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Are you ready for summer? Busy thinking about weekends away, holidays and getting active, especially in the great outdoors? We can help!

In this issue, we have some top active family adventures for you to try, as well as great ideas for the perfect weekend break and some fabulous family camping and glamping options from our friends at The Outdoor Guide.

Finally, in this issue, we have some enticing giveaways on offer. By applying, you can ensure you receive our digital magazine with lots more content and goodies on offer.

Learn about time activity book downloadable

Broadening your child’s vocabulary

Fantastic family science experiments

Education news

Help with multiplication and division

Active family adventures


Kids’ party food

Story time and nursery rhyme apps

perfect weekend break

Editor, Families South West London

Familiesonline.co.uk May/June 3
Top family camping and glamping In this issue 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 24 26 CONTENTS Get in touch Competition winners from our January/February issue Congratulations to all our winners. You can find a list HERE Eleni
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Familiesonline.co.uk May/June 4 DOWNLOAD HERE LEARN ABOUT TIME ACTIVITY BOOK 2 Time to Eat Match the time given to the correct clock. Randy likes to eat breakfast at 8:00. Randy has a morning snack at 10:30. Randy eats lunch at 12 00. At 3:30 Randy has an afternoon snack. Randy eats dinner with his family at 6:00. What time do you eat during the day? time! 10:00 4 Matching Time Match the clock face to the analog clock. 5:00 9:45 6:30 3:15 11:30 7:45 10:00 2:00 1 Day or Night He p the animals learn a m and p m times If they shou d do the given task n the a m (morning) colour the sun If the task happens in the p m (afternoon/even ng) colour the moon Co our both f they shou d do it in the morning and afternoon/evening Each day has 24 hours in it. These 24 hours are split into two parts, with each part having 12 hours in it. The first 12 hours start at 12 o’clock midnight and end at 12 o’clock noon. We call these hours the a.m. or morning hours. The second 12 hours begin at 12 o’clock noon and end at 12 o’clock midnight. These hours are called the p.m. hours and they happen in the afternoon and evening. Craig eats breakfast. Jill goes to bed. Lenny goes to school. Jack brushes his teeth. Family eats dinner. a.m.p.m. a.m.p.m. a.m.p.m. a.m.p.m. a.m.p.m.
Familiesonline.co.uk May/June 5 Dulwich Prep & Senior New Senior Section Coming Soon! Register for Year 9 Entry Now Contact our Admissions team to book a tour on 020 8766 5525 or email admissions@dulwichpreplondon.org

Broadening your child’s vocabulary

Vocabulary development is often something that parents mention when they approach a tuition company. Unfortunately, this area of learning does not have a ‘quick fix’ solution.

Vocabulary acquirement, retention and application takes a long time. Children need to be exposed to new vocabulary several times in several different contexts in order to fully absorb it and use it in their own writing and speaking, recognise it in a range of uses and be able to adapt it (for example, adding prefixes and suffixes) when questioned in a test environment.

Vocabulary is a vital aspect of primary education, especially for pupils preparing for entrance exams. A rich vocabulary not only enhances language skills but also serves as a key tool for academic success.

Understanding words in various contexts is fundamental for primary pupils. It allows them to grasp the meanings and usage of words, which helps to improve their comprehension skills. Additionally, a strong vocabulary assists in spelling tasks, making children more aware of homophones and homographs, thus avoiding common pitfalls in their writing, particularly in time pressured test conditions. For example, in some verbal reasoning papers, they may be presented with a choice of synonyms to match together: wind, reign, meander. In this example, wind (verb) and meander are synonyms, but the child may read it as wind - the noun - due to its position next to a word that sounds like another type of weather but is spelt differently.

Familiesonline.co.uk May/June 6 EDUCATION
APPLY HERE Limited edition Majorettes Bumper Pack Each pack contains 13 premium toy cars including 4 limited editions T&C’s apply 3 available GIVEAWAY Worth £29.99 each Ages 3+
Familiesonline.co.uk May/June 7 AN ALL-THROUGH SCHOOL Little champions, big dreams Scan to find out more about the inspiring, enlightened and intellectually rigorous education offered by Streatham & Clapham High School for girls aged 3-18 schs.gdst.net 020 8677 8400 AMPLIFYING POTENTIAL | AMBITION FOR ALL | ACCELERATED LEARNING www.parsonsgreenprep.co.uk | 1 Fulham Park Road London SW6 4LJ | T: 020 7610 8085 ‘Apurposeful,happy,collaborativesetting.’ - Good Schools Guide Rated ‘Excellent’ in all areas - May 2022 ISI Inspection. INSPIRING FUTURES A single proprietor, standalone co-educational 4-11 London prep school. Please contact us to book a place admissions@parsonsgreenprep.co.uk Admissions: 0207 610 8085

Fantastic family science experiments

These experiments are great for the family to try at home and are full of learning opportunities for the kids, as well as being lots of fun.

Carbon sugar snake

Make a fiery black snake rise from the ground.

Make a barometer

Create a device for measuring air pressure.

Crystal snowflakes

Make dazzling crystal snowflakes.

Leakproof bag

Show off ‘magic skills’ and learn about polymers and friction.

Invisible ink

Be a secret agent and write invisible ink messages.

Soap powered boats

Make a simple boat which water molecules move forward.

Create a water filter

Turn dirty water clean and discuss recycling and pollution.

Fireworks in a jar

Use oil and water for an exciting display.

Singing wine glasses

Make a wine glass sing and play different notes.

Familiesonline.co.uk May/June 8 EDUCATION


We are delighted that as of December 2023, Ofsted inspectors rated La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls’ School Outstanding in all aspects.

Ofsted observed that our school maintains high expectations, providing personalised support for individual aspirations and talents, and maintains a dedicated focus on achieving excellent outcomes in public examinations.

Pupils feel 'happy and safe,' and our school's warmth ensures our students become 'confident young women’.



Ernest Bevin Academy Aspirational, Multicultural Education for Boys t: 020 8672 8582 e: mail@ernestbevinacademy.org.uk w: ernestbevinacademy.org.uk Beechcroft Road, SW17 7DF Open Morning: Thursday 20th June, 9:00am Co-Ed Sixth Form Open Evening: Wednesday 3rd July, 5:00pm Ernest Bevin Academy
@LaRetraiteSW12 020 8673 5644 https://www.laretraite.co.uk

Developing skills for good performance

Many parents worry about their children underachieving or not reaching the expected level by the time they leave primary school or sit 11+ exams. But there is good news. By developing your child’s skills it may be easier to improve their performance than you think.


Choosing a reading book

‘I don’t like reading’ are words parents dread to hear and battle to change. In such households, reading can become a nonnegotiable, timed and recorded homework chore. Yet we all strive to mould children who want to read, for pleasure. But how?

memory retention

Does your child struggle to remember things they have learnt at school? Cognitive science can help us to understand how our children’s brains work and how they will learn best, as remembering involves storing information in their long-term memory.



Familiesonline.co.uk May/June 10 EDUCATION
Supporting your child’s
Smoby Flower Market Creations Kit Giveaway Worth £39.99 APPLY HERE T&Cs apply Design and construct flowers with Smoby Flower Market Creations Kit Ages 3+


Apsol is a bilingual primary school in Wandsworth with a unique family-approach to teaching and learning, working closely with our families and a team of professionals to ensure all children have the best start to their education. Our children learn the curriculum in English and have daily Portuguese language lesson with specialist teachers. From Year 3, the children also learn Spanish. The school day is from 9:00-4pm to accommodate the additional, daily language learning without impacting on the rest of the curriculum.


we offer

An ambitious, wellsequenced curriculum following UK National Curriculum guidance, see Ofsted 2023 report.

Daily Portuguese lessons and weekly Spanish lessons from Year 3


Whole class instrument tuition from Y1-Y6 and music lessons with specialist teachers

Swimming programme for Year 2 for the whole academic year. Sports lessons with specialists for all year groups


Onsite Speech therapist and psychologist Free tuition for children who need additional support

Thorough enrichment programme, including workshops, trips and participation in inter-school events

Range of clubs: chess, performing arts, cooking, yoga, capoeira Forest school (outdoor learning) with specialist teachers for Reception & Year 1


Working with bilingual schools in the UK, USA, Portugal and Brazil

Our teachers are all highly qualified and have UK QTS. Our children perform very well at every stage



secondary (ages 11-18) Principal: Mr. M. Singh

Trinity Academy is a ourishing mixed, non­selective secondary school and Sixth Form based in Brixton. As part of the outstanding Future Academies Trust, Trinity brings together the best of all worlds in offering a high quality education more usually found in independent schools. We are large enough to offer the fullest range of academic subjects and co­curricular activities yet small enough to know every student as an individual.

Year 7 Open Days – September 2025 Entry

Open Mornings

Tues 1 October 9am – 10:30am

Wed 2 October 9am – 10.30am

Tues 8 October 9am – 10.30am Open Evening Thurs 3 October 5pm – 7pm Sixth Form Open Event Thurs 14 November 5pm – 7pm

Familiesonline.co.uk May/June 11 Co-educational
www.trinity.futureacademies.org 56 Brixton Hill, London, SW2 1QS T: 020 3126 4993 E: admissions@trinity.futureacademies.org
Enquire now 0203 417 0905 https://angloportugueseschool.org/en/
International School Award
26 September 9:30 20 November 9:30 Book now to see the school in action

Help with multiplication and division

Do your kids need a bit of help grasping the concepts of multiplication and division? Try these fun books, apps and videos, many of them free.

Division with Ibbleobble

Helps KS1 kids master division facts and basic calculations. £1.99. Apple.

Doodle Tables

Interactive app for multiplication. KS1-KS2. Android & Apple. FREE

Multiplication & division relationship

KS1 & KS2. BBC Teach. FREE

How to do division by sharing

Help your KS1 child to understand division by sharing. FREE video.

What is multiplication?

Explains how multiplication is simply repeated addition. KS1. BBC Teach. FREE

Multiplication and division

Fun activities supporting your child’s learning at home. KS2. WHSmith. £1.99.

Long Division Workbook

Extra division practice for KS2 kids. Blackwells. £3.78.

Times Table Grid

Colourful times table grid makes multiplication easier. KS2. WordUnited. FREE download.

Wipeout Wall (Multiplication & Division)

Remember multiplication and division facts. Apple & Android. £0.99.

Familiesonline.co.uk May/June 12 EDUCATION
Familiesonline.co.uk May/June 13 GIVEAWAYS CREATIVITY ■ COMMUNITY ■ CHARACTER ■ CURRICULUM ■ COMMITMENT For more information, or to register your place on this event, visit www.burntwoodschool.com A high-performing, ambitious and vibrant academy for girls in Wandsworth OPEN MORNING Thursday 4 July 2024 9.15–11am A co-educational independent school for pupils aged nine months to 18 years www.kingswood.bath.sch.uk Renowned for our warm and welcoming community across our Nursery, Prep and Senior Schools, our broad and balanced curriculum is supported by outstanding pastoral care, so that every pupil can find and ignite their potential. Believing in yourself while still being kind to others is a key ingredient of a Kingswood education. To discover more and book a visit, head to our website. Ignite YOUR POTENTIAL

Active adventures with the family

Here are some great activities for the family to try together. Great fun and good for everyone’s fitness.


Challenging, exciting but safe activity. Find your local climbing wall.


Embrace a sense of adventure! Advice/ events at British Orienteering.


Cycling UK has located safe traffic-free cycling routes across the UK.


Great family activity for all ages and abilities.

Fossil hunting

UKAFH encourages all ages/abilities to take part in its event.

Strawberry picking

Find the best pick-yourown strawberry farms across the UK.

Padel ball

Fun, easy to learn form of tennis. Great for mixed ages/abilities.


National Trust family walks include natural play areas & woodland den building.


Go on a family group lesson at a local riding centre.

Familiesonline.co.uk May/June 14 ACTIVITIES
Familiesonline.co.uk May/June 15 GIVE THEM A HEAD START IN MUSIC www.londonyouthconservatoire.org.uk A carefully devised and engaging music curriculum for ages 4-5 Book a free trial online registered charity 1141138 CONTACT US 0207 731 0695 www.yellowbirdeducation.com Creative Writing Handwriting Exam Preparation Mock Exams Reasoning Interview Skills WORKSHOPS

Developing Executive Function skills


Card games – play card games which require organising playing cards such as Uno and Crazy 8s. Hobby collection – encourage a collecting hobby (anything from rocks to small toys), which involves sorting and resorting in categories.

Cook together – cooking teaches measuring and sorting ingredients, following directions and managing time.

Planning & problem

Strategy-based board gamestry Checkers, Battleship, Ticket to Ride or Uno.

Scavenger Hunts - derived from a series of clues with a reward at the end.

Let them plan – whether it’s a party or family activity let them decide how, what and when. Let them build – whether Jenga or a Lego tower they have to think carefully.

What is Executive Function?

Learn how it relates to selfregulation and is vital for future attainment and well-being.

Time management

Use the ding thing – timers, phone apps etc will help keep them on track.

Create charts – plans and charts help children visualise abstract concepts like time.

Time estimation games – how long does it take to get to grandmas? How much time to get to school?

Use a diary – get your child used to recording important info.


Learning a musical skill - will test selective attention and selfmonitoring.

Concentration games – like Simon Says, jigsaw puzzles, Spot the Difference promote focus. Picture copying – Get them to copy a picture in a set time. Dancing games – Wii, Xbox or other console games require close attention to copying the dance sequence.

Familiesonline.co.uk May/June 16 PARENTING

New baby and toddler swim classes at the Aqua-Hub a lovely new warm water aqua sensory private pool.

Active Lambeth Swim School

Improve kids confidence or advance swimming skills, Active Lambeth Swim School offers swimming lessons for children of all ages and abilities Active Lambeth Swim School Classes and Courses

Experienced instructors

STA approved courses

Supportive learning environment

Swimming lessons from just £22 per month!

STA Kids Swimming Lessons

Half Term Swim Crash Course

Parent and Baby Classes

SEND Inclusive Classes

Adult Swim Classes

Familiesonline.co.uk May/June 17 t e a c hing yo u r ba by t o l ove t h e wa t e r F REE TRIA L S E S SION S
01273 22939 0
www.littled ippers.co.uk
ACTIVE LAMBETH Leisure for all SWIM SCHOOL Visit active lambeth gov uk or scan to the QR code to find out more

Kids’ party food options

Looking for something a bit different to the traditional sandwiches and sausage rolls? All these recipes are popular with kids and easy to make.

Mini cheese & onion pasties

A classic which will go down a treat with kids.

Mini pizza quiches

Individual portions using tortilla wraps and a muffin tin.

Instant frozen berry yoghurt

Three-ingredient frozen yogurt - a lighter alternative to ice cream.

Homemade vegetable crisps

A healthy food in disguise - make without a drop of oil.

Pizza pinwheels

More healthy but yummy morsels, popular with kids.

Chocolate-chip cookie ice-cream sandwiches

Chewy American-style biscuits filled with ice cream!

Strawberry lemonade

A healthier option than fizzy canned drinks.

Chicken lollipops

Involve your child in preparing these easy-tomake tasty morsels.

Rainbow fruit skewers

Simple, colourful and a fun way to get kids eating fruit.

Familiesonline.co.uk May/June 18 PARTIES

• All ages and abilities from babies to adults

• Holiday courses and termly classes

• Rookie Lifesaving Club

• Adult Swim Fit and Learn to Improve Technique

• Small classes, 7 days a week in 4 local venues

• FREE trial of our classes

BOOKINGS NOW OPEN: 020 8767 2723 info@swswimschool.co.uk | www.swswimschool.co.uk



upbeatmusiccourses@gmail.com www upbeatmusiccourses co uk

Familiesonline.co.uk May/June 19
South West Swimming School
16 YRS
EST. 2001 C I AG CAN • • • NLOCKTHEM METO uk co ww.studioartcafe • • w k

Storytime and nursery rhyme apps

Listening to stories and nursery rhymes is a great activity for travel and quiet time. Here are a selection of apps, many of them free.

Storytime from CBeebies

Beautiful, interactive, app-based story books. Apple & Android. FREE.

Fairy Tales –Bedtime Stories

Interactive reading app with mini games. Apple. FREE.

Dave and Ava Learn and Play

100+ popular rhymes, colourful animation and read-along lyrics. Apple & Android. Free to try.

Storyline Online

Award winning. Actors read children’s books. Includes illustrations. Apple & Android. FREE.


Animated version of flip book. Swap parts of animals around. £3.99. Apple.

Princess Fairy Tale Maker

Create fairy tales with familiar characters and pretty scenes. Apple. FREE.

Dr Seuss Treasury Kids Books

Classic collection. Great imagery. Interactive features. Apple. Free to try.

Little Fox Nursery Rhymes

A sing-along songbook, packed with interactive elements. £3.99. Apple.

Toca Tailor Fairy Tales

Create, combine, style outfits for characters in fairy tale setting. Apple. FREE.

Familiesonline.co.uk May/June 20 EARLY YEARS
Familiesonline.co.uk May/June 21 www.wandsworthprep.com | office@wandsworthprep.com Co-ed school for 3-11 year olds Scan to arrange a visit FREE wraparound care until 6pm School holiday club
Familiesonline.co.uk May/June 22 GIVEAWAY Fuel your child’s passion for adventure with Tonka Mega-Machines Dump Truck The ultimate interactive experience for kids who love trucks APPLY HERE T&Cs apply 4 available Worth £16.99 each Ages 3+

Parties without stress in 2024!

Indulge in seamless celebrations: stress-free parties with Pappa Ciccia’s bespoke private catering!

Established in Fulham in 1995, Pappa Ciccia, a family business, provides stress-free party experiences with bespoke private catering for events. Known for friendly, 5-star service, they deliver delicious kids’ party food, stunning canapés, and grazing platters for adults. The options are diverse, and patrons can also enjoy a meal in one of Pappa Ciccia's Fulham restaurants.

Feedback from satised customers includes, "The food was incredible. The service was efficient and really helpful! They went above and beyondsuper happy and would highly recommend their catering services. Looking forward to our next event so we can use them again!"

For more information, visit www.pappacicciacatering.com or www.pappaciccia.com

Familiesonline.co.uk May/June 23
Party solution!

The perfect family weekend

Summer is here! Wanting to plan a weekend away? Here are some great options the whole family will love.


Beach Lodges


These seaside huts will be a hit with kids.

Short Break in Thorpe Forest


Luxury woodland cabins in a forest setting. Family-friendly activities.

National Showcaves Centre for Wales

Sleepover and visit the mammoth dinosaur park.

Blackberry Wood


Enchanting and quirky glamping experience in the Sussex countryside.

Sleepover in Knight’s Village

Warwick Castle

Glamping, luxury lodges + hotel. A ‘must’ for fans of Horrible Histories!

House in the Clouds


Fantasy family

accommodation with fab views.

Port Lympne

Safari Park


Stay amongst the wildlife.

Stay at the Forbidden Corner

North Yorkshire

A unique labyrinth of tunnels, chambers, follies and surprises.

Glamp at the Eden Project


Explore this world class attraction and sleep under stars.

Familiesonline.co.uk May/June 24

May half term

-29 - 31 May: Robin Hood's Quest theatre

Summer Holidays

-28 & 30 Jul: Peter Pan

-14 - 15 Aug: The Tale of Jemima

Visit website to book:


Family Gardening Festival

Sat 25 May – Sun 2 Jun

Dive into a blooming adventure at RHS Gardens this May half term. With outdoor trails to explore, fun planting workshops, craft activities and more, it’s a garden party for the whole family! rhs.org.uk/wisley

Familiesonline.co.uk May/June 25
at Morden
Enjoy family theatre
Hall Park
KIDS GO FREE with a 24h Family River Pass Scan here to book your tickets citycruises.com/london Get on board with London’s best views RHS Registered Charity No: 222879/SC038262
RHS Registered Charity No: 222879/SC038262

Family camping across the UK

Spark a love of the outdoors from an early age. The Outdoor Guide share some of their favourite camping and glamping choices.

Orcarber Farm, Yorkshire Dales

This is a family run site near the village of Austwick with its country pub, local shop and playing fields with tennis, bowls, football, basketball and a playground – perfect for getting active and enjoying a family break.

Charmill Cottage Campsite, West Sussex

On the edge of the South Downs National Park, this is a little gem that you’ll definitely want to revisit.

Explore and play on Wild Heart Hill, next to the site - look out for the rope swings hidden amongst the trees! Short drive to the beaches of Worthing and Littlehampton.

Love2Stay, Mid-Wales

In the heart of the rolling Welsh hills, overlooking the Severn Valley, there’s enough here to keep all the family busy! There’s a fantastic adventure play area for the children whilst adults can relax in the spa or hot tub.

Sennen Cove Club Site, Cornwall

Located on a cliff top overlooking the Atlantic, the nearby coastline offers secluded coves and sandy beaches where kids can run free.

This campsite is perfectly situated to explore Land’s End, St Michael’s Mount and St Ives.

Familiesonline.co.uk May/June 26 TRAVEL

Family camping across the UK

Spark a love of the outdoors from an early age. The Outdoor Guide share some of their favourite camping and glamping choices.

Loch Ness Shores Club Site, Scotland

In the heart of the Highlands and with views over Loch Ness, this is a simply stunning location. It’s the perfect place to explore the surrounding countryside or perhaps while away an hour or two looking out for the elusive

Verwood Club Site, Dorset

Whether you’re looking to explore the miles of sandy beaches across Bournemouth and Poole or go and explore the New Forest National Park, this is the perfect base. There’s a great children’s playground on site and your dog is welcome too.

May/June 27 TRAVEL
Time to reveal the true beauty of your hair. Book now bei London, 703 Fulham Road, SW6 5ULT / 07717 610 791 Find us on Parsons Green
498-504 Fulham Rd., London SW6 5NH Tel: 02039622083 |

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