyoming, the Wiant Ranch includes 1,350± deeded acres, 320± BLM acres and 320± State of Wyoming lease acres; approximately 240 deeded acres are irrigated. Live water in Ceder Creek, open hay meadows, rolling sagebrush hills, a rugged canyon, an historic draw and ridges dotted with junipers and rock outcroppings combine to create the terrain. The ranch is home to mule deer, antelope and trout. $2,700,000. Susan


Two contiguous 160±-acre ranches lie on Tarryall Creek, just one and a half hours from downtown Denver. Observatory Rock Ranch ($1,575,000) is a wonderful fishing and hobby ranch with a contemporary owner’s home with a large deck that overlooks the creek. House Creek Ranch ($975,000) also shares the creek, but is aimed more at the horseman and offers corrals, pastures, a paddock, barn and restored home. Both House Creek and Tarryall Creek traverse this property. Both offer good year-round access off a well-maintained county road. Both adjoin the Pike National Forest. Jack Kavanaugh, 303 909-1706.

Pokorny and Timmery Hellyer, 307 332-3710.

Gateway to the Sangres Ranch Colorado v Custer County v Westcliffe


This 960±-acre ranch is in the heart of the Wet Mountain Valley, just a few miles south of the quaint town of Westcliffe, Colorado. The ranch, historically used for grazing, offers a large grazing pasture and higher elevations full of tall pine forests that are unbeaten in the area.

capped mountains in all directions borders the San Isabel National Forest on its west border;

800 754-0544 • 303 534-4822

offering private access to one of the largest pieces of public land in the United States. $1,250,000.


This fenced ranch with great views of the snow-

1515 Arapahoe Street, Suite 1200 Denver, CO 80202

Paul Machmuller or Sam Faris, 800 754-0544.

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

043-045 Fuller.indd 44

6/8/09 5:30:43 PM

CJ&L Ranch Colorado v Gunnison County v Cimarron


The CJ&L Ranch is 391± acres of the most pristine and impressive acreage Colorado has to offer. Near Blue Mesa Reservoir and the Uncompaghre National Forest, it is absolutely gorgeous with views of the deep river canyon, magnificent rock structures and heavily vegetated mountainsides. Three cabins are meticulously kept, impressively furnished and most inviting in a manicured setting. Impressive decks capture the panoramic views of the ranch. Approximately a mile of the Cimarron River, including both sides, runs through the property. $3,500,000. Tom Porter, 303 445-1675.

Red Cone Ranch New Mexico v Catron County v Quemado

Southern Colorado Ranches Colorado v Huerfano County v Gardner


In the Wet Mountain Valley of southern


Red Cone Ranch is prime elk, deer and antelope habitat and a productive year-round cow/calf Colorado, two contiguous ranches are offered operation. World-class bull elk in excess of 400 points range on this vast spread of 36,285± acres separately or together. The Kickback Ranch in west central New Mexico. The unusual amount of water in numerous ponds, stock tanks and

consists of 1,000± deeded acres and 400± springs along with high-quality grass and browse attract and nurture trophy-size elk and deer. BLM lease acres for $1,250,000. Canyongate High nutrient native hard grasses produce healthy calves with good weight gain for 597 pair. Ranch offers 1,000± deeded acres and 1,000± $4,350,000. Jack Kavanaugh, 303 909-1706.

Bader Gulch Ranch Wyoming v Washakie County v Ten Sleep


This pristine mountain setting encompasses 1,740± total acres of which 1,460± acres are

BLM lease acres for $950,000. With large populations of deer, elk, antelope, turkey and bear, either or both of these ranches would make a wonderful hunting or recreational opportunity. Creeks and springs provide lush summer grasses. Sam Faris, 303 229-7076.

deeded and 280± acres are BLM. Live water from several springs flows into Bader Gulch and sub-irrigates native grass meadows. Bader Gulch flows the width of the property and provides water for wildlife and livestock. Currently operated as a summer grass cattle ranch, this property has impressive populations of

1515 Arapahoe Street, Suite 1200 Denver, CO 80202

deer and elk and would make an excellent hunting and recreational ranch. $1,395,000. Offered by

800 754-0544 • 303 534-4822

Fuller Western Real Estate of Wyoming, Susan Pokorny and Timmery Hellyer, 307 332-3710. Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

043-045 Fuller.indd 45


6/8/09 5:31:16 PM

Elkhorn Ranch Colorado v Pitkin County v Aspen


Just minutes from Aspen, the 425±-acre Elkhorn Ranch has all the ingredients to be one of the most complete, large-acreage, recreational ranches in western Colorado. This historic, sporting, trophy property boasts spectacular Elk Range views, complete privacy, lush and open meadows, live water, adjacency to BLM land and irrigated grounds with senior water rights considerable enough to build additional ponds and water features. Pitkin County approvals are in place for a primary residence of up to 15,000 square feet, as well as two additional homes of up to 5,750 square feet each and unlimited barns and agricultural buildings. No existing conservation easements or covenants. This West Sopris Creek-area legacy ranch has the room and resources to be whatever a buyer dreams: a sporting family compound, horse property, getaway retreat or conservation development. $18,500,000.

Crystal Sopris Ranch Colorado v Pitkin County v Carbondale


Crystal Sopris Ranch is that rare treasure in Pitkin County, a quiet, private, easily accessible, covenantfree, large-acreage, rural property with a fine Crystal River trout fishery, lush irrigated pastures with considerable water rights, a quality horse setup and room to ride onsite, an end-of-road locale and awesome alpine views. Sitting in the shadow of Mt. Sopris where the Crystal River traverses its lower slopes, this scenic 120±-acre ranch has all the attributes of a top amenity/sporting ranch, just five

Tommy Latousek

minutes south of Carbondale and less than 45 minutes from Aspen. Largely surrounded by prestigious

300 South Hunter • Aspen, CO 81611

and protected Crystal Valley ranchlands, the ranch offers a quaint residence, stylishly rustic guest

303 304-9556

cabin and Pitkin County approval for a new 5,750-square-foot home beside a lake with beach, picnic •


area and Sopris/McClure Pass vistas. $12,000,000. (Originally priced at $14,000,000.)

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

046-048 Joshua.indd 46

6/10/09 11:46:05 AM

Grove Creek Ranch


Colorado v Mesa County v Collbran

Grove Creek Ranch and its 1,720± acres of bountiful wildlife, creeks, forests, ponds and rolling irrigated pastures grace the lush northern slopes of the Grand Mesa in western Colorado’s Mesa County, near Collbran. Ranging in elevation from 7,100' to 9,200', and with pastoral, interior roads interspersed throughout, this private, end-of-the-road property with nearly two miles of national forest boundary comprises a wide variety of habitats, making for a sporting paradise for hunters, riders, hikers, fishermen and wildlife enthusiasts. Substantial water rights allow for even more water features. Tasteful, traditional ranch structures include four residences, two backcountry cabins, a studio and six barns/shops. This offering includes the seller’s considerable mineral rights, covering 1,120 acres in the recently-productive Plateau Field, making this ranch a terrific “commodity play” investment amidst everchanging economic times. $19,500,000.

Storm King Ranch Colorado v Garfield County v Glenwood Springs


In Storm King Ranch, one not only gets a piece of Colorado history, but your own scenic valley with direct, private access to a million acres of public land in the Flattops, just minutes from Glenwood Springs and 45 minutes to the Aspen and Vail areas. With a historic lodge built in 1917 that hosted famous guests such as Teddy Roosevelt and Tom Mix, the 720±-acre Storm King Ranch (plus BLM and Forest Service leases totaling 2,500 acres) possesses an ideal setting for enjoying limitless recreational




wildlife, creeks, ponds and diverse terrain varying in elevation from 6,000 to 8,000 feet. Storm King also has gated privacy and several different residences: a new 3,200-square-foot log home, a two-bedroom guest cabin, a ranch manager’s house, and its own alpine retreat at 11,000 feet, Coffee Pot Cabin. Reduced from $23,500,000 to $19,950,000.

Tommy Latousek 300 South Hunter • Aspen, CO 81611

303 304-9556 • Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

046-048 Joshua.indd 47


6/10/09 11:47:40 AM


The largest-acreage, close-in river property to Aspen, the magnificent Roaring Fork Ranch is just 10 minutes to town and the area’s four world-class ski resorts. With nearly a mile of private river frontage on both sides of the gold medal Roaring Fork River (with private horse/ foot bridge), this 71±-acre property boasts spectacular fishing just steps from a beautiful 8,520-square-foot main house with meandering decks, walkways and an infinity pool overlooking the river. A great sporting family compound, these features are further complemented by a quality horse setup, irrigated pastures,

Roaring Fork Ranch

guesthouse and manager’s cabin. $24,000,000.

Colorado v Pitkin County v Aspen

(Originally offered for $30,000,000.)

Mountain Bird Ranch Cattle Creek Ranch Colorado v Garfield County v Carbondale


Colorado v Archuleta County v Pagosa Springs

Affording absolute privacy, Mountain Bird Ranch stretches across 610 acres, with a quiet, endof-the-road location in the awe-inspiring Blanco Basin high country up against the Continental

Divide about 30 minutes southeast of Pagosa Springs. This unique property provides the best of Set on a private, hidden, south-facing mesa all worlds, with two residences, complete equestrian facilities, beautiful lakes and ponds, inspiring with awesome panoramic views that include views and virtually surrounded by national forest. The getaway retreat of the late, award-winning


Mt. Sopris and the Elk Range, this unimproved, musician/songwriter Dan Fogelberg, the residence includes a greenhouse with a waterfall and agriculturally productive, 394±-acre Missouri pond, a music room and library and a fully equipped professional recording studio. This is a Heights ranch borders BLM land and Cattle great conservation opportunity due to the quality wildlife habitat and adjacent public lands. Creek and possesses bountiful water rights and

diverse vegetation harboring lots of wildlife.

$12,500,000. (Originally listed for $17,500,000.)


Only 15 minutes from Carbondale and Basalt

Do some peak-bagging from your own backyard

and 30 from Aspen, this property would make

at La Mancha Retreat, a magnificent 6,438-square-

a great recreational retreat, horse property or

foot custom, log-built estate/lodge residence on

conservation development. $8,500,000.

11 acres set against a backdrop of the largest concentration of 14,000-foot peaks in the nation near Buena Vista. La Mancha is a sporting

La Mancha Retreat Colorado v Chafee Co. v Buena Vista

paradise bordered on two sides by the million acre-plus San Isabel National Forest, where one can embark upon hikes, horseback rides and hunts into the Collegiate Peaks Range directly

Tommy Latousek

from your property. Three Elk Creek tumbles down alongside La Mancha and ponderosa pines

300 South Hunter • Aspen, CO 81611

tower overhead, framing awe-inspiring views of the Buffalo Peaks from the luxurious residence’s

303 304-9556

expansive wraparound deck and great room. La Mancha Retreat can be a great private, quiet, end- •


of-the-road Rocky Mountain getaway for a family or corporate retreat/meeting site. $2,300,000.

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

046-048 Joshua.indd 48

6/15/09 9:37:56 AM

Elk Creek Meadows Colorado v San Miguel County v Wilson Mesa


Held by one family for generations, this remarkable ranch is one of the finest properties in the Telluride region to ever come to the market. This 527-acre property offers everything from lush open meadows and canyons of aspen and spruce, to a knoll with the area’s most dramatic 360-degree views. Graced by the largest private pond on Wilson Mesa, the ranch attracts huge herds of elk and waterfowl. Only 16.5 miles from Telluride with year-round access, power and water rights, Elk Creek Meadows offers the peace and serenity of which you have always dreamed. Please call for price or see www.

River Ranch


Colorado v Dolores County v West Fork of the Dolores River

In the pristine valley of the West Fork of the Dolores River, this impeccable ranch compound was built with the utmost attention to detail. River Ranch boasts a 6,795-square-foot main residence that highlights sophisticated interiors

with a classic alpine ranch exterior. Adorned with a beautiful five-stall barn, three-bedroom guesthouse and several historic outbuildings, the ranch is perfectly suited for large gatherings.

Telluride Properties, LLC

Stephen Cieciuch (Chet-chu)

With approximately a mile of frontage on the West Fork of the Dolores River and approximately

237 South Oak Street P.O. Box 37 • Telluride, CO 81435

half a mile of Fish Creek frontage plus four stocked trout ponds, this ranch is a fisherman’s

970 369-5322 • 970 708-2338 cell

paradise. Conveniently located to Telluride and adjacent to national forest, River Ranch abounds with recreational opportunities. Please call for price or see Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

R Telluride_Chet-chu.indd 49


6/15/09 3:31:12 PM


The Barney Ranch is a spread of 10,000± acres in the Green River Basin outside Big Piney, Wyoming. 5,683± acres have water rights. Set along nine miles of the Green River, there is also a fantastic opportunity for fishing. A recent study by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department states “this section of river contains some of the highest trout densities measured in the region and represents an important recreational fishery.” The current

Barney Ranch Wyoming v Sublette County v Big Piney

working cattle operation has a carrying capacity of 2,000 animals. This is a traditional “cowboy” ranch outfit, with much of the work being done on horseback and using traditional methods of

handling cattle. The ranch has three units, each with living quarters and extensive ranching and cattle handling facilities, and operates using national forest land for grazing. Abundant wildlife includes whitetail, mule deer and the occasional elk. $22,500,000.

Nay Ranch Colorado v Routt County v Craig


Riverbend Ranch

This beautiful property consists of 700± acres in the mountains of northwest Colorado, an area noted for its striking scenery. It sits just south

Wyoming v Albany County v Laramie


of the Wyoming border, 45 miles northeast The Riverbend Ranch consists of 6,700± acres, of which 4,300 have water rights and several residential of Craig, Colorado and 35 miles southeast of areas: the owner’s compound with a 2,603-square-foot home, a guesthouse, manager’s home at a Baggs, Wyoming. The property varies from different location and a third site with extensive cattle handling facilities. The Riverbend winters lush mountain meadows and sage pasture to 1,500 head of cattle and yields 2,200 tons of hay a year. The ranch stretches along lush, gorgeous serviceberry with oak and aspen trees. The river bottom property, with just over six miles of the Laramie River running through the property. landscape and habitat are home to many deer

The ranch is subject to a conservation easement, protecting it from development that would damage

and elk, offering good hunting opportunities.

the heritage of the land, yet allowing new and replacement buildings. The Riverbend Ranch rests

The cabin has two bedrooms, a bath, living area

just 15 miles southwest of Laramie, Wyoming with easy access from Route 230 at two different well-

and open kitchen. $1,400,000.

maintained roads. Offered for $10,500,000.


The property consists of 634± acres in a private valley traversed by the Henry’s Fork River. Spreading along the Henry’s Fork for about three and a half miles, the property is well

Western United Realty, LLC Baggs WY, Laramie WY Ranch Brokers™-Wyoming/Colorado Box 1130 • Laramie, WY 82073

307 745-6024

covered with cottonwood trees. It also has 250±

Miner Ranch Wyoming Sweetwater County v Green River

acres in irrigated hay meadows. Bureau of Land Management lands sit to the north and south of the ranch, providing the owner with access from the property. The newer two-story log home has 1,400 square feet, and a log guest cabin has 400

square feet. An older ranch home sits on the properties as well, along with numerous outbuildings • and horse facilities. New ownership could easily run and maintain a small cattle herd. $1,350,000.


Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

050-051 Western.indd 50

6/8/09 5:36:56 PM


This ranch is a unique hideaway just 20 miles west of Laramie, Wyoming. A productive ranch for a year-round cattle outfit of 700 cows plus yearlings with updated barns, corrals, shipping facilities and other operational buildings. The large 230' by 150' horse arena is perfect for training and working horses and available yearround for a variety of events. A wildlife haven of elk, whitetail, mule deer, pronghorn, turkey, red-tail fox, bald eagle and an occasional moose, the ranch also has excellent fishing on all three

Snowy Range Ranch Wyoming v Albany County v Laramie

forks of Mill Creek and the Little Laramie River. Snowy Range offers endless possibilities for year-round leisure and activity. 23,857± deeded acres, 28,047± total acres. $25,000,000.

Brown’s Creek Angus Ranch Wyoming v Albany County v Laramie


The Brown’s Creek Angus Ranch is 7,525± deeded acres of meadow, irrigated pastures and native rangelands. It is 17 miles northwest of Laramie, Wyoming, just off I-80 and Highway 12. Enjoy excellent hunting and exceptional fishing on over six miles of Browns Creek and the Little Laramie River. Operated as a cow/

calf and summer yearling enterprise, the ranch offers numerous improvements, including watering structures and fencing and two sets of working corrals. The main residence is a restored two-story, four-bedroom, three-bath log home featuring a large sun porch, patio and fireplace and there is a restored log bunkhouse for seasonal help. Co-listed with James Rogers, Pinedale Properties, Inc., 307 367-6683. Can be split and sold as two separate parcels, 1,340± acres north of I-80 for $670,000; 6,185± acres south of I-80 for $6,250,000; entire ranch of 7,525± acres for $6,920,000.

Loyd Ranch Wyoming v Albany County v Laramie


Just seven miles north of Laramie, Wyoming, the Loyd Ranch covers 1,550± deeded acres off Howell Road. The property includes two and a half miles of the meandering Big Laramie River, irrigated hay fields yield 200 tons of hay annually and there are large grazing meadows for cattle herds. The original house and barn still stand; these incredible log buildings were moved from Fort Sanders to the ranch in 1883. Restoration of these structures would be perfect for any project enthusiast. The property is already equipped with a well suitable for people and livestock and is wired for electricity, though an operable septic system would require installation. $1,250,000.

Sunny Valley Shamrock Ranch


Wyoming v Albany County v Laramie

Sunny Valley Shamrock is well known as a top breeder of high-altitude Angus cattle. The ranch consists of 2,662± deeded acres with 160 acres BLM, 160 acres of Wyoming state lease and water rights on 2,436± acres. Just 20 miles west of Laramie, Wyoming, near Browns Creek Ranch and contiguous with Snowy Range Ranch, the area is home to antelope, whitetail and mule deer and an occasional elk. The headquarters consists of the exceptional corrals, barns, equipment sheds and a sale barn used for the annual bull sale. The current owner’s home has four bedrooms, two baths and an office. There is also a restored manager’s log home and housing for seasonal help. $3,650,000.

Western United Realty, LLC Baggs WY, Laramie WY Ranch Brokers™-Wyoming/Colorado Box 1130 • Laramie, WY 82073

307 745-6024 • Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

050-051 Western.indd 51


6/8/09 5:37:21 PM

The Nottingham Alpine Parcel Colorado v Eagle County v Vail


This is one of the last parcels of its kind, virtually surrounded by the White River National Forest north of Vail. Seasonally accessible from town, this pristine 200±-acre alpine property offers quiet aspen groves and pine forests traversed by Dickson Creek in its lower wetlands. With long views to the Gore Range and abundant wildlife, this is the true outdoors close to Vail. $2,000,000.

The DeClark Ranch

The VMS Parcel

Colorado v Garfield County v Sweetwater

Colorado v Eagle County v Sweetwater


The VMS parcel encompasses 224± acres of beautiful terrain from the banks of Sweetwater Creek, through the middle pastures, to the higher elevations at the back of the parcel. Bordering BLM land on two sides, this property offers tremendous recreational possibilities with good hunting and miles of open country to explore beyond its borders. Electrical utilities on the parcel have been buried, water rights are available with a plan to expand them, and Irrawady Creek runs through the parcel on a seasonal basis. The property is easily


This ranch offers a magnificent, high alpine setting with a comfortable three-bedroom custom log home overlooking a large pond and the Flattops Wilderness. Elk, deer and a variety of wildlife that water at the trout-stocked pond frequent the irrigated meadows. The property borders over a million acres of national forest, offering outstanding year-round hunting, fishing and recreational opportunities. $1,690,000.

and quickly accessible year round, with great

The Wilderness Ranch

proximity to Eagle, Gypsum and the resorts of Vail and Beaver Creek. $2,000,000.

A Joint Venture With Vail Resorts

Dick Kesler

Eagle Office, Eagle, CO

877 328-2550 David Campbell


The Wilderness Ranch is classic Colorado high country. Bordered by Deep Creek Canyon to the north, it consists of 2,300± acres surrounded by BLM and USFS land that extends for over a million acres to the northwest. There are huge views of the surrounding peaks, outstanding hunting and horseback riding with snowmobiling and cat skiing on the ranch in winter. All this

Bridge Street Office, Vail, CO

sits roughly 30 minutes from the Eagle airport and 45 minutes from Beaver Creek. $13,950,000.

970 479-2018

Contact David Campbell 970 479-2018. Co-listed with Rue Balcomb and Robb Van Pelt, Mason


Colorado v Garfield County v Gypsum

& Morse Ranch Company, 877 207-9700.

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

052-053 Slifer.indd 52

6/15/09 9:11:21 AM

Eagle Rock Ranch

Colorado v Park County v Jefferson


Within an hour of Denver and Colorado Springs, this 2,790Âą-acre ranch has won multiple awards for its excellent pastures and management practices. There is abundant fishing on Tarryall Creek as it winds through the body of the ranch with numerous structures to improve its aquatic biology. With 300Âą acre-feet of water rights, there is more than ample supply for the ranch, and the opportunities for selling or leasing some of the excess to front range communities near Denver is excellent. Bordering national forest, the ranch also offers excellent hunting for elk, deer and antelope and is easily accessed year round via paved county and state roads. $10,950,000.

A Joint Venture With Vail Resorts

Dick Kesler

Eagle Office, Eagle, CO

800 611-1378 David Campbell Bridge Street Office, Vail, CO

970 479-2018 Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

052-053 Slifer.indd 53


6/15/09 9:11:43 AM


This superb ranch is four and a half miles southwest of Lusk, Wyoming and is one of the most amazing ranches offered in today’s market. The entire ranch is contiguous, consisting of approximately 13,918 total acres: 12,065 deeded acres, 1,120 State of Wyoming lease acres and

Rawhide Ranch Wyoming v Niobrara & Goshen Counties v Lusk

733 BLM lease acres. This ranch is capable of running approximately 600 cows annually in a long and wide private valley surrounded by an awe-inspiring mountain range in an area of

Wyoming that remains unpopulated and undeveloped. Over nine miles of live water traverse the ranch. An abundance of wildlife, including a residential elk herd, is found in the widely dispersed ponderosa pine and cedar-covered ridges. $11,500,000. Cory Clark, 307 334-2025.

Duck Creek Ranch Wyoming v Niobrara County v Lusk

Montana v Rosebud County v Forsyth


Located approximately five miles east of

tanks strategically located throughout the ranch. Improvements include two houses, several

This extremely productive and well-balanced ranch is 16 miles east of Lusk, Wyoming and

Yellowstone River Ranch


Forsyth and lying along three-quarters of a

consists of 5,170 deeded acres and 2,435 State of Wyoming lease acres for a total of 7,605± acres. U.S. Highway 20 divides the ranch into two units. There are 1,355± irrigated acres under nine low-pressure pivots, each with its own well. Four additional wells provide stock water to

outbuildings, exceptional cattle working facilities and two large feedlots constructed of continuous mile of the Yellowstone River, these 1,201± fence. The feedlots are capable of holding approximately 3,000 head of cattle. The ranch is rated extraordinarily diverse acres are a wonderful as a 600-cow/calf operation year-round. The rolling terrain of the Duck Creek Ranch is home to sporting property. The 876.29 deeded acres numerous species of wildlife. $5,500,000. Cory Clark, 307 334-2025. consist of 93.3 irrigated acres, 358.3 CRP acres, 15.5 dryland crop acres and 409.19 range and riparian acres. The 324.83 State of Montana lease acres consist of 19.9 irrigated acres, 142.9 dryland crop acres and 162.03 range and riparian acres. This ideal sportsman’s paradise is a prime habitat for mule deer, whitetail deer and antelope, as well as excellent upland bird and waterfowl. $1,750,000. Denver Gilbert, 406 697-3961 or Cory Clark, 307 334-2025.

Squaw Creek Ranch Wyoming v Sioux County v Harrison


The 6,052±-deeded-acre Squaw Creek Ranch is a large, low-overhead grass ranch and an outstanding, proven year-round cattle ranch operation with miles of natural protection along the creek bottoms. The contiguous ranch is 12 miles north of Harrison, Nebraska. It offers excellent access with well-maintained, functional improvements, including working and shipping corrals.

Cory Clark, Broker Mark McNamee, Associate Broker Denver Gilbert, Associate Broker

The ranch is extremely well watered. The primary source of water is a well with a submersible

307 334-2025

well, two seasonal reservoirs and four and a half miles of live water. Squaw Creek Ranch also


pump and 10 miles of underground pipeline running to 16 stock tanks strategically located throughout the entire ranch so that rotational grazing can be maximized. There is a solar-powered offers abundant wildlife. $2,500,000. Cory Clark, 307 334-2025.

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

054-055.indd 54

6/8/09 5:53:03 PM


Nineteen miles east of Kaycee, this ranch consists of 13,068 total acres: 8,553 deeded, 3,235 BLM and 1,280 state lease. There are 120 acres of irrigated alfalfa. Three miles of yearround live water and 14 tire tanks strategically located throughout the ranch provide ample water for livestock and wildlife. Improvements include two residences, a horse barn, calving barn, roping arena and cattle-working facilities constructed of pipe. Owner-rated at 425 AUMs,

Powder River Ranch

the ranch has beautiful views and abundant wildlife. $5,340,000. Scott Leach, 307 331-

Wyoming v Johnson County v Kaycee

9095 or Cory Clark, 307 334-2025.

Hoke Angus Ranch Wyoming v Laramie County v Cheyenne

Three Iron Ranch Montana v Carter County v Ekalaka



Approximately 35 miles southeast of Ekalaka, Montana, this traditional cattle ranch consists Conveniently located 25± minutes southeast of 10,866± total acres: 4,656 deeded, 640 state lease, 70 BLM lease and 5,500± acres of Forest Service lease for a summer grazing permit in the Custer National Forest. There are 350 acres of hay

of Cheyenne, the ranch consists of 1,280± deeded acres, which lies in two separate

ground and carrying capacity is owner-rated at 325 cow/calf pairs year-round. Wells, windmills, parcels. The north unit consists of 960 springs, reservoirs and several year-round creeks with miles of natural protection provide ample

acres: 120 pivot-irrigated, 828 in pasture

water. The ranch includes a nice set of improvements and abundant wildlife: trophy whitetail and

with an excellent set of improvement on

mule deer, a resident elk herd, wild turkey and upland game birds. $3,000,000. Denver Gilbert, the remaining 12 acres. There are two stock 406 697-3961 or Cory Clark, 307 334-2025.

and domestic wells and two irrigation wells on this unit. The south unit, which could be purchased separately for $350,000, consists of 320± deeded acres: 120 pivot-irrigated, 135 CRP and 65 in pasture. This unit has an irrigation well and one stock and domestic well. The entire ranch is well balanced with excellent irrigated cropland and outstanding heavily grassed native pasture. Reduced to $1,020,000. Mark McNamee, 307 760-9510.

Rim Rock Springs Ranch


Wyoming v Platte County v Wheatland

This 3,500±-acre, low-overhead grass ranch, which is made up of 2,880± deeded acres, 600± State of Wyoming lease acres and 20± BLM lease acres, is 21 miles southeast of Wheatland. The entire ranch is very well watered by a number of natural springs, which are either piped to the seven gravity-fed tanks on the ranch or collected in one of the three stock reservoirs. In addition, there is over a half-mile of year-round, live water and a nice set of improvements. Wildlife includes large mule deer, coyote, fox and an occasional bobcat. $1,399,000. Mark McNamee, 307 760-9510.

Cory Clark, Broker Mark McNamee, Associate Broker Denver Gilbert, Associate Broker

307 334-2025 Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

054-055.indd 55


6/8/09 5:53:19 PM

Bull Elk Creek Ranch Idaho v Teton County v Tetonia


New listing. Bull Elk Creek Ranch consists of 422 rolling acres in the coveted north end of Teton Valley. Majestic views of the Teton Range and Yellowstone Park create the skyline to the east and north, while the Big Hole Range provides a stunning sunset view. The majority of the property is currently utilized for barley production; however, a conversion to favor

recreation over agriculture could be easily accomplished. Several phenomenal ridges pose spectacular options for homesites. Bull Elk Creek Ranch is a natural migration corridor for big game, including mule deer, elk and moose. Sharp-tailed grouse, ruffed grouse and Hungarian partridge are present in huntable populations on the ranch. Set in the midst of the greater Yellowstone ecosystem, fly-fishing, golf, hiking, mountain biking, downhill and Nordic skiing are all available out the backdoor. Priced aggressively at $5,275,000.

Bitch Creek Canyon Ranch Idaho v Teton County v Tetonia

Comprised of 320 acres and defined by its

Jackknife Creek Ranch

rolling topography, Bitch Creek Canyon Ranch

Wyoming v Lincoln County v Star Valley


profits from incredible Teton Mountain and canyon views, and the lack of improvements create a blank canvas for tailored lodgings. The Henry’s Fork, South Fork of the Snake River, Fall River and Teton River are all within a 30-minute drive, offering excellent wade and float fishing opportunities while the well-known namesake fishery is located on adjacent BLM lands. The treasured Yellowstone National Park is 25 minutes from the property, while other


New listing. This 260-acre property has a picturesque valley location that provides vistas of the eastern Wyoming Mountain Range and Caribou-Targhee National Forest near the western border. A newly remodeled, 2,460-square-foot ranch-style home and a smaller caretaker’s residence are on the 40-acre building envelope platted and approved for an additional nine-unit clustered development, with partial infrastructure in place. Of the remaining 220 acres, 180 have been placed in a conservation easement with the local land trust to protect the ranch’s scenic and natural resources for generations to come. Onsite sporting amenities include fishing one and a half miles of the Salt River, private access to 1,900+ feet of enhanced spring creeks and prime duck hunting on the numerous sloughs and ponds. $3,600,000.

recreational opportunities abound in the nearby Targhee National Forest. Due to the proximity

Blair Springs

of the Yellowstone ecosystem, there is a good

Montana v Ravalli County v Bitterroot Valley


population of upland birds, including Hungarian New listing. In the Bitterroot Valley of western partridge, ruffed grouse and sharp-tailed grouse. Montana, this 39-acre tract has two approved Bitch Creek Canyon Ranch and the surrounding

septic sites, excellent water resources and is void

areas provide vital wintering range for the area’s of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Because of the mule deer and elk populations. $1,500,000.

long-established water rights, irrigation during the season is decreed, proprietary and plentiful. Live, year-round springs facilitate ponds for waterfowl and native trout. Area angling opportunities are extensive, with a public fishing access site to the Bitterroot River one mile east of the property. Four miles to the west lies the Bitterroot National Forest and shortly thereafter the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness Area, a vast complex of public lands rife with streams, mountain lakes and ample

P.O. Box 9240 • Jackson, WY 83002

recreational opportunities to keep one busy for a lifetime. View corridors are spectacular, and Blair

866 734-6100 toll free

Springs is home to pheasant, waterfowl and deer. This fine Bitterroot property is co-listed with Donn


McAfee, broker/owner of the tract, and can be viewed at $642,000.

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

056-057 LiveWater.indd 56

6/8/09 5:57:53 PM


In the most prestigious resort valley in the scenic Rocky Mountains, this 282-acre ranch spans the second-largest privately held river frontage on the Gold Medal-designated Roaring Fork River.

Historic Snowmass Canyon Ranch Colorado v Pitkin County v Aspen

With one full mile of river, mature cottonwood forest, spring creek, three spring-fed trout ponds and a mile of shared boundary with forested Federal lands, this Aspen Valley property represents a rare ownership opportunity for the serious outdoor enthusiast. The present owners have protected the ranch with a conservation easement, but retained the right to build on two additional homesites and secured generous entitlements with a rare 20-year timeframe from


Pitkin County. The entitlements are in addition With spectacular views of Mount Haggin and to the historic structures that still stand today. endless recreational choices, this 150-acre ranch In addition to the trophy rainbow and brown offers one and a half miles of spring creek, trout, owners will share this land with elk, deer, abundant fishing and hunting opportunities,

Mount Haggin Ranch Montana v Deer Lodge Co. v Anaconda

waterfowl, grouse, fox and bald and golden breathtaking views and small town charm. This property sits in the heart of some of Montana’s eagles. $12,500,000. finest blue ribbon trout waters with the Clark Fork, Beaverhead, Big Hole and Rock Creek Rivers within a short drive from the ranch. The ranch has a total of eight structures, including a recently remodeled three-bedroom home and would make a great horse and/or cattle ranch with its multiple corrals, calving barns, tack sheds, workshop, grazing fields and ample water supply. Mount Haggin Ranch offers magnificent views of the Anaconda Pintler Range and surrounding Rocky Mountain peaks. Wildlife includes abundant whitetail and mule deer, elk, moose, duck and geese. $1,450,000, reduced from $1,500,000.

Double L Ranch Club Wyoming v Lincoln County v Star Valley


New listing. Nestled between meandering bends of the Salt River and the rustling aspens, the 400acre Double L Ranch affords the most discerning buyers an opportunity to enjoy a Western paradise that has been carefully planned from

Railroad Springs Ranch

the big picture sporting amenities down to the custom details. This picturesque setting gives a limited number of individuals the chance to design an inimitable home meticulously created


Idaho v Bear Lake County v Soda Springs

Price reduction. Boasting 1,300± sprawling acres, Railroad Springs Ranch offers contiguous riverfront

by one the country’s most well-known custom only eight miles south of Soda Springs in southeastern Idaho. Set in canyon-like scenery, this ranch builders, Lance Mortensen, while enjoying the

presents excellent Wasatch and Aspen Range views, over two miles of onsite Bear River, numerous

incredible amenities provided by the western springs and convenient access to incredible big game hunting in the nearby Caribou National Forest. landscape and private sporting club. The Double The land is comprised of roughly 750 tillable acres currently used in operation and over 80 acres L Ranch is offering 23 homes sharing in 300+ of irrigated hay meadows near the river bottom. acres of common ranch amenities. Lots of 5 With such proximity, excellent potential for a acres average $1,000,000; completed homes waterfowl or other game enhancement project start around $2,900,000. Ten 1-acre “Hideout” is possible. Conveniently located near Highway lots adjacent to a series of lakes and streams 30, Railroad Springs Ranch is ideal for the alongside the golf course average $500,000, with

outdoorsman looking for a live water and gaming

completed homes featuring Albany square-cut retreat. $1,575,000, reduced from $3,800,000 logs and wraparound porches from $1,700,000.

(58% reduction).

P.O. Box 9240 • Jackson, WY 83002

866 734-6100 toll free Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

056-057 LiveWater.indd 57


6/8/09 6:00:02 PM

Vandevert Ranch


Oregon v Deschutes County v Bend

Come explore the magic of Vandevert Ranch; live the lifestyle without the maintenance. Enjoy beautiful Cascade views close to rivers, golf and skiing. This spectacular custom log home has impeccable finishes of the highest quality. The Cascade views are wonderful and the little Deschutes River runs through the ranch. This is a limited opportunity for those who want the land without the work. $2,395,000.

Ranch at the Canyons Oregon v Deschutes County v Terrebonne


Spectacular does not sum it up. The red rock settings, mountain views, vineyards and soonto-be-completed clubhouse add to this unique offering. Large homesites encompassing 60 acres total. Prices starting at $495,000.

Deschutes River Ranch


Oregon v Deschutes County v Bend

This offering combines a working ranch with a limited amount of homesites. The Big Deschutes River runs through the property, and the Cascade views are some of the finest in the area. A piece of heaven with private access to the river. This is all set up for horses, and the home lives well. Own over 5 acres, but share over 400. Visit $2,795,000.

Cushman & Tebbs



Each office is independently owned and operated.

Debbie Tebbs, Broker 541 419-4553 cell 541 312-4054 office


Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

058-059 Cushman.indd 58

6/16/09 9:49:42 AM


This 13,000±-acre recreational paradise east of the Cascade Mountain Range lies between the Painted Hills and Ochoco Forest. The ranch has an extensive road system throughout and no

The Shown Ranch Oregon v Wheeler County v Mitchell

public access. Elevation ranges from 2,800 to 5,600 feet, offering fantastic views of bluffs and buttes. The ranch is rich in history with several historical old homesteads to explore. With acres of luscious meadows, the ranch has historically been known as a year-round operating cattle ranch with plentiful water and pastures and 2,000± acres dry land farm ground. Rangeland, grasslands, sub-irrigated grass meadows, rolling hills and timbered high country lie in and around Monroe Roughs. Abundant springs and year-round streams offer a potential of 175+ acres of water rights to further develop plus existing wells. Wildlife includes Rocky Mountain elk, mule deer, pronghorn antelope, turkey, chucker, quail and grouse. The ranch is allocated landowner elk and deer LOP tags each year. $7,900,000.


New on the market, this 5,258±-acre property is easily accessed for year-round recreation on your own property or in the neighboring Malheur National





Davis Creek Tree Farm Oregon v Grant County v Prairie City

from 3,600' to nearly 6,000', you can enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking, snowshoeing, crosscountry skiing, mountain biking, off-roading,

Bear Creek Oregon v Grant County v John Day

photoshooting, snowmobiling and much more. Nicely forested with pockets of residual timber provide shelter for the numerous elk and deer frequenting the property. Enjoy the pristine Bear

Creek as it meanders miles through the property, creating multiple steelhead spawning areas. Many other seasonal streams and springs provide additional water opportunities. The Strawberry Mountain Wilderness area directly to the west and across the John Day River Valley is easily viewed from many potential view homesites. The property may be divided and sold in smaller parcels. $5,500,000.


A beautiful property with tremendous upside potential, this first-time offering features 2,100± unimproved acres seven miles northeast of Prairie City. Overlooking the John Day River Valley, the farm features heavy timber and miles of creek frontage on the headwaters of Jeff Davis Creek and Dans Creek. Steelhead bearing streams and numerous springs and ponds provide excellent water sources. Abundant wildlife; elk, deer, turkey and mountain lion with LOP tags available. Set on a contiguous block behind locked gates, the fenced and cross-fenced property has multiple building sites, rocky ridges, deep ravines, outstanding views of valley floors

High Desert Paradise


Oregon v Grant County v Prineville

This 1,208±-acre recreational paradise features ponds and a creek in addition to 89 acres of water rights from Bear Creek and a 375-foot well with a newer 50 to 75 gpm pump. The property also

and Strawberry Mountains Wilderness area and borders Malheur National Forest. $2,500,000.

Cushman & Tebbs



includes a 25' by 100' machine/equipment building and a 49' by 80' shop with a two-bedroom, one-

Each office is independently owned and operated.

bath, 1,000±-square-foot apartment. In addition to hunting and fishing, enjoy skiing, hiking and rock

Greg Yeakel 541 408-7733 office

climbing. This is truly a vacation/recreational paradise in a high desert setting. Large parcels like this are very hard to acquire, which makes this property’s potential very unique. This property, nearly two sections and mostly flat, is large enough to support an airstrip on the upper plateau. $1,499,995. Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

058-059 Cushman.indd 59


6/16/09 10:50:29 AM

Beaver Valley Ranch Colorado v Routt County v Steamboat Springs


Hidden in the heart of one of Colorado’s last unspoiled mountain valleys, Beaver Valley Ranch is tailor-made for hunting and fishing of exceptional quality. Beaver Valley Ranch, accessible year round, lies less than an hour southwest of Steamboat Springs and nestles against Routt National Forest on the flanks of the Beaver Flat Tops. Blessed with a diverse mosaic of aspen and oak brush groves, heavy timber, mountain meadows, riverine woods, springs and lakes, the ranch has been managed specifically for high-quality big game and trout habitat. Herds of elk and mule deer have room to roam on its 1,600 acres, and plentiful rainbow and cutthroat trout to over 20 inches populate 2.25 miles of the East Fork of the Williams Fork River, an unsung trophy trout stream. $8,995,000.

Whistling Elk Ranch Colorado v Jackson County v Rand


Precious few Colorado ranches can boast of private elk, deer, moose and bear hunting on literally thousands of acres, plus five trophy trout ponds and lodging that is “turn-key ready” for guests, but Whistling Elk Ranch has them all. This exceptional North Park property near Rand includes 3,100 deeded acres and an additional 640 leased acres of state land, making Whistling Elk Ranch a hunting and fishing resort with ample room to roam. Featuring a mix of mature lodgepole pine, aspen and open meadows,

Whistling Elk Ranch sweeps upward from 8,500 to 9,700 feet at the foot of rugged 10,957-foot Owl Mountain. To the east, Whistling Elk shares two miles of its boundary with the Routt National Forest and is accessible year-round. $6,250,000.


Completely surrounded by private land, the OX Ranch controls 10,000 acres (4,812 deeded, over 5,000 leased state and BLM lands) of productive habitat with landowner tags. Giant bucks

OX Ranch Wyoming v Platte County v Laramie

(180+) and bulls (350+) call this unspoiled

Fishing, Hunting and Ranch Real Estate

“Wyoming Territory” home. Over 40 seeps

Dave Harrigan Hunter Harrigan

and springs, one year-round stream and three spring-fed ponds support brook and rainbow

1781 Macom Drive • Sedalia, CO 80135

trout, mule deer, elk, antelope, mountain lions,

303 683-9090 800 524-1818 toll free

comfortable three-bedroom home with deck, a


sage grouse and dove. Improvements include a hunting cabin and ranch facilities for handling 300 pairs of cattle. Only three hours from Denver. Offered for $5,250,000.

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

060-061 Harrigan.indd 60

6/8/09 6:01:53 PM


In the midst of an ecosystem renowned for producing massive elk, the PLC Ranch has been called by Wayne Carlton “one of the best Elk places in the world”. 400-class bull elk range on more than 30 square miles (19,226 acres, 14,858 deeded), fed on a rich diet of native highprotein grasses and watered by eight wells. The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish has designated the area for long-term trophy management and restricts hunting to bow and muzzleloader only. The PLC Ranch receives over 20 landowner bull tags annually. Trophy

PLC Ranch

elk hunting and cattle ranches surround the PLC Ranch on three sides, and Cibola National

New Mexico v Catron County v Pie Town

Forest borders on the east. In the pristine rolling

highlands of northern Catron County at 7,700 to 8,200 feet, the PLC Ranch is mostly woodland with a mix of piñon pine, alligator juniper and ponderosa pine. This hunting retreat has a mild climate, year-round access and power and phone available. $11,150,000.

La Sal Ranch Utah v Grand County v Moab


A rare gem lies undiscovered on the eastern flanks of the 12,000-foot La Sal Mountains near Moab, Utah. The La Sal Ranch sweeps across nearly 2,000 spectacular acres at elevations from 9,000 to nearly 11,000 feet. Stands of aspen and spruce/fir forests, large meadows and quiet glades create a diverse landscape ideal for healthy populations of trophy elk (350+), mule deer and other wildlife. La Sal Ranch currently participates in Utah’s Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit (CWMU). Deep Creek traverses more than a mile of the ranch, and numerous permanent springs attract deer, elk and other wildlife. Nearly completely surrounded on four sides by national and state forestlands, the La Sal Ranch provides a critical


Secluded among the fir, pine and aspen forests of Wyoming’s picturesque Box Elder Creek valley near Glenrock, Fire Creek Ranch affords an enticing combination of trout fishing and

piece of wildlife habitat in the La Sal Mountains

Fire Creek Ranch

ecosystem. $6,500,000.

Wyoming v Converse County v Boxelder

big game hunting. Bull elk (350+), mule deer, turkey, bear, mountain lion and grouse thrive on the ranch’s 400 acres and the adjoining

Fishing, Hunting and Ranch Real Estate

Medicine Bow National Forest. Cutthroat

Dave Harrigan Hunter Harrigan

and brown trout thrive in three constructed ponds and Box Elder Creek frontage. Good access (only about 45 minutes from I-25 at Glenrock) and a well-built three-bedroom log cabin with running water, generator and propane make this a perfect hunting and fishing hideaway. $1,250,000.

1781 Macom Drive • Sedalia, CO 80135

303 683-9090 800 524-1818 toll free Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

060-061 Harrigan.indd 61


6/8/09 6:02:49 PM


TZ Land & Cattle Ranch is 15 miles southeast of Saratoga, Wyoming, on U.S. Highway 130. The picturesque ranch consists of 5,530± deeded acres, 740 acres State of Wyoming lease and 410

TZ Land & Cattle Wyoming v Carbon County v Saratoga

BLM acres for a total of 6,680 acres. The ranch is a sportsman’s paradise with trophy mule deer hunting and notable antelope and elk hunting. Water from several springs, along with Elk Hollow Creek running year-round, presents an opportunity for great fishing development. Excellent water rights, dating back to 1904, provide irrigation for 1,042± acres of hay meadows. Historically, the ranch has run 400 cow/calf pair year-round with an additional 400 cow/calf pair in the summer months. $9,500,000.

Lodgepole Creek Ranch Nebraska v Deuel County v Chappell


Half a mile west of Chappell, Nebraska via Interstate 80, the Lodgepole Creek Ranch consists of 860± deeded acres. Year-round Lodgepole Creek runs through the meadows, while the south end is rolling hills. Improvements include a four-bedroom, two-bath home, two new equipment/livestock shed, feedlot and

Bayer Ranch

working corrals. Livestock water is provided

Wyoming v Platte County v Wheatland

garages, a grain bin, calving barn, storage shed,


by Lodge Pole Creek and four wells dispersed West of Wheatland, Wyoming on U.S. Highway 34, Bayer Ranch consists of two parcels: the throughout the ranch. Currently, the ranch is Home Ranch and the Summer Range. The ranch has a total of 4,874± deeded and 660± BLM grazed with a small amount of hay produced. for a total of 5,534± acres. There are 300± irrigated acres with 140 acres under pivot. Excellent Historically, the ranch runs 100 head of cow/calf winter protection on the Home Ranch and grasslands on the Summer Range make for a prime pairs year round. Co-listed with Farmers National livestock operation. A solar well, windmills, a natural spring and a reservoir provide livestock water. Improvements on the ranch include a three-bedroom, two-bath modular, shop, barn, Company. $1,200,000. open-faced shed, feedlot and corrals. $2,470,000.

Samuelson Pasture Wyoming v Platte County v Newell Bay

John Phillips JR Crozier 111 West 2nd Street • Casper, WY 82601

307 265-6684 office 307 237-2261 fax



The Samuelson Pasture is 155.83 deeded acres southwest of Newell Bay in Guernsey State Park. The pasture is an ideal rural residential property. With the town of Guernsey or Newell Bay only minutes away, the pasture is a restful getaway for a vacation home or a permanent residence. A permitted well on the property provides 325,000 volumetric gallons per year. $120,000.

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

062-063 Phillips.indd 62

6/8/09 6:05:20 PM


Piceance Creek Ranch is 28 miles northwest of Rifle, Colorado on Rio Blanco County Road 5 via Colorado Highway 13. The ranch consists of 3,800 deeded acres, 10,240 BLM lease and grazing on 16,985 acres of oil shale claims. The ranch has been a productive cattle ranch with great grass pastures and productive hay meadows. An abundance of water throughout the ranch generates superior irrigation, stock water and wildlife habitat. Fishing for cutthroat, rainbow and brook trout is second to none with several spring-fed ponds and lakes and Piceance

Piceance Creek Ranch

Creek running approximately four miles through the ranch. The hunting on Piceance Creek Ranch

Colorado v Rio Blanco County v Rifle

is first class. You will find exceptional wildlife on the ranch, including large herds of mule deer and elk, along with bear, mountain lion, bobcat, coyote and blue grouse. Price reduction: $8,000,000.

South Fork Ranch Wyoming v Natrona County v Casper

The Ranch at Bates Creek


An hour northwest of Casper, Wyoming via Highway 20-26, South Fork Ranch consists

Wyoming v Natrona County

of 8,392 deeded, 11,138 BLM, 2,680 State of


The Ranch at Bates Creek is 45 minutes southwest of Casper, Wyoming via Highway 487. In

Wyoming and 1,280 lease acres for a total of

the foothills of the scenic Hay Stack Mountains, The Ranch at Bates Creek has 2,953 acres: 23,490 acres. The Powder River meanders 1,166 deeded, 1,323 BLM and 465 State of Wyoming. Bates Creek meanders through the through the ranch for five miles and provides ranch for approximately one mile, providing exceptional fishing for rainbow and German excellent habitat for trophy-type antelope and brown trout. Hunting is excellent for elk, deer and antelope with mountainous terrain mule deer. The Powder River, two flowing wells and abundant water from Bates Creek. The ranch is ideal for the outdoor enthusiast and and nine reservoirs provide water. The ranch is sportsman. Improvements along Bates Creek include a homestead house, bunkhouse, shop, divided into four pastures and would lend itself to cow/calf or yearling operation. $2,450,000.

barn, corrals and a new Morton building. $1,750,000.


The Bessemer Bend Farm is 15 miles west of Casper, Wyoming off of U.S. Highway 220. There are 340 acres with 286 irrigated under two center pivots. The farm produced 435

Bessemer Bend Farm Wyoming v Natrona County v Casper

tons of alfalfa and 311 tons of oats barley and peas in 2008. The improvements include home on a concrete foundation, shop, three

John Phillips JR Crozier

livestock sheds, metal windbreaks and a

111 West 2nd Street • Casper, WY 82601

complete set of working corrals with a scale.

307 265-6684 office 307 237-2261 fax

a three-bedroom, two-bath 1999 mobile

The farm has excellent location only minutes from Casper and fantastic views of Casper Mountain. $1,020,450. Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

062-063 Phillips.indd 63


6/8/09 6:06:10 PM

Merriman Ranch

Perry Cougar Run Ranch

Colorado v La Plata County v Durango

Colorado v Montezuma County v Mancos


In size, scale and quality, this ranch is a gem. Rarely does a property come on the market that fits so well for its purpose. In the Pine River valley, these 100 meticulously groomed acres offer lush hayfields supported by exceptional water rights that keep the two side-rolls and pivot sprinklers


This very productive 653-acre ranch raises pure breed Black Angus cattle and produces highquality hay. The owner’s objective is to maintain a herd of 100 cattle and produce 30,000+ bales of hay a year. The ranch has exceptional water rights, one and a half miles of the Mancos River, bordered by BLM lands, with multiple homes and outbuildings to support the operations. It is also a recreational paradise with great hunting and fishing. $4,375,000.

running all season long on the certified weedfree hay meadows. The balance consists of treed acreage interspersed with meadows to provide exceptional grazing. With a floor plan that flows for easy living and entertaining, the 3,300-square-foot home has been completely remodeled with a great room, dining room (with entertainment bar), master suite and library on the main level. Two guest suites are on the upper level. An equestrian’s dream riding/roping arena complements a nine-stall barn with caretaker’s residence and bunkroom, plus there is another breeding barn. $3,700,000.

Medicine Bear Ranch Colorado v La Plata County v Durango


This 237-acre mountain ranch has a 5,050-square-foot custom home 20 minutes from historic downtown Durango, Colorado. This recreational retreat boasts exceptional trout fishing along with 1,200' of the Florida River and borders the San Juan National Forest. The elegant three-level home has four/five bedrooms, five and a half baths, a gourmet kitchen, a game room, office and a wine room, all with high-end finishes/fixtures. All levels are accessible by elevator. $2,900,000.

Helmet Peak Ranch Division of

Colorado v Montezuma County v Mancos


Helmet Peak Ranch has a custom 4,600-squarefoot, stick-built, three-story, three-bedroom, three-

An independently owned and operated member of the Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.


and one-half-bath home of cedar, river rock and Engelmann spruce logs on 36.5 meticulously

Tom Morse

kept acres with a gated subdivision entrance.

700 Main Avenue Durango, CO 81301

These 8 acres of meadows with scattered gamble oak and pines back to thousands of acres of BLM

970 769-8989

land. If desired, one could expand equestrian or

other recreational activities by purchasing the adjacent 35+-acre parcel. $1,600,000.

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

064-065 PrudTripleS.indd 64

6/15/09 10:34:16 AM

Echo Basin Ranch Colorado v Montezuma County v Mancos


Echo Basin Ranch has 465 acres of irrigated meadows, mature woodlands and lush riparian areas. The 6,700-square-foot estate is a quintessential Colorado Mountain retreat with magnificent

Avery Ranch

views of the La Plata Mountains. All amenities are of the highest quality and embody casual Colorado v La Plata County v Durango elegance at its best. There are significant water rights, 1.3 miles of Mancos River frontage and a This beautiful 400-acre ranch and game rodeo arena for equestrian activities. Best of all, this recreational paradise has beautiful equestrian


preserve is in the majestic La Plata Canyon just

terrain, big game hunting, fishing and access to two million acres of the San Juan National Forest. 15 minutes from Durango, Colorado’s historic downtown area. The ranch headquarters is an There is significant conservation easement potential. $5,950,000. exquisitely crafted, new 12,700+-square-foot, round log home with dramatic views of the La Plata Mountain Range. There is half a mile of running water, 100 acres of irrigated hay meadows and 300 acres of high-fenced game preserve home to trophy elk and other game. The ranch would be perfect as a family or corporate retreat and is a great candidate for a conservation easement. Bring all offers!

Hamilton Equestrian Estate Colorado v La Plata County v Durango


This beautiful equestrian estate has an elegant 5,848-square-foot custom home with magnificent views of the La Plata Mountains. It also has a two-bedroom guesthouse, a six-stall barn, hay storage building, 80+ acres along with exceptional water rights and an irrigation system for the pasture and hay field. $2,672,500.

Animas Valley Estate


Colorado v La Plata County v Durango

A true Rocky Mountain estate with a main

Division of

residence, guest quarters, barn and garden shed, the 25-acre ranch includes Animas River frontage, multiple ponds, pastures and extensive gardens. The complete property consists of nine bedrooms, 11 baths and covered storage for up to seven vehicles. This is a fantastic estate home that offers unmatched elegance, privacy and value in the Animas Valley, just north of Durango. $7,500,000.

An independently owned and operated member of the Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

Tom & Zach Morse 700 Main Avenue Durango, CO 81301

970 769-8989 Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

064-065 PrudTripleS.indd 65


6/15/09 3:47:26 PM


Splendid 185 acres on the wide Colorado River are completely surrounded by public lands on four sides. Along with five ponds, 1907 water rights allow flood irrigation of 80 acres of pasture. Tall trees and thick grassy meadows invite fishing, hunting and ranching in total solitude. The ranch has legal access at the end

Colorado River Meyer Ranch Colorado v Grand County v Kremmling

of a quiet country lane, and electric power is on site. At 7,200 feet in elevation, this ranch would make the perfect retreat. Only 45 minutes to Beaver Creek/Vail, near Kremmling and

Radium State Park and just two and a half hours west of Denver, this is a dramatic setting for relaxing in a peaceful place. $2,200,000.

281-Acre MD Ranch Colorado v Park County v Guffey

770-Acre Furman Ranch Colorado v Park County v Fairplay


This fully developed mountain cattle ranch, just 90 minutes southwest of Denver and 45 minutes


Gently placed at the base of 10,000-foot Castle Mountain, the MD Ranch has expansive views of Pikes Peak and tremendous privacy. End of the road, with 100 acres of tall trees and grassy

meadows, this is Colorado at its best. Enjoy abundant sunshine, cool summers and light powder to skiing at Breckenridge, offers a completely snow. This home has 4,826 square feet, four bedrooms, four baths, an oversized three-car garage, updated, four-bedroom home and five barns! in-floor heat, three fireplaces and large windows throughout. There are awe-inspiring views in all The property has miles of fencing and cross-

fencing, four wells to keep the herd watered, expansive views of surrounding mountains, easy access on a paved road and just 15 minutes

directions. The fenced pasture has a small barn, well and electricity. Close to fishing and trails, this simply magnificent ranch is 90 minutes to Breckenridge or Colorado Springs by Florrisant and has no covenants or restrictions. $1,000,000.

to all services and schools in Fairplay. The ranch is not under any restrictions or a conservation easement and offers great fishing on many nearby lakes and the South Platte River. Backs directly to Pike National Forest lands. The pride in ownership is clear. $1,049,000.

478-Acre SJK Ranch Girten Land Company Art Girten, Broker/Owner Realtors Land Institute

Right in the center of Colorado, this tremendous land is beyond compare! A large four-bedroom, three-bath log home set among the trees enjoys staggering views of the surrounding peaks. Offering total privacy, just 65 minutes to Breckenridge, the home has large, covered, wraparound decks. Three productive wells are in place. Fully fenced, this simply magnificent property is just half a mile

Box 9825 • Breckenridge, CO 80424

from Highway 9 and an hour west of Colorado Springs by Hartsel. With no restrictions in place

970 485-0572

and not in a subdivision, the property can support more homes, wells and unlimited recreation. •



Colorado v Park County v Fairplay

Backs directly to Pike National Forest lands. Prepare to be inspired and awed! $1,340,000.

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

066 GirtenLand.indd 66

6/9/09 2:48:51 PM


Yampa River Headquarters Ranch Colorado v Routt County v Steamboat Springs

Only 20 minutes from a world-class ski area, Yampa River Headquarters Ranch hosts over three channel miles of Yampa River frontage, an island and 1, 700± rolling acres. Sitting at the western edge of the Yampa Valley and moments from a regional airport, this extremely productive working and recreational ranch is adjacent to the famous Carpenter Ranch, owned and operated by The Nature Conservancy. A sanctuary to multiple species of birds and wildlife where the bald eagles oversee the landscape, this ranch offers a multitude of possibilities. With years of stewardship, operating as part of a purebred cattle operation, the turn-key ranch is set up to continue this legacy and/or create an asset that can boast fishing and hunting memories in the family heritage. With abundant livestock handling facilities, productive hay meadows, rolling upland grazing pastures and senior water rights, this ranch offers multiple opportunities for the recreational enthusiast. To ensure abundant wildlife, riparian habitat portions of the ranch have been conserved. Three quality building sites and open space remain for a future owner’s custom requirements. $5,900,000. Call Brent Romick or Joan Ryan at Romick and Associates, Inc. 970 879-3618.

Brent Romick 970 846-3618 Joan Ryan 970 846-5416 2145 Resort Drive Suite 210 Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

970 879-3618 • • Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

067 RomickAssoc.indd 67


6/16/09 11:00:40 AM


Wildhorse Ridge Estate Idaho v Bannock County v Pocatello

Wildhorse Ridge is an equestrian estate in a beautiful setting approximately six miles southwest of Pocatello, Idaho. This magnificent setting provides a stunning first impression of the estate. This unique 6-deeded-acre horse property is truly in the heart of southeastern Idaho. With its elegant display of windows, the executive-style home brings in spectacular views of the valley and surrounding mountains. The sophisticated six-bedroom, five-bath home includes 7,808+ square feet of exquisite beauty. The home features four gas fireplaces, heated flooring, a grand room, library, great hall, theater, exercise room, elevator, vault, second-level bridge, music room, sound system, central vacuum system and an absolutely breathtaking sunroom. The gourmet kitchen features granite countertops, marble flooring and butler’s pantry. There are walk-in closets in every bedroom and a huge master suite designed with jetted tubs and his and her baths and laundry facilities. The home opens to decks and walkways that take you to the garden area, arena and shop. This impressive equestrian estate features incredible facilities to comfortably sustain a beautiful horse setup. The spacious indoor arena includes 5,600 square feet with a 3,500-square-foot loft. There are six indoor covered stalls, overhead fans, four overhead doors, attached hay shed, outdoor stalls, bathroom with a shower and a tack room with rotating wall. A separate 5,000-square-foot shop has cement floors, four overhead doors and a 1,000-square-foot loft. There is a security system throughout the home and outbuildings and a backup generator. That’s right, this property has it all, and if an exquisite setting with a touch of class appeals to you, this is the place for you! Where family and outdoor recreation go hand in hand, the Wildhorse Ridge Estate provides an opportunity to relax and enjoy the outdoors. This is indeed an ideal place where a horseman can enjoy the western mountain lifestyle to the fullest. $1,400,000.

Lorinda Seamons 208 339-3890 Direct Line 208 766-7653 Office


Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

068 Flinders.indd 68

6/16/09 4:36:00 PM


At the foothills of the West Spanish Peak lies the incredible Echo Canyon Guest Ranch. Bordering San Isabel National Forest, this premier 878-acre recreational ranch with good water rights is designated a “Natural Landmark� and has hosted Randy Travis and other guests from around the world. It is also host to trophy elk, deer and bear along with turkey and bobcat. Six lodge/cabin buildings will sleep over 30 folks. Echo Creek flows through five trout-filled ponds. $4,900,000.

Echo Canyon Ranch Colorado v Huerfano County v La Veta

Table Rock Ranch Colorado v Huerfano County v La Veta

Gorrell Arena Home Colorado v Huerfano County v Redwing


This home is no barn. Saddle maker Pete Gorrell has developed the most versatile horse facility we have seen. The wonderful new three-bedroom home sits in one corner of an enclosed covered arena with a complete shop in the opposite corner. Step out your back door into the arena and train your colts all winter long. On 188 acres near Redwing, Colorado,


Less than four miles south of La Veta in the beautiful Wahatoya Valley, Table Rock Ranch features an Amish-crafted log cabin that will take you back in time, yet offers full modern

the property includes two springs, a seasonal conveniences. On 143 acres bordering the Wahatoya Creek, it offers views through the lush pond, hay meadow and irrigation rights. This creek-side cottonwoods and surrounding peaks. An irrigation pond from Deer Creek provides is a great horse setup. $974,000.

additional great wildlife habitat. $1,600,000.


West of La Veta, this creek-side recreational ranch has a beautiful log home on 67 acres with Indian Creek frontage, a spring and horse pasture. Just four miles from La Veta and two miles from national forest, the property includes an oversized garage/shop, equipment garage, horse stalls and a corral. Extras include a home with rock fireplace and lower-level game room with bedroom and bath. $889,000.

Bachman & Associates

Lazy B Colorado v Huerfano County v La Veta

Jerry Henson 877 452-8382 Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

069 Bachman.indd 69


6/8/09 6:08:37 PM

Excellent Irrigated Farmland Oregon v Jackson County v Central Point


Unspoiled and Pristine

This excellent 256.02-acre property has 192 irrigated acres of farmland and Class I, II and IV soils. Offering documented water rights, the land features plentiful water from Molby Creek and irrigation delivery through a pressurized main line. $1,470,000.


Oregon v Jackson County v Ashland

Unspoiled and pristine, this 2,024.62-acre mountain ranch in the Cascade Mountain Range lies minutes from Ashland with expansive meadows, live water, five legal dwellings, an estimated 8 million board feet of timber and old water rights for 225 acres with application on 120 acres. $8,000,000.

Ultra-Fine Equine Estate


Oregon v Jackson County v Eagle Point

This 75-acre ultra-fine equine estate offers a barn and semi-covered arena, both with stalls and turnouts, tack room, hay storage and auto waterers. Fenced and cross-fenced with treated post and rail plus electric rope, the property has two ponds and creek frontage. Offered fully furnished, an elegant estate has solar, water and diesel generator power, as well as a huge granite kitchen with island, open-beamed living and dining rooms with prominent rock fireplaces, library, recreation room, gym, four-car garage and more. A caretaker’s cottage and shop complete the property. $3,900,000.

Professionally Designed Horse Facility Oregon v Jackson County v Eagle Point

Tom Harrison, Broker 548 Business Park Drive Medford, OR 97504

800 772-7284 541 772-0000



These 122.68 beautiful acres offer 64.5 acres of irrigated fields, green pastures and a state-of-theart equestrian facility. Two homes plus an additional homesite all have sweeping valley views. The adjacent 238± acres may be purchased separately; complete with a new home, barns, pond, estateview homesite with well and septic and 170± irrigated acres in high-quality hay. $3,800,000.

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

70 OregonOpp.indd 70

6/8/09 6:11:52 PM


Surrounded by gently rolling hills that outline the valley floor, Cross Creek Ranch offers spectacular views and endless possibilities. The 144.95± acres boast a 24±-acre Lisbon Lemon orchard, 34± acres of irrigated cropland and 82± acres of dry pasture suitable for vineyard development. Cross Creek Ranch was recently granted tentative map approval for a cluster subdivision. This priceless change creates four parcels, including two additional 4.5±-acre residential homesites. $9,750,000.

Cross Creek Ranch California v San Luis Obispo County v San Luis Obispo


Oak Ridge Ranch, situated less than 30 miles

Oak Ridge Ranch

from Carmel and Pebble Beach, is the ultimate destination with views spreading across her

Photo by David Gubernick California v Monterey County v Carmel Valley

6,378± acres of rolling, oak-studded, hillside pastures. a




improvements residence,

include complete

with guest and manager homes. The many developed springs support the abundant native wildlife. The potential of this time-honored ranching environment and genuinely preserved clandestine estate is exceptionally immeasurable. Co-listed with Hall and Hall. $33,000,000 or individual large parcels starting at $5,000,000.


Hidden in the astounding Irish Hills, the spectacular 1,915±-acre Stanuseich and Serrano Ranches boast views of the Pacific Ocean, Morro Bay and the Los Osos Valley. The majestic rolling hills, studded with oak trees, provide exceptional grazing land. Presenting stunning building sites with uncompromised views, this unique offering is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for ranching or potential development of 21 certificated parcels. Stanuseich Ranch: $19,900,000 $12,500,000 and Rancho Serrano

$10,000,000 $7,500,000.

Estrella River Ranch California San Luis Obispo County v Paso Robles

Stanuseich Ranch and Rancho Serrano California v San Luis Obispo County v San Luis Obispo


This 720±-acre ranch perfectly situated in beautiful Paso Robles, midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, presents excellent vineyard and orchard potential. The remarkable Estrella River Ranch is isolated, yet conveniently located just 12 miles from downtown Paso Robles. The land features six certified parcels and is improved with a freshly remodeled residence. The property also offers a shop, barn, reservoir, electricity and telephone service. A domestic well and two irrigation wells equipped with electric turbine pumps supply water. $9,000,000.

Clark Company Pete Clark 1031 Pine Street Paso Robles, CA 93446

805 238-7110 office 805 238-1324 fax Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

071 Clark.indd 71


6/16/09 11:06:08 AM


This trophy mountain ranch lies along the Arizona/New Mexico state line and covers 134+ square miles. The total ranch carrying capacity is 520 animal units yearlong and includes 5,876 deeded acres and 80,000 acres of federal grazing

H Bar V Ranch

Arizona v Apache County New Mexico v Catron County

leases. There are two full sets of working ranch headquarters improvements, one at each end of the ranch for ease of operation. Historic log construction ranch building improvements lie along Coyote Creek with 861 acre feet diversionary water rights and two storage reservoirs for irrigation of up to 360 acres. Landowner bull elk tags for Unit 15 in New Mexico are included. This area of western New Mexico is well known for trophy elk hunting, and the ranch is home to world-class bull elk. A truly unique property, this ranch is covered in pine and conifer forest with views of the Escudilla Mountain and home to a quality ranching operation. $7,200,000.

Traegen Knight P.O. Box 1980 • St. Johns, Arizona 85936

928 524-3740


Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

072 Headquarters.indd 72

6/9/09 8:59:55 AM


This classic 714±-acre foothill ranch with rolling hills, wildflower-filled meadows and specimen oak and pine forests is nestled in the Sierra Nevada Foothills between San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. The ranch is 45± miles east of Sacramento and minutes from the quaint gold rush town of Sutter Creek. Grape growers and vintners have rediscovered the Gold Country, drawn to the area by its history, flowing rivers, warm climate (below the snow and above the valley fog) and volcanic and decomposed granite soils. The area now boasts 2,700+ acres in vines, with 25 wineries producing many red varieties, including some of the best Zinfandels in California. Water is plentiful with a 24-acre-

Sierra Foothill Ranch California v Amador County v Fiddletown

foot reservoir, seasonal stock ponds, numerous ground water springs (four developed for livestock) and a babbling creek with cascading waterfalls. The ridge-top takes in 360-degree views from the snowcapped Sierra to Mount Diablo and the Coastal Range. Drastically reduced to $4,998,000.

Hope Valley Homestead California v Alpine County v Carson Pass


This rare 40±-acre ranch nestled at the base of picturesque Carson Pass and the magnificent 10,000-foot High Sierra Mountains is one of the few private holdings in Hope Valley, the most dramatic alpine valley in California. National forest adjoins for endless miles of hiking, skiing and horseback riding. Lake Tahoe is only 30 minutes away and Kirkwood ski resort is only 15 minutes away, both offering year-round activities. Add a classic willow-lined trout stream meandering through an alpine meadow and a custom log house set amongst the quaking aspens and you have completed the perfect postcard setting with views everywhere. $1,900,000.

Sierra Wilderness Lakefront California v Nevada County v Nevada City


The Chickering Company

Set in the unspoiled Sierra Nevada Mountains northwest of Lake Tahoe, this remote 289±-

Terry Hundemer

acre property enjoys frontage on not one, but two large high-alpine lakes. Picturesque granite

Ranches, Lakes, Rivers/Broker

outcroppings, aspens and conifers in a wilderness setting combine to make this your dream

530 265-5774 530 913-8095

mountain lakefront cabin or summer camping spot. Enjoy trout fishing, boating, hunting and hiking only an hour to I-80 and less than two hours from Lake Tahoe and Sacramento. This is one of the few remaining opportunities to own a large lakefront property in California. $1,200,000. Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

073 Chickering.indd 73


6/9/09 9:02:30 AM


Introducing for the first time the Flying Horse Ranch! Nestled against the Rocky Mountains and bordering more than a million acres of Pike National Forest, this majestic Colorado working guest ranch is one of the last remaining large ranches with preserved pre-

Flying Horse Ranch Colorado v Park County v Jefferson

1900s water rights. The owner has placed the ranch and water rights in conservation. This will ensure the wildlife habitat, fishing, open space and hay meadows will be preserved in its magnificent historic beauty and Old West

ambiance for all time. Drift back to a simpler time as your family gathers in front of the fire ring. Witness the spectacular sunset over the 14,000foot snowcapped peaks. Watch Canada geese drift in as the trophy rainbow and native trout rise from the 19-acre horseshoe lake. As evening sets in, enjoy the calls of the wild that pierce the silence from large elk herds that call the Flying Horse Ranch home. In the morning, saddle up and ride to another ranch jewel, Baker Lake, hidden high in the North Forty. As you present your favorite fly to the hungry trout, take note that no civilization is present. As mid-day approaches, ride into Pike National Forest to pristine natural alpine lakes and enjoy some of the most scenic beauty the high country of the Continental Divide has to offer. The lush sub-irrigated hay meadows boast the same qualities as the historic South Park Ranches offered during the turn of the century. This hay is known around the world for its high quality. The vast amount of high-protein hay was exported to Europe by ship to the elite equestrian enthusiast. With the protection of the irrigation water rights, this ranch will continue to produce some of the best hay in the world. The centerpiece is a newly constructed 10,000-square-foot lodge. This incredible structure was built in British Columbia using massive white cedar logs and reconstructed on Horseshoe Lake. This is one of the most spectacular and impressive log lodges built in North America, featuring a most exquisite and unique design with a warm Western décor. The huge log trusses supporting towering cathedral ceilings are a true work of art. The private bedroom suites have individual bathrooms and fireplaces. A separate apartment is fully contained within the lodge. The world-class commercial-grade kitchen is ready to prepare your favorite cuisine or entertain large groups. An Old West-style bar, one of many hand-carved works of art, is in the great room. A snooker table is on the second level overlooking the great room. Two newly constructed top-of-the-line log homes for an additional guest overlook the lake. An incredible new massive log barn has been constructed with extensive equestrian facilities. There are two caretaker facilities, a new ranch-style home and a fully functional multi-use older ranch headquarters a few miles to the south. The Flying Horse Ranch is just over an hour southwest of Denver on State Highway 285 and only 45 minutes from the slopes of Breckenridge. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of Colorado’s history.

Mountain Property Specialists Since 1983

Bob Regester 844 Beaver Pond Drive • Divide, CO 80814

719 686-8744 719 338-4673


Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

074 NativeSons.indd 74

6/9/09 9:33:14 AM

Houston Creek Ranch Wyoming v Crook County v Sundance


This premier Black Hills land has over three miles of Houston Creek winding through the ranch, which consists of 1,835 deeded acres and 280 leased acres. Excellent wildlife habitat nourishes mule deer, elk, wild turkey, sharp-tail grouse and trophy whitetail deer. The centerpiece of the ranch is Macumba Lake, a pretty 8-acre lake that would be perfect to stock for private fishing. Beaver dams, natural springs, water wells and reservoirs lie throughout. From the pretty creek bottoms and pristine valleys to the timbered hills and rocky canyon rims, this picturesque location is a special place to be enjoyed in all seasons. $6,100,000.


This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to own a ranch close to Devils Tower with 1,008 acres and spectacular views of Devils Tower, the Missouri Buttes, the Belle Fourche River Valley

Tower View Ranch Wyoming v Crook County v Devils Tower

and the Black Hills. Excellent development potential includes over two miles of Highway

Bull Cedar Ranch Wyoming Natrona & Converse Counties v Midwest


This large Wyoming ranch in good cattle country offers world-class elk, mule deer and pronghorn antelope hunting. Offering 41,519 deeded acres, 4,762 state leased acres and

24 frontage and five highway approaches. Big

15,799 BLM acres, this 62,080-acre ranch is

rolling fields, rocky canyons and pine- and

a sportsman’s haven with trophy mule deer,

oak-covered hills are perfect for whitetail deer

elk and antelope, along with turkey and sage

and turkey. The ranch is on a high plateau

grouse. In addition to qualifying for landowner

with one of the best views of the Devils Tower.

elk tags, the ranch has two residences, a hunting

Do not miss this very unique opportunity

lodge, cabin, two sets of shipping pens with

rich in Western history and with tremendous

scales, good outbuildings and corrals. North

prospects for future generations. $6,050,000.

of Casper and an hour from blue ribbon trout fishing, the terrain ranges from rolling prairie pastures to steep wooded hills with pine and cedar. Major drainages include Big Bull Cedar, Little Bull Cedar, Salt Creek, 7L, Gillum Draw and Bobcat. Multiple reservoirs, springs and water wells lie throughout. As one of the largest ranches available for purchase in Wyoming at this time, Bull Cedar Ranch combines exceptional hunting, open vistas, seclusion and a low-overhead ranch operation. $19,950,000.

Bismarck Ranch South Dakota v Butte & Meade Counties v Vale


This western South Dakota ranch has live water, wildlife, recreation and good cattle country. Over one mile of the Belle Fourche River flows through the ranch with tree-lined river bottoms that offer plentiful habitat for deer, antelope, turkey, duck, geese and pheasant. Featuring 6,042 deeded acres, 640 state

Jim Pederson

lease acres and a BLM grazing permit for 552 AUMs, the ranch has two center pivot sprinklers, flood-

505 W. Main Street • Newcastle, WY 82701

irrigated meadows and dryland fields with a total of 921 tillable acres. The ranch headquarters is east

307 746-2083

of Vale near the corridor of the historic Bismarck to Deadwood Trail. $5,500,000. Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

075 Arnold.indd 75


6/9/09 9:35:14 AM

KV Bar Ranch and Juniper Reservoir RV Resort Oregon v Lake County v Lakeview


Ten miles west of Lakeview, this property is a shining jewel of eastern Oregon. A private 170-surfaceacre reservoir with large rainbow trout is just one of many amenities that call this beautiful ranch home. An income-producing RV resort, timberlands, high-altitude sub-irrigated meadows, rolling juniper hills, high-production irrigated pastures and hay ground along with abundant wildlife make up this immaculately maintained 8,400-contiguous-acre ranch. $11,900,000.

Rogue River Home and Acreage Oregon v Jackson County v Eagle Point


This 84-acre Rogue River waterfront parcel is absolutely fabulous! The 2008 Montana timber-framed, custom-built home has been spared no expense. With views from every room and boasting top-of-the-line amenities too long to list, the property backs to BLM on

Steens Mountain Ranch

two sides and shows tremendous attention

Oregon v Harney County v Burns

property. $1,499,950.

to detail. This is truly a rare and must-see


This area of the Steens Mountains is known for abundant wildlife. The Juniper Ranch is a working cattle ranch with hunting ground and scenery few have ever seen. Owning private land in this pristine wilderness area is only a dream for most of us. The irrigated ground produces feed for cattle and attract wildlife for miles around. This is really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; private land in this area becomes available next to never. The ranch has 9,800± deeded acres, a 100,000-acre grazing lease, four homes, working facilities and a first-class meat cutting and walk-in cooler for all your gameprocessing needs. If by chance you are unfamiliar with the Steens Mountains, Google it and you will see the tremendous opportunity available to you to own a piece of God’s country. $8,950,000.


Fish the famous Williamson from your doorstep and catch wild trout in excess of 10 pounds! The scenery is breathtaking from this five-star home and four additional houses that await your family, friends and clients. Three parcels are for

Tim Oneil 24524 Dodds Road Bend, Oregon 97701

541 480-3682

Lonesome Duck Ranch & Resort Oregon v Klamath County v Chiloquin

sale separately or together: 30.5 acres; 66.41 acres and 98.71 acres. The total 195.62 acres are priced at $4,465,000. The Williamson River winds through two and a half miles of Lonesome Duck Ranch & Resort, along with mountains views, rocky cliffs, blue sky and green pastures. You may just want to sit back and enjoy the wide spectrum of wildlife from your riverfront patio. The Klamath Basin (#1 rated in Sunset magazine) is a bird lover’s paradise as 350+ species of birds call this major Pacific Flyway layover home! Continue the dream of Lonesome Duck’s founders with a fishing and guest resort, or keep this secret place for friends and family. Let us show you heaven on the Williamson River. Better yet, book one of the beautiful two-story log cabins for the weekend. There is an airstrip (60' by 3,700' at 4,150' in elevation) just four miles from the property. $4,465,000.


Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

076 OregonLand.indd 76

6/16/09 11:10:11 AM

Rose Dhu Creek Plantation South Carolina v Beaufort County v Bluffton


Surrounded by executive homes, this beautiful 17-acre professional equestrian facility near Savannah, Hilton Head and Bluffton offers a





apartment, three arenas with all-weather footing (one covered) and 12 paddocks with run-in sheds and cooling misters. $2,500,000. Kathy Kennedy, 803 640-5183.


Designed by William Henry Miller, architect for Cornell University Library, and recently restored to preserve architectural detail and add luxury amenities, this historic 1882 home sits on 30 beautiful acres with a scenic fishing pond, guest cottage, entertainment pavilion with full Viking kitchen, infinity pool,

The Vale of Montmorenci

stable, putting green and is only minutes

South Carolina v Aiken County v Aiken

Pam Thompson, 803 646-1382.








from Aiken’s thriving downtown. $2,590,000.


equestrian farms, this 35-acre property offers a tournament polo field, 15+ acres of established pastures, a training track, six-stall barn and two huge outbuildings, providing plenty of room for storage of hay and farm equipment. Offering an open floor plan, the home is the perfect place to enjoy a polo

Chime Bell Station

match from the porch or the cozy fireplace in the great room on cool evenings. $1,490,000.

South Carolina v Aiken County v Aiken

Kathy Kennedy, 803 640-5183.

Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated

Double Eagle Court


South Carolina v Aiken County v Aiken

Live in Aiken’s premier gated country club community at Woodside Plantation. The beautiful custom home has an open floor plan designed for entertaining, fabulous gourmet kitchen and views of greens #9 and #18. Equestrian venues of every kind are only minutes away. $599,900. John Kenney, 809 617-9258.

Pam Thompson, Broker in Charge 120 Laurens Street NW Aiken, SC 29801

800 852-2216 803 648-6414 fax Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

077 LaissezFaire.indd 77


6/15/09 1:24:50 PM

600-Acre Antelope Valley Ranch California v Colusa County v Williams


One of the most valued aspects of a country life is peaceful seclusion. Living on Antelope Valley Ranch delivers that seclusion in a world of incredible beauty, yet offers all the amenities a rancher or horseman could possibly want. The main home, complete with every luxury on your wish list, is at the end of your private 2,470-foot runway. Your plane puts you just a 45-minute flight from any runway in the Bay Area. The horse facility includes a welldesigned 10-stall barn and working arena. The guest cottage just across the creek awaits friends and family. Historically, this property has been a working cattle ranch, but the future uses are as wide open as the new owner’s imagination. The 600-acre Antelope Valley Ranch includes everything: beautiful surroundings, complete privacy, quality in every aspect and style to please the most discerning owner. Offered for $3,790,000.

Professional Cutting/Cow Horse Facility California v Merced County v Los Banos


Less than one and a half hours from the Bay Area, this 33-acre ranch provides everything one would need to train and/or breed future world champions. A large covered arena at the center of the facility has a sizable 150-foot outdoor round pen with two 65-foot round pens. The ranch has two MD barns with oversized stalls and paddocks, with a separate barn for tack just alongside the covered arena. This ranch was built with the use of cattle in mind, from the heavy duty loading chutes, multiple feedlots and doctoring areas make handling and working cattle no

Jim Essick

longer a chore. The ranch’s flow allows you to easily move cattle to different arenas. Surrounding

18663 East Highway 88 Clements, CA 95227

the training facility, 14 irrigated pastures are built in heavy three-rail oil pipe with wire fencing. A 100-year-old restored barn provides both a functional use and a glance from the past while

209 747-5544

the 98' by 40' hay barn will store plenty of hay and equipment. The ranch has two homes: a


completely remodeled and updated home and a newer modular home. 15 acres are planted in alfalfa. Water costs average $150 to $300 per year! Offered for $1,499,000.

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

078 PacificRange.indd 78

6/9/09 10:41:07 AM


Eagle Nest Ranch New Mexico v Colfax County v Moreno Valley

One of the most unique high country properties in the West, these 1,610 deeded acres present an amazing array of opportunities to sportsmen, equestrians and wildlife enthusiasts alike. Overlooking Eagle Nest Lake and the entire Moreno Valley from Angel Fire to Red River, and bordered by another 33,000 acres of State Wildlife Reserve, this stunningly beautiful tract of land comprises a remarkably abundant wildlife habitat. To ensure its permanence, a large conservation easement protects part of the acreage, and as many as 33 landowner elk permits are available from New Mexico Game and Fish. The property boasts a perfect mix of conifer and aspen forests, open pasture areas (approximately half the acreage), rolling ridgelines and valleys with year-round Willow Creek running through the lower elevations. Solar-powered water wells feed three ponds. For sportsmen, the hunting and fishing opportunities in the area are endless and include Ted Turner’s nearby Vermejo Park Ranch. A multitude of potential homesites offering dramatic valley-wide views and directly facing the Taos Mountains means the property has tremendous potential for development as a protected conservation community, an equestrian community, or a recreational ranch subdivision. Both Angel Fire and Red River ski resorts are within 15 minutes’ drive, and world-famous Taos, New Mexico is only 30 miles away. This cool, high country getaway could be the perfect escape you’ve been waiting for. Two parcels are available individually—555 acres for $4,400,000 and 1,055 acres for $6,330,000—or the entire 1,610 acres for $9,900,000. Two smaller adjacent parcels are also available separately. Each of these parcels abuts the same State Wildlife Reserve and has a year-round stream. The 53 acres are priced at $595,000 and 71 acres at $895,000.

North Country Real Estate Stanley R. Samuels P.O. Box 122 Angel Fire, NM 87710

575 377-6651 800 284-0378 Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

079 NorthCountry.indd 79


6/9/09 10:43:02 AM


Overlooking expansive views of the towering Eaglesnest





wooded hillsides, Lot 2 at Shadow Creek Ranch is a property that optimizes luxury, privacy and beauty. This 7,400-square-foot, five-bedroom, all-suite home is beautifully situated to optimize the stunning views of

Shadow Creek Ranch, Lot 2

Colorado v v Summit County v v North of Silverthorne

northwest Colorado. Enjoy a cup of coffee on the large decks or snuggle up on the couch in front of the great room’s floor-to-ceiling rock fireplace. Home finishes include wideplank walnut floors, slab granite throughout, top-of-the-line appliances and custom log and masonry work. Home features include steam showers, surround sound, heated walkways, remote access to heat/security, a full wet bar and a spacious living room and great room for entertaining. Shadow Creek Ranch is a one-ofa-kind property with services and amenities that include access to 5,600+ deeded acres of pristine Colorado high country, guided fly-fishing on 22 lakes and ponds, an onsite chef/kitchen staff, 20+ miles of summer and winter trails, a 35-horse remuda, guided big game trophy hunting and fishing on the gold medal waters of the Blue River. To learn more about Shadow Creek Ranch, see this issue’s cover ranch article. To see more photos, visit $4,500,000.

Carrie George P.O. Box 1627 Kremmling, CO 80459

970 485-2520 970 724-3555 fax


Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

080 Omni.indd 80

6/9/09 10:44:41 AM

Marsha Mason’s Farm and Estate


New Mexico v Rio Arriba County v Abiquiu Home to four-time Oscar-nominated actress Marsha Mason for more than a decade, Rio Abajo Rio is a 247-acre estate and working

herbal farm with acequia water rights, in the same area of northern New Mexico that inspired the legendary artistry of Georgia O’Keeffe. The estate comprises 15,000+ square feet across three beautiful structures. The farm is a shining example of how rehabilitating and nourishing the earth through sustainable methods results in unsurpassed agricultural abundance. Rich and fertile, the soil now yields a plethora of healthenriching plants for Mason’s line of medicinal body and bath products: Resting in the River. Envisioned by renowned architect Theodore Waddell, the main home’s inviting floor plan is designed around an interior courtyard. Graced with extensive hallways to display art, the spacious residence features a great room, panelled library with hidden entrance to a private study, gourmet kitchen, two-bath master suite, two guest bedrooms and a fourth bedroom with secret door to the library. Thoughtful details abound, such as antique mantels, bath tile work, wood-beamed ceilings and artfully executed fenestration. Skylights flood the separate art studio and conference center with natural light. The facility spans about 5,700 square feet and offers a full bath, settee area and two small apartments. Local artist Gary Campbell designed the standalone guesthouse. Connecting two small casitas, a small courtyard at the center of the guesthouse is an additional delight at this incredibly enticing and unique property. $7,975,000.

Gregg Antonsen 125 Lincoln Avenue Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

505 983-8733

Co-marketed with

Santa Fe Properties Don DeVito 1000 Paseo de Peralta Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

800 374-2931 • 505 946-0436 Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

081 Christies_21434.indd 81


6/9/09 10:47:57 AM


Simply the most beautiful and well-located ranch in the California Central Coast, this

Moore Ranch

property is a short 20-minute drive to the eclectic town of Paso Robles with its Norman

California v Monterey County v Paso Robles

Rockwell atmosphere, as well as some of the

best wine, fine dining and wine tasting in California. From Paso Robles, it is about 30 minutes to the quaint beach towns of Cambria and Cayucos or the famous Hearst Castle. The completely private and secluded 2,200-acre ranch offers nearly everything a person could wish for. From various hilltops on this huge oak-studded ranch, you are treated to a dramatic backdrop of the costal mountain range, as well as the gorgeous Black Mountain and Saw Tooth Mountain Ranges. Many amazing tranquil meadows, hundreds of oaks and pines, seasonal ponds and a year-round creek highlight the ranch! Add to all this ideal cattle and horse grazing due to ideal weather conditions. Comprised of 16 contiguous legal parcels, the ranch has abundant wildlife, including pigs, deer, quail and turkey, as well as many roads throughout the ranch. Although completely private, this ranch has paved road frontage with power and phone on the road and is just around the corner from the quaint town of Parkfield (population 16) and approximately three hours from San Francisco or Los Angeles. A terrific general-aviation airport is located in Paso Robles. $4,600,000.

Paso Robles Vineyard California v San Luis Obispo County v Paso Robles/Central Coast Area


This gorgeous, almost 3,000-square-foot Victorian farmhouse lies in beautiful Paso Robles Estrella Valley area. On a peaceful country road, this exceptional property is only 14 minutes to Paso Robles. The home offers a huge country kitchen with large, bright breakfast room, French doors, covered porches, antique light fixtures, Douglas fir plank flooring, large rooms, views and privacy. There are 16.5 acres of Cabernet and 2.5 acres of Merlot, all certified organic. 13 acres remain

Lynda DaCosse

unplanted. There is a great barn and additional

935 Riverside Dr., Suite 14 Paso Robles, CA 93446

outbuildings. This unique farm would make the

805 238-9022 805 550-1349 cell

your imagine go wild with business endeavors •


most wonderful family or vacation home, or let only a gorgeous Victorian farmhouse with an organic vineyard could host! $1,690,000.

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

082 DaCosse.indd 82

6/9/09 10:50:37 AM

Eastern Oklahoma Showplace


Oklahoma v Sequoyah County v Sallisaw Just off I-40 in Oklahoma’s lake land, this horseman or cattleman’s paradise features rolling Bermuda grass terrain across a beautiful 187-acre ranch. In addition to the beautiful terrain, there is a year-round creek and numerous ponds, one with a fountain enclosed by wood-plank fencing. This property features an incredible and exquisite 5,500-square-foot home with too many features to name and a fourcar garage. There are two heated shop buildings (40' by 60' and 36' by 96'), equipment sheds and a televised security system that monitors the gated entry and grounds. $3,000,000. For extensive photos of the immaculate ranch or more horse and cattle properties, please visit

GreenLeaf Properties Tony Venters 923 E. Cherokee Sallisaw, OK 74955

918 774-0022 office 918 776-3451 cell Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

083 GreenLeaf.indd 83


6/9/09 10:53:15 AM


Reflecting the rich heritage of the American West, the Little Jennie Ranch, a short drive south of Jackson Hole, represents a rare opportunity to own one of Wyoming’s most beautiful and secluded private working ranches. In the foothills of the Gros Ventre Mountain Range, this 3,016-acre ranch is surrounded and protected by the Bridger Teton National Forest, three magnificent mountain ranges and has miles of trout streams and vast rolling meadows punctuated by aspen and fir stands. In addition to 11 ranch cabins and two

Little Jennie Ranch Wyoming v Sublette County v Bondurant

new barns, the main lodge offers a two-story log residence built by Jack Kranenberg, which typifies the Native American flavor of 1950s Western décor. $69,500,000.

Teton Valley Ranch Wyoming v Teton County v Jackson Hole


Minutes from Jackson Hole and bordered by the famed Gros Ventre River, this 100+-acre historic ranch is one of the most significant properties in the Rocky Mountain West. The incomparable natural setting with an amazing panorama of the Teton Mountain Range offers direct access to 3.4 million acres of public land. Designed and built by German architects, this unique 10,000-square-foot home is reminiscent of European hunting lodges of days gone by. One-of-a-kind antique design elements from Europe include reclaimed timbers and floors, sandstone columns, castle doors, balusters and tiles from the 1700s and 1800s and much more. The property can be purchased in two separate parcels. $42,900,000.

Rock’n S Ranch Idaho v Teton County v Victor

Richard & Edie Lewis Lewis, Lewis & Kleiman Associate Brokers Jackson Hole, Wyoming

307 690-8855 877 739-8021



A gentleman’s ranch on the Teton River, this 57-acre sportsman’s paradise blends peacefully into the riverbank and lies just a few steps from national forest access. The 6,400-square-foot, fivebedroom, five- and one-half-bath custom home is built from hand-peeled logs and interior timber beams salvaged from the Union Pacific Railroad. The boathouse and dock are conveniently situated just 30 yards from the main house. The ranch also boasts a sport court, guest home, barn with apartment, equipment sheds, hay storage barn and trout-stocked ponds. Decks provide superb views of the Teton and Big Hole Mountain Ranges. The property can be purchased in two separate parcels. Previously offered at $7,950,000. Price reduced 25% to $5,950,000.

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

084 RichardLewis.indd 84

6/15/09 9:41:02 AM

Hunter’s Ridge Ranch


Colorado v Delta County v Crawford

Welcome to Hunter’s Ridge, a one-of-a-kind retreat at the end of a private road, surrounded by lush hay fields, treed hillsides and public land and anchored by a beautiful new home with custom finishes, including plaster walls, custom cabinets, 48" professional-grade range, Silestone and maple countertops, steam shower and more! Built for energy efficiency, the home has a passive solar design, Nudura ICF block foundation and walls, solar heating, hot water and electrical system and two efficient wood-burning stoves. The 203.92 acres are perimeter fenced with high tensile wire and all-steel gates; cross-fencing and electric fences make it easy to rotate pastures. 45 irrigated acres (including 15 acres newly planted in a mixture of grass and alfalfa hay) are efficiently irrigated by side roll, big gun and k-line sprinklers and gated pipe. A turn-key horse property, this ranch has many improvements: a 40' by 60' hay barn, 40' by 60' six-stall horse barn with tack room and loft, a 30' by 40' shop with a 16' by 30' attached chicken house and a garden shed. All farm equipment is included. This secluded property provides excellent wildlife habitat for wild turkeys, trophy deer, elk and more with two year-round streams, a pond during irrigation season and excellent cover. This property also provides potential for subdivision or a conservation easement. Visit for a virtual tour and more information. $2,500,000.

Colorado Realty Marsha Jackson 205 Grand Avenue • Paonia, CO 81428

970 527-6223 www. Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

085 CB_CO.indd 85


6/9/09 10:56:38 AM

Clinetop Ranch-Near Aspen Colorado v Garfield County v New Castle


Eight miles north of New Castle with a quarter-mile of Main Elk Creek, this turn-key luxury horse ranch offers 24.76 acres subdivided into two parcels, each with a great water well for a home plus guesthouse. Owner-built and architect-designed with great attention to detail, a majestic 5,795-square-foot log/stone/stucco home with too many high-end upgrades to mention features expansive decks and views everywhere. Animal-friendly fencing into five pastures. The property has a nice barn with lovely caretakers’ apartment. Enjoy historic water rights, an underground sprinkler system, round pen and dog kennels, as well as various recreational activities, including fly-fishing, horseback riding, hunting, wildlife viewing, hiking, four-wheeling and even parasailing! Aspen and Grand Junction are one and a half hours from the property, and Glenwood Springs is just 30 minutes away. Bring your horses and saddle up—it’s ready! Price Reduced. $2,750,000.

Ralph Hubbell

Ten Peaks Ranch-Near Aspen

3110A Blake Avenue Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

970 984-3805 direct line

Co-listed with

Needlerock Mountain Real Estate

This stunning 56-acre parcel situated at 7,800' in elevation is the crown jewel of the Crystal River Valley. Ride horseback, hike or Nordic ski the lush meadows, aspen and pine forests, explore the Raggeds Wilderness Area to the south and enjoy 1,000 feet of fine fishing on the Crystal River to the north. Marble, Colorado is surrounded on all sides by U. S. Forest Service land, offering great elk and mule deer hunting, fishing, hiking and more. Named Ten Peaks Ranch for the views of 10 major peaks, this is the perfect horse property, private retreat, or possible three-lot

Gary Hubbell

Gunnison County subdivision. Featuring numerous great building sites, a well for three homes

Crawford, CO

and close proximity to the Marble airstrip, the property is just 25 air miles to Aspen, 30 minutes

970 988-2122

to Carbondale and an hour to Aspen by car. This is the perfect property to build your dream



Colorado v Gunnison County v Marble

mountain ranch estate close to Aspen! Price Reduced. $1,600,000.

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

086 BullockHinkey.indd 86

6/9/09 10:58:10 AM


Slow down. If you’ve been tempted to simplify, relax, gather your thoughts and regroup, you’ve found the place. Drive along the wood-rail fenced lane, past the lake and its stately homes to your Western retreat. Absorb nature through huge windows, massive log beams, wide-plank wood floors and a moss rock fireplace; this home beckons you to unwind. This estate is less

Steamboat Equestrian Estate

than eight miles to Steamboat where you can experience a revitalizing day on the slopes, dine in the fine restaurants and shop the boutiques.

Colorado v Routt County v Steamboat Springs

No convenience is spared in this 5,000-square-foot custom residence on 15 acres. The elegant floor plan is perfect for entertaining. All living areas, two offices and the master suite are on the main level, and each offers the stunning views you expect in this special valley. $2,995,000.

Elk River Valley Ranch Colorado v Routt County v Steamboat Springs



Located 10 miles north of Steamboat Springs in the Elk River Valley, this 262-acre property offers a complete package of excellent improvements, lush, irrigated meadows, mineral rights and

Steamboat Lake Views

water rights. The 4,000-square-foot log home has a massive river rock fireplace, granite counters, Colorado v Routt Co. v Steamboat Springs inviting sunroom with incredible views of Sleeping Giant Mountain and a new master suite Take advantage of the incredible buying addition. The covered porch overlooks the pond with beautiful landscaping and a gazebo for relaxing outdoors. Several outbuildings, including a shop and historic red barn, provide ample storage for equipment and shelter for your livestock. The ranch has over 13 cfs of water; there


opportunities in Steamboat Springs! Enjoy fantastic views of Steamboat Lake from 125 acres on the northern end of the historic town

exists potential to create a waterfowl and fish habitat in the riparian area of the old riverbed. The of Hahn’s Peak, 25 miles north of Steamboat. property is protected from future development, as are many of the surrounding ranches, by a Topography consists of open, grassy meadows conservation easement. Offered at $2,500,000.

to hillsides loaded with aspens. At the end of the county road, the access is easy and the views are incredible. Sand Mountain, Hahn’s Peak and the Zirkel Mountain Range are visible from several different building sites. Electricity is to the property line, and the Routt National Forest is the northern neighbor. This is truly a spectacular parcel! $1,295,000.

Historic Trull Ranch Colorado v Routt County v Steamboat Springs


Come see this picture-perfect Rocky Mountain setting on 747 acres at the end of the county road, 10 miles west of Steamboat. This historic ranch has been passed down through generations of the same family since they settled the area in the 1880s. The improvements are located in a private valley that opens into wide, grassy meadows flanked by hillsides covered in oak brush and aspen. The ranch is only minutes from Steamboat Springs and the Yampa Valley Regional Airport. The conservation easement protects the agricultural and open space value of the land and allows for an additional building site. The ranch supports cattle grazing and hay production, as well as deer and elk hunting in the fall. Offered at $2,500,000. Visit any of these ranches at

Christy Belton 610 Market Plaza, #100 Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

970 734-7885 Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

087 Pru_Steamboat.indd 87


6/15/09 9:32:50 AM

Rancho de Nada


Colorado v Conejos County v Jasper

At 9,000 feet, surrounded on three sides by the Rio Grande National Forest and with threequarters of a mile of river meandering through it, these 160 acres are a sportsman’s paradise. This mountain retreat has five stocked ponds, a year-round fishing stream, numerous springs, beaver ponds, 50% mountain grass and 50% aspen and pines. The wildlife at the ranch is unique, from humming birds buzzing through your camp to the elk, deer, mountain sheep, bear, cat, fox, coyote, duck, geese, turkey, grouse, eagle and squirrel that call the ranch home. Only two animals are missing: moose and antelope (15 miles away). The property is accessible on a maintained year-round forest road. It is off the grid for electricity, but phone is available. There are roads to several good building sites. $795,000.

Cougar Run Estates Colorado v Delta County v Cedaredge


Tucked away on a mesa top are 40 acres of irrigated land with excellent water rights and

Cougar Run Development

to the property lines. Seven acres have been selected for conservation and offer year-round water flow with four ponds heavily stocked with fish. Limited livestock is allowed. Cedaredge is on

Delbert Smith

the upward slope of the Grand Mesa National Forest. There are 200+ lakes, 25 major streams

1498 SW Melinda Road Cedaredge, CO 81413

and extensive ATV/snowmobile trails. Enjoy hunting, fishing, downhill and cross-country skiing,

970 856-7209


unlimited scenic views. There are 10 lots of 3.5Âą acres with roads, electric, phone and water all

snowmobiling and magnificent stands of aspen and pines. Showings and contracts are subject to final plat approval of Delta County. $125,000 to $175,000.

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

088 CougarRun.indd 88

6/9/09 11:00:49 AM


Large acreages in northern Idaho and the Inland Northwest are rare due to the close proximity to huge lakes, great ski resorts and quaint, yet progressive towns such as Sandpoint and Coeur d’Alene. The area has about 80% public forestlands, abundant water resources and a relatively mild, true four-season climate. Hunting and recreation opportunities abound from elk to trout and mountain bikes to snowmobiles; with all this

690 Acres on the Clark Fork River

and more, there is no better place to buy. As pictured, the 690-acre River Road Acres has

Idaho v Bonner County v Sandpoint

river frontage, which is boat-able into Lake

Pend Oreille (200 miles of shoreline and depths to 1,200'). It borders USFS on multiple sides and paved access to Sandpoint, Schweitzer Ski Resort and Spokane airport. Enjoy great land, great water, great views, abundant wildlife and more. Asking price: $3,500,000.

640-Acre Big Bear Creek Farm & Ranch Idaho v Latah County v Moscow


The 640-acre Big Bear Creek Farm & Ranch consists of farmland, timberland, a trout stream, three spring-fed ponds and much more. There are 240 acres of very productive farmland, 400 acres of forestlands with Big Bear Creek and a nice trout stream flowing through beautiful forest, meadows and canyon lands. The ranch is located where the Palouse farm region of northern Idaho meets the Bitter Root Range of the Rocky Mountains, about an hour south of Coeur d’Alene. Palouse farmland is the best in the country and out-produces the Midwest by 40% an acre in wheat, lentils, etc. This old farmstead consists of 240 acres of prime agriculture land and a well-built 1912-era farmhouse and classic old barns. All need restoration, but have well, power and phone. There are 400 acres of productive timberlands, of which 300 acres are open for grazing and wildlife forage; about 100 acres remain in mature timbered forest. Water resources are abundant and the land is productive for farming, cattle and timber with unlimited recreational potential and easy paved access to huge lakes, ski resorts, dining, arts, entertainment, international airport and more. $1,700,000.

240 Acres: Mountaintop, Lake Views and Timberlands


Idaho v Bonner County v Sandpoint

Close to Sandpoint, huge lakes, ski resort and much more, these 240 acres of prime northern

Resort Realty Michael White Land & Ranch Specialist

Idaho timberland have awesome 360-degree views of two mountain ranges, Lake Pend Oreille

BS Forest Resources & Ecosystem Management

and the valleys below. The forest consists of vast expanses of old growth in dark draws, with

208 290-8599 office

springs and sunny slopes of huge larch, pine and fir. The combination of flat, rolling and steep land offers great views, well-built roads throughout and good access. $799,500.

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

089 CB_Resort.indd 89


6/15/09 9:34:26 AM

DK Cattle Company


Colorado v Larimer County v Wellington

Located just 15 minutes from historic downtown Fort Collins, this well-appointed 430-acre ranch is a rare find. Boasting a gorgeous 4,770-squarefoot, five-bedroom, three-bath log home, 300 pivot irrigated acres, feedlot, steel sorting pens, loading area, stock well, automatic waterers, calving shed with heated office, two-run horse barn with heated tack room, machine shed, heated shop with office, quonset, three-stall garage and a second house on the property, these 430 contiguous acres are currently available in six different parcels, starting at $274,000. Water is available. Contact broker for details. $2,990,000. Highly Motivated Seller.

Adam Nelson 5105 Richards Lake Road Fort Collins, CO 80524

970 692-4266


Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

090 ColoradoRE.indd 90

6/16/09 9:58:44 AM

Greg Norman’s Seven Lakes Ranch


Colorado v Rio Blanco County v Meeker Imagine a sportsman’s paradise with unlimited private trophy elk and deer hunting, gold medal fly-fishing, canoeing, skeet shooting, alpine and Nordic skiing and miles of riding and hiking trails. Greg Norman’s spectacular 11,600+-acre Seven Lakes Ranch has it all. The luxury eightbedroom log estate with expansive views is set amidst national forest, wilderness areas and multiple lakes. The property includes a threebedroom guesthouse, sportsman’s lodge, dance hall, multiple barns, cabins, staff dwelling units, office and more. Boasting varied terrain, miles of White River frontage, magnificent lakes and ample water rights, the property is just 25 miles from the nearest town and airport at Meeker, Colorado. Seven Lakes Ranch is convenient to Colorado’s major ski areas of Steamboat Springs, Vail and Aspen. This is a rare opportunity town a true legacy property.

Steven Shane, Broker/Owner 117 South Monarch Street, Main Level Aspen, CO 81611

970 925-6063 970 925-6064 fax Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

091 SDS.indd 91


6/15/09 9:36:48 AM

Central Oregon Timber Land Oregon v Deschutes County v Bend


This is one of the last large forested parcels lying just minutes west of Bend, Oregon to become available to purchase. These 1,306 acres of majestic pine timber and rugged rock outcroppings highlight some unique Cascade Mountain views. This parcel is easily accessible most of the year and is zoned F-1 for Forest Use. The price was recently reduced to $3,900,000 for immediate sale.

Oregon Horse Training Facility Oregon v Deschutes County v Bend


This 9.9-acre Bend horse farm is in great condition with a private, pastoral setting and Cascade Mountain views through mature junipers and irrigated pastures. It is ideally suited for a professional trainer or just a great place for your family livestock. The ranch-style home has been recently modernized, including a new roof and kitchen. The 12-stall horse barn is set up with five box

Brian Meece, ALC, CCIM

stalls with runs, hay storage, a dog kennel and a tack room. In addition, there is a new 48' by 48'

685 SE 3rd Street • Bend, OR 97702

shop with two 11' roll-up doors, a four-car carport, triple-bay machine shed and a loafing shed for

541 322-6153

horses. A hot tub, air conditioning, remote-controlled entry gate and more complete the offering.


Wyoming’s raw natural beauty and enduring pioneer spirit continues to draw visitors from across the nation. Wild Horse Ranch at Lake Hattie is your place to stake a claim in the Wild

The list goes on and on. Call Brian Meece, ALC, CCIM for more information. $979,000.

Wild Horse Ranch Wyoming v Albany County v Laramie

West. Buyers know a good investment when they see one, and the allure of Wyoming’s zero corporate or personal taxes—plus some of the lowest property and sales tax in the U.S.--have made this ranch a hot commodity. These 40acre homesteads start at just $1,995 per acre and lie in the shadow of Sheep Mountain, whose tree-lined foothills open up to dramatic vistas, including the scenic shoreline of the reservoir-fed 2,200-acre Lake Hattie. And it is just 15 minutes from Laramie, a small western city that cherishes and celebrates its roots while growing to meet the future.

B.B. Brooks Ranch Wyoming v Natrona County v Casper


The spirit of the American West can now be yours at B.B. Brooks Ranch just outside of Casper, Wyoming. Established in 1882 by one of the state’s first governors, Bryant B. Brooks, this legendary land is a pure slice of natural beauty. Wyoming is home to abundant wildlife such as elk, antelope and deer, and despite the ranch’s close proximity to the thriving city of Casper, the beauty of the

888 LOVE-WYO (568-3996)


land is never sacrificed. Follow your dream of land ownership in the heart of Wyoming! This historic property is being offered in stunning 40-acre parcels starting as low as $995 per acre.

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

092 SteveSct_Brooks.indd 92

6/9/09 11:06:48 AM

Pahsimeroi Valley Idaho v Custer County v May


This 765-acre ranch with BLM grazing privileges has four pivot irrigation systems for hay production, excellent deer hunting, waterfowl hunting and fishing on the property, modest improvements, springs, nice streams through the property, a convenient location one and a half hours from Sun Valley, Idaho and a landholder’s preference elk tag. $1,960,000.

Goat Falls Ranch

Salmon River Realty

Idaho v Custer County v Stanley


360 acres of Idaho’s best with end-of-the-road privacy within the Sawtooth National Recreation

Preston Dixon

area and close to the highly desirable resort town of Stanley, Idaho. The opportunity to

Challis, ID 83226

purchase a ranch of this caliber is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Call to schedule a showing today! $5,500,000.

208 879-2225


Clark & Associates Land Brokers, LLC 307 334-2025 307 760-9510 406 697-3961 MARTS RANCH—Timber Lake, SD Over 3,360 contiguous, deeded acres with excellent improvements. Owner-rated 300 pairs year-round. $2,400,000 INYA KARA CREEK RANCH–Crook County, WY Very scenic 1,795-deeded-acre ranch 22 miles NW of Sundance, WY. $2,000,000 FLYING V RANCH–Platte County, WY Excellent water rights on 506 deeded acres 5 miles north of Wheatland, WY. 1.5 miles of river frontage. Remarkable improvements. $2,750,400 SEVEN MILE CREEK RANCH—Platte County, WY Well-balanced 10,696-acre ranch: 10,176 deeded, 120 BLM and 400 state lease acres. Seven miles yearround live water. $5,340,000 WYOMING SUNRISE RANCH—Niobrara Co., WY 2,748± deeded acres. 350 irrigated acres under 3 pivots. Excellent improvements. $1,950,000 SILVER CREEK RANCH—Sundance, WY 1,591± deeded acres 6 miles south of Sundance, WY. Ample water. Highway frontage. $2,625,000 LARAMIE PEAK RANCH—Converse County, WY: At the foot of Laramie Peak - 7,127+ acres: 2,227 deeded, 320 state lease and 4,580 U.S. Forest Service permit acres. $3,750,000

RIVER RANCH—Converse County, WY 488± deeded acres with 3/4 mile of river frontage and 1.5 miles Shawnee Creek. Two miles highway frontage. Two sets of improvements. $1,595,000 STINSON RANCH—Converse County, WY 2,982+ acres: 2,902 deeded and 80 acres BLM lease. Located 14 miles east of Douglas, WY. $1,238,544 PONTAROLO FARM & RANCH—Goshen Co., WY 925 deeded: 22 acres wheat base cropland, 240 acres CRP and 663 acres pasture. $439,355

Steve Scott Realtors Brian Meece, ALC, CCIM 685 SE 3rd • Bend, OR 97702

541 388-8989 office 541 322-6153 direct OREGON HORSE TRAINING FACILITY This 9.9-acre Bend horse farm is in great condition with a private, pastoral setting, Cascade Mountain views and irrigated pastures. The ranch-style home has been recently modernized including a new roof and kitchen.  The 12-stall horse barn is currently set up with 5 box stalls with runs, hay storage, dog kennel and a tack room. In addition, there is a new 48x48 shop with two 11' roll-up doors; a 4-car carport; triple-bay machine shed; and a loafing shed for the horses. Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

093-096 Salmon_Classifieds.indd 93


6/10/09 4:02:46 PM

Ranch Marketing Associates

970 535-0881 • Ron Morris 970 927-3850 • Billy Long Argonaut Farm – Glenwood Springs, Colorado 1,135± acres with residence, guest home, equestrian facilities, cabins, over a mile of frontage on Four Mile Creek. $27,500,000 Big Creek Ranch – Steamboat Springs, Colorado 4,300 trophy acres bordering national forest with exceptional 11,000 sq. ft. lodge, four miles of Big Creek and development potential in resort town. $55,000,000 Blue Mountain Park Ranch – Loveland, Colorado 1,350 acres with exceptional wildlife and hunting. Close to all Front Range cities with two building sites and national forest access. $7,950,000 Bonsall Farm – Bonsall, California Unique, sophisticated hacienda ranch in sought-after equestrian area close to San Diego and L.A. 190+acre rural paradise, well-maintained w/home and pool, two manager’s homes, indoor tennis facility, citrus and avocado groves, vistas overlooking alfalfa fields, horse paddocks, security, privacy, easy access. $25,000,000 Castle Cliff Farm – Castle Rock, Colorado 51-acre executive equestrian estate between Colorado Springs and Denver with exquisite French Country home, gated entry, 24-stall and 7-stall horse barns, riding arena, caretaker’s home, adjacent to Country Club at Castle Pines. $10,700,000 Chaparral Lakes Ranch – Redding, California 400 magnificent, private acres close to national parks, retail, airport and more. Abundant wildlife with development potential. $1,750,000 Clark Creek Ranch – Elgin, Oregon In the heart of the Blue Mountains, 1,471 acres with ponds, springs and North Fork of Clark Creek running through property. Near national forest and wilderness areas. $1,975,000 Colorado River Cattle Ranch – Kremmling, CO Part of Grand River Ranch, 6,500 acres at 9,500' elevation with beautiful modern Western-design home, 3 additional homes, outbuildings and access to national forest. $7,950,000 Dater Creek Ranch – La Grange, Wyoming 2,320 acres of rolling grasslands, small buttes, hills, seasonal stream, fenced. $1,234,800 Deer Creek Ranch – Saratoga, Wyoming 1,348 acres in premier mountain valley community close to prestigious Old Baldy Club with 2 miles of Deer Creek, remodeled 2-story log home, 2 matching cabins, horse barn and more. $2,900,000 Deming Creek Ranch – Bly, Oregon 6,600-deeded-acre and 4,500-leased-acre cattle ranch. Excellent water rights, Deming Creek and Sprague River run through the property. $3,900,000 Diamond D Ranch – Elbert, Colorado 20 miles north of Colorado Springs near the Black Forest, this 324-acre ranch is perfectly located w/spectacular western views, 2-level barn with skylights, 6 pastures, 2 windmills, pond with spring, underground utilities, development potential and beautiful Front Range setting. $2,950,000 El Caso Ranch – Quemado, New Mexico 70,000 total acres (3,250 deeded) with a 106-lot subdivision, restaurant, polo arena, boat marina, restaurant, 2 homes and a gas station. $10,000,000


Elk Haven Ranch – Loveland, Colorado 1,650-acre Front Range hunting ranch with 2+ miles of national forest close to Estes Park with privacy, abundant wildlife and scenery. $8,950,000 Final Drive Ranch – Cheyenne, Wyoming 640 acres 6 miles north of Cheyenne. Western views of Table and Mesa Mountains and Cheyenne Pass. 1,836-sf home, show barn, fully equipped livestock barn, wells and 100 irrigated acres. Development potential. $1,500,000 Flat Tops Ranch – Kremmling, Colorado Part of Grand River Ranch, 680 acres, 3 homesites, 9,500' elevation, views and access to national forest. $4,650,000 Gore Canyon Ranch – Kremmling, Colorado Part of Grand River Ranch, 337 acres, 3 homesites, mixed forest, spectacular mtn. views. $3,750,000 Gypsum Creek Outfitters Headquarters Ranch Gypsum, Colorado 53 acres between Vail and Aspen with national forest behind the property with great hunting, 2,200 sq. ft. home, bunkhouse, hay and tack sheds and machine shop. $1,500,000 Hay Draw Ranch – Union Center, South Dakota 2,240 acres with wildlife and views of Belle Fouche River Breaks, Black Hills and Bear Butte. Includes 3BR home, bunkhouse, Morton buildings, 13 pastures, spring, 7-acre lake and hay production. $3,200,000 Historic Montana Ranches – MT & WY Over 80,000 acres of historic ranches including the legendary OW, V Bar C, Pitchfork, Wolf and LX Bar Ranches. Offers 5 miles of Tongue River, frontage on Powder River, 12 creeks, 5 headquarters and valuable mineral rights. $75,000,000 Investment Land & Water – Windsor/Severance, CO Land & water investment opportunity with development potential and valuable water rights. 157 acres between 2 growing cities, flood irrigated, agricultural lease in place, partially fenced. $2,900,000 K P Ranch – LaGrange, Wyoming Set along both sides of Bear Creek, this 383acre ranch has charm, beauty, privacy and views. Includes renovated farmhouse with wraparound porch, mature trees, horse barn, shop and stocked pond. $1,250,000 Little Deer Creek Ranch – Fort Laramie, WY 4th generation cattle ranch encompassing 5,255 deeded acres with 3.5 miles of Deer Creek and Little Deer Creek traversing the property, 125-acre pivot sprinkler, wide meadows for ideal building sites offering spectacular views. $4,000,000 Little Ponderosa Ranch – Lyons, Colorado 18 acres with both sides of a quarter-mile year-round creek, 3BR home, detached garage, fruit cellar, barn and adjacent to 3,000+ acres of county open space at the gateway of Rocky Mountain National Park. $995,000 Lookout Mountain Ranch – Glenwood Springs, CO 894 acres overlooking entire Roaring Fork Valley. Development potential or trophy ranch. $8,940,000 Mallon Ranch – Orland, California 3,408 acres of gently rolling grassland with recreation, development opportunity, wildlife and scenery. $7,500,000 Matheson Ranch on Troublesome Creek Kremmling, Colorado A mile of Troublesome Creek runs through this 800acre ranch, which irrigates 300 acres of grass hay. Valuable water rights, two homes, barn, corrals, hay storage. $4,200,000 Mesa Meadow Ranch – Kremmling, Colorado Part of Grand River Ranch, 835 acres, three homesites, creek, irrigated meadow and hay production capability. $3,950,000

Northridge Court Estate – Genesee, Colorado Stunning stone and glass, 11,000+ sq. ft. modern mountain home on wooded 4-acre site in high foothills west of Denver and 15 minutes from Vail and Breckenridge. $4,900,000 Oak Meadows – Glenwood Springs, Colorado The highest lot in Elk Meadows Ranch, this 5-acre parcel has spectacular views and borders private ranchland. $400,000 Painted Meadows Ranch – LaGrange, Wyoming 1,296 total acres, fenced with custom 4,000 sq. ft. home, three wells, horse and cattle barns, livestock facilities, hay storage and shop. $1,200,000 Pass Creek Ranch – Kremmling, Colorado Part of Grand River Ranch, 336 acres, 3 homesites, views of Wolford Mtn. Reservoir, Pass Creek runs through property, 8,200' elevation. $1,950,000 Pine Ridge Ranch – Durango, Colorado 660 deeded acres and 600 state lease acres, exquisite 6,375 sq. ft. home, privacy, views of Continental Divide & Pine River Valley. $6,960,000 Prange Ranch – Nunn, Colorado 90-year-old reputation working ranch with 8,000 deeded acres and 1,920 state lease acres. Runs 1,000 yearlings, three homes, barns, corrals and eight wells. $4,200,000 Piney Peak Ranch – Kremmling, Colorado Part of Grand River Ranch, 441 acres, 3 homesites, 9,500' elevation, views of Flat Tops Wilderness Area, Piney Peak and Front Range. $3,950,000 Republican River Ranches – Wray, Colorado Two units encompassing 5,613 total acres with a collection of 41 individual ranch properties ranging from 35 acres to 596 acres—all with unique physical characteristics & views. Prices start at $100,000. Roan Creek Ranch – De Beque, Colorado In a private valley, this 120-acre ranch has views, lush irrigated meadows, good water rights, excellent hunting and fishing and a quarter-mile of Roan Creek, which runs through the property. $780,000 Roaring Fork River Acreage – Carbondale, CO This rare 7.3-acre Roaring Fork riverfront acreage with 2BR/2BA home features 300' of river frontage across from Aspen Glen Golf Club. $1,100,000 Rockin’ R Ranch – Pagosa Springs, Colorado 35-acre horse lover’s mtn. paradise with impeccable residence & custom equestrian facilities close to Durango & Wolf Creek Ski Resort. $1,600,000 Ruby Lake Ranch – Alder, Montana 8,871 total acres of contiguous land rich in natural resources and wildlife with 3+ miles of shoreline along Ruby Reservoir. $19,800,000 Smith Creek Estate – Basalt, Colorado 35-acre mountain retreat with exquisite custom log home with wraparound deck overlooking trout pond offers endless outdoor recreation, privacy and wildlife. $2,695,000 Specie Wilderness Ranch – Telluride, Colorado Close to Telluride, 548 total acres and 1+ mile national forest boundary. Available in two parcels or entire ranch for $6,500,000. Split Rock Ranch – Muddy Gap, Wyoming Large production ranch with 200,000± total acres, 12 miles of Sweetwater River, six homes, full livestock facilities and more. $14,000,000 Stagecoach Ranch – Texas Creek, Colorado Selected for the classic Western film Cat Ballou, this 596-acre ranch offers a mile of Texas Creek, two homes and lush meadows with additional 25,000 BLM lease acres. $2,800,000 Stage Stop Ranch – Sheridan, Wyoming This 79-acre ranch offers history and charm against the backdrop of the Bighorn Mountains, close to Big Horn Entertainment Center and Polo Club with farmhouse, two creeks, ponds, riding arena, horse and hay barns and more. $1,550,000

Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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6/10/09 4:08:18 PM

(Ranch Marketing Associates continued) Sunnyside Ranch – Yampa, Colorado 954 acres between Vail and Steamboat Springs. Excellent big game hunting, outdoor recreation and development potential. $4,960,000 Tailwaters Ranch – Kremmling, Colorado Part of Grand River Ranch, 388 acres, 3 homesites overlooking charming fishing camp and miles of Muddy Creek & Gore Range. $2,950,000 Triangle 51 Ranch – Chugwater, Wyoming This 268-acre ranch on Chugwater Flats includes a unique, custom barn/home with tack room & office, three wells, grazing pastures, views, topography, year-round access and an easy-to-get-to location. $595,000 Travis Ranch – Ruth, California 100,000 total acres (12,000 deeded almost totally enclosed in federal lands) of some of the greatest scenery in the western Coastal Range. $10,500,000 Trophy Mule Deer Hunting Ranch – Crawford, NE 1,420-acre high-fenced hunting ranch with first-class lodge offering full accommodations and breathtaking views. $3,500,000 Vulture Ranch – Wickenburg, Arizona 80-acre horse property with beautiful self-sustained adobe residence, gardens, fountain, pool, outdoor entertainment area and guest quarters. $2,950,000 Willow Valley Ranch – Cotopaxi, Colorado Exquisite guest ranch on 257 acres with 8,000 sq. ft. 3-story log lodge, A-frame chalet, manager’s home, cabin, 6-stall horse barn, senior water rights and 1.5 miles of Texas Creek. $2,800,000 Wolford Mountain Ranch – Kremmling, Colorado Part of Grand River Ranch, 606 acres, 3 homesites at 8,200' elevation, spring on property, wildlife, views of Never Summer Range. $2,150,000 Y-6 Ranch – Meriden, Wyoming 24,750 acres, 5th generation cattle ranch with 6,500head feedlot & mill, irrigation, runs 1,500 pair. $15,950,000

Coldwell Banker Colorado Realty Marsha Jackson, Broker

866 527-1579 SPECTACULAR CUSTOM HOME outside Paonia, CO has 5,600+ sq. ft., 5BR/5BA, open great room, incredible gourmet kitchen, main-floor master, entertainment retreat, established perennial gardens and a 1BR/1BA guesthouse. On 23.17 rolling acres, the property is great for horses with year-round stock water, a barn with foaling stall and a second barn for equipment storage. Visit for a virtual tour and more information. $1,879,000 72-ACRE PAONIA RANCH with 2 homes, fantastic shop building with apartment, plus hay barn/ machine shed. Extensive piped irrigation system covering 65 acres for hay production. Three large ponds, 5-strand smooth-wire perimeter and crossfencing, large trees and incredible mountain views. Farming equipment included. $1,250,000 HOTCHKISS RANCH PROPERTY! Custom-built 2,500+ sq. ft., 4BR/3BA home on 57 acres (35 irrigated). Includes a sturdy 30x40 machine shop and 2-car garage. Incredible views and privacy from the elevated homesite west of Hotchkiss. $819,000

Fuller Western Real Estate

800 754-0544 Bader Gulch Ranch – Ten Sleep, WY: In the Big Horn Mtns., the 1,460±-acre ranch is a haven for wildlife, including elk and mule deer. Live water from springs feed the creek; meadows, open rangeland and areas of heavy timber complete the setting. $1,395,000 Central Colorado Ranches – Park County: Two contiguous 160±-acre ranches lie only 1.5 hours from downtown Denver in a scenic river valley. 1) Observatory Rock is a great fishing ranch with modern home. $1,575,000. 2) House Creek also shares the river, but is geared more towards horses with barn, corrals and manager’s house. $975,000 CJ&L Ranch – Gunnison County, CO: The CJ&L Ranch is 391± acres of the very best of what Colorado has to offer. South of Cimarron and Blue Mesa Reservoir, it includes 1± mile of the Cimarron River and the most dramatic scenery in CO. $3,500,000 Eight Feathers Ranch: Over a half mile of the Little Wind River flows through this beautiful 240±-acre property north of Lander, Wyoming. The ranch offers good fishing, abundant wildlife and views of the Wind River Mountains. $1,100,000 Gateway to the Sangres Ranch: This 960±-acre ranch is in the heart of the Wet Mountain Valley, just a few miles south of the quaint town of Westcliffe, Colorado. Nice mix of grazing lowland and forested highlands. $1,250,000 Indian Rock Ranch – Wheatland, WY: 1,128± acres located 17 miles west of I-25. There is nearly a mile of private fly-fishing on the North Laramie River. Elk and mule deer hunting on the ranch are outstanding. Spectacularly scenic terrain adjoins the Medicine Bow National Forest. $2,250,000 Kickback & Canyongate Ranches – So. Colorado: Two contiguous 1,000±-acre ranches near Garner with 1,400± BLM leased acres. Available separately or together, if looking for a larger assemblage. Adjoins national forest and offers great hunting & recreation. $1,250,000/$975,000 Little Popo Agie River Ranch – Lander, WY: 620±acre working cattle ranch with 1.5 miles of both sides of the Little Popo Agie River. Beautiful, private setting, good water & hay, abundant wildlife & direct highway access. $1,950,000 Old Cow Town Ranch – Saguache, CO: This oneof-a-kind 320±-acre ranch offers an authentic 1880s Old West town featuring 10 buildings, including a saloon, general store, boarding house & church. Top-rate owner’s lodge. $10,000,000 Red Cone Ranch – Catron County, NM: Prime elk, deer and antelope habitat and a productive year-round cow/calf operation. World-class bull elk (400+ scores) range on this vast spread of 36,285± acres. Features good water, fenced & cross-fenced and high-quality grasses. $4,350,000 Smoky Mtn. Hunting Ranch – Brown County, SD: This 2,921±-acre ranch offers perhaps the best pheasant hunting property in North America. The Elm River meanders through the ranch for 7.5± miles with tremendous deer population, too. $4,800,000 Wiant Ranch – Saratoga, WY: Cedar Creek flows through the middle of this 1,990±-acre cattle ranch. The varied terrain includes irrigated meadows, open range, ridges dotted w/junipers & rock outcroppings and a rugged canyon. Water rights to irrigate 220± acres. $2,700,000

Harrigan Land Company

800 524-1818 Fire Creek Ranch: 400 Acres Wyoming * Converse County * Boxelder In Box Elder Creek valley, Fire Creek Ranch affords fishing and big game hunting adjoining Medicine Bow National Forest. 3 ponds, Box Elder Creek frontage and a 3BR log cabin w/running water, generator and propane make this a perfect hideaway. $1,250,000 Whistling Elk Ranch Colorado * Jackson County * Rand 3,100 Deeded Acres & 640 Leased Acres Few Colorado ranches boast private elk, deer, moose & bear hunting on literally thousands of acres, plus 5 trophy trout ponds and lodging that is “turn-key ready” for guests. This ranch has them all. $6,250,000 PLC Ranch New Mexico * Catron County * Pie Town 14,858 Deeded Acres & 4,368 Leased Acres Amidst an ecosystem renowned for massive elk, the PLC Ranch has been called by Wayne Carlton “one of the best elk places in the world.” $11,150,000 OX Ranch Wyoming * Platte County * Laramie 4,812 Deeded Acres & 5,000 Leased Acres The fortunate few big game hunters who have been privileged to visit the OX Ranch in the Laramie Mountains have discovered “Wyoming Territory” is alive and well here. $5,250,000 Beaver Valley Ranch: 1,600 Acres Colorado * Routt County * Steamboat Springs In one of Colorado’s last unspoiled mountain valleys, Beaver Valley Ranch is tailor-made for hunting and fishing of exceptional quality. $8,995,000 La Sal Ranch: 1,920 Acres Utah * Grand County * Moab This rare gem lies undiscovered on the eastern flanks of the 12,000-foot La Sal Mountains near Moab, Utah. $6,500,000

Western United Realty Aspen Country Estate: 3BR/3.5BA, open, 3,400±-sf. home on 2 acres with great common area. 28 miles west of Laramie, Wyoming. $799,000 Harney Creek: 322 acres 12 miles south of Laramie, Wyoming, surveyed & approved for 35-acre parcels. Access off U.S. Highway 287. $495,000 Horse Creek Pasture: 3,010± acres 13 miles north of Cheyenne, off Wyoming State Highway 211. Productive hay meadows and a lot of surrounding development. $3,900,000 Lazy S Ranch: 25 miles south of Laramie, Wyoming with a 36x48 insulated horse barn/shop with 4 enclosed stalls along with an attached 12x48 open shed face. $780,000 Mt. Shadow Ranch: 600± acres in Mohave County, Arizona, near Wickenburg. One headquarters with improvements, solar panels and generator, great BLM land for riding. $1,250,000 Vedauwoo Acreage: Undeveloped 250± acres just off Interstate 80, 20± miles east of Laramie, Wyoming bordering the Medicine National Forest, min. from Vedauwoo and Curt Gowdy State Park. $650,000 Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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6/10/09 4:10:02 PM

Mason and Morse Ranch Company

877 207-9700 toll free Dry Creek Ranch Colorado * Larimer County * Berthoud A pristine 62-acre ranch, 3,500 SF home and great horse facilities. Immediate possession! $1,299,000. Karen Claycomb. Left Hand Ranch Colorado * Boulder County * Boulder 70 undeveloped acres in prestigious rural Boulder County, with Left Hand Creek running through the southern edge! $3,395,000. Karen Claycomb. Elk Creek Ranch Colorado * Rio Blanco County * Meeker Spectacular 2,580-acre shared ranch community. The White River and Elk Creek meander through the ranch. Lot 50: $1,900,000. Rue Balcomb. Rist Canyon Ranch Colorado * Larimer County * Ft. Collins 442-acre ranch with 200 acres of lush hay meadows, ponds and abundant elk and other wildlife. Impeccable improvements. Adjoins the Roosevelt National Forest. $3,250,000. Ted Schaal. Sherman Acreages Colorado * Hinsdale County * Lake City Two parcels surveyed, platted, adjacent to each other and not subject to covenants. A 3.038-acre parcel adjoins the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River, and the 2nd lot is 3.98 acres. $295,000. John Stratman. Main Ranch Colorado * Rio Grande County * Del Norte A 374±-acre property consisting of mostly vacant land. Breathtaking views of the San Juan and Sangre de Cristo Mountain ranges. $895,000. Robb Van Pelt or Rue Balcomb. Road Ranch Colorado * Rio Grande County * South Fork A 332±-acre ranch located between South Fork and Del Norte. Breathtaking views of the San Juan and Sangre de Cristo Mountain Ranges. A rare find! $795,000. Robb Van Pelt or Rue Balcomb. Woodland Park Ranch Colorado * Teller County * Woodland Park 80-acre ranch with two sides bordering national forest. Six-bedroom, 5,600 SF, custom home & separate guest homes with many amenities, trout ponds. $1,799,000. Tom Roberts. Dean Ranch Colorado * Delta County * Paonia 109-acre ranch w/spectacular views. Three-bedroom home, cabin, barn and shop, fenced and crossfenced irrigated pastures. $1,200,000. Rue Balcomb or Robb Van Pelt. Mountain View Ranch Colorado * Pueblo County * Pueblo A 245-acre gentleman’s ranch with a 1,820 SF, threebedroom, two-bath, southwestern-style ranch home & 4-stall horse barn. $629,000. Dale Dumaw. Circling Bear Ranch Colorado * Pueblo County * Pueblo 120 acres with a beautiful 3,957 SF “D”-log, fivebedroom, three- and one-half-bath home, 6-stall split-log sided barn. $750,000. Ted Schaal. Colbert Ranch Colorado * Montezuma County * Dolores 171 acres, arena, barn, 2,340 SF, 3BR/3BA home, irrigation, views, more! $2,995,000. Rue Balcomb or Robb Van Pelt.


Monckton Ranch Colorado * Garfield County * New Castle 54 acres, 3BR home, creek, mature trees, irrigation. $2,490,000. Rue Balcomb or Robb Van Pelt. Guetz Ranch Colorado * Elbert County * Kiowa 169± ac., 4,344 SF, 4BR/2.5BA home, indoor arena, barn, shop, Pikes Peak views. $1,650,000. Add’l 463 fenced vacant acres. $825,000. Ted Schaal. McKim Ranch Colorado * Elbert County * Simla 908 acres, updated 4BR/2BA ranch home, garage, barn and outbuildings. $2,250,000. John Stratman. High Meadow Ranch Colorado * Gunnison County * Crested Butte An inspiring Colorado mountain-style home on 72 acres. Mountain views and scenery. $4,599,000 (home and 72 acres) or $3,499,000 (home and 36 acres). John Stratman. Jewel of the San Juans Colorado * Hinsdale County * Lake City 5,500 SF home, 30 acres, 2 private streams, secluded location. $4,500,000. John Stratman. Cedar Bench Ranch Colorado * Montrose County * Montrose 776 acres w/add’l 400-acre BLM lease. Two homes, livestock improv., water rights, wildlife. $4,350,000. Rue Balcomb, Robb Van Pelt or John Stratman. Big Horn Island Montana * Yellowstone County * Custer 85 acres w/great hunting. $650,000. John Stratman. Nebraska Blue Ranch Nebraska * Dawes County * Crawford 440 acres, brand-new, custom-built, fully furnished 2,450 SF home. Priced to sell $645,000. John Stratman. Diamond K Ranch Wyoming * Laramie County * Pine Bluffs Diamond K Ranch is a productive cattle and hay ranch. 1,600 acres including 400 acres irrigated grass & hay land and 780 acres of CRP cropland. Excellent improvements. Wind generation potential. $2,250,000. John Stratman.

Dream Catcher Ranch Nebraska * Sioux County * Harrison 2,600 acres. Historic improvements include a 1918 remodeled 2,400 SF home & a 1908 barn in excellent condition. $2.5M. John Stratman or Robb Van Pelt. Silverbear Ranch at Greenwood Canyon New Mexico * Grant County * Silver City Be one of eleven owners of a 7,000-acre ranch. Custom-built log homes. Prices vary. Rue Balcomb or Robb Van Pelt. Sunflower Farms Nebraska * Sioux County * Mitchell Excellent commercial hay & grain farm consisting of 2,727 total acres. Irrigated acreage is 2,087 acres (1,977 acres under pivot) with 640 dry land acres. $8,000,000. Linda Niebur or John Stratman. Ferguson Land Nebraska * Dawes County * Chadron 708 acres of ranchland and 34 acres of farm ground. A perfect small cattle operation. Borders the Pine Ridge National Forest. $1,239,000. Linda Niebur. North Platte Hunting Lands Nebraska * Dawson County * Gothenburg 300 acres with 40 acres of sub-irrigated alfalfa and 260 acres of river bottom land. Bisected by the river. Abundant wildlife. $850,000. John Stratman. White River Ranch Nebraska * Crawford, Sioux & Dawes Counties 1,923 deeded acres, plus 4,875 leased acres in three tracts all between Chadron and Crawford. The White River traverses the property, which also has frontage on Whitney Lake. $1,450,000. John Stratman. Albany Lodge Wyoming * Albany County * Albany Tremendous ongoing mountain recreation business with quality improvements and excellent location in the Snowy Range Mountains. Consisting of 2.26 acres where the lodge, motel, rental office/shop, rental storage, bunkhouse, house, cabins and storage barn are located. If you desire a lifestyle change and a good business investment, consider Albany Lodge. $2,700,000. John Stratman.

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Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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Headquarters West, Ltd. Bullock & Hinkey Real Estate Traegen Knight P.O. Box 1980 • St. Johns, AZ 85936

928 524-3740 office H Bar V Ranch: Trophy mountain ranch in Apache County, AZ and Catron County, NM. Total capacity is 520 animal units yearlong; includes 5,876 deeded acres within the national forest boundary. Historic ranch building improvements along Coyote Creek w/861 acre feet diversionary water rights & 2 storage reservoirs. Landowner elk tags included. Truly unique ranch covering 135+ square miles of trophy bull elk country & quality livestock grazing. $7,200,000 Coyote Creek Development Acreage: 316 acres with Coyote Creek running through the property, thickly covered with pinion/juniper woodlands & outstanding views of Escudilla Mountain. 15 miles east of Springerville, AZ and immediately adjacent to the Escudilla Bonita Acres development. $500,000

Oregon Land & Wildlife, LLC

541 480-3682 Ashland, OR: 4,395 acres. $7,950,000 Brookings, OR: 164 acres w/river frtg. $1,950,000 Klamath Falls, OR: 2,505 acres. $1,695,000 Silver Lake, OR: 160 acres w/home. $1,100,000 Pistol River, OR: 117 acres w/river frtg. $779,000 Klamath Falls, OR: 519 acres. $749,000 Mitchell, OR: 445 acres w/cabin. $499,000 Crescent Lake, OR: 4 acres. $499,000 Powers, OR: 115 acres w/Coquille R. frtg. $479,000 Klamath Falls, OR: .5 acre w/home. $449,500 Klamath Falls, OR: .6 acre w/home. $447,500 Walport, OR: 1.94 acres w/Alsea River frontage & home. $379,000 Chilloquen, OR: 5.8 acres w/William River frontage & home. $365,000 Gold Beach, OR: .56 acre w/water frontage & home. $299,000

SDS Real Estate, Inc. Steven Shane, Broker/Owner

970 925-6063 Seven Lakes Ranch – Meeker, Colorado One-of-a-kind legacy ranch with 11,600+ acres, extensive water rights, bordering on national forest, BLM and wilderness areas. Gold medal flyfishing on White River frontage, world-class clays course, trophy elk/deer hunting, luxury 8-bedroom lodge with 3-bedroom guesthouse, fitness center, sportsman’s lodge, dance hall, multiple barns, guest/staff cabins and more.

Ranch Land Co. Leon Nance, Broker

Ralph Hubbell

325 658-8978

970 984-3805

Runnels Co., 5,946 Acres: Mustang Creek, lakes, taps off Abilene pipeline, excellent quail, blackbuck antelope & whitetail deer hunting. Make an offer! Tom Green Co., 4,140 Acres: High fenced! Excellent hunting retreat, cabin & a large 3/2 limestone house. Must see! Coke, Runnels & Tom Green Cos., 5,820 Acres: 13 surface tanks, 5 water wells & excellent hunting. Oak Creek Lake, .7 Acres: Lake frontage, beautiful home, boat dock & ramp. Won’t last long! Brown Co., 290 Acres: 3/2 brick home, Coleman Co. waterline, five stocked surface tanks & excellent hunting. Make an offer! Tom Green Co., 66 Acres and 44 Acres: Stonewall Valley addition. Last two sites! In Christoval ISD. Excellent investment. Coke & Runnels Cos., 691 Acres: Prime hunting land. Game managed. Additional land for sale. Tom Green Co., 443 Acres: Cultivated, underground irrigation system, water well & over half a mile of Spring Creek frontage. Must see! Coleman Co., 546 Acres: Home, creek, 8 surface tanks, excellent hunting & beautiful live oaks. Schleicher Co., 540 Acres: Attention hunters! 4BR/2.5BA hunting lodge, attached 1,920 sq. ft. shop, excellent hunting. Game managed & protein fed. San Saba Co., 100 Acres: Quite, country living, highway frontage near San Saba. Beautiful views, several good building sites. Good hunting, water well & large surface tank. Taylor Co., 374 Acres: Panoramic views, good building sites, electricity & water well. New fence, excellent hunting. Near Abilene. Must see!

CLINETOP RANCH – NEAR ASPEN Garfield County, New Castle, Colorado Talk about crown jewels! This gorgeous 24.76acre property with a quarter-mile of Main Elk Creek features a majestic 5,795-square-foot log/ stone/stucco home with many high-end upgrades, expansive patios, decks and awesome views. Eight miles north of New Castle on the approach to the world-famous Flat Tops Wilderness Area for great mule deer and elk hunting, the ranch adjoins BLM property on the north. Designed by an award-winning architect, the home features massive log accents, a 25' river rock fireplace, 10.5' ceilings, 8' doors, knotty cherry cabinetry, fine tile, granite and marble countertops. This great horse property features a 40x80 barn with lovely caretaker’s apartment and dog kennels. A double-sided loafing shed, historic water rights for the underground sprinkler system, two good wells to service the two parcels, a round pen, horse-friendly fencing into five pastures makes this an exceptional property. Fly-fishing, horseback riding, hunting, wildlife viewing, four-wheeling, hiking and even parasailing are right out the door. An hour and a half from Aspen and Grand Junction and an hour from Glenwood Springs, the ranch is easily accessible, yet private. These gorgeous properties are the culmination of our personal 46year quest to find the finest small ranch properties near Aspen. $2,750,000. Price Reduced! Visit for more details.

5 Star Country Properties Double H Property 979 830-5040 Management, LLC

SAN ANTONIO BAY RANCH: S.H. 185, Calhoun Co.: 455 acres; excellent duck/waterfowl hunting & fishing; develop. potential - $1,592,000; additional acreage available w/extensive road frontage: 25 acres for $347,500 & 50 acres for $695,000. WALNUT CREEK RANCH: Walnut Creek, Montgomery Co.: 30 acres; 4/4 log home, 4-stall horse barn, equipment barn on slab; loafing sheds; riding arena; turnout paddocks; lake & pond. $795,000. FARMLAND: CR 264, Burleson Co.: 251 improved acres w/irrigation well near College Station. $614,950. SERENITY PARK: Rehburg Rd., Burton, Washington Co.: 38.027 secluded, parklike acres w/gorgeous pond; heavily wooded areas w/rails; fruit orchard; propane, elec. to property; storage container; gated entrance; 5 min. from Lake Somerville. $456,324. HONAH LEE OAKS RANCH: Private Rd. 4007, Halletsville, Lavaca Co: 83.53 rolling acres, clusters of majestic live oaks, 2 ponds, hay meadow w/scattered oaks, great mix woods & open pastures; windmill; fenced & cross-fenced. $413,402 BELL HOLLOW: Murphy Rd., Waller, Waller Co: 9 ac. with a great 3/2 house w/split floor plan; custom kitchen w/maple cabinets; porches along front & back; 1,800±-sf barn w/living quarters & large stocked pond for fishing. Convenient to Houston. $398,000

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409 893-3233 cell 40 ACRES FOR SALE: Just a stone’s throw from Hwy 105 in Sour Lake, TX. Hardin-Jefferson ISD. Topography is basically level and property is cleared w/scattered timber. Water wells on site. Frame/pier and beam structure could be temporary offices, living quarters 3BR/2BA, or climate-control storage. Seller would consider selling additional acreage up to 80± acres total. $400,000 list price. MLS# 135411 Debbie Hanna, Broker works by a very simple code of ethics: work hard, strive for excellence and be truly committed to all your endeavors.  She takes this code—the “Code of the West”—very seriously and applies it to  her daily work as a real estate professional serving Southeast Texas.  When it comes to helping you with your most important investment,  she won’t settle for less, and neither should you.  When you’re ready for great results, contact Debbie and “Saddle Up for Success!” Volume 35 Farm&Ranch West

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