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Culture week


2013 - 14

Book Day

World Book Day is Celebrated every year on‌ rd


Inculcate reading habits among people.

The date is the death anniversary of William Shakespeare. April 23,1616

the most famous English writer in the world

The date also coincided with the death anniversary of

Miguel de Cervantes Death:April 22,1616 Funeral: April 23,1616

Cervantes wrote “Don Quixote�, the most important book in the world.

“Parts of the book”

Most books have at least five of these parts.

1. Spine

5. Title Page

2. Cover

6. Table of Contents

3. Author 4. Title

7. Glossary 8. Bibliography

1. The Spine ďƒ˜ The

spine of a book is the part that you see when the book is on the shelf. The call numbers are on the spine.

2. The Cover ďƒ˜

The cover is the outside of a book. There is usually a

front cover, a back cover, and the part in between them called the spine. ďƒ˜

The cover of a book will include the title of the book.

3. The Author 

The author is the person who wrote the story.

J. K Rowling author of Harry Potter’s books

Rick Riordan author of “Percy Jackon’s book”

4. The Illustrator ďƒ˜

The illustrator is the person who draws the pictures in the book or on the cover.

5. Title or Title Page 

The title of the book is usually on the cover.

You can also see the title on the “title page” of the book, usually right inside the cover.

6. Table of Contents The table of contents will list the chapters or sections and tell you what on page they star.

The table of contents will list the chapters or sections and tell you what on page they start.

7. The Glossary ďƒ˜


glossary is a little dictionary in the back of the book that defines words you don’t understand.

8. Bibliography 



bibliography of a book lists all of the people who wrote books or articles that gave the author ideas and help when he wrote his book.

Ricciuti, Edward R. What on Earth is a Capybara? Woodbridge, CT: Blackbirch, 1995.


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