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Welcome Hello lovely readers, welcome to the May/June issue of Families Leicestershire & Rutland! In this issue we have a fab party feature (pages 10-13) with ideas for different types of parties and a directory of local party venues, organisers and suppliers. Don’t forget you can also view our local directory online at Now that Spring has finally sprung, take a look at our article on gardening with children (page 8) and have a look at ‘What’s On’ for lots of lovely ideas on things to do and places to go.

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From around Leicestershire and Rutland

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Foxton Locks Festival The 2012 Foxton Locks Festival was a victim of the disastrous summer and cost the Inclined Plane Trust approximately £3,000, making a substantial dent in their fundraising. They have however put this behind them and the 2013 Foxton Locks Festival promises to exceed the success of previous years and will be a great day out for all the family.

Distributors Wanted

This years Festival takes place on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 June. All proceeds from the festival support the charitable trust restoring the marvel of Victorian engineering - the Inclined Plane boat lift. For further details go to

Have you written your will? Research by Macmillan Cancer Support reveals that the single biggest trigger for people writing their first will is having children. Despite this over half of adults in the UK today have yet to put pen to paper. The research marks the launch of Macmillan Cancer Support’s new Discounted Will-Writing Service which helps people find a legal professional they can trust to write their will at a discounted cost.  The service is available online with telephone support, meeting a trained financial professional face-to-face or liaising directly with a solicitor on the phone or in a local branch. Simply

get in touch and quote the Macmillan Cancer Support code to receive a discount on the cost of writing your will. “Everyone should have an up to date, professionally written will, to ensure their loved ones and favourite causes are taken care of when they’re gone,” said Helen Eddleston of Macmillan Cancer Support.  “Our Discounted Will-Writing Service provides access to trustworthy, professional will writing services at a reduced cost, meaning it has never been easier to write your will.”


with each day focussing on a different aspect of walking, including safety, discovery, healthy, eco-friendly and social time. Take part in Strider’s 5-Day Walking Challenge and reinforce the benefits of walking, plus download puzzles, pledges and challenges at: walk-with-us/walk--school/walk-to-school-week

It’s that time of year again. 2013’s Walk To School Week runs from 20-24 May, bringing together nearly one million school children, teachers and parents and promising to be the biggest and best yet! As part of NationalWalking Month, the campaign aims to teach children about the benefits of walking,

Music & Fireworks at Wistow On Saturday 1st June a Charity Concert is being held in the beautiful grounds of Wistow Hall, by kind permission of the Brooks family, and it’s guaranteed to be a great night out for all the family. Bring your own picnic and enjoy a wonderful evening listening to music followed by a fabulous Firework Display in front of Wistow Hall. The concert is supporting LOROS, the Prince’s Trust and the Breast Cancer Campaign. For more details visit or phone 0116 231 8431

Families Leicestershire & Rutland – May / June 2013

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Parents help needed

Local parents with children under 18 months can get involved in an exciting new English language development study being carried out across the UK. University researchers have been awarded more than £300,000 to create the first standardised UK speech and language development tool (UK-CDI) to establish language norms for UK children aged 8 to 18 months. The research team at Lancaster, Liverpool and Lincoln universities are asking UK parents of children aged 8-18 months to fill in a communication checklist and questionnaire by post. The researchers are using the information parents provide to build up a picture of UK early language development.This may help professionals to pick up on problems more easily in the future by comparing a child’s progress against national averages. Parents can have a parent pack sent out by signing up at or contacting the research team by email or on 0151 794 1109. 3

Parenting The leap from one child to two - The art of juggling!

- by Kathryn Mewes, Author of ‘The 3 Day Nanny’

There is so much information to help and guide a ‘first time parent’ …. but what about the huge leap of going from one child to two! Suddenly you need to learn the art of juggling and organisation and there is constantly someone demanding your time and energy. It doesn’t stop at the end of the day either – there are the nights to get through! Kathryn Mewes provides a unique service where she lives with a family for up to 3 days and resolves any challenges they have with their children.She spent time with a local family in Markfield who were in a state of exhaustion with a 2 year old son demanding attention and a new addition to the family who wanted to sleep all day and party at night!

Esther tells us how it was before Kathryn arrived Reed found it very difficult to accept Mummy wasn’t instantly available to him after his baby brother arrived. He didn’t understand that I couldn’t play with him whilst I was feeding, changing and putting Arlen down for a sleep.There just didn’t seem enough hours in the day. I felt very guilty and frustrated. Reed would try anything to get my attention including shouting at me. I found his behaviour very difficult. My day didn’t end when Reed was in bed, Arlen, aged 5 months was still feeding 3-4 times a night. I didn’t want him to cry and wake Reed! Kathryn organised us into a wonderful routine that met all our needs. I was able to give Reed the attention he craved and we were all more settled and less exhausted. It’s so easy to get into a bad routine but when you are too tired to think straight it’s almost impossible to find a way out without some help.

Top tips to make life just that little bit easier • L oad the washing machine first thing in the morning before the children awake. • O  rganise a weekly shop, ideally delivered during the children’s midday sleep. • O  rganise meals 2 days in advance to avoid the panic of ‘What can we eat?’ • G  ive the children the same meal as you. Your dinner is their lunch the following day. • Keep a nappy changing basket with spare clothing in downstairs. • Create a box of ‘art materials’ for when you feed your baby. • Your baby will nap in their pram when you are out. • Involve your eldest child in ‘helping’ as much as possible. • Children’s clothes do not need ironing! • D  on’t feel guilty about quality time, your baby has non-stop entertainment from his sibling. • T  he house will never be spotless – you are a family of 4 and dust doesn’t matter! • Share the household duties with your partner. Don’t try to do it all.


Routine for 5 month old and 2.5 year old 06.00 / 07.00

Change and feed your baby.

07.00 / 07.15

Take your baby into your toddler’s bedroom and let them spend time together. Do not leave them alone.

07.30 Dress your toddler before going downstairs. 08.00

Breakfast for you and your toddler while your baby lays under their play gym.

08.30 / 09.00 2 hours after your baby has woken they will need to sleep for 45-60 minutes. You can get dressed and your toddler can play or watch TV. Or go out with your baby sleeping in their pram. 09.30 / 10.00

Morning Activity


Morning feed for your baby whilst your toddler does some art.

11.30 / 12.00

Baby needs their 2 hour sleep in their cot.


Have a peaceful lunch with your toddler.

12.30 60-120 minute quiet time for your toddler in their cot/bed is strongly recommended whether they sleep or not.Time to catch your breath ready for the second half of the day. Organise dinner and complete the washing. 14.00 / 14.30

The children are awake and the afternoon has begun.


Feed the baby. Afternoon snack for you and your toddler.

15.30 / 17.00 Afternoon Activity. Baby is likely to need a sleep around 16.00/16.30. This can be in the pram and needs only be 30 minutes. Do not let them sleep past 17.00 17.00

Dinner Time for your toddler. Have a snack to give you energy. Give your baby half a feed to get them through the last stage in the day.

18.00 Bath time for both children, get baby out first while your toddler continues having fun in the water. 18.30 Give your baby their final feed of the day. Your toddler can play in their bedroom or watch TV quietly. 18.45

Leave your baby to settle to sleep in their cot. Brush teeth and story time for your toddler.


Say ‘Good Night’ to your toddler and leave him to settle himself to sleep.


Your evening begins – if you can keep your eyes open!

Families Leicestershire & Rutland – May / June 2013

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Savings accounts for children - by Money Vista Most banks and building societies offer special savings accounts for children. These often pay better rates of interest than standard savings accounts and are designed specifically for children with free gifts, magazines and birthday cards. The one that’s right for your child will depend on whether: •       you want to save on a regular basis or have a lump sum to put away •       you can afford to tie-up your money for a set period of time •       you want your child to have access to the cash

Savings accounts

Junior ISAs

Regular savings accounts often pay higher rates of interest. For example, Halifax is offering an impressive 6% on its regular savings account. But if you don’t want to save on a regular basis then opt for the best paying account you can find. For example,Virgin Money’sYoung Saver account pays 3%. It’s also worth looking at standard savings accounts and if they offer better rates, you may want to opt for one of them.

There are two types of Junior ISAs (JISAs) - cash JISAs and stocks and shares JISAs. Cash JISAs are just like savings accounts except all the interest earned is tax-free. Parents can invest up to £3,600 in the current tax year in JISAs and this money is then locked away until the child reaches 18.

Some children’s accounts, such as Lloyds TSB’s children account which pays 3%, are only available if a parent has an account with the savings institution. Other things to watch out for are minimum investment levels, how many withdrawals you can make each year and if you need to give notice before withdrawing your money. As with any account, you need to regularly check the interest rates being paid to make sure you’re getting a good deal.You can do this at MoneyVista’s Savings Watch:

Tax and savings

Cash JISAs are offered by a number of banks and building societies and rates of interest are typically 2% to 3% at present. The advantage of a JISA is that once a child reaches 18 this money is automatically tipped into an adult ISA which means the money remains in a tax-free savings account.

Interest earned on savings is taxable. But as you need to earn more than the personal tax allowance (£8,105 in 2012/2013) to be a taxpayer, few children pay tax.To ensure they get interest tax-free fill in form R85. If they’ve already paid tax you can reclaim this by completing form R40.

The potential disadvantage with JISAs is that you cannot get at the money before your child is 18 and when the account matures, it’s your child and not you who has access to the cash.

There are special rules if a parent gives savings to their child. If these savings earn gross interest of £100 or more a year (£200 if both parents contribute), then all the interest is taxed as if it belongs to the parent.

Any child under 18 is eligible for a JISA providing they don’t have a Child Trust Fund which was the predecessor to JISAs.

If you don’t want your child to be able to withdraw the cash you’ve saved for them, look for an account where you can name yourself as trustee.You can still register for tax-free interest by completing form R85.

NS&I Children’s Bonds These are 5-year lump-sum investments for children under 16.You can invest between £25 and £3,000 in each issue of the bonds.They earn a guaranteed rate of interest (2.5% for the latest issue) and interest is tax-free. MoneyVista is a free personal finance website. Full of guides, budgeting tips and expert help, we aim to help you take control of your money and plan for your family’s future. To find out more visit

Families Leicestershire & Rutland – May / June 2013


Education Reading out loud in class ‘does children no good’ Well-loved children’s author Julia Donaldson has said that reading aloud in class is too “wooden” to interest children in books, and instead they should be taught how to read by acting out plays. The Children’s Laureate has suggested that reading aloud makes children feel like they are being tested, rather than inspiring them. The author of The Gruffalo and Room on the Broom said that when she visits a classroom she takes small groups of students aside and works on the play with them, before reading it to the rest of the class.  “It can develop children’s reading” as well as build confidence, she said.  The author is launching a new series of short plays written especially for schools,including plays by authors such as Vivian French, Alison Hawes and Steve Barlow.

Long division rules

It’s true – phonics works!

From now on, children are to be awarded extra marks for using long division in maths, as long division and multiplication make a return to maths exams. As part of a Government incentive to increase standards in primary schools, 11 year olds will receive extra marks for using traditional methods of calculation in their Sats tests.  Even if they end up with the wrong answer, the workings-out of sums will receive additional marks.  The changes are due to be introduced from © Serhiy - 2016 andKobyakov coincide with the introduction of a new primary maths curriculum which places greater strength on times tables and mental arithmetic, plus calculators will be banned in maths tests sat by 11 year olds at the end of primary school.

English schools climb the international league table in reading thanks to phonics. PIRLS, the international comparison of reading teaching achievement, has published results which show that figures for reading in England have improved significantly, with the country moving up 8 places to number 11th.  “It’s incredibly good news to see England rising up the table,” said Chris Jolly, Publisher of Jolly Learning, the synthetic phonics programme of choice for many primary schools.  “There is still work to be done though; we need to work harder in reducing the widespread range of achievement in England, and the huge difference between girls and boys which is unreasonably high.  Synthetic phonics has shown over the years what a fantastic difference it makes for helping children to learn to read and write.  I see no reason why we shouldn’t be challenging for the number 1 position currently held by Hong Kong and Russia.”

The draft national curriculum for primary maths says that children should learn “efficient calculation methods”, such as short and long multiplication and division, and that nine-year-olds should know all their times tables up to 12x12 and confidently work with numbers up to 10 million by the end of primary school.


Families Leicestershire & Rutland – May / June 2013

Train them up Leading Health and Safety training company Aid Training has set up a petition to make first aid training compulsory in schools. St. John Ambulance reports that 140,000 people in the UK die each year in situations where first aid could have saved them and Aid Training intends to reduce this number.  First Aid is a mandatory subject for Welsh and Northern Ireland pupils, but in England and Scotland it is only an option within the curriculum, and in a survey of more than 1,500 schoolchildren, 7/10 said they would not know how to help in an emergency and 8/10 said that they would feel safer if they had some first aid knowledge. Over 400,000 children are injured each year at school and compulsory first aid training can save lives and ensure minor injuries don’t become major ones.  “97% of young people said they believed first aid education would improve their skills to act in a crisis,” said Paul Hosking, Managing Director at Aid Training.  “Training in schools would give people the confidence to respond to emergency situations; it is a fundamental life skill, literally!”

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How to encourage reading - by Elisabeth Dolton

Many of us know the value and enjoyment of reading. Good readers become better writers, better learners and well rounded individuals.Taking an active part in helping your children become interested in reading is vital. Despite busy days, tired kids, limited time and many distractions, we outline five simple steps that can help. Buy a special notebook and record all the books they have read, add their thoughts and a star rating.

Write short notes for your child to read. Reading opens up new worlds to your children and gives them a chance to use their imaginations. There are many ways to encourage your child to read, and the best ways always include participation on your part.

Step one – Set up reading time every day

Step three – See the teacher and judge where they are

Decide when and where a reading session will take place, which fits into your household schedule, and keep it. 10 minutes is fine.

Find out what reading program the school follows, get to know the levels, and aim to supplement the program at home.

Encourage your child to read aloud.They don’t have to get every word right, and praise them often. If they are discouraged by their own reading, you read aloud.The pleasure of listening to you read can restore their enthusiasm. Offer to read every other sentence, page, chapter, and have conversations and discussions about the content.

Prepare a timetable. Know what level your child is at and the next, with some idea of when it can be achieved.There is no race to be the first to read, it just puts things into context.

Books and Audio

Make it fun. Children love sound effects, different voices, pulling faces.

Step four – Plan specific reading linked activities

Sub-titles on your TV or DVD help increase sight word vocabulary, whilst developing a sense of flow of written and spoken language

Extend your child’s positive reading experiences, e.g. If they enjoyed reading about dinosaurs, visit the natural history museum.

Make your child the star of their own audio book

Encourage activities that require reading, e.g. read a recipe, instructions, and directions, play games that require reading, use a reference book to look up something you have seen.

Everyone joins in

Step two – During reading time Introduce the bookmark. Stop after a few pages and pick up where you left off at another time Provide an accessible, special place for children to keep their own books Use special incentives, e.g. an extra 5 minutes to finish a chapter, a promise to take them to see the film of the book, sticker charts and certificates Notice what attracts your children’s attention, even if it’s only pictures, and build on that interest. Gather more information on the same subject. Listen to audio books (in the car too).These help develop visualisation, a critical pre-reading skill. Let them choose their own books. Don’t worry the books are too young or too easy, early reading success can came from several “non-traditional” sources such as comics.

Visit the library and give your child their own library card.They can choose their own library book or listen in on story-time.

Step five – Be a role model Let your children see you reading for pleasure. Read aloud everyday items - menus, road signs, food labels. Give books as gifts. Leave books, magazines, and colourful catalogues around your home.

Families Leicestershire & Rutland – May / June 2013

Helping reading for children with learning difficulties Follow a book as the audio book plays. Listen to a chapter, and then read it together

Turn on the TV subtitles

Your child can read into a recorder, then follow the book together during playback

Reserve thirty minutes each evening for family reading time. Each family member reads different material and then shares information about it, or take turns reading aloud from the same book.

Support their learning Help ensure your child doesn’t get behind in reading material necessary for school subjects, ask for help with obtaining textbooks on CD ROM.Together identify unfamiliar words you come across and show your child how to look up the meanings of words. Children with specific learning difficulties and dyslexia could benefit from the PQ4R strategy (http:// instructionalmaterials/a/pq4rstrategy.htm) 7

Gardening How to get kids to grow things

© barneyboogles -

As we reach for the back door, or open a window for the first time in several months, we may spot a daffodil emerging through the cold hard ground, and just maybe the first sight of blue sky overhead what better time to encourage your children to explore their environment and discover the world of gardening.  Involving children in gardening can be a great and fun experience for everyone regardless of age. Children can really get engrossed in planting and caring for flowers - even those with shorter attention spans! Most kids can’t get enough of the anticipation and excitement of waiting for a seed to sprout or a plant to grow, even making mud pies, as all children find pleasure in a patch of soil they can call their own.  Imagine sparking the green fingers of little children, as you point out the wonder of the natural environment around them.  And what better way to learn about photosynthesis, by watching it happen in front of your eyes! Show your child the magic of Mother Nature.

Getting started Gardening doesn’t require a huge garden or allotment; in fact, it can actually be beneficial to start out with smaller spaces such as a window box or a restricted area. Just ensure that the allocated area gets enough sunlight and start with a small, manageable project. It needn’t cost a lot of money either - you don’t need to buy anything special or fancy, and if you grow your own fruit and veg then you’ll ultimately be making a saving!      Start with margarine tubs, yoghurt pots, and any other small containers you might find lying around the house. Instead of fancy trays with separate sections, you’ll find just as much use in empty egg cartons. A lollipop stick can make a great plant label and can be used when dipping out seedlings. And what about a water pistol instead of a watering can.  Who would have thoughts watering the plants could be so much fun.  (hum good idea this?)  

Opportunity to learn

There is so much for children to learn. Explain to younger children that the seeds have popped underground and covered up to sleep, helping them understand that they need to be gentle with them and treat them with care. Make sure they know to water regularly and then sit back 8

and watch it grow. You don’t have to be green fingered yourself, gardening opens up a whole host of great experiments and different ways of looking at things, almost like having your own laboratory in your kitchen. A good idea to show how plants need time to grow, lots of sunshine and water is to grow three separate pots of cress. Place one in sunlight with plenty of water, one in a dark cupboard with plenty of water, and one in sunlight with no water.  The difference will be there to see.     

Inspire their senses

We all have a particular fondness for plants which stimulate our senses and children are no different; point out plants with soft leaves and bright flowers, aromatic herbs, scented flowers, grasses and leaves that rustle when blown, etc. These can be particularly beneficial for children with special needs and requirements. Plants attract wildlife, which can be hugely exciting.  Wildflowers attract bees and butterflies, and watch out for the insects.  All of them have a purpose in the garden, for example hedgehogs and toads eat the slugs and snails, and worms create holes in the soil.   Families Leicestershire & Rutland – May / June 2013

Kids will eat anything they have grown themselves, just try with peas, cabbage and lettuce. Sheer pride will lend a flavour never to be forgotten.  They will realise that whenever they eat yummy fruit and vegetables that someone had to grow them and that we can all grow our own fresh foods.     Prepare for mess! Gardening isn’t a clean business but its lots of fun and easy enough for children to get to grips with. So peel your children away from the TV and explore the garden - touch the flowers, feel the leaves, and look for bugs. Once they get in the garden and explore, in time they will want to take care of the plants they have learned to love and really gain pleasure along the way.   Enjoy! 

We do recommend: The Family Kitchen Garden by Karen Liebreich, Jutta Wagner and Annette Wendland (14 May 2009)

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Clubs & Classes From Leicester to the West End

Children from Lemon Jelly Arts in Leicestershire, took to theWest End in March to perform at Her Majesty’s Theatre, London. Over 300 children performed to friends and family in an audience of 1500 people. Academy classes, based in Great Glen,Woodhouse, Stoneygate, Hertfordshire and North London joined up to create an evening of Musical Madness which included Street Dance, Musical Theatre and Drama performances. Lemon Jelly Arts is the brainchild of Kelle Garner and Hayley Reynolds who put the show together with their team. “All our teachers have performed professionally in theWest End as well as on TV, radio and filming projects” said Kelle. “Our aim as a company is to pass on our experiences and provide as many opportunities as we can” Hayley added, “We have so much talent amongst our young members”. The children had just three months to put the show together, rehearsing for only three hours per week. Lemon Jelly student Lily Woodhead, aged 9, said “It was amazing to perform on a west end stage. I wish we could do it all again!” For more information on Lemon Jelly classes and summer camps, please call 01858 545599.

Vote for Jo Jingles Jo Jingles has been nominated in this year’s ‘Whatson4LittleOnes’ Awards: Best National Baby & Toddler Development Activity; Best National Pre-Schooler Development Activity and Best Children’s Party Entertainment. If you love their classes please vote at: awards-voting-2013.asp before 28th May. Laura Rose runs Jo Jingles classes in Loughborough, Shepshed and Mountsorrel and offers a free trial session for newcomers. Jingle Babies, 3 months to walking, is a gentle and relaxed introduction to singing, musical instruments and movement. Classes help to develop babies three main senses - Sight, Sound and Touch. Classes are free for babies under 6 months. Jingle Toddlers, walking to 2 years, are lively classes in which toddlers enjoy moving, sitting and action songs. Learning how to play simple percussion instruments, helps hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills. Jo Jinglers, for over 2 years includes pre-school learning themes such as transport, colours and numbers and helps develop language, numeracy and communication skills. Jo Jingles programmes are designed with the Early Learning goals in mind.

Uppingham Shotokan Karate Club Learn the fascinating art of karate Beginners welcome from age 4 years to adult Great Family rates Every Monday, 6.15pm at Uppingham Sports Centre, Contact Mr Hogan on 07548 784929 or 01536 746182

Parsnips Youth Theatre /Rutland Youf Artz

Expert theatrical training for young people aged 8 - 18 years Market Harborough and Uppingham email

Hartbeeps South Leicestershire Multi-sensory music sessions for babies & toddlers aged 0-5 years Monday - Market Harborough, Wednesday - Braybrooke Contact 07584 033108

For more details contact Laura on 0844 3814325, email: jojingles-loughborough

Bright lights takes to the high seas! Students at Loughborough’s Bright Lights Theatre School are taking to the high seas in their end of year show “Moby Dick! - The Musical”. During rehearsals for the show, BrightLights had a few friends from the entertainment industry call in to offer advice, and even a talent scout from the BBC! Carl Sanderson, whose roles in the West End include The Phantom in “The Phantom of the Opera”, spent the day with the students giving them a Musical Theatre masterclass. Sarah Moffett (ex Coronation Street) offered audition advice and several students were screen tested for a new BBC adaptation of ‘Swallows and Amazons’. “It has been a fantastic year of amazing opportunities” says Principal Nick Sutcliffe. “We’ve got a terrific cast and the show is going to be tremendous fun”. “Moby Dick! - The Musical” is on Sunday 23rd June at Loughborough Town Hall, with two performances at 2pm and 5.30pm. For tickets or further information call 01509 646 647 or

Families Leicestershire & Rutland – May / June 2013


Party Feature © oksun70 -

plus); kids with lots of energy who enjoy racing around. The pros: Your house remains intact; the kids have something to focus on, and lots of opportunities to let off steam; many children end up covered in bruises from paintballing (though they don’t seem to mind!). The cons:  It can be very expensive; although some options, eg a swimming pool party, trip to an adventure playground, can be good value.

It’s party time! - by Joanna Moorhead A birthday party is the highpoint of the year for most kids - so the pressure is on to get it right. The secret, as ever, is in the planning. But how do you find out which party is right for your child?   We guide you through the options.

Who’s it suitable for? Great for nursery and reception age children, but don’t neglect its values for older kids, especially girls of eight or nine who often enjoy nothing more than inviting their friends back to their house and having a girly time. The pros:  It’s cheap (or at least, it certainly can be); other parents often stay to help you out, keep you company, especially if you promise a glass of Prosecco to help everyone through. The cons:  You may need to redecorate afterwards; you’ll certainly need to do a major tidy up. It can be difficult to keep your birthday child’s siblings out of the way, which could lead to conflict. 10

The church hall party What is it? An indoor party in a hired venue.

The traditional party What is it? An at-home for the birthday child and friends, with traditional games like pass the parcel (always a winner), pin the tail on the donkey, and musical bumps.

Top tips to make it work 1. If the activity is long and energetic it might be best to postpone a winter birthday party to the spring (the kids might get wet and cold as they’ll be outside for ages). 2. Take plenty of water, squash, snacks including fruit - they’ll need plenty of energy for all that running around. 3. Make ABSOLUTELY sure you’ve checked all restrictions, eg height restrictions, beforehand - there’s nothing worse than finding out on the day that one of your guests is too small to participate. 4.  Make sure you get parental consent forms signed well in advance - the venue will require you to do this before they allow you in. 5. Ensure the kids wear any safety equipment at all times.

Top tips to make it work: 1 Agree ground rules with the birthday child beforehand about which rooms are in and out of bounds. 2. Have a timetable for what’s happening when. 3. Think about a project, eg build a bear kits, jewellery-making, pirate games. 4. Give them chance to let off steam in the garden. 5. For tea, spread a huge paper tablecloth on the floor and get them to sit around the edges of it.  At the end, simply fold it up with all the rubbish inside and bin.

The action party What is it? Paintballing, go-karting, swimming, Go Ape etc. Who’s it suitable for? Older children (seven Families Leicestershire & Rutland – May / June 2013

Who’s it suitable for? Children of five plus, who are confident about being left somewhere they don’t know. The pros:  A lot more space than they’d have if you were at home. The cons:  You’ll have to leave the place spotless afterwards, and pay for any damage. Top tips to make it work   1. Try to find somewhere with outdoor space as well in case it’s a lovely day. 2. Ask if you can borrow/use playgroup play equipment. 3. Have lots of help, and have tea reasonably early in the afternoon so you can get it tidied away before the end. 4. If you’ve got the budget, consider hiring an entertainer - the extra space will make it a lot more fun. Tel: 0755 7967727

© oksun70 -

Midlands Mascots

Adding Character to your event For more information visit: Or call - 07968 258 167

Midlands Candy ......................................... Why not hire a Candy Cart to make your day perfect!

For more information visit: Or call 07837 128 152 • Lollipops • Cookie Mix Jars • Bespoke Cakes • Hot Chocolate Spoons • Wedding/Party favours

5. Musical games, dancing, discos etc are great fun in church halls.

The restaurant party What is it? A meal-based party in eg a pizza restaurant, where the kids are allowed to help or watch in the food preparation. Who’s it suitable for? Older kids of 8-12; children who enjoy the chance to meet and chat more than the chance to run around. The pros:  At its best, it’s very civilised; you can even have a second table in the restaurant and invite some other parents along, so it’s a meal out for you as well. Children enjoy sense of being ‘grown up’ and eating out with friends. The cons:  It’s expensive; raucous behaviour will upset other diners.

4. Make sure you sort out the cake arrangements beforehand; most restaurants allow you to bring your own (don’t forget the candles and matches). 5. Don’t limit yourself to chain restaurants your local eaterie may well be prepared to accommodate your party, and may be more flexible than bigger establishments. And finally...whatever sort of party you’re having don’t neglect the party bags! Every kid, at every party, is secretly (or not so secretly!) longing for a party bag - and part of the excitement for your child is helping to put the bags together. Have a budget and stick to it - party bags can add hugely to the cost of a party - but try and limit the wasteful plastic toys that get thrown away immediately. 

Top tips to make it work   1.  Make sure you’re booked for a time when the restaurant won’t be busy. 2.  A restaurant near a park, where kids can run. off a bit of energy afterwards, is a good idea. 3. Don’t rely on the pizza-making/chef-watching for absolutely all the entertainment. Bring eg colouring packs or check the restaurant will provide them, and think of some easy games to play round the table, eg I-Spy, in case things flag.

See our online Children’s Parties Section for more, including:

Families Leicestershire & Rutland – May / June 2013

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Find us on: Baked4U @Baked4_U Email: Call: 07887 642 317

on Cuddly p y party Jmebel[bo"][djb[" YkZZbofed_[i"m^ebel[X[_d] _dl_j[ZjeX_hj^ZWofWhj_[iWdZ[l[dji @em`k\9lYYc\jXe[Kn`ebc\]fi^iffd`e^#Zl[[c\j Xe[i`[`e^`epflifne^Xi[\e 9WbbAWh[ded0'.0.-//,,'+ 9WbbAWh[ded0'.0.-//,,'+ eh[cW_b0bXi\eng\iip7pX_ff%Zf%lb bXi\eng\iip7pX_ff%Zf%lb nnn%Zl[[cpgfepgXikp%Zf%lb

8 low cost party bags ideas: lowcostpartybags Our editorial team top tips: ourbestpartytips


Party Feature Party Bags with a difference

Stress Free Parties at Mini Mischiefs

Based in Leicestershire, Petals Party Pieces create bespoke party favours, children’s activity bags, handmade sweet cones and much more. Petals Party Pieces was created by Hetal Tharanee after realising that Children’s Party bags were always filled with the same sweets and plastic toys, many of which ended up in the bin. She creates bespoke party favours from scratch, giving you value for money and something different for your guests.

Children’s parties can be stressful for parents, many of us fret over every detail, over extend ourselves and our budgets! Mini Mischief’s parties are full of fun without the hassle! They take care of everything for you, with no hidden costs. Parties include exclusive use of a fantastic themed party room with brightly coloured furniture and even a birthday throne. Available to book at different times, 7 days a week.They provide invitations, unlimited squash, a hot or cold buffet, dessert,ThankYou notes and Party Bags (with sweetie treats, a toy and voucher).

You choose the theme and the budget and let Hetal do the rest. Contact Hetal on 07738 788 523 email: or find Petals Party Pieces on Facebook.

Your guests have full use of their facilities and 2 hours of action packed fun on their extensive multi-level soft play frame with astra, racing and spiral slides. There’s also an enclosed games pitch and dedicated baby & toddler area.

Have a Cuddly Pony Party

For an exciting memorable experience book a Mini Mischief’s party today at call: 01858 419743 or email:

Give your child a birthday party that is both unique and unforgettable by inviting two lovely gentle ponies,Twinkle and Bubbles. Children will have the opportunity to groom, cuddle and fuss the ponies.They can brush their manes and tails and decorate them with sparkles and ribbons! They can each have a ride on their favourite pony, supervised at all times by experienced handlers. The birthday boy or girl will receive a birthday card and rosette from the ponies and their photographer can also come along to capture the special day. Twinkle and Bubbles can come to your party in their trailer or you can visit them in the Vale of Belvoir. Cuddly Pony Party is a family run business with over 25 years experience in dealing with horses and children! They are fully insured, first aid trained and police checked, taking safety very seriously, but also having lots of fun! Visit or contact Karen on 07976 885 504 email:

Design a balloon Balloons Galore specialise in balloon printing for any occasion.They are constantly on the look out for new ideas and have introduced their new photo print balloons. Upload your favourite picture onto and add your own text to make a special balloon for someone.There is also the option of sending your photo balloon as a ‘Balloon in a Box’, a very popular choice. Balloons Galore have also recently introduced a great range of party accessories, with everything from party packs to invitations. Balloons Galore is the one stop shop for everything you could need for a great party, from 1st Birthdays to 100th Birthdays.Visit or ‘like’ them on Facebook for the latest offers.Tel: 01455 284422 email:


Personalised Tasty Treats Baked4U create scrumptious bespoke cakes, cake pops, lollipops, and party favours.Their products are handmade using the freshest ingredients and their chocolate delights are made with Fairtrade certified finest Belgian chocolate. Their personalised kids baking boxes are the perfect going home present for young guests and contain instructions and ingredients to make either Princess Wands or Chewy Choccy Crisp Cakes. For more information find Baked4U on Facebook or contact Amanda on 07887 642 317 or email:

Fun-filled Entertainment For over 6 years Jabberjacks Leicestershire has been providing outstanding party entertainment for children aged 2 to 7 years. Jabberjacks not only gives the children a unique, fun-filled activity party, they also ensure that parents have a stress free experience. But don’t just take their word for it….. “As my son’s birthday was getting nearer I was beginning to panic, so thank goodness I found Jabberjacks! From first communication to the day of the party, the service was fantastic and put all my concerns to rest. My son and his friends had such a wonderful time with fun, stimulating activities that got everybody engaged...even the shy children could not sit on the sidelines for long and soon there was much laughter and enjoyment!” So if you are looking for a professional company that can provide something a little bit special for your child’s birthday call 01509 413873 or visit

Families Leicestershire & Rutland – May / June 2013

Tel: 0755 7967727

Party Directory ARTS & CRAFTS


Activity Parties Themed craft parties. Friendly, experienced CRB checked staff design and deliver the party so you, your child and guests have one to remember! Tel. 01858 464649

360 Play Meridian Leisure Park, Leicester 3 different types of party available to suit everyone’s needs, 360 Party,Toddler Party, After School Party. Tel: 01162 894731, email:

ClaireWilliamson @ The Glassworks Have your birthday party in the studio and design and make a fused glass clock. For groups of 6-12 people, ages 6+ Dishley Grange Farm, Derby Road, Loughborough LE11 5SF Tel: 01509 843888, email:

Mini Mischiefs Indoor Play Centre Fun and stress free children’s parties with several packages available and three themed party rooms to choose from. Unit 6,Three Manors Retails Park, Market Harborough LE16 7BA Tel: 01858 419743, email:

Lollipops Ltd Pottery Painting Studio and Cafe with children’s pottery painting parties. 344 Welford Road, Leicester LE2 6EH.Tel: 0116 2700177 email: The Creation Station South Leicestershire - Arty Parties Fun and creative craft making parties tailored around your child. Contact Louise Hill on 0844 854 9132 email:

MUSIC & DRAMA Jo Jingles Loughborough Musical parties for children up to 5 years, with action songs, dancing and musical instruments. Tailored to individual requirements. Contact Laura Rose on 0844 381 4325 email: Jabberjacks Children’s Parties Fantastic party entertainment for children aged 2-7 years, tailored specifically to the birthday child’s age. Tel: 01509 413873 email: Lemon Jelly Parties Dance, drama and singing parties, fantastic fun for all ages. Choose one of Lemon Jelly’s popular themes or create your own. Tel: 01858 545 599, email:

ANIMALS Cuddly Pony Party Invite two lovely gentle ponies to your child’s party for grooming, cuddles and riding. For more details visit or contact Karen email: Tel: 07976 885 504

PAMPER PARTIES Jess and Me Super fun face painting, child friendly special effects, glitter&gloss makeover’s and pamper parties to make your child’s party something they will remember forever! Contact Jess: 07814202641 or Amy: 07932153729

FunValley Indoor Family Entertainment Arena A party at Fun Valley includes over an hours play, a private room, party invites and hot food. Other party essentials, cake and entertainment can also be arranged. So give Fun Valley a call and let them take the stress out of organising that special day! 62 Evington Valley Road, Leicester LE5 5LJ Tel: 0116 2736211, email: Mini Monsters Soft Play Let mini monsters host your party with a variety of themes to choose from. 4a The Rushes Shopping Centre, Loughborough LE11 5BG Tel: 01509 265766, email:, Squidgees Soft Play and Party Planning Squidgees Soft Play is ideal for keeping children under 5 years entertained at any event. Birthday’s, Playgroups,Weddings and more.They can also help plan your event, contact Georgie for further details on 07986 113 442 or email:

PARTY SUPPLIES & SPECIAL TREATS Midlands Mascots & Midlands Candy Mascots & Candy Cart for hire, great for kids parties. Mascots: 07968 258 167, Candy Cart: 07837 128 152 For more info visit and

Petals Party Pieces Petals Party Pieces create bespoke party favours, children’s activity bags and handmade sweet cones for any occasion. Choose your theme, choose your budget and let Hetal create something special for your guests. Prices to suit any budget with bags starting from as little as £0.70p For more information contact Hetal on 07738 788 523 email or find Petals Party Pieces on Facebook. Baked4U Beautiful bespoke cakes, cookie mixes, chocolate lollipops & treats. Perfect for parties and special occasions. Most items can be personalised. Tel: 07887642317 email Balloons Galore Balloon Printing experts for all occasions, custom made plain balloons and accessories for functions, events and parties. Based near Leicester. Tel: 01455 284422 email:

Families Leicestershire & Rutland – May / June 2013


What’s on

Around Leicestershire and Rutland

Whilst we do our very best to be accurate please always check with the venue before you set off just in case details have changed. To include any future events in this section please email:

Loughborough Canal & Boat Festival

Sat 4th & Sun 5th May, 10.30am-5pm. Free admission event with music, exhibits, all day entertainment, crafts, food, vintage vehicles, demonstrations and displays and boat trips.

Family Fun Drop In Day

Sunday 5th May, 10:00am - 3:00pm Anglian Water Birdwatching Centre, Rutland Water Nature Reserve, Egleton LE15 8BT Bring the family to the Nature Reserve for an ugly bug session and some bug related crafts! Bug Hunting sessions start at: 10am; 11am; 12pm; 1pm and 2pm.

National Mills Weekend

Sat 11th & Sun 12th May National Mills Weekend provides you with a fantastic opportunity to visit watermills and windmills, many of which are not usually open to the public. In Leicestershire these include Kibworth, Swannington, Ullesthorpe and Wymondham windmills and watermills in Claybrooke and Shepshed. For more information go to

Music in the Park

Saturday 1st June Wistow Hall,Wistow, Leicestershire LE8 0QF Bring your own picnic and enjoy a wonderful evening listening to music by an 18 piece swing band and a brass band, followed by a fabulous Firework Display. The concert is supporting LOROS, the Prince’s Trust and the Breast Cancer Campaign. Gates open 5.30pm, music starts 7.30pm Finale & Grand Fireworks Display 10.00pm. Tickets: Adult £12.50; 12-16yrs £5; Under 12’s Free. On the night £15.00. Free parking For more details visit or phone 0116 231 8431

Leicester Riverside Festival

Sat 1st June, 12.00pm - 7.00pm & Sun 2nd June 12.00pm - 5.00pm Bede Park, Mile Straight,Westen Boulevard & Castle Gardens. One of Leicester’s biggest free festivals featuring activities on and off the water Tel: 0116 2385086

Rutland County Show

Burley-on-the Hill near Oakham, LE15 7SU Sun 2nd June An all round county show with something for everybody. Main Ring attractions include Motorcycle Display Team, Falconry displays and rugby sessions with The Leicester Tigers. Over 100 trade & craft stalls, plus much more. Gates open at 8.30am Adults £8.00, Concessions £6.00, Children 5-16 years £5.00, under 5’s free. Free car parking

Jousting & Medieval Living History Village at Rockingham Castle Sunday 9th June, 12pm - 5.00pm The Knights of Nottingham & the Oxford Household make a triumphant return to Rockingham Castle.The Oxford Household provide a fascinating medieval living history village. Story telling for children and adults. Combined event & Castle ticket: Adults £10.50, Children £7.50 & Family ticket (2+2) £29.50. Event only: Adults £9.50, Children £5.50 & Family ticket (2+2) £24.50.

Dad’s Day Barbeque

16th June, 12.00-3.00pm Barnsdale Gardens,The Avenue, Exton, Oakham, LE15 8AH FREE for fathers accompanied by children T: 01572 813 200 E:

Medical Research Council (MRC) Centenary

Saturday 22nd June, 10.30am to 3.30pm MRC Toxicology Unit, Hodgkin Building, Lancaster Road, Leicester, LE1 7HB A free event with activities for all age ranges including interactive events in the laboratories and talks for all ages. For further details go to

Foxton Locks Festival

Steam,Transport & Family Show at Rockingham Castle

Saturday 29 June, 10am-5pm, music, food and bar until 11pm Sunday 30 June 10am-5pm. Foxton, Market Harborough, LE16 7RA. Viking re-enactment; food concessions; live music; over 100 craft stalls; historic vehicles; children’s rides and pets corner. Entrance £4 (over 15‘s). Parking £1 per car. For more details, boat bookings and stall holders contact Ann at


Families Leicestershire & Rutland – May / June 2013

Sat 1st & Sun 2nd June. Steam engines, transport and vintage vehicles. Lots of family entertainment. Adults £8.00, Concession £7.00, Children (5-16yrs) £4.00, Family ticket (2+3) £22.00 Saturday 9.30am - 5.00pm, Sunday 9.30am 4.30pm.

THEATRES Spark Festival

Wed 29th May - Sun 9th June 2 week festival of theatre, dance and music performances for children aged 0-13 years in theatres, schools and community venues.

De Montfort Hall

Granville Road, Leicester LE1 7RU Dora The Explorer LIVE Fri 7th June - Sun 9th June Explorer seats: £18.00, Children £16.00, Family (4) £65.00 General seats: £17.00, Children £14.00, Family (4) £55.00 Box Office:0116 233 3111


Rutland Street, Cultural Quarter, Leicester, LE1 1SB Snow Queen Wed 29th May - Thu 30th May Wed 1pm & 7pm;Thu 11am & 4pm Tickets £8.00 Wanted: Rabbit Wed 29th & Thu 30th May Wed 11.30am, 1.30pm & 3.30pm Thu 10.30am, 1.30pm & 3.30pm Tickets £5.00 A Thousand Slimy Things Fri 31st May & Sat 1st June Fri 6.30pm, Sat 2.30pm & 6.30pm Tickets £8.00 Spots Birthday Party Fri 31st May & Sat 1st June Fri 1.30pm & 4.30pm; Sat 10am & 12.30pm Tickets £12.00 My Bright Friend Spot Mon 3rd & Tue 4th June Mon 1pm;Tue 10.30am & 1pm Tickets £5.00 James and the Giant Peach Tue 4th - Sat 8th June Tue 7pm;Wed & Thu 10.30am & 1.30pm; Fri 10.30am & 7pm; Sat 2.30pm & 7pm Tickets: Price A: £14.50; B: £12.50; C: £10.50 The Magic Doors Wed 5th June 10.15am & 1pm Tickets £5.00 Varmints Friday 7th June 1pm & 6.30pm Tickets £8.00 Box Office: 0116 242 3595

Tel: 0755 7967727

Inclusion in this section is free, please email:

Loughborough Town Hall Market Place, Loughborough, LE11 3EB Cloud Man Friday 31st May, 11am & 2pm Tickets £7.00 Suitable for ages 4-7 yrs Anne Fines Literature Lab Sat 1st June, 11am & 2pm Creative writing workshop Adults £7.00, Children £6.00 Suitable for age 7+ yrs, children must be accompanied by an adult. Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom Wed 5th & Thu 6th June, 1.30pm & 4.30pm Suitable for ages 2+ Tickets £11.50/£13.50, book a family ticket (2 adults & 2 children) and save £5.00 Box Office: 01509 231914 Moby Dick! - The Musical Sunday 23rd June at Loughborough Town Hall, 2pm & 5.30pm. For tickets call 01509 646 647 or e-mail

MUSEUMS & LIBRARIES Charnwood Museum

Charnwood Museum, Queens Park, Granby Street, Loughborough LE11 3DU ArtZone For children aged 8 - 15 years. 10.30am-12.30pm, Saturday’s in term-time. 4th May Nature Re-Arranged Make a willow ball to suspend in a tree. 11th May ‘Guerilla Knitting’ knitting techniques. 18th May ‘Raging Raku’ Glaze a biscuit fired piece of pottery. Art & Craft Tuesday 28th & Thursday 30th May 10.15-11.15am, 11.45am-12.45pm, 1.30-2.30pm, 3.00-4.00pm £2.50 per child, pre-booking essential Suitable for 3yrs +

Loughborough’s Summer of Sport

Until Sunday 30th June A celebratory exhibition looking back at Loughborough’s role in the London 2012 Games. Free, usual opening times To book or for further details contact Charnwood Museum on 01509 233754


Melton Carnegie Museum

Melton Mowbray,Thorpe End, Melton Mowbray, LE13 1RB May Half Term Activities Tuesday 28th & Thursday 30th May pre-booking essential. 0116 305 3860

New Walk Museum & Art Gallery

53 New Walk, Leicester, LE1 7EA Fossil Handling Session Sat 4th May and Sat 1st June, 11.00am - 4.00pm Fossil handling session in the Dinosaur gallery with a chance to get up close to an excellent selection of fossils. Free event. Magic Worlds Opening Weekend: Alice in Wonderland Sat 4th, Sun 5th & Mon 6th May, 11.00am - 1.00pm & 2.00pm - 4.00pm The theme is classic fantasy literature with bunny ears, top hats and the Queen of Hearts. Come dressed as your favourite character and have your picture taken with our special back drop. Free entry to the exhibition, £2.50 for activities. Magic Worlds: Half-Term Events Mon 27th to Fri 31st May, 11.00am-1.00pm & 2.00-4.00pm Half-Term events inspired by the fantasy section of the Magic Worlds exhibition (wizards of Harry Potter). Activities include making wands and spell making parchment with invisible writing pens. Free entry to the exhibition, £2.50 for activities. The Spark Festival: Diversions Wed 29th May - Sun 2nd June, 11.00am - 2.00pm (families) Mon 3rd - Thu 6th June, 10.30am - 12.00pm (crawlers-2 yrs) Mon 3rd - Thur 6th June, 1.00 - 3.00pm (3-5 yrs) Fri 7th June, 10.30am - 12.00pm (crawlers - 5 yrs) Sat 8th & Sun 9th June, 11.00am - 2.00pm (8-13 yrs) Explore New Walk Museum & Art Gallery in a totally different way. Run, jump, hide, bounce, climb, crawl and play your way through the galleries. All children must be accompanied by a parent/carer. For more details contact New Walk Museum on 0116 225 4900.


The year you had the best

Opening times: 10am-6pm Sun - Thurs 10am 6pm Fri - Sat 10am - 7pm Closed Monday’s except holidays

summer with Lemon Jelly Arts! Ever wanted to act, dance and sing your way to success? Ever dreamed of recording your own radio show or making your own film? Ever fancied making your own props or costumes? What if you could? Well now you can with Lemon Jelly Arts!

Leicester Grammar School London Road, Great Glen, LE8 9FL. 29th Jul - 3rd Aug 9:30am - 3:30pm For ages 7 to 17 years Contact us now, do not miss out, everyone will be talking about it! Call 01858 545599 or email

11153 LJ SummerAd Apr13 (87x85)V1.indd 1

62 Evington Valley Road, Leicester LE5 5LJ tel: 0116 273 6211 mob: 07921 220 720

Families Leicestershire & Rutland – May / June 2013 10/04/2013 17:01

web: email:


Abbey Pumping Station

Corporation Road, Leicester LE4 5PX Emergency Services Railway Day Sat 4th May, 11.00am - 4.30pm Meet the Fire Brigade, Police, Ambulance and other emergency services and ride on the museum’s steam railway. Free (small charge for train rides). Lords & Ladies Tue 28th May, 11.00am – 4.30pm Come and make a coronet and take part in our regal trail. £2.00 for activities. Teddy Bears Picnic Railway Day Sat 1st June, 11.00am - 4.30pm Children can bring their teddies along to get a free ride on the museum’s steam railway. Bring a picnic to enjoy on the lawns outside the museum. Free event Leicester’s Vintage Festival Sat 22nd June, 1.00pm - 5.00pm & Sun 23rd June, 12.00pm 5.00pm Steam and vintage vehicles with live music, craft stalls and a ride on the museum’s narrow gauge railway.Visitors are welcome to wear period costume,Victorian to 1960s.Adults £3.50, Children free For more details tel: 0116 299 5111

Mayday Madness at the Museums

Newarke Houses Museum,The Castle, Jewry Wall Museum, The Guildhall,Wygston’s House (activities across all sites) Sun 5th May, 12.00pm - 4.00pm. Spring into the museums with our super Spring offer! Follow the trail, take part in our marvellous May Day activities and much more. Newarke Houses Museum and Leicester Castle Activities featuring Bill Brookman. Medieval themed children’s craft activities and a museum trail.The Castle will be open from 12.00pm - 3.00pm for a self-guided visit. Maypole dancing, Morris Men and a chance to sit in the old stocks.

The Guildhall

The Guildhall & Wygston’s House Wygston’s House will be hosting the Morris Dancers, Maypole, and Rapper (Sword) Dance. Craft activities including badge-making and floral headbands, plus face painting and a trail. In the evening the Guildhall will be holding a very special ceilidh. Great fun for all the family.

Richard III Exhibition The Guildhall, Guildhall Lane, Leicester, LE1 5FQ Now - 2014 Major exhibition telling the story of King Richard III. Conflict 1485 …Prepare for Battle! Sun 2nd June, 11.00am - 3.00pm Come and meet the soldiers of King Richard lll. See the amazing arms and armour the soldiers wore. £1 entry drop in.

Free entry to the museums, £3.50 for activities. Newarke Houses Museum, Leicester LE2 7BY (0116 225 4980) Wygston’s House, Applegate, Leicester LE1 5LD (0116 253 2569)

For more information call: 0116 253 2569

The Big Belgrave Hall Gardens Treasure Hunt

Belgrave Hall Gardens, Church Rd, Leicester LE4 5PE Wed 29th May, 11.00am - 3.30pm Come dressed as a highwayman, pirate, princess or archaeologist. Search for lost treasure and create your own to take home. Crafts, stories, trails and fun for all the family. Free. (£2.50 for activities). 0116 266 6590

Castles & Clay

Wygston House, Applegate, Leicester LE1 5LD Thu 30th May, 11.00am - 3.00pm Half term fun for all the family! Create castles with clay and lots more including trails & face painting. £2.50 for activities. 0116 253 2569

Anniversary Antics

Fri 31st May, 11.00am - 3.30pm Newarke Houses Museum & Gardens, Leicester LE2 7BY 60 years after opening the museum is celebrating with a day of activities for all. Children can listen to stories from years gone by, explore a museums trail and take part in badge making Free event. 0116 225 4980.

All-i npric one e



Win a Family Pass for Twinlakes Theme Park

] P M Q ] E P T

[[[TPE]YOGSQ Scan the QR code to join our mailing list and receive offers


Twinlakes Family Theme Park in Melton Mowbray are giving away 10 Family Passes. To enter please go to

fre park e ing No t im limit e s play all d ay

Leicester Meridian Leisure Park Braunstone Leicester LE19 1JZ 01162 894731

Twinlakes offers the very best in family entertainment, jam-packed with a breath-taking variety of family rides and attractions, set in 70 acres of glorious countryside. Twinlakes is the ultimate family theme park experience. For further information please visit Tel: 01664 56 7777 email: Twinlakes Family Theme Park Melton Mowbray Leicestershire LE14 4SB

Families Leicestershire & Rutland – May / June 2013

Tel: 0755 7967727

Families Leicestershire & Rutland Issue 2 - May/June 2013  

Families Leicestershire & Rutland for May and June 2013

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