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Texas Farm & Ranch • Winter 2009 • Volume 54


C & E Texas Ranch Of Coryell County

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OFFICE OFFICE ((979)272-3498 979)272-3 3498






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photo - 7/1 /10/ 0/20 2009

135” at age 1 229” at age 2 284” in velvet at age 3

BAL Yearlings on 8/3/2009 B8312


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Dam am Ham ammer Daughter amm

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Dam mProbl bllem em Child Daughter em

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On the Cover ‌ Steve Grant Real Estate P.O. Box 350 Athens, TX 75751

903 675-3503 Specializing in Farm and Ranch Properties

C&E Texas Ranch


In Coryell County See page 12


TEXAS SELECTS 22 Indian Hot Springs Ranch v

East Town Creek Ranch page 26

Listed by Hood Real Estate Company

24 v 4 Aces Ranch

Listed by Hood Real Estate Company

BEST OF THE WEST 44 v Cottonwood Springs Ranch

Listed by Ranch Marketing Associates

ITEM OF INTEREST 8 v The Pin Oak Charity Horse Show

Celebrates 65th Year & Announces 2010 Season

REFERENCE 5 v Broker Index 6 v Property Index & Map

CLASSIFIEDS 77 v Additional Properties in the Marketplace

Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

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Tuscan Villa page 62

Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

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property index Acres±




4............... Austin.................60 19............. Austin.................61 31............. Travis..................63 42............. Fayette................56 43............. Fayette................57 44............. Fayette................60 45............. Fayette................69 48............. Fayette................69 51............. Austin.................60 51............. Washington......71 53............. Washington......71 61............. Fayette................57 63............. Washington......61 66............. Grimes...............74 68............. Fayette................57 78............. Fayette................69 78............. Grimes...............74 84............. Lavaca................65 93............. Austin.................60 96............. Fayette................61 102........... Madison.............58 103........... Kinney................49 111........... Guadalupe........65 121........... Austin.................61





127.......... Fayette................56










2,351....... Atascosa.............33

742........... Edwards.............48

10............. Henderson........18

135.......... Fayette................69

754.......... Real.....................27

11............. Henderson........21

2,623....... Duval..................51

160........... Fayette................56

793.......... Kimble...............34

19............. Henderson........15

4,648....... Maverick............40

165........... Washington......71

805.......... Kerr.....................29

35............. Smith..................19

167........... San Saba............39

818........... Burnet................53

50............. Wood..................47


198.......... Waller.................66

880.......... Edwards.............49 55............. Delta...................72 896.......... Edwards.............48 75............. Van Zandt..........19

202.......... Guadalupe........43 227.......... Grimes...............65

28............. San Jacinto........74 48............. Walker................71 81............. Montgomery.....58

932.......... Llano..................34

257.......... Guadalupe........ 41

100........... Henderson........18

1,000....... Blanco................38

309.......... Grimes...............59

100........... Hopkins.............35

1,008....... Burnet................53

100........... Lamar.................72

1,062....... Blanco................38

110........... Houston.............47

1,581....... Burnet................52

112........... Henderson........21

2,798....... Kimble...............37

112........... Henderson........17

2,903....... Mason................42

124.......... Henderson........20

3,100....... Blanco................37


156.......... Henderson........21

5,444....... Edwards.............40

339.......... Val Verde...........48

177........... Anderson...........16

430.......... Jeff Davis...........67

206.......... Van Zandt..........17

1,127....... Tom Green........17

215........... Anderson...........16

3,622....... Jeff Davis...........67

245.......... Henderson........19

3,900....... Jeff Davis...........67

338.......... Waller.................58 414........... Milam.................34 444.......... Fayette................57 490.......... Kinney................49 518........... Coryell...............12 746........... Kinney................48 900.......... San Saba............63 930.......... Uvalde................ 41 1,750....... Kinney................68 1,750....... Uvalde................68 2,008....... Fayette................52 2,310....... Uvalde................42 2,477....... Kinney................32 2,656....... Uvalde................39 2,800....... Kinney................ 31 4,300....... Milam.................30 8,450....... Uvalde................36 9,906....... Kinney................68 107,148... Fayette................65

High Plains

6,372....... Mason................36 17,847..... Kerr.....................24

Metroplex 17............. Rockwall............63 62............. Collin.................76 100........... Collin.................47 250.......... Palo Pinto..........54 250.......... Parker.................54 403.......... Parker.................55 895.......... Johnson.............35 918........... Johnson.............35 942.......... Fannin................63 1,200....... Navarro..............47

297.......... Wood..................16

17,000..... Val Verde...........67

372.......... Anderson...........20

19,680..... Jeff Davis...........42

974........... Rains...................72

Outside the Region

1,043....... Henderson........16

Northwest 600.......... Brown.................46 42,175..... Shackelford.......73

905.......... Frio.....................40

5............... Kerr.....................70


22............. Kendall..............43

4............... Henderson........20

964.......... Zavala.................40

35............. Bandera.............. 41

5............... Lamar.................72

1,020....... Goliad................50

47............. Kerr.....................26

7............... Henderson........15 1,280....... Brooks................42

75............. Kendall..............43 80............. Real.....................49

900.......... Montgomery.....59

11,800..... Terrell.................76

280.......... Dimmit...............50

65............. Kendall..............28

485.......... Walker................58

6,400....... Hudspeth..........22

3,500....... Parker.................55

50............. Gillespie.............75

220.......... Walker................74

278.......... Van Zandt..........17


Hill Country

162........... Montgomery.....59

284.......... Anderson...........18

2,904....... Johnson.............35

11,155..... Kent....................73

95............. Montgomery.....59

956.......... Zavala.................32


35............. Archuleta...........62 540.......... La Plata..............44

Mexico 2,731....... Tamaulipas........62

Oklahoma 37............. Tulsa...................64

Utah 640.......... San Juan.............62

4 Aces Ranch page 24

81............. Gillespie.............75 99............. Gillespie.............51 131........... Gillespie.............43 139.......... Kerr.....................75 155.......... Blanco................62 169........... Blanco................53 193.......... Hays....................38 204.......... Kendall..............39 219........... Blanco................39 221.......... Blanco................ 41 224.......... Burnet................52 626.......... Blanco................38

Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

006-007 PropIndxMap.indd 6

11/5/09 11:56:09 AM


Austin Bastrop Bell Bexar Bosque Brazos Burleson Caldwell Colorado Comal Concho Coryell De Witt Falls Fayette Freestone Gonzales Grimes Guadalupe Hamilton Karnes Kinney Lampasas Lavaca Lee Leon Limestone Madison McCulloch McLennan Medina Menard Milam Mills Robertson San Saba Travis Uvalde Waller Washington Williamson Wilson


8 1 28 76 24 13 22 26 37 20 40 1 75 16 41 19 31 74 57 14 30 25 3 6 10 38 8 58 42 29 5 39 56 7 32 4 11 21 12 17 9 2 23 55 15 54

Armstrong Bailey Borden Briscoe Carson Castro Childress Cochran Collingsworth Crosby Dallam Dawson Deaf Smith Dickens Donley Floyd Gaines Garza Gray Hale Hall Hansford Hartley Hemphill Hockley Hutchinson Kent King Lamb Lipscomb Lubbock Lynn Moore Motley Ochiltree Oldham Parmer Potter Randall Roberts Sherman Swisher Terry Wheeler Yoakum

006-007 PropIndxMap.indd 7

HILL COUNTRY 87 1 173 158 184 172 190 188 186 171 157 156 185

Bandera Blanco Burnet Edwards Gillespie Hays Kendall Kerr Kimble Llano Mason Real

METROPLEX 6 6 48 85 65 104 100 50 49 126 101 67 103 105 127 82 83 86 102 84 64

Collin Cooke Dallas Denton Ellis Erath Fannin Grayson Hill Hood Hunt Johnson Kaufman Navarro Palo Pinto Parker Rockwall Somervell Tarrant Wise

SOUTH 43 2 218 232 248 245 253 228 238 217 233 251 247 239 249 240 229 231 215 230 241 244 242 250 234 237 252 246 216

Aransas Atascosa Bee Brooks Calhoun Cameron Dimmit Duval Frio Goliad Hidalgo Jim Hogg Jim Wells Kenedy Kleberg La Salle Live Oak Maverick McMullen Nueces Refugio San Patricio Starr Victoria Webb Willacy Zapata Zavala

NORTHWEST 5 4 44 122 98 46 121 123 33 99 78 34 27 60 63 79 43 95 47 96 120 77 80 81 59 97 61 36 35 62

Archer Baylor Brown Callahan Clay Coleman Comanche Cottle Eastland Fisher Foard Hardeman Haskell Jack Jones Knox Mitchell Montague Nolan Runnels Scurry Shackelford Stephens Stonewall Taylor Throckmorton Wichita Wilbarger Young














9 14


















34 38













52 53

68 55



114 133




















82 100 123



139 155 171


185 202




190 191


230 244

232 231










242 238





225 224



201 210


221 220



223 207












254 209



193 192



195 194

174 173










161 177



146 160

158 157



129 148


219 216









73 91








145 143







86 105

70 71 72 89

















154 152

168 166









124 134



Angelina Brazoria Chambers Fort Bend Galveston Hardin Harris Jackson Jasper Jefferson Liberty Matagorda Montgomery Newton Orange Polk Sabine San Augustine San Jacinto Trinity Tyler Walker Wharton











63 1 226 213 225 227 200 212 235 182 214 199 236 211 183 201 180 165 164 198 179 181 197 223




148 Anderson 53 Bowie 89 Camp 73 Cass 129 Cherokee 68 Delta 70 Franklin 108 Gregg 109 Harrison 128 Henderson 69 Hopkins 162 Houston 51 Lamar 91 Marion 72 Morris 149 Nacogdoches 131 Panola 88 Rains 52 Red River 130 Rusk 150 Shelby 107 Smith 71 Titus 90 Upshur 106 Van Zandt 88 Wood



110 111




09 2 192 159 205 125 195 194 191 223 189 139 144 221 160 208 147 207 196 206 124 220 202 143 222 193 161 146 178 140 145 204 155 176 141 177 142 174 203 210 254 175 219



240 246



250 251


252 253

WEST 2 9 167 119 134 153 112 115 110 117 94 111 137 131 113 93 116 152 166 136 132 154 118 170 168 138 135 169 133 114

Andrews Brewster Coke Crane Crockett Culberson Ector El Paso Glasscock Howard Hudspeth Irion Jeff Davis Loving Martin Midland Pecos Presidio Reagan Reeves Schleicher Sterling Sutton Terrell Tom Green Upton Val Verde Ward Winkler

w w w. f a r m a n d r a n c h . c o m Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch


11/5/09 11:56:25 AM

America’s Oldest and Most Prestigious Horse Show Announces the 2010 Season

commitment from Pin Oak of $300,000 to help build Texas Children’s first hospital outside The Medical Center and one of the largest suburban pediatric hospitals in the county: Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus. The gift will support the hematology/oncology services at the new hospital. In addition, The

Venerable Charity Celebrates 65th Year The Pin Oak Charity Horse Show, one of the country’s oldest and most prestigious horse competitions, is thrilled to be officially launching

the tradition of charitable contribution that

Ronald McDonald Family Rooms at Texas

would eventually “build” the Texas Children’s

Children’s Hospital will also benefit. Since its

Hospital, largely out of proceeds from the show.

inception, Pin Oak has given over $5 million to

The tradition continues today with a recent

Texas Children’s charities.

their 65th season in 2010. This year’s show will be held at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center in Katy starting on March 17 and will run through March 28, 2010. The show began modestly enough in 1945, and it was quoted that the show’s benefactor, Mr. James Abercrombie, “met all expenses of the show, including $3,600 in purses, so the entire gate income could be turned over to those in need,” thus establishing


Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

008-010 PinOakHorseShow_ART.indd 8

10/29/09 4:00:21 PM

Fashion and Horses Under the Floodlights Are an Intoxicating Mix Founded in 1945 by Houston philanthropist James S. Abercrombie and his wife Lillie, The Pin Oak Charity Horse Show got its start as a fundraiser for the first hospital in Houston dedicated to children, and the proceeds of the 1947 show provided a considerable portion

hunter ring. Fashion and horses under the

The new facility changed the character of the

floodlights turned out to be an intoxicating

show, but the crowds filled the seats until

mix. Joan Robinson Hill (of Blood & Money

the mid 1980s when the show was moved to

fame) and her renowned “Beloved Belinda”

larger quarters at Great Southwest Equestrian

graced the ring and society columns. In 1974,

Center in Katy. This positive move allowed for

Pin Oak relocated from its home at Pin Oak

expansion, and show jumping matured into a

Stables to the indoor space originally called

major international spectator sport with two

the Abercrombie Arena (now Reliant Arena).

major grand prixs each week of the show.

of the initial backing that established Texas Children’s Hospital in the Texas Medical Center. The property on Loop 610, below the Galleria and near the South Post Oak exit, became the first home of the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show. Long-legged horses and beautiful women walked beneath the oaks. Soon, the show grew from American Saddlebreds and Hackney ponies to include its most renowned event: show jumping. Pin Oak brought this almost unknown spectacle to Houston and people took notice. Soon, Pin Oak’s crowds were more than friends and well-wishers; they were people who enjoyed the jumping. The show was a fixture on the social calendar throughout the 1950s and 1960s. Those were the days some Houstonians fondly remember, walking between the large sponsor pavilion in one barn and the elegant Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

008-010 PinOakHorseShow_ART.indd 9


10/29/09 4:01:23 PM

Now, Pin Oak is Much More Than a Horse Show; it’s an Event! The Pin Oak Charity Horse Show currently

Series was developed to bring the lost art of

Centano (week one) and Wilhelm Genn on

features a wide array of equestrian talent

tradition and horsemanship back to the show

Happy Z (week two).

featuring hunters and jumpers, American

ring. The Pin Oak Charity Horse Show was






Saddlebreds, Andalusians, Welsh ponies

proud to be one of the venues for one of these

competition and entertainment, Pin Oak

and the United Mountain Horse breed.

special hunter derbies. The 2009 winner was

is dedicated to community involvement by

The crown jewels of the event take place

Peter Pletcher, who captured the overall classic

hosting “Education Days” (sponsored by

throughout the two weeks. Saturday evening

on Argentum (owned by Alta Basaldua of

McDonald’s) for local school children. They

of Week 1 features a $30,000 Nordic Lights

Kingwood). Pletcher is no stranger to winning;

have an opportunity to talk to a vet, a farrier,

Grand Prix and Championship Finals. Week

a three-time winner of the prestigious Monarch

see inside a horse trailer, see where they live

2 features the $15,000 USHJA International

International Professional World Championship

Hunter Derby hosted by Valobra Jewelry and

Hunter Rider title and a renowned hunter/

Antiques on Friday and the $30,000 Grand

jumper trainer. Pletcher faced 23 determined

Prix presented by the Houston Area Audi

challengers on that particular day, with

Dealers on Saturday. All these events have

everyone’s eyes on the lucrative prize.

ringside galas and special entertainment.

Two grand prixs, very international in flavor,

Highlights of last season included the

were the entertainment for two ringside galas

$15,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby

that circled the BBVA Compass Ring. “There

and ringside reception where guests dined

is something about having a four-star dinner

on Italian cuisine and sipped Moet Chandon

with fine wine while a 1,500-pound horse flies

champagne while enjoying classical music and

over a huge jump barely two feet away!” said

an exhibition from the Longacre Hunt Club,

title sponsor Rick Terry, Executive VP of BBVA

featuring a pack of American, Crossbred and

Compass and CEO of Stavis Margolis. The

Penn-Mary Del hounds. The USHJA Derby

2009 winners were Tracy Fenney on MTM

while at the show and learn how to build a jump. They also have an opportunity to watch the show and chat with Ronald McDonald while dining on their Happy Meals! In 2009, John Long, CEO of The United States Equestrian Federation, presented The Pin Oak Charity Horse Show with its first “Heritage Award” for excellence in equestrian competition. The tradition of excellence continues as The Pin Oak Charity Horse Show moves into its 65th year of show-stopping performances and dazzling horsemanship. v

The Pin Oak Charity Horse Show is a 501-(c) (3) organization and a member of the USEF “AA” Rated Texas Hunter Jumper Association, an American Hunter/Jumper Federation World Championship Hunter Rider Event, Marshall & Sterling League and part of the NAL and Washington International Horse Show qualifying series. The show will be held March 17–28, 2010 at Great Southwest Equestrian Center in Katy, Texas. For more information, visit


Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

008-010 PinOakHorseShow_ART.indd 10

10/29/09 4:01:57 PM


Presented by

$300,000 in Prize Money. World Class Competition. Outstanding Southern Hospitality.

March 17-April 4, 2010 Great Southwest Equestrian Center - Katy, Texas USEF AA, Level Four USEF Jumpers, YJAC Qualifiers, WCHR Event, THJA A, NAL/WIHS, USEF Heritage Competition Imagine: 1,500 lbs. of love - Helping to build a safe healing place for the children of Texas for 65 years, The Pin Oak Charity Horse Show continues with their support of Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus. The Pin Oak gift will help establish the hematology/ oncology room bringing this world –class service to children in their own community. All proceeds benefit Texas Children’s Hospital and The Ronald McDonald House of Houston. The Pin Oak Charity Horse Show is legendary within the Houston community for capturing an affluent audience and providing a timeless and rich entertainment venue. 713.621.6290

The Pin Oak Charity Horse Show is a 501 ( c ) 3 entity, benefiting The Ronald McDonald House of Houston and Texas Children’s Hospital.

011 PinOak_AD.indd 11 F&R.indd 2

10/29/09 4:03:124:13 PM PM 10/23/09

C & E Texas Ranch

Central Texas v Coryell County v Valley Mills


he C&E Texas Ranch is centrally located in Coryell County between Gatesville and Crawford, Texas. The ranch provides a unique feel, combining rugged canyons, natural pastures dotted with mature live oaks, native grass and wildflowers. The four-bedroom, four- and two-half-bath ranch house, surrounded by landscaped grounds, is a modern Texas Hill Country design with Austin stone,


Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

012-014 SteveGrant_ART.indd 12

10/30/09 3:48:53 PM

Cover Ranch

The Texas mystique comes alive on this 518.24-acre ranch.

Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

012-014 SteveGrant_ART.indd 13


10/30/09 3:49:32 PM

metal roof and covered porch extending around most of the home. This permits one to get a feel for the natural beauty of the property while relaxing in a casual elegance. The living area, with tall ceilings, massive fireplace and library, is excellent for entertaining groups or intimate gatherings. Other features include a gourmet kitchen, pool and viewing room in the tower, which provides breathtaking views of the ranch. The serene rolling countryside of the ranch completely engulfs a hidden canyon, which has withstood the test of time. The canyon provides a wet-weather natural spring, cool pools of water, mature foliage, natural caverns and abundant wildlife. This setting has been preserved to give a glimpse of Texas history, including Native American lifestyle and remnants of historic wagon trails. A pond and lake complete the ranch and blend perfectly to make C&E Texas Ranch a Texas charm. Diverse as the great state of Texas and rich with natural beauty, this special property provides a tranquil place for reflection and is simply awe-inspiring. $3,100,000.v

For more information, contact Steve Grant Real Estate at 903 675-3503 or visit


Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

012-014 SteveGrant_ART.indd 14

10/30/09 3:49:53 PM

Home of Distinction Northeast Texas v Henderson Co. v Athens


This home of distinction sits on 6.95 enchanting acres. Custom designed and meticulously planned, this four-bedroom, four- and one-halfbath, two-story home and a private, detached, self-contained guest quarters provide a tasteful, warm charm, which effervescently combines formal and casual areas to create a spellbinding lifestyle. The home is nestled under a canopy of native East Texas hardwoods in the eminent Stonebridge neighborhood, a gated community southwest of Athens. Upon arrival, guests are treated to a glimpse of the home’s infinite character with the tasteful courtyard and the artistic craftsmanship of the natural stone exterior. The main living area greets and captivates guests with its tall oak-beamed ceiling, inviting fireplace and rich oak floors. The unique, distinctive design of natural stone pillars in the dining and main living areas complete and blend the transition from outside to the interior of this impressive home. From the main living area, the floor plan flows into both the formal dining area and the comfortable den, complete with custom hand-hewn beams and fireplace. Additional features include a private office with rich oak molding and media room. The kitchen fulfills the most avid culinary enthusiast’s dream with its granite countertops, gas range, center work island with abundant storage, two ovens, wine cooler/beverage center and two pantries as it opens to the den with wood-burning fireplace. The downstairs master suite has a spacious bath, tub and oversized shower with glass enclosure and two walk-in closets. Other features include a screened-in porch off the guest bedroom, spacious wood deck overlooking the beautiful grounds and an attached, oversized two-car garage with automatic door lifts. Across the expansive courtyard from the main home, a fully contained guest quarters has a kitchen, living area, bedroom, bath and private deck. A three-car utility garage lies beneath the guest quarters and serves as a garage, workshop and/or storage area. A home crafted with ageless appeal, 4770 Stonebridge Lane is an exceptional offering draped with simple, casual elegance and surrounded by the beauty of East Texas. $980,000.

Cowboy’s Delight Northeast Texas v Henderson County v Athens


Attention horse lovers and cowboys! Comfortable, private and convenient describe this small ranch just on the edge of Athens, nestled up in the trees, perfect for horse/cattle people who want to live in the country, but not far from town. Built in 1994, the recently remodeled home features three bedrooms, two baths, an open floor plan, split bedroom arrangement and much more. The professionally landscaped front and back yards offer a gunite pool and black iron fence in the back. Other outdoor features are a metal shop (75' by 75'), horse barn (45' by 45'), pond, perimeter fencing and cross fencing, a lighted roping pen and second house currently used for rental property. $595,000.

Cowboy’s Dream Place


Northeast Texas v Henderson County v Athens

This bright and shiny custom-built home features rock floors, wooden ceilings, cedar trim and a rock fireplace just to name a few. At the back of 19 wooded acres, not far from town, the home complements a six-stall barn with a big workshop, tack room and front porch and a custom office/apartment. The three-bedroom, three-bath house has high ceilings, wood walls, a large master suite with two walk-in closets and two dressing areas. The kitchen has all stainless steel appliances, solid surface countertops, a built-in refrigerator with wooden door and oil-rubbed hardware and fixtures. The office, trimmed out with rock and cedar, has a metal roof, rock floors, heat/air conditioning and a full bath. Connected by a rock patio, the barn and office lie at the front of the property. The six-stall barn has turnouts, wash rack area, tack room and a big shop with an overhead door. In a great location, this property was custom built by the owner with cowboy convenience and style, which you will notice in all the details! Come give it a look-see! $595,000.

Steve Grant Real Estate P.O. Box 350, Athens, TX 75751

903 675-3503 Specializing in Farm and Ranch Properties Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

015-021 SteveGrant.indd 15


10/30/09 3:52:47 PM

Blackberry Creek Ranch Northeast Texas Wood County v Grand Saline


This 297-acre rustic oasis carved out of the rolling, wooded hardwoods of East Texas is only a short drive east of the Metroplex near the quaint communities of Mineola and Grand Saline. Blackberry Creek Ranch provides a unique getaway with a plethora of wildlife, quality and solitude. The focal point of Blackberry Creek is the professionally engineered approximately 22- to 25-acre tree-lined lake surrounded by mature hardwoods and beckoning the most avid angler to test their skills. Built in 2003, the 3,500-square-foot, Hill Country style main home has a metal roof, Austin stone exterior and frame construction. The three-bedroom, two-bath home boasts an open floor plan with vaulted ceilings, quality amenities and a large master suite with authentic claw-foot bathtub and walk-in closet. For the equestrian minded, there’s a three-stall horse barn with efficiency apartment. An all-weather oil sand road, underground electricity and community water are on three sides of the lake, offering the opportunity for multiple homesites or development. The property combines rolling pastures, dense hardwoods and nature trails to create a remarkable country experience. $2,100,000.


Powder River Ranch offers a unique blend of rolling hills, majestic views, hardwoods, natural springs and lake sites. This 1,043±-acre property is a short drive from the Metroplex. Open areas, native hardwoods and wildlife enhance the natural beauty. For the developer, this property has access to city utilities and four roads: Highway 175, Texas Loop 7, FM 2495 and Henderson CR 4706. There are no permanent improvements on the property, giving the ultimate freedom of design and improvement placement to the owner. $3,400,000. Shown by appointment only.

Powder River Ranch Northeast Texas v Henderson County v Athens


This 176.836±-acre property south of Palestine offers a traditional four-bedroom, two- and one-half-bath home with spacious living areas, vaulted ceilings and a fantastic kitchen for a quality lifestyle. A focal point of the property, the spring-fed lake is surrounded by rolling hills of lush Bermuda dotted with

The Country Place

trees and native wildlife. This property has it

Northeast Texas v Anderson County v Grapeland

all! $785,000.

Golden Nugget Ranch Northeast Texas v Anderson Co. v Elkhart


Discover 215 acres in the wonderful East Texas hills as they virtually come alive to create a lifestyle that is second to none. The focal point of the ranch is the six-bedroom, four-bath home, custom-constructed in 2002, overlooking the vast Trinity River Valley. The main home offers a western casual lifestyle with

Steve Grant Real Estate

spacious rooms with abundant windows. The downstairs is wonderfully suited for entertaining

P.O. Box 350, Athens, TX 75751

with its huge living area, formal dining room and breakfast area. Upstairs offers a den with

903 675-3503

potbelly stove, vaulted ceiling and balcony. The back porch boasts a remarkable 20-mile view, a

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place to watch the sunset or enjoy early coffee. The property combines lush Bermuda pastures, mature timber, three ponds, three creeks and abundant wildlife. Located just south of Palestine, Texas, this unique offering offers a quiet, relaxed lifestyle that is seldom found. $1,465,000.

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These 277.543± acres are just south of the

Caddo Farms

Metroplex near the quaint community of

Northeast Texas v Van Zandt & Henderson Counties v Edom

Edom, known for arts and crafts and good food. Caddo Farms provides ongoing blueberry and specialty berry sales and rustic and undisturbed East Texas foliage with rolling hills, effervescent springs and abundant wildlife. The property has been carefully managed, respecting the natural beauty of East Texas and nurturing the delicate balance of a “working farm” and nature preserve. The land has a gradual roll with sandy

loam soil and mature trees. The most interesting feature, a 23±-acre lake site fed is by a free-flowing spring creek and has a large drainage area to create a picturesque setting for a tree-lined lake. The berry business began as a labor of love and has emerged as an efficient ongoing business that provides annual income. Equipment, cold storage and knowledgeable staff ensure the farm continues to provide quality berries. A traditional-style cottage provides lodging for short/long-term visits. Caddo Farms provides an escape from city life with many special features seldom found. $1,675,000.


Renew and relax with this unbelievable East Texas paradise. This 206.24-acre property with a 20 to 22±-acre spring-fed lake epitomizes East Texas at its finest. The rolling terrain masterfully combines open areas, native hardwoods, dogwoods and 26,000 newly planted pines that provide a haven for a plethora of wildlife, including deer, geese, hogs and others. The focal point is the remarkable, picturesque spring-fed lake. The shoreline is embraced with mature hardwoods that provide an

East Texas Paradise Northeast Texas Van Zandt County v Canton

outstanding location for private homesites surrounded by the beauty of the East Texas countryside. For the avid angler, a professional fish management program (established in 2006) includes largemouth and Florida bass. Stocking of feeding fish and a strict maintenance program is yielding wonderful-size fish in a healthy lake environment. A 5,000-square-foot utility building offers multiple benefits, including living quarters with kitchen, fireplace and workshop. The majestic offering is just over an hour’s drive from the Metroplex and provides a place for family fun and/or a wonderful environment to relax and reflect on the beauty of nature. Offered for $1,185,000.


Rocky Creek Pasture features 1,126.88 acres of heavily rolling terrain, two windmills, fenced on three sides, views, mixed mesquite and cedar, stands and feeders and tons of deer, turkey, dove and quail for $1,395/acre. Turkey Pasture offers 1,026.43 acres of heavily rolling terrain with a windmill; two solar wells; a four-bedroom, one-

Lomas Perdidas Ranch West Texas v Tom Green County v San Angelo


bath hunter’s cabin; all utilities; mesquite and cedar; heavy hardwoods along the creek; tons of deer, quail, dove and turkey; and stands and feeders for $1,495 per acre. Dog Creek Lodge

Just north of Athens, this majestic home sits Pasture has 1,893.54 acres of heavily rolling among the trees by a serene pond on 112+ terrain with two windmills; a solar well; electric acres of beautiful East Texas rolling hills. The well; a seven-bedroom, two-bath lodge with three location is prime, surrounding properties are large porches; all utilities; mixed mesquite and

Majestic Country Oasis Northeast Texas Henderson County v Athens

wonderful, and it is only one and one-quarter cedar; hardwoods along Dog Creek; tons of dove, hours from downtown Dallas. The traditional- quail, deer and turkey; and stands and feeders style home features three big bedrooms, two for $1,500 per acre. and a half baths, living room, formal dining room, gourmet kitchen with breakfast room,

large laundry room, office and is immaculate in every way. The land is rolling and very scenic with a couple of lake sites, spring-fed creeks and high hills with fantastic views. It is fenced and cross-fenced, ready for cattle and hay production or just recreation. This property is convenient, very comfortable and very quiet—a must see if you want to get out of the rat race! $950,000.

Steve Grant Real Estate P.O. Box 350, Athens, TX 75751

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East Texas Rolling Hills and Solitude Northeast Texas v Henderson County v Athens


Custom-constructed three-bedroom, two-bath log home on 100 rolling acres near Athens. The property exhibits versatile traits with winding lanes under a canopy of native hardwoods and dogwoods ideal for walks and accessing the property. Open areas offer a plethora of views and places to view the abundant wildlife. Natural springs begin on the property and flow in a gentle serpentine fashion across the property. A fishing pond is just a few steps from the home and can provide hours of fishing fun. The authentic log home seems to be a natural fit for the surrounding terrain. Constructed with a penchant for detail, the spacious living area boasts tall ceilings, a stone front wood-burning fireplace and access to the spacious covered deck. Hardwood floors and a mixture of log and wood finish exude a warm comfortable feel. All bedrooms have a view of pond and wildlife viewing areas. A simple lifestyle beckons in the hills of East Texas! $715,000.


Out near Lake Athens sits this fabulous new home, ready for the family and laid-back lifestyle everyone wants. The home was custom built with all the finest amenities, and sits on 10.235 acres, giving you plenty of room to stretch out and live comfortably. The yard is big and has shade trees, beautiful landscaping, pipe fencing, gated private entrance with a concrete driveway custom built

Custom Beauty Northeast Texas Henderson County v Athens

to hold up to anything. The concrete driveway is extra wide and extra thick. The entrance features stone, pipe gate and automatic gate opener. The home features hand-scraped wood floors in the den, dining room and office, tile floors and carpet in the bedrooms. The den, dining room and kitchen are all open, finished with inviting touches. The countertops are granite. The breakfast room has a special ceiling and lots of windows overlooking the backyard, which is plenty big for a pool! The master suite has been planned to perfection with a huge bath, Jacuzzi tub, separate walk-in tile shower, double vanities and a big walk-in closet. There are too many details to list. You have to see this home to appreciate it. This property is deed restricted and cannot be subdivided. $499,000.


Sitting on a peaceful bluff under a natural canopy of native hardwoods overlooking a spring-fed creek which flows effervescently through the property, this is one of the most unique offerings in East Texas. This authentic three-bedroom, three- and one-half-bath log home offers a warm feel amidst quality appointments with a penchant for detail. The 20' by 30' living area with wood-burning fireplace with open ceiling exposes the impressive log beams and is ideal for entertaining. The east end of the living area is all glass and overlooks the massive wood deck

East Texas Garden Spot Northeast Texas Henderson County v Athens

Steve Grant Real Estate P.O. Box 350, Athens, TX 75751

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and nature area. The formal dining area is just off the country-style kitchen which boast a Wolf gas range/oven. Upstairs has two bedrooms with two private baths and a separate sitting area with library. A one-bedroom, one-bath guest cottage with kitchen is adjacent to the main home. Professionally landscaped, hand-laid stone walkways and the natural beauty of hardwoods, holleys and dogwoods create an unforgettable setting for a lifetime or just a weekend. $440,000.

Cotton Forge Hill Northeast Texas v Anderson County v Palestine


Located on a high bluff above a picturesque bend of the Trinity River, these 283.9 acres are rich in history, East Texas beauty and bountiful wildlife. Natural springs emerge from sand hills and flow freely throughout the property. Highly improved coastal Bermuda pastures and meadows surround multiple ponds and possible lake sites. The 20+-mile views make for perfect homesites. $979,455.

Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

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On 75 gorgeous acres near Canton, Texas, this

Family Compound

is a unique and diverse property for a family getaway or corporate retreat. Two residences

Northeast Texas v Van Zandt County v Wills Point

with a combination of eight bedrooms and six baths provide a casual lifestyle. The lodge has a massive living area with an antique wet bar, wood-burning fireplace, sauna and screened-in porch. The living area contains a pool and card tables, pinball machine and indoor shuffleboard. The main home has three bedrooms, two baths, a sunken living area with two wood-burning fireplaces and overlooks an 8-acre lake with boathouse. This home is move-in ready with most of the furnishings to remain with the sale. Other features include an in-ground pool with slide, sports court and tennis court. Offering a barn and cattle working area, the property has a gentle roll to it and four scattered ponds that provide watering holes for livestock. Just north of I-20, between Wills Point and Canton, this property is a short drive from the Metroplex. $985,000.

Rolling Oaks Ranch


Northeast Texas v Smith County v Lindale

This is an East Texas treasure for the equestrian minded. This completely restored, traditionalstyle, four-bedroom, two-bath home offers comfort and quality while overlooking the rolling East Texas countryside. The 35.143 acres have been converted to offer the horse lover 16 pipe paddocks with loafing sheds with water to each site, as well as working pens. Meticulously placed and designed for a complete equestrian operation, a 10-stall horse barn and equipment storage are provided—all the support facilities a rancher needs. The main home boasts an updated kitchen with granite countertops, center work isle and Sub-Zero refrigerator. Two wood-burning fireplaces and a pool offer a great place to relax and entertain. Only the finest fixtures and amenities are found in this comfortable home. A shop, workout building and worker’s home round out the improvements. Near Tyler with easy access to I-20 and midway between Lone Star Park and Louisiana Downs, this property is a must to see for the passionate horse lover! Offered for $895,000.

Kickapoo Ranch Northeast Texas v Henderson County v Athens


Located near Athens, these 245.01 acres offer a quaint three-bedroom, two-bath frame farmhouse with a wood-burning fireplace, rolling terrain, an approximately 5-acre lake, a live creek, six ponds and improved pasture. Kickapoo Ranch provides the ultimate country experience. $950,000.

Steve Grant Real Estate P.O. Box 350, Athens, TX 75751

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The natural beauty of East Texas has never been more evident than with these 372.191 acres of rolling hills, natural springs, lake, ponds and peaceful meadows. A short distance from the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, just south of Athens near the quaint community of Bradford, this unique property exhibits all the qualities that make East Texas a desired destination. Native, mature hardwoods for a native wildlife habitat line the newly constructed 30±-acre lake. This picturesque setting includes a natural, professionally enhanced wildlife habitat. The lake provides a place for reflection and beauty,

An East Texas Retreat

but has a fish management program in place to

Northeast Texas v Anderson County v Bradford

help ensure the best fishing for years to come. A natural waterfowl environment is also under

development to enhance wildlife and preserve the native beauty of the waterfowl conservation area, which has been carefully and meticulously planned. Open meadows dot the property, which provides a peaceful, serene setting. This property offers all the best of nature with numerous homesites and breathtaking views. This is a truly unique offering! $2,515,000.

East Texas Estate Northeast Texas v Henderson Co. v Athens


This distinctive home on 4.15 acres near Athens in the renowned gated Stonebridge Community





handcrafted with unparalleled quality. The entry gives a guest a glimpse of the subtle, comfortable elegance of the 2006 home. The main living area boasts a beamed ceiling, wood-burning fireplace and an enclave for more intimate gatherings. Hardwood floors provide a rich look. The kitchen is a gourmet’s heaven with a gas range with center work isle, huge pantry, microwave, butler’s pantry and two dishwashers—ideal for small gatherings. The master suite provides a spacious sitting room, oversized shower and huge his and her dressing areas. A screened-in porch with ceiling and open-air “martini” porch provides a great place to start or end the day and overlooks landscaped grounds surrounded by native hardwoods and wildlife. This is a complete home for the most discriminating buyer. $900,000.

Private Hideaway Northeast Texas v Henderson County v Walton


We are pleased to offer for sale, a private 124-acre hideaway with rolling East Texas land, a 12 to 15-

Steve Grant Real Estate P.O. Box 350, Athens, TX 75751

903 675-3503 Specializing in Farm and Ranch Properties


acre private lake and a like-new two-bedroom, one-bath cottage that sits beside the lake. This springfed lake is absolutely beautiful and hidden away so privately you will feel like you are on an exotic vacation every time you visit. You can bring your friends and family and escape from the loud city, relax and enjoy this peaceful place while you hunt, fish, swim, cook out or just play! The woods are perfect for camping, exploring, riding ATVs and hunting. There is a dock for your fishing boat, or you can canoe! Enjoy this very versatile property and a great investment for the future! $850,000.

Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

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10/30/09 3:55:58 PM

Incredible East Texas Northeast Texas v Henderson Co. v Athens


Surrounded by rolling hills, this custom home on 156 acres near Athens offers privacy and solitude only minutes from the Dallas/ Ft. Worth Metroplex. Mostly wooded with native hardwoods, the property features a twobedroom, two- and one-half-bath home with covered porch and open floor plan. A haven for wildlife, the land includes seven ponds, open meadows and underground utilities. Discover the best-kept secret in Texas! The owner will divide and sell in smaller parcels. $1,295,000.


Without question, this is one of the most wellbuilt homes in Henderson County. Attention to detail includes ceramic tile floors throughout, marble tile in master bath, all exterior framing (2' by 6'), some interior wall framing (2' by 6'), insulated interior and exterior walls, radiant barrier roof decking, Low E wood windows with aluminum-painted clad exterior, casement windows in great room, Low E wood

Door Key Ranch

aluminum-clad doors to patio, 14' ceiling with

Northeast Texas v Henderson County v Athens

approximately 18" stacked crown molding, 12' ceiling in gathering room with approximately

16" stacked crown molding, master suite with 12' ceiling and approximately 16" crown molding, custom oak kitchen cabinets with 160-degree hinges, walk-in pantry, crown molding in all rooms, all ceiling beams are laminated solid wood, barrel ceiling in gathering room and master suite, 5.5" baseboards capped with 1" panel molding throughout house, door access to porch and patio from every room that abuts them, fascia and soffit Hardie board (cement board that resists weathering and will not burn) and all interior doors and window trim is fluted with wood-turned nosettes. These 111.5 acres offer hilltop views, rolling grass, covered hills and valleys, a small bass lake, two ponds, long road frontage, board fence and pipe entry, a paved drive lined with live oaks, nice shop/equipment barn, huge shade trees, quiet area with wildlife and yard with sprinkler system. $1,200,000.


In a gated subdivision by Lake Athens, this gorgeous property on 11.341 acres will dazzle anyone with all its amenities! You will have plenty of room for horses, and they will love their

Gentleman’s Paradise Northeast Texas v Henderson County v Athens

new home with brand-new pipe fencing and a six-stall master barn with tack room and wash rack. For the man of the house, a steel building/ workshop (25' by 40') will house equipment. The property has a private deep well for the house, and community water is hooked up at the barn. Built in 2000 by a local builder for himself and his wife, the custom home has features so great you will have to see it to realize the quality! Some features include a large rock fireplace, gourmet kitchen with limestone countertops, separate office/ study by the half-bath, a huge bonus room upstairs with a full bath (possible exercise room/bedroom suite), central vacuum system, alarm system, tile floors and a laundry room with sink and room for a freezer. A split bedroom arrangement makes it great for families, and the master suite is superb! The master bath has a Jacuzzi tub, separate large shower, tile floors and a room-size closet big enough for everyone’s clothes! This is fine living for the discriminating buyer who wants the best! These 11+ acres are deed restricted and cannot be subdivided. $739,000.

Steve Grant Real Estate P.O. Box 350, Athens, TX 75751

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SELECT 6,400±-Acres in Hudspeth County


n Texas, many secret places long thought forgotten to the pages of history lie open and

waiting for the curious, the ambitious and, often times, the adventurous. These unique venues not only invite visitors with their breathtaking landscapes and wealth of amenities, but also with elements significantly less tangible. Beyond the modern luxuries, the native Indian folktales

Hot Springs Ranch


weave a greater magic, a sense that the spirit of the land—and the window to history itself— still survives. Stories passed down through generations of historic battles and magic healing waters stir the imagination, invoke a sense of adventure and welcome all who find their way to Indian Hot Springs Ranch. Sited in between Ft. Davis and El Paso, just a short distance from the world-famous waters of the fabulous Rio Grande, the Indian Hot Springs Ranch is a ranch without equal. Nestled in a small valley formed by the Rio Grande’s cut through the Quitman Mountains in Hudspeth County, the ranch is rich in history, easily accessible and almost completely surrounded by the majestic mountain range. This prime mountainside locale offers a combination of serene and restful beauty in an invigorating,


Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

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11/2/09 11:00:03 AM

in an attempt to increase the flow; Stump Spring is used in the wading pools; Mexican Spring was used for many years by people crossing the nearby Rio Grande; and Masons or Fishing Hole Spring is the farthest east of the springs. In addition to the springs, two wells supply fresh water to the ranch along with Rio Grande water rights for two large duck ponds. Though no minerals are available, the ranch smog-free valley of the Rio Grande, remote from

Featuring 6,400 breathtaking acres and an

offers a wealth of native vegetation and wildlife.

the hustle and bustle of big-city pollution—a elevation of over 3,000 feet, the Indian Hot

The diverse foliage includes plenty of salt cedar,

perfect place to call home.

Springs Ranch is more than just a place to see, mesquite and cacti, along with many varieties of

From behind the Indian Hot Springs Hotel, but a place to experience. At the hotel spa, one

grasses and shrubs that provide wonderful

the mountains of Mexico rise from the horizon will find picturesque landscapes, intriguing cover for the plentiful game that call Indian Hot in a stunning natural backdrop mirrored in the historical sites and naturally heated waters that

Spring Ranch home. Aoudad, javelina, mule deer,

natural native elements showcased through flow throughout the property. When the first

bobwhite quail and dove roam the ranch, and a


Originally white explorers came to this part of the valley of

wide variety of migratory birds use the ponds as

constructed in the 1920s and partially restored the Rio Grande, they found stone troughs that

they traverse the West Texas flyway. This well-

in recent years, the masonry hotel is within

maintained ranch has been slightly hunted.



were hand-dug by prehistoric people. These

a stone’s throw of the Rio Grande and once troughs, strategically located around the warm

Even with the majestic beauty of the distant

connected to the small quaint Mexican village

springs, provided both access and enjoyment

mountains, the plethora of native wildlife and

of Ojo Caliente on the Mexican side of the river

of the therapeutic waters. Later, the Indians

the prime Rio Grande locale, the area of Indian

via a swinging bridge. Electricity is provided by made use of the natural stone “bathtubs” for Hot Springs Ranch has long been coveted not Rio Grande Electric Coop and Dell Telephone bathing in the waters and considered them to just for its physical amenities, but the spirit currently serves the ranch with fiber optic cable

be enchanted liquids capable of miraculous of its springs. From generals who led Buffalo

buried and ready to be powered. In addition healings. For centuries, Indian warriors came Soldiers across the valley to modern doctors of to the two homes, the ranch also affords two

to recover from their battles and rest up from El Paso interested in their healing properties,

adjacent duplex apartments and a private their forays across both sides of the border. the mystery of the ranch’s waters has inspired cantina (saloon) for guests to enjoy and relax Centuries later, many visitors over the years many to invest in this area and discover the truth amidst the beauty of the Rio Grande Valley.

have written testaments to the hot springs’

behind the legend. This unique opportunity

soothing, calming and even healing effects allows you to discover the beauty—and perhaps while they were guests at the ranch.

the mystery—of Indian Hot Springs Ranch.

Ranging between 117°F and 81°F, the eight Offered for $3,950,000. v springs that give Indian Hot Springs Ranch include: Soda Spring, a cold spring, lies on the northernmost end of the ranch; Beauty or Horse Trough Spring lies north of the hotel building near the entrance; Chief Spring, the largest spring, is pumped into the bathhouse; Squaw Spring was used by Indian women; Dynamite Spring was dynamited in the 1970s

Howard W. Hood P.O. Box 2191 Kerrville, TX 78029

830 896-0510 Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

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11/2/09 11:00:46 AM



Spectacular Private Live Water Hunting Preserve Covering Two Counties in the Texas Hill Country


he 4 Aces Ranch is a beautifully managed, fully operational wildlife preserve on 17,847Âą acres stretching

across both Uvalde and Kinney Counties in southwest Texas. It is the single largest, contiguous, live water ranch currently on the market in the Texas Hill Country and is a spectacular opportunity with valuable potential. Seven miles of Live Oak Creek are fully selfcontained on the ranch, running north to south through the middle of the property, behind the ranch headquarters. The property is loaded with private water, streams, springs, wells and windmills and is a private game park paradise.


Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

022-029 Hood.indd 24

11/2/09 11:40:19 AM

equipment and complete metal fabrications. 15± spring-fed water wells provide natural observation points and 30±-ton bulk protein feeders are appropriately placed throughout the The main residence at the ranch head-

acres of cedar without disrupting the land’s

property, with hunting blinds and strategically

quarters is a five-bedroom, four-bath ranch

integrity. Throughout the project, long-buried,

placed game towers.

house with a huge entertaining patio, finished

old homesteads were uncovered, dinosaur

Roughly one mile from ranch headquarters,

in native limestone, overlooking several of the

tracks discovered and early American cave art

a three-bedroom hunting cabin is comfortably

natural waterfalls on Live Oak Creek. Two of

found, and there is still more to be explored and

situated in a shady, live oak grove. The big,

the bedrooms are master suites, one upstairs

unearthed in 50 Indian mounds and countless

gracious back patio is set with a fire pit and

and one downstairs, and the house is designed

caves. Miles and miles of paved and improved

rocking chairs, and the retreat provides a

with rustic elegance and privacy. A fully

roads facilitate an extensive range of access to

welcome midday respite or trophy camp for

updated kitchen and comfortable appointments

many corners of the property, although the

special guests.

throughout the residence provide a welcome

entire property has only been seen from the air

Don’t miss this incredible game ranch

rendezvous at the end of a long satisfying hunt

in helicopter passes. The entire perimeter of the

opportunity with an amazing price of only

or day touring the ranch. The huge back patio

ranch is completely high-fenced with close to

$3,250 per acre. Owner would consider selling

is designed for outdoor entertainment with a

50 miles of state-of-the-art game fence.

northern 10,000 acres of ranch by itself. v

very large open-air fireplace, large fire pit and a

The ranch is a beautifully parked, rugged sanctuary, and the owner, along with a wildlife

For more information, contact Howard Hood of Hood

4 Aces is a recreational paradise on the

biologist, has created a highly efficient wildlife

Real Estate Company at 830 896-0510, hhood@

western boundary of prime Texas Hill Country.

game park with high-quality habitat and well- or visit

Salmon Peak and Boiling Mountain are the two

managed native and exotic wildlife populations,

highest peaks in Uvalde and Kinney Counties,

including axis, scimitar-horned oryx, red sheep

are both fully located on the property and

and red stag, eland, zebras, black buck, Catalina

provide a challenging day of hiking. 4 Aces

goats, aoudad, gemsbok, fallow deer, Corsican

Ranch has a wide array of beautiful trees and

sheep and turkey. A multitude of outbuilding

South Texas brush, attracting native wildlife

and support structures facilitate the full

and providing good ground cover; at the same

function of the property, including a massive

time, the owner has cleared close to 10,000

hay barn, several large covered shops to house

completely covered outdoor bar.

Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

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11/2/09 1:24:38 PM

East Town Creek Ranch 47.08Âą Acres

Texas Hill Country v Kerr County v Kerrville


Cradled in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, the premier East Town Creek Ranch features a 2,963-square-foot native limestone and cedar home with metal roof, three bedrooms, three baths, a large covered front porch and a oversized three-car garage with office above. One Trinity well is located on property. Both sides of crystal-clear East Town Creek run through the property, creating several picnic spots. The entire property is under gameproof fencing with lots of live oaks scattered throughout. Rare in today’s market, this

Howard W. Hood

immaculate and manicured gem lies only

P.O. Box 2191 Kerrville, TX 78029

minutes to Kerrville. In a country setting, this ranch has great development potential and

830 896-0510

could be a perfect horse operation, corporate


retreat or family getaway. Priced to sell at only $1,150,000. Call for a private showing.

Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

022-029 Hood.indd 26

11/2/09 11:03:06 AM

Double J Ranch

754± Acres

Texas Hill Country v Real County v Vanderpool


The Double J Ranch consists of 754± acres, all under high fence, which fronts on Highway 337 between Leakey and Vanderpool, very close to Lost Maples State Park. This ranch can truly be your “home on the range” with the scenic terrain from mountains to canyons and the crystal-clear water. The incredible views remind you of being in Colorado, where you can see for miles. Double J Ranch has numerous springs and one nice lake with several more lake sites. Improvements are nestled in the canyon with an ultimate sense of privacy. Improvements include two lodges, one with three bedrooms and two baths, and the other with four bedrooms and two baths. Also included is a large barn with a walk-in cooler. Amazing wildlife cover this ranch with whitetail deer, turkeys and exotics, including axis, aoudad, fallow and blackbuck. This “home on the range” has huge possibilities for a corporate retreat, family getaway or hunting ranch. Priced at $5,850 per acre. Call today for a showing.

Howard W. Hood P.O. Box 2191 Kerrville, TX 78029

830 896-0510 Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

022-029 Hood.indd 27


11/2/09 11:03:31 AM

65± Acres


Texas Hill Country Kendall County v Boerne The “wow” factor is just nine and a half miles from I-10 in Champee Springs Ranch outside Boerne. This beautiful 65±-acre property has a great location only 30 minutes from San Antonio. Views abound from this picturesque, Texas-style horse ranch covered in a variety of native oaks. The property has a nice five-stall horse facility with a luxurious 1,416-squarefoot apartment. This horse barn/apartment combination offers the finest in equestrianstyle living. The ranch has four pastures

Howard W. Hood

with water troughs and two water wells. The

P.O. Box 2191 Kerrville, TX 78029

property has good fencing and a round pen. Abundant native game roams the ranch. There

830 896-0510

are so many possibilities for this prime piece


of Texas Hill Country. $1,350,000. Call for a private showing!

Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

022-029 Hood.indd 28

11/2/09 11:05:01 AM

JD Game Ranch

805 Acres

Texas Hill Country v Kerr County v Mountain Home


Come savor the splendor of the rolling Texas hills near the Garvin Store, only 40 minutes west of Kerrville. These 805 tranquil acres are the perfect hunting/recreation ranch. The entire perimeter lies under game-proof fencing with 90% of all cedar cleared. Natural beauty includes a variety of live oaks and two ponds that create an excellent habitat for diverse wildlife. Cross-fenced into two 400-acre pastures, the property has a two-story rock home with a nice deck off the upstairs, two water wells and a working set of cattle pens. Picturesque and private in the surrounding Texas hills is the focus of this 805-acre ranch. $3,150 per acre. Call for a private showing!

Howard W. Hood P.O. Box 2191 Kerrville, TX 78029

830 896-0510 Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

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11/2/09 11:06:05 AM

Little River Ranch Central Texas v Milam County v Cameron


This is the best and most productive ranch I have ever come across. The ranch is 4,300 acres of cow producing, hunting, farming and a recreation paradise. The ranch can run 2,000 cow/calf pairs yearly with very little expense. At maximum capacity, the ranch has run 25,000 yearlings. If a person has the knowledge required for that kind of cattle operation, this is your dream ranch. The ranch also has a great owner’s house, guesthouse, foreman house, barns, covered receiving pens, scales, commodity bins, grain storage bins, 18 center pivot, five irrigation wells, 1,100 acre feet of pumping rights out of the Little River and all the equipment needed to run this great ranch. The ranch is offered at $16,125,000 with the 1,100 acre feet of water rights and large coal and gravel deposits.

James L. Ahern, Jr. Ranch Broker 210 827-0505


Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

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11/5/09 11:19:37 AM

Bear Creek Ranch Texas Hill Country v Kinney County v Junction


This historic 2,800-acre ranch is a water and hunting paradise. The ranch has one and a half miles of Bear Creek running through it and a three-story limestone-block house with a historic designation! The house has been totally redone with all the latest upgrades and maintained its historic integrity. This great ranch also has 1,800 acres of high-fenced pasture where trophy whitetail deer are intensely managed to produce South Texas quality in a beautiful Hill Country environment. Bear Creek Ranch is the perfect combination of fantastic summer recreation on Bear Creek and “out of this world� deer hunting in the fall. Access could not be more convenient as the ranch lies three miles north of I-10 on a paved FM road. Offered at $9,800,000.

James L. Ahern, Jr. Ranch Broker 210 827-0505 Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

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11/5/09 11:21:30 AM

Pinto Creek Ranch Texas Hill Country v Kinney County v Brackettville


This ranch has it all: frontage on Highway 90, South Texas brush, a Spanish-style hacienda and miles of gorgeous rock-bottom Pinto and West Pinto Creeks. This 2,477-acre ranch raises trophy whitetail deer, exotic animals in a highfenced enclosure, pecans and coastal hay. If these amenities were not enough, the ranch also has a well that free-flows (no pump) 500 gpm. The ranch also has transferable water rights. This whole package is offered at $8,100,000.

Batesville Hunting Ranch South Texas v Zavala County v Batesville


This fantastic 956-acre ranch raises huge South Texas whitetail deer. It is high fenced, has great roads and a very nice newly remodeled ranch house. The ranch has two water wells that make 150 gpm and this water is piped to several troughs around the ranch and to several small lakes. This ranch has several different great genetic lines in its deer herd and also has 20% of the minerals. The property is offered at $2,342,000.

James L. Ahern, Jr. Ranch Broker 210 827-0505


Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

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11/5/09 11:22:57 AM

McCoy Ranch South Texas v Atascosa County v McCoy


This ranch is perfect. This is one of the most highly improved ranches close to San Antonio available today. It has a brand-new 14,000-square-foot barn, walk-in cooler, completely rebuilt headquarters/ house, center pivot irrigation system, several domestic water wells, irrigation well and an outstanding deer herd. Everything on this ranch is completed to the highest specifications by a contractor who knows how to do it right. If you are looking for a ranch you can step into today that has every single thing you could ever want already in place, but without going through the two years of agony it would take to get the ranch to this stage, this is your ranch!

James L. Ahern, Jr. Ranch Broker 210 827-0505 Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

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11/5/09 11:23:54 AM

Llano River Ranch Texas Hill Country Kimble County v Junction


This beautiful 793-acre river ranch fronts the North Llano River and rises to spectacular elevations in the rear of the property. This ranch has convenient access off I-10 a few miles west of Junction. Large pecan trees along the river add to the rock bottom beauty of the North Llano River. The views from the hills in the back of the property over the river valley are spectacular. The ranch is offered at $3,500,000.

Lockhart Mountain Ranch Texas Hill Country v Llano County v Llano


This beautiful 932-acre ranch is five minutes northeast of Llano and one hour west of Austin. The ranch has three nice lakes, a spring, electricity and water well. Lockhart Mountain is the highest elevation around and located on the property. The views from this ranch are fantastic! The ranch is offered at $5,592,000.

K-C Ranch Central Texas v Milam County v Cameron


This beautiful 414-acre ranch operates as a registered Brahman business that actually makes money. This ranch had a net income of $289,522 in 2008. The ranch, under Ken Stone’s management, produces winning show animals such as International, Reserve and National Champions every year.

James L. Ahern, Jr. Ranch Broker 210 827-0505


The ranch also sells semen and embryos locally and internationally. The ranch is divided into 12 pastures all with water and grazing. Improvements include a 3,500-square-foot owner’s house, three domestic water wells, irrigation well, workshop, show barn, two hay barns, equipment barn, office with apartment and a USDA-approved embryo barn. The ranch is offered at $3,000,000 and the equipment, cattle, semen and embryos are offered at $1,200,000.

Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

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11/5/09 11:24:47 AM

EMC Whitetail Ranch Texas Metroplex v Johnson Co. v Cleburne


DFW Hill Country Ranch

Scenic ridges and hills are covered with big live oaks, cedar and red oaks, providing magnificent

Texas Metroplex v Johnson County v Cleburne

views. A seasonal limestone creek runs through


Only an hour from Dallas/Fort Worth and 15 miles southwest of Cleburne in a quiet area on FM the eastern side of the property, and wildlife 1434, this top-notch Hill Country ranch has 2,500' of Brazos River frontage, a mile of live Camp Creek habitat is great for deer and turkey. This property with “Little Falls” and “Big Falls,” two seasonal creeks, 12 stock tanks and good underground water. has the potential to be a wildlife manager’s Tree-covered ridges provide impressive views and homesites. This is a prime investment with great dream. Large neighbors further enhance wildlife hunting, grazing, and rural development possibilities. This ranch can be divided into 1,093 acres, 918

and hunting. About an hour from Dallas/Fort

acres and 895 acres. You must see this ranch to appreciate it. Motivated seller! $4,233/acre. (Barnett Worth, this top-of-the-line ranch is priced right at $4,678/acre ($4,184,751).

Shale minerals can be purchased for additional funds.)


Sharing about three miles of fence with The Retreat, a 3,000-acre golf course development, this combination of wildlife habitat and cattle country features a canyon area with desirable topography and the headwaters of Mill Creek. Big whitetails, turkey and other wildlife inhabit the property. Land around the canyon area is conducive for running cattle. EOG Resources has two producing gas wells in the Barnett Shale on this ranch. Additional wells are planned, and expectations are high because of the success of

100% Barnett Shale Minerals

first two wells. The gas company is very good to deal with. This property features 100% Barnett Shale minerals! $10,214/acre ($9,373,241).

Texas Metroplex v Johnson County v Cleburne

“The Spread” at Miller Grove Northeast Texas v Hopkins County v Miller Grove


Extremely special, this year-round property has a 7-acre bass lake, impressive waterfowl wetland area, a nice, clean doublewide with covered deck and a 50' by 50' barn overlooking the lake. The 40±-acre wetland area can be drained, planted, and flooded to attract lots of ducks. Only 75 miles from Dallas, this turn-key property has huge oaks, quiet paved frontage and an inventory in immaculate condition, including an 85hp John Deere four-wheel drive tractor, implements, furniture, boats, four-wheeler and much more. Priced to sell at $495,000!

Blake Hortenstine, Broker 214 616-1305 mobile 214 366-7776 office/fax Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

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10/27/09 1:01:59 PM

James River Ranch South Texas Hill Country Mason & Kimble Counties v Mason


James River Ranch South is a historic, 6,372-acre heritage-type ranch with over three miles of the mystical James River (both sides), plus spring creeks and solid ranching/recreational appeal. Fronting on paved FM 385 only 45 minutes

west of Fredericksburg, this awesome spread is home to solid populations of deer/turkey, along with top-shelf private water recreation amongst noisy falls and deep holes on the river. Realistically priced at $2,850/acre. Some minerals are included. Sellers will consider division into two parcels.

19 Mile Crossing Central Texas v Uvalde County v Uvalde


19 Mile Crossing offers 8,450 conservation committed acres of classic transition brush plains and towering hills on the hard-flowing Nueces River northwest of bustling Uvalde. This solid offering includes nice headquarters, infrastructure and healthy populations of deer, turkey and varmints. Aoudads are often sited in the higher elevations, and the river provides excellent fishing, swimming and floating possibilities. An exquisite, private spring originates on the ranch beneath monster pecan and oak trees, creating a world-class swimming hole. $1,695 per acre.

David E. Culver P.O. Box 755 Boerne, TX 78006

830 248-1248 210 422-4676


Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

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10/27/09 1:08:26 PM

Redstone Ranch Texas Hill Country Blanco & Gillespie Counties v Stonewall


Redstone Ranch is about 3,100 groomed, showy acres on the north banks of the Pedernales River, between Johnson City and Stonewall, adjoining the LBJ Parks. Highly improved, irrigated grass fields produce fat, sleek broodmares, frisky foals and torpedo-like beef cattle. Soaring, oakshrouded hills provide distant vistas, as herds of deer, antelope and turkey roam the fields and forests below. First-rate improvements across the board complete the package. $7,950/acre.


Brambletye Ranch encompasses 2,798 acres of the best of Kimble County, only five minutes from Junction, with several miles of ownership of both sides of strong-flowing Bear Creek. This premier ranch features a fine, restored mansion, long highway frontage, significant oak/pecan bottoms and 1,800 high-fenced acres. Landmark cliffs, wide valleys, distant vistas and solid infrastructure are added features, and part of the minerals are included. Sellers will consider splitting into large tracts; the whole ranch is offered at $3,450/acre.

Brambletye Ranch Texas Hill Country v Kimble County v Junction

David E. Culver P.O. Box 755 Boerne, TX 78006

830 248-1248 210 422-4676 Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

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10/27/09 1:09:23 PM


Pedernales Springs Ranch offers about 1,000 oak-studded acres lying for 1.25 miles along one of the prettiest stretches of Pedernales River around. Small pecan bottoms provide relaxing




swimming and fishing holes. Large springs gush forth from south-facing hillsides, creating bizarre, upland pecan and walnut groves and

Pedernales Springs Ranch Texas Hill Country v Blanco County v Johnson City

Cypress Hills Ranch Texas Hill Country Blanco County v Johnson City

leaving remnants of a fascinating old ditchirrigation system used by German ranchers. This ranch is ready to go, and just waiting for your creative vision. $9,250 per acre.

Mt. Gainor Farm


Texas Hill Country v Hays County v Dripping Springs

Mt. Gainor Farm is a superb, small 193-acre showplace on South Onion Creek, well-situated on

paved county roads between Dripping Springs and Wimberley, only 30 minutes from Austin. Cypress Hills Ranch is a refined, 1,062-acre This fine ranch includes clean bottomland field, tasty pecan bottom, solid improvements and two paradise of rolling hills studded with scattered sweet canyons bisecting oak-studded uplands with excellent area views. This is one of the higher


oaks, only 40 miles from downtown Austin quality, reasonably priced offerings in the area, and included are a couple of rental units in one in the sought-after Cypress Mill area. This corner that generate meaningful income. $3,550,000. fine ranch, once part of the famed McCombs Longhorn Ranch, features a range of high hills offering vistas of 30 miles or more in all directions. Interesting, small canyons, some of which have “header” springs feeding

Cottonwood Creek Ranch Texas Hill Country v Blanco County v Johnson City

seasonal stock ponds, bisect these hills. Paved frontage, adequate infrastructure and wildlife seal the deal. $4,975/acre.

David E. Culver P.O. Box 755 Boerne, TX 78006

830 248-1248 210 422-4676



Cottonwood Creek Ranch, 626 acres on the Pedernales River just west of Austin, is a superb recreational tract with ownership of both sides of the river and hard-flowing Cottonwood Creek, one of the area’s most reliable. Fronting on paved Cypress Mill Road, this highly desirable parcel includes a newly remodeled six-bedroom, three-bath lodge, paved interior main road, manicured rolling pastures studded with live oak and post oak and a riverside hilltop homesite with long views up and down the wide, rock bottom river. Reduced to $8,950/acre.

Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

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10/27/09 1:10:05 PM


King’s River Ranch is a 204-acre, well-situated recreational ranch on the Guadalupe River, only minutes north of sizzling Boerne. This clean property includes a nice lodge, paved interior roads, highway frontage, interesting canyon and 1,800+ feet on the Guadalupe River. The river in this area is secluded, with minimal traffic, and offers spectacular deep holes beneath limestone cliffs, with good accessibility from

King’s River Ranch

this ranch. Oak-studded upland terraces offer Hill Country vistas, and deer and turkey roam

Texas Hill Country v Kendall County v Boerne

the landscape. $21,500/acre.

Creek’s Gem Pecan Waterhole Ranch Field Texas Hill Country


Texas Hill Country v Uvalde County v Concan

Llano & San Saba Counties v Llano


Pecan Waterhole Ranch features 2,656 acres of top-shelf Hill Country, a conservation-committed, Field Creek’s Gem is an exquisite 167-acre hunting and recreational land near playtime hot spot Concan in northeast Uvalde County, in the highly coveted Blanco Creek Canyon drainage, an up-and-coming zone of conservation ranches.

farmstead in the prized Field Creek area northwest of Llano. Cleanly shaped, the site

This ranch combines a relatively high percentage of deeper soil valleys with cedar-cleared hills has public road access at two points, but is majestically rising 500 feet above. This is deer and turkey country, folks, with some dove and mostly protected by buffer land on three quail, solid headquarters and infrastructure all at the asking price of only $1,750 per acre.

sides. This place has “the look” that is so desirable—clean fields edged by sculpted

Curly H Lake Texas Hill Country v Blanco County v Dripping Springs

forests of oak/elm—and even has a high hill with spectacular building site overlooking it all. Teeming with game, the area is known for excellent populations of deer/turkey and is offered at a realistic price of $4,500/acre.


Curly H Lake, 219 well-situated acres only 35 miles from southwest Austin or north San Antonio, possesses one of the most well-constructed and conceived large lakes in the most spectacular setting ever seen. Covering over 7 acres, the lake depth still exceeds 20 feet during the current drought and recently yielded a 12-pound bass. This fine, well-maintained small ranch has a decent ranch house and outbuildings and is mostly high fenced. A stunning, private valley of varied hardwoods is the icing on the cake. Reduced to $9,950 per acre.

David E. Culver P.O. Box 755 Boerne, TX 78006

830 248-1248 210 422-4676 Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

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10/27/09 1:11:59 PM

Gates Ranch

964± Acres

South Texas v Zavala County v Big Wells


Owned and operated by the same family since 1884, this notable “Century Ranch” lies in the Golden Triangle, renowned for great

Stone Ranch 4,648± Acres

South Texas v Maverick County v El Indio


wildlife and recreational hunting. This low- Owned by the same family since 1960, this historic ranch has bold terrain ranging from level fenced, unimproved plot of red dirt is ready bottomland to gently rolling bluffs overlooking miles of the blue-green water of the wild and for improvements of your choice. There is big scenic Rio Grande River. A highlight is the 1940s hacienda-style residence with charming water potential with a 1,500-foot-deep Carrizo courtyard linked to a second home and barn. Fabulous year-round water includes the river, a irrigation well with 8-inch casing. There is

five-mile irrigation canal with pumping rights, 35±-acre lake and five stocked tanks. Wildlife is

abundant native whitetail deer, turkey, quail,

phenomenal: trophy whitetail deer, turkey, javelina, hogs, quail, dove plus great duck hunting

dove, javelina, hogs and other wildlife.

and fishing. Minerals are negotiable.

Adamson Ranch

5,444± Acres

Texas Hill Country v Edwards County v Rocksprings


Tucked away among large, long-term family operated ranches, the Adamson Ranch is in a truly unique neighborhood and has been family owned and operated for over 70 years! Its seclusion and wide-open terrain are exceptional, with rolling terrain, good pastureland and elevations from approximately 2,106 to 2,290 feet. Improvements include a ranch house, guesthouse, garage and low fencing. There are three water wells, storage tanks and troughs, plus seasonal Dry Devil’s River. Adamson Ranch offers abundant native whitetail deer, turkey, hog, quail and dove, plus a current Managed Land Deer Permit (MLDP). Minerals are negotiable.


Well located within an hour of San Antonio, near Devine, this ranch offers good brush diversity, water wells and a nice lodge. Improvements include a one-story, three-bedroom brick home, barn, old set of pens and low-fenced perimeter. In addition to three wells, there are three earthen tanks. The ranch is in an area renowned for good hunting. It is believed that the ranch has had little hunting pressure. Wildlife includes whitetail deer, turkey, hog, quail and dove.

Robert Dullnig, Broker Associate 6606 N. New Braunfels San Antonio, TX 78209

210 213-9700 • 866 904-1515


South Texas Hunting 905± Acres

South Texas v Frio County v Big Foot

Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

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11/5/09 12:34:17 PM

Aroki Game Ranch

930± Acres


Central Texas v Uvalde County v Uvalde

This unique 930±-acre ranch features native whitetail deer, turkey, hog plus exotic axis and blackbuck antelope. Fine improvements include a 2002 lodge-style residence with wraparound porch, oversized garage plus carport and equipment shed with storage. The ranch is high-fenced on four sides plus highcross-fenced for three separate pastures. There are three water wells, troughs plus four ponds. The income averages $51,000 per year!

Medina River Retreat 35± Acres

Texas Hill Country v Bandera County v Medina


Live water provides year-round pleasure and activities in a private Hill Country setting. Fish, swim, kayak or just relax and enjoy the fabulous 1,800± feet of flowing Medina River. A paved

Three Angels Ranch 221± Acres

county road provides easy access to the ranch, and a small A-frame home makes an ideal summer Texas Hill Country

or weekend retreat with its rock fireplace, kitchen with dining bar and deck. Native wildlife Blanco County v Johnson City This ranch has been family owned and abounds with whitetail deer, birds and free-ranging exotics.


operated for over 60 years. Its gently sloping terrain has large live oak, post oak, cedar elm and walnut trees throughout, offering a beautiful recreational getaway with hunting and cattle/horse opportunities. There is a onestory home, garage, outbuildings and unique smokehouse with walk-in cooler. Low-fenced, the ranch has abundant native whitetail deer, turkey, dove, quail and free-ranging exotics

Beard Ranch

and is watered by municipal water for the home, troughs and an earthen tank.

257+ Acres

Central Texas v Guadalupe County v Seguin


Over a quarter-mile of Meadowlake/Guadalupe River and about two miles of both sides of Cottonwood Creek are enhanced by two water wells and two tanks. A constant-level lake, Meadowlake is formed by Nolte Dam on the Guadalupe River. Level to gently rolling ranchland is ideal for horses/cattle, with lush pastures that offer hay production. Improvements include an

Robert Dullnig, Broker Associate

updated brick home, low fencing/cross-fencing, 10,000±-square-foot barn with air-conditioned

6606 N. New Braunfels San Antonio, TX 78209

office and bath and overhead crane. The water is a recreational paradise for boating and fishing,

210 213-9700 • 866 904-1515

plus attracts whitetail deer, turkey and waterfowl. Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

040-043 Kuper.indd 41


10/27/09 1:16:45 PM


Legends of Texas evolve from historic ranches like this, extending from picturesque canyons to the dramatic Davis Mountains, habitat for trophy-class mule deer, aoudad sheep, elk, quail, dove, wild turkey, black bear, antelope, javelina, mountain lion and others. Circa 1904, the old Kingston Homestead limestone lodge is enhanced by a garage, historic cowboy bunkhouse, cabin, plus a tack room, walk-in cooler, game cleaning rack, three sets of pipe cattle pens and metal feeders. The ranch is watered by Kingston Springs and other live springs recharged from mountain rains, plus

Madera Canyon Ranch 19,680± Acres

West Texas v Jeff Davis County v Balmorhea

six wells and six tanks. Over the Barnett and Woodford shale formations, the ranch will convey a portion of the fee minerals; there are 3,000+ acres of state classified minerals. Contact Al Philip or Robert Dullnig.

Chula Vista Ranch 1,280± Acres

Eagle Ridge Ranch 2,903± Acres


South Texas v Brooks County v Falfurrias

A rare opportunity to purchase two sections of prime Brooks County quail habitat! Naturally open, it has scattered mesquite and live oaks, sandy soils and all native grasses including Seacoast Bluestem. It has great dove ponds, deer blinds, corn feeders, protein feeders plus is low fenced and

Texas Hill Country v Mason County v Mason surrounded by large neighbors. There are three wells (two windmills and one sub pump), plus pipe


Fabulous, extensive live water includes 1.7±

cattle pens. Don’t miss out on a great quail hunting ranch! Contact Grady Cage or Al Philip.

miles of Llano River frontage, 1.7± miles of James River frontage, two miles of Mill Creek, six wells, two tanks and pivot irrigation in a 500-acre game trap. The ranch harbors many exotics: zebra, blackbuck, water bok, gazelle, axis and native wildlife. A striking 5,366±-squarefoot lodge has seven bedrooms, five and a half baths and porches overlooking the James River. Improvements include a garage, gameprocessing facility, foreman’s home, cabins, barn/sheds, stables and cattle pens. Minerals are negotiable. Contact Robert Dullnig.

Anchor Ranch 2,310± Acres

Central Texas v Uvalde County v Utopia


Sweeping valleys combine with gorgeous hilltop elevations over 1,700' with outstanding views. Water includes the cypress-lined Sabinal River, a mile of Onion Creek, natural springs and five

6606 N. New Braunfels San Antonio, TX 78209

866 904-1515


water wells. Featured is an extensive road system, ranch home, guesthouse, caretaker’s house, barns and eight-stall horse barn. Grand oaks, native trees and diverse brush support wildlife and superb hunting for whitetail deer, axis, blackbuck, aoudad, fallow, turkey, dove and others. Contact Al Philip.

Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

040-043 Kuper.indd 42

10/27/09 1:17:19 PM


The distinctive Lehmberg Ranch is only 10 minutes from historic downtown and its unique shops and restaurants. Over 3,000' of paved county road frontage include a gated entrance and paved road to a German-style rock residence with two fireplaces, pool and gorgeously private long-range views. Oakfilled, selectively cleared grounds harbor a 1,500±-square-foot insulated barn on slab, five-

Idyllic Fredericksburg

strand wire low fencing with metal braces, well

131+ Acres

with sub pump and older well with windmill. Contact Steven Bennett.

Texas Hill Country v Gillespie County v Fredericksburg

Whitetail Ranch 75± Acres

Texas Hill Country v Kendall County v Boerne

On the Guadalupe River 202± Acres

Central Texas Guadalupe County v Seguin


This rare property extends from the tree-lined


This unique ranch includes an exceptional herd of 70± protein-fed South Texas whitetail deer, with some bucks in the 180–200+ B&C class. A gated entrance opens to a stunning 4,042±-square-foot custom residence oriented for Hill Country views from its loggia and prestigious pool. Fine improvements enhance the recreational aspects, including the high LokTite fenced perimeter, water well with two 3,000-gallon cisterns, hay barn, feeders, waterers and hunting blinds. Contact Trey Barsalou.

Hill Country Elegance

Guadalupe River, with 950'± frontage, up to paved state highway frontage in Seguin ETJ, minutes from booming downtown and the Caterpillar plant. From the river, the land makes a rise to gently rolling pastures with scenic views. Low-fenced, it has electricity and Spring Hill municipal water available. Adjoining two established subdivisions, it offers outstanding development potential. Contact John Tarrillion.

22+ Acres



Texas Hill Country Kendall County v Boerne historic




San Antonio, this serene property is within Champee Springs Ranches, part of the historic original “711 Ranch.” A highlight is a special residence of stone construction with metal roof, stone fireplace, premier granite kitchen and deep covered porches for entertaining or game activities. Equal in quality, a pampering guesthouse features a fireplace and kitchen. Low-fenced, the treed grounds are ideal for horses or other animals. Contact Trey Barsalou.

6606 N. New Braunfels San Antonio, TX 78209

866 904-1515 Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

040-043 Kuper.indd 43


10/27/09 1:18:24 PM

BEST WEST of the

Cottonwood Springs Ranch

Colorado v La Plata County v Durango


masterpiece of landscape and architecture and an exquisite equestrian estate, the

540-acre Cottonwood Springs Ranch is nestled in a private east-west valley just 20 minutes northwest of Durango with easy access to the San Juan National Forest. Set above Texas Creek, the 5,700-square-foot northern New Mexico-style estate was impeccably planned and constructed


Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

044-045 RanchMktg_BOW.indd 44

11/5/09 3:17:07 PM

by some of the best regional craftsmen. The main home blends old and new elements with many modern updates, showcases exotic art collected from around the world and was carefully handcrafted with hand-troweled walls, high ceilings with reclaimed wood beams, hardwood floors with in-floor radiant heat, custom ironwork details, masonry privacy walls and entertainment patios, immaculate flagstone patios and a keypad gated entry. The property also boasts a 2,200-square-foot guesthouse, foreman’s house, an original 1890s homesteader’s cabin and high-tech horse breeding and training facilities complete with a custom-built 20,000-square-foot barn, ranch office building, show arena, 120' cutting round pen, cattle facilities, operating room with intensive care stall, over 50 stalls, eight pastures and much more. Cottonwood Springs Ranch’s restored improvements and newly constructed equestrian amenities flawlessly complement the natural surroundings of lush meadows and manicured mixed forest. This luxury equestrian property borders BLM land and is characterized by ponderosa, aspen and spruce woodlands, which serve as ideal habitat for herds of migrating elk, deer and a variety of wildlife on the property. Co-listed with Linda Crowther of Prudential Triple S Realty. $12,000,000. Contact Ron Morris or Billy Long, 970 535-0881. v

Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

044-045 RanchMktg_BOW.indd 45


11/5/09 3:19:02 PM


Just listed and brand new to the market, this spectacular ranch features 600± acres of hard-to-find, contiguous land with a picturesque north Hill Country landscape, 13 tank ponds, a mile of Bayou River border and 360-degree vistas. Built in 2008, a rustic, hilltop Texas-Mediterranean home offers 6,700 square feet under roof, 4,200± square

Sorrel Canyon Ranch Northwest Texas v Brown County v Brownwood/Early

feet of pristine living space, three bedrooms, an office, gourmet kitchen with rare granite, three-car garage and a pool/spa. The home overlooks pristine horse facilities with over a

mile of white PVC fencing, grass pastures, hydraulic six-horse hot walker and a 13-stall BarnMaster show barn, all with turnouts. To round out this magnificent offering, “Rosa’s Cantina” is “the ultimate party pavilion!” $5,000,000. Call exclusive listing agent, certified luxury home marketing & horse property specialist Vanessa Andrews at 817 399-1119 or visit

Hoffman International Properties Vanessa Andrews Serving the North Texas Metroplex Dallas • Fort Worth • Southlake Colleyville • Argyle • Pilot Point & beyond

817 399-1119 office 972 816-3014 cell


Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

046-047 Hoffman.indd 46

11/4/09 3:33:01 PM


In a prime location north of the DFW airport, this 100+-acre celebrity-owned ranch features a grand Texas mansion with over 38,000 square feet under roof and incredible construction. This spectacular home overlooks a 12-acre lake with extensive landscaping and outdoor entertaining areas. For indoor entertaining, there are extensive formal areas, including a formal dining room that

The Ultimate Texas Ranch Texas Metroplex v Collin County v Prosper

seats 16, a multi-level movie theater, an indoor pool and spa, a game room patterned after Dave & Busters and an indoor basketball court and bowling alley. There are 13 garages, a football field, stables and a guesthouse. Other amenities include multiple staircases, an elevator, library, solarium, tennis court, nine bedrooms, 10 full baths, three powder rooms, five fireplaces, three dining areas and seven living areas. Offered at $21,000,000.


An hour from the Fort Worth Metroplex, this

The Hilltop Ranch

1,200-acre showplace features electric gates that open to a mile-long drive that winds past a 150-

Texas Metroplex v Navarro County v Corsicana

acre private lake. A custom hilltop mansion offers amazing views; 8,800± square feet under roof; twostory entry; two-story great room; formal living and dining rooms; four-level pool with 100' lap lanes; and two master suites. The equestrian complex has an 11-stall show barn, 140' covered riding arena and two hay barns. $3,900,000. Furnishings are negotiable. Visit and please contact Vanessa Andrews, 972 816-3014 or


This 110-acre East Texas horse farm features a 6,000-square-foot, restored, antebellum mansion (c. 1850s) reportedly designed by Abner Cooke, a renowned Texas architect of his time famous for designing the Governor’s Mansion in Austin. The farm includes three barns with a total of

Park Hill Farm Northeast Texas v Houston County v Crockett

21 stalls, two guest homes, an office building and a riding arena. Reduced from $2,500,000 to $1,500,000 with 110 acres or will sell all improvements on 50 acres for $1,000,000.

Hoffman International Properties

A rare opportunity to purchase a part of Texas History, this 50-acre East Texas estate is the original home-

Marilyn Hoffman 214 698-1736 Dallas 903 569-6966 Mineola 859 523-2812 Lexington 972 217-1613 Ovilla 623 321-3284 Scottsdale

stead of a 5,000-acre oil dynasty. Handcrafted by Italian artisans imported from Italy by the original owner,


oil baron J.C. Judge, in the 1930s, this masterpiece lies only 80 minutes from Dallas. Lovingly constructed

800 93498 Moscow 203 622-3939 Greenwich 214 674-3961 cell

Villa Azzurra

Last of the Great Texas Land Dynasties Northeast Texas v Wood County v Mineola


with no regard for cost and completely restored in the late 1980s to its original glory, this 10,000-squarefoot mansion sits among parklike grounds with an engineered, stocked lake. A lake-view guest home, manager’s home, pool and pool house and two barns complete the property. The home is offered lavishly furnished with some of the original furnishings. Extra land is available. Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

046-047 Hoffman.indd 47


11/4/09 3:33:28 PM

Big Deer Elk Ranch Texas Hill Country v Edwards County v Rocksprings

Scenic Game & Cattle Ranch Texas Hill Country Edwards County v Rocksprings


Only 17 miles southwest of Rocksprings and less than one-half mile from FM 674


Only 19 miles southwest of Rocksprings at county road end with controlled access to an excellent by county road, this scenic ranch is heavily private road system, this wildlife and cattle ranch with elevations of 2,000' to 2,220' features a lodge wooded with live oak, shin oak, Spanish oak,

with stove and refrigerator, walk-in cooler, windmill water well with troughs, five blinds and feeders.

walnut, pinon pine and cedar with elevations

This wildlife sanctuary is comprised of scenic hills with heavily wooded valleys of piñon pine, live

of 1,900' to 2,220' from gently rolling woods

and over 20 elk. The ranch is perimeter fenced with approximately five miles of excellent high fence

features a 1,276' central air and heat, three-

896 acres

feed storage container, two sub pump wells,

oak, shin oak, Spanish oak, blue oak, black walnut, some cedar, persimmon, grama, buffalo and and meadows to rugged canyons crossed bluestem grasses, creating excellent habitat for populations of whitetail deer, turkey, dove, quail by large wet-weather creeks. The ranch

and has been under wildlife management for 13 years with an ongoing cedar control program. bedroom, two-bath main lodge, 2,400' barn and bunkhouse, 1,256' pole barn, 8' by 20' Some minerals are available. The ranch is only minutes to a boat ramp on Lake Amistad. $1,750,000

concrete reservoir, one shared windmill well,

Devil’s River Ranch

miles of fencing and miles of interior roads.

Texas Hill Country v Val Verde Co. v Del Rio

buffalo and bluestem grasses is home to a

The excellent wildlife habitat with grama,


Only 26 miles north of Del Rio, Texas, this scenic

variety of native and exotic wildlife, including

river ranch is remote with elevations of 1,220' to

whitetail deer, turkey, dove, quail, aoudad,

1,674', majestic views, 1,900' Devil’s River frontage,

axis, elk, sika and blackbuck antelope under

an 8' by 35' Fleetwood Avion, a 764-square-foot

professional wildlife management. Some

pole barn, 171-square-foot barn, 8' by 10' barn,

minerals are available.

a 6' by 8' well house, water well, electricity and

742 acres

excellent habitat for area populations of whitetail


deer, turkey, dove and quail. This is a rare Only 19 miles northwest of Brackettville with opportunity to own frontage on the clear, cold, swift-flowing pristine waters of the Devil’s River.

elevations of 1,430' to 1,650' and 9,709' of highway frontage on FM 2523, this ranch

Hidden in the rugged landscapes of southwest features a 3,500-square-foot, furnished, fourTexas, the Devil’s River sparkles like a ribbon of

bedroom, two- and one-half-bath hilltop lodge

tropical jewels in the noonday sun as it beckons

with up to 200-mile views of the Sierra Madre

the traveler to a different world.

Oriental; a 780-square-foot, two-bedroom, two-


Scenic Trophy Deer Ranch Texas Hill Country Kinney County v Brackettville

$1,290,000 bath cabin; 200' barn; 20' container; 2,000'

339 acres

airstrip; three water wells; Toro ATV; eight spincast feeders, seven blinds; three protein feeders; and an extensive interior road system. This wildlife ranch with highway frontage has scenic hills with thick lush valleys of cedar, mesquite, huisachillo, huisache, blue sage, persimmon, grama, buffalo and bluestem grasses for excellent habitat for populations of whitetail deer, turkey,


Rocksprings, Texas

800 683-LAND Catalogs 830 683-LAND Showings


dove, quail and feral hog with excellent fishing in Lake Amistad nearby. The ranch is perimeter fenced and cross-fenced. Some minerals are available. This is the turn-key ranch you have been looking for. 746 acres


Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

048-049 EdWhite.indd 48

11/5/09 10:29:15 AM

Bullhead Wildlife Ranch Texas Hill Country v Real County v Vance


Near the confluence of the Nueces River and Bullhead Creek, this park-like retreat is at the end of an excellent private road just across Bullhead Creek from FM 2631. The home is hidden in motts of huge live oaks at the foot of a mountain with world-class views. The ranch is level to hilly with elevations of 1,620' to 1,984'. Area wildlife includes axis, barbado, elk, whitetail deer, feral hog, dove and turkey.

Trophy Deer Ranch

The newly renovated, furnished home has 2,977 square feet, three bedrooms, two baths, a two-car Texas Hill Country garage and an attached carport. There is a new two-tank septic system. The ranch is perimeter fenced Kinney County v Brackettville with 4,005' high game fence and 4,267' stock fencing. There are two barns, two high-fenced game pens with a loading chute and three stock pens. There are two blinds, a ladder stand and five new feeders. There is a headquarters sub pump well, back of ranch 750-gallon water guzzler and a 425-gallon water reservoir and water trough. This end-of-the-road ranch has access by an excellent 25' private


Only 20 miles northwest of Brackettville with elevations of 1,278 to 1,440 feet, this excellent cedar, huisachillo, huisache and blue sage wildlife habitat populated with

road easement only a half-mile from FM 2631 across Bullhead Creek. Owner terms are available.

trophy whitetail, turkey, dove and quail is at

80 acres

the intersection of FM 3008 and FM 2523 and


surrounded by 4,000, 10,000 and 20,000-

Rocksprings Horse & Wildlife Ranch

acre ranches. The center has a large hill with beautiful views of thickly wooded creek bottoms on all sides with highway frontage.

Texas Hill Country Edwards County v Rocksprings

The perimeter is game-fenced on two sides

and the two sub pump water wells are 300 Only a half-mile northeast of Rocksprings, this feet deep with 105 feet of water. There is beautiful, gently rolling to level mesa Edwards almost 21,000 feet of perimeter fencing with


Plateau ranch is predominantly level grass flats almost 11,000 feet of FM 2523 frontage with and live oak motts with elevations of 2,360' to 2,410'. The ranch includes an older 1,568-square- an interior road system, 8' by 40' cabin, five foot, three-bedroom, two-bath home; a one-bedroom, one-bath cabin; small storage building; four-

blinds, five feeders and a concrete dam on

bay carport and an excellent 3,888-square-foot metal barn and stables. Also included are two round a solid rock basin water hole in one of the pens, an arena and high-fenced deer pens. Water is provided by a 500' submersible pump well and creek bottoms. Rio Grande Electric Co-op a wildlife pond. There is a producing gas well. All the seller’s mineral rights will convey. The entire electric lines are available on the north and perimeter is stock fenced. Access is by 175' frontage on US 377. Area wildlife includes whitetail deer, east sides of the ranch; electricity is installed axis, turkey, dove and quail. The abundant wildlife, good soil grass flats and heavily wooded oak in the lodge. motts with easy access to town make this a very attractive ranch. Easy owner terms are available. 80 acres

Home, stables, paddock, arena, 2 round pens, producing gas well

490 acres




Only 10 miles northeast of Brackettville with elevations of 1,435' to 1,655', these end-ofthe-road ranches border Alamo Village with magnificent panoramic views. The live oak, shin oak, pinon pine, blue sage, huisache, huisachillo, grama, buffalo and bluestem habitat is home to a variety of wildlife including axis, whitetail, hog, dove, quail and turkey with Lake Amistad nearby. The ranches include

Axis Mesa Valley Ranches Texas Hill Country Kinney County v Brackettville


Rocksprings, Texas

access to electricity and a shared water well with all owned minerals to be conveyed. 60, 71, 83 or 93 acres 100, 104 or 128 acres 103 acres


800 683-LAND Catalogs 830 683-LAND Showings


$99,950 camp trailer, barn, well, tank

Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

048-049 EdWhite.indd 49


11/5/09 10:29:42 AM

Incredible Turn-Key South Texas Ranch South Texas v Goliad County v Pettus Area


This beautiful property offers a wonderful opportunity to own an incredible, turn-key South Texas ranch. This private 1,020-acre, high-fenced, game-managed property includes a recently completed four-bedroom, three- and one-half-bath custom lodge, metal shop building with living quarters, two large lakes, eight corporate hunting blinds, feeders, DMP deer pens and seven water wells. The current owners have thought of every detail in order to maximize their enjoyment on each visit, whether it is a

short-term visit or an extended stay. Outstanding deer, turkey and other wildlife provide great hunting and fishing while the native wildlife watchers enjoy many hours of rest and relaxation among the oaks and bull mesquite. $3,900,000. Todd Avery, 210 260-9315 and Luke Rogers, 210 313-8570.


This excellent hunting property lies in what is considered in the best hunting area of Texas. Terrain ranges from rolling to flat with 90% brush with senderos. There is a reclaimable well and a tank the owner claims he has never seen dry. Wildlife includes deer, quail, hog, dove and the occasional turkey. This property can be subdivided into 120

The Best Hunting Area in Texas South Texas v Dimmit County v Caterina

acres and two 80Âą-acres tracts with price adjustments.




210 844-9313 and Paula Coates, 210 487-1084.


An excellent hunting property well suited for cattle or horses, this one-of-a-kind property has constant live water and 90% great South Texas brush. Further enhancing this property, an eight-person hunting lodge has a walk-in cooler. Game consists of deer, hog, dove, some quail and turkey. $748,670. Cebe Musgrave, 210 844-9313 and Paula Coates, 210 487-1084.

210 805-3616 • 800 860-0699 toll free 6061 Broadway San Antonio, Texas 78209


Constant Live Water Central Texas v Medina County v Hondo

Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

050-051 PhyllisBrowning.indd 50

10/30/09 10:27:56 AM

State-of-the-Art Equestrian Ranch Central Texas v Gillespie County v Fredericksburg


Two miles west of Fredericksburg on State Highway 16, this outstanding ranch has been maintained at the very highest level and offers everything the equestrian could ask for. The owner’s house is both comfortable and tastefully

decorated, and the original homestead—a Basse block two-story structure—was renovated and updated. The terrain is mainly flat with both creek and river frontage, and significant improvements include a 2,700-square-foot equipment barn and a magnificent 14-stall stable with an office and apartment. Game-proof perimeter fencing and numerous partition fences make this ideal for horseback riding. Concrete flatwork and electric fencing surround an excellent skeet and trap range. Extensive asphalt roads provide access throughout the property. $2,900,000. George M. “Mitch” West, 210 213-5402.

Quail and Deer Habitat Central Texas v Duval County v Benavides


If a quail ranch is in your future, then look no further. This 2,632-acre property was groomed for quail hunting. Through out the years, it has provided consistent quail numbers due to 50+ watering stations on the property. The ranch was high-fenced approximately three years ago, and great care has gone into expanding the deer herd. The headquarters provides an implement barn (80' by 40'), 60,000-pound grain storage and a three-bedroom, two-bath mobile home used for hunters or a foreman. Elevated building sites are available for the construction of your dream ranch house. Good, clean water lies very close to the surface. Multiple water troughs through out the property, as well as two stock tanks, provide water for cattle and wildlife. A great road system makes hunting easy and productive. $4,590,700. Timo Hixon, 210 863-2255

210 805-3616 • 800 860-0699 toll free 6061 Broadway San Antonio, Texas 78209 Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

050-051 PhyllisBrowning.indd 51


10/30/09 10:26:40 AM








northwest of Austin and 10 minutes south of Lampasas offers varied terrain and great tree cover that give the feel of a larger property. Offering Highway 183 and paved CR 208 frontage, this high-fenced ranch includes exotics: axis, fallow and blackbuck. Several ponds provide water for game and fishing. There is North Rocky Creek frontage, and a neat hilltop ranch house provides big views

Circle T Ranch

from a wraparound porch. This place is ready

224 Acres

to move in and enjoy.

Texas Hill Country v Burnet County v Lampasas


The A Bar Ranch is a first-time offering of land that has been in the same family for over 100 years. On Highway 71, between Smithville and La Grange, the property is 40± minutes to the Austin airport and convenient to Houston, San Antonio and Austin. This premier ranch is one of the few of this size remaining in the area. The rolling topography has elevations ranging from 315 to 421 feet. Numerous hilltops offer

A Bar Ranch

2,008 Acres

Central Texas v Fayette County v La Grange

scenic vistas of the surrounding countryside. The land is heavily treed with oak, elm, pecan, mesquite and cedar. Several spots have been cleared for grazing. Robinson Creek meanders through the ranch. There are several ponds

with many more choice sites for additional ponds or lakes. All of these ingredients give this ranch a lot of character. Abundant wildlife makes this an ideal property to high fence. This place has a multitude of uses, including recreation, hunting, horses and development.

Lampasas River Ranch 1,581 Acres

Central Texas Burnet & Lampasas Counties v Kempner

Steve Watson 8017 Mesa, Suite 102 • Austin, TX 78731

512 345-8480 office Co-listed with


Approximately an hour northwest of Austin, this beautiful 1,581-acre ranch is located between Lampasas and Copperas Cove and is accessed by two county roads. The property is high fenced and game managed. There is good tree cover: oak, elm, mesquite, pecan and cedar. There are panoramic views, a 100±-acre coastal field, rolling terrain (850' to 1,000' elevations), a mile of Lampasas River frontage, a creek, several ponds and lots of Indian artifacts along the river. A four-bedroom, three-bath limestone home (built in the mid-1990s) features a climate-controlled wine closet, hot tub, exercise room, study and a great view of the

Mike Bacon

river and surrounding countryside. A four-bedroom, two- and one-half-bath log home built

P.O. Box 201330 • Austin, TX 78720

in 1984 has a fireplace with a huge hearth and mantel and covered front and back porches.

512 259-9800 • 512 259-9801 fax

Other improvements include a bunkhouse, barn and hunter’s cabin. This end-of-the-road


ranch is ideal for recreation or a home place.

Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

052-053 Bacon.indd 52

10/30/09 2:50:55 PM

JJHH Ranch 818 Acres

Central Texas v Burnet & Lampasas Counties v Lampasas


Only 45 minutes northwest of Austin and three miles south of Lampasas, this premier ranch has 3,000+ feet of Highway 183 frontage. The gently rolling topography offers scenic views from many locations with good tree cover and productive fields. 3,000± feet of rock bottom Mesquite Creek wind through the ranch, and a dam backs up a nice swimming and fishing hole. Lots of big native pecans line the creek banks. Improvements include a four-bedroom, two-bath ranch house great for weekends or a foreman’s house. Options range from hunting, ranching, development or a home place.

Quinn Ranch

1,008 Acres


Texas Hill Country v Burnet County v Lampasas

Just 45 minutes northwest of Austin and 15 minutes south of Lampasas, this premier ranch— ideal for horses, cattle, hunting or a home place—offers gradually rising land with a gentle roll, a good mix of cover and open pasture. Elevations range from 1,100 to 1,241 feet, offering big views from many locations. Surface water consists of a huge bass-stocked pond, a smaller pond and seep springs. A charming remodeled ranch house sits at the highest elevation. A small cabin lies near the ranch entrance.


For a small ranch 15 minutes west of Blanco and convenient to Austin, San Antonio and Fredericksburg, this beautiful Hill Country property offers loads of amenities. Enjoy panoramic views from a varied terrain with

Clement Ranch

169 Acres

Texas Hill Country v Blanco Co. v Hye

almost 200 feet of elevation changes and great tree cover (much of the cedar cleared). Water features include a creek that meanders

Mike Bacon

across the ranch, a large concrete dam that

P.O. Box 201330 • Austin, TX 78720

can impound an impressive body of water

512 259-9800 512 259-9801 fax

and a smaller dam. If you are looking for a hunting/recreational ranch or a place to build a home, this ranch on a quiet county road just off RR 1623 is worth a look. Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

052-053 Bacon.indd 53


10/30/09 2:53:19 PM

250-Acre Country Estate Texas Metroplex Palo Pinto County v Mineral Wells


Five minutes north of Mineral Wells and east of US 281 on paved county road, this beautiful level to gently rolling native terrain offers post oak, elm, live oak, cedar and mesquite. Soils include sandy, clay and sand stone outcroppings. A 7,794-square-foot, twostory sandstone home proudly centerpieces the property with outstanding views and great serenity. Exquisite in detail, custom features




hand-scrapped red oak wood floors; alder trim and built-ins; Bosch, Dacor and SubZero appliances; and oil-rubbed bronze bath fixtures. A huge covered back porch has tile floors, fireplace, kitchen and a cedar ceiling. The five-bedroom, five-bath home includes a three-car garage, 220 tons of Mineral Wells sandstone on the exterior and a 50-year roof. Three wells, three ponds and a dry creek with a concrete crossing complete the offering. Deer and turkey roam 22 acres of improved grasses. Minerals are available. $3,700,000.

250 Acres With 18-Acre Lake Texas Metroplex v Parker Co. v Weatherford

Mac A. Coalson Real Estate Broker 7801 New Authon Road Weatherford, TX 76088

940 682-4993 • 940 682-7751 817 925-3333 cell • 940 682-4322 fax


Just 42 miles west of Fort Worth and minutes from Interstate 20 and FM 113 (Exit 394), this heavily rolling land features native post oak, live oak, elm and cedar. Enjoy an 18-acre stocked lake for great fishing, excellent deer and duck hunting, beautiful views overlooking the lake and property and a very nice three-bedroom, two-bath, two-story home with a huge openconcept living and bar area, upstairs balcony, beautiful dry laid stone exterior and extensive landscaping. A nice four-bedroom, two-bath doublewide home, two nice all-steel and concrete • shops and a stone pump house complete the property. $2,495,000. Negotiable!


Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

054-055 MacCoalson.indd 54

10/27/09 1:22:11 PM


Easily accessed by Interstate 20 and U.S. Highway 180, this property offers heavily rolling native terrain with open to scattered to thick diverse oak cover, stock ponds, bluestem grasses and wildflowers. The acreage is on a dead-end paved road through two separate electric gated entries and along extensive paving with black pipe and cedar stave fencing. Elevated on a private hill is a unique 9,000-square-foot, twostory, custom stone mansion with pool, pool house and majestic 360-degree views. Its many features include five bedrooms, four and one-half

403-Acre Country Estate

baths, an oversized two-car garage, porte-cochere, standing-seam metal roof, four gas log fireplaces, pine and mahogany doors, Ann Sacks Italian

Texas Metroplex v Parker County v Weatherford

décor, pine and cedar trim, cooper crown molding with leather trim, cedar staircase, extensive stone retaining walls, HAI electronic system, long stained concrete driveway, landscaping and a sprinkler. A huge open-concept room includes a cut Oklahoma limestone floor, 20+-foot pecan ceiling, television area with huge built-in entertainment system and a white, floor-to-ceiling, cave stone fireplace. The kitchen area has a cedar canopy over two granite bars, a large countertop, stainless steel appliances, a brass pot rack and breakfast area. The master bedroom has a huge plate glass window, glass door, stone fireplace and master bath with two onyx vanities, Swarovski light fixtures, tile floor, half-tile walls, a bidet, Aquatic jetted tub with onyx surround and television, huge tiled shower with seven shower heads and his and her closets. The dining room has a hand-tooled leather floor, stone arches and custom dining set. There is an immense upstairs game room, Pebble Tec pool, hot tub, pool house, 50' by 100' stone and metal shop building with apartment and office and a 40' by 100', building with one-bedroom, one-bath apartment. Minerals are available with a Barnett Shale well! Reduced $2,000,000 to $6,800,000. Negotiable.

3,500-Acre Brazos River Ranch Texas Metroplex v Parker & Hood Counties v Weatherford


Twenty-two minutes south/southwest of Weatherford is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This truly beautiful ranch rolls gently and heavily with scenic views, serenity and great character to the discerning eye. Many varieties of scattered to thick trees include live oak, post oak, elm, red oak and mesquite. Well watered with many stock ponds, over one and a half miles of Brazos River frontage, several creeks and two water wells, the ranch features numerous sites for building large reservoirs or a beautiful lodge. Offering outstanding deer

Mac A. Coalson Real Estate Broker 7801 New Authon Road Weatherford, TX 76088

production with income and minerals will be conveyed. The ranch will carry (conservatively)

940 682-4993 • 940 682-7751 817 925-3333 cell • 940 682-4322 fax

150 mother cows. •

and turkey hunting, the ranch has produced one deer grossing over 200 B&C points. Gas

Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

054-055 MacCoalson.indd 55


10/27/09 1:22:50 PM

Round Top Creeks Central Texas v Fayette County v Round Top


This premier property in Round Top offers improved pastures with good hay production! Cummins Creek and Shaw Creek meander through 127 scenic acres and provide a wildlife haven. There are 41 acres in the Round Top city limits featuring a beautiful homesite with the elevation to give you gorgeous creek views and spectacular sunset views. A fourbedroom, two-bath, ranch-style brick home anchors the west end of the property. Offered at $1,875,000.

Views and Clear Creek Central Texas v Fayette County v Fayetteville


Do not miss this hard-to-find large acreage in Fayette County. Fenced and cross-fenced, these 160 rolling acres offer heavily wooded areas, open pasture, a pond and an agricultural exemption. Clear Creek borders the property along one side. $5,900 per acre.


Just seven miles from the square in Round Top, these 42 secluded acres are heavily wooded with live oaks, post oaks and cedars. A recently renovated pond has been enlarged to .75Âą acre.

Waldeck Woods Central Texas v Fayette County v Round Top

The property includes perimeter fencing and an agricultural exemption. $299,000.

Lisa Mayer Broker Associate 979 966-3686 cell


Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

056-057 RoundTop.indd 56

11/2/09 11:50:52 AM


What a great place to be! These 444 acres offer half a mile of parklike river frontage. Enjoy picnic lunches or doze in a hammock while enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. This recreational property hosts plenty of wildlife, a place to launch a boat or throw in a fishing line. Fantastic building sites high on a ridge afford beautiful distant views. An

Rollin’ on the River

agricultural exemption is in place. This is a great investment less than 50 miles to Austin.

Central Texas v Fayette County v La Grange

$1,999,999. Renee Diehl, 713 401-8959.


With recent rains, these 68± acres sparkle. Open meadows, scattered live oaks, heavily wooded areas, an established pond and a pond shared with the adjoining property make this property special. Seasonal O’Quinn Branch Creek runs through the property and has a surprising waterfall when it rains. $6,500 per acre. Shelby Levy, 713 857-9939

O’Quinn Branch Creek

or Diane Langley, 979 525-1324.

Central Texas v Fayette County v La Grange


Centrally located between Houston and Austin, this 5,490-square-foot home is perfect for entertaining family and friends. The kitchen has stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and stained-concrete floors. The main-floor master suite complements the upper floor with four bedrooms and two baths. The great room with cathedral ceiling and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooks a sparkling pool. Offered with 61± acres for

Classic Country Getaway

$979,000. Lilla Blackburn, 713 301-3012.

Central Texas v Fayette County v La Grange

A Rare Find Central Texas v Fayette County v Schulenburg


High on a hill between La Grange and Schulenburg, these quiet and secluded 43 acres have magnificent views, live oak, a large rustic barn and even an old farmhouse and windmill to restore. $344,000.

056-057 RoundTop.indd 57

Grover & Charlotte Hillbolt Broker/Owners 979 249-5732 877 249-5732 toll free Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch


10/29/09 4:07:34 PM








combination of beauty, forage production and recreation, establishing the standard for largeacreage tracts in this half of Texas. The 485 acres

Gator Lake Farm Southeast Texas v Walker County v Huntsville

of rolling hills, timber and water boast 300 acres of improved hay fields, exceptional game and a 40-acre lake—a variety of attractions for any serious land buyer. Improvements include the 3,600-square-foot, Austin stone main home on the lakefront; a 2,100-square-foot guest/foreman’s home on the hill overlooking the lake; good ranch roads; over 64,000 square feet of hay/implement barns; and 110 productive acres under center pivot irrigation. Offered for $3,800,000.


These 338 beautiful acres front the high bank of the Brazos River. The fenced and cross-fenced property features a 36-acre lake, level pastures with Bermuda and native grasses, several barns and equipment sheds, pipe corrals and more. Income potential includes a livestock operation, hay production, grazing lease and a sod farm to name a few. Enjoy recreational

Sheridan Ranch

activities like hunting, fishing, boating, ATVs

Central Texas v Waller County v Hempstead

or dirt bikes. An agricultural exemption is in place. Priced to sell at $1,495,000.

TC Ranch


Southeast Texas Montgomery County v Montgomery

A 4,228-square-foot custom home features both formals, den, island kitchen, two fireplaces, office, home theater and storage galore. Large butt-glass windows bring natural light to highlight wood ceilings and textured walls. Fenced and cross-fenced, the property includes a negative-edge pool with two waterfalls, beach


entry and hot tub, a four-stall barn in matching

These 102 acres, less than five miles south of

limestone, gated entry, concrete drive, 81 lush

Madisonville, feature a stone/stucco home with

acres watered by Lake Creek, a pond and an

two-story den with stone fireplace and hardwood

agricultural exemption. $1,375,000.

floors, island kitchen, wood-paneled study and master suite with fireplace and French doors to

Established 1967

Ranch102 Central Texas Madison County v Madisonville

Jacobs Properties

has an adjoining sunroom. A large utility room and covered patio overlooking a stocked pond complete the home. An all-wood guest cabin has one bedroom, one bath and a sleeping loft. The

three-stall barn (52' by 50') has a workshop and storage loft. The four-bay equipment barn with

206 Liberty • P.O. Box 1370 Montgomery, TX 77356

feed room complements the working pens. Set at the end of a county road and regular in shape,

936 597-3301

scattered trees, lake and a stock pond. An agricultural exemption is in place. Bring your family,


small patio. One of the three upstairs bedrooms

the fenced and cross-fenced, unrestricted property features mostly open, improved pastures with animals and dreams to Madison County and Ranch102. $925,000.

Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

058-059 Jacobs.indd 58

10/28/09 4:35:14 PM


Just north of historic Montgomery and minutes from Lake Conroe and Sam Houston National Forest, this incredible offering is the broker’s 900±-acre personal ranch with varied terrain: hardwood bottom, a creek, natural lake, native and improved pastures, high rolling hills and woods. Offering abundant wildlife, an irrigation well with two pivot systems and numerous homesites with wide vistas, the ranch is convenient to shopping, medical facilities and entertainment venues. An adjacent 148 acres with three custom homes are available. Owner may divide. For additional details and photos, visit the

Buffalo Ridge Southeast Texas v Montgomery County v Montgomery

Buffalo Ridge album at Enjoy a rare opportunity close to Houston to create a family estate, livestock operation, high-fenced game ranch or development property. Why drive three hours or more to the Hill Country? $6,300,000.

Gaits for Glory Southeast Texas v Montgomery County v Montgomery


Featuring 95 rolling acres of pastures with scattered hardwoods just south of Montgomery, this estate offers a 3,300+-square-foot, three-bedroom, three-bath home (redone in 2006) with new flooring and appliances, granite countertops throughout, wine storage, attached garage converted to office (possible fourth bedroom), island kitchen with apron sink and stainless steel appliances, lots of storage space and three-car garage with tack room. A wrought-iron fence surrounds the home, garage and in-ground pool. A one-room guesthouse with full bath and large deck stands beside the 2-acre pond stocked with bass, crappie and perch. Pastures with four-rail board fencing have been maintained without the use of chemicals. Gaits for Glory is ready for you, your family and your horses. $1,500,000.


These 309 acres of horse and cattle country midway between Bryan-College Station and Huntsville offer frontage on two major highways and two county roads. The main residence dates from the 1880s and offers three bedrooms and three full baths. A one-bedroom, one-bath guesthouse is perfect for visiting family and friends. This performance horse training facility comes with barns, a horse walker, round pen and turnouts. The

The Farm Central Texas v Grimes County v Roans Pairie

Womack Branch


lighted, timed-event arena features an announcer’s stand and a large covered area for contestants and spectators. The Farm also has two hay pastures with Johnson grass and Jiggs. $2,050,000.

Established 1967

Southeast Texas Montgomery County v Montgomery

This secluded 162-acre tract with sandy ridges, scattered trees and tons of wildlife is only two miles south of historic Montgomery. This ranch offers exceptional homesites and would make an outstanding horse farm. $1,620,400.

Jacobs Properties 206 Liberty • P.O. Box 1370 Montgomery, TX 77356

936 597-3301 Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

058-059 Jacobs.indd 59


10/28/09 4:35:40 PM


Somewhere in time comes to mind when you see this amazing property featuring an elegant, comfortably restored, three-story 1900s home positioned on the crest of a high hill. Stunning views of the bulkheaded lake below and the surrounding countryside can be appreciated from the wraparound porches and balconies. The front meadow of the 93 acres hosts a wide variety of wildflowers each spring, and the remaining pastures are improved grasses used for hay production. With the home as the focal point, the remaining compound consists of barns, a guesthouse, wonderful pool complex and gazebos. $2,450,000.

Belle Meade Farm Central Texas v Austin County v Kenney

Kissing Oaks Circle Central Texas v Austin County v New Ulm


This amazingly detailed, 4,433-square-foot, two-story home is on a sheltered 4-acre tract

Heritage Ridge Farm Central Texas v Fayette County v La Grange


This classic 44-acre farmstead, currently used as a family home and horse farm, pays homage to

offering trees, woods, a creek and pasture right in the heart of the charming small town of New Ulm, Texas. Enjoy the deep porches, large rooms filled with sunlight, pine floors, high

early Texas settlers with the restoration and preservation of the original three-bedroom, one-bath ceilings, a fabulous kitchen, shady trees, circle (c. 1870) farmhouse and antique barns. The home is positioned to afford stunning views of the drive and a hillside lawn coupled with gracious surrounding rolling hills. Other subsequently added buildings include a one-bedroom, one-bath small town neighbors. This is a true one-of-aguesthouse and a 60' by 40' horse barn/equipment building. Reduced to $675,000.

kind opportunity. $667,000.


Pipe fencing lines the long frontage with a winding drive that continues past the pond, over the bridge at the tree-lined creek to the home on these 50 acres. The innovative bridge constructed of a red railroad car bed adds a charming detail to well-groomed pastures. The three-bedroom, two-

P.O. Box 582 Bellville, TX 77418

979 865-9459


Red Bridge Farm Central Texas Colorado County v Bernardo

and one-half-bath home adds extra space with a screened-in porch, play room and three-car garage. An adjacent equipment shed and horse barn complete the package on this exceptionally maintained farm. Reduced to $675,000.

Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

060-061 VIP.indd 60

10/28/09 12:27:16 PM


On the edge of the quaint historic town of Chappell Hill, this 61-acre treasure was designed as a wildlife habitat. Half the property features classic rolling pastures, scattered





creeks. The remaining half is unlike any other property found in this beautiful area. Surrounding a freeform 8±-acre waterway, this part is covered with carefully designed walking trails, cart paths, bridges, meditation gardens, patios, decks, a gazebo and pavilion situated throughout the retreat that tie together the beautifully planned botanical

Clarann Estate

gardens. In addition, the estate features a 7,000-square-foot main residence with classic

Central Texas v Washington County v Chappell Hill

beauty and craftsmanship. $3,450,000.

Uno Dos Farm Central Texas Fayette County v Schulenburg


Enjoy the best of the past while living in the upscale comforts in this fabulous country home on 96± acres. Large porches and decks,

Tres Blessing Ranch

a country kitchen with a picture window, specialty wood and brick floors and tall ceilings are only the beginning of the appealing features. Encased in a white picket fence, the surrounding yard is shaded by mature trees


Central Texas v Austin County v Cat Spring

Texas-style simplicity with all the luxuries describes this conveniently located ranch of 121 acres on FM949 in the Cat Spring area, less than an hour from Houston. The gated rock

on this hilltop location that overlooks the entrance at the base of the hill begins the winding approach past the bridge connecting the lake and long views of rolling pastures. With pond and lake and then climbs to the crest of the hill for the homesite. A four-bedroom, foura sense of traditionalism, the farm is complete bath guesthouse, a pool, “cantina” house and a three-car garage complement the stylish main with a big red barn, corrals and loafing sheds. house. Add in wonderful 12-foot deep porches, extensive landscaping and a working barn for an impressive ranch. $2,200,000.

Reduced to $995,000.


It is difficult to imagine the convenient proximity of Houston when standing on the porch of this stylishly designed stone home. Set on a hill overlooking pastures highlighted with majestic live oaks and bordered by a clear sandy creek, this 3,579-square-foot home is enhanced with wonderful vaulted ceilings, custom designs

Live Oak Bend Central Texas Austin County v Cat Spring

throughout and an abundance of windows that capitalize on the surrounding land. The peaceful setting of 19± acres in the Cat Spring area provides

P.O. Box 582 Bellville, TX 77418

the perfect opportunity for horses, cattle and

979 865-9459

family enjoyment. Price reduced to $799,000. Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

060-061 VIP.indd 61


11/2/09 3:01:47 PM


About four and a half hours from Harlingen, this 2,731-acre working cattle ranch features 60 improved pastures (all with water access from wells or the river); a commercial set of improvements; excellent hunting for quail, dove and turkey; quail breeding incubators and pens; three great homes; numerous ranch hand houses; a 3,000-foot grass airstrip; fruit

Mexico Cattle Ranch

trees; jungle and mountain trails; and much more. This ranch comes completely turn-key

Mexico v Tamaulipas

for $4,635,746.

Tuscan Villa Texas Hill Country v Blanco Co. v Johnson


Within 45 minutes of Austin, this 155-acre ranch offers an incredible five-bedroom, fourbath home; a beautiful loggia leading to a saltwater pool/spa and outdoor living space; and a guesthouse. The drought has not affected the deep well that supplies the estate with water. Clear springs are perfect for a possible vineyard/orchard. The taxes are low due to wildlife management zoning. $2,400,000.


Close to national forest and miles of riding trails, this Colorado beauty features 35 irrigated acres and a 3,861-square-foot timber-framed home with 1,700+ square feet of decking to take in the mountain views, a spacious master suite with Jacuzzi tub and a rock fireplace in the great room. For your horses, there is a six-stall barn,

Colorado Beauty Colorado v Archuleta County v Pagosa Springs

Find Your Freedom. Your #1 Source for Country Real Estate Coast to Coast & in Costa Rica

800 999-1020 ext. 857


tack room, sink and lounge area, an 80' by 130' riding arena, new fencing and six paddocks. Water rights are included. $1,175,000.

Elk and Deer Hunting Utah v San Juan County v Monticello


These 640 acres (75% wooded) feature six blind stands, a remote bunkhouse, a 100-year-old homestead with old stone foundations, an RV pad and general camping area. The owner will consider financing and/or dividing the property into smaller parcels. $544,000.

Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

062-063 UC_KayDavis.indd 62

10/27/09 2:55:24 PM


Secluded and private, this 900-acre Hill Country ranch offers one and a half miles of Colorado River frontage, excellent fishing and hunting, a small area of partial high fencing, lots of native and coastal grass and new fencing, room for an airstrip and a wonderful four-bedroom, two-bath home with a wraparound porch with

Exceptional Ranch

great views of the river. This was the site of a major Indian campground. $4,900,000.

Central Texas v San Saba County v Stevensville


About an hour north of Dallas and a mile from the Red River, this exclusive 942-acre waterfowl hunting club features 740 acres in a Wetlands Reserve Program and a 7,000-square-foot lodge that offers the ultimate in rustic comfort and will accommodate up to 54 guests. More than three million ducks and geese migrate

Pintail Farms Central Texas v Fannin County v Telephone

through this area every year. The farm includes deer stands and duck blinds for an incredible hunting opportunity! $4,500,000.

Truly a Rare Find Central Texas v Travis County v Austin


Inside the Austin city limits, these 31+ acres offer a creek, fertile grassland, five wells and trees all around for complete privacy. An old threebedroom, two-bath farmhouse complements a second “camp” house and caretaker’s cabin, all in need of TLC. This “diamond in the rough” awaits your development. $1,300,000.

Hilltop Horse Ranch Texas Metroplex v Rockwall County v Fate


A horse lover’s dream about 23 miles from Dallas, this 17-acre ranch features barns, lush Bermuda pastures, white pipe fencing, runs, a round pen and more. Once used to raise Quarter Horses, this ranch offers a 5,287-square-foot home with spectacular 360-degree views. Owner financing is possible. $929,000.

Find Your Freedom. Your #1 Source for Country Real Estate Coast to Coast & in Costa Rica

800 999-1020 ext. 857 Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

062-063 UC_KayDavis.indd 63


10/27/09 2:55:54 PM

Equine Breeding and Nursery Facility Oklahoma v Tulsa County v Broken Arrow


Just east of Tulsa lies a travel destination known as “Green Country.� A rural canvas filled with portraits of dominating forests, verdant rolling hills and numerous aquatic attractions that draw endless wildlife to their shores, this sought-after region in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma is the epicenter of the Oklahoma horse racing industry and home to one of the most exceptional equine breeding and nursing facilities in the area. This 37-acre property is the perfect opportunity to attain such a facility and still enjoy all the big-city Tulsa amenities. Conveniently located on the Muskogee Turnpike and 20 minutes from Tulsa International Airport, this equine breeding and nursing operation caters to all types of equine interests. It includes a wellequipped training barn with 13 individually lighted stalls, Nelson automatic waterers, mounted feed tubs and hayracks, skylights throughout the fully insulated roof, automatic fly spray system, easy-maintenance concrete center aisle, wash rack, concrete manure bunker and an air-conditioned office, bathroom, shower and sleeping quarters. A breeding barn features 11 individually lighted broodmare stalls, Nelson automatic waterers, mounted tubs and hayracks, a shark cage with easy-open sliding doors and windows, fully equipped and air-conditioned veterinary lab, double stocks with hot and cold water access, easy-maintenance concrete center aisle, foal alert system, automatic fly spray system and a night watchman sleeping area. Surrounding the facilities, four 7-acre broodmare and foal pastures feature lush Bermuda grass, 5-inch pipe fencing, insulated shade shelters and 15-foot aisles. The entire property is enclosed by a 25-foot fenced, one-mile turf gallop. Just a 15-minute drive to either Fair Meadows or Will Rogers Downs and 90 minutes drive to either Remington Park or Blue Ribbon Downs, this incredible facility is within easy access of extensive hunting and fishing areas and just 15 minutes from Tulsa with its outstanding cultural activities, theaters and restaurants. $1,650,000.

Select Realtors Bob Rosser 501 S. Aspen Avenue Broken Arrow, OK 74012

918 259-5262


Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

064 CB_SelectBrknrrow.indd 64

10/27/09 3:03:51 PM


Just north of Anderson, this perfect gentleman’s ranch offers rolling, improved pastures with stands of woods, scattered mature oaks, improved pastures, hay meadows and ponds—the ideal scenario for cattle and horses. The three-bedroom, two- and one-half-bath stately Austin stone home features an island kitchen with FiveStar range, study/office, dining room and a family room with fabulous views. Additional amenities include a three-bedroom, two-bath guest/caretaker’s

JET Farms

house, three water wells, a barbecue pavilion, riding arena, large horse barn, equipment barn

Central Texas v Grimes County v Anderson

and additional sheds. Will divide! $1,899,000.


Both tracts are near the tiny historic town of Winchester, just north of LaGrange. Tract 1: the 148.86 acres on Raymond Road offers grazing pastures, stands of woods, mature live oaks, heavily wooded areas and fencing and crossfencing on three sides for $729,414. Tract 2: this 107.42 acres, with frontage on both Highway 153 and Raymond Road has a nice mix of open and heavily wooded areas with lots of mature

Winchester Ranches 1 & 2

live oaks, very rolling terrain, two ponds and a metal barn. This is a great recreational property for $590,810.

Central Texas v Fayette County v Winchester

Trails End Ranch Central Texas v Guadalupe County v Luling


This secluded 110±-acre ranch is convenient to Houston, Austin and San Antonio. Nestled in a grove of live oaks, the three-bedroom, two-bath, loft main home features wide-plank pine floors, wood walls, two stone fireplaces and tin ceilings, creating a cozy lodge-style atmosphere. The open-concept guest cottage incorporates the lodge atmosphere and is accented with a stone fireplace and stone walkways. The three-car carport/garage/workshop includes a full bath and laundry room. Enjoy the gentle breezes

Honah Lee Oaks Ranch Central Texas v Lavaca County v Halletsville


and views across the pond and the rolling, lush pastures from the screened-in porch or long front porches of both houses. $695,000.

Wind down a country road to Honah Lee Oaks Ranch. Scattered live oaks dot the hay meadow and grace both stocked ponds. The property features heavily wooded areas, trails, improved coastal pastures, perimeter fencing/ cross-fencing and a water well with windmill. Enjoy hiking, hunting, four-wheeling, camping and fishing on this beautiful property—perfect for a retreat or permanent home. $396,701.

2668 Hwy 36 South, Suite 311 Brenham, TX 77833

979 830-5040 Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

065 5-Star.indd 65


10/27/09 3:13:15 PM

Elegant Country Estate


Invest in Texas

Central Texas v Waller County v Waller

Centrally located 45 minutes from Houston, The Woodlands or College Station, this spectacular ranch has 198 acres of agriculturally exempt land with beautiful clusters of hardwoods and open pasture. Fenced and cross-fenced, the estate has amenities for horses, cows, chickens and organic gardens, including barns, pens, arenas, fishing ponds with piers, stock ponds, greenhouses, bunkhouses, chicken coops, sport court, pool with a waterfall, rockslide, spa, outdoor kitchen and outdoor living area with theater system. This 8,000-square-foot home is to die for. A gated entry and half-mile, winding, oak-lined paved road leads you to a private and secluded piece of heaven. As you approach the house, a beautiful fountain and grand front entrance greet you. A magnificent wrought-iron front door opens to a majestic foyer with stone archways, faux design and a beautiful winding wrought-iron stairway to the upstairs master suite. A real working person’s office sits to the left, and an open living area for delightful family get-togethers, entertaining expands into the oversized kitchen and breakfast room. The downstairs features a multi-level theater room, game room and full bar with bath. Balconies and sitting areas surround the house that afford views of the land, sunsets and all you own. A sixcar garage has a shop. Make this your Texas homestead or a secondary ranch that affords you all you deserve. Visit www.32333rochen. com. Price upon request. Only accompanied showings are allowed.



Ray Walker

404 High Meadow Ranch Dr. Magnolia, TX 77355

281 460-8302


Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

066 Walker.indd 66

11/3/09 1:43:49 PM

Devil’s River Ranch


West Texas v Val Verde County v Del Rio

This highly improved ranch enjoys 10+ miles of crystal-clear Devil’s River frontage in 17,000 acres, providing some of the best recreation water and smallmouth bass fly-fishing in the country. The ranch’s excellent habitat supports 190 B&C class whitetail deer, turkey and three species of quail. Price reduced from $1,500 per acre to $1,250 per acre. From $25,500,000 to $21,250,000.

C-3 Ranch West Texas v Jeff Davis County v Fort Davis


C-3 Ranch offers 3,900 acres with elevations ranging from 5,100 to 6,100 feet inside the Scenic Loop and outstanding views of the nearby rugged mountains, including Mt. Livermore, which is part of the Nature Conservancy Preserve. A historic adobe ranch house can be restored to a rustic headquarters. $8,580,000.

Sunrise Ranch West Texas v Jeff Davis County v Fort Davis


In the heart of the Davis Mountains, fronting the Scenic Loop adjacent to McDonald Observatory, the 3,622-acre Sunrise Ranch features pinion pines, huge Emory oaks, meadows,





mountains up to 6,500 feet, making this ranch one of Texas’ unique properties. $1,450/acre or $5,251,900.

Cottonwood Springs Ranch West Texas v Jeff Davis County v Fort Davis

James King, Agent

Cottonwood Springs Ranch rises from rolling hills and lush valleys to massive rock formations

P.O. Box 109, 109 State Street, Suite 1 Fort Davis, TX 79734

and breathtaking views of the Davis Mountains. These 430 acres have large cottonwood trees.

432 426-2024 • 432 224-1110 fax


Cottonwood Springs has natural seep that keeps the native grasses growing strong and wildlife abundant. $2,650/acre or $1,139,500. Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

067 KingLand.indd 67


10/27/09 3:16:14 PM

Patrucia Ranch South Texas v Kinney County


Located along the Kinney/Maverick County line 30 miles southwest of Uvalde, the beautiful, low-fenced Patrucia Ranch spans 9,906 acres of excellent wildlife habitat with two year-round creeks, many lakes up to 50 acres in size, scenic vistas, a public water supply, quality deer herd and controlling mineral interests are available. This is a must see if you are in the market for a large ranch with minerals. Take a minute to watch a virtual tour at (Exclusively offered by MHRP.)

Alta Mira Ranch 1,750 Acres

South Texas v Duval County v Ramirez


This is the finest combination quail and deer hunting property on the market. Featuring a 750-acre, high-fenced native pasture with deer pens and a scientific herd and 1,000 acres of low-fenced pasture. This is a turn-key ranch with unparalleled quail and dove hunting. The ranch includes a five-bedroom, five-bath lodge, lakes and irrigation wells. Controlling mineral interests are available.

Machete Ranch Central Texas v Kinney County v Uvalde


The Machete Ranch is 20 miles west of Uvalde, fronting on the north side of U.S. Highway 90. Offering new high fencing and a ranch entrance, the entire 396 acres feature excellent

Mark Hubbard

native brush and are watered by a pond and

3765 S. Alameda, Suite 322 Corpus Christi, TX 78411

a new solar-powered well installed in 2009. Wildlife includes scientific breeder deer, turkey,

361 816-8400 cell

javelina, feral hog and other native small game


and birds. The sale includes six new blinds, six new corn feeders and two protein feeders. The seller will convey all minerals owned; exact interest will be determined at closing.

Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

068 MarkHubbard.indd 68

11/4/09 10:00:54 AM


Just outside historic La Grange, this expansive country home lies under majestic live oaks on a 45-acre cattle ranch. Enjoy plenty of space and privacy in this two-story, seven-bedroom, fourand one-half-bath, 6,137-square-foot home. Large groups of family and friends can gather

Konetzke Ranch

in a great room with vaulted ceilings, large oak wet bar, stone fireplace and floor-to-ceiling

Central Texas v Fayette County v La Grange

windows. The rustic formal dining room has a

massive petrified wood fireplace. The luscious master suite features a vaulted ceiling, fireplace, Jacuzzi, tile shower and two walk-in closets. The hilltop home’s wraparound porch takes advantage of the gorgeous views. The property includes a pool, pool house with bath, sprinkler system, party barn, hay barn, horse barn, two ponds and a separate guesthouse/caretaker’s home. $2,575,000.


Currently a working cattle ranch, this 135acre property has a wood fence entrance that greets you and leads down a paved driveway to the house. Large live oaks hang over the drive, and pet deer and birds greet you as you travel toward the home. Nature trails wind

Live Oak Farm Central Texas v Fayette County v La Grange

through the woods. Numerous outbuildings, working pens, chutes, cross-fencing, two ponds and mile-long views are included. The original homesite was chosen in 1899 because

of the mature live oak that still stands in front of the house. The two-story, 3,752-square-foot, four-bedroom, three- and one-half-bath home has two living areas and a master suite adorned with triple French doors leading to a porch and his and her bathrooms. A custom kitchen with a large center island features all stainless steel appliances, oak cabinets and Silestone countertops. A wet bar separates the kitchen and dining areas and opens to the dining room. Oak walls and a wood-burning stove complete the cozy downstairs living room. In 1997, the house received updates and an addition. $1,455,000. The property is meticulously maintained and ready for enjoyment!


Conveniently located seven miles north of IH-10 between Schulenburg and La Grange, this property is set against a backdrop of rolling hills and gorgeous live oaks! Lush pastures have improved grasses, two picturesque ponds, cross-fencing and barn with pens. Set up as a working cattle ranch with hay production, there is also opportunity for hunting or enjoying native wildlife. The 1870s farmhouse has been lovingly restored, preserving its character. The original longleaf pine floors, beadboard and wood plank walls retain their vintage flavor. The 1,700-square-foot, three-bedroom, one-bath home has two living and two dining areas. An unfinished attic has additional space, with indoor and outdoor staircases. The relaxing, well-manicured courtyard offers spectacular views. The landscaped yard has a sprinkler system, outdoor barbecue pit, garden, windmill and antique wagon. A cabin for guests sits a few yards from the main house and includes a half-bath and outdoor shower. The rolling views, beautiful ponds and vintage home make this the most serene setting. $750,000.



these 78 acres, just minutes from IH-10 between Houston and San Antonio, offer rolling pastures for grazing, wooded areas for wildlife and four-

Real Estate Inc.

wheeling, several nice-sized ponds for fishing/ swimming, a barn and pens for the cattle and

Nancy Diggs Jerri Ann Taylor & Jean Heger

many elevated areas for building sites. Two adorable cottages are move-in ready. One is bedroom, bath, utility and bonus room. The other has a bedroom and bath. $698,000. Need more acreage? An additional 26 acres are available.

Central Texas v Fayette Co. v La Grange

A perfect place for cattle, retreating or recreation,

fully functional with a kitchen, living room, loft

Swiss Alp Hills Retreat

Muldoon Acres Central Texas v Fayette Co. v Flatonia

1824 E. State Hwy. 159 La Grange, TX 78945

979 968-6143 Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

069 Diggs.indd 69


10/27/09 3:24:58 PM

Dominion Ranch at Comanche Caves Texas Hill Country v Kerr County v Hunt


This amazing 7,000-square-foot custom family estate sits high on a hilltop overlooking 5± acres of manicured grounds. An additional 103 acres of Hill Country splendor surround this area. The welcoming foyer in the middle of the house divides the billiards room and sequestered guest rooms from the main part of the home. The view from this room overlooking the sparkling swimming pool, lakes and two cascading waterfalls is absolutely breathtaking! A well-lit art gallery corridor leads into the great room which is tastefully furnished to reflect the comfortable Hill Country lifestyle that is second only to the adjacent rooms. Hand-carved structural beams support the 20' ceiling and welcoming limestone rock fireplace. The nearby wet bar area, den, television room and casual dining room all have a shaded southern view of the swimming pool, lakes and two waterfalls provided by floor-to-ceiling windows. The kitchen is a place any chef would be proud to come home to. Featuring twin dishwashers and sinks, microwave, warming drawer, a granite countertop work island, commercial oven and Sub-Zero refrigerator surrounded by an immense amount of storage and oak cabinetry, this kitchen is a gourmet chef’s dream. There are four bedroom suites, each wonderfully decorated and furnished. There is a separate two-bedroom, two-bath apartment with kitchenette. A three-story observation tower completes the home with an outdoor living room and fireplace as well as a workout room with awesome views of the beautiful cascading lakes winding through the ranch. All furnishings and artwork are being offered separately. $3,750,000.

Clint Cummings 830 257-7979 • 830 739-3486


Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

R Dominion.indd 70

10/27/09 3:34:29 PM


This impressive 165±-acre ranch offers three serene ponds, a wooden bridge above a limestonebottom creek, mix of woods and far-reaching views. A stone/log four-bedroom, four- and onehalf-bath home is an inspired work of art with copper kitchen counters, barn wood cabinets, stone/wood floors, soaring ceilings, a sumptuous master suite with study and a separate fourth bedroom wing with kitchenette. Improved

Wolf Springs Ranch

pastures, barns, pens and more untold features complete this remarkable property. $2,100,000.

Central Texas v Washington County v Brenham

Betty Melton, listing agent, 979 966-3088.


This 51±-acre ranch is within 30 minutes from College Station and one and a half hours from Houston. From wrap-around porches, you can enjoy 360° views and beautiful sunsets. The custom three-bedroom, three-bath home boasts a gourmet kitchen, double-sided fireplace separating the living and dining rooms, study

Triple Bar Ranch Central Texas v Washington County v Independence

and an upstairs bonus room or fourth bedroom. The property is ready for cattle and/or horses with ponds and improved pastures. $995,000. Cathy Cole, listing agent, 979 251-0603.


This 48±-acre showplace with a sprawling threebedroom, two- and one-half-bath home features a welcoming den with high aspen ceiling, cozy fireplace, study and wide back porch with a patio area that is great for entertaining. An 8.5±acre stocked, spring-fed lake is surrounded by a boathouse, camp house and lighted area for outdoor gatherings. There is a hay/equipment barn, six-stall horse barn, seven horse pastures, four cow pastures and pens. $1,200,000. Jeff Tucker, listing agent, 713 412-2908.

M & S Ranch Central Texas v Walker County v New Waverly

Country Hill Farm Central Texas v Washington County v Ledbetter


A fully furnished home resembling 1800s-style German architecture is tucked among trees on a secluded 53±-acre sanctuary. The front porch overlooks a pond, a deck under large oaks and the rolling countryside. Relax on a stone patio and watch the deer, birds and amazing sunsets. It is the perfect place within one and a half hours of Houston or Austin for a weekend retreat, permanent home or a place to hang your hat while you build. $690,000. Cathy Cole, listing agent, 979 251-0603.

Frank Johnston, Owner/Broker 979 249-7315 Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

071 Heritage.indd 71


10/27/09 3:40:57 PM

Maison de Cheval Northeast Texas v Lamar Co. v Paris


Paris’ finest horse ranch features one of the most beautiful 100-acre tracts of fenced pastures in the North Texas region. The custom brick home offers three bedrooms, three baths, two living areas including a large great room, an open kitchen, a study/office, swimming pool and all the exquisite amenities, including custom paints and papers, that you expect in a fine

Foster Ranch Northeast Texas v Rains County v Alba


Witness a recreational ranch extraordinaire! 974 acres of lush grassland, beautiful oak trees and

home. The home’s open floor plan allows for two and a half miles of river frontage invite abundant wildlife and provide visitors to this East Texas great entertaining. There is also a guesthouse paradise with an experience of a lifetime. The majestic 14,000+-square-foot Colonial home consists of on the grounds. For the rancher, this property eight bedrooms and five and one-half baths. Balconies and porches provide spectacular views from is well equipped with paddocks, loafing sheds,

every window. The trophy room, with its 32-foot ceiling, magnificently displays every sportsman’s

a barn, covered round pen and an arena—

dream. Within an easy drive from Dallas/Fort Worth, this is a rare opportunity to own one of East

everything you need! Offered at $740,000.

Texas’ finest recreational retreats. With some exclusions, this home comes completely furnished and

Contact Rusty Lowe at 903 782-4010.

with ranch equipment. Offered at $9,200,000.


Welcome to Murphy Ranch, a beautiful Northeast Texas gentleman’s ranch on over 55 acres of gently rolling terrain. A beautiful 6,457-square-foot home graces the property from behind an ornate iron entry gate. Multiple living areas, dining areas and a gourmet kitchen combine to make this home an entertainer’s jewel! The master suite is designed to spoil. Enjoy a fireplace, sitting area, exercise room and

Murphy Ranch

fabulous master bath; anyone would find it hard

Northeast Texas v Delta County v Cooper

to not feel pampered. The entire family will enjoy the five bedrooms, four full baths, three halfbaths and an in-law suite with its own kitchen. Outdoor entertaining has never been better with a specially designed living space featuring a relaxing patio area, as well as a delightful builtin swimming pool and spa. The rancher will appreciate the spacious barn, fenced areas and ponds. Offered at $649,500.

Saddle Up! Northeast Texas v Lamar County v Paris


This well-kept 5-acre horse ranch is immaculate! A beautiful two-bedroom, two-bath brick home, less than five years old, features a large living area with gas log fireplace and beautiful tile flooring

Harvey Properties, Inc.

throughout. The kitchen offers plenty of room for all the cooks with ample cabinet space and work island. The master suite offers a jetted tub, separate shower and dual vanities. Relax and enjoy

Renee Harvey - Broker

your surroundings on the covered porch and back patio. The grounds are simply beautiful with

2550 Lamar Ave. • Paris, TX 75460

fencing, landscaping and scattered trees. The horses will be right at home in the four-stall horse barn

903 785-8484 • 800 785-8495 toll free

featuring water to each stall, wash rack, two tack rooms and loft. The handyman will love the large


shop with its loft and overhead door. Offered at $299,500. Contact Rusty Lowe at 903 782-4010.

Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

072 C21_Harvey.indd 72

11/5/09 12:46:06 PM

Cooper Mountain Ranch Texas High Plains v Kent Co. v Snyder


Approximately 19 miles north of Snyder, this 11,155±-acre ranch is one of the finest cattle/ recreational properties in the area. Cooper Mountain Ranch’s diverse terrain includes Maverick Creek on the southern end and Cooper Mountain, the highest point on the ranch (2,700± feet), on the northern end.

Cooper Mountain has breathtaking views of most of the ranch. The southern end of the ranch features a little rougher terrain, which includes some canyons. The ranch has been lightly stocked with cattle for several years and is well watered with many sizes of earthened reservoirs. Also, Maverick Creek has several year-round, spring-fed areas. Ranch improvements include four homes (two guesthouses, a hunter’s house and a foreman’s house), barns, corrals, dog runs and much more. The ranch has a wide range of wildlife: mule deer, whitetail, quail, dove, turkey, duck, hog and some great fishing in some of the larger earthened reservoirs. For several years, the ranch has been well managed for whitetail, mule deer and quail hunting, and the entire area is known for big deer and quail hunting. The extensive brush control has helped the wildlife, livestock, water conservation and beauty of the ranch. This ranch is a good opportunity for the savvy investor searching for lots of recreation and hunting!

Krooked River Ranch


Located 15 miles northwest of Albany, Texas, this 42,175-acre premier hunting and cattle ranch

Northwest Texas v Shackelford, Throckmorton & Haskell Counties

features scenic canyons, rolling hills, an enormous amount of river bottom terrain and various vegetation: mesquite, elm, hackberry, cottonwood, willow trees, native browse and exceptional grass cover. Approximately 32 miles of Brazos River wind though this ranch, as well as miles of spring-fed creeks. Treated community water is piped to the ranch. The lodge and hunting operation are among the best and regularly featured in nationally televised sport shows. The same outfitter has presented premium hunts for 22 years. The whitetail deer hunting has been managed and cultivated to become one of the leading hunting ranches in Texas. Turkey, quail, dove and hog hunting are exceptional and fishing is a bonus. Operating year-round, the ranch is known to produce record book game. Improvements include two lodges with spacious buildings that are capable of entertaining, feeding and sleeping 50 guests. There is also a smaller lodge, two adequate homes, several barns and corrals. This historic ranch has been operated under the same name since the early 1900s. It is rare to find a large ranch of this quality for sale in this area. Very good investment opportunity!

1002 South Koenigheim, Suite C San Angelo, TX 76903

325 655-6989 office 325 653-1906 fax Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

073 LeeLeePuckitt.indd 73


10/27/09 3:45:01 PM

Walker County Combination Ranch Southeast Texas v Walker County v Huntsville


Livestock and recreational opportunities describe this rolling land with 12,100' of new, professionally built fence, two nice small lakes, 150 acres of native grass pastures with scattered pine and oak trees and 70 acres of native forest. Abundant wildlife including deer, hog, squirrel and dove inhabit the area; turkey and quail were recently released. Readied for livestock with the water, fences and a new set of cattle corrals, the ranch offers a good interior road system and fronts a county road. Just 82 miles north of Houston and two miles west of I-45, this property is perfect for your home or getaway. $3,895 per acre.

Nature Lover’s Paradise Southeast Texas San Jacinto County v New Waverly


Tucked away in the beautiful trees, a warm and inviting home awaits. Sitting on a hilltop with views of a beautiful 1.5-acre lake, the 3,774-square-foot,



three- and one-half-bath home features a threecar garage, pool, custom woodwork, amazing windows, rock fireplace, redwood appointments, custom kitchen and an office. A new barn/ workshop (30' by 52') lies near the home. A

Grimes County Horse Ranch Central Texas v Grimes County v Bedias


This beautiful, single-story, 3,601-square-foot, Hill Country-style home built in 2002 features spacious rooms, a rock fireplace, vaulted ceilings and a custom kitchen with island bar with sink, solid surface countertops, tile floors and the finest in hardware and fixtures. The 78 well-fenced acres of rolling pasture feature mostly net wire fencing . Complete with a horse barn (70' by 75'), lighted roping arena, large equipment barn, guest/employee home and two good stock ponds, this secluded property is only a mile off major highway. All aspects of this functional, usable and beautiful ranch have been well designed. $965,000.

66-Acre Ranch Central Texas v Grimes County v Bedias

winding rock drive leads to the home, which sits a distance from the entrance, giving the feel of total seclusion. The well-maintained land offers a pond and huge trees. Truly a nature lover’s paradise, this unique property is only minutes from Lake Livingston or Lake Conroe and near the Sam Houston National Forest. $695,000.

Selling Quality Texas Properties Since 1970 2715 11th Street • Huntsville, TX 77340

936 295-5989 • 888 286-3575



Nestled inside 66.71 rolling acres, this gorgeous property features a 2004, three-bedroom, twobath custom home overlooking a fantastic .5-acre lake. Fenced and cross-fenced, the land has a second pond and water run to the pastures. In scenic Grimes County, this is an ideal property for cattle and horses. $469,500.

Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

074 Markham.indd 74

11/2/09 3:00:53 PM

6M Ranch Texas Hill Country Gillespie County v Fredericksburg


The quaint Texas Hill Country is the setting for this rustic log home surrounded by native woods, pastureland and tranquility beyond

Kate’s Cabin Texas Hill Country v Gillespie County v Fredericksburg


Own the Texas Hill Country’s ultimate secluded retreat. Nestled in scenic native woods, this ranch

belief. This is excellent habitat for all types offers the best of the Southwest. A rustic home constructed from reclaimed logs and planks offers of wildlife and deer. The home has been used

Old West charm with modern conveniences.

as a bed and breakfast for guests. Bring your Current use as a nostalgic bed and breakfast horse, all-terrain vehicle or go for long walks could be continued, if desired. If hunting is along cut roads in this beautiful, serene place your pleasure, there are plenty of native deer. you can call a private paradise. With over Come out, bring a book or your four-wheel

Dan Nino

1,900 square feet of living space, this home drive and take advantage of both. If recreation

3609 Overview Dr. • Crowley, TX 76036

offers three bedrooms and three baths for your family. Call to come by and see. $955,000.

or nightlife is in order, Fredericksburg and San Antonio are not far away. $1,250,000.

972 978-4985

139.4± Acres on Indian Creek Texas Hill Country v Kerr County v Hunt


This is a spectacular Hill Country retreat with water, water, water! Breathtaking Hill Country views and sunsets are witnessed from the sprawling decks across the hilltops. The pasture includes both sides of strong-flowing Indian Creek, which has been enhanced with a newly constructed, natural rock bottom, in-creek lap pool. The pool is lined on one side by rock walls with swim-outs, steps and an expansive crushed granite and limestone terrace graciously shaded by ancient native trees and the other side by high bluff walls draped in lush ferns and native vegetation. A strong-flowing spring has been uncovered in another area of the ranch. This area creates a cool, shaded refuge for numerous native and exotic free-ranging game. Abundant hardwoods consist of Spanish oak, sycamore, elm, live oak, pecan, walnut, madrone, blue oak and heart cedar. Improvements consist of a modest Hill Country native rock home with multiple decks that bring the outside in and meander onto irrigated zoysia grass giving rise to a lush, rock-bordered lawn. The home has been recently upgraded with nature-textured tile floors, granite countertops and new appliances. Solid wood cabinetry with a touch of rustic hardware adds to the Hill Country charm. This 139.4-acre ranch is surrounded by large ranches, creating a private and secluded atmosphere. Exclusively offered for $1,770,000. An additional 155± adjoining acres are available for $6,500 per acre.

duPerier Real Estate, LLC Andrea “Sissy” duPerier, REALTOR® P.O. Box 1731 • Medina, TX 78055

830 796-5558 Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

075 NewCentury_duPerier.indd 75


10/27/09 3:51:42 PM

Find your place in the country... And the lenderr who can get you there. there FINANCING FOR: • Country Homes • Recreational Property

• Farms and Ranches • Agribusiness

Your Trusted Local Lender 888-467-6411

Ask about our patronage profit-sharing plan.

West McKinney Ranch Estate Texas Metroplex Collin County v McKinney


In the heart of west McKinney, minutes from schools, medical, retail, restaurants and other services, these 62.008 acres include a 2,800-square-foot main house, 1,200±-squarefoot guesthouse and 7,500±-square-foot barn. Enjoy a beautiful hilltop view from this fenced and crossed-fenced estate on Highway 380 and the very desirable Gray Branch

Thad Helsley

Road, an enclave of high-end small ranchette

1650 W. Virginia, Suite 102 McKinney, TX 75069

972 562-5591

properties just north of Stonebridge Ranch. Owner financing is available with a minimum way 380

U.S. High


South of FM 2400 between Highway 349 and

Highland Realty

285, these 11,800± acres feature prime whitetail deer hunting, abundant turkey and game

Karl Armstead, Broker 432 290-0878

birds and exceptional building improvements, including a large five-year-old, two-story log

hunting lodge, native rock residence, barns and

Tiffany Helms, Agent 432 290-4830

sheds. Comprised of limestone hills and canyons, this end-of-the-road ranch has excellent water

P.O. Box 358 Fort Stockton, TX 79735

432 336-8455


of 10% down. $2,950,000.

distribution and public electricity. No goats or

Crystal Angel Ranch West Texas v Terrell Co. v Sanderson

sheep have been on this property for the past 12 years. Shown by appointment only to qualified buyers. Reduced to $395 per acre.

Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

076 Highland.indd 76

10/28/09 1:06:10 PM

979 830-5040 SAN ANTONIO BAY RANCH: Calhoun Co.: 505+ acres; excellent duck/waterfowl hunting & fishing; development potential; Will Divide! $1,922,496 INDEPENDENCE ROSE RANCH: Independence, Washington County: 150 acres w/panoramic views, 3 ponds, antique barn with stalls. $1,150,000 CEDAR HILL VISTA: Brenham, Washington Co.: 4BR/3.5BA executive home on 21+ acres with fabulous views, large barn & pond. $785,000 WALNUT CREEK RANCH: Montgomery County: 30 acres; 4BR/4BA log home, horse barn, equip. barn; loafing sheds; paddocks; lake & pond. $795,000 SERENITY PARK: Washington County: 38+ parklike acres with woods, pond, electricity, water well, & an underground 1,000-gal. propane tank. $419,000 BLUEBELL RANCHES: Washington Co. Rolling hilltop bldg sites, great views: 39.43 acres/$345,013; 16.06 acres/$126,904; 15.661 acres/$123,722. BELL HOLLOW: Murphy Road, Waller County, 9 acres with great 3BR/2BA house; 1,800± sq. ft. barn with living quarters & large stocked pond Convenient to Houston. $385,000

Steve Grant Real Estate Athens, Texas

903 675-3503 903 675-3536 fax THE PERFECT GETAWAY: 34 acres, mostly wooded with mature hardwoods, loaded with wildlife, 3-acre lake stocked with fish, 2BR/1BA cabin with deep water well. $323,418 5275 HWY 31, MURCHISON: One-of-a-kind listing with much attention to detail. 3BR/3BA with a 2-car garage, designer-quality home, move-in ready, spacious rooms, parklike acreage, pond, several sheds & barns on 5.01 acres. $350,000 46.02 ACRES WITH POND: East of Dallas in beautiful East Texas near Purtis Creek State Park. Excellent building sites and quality restrictions. Additional land is available. $177,197 CHARMING COUNTRY COTTAGE: 4/2/2 with 1,952 sf, built in 2002 & on 21.38 ac. with large pond. Hunting, fishing & ranching potential. Wellkept condition, nice vistas, great ranchette, split bedrooms, wbfp in living area, high ceilings, large master BR&B, lots of windows & storage. $240,000 108.6 ACRES: Rolling terrain, 60% woods with 2,000 sq. ft. manufactured home, pond & 2 creeks in Martins Mill ISD. $500,000 209 ACRES: West of Ben Wheeler with 12-ac. bass lake, several pine plantations, rolling East Texas oak timber, ranch roads & wildlife. Great retreat! $4,250/acre NEAR ATHENS: 50 acres, wooded with FM frontage. $162,500 ATHENS: Custom-built home with 3BR/2BA & 2,061 sq. ft. on 39 acres, mostly pasture with 10 acres of pines. Country living close to town! $359,000 LARUE: 36+ acres of mostly wooded land, very pretty, 2- to 3-acre spring-fed lake. $4,500/acre LARUE: 91+ acres with rolling coastal fields, scattered trees, woods & 3 ponds. $4,000/acre


5 Star Country Properties

COMFORTABLE COUNTRY HOMESTEAD: Fabulous 3BR/2BA updated home w/landscaped grounds, spacious living areas, wood-burning fireplace, formal area, game room, in-ground pool, deck, patio & 30x30 workshop. Created for beauty, comfort and convenience. $275,000 LARUE: 128 acres of beautiful coastal, rolling hills, scattered trees, 30% wooded, 2 to 3-acre lake, 3 stock ponds & homesites. $4,250/acre NEAR ATHENS: 20-ac. ranch/farm w/roomy 3BR/2BA home, pole barn, equipment shed & pond. $215,000 DUCK HUNTER’S DREAM: 105.56± acres w/50± acres of wetlands/lakes. Specially created duck environment, small hunting cabin, deer & hogs. Near Commerce. Reduced to $298,500. SOUTH OF PALESTINE: Country hilltop with a 3BR/2BA manufactured home on 13 rolling acres w/ excellent views, pond, barn & workshop. $215,000 OPPORTUNITY IN ATHENS: 25.5 acres w/frontage on Loop 7 & CR. Lots of possibilities! $166,010 NEAR ATHENS: 24 acres w/2BR/2BA home w/loft, pond & workshop. Super light & airy, big insulated windows, large deck, vaulted windowed ceiling in living areas & bedroom, metal roof & sheds. Perfect for cattle operation or horses. $205,000 LARUE: 80 acres, gorgeous rolling property with Caddo Creek across back, hilltop building sites & farmhouse. $399,000 NEW YORK, TX: 33± acres & quiet country cottage w/2BR/1BA cedar cabin w/lrg cov’d porch & screen porch, huge pine plantation plus 1.5-acre fishing lake, ample deer & feral hog. Superb retreat. $200,000 119+-ACRE CATTLE RANCH w/working barn, 1BR/BA mobile home, 4,900 sq. ft. sale barn, rolling hills, six ponds and live creek. $599,000 13 ACRES in Willow Springs Community, Cross Roads ISD, two big ponds and beautiful trees. $78,000 MURCHINSON, TX: 21± ac. w/charming, newer 4/2/2 brick, large pond, creek frontage, lots of wildlife, mostly pasture. Wonderful small ranch potential. $249,500 25.5 ACRES: Rolling, some woods, some open, very scenic. Loop 7 & CR 1500. $166,010 ATHENS AREA: 3/4 home on 1.9 acres w/large rooms, mud & utility rooms, Jacuzzi tub, wraparound porch and pipe fencing. $179,000

Triple Bar Ranch page 71

Heritage Texas Country Properties Frank Johnston, Broker

979 249-7315 206± ac. Wharton Co. Majestic views, Colorado River frontage, pond, woods, improved pastures. $2M 67± ac. Nelsonville. Spacious hilltop home overlooks large pond, barn w/stalls, office, quarters. $1,229,900 50± ac. Lexington. Secluded 3BR/2.5BA with island kitchen, sun room, covered porches, ponds, creek. $325,000 38± ac. Brenham. Serene pond, partially wooded, rolling, imp. pastures, near La Bahia trail. $565,470 33± ac. Bellville. Seclusion, 2 homes, hiking/riding trails, live creek, pens, barns, fencing. $475,000 42± ac. Somerville. New construction 3BR/2BA home tucked in woods features great porches. Pond & wildlife. $550,000 19± ac. Washington. Horse ranch, elegant 5/3.5 home, barn w/stalls & quarters, arena, pond, views. $749,900 18± ac. Fayetteville. 3BR/2BA log home overlooks a pond, deck w/hot tub, barn, pens, trees. $369,000

JET Farms page 65

Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

077-080 Classifieds.indd 77


11/5/09 1:39:23 PM

VIP Country Properties Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty Visit for detailed brochures

979 865-9459 Fields of Mystic Grove: 293 ac, Waller Co. Mature pecan orchards, lakes, pond, creek, four polo fields, horse barns, manager’s cottage, long frontage, easy accessibility. Reduced to $14,000,000. Southern Oaks: 195 ac, Austin Co. Large elegant home, live oaks, dramatic view, pool, lake, pond, pastures, woods, two large barns - RV docking station, manager’s house. $4,250,000 Cross Roads Farm: 88 ac, Austin Co. Frontage on 2 sides, recent fencing, restored barn, distant views, pond, rolling pastures, convenient location. $795,000 Bluebonnet Hill: 67.662 ac, Austin Co. Distant views, 3 ponds, improved pastures. $10,000/acre. May divide. Rim Fire IV: 46± ac, Austin Co. Rolling terrain, dense woods consisting of tall hardwoods, sandy soil, long road frontage. $10,500 per acre Lost Quail Ranch: 15.5 ac, Waller Co. 4/2 home, deep porches, beautiful landscaping, entry gate, twostall barn. $459,000 Legacy Oaks II: 24.3 ac, Austin Co. Sandy soil, gentle roll, scattered trees. $18,000 per acre Black Jack Trails: 20 ac, Austin Co. Secluded woods, selected clearings, trails, many attractive building sites. $12,900 per acre Dos Gables: 1.58 ac, Austin Co. 3/2 home, high ceilings, granite countertops, board fencing, restricted development. Reduced to $249,000. SEE OUR AD IN THIS ISSUE FOR: Clarann Estate: 61 ac, Washington Co. $3,450,000 Belle Meade Farm: 93 ac, Austin Co. $2,450,000 Tres Blessing Ranch: 121 ac, Austin Co. $2,200,000 Uno Dos Farm: 96 ac, Fayette Co. $995,000 Live Oak Bend: 18.9 ac, Austin Co. $799,000 Heritage Ridge Farm: 44 ac, Fayette Co. $675,000 Red Bridge Farm: 50 ac, Colorado Co. $675,000 Kissing Oaks Circle: 4 ac, Austin Co. $667,000

Diggs Real Estate, Inc.

979 968-6143 LA GRANGE, FAYETTE CO. 25 acres with country home, 5 bedrooms/2.5 baths, 2 ponds, oaks, wildlife and barn. $495,000 44 AC, FAYETTE CO. Open pasture w/woods in back, ag exempt, paved co. rd. frontage. $7,000/ac 34 ACRES, FAYETTE CO. Open pasture with clump of trees, views, pond and windmill. Paved county road, restricted, ag exempt. $7,000/acre 25 ACRES, HWY 77 S, FAYETTE CO. 7 miles north of IH-10, Schulenburg. Open, rolling pastures, 3 ponds, good fence and ag exempt. $7,700/acre SMITHVILLE, BASTROP/FAYETTE CO. LINE: 10 wooded acres with Barndo. New 40x60 metal, insulated building & new septic & electricity. $145,000 LA GRANGE, FAYETTE CO. HUGE FAMILY HOME, 3.5 acres, 5 bedrooms/5 baths, M-I-L suite, formals, den, recreation room and outbuildings. $575,000 Visit $575,000


866 904-1515 toll free

ROBERT DULLNIG, Broker Assoc., 210 213-9700 393± AC. Uvalde Co. Home. 3 Edwards wells; tank. Sweeping Hill Co. views. Recreation & great hunting. 221± AC. Blanco Co. Recreational getaway for hunting, cattle/horse. Home. Garage. Smokehouse w/ cooler. Low fence. Municipal water. Troughs & tank. Whitetail, turkey, hog, dove, quail, free-range exotics. 211± AC. Dimmit Co. 95± mi. from S.A. Perfect-size, low-fence ranch in Golden Triangle, w/hunting & fishing. 2 tanks. Big Deer Co. Deer, turkey, hog, quail. 172± AC. Wilson Co. Floresville. 30± min. from San Antonio. Low fence. 3/2 mfr. home. Barn. Well. Tank. Half brush; half improved pastures. Large trees. Whitetail deer, turkey, quail & dove. 135± AC. Frio Co. 50± miles from S.A.  Brush diversity, grass strips. Well & pond. Trailer, blind, feeders. Quail & dove, plus whitetail, turkey & hog. 70± AC. Atascosa Co. Poteet. 30±  min. from San Antonio. Majestic live oaks. Deer, turkey, hog & birds. HOWARD HAM, 210 382-5003 282± AC. BEXAR CO. 15± min. from Toyota, A&M, downtown S.A. 78-ac. platted for future residential, leaving 204± ac. Tank. Wildlife. Great for horses. 112+ AC. GONZALES CO. 2 tanks. Seasonal creek. Large oaks. Low fenced. Set of pens. Hunting or recreation. Blind, feeder, converted bus w/electricity. 21± AC. BEXAR CO. Commercial/invest. potential. 600’± frontage on Loop 1604 South. Close to Toyota Plant & new Texas A&M campus. All utilities. 10± AC. COMAL CO. Paved CR frontage, across from new Canyon Lake High. Used for horse training. Home, garage, barn, pens. Investment/development. STEVEN BENNETT, 210 287-3776 41± AC. KENDALL CO. Boerne. Estate homesite 1,100’± Guadalupe River. Paved CR. Majestic trees. 39±  AC. BANDERA CO. Home on high, scenic site. Hay barn. Pen; round pen. Well. High-fenced 2 sides. JOHN TARRILLION, 210 380-1229 1,063± MILAM CO. 800± Ac. “Little River” bottomland, 175± ac. fields. Hwy. 77 & CR frontage. Fenced/ crossfenced. Home, shop, barn, pens, 2 wells, 9 tanks. 360± AC. MEDINA CO. Raw land west of San Antonio. Tank. Large trees, diverse brush. Deer, hogs, turkey, quail & dove. Partial high-fenced. 102± AC. KENDALL CO. N of Boerne. 2-story stone home, 4-car garage & guest apt. 3 barns/12 stalls. 3 wells. Pipe fencing/cross-fencing. Wildlife. 97± AC. & 38± AC. BEXAR CO. Ideal for business/ develop. near Toyota plant. Electricity, water avail. 38± acres has Medina River boundary. 31+ AC. BANDERA CO. Pipe Creek. Exquisite 4BR home. 36x16 floored attic for expansion. Original farm/guest house rental income. Horses allowed. 30± AC. GUADALUPE CO. Historic restored New Braunfels farm. Vintage home, barns & outbuildings. Pool. 3-car garage. Guest apt. 1 well + Longs Creek. 25± AC. ATASCOSA CO. Jourdanton. 4BR stone home. Barn. Stables. Pipe fenced pens, gates, squeeze chute. Municipal water plus well with cistern. 15+ AC. BLANCO CO. Raw land with views. Ag exempt. Whitetail deer, birds, etc. Blanco ISD. 8± AC. BANDERA CO. 4BR home; media/home office. Pole barn. Fenced. Shed. Paved frontage on FM 1283, minutes west of Highway 16; ideal for a home business.

KATHY MINER & KATHY BUDDE 210 823-8952 258 AC. BANDERA CO. ‘Rocky Creek’, 2 wells, ponds. 100-acre pastureland. Main home plus guesthouse. 4-stall barn, pens, chute. Low fence. 5+ AC. BANDERA CO. Horse perfect! Garage w/ shop, stables, pens, tack & feed rooms, lighted roping arena with sand! Great home, pond, BBQ patio, pool. 21+ AC. BANDERA CO. 10 min. from Bandera! Unique lodge style home. Garage. Barn/stables. Tack/ feed. Large trees; cleared. Fenced/ cross-fenced. SUSAN HALLMARK, 830 816-5260 50± AC. BANDERA CO. Horses welcome! Builder’s personal 3,200± sq. ft. home. 1,800±­sq. ft. 8-stall barn, equipt barn, round pen, outdoor paddocks, horse fenced 7 pastures. Well. Between Kerrville & Bandera. DUDLEY HAYS, 210 822-6880 1,034± AC. CALHOUN CO. Seadrift. Coastal ranch on San Antonio Bay in Gulf of Mexico. Across the intercoastal waterway, Matagorda Island State Park offers buffer of protection. Ideal for horses, livestock or recreation. An investment to enjoy now, ranch conveys w/master plan (certified permits for building & canals) for potential development of a residential community.

Ed White Realty Rocksprings, TX

800 683-LAND 22 ac. Leona Ranch, near Brackettville. $29,950 50 ac. Hm, well, elec, axis, Dry Devils R. $99,950 50 ac. Cabin, elec, deer, Hwy 41. $125,000 50 ac. Cabin, elec, rain cistern, deer. $139,950 50 ac. Homes, barn, well, elec, septic, deer. $149,950 54 ac. Cabin, elec, blds, fdrs, shared well. $89,995 55 ac. Trailer, elec, blds, fdrs, shared well. $89,995 55 ac. Home, barn, well, minerals, axis. $299,950 64 ac. Stone hm, well, elec, axis, turkey. $149,950 70 ac. Lodge, elec, well, tank, axis. $129,950 73 ac. Cabin, hwy, fenced, axis, turkey. $149,950 75 ac. County road, elec avail, axis, Terms. $149,950 80 ac. Hm, stables, arena, round pens, Terms. $229,950 80 ac. Hm, barns, well, axis, elk, Terms. $399,950 91 ac. Container, blinds, feeders, axis. $99,950 93 ac. Road end, shrd well, elec avail. $99,950 94 ac. Near Amistad, deer, turkey. $99,950 95 ac. Near Amistad, deer, dove. $99,950 98 ac. Home, barns, well, elec, hwy, axis. $199,950 98 ac. Hm, hwy, Walnut Crk, Lockhart. $599,950 100 ac. Trlr, elec, water, blds/fdrs, axis. $159,999 100 ac. Water, elec, axis, elk, turkey. $179,950 106 ac. Cabin, blds, fdr, shared well, deer. $99,950 107 ac. Water, troughs, fdrs, deer, turkey. $89,950 114 ac. Cabin, well, elec, axis, hwy. $199,950 135 ac. Water, tank, fence, deer, turkey. $134,950 150 ac. Water, tank, troughs, deer, turkey. $159,950 269 ac. Hm, well, pond, caves, axis, elk. $598,000 339 ac. 1900’ Devils River, Cabin, well, elec. $1.29M 397 ac. Home, elec, water, blds, fdrs, elk. $449,950 425 ac. County road, electric, axis, hogs. $499,950 490 ac. Hwy, pond, wells, elec, cabin, deer. $699,950 710 ac. Homes, barns, pool, elk, airstrip. $2.25M 742 ac. Hm, barns, wells, fenced, axis, elk. $1.48M 746 ac. Lodge, cabin, wells, Hwy, airstrip. $895,000 896 ac. Lodge, well, hifenced, elk, deer, turkey. $1.75M 995 ac. Camp, well, barn, deer, cave, Brackettville. $1.29M 1,191 ac. LIVE WATER, Mex. near Eagle Pass. $699K 2,681 ac. LIVE WATER, Mex. near Eagle Pass. $2.14M

Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

077-080 Classifieds.indd 78

11/5/09 1:40:03 PM

Hoffman Walker Texas Broker International Properties Ray D. Walker

Selling Texas’ Finest Ranch Properties 6835 Westlake Ave. • Dallas, TX 75214

281 460-8302

214 698-1736

440 ACRES THE WOODLANDS A Piece of Texas History. $12,500,000 Visit SPANISH COLONIAL-STYLE SHOWCASE HOME Visit $2,495,000 HIGH MEADOW RANCH: MAGNOLIA, TX Visit $1,360,000 HIGH MEADOW ESTATES The Tradition of High Meadow Continues. Visit HIGH MEADOW RANCH 4.4 Acres - $228,500; 1.39 Acres - $144,000 Visit HIGH MEADOW RANCH 22+ Acres, 7,200-square-foot Home. Visit HIGH MEADOW RANCH 1 Acre, 4,200 sq. ft. golf course estate.

Mineola, east Texas office:

903 569-6966 Contact the Texas ranch & horse property specialist Realtor Vanessa Andrews to buy or sell a property. 972 816-3014 (cell) See the websites above for more info on properties available in Texas, Kentucky, Alabama and beyond! Sorrel Canyon Ranch - Just listed – Brand new to the market Spectacular Horse ranch For Sale! Brown County, Texas – Brownwood/Early 76802 See our full-page ad in this magazine. This north Hill country legacy ranch has 600± acres of rare, scenic, private, contiguous land. This horseman’s dream property with a spectacular 2007 Texas Mediterranean, 3-bedroom, ultra-high-quality home is set high on the bluff with panoramic views of the vistas and overlooking the spectacular, pristine horse facilities below which include a mile of white PVC fencing with hotwire, 13-stall BarnMaster show barn with turnouts, hydraulic hot walker, riding arena, bull pen, a mile of Bayou River, 13 tank ponds, Pecan orchard and the ultimate party pavilion “Rosa’s Cantina”! Contact exclusive listing agent Vanessa Andrews for more info or an appointment to view: 972 816-3014. $5,000,000 Most furnishings & equipment are negotiable. The Hilltop Ranch Navarro County, Corsicana, Texas 75110 1,200-Acre Texas showplace horse & cattle ranch! Formerly Charlin Grand Champion Quarter Horse Ranch & Acres Away Arabians. $3,900,000

Markham Realty, Inc. Huntsville, TX

888 286-3575 Four - 1.6-Ac. Homesites. $20,500 5.40 Ac. W. of Huntsville on paved road. $8,750/ac 11.5 Ac. with log home. $299,500 12.6 Ac. N on Hwy. 75. Rolling wooded. $5,500/ac 16.6 Ac. w/manufactured home. $125,500 36.5 Ac. N on Hwy. 75, wooded & rolling. $4,150/ac 37.95 Ac. Grimes County, FM frontage. $282,727 47 Ac. W. on FM1696 pastures, pond. $6,195/ac 60 Ac. Near Lake Livingston. $234,000 82.7 Ac. N. of Huntsville. $454,900 87.9 Ac. West w/5,000-sf home. Showplace. $995,000 202.4 Ac. W. of Huntsville, long frontage. $4,200/ac 384 Ac. N on Hwy. 75, wooded, creek. $4,490/ac 468. Ac. Cattle/wildlife. $3,795/ac VICTORIA COUNTY, 40-Ac. Horse Ranch, 3,100 SF home, 50x120 barn & many extras. $639,500

Round Top Real Estate 979 249-5732 16.34 Acres on Hwy 237 across from the Big Red Barn. Mostly open, nice pond, views, commercial potential. #56514fr 35.9 Acres on Owl Creek Road. Frontage on Owl Creek, heavily wooded. #53768fr 1920s or 1930s Farmhouse (house only) to be moved. Offers four bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms. #55314fr 13.5 Acres on FM 609. Partially wooded with a small pond. Approximately 8 miles north of Flatonia. #46743fr 18+ Acres on FM 159 just northeast of La Grange. Heavily wooded with a nice pond, convenient to Hwy. 71 and Fayette County Lake. #48330fr Brenham, FM 2502. Offering 46 rolling acres. Partially wooded with live oaks and hardwoods, pond. #52955fr Rutersville, Corner of Wied & Mueller Rds. 18 acres with nice pond, partially wooded, fabulous views. #53760fr Meymac, Correze, Limousine Province. .9-acre tract in the heart of France. #2024894fr Round Top Oaks, Round Top, TX. Two tracts half a mile from the Round Top square, underground utilities, restrictions. #45715fr & 47831fr Home on Just Over an Acre in Round Top. 3/2.5 home, separate barn with concrete floor, electric & plumbing, ideal for guesthouse or studio. #49310fr Shiner/Moulton Area, 20 acres on CR 228. Mostly open with nice views. #53826fr Round Top, Hwy. 237, 3+ acres with over 400 feet of highway frontage, in the city limits of Round Top. Nice views, nice trees. #54321fr Sought-After Small Acreage. Two and a half acres on Halamicek Loop, off FM 1291, Fayetteville. Heavily wooded. #52535fr Giddings, 1047 CR229, 4/5 (yes, that’s 5 full baths) formals, game room, family room, pool, on Giddings Golf Course. #52605fr Carmine, 297 E Thigpen, charming and beautiful early 1900s farmhouse on .75 acre. Commercial potential. #51913fr

Ranch Marketing Associates

970 535-0881 • Ron Morris 970 927-3850 • Billy Long Bell Ranch – Paonia, Colorado 50% undivided interest in 800 acres near Aspen surrounded by national forest, ponds, creeks, yearround outdoor entertainment, private. $4,000,000 Big Creek Ranch - Steamboat Springs, Colorado 4,300 trophy acres bordering national forest, 11,000 sq. ft. lodge, four miles of Big Creek, development potential in resort town. $55,000,000 Birney Store & Saloon – Birney, Montana On Tongue River, once a saloon & general store, new roof, includes two lots on river. $250,000 Blue Mountain Park Ranch – Loveland, Colorado 1,350 ac, exceptional wildlife & hunting near Front Range, 2 building sites, NF access. $7,950,000 Bonsall Ranch - Bonsall, California 190-acre Hacienda estate & working ranch, avocado and citrus groves, horse facilities, manager’s homes, pools, ranch office, gardens, barn. $25,000,000 Castle Cliff Farm – Castle Rock, Colorado 52 acre executive equestrian estate between Colorado Springs and Denver, gated entry, 24-stall and 7-stall barns, arena, caretaker’s home. $10,700,000 Chaparral Lakes Ranch – Redding, California 400 private acres near national parks, retail, airport w/wildlife and development potential. $1,750,000 Clark Creek Ranch – Elgin, Oregon In heart of Blue Mtns., 471 acres with ponds, springs, north fork of Clark Creek through property. Near national forest and wilderness areas. $1,975,000 Colorado River Cattle Ranch – Kremmling, CO Part of Grand River Ranch, 1,235 acres at 9,500 ft. elevation with beautiful modern Western-design home, 3 additional homes, outbuildings and access to national forest. $6,500,000 Cottonwood Springs Ranch – Durango, Colorado 540-acre luxury equestrian estate with masterpiece residence & managers home, 20,000 sq. ft. barn, stateof-the-art breeding and training facilities, impeccable landscaping and much more. $12,000,000 Dater Creek Ranch – La Grange, Wyoming 2,320 acres of rolling grasslands, small buttes, hills, seasonal stream, fenced. $1,234,800 Deming Creek Ranch – Bly, Oregon 6,600 deeded-acre and 4,500-leased-acre cattle ranch. Excellent water rights, Deming Creek and Sprague River run through property. $3,900,000 Diamond D Ranch – Elbert, Colorado Near Black Forest, 324 acres, spectacular views, 2-story barn, pond with spring, development potential & beautiful Front Range setting. $2,950,000 Diamond K Ranch – Larkspur, Colorado 227 acre livestock operation near Black Forest, Pike’s Peak views, 2-story home, barns, cattle facilities, development potential. $2,950,000 Elk Haven Ranch – Loveland, Colorado 1,650-acre hunting ranch, 2+ miles of national forest close to Estes Park, wildlife and scenery. $8,950,000 Final Drive Ranch – Cheyenne, Wyoming 640 acres, western views, 1,836 sq. ft. home, show barn, fully equipped livestock barn, wells, development potential. $1,500,000 Gore Canyon Ranch – Kremmling, Colorado Part of Grand River Ranch, 337 acres, 3 homesites, mixed forest, spectacular mtn. views. $2,600,000 Volume 54 Texas Farm&Ranch

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Ranch Marketing Associates (continued) Gypsum Creek Outfitters Headquarters Ranch Gypsum, Colorado 53 acres between Vail and Aspen, national forest behind property, 2,200 sq. ft. home, bunkhouse, hay & tack sheds, machine shop, hunting. $1,500,000 Half Moon Hitch Ranch – Pie Town, New Mexico 162-acre turn-key, Parelli-style horse facility, 2,400 sq. ft. log home, 4,800 sq. ft. barn, guest home. $965,000 Hay Draw Ranch – Union Center, South Dakota 2,240 acres, views in all directions, 3 BRM home, bunkhouse, 7-acre lake & hay production $3,200,000 Historic Montana Ranches – MT & WY 80,000+ acres including OW, V Bar C, Pitchfork, Wolf and LX Bar Ranches, 5 miles of river frontage, 12 creeks, 5 headquarters, mineral rights. $75,000,000 Hunter’s Choice Game Ranch – Crawford, NE 1,140 total acres in Pine Ridge area, elk and wild turkey hunting ranch, well water, high game fence, successfully operated. $700,000 Investment Land & Water – Windsor/Severance, CO 157-acre investment opportunity, development potential, valuable water rights, flood irrigated, agricultural lease in place. $2,900,000 Lake Agnes Fishing Ranch – Steamboat Springs, CO 110-acre Lake Agnes property surrounded by national forest, 3-level custom log home overlooking lake, private dock, miles of outdoor trails. $1,295,000 Little Deer Creek Ranch – Fort Laramie, WY 4th generation cattle ranch, 5,255 deeded acres, 3+ miles of creek, 125-acre pivot sprinkler, wide meadows, ideal building sites, views. $2,995,000 Little Ponderosa Ranch – Lyons, Colorado 18 acres with both sides of creek, 3BR home, fruit cellar, barn, adjacent to open space, close to Rocky Mountain National Park. $995,000 Lookout Mountain Ranch - Glenwood Springs, CO 894 acres overlooking entire Roaring Fork Valley. Development potential or trophy ranch. $8,940,000 LX Bar Ranch – Campbell County, Wyoming 25-acre historic ranch modeled similarly to the original, legendary OW Ranch headquarters, located on the Powder River. $750,000 Matheson Ranch on Troublesome Creek Kremmling, Colorado A mile of creek through 800-acre ranch, irrigates 300 acres of grass hay, water rights, two homes, barn, corrals, hay storage. $4,200,000 Mesa Meadow Ranch - Kremmling, Colorado Part of Grand River Ranch, 835 acres, 3 homesites, creek, irrig. meadow, hay production. $2,200,000 Mountain View Retreat – Tabernash/Winter Park, CO 70 acres (two 35-acre tracts), year round access in the midst of national forest, mountain views 3,500 sq. ft. home, Morton barn, shop. $2,400,000 North Platte River Valley Ranch - Saratoga, WY 107-acre waterfront ranch on tributary of North Platte River offers fishing, wildlife, close to small town charm and amenities of Saratoga with development potential and excellent water rights. $2,500,000 Oak Meadows – Glenwood Springs, Colorado The highest lot, 5-acre parcel has spectacular views and borders private ranchland. $400,000 O W Ranch – Decker, Montana 46,848 total acres currently running 1,500 pair, well watered, creeks, springs, well, puts up 500 - 1,000 tons of native grass hay. $30,000,000 or $15,000,000 for a 50% interest. Painted Meadows Ranch – LaGrange, Wyoming 1,296 total acres, custom 4,000 sq. ft. home, 3 wells, horse & cattle barns & facilities, hay storage, shop. $1,200,000 Pass Creek Ranch and Wolford Mountain Ranch Kremmling, Colorado 2 combined ranches encompassing 900 ac, multiple homesites, views of Wolford Mountain Reservoir, Pass Creek runs through, 8,200’ elevation. $1,800,000


Pine Ridge Elk Ranch – Harrison, Nebraska Turn-key commercial hunting ranch, 360 degree views, lodge/residence for guests, spring-fed fishing ponds, equip./workshop, garage. $1,950,000 Pitchfork Ranch – Fort Smith, Montana At foot of Pryor Mtns., 15,264 total acres of grass meadows, several canyons, big sky mountain views, summers 1,500–2,500 pair. $6,800,000 Powderhorn Wilderness Hideout – Powderhorn, CO Private 4.77 ac, direct access to NF w/360° views, 2-level log home, barn, corrals, round pen. $750,000 Prange Ranch – Nunn, Colorado 90 year-old reputation working ranch, 8,000 deeded acres, 1,920 state lease acres. Runs 1,000 yearlings, 3 homes, barns corrals, 8 wells. $4,200,000 Piney Peak Ranch – Kremmling, Colorado Part of Grand River Ranch, 441 acres, 3 homesites, 9,500 ft. in elevation, views of Flat Tops Wilderness Area, Piney Peak and Front Range. $2,750,000 Roan Creek Ranch – De Beque, Colorado 120-acre ranch, lush irrigated meadows, good water rights, excellent hunting and fishing, creek runs through the property. $780,000 Roaring Fork River Acreage – Carbondale, CO Rare 7.3-acre Roaring Fork River front acreage, 2/2 home, across from Aspen Glen Golf Club. $1,100,000 Rockin’ R Ranch – Pagosa Springs, Colorado 35-acre equestrian paradise, impeccable mountain home, custom horse facilities, close to Durango & Wolf Creek Ski Resort. $1,600,000 Ruby Lake Ranch – Alder, Montana 8,871 contiguous acres rich in natural resources, 3+ mi. of shoreline along Ruby Reservoir. $19,800,000 Sheridan Office Buildings – Sheridan, Wyoming Two historic, brick office buildings, adjacent to each other, on historic North Main Street. Both on Historic Registry. $1,250,000 Smith Creek Estate – Basalt, Colorado 35-acre mtn retreat, custom log home, wraparound deck overlooking trout pond, privacy, wildlife. $2,695,000 Smith Ranch on Belle Fourche River – Hulett, WY North of Devils Tower National Monument, 500 acres, excellent building sites, ranch home, outbuildings, springs/creeks, stock water. $1,250,000 Specie Wilderness Ranch - Telluride, Colorado 548 total acres and 1+ mile national forest boundary. Available in two parcels or entire ranch. $6,500,000 Split Rock Ranch – Muddy Gap, Wyoming Large production ranch w/200,000± ac, 12 miles of Sweetwater River, 6 homes, full livestock facilities & more. $14,000,000 or $7,000,000 for a 50% interest.

Stagecoach Ranch – Texas Creek, Colorado 596 deeded acres & 25,000 BLM winter grazing lease, stunning 2-level main residence, caretaker’s home, barn, office, storage. $2,800,000 Stage Stop Ranch – Sheridan, Wyoming 79 ac. w/farmhouse, arena, hay & horse barns, against Bighorn Mtns, close to Polo Club. $1,550,000 Sunnyside Ranch – Yampa, Colorado 954 acres between Vail and Steamboat Springs. Big game hunting, outdoor recreation, development potential. $4,960,000 Tailwaters Ranch – Kremmling, Colorado Part of Grand River Ranch, 388 acres, 3 homesites overlooking charming fishing camp and miles of Muddy Creek & Gore Range. $1,950,000 Two Rivers Cow Camp – Steamboat Springs, CO 23 acres borders national forest, spring-fed trout pond, carriage house/residence, five-bay garage, guest cabin, full equine facilities, security/privacy gate. $2,650,000 Triangle 51 Ranch – Chugwater, Wyoming 268 acres on Chugwater Flats, custom barn/home with tack room & office, three wells, pastures, yearround access. $595,000 Travis Ranch - Ruth, California 100,000 acres (12,000 deeded almost totally enclosed in federal lands), greatest scenery in the western Coastal Range. $10,500,000 Trophy Mule Deer Hunting Ranch – Crawford, NE 1,420-acre high-fence hunting ranch, first-class lodge offers full accommodations, views, privacy. $1,625,000 V Bar C Ranch – Montana 17,774 total acres, five miles of river frontage, irrigated meadows, guest cabins, 1,000 acre-feet of water storage in Tongue River Reservoir. $25,000,000 Vulture Ranch – Wickenburg, Arizona 80-ac. horse property, self-sustained adobe residence, gardens, fountain, pool, outdoor entertainment area and guest quarters. $2,650,000 Wolf Ranch – Montana 620 ac, contoured meadows w/trees, 2,200-sf residence, Big Horn Mtn. views, shop, barn, garage, at confluence of Soap & Dry Soap Creeks. $1,200,000 Y-6 Ranch – Meriden, Wyoming 24,750 acres, 5th generation cattle ranch w/6,500-head feedlot & mill, irrigation, runs 1,500 pair. $15,950,000

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